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Author Topic: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings) COMPLETED  (Read 70986 times)

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #180 on: December 31, 2012, 08:39:48 PM »
I'm about to make the next chapter of their sweet relationship (*maybe a hot one, hehe). Please leave thanks and comments, thank you and.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Me love this!so much..XD
*Pervert mode on*
Atsumina!!their problem is solved!
Ahhhhh!!!i want more..
And again.thank you for the update ang happy new year..XD

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #182 on: December 31, 2012, 08:55:01 PM »
I'm about to make the next chapter of their sweet relationship (*maybe a hot one, hehe). Please leave thanks and comments, thank you and.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Me love this!so much..XD
*Pervert mode on*
Atsumina!!their problem is solved!
Ahhhhh!!!i want more..
And again.thank you for the update ang happy new year..XD

Happy new year chemicalstar ..
we'll wait for your ' new year smut '  :wahaha: :nya: :shy2: :shifty:

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #183 on: December 31, 2012, 09:05:03 PM »
yeah..nice one  :thumbup

love the sweet moment between them  :inlove:

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #184 on: December 31, 2012, 09:28:27 PM »
I'm about to make the next chapter of their sweet relationship (*maybe a hot one, hehe). Please leave thanks and comments, thank you and.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Wow! *le me perv mode on* i want smut fanfic!! *imaging something* :mon bleed2:
Please update soon!! I can't wait!!  :mon fyeah:
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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #185 on: January 01, 2013, 12:31:46 AM »
Thank you for update 
I love their moments it's so sweet  :mon lovelaff:
I want more atsukoXkai for 2013 lol  :mon fyeah:
please update soon  :mon innocent:

ps: As in France bonne année ;)  :mon firecrack:

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #186 on: January 01, 2013, 01:37:16 AM »
I'M SO SORRY GUYS, I ACCIDENTALLY REMOVED THE POST. Here I post again the 11th chapter. Gomen..


Kai never imagined that even his house is next to Acchan's house but it feels like they're stay apart faaaar away. That without her in his life is making him lonely like crazy. Everyday when he wake up, he check his phone but no one messages him, he try to open his window but he found that Acchan is never open her window since that day. When he study and feel bored, there's no Acchan who always gives him support or just makes cookies and cakes for him. "Is this what Acchan felt when she wal lonely because of me?" Kai thought. "Maybe it's all my fault that I let her lonely. It's so normal if she wanted to go out with another guy.." Kai keep thinking about it everynight and day. "Should I apologize first?"

Acchan's POV*

“Acchan, would you help Mom to go to the store? We'll have a little party tomorrow,” Dad said.

“Party? Mom’s birthday party?” I asked in confuse. It’s not usual that Mom’s birthday will be celebrated like that. Usually we just having a dinner together.

“Sure! We’ll have a barbecue party and invite some friends..” Dad said, he’s so excited.

“Oh, that’s great! That will be fun” I said, I’m excited too. Since, it’s the first Mom’s birthday without my brother, so I guess it will be fun if there’s a  lot of people around.

Since this is the first Mom’s birthday without my brother, my parents had an idea to make a little barbecue party to celebrate it. They invited some friends to come. The barbecue party will be held this evening in our backyard. Today I helped my Mom to prepare it, I also called my aunty and my cousin to come. The thing that a little bothering me is… the family who live next house is invited too. Our parents know that we’re dating, so my Dad invited them too.

“Acchaaaaan!!” a voice of a girl shouting at me. When I turn around, there my cousin Mariko-sama is walking towards. Well she’s my cousin lives not far from my old house in Fukuoka. She’s older than me so she’s just like my sister for me. She knows that Kai and I are dating, I used to tell her since I met Kai for the first time. She also  knows about the trouble we’re facing now. She gave me advice to give Kai chance if he's willing to explain and apologize. But since Kai and I haven't talked each other yet, Mariko still have no ither advice for me. She only told me to find another guy if I don't love Kai anymore. But I guess she was just want to test me, because actually I love Kai so much, I'll never let him go.

