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Author Topic: Beats of Love [SayaMilky,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] - chapter 16 (18/07/17)  (Read 139693 times)

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The place is full of crowds jumping and cheering, with penlights and neon boards being held out high in the air. It hasn’t even started yet, but everyone had already making noises for the concert to start. However, in a quiet dark hallway, there’s another sound being produced by a couple that is hiding from the staffs and the band members. Moans and pants can be heard along the small and lonely pathway, just behind a pillar.


“Hmm… you’re liking this, aren’t you?”

“S-stop it…! We’ve got t-things to do…”

“Just a few minutes... please?”

“Haaa…! Eh? But the c-concert…”

A tall girl who is pushing the smaller person on the wall is pouting as she is about to get rejected by her partner for a quickie. It’s always like this for them. One is too preoccupied with work while another is too laidback to think of any serious things… even if she is the leader of the band.

“Pleeeaaseee…? It’s for the concert...”

“Wait… what does this had to do with the concert?” the smaller girl crosses her hands over her chest with an angry face but the latter keeps on pouting, making her feeling helpless with the cute face made by the leader of the band.

“I need some energy for the opening act…”


“So… I need you to make me feel all energized and… jumpy, if you get what I meant.” the tall girl said as she blows some air onto the latter’s ear, making her produce a suppressed moan from the act.

“Haaa…! Ummm… W-wait…”

“I don’t have time, you know…” She bit the girl’s earlobe, kissing and nipping her way down to her collarbone. “It’s almost time to start the concert...”

“Mmmh! S-stop...Kyah!” She could feel her body becoming hot as the tall girl sucks on her neck, making a mark on her lover’s skin. She was about to proceed lower while teasing the submissive girl endlessly with her wandering fingers expertly.

“You’re really cute, you know…” She was about to tear the girl’s shirt open...

However, a familiar voice calls their name repeatedly from the end of the hallway.

“Hey, manager! Leader! Where are you guys?” The voice keeps getting closer and closer, making the couple stop their about-to-get-hot session. A groan sounded from the small girl, making the taller smirks in satisfaction.

“We’ll continue this later, darling.” She whispered while giving a pinch on her lover’s bum, making the latter shriek in a restrained voice before greeting the intruder of their session.

“We’re here!”

“Hey! What are you doing here in the dark? We’re about to start soon!” The newcomer, another tall girl with shoulder-length hair clad in a denim jacket above a white shirt with blue torn out jeans asked with a serious face.

“Ah… we were discussing about something private, right?” The manager said with a straight face, giving a quick glare at the taller one who’s making weird sounds with her mouth at the moment.

“Whatever she said~” The leader responded before walking while twirling around merrily back to the members’ waiting room. The remaining girls could only shake their heads before they follow the weird girl.

“Is everyone ready yet?”

“Yes. Well… except for someone, though.” The serious looking girl said with a scorn on her face, her eyes glaring at another pair of girls joking and playing around in the room they just got in.

“What is she doing in here?!”

She asked loudly while pointing at a cheery looking girl who’s currently embracing her fellow band member, a pale girl with big round pair of eyes wearing black leggings underneath a white dress with a denim jacket on the outside.

“What? Senpai gave me permission to be here…” the girl, who is actually not a member of the band, said before pulling out her tongue at the angry girl.

“Why you…” Before she could do anything, someone pulls her away from the scene.

“Calm down, will ya?”

Another girl with short hair and black leather jacket said as she pats the latter’s back to calm her down.

“We’ll deal with your anger management later but for now, could you please restrain yourself? We got a concert to settle tonight, buddy…”

She heaves a deep sigh, her black orbs staring at the noisy pair who’s playing fake kisses and exchanging laughter with each other. Her eyes shows sadness, sorrow and loneliness but she kept it hidden from everyone, even her most trusted friend, with her usual serious face.

“Oy!” She shouted while pointing at the annoying girl, “I’m dealing with you later. You’re lucky I’m having a concert right now.”

Suddenly, the pale girl stood up before giving a slight bow at the fuming girl. “Ummm… I’m sorry for bringing her here.”

“Tch.” Not wanting to make her anger gets any worse, she ignores the bowing girl. She walks straight past her to the door, leaving the girl feeling guilty and slightly hurt with her stern act.

“We’re going out in 5 minutes! Get ready, guys!” The manager yelled with a clap before holding the door for the members to get out.

