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Author Topic: Bochang's scribble collections~[死神の愛 JKT48, ACT ONE, July, 3rd, 2012]  (Read 23705 times)

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Hey guys, because i think i will write not only Infinity and Akhihabara Syndrome, so i think i need this new thread, for my scribble collection such as OS and multiple shots. So i will move my OS to this thread later and this is the index. :3

hope you guys like it~ :D
Prologue: Bellow this post
ACT ONE: Death
ACT THREE: I will always be with you

10 Wishes
Prologue: Prologue

Teaser: Teaser~
Prologue: Prologue
ACT ONE: Friend?
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[ONE prologue, 22 May 2012]
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2012, 01:27:51 PM »
This story is inspired by a manga.. I forgot what the manga is.. but i remember the storyline. :3
The manga is so good, so i think i will make the AKB’s version. Hohoho
I hope you guys like it, and this is only the prologue, please keep it in mind. LOL

i writing this in the middle of exam weeks. LOL

without further adieu~



[Yuki’s POV]

Today is the first day of college after a long holiday. I feel so lazy to get up and preparing myself to go to campus.

Oh right, My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. I’m a sophomore in Literature dept at Tokyo U. I’m also a newbie writer, i’m writing fanfic about AKB in I love AKB so much, and my  oshimen is Matsui Rena. She’s so pretty, eventhough she’s only a trainee, but i really fell in love with her at the first sight when i saw her at the kenkyuusei first theater debut. Oh, what time is it? I’m gonna late, Ciao!

After preparing all my needs, i get out from my apartement and start walking to the bus stop.

Aitakatta! Aitakatta! Aitakatta! Kimi ni!!

I sing along in my thought. It’s my habit to listened music anytime and anywhere, and of course, the song i listened to are AKB’s songs.

I wait for the traffic light turns to red, at the intersection near my rent, still listening to my ipod, until i recognize someone.

Could it be?

I glace at the person next to me.

R-Rena?! MATSUI RENA-SAN! Uwah! She’s so pretty! What is she doing on this place? Don’t tell me she’s living around here? OMG! Why I didn’t know about this before!! Uwah! Eh? Why she looks so sad? Is she troubled or something?

I lost in my thought as i keep staring at her until she starts to cross the road.

Eh?! Oh, it’s already green i think.

When i start to cross the road following my oshimen, and then i heard something.

A car’s honk?

I turned my head and look at the source of the sounds. I saw a bus moves so fast towards me. I can’t react and the last thing i felt is pain all over my body.. and my eyes filled with darkness.


[Rena’s POV]

I woke up and found myself lying on the floor in my room.

“Aish.. Why i keep fainting these days..”, i grumbled as i trying to stand up, but my legs giving me up.

“ahhh... Hiahh!!”, i tried with all my power to stand up and the result is i stand for about three seconds before i wobbly fell again to the hard cold floor.

Is my time’s already up?

I tried to sat up and leaning to the bed next to me.

“Once again! Hiah!!”, this time i successfully stand up and sat on my bed.

So, what time is this?

I turn my head to look at the clock on the desk beside my bed. It only a few seconds until i realized that it’s already 8.AM

“UWAHHH!!! I’M LATE! I’M LATE!!!” I rushed into the bathroom and took a quick shower and brush my teeth. Not long after it, i prepared all my books, change clothes, everything for my class and this afternoon training.

I hope it’s not that late... Katherine sensei is so scary..

I close my room’s door and locked it before i rushed all the way down to the ground floor using the stairs. I’m wondering too, why i can run as fast as that, but earlier, i can’t even properly stand up. Ah, whatever, all in my mind right now is arrive at my class as soon as possible. Katherine sensei is a sadist, i won’t get out alive from her class if i'm late.

After a few minutes i’m already arrived at the intersection near my apartement, but the traffic light still green. I’m so panicked that before it turns to red, i already cross the roads.

When i’m in the middle of the road, i can heard a car’s honk.


Before i can turn my head to the sound’s direction, i felt pain all over my body.

Prologue End~

So, what do you think? :3
And, please don’t kill me. LOL
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(for writing, next term gonna start and lack of inspiration ==" Yeorobuen, Mianhaeyo)

My fanfic:
Infinity and some OS (Ongoing, Chapter 13 Released)
Akibahara Syndrome (Ongoing, Chapter 2 Released)
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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE prologue, 22 May 2012]
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2012, 02:43:55 PM »
oppa, I just had to comment even though I'm busy. YukiRena is the pairing after all. I'll comment more later, when I switch on my laptop.

and one more thing....

Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE prologue, 22 May 2012]
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2012, 04:56:23 PM »
Lol, Yukirin's a fan and Rena is the idol.  :P

Let see...judging from the end...are they going to switch bodies?  :? That could be interesting to read. Whatever it is, I'm waiting for the first chapter  :thumbsup

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE prologue, 22 May 2012]
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2012, 06:36:42 PM »
I think like you a body switch would be interesting ^^

By the way, It is from which manga?

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Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
« Reply #5 on: May 24, 2012, 05:09:37 AM »
Ahahaha eventhough i'm in the middle of exams week, but i can't control the urge to write this fic. LOL so i ended up finished the first Act of this story. :3

I forgot the title of the manga, i will searched it later, and tell you guys at the end of this story, so there won't be any spoiler. hohoho


@Muwi: Ah, thank you for dropping by eventhough you're busy. and YukiRena fic is the perfect bait to make you, Min-chan, and Sieka-san to come out. :p Sorry for using your name. :3 is it okay? if not, i will change it. :) Hope you enjoy this fic. and I haven't finished the latest T.A.F. chapter since it's too long! LOL Thank you for the update hime-sama  :bow:

@spicy sapphire: Yup. :3 Well, the character won't be the same i modify their personality a little bit (?). LOL really? switch body? Just read this chapter then Spicy-san. It'll answer your curiousity. =3 enjoy! and thank you for the comment.

