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Title: Oh My Ghost!! - chapter 4 (KojiYuu, Atsumina) 19/10/2015
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How can I take my hiatus time with quiet if Kojiharu’s photos always around me , especially her PB “Dousuru?”  :err:(ps: I’m not a pervert!) Aaaahhh ... I could not hold my hand to write and come back here! In fact, I plan to go back before the end of the year! Well, forget about that story.  :mon psst:
Hey, I'm back! Where my hugs? It's just one month is I'm not here, but it feels so long,  :mon cute: ahhhh, how many kojiyuu fic that I have not read?hmm … ah, forget about it too. This is my new fic, please enjoy it! Sorry for my bad grammar. Hihihi

Chapter 1

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts? Spirit? The devil?
Do you believe that it is actually around you there are ghosts?
Do you believe in someone who claimed to see the ghost?
Do you believe in someone who claims to be able to communicate with ghosts?

Since I was little, I used to look at something that not everyone can see it. I used to speak to something that not everyone can talk to them. Because not everyone has the ability that I have from birth. At first, I felt uncomfortable, scared, and felt strange. Because everywhere I go, like there are always watching me. When I sleep, like there someone look at me.
But then, I started to get used to their presence around me. In fact, sometimes I play with them. When I was in elementary school, my school friends always avoid me, because they think I'm strange, even some people think I'm crazy because they often see me talking alone. Since then, I mostly play with  ghosts.
I get this ability is not due to chance or sudden I got it. I get this ability from my grandfather. My grandfather was a ghost repellent. People often ask for his help to expel the ghosts who are in their homes, or return a lost spirits in its proper place.
I've never talked about this to my friend, yes, because I did not have any friends. I've tried to be as casually as possible among the others, but nonetheless, they feel strange to me, because sometimes I can not control myself to talk with ghosts.

Now I am already 17 years old, I decided to move from my old school because there are too many ghosts. They are too disturbing my concentration. Sometimes I have to tell them to be quiet. And that's what makes my classmates thinking I am a strange. Ghosts have properties are diverse. There is a ghost who only stay in one place, there are only pacing, but some are very noisy, and sometimes disturbing human.
Starting today, I'm going to live my life in a new school. Sakura Gakuen. I hope that here I could find friends who can relate well with me, of course human, not a ghost. If I find one, I've been very happy. And I hope at this school does not have a disturbing ghost.
I started to get into the school, I walk to the principal's office, I came alone, without my parents, because they were very busy. Even I do not live with them. All this time I lived with my grandfather in a temple. One year ago my grandfather died, so I had to take care of the temple alone. Sometimes someone still coming to temple to ask for my help to expel ghosts, but I refused, I really want to be separated from the world as it is. So I told them that I could not do as what was done by my grandfather. I just wanted to be an ordinary girl, who can play with my friends, shopping, karaoke, holiday, whatever it is, a fun activity that usually teenagers do.

I walked along the corridor of the school, I felt at least this is better than my old school. The aura of this place is quieter. However, at certain angles, I can still see some ghosts. But they don't do anything, they have weak aura, so it does not bother humans. They usually emit a weak white color. And for the evil or bad ghost or strong ghost, they are red.
After a while talking on the principal's office, a teacher drove me towards my class. The teacher knocked on the door, a moment later another teacher opened the door. They talked for a while, then a teacher who escorted me was telling me to wait a little while and then she leave.
A teacher called me to get into the classroom. The students in this class looks excited to see me who entered the classroom. I'm used to this situation. At first they were so happy to see me, because of my appearance, but if they know me further, they will starting to avoided me.
"Please introduce yourself." The teacher told me to introduce myself to the class.
"My name is Kojima Haruna. Please take care of me." I bowed. But then suddenly my eyes were drawn to the figure of the girl who standing at the back of the class. She leaned back on the shelf where students put their items. Her eyes look out the window. I wonder if she got a punishment from the teacher.
But after a while I watched her, she look more different from her friends in this class. Then I remembered one thing, is she a ghost? But her aura does not like other ghosts. Her aura is different, like a mix between humans and ghosts. Is she human who was possessed by the spirit of others? Or she is a lost spirit? I watched her long enough, until the teacher next to me talking to me.
"Kojima-san? Are you alright?"
I turned to the side, "Yes. I am fine."
"Please sit down in an empty seat in the back." I bowed and then walked to a table that has been shown.
She was still looking into the window, like not notice me. When I sat down, I felt a chill in my neck. I rubbed my neck and looked back to the girl. She wear same uniform just like us. In her eyes only reflected sadness and loneliness. Somehow it makes me feel hurt.

From the start of the lesson, until the break time came, she still remained standing in the same position. Sometime I felt that she was staring at the place where I was sitting. When the teacher out of the classroom, the teacher does not allow the girl to sit back or called her to the teacher’s room, am I right? She is a ghost? Or maybe she was the victim of bullies?
During the break times, my friends in class swarm my desk to get acquainted. I tried to be as casually as possible. They asked me to eat in the cafeteria. When I was going out of the classroom, I look again toward the girl. There is no one of them talk to her. They were passing in front of her like there was no one in there.