All of them get ready behind the stage, each one of them is holding their respective instruments. The leader gets behind her drum set, twirling the stick with her fingers while doing some tricks. She throws a stick to the air and catch it perfectly before giving a lazy salute motion to the manager, making the latter smile with a wink. But when a staff calls her, she quickly puts her straight face back...

The tall girl clad in denim and jeans outfit wears her electric guitar before standing in front of her microphone stand, just to the left of the leader. She turns to her right and saw the pale girl having difficulties wearing her bass guitar. With a deep sigh, she steps to the girl, helping her with the bass strap that was stuck on her denim jacket.

“Here.” She carefully lifts the strap and wears it to the pale girl.

“Thanks.” She said in a low voice with a slight blush on her face but the latter didn’t notice it with the dim surrounding of the stage. She just gives a small nod before walking back to her position to the left of the stage, not catching the disappointed face of the pale girl.

A girl with short hair wearing a leather jacket stands in the center. She tested her beloved guitar, tuning it to it’s perfection before caressing it gently with care. She mumbles by herself, as if talking to her precious guitar.

“This is it, G… Our long awaited, first concert of Beast Wings.” She said with a smile.

“I’m glad you’re with me since I don’t have anyone to share my joy with, G.” A lone tear drops as soon as she said that. However, her eyes suddenly caught a pair of couple in the crowds kissing in a loving manner in between the opening slits of the curtain.

“Awww… I envy them for having the love of their life by their sides.”

She was enjoying the heated moment when a shout from backstage catch her attention.


“Hey! You’re here!” She points at her best friend who had just arrived to her concert. She was about to run to her to give her a hug, but her friend shakes her head no, not wanting to disturb her preparation for the concert.

“Good luck!” she said with a wave before disappearing to the backstage. She didn’t expect for her best friend to be there tonight. Now, she can actually feels the joy of sharing her wish of having a concert with someone she holds dear. With a grin, she turns around with her right hand reached out.

“Group huddle!”

“1,2… Beast Wings, let’s make ‘em fly with our beats!”


In the crowds…

“Stop it… we’re in a sea of people. Don’t you have any shame?” A girl pushed her lover away after he forcefully kissed her in between people. She secretly wipes her lips with the sleeve of her shirt.

“Sorry… It’s just that. I misses you…”

“Well, I miss you too… but can it wait till we got home, honey?”

“Sure. Anything you say~” The guy kiss the girl’s forehead before giving his attention to the front.

“Oh, look! They are starting!”

The guy literally screamed as the crowds go wild with the raising of the curtains. The girl beside her could only shook her head. She didn’t even know why she’s coming to the concert tonight… She doesn’t even know about this new Beast Wings band people been talking about for the past few months. It was her boyfriend’s idea of a date…If jumping together with a swarm of people with sweats can be counted as a DATE. She suddenly felt drowsy when the loud banging of drums started playing.

“Honey… I don’t feel good.”

“Eh? What’s wrong? Are you perhaps... pregnant?”

The girl smacks his boyfriend hard on his head. “Gosh… you are such a joker, Chris.”

“Sorry. Was just trying to lighten you up…” He scratches his head timidly.

“Hey, I don’t think I’m feeling good. Can I leave?”

“What? But this is the first concert of Beast Wings! I’ve used up my monthly allowance for this!”

“Honey… please?”


“It’s okay… I’ll be fine on my own.”

“Well…sure. Take care of yourself, okay? If anything happens, call me.”

The girl nods her head slowly with a smile before pushing herself through the crowds of wild and crazy people. She can’t stand the opening act which is filled with only the sounds of drums right now.

“The door! Finally…” She lets out a relieved sigh.

However, just when she was about to reach for the door, the crowds suddenly cheered and screamed when the stage lit up with bright lights. The girl turns around to look at the stage. She thought it was the same kind of concert with those punk or rock bands that she don’t even know why people like them so much. But this time… she is actually at awe. Four girls stood on the stage, rocking the crowds with their songs. This is something new, the girl thought. Then, the girl in the center starts to sing…

She didn’t realized she had actually stayed all night to watch the concert while rocking together with the crowds…For the first time in her life, her heart had actually beats in an abnormal rhythm, together with the beats of the Beast Wings’ songs.