@kahem: switch body? :3 It'll be interesting if one of them is a guy, but since it's girl x girl pairing, i think this is better. :3 I kinda forgot the title.. and the author too.. It's already too old i think, and it's a one shot. :3
i hope you enjoy this chapter, and hank you for the comment kahem-san

so without further adieu


Act One


[Yuki POV]


I started to open my eyes and stare into the sky. The sky’s color is not blue. It’s grey and there aren’t any clouds in the sky. I tried to sat up and as far as i can see, there’s nothing. Simply nothing.  Only a vast blank void.

Where am i...

“Hey”, i heard an angelic voice near me. “What is this place?”

“Eh?”, I said, surprised to hear the voice.

I turn around and found my angel sitting on the ground behind me. She looks worried and confused.

“A-ah! R-Rena sama!”, i shocked in disbelief

“Rena sama?”, she said before she giggled

I can feel the blood start to rush into my cheeks as i embarrasing myself in front of her.

Nice job Yuki..

“How do you know my name?”, she said with a smile

“Ah.. Ano... I’m.. I’m your fan.”, i said with a shy smile

“Really? I never thought i would have any fan.”, she said. “Thank you. Hmmm.. What’s your name?”

“My name is Y-AH!”, i said before i saw something moves towards us from the edge of the void

“KYA! What is that!!”, Rena panicked as she saw it too

That ‘something’ wore a torn black cape that concealed it’s body and face. It also brought a big scythe with blood dropping from it’s sharp edge. It moves very fast and before i know it, this thing already stood in front of us.

“Who are you!”, i tried to defend the scared Rena behind me.

“Easy ladies.”, a calm man voice speaks towards us

The ‘thing’ open his hood and show his perfect handsome face. I froze in awe as i stare into him, observing. His face looks so perfect, he looks like Lee Min Ho in City Hunter drama, his long black hair is tied it into a pony tail. His ears are long, not like humans, maybe like Legolas, the elf-prince in the Lord of The Ring Movie. His eyes is so calm, so soothing, but at the same time, it’s showing rage, fear, and ruthless.

“Ahem”, he tried to gain our attention. “Sorry if i disturbing your observation ladies, but i have something to-“

“Who are you?”, said Rena behind me, cutting his talks

“Me?”, he said with a smirk. "I have many names, for many cultures address me as such."

His voice was different now, his voice become more serious.

"I am neither the Light nor the Shadow. I am sometimes called a God, or maybe a messenger of the Devil.."

He started to move his arms in graceful movements as he spoke.

"The scared and weak fear me, while the brave and strong welcome me. I am the Chooser, the Decider, the Judge.”

He bow to us and with a magnificent smile.”Welcome to the Void.”

“Oh, you guys can call me, Death.”

His last sentence struck me down as i remember what happened before. I get crushed by a bus at the intersection before.

So... I’m dead?

“NO! You must be kidding me!!!”, Rena yelled at him

“So.. w-we a-re d-.. dead?”, i stuttered as i tried to asked him

“Yes, the two of you are simply dead.”, he said with another smile.

How can he speak such a serious matter with a smile?

“NO!!!!! I STILL HAVE MANY THINGS TO DO!!” yelled Rena

“ME TOO! I HAVE READERS TO WRITE FOR!", I joined Rena and yelled to him

“Sorry, but that’s the fact.”, he said with his usual calm tone.

“Actually..” he started. “There’s something wrong that you guys sent here.”

“This place is the Void. The place that exist between Heaven and Hell. Usually, you will be sent into either Heaven or Hell, but since you ended up here, there must be something wrong.”, he explained

“I don’t get it”, i said to him, Rena keeps holding my hands and i can felt that she is shivering. I gripped her hand tighter to reassure her that i’m with her. I turn around and saw her worried looks. Her face became so pale and i can see the tears accumulate in her beautiful eyes.”

“Ah..”, he exclaimed. “so that is the problem.”, he start to nodded his head up and down as he understand the problem

“I..”, he started, “Will give you guys another chance to live.”

“Eh?”, i exclaimed

“Yes, but only One of you that can live.“

“What?! I don’t understand!”, I said to him with anger in my voice

“So basically this is a game.”, he smiled before he continued, “You will have another 7 days to live..”

I speechless when i heard his last word

“So we will still dead after 7 days?”, Rena said with a worried tone

“No.”, he smirked

“So?”, i wondering what is in his thought.

“Only one of you that can continue to live after 7 days.”

“WHAT!?” both of us shocked in disbelief.

“and both of you have to decide, 'who shall live' in those 7 days i gave.”, he said.

“Isn’t it interesting?”, he said with a big grin that plastered on his face.


The area we were standing on suddenly started to get brighter, blinding both of us with a bright white light.

"Ah, so the game already started. Until that day. your entire Life will be shared." said him. "Make sure not to leave each other's side. And HAVE FUN!", he said with a smile before light consumed us.


Light... all I saw was light...


"Are we at a park?" asked a familiar voice.

I looked around to find Rena sitting next to me again.

Sure enough, we were at a park.

"Yeah..." I nodded. "This is the one that's next to my apartment..."

From where I sat on the floor, I could see the apartment complex I lived at.

I slowly got up, feeling both confused and angry, worried and annoyed.

"Who was that Man?" asked the Rena as I helped her up. "Was it God?"

"Who knows," I answered. "Whatever the case, seems like we are alive."

I took out my cell phone and checked the time. My only class for the day was almost over.

I started to move away, angry that I have to retake all those steps to the campus and hopefully be able to get some notes from a classmate.

"It’s nice to meet you, Rena, I will continue to support you. But now I'm really late for class. So, i think i will leave first.", I said after i bow to her and turn around and walks away from her.

"Hey!", she yelled. "Wait a sec - AAGH!"


Pain. All I felt was pain. It was like my chest was being ripped open and shred into tiny pieces... tearing the flesh from the inside...

I was dying?

"My... heart...", I coughed.

And then nothing.

All I felt was her standing next to me.

"The pain...", I started, feeling exhausted. "It... It stopped..."

"It worked...", said angelic voice behind me. "I guess... we really can't leave each other's side..."

"You mean... like that Man said?", I said, turning to face her.

She gave me a nod.

"So... are lives are really shared then?", I said, remembering what the Man said. "We've become two halves of one life?"

