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Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Christmas Special] Under the Mistletoe (29 Dec)
Post by: Seigus on July 14, 2012, 09:02:32 PM
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A/N: Hi all, seigus here! This is my first time posting a story here although it's not my first time writing. Aside from some anime fanfictions, I have a small stash of incomplete AKB48 fics which will probably never see the light of day. OTL

Anyway, as we know, today's is Team B's beloved captain Kashiwagi Yuki's 21st birthday! And to celebrate this wonderful occasion, I present to you a MaYuki one-shot! This fic was inspired by French Kiss' "Rainy Day" PV. Hope you like this and if you do, do look out for Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 (starring Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi) which I will be posting in this thread later today.

Without further ado, let's get this party started! :cheers

My Cyborg Can’t Be in Kagoshima!

Kashiwagi Yuki sat alone in the dim apartment, anxiously flipping through news channels on the television for updates on when the typhoon would let up. All throughout Tokyo, the small streets were flooded and people had been stuck indoors since afternoon. No one dared to head out in such terrible weather. Yuki silently cursed the weathergirl who cheerily reported in the morning that the weather would be fine and sunny and perfect for a picnic in the park.

Fine and sunny, my foot!

Powerful winds and heavy rain slammed nosily against the closed windows. Yuki glanced out the living room window and could barely make out the outline of the next apartment block. Her fingers pressed the familiar buttons on her cellphone to check for new mail.

Last message received at 16:52 from Mayuyu.

Eeks! It’s really pouring!
But don’t worry, I’m heading home now.
See you soon! \(^o^)/

It was already 11.40pm now. Growling in frustration, Yuki chucked the black device aside.

“Mayuyu… where are you?”

Meanwhile, a small, shivering figure was standing at the entrance of a convenience store a few streets away. Watanabe Mayu was drenched. Her white raincoat did nothing to keep her safe from the merciless rain. The flimsy hood had long been blown off her head the moment she left the bakery near her workplace. Water dripped down her face and her usually perfect bangs clung to her forehead in clumps. In her hands, she cradled a box wrapped protectively in a pastel pink plastic bag. A gust of strong wind swept past her and she held onto the box for dear life despite stumbling back a few steps. She checked her watch.


Oh no, fifteen minutes left. Earlier, Mayu had taken shelter in the 24-hour convenience store where she managed to get some warmth but with precious time ticking away, she had no choice but to face the relentless storm. Surveying her surroundings, Mayu thanked the heavens that at least traffic was non-existent at the moment, allowing her to cross the roads freely. The pigtailed girl took a deep breath and took off into the heavy downpour, making splashes in the ankle-deep water.


Yuki slammed the remote on the coffee table and gripped her head. Worry was etched all over her face. Silly girl… why the hurry to get back? You should’ve stayed at your workplace!

Suddenly, Yuki stood up. She had enough of sitting around and doing nothing. Grabbing the house keys and the black raincoat hanging by the door, she slipped on the waterproof gear and stepped out of the apartment. I must be the only crazy person to go out in this crazy weather. Aside from Mayu, that is. Yuki tapped her feet impatiently as the elevator took her to the ground floor. Once the lift doors opened, piercing winds whipped about her face, forcing her to shut her eyes momentarily. The ache in her heart multiplied ten times as she thought about her small and frail beloved being blown around like a rag doll by Mother Nature. Standing at the front porch, she suddenly felt lost and stupid as she stared into the bleak distance. Where do I start?!


Mayu smiled in relief when she spotted the apartment block that she and Yuki lived in. A quick glance at her watch told her it was 11.54pm. Her legs felt like lead and her face hurt from the biting rain hitting her face as she raced through the streets.  With her last ounce of energy, she made a dash across the road. Wait for me, Yukirin!

Yuki cursed herself for not thinking of a better plan to locate Mayu. However, desperate times called for desperate measures. Her heart took control over her head and she sprinted recklessly into the arms of a raging Mother Nature. Please… let me find you.


Amidst the loud crashing of rain against hard gravel, she heard it. The cute high-pitched voice calling her name. The sweet voice that could belong to only one person in the entire world. Her little cyborg.


Yuki rushed forward to meet the younger girl in a bone-crushing embrace. Hot tears escaped her eyes as she held the girl in her arms. The sudden open display of affection startled a baffled Mayu.

“Erm… Yukirin?” Mayu began softly.

“Hmm?” Yuki was too caught up in her emotions to pay full attention.

“You are crushing the cake.”

Yuki sniffed and quickly rubbed her reddened eyes before pulling back with a frown. “What cake?”

“Your birthday cake, silly. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten your own birthday?” Mayu asked incredulously as she slid the cake box out from the space between their bodies. Realisation hit Yuki like a ton of bricks as she finally understood why Mayu practically risked her life to return home.

“Maybe I did but still, that’s no reason for you to be out in this storm,” Yuki retorted in what seemed like a last-ditch attempt to save her pride.

“The same goes for you. What were you doing out here?”

“I was worried about you, of course! I thought the typhoon had carried you all the way to Kagoshima!”

“Then I can say hi to Mama-rin,” Mayu noted with a playful smile. Discreetly, she checked her watch.

“Hey! I’m serious here- Mmph!” A pair of soft lips pressed against Yuki’s, effectively silencing her.

Mayu whispered three words as she withdrew from the kiss, her warm breath mixing with Yuki’s. Yuki stared wide-eyed at the blushing girl before her. When her mind finally registered the situation, she broke into a wide smile and brought her hand up to cup Mayu’s delicate cheek. Running her fingers along a dripping jawline, she let her thumb rest on supple pink lips.

“Thank you.”

Yuki dropped her arms to wrap around Mayu’s slim waist and dipped her head low to capture those sweet lips again.
At 11.59pm on 15 July 2012, Watanabe Mayu succeeded in wishing Kashiwagi Yuki a very happy birthday.

The End.


- Yuki's hometown is Kagoshima.
- Mayu calls Yuki's mother 'Mama-rin'.

Thank you for reading! Reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:
Title: Re: [MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.1 - My Cyborg Can't Be in Kagoshima!
Post by: miyumi on July 14, 2012, 09:10:07 PM
Ahh welcome to the forum!!  :welcome

This story was really cute and I loved it! I can't to read more from you!  :hee:

Keep it up!  :on GJ:
Title: Re: [MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.1 - My Cyborg Can't Be in Kagoshima!
Post by: kahem on July 14, 2012, 11:01:28 PM
So cute~ right in the time ^^
Title: Re: [MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.1 - My Cyborg Can't Be in Kagoshima!
Post by: aruka on July 15, 2012, 03:00:02 AM
Hey~! Never knew you write too. :w00t:

And knowing that it's you, I think we can expect so much more MaYuki in the future? :grin:

Eagerly waiting for the doctor and nurse's story. Don't make us wait too long~ XD
Title: Re: [MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.1 - My Cyborg Can't Be in Kagoshima!
Post by: rexywhite on July 15, 2012, 03:13:55 AM
This story is really cute, very well written too. Thank you for sharing it, will anticipate your future works.  :)
Title: Re: [MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.1 - My Cyborg Can't Be in Kagoshima!
Post by: kurogumi on July 15, 2012, 06:41:22 AM
i want

Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 (starring Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi)!!!

thank !
Title: [MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 - Flowers Don't Last Forever
Post by: Seigus on July 15, 2012, 06:42:01 AM
A/N: Thank you all for your lovely comments and 'thank yous'! They are very encouraging and I've just thought of an idea for a new MaYuki one-shot. Not sure if it will become a reality but I'll try my best! Anyway, as promised, here is Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 starring Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi! Once again, happy birthday dear Yukirin!

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Flowers Don’t Last Forever

“Flowers for Kashiwagi-san!”

A bouquet of a dozen red roses landed on the smooth white surface of the Nurses’ Counter at Akiba Hospital.

“Again?” Kitahara Rie asked incredulously.

“That’s the fourth one today,” remarked Kuramochi Asuna who was tidying up some files.

“Let’s guess who it’s from this time!” Takajo Aki suggested.

“Something as romantic as a dozen red roses must be from Dr. Miyazawa!” Rie said excitedly.

“Oh, you may be right! Just compare it to the other bouquets,” Mocchi pointed to the neglected flowers sitting forlornly at a corner. “This one clearly stands out.”

“Those are from Yuki-chan’s former patients, right?” A smooth voice cut in. The trio instantly looked up and gasped when they saw a tall and lean man in a navy blue suit leaning against the counter.

“Dr. Shinoda!”

“Hi, ladies,” Shinoda Mario flashed a charming smile that sent the three nurses’ knees into a wobbly state. Rie who was the first to recover, replied, “Yes, those flowers are from Yukirin’s ex-patients. That one is from Ishihara-san.”

“That balding old man who suffered a heart attack while watching AV?” Mario wrinkled his nose in disgust at the poorly arranged bunch of pink orchids and lavender lilacs. “No wonder those flowers look cheap.”

Mario grabbed the latest bouquet of roses and checked the card which came with it. With a knowing smile, he muttered, “I see Sae has made his move.”

“So it’s really from Dr. Miyazawa!” Mocchi exclaimed, jumping up from her seat. “Yukirin’s so lucky!”

“Oh, she’s back!” Akicha spotted their colleague turning round the corner and walking towards them. Mario swiftly put down the bouquet and bade the nurses farewell, disappearing into his office down the corridor.

Kashiwagi Yuki plopped herself on her seat at the workstation and let out a weary sigh. She had just escaped from a male patient in his twenties who loudly proclaimed his undying love for her in his ward. The worse thing was the other patients in the ward supported him by throwing toilet paper confetti all over the place and goaded her to accept his love. In the end, both she and the patients were chided by the head nurse for creating a ruckus.

“Hey Yukirin, cheer up. Look at this!” Rie shoved Dr. Miyazawa’s flowers in Yuki’s face.

“It’s from the tall, dark, handsome and suave Dr. Miyazawa!” Akicha added, her head popping up next to Rie’s.

“You sure are popular around here. I wish I could get flowers from the doctors too,” Mocchi appeared on the other side of Rie, wearing a dreamy look on her face.

Yuki shot the roses an uninterested glance and went back to filling out a form for a patient. “If you like it so much, you can have it,” she offered in a bored tone.

“Really?” Mocchi’s eyes widened at the idea. Just then, Dr. Miyazawa Sae appeared before them.

“Hey, ladies!” he greeted cheerily with a wink. The gossiping trio found their legs turning into jelly the second time in less than fifteen minutes.

“Hi, Dr. Miyazawa!” they chorused with bright smiles. Sae craned his neck a little to peek at Yuki who seemed busy at the back.

“Erm… Yuki-san.”

Yuki closed her eyes and gave an inward sigh before forcing a smile on her face and standing up. “Yes, Dr. Miyazawa? How can I help you?”

Sae winced a little at the formal tone but kept up his confident smile. “Just want to wish you happy birthday in person”

“Why, thank you.”

The gossiping trio traded looks and decided to make themselves scarce as the atmosphere was starting to turn awkward.

“Have you received my flowers?” Sae asked.

“Yes, they are very lovely. Thank you,” answered Yuki. She was not lying. They did look gorgeous but she just could not be bothered with them. They were just flowers which would wither in a matter of days. Sae mistakenly took that as a positive sign and leant forward, posing the next question.

“You’re welcome. Would you like to have dinner with me after work tonight? My treat, of course.”

At that moment, Yuki’s face lit up as she noticed a short, bespectacled young man walking past behind Sae. The man was wearing a blue surgeon’s outfit and had black hair that went a little past his ears. He seemed to be in a hurry as he quickly disappeared in the direction of the Operating Theater.
Sae waved his hand before Yuki’s face. “Hey, you there?”

Snapping out of her daze, Yuki bowed slightly, “I’m sorry but I have to work overtime today.”

“It’s okay. I can wait.”

“No, no. It’ll be very late.”

“We can do supper.”

“Kashiwagi-san, I need you in the OT now,” a gentle voice called out, startling both Sae and Yuki. Yuki gasped when she noticed the same young man from before standing a distance away, beside the drinks vending machine.

“Yes, Dr. Watanabe!” Yuki hastily tidied up the documents on her desk. Before she left, she turned to Sae and said, “I’m sorry I’ve got work to do. Thanks for your invitation anyway.”

Without waiting for Sae’s reply, she half-ran after Dr. Watanabe who was already walking away. Sae dropped his head on the counter after the straight rejection while the gossiping trio looked on in pity.

“That stupid Yukirin! Why did she reject his offer?” Mocchi whispered in exasperation. “I would so die to go on a romantic dinner date with Dr. Miyazawa.”

“Actually girls, have you noticed? Yukirin only seems to respond to Dr. Watanabe,” Akicha commented.

“Isn’t it only because he saved her life a few years back?” Mocchi asked.

“But he’s the only one who doesn’t give her special treatment. Most of the doctors here seem to be trying to score a date with her,” with a finger on her chin, Rie noted thoughtfully.

“Maybe she likes younger men. They ignite her motherly instincts!”

Nodding in agreement, Mocchi remarked, “Dr. Watanabe does have a very cute face. If only he was taller, I’d totally go after him!”

The other two poked her forehead simultaneously, “Stop being so man-crazy!”


Yuki caught up with Dr. Watanabe and was now walking slightly behind him.

“Iwasaki Kanata, nine years old. She was knocked down by a motorcycle while crossing the road and sustained multiple fractures to her right arm and ribs. We suspect one of the broken ribs have punctured her lung,” Dr. Watanabe briefed her on the patient they would be working on as he took long strides down the corridor. “Expect the operation to last more than five hours.”

“Punctured her lung? Isn’t that what happened-”

“Yes, her condition is similar to yours three years ago,” Dr. Watanabe confirmed her suspicions.

Yuki unconsciously moved her hand to her chest and felt the protruding scar beneath her uniform. Memories of the accident she was involved in flooded her mind. She remembered being in extreme pain and had difficulty breathing after being knocked down by a speeding car. The terrified driver did not stop to help and left her dying in the middle of the road. It was a secluded part of town and no one else was around when the accident happened. Just as she was about to lose consciousness, she heard footsteps running towards her and the worried face of a young man appeared before her.

“Hello, Kasai-san. I need an ambulance now! I am at…”

That was the last thing she heard before her world faded black. Two days after the surgery, Yuki regained consciousness. That was when she met Dr. Oshima Yuko, the doctor who headed her operation. Dr. Oshima was a jovial lady in her late twenties who frequently checked on her progress and would sometimes crack crude jokes. Yuki swore that Dr. Oshima was lucky that she was not a male doctor, if not she would have been put behind bars for sexual harassment long ago. On the last day of her hospitalization, Dr. Oshima brought a reluctant-looking man who looked not a day over twenty to her ward.

“Come on, Yuki-chan deserves to know the person who saved her!” Dr. Oshima was heard saying as she dragged a short young man to her bed. Yuki gathered that he was about the same height as herself.

“She doesn’t need to know,” the man protested, trying to pry Yuko’s hands off his arm.

Yuki’s ears perked up at the familiar voice. She had only heard it once but she remembered it vividly as she constantly replayed that gentle voice in her mind.

“Anyway, we are already here. Don’t be so wishy-washy,” Yuko chided the man who seemed to be hiding his face by looking down. “Hey Yuki-chan, I’ve brought someone to meet you. This is Watanabe Mayu. He was the one who discovered you at the accident site.”

Yuko nudged Mayu’s side, causing him to look up. In the split second when their eyes met, Yuki recognized him as the face she saw before she blacked out.

“It’s… It’s you…” Yuki was at a loss for words. She felt warmth stinging the back of her eyes as she fought the urge to cry. All along, she thought the angel she saw was a hallucination.

Mayu bowed. “Nice to meet you. My name is Watanabe Mayu, a resident at Akiba Hospital.”

By this time, Yuki’s tears had already broken free and were streaming down her face.

“Whoa, what did you do to Yuki? She’s crying!” Yuko prodded the equally shocked doctor.

“I didn’t do anything!”

“Did you grope her when she was lying there defenseless?”

“No! That’s something you would do!”

A soft giggle interrupted their little banter, causing them to turn to Yuki.

“I-I’m sorry,” Yuki wiped her tears. “I’m just too happy to see you. To know that my savior is real and not a hallucination.”

Yuko cleared her throat. “I told you you should come to meet her. See how happy you’ve made her!”

“I was just doing what any other person would do in that situation,” Mayu stated flatly although his cheeks were reddening. Yuko rolled her eyes and ignored him. She looked at Yuki and said, “Mayu started emergency treatment on you during the ride to the hospital and also participated in your operation. He’s very skilled despite having just graduated from med school so he really helped a lot in saving you.”

“Thank you, Dr. Watanabe. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here now,” Yuki gazed into his clear brown eyes as she spoke. At that moment, she felt a tingle down her spine and she knew it had nothing to do with the air-conditioning.

Three months after the accident, Yuki applied for the position of Staff Nurse at Akiba Hospital. It was a miraculous coincidence that Yuki had just obtained her Nursing Degree earlier that year. She wanted to meet that young doctor again and work side-by-side with him, assisting him in any way possible. Behind that cool façade lay a kind and delicate soul; she was sure of it.


Yuki sank into the plush black couch in the Staff Lounge and stretched her arms above her head. It was almost eleven at night. Iwasaki’s operation took longer than expected. Nevertheless, it was a success and the girl’s parents thanked Dr. Watanabe profusely outside the Operating Theater. As usual, the aloof surgeon brushed it off, stating it was his job.

A hand holding a can of iced coffee appeared before her eyes. “Here,” Mayu said.

“Ah, thanks,” Yuki accepted the beverage with a smile. Mayu walked over to the wall and leant against it. He opened his own can and took a sip.

“Good job inside the OT.”

Yuki felt an unexplainable warmth spreading through her chest as her smile grew. “Same to you.”

“Aren’t you going home?” he asked. “You shift was over four hours ago.”

“I just want to rest a bit first,” Yuki replied, feeling her stiff shoulder. “What about you?”

“Same reason,” he answered simply and took another sip.

At that moment, the door to the room swung open and a bundle of energy in the form of Dr. Miyazawa bounded in.

“Ah, I guess you’d be here, Yuki-san!” Sae beamed hopefully at Yuki. Yuki almost choked on her drink.

“W-What are you doing here? Didn’t you leave long ago?” she eyed the grinning man suspiciously.

“I was waiting for you. Now that I’m here and you are done with work, let’s go for supper!”

Yuki groaned inwardly. She was in no mood for this but she could not come up with an excuse to reject Sae.

“I’m sorry Sae but I have already asked Yuki and she agreed,” Mayu suddenly voiced. Yuki’s jaw dropped and if it were possible, her eyes would have popped out of their sockets.

“What? Is that true?” Sae looked at the only woman in the room questioningly. Yuki glanced at Mayu and found him drinking his coffee nonchalantly. However, if she looked closer, she would have noticed dents forming on his can where his fingers were gripping.

“Er… Ah… That’s true, Dr. Miyazawa.”

Sae’s shoulders drooped for a moment but they promptly bounced back up when he thought of an idea. “The three of us can have supper together!”

“My car only fits two.”

Mayu chucked his empty can and walked towards the door, brushing past Sae. He paused at the entrance and turned around, “Let’s go, Yuki.”

“O-Oh okay!” Yuki stumbled up from the couch and towards Mayu. After the two of them left, Sae sank to his knees and punched the floor.

“Damn it.”


True to his word, Mayu brought Yuki to a 24-hour café a few streets away for a simple meal of hot sandwiches to fill their hungry stomachs. Following that, Mayu drove Yuki home.

“We are here,” Mayu announced softly as he stopped his white Toyota convertible at the porch of Yuki’s apartment block. It was already a little past midnight. The car ride had been so soothing that the exhausted Yuki dozed off. She blinked her bleary eyes and scanned her surroundings. Stifling a yawn, she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Thanks for the lift. I’ll see you at work,” she reached for the door handle and was about to pull it when Mayu grabbed her arm.

“It’s a little late but,” he held out a tiny royal blue velvet pouch, “happy birthday.”

Yuki could not believe her ears. In the three years they had been working together, this was the first time he wished her happy birthday. She thought he did not care at all.

“Take it,” Mayu hurried, beginning to feel shy. Yuki received the pouch and gently poured its contents onto her palm. A gleaming white rose necklace slipped out. The workmanship on the painted ceramic pendant was very fine and detailed.

“This is so… beautiful,” Yuki gaped at the necklace in awe. “I love it! Really.”

Mayu exhaled a breath that he did not realize he had been holding. “I’m glad. It took me a long time to get the design right.”

“You designed it?” Yuki suppressed the urge to squeal in delight.

Scratching his cheek, the young doctor nodded. “White reminds me of your name.”

The birthday girl felt her cheeks heating up. “Can you… help me put it on?”

The request seemed to have taken Mayu by surprise and he blinked. Taking the necklace, he clasped it around her neck. She shuddered as his fingertips brushed against her nape.

“Thank you, Mayu,” Yuki whispered before leaning in to plant a quick peck on his flawless cheek. The normally emotionless doctor froze and stared wide-eyed at his blushing companion. She giggled at his stunned expression and quickly exited his car. As she walked towards the lift lobby, she could not resist feeling the pendant between her fingers.

Flowers don’t last forever…
But this one does.


The End.

I hope you've enjoyed this story! Thank you for reading and as always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:

I've also made a birthday poster for our dearest Yukirin. You can check it out at the Kashiwagi Yuki Thread (
Title: Re: [MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 - Flowers Don't Last Forever
Post by: miyumi on July 15, 2012, 07:36:37 AM
Wah even cuter than the last!  :luvluv1:

Haha Mariko be trollin like boss.  :bigdeal:

Poor Sae, she got rejected but Yukirin belongs to Mayuyu so paws off!  :on redcard:

Please update soon! I can't wait to hear more from you!  :hee:
Title: Re: [MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 - Flowers Don't Last Forever
Post by: cmze on July 15, 2012, 09:31:38 AM
Niceeeeee!  :heart:

thanks for writting about my precious otp!  :cow:

i haven't read your second story but i wil!  :grin:

please update soon!  :w00t:
Title: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
Post by: Seigus on July 21, 2012, 10:30:22 AM
A/N: Hi all! I'm back with another MaYuki one-shot! This time, it's a fic to celebrate the release of Mayuyu's second solo single "Otona Jelly Beans". Remember to get your copies and support our dearest cyborg! :grin: I would post this on the actual release date (25 Jul) if not for the fact that I'll be overseas and without my laptop then. Enjoy and as always, reviews are greatly appreciated!

Innocent Jelly Beans

“Yukirin, look at what I’ve got!”

“Hmm?” Kashiwagi Yuki’s nose was buried in a few sheets of paper containing information on Team B’s concert in Osaka. Being the team captain, it was her responsibility to digest the information and then brief the team on it.

Thud! A glass jar filled with colourful little things landed on the only table in the dressing room.

“Watanabe Mayu to perform ‘Otona Jelly Beans’ during the encore…” Yuki muttered, reading off the last slip of paper.

“That’s right! Jelly beans!” The excited voice chirped right next to Yuki’s left ear, startling her till she jumped up from her chair only to bang her knees against the bottom of the table. “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” she cried out and hopped around the room as if there were ants in her skirt. With the grace of an elephant, she backed into another chair and crashed nosily to the floor. Grunting as her bottom throbbed with pain, she attempted to untangle her long limbs from the legs of the foldable chair. Loud snickers reached her ears and she stopped to stare at the cause of her pain.

“My God! Mayuyu! Don’t scare me like that!”

The snickers escalated into full-fledged guffaws as Watanabe Mayu doubled over and clutched her stomach in fear of it exploding from laughing too hard.

“Y-You should have seen yourself!” Mayu wiped the tears in her eyes and struggled to straighten herself. Her face was red and she cleared her throat a few times only to choke as a new bout of laughter surged up her chest.

“It’s not funny!” protested an embarrassed Yuki as she limped into a standing position. “And when did you come in?”

“Just?” the pigtailed ace tilted her head cutely.

Yuki shot a quizzical glance at the jar on the table and asked, “What’s that?”

The smile on Mayu’s instantly turned into a pout. “Mou, you weren’t listening at all!”

“You were talking to me?”


“Alright, alright. I’m sorry, okay?” Yuki apologized hurriedly the moment she detected the fuming puffed up cheeks of the younger girl. “I’m sorry I was too engrossed in reading the programme list for tomorrow that I didn’t notice you come in.” Stepping forward, she wrapped her arms around Mayu and patted her head as if she was a child who had just dropped her ice cream. Why is it that I’m feeling guilty when I’m the one who got hurt?

Yuki unconsciously started stroking Mayu’s smooth, jet-black hair. “So what about the jar?”

The team’s ace perked up at the question and excitedly pulled herself away from the taller girl who frowned at the sudden loss of warmth.

 “It’s a jar of jelly beans that a fan gave to me!” The grinning row of pearly whites almost blinded Yuki. Raising an eyebrow, she said, “I didn’t know you were that crazy over jelly beans.”

The thoughtless remark earned the captain a smack on the arm.

“Hey! I’m already hurt!”

Mayu ignored the complaint and merely stuck out her tongue. “I’m just happy that fans are excited about Otona Jelly Beans.” Said girl then began humming the tune to her latest single and twirled out of Yuki’s grasp. Shaking her head with a resigned smile, Yuki followed Mayu to the table after picking up the fallen chair. She watched with interest as Mayu opened the jar and popped a green jelly bean into her mouth. The humming girl’s next action surprised her.

Mayu poured all the jelly beans onto the table.

“Mayu! What are you doing?” Yuki half-screamed, eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

There was a mischievous glint in Mayu’s eyes. “I just thought of something fun.”

“Huh?” was the only response Yuki was capable of as thoughts of the large grumpy cleaning lady barging into the room and yelling at them for creating a wonderland for the ants raced through her mind.

Mayu, with her upper body bent over the table, started shifting the candies with both hands. What seemed like random scattering at first gradually began to take shape and a ω sign rested proudly on the light grey table.

“Mayu-chan…” Yuki narrowed her eyes and called in a warning tone. Mayu held up her hands in the ω shape and exclaimed gleefully, “Oshiri!”

The older girl sighed, shaking her head for the second time that day. However, nothing seemed to be able to dampen her teammate’s spirit as she rearranged the jelly beans.

“Black Marimokkori!”

“O-Oi! Don’t make that- that part down there so protruding!” a dark blush spread across Yuki’s cheeks as she grimaced at the algae man character whose infamous erection was a pile of dark purple jelly beans in Mayu’s version. In an attempt to erase that obscene mascot from her view, Yuki swept it aside and fervently moved the jelly beans around.

“Guess the AKB member,” Yuki stepped back and admired her handiwork. Mayuyu could not help but chuckle as a crooked yellow-orange banana stared back at her.

“Gorilla! I mean Sayaka-san!”

“Oh? Too easy, huh?” Yuki cocked an eyebrow in mock shock. A smirk stretched across her lips as she messed up the beans yet again. From the side, Mayuyu peeked at Yuki’s serious and engrossed profile and mentally gave herself a pat on the back. The observant cyborg had noticed how tense her precious captain had been recently due to the series of live concerts the popular idol group was involved in. Yuki had been meeting the management staff frequently and after the discussions, Yuki would always be poring over the setlists and programme schedules, cracking her brain over how to coordinate team trainings and motivate the exhausted members.

Yuki was so absorbed in her next creation that she did not notice Mayu had crept to her side until she felt a finger tuck her long hair behind her ear.

“Mayu?” she turned and came face to face with her beloved, their noses mere inches away from each other. Before she could even blink, Mayu pressed their lips together and Yuki immediately felt something enter her slightly agape mouth. A fruity sweetness soon enveloped her taste buds and she briefly wondered how Mayu’s lips got more tantalising than they already were. Aroused, she grabbed the shorter girl’s waist and yanked her closer, deepening the kiss. Her tongue thrust forward impatiently, demanding entry. Mayu gasped and Yuki seized the chance to push the delectable sweet bud into the moist cavern. Not wanting to lose, Mayu hooked her hands behind her partner’s neck and pushed their faces closer if it was even possible. However, she misjudged her force and lost her balance, pulling Yuki down with her as she fell backwards onto the table. There was a series of scattering sounds as jelly beans flew all over the place.

“Oops,” Mayu squeaked. Her hands were still clinging onto Yuki for dear life while Yuki’s larger hands had swiftly moved to Mayu’s head and upper back to cushion the impact for her dearest cyborg. Breathing heavily, Yuki smiled down at the similarly panting girl. She noted Mayu’s flushed face and pretty swollen lips with satisfaction.

“The jelly bean’s with you now, isn’t it?”

Mayu nodded, pouting.

“Give it to me. I’ll let you win this time,” Yuki dove down and claimed Mayu’s supple lips again. This time, she accepted the treat readily. As she chewed on the strawberry-flavoured candy, she gazed softly into Mayu’s chocolate eyes and brushed the bangs that had been messed up earlier.

“Hey, you know I don’t let anyone touch my fringe.” Despite her words, Mayu made no move to stop Yuki’s hand.

“I’m not just ‘anyone’,” Yuki gently poked the ace’s cute button nose. “C’mon, let’s get up. I hear footsteps.”

The moment both girls stood up, an energetic Oshima Yuko bounded into room with a spacey Kojima Haruna lagging behind.

“Whoa! What happened here?” Yuko gaped at the rainbow-coloured mess. The two culprits exchanged sheepish looks before Yuki spoke, “My hands slipped and spilled Mayuyu’s jelly beans.”

“Really?” Yuko eyed their dishevelled appearance suspiciously as she threaded around the table, surveying the chaos for evidence that set off her skinship radar. She spotted two jelly beans lying curved towards each other on the table.

“Oh look, Nyan Nyan! They are doing a sixty-nine!”


“Ouch!” the squirrel clutched her head in pain. “Nyan Nyan, why?!”