This fanfic is written together with embee, I really hope you guys look forward to it. YES. VERY SORRY THAT I HAVEN'T UPDATE MY OTHER FANFIC (PROMISE ME)  :bow: The truth is I'm having a writer's block, sooooo till I have idea I will update it.  :D HEHE. Please comment on it. ._. AND also PLEASE GUESS Who will be in it~  :D I would Like to know Who guess correct~  :cathappy:
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Re: Beats of Love (PROLOGUE)
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Beast Wings band...interesting :cathappy:

about who's in this fic...i guess
maybe Takamina,Acchan,Rena and...... :?
Arrgh..not sure :panic:
need to reread this prologue :sweatdrop:

waiting for chapter 1 :twothumbs

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Re: Beats of Love (PROLOGUE)
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It's interesting... even though a bit confusing at first.. need to read the prologue a few times
I think they are Yuki, Rena, Sayanee, and Jurina? I'm not sure..
The bassist is the pale girl, right?
She seems to like one of the member... the guitarist
Please continue...

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Re: Beats of Love (PROLOGUE)
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AAAA,so interesting!! :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Beats of Love (PROLOGUE)
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Sounds so good!! :mon star:
The name of the band sounds cool :mon fyeah:
Hm~ Pale girl sounds lke Rena, cheery girl is Jurina, angry girl somehow sounds like Yuki, the others sounds like Sayaka, Acchan and Takamina. :hehehe: But I'm not too sure :mon sweat:
Can't wait for chapter 1 :tama-bye:

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Re: Beats of Love (PROLOGUE)
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For me, im guessing pale girl is rena, angry girl is jurina, the "intruder" is probably yuki ? leader not quite sure. Could be takamina and manager is acchan or maybe the center is acchan. Not quite sure... Maybe there is mayu somewhere... :P but overl, the prologue really got my attention! Thank you for this new fanfic! Hope you will update soon! Really wanna know who is who! :)

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Re: Beats of Love (PROLOGUE)
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No one guess all the Charc rite~  :lol: HAHA. for now I will reveal the pairs of this Fanfic~  :D
A/N from embee : I hope you guys don’t expect too much from this story. It’s the work of two crazy brains meshed together to form a some kind of crazy, weird but funny(?) story. The characters will be out of your imaginations. BEWARE! Read at your own risk  :P

MaYuki x JuRena : I hope you look forward to the chapter~ :) HAHA. Sorry that prologue is a bit confusing~ Coz we didn't plan to reveal the charc that's why~  :sweatdrop:
olive29: Thank you taking your time to rereading it again.  :sweatdrop: HAHA. the answer is out now~
gyuchan: Pls look forward to it ;)
River1721: HAHAHA. thanks~ I always like to reading your comment XD HAHAHA. thanks for reading it.
Raven _faith: HAHA. Maybe later on, you will know who is which~ For now, just the pair is reveal~ HAHAHHA. Look forward to it. ;) THANKS FOR READING IT~  :D
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Re: Beats of Love (PROLOGUE)
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It's my favorite pairings..
Mayuki, WMatsui, SayaMilky, and YuiParu..
But, I still can't figure out who is who lol  :nervous
Update soon..  :bow:

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Re: Beats of Love (CHARACTERS)
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Heeheehee. Supposed to be stuying for a test tmr. But... Lalala. I will be looking forward to your update! So update soon!! :P really want to know ASAP!!!

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Re: Beats of Love (CHARACTERS)
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so no Takamina...?
i though the short girl is Takamina :lol:
and when there is Takamina there is Acchan.
so i guess wrong... :sweat:

btw looking forward for the story... :twothumbs
because there is MaYuki and WMatsui :ding:
also YuiParu and SayaMilky

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Re: Beats of Love (CHARACTERS)
« Reply #10 on: August 07, 2014, 03:32:01 AM »
Yay! :cow: My favorite pairings are here~ :on gay:
Looking forward to it! :tama-music:

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Re: Beats of Love (Chapter 1)
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AFTER SO LONG. TADA! CHAPTER 1 is here~ Hope you guys enjoy it. Please leave some comment and feedback.  :bow:

A/N from embee : I'm too lazy to say anything.... HAHAHA so Enjoy~  :peace:  p/s: Other characters will soon appear in the next chapters~ O0


It was late at night, with rain pouring non-stop since evening. The room was dark and cold with only the flickering screen of the monitor flashing, followed by thunders and lightning. She was all alone in her room, without any occupant of the house. Only the sound of the mouse and keyboard clicking could be heard. The table is messy with plastic wrappers and empty cups lying unattended for days. She was supposed to finish the lyrics for the new song she’s writing but she’s been preoccupied with this new thing called Tumblr, she had forgotten all about it. She was thinking of getting ideas from it, but it doesn’t goes the way she wants. It has been hours since she last left the chair… well, not counting the time when nature calls.

