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Author Topic: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)  (Read 3743 times)

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Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« on: December 18, 2016, 02:38:59 PM »
Hello guys :) Are you into drama, HKT48 and lots and lots and lots of Sakuruppi and Chiharu feels? You came to the right place  O0 Behold, A love triangle fanfic for all of you guys  :yossi: So who will Haruppi choose?  :roll: Read the fanfic and find out  ;)

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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2016, 04:01:43 PM »
Chapter 1

It was a normal Sunday afternoon, at least that was what Miyawaki Sakura was thinking as she lazed around on her bed. It was already 2 o' clock in the afternoon and yet there she was with her arms spread out on her bed. Ever since she had been part of the AKB48 Senbatsu, she rarely had any free time. She was constantly working her ass off. It was not her fault for being pushed by management. In fact, despite of the insane workload, she was happy to be given a lot of opportunities. Still, it was rare of her to have a day-off and it was definitely appreciated. She was about to close her eyes again to catch a nap when her cellphone started ringing. She fought back a groan and lazily ran her hand on her bed sheets to find the annoying device.

"Hello?" She mumbled lazily when she finally found her phone.

"Miyawaki-san? Sorry for calling you on your day-off." the familiar voice of her manager made its way on her left ear.

"It's fine." She soothed before fighting back a yawn.

"I have a message for you from Akimoto-sensei." he announced.

Sakura quickly sat up. Usually, a message from the famous producer can either mean a really good opportunity or a completely bad and depressing news.

"What is it?" she asked, quickly removing her phone from her left ear and shifting it to her right one.

"Akimoto-sensei that you will be a part of a song." her manager said vaguely.

"What? Are you serious?" What was that supposed to mean? A solo debut?

"Yes. He decided that you and Kodama-san will have your own duet song as a coupling song for your new single." her manager quickly cleared out any thoughts about the solo debut.

Sakura calmed down and comfortably lied down on her bed once again.

"Ah, okay. What was it about?" she asked.

"I just got the lyrics. I'll send it to you okay?"

She nodded before realizing that her manager obviously cannot see her. She felt a little silly.

"Okay." she answered.

"Enjoy the rest of your day-off. Goodbye."

"Bye." she mumbled.


She yawned luxuriously as she waited for her manager's email.

A hum escaped her pretty lips. A song with Haruppi huh? Sakura cannot help but feel a little excited. She had always admired the short-haired girl. Not in a romantci way of course. As far as she was concerned, she knew she was straight. Still, she was happy. They had a weird friendship and rivalry with each other and despite not being that close, it was really easy talking to the energetic older girl.

The familiar sound of her cellphone broke her thoughts. She tapped on her iphone to see the lyrics her manager had sent her.

"Color of Taboo?" she said out loud, confused by the meaning of the title.

As her eyes scanned the lyrics, her eyes slowly widened.

"Isn't this a love song?" she asked herself.

"A love song with Haruppi?"
The next day, Sakura was seen sitting on a chair while glancing on the back of the very fashionably dressed Hakata Fairy, she was wearing a dress like usual. It was dark blue and beautifully looped on her neck and shoulders.  It was break time for their handshake event and Sakura wanted to speak with her. Unfortunately, she was talking with her best friend, Kyappu.

The other girl was laughing at something that the short haired girl had said. Sakura waited for the Center to turn and when she did, she pretended to look at her phone.

"Ah, Good moring Sakura-san." she greeted. She mumbled something from Kyappu and then made her way towards Sakura.

"Good Morning." she answered and stood up on her chair.

"have you heard from your manager about our new coupling song?" she asked.

Sakura nodded with a smile. "It seems that we would be the one who would sing the song." she said.

Haruppi smiled. "It would definitely be a good opportunity for the two of us." she said.

"Have you seen the lyrics?" Sakura asked the short haired girl.

Haruppi pursed her lips and shook her head.

"The thing is, my manager still hasn't showed it to me." Haruppi admitted.

She opened her phone and tapped at her manager's name in the screen. She then handed the phone to Haruppi.

"My manager already sent it to me. Feel free to look."

"Thank you." Haruppi said with another smile. She took the phone and started reading.

"EHHHHHH?!" Haruppi cannot help but explained. From the other side of the room, Anai looked at the two of them in worry.

"Isn't this a lafff.. la... love song with you?" she said, she stumbled with her words and it somehow relieved the tension from Sakura. She fought back a laugh.

"Yes." She said as seriously as she can.

"I didn't know." the Ace whined. She pouted and unconsciously puffed up her cheeks.

Sakura looked away. She was scared especially since she doesn't want things to be awkward between the two of them. She wondered why she has to be the one who had to do the song. They were not even close. If it was the Captain who would do that with Haruppi, it would be a lot easier for the two of them.

"Oh well."


