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Author Topic: [Haru_Jei's Short Stories] Heavenly Abyss - Part 1  (Read 16182 times)

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[Haru_Jei's Short Stories] Heavenly Abyss - Part 1
« on: September 17, 2013, 05:33:52 PM »
(A/N): If any of you have any fanfiction request, please PM me and state your name(username) and your requested pairings. Please remember I do not take any request in comments(don't take it personally) and I do one fanfiction at a time.

Haru_Jei's Short Stories:
Heavenly Abyss - Part 1



Pairing: No specific pairing - Just imagine a prefer pairing
Words: 635(Short story)

Definition of pianissimo: An italian word for a volume turning softer and quieter.(Especially in music)

How I wished it was raining that day. That the clouds were dark and grey, with the wind blowing hard and the heavy rain pouring countless of oversized beads, flooding the hard concrete, creating puddles everywhere. I wanted to walk beneath the downpour, as it engulfed all my senses; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell; that I could only hear the sound of the rain falling and only feel the droplets on my skin penetrating like thousands of needles. The water dripped from my hair, soaking my clothes, the droplets ran down my face; hiding the tears that escaped my eyes.

But it seemed that God forbade that from happening as the sun shone bright, high in the clear, cloudless sky. The children were playing; running around the park. People were walking their dogs, lovers were out on their dates…

Everybody looked so happy, enjoying the beautiful, peaceful day. Yet there I was, alone, my heart smashed into a million pieces; crying, longing for you to come back to me. As I walk the street, the same street where we always used to cling to me, how we enjoyed each other’s warmth, talks and laughs together happily.

Every time I passed that familiar road, the nostalgic road where we have stored on all of our memories; my heart just tightened hard. My memories flooded into my mind, like an endless reel of flashbacks; and somehow that day didn’t feel so long ago. The day you left Me.

“Let’s break up.”  You suddenly said; your words stabbed me like a knife and your voice was shaking. “It’s over for us.”

Your hand begun to tremble hard in mine and I saw tears welling in your eyes. I had known that this would happen, but I never thought it would hurt like this. As if the bond we shared and our love for our each other no longer existed. Was our love ever this so fragile that it suddenly faded all away?

Long ago we were so happy together. Since when did the two of us become so different? When did everything change? Just where did we go wrong? Realizing the ring I gave was missing in your finger since the time unknown. When did you stop wearing it? When did you take it off? I failed to notice it. I just didn't understand anymore.

Believing on the thought that we would be together for eternity. Believing on the thought that we what we have was pure and absolute happiness. But I was wrong; they were just wishful thoughts. When did you graceful smile begun to portray such lonely sadness that my heart just broke even more?

I painfully remembered that day; when the colorful fireworks blossomed in the empty dark sky as I gave you that ring and vowed for everlasting happiness. You couldn’t deny how pretty and beautiful those fireworks were that night. It felt like we would never part. Yet, those glittering fireworks vanished into thin air.

I hoped we couldn’t change; these words, I couldn’t bring myself to say to you. All the memories we have created together were left remain into oblivion till the rest of our days. The connection of our hands has been broken. I could no longer feel the warmth and the comfort of you soft hands. You turned to me and gave me one last long look and said.

“The time had really come.” To your dismay, I saw tears falling down from your eyes as you started to walk away only to leave me behind staring at your back. To thank you was all I ever wanted to say; but would it make a difference? Would that have made it better? I wonder. Yet my final words to you were caught and lost into the blissful wind.



Here is an original song composed my Marasy and sang by Clear.

Here is the english cover(not mine by the way)

I wanted to make my own cover but I just don't have the equipment to create it. However, I really hoped you enjoyed it.
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Re: [Haru_Jei's One Shots] Pianissimo(2013/09/17)
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2013, 09:39:07 PM »
Cyber Lover - TakaHaru

Requested by: olive29
Pairing: TakaHaru
Words: 1764

The story I’m about to tell you is not your typical love story you read in best-selling romance novels. My story started in an online computer game. You probably know where this is going. That’s right. I met the love of my life in that game.

This game is played by everybody of all ages all over the world; the top most engrossing game ever. In this game, I’m the best and the strongest player in Japan. You can tell that I’m number one; yet, when it comes to the whole world, I’m in the top ten. Not bad right? I’m still the top ten best and strongest players in the world.

I played as a male character; I didn’t want the other players especially most boys to look down on me just because I’m a girl. If you’re a girl in this game, men won’t take you seriously and when you challenge them they will oppose on you offer. You obviously understand where I’m getting at. If I become a boy in this game, the other players won’t suspect me being a girl at all.

One time, I received a message from a girl called HaruNyan. She commented how cool my avatar looked and how strong he was. I checked her characters profile before replying back. From what I can see through my computer, she’s Japanese and she’s quite a strong player herself; she’s number ten in Japan in the player charts. I replied her message by thanking her and re-complimenting her; saying how her avatar looked beautiful and how strong she was as well.

