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Author Topic: The love of between the new transfer student and student president (sayamilky)  (Read 8951 times)

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Just as the topic states, it would be a story about sayamilky.  Other pairings are still under consideration and this might be a gender bender story. It would show watanabe miyuki the new student catches the attention of the student president and how they fall in love with each other.

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I'll be looking forward to it!

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Oh SayaMilky! I like the plot of your story and in regards to genderbend I always found it a good resource for this pairing.
I will be waiting for your story.

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Chapter 1: The new transfer student

“Milky….do you have to go?” 5 year old Sayaka seeing his friend’s parents brining all their things to the truck. “Miyuki! We need to go already, it’s getting late already.” Before She could answer, the mother had drag the crying girl away to get into the truck. “Yadda! Sayaka!” The young girl struggling with her small body to run away but stopped as she saw Sayaka standing beside the door. “Milky…don’t c-cry…I promised to be your friend, no matter what.” Sayaka trying to stop himself from crying but he saw Miyuki crying he also started to cry, Miyuki nodded her head as they pinky swear. Sayaka ran towards the truck as it starts to drive away from Sayaka but as a little boy, he loses balance and scrap himself which he started to cry not only for losing a friend but also the pain from his knee.
Flashback end

Namba private academy which is a combination of high school and university, if students were to get enough scores to study university, they would get the priority to continue studies in Namba private academy. Namba private academy is just one of the prefectural schools which is under the association of Tokyo’s private academy, Yamamoto Sayaka is the current student president. Because the private academy is also a boarding school, to ensure students will not missed a lesson and focused on their studies. They will only go home during weekends and to return during Sunday 9pm curfew.

“Milky!” Sayaka shouted as he woke up. “11 years has passed and suddenly I am missing her, no news ever since then.” Sayaka shook his head from having the dream when she moved house. Which the alarm rang just after Sayaka woke up, he decided to let it ring and prepare himself for school first. Just as he prepare to leave, someone charge into his dorm. “Sayaka have you heard?”

“What is so shocking you have to barge into my room Maachun?” Ogasawara Mayu aka Maachun Sayaka first friend in the school and secretary of the student council. “We are going to have a new transfer student from Tokyo! From the head school private academy to our school, isn’t this a big news?”
“So? She must be very pretty that can causes so many of you screaming around.” Sayaka doesn’t give any reaction and show his stoic face which Maachun roll his eyes at his friend. “I forgot…Jonishi dump you.” Sayaka glared at him and walk away. “Why did she say that to you?” Sayaka shrugged his shoulders and walk away from Maachun.

“Sayaka let’s break up…I am tired waiting for your love.” Sayaka does not show any emotions to Jonishi Kei his girlfriend trying to break up with him. “What do you mean?” Sayaka finally speak up but Kei just walked off away from him.
Flashback end

‘Sayaka! Wait for me!” Maachun raced next to Sayaka as he found that Sayaka is far from where he is. Sayaka routinely would go to the student council room to see whether is there any unsettle work leftover and would finished before school starts if not he would do some reading while Maachun waits for him to finish so they can go to school together. Which He suddenly heard a knock and raises his head to see who is it. “ Yamamoto-kun good to see you being serious in all the time whether is studies or duties, but you need to learn to relax.” Sayaka saw the Principal immediately stood up. “Relax my boy, I am sure you have heard the rumors about the new transfer student. I have told about Yokoyama-kun about it, but she is the daughter of the biggest shareholder in our private academy group. I need you to take care of her getting familiarized in school but I need to warn you she is a bit hard to handle.” Sayaka nodded as he took over the documents that the principal gave him.

“Yuihan…at least tell me in advance about matters like this.” Sayaka relax himself as he sat back his seat. “Gomen but whatever I know, you also know I have not seen her photos or her yet. But for the principal to come to you personally must be someone important, better don’t make her angry”  Yokoyama Yui aka vice-president of the student council stood next to Sayaka to explain himself then they heard a knock on the door.

“Come in”

“Hai~” As the door open up, the three of them saw a big pink suitcase appeared then by the owner of the suitcase, which both Yuihan and Maachun stare blankly at the newcomer. Like their first time seeing a transfer student in their school life, Sayaka had to hit Maachun and Yuihan’s head to make them return to reality. “Can both of you leave us alone? I am afraid you might scared her away.” The student just gave a smile to them which they got flushed and ran outside.

“Watanabe Miyuki?”

“Hai~” The new student Miyuki stood in front of Sayaka which the latter was just looking through her documents talking without looking at her. “You know~ It is rude to not look at the person you are talking to~” Sayaka then look up and saw Miyuki and understand why are they staring at her, at the private academy there isn’t any students like Miyuki. Milky white skin, can smell milk when standing close to her if to give a rating it would be 100 marks, a perfect candidate for being a girlfriend. “Gomen” This time Miyuki was just staring at him. “Yamamoto Sayaka student president, year 2 of high school. I will help you get familiarized with the school and you will be in the same class as me.”

“What about my room?” Miyuki find Sayaka interesting as he monotonously tell whatever information Miyuki needs. “About that…because you suddenly transfer here so we don’t have a spare room for you, if you are ok with rooming with me since it is a two storey room. You can take the upstairs.” Sayaka scratched the back of his head looking sorry for a girl in a boarding with no room to spare her but Miyuki happily accepted to become Sayaka roommate. “Let’s put your stuff first since you are wearing the uniform, I will bring you to the classroom also.”

“Let’s go~”

“W-wait! At least let go of me! Don't lock arms with a guy you only know for a minute?” Miyuki continued walking letting Sayaka struggling. "I wonder if we only met for just a minute only?"

"What do you mean?"

"Hm? I also don't know~"

“Sayaka….I wonder how would you feel if you know who she is? When would you find out? Haha! This is going to be a good year.”

For this first chapter I introduce four characters – 3 males (Maachun, Sayaka and Yuihan) and 1 female (miyuki). I intend to keep their original names to keep it simple, more characters will be develop over time. Which I decided to try genderbender story to see how far the story goes.

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Oh very interesting start, so they are both going to be roommates (lucky sayaka) hope that does not bring problems..
it is good also to know that the original names were kept.
I will be waiting for the next update!

