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Author Topic: Not 100% Fate (part. 2)  (Read 2897 times)

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Not 100% Fate (part. 2)
« on: July 03, 2014, 06:49:06 AM »
I don't know but I remix this story to spend my holiday '-'
Credit to original story 'Thumbelina' by H.C. Andersen (I love his works  :twothumbs)
Okay, let this remix-fairy tale starts  :)
Add guess who's the pairing  :lol:

Once upon a time...there was a woman who didn't have a child. She really wanted to have a little daughter, but it had been a long time her dream hadn't come true.

Finally, she went to a good witch. Old witch gave her a magical seed. The seed was planted in the pot. Day by day, a beautiful flower grew. The woman caressed and kissed it. Unexpectedly, the flower bloomed. Inside the flower there was a little girl which only as big as thumb. The little girl was given name Thumberena. The woman put the girl in chessnut shell, with leaf of violet flower as cover and blanket from rose corolla.

One night, when the girl was in deep slept, a big green female frog entered the house. She jumped from window. Frog gazed at Thumb, then said, "Ah, this girl is really lovely! She is suitable to be my child's wife!"

Thumberena was taken from chessnut shell and then frog brought her to the pond. Her fat and ugly child was very happy. But, the frog felt afraid that her prisoner would escape. So, she brought Thumb to the middle of pond and put her on the lotus leaf.

Thumberena was left alone and she felt very sad.

She felt that she couldn't escape from those 2 scary frogs. She could cry only. A butterfly which flied near her heard her sobbing, so the butterfly intended to save her. "Throw one side of your belt! I will make you free from this place!" Lotus leaf and it passenger were pulled by the butterfly to the edge. Thumberena finally free.

But, there was another danger. The girl was caught by a beetle and taken to the top of tree which had many leaves.

"Look, how beauty this girl!" said the beetle to his friends. But, they said that the girl was really different from them. So they brought Thumb down and free her.

Along the summer, Thumberena wandered between long grasses and from flower to flower. Unfortunately, winter came. She felt hungry and cold.

One day, in the middle of field. Thumberena met a spider. Spider promised would help her. Spider brought her to tree's hole, where spider's family lived. Spider gave her dry bean. But, like her previous experience, Thumberena must leave spider's house cause she was different from them.

Thumberena suffered in the winter. She saw a small house from branches and dry leaves. She knocked the door. A field rat opened the door.

"What are you doing outside in this cold time?" asked rat. "Come in, so you'll be warm." Rat's house was comfortable. There were many food. Finally, Thumberena got place to live.

One day, field rat said that his friend would come visiting. "He is a rich mole. His house is beautiful. He needs partner and wants to propose you to be his wife!" Thumberena wasn't really happy hearing that.

Then the mole came. He definitely fell in love. Thumberena and field rat were invited to his house. On the way to mole's house, they found a swallow in the tunnel. The swallow looked dying. The mole kicked the bird with his foot while saying, "Let her learn! While summer she always flies, never goes to cave." Since that time, without nobody knows Thumb often visited that tunnel. She took care and fed the swallow.

"You are so kind, took care of me!" said the swallow. Spring came, and the swallow could fly again.

Along summer, Thumberena tried all things to refuse her marriage. Terrifying thing for her, imagined her future lived underground forever

When her marriage day came closer, she asked permission to live on the ground just for one day. When she caressed a flower, she heard a familiar voice, "Come on, follow me!" Thumb immediately jumped to her friend's back, swallow, which brought her to sky.

They flied across land and hills, and arrived in a place which full of flowers. There, Thumberena met a little fairy with white wings. He was a King of Flower Fairies. King was charmed then proposed her. She accepted his propose happily. But, suddenly there was screaming voice from far, "He isn't the king!!!"

Thumberena was confused hearing that, and the fairy changed into his true form, a mole. "Y-you are the mole..?" Thumb shocked after seeing what happened in front of her. "I know you'll come here. Now you can't escape from me, Thumberena!" Mole harshly took Thumberena's hand while she tried to refuse.

Suddenly, there was a swallow with the rider flied fast and the rider took Thumb to the swallow's back. "Don't worry. You'll be safe now." swallow said to her friend. And then the rider jumped to the flower and took out his sword, "How dare you mole!" The mole then tapped his crane and dissapeared. The swallow's rider felt confused but not long after that the mole appeared again and ready to attack the him. "Watch out!" Thumberena screamed from the swallow's back. The rider awared and the mole's attack could be hold out.

After a long battle finally mole was defeated. He admitted his defeat and dissapeared again.

