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Author Topic: The Reason I Became Crazy(Kojiyuu,Atsumina,Marimii, and others)-Ch. 3 (12/1/16)  (Read 11211 times)

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This is my second fic, I hope you can enjoy it.  :mon innocent:
Ah, should I finish my first fic, but I want a refresher, that's why I'm writing this, then I will resume my first fic.  :mon determined:

Chapter 1

"Yosh ... yosh ... yosh." I checked my school supplies in my bag. Once everything is ready, I left my room and headed for the dining room. My mother was preparing breakfast for me.
"Okaa-chan, Ohayo." I kissed my mother who was standing next to the refrigerator.
"Ah, my soulmate, Ohayo."
I sat and began to eat my food.
My mother was a very remarkable. Although she was a single parent and had to work hard, but she was always there for me. She is the best mother in the world.
"Is your book is complete?"
"All right, then quickly go to school." I nodded. "And do not forget to bring your bento."
"OK!" I stretch my thumb and ran out of the house, but then my mother shouted. "My girl, do not run, I know you're so excited to meet your cute senpai, but safety is number one."
"Haaaaaii." I took my bike that was in the garage next to the house and then pedaled to school.
Ah, this morning the air was so fresh. I accidentally left early because I was too excited to meet my super extra mega cute senpai. Yesterday was Sunday so I can not see her. Although it was only one day, but I already miss her very much.
I accelerate the pace bike and do not forget I put the headset in my ear. I play my favorite song. Heavy Rotation.
I want you ...
I need you ...
I love you ...

I used to sing it in front of my senpai, but she was always avoid me and say I'm crazy. Suck a tsundere!

Without me realizing, I was near the school gate. From a distance I saw my friend, Miichan walk with Yuki and Rena. I drove quickly to approach them. When I was near I slapped Miichan’s ass.
"Kyaaa ... pervert!" Miichan shout. I turned my head and laugh. I still ride my bike without stopping past the school gate, and then I headed to the parking area.
I was pedaling too fast until I was confused to halt it.
"Watch out!" A girl who was parked her bike jump to avoid me.
"Phew." I sighed. The girl glared at me. "Baka, are you trying to kill me?"
"Uh?" I did not hear what she was saying because I was wearing a headset. I take it off. "What do you say?"
She rolled her eyes. "Forget it."
This girl is my classmate. Maeda Atsuko. This cute girl is so innocent and shy. My friends say like that. But somehow I do not really trust. My mother always told me, do not judge a person from the outside. Umm ... but since she is my best friend, I'll try to believe it.
"Hey, why are you smiling yourself?" Acchan put her hand on my forehead. "It seems like there is something wrong with your brain."
"Not my brain." I looked at the school gate. "But my heart." I held onto my chest.
Acchan followed my gaze to the school gate and then she smirked. "What would you ..." Acchan not finished her word but I've ran toward the school gates to welcome the arrival of my beloved senpai. Looks like she did not realize I ran up to her because she was busy playing with her phone.
"Senpaiiiii!" I ran and then hugged her. "I miss you so much!" I tried to kiss her.
"W-what are you doing? Get off me!"
"I miss you." I tightened my arms.
"Kojima, let me go!"
Suddenly someone pulled my collar shirt. "Please forgive my friend, Oshima-senpai. She's a little crazy. Excuse me." Acchan pulled me away from Yuko.
"Mooouu ... yadaaaa ... Yuuchaaaannn ... I want to be with Yuuchan." I shouted along the way as Acchan pulled me.
"Shut up, Haruna." I walked backwards because Acchan pull my collar shirt from behind.
"Acchan, you're ruining my day."
"Stop bothering anyone in the morning." Acchan keep her hands off my collar shirt when we were up in the classroom.
"Well, then I'll see Yuko-senpai during the day or night.” I smiled and Acchan rolled her eyes.
"Whatever." Acchan sitting next to me. While I was still standing while imagining Yuko cute face.
Suddenly a girl ran to me. She hugged me and then kissed my cheek. "Ohayo, onee-chan! How is your morning? Have you met with Yuko-senpai?" Jurina greeted me and her hand still on my waist.
“First of all, Ohayo, kiddo. Second, Acchan ruin my sweet moments with Yuuchan." I pouted. "And third, stop calling me onee-chan because I'm not your sister." I removed Jurina’s hand from my waist. "And what are you doing here? Yous class are not here. Here the second class."
"Wa ... wa ... wa ... Haruna-neechan, you like making a speech." Jurina chuckled. "But I want to have a cute sister like you, so I could kiss you every day."
"Monster kisser!" I flicked Jurina’s forehead. "You have not answered my question."
"First I'm here to kiss Rena-chan, secondly I want to kiss you, but since Rena-chan has not come, then I kiss you first."
I shook my head. "Pervert."
"Huh? Pervert?" Jurina chuckled. "But at least I do not like groping the breasts of others."
"Huh?" I tilted my head.
"I'm still better because I just like kissing, but you, you're like to groping Yuko-senpai breasts, right?" I blushed and Jurina laughed. Then Jurina put her arm around my shoulders and whispered in my ear. "It's okay, you do it with love, right?" I nodded. "Good."
Then she let go of her hand and ran toward the door. "Rena-chaaaaaannn." Jurina hugging and kissing Rena. Just as much as I did earlier.
"Jurina, let me go!" Rena tried to pull Jurina’s hand.
"I miss you." Jurina put her puppy eyes. Rena sighed and then patted Jurina head slowly.
"I know, but now let me sit down first." Jurina release Rena. Rena walked to her seat and Jurina following from behind.
"Ha-ru-na." I heard someone hiss. I turned and Miichan walked over to me. "How dare you harass me in public." Miichan pinched my cheek.
"Ittai ... Ittai ... Miichan ittai." I'm trying to let go of Miichan’s hand.
"It's punishment for naughty cat like you."
"Miichan, stop it." Miichan let go of her hand.
"Thank you, Acchan." I sat on her lap and hugged Acchan. "You have saved my life from Gachapin monster."
"Stop dramatize, Haruna." Acchan hit my head.
"Please give a way to my princess." I heard someone talking while entering the classroom. I let go of my arms and turned toward the door. I saw Yuki into the classroom with Mayu-chan. Cyborg girl. Jurina classmates.
"Mou, Mayuyu, you do not need to do that."
"I just want to protect you, Yukirin." Mayu-chan glanced at me. "From those nasty around here."
Yuki sat on her chair and Mayu-chan standing next to Yuki.
"It's almost time to class, Mayuyu."
Mayu-chan nodded. "All right, I'll go back to my classroom, but please contact me if there is someone trying to bother you."
"Un." Yuki nodded. She stood up and then kissed Mayu-chan’s cheek. Mayu-chan blushed. I do not think that a cyborg girl could be blushed.
Mayu-chan walked away, but when it was nearing the door, she back again. "Jurina, back to class!" Mayu-chan pulled Jurina's arm who was sitting on the Rena’s lap.