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Not a big fan of genderbender but I'm gonna give it a try

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Chapter 2: An Eventful Day
“Erm….ok….first I’ll bring you to put your stuff first in our shared dorm.” Sayaka’s eyes have been fidgeting around not sure where is he supposed to look, the one beside him clinging onto his arm tightening the grip by sandwiching the arm between her boobs and arms. Or whether to look at the direction of the girl beside him, when he glanced over to the same direction Miyuki is she would beamed at him causing a skip in his heartbeat and blushing. “Here we are our dorm, here’s your key to the room.” Miyuki happily collect her keys from Sayaka and trying to the open the door with her newly collected keys. “At least bring in your suitcase….doubt she can hear me….”
“Sayaka~ How come your room is so big? Ah! I know~ President’s privileged right?” Upon entering the room Miyuki roamed around the room high and low while Sayaka just sat down and started to read, feeling unhappy about the silent treatment Sayaka gave her, Miyuki decided to tease Sayaka for a while as a payback. “Sayaka-chan~ I told you to look at me when talking right?” Sayaka who was quietly reading got a startled by Miyuki as he saw her threw his book lightly on the floor while lifting his chin higher a bit to ensure he made eye contact with her. “O-Ok…Can you please…come down first…?”
“Hmph~ I ~ don’t ~ want~” Miyuki deliberately wrapped Sayaka’s neck with both of her arms, Sayaka on the other hand didn’t want to offend Miyuki as she is the biggest shareholder’s daughter. Even though he wanted to push Miyuki away. But when Miyuki sitting on his lap while wrapping her arms around his neck, he was feeling dazed as the sweet scent coming from Miyuki causing him not able to think about anything. The distance between Miyuki and him is so near causing Sayaka to able to see Miyuki’s facial features clearly, which Sayaka without thinking started to move his hands to Miyuki’s directions trying to reach her. But Miyuki knows that Sayaka is trying to snake his hands around her and she jump down from his lap, which Sayaka gain back his senses trying to clear his throat to talk. “Watanabe-san….I-I will reflect about my behaviours, Sorry about that.”
“Sayaka-chan~ Don’t mind~” Miyuki took her suitcase to the second floor to place her stuff first as she felt the tension between them turned cold, she saw Sayaka was blushing trying to cool down and she herself was also blushing; so she tried to escape somewhere so she would be able to cool down first. “I will be waiting outside for you.” Without waiting for a reply, Sayaka closed the door immediately. “That was so close….” Both had the same thinking was they flashback about it. “Is this the reason why she was being a handful to handle? She is a dangerous one.” Sayaka kept in mind to keep a distance between them silently. “Haiz….Sayaka-chan still haven’t noticed~ Baka Sayaka Hmph!” Miyuki on the other hand felt upset Sayaka who still don’t know who she is, silently Miyuki is trying to come up with a plan for Sayaka to remember who she is.
“Omatase~” Sayaka nodded his head after seeing Miyuki readily to their next destination. “Watanabe-san…about just now is it possible for you not to tell anyone else?” Sayaka suddenly spoke up which Miyuki was startled by the first topic they have. “Why~” Since the incident whatever Miyuki does, he is unable to look at her directly fearing the same would happen again. “B-Because it’s a secret between us.” Miyuki grinned happily at Sayaka who was been shy at his own words, when Sayaka looked over to Miyuki he swear he could faintly see a devil’s tail behind Miyuki. “A-Anyway Watanabe-san here’s our classroom 2-A, wait here for a moment and do not make any noise.” Miyuki nodded as she watched Sayaka walked in to talk to the teacher, after seeing Sayaka gestured her to come in she immediately walk in to where Sayaka is. “This is our newly transfer student, please introduce yourself.”
“Watanabe Miyuki desu~ Although I came from Tokyo but I wasn’t born there.” Miyuki glanced over to Sayaka who waited for her to finish her introduction. “Ok…your seat would be-“ Before Sayaka could finished his words, he felt a tugged at the bottom of his shirt. Without looking he knew who was the culprit. “Hai….I know. Jonishi-san are you ok to shift your seat to the empty seat next to Oshima-kun?” Kei silently packed her stuff to her new seat. “Yamamoto! Why must the new student sit next to you!” Sayaka ignored him and pointed the seat where Miyuki is supposed to take a seat at. “I am asking you a question!” Everyone in the classroom looked at Sayaka including Miyuki to see how he is going to reply. “I don’t think I am obliged to answer any question from you, as a student you should just pay more attention to your studies.” Sayaka monotonously reply while walking to his seat which the latter was pissed off by Sayaka’s attitude but because he was the student president, so he kept quiet and went back to his seat.
The lesson went back as usual which Miyuki would time to time glance at Sayaka who was concentrating what was been taught, which was supposed to be that way but……Sayaka for the first time was distracted in class. Initially when the class started Sayaka was jotting notes but he felt someone staring at him and felt uncomfortable. When he turned around, no one was staring at him. He thought he imagined it but the as time passed by he would feel the chill time to time feeling being stared, which he waited and found out who staring at him. Miyuki was glancing at him which he felt more uncomfortable wanting the lesson to quickly finished so he can run away. Which Sayaka got what he wished, the bell rang and he quickly get up to walk out of the classroom to escape from Miyuki.
Maachun and Yuihan saw it and knew what happened and left the scene too, which Miyuki now being alone was puzzled at Sayaka’s actions. “Watanabe-san are you free right now? We want to have a chat with you right now.” Without giving Miyuki a chance to talk, the group of girls drag her away. “This is bad Ricchan, don’t you think we need to inform the Sayaka?” Ricchan aka Kondo Rina was also from Tokyo but transferred in when in Junior High Ricchan aka Kondo Rina was also from Tokyo but transferred in when in Junior High. Who was Miyuki’s friend in Junior High, she wanted to talk to Miyuki but saw the bunch of bully walked up to Miyuki first. “We follow them first if they try something funny then we will call them.”
Sayaka on the other hand walk up to the rooftop trying to take a breather and run away from others. “Why are you so afraid of the new student?” Macchun and Yuihan saw Sayaka lying down there lifelessly.” I’m not afraid of her is just I don’t know how to handle girls like her who is so….I don’t know how to explain.” Sayaka raised a white flag in explaining to his two good friend. “You just never met girls like Watanabe-san, Sayaka maybe becoming friends with her is just a beginning to learn how to handle them.” Yui tried to calm Sayaka who is panicking on how to face Miyuki.
“Eh? Sayaka..Ricchan say Miyuki is being drag away by the delinquents to somewhere else.” Sayaka immediately rushed back to search for Miyuki leaving the two in awe seeing him running away fast. “Macchun something tells me that Sayaka might have feelings for her, it might be fun to see it develops.” Macchun saw Yui gave a wicked smile immediately understood what Yui meant which they quickly ran to find Sayaka and hoping he can find her and to see whether happen next. “Although it is very wasted to see a cute girl like that being bully, but what to do? You acting cute trying to catch the guys attention is so annoying, maybe I’ll start graving your face first.”
“Huff…Huff…P-Put down that knife!”