“We have an underaged here.”

“Mayuyu’s already eighteen!”

“Oops. Then my hand slipped too,” Haruna shrugged nonchalantly and fished out a PSP from her pocket. At that moment, Yuki spied a very familiar figure walking into the room and her breathing hitched. Snatching the surprised Mayu’s hand, she sprinted out of the room with the younger girl, uttering a quick hello to the new arrival as they crossed paths.

“That’s a lie,” Yuko accused, “and so was what Yuki said earlier!” She pointed towards the Team B Captain only to jab her finger into something thick and bouncy. Boobs? Looking up, she saw large flaring nostrils and the displeased face of their burly cleaning lady glaring down at her. Suddenly feeling very small, Yuko shrank back.

“Hi-Hi… Obasan…” her eyes darted around in panic, searching for Haruna but the video game addict was nowhere to be found.

A broom was shoved into Yuko’s chest. “Clean this mess right now, young lady!”

“B-But I didn’t do it!”

“Huh?” A calloused hand twisted the squirrel’s ear.

“Okay, okay! I’ll clean! I’ll clean!” Yuko squirmed out of the strong grip and hastily took the broom.

Damn you, Kashiwagi!


The End.

-Yukirin is also known among members and fans as Black Marimokkori as her eyes look like the character's and she has a black personality. For more info on Marimokkori, check out this page (

Thank you for reading! :deco:
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Keep it up!  :on GJ:

Oh my gosh Yuko a pervert as always.

Mayuyu with her jelly beans is just so cute!  :luvluv1:

Update soon!
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I like all your MaYuki one-shots!!   :shy2:
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Like the recently added Mayuki fic --> Innocent Jelly Beans...  :thumbup  :thumbup :thumbup
However, I still addicted to the second -> the Dr. Watanabe X Nurse Yuki fic. (hoping to see a sequel or something)  heheh  :nya:
nyways hope you post/update more!!!
Ja ne~
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“That’s right! Jelly beans!” The excited voice chirped right next to Yuki’s left ear, startling her till she jumped up from her chair only to bang her knees against the bottom of the table. “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” she cried out and hopped around the room as if there were ants in her skirt. With the grace of an elephant, she backed into another chair and crashed nosily to the floor. Grunting as her bottom throbbed with pain, she attempted to untangle her long limbs from the legs of the foldable chair. Loud snickers reached her ears and she stopped to stare at the cause of her pain.
I'm sorry Yuki, but imagining you like this makes me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. However, please bear the pain, oh poor Yuki.

However, I still addicted to the second -> the Dr. Watanabe X Nurse Yuki fic.
Agree. I'm also kinda hoping for a sequel to this one. Dr. Watanabe sugoku kakkoii!! 8)
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Thank you all for your kind comments! :deco: It's really nice to know people enjoy reading my fics :heart:

kiruchi-san and aruka-san: Thank you for your love towards Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi! As I told a certain divine person some time back, I'm planning to write a continuation to "Flowers Don't Last Forever". And guess what? I've just started work on it last night. I'll be leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow so let's hope Part 2 will be done when I return on Saturday!
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Oh God, how could I have missed this thread! ><

I just finished reading from the first oneshot to the latest, and I must say, I liked the Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi too. Suffer Sae. My Cyborg Can’t Be in Kagoshima! is great too, the title at first made me think of something like Mayuyu moving or something but I guess I was wrong, I like how it turned out to be though. xD Also, Innocent Jelly Beans! I like the part where Yuki commented about Black Marimokkori's erm... Erection, and most of all the ending. I really love the comedic vibes on this one. Overall I like all of them! I really can't believe that I missed such a great thread. I'll make sure to keep my eyes on this, so I hope you'll write more. Excitedly waiting for the part 2 of "Flowers Don't Last Forever" nau :3
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I read all three in one go, and I love them all! Poor Yuko-sama, had to do the cleaning *huggles Yuko-sama, helps to clean the mess MaYuki made* and I'm happy to find out about the continuation of doctor Watanabe and nurse Kashiwagi. I'll be waiting for update! :-)
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I just read all three too and I have to say that I love Dr. Watanabe best even over Cyborg Mayu and Oshiriri Mayu. Definitely had to hold in a snicker at the nurses gossiping about him 'igniting her motherly instincts'. :rofl:

Have a good trip to HK. Be careful, we're in typhoon season. :sweatdrop:
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I read all the stories~ It was great  :thumbup :thumbup
I like "Flowers Don’t Last Forever" the most... It was sweet  :inlove: :inlove:
Love it~  :heart: :heart:
Looking forward another update~
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I just read the three stories and I've loved all three.
Follow this oneshorts they are so good!
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Hahahah 69 beans :k-wink:

What a amazing way to write fic about Mayus new single and connect it.
Poor Yuko she had to clean after their mess  :rofl:

ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Ahhhh seigus where are you?  :dunno:

Where did you go!  :OMG:

Please update soon!  :farofflook:

I miss you!  :pleeease:

I'm still in Hong Kong! But don't worry, I will be flying home tomorrow and the second part of Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi is almost done! Just need to type it out :D

And I've been stalking your Second Chance everyday! Loving all the developments. Great job! :thumbsup :inlove:
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Ahhhh seigus where are you?  :dunno:

Where did you go!  :OMG:

Please update soon!  :farofflook:

I miss you!  :pleeease:

I'm still in Hong Kong! But don't worry, I will be flying home tomorrow and the second part of Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi is almost done! Just need to type it out :D

And I've been stalking your Second Chance everyday! Loving all the developments. Great job! :thumbsup :inlove:

OMG... I'm excited for the update tomorrow!! Finally the weekend is about to come! Heheh...
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Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi have a second Part Yeah :cow: :cow:

Yay Update soon  please :peace:
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D-doctor! Help! I need watanabe!

Hehe LOL

I miss your story...
Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi] Eyes for You (29 July)
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A/N: Hi everybody! I'm back from my trip to Hong Kong! Just as Kuji-san said, it was typhoon season and there was a really severe typhoon sweeping across Hong Kong on the first day I was there. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and and scored lots of Mayuyu and Yukirin-related items there!

Anyway, here's the promised continuation of my Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi story. It's longer than the first one so I took a long time to type it all out and do some final editing in between dozing off. Thank you all for your wonderful support and I hope you enjoy this update! :deco:

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Eyes for You

Dr. Watanabe Mayu tapped his Mont blanc pen against the patient’s file as he studied the person’s medical history. He was all alone in the emergency doctors’ office after his mentor Dr. Oshima Yuko had rushed out on the ambulance two hours ago to the scene of a machinery accident. Setting the black and gold pen aside, Mayu ran a finger over the familiar face in the patient’s photo.

Krr… Krtz…

Static crackled through the intercom, breaking the stillness in the room.

“We need a doctor at the ED stat! Whoever is available please respond!”

Mayu’s hand shot out to press a red button on the receiver. “Watanabe here. I’m coming.”

The bespectacled doctor hurriedly closed the file he was poring over and shoved it under a pile of other documents before bolting out of the room. Forty minutes after he was gone, Dr. Oshima returned from her job. As she walked past Mayu’s desk, she spotted the familiar-looking file peeking out from under the stacks of papers. She pulled it out gingerly to confirm her suspicions. On the front cover of the beige file, it read the name of one of their colleagues.

Kashiwagi Yuki.

Shaking her head, Yuko put the file back in its original position.


“I’m sorry. We have done our best.”

Loud wails erupted and an elderly couple lunged forward, grabbing at Mayu’s surgeon attire. The young doctor stood unmoving aside from a slight bow of his head.

“Please, we can’t lose Tacchan! She’s our only daughter!” the mother dropped to her knees and tugged Mayu’s pant leg as tears flowed freely. “You can save her, right? Right? How much money do you want? We’ll pay!”

“I’m really sorry. Please go in to see your daughter one last time,” Mayu pried the woman’s wrinkly hands off his legs as gently as he could. As he turned to walk away, he bumped into the stout chest of a man in his mid-twenties. Adjusting his glasses, he recognized the tanned and muscled man with a blonde crew cut as the patient’s boyfriend.

“You shrimp!” the man yanked Mayu by the collar of his shirt. “We are already begging you so go in there and do something!”

Even though the rough action was making his throat feel constricted, Mayu kept his cool and repeated his earlier words, “We have already done our best. Now let me go.”

The man’s grip loosened as his expression became unreadable. Suddenly, he slammed his fist against Mayu’s jaw, sending the doctor to the floor. A horrid metallic taste filled Mayu’s mouth. He slowly pushed himself off the ground, resisting the urge to spit out the blood that was pooling in his oral cavity. The man charged forward, roughly grabbing him up by the collar again. However, instead of the fearsome face he displayed just seconds ago, it had been replaced by pleading desperation. His lips quivered as he sobbed before the silent doctor.

“Please… Takane is very important to me…”

Mayu’s eyes reflected sympathy as he looked at the broken man. “I understand how you feel. I wouldn’t want to lose the woman I love too.”

Upon hearing those words, the man peered up with expectant teary eyes only to have his hopes dashed by Mayu’s next words. “However, Hirasawa-san’s heart had already stop beating by the time she arrived. There was really nothing much we could do. Now if you’d please excuse me.”

Mayu easily freed himself from the grasp as the man’s hands went lax. As he strode down the corridor, he saw Dr. Shinoda leaning casually against the wall.

“As cool as ever huh, Watanabe-san?” Mario spoke.

“I take it that you saw everything,” Mayu said, not bothering to stop as he headed towards the gents. Mario smoothly fell into step with the shorter doctor.

“When he threw the punch,” the older man answered. “I wanted to call security but then I noticed you had the situation under control. Well, this kind of thing happens to all of us.”

Mayu grunted a reply as his inner left cheek throbbed with pain. His teeth had probably cut the soft flesh open when the man’s fist connected with his face. Upon reaching the washroom’s sink, he spat out warm crimson blood before gargling some tap water.

“Want to have it looked at?” Mario offered but was declined by Mayu’s raised palm.

“It’ll heal in time.”

“Or you can ask Yuki-san to ice the bruise for you.”

Mayu turned sharply to face Mario. “What?”

The tall doctor simply laughed and chucked a piece of paper towel into Mayu’s hands before exiting the washroom.


It was lunch time and Mayu was walking towards the cafeteria to grab a quick bite. In order to reach his destination, he had to pass the Nurses’ Counter. From far, he spotted Yuki’s colleagues chatting away and hastily covered his bruised jaw.

“Hi, Dr. Watanabe!” Mocchi called out cheerily. Akicha and Rie echoed her greeting from their seats.

Mayu nodded in response and quickened his pace but luck had it that Rie had extremely sharp eyes.

“What happened to your jaw?” she piped. The other two dropped what they were doing and crowded around Rie.

“You’re right,” Akicha pointed at Mayu’s face. “It looks red!”

Without asking, Mocchi reached out and pulled Mayu’s arm down, revealing the swollen bruise on his left jaw.

“Oh my God!” the trio gasped. “Did you get into a fight?” Rie asked.

“Who dared to disfigure such a perfect face?” an incensed Mocchi raged loudly as the large red mark stood out like a sore thumb on Dr. Watanabe’s fair and otherwise blemish-free skin. She extracted a cold compress from the mini cooler behind the counter, jogged over to the stunned doctor and began fussing over him.

“P-Please stop, Kuramochi-san,” uneasiness overtook Mayu as he stepped back but Mocchi merely closed the distance again and pressed the ice cold pack against the bruise, causing Mayu to flinch.

“What’s going on here?”

Mayu froze at the sound of the nasally male voice while Mocchi seemed oblivious to the new arrival and continued attending to his wound. “Stop moving!” Mocchi grabbed the back of Mayu’s top as he turned his back on her.

“Psst, Mocchi!” Rie whispered.

“Dr. Matsui’s here,” Akicha added, also in a whisper. Instantly, Mocchi stopped behaving like a mother hen and spun around, putting on her brightest smile.

“H-Hello, Dr. Matsui!” Mocchi fluttered her eyelids at the kind-looking doctor who had skin as white as snow and hair as dark as night.

“Good afternoon, Kuramochi-san, Kitahara-san, Takajo-san,” Matsui Ren acknowledged with an amiable smile, “and Watanabe-san.”

Mayu gave a small nod while the nurses swarmed to the new transfer doctor. Just as he was about to slip away, he caught the face of the woman who had been occupying his mind behind Dr. Matsui. His heart clenched at the sight and he slinked away before she could notice him. As he made his way past patients and staff, he grimly recalled how he came to feel this way.

It had been a month after Yuki’s birthday and she was still wearing the necklace Mayu gave her every day. The quiet doctor and the beautiful nurse had been spending more time together. Whenever she was off-duty, she would pop by his office when he was alone and watch him do his paperwork. She enjoyed the little quirks he displayed: spinning the pen while in deep thought, doodling little snowmen when boredom struck, taking off his glasses and rubbing his nose bridge when he was tired. One day, while the pair was having lunch at the cafeteria, Mayu was called to the Hospital Director’s office where Yuko was already waiting too. The two doctors were informed that they had been selected to attend a conference on emergency medicine in America and were to leave the very next morning.

“How long will you be gone?” Yuki asked Mayu that night as they enjoyed the cool breeze at one of the hospital’s balconies.

“Most likely a week,” he answered, swirling the contents of his warm canned coffee. Yuki played with her fingers as she bit her lower lip.

“I… I will miss you,” her voice was so soft that it almost got carried away by the wind.

Mayu faced her and gazed into her shy eyes. There was a rare sincere smile on his face. Taking her hands in his, he smoothed the nervousness away, warming her cool palms.

Two days later, in America.

“The chicks here are so hot! Yuko exclaimed as she set her tray of food on the table that she and Mayu shared in a fast food restaurant near the conference venue. “Check out that blonde behind you. Her boobs are boing-boing huge!”

Mayu rolled his eyes at his salivating senior. Oshima Yuko was well-known as a raging lesbian among the Akiba Hospital staff. She never hid her sexual orientation and was rather open with her fantasies, often sharing them with her fellow doctors much to their discomfort. Mayu was, unfortunately, her No.1 confidante.

Yuko frowned upon detecting Mayu’s lack of response as he calmly unwrapped his hamburger. “Seriously, if I didn’t know you better, I’d have thought you were gay,” Yuko tsked, wagging a French fry at his stoic face. “I mean how can any straight man not be moved by these babes? Some of them don’t even wear bras!” Although they were conversing in Japanese, “bras” in Japanese sounded similar to its English counterpart.

Feeling the appalled stares of the surrounding patrons, Mayu hissed, “Yuko-san, you are too loud.”

Not getting his hint, the agitated woman continued in her usual blaring voice, “Oh wait, I understand now! You ain’t interested because you’ve got your own big-melons Yuki-chan back home.”

Hearing that, Mayu choked on his food and launched into a mad coughing fit, successfully drawing more attention to their table. His mentor cackled heartily at his plight while he took big gulps of his cola.

“I’m right, ain’t I?” Yuko flashed a smug grin at the red-faced doctor.

“T-That’s not a nice thing to say,” sputtered Mayu.

“Oh come on,” Yuko waved off his words, “don’t deny it. You’ve seen her naked body before during the operation.”

“I don’t think of her that way!” Mayu retorted even as his blush darkened.

“How’s your progress with Yuki-chan? Have you reached third base yet?” Yuko was greatly amused as she found immense joy in watching a flustered Mayu. To her astonishment, Mayu snapped, slamming his hands on the table, “Even though you are my mentor, I forbid you to talk about Yuki in that manner!”

Now it was Yuko’s turn to look around nervously. “Chill, Mayu boy!” She breathed a sigh of relief after Mayu had visibly calmed down.

“But seriously, how are things between you and Yuki-chan?”

Mayu shrugged. “Friends?”

Yuko resisted the urge to do a facepalm. “You do know that she’s hot property among the doctors and patients, right?”

“I just… don’t want to rush things.”

“Gosh, please don’t tell people that you are my pupil. Wishy-washiness doesn’t run in the Oshima blood.”

“We are not family.”

The exasperated woman ignored him, her large eyes turning serious. “Someday, someone better will come along and snatch Yuki-chan away if you don’t take action soon,” she warned gravely before taking a big bite of her cheeseburger, leaving the young man to his own thoughts.

Never did Mayu expect that “someone better” to appear so soon. The day he returned to Akiba Hospital, he caught wind of a new transfer doctor from Nagoya and Yuki had been assigned to orient him on the hospital’s workings and facilities. He did not think much of it until he heard his colleagues raving about the new heart specialist a couple of days later.

“That Matsui dude is pretty good, huh,” Mario said as he made a mug of hot coffee in the Staff Lounge. Sae who was fixing his tie by the counter groaned. “Yeah, all the girls are fawning over him. I can’t stand it!”

“Is our great player Miyazawa feeling threatened?” Mario remarked wryly, setting his steaming mug down. Sae’s eyes widened in mock shock, “Me, threatened by that scrawny pale stick? No way! The girls just find him fresh, that’s why they go to him now. But after the hype is over, they’ll flock back to us.”

“Us?” Mario cocked an eyebrow. “I’m not interested.”

“Oh right, I forgot you only have eyes for Haruna-chan.”

Mario took a sip of his black coffee. “Good that you know.”

“But what about Yuko-san?”

“That pervert is no match for me,” Mario’s brow creased into a small scowl.

“But didn’t Haruna-chan just go on a date with her two weeks ago? I heard that they had lots of fun at Disneyland.”

There was a pregnant pause in the room as the only sounds came from Mario drinking his coffee.

“Yuki-san seems happy showing Matsui around,” the most senior doctor in the room finally broke the silence, changing the subject as if it was the most natural thing to do. He smirked inwardly when he notice a certain Dr. Watanabe who had been resting quietly on the couch all along stiffened. “You don’t seem to be going anywhere with her, Sae.”

Sae snorted.

“It’s rare to see her smile so happily,” Mario continued, keeping a discreet eye on Mayu.

“She’s just being nice and doesn’t want him to feel left out,” Sae reasoned confidently. “And she’s been busy lately so she can’t go on that date with me. Yet.”

“Right, right,” Mario stirred his coffee, not convinced at all. “He’s been driving her home the whole of last week. I bet you don’t even know where she lives.”

“Of course I do! She lives in… in… Tokyo!” Sae finished lamely.

There was a sudden rustling of clothes and Mayu stood up, exiting the room wordlessly. Sae snapped his head up at the door.

“What’s up with him?”

“Who knows?” Mario shrugged. “Maybe too much coffee.”


Mayu sighed, staring at the unappealing bowl of plain porridge before him. The stinging cut in his mouth had put him off anything savory or solid for the time being.

“Hey, hey, so have you talked to the new Dr. Matsui yet?” a nurse whom Mayu recognized belonged to the Respiratory Ward asked her partner. The two nurses were sitting at the table next to Mayu’s.

“Yes!” the other nurse squealed, abandoning her lunch completely. “I tell you Yuka, he is just as the rumors say. So handsome. So friendly. So gentle. A bit shy but that just makes him cuter!”

The nurse called Yuka leant across the table and spoke in a hushed tone. “Ne, Umechan. Don’t you think Dr. Matsui and,” she shot a subtle glance at Mayu, “are kind of similar?”

Umechan pondered briefly before replying, “That’s true. Both of them have black hair and perfect fair skin but Dr. Matsui’s taller and nicer. Dr Watanabe is a little too cool and I certainly prefer an older man.”

Yuka nodded in agreement. “It’ll seem like you are going out with your younger brother.”

“Exactly!” the two nurses burst into a round of girlish giggles, neglecting the fact that in their excitement, their voices grew loud enough for people around them to hear.

Mayu pushed his bowl away, suddenly feeling very full. As he walked over to the Tray Return Area, Yuki and Ren entered the bustling cafeteria.

“What are you looking for?" Ren asked Yuki who was craning her neck and scanning the crowded place. Embarrassed at being caught, the nurse smiled sheepishly and shook her head.

“You can’t hide anything from me, Yuki-chan. You’ve been quite distracted since Tuesday,” Ren chided.

“Like you would know,” Yuki stuck her tongue out at Ren and wanted to retort further but she caught sight of the man she had been looking for all week. Without excusing herself, she sped towards him, leaving a baffled Ren by himself.


The troubled-looking doctor froze right as he was about to load his tray onto the rack.

“Eh?” Yuki frowned at the untouched bowl of porridge. “You didn’t eat?”

Mayu stared down at his bowl. “It was… It didn’t taste fresh.” When he looked up, he heard a sharp intake of breath.

“What happened to your jaw?” Concern was written all over Yuki’s face. Mayu set his tray down and averted her questioning eyes but the worried nurse was quick to close the distance between them, cupping his cheek gently as she inspected the swell.

“It’s nothing,” mumbled Mayu.

“Open your mouth.”


“You have a cut inside, right? That’s why you were having porridge. Tell me, did someone hit you?”

The teary face of Takane-san’s boyfriend flashed past Mayu’s mind and he nodded. Yuki’s features softened a little, “You need to learn to take better care of yourself.”

“Yuki-chan!” Ren ran up to the nurse. “Man, you were so fast.”

Mayu’s brow twitched.

“Oh hi, Watanabe-san,” Ren smiled at the emergency doctor. Realizing the close proximity between Mayu and Yuki, something clicked in his head. “Am I interrupting something?”

Yuki let her hand fall from Mayu’s face. “Oh no, Ren-kun. By the way Mayu, I never got a chance to introduce. This is Matsui Ren. He is my childhood friend from Nagoya. And Ren-kun, this is Watanabe Mayu, the doctor who saved my life.”

Ren put out his hand to Mayu, “I’ve heard a lot about you from Yuki-chan.” The shorter man, however, seemed to be in a state of shock as he stared blankly at the offered hand.


Snapping out of his thoughts, Mayu shook Ren’s hand. “I didn’t know you and Yuki knew each other.”

Ren chuckled, “Yuki-chan and I go a long way back. I was really sad when she left for Tokyo six years ago so I’m glad I’ve been transferred here now.”

“I didn’t know you were so affected by my departure,” Yuki’s soft laughter sounded like a melodious tinkle to both men’s ears. “Anyway, please excuse us. Mayu is not feeling too well.” Since the start of the conversation, Mayu’s injury had been weighing on her mind.

“What about your lunch?” Ren asked. Mayu did not miss the flicker of disappointment in the other man’s dark eyes.

“I’ll just grab a snack later,” Yuki gave a hasty wave before dragging Mayu out of the cafeteria.

Ten minutes later, Mayu found himself sitting on a bench at the balcony where he and Yuki enjoyed each other’s company before he left for America. Fortunately for them, there was a shelter which shielded them from the blazing noon sun.

“I can do this myself,” Mayu backed away from the cotton bud laced with a transparent gel that Yuki was holding. Her brows knitted together at the resistance he was displaying.

“Let me do my job as a nurse,” clutching his right arm, she pulled him towards her. Feeling a dark oppressive aura being emitted by the staff nurse, Mayu decided he had better obey her instructions and opened his mouth for her to apply the medicine. He winced the moment the cotton bud made contact with the deep cut but soon after, the cooling gel took effect and numbed the area. Digging into his pocket, he produced a packet of energy drink.

“It’s not good to skip lunch,” he said, pushing the dull silver packet towards Yuki.

“When did you get this?”

“When you were taking the medication just now,” Mayu scratched his uninjured cheek. Yuki felt the same unexplainable warmth that she experienced whenever she was with the doctor spreading through her chest again.

“Thank you,” she accepted the drink and unscrewed the cap. “Let’s share this. You haven’t had anything too.”

“Don’t worry about me. Yuko-san has a carton of this in our office.”

Yuki’s eyes bulged. “Is that why she’s always so hyper?”

“I guess. She also takes lots of sugary food.”

“Oh my, that’s not healthy,” Yuki commented, looking a little worried. Mayu shrugged, “I’ve warned her before but she doesn’t listen.”

The pair fell into a comfortable silence as Yuki drank the blackcurrant-flavored jelly drink. However, Mayu’s mind was replaying his earlier words to Takane’s boyfriend as he watched Yuki tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

I wouldn’t want to lose the woman I love too.


“Hmm?” Yuki smiled with the drink packet’s opening between her lips.


Yuki’s cellphone rang, causing its owner to jump a little.

“Sorry,” she muttered and picked up the call. “Hello, Ren-kun? No, no, you don’t have to buy me anything. I’ve eaten already. Yes, I’m not bluffing you. I’m with Mayu at the balco-”

Suddenly, the phone was snatched from her. “Mayu?” she gaped in bewilderment, almost dropping her drink.

“Hello, Matsui-san,” Mayu spoke into the phone as his expression turned cold. “This is Watanabe. I’m sorry but the call ends here.” Without waiting for a reply, he pressed the red hang up icon and set the phone aside. Looking up, he was met with Yuki’s flabbergasted expression.

“What… What was that about?” Yuki finally regained her voice, still reeling from Mayu’s unexpected actions. The young doctor’s brown eyes bore into hers, as if staring right into her soul. Yuki felt her cheeks heating up as her heart thumped loudly against her chest.

“I am a rather selfish person, Yuki.”

Yuki nodded slowly, unsure of where this was heading to.

“I can tell that Matsui-san likes you and I don’t really like that.”

Yuki swallowed. “W-Why?”

“Because I don’t like to share the woman I love with others,” Mayu enveloped Yuki’s clammy hands in his. Once his words sank in, a lump formed in her throat. Her vision misted as her eyes brimmed with unshed tears. “If you are alright with me being this way,” Mayu took a deep breath and tightened his grip on Yuki, “will you be my girlfriend?”

He watched in trepidation as her lips trembled and a lone tear rolled down her flushed cheek. Soon, more droplets followed and she lunged forward, throwing her arms around the alarmed doctor and crying uncontrollably into his shoulder.

“You have no idea how… how l-long I’ve waited for this,” she said in between sobs. “Ever since the day you appeared in my life… Mayu…” her voice trailed off as sobs racked her body. Mayu patted her back, holding her close.

“So you don’t mind me being younger than you?” It was an issue that had been plaguing him. Yuki shook her head vigorously. This simple action brought a very broad smile, one that nobody thought the aloof Dr. Watanabe was capable of, to Mayu’s face.

Yuki’s cellphone rang again but this time, she made no move to separate herself from Mayu.

“Aren’t you going to pick it up? Matsui-san’s probably worried about you,” Mayu reminded albeit a tad bitterly.

Yuki buried her face into the crook of his neck. “Are you jealous?” He thought he felt a smile against his exposed skin.

“Kind of.”

“I’ll tell you a secret,” she whispered huskily into his ear, sending a shiver down his spine. “I love Ren-kun…”

Mayu’s heart skipped a beat.

“… as an older brother. But I don’t love you as a younger brother.”

“Then what am I?”

Yuki withdrew from the embrace, her hands slipping down to Mayu’s as she studied his tense face.

“I love you as the man who gave me meaning to live.”

The doctor’s tightly pressed lips relaxed into a heartfelt grin. Bringing a slim hand up, he wiped the moisture from the corner of Yuki’s puffy eye.

“Can I… kiss you?”

A hand slapped his chest.

“How do you expect a girl to answer that?” Yuki cast her eyes to the side, the apples of her cheeks turning bright pink.

Tilting her chin gently, he said in a low tone, “Then I shall not ask,” and brought their lips together in a soft and chaste kiss. When they pulled apart, he joked, “You taste like blackcurrant.”

“And you taste like medicine.”

Resting their foreheads against each other, they shared a blissful laugh as Yuki’s white rose pendant gleamed under the sunlight, a witness to the couple’s blossoming love.


The End.

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:

Edit: A little bonus for everyone! This is a picture I took of my Yukirin daruma in the hotel room. It's a character designed by Yukirin and is so damn adorable! I seriously think it looks like her so in this story, the little snowman doodles that Dr. Watanabe drew are actually this! :lol:

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UWA~~, this was really entertaining, the parts with Yuko-sama and Maritroll  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And Mayuki KAWAII~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!  :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:

Poor Ren.. Come here, I'll comfort you  :wub: :wub: :wub:
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Ren appears!!! I still support Dr. Watanabe though!!!
I like the sequel story... (jealousy knows how to make some people to do their first move.)
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Dr. Watanabe and nurse Yuki are so cute!  :luvluv1:

Poor Mayuyu she punched in the face!  :fainted:

But Yuki was on the job caring for him.

Omg he asked Yuki to be his girls friend? My mind has been blown!  :shy2:

Please update soon!  :pleeease:
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omg I love this story so much xDDDDD
Mayu is such a jealous doctor and he never fail to make me surprise at the end  :luvluv2:
Thank you for writing this, pls more :kneelbow:
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Eh~ almost all of Dr. Watanabe's kakkoiness was vanished? My first reaction was ... bikkuri shita! :shocked

But then I think about it more, and I realize I often forgot Dr. Watanabe was still young that his tendencies of losing his cool are quite easy to be lit up with the jealousy and selfishness.
So childish but so cute that I think it is enough for me to say "Dr. Watanabe sugoku kawaii~!" :wub:

And I seriously love it when he stopped Yuko from talking more inappropriately concerning Yuki and when he asked permission from his girlfriend for a kiss. Such a polite gentleman he is. :yep:

By the way, Dr. Watanabe.. Nurse Kashiwagi.. omedetou~! :thumbsup I love imagining both of you.. such a perfect couple in my eyes. :D
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I Hope you can make atsumina please..

thank you...
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After reading through the story again today, I realised I made a few typos and left out some words in my half-asleep state last night :banghead: I've fixed them and the story should flow more smoothly now.