"If it's with Sakura-chan, I wouldn't mind." Haruppi said with a smile that could melt anyone. Sakura knew the effect of that smile. That was the reason that made Haruppi captivate her fans. She had a specific charm that differentiate her from the other girls. She has the ability of giving a healing sensation to people around her with just a hint of her secret weapon, her smile. Sakura knew that's what makes her the true Ace of HKT48. Of course given the circumstnaces that they were rivals she cannot easily admit that to her.

"Haruppi!" Kyappu voiced out.

The center looked back towards Anai then smiled apologetically to the long-haired girl. The other girl waved her hand as a sign of goodbye. Haruppi waved back before making her way towards the Captain.

"What was that for?" Anai asked Haruppi when she stood next to the girl.

"Nothing, we were just talking about work." Haruppi explained. Still, Chihiro noticed that Haruppi kept on looking back at the pretty girl. Her expression frustrated her. She was showing an expression that Anai had never seen before and she hated it. Haruppi belongs to her and only her. She would not let this girl take her away from her.

"Say, Haruppi. How about dinner later?"


Spoiler-ish: ChiHaru moment next chapter



Look forward on the next CHAPPU~ :heart: :heart: :heart: :love:

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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2016, 05:46:08 PM »
The story is interesting yet... lacking a bit.  I want to see how it goes.
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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #3 on: December 18, 2016, 06:04:48 PM »
It's still the start so you know  :( but tomorrow i'm planning to spice it up!! So look forward to it please thank you

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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #4 on: December 18, 2016, 06:28:37 PM »
It's still the start so you know  :( but tomorrow i'm planning to spice it up!! So look forward to it please thank you

more of other things in the relationship between them :nervous  Can't really modify as much so I'll be waiting for it
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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #5 on: December 19, 2016, 06:44:06 AM »
Chapter 2

"Haruppi, how about dinner later?"

The other girl did not answered instead she was still looking at Sakura. When Kyappu saw that, she fought back a glare.


"Eh? Ah... Yeah sure." The girl answered though still seemingly distracted.

"Ne Chi-chan, have you noticed that Sakura seemed to always be alone?" Haruppi mentioned out of the blue

"Huh? Well I guess so. Do you think she just likes being alone? I mean, there are other people who are like that."

"Don't you think she feels lonely?" Those words coming from the short-haired girl's mouth pissed her off to no good.

First of all, since when did she started being interested on Sakura?

Second, what about her? Does she still feel the same or had it been too late?

"Well, I guess there's a possibility." She finally answered.

The other girl seemed to be deep in thought.

"Chi-chan, you don't mind if we invite Sakura to join us later right?"Haruppi said.

A feeling of ice cold water washed over the Captain.

Though on the outside there was the characteristically somehow air headed smile on her face, inside she felt an excruciating pain deep within her chest. Why did she only realized her feelings now? She was scared, so scared of being thrown away, replaced by a girl she rarely know despite being together in a group for a couple of years.

"Of course not! Go invite her. I also want to get to know her more." She said with a tight smile. Lie.

Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie.

She never wanted to get to know the other girl. She hated her guts. She hated that she was always pushed by the government while a lot of their members have trouble even appearing on television. She hated how she always had the air of superiority around her. She hated how she was so pretty.

Most of all, she hated her because Haruka was looking at her as if she was an angel that fell down on earth. If she only knew that this would happen, she would've ...
then Haruka would still..

"Really? Thanks Kyappu!" With a peck on her cheek, the energetic Hakata fairy gave her a final smile and skipped her way towards the other girl.

Kyappu saw her retreating figure and gripped her chest. Her cheek stung. Haruka's lips were soft and moist. She regret everything. She had this beautiful girl within her reach but never reached out to it. She knew that she may seem like she was being melodramatic. It was just dinner, right?

Wrong. She knew Haruppi like the back of her hand. She knew it by just looking into her eyes. This girl is interested in Sakura.

And it was not the type of interest that would lead to a blooming friendship.

How did she know?

Well, that was because she used to look at Anai Chihiro that way.

Haruka stopped walking when she was finally in front of Sakura. The other girl was still busy fiddling with her phone that she did not notice the beautiful Ace.

"Sakura-san." She half-whispered. Sakura looked up and saw Haruppi smiling at her.

"Ah, Haruppi-san what's wrong? Do you need anything?" She said.

"Kyappu and I were planning to eat dinner later so if you have a f-fwee time, ah! I mean FREE time then it would be nice if you can join us." Haruppi turned red when her lisp made its way on her words. She really hated her bad enunciation.

Sakura giggled. "Sure, if it's not a bother to you."

"No, nwot at all!"

Shit. Harruppi, really? Nwot? Why was she always like that? Even then with Chi-chan..

No she should just forget all about it, no need remembering about the past.

Her dark thoughts were quickly pacified by Sakura's laugh.

Sakura was laughing. It has been awhile ever since she saw her laugh that freely. Somehow she missed it.

"In any case, i'll meet you up later okay?" Haruppi said with a smile.

Sakura nodded and smiled back.

