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Author Topic: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife (COMPLETED)  (Read 41255 times)

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The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife (COMPLETED)
« on: August 12, 2013, 04:16:47 PM »
This story just appeared in my mind out of nowhere when I was half-asleep/ half-awake last night.

Sound strange? But it really happened and I gotta put on hold my other longer fanfic and just give this story a shot!  :grin:

It was a pretty weird story when it first came into my mind and I had originally intended to spilt it into 2 parts instead of 3 parts. However, after typing out the story, part I has become a romance! I have the hunch that part II will be romantic too but part III will be chaotic and cheesy!  O0

So, let's get ready some pop corns and let the story begins...

Presenting to you:

The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife

Part I : How we met

My name is Matsui Rena. I just turned 22 years old last month.

My family owns the famous shrine in my hometown and I have Inherited the shrine plus the housing properties ever since I reached 20 years old. My ancestors were in the shrine business since the  ancient time. Those few beautiful traditional houses built around the shrine belong to the Matsui family. Basically, my life revolves around the shrine. In fact, I just quit my role as the head shrine maiden and handed over the role to one of my cousins when I reached 21 years old,  to pursue my new career in teaching traditional tea ceremony at one of our old houses next to the shrine which I have converted it into a small tea house for the lessons.

My daily life is kind of peaceful and routine. You could say that preparing tea apparatus, receiving students from elite families, occasional helping out at the shrine, are not the usual activities of a typical 22 years old girl.

Well, I truly love the simple life I led and had treasured it a lot. I have been told umpteen times I have an unusual "zen" mind and emit an "nonchalant" aura since I wasn't interested in fashion or even Boy-girl relationship. I have never dated a guy before. In fact, I am not that interested in falling in love and the closest male I have known are my respectable elderly and the priests that worked in the shrine. If given a choice, I would rather have a lover with platonic love - chaste and non-sexual.

The wish that I wrote on the paper tied on the bamboo tree during Tanabata last year reads,

"To meet someone who truly love and cherish me".

Anyway, I always thought I will be contended even if I  stay as a spinster and spend the rest of my life in the tea house and the shrine …if I fail to meet that special someone...

Little did I expect that my humble life could have a 360 degrees kind of total change just within a few hours, it must be planned and directed by what the normal people called it "fate".


"Rena-chan, you have to help me this time. Just this once, pleasseeeeeeee?" My best friend, Takayanagi Akane begged me via the cell phone and it sounds kind of irritating to have her dragging the last word.

"Sigh. Churi, you know me. I am never interested in those blind dates! I prefer to spend my quiet Saturday evening at home than to go out and meet some random guys!" I said in an annoying tone and continue to drink my cup of hot green tea.

"Rena-chan. Tell me the truth. Are you into girls?" I nearly choked on my tea. "What gives you this weird idea! Of course not! I just haven't met the right guy yet!" I protested while waving my fist.

"Hmm…may I know how are you going to meet your Mr Right by staying at home every weekend?" Akane's calm words left me speechless. This clever Akane really spot on this time.

After hours and hours of amazing techniques of drilling and begging and threatening displayed by Akane, i finally raise the white flag and unwillingly agreed to attend the "Gou kon" organized by Akane and standing-in for one girl who only informed that she is not able to make it to the party at the very last minute, which caused Akane to go into panic mode (almost tore her hair off) and frantically calling up every female friend for help.

Okay, just this once. For the sake of my great friendship with Akane. Anyway, I doubt it will have any impact on me. Life still goes on after this. Just endure for a few hours…and so, i thought.

After scrambling through my wardrobes which contain mainly kimonos and causal wears, I managed to find a plain dress to go with a pair of heels that I seldom wear.

Just before stepping out of the house, I realized that the heels were a bit too tight fitting but I do not have time to find another pair nor I own another pair and so I squeezed my poor feet into the heels and rushed to the venue.

It was a posh looking western restaurant with good ambience, supposedly to serve the best steaks and red wines. Well, it did not impress me much as I am not interested in red meat or red wine. I am the kind who is just contended with gohan and green tea.

It is supposed to be 5 x 5 mix of boys and girls mini-party. The females happily allowed me to take the furthest seat away from the prime centre of attention when I volunteer to take up this "coldest" seat which none of them would want to choose. Akane shot me an apologetic look but I just shrud my shoulders with a sense of nonchalance.

I then noticed that there was one guy missing as there was no one sitting opposite me. A hamster-looking guy, who looked like the leader of the male group and introduced himself as Furukawa Airi informed us that one of the guys will be very late due to unforeseen circumstance (not sure what is the correct excuse used since I did not pay attention to it) and he bowed exaggeratedly to us which makes Akane squeal delightfully "Kyaa~~How cute!" . Somehow I felt more relax knowing that I will not be facing some random guy for the whole night…

Just as I was feeling bored and start playing with the lettuce in my salad bowl using the fork… there was some heavy footsteps and then…

"Konbawa!!!" Someone opened the door of the reserved room loudly and greeted us with full energy. Some of the poor guys who were drinking their wine elegantly nearly spat out the liquid on their companions sitting opposite. From the corner of my eye, I saw a tall figure came in and plopped himself hardly on the seat opposite me. I could feel the atmosphere in the dinning room changed instantly.

