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Author Topic: Bridges Chapter 3 7/6/14  (Read 3289 times)

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Bridges Chapter 3 7/6/14
« on: July 02, 2014, 11:02:30 AM »
Chapter 1

“What shall we do, Captain?”

The question that had been asked for the hundredth day on the second year or maybe it was more than that.  My thoughts went to the issue at hand.  Being captain of the precinct had brought out many problems.  Ninety-nine of hundred cases solved under my watch.  The one bugged me the most.

“Just go home, Yokoyama.”

I opened the three-inch folder especially made for this case as I filled out the log of daily arrests.

One arrest, two still at large.

“Two still at large… Such pity.”  I said to myself opening up the fifth water bottle for the day as I sieved through the pictures.  I mutter those two as I know them from a while back which was true but still in the end.  I hated those two.  They were once comrades but now they were unknown to my eyes.  I had done most of the research into their whereabouts with few leads and none had attributed into catching them.  My eyes had been red enough to burn through the computer screen as I did another scan through when I felt a hand on my shoulder knocking the water bottle to the floor luckily with its cap on.

“Go home, Oshima!  You’ve been doing a great job.”  She said as I looked at the stern-faced Akimoto Sayaka.

I knew her for ten years since we were in the academy.  She was the straight shooter, while I tended to screwing around with the other cadets.  I was serious when it came to training but in leisure time, I was the goofball of the class.  I enjoyed people’s company and Sayaka saw how I was reckless at times especially the one time we were at a bar when a male came up slapping my behind.  My fist instantly contacted with his jaw and flew across the bar.  Sayaka was there to escort me out and finally sat me down.

“Yuko, I respect you in your training but you cannot be careless in the field.”  She said to me holding my shoulders.  “It happens too much in such simple things to become fatal.”

Then, the story of her father was responding to a bar fight when the leader of a rival club had come inside and wrecked the place.  He called for backup but it didn’t arrive until he was hit with a chair and cracked his skull open as he bled on the floor of that club while the team arrested everyone before noticing her father was gone.

Sayaka always kept that memory and on the day of his death, a shot of premium tequila would be gulped before saying a prayer.  I did it one year for the sake of celebrating and I knew why she became an officer, hearing the stories of her father’s heroics, and realizing the shoes she had to fill.

I grabbed my bag and dropped the weapon into storage box 22 as usual before signing off for the day.  The city was rid of crime with the amateurs but it always came down to the one case. 

They were the modern Bonnie and Clyde in Japan. 

It all started with a robbery at a food stand in a small shopping mall.  The witnesses noticed two women coming to the man and asking for money before taking out a HKT 22 pistol.  The pistol was ahead of their time with a bullet that could destroy a body with a special type of bullet.  I had the pleasure to look into the weapon coming out of China before it was shipped to Fukuoka.  The shipment, however, had been lost in transit and after it popped up in the robbery, I was hooked on trying to hunt for the weapon.

My search went to Beijing in the assembling of the weapon.  It was built like a regular pistol but the bullet was shot out into a piece of fresh pork as it created a melon-sized hole in the meat.  They only knew of one place that made the bullets and headed back to Tokyo where I found the first clue to the heist.  There was an insider that had stolen a box of bullets and the research assistant had to be with them for ransom.

The chaos continued, gradually building to bank robberies in the main hubs throughout Japan.  Every precinct reported started to flood the phones as I got nowhere and then the first break was meeting Kitahara Rie.  Rie was a classic Japanese woman with shoulder-length black hair and polite to everyone.  She led me to understanding the weapon and its effects for the yakuza.

A week after the meeting, she was eliminated in a trap set by them and we were back to square one.  The second break came months after when a squad found a shipment of the guns in Okinawa but no other clues were present as we got it back to Tokyo.  Beijing confirmed that only one shipment had left their factory with two guns missing of the twenty.  HKT 22 was our goal when a copycat threw us off guard with an offspring of the gun modified with the street name K422.  The barrel was narrower than the HKT but the bullets were made like darts, which stuck to the victim instead of shredding them.