"If that's the case...", started Rena, looking rather scared. "Does that mean... we really have 7 days to decide...?"

"Yeah... One of us will have to die?"

"Then... Then... Then just go and die! I have lots of things to do!"

"No... NO WAY!" I responded. "I have work to do!"

"JUST DIE ALREADY YOU DUMMY!!!", Rena lifted up her right arm, her hand in a fist. And with great strength, slammed her fist into my left shoulder, causing my arm to feel numb.

"OOWW!!!", I shouted.

What was weird was what happened that same exact instant.

"OOWWW!!!", she shouted, rubbing her left shoulder.

"Wh - What's wrong?", I said, feeling confused and worried.

"I think... if you feel it, I feel it too."

"I - I see.", rubbing my shoulder. "This is to prevent us from not trying to kill each other off... probably."

Murderous. I was feeling murderous.

What is she thinking?

[Rena POV]

I guess I just can't kill her off then.

"Just now..." started the pretty girl with her cold voice. "You were feeling 'murderous' weren't you?"

"Wh - Huh?" I responded, blushing while I tried to look innocent. "I... How did you know?"

"I guess we can share emotions too?"

"EW~!" I shrieked, feeling grossed out. "THAT'S CREEPY!"

The pretty girl suddenly looked grossed out too with a big reaction.

"I don't want this either!"

We stood there silently, unsure what to do next.

"Hey... stop feeling awkward, BLACK!!" I said coldly.

"Bla - Black?" She stuttered, pointing her index finger to her face. "I have you know my name is Yuki, Kashiwagi Yuki."

"Oh..." I said.

Yuki... That's pretty! Just like her! But she's very cold! Hmmm... I know! Hehehehe~!

"Well, Black Yuki," I started, giving her my bright smile. "For now, I'm in your care for the week!"


"WOW!", I exclaimed once I entered Yuki's apartment. "Black.. Why do you have so many books?"

Actually, the term "so many books" was an understatement.

The apartment was fairly small, typical for a college student. It felt even more cramped with the entire sky scraper like piles of books towering over my 162 cm body! The piles all neatly lined one side of an entire wall, reaching almost to ceiling. On the opposite wall was a single twin size bed, covered in black sheets. In the center was a short table with a couple of cushions. On top of this table were a cute laptop, some stacks of paper, and a container holding lots of pens and pencils. Off to the side at the foot of the bed were a small kitchen that looked rarely used and a small restroom.

"Hey, I told you to stop calling me Black," she said with her usual cold voice. "As for the books... Um... I like reading..."

"I can see that!" I smiled, fully impressed by her collection and organization.

"Anyway..." started Yuki as she sat on her bed. "Since we can't be apart, I guess we have to stay here... Are you okay with that?"

I started to blush as she said that? Not because I was embarrassed... but because she was!

"Hehehehe!" I giggled. "No worries! It will be like a vacation for me!"

[Yuki’s POV]

Guilt? Why is she feeling guilty?

"It would be weird if I brought you to my house and told my father that you had to stay with me for a week?" Rena explained. "I'll tell him that I'm staying over at a friend's or something like that."

Oh, so she lives with her father.. That's why she was feeling guilty...

"I see.. You're lying."

"You know, it's rude to read everything I feel!", Rena said, sounding angry. "That's like sexual harassment!"

"Se - Sexual harassment?", I stuttered. "Even if you say that.. I can't help it, I feel everything you feel."

"Hahaha~!", she laughed as she sat on my bed to the right of me and wrapped one of her arms around mine. "I'm kidding! Lighten up!"

I started to blush by the sudden body contact but she was too excited to notice my embarrassment.

"We have to make best of the situation!", she said as she smiled brightly.

"Hmmm,", I nodded, slightly smiling.

"Oh! That feels kind of weird," Rena said, rubbing her right arm. "That reminds me."

Rena used her free hand to grab hold of my right hand, turning her body to face me. And out of nowhere, started to rub her soft chest against my shoulder.

"If we really share what we feel.", Rena started, her breaths becoming heavier. "What will happen if I do this? Hehehe!"

Parts of my chest started to become stimulated, within the space in between my cleavage; I can feel MY own hard shoulder! It was so... so perverted.

What's worst. I could feel how much Rena was enjoying herself teasing me.

"AH~! Uh - H - HEY~!", I barely said, my voice wavering. "Wh - Wh - What are... you doing!?"

"HAHAHAHA!" laughed Rena, as she stopped and rubbed her shoulder. "I thought so! Wow... and I felt my own pair on my shoulder too~!"

"You dummy!", I yelled, pushing her away, making her fall off the bed still laughing. "Stop messing around like that!"

I felt so embarrassed.

"Hey, hey, don't be embarrassed!", she smiled. "I'm sorry, alright? I'm just trying to lighting up the mood! We have to share everything now!"

Everything. Oh great.

"Sigh... Anyway, Rena... I'm tired..." I said, letting my body fall to its natural position of sleeping. "Night~..."

"OO~!" went Rena... As she jumped onto my bed right next to me! "Night night~!"

I glared at the smiling girl lying next to me.

"Why can't you sleep on the floor?" I asked coldly.

"Mmmm!" she pouted, doing a shiver motion. "That black heart of yours is crazy!"

"Black h-heart?"

"Yeah! It like... ruthless, cruel, etc! Hehehehe!"

Oh... that...

"Ever since I was young, I've had a problem talking to people...", I told her.

"I see. But hey! You have me now, so let's work on that!"

"Joy..." I said, taking full advantage of my black heart. "So... why can't you sleep on the floor, again?"

"Oh! I can't sleep without hugging something!" she said, hugging my arm again. "Also... I get scared of the dark..."

From today. This girl and my peculiar life style began.

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
« Reply #6 on: May 24, 2012, 10:37:28 AM »
the game is so interesting~
i wonder how will the story go..
but,i don't want either rena or yuki to die..

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
« Reply #7 on: May 24, 2012, 01:40:17 PM »
This is interesting, I like it  :thumbsup ...and YukiRena one of my favorites pairing :)

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
« Reply #8 on: May 24, 2012, 02:42:37 PM »
So rena and yuki need to share soul in 7 day to decide who to live and die...ok what the right solution if i want
This two people still alive?