Ever since I met her online and as time passed by, we became closer and we spent a lot of time together by challenging other strong players and going in many adventure. We became so close that we took our relationship in the next step and got married in the game.

Ever since, I even started to play in the middle of class on my cellphone and got it confiscated several time. My parents scolded me many times as well, telling me to concentrate more on studying than playing some game.

I have to admit, I became more addicted to this game that my grades were dropping quite quickly. Even my best friends asked me what was going on with me; I was a bit different from what I was a few months before. Since I’m the school’s student body president, I have to redeem myself by studying twice as much while still playing the game constantly.

Then one day, I received a shocking message from my beloved HaruNyan. She posted a full body picture of her real self and her shocking message next. In her picture, she looked so gorgeous and well endowed; she looked quite close to her avatar. I even asked myself how I got myself a young woman that beautiful. But those thoughts were completely behind my head as my eyes were glued to her message.

Let’s meet in real life.

I read once, twice and thrice. She also included the meeting place, time and date to meet up. I was shock. First of all, I’m a girl; she would obviously expect a young man meeting her and not a girl. Second of all, she would probably regret on meeting someone like me; I’m just an ordinary plain high school girl you see every day.

The meeting day came; however, I didn’t show up to meet her. I was afraid of her reaction when she sees me. That same day, I received another message from her; I could tell she was worried why I didn’t show up.

Where were you? You didn’t come to the meeting place.

I replied by saying a small little but somehow true at the same time; I told her how busy I was through studying and getting my grades back up as they were falling. She understood and gave me another date for our meeting with the same place and time, and convinced me to meet her this time.

Let’s meet up for real on Sunday and don’t be late.

Okay then, but don’t expect too much from me. I replied her back.

The official meeting day has finally arrived. I wore my usual casual clothing such as jeans and t-shirt. I went to the meeting place and found her quite easily. Walking up behind her, I called up her name.


She turned to me with a wide smile, but after seeing me, her smile fell. When I saw that, I became really nervous as I mentally sighed knowing what was going to happen next.

“Takamina-kun?” She asked me in question; I nodded my head nervously. She suddenly stood up which I jerked backwards. “I’m sorry; this was a mistake.” She walked away but I stopped her by tightly holding her arm.

“Wait! That’s it? You wanted to meet me and you're leaving just like that?” I asked with brows furrowed; a little angry of her action just now.

“I’m sorry; really I am. I expected to meet a boy but when I finally get to meet you; I was a bit disappointed to find the person I fell in love with online was a girl.” Reluctantly, I removed hold on her arm as I looked down; my heart shattered after hearing her statement. She turned to me again as she bowed slightly and walked away.

I went back home; dishearten. Going back online, I typed in my apology message HaruNyan hoping that she would read and talk this through.

Dear HaruNyan,

These words of mine alone will never express how terribly sorry I am, yet I truly prayed that you would forgive me for what I’ve done.

I am sincerely sorry.

I really regret it for lying to you. I realized that I have deceived you and I have hurt you because that. If I could change the past and be truthful to you, I would. However, those thoughts are only things I could hope for.

It was wrong, stupid and immature of me to lie to you. I was just afraid to tell you. I could tell how hurt you felt when we met in the real world and I apologize once again.

This message will never suffice to ask for forgiveness from you and I sincerely hope you would.

Love, Takamina a.k.a. Takahashi Minami

With that, I sent the message hoping she would be online and read my message.


It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve last encountered HaruNyan. Ever since I sent my apology message to her, I didn’t receive any reply and she hasn’t been online since then. I concluded that she was ignoring me.

I’ve also stopped playing and just concentrated on my upcoming exams; there was no point in waiting for her reply anymore. I decided to give up on her.

Walking to my house from school with my two of my best friends, we planned on studying together for the exams. Once arriving at my place, I noticed a tall figure standing in front of my house probably waiting for me.

“Hey! Who’s that?” Yuko asked. “She looks gorgeous.”

“I don’t know.” I answered as I tried to get a better look of the woman.

“How can you not know? She’s waiting in front of your house.” Miichan added.

The woman turned to our direction and all of a sudden, I stopped walking and stood in place as I whispered her name. Well, technically, not her real name; her avatar name, anyway you get the point.


Yuko and Miichan stopped walking and looked at me curiously. Just what the hell is she doing here and how does she know where I live?

“So you do know her?”

HaruNyan approached us and said,

“Minami; I need to talk to you…privately.”

“I think we should leave you two.” Miichan said as she pulled Yuko with her; I was about to stopped them, but Miichan beat me to it. “We can study together tomorrow.”

Heaving a deep sigh, I unlocked the door and invited her inside as I prepared the tea. She walked towards the living room taking a seat on the leather sofa as I came back with a tray and place it on the coffee table.

“What is it you wanted to talk about? Are you here you humiliate me again?” I asked a little coldly. “You have been ignoring me for quite a while. You haven’t replied to any of my messages. Do you know how I feel right now? All I ever wanted was your forgiveness but you just ignore me like I don’t exist.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to ignore you at this point, but can you just hear me out?” She said; my face expressing no emotion as my hands connected together while placing my chin on them.

