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Author Topic: Undercover! Chapter 2 [Mayuki] 7/24/16 *NEW*  (Read 7330 times)

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Undercover! Chapter 2 [Mayuki] 7/24/16 *NEW*
« on: July 12, 2015, 11:26:59 AM »
cover photo here:
(this story is from a Korean movie, although, I will tell you guys later on cause I don't want you guys to watch it and know whats gonna happen XD)


(Please comment what you think about this prologue and other chapters, please tell me what I can improve! Thank you  XD )

“Get away you bitch!” He shouted.

I ran as fast as I could, jumping over obstacles of boxes and walls to try and get to the thug. The sound of our shoes hitting the cement ground were echoing through the night as I panted heavily for breath, it felt as though my lungs were going to come out.

“Why are you chasing me!?”

“You know very well why i’m chasing you!” I screamed back towards him as he hastily scoped around for an escape then speedily took a ladder up to the top of a building. I quickly followed.

“Just stop!” I shouted as I climbed the metal ladder.

He continued to run and panic as he jumped down from one building to another. I panted harder as I glanced around for another route, there was a stoop of smaller building with less obstacles, I took it, immediately causing me to gain on him.

“Stop running!” I said between exhales and inhales.

I heard a small static then a voice in my ear from the device.

“The suspect is heading to 3A”

I gritted my teeth together as I began to taste an all too well familiar taste of blood, although my mouth wasn’t actually bleeding.

My body began to grow tired restless, my muscles began to scream at me, begging me to stop, but I can’t.

He hurriedly jumped from building to building, he was panting just as hard as I was. I kept him in my sights as he turned a sharp corner.

“I need to get this over with.” I whispered to myself as I began to think of ways to get closer to tackle him. I addressed and placed how everything was going to go in my mind, I swiftly jumped through a small abandoned building, running through a narrow corridor before breaking a wide pane of glass.
“Gotchya!” I tackled him to the ground from above as he growled and tried to push me off. I urgently placed handcuffs around his left wrist and strapped it to a metal pipe connected to the roof top.

Without hesitation, I quickly pressed a button that was connected to a small bluetooth headset in my ear, activating speech.

“Takamina, He has been caught, please come quickly to secure the arrest.”

“Good work, Kashiwagi!” A small static was heard as I released the button.

The man struggled to try and release himself from the handcuffs but gave up sooner than I expected.

“Who are you!?” He growled through clenched teeth.

I grinned wildly and quickly took out my golden badge from my long brown trench coat.

“Police officer, Kashiwagi Yuki!”

“A police officer...I’m not surprised…How long am I staying in jail?” He laid his head on the floor of the roof top and shook his head with a sarcastic grin, I could tell he was regretting everything.

“I have to discuss it with the chief, I can’t decide myself.”

A car screech was heard from down below along with millions of loud sirens, as the cars stopped,Takamina stepped out from the van that was in the back of all of the police cars and looked around to see where I was. She looked completely clueless as she stood with a dark green gym suit for some odd reason, but it was honestly funny.

“I’m up here…!”

“Ah! okay, I’ll send my men up there, you can leave the scene if you wish, but before you do, I need to talk to you.”

I huffed to myself and closed my eyes in annoyance, I want rest, not a long conversation about how I could've done my job better. I scoped the rooftop for an open door, but before I needed to strain my eyes, men came bursting through a door near the right, flooding the rooftop with guns in arm.

I rubbed the back of my neck as I walked to the door, avoiding the men that were cautiously walking towards the criminal. I didn’t run down to Takamina, I was a my pace kinda person.

“Kashiwagi!” Takamina ran towards me with a smile as I sighed.

“Ya know you could have at least did your job a little better…I mean-”

“I know, I know…” I looked at her with a serious facial expression, I wanted her to get to the chase.

“Look, the chief has a job for you. You will have to go undercover as a highschool student in Yamamura International High Schoo-”

“Isn’t that a school where rich girls go to...including americans?”

“Listen!” Takamina swiftly smacked me in the head, forcing me to listen to avoid getting hit.

“Yes, it’s a rich school, it’s located in Saitama. the daughter of a famous japanese gang leader is the soccer ball captain at that same school, we need to track him down through her, you have to be friends with her.”

“...Instead of becoming a student, why don’t I become a teacher? You know I hated school, you were even in the same class with me in Junior year!” I said with a innocent smile.