Or..maybe i prefer to become sadistic..i hope its yuki who die,why?because Rena is my i dont want my oshimen die...



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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
« Reply #9 on: May 24, 2012, 02:48:47 PM »
I think I know the name of this manga. I've read it, and to be frank, its really good. :)

Anyways, lol, Yukirin changed from fangirl to Black, I thought she likes Rena? She should just die for her if she's Rena's fan! But anyways, I smell that love will happen between them. Though just in 7 days, its kind of rushed... :roll:

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
« Reply #10 on: May 24, 2012, 03:48:44 PM »
Uwah! There's so many comments.. TT.TT #cryinginjoy

since i don't really have something to do, i will give replies. :p

@Yukofan: in fact, there's no human that want to die. since they haven't experienced all the world's can offer
(am i right? felt so wrong with my grammar. ==")
Me too, i don't want anyone to die, but.. it's kinda impossible. well yeah, except one of them actually a vampire and live forever.. :D

@Kiri-el: uwah! Thank you for dropping by. me too, (i think) since there's so many yukirena fanfic in this forum
*glancing at rin-chan, min-chan, and sieka-san
hope you enjoyed reading this story. :D

@kurogumi: Yes~ hmmm the right solution? go back in time and convince me to change the plot. :D
and yes.. you're kinda cruel kuro-san. LOL so you want yuki to die for rena? :3 let me think about it.
and enjoy your stay in this thread. :D

@sieka-sensei: Really? wooow.. never thought that there will be someone who knows about this manga. even i forgot the title.. =="
well yeah, you can't deny the matter of life and death can change a person behavior, way of thinking and even personality. :3
I need to read more books about psychology of death. =3
yeah, it should be, so the ending will be more heartbreaking and tearjerking. *evillaugh
i know.. but i don't think i can prolonge the story any longer. hoho and since it's only a multiple shot and i'm a newbie.. TT.TT

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
« Reply #11 on: May 24, 2012, 05:38:17 PM »
I'm sure that Death is a S because it's a crual choice. But it wouldn't be funny without the choice lol Ehh!! Am I a S?!!! O_O

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
« Reply #12 on: May 30, 2012, 11:06:20 AM »
@kahem: really? I'm an M though LOL is it funny? LOL ahhaha yeah, teaser rena is fun to write. :3

Actually, i want to add a poll about this..
I'm actually already write the act two, but it has a se* scene. So it's kinda impossible to update here.
And i should choose whether i change the plot or post the update at perv section. :3
I want to write about it though. I alread,y asked mode107 permission if i can post it in here or not, but i havn't get the reply. So please vote guys. :3

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
« Reply #13 on: May 30, 2012, 12:38:18 PM »
oppa! can you please send me the perv chappie?

please???? I promise that I'll update and comment most of the time!!!!

*will comment later*

Hahaha. That's true. It's the PERFECT bait to lure us out from the darkness.
And its actually great of you to use it!
I mean...  :shy2: I'm deeply honoured to be in the same fic as my oshi and current fav OTP.
So... :kneelbow: Thank you!!! And don't change it!

Anyway, onto the comments!
I really REALLY love the part when Yukirin woke up next to Rena-sama AND called her 'Rena-sama'
It's like how I'm going to be like when I finally meet her!

And :hiakhiakhiak: Rena-sama trying to kill Yukirin! That was just epic! I could imagine what you had written on that scene!
And lol. Rena-sama being all pouty and accusing her of sexual harrassment! That was really epic! The best trait I've read about my oshi! :on GJ:
Oppa! Jjang! You just made me a complete fan of this fic! That's why every update, I SHALL try my best to comment! I LOVE THIS FIC!!!

And god.... :on bleed: THAT scene with Rena-sama teasing Black Yukirin.
I was in total shock as I have never read a fic with her being so....Agressive and...such.
It left me in complete mess. Mess how?
Well... :glasses:

Let me use the emoticons.

:grr: R...Re..Rena-sama?
:err: H-how can this be?
:on spit: She teased her by pressing her chest against Yukirin!
:shock: OH GOD!
:on bleed: Oh dear me....This is heaven.
:mon blood: I can't take it anymore!

See? That was near to how I was. I was really drinking soya milk while reading it. And I spitted it out the moment I read her place her chest against Yukirin's back.
Fortunately, I spitted it out of the window and not onto my screen.
*sigh* You are so...You made me....gah!

You just made me crave for more!!! RAWR! I WANT MOAR!!!!  :frustrated: :scolding:
And then....You said that there'll be a smut. Wow...
Please!!! Send it to meeeeeee~! :kneelbow: I beg of you!
I beseech you!
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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
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if you think you should write the se* scene, then go can put it on pervfic section.for the readers who can't access it, you can offer them to share the story via PM.

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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
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Vote? Im vote for the original (that mean the perv one hahaha)


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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
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Pervy pervy version, here I come to read you!!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
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Hahaha.. It was enjoying to read this.. Yuki x Rena pairing with interesting plot..  :twothumbs and Rena.. omg!! never knew she can be that type of curiosity person..  :lol:

I really like the idea they're sharing XD but then I was wondering if they're having their own thought and feelings yet they can feels the others' as well.. Then how? how they manage to know which belongs to whom? man! somehow I think that's kinda complicated.. hahaha..  :lol: but then again, really interesting..  :yep:

about the ehem2 scene.. just like yukofan said, you can just post it on perv section if you wanna write it.. and PM to anyone that don't have access to perv section..  :nervous

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Replies and Announcement.
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@muwi: you're still a minor! LOL yep, but i haven't seen either min or sieka. Hmm what should i do next so they will show up? LOL
ah, okay then. :3 i will keep it as it is.

and rena will be more aggresive in this story. and why i remember when rena is hypnotized. LOL

LOL I never thought that this story will leave a big impression to you muwi.
and that true story of yours is epic. LOL

I wonder what would you do when you read the next part. LOL

@yukofan: Yes~ I have thought about it, but yes.. i still want to try to post it in this thread. :3 that's why i asked mode107-ssi. :3 because i know not all the readers already 18+. :)

