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Author Topic: Even in a dream, I will go beyond time to meet you (WMatsui) Prologue-Chapter 4  (Read 16465 times)

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1941, April 3rd; London, England

Matsui Jurina, a Japanese college student, was studying abroad in order to apply to Cambridge University, one of the most prestigious universities in London.

Currently, she was in a cafe, writing in a notebook while sipping some tea. The waitress came to her table and she ordered some cake before continuing her writing.

The girl was writing down code numbers for a revolutionary idea she had. An electronic digital computer.

Jurina’s mind was always dreaming of the future. She imagined a world where she’d be able to do extraordinary things. All her curiosity for what her home in Japan would be like in the future made her even more excited.

And she believed, if this idea became a reality, it would be revolutionary.

It was then she felt a tap at her heel.

“Hey,” an English voice spoke as a young man spoke to her.

“Ah, Johnny,” Jurina smiled, greeting the boy who was, in fact, one of her college classmates. “Sorry. I was a bit caught up here.”

Johnny chuckled. “That’s fine. You look so cute when you’re concentrated.”

“Oh stop!” Jurina giggled before seeing her cake arrive. “Yatta! Cake~”

She happily ate it as the boy watched her. She squealed at the sweet taste, licking some cream from her lips.

“So good~”

“Hey, you wait here, I gotta use the little boy’s room,” Johnny said before getting up from the table.

In between her snacking and sipping, Jurina would write down a few more notes. A small yawn left her lips as she stared out the window to the city outside.

“I hope… this will change the future.”

Without knowing, Jurina’s eyes slowly closed as the pen dropped from her fingers.


2016, February 1st; Tokyo, Japan

Matsui Rena, an employee for a design company in Japan, was just returning from a business trip she took to Shanghai.

The woman left with her co-workers, scrolling through her phone as she walked down the airport hall. A few feet away from her, one of her co-workers called to her.

“Rena-san, will you be accompanying us?” the man spoke. “We’re going out for drinks.”

“Oh, no, Yamada-kun. I think I’m just going to take the train home.”

“Alright. See you tomorrow.”

Rena nodded before leaving the airport, looking at her watch to tell the time. Her special antique wristwatch.

“Yosh. If I hurry, I’ll make it to the last train.”

Rena loved antiques. She owned all sorts of old records that were given to her by her grandmother, and she loved watching old black-and-white movies on TV. Rena’s curiosity of life in the past swirled within her mind every day.

Even in a world filled with technology, Rena always seemed to live a life immersed with treasures of the past. So much so, sometimes, she wished she could visit the past. But that can only happen when scientists finally invent a time machine, she thought.

That thought latched onto her as she boarded the train.

“A time machine, huh… I wonder if that’ll really happen,” she muttered as she checked her emails and other social media.

“Boring news… After this trip, I just need a good night’s rest,” she thought, sighing.

While riding the train, Rena became lulled into sleep by the soft movements of the train. Her head gently leaned forward, pressing against the glass.

A few minutes later, Rena’s eyes fluttered open and she found herself in an unfamiliar cafe somewhere.

“Huh? Where am I?”

Rena looked and saw a half eaten slice of cake at her right hand. As well as a notebook with several number codes written out.

“What is this..? A dream?”

It was then that she saw her reflection, which was made on a spoon at the side of the plate. She picked it up and looked at herself.

“Eh? Who…?” Rena touched her own face, and saw the stranger in her reflection was copying her. “Me?”


Jurina opened her eyes and found herself somewhere completely unfamiliar to her. She looked around and saw she was on a train, but it didn’t look at all like the train’s she’s been on.

“What’s going on here?” she pondered as she looked around.

She saw several people sitting around the train, some looking on their cell phones. She was very confused on her situation, before seeing one of the devices in her hand.

“What is this?” She pressed the button on it and saw the screen come alive.

Her eyes widened as she slide her finger across the screen, seeing several applications.


“We have now reached Nagoya,” a voice spoke as the train stopped, making Jurina look around.

