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Author Topic: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 3  (Read 10107 times)

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もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 3
« on: July 14, 2013, 01:48:06 PM »
I'm new here and suddenly got an idea for a fanfic so I decided to post it  :)

It is 9th & 10th Gen. focused and is a romance, school-life kind of fic. The pairings, aren't definite, it's like a web of relationships.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy~  :D

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Re: もしもし。
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“Sayashi and Ishida looks happy as usual” Ikuta Erina commented as she dropped the binoculars in her hands and let them hang from her neck. She sighed as she turned away from the direction of her two friends and sat down. “I wonder when we’ll get love like that,” she said hopelessly.

“I wouldn’t be too worried if I were you” Ikubo Haruna said as she also turned and sat beside Erina. “We’re young anyways, it’ll come when it comes” she assured as she looked up to the blue sky. The weather is really good today, she thought as the white clouds slowly floated by above her. She turned her head to Erina and tapped her. “Wait, why are we spying on those two?” she asked confused.

“Why not?” Erina responded in a carefree manner. “They’re cute together”

Haruna shook her head countless times. “No, no, no, what I mean is wasn’t the original mission to spy on Fukumura because of Masaki” she pointed at the second friend who was sitting quietly on the other side of Erina. “I thought we were going to try and score for her”

Erina blinked for a while and remained mum. “Score?” she asked, still not fully processing the words of her friend. “Are you using the right expression?”

“I don’t think it matters in this situation,” Haruna said calmly.

“You mean the love letter?” Erina recalled their original plan and nodded at herself, as if answering the question instead of waiting for Haruna’s. “I see”

“I didn’t say anything yet” Haruna deadpanned.

“Well, let’s find Fukumura then” Erina declared as she stood up from the bushes with no shame, even though they were in the middle of their school’s meeting area, where people eat or chat. She casually dusted the leaves off herself and looked down at the two. “Well… Are you getting up?”

Haruna gave an empty chuckle; it was almost like a scoff. “Wait, isn’t your pacing a bit strange?” she cocked her head to the side. “And, why would we come out when it’ll make us look like a bunch of perverts who are desperate, especially because of your stupid binoculars” she grabbed Sato Masaki, and exited the scene by crawling through the back where the little gardens were. It led to the back of the school gym, which made it convenient to go around places. “Let’s go, Masaki. Who is that weird girl anyways?”

Masaki just shrugged her shoulders and followed Haruna. Erina looked at the pair then looked at the people who were gathered in the school’s ‘central square’ like place. They all looked at her and cowered a bit whenever she made eye contact. She could feel her face going red, “Hey!” she yelled at her friends who were disappearing into the secret path they came by.


“Riho, it’s you’re birthday soon, is there anything you want?” Ishida Ayumi asked coyly.

Sayashi Riho just hummed in response. “I’m not sure… There’s nothing in particular that I can think of right now” she looked at Ayumi and smiled. “But, I’m sure whatever you give me will be great. Since it’s from you after all, I’ll be bound to love it”

Ayumi blushed and looked down to the ground to hide it. “I see, then that’s good to hear. I’ll get you something great then!” she soundly burst into excitement.

Riho just chuckled at the girl. “You’re adorable you know that”

That soft tone of an almost whisper, and the gentle demeanor Riho wore as she said that made Ayumi’s heart stop for a second. It was so precious. The light smile, and the warm eye contact; it all made Ayumi melt a bit inside. It’s like falling for the same person all over again.

“Are you planning to do anything on your birthday?” Ayumi asked as she recovered from the mini heart attack she just suffered.

“Not much, probably a family dinner though” Riho said. “But, I was thinking of making time in the day to spend with you”

There it is again. That natural flow in the way Riho said that and that soft tone got Ayumi again. Even though they’ve dated for a year now, it still gets to her. How can Riho get her all vulnerable in the blink of an eye always seemed like an unsolved mystery. “Oh really? Where you planning anything?”

“Nah, I thought this time we should just, you know, go with the flow”

“That’s sounds nice and relaxing”

“It will be and I can’t wait to hear you sing happy birthday to me at the karaoke” Riho said with a grin.

“We’re going to a karaoke?” Ayumi asked alert. She was already mentally planning out her training schedule for the next week.

“We might” Riho whispered.

