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Author Topic: Adventures in Art School: Minis (WMatsui+) (07/31/22)  (Read 61559 times)

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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I brought these out a little later than I wanted. But hey... at least they're out kinda on time.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

76. Nezumi Radio Broadcast 3 (Watanabe Mayu)

It’s Friday and you know what that means!

It’s time for your very own Cyborg Idol to start your day off right!

Welcome to Nezumi Radio!!! Yaaaaaayyyyy!

It’s that special spooky holiday of Halloween just around the corner!

However, for us lucky students and teachers (if you’re even listening) it means it’s time for the  Halloween festival once again!

It’s true!

The self-proclaimed power couple of the 48 Art Academy Itano Tomomi and Kasai Tomomi have graciously chosen to host this event for another year!

I’d like to put emphasis on “self proclaimed” because the power couple of this school is obviously me and Yu-...

Whoa… almost gave my identity away.

Back to the topic at hand! The festival!

It’s probably expensive to fund this festival, right? But I hear Itano comes from a wealthy family. If rumors are true, I hear her family is some big name in theater. I’ve been told their fingers are practically inside every notable theater stage all over Japan. Crazy right?

And Kasai… I imagine her family is wealthy too.

After all, her family has essentially been the heart and soul of kabuki theater for generations and Kasai is next in line to keep the crazy kabuki lineage going. The Kasai name is legendary around the kabuki circles, and they practically kiss the ground she and her family walks upon.

I keep getting side tracked.

Halloween festival! Remember, to have fun and be safe!

According to this flyer, everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in photography, painting, theater, music, or if you enrolled this year or four years ago.

It also says the only rule is no costumes…

But knowing TomoTomo… it’s because they want to be the best dressed at the festival.

Ugh… so full of themselves sometimes.

77. Russian Roulette (SayaMilky, FuuMiru, RinoRie)

Another Halloween Festival meant another double date. After all, SayaMilky and FuuMiru have grown quite close.

Considering the festival had mostly just begun, the girls were trying to decide where to eat first.

Until they saw something peculiar.

A coffee vendor.


Fuuko and Miyuki panicked a little bit, wondering if they missed some sort of memo and accidentally no-showed a day of work.

“Honestly, coffee sounds pretty good right now.” Sayaka strayed from the group and walked towards the stand.

And Miru followed closely behind her, “I’m going with Sayanee, but mostly because I wanna see your hot bosses again~”

Miyuki and Fuuko reluctantly followed behind them and sat on the stools in front of the counter next to their partners.

"Yo." Rino casually greeted her employees and regulars.

"Hello girls." Rie greeted shortly after.

"So what's going on here? You set up a stand at the festival?" Fuuko spoke as she got comfy in her seat.

"Yup! We enjoyed our time here last year, so we decided to sign up and set up our little coffee stand at the festival." Rino leaned in a little closer, "besides, a little publicity wouldn't hurt either."

"Any Halloween related coffee or something like that?" Miyuki eyed the menu she'd memorized in her first week.

"A game, really. A Russian roulette of sorts. Rie set em up!"

The girls never saw their bosses work the machines before. What really surprised them was how quick they were at making drinks.

In a blink of an eye, four lattes with neat little bunnies drawn on the cream were complete.

"Three lattes made with a sophisticated Columbian roast… and the other one… it's a surprise…" Rie said as she set the lattes down in front of the girls, "also, the drinks on the house for you four. Consider it as a thank you for being hard workers and for you Sayaka and Miru for being loyal customers."

“This is our halloween russian roulette, because nothing is more scary to me than bad coffee.” Rino said as she prepared another drink.

The four girls said their thanks and brought their cups to their lips.

Fuuko and Miyuki tasted the familiar roast that they’ve served countless times. A clean and mild flavor profile. A flavor they’ve recognized as a late night pick-me-up.

Miru liked it too, however she usually prefers a sweeter drink.

Sayaka tasted soy sauce and coffee creamer.

Sayaka spat out her ‘coffee’, spraying soy sauce all over Miru.

“Ahhh, Sayanee! You’ve made me all wet!” Miru pouted, “Now I have to get naked!”

Funnily enough this wouldn’t be the first time Sayaka has heard those remarks.

Miru began lifting her shirt before Fuuko pulled her off her seat dragging her to the bathroom with an emergency change of clothes. Poor Fuuko always has to be prepared for surprise nudity.

Rino and Miyuki were giggling at Sayaka’s misfortune.

Rie slid over a complimentary milk tea as compensation.

78. Pin Cushion (MariMii, MioMeru)

"Ms. Shinoda. Can you please tell me why you're duct taping me to a wall?"

"Oh I forgot to tell you, Minegishi. I've signed up for us to be one of the attractions at the festival." Mariko casually said while taping her wrists onto a wall filled with several balloons.

"What kind of attraction? S-should I be scared?"

"Oh, it's just knife throwing. Pop the balloons and get cool stuff." Mariko shrugged.

"Knife throwing!? While I'm taped up to the wall?! Surely there's some legal issues?!"

"I used to study law before being a librarian at the academy. You'd be surprised with how much you could get away with by saying 'it was performance art.'" She said nonchalantly.

Minegishi screamed as she tried to break free.

"Stay calm, my angel. If you move around you're more likely to be struck by a blade." Mariko pushed up her glasses as she devilishly grinned. "Oh? Our first guests have arrived!"

Tomonaga Mio and Tashima Meru read the sign together, "Knife throwing?"

Meru cracked her knuckles, "Piece of cake."

Before Minegishi could protest, her mouth was duct taped shut by the sadistic librarian.

"Tomonaga and Tashima. Rumor has it that you two were ninjas?"

"Yep. However, we're from two different specializations." said Mio.

"Oh? Is that right?" Mariko smiled.

"Yeah, Clan Tomonaga were the subterfuge and gather intel sort of ninjas."

"And Clan Tashima specialized in...?" Mariko tilted her head curiously.

"Assassination... though I doubt she wants to talk about it." Mio said as she observed the selection of Mariko's blades.

Minegishi's screams were muffled.

"I'm not really 'feeling' these knives." Meru said as she put complimentary blades down.

Minegishi breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good thing I always bring my own with me."

Minegishi screamed once more.

Meru pulled out her weapons from her jacket, fanning three knives in each hand.

In a blink of an eye, five blades soared through the air. Each knife popped a balloon that was dangerously close to her body.

For pure style, Meru threw one of her knives in the air and delivered a powerful spinning kick to the handle as it fell, sending the blade careening towards the balloon right next to Minigeshi's head.

And poor Minegishi fainted.

"Such entertainment!" Mariko clapped. "Pick a prize!"

Meru immediately grabbed a stuffed koala and squealed.

The two ninja girls were oddly entertained by the plushie. One could guess that growing up as a ninja had little room for stuffed animals… or a childhood in general really.

Mariko smiled as the girls made their exit in a puff of smoke, and turned to her unconscious assistant.

"I suppose I've had my fun for today…"

Mariko took down her stall, packing everything away neatly after only serving one guest.

79. Pursuit of Knowledge (TomoTomo, JuRicchan)

If you didn't know who hosted the festival, you'd find out pretty quick.

Walking down the lanes of their event, two girls walked side by side observing the festivities and making sure everything ran smoothly.

The empresses of the academy always made their presence known.

Itano Tomomi was wearing a white double breasted suit and dark shades. Her outfit gave her the image of authority and sophistication. Looked expensive too. It probably cost an arm and a leg to import it from Italy or something.

Kasai Tomomi was clad in flowing robes, holding the kitsune mask on her face in one hand and in the opposite hand, a dulled naginata which gave itself the resemblance of a queen's scepter. Underneath her mask, she wore her kabuki makeup on one half as she wore her lineage proudly.

And if that wasn't enough…

They had a whole parade following them, a lion dance, the beating of taiko drums, and a dragon dance tailing closely.

Hell of an entrance they made.

"Do you remember signing off on that?" Itano pointed to a small gathering around what appeared to be something hosted by the academy idiots.

Takahashi Juri and Kawaei Rina.

"All attractions must be approved by me personally! How could I have let something get past me? Chiyuu~." No one really knew why Kasai said chiyuu periodically or what it really meant… but people just accepted it.

The two commanded their parade to halt as they made their way through the crowd which wore expressions that could be described as… invested but incredibly confused.

Itano put a stick of gum into her mouth and spoke between gum chews, "Takahashi. Kawaei."

"Hi Tomomi!" Rina waved energetically at Itano.