Awkward silence.

"Okay, see you later!" And
with a shy wave, she left.

She then ran, too embarrassed to look back.
Her thoughts shifting back to Anai. Her heart started beating faster when she was with Sakura. Maybe she can actually get over the past. Maybe..

However, one look on Chihiro's face stopped that little blossoming hope.

When she finally made it next to Chihiro she grinned albeit a bit forced.

"She agreed." She said with a hint of disbelief.

"Good for you Haruppi." Chihiro said. She was secretly being sarcastic but thankfully the energetic girl did not seemed to notice.

A pair of thin arms wrapped around Anai's waist. Her eyes widened as Haruppi's warm body collided with hers.


"Chi-chan, it's still here. No matter how much I fight it."

"W-what do you mean?" Anai asked though she had an idea what Haruppi meant.

"Someday, I hope I can stop this because right now its stronger than ever."

Anai stared at her. Should she tell her?

"Haruppi, the truth is-"

"It's fine, I get it Chi-chan. Friends right? Yes, let's stay as fwends.You're my best friend, Chi-chan." Haruppi held her hand and gave it a squeeze.

Chihiro wanted to protest but based on Haruppi's expression, she knew better than to talk about it.

"So where do you want to eat? Definitely Yakiniku right?" Haruppi decided to change the topic.

Chihiro forced a smile. "Yeah, I'm craving for some hormone."

Even though she claimed that she would not talk about it today, it does not mean she would not open it up after the next few days.

She would make sure not to repeat her last mistake.

Yes, she's in love with Kodama Haruka and she will tell her what she feels.
It was not too late to fix her mistake.



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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #6 on: December 19, 2016, 07:26:54 AM »
A little bit clearer but maybe a bit of intrigue may spike the interest even more
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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #7 on: December 28, 2016, 05:56:27 PM »
I've been away from here for quite a long while and I stumbled upon this! ChiiHaru! Certainly not something appeared often so I have to appreciate that. Of course I have my little nitpicking here and there on the characterisation which feels kind of OOC to me (Chihiro never showed jealousy when it comes to Haruppi imo) but oh well. Different mind, different ideas.

Keep up with the job! Maybe I'll return, maybe I won't. Dunno. I'm just fleeting around nowadays.😉
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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #8 on: January 28, 2017, 04:23:55 AM »
Sakura was done for the day. She was exhausted but she did not want to go home at all. Tonight, she will hang out with a certain center and a ponkotsu captain. It has been awhile since she hang out with anyone. She was looking forward to it. She hated her "home". She called it home but it was actually just a small apartment. It was not warm, her family was not there. It was lonely over there.

Not a lot of people knew about this but she was actually the type of person that easily gets lonely. She really envied the other members for having friends they can hang out with. The only friend she has was Murashige. She missed the funny girl like crazy but she was afraid to talk to her. She was thinking that maybe the girl was angry with her. Maybe she was jealous of Sakura.  Right now, management was pushing her like crazy. Look at Anna, she barely have any job now. She was not even part of the senbatsu this time. She hated that sometimes. There are a lot of members in HKT that do not have even a little bit of opportunity to show off their skills. No matter how much her family tell her that it was not her fault, she still blamed herself. If only she was not picked as a center for AKB48, she would still be the Sakura-tan that everybody loved. Now even on her own group, she could feel the cold stares of the members both in AKB and HKT. People do not approach her anymore. Members seemed to resent her.

The only people that did not changed was her family however, she also has a problem regarding that. She can barely see her family. Most of the time, she was at Tokyo and Hakata instead of being in Kagoshima. Whenever she went back to her hometown, she was always surprised to see her little brother growing bigger than she expected. It saddened her that she cannot even see her little brother grow up. She was always alone.

She sometimes wonder if things would be different if she didn't take the idol path. She was probably a normal high school student. She would have her own friends. Maybe she would get a boyfriend. After she was done with high school she would probably study on medical school to be a doctor. Maybe write a book.

She shook her head. No need about thinking about what ifs. She picked this path so she should stick to it even if it was exhausting. It was her dream yet she never thought things would be this difficult.

She really do feel so fucking lonely.

She finally snapped out of her thoughts and started reapplying her make up. Despite that, tears seemed to seep out of her eyes. She did not know what to do. She was torn. She hated everything. Most of all she hated herself the most. A knock on the door startled her.


She froze, quickly dabbing her eyelids with powder in order to hide her swollen eyes.

"I'm here." She said. When she heard the door open, she took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, I was just about to finish reapplying my make up." She said. She then looked at the mirror and caught sight of the Hakata Fairy in her private clothes.

Dark blue one piece dress fell perfectly against her slim body. The way the sleeveless clothing encircled her strong shoulders  and showcase her prominent collarbones made Sakura feel a little envious. Her flawless skin, bright eyes and short dark hair caught the light in the room. Sakura knew how attractive that girl was. Time had truly been good to her. Gone was the awkward girl and was replaced by a beautiful, more confident Ace. She admired the other girl for being strong.