@kurogumi: i think your wish will be fulfilled. LOL

@sakura_drop_: LOL but yeah, i'm waiting for another pervy fanfic of yours sakura-san. LOL

@flean: Uwah! I never thought that you would showed up in this shabby thread story of mine. TT.TT #cryinginjoy
ah yes. It's kinda complicated, so that's why i write it using first person POV. kekeke nad they can't read other thought. #hint
they only shared feelings, emotions, and physical conditions. :3 'ehem2' scene? LOL never thught that you would using that term. hahaha

to ALL: I already have mode107 approval to post the next chapter in this thread!!! YEY!!! so i didn't have to post it in perv section~ Thank you mode107-san! :D
but, i still had to change a little part of the story. so, i think i will post the next chapter at sunday. since i have something to deal with at saturday. :)
thank you for all of you that already read, vote, commented in this thread. :D I LOVE YOU GUYS!
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Re: Bochang's scribble collections~ [ONE, Act 1, 23 May 2012]
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I already change some part of it's and this is it~

YEY! mode107 approved this fanfic is safe to post in the normal fanfic section!

but i still warned you that this chapter contains some a PG scene. so i hope the readers that under 18 accompanied by their parents when they read this chapter, that's kinda impossible. LOL the main focus in this chapter is not the 'scene', but the thoughts. :3

feel free to comment and give me some critics. :3

without further adieu~

OH! i forgot about something.
try to listen to at the beginning from richard marx and donna lewis.
YukiRena will sing this together in the middle part of the story. :3



[Rena POV]

Mommy.. why do we have to eat Steamed Pork Buns again?

I grabbed the warm, round food in my hand, full of disgust.

I'm tired of it... I want a Melon-pan!

I let go of the Pork Bun and grabbed the Melon-pan next to it.

I peeled the outer layer of plastic and found another layer of it..


I peeled another layer of plastic. Satisfied with it, I put my favorite bread in my mouth..

I’m trying to bite it, but it’s so bouncy..


Hey! Why does my chest feel funny?

"Unnn—Nyahh.. Mmmmhhnnn." exclaimed Yuki’s weak voice.

"Huh?" I started, still half asleep.

I tried to open my eyes and trying to gain focus about something that i bite.

It turns out.. the “Melon-pan” is....

“Nyahhh... Hmmm? Y-YAH!”, exclaimed the cute voice.

“J-just.. w-what are you doing!!!”, she blushed as she tried to covered her “melon-pans” with her hands, safely from the reach of my hands and my hungry mouth.

"I want a Melon-pan.."I mumbled, still half asleep.

“Aishhh.. I still want to sleep..”, she shook her head in disbeliefs, staring at the clock that hanging on the wall.

"Anyway...", she continued, "I'm going to go to bookstore later... and I- "

"YAWN! Okay... Go ahead..." I said, closing my eyes. "Just bring me back a melon-pan!"

As I continued to lie there, I heard Yuki take a couple of steps away and walks into the kitchen.

She cooks? But it didn't look like it was used much? Is she going to make me a Melon-pan? Ah it’s impossible, but an instant ramen would be nice! YAY~!

"YAH! WAKE UP!" shouted Yuki as she dumped a bucket of water into my face.

"WH - WHAT WAS THAT?" I shouted as I looked over my wet clothes. "Now my clothes are all wet."

"Stupid, I didn't think that through. Now I feel wet." Yuki started, talking to herself. "Anyway, I have some work to do and we can't separate, remember? So, I need you to come to bookstore with me."

Oh yeah... we can't separate..

"Okay...Fine..." I reluctantly agreed before getting out of bed. "But you have to promise to buy me a Melon-pan! Two!"

As Yuki nodded, I grabbed her hand and led her to the bathroom.

"Wh - What are you doing?" asked Yuki.

"Like you said, we can't separate!" I responded. "Now I’m going to take a shower."

I took off my shirt and shorts and left them to dry in the sink.

Why do I feel... embarrassed...

"R - RENA!" yelled Yuki blushing. "WHY AREN'T YOU WEARING A BRA?"


I looked down to my chest and saw that my... "Melon-pans" were happily staring back at me.

Oh yeah! Hmm... guess I forgot...

"Why are you so embarrassed about?" I said, trying to change the subject. "Were both girls, aren't we? Nothing to freak out about!”

“B-but! But! It’s em- YAH!” she said before i pulled her into the bathroom and trying to strip her off from her clothes.

“YAH!!! W-what are you doing!!! D-don’t try t-to do anything w-wierd! Or i will scream!!”, she tried to push me away from her

It’s futile Yuki~

“What? Don’t you want this?”, i asked her, grab her melon-pans with my hands and bit my lips seductively.

“Y-YAH!”, she pushed me away as she strom out of the bathroom with a red face.

You’re so cute.hihihi

“Where are you going? Let’s take a shower together!” I shouted from the bathroom



After this hectic morning, we finally made it to the "nearby" Times bookstore. It’s so far from her apartement and she didn’t want to take a bus or anything. She forced me to walks with her.

Does she walk everywhere? No wonder she's so fit...

"Do you have to walk like this? Why don’t we took a bus or something?" I said to her as we entered the store, that only recieved a nod from her.


Yuki didn't browse through the bookstore like I thought she would. Instead, she went straight to the cafe and started to randomly jot down random lines and words on her notebook. And since we couldn't separate, I couldn't go off on my own to grab anything to read.

Also... it felt kind of awkward that I was wearing this one piece dress Yuki lent me. I mean.. She wore this too, right?

Mmm... It smells like her... Ah... what am I thinking?

"Hmmm?" went Yuki, making a cute face as she stuck out her tongue while she concentrated.

"What are you writing anyway?" I asked, actually curious as I took a peek at her notebook.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, hiding her notebook from me and blushing. "What are you doing?"

"I'm just curious about what you're doing..."

"Yah! Don't do that! I don't like it when people read my work before it's done.. Um.. Well.. I'm writing a story."

"Writing a story?" I asked

"Yeah." she nodded as she handed me a piece of paper.