"Sorry all, I'm late. How's everyone doing tonight?" This guy who just came in said with a thick American accent.  I took a peek at him and was rather attracted by his appearance. Unlike the other guys who were wearing formal ties and suits, and trying so hard to look like a gentleman, this guy is very much under-dressed for this occasion: a causal jacket, plain tee, jeans and a pair of sneakers.

He must have thought that I was checking out on him and gave me a goofy grin and a loud greeting "Hi, my name is Jurina. Nice to meet ya!"

What immediately caught my attention was his eye colors that look so non-Asian and his sharp facial features, paired with slightly long and wavy hair. Even though I rarely take note of guys, I could still tell that he belongs to the charming & ikemen category. I blushed when i realized I was caught looking at him and awkwardly reply with a soft voice.

"I'm Matsui meet you…too"

Akane seems to be delighted that we started the conversation and throughout the party, I can sense that she was trying hard to create chances for me and Mr Jurina (I forgot to ask for his last name) even though Mr Furukawa was finding every chance to chat up with Akane. I am thankful for Akane's thoughtfulness but seriously I will take it easy and it's really ok if I'm left alone. I am here for the stand-in, anyway.

Jurina-san was rather chatty and had already warmed up with the group after couples of minutes upon arrival. He went around asking for everyone's names, including the guys and it seems like the only guy he knew is Furukawa-san.

"I just reached Japan this afternoon and was informed of this party just a while ago. I love to make friends and so here I am! Thanks for the invitation, Airin-chan" Jurina grinned at Furukawa and then smiled at me …Eh? Why is he smiling at me?

"Gomen, one of my friends was sick and I had to drag you here with short notice" Fukuwara clasped his hands together and bow slightly. "Eh! Means I am a stand-in?!" Jurina-san pouted.

"Don't be upset, Jurina-san. Rena here is also a stand-in. We have the perfect Mr and Miss Stand-in here!" Akane must be a bit drunk. if not why is she teasing me? Grrrr.

Upon hearing this embarrassing conversation, I can't do anything but just blushed and continue drinking.. but I cannot hold alcohol well so I shoved the wine-glass aside only after taking one sip of the potent liquid.

The party did go well and someone eventually suggested to go bar hopping for extended happy hours. I was about to decline the offer when Akane and some other girls insisted that I go with them.

As I was having a headache trying to make up a good excuse to escape from this situation, Jurina intercepted all of a sudden. 

"Gomen, I couldn't hold my liquor very well and need to take my leave. Since I do not know my way in Japan well, may I ask Rena-san for help to guide me back to my hotel?" Jurina -san gave us a cute  puppy eye look which make the girls squealed in unison (except me, of course. I was still in a daze) and some of the guys who were obviously a little tipsy, started shouting "You lousy drinker!" "My god! You have no sense of direction! How pitiful hahaha!" blah blah…what a rude and rowdy bunch of guys. I felt glad that I was paired up with Jurina-san who displayed much better manners.

Jurina-san simply ignored them and turned his glance at me and looked at me straight in the eyes, as if waiting for an answer. Shucks, his eyes are like pulling me into a whirlpool…going round and round. What's wrong with me tonight?

"Sure!" I answered shyly, feeling a little bit embarrassing as the attention that I was getting now seems all foreign to me.

Some of the girls, including myself, excused ourselves to go to the ladies before proceeding to our next destination while Akane was talking softly to Furukawa-san at a quiet corner, behaving all lovey-dovey. I make a mental note to remember to congratulate her later.

While inside one of the stalls in the restroom, I overhead the other girls discussing about the guys.

"Furukawa-san is quite adorable and friendly. He seems to have good upbringing. Too bad Akane is one step before us and already lock-on on him!"

"Sato-san is aspiring to be the top doctor in the hospital which he is working in now, what a good husband choice!"

What struck me most is what I heard next.

"Jurina-san is very charming and good looking. But he won't make a good husband material. Somehow he does not look like he will have a stable income."

"Yah, it's such a pity! He has a good body to die for!"

"You can't have a happy marriage just by wedding a guy with good body! I wish I had met him during my high school days. He will be the perfect boyfriend which will make others jealous of me!"

So, the hard cold facts behind these typical Gou Kon are the girls are looking for potential husband materials by measuring you in terms of career, education, upbringing, family background and just all the material stuff. Not by qualities and sincerity at all.

I suddenly felt a little sorry for Jurina-san who has been belittled  and judged unfairly just because he appears to be not rich and famous.

And those bitches keep going on and on badmouthing Jurina-san.

Eventually, anger gets to me and I stormed out of the restroom, shocking those girls. Jurina-san was shocked when I approached him and pulled him along in a hurry while bidding goodbye to the crowd coldly.

Jurina-san had a questionable look on his face but he decided not to ask me why.


After walking down a few streets together in silence, I then realized that I was still grabbing on tightly to his arm and freaked out immediately and let go of his shoulder. Jurina-san seems to be amused by my action and showed me his signature goofy grin (which some how appeared to be cat-like to me).

"Rena-san, can I hold your hand? I'm afraid I might get lost in these unfamiliar streets." I couldn't believe what he had just said. I was not good in dealing with guys and went all jittery while trying hard to think of 101 ways to answer him. Perhaps it would help if I could divert the topic…

"Ano..Jurina-san. Were you trying to help me back then when I was forced to go bar hopping?"

Jurina-san seems to be very happy to hear that. "Ah, Rena-san, you are right. I notice that you were frowning while taking the sip of your wine. So I reckon you did not like alcohol!" Wow, his eyes were so lovely, sparkling like sapphires. I felt warm covering my heart in that instance and could feel some heat went up to my face.

"Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!" Oh dear! it was so sweet of him to notice that. Unknown to him, I suddenly have the urge to scream "Kyaaa!!!…" like a fangirl deep inside my head. I don't understand why I am thinking of that but I guess perhaps that sip of wine is making me a bit insane. So it is once proven again that drinking is bad for you.

"I guess you are the kind who appreciate tea more. How about some traditional tea? Do you have any shops to recommend?" Jurina said with a wink.

I gladly accepted his suggestion and showed him to a tea cafe that I loved. We had a hearty chat for hours and begin to get to know each other better.

Jurina-san lives in America with his uncle. His father is Japanese while his mother is a french and that make him half Jap-half french.  His parents divorced when he was 15. He loves traveling and learned about cultures in different countries. He even shared that his ideal marriage life (i couldn't figure out how we manage to get to this more personal genre of topic) is a simple life, as long as they have each other close by. I do not know what got into me and i confessed to him that I am quite unsure of how my marriage life would turn out to be since my future hubby would be required to be "married into my family and carry the last name of Matsui" - the expectation from the Matsui clan, how traditional it can be etc. Upon hearing that, Jurina-san seems to be lost in deep thought but then we were interrupted by the waiter who informed us politely that they were closing for the day.

When we were leaving the cafe, I realized that my feet were hurting like mad due to the heels I was wearing and could barely walk anymore.

"What's wrong?" Jurina-san paused to check on me giving me a concerned look after realizing that I did not catch up with him. He saw me clutching down in pain and walked over to take a close look at my feet.

"Let me help." He bent down, made me lean on him slightly to balance myself and gently removed the heels off my feet.

The blood in my body rushed up to my face when I felt his warmth close to me and his hands gently massaging my feet. It was amazing that the nice sensation was making me relieved of pain and my heart pounding like a pile driver used at the construction site, all at the same time.

"Rena-san. Why don't we walked with bare feet instead? You know, it's clinically proven that walking barefooted is good for health!" Jurina kicked his sneakers off and picked up both his sneakers and my pair of heels and started walking ahead excitedly.

This guy never fails to give me surprises! But thanks to Jurina-san: it was a special experience to me as I felt my feet on the concrete road, the feeling of the coolness from the ground indeed managed to soothe the pains off my sore feet. Deep in my heart I understand that he was trying to help me feel better without making me feeling awkward all by myself. He is truly a gentleman. 

We reached the entrance of his hotel and was about to bid goodbye to each other when Jurina called out my name in a gentle voice.


I looked at him questionably. It could be my imagination but I thought i saw a hint of pink up his cheeks.

When i was getting nervous due to the sudden pause, he grabbed both of my hands and looked straight into my eyes…what comes out next from his mouth hit me hard on my head like some bricks, canons, walnut shells, law exams (I am starting to think incoherently)…

"Will you marry me?" he said in a sincere voice.

The 4 words sound like a magic spell to me and I could feel my head spinning on high speed and I was lost for words…

10 minutes later…

I was still freezing on my spot, speechless.

Jurina-san started to look disappointed and whispered.."it's ok. I knew the answer now." 

"Ano..Ano… Jurina-san… Sorry…I…I…"

Jurina-san shook his head ferociously "It's ok. You don't have to apologize. Just my wistful thinking. My fault for having love at first sight and causing you to be troubled." Jurina-san tried to hide his hurting look with a forced smile and started to walk away after giving me a bow…

I could feel the squeezing pain in my heart.

No… No….! NO!

"Chotto matte! Jurina-san! Listen to me!" I was practically shouting which successfully caused Jurina-san to jump in shock and stop in his track! I was lost for words but I bit my lower lips and was determined to give him a good explanation. Jurina-san turned back and looked at me with his puppy eyes. Oh damn! I could just get melted by looking into his eyes!

Taking in a deep breathe to calm my nerve and recollect my thoughts, I tried to explain to him with rationale (yah right, rationale which I think I should be pretty good in).

"Look, Jurina-san. It's not your fault at all. I was flattered that you…proposed to me (blushed). But don't you think it's a bit fast and out of sequence? We aren't even officially dating yet. You have not declare your feeling (I was too shy to say declaring "I Love You") to me. We didn't even have our first kiss!!!! And you have already proposed to me…It's just a bit unacceptable to me…even though i also like you (volume: sound of a mozzie..bzzzz)…"

This is what I truly felt about marriage. It should go according to the right sequence: dating, declaring love, kissing, wedding and then ... making love to each other  (blushed hardly). I am a traditional woman afterall and I swear I will not go out of the moral track! (Determination displayed by the imaginary pumping of fist!)

Jurina-san's face lit up immediately and he smiled widely. "I understand. Don't worry about the sequence. It won't pose a problem for us. We can declare that we are officially dating now and…"

He pulled me close to him, looked lovingly into my eyes and whispered the 3 magical words (You can guess what they are) in my ears…before planting a kiss on my lips!

Gosh! Finally.. this is how a kiss tastes like.

Sweet, gentle and warm.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the magical moment. My sacred first kiss!!!

My heart was slowly swelling up with blissfulness.

After noticing that I had returned the kiss with equal passion, Jurina-san hugged me tightly without removing his lips from mine.

Before I could die of lack of air, Jurina-san pulled back and showed this 1000 megawatt smile at me.