She smiled at the older girl.

The other girl flashed a radiant one in return.

"Take your time." Haruppi said. She looked around and saw a chair on the side. She quickly went towards it and sat on it.

"Tired?" Sakura asked, in the mood for small talk.

Haruppi pouted. "Yes!" She almost exclaimed out loud. "And very hungry. My schedule was full the whole week." She complained.

Sakura listened silently as the other girl ranted about not having enough rest. She knew what the girl was going through. In fact, she knew what she was feeling a little bit too well ,maybe more. It was totally obvious that Sakura was probably one of the members with the most television appearances. Haruppi realized what she just said and quickly shut up. Her last word lingering into an awkward silence.

"Sorry." Haruppi apologized.

"'Mm?" Sakura voiced out, still busy reapplying her makeup.

"That was rude of me, complaining about my overload of work when you probably have a busier schedule than mine."  Haruppi said. Sakura unconsciously smiled. Haruppi really has matured hasn't she? She knew that the other girl can read the atmosphere quite well. Haruppi knew how to give way to others instead of focusing only about herself. Even right now, the other girl thought about her feelings instead of just yapping about things. She was used to the other members saying things without thinking about the consequences or the other person. It was a somehow refreshing feeling.

"It's okay." She assured the other girl.

With a final dab of her brush to her cheek, she finished her task. She stood up from her chair.

"Done!" She announced proudly. She walked towards the shorter girl and offered her hand.

The other girl stared at Sakura's hand. She seemed a little unsure. Finally she smiled shyly and took her hand. Sakura cannot help but noticed how soft Haruppi's hand was. Her fingers were long and though her skin was a little bit too yellow, the fingernails were perfectly pedicured with a simple clear nail polish.

With a surprising strength, Sakura pulled Haruppi out of the chair.

Haruppi stumbled a little bit which made Sakura giggle. Her other hand went to position itself on the round-faced girl waist to support her from falling.

Haruppi whimpered, her hand unconsciously gripped Sakura's sleeve. They stood there, a beat of silence passed by.

Dark eyes met each other.


They were almost face to face, their faces inches away from each other. The certain fairy from Hakata noticed that Sakura's eyes were a little bit swollen. Haruppi looked searchingly at her, her eyes full of questions.

"You know if you need someone to talk to, I'm here right?"

Sakura blinked.

The other girl smiled. She carefully stepped away from the dumbfounded girl. She removed her other hand who was still securely gripping the fair-skinned girl's sleeve.

Sakura bit her lip.

"I'm not as strong as you think I am, Haruppi."

There was no polite speech, no pretenses. Her eyes were empty, dark.

The other girl did not said another word. Not a question or even a shift of expression. Instead, her hand went to touch the fair-skinned girl's cheek.

For some reason, a sense of comfort enveloped Sakura.

She looked into Haruppi's bright eyes, comforted at the familiar features.

The ever-fast life of an idol tired her to death. All the unfamiliar faces of the people surrounding her scared her. Her life was a blur but Haruppi's face was always beside her and somehow that comforted her a little bit.

Slowly, she wrapped her arms around the older girl. The other girl stiffened, not used to the sudden affectionate gesture. She pulled her closer.

They stood there for a minute or two. One of them, too lost in her own world. The other one, confused out of her damn mind. Haruppi reciprocated the hug awkwardly. Her left arm wrapped around Sakura and pat her back gently.

When both of them pulled back, both were obviously feeling awkward. Haruppi shifted her weight to the right.

"We should get going. Kyappu might be waiting for us." She said. Sakura nodded.

They smiled at each other before the Hakata fairy made her way to the door, Sakura not far behind her.

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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #9 on: January 28, 2017, 05:25:40 AM »
Interesting between the two and how Kyappu will react
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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #10 on: February 03, 2017, 07:16:00 PM »
I like how you explain Sakura's thought! Could feel her anxiety much.

It's a bit jarring to have Haruppi calling Sakura with "-san" though because Haruppi's the older one haha.
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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
« Reply #11 on: February 28, 2017, 12:39:38 PM »
Kyappu was outside the room, leaning on the wall casually. She was also in her casual clothes. Her outfit somehow resembled Haruppi's except it was off-white and the sleeves were short sleeved. She was busy fiddling with her phone so she didn't noticed the wcenter at first.

"Kyappu~!" Haruppi said out loud, waving frantically. Sakura smiled at her childish action.

The other girl looked up and smiled. "Oh, you finally came!"

When the two finally reached the captain, Sakura bowed at her. "Good evening, Chihiro-san."

"No need to be polite Sakura. Call me Kyappu like the rest of the members." Chihiro urged.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course! We've known each other for such a long time, you're basically my little sister." She said.

