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Author Topic: Oshi's OS Collection :D - Nogizaka46 OS - 5  (Read 6882 times)

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Oshi's OS Collection :D - Nogizaka46 OS - 5
« on: September 13, 2017, 07:50:45 AM »
I'm a newbie in writing fics so please don't expect too much :D
I've been writing some fic with the help of kuro_808 but can't seem to find courage to post it or even to finish it  :cry:
So i've made an OS! Hopefully you all enjoy it :D Thanks
comments and even criticism is much welcome :D



Yet again I have my eyes captivated by you.
As your hair goes dancing dressed in light playing with angels.

"Risa~ Are you listening?"
Risa was startled from her daze when Neru suddenly raised her head from the textbook to look at her.

"Ah- ermm.. yeah I'm listening." Risa just said slipping in a small lie. They've been studying for a while now but Risa can't help but be distracted by her girlfriend's beauty.

They've been going out for almost half a year now but Risa still can't get used to how incredibly charming her beloved girlfriend is.

Your smile-adorned face is so enchanting and so serene, I’m somewhat bedazzled.

"Really? Risa~ you better be listening. Exams will be coming in a week after all." Neru just said with her cute smile that never failed to entrance Risa.

Ignoring what Neru just said, she continued to stare. Even looking at her from the side brought Risa in a trance. Carefully burning the memory of her beloved's face into her mind. Although Risa has done this many times before she can't help but do it over and over again. She found herself addicted to her beloved's beauty.

How can you, so doubtless in everything. Stay here for me, by my side.

Seemingly finding no response to her remark Neru questioned;
"Risa? What's the matter? Why are you staring?"

"Eh- nothing. Let's continue studying." Risa simply said. Realizing that she was just caught in the act, she was a little bit embarrassed. Her cheeks turning a bit red.

Neru then pouts, making Risa's heart skip a beat. Neru was just too adorable this way. Not that she wasn't everyday.

"That stare clearly doesn't mean nothing. What were you thinking?" Neru said as she reached out to her left side to pinch Risa's cheek.

"Oww- ouch Neru.. let go." Risa said as she took hold of Neru's wrist. But Neru wouldn't stop pinching her cheeks.

"Not until you tell me"

"Okay! Okay! I was just contemplating on how lucky I was." Wanting to quickly escape from the pain of Neru's pinching, Risa just blurted out the words without thinking.

"Eh- lucky?" Neru asked once again seemingly clueless about what Risa just said.

On the other hand Risa was already a tad too red from embarrassment from what she just said but she can't help it. As cheesy as it might sound; she seriously thinks that having such a beauty by her side makes her the luckiest human in the whole world.
Still holding on to Neru's wrist which was now on hold from pinching her cheeks, Risa raised her hold to the back of Neru's hand and brought it to her cheek.

Soft as feathers, your touch leans against my cheek.
With this alone you make me let my guard down against everything already.

Risa furthermore leaned her face into Neru's soft hand.
"Neru, I love you." Risa whispered ever so gently. Which startled Neru a bit.

Neru was flustered from Risa's sudden confession.
"W-What's with you so suddenly? We're studying you know?" Neru looked everywhere but Risa's gentle stare for she was embarrassed with the situation. She wasn't used to Risa voicing out her feelings. Usually she was the one who initiates skin ships and these kind of talks.

"Neru." Risa voiced out with her firm yet gentle voice again which caused Neru's heart to swoon and to give up and look back into Risa's gentle eyes but what she saw just further raised the pace of her beating heart.
Risa was looking at her as if she was the most precious gem in the world and Neru can't help but be lost in the wonders of Risa's eyes.

Soft as feathers, you gently grant me courage
Even the scars on my misshapen heart well up to the surface and disappear.

Not caring about studying anymore, Risa just leaned in to kiss the lips she's been craving ever since. This is already their nth time to kiss but for Risa it always feels like the first time.
On the other hand Neru was yet again surprised to what just happened but she eventually closed her eyes and started kissing back.