Anyway, thank you all for your comments and support towards our handsome doctor and beautiful nurse! I'm sure they feel your love too :P

But then I think about it more, and I realize I often forgot Dr. Watanabe was still young that his tendencies of losing his cool are quite easy to light up with the jealousy and selfishness.
So childish but so cute that I think it is enough for me to say "Dr. Watanabe sugoku kawaii~!" :wub:
I'm glad that you see the reason behind Dr. Watanabe's actions in this update. My image of him is a cool professional at work but an awkward little dork when it comes to affairs of the heart. The women who are capable of breaking that cool facade are the in-your-face Yuko and his girlfriend Yuki (I get tingles when I say "his girlfriend" :wub:). Then there's the godly Maritroll who triumphs over pretty much everyone :lol:

I Hope you can make atsumina please..
Hi there! I'm sorry but I'm not an avid fan of AtsuMina. It's not that I dislike them. It's just that I am too overwhelmed with love for MaYuki :nervous I don't understand AtsuMina's personalities and behaviours to the point that I'll be able to write a decent story on them. They will probably make an appearance in my future works but they won't be the pairing in focus. Hope you understand!
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Woah~ you made it!  XD XD Part 2~  :wub: :wub:
Love it, definitely  :heart: :heart: :heart:
Mario-sama and Ren-sama appeared in this story  XD XD they must be really kakoi~
Poor Mayu got punched at his handsome face  :cry:
Teases from Mario and Yuko plus Ren's close relationship with Yuki finally made Mayu to confess and the ending  :wub: :wub: sweet~
Thanks for this update  :twothumbs :twothumbs
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i know this is to much..
But please make a
PART 3!!
Im so inlove with this to!!
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Wahhh this is so cute! All of your one shots are super cute.

I usually don't like genderbent fanfics and I try to avoid them, but for some reason I really loved yours. They're really well written, and Dr. Watanabe is super cool. Ahh, I hope you write a part 3 :]
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 :luvluv1: :luvluv1: Yes Yes Yes It is a really good END :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

But I want a Part 3 because I want to know what the other think about this relation

But if there is the problem I do not wanna a Part3 XD  :oops:

And just a question Why minna cold Mariko ,Maritroll? sorry to ask here XD :(
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But I want a Part 3 because I want to know what the other think about this relation

I AGREE to this one!!!
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PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A PART 3!   :pleeease:  :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease:

Dr.Watanabe's and Nurse Yukirin's relationship is just so... so cute!  :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

Please make a part 3 if it's not too much to ask.  :kneelbow:

I'll really look forward to it!  :shy2: :nya:

Update soon!  :on lol:
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And just a question Why minna cold Mariko ,Maritroll? sorry to ask here XD :(

That's because Mariko/Mario is a big troll in both real life and this fiction. She/He always makes random provocative remarks and enjoys the havoc she/he causes. All hail Mariko-sama! :rofl:

To everyone who requested for a Part 3: Thank you so, so much for your interest in this story! :heart: I'm not sure if I will actually get around to writing a third and most possibly final part. I do have some ideas that have been bouncing around in my head since before the completion of Part 2 but there is nothing solid yet. I may end up doing side stories instead. However, if by some stroke of luck, I receive inspiration, I will definitely write a Part 3 and perhaps a side story :)
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Ahhh seigus where are you!  :OMG:

I see you comment on my fic but you don't update yours?  :dunno:

I REALLY want to know what happens in part 3.  :tantrum:

Please updater soon!  :pleeease:

I miss you!  :fainted:
Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.1] Love Interrupted (18 Aug)
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A/N: Hi all! I'm back with Part 3.1 of my Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series. As this part is rather long, I've split it into two. Part 3.2 should be up in a couple of days.

Real life has been pretty crazy ever since I returned from my holiday last month. A real fire broke out at my workplace and a whole lot of other things happened which drained so much of my energy that I wasn't able to write as much as I wanted to. The good thing is all's fine now and my family got me a netbook for my birthday so I'm now able to type almost anywhere!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this latest update! :deco:

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Love Interrupted

Bright morning sunlight shone through the clear windows of the humble two-story house. In the master bedroom, a sleeping Kashiwagi Yuki made a small, cute noise as she nuzzled her face against the comforting source of warmth beside her. A content smile found its way to her lips when she felt a pair of arms pull her closer to the other resting body on the fluffy white bed.

“Mmm… I don’t want to wake up,” Yuki mumbled into the soft heather grey fabric her face was resting against.

“Then don’t,” a gentle voice that the nurse adored whispered. Yuki could not help but give a small grin, “You spoil me too much.”

A slim hand made its way to her long raven hair. “I don’t.” Dexterous fingers played with her smooth wavy locks. “It’s just not time to wake up yet.”

Yuki giggled and lightly smacked the arm around her waist. “It’s not time for you but it is for me, sleepyhead. I’m not the one who has the day off.”

A soft chuckle sounded and Watanabe Mayu finally opened his eyes, gazing at the pouting face before him. He slipped his hand from Yuki’s hair to her cheek, caressing the smooth skin. “I’ll drop by the hospital later to pick you up for dinner.”

The pout easily transformed into a satisfied smile at those words and Yuki leaned forward to peck the doctor’s lips. When she sat up, the covers fell to her thighs, revealing the figure-hugging white camisole and shorts that she wore to sleep. Mayu could not resist admiring the beautiful body of his girlfriend as she left the bed and prepared for another long day at work. Once he heard the sounds of water running in the shower, he slid on his glasses and got out of bed, making his way to the kitchen on the first floor.

Dressed in a white sleeveless blouse and a pleated blue skirt, Yuki walked down the stairs with her hair tied up in a neat bun that was required of all nurses and was pleasantly greeted by a simple but appetising spread of French toast and aromatic café latte on the glass dining table. She crept up to the man who was poring over the morning newspapers at the table and hugged his lean frame from behind.

“You should have slept in,” she breathed deeply, inhaling his familiar citrus scent.

“I can always go back to sleep later,” Mayu patted her hand before leading her to sit on the chair next to him. Yuki felt her heart do a little somersault at his loving actions. How long has it been? One and a half, no, two years? Never once has this amazing man slackened and taken our relationship for granted.

“Now eat up. I’ll drive you to work after this,” pressing his lips against her forehead, Mayu left the dining area to wash up and change his clothes.


It was 9am when Mayu dropped Yuki off at Akiba Hospital’s Emergency Department. The staff nurse had transferred to the same department as Mayu one year ago when the hospital formed its elite emergency team (EET) consisting of specially trained doctors and nurses to respond more efficiently to large-scale disasters.

“I saw that, Yukirin!” Mocchi piped with a teasing grin as Yuki walked past her old station, the Nurses’ Counter. “Sharing a kiss in a convertible. How sweet!”

“That’s right,” Akicha added. “Who would’ve thought that Dr. Watanabe was such a romantic before you two got together?”

Leaning against the counter, Mocchi rested her chin on her palm, her lips pursing and brows furrowing, “He still treats me so coldly though.”

A file slapped the top of Mocchi’s head, causing her to let out a startled yelp. “Of course! You are not his ‘Kashiwagi-san’,” Rie chided, hugging the offending file to her chest. “Dr. Watanabe is still Dr. Cool to the rest of us. And stop having designs on him unless you want Yukirin to give you a jab on your butt.”

Snapping upright, Mocchi waved her hands and shook her head frantically, “No thanks! You wouldn’t do that to your good friend right, Yukirin?”

Yuki flashed a smile that did not quite reach her eyes. “Of course not. Even if you make any move on Mayu, I’m sure he will not fall for it.”

Smirking, Akicha nudged Mocchi’s side, “You hear that? She trusts him sooo much.”

Nodding her head while trying to contain her snicker, Mocchi cooed, “They are so lovey-dovey that I’m getting goose bumps!” The duo rubbed their arms dramatically and pretended to shiver.

“C’mon, give Yukirin a break,” Rie said which immediately earned a retort from Mocchi.

“Ki-ta-Ri-e, you were one of us. Don’t go all sagely just because you are in the EET now!”

“Aww… You miss me, don’t you?” Rie’s voluptuous lips melted into a smile. “Don’t worry, I still love you girls,” she gathered her mates for a group hug that seemed extremely out of place in the sombre environment while Yuki stood to the side, not wanting to intrude on the closely knit gossiping trio’s little moment.

“Yuki-chan!” a cheery high-pitched voice greeted from behind Yuki. Without turning around, she already knew who it was. “Good morning, Yuko-san.”

There was a mischievous glint in Yuko’s eyes as the shorter woman paced around Yuki with her hand rubbing her chin, scrutinising the nurse from head to toe, “Are you feeling lonely today without dear Dr. Watanabe?”

Yuki groaned inwardly at the grown woman’s childish antics. She knew where this was going. Sensing the lack of reaction, Yuko wrapped her arms around herself and continued in an irksome sing-song voice, “Do you miss his oh-so-gentle touch, his sweet muack-muack kisses, his mushy loving whispers, his hot breath against your ear, his face in your melo-”


“Ouch!” Yuko cried out, clutching her head in pain. She whipped around to find Matsui Ren standing behind her with an angelic smile on his handsome face and a clipboard in his hand. “What the hell, Matsui!”

“Are you angry?” Ren asked, his grin widening.

Yuko stomped forward, jabbing his chest with her index finger. “You bet I am! Why did you hit me?”

“Because you were saying inappropriate things about my dearest Yuki-chan.”

“Oi, oi, what your Yuki-chan? She belongs to Mayu and don’t you know a man should never hit a woman?” Yuko huffed.

Ren raised his eyebrows. “I’ve never treated you as a woman since you bat for the same team as I do.”

Massaging her temple, Yuki felt a headache coming on as the two doctors traded verbal blows. “Ren-kun, that’s enough,” she laid a hand on the shoulder of the man who appeared to be enjoying himself. Turning to Yuko, she calmly stated, “To answer your first question, I miss Mayu but he and I don’t need to be around each other all the time. Besides, he will be picking me up for dinner.”

All anger faded from Yuko as puzzlement overtook her features. “He will? I thought he said he would be- Oh shit!” the senior doctor slapped her hands over her mouth and gulped deeply, as if trying to swallow her words. Yuki narrowed her eyes at the suspicious actions and peered at Yuko.

“He what?”

Hands still covering her mouth, Yuko shook her head vigorously. “N-Nothing! Pretend you didn’t hear anything!” Without another word, the petite woman sped off, leaving a confused Yuki behind.

“What was that about?” Ren prodded his childhood friend.

“I wish I knew too. She’s definitely hiding something,” Yuki replied, her brows knitted in thought.

A dangerous scowl flashed across Ren’s face. “Mayu-san can’t be cheating on you, can he?”

“You can’t be serious,” Yuki waved off the absurd suggestion. “Mayu will never do that.”

“Right, right. I forgot he’s the best boyfriend in the world,” Ren laughed and promptly got elbowed in the ribs. “Ouch! You are no fun. Anyway, let’s get to work.”

Nodding absentmindedly, Yuki trailed behind the older man to the Emergency Room.

I wonder what Mayu is up to…


Back at home, Mayu stood before the full-length mirror in the bedroom, smoothing any visible creases on his slim-cut black suit jacket. Underneath it, he wore a crisp white shirt whose top two buttons were left unbuttoned for a less stifling look. Rubbing a small dollop of hair wax between his palms, he fixed his black hair, ensuring that his fringe was neatly styled to the side instead of hanging over his eyes. Giving himself one last look-over, he gave a pleased nod. Before he left the room, he unlocked his bedside drawer and took out a tiny black velvet box. He opened it and smiled warmly upon seeing the diamond ring boasting a brilliant princess cut sitting in the firm cushion. Made of white gold, the band was simple and sleek, allowing the solitaire diamond to sparkle and take centre stage. It reminded him greatly of the most important woman in his life - a content person who did not ask for much yet she stood out with her understated style and captured his then 21-year-old heart.

Closing the box with a padded snap, he stuffed it deep inside his pants’ pocket and exited the house.

Thirty minutes later, he reached Ginza, the upmarket shopping district in central Tokyo. Outside the building that he was about to enter, he noticed several construction workers perched on scaffolding that covered the entire right side of it. While it was a rare sight at the high-end shopping area, Mayu did not give it much thought. As he stepped into one of the fashion boutiques, he was greeted by a female staff in her early thirties.

“Good morning, Watanabe-san. We’ve been expecting you,” the staff bowed gracefully to the bespectacled doctor. She was wearing a black jacket and pencil skirt combination that was the standard uniform of the company’s female employees.

“Good morning, Cindy-san,” Mayu returned the greeting with a small nod.

“This way please,” Cindy extended her right arm towards the inside of the store and led the way in. When they finally reached the innermost corner where no other staff member was present, Cindy broke out into a restrained laugh.

“Gosh! That was so awkward!” her previously demure image shattered into a million pieces as she slapped the counter repeatedly. Mayu could not help but be affected by her infectious laughter as an amused smile crept onto his face. “I can’t believe I actually bowed to you!”

“It was certainly weird,” Mayu agreed, scratching his cheek sheepishly.

“Anyway,” Cindy cleared her throat and straightened herself, “the day’s finally here, huh? My little cousin is all grown up now!” she wiped away an imaginary tear before cracking up again. Taking a step back, she examined the comely young man and nodded approvingly. “Looking sharp. I’m sure Yuki-san will say yes.”

“I hope so too.”

Cindy reached under the counter and produced a flat black box with the store’s white logo embossed on top. “Here’s what you ordered. It’s tailor-made to the measurements you gave us.” She lifted the cover and revealed the neatly folded silky white toga dress inside. Taking it out, she let Mayu check the knee-length dress before returning it to the box. 

“It’s perfect. Thank you, Cindy,” sincerity was evident in Mayu’s voice.

“No problem. Update me on the good news, alright? And bring her to meet me one day. Pictures aren’t enough!” Cindy beamed at her cousin and patted his shoulder like a proud parent.

Tucking the box under his arm, Mayu bade farewell to Cindy and left the store. However, right as he took a step out, the ground shook violently and screams erupted from the people in the building. Mayu pushed himself against the nearest wall in an attempt to regain his balance. After a few seconds, the shaking stopped. The other shoppers looked around with fear in their eyes and murmured amongst themselves. Swiftly zipping back into the fashion boutique, he called out, “Cindy, are you alright?”

“Mayu?” an uncertain voice asked as Cindy’s head peeked out from behind the counter. She sighed in relief when she spotted Mayu. “I’m okay. You?”

“I’m fine too. I think we just experienced an earthquake.”

“It’s probably just one of those small ones,” next to Cindy, her male colleague remarked.

Mayu shook his head, “I think it is better that we evacuate. There may be another one on its way.” Being an emergency doctor, Mayu had witnessed on numerous occasions the damage a powerful earthquake was capable of.

The male staff scoffed. “Our building is quake-proof. There’s nothing to be worried about.” His nonchalance did not sit well with Mayu. The doctor looked at his cousin worriedly, “You think it’ll be safe here?”

Cindy bit her lip. “I… guess. You better run along. You still have a wife to get,” she joked weakly. “Don’t worry about me,” she pushed the reluctant man out of the store.

“Evacuate if another one hits,” Mayu reminded, still feeling uneasy.

“Yes, yes. You are nagging like an old woman. Now shoo!”

After leaving the shopping mall, Mayu made his way to his car which was parked on the opposite side of the street. He opened the driver’s door, stretching his body to place the box containing the dress on the front passenger seat. Settling himself in the driver’s seat, he took one last apprehensive look at the building before starting the engine.

Suddenly, loud rumbling sounded from beneath the earth and the world was sent shaking once again. The monstrous force jolted Mayu’s car and his forehead smashed against the steering wheel before he could react. Grimacing in pain, he shook his head to clear the double vision that attacked him. As the ground continued to rock, he threw the car door open and stumbled out. Raising his head, he watched the scaffolding on the side of the mall that Cindy worked in collapse like a game of stacking blocks gone wrong and the construction workers being tossed to the ground like rag dolls. In a matter of seconds, the whole right side of the building crumbled in a disastrous heap and a huge cloud of dust permeated the once peaceful shopping district. Shrieks rang out and panic seized the people as they scrambled to safety. Mayu stood unwavering amidst the chaos.

“No way…”


Ren stifled a yawn as he sanitised his hands after checking up on a patient. Walking along the corridor, he bumped into Yuki who was doing her rounds.

“It’s a rather slow day, isn’t it?” he commented as he fell into step with the nurse.

“Touch wood!” Yuki whacked his shoulder. “Bad things always happen when you say that. You have a foul mouth, don’t you know?”

Ren rubbed his shoulder, “You got to stop being so abusive. I wonder how Mayu-san stands you.”

“Hmph, Mayu is not irritating like you,” Yuki replied with a smug grin, seemingly very proud of her boyfriend.

“Ouch, that hurts more than your slap,” Ren made a sad face. Yuki rolled her eyes and ignored him. As they turned a corner, they chanced upon Dr. Shinoda who had just emerged from his office.

“Yuki-san?” the tall doctor cast a questioning look at her. “Why are you still here?”

“What do you mean?” Yuki frowned at the weird question. “I’m still on duty. Of course I have to be here.”

“Oh,” Mario paused to think, tapping his temple, “I heard from the pervert that Watanabe had requested special half-day off for you as he planned to take you somewhere.”

“Really?” Yuki cupped her mouth in surprise, eyes widening.

“Oops, I think I’ve said too much. Got to go,” Mario turned on his heel and sauntered off before anyone could catch the smirk stretching across his lips.

“Everyone’s acting so weirdly today,” Ren noted. When he received no response, he turned to Yuki and found her with a faraway look on her face. After waving his hand and snapping his fingers to no avail, he flicked her forehead and successfully snapped her back to reality.

“Gee, you are like a lovestruck high school girl. No one will believe that you two have been together for so long. I thought the honeymoon period only lasts the first two months of dating.”

Before Yuki could react to his words, the floor beneath them trembled briefly.

“Did you feel that?”

Yuki nodded.

“Akiba Hospital has one of the best anti-seismic systems in Japan so we don’t feel much of a quake when it occurs,” she began. “However, that means…”

“If we can feel the tremor, the quake is actually pretty strong in reality,” Ren completed her sentence. “We better head to the ER now, just in case.”

Minutes later, the pair’s brisk walk to the Emergency Room was disrupted by another tremor, this time stronger and longer than the first. One of the wall clocks dropped to the floor and broke into pieces.

“Calling all members of EET. Report to the ER now. I repeat, all members of EET report to the ER now.”

A familiar voice called over the public announcement system. Ren and Yuki exchanged looks and took off towards the ER immediately.

“So much for a slow day!” Ren remarked as he bolted down the corridor.

“I told you you have a foul mouth!”

They barged through the ER’s doors and discovered that everyone else was already assembled. Grim looks hung on their faces as their supervisor Dr. Togasaki stood before them.

“As you felt, there had been two earthquakes within the last seven minutes. Reports are coming in that the first measured 6 on the Richter scale while the second was 8. We are now on standby mode. In the event that there is a large-scale disaster, Oshima, Matsui and Kashiwagi will take the helicopter and reach the scene first while the rest of you will head out in the ambulances.”

The veteran doctor then gestured to a serious-looking woman with long black hair standing next to him. “Yamamoto’s team and I will stay back and attend to the casualties who are sent here. Understand?”

“Yes, sir!” everyone chorused.

The telephone on the wall next to Togasaki rang. All eyes turned and stared intently as the middle-aged man picked up the call.

“Alright, I will send my team there now,” he placed the phone back and turned to the tense-looking medical staff.

“Part of Aoi Shopping Mall at Ginza has collapsed and multiple casualties are trapped among the debris. Takahashi from the Fire Department will brief us more on the way. It is going to be a dangerous operation so keep safe. Now, go!”


To be continued...

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated! :deco:

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I already thought of 'someone as third wheel' and 'triangle drama' when I read the 'Love Interrupted' title. I'm glad I was wrong. XD

Incorporating a disaster into a dorama-like love story like this is definitely one cool idea! :D

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ChuuuPuffss: I hope Mayu is fine too!

aruka: Mayu and Yuki's love is so strong that I can't even be bothered to add in a third wheel :P

My inspration comes from Code Blue, an awesome J-drama about emergency flight doctors. If you haven't watched it, you should check it out when you have time. It stars Yamapi, Gakky and Toda Erika :thumbsup

miyumi-chan: Yes, I'm back :grin: I've been a bit quiet recently (not even commenting on your fics but I swear I'm reading them!) as I was busy with this update. I just want to say a BIG thank you to you. If not for your PM, it would have probably taken me even longer to write this :deco:

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Love Mayu's chara in here~  :wub: :wub:
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Dr Mayu sure is very cool and a bit possessive! I hope Cindy is fine, and Mayu can propose successfully! :fap :fap
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A/N: Somehow, I kept my word of updating in "a couple of days". Here's Part 3.2 of my Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series! This is turning out into a full-blown medical drama :doh: I enjoyed writing it though. And it looks like it won't end just yet. Part 3.3 should be up later this week.

Other AKB48 members and one very popular couple are going to make cameo appearances in this update. Do watch out for them and I hope you enjoy this update! :deco:

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Broken Mask

Mayu coughed as choking dust invaded his lungs. With squinted eyes and a hand covering his nose and mouth, he staggered towards Aoi Shopping Mall while all the people around him were scampering in the opposite direction.

“Cindy…” he remembered the store that his cousin worked in was situated at the left side of the building which was still holding up. However, he had no idea how damaged it was on the inside and judging by the looks of it, it would not be long before the whole mall collapsed. Unable to contain his anxiety, he pushed his way past the crowd.

“Sir, you can’t go in!” the mall’s security guard blocked Mayu’s path.

“My cousin is still inside. Let me go!” the usually collected doctor felt a growing sense of dread as shoppers and staff streamed out of the building but he did not spot Cindy or any of her colleagues. He tried to struggle out of the grasp but the burly guard was determined to keep him away from the mall.

“Sir, you have to go! It’s very dangerous here!”

“I need to see if she’s alright!”


Mayu whipped his head to the source of the voice. Relief washed over his nerves upon seeing Cindy sprint towards him. The visibly shaken woman lunged at him and threw her arms around him in a bear hug.

“Thank God you are safe,” Mayu returned the hug. “When did you get out?”

“Just. And the moment I came out I saw you arguing with the guard.”

Loud snaps and rumbles sounded from the swaying building. Remembering the dire situation they were in, Mayu grabbed Cindy’s forearm and dashed across the road, trying to get them as far away as possible in the shortest amount of time. As they ran, a police van and three fire engines turned into the street and pulled up a safe distance from Aoi Shopping Mall. Mayu recognised one of the figures emerging from the first fire truck. Halting in his tracks, he told Cindy, “You keep going to a safe location. I’m going to stay back and help the injured.”

“Are you out of your mind? It’s dangerous!” Cindy yelled at his crazy decision.

“People could be dying as we speak. I have to help them.” He squeezed her arms, “I will be careful.”

Cindy noticed the staunch determination in his eyes and realised it was futile to persuade him to leave with her. Fighting back the lump in her throat, she said in a commanding tone, “I’ll be expecting your call after all this is over, understand Mayu?”

“I promise,” he flashed his most reassuring smile. “You be careful too.”

With that, he ran towards the captain of the rescue team, not sparing another glance behind him.


A short but tough-looking woman dressed in the Search and Rescue Team’s signature orange uniform paused her conversation with a police officer and spun around at the sound of her name.

“Dr. Watanabe! How come you are here?” Takahashi Minami was not expecting any of the medical staff for another five minutes.

“I happened to be in the area when the quake struck,” Mayu answered. “I’ll be sticking around to tend to the injured.”

“That’s great! My team will gather the casualties here while Atsuko’s team will keep the area clear.”

Mayu gave a nod of acknowledgement to the female officer next to Minami, “Officer Maeda.”

“Good to have you with us, Dr. Watanabe. By the way, your colleagues should be arriving soon.”

True to Atsuko’s words, the distinct chopping of a helicopter sounded from the sky above them. The rescue team had already secured an area near the disaster site for it to land. Rapid gusts of wind swirled up the dust and sand again, causing the people on the ground to turn away from the descending helicopter. Three Akiba Hospital staff hopped down from it one after another. Some of the tension eating away at Mayu eased when he saw his fellow doctors. However, when Yuki’s face appeared, mixed feelings gripped his heart. While he was glad to see her, he was concerned about her safety in such an unpredictable and risky environment.

“Mayu!” Yuko ran towards him with her emergency medical kit slung over one shoulder. “I was so worried that you’d be flattened like a pancake when I heard about the collapse at Ginza!” Taking in his dirt-covered self, she clicked her tongue, “Talk about a dirty pancake, boy.”

“Now’s not the time for jokes, Yuko-san,” although feeling the urge to shoot her a warning glare, Mayu had to admire her ability to lighten up the mood.

“Mayu?” a familiar feminine voice reached Mayu’s ears. Looking past his mentor, Mayu found Yuki rooted to the spot a few steps away with Ren. He walked up to his stunned girlfriend and drew her into his arms.

“Why are you here? And why do you have dust all over you? Your forehead, why is it bruised? Were you caught in the building?” 

As questions bombarded him, Mayu tightened the embrace, trying to quell the rising confusion that filled Yuki. “No, I wasn’t in the building when it collapsed. I was in my car and hit my head against the wheel when the quake occurred but it’s nothing to worry about. As for why I’m here, I’ll explain later. Now we have lives to save.”

It pained Yuki to see her beloved hurt but he was right. She had to stay calm and focused on her mission. Taking in a deep breath, she said, “Alright, you owe me an explanation after this.”

“Enough chit-chat, you lovebirds!” Yuko clapped her hands loudly to capture everyone’s attention. “Takamina says the building is very unstable now so don’t wander too near it. Just stay here and wait for the rescue team to bring the casualties to us. We will perform triage so get ready the tags.”

Off to the side, Officer Maeda Atsuko interviewed the mall’s building management staff while her teammates cordoned off the disaster site.

“I notice scaffolding on one side of the building. What is it for?” Atsuko asked the trembling middle-aged man seated on the sidewalk. He had some superficial cuts on his arms and cheek but was otherwise fine.

“We were building an extension to the mall so the workers were knocking down some walls and pillars recently. Never did we expect such a strong earthquake to strike. Now… the workers are… are dead. It’s all our fault!” he buried his face in his hands in shame and exasperation.

Atsuko patted his shoulder, “Maybe they aren’t. The rescue team is doing their best to save the trapped people now.”

Armed with the newly acquired information, Atsuko conveyed it to Minami whose team was busy ferrying the injured to the first aid station. By this time, the rest of the medical team had already arrived in ambulances.

“Yuki, gauze,” Ren stretched out his left palm and Yuki swiftly handed him a stack of the woven fabric. Ren pressed the gauze against a gaping wound on the side of a young man’s head. The man’s hair was sticky with copious amounts of blood and his ear was almost totally ripped off. It dangled precariously by a loose strip of skin.

Yuki passed a roll of bandage to Ren and the doctor expertly wrapped it around the groaning man’s head, securing the blood-soaked gauze and the torn ear. “Shizuka and Katayama, transport him to the nearest hospital.”

“Yes, Dr. Matsui!” the two paramedics transferred the red-tagged man onto a stretcher and carried him to the nearest ambulance which drove off once the back doors were closed.

“Yuki!” Mayu called out as he cut a woman’s pant leg down the length of her left shin. By this time, he had already ditched his jacket and rolled up his white shirt’s sleeves for ease of movement. The woman’s lower left limb was broken at several points and the shattered bones protruded from the messed up skin. Her leg was crushed by a marble statue when the rescue workers found her. She screamed and trashed wildly as Mayu tried to stem the bleeding. “Help me hold her down.”

Yuki used her body weight to press down the woman’s flailing arms while Mayu worked on her leg. However, the woman was hysterical and almost kicked Mayu’s face with her good leg had he not dodged in time.

“Ma’am, I need you to calm down!” Mayu gripped her wriggling right leg.

“It’s too painful! Let me die! Just kill me already! I can’t take it anymore!” tears stained her face as she shook her head from side to side.

“Ma’am,” Yuki could not stand seeing the woman give up her life so easily, “you have a family waiting for you! How can you just die like this?”

The woman’s swollen eyes widened for a moment. Realisation soon hit her and she sobbed loudly. “Ken-chan…”

“Is Ken-chan your son?” Yuki asked, her tone softening. The woman nodded. Smiling, Yuki held her hand and gave an encouraging squeeze. “Then please bear with the pain for Ken-chan. I’m sure he is waiting for his brave mother.”

Crying quietly, the woman noticeably relaxed. Yuki and Mayu exchanged relieved smiles and he was able to stop the blood flow in a short time. He called over two paramedics and asked them to send her to the hospital. Pulling off his soiled latex gloves, he regarded Yuki who was doing the same.

“Thank you. You always make the job easier,” he said as he handed her a fresh pair of gloves.

“It’s a woman’s touch,” she quipped with a playful wink. As the couple prepared to move onto the next casualty, Minami’s strong voice bellowed, strained with urgency.

“Everyone, move away from the building! And brace for impact!” Screeching creaks and deafening rumbles pierced the air. Staff and patients at the first aid station turned towards the mall to see the rest of the damaged building crumbling and the rescue workers scrambling to safe grounds. A few of them did not make it in time and were struck by the huge falling concrete blocks.

“Men down! Men down!”

“Stay away!” the rescue team captain hollered at her colleagues who were about to dive back into danger to pull out their fallen comrades. “It’s not stable yet! Move back!”

As if reacting to her words, the bottom rubble shifted and the debris above crashed down. For a moment, all was quiet as emergency personnel and victims alike gaped at the devastation in disbelief.

Breaking the silence at the first aid station, Mayu whispered, “Are you okay?” to the woman in his arms. He had used his body as a shield the very moment he heard Minami’s first warning. 

Slowly straightening herself, Yuki checked Mayu’s face for any sign of pain, “Yes. You?”

“I’m fine. Just collected more dust,” he replied wryly, gaining a small smile from the nurse despite the situation.

Yuko’s voice cut through the growing murmurs. “Everyone alright?”

