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Author Topic: -Deal- (Hiatus)  (Read 20392 times)

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 13-[6/23/14]
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Its ok if u give them baby but later not now
Put some drama and lovey dovey scenes for them before their baby coming  :hehehe: :kekeke:
yeah me second this!  XD more lovey dovey! more intimacy! LOL  :mon mischief:

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 13-[6/23/14]
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we are all waiting for those precious babies rom Kai and atsuko!

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 13-[6/23/14]
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kyaaa! i dont know why me feel so happy when i read these? :hip smile:
next chap will be a beach party? wogh what will happened? :jerk:
ah yeah hanks for your update KaoriChan!
good luck on your study! ganbatte ne!  :)
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

Oshi: Shinoda Mariko,
Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 13-[6/23/14]
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Hoooiiii author san where are you??? Dont hiatus please... You should continue this story...
I cant wait to see the baby :D

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-Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 14-[8/24/14]
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Chapter 14

-Beach Party-

They already arrived at the place.
"Atsuko, It's going to be okay." Kai said and hold Atsuko's hand.

Atsuko looked at Kai.
"Really? Look at my dress, Do you think it is really okay?"

"*sigh* Atsuko, I don't know why you care so much about your appearance but let me tell you that you are really fine..I mean you're already beautiful......"

".....And I'm sure my cousin Miki and Mika will like you.Let's go"Kai said and smile

'Miki and Mika.'


-Function Hall-

They are looking to Atsuko and Kai,that it's look like they are newly married.

"Kai!!" the old man called.

"How are you, Kai? I'ts good to see you."

"I'm okay, Uncle. by the way, this is my fiance, Atsuko. and Atsuko, this is my Uncle Gurou."

"It's pleasure to finally meet you!" he said smiling.

"Nice to meet you too.Gurou-San" Atsuko respectfully responce to the old man.

"Ahh..No need to call me like that, just call me Uncle too." the old man said and smiled.

"Eheemm Everyone! Meet Kai's fiance! Finally someone caught the heart of this man hahaha!!" Gurou said and laught

After that most of the guest approuch Atsuko, and asked so many question.
"Okay, Everyone stop can go back to your seat." Kai said and smiled

"Well, you didn't tell us that you fiance is really beautiful." guest said

"I agree..well I'm sure Aimi will get jealous haha" Riko said (Kai's cousin)

"Wait, wait.. Aimi is here?" Kai asked.

"Yes she's here, Actually she's looking for you lately.."


"Onii-Chan!!" two girls shouted at the same time

"Ow Miki and Mika, you two are not baby anymore, really grown up a beautiful women" Kai said

"Mou~" the two girls pouted at the same time.

"By the way Miki-Chan, Mika-Chan.. I want to intruduce to you my fiance Atsuko, And Atsuko this is my favorite twin cousin Miki and Mika.." Kai Said and smiled.

"Hello, I'm Miki, Can I call you Onee-chan?"

"I'm Mika, Can I call you Onee-chan too?"

"Of course yes, you can call me Onee-Chan" Atsuko said and smiled

"Miki-Chan!!Mika-Chan!! Where are you?!!" the old woman shouted

"I think we need to go now Onee-chan." Mika said

"Bye bye, Onee-chan"Miki said.


"Atsuko let's go somewhere" Kai said


But before they leave the place, someone called Kai.


"Ow Makoto! How are you!" Kai said

"I'm fine.. Ow Hey, Sweetheart. You have the most enchanting eyes, you know that?" Makoto said when she saw Atsuko.

"That won't work on me anymore. You gotta do better than that." Atsuko said and Kai only looked at them.

After a minutes of conversation with Makoto, Atsuko looked around looking for Kai but some reason she can't see Kai everywhere..

'Where the hell that little guy did go, leaving me alone in this place Arrggh!'

Atsuko decided to walk at the beach side alone.. and not far away she heard a girl scream..

'Who's that?'

When she saw found where that scream came from, she saw Kai and Aimi talking and laughing alone.

"Atsuko?" Kai said that he look like surprise to see her.