Risa released her hold from Neru's hand and brought both her hands to Neru's waist to bring Neru's body closer.
Neru moaned into the kiss as she felt Risa's tongue brush against her lower lip.
Using this as an advantage Risa quickly slipped in her tongue as soon as Neru moaned. Her hands were innocent enough and it stayed on Neru's waist while Neru's hands found itself at the back of Risa's head furthermore deepening the kiss while the other one was tangled into Risa's hair.

Soft as feathers, your touch leans against my cheek.
This alone makes my whole being feel saved already.

It wasn't until Neru felt Risa's hand slipping under her shirt did Neru pull away.
They were both staring at each other breathless. Their breaths hitting each other's faces. Risa leaned her forehead into Neru's as she removed her hands underneath Neru's shirt.

"Sorry, I was being too hasty" Risa breathlessly said, but Neru just shook her head.

"It's okay.." Neru said and once again leaned in to leave a quick peck into Risa's lips, as if saying that she really doesn't mind.
"It's just that... we're studying." Neru whispered sofly but loud enough for Risa to hear it.

Risa just sat there dumbfounded of what Neru just said, did her girlfriend just chose studying over her? But the thought didn't really upset Risa, instead it brought a smile upon her face. Thinking it is just how her beloved girlfriend is.

"What's up with that stupid grin on your face?" Neru said showing her mad face, but for Risa it just simply looked adorable for her.

Without answering Neru's query she once again leaned in and stole a quick peck into Neru's soft lips and whispered;
"I love you."

However, Neru just continued looking at her with a serious face.
"Let's continue studying." Neru firmly said.

"Haiii~" Risa just said paying no mind to Neru's tsundere side.





But it wasn't that much long of a wait until Neru suddenly pulled Risa by the collar and kissed her for a few long minutes.

"I love you too.. stupid.. hurry up and study.. there's something worth waiting for if you answer my questions correctly."

Once again Watanabe Risa fell deeply for Nagahama Neru.

Soft as feathers, if you’re with me I can become strong.
Till eternity’s end, you can without fail, rely on me to protect you


This was all based from Neru's blog when she said she was repeatedly listening to Motohiro Sata's song 'Girl'.

Here's the translated blog:

The translated lyrics:

I made it as if the song's lyrics are Risa's feelings for Neru.
Comments are deeply appreciated!  :love: :)
Thank you for reading  :inlove:

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Re: Keyakizaka46 OS Collection
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2017, 05:43:31 AM »
Thanks for this OS  :D
I'll be waiting for more stories  :heart: :heart:

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Oshi's OS Collection :D
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2017, 10:57:48 AM »
To all who commented thank you so much! :love: :heart: :heart:

And to all who read my previous work also thank you so much!!


The sound of a man's deep voice repeatedly saying something woke me up. I stood up abruptly upon finally comprehending what the man was repeatedly saying and hurriedly went out of the train.
"Phew~ I barely made it" I told to myself. I quickly took out my phone to check the address of her apartment and to check if I got off the right station. I didn't want make the same mistake that I did earlier of getting of the wrong station again. I was intently looking at the address to make sure where I needed to go to next when suddenly someone bumped into me. I was planning to give the person a glare but then more people started coming my way and I had no choice but to get out of here since I wasn't really fond of crowded places.

It almost took me forever to get out of the station as the amount of people was countless. I finally managed to arrive in the streets but by the time I managed to do so I was already breathing heavily furthermore even though it's still 8 in the morning the temperature is already relatively high causing me to look haggard from the sweat. It made me think how the city is really different from the province where we once both lived.

It surprised me how she managed to survive in this chaotic city. It was much different from the glamour I saw on television, brochures and various magazines. The people coming from different directions seemed endless. I was already feeling a tinge of regret by coming to this city but I couldn't deny the excitement running through my veins thinking that I'll be meeting her after a long time.

I was only a few minutes away from finally seeing her again.

Her; the best thing that happened to my whole life.

Her; the one I've always wished for.

Her; the one I've always wanted to hold once more since the day she departed the city we both lived in.

Her; the one that I've always loved the most.