It was then Jurina saw her reflection in the window, her eyes widening.

“Is that… me?”

This was only the beginning of their story. The story of two girls who met across time from within their dreams.

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Even in a dream, I will go beyond time to meet you (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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Rena woke up from her sleep, finding herself back in her room. She looked around confused, not remembering when she had gotten home. She slowly got up, rubbing her eyes.

“That was one weird dream…” she mumbled before feeling something near her hand. She looked down and saw her phone lying near the tips of her fingers.

She picked up her phone and checked the time.

“10:01 AM”

“Uwa! I’m late!”

Rena hurriedly changed out of her pajamas and rushed to the train station, dialing her phone to call the office.

“Hello, sir! I’m so sorry I’m late! I overslept and--”

She heard the man chuckle.

“Oh, I understand. Don’t worry, I have Furukawa-kun taking care of things until you get here.”

“Eh? Really?”

“Yes. Yamada-kun told me you were very tired last night, so you come once you’re fully awake.”

Rena smiled. “Thank you, sir. I’ll see you later.”

After she hung up, she noticed a memo on her phone that she didn’t remember posting.

“To Rena-san, if you’re reading this, then let me know this is not a dream. I think I might have somehow time travelled to the future and ended up in your body. If you see this message, leave me a sign that this did indeed happen. -Jurina”

“What..? So…” Rena thought back to her dream last night. When she had woken up in an unfamiliar place and time, in the body of somehow else. “That wasn’t a dream?”


Jurina’s mind was racing. All she could think about was that odd dream she had when she fell asleep. Everything she saw, everything she experienced in her slumber, felt so real. No… it felt too real.

“I wonder if she saw the message I left her…” she pondered, quietly uttering the name of the stranger her consciousness had possessed. “Rena-san.”

She had already sent out a letter to her best friend, Mayu, who was still in Japan, to ask her about the matter. Mayu was a smart girl, so she hoped that she’d have some answers to her curious dream.

She also asked Johnny about yesterday, and…

“Hmm, not that I think about it, you did seem a tad strange when I came back from the men’s room. It was almost as if you had no idea what was going on around you.”

“So, was she in my body?” She sat in the peaceful quiet of her room, leaning back in her seat. “What would happen if I try to go back..?”

Thinking this, she closed her eyes, concentrating on going back to see Rena. She thought of the face she had seen when she was in that moment, and felt herself being drawn forward.


“Haa, finally, I get a break…” Rena stretched her arms as she leaned back into her office chair. She then let out a yawn. “Just gonna rest my eyes for a bit…”

As she shut her eyes, leaning her head against her arms, she felt her body became light, as if she were floating. She started dreaming of something that looked as if it came out of an old film.

She saw a young girl holding a camera as she took pictures of things around an old European town.

“I’m here again..? That girl… she’s the one from my last dream. Is she Jurina?”

She watched Jurina touring the stone streets, looking at all the buildings and passing by a bakery. As if she were really there, Rena could smell the freshly cooked bread and pastries. It made her stomach growl and her mouth water smelling the warm scent.

Then suddenly, she blinked and found herself standing in front of that very bakery. She looked at her hands and saw she was holding Jurina’s camera.

“It happened again… So it wasn’t a dream, after all.”

Hearing a small growl from her stomach, she stepped inside the bakery, ordering a fresh baked blueberry muffin.

As she ate the baked treat, she started pondering about her situation.

“Hmm, if I’ve really gone back in time, why does it seem I’m connected with this girl? More importantly, if I’m here, she’s in my body, right? How does that even work if it only happens when we fall asleep?”

She tapped her chin as she looked down at the bag that was strapped around her. She opened it up and found a brown leather notebook and pen.

Opening up the book, she left a small message for the girl and finished her muffin. She looked back at the front counter, eying a small strawberry tart that seemed to stand out from the other pastries.

She decided it to purchase it to go and took the container holding it. As she started walking out, her vision started to turn white as she felt herself being pulled by something.

She woke back up in her office, her head lying on the table next to her closed laptop.