Sakura's eyes started to water. She was happy with the other girl's words. She missed the times where she was being treated as one. Now, everyone had a hidden agenda when they talk to her. Her eyes unconsciously moved to Haruppi. Well, except for the Hakata ace. She was different. She was honest and pure. When Haruppi caught her eyes, she grinned at the other girl. Sakura smiled back, taken aback and maybe a little embarrassed for being caught. She looked away, blinked back her tears and smiled at the Captain.

"Okay, Kyappu." She said, testing the name. The other girl smiled at her.

Chihiro was not being petty. In fact, the reason she was being extra nice to Sakura was out of pure honesty. She felt bad that she thought of dark thoughts. It was not the other girl's fault that she was being pushed. In fact, it was not even her fault that Haruppi was showing interest at her. As a matter of fact, it was partly Chihiro's fault in the first place. Haruppi was hers but she pushed her away. Sakura was a good girl and despite the jealousy she experienced with that brief eye contact between the two girls, she forced herself not to think of bad thoughts. She noticed Sakura's watery eyes and suddenly felt her heart reaching out for the other girl. Sakura is still basically a child no matter how mature she appeared to be.

"We're planning to eat Yakiniku. Are you fine with that? We can eat somewhere else if you don't want to." Kyappu told Sakura.

Sakura nodded. "Yakiniku sounds good." She said.

Anai then focused her attention to the Hakata Fairy. Of course, that girl had to look exceptionally cute today huh?

Haruppi smiled at Anai, pleased by her kindness to the fair-skinned girl.

"Usual place?" She asked Anai.

Kyappu nodded. "Your manager said that she'll take us there." She said.

"You have such a nice manager." Sakura said to Haruppi.

"Eh~! Well I guess so, she's kind of a friend too." Haruppi stated.

She?" Sakura cannot help but ask.

"Yup! My manager's a girl!" Haruppi happily mentioned.

Sakura nodded. It was a little rare for an idol to have a female manager. Now that she had thought about it, having a female manager is a better idea. Girls were well-known for being much more caring than their counter parts. No wonder Haruppi's manager seem to take care of the girl quite properly. It was a rare occurrence for a manager to drive someone to a different place other than work.

After a few minutes of awkward small talks between the three, a small black car stopped in front of them. Haruppi waved.

"Ah. That's my manager!" She said to Sakura. The window rolled down and a rather plain-faced middle aged woman smiled at them.

"Hey girls. Sorry for the wait. I had to clear Kodama-san's schedule for next week." She explained.

"It's fine, thank you for always taking care of me." Haruppi said followed by a bow. The manager waved her hands in return, looking embarrassed but pleased.

"Since there are three of you, who wants to take the shot gun?" The manager asked, while eyeing their new companion.

The other girl bowed down. "Sorry for troubling you, I'm Miyawaki Sakura." She introduced.

While the manager was talking to Sakura, Haruppi glanced at Kyappu.

"So who'll take the shotgun?" She asked.

The other girl shrugged. "What do you think?" She countered.

Haruppi pouted. "I don't know." She answered.

"Rock paper scissors?" Haruppi suggested after a beat of silence.

Kyappu nodded. "The one who loses will get the shot gun." She proposed.

Haruppi smiled.

"Jan.. Ken..."

"Pon!" Both of them exclaimed.

Haruppi threw scissors while Kyappu chose paper.

"Ah~" both of them reacted.

Sakura glanced at the two, finding their antics adorable. She already missed Murashige.

"Then you'll be in shotgun while I'll join Sakura-san in the back." Haruppi said. Kyappu cannot help but noticed the slight tilt of her lips. She seemed happy.

"Haruppi, you seem happy." Anai commented.

Sakura glanced at the two of them, sensing something different.

"Eh~ Kyappu what are you talking about?" Haruppi tried to hide it but Anai can tell that she was feigning ignorance. Her cheeks became as red as a tomato.

Anai bit her lip. "Good for you Haruppi. You're finally moving on."

Haruppi's expression changed to a blank expression. Sakura looked at the suddenly silent two. Anai, without another glance to Haruppi, walked towards the front and opened the door. She then entered.

Sakura noticed Haruppi rubbing her nose with a sad expression.

"You go first, Sakura-san." Haruppi said. Her voice was lower than her usual chirp.

Sakura nodded and opened the door. When she sat down, her eyes cannot help but divert itself on Chihiro.

It was just a glance so she didn't saw clearly but she swore she saw a small tear ran down the captain's eye. She blinked but when she looked again, Kyappu was already looking out of the window, her hair concealing her face.

She then glanced at Haruppi and saw her biting her lip. Her eyes were squinted and she seemed to be deep in thought.


"Ah, what is it?" Haruppi smiled yet Sakura can tell it was forced.

"Are you okay?"

Haruppi's smile faltered.

Haruppi glanced at Chihiro who was busy having small talk with her manager.

"Yes.. Yes. Of course. I'm fine" she looked down.

Sakura could tell something really is fishy between the two.