"Hi Tomomi!" Juri waved at Kasai and smiled, "You know, I totally get your first names confused sometimes."

Kasai pulled her mask away and blinked before looking at the attraction before her.

A small table. And several snails. A finish line.

Snail… races? Seems oddly entertaining.

"So… what's this attraction meant to be?" Itano spoke up first.

"Ah! We've gathered the fastest local snails and we're making them compete. Some people even pick their favorites to win!" Juri said with an explosive passion.

"Pick their favorites to win hm? Meaning that there's gambling in my festival?" Kasai raised an eyebrow.

"How much is the buy-in?" Itano put away her shades to have a better look at the event and possibly the money they raked in.

This time Rina excitedly replied.

"No buy-in at all!"

"So how do you make a profit from this?"

"Our profit is the pursuit of knowledge!"

Itano slowly blew a bubble and let it pop, "...knowledge?"

"Mhm! One of these snails is gonna move so fast they start flying! And me and Juri here will be the first to discover the first flying snail!"

TomoTomo stood there in silence. Complete… utter silence.

"Tomochin, I'm gonna let this decision be yours. Chiyuu~." She whispered.

Itano blew another bubble until it popped, "Carry on, girls. Enjoy the festivities."

The two bowed to JuRicchan and the crowd before the taiko drums began to beat once again and their walking parade continued.
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Indeed, these were out just in time. Btw, I'm happy about seeing your work as the first thing on a page instead of one of my comments. I felt like a thread hijacker.

Nezumi Radio Broadcast 3
The buildup to the TomoTomo from Nezumi's broadcast to their grand entrance felt pretty Fire Lord-like lmao. I think it was deserved. I don't think I've ever commented on it but I think the choice on formatting ('script' form but no "Nezumi:" for each line and no quotes) was pretty good. Easy to read and understand that this was kind of a transcript.

Russian Roulette
I'll never get tired of Miru's naked schtick, what with lines like “Now I have to get naked!” and "surprise nudity". The (normal) coffees sound good! I love food (and in this case, drink) descriptions so this has been pretty enjoyable for me. RIP whoever gets another one of those coffee creamer and soy sauce cups tho :nervous

Pin Cushion
Miichan was lucky that the people who came to the booth were experts. At least she only had to go through it once since Mariko-sama met her entertainment quota pretty quickly.

Pursuit of Knowledge
Man, TomoTomo are pretty thorough about their displays, huh?
JuRicchan had me laughing the whole time, I really enjoyed this one from the "pursuit of knowledge" line to expectations for the snails. It was just weird.

My comment is probably too late but Happy Halloween!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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I kinda get into it more in the A/N. But bare with me here. You didn't miss click.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

17. Before the Tea Leaves Fall (YuuNaa,FuuMiru,TomoTomo)

A/N: This is more of a story centered around Murayama Yuiri than it is a YuuNaa or a romance fic. Also... bare with me it's a pretty big experiment and I'm trying new things. There was orignally a song link in the middle of this, but formatting wouldn't agree with me. It was Sacrifice of Tradition from the Ghost of Tsushima OST up to the point of where Yuiri "snaps" back.

Tragedy always follows the tale of a warrior.

Murayama dragged herself back to the remains of her village to complete her final hunt to claim the life of General Shiroma, The Empress of War.

She hardly considered herself to be living. Opting to believe was a walking corpse with a sword at her side. A burning-hot engine where her heart used to beat. Only purpose for existing was to carry out revenge, and die soon after.

Murayama smelled the ashes of her village piled at heaps on the ground. Her eyes were devoid of life when she saw the cinders of what she used to call her home again.

A smoldering emptiness. The only thing that still existed here were screams in her head as she walked through.

Underneath the tree that watched over her village for generations... she saw her standing in front of the graves of Murayama's beloved family.

The empress of war herself.

She was a stone statue holding a naginata, appearing to be in deep thought as she swallowed the emotions of seeing a family she once knew in the ground.


The empress slowly turned around and met her eyes.

Murayama’s face was twisted in anguish and rage, whereas Shiroma’s was frozen in a near unbreakable stoicism.


“What I did? And what would that be? Putting an end to your husband treating the wounds of the enemy soldiers!? You knew the actions of your village was a betrayal to our country! Do you believe that this was the outcome I wanted? I simply... did what I had to do.”

"What you had to do? You razed my home to the ground. You followed orders to slaughter my family… my neighbors… so many innocents… for NOTHING!"

"Those men your husband treated were going to come back and raid your village, what would happen then? We'd have marauders living amongst us. Imagine what they would do with your husband's medical knowledge at their disposal. It wasn't an easy choice, but I had to! To the shogunate, you're a traitor along with your village!"

"If I'm a traitor to him, then you're his slave! My husband's medical research is gone! Lost in the ashes behind me! Our country would have benefited from his work, but the shogun is obsessed with the enemy and allows his people to suffer!" The pauldrons of her damaged armour came undone as she lumbered closer to the empress, "you dare lecture me about betrayal as you stand in front of my son's grave!?!" Tears streamed from Yuiri's eyes, " sweet Ryoma."

Yuiri was open, vulnerable. She fell to her knees as everything she had been through had finally caught up to her. The warrior had never reflected on her traumas and was unable to slow down her rage. Her grief had chained her to the floor as she was hit with a flash flood of emotion. She cried out in agony, indifferent to the presence of her final adversary.

The shogun ordered Shiroma to claim her head, and if there ever was a time to collect it. It was now.

But she couldn't.

A lifetime ago, these girls were friends. She had even considered her to be a sister.

Shiroma knelt down beside her and embraced her. She had no right to comfort her, but she deserved it.

It'd be so easy to drive her tanto into Shiroma's abdomen. But this was the first time she had a shoulder to cry on after burying her family. She needed this more than anything, she grit her teeth cursing herself for being weak. Humiliated for allowing herself to be fragile ever so close to her revenge.

What would even come of Shiroma's death? Killing the only family she had left.

The empress stood up as Yuiri continued to grieve. Miru approached the graves, her hands gripping her naginata tight.

Miru bowed to the grave of Yuiri's father. The strong warrior that trained both of them. A death that was regrettably on her hands.

She was just following the Shogun's orders. Murayama's father would've done the same.

For the country… for honour… right?

Miru planted her naginata next to his grave before noticing several leaves blowing from the direction of the eastern mountains.

"The tea leaves are falling…" Murayama spoke without her soul.

Miru stayed silent and allowed her to continue.

"My father said he would teach Ryoma how to use a sword once he saw the tsubaki leaves fall from the mountains."

"Yuuchan…" Shiroma used the nickname she called her as a child.

"Don't call me that…"

"You've come to me for revenge right?"

Yuiri looked up and saw Miru's usual stoic expression with tears slowly crawling down her cheeks like a mountain under the rain.

"If your father wanted you to kill me, he'd want it to be through an honorable duel." Miru gripped the katana at her side. "If you take my head, I can only hope that we meet again in the next life so I can finally see you at peace again."

"If I fall to your sword… promise me that you will bury me next to my husband." Yuiri stood up and readied her hand on the handle of her blade.

"I promise."

Miru proceeded to pull her katana out and threw the sheath off to the side.

A sign of Miru accepting her fate. At peace with the fact that this may be the last time she'd pull her blade out.

Yuiri did the same, pointing her weapon forward and throwing the sheath onto the ground as she was also uncertain if she would come out the victor of the duel.

...or if she even wanted to for that matter.

This is where we part.

Revenants of our failures.

Will death redeem us?

The two charged at each other and collided with their blades, rapidly swiping at each other creating a steel barrier that shredded the falling leaves that interfered in their duel.

Each strike was familiar as they had dueled countless times in the past underneath the same tree where they trained as little girls.

The once sweet memories returning as a bitter reminders of how cruel destiny can be.

Yuiri was relentless in her attacks, trying to crush Miru's stone guard.

A pattern of dodges, deflects, parries, and ripostes.

A brutal back and forth.

Even though there wasn't a single cut delivered, pain was brought with every swing of their katana.

Murayama brought down her blade in a downward slash, the same slash she won against Miru in one of their many duels. It was deflected with a fluid motion of Miru’s wrist.

Miru countered with a thrust, the technique that was the killing blow against Yuiri’s father. It rolled off Yuiri’s breastplate in a glancing blow. But the battle raged on.

The sounds of colliding steel rang in their ears as they continued to strike at each other, anticipating every move they had in their respective arsenals.