“How are you?” I hug her.

“Great, just like usual.. Hey, you look so beautiful, better than your appearance when we had a videocall. Hahaha” Mariko is the wise woman, I used to call her if I had trouble sometimes. She’s the one who always try to cheer me up when my brother passed away.

*End of Acchan's POV*

Everyone is coming and greet each other. Kai looking for someone he loves the most but he can't find her.

"Mrs. Takahashi, let me introduce my niece Mariko. Dear, this is Takahashi family, they live next house," Acchan's mother introduce Mariko to Takahashi family.

"Good evening, I am Shinoda Mariko, yoroshiku."

"This is Kai and Mayu," Kai's mother introduce their children.

"Oh, so this is Kai! Acchan's right, you're handsome Kai.."

"Really? Hmm.. So this is right, she is really going crazy on me!" Kai said jokingly and everyone's laughing.

Now everybody is in the backyard, the party is about to begin but Acchan still not come yet.

"Mariko, please call Acchan, we're about to begin it.." Acchan's mom asked Mariko to call Acchan who's still in her room.

Mariko has an idea, then she whispers in Kai's ear.

"Eh? Now?" Kai shocked

Mariko nods and smile. "Be a man, Kai. Everything's started by your faults to make her lonely, you should be the one who apologize first."

Kai doesn't give any respond he's still uncertain to do that because he's still mad of the 'holding hands with another guy' scene.

Mariko notices his situation. "Still jealous with that unknown guy?"

"Eh? How do you know?" Kai surprised. He thinks that the woman in front of him can read other's thought. "Well I'm... Yeah, that's still bothering me. By the way who's that guy?"

"Ask her!"


"Why 'what'?" Mariko said. "You're afraid?"

"Nooo.. Takahashi doesn't afraid of anything" Kai chuckled.

"Now go upstairs! Proof me you don't afraid of anything!" Mariko pushes his back to go.

"Okay okay don't push me like that," then Kai walk upstairs slowly. "Mariko is right, the begining of this problems is totally my faults. I let het lonely," he thought while walk heading to Acchan's room.

There's humming voice from a room. It makes Kai pretty sure that the voice is Acchan's. Then he walk approaches the door which is a bit opened. He can see Acchan is sitting on the edge of her bed. He takes a deep breath before knocking her door.

Knock knock..

"Yes, I'm coming. Just a minute, I'm still prepared the gift," Acchan said without knowing who's on the door, she thought that the one who knocked the door is her dad.

"Ehm.." Kai cleared his throat.

Acchan suddelny stop what she's doing when she heard the voice, she easily can recognize Kai's voice. Then she quickly turn around. Their eyes met.

"C-can I come in?" ask Kai nervously.

Acchan doesn't answer, she just nod with the flawless face, she turns around again, ignores him and continue to wrap the gift. She's been so busy to prepare for the party so that she had no time to wrap the gift.

Kai walk slowly approaching her, he stop and knelt down in front of her. As Acchan finished to wrap the gift, Kai take it from her hands and put it on the bed. Then he holds Acchan's hands. Acchan still doesn't look at him, she just looked down, staring at her hands which now are covered by Kai's hand.

"When I woke up this morning, I finally realize that there's something missing in my life for several days ealier," Kai starts to speak up. "There's no one who always cooks me some cakes, there's no one who always gives me a goodnight kiss, there's no 'Good morning' message when I check my phone when I wake up, there's no beautiful princess in front of me when I open my window every morning," he lift her chin so that he can see her pretty face.

"I know that there's something misunderstood between us, and I'm so sorry because I'm pretty sure that this all my faults," Kai said looking deep in her eyes.

"The day that I missed your show, I'm really sorry. I really had a problem in the office that I had to solve. I had to finished the design that day and give the presentation to the chiefman."