She didn't really want to speculate but she sensed something more about the captain and ace of Hakata.

She then looked at Haruppi again. Her short hair was a little messier. A strand of hair was not in place. She glanced at Anai and smirked.

Maybe this will shed a little light to the mystery between about the two.

"Haruppi-san, your hair's a little.."

"Eh?" When Haruppi was about to touch her own hair, Sakura took her hand in order to stop her.

Haruppi's heart went to her throat. She became as still as a statue when Sakura ran her other hand against her hair.

She made sure to properly fix the strand. Haruppi probably spends a lot of money for expensive shampoo. Her hair was very fine and also very soft. It kind of reminds her of a cat's fur for some reason. She glanced at Anai and noticed that she was looking quite pissed off. She suppressed another smirk. Seems like she was right all along.

Her hand unconsciously moved from Haruppi's hair down to the back of her head. Her fingertips grazed the ace's neck.

She  stared at Haruppi, entranced by her bright brown eyes. Sakura was not sure if it was real or just contacts but there was something about the girl's eyes that was really hard to look away from.

Haruppi unconsciously smacked her lips together thus making Sakura unconsciously focus on her lips.

A cough from the passenger seat made Sakura snap out of it.


She quickly looked at Anai and it was definitely not a pretty sight. If looks could kill, Sakura and Haruppi would be dead by now. Scratch that, they would not only experience being stabbed in the chest but also shot by a big bazooka once they were lying on the floor, dead. After that they would be ran down by a big, yellow road roller. For the finishing touch, gasoline would be thrown on their broken bodies and light up by a match.

Double shit.
Triple shit.

Sakura could tell that Haruppi could feel what she was feeling right now. In fact, she felt her neck becoming colder and sweat was building down from her hair.

Wait, felt it?


Her hand was still resting on the back of Haruppi's head! Not only that, she seemed to be comfortable enough to lean in on the Hakata Ace.

She quickly moved far far away from the doe-eyed girl and looked out of the window. The other girl, still pretty much confused with everything glanced at Anai. The other girl finally looked away from her cold stare.

Haruppi cannot help but feel a tiny blossoming hope on her chest. Is there a possibility that Anai is jealous? She quickly shook out her thoughts.

Chi-chan is a friend, chi-chan is a friend.. The Hakata Fairy chanted in her head.

Anai sighed. She cannot help her emotions. It was not like her at all to show what she was truly feeling. In fact, she was the type of person that tries her best in making sure everything is not a big deal. She's called the ponkotsu Captain for fuck's sake. However, when she saw Sakura touching Haruka, she cannot help but show her jealousy. The embarassed yet happy expression of the Hakata Fairy only added to the fire. She quickly huffed and crossed her arms. She then looked outside the window. Maybe things would really be different if she took the leap. She closed her tired. She'll just rest for a bit.

We just finished our practice for Hakata Legend. It was really tiring but also very fulfilling as well. Right now, I'm alone in the dressing room.I am too lazy to leave just yet so I ended up staying here. Besides, I'm waiting for my friend. She was called by her manager so she had to talk to her in private.

I cannot believe that I just somehow became the Captain of HKT48. Me, a girl that was not good at anything. I'm mediocre at dancing and even singing. Haruppi told me that she really liked my voice but to be honest I don't believe her.

Speaking of Haruppi..


How can I explain Haruppi in one word?



Annoying? I fought back a smile.

The truth is I have a secret no one should know. I'm in love with my best friend. I know that she likes me too and it would be easy if I could just tell her how I feel.

How did I know that she feels the same way? That's another story.

I don't want to do this to her. I don't care about myself but..

Haruppi is a rising star. If We ever go out and someone found out, our popularity would be totally done.

I can't do that to her. I want her to reach her dreams. Despite not being a center, she still continues to be strong. The management is stupid for not seeing her real potentials.

I can't blame them though. She grew because of that obstacle.

The person that I like...

The one that was the sun that helps everyone shine with her...

We can't be together.

This feelings that I have, I'll seal it inside this treasure box. No one should open it. Not even the person I want to open it the most.

A knock on the door broke me out of my stupor.

"Come in."

And there she was. Signature forehead exposed. One piece dress as always. The girl that I treasure the most.

"Sorry Chi-chan~! There was a conflict on my schedule!" Haruppi apologized.

"It's okay, I want to rest first anyway so I don't mind. By the way, are you hungry?" I asked.

Of course knowing her, her answer would be...

"Yes~! I'm so hungry Chi-chan. Let's eat, Let's eat!" She exclaimed, puffing her cheeks and staring at me with doe eyes.

I knew it.

I giggled.

I feel like I know everything about her.

"Yakiniku?" I asked. She nodded happily.

"I'm craving for Hormone." She said. I smiled at her and stood up from my chair and walked out towards her. When I was near her, she put her arm around mine, giggling adorably.

"Come on, come on~ I'm hungry!" She exclaimed while slightly dragging me.