“I’m listening.”

“I put a lot of thought about it; you already knew that I was disappointed when I found out you were a girl, but when I think about it, you’re still the same. You may be different physically compared to your avatar yet in the inside you’re still the Takamina-kun I knew.” She looked at me with those sincere eyes and I knew her feelings were also genuine.

Before I knew it, she grabbed both my cheeks with her soft hands and kissed me gently right on the lips. Pulling away from the kiss, I could tell my eyes were completely wide open like an owl.

“I fell in love with the person behind the screen; I fell in love with you.”

I pulled her in a passionate kiss, our tongues swirling and dancing in each other’s mouths; her arms circled around neck while my hands snaked on her waist as I slowly pushed her making her to lie down on the couch. I broke the lustful kiss, realizing something suspicious.


“It’s Kojima Haruna.”

“Okay then, Haruna. How did you know where I live?” I asked; I had that question in mind when I saw in front of my house that I forgot to ask.

“Well, Mari-chan told me where your address was. I was actually surprise that she’s your cousin; you’re not alike at all.” She replied.

“Eh? You’re friends with Mariko-sama?”

“You call her Mariko-sama? That’s new for me; I didn’t know relatives call each other with –sama in them.” She said; her head tilted slightly to the side.

“I only call her that.”

I didn’t care anymore. I kissed her again as we went to the world of ecstasy.



I hope you like it olive29-san and I hope readers and silent readers out there enjoyed it as well.
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That's was really sweet!
I like TakaHaru a lot.
Can't really blame Haruna for running away or being disappointed. I't's normal to run away after finding out the person you fell in love is the same gender you are.
But I'm happy on the end she didn't care and they are together!
Thank you for this lovely OS!!

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Both your TakaHaru were great

But I liked the cyber love more

I can understand Haruna felt when she knew the truth

Yeah.. Lots of people do play opposite their genders and characters when playing online

At least they get together, though quite unreal for some

Thank you for the OSs

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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I love it..

Thank you very much, Haru-san.. :bow: :grin:

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My replies:

@TakaminaBG: I'm really glad you liked it. Thank you for taking the time to read my OS fics and comment; it really means a lot to me. XD

@cisda83: Don't take this personally, but the first OS was no pairing fic. :lol: But I'm seriously happy that you like both of them. Look forward for future OS fics. Thanks for stopping by to read and write a little comment. XD

@olive29: Really? You love it? What a relief. :lol: You're very welcome. XD Glad to write something for you. I really mean it.


The Cherry Tree Correspondence

Requested by: blackwhite
Pairing: AtsuMina
Words: 1623

It was just a normal typical day for a teenage girl like me. I woke up early and to school like any other high school student. Walking to my seat and placing my school bag on my desk, I was greeted by my best friend; Tomochin. As usual, we talked about countless of subjects such as make-up, fashion and not to mention boys; your typical teenage girls talk.

As the bell rang, I brought out my notebooks from my bag and my textbooks from my desk. While taking my textbooks, I felt a some sort of envelope falling from my desk. Picking it up, it was a letter; however, I was not an ordinary letter, it was a lover letter directed to me.

My name was written on the envelope so it was obvious that was for me and not some kind of mistake; it also had a heart sticker sealed over it as well. I actually find it cute that a boy would stick a heart-shaped sticker to seal the letter.

Hesitating a little bit, I opened the letter and I was surprise of what I was seeing. It was written by hand and through this person’s calligraphy he has a really nice penmanship. I could tell that my secret admirer had taken the time to write this and putting his feelings in it as well; it was written with a fountain pen and china ink.

Discreetly behind my desk, I began to read the content and my secret admirer’s feelings to me.

Dear Meada Atsuko,

Perhaps you think of my ill-mannered to send you this letter out of the blue. My long-held yearning for you consumes me so, I cannot sleep at night. I had wished to keep my regard for you as a secret, but my heart simply cannot contain it; it is full to bursting.

I lack the courage to approach you in person, so this letter must suffice to make my feelings known…If you should take pity on this poor soul and grant me a response, please place it within the cherry tree by the school yard.

Through this letter, I could tell this person was honest with his feelings and someone nice, and polite like a gentlemen that her wrote it so formally too. But something has been bothering me. Was there ever a guy like that in this school? Most boys in here had tried numerous times, to take my attention and to impress me, but I never took any interest in them; and most of them were so full of themselves that they were hallucinating of me being their girlfriend. I find it really creepy. Nevertheless, I found this guy really different; and I already had my suspicion it was someone in my class, nobody knows my seat except my classmates.

When school ended for the day, I went to the school’s library and started to write my own reply. Writing it also by hand, I was embarrassed that I couldn’t do a good handwriting letter like my secret admirer did. I walked to the school yard and found the cherry tree; I discovered a hollow in the trunk of the tree. Placing my response letter inside the hole, I walked away heading home.