“Oh yea!? What are you gonna teach, huh? English? science? History?”

I kept quiet and stared at the ground, knowing where she was going with this. I took a minute to think about the pro’s and the cons of this mission.

“Okay fine!”

“Fine what?” She replied.

“I’ll do the job!” I growled and kicked my foot at the ground.

“Good, Tomorrow at 8pm, be there…” Takamina turned with an attitude to enter back into the white van.

“And don’t be late!” She shouted pointing her first finger at me in annoyance.

“Don’t be late” I said mocking her from behind, then turning my back towards her.

Going back to school... I barely even passed when I first went. I grunted as I walked with uneasiness and crossed arms.
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Re: Undercover! Prologue [Mayuki] 7/12/15
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2015, 12:18:08 PM »
Well, i'm not an expert, but I can say that this is SO COOL! :inlove:
I like Yuki's character u made there, and the detail of the chasing scene, it's like I can hear their pantings in my head.
I'm just saying I like ur way in describing the scenes and add up details to picture the settings. :cow:
Thnk u for updating this.  Forgive me for blabbering here :P and please, do continue. :bow:

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Re: Undercover! Prologue [Mayuki] 7/12/15
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2015, 02:58:59 PM »
Yukirin's so cool!  :cathappy:
I love how you write~
I'll be waiting for an update <3

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Re: Undercover! Prologue [Mayuki] 7/12/15
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2015, 03:35:27 PM »
This story looks really cool! Ill be waiting for the next update :)

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Re: Undercover! Prologue [Mayuki] 7/12/15
« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2015, 04:13:29 PM »
Reading your prologue, somehow I feel like watching ' 35 sai no Koukousei'  :w00t:
Yukirin doing undercover as high school student!!? Cooool!!! So, Mayu is boy here... hmmm I can't wait for your next update author-san  :thumbsup

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Re: Undercover! Prologue [Mayuki] 7/12/15
« Reply #5 on: July 12, 2015, 04:35:31 PM »
It's so interesting I became more curious  8)

Update soon  :cow:

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Re: Undercover! Prologue [Mayuki] 7/12/15
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2015, 09:39:29 PM »

Update soon...i mean ASAP

Let see how Yuki go to school xD

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Re: Undercover! Prologue [Mayuki] 7/12/15
« Reply #7 on: July 15, 2015, 02:07:31 AM »
This is cool
Please update faster xD

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Re: Undercover! Prologue [Mayuki] 7/12/15
« Reply #8 on: July 20, 2015, 02:31:02 PM »
Ohohohoho What an awesome fanfic. I can't wait for the update. I'm new here :ding: :ding: :ding: :ding: :byebye: :byebye: :byebye: :shy2: :shy2: :shy2: :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak: :on woohoo: :on woohoo: :on woohoo:

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Re: Undercover! Prologue [Mayuki] 7/12/15
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Chapter 1

“Who exactly is this guy again?” I asked, sitting next to my partner in the passenger side as I grabbed a yellow binder from the glove box.

“The leader of a famous gang, his name is Hideo Watanabe. Once he moved away from his home town to saitama for a job, he met his wife, himeko sutoshi. When he met her, he was reported not to be involved in criminal behavior, but  then one day he left his wife for an unknown reason, after he left, his wife fell in a coma. Luckily, she got out of the coma a month and a half later...but then died from cancer a year after. People presume this is what caused Hideo to fall into violence…” Takamina mumbled as she continued driving.

“And the daughter?” I asked, reading through profiles of people involved in Hideo’s gang.

“When her mother died she was only 10 years old, since her loss, she became quiet. she doesn’t have any friends, if people attempted to be friends with her, she ignored this is where it would be difficult for you…”

“Right, right…again, why am I an undercover student? I don’t even look like a teenager, how about I could be a nurse...maybe a janitor…” I smiled, closing the large files and looking up at her.

“Oh okay, and while you're the janitor, students are gonna talk to you as their friend, right? Or maybe you can be that creepy nurse that stalks people like in an anime...Yea?” She said sarcastically.

I furrowed my eyebrows, intertwining my arms as I laid back into the car seat. I glared at her for a moment as she stared out of the window.

“Why are you always such a hardass all the time?” I said resting my eyes.