The warriors began to lose their breath. Their weapons weighing heavily in their hands. They made eye contact, knowing this battle's ending was drawing near.

They swung their katana at each other with all their might and the two blades clashed in the middle, grinding the edge of their weapons as they met face to face once more.

Releasing one hand from the handle, Yuiri delivered a vicious gut-check to Miru's abdomen with her fist.

As the empress tried to regain her poise, Yuiri shoved her with her shoulder and swung her blade upwards, unable to control the speed of its ascent.

The wood of her prop caught Miru's eye. And the girl dropped to the floor, clutching at her injury, screaming out in pain.

Fuck… fuck… fuck!

No ashes. No tree. No village. No war.

Yuiri found herself back on the stage of her theater class rehearsals. Immediately attempting to rush over to Miru to see if she was okay.

This was the worst case scenario… Miru trusted her with the choreography and her own incompetence allowed her to hurt a fellow actress.

"Fucking idiot!"

A drink was thrown directly at Yuiri's head before she could aid the other girl, leaving her face and hair drenched in iced coffee, with the sticky sweet substance slowly dripping down her costume and the set.

Unsurprisingly Fuuko, who occasionally stopped by to watch the rehearsals, was furious at Yuiri for hurting her girlfriend. Fuuko stormed up the stage, getting up in the drenched actress's face.

Yuiri tried her hardest to choke back tears.

"Who allowed you to be in the lead role?! Miru trusted you! Look at what you've done, bitch!" Fuuko pointed at Miru who was crumpled to the floor, crying as she clutched her eye. Yuiri couldn't see the injury clearly, but there was definitely blood in Miru's hand.

TomoTomo led rehearsals as the theater teacher was healing off a leg injury.

The two girls stood between Fuuko and Yuiri, guarding the latter with their bodies.

"The stage is sacred, chiyuu~. If you throw anything at the stage as an audience member again, you can consider yourself banned from the theater." Kasai said, laying down the authority.

Itano followed up, crunching down on the lollipop in her mouth.

"It's also not your place to discipline the talent. You may exit the stage now." Her tone laced with an ice cold admonition.

Fuuko backed off a step.

"At least let me take Miru to the nurses office."

Kasai gestured to her with her head and kept a close eye on Fuuko.

The girl carefully helped her girlfriend up and put her arm over her shoulder. She carried the injured actress off towards the exit of the stage.

Before making the complete exit Fuuko spoke over her shoulder.

"Sorry for making a mess on the set."

"Hold on Fuuko, wait."

Miru freed herself from Fuuko and ran up to Yuiri who was completely crestfallen.

"Look at me, Yuuchan."

Yuiri slowly turned her head up.

Miru's injured eye was covered by her hair, some blood and tears still trickling down her face.

"Accidents happen, Yuuchan. I understand. It's gonna be tough with one eye, but I'm still gonna work really hard to make our performance perfect. And I want you to work hard too. Don't give up… and uhh... I'm sorry about Fuuko. Can't really blame her for being protective, huh?" Miru tried to bring Yuiri's spirit up as she noticed tears building up in her eyes. "On the bright side, I think my character would look way cooler with an eyepatch."

The last remark brought a small smile to Yuiri's lips.

"That's the smile I wanted to see… We're gonna kill it next time!" Miru retreated back to Fuuko who was still glaring at Yuiri.

After the two girls left the building, Yuiri fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I ruined everything… I didn't… mean to…" Yuiri mumbled into her hands as tears broke free from her eyes.

Itano walked off to grab cleaning supplies for the spilled coffee on the stage.

Kasai however stayed behind to comfort Yuiri. She knelt down beside her and rubbed her back as she wept.

"I'm not good enough Kasai… I'm a failure of an actress. I'm sorry for letting everyone down." Yuiri was barely audible as she was muffled by her hands.

"This is a challenging role, Murayama. I recommended professor Akimoto for you to take the lead for a reason. You're a skilled performer. From the day you stepped foot here, I had you pegged as the Theater Queen. And coming from a multi-generational kabuki theater background, I think I have an eye for these things." Kasai assured warmly before pulling Yuiri's head to allow her to cry on her shoulder.

"Murayama… The stage, and everything on it is sacred. And when you're performing, that includes you…"

Yuiri wanted so badly to believe her.


Okada Nana couldn't wait to just take her uniform off and just be back in the comfort of her dorm.

Once she made her way inside, she laid her portfolio by the door as usual and took in the sight of her girlfriend.


She was huddled up on the couch clutching a dolphin plushie in one hand, and a near empty wine glass in the other. She was watching Big Hero 6 for the twentieth time.

"Hello my naachannnnn." Yuiri slurred.

Okada scanned the site and immediately found the empty wine bottle on the coffee table.

She seemed to have remembered it being pretty close to full before she went to class.

*Hic*"Sorry Naachan, I didn't save any for you" *hic* She swished around the liquid in the glass. She almost tipped over.

"Why are you drinking so much?"

"Because!" *Hic* "I feel bad for youuuu." *Hic* "You're dating a loser like me… can't do a simmmple scene without hurting someone."

Nana settled down next to her partner and took the wine glass away from her, setting it out of her reach on the far end of the coffee table.

"I was drinkinnn that."

"I don't think so… So what happened?"

Yuiri sighed and leaned on Nana, laying all her weight onto her, "I fucking hurt someone! Hit her in the fucking eye with the sword." Yuiri's tears threatened to leave her eyes for the umpteenth time, "Some girl threw a coffee at me after… I deserved it though"

"You absolutely do not deserve getting stuff thrown at you." Nana stroked her hair, "C'mon let's get you into bed. Get some rest. You're gonna have a shitty wine hangover tomorrow."

Yuiri groaned, "Urgh… not yet. I think I'm gonna throw up…"

"Okay, then let me help you up and get to the bathroom."

"No… I can find my way to the bathroom myself…"

"You couldn't even find your asscheeks by yourself. I'm helping you up whether you like it or not!" Nana asserted.

Yuiri groaned, "fine… but be slow."

"Maybe when you're all lucid we can practice that scene till you're perfect!"

"Ugh… the thought of messing up and hurting you makes me wanna throw up more."

"Alright alright… let's get your drunk ass to the toilet."



Sae barged into the break room, gagging.

"Sae, what's wrong?" Rena rushed over to check if she was okay.

"Sorry Rena, but can you take care of the patient outside? She's got this eye injury… and man… I don't do well with eye stuff…"

"What?! As if I'd want to be involved with that?! You're the leader, you shouldn't have such a weak stomach!"

"Well it'd be a shame if Maimai learned that you never finished medical school, nor do you have any licence to practice."


Sae made herself comfy on the break room couch giving Rena a shit eating grin.

"As long as you patch her eye up, I wouldn't dream of it."

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The way she treated Yuiri even after she was being helped outside was just so kind, it made me that much sadder. It's a bloody eye! Miru and TomoTomo let Yuiri off easy, I think. Again, an EYE! Though I assume it's because it's not actually a serious enough injury, so they didn't feel the need to crucify Yuiri on top of her punishing/hating on herself over it.

Awesome dramatic storytelling with the theater play, and even outside it. I felt like I was seeing everyone's emotions in conflict with each other. I understood Shiroma's following orders but still loving Murayama, their not being sure whether they want to be the survivor, Fuuko's anger, Chiyuu's protectiveness over the theater, everything was so compelling. The prose was SOOOO good and natural-sounding.

Focusing on one or two characters while the romance is left a little to the side is still interesting to me. It's a great chance to show touching friendships and more of each character's... character lmao.

For OSTs, a sudden A/N in the middle of a story to put a song link might be jarring to some readers, while for others it's more convenient and makes them more likely to listen to it at the right time (because of convenience). Either way, I listened to the soundtrack as prescribed.

I think I have an eye for these things
So does Miru haha.
In contrast to 'eyes'.

you never finished medical school, nor do you have any licence to practice
Reminds me of Jurina'sCenter's own unauthorized practice of medicine in MG4. Eye(haha)-catching setup for future stories!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: I imagine most of those theater girls are "the show must go on" types. So I feel like Miru would be forgiving about the injury regardless of severity.

The original plan was to have her be just as angry as Fuuko, but I feel like Miru being kind through the pain shows her dedication to the craft as well as her grit. Especially considering thus far, we haven't seen much of her artistic side until now. Makes for a stronger character moment imo.


One small one before the Holiday fics come out.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

80. A Moment Between Enemies (Murayama Yuiri, Mukaichi Mion)

A/N: Highly recommend reading 'Before the Tea Leaves Fall' to get the full context of this installment.