"Ow so she is Atsuko, Kai?" Aimi asked

"Yes, I'm Atsuko...Kai's fiance, you must be Aimi?"

and then Atsuko noticed the injury on Aimi's feet.

"What happened to you?" Atsuko asked.

"I slipped earlier. I sprained my ankle."

"Can you walk?"

"God! Atsuko! Of course she can't.." Kai said in an irritated tone.

"I'm just asking Kai, No harm done."

After Atsuko said that, she leave the two alone, and go back to the shoreline at sit on the sand.

'What was his problem? I'm just asking if that girl can walk'
'Why am I even thinking about them? but the way they looked each other there something hidden.. and he never laughed at me the way he laughed at her!'

Atsuko lay down on the sand and looked at the sky.

'Never fall in love with him, Atsuko! Well I'm not in love with him.. Attracted, Yes But In love? No!!'


It's been a while since the last update and its kinda short this time.. I'm really sorry for that :cry:

Being an University student is really hard :on study: .. and this coming December I need to take JLPT exam, so I think I can't update this again but If I have a free time or rest day like today I will update this Fic.. 

I'm really sorry again... :kneelbow:

Jyaa, I need to go now bye bye  :byebye:

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 14-[8/24/14]
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Ah... now Kai might have something with Aimi....

Poor Atsuko, she still need to save guard her heart from falling for Kai

What's going to happen to Kai and Aimi next?

Would there be conflict between Kai and Atsuko?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 14-[8/24/14]
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Finally!!!  I thought that u will not updste this fic again.
It kindda short but i understand,keep updating author-san and good luck for ur study ^^

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 14-[8/24/14]
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thankyou for update kaori-san..
eehhh who is aimi? is she will ruining kaiXatsuko relationship???
wooohh it will be interesting..

looking forward for the next chapter  :love: :love:

btw goodluck for your JLPT test.. i also take JLPT test this december..
ganbare  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 14-[8/24/14]
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oh come on acchan, don't say NO to falling in love  :smhid
kai don't waste a person like acchan..
i thought the beach party would be fun  :( but this haven't finished yet, right?
yokai, take your time author-san.. ganbatte ne for your study and don't forget to update this story  :twothumbs
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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 14-[8/24/14]
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I love conflict  :kekeke:

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-Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 15-[10/12/14]
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Chapter 15

While Atsuko is busy in her own world she didn't realize that the twin calling her name..

"Onee-Chan!!" Miki shouted..

"My turn Miki" Mika said


"Ahh!! ow Mika-chan and Miki-chan"

"Onee-chan we're calling at you earlier but you didn't turn to look back." Miki said

"Mika-chan I'm really sorry about that" Atsuko said and smile.

"Onee-Chan join us, me and Miki want to swim, how about change in our swimsuit.."

Before Atsuko said something the twin grab her to somewhere they can change..


The three girl walking towards to the sea, when Atsuko notice Aimi sitting while watching
Kai.. She knew that she had not care about those two but she must need to feed her
curiosity. The twin greeted Aimi and the two run to the water.

"Can I sit here?" Atsuko asked, and Aimi nodded.

Few minutes had past but no one have guts to talked until Atsuko broke the silence..

"How's your feet now?" Atsuko asked.

"It's fine." Aimi's answer to her and smiled

Atsuko nodded "That's good." She don't know what to say. When she looked where's Kai
she saw Kai looked at their direction and waved smiling. Atsuko raised her hand and
waved back at him when she looked at her side Aimi is also waving back..

'Arrgh, this girl.' Atsuko stand and want to leave but Aimi suddenly spoke.

"Do you love him?" Aimi asked her.. That totally caught her off guard.

Few minutes she watches Kai also playing with the twin "Of course, that's why I would marry him, Right?"

"Just don't hurt him, Atsuko. Please."

Atsuko want to say something but the twin called them..

"Onee-chan..Aimi-chan.. Join us!" Miki said

"Uhm, the water is refreshing." Mika said

"I'm sorry Miki-chan, Mika-chan.. but I can't swim." Aimi said and smile.

"Don't worry, we're not going to the deep." Miki said.