A couple of days later, my friends begun to notice my change of behaviour lately; during these past few, I’ve been writing and exchanging countless and constant letters to my secret admirer. He had sent love haikus, romantic quotes and lyrics from popular love songs.

“Acchan, there’s something different about you lately; are you okay? My friend Miichan asked as my other friends and my best friends approached me.

“What makes you say that?” I replied with another question not knowing what she was talking about.

“Well, you’ve been acting a little different than your usual self; I just can’t pinpoint what exactly.” Tomochin said as a matter of fact while placing her forefinger on her chin staring at me intently.

“Are these love letters? You have so many and they’re from the same person!” Turning my head around towards Miichan’s voice, I found out she had been rummaging through my bag.

“Don’t look through other people’s bag without their permission!” Before I got to stop her, she already had all of the letters in her hands as she and Tomochin begun to read them and started to squeal like crazy catching some of the other students’ attention.

“No wonder you’ve been acting differently; you’re in love. You have a romantic secret admirer; I think I’m in love as well.” Tomochin said; placing both her hands on her chest as a slight of pink spread across her cheeks.

“I have to admit, this guys is really something and a romantic one too compared to the other boys trying their hardest to get your attention. I thought things like this only happen in movies and in shoujo mangas.” Miichan added.

“So did you return his feelings?” They both asked curiously as their faces got closer to mine which made me to back away.

“Actually, I told him to give some time before returning his feelings. And as you can see we’ve been exchanging letters ever since.” I answered; feeling my face heating knowing I was blushing as I remembered those poems, quotes and lyrics he wrote to me.

“But don’t you find it quite disturbing that someone is anonymously sending you handwritten letters?” Another voice came from behind asked; turning around, I noticed my friend standing there looking a bit…honestly, I really couldn’t tell.


“I mean, this guy could be a terrible flirt or worse, maybe a stalker.” She added.

“He’s not someone who would do such a thing to me.” I retorted as I defended my secret admirer’s personality. “Whatever her may look like, I just know he has an incredible beautiful heart; he’s a refined and a wonderful person!”

As usual, after school, I was back in the school’s library once again writing another reply; then I thought about Takamina said, but it soon drifted away from my thoughts and thought about how he may look like instead. Walking towards the cheery tree and placing the letter in the hole, I began to hide somewhere nearby; wondering what he was like and if I hid here like this, I was sure to catch a glimpse of him.

Suddenly, I hear a voice behind scaring the hell out of me as I jumped in fear; distancing myself from whoever it was behind me. Facing the person, it was just my friend; Takamina.

“I knew you were curious.”

“Jesus Christ! Don’t scare me like that; you nearly gave me a heart attack.” I told her; placing my hand on my chest calming my fast beating heart.

“Sorry about that.” She apologized as she said, “Just for the record, this isn’t a very good hiding place to hide, he’ll catch you.”

“That’s none of your business!” I huffed as I walked away from her while I could hear her sigh deeply.


The next day, I received another letter in my desk. I immediately opened it reading whatever he had written this time; yet this time it was very different and unexpected.

Very well.

I will gather my courage and meet with you. But please grant me some time to prepare.

Let us meet when the cherry tree blossoms are in a full bloom. When I come to meet you, I pray that my identity will not be cause for dismay.

Instead of the usual letters he gave me, it was a letter that he knew I wanted to meet him personally. However, how did he knew I wanted to see how he looked like or how I wanted to finally meet him in person.

I stared at the cherry tree outside the window of my class and they were still buds; it would take weeks before they fully bloom into flowers.


Weeks had passed since that day, ever since, the letters had stopped coming. But today was finally the day I get to meet my secret admirer. After school, I waited patiently by the cherry tree; I was a little nervous yet eager to meet him.

Half an hour later, he hasn’t arrived yet; I was starting to get a little impatient. Maybe he was too scared and ashamed to show himself, turning my step ready to head home and sulk. But after a step and two, I saw pair feet before my eyes. I looked up to find my friend Takamina wearing the school’s boys uniform.

“Are you…disappointed?”

I was speechless at the moment that I didn’t know what exactly to say.

“Takamina?” It was you who wrote me those letters?” I asked; seeing a blush spreading all over her face as she nodded shyly. “Why are you wearing a boy’s uniform?”

“Well, actually, you were expecting to see a boy so I thought it was fitting if I dressed like one.” She replied with a hint of nervous evident in her voice.

Without any hesitation, I hugged her tightly; nuzzling my face in her neck as I felt her respond my intimate act.

“I’m not disappointed at all. Your letter showed me who you truly are in the inside.” Pulling away from the hug, I felt her hand cupping my cheek as her thumb caressed it with great care.

“Then why are you crying?” I then realized I was crying; I shook my head telling her I was okay.

“I’m really happy to finally know it was you.”

We both leaned in for a kiss, feeling the softness, of her lips move against mine. Breaking the kiss, I rested my forehead against her as we held hands.