The swallow rider then returned to swallow. Thumberena thanked to her savior. The rider then introduce himself, "My name is Jurion and thanks for saving Tori." Tori the swallow was his friend. Tori told that Jurion was the real King of Flower Fairies. "Umm...where are your wings king?" Thumberena asked. The king then told that the mole kidnapped him and cut his wings. Fortunately, Tori found him and brought him here.

"I feel sorry about your wings." said Thumberena. King said to her to not worry about his wings cause it would heal soon. Tori then whispered something to king. Causing the red shade on fairy's face.

The king then coughed a little to get Thumberena's attention. He approached her and then kneeled in front of her, "I know this is too sudden but will you marry me?" Thumberena startled by his action. But she didn't need a long time to answer. "Yes I will," said Thumberena, "But..." Hearing 'but' made king felt uneasy. "But, you must let me visiting my mother. It's been a long time." King agreed with his future wife request.

King Jurion and Thumberena then married. A pair of wings grew on Thumb's back. She became Flower Queen. "Whoaa...I have wings! I can fly now!" the new Flower Queen exclaimed happily. She tried her new wings, flied along the flower land. The king only smiled seeing new queen's attitude. "Tori," said king to his friend, "She is very beauty." Tori nodded and smiled then flied high to the sky.

"Can I call you Rena?" king said to his queen. Thumberena didn't hear it and kept flying. Alright she doesn't hear me. If only I still have my wings...If only. King Jurion then jumped from flower to flower. "Stop flying please...I'm tired chasing you." Thumberena saw king looked tired. She flied lower, "Yes you call me?" King tried to hold his anger and told her his previous question.

"You can call me anything you want, dear." hearing that Flower Fairies' King blushed a bit. "D-dear?" he said grogily. "Yes my king?" Thumb flied closer to him. King Jurion then stepped backward while said there was nothing. Because of his unawares his step was slipped.

When he was about to fall Thumberena flied and caught him on time. But she wasn't strong enough to hold their weigh. King fell on Thumberena's body. Their faces were really close each other. "Rena?" king called his wife, "C-can I kiss you..?" King asked nervously. "Sure you can my hubby" she answered with smile.

King Jurion catched Queen Thumberena's lips in single movement. After their short kiss both of them blushed. Magicaly, a pair of wings grew again on king's back. "Your wings! They're back!"

He tried to spread his wings, "Thanks God, I can fly again." Then, they flied together to Fairy King's home and lived happily ever after.

How's that, like a bedtime story right? And sorry for any mistake in grammar  :P

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Re: [One shot(?)] Thumberena
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2014, 08:13:52 AM »
I was attracted to this FF by the title..nice try to use those stories from ANdersen. Will imagine Churi as Tori hehe!  :lol:
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Re: [One shot(?)] Thumberena
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2014, 11:59:38 AM »
I can't hold my laugh anymore  :rofl: :hiakhiakhiak:

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Re: [One shot(?)] Thumberena
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2014, 11:31:02 PM »
Only one word : CUTE ~  :inlove:
It was nice how Rena got to be the Queen and ended up having a nice life with J  :D
Cute story  :wub:

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Re: [One shot(?)] Thumberena
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2014, 02:38:57 AM »
Awww~ Wmatsui so cute

Yes it made my bed time so happy

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Re: [One shot(?)] Thumberena
« Reply #5 on: July 06, 2014, 12:37:49 PM »
Please don't think of the continuation, I think it's the best this way. Happily ever after, just like how every fairy tale end ~
Thanks for the cute story (´⌣`ʃƪ)

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Not 100% Fate (part.1)
« Reply #6 on: June 30, 2016, 09:51:42 AM »
Long time 'dead' :grin:

Even I don't know why I come back here :D
Actually I'm not 100% into this ship but my main ship (almost) drown(?) :banghead:

Soredewa, let this randomness begin :peace:




"Please don't do this..."

"Don't worry I'll go back soon."

The young princess named Sakura was on the way sneaking from her castle when her sister accidentally found her.

"Just don't wander to far and be careful." that was the only thing her sister could say to the princess.

Then Sakura smile and gave thumb as a sign that she agree with it. It was her first time going outside the castle alone so she didn't really know what to do or where to go.

She just wandering around and finally arrived at a lake. Suddenly her eyes caught a person who seemed in same age as her. A beautiful figure who had shoulder-length black hair was sitting under a tree.

Without Sakura realizing her eyes gazing to the figure until the one who was being gazed looking back at her. Knowing it, she immediately averting her face to hide her blush and walked straight.