Atsuko didn't care what they talked about, she went down to the water and began to swim,
she really missed swimming It was her favorite past time when she was a child until high school even staying
at school late just to swim and also they have a large swimming pool in the back of their Mansion.
Atsuko stop for a while and notice she's already that far but not too far.

"Onee-chan don't get too far!!" one of the twin shouted.

Atsuko waved her hand and smiled.

'I wonder where's Kai.' Atsuko though.

But in a seconds her question already been answered when she heard Aimi's laughter
few meters at her. she would return to the beach someone pulled her down with her legs.
Atsuko screamed at the top of her lungs until she saw Makoto's face.

"You should've seen your face!" Makoto's said.

"Ahh, what if I got drowned!?".

Makoto smile. "Like I would just let you drown?"

"Oh Shut up! Get away from me, will you?"

"And what? Leave you here alone in the open sea while your 'Soon-To-Be-Husband' is
flirting with another girl? No way!" Makoto shouted but not too loud. And Atsuko know the
Kai and Aimi's hear it because they stop laughing.

"What the hell? Why did you do that?" Atsuko whispered.

"My cousin is such an idiot. Trust me, This is exactly what he needs." Makoto whispered
back. "Can you hold your breath for one minute under water?"  [AN: 1 minute? really? hehehe]

Atsuko nodded. Well, she really can do it. Shortly  Makoto simply imprison her face in
his palm and they went underwater. Atsuko thought he would kiss her it under water but
few seconds passed he just holding her face.

'what was he doing?'

Less than a minute Atsuko surprised when someone pulled her arm and she saw Kai
turned out to pull her onto the beach. She then turned back to Makoto who just thumps up
while smiling to her. when they are on the shoreline she saw the twins lying on the sand,

They entered the cottage, Kai pushed her onto bed and locked the door and down the thick curtains.

"What the hell were you doing back there? Were you both kissing underwater?!" Kai shouted.

"We weren't kissing! Actually I'm the who need to ask you! You were obviously flirting with
your childhood sweetheart! And I'm thankful that Makoto is there if not, I'm seriously
looked like Idiot there while my future husband flirting with another girl!! Atsuko shouted

'His cousin was right, He is such an idiot.'

Atsuko saw Kai face suddenly goes dark. "Don't you dare raise your voice at me!"

"I will do everything as I damned well please, Takahashi!! Oh, I have a wonderful idea to
stop this nonsense! Why don't you marry that Aimi of yours, huh? I bet she'll be a perfect
Mrs. Aimi Takahashi! And I know damn well she'll do everything just be one!" Atsuko was
so furious inside that she was on the verge of punching Kai on the face.

Atsuko saw him tightened his jaw. "What the hell are you talking about? What does Aimi
have to do with us? She didn't know how to swim, Atsuko, That's why I accompanied her, I
already know that she have fear on water!! Even before I met you! And she is not a flirt,
Atsuko! Don't even think about her that way."

'Whoaa, I didn't hear it wrong, Right?'

That was something, There is a side to her that really hurt. He was defending her. She
know that two already friend with each other long time ago, but the sight of them together
laughing and sharing genuine smile was just...

'I'm jealous of Aimi, you jerk!' She has not spoken. She took her extra clothes folded on
the bed and went straight to the bathroom, leaving Kai confused.


[I know it's too short again, I'm having really a hard time now and I managed to have some free time tonight :thumbsup ..
By the way I'm sorry for not updating too soon and broke so many promises :( and again I'm really sorry about that :bow: ]

And my friend of mine have an idea for the next chapter and after our Final exam we will work for it..
She said to me last time she want to put some action 8) and that's all..


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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 15-[10/12/14]
« Reply #91 on: October 12, 2014, 07:50:07 PM »
An update! Arigatou author-san.

Why kai become so stupid with not notice that acchan jealous?
Come on! They should be have lovey dovey time right now,why kai be so close with that aimi rather with acchan?

Please continue author-san

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 15-[10/12/14]
« Reply #92 on: October 13, 2014, 06:27:26 AM »
wooot.. KAi you are an idiooot!

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 15-[10/12/14]
« Reply #93 on: October 13, 2014, 02:10:07 PM »
Ara... Atsuko is so jealous of Aimi closeness with Kai...