“Finally up, sleepyhead?”

Rena looked up and saw her co-worker Akane giving her a smirk.


“Your sleeping face was as cute as usual,” Akane showed her a picture of her sleeping face.

“Hey!” Rena tried to snatch the phone away, but Akane drew her arm back, keeping it out of her reach.

“This picture is special. There’s no way I’ll let you delete it.”

“Mou~” the girl pouted before noticing a small note left for her.

She opened it up and her eyes widened.

“Nice to meet you, Rena. -Jurina”

“Hehehe~ Airin, you have to see this!” she heard Akane say as she walked off. Her eyes trailed back to the note.

“I knew it! It wasn’t a dream after all!”


Jurina woke up to a new scent. She opened her eyes and saw that sitting in front of her was a white box containing a strawberry tart.

“Rena-san..! Did she leave this for me?”

She quickly got out her notebook and looked through the pages.

“Please, please let there be a sign..!” she prayed, until she saw a certain page.

“Nice to meet you, Jurina. -Rena”

A smile curved her lips. “I was right.”

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Even in a dream, I will go beyond time to meet you (WMatsui) Chapter 2
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Jurina could only imagine her friend Mayu’s face. Having told her about her strange experiences, she could guess that her friend could very well be laughing. There’s no way anyone would believe the dreams she had been having was actually her mind travelling to the future.

The only person she could confide in, other than her long distance pen pal, was Johnny. She showed him the pastry and note that was left for her from the mysterious future girl and explained everything as best she could.

Of course, the young man stared blankly for a moment, slowly processing everything as he looked at the note.

“So… that’s what happened?”


Johnny had to wonder how this was possible. How was Jurina actually able to go to the future in her sleep? And the same went for whoever possesses her when she does.

“I talked to her more last night, as well,” Jurina said. “It seems that not only can we possess each other’s bodies, but we can meet each other in our dreams and talk to one another.”

“Is that so?”

“She’s from 2016, about 75 years in the future. She’s in her early 20’s and lives in Tokyo and works for a design company.”

“75 years from now… What’s it like for her over there?”

“Hmm, from what I saw, technology has evolved a lot. She even showed me the different things she could do on her… ‘cell phone’.”

Johnny raised a brow. “Cell phone?”

“It’s a device people use to talk to each other. It’s amazing!” Jurina said excitedly. “And the best part is, she also likes antiques and knows a lot about history from today! She loves travel and wants to come here to visit Europe and see all the famous landmarks.”

“She seems nice.”

“She is.”

“Would you want to meet her for real? If you complete your project of yours.”

“Oh, that’s--” Jurina blinked for a second, realizing what he just said. “Eh?”

Johnny chuckled. “Sorry, but I figured out about it. I was always curious when you’d write in that notebook of yours with sparkling eyes and such a wide grin.”

“W-when did you--?”

“A couple days ago. Remember when those kids kicked their ball towards us?”

Jurina nodded.

“When you went over to give it back to them, you accidentally dropped your notebook out of your bag. When I picked it up, it happened to be open and I saw inside.”

“So that’s when…” Jurina blushed a bit.

“But, it’s amazing though. I bet my friends would be jealous if I told them.”

“T-told them what?”

“That the young lady I’m friends with is aiming to be the woman who invents the world’s first working time machine.”

As Johnny flashed a smile, the girl couldn’t help but cover her face, smiling in excitement. She chuckled a bit, shaking her head.

“Wouldn’t they be weirded out?”

“Heck no. Scientists have been trying forever to crack time travel, but everyone says their crazy. But if you, a woman, find some way to perfect it… well, that’d be extraordinary.”

“What can I say? I want to see what the future holds.”


“Nee, Churi.”

“Hm?” Akane looked to her friend as they sat together eating lunch.

“What would you do if you built a time machine?”

“A time machine?”


The girl thought about it for a bit, munching on her lunch. “Well, I guess if I had to choose… I would go back in time to my high school self and tell myself not to procrastinate on her homework so much.”