--- ## ---

Class ended, one by one student left the classroom. Some friends invited me to go along, but I rejected it. I reasoned that I want to see the clubs that exist at this school. I receive many brochure from seniors when I was eating in the cafetaria.
I put all of the brochure on my desk and I started to read them one by one. Actually, I did want to enter one club in this school. As I already told you, I want to be an ordinary girl.
Without I realized, it was already getting dark. I tidy up my books and prepare to go home. I stood up from my chair and looked back. The girl was still standing in the same place and in the same position.
I smile and greeted her, “You do not go home?” She did not turn to me or answer my question.
I walked toward her, then I was standing next to her. We both look out of the window. “What do you see?” I looked up to her.
Slowly she turned her head towards me. She raised her eyebrows, I could see that she was shocked. “Hey, my name is Kojima Haruna. Who are you? Why are you just standing had been here?”
“You ... you can see me?”  Her shocked face was so funny.
I nodded. “Un. From the beginning I've been pay attention to you.”
I laugh. “Your expression when you are shocked is so funny.”
“But why? How could you see me? The other could not see me even though I've been here one year.”
“Heh? One year?” She nodded and then looked sad again.
“So, you're just one year into a ghost, huh?” I turned my body.
“Hey! I'm not a ghost!” She pouted.
“I just separated from my body.” She lowered her tone.
"But every ghost must be separated between spirits and body."
She sighed, “I know, but it is different. Eh, wait, who are you? How could you see me?”
I sighed. “I already told you. My name is Kojima Haruna.” I crossed my arms. “And I can see you because I have the ability to see ghosts. I have it since childhood, and I got used to communicate, even play with them.”
She nodded and then looked back at the window. “What do you see?”
“I want to get out of here.”
“Then why did not you go out?”
“I can not.”
“I do not know. Even to get out of this classroom I can not. As there are a not visible walls that restrict my movement. The walls like to locked me in here.”
“If you can get out, where are you going?”
“To hospital.”
“My body was still there.”
“What?! Your body? So, your body still have not buried?”
“Mouu, Kojima-san, how many times I said, I'm not a ghost!”
“Mouu, I've answered that question earlier. You really pisses me off!” She ruffled her hair. I do not think that ghosts can be frustrating because the question from human.
“Hehe ... sorry.”
"One year ago, I had an accident when I got home from school."
"Wait!" I rolled a seat near me to face her, and then I sat on it. "Please continue." I crossed my legs.
She frowned. “I like doing a job interview.”
"I want to hear your story."
"And now I'm like a speaker."
"Maybe I can help you after I know your story. How?"
She sighed. "Fine. I got hit by a car when I want to save a cat in the middle of the road. I still remember how my body bounced away. But after that I felt something strange. I could see my body lying in the middle of the road with blood. I could see my body started surrounded by people. And I could see my body taken by ambulance. I also could see that the car that hit me was overturned on the roadside. But I do not know how the condition of the car driver. At that moment I realized, that my spirit has been separated from my body.” She closed her eyes and sighed. And then she continued. “I followed the ambulance that took away my body. When I reached the hospital, I saw my body lay on a bed, the doctors tried to save me with various tools. I tried to approach my body, but when I wanted to get into my body, I can not. I bounced a few times. I do not know why. Like there is something blocking my spirit back to my body. And the last time I tried it, I was bouncing so far, when I woke up, I've been in this class. My class.”
“So this is your class?”
She nodded. “And the chair you are sitting on is my chair.”
Instantly I was standing. “Ah, sorry. I did not mean to take your seat.”
She chuckled. “It’s okay. That's yours. Moreover, should now I've grade two.”
“So, you are my senpai?”
“Un. If only it never happened.” I nodded.
No more words between us. We just stared out the window. It was dark, and all the students who participated in extracurricular already go home.
“Why are you still here?” I was startled by the sound of a man who carries a flashlight in his hand. He was the caretaker of this school.
“Sorry. There is my book left behind. I'll be home soon.”
“You'd better go home. All the students had returned to their homes.” Then he walked away.
“Umm ... I have to go home. I still want to hear your story tomorrow. Bye.” I took my bag and walked out of the classroom. Then I remembered something, I go back to open the door.
“Hey ghost, what's your name?”
“Oshima Yuko.”
"Oh, okay. Bye." I closed the door.
“Once again, Kojima-san. I'm not a ghost!” I heard her screaming from inside.
I chuckled to hear it. She's the cutest ghost I've ever met. I hope one day she can return to her body, and we can become good friends.
When I was a few steps out of the classroom, for some reason I was curious to look back. And my feeling is right, I saw a male ghost who paced passing my class. Occasionally, he was like looking into the classroom.
“Oi, if you dare to disturb her, I'll burn you!” He turned to me. “And I'm not kidding with what I said.” Then he disappeared in a flash.

--- ## ---

My house is behind a temple not far from the school. I stayed with my best friend, a cat. Yes, this cat is only my friend. This cat named Mikki. I take care of him since the cat was still a baby.
I got home was almost eight at night. Mikki already asleep when I went into the house. I feel sorry for him, he was too late to eat because of me. I prepare food for me and for him. When the food was ready, I woke Mikki to eat with me. Do I sound weird?
The temple, rather than to a place to prayer, it is more often used for ritual cleansing of the soul. Since my grandfather died, this place is often deserted. This place is only crowded when there was an annual event at this temple. And when that day comes, my uncle would help prepare this place for the event. Sometimes I took part in the event, such as being a traditional dancer or just keep a place to buy guard luck. Every morning before school, I was always swept around the arena temple as the temple guards do. If the holiday arrives, I'll just sit in the temple to meditate, to train my concentration.
After I finished eating and bathing, I went into the room where my grandfather keep his books. This is the legacy of my grandfather. Ancient books are arranged neatly on a bookshelf. I want to find out what happened with Oshima Yuko. I want to know why she could not return to her body are still alive and why she could cooped up in a classroom. I'm sure it's all for a reason. I want to help her.

--- ## ---
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Ah.. Yuko's spirit can not go back to her body

And I think soon is a start of a new friendship between Yuko and Haruna

How about Atsuko and Minami?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

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Chapter 2

Damn. I was too much reading a book last night. Now it seems hard to open my eyes. Aaaaahhh ... I miss my bed. I want to hug my pillow and hid behind my warm blanket.
I slapped my cheek with my hand. "Haruna, you have to go to school and learn. You have to find a friend there."
When I walked into school, some people greeted me. I do not know them because they are not a friend of my class. Maybe they knew me from a friend who comes from my class. I do not know that I am as popular as this. I hope this can last until I graduated. I hope.
"My eyes, please, soon, when we come to the class, you could closed. Please not here, I'll look stupid if I had to sleep on the street." I patted my cheek to keep me awake.
Now, I feel like a walking zombie. Somehow, my classrooms seemed so far away.
"Ouch!" I was shocked when I realized that I had hit someone.
"I'm sorry." I helped a girl who had fallen on the floor. I reached out my hand and she welcomed.
"It’s okay. I'm fine." She smiled at me. She has dimples, like Oshima-san. And her height is almost same as Oshima-san. The ribbon on her head looks so cute. Maybe to make her look higher.
"Are you okay?" She waved her hand in front of my face.
"Ah, yes, I'm fine. I’m sorry."
She nodded. "Are you the new student?"
"Un. My name is Kojima Haruna."
"My name is Takahashi Minami. Grade two."
"Eh? I'm sorry, senpai." I bowed.
She chuckled. "Hey, stop saying sorry. It’s okay."
"Kaichou, teacher called you to teacher’s room." A girl approached her and then handed her some papers.
"Umm, I have to go now. See you. Glad to meet you." And then she went with her friend.
"What? She is not only my senpai! She is a president council in this school! Aaaahhhhh!!! What I had been doing!" Then I proceeded to walk to class.