Nana was right… Yuiri was gonna have a rough wine hangover.

After several hours laying in bed, Yuiri decided to finally get up and try to walk it off.

A couple laps around a nearby park, maybe grab a coffee at the…

On second thought… I probably should avoid Rino&Rie's… Fuuko could be working today.

Right as she exited the dorm room, the room next door opened up as well.

Mion was also on her way out.

Great… exactly who I wanted to see…

"Hey Yuuchan… I heard what happened during rehearsals."

The taller girl sighed and crossed her arms, "it's only been a day… how do you even know?!"

"Word travels down the grapevine pretty quick in this school. I know a girl who knows a girl who knows a girl who knows a raccoon who knows a girl…" Mion cut herself off, "yeah… something along those lines."

"Whatever… Are you gonna take this opportunity to make fun of me? Drill me in the back of the head with your stupid nerf gun when I walk away?"

Mion pulled open her jacket to reveal a lack of concealed plastic weaponry.

"No I'm not gonna shoot you. I just thought you wanted to know about Miru."

Yuiri's temper cooled down. "Miru… Actually… yeah. How is she? Is she okay?"

"I heard she's gonna be down an eye until the performance, but she'll make a full recovery eventually."

"I still feel so awful." Yuiri frowned, the same feeling of shame washing over her again.

"It's not your fault. Shit happens sometimes." Mion leaned against the wall casually, "also whoever threw the coffee at you… total bitch."

Yuiri was flabbergasted at Mion's words. The two were always at each other's throats. Yuiri would've predicted she would kick her while she was down.

"You're defending me? Did Mogi tell you to be nice to me or something? You're not acting like yourself."

"Look, I'm not evil and annoying all the time." Mion smirked and rolled her eyes before continuing, "I saw you walk into your room with this dejected look in your eyes and I know that look when someone's about to drink their sorrows away." Mion knocked on the walls for emphasis, "also these walls are paper thin, I could hear you and Naachan talking about wine and stuff."

Yuiri hung her head in silence.

"What I'm trying to say is… I really hate seeing people give up on their art. I wanna see you go up on that stage and knock everyone dead."

The theater girl took a moment to process Mion's words.

"Thank you Mion. That really means a lot."

"I promise by tomorrow I'll be back to my antics, shooting you with the nerf gun and all that."

A genuine warm smile found its way to Yuiri's lips, "and I'll be ready to smack you as hard as I can with the sword."

"Can't wait." The short girl stood up straight before getting ready to leave, "I'm about to go on a little snack run to the convenience store, did you want anything when you come back?"

"Coffee… and a snack… surprise me." Yuiri said as she walked away.

And the two parted ways as friends… (sorta.)

A/N: Surprise Mion character development.
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Re: Adventures in Art School: A Moment Between Enemies (01/01/21)
« Reply #105 on: December 06, 2021, 10:20:27 AM »
OOHHHH you're right, the 'the show must go on' mentality of performers really is something I forgot to consider. From that angle, I think I see it better now.

"I heard she's gonna be down an eye until the performance, but she'll make a full recovery eventually."
YAY! I'm relieved.

Mion comes bearing gifts! And sympathy! I appreciate her coming to Yuiri knowing she wants news about Miru then offering her encouragement and snacks. It's pretty cool how they acknowledge how their friendship works. They hit and irritate each other a lot but Mion wants Yuiri to succeed in her show and I assume that Yuiri feels the same for Mion.

Ah, friendship is a wonderful thing. Looking forward to the holiday specials!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #106 on: December 07, 2021, 11:32:17 PM »
Barely counts as a Holiday fic. As much of a holiday fic as Diehard is a Christmas movie. Or Bayonetta 2 being a Christmas game.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!


18. Fade to Black (MaYuki, NakoMiku)

A/N: Here I am... With the raciest fic yet. Pushing the limit of how far the non perv section can go.

"Mayu, don't you think you should be relaxing this close to the holidays?" Yuki said as she laid in the bed behind her girlfriend.

Mayu tapped away at her laptop, grinding away at her work while pushing off on answering Yuki.

"Aren't you tired? You shouldn't overwork yourself." Yuki stood up and wrapped her arms around Mayu who acknowledged her with a quick peck on the cheek before returning to her work.

"I'll finish up soon, I promise." Mayu said as she pushed up her glasses.

Yuki hummed and remained in her position as she watched Mayu comb through texts for her art history essay, taking notice of the flashing light emitted from the usb drive plugged in.

She placed a kiss of her own onto Mayu's cheek as she remained diligent to her work.

A smile formed on Mayu's face, before turning her head to respond to Yuki's kiss by meeting their lips together.

Their lips remained connected for a little longer than they expected. The two giggled upon separation before Mayu went back to her task.

Yuki licked her lips before placing another kiss on Mayu's cheek. But something was different about this one.

Her lips continued downward, leaving a trail of kisses down towards Mayu's neck. Yuki got down to her jawline before Mayu tilted her head allowing her access to her neck entirely.

Mayu's work began to feature spelling and other grammatical errors as Yuki continued to rain kisses down to where she was sensitive.

The pace of Mayu's breath began to quicken as Yuki started to give a few playful bites into her skin, each kiss becoming more lustful by the second. So eager to hear her girlfriend make more sounds of pleasure.

"Ah~" Mayu involuntarily let a sound slip, "something tells me this was your plan all along."

Yuki remained quiet as her wandering hands slid underneath Mayu's tank top. Mayu removed her glasses and laid them down on the desk, knowing where they're going… she wasn't gonna need those.

Mayu turned her head and clashed her lips against Yuki's. She increased the tempo of their kiss as she could feel Yuki's hands rising up to cup her bra. She swiped her tongue across Yuki's bottom lip to which she responded by allowing their tongues to meet in the middle.

Mayu could feel her top riding up as Yuki had hands full of her breasts. As their kiss increased in heat, Yuki began to impose her desires upon her body, massaging her mounds and exploring her mouth with her tongue.

The two put their lung capacities to the limit. Gasping for air once they separated, a thread of saliva being the last thing that connected their lips.

Mayu let out a breath. She almost felt like she was lightheaded. "Take your shirt off, Yuki." Mayu commanded.

Yuki followed the order leaving herself in her black bra. Mayu removed her own top and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

Mayu stood up and led Yuki to sit down on the bed. She immediately grabbed Mayu's waist and pulled her in, taking one of her breasts into her mouth.

Mayu (unsuccessfully) tried to stifle a moan, and managed to get Yuki's bra undone, tossing it to the side.

The two locked lips again while laying back down onto the bed.

Yuki found herself pinned to the bed, with Mayu playing with her breasts during their makeout. Yuki arched her back, becoming overwhelmed with the sensations of Mayu's touch.

Upon separation, Mayu planted kisses down her neck, then lower down to her chest, then lower down to her abdomen, then lower.

Mayu then playfully licked Yuki's inner thigh and grabbed the waistband of her shorts. She bit her lip and gave Yuki a mischievous smile.

"I wanna hear you beg, Yuki."


"Crap, where did I leave that flash drive…" Nako rummaged through her bag, then through several drawers. "Miku! Do you know where my flash drive went?!"

"Uh… I think I left it plugged in Mayu's laptop!" Miku shouted from the echoey shower, "She said she'll be staying up late doing some essay, so I'll just call her later!"

Nako shook her head at Miku's irresponsibility before sitting down on the bed and opening up her own laptop as she stuffed in a pair of earbuds.

"Well I gotta make sure it's actually in the boss's laptop." Nako said to herself as she opened up a program buried deep in her files. A program that was made to hack into Mayu's webcam while their flash drive was plugged in.

Nako was not prepared…

Oh god she wasn't prepared…

Nako's screen was filled with the webcam feed directly pointing at her boss and Black Yuki in the middle of their passionate lovemaking.

The sight of their naked bodies intertwined right on Nako's lap.

She tugged on her collar, and her mind was screaming for her to turn it off, but it was drowned out by the sounds of their pleasure playing directly into her ears.

Nako gulped and leaned closer, her hands began to fidget until she saw movement from the corner of her eye.

"Whatcha watchin Nako?"

Miku walked into the room fresh out of the shower. Her chest was still wrapped up in a towel and was patting her hair dry.

Nako immediately screamed and powered off the laptop. Her finger impaling the power button.

Miku jumped and screamed in response, barely hanging onto the towel wrapped around her body, "What the hell are you screaming for?!"