Rena giggled. “I don’t think that’s how time travel works.”

“But that’s how a lot of dramas do it, don’t they?! The main character goes back in time to tell their past self to fix their mistakes.”

“It just doesn’t make sense. It’s a… whatcha call it?” Rena tried to think, snapping her fingers. “A paradox. I think it works more like in ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’. Where she ends up in her own body at the time she jumped. There aren’t a bunch of copies of her running around.”

“Hey, not everyone gets it right,” Akane said, then sighing. “Ahh, but still… that’s what I would’ve done. Homework sucked!”


“What about you, Rena?” Akane asked, but before Rena could answer, she then said, “Wait, nevermind. I know what you’d do.”


“You’d go hopping around different historical events in the past, seeing hold the old towns of foreign countries used to be like. Immersing yourself in the past.”

The girl chuckled. “Basically.”

“Seriously, I’ve heard of living in the past, but this is ridiculous! Your obsession for antiques is astounding!”

“I like to say by knowledge and fascination for history comes from my grandmother.”

“Oh yeah, you’ve talked about her before. She used to tell you stories about when she was growing up and gave you a lot of her antiques that she owned.”

“That’s right.”

“Hmmm, she seems really nice. You should take me with you the next time you go visit her in Toyohama.”

“Sure. I’m actually planning on going in about 2 weeks. How about you go with me then?”

“Seriously?! Thanks, Rena!” Akane hugged the girl tight.

Rena smiled, letting out a chuckle. In the back of her mind, she wanted to tell Akane about her dreams, about Jurina. She wanted to tell her the real reason for asking that question.


“A time machine?”

“Yup,” Jurina told the girl in front of her as they chatted in a dream version of a local cafe. Elements of past and future mixed around them, two clocks telling their respective times. Jurina poured out some coffee from a pot, watching it fill her porcelain cup.

“That’s amazing. You really plan to make one?”

“Well, it’s not been approved yet. It’s really more of an idea, a work in progress so to speak. A male scientist coming up with plans for a time machine is one thing, but a female is a whole other ball game.”

“I understand.”

“So, when I make my time machine, I want to go to the future and see how far the world has come. Maybe I can even create new inventions that would improve society.”

Rena smiled widely. “That’s incredible.”

“What about you, Rena-chan?” Jurina said naturally, picking up a donut to eat. “What would you do if you had a time machine?”

End of Flashback

“Let’s go,” Akane said, breaking Rena from her thoughts as she remembered her dream conversation with the girl.


“Ahh~ I can’t wait. Toyohama!” As Akane was cheering, Rena remembered the words she had said to the girl.

“If I had a time machine… I want to meet Jurina.”

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Even in a dream, I will go beyond time to meet you (WMatsui) Chapter 3
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“If you invent the time machine, and I get one… I want to come and meet you in your own time.”

Jurina’s eyes widened when she heard Rena say that.


“Yes! I want us to meet in real time.”

“Then… I’d also want to meet Rena-chan in the future.”

“...Matsui. Oi, Matsui!”


Jurina felt a hard smack on her head. She winced as she found herself in the familiar college classroom. It appeared as though she had dozed off in class, much to her embarrassment.

“I hope that my classes aren’t a bore to you, Miss Matsui. Or perhaps your body still isn’t used to the new time schedule.”

“Sorry, sir,” Jurina apologized.


That night, Jurina was up late working on her special project, her time machine. Her hands gently tinkered with the small contraption, little sparks flashing as she hooked up the wires.

“This has to work…”

She bit her lip as she carefully hooked up the last wire before closing up the box. The bronze gold device shined slightly, with the gears inside the clock visible and two light bulbs sticking out at the end.

“Okay… what should I test this on?”

She looked around, until she spotted an apple she had for breakfast. She only took one bite out of it, and it definitely showed its age.

Jurina took the apple before typing in some calculations. It had only been a few months since the first electronic computer was made, but she was praying she had enough power to activate her machine.