" you have anything to do with me?"

Sakura who's mind already blank didn't hear it and keep walking until she almost went to the middle of lake if there was no one pulling her back.

"I got you.."

"Eh..? What am I doing here? Why my clothes are wet? Eh Eh?!?" Sakura who's just got her soul back was super confuse.

"You almost get drown I think."

Sakura who still confused was shocked hearing it.

"That was dangerous you know. "

She was mumbling a thanks while kept thinking how stupid she was for almost got drown on her first day outside the castle.

"By the way I'm Sui, may I know your name?"

She almost said 'Sakura' but luckily she hadn't say it. "M-Miya..My name is Miya."


Can you guess who is Sui /X-File backsound/?
Okay that's it, thank you :lol:

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Re: Not 100% Fate (part.1)
« Reply #7 on: June 30, 2016, 10:41:42 AM »
So we got curious little princess as a start here.
Who? Who? Who? MatSUI? I have no idea :mon butt3:

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Not 100% Fate (part.2)
« Reply #8 on: July 01, 2016, 11:34:01 AM »
Because I have nothing to do✌


There was no day without Sakura sneaked out from her castle. She would always find Sui near the lake and had mini tour with her.

"This is a market which already operating since 97 years ago." said Sui while pointing to market in front of them. Then Sui walked to the market and brought something with her.

"For you..." Sui gave it to Miya a.k.a Sakura. Soon as Sakura accepted it, both her arms felt a heavy thing and ended with Sakura hunched her back to hold the weight.

"What is this?!?" Sakura protested to Sui.

Then Sui took back her 'present' and asked Sakura to follow her. After arrived, both sat down and Sui took knife from her pocket and it kinda surprised Sakura.

"Just what you bought till you need that knife..." said Sakura.

Sui opened the thing's bag, "A melon..." she grinned which showed both her dimples.

Sakura actually couldn't understand what in Sui's mind when she was buying a melon. "Here..." said Sui after cut a piece of melon and put it on Sakura's hand.

After that, both ate the melon together. Minutes past and slowly but sure they finished it.

"I don't know melon can make you feel so full~ How's it Miya?"

"Because you ate more than half Sui, and I think the melon's taste is good."

Both laughing together until suddenly cloud became dark. Rain slowly falling and became heavier in a short time.

Sakura and Sui ran to find a shelter and they found an empty house not far from there. Finally both waited there until the rain stopped.

Sui took off her clothes until just sleeveless shirt and short. Sakura just watched her silently and blushed a bit.

"Miya, take off yours too.."

"Eh??" Sakura's blushed getting more redder as Sui said it.

"You don't want to get cold, do you?"

Sakura nodded and slowly removed her hoodie and when she reached last cloth before underwear on her upper side she stopped. "C-can you please don't look over here..?" said Sakura to Sui whose eyes like glued to Sakura since the first.

"O-oh I understand, sorry sorry.." Sui facing to the opposite side while blushing too. Damn she's cute, Sui thought.

"You may used my jacket to cover, if you want. I think it's not really wet anymore."

Sakura then took Sui's jacket to cover her upper side. Then both sat while wondering when the rain would stop. "Miya, your running way is a bit strange isn't it..?" Sui suddenly asked. Sakura looked to Sui, "Eh really? I don't realize it because we were in hurry before."

Suddenly lighting crackled and thunder rumbled. "HYAAA" >.< Sakura screamed and hugged Sui's arm. Sui just smile and try to calm Sakura until she saw something she shouldn't see. Sakura's cleavage.

-//////- "Umm...Miya, there's no more thunder. You don't need to be scared anymore." said Sui while looking to Sakura's c̶l̶e̶a̶v̶a̶g̶e̶ face. 

Sakura lifted her head and met Sui's face which just a few inches. O/////O Sakura's face now full of blood rushing because of it. "Are you okay?" Sui asked while touching Sakura's forehead with her hand, "So hot, do you get fever..?"

Of course it wasn't a fever, but Sui whose  super worried asked Sakura to get dressed asap and even give her scarf to Sakura too. Rain finally stopped after almost an hour falling.

"Let's get back and I'll take you home." Sui took Sakura's hand and walked outside.

Sakura who didn't want Sui to know that her home is actually a castle refusing and said that she was alright.

"But please keep wearing the scarf to get you warm." Sui checked Sakura's temperature by touching their foreheads, "Hmm.. I'll be going first. See ya~" she ran and left Sakura whose mouth opened because the person's sudden action.


A chessy part right :lol:
Next, Sui's cast will be revealed :grin:
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