Ayumi got it now. Riho just had this charm of calming her surroundings, and that’s why Ayumi always felt so free around Riho. She could enjoy the wind and it feels rejuvenating after been with Riho. Even just a minute would be enough to take away all her stress, anger, and negative emotions. Ayumi just smiled at Riho, who was closing her eyes and enjoying the wind. It really is a magical feeling.

“Well, my voice will be awesome when the time comes”

Riho chuckled. “I’ll be looking forward to it then”


“Kudo” a voice echoed in the school pool.

Kudo Haruka finished her lap and looked up, she took her goggles off. “Mizuki? What is it?” she asked in her husky voice as she hopped out the pool and went to her belongings to get a towel.

Fukumura Mizuki followed and stretched out her arm. “Here” she offered a towel to the younger girl. Kudo took it and thanked Mizuki. Mizuki watched as the younger girl took off her swimming cap and started to towel dry herself a bit. “I…” she began but paused.

Haruka stopped what she was doing and looked at the elder one. “You?”

Mizuki took a deep breath. “I think I love Riho”

There was silence. Haruka just stared at Mizuki. “Riho?” was the only thing that came out of her mouth. “But, she’s…”

“I know that she’s dating Ayumi, but I can’t keep all these emotions in any longer” Mizuki said, her eyes were determined and her tone was firm. Mizuki looked Haruka in the eyes. “And, you’re the same aren’t you?”

Haruka looked at the girl confused. “What?”

“Don’t play dumb” Mizuki said. “You love Ayumi, don’t you?”

Haruka held the eye contact longer than needed after that until she finally broke it off. “What are you saying? We’re just childhood friends, nothing more”

“You’re lying”

Haruka clenched her jaws. “Why are you so confident that I am?”

“I would know. I’m older, and you’re my sister. I can tell, it’s written all over you’re face. Every time Ayumi talks about how great Riho is to you, you look so…” Mizuki stopped. It was reminding her of Riho.

Haruka inhaled deeply, “Look, we’re just friends. And, we don’t even have the same mother. Please, don’t talk as if we do” she gave back the towel. “I don’t know what you’re planning to do, but if you end up being the reason that Riho has to hurt Ayumi. I won’t forgive either of you”

Mizuki just sighed. “Since when did our relationship get so bad?”

“I don’t know…”

“You hardly come visit nowadays during the holidays,” Mizuki said with concern.

Haruka collected her belongings and turned away. “I’m not welcomed anyways”


“This is your chance” Erina ushered as she nudged Masaki in the side.

Masaki flinched and eyed the girl. “What?”

“It looks like something intense just happened between Kudo and Fukumura. This is your chance to go comfort her or something,” Erina explained as she continued to keep an eye on Fukumura. She peered through the window. “She’s leaving. Go!” Erina demanded as she lightly pushed Masaki.

“Um, can you guys hurry” Haruna interrupted.

“Why?” Erina asked nonchalantly looking down at the girl.

“I don’t think I can support you two’s wait any longer” Haruna said as she struggled to stay in a table position as the other two stood on her back to reach the height of the window of the swimming pool’s building. 

“Can’t be helped then, go Masaki” Erina shoved the girl. “There one person should be fine”

Masaki jumped off. “Are you sure?”

“It’s worth a shot. Go for it!” Erina cheered as she bobbed up and down.

“Hey, stop moving so much you’ll break my back!” Haruna scolded.

“Ah, sorry” Erina stuck out her tongue playfully and waved her hand at Masaki to signal her to go. “We’ll wait here and see the progress. Now, hurry”

“Okay” Masaki nodded and ran off.

Haruna just looked at the girl run off. “She’s not as hyper when we talk about emotions, huh?”

“Yeah, she’s not like me after all” Erina replied.

“I hope so, we only need one KY god here” Haruna commented. “It’s so frustrating sometimes, actually why do you even lead these operations? Ah, you might’ve misread the situation just now too”

Erina’s eyes widened. “Ah, true”

Haruna rolled over and made Erina fall off. “Idiot!”



Mizuki turned around to see whose voice it was. “Ah, Maa. What is it?”

Masaki fiddled with her hands behind her back. What should I do? Masaki panicked as she tried brainstorming for ideas, without seeming suspicious. “Um…” she looked at Mizuki who was looking back waiting for the rest of the sentence. “Um, want to see a magic trick?”

