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Author Topic: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 50 (FINAL) 06/01/2019  (Read 26599 times)

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 37 07/01/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 37  :D

Chapter 37: President Maeda Atsuko

In the auditorium

Atsuko takes a deep breath and slowly steps into the stage. Kojiro leads her to her seat. Minami and the rest are waiting at the backstage. Minami looks at Atsuko’s back and whispers

“Good luck, my love”

Hayate stands up and go to the podium

“Hello everyone, two months ago, our company received a very bad news. My father, our most respected president passed away. In his will, he appointed the president position to Maeda Atsuko, my niece, daughter of my deceased brother. 3 months ago, I welcomed my long-lost niece back here. Today as she turns 21 years old, she will receive her position as president of Maeda's group as in my father’s will.” Hayate said

“Now everyone, give my niece an applause” he continues

The auditorium falls in silent. Just some clapping appears. Seeing that, Minami and the rest are worried

“That man properly does something” Jun whispers

“Definitely” Mayu said

Minami looks at Atsuko's worried face

“Do your best Atsuko. I'm right behind you” Minami thought

After giving his speech, he turns to Atsuko and said

“Atsu, please give your first speech to employees of Maeda group”

Atsuko nods and slowly walks to the podium. She steps to the podium and prepare to give her first speech as president. Hayate sits at his place and silently smirks.

“Let's see what you can do, useless” he thought

Hayate looks at a person in the crowd and signals for him. When Atsuko is about to say something, suddenly a man yells

“Go home with mommy little girl”

Then another person and another person keep yelling and yelling

“This is men business”

“Go home and play with doll”

“Do you need oniichan to play with you”

Then a whole auditorium laughs loudly. Minami is very angry. He looks at Atsuko and sees her worried and scared eyes

“Those jerks” he said while preparing to walk out

He wants to come out and shouts at those cruel people, but Rena and Yuki stop him

“Don't worry. She can handle this” Rena said

“Yup” Yuki nods

“She can’t. She is scared” Minami said

“Takamina, she is the president of one of the biggest group in Japan and also the world. If she can't handle this, she can’t manage her parents and grandfather’s business.” Yuki said

“Yes, she needs to face this by herself. If not, she can’t manage this group. However, don’t worry, she can handle this” Rena said

“Uh, she definitely can do that” Yuki nods and sad

At the moment

Atsuko looks around the room and sees their sarcastic face while shouting at her.


In Ryuu's office

Little Atsuko is sitting on her grandfather's laps. He is working in front of his computer.

“Grandpa, what are you doing?” Atsuko asks

“I'm looking at our company sale and development records to see the company’s status.” Ryuu asks

“Oh” Atsuko said

“Grandpa, Atsu wants to watch cartoon” Atsuko looks at her grandpa and said

“Atsu, today we will watch something different” Ryuu said

“Huh?” Atsuko looks at her grandpa in confused

“Atsu, I know you are just eight, but grandpa wants to show you this” Ryuu said

“What's it, grandpa?” Atsuko asks

“Look at this” Ryuu opens a clip for Atsuko

Atsuko looks at the clips in confused. The clips slowly loading, and Atsuko sees in the clip is a big auditorium with a lot of people. Then she sees a person steps up in the podium. She knows who is it

“Papa, grandpa, that is papa” Atsuko said happily while looking at her grandpa

“Uh” Ryuu smiles at her

Then Atsuko looks seriously at her father. Though she can’t understand his speech, she watches seriously. Because of the incident, she can’t remember anything about her parents. Therefore, she is very happy when seeing something about her father or mother.

While her father is talking, suddenly someone yells loudly

“Get down”

“This is not your place”

“Go home”

“You are just a kid. What do you think about bossing us around”

“You don't belong here”

“Go back to your school”

“Get out, get out, get out”

Because of the sudden yelling, Atsuko is startled and cries. She cries because of scared. She turns to her grandpa and cries

“Grandpa, it's scary. Why did they yell at papa? Why?”

“Sshh… Atsu, it's ok, grandpa is here. Grandpa is here” Ryuu pats Atsuko's back and said in gentle tone

“Grandpa, I'm scared” Atsuko said in tear

“It's ok Atsu. Don't be scared” Ryuu said while patting her head

After awhile

Atsuko stops crying.

“Are you ok, Atsu?” Ryuu asks while wiping her tear

Atsuko nods.

“Why did they yell at papa, grandpa?” Atsuko asks

“Uhm… how can I put it? At this time, your father is still a high school student. I appointed him a position as CEO of Maeda main branch. However, no one knows that he is my son. I did this to see how he can handle this situation because I well known that a lot of people in Maeda are very self-center. They won’t easily obey anyone younger than them. Plus, I also want to see how my lesson works” Ryuu explains

Atsuko looks at Ryuu with confused face. Ryuu smiles and pats her head

“I know you don’t understand it now. However, soon you will understand” Ryuu said

“Now let's continue watching it, ok” He continues

“No, Atsu doesn't want to watch. He is scary, they are scary. Atsu is scared. I don’t want them to yell at papa” Atsuko shakes her head and said

“I don't want” she keeps shaking her head and said

“Atsu, listens to grandpa” Ryuu said

“I know this is scary to you. However, this is the real life of business, Atsu. One day, you will have to take my position. You have to manage our business. If I weren't there with you, this could be the scenario that you would have to face.” he continues

“No, I don't want to be alone. I want grandpa to always be with me. I don't want grandpa to leave me like papa and mama” Atsuko shakes her head and said in tear

“Atsu, grandpa will always be with you just like your parents. They are always with you no matter what” Ryuu pats Atsuko’s head and said

“We love you very much, so we want you to be stronger. I want to teach you this so that you can face every situation in business without being surprised. You have to manage grandpa’s business.” he continues

“If Atsu gets stronger, if Atsu can watch this scary clip, mama, papa, and grandpa will be happy, right?” Atsuko innocently asks

“Of course, we will be very happy” Ryuu said

“Then Atsu will do my best. Atsu will learn business.” Atsuko smiles at Ryuu and said

“Good, that is my little Atsu. Now let’s watch your papa response ok” Ryuu pats Atsuko’s head and said

“Ok” Atsuko nods confidently

End flashback

Atsuko remembers her grandpa’s first lesson when she was 8.

“Atsu, business is like a battlefield. It can be very cruel even between family. Everyone wants power, and they can do everything to get that. You have to be strong and understand each of employee in order to direct them and make them listen to you.”

“You have to be strong Atsu. Be strong to manage grandpa’s and Papa’s work”

Atsuko remembers her grandpa’s words

“Grandpa, I saw it now. The war that you let me see since I was young” she thought

“Atsuko, I’m right behind you”

Then she remembers Minami’s words. Those words add more power to her.

“What’s up? Are you scared little girl?”

“Go home, go home”

While the whole place is very noisy with yelling and laughing sarcastically at Atsuko. Atsuko normally wears her glasses. Then she strongly slams the podium causing everyone to stay silent.

The strong slam also surprised Minami, Jun, and Mayu. 

“If you all are educated people, then act like one” Atsuko said strongly making the whole place falls into a deadly silent

“I can’t believe this is the system of employee of Maeda group.” she continues while frowning

“If you have that much energy why don't you put that into work to help Maeda group grow bigger than this. Why did it go downhill since my grandfather got submitted to the hospital?” Atsuko said in strict tone

“I looked over the record of Maeda group. Everything is dropping, products quality, customer relation, employee, benefit, and a lot of other things. Everything just so bad.” She continues

Minami, Jun, and Mayu are very surprised. This is the first time they see this side of her. Her face is completely different from normal, confident and determined.

“She was trained and taught by grandfather about how hard and difficult business is. How everyone treating each other with a mask.” Rena explains

“Though grandfather loves Acchan very much, when it comes to teaching her about business, he is very hard and strict. There is not a day that she didn't study to pass grandfather's hard test. She also did her best so that her parents and him happy. Slowly she develops this side of her apart from her normal self” Yuki adds

“I see” Mayu and Jun said

“Normally she will be a harmless and cute little girl. However, when it comes to business, she turns into a completely different person.” Rena said

“Yes, also if they think she doesn't know anything, they are so wrong. She learned a lot of things from managing to designing, analyzing. Grandpa taught her everything she need to be a president. In general, she knows most of the skill in business.” Yuki said

“At first, we were also very surprised with this side of her. It only appears when she encounters with business” Rena said

“The only thing we were worry is that this is the first time she stands in front of so many people.” Yuki said

“Uh, we were worry that she was overwhelmed with that and can’t find that in herself. However, as expected, she doesn’t let grandfather and her parents down” Rena adds

“Wow!!! Impressive” Jun and Mayu said

“You just received the position. What do you know?” A man shouts

“Mr. Honda” Atsuko calls the man’s name making the whole auditorium surprised

The man is also very surprised. He never thought that Atsuko knew his name

“I know enough to see how Maeda group is. If I put it slightly, Maeda group is standing still with no develop at all for more than half year since my father got sick, and if I stress it, Maeda group is decreasing in every aspect.” Atsuko said

“Your name is Honda Touya. You got a bachelor degree in management. You are top manager of marketing department. You are hired half year ago by Mr. Maeda Hayate. Am I wrong?” Atsuko looks at Touya with strong eyes and asks

The man just looks down and stays silent.

“Are there any questions about this greeting?” Atsuko asks

The whole place falls into silent.

“Good, now I will show you whether or not I know anything” Atsuko said

“Kojiro-san, turns on the projector and switch off the light” she turns to Kojiro and said

“Yes president” Kojiro bows and said

Then the screen opens with Maeda’s development record. Atsuko spends 1 hours to explain everything and show them all the flaws in Maeda system. Hayate is very surprised with her sharp mind.

“I underestimate you, old man” He thought angrily.

After the report is done, Kojiro switches on the light again

“Is there any question?” Atsuko asks

Once again, silent fills the whole place

“2 hours later is my first meeting with the administrative councils. After that, I want to have a meeting with all the departments Vice President. Bring me the reports of what happened in the past year. Give me all detail of any development including decreasing. Also prepare to give me a plan for improving what is not good” Atsuko said

“Any questions?” She asks

“It is too sudden. Can you give them more time for the report?” Hayate asks

“More time? How long?” Atsuko asks

“Uhm…” Hayate hesitates

Atsuko turns around and said

“Report is things that every head of department have to keep track daily, and every employee has to report their process to each of the head of department. I don't need a polished and all good report, I need their report of the company REAL situation” She emphasizes her words

“If you can't even do your report in that timely manner, don't work in Maeda group.” She strongly said

“Understood?” Atsuko looks at the front rows and asks

“Yes ma'am” they said in small tone

Then the meeting dismisses. Atsuko sighs in relief and walks back to the backstage.

“Good job, Acchan” Rena pats Atsuko's head and said

“Yes, grandfather, mom, and dad will be very proud of you” Yuki said

Atsuko smiles happily at their words.

“We were so surprised, Acchan. Didn't know this side of you. You did great” Jun said

“Uh, perfect president. You hide this all this time” Mayu gives a thumb up and said

“Thanks guys. By the way, I didn't hide it” Atsuko said

Then she rushes to Minami.

“Minami, how am I doing?” She asks

Minami smiles slightly and pats Atsuko's head

“You did good” he said shortly

Atsuko looks at Minami with confused look. When Atsuko is about to say something, Kojiro comes in and said

“Miss Atsuko, come with me, I'll take you to your office”

“O… ok” Atsuko said

Then they follow Ito to Atsuko's office. Kojiro opens the door for Atsuko.

“Thanks Kojiro-san” Atsuko said

Then Kojiro leaves the place.

“Acchan, you and Takamina come in first. We will go and buy you guys lunch, we will come in later” Rena said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then Atsuko and Minami come into Atsuko's office. Minami comes in and looks around the place. He checks everything from the smallest corner or item. He wants to make sure that everything is safe. Atsuko stands there and looks at Minami silently.

“Did he mad at me because I hid that from him?” Atsuko

“I didn't mean that. I just thought that is normal”

“What if he thinks that I just act in front of him?”

“What should I do now? What should I do now?”

While deepening in here thought, Atsuko feels Minami shakes her shoulders and calls her name


“What's it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“You are spacing out. What's wrong?” Minami asks

Suddenly Atsuko hugs Minami and buries her face on his chest

“I'm sorry Minami. I'm sorry” Atsuko said

Minami is very surprised with Atsuko's words

“What's wrong, Atsuko? Why are you apologizing?” He asks in confused tone

“I'm sorry Minami, I didn't mean to hide that grandpa taught me everything about business. I didn't mean to hide this side of me when it comes to business. Minami, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lie. I really didn't act when saying I'm worry. Your support helps me a lot. Please don't hate me” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

Suddenly Minami laughs loudly. His laughter makes Atsuko confused.

“Baka, I'm not mad or hate you, Atsuko” Minami said

Atsuko looks at Minami with surprised and confused

“Yes, I was surprised when you were out there. You became a completely different person. Not the sweet Atsuko I know. However, I'm happy because you are strong and can handle their harsh words. That's what I always want” Minami said

“Also, you didn't hide it from me. Rena and Yuki already said. This is natural to you when it comes to business.” He continues

“So, you don't hate me?” Atsuko asks

“Of course, I don't hate you. I love you more than anything” Minami pinches Atsuko's nose and said

“By the way, your side at that time looks so attractive” Minami bends down and whispers

“Minami, baka” Atsuko said while blushing

Minami laughs loudly at Atsuko’s cute face.

“You're just so cute, Atsuko” Minami said while pinching her cheeks

“Minami” Atsuko pouts

Minami smiles and pecks Atsuko's lips.

At 1:00

The meeting with administrative councils starts. Atsuko walks inside the room with Kojiro. Minami and the rest have to wait outside.


Minami and the rest are sitting on the sofa waiting outside. Minami looks at the door worriedly

“Don't worry, Takamina. You saw her at the auditorium. She will be fine” Yuki said

“Uh, I believe in her. Grandpa taught her very well” Rena said

“I'm worry about her uncle, Maeda Hayate” Minami said in small tone

“Uh, that worries me too” Rena and Yuki

“Don't worry, my mom is in there also. She will help her. Also, Sakuya's father is there too. Plus, don't forget your mother is also a big council. With their power together, I believe they can go against him” Jun said

“What’s more, my great uncle is also in there. He is the oldest council. He will help her” Mayu said

“I hope so” Minami said while looking at the door

In the meeting room

She greets the councils and then sits down. On her right side, Minami's mother is sitting next to her, then Jun's mother, then Sakuya's father, Mayu’s great uncle, and three other councils. On her left side is Hayate and other 6 councils.

“I don't know why Ryuu can give the position of president to a little kid. Do you know anything about business at all?” A middle-aged man on her left side said

“I demand a vote for the president. Mr. Hayate here knows a lot about business. In the past, with his idea, he helped Maeda branch in Osaka developed very strong” another man said

“If you want a vote, then let's do it. However, tell me the reason why I do not fit for this position. If it is because I'm too young, I can't accept that discrimination. It is like in your theory, all young people mind is completely useless. However, my father become CEO while he is still in high school. At that time, I remember a lot of people in this company went against him, however with his work, he proved that he is capable for the position. How was it? Then my grandfather created this company when he was 25, and after 10 year it becomes a well-known to business world” Atsuko said with sharp tone

Everyone is very surprised with Atsuko's words. They didn't know Atsuko know a lot of things.

“Ok, you all. Let Ms. Maeda relax a little. You don't need to be so work up like that. I always think youngster mind is good” Tamako said

“If there is a vote, I'll vote for new potential” she continues

“Mrs. Takahashi, don't support her just because she is about to become your daughter in law” a man from Atsuko's left side said

“I just say what I see. I don't discriminate anyone, and I don't deny anyone's ability because of their age. Even if Ms. president is not my daughter in law, I still said that. Did you even look at her report on the table?” Nami said strongly

“I think Mrs. Takahashi is correct. We should give youngsters chance to show their talent” Jun’s mother said

“I'll also vote for Ms. Maeda” she continues

“Me too, Ms. Maeda just received the position as president today. How can you all be so sure that she has no potential. Looking at her report, I trust her. I'll also vote for her.” A middle-aged man next to Jun’s mother said

His name is Yamamoto Ikuto. He is Sakuya’s father, and he is also a big council.

“Didn't you all look over her report on the table? It is very neat and detailed. I see that she is a promising people” Mayu’s great uncle said

He is the oldest council. Most of the councils will listen to him. Because Atsuko is supported by 4 most powerful councils, other also starts supporting her

“Yes, let's youngsters help this company” another person said

“Yes, I think so too. We shouldn't be so fast judge. Maybe she can make Maeda group grow bigger and earn more profit”

“It's true, after all she is appointed by president Maeda. He is very good at judging and using people. Also, Ms. Maeda is his granddaughter, I believe she has his ability”

People on Atsuko's left side defending for her, and some of people on her right-side start accepting her.

“O…ok, if most of you agree, I won't say anything. However, I want to see if she has what it takes to be a president” the man who asks to have a vote said

“If you want to test me, I'm gladly waiting for your test” Atsuko looks at the man who sitting next to Hayate

“As you said, you are confident that you understand this company a lot and can help the company develop. So do you know about us?” Another person next to him asks

“You are Mr. Suzuki” Atsuko starts

She tells the name of each person in the table with their positions. She even points out some of the things of members from the councils that not a lot of people know.

“Am I mistake anything Mr. Suzuki?” Atsuko asks

“, good.” The man said

“However, until now, it is just all talk. Prove to me that you have enough potential to manage this corporation. If not, resign the position and leave it to someone who has more experience than you like your uncle” Suzuki said

“Mr. Suzuki, I think her understanding is enough. you should read her report first. About other things, we can see her work later” Mayu's great uncle said

“Thank you, Mr. Watanabe. However, I'll be fine. I expected this. If my report about Maeda is not enough, I also prepared a plan for the company where I see a hole.” Atsuko said

“Mr. Kojiro, can you turn off the light?” Atsuko asks

“Yes ma’am” Kojiro said

Then he switches off the light.

“I invite all the councils to look at the projector. I made this plan after I reviewed the record of the company.” Atsuko said

Then she explains her proposal plan and everything to the councils. The councils are very surprised with her knowledge of business

After the meeting

Hayate comes back to his office and slams the door strongly

“That little brat. I underestimated her and that old man” he said angrily

“What's wrong, uncle?” Itachi asks

“That old man taught her very well. Today, she is like a boss. The councils can't attack her at all. Plus, I forgot them, Takahashi Tamako, Matsui Juri, Yamamoto Ito, and that old man Watanabe Ken. Because they stood in her side, most of the councils follow them, and some other follow that old man’s decision” Hayate said in angry tone

“So, we can't do anything to her now” Itachi said

“No, I won't lose to that little brat. I won't” Hayate slams his table and said

At the same time

Atsuko comes back to her office. She happily tells the rest that she was able to pass the councils test

“Good job, Atsuko. I knew you can do it” Minami pats Atsuko's head and said

“Uh, we are so proud of you” Rena said

“Let's rest and drink a little tea, Atsuko. You are about to have another meeting” Minami said while giving tea to Atsuko

“Thank you, Minami” Atsuko said

Atsuko drinks her tea. Then she calls Yuki and Rena

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan”

“What's it, Acchan?” They ask

“I want to appoint you two as vice-president of marketing and vice-president of Human Resources” Atsuko said

“Us?” Rena asks in surprised

“Yes, I want you two to hold two important positions. The person who manage HR doesn't work really well in hiring. The quality of employees decreased significantly. Only you will know about hiring and what is best. Marketing is a main stream of Maeda Group. Yuki-neechan, I know you helped grandpa before. Only you can manage that department and makes it better.” Atsuko said

“Yuki-neechan, Rena-neechan, I can only trust you two” she continues

“Ok, we will do our best” Rena said

“However, it won't be that easy toward him and those employees” Yuki said

“It's ok. I already know what to do” Atsuko said

In the meeting

Atsuko comes in with Rena and Yuki follow her. Atsuko sits down on her seat. Then the rest of the head of department and vice-presidents sit down. When Atsuko is about to say something, some vice-presidents stand up. One of them come to Atsuko and said

“I want to resign. I don't want to work under this pressure. You don't even know how hard to make a report and force us to make it in no more than 3 hours.”

“So, you want to resign from vice-president of Human Resource?” Atsuko asks while taking the letter

“Yes” The man said

“Ok, you can pack your thing and go now” Atsuko said in normal tone

This make the whole room surprised. The man is angry because of Atsuko's action.

“Atsu” Hayate calls her

“Mr. Maeda, please call me as the title. This is working environment” Atsuko said

“I'm sorry president.” Hayate said

He is very angry with Atsuko's action. However, he holds it inside

“President, please re-think again. He is one of the best employees. He manages Human Resource very good” Hayate said

“Very good?” Atsuko raises her eyebrows and said in question tone

“Though this is the first day I come here, I already checked the record of employees in past year since he started working. He even hired some employees that don't have a slight experience. I can overlook at it at some point. However, he even received bribe for hiring. Even more, just two months ago, company nearly lost a big contract because of a new project manager who he hired. That person doesn't even know what management means” She said

The man looks down in scared. He didn't know that Atsuko know a lot. Also, Hayate is very surprised. He never thought Atsuko knew. He remembers that he already covered it up. He can only stay silent

“Let's me tell you this. Do you think working as a head of a department or managing is an easy job? I believe deceased president also won't go easy like this. Working in the top means you have to manage everything and work twice or even more than that in comparison to all the employees.” Atsuko said

“I'm not being unreasonable. However, if you really can't make a short and brief report about the status of your department in 3 hours, then you can go. I won't stop you” she continues in harsh tone

“This is working environment not a playground.” She adds

“Anyone has anything to say?” Atsuko asks

Those people who stand up slowly sit down and stay silent. Atsuko looks around and sees that they all stay silent. Then she said

“Ok, let me make two announcements before starting the report”

“Since vice-president of Human Resources department just resigned, I want to appoint Maeda Rena in that position, and I also want to appoint Maeda Yuki to vice-president of marketing department since that place is still empty”

“I object this” Hayate said

“May I ask the reason?” Atsuko asks

“As you said the company really need people who has expertise in the job. How do I know they HAS what it takes?” Hayate said

“You are president, but you CAN’T do anything as you please” he continues

“I know. This is my parents and grandfather’s effort. I won't throw it or destroy it because of my selfish” Atsuko looks at Hayate's eyes and said strongly

Her eyes make Hayate stun.

“Ms. Maeda Rena graduated from a famous business university in England. She has a master in business.” Atsuko said

“About Ms. Maeda Yuki, she also graduated from a famous school in Italy in business and management. When deceased president still alive, she also helped him with the company work.” She continues

“One important thing, they got approval from administrative councils after their test. The vote is more than 80% approve for them”

“Kojiro-san, can you pass these papers for me” she turns to Kojiro and said

“Yes ma'am” Kojiro said

After passing the papers out, Atsuko asks

“So, do they qualify now?”

“If most of the councils said so” Hayate said

“Good, now let's get started with the report” Atsuko said

The meeting went for almost three hours with all the departments reporting and their solutions.

In the evening

Atsuko finishes all her work and goes back to the mansion.

In the car

Atsuko leans her head on Minami’s shoulder while sleeping soundly. She is very tired with a long day.  Minami gently strokes her hair. He knows she did her best today.

“Today she did a lot of work” Rena said

“Uh, she did her best.” Yuki said

“Good work, Atsuko” Minami gently kisses Atsuko’s head and said

After awhile

They reach the house. Minami gently carries Atsuko back to her room. He slowly opens the door by his back and carries Atsuko into the room. He gently and carefully puts her down on her bed so that she can't be woken up. Then he pulls the blanket on her.

Then Minami leans and kisses on her forehead

“Goodnight, my love” he whispers

When Minami is about to leave, Atsuko holds his hand

“Minami” Atsuko opens her eyes and calls Minami

“You are awake, Atsuko” Minami said

“Minami, can you hug me to sleep again?” Atsuko looks at Minami’s eyes and said

Minami smiles gently at Atsuko while sitting down on her bed

“Of course, baby” he strokes her hair and said

“Wait for me a little. I will get change real quick. I’ll be back ok” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then Minami leaves the room back to his room. After changing he quickly comes back to Atsuko’s room. Minami opens the door and sees Atsuko is looking at her work laptop.

“What are you doing, Atsuko?” Minami asks while sitting down next to her and asks

“I’m looking at an old plan of Maeda group in Osaka branch. I happened to saw this while reviewing Maeda’s work record in 5 years. I feel something weird in it” Atsuko said

“Why is that?” Minami asks

“I don’t know. I’m still looking through them” Atsuko frowns and said

Minami looks at Atsuko. Then he raises his hand and takes off Atsuko’s glasses. Atsuko looks at Minami with confused face

“It’s late baby. Let’s go to sleep” Minami gently said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

She turns off her laptop, and then she lies down together with Minami. She moves closer and buries her face on Minami’s chest. Minami gently strokes Atsuko’s back and kisses Atsuko’s head

“Goodnight, my love” Minami whispers

“...” however, Minami doesn’t hear Atsuko’s response

Minami looks down at Atsuko.

“Maybe she already falls asleep” Minami thought

Suddenly he hears her shaken voice

“I’m scared, Minami”

Minami is very surprised with Atsuko’s words

“What's wrong, Atsuko?” Minami asks worriedly

“I'm scared that I don't have what it takes to help Maeda group, Minami” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

Minami can see tear in her eyes

“I'm scared that I can't leave up as my parents’ and grandpa’s expectations. What if I can't manage Maeda good? What if I make mistakes? This is grandpa's and papa’s efforts. I don't want something happen to Maeda group. I'm scared.” Atsuko said

Minami can see tear rolling on her cheeks. He can hear the her shaking and uncertain in her voice.