Shouts of affirmation answered her question and after making sure no one was further hurt, the medical staff went back to work on the patients. On the other hand, it was chaos on the rescue team’s side.

“Minami!” Atsuko clutched the filthy sleeve of Minami’s uniform the second she reached the anguished woman.

“My men…” the captain’s lips quivered as she wiped away her pooling tears hastily. Grabbing the communication device strapped to her left shoulder, she barked for reinforcements from the Fire Department’s headquarters. “Sayaka’s team is coming in seven minutes,” she informed the worried-looking officer and stepped towards the pile of rubble that used to be a thriving shopping mall. Feeling a snag, she noticed the hand on her sleeve holding her back.

“Be careful, Minami,” Atsuko’s concerned eyes bore into Minami’s misty brown orbs. The captain nodded and gently pushed her hand away before gathering her surviving teammates to formulate a new plan of action. After reinforcements had arrived, the rescue and medical teams toiled round the clock to save as many lives as possible. They pushed their bodies even as fatigue set in. By sunset, the first aid station had been cleared of most of the patients who had been dispatched to various hospitals in Tokyo for further treatment. Now came the gruelling task of providing aid to the trapped survivors as the rescue workers raced against time to extricate them from the wreck.

“There’s a child in here!” Akimoto Sayaka, second-in-command of the rescue team, shouted from her position next to a hole among pieces of broken concrete. “She’s still alive but her arm is trapped. I need a doctor to assess her condition!”

Having just sent off a heavily injured rescue worker, Mayu responded immediately to Sayaka’s call. Ren who happened to be nearby joined up with them as well.

“The girl is inside,” Sayaka shone the powerful flashlight into the hole at their feet. “I need someone to go down and take a look at her. What we are standing on may not hold for long so we need to get her out as soon as possible.”

“I’ll go,” Mayu volunteered without a second thought. Ren stared at him in shock.

“Are you sure about this? Didn’t you hear Akimoto-san? This thing may collapse!” Ren tried to dissuade him.

“The child is still alive. We can’t leave her to die,” Mayu argued. “Plus I am shorter than you. It’s easier for me to go through this small hole.” He unloaded his medical kit from his shoulder and threw it down the hole, careful not to hit the little girl.

“Wait,” Ren yanked him back, “what about Yuki-chan?”

Mayu froze and glanced into the distance where Yuki was helping Yuko with a casualty on the ground. Turning back to Ren with an unreadable expression, he laid a hand on the older man’s shoulder.

“If anything happens to me, please look after Yuki. I know you still like her,” Mayu said. Emotion flickered in his eyes but it was almost instantly replaced by grim resolution. Gritting his teeth, he turned away and added, “Please provide support from here, Ren-san.”

Ren watched helplessly as the persistent doctor threw on his professional mask and lowered himself down the hole. Damn you, Mayu. You know better than anyone else that Yuki-chan will only be happy with you.

In the cramped space filled with shattered concrete and broken metal beams, Mayu got down on his elbows and knees and crawled towards the whimpering child.

“Hey,” he called gently, “I’m a doctor from Akiba Hospital. I’m here to help you. What is your name?”


Mayu scanned the area for anything that could pose an immediate danger to their lives. Finding none, he asked, “How old are you?”

“Eight years old,” the girl croaked, her throat painfully dry from being trapped without water for hours. “Onii-chan, I want my mummy and daddy.”

Mayu felt around the broken part of a wall that was pinning down the girl’s left arm. Darkened blood pooled around it. Feeling a tiny hand with his fingertips, he grasped it and found that it had already turned blue. He gave it a strong squeeze, “Do you feel anything, Hikari-chan?”

The girl shook her head.

Thoughts raced through Mayu’s mind as he weighed his options. If I want to get Hikari out, I’ll need to amputate her arm right here and now but to do this to such a young child, it is equivalent to ruining her future. But chances are the arm is already dead and there’s no point in saving it.

“Onii-chan… why are you so quiet?” Hikari peeked at Mayu through half-lidded eyes. Snapping out of his dilemma, he cleared his throat, preparing himself to inform Hikari of his decision.

“Sorry. Onii-chan was thinking,” Mayu forced a smile onto his face before turning serious again. “Hikari-chan, I am going to tell you something now so listen carefully.”

The weary girl kept her eyes on the doctor.

“Your left arm is crushed by this rock here and the rescue workers cannot remove it because it is too dangerous. In order to get you out, Onii-chan has to cut off your arm,” he paused, expecting an outburst.

“It means I can go out and see mummy and daddy again, right?”

The calmness displayed by the young girl surprised Mayu. “Yes, that’s right,” he answered.

“Mummy always tells me not to talk to strangers but Onii-chan is a really nice man,” Hikari beamed, her teeth shining brightly against her ashen face. “I trust Onii-chan.”

Mayu found himself returning a heartfelt smile to the innocent child. “Hikari-chan, this will be painful so please bear with it. Onii-chan will stay with you throughout the procedure. I promise I won’t go before you are free.”

Yuki must be rubbing off on me. Mayu chuckled inwardly at the generous amount of kindness he was showing. The thought of Yuki motivated him to work faster so that he could see her soon.

“Ren-san!” Mayu shouted upwards. “Throw me a saw! And Akimoto-san, shine more light this way!”

“Coming!” a medical saw in its sterile packaging landed next to Mayu’s leg. He tore it out and placed it on a plastic sheet before preparing Hikari’s body for the amputation procedure.

“Hikari-chan, we are going to start now,” Mayu warned and brought his scalpel down on her arm.

Above them, Sayaka cringed at the excruciating screams coming from within the gap.

“He’s cutting it off, isn’t he?” she asked Ren. The doctor merely nodded, his mind somewhere else.


“Hmm?” Sayaka turned to him.

“How long more do you think this will hold up?” Ren queried, his eyes never leaving the surgery scene below.

“I can’t say for sure but there should still be time if nothing unexpected happens.”

Suddenly, Sayaka’s receiver on her shoulder crackled to life.

“Attention all. We’ve noticed slight movement in the rubble on the south-western side. All personnel stop what you are doing and evacuate.”

“Shit,” Sayaka cursed under her breath. “Watanabe, how long more do you need?” she yelled down the hole.

“Another eight minutes!”

“I’m giving you five!”


Ren tightened his grip on the edge of the opening. Come on, Mayu-san. Hurry up!

In the suffocating space below, Mayu felt sweat trickling down his forehead. He was not ignorant of what was happening. Being inside the wreckage meant that he could hear every small creak that the debris made. A few minutes ago, he had already sensed shifting somewhere else among the destruction. He was a little glad that Hikari had passed out from the pain, allowing him to operate without any distraction. By now, he had cut through the bone and was slicing through the remaining flesh.

On the ground, Yuko and Yuki heard Minami shouting orders to her team and saw the rescue workers retreating from the collapse site.

“Let’s go, Yuki-chan,” Yuko urged.

“Wait,” Yuki looked around frantically. “Where are Mayu and Ren?”

Yuko searched the area with her eyes and spotted Ren crouched on the pile of rubble with Sayaka. “Ren, Sayaka! What are you two still doing there? Takamina has given orders to evacuate!”

“Ren-kun, have you seen Mayu?” Yuki asked. Ren’s blood ran cold at the sound of Yuki’s voice. Panic rose within Yuki as she watched him remain silent.

“Ren-kun!” she pressed.

Ren glanced down, “He is down here, trying to free a child.”

Yuki’s breathing caught in her throat and her heart skipped a beat. “No… Mayu…” She rushed forward but was held back by Yuko.

“Yuki-chan, you can’t go there! The rubble might not be able to support another person!”

“But Mayu-”

“Mayu will be fine. Believe in him,” Yuko kept a firm grip on the agitated nurse, afraid that she would run off again.

“I’m done!” a triumphant cry sounded from the hole. Relief washed over the group. Sayaka and Ren swiftly reached down to lift the unconscious Hikari. Cradling the girl in his arms, Ren made his way down the ruins and bounded towards the nearest ambulance. Meanwhile, Mayu hoisted himself up with Sayaka’s help. 

“Let’s move!” Sayaka nimbly side-stepped the obstacles and leapt down to the ground while Mayu was less agile as his limbs were stiff from staying in the same position in the hole for a prolonged period of time. Just as he was taking the last few steps down, the earth shook violently and a powerful force flung him to the ground. His body took a rough tumble and rolled multiple times from the impact. Before he could even register the shock, a concrete block the size of a chair smashed his chest and a loud crack resonated within his body. A sharp pain burst forth and he felt his insides tearing as terror-stricken voices erupted around him. The voice which he loved so much was screaming something at him and he badly wanted to tell her that everything was alright, that he would see her when he woke up, just like every morning.

Don’t cry, Yuki. I’m just a little tired… I will be back… after this… nap…


To be continued…

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated! :deco:
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I hope Mayu will be really alright :<

I loled when I imagined Yuki rebel from the others xD

Update soon~
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Uuuh mayu~
Mayu!!! Dont leave Yuki!! She need you!!
Mayu rib broken right?gezz...and the internal organ.._uh hope he's fine..
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Im about to cry...LOL

Arigatou seigus-san
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Although you facepalmed yourself in the beginning, I must say I really enjoyed this so-called full-blown medical drama. :lol:

And for the umpteenth time I was so impressed with Dr. Watanabe. His persistent professionalism under emergency situations, his friendliness towards Hikari-chan (I gotta thank Yuki too for that), and the goddamn pain he got from the concrete block really brought out the heroism in him. Even if he would be gone because of that smash and crack (which I hope wouldn't happen in the next chapter), he would leave in such note that makes me want to respect him more. :yep:

This was really one intense chapter. :D

P.S. Thanks for suggesting Code Blue! I'll try searching for it.
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An intense storyline and am mindblown
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The voice which he loved so much was screaming something at him and he badly wanted to tell her that everything was alright, that he would see her when he woke up, just like every morning.

Don’t cry, Yuki. I’m just a little tired… I will be back… after this… nap…

^ You left me hanging. I've read that part like 5 times xD

I just can't wait for update. Might as well nap with Mayu for the time being n_n

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Even though I love YukiRena... Mayu, please live and don't leave Yuki!!!
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Thank you so much for all your comments, everyone! They really motivate me to keep writing! :rock: Looks like all of you don't want Mayu to die. I was actually thinking of killing him off as I have always wanted to do a character death in one of my fics. Nah, just kidding. Or maybe I'm not :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: *super troll face*

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sakura_drop: If Mayu dies, let's go to hell and slap him. Yes, he's going to hell for leaving poor Yuki :smhid

aruka: If you enjoyed the medical drama in my story then I'm sure you will love Code Blue. It is way more intense and you really feel for the regular doctors AND even the patients who just appear for one episode. Thank you for your love and respect for Dr. Watanabe. It means a lot to me as it makes me feel that the build-up of Mayu's character wasn't for naught.

kurogumi: Let's just say I got carried away with the medical drama part so it's taking longer to complete :P

miyumi-chan: I have a feeling you will kill me if I kill off Mayu :lol:

Jesseye, CrimsonGrxy, lollita90, korisunyan, ichikawa, Chichay12, Megumi, kiruchi: Thank you for supporting this story! I am halfway done with the next part so it should be up in the next two days! :deco:
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Just because i'm crying doesn't make Mayu die...

Because I don't wan to cry more!

Oh I know it's an unreasonable request but... NO don't say that Pwety!!! It is too unreasonable request!!!( this is not about Mayu but this is about Yuki!)

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I can wait for as long as you need. Just update someday. About Mayu.. I hope we don't need to chase after him to hell, because I want him to live
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OMG!!! It must be though for the little Hikari
Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
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A/N: Hi all! As promised, here is Part 3.3 of my Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series! With this update, Part 3 is finally completed. Will Mayu live or die? Read on to find out! :deco:

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Won't You Look at Me?

“Mayu!” Yuki cried and broke free of Yuko’s slackened grasp. The ground was still shaking from the powerful aftershock and small pieces of debris were raining hard on her but she paid them no heed. The desperate nurse tried to lift the boulder pinning down her groaning boyfriend but it did not even budge an inch. Risking their safety, Sayaka and Yuko skidded to a stop next to her.

“Let’s lift this at the count of three,” Sayaka instructed. “One, two, three, up!

With their combined strength, they managed to barely raise the concrete block and tossed it to the side. Yuki was close to tears to see Mayu in so much pain. Defying the general rule of not moving a casualty, the trio hurriedly carried the wounded doctor to safer grounds with Yuki giving as much support to his body as possible. Once they reached the first aid station, they set Mayu down. By then, he had lost consciousness and blood was trickling out from his mouth.

“Crap, he has internal bleeding,” Yuko exclaimed and placed her fingers at the side of his throat. “His pulse is weak. Rie-chan!”

Rie who was packing supplies nearby heard the urgent call of her name and ran towards Yuko. The sight of a battered Mayu elicited a gasp from her.

“What happened?”

Ignoring her question, Yuko asked, “Where is the helicopter?”

“It… It just left five minutes ago.”

Quickly doing her math, Yuko mumbled, “That means it’ll take another fifteen minutes to get back here. Taking the ambulance is a no-go too as it is too slow.”

Next to her, Yuki watched in helpless despair as more blood oozed out from Mayu’s mouth.

“Don’t do this to me. Mayu, wake up, wake up!” she kept calling, hoping for Mayu to hear her pleas. Tears spilled from her eyes as the man remained motionless. “No… God… please…”

“We don’t have a choice. Let’s operate on him now,” Yuko declared and promptly unbuttoned Mayu’s bloodstained shirt. A massive red bruise covered nearly his entire front torso. She hooked him up on the echograph and ran a scan over his chest and abdomen. The monitor showed a dark mass gathering around his stomach and liver.

“Scalpel,” the senior doctor stretched out her palm. When nothing was handed to her, she turned to find the nurse a blubbering mess. “Yuki! Get a grip on yourself!”

Yuki could not control the cries racking her body. She heard Yuko saying something to her but her mind simply blocked out all the words.

“Yuki!” Yuko forced her to look at her. “You want to save Mayu, don’t you? He needs you right now so pull yourself together! Remember the time he saved you? You would’ve died then if he was acting like you now. Stay calm and let’s do this together,” she paused, staring hard at the inconsolable woman who was still drawing sharp breaths. “If you aren’t up to it, then move aside. You are getting in the way.”

The harsh words were a tight slap in Yuki’s face and made her realise how useless she had been acting. Sniffing loudly and wiping her tears hastily, she forced down the wayward emotions that threatened to consume her.

“I want to… No, I will save Mayu!”

Allowing the newfound determination to guide her, Yuki grabbed the scalpel lying in the medical kit and passed it to Yuko who smiled in relief. Steadying her hands, the doctor sliced a hole in the side of Mayu’s chest. Blood poured out like a running tap and spilled all over the floor.

“Drain the blood, Yuki,” Yuko instructed while she blotted the excess blood with gauze. “Stupid boy, I was joking about the pancake thing. You didn’t have to really go and get yourself flattened like one,” she scolded the unresponsive man.

Yuki snatched a thin suction tube and held it in the pool of blood inside Mayu’s chest. While it managed to clear the cavity briefly, more of the crimson liquid kept streaming out, making it hard to view the damage. After using a clamp to keep the incision open, Yuko pushed her hands further in, trying to find the artery that was supplying blood to the wounded organ.

“Found it. Forceps,” taking the pair of Satinsky forceps from Yuki, she clamped down on the artery and waited with baited breath. The blood flow stopped as she had hoped. However, before she could feel a sense of victory, the machine behind her beeped loudly.

“Heart rate decreasing rapidly!” Yuki almost screamed. “Yuko-san!”

“Damn it!” Yuko slipped her bloody hands back in and enveloped Mayu’s weakening heart. Stomach-churning wet squelches could be heard as she compressed the organ with a regular beat, manually doing a heart massage. “Don’t you dare die, Mayu! I’ve taught you so much since your residency days. Don’t you let my efforts go to waste!”

“Heart rate still falling!” Rie pointed out, her eyes fixed on the dropping numbers on the monitor.

Hot tears started to sting the corners of Yuki’s eyes again as she gripped Mayu’s limp and icy hand tightly, holding it close to her own beating heart, “I won’t allow you to leave me. You have to come back. Please Mayu… Don’t just go to sleep on your own… You still owe me an explanation, remember?”

She slipped one hand to his pale face, wiping at the blood and grime. “Do you know that you are so handsome today? The suit looked very good on you. The others said that you were planning a surprise for me. What is it? Won’t you wake up and tell me? If you keep sleeping, I… I’m going to get v-very, very mad,” she tried making an angry expression only for her voice to break down in erratic sobs.

“It’s not working. Get the defibrillator, Rie-chan” Yuko shouted. “Hurry!”

Yuki’s eyes widened at Yuko’s words. “No, Mayu!”

“What’s going on here?” Ren jogged up to them. He had sensed something was amiss when he spotted the emotional scene from afar after sending off Hikari. When his eyes fell on Mayu, his stomach lurched as his worst fears had come true.

“Help set up the defibrillator. We are losing him!”

Pushing all questions aside, Ren grabbed the device from Rie and swiftly stuck one electrode pad on each side of Mayu’s chest.

“All clear!” he warned. Yuko removed her slippery hands from Mayu’s chest cavity while Yuki forced herself to set his hand down. Ren delivered a jolt of electricity to the unconscious man, causing his body to jerk up. When no improvement was observed, he instructed for another charge.


A loud thump was heard, followed by a resumption of regular beeping on the heart monitor.

“Heart rate’s back up!” Rie cheered as heartfelt smiles broke out on the tense faces of all present.

“Thank goodness,” Yuko let out a long sigh. “Let’s get him back to Akiba Hospital.”

At that moment, she spied the helicopter making a landing. The group transferred Mayu onto a stretcher and quickly brought him over. Once everyone, with the exception of Rie, had hopped on the chopper, it took off again to the place where they were all familiar with. With the calming whir of the engine and the serene night sky, the trip back was peaceful and quiet unlike the chaotic scene at the collapse site. Throughout the journey, Yuki never let go of Mayu’s hand, afraid that he would slip away again.


Upon reaching the hospital, they sent Mayu to the ER where they joined Dr. Yamamoto Sayaka and her team in saving Mayu. The worst was yet to be over as they found more internal injuries than the initial diagnosis at the site. Aside from four broken ribs which resulted in a punctured liver and stomach, the previously healthy man suffered from a torn diaphragm and a pelvic fracture too. After a six-hour surgery, he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as his condition was still critical.

“Yuki-chan,” Yuko placed a gentle hand on Yuki’s shoulder. The nurse had been awfully quiet ever since she sat by Mayu’s bed two hours ago and it was worrying everyone around her. “You should take a rest. It’s been a long day.”

Yuki sat as still as a rock, her eyes never leaving the man who was on life support with numerous tubes inserted in various parts of his frail-looking body.

“Yuki-chan,” Yuko tried again, this time nudging her shoulder lightly. “At least get something to eat.”

Something snapped in Yuki.

“How can I eat when I know that Mayu can die anytime?” she whipped around and lashed out at the startled doctor. That was when the other woman saw the bloodshot eyes and dried tear stains on Yuki’s face. “You said it yourself that tonight is a crucial period! I-If he pulls through tonight then he should be fine. But… But there is a high chance that he won’t make it!”

“Yuki-chan…” it pained Yuko to see Mayu and Yuki in their current states. She had always treated the younger doctor like a little brother she never had. A calm and sensible brother who would listen to her complaints, rein her in when she got too excited over pretty female patients, and blush and scold her when she described her fantasies in detail. And Yuki, she loved teasing her as much as she did to Mayu. She had always prided herself on being the first to notice the mutual attraction between them. To her, the pair was akin to her family, people whom she held dearly in her heart.

A soft knock sounded on the door before it swung open, revealing an exhausted Ren. His entrance seemed to have eased some of the tension in the air. He walked towards Yuki, holding something small in his hand.

“We found this in Mayu-san’s pocket,” he handed the tiny black velvet box to Yuki. He eyed her with knitted brows as she opened the box. Her mouth opened and gasped soundlessly when she saw the shiny diamond ring in it.

“Mayu was planning to propose to you tonight,” Yuko informed, sorrow lacing her voice. “I was supposed to keep it a secret from you but,” she glanced poignantly at the comatose man, “I think it’s better that you know now.”

Fresh tears poured forth as Yuki clenched the ring tightly to her chest, her body trembling violently with silent sobs that were swallowed by grief.

Unable to contain his emotions anymore, Ren stepped up to the bed, glaring at its occupant. “Mayu-san, do you know how much I hate you right now? You took away the woman I love and now you dare to lie here and let her cry for you? What kind of man are you? You asked me to look after Yuki-chan but damn no, I’m not going to do it. You wake up now and look after your own woman!”

Ren stared at Mayu after his outburst, as if hoping for a reaction. However, the room fell silent except for the soft beeping of the machines and Ren’s ragged breathing. A moment later, shuffling sounds were heard and Yuki sat herself down on the edge of Mayu’s bed. She gazed lovingly at his boyish face which still captured her heart despite the scrapes that marred the once smooth skin. Holding the ring in her right hand, she smiled bitterly and spoke in a choking voice, “I love you so, so much, Mayu. Even if you were to die today, I still want to be your wife.”

Without another word, she slipped the ring onto her left ring finger.

“Yuki-chan…” Ren felt something rip his heart to shreds. Why are you doing this to yourself, Yuki-chan? You would rather remain a widow if he dies. Why? Do you love Mayu-san so much that you wouldn’t even give yourself and someone else a chance?

Biting down on his lower lip, he looked at Yuko who gave a knowing nod and the two doctors left the room quietly, giving the couple some private time to themselves.

Yuki lost track of time as she sat by the bed, grasping Mayu’s limp hand in her own. Memories of them in happier times filled her mind. Sometime into the wee hours of the morning, her eyelids drooped heavily and she succumbed to the lulling call of sleep.


The sun was already out when Yuki’s eyes shot open. Snapping her head up immediately, she exhaled in relief when she saw Mayu still lying on the bed and the machines showed no sign of abnormality. Her neck was sore from lying in an awkward position the whole night and she tried standing up to work out the kinks in her body but a weight held her left hand back. Looking down, she noticed Mayu’s hand gripping hers.

That’s weird. I don’t remember him holding my hand back last-

Her eyes bulged when she realised what it meant.

“Mayu! Mayu!” she shook his hand, hope rising in her heart. “You can hear me, right Mayu? It’s me, Yuki!”

“Yu… ki…” a weak, raspy voice said. Mayu’s face twitched as he struggled with tremendous effort to open his eyes. Instantly, a warm familiar touch caressed his face, relaxing his stiff muscles.

“It’s okay. Take your time,” Yuki whispered, her eyes getting moist again. For once, she was actually glad to be crying.

When Mayu’s eyes finally peeked open, it took him a few seconds to adjust to the sudden brightness. Blinking, he found himself staring into Yuki’s glassy brown orbs.

“You… are… cry… ing…” he then launched into a coughing fit, prompting Yuki to pour him a glass of water and feed it to him after removing his oxygen mask. He gulped down the cooling liquid thirstily, spilling some on his light blue patient’s shirt.

“Slow down,” Yuki chided even as a smile made its way to her haggard face. It warmed her chest to see life in him again. She wiped his dripping chin with a piece of tissue.

“I’m sorry.”

Guilt was written all over his face.

“I know I’ve made you wor-” a slim finger stopped him from speaking more.

“Shh… I’m just glad that you are better now,” Yuki bent down and embraced him, careful not to press onto his wounds. Gently laying her head against his chest, she basked in the comforting steady beat that resonated within.



“The ring…” Mayu detected a familiar sparkle on her ring finger. She sat up and held her left hand out to him, allowing him to feel the beautiful ring. “How did you…?”

“Ren-kun found it on you and gave it to me then Yuko-san told me about the proposal you were planning,” she replied as her eyes watered at the memory of the previous night.

“But then why? Why are you wearing it? What if I… didn’t survive?”

“I want to be Watanabe Yuki,” she declared softly, “even if you died.”

“Yuki, you…” at that moment, he saw the woman before him in a brand new light. She might be his big crybaby but her inner strength was much greater than he had expected. “You are so amazing. I love you. Really.”

A lone tear escaped his eye. In the years they had known each other, it was the first time Yuki saw the cool doctor get misty-eyed.

“Silly boy, I love you too,” she leant forward to capture his lips in a tender kiss. “But I’ll have you know that I’m returning the ring to you once you recover. I still want a proper proposal,” she giggled.

“Of course,” he promised, chuckling softly.


Oshima Yuko stretched her arms and yawned unglamorously as she woke up from her nap on the couch in the Staff Lounge. She had been up till after midnight checking on victims of the earthquake.


She snapped towards the sound and found Mario aiming his smartphone’s camera lens at her.

“I’m sure that would make a good impression on Haruna-chan,” he smirked deviously, storing the phone in his pants pocket.

“Why you…” Yuko growled and sat up, brushing her messy brown hair back. “I’m sure Nyannyan will find me cute though,” she stuck out her tongue at the tall man who rolled his eyes at her childish action. “Anyway, I don’t have time to entertain you. I need to check on Mayu,” she stumbled to her feet and raced to the door but was stopped by Mario’s next words.

“There’s no need to. He’s already dead.”

All blood drained from Yuko’s face.

“Fuck! Why didn’t anyone tell me?” she bolted out the door, swearing profusely all the way to the ICU. Before she knew it, her vision blurred and tears were streaming down her face. Idiot boy! How can you die before me! I’m gonna kill you when I see you in hell! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Slamming the ICU door open with a thunderous bang, the first thing she heard was a startled shriek followed by a grunt of pain.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry Mayu!” Yuki yelped.

The doctor-cum-patient was cringing as a small amount of blood oozed out from a cut on his bottom lip. Yuki fussed over the wound with a piece of tissue, trying to stop the bleeding.

“Huh?” Yuko looked on in confusion, panting hard from the run. Mayu was alive and fine, well, maybe not so fine at the moment and Yuki was definitely not grieving over his death. “What is this?”

“Yuko-san!” the couple chorused accusingly at the newest arrival in the room.

“What did I do? And Mayu… you are alive. I’m not dreaming, am I?” Yuko slapped herself with a resounding smack, leaving a stinging red mark on her right cheek. “Ow! That’s not a dream for sure, meaning… Oh my Mayu boy!” she rushed towards the man, shoving Yuki aside unceremoniously.

“Hey!” Yuki protested but was ignored by the overjoyed woman.

“You stupid boy! I thought you were dead!”

“Why would you think that?”

“That stick Mario told- Ah, damn!” realisation dawned upon Yuko. “He fooled me! He said you were dead!”

“Looks like you got trolled again,” Mayu noted with a snicker but was promptly silenced by a light knock to his head.

“No laughing at your senior!” Yuko rebuked, folding her arms across her chest pompously. The smug grin on her face was wiped out by a hard smack to the back of her head.

“How dare you hit my boyfriend!” Yuki glared down at the shorter woman who was clutching her head in pain.

“Ren is right. You are abusive,” Yuko complained. “Anyway, what happened to your lip, Mayu?”

The couple avoided her eyes at the question and both were blushing suddenly. Yuko eyed them suspiciously and an idea hit her.

“Don’t tell me you bit Mayu?” she had the same irritating smirk that appeared whenever she was thinking of something perverted.

“It wasn’t like that!” Yuki retorted, her cheeks flushing bright pink. “We were just… just kissing…”

“Oh?” Yuko raised an unconvinced eyebrow.

“It was all your fault for barging in so suddenly! I got scared and accidentally bit Mayu’s lip,” Yuki confessed, her voice trailing off till it almost vanished towards the end of her sentence.

“What are you two? Horny teenagers?” Yuko cackled mockingly, making them feel like burying a hole to hide in.

“Hey, don’t laugh at Yuki,” Mayu warned with a scowl.

“And keep Mayu out of this,” Yuki shot daggers at Yuko.

Sensing the dirty looks, Yuko raised her hands in defense. “Whoa, whoa, ganging up on me now, eh? Don’t forget that I saved both of your asses.”

Mayu and Yuki’s eyes met briefly before they broke out in light laughter. Yuki slung an arm around Yuko’s shoulders and guided her nearer to Mayu for him to reach out and clasp Yuko’s hand.

“Thank you, Yuko-san. We owe you one,” Mayu uttered sincerely on behalf of himself and Yuki.

The big sister figure shivered, “Brr, you two are so mushy! Enough of the talk, it’s time for your checkup. I need to make sure you won’t suddenly die on us.”

Yuki narrowed her eyes menacingly at her, “Say that again and I’ll tell Haruna-san you groped the new nurse the other day.”

“Alright, alright. You are scary, you know that? Are you sure you want to marry her, Mayu?”



Smiling at the heartwarming albeit violent scene, Mayu said, "The answer will always be yes."


The End

Thank you very much for reading! Hope you enjoyed the update. As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:
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Thank you seigus-san

Ah i cant say crying after read warm..mayuki! Love
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WAAAAAAH  :imdead: this fanfic is really, really, really good, beautiful, wonderful... :on GJ:

Yuko is really good in this fanfic. :shy2:

And Yuki... is so sweet :shy1: , she want to be Watanabe Yuki even if Mayu die... Aaah tooo sweet! :luvluv1:
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wow it's like code blue haha  :ding:
Yuki is for Mayu even after life how sweet  :shy2:
I'm happy that Mayu is alive  :gyaaah:
but it's the end of the fic  :fainted:
I loved the fic please if you can make you like this one  :pleeease:
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: Jessye on August 24, 2012, 12:00:45 PM
Ahh.. I thought you would end up with wedding story.. :O

But, still awesome!   :thumbup  :D  :cow:
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: ChuuuPuffss on August 24, 2012, 01:04:34 PM
KYAAA~ -Currently Fangirling-

Lol Yuki bit Mayu's lip xD

The surgery parts made me grin all the time and my bro was teasing me -.-

I thought you would end up on a wed scene or some sort of mushy mushy kissy kissy scene xDDD

Naisu update ! Then, again another part would be greatly accepted C:
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: kiruchi on August 24, 2012, 01:54:27 PM
Same here... I was thinking of the proposal ending instead of wedding.
This ending is great though... the drama/suspense/mushiness...  :farofflook:
I was kind of worried that Mayu won't live through the on-the-spot surgery. (thank seigus for that.  XD)
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: kahem on August 24, 2012, 02:11:22 PM
YAY!!!! Mayu is alive!!!
They are so cute!!!!
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: miyumi on August 24, 2012, 03:19:01 PM
Wah what a great ending!  :luvluv1:

I'm so glad Mayu is alive. :farofflook:

Haha mariko be trolling like a boss. :on lol:

Yukirin slow down a little. Don't get too carried away with Mayu. :shy2:

Ah this was a great story. Thank you for all your hard work!  :byebye:
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: Megumi on August 24, 2012, 04:11:06 PM
Oh my GOD!