Being faced with the dilemma of either dodging the question or admitting to what she was doing, the correct choice was clear.

"Uhh… are you done with the shower Miku?"

Miku's eyes darted back and forth trying to look for some sort of answer, "...yeah. why?"

"Because I could really use a cold shower right about now." Nako hopped off the bed and scampered away.

Miku watched her partner scurry and quickly shut the bathroom door. The loud slam echoing throughout the dorm.

"What was that all about?" Miku settled down on the bedside and pulled open Nako's laptop.

"I wonder what the boss is doing."
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Re: Adventures in Art School: Fade to Black (MaYuki, NakoMiku) (01/07/21)
« Reply #107 on: December 09, 2021, 02:52:35 AM »
Mayuyu being commanding is a scary level of sexiness...  :shocked
I love Yukirin's way of trying to get Mayuyu's attention.  :lol:
I want to swap places with Nako, she gets exclusive access to MaYuki's show and shares a room with Mikurin. Not fair! :smhid
My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Fade to Black (MaYuki, NakoMiku) (01/07/21)
« Reply #108 on: December 14, 2021, 02:17:03 PM »
Wooh! Is it hot in here or is it just me????

Kinda cute how Black is more assertive now, but she's no match for Mayu!

Nice setup on the flash drive. Since you drew attention to it, I was immediately curious what it was for.

Poor Nako getting free porn that she didn't ask for (and Mikurin too after the fic ended, I'm assuming).

I still felt the holiday spirit in here tbh (even tho MaYuki were working hard trying to make it feel like Valentine's). What's more Christmas than struggling against deadlines as the Dec 25 draws near, right?

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Fade to Black (MaYuki, NakoMiku) (01/07/21)
« Reply #109 on: December 15, 2021, 10:05:42 AM »
Wow that last update was very intense! Yukirin does know how to get Mayu's attention when she wants..
Poor NakoMiku with what they found on that computer, surely they won't be able to sleep after that XD

I like these Christmas one-shots one of my favorite seasons I hope we have more of these updates updates in the future.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #110 on: December 18, 2021, 12:13:44 AM »
Replies to Comments

@mayuki_daisuki: Nako has it all doesn't she?

What's more Christmas than struggling against deadlines as the Dec 25 draws near, right?

Truer words have yet to be spoken.

Regarding NakoMiku's 'discovery'... At least they're more prepared building that Mayuyu robot.

@Nozokime: Luckily for you, more Christmas updates are on the way.


Another Holiday update! More on the way!

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

81. Mistletoe (SudaYuria, AnRena)

Yuria was ready to surprise Akari with her gift.

The most expensive clay her money could afford. Premium gold metal clay. Who knew such a thing existed? Also helped that it looked cool. Being buddy buddy with a Yakuza had its perks.

Even though Akari wouldn't be able to see its luster, Yuria had confidence knowing she would make something incredible out of it.

As the two were heading to Yuria's dorm room, Yuria stopped in her tracks fixated on something hanging above them.

Akari took a few steps forward before she noticed that Yuria stopped walking with her. Scouting the floor with her cane, and reaching out for the other girl.

"Yuria? Why'd you stop? Where'd you go?"

"I'm right here, Akari." She remained fixated on the ceiling.

"We're under a mistletoe."

"Mistletoe? What's that?" Akari cocked her head.

"It's some plant that grows off of tree branches. Someone hung one in the dorm"

"O-kay… is a plant on the ceiling that interesting to you?"

"Well, in the west I hear when two people find themselves under one, they're supposed to kiss."

"Hmm." Akari hummed, "That IS interesting. And we're under one?"

Yuria gulped, "Yup."

"Maybe this is your excuse to fool a pretty blind girl into kissing you."

"No. I'm just… very lucky." Yuria nervously scratched at her nape.

Akari, despite being blind found a way to meet Yuria's eyes with her own.

"Is there a reason why you've been taking your time to kiss me, Yuria?"

This must be one of those Christmas miracles people are always talking about.

Yuria acted quick, pulling Akari in by her waist and closing the distance between their lips.

Akari wrapped her arms around Yuria, dropping her cane to the floor while smiling into their kiss.

A clicking sound. And a flash.

Yuria broke the kiss and immediately turned her head.

From an intersecting hall, Iriyama Anna lowered her camera and playfully stuck out her tongue.

Next to her, Kato Rena tossed her rock into the air and caught it before giving her girlfriend a high five.

"You're welcome!" Renacchi teasingly shouted as Annin took another picture before walking away satisfied, hand in hand.

After a few seconds Akari giggled, "I'm glad your friends were around. Otherwise you would've never had the guts to finally kiss me."

"Oh shut up."

Yuria silenced Akari with another kiss.

82. Feast for all (JuRicchan)

Over the entrance of the Kamisori Ramen restaurant, hung a small sign reading,

Closed for Christmas! A small smiley face was drawn next to it.

Inside, there was a nice Christmas celebration where Mako promised to feed her friends well for the holiday.

In the kitchen, Mako chopped razor thin slices of green onion before collecting it onto her knife and sliding them into bowls of hot ramen.

Each bowl of Shoyu Ramen was identical, made possible only through the precision of an artist's hand.

The back door was thrown open, two clueless girls in uniform stumbling inside.

"See Ricchan?! I told you this was the wrong way to painting class!" Juri cried out before turning back.

"Hey wait!" Mako called out to them.

The two looked at Mako with the 'deer in headlights look.'

"You realize class has been cancelled for this week… right?"

"Oh... No wonder the class halls were so quiet." Juri said as the relief washed over her.

"I thought everyone dropped out of school!" Rina followed up.

"Now that you two are here, can you take these bowls of ramen to table 3?" Mako gestured to the dining area.

Rina shyly raised her hand, "Uh 3? That's the number after 2 right?"

"Oh my god, bring the bowls to the big table! The one with Okada, Nishino and the others!"

"Got it!" The two walked off to serve table 3's food.

Mako pulled two bowls out of a cabinet, and prepared ingredients for two more servings of ramen.

Those idiots deserve a nice Christmas dinner too.

83. Saviour (WMatsui, SakuRuppi)

"That's bullshit! I was training that Pokémon all week!" Jurina shouted.

"If you weren't stupid, you wouldn't have switched in a grass type against a fire type." Sakura calmly said as she kept her eyes on her gaming device.

Jurina launched a hard memory foam pillow at her head in response.

Haruka and Rena were used to their bickering, opting to take their game of chess to the opposite side of the room to avoid stray shots and cross fire.

"So Rena, what did you buy Jurina for Christmas?" Haruka said as she positioned one of her pieces on the board.

"Bought her some merch from her favourite wrestlers." Rena said as she took one of Haruka's pieces, "and a big teddy bear so she can practice wrestling moves on non-human opponents…"

"Ah, I'm still deciding on what to buy for Sakura."

"Huh? Isn't she a huge gamer? Buying her videogames is a huge no brainer of a gift."

Haruka took out one of Rena's pieces.

"I did that once." Haruka looked back to see Sakura smacking Jurina with a pillow, "Last time I bought her a game, she stopped going to class and stopped answering calls for a week. I almost filed a missing persons report."

Rena moved a piece forward.

"Okay, no games then. Maybe buy her a hat. Or more pink hair dye."

"Maybe." Haruka strategically moved her knight forward, "Checkmate by the way."

"Ah, so it is." Rena sat back and accepted defeat.

Sakura screamed as she fled from Jurina after her pillow attack.

"FEEL THE MIGHT OF HOLLYWOOD JURINA!" Jurina charged towards Sakura, her world famous lariat arm raised.

Rena sprinted to intercept Jurina, grabbing her by the collar and judo-tossing her over her hip.

Jurina slammed down hard into the carpet knocking the breath out of her.

"Oh Rena~" Sakura clung to her arm, "My hero~!" The pink haired girl nuzzled her head into her shoulder.

Haruppi pouted, "Maybe you should buy Sakura's Christmas present, Rena."

84. Yankii Princess (RyoNya)

"Ryoka, this gift is for you!" Naanya said as she handed a raccoon the present to hand off to her.

Mr Tanimura, Ryoka's largest and scarily most muscular raccoon approached Ryoka holding out the gift. To which Ryoka hesitantly took from his paws.

"You didn't need to spend your money on me."

"C'moooooon. Just open it!" Naanya said as she gave a pat to Mr Tanimura's head.

Ryoka untied the bow and lifted the box cover. She stared at her gift for a moment before letting out a long sigh.