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube… even AudioJungle… any place that she can get inspiration from, she went for it. But it doesn’t help her at all.

Sayanee’s POV

Hmm… Jurina said there’s plenty of things you can found here in this… this tumblr thingy. How do you even pronounce that thing…? Nevermind... I thought she’s a noob with technology, that Jurina. Even not knowing what a GameBoy is... What a joke!

“Hmm? What’s this?”

My eyes suddenly caught the hashtagged word of #FANFICTION. Being the curious cat I am, I bring the cursor on top of the word. Nyahahaha! Let’s see where would this bring me…..


A new tab appears on the computer screen. I squint my eyes and look carefully.

“Oh? What’s this?”

I randomly click on the bolded titles, not knowing where would it bring me. But a certain title with a pretty well done poster had made me paused my scrolling.


Pfft… Fools? I am not one, that’s for sure. I click on it and it brought me to a forum site... full of words. God! The texts are so long, my eyes are hurting!!! Can’t they put the words bigger than this? Who would even read these small texts?!

An HOUR later…


I can’t believe this… This… this story… it’s really BEAUTIFUL! I can’t describe the way the author write the story.

………….I felt that i’m so worthless. Always can’t hold on to the things I cherish. So once it’s lost, all I can do is surrender and regret. Nothing can be done.

Just how much tears I’ve shed for you?
It represents how many times I’ve lied to my heart about you.
But every time I chose, chose to believe.
Believe that you love me.
Stubbornly believing that I could really change you.
Have you not seen, seen the things I have done for you?

You say I’m a fool, foolishly loving someone who only knows to love himself.
I say you’re a fool, foolishly loving a clone without any feelings for you.
We’re all fools, foolishly giving out love that without a future, hoping miracle will appear.
We’re all fools that are willing to be sacrificed and unwilling to give up our naivety.


For the nth time, I grab the tissue to wipe the tears and snots forming on my face…but found the box empty.

“Eh? Did I cry that much?”

Shrugging my shoulders, I reach for an extra packet of tissue hidden on this messy table of mine. My eyes fall on the name of the writer…


This person, I bet she’s a girl with that name, is such a talented writer. I think I’m gonna say hello or something just to say my appreciation of her story. I mean, why not? She’ll be happy, I’ll be happy, everyone will be happy! I click on the Send Message link and…


“Whaaat? Darn… what a hassle.”

I quickly register an account emm... what name should I put? It’s so troublesome to think of a name…I’ll just put Sayaka, since I’m not the only one Sayaka in this world so I’m sure they won’t know I am actually the great Yamamoto Sayanee from Beasts Wings. Photo… my ikemen photo with a mask on my face. That way, no one will know it’s me. Hehehee… After successfully made my profile, I jump back to Milky and send the message.

Dear milky,

I really love your work about “We Are All Fools”.
It’s the first time I’ve read such a beautiful piece and cried over it…
Well, that’s embarrassing LOL
I’m looking forward for your future work. :)
Keep it up!


Heaving a deep sigh, I slump my back to the chair headrest. My mind starts swirling into a black hole as my eyes start to droop slowly. I must have been so tired since I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for… Ummm, forever? I look at the clock and my eyes widen.


No wonder my mind goes blank for a second there. I’ve never been on the computer for more than 2 hours. I slowly drag my heavy feet to the comfort of my bed that perhaps might be calling me for the past few hours to make love with me. Aaaaah… so much for a bed complex relationship.

Snuggling deeply into my fluffy pillows, my eyes automatically closed as I drift into dreamland in mere seconds… Not realizing the blinking of a new message on my computer.

Next morning...

“Ah! This is bad… this is bad… THIS IS BAD!”

Here I am, running like hell on the road as everyone gave me curses and judging looks for each bump I made on them. Not that I care, at this moment... I had completely forgotten that my band have a meeting this morning with my uptight manager. The lady is so strict that if you’re late even for a second, don’t expect you’d be living the day without hurting your ears or gulping the last drop of your saliva for the rest of the day with her killing glare. And now, it looks like I am definitely late.