"Hey, what's wrong with you? You walk like a zombie." Oshima-san standing behind my chair. I crossed my arms on the table, then I put my head on it.
"Let me sleep, Oshima-san."
"Class had almost begun. You should not sleep in the classroom."
"You're noisy."
"Shut up!" Then I felt someone hit my head with books.
Wait, is Oshima-san could touch me?
I raised my head and looked to the side. I see a teacher standing next to me. "Ah, sensei. Good morning."
"I already warned you." Oshima-san sticking her tongue at me.
"Are you okay?" The teacher asked me.
"I'm fine." I sit properly and then class started.

--- ## ---

During the break time, I did not go to the cafeteria. I declined the invitation from my classmates with the reason that I'm not hungry.
I turned my chair back facing Oshima-san who standing behind me. I took my phone and put it on my ear. "Oshima-san. Can you continue your story from yesterday?" I asked her, but she just looked at me. "Oshima-san?" She raised her eyebrows. "I'm talking to you."
"Eh? I thought you were calling someone."
I sighed. "I just pretend, so that our classmates do not think I'm strange or crazy to talk alone."
"Aaaahhh ... nice idea, nyannyan." Oshima-san snapped her fingers.
"Nyannyan?" I tilted my head.
"Un. I think about this name all night just for you."
"Sorry, but I do not need it." I said coldly.
She pouted. "You have broken my poor little heart." She was clutching her chest.
I sighed again. "Fine. You may call me by that name."
"Yey!" She jumped for joy. "You do not ask me why I call you nyannyan?" She looked so excited.
I shook my head. "Tsk. You really cold-hearted nyannyan."
"Hm?" I stood up from my seat and approached her. "Cold-hearted?"
Yuko nodded. She crossed her arms and pouted.
“Ouch!" She moaned in pain when I stepped on her foot.
"That hurts, nyannyan." She rubbed her legs.
I chuckled to see her face. "Kojima-san? What's wrong?" My friend who was near my desk ask to me.
I turned. "There were ants in my legs. Hehe." She nodded and then proceeded to read a book again.
Oshima-san wanted to take revenge on me. She wanted to step on my feet but could not. Her body could not touch me. "Eh? You can touch me, and why I can not touch you?"
"That’s a secret."
"Tsk." Oshima-san leaned against the wall.
"Mmm ... Oshima-san, when the last time you went to the hospital?"
"Call me Yuko."
"Okay, Yuko."
"Or maybe you want to give a cute nickname for me?" She grinned.
"Do not want." I answered simply.
“Geez, this girl really something.” She hissed.
"You have not answered questions from me."
"I do not want to answer." She looked the other way and pout.
"Okay. I will cancel my intention to help you." I turned around and then put my phone on the table.
“Eh? Nooooo .... nyannyan, don’t be so cruel to me. I need your help. Please.” Yuko knelt beside my desk. She looked at me like a lost squirrels. “Please nyannyan.” She make a puppy eyes. Damn! She is too cute.
I rubbed her head. "Let's talk after school. Nee?" She smiled and nodded.

--- ## ---

After school ...
"When was the last time you went to the hospital?" I stood next to Yuko who stood facing the window.
"When the day the accident occurred. It was the first and the last." She lowered her head.
"So, you do not know where your room now?" She shook her head.
"Do you remember where that hospital?" She nodded.
"Tell me and I'll be there to see the condition of your body."
"Un." She jumped for joy and want to hug me, but her body can not touch me.
"Heeehhh. This is not funny at all. I want to touch you!" I chuckled seeing her upset face.
"If you can touch me, what would you do?"
She smiled broadly. "Mmm ... I want to hug you.” She seemed to be thinking. “Mmm ... kiss you, mmm ... and ..." She bit her lip in a sexy way and stared at my breast with mischievous eyes. "Grab your beautiful oppai."
"Pervert ghost! Stupid ghost! Midget ghost!" I flicked her forehead repeatedly until she was cornered.
"Stop, nyannyan. That hurts." I stopped in front of her. She rubbed her forehead.
"Baka." I mumbled.
"Don’t "hihihi" to me!"
"Oh. Okay. How about "hehehe" or "hohoho" or "hahaha"?" I'm just quietly listening to her chattering. "Ah, what about "huehuehue"?"
"Is it done?" I said coldly.
"Not yet." She seems to think again. "How about this?" She showed me strangely face.
I laugh. Who I would not laugh at her stupid face?
"Nyannyan is not angry with me anymore?"
I sighed. "I forgive you."
After that Yuko told about the hospital address where the last time she saw her body.
"Okay. I'll be there after from here."
"Thank you, nyannyan." I nodded. "I want to get back to undergo a normal life."

--- ## ---

I went to the hospital which have been notified by Yuko. The hospital is not far from my house. I walked into the room where the last time Yuko’s body located. Yuko told me that her body was on the second floor, room number 48. When I got there, her body was not there, it might have been moved. I asked to a nurse who was near the room, it turned out Yuko's body has been moved to room number 29 a few months ago for a reason.

When I've arrived, I opened the door slowly and looked into. No one was inside. Only the body of a girl lying on the bed with a variety of medical equipment attached to her body. Oshima Yuko’s body.
I walked over to the bed and see her face for a moment. Rather than look like someone who was in a coma, she looked more like a sleeping girl. She looks same. It's just her hair look longer.
When I tried to hold her hand, I feel like there is a power electricity spread to my body that makes me bounced crashing into the door. It's strange. I'm sure there is something in Yuko’s body.

I stood up and approached the bed again. I noticed Yuko’s body from head to toe to find out what causes it. Then I realized something.
"Who are you?" I spoke to something inside Yuko’s body. "Come out and show yourself!" No response. Because I feel upset, I took the talisman that I usually wear to expel the ghosts from my bag. "If you do not want to show up, then I will use a crude way to get you out!"
A moment later I saw a spirit out from Yuko’s body. A girl sitting on the bed, more precisely on top of Yuko’s body.
"You really noisy!" Her head was bowed, but from the way she spoke I knew that she was angry.
"Who are you?"
She raised her head slowly and then looked at me. Her eyes were so cold. A moment later she smiled a little. Not a friendly smile, but rather a sadistic smile. "Maeda ... Atsuko."

--- ## ---

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Is Acchan present when the accident happened too? ...  :nervous Can you give me spoilers? lol

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I was wondering where my comment went... Turns out I forgot to click Post. XD Anyway....