I hope you like it blackwhite-san and I hope you readers and silent readers enjoyed it as well. XD

Please don't be shy to leave a comment, I don't bite. :lol: XD :)
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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] The Cherry Tree Correspondence - AtsuMina(2013/09/19)
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Arrrggghhhh...Atsumina  :inlove:

Takamina is so romantic..  :inlove:

Nice story..  :twothumbs

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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] The Cherry Tree Correspondence - AtsuMina(2013/09/19)
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aw :3

so cute...
Takamina is so romantic



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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] The Cherry Tree Correspondence - AtsuMina(2013/09/19)
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awwwws so cute

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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] The Cherry Tree Correspondence - AtsuMina(2013/09/19)
« Reply #10 on: September 19, 2013, 10:20:12 PM »
All OSs are so nice~

AtsuMina~  :wub:
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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] The Cherry Tree Correspondence - AtsuMina(2013/09/19)
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Sorry... I just thought you meant for takaharu pairing for the 1st OS

Anyway... I like the atsumina OS

Ah... Minami was so romantic...

Good that Atsuko love the inside than the gender

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] The Cherry Tree Correspondence - AtsuMina(2013/09/19)
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thank you haru jei-san
im really love it   :inlove:

takamina is so sweet  :wub:

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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] The Cherry Tree Correspondence - AtsuMina(2013/09/19)
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lovely atsumina :B

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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] The Cherry Tree Correspondence - AtsuMina(2013/09/19)
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atsumina :wriggly: :wriggly: :wriggly:
This was so cute :wub:

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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] The Cherry Tree Correspondence - AtsuMina(2013/09/19)
« Reply #15 on: September 20, 2013, 09:45:58 AM »
nyahaha~ I just remembered the yuri one shot manga~ "The Cherry Tree Coresspondence" never thought that it will turn to be a fan fic of Atsumina~ yay~ banzai~ I really like that manga OS so I'm smiling widely while reading this :D
more pweees~ XD
my fave manga~
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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] The Cherry Tree Correspondence - AtsuMina(2013/09/19)
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My replies:

@olive29: I'm flattered thank you!! XD By the way, if you one to request more you can; I'll just find some time to write them.

@Archer1992: You really think so? :P Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment and you're welcome. :lol:

@abcari: Thank you so much for stopping by and write a little comment; it means a lot. XD :)

@TakaminaBG: Thank you so much for reading and leaving a small comment.  XD :)

@sakura_drop_ You read them all sakuchan? Thank you very much! XD

@cisda83: It's okay; everybody makes mistakes and I still do. And I will make more OSs don't worry about it; you can count on it. :lol: XD :)

@blackwhite: You do? You love it? Thank you so much! It brings me more motivation. If you want you can request more; i'll just find the time to write them.

@Haruko: Thank you for coming by and read my fics. :)

Chichay12: Thank you so much.  XD

@AlmiraTheGreat:  :shocked Ah! You noticed! I got caught. :P Though, I made it a little differently. I'm glad you like it. Thank you for reading. XD

(A/N): Thank you reader and silent readers for stopping by to read my OS fics. I want to make a little announcement. I won't be posting any fanfictions for a while; I'll be having my first exam this semester and I would like to concentrate on studying before posting more requested fanfics. Sorry to disappoint some of you but I hope you can understand my little request here. It'll only take a week or so from now; I'll find some free time in my schedule to write some of the requested fanfics and I'll probably finish some of them as well.
If some of you are wondering about 'How You Stole My Heart', I'm nearly finish my first chapter or that's what I think; I'll post it as well by then if ever it is finish.
Please take note that I can still take requests from you but just remember I'll only take them through PM.

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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] Replies and Author's Note(2013/09/20)
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Wishing Star

Requested by: Q-top
Pairing: KojiYuu
Words: 2189

“One day, I’ll grab the brightest star in that night sky and give it to you.”

That night, a girl said that to someone special to her and me as she pointed the beautiful starry sky. That girl was my senpai and really close friend. However, but that said friends was no longer in this world anymore. She died in a car accident where a stupid drunk driver crashed unto hers and pushed her off a cliff. It was tragic. But the most irritating and most frustrating thing bugging me the most was the man was still alive with a couple of injuries; and he just laughed it off like the accident never happened.

When that special someone and I found out, she couldn’t believe what we just heard; someone so close to us had passed away in a car accident thanks to that careless drunkard. Sure he was arrested but it wasn’t enough; I wanted him dead. I swore; if I could, I would kill that fucking son of a bitch with my bare hands.

The three of us were really close like a happy family would, yet he took that away from us. Despite that, I didn’t shed a single tear at her funeral; I was sure her spirit wouldn’t want to see me cry for her so I stood strong. At her funeral, my crush, Kojima Haruna never came.

A year has passed since that day. It was the first anniversary of her death; I planned to visit her grave with Haruna after school. However, I wasn’t sure if she would come with me. When she died, everything changed; we were still friends but weren’t as close as we used to be.