"My Dear, what's your answer now?"

Without thinking much, I just blurted out..


For once in my life, i shall follow what my heart strongly feels instead of my mind…I don't care about anything, anymore. I just want to be with my Juri baby!

TBC: Part II - How we wed

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so sweet~ :inlove:
i want to have a boyfriend
or soon to be husband like Jurina :wub:
great fic :twothumbs
can't wait to see part 2

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Rena being non hesitant is kinda interesting.  Hope no problem cimes out of that
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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wow, this one is an unique story, unique and sweet. A truly enjoyable story to read. Please make the continuation for this!

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I hope this will be happy story.

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Wait, what!? that was fast! LOL!!!

aww I want a romantic story like this in my life ;-;

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What juri job?

How the weding?


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Juri baby hahahahaha

funny and very cute


update soon!!

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Already? FAST!!! I'm CERTAIN that kiss did the trick. XD

My thinking is like Rena....but I'm sure it's not like THAT. ^^'

Anyway looking forward to part 2~ I'm curious about J's job and how he will survive in a traditional family like R's even though he's a foreigner.

And I can't wait for Churi's reaction. XD
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  • My heart beats for Yukirin <3

I wanted this kind of situation to happen to me too~ Met with a gentlemen guy and got proposed! (maybe not at first time but if it did it would be so hilarious and more thrilling? :inlove:)

AH~ Another new fic to update with~! XD  :deco:

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Glad that you guys enjoyed the romance in the story!  :deco:

Just thinking, what if Jurina turns out to be a con man and cheats Rena of all her $$$ and feelings?

haha, just kidding! Rest assured I will be kind to Rena  :P

Din expect Juri's job to be of great interest to the readers...his job is klnda fixed since I already have the plots planned out for this fic. Shall not divulge too much here, it will be revealed in part 2 & 3. 

Stay tuned! :monster:
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interesting very interesting!
please upload the next part!!
I hope that it is a long story and not two only parts  :(

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  • No fake hope !!
please update next part !

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aaaaah that's too fast!!
but i like this story  :D
please update soon  :bow: :bow:

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PART 2 !!!!!!!

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Gomen!  ;)

Was too busy with work and have to wait till tomorrow night to compose the parts. Had already done some homework on wedding details and stuff lol. Anyway, should be able to update by this weekend, before going for a vacation break next week to...Tokyo! (You should be able to guess where I am heading to lol).

Next few stories in the planning process: (subject to changes)

- My little brother can't be this cute
- My love life can't be spicier
- Age is not a problem

Once again, thanks for all your replies & patience! :cow:
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Minna, here's the RAW version of Part 2. Will proof-read and edit the typos etc.

Here we go!

Part II: How we wed + Bonus: our 1st night together as a married couple

Someone once said to me:

Love is something that you fall into.

Without plans, without warnings.

Now I totally agreed with the above wise words.

You can call it luck. Or you can call it fate.

But to me, it came so naturally that I thought there were some form of unknown power pushing me towards it. I had never had such strong emotion towards a guy before. The attraction was pretty amazing. His words, behaviors and even any slight facial expressions as well as body languages were casted deeply into my mind.

After that eventful night, Jurina told me that he will be leaving Japan the next Sunday. We also exchanged our phone numbers so that we could get in touch. Being freshly in love, of course we yearned to see each other as much as possible.

Unfortunately, I had a series of events in the shrine and the back-to-back tea ceremony lessons fully packed in my daily schedule for the coming week. Sad to say, I hardly had any time for Jurina that week. Plus I was a bit reluctant to meet him after each day of hectic work since I did not want him to see the tired me who could look quite horrible like a lifeless zombie, someone with a one-track mind only focusing to crawl into bed to end the night as early as possible.

To overcome this obstacle, I promised him that I will spend the whole Saturday with him, which was the day before his departure. I knew he was trying hard not to sound disappointed over the phone. He insisted me not to send him off on Sunday because he said he will feel sadder to leave Japan if I was there at the airport. So eventually, both of us decided to have a date at Tokyo Skytree. We feel like admiring the scenery of Tokyo city before we get separated long distance for a while.

The exciting day finally arrived faster than I had expected. Being an adventurous person, Jurina dragged me to the elevator which was going up to the 450m highTembo Galleria.

"Sugoi!!! Mu-sa-shi…Mu-sa-shi!!" I was amused by Jurina who showed me his childish side to me which I find it very adorable.

"Rena-chan, don't you think the elevator is kind of magical?" His eyes were sparkling with excitement and he wowed in marvel when the elevator shot up to the top and reached 450m! It was also my first time going up to the top observation deck and I was immediately influenced by his excitement and the fact that his arm was wrapping around my waist made the situation even more exciting as I felt my heart went doki! doki! as we reached the destination.

"Woo-hoooooo!!! Look at the breath-taking views!" Jurina exclaimed and hold me closer. I could feel his body warmth spreading to me. I like it as It was quite a pleasant feel. I was trying to appreciate the scenery and cope with the new sensation caused by the occasion touching of our bodies at the same time. Well, I would admit it wasn't easy and my heart felt fuzzy and my mind went dizzy.

Just when I was in my lala land, Jurina gently grabbed my left hand with his right hand and placed my hand into his jacket's pocket. Puzzled by his suddenly action, I opened my mouth and gave him an inquiring look and then felt a ring being slipped into my ring finger. I looked up to Jurina and met with the loving pairs of eyes of Jurina which successfully swept me off my feet immediately.