Is Acchan present when the accident happened too? ...  :nervous Can you give me spoilers? lol

ACCHAN'S INSIDE YUKO...  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Instead of a hug can I kiss you instead? XD XD XD  :shakeit:

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Erkhem, anyway. Acchan is in Yuko's body eh? I assume that, it's the reason why Yuko can't enter her body. But why is Acchan in Yuko's body?
So many unanswered questions.. Hope to see an update soon!
Thank you for your hard work!
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EH EH.... Atsuko is the one preventing Yuko to go back to her body


Atsuko seemed like a vengeful ghost...

Have personal hate for Yuko....

Is she a ghost or a spirit like Yuko?

What's going on next?

Can't wait to know about the past between Yuko and Atsuko.

How is it that Minami related with Yuko and Atsuko?

Or there is no relation at all?

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I want to know how Kojipa will help Yuko return to her hody

And Atsuko in Yuko body?!?
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@jhom_09: here my update!!!
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Chapter 3

"Who are you?"
She raised her head slowly and then looked at me. Her eyes were so cold. A moment later she smiled a little. Not a friendly smile, but rather a sadistic smile. "Maeda ... Atsuko."

Maeda Atsuko? Somehow this name was so familiar to me. I like've heard this name before. But where and when, I really do not remember.
"Why are you could be in Yuko's body?"
"Why do I have to answer questions from you?" She smiled sadistically again.
"Because you are in the body of my friend."
"Ah, you're a friend of her too? I think she has only one friend. For one year I was here, there was only one person who always visit her. Even her parents rarely see her." She chuckled. “Poor girl."
"Taking over the human body that aims to control the body, it is forbidden!"
She laughed for a while and then fell silent. "I don’t care."
"If you do not want to come out from Yuko’s body, I would really force you, even if I have to burn you!" I tried to threaten her.
"Forcing me to out?" She laughed again. "Even to touch this body you can not."
Shit! She underestimate me!
I walked to the corner of the room to take a glass that is located next to the water container. I dipped my talisman into it and then pray like my grandfather taught to me. "You want to try it?" I smiled at her. "Maybe it can not make you out, but at least it makes you feel a little burned. How?"
"Wait!" She was panicked. "You're really a ghost repellent?" Her cruel face from the beginning she showed to me suddenly change and become like an ordinary girl’s face whose was scared.
"After all this happened, do I need to explain it to you?" I walked over. "Maybe I can't to touch Yuko’s body, but that does not mean I can not to splash this water at you."
"You really cruel!"
"Who is the one that is cruel here? Me or you? You take over another person's body, is not that a very cruel deed? You do not know how Yuko suffering out there!"
"Do you think only Yuko who suffers? Me too!" She raised her voice. "I also suffer! Do you think I want to live in a situation like this?!"
"What do you mean?" I put the glass back in place, then I sat on a chair beside the bed.
"If it was not because of ignorance of this girl, I would not be like this! Maybe I can still play and have fun with my friends!" She covered her face with her palms for a moment, then she continued. "I die because of this stupid girl!"
I tilted my head and trying to figure out what she mean from her words. "You die because Yuko?"
"This stupid girl suddenly in the middle of the road when I'm driving. I was shocked and tried to avoid her, but my car overturned on the roadside!" She looks so emotional. "Because of my injuries were so severe, I ended up dead at the crime scene. I could not be saved. I could not get back into my body. Then I see this girl's body was lying in the middle of the road with a fairly serious injury. But the medical team was giving her oxygen, that means she can still be saved. I left my body for granted and follow this girl's body to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, I went straight into the body of this girl. I do not want to die. I still want to live. I do not care that I have to live with the body of another person!" She screamed hysterically.
"You are really selfish." I crossed my arms. "Whatever the reason, it can not be justified. You will live as Yuko. Can you happy with it all?"
"I don’t care. This girl must be responsible!"
I sighed and tried patience with this ghost. I'm sure when she was alive she was not an ordinary girl, because it is unlikely an ordinary girl could have such power. "How old are you when you are driving a car?"
"16 years old."
I smile. "I bet that you do not have a driver's license."
"But I could drive the car!"
"Really?" I stood up from the chair and then sat on the edge of the bed. "If you really can driving, you should be able to avoid Yuko without having to hit her and get your car overturned on the roadside. I'm sure you're driving at high speed."
"Even a professional, if there is someone who suddenly appeared in the middle of the road of course would be shocked and it is difficult to control the car!"
She was right. This is not purely her fault. Yuko and Maeda equally wrong. Yuko not careful because she want to saved a cat and Maeda drove at high speed.
"You're right." I turned my face to Yuko who lying next to me. They are young, just like me, but already undergoing in this difficult problem.
Maeda lay back down into Yuko's body. "Hey, I have not finished talking." No answer from her. "Hey, Maeda! We need to talk!"
Maeda back outside and sat as before with her annoyed face. "You really noisy!" She hissed. "I must learning and concentrating. If you continue to disturb me, I'll never finish!"
"I'm learning to control the body of this girl, so I can live again." She smiled.
"Hey, it's not allowed. Then how about Yuko?"
"Mah, I don't care." She re-entered and it looks like she really does not care about Yuko conditions.
"Maeda! Out from Yuko's body now! Or I'll force you!"
I heard she laugh. "You sure you want me out now, huh?" She out again. "See?" She pointed toward a monitor beside her. "This is move because I was in the Yuko's body." She jumped out of bed. "See?" And it shows the flat line.
"He-hey, get back!" Maeda back into Yuko's body with smile.
"How? Still want me to come out now?"
That's weird.
"Do you think it's strange?" Shit. She was like reading my mind. "Hmm ... maybe if I went out, this body can still survive, but not for long. If Yuko does not come within the allotted time, then she will die. Yes, we're both going to die. Not a problem for me, because this is more fair."
"Why do not you try to go back to your own body?"
She rolled her eyes. "I already told you. When I try, I can not."
"Why do not you try it again now?"
"Hellooo miss, it's been a year, maybe my body had rotted or even have become bones. I do not want to live as a zombie or a ghost bone! It was not funny at all!"
It's really difficult. On the one hand I feel sorry for Yuko, but on the other hand I'm sorry to Maeda too. What should I do?
"Sorry miss, visiting hours are up. Please leave the room." A nurse warned me about visiting hours.
"Hai." I picked up my bag and walked toward the door. "My name is Kojima Haruna."
"I'm not asked." Her short answer.
"Damn you, Maeda!"
"Damn you, too, Kojima-chan ~."