--- ## ---

"What's wrong with your face?" Takamina patted my shoulder from behind. "In the morning you've looked upset."
"Shit! I'm going to school in the morning to avoid the crazy cat, my prediction turned out to be wrong. She came up earlier than me."
Takamina chuckled. "Kojima-san, huh?"
"Who else?"
Takamina nodded. "Nee Yuko, after school, can you and Mari-chan came to the student council room? There's something I want to talk." Takamina turned into a serious face.
"What is the problem?"
Takamina put her arm around my shoulder and caressing it. "Later you will know."
When up in front of the principal's office, Takamina said goodbye to me. "I have a need to principals, you go to the class first." I nodded.
Takamina is president of the student council. She is a smart girl. Even at her young age, she has tremendous authority. The teachers and students in this school are very honor to her.

That's why ... I love her.

--- ## ---

How? Can I continue the story?  :mon curtain:
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Eh... Yuko loved Minami?

Eh... Here Haruna and Jurina were kissing and groping monsters... I can understand if they were Jurina and Yuko

I guess you made Haruna and Yuko reversed attitude

WMatsui and Mayuki were so cute... were they couples?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the new story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Yuko loves Minami?! :stoned:

Reversal roles eh? :dunno:

Is this your idea you got from my OS? :dunno:


Can't wait to read the following chapter~ :on gay:

Ganbatte ne! :mon bye:


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i will read this because of kojiyuu and the idea is different....

but please update your first fic....

 :bow: :bow:

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If you promise kojiyuu and atsumina in the end.. is ok for me

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 It is interesting that you switched the roles for kojiharu and yuko
I wanna see more tsundere yuko

Oh and yuko in lo e with takamina i like takayuu please make a little moment about them
(Sorry for my selfish request)

And marimii i count on you

Thanks for the update
Please continue
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hahah! Nice Reversal mode good Job!!