After the sigh, Nana visibly deflated.

"Wh-wha?! You don't like it?! I'm sorry, I can return it-"

Man, this is probably Naanya's first Christmas indoors. Better bite my tongue.

Ryoka cut her off, "No! I-I love it! I'll put it on right now! I was just speechless is all."

And Nana immediately perked up, "I knew you'd like it! You're gonna look so good in it!"


Shizuka put on a nice jacket and the nicest jewelry she had on hand. She wanted to look her best during Christmas dinner with her dad.

A box of cigarettes was calling to her from her desk, but Shizuka put her cravings aside and shoved it into a drawer. She rushed to her pantry and grabbed a protein bar to munch on to subdue her desire for a smoke.

She took the car keys from her desk and twirled it on her finger before heading out.

Before reaching the door, someone came knocking.

Shizuka opened up to be greeted by a very happy Naanya with a possum perched on her shoulder.

"What's up Naanya. And uh… Goro." Shizuka reached out to pat the possum, but pulled back when he hissed. "I was actually 'bout to head out, so we're gonna have to make this chat snappy."

"No problem! I just wanted to show off my present to Ryoka!"

Nana reached from beyond the door frame to pull out the girl in question.

Ryoka was dressed in a pink frilly dress with her hair tied into twin tails. Definitely not in Ryoka's typical 'tough girl' style.

She looked as miserable as a puppy that was yelled at.

Shizuka was doing double duty, trying her hardest not to laugh her ass off, as well as trying not to choke on her protein bar because of said laughter.

"God Ryoka, you look like a fuckin' pretty princess!" Shizuka finally howled out in laughter, "Never thought the daughter of a biker gang leader to be so damn dainty!"

"See! See! I told you Shizuka would think you're pretty!" The obvious sarcasm flying past Nana's head.

Ryoka stayed silent in her shame.

Shizuka, still laughing, pulled her phone out to take a picture.

That was, until Ryoka unleashed a lightning-quick fist into her boss's cheek.

"GAH!" Shizuka stumbled back, before shoving past them and shutting the door behind her, "You're lucky I ain't kickin your ass for that."

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Holiday Minis (WMatsui,SudaYuria+) (01/17/21)
« Reply #111 on: December 19, 2021, 02:25:34 PM »
At least they're more prepared building that Mayuyu robot.
Gasp. You're right! They've stumbled upon a wealth of knowledge over here!

Interesting choice with the spacing of "We're under a mistletoe." (I mean this in a good way).

"No. I'm just… very lucky."
AWWWWW I thought this particular line was really cute!

Everyone's getting such good gifts. Yuria must be really serious. Premium gold metal clay! That sounds as fun to look at as it is expensive. And AnRena's mistletoe, of course. Very generous of them.

Feast for all
It's hilarious how JuRicchan got through so many layers of errors logic to get to the back of the restaurant. First, they missed that classes were cancelled. Then they got to a restaurant instead of painting class. Then they somehow managed to enter the closed restaurant anyway because they entered... from the back door. And in the end they got ramen after serving ramen to KojiMako's friends' table.

Basically they finished a completely hidden sidequest from getting everything 'wrong', the absolute madlad(ie)s.

Rip Jurina's Pokemon. Respect for putting the accented e in Pokemon, by the way.

It's cute how Rena and Haruppi leave Jurina and Sakura alone to play and fight like a pair of moms bringing their kids together for a playdate. Luckily Rena has her problem child under control.

Hey Harupii, how about commissioning Rena for a broken Jurina arm? I think that counts as buying Sakura a gift.

Yankii Princess

I'm living for the gradual introduction of the raccoon and possum gang.

Ryoka was pretty sweet putting the gift on on her own to make sure Nana doesn't get sad.

Shizuka having Christmas dinner with her dad :mon cute: Aww that's precious!

Thanks for this update. I just finished a paper and I was feeling really tired when I saw that this was updated. My spirits were lifted instantly.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #112 on: December 24, 2021, 01:12:19 AM »
Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: There are a total of 6 rodents in her gang. (5 raccoons and 1 possum) 3 revealed so far.

Mr. Hamazaki (Rabies raccoon)
Mr. Tanimura (Buff raccoon)
Goro (An ordinary possum)


There's gonna be another set of Christmas Minis after this. Wait for em.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

19. Give It Away (Oya Shizuka)

It was a yearly thing, Shizuka and her dad would eat a mostly private dinner at a Chinese restaurant that was probably owned by a member of a foreign gang.

Criminal or not, their chili shrimp was fantastic.

On the mounted TV the father and daughter watched old boxing matches as several Yakuza guarded the perimeter of the dining area.

They watched two boxers duking it out in the center of the ring. The match abruptly ended when one fighter loaded up a counter punch that knocked his opponent out.

"I was always glad that the head movement came so naturally to you, Shizuka. I'm so tired of teaching my men how to fight and all they care about is how to punch hard." Takumi said as he moved the plate of dumplings closer to himself.

"The only reason I prefer dodging over striking is because I really ain't a fan of getting hit in the face."

"That's a perfectly fine reason. If my men shared your mindset, Oda over there wouldn't have a black eye." Shizuka's father pointed with his chopsticks over to one of his men with a nasty purple bruise over his eye. "How's the academy treating you?"

Shizuka had to consciously stop inhaling Peking duck to finally answer.

"Honestly, I didn't expect to fit in so well."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, even made me a couple friends."

Her father put his utensils down and leaned in, "Well Shizuka, tell me about them."

Shizuka leaned back into her seat, "Shit… where do I start?"

"Alright, I met this girl named Ryoka. Daughter of a biker gang leader. First day we met, we got into a huge fistfight. The girl is tough as hell, I almost lost entirely."

"You're getting into fights?!"

Shizuka put her hands up, "Hey hey, it was all consensual! The way fights are meant to be."

"I'd prefer you staying out of trouble, but go on."

"Then I met this homeless chick, Nana. Ridiculously optimistic and kind. Also has a weird bond with the local rodents. One of em has rabies." Shizuka sat up in her seat, "Remember that time I asked for a ridiculous amount of cash from uncle? That was to pay for the girl's tuition. Scoop her off the streets and give her a dorm to sleep in at night."

"I was about to ask you what you did with that money… You didn't tell her about the bakery did you?"

"About how it was a money launderin' scheme?" Shizuka snorted, "didn't uncle quit the life of crime to bake full time? He's runnin' an honest business now, who needs to keep it a secret?"

"Ah yes, that's right. Anyone else?"

"The newest girl is Yuria. She started off as a punk, but she's slowly shaping up to be a nice girl. Also helps that I inadvertently got her connected with some blind girl."

"Blind girl in an art school?"

"Yeah… they say she's got the hands of a goddess. Her sculptures are better than anything I've seen built by people with functioning eyes."

"Huh… any romance in your life?"

"Nah, but I do fuck a lot."

"Shizuka… that's… not what I wanted to hear."

Shizuka could hear some of his men snickering in the background.

"Anyway Shizuka, it's good to see you have a little Oya Family of your own in the academy." He smirked as he bit into a dumpling.

"Yeah. Feels good to finally have people just accept who ya are, y'know." Shizuka poured some tea out for herself.

"Also dad, can we get some fuckin food for your guys? I bet they're starvin. Look at us wolfin down food in front of these poor bastards."

Her father stayed silent.

"What's wrong? You can pay for these guys, right? Oh shit… are we broke? Did the family lose money while I was gone?! Shit! I'll fuckin drop out and start selling my body! I'll fuck guys and girls, don't care! I'll get the family back up on its feet!" Shizuka panicked.

"Shizuka, we're not broke. No need to go on any unprecedented business ventures." He laughed, "I'm just so proud to see how much you've grown."

Shizuka and her father looked at the TV, showing one of his championship matches. She watched as she watched a younger Oya Takumi duck under a hook and blitz his opponent with a ferocious combo to net the victory. With her proud father raising his arms and smiling at the camera as the championship belt was fastened around his waist.

"I gave up my boxing career to raise you and I miss it everyday. When I was younger, boxing was more important than being a good Yakuza. My superiors would always rip me a new one for that, I was always late to meetings because I wanted to train more. Boxing was the single most important thing to me before you came around." He stood up and circled around to put his hands on his daughter's shoulders. "Seeing you now though, as the beautiful lady you've become. I'd happily lose my beloved career again for you."

"Damn, I didn't sign up to get all emotional n' stuff."

Tears blurred Shizuka's vision before she pounded her fist on the table and shouted at the other Yakuzas in the restaurant.