Acchan doesn't give any respond. She's just giving Kai chance to explain everything, especially she's actually waiting for his explanation about THAT GIRL.

"And.. I don't want you to be misunderstood of the girl with me that day. She's Ray, my friend when we're in junior high school. This was a quite councidence that we met in the office, I didn't know that she's the chiefman's daughter. After the presentation that day, they invited me to have a dinner. Since I brought the car, Ray used to go to the resto with me. But... for the God sake, Atsuko. There's nothing between us. I never cheated on you." This time Kai is getting more serious. "I'm so sorry for the mistakes I made and.. please don't misunderstood on it."

Acchan still doesn't say anything. But then, suddenly without noticing it, tear drops rolling down in her cheek. Kai feels so worried why does Acchan cry. He quickly wipe her tears with his thumb. "Atsuko please don't cry. I know I did wrong, but please I'm sorry. I can't see you hurt like this, Atsuko."

"I promise, I'll never let you feel lonely again. I-I love you, Atsuko..." Kai try to calm her down. He move closer and glued his forehead on hers. She can smell his scent, the one she missed the most.

"I- hiks hiks.. I-miss you, Kai..." Acchan said still sobbing.

"I miss you more, Atsuko. More than you can imagine. So would you forgive me? Please.."

Acchan nods.

"Thanks.. I love you.." Kai wiped her cheeks again and smiled.

Acchan replied his smile. "Promise me, don't leave me again." She touch his forehead, his eyes, his dimple on his cheek,-- the face she miss so much.

"I promise.." Kai cups her face and moves closer until their lips meet. He kisses her lips deeply and slowly while caressing her cheeks. Kai really enjoys the soft lips he loves the most, the lipgloss flavour he missed for days.

"Ehm ehm.." someone's knocking on the opened door of Acchan's room. Kai and Acchan quickly broke the kiss. "Sorry to interrup you, but.. We're about to start, let's come downstairs! You can continue it later." Acchan's father feel uneasy to interrupt his daughter's sweet moment, so he quickly leave them again. Both of them blushing red when Acchan's father caught them kissing.

Kai kisses her forehead and stands up, leads her to the backyard and join the party with others. There, Mariko who sits next to Mayu smiles widely when Kai and Acchan come to the backyard holding hands together. The party is going so fun and full if happiness. When Acchan roasts the beef, Kai come approaches, his hand holds her waist. "Hmm..smells good! Slruupp.."

"Wait a minute more until it's done. It's your favorite, right?" Acchan said.

"Hm? Who's talking about the beef. I'm talking about you," Kai teases her and peck her on cheek.

"Mou.. Kai, I'm not food," Acchan pouts.

"But you look so delicious and eatable" he smiles.

"I'll eat you first, Kai!" Acchan smirks pointing a knife to him.

Kai's face becomes so pale. "Oh God, this girl is so... Oh, Atsuko" Kai thought. He quickly put her hand down, take the knife and put it away . "Okay okay, you can eat me later," he said and wink at her.

Acchan blushed. She continue to roast, then suddenly Kai asks her. "Ne Atsuko.. Who's that guy, by the way?"

Acchan stopped by his question. "You're jealous?"

"No I'm not," Kai quickly said, hide his true feeling.

"Yes, you are!" Acchan said.

"Who is he?" Kai asked to the point.

"My friend," Acchan answer it shortly.

"College friend?"

"No, old friend."

"His name?"


"You like him?"



"Yeah. You don't believe me?"

"No, because he was holding your hands, I guess that's more than friend," Kai pouts.

Acchan chuckled. He's so funny when he pouts like that. "Kai, please don't be misunderstood. We were cross the road, it's normal if he held my hand. Believe me, there's nothing between us."

"I believe in you, but I still can accept it."

"Kai don't be so selfish, I'm yours and you just have to trust me, okay" Acchan hold his cheek and look deep into his eyes. "I love you, no one can replace you from my heart."