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 :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked
takayuu *faints
tsundere yuko *dies
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ALL THESE HUGS ... i want one :cry:

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Hahaha good job with what you do in reversal mode  :thumbsup  :thumbsup

It was so funny   :lol:

I was shock when know it was in reversal  :shocked

You should continue this fanfiction  :cow:  :cow:

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Cool~ pretty plot here
So haruna the perv side and yuko's feeling toward takamina
Please continue author-san!!
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Waa...this is the first os that I've read that have such a clear reversal roles.. 8)

May I say how I love MaYuki in this chapter ~!

And Yuko likes Takamina?! :shocked:

Can't wait to read the next one!

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Wow a crazy kojiharu is interesting

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wow, haruna and yuko exchaged her personality xD

okay, this is will be the second fanfic that i'll always waiting

but plis, update your first fanfic,

i wass too curious

good job korisu san thumb:

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@cisda83: hehe ... thank you for reading my fic  :mon inluv:
@ChibiRine-senpai: umm ... for some reason when I read your OS (I forget which) suddenly I wanted to make this fic and then while in a chat in Adork, all members are discussing about tsundere thing. So I decided to make this.  :mon determined:
@arawche079: hihihi ... thank you ...  :mon XD:
@arawche079: yes, I promise.  :mon XD:
@Ava: Here, I give TakaYuu moment for you ...  :mon innocent:
@crosteks: thank you ...  :mon thumb:
@jenzybenzy: please do not pass out, you must continue to read my fic ...  :mon cute:
@vivinardisa: hihihi ... thank you ...  :mon thumb:
@deguchi: hoho ... i will of course I will continue it  :mon misch:
@Kairi65: thank your for reading ...  :mon thumb:
@kahem: un ... I will make her crazy in this fic.  :mon geek:
@shanju: i will .. i will ...  :mon determined:
@ubulubulbilu: hehe  :mon sweat:
For silent reader ... thank you ... :mon inluv:

Chapter 2

"Yo, onee-chan." Jurina enter to my classroom and say hello to me.
"Yo, kiddo." I opened my lunch box.
Jurina kneel in front of my desk. "I've got good information for you."
"Yuko-senpai were eating in the cafeteria with Takamina-senpai."
"Mou, onee-chan, your food spraying in my face." Jurina stood up and dusted her face.
"Oops, sorry. I was too excited." I give a tissue to Jurina and then close my lunch.
"Acchan, come with me." I closed Acchan’s lunch box and then pulling her with me.
"Eh? Where are we going?"
"We ate our lunch in the cafeteria." Acchan rolled her eyes.

When up in the cafeteria, I saw Yuko and Takamina-senpai was sitting in the corner and sit facing each other.
"Yuuchan." I was standing next to their table.
"You again." Yuko rolled her eyes.
"Can I sit here?"
I pouted. "Takamina-senpai, can I sit with you?" I give my best smile.
"Sure. Please sit down." Takamina-senpai invited us to sit. I sat next to Yuko and Acchan sitting beside Takamina-senpai.
"You bring a lunch box, why not eat in class?" Yuko asked coldly.
"I want to eat with you."
Yuko sighs, I see Takamina-senpai smiled.
Somehow, when I look towards Acchan, her face look red. Maybe she was embarrassed because not too familiar with Takamina-senpai.
"Why Yuuchan only eat bread?"
"Stop calling me Yuuchan, I’m your senpai, where your honor?"
"Yuuchan, open your mouth." I ignored Yuko’s words. "Aaaaa ..."
Yuko try to avoid and get rid of my hands of it. "Stop it, Kojima!"
I'm still trying to force feed Yuko. Accidentally I knocked Yuko’s glass who was near me. The drink was spilled and her uniform wetting.
"You!" Yuko hissed at me.
"S-sorry." I took a tissue and want to clean it, but Yuko rejected.
"Takamina, I went to the restroom." Yuko stood up from her chair and walked away.
I pouted and clean the table.
"It's okay. She's like that. Do not worry." Takamina-senpai smiled at me.
"But Yuuchan mad at me."
Takamina-senpai chuckled. "From the outside she looks cool, but actually Yuko is a good girl."
I nodded and then stood up. "I will follow Yuuchan to the restroom. Takamina-senpai, please take care of my friends."
Acchan’s eyes widened and blushed, and she seemed to want to say please do not leave me along Takamina-senpai. But I just winked my eyes to her and then walked away.