---- ## ---

I skipped first and second lesson because I felt very sleepy. I pretended to be unwell and sleep in the infirmary. I went back to class when the break time arrived. When I was in front the door, I saw Yuko was pacing in the back of the class. She was seen being worried about something.
When she saw me standing in front the door, she ran to me. "My Nyannyaaaann ~." She spread her arms as she want to hug me. I walked past her, I penetrate Yuko's body. "Ah ~ I want to hug you." She pouted and walked behind followed me to my seat. "I thought you were not coming. I was very worried. Did something happen today? Are you alright? Where have you been? Why did you skip class?" I sat without answering any questions from her. "Nyannyan? Do you hear me? Nyannyan? My Nyannyan?" Yuko waved her hand in front of my face. I still can not answer that, because I feel that there are classmates who from the beginning I walked into the classroom, she noticed me. I do not want her to see me to talk alone.
"Nyannyan ..." Yuko knelt beside my desk. "Are you not able to see and hear me anymore?" Yuko looks so sad. She was clutching her chest and looked to the floor. "I really had no expectations." Yuko stood up and walked to where she usually resides.

Moments later, the girl who had been watching me walking toward my desk. She sat in the empty seat in front of me. "Hey." She greeted me.
"Hey." I smiled.
She held out her hand. "My name is Akimoto Sayaka." I welcome it. "Kojima Haruna."
"I often see you in the temple, in fact I often seeing you being swept there. Do you guard the temple?"
"Actually, who guard the temple it was my grandfather, but a few years ago he died, so I take his place now."
"Waaa, that's cool!"
I do not know what the purpose of this girl in front of me. Cool? Where the part she called cool? I feel that it is a matter of course.
"Hey, have you ever heard of a ghost story in this school?" She whispered to me.
She nodded enthusiastically. "Senior said, there used to be a girl, after school she was hit by a car, her spirit still roaming in this school because she had a problem that has not been completed." I glanced at Yuko. I know she heard about this conversation. Her face was sadder than the last time I see. She was standing near window and looked out, the same as when I saw her the first time.
I pretended to laugh. "I do not believe such a thing."
"Heeehhh." She pouted. "I know you often leave the classroom when it's already dark. You are not afraid if suddenly a ghosts appear in front of you?"
"Umm ... I'm human, so I do not need to be afraid of ghosts."
"Ah, maybe because you are a temple guard, so ghosts afraid of you. Or maybe because you've seen a ghost at the temple?"
I laugh. "What are you talking about?" I shook my head. "Look, the teacher has come."
She turned toward the door and then stood up. "Bye, Kojima-san." I nodded.

After the lesson is finished, I approached Yuko who still standing in the usual place. She stared blankly out the window. I do not like to see it. I do not like Yuko's sad face, because somehow it makes me feel hurt.
I stood behind her and then wrapped my arms around her little body. "I'm sorry, Yuuchan."
She seemed surprised by my sudden action. "Nyannyan? You can still see me?" I nodded. "I thought you were not able to see and hear me anymore. Why you not answered questions from me earlier?"
"You see the girl who had spoken in front of me when break time?" She nodded. "From the beginning I walked into the classroom, she continued to noticed me. I do not want to if she knows that I'm talking to you. You know, not everyone can see you." She nodded her head again. "Sorry to make you worry."
"It's okay." She turned her face to see me and smile, but I could still see the sadness in her eyes.
"What makes you so look sad today?" I tightened my arms. She shook her head. "Did I make you sad?"
"Eh? Of course not. Nyannyan not make me sad. Ever since I met nyannyan, I feel very happy."
"So, what makes you sad?" Yuko bowed her head. "Gossip at this school about your whereabouts?" She nodded.
"I'm not a ghost, nyannyan. And I'm not dead." She said in a hoarse voice.
"I know." I took Yuko's hand and making it wrapped her own body with my hand on top of her hand and holding her hand tightly. "Do not worry, everything will be fine. I am here. I'll help you until you get back to your body." I heard a little sob. "Hey, do not cry. I'm here." I stroked her hand softly.
"Thank you." I nodded. "Mmm ... about yesterday, did you find my body?"
"Let's talk about it tomorrow." I do not want to make Yuko more sadder today. I want to find out more about Maeda and find a way out before tell it to Yuko.
"Today ... I want to enjoy the sunset ... with you." Yuko smiled and nodded.

--- ## ---

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Chapter 4

"Kojima-san!" I heard someone call me when I came out of the school building and passes the field. I looked back and saw Akimoto-san ran to me.
"You go home late again." She smiled at me. Looks like she's finished doing the exercises, because in her hand I saw a basketball.
"Un. There is something I need to finish." I tried to find a reason.
"What is it?" She looked like she was interrogated me.
"Just stuff. Umm ... sorry, I must go home now." I turned my feet toward the gate, but Akimoto-san still followed me.
"I want to go home too. What if we go home together?"
"Umm ... maybe next time. Before returning home, I will go to some place."
"Where are you going? Want me to accompany?"
"No need. I'm used to go alone. But thank you." I like her manner friendly to me, but somehow I feel that her affability have a specific purpose.
"All right then." I nodded. "By the way, I saw you standing at the window." She turned and pointed toward my classroom window. Ah, shit, I did not realize that I can be seen from the field clearly if standing there. "You looks like talking to someone. Who?"
"Maybe you're mistaken. I did not talk to anyone. I just stood near window because I like seeing the sunset from there."
"Really?" Is it true that I thought this girl trying to find out about me?
"Sorry, I'm in a hurry. See you tomorrow." I waved my hand before accelerating my pace.