“Excuse me? Why do you always have to be so lazy...and stubborn! It’s like you're always in your little shell and can never get out of it unless someone you trust is there!” She transferred her eyes towards me.

“Since when is this about me trusting people?! And For your information, I am not lazy!”

“Yes, you are! Remember that pet turtle you used to have? It died because you didn’t feed it!”

“...It wasn’t for that reason!” I said slightly hurt.

“Yea! It was!”

I arched my eyebrow and pursed my lips, “Well, what about you and Acchan!?”

“Don’t bring that up!”

“Oh really, why?!”

“Get out!” Takamina shouted as she rushed me out of the car, pushing me out onto my back . The car quickly sped away while she closed the door, leaving me at a place I didn’t even know existed. At that moment I didn’t care about being lost, I cared about what just happened. I was so angry, my whole body felt as though it was on fire.

I stood up, brushing the dirt off as I quietly examined my surroundings. All I could see were green bushes across the street. I quickly turned around, only to see a very large grey building that was behind a closed black gate, with a sign at the top labeled: Yamamura International High School.

“Oh…” I stood clueless for around 5 to 10 minutes.

 I thought Takamina only kicked me out do to anger. I stood staring at the building, slightly wincing at the fact I have to “re-learn” everything. I grunted while pushing the metal gate open to start my first day.

“This is Kashiwagi Yuki...she is new to our school.” The teacher looked over to his right, at me as I gleamed blankly at the class of kids. He stared at me with an awkward smile. Some time passed as the room was dead silent, I was actually starting to grow uncomfortable.

“...Please take a seat.” He whispered to me softly.

“Oh! Right! Where do you want me to sit?” I asked, remaining quiet as I stood at the front of the class.

“You can sit at that empty seat over there.” He pointed over at a desk that was placed at the end of the middle row, seated near a girl with glasses and short black hair. I examined everyone's faces and tried to walk over to my desk with a relaxed and cool formation. I felt as if I was exposed, everyone's eyes were glued to me, it didn’t feel very comfortable. I looked over to my side and met eyes with an almost model like girl, she wasn’t tall but she appeared as though she could be on TV. She had this blank stare as she looked at me, Something in her eyes sparked my interest, her gaze almost seemed as though it turned into a glare, from my perspective, she didn’t seem very please-.

...Suddenly, my train of thought stopped as my face was covered in a sharp pain that was unavoidable...

I pushed myself from the floor as It finally dawned on me that I was tripped by one of these spoiled brats, the whole class began laughing without hesitation. I quickly rushed to my desk and slouched down in my seat, trying to hide from the world, I was so embarrassed I couldn’t think correctly. I was always the popular girl back in highschool now I’m the schools geek in just 2 seconds.

Just imagine how all of those kids we used to bully felt...they probably felt embarrassed all the time...especially Takamina, we bullied her the most...I feel so...horrible...

I snapped out of my thoughts instantaneously. I shouldn’t think about it too much, i’m undercover, I shouldn’t care what these little dirtbags think!

“all of you guys should treat others the way you wanna be treated, everyone is friends in my class, understand? No one gets forgotten in here, treat each other with respect and love one an-” The teacher was caught off guard by a loud bell, signaling lunch already. I looked over to the girl next to me as she pulled out her hairbrush from her pink bag and combed her hair like she was preparing for someone.

“Why is the teacher like that?” I asked staring at the green chalk board in the front of the class.

“Because he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out, he was reported once for giving someone more attention than the other kids so he watches what he says.” She stopped combing her raven black hair and glanced over at me.

“Are you sure you're a student? You have a lot of you have a disease?”

I Immediately grew offended from the girl's words, seriously? what is it with these kids nowadays? My jaw dropped as I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Sorry, it’s from wincing too hard at the sight of you. ” I snarled at her as her lips began quivering profusely.

 Wait, was she about to cry? She pushed up her thick glasses up and hurriedly ran out the classroom sobbing loudly. I admit, I do feel bad, but she poked towards my insecurities first.

The two girls in front of me turned around to face me as they shook their heads almost simultaneously.

“You shouldn’t have done're dead meat.” One murmured.

“What?” I replied uncertain.

“That girl that you just teased, she’s protected by the school's gang, they beat up even the strongest of fighters, no one messes with them and goes without getting their ass kicked.”

Great, it’s my first day and i’m already picking fights.