It’s already been more than an hour since I've started walking around aimlessly in this neighborhood but I still can't manage to find her apartment complex. There was a lot of different roads leading to different places but I couldn't understand where I should go. I was already on the verge of throwing a fit when I saw an old lady pass by. The old lady was wearing simple clothing and guessing by the plastic bags she's carrying, it looked like she was just going home after shopping. I decided to approach her to ask for directions since I was already getting lost.

After I told her the name of the apartment complex she gave me a smile and immediately gave out instructions. The old woman kindly pointed out directions to me which I gladly took note of in my mind. After saying thank you and giving her a short bow, I immediately followed her instructions.

Before I knew it, I started jogging until I was already running on my way to the apartment. My heart was beating hard and fast against my chest. I could feel the excitement within me growing and growing causing me to run even faster.

I want to see her.

I want to meet her.

I want to hold her.

I want to kiss her.

I want her.   

I stood in front of a two storey building with an old wooden placard in front saying; "32 Apartment Complex" just the name written in the address I have in my phone. I hurriedly opened the gate and went to look for room number '46' and when I finally found it I let out a small celebration of glee, knowing that after all the hardships I've been through to get here, I was finally getting what I've come for.

I was starting to feel nervous. Nervous that it is our first meeting after 4 long months ever since she left the city where we both grew up in. Nervous about the fact that I never told her that I was going to visit her for today. Nervous to see how she’s doing.
I anxiously knocked the door to her apartment and waited. But after a few long minutes of waiting there was no sign of life at the other side of the door so I knocked once again this time a bit louder than the previous ones.

I guess this time the occupant inside the room heard it for I heard loud thuds inside. By this time I couldn't even understand what I was feeling. There was a slight mix of excitement, nervousness and anxiety. After a few seconds I heard the lock of the door clicking and I swear the beating of my heart couldn't be faster than this. I was also breathing heavily and my palms was sweating. I was preparing all the stuff I wanted to tell her in my mind. All the unsaid words I wanted to tell her before she left. All the feelings and frustrations I felt after she left. 

Once the door opened I couldn't help but stand there in awe and stare at her. Her hair was messy as if she just woke up, her nose was a bit red, in her forehead she had one of those patches that is said to absorb heat, and how she had a small blanket covering her upper body with this I could tell that she has a cold just like what her mother told me. But what bothered me the most is how she lost weight and the visible bags under her eyes. Seeing my beloved in that state broke my heart, furthermore the fact that she never told me about this when we are talking on phone made me upset. All the things I thought of telling her has now gone far away and I couldn’t think of anything else but the way she changed so much this past 4 months.

"Manaka....." I muttered weakly as I was still a bit surprised to look at her in such state. Without me knowing tears started flooding in my eyes.

"Ehh- Rika? What are you doi-"

I didn't let her finish her statement as I immediately jumped to hug her. I hugged her tight as the tears was now falling continuously from my eyes. I wailed nonstop and held her tight as if she's gonna go somewhere far away again. After a short moment, I could feel her strong arms slowly enveloping my body as she hugged me back. She slowly tightened her hold to me as I can feel her warmth.

We stayed like that for a few minutes until I slowly entangled myself from the hug. To be honest I wish we could have stayed like that for more minutes but we were still outside of her doorstep and I’d rather have our little reunion inside with privacy. But instead of letting me in, she just looked at me with an unreadable expression on her face.

I suddenly grew conscious of how I looked for I knew I looked like a mess with my haggard look and how I was crying uncontrollably, so I just looked down.

“Rika..” She called out to me softly, but I didn’t bother looking up since I was embarrassed with how I looked like. Finding no answer to her call, she suddenly took my hand and let me inside. She guided me inside her small apartment as she held my hand tightly. I could see how her house looked dirty. Papers, trashes, and used clothes was scattered everywhere.

"I'm sorry, my house is a bit dirty." She said as she asked me to sit on her bed. She took a glass of water and handed it to me before sitting beside me. I quickly drank the offered water and putted it on the nearest table.

We just sat there in silence, the only noise heard was her coughing and sniffing every now and then. I couldn't help but feel worried about her well-being. With her current environment, there was no doubt on why she was sick right now.

"Rika..." I heard her muttering softly but loud enough to get my attention. She took my hand once again and held it tight. "What are you doing here? I mean- why did you come without informing me?" she said with her gentle and caring tone.