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Oh this is getting better, I wonder what will happen to miyuki.. it will be very difficult for Sayaka escape to her charms.
I'll be waiting for the next update!

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Chapter 3: Who are you?
“Don’t let me repeat myself…Put down that knife!” Upon hearing the deep and loud voice came from Sayaka, the delinquents was startled and drop down of the knife that was inches away from Miyuki. But they still held Miyuki as hostage but seeing he was glaring at them, they dropped her down immediately. “Watanabe-san!” Sayaka ignored the stares he got ever since he was there shouting at them, he ran towards Miyuki to catch her before she fell to the ground. “Daijoubu Watanabe-san…. I’m here.”

“S-Sayaka-chan! I-I-I….”

“Shh…Shh…. I know….I’m here so don’t worry about anything, so don’t be afraid.” When Sayaka was in view of Miyuki’s vision, she let out all her feelings and crying it out. Sayaka tried to calm down Miyuki by patting her back hoping to stop her from crying. “Let’s go back…..Everything will be ok, just trust me.” Miyuki nodded weakly even though Sayaka know that whatever he says Miyuki can only nod her head as she was afraid, he tried to help Miyuki to stand up but she fell back as soon as she stood up as she feels weak and couldn’t stand by herself. Sayaka used some tissues to wipe off the tears on her face and thenback faced her while kneeling. “I’ll piggy you back….” Since Miyuki was facing Sayaka’s back so she did not see how red Sayaka’s face was when he says those words, Maachun trying to suppress his laughter seeing a face that Sayaka never show him before. If Yui didn’t put a hand over his mouth maybe he would laugh out loud already. “OK~” Miyuki happily hopped onto Sayaka’s back after calming down, she did not notice he nearly buried his face to the ground when she hopped onto him.” This woman…” Sayaka could only gritted his teeth since he cannot throw Miyuki down from his back. “This is not over.” Sayaka threw down those words and left the scene. Miyuki not caring anything happily resting her head on Sayaka’s shoulders, enjoying the care Sayaka gave her. “Arigatou ne Sayaka-chan~ It’s being a long time since you piggyback me.”

“Eh? I did that? When?”

“Eh? Eh? Nothing~ You heard wrongly~” Miyuki slightly curse herself from saying those words, Sayaka on the other hand tried to understand what Miyuki was trying to say. “Do you guys have to silently followed us thinking I don’t know?” Sayaka abruptly stopped and turned around to face his friends but he would still ensure Miyuki comfortable on his back. “Don’t mind us…it’s being a while since I get to hold Ricchan’s hands in school.” Maachun trying to show off his relationship to Sayaka while holding onto his girlfriend’s hands. “Good to hear that.” Sayaka turned around and continued to walk, leaving Maachun standing there. “You still don’t understand Sayaka, Maachun he will never be envy of you. No matter what.”

“Watanabe-san…. I heard from Maachun that you and Kondo-san were friends in Tokyo, is good that you have friends here. At least you have someone you know in this school.” Sayaka sounded like a father to Miyuki which the latter was bored hearing him talk. “But~ Do you know? Yokoyama-san girlfriend in Tokyo is also my friend?”

“Really?” Sayaka turned his head around to where he heard Miyuki’s voice. “Yes~” Sayaka immediately turned back before she can see his face turning red when he saw Miyuki’s face was in front of him. “Yuihan…. You have a girlfriend?” Yuihan sheepishly nodded his head. “Just recently we confirm our feelings to each other, I’m meeting her this Saturday.”

“Let’s go on a group date! This Saturday!” Miyuki suddenly shouted which the rest of them nodded and they look at Sayaka waiting for him to reply. “I’m not going. I have many things to do.” Sayaka flatly turned them down. “Plus…I don’t have a girlfriend to go with also.” Sayaka continued his words but stopped when he felt Miyuki beating his head. “I don’t care~ I also want to go! With Sayaka-chan!” With Miyuki fidgeting on his back, Sayaka had hard time balancing himself while the rest was waiting to see him fall. “Ok! I’ll go if you give me a good reason to go.”

“You owe me~ Because you abandon Miyuki so Miyuki got into danger, so as payback we go on a date.” Sayaka turned around to see them nodded their heads. “Fine…I have finished my work then we go.” Sayaka gave up fighting with Miyuki since he knew he was in fault of that incident; he still finds it weird why he always cannot win against Miyuki. “Just rest well tonight and tomorrow we go, so don’t get too excited for the group date.” Sayaka instructed Miyuki which the latter knows when Sayaka says something means something, all of them reached Sayaka dorm and tried to help him open the door. “Both of you live together?”

“Temporarily…until we get another dorm for her.” Sayaka walked up the stairs to help Miyuki to her bed leaving the rest roaming around at the first floor. “Do you need anything?” Sayaka set Miyuki carefully onto her bed, covering her with her blanket. “I like this Sayaka-chan…. a caring Sayaka-chan.” Miyuki confessed to Sayaka. “Don’t expect too much from a guy like me, once you sleep, I have entertained those guys.” Sayaka not caring whether Miyuki is telling the truth or not, trying to help her to get some sleep and rest. “If you need me call me.” Sayaka prepare to get down from second storey but Miyuki grab onto Sayaka’s hand. “You say you wait for me to sleep….” Sayaka went back to Miyuki’s side and sat down, he watched Miyuki trying to keep herself awake despite getting sleepy and dozing off quickly when she felt comfortable in the position. Sayaka put her hands back in the blanket to prevent her from sick later on from getting cold. “S-Sayaka-c-chan….” Sayaka walk down the stairs seeing Miyuki had fallen into deep sleep.

“Miyuki is asleep already?”

“Yes…. she fell asleep immediately as soon as she lay down.” As soon as Sayaka sat down, a tea was served to him. “Thank you, Kondo-san.” Ricchan nodded her head and drank her tea. “Sayaka…what are you going to do about those girls?” Maachun questioned Sayaka who is in deep thought. “No idea…I don’t want to think about it right now.” Sayaka shifted his eyes to where Miyuki is. “Kondo-san mind looking after Watanabe-san while I’m out? I don’t want to keep her alone here.” Sayaka not waiting for her to reply went out. “Maachun you follow Sayaka, I will keep a lookout for Miyuki in here.” Maachun and Yui immediately went out knowing where can they find Sayaka.

“Sayaka…” Maachun and Yui find Sayaka started to work on his student council duties, they just left the student council room knowing how Sayaka wants to be alone for now. “Yui…do you think Sayaka is blaming himself for what happen to Miyuki?” Been a long time friend with Sayaka, Maachun knows that Sayaka is trying to carry all the blame for what happen today. “Maachun let’s just leave him alone for today, hope that he is feeling better tomorrow. Sayaka on the other hand was just staring at his handphone silently. “Watanabe Miyuki…are you really what they say? The one in front of me is are you lying to me?” Sayaka has many questions and wants it to be answered, so he went out after finishing his current work.