“Maybe they are right. I can't do this” Atsuko continues

“Ssh...sshh...shhh calm down, Atsuko” Minami wipes Atsuko's tear and said

“Don't lose your confidence Atsuko. You did a good job this morning. I saw how you talked to the employees. I also saw you worked very hard every night looking at company records preparing for this morning. You did very well baby” Minami said gently

“Mayu told me that his great uncle are very pleased at your preparation, and Sakuya said that his father said that you did a very good job. They will support you, and if you ever need anything, they will definitely help you. My mom also said that she is very happy with your work. She praised you a lot, Atsuko” he continues

“One more thing, grandpa is a great person, if he chooses you, you got everything to help Maeda grow stronger”

“Really?” Atsuko looks at Minami and asks

“Uh, you did very well Atsuko, and I believe you can protect Maeda and help it grow stronger.” Minami said gently

“Remember the most important thing, I'll always stay by your side and support you no matter what, so be strong ok” he continues

“But Minami, after tomorrow, you have to go back to your work. I'm scared of being alone without you, Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami tightly and said

“You can call me anytime baby. Also, Though I can't be with you physically, I'll always be with you. If you miss me, call me. If I'm busy at that time, look at my picture in the locket. After finishing my work, I'll definitely pick you up, ok” Minami smiles at Atsuko and said

“Ok. Thank you, Minami” Atsuko said

“Baka, don't thank me.” Minami said

“Now let's go to sleep. You have to work early tomorrow” He continues

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Minami leans down and kisses Atsuko's lips. The he said

“Goodnight my Atsuko”

“Goodnight Minami” Atsuko said

Then she buries her face on his chest and sleeps


That is chapter 37. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 38 03/16/2018
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Sorry everyone for not updating.

Here is my new update.  :D

Hope you guys enjoy reading it   :D

Chapter 38: Investigation

Atsuko is sitting in her office looking at Maeda group’s records again.

“Maeda Branch in Osaka Department

Development Plan

Idea: Maeda Hayate

Position: Manager


Atsuko is looking at Hayate's proposal which helped Osaka branch to gain a lot of benefits. This is also the plan that helped him go back to his position as CEO of Osaka branch.

Then she opens another file on her laptop. Again, this is another old proposal of Osaka branch.

“Maeda Branch in Osaka Department

Development Plan

Idea: Akimoto Yasushi

Position: Head Manager



In Ryuu's office

Atsuko walks in with a stack of files in her hands. Her grandfather is sitting on his desk, and he is looking at something very serious

“Grandpa” Atsuko calls Ryuu

Ryuu takes off his glasses and looks at Atsuko. He smiles gently and asks

“What's it, Atsu?”

“Grandpa, I finished all the work you gave. I read all Maeda records that you assigned” Atsuko said while walking toward him

“Here is my report for you” she continues

“Good job. Just put them here” Ryuu said

“What are you doing, grandpa?” Atsuko asks while looking at the screen

“Who is he?” she asks

“His name is Akimoto Yasushi. He is one of my greatest employees. He works in Osaka branch right now. I'm very pleased with his work.” Ryuu said

“However, …” he continues and sighs

“What's wrong, grandpa?” Atsuko asks

“Your uncle, Hayate, just reported to me that he just submitted a resignation letter,” Ryuu said

“A resign letter? He wants to quit?” Atsuko asks in surprised tone

“Uh” Ryuu nods

“Do you know why, grandpa?” Atsuko asks

“I don't. I asked him, but he only said that he has to go back to his hometown.” Ryuu said

“I know that he has been through some hard time. Maybe that is why” he continues

“I see,” Atsuko said

“Luckily that your uncle finally fixed himself. He just gave me a plan for Maeda branch. It's really good. I'm happy about that” Ryuu said

“I see,” Atsuko said

End flashback

Atsuko picks up her phone and calls Minami.

In police department

While working at his desk, Minami hears his phone rings. Minami looks at the screen and smiles happily when seeing “My Baby, Atsuko”. He quickly picks up his phone

“Hello, my love, miss me?” He smiles and said when Atsuko’s face appears

In Atsuko's office

“Minami, I miss you,” Atsuko said in pout tone while looking at Minami

(I miss you too, baby. I really want to fly there to you right away) Minami said

Atsuko smiles when hearing that. Suddenly she hears a voice

(Takamina, you got a date with the cutest girl in our department in 5 minutes. Don't make her wait)

(Minami, I'm waiting)

That is Jun's and Mayu’s voice

(Shut up, idiot. There is no girl like that. I didn't have a date with anyone. My Atsuko is the cutest)

(Atsuko, don't hear them) Minami quickly said to Atsuko

Atsuko laughs softly and said

“I know. I recognize their voice. Pass me this message to them, Minami” Atsuko said

(You can say to them, Atsuko) Minami said while turning the phone toward Jun and Mayu

“I'll tell Yuki-neechan and Rena-neechan that you two hurt my feeling when saying that” Atsuko said while smiling dangerously

(You heard her boys) Minami teasingly said

(Nooo, Acchan, I'm sorry. Please your highness) Jun and Mayu said in begging tone

Their action makes Minami and Atsuko laugh loudly.

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in serious tone

(What's it, Atsuko?) Minami asks

“Are you free?” Atsuko asks

(I am. Just came back to the department, so nothing yet) Minami said

“I see” Atsuko said

(Do you need something, Atsuko? Did something happen? Did he trouble you again? You seem trouble) Minami asks in worried tone when seeing Atsuko’s worried face

“No, everything is Maeda is fine. Thank to mom, aunt Aki, and great uncle Ike, everything is fine.” Atsuko smiles at Minami and said

“It is just …” Atsuko said and then pauses again

(What is it, my love? You can tell me everything.) Minami said

“Can you come here, Minami?” Asuko asks

(Ok, I'll be right there. It's also about lunch time. I will buy lunch for us ok) Minami said

“Ok, see you then” Atsuko said

In police department

Minami quickly hangs up and rushes out of the department

“I'll go out a bit. Call me if you need anything ok” Minami said to Jun and Mayu

“Ok, have fun” Jun said

“See ya” Mayu said

“Thanks” Minami said and leaves the place

He comes to Atsuko's favorite restaurant to buy food for her and him. Then he goes straight to Atsuko's company. He comes to the elevator and sees Rena and Yuki stepping out

“Hey Takamina.” Rena and Yuki said

“Hey Yuki, Rena” Minami said

Then they see the bag with the restaurant logo

“I see, you bring lunch for Acchan. How sweet” Yuki teases

Minami smiles at them

“By the way, Yuki, Rena, is there anything happen today?” Minami asks

“Uhm… no, everything is normal. After knowing Atsuko's ability, they don't dare to challenge her more.” Rena said

“Plus, most of employees here are very happy because her appearance reorganized Maeda” Yuki adds

“Why you ask?” Rena asks

“Nothing. Just worry about her” Minami smiles and said

“Ok, go up there with your darling. We have something to do.” Rena said

“Ok” Minami nods

Then he goes into the elevator and choose the top floor where Atsuko's office is. He opens the door and come in. The space inside is the waiting room. Then Minami comes to the door of Atsuko's office. When he is about to knock the door, Atsuko opens it. She smiles and hugs Minami.

“Hello, my love” Minami pats Atsuko's head and said sweetly

“How did you know that is me?” Minami asks

“You set up a camera outside for me, baka” Atsuko said and pinches Minami’s nose

“That's right. I forgot” Minami laughs and said

“Maybe I should put one camera in your office. I want to see your face every second” he rests his head on Atsuko’s shoulder and whispers

“Then setup one in your place. I want to see you too” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

“Yes ma’am” Minami said in soldier form

“Come on, Atsuko. I brought lunch for you. Let’s eat before they turn cold” he continues while holding Atsuko's hand

Minami puts the bag on the table and said.

“Atsuko, sit down. I'll take the food for you”

“Thank you, Minami” Atsuko kisses his cheek and said

“Everything is for my lovely” Minami said sweetly

Then Atsuko sits down while Minami taking the food out for her.

“I bought your favorite food, baby” Minami said and puts the plate in front of Atsuko

Then he opens his lunch box and sits down next to her on the sofa.

“How was it, baby?” Minami asks

“It is very good” Atsuko smiles at Minami and said

He smiles when seeing Atsuko happily eating her food innocently. Then Atsuko takes the tea that Minami prepared for her and drink. She looks down and sees that Minami hasn’t eaten his food.

“Why don’t you eat, Minami?” Atsuko asks

Minami smiles gently at Atsuko. He takes the napkin and wipes her mouth.

“I love watching you eat, baby” Minami said

“You look so lovely” he continues

Atsuko blushes when hearing Minami’s words.

“Sweet talker” she shyly said

“Everything I told you is true. My Atsuko is the loveliest girl in the whole world” Minami pinches Atsuko’s cheeks and said

“Minami, you should eat before your food is cold.” Atsuko said

“Then feed me, baby” Minami said

 “Ok, you, big baby” Atsuko said

She takes the spoon and feeds Minami.

“How was it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Super good. Everything you fed me is good” Minami said

After awhile, they finished their food. Atsuko leans her head on Minami’s shoulder and hugs his arm.

“Atsuko, what’s wrong?” Minami asks

“Huh?” Atsuko looks at Minami and asks

“You called me. Then I heard your hesitant tone. Did something happen?” Minami asks in worried tone

“Did he pressure you again?” He continues while stroking her hair

“No, it's just there is something I want to ask you” Atsuko said

“What's it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“I want you to investigate about a person” Atsuko said

“Who is it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Akimoto Yasushi” Atsuko said

“Akimoto Yasushi?” Minami repeats in question tone

“He is one of grandpa’s most trusted people. When my uncle was a normal employee in Osaka branch, grandpa appointed him to Osaka to manage and fix his mistakes. Thanks to his plan, Osaka branch went back to its track. However, about two year and half ago, he suddenly submitted a resign letter to my uncle. His reason to grandpa is he want to go back to his hometown” Atsuko said

“So you want me to find out where he is?” Minami asks

“Part of it. If it is possible, can you find out the reason why he resigned that year? I don't know why, but I have a weird feeling about this” Atsuko said

“What do you mean baby?” Minami asks

“You remember the thing I looked over last night?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, you said that is an old development plan in Osaka branch?” Minami said in wonder tone

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“The first thing I feel weird is the wording of two plans, one is my uncle and one is his. I don’t know why they seem identical to me”

“Then this morning, I had a small talk with my uncle. I also mentioned some small part of his plan which he got promoted back to his position now. However, he completely didn't realize that. I tried to put out some questions, and he looked so hesitate.” Atsuko said

“I suspect that the plan that year, my uncle is not the author” she finishes

“Atsuko, you shouldn't do that. It is so reckless. What if what you suspected is true? He could feel something, and you could be in danger, baka” Minami said in worried tone

“I'm sorry. I just want to verify. I don't want to believe my uncle did that” Atsuko said

“Grandpa was very happy when he was looking at his plan. He thought that uncle changed” she continues

“However, it seems like my suspicious is not just theory” Atsuko sadly said

“It's ok baby. I'll look into it for you.” Minami pats her head and said

“Thank you, Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami and said

“Baka, don't thank me” Minami said

“I will do everything for my Atsuko's smile” He lifts Atsuko's face up and whispers

Then he bends down and kisses her lips sweetly.

“Are you free tomorrow, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“For what, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I'll take you to this person. She is the greatest person when it comes to finding people.” Minami said

“I see. Tomorrow, I don't have any meeting. I can ask Rena-neechan and Yuki-neechan to manage the company for me.” Atsuko said

“Great. Then we will leave in the morning” Minami said

“Ok, Minami.” Atsuko smiles happily and said

In the morning

After talking to Rena, Yuki, Jun, and Mayu, Minami leaves the house with Atsuko.

Minami drives for 1 hour toward the outskirts of Tokyo. Then they keep going up to the mountain for 30 minutes. Atsuko is sitting beside him, and she is asleep because they woke up very early. Minami smiles gently while looking at her face.

After awhile, he reaches the place. That is a big and traditional mansion. He stops at the gate and pushes the button.

Then the door opens for him. Minami slowly drives into the yard. After parking his car, he turns and calls Atsuko

“Atsuko, Atsuko, we are here”

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She rubs her eyes and yawns. Minami smiles at her cute action

“Minami” Atsuko calls him

“We are here, princess” Minami said

“Let's go inside” he continues

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then Minami comes out and opens the door for Atsuko. They go to the door and see a maid are standing there waiting for them.

“Hello Minami-sama” the maid bows at Minami and said

“My master is waiting for you inside” the maid said

“Ok, thank you” Minami said

Then he turns to Atsuko and said

“Let's go, Atsuko”

When they come into the house, someone suddenly jumps to Minami and hugs him

“Takamina, welcome back”

Atsuko is very surprised when seeing a girl hugging and clinging on Minami.
“Yuko, get down” Minami annoyingly said

“Why? I miss you. It has been so long. Why don't you come to visit me? Did you forget about me? You hurt my feeling” Yuko pouts and said

Atsuko is very confused when hearing that. She doesn't know what the relationship between the girl and Minami is. Why they seem so close to each other.

“Stop that pouting” Minami said

“I’m pouting because you are so cold toward me.” Yuko said

“Yuko, I said get off me” Minami pushes Yuko out and said

“Minami” Atsuko calls Minami in confused tone

Her call makes Yuko and Minami turn to look at her. Suddenly, Yuko shouts loudly

“Soooo cute. So cute, so cute”

Then all of sudden, she rushes to Atsuko and hugs Atsuko tightly. Because of too sudden, Atsuko is unable to do anything.

“You are just so cute. You are Atsuko-chan, right?” Yuko asks Atsuko while still hugging her tightly

Suddenly a hand grabs Yuko’s collar and pulls her out. Minami pulls Yuko out of Atsuko, and then he pulls Atsuko into his arms.

“Why did you hug other fiancée like that?” he said

“Tsk…” Yuko pokes her lips while crossing her arms

“Who is she, Minami?” Atsuko pushes Minami out and asks

Her action surprised him

“What's wrong, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Who is she, Minami? She seems so close to you. She even hugged you” Atsuko said in pout tone

“Huh?” Minami thought in confused

“She even said she missed you” Atsuko said in broken tone

“Aww!!! So cute. Takamina, you are a lucky boy” Yuko said while rushing to Atsuko again

“Stop right there” Minami raises his hand and said

“Because of your stupid act, my fiancée misunderstood me”

“Atsuko, don't misunderstand. She is my…”

“My name is Oshima Yuko. I'm his cousin. My mother is his father’s younger sister.” Cutting Minami's words, Yuko introduces herself

“Hey, don't cut other’s words like that” Minami said

“I have to introduce myself” Yuko said

“Your are Atsuko-chan, right?” She quickly rushes to Atsuko and asks

“Yes” Atsuko nods

“You can call me Acchan if you like” she continues

“Acchan, so cute.” Yuko hugs Atsuko again and said

“Stop that pervert act. She is MY fiancée” Minami said and emphasizes his words

“Hey, don't be such a jelly. I'm also a girl” Yuko pouts

“You aren't just a girl, but a pervert girl.” Minami said

“I have to protect my Atsuko from you” he continues

Atsuko looks at Yuko’s pouty face and laughs softly

“You're so cute, Yuko-san” Atsuko said

“Aww… she said I'm cute. Acchan, you are such a cutie.” Yuko said

She snatches Atsuko from Minami and hugs her

“Call me Yuko. Drop that formal. How about you stay here with me tonight?”

“I told you don't hug my Atsuko.” Minami said in jealous tone

“Atsuko, remember, don't come closer to her. She is dangerous” he looks at Atsuko and said in serious tone

“I'll tell Riku when he comes back here” Yuko mumbles

“Riku?” Atsuko looks at Minami

“He is her husband. He is at work in US right now” Minami said

“I see” Atsuko said

“Ok, enough of that chit chat.” Minami said

“Atsuko, here is the person I told you. Though she is a pervert, she is also a police. Her only job is finding people, and she is a master” He turns to Atsuko and said

“I see.” Atsuko said

“Ok, come to my office” Yuko said

Then the three go to Yuko's office.

“Takamina, I found the person you are looking for” Yuko said while sitting on her desk

“You did?” Minami asks in surprised tone

“Of course. Who am I? I'm the master in finding” Yuko proudly said

“Yesterday, when you contacted me. I started looking for him right away” Yuko said

“Where is he, Yuko?” Minami asks

“Look at the screen” She continues

“The person you are looking for is Akimoto Yasushi.” Yuko said

“He lives in a small and unnamed village in a small island in Hokkaido. He lives with his wife and a son. His daughter is working in a small company in Tokyo” Yuko said while showing Minami and Atsuko what she said on the screen

“Yuko, do you know how his life is since he just left Maeda?” Atsuko asks

“Uhm… really bad. His life just stable in the past few months. As I investigated, when he was working in Maeda, his wife was diagnosed with Leukemia. He spent a lot money for her treatment.” Yuko said

“However right before he submitted his resignation letter, he got a big amount of money into his account. Because of that his wife can be treated and recovered” Yuko said

“A big amount of money. Hum… it sounds suspicious” Minami said

“Right?” Yuko said

“Uh, with your confidence face, I think you found out something already. So, what did you find out?” Minami asks

“After a few researches, I found out the account that transferred money to his account” Yuko said

“This account is already closed. The only translations there were an online deposit and a transfer. It was closed right after the transfer.” She continues

“So the holder is…” Minami said and pauses

“Maeda Hayate” Yuko said

“As expected” Minami said

“What do you want to say, Acchan?” Yuko asks Atsuko when seeing her confused face

Minami turns and looks at Atsuko

“What's wrong, Atsuko?” He asks

“I'm sorry. I just have a question” Atsuko said

“It's ok. You don't need to say sorry. Just ask” Yuko said

“Uh, ask her anything you want” Minami said

“How can you find out all of this?” Atsuko asks in amazed tone

Yuko laughs softly at Atsuko's question

“You’re so cute Acchan.” She said

“Of course, that information will not be easy to get. The bank won't just spill it out. Let's just keep it simple that I have my resources” Yuko winks at Atsuko and said

Atsuko smiles at Yuko and said

“You’re so great Yuko.”

“Aww… you are really cute” Yuko rushes to hug Atsuko

However, Minami already blocks her

“Not a centimeter” Minami said

“Tsk… oh well” Yuko shrugs and said while turning back to her desk

“Here is his address” she takes a note on her desk and give it to Minami

“Great” Minami said while taking the note

“Let's go Atsuko” he turns to Atsuko and said

“Hey, where is your thank, Takamidget?” Yuko crosses her arms and asks

“Thanks shorty” Minami said with a smirk

“Hey watch your attitude” Yuko said

“Let's go, Atsuko” Minami said

“Thank you, Yuko” Atsuko turns to smile at Yuko and said

“You’re welcome. I don't know how that idiot midget can get your heart. Did he trick you?” Yuko asks in teasing tone

“Hey” Minami shouts

However, seem like Atsuko doesn't understand that is Yuko's tease Minami, she answers sincerely while blushing

“Minami is very great Yuko. He is nice and very gentle. I love his caring side. Plus, he is handsome” Atsuko sincerely said while blushing

Minami smiles proudly while looking at Yuko.

“My poor little Acchan. She is tricked completely by that midget” Yuko said and fakes crying

“Hey, who is midget? And stop that act” Minami said

“Oh well… anyway in your engagement, I got some serious matter to solve, so I couldn't come. Congratulations” Yuko said while smiling

“Thanks” Minami said

“Thank you, Yuko” Atsuko smiles and said

“Gotta go now” Minami said

“Bye bye Acchan. Meet you some other time without that midget” Yuko waves at Atsuko and said

“There is no way I will let my fiancée alone with a pervert like you. You will impurify her mind” Minami said

“Hey that is rude. What did I ever do?” Yuko shouts

“Reflect yourself” Minami smirks at Yuko and said

Suddenly Yuko leans on Minami’s ear and whispers

“Don’t tell me that you aren’t a pervert yourself. Imagine a sexy Atsuko sitting on your bed with a lingerie that you can see even her inside waiting for you”

Minami blushes madly at Yuko's words

“What do you think? Will you just stand there? Or will you rush to her?” Yuko asks

“Taking her into your arms in no time” she continues in whisper tone

Suddenly Minami's mind flashes back the old memories when he accidentally walked into the bathroom. Then he remembers Atsuko's sleeping face. This make him feel hot, and his heart starts beating faster

“S...shut up, you pervert” Minami stutters

“See, you stutter. I bet you just saw that, right” Yuko smirks and said

“Shut up” Minami shouts

Then he holds Atsuko's hand and pulls her with him

“Let's go, Atsuko” Minami said

“Bye bye you two” Yuko waves her hand and said

“Bye bye Yuko” Atsuko turns to Yuko and said

Then they go to the car and go back to the mansion. Atsuko looks at Minami and sees that he just silently driving

“Minami?” She calls him in confused tone


However, he didn't respond to her.

“Minami” Atsuko calls again louder

Her call snaps him out of his thought. He looks at Atsuko and asks

“W...what's it, Atsuko?”

“You're spacing out, Minami. What's wrong, Minami? What did Yuko tell you? I saw your face suddenly turns weird” Atsuko asks

Her questions remind him of what Yuko said

“Don’t tell me that you aren’t a pervert. Imagine a sexy Atsuko sitting on your bed with a lingerie that you can see even her inside waiting

“What do you think? Will you just stand there? Or will you rush to her in no time?”

This once again makes his heart beats faster. He tries to calm down

“N...nothing important. Don't worry, Atsuko” then he pats her head and said

“Ok” Atsuko nods, but she still can see Minami's weird action

At night

As always, Minami will stay in Atsuko's room and watch her sleep. He sits on the bed and looks at the address which Yuko gave him. Atsuko is now in the bathroom changing.

Once again, he remembers Yuko's words

“Don’t tell me that you aren’t a pervert, a sexy Atsuko sitting on your bed with a lingerie that you can see even her inside waiting for you”

“What do you think? Will you just stand there? Or will you rush to her?”

“That stupid Yuko.” He shakes his head and thought

Suddenly he hears the door opens. Minami looks up and sees Atsuko comes out with her pajama. Atsuko smiles at him. She comes to Minami and sits down on the bed. Minami pulls Atsuko into his embrace. He hugs her and kisses her hair gently.

“What are you reading, Minami?” Atsuko leans on Minami chest and asks

“I just look at the address and think over Yuko’s investigation.” Minami said

“I see.” Atsuko said

“Minami” she looks up at Minami and calls him

“What is it, baby?” Minami asks

“What did Yuko tell you, Minami?” Atsuko asks

Her question reminds him of Yuko’s words, and it makes him blushes

“What's wrong, Minami?” Atsuko asks in confused when seeing Minami’s face

“N...nothing. Just work from the department” Minami said

“It’s late, Atsuko. Let’s sleep” he continues

Atsuko stays silent and looks down. Then she said in small tone


She lies down but turns to other way. She stays silent and shrinks herself away from Minami’s arms. Minami looks at Atsuko’s action with surprised look

“Baby” Minami holds Atsuko’s shoulder and calls her gently

“…” However, Atsuko just stays silent

“Baby, what’s wrong? Are you mad at me?” Minami pulls Atsuko into his embrace and asks

Atsuko just shakes her head silently.

“Atsuko, look at me” Minami turns Atsuko and moves on top of her

He is surprised when seeing Atsuko’s sad eyes

“Minami, do you love me?” Atsuko asks him in sad tone

“Baka, what are you asking?” Minami said

“Of course, I love you. I love you more than anything in this world” he continues while caressing her face

“Then why did you keep secret from me? I know you are hiding something.” Atsuko said

“I love you, Minami. I want to share everything with you from the smallest one. I want to become someone that can share your problem and happiness with you, Minami” she continues in sincerely tone

“Atsuko” Minami thought in surprised when hearing her words

He quickly bends down and kisses her lips. He kisses her lips passionately and intensely. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his love full kiss. She hugs his neck and tries to catch up with his intense kiss. They kiss each other deeper and deeper. Then suddenly Minami slips his tongue in Atsuko's mouth making her moan in his mouth. They kiss until they are out of air. Then they break the kiss.

“I’m sorry for making you sad, Atsuko” Minami said while caressing her face

“Today, before we left, Yuko told me something weird, that make my heart beat so fast whenever I see you.” he continues

Atsuko looks at Minami in confused. Minami leans closer to Atsuko and told her what Yuko said. Atsuko's face slowly turns pink when hearing that.

“That is all, Atsuko. I didn’t hide anything from you” Minami said

“I…I see” Atsuko said while blushing

“Anyway, put that aside, Let’s sleeping, Atsuko” Minami lies back down next to her and said

Minami hugs Atsuko in his arms while Atsuko burying her face on his chest. Suddenly Atsuko calls him


“What's it, baby?” Minami asks

“Do you like lingerie and sexy girl?” Atsuko asks

“Why did you ask?” Minami asks in surprised tone

“Because you felt weird when Yuko said that. I don't like those clothes, and I'm not sexy. I…” Atsuko looks down and mumbles

“Baka.” Minami pinches her nose and said

“I love you for the way you are. Those things mean nothing to me. It’s not because she mentioned those things that make me feel weird. It's just because she mentioned about you. You always make my heart beat like crazy"

“Plus, who said you aren't sexy. To me you're the sexiest girl in the whole world. Even in your pajamas, you look so beautiful that I can't control myself” Minami said

Atsuko smiles widely at his answer.