--- ## ---

"Are you alright?"
Acchan nodded. "I am fine."
"You ... Maeda Atsuko, right?"
Acchan nodded again. "I heard that you always get the first rank in the class."
"Umm ... maybe it was just a coincidence." Acchan face getting flushed.
"Coincidence?" Takamina chuckled. "You are really humble."
"Umm ... Takahashi-senpai ... I ..."
"Ah, umm ... yes ... Minami-senpai." Acchan hands is shaking.
"Do Yuko-senpai already have a girlfriend?"
"Hmm ... why do you ask? Do you like Yuko too?"
"Ah, no, I ... I ... I just wanted to know. I'm a little worried about Haruna."
Takamina nodded. "You are really good friends." Takamina trying to think. "As I know, Yuko does not have a girlfriend, but I do not know whether she was like someone or not. In the heart of someone who knows. Right?"
"Un ... Minami-senpai right."
"Your face is red, whether you're a fever?" Takamina put her hands on Acchan’s forehead.
"I ... I ..." Acchan fainted.

--- ## ---

When I entered the rest room, I saw Yuko was standing in front of a mirror smoothed her uniform. Her uniform looks wet.
"Yuuchan ~." I closed the door behind me.
Yuko sighed. "I'm your senior!"
"Is that important?"
I put my hand on my chin and thinking.
"Ah, I know." I flicked my fingers. I took off my uniform.
"W-what are you doing?" She was panicked.
"Here, wear this. Your uniform is wet, I do not want you to be sick." I give her my uniform.
"You ... you do not need to do this." Yuko apparent confusion. She did not dare look at me. Her face was so red.
Suddenly I heard someone talking outside. Looks like they want to get into the restroom.
"Fast wear this!"
"No way. I do not want Yuuchan sick."
"Soon there were people willing to come in. They will think badly about us!"
"I do not care." I crossed my arms and leaned against one of the doors.
Yuko rolled her eyes. Then the door began to open. Yuko pulled me into one of the doors.
"Yuuchan? What are you doing?"
Yuko did not answer and shut me up with her hands.
I nodded, then Yuko took her hands.
"Aww ... Yuuchan want to play here, huh." I whispered into her ear, and suddenly her face flushed. She tried to push me away from her, but I clung to her uniform. "Open your uniform, Yuuchan ~" Her blushed really cute, makes me want to continue to tease her.
"Ko-Kojima-san! Let me go!" Yuko said quietly, so that people outside do not hear it.
"Hell No! I want my Yuuchan took off her uniform, I do not want my Yuuchan sick. "
"I-I'll be fine, it will be dry." Yuko trying to get rid of my hand. She accidentally touched my breast.
“Ah~ ... Yuuchan no ecchi ~.”
"H-ha ... I do not accidentally! Really!" Yuko raised her hand and it became my opportunity. With an instant I managed to remove her uniform. My jaw dropped to see Yuko's body. She has a nice body.
"Give back my uniform!" We attraction each other. And we unexpectedly fell to the door. Because Yuko does not lock it, the door opened and we fell to the floor. Yuko was on top of me.
“O-onee-chan ...”
“Yuko-senpai ...”
We see Wmatsui gaped at us without clothes. I'm sure they think bad things about us. We were both shocked, not a word appeared in between me and Yuko.
"Sexy ..." Jurina whispered.
Rena pinched Jurina’s cheeks and pull her out. "Yuko-senpai ... Haruna ... please proceed, sorry I disturbed." And they walked out.
We just looked at each other without changing our position. From inside I could still hear the dialogue Rena and Jurina.
"Rena-chan, let go of me ... it hurt."
"It's your fault!"
"What? I don’t do anything."
"B-but ... you tell them sexy!"
"Eh?" I heard Jurina chuckle. "Are you jealous?" Rena did not answer. "They are sexy, but in my eyes, you only the most beautiful and sexy women in my life."
"Hey, Rena-chan ... wait ... I love you!"
I chuckled. I do not think that Jurina is a sweet talker. Maybe I can learn from her later.
I snapped out of my reverie after Yuko seizing her uniform from my hand. She stood in front of the mirror and put on her uniform, and then walk out without looking at me are still sitting on the floor.