--- ## ---

I came back to the hospital to see Yuko’s body and continue the conversation with Maeda. As I entered her room, still same as yesterday, there was no one there. I wonder, where Yuko’s family? Why none of them came here? If her family did not know that Yuko be here? Or maybe they are too busy working?
I sat in a chair near the bed. "Maeda. Let's talk again." There was no response. "Maeda. Are you deaf?"
"Geez, you again. Until when are you going to continue to come here? You really bothers me!" Maeda sitting on the bed.
"I'm not going to stop coming here before Yuko could return to her body."
She sighed. "It will not ever happen."
"Because soon I’ll be able to use this body. My learning process to master this body is almost complete. When the time comes, I'll wake up, I'll live ... as Yuko."
"I do not understand your way of thinking, Maeda."
"You do not need to understand, Kojima."
I turned around when suddenly the door opened and someone behind me stunned saw me were inside. "Ko ... Kojima-san?"
"What are you doing here?" She walked in and approached me were still near Yuko’s body. "Sit down, it's okay." She smiled.
"I ... umm ... I visit Yuko."
"So, you know Yuko?" I nodded. "Why Yuko never told me about you?" She pouted. "Since when did you know Yuko?" Duh. Why did she ask so much!
"Umm ... about a year ago, before Yuko had an accident." Sorry senpai, I have to lie, because it is impossible for me to tell the truth. It's impossible if I say that I met Yuko's spirit in the classroom and we are friends now.
"Heeehh, but almost every day I was with Yuko, but I've never seen you before. Geez, Yuko have other friends but I was not informed. Later when she was awake, I would pinch her cheeks." Takahashi senpai look at Yuko and smiling. From the way she sees Yuko, I knew that she was very fond of Yuko. But I do not know, she loved as a friend or a lover. "How long are you here?"
"A moment ago."
"Almost every day I came here, but this is the first time I see you here."
"Umm ... yeah, maybe we come in different hours."
"Ah, yes, that's right. I am a regular here during the day."
"Senpai, you don't have activity at the council?" I tried to change the subject.
"Not as much as before, I've been the third grade, I only help to monitor. Soon, the post of president council will change to students in grade two, I'm just still need to guide them."
I glanced toward the bed where Yuko's body is located, Maeda still sitting and she never took her gaze to Takahashi-senpai.
"Takahashi-san? Can we talk for a minute?" A doctor speaking from the front door slightly open. Takahashi- senpai nodded and then followed the doctor.
"Why do you see Takahashi-senpai like that?"
"That is none of your business."
"Do you like her?"
"Of course not! Baka!"
"I do not want to talk to you again!" Maeda back into Yuko’s body.

--- ## ---

Takamina POV

It's been more than a year after the accident occurred, but Yuko still not awakened from her coma. Even the doctors had almost given up. Heck, it's one year! Unless Yuko has been in a coma for ten years, then they should give up!
I never gave up hope that someday Yuko could woke up and she can lead a normal life again. I wish we could be together again. Went to school together, play together, doing crazy things together, laugh together. Unless a shared bathroom, I would never want to do it together. She had a nasty side were outstanding!

Yuko is a good friend of mine, as well as neighbors. Since childhood, we were always together. Yuko often eat and stay at my house because Yuko’s parents always busy working. And her little sister, Oshima Ryoka. I do not know where she is now. She went out of the house before the accident happened and never come back again. She just left a message that her parents and Yuko not need to find her. She will seek a better life out there. Yuko cry for several days because Ryoka. Yuko was so struck because Ryoka flee from home. She was angry with her parents, as well as to Yuko, her older sister. Yuko don't know what was thought by Ryoka. And that makes me really wonder why Yuko's parents are not trying to find where Ryoka. They looks like does not matter. Even now, they rarely visit Yuko. They only occasionally visit. What is in their minds? Yuko and Ryoka is their daughter. Yes, probably because they are in the process of divorce. They are busy with their own affairs and forget their two daughters.

"Takahashi-san, can we talk for a minute?" A doctor called me.
I nodded. "Kojima-san, excuse me for a moment."
I followed the doctor to her room. We sat face to face. And then the doctor gave me some sheets of paper. The doctor who had been caring for Yuko.
"Yuko absolutely no progress."
"But this is just one year, doctor. We still have a lot of hope."
"I know. But ... " The doctor looked thoughtful. "Please open the last piece of it."
I obey the doctor's orders. This last sheet containing about Yuko care costs.
"Forgive me, Takahashi-san. But it has been four months, Yuko's parents did not pay the cost of care. I've asked the administration to provide the time, but they continue to urge to immediately inform about the clarity of the continuation of nursing Yuko." My hands were shaking. My mouth was open, but no words came out of my mouth.
"Takahashi-san, I'll help any way I can." The doctor held my hand tightly. "We can do the treatment at home, perhaps it could reduce the cost of hiring a room."
I started to cry remembering how unfortunately the fate of my friend. "But I'm going to ask for more time to the hospital. That way you can find out where Yuko's parents, maybe they forgot to transfer costs." I could only nod my head and then out of the doctor's office.

When I returned to Yuko’s room, I see Kojima-san was standing beside Yuko. She pulled Yuko’s shirt collar, as if trying to harm Yuko. Instantly I was running and release Kojima-san’s hand from Yuko shirt.
"What are you doing?!"
She looks panicked. "I ... I just ..."
"Get away from Yuko!" I pushed Kojima-san.
"Senpai ... I ..."
"Tell me, who are you exactly? Do you get paid by Yuko’s parents to kill her?"
"Senpai, how can you think like that?"
"Then why do you treat Yuko’s body like that?"
"I just wanted to help Yuko."
"Helping what? Helping to release her life in a way to kill her?"
"Of course not. She is my friend!"
"Senpai ..."
"Get out now, Kojima-san!" Kojima-san picked up her bag and then walked out.

I do not know if I'm doing it right or not. My mind was in disarray. I am scared. What if I can not find Yuko’s parents? Where did I get that much money for nursing Yuko? I could not possibly ask for money to my parents. They are not wealthy.
I sat beside Yuko bed and justify her shirt a little messy because of Kojima-san. I wondered whether Yuko’s parents told Kojima-san to kill Yuko so they do not bear too much burden of medical expenses Yuko? Is it possible that they could be so cruel? Am I too many watch movies? But Kojima-san, who is she? Why is she suddenly appeared? And why did she treat Yuko like that? She pulled Yuko and screaming.
I will often come here to make sure that no one who intends to harm Yuko. But if I'm here, how I'm looking for Yuko’s parents?