 :thumbsup Super super great!
All my feelings! MaYuki!

Super great ending!


Oh have you heard of the team shuffle? At Tokyo Dome?
Why did they split MaYuki!!!!  :panic:  :angry:

But super great fic!
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: Seigus on August 24, 2012, 06:55:58 PM
A Fanfic Writer's Thoughts About the Team Shuffle and the MaYuki Fandom

I was actually feeling really good this morning and afternoon as I had finally concluded this rollercoaster Part 3 of the Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series. But just now, I found out about the team shuffle that happened at Tokyo Dome and I am devastated at the news of Mayuyu and Yukirin being separated. To be honest, I wanted to cry but I was out with my friends and held back my emotions. On the way home, I kept thinking about the shuffle and was feeling very sad for Mayuyu and worried about the MaYuki fandom. However, the more I think about it, the more I told myself that MaYuki's bond is unbreakable and fans will continue to support this pairing. They've been together since the creation of Team B and their mother-daughter/lovers/friends relationship will not vanish just because they are in different teams now. There are still many chances for them to meet and hang out since they always appear together on TV shows and such. Just look at Yuko and Haruna. They had never been in the same team in the first place yet the KojiYuu pairing has such a huge following. And then there are AtsuMina and SaeYaka/SaeYuki which are worse off than MaYuki as Acchan is leaving AKB48 while Sae is going the SNH48. Therefore, as a MaYuki diehard I should actually thank my lucky stars that at least they are still in AKB48 and in Japan! Besides, MariHaru is going through the same thing as MaYuki so they are not alone. Mariko-sama please take care of Mayuyu in Team A! :bow:

Mayuyu moving to Team A may be good for her as the management probably wants to push her as the next face of AKB48 after Acchan's graduation. I'm more concerned about Yukirin who is no longer Team B's captain. She used to share double center spot with Mayuyu in Team B but now that Mayuyu's in Team A, I'm worried about our dearest weather girl. She's not young like Mayuyu and the management tends to neglect her. Hence, she may lose out on the spotlight to younger potential aces in Team B such as Milky and Paruru. Milky in particular is one of Aki-p's favourites and gets a lot of push. Let's hope Yukirin doesn't get chucked to the back because of this shuffle.

Please pardon my rambling. Typing all that out really helped me to organise my thoughts and face up to reality. MaYuki fans (and all other pairings' fans), please continue to believe in your OTP and support them! I'm in fact more motivated to write more MaYuki fics because of this shuffle! :rock:

Replies to Comments

kurogumi: Once again, thank you for crying! :P

Pwety: Thank you for your compliment! Yuko plays an important role in bringing Mayu and Yuki together. Plus, she is their lifesaver!

mo-chan: I used Code Blue as a reference for some of the medical procedures. I'm sure you remember seeing Yamapi and Gakky perform the heart massage in the show :D

ChuuuPuffss: Great to know that you enjoyed the surgery scenes! And I totally understand the grinning in front of computer part. I do that a lot!

kahem: Yup, Mayu is alive! If he died, I will be like Yuko and kill him when I see him in hell :twisted:

miyumi-chan: I love Mayu too much to kill him off even though I was really tempted to do a character death. Mario always trolling :twothumbs Yuki needed to pour out her love for Mayu after almost losing him but she really didn't mean to bite his lip. It's all Yuko's fault! :rofl:

Megumi: MaYuki is the way to go!!! No one can separate them!!

Jessye, kiruchi: A wedding's too soon for our injured Dr. Watanabe! He still needs time to recuperate and be nursed by his beautiful Kashiwagi-san :wub:

To all: As some of you have asked, where's the wedding? Mayu needs to rest for now (so does the author) but he and Yuki definitely deserve a reward for going through thick and thin together. Keep your eyes peeled for there might just be a Part 4 in the future :deco:
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: yuukimoko on August 24, 2012, 07:48:44 PM
Loved the last part! Mayu survived and happy ending~~~

but w-wait what?! Mayu is no longer in team B and Yuki is not the captain?!!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Cna you give ma a link please? I wanna see/read this myself!!! my world of Mayuki almost turned to ruins......nonojonono!!! Mayu MUST be with Yukirin!!!
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: Seigus on August 24, 2012, 08:01:03 PM
but w-wait what?! Mayu is no longer in team B and Yuki is not the captain?!!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Cna you give ma a link please? I wanna see/read this myself!!! my world of Mayuki almost turned to ruins......nonojonono!!! Mayu MUST be with Yukirin!!!

You can read it at the News section here (

It's not the end of the world for MaYuki. They are still in the same group after all. And let's say this is a test for them. If their relationship is really as strong as they say, we have nothing to worry about. Yukirin will always be Mayuyu's beloved mother and Mayuyu will always be Yukirin's cheeky daughter. And they will always be a married couple. A mother-daughter married couple (damn weird, I know), that was how they described their relationship in a recent interview. They said they would always return to each other no matter how much they flirt with others. That's how much trust they have in each other :heart:
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: yuukimoko on August 24, 2012, 08:12:34 PM
thank you!

I know that we should trust them but.....I feel like breaking!! I almost started crying and with my mother in the room!!! I want to punch my laptop and say this is a dream.....all bad news have been coming for some days.....

I will lose it!  if in the next month Mayu and Yuki dont post something new about them then I wont ship Mayuki anymore. the pain is too much and I am a very sensible person, I cry very fast. I will leave all my storyes and or move to another OTP or leave JPHIP......Im sorry but Mayuki got me here and if they leave each other then I leave too......

Ignore my message please.....
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: Seigus on August 24, 2012, 08:47:22 PM
I will lose it!  if in the next month Mayu and Yuki dont post something new about them then I wont ship Mayuki anymore. the pain is too much and I am a very sensible person, I cry very fast. I will leave all my storyes and or move to another OTP or leave JPHIP......Im sorry but Mayuki got me here and if they leave each other then I leave too......

I understand how you feel. I was close to tears when I first read the news too.

I'm not in a position to advise you but I do hope you will have faith in MaYuki. How strong is your love for them as an OTP?

I love MaYuki a lot and seeing their pictures/videos and reading their fanfics make me happy. It's something I look forward to everyday. But I'm telling myself that a line needs to be drawn between reality and fantasy. Mayu and Yuki are not going to leave each other because they were never in a love relationship in the first place or even if they are, they can't admit it so we will never know the truth. However, one thing's for sure, they are friends and friends care for each other no matter where they are :deco:

I will continue to write MaYuki fiction as MaYuki is my OTP and a damn team shuffle is not going to stop me XD
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: eSsIe21 on August 24, 2012, 08:58:42 PM
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: yuukimoko on August 24, 2012, 09:00:09 PM
You are right again...... but the line between fantasy and reality for me is nothing and everything. I lose it pretty fast when Im bored and lose the line confusing reality with fantasy, even imagine Mayuki and things in the math hour at school.....

I will try to continue too but for a while I will probably only post sad things.......and this happened when I have exams too! now I cant concentrate on learning anymore and with them 2 days away.....I dont care anymore about the exams......but Ill still try to do my best ignoring the news from today.

Thank you Seigus-san!

I believe in them and hope to still see new photos and things about them! I love Mayuki!!!! if something doesnt happen....then ill go back to my obssesion with Negitoro(LukaxMiku) so I could become happy again and then maybe come back.

Bye Bye~                                                                     Yuuki was here? maybe~
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: mo-chan on August 24, 2012, 09:52:40 PM
me too I stopped my fics Mayuki's and even Wmatsui's I couldn't write nothing today because of the shock but some pics of today realived me
 but still I lost insperation Mayuki my best pairing is gone :badluck: :on cloudeye:
Mayuki is the best  :fainted: :on speedy: :gyaaah: :gyaaah:
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: Megumi on August 24, 2012, 11:11:28 PM
TRUE after all Sae&Akicha decided it by them self to transfer....    :panic: Akicha!

Personally I think that this might make the bond stronger between the members.
But sure it was he** of a shock!

And thank you again for your lovely wonderful MaYuki fic.

Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: rexywhite on August 25, 2012, 02:27:11 AM
Thank you for writing such great fics. I totally loved the Dr Kashiwagi and Nurse Kashiwagi storyline, especially the way you paced it. It would be nice if you can continue with their marriage and married life but if this was the end of the storyline then it's also fine and doesn't take away the awesomeness of it at all.

I was also saddened by the shuffle of Mayu since Mayuki was really the main reason for my early obsession with AKB48, they were really cute and fun to watch during their Team B stages and back stage DMM interviews etc that I immediately took a liking towards them. I will miss them being in the same team but as you said I believe they're great friends, the time they will spend together might be less than before but I believe their bond will not weaken. Though I'm a bit worried about Mayu as well, her closest friends I believe are Lovetan and Yuki and both are now on different teams, while Yuki still have Haachan and Miichan which are considered her close friends as well. I just hope both can adjust well to this change and hopefully Mayu will have someone she can lean on in Team A.

I may not comment a lot but yeah I'm a huge fan of your writing style and your stories, please do continue to write more. Thank you for writing and sharing them.
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: Seigus on August 25, 2012, 07:45:31 AM
Megumi: Thank you for supporting this story! That's the spirit, Megumi-san! As the saying goes, distance (absence) makes the heart grow fonder. The shuffle will make the girls appreciate each other even more :thumbsup

rexywhite: Thank you so much for your review! It's reassuring to know my writing style and stories appeal to you. I remember that you posted a MaYuki oneshot about them being the rain before and I love it. I'll be more than thrilled if you write about this lovely couple again. I left a little note in the previous page about the possibility of a Part 4 of the Dr. Watanabe series (the note probably got overshadowed by the reactions to the team shuffle :lol:) so your wish might just come true.

I love love love watching MaYuki during their stage performances and backstage nonsense. It's sad that we won't get to see those precious moments anymore but I'm sure their heartwarming and crazy interactions will continue to materialise elsewhere :lol: MaYuki will live on so I'm not too worried about them. I'm more concerned about how Mayuyu will adapt to her new team. Over the years, she had lost close friends in the old Team B such as Lovetan and Nacchan. Yukirin was the only one left whom she could really trust and depend on. Mayuyu doesn't open her heart to just anybody so I hope Mariko will keep a lookout for our little cyborg. However, Mayuyu has a bright future ahead of her and the management knows her star power and will certainly continue to promote her. As for Yukirin, while I'm not worried about her settling down in the new Team B as she has her other good friends with her but I have a feeling the management may neglect her to push other members such as Milky and Paruru. Oh Great Team Shuffle, you really are scary!
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 3.3] Won't You Look at Me? (24 Aug)
Post by: aruka on August 25, 2012, 08:44:57 AM
Well said on your thoughts about the shuffle, seigus-san. :D
KojiYuu has already given us the best example of a cross-team pairing, so MaYuki's separation-within-AKB shouldn't be big since MaYuki fans can learn to see like how KojiYuu fans see their OTP's halves in different teams. You saying 'MaYuki will live on' is so reassuring. :thumbsup

The shock's still there (in me either), but it will heal over time.
Even if the inspirations are lost in some writers, later on they will have it back I'm sure. Just like the initial reaction of AtsuMina writers on Acchan's graduation news a while ago, yet not too long after that they managed to write fics about them again, moreover new AtsuMina writers are coming too.

Hoping the same for MaYuki fic writers shouldn't be harmful. :D And you said 'you'll continue writing MaYuki and not stop because of the shuffle'... another reassuring words from you again. :twothumbs

Okay, commenting on your story.. just one minor discomfort: Mario's fooling Yuko by saying Mayu is dead.
Never feel comfortable about jokes like this, even if it's in fiction. :smhid Or am I taking this too seriously?

Aside of that minor thing, the rest is all :wub: :wub: :wub:
Repeating what I've said on my old comment in this thread: I really really love seeing Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi as a couple.

Possibility of a Part 4? Take your time, fellow writer.
The doctor-nurse couple coming out too often would be too tiring. Dr. Watanabe needs privacy for his recovery after all. :lol:
Title: [MaYuki Oneshot] A New Beginning, A New Goal (25 Aug)
Post by: Seigus on August 25, 2012, 12:42:00 PM
A/N: Hi all! Here's a little MaYuki oneshot that I just came up with. Writing this really helps me come to terms with their team separation. This oneshot is a way for me to express my faith and hopes for MaYuki. It's not the end of the world for them nor is it for us MaYuki fans. Let's watch them withstand the test of time and distance and continue to show them our love! :heart:

aruka: Thank you for your thoughts on the shuffle. It's reassuring to hear that you share the same views and hopes. OTPs are always OTPs no matter where each half is.
Regarding the joking about death part, Mario's just exceptionally mean towards his perverted love rival Yuko. I'm sorry if that bit offended you though :bow: Yup, Dr. Watanabe needs some private healing time with his Nurse Kashiwagi :halo:

A New Beginning, A New Goal

“Yukirin, stop with the long face. You are making it seem like we aren’t good enough for you,” Miichan complained as she frowned at the former Team B captain who was sitting on the floor of the dressing room with her knees brought up to her chest. Yuki simply ignored her and continued staring at the ground.

Haachan who was leaning against the wall with her arms folded said, “Miichan, don’t blame her. Mayu’s moving to Team A. I’m sure you know how it feels to be transferred away from your old teammates.” She stepped towards Yuki and bent down, placing a comforting hand on the silent girl’s shoulder, “You know, sitting here won’t make things better. Mayu is probably hurting just as much or more. At least you still have Miichan and me here.”

Hearing Haachan’s words seemed to have struck a chord in Yuki as she snapped her head up. She blinked away the unshed tears in her eyes and stood up. Without a word, she walked towards the door.

“Hey, where are you going?” Miichan asked, surprised at her sudden exit.

Yuki paused and replied without turning around, “Haachan’s right,” and promptly left the room.

“Huh?” Miichan glanced at Hacchan for an answer but the other girl merely shrugged and flashed a mysterious smile which puzzled the Gachapin further.


Yuki marched down the corridors with a purposeful stride. Other members hurriedly moved aside when they noticed the stern expression on the usually smiley Team B member. Countless thoughts were racing in her already chaotic mind. However, her number one concern was a certain little cyborg crying all alone in a corner. Mayuyu, you are horrible at opening up to people and through the years, you’ve had your friends leaving you one by one. Do you hate me for leaving you too?

The weather girl turned a corner and her heart sank at the sight of more AKB48 girls and crew members but no sign of her beloved pigtailed Mayu. Where are you, Mayuyu? We always seek each other out backstage. Will you do the same now? Or are you mad and hiding from me?

Her chest tightened at the thought and all the pain came flooding back again. She stopped and rested her hand against the pale yellow wall, feeling a surge of emotions suffocating her. Maybe I should have gone to find her earlier right after the concert. Maybe she’s mad that I ran away. Maybe she’s already having fun with her new team. Maybe… Maybe…

“Ungh!” she grunted and punched the wall in frustration. A sharp pain shot up her arm and she briefly wondered if she had broken her hand. This is stupid… No, I’m stupid. What the hell am I doing? She slowly slid down against the wall, feeling the annoying sting at the back of her eyes again. How am I supposed to comfort Mayu when I haven’t sorted out my feelings? Gosh, Yuki, you suck.

“Yukirin?” the huddled figure on the floor froze at the sound of that all-too-familiar voice. Quick footsteps pattered towards her. “Yukirin!” Yuki spun around and was about to straighten herself when a force hurtled into her, causing her to crash back on her bottom.

“Yukirin!” Mayu wrapped her arms around Yuki’s body tightly, burying her face in her shoulder. “Where were you? I was looking all over the place for you!”

Yuki blinked. “You were?”

She felt the trembling girl nod her head against her neck.

“You aren’t mad at me?”

Mayu pulled back from the embrace and stared at Yuki quizzically. “Why would I be?”

“Because I left you…” Yuki answered in a low voice, avoiding Mayu’s gaze. “I’m sorry.”

Her response earned a frown from the new Team A member. “Silly Yukirin, if you are going to put it that way, then I’m the one who left, not you. Besides, you didn’t ask for this change. How can I blame you?”

Realising how much sense Mayu’s statement made, Yuki felt like banging her head against the wall.

“Mayu, sometimes I forget that you aren’t a naive sixteen-year-old anymore,” Yuki smiled earnestly despite a tear rolling down her cheek.

“But… I’m still sad,” Mayu confessed, her own tears falling as her voice choked. “I don’t like being in a separate team from Yukirin. I still want to perform stages with Yukirin, to play backstage with Yukirin, to be spoilt by Yukirin.”

Drawing Mayu into her arms, Yuki held the softly weeping girl. “You know, Mayu, I never thought we would be separated. I always thought we would lead Team B together. I really wish things didn’t turn out this way but you will have a bright future in Team A. Mariko will look after you. She’s doing a good job with Jurina, isn’t she?”

“But I want to follow Yukirin and Team B forever!” the ex-Team B ace wailed, the brave front that she had put up finally shattering.

Biting her quivering lip, Yuki tightened the embrace and did not utter another word for she was afraid that she would break down too. They sat on the floor, hugging as if they would not see each other again. The others stopped and stared but no one dared to intrude on their little world. After what seemed like a long time, Yuki gently pushed Mayu back. The younger girl had calmed down considerably, sniffling just every now and then.

“S-Sorry… I just needed to let it out,” Mayu rubbed her dampened eyes.

“It’s alright,” Yuki fixed Mayu’s messed up fringe lovingly. Usually, the fringe-obsessed ace would not let anyone tamper with her bangs but now, she just wanted to savour every little touch by Yuki. Admiring her handiwork in satisfaction, Yuki grinned before clamping her hands down on Mayu’s shoulders in the usual fashion when she had something important to tell Mayu.

“You said during your election speech that you want to be number one next year, right?” Yuki asked, staring deeply into Mayu’s reddened eyes. “I will work hard and be number two. Together, we'll lead AKB48.”


“It’s not going to be easy but let’s make that our new goal, shall we?”

A heartfelt grin crawled its way to Mayu’s face and she nodded, feeling her trust in Yuki grow. This is why I’ll always follow you, Yukirin.

“It’s not about Team B anymore, it’s about AKB, it’s about us,” Yuki continued. As hope rose in her, Mayu lunged forward and threw her arms around the reliable older girl again.

“Let’s do it, Yukirin. You and I, leading AKB.”

A few seconds later, Yuki withdrew from the embrace and shifted Mayu to the floor. She then turned her back to her in a crouching position. Looking back, she flashed an encouraging warm smile.

“Hop on.”

Mayu’s previously confused face lit up and she happily jumped onto Yuki’s back. The taller girl carefully stood up and piggybacked her favourite cyborg down the corridors.

“Where are we going?” Mayu asked, her blissful face right next to Yuki’s ear.

“I don’t know.”


“I just want to spoil you.”

Upon hearing the answer, Mayu giggled and was soon joined by Yuki’s merry laughter.


The End.

Thank you very much for reading! I hope it helps to alleviate the shock and pain some of you are experiencing from the team shuffle :deco:
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] A New Beginning, A New Goal (25 Aug)
Post by: kahem on August 25, 2012, 04:40:39 PM
T_T I'm going to cry
Ganbatte Mayuki!!!
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] A New Beginning, A New Goal (25 Aug)
Post by: ChuuuPuffss on August 25, 2012, 05:11:22 PM
Seigus-san ! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH !!! Joke~

You gave me much more hope looool

Seems like everyone was disappointed with the sudden shuffle

But they need a virtual slap or something LOL

MOAAAR xD We'll act sad or something so you'd write more

Joke~ Thanks for that hopeful OS ! AISHITERABURU~ xD

Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] A New Beginning, A New Goal (25 Aug)
Post by: Megumi on August 25, 2012, 10:53:16 PM
“Hop on.”

Mayu’s previously confused face lit up and she happily jumped onto Yuki’s back. The taller girl carefully stood up and piggybacked her favourite cyborg down the corridors.

“Where are we going?” Mayu asked, her blissful face right next to Yuki’s ear.

“I don’t know.”


“I just want to spoil you.”

Kyaaa!  :thumbsup No one can separate them!

Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] A New Beginning, A New Goal (25 Aug)
Post by: Seigus on August 26, 2012, 06:17:02 AM
anzai48: You are welcome, anzai-san. I have to admit I'm not totally over their team separation yet as my heart aches whenever I recall how heartbroken Mayuyu and Yukirin were during the announcement but it is a feeling that will heal with time for them and for us :deco:

kahem: Cry if you need to. Get this weight off your shoulders and you will probably feel better :)

ChuuuPuffss: Thank you for your love but... :scared: are you planning to work me to death?! :lol: Just kidding! It's ok to feel disappointed, anguished or sad as long as we are able to pick ourselves back up and continue with our lives and fandom because that's exactly what Mayuyu and Yukirin are going to do. They are not going to stop their AKB journey just because of this so we got to keep up with them. Can't let them get too far ahead of us, can we? :wink:

Megumi: Yup, no one can separate them except maybe a handsome otokoyaku from Takarazuka :P
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] A New Beginning, A New Goal (25 Aug)
Post by: Pwety on August 26, 2012, 04:07:38 PM
It is too kawaii~ :heart:

Aaaah your really good for passing feelings! :thumbup
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] A New Beginning, A New Goal (25 Aug)
Post by: Megumi on August 27, 2012, 12:21:01 PM
Megumi: Yup, no one can separate them except maybe a handsome otokoyaku from Takarazuka :P

 :lol: Oh right Mayu is weak for those kind of stuff AND "France" from Hetalia  XD
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] A New Beginning, A New Goal (25 Aug)
Post by: lollita90 on August 29, 2012, 05:47:34 AM

first, i'd like to comment about the fic. NOOO~ please do not end it that way~ there must be next part, right? at least, let us read how mayu's gonna propose to yukirin.  :ptam-cry: but it's ok if you're just gonna end it that way (tho it's still feel incomplete)

then, about the OS. thank you for writing such a lovely OS. love seeing yuki still want to spoil mayuyu in what seems to be the last remaining minutes the have together.  :ptam-shy: :ptam-shy:  you successfully raised my hopes high!

i have the same opinion as you regarding the team shuffle. it's horrific enough to think that mayuki has to be in separated teams, but at least they are still in the same AKB or at least in the same country. however, what devastated me more was that yukirin was no longer the captain of the team B. i don't understand the reason/s behind the decision, but in order to cheer myself, i just think that yukirin might be busier now since she's in the 3rd position in recent senbatsu. however, looking at yuko, i don't understand why she's a captain of team K despite being the 1st or the face of AKB for now. aren't she going to be even busier? hah!~  :smoke:  i don't know what to think about this anymore..

please, may mayuki fans stick with them even after what has happened now. mayuki is always going to be my fav OTP. all hail mayuki!  :bow:
Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Interlude] The S Word (16 Sep)
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A/N: Hi everyone! I'm back with yet another installment of my Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series! I know I said before that I'd probably end this at Part 3 but I love this couple too much so... :nervous I hope you aren't getting sick of them. Anyway, this update is an interlude before we get started on the next part. Hope you enjoy it! :deco:

lollita90: Don't worry, this series won't be ending just yet. Thank you very much for your support! After reading what Mayuyu said to Yukirin in the latest AKBingo here (, we can tell that Yukirin really spoils her little cyborg a lot. Mayuyu wiping her dirty hands on Yukirin's clothes just makes me LOL and then go awww... They are so precious together. A little team separation is not going to dilute their bond! Regarding Yuko, her situation is different from Yukirin's. I believe Aki-p made Yuko captain to delay her graduation.

Note: This is a genderbend story.


The S Word

Kashiwagi Yuki hummed an upbeat tune as she strolled towards the next ward for her morning rounds. Whenever people she knew – colleagues or patients – crossed her path, she would call out a chirpy greeting with a smile so dazzling that it threatened to blind its receivers. Those close to her would know the reason behind her unusually high spirits. After being hospitalised for three weeks, her one and only dearest Dr. Watanabe would be discharged on this bright and sunny day.

“Good morning, Hayashi-san!” Yuki greeted the middle-aged male patient in Ward 54. The pot-bellied man had just finished his breakfast and was sitting against the headboard, browsing through a men’s magazine. Hearing the sweet voice of the lovely nurse, he snapped up and sent a crooked grin her way which she failed to notice as she was preparing his medication.

“Hello, Kashiwagi-chan. You seem happy today,” he remarked, putting his magazine down. Yuki’s smile grew wider as she thought about her recovering boyfriend. Hayashi eyed her every move as she stretched up high to change his IV drip. When she was done, she handed him a few pills.

“Please take your medicine, Hayashi-san,” she held out a glass of warm water to him. As he reached out to take the glass, the pills in his hand dropped to the floor.

“Oops, I’m so clumsy!”

“It’s okay. I’ll get them,” Yuki bent over to pick up the scattered medicine with her back facing the patient. The next thing she knew, a hand grabbed her bottom roughly and squeezed it. She shrieked in reflex and spun around, her hands holding her rear protectively.

“What are you doing?” she stared wide-eyed at the grinning man and took a few frightened steps back.

Hayashi raised his hands defensively, “I didn’t do anything!”

At that moment, Yuki noticed the Weekly Playboy magazine on his lap, turned to a page featuring a voluptuous woman dressed in a skimpy string bikini. Her eyes popped larger, realising he was one of those lecherous patients who she had a tendency to meet.

“You…” she pointed accusingly at him, “touch me!”

“Whoa! That’s not something you can just accuse anybody of! I wanted to help you pick up the pills but my hand slipped again. You know the medicine I take makes my hands tremble. See?” he shook his hands exaggeratedly to prove his point. Suddenly, something hard smacked him in the face, causing him to recoil in pain.

“The hell!” Hayashi cursed, clutching his sore nose.

“Mayu!” Yuki cried out at the sight of a frowning Watanabe Mayu leaning against a crutch on his left side at the entrance of the ward. He was still dressed in his light blue patient’s garb. Flashing her his usual calm smile, he hobbled towards Hayashi’s bed.

“I see you’ve got my apple,” Mayu noted, referring to the red fruit lying on Hayashi’s magazine. The other man glanced down and saw the offending apple in his lap. “I’m sorry my hand slipped. As you can see, I’m still not used to multi-tasking with a crutch,” Mayu explained matter-of-factly.

Hayashi growled, “You think I’d believe that lame shit, you little twerp? How can the apple just fly into my face?”

“It can, if your hand can slip,” Mayu narrowed his eyes at the shocked patient. “If you are still unhappy, you can call the security and report me. Then they will watch the CCTV tape to see how my apple got into your face.”

Hayashi’s face paled, knowing very well what Mayu was implying.

“Apologise to Kashiwagi-san now,” Mayu demanded, glaring hard. “If not, it will be me calling security.”

Hayashi gritted his teeth. “Fine,” he turned to Yuki and muttered an apology reluctantly.

“Good. Now I need some help from Kashiwagi-san so you pick up your own medicine,” Mayu shot Yuki a knowing nod and both of them made their way out of the ward. At the door, he paused and added offhandedly, “You can have my apple by the way,” before fully exiting the room with his beloved nurse. Once outside, Yuki wrapped her hands around his right arm, steadying his wobbly gait.

“You tricked him! There’s no CCTV there at all!” she exclaimed in a hushed tone so that the people around them could not hear their conversation. Mayu leaned some of his weight onto her as he limped along the corridor.

“It’ll stop him from harassing you or the other nurses again,” he stated, looking a little upset. Yuki detected this and poked his cheek.

“You still angry?”

Shaking his head, he replied, “I’m just worried. This happens too frequently to you.”

Yuki could not help but giggle and inch closer to him, “I like it when you get protective.”

Mayu sighed and gave a resigned smile, “Guess it can’t be helped that my girlfriend is so beautiful.”

“Oh you,” a red hue appeared on Yuki’s cheeks and she pinched his nose playfully, earning a small chuckle. “You are lucky that you are still wearing your patient’s clothes if not you could’ve got a complaint.”

“I know,” he grinned and grabbed the hand pinching his nose, intertwining their fingers.

“Would you two mind toning down the mushiness so early in the morning? It’s making my hair stand even though it’s hardly winter yet,” a voice interrupted the couple. They looked ahead and found an amused Ren walking in their direction.

“Good morning, Ren-san,” Mayu greeted with a small smile, still holding onto Yuki’s hand.

“Ren-kun,” Yuki mumbled, eyes cast to the side, suddenly finding the wall very interesting. Her avoidance shot a twang of pain to Ren’s chest. Things had been awkward between the two friends ever since his outburst at the then-unconscious Mayu about the younger doctor stealing the woman he loved. Yuki had been aware of Ren’s feelings for her shortly after he came to Tokyo but since he never brought up the subject, she thought his feelings had faded over time. Now that his love was out in the open, she was finding it tough to look him in the eye.

Mayu switched his sights between Yuki and Ren. One was studying the ivory paint on the wall as if it would come alive any moment while the other appeared to be checking out his own white sneakers. His observant mind was quick to pick up that something was wrong between the childhood buddies. Squeezing Yuki’s hand, he called her softly, not once but twice, before she snapped out of her daze.