“Huh?” Mizuki said with surprise. “Sure” she smiled.

Thank god, Masaki thought. She has those magic sponge ball stuff in her blazer pocket, taking them out she cleared her throat. “Here’s one ball”

Mizuki nodded.

Masaki closed her hand into a fist and waved her other hand around it. She clicked and opened her hands. “Now, there’s two!” she announced.

“Whoa, you actually did it!” Mizuki exclaimed with excitement.

Masaki walked closer and waved her hands again this time at Mizuki’s face. She clicked. “Now, you have a red nose” she said with a gentle smile.

Mizuki touched the nose and laughed. “Ah, I do!” she exclaimed.

The noise died down as Mizuki took off the nose and handed it over to Masaki. “You’re amazing” she complimented.

“Thanks” Masaki said sheepishly. “You seemed worried about something so… I thought I’d relieve the stress. If you have any troubles, I’m always here to listen to them. But, if you don’t want to talk about it, I can just show you more magic tricks” she said, as she flashed a smile at the end.

Mizuki smiled. “Thank you… really”

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?)
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Hhaha this is so funny and interesting :)

I love the pairing of Ayumi and Riho !!! Dont break them please haha

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?)
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Maa with a crush on Fuku-chan is too cute!

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?)
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Ah!! i saw this on tumblr! Lol
I really like it!!!!
This web of relationships will be interesting cause it could turn out to be whatever it wants!! And that's my fav kind of scenario lol
Lol I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter, keep up the great work!

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Re: もしもし。
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OMG been waiting for another story like this! Please post the new chapters when it is convenient to do...I totally love such "Love stories" between 9th and 10th gen!  :lol:
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Re: もしもし。(Hello?)
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^Please don't quote an entire post, Otherwise the thread will turn into a wall of text. XD

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?)
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Here's the next chapter! :)

And, thanks for all the readers! I'm glad you're all enjoying it so far :D


When it comes to M.M Academy, the nation’s most renowned performing arts school, it comes down to the busy timetables for students. Normal academic scores is very important hence the high ranking in the country, even as performing arts school. Students live in the school dorms, and it’s only because of the late night trainings and early morning classes. The school includes everything and helps people find what they want to specialize in, whether it is composition or acting.

“Hey, wake up” Suzuki Kanon kicked her roommate, who was sleeping like a baby and wrapped up tightly in her sheets. “Isn’t she hot? It’s the middle of summer,” Kanon said to herself. The girl moaned as she rolled in her bed. Kanon just watched. Still not awake. “Hey” she kicked again. Still nothing. She sighed and ambled to the bathroom, filled a glass up with cold water and returned back to her friend’s bedside. “Sayashi” she kicked again. Nothing. Kanon raised the glass and poured it onto the girl’s face. “Wake up”

Riho squirmed and sat up, opening her eyes slowly. “What is it?” she whispered, her voice still unable to come out completely.

“Morning classes, you’re going to be late” Kanon reminded to half asleep girl and shook her head. “It’s amazing how you’re the top in the dance department,” she said. “You’re fans would love to see that sleeping face of yours”

“Then, you’re lucky”

Kanon turned around. “Ah, you’re finally up”

Riho yawned as she waddled to the bathroom to face her face and brush her teeth. The door clicked closed as Kanon just organized her school bag for the day and checked her timetable. “Ah, I’m on the west block today” she said with disappointment. The dorms are on the east block, so trekking all the way over to the west for classes was never really pleasing, no to mention the fact that the school campus is huge.

“Hey, which block are you in today?” Kanon asked from outside the bathroom.

“North, I think”

“Ah, lucky, you’re close to the cafeteria” Kanon whined with envy. “I’m never in the north block”

“Really? Aren’t you on Wednesdays?”

“Only on my C schedule, which hasn’t been happening for a while”

Every student has three schedules (A, B & C). It doesn’t really mean much, except it was made during the entrance exams and is filled with classes the teachers think the students need to improve on. It’s a special timetable, which acts as an extra on certain weeks. It’s like the timetable for everyone’s extracurricular activities. 