Being friends, having fun together, eating dinner together...

It's better this way, isn't it?

We decided to walk in order to burn a little bit of calories before eating as much as we like. Surprisingly, Haruppi was silent.

I suddenly felt a little worried. She removed her arm from mine. I looked at her, confused even slightly hurt but it was quickly replaced with a smile when she held my hand instead. Her fingers filled in the gaps of my own and her warm hand healed all of my worry.

Haruppi, since I'm sacrificing so much for your success, I want to you to be really, really popular okay? Reach for your dreams even if there will come a day where you will be so far away from me that I cannot even see a glimpse of your slender back.



"I'll be gone for a week." She said.

I suddenly felt lonely.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, for the whole week my schedule is all in Tokyo so I have to stay there." She pouted.

"Ah~ a whole week alone in the hotel.." She complained. She then puffed her cheeks and then stared at me.

"Chi-chan~ I don't want to leave! I want to stay here and be with Chi-chan!" She whined childishly.

"Haruppi, you're not a kid anymore. It's only a week. I'll make sure to call you everyday." I reassured.

If only she knew how much I want her to be beside me as well..

"Promise?" She asked.

"I promise." I said . She grinned and leaned her head against my shoulder.

I smiled at her.

My sun..

My treasure..

My angel..

I'll make sure not to taint you with sin.

When we reached the restaurant, we quickly shuffled towards the corner. It'll be bad if someone noticed us. I mean, nothing will really happen. We are just not in the mood to talk to our fans. At least not right now. I want to at least have her to myself even just for tonight.

Just for tonight, please let me experience being a little selfish.

In the end we ended up talking long until the store was about to close.

When we were finally kicked out by the staffs since it's closing time, we ended up walking again. The sky is already dark and the stars were shining brightly.

"I feel like.. if... If I just reach for it, I can touch them." Haruppi said.

I turned my attention to the girl.

When Haruppi met my eyes, she flashed the most heartbreaking smile.

I sucked in a deep breath discreetly to myself. She's too beautiful. With the minimal light shining from the lights in the city and the beautiful moon shining at us, She was given an ethereal glow. Her bright eyes shined despite the dim surroundings.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her. 

"Staws." She blurted out and then blushed.

I can't help but giggle.

"Don't laugh! I'm trying to be serious here!" She said but a small giggle escaped her mouth.

"Now you're laughing too" I exclaimed.

"Chi-chan~!" She whined.

I raised my hand to pat her head.

"Okay, continue continue." I said with a smile.

She playfully huffed. "Like-Like I said, I want to reach them.. The stars."

"Why don't you?" I asked.

She looked down. "I'm scared I guess. I'm scared of the reality that they are farther than I know. I'm scared that they're already comfortable over there and I do not want to disturb them with this feelings."


What is she talking about?

"I don't get what you're saying." I admitted.

"Ah, look there's a park!"

I sighed. There she goes again, jumping from one topic to another.

"Chi-chan, go sit on the swing. I'll push you." She said.

"No way!" I said out loud. "It's scary and I might fall!"

"Don't worry, I promise that I won't let anything happen to you." Haruppi soothed.

I finally gave in and let her guide me towards the swings. When I sat down, I felt her presence behind me. Her soft hand went to push my back. She was pushing me so softly that I felt like I was being cradled like a baby. I can feel her gentle presence and her hands feel so perfectly warm.

"About the stars.." She started out.

I turned my head to look at her but it was too difficult.

"What is up with that stars anyway?" I asked. "If you want to reach the stars, go ahead and do it. I mean there are rockets and all that to help you reach it." I said.

"Chi-chan, you don't understand."

Her hands then gripped my shoulder in order to stop my light swinging.

I blinked.

Suddenly Haruppi was in front of me. The light of the stars and the moon barely helping me in seeing her.

"Chi-chan..." She started out and I can see a tear slowly making its way down her cheek.

"You're the stars."

"Eh? ME?'I finally managed to say after a beat of awkward silence.


Sniff. Sniff.

"I have always, always, always had these feelings. "

I bit my lip, tears also started falling from my eyes.

"I w-w... I like you, Chihiro!" She said as loud as she can. "P-pwease go out with me!" She bowed down.


I like you too, Haruka. I have always liked you. You're my own personal sun. Of course I want to go out with you. So much.

So much it hurts.

But I can't. Not like this.

Not this way.


"Eh?" She looked up, shocked.

"Please, don't do this to me."

"Chihiro." She took a step away.

I broke down. The tears just kept on coming. I cannot seem to stop them even if I tried. It got so bad that I started having trouble breathing. Little gasps starting escaping from my mouth. My hand went to cover my mouth to stop them but it only made it worse. My head felt like it was drowning in the water.

Why can't I just say yes? How come I have to stop my feelings? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?!