“The girl I love is the cutest, warmest hearted, and loveliest girl in the whole world. She just needs to be herself is perfect” Minami hugs Atsuko tightly and said gently

“Minami” Atsuko calls him happily while burying her face on his chest

“I love you, Minami. I love you, I love you, I love you a lot” she hugs him tightly and said in happy tone

Minami smiles and strokes her back gently

“I love you too, my world” he said

“Now let's sleep, Atsuko” Minami said while looking at Atsuko

“Ok” Atsuko nods

She pecks his lips and said

“Goodnight, Minami”

“Goodnight baby” Minami said while hugging her tighter


That is chapter 39. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 37 07/01/2017
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Please update author san..  :love:

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 39 05/12/2018
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@fazmin13: Thank you!  :D

Thanks everyone for reading my fic.  :D

Here is chapter 39.  :D

Chapter 39: Surprised Encounter
In the morning

Minami wakes up early preparing everything for his trip with Atsuko. Atsuko wants to meet Ryuu's former employee, Akimoto Yasushi.

After changing and preparing everything, he comes and wakes his sleeping princess up. Minami sits down on the bed and gently calls Atsuko

“Atsuko, Atsuko”

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She looks at Minami with her sleepy eyes. Then she yawns while rubbing her eyes sleepily

“Wakie. Wakie princess” he smiles gently and said

“Good morning, Minami” Atsuko said in sleepy tone

“Good morning, baby” Minami kisses Atsuko's forehead and said

“It's morning, baby. Let's prepare.” He continues

“Ok” Atsuko nods while sitting up

“Wait baby” Minami hugs Atsuko and said

“What's it, Minami?” Atsuko asks while looking at Minami

“Did you forget anything?” Minami asks

“Forget?” Atsuko tilts her head and asks

“I'm sad. My baby doesn't remember to recharge my power” Minami said faking tear

Atsuko smiles. Then she leans closer and kisses his lips lovingly. Minami smiles to the kiss and hugs her tightly.

After preparing everything, they leave the house to the ship dock.

At the ship dock

The sky today is not very bright. It indicates that the weather today can be rain.

At the dock, there is a yacht with Takahashi clan symbols on it waiting for them. Minami already asked his father to take one Takahashi’s yacht to the island.

After parking his car, Minami and Atsuko comes to the boat. When they get there, they see a man standing there looking very troubled. However, they just walk by him to the yacht. A captain goes out and bows at Minami and Atsuko

“Hello young master and Ms. Maeda”

“Can we go now?” Minami asks

“Yes sir, everything is ready” the man said

“Good” Minami said

“Let's go Atsuko” he looks at Atsuko and said

“Uh” Atsuko said

When they are about to step on the boat, they hear someone calls them

“Excuse me sir, miss”

Minami and Atsuko turn around and sees a man running toward them. The man that they saw before

“What can I do for you?” Minami pulls Atsuko behind him and asks

“Uhm… if you could, can you take me to the island? My house is there. I planned on going back there today, but then because of the weather, there's no ship that will sail for today” the man said

“I will pay for the fee” he adds

Minami frowns while looking at the man.

“Can’t you wait for tomorrow?” he asks

“I already told my parents that I’ll go back today. Plus, I have a very serious business to do. Can you help me?” The man asks in sincerely tone

“I’m not a bad person. I can give you my ID. My name is Sakuya” Sakuya said

Minami is thinking while checking the strange man. He doesn’t trust him. Atsuko looks at Sakuya's troubled face. Then she pulls his arm and said

“Minami let's help him”

Minami turns to Atsuko

“You want to let him in?” he asks

“Uh, he seems to be troubled” Atsuko said

“Uhm…ok, my super nice baby” Minami pinches Atsuko’s cheeks and said

Then Minami turns to Sakuya

“Ok, we will take you to the island.” Minami said

“Thank you, sir, thank you miss” Sakuya said

“Taki, show him his room” Minami said

On the ship

Atsuko is standing at the head of the yacht enjoying the wind. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath while smiling.

Suddenly she hears someone calls her

“Excuse me Ms?”

Atsuko opens her eyes and turns around. She sees Sakuya is smiling at her

“What can I do for you?” Atsuko asks in confused tone

“Sorry for your confusion. I just want...” the man said

However, a voice cuts his words.

“Atsuko, I brought water for you” Minami said while pulling Atsuko into his arm.

“What do you need from MY FIANCÉE?” Minami said while emphasizing the last two words

Plus, he doesn't forget to throw a threatful look at Sakuya

“Ah… I'm sorry. Nothing. Sorry for the disturbance” Sakuya said and walks away

After the man left, Minami mumbles

“Just left for a little. Shouldn't let him in after all”

Atsuko looks up at Minami's face in confused.

“Minami” She calls him in question tone

Minami turns her to face him. He holds her hands while looking at her gently

“Maybe I have to really lock you up or at least tight you with me” Minami said

“Why Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I just left a little and there a man came. Maybe he asked us to take him there is an excuse for getting closer to you.” Minami said

“Maybe he just wants to ask for something. You scared him off, Minami” Atsuko said

“Who knows? I have to protect my fiancée. That is why I need to lock you up” Minami said

“Then I should lock you up too” Atsuko laughs softly and said

“Why?” Minami smiles and asks

“Because I don't know how many girls in department came after you. Jun and Mayu also said that you are very popular among girls.” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“So my Atsuko is jealous” Minami said

“Of course. I'm your fiancée. Don't I have the right to be jealous huh?” Atsuko pouts and turns away

“Baby, of course you can” Minami hugs Atsuko from behind and said

“I'm happy that you feel jealous because that means you love me.” He kisses Atsuko's cheek and said

“Minami, we are in public” Atsuko said

“No one in this ship except for that man.” Minami said

“I asked my dad to give us Takahashi’s ship because I want to have a full private with you” Minami said

“Letting him in because I want to help him. Maybe I brought a wolf here” he continues

“You sound like a spoiled rich man and a pervert” Atsuko laughs softly and said

“Yes, I became this because I want to spoil my Atsuko. And I'm only want to be pervert around you” Minami said

“So I'm blamed for your changed in character, Mr. playboy?” Atsuko asks while looking at Minami

“Yes, that is why you have to take responsibility and stay with me forever” Minami connects his forehead to Atsuko's and whispers

“You are under arrest by officer Takahashi Minami for stealing his heart and make him become bad” he continues

“Yes sir” Atsuko said and kisses Minami's lips

“However, sir, then you also have to take responsibility for stealing my heart” Atsuko pinches Minami's nose and said

“Gladly. I'll definitely take responsibility and spoil you forever” Minami said

At the same time

There is a person hiding behind the door to the cabin looking at Atsuko and Minami.

After about 2 hours

The ship reaches a small island. Minami holds Atsuko's hand and walks out of the ship.

“Where will we go now, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Let's me check the map” Minami said

“Uhm… that way” Minami said and points to his left

Then he holds her hand and starts walking out of the ship.

“Wait” suddenly Sakuya calls them again

“What can I do for you? Again” Minami asks

“Uhm… I just want to say thank for letting me go on the ship” Sakuya said

“No problem. It's the same way anyway” Minami said

“Uhm… are you travelers?” Sakuya asks

“Why did you ask?” Minami asks while frowning

“Ah… nothing. Sorry.” Sakuya said

“Let's go Atsuko” Minami said while holding Atsuko's hand

Then they start walking on their direction

“That man is weird” Minami said

“Maybe he is just curious when seeing us.” Atsuko said

“I hope so” Minami said

Suddenly, Minami can feel someone has been following them. Minami quickly pulls Atsuko with him and turns left

The person behind them also quickly turns left. Minami jumps out blocking the person. He is surprised when seeing that is the man he allowed to his ship

“It's you again. What do you want? Why did you follow us?” Minami asks while frowning

“, I didn't mean to follow you.” The man shakes his head and said

“Then tell me the reason” Minami said

“Since in the boat until now, you keep looking at us. Then you also approached my fiancée. Do you hold any bad intention with my fiancée?” Minami asks

“No, no, I'm not. You misunderstood.” The man said

“As I introduced to you, my name is Yuisuke. I didn't follow you two. I also didn’t have any bad intention to your fiancée. I go this way because this is the way to my house. Here is my ID” Yuisuke said while giving Minami his driver license

“When on the boat, I just wanted to ask for your help” he continues

“Help?” Minami asks

“This island is the house of fishermen. Last month, someone want to buy this place for building some kind of traveling spot. I heard that the luxury yacht is yours, so I thought you must be very rich. I just want to ask your fiancée to told you that I need help” Yuisuke said

“Why don't you ask me?” Minami asks

“Uhm…. I'm sorry” Yuisuke looks down and said

“Atsuko, he is scared of me. Did my face that scary?” Minami asks

Atsuko laughs softly at his question

“No, you look handsome and cute. However, your face looks very strict and cold when you are talking to other” She said

“So as you said, what do you want me to do?” Minami asks

“Will you help me?” Sakuya looks up and asks in happy tone

“We need to know the details to know what we can help you” Atsuko said

“Sure, I'll tell you everything. First, let's come to my house. I'll explain more” Sakuya happily said

Then he leads Minami and Atsuko to his house.  While walking, Minami asks

“By the way, since you a are resident of this island, do you by any chance know about Akimoto Yasushi?” Minami

“Do you know my father?” Yuisuke asks in surprised tone

“He is your father?” Minami and Atsuko ask in the same time with surprised tone

“Yes” Yuisuke nods

“That's great, Minami. We finally found him” Atsuko said

“Uh, what a great coincidence” Minami said

“Uhm… what do you need with my father?” Sakuya asks

“We need to ask him something very important” Minami said

After awhile, they reach the house. That is a small and simple looking house.

“Please come in” Yuisuke opens the door for Minami and Atsuko

“Sorry, my house is small” he said

“It's ok” Minami said

“Please have a seat. My mom should be at the backyard preparing net for fishermen in the village. My father is at work right now. He is working with the fishermen at the shore right now” Yuisuke said

Minami and Atsuko sit down while Yuisuke going to the kitchen. Then he brings out two water bottles for Atsuko and Minami.

“Wait for me. I'll call my mom here.” Yuisuke said

“Ok” Minami said

After awhile

Sakuya comes back by himself

“Sorry you two. I guess my mom just went out” Sakuya said

“It's ok. We can wait” Minami said

“While waiting, why don't you tell us about your problems” he continues

“This island is just a small village where fishermen live. However, last month, Maeda group comes here and wants to buy the whole island” Sakuya said

“Maeda group?” Atsuko asks in surprised tone

“Yes” Sakuya said

“They want to buy this place to build a big golf field. We are just small village. We can't do anything. Plus, since we don't have enough money to afford, eventually, we will have to give up. However, I don't want to give up. This place is where I grew up. I love the natural scenery and everything about it. I don't want it to be changed to some kind of business” Sakuya sincerely said

“I see.” Minami said

“Don't worry, Sakuya. We will definitely help you” Minami said

“Yes, I'll look to it” Atsuko said

“Really? Can you help us?” Sakuya asks in hopeful tone

“Of course, we can. Don't worry” Atsuko said

“By the way, do you know who responsible for that?” Minami asks

“Maeda Hayate.” Sakuya said in angry tone

“You seem to very angry when mentioned his name” Minami said

“He is a jerk. He used my mother's sickness to force my father to resign. He even stole my father's idea” Sakuya said in angry tone

“I see. That solve part of the problem about what we come here for” Minami said

“What do you mean?” Sakuya asks in confused tone

“We forgot to introduce ourselves” Minami said

“Her name is Maeda Atsuko. She is the President of Maeda group. My name is Takahashi Minami. I'm a police and also her fiancé” He continues

“You are president of Maeda group?” Sakuya asks in surprised tone

“Uh, I’m. Maeda Hayate is my uncle. I’m sorry for what he did” Atsuko bows at Sakuya and said

“It’s ok, Maeda-san. It isn’t your fault” Sakuya said

Then they hear a woman's voice

“Sakuya, are you home?”

“That's my mom.” Sakuya said and rushes out

Then Atsuko and Minami see a woman walk into the living room. Seeing her, Atsuko and Minami stand up

“Hello Mrs. Akimoto” they said

However, they widen their eyes in surprised when seeing the girl following her. That is Hayate's daughter, Maeda Miyuki

“It's you” Miyuki said in surprised tone

“Miyuki, you know them?” Sakuya asks in surprised tone

“Ah...uhm… No, I just know about them. I saw them on the newspaper.” Miyuki lied

“I see. After all you are in Tokyo. You properly heard about them” Sakuya said

Atsuko looks at Minami with confused and surprised look

“Let's leave it like this for now” Minami whispers

“Mom, she is Ms. Maeda Atsuko, president of Maeda group. Next to her is Takahashi Minami. He is her fiancé. They want to meet dad” Sakuya said

“Maeda-san, Takahashi-san. This is my mother. And the girl next to me, her name is Miyuki. She is my girlfriend” Sakuya said while stroking the back of his head

“Hello Ms. Maeda and Mr. Takahashi. My name is Akimoto Yoko” The woman bows and said

“Mrs. Akimoto, please don't do that” Atsuko holds her shoulders and said

Then they come to the living room and sit down.

“Ms. Maeda, how is Mr. President?” Yoko asks

“My grandfather passed away not long ago” Atsuko said in sad tone

Yoko is very surprised with the new. She said in sad tone

“I'm very sorry for your lost Ms. Maeda. Mr. President is a very nice person. He helped my family a lot”


On the street

Sakuya and Miyuki hand in hand go to the shore to call his father. He is working with some fishermen to prepare for their next sailing.

“I'm surprised Miyuki. I didn't think you would come here today.” Sakuya said

“You told me the other day that you have some cases to do right?” He continues

However, he doesn't hear any response from Miyuki. He looks at her and sees that she is walking silently while spacing out

“Miyuki”’ Sakuya calls her again

His calls snap her out of her thought

“Huh? What is it, Sakuya?” She looks at him and asks

“What's happened? You are spacing out. I talked to you, but you didn't response. Is there something wrong in your work?” Sakuya asks in worried tone

“Uh-uh, nothing. Just working stuff. It’s nothing too important” Miyuki smiles and said

“By the way, what did you talk to me?”

“About that, I just said that I'm surprised to see you here. I thought you are busy today” Sakuya said

“Oh, about that, the court has been postponed to next week. Since I'm free, I come here to visit you and ask you about the island” Miyuki said

“I see. I found the solution. Ms. Maeda and Mr. Takahashi will help me. She is the president of Maeda. She said that she will definitely look into it for me” Sakuya said in happy tone

“I see. By the way, how can you meet them, Sakuya?” Miyuki asks

“At the dock in Tokyo. I saw them getting their yacht. Because I’m in hurry, I asked them for the ride here.” Sakuya explains

“Seeing them owning the big yacht, I asked them for their help.” He continues

“I see” Miyuki said

“That’s so great to meet them. At last, we can save this island” Sakuya said in happy tone

“Uh” Miyuki nods

After awhile

They reach the shore. Yasushi is working with the villager.

“Dad” Sakuya calls him loudly

Yasushi walks to his son and asks

“What is it, Sakuya?”

“Ms. Maeda is looking for you” Sakuya said

“Ms. Maeda?” Yasushi asks in confused tone

“Ms. Maeda Atsuko. She is the president of Maeda group.” Sakuya said

“Maeda Atsuko? Really?” Yasushi asks in surprised tone because he also know about Atsuko’s father and mother and the tragic incident

“Yes, she is in our house, right now” Sakuya said

At Sakuya home

Yasushi quickly comes to the living room. Atsuko and Minami are talking with Yoko. Seeing Yasushi, they stand up and said

“Hello Mr. Akimoto”

Yasushi nods at them

“Hello Ms. Maeda, Mr. Takahashi”

Now they all sit down, and Minami starts the conversation

“We came here today to verify one thing”

“What is the real reason you suddenly left Maeda group after half year transferring to Osaka branch?”

“Uhm… I started working in Maeda since I was 25 years old. For 25 years, all I do is working and focus on only working. Then I realized that I neglected a lot of important things around me.
Therefore, I submitted that resign letter. I just want to go back here and live a peaceful life with my family” Yasushi said

Suddenly, Minami turns to Yoko and asks

“How is your health, Mrs. Akimoto? I heard you had leukemia treatment”

Yasushi is surprised with Minami’s question.

“My health is recovered completely now after the treatment. The doctor also said that he didn’t find any sign of relapse. Thank you, Mr. Takahashi” Yoko smiles and said

“Mr. Akimoto, we knew the reason why you resigned. You don’t need to hide that” Minami looks at Yasushi and said

Yasushi just looks down and stays silent

“Dad, why did you keep hiding? Yes, it was that man, Maeda Hayate. I will never forget the day he came to the hospital and told you that” Sakuya said in angry tone

“I can help you to save your wife. The choice is on you, your wife life or this file and your position” he repeats what he heard

“Sakuya” Yasushi said while frowning

Suddenly Atsuko stands up.

“I’m on behalf of my grandfather and Maeda deeply sorry for what my uncle did to you and your family while you were in trouble.” She said and bow deeply in front of them

“Ms. Maeda, please don’t do that” Yasushi said while standing up

“Mr. president helped me a lot in the past. I don’t mind giving Mr. Hayate that plan. I just feel ashamed because I betrayed Mr. president’s trust” he continues

“It’s ok. I know grandfather will understand your situation” Atsuko said

“How about we put all of that to the past?” She asks

Yasushi nods and said

“Thank you, Ms. Maeda.”

“The one who has to say thank is me” Atsuko said

“Today we come here the main thing is not the incident in the past. I come here to ask you one request” Atsuko looks at Yasushi and said.

He looks at Atsuko in confused

“Can you go back to Maeda again?” Atsuko asks

Yasushi looks at Atsuko with surprised look. Then he said

“I’m sorry Ms. Maeda. I have to deny your offer. My life of working there is already in the past. I’m happy with what I have right now” Yasushi said

“Please Mr. Akimoto. Maeda needs you right now.” Atsuko said

“You know that my grandpa just passed away, right?” She continues

“Mr. president?” Yasushi said in surprised tone

“I take that as no. My grandpa just passed away 1 month ago. I just received the position as Maeda president. Though grandpa taught me everything about Maeda and its business. Plus, I have two great helpers. However, that’s not enough. Three of us can’t protect Maeda. Therefore, I want to ask you this selfish request. I know Maeda treated you unfair before. However please consider grandpa and my father Maeda Heiji. Please help us” Atsuko bows deeply and said

“Please help us” Minami also bows and said

Yasushi looks at them

“Honey” Yoko calls her husband

“Please help me to protect Maeda, my grandpa’s and father’s efforts”

Yasushi closes his eyes and thinks

“Ok, I’ll come back” he said

Atsuko looks up in happy. She turns to Minami and smiles happily

“That’s good, right Atsuko?” He pats her head and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Thank you, Akimoto-san” she bows and said

“You’re welcome, Ms. Maeda”

Then they sit back down and continue their conversation

“I will pack up my things and prepare. Probably next month I will come to Maeda.” Yasushi said

“Ok, that sounds good” Atsuko said

“Also, your family can move to Tokyo with you. I’ll provide a house for you and your family.” She continues

“No, we can’t receive that. Mr. president already treated me so nice” Yasushi said

“Please don’t turn down my offer Akimoto-san. This is what my grandpa wanted.” Atsuko said


Atsuko is working on the Maeda paperwork next to her. Then she hears her grandpa calls


“Yes, grandpa” Atsuko looks up and asks

“What do you think?” Ryuu turns his laptop to Atsuko’s direction.

Atsuko looks at the screen and see a simple but beautiful looking house

“A house?” Atsuko looks at her grandpa with confused

“This is the house that I want to give to Yasushi as a gift” Ryuu said

“He works very hard for Maeda. He helped Maeda with a lot of big contracts. More importantly, he saved Osaka branch that was on the edge of breaking down” He continues

“Only him working in Tokyo and now Osaka, and his family lives in his hometown. Therefore, I want to give him this house so that he can bring his family close to him once he comes back Tokyo” Ryuu adds

“I see.” Atsuko said

“That is a nice house grandpa. I believe he will like it. Especially when he can be with his family” she looks at the house and said

End flashback

“This is grandpa’s plan long time ago. However, before he can give you, that incident happened. Now I just fulfill my grandpa’s wish” Atsuko said

“Mr. president is so nice with our family” Yoko said

“Yes, we are forever in his debt” Yasushi said

“Don’t think that Akimoto-san. Grandpa told me that he sees you as a part of Maeda. Therefore, you don’t need to think that you owe us anything” Atsuko said

“By the way, I heard Yoko-san said that Yuisuke, you got a bachelor’s in business and wants to study for a master, right?” Atsuko asks

“Yes” Yuisuke said

“Next month, when you move to Tokyo, come to Maeda. I will have people to interview you.” Atsuko said

“Really Ms. Maeda” Yuisuke asks in happy tone

“Yes” Atsuko smiles and nods

“However, got hired or not will depend on you.” Minami said

“Yes, prepare carefully. The person who will interview you is a master in hiring. She is very strict” Atsuko said

“I’ll do my best. Thank you” Yuisuke stands up and said

After settling everything, Atsuko and Minami leave the island. When they left, it is about night time. Miyuki also goes back Tokyo with them

“Call me when you get home ok” Yuisuke gently said to Miyuki

“I’ll” Miyuki smiles and said

Suddenly he hugs her tightly

“I’m so happy. One more month and I can see you everyday” he said

Miyuki is very surprised. She smiles and hug him tightly

“Me too, Yuisuke” she said

On the ship

Atsuko and Minami are lying on the deck looking at the stars. She is resting her head on Minami’s arm while he is hugging her closer to him

“You’re very happy today, huh Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Yes, Minami. I’m very happy” Atsuko said

Then she turns and look at Minami. She caresses Minami’s face and said

“Thank you, Minami. Without you, I don’t know what to go”

Minami smiles gently at her. He turns and puts Atsuko underneath him

“I told you before. Don’t thank me, baka. I’ll do everything for you” Minami strokes Atsuko’s hair and said

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko said

“I love you too, my world” Minami whispers and kisses her lips gently

Then he breaks the miss and lies down again. Suddenly they hear Miyuki’s voice

“Excuse me”

Atsuko and Minami sit up and look back. They see Miyuki standing in front of them

“Can I talk to you?” She asks

“Yes” Atsuko said


That is chapter 39. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 39 05/11/2018
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thankyou for the new chapter nguyen23-san  :on slopkiss:
i think, i must reread from the first chap er again  :nervous
i hope this fic will last long, until atsumina, mayuki, and wmatsui having childs, maybe u can engaged them  :mon inluv:

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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 39 05/11/2018
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OMG.New update yeahhhhh!!!
I need to reread all cuz i have bad memory...
Welp it doesnt matter and well waiting for next p,what will miyuki want to talk?
And yes i also hope tjis lasts until they have kidssss

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@arfi: Thank you  :D

@Atsumina484848: Thank you  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :D

Here is chapter 40  :D

Chapter 40: Cousin Talk (+ SayaMilky)

On the Yacht

While Atsuko and Minami are lying on the deck enjoying the night sky, they hear Miyuki’s call

“Excuse me”

They sit up and turn around.

“Can I talk to you?” Miyuki asks

Atsuko looks at Minami in confused. Then she looks at Miyuki and said while standing up


Miyuki silently walks toward the safety rail and stands there. Atsuko also comes there and stands next to her while Minami looking at her from behind

For a moment, Miyuki just stays silent looking at the dark sea. Atsuko just stands there and doesn’t know what to say.

After staying silent for awhile, Miyuki speaks up

“Thank you”

Atsuko looks at Miyuki with confused look

“Why did you thank me?” She asks

“Because you didn’t tell my identity to Sakuya’s family” Miyuki said

“I see. It’s nothing” Atsuko said

“Tell me. Why did you didn’t tell them about my identity?” Miyuki asks

“At first, I was also very surprised when you told Sakuya that you just know us through news. I look at Minami, and he whispers that let’s just stay silent and observe for now.” Atsuko said

“We thought that you knew something about what happened in the past between uncle and Akimoto-san.”

“However, as the time staying there, I notice your feelings toward Sakuya and vice versa. Therefore, I think that there must be a very important reason that causes you to keep your identity like that. That’s why I kept silent” She continues and smiles at Miyuki

Miyuki looks at Atsuko with surprised look. Then she just looks down and laughs to herself. Atsuko looks at Miyuki with confused look

“You know what?” Miyuki said

“Huh?” Atsuko looks at her with confused look

“I really hate you in the past” Miyuki said

Atsuko is very surprised when hearing that. Atsuko doesn’t know why. She already knew that most of her relative hate her. However, she still feels pain when hearing someone say that to her. She just looks down and stays silent

“You and I are both grandfather’s granddaughters. Why did he treat you completely different from me? Not only him, but the whole clan. They treat you as the only princess of the clan. No matter what I did, no one care in comparison to a kid. I hated it” Miyuki adds

“Actually, I was very happy when you disappeared. I thought ‘So great! She finally disappears, that annoying kid’.” she continues

Atsuko looks down sadly when hearing that

“How can you say that? Do you know how painful that incident to Atsuko? You lucky to have both parents while she lost hers since she was 5. She has to live in an island alone. Then when she came back here, you, one of those relative that hate her for your own selfish reason always try to eliminate her even though she done nothing wrong” Minami steps up and angrily said

“You’re selfish just like him” He continues

“Minami” Atsuko holds his hand to calm him down

“I know” Miyuki whispers

“I’m selfish and jealous of her. She has parents who love her so much. Whenever I came to grandfather’s house, I saw how her parents treat her, so nice, so gentle. My parents? My mother always goes out and didn’t care for me even a little. My father? Gambling, drinking, and all he cares is money and the inheritance. They didn’t care about me at all.” She continues in tear

Atsuko looks at her sadly. For some reason, she can feel her pain.