--- ## ---

"Oi, Mariko-sama, what Takamina wants to talk to you after school?" The girl similar to gachapin asked to the girl sitting next to her. They were sitting in the club ‘run’ room.
"I do not know." The girl like a model replied without removing her eyes from the magazine she was reading.
"Lately, Takamina often oversee our club. I wonder, what she really wants. And after school she wants to meet you. Tsk! "
"Hm?" Mariko turned and then smirked. "Are you jealous?"
"Of course not!" She blushed.
"Good. Now clean up this room." Mariko back to reading a magazine.
"It's better than you speak things that are not important and disturbing me who being read."
"Tsk!" Miichan stand up and take a broom in a corner of the room.
"What are you doing?"
"Eh? Are you suffering from amnesia? You just told me to clean this room!"
"Eat that bread." Mariko pointed bread on the table with her head. "Clean up this room after school."
Miichan blushed and took the bread, then eat it. "Thank you."
"The cat are usually come in our school not playing here, so I gave it to you, mmm ... it’s better than I throw it, right?."
Miichan cough. "You!"
Mariko sticks out her tongue and out of the room. "Bye."

--- ## ---

I was so shocked when Maeda-san fainted. Her face was very red and hot. Maybe she was sick. I took her to the infirmary.
I sat beside the bed of Maeda-san. Somehow I was so worried. I wonder, what's wrong with her face? Why do my eyes could not be separated from her face. Not just today, but from the beginning I saw her. At that time she was still wearing the uniform of junior high school, she came to school with Haruna to see notice board. Knowing that she successful entry into the high school, she jumped up and down like a kid. I smiled to see her.
I snapped out of my reverie when suddenly Maeda-san hand moves. She woke up from fainting. I stood up and leaned my face to her. I held her cheeks. "Maeda-san, are you okay?" Her cheeks flushed and she fainted again.

--- ## ---

I and Mariko wait Takamina in student council room. It has been almost fifteen minutes she was yet to come. I began to feel bored. Mariko busy with her cell phone. I did not know she was messaging with anyone. She just kept smiling like a fool. I bring my chair and glanced at her cell phone screen. Ah, she was messaging with Miichan.
Suddenly the door opened and Takamina entry. "I'm sorry, I was there a need to principals.."
Mariko put the phone in her pocket and her face became serious. "So, what you want to talk with us?" "Umm ... so ... I hope you can handle it well." Takamina sigh. "The school wants to dissolve the club ‘run’. They reasoned that your clubs are not the achievements and the number of members do not qualify formation of the club."

As I thought. Our club does not produce any achievements this year and our club members were below the minimum threshold. I, Mariko, Miichan, Ricchan, and Yui. Only five people. In the past, when the seniors are still here, our team several times to obtain medal, but once they graduate, everything changed. I feel guilty for all of this. When Ohori-senpai graduated, she handed me the post of chairman of the club and the club's future is entrusted to me. But now, I failed. In fact, this club will be disbanded. What should I say to the senpai if the club is completely dissolved? They will definitely be sad and disappointed at me. Our club is less enthusiasts. The girls in this school prefer clubs such as dance clubs, art, music, and even now there is a club idol. The club suck a lot of students at this school. I can not force my juniors to enter in this club. Because it's useless if the club has many members, but they do not mean it to practice because they feel forced. I need people who are serious and willing to fight together.
"Yuko?" Takamina waved her hand in front of my face. "Are you alright?"
"Ah, sorry, I'm a little dreamy." I scratched the back of my head.
"Are you trying to talk to the school?" Mariko looks a bit angry.
"At first, the school will immediately dissolve your club. But then I talked with Akimoto-san, and he gives you time for 1 month to seek new members and show your seriousness. "
"What? so, so far, the school did not consider us seriously?"I banged the table.
"Yuko ... calm down." Mariko stroked my shoulder.
" Let's do our best. You practice and I will help to find new members for you." Takamina tried to calm us.
"Un, thank you."
"That's it." Takamina signaled that she ended our discussion.
"Hmm ... well, excuse me." Mariko stood up from her chair and walked out of the room.

I'm still sitting in the chair and tried to think of best solutions for my club. One month was too short.
Takamina stood up and walked over to me. She stood beside me and stroked my shoulder gently. "Everything will be fine, Yuko. You are not alone. I will help and ensure that your club will not be dissolved. "
I smiled and turned to her. "Thank you. You're the best." Without realizing, my tears dripped.
"Hey, do not cry. I'm here." Takamina hugged me and rubbed my head. I buried my face in her stomach. "Do not worry, everything will be fine, trust me."
Always like this. Takamina could always make me calm and safe. When she was at my side, everything will be easy. Just to see her smile, it was able to make me feel calm. And in her arms, is the most convenient place. Her warmth able to make me think that all will be fine. I do not have to worry about things out there. I want to be like this forever. Beside her.
"Umm ... Yuko." Takamina stroking my hair. I lifted my head. "How about after this we bought ice cream. My treat. Hm?" I nodded. "Good. Now be a good girl and wait for me. I will take of my stuff first." I nodded and let go of my hand from her waist.