The paper was a flyer for a writing contest that was hold for local amateur writers. People had to write a short story, essay, or poem about something important to them. The top writers will get published in a collection of books that well be sold at a bunch of other bookstores. Also, the grand prize winner will get a chance to publish their own book.

"Wow!" I smiled. "That's pretty cool! You don't just love books,  you like writing too?"

"Yeah!" Yuki happily exclaimed. "It's nothing special, but I write stories and post them online. I have quite a bit of readers."

I couldn't help but be amazed as I watched her write sentences, eventually making paragraph after paragraph covering page after page.

How can she just do that? Just keep writing and writing.

Yuki’s eyes never left her notebook as she wrote, fully concentrating on her writing. But the feeling I was getting from her, it was confusing.
Even though it is hard, it seems like she really is enjoying herself. She seems a bit impatient as she started scratching out some lines or whole paragraphs. But, she seems happy.

Ah! I get it~

"You really love this," I said. "Writing, I mean."

"Yup!" she nodded.

"When did you get interested in writing?"

"Um... well... since I won an essay contest in junior school," she explained. "I don't know why? but it's fun! That's why I'm at Literature Dept! My Dream is to become a famous writer and publish lots of books... Like all the authors of the books in my room, I want to make people feel something with my writing!"

Ah... that's why she's entering the contest... HAHAHA! Now she's embarrassed because she revealed so much about herself!

[Yuki POV]

Aish... now I feel embarrassed... I hope she doesn't feel that... Why the hell did God make us share feelings anyway?

"Rena..." I started, trying to change the subject. "Um... Do you have anything you want to do? Any dreams?"

I suddenly felt happy and excited.

"I want to be a singer!" Rena happily exclaimed.

Ah! Of course! Why i asked this question?

"Ah! Yes! I just realized that you’re actually an AKB trainee." I  stated. “Oh, and don’t you have any training today?” I asked

"No, I already contact Togasaki-san and Akimoto-san.” She paused for a moment. “I will graduating this week. And this week, it will be my last performance.”, She answered as she stared at the white floor, but she can’t hide her sad expression.

I suddenly felt different... What is this a mixture of guilt, regrets and sorry.

But just like that. The feeling left.

 “Why?”, i asked. “Why did you decide to graduate?”

“Hmmm..”, she sighed before she continued. “I have something.. that i can’t share to anyone now.. even you..”

She looks down again.. Why?

“Hmmm.. Okay..” I felt another emotions, it’s sadness and guilt.

"Oh," She started. "The day after tomorrow, i will have a solo stage as my goodbye stage. Will you sing with me as a duet?"

"Um... Eh?? But.. Bu-“

“Your voice is pretty, Yuki. I’m sure that you can do it.”, she begged me with an irresistible puppy eyes.

“ Ah... Emmm.. Well yeah... I used to sing that song too when I was younger, but I stopped my voice lessons during high school and concentrated on writing.."

"AH! Then... Then... It’s fixed!!! Let's sing together then!"



But... I couldn't possibly say that. She felt so... so... excited... energized... when she heard me say I can sing. I knew she would get sad if I said no, which would make me sad too!

"Um... sure..." I nodded. "But... let's get you that Melon-pan now."

"Never mind that Melon-pan! I can always get that while I sleep~"

"HUH!?! Wh - While you sleep?"

Wh - What does she mean by that? Grope me again?

"Let's go home~" exclaimed the happy Rena, totally ignoring me. "Practice, practice, practice~"


"At the beginning with you~" I sang.

And with the music, I finished singing the song.

"How was that?" I asked, feeling nervous.

Rena let her mouth hang open in a big "O" and clapped.

"I don't know why you feel nervous!" she said. "That was amazing!"

"Really? I've never sung in front of anybody before..."

"No worries!" Rena said as she patted her hand on my shoulder. "Hey, I can feel that! HAHAHAHA! Anyway, we will do wonders at my goodbye stage!"

She got up from my bed and started walking around the room, deep in thought.

"You and I~ Yuki and Rena~ Yuna~!" she shouted randomly, getting really excited. "We will be Yuna! Two beautiful women conquering the stage! It's perfect! You, the Blackhearted Yuki and I, The spice lover Gekikara Rena~!"

I raised an eyebrow and stared at her, unimpressed.

"Yuna? Gekikara? And what’s with the ‘black’?"

"YEAH!" she nodded. "What you think?"

"You concentrate on singing... I'll work on the names..."

"Okay~! I'll practice th -!"

Rena got cut out mid sentence by the soft rumbling sound that came out from her stomach.

Great... now that she's hungry, I'm feeling hungry too!

"Do you hungry?"

“Yeah”, she whined sadly because of her stomach

“I’ll cook you my speciality dish then.”, i said with a smile on my face.


[Rena POV]

"Umm... are you sure this is okay to be eaten?" I asked with horror written all over my face.

"Of course! It’s MY SPECIALITY!" She said proudly.


"You see..." She started, making me feel confident as she explained. "I thought it looked kind of plain, so I thought about giving it some color to make it look more appetizing by adding green peppers and mushrooms."

"and why you cook the outer layer of eggs seperated?"

“It’s because i’m not too good in making the eggs too wrap the rice, so i have to cook it separated."

I stared at her cooking method and watching it in horror.

"Here you go~"

I looked at the plate of the omelet rice that she set on the table.

"Yuki..." I started, feeling confused.

"Hmm?" She nodded, smiling.

"Why... is the rice kinda sticky and squishy?", I wondering the thing that she called food in my plate as i nudge it with my spoon.

"It’s okay! Trust me!"

Slightly nervous, I open my mouth and the ‘food’ entering her mouth.

Please don’t let me die now..

I slowly chewed.


"See? It's not that bad!" She smiled. "I can't tell you like it!"

"Um... I think you are confused Yuki... You're right, it's not bad... Bu... It's just that... I can't taste anything? And why are you so hyper, different from the usual blackheart Yuki?"

"Huh?" went Yuki, tilting her cute head to the side
"and there's no flavor at all... I can't even taste the eggs... and it’s kinda sticky.. it felt like i’m eating pudding with rice.. How is that even possible?"

