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Author Topic: [Haru_Jei's Short Stories] Heavenly Abyss - Part 1  (Read 16003 times)

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Nhyaa kawaii~ I like it when is Nyannyan that confess hahaha

Thank you~

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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It's finally here! :D

Thank you so much Haru_Jei-san XD  XD . . . . It was worth the wait . . .
I really like it  :D

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My Kojiyuu feelings :'D so beautiful!!!!

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so sweet I love that haruna started the kis..

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 :whistle: Way to go Kojiharu!

I always love reading Kojiharu's POV in every fanfic. Such a tsundere. 

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 :twothumbs thx for this kojiyuu ff...   :bow: :bow:
this is so sweet  :heart:

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kojiyuu....  :luvluv1:

one of my favourite OTP...

waiting for the next fanfic...  :hee:

thanks author-san...  :kneelbow:

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Hey lil' bro!

Didn't mean to make a really late comment on your fics :P :nervous hehehe!

Anyway, every story you wrote were really great and amazing; maybe you should write more often. I didn't know you were a hidden fanfic writer, unlike me, I'm pretty open :lol: I'm just playing with you. :P XD

By the way, on your last update, I seemed to have forgotten that lil' sis is a fan of Jesse McCartney :lol:. It's a good song though; I'll give her that.

What made you want to write? :) Just curious XD
Anyway, update soon. I know you're thinking of a plot for the your next request or probably writing it right now. XD

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yeah kojiyuu XD
please more and more fic of kojiyuu

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@Bbsis:  :lol: Well, in most stories out there, it was always Yuko who confesses to Haruna; so I thought I'd make something with Haruna making the first move and confess and came up with this. Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment XD, I'm very much appreciated. Oh, you're welcome :lol: XD.

@shiruba_rein: Sorry for taking so long to write it, I've been quite busy lately. I thank you for being patient and I'm very glad you like it as well; it was worth it wasn't it? :lol:. Thank you for making the request, for reading and leaving a comment XD.

@abcari:  :lol: XD :) I'm happy you like it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leaving a comment XD.

@Haruko: Well, for once, I wanted Haruna to stop being such a tsundere and just take the lead of everything. Thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@Konoe: Honestly, it's actually a bit hard to write in their POV, 'cause you have to imagine to be in their places and think about what would they do :P. Thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@ifzhaa: I'm glad you like it. You're welcome and thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@endogawa4869: About the next one, it will take some time; however, please still look forward to it. Thank you very much for reading and leaving a comment and you're welcome as well XD.

@RJay: Hey you as well aniki! :) We still live together with the rest of the family, you can just directly tell me what you think instead of saying it in here :lol:. Thank you for praising me :P it's very unlike you to be praising since you always tease me in so many ways. And you're the one to talk, YOU should write more often and update your fics; you're readers are waiting for you, you know :smhid.  She was a fan, but now, not much really; she still has his CDs but she seldom listens to them. I'm trying my best right now what with my hectic schedule :(. Thanks for reading and commenting at least. :lol:

@ptrd3009: If you want more, you can make a few requests by sending me a PM and details :P XD. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment XD.

(A/N): I apologize if I haven't updating anything lately :( :bow: :bow: and I apologize for forgetting to make an announcement before; reality and life has been a huge ITCH with a capital B what with the midterm exams and bunches of school work I have yet to complete before my submissions :banghead: :banghead:. You can also blame me for being a lazy bum and preferred relaxing during my break rather than pressuring myself by writing some more short stories and currently ongoing fanfic. :P :nervous. I should really scold myself for that. But can you really blame me? I sincerely want to write to please my readers; yet, life is being unfair right now and I already pressure and stress with all the work I had to do. Please understand and I promise to write once winter break starts and post them as soon I have completed them. Please be patient a little more before the time comes. Thank you very much for understanding. :bow:

Yours truly, your pal, Haru_Jei-kun. :)