“Yuko-san has something to tell us. Let’s go to the office, shall we?”

Yuki nodded absentmindedly, causing his forehead to crease with worry.

“Please excuse us. We’ll be on our way,” Mayu told Ren who seemed equally troubled. The taller man visibly jerked at being spoken to and quickly shuffled aside to let the couple pass.

The trip to the Emergency Doctors’ Office was a quiet one. When they were a few steps away from their destination, Mayu stopped, prompting Yuki to look at him quizzically.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. Mayu simply raised her hand and drew small, slow circles on her palm. She closed her eyes, relaxing under his soothing touch.

“Something is up between you and Ren-san. You want to tell me about it after we get home?” he asked gently after a while.

“Looks like I can’t keep anything from you,” she smiled in defeat, taking in the concerned face before her. “I promise I’ll tell you everything later.”

“That’s my good girl,” he pulled her in and planted a quick kiss on the tip of her nose. “Let’s go in before Yuko-san gets impatient.”

They entered the office and were greeted by the sight of Oshima Yuko stuffing her face with an assorted array of heart attack-inducing gourmet bread and creamy cakes.

“Yuko-san, I really don’t wish to do a bypass for you anytime soon,” Mayu deadpanned but the woman merely brushed off his comment.

“You just want to see me naked, don’t you?” Yuko teased in between mouthfuls of cake with calories-laden white cream lacing the edge of her lips. Mayu almost bit his tongue at the absurd suggestion and protested vehemently, “Heaven forbid, no!”

“Hey! That’s insulting to a fine woman like me, you unappreciative boy!” she pointed her fork at his scandalised face. Laying her eyes on the silent Yuki, she cooed in understanding, “Ah, you just don’t dare to admit it in front of your abusive girlfriend, right? Or perhaps you are already satisfied with Yuki-chan’s impressive jugs?” she wiggled her eyebrows at Yuki’s ample bosom.

“Yuko-san!” Yuki crossed her arms over her chest and hid behind Mayu, feeling exposed in front of their overly imaginative senior. Yuko guffawed loudly and wiped her mouth with a paper napkin.

“Forever the reaction queen, Yuki-chan,” Yuko shot a Cheshire cat-like grin at the blushing nurse. “Anyway, the reason I called you two here is to tell you that we are throwing a party to celebrate Mayu’s recovery two weeks later at Okinawa! It’s going to be a two-night stay at one of the beach resorts there so get ready your sexy swimwear and condo-”

“Wait, who’s we?” Mayu cut in before Yuko could rattle on about something inappropriate.

“Me, Nyannyan, Rie-chan, Akicha, Mocchi, Sae, Ren, and that Mario stick. I’ve spoken with Yamamoto and her team had agreed to stand in for us during that period.”

“Will Mayu be alright by then?” Yuki asked, concerned. “He is still on a crutch.”

“He has to be unless he has the body of an old man,” Yuko replied casually. “If he still doesn’t recover by then, you better not marry him ‘cause it’ll be hard to make babies.”

“Yuko-san!” the flabbergasted couple blushed darkly at her audacious remark. Something clicked in her mind upon their outburst.

“What? Why are you so shy about it? Don’t tell me you two haven’t done that?” she gaped at them disbelievingly. When the pair remained oddly quiet, she smacked her forehead. “You have been living together for like six months and still haven’t had sex? Oh my God! Do you live in the Stone Age or something? No wait, even the cave people were going at it like rabbits. Gosh, you two are ridiculous!”

“We… are not rabbits,” Mayu reasoned lamely, eyes shifting while Yuki snorted in the most unlady-like manner when she tried to hold in her snicker.

“I swear if food wasn’t so scarce in some countries, I would throw this bread at you,” Yuko waved a glazed ham roll threateningly. Then her eyes bulged as a scary thought struck her like a ton of bricks. “Or don’t tell me… Come here, Mayu.”

Mayu eyed his mentor suspiciously.

“Just come here!”

Not wanting to incur her wrath, he limped towards Yuko who roughly yanked him down to her height, almost causing him to fall over. She leant close and whispered into his ear. After the first sentence, Mayu flinched and stumbled back in shock.

“I’m perfectly fine! There is nothing wrong with my- I mean, me!”

Yuko burst into peals of unrestrained laughter while Yuki scowled at being kept out of the discussion. That was surely a slip of the tongue. What did Yuko-san say to get Mayu so riled up? She kept a watchful gaze on Mayu as he staggered back to her, his face crimson from anger. The skin on her left arm tingled from the heated huffs he was expelling.

Yuko almost choked howling at Mayu’s flustered reaction and slapped her thigh repeatedly in an attempt to catch her breath. “Y-You are getting infected by Yuki-chan, Mayu boy! Be careful you don’t lose your cool image!”

The ill-timed joke did nothing to appease the fuming man who continued to glare daggers at her.

“Fine, fine. Let’s drop the subject,” Yuko surrendered with a long wheeze, not wanting to burst a vein in Mayu’s head. “Anyway, shouldn’t you be packing your things and get going? I know you love the hospital a lot but you are taking up bed space.”

“Come on, Mayu, let’s go,” Yuki had to drag her boyfriend who looked like he was ready to explode, out of the office. After the door closed, Yuko rested her chin on her palm in thought before breaking into an accomplished grin.

“Male pride… That should speed things up,” chortling, she popped another forkful of cake into her mouth.


Mayu stood before the wooden door to his house. It had been three weeks since he last stepped into his humble abode and he should be hit by a wave of nostalgia and appreciation towards life, however, at this moment, he was feeling more perplexed than anything as his girlfriend had disappeared into the house and instructed him to wait outside. On his right index finger, he twirled the bunch of keys, waiting for Yuki’s signal to enter.

“Okay, you can come in now!” Yuki’s muffled voice sounded from behind the door.

Smiling at her weird antics, he inserted the key and turned the doorknob. Upon stepping into the house, he saw Yuki standing a few feet away with her hands before her lap, making it a sight to behold for she resembled a devoted traditional Japanese wife. The prospect of finally bestowing upon her the title of Mrs Watanabe brought about a little somersault in his heart.

“Welcome home, Mayu,” Yuki beamed warmly before rushing forward and throwing her arms around the surprised doctor. “I’ve been waiting to say that for so long,” she breathed in deeply, basking in his warmth. The feeling was almost surreal as she had come so close to losing this man, the love of her life. “I missed you.”

Returning the embrace, he surveyed the interior and discovered it to be spick and span with every item in its original position.
“You did a fine job as the mistress of this house,” he whispered lovingly, dropping his right hand to her hip and drawing her closer. Inhaling her sweet floral scent, he realised how much he had missed being alone with this wonderfully gorgeous and dedicated woman. Unconsciously, he slipped his hand under her white blouse and caressed the smooth skin of her back while burying his face in the waves of her soft tresses.

“M-Mayu?” Yuki squeaked. She felt her body growing warm at their close proximity and his titillating touches. When his lightly callused fingers travelled upwards, they lifted her top, exposing her flushed midriff to the cool air. Light butterfly kisses trailed her jaw and before she knew it, a burning sensation attacked the throbbing pulse point along her neck, eliciting a moan from deep within her throat as Mayu’s teeth grazed and gnawed on the tender skin there. Heat pooled in her lower abdomen as her thighs quivered and rubbed against each other uncomfortably. Her mind was beginning to cloud from the sudden invasion of her senses but a gust of wind blew in from the open door and reminded her that anyone passing by could see them. With all her willpower and what remaining strength she possessed, she grabbed Mayu’s shoulders and pushed him back firmly.

“Mayu, stop.”

He grunted in protest as a frustrated scowl graced his features. Staring at the red-faced woman before him, realisation hit and he reeled back, startled by his earlier actions.

“S-Sorry! I… I don’t know what came over me!” he apologised hastily, taking Yuki by surprise. “What was I thinking?” the normally gentle man had an overwhelming urge to bang his head against the wall right there and then. She giggled at the adorable guilty look on his face.

“It’s alright,” she hugged him again as if afraid that he would hobble away in shame.

“I’m really sorry. I promised we won’t do it until after marriage yet I couldn’t control my-“

“If it’s you… I don’t mind,” she cut him off shyly, playing with his shirt collar, “but not here and now. You just got out of the hospital. You don’t want to go back there so soon, do you?”

He shook his head vigorously in response, pouting, “I want to stay here with you… and I don’t like hospital food.”

“At least it’s better than my cooking which you will be stuck with for these two weeks,” Yuki quipped, hooking her hands behind his neck.

“I don’t care. I’d rather have your cooking any day.”

“Really?” Yuki’s eyes lit up with mirth. “Don’t regret your words.”

“I won’t,” he insisted stubbornly and captured those tantalising pink lips again before moving to close the door.

As he locked the door in place, he mentally cursed a certain Dr. Oshima.


That night, as they lay in bed together for the first time since the devastating earthquake, Yuki snuggled up to Mayu who could only lie flat on his back due to his pelvic injury.


He turned his head at the lulling voice and her breathing hitched at his clean, handsome face framed by the soft orange glow of the small bedside lamp. No matter how many times she had seen it, his youthful glasses-free appearance always set her heart aflutter. The scrapes that he sustained in the building collapse had healed nicely under her meticulous nursing and all that were left were faint marks which would disappear with time. She could not help reddening under his mesmerising gaze.

“Why are you so handsome?”

“Why are you so beautiful?” he shot back with a winsome smile only to deepen the blush on her supple cheeks. “I can stare at you forever,” he added, gazing into her bashful brown orbs.

“The others will surely gag if they hear our conversation now,” a toothy grin stretched across her lips as she recalled their colleagues’ mortified faces whenever they caught the couple being sickeningly sweet to each other.

“Speaking of that, what’s going on between you and Ren-san?” Mayu’s tone turned serious at the change of topic. Keeping true to her promise, Yuki recounted what transpired when Mayu was still in a coma after his surgery.

“What should I do?” Yuki asked, hoping that the insightful man would have a solution. “I feel bad towards him.”

“Will you feel better if you go out with him?”

“N-No!” she shot up, appalled that her boyfriend would even suggest something like that. Mayu smoothly pulled her down to his chest and cuddled her in his lean arms. Speaking into her ear in a low, possessive voice, he said, “Even if you wanted to, I wouldn’t let you.”

She slapped his arm, cheeks puffed in indignation, “You scared me! I thought you’d be so willing to give me up!”

“No way. I will never let you out of my grasp,” with that said, he tickled her sides mercilessly, sending her into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

“Hahaha… S-Stop, stop it! Hahahaha! I… can’t, can’t… b-breathe! Mayu, s-stop, stop! Ma-Mayu!”

Seeing how breathless his dearest nurse was, Mayu finally stopped his teasing ministrations and allowed her to fall back into his embrace. Frantic hot breaths smothered his neck as she gripped the collar of his white cotton tee and panted hard.

“Were… were you trying to… kill me?” she questioned in between heavy gasps for air.

“How could I bear to do that?” Mayu stroked her heaving back. “I just thought you needed to release some negative energy.”

Hearing his words, it dawned on Yuki that she indeed felt her worries had been lifted off her chest somehow and she was grateful for the oxygen-stealing stunt.

“Anyway, regarding Ren-san, perhaps he needs someone to take you off his mind,” the doctor mused. Yuki raised an eyebrow at the suggestion.

“You mean as in get him interested in someone else?”

“Maybe, if fate decides to help us and him. Love can’t be forced after all.”

Yuki’s other eyebrow rose incredulously, “Since when did you believe in fate?”

Mayu gazed steadily into her searching round eyes. “Since the day I met you.”

Heat rushed to the woman’s cheeks at his simple yet heartfelt words.

“You are so cheesy, do you know that?”

Encircling her slim waist, he grinned.

“Only with you, my dearest. Only with you.”


End of Interlude.

Thank you very much for reading! I'm very sorry if I made your skin crawl with the overwhelming amount of fluff and cheese :bow:
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You did not make my skin crawl! You actually gave me a mini heart attack!

Oh, the perks of being a wota xD

Yeee~ I love how you write the fluffiness and the cheesiness :3

Lol All hail Yuko! Mayu and Yuki should be thankful in the future

Can't wait for the next update! Well, wasn't expecting for this update, but I'll be expecting the next one Lol.

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Yuko is a successful troll.  :glasses:

I hope Ren finds somebody.

My WMatsui heart hopes for Jurina. Even though Rena is a male here...

And ugh the Mayuki no words.  :luvluv2:
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Hihi Yuko is the best~
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sir, will there be more??? if yes, please include jurina-chan! pretty please~~ (with cherry on top)  :mon cute: :mon cute:  i'll be happy with lovely mayuki and wmatsui ending here~  :wriggly: :wriggly:
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ChuuuPuffss: A mini heart attack?! :shocked I'm glad you like the cheese and fluff :deco: Yuko plays a very important part in bringing Mayu and Yuki together so yes, all hail Yuko! I should be rolling out the next update in about a week so do keep your eyes peeled for it! Thank you again for your support!

alpacas: Hi alpacas! I believe you are new around here. Welcome to jphip and I hope you enjoy your time here! :welcome Thank you for reading this story and even listing me as one of your favourite authors here! I'm really flattered. I do have something planned for poor Ren but as to what it is, I won't spoil the surprise for you. Maybe I should have Matsui Jun making an appearance and being gay for Ren? That counts as WMatsui too right? :rofl: Ok, I'm joking :P but hmm... it doesn't seem like a bad idea the more I think about it :twisted:

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Yaaaaaay~ another sequel.. Er.. Chapter to our beloved doctor-nurse pairing.
I assume some Wmatsui would appear in the future updates. (If its a Wmatsui... I'm still looking forward to it even if its not. :p)
And YUKO's the best... She knows how to get Mayu riled up.
I'm hoping for more Mayu-Yuki scenes!!
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nice story..
really love it
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I love this fanfic. :)

What Yuko  planing? I'm intriged. She want to make Yuki and Mayu make  love. :shocked Weird but It is interesting.

Poor Mayu he is trolling by Yuko. XD
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I'm happy for you Dr. Watanabe! Finally you got out (yet I know you would end up being in the hospital again later :lol:)

Male pride, eh? I see what you did there, Dr. Oshima... really, she is 'dangerous' in a good way. Thanks a lot for 'reheating' the couple that they got melted in the hot cheesiness now. :twothumbs

Upon stepping into the house, he saw Yuki standing a few feet away with her hands before her lap, making it a sight to behold for she resembled a devoted traditional Japanese wife.
I'm so in love with this scene. :wub: I was imagining Yuki in a kimono doing this scene while reading this part (thanks to the last three words there). :lol:

also if you wanna make juri a girl also can since really rare see someone make juri is girl pariring with ren
Actually my 'selfishness' prefers this idea more. Juri-onna in a relationship is indeed rare and her recent 'blossoming appeal' in magz shoots makes me wondering of a more realistically-approached explicit adult-to-adult relationship between her and a male (Ren-kun in this case). :twisted: Once again, it's my 'selfishness' talking. :lol:
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I can't get enough of Mayu and Yuki lovely scene yes it might be cheesy for some but it's too lovely!  :wub:

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Thank you for your update!
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So glad you updated with a continued storyline for my fave pair. Great writing and comedy as usual, really love how you portrayed Yuko's character here. Ever since the first chapter you really utilized her witty comedic personality so well that she's maybe my most favourite character here. I also had the impression that Mayuki had 'done' it since they were living together, but it's nice to know that they want to savour the moment after they're officially 'one'. You mentioned you're gonna bring a Jun for Ren in the future, that will be interesting. Though I'm also curious as to how the triangle MariHaruYuu will develop too, will Yuko succeed in getting her girl or will Nyan go with Mario?

Lovely update as always, can't wait to read your update and future stories. Thanks for updating and posting these stories.

PS. Yeah I'm also trying to continue my story but I'm those type of people who loses my muse easily. But I'll definitely try more in the future. Thanks.
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Hi everyone! First and foremost, I want to apologise for the delay in the next update because work has been taking up all my time and even invading my dreams in the wee hours of the morning. However, I'm very heartened by your enthusiastic support. It really makes me happy to see people enjoying my story so thank you very much! The craziness at work will be over by this week so I promise the next update will be up by the weekend. Please hang on a while more! :bow:

Chichay12: I have quite a few things up my sleeve so a wedding won't be coming just yet. Or maybe there won't even be a wedding :twisted: :twisted:

kurogumi: *takes out scalpel* Can I cut you up to see what's causing your terrible cough? :lol: Just kidding. I'd ask Dr. Watanabe to take a look at you but he's a little busy with a certain Nurse Kashiwagi :nervous

rhin_rhin: For a moment, I actually thought that something was really wrong with your browser! But wow, if it was true, that'd be a pretty awesome browser! XD

rexywhite: Yuko's a blast to write as she has such a loud and colourful personality. The Jun for Ren thing started as a joke answer to the others' comments but now I'm seriously liking the idea. Will I make that happen in my fic? Please keep following the story to find out! As for the MariHaruYuu triangle, let's just say it's not the last you'd see of them. I'll be keeping a lookout for your story when your muse is back! Once again, thank you for your support and review!

Megumi: I'm going to admit here that I spazz over my own cheese :sweatdrop: so I'm very glad that you enjoy it too! Mayu and Yuki are just so adfssfdsfdaf together that I feel happy just imagining them together. Gosh, I'm so obsessed...

aruka: Poor Dr. Watanabe. He just got discharged and you are expecting him to go back there again! Yuki is going to get mad if she hears it :lol: Then again, he works there so he will have to return to the hospital sooner or later anyway :D He and Yuki are so safe and slow that someone should just lock them in a closet. Thank you for loving that traditional Japanese wife part! I'd love to go home to a kimono-clad Yuki too :wub: So will it be girl Juri or boy Jun? Or perhaps a totally unexpected person? Please keep following the story to find out! :grin:

Pwety: Mayu getting trolled by Yuko is his retribution for trolling Hayashi earlier :lol: Yuko isn't weird. She's just... being Yuko XD

msst28: Ren x Jun will be a first in this forum, I think. Hahahaha :P

kiruchi: Yuko rocks... but poor Mayu :nervous More Mayu x Yuki scenes is a given :inlove: Thank you for coming out of ninja mode to comment!

Chanaline: Thank you for loving this story! Hope you will like what I have in store for Mayu and Yuki next :deco:
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I think you have a great imagination.
My favorite of your shots are the Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi ones. I really like that series of yours, I think it's super sweet and it causes me to squeal  XD
Well great work and hope to see more from you in the future.  :tama-bye:
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A/N: Hi everyone! The weekend is here and as promised, here's the next part of my Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series! Thank you for waiting! I'm setting myself up for a lot of things with this Part 4.1 :nervous Hope you enjoy the update! :deco:

TakaNyan: Hi TakaNyan! Thank you for loving my stories! I squeal internally while writing about this overly-sweet couple too... I will definitely be churning out more MaYuki stuff! Actually, how can I stop? XD

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Cut It Like Butter

Miyazawa Sae cut a tall, strapping figure as he hung around the departure hall of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Decked in a blinding yellow Hawaiian shirt and maroon bermuda shorts with a pair of aviator shades sitting atop his head, he clearly stood out from the listless crowd. It was after all, barely five in the morning.

In the distance, he spied the sleepy-looking Oshima Yuko and Matsui Ren trudging towards him. The petite woman was dragging a trolley luggage bag behind her while Ren had a navy duffel bag slung across his slouching torso. Sae broke into a broad grin and waved wildly at the pair.

“Oi! Over here!” his energetic voice boomed, startling the people around him. When the duo finally reached him, he remarked, “Man, you guys are slow!”

Yuko shot a glare at the loud man through half-lidded eyes. “Look at the time, you overgrown Duracell bunny. We are early!”

Next to her, Ren nodded in agreement as he stifled a yawn. Sae checked his watch and discovered it was still ten minutes before the group’s meeting time.

“Oops,” he let out a sheepish laugh, scratching the back of his head. “Anyway, you two look horrible.”

“Easy for you to say, Captain Obvious,” Yuko grumbled. “You aren’t the one who had to do overtime till 3am,” the grouchy woman leant against the pillar beside her, allowing her dishevelled hair to fall over her face.

“Looks like someone can’t enjoy the vacation,” an all-too-familiar haughty voice from behind invaded Yuko’s ears, making her skin crawl in annoyance.

“Shut up, you stick!” she spun around and snapped only to bolt upright when she noticed the woman beside Shinoda Mario. “N-Nyannyan!” Yuko hastily smoothed her messy hair back and straightened her pink hooded sweater.

“Mario!” Sae’s face lit up at the sight of his long-time colleague in the Department of Neurosurgery. “And a very good morning to you, Haruna-chan!” he greeted the gorgeous woman with luscious, wavy brown hair and alluring feminine curves. Kojima Haruna, a gynaecologist at Akiba Hospital smiled and returned his greeting.

“Why are the two of you together?” Yuko questioned. Mario smirked at the displeased look on her face. Putting his arm around Haruna’s shoulders, he replied, “I gave Haruna-chan a ride here. Any problem?”

Clenching her fists, Yuko suppressed a low growl and forced a smile onto her face, “No. No problem at all.” The blush that was spreading across Haruna’s cheeks irked her to no end. Just you wait, you stick.

“Ah, Yuki-chan is here!” Sae’s excited yell broke the rising tension in the air…

Until Ren’s brow twitched at the way he addressed Yuki.

What Yuki-chan? I’m the only one who calls her that. Ren narrowed his eyes at the oblivious neurosurgeon who was practically bouncing on the balls of his feet, trying to gain the attention of the nurse who had just entered the hall with her boyfriend. Ren’s irritation did not go unnoticed by Mario whose smirk widened at his new discovery.

“Good morning, everyone! Sorry we are a little late,” Yuki bowed apologetically. The bright-eyed lady appeared fresh-faced in her white sundress with yellow daisies print while Mayu went with his usual fuss-free look with a simple white short-sleeved shirt and khaki pants.

“Oh no, you aren’t late!” Sae blurted, flashing his famous charming smile. “Our watches are just faster than the actual time, right guys?” he turned and winked at the rest, hoping that they would play along but they either looked away or rolled their eyes as in Yuko and Ren’s case, obviously miffed at the double standard treatment. Feeling betrayed and embarrassed by the lack of support, the tanned doctor tried to change the subject. “Er… ah… Yuki-chan, have you had breakfast? I have some snacks here in case you are hungry,” he slipped his backpack to the front and rummaged through its contents.

“It’s okay,” Yuki interrupted him before he overturned his entire bag. “Mayu has prepared sandwiches for me,” she hugged the waist of her boyfriend who had been observing the exchange with an amused smile all this while.

“I’m hungry too! Did you make my share?” Yuko looked at Mayu with pleading eyes.


“What? How could you?” the female doctor whined loudly, tugging his sleeve like a spoilt child.

“You need to cut down on your food intake,” Mayu replied flatly. Yuko snorted in response and mumbled, “Ungrateful brat.”

“I have Pocky if you want,” Haruna offered, taking pity on her. Yuko’s eyes shot open with glee and she launched herself at the taller woman, “I love you, Nyannyan! Thank you!” and planted a resounding wet smooch on her face, earning a surprised yelp from Haruna.

Score! Yuko did a victorious fist pump and stuck her tongue out at Mario who inhaled sharply and promptly turned the other way.

On the side, Yuki was studying Mayu’s face for any sign of discomfort.

“What is it?” he asked, feeling perturbed at how she was looking at him as if he was some sort of rare virus specimen.

“You sure you are okay? Do you feel pain anywhere?”

Ruffling her hair, he chided goodnaturedly, “Stop worrying. You should be enjoying this holiday, not stressing yourself out over me.”

She pouted, “It’s your first time leaving the house on a long trip after your surgery. Of course I’m worried.”

Enveloping her hands in his, he played with her smooth fingers, noting the missing presence of a certain diamond ring which was tucked away in his pocket. “I’m on a mission to get Mrs Watanabe so I won’t go down so easily. Trust me, alright? I’ll let you know if I’m not feeling well.”

Smiling shyly at his words, she nodded and wrapped her arms around her dearest doctor, hiding her blushing face in his shoulder. She was having butterflies in her stomach just thinking about being formally proposed to. A few steps away, Ren and Sae stared wistfully at the loving yet gut-wrenching scene.

Hurried footsteps approached the group and the notorious gossiping trio of Mocchi, Rie and Akicha arrived at the meeting point, breathing heavily amidst messy gasps from their run.

“Morning guys! Sorry we are late! Mocchi over…” Rie’s voice trailed off when she noticed no one was paying them any heed. Yuki and Mayu were in their own world. Sae and Ren bore pensive looks. Haruna was absorbed in smashing buttons on her PlayStation Portable despite being in the line of fire of Mario and Yuko’s heated staring contest.

“…slept?” Rie finished with a tiny squeak. She cast a helpless glance at her buddies who had become aware of the awkward situation too. Mocchi shrugged, making a don’t-ask-me face.

“Ah,” Akicha pounded her fist against her palm, suddenly struck by a brilliant idea, “we need a knife!”

“Why?” Mocchi frowned at her airheaded friend’s odd suggestion.

“To cut the tension in the air!”

The other two ladies facepalmed and sighed.

“It’s going to be a looong trip.”


The moment the group boarded the plane, Yuko shoved her way past everyone to snag the seat beside Haruna, even going to the extent of throwing Mario’s sling bag to the seat behind her although there were three seats on each side of the aisle.

“Excuse me Oshima, that seat belongs to me,” Mario who had been preoccupied with storing Haruna’s carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment returned to find a rude shock in the form of a perverted lesbian in his seat.

“Can’t you see that there are six ladies in our group? Shouldn’t you be a gentleman and let us sit together inside of being the thorn among the roses?”

Mario mentally gagged at the uncouth woman referring to herself as a rose. “I already spot a thorn in the flesh in front of me,” he countered, folding his arms.

“Yuki-chan!” Yuko stood and shouted at the younger woman who was still making her way to the group’s allocated seats. “Come and sit with me and Nyannyan! Shinoda is going to take your seat!”

“I don’t want! I’m sitting with Mayu!”

“Traitor,” Yuko muttered under her breath.

With a triumphant smile, Mario fished out his boarding pass and brandished it before Yuko’s face.

“Look at this. It clearly states that I’m sitting in J58 which is the seat that you are occupying.”

“So? It doesn’t mean that we have to stick strictly to what’s printed on the tickets,” Yuko argued stubbornly.

“Mou!” Haruna slammed her PSP down on her lap, unable to take their squabbling anymore. “I can’t focus on my game!”

Mario and Yuko stiffened at Haruna’s unexpected outburst.

“Yuuchan, you give Mario-kun his seat back.”


“I’m not done talking,” Haruna cut Yuko off. “Yuuchan, you take the window seat and Mario-kun, you take this aisle seat. Now no more complaints, if not I’m going to change seats!”

Even Mario the master of comebacks was stunned beyond words by the easy-going woman’s rare display of rage. Swallowing their pride, the two rivals buried their hatchet for the time being and obediently followed Haruna’s instructions. When they had finally settled down, the gynaecologist relaxed into her seat and went back to her game while Mario and Yuko sighed at playing second fiddle to some cutesy virtual characters.

In the row behind them sat Mayu, Yuki and Ren, another tension-filled combination. Ren took the window seat, giving the excuse that he wanted minimum distraction to catch up on his sleep whereas Mayu sat in the middle to reduce the chances of any awkward occurrences between the two childhood friends.

The gossiping trio and Sae sat on the opposite side of the aisle. Although he was not seated with his colleagues, the ladies’ man was far from lonely as his neighbour happened to be a ravishing Caucasian lady who looked like she had just catwalked out of a fashion magazine. Before the plane even took off, he was already actively chatting her up with a smattering of broken English. Everyone else felt like digging a hole for him but the playboy was oblivious to the forced pleasantries shown by the American. As much as Yuki could not stand his womanising tendencies, she was secretly grateful his attention was occupied by the blonde so that he would not bother her. She unwrapped the sandwiches that Mayu made for her and began munching on one.

“If you eat these now, you won’t have enough room for the in-flight breakfast later,” Mayu reminded.

“I will feel queasy if I eat when the plane is flying, so I’m skipping that. Besides,” she wore a blissful smile on her face, “I’d rather have your cooking than the food they serve here.”

Mayu’s brows furrowed in thought, “Now where did I hear that before? It sounds familiar.”

“You forgetful boy, you said that of my cooking the day you returned from the hospital.”

“Oh yes,” he grinned at the memory, “and I regretted my words the very next day because you almost burnt down the kitchen.”

“Hey!” she smacked his arm but he merely laughed it off.

“I’m just glad you didn’t get burnt in the process,” he brought his hand up to wipe a spot of mayonnaise on her lips and then licked it off his thumb. Next to him, a dejected Ren groaned inwardly and slumped his head against the window.


It was late morning when the group of doctors and nurses arrived at the beach resort located at the southern tip of Okinawa Island. They now sat around the one of the coffee tables at the lobby with four room keys splayed out on the wooden surface. The cosy waiting area was lit by warm tungsten lighting and meticulously pruned palm trees lined the hall, taking advantage of the awe-inspiring high ceiling. Relaxing lounge music played in the background, calming the senses and allowing holidaymakers to forget about the tiresome reality waiting for them back home.

“So how should we do this?” Sae asked. “We have two twin rooms and two triple rooms.”

“That’s easy!” Yuko piped. “Nyannyan and I will take one twin. Mocchi, Akicha and Rie-chan take one triple. You three guys take the other triple then lovebirds here will take the other twin.”

“I object,” Mario voiced out. “I don’t trust you with Haruna-chan.”

“It’s not like I’m going to do anything to Nyannyan,” Yuko defended herself with innocent batting of the eyelids.