"Rena-chan, thanks for making me the happiest guy on earth when you accepted my proposal. I'm so glad that you are the one that I will spending the rest of my life with.

He took out my left hand from his pocket and plant a gentle kiss on the ring which I am wearing now.

Touched by his words and actions, tears of joy started to swell in my eyes and eventually flowed down my cheeks. Jurina was startled a bit and started wiping my tears away with his fingers.

"Jurina…I am happy too!" I hugged him tight and forgot about being embarrassed of public display of affection. The people around us cheered and gave us their blessings as they witnessed the happy moment.

"My dear, I will come back soon and we shall have a nice wedding!" I nodded my head ferociously in agreement as I buried my face in Jurina's chest.


When I got back from my date late that night, I couldn't contain the excitement I had and was dying to call the person who had helped to bring Jurina and myself together - my best friend, Churi.

"Really? You guys just met last week and you are already going to marry him???" Churi couldn't believe it at first. But after sensing the blissfulness I had in my tone, she slowly accepted the happy news and congratulated me loudly over the phone, making my ear drum ringing with her hyper high pitch voice. Just when we continue with the usual girls' talk, I noticed a guy's voice in the background at the other line…

"Churi, I am feeling tired I will turn in first k…"

"…" I heard some fumbling sounds (note: someone throwing something at somebody to make somebody shut his mouth) and then followed by dead silence at the other end of the line.

"Churi? who's that?" it was highly suspicious since it was already past midnight and I remembered that Churi lived alone. Wait, that voice sounds familiar...

"Hehe… Oh yah, Rena, you should also thank Airin for inviting Jurina to the party." Churi was hinting to me who the guy was. Oh right! That voice belonged to Airin-san who was the leader of the male group at the party. Hey, that means Churi and Airin were progressing pretty fast as well…hmm, think they had beaten Jurina and I in reaching the "home run" since Airin-san is now spending the night in Churi's place! I made a mental note to thank both of them again for bringing Jurina and I together and would want to wish them all the best as a new couple.

As soon as he was back in America, Jurina and I started to communicate via cell phone at first but later he persuaded me into trying out online chat via personal computer. Ok, since I do not own any computer at home and was rather clueless about IT, Churi sent Airin-san to my house to set it up for me and gave me a crash course on online chatting. Airin-san blushed hard when I glanced at his turtle neck top suspiciously since it was getting hot and near summer, sensing that he was hiding something that could not be revealed to a conservative woman like me. It sent me wondering how it'll be like to be making out with your lover… I slapped my own face hard and tell myself to calm down. Well, for now I shall focus on planning for the wedding and will wait for that special time to come when Jurina and I will be spending our first day as husband and wife. I hope I will not disappoint him as I have zero experience in bed and I bet Jurina should already had several romantic experiences since he was so charming and good looking…how many exs did he have and what had they done together? …. no no no, I shan't think too much before jealousy gets over me!

Again, something unexpected happened while we were planning for the wedding...

It was kind of shock but I just found out that Jurina was 2 years younger than me and he just turned 20 years old this March! But he really looked at least 25 years old to me. Jurina replied to me that a lot of people said the same thing to him since was in middle school and he guess that was the uniqueness of his genes.

I was unsure of whether it was appropriate to marry a younger guy and plus the fact that most 20 years old guys are still playing around at that age. I began to doubt if Jurina was serious when he proposed to me. Does he know that the decision to get married was a serious lifelong decision?

Jurina tried to assure me that it was legal in his country to get married at that age. To convince me that he was ready for marriage, he even sent me a 50-page long document of his profile containing his data, photos taken since he was a baby till our recent photos taken at the Skytree, copies of his qualification certificates from elementary school till college, copy of his identity card and even a recent health check-up report to prove his healthy and ability to reproduce! I was convinced by his sincerity and went ahead to plan on the wedding date and did other preparations at my side.

I reminded Jurina  that he would need to hold the ceremony here and move in with me and took the family name of "Matsui" which he replied immediately with a smiley icon to indicate that he was perfectly ok. He said he had only one relative, his uncle, who is also his guardian and he will be coming over with Jurina for the ceremony.

So now it's time for me to announce my plan to my family and closed friends here. Of course the first one will be my grandpa who had retired from the shrine duties and now lived alone at a quiet house at the end of the stretch of landed properties belonging to the Matsui family. He was the only member of my immediate family now as my grandma and parents had passed away and I was the only child.

I was pretty nervous to announce my plan to Grandpa. Surprisingly, Grandpa did not raise any question and simply nodded his head to acknowledge the news, as if he already knew what I was going to tell him.

When I told other relatives and friends of the news, below are the common responses I had gotten from them which I find them rather interesting:

Me: "He is a foreigner and lives in America all these years…"

Them: "Wow, American? Don't worry, Rena-chan! It is very common now in Japan to marry a foreign spouse. My boss at work also married a foreigner wife and their kids look really adorable!!!"  Blah blah blah ….non-stop

Me: "Ano…and he is 2 years younger than me…"

Them: "ehh? …. (Paused.) Age is not a problem nowadays! (Slapped my shoulder, some just waved their hand) As long as there is enough communication and common understanding…2 years age gap is nothing to be worried about!"…

Me: "We had only met twice…"

Them: "… (Long silence and you could hear the ticking of wall clocks). Well… we always trust Rena-chan to make good decision…(voice fading into background)"

Some even whispered to me "Is this a shotgun marriage? Rena-chan you must take care"…oh well, what a bunch of imaginative relatives and friends i had!