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Re: [Haru_Jei's OS] Replies, apologies and announcement(2013/11/27)
« Reply #30 on: January 02, 2014, 05:22:22 AM »
(A/N): :deco: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! :deco: I know I'm a little late, but better late than never right? :lol: XD Sorry for not making any updates in this topic what with me being very busy during the past month :(. I wasn't able to write much in my earlier days of my holiday(still on a holiday by the way), but like I promised, I wrote a little something and I sort of did this a little bit of a hurry without much proofread since I had other requests to fulfill and my long fic chapter to think about and with family reunion not really helping me much to write(Not that I'm complaining being with my family or anything). About How You Stole My Heart, I'm still working on it; I'm in a small writer's block in the beginning section and just so you know, I'm still there a little stuck. However, no worries, I'll be posting it before you know it; I just need to work on it more.


Love Rain

Requested by: sakura_drop_
Pairing: YukoRena
Words: 2670

The last customer had just left. The young employee walked out of the café as he brought back inside the store’s sign and flipped the sign from open to close. He begun to clean the tables and stack up the chairs; cleaning the small restaurant for tomorrow’s day of work. While sweeping the floor, the young man took a glance outside; watching the heavy pouring rain in the dimly lit street. His eyes took noticed a woman; leisurely walking alone under the downpour without an umbrella.

Without a single thought, the young part-timer ran to his locker and grabbed his umbrella and hurried outside to the heavy rain; catching up to the drenched woman. Bringing the umbrella over the woman’s head, the lass looked up confusingly and realized an umbrella hovering above her and protecting her from the rain. Turning to look the owner of the object, she was found face to face with a good looking young man in a fancy looking uniform as he looked at her with worry.

The young man noticed the woman was young and stunningly beautiful despite her wet appearance. Even completely soaked from the rain, he knew that the young woman was crying; with her eyes red and puffy, there was no doubt she was crying as the rain was just a coverage of her tears. And so he asked as he held out his white handkerchief,

“Are you alright miss?”

The young woman just stood there; staring at him as she looked down at the offered clothe in his hand and gave him only silence for an answer. Reluctantly, she reached out of the thin clothe and began wiping away water of the raindrops; including her hidden tears. Receiving no answer from the lass, the lad said,

“Why don’t we head inside? It’s a little chilly out here and you’ll get sick.”

He lay out his hand for her to take as the young woman stared at it; hesitating to take the offer. However, looking back up at his dark brown eyes, she felt the warm gaze looking back at her reassuringly and all thoughts of hesitation disappeared and took the warm and surprisingly soft hand. The lad guided her to the small restaurant and entered the café. He shook the umbrella dry and told the woman to take a seat by the counter. The young man then said to the lass to wait for him for a moment while she took of her wet jacket and hung it on a chair as he went to the back to find his boss still calculating the profits of the day and asked him if the young woman could stay at the café for the time being. Receiving a positive answer, the young man grabbed a dry towel and walked back out to give it to the woman; earning a small and quiet ‘thank you’.

The barista rounded behind the counter and began to prepare a hot beverage for the lady; he grabbed the cream, milk and chocolate in the fridge and placed a small pot on the stove.

“Why were you walking under the rain by yourself without an umbrella?” The man suddenly started to ask; breaking the silence that was filling the air in the small coffee shop as he stirred the homemade hot chocolate in the pot.

“Uh…I love the rain. I just love walking under the rain.” She answered; laughing bitterly and smiling a a smile that didn’t reach her eyes which was easily seen by the barista.

The young man stared at her blankly; an eyebrow raised, completely unconvinced, not buying the lass’ reasoning one bit as he poured the newly made beverage in a mug and sprinkled a bit of cinnamon. “You’re lying.” He bluntly announced as he placed the mug in front of the young female who was now looking up at him; stunned. “With your eyes red and puffy, they are proof that you were crying.” He pointed out; tilting his head slightly to the side as he added, “I don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but something must’ve happen that turned you this way.”