“Then on the day I saw her again. I thought ‘she appeared again. How annoying’” Miyuki said


“However, I know why everyone treat you like that because you are so cute. You care for people and understanding” Cutting Minami’s words, Miyuki said

“I feel so ashamed to myself. Looking back, I’m really a selfish person. All I care was me. I don’t care about other feelings. Mine is the priority just like my parents.” She continues

“I’m sorry for hating you without any reasons. I’m sorry” Miyuki bows at Atsuko and said

“Milky-neechan” Atsuko calls

Miyuki looks up in surprised

“You remembered me, Atsu?” She asks

“I don’t know. It’s just my unconscious action. I don’t want to see you sad. Plus, you don’t have to say sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong” Atsuko smiles at Miyuki said

“Somehow, I’m very happy Atsu. I’m happy that somewhere in your memory, I’m still there. I’m happy” Miyuki said

“So from now on, can you call me Milky-neechan again?” She looks at Atsuko and sincerely asks

Atsuko smiles happily and said

“Of course. I’ll always call you that Milky-neechan”

“Thank you, Atsu” Miyuki hugs Atsuko and said

Atsuko is honestly very happy because one of her cousins finally acknowledge her. Most of them hates her because her presence will take away their right for the inheritance just like now she is the president of Maeda. However, Minami still looks at Miyuki in doubt. He doesn’t trust her because of her father.

Then Atsuko and Miyuki come back with their conversation again.

“I met Sakuya 2 years ago at alumni party for graduated student to donate fund of my university. He graduated before me 3 years. We accidentally bumped into each other, and my wine spilled on his shirt. Then later that night he saved me from some jerks while I was walking to my car. That meeting and he change my life, in a good way, forever.” Miyuki looks at the sky while smiling


In the conference room

Miyuki is happily talking to some of her old friends while walking. Suddenly she bumps into a person in front of her and spills her wine on his shirt

“I’m so sorry. Are you ok?” The man asks Miyuki before she can say apology

“No, it’s my fault. I didn’t pay attention” Miyuki said

She looks at his shirt and sees the wine stain

“I’m very sorry. Your shirt” She said

“No, it’s ok.” The man smiles and said

“Here is the money. I’ll pay for the dry clean” Miyuki takes out the money and said

“No, you don’t have to do that Miss. It is just a stain. I’ll wash it off. Don’t worry” The man said

“But…” Miyuki said

“I said it’s ok. Don’t worry” The man smiles at Miyuki and said

“But sir, I feel terrible for ruining your shirt” Miyuki said

“It’s ok. Trust me. This is nothing. As matter of fact, I’ll go to the washroom and clean this off. No worry ok” The man smiles and reassures Miyuki

“Don’t worry ok. Just continue enjoy the party” he smiles at Miyuki again and then leaves the place

Thinking a little while, Miyuki decided

“Sorry girls. I need to go somewhere a moment. Talk to you later” she turns to her friends and said

“Ok, talk to you later” her friends said

Then Miyuki quickly rushes to the men washroom. Normally she can solve the problem by money. People will just want to receive money. However, this time, this person didn’t ask for anything. That makes Miyuki feels uncomfortable. She feels like she owes him something. She stands at the front door and waits for the man that she bumped in.

For some moments, a lot of men coming in and out looks at her with a weird look. Miyuki feels so embarrassed, but she still feels bad for spilling on the man shirt

After awhile, the man comes out. He is surprised when seeing Miyuki standing there

“Hi” he smiles at Miyuki

“Are you waiting for me?” He asks

“How is your shirt?” Miyuki asks when seeing he wears a different shirt

“That shirt is in my backpack. I washed it. The stain gone away” The man smiles and said

“Really?” Miyuki asks

“Yes, I told you that it’s not a problem didn’t I” the man said

“That is a relief” Miyuki said

“Thank you for your concern Miss” the man said

“No, it should be me. I’m sorry for the inconvenience” Miyuki said

“It’s fine. I don’t mind about that” the man said

“By the way, my name is Akimoto Sakuya. You can call me Sakuya” Sakuya said

“My name is Ma…”

“You are Maeda Miyuki, so you are granddaughter of president Maeda”

“Ms. Maeda, I’m sorry for my casual attitude”

“Ms. Maeda, it is a pleasure to be your friend”

“Ms. Maeda, can you ask your father for my father a position in Maeda”

She suddenly remembers before any time she introduces herself.

“I mean Miyuki. You can call me Miyuki” Miyuki said

She doesn’t want to introduce her last name because she doesn’t want the shadow of Maeda clan. Anytime she introduces herself, people will immediately change their attitudes toward her. People approach her for benefits, and she hates that.

“Miyuki, what a cute name. Nice to meet you” Sakuya smiles and said while raising his hand out

Miyuki is very surprised with Sakuya’s word

“N...nice to meet you too” she said while shaking his hand

Later at night

Miyuki is walking back to her car. The parking is pretty much empty because most people already left. Miyuki has to stay back because she met some of her old professors. While walking, three men suddenly block her way. They look at her and smile dangerously

“Why such a beauty walking alone at night?” One of the men said

“Yes, it’s very dangerous babe” the second man said

“Let’s us escort you ok” the third man said while rounding his arm on her shoulder

However, Miyuki pushes him away and steps back

“Who are you? What do you want?” She asks in shaky tone

“We told you, we will escort you.” The first man said

“Be good and listen to us” the second man said while raising his hand to touch her face

Suddenly a hand holds his wrist tightly. Then another hand pulls Miyuki to behind. Miyuki looks up and sees that person us Sakuya.

“Who are you? Get out of my business” the first man said

“Get out” Sakuya said shortly, but his tone is very strong causing the men to step back a little

“Tsk.. who do you think you are?” The second man said

Suddenly they hear the police siren.

“Remember that” They said and run away

After they left, Sakuya turns to Miyuki and asks

“Are you ok, Miyuki?”

“I...I’m fine, thanks” Miyuki said

She turns and looks around, but she doesn’t see any police car

“There are no police. That is my phone” Sakuya said while walking to the tree near there and picks his phone up

“I see” Miyuki said

“Thanks again for saving me” she continues

“You’re welcome” Sakuya smiles and said

“Let’s me walk you to your car” he continues

“It’s ok. I can walk by myself” Miyuki said

“No, I can’t let a girl walk alone at night like this” Sakuya said

“Ok, thank you” Miyuki said

“You don’t have to thank me all the time like that” Sakuya smiles and said

While walking

“What can I do to repay you with all your help? Also, I still feel bad because of the incident this evening.” Miyuki said

“I already told you that is fine. No problem” Sakuya said

“However, if you still insist that, how about…” he continues and pauses

Seeing Sakuya stops, Miyuki quickly said

“Just tell me anything you want, Sakuya.”

“Then having lunch with me tomorrow?” he continues while smiling at Miyuki

She is very surprised with Sakuya’s offer

“How was it, Miyuki?” Sakuya smiles and asks

“O...ok” Miyuki said in confused tone

She just thought that he wants money. She didn’t think that he will ask that

“Great, let’s meet here tomorrow around 11:00 am” Sakuya said

“Ok” Miyuki nods

After saying goodbye, he waits for Miyuki to go into her car and drive away before he walks away.

On the car

While driving

“I didn’t see any car in the parking. Where is his?” She thought

Curious, Miyuki turns her car around and goes back to the parking. While driving, she sees Sakuya is walking on the sideroad. She signals and park at the parking near the road. Seeing her Sakuya smiles and asks

“Did you forget something?”

“Where is your car?” Miyuki asks

“I don’t have one. Actually, I planned to take the 8:00 bus and go to my apartment. However, it already left, so I wait for the last bus” Sakuya said

Miyuki is surprised with his answer. Suddenly she realizes something

“The last bus is at 10:00 pm which will be 1 hour from now, right?” Miyuki asks

“Yes” Sakuya nods

“So you missed the other bus is because of me” Miyuki said

Sakuya just smiles while scratching the back of his head

“I saw you left the building pretty late. I can’t let a girl walk alone at night. It is dangerous” He said

“Thank you” Miyuki said

“You thank me again” Sakuya laughs and said

“Oh” Miyuki said and laughs

“It’s late. You should go home, or your family will be worry about you” Sakuya said

Thinking for awhile, Miyuki said

“Where is your apartment? I will take you to your place”

“No, no, no, it’s fine. I can’t let you do that. You are a girl. It is dangerous to go around. I’m fine” Sakuya said

Miyuki still looks at Sakuya with worried face

“Miyuki, just go home. I’ll be fine. When I was still a student, I used to wait for the bus here this late. Also, I’m a man. I’ll be fine” Sakuya said in a definite tone

“Common Miyuki, you should go home now. It is late.” he continues

Thinking for awhile, then Miyuki said

“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Ok, see you tomorrow” Sakuya said while smiling at Miyuki

Then Miyuki drives away. However, she still thinks about Sakuya, so driving for awhile, she turns and goes to a restaurant to buy some food. After buying the food, she turns her car around and goes back to Sakuya’s place. She stops at the bus station. Seeing her, Sakuya rushes to her with surprised look

“You haven’t gone home yet?” He asks in surprised tone

“I got this for us” Miyuki smiles while raising a food bag.

Sakuya looks at her with surprised look. Miyuki smiles and said

“We will eat this while waiting for your bus” she continues

“And you can’t deny this offer” she adds

End flashback

“So did he agree?” Atsuko asks

“He did. His face at that time looked really funny.” Miyuki smiles and said

“I really don’t know why at that time I did that. I normally don’t care about thing like that. Maybe because he looks so honest and nice.” She continues

“I see” Atsuko said

“Then what happened next, Milky-neechan?” She excitedly asks

“I parked there. Then I came to sit at the waiting area with him. we ate together while waiting for the bus. We talked a lot about all kinds of things. I don’t know why I open up myself to him and tell him a lot of things that normally wouldn’t tell anyone especially to a person who I just met.” Miyuki said

“He also told me a lot of things about himself and also his dream. I felt so happy at that time for some reasons” she continues while smiling

“I guess that is called fate” Atsuko said

“Uh, I think so too” Miyuki nods and said

“After knowing him more, I notice that he is a very honest and kind-hearted person. He cares for people and helps everyone with everything he got.” she continues

“Also, I like to tease him because his face looks so cute when I tease him.” Miyuki smiles while telling Atsuko about Sakuya

“I see. You are very happy, right?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, I think I’m lucky to meet him. Since meeting him, I changed a lot. He changed me into a better person. I start helping people unconsciously. I guess his influence is very strong.” Miyuki laughs softly and said

“Then I don’t know since when he is a part of my life. I start coming to him anytime I was sad or had some problem at work. He always encouraged me, makes me smile. Plus, when I accomplish something, I will also tell him. He will cheer for me. He is the only person does that to me. He is my encouragement” Miyuki sincerely said

“Knowing each other for 5 months, we start dating with each other. Then I know about his father and my father. At first, I don’t believe that, so I start my own investigation about that year and about my father. Because of that, I found out a cruel true. My father did do that. He threatened uncle Yasushi to give him his development plan. I broke down because of that. I know he hated my father a lot. I also hate myself and ashamed because of his work.” She continues in shaky tone

“Milky-neechan” Atsuko looks at Miyuki with worried eyes

“At that time, I really don’t know how to face Sakuya. I really want to disappear instantly from this world. That is when I realize how much I love him. However, at the same I also realized that I can’t meet him. If he knows my father is Maeda Hayate, he will hate me. I’m scared of that thought.” Miyuki said in tear

“I locked myself in my own apartment and turned off my phone. I want to disappear” she continues


While Miyuki is locking herself in her room, she suddenly hears the door opens, and the light is lit up. She looks at the door and sees Sakuya standing there looking at her worriedly.

“Sakuya” Miyuki whispers

Sakuya didn’t say anything. He quickly rushes to her and hugs her in his arms tightly

“You are ok. I’m so glad” He said while tightening his hug

His suddenly hug surprised Miyuki. Now she notices that his shirt is wet with sweat and his breath is very fast.

“Why are you all wet with sweat, Sakuya?” Miyuki breaks the hug and asks

She sees his face is covered with sweat.

“I called you a lot of time since this morning, but you neither pick up my phone nor call me back. I was so worried. I thought something happened to you so right after I got back Tokyo, I rushes here. I’m so glad you are ok” Sakuya smiles and said

Miyuki looks at Sakuya’s face. She raises her hand and touches his face gently. Then she hugs him tightly while burying her face on his chest. Sakuya is very surprised with Miyuki action. He hugs her and asks in worriedly tone

“What’s happened Miyuki?”

Miyuki just stays silent and cries on his chest. Her cry is getting harder and harder.

“Miyuki, what’s happened? Is there something wrong? Are you hurt?” Sakuya asks in panic tone while stroking Miyuki’s back to comfort her

Miyuki just shakes her head while crying harder and harder

In the morning

Miyuki slowly opens her eyes and sees that she is sleeping on her bed.

“How can I get in here?” She thought while slowly sitting up


Suddenly she remembers last night Sakuya came to check on her


She quickly rushes out of her room. Miyuki stops when smelling the food. Then she quickly rushes into the kitchen. When she got there, she sees Sakuya is cooking.

Hearing the footsteps, Sakuya turns around and smiles at Miyuki

“Good morning, Miyuki.” He said

Then he comes and hugs her waist while his other hand stroking her hair

“How do you feel now?” He asks

“I’m...ok” Miyuki looks down and said

“That’s good. Go out and sit down on the table, I will bring your breakfast out” Sakuya kisses her forehead and said

When he is about to turn around, Miyuki holds his hand back

“What is it, Miyuki?” Sakuya asks

“Uhm...last… last night I…” Miyuki stutters

Suddenly Sakuya’s finger stops her

“Sshh… you don’t need to force yourself. Tell me whenever you are ready, ok” he smiles at her and said

Miyuki is very surprised. She hugs him tightly and said

“I love you, Sakuya”

Sakuya pats her back and said

“I love you too, my Miyuki”

End flashback

“To my surprise, he came to my apartment to check on me. I didn’t expect that because he went back to his house the day before. He told me that he was so worried because he can’t contact me since morning, so he took the ship and goes back to Tokyo. Then he immediately rushed to my house. Since that moment, I don’t care about anything anymore. In my head, there is only one thought. I love Sakuya, and I want to be with him. Therefore, I hid my identity until now” Miyuki said

“You do know that eventually he will know about that, right?” Minami asks

“Of course, I know. However right now, I cannot bring myself to tell him that my father is Maeda Hayate who forced his father to lose his job and pushed his family to this hardship” Miyuki sadly said

“Lying to the one you love is painful” Atsuko said

“I know, and I understand your feelings. You really want to say, but you also at the same time is afraid that if you tell the true, the person you love will hate you because of your lie” she continues

“Uh” Miyuki nods silently

“That is what I’m feeling, right now” she said

“I did the same thing before. Hiding a secret from the one you love is very painful to both you and the person you love” Atsuko said while holding Minami’s hand

Minami smiles gently while holding her hand tightly

At night

In the cabin

Miyuki is lying on her bed looking at Sakuya’s picture on her phone


At the beach

Miyuki’s POV

Today, Sakuya invited me to come here to watch the sun rise. While we are sitting on the sand, he suddenly stands up and rushes away. He told me that he needs to pick up an important call.
Since the day we met each other until now, it has been 5 months. Time is sure fly. I feel so happy when I can meet him. He is a little clumsy, easy to tease, but he is cute and very care about me. He encourages me no matter what I do. He makes me happy if I’m down. I’m so happy to be with him. Just thinking about him make me feel so happy

Suddenly I realize something. I realize that his present to me is very important.

“Could it be that I’m in…?” I thought

I suddenly feel my face is so hot.

“By the way, where is he now? The sun is about to rise.” I thought

End Miyuki’s POV

“Where is he now? Inviting me here and leaving alone, baka Sakuya” Miyuki said in pouting tone

Unknown to her, Sakuya is walking really careful and gently behind her. His hands are hidden behind him.

“Miyuki” he calls her

His call surprises Miyuki. She turns around and quickly stands up

“You’re here. How’s going? Is everything fine?” She asks in unconsciously

Sakuya smiles at her confused and surprised face. He looks and sees the sun is raising spreading the very first light to the ground.

“Looks Miyuki” Sakuya points at the sun rising scenery

Miyuki turns around and is very amazed with what she saw

“Wow, so beautiful Sakuya. I love the scenery so much” Miyuki said

Sakuya looks at Miyuki’s happy face and smiles to himself happily. Miyuki looks at him in confused

“Why are you smiling, Sakuya?” She looks at him and asks

Sakuya just stays silent and walks slowly toward Miyuki. Miyuki doesn’t know why suddenly her heart starts beating faster. She can feel her face is getting hot.

Now Sakuya is standing in front of Miyuki. He looks into Miyuki’s eyes with his serious eyes.

“Miyuki, I know since the first day I saw you that I’m lucky to know a special girl like you” Sakuya said while caresses Miyuki’s face


“Sshh… let’s me finish” Sakuya puts his finger on Miyuki’s lips and said

“Today, I brought you here. One is to show you how beautiful it is when a day start. Two, I want to tell you that since the day I met you, you are like the sun that rising in my heart and lit up my life.” He said

“Miyuki, the thing I want to say is…” Sakuya said and stops

Miyuki looks at him nervously. Her heart is beating very fast

“Miyuki, I love you. Will you be my girlfriend, my sunshine?” Sakuya raises a bouquet of rose to Miyuki and asks seriously

Miyuki blushes at his confession. She is very happy that Sakuya confesses to her. However, because of too happy, she can’t say anything. Feeling Miyuki is silent, Sakuya said

“Miyuki, I know that I’m not a great man. I don’t have a great pay job. I don’t have a house. I’m still working every day to support myself and my family. More importantly though I don’t know much about your family, but I know you come from a high class family. I can’t compare…”

Hasn’t finished his words, Miyuki leans up and kisses his lips. Sakuya is very surprised with her action. Miyuki breaks the kiss and smiles at Sakuya.

“I don’t need, and I don’t care about those things. All I care is you love me, and I love you with all my heart” Miyuki said

Sakuya quickly holds her hand and pulls her into a tight hug.

“Trust me, Miyuki. I’ll do everything to make you happy every day, every hour, and every second” Sakuya said

“I’m happy when hearing you say that, Sakuya” Miyuki said

Sakuya caresses Miyuki’s face and whispers

“I love you, Miyuki”

“I love you too, Sakuya” Miyuki shyly said

Then Sakuya quickly captures her lips in a passion kiss

End flashback

“I know that true will be very painful to him especially you, but I think you should tell him the true. I know he could be angry because you lied to him. However, I believe that the power of your love can help you two through that hardships.”

Miyuki remembers Atsuko’s words

“Don’t forget, I’ll alway support you Milky-neechan”

“I guess I’ll tell Sakuya the truth. I can’t lie to him forever” Miyuki mumbles

Suddenly, her phone rings. She looks and sees that Sakuya calling her

“Hello Sakuya”

(Hello baby, what are you doing?) Sakuya asks

“I’m on my bed” Miyuki said

“How about you?” she asks

(I’m thinking about you) Sakuya said

Miyuki blushes and feels very happy when hearing that. However, at the same time, she feels pain in her heart.

Feeling the silent, Sakuya calls her again

(Baby, are you there?)

His call snaps her out of her thought.

“Yes, I’m here, Sakuya” Miyuki said

(What’s wrong baby? Are you sleepy? You seem strange today) Sakuya asks in worried tone

“Uh-uh, I’m fine. Just a little tired” Miyuki said

(Then you should rest now. Good night baby) Sakuya said

“Sakuya” Miyuki calls him

(What is it, Miyuki?) Sakuya asks

“Can we have dinner together tomorrow?” Miyuki asks

(Of course. I’m planning to ask you about that tomorrow) Sakuya said

(I’ll pick you up at your apartment ok) he continues

“Just come to my apartment. I’ll cook our dinner” Miyuki said

(Great, I miss your food so much.) Sakuya said in happy tone

Miyuki smiles when hearing his happy voice

(Then you should sleep now. Goodnight love) Sakuya said

“Uh, goodnight Sakuya” Miyuki said

“Sakuya” she calls him again

(Yes baby) Sakuya said

“I love you” Miyuki said

(I love you too, baby) Sakuya gently said

In Minami’s room

Atsuko is shrinking herself in Minami’s arms. Minami is stroking her hair gently

“Minami” Atsuko calls him while looking at him

“What’s it, baby?” Minami asks in gentle tone

“I’m sorry” Atsuko said

“Why?” Minami asks in surprised tone

“I’m sorry because I lied to you before” Atsuko said

“Baka, that is already in the past.” Minami flicks Atsuko’s forehead and said

“But after hearing Milky-neechan’s story, it reminds me about that.” Atsuko said

“Don’t be bothered about that, baka. That is in the past, and I understand your reasons, Atsuko.” Minami smiles gently and said

“From now on I forbid you to think about that again.” He continues in strict tone

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Good” Minami smiles and said

Then Atsuko hugs Minami while burying her face on his chest again.

“I hope Sakuya will understand Milky-neechan’s feeling” Atsuko said

“I believe he will. As you said, their power of love will help them overcome that” Minami strokes Atsuko’s back and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

In the morning

The yacht reached the dock. Minami, Atsuko, and Miyuki step out of the yacht.

“Thanks Atsu. I’ll go back to my house now” Miyuki said

“How can you get home, Milky-neechan?” Atsuko asks

“I guess I’ll call taxi and get back home” Miyuki said

“Come with us. We will take you home” Atsuko said

“No, I can’t bother you two” Miyuki said

“It’s ok. Just come with me” Atsuko said and pulls Miyuki with her

[b[In the car[/b]

Atsuko and Miyuki are sitting at the back seat while Minami driving to Miyuki’s apartment

“I decided, Atsu” Miyuki said

Atsuko looks at Miyuki waiting for her to continue

“I decided that I’ll tell him everything.” Miyuki said

“I don’t know what his reaction will be, but as you said, I hope he will forgive me” she continues in worried tone

“I’ll support you no matter what Milky-neechan” Atsuko said

“Thank you, Atsu” Miyuki said


In a room

“That little brat. You dare to openly go against me huh” a man said in angry tone

In his hand, he is holding a gun. He raises it up and shoots


The bullet flies and pierce on Atsuko’s picture right at her heart


That is chapter 40. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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yatta new chapter  :cow: :cow:
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I think I spend like 3 or 4 days to read this from the start 😆😆
I love long ongoing stories and I am also very happy that you keep updating, author-san
The story from beginning until the latest one always packed with action and twists
When I thought that is the bad guy and apparently I am wrong 😆😆
It also full of sweetness and also cuteness in the mix of drama here and there
This fic is so fun to read and I am enjoying this very much
I can’t wait for your next update
Wondering what will happen to sayamilky
And who is the threat for Acchan?

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@arfi: Thank you!  :D

@Kyuartz: Thank you!  :D

Thank you, everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 41  :D

Chapter 41: The Feeling of Losing

On the next day

In the evening

Sakuya drives to Miyuki’s house and parks his car in the parking. The he goes to the elevator and goes up to Miyuki’s apartment.

He comes to the apartment and opens the door by the key that Miyuki gave him. Sakuya can smells the food and knows where she is. He comes to the kitchen and sees Miyuki is cooking in the kitchen while waiting for Sakuya.

He smiles gently when seeing Miyuki cooking. Then he comes closer and hugs her from behind

“I’m home, honey” He kisses Miyuki’s hair and whispers

Miyuki is cooking. Sakuya’s sudden action surprised her. She stops and turns around

“Sakuya, you came” Miyuki smiles and said

“Uh, I’m home” Sakuya hugs Miyuki’s waist and said

“Welcome home, Sakuya” Miyuki kisses his cheeks and said

“We look just like a married couple, right?” Sakuya said while smiling

Miyuki smiles when hearing that.

“Sakuya, I’m almost done. Can you set up the table for me?” Miyuki asks

“Yes, my wife” Sakuya said

Miyuki smiles while looking at Sakuya. Then she prepares the food and brings to the table. They sit down and start eating the food. Sakuya eats the food happily.

“It is so delicious, Miyuki. No matter How many time I eat your cook. It is always wonderful. I’m the luckiest man in the whole world” He said while happily eating his food

“I’m glad that you like my food” Miyuki said while smiling

Sakuya keeps eating happily and doesn’t notice that all the time Miyuki is looking at him with sad eyes

After they finished their dinner, Sakuya cleans up and washes dishes for Miyuki.

After that, Sakuya said

“Let’s watch a movie, Miyuki”

However, Miyuki holds his hand back

“Sakuya” Miyuki calls him

“What’s it, Miyuki?” Sakuya asks

“There something I want to talk to you” Miyuki said

Sakuya can hear the seriousness in her tone

“Ok” Sakuya nod in confused tone

They come and sit down on the sofa. Sakuya looks at Miyuki’s face with worried eyes. He can notice the sadness in her eyes

“Miyuki, What’s wrong, baby?” Sakuya asks worriedly while holding her hands

“Sakuya” Miyuki calls Sakuya again

Sakuya looks at Miyuki waiting for her to continue.