“Maybe you’ve improved on your C classes, so their putting it on halt”

“Well, I have been acing those classes for a while” Kanon said sadly. “But, the cafeteria line is always long, only north block people get the good food”

Riho just laughed. “I’ll buy your share today too then… in case you don’t make it”

“Really?” Kanon said with joy. “Ah, I knew it. You’re the only person who understands my relationship with food”

The door opened and Riho smiled at her friend. “Well, food is a necessity”

Kanon nodded furiously. “Yes, yes”

“Well, I’ll get going then” Riho waved as she exited the room. “Oh, shouldn’t you leave about now too. You’re all the way west aren’t you? That’s like a forty minute walk”

“I know right” Kanon sniffed. “Wish me luck”


“Riho said that she’s going to get a date ready on her birthday, so we can celebrate together” Ayumi said dreamily. “Duu, do you think I should get a new set of clothes?”

Haruka rested her head on her arms, which were folded on the edge of the swimming pool. Her head stuck out from the water as she tilted her head to the side. “Hm, I don’t think so. You look fine in anything,” she said casually.

Ayumi who was squatting down by the pool playfully slapped her childhood friend. “Ah, you’re embarrassing me”

Haruka just smiled. “I’m sure Riho thinks the same”

“Ah, well we have been dating for a year” Ayumi said as she looked up to the glass ceiling of the swimming pool. “But, it feels just like yesterday. It feels so surreal”

Haruka gave a laugh, “You really are in love, aren’t you Ishida. I’ve never seen you like this, so dreamy and stuff” she paused. “It’s like you’re in a different world now”

“I heard that’s what love does to a girl,” Ayumi said. She looked Haruka suddenly having a serious expression. “Hey, do you have someone you like?”

Haruka didn’t speak. But for some reason the first word to pop into her mind was ‘you’. It shocked her. She diverted her line of sight. No way, she thought. There’s no way she’d like Ayumi. She took a peak at the older girl, who was still looking at her with anticipation. “Nope, I don’t really”

“Liar” Ayumi retorted as she pouted at Haruka and poked the girl’s forehead. “Why would you take so long to answer then?”

“I was thinking…” Haruka said.

“Thinking?” Ayumi narrowed her eyes. “Is it because you have so many girls flocking round over your boyish looks that you play with them from time to time? You were wondering if you actually liked any of them weren’t you? Player”

“Hey, don’t make a whole story up by yourself. It’s not like that and I don’t like anybody,” Haruka argued as she splashed some water on Ayumi’s face. “What are you going to give her then?”

“I struggling with that” Ayumi said as she wiped the excess water off her face. “She said anything would be fine… as long as it’s from me” she whispered shyly the last part as she looked down and started the twirl her finger in the water.

Haruka just stared at the bashful friend. She wore a coy smile as she thought about the all the happy possibilities on her girlfriend’s birthday. Haruka felt a tug at her chest. This was the first time she didn’t enjoy seeing Ayumi smile because of Riho. She didn’t like it at all, but she couldn’t say anything. Mizuki’s words rushed back into her head. ‘You love Ayumi, don’t you?’ Haruka scoffed. Impossible, she thought. It’s probably just immaturity on her side, maybe something stupid like friendship jealousy. Haruka nodded to herself, confirming her thoughts.

“I think what she’s saying is true though” Haruka finally spoke amidst the silence.

“I guess… But, I want to know what she actually wants. You know what I mean?” Ayumi explained her concerns over the birthday present she’s still having troubles with. “She’s normally the listener and I always think that she doesn’t express herself enough” 

“Well, I think she’s just a more private person then. Not that she doesn’t trust you, but it’s a more personal problem, like she doesn’t feel comfortable with expression” Haruka assured. “Nothing too serious, just give her time. And, maybe lightly knock her a bit once in a while”

Ayumi stopped twirling her finger and looked at Haruka. She smiled. It was a simple smile. It was a smile that Haruka saw almost everyday of her life, but for some reason it made time stop around them. Haruka couldn’t pull her eyes away. She knew she was staring but she couldn’t stop. It was mesmerizing. What’s even worse is neither of them said a word. It was suffocating and Haruka wanted to say something. But, the atmosphere that was slowly building up just doesn’t allow for that. It’s one of those weird feelings where she wants to look away but can’t, and wants to talk but can’t. All she could do was being struck with awe.