After pushing in the calculations, turning a knob on her machine to power level 1, the light bulbs became to flicker as the machine turned on.

“Please,” Jurina prayed as she saw it begin to power up.

She then saw some sparks fly and a wormhole opened in her wall, making her eyes widen.

“Okay, so far, so good… Now then.”

She walked towards the wormhole and tossed the apple in. She then punched in some new calculations and moved back the hands on the clock, causing the gears to spin and click.

A few seconds later, the wormhole started to spin in the opposite direction, and out from it, a ripe red apple popped back out. No bite marks were present, as if it had just been freshly picked from a tree.

Jurina smiled as she turned the machine off and the wormhole closed.

“It works… It works!”

She squealed in happiness over her dream, her greatest project, was successfully working.

“Mm~ yosh!” She got out her notebook, writing down some notes. “Now I just need to calculate what coordinates I should use to send a human through…”


“Eh? The library?”

“Yeah. I was wondering if you could come with me. There’s something I wanna look up,” Rena said as she was pacing through her room, putting her clothes on and getting her hair ready.

“Why do you wanna bring me?” Akane asked through the other side of the cell phone.

“Why not? Besides, don’t you have a book on birds to return today?”

“Ah! That’s right! A-alright, I’ll meet you there!”

“Thanks, Chu-chan. See you there!”

After Rena hung up, she hurried out of her apartment and started making her way to the bus stop.

Ever since she met Jurina in her dreams, she had a burning curiosity to find out who she was. Rather than searching through countless online sites, she decided to go right to the source and find her in a local library.

Sure, Akane’s reasoning of searching through a library for hours on end for one girl might be harder, but Rena couldn’t help it. She was on a quest for knowledge, a search for the identity of Matsui Jurina.

“Matsui… she has the same surname as me. But I don’t think Mom ever mentioned a relative named Jurina. Maybe a distant cousin? Ugh, I don’t know!”

She made it to the library where Akane was waiting.

“Let’s go,” she said, wasting no time with dragging Akane in.

“Oh boy, someone’s got an adrenaline kick.”

Once Rena got in, she separated from Akane to let her return her book, and started searching for some information concerning Jurina.

“1941… If I remember correctly, at that point, wasn’t the 2nd World War going on..?”

She got some books about recorded events during WWII, looking to see if she could find anything on the girl. However, she didn’t find any mention of her name.

She let out a sigh, a tower of books with no helpful information to be found piling.

“Hmm… maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.”

She went to the science section and started looking for books on the theory of time travel. She searched through each book she came across quickly, trying to look for the one name.

Then… she found it.

“Ah!” She covered her mouth, trying not to scream. “There it is!”

In a book discussing time travel, back in 1941, when the first time machine prototype was created, there was her name.

Matsui Jurina, 19 year old college student, unveils the first time machine prototype at Youth Science Festival in Cambridge University, London.

“No way… she really did it..!” she said in a whisper. She became ecstatic, seeing the picture of the girl from her dreams in black and white. Proof that she existed. “Churi’s gonna freak.”

She immediately dashed down the halls on the library, searching for her friend. She then found her at one of the computers, looking at something.

“Churi,” she tapped her shoulder, making her turn around.


“What’s with that look on your face?” Rena asked, seeing that Akane seemed a bit shook.

“Rena… you said that girl’s name was Jurina, right? Matsui Jurina?”

“Yeah. And I found her. She made the first successful time machine prototype! This could mean--”

“But… didn’t you read what happened after?”


“I looked it up online. If it’s in that book, it should be the same as what I found.”

Rena looked down at the book, reading through the paragraphs until she found what had shocked her friend.

However, during her presentation, there was a sudden electrical explosion caused by her machine. Scientists deduced there was a sudden glitch or massive surge of electricity that short out the device. No lives were lost, but in the explosion, Matsui’s body had disappeared.



“Next, Miss Jurina Matsui.”

Jurina walked up with a smile, carrying the device in her hand.

“I have in front of me, the first prototype of a time machine of my creation!”