“Uhm…I… I …”

Miyuki stutters hesitantly

“It’s ok baby. You can tell me anything” Sakuya holds Miyuki’s hands tighter and said

Miyuki takes a deep breath and looks at Sakuya

“I haven’t told you my last name, right?” She asks

Instead of answering Miyuki, he looks down and stays silent. Miyuki also stays silent while waiting for Sakuya

“I know” Sakuya said

Miyuki widens her eyes in surprised

“You know” she whispers in surprised

“Uh, I know your last name is Maeda” Sakuya said

Miyuki widens her eyes in surprised

“So you know I…”

“However, that doesn’t mean that you are from that Maeda, right? You said that you didn’t know Acchan and Takamina” Sakuya smiles and said

“I was wondering about that for awhile. Then the other day, you said you didn’t know Acchan and Takamina. They also didn’t know you. That is when my wondering is clear” He continues
Miyuki closes her eyes and takes a deep breath

“I’m sorry Sakuya. I lied to you. Actually, I know who they are. Maeda Atsuko is my cousin. I’m a member of Maeda clan”

Sakuya is very surprised.

“I’m sorry, Sakuya. I didn’t tell you my last name because I don’t want you to know that I’m from Maeda clan. Maeda clan is a big clan. Whenever anyone knows who am I, I feel insecure. I want everyone who knows me. They will know me by who am I” Miyuki said

After a little shock, Sakuya pats her head and said

“It’s ok, Miyuki. I understand that. Being a member of the big clan is very stressful. Don’t worry ok”

“That’s not all, Sakuya” Miyuki holds his hand and said

“My father, my father is…”

“Let’s go and watch movie, Miyuki.” Sakuya suddenly cuts her words and said

It’s like he can expect what Miyuki wants to say, and he wants to run away from that true.

“Sakuya, I have been hiding this from you for so long. I don’t want to keep hiding anymore. I want there is no more secret between you and me.” Miyuki holds his hand and said seriously

Sakuya just stands there and stays silent waiting for the true

“My father, his name is …his name is Maeda Hayate” Miyuki finishes her words while holding Sakuya’s hands tightly

“I’m sorry Sakuya. I’m sorry. At first, I lied to you about my last name because I don’t want people to know that I’m Maeda. Then after we start dating each other, I really wanted to tell you, but then once again, I knew the incident between my father and yours. After found out the true, I was so scared to tell you I’m his daughter. I’m scared that you will hate me because of that” She continues in tears

Sakuya just stays silent and withdraws his hand from her grip

“Sakuya” Miyuki calls him painfully

“2 years, you lied to me for 2 years that you are his daughter” Sakuya said in angry tone

“Sakuya. I…”

“Did you know about me before? Did he send you to spy on how my family is now? Did he want to know how my family situation is? Did he want to buy that island because knowing we are there?” Cutting Miyuki’s words, Sakuya angrily said

“Sakuya, it’s not what you think. Please trust me. I didn’t mean to lie to you. My father doesn’t know anything. I’m not spying for him” Miyuki holds Sakuya’s hand and said

“Don’t touch me Ms. Maeda. It will dirty you hand.” Sakuya withdraws his hand and coldly said

“Sakuya” Miyuki calls him painfully

“Thank you, Ms. Maeda for telling this stupid the true.” Sakuya said

“Farewell” he continues and walks away

“Sakuya, please hear me out” Miyuki calls him hopelessly

However, Sakuya just keeps walking ignoring Miyuki’s painful call. The door coldly closes, and Miyuki kneels down and cries loudly

At night

In the car

Minami is taking Atsuko back to her mansion. Today, she has to work late. She sit on the passenger seat and calls Miyuki.

(The number you are dial is not available at the moment…)

She called her multiple times now and got the same results. She is very worry

“Minami” Atsuko calls Minami

“What is it, baby?” Minami asks

“Can we stop by Milky-neechan apartment?” Atsuko asks

“Are you worry for her?” Minami asks

“Yes, she told me that she will have a talk with Sakuya this evening. I tried to contact her a lot of time, but she didn’t answer my phone or text” Atsuko said in worried tone

“I think she will be fine. She already said that if something happened, she will call you.” Minami reassures Atsuko

“I know, but …” Atsuko whispers

Minami looks at Atsuko. He pats her head and said

“Ok, we will go there”

“Thank you, Minami” Atsuko said happily

“Then I want my reward” Minami said

“What do you want, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I want my lovely fiancée to take a bath with me” Minami said

Atsuko blushes madly when hearing Minami’s words.

“Minami, baka” Atsuko said in pouting tone

Minami laughs loudly and said

“Atsuko, you are so cute to tease”

“Look at your face baby. So cute” He continues

“Minami, baka. You tease me all the time” Atsuko pouts

“Because my Atsuko is sooo cute” Minami said

After awhile

They reach Miyuki’s place. Minami and Atsuko leave the car and come to Miyuki’s apartment. Atsuko rings the bell and calls

“Milky-neechan, it is me, Atsuko. Can you open the door for me?”

However, she doesn’t hear any response. She knocks again and calls


After a little silent, Atsuko sees the door opens.

“Milky-neechan” Atsuko calls worriedly

Miyuki just stays silent.

“Milky-neechan, are you ok?” Atsuko asks worriedly

“Atsu, I’m sorry. I have a case I need to look over. I can’t talk to you, right now. I will call you later ok” Miyuki said


“If you are busy. We’ll leave now.” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and said

“Then I’ll leave now. Good night, Milky-neechan” Atsuko said

“Uh, bye Atsu” Miyuki said

Then Atsuko and Minami leave the place. Minami opens the door for Atsuko to go in. Then he rushes to his side and sits down.

Minami turns and ties the seat belt for Atsuko.

“Minami” Atsuko calls him

“What is it, baby?” Minami looks at Atsuko and asks

“I’m worry about Milky-neechan. Her voice is so sad” Atsuko said

“Don’t worry Atsuko. Just give her some quiet times. I believe she will be fine.” Minami pats her head and said

“Really Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, I’m sure about that. If you still worry, we will come here tomorrow. I think at that time she will be able to talk to us ok” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods happily

“Also, Minami” she calls Minami again

“Huh?” Minami asks

“I want to help Milky-neechan” Atsuko said

“Uhm…tomorrow, I’ll talk to Sakuya.” Minami said

Atsuko smiles widely. She hugs him and said

“Thank you, Minami”

“Everything for my Atsuko” Minami said gently

Then they go back to Atsuko’s house

In the morning

Atsuko comes to Maeda with Rena and Yuki.

“Acchan, remember what we tell you ok” Rena said

“Yes, Rena-neechan. Because I investigated that incident, I could be in danger. Unless Minami, you, Yuki-neechan, Jun, or Mayu is with me, I won’t go anywhere by myself” Atsuko said

“Uh, good job” Rena smiles and pats Atsuko’s head

Atsuko turns and sees Yuki just stays silent while looking through the car window. Her face looks like she has a lot of worry.

“Yuki-neechan” Atsuko calls her

Atsuko’s call snaps Yuki out of her thought. She turns to Atsuko and asks

“What is it, Acchan?”

“Are you ok, Yuki-neechan?” Atsuko asks in worried tone

“You are spacing out and these days, you seem to have a lot of thought. Does something bother you? Can I help you with anything?” She continues her question in worried tone

Yuki smiles gently at Atsuko. She pats her head and said

“I’m fine, Acchan. Don’t worry. I’m just thinking about company stuffs”

“Really? Yuki-neechan, you can share any of your troubles with me” Atsuko said

“I know my little sister. However, I’m fine. If something happened, I’ll definitely tell you” Yuki smiles gently at Atsuko and said

“Promise” Atsuko asks

“Uh, promise” Yuki smiles and nods

After awhile

They reach the company. After accompanying Atsuko to her office, Yuki and Rena go back to their office

On their way

“I know there is a lot of things in your head Yuki” Rena said

Yuki looks at Rena with surprised look

“We grew up together. I can say that I understand you very well. I don’t know that there is definitely something trouble you in your head, but I won’t force you. Acchan is very worry about you and me too. Remember, you aren’t alone.” Rena said

After staying silent, Yuki said

“I’m fine. It’s just company matters”

“Ok, if you said so. Just remember, we are always here for you. We are your family” Rena said

“I know. Thank you, Rena” Yuki said

In Minami’s office

Minami is sitting in his office. Then he takes out his phone and calls Sakuya. He promised to Atsuko that he will help Miyuki and Sakuya

(Hello Takamina) Sakuya said

“Hey Sakuya, will you come to Tokyo today?” Minami asks

(Yes, I’m in Tokyo, right now) Sakuya said

“Good, are you free for a coffee?” Minami asks

(Yes, I’m) Sakuya said

“Then can we meet at the coffee shop near Tokyo police department?” Minami asks

(Sure, I’ll be there around 3:00 time) Sakuya said

“Perfect, see you then” Minami said

After calling Sakuya, Minami calls Atsuko

(Minami) Minami smiles when hearing Atsuko’s cute tone

“Hello baby, what are you doing?” Minami asks

(I’m looking through the plan for the island. I will have a meeting about this around 10:00) Atsuko said

“I see. Goodluck baby” Minami said

“By the way, I already called Sakuya. We will have a talk at dinner time” He continues

(That’s great. Thank you, Minami) Atsuko said in happy tone

In the meeting

Atsuko comes in with Rena and Yuki walking behind her. She comes to her seat and sits down while Yuki and Rena sit down on the seats on two sites of Atsuko.

“President, can you tell me the reason for the meeting today?” Hayate asks

“I called everyone for the meeting today because of the plan of buying the island in Yokohama for building a golf field” Atsuko said

“I heard about that plan, and you are responsible for that, but when I look at the company development plans record, I didn’t see any document about that. Can you tell me why?” She asks

Hayate is very surprised when hearing Atsuko’s question.

“Uhm… that is just a plan that one of my project managers submitted to me. He submitted the idea for me 2 months ago. We will buy the island and build not only build a golf field, but a resort because that place has a good scenery. In addition, that place has a lot of potential in traveling. However, because that is still a written proposal, I will need to look into the plan and create a concrete and tangible benefits from the plan before I can report to you” Hayate said

“You said that is still a plan and in the state of gather information and investigate? Then tell me what will happen to all the fishermen villagers that live there, and their main job is fishing?” Atsuko asks

“Toka will answer your question” Hayate said

“I already planned. We will compensate based on their property. I also planned to relocate them to a new location which is new Maeda townhouse located in the city.” Toka stands up and said

“So how about what will they do for their living?” Atsuko asks

Hayate and Toka are taken back.

“Uhm… uhm… we will give them the amount of money that equally to their properties. They can use that to make their living” Hayate said

Atsuko strongly slams the table

“Give them the money, and the rest will depend on them. Is that your responsibility? Is that how you do after taking away other’s properties? Is that how Maeda works? I don’t recall any of that before” Atsuko said in angry tone

“President, the people there agreed with that agreements” Toka said

“They agreed with that? How many people? Why did I hear that villagers don’t want to leave that place where they were born and grow up?” Atsuko said

“That is just a small entity that don’t cooperate. They want more money that’s why they did that” Hayate said

“A small entity?” Atsuko said

“Kojiro” she calls her assistant

Kojiro holds a stack of paper and distributes them to each person in the meeting room
Hayate widens his eyes in surprised

“Sakuya, can you gather all the signatures from people in the village and any villages that are affected by this plan”

On the day they came to the island, Atsuko already gathered all the signatures from people

“The total is 1000 signatures from 3 differences villages. They want to live with their traditional job. That is their homeland, their traditional. Also they mentioned, they are only fishermen, they only know about fishing. If they move to a city, they cannot do anything. In addition to the victim’s signatures, there is 1000 from people who live in this island. They don’t want their island to be modified into some kind of business. There is also 500 signatures from all the outsiders, travelers who come to the island. They said that they want a nature environment. They want to see the fishermen’s life and how they fish.” Atsuko explains the detail of the papers

“So, did you consider that?” She asks while looking at Toka and Hayate

After a few minutes of silent, Hayate said

“As I said, we are still planning about that.”

“I’m confused now. You said that you are still planning, but you already talked about buying the island. Then you said like you already investigated.” Atuko frowns and said

“I’m sorry President. I should check on it. I’ll look at it again.” Hayate bows and said

“I want you to make changes to the plan so that all the villagers don’t have to leave their homeland and their fishing job” Atsuko said

“Remember to give me the plan before you start anything. I don’t want this thing happen again ok” she continues in strict tone

“Yes ma’am” Hayate and Toka said

After the meeting

In Hayate’s office

Hayate walks into his office angrily. He strongly slams the door and throws the stack of file on the desk

“Who does that brat think she is?” Hayate thought

“You dare to act like that to me” he looks at Atsuko’s picture and said

Around 3:00 pm

In a coffee shop near Police department

Minami is talking to Sakuya. They just silently eat their food. Then Minami speaks up

“You know that Miyuki is Atsuko’s cousin and Maeda Hayate’s daughter, right?”
Sakuya is surprised with Minami’s words. Then he said

“So, you call me here today because of that huh?”

“Yes, Atsuko asked me to talk to you” Minami said

“I don’t have anything to talk. We are over. That’s it” Sakuya said

Minami looks directly into Sakuya’s eyes and asks

“Do you really mean what you said?”

Sakuya is very surprised with what Minami said and his tone. It is very serious.

“Is it really over? Is that what you want? Not seeing her anymore?” Minami continues asking his questions

Sakuya just looks down and stays silent. Minami looks at Sakuya. Then he said

“Let’s me tell you this story, my story”

“7 months ago, I’m assigned to protect Maeda Atsuko, the heir of Maeda clan. At first, Atsuko disguised herself as Maeda Atsuko’s butler. Then later I found out that that butler is actually a girl. However, she still keeps secret about her identity to me even though we have feeling for each other” Minami said

“Then I found out she is Maeda Atsuko. I was angry, disappointed, and sad because the person I love lied to me. I feel like I’m untrustworthy to her, I’m a stranger to her that is why she hid that to me. So, I’m furiously tell her that ‘You are Maeda Atsuko. I’m Takahashi Minami. Aside from I’m your bodyguard, there’s nothing between us. We are over.’ I said to her just like what you just said.” He continues

Sakuya widens his eyes in surprised

“For the whole situation, I just said that without thinking about her feelings. The words come out when you said is very easy. However, you don’t know how strong it can be” Minami sighs and said

“So how can you be together again?” Sakuya asks

“Let’s me ask you this question first” Minami said

“Have you ever think about right after you said ‘We are over’ she will disappear from your life forever. Even when you want to see her, you can’t see her?” Minami asks

Sakuya is very surprised with Minami’s question. He has never thought about that.

“Can’t ever see Miyuki even if I want to? Completely disappear” He thought

He can feel a sharp pain appears in his heart.

“How was it, Sakuya? I want you to answer me honestly” Minami said

Sakuya stays silent while looking at his hand. After a few moments of silent, Sakuya said sincerely

“Pain, a sharp pain appears in my heart when I imagine I can’t ever see Miyuki again. I can feel my whole body is shaking in scared. I’m scared of that thought. I hate that feeling”
Minami smiles and said

“I’m glad you tell me your honest thought”

Sakuya looks at Minami with confused look

“That is the exact feeling that I felt before.” Minami said

Minami’s words surprised Sakuya.

“After telling Atsuko that ‘We are over’, I left the house ignoring her call. I didn’t think that she would chase after me.” Minami said

“When I came back to the house, I was very surprised and scared when hearing that ‘Acchan is not here,’ ‘We thought she is with you’. Not stop at that, I got a phone call from my father telling me that the criminal who wants to kill her ran away from the jail. At that time, to be honest, I don’t know how to explain what I felt. My heart was beating so fast, and my whole body is shaking in scared. I rushed to find her crazily. I want to find her, I want to see her. I thought that ‘Atsuko, please appear in front of me. I’ll never mad at you. I’ll apology for yelling at you. I will never leave you alone. Please don’t leave me.’ That is my only thought in my head.” He continues

Sakuya can still hear the shaking in his tone even though he just tells him a story from the past

“What happened to Acchan? Was that the criminal? Sakuya asks

“Fortunately, she didn’t meet that criminal. She was kidnapped by a bunch of useless gangsters. They want money from Maeda” Minami said

“When I finally found her…” he pauses

Sakuya looks at Minami silently while listening to Minami’s words

“My heart breaks in pieces when seeing her state. Because she doesn’t want to give out Rena who is at that time Maeda Atsuko, they hit her cruelly. When I found her, her head is bleeding, and she was beaten up. When I called her, in her half-conscious state, she said ‘I’m sorry, Minami.’ Her words tear my heart apart. I feel so stupid to not listen to her more. I scold myself for my fast reaction without thinking” Minami said

Sakuya can see water in Minami’s eyes. He can feel his pain.

“I’m no expert in love. To be honest, I’m stupid in love. This stupidity already hurt the person I love. Therefore, I stand on no position to tell you anything. However, I just want to give you what I had been through. I don’t want you to feel the same way as mine because I know how painful it is to lose someone you love through the moment that Atsuko was kidnapped. Since that day, I swear to myself that I’ll never ever leave her side. Every day, I will tell myself that I have to do my best to love her, protect her, and make her happy with everything I have.” Minami said
Sakuya just stays silent while looking down. When he is about to say something, suddenly Minami’s phone rings. Minami looks and sees that is Rena

“Hello Rena”

(Takamina, is Acchan with you?) Rena asks in hurried tone

Minami is surprised with Rena’s question.

“No, Atsuko isn’t with me. What’s happened? Where is she?” Minami said in surprised tone
(Yuki and I have a late meeting. When we come to her office to call her to go home, we didn’t see her in her office. I tried to call her, but the call didn’t go through) Rena said

“What? How can that happen? Where is Kojiro-san?” Minami asks in panic tone

(He has some business to do in the island in Yokohama, so he left right after the meeting) Rena said

“Wait for me, I’ll be there right away” Minami said and hangs up

“Sorry Sakuya. I have to go now” Minami said

“I’ll come with you” Sakuya said

“I don’t know if I can help anything, but I want to help. Acchan and you helped me a lot. I want to help” he continues

“Ok, let’s go” Minami said

Then the two quickly rush outside to Maeda building. When he reaches there, they quickly rush to Atsuko’s office

“What’s happened Yuki?” Minami asks

“Mayu is looking at the camera in front of Acchan’s office right now.” Yuki said

“How is it happened? Do you know since when she disappeared?” Minami asks

“Jun and Rena are asking around to see if anyone see Atsuko. So far our guess is she left her office around 3:00 pm.” Yuki answers

“Around 3:00? Now is already 5:30.” Minami thought

Minami strokes his face and scratches his head in panic

“Atsuko, where are you?” He thought

Before he comes here, he already called Atsuko, but he also can’t call her. Suddenly Rena and Jun rush in

“How was it Rena?” Minami quickly asks

“We talked to all the security around the building, but none of them see Acchan. However, there is one cleaner, she saw Acchan walking down to the parking location. She seems in hurry” Rena said

“She went to parking? For what?” Minami thought in confused

Suddenly his phone rings again, Minami looks at see the caller is Miyuki


(Takamina, Acchan is kidnapped by my father. I…I’m following his car right now) cutting Minami’s words, Miyuki said

Minami stands up in surprised

“Where are you now, Miyuki?” He asks

(I’m following his car right now. He goes to outskirts of Tokyo to the north. That is a grey Toyota lexus. I…)

While Miyuki is talking, suddenly her phone is cut off

“Hello, hello, Miyuki, Miyuki” Minami calls in worried tone

Hearing Miyuki’s name, Sakuya quickly asks Minami on worried tone

“What’s happened?”

“Maeda Hayate kidnapped Atsuko. Miyuki saw that and followed him. While she is talking, suddenly her phone is cut off” Minami said

“What?” Sakuya widens his eyes in surprised

“Takamina, do you know where they are?” Yuki asks

“Miyuki said that she follows him outskirt of Tokyo up north” Minami said

“I’ll call reinforcement from my father” he continues while dialing his father’s number

“Atsuko, wait for me. I’ll definitely save you” Minami thought

Since he got the news that Miyuki is involved, plus her phone is cut off all of sudden, Sakuya’s
heart is in fire.

“Don’t decide thing with a hot head. Treasure what is with you so that you don’t regret”

“Miyuki, please be ok. I promise I will never angry at you for no reason like that again” Sakuya thought


That is chapter 41. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Nice chapter❤️❤️
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@arfi: Thank you!  :D

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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 42  :D

Chapter 42: A Hidden Monster

In a storeroom

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She quickly looks around when realizing that she is in a strange place, and her hands are tied behind her back. She looks around and stops at a person sitting on the chair facing his back at her

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” Atsuko asks in shaky tone

“Don’t you recognize me, Atsu?” The man speaks up

“Uncle” Atsuko said in surprise and disbelief tone when recognizing the voice

That is Hayate's voice

“Yes, this is me” Hayate slowly turns around and said with dangerous tone

“Welcome to my territory” he continues

“Atsu, there is something wrong with Miyuki. I can’t call her”

Atsuko suddenly remember this evening

“You tricked me” she said

“Yes, I tricked you, my stupid niece” Hayate said

“I knew about her and that boy. I saw you with her and seem very close. So I used that.” He continues

“What do you want from me? Why did you kidnap me?” Atsuko asks

“Why?” Hayate raises his eyebrows and said in high tone

“Because you are damn annoying” he said

He stands up and slowly walks toward Atsuko. She is scared but can’t move.

“You know that you annoyed me since the first day I saw you. Then you came to Maeda and eliminate all my people. What is more? You also want to investigate about my promotion plan that year and look for Akimoto Yasushi. Do you want to kick me out of Maeda that much?” Hayate shouts angrily while holding Atsuko’s collar

“No, I don’t want to kick you out of Maeda. I just want to prove that you aren’t that kind of person.” Atsuko said

“Don't lie to me. You just want to take my place. You and Hinata want to take everything in Maeda clan.” Hayate shouts

“I don't know why that old man just loves your father then you. I'm also his son. My children are also his grandchild. Why did he put all his love to you? He gave you everything but not my children” he continues shouting in more anger voice

“Grandpa of course loves you and y…”

Hasn't finished her words, Hayate shouts and shoots her shoulder

“Shut up”


Atsuko frowns because of hurt

“That old man, he doesn't love me. He only loves Kenji” Hayate shouts

“Now I will kill you” he said and raises the gun at Atsuko's head

“Wait” Atsuko said

“What? You want to say your last words? Begging me for life?” Hayate asks

“No, I'm not afraid of death. I just want to say something about grandpa. I don't want you to hate grandpa. He really loves you as well as my father. He was really happy when he thought that the plan you gave him is yours” Atsuko said

“Do you think how long has he been in business? Do you think that if he just stops and think a little he would know that the plan was not from you? He never has a doubt on you, uncle” she continues

Hayate is very surprised with Atsuko's words. His eyes are softened a little.

“All he ever wants is you become a responsible person” Atsuko finishes

Hayate's hands slowly withdraw. However suddenly he shouts

“Don't try to deceive me. You just want your life. I don't trust you. That old man just loves your father and looks down on me all the time. Now die”

Atsuko closes her eyes thinking she can't escape now. Suddenly his phone rings. He looks at his phone and said to Atsuko

“I will spare your life for now.” Hayate said and leaves the place

Outside there are two men guarding

“Watch her closely.” Hayate said

“I know. Don't forget our promise” one of the men said

“I know. I will give you the rest when I get back” Hayate said and leaves

“And don’t think what people like you think. If you touch her, no money, and your place will be in jail” he continues in serious tone

“I know, I know. Contract is contract” the boss raises his hands and said

After seeing Hayate leave, the boss walks into the place.

“What are you doing boss?” Another asks

“Having fun of course.” the boss said

“But he said…” the follower said

“Who care? When he comes back here with money, I will finish him. Then kill that little brat in there. No one will know anything” the man said and smiles evilly

“You are great, boss” he said

Then they walk into the room. Atsuko is sitting scarily. She is struggling from the rope behind her. Suddenly the door opens, and two strange and scary looking men walk in

“Hello beauty” the boss said

“Who are you?” Atsuko asks in shaking tone

“You don't need to know. Just keep in mind that we will make you feel good” the boss said and laughs loudly

“No, get away from me” Atsuko shouts in scared

“Aww, don't be like that. We promise to be gentle” The other man said

When they are near Atsuko, suddenly two gunshots appear. Atsuko sees the two men slowly drop down. There is a blood stain in their left chest. Atsuko looks up and sees a person standing with a gun in his hand. The person is Maeda Itachi.

“Itachi” Atsuko thought in surprised

Suddenly Itachi rushes to her and asks

“Are you ok, Atsu?”

Atsuko nods in confused

“Those jerks dare to think of you in that way.” Itachi said

He looks and sees blood on Atsuko’s left shoulder.

“That crazy uncle. Why did he hurt you like this?” Itachi touches Atsuko’s shoulder

Atsuko frowns because of hurt.

“With your beauty, you should be treated like an idol, an angel” Itachi said in a tone that scared Atsuko.

She widens her eyes in surprised when seeing he licks her blood that is covered his finger.

“What are you doing?” Atsuko asks in shaky tone

“Don’t be scared Atsu. Itachi-oniichan won’t hurt you.” Itachi said to Atsuko

“You know that I adored you since you were 5. You are just like a little Nami, a Goddess that I can’t reach. Your adorable face now is hundred times more beautiful than before.” he continues and touches Atsuko’s face

“Don’t touch me. You are disgusting.” Atsuko shakes her head and said

“I’m your cousin” she continues

“So what? You will soon be dead in uncle’s hand. Then why don’t I have my Goddess in my arms first? After you die, I will just burn you into ashes. No one will ever know what happened. Don’t worry, I will treasure your ashes” Itachi said in crazied tone

“You are crazy” Atsuko said

“Thank you for your complement Atsu.” Itachi said

“Nami is so thoughtful. She knows that she can’t be with me because of Heiji. Therefore, she gives me you. Thank you, my Nami” he continues

Atsuko is very surprised when hearing Itachi mentions her mother’s name.