I lost a close but nevertheless, she lost someone dearest in her heart; she lost her girlfriend. I could tell how much she has been through, though I never had someone that was close as a lover. I knew she felt depress, filled with grief and agony, and many more synonyms with the same meaning.

Never did I dare talking about her girlfriend to her. She would always play the oblivious; pretending like nothing ever happened, even her death.


“Hey! Have you ever fallen in love with someone but that someone is already in a relationship?” I asked the tall girl as she sat next to me while we were waiting for Haruna.

“Honestly,” There was a small pause as if thinking deeply if she sis. “No.” She snorted; causing me to whine.


“What? Seriously, I haven’t.” She defended herself. “And I probably know where you are going with this.” I tilted my head to the side in question. Did she figure it out? “Don’t think I don’t know; I know you’re in love with Nyaro.”

Hearing that, I became so speechless; she figured it out really quickly. But how? I thought, I hid my feeling really well.

“Wondering how I knew? It’s easy; it was really obvious. The way you look at her was like how I used to look at her before we were dating.” She said; leaving me stunned even more. “If I didn’t know, I would suggest you to steal her heart from that person. Nonetheless, if you did manage to steal my Nyaro’s from me; not only will I beat the shit out of you,” She paused before grabbing my shirt in a quite tight grip as she brought closer to her and added with a very serious and scary look. “I will do anything in my power to bring her back to me.”

She let me go; pushing me slightly as the girl we were sort of talking about came to join us. Sensing some kind of tension between us she asked, “Did something happen?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Mariko said as she hugged Haruna with much more affection than she usually showed.

That girl was my rival; a friendly rival. Even thought we both love the same person, we were still friends; there were times where she would make me jealous in so many ways, but even so, we were still closer than ever and had fun together.


At her graduation, Haruna and I attended to witness her taking a huge leap towards her future by getting her high school diploma. We took a bunch of her pictures together with her family and her friends.

“When the day of your graduation comes, you can count on me being there.” She promised.


After school, I invited Haruna to hang out with me for the rest of the day. We talked, went shopping, played games in the arcade and did many more things.

 It was nearly dusk, I asked her to go somewhere with me before I brought her home which she agreed. On my way to the designated destination, I stopped by to a flower shop to obviously buy some lilies.

Walking again, we entered in a very distinguish area. Haruna noticed we stopped at a cemetery; we kept moving forward until we stopped right in front of a grave.

“What are we doing here?” She asked; her voice shaking a little.

It was about time I kick some senses into her brain; I couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn’t bear to see her like this anymore.

“I just want to give my respects to Mariko.”

“Just what are you talking about? Mariko is still alive.” She said as she tried to hold her tears.

“What are you saying? It’s been already a year that she’s go–” Before I got to ¬¬¬finish my sentence, she immediately vut me off at the end.

“Don’t say it!”

“Don’t say it?” I muttered; disappointed as anger started to slowly build up in my chest. “Mariko is dead and you know it!”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear it!” She screamed at me as she covered her hear with her hands; tears streaming down her face as she trembled slightly. Why are you doing this?” She sniffed softly.

Instead of answering her question, I told her as softly as she did; my own question.

“Why can’t you just let it go and move?”

“Because I still love her!” She admitted as she looked right into my eyes. “Why can’t you understand that?!” She asked loudly; her eyes looking angry now.

“I can’t.” I couldn’t play this stupid kind of game anymore; I had to tell her how I felt, despite the wrong timing to confess. “Because I love you.” I confessed to her softly as I looked down afraid to see her reaction; holding my tears from falling while she just stood in front of me speechless from my sudden confession.

“What did you said?”

“I said I love you! Since then, I was always there by your side trying to comfort you but all you did was put me behind. For once, can’t you just turn around and look at me? I know I cannot replace Mariko nor will I ever replace her or be her; However, I was always there for you and I’ve always loved you with all my heart.” I admitted as I looked straight into her eyes with much determination.

“I’m sorry; I have to go.” She said as turned around avoiding my eyes.

“I’ll take you home.” I offered but she stopped me.

“Don’t bother. I’ll see you on Monday; in school.” She gave me one last look; showing no facial expression as she quickly ran away.

Heaving a deep sigh, I knelt in front of Mariko’s tombstone and realized it was already dark. I looked up into the sky and saw a shooting star; I tightly shut my eyes close and made a wish on that star.

“I wish that you would just come back and make NyanNyan happy again. It’s not the same without you.” I cried as tears fell from face. Throughout this whole year, for the very first time, I finally shed tears in front of her grave; I couldn’t take it anymore, it’s just too painful to take. “Why can’t it be me instead? Why did you have to die?! It’s just not fair!”

I knew very well that wishing on a star wouldn’t bring her back no matter how many times, how hard I wish on a star; she won’t ever come back. Yet, I could always give it a try.


Months passed since that day and finally, it was the day of our graduation. Haruna and I were still talking together and hanging out together but somehow she was trying to be oblivious about my feelings to her.