I grin as the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee beans wafted into my nose. This is the thing I’ve always loved and look up for every morning for having the studio situated just above the cafe. But my grin quickly turned upside down as I dread for the long stairs I have to climb.

“Urgh…can’t they exchange the cafe with the studio?!”

As I was whining and groaning while running, I didn’t realize a person coming out of the cafe. When I raised my head, all I could see was black as I bumped into a soft thing.



“SAYANEE!” I turn my head and I look at the person I just bump into.

“Jurina? Ouch…my butt.”

“My...m-m-my… MY COFFEE!!!”

I follow the spot Jurina’s eyes are looking at. There is a pool of black liquid with almost empty cup lying helplessly on the ground beside me. But knowing I’m already late, I quickly stood up while brushing my bum.

“Gotta go!”

“Eh?! My coffee-...”

I’d rather face a furious Jurina later than getting killed with frozen glaring daggers by my manager. I put on deaf ears as I zoom all the way up the stairs straight into my lovely studio… only to feel hell freezes over. I gulp as I caught sight of my team members sitting, well more like cowering, on the couch like sardines with a lady in suit standing in front of them. 


EEEP!!! I can already feel the heat drop down below zero and it’s making my feet trembling.

“W-well… actually…”


A loud booming voice suddenly came from my back. I turn around to find a serious looking Jurina standing beside me with a firm grip on my shoulder. Wait… why does it feels like this is one of Jurina’s famous death grip?

“I’m sorry, Mayu. Actually I told Sayanee to do an errand for me earlier…”

Hurk! Jurina glared at me! She gave me an eye signal, motioning me to follow whatever she said. Not wanting to face any more trouble, I nod my head vigorously.

“Is that so? Well… you are forgiven, Sayanee. But don’t expect me to wait like an idiot next time!”

Both of us let out a relieved sigh. I smile at Jurina, wanting to thanks her for the help but instead, the grip on my shoulder tightens.

“Don’t think I forgot about my spilled coffee earlier… You OWE me two black coffees now!” Jurina whispered with gritted teeth.

“What are you guys still doing over there?! Get your ass on the couch, NOW!” Mayu ordered with a loud voice.

As fast as lightning, both of us scampered to the already overloaded sofa and slipped ourselves in between the others. I just hope this old sofa breaks so that we can get a new one.

“Listen up. We’ve got a change of schedule for your comeback. It will be earlier than planned.”

Grumbles and groans can be heard from everyone, including me.

“Let me talk, people!”


“Thank you. As I said, your comeback will be earlier than planned but we’re still trying to find the suitable date. So I expect you guys to, hopefully, already prepare yourselves physically and mentally for this. As for the songs… SAYAKA!”


“How is your progress with the song?”

“Ummm… well…” I scratch my head, thinking of an excuse to make up for having none of the song written. What should I do???

“It’s… already 40% finished! Ahahaha…”

“It is? Well, that’s fast… Good work. I’m counting on you to finish it before the comeback date will be announce.”

“Sure! No problem…” This is a major problem! I mean, I can’t write a single word for our new single and the dateline is shortened…

“That would be all. Oh, before I forgot…” Mayu took a short glance at the lazy looking Yuki who’s playing with her fingers while puffing her cheeks.

“Yuki, meet me in my room. I need to discuss something with you.”

“Sure…” Yuki lazily responds as she struts herself behind Mayu like a penguin.

PFFFT!! We tried to contain our laughter from Yuki’s antics. No wonder they made her the leader, an airhead like her won’t be scared with a monster like Mayu.

The sound of the door closed could be heard by everyone.

“Hahahaha! That Yuki! What is she doing…? That was so funny!”

The members all walk away from the sagged looking couch as they laugh and snicker. They all get into position for a quick warming up of our songs. We always do this every time we meet in the studio. It’s like a tradition of Beast Wings to at least perform one song every day, as told by Yuki. Oh, by the way… that’s our band’s name. Neat, huh?

“I bet Mayu would be furious if she knows about it.” Rena said while tuning her bass.

“I bet she’ll be more furious after knowing I haven’t written anything yet…” I muttered slowly by myself, only to feel eyes fall upon me from all directions. They all had their jaws hanging wide from the unexpected revelation made by me.