“Why did you call my mother like that? She is your uncle’s wife” Atsuko said
“Nami is my tutor. She is my Goddness. If not because of Maeda Heiji, she will be with me. I know that. She loves me, but your father forces her. I know that. Therefore, she gives you to me as making up for her love” Itachi said

“Shut up. You are a crazy person who lives in your imagination world. My mom loves my father and only him. You’re just her nephew in law. Also, my mother didn’t give me to you. I’m Minami’s fiancée since birth. You are no more than a nephew to her and a sick, crazy monster” Atsuko shouts

“Shut up” Itachi slaps her face and said

“You are monster” Atsuko said

“Thank you. Let’s me show you, my dear, what is a real monster” Itachi said in creepy tone while raising his hands to open Atsuko’s shirt

“Get away from me” Atsuko shouts in tear

Suddenly a hand stops him. He yanks him to stand up and throws him away from Atsuko. Atsuko looks up and sees Hayate standing in front of her, behind him is Miyuki

“Milky-neechan, uncle” Atsuko calls in surprised

“Miyuki” Hayate calls Miyuki

Miyuki nods and rushes to open the rope that ties Atsuko’s hands

“What are you doing, Itachi?” Hayate shouts angrily

“What are you doing uncle? I’m just having fun” Itachi stands up and said

“Bad uncle. You didn’t tell me about this plan.” he continues

“How did you know that I’m here?” Hayate asks

“I have my own channel” Itachi smirks

“Now don’t interrupt my fun time with my Goddess” he continues

“You are crazy. She is your cousin” Hayate said

“What? Who care? She will be killed by you sooner or later.” Itachi said

“I will release her” Hayate said

“Why?” Itachi frowns and asks

“Because she is innocent in all of this” Hayate said

“You are crazy. Don’t you want Maeda president position?” Itachi said

“I do. However now I realized something. Miyuki helped me to reflect on my selfishness. Father doesn’t give me that because he actually knew I’m incapable of that” Hayate said

“I see. So, you want to withdraw now” Itachi said

“However, remember this, once you release her, you will be arrested. You will lose everything” he continues

“I don’t care. This is the price I has to pay” Hayate said

“Now go back home. I won’t say anything about this” he continues

“Ok, I will go now” Itachi said and turns around

Hayate sighs and turns back to help Atsuko.

“I’m sorry Atsu.”

“Dad/Uncle” Miyuki and Atsuko shout when seeing Itachi turning back

However, it is late. Itachi shoots at his leg.

“Itachi, you” Hayate shouts angrily

“Be happy that I still let you live because you kidnapped her for me.” Itachi said and kicks Hayate’s face

“Now get out of my face” he continues

Then Itachi turns to Atsuko and smirks dangerously. Miyuki stands shields in front of Atsuko and said

“I won’t let you hurt her. You are disgusting jerk”

“With you? Don’t make me laugh” Itachi laughs loudly and said

“Just like your father, be happy that I still let you live until now. Get out of my way” he continues

Suddenly Hayate speaks up

“I...I won’t let you”

He tries to stand up

“All my life, all I did is wrong. My jealousy blinds my eyes. I stole other’s idea. And lastly, I’m unable to say sorry to my father. Now I won’t let you hurt Atsu. I won’t let my mistake expands” Hayate said

“Dad/Uncle” Miyuki and Atsuko call in tear

“Miyuki, take Atsu, run out of here” Hayate shouts while rushing to hold Itachi back

“You stupid, let’s go off me” Itachi shouts while hitting Hayate’s back

“Dad/Uncle” Miyuki/Atsuko calls him in tear

“Run Atsu. Take Atsu out of here” Hayate said

Miyuki looks at her father in tear. Then she holds Atsuko’s hand and rushes out of the place.

“Damn you. Let’s go off me” Itachi shouts

He kicks at his hurt leg causing him to kneel down. However, he won’t let go off Itachi

“You force me” Itachi said


A loud gunshot appears. Hayate slowly falls down on the ground. Then Itachi quickly rushes out to chase after Atsuko and Miyuki.

At the moment

Atsuko is running away from the house with Miyuki. She tries her best to run with Miyuki. However, her speed is slowing down because of tired and the injury on her shoulder. Suddenly


Miyuki falls down on the ground. She got shot on her shoulder

“Milky-neechan” Atsuko calls worriedly

“Don’t worry about me, Atsu. Run” Miyuki said

“But…” Atsuko said

“Just go, Atsu” Miyuki said while holding her bleeding shoulder

“Milky-neechan” Atsuko calls Miyuki in tear

However, when she is about to run, another gunshot appears


Atsuko falls down on the ground. Itachi shoots at her leg causing her to fall down

“Do you want to run away from me huh?” Itachi walks toward Atsuko and said

“Don’t come here” Atsuko moves back and said in scared tone

“I told you before. If you listen to me, you won’t have to experience any pain” Itachi said

“Get away from her, you jerk” Miyuki pushes Itachi and shouts

“Get away from me” Itachi shouts and kicks her

Miyuki flies and hits the tree. The hit causes her to lose her consciousness

“Milky-neechan” Atsuko calls worriedly

She wants to rush to Miyuki, but Itachi rushes to Atsuko and pins her down.

“Get away from me” Atsuko struggles and said in tear

“Shut up” Itachi slaps her and said

“You will never escape from me” He holds Atsuko’s face and said strongly

“DON’T touch me.” Atsuko struggles and shouts

“Minami, Minami, Minami, help me” she calls Minami in tear while shaking her head

“Stop calling another man. I’m the only one who can touch you.” Itachi shouts

“Look at me” he holds Atsuko’s face strongly and said

“Minami, Minami, Minami” Atsuko closes her eyes and calls Minami in tear

Suddenly someone rushes to Itachi and kicks him strongly at his stomach causing him to fly and hits the tree. That is Minami. While he is searching for Atsuko, he hears her voice. Minami quickly kneel down and hugs Atsuko

“Get away from me. Don’t touch me. Minami, Minami” Atsuko struggles and said

Minami hugs Atsuko tighter and said in gentle tone

“Sshh… it’s ok Atsuko. I’m here. I’m here. You’re safe”

“Minami” Atsuko opens her eyes in surprised

“I’m here Atsuko” Minami looks at Atsuko’s eyes and said

“Minami, I’m scared” Atsuko hugs Minami and said in tear


Sakuya reaches the place. He shouts and rushes to Miyuki when seeing her unconscious by the tree.


He rushes to Miyuki and hugs her into his arm. Then he sees blood, a lot of blood

“Miyuki, please don’t scare me” Sakuya calls in tear

“You will be fine” He quickly lifts her up and rushes to the ambulance

Back to Itachi

Itachi stands up and said in angry tone

“Damn you. I will kill you”

He rushes to Minami.

“Wait for me a little, Atsuko” Minami said

He rushes to Itachi and takes him by his collar. Minami throws Itachi to the tree and said

“That is for hurting my Atsuko” Minami said in angry tone

“Don’t think of yourself too high” Itachi stands up and said

He rushes to Minami again. However, he is pin down on the ground by Jun.

“You are under arrest for kidnapping and murdering.” Jun said and handcuff him

When Minami is about to rush to Itachi, Mayu stops him

“Get away from me. Get away from me” Itachi shouts while struggling

“We will take care of this. Take care of Acchan” he said

Minami takes a deep breath to calm down. Then he goes back to Atsuko

“Are you ok, baby?” Minami asks gently

“Uh, I know you will come to save me” Atsuko smiles and said

Suddenly she remembers Hayate

“Minami, uncle and milky-neechan” Atsuko said

“It’s ok, Atsuko. He is ok. Yuki and Rena already take him to the hospital. Sakuya just took Miyuki to the ambulance.” Minami said

“… good” Atsuko said and faints on Minami’s embrace because of tired

Minami quickly lifts her up in his hands and rushes to the car

In Maeda hospital

Minami is sitting by Atsuko’s bed while holding her hand tightly

“Don't worry Takamina. Atsu is ok” Hinata said

“The shoot at her shoulder and her leg aren't critical. Except that, there is nothing to worry” she continues

“You heard that Takamina. Acchan will be fine” Jun said

“Yes, she will wake up soon” Yuki said

Minami still just stays silent while looking at Atsuko's face. Suddenly he sees Atsuko's eyelids are moving. Then she slowly opens her eyes. Minami smiles happily when seeing Atsuko wakes up

“Atsuko, Atsuko, can you hear me?” Minami calls her in happy tone

“Minami” Atsuko smiles while calling him

“Yes, it's me, my love.” Minami said in happy tone

His eyes are filled with tear of happiness. Atsuko smiles at him. She raises her left hand and wipes Minami's tear

“Baka, I'm fine. Don't cry” Atsuko said

“You are hurt, Atsuko. Your right shoulder and your leg are hurt. Plus, you were scared. I'm sorry Atsuko. I said I'll protect you, but once again you are hurt.” Minami said in painful tone

“Baka, you were at work. How can you know what happened to me? I'm fine. You saved me in time. You protected me, Minami” Atsuko said

“Atsu” Hinata calls Atsuko

Atsuko turns and looks at her aunt

“I'm really sorry for what he done, Atsu. I can't believe he would want to do such unforgivable thing to you. Fortunately, Takamina came on time” Hinata said in tear

“Don't cry auntie. It isn't your fault. I'm fine” Atsuko smiles and said

“Acchan” Rena and Yuki call her

“Let's me say one thing first. I won't accept any apology again. This thing happened, no one will expect this. In addition, I caused this to myself. I'm fine, and I'm safe now. Ok” Atsuko looks at Yuki and Rena and said

Yuki and Rena just smile a relief smile when seeing Atsuko's smile

“Ok” they nod

Then they leave the room for the couple alone time

“How do you feel baby?” Minami strokes her hair and asks

“It is still hurt on my shoulder and leg. However, it is better now because you are here” Atsuko smiles and said

“Minami” she calls him

“What's it, my love?” Minami asks

“How is Milky-neechan, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“She is fine, Atsuko. The shot on her shoulder is not so severe. Sakuya is with her right now” Minami said

“That’s a relief” Atsuko smiles and said

“Yes” Minami said

“How about uncle, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Why did you ask about him? He caused this to you” Minami said

“Uncle saved me, Minami” Atsuko said

“He saved you. But he kidnapped you, right?” Minami said

“By the way, why did you come to the parking basement, Atsuko? A cleaner saw you went out” he asks while looking at Atsuko

“You remember what I told you, right? Don’t go anywhere by yourself. I believe Rena and Yuki also told you that” he continues

Atsuko looks and said in small tone

“I’m sorry Minami”

“While I was working, uncle called me saying that he cannot contact Milky-neechan since last night. She also didn’t come to work. He asked me to help him” Atsuko said

Minami sighs while looking at his fiancée.

“Baka, why did you trust him? You know who is he, right? Why don’t you ask Rena or Yuki to go with you?” Minami asks

“At that time, Rena-neechan and Yuki-neechan are busy. Plus…” Atsuko stops her words

Then she said in sad tone

“I want to trust. I want to trust my uncle”

“My baka, Atsuko. Don’t ever put your life in danger like that ever again ok. My heart nearly stops when hearing that you went missing” Minami gently hugs Atsuko and said

“I’m sorry, Minami.” Atsuko said and hugs him tightly

After awhile

She breaks the hug and looks at Minami

“But I’m success, right?” She smiles and asks

“Huh?” Minami looks at Atsuko with confused look

“It's true that he kidnapped me. However, he said that he saw grandpa’s box and changed. If he wasn’t there to stop him, I don't know what would happen. He helped me run away from him. He got shot when helping me. It was him who hugged him for me to run” Atsuko said

Then she tells Minami everything

“I see. That’s what’s happened.” Minami said

“How is he, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Don't worry, he is fine. The shot in his leg is not serious. Though the shot in his stomach is serious, but not critical. He is out of critical condition.” Minami said

Atsuko smiles in relief

“Minami, I want to visit him” Atsuko said

“No, you cannot, Atsuko. You just woke up. You have to rest” Minami said

“I'm fine, Minami. Auntie said that my injuries aren't serious, and I'm fine” Atsuko said while smiling at him

“No mean no, Atsuko” Minami said in strict

“Please Minami. Please, please, please” she said in pleasing tone

“Minami” Atsuko looks at Minami with puppy eyes

Minami looks at Atsuko’s face. Then he sighs in defeat

“Ok, my princess” He said and pinches Atsuko's nose

Atsuko laughs softly at Minami's action

“Alright, wait for me a little” Minami said

He takes the wheelchair to Atsuko's bed. She can't walk right now because her leg is hurt. Minami gently lifts her up and puts her on the wheelchair. Then he pushes her to Hayate's room. There are two police officers guarding in front of the room. Seeing Minami, they said

“Hello sir”

“Hello, I want to see Maeda Hayate” Minami said

“Yes sir” one of the police said and opens the door for Minami

“Thank you” Minami said

Then he pushes Atsuko's wheelchair into the room.

Hayate is sitting on his bed looking at the window. Hearing the door opens, he looks at the direction and is surprised when seeing Atsuko

“Why are you here?” Hayate said in cold tone

“I just want to say thank to you. You saved me from that man” Atsuko said

“I caused you in that situation. You don't need to say anything” Hayate said

“I have a question” Atsuko said

“What's it? Say it quick. I'm tired. I want to rest” Hayate said

“Why did you come back? Why did you save me?” Atsuko asks

Hayate just stays silent. Atsuko looks at him waiting for his answer. However, he just lies down and turns away from Atsuko. Atsuko looks at him sadly. She looks at Minami signals him to leave the place. Minami nods and pushes Atsuko out of the room. However, when Minami just turned the wheelchair, they hear Hayate's voice

“When I left the place…”


While Hayate is walking back to his car, he suddenly hears a familiar voice


Hayate turns around and widens his eyes in surprised when seeing Miyuki. She looks at him with disappointed eyes

“Miyuki? What are you doing here?” He asks in surprised tone

“This morning, I came to Maeda to talk to you. When I came to Maeda building, I saw you kidnapped Atsu. Why did you do that, dad? She is your niece. She is our family” Miyuki said

“She isn’t my family. She always tries to kick me out of Maeda. I have to get rid of her to protect my position” Hayate said

“Atsu has never tried to kick you out of Maeda or steal anything from you dad.” Miyuki said

“Don’t lie to me. Don’t think that I don’t know she came to that island in Yokohama to find that Akimoto Yasushi. Also, don’t think that I don’t know things between you and that man’s son. Why did he always want to interfere with my life?” Hayate said

Miyuki is very surprised with what Hayate said. There is one thought that appear in her head long ago

“So don’t tell me you want to buy that place is because of that?” Miyuki asks in shaky tone

“Yes, that is the reason why I did that. I’ve never thought that she actually found him and found out about my plan. She really wants to get rid of me” Hayate said

“You are wrong dad. Atsu didn’t do that because she want to get rid of you. She said this to me when I ask her

‘Why did you want to find out about what happened in the past? You want to punish my father?’.

‘I just want to know the true. I tried to prove that that plan in that year is actually his. Grandpa was very happy when seeing that. He smiles so happy.’

That is what she said” Miyuki said

Hayate looks down silently

“Then when I asked her what she will do next, she said ‘Everything is in the past. I don’t want to think about that. I know uncle also tries his best in managing Maeda. I want to start every over.’” Miyuki continues

Hayate is very surprised with Miyuki’s words

“Here is the box that Atsu gave me. She said this is grandfather’s treasure. She asked me to give it to you” Miyuki said while giving her father the box

Hayate is hesitated. He looks at the box while receiving from Miyuki. He looks at the top of the box and is surprised when seeing the engraved word “Maeda Hayate”

He takes a deep breath and opens the box. He widens his eyes in surprised when seeing what is inside that. His memories and his young. His eyes stop at a certain item

“Daddy, I made this for you. You’re my champion”

Hayate suddenly remembers his past. He picks up the champion medal that he made for his father when he was a kid

“Daddy, when I grow up, I’ll make you proud”

“I’ll always proud of you, my son”

Hayate’s tear suddenly rolling down on his cheeks.

End flashback

“I looked at the box that you gave Miyuki”

“I feel so stupid” he laughs bitterly and said

“All my life, all my life until now, I wasted it, I wasted it” Hayate said in broken tone

Atsuko looks at her uncle’s back and said

“It's never too late to change, uncle. I know grandpa will be happy if you understand. Auntie and I will wait for you. Maeda will wait for you”

Hayate just stays silent. However, Atsuko and Minami can see his shoulders are shaking. He is crying the tear of relief and happiness

Then Minami and Atsuko leave the room.

“Minami” Atsuko calls him

“What's it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“I want to go to hospital park” Atsuko said

“No, Atsuko. You just woke up. You should rest” Minami said

“Minami, please. Just a little” Atsuko looks at him with puppy's eyes and said

Minami sighs. He pinches Atsuko's cheeks and said

“I spoil you so much my love” 

“So what? You don't want?” Atsuko teasingly said

“Nope, I want to spoil my Atsuko forever” Minami pecks Atsuko's lips and said

Then he takes her to the park. They come by the lake, and Minami lifts her up and puts her on the grass leaning on the tree. Then he sits down next to her. Atsuko quickly leans her head on his shoulder while Minami rounding his arm hugging her waist

“Minami” Atsuko calls him

“What's it, my love?” Minami asks

“Thank you for all always be here for me no matter what” Atsuko said

“I can't imagine how am I right now if I don't meet you. It must be very scary. I think I can't stand on my feet” she continues

Minami looks at Atsuko gently

“It was me who should say that to you my love” Minami said

“All my life, all I know is working. However, you changed my life, Atsuko. You made it better and better everyday” he continues while holding Atsuko's hand tightly

Atsuko smiles happily and closes her eyes feeling the peaceful of being with the person who she loves more than anything.


That is chapter 42. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 43  :D

Chapter 43: Love and Hate

In the meantime

In Miyuki’s room

Miyuki slowly opens her eyes. The first thing she sees is Sakuya’s worried face

“Sa...ku...ya” Miyuki calls in weak tone

“Yes, this is me. Miyuki, are you ok?” Sakuya quickly asks while stilling holding her hand very tightly

Miyuki nods and said

“I’m fine.”

Suddenly she remembers Atsuko. She quickly sits up, but her injury on the shoulder causes her to frown and fall back down.

“Baka, don’t sit up. You are hurt” Sakuya said in worry tone while helping her to lie back gently

“Atsu, how is Atsu?” Miyuki asks

“Acchan is fine. Takamina and the rest came on time to save you two” Sakuya said

“How about my father?” Miyuki asks

“He is fine. The two shots aren’t too severe. I heard that he already awoke” Sakuya said

“I see. That is a relief” Miyuki smiles and said

Sakuya looks at Miyuki and smiles gently. He is so glad that she is ok now. He raises his hand and caresses Miyuki’s face. His sudden action surprised Miyuki. When she is about to say something, Sakuya said

“I was so worry, Miyuki.”

“I’m glad you are ok” He continues 

His words surprised Miyuki even more. He can see tear in his eyes. However, she suddenly remembers his words

“We are over”

Those words haunt her every day.

“Why?” Miyuki asks

“Huh?” Sakuya looks at her with confused look

“Why was you worry about me?” Miyuki asks

Sakuya is surprised with her words. He can hear the breaking sound in her voice.

“Of course, I’m worry about you. You are…” Sakuya stops

He suddenly remembers his words, his harsh words, that he said to her the other day

“You already said that…” Miyuki stops

Tear rolls down on two side of her eyes.

“You already said that we are over, right?” Miyuki whispers painfully

“You hate me because I lied to you. So please don’t give me any fault hope. I, my heart can’t bear with any of that, Sakuya.” She continues in broken tone

Sakuya looks at Miyuki. His heart is broken in pieces when seeing his Miyuki crying painfully.

“I’m sorry Miyuki” He gently wipes her tear and said

“I’m sorry for my stupid and selfish” he continues

Miyuki looks at him with confused look

“I had a talk with Takamina before he receives your call. Takamina taught me a valuable lesson” Sakuya said

Then he tells Miyuki about his conversation with Minami

“Don’t let angry blind you. Thinking before action so that you don’t lose what’s dear to you” Sakuya said in gentle while holding Miyuki’s hand tightly and looking at her gently

“His words make me think a lot. At that time, I really want to run to you and tell you I’m sorry” He continues

“Sakuya” Miyuki calls him gently

“Don’t say that, Sakuya. You didn’t do anything wrong” She caresses his face and said

Sakuya shakes his head and holds Miyuki’s hand

“I was so scared when your phone suddenly cut off. All the time searching for you, I kept praying that you will be fine. My heart beats so fast that I almost can’t breathe. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you. All Takamina’s words keep appearing in my head. ‘What if I cannot see you forever?’ That thought is killing my heart. I’m so glad when the doctor told me that you’re ok” Sakuya said

Miyuki can see tear in his eyes

“Then last night, while waiting for you, I thought a lot. ‘What’s wrong with being his daughter?’ I asked myself that question. I also tried to stand in your point of view. I realized how scared you are at that time. I realized how stupid and selfish I’m. I only think about my feelings and ignore your pain. I’m sorry my love” Sakuya said in gentle tone

“Sakuya” Miyuki calls him happily

“I’m sorry for saying those things to you, Miyuki. I love you” Sakuya said

Miyuki smiles happily when hearing that

“I’m happy Sakuya. I love you too” Miyuki said and smiles at him

Sakuya smiles gently at Miyuki. He bends down and gently pecks on Miyuki’s lips

“How do you feel now, Miyuki?” Sakuya asks

“I’m very good right now. Actually, I feel happy. Thank to that incident, I can be with you again” Miyuki said

“Baka” Sakuya said in strict tone while frowning.

“Don’t say that stupid thing. Also, I didn’t mention about your reckless act.” He continues in strict tone

“I’m sorry. I need to do that. If not, Atsu would be in danger” Miyuki said

“I have to fix his mistakes” She continues

“Good thing is you two are ok” Sakuya smiles gently and said

Then they hear a knocking sound. Sakuya opens the door and sees Atsuko and Minami in front of the door

“Have Milky-neechan waken yet?” Atsuko asks

“She did. We are talking to each other right now” Sakuya smiles and said

Then Atsuko and Minami come to the room to visit Miyuki

“Are you ok, Atsu?” Miyuki asks in worried tone

“I’m fine, Milky-neechan. How about you?” Atsuko asks

“I’m good Atsu. Just a small injury” Miyuki smiles at Atsuko and said

“Atsu, I’m…”

“I just told everyone that I don’t want to hear the word sorry from now on. This thing happened is not anyone’s fault” cutting Miyuki’s words, Atsuko said

Miyuki smiles gently at Atsuko.

“Thank you, Atsu” She said

They talk for awhile, then Atsuko goes back to her room to rest.

After 3 days

Atsuko feels better. Minami takes Atsuko to the police department for some questions about the case. She come with Hinata. Yuki and Rena are busy with the company, so they can't go with her. While they are walking in the hallway, they see police taking Itachi out.

Seeing him, Atsuko quickly hides behind Minami. She is still scared of Itachi. Seeing them Itachi smiles crazily

“Hello there” he said

“Especially, hello my Atsu” he looks at Atsuko and said

“Too bad that we can't be together, right Atsu” he continues

“Don't call her name like that jerk. She is not yours. She is mine” Minami said

“Shut up. If you didn't interrupt me, I will have my goddess in my arms. I'll lock her up, and she will be mine forever” Itachi said

“Imagine things that I can do to her in a room that has only her and I” he continues in creepy tone

“You…I'll kill you” Minami said in angry tone and punches on his face

“Minami” Atsuko holds Minami back

“Takamina, don't mind that jerk” Jun said

“Yes, he isn't worthy” Mayu said

Minami takes a deep breath and said

“You are disgusting and don't deserve to be called Maeda”

“Atsuko is mine, and I'll always protect her no matter what.” He continues while holding Atsuko's hand

Itachi quickly rushes to Minami. However, two police stop him

“Who allows you to touch her, I’m the only one who can touch her. She is mine” Itachi shouts crazily

Suddenly Hinata slaps him

“Itachi, I can't believe you become like this, disgusting is the only thing I can say to you.” She said in tear

Itachi just stays silent and looks away.

“Take him out of here” Mayu said

In Minami’s office

After Atsuko answered all the police’s questions, Minami and the rest comes to his office.

“We found a lot of picture of Acchan in his house. We also found these old pictures. The person looks similar to Acchan” Mayu said and puts pictures down

“Mama” Atsuko calls in surprised when seeing the picture

“She is Nami” Hinata said

“All this happened is my fault” She continues

“Auntie, it is not your fault” Atsuko said

“When Itachi was in middle school and high school, Nami was his tutor”

“He also told me that. So Mama is really his tutor?” Atsuko asks

“Yes. Nami is very smart and good at study, so I asked her to tutor him” Hinata said

“Itachi has a strong admiration toward Nami. I didn’t think that that admiration turns into this madness.” She continues

Atsuko and the rest look at her with surprised look

“You mean he loves Atsuko’s mother?” Minami asks in surprised tone

“Yes, a wrongly love” Hinata answers

“At that time, Nami is dating Heiji. He always tried to compete with Heiji in a lot of things to impress Nami. I noticed that, but I just thought that is a normal behavior of teenagers. However, his behavior is getting more and more aggressive. Nami once told me that he confessed to her and asked her to break up with Heiji.” She continues

“He did that” Jun asks with surprised tone

“Yes, Nami told me about that. She said that she explained to him, and he understood. Then he asked her to stop tutoring. I thought he already really understood. However, I’m wrong” Hinata said

“I should focus on him more.” She continues in tear

“Auntie, that isn’t your fault. Don’t be sad” Atsuko said

“Atsu” Hinata hugs Atsuko and cries on her shoulder

A lot of things happened to her not long one after another. She can’t bear with it anymore.
After awhile

Hinata calms down. She pats Atsuko’s head and said

“Thank you, Atsu. Thank you for not hating me”

“Auntie, you are my family. How can I hate you? Plus, as I always said, that is not your fault. I don’t want you to apologize to me again. It makes me feel distance” Atsuko said

Hinata smiles at her little niece. She pats her head and said

“I know. I won’t say that anymore”

Atsuko smiles happily. Suddenly Minami’s phone rings

“Dad” Minami picks up his phone

His expressions suddenly change.