All senior students and their families were gathered in the school’s auditorium as we begun the graduation ceremony. Each and every one of us went on that stage to receive our high school diploma. Honestly speaking, my senior year wasn’t the best year of my entire high school life.

We took many pictures with friends and family preserving the last remaining memories of high school. At the end of that, just when we were about to celebrate our graduation at some restaurant; Haruna and I received as text message from an unknown caller ID. Whoever it was, they told us to meet them at the school’s rooftop. We told our families we would meet them up at the restaurant after our little meeting.

Once arrived at the school’s rooftop, both of us noticed a tall female figure; her back facing us as she watched the sun slowly setting, waiting for us. Seeing her, her presence seemed so familiar. Approaching the figure, she turned around and smiled at us widely.

“Impossible.” I said softly as I finally recognized her. It was none other than Shinoda Mariko.

“Hey! It’s been a while.”

The next thing I knew, was Haruna running towards her supposedly dead girlfriend and hugged her tightly; afraid she would disappear again.

“Mari-chan!” Hearing her sob her heart out, I fell on my knees as I felt my tears slowly filling my eyes. Did my wish just come true, after all these months?

“I came to your graduation just like I promised.” The tall girl said as she pulled away slightly from her now crying girlfriend’s embrace.

“You’re alive.” I said; relief as I stood up and approached the couple.

“Actually, I’m not.” She replied; shocking us. If she wasn’t, why was she here? Was she just an illusion; a figment of our imagination? We were hallucinating? Noticing the confusion in our faces, she glanced at me and said, “I heard you wish that day.” I looked at her stunned. “I came to fulfill my promises and you wish; but unfortunately, I can’t stay here too long. I can come back to earth only once and on a limited amount of time; God gave me this only chance to see you guys and fulfill my last promises.”

Fully breaking her hug with Haruna, she took out a small box from her pocket and opened it for her. It was a beautiful necklace with a pendant shaped of a diamond star. I could see Haruna’s eyes sparked when she saw the beautiful and shinning jewel.

“Nyaro, as I promised, I took the chance to grab that brightest star we saw that night and now I’m giving it to you.” She took the necklace out of its box and hooked it around Haruna’s neck; she whispered something into her ear which I obviously couldn’t hear what she was saying to her; and finally gave her a long final and farewell kiss.

Once pulling away from the kiss, Mariko walked up to me and leaned down, also whispering something in my ear which made my eyes widen.

“Take care of Haruna for me?” I nodded as I hugged her and she added. “Promise me to always make her happy.” She pulled away as she ruffled my hair messy. “‘Cause if you don’t; I’ll beat the crap out of you.” We both giggled and we hugged one last time as whispered one last thing to me. “Go get her; before someone else does.”

Suddenly, light surrounded her body as she slowly began to disappear; showing us a smile, a smile we would remember for the rest of our lives.

“See you in the afterlife.”

When we couldn’t see her anymore, silence was left as the wind blew on our faces. Hearing footsteps behind me approaching me, I felt a hand slipped in mine as I suddenly felt warmth on my cheek. Looking at my side, I realized Haruna kissed me.

“For being by my side all this time and for telling your feelings…” She leaned down and gave me a peck on my lips and said cutely; blushing, “Thank you, Yuuchan.”

I smiled happily at her before it fell and realized something as I furiously wiped my lips.

“Ew! An indirect kiss with Mariko!”

I heard Haruna giggled as I laughed with her, we both hugged each other. Finally, my special someone has become my girlfriend.

I won’t let you down Mariko; you can count on me, I’ll be the best girlfriend like you were to her. I promise!



Sorry for taking so long everybody and I thank you for being patient until now. I just finished my exams this term and I hope I got a decent grade. I didn't get a lot of free time for the past two weeks to write and post them, so I may be really late to some request but I can still in fact take more request however it will take a lot of time before I could catch up with the lost time I missed.

I hope you readers and silent readers had enjoyed reading this really sad yet sort of happy ending story. I had a really hard time thinking about a sad story with a happy ending, but I will be very glad and happy if you guys enjoyed reading it. Please don't be shy to leave a comment and send me your requests through PM; it would be much appreciated.

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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] Wishing Star - KojiYuu requested by Q-top (2013/10/07)
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Oh! That was so touching!

My heart got so tight during the reading, but you enlightened the grip in the end.

Thank you for this o/

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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] Wishing Star - KojiYuu requested by Q-top (2013/10/07)
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My replies:

@Bbsis: You really think so? I'm really glad you like it. :) Thank you for taking the time to read and for leaving a comment. XD I seriously appreciate it.

(A/N): I apologize for not posting anything lately, I had a little trouble with schoolwork and other stuff as well. Well here's a new requested OS, so please enjoy! XD


Why Don't You Kiss Her?

Requested by: shiruba_rein
Pairing: KojiYuu
Words: 1168

My name is Kojima Haruna and I’m in love. That’s right. I’m in love with no other than Oshima Yuko. Yep, I’m in love with the perverted squirrel in school. Is there a problem with loving another girl? …who seems to be a little of a pervert…make that a lot.