I opened my eyes and I realized I was gripping my chest. I cannot speak. Tears just flowed like a waterfall. I felt messy and wet. I probably look really ugly right now. I opened my mouth yet words cannot seem to escape. The little gasps turned into pants.

Gentle arms wrapped around me and I was enveloped by a sweet vanilla and floral scent.

"Calm down, chi-chan." Her voice sounded like honey. Her hand went up towards my hair and started patting it.

I melted in her embrace. Since she was standing up, my face was squished right next to her stomach. The soft marshmallow feeling of her untoned tummy made me felt a little better.

I sniffed and realized that I was ruining her dress with my tears and snot.

I quickly tried struggling out of her hold.

"Y-your dress.." I know that was one of her favorite clothes.

She didn't budge. "It's just a dress." She whispered.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking properly." She apologized.

I gripped the back of her dress in order to pull her closer.

"I ended up not thinking about the consequences once again." She said.

"I-I'm sowwy Chi-chan."her voice trembled. I tried looking up but her grip on me tightened.

"I just really wanted to tell you my feelings. I didn't.. Didn't know that I am burdening you." Her voice was for once lower in pitch. It was filled with melancholy.

I closed my eyes.

You're not burdening me, Haruka. I am so happy about what you said. If we were in a different dimension and I am a guy. You were not an idol, maybe this will not happen.

But this is not a fantasy world. This is the reality. We are idols and..

Whether I like it or not, we're both girls. We aren't meant to be with each other.

I wish I can just tell her that but knowing her, she would be hopeful and I cannot ruin her sudden boost of popularity.

I cannot stand being in the way to her success.

I ended up not saying anything, just hugging her and letting her comfort me. My breathing started to turn into normal and I could tell that she seemed to notice it.

"How about this? Forget everything I just said."

"Eh?" I finally let go from her hold. When I looked up I regret doing so.

Her face, that expression on that beautiful face almost made me beg her and tell her the whole truth.

"This night never happened."

My eyes widened at her words but I know that was for the best.

"You're my best friend, Haruka. That's what I feel about you. That's it." I finally said.

Silence crept in the night as Haruppi showed the most heartbreaking expression anyone could ever have.

"Okay. I understand. If I stop these feelings, w-will you.. Will you be happy?"

I bit my lip. No. I won't, I'll be heartbroken. This means this would be the end. I will never have he chance to be with her. She would be just a friend, nothing more, nothing less.

But.. If this is for the sake of Haruka.. For her dreams.. For her future then I should stop this before it blossoms into something more.

"Yes. That.. would relieve me from burden." My tongue felt so heavy. I looked down, tears slowly fell from my eyes.

"Chi-chan. Can I ask one last favor?"

"What is it?" I asked.

"Close your eyes."

I looked at her questioningly. "Why?"

"Just do it. For me?"

I huffed then closed my eyes. I felt her hand move the fringe of my bangs out of my forehead. Something incredibly soft and moist was suddenly placed on my forehead. I almost opened my eyes.

The same feeling made its way on my eyelash and then to my cheek. I froze. Is she going to..?

Her mouth made its way dangerously close to my lips. The tip of her upper lip barely grazed my bottom lip.

I waited in anticipation for that tantalizing lips to meet my own but after a few seconds, it did not came.

I finally opened my eyes only to find no one in front of me. I stood up and looked around the park but there was no one.

Haruka is gone.

I started tearing up. Is she going to leave me?

I started walking out of the park when I spot a taxi waiting.

"Are you Anai-san?" The old driver asked when he saw me.

"Uh.. Yes." I confirmed.

"A cute teenaged girl called my attention when I was driving. She said that you need a ride. She already paid in advance so all you have to do is enter." He explained.

I shook my head at her thoughtfulness. Here I am breaking her heart into million pieces and there she goes being the kind person that she truly is.

The rest of the ride was a bit blurry. I didn't remember telling the driver about my house but for some reason, I made it. I was too preoccupied with my thoughts about her that I didn't even thanked the driver when I finally made it to my house.

When I was finally in my room all freshen up and pajama-clad, that was the time I started crying.

The tears just kept on falling down.

The girl that I loved the most with all my heart, I can never have her. It's settled.

When I closed my eyes, Haruka's broken expression popped straight to my mind.


Anai opened her eyes only to see Haruppi a few inches away from her face.

"Good you're finally awake. We're getting worried. You were crying in your sleep." She said. She handed the Captain a handkerchief. Anai took it and numbly started dabbing her tears.

"What was the dream about? You seem really sad." Haruppi asked when they were out of the car.

Sakura looked at the two worriedly in the entrance of the restaurant.

Anai smiled bitterly.

"Oh you know, about fairies." She said before moving faster.

The other girl looked at her confused but then shrugged. "That can't be about me, right?" She whispered to herself.

If the fairy only knew.

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Re: Triangle (Sakuruppi, Chiharu love triangle)
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That transition between third and first person was interesting, confused me a bit until towards the end but consistency is key so third person would be suffice for later chapters:)
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