“I understand.” Minami said and hangs up

“What’s happened, Minami?” Atsuko asks in worried tone

“Dad wants to see us” Minami said

In Kai’s office

“Hello dad” Atsuko and Minami bows and said

“I heard report that you hit Maeda Itachi right in the hallway of police department” Kai said

“I'm sorry dad. I was angry” Minami bows and said

“Dad, Minami just worries about me” Atsuko said

“Being a police officer, Minami, you have to know how to control yourself. Even more, you manage a department, being this way, how can you control your people?” Kai said in strict tone

“I'm sorry dad. I'll reflect myself” Minami said

“Then take three weeks off to reflect yourself” Kai said

“Dad, you mean I'm suspended from my work three weeks” Minami said in surprised tone

“The incident about you hitting a person in the hallway is spread among department. If I don't do anything, they will say that I'm bias. You are my son, so the punishment has to be higher” Kai said

“Dad” Minami said

“Understood Takahashi Minami?” Kai asks in serious tone

“Yes sir” Minami bows and said

Then they leave his office.

In the car

Minami is taking Atsuko back to her house. Atsuko looks at Minami and sees that he just stays silent.

“Minami” She thought sadly

When they reach home, Minami steps out and opens the door for Atsuko. Then he lifts her up in his arms. However, Atsuko stops him and said

“Minami, I can walk” Atsuko said

“No, you just recovered. You walked a lot today” Minami said

Then he lifts her up and takes her back to her room. Minami gently puts her down on her bed letting her rest her back on the headboard. When Minami is about to turn around, Atsuko holds Minami’s hand

“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami turns to look at her and asks

Atsuko looks down silently. Feeling Atsuko’s weird action, Minami sits down next to her. Then he lifts her face up and asks in gentle tone

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“I’m sorry, Minami” Atsuko looks at Minami’s eyes and said

“Why did you say sorry to me?” Minami asks in surprised tone

“Because of me, dad scolded you” Atsuko said in broken tone

Minami looks at Atsuko’s sad eyes.

“Baka, don’t blame yourself like that. This is not your fault” Minami gently said

“I don’t regret of hitting him. I still want to punch him more. Only three weeks, it will go very quick” He continues while smiling at Atsuko

“You are really ok, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, I'm ok” Minami said

“However…” he pauses

“What's it, Minami?” Atsuko quickly asks

“I'm now temporarily unemployed. Ms. President, will you hire me?” Minami teasingly said

Atsuko laughs softly at his words. She holds Minami's face and said

“First I have to see what you can do?”

“I can do a lot of things” Minami said

“I can cook for my president, I can take my president to work, I can protect my president, I can hug my president to sleep, and I can make my president smile happily everyday” he continues

Atsuko laughs happily at his words

“Show me then” Atsuko said

“What do you want to see my president?” Minami asks

“Your choice” Atsuko said

“How about I'll show you love? I can make you feel very hot” Minami whispers in Atsuko's ear making Atsuko blush

Minami laughs loudly at Atsuko's face.

“Atsuko, you are blushing. So cute” Minami said

“Minami, baka, you tease me” Atsuko pouts and hits his chest

Minami holds her hands and pulls her to lies on his chest. He holds her face and kisses her lips gently. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss. Their kiss become deeper and deeper. Then Minami breaks the kiss and smiles gently at Atsuko. Atsuko also smiles back at him

“So, am I hired?” Minami asks

“Ok, as president of Maeda, I decided that Mr. Takahashi Minami, you are hired. The rule of the company is you can't leave my side 24/7” Atsuko said in strict tone

“Even if you have to go to the bathroom huh? So am I allowed to take bath with you” Minami teases her again

“Baka, exclude those time” Atsuko shyly said and hits his chest slightly

This make Minami laughs loudly

“Atsuko, you are so cute. I love you” He said

Atsuko smiles at Minami and asks

“So how much do you want for salary Mr. Takahashi?” She asks while looking at Minami

“I want a lot” Minami said

“If it's too much, this poor president can't afford that” Atsuko teasingly said

Minami laughs at Atsuko's words. He turns around putting Atsuko underneath him. He smiles at Atsuko and said

“What I want is Ms. President’s kiss”

Then he quickly captures her lips in a sweet kiss


In police department

In Kai's office

“You suspended Minami not just because of that incident, right?” Minami's grandfather sits down on the sofa and said

“I just received report from Takahashi spies, there is something strange happened around Acchan’s mansion lately” Kai said while sitting down on the sofa

“These are pictures that I got” He continues while showing his father pictures

In some of the pictures, there is a strange car that parks there. Then in one of the pictures, there is a suspicious person standing around there

“I see” Minami’s grandfather said

“I have a bad feeling about this. I feel like something bad is about to happen”

Suddenly he hears a knocking sound

“Come in” Kai said

A police comes in and bows at Kai and Takashi.

“What’s it?” Kai asks

“Mr. Okada Juichi wants to meet you” the police said

“Lead him here” Kai said

“Yes sir” The police said

Then the police leads Juichi to Kai’s office. The door opens, and an old man walks in.

“Hello Takashi, Kai. Long time no see” Juichi said

“Uncle Juichi” Kai said

“Hello Juichi, how are you?” Takashi said

“I’m still alive” Juichi jokingly said, and they all laugh loudly

“Today I come here to invite you two to my party.” Juichi sits down and said

“My youngest daughter will come back here with her husband” he continues

“I see. It has been so long since she went to US with her husband for his work, right?” Takashi said

“Yes, remember that time, I didn’t allow her to marry him, but she wanted to do that no matter what. They even went to US and got married there. Then this old man has to give in to her stubborn. Fortunately, he is not a useless one. Becoming an ambassador to not ashamed Okada” Juichi said

“He makes you proud huh?” Takashi said

“Yes, but don’t tell them or they will be full of themselves” Juichi said and laughs again

“So they come back here by themselves?” Takashi asks

“No, my granddaughter also comes back with them. If your grandson, Minami doesn’t have a fiancée already, I would introduce him to her, so we can become very close huh” Juichi said

“He already has a fiancée, and they stick together like clue. I really want to then get marry soon so that I can have great grandchildren to play with” Takashi said

“Yea, that will be very enjoyable right?” Juichi said

“Indeed” Takashi nods

In the morning

Atsuko and the rest are eating breakfast. On the TV, there is a live news

(Today, son in law of Mr. Ozaki Juichi, Okada Eisuke, come back to Japan with his wife and his daughter. Mr. Okada is also the ambassador in US….)

“Okada Eisuke, I heard a lot about him” Jun said

“Yes, from a poor salary man to Japan ambassador.” Mayu said

“What do you mean?” Rena asks

“Rumor said that he got this position today is because of his wife. She is the daughter of Ozaki Juichi. He used to be a very big shoot politician before he retired” Jun said

“I see” Rena said

“My grandfather knew Ozaki Juichi” Minami said

“Speaking of that, I almost forgot. Atsuko, dad said that he invited us to that welcome party also” he turns to Atsuko and said

“I see.” Atsuko said

“Mention about Eisuke, he also has a presentation at Tokyo University. A lot of police are ordered to prepare and protect him” Mayu said

“What do you think about him, Yuki?” He asks

However, he didn’t hear any response from Yuki. He turns to Yuki and sees her spacing out while looking at the TV.

“Yuki” Mayu calls

“Yuki” he calls louder and shakes her arm

His calls snap her out of her thought. She turns and asks him

“What’s it, Mayu?”

“What’s wrong, Yuki? You seem weird these days?” Mayu asks in worried tone

“Ah...Uhm nothing, just company stuffs” Yuki said

“What’s wrong, Yuki-neechan? You can share with me anything in the company” Atsuko said

“Uh, tell us what you need” Rena said

“I’m fine guys. It is nothing to serious. I can handle it” Yuki smiles and said

“Ok, if you say so” Rena said

At night

In a strange place

Deep in the darkness, there is a person sitting in the corner of the place cowerly. Suddenly the door opens, and a person walks in

“Did you make up your mind?”

The person just stays silent and says nothing

“Fine, do it your way.” The person angrily said and walks away


That is chapter 43. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 44 06/24/2018
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@arfi: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

I’m sorry for the delay. Here is chapter 44  :D

Chapter 44: Vacation (Part 1)

In the morning

While Atsuko is sleeping soundly, Minami comes and wakes her up. He opens the curtain and comes to Atsuko’s bed

“Wakie, wakie my princess” he sits on the bed and calls her gently

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes and frowns because of the brightness. She rubs her eyes and calls Minami in sleepy tone


She pulls his hand down and rests her head on his palm continue sleeping. Minami smiles at her cute action

“Wake up baby” Minami smiles and said

“It’s weekend Minami. I want to sleep more” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“Wake up baby” Minami said

“No, I want to sleep” Atsuko buries her face on his palm and said

Minami smiles at her action.

“Wake up my puppy” Minami pats her head and said

“Uh-Uh” Atsuko shakes her head

“Then Atsuko doesn’t want to go on a weekend vacation, all six of us” Minami said

Atsuko quicks opens her eyes and looks at Minami. Minami feels amused at her action.

“If you want to sleep then I guess we have to cancel this vacation plan” He said while standing up acting like he will leave

“Wait Minami” Atsuko quickly sits up and catches his hand

Minami feels amused with her action. He turns around and innocently asks

“You are awake, Atsuko?”

“Uh. Where will we go, Minami?” Atsuko nods and quickly asks

“I planned to take you to a very fun place for vacation. However, I guess I have to cancel that plan.” Minami said

“Why? Let’s go, Minami” Atsuko said

“But aren’t you sleepy, Atsuko? You want to sleep right?” Minami asks

“No, I’m awake already. Let’s go vacation, Minami. I want to go on vacation with you, and others. All 6 of us. Must be very fun” Atsuko said in happy tone

“Are you sure you don’t want to sleep anymore?” Minami asks

“Uh, I’m not sleepy anymore. Let’s go, Minami” Atsuko said

Minami looks at his fiancée. Her excited face looks just like a little kid waiting to get her favorite toy.

“You are so cute, Atsuko. Just so cute. What do I do with you now?” Minami pinches Atsuko’s cheeks and lovingly said

“That’s why I always love to tease my cute fiancée” He continues

Atsuko slowly realizes that Minami is teasing her.

“Minami, baka. You tease me again” Atsuko hits his chest and said in pouting tone

Minami laughs loudly and hugs Atsuko tightly

“I love your cuteness, my princess” he said

“I hate you. You tease me all the time” Atsuko said in pouting tone

Suddenly she feels so silent. Atsuko looks up and sees Minami’s sad eyes

“So you hate me, Atsuko?” He asks in sad tone

“No, Minami. I didn’t mean that. I love you. I love you a lot” Atsuko quickly sits up and said

Suddenly Minami leans and captures her lips lovingly. Then he breaks the kiss and smiles at Atsuko

“I know.” Minami said

Atsuko looks at him in confused. This make Minami laughs loudly

“That’s why I really love teasing you” he said

Realizing Minami teases her again, Atsuko turns and lies down while pulling the blanket to cover her from head to toes

Minami smiles at Atsuko’s action

“Atsuko, are you mad at me?” Minami shakes her arm and asks

He only hears the hum sound from Atsuko

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko” Minami shakes her shoulder and cutely calls her

“I’m mad. You tease me all the time” Atsuko said in pouting tone

Minami giggles at Atsuko’s words

“I tease you because you are so cute. I love your cuteness” Minami said

Atsuko hums again and doesn’t say anything

“So you don’t want to go? We will go to a lot of different places. Especially the place that we come will make you smiles happily” Minami said

Atsuko just stays silent. Then she hears Minami’s sigh.

“Then I guess I have to tell the rest that we can’t go” He mumbles

Atsuko feels the bed shift up which means Minami stands up. After a few moments, she doesn’t hear anything.

“Did he really leave?” Atsuko thought

Atsuko slowly turns and moves her blanket a little to look. Suddenly someone pulls the blanket out. Atsuko is surprised when seeing Minami. He suddenly moves on top of her and smiles evilly.

“Got you again, baby” Minami said

When Atsuko is about to say something, Minami kisses her lips again deeply. After unsuccessfully struggling, Atsuko gives into his kiss. She closes her eyes and replies to his kiss. They kiss each other deeply until they are out of air. Then Minami breaks the kiss and smiles at Atsuko

“So will we go, Ms. president?”  Minami asks in loving tone

Atsuko hums and turns away refusing to answer Minami. Suddenly she feels she is lifted up.

“Minami” Atsuko calls in surprised while hugging Minami’s neck

“If my princess refuses to go, then I have to help her prepare to go” Minami said in teasing tone

Atsuko blushes at Minami’s words. Then Minami turns and walks toward the bathroom.

“Minami, put me down. I can prepare myself” Atsuko said in embarrassed tone

Minami feels amused again with Atsuko expressions

“Do you know that I can’t ever describe how cute you are, Atsuko? You’re just so cute, and I can’t stop teasing my lovely fiancée” Minami said in loving tone

“Baka” Atsuko pouts and said

Minami smiles at her pouting face. Then he gently puts her down and said while stroking her hair

“Go and get change. I’ll prepare breakfast for us. Jun, Rena, Yuki, and Mayu went out for a little shopping preparing for our trip. When they get back, we will go”

“Ok” Atsuko nods and smiles at Minami

In the kitchen

Minami puts the two dishes down on the table, at the same time, Atsuko opens the door and comes in

“That smells so good, Minami” Atsuko said

“I’m glad you like it” Minami said while pulling the chair out for Atsuko

Atsuko sits down and takes the folk. She takes a bite of the food. Then she turns to Minami and said with a bright smile

“It’s so good, Minami”

“I’m happy you like it” Minami smiles gently and said

Then Atsuko continues eating her food. Minami just sits there and looks at Atsuko’s happy face while smiling. While eating, Atsuko looks up and sees Minami hasn’t touched his food.

“Why don’t you eat Minami? The food will get cold” She said

“I love looking at you like this. You’re so cute.” Minami said while smiling

Atsuko blushes at Minami’s words.

“Also, I’m waiting for my Atsuko to feed me” Minami said while stroking Atsuko’s hair

Atsuko smiles and picks up the folk

“Say ahh, Minami” Atsuko said


“Uhm… so yummy. As expected from my Atsuko’s hand” Minami said

“Sweet talker. You are the one who cooked it, Minami” Atsuko said

“But your hand makes it super delicious” Minami said

“Oh my, really? Is this really my friend?”

Suddenly they hear Jun’s voice. They turn and see Jun and Rena standing at the door

“It’s so true that love can change a person. Where is the wooden boy” Jun teases Minami

“Yep, love can change a person. Especially while my Atsuko is so sweet. She melted my heart with her loveliness” Minami said and smirks at Jun.

He gets uses to the teasing

“Aww!!! Takamina is so sweet. You even cooked for Acchan.” Rena said

“A perfect fiancé” she gives a thumb up and continues

“Rena, I’m also a sweet boyfriend. Why didn’t you praise me?” Jun turns to Rena and pouts

“Really? Why didn’t I notice that?” Rena teases while walking into the dining

“Serve you right buddy” Minami laughs and said

“Rena, he makes fun of me” Jun pouts

“Huh? He did say something?” Rena innocently asks

“Rena” Jun leans his head on her shoulder and pouts like a little kid

“Eww!! Let’s go and prepare for our trip, Atsuko. This gives me too much goosebumps” Minami said and pulls Atsuko with him

At noon

They start going out for the trip. As always, Jun is driving the car, and Rena is sitting next to him. Yuki and Mayu are sitting at the middle. Atsuko and Minami are sitting at the back seat

“Where will we go, Minami?” Atsuko excitedly asks

“Sshh… that’s a secret. You will know when we get there” Minami said

“Oh” Atsuko pouts

Minami laughs at her pouting face

“Don’t pout like that baby.” He pinches Atsuko’s cheeks and said

“Now, close your eyes and sleep a little. It’ll take awhile until we get there” He continues

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Atsuko hugs his arm and leans on his shoulder and falls in sleep

After 5 hours of driving

They finally reach the place. Minami turns to the girl who is sleeping on his shoulder.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, we’re here” Minami calls gently

“We are there, Minami?” Atsuko sits up asks

“Uh” Minami nods

Atsuko smiles happily and turns to look at the window. She sees a very traditional looking gate. On the ads board, she sees the words “Hot Spring Resort”. Her eyes brighten up in happy

“That’s a hot spring, Minami” Atsuko turns to Minami and said

“Uh, we will enjoy our vacation here” Minami said

“Yay, this is the first time I come to a real hot spring.” Atsuko said in happy tone

Then they leave the car and come into the hotel

“Hello sir, ma’am” a woman greets them at the door

“Hello, I already booked three VIP rooms here” Mayu said

“You are Mr. Watanabe Mayu, Mr. Takahashi Minami, Mr. Matsui Jun and Ms. Maeda Yuki, Ms. Maeda Atsuko, and Ms. Maeda Rena” the woman looks at her Ipad and said

“Uh, that is us” Jun said

“Welcome sir, ma’am. There’ll be someone come and bring your belongings to your room” the woman said

“Good, thank you” Minami said

Suddenly they hear a girl voice

“Oh Jun, Mayu, Takamina”

Atsuko’s group turn around and see a group of 6 people, 3 women and 3 men.

“Long time no see” the girl in the middle said while smiling at them

“Do you know them, Minami?” Atsuko asks

Before Minami answers Atsuko’s question, the girl in the middle rushes to Jun. she hugs his arm and said in pouting tone

“It has been so long Jun. Why didn’t you call me? You have my number, right? I miss you so much”

Rena looks at Jun with surprised look. Jun quickly pushes her out and said

“No, no, no Rena, don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing between me and her. I don’t even know how she know my name.” Jun said

“You know her Mayu? She also called you by your name” Yuki asks

“Uhm… “ Mayu crosses his arms in confused

“How can you forget about me? My name is Suzuki Akira.” The girl said in pouting tone

“Ahh…” Minami, Jun, and Mayu said in the same time when hearing her name

“You know her?” Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki ask at the same time

“Uh, I remember now. Last year, we got a kidnap case. She is daughter of CEO of a big company.” Minami said

“Uh, we saved her from the kidnapers and protected her for one week. Then we arrested all the kidnaper, and the case is closed” Mayu adds

“So you three remember me now” Akira said

When she is about to say something else, a man comes in

“Ms. Suzuki, your ride is here”

“Ok” Akira said

“I have to go now. Since we are at the same hotel, see you all later” Akira said

Then she turns to Jun and winks at him

“See you later, Jun” she said and blow him a kiss

Rena hums and walks away

“Wait Rena, let’s me explain” Jun chases after her

“Uh-oh” Mayu said

“What was really happened between him and her during your mission?” Yuki asks

“Nothing. Just talked. However, we noticed during that time that she has her eyes on him. However, at that time, love to Jun is nothing. He doesn’t believe in that. Therefore, aside from talking, nope, nothing happened between them” Mayu said

“Uh, Jun can be a very unserious person and playful at that time. However, he is a very serious person.” Minami said

“I hope Rena doesn’t misunderstand him” Mayu said

“It’ll be fine.” Yuki said

Then they all back to their own room

In the car

“Who are they, Akira?” A girl asks her

“They are police in Tokyo. They saved me before in the kidnapping case” Akira answers

“I see that you got your eyes on the man called Jun” another girl

“Yes, isn’t he handsome?” Akira said

“All three of them are dreaming” the pink shirt girl said

“You’re are into them already, Mei?” Akira laughs and said

“You forgot who she is? Her most favorite in the list is handsome boy” The other girl said

“Don’t you, Emi?” Mei said

“I didn’t deny that” Emi said and laughs loudly

“So who is your favorite?” Akira asks

“For me? I like baby looking face. He looks so cute” Emi said

“I like the serious type” Mei said

“However, there is more. You know what their last name is?” Akira asks

“What is it?” Mei asks in curious tone

“My target is Matsui Jun. The baby face looking man is Watanabe Mayu, and the serious looking man is Takahashi Minami” Akira said

“Matsui, Watanabe, Takahashi? They all are big shot” Mei said in surprised tone

“Yes, they are. Dreaming huh?” Akira said

“However, don’t you see the three girls next to them? I guess they are their girlfriend” a man speaks up

“So what, Sota? There is nothing that I want, but can’t get” Akira said

“Also, don’t tell me that you don’t have eyes on the girl next to my Jun? I saw you keep staring at her” she continues

“I...uhm… yes, she is beautiful alright” Sota said

The group laughs at him. Then another man said

“The girl next to baby face man is also beautiful”

“They are. However, to me, I noticed the pretty girl next to the serious man. She looks familiar. I believe I saw her somewhere before”

“Don’t dream like that Toka. I know you always like that toward beautiful girl” the other man said

“Shut up, Ken.” Toka said

“Right, I remember now. Her name is Maeda Atsuko. She is the young president of Maeda” He continues

“Yes, when you say that.” Ken said

“Then no way for you. I read that she already engaged” Sota said

“Really?” Toka asks

“Yes, let’s me find the article” Sota said

“Here, this is the one. She engaged with the heir of Takahashi clan” Sota reads the article

“Wait, so you also lost your chance here Mei.” Toka said

“Man, why always good men are taken” Mei said

“You give up so easily. To me, what I want, I’ll get it” Akira said

“What a strong statement” Sota chuckles

“Why don’t we cooperate? Let’s separate them you get the girl, I get my Jun” Akira said

“Deal?” She asks

After a few moments

“I’ll pass. I don’t want to break other happiness” Sota said

“You’re just coward” Akira said

“Say what you want. There are a lot of good girls around. I don’t need to break other happiness” Sota shrugs and said

“How about you four? Want to get what you want?” Akira asks

“No, we will just be audiences.” Emi said

“Yes, I don’t want to mess with Takahashi” Toka said

“Plus, that’s just admired feeling. It’s not love, so I don’t want to separate them” Mei said hesitantly

“Uh, I feel bad to do this” Ken said

“Suit yourself. You all are just coward” Akira said in angry tone

Back to the hotel

In Atsumina’s room

Atsuko opens the door and walks in

“Wow!!!” Atsuko looks around happily

“This is the first time I see how a room in a hot spring looks like. That’s is so cool” She looks around and said

Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles happily

“You like it that much, Atsuko?” He asks

“Yes, I saw a lot in TV when I was still in the island. I always want to come to a real one” Atsuko turns to Minami and happily said

“I’m glad that I take you here. I should thank Mayu for his suggestions about this place” Minami hugs Atsuko’s waist and said

“I see” Atsuko said

“So since I’m a good employee, can I increase my pay?” He whispers in Atsuko’s ear

“So, Mr. Takahashi, what do you want? I’ll take that into consideration” Atsuko asks

“Hum… what do I want?” Minami buries his face on Atsuko’s neck and repeats

“How about a walk with my president while holding hand every day and forever?” Minami asks

Atsuko looks at Minami in surprised.

“Just that, Minami?” She asks

“Uh, just that. My wish is holding my Atsuko’s hand and walks together forever and ever” Minami pecks on Atsuko’s hand and said lovingly

Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles happily

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko kisses his lips and said

“I love you more than anything, my love” Minami said

In Mayuki’s room

Yuki walk to the window and opens the door. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath relaxing.

Mayu stands at the door and looks at her worriedly.


Mayu is talking to Rena in a coffee shop near Maeda building.

“Rena, do you know what’s happened to Yuki lately?” Mayu asks

“She seems to have a lot of thought in her head. However, whenever I ask she, she always said ‘I’m fine.’ Then she quickly dodges to another topic.” He continues in worried tone

“That’s exactly what Acchan and I got as answer whenever we asked her that question” Rena said

“We also noticed her strange behavior. However, we can’t figure it out.” She continues

“I see.” Mayu said sadly

“That is worrisome, right?” Rena said

“Uh” Mayu nods

“However, I guess we can’t do anything. We can’t force her to tell us anything.” Rena said

“You are right. That’s why I’m worry. I want to become a person that she can rely on. She can tell me everything” Mayu said

“I want to support her” He continues while holding his fists tightly

“Then why don’t you show her that” Rena said

Mayu looks up in surprised. Rena smiles at him and said

“I know you always want to support her. Why don’t you show her that? Let cheer her up. Show her that she is not alone. You will always be there for her”

“Cheer her up”

“Show her she isn’t alone”

“Support her”

“Always be there for her”

Mayu thinks about Rena’s words

“Right” Mayu said in happy tone

“What’s it, Mayu?” Rena asks

“I know what I need to do. Thanks Rena.” Mayu said and happily rushes out of the shop

End flashback

Mayu comes and hugs Yuki from behind. Yuki opens her eyes in surprised

“Do you like this place, Yuki?” He asks

“Uh, it’s a nice place. I love how fresh the air is. So relaxing” Yuki said

“I’m glad. I should thank Takamina” Mayu said

“Huh?” Yuki turns to look at Mayu with surprised look

Mayu smiles and holds her hands

“Takamina wants to host this vacation plan for Acchan. When hearing about that, I immediately think about this place.” Mayu said

“This place is a perfect place for relaxing. It helps you wipe out all your worries” He continues

“Mayu” Yuki thought in surprised

“Mayu” Yuki calls and hugs him tightly while burying her face on his chest

Mayu smiles and pats her head

“I don’t know what your worry is, but I’ll always be with you” He pats her back and thought

In WMatsui’s room

Rena walks in and turns to close the door. However, Jun catches it. Seeing Jun, Rena pushed the door harder. Didn’t expect that his hand is at the door, the closes slams right at his hand

“Ouch” Jun holds his hand in pain

Hearing Jun’s painful voice, Rena quickly slides open the door.