Sure she likes to fondle my breast and grope my body, and I use to hate all those touches but now, I have to admit it, it feels quite good. I use to get mad at her when she touched me in places where she shouldn’t be; however, let’s just say I got use to it after some time.

You can tell we are very close; we’re the best of friends along with the other as well. We do everything together; shopping, lunch, watch movies and attending sports games(thought I’m not really interested in those things); but spending time with her is enough for me. We share many secrets together. Obviously, the only secret I’ve kept for myself and never told was my hidden feelings for her. There are times where she would know everything that is on my mind when I’m down or when I’m daydreaming; but I don’t want her to know anything about this until I feel comfortable to tell her.

Spending time together as friends despite her liking me in a very odd kind of way, it made me slowly realize that I became in love with her. I keep thinking about her; her smile, how cute she looks every day, how childish and energetic she is; thinking about those things, I just can’t seem to sleep at night. Yet, every night, when I keep thinking about her, a voice inside my head keeps saying softly to me,

Why don’t you kiss her? Why don’t you tell her? Why don’t you let her see the feeling that you hide? ‘Cause she’ll never know I you don’t let her show the way you feel inside.

That voice or I would call it my conscience seems to have a point there; but the problem is I just can’t do those things. I can’t just kiss her. I can’t just tell her and obviously, I can’t show her. Why? Because I’m so afraid; I’m afraid to make the move and would lose her; our friendship.

What would people think of me? I’m known to be the number one victim of Oshima Yuko, the one she seems to come a liking to and somehow attracted to.

Every time we touch, even just a little bit, my heart begun to beat faster; I also could feel my face heating up to a minimum heat. One simple touch would make me want to touch her more, hold her really close and just cross the line to a whole new different level.

When she’s close to me, I want her to stay by my side and never would I want to let go of her. My heart wants to completely confess and reveal every ounce of my feelings to the small girl yet, my brain says otherwise. My mind wouldn’t want her to know my deepest secret; desperate to be more just than friends.

That voice in my head keep insisting and repeating constantly those same words over and over again every time I see her, every time I think of her like an endless cycle.

No matter how much I want to do so, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

If I did, what would she say? Would she accept my feelings and promise me that she’s here to stay and spend our time together as lovers; or would it be the other way around? It hurts me to wait any longer before all the emotions bottled up in my heart explode which could bring disaster to the both of us; our current friendship.

Instead of the usual voice of my conscience, I’m the one beginning to ask myself with the same exact words,

Why don’t I kiss her? Tell her I love her. Why don’t I tell her? Tell her I need her. Why don’t I let her see the feelings that I hide? ‘Cause she will never know if I never show the way I feel inside. Why don’t I kiss her?

Mentally answering these questions, I finally got my answers and I have decided.

I will kiss her. I will tell her. I will let her see and show her my feelings I have hidden for a long time, all this time, bottled up inside my chest; almost ready to soon burst into an explosion.


Finally, the time has come when I tell her everything; my deepest secret of all time. I asked her to meet at the park tonight and that would be the time to tell her.

At the park, at the designated time, I see Yuko waiting for me to arrive. She looks so confuse and nervous at the same time. Even seeing her like that, she still looks beautiful; the streetlight lighting right above her and the night breeze gently blowing against her face.

Inhaling and exhaling, taking one last deep breath, I approached her without trying to turn around and cower away. The moment she sees, she opens her mouth and asks softly as I took a seat beside her.

“What is it you want to talk about, NyanNyan?”

This is the moment of truth. Without hesitating one bit, I grab hold of both her shoulders and pull her into a soft, gentle kiss. I can tell she was stun as she gasps. I don’t plan on pulling away yet as I took the opportunity to slip my tongue in her mouth; exploring inside. Suddenly, I gradually felt her responding the heated kiss; feeling her tongue twisting and twirling against mine as her hands snakes around my waist pulling me closer into her warmth.

Breaking the bruising kiss, both my hands cup the small girl’s cheeks as I look deeply on her pretty and beautiful hazel eyes and finally said,

“Yuko.” I called her real name instead of her nickname and she knew that I was being serious. “I love you; after spending so much time with you, I finally realized I fell in love with you. I don’t know exactly how or when but the most important thing is that I love you with all my heart and with all my soul. Would you please be my girlfriend?” There, I finally said it. Suddenly, I felt the weight of that secret lift off my shoulders and I could breathe freely. I never would have thought that it would feel so good.

“It’s about time you said it; I would love to be your girlfriend.” She smiled cutely as my face showed a very happy expression.

Hugging her so tightly, I kiss her for the second time.

I don’t think it’s that bad to have a perverted squirrel as my girlfriend after I fell in love with that squirrel.


My sister gave me the idea of this story by suggesting this song 'Why Don't You Kiss Her?' by Jesse McCartney


I hope you like the story, especially you shiruba_rein-san; I hope it was to your liking.
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