“Was it that obvious?” She said; earning a small nod from the young male. “I’m surprise you noticed it. Usually, no one would have notice.” She sighed deeply; taking the mug in her hands as she gulped a sip of the sweet and warm liquid.

“Care to share, miss?” He leaned over; his elbows rested on the counter as he placed his chin in his hand.

She heaved another sigh and begun to share her troubles. “…My boyfriend is cheating on me.” The young man straighten himself as both of his hands were laying flatly on the counter; his attention fully on the short woman. “I stayed overtime at work to finish the rest of my paperwork and when finished, on my way to the train station, I found my boyfriend standing nearby the station and I thought he was waiting for me. Just when I was about to call him, a woman from the same company as I am approached him and they kissed right before my eyes. Before I knew it, rain started to fall from sky like God was crying with me.” There was a pregnant pause as she sipped her warm beverage and spoke again. “Looking back from when we started dating until now, I realized all we did as a couple was just going on dates that would just lead me to sleeping with him at his place. I’m so stupid. How can I be so blind?” When she was finish with her story, she finished the remaining of her hot chocolate and laid on the counter with her head inside her crossed arms.

Silence filled the room once again as the young barista took the empty mug on the counter while staring at the depress female with sympathy. The young man opened his mouth and said with slight anger,

“You don’t deserve this kind of treatment from anybody and you deserve so much more with someone whom would really love you and care for you. A man like that doesn’t deserve a beautiful woman like you; people like him could just rot in hell and die.”

With that, the young part-timer turned around to wash the dishes while the young woman stared his skinny features from behind and looked down; her hands resting on her knees, knowing very well that he was right, she did deserve more than this.

“It’s getting late now. Why don’t I take you home?” The lass thankfully smiled at the young male’s offer and nodded her head as she begun to put on her jacket while the male went to the back to grab his belongings in his locker and called for a cab.

Inside the taxi, a comfortable silence surrounded the two young people as the taxi driver drove towards the female’s home. Once arrived, they arrived at an impressive tall modern apartment complex; the young woman rummaged through her purse for her wallet but was stopped by the young man.

“Don’t worry about it; I got it.” He said; his hand softly wrapped around her wrist as he genuinely smiled at the lady who smiled back at him.

“You’re very kind…um…”

“…Matsui Ren. Thank you…”

“Oshima Yuko. I’m very thankful for your hospitality and thank you for bringing me home.” The woman got out of the cab and turned to look back at the lad.

“You’re very welcome, Oshima-”

“Yuko is fine.” The lady said; after cutting him off at the end of his sentence.

“Then please call me Ren, Yuko-san.” The lad said; giving a charming smile.

“I’ll see you soon; I’ll probably come by to your café to grab some coffee.” With that said, she waved goodbye as the door closed and the cab drove away; leaving the young woman to walk inside the building.


Days has passed and Yuko and Ren became really good friends. The day after that night, Yuko managed to talk privately with her boyfriend and cut off their relationship; the man was obviously pissed by the woman’s decision and stormed off while muttering curse words under his breath. After her break up, she went back to the café and happily shared her story to the young male. The lad was somewhat proud of her and they started to talk about nonsense.

While these two young people were hanging out during those past few days, the young lady found out that the young male was at least a year or two younger than her and was still in university taking up architecture.

Finishing school for the day, the young man was now headed towards the café; ready to work. Once arrived at the small coffee shop, his fellow coworker, Yuki, greeted him as he walked to the back to put on his uniform.

Meanwhile, the lass was at her desk as she typed on her keyboard; finishing her paperwork. When finished everything, she knocked on her boss’ door and entered the office after hearing the man’s voice inviting her in.

“I finished the paperwork you gave me.” She said; handing a bunch of papers to the man who smiled at the young lady.

“Thank you very much Oshima-san.” The man took the papers of the woman’s hands and handed her a sheet of paper and a file. “If you don’t mint, can you print out fifty copies of that paper and type down the profits on the computer on that file. When you’re done, you can leave early.”