Kai never seen Acchan confess her love deeply like this. Now he's glad to be her boyfriend. "Promise me don't go with another guy, Atsuko." Once again, Kai close the gap between them, he softly kiss her on lips.

"Ehm ehm.. Go get a room, guys! Look, your meats are burnt.." Mariko comes and makes them broke the kiss.

"Oops.. Look our beef are burnt Atsuko," Kai quickly take the beef.

"It's your fault, now I can't eat it," Acchan pouts.

"Let's make another one!" Kai calm her down.

"No I don't want to. I'll eat you Kai!!" Acchan smirks at him.

End of CHAPTER 11

Yosshh.. So that's the 11th Chapter.  The couple are together again. Sorry if there's a lot of typo.

 I'm about to make the next chapter of their sweet relationship (*maybe a hot one, hehe). Please leave thanks and comments, thank you and.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #187 on: January 01, 2013, 02:38:17 AM »
At last, they (kai x acchan) back together being lovely dovey. All the misunderstanding is clear. So, it time for their smexy scene  :ptam-ok: :hiakhiakhiak:

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #188 on: January 01, 2013, 06:44:44 AM »


-Nice chapter!

-Thank you for update :)



I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #189 on: January 01, 2013, 07:52:33 AM »

 Looks like you all are waiting for the hot chapter one, huh?! LOL

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #190 on: January 01, 2013, 08:53:46 AM »
HAHAHA SO CUTE!! thank you ... i love this!!  :heart: :cathappy: :thumbup :deco: :deco:
I love Takamina!! and Mariko-sama!!! but MORE ATSUMINA!!!

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #191 on: January 01, 2013, 09:02:56 AM »
Great! Their Relationship is progressing  :) :) :)
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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #192 on: January 01, 2013, 09:18:10 AM »
Yeah a hot scene please

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #193 on: January 02, 2013, 05:01:39 AM »
They apologized... So sweet :)
Please update soon!

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #194 on: January 02, 2013, 06:50:13 AM »

 Looks like you all are waiting for the hot chapter one, huh?! LOL

you can know laa~~ what we want  :nya:

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #195 on: January 02, 2013, 03:03:26 PM »
Long time no comment!
since vacation is still up-roaring..
and they're back together!!!
bring out smexy acchan!
lalalalala im excited!
thank your time author san!  :jphip:

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Re: The Girl Next House (KaixAcchan and other pairings)
« Reply #196 on: January 03, 2013, 01:15:24 AM »

Now its seems like Kai still can't manage his time, when he has to be focused on college, work, family, and so Acchan. But he always tried to hang out with her every weekend, and sometimes visit her house to have a dinner with her family. But still, he always feel that he's too busy.


"Mom, I'll come back late, don't wait me for dinner" Kai talked to his mother on the phone.

" *sigh.. Mom already cooked your favorite foods.." his Mom's voice sounds like ao disappointed.

"Really? Oh.. I'm sorry mom, but I had a meeting with my team tonight. I'm sorry..."

"Okay then, take care.."

"Bye mom.."

His mother hang off the phone with sad expression. Kai's father noticed it "Where is he?"

"He's still in the office, going to have his dinner there."

Kai's father sigh. "Sometimes... I feel like I lost my son. You know... Since he worked there."

"Yeah, I feel it too." Kai's mother replied. "But it's his choice, we don't have to  forbid it."

*end of flashback*

One day Acchan is about to go to Fukuoka since there's no class for tomorrow. She wants to visit her brother's grave. Her free day tomorrow is coincided perfectly with the day of her brother's death one year ago. Acchan had asked her parents to go there together, but unfortunately they have to go to Osaka for a business trip.

It seems like Acchan has to go there by herself. There's an idea to ask Kai with her there, but yesterday Kai told her that tomorrow will be his busy day and he's about to spend the whole time at office. She wonder why did Kai so prepared for tomorrow. He looks like about doing something important. But it's fair enough because He already gave his whole time for her 2 days ago.