What's going to happen to AtsuKai?

Would Kai be able to convince Atsuko about his love for her?

Would they break up?

What about Aimi's feeling for Kai?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 15-[10/12/14]
« Reply #94 on: October 13, 2014, 04:41:08 PM »
PLEASE UPDATE SOON :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 15-[10/12/14]
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when will you update it?

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-Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 16-[11/27/14]
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Chapter 16

When Atsuko got out from the bathroom Kai is not inside of the room anymore, when she looks outside, Atsuko saw him talking with Makoto.

"Let's go home now." Kai said.

And they decided to go back in the city... While the two of them is inside the car no one wants to talk and they were obviously avoiding each other.

"I need to see the Chenesis Building tonight and you can drop me there." The way she said that it was so not her at all, She looks like a robot with no emotion. Kai didn't answer and continue driving, She felt tired, She yawned and stared outside the window.

So much has happened today. She was given her own car, met the Takahashi family, met Aimi, and had a heated argument with Kai. She was so overwhelmed with mixed emotions that she didn't realize that she fell asleep.

She was woken by a faint tap on her face. "Atsuko, Wake up. We're here."

She opened her eyes and fought so hard not to close it again. She looks outside and she saw that they're in front of Chenesis Building. Atsuko looked at Kai. “Give me ten minutes." She said coldly and not waiting for a reply and she went down the car and entered the building.


"Maeda-San, Good evening we thought that you're not coming today, it’s already midnight." One of the workers said.

"I needed to go somewhere, I'm sorry about that, but you can go home now"

"Thank you Maeda-San, by the way Sato-san he's looking for you since this morning, and I think he's really angry, maybe because he didn't see you today.."

Sato was her interior designer/architect, Akiko recommended him when she was looking for one, He was probably one of her ex-lover. Atsuko went to the third floor. When she arrived at the third floor Atsuko saw him sitting in a monoblock chair while reading some paper.


"Where have you been?" He asked with angry toned.

"Last time I remembered, Sato, you were my Interior designer/architect. Not my father or anything else." Atsuko said with irritated toned.

She already know that Sato liked her, He has been showing his affection ever since he laid eyes on her. Even Atsuko already said countless times that she's already going to marry someone but he didn't care. He even dared to ask her out on a date a few times. It makes her irritated and uneasy.

"I'm sorry, Atsuko. Maybe I'm just stressed because I haven't seen you since morning."

"So how’s everything while I was gone?" Atsuko change the topic.

"Everything was fine, they finished the restrooms at the first floor also they finished the second floor. Did they already gone home?" He asked in a strange way.

"Yes, so there was no problem?"

He stands up and approaches her, stopping a few steps away.
"So far nothing, But it was just so boring when you're not around." After he said that Sato grabbed her arm, squeezing it slightly.

'What the hell??’

She tried to get away from him but he just gripped her tightly

"What are you doing?" She was already feeling uneasy and uncomfortable.

"Atsuko, Can't you see the attraction between us? Can’t you feel it? It's so strong that everytime when I'm with you, I have to try my best not to touch you."

'He's crazy!!'
"What the hell are you talking about? There is no damn attraction between us! I'm your employer for God sake!!" She tried to wriggle away from his hold but he was too strong.

"Employer and soon to be lover, Atsuko. I also know you want me, don’t be shy, it’s just the two of us left here, we have all night." He closed the distance between them, hugged her tightly and kissed her.

She tried to push him with full force but Sato hugged her more tightly.
'This is not happening again!! This is not happening again!!' Her back collided on the wall and Sato kissed her harshly. She can even taste blood in his mouth, then kissing her neck and biting her skin through the process while his one hand is roaming on her tummy.


She gasped for air before she spoke. "Get away from me, you pervert!!" 
She was disgusted by what was happening. She knew he liked her, But never knew he was a f--king rapist.

"Don't worry, Atsuko. We will do it slow at first before we do it hard."

She prayed for strength. She only had one chance to kick his balls. "Bastard." She whispered and kicked him hard right in his groin. Sato released her from tight hug and kneels down in front of her; she kicked him until he's lying on the ground.