"If I knew you were coming, I would have come and picked you up. I know how you aren't used to big cities like this." she furthermore continued.

I just shook my head in return and I tightened my hold to her hand.

"You too, why didn't you tell me you were sick? You weren't answering my calls for the last few days so I got worried." I said as I tried my best to not choke on my words as I was starting to feel my tears coming again.

"Did you know how worried I was?! I even had to go to your mother's place to ask about your condition!" I said raising my voice a little as my voice started shaking and tears was threatening to fall again.

"Alright… Alright.. I'm sorry baby." Manaka said as she held my cheeks and kissed my forehead. "I just didn't want you to worry too much."

She pulled me in for a hug as I let my tears fall. I leaned my head into her shoulder with her hand patting the back of my head. The way she smells like vanilla, how warm her body felt against me, how strong but at the same time soft her arms felt, I missed every single part of her. I feel like I don’t ever want to leave her side. I needed her so much and the fact that after this we will be hundreds of kilometers apart again gave me pain. Just the thought of it made me want to cry. I never noticed that the 4 month separation took a toll on me this much.

"I missed you… so much…" I said with my voice shaking.

"I know..." she simply said. Her other hand went to rub my back to comfort me. Somehow after coming here, I kept on crying.
"I missed you too baby..." she said in a very gentle tone that made it seem like she whispered the words. "I'm really sorry for making you worry." She furthermore added.

"You better be stupid." I said as I tried my best to sniff in and stop my tears.

She let out a giggle that made me look up at her. She once again held me by the cheeks and looked at me dearly.

“You know.. I want to kiss you so badly right now…  but I don’t want you catching my cold..” she said with her deep, husky voice that never fails to make my heart skip a beat.

Without saying anything I immediately kissed her and she immediately kissed me back, a big contrast to what she just said earlier.
After a few long minutes of kissing, I slowly pulled back to catch my breath, while she just had that smile on her face that made her look breathtakingly beautiful despite her being in the worst condition right now.

That smile.

That smile was all I needed to see.

That smile was all I wanted to see.

The smile that tells me that everything is fine.

The smile that tells me how happy she is from the bottom of her heart right now.

The smile that never fails to make me fall in love all over again.

“I love you, Manaka.”

This fic was based on the song "Aozora ga Chigau" by Aozora to Marry of Keyakizaka46

Hopefully you guys enjoyed it :D
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Re: Oshi's OS Collection :D - Keyakizaka46 OS: 3 Short Drabble
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It's been a while since I posted a fic again, well here it is. It's short but hopefully you'll enjoy it XD :)

It's kinda Rated PG  :lol:

Comments will be much appreciated  :P

Here is my perfectly shitty and filled with mistakes fanfic  XD



Kato Shiho was leaning her back against her girlfriend’s body while playing with her phone as Miho wrapped her arms around Shiho’s waist, just watching her girlfriend busy herself with her phone. They were both laying on top of the bed as Miho was leaning on the headboard, both not even bothering to do anything productive for the day.

They had just finished breakfast and now they are just relaxing in their bed. Just simply relishing each other’s presence.

‘Are you sure you don’t want to go out for today?’ Miho asked as she leaned in to give her lover a small peck on the cheeks.

Shiho smiled at the sweet gesture as she turned off her phone finished of whatever she was playing with and replied; ‘yeah, I’d rather stay in, Im too lazy to get up and Im already comfortable right where I am.’

‘Alright’ Miho said as she tightened her hold into her girl’s waist pulling Shiho further into her arms while planting some soft pecks in her shoulders and her neck.

Shiho just chuckled from the sweet gesture, loving the way her lover’s lips felt against her skin.

‘Miho, that tickles you know.’ she said as she turned her head to face Miho to give her a proper kiss in the lips. Miho said nothing in reply as she leaned in for another kiss making her intention clear by softly nibbling her lover’s lower lip but before she could even deepen the kiss furthermore, Shiho pulled away, with a teasing smile plastered on her face.