After the copycats were arrested, I spent weeks into the gun with the engineers about the offspring.  There were miniscule differences that made it harder to find on a person and the fear had rose that in the wrong hands, it could create a revolution.  We had upgraded to the HKT with permission from the government but rarely had to use it unless it was an urgent situation, which force was needed.  However, the engineers created a bullet which made it quicker and used the dart effect to take down suspects.  We stood by our record but in the back of our minds, that one case was our main concern.

Every day, it was the same thoughts on a loop until her voice would break my concentration.  It was like a pause button in work career.  She placed down the hot bowl of rice and small plates of stuff for dinner.  It didn’t matter the time.  She would be awake sitting at the table with a smile on her face.  She never allowed herself to be flustered in my work although she was quite a ditz when other people would deal with her but I still loved her.  Then, I would always think about the aftermath of dinner when she would interrupt my thoughts again.

“How was work?”  She asked placing the food on the table.

“Haruna!  You were up all this time?”  I gave her a kiss on the cheek before on the lips as she sat me down on the table.

“Yuko~ I would never wait for you that long.  Akimoto told me you were coming home.”  She confessed as I couldn’t help but smile.

“She does what she does.  I have to thank her.”  I glanced at the food as she took the seat across of me.

Haruna was quick to admire my eating.  She rarely talked when I’m eating but I always managed to tell her the stories about work and my colleagues.  Quietly listening, I asked on occasion about her day but it came quite repetitive at ties but I still asked.

“How was your day?”

“I got a job at the supermarket as a cashier.”  She squealed.

“Congratulations!”  I mumbled as she chuckled at the bad manners I possessed.

“Yuko… I wished I had something to say to you that were adventurous like you.”

“I know you had adventures but you don’t say it because you don’t think about it like that.”  I pointed out as she rubbed my head.  My mind went to the only thing and hurried through the meal before dumping everything into the sink.

I jumped onto the bed, sliding my hands along her thighs as she would turn towards me with her lips.  Her soft body was my reward to coming home.  It was blissful every time I could touch her curves as I would mumble my intentions and we would go as long as I could before she would fall into my arms to head off to dreamland.  It was life for me as a Captain of the Tokyo Task Force.
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Re: Bridges Chapter 1
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Woah this is interesting, and I can already see kojiyuu !!

Update soon!  :cow:

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Re: Bridges Chapter 1
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Sooo, Yuko is Haruna's "husband"? :wub:
Pervert Yuko is pervert XD

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Re: Bridges Chapter 1
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It's my first time to read this kind of FanFic~ Interesting ne~  :cow:
Update please~ I want to see more KojiYuu~  :heart:

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Re: Bridges Chapter 1
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kojiyuu i love it!

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Re: Bridges Chapter 2 7/2/14
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Lemme cry at Yuko. :cry: Don't worry Haruna! Your story and Yuko's story are already adventurous!  :twothumbs

Update soon~ Uwaaah :D

Thnx for reading and commenting

Woah this is interesting, and I can already see kojiyuu !!

Update soon!  :cow:

TBH KojiYuu is intended to just show Yuko's side of leisure

Sooo, Yuko is Haruna's "husband"? :wub:
Pervert Yuko is pervert XD

At this point in time, no.  Yuko's love interest is a better phrase for KojiHaru

To everyone else, KojiYuu is just a basis of the chapter where the Yuko POV will dominate from here

Chapter 2

The alarm on my phone awoke me as I usually would turn to see Haruna comfortably sleeping but she had been in her uniform for her job as she waved to me.  My desperation usually would force me to ask for a few minutes but she gave me a kiss on the forehead before leaving for work.  I threw on a shirt and shorts before running down to the kitchen pouring a cup of juice and grabbing a muffin from the counter.

“Yuko!”  The voice shouted as I opened to my partner, Yokoyama Yui.

Yuihan was a straight shooter and rarely showed her excited state unless she was drunk.  Then again, I never advised her to drink but she was quite tolerant and talked about everything about her life, especially her hot and cold relationship with an office worker.  Paru was always brought up when we did drink and I grew annoyed of that woman because she would drive Yui up the wall before confirming a warm feeling within her.  Drunk or not, she was quite capable of doing the job.