The former heavyweight laughed before returning to the seat and flagging down a waiter.

"Alright boys! Dinner's on me! Hope you assholes can eat more than me!"

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #113 on: December 27, 2021, 06:00:19 AM »
Sorry for bringing this one out late. I just had a wicked writer's block. I promised another set, but couldn't deliver. I'll do better next time. Promises.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

85. Free for All (YuiParu)

Akiyama flipped the sign on the door to signal the convenience store was closed for the day.

"Alright girls, early off before the holidays. Have a Merry Christmas, both of you!" Akiyama smiled, "oh I guess as a present, take anything you want."

Upon hearing this Yui grabbed a bag of cat food for Bisu (briefly recalling the flavor of Bisu's usual brand) and began to make her exit before glancing at the other girl.

Paruru was emptying an entire shelf's worth of snacks into her bag.

Akiyama stared in horror as he saw thousands of yen in profit disappear into Paruru's bag. But… it's not like he can take it back. Yui was also not willing to correct this issue.

Just as the two were about to leave, they saw a girl and a vigilant labradoodle enter the store.

Yui greeted her before announcing, "I'm sorry, but the store is closed for the day."

"Ah, th-that's okay. I guess I'll just buy dog food tomorrow then." Shu crouched down and patted her dog, "sorry Popeye."

The labradoodle whimpered a little.

Yui felt bad for the girl, and considered making a small exception to let her buy some food for her-

"Here." Paruru held out a bag of dog food for Yabushita.

Shu graciously accepted before looking through her bag to find her wallet.

"Don't pay. It's free. Get out."

Shu's face shifted into a confused shock after having just experienced rudeness and generosity in the same instance. She bowed and thanked Paruru before awkwardly leaving the store with Popeye.

A few seconds later another guest popped in.

"This place still open?" Sakura poked her head inside with Haruppi also peeking in soon after.

Before Akiyama could respond Yui welcomed them both in.

"It's on us. Take anything you want." Yui spoke with a bubbly tone.

Sakura's eyes widened, "Like... for free?"


Haruka and Sakura bagged up as much as they could, a few energy drinks dropped out of Sakura's bag as the two exited the store.

Akiyama had no words.

But someone else did.

"Free stuff?" Naanya excitedly ran in with several rodents scampering in beside her.

Akiyama sighed, "fuck it… free stuff."

"Ryoka! Get in here! Free stuff!" Nana distributed snacks to each raccoon to take back home.

Shortly after Nana was satisfied with her haul, her partner Ryoka strode in with a baseball bat resting on her shoulders.

Ryoka walked through the aisles of the store and paused, "tch, my favorite snack is already gone." She then smashed her bat onto the shelf, leaving a very large and noticeable dent. Channeling moderate frustration into vandalism.

Ryoka grabbed one soda before leaving with Nana and her rodent gang.

Yui, Paru, and Akiyama stared at what used to be shelves lined with products now mostly barren. More stuff littered the floor than there was in the aisles.

"This is gonna be an interesting conversation with my accountant." Akiyama said blankly.

Yui grabbed a candy bar from Paruru's bag, "On the bright side, we totally just made a bunch of people's days better… right?"

"I guess so." Akiyama shrugged before pulling out a cigarette, "if you girls don't show up to work two hours early tomorrow to clean this mess up, the costs will come out of your paychecks."

Paruru and Yui groaned.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Free for All (YuiParu) (01/26/21)
« Reply #114 on: January 09, 2022, 12:46:10 AM »
Oh wow, the last two came out pretty quick :O congrats on finishing another year of christmas specials!

Give It Away
Shizuka talks about her schoolmates with her dad over dinner, aww that's sweet. Hell, I don't think my mom asks about my school friends, and we're pretty close. I think that comparison just gives me a better idea of how Shizuka's dad cares about the stuff in her life. His line about giving up his boxing career up again for Shizuka made me tear up.

I literally gasped audibly when Shizuka mentioned Dasu's "hands of a goddess". Reading back on Dasu's previous appearances, it's almost hilarious how many times I managed to miss the connection to the real Dasu using handshake events to rise to fame. It might be pretty late for me to be saying this but I think assigning sculpting to her is such an amazing idea.

Shizuka's willingness to use her body to get their (fortunately still unbroke) family 'back on its feet' is... dedication.

Free For All

Paruru was emptying an entire shelf's worth of snacks into her bag.
Damn it Paruru, he said 'anything', not 'anythingS' lmao just kidding that's not how English works either

I sure hope this is a successful business. I actually like Akiyama quite a bit to wish he doesn't suffer financial ruin on Christmas specifically because he was being nice :P

I'm with Shu on the confusion. I would feel hella conflicted. But hey, free food for Popeye! :3 I'd consider that a net good. And Yuihan taking note to take a certain certain flavor and brand of Bisu's food. It's a good day for pets!

Belated merry christmas and happy new year! I hope the year's been good for you so far.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #115 on: January 26, 2022, 09:15:19 PM »
First fic of 2022. Let's start off with a Valentine's Day Special. Extra steamy.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

20. All Mine (SakuRuppi)

A/N: Maybe I'll write an extended cut for the perv section... We'll see.

"What's this leading to? Another shower scene?" Haruppi sighed and slumped in her chair, "I'm out of ideas aren't I?"

Haruka crumpled up yet another page of her manga. Falling victim to the cruel ailment of writer's block.

From the corner of her desk she saw her phone vibrate with a Happy Valentine's Day text from Sakura.

It was cute. To think she was so dismissive of Valentine's Day last year.

They hadn't really made plans today, maybe they could ask Jurina and Rena if they wanted to spend the day together? Or maybe even a day with Nako and Miku.

Just as Haruka was gonna shoot her a text, perhaps asking if she wanted to come over, she noticed that Sakura sent a picture.

Haruka's heart accelerated when the image hit her screen.

Sakura: I've been thinking about you, baby~

And attached was a picture of Sakura laying on her bed with her shirt pulled up, exposing her petite body. The bottom half of Sakura's face could be seen playfully sticking her tongue out.

She definitely wants Sakura to come over today.

Haruka: My roommate is out. When can you come over?

Sakura: I gotta finish a few things up first
But I'll be there soon
Don't miss me too much~

But Haruka was impatient.

Furthermore, no one makes Haruppi horny without consequence!

She got into her bed and removed her clothes entirely to snap a picture of her body in retaliation.

She grinned mischievously, knowing Sakura was gonna lose her mind when she saw it.

And a few minutes later Sakura would voice her approval with a text.

Sakura: mmm you should send nudes more often.

And attached was a video.

Eager wouldn't even begin to describe Haruka when she hit the play button.

The video was 15 seconds of Sakura touching herself.

Haruka almost fainted from her lightheadedness.

Definitely saving that video for later…

Haruka cursed herself for being such a shameless perv.


Sakura was wearing a crop top and a pair of sweatpants on the way to Haruka's dorm room.

Simple reason really.

Easy clothes to take off.

Good thinking Sakura.

She wasn't even given the opportunity to knock on the door before it opened up.

Haruka was dressed in a flannel top, wearing no pants. She leaned against the doorframe, she didn't even need to say anything. Her eyes said it all.

"You kept me waiting, Sakura."

"Did I?" Sakura giggled, "Then I guess I might as well turn back and…"

Haruka pulled her in by her wrist and crashed their lips together. Without even looking, Haruka shut the door before pinning Sakura against it. Sakura let out a soft moan upon the small impact.

Haruka began to unbutton her top, revealing the lacy underwear she was wearing underneath. Once fully undone, she tossed it to the side before passionately kissing Sakura again, pulling on her bottom lip with her teeth. Haruka felt Sakura shudder in pleasure.

Sakura couldn't contain herself, she placed her hands on Haruka's waist before slowly moving them up to grab a handful of her breasts. But before she could, Haruka caught her wrists and gave her a playful grin.

"I would let you touch me, but I really don't like that I'm the only one in my underwear right now…"

Loud and clear.

Sakura stripped down and kicked her clothes out of the way before continuing their dance of lips and tongues. Sakura planted kisses down Haruka's jawline and began to nip at her neck, turning Haruka into a sensitive, moaning mess.

"Y'know the whole sending nudes thing gave me a new plotline for my manga."

Sakura pulled away for a second, "you're talking about your manga right now? Man Haruppi… what a turn off."

Haruka pulled Sakura off the door for a second, before re-pinning her and pulling her hair back to expose her neck. Haruka sucked on the skin to leave a dark hickey just above her collarbone.