*Next Day*

Kai went to the office this morning. It's so rare that Ray is already there. She greets him with her brightest smile, "Ohayou, Kai.."
"Oh, hi.." Kai smiles and greets her.  "Ohayou.." Then Kai went to his room. He put his bag and take an enveloped letter from the bag. He take a deep breath when holding the letter. "I hope it's the best choice." He give the letter to the chiefman's secretary and after that he continue his work with hus team. He looks like working harder today and force the team to finish their work today.

When the lunch time comes, Kai doen't go to the canteen. He just finished his work, he took deep breath while standing behind the room's big windows. He stares at the view from the windows. Then suddenly his phone 's ringing, Kai received a mail from Acchan.

From: Atsuko
"Kai, today I'm going to Fukuoka. Going to visit my brother's grave. Don't forget to have lunch and have a good day. I love you.."

"Eh? Is she going there by herself?" Kai thought. But then suddenly someone's open his door without knocking it and go inside. Kai turn around and find Ray walking towards him holding a paper.

"What is it mean?" she said with angry look, show him the paper.

Kai take the paper and he recognize it as his letter to the chiefman this morning. The retirement proposal letter.

"You want to retired?" Ray asked. Kai doesn't say anything.

He turn around again to the window, his back facing Ray. "Yeah, I decided to get retired from this job."

Suddenly he feel Ray's hug him from behind, glued her forehead on his back. "Kai, don't leave me..." she said sobbing.

"R-Ray..?" Kai feel nervous and shocked by what Ray did. Her hands around her body, Kai used to put it off but she made it more tight.

"Ray.. look, I'm so sorry but I'm pretty sure with my decision. Sorry.." Kai turn around and find Ray's crying. He wipe her tears with his thumbs. "Don't cry.. It doesn't mean that our friendship is ended too."

"But.. But I.. I like you more than friend, Kai.. I told you I liked you since we're in junior high school. I- I love you.."

DEG. "What is this now? Ray loves me? GOD , don't kidding me! Oh, what I should do?!" Kai thought.

"Please don't leave. I wanna be with you," Ray said, still sobbing.

Now Kai act awkwardly, but he dare himself to tell her the truth. The truth that.. "I'm sorry, Ray. I'm already have a girldriend. And.. to tell the truth, I leave this job to be with her."

Ray get shocked. She never imagine that the one she've been chasing this time is already has a girlfriend. "Damn you Kai!" she thought. Her eyes looks like she's angry plus disappointed. Without no hesitation, Ray quickly steal a kiss on Kai's lips.

Kai can feel her soft lips, for one or two seconds, he enjoy it although he don't reply the kiss. But then he remember about Acchan, he quickly push Ray off. "I-I'm sorry, Ray.. I can't." To avoid another unexpected scene, Kai walk out of the room leaves Ray there alone.

"OMG OMG What did I do?!! I was kissed by a girl when I already have a girlfriend? OMG. Atsuko I'm sorry. You're the one in my heart, no one else. Atsuko Atsuko Atsuko Atsuko..." Kai thought while walked fast to the architect's room. He keep repeat calling Acchan's name in his mind, just to ensure himself that Acchan is the only one in his head.

He meets the architect where he will confirm his retirement. He really want to leave that office now. After had a permiasion from the architect, Kai packed his bag and quickly get his motorbike and go home.

He visits Acchan's house, fortunately when he's about to enter the yard, Acchan's parents are comeing out. Kai asks about Acchan, she's just leaving about an hour ago. Kai decided to follow her. He ask the address and then pack his bag and go to the bus station in hurry.


In other place where there's only silence and peace, Acchan walks slowly towards her brother's grave holding a bucket of flowers. When she arrives, she stop and knelt down in front of the grave.