“You know, Riho is my first love” Ayumi informed quietly, still not breaking eye contact with Haruka. “Do you think we’ll last?” she asked.

“Of course…” Haruka gave a bitter smile. “You’re happy around her”

“Thanks, let’s head to class now”


“How was it?” Erina nudged Masaki as she slid her way into the girl’s vision.

“How was what?” Masaki asked.

Erina furrowed her eyebrows. “Don’t play dumb. Fukumura… How was it with Fukumura yesterday?”

“Fine” Masaki’s short answer made her friend narrow her eyes. She just smiled and pushed Erina’s face away. “I can’t see the board”

“Oh, getting shy are we?” Erina edged on. She wiggled her eyebrows and gave an annoying grin.

Masaki jerked her head. “No I’m not. It was normal, we just talked”

“Talked?” Erina nodded her way back to her seat, which was beside Masaki’s. “I see,” she said sarcastically. “Ah, sounds boring to me”

“It wasn’t. It was nice” Masaki stated her tone carrying a stronger character.

Erina shot the same annoying grin again. “Hm, nice? That’s good to know” she slid her way over to her friend’s side again.

Masaki just sighed and shoved Erina’s face again. “I can’t see the board”

Erina restrained this time however, and refused to be pushed back. “Haw, noice” she said incoherently as her friend’s bare hands were literally pancaked her face. “I wif I wos thar!” her voice was getting louder by the second. Students slowly started to stop work and peek over once in a while to see what’s going on. And, all they saw was a war. A full out war; Masaki turned her body completely to the side and used both hands to try and push her friend away, while Erina had her hands gripped on the sides of her desk to give more support to her body weight and tried to push Masaki’s hands away with her face. It was quite a childish war.

“I can’t see the board,” Masaki repeated.

“Then, jus tarn arand” Erina replied with the same mispronounced words.

“No, you stop barging over to my territory” Masaki retorted.

“There’s no such thing as territory in the classroom” Erina responded.

Masaki didn’t speak. Erina’s words were perfect just then. “Whoa…” she murmured. Her arms subconsciously loosened and Erina crashed through on full throttle. Masaki tried not to fall off her seat and flailed her arms around, but failed. Erina also tried to regain balance by tightening her grip on her desk but also failed. The two toppled over and the sound of clashing chairs and a desk echoed through the lecture hall. Everyone halted their actions and all eyes were on the two who were fooling around.

The teacher who was down the bottom who was teaching music theory cleared her throat. She glared at the two students who were laughing nervously at the back. “Out. NOW” she demanded.

“Yes, yes” Erina and Masaki hurriedly got on their feet and straightened their uniform with trembling hands. They kept on bowing their heads as they made their way to the exit of the classroom. “Sorry” they whispered before leaving the room.

The teacher sighed as she went back to teaching. “Gosh, even though they have so much potential”


“Ah, Erina and Maa” Haruna walked up to the two. “Why are you to standing outside?”

“We had a war,” Erina said with burning eyes of fury. “It was so intense”

Haruna slapped the girl across the head. “Stop playing during class”

“She was the one who kept shoving me though” Erina immediately got her child voice on and pointed at the girl next to her. “She started it”

Masaki gasped in disbelief. “You were blocking my view and distracting me, always asking about Fukumura”

Haruna and Erina stared at Masaki with sparkling eyes. “So, how was it?”

Masaki looked at them confused. What was this development? They’re such fast topic jumpers. She gulped at the hungry expressions that were laid on her. “We... just had a talk”

“Continue” Haruna urged as she clasped her hands together. “Anything else? Like, a kiss, a hug… or even both!” she exclaimed.

“This isn’t a drama” Masaki killed her friend’s excitement. “We really just talked, basically”

“What a let down” Haruna slouched her back. “I was hoping for some action”

“You did magic tricks didn’t you?” Erina asked. “Did she like it?”

“Well, she seemed amused” Masaki said.

“Then, I guess it’s all good” Erina said as she returned back to normal. “Ah, why are you out here by the way?” she directed her question at the older friend, Haruna. “How about class?”

“Ah, I got kicked out too” she casually said. “I was distracting the other’s too much. Well, it’s not my fault I’m funny”

“And, you were going to lecture us” Erina said with her arms crossed.