"You bitch! You will pay for this!"

She ignored it and hurried away but Sato still reached her foot.
"You thought you would get away from here, after what you did to me?"

"You perverted piece of shit!"

Atsuko kicked him right on the face. He let go of her feet and stroked his face.

She hurriedly went down the stairs. Atsuko can still hear that Sato is shouting her name until she reached the first floor. She can't run fast because her knees are shaking. She turned around to see if he was following, but she did not see him. She can still hear him cursing.

She was so scared but she had to fight back. Fight back for herself. Fight back those nightmares that had been haunting her sleep many years ago from coming back. Fight back the demon that has been killing her long ago because of the traumatic memory.
'This is not happening again! This is not happening again!'

She can see Kai from outside of the building. He is facing back to her that's why Kai didn't see her. She let out a sigh.
'Kai is here. Kai will keep me safe. He will. I know he will.'

"Kai..." Atsuko whispered before she finally lost her energy.



Kai heard someone calls his name. A faint whisper. He turned around and saw Atsuko lying on the ground, looking good as dead.

'What the hell?'

It didn't last seconds Kai is already kneeling beside Atsuko. He collected her in his arms and held her gently.

'Sh-t! What the fuck happened?' "Atsuko?Atsuko?"

She was so pale but awake. Atsuko hugged him, while clutching at him tightly that it's look she's really scared to be going away from him.

"Atsuko, what happened? Why are you crying?"

He wiped her tears by his thumb. The look on her face was no doubt fear. 'Is she seen ghost?'

"S-Sato." She said with weak voice.

"Sato? Who is he, Atsuko? Is he the one who did this to you? Is he still here?"

She nodded. "He almost raped me."

That was all takes to raise all the blood to his head. 'That bastard!!'
"I'll handle him, Atsuko."
He carried her into the car. She was shaking violently in his arms.
'That son of a bitch will surely pay for this.'
"I'll be back, Atsuko. Okay? Lock all the doors. Do not open it."

He lifted her chin and kissed her in the forehead. When he surely locked all the doors, He went inside of the building.

"Need a hand, Takahashi?" The guy asked him.

"Ready for murder?" He asked back.

"As always."

And they went inside with deadly faces.


He thought what happened earlier in Chenesis Building while drinking beer in his room, guarding Atsuko who is sleeping peacefully in his bed. That bastard definitely got what he deserved. He knew when that guy wake up the next day he will pray for his death than having too many bruised on his body. Kai was not this violent but when he saw Atsuko crying and shaking with fear Kai lost his patience eventually. That bastard almost raped his fiance!

He smiled venomously while remembering what happened earlier.

"I've done nothing to that woman! Don’t believe that slut! She was the one who came to me and offered herself!" Sato Said, crying and stroking his face because of blows given by Kai.

"Call her slut again, and I assure you! You wouldn't last till morning!!"

He was literally shaking with rage if his friend didn't stop him; Kai definitely killed that bastard with his bare hands. He did not know he could be so violent. The anger he felt beating that guy was overwhelming.

He would drink beer when Atsuko suddenly shout.
He brings Atsuko with him. Kai can't leave Atsuko after what just happened.

Kai approach her immediately and shake her in the shoulder.
"Atsuko! Atsuko! Wake up! You're having a nightmare!"

Atsuko opened her eyes, scanning the room until she reached Kai face and stared at him.

"Kai?" She whispered in a troubled whisper.


Kai lay down beside Atsuko and hugged her. Atsuko place her head on his chest and hugged him tightly as well. He can feel her slightly shaking also her fast breathing. He needed to calm her down.

"It’s alright, Atsuko. I'm here. I won't let anybody hurt you." He kissed her hair and inhaled her feminine scent.

After a few minutes Atsuko’s breathing is normal again. He thought she already went back to sleep but Atsuko suddenly speak.

"I was almost raped before."

When he heard that all the blood rise again to his head, But he had to stay calmed for her.

"What do you mean?"

It last a few minutes before she spoke again.