So, with all the blessings by the people around me, the date of our wedding was fixed on an auspicious day 6 months later since Jurina would need some time to settle his stuff and work in America. I was worried of him able to find new job here since he had to quit his current job and move over soon. He simply gave me a smiley icon again tell me not to worry as he could do freelance.

I was not into gaming at all and when Jurina told me he was a game designer, I could see question marks forming on my head. When I told him the only game I know of was Pac Man, he typed a laughing face with tears and told me I was amazing. Well, a game designer sounds like a decent job to me. It doesn't bother me if he is only doing freelance and might not have stable assignments since I am financially stable and am not waiting for him to feed me. I actually love the idea of us working from home and could spend more time together…Aww… come to think of it, that would be nice!


Time flies and we are now approaching the day before the wedding. Sad to say that something cropped up again (Jurina's passport had expired and needed some time to get it renewed) and Jurina and his uncle could only arrive one day before the wedding! I nearly had a panic attack when Jurina called me over the phone urgently to inform me of the delay. That was too close to our big day!

I went to the Airport with one of the girls working as shrine maiden at my place whom offered to drive me there since I was slightly held up by the lessons I was giving. Miichan and I were looking around frantically trying to spot Jurina and his uncle in the arrival hall but to no avail. Just when I was sweating after getting no luck to contact Jurina via the cell phone, I caught Miichan looking dreamily at a model looking guy wearing a pair of sunglasses.

That good-looking man noticed Miichan's stare and returned her a cool smile. Immediately, Miichan's pupils transformed into heart shapes as she clasped her hands together and exclaimed "Kakoi!!!"  The ikemen started to walk towards us and took down his sunglasses. I heard girls around me squealing in delight as he showed his flawless handsome face.

"You must be Rena-san? I'm Jurina's uncle, Shinoda Mario. Nice to meet you." He smiled at me warmly and extended his hand for a handshake.

"The name is Minegeshi Minami, I am currently working at Rena-chan's place. Nice to meet you too!!!" Miichan grabbed his hand and shook it excited.

"Hi, Miichan. Hope we will get along well." Uncle Mario smirked. That smirk reminded me of Jurina…Talking about Jurina...where is he?

"Rena-chan!!!" A pair of arms hugged me from behind. I could guess who it is. I had missed his hug so much! Just when I turned around to face Jurina, my lips were immediately met with a pair of warm lips. I closed my eyes and let Jurina devoured my lips while I held on to him tightly. I wish this moment could last forever…

"Ahem, Rena-chan, sorry to interrupt but we will be late for the costume fittings if we do not set off now…" Miichan giggled.

"Gomen!" I back off from Jurina in embarrassment but when I took a good look at Jurina, I realize that he was ..kind of different??? …he looked like a typical french guy because….

Wait a minute! Why was he BLONDE?!!!!

I almost fainted on the spot and luckily Jurina has good reflexes and hold on to me. "Are you ok?" Jurina looked at me with worried eyes.

"Jurina, your hair.." I pointed my finger weakly at his blonde tresses.

"Sorry! Sorry! I should have told you that my hair color changes with seasons! Alternating between Black and Blonde… because of the special genes I had inherited."

Now I remember that Jurina is a mixed after all as I slowly recovered from the shock. It was just too hard not to be bothered by his blonde hair since my impression of him was still very much a Japanese and the photos he sent me were all in jet black hair.

Uncle Mario suggested that Jurina should go color his hair black to look more appropriate for the traditional Shinto wedding ceremony we are going to have tomorrow. Plus his unkempt hair should be trimmed to look proper. So the rest of the day were hectic with us going around the salon and to the shops where the costumes were brought over after the fitting, and a dry run at the shrine to brief Jurina who is totally clueless about Japanese traditions and customs required for the wedding ceremony. Since I grew up in the shrine business, I had no problem going through the dry run and had the time to give words of encouragement to jurina who is trying his best memorizing the steps. At dawn, the dry run was completed and Jurina's cartons of belongings transported from America had arrived. I nudged him to take some time to unpack his stuff in my house which I had gotten it renovated and decorated to look cozy for 2 persons to stay in, plus some space for Jurina to fit in his belongings and personal stuff.

Together with Uncle Mario, we went over to my Grandpa's place to have a simple meal for dinner, and to let the 2 guardians meet and greet officially. Night falls and we had to turn in early to be well prepared for the major event happening tomorrow. I led Uncle Mario and Jurina to the 2 guest rooms I had prepared in the Matsui guest house located next to my house.


Jurina was pouting and just when he wanted to follow me to my house, Uncle Mario dragged him by his collar and laughed "Young man, you need to wait till tomorrow night to claim your prize!" Uncle Mario winked at me with a teasing look which made my face reddened instantly.

"No!!! I wanna be with my Rena!!!" Jurina struggled and protested but could not overpower Uncle Mario who proved to be the stronger guy and his voice was cut off as Uncle Mario threw him into one of the room and shut the door hard.

"Goodnight!" Uncle Mario went into the other room after the greeting. I walked back to my house and went to my wardrobe to take out my pajamas. When I opened one of the drawers, what caught my eyes was a stack of men's boxer briefs piling in the drawer. Realizing that they must have belonged to Jurina as I told him to pack his stuff in our new home, it hit me hard that I will be living with a guy from tomorrow's night onwards and nervousness started to creep into my mind.