--- ## ---

Shit. It's all because Maeda! If she wants to go out with a good way, as usual, all this may not happen. And one thing that makes me really upset, how can Takahashi-senpai thought that I was a murderer? Does my face like a killer?
How do I explain to Takashi-senpai that I met Yuko spirit? It is impossible. She was not just going to think I’m a killer, but a crazy too.
What should I tell to Yuko tomorrow? She would shower me with questions. How should I answer it? I did not want her to be sad.
It was dark. I climbed the stairs at the shrine to get to my house. From a distance I saw a girl sitting with a cat on my doorstep. As I approached, she stood up and then ran toward me.
"Mako?" She held me very tightly. "Eh? Mako?"
"Oneechan think who am I? Ghosts? Geez, oneechan too much play with ghosts and this is the result." She pouted, but her hand was still wrapped around my waist.
"What are you doing here?"
"What? Oneechan, why do you ask like that? At least you could ask how I was doing, or saying "Mako-chan, I miss you" or it could be "Ah, Mako-chan, you look more cute now" or ... " I shut her mouth before she speaks more.
"Do not be noisy, you can disturb the ghosts around here." I teased.
"Oneechan, do not scare me." She buried her head in my chest. "Wow!"
"What?" Mako look into my chest.
"Why I did not have anything like this? I want to have as big as oneechan!"
I sighed and pulled Mako to go into the house.
"Oneechan, I'm waiting for a very long time with Mikki."
"You could have told me before coming here."
"I want give you a surprise."
"What surprise?"
"It’s me."
"Oneechan! Geez, oneechan looks like did not like my coming." She pouted and get rid of the food that is in front of her.
I rubbed her head. "Oneechan just worried because you come here alone. What if in the way of anyone bothering you?"
"I will be fine. I'm not a child."
"Precisely because you are not a child, oneechan so worried. You've grown big and cute, a lot of men out there who might be interested to you or even have bad intentions towards you."
"Aww ... oneechan can also talk sweet."
I sighed back. Somehow her smile and her behavior reminds me of something, um ... or perhaps someone.
"Eat and then sleeping. Oneechan very tired today."
"Where have you been? Dating? Ghost hunting?"
"You talk too much, Mako." I picked up the bread and put it in her mouth.
"Oneechnmt, youh cnt do askjha sh." I do not know what she was talking about. I just smiled and went into the bathroom.

--- ## ---

Maeda POV

I know this sounds cruel. But I still want to live. I do not want to die young. I still want to have fun. I do not care if I have to live in someone else's body. It's like I threw one stone and get two birds. I get a new body, and it is possible for me to get Minami.
Soon, I will be fully mastered this body. The doctors will definitely surprised to see Yuko who suddenly awoke from her coma and could dance on the floor. Ha ha ha.
I will not let Kojima destroy my plans. There is no one who can stop me. Maeda Atsuko.

--- ## ---

"I will not be able to sleep if you hug me like this, Mako." She held me in bed like a koala.
"Try it, you'll be asleep by itself."
"Why did you come here all of a sudden?"
"Mama told me to look at your condition and mama wants oneechan to go home. She was very worried about you."
"Next week I'm going home."
"But the intent is mama wanted oneechan to stay at home, rather than in the temple."
"If I have to stay at home, that means I have to moved schools again. I do not want it. I just moved. "
"What if after oneechan graduate?"
"I'll think about it."
"Un." Mako buried her head in my neck. "Nee, oneechan ..."
"Have you ever been in love?"
I turned towards Mako and smiled. "Are you falling in love?"
Mako off her arms and covered her face with her palms. "I do not."
"Tell me." Mako still shaking her head and covered her face. "Hey. Tell me." I'm trying to get rid of her hand from her face. "Who's the lucky boy?" Suddenly she stopped what she was doing. "Hm?"
She pouted and then back to hug me. "Oneechan, what if I love a girl?"
"Oneechan, please keep this secret from mama." I laughed. "Why oneechan laugh?!" She looks upset.
"It's nothing." Mako sighed. Her face looked sad. "It does not matter to oneechan. It is okay. Everything will be alright. There is nothing wrong with love. "
"What if mama scold me?"
"Do not worry. Oneechan here for you." I stroked her hair. "Who is that girl?"
"My classmates."
"Her name?"
"Owada Nana."
"Is she cute?"
"Un. But ... "
"My classmates liked her too. She was very frightening. She rarely speaks."
"How do you know that she likes Owada-san too?"
"She told me directly. She came to my desk and then said  "Kojima-san, I love Owada too," and then walked away.
"What should I do?"
"If Owada-san has not belonged to your friend, you still have a chance to get her. You must fight for her!"
"Oneechan, thank you, you're the best, I love you." Mako kissing my face.
"Mou ... Mako, stop it!"
"And how about oneechan? Do oneechan have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Or maybe someone who oneechan love?"
Suddenly I remembered what had happened after school today. When I embraced Yuko from behind and put my head on her shoulder. Her little body look perfect to me. We see the sunset from the window. Really romantic as I often dreamed of.
"Oneechan? Oooiii? Do you hear me?" Mako waved her hand in front of my face. "Ah, you blush! Who is oneechan thinking?"
"Yuko." Unconsciously I whispered Yuko’s name.
"Ah, no. I just suddenly thought about friend."
"Really? But why do you blush?"
She started teasing. "Un. My friend. She's very similar to you."
I nodded. "Your face is like her when you're smiling. And she was also very active, just like you."
"Nee oneechan ... maybe when I was a baby, I swapped with another baby."
"You watch too many movies!" I flicked her forehead softly.
"What if it's true?"
"No. That will never happen. You are my little sister! No one shall take you away from me!" I hugged her tightly.
"Aww oneechan ... I know you missed me too. Then give me a kiss, oneechan~"
"Shut up or you're sleeping outside, Mako."

--- ## ---

"Nyannyaaaaaaannnnnn!!!!" It's looks like I repeat about last night when Mako ran and then hugged me. The difference is Yuko can not touched me. Perhaps this is what makes me feel so close to Yuko and do not like seeing Yuko sad. Her face was similar like my little sister. No more than that. "What? Why I still can not touch you?" Yuko pouted and followed me from behind until I sat down in my chair. I pulled my phone out of my bag and pretended to call, as usual. "Nee nyannyan, after school, let cuddle as yesterday. Uwaaahhh ... see the sunset while nyannyan hugged me from behind is the most beautiful thing in my life. And wait, yesterday nyannyan called me Yuuchan, right? Aww ... I was deeply feeling touched nyannyan. Nyannyan give a cute nickname for me." Yuko pretended to wipe her cheeks as if there are tears dripping.