“Hey!” A group of girls shouted from the classroom doorway, causing the two girls in front of me to turn their backs towards me without saying a word. The group of girls came walking towards my desk, pushing my things to the ground, while poking me in the head as they spoke. The girl that teased me about wrinkles quickly appeared from the group and nodded her head, supporting everything the group of girls were saying among each other.

“You're the new girl right?” What seems to be the leader mumbled with an attitude. She had brown hair that was to her chest, it was nicely curled and her eyes were muddy brown

“Are you gonna answer, huh? You should’ve thought before you spoke, do you know who we are? We are going to tear you apart. At the courtyard, after lunch, be there smartass. If you don’t show, you can say goodbye to that cute face of yours.” The rest of girls laughed behind her. I’ll admit, I did grow a bit angry, but over time, I learned how to keep myself calm by occupying my mind with a little game of eye spy. I looked up at the girl as she finally stopped poking my head.

“One thing…” I said under my breath.

“What? What do you have to say for yourself, bitch?” One of the girls in the group interrupted. I stood up from my desk slowly and steadily as I stared them down in the eyes.

“...Where's the courtyard exactly?” I asked with a small grin of confusion.


“Now don’t speak so tough like you own everyone…!” I shouted with my hands on my hips and furrowed eyebrows. Everyone that was involved in the schools gang was either lying on the floor bleeding from wounds, or in another part of the school hiding. Almost the whole school of girls surrounded us as they witnessed the school's gang brought down. I looked down at the leader of the group as I parted my lips to speak again.

"And you, you have such a dirty mouth, its unpleasant...what's your name?"

“Shimazaki Haruka…” She cringed as I removed my hands from my hips.

“Here.” I gave her my hand to help her up as she accepted the offer. She quickly got up, giving me a dirty scowl, glaring at me. She turned her back to me and walked away with her hands in her pockets without saying thanks... but that's not what was bugging me right now, lunch just officially begun, so I need to go to the lunch room to find Watanabe and attempt making a friendship.

(instead of settling the fight after lunch, Yuki just delt with them right then and there on the courtyard.)


“Can you tell me where Watanabe is?” I asked a nearby classmate who was seated near the lunchroom doorway as I held my tray of food, she took no time to point me towards a table filled with no one except one lonely soul. The lunch room had two red stripes on the floor while the walls were made from white bricks, one specific wall was round, pointing outwards as a big window was placed right in the middle.

“Ok, thank you!” I swiftly rushed to the table I was pointed to, looking around myself hastily, to save myself embarrassment. I set my tray onto the table and sitting across from what I presume was the daughter of the leader.

She gave me somewhat of a clueless concoct with annoyance look as she chewed her food peacefully. I was always the queen at making friends...I can do this!

“Hey! You’re in my class, right? You seem like a really cool person and I feel like we could be good friends!” I tried my best to look friendly. She ignored me as if I wasn’t even there, continuing to eat her food.

“...You and me...friends?” I muttered, but before I could get the rest of the short sentence out, she stood up from her seat and finished chewing the food that was in her mouth, picking up her silver tray.

“Excuse me.” She walked away quietly, leaving me all alone. I looked completely blanked out, trying to process what had just happened. I grew a bit hurt by her actions, had I lost my grip on popularity forever?

“Dammit!” I cursed under my breath as I angrily began to eat my food, stabbing my fork into a piece of meat loaf that wasn’t very appealing by eye.

“Don’t take it personally...She’s just shy, that’s all.” An unknown voice said to me softly, I looked up and saw a girl with short black hair that was to her shoulders. She had a different aura to her, she seemed quite different from everybody else.

“I’m Miyazawa Sae.”

“O...k.” I murmured with a mouth full of food. I could barely speak without food falling out of my mouth.

“I’m new here about being friends?” She said with a slight smirk. I nodded in agreement trying to swallow down the unchewed food so I could speak correctly. I held out my hand in kindness  with a fulfilled smile as she took up on the offer and shook my hand, sealing the deal of our friendship, Just as we let go of each others hands, the nerd girl from earlier sat next to me, pulling out something from her pocket that was sealed in an envelope and pushing it towards me.

“What’s this?”

“Sorry about earlier, from now on, I want you to look after me.” As she spoke I opened the envelope, revealing a dollar worth millions of yen. I looked over at her with a massive wall of curiousness but accepted the money, Sae chuckled under her breath as she watched.