“Sensei…Please do not lie to me.”

“Yamamoto-kun….so what if you know the answer? Rumours about Watanabe-san is true or fake does it matter to you? I send you that mail is for you to know about it and make the decision yourself.”

“I understand.” Sayaka decided to find out from someone who knows Miyuki well. “Kondo-san…” Ricchan who was surprised to see Sayaka at the door when she preparing to go back to her dorm. “Do you have time?” Ricchan nodded and headed back to the common room with Sayaka. “ I’m sorry taking your time but I needed to know the truth about Watanabe-san.” Sayaka show the printed documents and placed it in front of Ricchan who was startled seeing those papers and started reading it. “Sayaka…. I-I….” Sayaka saw how Ricchan is flustered over the documents and no knowing what to say. “Miyuki transfer here was because of this rumour- no scandal.”

“Tell me more about it.”

“I have to get some tea first.” Ricchan started to tear some pages off while Sayaka went to get some tea, after getting impression that Sayaka did not read the entire document. Seeing Sayaka walked back, she pushed those pages into her pocket.
“This happened because of a guy couldn’t accept that Miyuki didn’t like him since he tried to create a large event to confess to her, but Miyuki didn’t say anything about that matter and accept the fact as what the scandal stated. I can tell Miyuki is trying her best to fit into the school and tries her best to be your friend please take care of her, even though she looks fine to you but she is easily hurt.”

“Kondo-san, I could say the same thing to you too. I believe in her of course, I don’t believe a rumour that easily, I only believe what I see. I’m thankful for you telling me this, and sorry for taking your time. I’ll pay you back next time.” Sayaka walk Ricchan to the door sending her off and took a seat at the common room with the remaining tea Ricchan prepared, reading just a few lines Sayaka fell asleep as his sleepiness took over him. Unknown to him, there is some missing papers that was in Ricchan’s hands.

“Sayaka~ you only can piggyback me, only me~”


“Because I say so~”

“Milky…if you get anymore heavy then I cannot carry you how?”

“Eh! Then Sayaka you have to get stronger.”

“Ok! If this is what Milky wants, I will do it.”
Flashback end

“Sayaka-chan~” Miyuki being an early bird likes to wake up early saw Sayaka sleeping on a sofa tries to wake him up. “Milky…y-you’re back hehe~” Sayaka being half asleep thought he saw Milky reaches out to Milky and pull her close. “I-I r-really like you, d-don’t l-leave me again…” Miyuki was startled as Sayaka pulled her closed, she then pulled herself out from the hug. When she was more startled that Sayaka was crying, she went to get some tissues to wipe off those tears. “Eh? Sa-mph!” Before Miyuki can wipe away his tears, Sayaka held onto MIyuki hands and pull her towards him again and did something she never knew he would have done. Sayaka kissed her. On the lips while smiling.

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Yeeeeeeeees! a kiss!!! thank you for updated this fic!

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Chapter 4: Amusement Park date

“Watanabe-san?” Sayaka jumped out of the couch he was sleeping before and walked up the stairs to see if Miyuki is doing better. “Sayaka-chan?” Sayaka heard Miyuki’s voice from the first floor, he ran down the stairs immediately to find her. “Are you feeling better? If not, we can skip the group date today.” Miyuki shook her head and insisted that she was feeling better. “Is that so? Your cheeks are rosier than yesterday, I guess you are feeling better. Maachun would pick you up later, I need to settle some work so I will be going to student council room first. In the meantime, take your time to prepare for the outing.” Sayaka explained everything to Miyuki without giving any chance to talk, soon Sayaka left the room carrying a small backpack. “Sayaka-chan no aho!”
“Haiz…..Aargh! How am I going to face her?” When Sayaka reached the student council room, he threw the bag one side and took his seat. The reason for his behaviour now was that he recalled what happened earlier in the morning. “Yamamoto Sayaka what are you going to do?” Sayaka wants to start working on one file but his mind keeps replaying what happened in the morning which he is unable to focus whatever is in front of him. Which he heard a knock and walked up to the door.


“Can I come in?” Sayaka motioned Kei to take a seat on the sofa while he prepared tea for her. “How do you know I’m here?” Sayaka is surprised to see Kei at the door since their break up. “You always come here on weekends to clear your work so you don’t get your work piling up.” Sayaka always thought nobody knows about him coming here. “So, you came here for?”

“Before I came here, I met Akihiro on the way.”

“What Oshima-kun does nothing got to do with me.”

“I had a chat with him since we became seatmates, he still hold the grudges about Watanabe-san.”

“So, he had you to reconcile with me while he’s after Watanabe-san?”

“So, you know where this talk is going to end up.”

“It would still end up you telling me the same thing, right?”

“Yes, so I didn’t come here because of his advice but to advise you not to repeat the same mistakes.”

“I don’t know why are you telling me this? But thank you. By the way, Watanabe-san and I whatever happen to us, we don’t need Oshima-kun to worry.” Kei sighed at the fact Sayaka is still cold as ever. “Good-bye, Watanabe-san?” When Sayaka send Kei off, he saw a figure squatting at one side looking down. “Sayaka, I’ll go first.” Sayaka nodded and he tried to get Miyuki to look up but Miyuki tried to run off at the same time. Not wanting to look silly, Sayaka pulled Miyuki into the student council room. “Is that something wrong Watanabe-san? Didn’t Maachun fetch you?”

“You took so long; everyone is waiting for you.” Sayaka glanced at the time to see that in fact they are ahead of time. “Let me get my bag first why don’t you get in first?” Sayaka pulled Miyuki in so he can get to talk since he sensed she was getting angry. “You can have the cup of tea on the table while waiting.”

“I don’t want.”

“I get you one fresh cup then.”

“I don’t want.”

“Sigh~ I didn’t come here to meet her privately, she pop in since she knew I would be here Miyuki.” Sayaka knew Miyuki was angry and getting himself distancing away from her doesn’t help the situation now, Which he decided maybe calling her by her name would be better. “Then who is she?” Sayaka took a seat next to Miyuki and from her tone of questioning, he knew Miyuki hasn’t calmed down from her anger. “Jonishi Kei, the girl that you took her seat away and my ex-girlfriend. Miyuki this isn’t something I want to explain currently to you right now, but since you caught us in act there is some things, I want to talk to you about.” Miyuki was startled at the fact Sayaka had dated someone before she came here.