“We got a face on the case!”  She cheered as she handed me a photo.  My heart dropped as I saw the face and then another photo was behind it, holding it out in front of me.  “That is her partner.”

I shook my head looking at the picture.  “This cannot be.  We solved the case awhile back.”

“I confirmed it through reconnaissance and it is them two that have been doing the robberies.”  Yui explained as I grabbed my juice and threw it into a metal container while my muffin went into the plastic bag.

“Tell Akimoto and Miyazawa to get the Kitahara case file.”

In my heart, it couldn’t be true that she was part of the plan with her.  It had to be some mistake I thought as Yui drove me over to the station in amazing speed.  Akimoto and Miyazawa was by my desk as I opened it to find that it was Kitahara that was murdered but then I saw the flaw in the report written by Nakanishi about the body type and slammed my fist into the table.

“Where are they?”  I asked as Yokoyama handed me the last known location outside of Tokyo.  “Put all precincts on alert.”

“Her partner’s name is Sashihara Rino.”  Yui informed the group as Akimoto and Miyazawa was out the door.  Yui and I split the report and read through it, writing down notes about the situation.  The flaws were becoming obvious that it was much bigger than the two.  Yakuza and the triads were also after the money and the guns.  We had entered the muddy waters of our case and began to think on how to call the situation.

We turned to my phone, hearing the ringtone, and I picked it up to the familiar voice.

“Oshima, we got your alert but we are spread too thinly.”  She reported as Yuko began to fear the worst if they managed to chicken out and open up a new can worms.

“Shinoda, protect the borders but once in sight, let the car become barricades.  Don’t let any officers near them.”  I instructed as she agreed when another call came in with the same concerns and called for blockades.

I wanted to be out on the field to catch them but there were many questions that needed to be answered and the first place was Nagoya.  Yui and I headed out by copter to Nagoya overlooking the congested streets of Tokyo.  My ear was on the radio hearing updates of no known vehicle in the area.  They were just as dangerous on foot and just had to wait it out as we headed to Nagoya.

“Captain Oshima!  We are welcomed to have you in our presence.”  The woman greeted me as we landed outside the station.  Her name plate read Takayanagi and we followed her inside where the people were running around, lining up in a row before we got to the Captain of Nagoya.

“Matsui at your service.”  She saluted with her long black hair and her pale complexion as I greeted her when she knew who I wanted and she came in rather startled and took the seat as Yui closed the door behind us.

“Nakanishi, your report was approved by me without looking at it fully before being transferred to Tokyo.”  The captain started as I presented the report with the missing signatures and the hidden evidence shuffled through the folder.

“Kitahara… had our hands tied.”  She spoke as the three leaned in.  “There was program within the station that many were part and the connections to the program made us nervous about exposure.”

“That program was abolished before we were here unless…”

“Many of us were part of the operation because the chicken prices were at a good price to give up.”  Nakanishi explained as Matsui gritted her teeth.

“The chicken exchange…  What is this about?”  I asked as Matsui and Nakanishi sat back in their chairs.

Yui glared at them as the two placed their hands in front of them.

“It was a program where we send out chicken wings to other prefectures for seed money as the government had cut our funding after a couple bad years.”  Matsui explained.

“Kitahara had known through the yakuza and the yakuza would not bother us but it soured quickly because she sold us out for lack of production.  The yakuza didn’t take too nicely but they realized they were being played too.  The trap was set by them and the program ended forever.”  Nakanishi added.

“We only know of it through our superiors who were stripped of their powers and they assisted every step of the way and our numbers went down significantly.”  Matsui summarized the situation as we nodded.

“So the report?”

“I had thrown it together with others as the Yakuza didn’t want to hear more about Kitahara.  They forced us to say she was dead.”

Yakuza didn’t know they coerced the wrong person into the trap.  It made my blood boil that possibly an innocent victim walked into the pool.  There were only few things I had to figure out and I had to make the decision to open the case up again.  Nakanishi bowed deeply toward us as I gave her the responsibility about the person without getting the Yakuza involved.