“I didn’t have a war,” Haruna argued. “I was just too good at talking, I lured everyone in” she said with pride in her voice.

“What are you?” Masaki asked. “Luring a bunch of girls into your weird conversations. It sounds sketchy to me”

“Hey, I’m a very safe person”

“Sure sounds like it” Erina rolled her eyes and her tone was filled with sarcasm. “So safe”   


“So, this is a combined class for modeling” the instructor crossed her arm. “This is very important if you want to break into the modeling industry. Finding the right camera angles, finding your own style and selling the clothes. You need to convince the viewers that they have to buy the clothes. Okay?”

The students all nodded as they firmly yelled out ‘yes’. The instructor smiled at the enthusiasm. “Good, today will be group shots. The point this time is to shine together. There’s no point in shining alone, try to utilize everybody’s characteristics into the shot” she paused and scanned the group of students she had. “Ah, Kudo” she said.

Haruka stepped forward from the line that she was lined up in. “Yes?” she responded.

“You’re quite established in the modeling industry already so you will go with other experienced people. You’ll be with Sayashi who has quite the exposure as a backup dancer and appeared in quite a few commercials, though not as much as you. And, Ishida will also be in the group. She’s quite established as dancer too” the instructor nodded at her own decision. “All of you have experience in front of the camera, so I expect a lot from you three”

Sayashi and Ishida stepped out too. The three nodded. “We will not disappoint” Riho assured as she bowed in the process too.

Haruka looked over to Ayumi who had a wide grin on her face. She was so happy to be with Riho, Haruka thought, why’s she so easy to read? Haruka then looked at Riho and saw the seriousness in her eyes. Well, that’s expected. Riho has always being the more serious type when it comes to her job and studies. They all were actually. It’s just Riho’s stands out a bit more.

“Now choose your theme for the shoot from the box” the instructor ushered as she pulled out a box from behind and shook it a bit. “Kudo, you do it”

Haruka walked up and put her hand into the box. She moved from paper to paper and tried to dig a bit deeper into the pile that was inside. She settled on a piece and pulled it put. She unfolded the paper, which was neatly in half and read it. Haruka gulped as the words slowly revealed itself.

“Read it out” the instructor said.

Haruka turned around and looked at Ayumi. “Lust” she saw it all at that moment. Riho’s inner shock, Ayumi’s confusion and she felt her own anxiety.

“Our theme is lust,” she repeated quietly.   

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 2
« Reply #8 on: July 21, 2013, 02:57:45 PM »
Gosh King you're sucking me in further and further with this fantastic story! Please keep up the good work...I'm looking forward to the future chapters of this intriguing novel!  :thumbsup

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 2
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Hello this is great!! :)

Please update soon and please don't ruin Riho x Ayumi  :nervous

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 2
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Hello this is great!! :)

Please update soon and please don't ruin Riho x Ayumi  :nervous

Yes yes Riho x Ayumin is da best! *melts*  :heart:  :twothumbs

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 2
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Omg I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 2
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Me too I want an update so bad!! :)

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 2
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wow, your story is totally great author-san..

I really love ayumi-riho couple but I like haruka too..

you make me anxious about how they photoshoot will turn out :)

please update soon  :bow:

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 3
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Sorry for the late update guys~

I was on a strings tour... But, now I'm back and ready to go!  :D


“We need to keep our emotions in check. Treat this as work, okay Ayumi?” Riho said sternly as she rested her hands on Ayumi’s shoulders. Ayumi nodded obediently and smiled at Riho as confirmation that she has it all under control. And, everyone believed Ayumi. Riho did and Haruka did. But, Haruka didn’t trust herself. She looked away from the two and lightly slapped herself. She needed to concentrate more than anyone.

Haruka walked up to the two. “So, any ideas for the concept?”

“Well, I was thinking of the temptation type concept” Riho began to explain. “For example, you and I are seducing Ayumi, and she is resisting us. We represent lust basically and she represents the person whose trying to push us away”

Haruka nodded. “Okay, let’s go with that. It’s simple and straightforward”

Ayumi agreed and the three went up to the photo-shoot area. The school obviously prepared a professional fashion photographer who has experience in the field. The stakes were quite high, as everyone expects lots from their school. Only the talented should be in the school after all. The quick discussion after the styling was all they needed to prepare. They all knew what to do. They were some the only few students who have actually already made a debut in the entertainment industry. They all trusted each other to know exactly what to do.