“I was dumped by Kei in the first place and that was way before you came into the school, whatever happens after you came into school it was fun for me. No matter your teasing, smile or clinging action I don’t hate it. Both of you are different and now who I am with is you Watanabe Miyuki not Jonishi Kei, so don’t be angry or jealous of her. We are going to have fun later so stop pouting, a smiley Miyuki is prettier.”


“W-what?” Sudden Miyuki pounced onto Sayaka who wanted to leave the seat got pushed back into his seat. “Can you call me Miyuki next time?” Sayaka still haven’t have an idea what Miyuki wants to do before letting him answer, Miyuki was kissed him before he can react. But before he can push her away, Miyuki pulled off first. “That’s for payback didn’t you kissed me in the morning without any warning?”

“T-T-that wasn’t on purpose! Wait! So, you knew why did I walk away first?”


“You!” Sayaka can’t help but to pull her cheeks.

“Are you guys done flirting? We have been waiting at the door hearing you guys so cheesy and getting all these Goosebumps already.” The door swings open suddenly which startled Sayaka and Miyuki.

“Maachun! Yui! You guys brought her here?” They nodded and explain that Miyuki wanted to come here. “Who’s flirting!”

“Who else? None other than our student council president Yamamoto Sayaka-kun.” Maachun continued to tease Sayaka. “Which part of us look like we are flirting?” Maachun and Yui pointed out that Miyuki’s hands are around Sayaka’s neck, where Sayaka’s hands are hugging Miyuki’s waist. “I-It’s not what you think about!” Sayaka retreated his hands and chased Miyuki out of his lap. “That was fun~”

“Then we should skip the group date later if that’s fun for you.”

“I want to go!”

“Maachun take her away with you first, I need to go back to the dorm first to take something. I don’t need her to follow me.” Sayaka left the room leaving Maachun in awe. “He’s angry with us already, what to do?” Maachun and Yui flopped onto the sofa while stating the fact. “Angry?”

“Yup, when we want to tease him cannot for too long. He gets angry pretty fast.”

“But Maachun, with Miyuki around. I think he doesn’t get angry easily since he is always tease by her.” Yui state a new fact to Maachun which the latter nodded his head. “That’s right! Miyuki don’t tell Sayaka about meeting Akihiro just now or else, even you cannot calm him down.”


“Let Sayaka tell now in the near future but for now let’s go now, Sayaka maybe waiting at the gate already.” All of them quickly locked the room and ran to the gate, true enough Sayaka was at the gate waiting for them. But no words came out from him, all of them quickly get to shinkansen to take the train so they would be in time to get to Tokyo.  “What a long ride!” After 3 hours of sitting, all of them were stretching their body when out of the station while Yui looking left and right trying to find someone. “Yui!” Upon hearing the familiar voice, Yui turned his head and ran towards the figure.


“Mil-Miyuki!” Miyuki stopped Paruru calling her nickname and turned around seeing Sayaka didn’t noticed heaved a relief sigh. “This is my girlfriend Shimazaki Haruka.” Everyone hurriedly greeted Haruka except for Sayaka who just blankly stared at her and nodded his head. “Oi! Sayaka head back to earth!”


“Look over to your side.” Maachun whispered to Sayaka once he got his attention, then Sayaka turned his side to see Miyuki wasn’t like her usual smiley face but rather pouting away. “Sayaka-chan….do you like Paruru over me?”


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Oh they are falling in love, how cute but apparently someone else is behind Miyuki..
Sayaka is going to have a bit of competition :O
Thanks for the update, I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

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Chapter 5: Amusement Park date part 2

“It’s not what you think Watanabe-san!”


“It’s not what you think Miyuki, is just I never thought Yui would get a cute girlfriend like Shimazaki-san.” Sayaka feels that maybe he should not have go for the group date today since he has anger Miyuki too many times and not half of the day is gone. “Sayaka…..I thought you like Paruru for the moment but don’t worry you got yourself a cute girlfriend already.” Yui winked towards Miyuki when he said the last part deliberately trying to tease Sayaka.

“What girlfriend! We are not da-ouch!” Sayaka suddenly felt a pinch on his sides without looking he knew who is the culprit. “At least not now.” Sayaka held onto to Miyuki’s hand with the other hand free, he was rubbing his nose. Yui and Maachun knew he was being shy again with that action, they did not continue to tease him. They proceed to their destination which was Tokyo Disneyland, Yui had got Paruru to bought the tickets in advanced so they wouldn’t need to queue for the tickets. Seeing how crowded was the theme park, Sayaka held Miyuki’s left hand tighter when they tried to get passed the crowd when they are passing the entrance.

“Are you ok? Did anyone bump onto you?” Sayaka was trying to see whether did Miyuki get injured since the crowd of people tried to push their way in through the entrance. “I’m ok Sayaka-chan arigatou~”

“What are thanking me for? I’m being serious here, don’t cling onto me!” Miyuki tried to hug onto Sayaka’s arm but he pushed away her hands and held them tightly. “Don’t let go.” Just these three words from Sayaka, Miyuki felt secure since it came out from Sayaka.

“Yui are you sure that this date is going to make them closer? If Sayaka doesn’t like her how?” Ever since Sayaka agreed to bring Miyuki out for the date, Yui and Maachun secretly making plans to get Miyuki and Sayaka date each other. “Don’t worry, our blockhead president likes Miyuki. Is just that he still doesn’t noticed it, don’t you feel they have this aura of newlywed couple whenever Miyuki teased him? He needs time only.” Yui analyzed the situation to Maachun as they followed Sayaka.

“I hope so, I think we go for ride first.” With that Maachun and Ricchan ran towards Sayaka and Miyuki which they tried to cover the exciting rides, Sayaka didn’t want to ride any of them stay over to look after the bags. “Don’t feel sad Miyuki, Sayaka bring you out here consider a new change already. Although he is sitting down reading, we will make sure he takes the last ride.” Miyuki don’t understand what Maachun is trying to convey, although she wants to ride all the ride with Sayaka but the latter rejects all the rollercoaster rides with her. Sayaka on the other hand closed the book that he was reading and took out the camera, taking photos of them having fun while waiting for the rollercoaster ride. But mostly, he was taking photo of Miyuki.

“Luckily I remember bringing the camera.” Sayaka previously went back to his dorm to take something was to collect his camera, he intends to research about Miyuki and to do it he takes photos about her. Before anyone finds out he kept the photos in the bag first. “Sayaka-chan~” Sayaka turned around and saw Miyuki running towards him, he turned around getting some tissues out of his bag. “It must be fun for you seeing how happy you are now.” Sayaka passed Miyuki tissues to let her wipe out the sweat on her face and took some wet tissues to clean her hands. “I just don’t want you to touch your face with the dirty hands, go on and take a few more rides before we have lunch.” Maachun and Yui drag Miyuki away for other rides so she would not feel sad about Sayaka giving hot and cold treatment to her.