The lass thanked him and excused herself as she would do the stuff to be done. She printed out the papers and went back to her boss’ office to give in the printed papers and walked out to start her other part of the job. But suddenly, she bumped into her ex-boyfriend who asked her to just talk.

Without any warning, the man brought her into a storage room and slammed her body against the door. Wincing from the impact, she looked up angrily and demanding what was his problem; however, the man didn’t listen and forcefully kissed her and trailed down to her neck.

“I want you back.” He whispered in her ears as the young woman tried to move away, but to her dismay, the man had a really strong hold on her.

“Tadashi! Stop it!” She said loudly only to be silenced with another rough kiss.

Having no other way out, the young woman kicked her ex-boyfriend in the groin that was now on the floor groaning in pain as he held his crotch. The lass quickly ran out of the storage room and started to sprint; earning confuse glances from her coworkers.

Running out of the building, leaving all of her belongings at her desk, she ran and ran as she ignored the droplets from the dark cloudy sky pierced her skin like needles. Not knowing where she was going, she kept running; letting her legs lead her to anywhere away from her workplace.

During that time, Ren served two cups of coffee on a table of two as he looked up to find out it was raining again. Suddenly, he saw woman in an office attire running at full speed past the coffee shop and like in slow-motion, his eyes followed the figure while staring at the woman’s face wet with tears and rain. Without any thought, he ran out of the café as he furiously trying to catch up with the young woman; shouting her name out.


Hearing a familiar voice calling for her, he legs stopped as her hands rested on her knees; panting. Turning around to find her friend soak in the rain; looking at her worriedly. She ran into his skinny yet strong arms of the man and cried her heart out as the lad wrapped his arms around the small figure; trying to comfort her.

“What wrong?” He worriedly asked; whispering in her ears.

“He was trying to get us back together and was forcing himself to me.” Her voice cracked as she cried even louder.

Knowing what she was talking about, the young man pulled away from the woman as she sniffled; tears and raindrops continuing to trickle down her cheeks. He tried to wipe away her tears but they just kept falling. He couldn’t take it anymore as he grabbed the lass’ wrist and begun to stomp back to her workplace.

“Where are we going?”

“I’m going to give a taste of his own medicine.”

After a couple of minutes of walking in the rain, they arrived at the building and they both entered all drench. Taking the elevator to the young woman’s floor, both kept holding hands during the trip in the elevator. Arriving at the floor, Ren demanded for the man’s name and where was his desk; Yuko directed where to go without letting go of the soft and warm hand in hers as everyone stared at the two curiously.

“Yamamoto Tadashi!”

When the said man turned to the angry voice, he was met with a fist connected to his fast as he fell from his chair; bringing his hand to the side of his face as he cried in pain. However, that didn’t stop there as the young man kicked his stomach repeatedly.

Yuko’s boss ran out of his office to see what all the ruckus was and found an unknown man beating on of his employees.

“What is going on here?!” The man’s voice brought the young man to stop his beating as he stared at the older man to explain.

“This man right here tried to rape my girlfriend.” The lad pointed at the man on the floor; groaning in agony as the young woman’s eye widen at his statement and wondered why did her call her his girlfriend when they weren’t in a relationship. The older man stared at the young woman who all of a sudden hid behind the young man and realized she was completely soaked and wet and he eyes were red and puffy. He looked down at the man on the floor and approach them.

“Is that true, Oshima-san?” He asked softly as the lass nodded in response. “Yamamoto Tadashi, you are fired. Get all of your belongings and leave this company immediately!”


When that was over, Yuko’s boss told the young woman to leave early for the day to rest and he would deal with her work himself. Ren and Yuko walked out of the building hand in hand. It was still raining but not as much as earlier; it was only a light shower. Walking silently, Yuko stopped walking as Ren turned to her confusingly; tilting his head to the side.

“Thank you…for what you’ve done for me.” She shyly thanked the lad.