‘You’re such a tease, I seriously don’t know how to handle you’ Miho sighed as she placed her chin on top of Shiho’s shoulders.

‘Awww- you’re such a sulky baby just cause you didn’t get what you want’ Shiho chuckled.

‘I’m not’

‘You are.’

‘Am not’

‘But you are.’

‘Well, you surely know I can kiss those lips anytime I want’ Miho said as she leaned in to give Shiho a kiss.

‘and maybe... even more than a kiss’ Miho said again but this time whispering the statement as if those words was only for her lover to hear. The words sent shivers to Shiho’s whole body as she felt her whole being captivated. She couldn’t get away from the person holding her tight right now and she didn’t wish to get away. She didn’t wish to remove herself from the tight hold. She loved the way those strong arms held her body close feeling the warmth spread all throughout her body.

Shiho couldn’t say anything else as her lover once again leaned in for another kiss, this time making her intention clear of going all the way by exploring every part of Shiho’s body with her touches. Shiho didn’t do anything to stop her lover cause she knew deep down, she never hated the fact how Miho dominates her like this. Dominating her whole with rough yet loving touches. Dominating her whole in the most gentle and at the same time the most passionate way.

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Re: Oshi's OS Collection :D - Keyakizaka46 OS: 3 Short Drabble
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I'm more of the Neru and Risa couple.
But I encourage you to writing fan fictions! It is great read Keyakis fics!

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Re: Oshi's OS Collection :D - Keyakizaka46 x Nogizaka46 OS - 4
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‘Come in. Sorry if it’s a little messy’ Nanase said as she tried to fix the things scattered around her living room as much as possible to make space for her visitor.

‘It’s okay, I don’t mind’ Nanase heard her reply from behind, staying in the doorstep.

‘I’m sorry it’s your first time coming here and it’s this messy.’ Nanase said as she picked up all the scattered magazines, mangas and books around.

‘I told you that I don’t mind it.’

‘Well it’s kinda embarrassing for a kouhai to see their senpai like this.’ Nanase chuckled dryly.


This caused her to stop from cleaning up, hearing the other girl call her by her first name. Her back facing the other girl as she didn’t know what to say, or maybe she knew all too well where this conversation was going and she she didn't like it one bit.

‘Do you still see me as your mere kouhai?’ she heard her say as she felt those strong arms hold her by the waist from behind. Nanase was silent as she stayed frozen on her spot.

Seeing no reaction from the girl, she tightened her hold on her waist pulling Nanase further into her arms.

‘Even though I already told you that ‘I love you’ many times before.’ the girl whispered so softly into Nanase’s ear it made her whole body shiver.

‘Stop it!’ Nanase said as she tried to untangle the strong arms holding her only to fail miserably.

‘I already told you... we can’t do this.. it’s just.. wrong’ Nanase said as she struggled to say every word because in every word she said came the great pain that was crushing her heart. The great pain that was tearing up her heart into pieces.

‘Why is it wrong? Is it because we’re both girls? Is it because we’re both idols? Is it because I’m merely your kouhai? Tell me, Nanase. I need to know, so I can finally let you go.'

'Why are you doing this? Why are you rejecting me, hurting me? Even after all those we've been through?
The girl said as she loosened her hold onto Nanase’s waist only to collapse into the sofa near her. Tears slowly rolling down her small beautiful face. Nanase couldn’t dare turn around. The soft cries she was hearing behind her was already enough to push her off the edge, what more if she was to turn around and get a good look at the girl’s crying state.

‘R-Risa I’m-‘

‘Was I getting it wrong all this time? The way you replied to my affection, was that all because I’m just your mere kouhai that you care of?!’ She shouted startling Nanase and the cries behind her became even more louder. The Risa that would always talk to her gently, who would always treat her gently as if she was her queen, was now talking to her so harshly, screaming at her like this. It made her heart ache but not because of the fact that Risa was treating her so roughly right now, but because of how she pushed the girl to her limits.

With this Nanase couldn’t take it anymore as she kneeled in front of the sitting girl and held the girl in her arms. Tears already streaming down her face before she even knew it. It was only a matter of seconds before she felt those strong arms reciprocate her hug, holding her by the waist and her head leaning on top of her chest, feeling every heart beat.