Riho had no hesitation and pounced into her role. Haruka, seeing that, did the same. She was so close to Ayumi. She felt as though this is the first time she is consciously aware of her proximity with the older girl. She ignored all of her senses churning; she ignored everything. She needed to make sure she wasn’t the one who held them back, and as a model herself it would be disgraceful to her title.

“That’s good,” the photographer said. “Fabulous. I’m really feeling the emotions here,” he continued to compliment.

Haruka gulped, as she smelt the shampoo of Ayumi’s hair and felt the soft skin. It’s not the first time she’s done it; it’s just the first time she’s taking extra notice of it. Suddenly, she looked over to Riho and made eye contact with the other girl. Their eye contact was carried out for quite a while. Haruka didn’t even try to stop.

“That was great just now, that eye contact. It was very intense” the photographer commented. “That would really convey to the viewers”

The three continued on and Ayumi tried her best to keep up. She already knew the two beside her are powerhouses. Riho is a perfectionist and a very experienced dancer, while Haruka is a very experience actress-model. All Ayumi ever got was a few commercials and mainly did choreography behind the scenes. Her experience in the spotlight is quite low compared to the other two. She has worked with the two before; she choreographed for Riho once and acted with Haruka once too. They were both just so talented that it blew her away. A lot of the time, she feels overshadowed when around the two alone, but now both of them are with her. The aura that spread through the atmosphere was unbelievable. It was nearly suffocating for her.

“Okay last shot!” the photographer called out.

The three did one last pose and bowed professionally to excuse themselves from the set. It was a very fast photo shoot, compared to the ones that Haruka would go to. “That was good” Riho said.

Haruka just nodded. “Yeah, it was”

“You two were amazing. I could barely keep up” Ayumi chimed.

The two looked at the girl. “You were great” Riho and Haruka said in unison. Haruka looked at Riho and saw the girl looking at her too. Haruka cleared her throat. “Anyways, you were great. What are you saying?”

“Well, I hope I improved at least”

“You have” the two replied in unison again. Riho gave a quick gaze at Haruka and returned her attention back to Ayumi. “You must have. You try so hard, I sometimes envy your determination” Riho continued.

Ayumi laughed awkwardly at the situation she was stuck in. “I hope” she said. The two seemed very tense to her. I wonder if something happened between them, Ayumi thought. She looked back and forth between her girlfriend and her childhood friend.

“Well, I’ll go ahead then,” Haruka, said during the silence, which occurred without any of them even realizing. She smiled at Ayumi and then did a small head bow at Riho. “Bye”

Ayumi looked at her confused. “Hey, where do you need to go?”

“Swim practice” Haruka called from afar.

“But, you just did some this morning…” Ayumi whispered to herself.


“Yo, Fukumura” Kanon called out from the corridors of the building they were in.

Mizuki stopped and turned. “Ah, Kanon. I haven’t seen you in a while”

“Yeah, I know right. You were always up north with Riho, while I was thrown to the west” Kanon complained. “Well, why you here today? It’s a rare sight”

“I got transferred to my C schedule. The A schedule was getting boring anyways” Mizuki gave a chuckle. “But, C is all lectures, which can get a bit routine”

“Oh, really? What classes are on your C schedule?”

“Theory of Music and Literature”

“That’s a very small timetable. Lucky” Kanon said. “I have like a million things on mine”

Mizuki just laughed. “A million? That sounds hard”

“It is” Kanon whined. “It’s sad sometimes, because I get no free time”

“Well, you could always go to Maa and see magic tricks to cheer you up” Mizuki informed the younger girl. “She’s quite good. I didn’t know she had it in her”

Kanon tilted her head. “Sato? She can do magic tricks?”

Mizuki nodded. “Quite fun ones too”

“That’s surprising” Kanon said. “I thought she was into equestrian, and didn’t have time for stuff like that”

“Well, she found the time to learn magic tricks” Mizuki said. “She came to cheer me up one day with them. She was so cute”

Kanon just nodded slowly. “Maybe I’ll try one day too”

“You should, my recommendation”


“Hey, guess what?” Erina suddenly started as she found the silence a bit unbearable.