“I’m sorry Jun. Let me see” She holds his hand and said in worried tone

“It’s all red. I’m sorry, Jun. You must be hurt” Rena said in sad tone while blowing at his hand to ease the pain

Jun smiles at her action. He suddenly holds her hand and pulls her up for a deep kiss. Then he breaks the kiss and said

“I’m happy you’re still worry about me”

Realizing what she just did, Rena pushes him out and walks away while pouting

“Rena, don’t be angry with me. There is nothing between me and her” Jun hugs Rena and said

Rena just hums and takes his hands off

“Then why did you receive her phone number?” Rena pouts

“If there’s nothing between you and her, why did she wink at you when she left. She even remembers your name. Even more she blows a kiss at you” She continues

“Rena, I can stand here tell you that there’s nothing between me and her whatsoever. The one week protecting her to me is only work.” Jun seriously said

“To be honest, before I met you, I fooled around a lot. I come from a family with a powerful background. People come to me just because my family background and my face. I keep wondering what will they treat me if I just come from a normal family. Therefore, I don’t believe in love. That is why I received a lot of phone numbers from girls because that is the only way they stop bothering me.” He continues

“Trust me, Rena. Aside from receiving their phone numbers, I didn’t do anything overboard because though I don’t believe in love, in my heart, I still have a hope that one day I can find my second half, a person who will see me as who am I and not where did I come from” Jun holds Rena’s hand and said gently

“Jun” Rena thought in surprised

“Since the day I met you, those fooling around thought is no more. You teach me love and how to treasure that precious feeling. I’ll never destroy what I’m looking for so long. Especially, I’ll never hurt the girl I love more than anything in this world” Jun caresses Rena’s face and said gently and sincerely

“Jun” Rena holds Jun’s hand and whispers his name.

“I love you, Jun” She hugs Jun and said

Jun smiles and strokes her hair

“I love you too, Rena” Jun whispers

“You have to always love me” Rena suddenly looks up at Jun and pouts

“Of course. Since the day I met you, my heart already decided. You are my one and only, my other half that will complete my life” Jun said

“I love you, Rena” He continues seriously

“I love you too” Rena said

Then Jun leans down and kisses her lips sweetly.

At Dinner Time

The group goes to the normal dining room to eat. Minami asked Atsuko if she wants to have their own dining room. However, Atsuko said that she wants to experience a real environment of a hot spring.

When they walk into the room, Atsuko looks very excited. She sees a lot of people talking while eating. Their tables are divided into groups.

“How was it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“It’s so cool, Minami.” Atsuko excitedly said

“Your table is ready. Please follow me” the waitress comes to the group and said

Then they follow them to their seat. They sit on the pillow on the floor and start their diner. Suddenly they hear a voice

“We meet again, Jun”

They turn and see Akira and her friends again.

“Hello Ms. Suzuki” Mayu said

“May we join you guys?”

“Sure, we don’t mind” Jun said

Rena looks at him with surprised look.

“That idiot. What is he thinking?” Mayu thought

They set up their table and sits down. Her table is next to Jun.

“It has been so long since I met you Jun. I’m happy that we can meet here. This is called fate, right?” Akira turns to Jun and said happily

Rena feels annoyed and wants to stand up. However, suddenly Jun holds her hand tightly before she can stand up. Then he said

“By the way, we haven’t introduced these ladies to you right?”

“Let’s me introduce the beautiful lady next to me. She is my destiny and my fate. Her name is Maeda Rena. She is my girlfriend” Jun hugs Rena closer to him and said

“Jun” Rena blushes at his action

“Mayu, Takamina, introduce your ladies” he continues

“Next to me is my beautiful princess, my fiancée, Maeda Atsuko” Minami said

“Maeda Yuki, my beautiful and talented girlfriend” Mayu said

They can see the sudden awkwardness in Akira’s eyes. For the rest of their dinner, there is only silent for Alira’s group. In contrast, Atsuko’s group is very happy talking and eating together

At night

In WMatsui’s room

They go back to their room happily. When they get into the room, Jun suddenly hugs her from behind

“How was my action, baby?” He asks

“Uhm...100/100” Rena smiles at him and said

“Then I want a reward for my good behavior” Jun said

“So what my handsome boyfriend wants?” Rena hugs Jun’s neck and asks

Jun smiles evilly at Rena’s question

“Rena, you know that this is VIP room?” Jun asks

“Uh” Rena nods in confused

“There is a special hot spring for the VIP, connected to this room and only for the guests in this room” Jun said

“So…?” Rena asks innocently

She of course knows his intentions

“I want to enjoy the hot spring together with my beautiful Rena” Jun hugs Rena’s waist and said

“Uhm…” Rena hums like she is thinking

After a few moments

She smiles at him and said

“Your wish is granted”

“Yay” Jun picks her up and said in happy tone

Inside the hot spring

Rena and Jun are sitting silently while looking at the stars

“So perfect. We can even see the stars from inside” Rena said

“Those stars are so beautiful” She continues

“But not as beautiful as you” Jun said

Rena blushes at his words.

“Sweet talker.” She said

“Tell me, how many times did you say those words?” She asks

“Uhm…” Jun said and pauses

After a few moments, Rena asks

“Why did you pause for so long, Jun?”

“Because I say those words so many time, that I lost track of counting” Jun said

“Youhmm…” when Rena is about to say something, Jun pulls her to him and kisses her lips strongly

Then he breaks the kiss and said

“I’m just kidding. You are the only girl I say those word to”

“How do I know?” Rena crosses her arms and said

“Then I guess I have to show you” Jun said and kisses her lips again without letting her react

They kiss each other passionately. Then Jun breaks the kiss and said

“Let’s go back, Rena. It’s late.”

“Ok” Rena nods

In Atsumina’s room

Minami puts their clothes into the closet and brings their mattresses out. He is preparing bed for both of them

“Minami, let me help you” Atsuko said

“It’s ok, Atsuko. I can do it.” Minami smiles and said

“Why don’t you go to the hot spring and enjoy the bath?” He continues

“Ok” Atsuko nods while standing up

However, instead of going into the hot spring, Atsuko walks toward him.

“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

Atsuko holds his hand and pulls him up. Minami looks at Atsuko with confused look

“Let’s go in together” Atsuko said shyly

“You mean it, Atsuko?” Minami asks in surprised

“Uh, I want us to enjoy the hot spring together” Atsuko said shyly

“Your wish is my command, princess” Minami lifts Atsuko up and said

“Minami” Atsuko hugs his neck and said in surprised tone

“Let me carry my princess to bath” Minami said while walking

“Minami, I can walk” Atsuko shyly said

“No can’t do” Minami said

“Minami, baka” Atsuko said

“I’m your baka, baby” Minami said and laughs loudly

In Mayuki’s room

Mayu and Yuki already on their bed. Mayu turns to Yuki. He puts his hands on two side of Yuki’s head.

“Goodnight, Yuki” he whispers and kisses her lips

Yuki closes her eyes and replies to his kiss. Their kiss turns into more passion and intense. They kiss until they are out of air. Then Mayu breaks the kiss and moves down to her neck and kisses it. He licks and sucks her neck causing Yuki to moan in surprised. Hearing Yuki’s voice, Mayu stops. He kisses her forehead and whispers

“Good night baby. I love you” Mayu said

He doesn’t want to force her. However, when he is about to move back, Yuki holds his face back

“Let’s continues, Mayu.” Yuki whispers

“Yuki” Mayu calls Yuki with surprised voice

“I want to be with you” Yuki said

Mayu smiles gently at Yuki. He gently caresses Yuki’s face and whispers

“I also want to be with you, forever” Mayu said

Then he bends down and kisses her lips strongly and passionately while moving on top of her.

In another room

While Akira is inside her room, she hears the knocking sound. She opens the door and sees Toka standing in front of her.

“Why are you here?”

Toka suddenly pushes her to the room and pins her to the wall while kissing her deeply. Akira hugs him and wildly replies to his kiss. After awhile Toka break the kiss and smirks at Akira

“I miss my friend” Toka said

“You miss me or your friend down there?” Akira said in seductive tone while tracing down to his jean

“Both” Toka said and pushes Akira down on her mattress

“I think about that” He said

“What was you thinking?” Akira asks

“I’ll cooperate with you. I can see a lot of benefits if I can lay my hand on the Maeda president” Toka said

“Don’t you afraid of Takahashi anymore?” Akira asks while opening his shirt

“If I can control her, who care” Toka said

“You’re so bad” Akira laughs and said

“Just like you” Toka bites her necks and said

“Let’s put that aside, I want you now” Akira pushes him down and said

“Bad girl” Toka smiles seductively and said


That is chapter 44. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 2 of chapter 44  :D

Chapter 44: Vacation (Part 2)

On the road

The sky is still dark. There is a car driving toward the beach. That’s Atsuko’s group car. Jun is driving toward the beach to watch sunrise. Next to his driver seat, Rena is sleeping soundly. At the back, Yuki is also sleeping very soundly on Mayu’s shoulder. Strangely today, Atsuko doesn’t sleep. She looks at the window excitedly. Minami smiles gently at her happy face.

“Atsuko, don’t you want to sleep a little. We won’t be there around 1 hour” Minami said

“I’m fine, Minami. I want to look around the way” Atsuko happily said

“Ok” Minami smiles and said

However, just after 15 minutes, Minami turns to look at Atsuko and smiles when seeing she already falls in sleep while leaning her head on the window.

“Who said I want to stay awake until we get there” Minami thought while pulling her to leans on his shoulder gently so that she isn’t woken up

After 1 hour

They reach the place. Minami gently puts Atsuko down on the seat while moving away. He will set up their sitting location with Jun and Mayu. Then each of them comes to their princess and calls them up. Then they sit there and watch the sun slowly rising up to the sky.

Atsuko is sitting in Minami’s arms and leans on his chest

“It is so beautiful, Minami” Atsuko said

“Uh” Minami nods while hugging Atsuko’s waist tighter

Next to Atsuko and Minami are Jun and Rena. They sit there while holding their hand tightly. Next to them is Mayu and Yuki. Yuki watches the sun rise while smiling. Mayu looks at her face and smiles happily


Minami and Atsuko are sitting on the rock and fishing.

“Minami, I love the beach” Atsuko looks at Minami and said in happy tone

“I’m glad you are happy” Minami pats Atsuko’s head and said

“I feel like we are back like when we were in the island. I always want a peaceful life like this. You and your love are all I need” He gently said to Atsuko

Atsuko smiles happily at Minami. She leans and pecks on his lips

“That is my thought, Minami. I love you” Atsuko said

Suddenly she feels something pull at her fishing rod.

“Minami, the fish” Atsuko said happy

“Let pull, Atsuko” Minami holds her hands and pulls

They pull the rod up, but there is nothing. Also, there is no hook in the string

“I guess it ate the food” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Let’s me tight another one there” Minami said

He still remembers her habits. She just wants to enjoy fishing, but she doesn’t want to hurt or catch any fish. This is just a way for them to enjoy their time together


On the other side of the beach, Mayu and Yuki are walking along the shore while holding each other’s hand tightly.

“Do you like the sunrise, Yuki?” He asks

“Uh, I love it a lot. It looks so beautiful” Yuki nods and said while smiling at Mayu

“I’m glad you love it” Mayu strokes her hair and said

Mayu smiles gently when seeing Yuki smiles happily at him

“When I see your smile when you watch the sunrise, and also your smile right now, I feel so happy” Mayu holds Yuki’s hands and said

“I’m glad that you smile again, Yuki, an honest smile” He continues in sincerely tone

“Mayu” Yuki looks at Mayu with surprised look

Mayu smiles gently at Yuki.

“I’ll always be with you, Yuki. No matter what, I’ll always be by your side. Remember that ok” Mayu pats her head and said

“Mayu” Yuki thought and hugs him tightly

She just hugs him tightly without saying anything. He smiles gently and strokes her hair

Back to the car

Rena and Jun go to buy breakfast for them. While Jun is driving, Rena notices a lot of banners and advertisements. They all advertise for one same topic

“Treasure Hunting?” Rena reads question tone

“Treasure hunting? What is it, Rena?” Jun asks

“I don’t know. I guess that is an even. There is a lot of banners and ads about that” Rena said

“Treasure hunt huh? Sound fun” Jun said

“It sure does sound interesting” Rena said

“Let’s pick up some fliers. Maybe we can join that event” Jun said

“Sound great” Rena happily said

After buying the breakfast, they return to the beach. When they come back, they call Atsuko and the rest back.

Now they are eating together on the sand enjoy the nice breeze of the beach. Suddenly they hear a familiar sound again

“It’s you all again. How nice to bump into you guys again”

They turn and see Akira and her friends

“Her again” Rena annoyingly thought

“Can we join you all?” Akira asks

“I’m sorry Suzuki-san. We are about to go back to the hotel” Jun said

“Don’t go back that early. Today there will be a lot of fun here. Don’t you see a lot of banner?” Akira said

“What is it?” Mayu asks

“Speaking of that. We got this while going to buy breakfast” Jun said while taking out two fliers

“A treasure hunting event” Minami reads title

“Treasure hunting event?” Atsuko said in curios tone

“That is an annual festival of this town. This town is famous with pirate, so every year, they will host a ‘Treasure Hunting’ event” Toka explains

“Yes, they will divide into group and go hunt treasure which is hidden by the host. People will follow the hints to get to that. The prize is a free meal at the famous restaurant here plus 3 days in a hot spring hotel” Akira said

“Sound fun, Minami” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

“Do you want to play?” Minami asks

“Can I?” Atsuko asks

“Of course. If you want to play, we will play. This is our vacation” Rena said

“Yeah, let’s play it together” Atsuko said

“When will the event start?” Jun asks

“It’s will start around 2:00.” Toka said

“Great, let play around and eat lunch. After that we will come there for registration” Minami said

“Sound good” Mayu said

After lunch

Atsuko and the group go to the festival. Atsuko feels so amazed because there is a lot of people gathering here

“Minami, there are so many people” Atsuko said in excited tone

“You seem to like this activity a lot” Minami laughs softly and said

“Yes, looking at this poster, it sounds fun.” Atsuko said

“Guys, we registered for 6 of us” Mayu and Jun call while walking back

“There you go, this is your tag and a walkie talkie” Jun gives them to the rest

“As the rule, we cannot use our phone. All phones will be kept in individual locker. We will communicate with each other through this device” Mayu explains the rule

“This is our bag” He continues

“Why can’t we use our phone?” Atsuko asks

“I guess because nowadays, we can find pretty much everything.” Minami said

“I see” Atsuko said

Minami looks at Atsuko and sees a little hesitation in her eyes. He knows she is scared

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. I’ll always be by your side” Minami reassures Atsuko

“Yes, Atsuko. We all are here.” Rena said

“Uh, we will always protect you” Yuki smiles and said

“Uh, we will win this game” Atsuko smiles happily and said

“Yes, we will win this game” Minami said

When they come to the gathering place, they see Akira’s group again

“Hello guys.” Akira waves at them

“Your girlfriend is waving at you” Rena said to Jun in pouting tone

“Rena, you know that I only love you” Jun said in serious tone

“Ok ok, I just tease you” Rena smiles at Jun and said

“Don’t ever say that again.” Jun looks at Rena and said sincerely

“I’m sorry, I won’t. I love you” Rena kisses his cheek and said

“Stop showing up you two. You can do whatever you want in your room” Mayu teases

“Yes, don’t draw attention” Minami said

“So what? I’m being sweet to my girlfriend. You two also have yours. No one stop you from being sweet” Jun said

“Hey, we pass. We don’t want to show up” Mayu said

“Only us know is enough, right Yuki” he holds Yuki’s hand and said while smiling at her

His words suddenly remind Yuki about last night. It makes her blush. Rena notices that

“Yuki, why did you suddenly blush? What is ‘Only us know’?” She teases Yuki

“S...shut up, Rena” Yuki stutters

“Wow!!! Yuki is stuttering. There is definitely something” Rena strokes her chin and said

“Hey stop teasing my Yuki” Mayu stands shield Yuki and said

They all laugh at Mayu’s and Yuki’s reaction.

At 1:45 pm

(Welcome everyone to our village annual treasure hunting event. How are you all today?) the host comes out and said

“Good” the whole crowds yell loudly

(Inside your registration letter, there is your first hint. Solve that riddle and you can come to the first checkpoint) the host said

(Are you ready for hunting) he asks loudly

“Ready” the crowd said

(Ok, 3...2...1...go) he shouts

The crowd rush toward the forest.

“Be careful, Atsuko” Minami hugs her to his arms because the crowd run without caring about anyone

Waiting for they all left, Minami asks

“Are you ok, Atsuko?”

“Uh, I’m fine, Minami” Atsuko said

“Why did they rush so crazy like that” Jun said

“Are you ok, Rena?” He asks

“Uh” Rena nods

“How about you, Yuki?” Mayu asks

“I’m ok” Yuki said

“Let’s look at the first riddle” Minami said

Then he opens the letter the read the riddle

“What Am I?

I can be chopped but I’m not a carrot
I have rings but I’m not an onion
I can be climbed but I’m not a mountain
I’m made of wood but I’m not a table
I have a trunk but I’m not a car”

Minami reads out loud the riddle.

“I can be chopped but I’m not a carrot” Mayu repeats the first line

“I have ring but I’m not an onion” Yuki said

“I can be climbed but I’m not a mountain” Jun said

“I’m made of wood but I’m not a table” Rena said

“I have trunk but I’m not a car” Atsuko said

After a few moments

“A tree” all of them said at the same time

“Great but we are talking about a forest. Which tree did this one mention?” Jun said

“Let’s go and we will think about that along our way” Minami said


Then the group enter the forest. While walking, suddenly they hear a voice

“Help me, help me”

“What is it?” Minami said

“Let’s check it out” Mayu said

Then they rush to the source of the sound. When they reach the place, they see Akira is cornered. In front of her is a masked man with a knife in his hand.

“Police here, freeze” Minami shouts

The masked man turns to the group. To their surprised, he neither runs away nor does anything. He just stands there.

Taking the chance, Akira rushes to Jun and hugs him. However Jun dodges and said

“Rena, take care of Ms. Suzuki”

“You…” Akira is very angry at Jun’s action

“Who are you?” Jun asks

The man still keeps silent. Suddenly, something is thrown out.

“A smoke bomb” Minami shouts

He quickly holds Atsuko’s hand. However, before he can hold Atsuko’s hand, he feels something flies pass him. Minami moves back to dodge the thing. When he turns back, he sees a figure running. He recognized the familiar figure

“Atsuko, wait for me” Minami calls and chases after the figure

After a few moments, Minami gets out of the smoke. However, he lost track of Atsuko. Minami looks around and can’t find Atsuko anywhere. He also lost track of Mayu, Yuki, Jun, and Rena. He quickly rushes back to the place. When he get there, he see a dart pierced there. That is the dart that he dodged in the smoke

“Atsuko, Atsuko” Minami calls loudly

He quickly takes the walkie talkie and calls Atsuko

“Atsuko, Atsuko”

However, he hears no response from Atsuko.

At the same time

“Minami, Minami”



Atsuko is walking around scarily while calling Minami and the rest. She is separated with Minami and the rest after the smoke.

“Minami, where are you?” Atsuko calls while looking around

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls out Minami’s name shakily

Suddenly she hears running sound. Atsuko turns and sees Toka walking toward her.

“Maeda-san” Toka calls and rushes to Atsuko

“Nakamura-san, do you see Minami and others?” Atsuko asks

“Yes, Takahashi-san is looking for you everywhere after that smoke bomb exploded. Let me take you to him” Toka said

“Thank you” Atsuko smiles happily and said

Suddenly Atsuko realizes something

“Why did you know that I’m separated from Minami because of the smoke bomb?” Atsuko asks

“Uhm… because I just met him. He asked me about you” Toka said

“Uhm…” Atsuko silent nods

Atsuko is confused because Minami won’t tell anyone about important matter especially strangers. However, she just keeps silent.

"Remember Atsuko, if for some reason, I'm not with you, when you feel something suspicious, don't show that. Try to find a way to escape from that person"

"Your necklace has a tracking device. Turn it on, and it will alert me your location"

Atsuko remembers Minami's words. She quickly holds her necklace and pushes the button. She follows Toka while carefully observing around. She feels like she is walking deeper to the forest, and it makes her feel more suspicious

“Are we going to the right direction, Nakamura-san?” Atsuko asks

“We are. Trust me” Toka said

“However, I feel like we are walking deep into the forest” Atsuko said in wonder tone

“This is the right way, Maeda-san. Trust me” Toka said

“This is far enough” Toka thought while looking around

“Let’s stop here for a moment. I think you also tired, right?” He turns to Atsuko and said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

She acts like sitting down to gather the sand in her hands

Toka turns and puts down his backpack. Suddenly, she notices the antenna of walkie talkie inside his back pocket

“Nakamura-san, why can you give me your walkie talkie? I want to tell Minami that I'm with you, and I'm ok. I dropped mine” Atsuko said

“Sorry, I also dropped mine. If I have it, I will call Takahashi-san right away” Toka said

“I see” Atsuko said

Atsuko now can possible that there is something suspicious about this man. Taking the chance that Toka is still turning away from her, Atsuko slowly stands up. Unfortunately, she wants to run, but she accidentally steps on a branch. Toka turns and looks at Atsuko with dangerous look

“Where do you want to go, Maeda-san?” He tilts his head and asks

“I...I...I...just want to look around” Atsuko stutters while stepping back

“Really? Or do you want to run away?” Toka slowly walks toward Atsuko and said

“W...why do I need to run away?” Atsuko said

“Be good and stop moving, Maeda-san. It’s dangerous around here” Toka creepily said

“W...why did you lie?” Atsuko asks

“I didn’t lie” Toka said

“You said that you dropped your walkie talkie. However, I saw that behind you. You said Minami told you about what’s happened. I know Minami won’t tell that serious matter to a stranger” Atsuko said

Toka touches the walkie talkie behind him

“I see. Stupid me” he laughs crazily and said

“If you already know that, then I don’t have to hide anymore” Toka said in dangerous tone

“What do you want?” Atsuko steps back and asks in scared tone

“What do I want? You and your enormous fortune” Toka said

“If I can have you, I have Maeda in my hand. At that time, I can have whatever I want” he continues

“In your dream. Minami will save me” Atsuko said

“Your Minami doesn’t know where you are. This place is very far away from the playing zone. Also from now on, forget about him. You’ll belong to me” Toka said

“I do not belong to you. I’m Minami’s. Minami will save me.” Atsuko shouts

“Let think about that again after I get you, Ms. president. After I make you mine, you have to obey me” He continues and rushes to Atsuko

“Get away from me” Atzuko throws a handful of sand to his face

Then taking the chance, Atsuko turns and runs away

“You little” Toka shouts angrily

Atsuko runs all her mind to escape him. However, because of focusing on both running and looking back to check, she accidentally trips and fall down from the mountain

Back to Minami

Minami is rushing around crazily to look for Atsuko.

“Atsuko, Atsuko where are you?” Minami calls loudly


Minami turns to where he hears the voice.  He sees Rena, Jun, Mayu, and Yuki rushing toward him

“You guys.” Minami rushes to them

“Has you seen Atsuko?” He quickly asks

“We don’t. You got separated with Acchan?” Rena asks in worried tone

“Yes, in that smoke, when I’m about to hold her hand, a dart flew right in between me and her separating us” Minami worried said

“Then I see her suddenly run off somewhere. I chased but lost track of her” He continues

Suddenly the alarm on his necklace ring.

"Atsuko" Minami said

He wants to check her location, but he doesn't have his phone with him

"Man, I can't check for her location. I don't have my phone here" Minami said in worried tone

"Calm down, Takamina. Let's go back to get the phone" Mayu said

"No we can't. Atsuko won't press the button if she isn't in danger. I have to find her quickly" Minami said

"But how can we find her in this forest without the location" Jun said

“We have to find her. We don’t have time, and we don't know who is the other party. Maybe they will harm her while we going back to the goal” Rena said

“I agree with Rena, let split up and look for her. It will be quicker” Yuki said

"Good idea. Let's go right away" Minami quickly said

“Ok” they said

Under the mountain

Atsuko hugs her hurt leg. She tripped and rolled down to this place. Her leg is injured and bleeding. She wants to stand up, but she can’t.

“Minami, Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko calls in tear

Suddenly she hears the sound near the bush. Atsuko turns and is surprised when seeing a masked person walking out of the bush with a gun

“Who are you?” Atsuko asks in scared tone

Suddenly the person pulls the trigger.


The bullet flies passing Atsuko’s face and pierces into the rock. Atsuko is scared and doesn’t know what to do. Then the masked person walks closer and closer to Atsuko

“Don’t come near me” Atsuko wants to move away, but her leg is hurt

The person just keeps walking closer to her silently and raises the gun pointing at Atsuko

“Minami” Atsuko thought while closing her eyes


A loud gunshot echo through the place


That is part 2 chapter 44. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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