In front of her was a crowd of students and faculty from other schools in London and from across England. There were even successful scientists present, and radio broadcasters recording.

“I believe that with this device, we will be able to change the future of our world. By linking the past and the future, we could accomplish so many new things.”

“Would you like to show us now how it works?”

“Yes, sir!”

She turned on her machine, spawning a wormhole that stood near the center of the stage, swirling in the air like a black hole that could suck up anything that comes near it.

“Here, an apple that I ate almost 24 hours ago yesterday,” she spoke, showing the apple she had bitten into the previous night.

She threw it into the wormhole before going back and initiating the process to bring it back.

With a quick flash, the wormhole changed directions.

“Catch!” Jurina shouted as the wormhole soon popped the apple back out.

Once the man caught it, he saw the bite mark was no longer present.


Jurina smiled as the crowd applauded her.

“Now, it’s time for the real test…” she thought, taking in a deep breath. “Now that we’ve seen what it can do with fruit, it’s time to see what happens if we send a human.”

“What? Can that be done?!”

“I want to test it right here and now!”

The crowd started becoming skeptical. However, Jurina’s determination didn’t waver. She began recalibrating the calculations into her machine, and turning the power up to power level 3.

“The important note is not to increase the power past level 4. It would be too much for the machine.”

As she powered it up, the wormhole became bigger, enough to fit a person inside. News reporters were taking pictures and filming the events unfolding.

“Sir, I’d like you to be a volunteer,” she said to one of the judges.

“What? Me?”

As she brought him up, she started entering in calculations so that he could go through the wormhole.

“Now, how far do you want to go back?”

“Um… How about three days ago? That was when I was with my daughter playing at a local park.”

“Three days ago then,” she typed in the coordinates, the machine’s light bulb sparking and blinking.

The wormhole started to twist as Jurina moved close to it, beginning to examine it.

“It might take a while for it to open… It’s much bigger this time, so we should let it power up.”

“This is incredible…” the man spoke, placing a hand on the machine. His finger touched the clock’s hand, and felt the heat of the light bulb. “That’s hot!”

As he jerked his hand back, the hands of the clock started winding forward, causing the wormhole to go in the opposite direction.

“Eh? What’s going on?”

“What’s happening?! Miss Matsui?!”

“Stay back! Something must’ve happened!” she went back to her machine, seeing the hands and gears spin out of control while the light bulbs flickered furiously.

“I-I didn’t mean to touch it, I’m sorry!”

“Miss Matsui, explain yourself! What is happening?!”

“Stay back!” Jurina urged. “I have to close it! Or else..!”

“Give it to me!” the man grabbed the handle, trying to turn it off, but it got stuck.

“No! Don’t!”

As she broke his hand away from it, she saw the handle had been turned to power level 4. A spark released from the machine as it started overheating and releasing electrical surges.

“What is the meaning of this?!”

“Everyone run! Get down!”

As Jurina backed away, unknowingly placing herself near the growing wormhole, she looked out in the audience and thought she saw a familiar face.


Just then, there was a bright flash and a huge explosion.



It was like a nuclear bomb had gone off. Everything became silent and time itself seemed to slow down as everything faded to white…


“Rena… you have to find me.”

Suddenly, Rena woke up in the library. She found it was starting to close down and piles of books laid on top of her head.

“Rena, you up?” Akane asked as she approached her.


“Come on, the library’s starting to close,” she said, starting to gather up some of the books. “I’ll help you put these back.”


Akane turned to her, seeing tears on Rena’s face.

“Oi, were you having a bad dream?”

“Jurina… does that mean.. She died?”

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Even in a dream, I will go beyond time to meet you (WMatsui) Chapter 4
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2017, 10:11:18 PM »
Matsui Jurina, a girl she met in her dreams. A girl who wanted to invent a time machine. A name she searched for, only to learn that this girl had gone missing. That she might’ve been killed by her own creation.

It was recorded clearly on the pages of the book, and even online. She had disappeared in the explosion, the footprints of where she once stood burnt into the wood of the stage.