All I could hear were the sounds of the white chalk hitting the green chalk board. I could feel my eyes beginning to roll in the back of my head as I began to fall asleep. This was literally my past life in highschool all over again.

As Watanabe finished the problem on the board, she sat down the chalk and walked back to her seat as the teacher began to to check the problem. She made a slight confused facial expression before turning to face the class.

“Well, Watanabe isn’t herself today...getting problems wrong isn’t very usual...does someone else wanna try?”

The class began to grunt and groan as they said things like “if Mayu can’t do it, we can’t!” or “We are too tired for this!” And to sadly admit, I slightly agreed with the rest of them.

The teacher tilted her head at the class as she grew a bit annoyed, she looked down at a couple papers on her desk, then glanced up at me.

“Kashiwagi, it says here that used to be at the top of your class...why don’t you try?”

Not at all true, like I previously said, I barely past. I began to sweat nervously as everyone in the class turned back towards me and stared at me.

“No...I...I really...C-”

“Oh come on! stop being so modest and come up here!” She said sarcastically with a smile. I cautiously stood up from my seat, my head was light and it felt like I was dizzy. I walked up very slowly to the board as no one dared to take their eyes off me, or so it felt.

“Okay…” I said slowly as I exhaled, picking up the white chalk, and then holding it up to the board but immediately drawing a blank. My eyes strained as they stared at the blank board. It felt as time stopped, Not only was I the school nerd, but I was probably now going to be considered dumb.

“Okay, thats all of the time we have…” The teacher announced as soft bells began ringing, this is the only time i’ll be saved by the bell. I need to call Takamina.

I rushed out of the classroom as I ran to my locker to get my phone, hurriedly calling Takamina.

“Are you stupid!? Putting me at the top of my class!?”

“Calm down! Mayu is at the top of her classes too, it’ll help you get closer to her!”


“Just calm down! meet Minegishi at the gate, she’ll take you to where you live from now on!” She quickly hung up.



"What's this?" I asked, I examined my new house with frustration. The house was filled with hello kitty and leopard print, the walls were pink and baby blue, I did like those colors but just not together.

"It's just in case if Mayu comes over!" Minami smiled as she pointed over to the balcony which had a high tech camera on a black tripod. I walked over to the balcony and began playing with the camera as Minami followed me.

"Mayu lives down there..." As she said this, she handed me a small book with a brown leather cover while pointing to the house right across from mine.

“This is more information about Mayu.”

My eyes widened, I felt surprised, being drowned in awe.

There’s more!?

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Re: Undercover! Chapter 1 [Mayuki] 7/26/15
« Reply #10 on: July 27, 2015, 10:22:47 PM »
 :lol: Yuki got in a fight with high school students...!

 :wub: :wub: :wub:

Please continue, I love this story a lot, I havent read a story like this one before!  :heart: :heart:

Update soon author-san!

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Re: Undercover! Chapter 1 [Mayuki] 7/26/15
« Reply #11 on: July 28, 2015, 02:44:16 AM »
Haha. What a situation Yuki got in! :rofl:
I love this fic! I love both characters! :cow:
Please do continue, author-san. Arigatou.. :twothumbs :bow:

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Re: Undercover! Chapter 1 [Mayuki] 7/26/15
« Reply #12 on: July 28, 2015, 11:09:55 AM »
 :shocked Yuki finally back to school  :lol:

And takamina make her a top student  :thumbsup

Want to now more Please update soon  :cathappy:   :deco:

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Re: Undercover! Chapter 1 [Mayuki] 7/26/15
« Reply #13 on: July 28, 2015, 12:25:08 PM »
I love it so interesting yuki hurt Paru on her first day and is already someone's protection haha thank you

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Re: Undercover! Chapter 2 [Mayuki] 7/24/ 16
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(Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about this fic!! Thank you all for taking the time to read it!!)

 Chapter 2

I stood a few blocks away from Mayu’s house in a grey and white joggers suit that felt like a trash bag on my body. I searched for her coming back from school so I could find a way to get closer to her, or maybe, accidentally “bump into her”. I didn’t go to school for obvious reasons; Reasons like Fighting crime, saving people from train tracks, and...stalking teenage girls to get answers about their father.