I traded glances at Yuki, who was currently feeling how confused I was, and the omelet rice on my plate.

"Well..." Yuki started, somehow smiling. "The important thing is that it doesn't taste bad!”

“Hmm, do you have any tabasco, or chili sauce?”


“Why? And why are you turned into the black Yuki again?”, I whined

“I don’t like spicy things.”, she coldly replied

“so you prefer it plain like this ermm.. food?”

“Yah! That’s not nice!”, she said as she slap my hand lightly.

“I’m just kidding!”, I started. “I prefer something spicy though..”

“Is it not spicy? I thought i already added so much green peppers on it.”

“No....”, i shove another spoonful of ‘food’ into my mouth.

“Here, try this.” I lifted up my spoon with a spoonful of omelet rice and held if to her mouth.

"Say AAHHH~"

[Yuki POV]


I didn't know why, but I couldn't help but happily accept it when she fed me like that. Made it seem like the taste of my speciality dish come out and pull me into a dream land. It taste fantastic.

Her feeding me... Rena sitting here with me at my table in my apartment... It's like...

"You know..." Rena started, looking embarrassed. "Sitting like this... And feeding you..."

"It's like we're a lesbians..." I said without thinking.

Wh - what! Why did I say that!

I suddenly felt my face get hot as I started to blush.

"Hahahaha!" she laughed. "I had a feeling you were thinking that, since you’re a cold black person!"

"H - HEY! You... This is sexual harassment!" I said, still blushing as i tried to argued with her.

"Who cares... I would find out sooner or later anyway," she smiled back," Being lesbian is not that weird."


"Now here~!" Rena said cutely, putting another portion of my omelete rice near my mouth. "Say 'AH~!'"


[Rena POV]

"Hurry up!" I shouted as I held Yuki hand as I pulled her to the AKB’s theater. "We don't have any time to waste. Literally!"

"Ah! Wait!" said Yuki, full of embarrassment by the fact that we were holding hands. "Slow down! And stop making jokes about us dying!"

"Oh, come on! Lighten up~" I smiled to her as we ran. "I know you like it when I hold your hand! Hehehe~"

Yuki’s face only got redder.

Hehehe~ I'm enjoying it too, Yuki...


"HEY~! I'm Gekikara Rena!" I yelled out to the mike, feeling confident as I used the title Yuki worked on last night.

Of course... I gave them my usual bright smile!

The crowd happily cheered with applause making me feel ever happier.

"And... Um..." Yuki mumbled.

The whole crowd went quiet with Yuki’s secret attack... the “Blackhearted Comment."

Unfortunately, that made Yuki more nervous!

"Come on, Yuki~" I cheered her on. "You can do it! Fighting!"

I suddenly felt a wave of stress release from my body, no more anxiety...

Hehehe~! Yay~! I made Yuki more relaxed!

"Hello, I'm the Blackhearted, Yuki," she said prettily with a small smile.

"And together..." We started at the same time. "We're YukiRena~"

A roaring applause of excitement rang through the theather, cheering both of... No, not both of us... cheering YukiRena on!

“Ah! Before i forget!”, I started. “I want to thank you to all my fans.”

“I know this is so sudden, but i will graduated after this performance. I have an urgent proplem that need to be done.”, as i said that, i can felt my tears start to trickled down from my eyes. I felt a hand holding my hand so tight and giving me strength. I knew it’s her hand..

“It’s really nice to be in AKB, eventhough i’m only a kenkyuusei and i hope you will cheers my friends so they could get a promotion into the main team.... and please enjoy this last stage of mine.”, i said with a genuine smile as i felt sadness, regret, gratitude, and relieved at the same time.

She must be felt the same..

So we sang...

I almost lost myself when I heard her sing next to me. It was so strong, so confident, so different than the usual Yuki. Even that part in the chorus that I can't sing quite right... It was so beautifully done when I heard it with her voice.

And it was because I was cheering her on. She wasn't nervous anymore. Standing there right next to her to support her.

I knew, that right then. I was feeling it..

The happiest feeling I've ever felt.

A feeling I only get when I'm with the pretty Yuki.

Of course, I couldn't hide it.

She already knew how I felt.

Because I know, she was feeling it too.


The days rolled by like that...

She would drag me off somewhere to write, working on her story for the contest while I silently watched over her, making suggestion... That she never listened to! Then the next day, we go for a date at tokyo disneyland, just the two of us. It’s so full of fun. The day after that, we go to aquarium, i just realized the fact that she had a phobia with deep water..  It was so fun and i hope it’ll rest forever!

It went by so fast...

We became one person so fast...


It's funny...


Nearly forgot it was eventually going to end...

Until it was too late...

Even though God told us to talk and decided which one of us would live...

We never did...

We didn't want to...

But, it was okay...

I made my decision...

[Yuki POV]

Even though the two of us were supposed to decide who dies...

We never talked about it...

I didn't want to... And I knew...

She felt the same way...

My life was never this crazy...

This hectic...



More importantly... in the last few days I have... Um... It's just that the time I'm with Rena.. Gekikara Rena who loves to tease me.. It's fun!

It became clockwork for us... always being together... always sharing...

She became my inspiration when I wrote... Her hair, her eyes, her lips, everything!

Well... Except for her suggestions... she's not meant to be a writer...

But it was still cute that she tried! And then I'd get all embarrassed as she dragged me along, seeing places that even i haven’t visited yet.

I loved it...

I loved every moment of it...

Maybe it was kind of embarrassing that we looked like a lesbian couple...


I didn't care! I was happy with her...

I think I just went lesbian for Rena..

I could never stop taking glances at Rena as we walked around holding hands or sitting down at the bookstore so I could write... I couldn't help my feelings anymore...

And... I'm sure that I've already been found out...

Even like this... in this crazy situation... in the face of Death... I have fallen in love with her...

But I didn't care...

I didn't want it to end...

I didn't want her to stop smiling...

So... I already decided...