I couldn't get to sleep and was starting to have wild imagination on my new marriage life when i received a message from Jurina. He was asking to meet me outside my house because he said he miss me. I smiled happily at the fact that he couldn't wait to see me even though we last saw each other minutes ago. I saw Jurina with his signature cat-like grin when I opened the door. He held my hand and dragged me gently to take a slow walk in the garden outside. We sat on the stone chairs and breathe in the fresh air around us, simply enjoy each other's presence.

"Ne, Rena-chan. To tell you the truth I could not get to sleep." Jurina sighed lightly.

"Me too, I was rather nervous about tomorrow's ceremony. Are you worried that you can't remember those steps?" I replied.

Jurina giggled and looked at me with a hint of mischief in his eyes. Suddenly, he came close to me and whispered into my ear, making me shivered slightly when I felt his hot breath lingering on my ear.

"I couldn't sleep because I wanted you so badly…my honey.."Before I could react and come to my senses, he clashed his lips onto mine and shoved his tongue into my mouth. Surprised by his sudden passion, I couldn't help but begin to move my tongue around his to fight for dominance. As our tongues danced, I felt heat traveling all over my body and experience what they called "lust" for the first time in my life. I had no idea what will happen next. My body flinched slightly when I felt Jurina's both hands roaming behind my back and then moving closer and closer to the front…

"Growl…" There was some strange noise coming out from Jurina's tummy that was loud enough to make us stop our actions. This time, Jurina's face went red completely.
"Sorry, I'm too hungry!" Jurina replied with an apologetic look. I controlled hard not to laugh at this funny incident. Taking a deep breath, I smiled at him gently and said,

'Why not I prepare some soba for you? I think you are not used to the small portion of food at the dinner just now, right?"

"Yeah! Rena-chan is the best!" Jurina responded with a bright smile as he gave me a hug.

We had some supper together and was about to part at the doorstep outside my house when I caught sight of Miichan sneaking out from Uncle Mario's room at the corner of my eyes..

After few minutes of feeling surprised by the fact that there was some sort of rendezvous going on in Uncle Mario's room while Jurina and I were trying to get some in the garden, I finally responded with a long dragging "ehhhhhhhhhhh?"

"What's wrong?" Jurina whispered in a worried tone and signaled to me to keep the volume down. He wouldn't want to let uncle Mario caught him sneaking out of his room and started teasing us.

"Ohh.. I think I saw an owl flew by" I made up a lame reply and pointed at the window outside Uncle Mario's room. Jurina seems to be interested. "Really! How nice! I wanna see it one day too! How does it look like?"

"I think you will like it, it looks rather cute with big round, bulging eyes like gachapin!" I giggled while having an image of Miichan in my mind.


The next day was a busy day with many things to do since the early morning. Jurina and I were ushered into separate rooms to start preparing ourselves for the elaborated shinto ceremony. I was in white almost from top to toe - in a white elegant silk kinomo pairing up with the headgear full of ornaments. My make up was white too with contrasting bright red lip stick applying on my lips.

When the time was right, I was led to the hall located in the shrine where Jurina was already standing there waiting eagerly for the ceremony to start. He looked smart and handsome in the black kimono with hakama draped over it.

Our eyes met and we couldn't help but smiled at each other.

The long and boring rituals started and the priest proceed to bless the union of us as a married couple with a scared branch while we were kneeling at the centre of the hall. I couldn't help but steal glances at my husband who looked so handsome with his sharp facial features from the side, his face emitting a calm aura. But then Jurina started to slowly and discreetly moved his fingers and finally flashed a peace sign "V" to me while looking solemn and calm without anyone else noticing. It did make me more relaxing with his cheeky action.

After several moments, I noticed that poor Jurina started to wriggle his toes and I think he must be enduring the pins and needles he was getting. He must be not used to remaining in this position for long hours.

Just a bit more, my baby! I cheered for him mentally.

The priest eventually made an announcement to declare the end of the rites. Jurina's face lit up immediately and what happened next shocked the guests surrounding us….

"Ano, priest…May i kiss the bride now?" Jurina smiled widely as he threw this question at the priest. Before the priest could reply, Jurina was being impatient and wanted to stand up without realizing that the numbness of his legs. He tumbled towards me and ended up on top of me.

"Ahhhh…." the crowd exclaimed.

Instead of getting up again, he flashed a simile and proceed to seize the chance to pin me down and gave me a kiss…

Gosh!!! in this scared hall, front of everyone, including the priest and my Grandpa!

"Ohhhh…." the crowd reacted with another sound in unison and then started clapping loudly!



Churi: I can't believe Rena can be so bold!

Miichan: Wow! I am really envy of Rena-chan! I wanna hide in Mario's luggage and follow him back to America and be his wife!

Mario: That's our Jurina! I dare you to claim your prize right here and right now!

Airin: Click click click! He was too excited to say, think or do anything except busily capturing photos of the hot kissing scene using his cell phone.

Grandpa: My Rena-chan has finally gotten herself a loving husband. I can tell Jurina is a good kid.

I too couldn't believe I had ended my wedding ceremony with a PDA (Public Display of Affection) segment!!!

Though it's kind of embarrassing, it was the first kiss I had with Jurina as husband and wife and I will always remember that happy moment witnessed by the people who are closet to us!