“What?” Haruna deadpanned, still staring into the space before her.

“What do you do when you see a spaceman?” Erina asked.

“What?” Masaki replied with utmost sarcastic excitement. “I don’t know, please tell me,” her sarcasm continued in the most cringing manner. It was almost sarcastic sarcasm, if that makes any sense.

“You park your car man!” Erina exclaimed.

Silence engulfed once again. Everyone knew; knew that it was lame. Erina stared into space, Haruna stared into space, and Masaki stared into space. The three remained silent. It returned to the original situation and Erina mentally sighed at her failure. But, it can’t be helped; she didn’t have the mindset to actually try lift the mood of boredom.

“No…” a simple whisper from Haruna resonated through the air. “Just no…”

“Shut up” Erina retorted quietly.

“I didn’t know you sucked that much either” Masaki stated in the background. “Disappointed”

Erina jerked to Masaki. “You too, shut up”

“How about this one?” Masaki began. “You can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish”

A chuckle. Erina glared at the older girl. “No” she whispered in disbelief.

Another chuckle. Erina shot another glare, this time to the other girl. “Not you too, it’s your own joke”

“How about this one?” Haruna continued the joke trend. “There was a baby olive and mama olive. They crossed a road, but a truck crashed baby olive. Mama olive turned around in shock and asked, ‘oh my god, are you okay?” and the baby olive said, ‘olive’”

A chuckle. Erina rolled her eyes. “Not again”

Another chuckle. Erina sighed. “It’s your own joke, damn it” she slapped the two across the head. “You’re jokes are just as bad as mine”

“Okay, okay” Haruna said, as she stopped chuckling. “But, there’s really nothing to do. And, Fukumura is nowhere in sight so we can’t edge Masaki either”

Erina nodded. “Yeah, the sad lives of the three musketeers”

“ON GUARD!” Masaki screamed suddenly.



Haruka paused in her diving position and tilted her head up. She removed her goggles and stepped off the diving block. “Sayashi?”

“Nice photo shoot by the way, as expected of a experienced model” Riho complimented as she ambled her way to the younger girl. 

Haruka smiled. “Thanks”

Riho stopped before the swimmer and gave the girl a stare before inhaling. “You really kept yourself in check. It’s quite admirable”

Haruka stepped back a bit. She knew; is the first thing that came to Haruka’s mind. “What do you mean?”

“I’ll be frank” Riho started. “But, if I’m not wrong from the many months I’ve been observing you” she paused and gave Haruka a gentle smile. “You like Ayumi”

Haruka didn’t know how to react. It wasn’t even a question; it was a statement. Riho had so much confidence and conviction too. Haruka looked away. “What are you saying?”

“You can say whatever you want to me. But, you can’t lie to yourself” Riho said. “I can tell you like her; love her. You do many things for her, but I just wanted to tell you that I love her too”

Haruka said nothing.

Riho smiled. “Well, now that’s out of the way. Swim for me, I heard you’re really cool when you swim. You even got a fan club”

“You do too” Haruka said, “What stroke?” she recovered quite quickly. Maybe she just wanted Riho to leave quickly.

“Hm, butterfly”

Haruka put on her goggles and stepped back onto the diving block. “Sure”

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 3
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A couple things,
One: The photoshot was great
Second: It seems Mizuki has noticed Maa-chan~~~yay!
Third: I am freaking loving the tension between Riho and Haruka!! I really want to know how strongly Ayumi feels for Haruka though!

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 3
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Please author don't break SayaIshi!  :cry:

Please update soon this is so cool!  8)

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Re: もしもし。(Hello?): Updated - Ch. 3
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A couple things,
One: The photoshot was great
Second: It seems Mizuki has noticed Maa-chan~~~yay!
Third: I am freaking loving the tension between Riho and Haruka!! I really want to know how strongly Ayumi feels for Haruka though!

Technically that's 3 things you mentioned, not a couple as mentioned at the start! LOL!

Please author don't break SayaIshi!  :cry:

Please update soon this is so cool!  8)

Yesh! All of us need the Riho x Ayumin Rabu Rabu to survive!!!

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SayaIshi rabu rabu please !!! Me want a jealous rihoooo !!!

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