“What should we get for lunch?” Sayaka walking aimlessly trying to find where can they have lunch and is air-conditioned. As he passed by some restaurants, he saw a queue is forming at one of the restaurant and he went to take a look. “Special event?” Sayaka couldn’t understand what special event that the restaurant is holding. “Sir do you want to participate in our arm-wrestling event, can get a free meal for you and your friends.” Free meal to Sayaka looks attracting enough, with the restaurant interior looks cute. Sayaka thinking Miyuki might like it. “Sure, how do I join?”

Before the start of the event, Sayaka texted Yui the venue first. Hopefully when they are done, the event is finished. As long as anyone manage to win five times, the winner gets a free meal in the restaurant which is the only rule of the special event. After a few more rides, Maachun and Yui realised Sayaka wasn’t around anymore. “Maybe he got bored and wander around?” The girls questioned the guys. “Yui give him a call first.”

“Ok. Wait he texted the venue already, he said if we are done, we can go and find him. I supposed he find a place to eat already.” All of them then proceed to find Sayaka with the address given to them, after 15-30 minutes they reached the place. But they cannot find Sayaka as the place was crowded and people were surrounding around. “Why would Sayaka choose this place that is so crowded?” Maachun turned around to ask Yui, the latter just shrugged his shoulders. Then they pulled the girls into the crowd hoping to find Sayaka as they near the restaurant. They found Sayaka sitting down opposite a stranger with people around cheering for the two of them. “Excuse me, can I ask what happened?”

“Eh? The restaurant is hosting an arm-wrestling event but the event is finishing, left with these two competitors.” Maachun asked a stranger which he kindly explained to him. “Then what is the prize?” Yui added after the explanation. “One free meal.” The both of them wondered did Sayaka joined the competition just for one free meal when they want to turned around to tell the girls, they found Miyuki already walked to Sayaka’s direction. “Sayaka-chan.”


“What are you doing here?” Instead of answering Sayaka looked around to see Maachun and Yui walked towards them. “Eh? Is this your girlfriend? Oh boy I thought your girlfriend would be as boring as you, hah!” Sayaka’s competitor sarcastic comment to provoke Sayaka but he remained seated expressionlessly. “Sayaka!”

“Take Miyuki away.”

“Don’t want~”

“Why don’t we trade off Yamamoto?”

“What trade you are talking about?”

“My girl and your girl.” Sayaka turned around and look at Miyuki coldly and he smirked at her. “I don’t need trading; I give you her but if I win I take away all your cash.” Sayaka calmly answered which $500 cash was on the table. “Fine by me.” Maachun pulled Miyuki away seeing the latter is shedding tears. “Ricchan…” Ricchan tried comforting Miyuki but the latter cried harder, Maachun for the first time wanted to pulled a punch at Sayaka. But he let Sayaka finished the competition first and decided to punch him later.

“With the two competitors in preparation mode for the referee to sue them to start, they each hold their own side of the table. As they started, Sayaka’s hand was going to reach the table and was losing but he didn’t try to fight back. Maachun and Yui started panicking as they thought he purposely lose. Once the other party was smiling at Sayaka, he pulled out his full force and smashed the opponent arm on the table. But the table cannot handle too much force and the table collapsed as one of the legs was bended.

“You shouldn’t provoke me with using Miyuki as a chip for our bet.” As the referee announced the winner, people cheer for Sayaka’s win. “You did that on purpose right?” Sayaka didn’t answered him and walked towards Miyuki. “Gomen….I-“ Miyuki didn’t let Sayaka continued to say what he wanted to say and pulled  Ricchan and Paruru into the restaurant. The guys immediately followed them except for Sayaka. “This is bad…Miyuki just got angry, but…haiz…I guess just I need to hoax her first .” Even though Miyuki got angry, Sayaka felt a pang around his heart area. He just ignores it as he doesn’t care about it first and follow them into the restaurant.

“Table for 6?”

“No. Table for 2 and table for 4.” The waitress guided them in which Sayaka pulled Miyuki into the corner for the table for 2, while the rest looked at them baffled. “Are you still angry at me?”

“Let’s just watch them first if anything happens then we take action, but it’s Sayaka we are talking so it should be fine.” Yui assured the girls so they would be less worried about Miyuki. “Let’s see what to eat!” Maachun turned their attention to the menu on his hands.

“Do you really want to act like this?”

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Wow Sayaka acted like an idiot with Miyuki, just when things were going well between them.. I wonder what will happen to their relationship that hasn't started yet.

thanks for the update!

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Idiot Sayaka!!!! Fix it!!

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Chapter 6: Amusement Park date last part

Miyuki didn’t answer Sayaka anything or even make any sound, she quietly sat down looking down which Sayaka doesn’t know what to do. “Are you ready to order?” The waitress came by and Sayaka hurriedly look at the menu and gave his order.


“Miyuki-chan…..I read of one book to make enemies believe your lie , you must first lie to your closed ones. It was just an act.” Miyuki still didn’t talk; droplets of tears were falling from her face. Sayaka felt heartache seeing Miyuki like that, he didn’t want to think what he needs to do. Without any thought, he hugs Miyuki whether she like it or not. “Gomen….I didn’t know that I would cause pain for you when I did that, I make it up for you.” Miyuki pushed a little to look at Sayaka. “Anything will do….”

“No….not anything. We go on a date after the exams just the two of us, wherever you want to go or what you want to do. I will accompany you just like today, I will be your one-day boyfriend.” Sayaka unknowingly touched his nose again, Miyuki was so happy that she jumped and landed a kiss at Sayaka’s cheek. “Don’t do that…..I still need to eat lunch.”

“Why? The food is not here yet.”

“Just don’t do that.”


“We are in the public and we are just friends.” Sayaka stood up and make his way to the washroom, leaving Miyuki bored and pouting away. “This is going to be difficult for them to be together, Yui.” Maachun saw how cold Sayaka is with Miyuki, he thought maybe the group date does not make help at all. “Ricchan why are you so quiet today especially with Sayaka around?”

“N-Nothing.” Ricchan and Paruru looked at each other and remain silent. On the other after the washroom visit, Sayaka felt vibration at the back pocket of his pants and went out to answer the call. “Fuu-chan? What’s wrong?”


“What did that monkey do again?”

“We are at your office now….”

“Fuu-chan let that monkey answer the phone first.”




“I don’t know what happened or why are you in the office, but I think you are matured enough to resolved the issue on your own. I won’t questioned anything, just report to me on Monday.”