“Sayanee… you haven’t started anything yet?”

With a deep sigh, I shake my head slowly. Everyone look at me with pitiful looks as they sit behind their designated instruments. I hate it when they look at me like this. It feels like…. I’m going to die in mayu’s hand and no one could save me from it.

“Don’t worry, guys. I’ll be fine. I think I got the rough ideas going on in my head… just need to write it down and strum the strings.”

I said with a smile, trying to act as cheerful and damn convincing as I can. Not wanting the others to worry, I quickly rose from the couch. Fetching for my beautiful guitar on the stand, I got their attention once again.

“Let’s practice, Beast Wings!”

“Wait… who’s going to play the drums?”

“Oh! I’ll call Yuki, then...”

Rena volunteered as she makes her way to the manager’s office.

“....” Rena suddenly stop walking. She turns around slowly and walk back to the members like a robot.

“What’s wrong?” Jurina asked.

“I think I heard moaning sound coming from Mayu’s room.”

“Eh? It can’t be... I think you’ve misheard something.” I laugh, dismissing the thought of Rena hearing moaning sounds from the manager’s room. I mean, Mayu and that airhead Yuki? Pffft… yeah, right.

“Senpai! You’re just hearing the mouse.” Tani said.

“EH? There are mouse in here?!”

Rena shrieked as she suddenly attached herself to the smirking Tani who had just arrived. Tani Marika, or Tani as Rena calls her, is actually Rena’s high school junior who seems overly attached to her senpai. She is obviously and remarkably obsessed with Rena, she’s like a dog following the girl around wherever she goes. And I don’t see Rena not liking the suffocating treatment for her kouhai. It’s like she… enjoys it a lot. Anyway, back to the scene… She tried to pacify the frightened Rena as she hugs the taller girl with her hands flailing everywhere on Rena’s body. Can’t these girls be more obvious? Somehow, it seems like Rena and this Tani girl is a couple, from my point of view.


My eyes suddenly fall on the source of that sound. I see Jurina bit her lips, hold on to her fist and walk towards Rena. She grabs Rena’s shirt and lifts her up in the air. Oh no…not again. I quickly rushed to their side.

“What are you doing, Jurina?!” I shouted at Jurina.

“Yeah! What are you doing to Rena-senpai?” Jurina literally threw Rena pretty hard on her stool and glares at the girl.

“Taking her away from a pervert.”

I swear I can hear Jurina silently cursed after she said that to Tani but being the oblivious girl she is, Tani ask her back like the stucked up girl she is.

“What did you just say?!”

“Nothing. It’s just an eyesore to me... Seeing both of you together like that just gross me out.”

She looked at Tani and smirks. God. She is a sadist I tell you… The poor girl keep silent at the side while stealthily changed glances with Rena while the latter just gave her the look of a sad puppy. I think we need to have a word with Rena about Tani or else, things won’t work out well with the members… especially Jurina.

“Come on, people! Stop wasting time! We have to practice!” Jurina turns herself away from Rena’s gaze and gives out orders since she is the second leader. Better put up with her until Yuki comes out from that room. Speaking of Yuki… why is she still in there for such a long time?

“Hey, wait! We still need Yuki to play the drums!” I said out loud trying to catch their attention but it seems I only caught Tani’s attention as I can see her jumping up and down with a hand raised like a little kid.

“Oh, oh! Let me do that!”

“You? Pfff… can you even hold a stick properly?” Jurina smirks as she said that in a mocking way but Tani pays no heed at her.

“I can play the keyboard. I’ll just play the beat of your songs. I’m pretty good with all of your songs!”

“That’s right! I’ve watched her play before and she’s good!” Rena said enthusiastically with clapping hands.

I exchange look with Jurina. It’s not a bad thing and we really need to practice so I nod my head in confirmation.

“I don’t mind. What do you say, Jurina?”

Jurina just stare at Tani for a while before approaching her guitar.

“The keyboard is in the store room.”

I smile with Jurina’s response. This girl is not as cold as people often said. She is actually a good decision maker and she is the one who’s always getting the group back in track when we’re down or procrastinating with practice. Somehow, things are looking good between us at the moment as we practice some songs without any problems...

After practice...

“Time to go home and rest!”

I shouted as I put my guitar back to its place. I don’t have to bring this back cause I got a second guitar at my house specially bought for home purpose.