My eyes scanned the busy sidewalks and roads, cars whizzing by with the sound of honking emitting from the shiny objects. Who knew there were so many girls who looked exactly like each other in this part of town?! I continued to look without losing hope in my search in the sea of school girls. Suddenly, I saw a small girl with pigtails bouncing on each side of her shoulder, White Headphones were shoved in her ears and her eyes were glued to a black leather book. She wore a grey-ish skirt with the same dark blue blazer as the school Mayu goes to that for sure Mayu?

I examined the suspicious character a little closer, squinting a little harder. The way she walks, the way her hair is done, that has to be Mayu! I quickly ran across the street, dodging cars and saying excuse me to the people I ran into. she began entering in a code into her lock system that goes to her house, every button she pressed emitted a beep. I halted my body in place and quickly gripped onto Mayu’s arm, causing her to turn with a startled look on her face. Her dark brown eyes were glazed over, and her lips were somewhat chapped as she stared at me.

“You live here?!” I acted as surprised as I could at that moment, but to be completely honest, I failed theatre when I was in high school, the teacher said I overreacted a little too much.

“...I live up there on the second floor!” I smiled and pointed to the building I was staying at for the time being. I threw down my arm and glanced back towards Mayu with a gentle smile across my face.

Instead of nodding or giving me a beam of tenderness, she gave me a creeped out look as her mouth was hung open. She almost looked confused at what I was saying, like she couldn’t understand.

“Uh...your welcome anytime! We could study together maybe?” I tried keeping my cool, but to no avail, she still gave me a curious look, but the bewilderment was even stronger than a few moments before. Her dark eyebrows furrowed as she leaned a little closer towards me.

I continued to try to get her to talk by babbling about school and how much I loved it...but a few minutes later she took out her headphones and raised her eyebrows...which made me realize that she was listening to music the whole time I was talking. The smile on my face faded away like dust in the wind as she gave me a look, a look that belittled me with every second that passed. She quickly turned to enter her house.

“Uh! Watanabe-san! Wait!” I freaked out in my place, but slowly following her like a ghost. She didn’t give me any sympathy and shut the door in my face, leaving me on her doorstep with a closed off emotion. I felt like I just conveyed my love to someone but they just turned me down...i’m utterly shocked and disappointed. I looked away from her house and stood still for a moment. A loud frustrated grunt left my mouth with clenched teeth and balled fists.

Why does she have to make everything so difficult!?


The moon lit the side of the buildings as I leaned on the balcony railing, rubbing my fingers together in a form of boredom. If my attempt at trying to get close to her failed earlier, I should read up on her more, perhaps there was something I missed.

“Watanabe Mayu, she was born in Saitama, she was born on March 26, 1994. Used to be cheerful but she experienced a sudden change after her mom died from cancer. She has almost given up her social life…” I stood on my balcony reading the book I was given the day before. A form of a person in Mayus house swiftly caught my eye. I glanced over watching what I presume to be Mayu’s shadow behind closed curtains. It looked as though she was placing things over on the other side of the room, but she suddenly stopped and pulled out what looked like a phone. Only after a couple seconds she put it down and continued her work.

“No, she’s completely given up her social life…” I snarked and shook my head to myself. I didn’t think this case was gonna be so difficult but I’m stuck with a kid who doesn’t associate herself with anyone. I never even heard her say more than three words.

“What are you reading?” a familiar voice erupted from the shadows of the night.

I whipped my body around to the direction of the vocalization, hiding Mayu’s biography behind my back as if it was a weapon of some sort. I tried speaking but the words were stuck in my lungs as I could barely breath. I was just stuck there in time, staring at the same girl I was with before.

“What kind of book is that?” Sae smiled kindly as her hands laid there softly on her sides.

“It’’s um...for whom the bell tolls” I nodded in a dazed fashion, as that was the only thing I could say and do at the moment. I felt as if I was caught doing something bad.

Sae chuckled under her breath, swaying back and forth on the balls of her feet. She had a nice smile that could light up a world of darkness. I never noticed how nice of an appearance she had.

“You have taste…” She muttered into the cold air. She was wearing a hoodie that was white and had polka dots all over it, like the kind you sleep in.

“Yea..I like classics...they keep me intrigued.” I laughed cautiously as I continually glanced back at Mayu’s small shadow, seeing if she was doing okay or not. She had a small body, and a pretty face...Somewhat like an idol if you will. I feel like the only reason she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet is because of who her father is.