"I was almost raped when I was still in High School. I needed to finish my classroom report; I was the one who assigned for it. I didn't notice the time that it’s already late. I'm walking in the parking lot near our school but suddenly a guy pulls me. I was so tired that day that's why I didn't notice someone behind me. I followed him. He pulled me into a corner while a gun pointed at my head. He said he will shot me if I did not obey him and if I shout. I was so scared. Kai. I still wanted to live but right then and there I wanted to die already. I don't want to be raped. I'd rather die."

Kai quietly listening. He was shocked in what he just heard. He certainly not expecting to hear this from her. She was opening one of her deepest secrets to him.

After several deep breaths Atsuko continue. "He undressed me. Punched me. Kicked me. Slapped me. Gagged me and then kissed me brutally. I was already lying on the ground praying for death when suddenly the guard saw us. The rapist was so busy removing his shirt that's it made easier to the guard to take the gun away from him."

Kai close his eyes and muttered a silent prayer for patience. Just by imagining someone does it to Atsuko was already fueling up his anger.

"What happened next? Did you saw his face?"

"No..It was so dark and there's no light post there. The guard chased him but he escaped quickly. And it so happened that the gun is empty, the guard also didn't have gun because it's already end of his shift. I told him that never tell about this to anyone. Thanks to him and no one else know this. He protected me, at first he insist me to report what happen to the higher offices, but I gave him the money to forget what happened. He kept his promise until he retired and I have not seen him anymore..I owe him a lot."

"You owe him nothing. He was just doing what he was paid for."
'Whoever that fucking rapist is, I hope he's already in hell!'

They kept silent until Atsuko speak again.
"My Dad and Ryuu didn't know about this. Even mom until she died. I kept it a secret. My darkest secret. No one knows but you."

"Why did you keep it as a secret? You should have told-"

"And what? They will treat me like a doll again? A glass doll? They will all take pity on me and see me again as if I'm a naive, stupid girl! And we were all concerned about Mom's condition that time. We don't have time for stupid reckless stories."

Kai didn't protest anymore. He knew she was still scared because of the traumatic experience.
"How did cope up?"

"I just went on with my life like nothing happened. I pray everytime before I fall asleep for not having those nightmares again. It took a year before the nightmares finally stopped. But now..." she was trembling again. This woman lying beside him was definitely not the same woman he arrested. Not the same woman who went to his office. Not the same woman he made a deal with.

This woman was vulnerable, scared and alone. She has been ever since her mother died. She wanted to think that she's strong, that she can handle everything alone. But there are times that you really need someone to share your fears and problems.

'I wanted to be that someone for her..'

"It's okay now, Atsuko. I'm here. I won't leave you." He whispered.

Atsuko laugh softly. "Of course you won't. You wouldn't leave me for six months. We made a deal about that. She breaks the hug and rolled in the other side of the bed. Her back facing him.

He didn't have response for that. Well, she was right. They made a deal that they would only be together for six months. But he wants after their six months living together Atsuko is already that strong. He didn't want to leave her still vulnerable and scared.

'What if she'll fell in love with you?' whisper of a part of his mind. He looked Atsuko certain she was asleep again. 'I don't think she will.'.. He pulled it out and hugged her again and he was right, she was already fast asleep.

'What if you'll fall in love with her?' whisper of his mind again. He stared at her face for a few minutes. She had a long eyelashes that fanned her cheeks, a cute nose and kissable lips.. 'Hmm, those lips..' She looked so serene in her sleep. So young and carefree. He can watch her like this forever.

'Well, anything is possible.'

I'm really sorry for breaking my promises to update this fanfic last two months?, three months?  :depressed:
And I didn't have a lot of time today, that's why there are so many grammatically error in this chapter also misspelled. :cry:
Jya bye bye again, Chapter 17 I don't know when it will be updated again :byebye:

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 16-[11/27/14]
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thanks for update author-san :D

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Re: -Deal- [KaixAtsuko]Chapter 16-[11/27/14]
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Oh... poor Atsuko...

Another Rape attempts....

Who was the one that almost raped her in the past?

Would Sato give them future troubles?

What's going to happen with AtsuKai next?

Would Kai be more gentle with Atsuko?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the update

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woooooooooooooooot atsukooo

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