"Nevermind… I'm still very turned on." Sakura gasped as Haruka continued to leave marks on her.

They continued their lovemaking into the bedroom as they talked dirty to each other. The two stripped down completely naked before laying down on the bed together, their lips connected in another sloppy kiss. Haruka could feel Sakura slowly grinding on her thigh as they made out.

"Haruka, I want you to touch me…"

"Hmm… I am touching you." Haruka teased.

"You know exactly what I want."

"Why do you want it so badly?" Haruka said in a deeper husky voice, loving to see Sakura so desperate.

"Because I'm your little slut… that's why…"

The sight was absolutely filthy. Sakura's faded pink hair was messy, as her eyes were begging for Haruka's touch. This was all hers.

"I plan to be very rough with you Sakura if that's what you want." She said as she inserted her middle and ring finger in Sakura's mouth.

She sucked on them and swirled her tongue around her digits, moaning before giving one last lick to her fingers.

"Fuck Haruka, you're gonna be the death of me…"

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Re: Adventures in Art School: All Mine (SakuRuppi) (01/26/22)
« Reply #116 on: February 12, 2022, 02:30:28 PM »
Holy shit how long was I gone
Now that my figurative bleeding nose is stuffed with figurative tissue, let's see what I missed.

The way this tiptoed into perv section-worthy had me screaming internally.
Great to see Sakura help Haruppi out of her writer's block. She got her into a more appropriate mindset for her work. That gave her inspiration for her manga too so that's a plus.

I enjoyed the teasing and back-and-forth pic-sending. I think it's a great facet of sexiness to explore outside of the actual sex. Same goes for the finger-in-mouth thing and the crass/dirty language (but I'm not a good judge for the latter lmao because personally my language only gets like that when I'm deprived).

I didn't realize how close Valentine's Day is already! Hope you have a good one, alone or not.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #117 on: February 26, 2022, 02:46:23 AM »
A little bit of steam altogether... Well... In SakuRuppi's case... A lot of steam... And implied steamier steam.

Also, I've noticed that a lot of the fics kinda have nothing to do with art school as much as the characters themselves. I might have to shift gears a little...

Sorry for the small hiatus.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

86. Wild Night Ahead (SakuRuppi)

A/N: Takes place like... A little under half an hour after All Mine lol.

Sakura gripped tightly onto the sheets as Haruka worked her magic between her legs.

She grinded her hips against Haruka's tongue, feeling heat pooling into her lower abdomen. For the nth time, Sakura was tipping over the edge.

"Fuck, Haruka… I'm gonna… Ah~" Sakura brought her hands up to comb into Haruppi's hair as she sent her through more waves of pleasure.

Sakura rolled her eyes back, her hands balled into fists around Haruka's hair, roughly pulling on it as she climaxed. Sakura's body twitched slightly as she melted into the mattress, whimpering softly.

Haruka chuckled and wiped her mouth, before climbing up to lock lips with her girlfriend. Their bare chests pressed against each other, before Haruka laid beside her and wrapped her arms around Sakura's waist.

Haruka continued an assault of kisses against the back of Sakura's neck and shoulders causing the other girl to giggle and moan softly.

"I forget how much of a monster you become when you're horny." Sakura said, still reeling from her girlfriend.

"You seem to enjoy it. Especially after I fucked you sensless." Haruka sneered, "And you said the strap on was a silly investment."

Haruka rarely said swear words. As a matter of fact, she only ever said it during sex or shortly before or after. Sakura theorised Haruka conditioned her to interpret her swearing as a sign of a wild night to come. If that was the case… it worked.

"Well, I'm at least more open to silly investments now."

"I figured that out when you were sucking it off. The look in your eyes as you did it told me everything I wanted to know."

"If my legs weren't made of jelly right now, I'd love to see how you take it." Sakura said in her sultry voice, then biting her lip, "So Haruppi, ready to scream my name?"

Sakura's words pierced right through Haruka's pussy.

"Just fuck me already."

And once again, Haruka's swearing activated Sakura's conditioning.

Sakura positioned herself between Haruka's legs and happily returned the favor.

…It didn't take long for the other girls in the building to hear Sakura's name.

87. Do Not Disturb (NakoMiku)

Mayu wanted to treat her little workers to a nice dinner for being such good assistants.

Granted, she failed to notify them of her plans and just assumed they'd be free on short notice.

I mean, what else do they do besides staying in their dorm and tinkering with random gadgets?

Mayu was ready to knock on their door before noticing the buzzer next to the door frame.

As far as she knew, the NakoMiku dorm were the only ones to install tech into their room. She looked up to see one of her own security cameras following her movements. She briefly smiled into the lens.

Mayu hit the buzzer.

No answer.

Huh? They don't really go out that often… that's weird…

Mayu hit the buzzer again.

No answer.

Still nothing?

Mayu hit the buzzer one last time for good measure.

The speaker crackled for a moment before Nako's voice came through.

"Ugh! Who is it and what do you freaking want?! Ever consider that we might be busy?!" Nako spat from the speaker a thick layer of irritation on her voice. Mayu could swear she could hear Miku groaning in the background.

"Well Nako and Miku, it seems like you're in the middle of something important. Drop me a line when you're free." Mayu shrugged and readied herself to leave.

Mayu heard her two assistants shrieking, before Nako spoke through the speaker again.

"B-boss?! We're sorry! Wait right there!"

The thumping of Nako's footsteps could be heard before the door was thrown open.

Mayu began walking inside.

"Well girls, I was wondering if you girls were free tonight to- Ooof!"

Mayu felt her legs leave the ground as Nako lifted her off her feet and gently dropped her outside the room back into the hallway.

"Ummm…" Nako scratched her head, "you can't come in right now!"

Mayu was still taken aback by Nako's strength.

"What the?! Nako, when did you get so strong? Have you been working out?!" Mayu said incredulously as she dusted herself off.

Nako shyly played with her hair and blushed, "actually yeah, boss! Thank you for noticing!" Nako shook her head, "but you can't come in… we're… indecent!"

Mayu then noticed Nako's messy hair, and her bruised lips smeared with lipstick along with a small trail of lip marks leading from her earlobe down to the neckline of her t-shirt. Not to mention the large shirt she was wearing… was probably all she had on.

Also the lipstick… that was definitely Miku's shade.

Mayu got the message…

"Oh! Umm…" Mayu turned red, "Sorry for bothering. Will you two be free in an hour?"

"Yeah, an hour is plenty."

"You girls need anything else? Protection? Rope? …snacks?"

Nako shrieked and scooped Mayu off her feet again, running her further down the hallway and dropping her to the ground.

Nako let out a quiet, "sorry, boss." Before running back into her room and slamming it shut. The sound of the lock clicking in place loudly, as well as the small light that emitted from the buzzer fading off.

Mayu stood up and dusted herself off, "I'll give them an extra thirty minutes just to be safe."

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (SakuRuppi, NakoMiku) (02/25/22)
« Reply #118 on: March 09, 2022, 11:52:59 AM »
What nice updates!
I don't know how long I was absent but your updates are always incredible, SakuRuppi twice raising the temperature too much almost to the limit of censorship :shocked
and to finish Mayu discovering NakoMiku in such an intimate moment XD I could almost feel Mayu's discomfort while reading it.

So good updates and yes, maybe some couples get a little out of their role in art school but it feels good to be able to read more about their daily life
i hope also to able to read more about the other pairings that surely also have many funny moments that to share :lol:
eagerly awaiting the return of SayaMilky

Thanks for the hard work and I'll be waiting for the next update!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (SakuRuppi, NakoMiku) (02/25/22)
« Reply #119 on: March 14, 2022, 04:35:08 AM »
Honestly I need to have my email notifs fixed because I can't believe how long it took me to get to this! Again, I will try and probably fail to not sound deprived.

This was such a fun read! Personally, I think mouths and especially TOYS are criminally underused in 48G 'naughties' so I was pleasantly surprised here. Also, you're really testing the limits with Wild Night Ahead. Just like how SakuRuppi are testing their neighbors' patience by reminding them of each others' names a lot.

Mayu's assistants too! Wow, HKT is a busy bunch. Mayu was pretty supportive XD It was adorable imagining tiny buff adult Yabuki Nako carrying Mayu all over the place away from their room. That would have been funny to talk about during dinner lmao

Overall a fun update centered on sexy time. Imo that's still part of the excitement of daily life in (art) school and the dorms as a student so don't worry about it.

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