“She disappeared that day… Does that mean she died in the explosion? Or…?”

“Rena,” Akane tapped her shoulder. “Try not to think about it too much.”


“I know it’s hard. But, I don’t want you to feel bad about it. It’s not your fault, you know?”

“I know that. But…” Rena frowned, looking out the window. “But, maybe if I did something… I could’ve saved her.”


“Find me…”

Those were the last words spoken by Matsui Jurina that Rena heard in her dreams.

Three days after she found out Jurina’s fate, she was unable to meet the girl or enter her body through her dreams. Their link had become severed, and no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to reconnect with her.

Even now, she felt as if her memories of the girl were starting to grow blurry. She started second-guessing herself, thinking that perhaps her interactions with her were merely dreams.

“Jurina… Jurina… have to remember,” she muttered, staring at a note she had written to herself. A note to remember Matsui Jurina, as much as she could.

It was then that she got a phone call from Airi.


“Ah..! Rena, you’re up early.”

“Yeah.. What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you could meet me at the office early? I need some help with something.”

“Of course. I’ll get dressed and be on my way.”

“Alright. Meet you there, then.”

“Un. See you later.”

Rena hung up, walking to her closet to get changed. She suddenly froze, blinking. Her expression making it appear that she was trying to remember something.

“...Jurina,” she gasped. “I nearly forgot about her…”

She slapped her cheeks, repeating the girl’s name a few more times before grabbing her purse and leaving her apartment. The breeze made as she closed her door causing the notes she had written to flutter off her desk, drifting to the floor.


Rena rushed into the office, bowing to her boss before setting up at her station. The company was in the middle of a project to design a logo for a new technological company, and Rena was one of several asked to create what she believed would be a fitting logo.

“Hmm… Sakura Corps. Huh… Perhaps I can use some cherry blossom designs. Let’s see…”

As she was concentrated on her design work, Akane and Airi were together discussing their own work, when Akane happened to notice Rena’s concentrated expression.

“Hey… have you noticed Rena’s been a little… well, spacey, recently?”

Airi raised a brow. “Spacey?”

“Like, there are moments where she spaces out. Like she’s thinking about something, or reminiscing about something.”

“Now that you mention it, she does seem to always be in her own head lately.”

“Do you think it has to do with that girl she mentioned before? Um, Juna?”


“Ah, that’s right, Jurina.”

“She hasn’t really brought her up, actually. However, I sometimes overhear her whispering Jurina’s name under her breath.”

“Eh? Why?”

“I don’t know… I remember asking her about it, and…”


“Hey, have you talked to Jurina lately?”

Rena looked at Akane, confused. As if she didn’t remember. But she soon let out a delayed response, becoming reminded of who she was talking about.

“O-oh… No. Not really.”

End of Flashback

“It was like she forgot who she was… It was weird.”

Airi pondered on what could be troubling Rena. She decided to ask herself, so she waltzed over to Rena’s station and tapped her shoulder.

“How’s it going?”

“So-so…” Rena said, her eyes still glued on the computer screen as she worked on her design. She muttered to herself, “Maybe this font will work…”

“Akane told me you were worried about that girl Jurina.”

“Airin, not now, please,” Rena said. “I’ll talk with you during lunch later.”

“Ah… okay.” Airi walked away, seeing as her friend was concentrated. She whispered to Akane, “It was no good.”

“I see… Maybe we should talk to her about it later. When she’s less fixated on her work.”

“Haha, right.”


During lunch break, the three girls went onto the roof to eat together. Rena munched on one of three melonpans she had with her while Akane and Airi were eating from their bentos.

“Melonpan over three meals a day, eh, Rena?” Akane said teasingly.

“Are you sure just melonpan for lunch is okay?”

“I didn’t have time to make lunch,” she said in between bites. “Besides, I have green tea, too. And you guys will share with me, right?”

“Well, that’s what friends are for.”

Airi then asked before munching on an fried egg, “Were you busy with something back at your apartment?”