"Hey, brother.. How are you?" she said smiling to the grave. "It's been already a year, and I miss you so much. We're so sorry mom and dad can't come here to visit. They have a very important business trip."

"We moved to Tokyo, and now I'm studying in a famous university, I'm happy that I met a lot of people who are so nice to me. And I met someone too, he's so nice and cute. We're dating.. The funny thing is.. He lives next to our new house. He drives a motorbike, just like yours, that reminds me of you. I remember that you always protect me from anything that bothering me. He used to do it too. I wish you could meet him someday. His name is.."

"..Takahashi Kai" suddenly Kai appears behind her. It really makes Acchan shocked. She turn around and find Kai standing there smiling at her. "Nice to meet you, brother" Kai bowed then knelt down beside Acchan. He hold Acchan's hand. "You have a beautiful sister and I love her so much. Let me protect her, I promise I never let her being hurt," then Kai lift Acchan's hand and kiss it. Acchan smiling and blushing of what just Kai said. (A/N Aaah.. This reminds me of the same scene when AcchanxTakamina singing Omoide No Hotondo in Tokyo Dome T_T )

After leaving the grave, Acchan take Kai to a restaurant near her old house.

"Acchan!" the restaurant owner greets her when Acchab and Kai enter the restautant. "God, look at you! You look so beautiful, and who is..." the woman glare at Kai.

"Ah this is Kai, boyfriend," Acchan said shyly.

Kai bowed "Takahashi Kai" then he shake her hand.

"Whoo a Tokyo guy, huh?" the woman winked at her. "So are you going to stay the night here or going back to Tokyo?"

"Emm.. Since it already late, I guess we will spend the night at my old house."

"Oh souka.. Mariko often sleep there too" the woman said while we're walking towards the table.

That night Acchan and Kai have a great dinner. Acchan orders a lot of foods because she's really missed the food. It's about several months that she haven't eat her fave foods in this restaurant.

"Kai, you have't told me how could you come here?" Acchan ask, still eating her foods. "you used to be busy today, huh?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm busy today, to give a proposal of my retirement."

"WHAT? Retirement?" Acchan shocked, she stop eating and stare at Kai.

Kai nods, act like this is not a special thing. "Yeah, I leave the job."

"Why? You wanted this job so much!! You don't remember how you fight to pass the test to get this job?" Acchab asked him.

"Yes, baby.. I know it," Kai pinch Acchan's cheek. "But I keep thinking about it for long time that.. I lost my life since I work there. You know, I was being so busy leaving my family my friends, and especially YOU."

"So you did it for that?"

Kai nods. "Yeah, it's a half time job by the way, and I don't look for the salary, I look for the experience in this job. So there's nothing  regret to leave this job." Kai eat again his foods. "I choose to make a longer time for you and family. I can still look for another not-too busy experience."

"So what about Riku?" Acchan ask.

"Oh, Riku still with the team. But don't worry, his team is not as busy as I was. And he can still manage his time."

And then they eating again in silence. Suddenly Acchan talks.
"Thank you.."

Kai take his drink, "for what?"

"For doing such that thing for me. You know, I'm feeling guilty to make you leave that job."

Kai smiles and hold her hand. "Don't feel guilty, it's all my decision. And.. did I told you that I'm gonna do anything to be with you?"

Acchan nods and smiles, she remember the moment when Kai leave his motorbike and go to campus by bus just to be with her.

"I love you.."

After finished their dinner, they walk to go to Acchan's old house. Now it's about 10 p.m., too late to go back to Tokyo. Besides, Acchan had prepared to spend the night at her old house.

"I thought your parents had sold the house" Kai said when they pass on the sidewalk.

"No, we have a lot of family in this town, so we didn't sell the house. Sometimes my family go there, Mariko often lives there too.."

"Oh, that's tall woman!" Kai chuckled. "You look so close with her, eh?"