Matsui handed us the information behind the exchange before we left Nagoya with reports that the two were out of Tokyo.  Shinoda called off the borders and let the traffic through as I ran through the file of the exchange.  Many were just doing out of the sake of supporting the cause but the Yakuza was not causing the trouble to start with.  They were preventing the bigger problem.

We flew back to the station with the all clear given for the scene.  Personally, I had grown annoyed over the situation and declared a trip with the group I wanted to create.  Akimoto and Miyazawa were up for the challenge with Yui but we needed two others to support the front.  Two lieutenants popped up and threw it out to them as they were returning from patrol.

“Umeda and Kuramochi, you are coming with us on a trip.”  I announced as they nodded and walked to the locker room to set up their sacks.  The superintendent had sent me a message about the potential catch of the duo and sent him the list of names for the team, which he approved immediately.  I glanced at the watch and ran out to the supermarket.  I waved to Haruna as tossed the apron into the green bin.

“You look happy…”  Haruna smiled as I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“We are on an active search for the two.”  I explained as she nodded.

“I will see you soon.”  She waved before running back to the station with the bag in hand as we started the new adventure to find the people to evade our punishment.
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Re: Bridges Chapter 3 7/6/14
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Chapter 3

Partnering was the usual case when we did missions and Yui would just nod as the rest did the same as we drove out to the base outside of Tokyo and began to glance outside.  We approached the tall metal gate as I flashed my credentials to the officer and we headed in to a large building where everything was usually set up for the mission.  Dropping off our bags, we headed into the main control room with the computers up and running as we each took our positions.

“Is Nagoya and Osaka on alert?”  Miyazawa asked putting on her earphones, glancing at the screen with the camera overlooking the front gate.

“Sae, we are on our own looking for them.  They want to hit Tokyo and make it big.”  I explained as the rest took comfort in their seats.  “We are the ones to take on the damage.”

The whole area was on their toes as they were looking for the two women.  I felt confident in the whole mission with everyone on patrol.  The importance was to keep the eyes in the sky as the population was not aware of the manhunt that was occurring.  We were concerned about the people but most didn’t see the transition to an updated security nationwide that was only monitored by the police if it was noted.

I also used it at time to see Nyan at times but it was to assure that she would arrive home safely while I was at the command station.  Time would go by slowly as the hourly breaks seemed so short and then when time comes to sleep, it would be a modified schedule to assure coverage.  Overall, six women did bring many issues which was easier to solve in a confined area.

“When am I going to get the promotion?”  Miyazawa sighed getting the rest of us to pay attention to her.

“Probably never.”  Akimoto sternly said to the amusement of the others.

“Aww, that’s mean Sa. Ya. Ka.”  Sae stuck out her tongue as Kuramochi gasped and the rest of us jumped onto her screen.

I glanced at the watch and hit the intercom to get a high alert warning in the financial district.  People were in front of the Central Bank with white Noh masks as they were holding up an object.  My eyes were watching for anything else as Kuramochi kept feeding information as I returned to see the other places were at normal levels.  I watched the officers came up to the group, chanting in front of them as they stood there observing the group.

“It is confirmed to be a rally.”  Kuramochi explained as Umeda saw another group with the same masks approach the Prime Minister’s residence.

“Rallies everywhere…”  I observed as I felt something in the pit of my stomach that something isn’t right and one strike could cause issues.  The two rallies were peaceful for most parts except for the few who stuck out their chests against the police officers but they were put back into place swiftly.

I glanced up and started the rotation for sleep.  Kuramochi stepped off her post and entered into the rooms below us as we saw the dissipation of the groups.  Seemingly, I had the urge to call Kojima but I looked at Akimoto with her attention toward the monitor.  Umeda leaned back onto her chair, placing her hands behind her head as the calm night was becoming a pressure cooker when a flash threw the woman off and I got onto the lone communication tool.

“What just happened?  Over.”

“A bomb just exploded near the river.  We are checking out the situation.  Over.”