“Pass the phone back to fuu-chan.”

“Fuu-chan…just trust your monkey boyfriend and I want to ask you something.”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m with Maachun and Yui in amusement park in Tokyo, can you help me buy something?”


“Y-Yes… know what manga right?”

“Yes and remember I told you what ride must be taken at the last, if not you will regret.”

“I know…bye.”

“Have fun, bye” Sayaka simply just smile at his phone and when he looked up, he can see the ferris wheel in sight. Which he went back to the restaurant seeing Miyuki already eating the food he order. “Why are you looking so sad?” Miyuki poking away the food while looking at Sayaka. “You don’t seem happy with me but you seem happier on the phone.”

“Miyuki let’s take the ferris wheel after lunch shall we?” Sayaka didn’t explained himself but told Miyuki what he wants. “I want to have a word with you when we are truly alone, not when the rest is around to add any comment.” When Miyuki looked at Sayaka, she saw how firm he looked and nodded her head. “Do you need desert?” Miyuki shook her head which Sayaka just order a sandwich as he wasn’t as hungry as he think he is.

“We are going to the haunted house to burn some calories how about you, Sayaka?”

“Miyuki and I are going to the ferris wheel first.”

“Eh? W-what wait!” Maachun chased after him which the whole group went together to take the ride instead. “How long is the ride?” Sayaka asked before getting on with Miyuki. “15 minutes? Enough time to talk.” Before Sayaka can get in, Maachun went in with Ricchan forcing Sayaka to take the next one. “Yui come in faster.”

“Are seriously going to spy on them? Even with the legend of the ferris wheel when at the peak, if one were to kiss, they would be together forever. We can’t see what they are doing when we reached there.”

“At least we can see what they are doing before right?” Yui could only shake his head at the antics of his friend. “Finally, is just the two of us.” Sayaka let himself relaxed as the ride began. “I just frankly tell you straight Miyuki, today’s date was nothing but disaster. Not your fault but I think I can assume that Maachun had plan everything and you guys are just following right?”


“Knowing Maachun’s character and how well he understands me, is not too difficult to solve it. I’m been thinking about it and even today I had taken some photos to want to research about you, why am I interested in you.”

“W-what are you saying Sayaka-chan?”

“I think I’m in love with you…..”

“You don’t like me; nobody researched their loved ones like you do.”

“I’m just a simple guy, I only know one thing I like you Watanabe Miyuki.” Sayaka who was sitting across Miyuki held onto her hands and look at her firmly, Miyuki could tell he was serious by looking at his eyes. “If you like me, kiss me now.” Miyuki stood up and wanted to sit on Sayaka’s lap, but the latter was worried that she might knocked her head on the ceiling and stood up to protected her head. But he was pushed down by Miyuki with her hands wrapped around his neck, whenever Miyuki does this Sayaka couldn’t even think about anything. Each time he tried to resist but this time was different, he was being straightforward with his feelings for Miyuki. “I like you Miyuki.”

After whispering just, the few words, Sayaka pulled her close to him and kissed her. While in another cabin, Maachun and Yui was shocked to see Sayaka did such a bold thing. “Yui I’m not seeing things, right?” Yui nodded his head as they went back to sit down again. “Ricchan… have to tell them.”

“What is it? The entire day you looked pale; you can tell me anything Ricchan.” Maachun held onto Ricchan’s hands as he felt her trembling. “Miyuki is milky.” Both Maachun and Yui was shocked to hear that, Maachun even let go of Ricchan’s hands. “You mean the one that Sayaka have been dreaming and waited was Miyuki?”

“Sayaka could have known about this but because Miyuki wanted him to find out by himself, so the document about Miyuki being Milky I tore it off and it is with me now.” Ricchan confessed about it and finally break down from her fears. “Shhh….Ricchan don’t worry about Sayaka hating you about this small matter, think about why Miyuki wants you to hide this matter to Sayaka. My guess on the highest probability is that Miyuki wants him to like her not because she’s the childhood friend he’s looking for but as Watanabe Miyuki.”

“With Miyuki keeping him busy, I doubt he would have time to think about that too.” Maachun and Yui assured their girlfriends knowing that maybe after the ride Sayaka is going to confess about him and Miyuki going official. Which means that Sayaka for the time being not going to investigate about the missing information or finding the long-lost friend.

Back to the other cabin where Miyuki suddenly pulled out of the kiss, leaving Sayaka dumbfounded. “Ne….Sayaka-chan what are we now?” Sayaka could feel Miyuki’s gazed going to pierce through him and mentally sighed. “What is with this sudden question? This isn’t like you?” Sayaka positioned Miyuki’s hands back to her side and hug her. “Because….I feel that Sayaka-chan after a while will get sick of me and hate me.” Sayaka doesn’t say a thing and look at Miyuki, which Miyuki starts to fear and grab Sayaka’s hand tightly. But Sayaka suddenly pulled her into a kiss, and before Miyuki can react, she found herself already sitting next to Sayaka. “We just started and not even a day, you thought about me tired of you so fast.” Sayaka had one arm to put around Miyuki’s shoulders and the other hand holding onto one of Miyuki’s hand, placing a kiss onto it. “Sayaka-chan….you know all the things you do just know Ricchan and the rest can see? They also saw us kissed already~” Sayaka forgot they were in the Ferris wheel and abruptly stood up and knock his head on the ceiling, which was painful that he held onto the painful area and sat down to massage his head. Miyuki saw it and think it was very painful, she tried to massage his head to reduce the pain. “I think maybe being in pain might be worth it, there’s someone to bear the pain with me.”

“Who teach you to know how to say those words?” Sayaka just smile and move forward wanting to kiss Miyuki again. “There would be more to come if you like.” Before Miyuki can answered back, their ride ended as they walked out of the cabin hand in hand. “I never knew girl’s hands can be so small.” Sayaka was fascinated at the fact when he and Miyuki holding hands, he saw how his hands can fully cover her hand. “How can you never hold onto a girl’s hand before, you dated someone before.”

“To be exact, we never held hands. More like she clings on me, she never initiates to hold hands so we never hold hand.” Sayaka confessed to Miyuki after seeing her face starts to darken. “Plus, I don’t hold hand with you, is either I’m afraid someone is going to steal you away or you have ways to make me initiate.” Sayaka state the fact to Miyuki, even though she doesn’t like how he says it but she knows he telling the truth that she was going to make him do it, one way or the other.

“Yo! Finally both of you become an item!” Maachun ran towards Sayaka while holding onto Ricchan. “Shall we celebrate it then?” Yui added after strolling in slowly with Paruru. “You guys can celebrate yourself, I need to return back to school.” Before Sayaka can take a step away, Miyuki had pulled him back. “Go have fun with them, I need to settle some urgent matters. Once everything is settled, I will tell you.”