Photo of the Happy Couple at their wedding!!!


Bonus: Our 1st night together as a married couple

Warning: Ecchi but Harmless XD

After another 2 hours of reception party in the evening, Jurina and I were finally back in our room after a tired day.

Jurina let me go to the take the shower in the attached bathroom first while he continued to unpack the rest of his belongings from the cartons.

I've gotten us a pair of matching pajamas but was hesitating if I should wear the pair of sexy lingerie which were a wedding gift from Churi underneath the pajamas to prepare for… ehh…the next major event in my life. Finally I decided to put aside Churi's present for some other days and came out of the shower and called out to Jurina that it was his turn now to take shower.

I laid on the bed feeling really nervous while Jurina is in the bathroom.

"It will the first time we are spending the night together" the thoughts keep repeating in my mind. Eventually, the long dragging ceremony and the nervousness that were taking a toll on me, plus the soothing sound of water coming from the shower seems to have sleep-inducing effect on me as I slowly slipped into the dreamland…

Before darkness took over me completely, I remembered hearing someone calling my name…Rena.

I was woken up by the sound of alarm clock. As a routine, I will wake up at 7am every morning to start my day with a cup of tea even on weekends. This is a habit that I have cultivated since at a young age. I stretched my arm without opening my eyes to try feeling for the clock. To my surprise, there was movement beside me and the alarm stopped before i could reach it. I opened my eyes and found the face of the guy that I was madly in love with smiling at me warmly. I blinked my eyes repeatedly and started to process what I saw and then it struck me that we had just gotten married last night. Wait! Did i just fall asleep on my own last night? Oh dear! what a terrible wife I am!

"Ohayo, Rena-chan". Something seems off with Jurina's voice and expression.

My heart was immediately filled with guilt. I was also fearing that Jurina will be angry with me for falling asleep. "Sorry, Jurina! I was too tired and I.." before I could complete my sentence, I think I saw a strange look in his eyes as he cut me off halfway…"It's ok Rena-chan. I couldn't sleep at all last night and was waiting for you to wake up…"

"So, can I claim my prize now?"

Prize? What prize?

Before i could fully decipher his words, I was caught off guard when Jurina suddenly shifted on top of me and started to touch my body gently, with a lustful look in his eyes. He planted soft kisses on my lips, ears and necks and made me moan uncontrollably with pleasures overflowing my mind and body. My heart was pounding hardly when he proceed to remove my pajamas as I knew what come next will be the intimate things that couples do.

Through the natural sunlight coming in from behind the curtain of the window in the bedroom, our glorious bodies were exposed to each other. Jurina's face flushed as he slowly admiring every part of my body. I blushed when I first saw the naked body of Jurina, his well tone arms, abs and every part of his hot body … which seems to be waiting for some action excitedly. As if Jurina could sense my body tense up from the sight of his naked body, he gently kissed my forehead and said "Just leave it to me and relax .. I nodded my head and put my trust on him to lead us to the path of happiness.

I would describe this moment as "getting seated on the roller coaster while waiting for the ride to start": You anticipate in thrill and excitement of what you are going to get and you know very well that there is no turning back even if you are dead nervous at the same time.

As our bodies connected together and moved in the same rhythm, I gradually overcome the initial pain and started to feel the cells in my body filling up with heat and emitting the smell of desire which was starting to fill up the air around us in the bedroom. "Rena-chan! Yes, we are doing fine, we will do it together.." Jurina was constantly giving me words of encouragement throughout the experience we are getting into, like a supportive coach cheering on the marathon runner to complete the run at the finishing line. His reliability and supportive words are what exactly needed at this moment.

While screaming Jurina's name, I finally dashed through the finishing line with Jurina and reached the land of ecstasy together. We gave each other a satisfactory smile and cuddled together for another couples of minutes while waiting for the excitement in our bodies to subside slowly.


After cleaning up the sheets and ourselves, I was about o ask what Jurina wants to do for the day when he started talking to me in a lazy voice.

"Honey, I'm glad we had made it together for our first time. And we gave our first time to each other."

I was surprised that it was his first sexual experience too as he was quite sure of the process. He chuckled and told me that he had consulted Uncle Mario who was obviously a lady killer. Though he had experienced puppy loves when he was younger, they never last.  His dream was to find someone who could completely capture his heart at the first sight…and that person was me.

"Jurina, you never failed to surprise me. You were amazing just now" I complimented.

"Haha, because Uncle Mario is a good teacher and I am a fast learner!" Jurina said jokingly.

Jurina then let out a loud yawn.

"Honey, may I request that we stayed in bed for the rest of the day? You know, I did not have a wink last night and is pretty tired now after the "exercise"."

I gave him a sweet smile. "Oh course, Honey. Anything you want."

Jurina pulled me down to bed for cuddle as he slowly snoozes into dreamland.

Overflowing with happiness from my new marriage life, I caressed his cheeks softly while admiring his adorable sleeping face.

"I love you, Matsui Jurina."

Author-san: *Typing*... And they lived happily ever after.

Rena-san: Wait a sec! Not yet.

Author-san: Huh? I though it's time for a good ending? I had given you a good husband and a good sex experience (lol).

Rena-san: *Sigh* Just let the readers find out what happen to my new marriage life in part 3.

Author-san: Alright, hope everything goes well… Gambatte! (pat, pat)

TBC - Part III: And they lived happily ever after…?

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