“What are you doing here, anyway?” I asked Sae quickly so it wasn’t so obvious I was staring at the girl across from me.

“Ah? Me? I live here!” She nodded her head nonchalantly as a response. My heart suddenly dropped in a sign of discomfort. If she was there, she would know that I have to keep an eye on Mayu all the time, and if she knows that she’ll think i’m stalking Mayu...Then she’ll tell Mayu, then the whole operation is a screw up and Takamina will fire me!

“Eh?...” I looked at the place she called home, then back at her. The curvature in her lips only widened as her eyes grew a little bit more closed. I grinned back awkwardly as I tightened my grip on the book behind me.

I just hope she doesn’t get in the way of things…


“How was I stuck with this job!?” I whispered to myself as the halls were crawling with adolescents. I couldn’t even stand the people in my age group let alone younger ones. They were like little cockroaches that took up space and just did damage to older people's things. It was very seldom that you actually met good ones on a regular bases.

I rid the ground of dust and dirt, sweeping it into the pan. Kids just walked wherever they pleased, they didn’t care for what I was doing, this job was hard enough even without them around!

“Hey! Watch it!” I hit the broom on peoples shoes who have walked in the places I have just recently swept. I wasn’t normally this cranky, but being around idiots and dirt made me this way.

My ears abruptly picked up on screaming and fighting from the hall around the corner. I raised my head and looked around to see if I could pick up any clues to see if it might be Mayu in danger. It’s strange how we have never really held up a conversation with each other but I know her whole life story.

I quickly ran through the group of kids to get to the hall that's beside the one I was in. A sense of panic rushed through my body, somewhat fueling me as I went. The grunts and screams got louder. I heard feet slamming on the floor, like little clicks from a tap dancing show. I grew more anxious as I was about to turn the corner, like a roller coaster almost.

I swung around to the next corridor and what I saw caused anger to roar inside of me unconsciously.  Mayu’s phone was on the floor next to her and her hair was being pulled upwards by none other than Shimazaki Haruka. Out of everyone she could have bullied, she is bullying Mayu.

“Get up, bitch!” She shouted as she pulled Mayu to her feet and slammed her against the doorway to a classroom. Kids circled around them with entertained looks. Paru raised her arm and clenched her fists shut tight, she was about to punch Mayu.

As a second instinct I quickly ran up to the situation that was taking place but at this rate, I wouldn’t be able to make it in time, they were too far away for me to stop her from getting hit. Mayu closed her eyes and mentally prepared for the blow. I could tell she was scared, I could tell she wasn’t ready for it...but Haruka’s arm was hastily grabbed and stopped.

“What do you think you're doing…?” Sae murmured to Haruka as her hand gripped tightly onto her wrist but also with a smirk on her face.

“What the hell? Who do you think you are?” Haruka mumbled to Sae with a glare. She had a troubled look on her face and arched her eyebrows. 

I don’t know why but my voice crawled from my throat and interrupted the whole scene.

“Hey! What did I say about you acting tough!?” I shouted down the corridor, walking closer to the group. I gave Haruka a stern look as she turned to look at me with a frown. She looked like she was hyena scowling away from a lion almost. She took her hand away from Sae’s grip and suddenly trudged away, vanishing into the group of teens. Everyone awed and laughed at Haruka like she was the new embarrassment around the school.

Mayu looked at me softly as did Sae. I didn’t know what else to do, I was trapped in a staring contest. I was beginning to become frightened by being the center of attention so I just booked it and ran away from the whole thing. I didn’t know what else to do in that moment, I had nothing to do.



“What?” I yawned slowly, I was dressed in a white T- shirt that I kept in my locker for gym class. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail and my eyes had bags under them. I didn’t get any sleep last night, I was too busy worrying about what happened the day before. I pressed my hand firmly on the cold locker, shutting it briskly.

“You’re a cop...right?” The nerd girl that wanted me to protect her uttered quietly to me as she combed her hair.

“Eh?” My eyes felt as though they were bulging out of my eye sockets. Was I really being that obvious about it!? What am I supposed to do now!? Somebody found out about me! So many questions ran through my head, and I wanted to call Takamina right then and there but that would make everything even more obvious. I tried to keep everything on the inside, because if I freaked out, that would confirm her suspicions. 