“No, I… I…” Rena furrowed her brows as she tried to think. She muttered under her breath, “Huh..? What was I doing..?”

“You’ve been so concentrated on work, you can’t even remember what you did this morning?”

“No, it’s not that… I just…” Rena held her head. “I was trying to remember someone… Someone I know… I should know..! What was their name..?!”

Seeing their friend’s pained expression, the two grew worried.

“Jurina,” Akane said. “It was Jurina, right? Matsui Jurina.”

“Jurina… Jurina!” Rena’s eyes widened. “Why did I forget her..?!”

“Hey, are you sure you’re alright? I think all this research on Jurina and time travel talk is starting to mess with your head.”

“Yeah, maybe you should just take a break from it all and stop thinking about it.”

“But, if I stop thinking about it, I’ll start to forget Jurina!”

“Maybe it’s for the best…” Akane said sympathetically. “To be honest, you seem very high-strung thinking about this girl. We don’t want that stress to hinder your work.”

Rena stayed silent, holding her melon bread.

“..I guess… you’re right.”


“This is a great design, Matsui-san,” the boss said.

“Thank you, sir!”

“We’ll submit this to the company’s office right away. Thanks for your hard work.”

Rena went back to her station to gather her things, ready to head out for the evening.

“Looks like the boss enjoyed your work,” Akane said happily. “What do you say we go out and celebrate? Me and Airin are going to a cafe. Wanna join?”

“Sure,” the young woman smiled. “Why not?”

“Nice! Let’s go then!”


The three left the office building, chatting happily. Rena felt relaxed and refreshed after finally getting her work done, the lifted tension leaving a feeling of light on her shoulders.


"But why do I feel like I’ve forgotten something?"



“Hey, Rena, hurry up!”

“Ah, sorry!” Rena quickened her pace in order to catch up with her friends, until she bumped shoulders with someone walking the opposite direction of her.

“Sorry,” the girl quickly apologized, leaving Rena in a daze.

She stared at her as her figure disappeared in the crowd of people.

"That girl… was she..?"

“Rena! Hurry, the light’s gonna turn red!”

“Ah! Right! Coming!”


“I’m home~”

A boyish girl snacking on Pocky saw her roommate enter, throwing her bag on the couch.

“Welcome home,” she spoke. “You on cooking duty tonight?”

“Yup! Tonight’s curry rice!”


As the girl made her way to the kitchen, her roommate couldn’t help but stare at her curiously. As she was tying her long hair into a ponytail, she spoke.

“Sae-san, did any packages come in the mail?”

“Uh, yeah. Two, actually. They were marked fragile, so I was extra careful and I haven’t opened them yet. I was waiting for you to--”

“Thanks,” the girl picked up the two packages. “I’ll open these in my room.”

“Okay~” As the girl head to her room, Sae couldn’t help but smile. “She really is a strange one…”

Once in her room, she got out a box cutter and opened up the packages. Inside were gears, lightbulbs, and other almost robotic parts.

“Perfect…” She sat the boxes down and looked at the different memos stuck to the wall of her room. Some had designs for a machine drawn on, some had dates and diary entries written.

But most had one name, a name that felt vaguely familiar to her…

“If I find her… if I make this machine, I’ll know… I’ll remember.”

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This is interesting.
Having Jurina from the past and Rena from the future.
How will WMatsui fall in love?

Chapter 1[\b]
This reminds me a lot of Kimi no Na wa. with the body switching.
Looks like WMatsui will continue their adventure using written notes to each other.  XD

Chapter 2[\b]
Oh! So they can talk in their dreams?
I get the feeling that the time machine is going to be important in the story.
That last line though. Has Rena fallen in love with Jurina or am I overthinking it?  :P

Chapter 3[\b]
Woah! Jurina actually made a time machine. That was fast. :shocked
Noooooooooo! Jurina, what happened to you?  :cry:

Chapter 4[\b]
Rena, don't forget Jurina! :(
Gasp! Is that Jurina at the end? :?

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