“Sayaka, don’t you forget about the song.”

“Oh. Right. SONG.”

Great! now I can totally forget about my bed! Urgh… I drag myself back home by walking a few blocks back to my apartment. Thankfully I got a place quite near to the studio or else, it will be a hassle to go home. Maybe…. if that happens, I’ll just sleep in the studio like I own it.

Finally, home sweet home! I walk to my room, put my stuff at a corner and turn on the computer.

LOADING…….(very slow internet)

One unread message


I click the message icon.

Dear sayaka,
Thank you for reading my work.
It’s nothing much actually…
I didn't think it was that great… but thanks. :)
I don’t think I’ll be writing after this. I’m really sorry :/

P/S: You have the same name as the guitarist of Beast Wings. :)

Oh no! Have I been found out?  Wait... Calm down... Maybe she’s a fan of our band. Is she? I click on her profile photo... I’m NOT STALKING HER! I’m just curious about her, that’s all. The photo shows a cute girl smiling like there’s sunshine on her face. Just a few second of staring, she has already took my breath away.


Eh? Wait… That wasn’t me. I did NOT say that!!! AGH! I hit my head on the table.

“I’m just praising her features… yeah. That’s right. No harm in praising someone, right? GREAT! NOW i’m talking to myself!”

Dear milky,
Eh? Why did you stop write
Just when I become your fan, you stop writing. :’(
Awwh. It’s too bad then.
Oh no. I’m not that great Sayaka. We have different surnames...eheh.
Mine is Matsui Sayaka!
Are you a fan of that Beast Wings band? :O

AGH! Mentally facepalm! Why did I use Jurina’s and Rena’s surname! GREAT! SAYAKA! Can’t you be more creative than that! After a few minutes passed by, I refresh the page again. An unread message icon appeared.

Dear Sayaka,
Eeh? Then… are you perhaps related to Matsui Jurina? Or perhaps… Rena-san?
Well, I am actually their biggest fan! Especially Yamamoto-san… She’s so cool!
I thought you were her, which really got me surprised!
But I doubt one of them will be lurking in here anyway. LOL
How about you? Do you like them? :D
Umm… I just don’t feel the need to write anymore. Sorry...
Besides, I’m not a good writer. This is the first time someone like my story.
I’m really flattered so thanks!
But it’s a sad story… wonder what you like about it.

Pft! Why would she thought that I’m related to Jurina and Rena? Oh, she is one of my fans! Thank god, I’m still under cover! I mean... Thank god this is internet~ I quickly reply after reading the message thinking that I should not let her wait for me… my message, I mean.

Dear Milky,
Well….. A lot of my cyber friends thought so at first. :0
Sorry to disappoint you. I’m not related to them. AT ALL! But I wish I am. :(
Oh! you’re fan of Yamamoto-san? Me too!
I know! The way she holds the guitar is very cool!
HAHA! I’m such a dork, I can’t be her.
Let’s say I do not like them. I love them! :D
FYI, I reaally think that you are a great writer.
For me it’s not just a fanfiction but a story that really happened.
It’s like a story that touches my very soul!

I do not wish I am related whatsoever to the WMatsui at all! That Sadist! NOPE! I do not wish at all! About that story... seriously! It’s just too good, great, greatest! I don’t know which word should I pick to describe it...

Dear Sayaka,
Do we really have to put “Dear” in each message? LOL
Yeah almost everyone wished they were famous.
But I really like Yamamoto-san for her modesty.
It’s like she’s not an artist in the first place.
Just a normal person wanting to be friends with her fans…
Really COOOL!!! Well, besides her guitar playing, of course…
Sorry I can’t stop talking about Yamamoto-san. (I REALLY LOVE HER!!!) You know, since you’re a fan too…
Oh, who do you like in Beast Wings? XD
Heeeh? You really like my story, huh? Ummm… thanks?
Yeah… maybe because the story really DID happened…

Awh! She praised me too much…. I think I really like chatting with her. Suddenly my heart skip a beat when I read that she loves me. Well, as a fan, I mean… Oh! Did the story really happen? What does she mean by that? So the story is real? Gasp. Really? If it is then the girl in the story is just too sad. The world is just too cruel to her.  If I’m a guy I will definitely protect her from harm!