Tomorrow... is the 7th day... Once I finish this story about the most important thing to me... I can give it to her... So she can remember me by it...
We sat in my room, snacking on some of my Omelet rice. As always she repeatedly fed me as I wrote with my right hand. I would have gladly taken the work load off of her by eating with my left hand.

Also... Rena never let's go of my hand... Not ever once...

Everywhere we went, she would always be holding my hand in the same manner... When we walked, when we talked, when we slept... she wanted to hold my hand...

It was so cute...
"Say 'AH~'" pleaded Rena as she rose another spoonful to my mouth.

"Ah~" I responded, opening my mouth to take in the food.

"What are you writing about anyway?" she asked, probably the hundredth time already. "You never told me."

I was really surprised with the question.

"Isn't... Isn't it obvious??" I blushed. "Why do you have to ask."

"Because..." Rena smiled, her face turning red too. "I want to hear you say it..."

I tried to look away from that pleading smile that made me, the Blackheart, soften... But I was already change, I’m not the infamous Blackhearted Yuki anymore...

"I'm writing... about you..."

"Ah~" she smiled before picking up another spoonful. "I guess I'm you're most important thing, huh?"

As she fed me, Rena started to look over my shoulder and read some of the lines I was writing.

"H - HEY!" I shouted, feeling embarrassed as I tried to hide my work. "Y - You can't read it yet! It's not done!"

"Hahaha~" she laughed. "What are you so embarrassed about? We have nothing to hide..."

But still!!! It's embarrassing...

I ignored her comment and, while still feeling my cheeks were red, continued to write.

And I wrote... Line after line... Paragraph after paragraph... All about her... I felt like Leonardo Da Vinci painting the "Mona Lisa" when I wrote about Rena...
A smile that giving a single ray of light for this black heart of mine...

There is more I still have to say... Why... does it have to be over...

And then, I felt something. It was so weird. I was all worried, anxious, annoyed, excited, happy, embarrassed..


all at the same time..

I didn't know what it was.

Until, Rena started nibbling on my ear.

"R - RENA!"

But she wasn't listening anymore. She wasn't thinking anymore. She was just feeling. Just riding on her feelings, and I didn't want her to stop.

I understood now, I understood why God let us feel every emotion.

I turned my head and kissed her softly on her lips.

The sudden surprise I felt from her. It felt so good. I barely kept sane as I was feeling what she was feeling too.

Rena wasn't just hugging me anymore, she was embracing me, holding me, exploring me. I felt her hands lift up my dress, revealing my undergarments, and her fingers crawl up and down the spine of my back, teasing me, and in the process, exciting herself as well. One of her hands quickly found the hook for my bra and undid it. The other one just went lower... and lower... eventually finding its way down my body...

"Ahh... Nyahh...." we moaned in harmony.

With one swift motion, my clothes were gone, and with amazing strength and adrenaline, she lifted me up, still kissing me, and we landed on my bed with her on top of me.

Rena started to go deeper.. Her kiss wasn't soft any more.. It was harder... stronger... She didn't stop at my lips.. She continued... going into my mouth, eventually finding my tongue...

It was so weird... so good... We shared everything... I could feel her kissing me and at the same time... I could feel myself kissing her...

And now I wanted more... I wanted to be on top...

Off went her shirt... her shorts... her panties...

I was sweating... she was sweating... both of us were so bothered.. so hot..

I was becoming mesmerized... hypnotized... intoxicated with the sight of her bare body... And... she was feeling my fascination too...

Now I was the one exploring... Not missing a single inch of her body with my mouth... Her jaw... her neck... her collar bone... and lower I went... Eventually reaching her flat stomach...

I felt everything she was feeling... Every tingling sensation... Every pleasure I was giving her came right back at me... My lips along her neck... her chest... her stomach... I felt it all on my own body!

There were no more words... only cute little moans... We didn't need to talk anyway...

We could already feel what each other wanted...

We got hotter... Burning passionately...

And at the same time, we felt a need. We both wanted more, hungered for more...

So, we gave it. We let our feelings loose and fed on one another's desires.

It was so... amazing... euphoric... I could barely describe it... Every kiss... every lick... every taste... We both enjoyed it... Getting off at the excitement both of us were experiencing at the same time...

And her emotions... She was so happy, so excited, so crazy, so... so many other words that I could never find the time to write it all!

We were one... Feeling everything... Everything was shared... Every kiss... we shared... Every moan... we shared... Every tingling stimulation and sensation... we shared... Every worried, anxious, annoyed, excited, happy, embarrassed, passionate feeling we ever felt... We shared it...

For the first time of my life... I felt it...

This is it...

This is what I was missing...

This is love...

"Say it!" Rena moaned. "Say it, Yuki! Please."

"I love you..." I smiled, breathlessly. "I love you so much... Rena..."

"Hehehehe~" she giggled, red in the face. "I love you too... Yuki..."

I was so enlightened... so up lifted... And I knew she was feeling it too...

I was so in love... so deeply in love...

So much in love... that I didn't want it to end... I didn't want the feeling to stop... It was too painful to stop...

But it had too...


I let her sleep...

When I went away... I didn't want her to see me... I didn't want her to live on with the sad memory of seeing my leave... I wanted to leave her smiling in her dreams...

I somehow got out of her groping that hold on me and found a shirt on the floor to wear.

There was something I needed to finish... I had to write... I had to finish my story...

My story of my most important thing...

My thoughts... those were the only things I was able to keep from her... Not that she couldn't tell what I was thinking sometimes depending on how I felt...


I wanted to tell her... I wanted to tell her my thoughts...

All my thoughts about her smile.. her laugh... her presence... I wanted to tell her...

so that when I die...

My memory stays with her...

These past 7 days...

That's what I wrote about...

What do you think of Fate...

Do you think your Destiny is already set out for you by God...

Why would God be so cruel...

So cruel to have your Life set in stone...

No, wait... Not cruel...

I got it now... I fully understand...

Fate brought me to Rena...

Destiny wanted me to fall in love with her...

God... God gave me the gift of an opportunity...

God wasn't cruel... He was kind...

Because for the past 7 days...

I loved...

I lived...

"Keep singing... For the both of us... Good bye... Rena... I love you..."

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