Nanase couldn’t say anything else but to hold her in her arms so tight, hoping that all the unsaid words could be conveyed. That the sound of her rapid heartbeat would be enough to tell Risa how she truly felt.

Seemingly reading what was on Nanase’s mind, Risa raised her head up and looked at Nanase straight into her eyes.

And there, at that very moment, as inappropriate as the timing would be, Risa thought how beautiful Nanase looked. Her eyes filled with tears as she couldn’t stop them from falling, her nose and cheeks were red from crying and her beautiful short hair was messy but Nanase’s whole being never failed to take Risa’s breath away.

Nanase couldn’t do anything as she saw how Risa leaned in, she closed her eyes immediately but was startled when she felt those soft lips on her cheeks. Followed by a peck on her forehead, then her other cheeks, kissing every part of Nanase’s face as much as she liked.

Nanase chuckled at the sweet gesture despite the situation they are in right now as her heart bloomed with love. It was as if Risa was kissing all her doubts away.

Risa leaned back when she heard her beloved’s sweet laugh, and she couldn’t help but smile back as she saw those cute dimples appearing on the sides of her face. Risa wanted to kiss her badly right now and the fact that their faces was so close they could feel each other’s breathing touch their faces, wasn’t helping at all.

By the time Nanase’s chuckling has died down Risa reached up to caress her cheeks. Softly touching it, as if Nanase was the most fragile thing in the world.

‘Nanase, I already said this before but I’ll say it again, and I’ll always be saying it in every chance that I have. I love you.’ As soon as Risa said those words, not caring anymore about self restraint, she finally leaned in to kiss her lips. It was short but it was so passionate for Nanase, it took her breath away.

Nanase still wasn’t saying anything despite everything that has happened, she was just looking down, seemingly afraid of what she would do next, afraid of taking the next step.

‘Nanase... stop doing this... stop being afraid, it’ll only hurt us both.’ Nanase heard the pain in Risa’s voice as she said so and it only brought guilt into Nanase’s heart. She didn’t want to hurt the girl, that was the last thing she wanted to do.

'Just give in, and let me love you.' Nanase heard her whisper with her gentle voice.

Nanase didn’t say anything as she raised her head up to finally look at Risa in the eyes. Without saying anything, she leaned forward to catch Risa’s lips. Her arms immediately wrapping around Risa’s neck preventing her from pulling away from the kiss, not that Risa would. Risa also had her arms wrapped around Nanase’s waist, as she pulled her closer, as close as possible considering their position.

As if words never existed to begin with, Nanase just portrayed what she truly felt for Risa that night. Kissing each other until dawn, forgetting everything behind them. Only the presence of each other mattered. Nothing else. They held each other tightly never wanting let go of this love. They didn’t know where this love would take them, heck they were no fortune teller to know what the future would bring them. But nothing else mattered.

For this bittersweet love, they are willing to take the risks for it.

For this forbidden love, they are willing to fight for it.

For this beautiful love, they’ll never let go of each other.

And there it is a Nishino Nanase x Watanabe Risa fic. It's just that they are so fvcking cute in their recent photoshoot together where they'll be in the cover is so cute that I just had to make a fic about them  :lol: XD

Well again, please excuse my shitty and trashy af fic

Hopefully you enjoyed it  :lol:


@Minami-chan : Thank you so much for commenting  :cry: :heart: :love: I really appreciate it a lot. I'll see if I can make more RisaNeru for you  :) :roll: but please dont expect too much lol
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Re: Oshi's OS Collection :D - Nogizaka46 X Keyakizaka46 OS - 4
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A NanasexRisa.
The session of photos that they did together, was really very good.

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Re: Oshi's OS Collection :D - Nogizaka46 OS - 5
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A new update~

It's just a short messy drabble but enjoy~

‘Maaiii!!- just... enter the shower first before you laze around the house.’ Nanase said a little frustrated on how her girlfriend has been acting ever since she came home from work.