Yo! Milky!
Haha… Is this better? :D
Em. True. I want to be famous! I think. Haha. Do you want to be?
I KNOW! I love her because of that too!
I didn’t think that there are people that thinks of her like that too! I’m so lucky to know you!
I love her guitar skill the most! I wish my skills were like hers. :/
I like... Of course Yamamoto-san!
So, from my cool deduction and instinct, the story really did happened?
If it is, then I’m so sorry. I didn't know.
Em…. If you don’t mind could yo-


Suddenly, someone knocked on my apartment’s door. I stop typing and turn around to take a look at the door. This is not normal… No one dares interrupt me after 10 at night. Even knocking on my door… I mean, my house has a doorbell. Don’t they know how to use the doorbell?



Olive29: Soon~ The answer will be unfold.  :D  So pls. cont comment and giving feed back ;)
Raven_faith : HAHA.... Hope you pass your exam.  XD HAHA. FINALLY~ Hope you did enjoy it. :) Please give some feedback~
MaYuki x JuRena : HAHA. sorry~ that there will be no Atsumina. HAHA! YAY! More fan of Wmatsui X Mayuki~  :D  Hope you enjoy reading it.
River1721: Hope you enjoy it~  O0
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Re: Beats of Love (Chapter 1)
« Reply #12 on: August 08, 2014, 07:17:54 PM »
Oh-ohoh~! XD

I just found that story :D It seems it will be really interesting! Can't wait for the next  :inlove:

YEAH :cow: CAN'T WAIT  :panic:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Beats of Love (Chapter 1)
« Reply #13 on: August 08, 2014, 07:39:43 PM »
I can’t believe this… This… this story… it’s really BEAUTIFUL! I can’t describe the way the author write the story.

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Re: Beats of Love (Chapter 1)
« Reply #14 on: August 09, 2014, 04:09:35 AM »
Omg Zhen !! I really love this fic  :gmon bang:

Really like the storyline and I guess the band doesn't know about Yukirin's and Mayu relationship yet I suppose? :hehehe:

Cant wait for chapter 2  :heart:

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Re: Beats of Love (Chapter 1)
« Reply #15 on: August 09, 2014, 04:12:21 AM »
I love it~ :onioncheer:
Aw~ The way Milky and Sayaka met through messaging each other  :shy1:
The story that Milky wrote actually did happen! :farofflook: I feel bad for her :k-sad:
“Nothing. It’s just an eyesore to me... Seeing both of you together like that just gross me out.”
Well someone's jealous :mon misch:
Jurina sure has a temper :mon sweat:
Tani! I didn't see this coming :on lol:
Who could be the person that knocked on Sayaka's door in the end :mon huh:
Can't wait for next chapter :k-great:

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Re: Beats of Love (Chapter 1)
« Reply #16 on: August 09, 2014, 04:26:32 AM »
Finally !!
The members of the band unveiled.. So, it's Yuki, Jurina, Rena , and Sayanee with Mayu as their manager  :twothumbs

I think the person who come to Sayaka's apartment is Yuihan  XD

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Re: Beats of Love (Chapter 1)
« Reply #17 on: August 09, 2014, 04:31:15 AM »
Sorry that i couldnt leave a reply asap. But better late than never since you asked for my comment and i would gladly give you mine!! One word. AWESOME!!! I really like how jurina is portrayed here because jurina is my kami oshi actually. The interaction between milky and sayaka was quite funny too! I enjoyed that part the most actually. Along with how jurina actually managed the throw rena to a seat O.O so strong~~~. Thank you soo much for the updat!!! I eeally enjoyed it like how i enjoyed your your works. So im hoping for the next update soon!! ^_^

P.s. Sorry if the comment is too wordy. Ehhehe. Tend to do that when im overly excited :P and thank you for the good luck!!seeing it made my day cos im still in the midst of my exams -.-

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Re: Beats of Love (Chapter 1)
« Reply #18 on: August 09, 2014, 09:39:29 AM »
Already new chapter?
I not reply yet,

And all my guess is right you know! XD

But, i not reply your post, sorry u.u

this is great, please update it XD

ah, sorry for my bad English u.u

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Re: Beats of Love [SayaMilky ,WMatsui, MaYuki, YuiParu] (Chapter 1)
« Reply #19 on: August 09, 2014, 07:00:27 PM »
So sayaka is the reason why milky and her bf broke up HAHAHA i guess XD

nice fic! Looking forward to YuiParu's appearance :D

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