“Don’t worry Sayaka, we will take care of Miyuki.” Maachun and Yui assured Sayaka which the latter was grateful and rushed off to the train back to Osaka. “Now Sayaka is out of the picture, we need to have a talk Watanabe Miyuki or should I say Milky?”

“H-how did you guys know….”

“That’s not important, we want to know why are you lying to Sayaka.”

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Ohhhh they discover the true.... I want to know what's going to happen

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  • Gimme dat WMatsui
Thank you for keeping their original names. It's easier to remember in a genderbender fic.
SayaMilky went on a date and kissed on the ferris wheel! :O
Oof they're confronting Milky about her lie. I really hope they're right that she's lying because she wants Sayaka to like her as she is now.

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Aww they finally kissed!
It is good that Sayaka has finally been sincere with her feelings and I am glad that she has finally taken the initiative in their relationship, now Miyuki is going to have to be honest with him and I hope that does not complicate things..

I will be waiting for the update.

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Chapter 7: Everyone is hiding secrets

After exiting the amusement park, they went to the café nearest to the station. Ricchan and Paruru had never seen their boyfriends so angry, worried they might eat her alive they sat next to Miyuki. “So? Your explanation?”

“I…..My name originally was Yasui Miyuki, 11 years ago I moved house was because my mother remarried to our now director of the school. That’s why my name changed to Watanabe Miyuki, I have never lie to Sayaka about myself. I just didn’t tell him who I was, I wanted him to find out himself.”

“But….wait Yui now that I remember about  Sayaka’s nightmare, he stopped having those nightmare after meeting you.” Before Yui can continued Maachun stopped him and stated a fact. “So what is your plan now?”

“Enough is enough already, what do you guys even know!” Paruru suddenly abrupted and flared at Yui and Maachun which they were startled by Paruru’s sudden loud voice. “Paruru…’s ok” Miyuki stood up and got Paruru but anger got into Paruru and Ricchan which they pulled her out of the restaurant instead, the guys got panic and got out of the restaurant too. “All of us are emotionally-stricken today, it’s getting late why don’t we go back now?” Maachun sensed the girls are in the bad mood to continue which he proposed for them to return to Osaka, Miyuki nodded which Ricchan pulled her away leaving Maachun.

“W-wait….Maachun and Yui, I understand that both of you cared about Sayaka. Your questions are standing in his point of view, but I can tell you one thing why I didn’t tell Sayaka at all. I didn’t want him to be with me because of a promise, I wanted him to like me as Watanabe Miyuki and not Yasui Miyuki.” Maachun and Yui for a moment felt guilty for wanting to accuse of Miyuki cheating Sayaka’s feelings. “No…Miyuki you’re right, this issue is between you and Sayaka. Whatever happen we will be behind both of you.”

“Yup! Knowing his temper and I guess Miyuki you are the right person who can calm him down, if needed we can help you to get a time for both of you to talk.” Maachun and Yui decided to trust Miyuki whatever happens, they stood beside their girlfriends trying appease them. “If both of you tried to meddle into someone else matters, bear your own consequences.” Both of them salute at their own girlfriends, which they walk together to the station to get back to Osaka. Paruru sending them all before going home herself, before she could leave the station Yui was running towards her behind.

“Paruru remember I told you about getting you to come to Osaka to study with us?”

“Did you tell Sayaka?”

“Not yet, I didn’t want to until you wanted to do it.”

“I don’t want to be separated with you also but if Sayaka disagrees then we think of another way.” Yui nodded before he left, he gave her a goodbye kiss and ran back to the train before it leaves.
After all the exciting events during the day, everyone slept throughout the ride as it goes back to Osaka. Miyuki who is so tired didn’t think whether Sayaka has returned to the dorm already or not and flopped onto her bed to sleep as next day she has class.

The next day when Miyuki woke up she thought Sayaka had went to the student council room again, didn’t think much and prepare for school. As she reaches the class, she saw Maachun and Yui looking rather anxious and walk towards them. “Is there anything wrong?”

“Miyuki! Have you seen Sayaka?”

“No….Isn’t he at the student council room?”

“It was locked and we tried calling him, but it went to voice message. The worst is Sayaka is holding onto the keys which means we are unable to get into the room today.” Yui and Maachun both looked at Miyuki thought she might have idea where is he, even when she tried calling Sayaka also couldn’t get through. Before they can exchange more words, the bell and teacher and walked in to get them more shocking news. “Class I have two news to share; first of all Yamamoto-kun is not in school and probably not around these few days, so Ogasawara-kun and Yokoyama-kun the spare key to the student council room please get it from me later. Secondly and lastly is that Oshima Akihiro-kun has been expelled from school from his bad behavior, so now we can start our lesson please open your textbook.

After the announcement, none of them are able to concentrate in class. As they wondered what happened when Sayaka when he returned to school, but more shocking news came by when school ended as they wanted to go back. “Watanabe-san? There’s something I have something to tell you, why don’t I walked you back to the dorm?” Miyuki nodded as she started to pack her stuff with Yui and Maachun was behind her, trying to find out what their teacher wanted to tell her. “Although I am in no position to tell you this but Yamamoto-kun entrusted me to inform you.”

“W-what’s the matter?”

“Actually we have reached already.” When the three of them looked up they saw renovation for one of the dorms. “Is the dorm that is under renovation belongs to Sayaka-chan?” Their teacher nodded which Miyuki was shocked to find out that she had no place to sleep. “Don’t worry is just these few days, we have placed your luggage to kondo-san dorm.” Before Miyuki could ask any question, the principal came by and took Miyuki with him to his office. And gave the spare key to Maachun before leaving.

“Have a seat Watanabe-kun.”

“I-is there something wrong?”

“Not really, is just things have taken an interesting turn that’s why I wanted to see you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I wonder why Sayaka haven’t noticed who are you even though I gave him this document to help you but it seems like he didn’t take my documents seriously.”

“You mean…”

“Yes I gave him documents about you since he wants to know about you, he even want to renovate the dorm because of you. The reason I have no idea why but he has sort of a plan that’s why I forked out money to renovate the room to see how things go, but he just want to interfere some stupid fight to land him in the hospital.”

“I don’t understand why are you telling me all this.”

“Both of you are childhood friends, right?”


“Don’t worry I just want you to know about the Sayaka now, I believe you are the only one can slow down his pace and make him relax more.” Miyuki still doesn’t know what the principal trying to tell her but she decided to visit the student council to find out more.

“Miyuki why are you here? Aren’t you with the principal?”

“Tell me more about Sayaka-chan.”

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