"Yeah, she's just like my sister" Acchan said. "You should thanks her for gave me advice about our relationship."

"Ah so you told her about us?"

Acchan nods.

"Hmm.. So that's why she ask me to apologize to you that night."

"Mariko did that?" Acchan thinks that the apologize that night is Mariko's idea, not Kai's.

"Hurm.. " then Kai realized something. "OH BUT IT'S ME, of course. I was about to apologize and it was coincidence that she asked me to do it too." Kai answeren nervously.

Acchan giggled, it's funny to see Kai nervous like that. She pinch his cheek where his dimple exactly is. "So cute.."

Then, finally they arrived in front of Acchan's house. She still has the key, so even there's no one inside, she can still enter the house.

"So  this is my old house" Acchan said when they arrived in front of a big enough house.
"Come in" Acchan take his hand when she enter the room. It's dark inside. Acchan step back to find the switch and turn the lights on.

Now they can see all over the room. "Make yourself comfort. I'll make some tea" Acchan said and she walk to the kitchen, leaving Kai in the living room. Kai look around and find a big family potrait on the wall. There's Mr&Mrs Maeda there, with two children, a boy and a girl.

The girl on the potrait is looks very familiar to him. Of course because it's Acchan's picture. Buy it's look like when Acchan was child, it's about 5 or 6 years old. And Kai guess the boy is Acchan's brother.

"What are you looking at?" Acchan asked when she come with two cups of tea. She walk to the living room and sit on the couch. Kai walk approach her and sit, Acchan offer the tea and Kai drink it.

"Hmm.. It's very warming. Thank you" Kai said and put the cup on the table.

"She looks so cute" Kai stare at the potrait again.

Acchan blushed and Kai noticed it.

"It's her, not you" Kai added, make Acchan pout. Then she pinch Kai's cheek.

"You're so rude Kai!"

"Hahaha.. Sorry, I'm just kidding. Look, I don't even finished my sentence" Kai said try to calm her down.

"That little cute" Kai stare at the potrait. Then he turn his face and look at Acchan, his hand move and hold her chin, "and this girl... is the most beautiful ever."

Acchan's cheek is getting red and she can't help to smile, yes she give her angelic smile to Kai. This time, Kai is the one who can't help to kiss that killing smile. He move closer and touch his lips to hers. He kiss her passionately, and Acchan can feel his kiss is full of love. She replied the kiss and make it deeper. After a couple of minutes, they finally broke the kiss to catch a breath.

"I love you" Kai said looking deep in her eyes.

Acchan smiles then she gives a him a peck, "I love you too."

Suddenly Acchan's phone is ringing. Acchan move towards her bag and pick up the phone.

"Mosh mosh"

"Acchan, have you arrived at the house?"

"Ah, mom. Yeah, we just arrived here, don't worry" Acchan said.

Kai grab a photo on the corner table. There's a young man sit on a cool motorcycle and a trophy in his hand.

"Okay mom, bye." Acchan then put her phone on the table. She look at Kai who's staring at the photo.

"That's my brother, with his last trophy," Acchan said.

Kai turns to Acchan. "His last trophy?"

Acchan nods. "Yeah, he was a great racer. He got a lot of trophies. But unfortunately, he didn't finish his last race because of the accident.."

"You must be proud of him. Do you have any photo of him in his race or something?" Kai asked as he hold Acchan's hand.

"Yes of course! We have a lot of his photo album" Acchan answered.

"Really, that sounds interesting. Would you like to show it to me? I want to see it!" Kai looks very excited.

"Sure, let's go!" Acchan grab Kai's hand and they heading to Acchan's old room.

"Is this your room?" Kai asked as they enter a very neat and cute room.

"Yes, it was my room. I live here since I was born until we move to Tokyo and I got a new room in front if yours" Acchan walk towards the bookshelf. "Just take a seat, I'll find the album."