"What happened to you, my Nyannyan? Why do you look pale? Do you not sleep well last night? Are the mosquitoes disturb your sleep? Ah, shit! Mosquitoes! How dare they interfere my Nyannyan!" Yuko clenching her hands and pretended to be angry.
"Are you done?"
"Hihi .. I was just too worried, nyannyan."
"I just lack of sleep because ..."
"Wa .."
"Shut up and let me continue my story!"
"Ah, sorry. Please. Feel free."
"Because last night my little sister stay at my place. She is very noisy like you. And the last thing in the morning I had to take her to the station to return home. She had school today. She ninth grade." Yuko just nodded her head. "You may speak now." She smiled broadly.
"Waaaa ... Nyannyan’s little sister. Is she cute like you?"
"Un. She's cute and when she smiles, her face like you."
Yuko snapped her fingers. "I can confirm that your little sister is very cute, nyannyan!"
"Because she is like me. Yeah!"
And she start her strangely behavior. Yuko dancing strange and singing a song I had never heard before. "I know I'm cute, smart, and unpretentious. That is why nyannyan loved me so much and did not want to let me go. Yeah ... owoo ... uooo ... "
"Why are you so confident? And when did I ever say that I love you?"
"Don't you deny what was said by your heart ~" She was still singing a strange song. "Tell me ... do it ... hug me ... kiss me ... make me yours ... forever ~"
"Yuko ..."
"Ouwooo ... uwoo ... uwoo ..." She still sings.
"Yeah, I heard the voice of an angel calling me ~"
"Yuko! If you do not stop singing, I'll make you die for a second time!" Suddenly she stopped and bowed her head.
"I'm not dead yet." Oh my stupid mouth, why I say things like this to Yuko.
"Yuko ... I'm sorry. I did not mean it."
"Yuuchan ... call me Yuuchan."
I sighed and grabbed her wrist to make her sit on my lap. "I'm sorry, Yuuchan."
Yuko put her arm around my neck and buried her head in my hair. She was not aware that I was allowing her to touched me. It's very easy for me to let Yuko touch or can not touch me. I have that power.
"Nyannyan ..."
"When I woke up from my coma, can I hug you like this again?"
"Un. You may hug me like this." I rubbed her back softly.
"Do nyannyan still want to be my friends even though I'm behind the class?"
"Of course, I do not care that Yuuchan is my junior or senior."
"Thank you."
But the reality suddenly hits me. When Yuko woke up from her coma, she will not remember about all this. Maybe she'll just think of me as a stranger.
"Nyannyan? Are you okay?" Yuko put her hands on my face. "Why nyannyan look sad?"
"Umm ... Yuuchan ..." Yuko patiently waiting for me to continue in my words. "Maybe when you wake up from your coma ... you will not remember all of this. About me or the other."
She smiled. "You do not have to worry about it. It's easy for me to be able to love you again, nyannyan. I'm sure, when I wake up and I see you, I will immediately love you." She hugged me again. "Nee, nyannyan ..."
"Does this mean when I woke up from my coma, you officially become my girlfriend?"
"What? I do not say things like that?"
"Heeehhh ... but ... I know you love me~"
"I never told you!"
"Then tell me now~"
"Do not want. Stupid squirrel!" I crossed my arms.
"Nyan Nyan ... please do not be angry. Forgive me. You do not have to think about this seriously. We can continue our wonderful love story when I was already awake. Okay?"
"I would never think of what you said now seriously! Never! Baka!"
"Aww ... kawaiiiii." Yuko laugh and then kissed me on the cheek.
"Yu ... Yuuchan!" Yuko jumped from my lap to avoid my smack.
"Kojima-san ... there is someone looking for you." A classmate yelled from the front door. When I turned toward the voice, I saw Takahashi-senpai standing at the door.
"Takamina?" Yuko looked surprised to see Takahashi-senpai in front of the class.
"Nyannyan? You know her?" I just nodded and then walked to Takahashi-senpai. "Why have you never told me that you know Takamina? Why did she call you? What would you talk about? Nyannyan? Answer me! Ah, wait, I just realized that I can touch you!" Yuko stop and look at her palms  "I can touch nyannyan!" She jumped for joy. "Nyannyan, wait, take me with you!" Yuko chased me who already running out of the classroom. "Nyannyan!" Yuko shouted from the window class.

--- ## ---

Takahashi-senpai took me to the roof of the school. The roof of the school is very quiet, there were only two of us. We stand at the edge of the roof of the school.
"Tell me about the truth." Without further ado Takahashi-senpai asked me.
"I'm not a killer and I did not intend to kill Yuko. And one more thing, I have never met with Yuko's parents. So if senpai thought that Yuko's parents told me to kill Yuko, it's wrong!"
"I'll try to believe that you have never met with her parents. But ... are you really intend to kill Yuko?"
"How many times do I have to say, I would never do dirty things like that! Yuko is my friend! Can not you believe it?"
“Then why are you doing rude things Yuko’s body? I'm not hurting Yuko, but ..."
I held my forehead and tried to think how to say it to Takashi-senpai. Do I have to say the truth? But I do not know where to start.
"Senpai ... before I answer this question. Can I ask you something?"
"Please believe me. I'm not a liar or a crazy. I will say the truth. It may not make sense, but it is the truth." I decided to tell Takahashi-senpai about all this, maybe with this, my path to help Yuko will become easier.
Takahashi-senpai nodded. "Tell me."
"I'm friends with Yuko when I moved to this school."
"That's impossible, Yuko accident before you move to this school!"
"I met Yuko's spirits who are still in the classroom."
"Are you crazy?"
"Senpai, I have the ability to see ghosts. I saw Yuko stand behind the class and then I made friends with her. She told me that her body is in the hospital, that's why I can know where Yuko's body."
"Please stop, Kojima-san." Takahashi-senpai started to cry. "Do not make up stories that made me sad, Yuko is not dead yet. She is still have a hope for life. "
I rubbed her shoulder. "I did not say that Yuko is dead. Yuko is still alive, that's why her spirit still exists in the world." Takahashi-senpai stopped crying and looked at me with eyes in disbelief. "What do you mean?"
"Yuko can not go back into her body."
"There are other spirits that occupy her body."
"She tried to control Yuko's body so she could live again."
"Wait! I still can not believe with you completely."
"Okay. I will make you able to see Yuko after school. How?"
Takahashi-senpai eyes wide open. "Are you serious?"
I nodded. "If this is the only way to be able to make you believe me."
"Okay. Then what will happen if the spirit can master Yuko's body?"
"She will live as Yuko and Yuko ..." I shook my head. I was not able to continue on my words.
"What will happen to Yuko?!" Takashi-senpai looks angry.
"Yu ... Yuko’s spirit will disappear, and ... and she will ... die."
"Do you know the name of that spirit?!"
"Maeda Atsuko."
"Maeda Atsuko? Acchan?"
"Un. You know her?"
But then I realized that it was not Takahashi-senpai's voice. We do not know that there are other people who had been listening to our conversation. When I turned to look for the origin of the voice, I saw someone out from behind a small wall in the corner of the roof of the school.
“A ... Akimoto ... san ...”

--- ## ---

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