After that we went home and bought ice cream near our school. We sat in the garden and we told many things. Takamina suddenly shouted. "Yuko, there is a cute cat!" Takamina hold my hand and pulling me with her. We ran toward the cat. Takamina ran, holding my hands. This warmth spread to my heart. "Mouu ... the cute cat is run." Takamina pouted.
I laugh. "Of course, you run and scream, it made him afraid you know."
She laughs. "I was too excited." She smiled at me and tightened her grip. "Let's go home." I nodded.

When I got home, my father was not home yet. Normally he would come home at 10 pm. After a shower, I was lying on my bed. I smile like a fool at the memory of this day. How much I missed being with Takamina. Ever since she became chairman of the student council, she was very busy, and we rarely meet.
But I suddenly also remembered incident this afternoon when in the restroom with that crazy girl. What's wrong with that girl? She was always chasing after me and tried to hug or kiss me. Maybe her head slightly damaged. But, if I think about her, she is very cute and has a nice body and her breast is big and soft.
"Very soft and big. Perfect." I whispered and see my hands. "What? Yuko, you pervert!" I slapped my cheeks. "Huft! I should not be thinking about that crazy girl!" I buried my head in the pillow and sleep.

--- ## ---

I was so worried about the state of Yuko lately. She looks so depressed. It's like a heavy burden on her shoulders. I can’t to see my best friend like that. I will do anything to make my best friend smiling from inside her heart again.
I stood in front of the mirror in my room. I looked at myself. My friends and teachers often praise me because I was able to lead and protect them well. But, it's all useless if I can’t help my best friend. Yuko began to lose her smile and laughter since Ohori-senpai handed her the post of president club. Hhh ...
I opened my shirt, but I felt something in my pocket. I put my hand into the pocket and found mobile strap. It belongs to Maeda. When I took her to the infirmary, her mobile strap fall, and then I put it in my pocket.
"Cat?" I looked at the mobile strap and smiling. "Maybe Maeda love cats too. I will return it tomorrow." Somehow I feel so excited to meet up with her again.
"Mayuyu ... come back here!" I heard Yuki screaming. Yuki and Mayu are my neighbors. From childhood they were always together. I walked to the window and opened my curtain. I see Yuki is pursuing Mayu past the front of my house. This is not a strange sight, they often like it. "Mayuyu, back and eat your vegetables!"
"No! I do not like vegetables! "
"Whatever! If you do not return to my house, no hugs and kisses for one week!" Yukirin crossed her arms over her chest.
Mayu stopped and pouted. "Yukirin cruel."
"That is your choice."
Mayu walked over to Yuki with still pouted. Yuki took Mayu's hand and brought her back to her house.
"It would be fun if Maeda also be my neighbor."

--- ## ---
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THIS IS MY SPOT :mon zoom:


I mean, sure, Yuko loves Takamina. *blergh* but Acchan fainted! :hehehe:

LOL'd @ Jurina though :mon XD:

Oh, now I remember that OS HAHAHA! :mon surr:

Yuko should stop being cold and total tsun! DX

But I bet Haruna will do her best to get Yuko's heart :glasses:

But but but. KOJIYUU~~~!!! :on gay:

Anyways, I want my KojiYuu here! :ding:

Update soon kouhai~ :mon bye:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Only kojiyuu!!!!! :pig lunch:

Kojiyuu moments are perfect.... :w00t:

Haha!!!!!! but takayuu was cute too, this is my first time reading one... :pig sleep:

I like this fic,but the first one was my favorite .... :nya:

missing it though... :prayers:

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Aha! Update! :glasses:
Fist time reading Takayuu and hmm. I like how takamina cares about yuko (in the best friend way) but i really hope yuko would realize her feelings for Haruna.
Well at least her perverted side came out for a bit.  :nya:
Oh and i'm pretty sure atsumina's feeling are mutual..  :ding:
Thank you for the update~~ :on gay:
Mainly Kojiyuu shipper! But I also enjoy Atsumina, Wmatsui, Mayuki, Marimii, Tomotomo, Yuiparu, Sayamilky.
Well basically the mainstream pairings. :33

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The role reverse Haruna is now the one chase after Yuko xD

Yuko like Takamina?!? A triangle love?!

I want more Wmatsui and Mayuki!!!

Update soon

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Wooow yuko and haruna smexy scene~

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