“Anything for you.” He smiled.

“Care to explain me why called me your girlfriend in there?” She asked.

“It just slipped.” He sheepishly smiled and admitted, “I said it because it would be believable and I sort of like you.”

“You like me?” She was surprise.

“I’m quite aware that we’ve known each other for a couple of days and during those days, I have come to like you; in a romantic kind of way, mind you.” He nervously confessed; his free hand rubbing the back of his neck.

Without warning, the young man leaned down to capture the soft lips of the lady. The young woman was shock for a couple seconds and all of a sudden she responded the kiss back. To her, it felt completely different when she kissed her ex-boyfriend for the first time; she felt the electric shock running all over her body as her body grew warm and feeling the butterflies in her stomach.

Even without asking the question, the lass already knew what question he was going to ask and just answered his question without giving him the chance to ask.

“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.”



I hope you enjoyed reading this story and I hope you enjoyed it as well sakuchan!
Please don't by shy to leave a comment or a critic and don't hesitate to pm me for questions or request. :)
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And you, ex-boyfriend....  :knee:  :kickass:

Ren-kun, so cool~ so handsome!  :gmon heartu: :gmon heartu: :gmon heartu: :gmon heartu:

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this is so sweet :wub: :wub:
Make another please :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: [Haru_Jei's Short Stories] Heavenly Abyss - Part 1
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Hey guy. I come again with something new. It is a short story that will be divided into multiple parts. I have no idea how many parts there will be having and I have no idea when will the next update will be coming. I also have no idea when I will be updating my other works. Many things are going on in my life which prevents me from writing.

The meaning of the title will be known throughout the story. I will slightly describe it though. It is something that starts off where someone becomes happy and reaches the peak of that happiness. However, something happens in that point of happiness that disrupt that moment of bliss and makes a turn for the worst.

I hope you will enjoy this new piece of mine.


Heavenly Abyss - Part 1

What exactly is making the right choice? What exactly is making the wrong choice? Of course, some of the answers can be very obvious when it comes to small and simple choices. However, what about if you’re in a difficult situation where you have to make a decision that can change your life forever; a decision that is neither right nor wrong, but a choice that can make you regret, or not, about an outcome after making a conclusion.

It’s what you call a dilemma. Being in a dilemma is not a situation where you can make a choice with a snap of your fingers. It’s a situation where your decision requires a lot of deep thinking and takes a lot of time to decide. A decision where only you can make and not for others to make for you; nobody can’t tell you or advise you what the best option you should take is. No matter what option you take, no one can tell whether it’s right or wrong until you have reached a certain outcome based on your choice.

Most of the time, people can lose hope when facing important and life changing choices that are laid out in front of them. Not because they can’t make a decision, but because they are afraid what might happen when they think they will make the wrong choice, therefore they choose to run away from the situation because no other excuse can be used to avoid it. But at some point we can’t avoid it anymore and we have no choice but to make this life changing decision. There are no such thing as an easy path; every path we each take is a rocky road. It is a road that has been chosen by ourselves. When the path gets really rough to pass through, it is already too late to turn back and change our past choices. We can’t blame on others for our choices, but we can only move forward from where we are.

Why am I telling you this, you ask? It is very simple. It is because I want to tell you my story when I was in a dilemma where I wished I didn’t have to make the most important decision of my life, but never in my entire life will I ever regret making that decision. No matter how excruciating the pain I’m feeling in my heart right now, I don’t regret it at all. Not only did it change me and my life, but it also taught me an important lesson and made me someone better and stronger. I took a risk and jumped over a cliff and plunge myself into a destiny that is still unknown.

In this world, nothing happens by accidents; there’s always a reason behind it. There’s a reason for every encounter you meet. There’s a reason for every obstacle you run into. There’s a reason why you can’t have what you wish or really want to have…

To be continued


I hope you guys enjoyed that. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me a PM to ask any request and questions.
Until next time.

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