She suddenly poked my back harshly, causing me to pull my shirt upwards so i could look at what she was pointing to...the shirt said Police Department on it.

“ is just-”

“Do you just wanna borrow one of my shirts…?” She asked carefully, pulling out a small blank red shirt.

“Uh...sure…thanks.” I murmured under my breath, looking back towards my shut locker…


I took off the shirt that was already on my body and placed the shirt from her on. Other girls talked with one another in the small locker room, echoing voices that haunted you. All of these girls had high pitched voices. When I was in highschool, everyone wasn’t so stuck up.

“What do we have here?” Haruka instantly spoke up as she slammed her hand on the locker beside me.

I rolled my eyes and slowly backed away looking at her, She’s just an insecure teenager who can’t take no for an answer, will she ever go away?

“Why aren’t you changing into your gym clothes, huh?” I frowned upon her as the other girl stood behind me like I was a protective blanket.

Haruka cynically smirked at me and intertwined her arms together as she leaned against one of the lockers. Her smile swiftly vanished as she looked up at me biting her lip.

I got the idea the idea that she thought that she was to good for classes. I reached out my arm and fixed her collar, leering at her in the process.

“My advice...get to class on time.” I looked her up and down, giving her a pat on the shoulder. Her only response was the same troublesome smile as before. She tilted her head and began to suddenly back up into the near hallway that lead to the gym. The smile was growing even more eerie as I followed her. I felt challenged and I really wanted to put her in her place.

The girl that took me for cover, grabbed my arm and tried pulling me back but this just made my temper risen.

“Hold on…” I whispered back to her and ripped my arm away from her grasp.

Haruka suddenly stuck out her tongue and put her hands up to her face, mocking me. A huge male student suddenly erupted from behind one of the locker walls. A group of other boys joined him, standing behind him like he was the alpha. I looked up at him in discouragement.

He had big spiky hair, and his blazer was smaller than his body, it looked like he was stretching it out. His eyes were a gross black and his teeth had a yellow tinge crusted on them. A toothpick stuck out of his mouth as his tongue played with it behind his teeth.

I leaned back towards the nerd girl and began speaking to her once more.

“Any idea who these people are?”

“He’s the best fighter in this school.” She said as quietly as she could and sharply ducked behind me again.

“I heard about you, you little punk...wanna dance with me?”

“ dancing in the moonlight, sorry, you’re not my type.” I furrowed my eyebrows in a somewhat of an angered tone.

He began laughing as the rest of his group followed in the act. They all had ugly laughs that belonged to whimps. The leader quickly held out his hand in a signal to stop the laughing and everyone lame.

“Have you lost your mind? Ha! Don’t even try to talk your way out of this one…outside now!”

“Where?” I stepped a little closer towards him, testing the waters.

“Are you stupid!?” He asked as began walking away, staring me down with Haruka under his arm the whole way.

I Shook my head rubbed my face in my hands. Why does highschool have to be so difficult!? When I was in school we didn’t have gangs! We had cliques, but everyone was nice!

“Ugh!” I grumbled in frustration as I stomped my way to the bathroom, I needed a place to think because here wasn’t giving the proper silence. My sneakers squeaked against the shiny waxed floors as my arms swung on my sides.

“Mayu! Open up! I need to go!” A girl screamed as her voice echoed through my ears, intriguing me.

“Mayu just come out!” Another scream was heard as was pounding on a wood. I jogged to the bathroom and looked around at what was happening.

“Is Watanabe Mayu inside?”

“Yea! She’s been in there forever!”

“Why didn’t you just go to another bathroom!?” I tried jiggling the door handle to see if it would work but it didn’t cooperate. This isn’t could, somebody could be killing her in there. I need to get in there fast.

“I would have but If I even move I would have to go…”

“Everybody get out of the way!” I shoved the girls away who had were banging on the door and ran back all the way to the other wall, I needed to break this door open, fast. I dug my shoes into the floor and bolted towards the door...but the door gently opened without me having to even touch it. Mayu opened the door!

I harshly landed on top of her, smashing her towards the ground. My lips met hers and my hands smacked against the floor causing a great big sound.

This was a great way to become friends with her….
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I feel pity for Yuki, she was so unlucky.
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Yuki is amazing here xD she is just getting herself in embarrassment situations
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I am interested in this story.I can wait for the next chapter so please update soon. :bow:

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