As soon as Shiraishi Mai entered their small condo where they’ve been both living in together for months now, Shiraishi immediately slumped into the couch where her beloved has been relaxing in while watching TV, not even bothering to take off her clothes and fix her things. She immediately laid her head on top of Nanase’s lap as she made herself comfortable.

‘I don’t want to. Im tired. Let me relax first.’ Mai whined, staying in her position.

‘You know that I can just push your head off my lap so that you’ll fall of the couch right?’  Nanase said with irritation evident in her voice.


‘and you know that I can do just that anytime now right?’


There was a pregnant silence after that with Nanase contemplating whether to do just that. She was just seriously thinking of letting her lay down her lap but she can’t let Mai sleep on the couch for the night.

‘Mai.... get up and take a bath.’ Nanase said as she tried shaking her to wake up.

But she only got a soft groan in response and Maiyan stayed glued to her position not moving.

‘Mai jus-‘ Nanase couldn’t continue what she was saying as Shiraishi suddenly sat up surprising her in the process. There was yet again a pregnant silence with Nanase wondering what Shiraishi is planning to do. She was about to say something when Mai beat her to it.

‘Just!... let me hold you for a while... Sit on my lap.’ Shiraishi said in a tired tone as she reached out her hand towards Nanase. In which Nanase hesitantly took.

‘Fine.. but wouldn’t carrying me make you more exhausted?’

‘Of course not. I’ll never get tired of holding you.’ Shiraishi just simply said and with that Nanase stood up still holding Mai’s hand and sat on her lap facing her. Shiraishi immediately held Nanase by the waist and held her close, as close as their bodies would reach. Her head lazily laying on Nishino’s shoulder while Nanase caressed Mai’s hair giving her the best comfort she could ever had.

Mai was in cloud nine with just with this simple gestures. This was the best thing she could ever ask for, feeling her beloved's warmth, feeling her heartbeat just above her's. She didn't want to do anything but hold her lover all night long.
‘What happened at work?’ Nanase mumbled as she leaned her head towards Mai’s head that was still resting on her shoulders.

Shiraishi couldn’t help but feel her heart skip a bit at her beloved’s adorable gesture. They’ve been in a relationship for 2 years now and it’s been three months since they started living together but just as she thought she still can’t get enough of her beloved girlfriend.

Feeling her own heart beating rapidly she turned her head to face Nanase and leaned in to give her a peck in the cheeks. It was so warm and sweet she couldn’t help but give a few more pecks, being bolder as she continued kissing downwards she didn’t even realize that she was already nipping on Nanase’s neck until she heard her sweet voice calling out her name breathlessly and the pain on her head as Nanase dug her nails into her hair.

‘Mai.... you seriously need... to take a bath first..’ Nanase said seemingly out of breath as she leaned back.

‘Do I stink that much?’ Shiraishi laughed as she said so.

‘No... it’s not that.. it’s just...’ Nanase said as she looked down not meeting Mai’s eyes.

Shiraishi just smiled at how cute her girlfriend was acting.

‘Okay, okay.. I’ll take a bath now, but you better prepare for later.’ Mai said as she winked mischievously at Nanase. Leaving the latter all flustered and bothered.

‘But didn’t you said that you’re exhausted....’ Nanase said to no one as Shiraishi has immediately disappeared into the bath.

short af but I hope you enjoyed :D
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Re: Oshi's OS Collection :D - Nogizaka46 X Keyakizaka46 OS - 4
« Reply #8 on: June 10, 2018, 07:39:56 PM »
thank you I really enjoy it    :twothumbs :twothumbs
I can imagine what they would do and maybe nanase the one who would be exhausted in the next morning  XD XD
please make nanamai more  :kneelbow:

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Re: Oshi's OS Collection :D - Nogizaka46 OS - 5
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Thank you author-san :kneelbow:
Risa x Nanase OS I’m fangirling right now :nya: :luvluv1:
Demo gomenasai :mon sweat:...
Coz I’m forever will be a nanamai(nanase x maiyan) shipper :mon beam:
With that being said...
Please make more nanamai(nanase x maiyan) :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
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Re: Oshi's OS Collection :D - Nogizaka46 OS - 5
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nishino nanase and mayan are so cute in your os  :deco: good job!

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