Kai sits on the edge of the bed while looking around the room. So this is his girlfriend's previous room. She must be very nice and neat person, that'a why she was accepted in interior design major at college.

"I found it!" Acchan shouted then walk approach Kai. She sits beside Kai and give him the album.

They start to open the album sheet by sheet. It fulfiled by a lot of photos of Acchan's family in the racing sircuit. Happiness is the only word that can show how the photo is about. Acchan tell Kai each detail of the photos. Kai's look so amazed.

"WHO IS THIS??! HAHAHAHAH!!" Kai laughed out loud while his finger pointed to a photo that show the crying Acchan. In the photo, Acchan looks still young, maybe it was when she's in junior high school. Her face is so funny when she's crying like that.

"Waaaa.. Don't look at that photo!!" Acchan quickly cover the photo with her hand. But it's too late.

Kai can't help to laugh out loud. Acchan pouting at Kai and she starts to hit him.

"Ouch!! Sorry.. Hahaha" Kai succesfully avoiding Acchan's hand. Then he run around the room when Acchan try to catch him.

"You look so funny in that photo! Hahaha" Kai still avoiding Acchan who now is grabbing a pillow and still trying to catch Kai.

The room becomes very messy as Acchan and Kai running and throwing everything to each other.

"Oopps!! Sorry you miss it again!" Kai feel so satisfied as he succesfully avoiding a doll that Acchan threw to him. Now Acchan has no other 'weapon' to throw to Kai. So she run to catch him by herself.

Kai moved quickly try to avoid her but he failed as he step on a lipbalm and make him slipped. Acchan who is successfully catch him, fell down and bumped onto his body.

"Oucchh!!" Kai shout a little as Acchan bumped onto his body. But it's not really hurt because they fell down on the bed.

Both of them is panting and try to catch some air to breath. Acchan pinch Kai's nose so hard, makes Kai shout. "Aaaww!! It hurts!"

"Gotcha!!" Acchan smirked on him and move her body from the top of Kai. She laid herself beside him as she still panting.

There's only silence and their sounds of breath. Both of them look at the ceiling with nothing to say. Then Kai hold Acchan's hand and squeeze it. Acchan turn her head and look at him, the one she love who now is laying on the bed beside her.

Kai look at Acchan, he smiles at her. Slowly he move his head closer to her and kiss her. It's kind of a short kiss. Then Kai caress Acchan's cheek. He moves his body so now he's on the top of Acchan. He slowly locked his lips with hers again. The kiss is full of love and become more passionately. Acchan's hand move around his neck and start to stroke his hair and make it messy.

The kiss become more and more hot as Kai's tongue start to enter Acchan's mouth and explore it. They keep kissing for several minutes until Kai's hand starts to move and gropes on Acchan's thigh make her skirt open up.

"Mmmmhh.." there a sound of moan, Acchan keep squeezing Kai's head while they're kissing.

Now Kai's hand move to Acchan's shirt open it up showing her flat smooth belly. He gropes on it make a soft sound of Acchan moans out from their kiss. He moves again to her thigh, move upper and upper until he touch her panties about to pull it down.

But then he stopped and break the kiss. He look deep into Acchan's eyes who now is confused why did he break the kiss.

"Atsuko,.. i-is it okay?" Kai asked nervously.

Acchan stare at him for a while, she didn't say anything but pull his neck close to her and give him a deep kiss. Kai take it as a 'Yes'. His hand start to move again. Now he try to pull up her shirt, make her only in her bra. He pull Acchan up so he can reach her back and uhook her bra. She's totally naked now. Then it's time for him to undo his clothes. One by one every piece of his clothes was taken off until they totally naked. Kai pull the blanket and cover half of their bodies because outside is raining and the weather is a bit chill.

He stare at her upper naked body, feel amazed of her sexy look. He peck her on lips and then drown his face on her neck. That night, they make their bodies become one, feeling each other's love and lust.


End of CHAPTER 12.

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