Suddenly, the background music seemed to blare as the group fell silent.

Mario cleared his throat, breaking the stunned stares of his colleagues. “As much as I hate being associated with you in the same category, you are equivalent to a man in this sense,” he paused, rethinking what he just said. “No, you are worse. You should stay with Matsui and Watanabe. Haruna-chan will be with one of the ladies.”

Yuko gasped dramatically, “What if they rape me?” and hugged herself with a horrified face, aghast at the suggestion. 

Across her, Ren, Mayu and Yuki shot her unamused glares.

Yuko blew her fringe, rolling her eyes, “Gee, you guys can’t take a joke. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as Mayu or Yuki-chan lest they decide to crash in and make out on one of the beds.”

“Yuko-san!” the couple protested.

“Oh, drop the pure and innocent act! Sheesh! Didn’t you two do it after what I said that time?” Yuko stared questioningly at the couple who simply shook their heads. Unable to contain her disappointment, she smacked her forehead and pointed at Mayu. “You! I’m cutting off all ties with you. Do not, I repeat, do not tell anyone I was your mentor. You are a disgrace!”

The poor innocent doctor blinked.

Seeing this, Yuki linked her arm with Mayu’s, “It’s alright. I still want you.” And the man broke into a smile.

“Hey! Don’t just ignore me!”

Yuki bit back the playful grin threatening to spread across her face and cleared her throat. “But I agree with Yuko-san. I want to make sure Mayu’s injuries don’t act up so it’s better that we share the same room.”

Yuko’s face brightened at her support. “Yeah, yeah. Yuki-chan will worry if she’s not with Mayu twenty-four seven.”

Sae raised his hand to get everyone’s attention. “Why don’t we ask Haruna-chan for her opinion?”

All eyes turned to look at the woman who was busy levelling up on her PSP.

“Erm… Haruna-chan, do you know what we are discussing about?” Sae asked. Haruna paused her game and looked up with a blank expression, tilting her head.

“I guess not.”

“Nyannyan, let’s share a room together!” Yuko peered at the object of her affections with large puppy eyes. Without a second thought, Haruna nodded and returned to her game. Mario’s shoulders visibly sagged.

Score again! Yuko fist-pumped and shot a smug grin in the disappointed man’s direction.

“Now that was easy to settle,” noted Mocchi. “Shall we go to our rooms now?” She was getting tired of the delay caused by the love triangle and could not wait to hit the famed beaches and clear blue waters.


Mayu and Yuki strolled hand in hand to the white sandy beach that was situated at the edge of the resort premises. The afternoon sun was shining brightly, making it a prime time for avid sunbathers. The comely doctor was still clad in his white button shirt but had changed into a pair of black boardshorts with one turquoise stripe running down each side. His attractive partner was modestly covered up in a matching oversized white shirt that looked suspiciously like it was stolen from his wardrobe. However, she had rolled it up and tied a knot at the hem, baring her flat stomach and showing off the peachy pink bikini bottom that she was wearing.

“Over here!” Rie waved from her spot beside a large white beach umbrella. The pair looked over and found the rest of the gang already assembled along the shore. A colourful beach ball flew in Yuki’s direction and Mayu immediately let go of her hand, swatting the ball away effortlessly.

“Good reflexes, boy!” Yuko’s voice called out. “That was punishment for being the last one to reach!”

A smirk crawled onto Mayu’s lips as he scooped up the ball and propelled it towards the senior doctor who noticed it at the last second and dodged it albeit barely. Unfortunately for Sae, it smacked him in the back of his head as he was busy ogling at two bikini babes frolicking in the distance.

“Ouch! Who was that?” Sae turned around sharply, hoping to catch the culprit. However, his mouth went slack when he laid his eyes on the very beautiful nurse beside Mayu, instantly forgetting about the ball. “Yu-Yu-Yuki-chan!” he kicked up some sand as he jogged towards her. He was dressed only in a pair of blue camouflage-print boardshorts, baring his evenly tanned and buff upper body that captured the attention of many hormonally charged female beachgoers. The sporty man was known to hit the gym thrice a week to keep his body in Hollywood leading man-worthy shape.

“Wow… you look great,” the tall doctor remarked, his eyes trailing down to her creamy thighs, causing her to shift her legs uncomfortably.

“Thank you,” she smiled politely, feeling uneasy at the close proximity with the topless man. She inched a little closer to Mayu who wrapped a protective arm around her small waist.

Yuko snickered at the scene and said in an intentionally loud voice, “You drool is gonna drip, Miyazawa!”

Sae slapped a hand to his gaping mouth to wipe at the said drool but realised there was none, “Hey! I’m not drooling!”

Annoying cackling sounded from the female doctor who was holding her stomach as she laughed mercilessly. “I was being kind to warn you!” Her statement drew amused giggles from Yuki, embarrassing the red-faced Sae further.

“I-I’m going to swim!” Sae stuttered and scurried off towards the waters. Yuko grinned at his retreating back before turning to the couple.

“How long are the two of you going to stay covered? You are at a beach so take those damn shirts off,” she tugged at Yuki’s top but the nurse flinched and quickly clutched the shirt closer to her body. Yuko raised an eyebrow at her baffling action.

“I’m not… confident of my body…” Yuki muttered meekly, her eyes darting around the sand at her feet. Yuko snorted and slung an arm around the self-conscious nurse in a sisterly fashion. “My dear Yuki-chan, you have a body that would make other women think twice about letting their horny husbands or boyfriends near you. There’s no need to be shy.”

“It’s not that… It’s the scar. It’s ugly,” the younger woman confessed quietly. Next to her, Mayu’s lips pressed into a thin line.

“Oh come on, it’s been so many years. I’m sure it has faded,” Yuko nudged her encouragingly. “You’ve come all the way here. Aren’t you being cruel to yourself if you don’t let yourself have fun?”

At this moment, merry laughter reached their ears and Mocchi and Akicha pranced up to Yuki from the shoreline, squeezing Yuko to the side. Both decked in vibrant bikinis, they were dripping wet from having just taken a dip in the soothing clear waters.

“Yukirin! Let’s swim!” each of them grabbed one side of her shirt and pulled, exposing her shoulders to the sun. Yuki shrieked and wrapped her arms around herself, shaking her head.


However, the duo was persistent and continued goading her.

“Don’t be a spoilsport! The water’s really great!” an excited Mocchi exclaimed.

“Yup! Let’s go!” Akicha tugged harder at Yuki’s sleeve.

Mayu’s heart clenched at how Yuki was struggling with all her might and appeared close to tears. As much as he felt the urge to tear those two insistent women away from his beloved, he also wished for her to enjoy the vacation and not be held back by an unfortunate memory from her past. The usually quick-witted doctor racked his brain for a way to reassure her.

“Don’t force me! I really don’t want to swim!” Yuki protested but her friends were determined to get her in the water and began pushing her towards the sea. She kicked fiercely at the sand, desperate to stay on dry land.


A steady and rarely raised voice cut through the commotion.

Yuki stopped struggling and so did Mocchi and Akicha as they turned back and saw Mayu taking off his shirt, revealing a lean front torso that was littered with painful-looking scars. A hideous, protruding streak cut across his chest while a shorter discoloured scar marred the side of his pale body. A final one with tiny punctures left by the stitches marked his lower abdomen, disappearing under the waistband of his boardshorts. Chucking his shirt to Yuko who whispered a proud “That’s my boy!”, he marched up to his girlfriend.

Mocchi and Akicha’s jaws dropped at the sight, not just because of the scars but also because they were not expecting to see the normally conservative Mayu shirtless and boy, did he look fine. Gulping, they let their eyes roam his toned body and arms. He might not have the magnificent muscular physique of Dr. Miyazawa but it was impossible to miss the light four-pack adorning his taut stomach. Plus, his skin was so fair that it seemed like he was glowing under the sunlight.

“He looks like Edward Cullen!” squealed Mocchi.

“With manly scars!” Akicha clasped her hands together with giddy sparkles in her eyes.

Yuki watched in a daze as Mayu stopped before her and gave a warm, comforting smile. “It’s alright, Yuki,” he took her right hand and guided it to the large jagged scar across his chest, “I’m here with you. No one will laugh at you as long as I’m around.”

Her fingers caressed the uneven pink flesh as memories of his badly bleeding body flashed through her mind. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes when she recalled how he remained unconscious no matter how many times she screamed his name, how his hand got icier as his heart almost stopped beating, and how she nearly became a self-declared widow. She had seen his scars numerous times when she was taking care of him after the incident but this was the first time she actually paid attention to them and realised how fascinating they were. To her, they were a sign that he was alive and by her side.

“Mayu…” she gazed up at his gentle face.

“No one here has an uglier body than mine,” he said as a breeze swept past, tousling his soft black fringe.

She shook her head, saying, “No, your body is beautiful. These scars… they prove that you are alive.”

“Then the same applies to yours. It’s because of it that you and I were able to meet, right?” he peered into her glistening eyes with the smile that never failed to calm her nerves. Feeling a familiar warmth spread through her chest, she nodded and wiped her tears. He took that as a sign of permission and reached forward, unbuttoning her shirt. Watching him work his way down, she shivered involuntarily whenever his fingers brushed against her exposed skin.

“The final step is your call.”

Behind his glasses, silent understanding shone in his eyes. Her insecurity was ultimately a hurdle she had to overcome by herself. Inhaling deeply, she untied the knot at the hem and slipped the shirt off, exposing her disfigured body to the world for the first time. The faint but still visible brownish long scar rested under her left breast, standing out awkwardly on her otherwise flawless milky skin. Feeling the eyes of her colleagues, she was about to block it with her hand but was stopped by Mayu.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “You are the most beautiful woman on this island.”

Blushing a soft pink, she smiled gratefully at him, “Thank you, Mayu.”

As the doctor gathered his girlfriend in his arms, his eyes made contact with Yuko who had been observing them from the side.

I guess I don’t need to disown you after all. His mentor smirked, flashing him a thumbs up.

A short distance away, Akicha rubbed her arms.

“Why do I feel so cold?” she wondered aloud.

“Maybe we’ve been out of the water for too long,” Mocchi replied, hugging herself too.

They looked at each other, nodded and promptly ran back to the sea.


To be continued…

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated! :deco:

The next update may take a while so please take the time to re-read the Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series from the start. I'm joking, of course :P But I apologise in advance for the possibly long wait to come :bow:
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Beach vacation!!!!  :on woohoo:

Ahh what a great chap!  :farofflook:

I wonder why Sae was there? :dunno:

Yuko is a perv as always. :hehehe:

Mayu was so brave doing that for Yuki. :wriggly:

Ahh I can't wait for the next chapter!  :luvluv1:
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As always, you are a perfect flawless human being. (。♥‿♥。)

This chapter was so adorable - I'm pretty sure you're going to make me diabetic by the end of your series. My face is always sore from smiling too much while reading. Especially with all that MaYuki fluff!

The only thing I stopped smiling for was the evident loneliness Ren's probably feeling. Gah he needs someone ASAP. (。◕︵◕。)

Guess I'll just wait patiently for your updates then.

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:gyaaah: Poor Ren-sama!
He's so lonely! I want to give him a hug!
Oh please, oh please Seigus-san! Please let him have a partner soon!
He really needs it!
He needs a woman of his own to make him sandwiches and dress sexily for him!

Anyway, thank you for this great update! :byebye: Please update soon!
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Wahh wahh~ What's it like to see Mayu's sexaay body with the toned build and manly scars? xD

Poor Sae needs a life. He should stop hitting on girls and hook up with super gori lol.

Seriously, Ren's situation is making my heart hurt ;u; I wonder when baby Juri will commit the crime to steal his heart >:D

We shall all thank your mother for bearing a talented and imaginitive person ;u;

Forever waiting patiently for update xD

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Wow!! When I read your fanfc I can't stop smile!!

It was really sweet and cute!!

Mayu's body have a scars ...!
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Mayu gentelman  :shy2:
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Waaa this capture is greattt, keep it up ok :twothumbs Thank you for all your hardwork :heart: Update please :P
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Ren~ he's seriously need jurina...,
i wonder if jurina still a jaibait if she come up in your story seigus-san,
As a high schooler girl or boy who on a vacation, they meet on that beautiful beach LOL aww

And for mario,kojiharu and yuko gezz...its funny LOL as for sae i'm still pity him LOL

Finally! My favorite doctor! Mayuuuu i'm really proud of him (like yuko) he's so gentle...
Can't wait when he propose yuki...

Thank for the update seigus-san take your time to write this great fic, i will waiting (but not too long,long is to much for me...i will missed my doctor again LOL just kidding)

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 :yep: Good job as always. seigus-san

Ohh they surely have fun on their vacation. Sae is so  :lol: that guy is head over heels for Yuki and doesn't even bother that Mayu is her boyfriend.
But still in this fic Mayu is the only one that can make her heart flutter every single time.
Poor Ren please find a woman for him soon or I will cry  :cry:

And the "scar" scene it was  :twothumbs poor Akicha and Mocchi  :rofl:
THank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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miyumi-chan: It's time for our hardworking medical staff to relax and what better way to escape from reality than a beach vacation? :D Sae is here for comic relief because he is part of the gang XD

alpacas: Thank you for your compliment although I'm far from perfect :nervous There is always room for improvement. Now that the angst is over, I can't help but overdose on the cheese and fluff :sweatdrop: Sometimes I wonder where all these diabetes-inducing ideas come from as I have never been a fan of romance novels/movies. I'm more of a blood and gore person but I guess there's just something magical about MaYuki that brings out the fluff in me. Either that or I'm just a big softy inside. Ren's quite a pitiful case here, isn't he? He came all the way from Nagoya only to see his love get together with someone else so soon after his arrival. Poor guy needs a hug :deco:

karomuwi: I'll give Ren a gay man to make sandwiches and dress sexily for him :rofl: :rofl: Don't worry, I plan to have fun with Ren in this vacation arc so do wait for it :twisted: I'm fully aware that that doesn't sound comforting at all. *in trolling mode*

ChuuuPuffss: It's like heaven on earth to see Mayu's sexy body with scars :inlove: As discussed with a friend, he is totally making me reconsider the male population :lol: Super gori will whack Sae into outer space for his womanising ways. Maybe instead of a gay Jun, I should introduce a six-year-old Jurina to Ren :rofl: I thank my parents for allowing me to experience this wonderful world (and AKB48) XD

Chanaline: I'm glad I make you smile with my story. I hope you will continue to enjoy my future updates too!

mo-chan: I want a gentleman Mayu too... :P

21stMay: Thank you! I will keep working hard :rock:

kurogumi: As I said to ChuuuPuffss, I'm now considering a loli Jurina for Ren and get the poor guy thrown behind bars for being a pedophile :twisted: I'm glad the MariKojiYuu part is funny for you. I wasn't too confident about whether it'll work since it's my first time exploring their relationship. I hope Mayu will be able to propose successfully this time! :lol:

Megumi: Thank you, Megumi-san! I don't blame Sae for being unable to control himself. It's the amazingly gorgeous Yukirin after all! But yeah, no one except Mayu can capture her heart. I'll find a little girl for Ren :twisted: Actually, why "poor Akicha and Mocchi"? I would love to be in their shoes so that I can see a sexy Mayu and get diabetes from watching him and Yuki interact :rofl:
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Dr. Watanabe is so cool in here  :wub: (fall in love with Dr. Mayu after reading this fic)
I'm addicted to this story, it's great, love it  :twothumbs
Love how the story flow and characters interacting with each other^^
It makes me crying when Mayu got into accident and almost dying  :cry:
But then~ the lovey dovey scenes of Mayuki makes my heart went fluffy :heart:
And the triangle love between them... Ren really needs a companion  :yep:
I wonder about MariKojiYuu pairing too~ who will Haruna choose?  XD
Waiting for the next update~
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Just want to tell you, I read this fanfic like 50 times!!!

I'm just fall in love on this fanfic... It is too cute, cool, sweet and more!!

And I am all the time surprised...

My favorite chapter now is the second chapter I think... But I like all chapters!!
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Eeehh!?? 6 year old i though its good if jurina just a high schooler girl..its more than enough for sent him to jail..lolicon LOL
I'm imagine how ren get trouble from this, and it will be more cool if it love at the first sigh...wuahaha,so he can't deny his feeling LOL

Yuko is the one who in gay i want in the end yuko is the winner instead mario..gyahaha

As for mayuki couple...i'm cant wait the romantic propose moment...

Seigus-san...i missed really really missed...i want my doctor LOL LOL LOL

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LoL but Akicha and Mocchi looked so lonely standing there  XD
Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 4.2] Enter the Bait (14 Oct)
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A/N: Hi everyone! Here's Part 4.2 of my Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series. Somehow, I managed to get this out within two weeks of the last update. Thank you very much for waiting :bow: Hope you enjoy this update! :deco:

ichikawa: Thank you for supporting this story and letting me know what you like about it! I'm happy that Dr. Watanabe has gained another admirer although I'm sure Yuki would have something to say about it :nervous

Chanaline: Can I say I love you for reading this story so many times? :heart: I went back to read Part 2 again and I must agree with you. There's just something very special about a confession scene!

kurogumi: Sorry if I gave you a scare with that lolicon joke! :P It's a bit too crazy for me to write :lol: There is more Yuko vs Mario moments to come so their love triangle won't be settled just yet... or will it ever be settled? :twisted: I want to install hidden cameras all over the place when Mayu finally proposes to his beloved nurse :inlove:

Megumi: Not to worry. I'm pretty sure it won't take two minutes for those two to be distracted from their loneliness by handsome hunks on the beach XD

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Enter the Bait

“Volleyball time!” Yuko’s shrill voice rang out clearly despite the noisy chatter and sounds of soft waves crashing against the shore. The group of doctors and nurses turned to find the petite woman taking off towards a nearby sand court with a yellow and blue volleyball tucked under her arm. Sae and the gossiping trio bounded after her like ants to candy while the rest leisurely made their way over.

As Mayu and Yuki weaved past the surrounding beachgoers, a child dashed out of nowhere, crossing their path and bumping into Mayu. The little boy rebounded and fell flat on his bottom from the impact. Despite breathing in sharply as his old wound exploded in pain, Mayu crouched down in reflex to help the boy up.

“Are you okay?” he offered his hand to the child who appeared to be around five years old. The moment the boy raised his head and saw Mayu, he burst into tears, startling the couple.

“What did I do?” a perplexed Mayu whispered to his girlfriend who gave an equally clueless shrug. The loud wails from the boy were starting to attract a small crowd around them.

“Hey! What are you doing to my son?” a woman pushed past the curious onlookers and swiftly scooped the crying boy up in her arms, glaring accusingly at Mayu.

“M-Mummy… Monster!” the boy buried his frightened face in his mother’s shoulder and pointed haphazardly at the doctor. The mother took a good look at Mayu and her eyes widened at the numerous scars on his body.

“S-Stay away from my child, you hooligan!” she spat and hurriedly made off with her son, leaving a stunned doctor and nurse among the finger-pointing crowd. Soon, hushed whispers of “gangster” and “battle scars” reached their ears as people shot them dirty looks.

“How dare that woman…” a furious scowl distorted Yuki’s pretty features while her hand clenched into a tight fist. Anger boiled within her as she locked her sights on the gossiping crowd.

“My boyfriend is not a gangster!” she lashed out at them, eyes flashing dangerously. “You people don’t even know him!”

“It’s alright, Yuki,” Mayu gripped his fuming girlfriend’s hand. “Help me up?” His question snapped Yuki out of her fury and she was about to bend down to take his arm when someone else beat her to it. A young man with shaggy black hair grabbed Mayu’s left hand and easily pulled him to his feet.

“I saw what happened,” the newcomer dressed in a bright green Hawaiian shirt said. “People can be pretty nasty, huh?”

Mayu nodded dumbly, realising something odd about the stranger’s hand as he withdrew his own. “Thank you,” he uttered, taking note of the good-looking man’s sharp eyes and high cheekbones. He was a tad taller than the slight doctor.

“I’ve seen a lot of gangsters and you certainly don’t exude the air of one. Plus, your face is too cute,” he winked.

The outlandish compliment sent a shiver down the couple’s spines. Mayu felt Yuki wrap her hands tightly around his arm while the stranger grinned in amusement at her possessive action.

“I should get going. See you around,” the man turned to leave but not before thrusting an icy can of Coke that he had been holding all along to Mayu. “You can use this to alleviate the pain on your sexy stomach.”

With that, he disappeared as quickly as he came.

“You did not just get hit on by a guy!” Yuki half-screamed, her voice breaking like a chicken about to be slaughtered till Mayu had to suppress the laughter bubbling in his throat. “Tell me this hasn’t happened before, Mayu.”

He scratched his cheek sheepishly, “I did have a few male patients who expressed their interest in me.”

Yuki’s jaw almost hit the ground.

“But that was some time ago and I always made it clear to them that I wasn’t interested,” he added quickly before Yuki fainted from shock.

“Now I have to worry about men making a move on my boyfriend too,” Yuki lamented, feeling a headache coming on. “You are too handsome for your own good.”

“That makes us even, doesn’t it?” Mayu jested with a wry smile.

“No!” Yuki objected loudly. “At least I don’t have girls trying to pick me up!”

The tickled doctor chuckled at her response and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “Don’t worry. No other man or woman can take me away. My heart has already been stolen by you.”

She slapped his chest. “Cheesy!”

“Not there!” he winced in pain.

“Ah, sorry, sorry!” she immediately massaged the tender spot. “Better?”

He nodded and raised the cold canned drink in his hand, “We can use this too.”

The sight of the can prompted her nose to scrunch up in disgust and she snatched it from him, tossing it away. “Not this from the weird person!”

“That’s littering, Yuki,” he chaffed, glancing at the pitiful can that was resting a few feet away on the sand.

“I don’t care. I just don’t want anything from that man,” she insisted stubbornly. Mayu smiled at the adorable pout on her lips. “Fine, fine. I’ll leave you to take care of me then.”

That seemed to satisfy her as she looped her arm around his elbow and they proceeded to the sand court where the rest of their group were waiting.

“You think our child will see me as a monster too?” Mayu asked casually, not slowing down his pace.

Heat rushed to Yuki’s face at the thought. “Who wants to have a child with you?” she mumbled softly, casting her eyes to the side.

Mayu halted in his tracks. “You don’t want a kid?”

The nervousness in his voice nagged at Yuki to spare him a glance and she was taken aback by the troubled frown creasing his brow. Twiddling her fingers, she answered in an almost inaudible voice, “Of course I want.”

Mayu released a breath that he had been holding unconsciously, making Yuki giggle at his show of relief. “I didn’t know you wanted a child that much.”

“It’ll be nice to have a little Yuki around the house.”

“I think I’d prefer a little Mayu.” Her heart was feeling all warm and fuzzy just by picturing a baby Mayu trying to act like his cool dad yet failing horribly because he was simply too cute.

“Hello, no funny thoughts in there,” he knocked lightly against her head, jerking her out of her daydream. Her brown eyes crinkled with mirth as she regarded him from head to toe.

“I was imagining you in a diaper.”

“Hey!” he protested but she stuck out her tongue playfully and sprinted off towards the sand court, leaving him with no choice but to chase after her. By the time he reached the court, Yuko was tapping her foot impatiently.

“Took you long enough,” his mentor noted dryly.

“Sorry, we got held up by something,” Mayu informed.

Yuko cocked an eyebrow, “You two seem pretty flushed. Would that something be a steamy hot make-out session?”

“Get your head out of the gutter, Oshima,” Mario cut in curtly. “If you ever require a brain surgery one day, I’m not going to do it for you. All I will find is stinky sewage.”

“Ha ha ha. Very funny, stick,” Yuko’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “You and I have a score to settle on this court.”

“Are you sure you want to embarrass yourself, midget?” Mario asked with a smirk.

“I may be small and cute but don’t you dare underestimate my volleyball skills.”

“Small is definitely true but cute, no,” Mario scoffed. “As for your skills, we’ll see about that.”

Yuko’s eyes gleamed with excitement at the challenge. “And we’ll see how a stick gets crushed by the ball,” she grinned confidently.

“I want to be captain!” Sae who was growing impatient volunteered, raising his hand ecstatically.

“I want to be in Dr. Miyazawa’s team!” Mocchi jumped at the chance to play on the hunky doctor’s side.

“Me too!” Akicha seconded. It was no secret that the sporty man was an ace at all kinds of ball games. Being in his team would almost guarantee an easy victory.

Sae beamed proudly at the spirited show of support. “Thank you, ladies,” he said smoothly, flashing his killer smile and sending the two nurses into a wobbly state. “Can I choose the rest of my team mates?”

“No,” Yuko denied his request without hesitation. “We’ll do it in a fair manner. I will be the captain of the other team so the rest of you will play janken against each other. All the winners will join my team and the losers, Sae’s team.”

“Why am I getting the losers?” Sae whined.

“It’s just a way to decide the teams,” Yuko chided. “Be a man and don’t be so hung up over the petty details.”

The remark incited snickers from the rest and Sae’s ears reddened in embarrassment. Eventually, Mario, Haruna, Akicha and Rie ended up in Yuko’s team while the others were with Sae.

“You are horrible at janken,” Yuki prodded Mayu who was staring blankly at the scissors sign on his right hand. “I’ve never seen you win in all the years we’ve known each other.”

“You are one to talk. You lost too,” he pinched her nose with his ‘scissors’.

“At least I managed to draw on the first round.”

“Right, right,” Mayu smiled in defeat. “The good thing is we are on the same team.”

The thought brought a pleased smile to the nurse’s face. However, when she surveyed her team mates, she realised something.

“We are going to lose.”

Mayu blinked at how certain she sounded. “Why?”

“The only person who is good at the game is Miyazawa-san,” Yuki stated. “Ren and I used to be librarians back in high school so you can imagine how terrible we are at sports. Mocchi loves watching beach volleyball for the half-naked men but she doesn’t play.”

“I’m pretty much a deadweight in my current condition,” Mayu admitted. “And I’ve never been good at volleyball in the first place,” he added as an afterthought.

“Team Sae, gather around me!” Sae called out. Ren did a mental roll of his eyes at the self-decided name of the team. “Alright team, we all know beach volleyball is normally played with two players on each team but we have five. I say we try to keep it as close to the actual gameplay as possible with two main players and three supporting players on the edges of the court. I will, of course, be the front hitter.”

“Mayu-san should stay at the back and serve the ball to minimise chances of the ball hitting him. It’s only been five weeks since his operation. We don’t want to take unnecessary risks,” Ren proposed.

Yuki found herself sending a heartfelt smile to her ever reliable childhood buddy. Through the years she had known him, Ren never did things that betrayed his true feelings. It was clear that he was genuinely concerned for her boyfriend despite the awkward situation they were in.

Sae considered Ren’s words and nodded in agreement, “Makes sense. Then you can be the second main player behind me. We’ll show the ladies a good time.”

Yuki made a face at the glaring display of male chauvinism and was caught red-handed by Mocchi.

“What’s wrong, Yukirin?”

“He makes it sound like women can’t play the sport well.”

“I thought that was pretty macho. And look, we are surrounded by three handsome guys! Aren’t we the luckiest women on this beach?” Mocchi swooned, cupping her cheeks like a lovestruck teenage girl. Yuki sighed at how her friend was missing the point completely. Some things never change.

On the other side of the net, the opposing team had a similar strategy but with vastly different motives.

“Since we are on the same team, we’ll see who scores the most points. The winner gets a kiss from Nyannyan!” Yuko announced excitedly but was almost instantly knocked on the head by Haruna.

“Don’t decide things on your own!” she berated. Mario laughed at the pained expression on the small pervert.

“Then Nyannyan you have to come up with a reward for us!” Yuko argued as she massaged the bump forming on her head.

The gynaecologist rubbed her chin, pondering over the request. “I will treat the winner to ice cream.”

“Nyannyan, that’s not exciting enough,” Yuko pouted. “How about the winner gets to share the ice cream with you?” she gazed hopefully at Haruna.

“I guess that should be fine…”

“Alright! Let’s get this game started!” Yuko yelled, all pumped up by the treat waiting for her. Mario rolled his eyes at her childish antics. The senior neurosurgeon was not too concerned about the prize but he sure as hell would not let Oshima have her way with his Haruna-chan.

Rie was the first to serve and the ball blazed past Sae and Ren as if they never existed.

“Holy!” Sae cried in complete surprise.

With a quick side-step, Mayu barely managed to bump the ball back in the air before it hit the sand. Squinting his eyes as the sun shone into them, Ren blindly shifted to where he calculated the ball would land and set it up for Sae who slammed it over the net. The towering Mario sprang up and effectively blocked the ball, sending it back to their side. Sae dove desperately to save it only to miss and get a faceful of sand. Shaking his head wildly, he spat out the hard and dry granules in disgust as he got back on his feet.

“That’s one point for me,” Mario announced smugly.

“Hah, that was just a lucky shot,” Yuko scoffed.

Without further ado, the game resumed and soon, it was clear as day that Sae’s team was getting battered by Yuko’s overpowered team. It turned out that both Akicha and Rie used to be players on their high schools’ volleyball teams. As skilled as Sae was, it was useless when the rest of his team were impossible at the sport. Mocchi screamed and dodged whenever the ball flew in her direction while Yuki’s reflexes were too slow to match up to the other team’s power serves and spikes. Their captain wanted to bash his own head against the net post when he noticed Mayu was almost stationary throughout the game.

“Sorry. Girlfriend’s orders,” Mayu shrugged apologetically at one point.

“We are doomed,” Sae facepalmed, sweat trickling down his dark caramelised neck and chest.

“Don’t daydream!” Yuko blasted the ball in Yuki’s direction. The nurse tripped over her own feet as she evaded the speeding ball that nearly hit her head.

“Yuki-chan!” Ren was the first to react and rushed towards Yuki who fortunately had saved herself from faceplanting the sand by propping herself up with both hands. The concerned man helped her up and began dusting the sand on her knees and legs fervently.