The reply was usual protocol as I waited.  My hands became moist as I rubbed them together as I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders.  I turned up to see her stern expression as always, massaging my shoulders as she kept her ears toward the situation.  The pictures were just coming through before the flash and a person was hanging around before walking away a second before the sudden light.

“Oshima, this is a distraction for our goal and I think they might be related.”  Akimoto spoke her thoughts as she glanced at the pictures.

“I don’t rule it out but we need to keep everything separate until we find a connection.”  I uttered as the voice was returning its findings.

“It was a homemade bomb.  I don’t know what else but we have the squad out to see if there were any more ordinances along the river.”

“Good job.”

Yokoyama pulled up a name as we waited for a confirmation.

“Yamashita Haruo.”  I muttered before leaving my post.

“Where are you going?”  Akimoto asked.

“I need to take care of this.”  I smiled before taking the vehicle to get back to Tokyo.

His name made my blood boil.  He was a local yakuza boss that I had worked with him to take down the rise of the Ota Group when they wanted a swift takeover of the Yamashita group after a failed transaction.  Everyone hadn’t known about my plan until after the bust and returned to the station under no path to my undercover name.  I hit the speed dial to his number.

“Haru-kun, what’s the deal?”

“Yuki-chan, long time no talk.  What’s up with the call?”

“I heard an explosion near the riverside.  There’s nothing there.”  I hissed as I heard a laugh.

“Yuki-chan, it wasn’t us.  Someone has hit our territory.  We were going to ask if you have a dirty cop on your side.”

My heart dropped as I heard that.  I bit down on my lip as I waited for his voice again.  The connection must have been coincidental to his talking but I needed to confirm that he didn’t know.

“I was kidding about the cop joke.  There are many out here that want to help before stab us in the back.”  He answered as I headed back into the city.

The harbor was their location so I parked into the abandoned lot before walking over to the dark side of the location where I felt a grip on my arm.  He dragged me into the room as he turned on the light.

“What are you planning?  What do you know?”  He asked as I just smiled toward him.

“I’m figuring it out myself but seemingly we missed out on the victory celebration when I had to escape the police.”

He smiled, taking off her jacket and unbuttoned his shirt before taking me to the dusty bed in the corner of the room.  Haru was a beast when it came to me.  He felt riled up by my presence as I felt his rough lips venturing into the beyond.  Haru was a gentleman when it came to the dance.  He asked every time before each step.  The job was for me to play the character well and I had to accept advances at times.  Haru was quick to satisfy in bed but it was different when it came to the business.

“Yuki, I love your body.”  He muttered as I wrapped my arms around his head.

“Haru, go slowly.”  I whispered.

He usually followed and we would discuss the plan but my eyes were on the door as I saw shadows and reached out for my weapon.  My finger pressed the trigger as he rolled off and let out two shots.  I grabbed the blanket to cover myself and get my clothes on as he rushed out to the fight. 

I watched the men fight as I crept toward the car.  There was no question another attack was going to happen but who would do that?  I observed the other group and knew the triads had come to invade the area.  I drove off to the nearest station without being noticed as fast as I could when I headed toward the back to drop it off.  My body felt cold as entered the station

“How may I help you?”  She asked as I flashed my badge.

“Captain Oshima!  Sorry for not recognizing.”  She saluted as I scrambled for the goal.

I grabbed the phone and called the force toward the harbor.  My head was still spinning as I only had a choice to head toward the main station to report back.  I took a car and turned on the siren as I flew past traffic back to the city and popped in to see the few people working on reports.  Then, my phone rang and I grabbed it.  “Hello!”

“Oshima, this is Kitahara.  I hope you can find us.”  She said as I licked my lips.

“You’re a dirty bitch.”

I smiled at the phone as I heard the click.  It was now the challenge to find them and control the chaos of the city heading toward anarchy.
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Re: Bridges Chapter 3 7/6/14
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EH?! reeALLY?!?! woow

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Re: Bridges Chapter 3 7/6/14
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akimoto team K...

why I have a feeling haruna will become victim of that gun... :sweat:

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