“R-Ren-kun, it’s alright. I can do it myself,” Yuki stuttered uneasily. It took a moment for the words to sink in before he withdrew his hands as if they had just touched fire.


Stupid! What am I doing? Ren mentally slapped himself for letting his instincts take over and forgetting his current position. Who am I to touch Yuki-chan that way?

“I’m going to get the ball,” Yuki informed weakly and ran after the ball which had bounced quite a distance away after hitting a nearby beach chair. Her heart was racing from the close call with Ren. Why can’t I treat him normally? He was just being helpful. We even had friendly hugs before and I was fine with them back then. She recalled the guilty and shocked expression on Ren’s face and something tightened in her chest. I’m sorry, Ren-kun… I guess I’m just not mature enough to face you after what you said that day.

With those thoughts occupying her mind, she did not notice the ball had been stopped by a pair of hairy legs and bumped into them, causing her to fall back on her rear.

“Oh ho, look what we have here,” a delighted male voice said.

Raising her head, Yuki saw a trio of young men in their early twenties towering over her. She groaned inwardly at the lustful grins plastered on their faces.

Not again! I bet they don’t even suspect that I’m older than them.

“Hi there, cutie,” the one in the middle whom she had bumped into said as he picked up the ball. “Do you want to join us for some fun?”

“No thanks. I’m playing volleyball with my friends. Now please return me the ball,” she answered tersely, not in the mood to deal with these horny kids.

“I promise we are more fun than your friends. Come on, gorgeous. It wouldn’t hurt,” the center guy roughly yanked her up by the arm while his friends encircled her, blocking any exit route.

“Let go!” Yuki struggled and tried to push him away but his grip was too strong. Detecting the huge biceps and protruding veins on his arms, it dawned on her that she was up against someone who worked out regularly. Realising that it was futile to win against them physically, she did the next best thing…

And screamed her lungs out.

“Fuck this bitch!” the three guys flinched and two of them backed away from the attention-seeking nurse but the leader slapped his large hand over her mouth, muffling her voice.


Yuki swore her heart almost stopped in relief at hearing the familiar calm voice.

“Are these guys disturbing you?” Mayu strode towards them, his face unreadable.


Underneath his cool façade, Mayu was seething at how the boorish brat was manhandling his girlfriend.

“Let my girl go if you don’t want to get hurt.”

The spiky-haired man who had Yuki in his arms snorted loudly. “Hah! A shrimp like you can’t hurt me!”

His friends, however, whispered something to him.

“Hiroki, he may be a gangster. Look at those scars,” one suggested fearfully.

“And this girl. She has a scar too,” the other eyed the mark on Yuki’s chest.

“What if they are a yakuza couple? If we hurt them, their gang may come after us!”

“Are you done talking?” Mayu’s ominously quiet voice suddenly spoke behind them, causing the trio to spring back in shock.

“D-Don’t come so near! I’ll have you know I… I can fight too!” Hiroki stammered as he raised his trembling arms in a fighting stance.

Flashing a hellish smile, the doctor cracked his knuckles. “That’s good. I’m itching for a fight after sending ten punks like you to the hospital. Make sure you last longer than ten seconds.”

Hiroki’s buddies backed further away, releasing their hold on Yuki. “Sorry Hiroki, this girl is too much trouble to get. We’re leaving!”

Without another word, the two intimidated friends fled the scene. Yuki took the chance and slipped past the stupefied Hiroki to hide behind Mayu who gave a brief but reassuring squeeze on her hand.

“Hey! You cowards!” Hiroki felt his courage disintegrating now that he was alone against the short but dangerous-looking man. A shudder shot through his body when his eyes met Mayu’s unwavering ones.

“Ready?” the very amused medical worker asked, raising his balled fists.

“Damn it!” the terrified young man growled and charged forward in a desperate display of bravado. Mayu’s eyes widened while Yuki’s heart leapt to her throat, both not expecting him to accept the challenge. However, before Mayu could block the oncoming punch, a leg shot out from the side and kicked Hiroki’s arm, almost breaking it at the elbow.

“Ugh!” Hiroki staggered back, holding his stinging right arm.

“How dare you try to lay a hand on my boss!” a very familiar figure stood before Mayu and Yuki protectively. The newcomer turned and said in a loud and respectful tone, “Boss, Ane-san, I’m sorry for arriving so late!” Surprise seized the couple when they realised it was the man they had met earlier on the way to the sand court. The confident man winked at them, secretly requesting that they played along.

Mayu cleared his throat, “You will get your punishment later for leaving your Ane’s side but now, get rid of this punk.”

“Yes, Boss!”

Hiroki almost wet his pants with every unnerving step that Mayu’s underling took. Cursing his bad luck, he shakily turned on his heel and beat a hasty retreat, stumbling clumsily along the way. When he was finally gone, Mayu exhaled in relief.

“What were you thinking? You could’ve got hurt again!” Yuki admonished him, smacking his shoulder hardly.

“I couldn’t just let him have his way with you,” Mayu defended his actions.

“Don’t scold him,” their saviour advised. “His plan was risky but it did scare off two of them and demoralise the last one.” Turning to Mayu, he queried, “You have never fought before, am I right? Your stance was all wrong.”

Mayu nodded.

“See, you’ve got yourself such a brave boyfriend. I wish I could find a guy as devoted as him,” the man said in a mock wistful manner.

“Don’t you dare have any designs on Mayu. I’m warning you,” Yuki fumed, remembering how he hit on Mayu previously.

“I won’t. It’ll be useless to make a move on him ‘cause he loves you too much. Just look at how he was willing to put his life on the line to save you. But,” he grinned cheekily, “you can’t stop me from admiring him. He’s the perfect eye candy.”

The hairs on Mayu’s arms stood on their ends. Shaking his head to clear any unwanted thoughts, he slipped on the cool mask that he used at work and stretched his hand out for a handshake.

“Whatever the case is, thank you for coming to our aid. My name is Watanabe Mayu and this is my girlfriend Kashiwagi Yuki.”

The man gamely shook his offered hand.

“The name’s Matsui Jun. Glad to be of service.”

Once again, Mayu was hit by the same weird sensation as earlier as he felt Jun’s hand. Something was off about the man before him and he was deeply intrigued to confirm his suspicions.

“Say, are you good at volleyball? My team could use some help,” Mayu asked while Yuki’s eyes bulged at his impromptu invitation.

Thumping his chest, Jun beamed smugly.

“You’ve come to the right person. Bring me to them.”


To be continued…

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:
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Sticking to my guns and keeping the opinion that you're perfect.

This update was great and I can see Matsui Jun and Ren will come together eventually. I'm wondering what Ren's reaction will be and I'm thinking it'll be hilarious! :lol:

As for the Mayuki, it was mind blowingly awesome as always. Imagining little Mayu and Yuki children makes my kokoro go doki doki and blush at the same time. :wub:

Thank you seigus!
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OMG Jun appears!

Hello there seigus-sa, sorry for being your silentreader (^^)/

Now. I'll follow your fics then.

It's a nice update, good job!

And Mayu, he's not a gangster!! XD

Hehe, thank you seigus-san ^^
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I'm doomed!  :shocked here comes Matsui Jun!  :panic: hahaha..but i really hope it's Jurina playing danso! and maybe mayu sense that jun's hand is too girly!  XD
I can totally imagine Yuki's reaction when Mayu confessed that some of his male patients confessed to him! :lol:

And on the marioxyukoxharuna part.I like how Yuko and Mario fight for Haruna, but i think it is much better if yuko and mario marry each other and leave haruna alone, so that she can live happily ever after with her DS.  :P since Nyan Nyan is not paying much attention to both of them.  :lol:

I really love this! Not just because it's a Mayuki fic, but also because it's entertaining and well-written!  :twothumbs

Thanks for the update seigus-san  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:
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Wahahahahaha! Too funny with Matsui Jun and Mayu gangster :rofl:

Mayu and Yuki are so sweeeet! :wub: Mayu get hit by Jun hahahha  :rofl:

Mayu get confession by any boys :shocked  :rofl: I get shocked too XD

Make Haruna jealous (with Yuko)!!! I don't know why I want this but I want!!! :P (Maybe it is because I like Kojiyuu)

What will be the Jun's reaction when he goes to see Ren? Maybe nothing or love at first sight :D if it is this I can imagine how Jun make Ren loves him (no I can't imagine this XD) It is sounds too funny with this new character!

PS: You love me? I love you too :love: for writing this fanfic! When I re-read my comment I think it is too disordered so I'm sorry :bow: Forgive me please! :thumbsup
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Ehhhh!!!  :shock:

Oh my gosh Mayu beat the living day lights out of that guy!  :angry1:

Oh no Jun has arrived!  :OMG:

Now let's rewind a little.. Jun is the guy who was hitting on Mayu.... Does that mean that Jun is...  :mon blood:

Excuse me I need to clean up.  :mon emo:

Look forward to the next update!  :farofflook:

If Jun is what I think he is, please let him hit on Ren...  :on bleed:
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Im suspecting something when mayu hand touch jun that maybe the pulse? The pulse of woman? LOL if like that then jun. Playing danso..(Maybe )

Thank for the update seigus-san
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Im suspecting something when mayu hand touch jun that maybe the pulse? The pulse of woman? LOL if like that then jun. Playing danso..(Maybe )

Hmm...  :yep: I think of that too. Seigus-san mentioned it twice in the story, there's must be something suspicious about 'Jun'  :yep:
Jun is about to meet Ren~ looking forward to see their meeting and the result of that volleyball event  :D
Mayu is so cool there, trying to act like gangster to save Yuki. Give you many thumbs, Dr. Watanabe  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

Waiting for the next update~
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 :panic: Mayu is not a monster!!!!!

At first I tough it was Jurina...but then a guy hitting on Mayu?
 :rofl: but then...Matsui Jun...danso?

 :panic:  :panic:Can't wait for next update seigus-san this is a great chapter

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Ano,i think i already need doctor,uh ah im not feeling well...i think i missed something...LOL

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So, some time before I left an empty post... The place, which needed to be filled later on, but it never got a chance... I'm really sorry about that  :bow: :bow: I'm slowly going through all the stories I was not able to read because of lacking time, and...

Ah, Yuko-sama is like always a perfection!!! Her pervertism is just  :rofl: :rofl:

And I really believe it's Jurina playing Danso. But if it is Jun ( the vampire, for example - because you see, no pulse, that is why it was weird for Mayu to touch his hand  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :nervous) then I'm still okay with it. As long as Ren-sama doesn't have to be in such pitiful state.... I love him too much to let him alone drown in that pain of losing his love....

MaYuki is just PURE WIN, I also got diabetes like mostly everyone who were reading this... And what can I say... I'm now shipping them stronger than before.... Yet I still ship YukoRena the most, hehe....

Again about Yuko-sama... Hers battle with Mario for NyanNyan is  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The worst thing is that NyanNyan is not paying any attention to them and so I agree with someone, who mentioned that Mario and Yuko-sama should just get together and leave Haruna with her DS XD XD XD

So, um, I'll be waiting for your next update!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
Title: [MaYuki in UZA] The Tale of a Girl and Her Toy (23 Oct)
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Hi everyone! I'm sorry this isn't an update to my Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series but it's a one-shot that I've been itching to write ever since I watched the PV for "UZA". This is a challenge I set for myself as I usually avoid writing in first person like the plague. Hope you enjoy this story and please let me know what you think :deco:

The Tale of a Girl and Her Toy

Alone in the dingy tiny attic, I sat against a musty giant crate with my black stockings-clad legs tucked under me. The deadly silence pierced my ears. Pale moonlight beamed in from the murky windows, casting eerie shadows all around me. The low ceiling set off an oppressive aura. Anyone else would have turned claustrophobic staying in such a place. The biting cold of the icy winter night embraced the standing fine hairs on my ivory skin that was not covered by flimsy ebony chiffon sleeves. Sometimes, the aged floorboards would creak even when all was still. Could it be the annoyingly restless rat? Or perhaps my precious friend was stirring in her rest. 

My weary eyes fell on the dusty grandfather clock standing across the room. Through the cobweb-like cracks, the hands showed thirty minutes to midnight. Thirty minutes till she woke up.

Leaning my heavy head against the side of the dun and termite-bitten wooden box, I sighed as soft, familiar mechanical ticking from within filled my senses, gradually becoming one with my calmly beating heart. My eyelids felt as if there were pieces of lead tugging them down. Unable to fight the lure of the Sandman, I ceased resisting and allowed the inviting arms of sleep to claim me…

“Mayu-chan! Juri-chan! Look at what we’ve got you!” my father’s deep voice bellowed from below.

My younger sister’s wide onyx eyes sparkled to life as she dropped the screwdriver in her hand. The tool hit the floor with a thud and rolled around for a bit. We were having our daily afternoon play session in the attic where life-size toys occupied all corners of the cramped room.

“Let’s go, Mayu-neechan!” Jurina grabbed my wrist, about to pull me towards the ladder that led down to the main house.

“Wait,” I shook her off, “let me close this hatch on Takamina first.” I picked up the screwdriver and tightened the screws on a wind-up robot’s back. My father had taught me to respect the toys as a spirit resided in every one of them. Takamina was my first toy from my parents, given to me when I was seven years old. The oddly stern expression on her short stature still made me giggle to this day. It had been seven years since she had been with the family, hence her bronze outfit bore tattered holes and her clockwork mechanism required frequent maintenance.

“See you later, Takamina. I’m going to welcome our new friend,” I told the robot who stared back with unblinking almond eyes. Pattering to the ladder, I made my way down to the first level.

“Daddy! Mummy!” my fourteen-year-old self pounced on my stout father. My kind mother patted my head lovingly even though Jurina was clinging onto her like a koala bear. “Welcome home!”

I loved my parents. However, they were always flying all around the world on business trips, leaving Jurina and me behind with our caretaker Tanaka-bachan who was sprightly for a plump lady in her fifties. To make up for their constant absence, they never failed to bring back new toys for us after each trip.

“Daddy, what’s inside?” In the middle of the living room rested an enormous cube and a rectangular wooden box that resembled a coffin. My interest was piqued by the cube because toys always came in those coffin-like boxes instead of something squarish that would not let the toy stand upright.

“Why don’t you open it and find out?” my grinning father suggested, twisting his impeccably styled handlebar moustache. “As usual, you have good sense, my dear. That’s for you.”

My feet were drawn towards the greyish-brown box and I ran curious hands along its rosewood edge, feeling the exquisite workmanship underneath my fingertips. The polished gold latch was beckoning me to unlock it.

“Hurry up and open it, Mayu-neechan!” urged my excited sister.

With a click, I released the latch and slowly lifted the hefty lid. Before I could fully raise it, a figure with grappling hands sprang out.

“Ah!” I shrieked and fell back on my rump. White feathers scattered about, filling my vision. When they had finally settled, I looked up to catch an emotionless girl looming over me. A shiver shot down my spine at how her huge reflective eyes stared straight into my soul. Her powder-white round face was inches away from mine and I could clearly make out the black diamond mark etched under her left eye. What really caught my attention was her peculiar jester-like outfit. The two balls hanging off the tips of her maroon and cream hat jiggled in the suddenly still air.

“A Jack-in-the-box?” I shifted back but she only closed the gap, tilting her head eerily.

My father guffawed heartily, prompting blood to rush to my cheeks. After all, I rarely lost my cool.

“That’s right, my bright girl. I acquired her in a quaint toy store in Germany. Her name is Yuki.”

“Yuki?” Jurina peeked out from our mother’s embrace.

“Ah yes, the craftsman hails from Japan, hence the Japanese name.” Our father turned to me, watching me with an expectant eye, “So how do you like her?”

Cautiously, I gazed up at the blank face again. Her burgundy lips were tightly pressed together and her eyes were round as marbles. Those dark orbs seemed to pull me into an endless whirlpool of melancholy. An unfathomable pain gripped my heart as fuzzy images of a beautiful girl in torn peasant clothing being stoned mercilessly by a furious mob took over my mind. She was down on her knees and struggling to shield herself with her bleeding arms but the people’s hearts appeared to be made of cold cast iron as no one relented. My breathing hitched when a burly man emerged from the assemblage with a large jagged brick. Raising it above the girl’s head, he swung it down with massive force…


My hand shot out to stop the man but it was too late. A strangled scream later, fresh crimson blood splattered all over my face and body.

“…neechan… Mayu-neechan!”

Someone was shaking me violently and suddenly the horrific scene vanished from my sight as if it never happened. Instead, I found Jurina’s concerned face staring at me.

“Ju…rina?” my voice came out weak and uncertain.

“Mayu-neechan, are you alright? You are crying.”

Instinctively, my hand snapped to my cheek and true enough, it was wet to the touch. Tears were spilling from my eyes and I couldn’t stop them.

What… happened?

Glancing past my sister, Yuki was nowhere to be found. The box was closed and my father stood in between it and me, his slightly wrinkled face grim.

“I’m sorry, Mayu. I wasn’t expecting the spell to be so weak on this one. I shall get rid of it now.”

“No!” my mouth objected on its own before my brain could even register what was going on.

Everyone threw me looks of bewilderment. I gulped, trying desperately to think of a reason.

“I mean… I was just too surprised. That’s all. I like her. I like Yuki. Please let me keep her, Daddy.”

Raising a skeptical eyebrow, he asked, “Are you sure? Did you see something weird just now?”

“N-No,” I blurted. “Please Daddy, let Yuki stay with us.”

My father sighed. He knew I was lying. All my life, I had never been able to hide anything from him.

“I hope you know what you are doing. The spirits are not supposed to communicate with us.”

“I believe she is harmless, Daddy. Please trust me.”

During the brief contact I had with Yuki, I sensed no malicious intent, just haunting loneliness that had been trapped with her ever since her death.

“Alright. You are old enough to take care of yourself. I can’t keep you sheltered forever anyway.”

“Thank you, Daddy!”

Indescribable happiness burst forth within my nervous chest. Why? Why did I feel this way for Yuki? According to the old wives’ tale, there lived a spirit with a pitiful past in each toy. When the spirits were still human, they died tragic and wrongful deaths and their freed souls were captured by soul catchers. Some were sold to witches and unscrupulous businessmen for evil doings while others like Takamina and Yuki were bought by toymakers who would inject them in their creations, giving them life. A restraining spell would be cast on the toys to ensure that the spirits would not escape and make direct contact with the living. Yuki was the first toy who allowed me a glimpse of her life as her human.

‘Maybe she needs me, just as much as I need a friend…’

In the days that followed, I holed myself up in the attic fiddling with my latest companion. The initial attempts to get Yuki to pop out like she did on our first meeting were unsuccessful. Whenever I opened the lid, she would be kneeling with her eyes closed and palms raised and facing outwards.

‘Why are you always kneeling, Yuki? What happened to you when you were alive? Why were the townspeople angry with you? You looked only a few years older than me when you died. What did you do?’

Infinite questions bombarded my throbbing head which was uncanny because I had never been so intrigued by a toy before.

“Ne, Yuki, will you play with me?”

Deafening silence answered me. Disappointed, I paced around the box with slow, tiny steps, admiring Yuki’s bizarre appearance. The grotesque costume and makeup emitted creepy vibes, vastly different from the pure and natural beauty that invaded my mind a few days ago.

‘Even in the afterlife, you are being made fun of…’

At that moment, my legs tripped over something and I landed flat on my face. Thank goodness there wasn’t anyone else around. Rubbing my sore nose, I spun around sharply to catch the culprit. There was nothing except a metal crank that jutted out from the right side of the box. My eyes widened in realization and I clumsily got on my feet.

How could I have missed that?

Hands trembling in anticipation, I turned the giant crank with all my might. By the time I reached the maximum number of spins, I was severely out of breath. I muttered a soft prayer and released my numbed hands.

Instead of the tune “Pop Goes the Weasel” that was usually employed by Jack-in-the-boxes, elegant tinkling of piano keys began to play and it wasn’t long before I recognised the lugubrious melody of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”. I stared at the resting figure in the box as my heart ached mysteriously again. Images of a carefree girl prancing about in a field of violet lilacs under the soft glow of the peaceful moon flashed past my mind.

‘Is that you, Yuki?’

The girl turned around as if she sensed me calling her name. I gasped. Her dazzling white teeth illuminated the night sky, turning the moon redundant. The corners of her upturned mouth hooked themselves to my heart and her liquid brown eyes crinkled with buoyant joy that you could only see on a person with no worries.

The music stopped abruptly.

Instead of the smiling girl, a cold pallid mask occupied my vision.

“Eep!” I crashed back on my butt.

‘Gosh… Must our meetings always start with this?’

Jester Yuki reached out a hand and pulled me up to my feet. The coolness of her palm sent a shudder up my arm.

“H-Hello. My name is Watanabe Mayu, first child of Watanabe Toshio. Nice to meet you.”

She rotated her left forearm, showing me its pale underside where the word “Yuki” was tattooed in rich black ink. I found myself smiling at the stoic face. She was responding to me!

“Ne, Yuki. Can you show me what you can do?”

Wordlessly, she reached into the depths of her box. I was expecting her to show up with a couple of balls for juggling but she emerged with empty hands. My brows knitted in confusion. Suddenly, a thumping beat blasted from the mystical chest. Her hands began shifting in a wiping motion to the music while her body wiggled at jerky angles, seemingly detached from her unmoving head. It was a weird but oddly mesmerizing dance. Towards the end, she shot out tiny darts from her supposedly empty hands as they swung about wildly, making me duck and cower in fear. One flew towards the grandfather clock and smashed through the glass face with an unsettling crack. When the music finally ended, she held out a single sable rose.

Peeking out from the gaps between my fingers, I asked warily, “Is it for me?”

A small but sure nod.

With its dull lifeless color, the rose was unappealing to say the least but something bloomed in my heart the moment I received it from her awaiting hand.

“Thank you… Yuki.”

Ever since then, I would play with Yuki every day without fail. She would give in to all my childish requests and performed whatever I asked of her. Weeks turned to months and months to years. Yuki became an indispensable part of my life. One cold autumn night, I was awoken from my slumber by uproarious shouts and crashing sounds of furniture being toppled over downstairs.

‘What’s going on?’

I slipped out of my bed as quietly as a mouse and tiptoed to the edge of the wooden stairs. Peering down, I slapped my hands over my mouth as a masked man held my mother hostage with a pointed knife while his accomplices slammed iron rods against my father’s back.

“Where is the rest of the money? Tell us if you want to live!” one of them snarled in a gruff voice. My father coughed harshly from the beatings.

“I… I only have this much.”

“Looks like you don’t love your wife. Kill her!”

“No!” my father yelled.

The bandit holding my mother slit her paper-thin throat without hesitation and blood squirted out like a fountain. My scream died in my cowardly throat. Hot tears streamed down my face as I pressed my hands harder against my quivering mouth.


I watched in horror as my father roared in anguish and fought back against the bandits. It didn’t take an intelligent mind to predict what would happen next. I turned on my heel and scurried back to my room just as I heard the sickening squelch of a dagger being driven into human flesh followed by the low thud of a body hitting the ground.

‘Strange… Where’s Jurina? She was still sleeping in her bed when I left!’

Thundering footsteps stomped up the stairs.

‘They are coming!’

With no time to think, I climbed up the ladder to the attic and shut the hatch, securing it with a thick padlock.

‘Where can I hide?’

Panic seized my brain as I scanned the dim room. The men were directly below me. I could hear them.

“There are children in this house. Capture them and we can sell them!”

“Look! A ladder!”

“It’s probably the attic. The children may be up there!”

The locked hatch on the floor began to rattle violently and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before those boors broke through. No matter where I hid – behind the grandfather clock, in Takamina’s glass case, under Mariko and Haruna’s plush sofa – they would be sure to find me. Giving up hope, I slid down with my back against Yuki’s box in the middle of the room. It was futile to hide. Daddy and Mummy were dead anyway. What was the point of living?


My head snapped up at the sound and I spied the lid on Yuki’s chest opening on its own. A pair of familiar slender arms extended out and unceremoniously lifted me up by the underarms as though I was a baby. The next thing I knew, I was swallowed by the confined space of Yuki’s box. The lid slammed shut and locked itself.

‘What the… How can she move on her own? I didn’t even crank her up!’

“Ne, Yukirin, can you save us?” It was a stupid question born out of desperation. I meant, seriously, how could a toy fight against ten armed robbers?

Solid black walls surrounded me and I couldn’t even see my own fingers, much less Yuki’s reaction. Miraculously though, I felt a comforting nod amidst the inky darkness.

A loud boom sounded and the dreaded footsteps barged into the attic. I pricked my ears up at all the sounds happening outside. Piercing screeches as chairs and bookcases were shoved around. Messy clangs as tools were dropped and scattered. Clamorous cries as the men growled in frustration.

Then all went silent.

An impending doom overwhelmed my senses. They had encircled the box. I could feel it.

“This is the only one left.”

“The brats have to be in here.”

“Open it!”

My eyes grew with fear the second the lid was lifted. As slivers of light peeked through the opening, a hand pushed me down. I watched with bated breath as Yuki rose dauntlessly.

“What the hell is this?!” the appearance of a freaky jester was definitely the last thing the crooks were expecting.

Yuki’s arms swatted in lightning-quick motion, snapping back the necks of the two men nearest to her and killing them in a split second. Howls of hysteria erupted among the remaining men.

“Destroy the monster!”

Iron rods rained down on Yuki but she writhed out of harm’s way like an eel. The chest rocked tumultuously from the missed hits and I bit down hard on my lip, forcing down any yelps that threatened to escape from my throat. Yuki blasted her trusty darts at the advancing men, taking them down like flies. It was simply one shot, one kill with no wasted movement. Within minutes, all the intruders lay dead. Their bodies littered the slippery blood-splattered floor. Yuki offered a gentle hand to the speechless me. With my mind still whirling from the avalanche of events, I dumbly took her hand.

Suddenly, one of the men on the ground bolted upright with a roar and swung his axe towards us. Yuki shoved me away in the nick of time but…

“Yukirin!” I screamed as the axe lopped off her right arm. The severed limb tumbled into my hands while Yuki lost her balance from the impact. The vengeful man was about to hack at Yuki again but I threw her arm in his ugly face, distracting him and giving Yuki precious seconds to shoot a dart in between his eyes. Red liquid oozed out from the wound and he fell back. This time, he was certainly dead.

“Yukirin!” I lunged towards my stoic savior and buried my face in her chest. In place of heartbeats, steady mechanical ticking drifted into my ears. Her body was not as hard as the other toys I had come across. In fact, her outer covering was soft to the touch. If I hadn’t known better, I would have mistaken it for human skin.

‘Daddy, this is the best gift you have ever given me. I will treasure her forever. Thank you, Daddy…’

As memories of my doting parents raced through my mind, sobs racked my body and I tightened my grip on the frilly fabric adorning Yuki’s long torso. We stood there for what seemed like hours. When I had finally calmed down, I felt something hard patting my head.

“Yukirin?” I gazed up at her and realized she was comforting me with the stump or what was left of her right arm. It was probably a funny sight to behold. With a soft giggle, my eyes met hers.

Her blank face morphed into a smiling human Yuki, causing my heart to skip a beat. Her serene face was breathtakingly gorgeous with kind, gentle hazel eyes. Peachy pink lips stood out against alabaster skin that was smooth to the touch.

Her mouth opened to say something but only dead air rang in my ears.

“What are you saying, Yukirin?” I asked, yearning to hear her voice.

Her mouth moved again and I managed to read her lips.

Let… me… stay… with… you.

“You want to stay with me?” my eyes widened in disbelief. She nodded.

“Even now that I’m basically a penniless orphan who may not be able to give you the best possible maintenance?”

She nodded again.

With a smile that should not be witnessed on a girl who had just lost her parents, I threw my arms around Yuki, enveloping her in a crushing bear hug. When I pulled back, her face had transformed back to the familiar impassive visage. Was what I saw purely a figment of my imagination? Shaking my head, I dismissed the thought.

After the massacre, picking up the broken pieces was an arduous challenge. With little money left, my parents were given a simple burial on the outskirts of town. Yuki’s right arm took a while to fix as I lacked the necessary materials. I had no choice but to sell the rest of my toys to feed and clothe myself. Takamina, being an extremely old and rare model made before the world war, was sold to the wealthy Maeda family for a tidy sum.

As to what happened to my sister, it was a mystery waiting to be solved. Her disappearance must have something to do with Rena, the puppet doll that was brought home the same day as Yuki. Along with Jurina, the Lolita beauty had vanished without a trace…


Dong… Dong… Dong…

Resonant chimes roused me from my nap and I blinked my bleary eyes. Glancing across the room, I noticed that both hands on the grandfather clock had struck twelve.

‘Looks like I had a dream about that again.’

Stifling a yawn, I stood up and caught sight of Yuki emerging from her creaky box. Standing to her full height, she was exactly a head taller than me. Half a year ago, I had installed functioning feet on her so that she could finally walk the earth after being trapped in the box since her creation. It was a tedious task for an aspiring toymaker like me but when I recalled how elated I felt when she took her first steps, the trouble was well worth it.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

As she nodded, her long flowing hair swished gently in the bitter coolness of winter. She strode towards me in her knee-high laced boots and drew me into the warm embrace of her dark leather jacket. Picking up my top hat from the nearby worktable, she set it on my head, fixing it gently such that my fringe wouldn’t be disturbed.

Playing with her black and white tie, I told her, “I heard that there’s a new soul catcher duo in town that goes by the name Double Matsui. Let’s pay them a visit. I need a spirit for the ballerina that I’m working on.”

Tipping my toes, I planted a kiss on her cheek and twirled out of her arms. Looking back, I thought I saw a smile tugging the corners of her alluring ruby lips.


The End.

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:

The next update for the Dr. Watanabe series will take awhile as I'm basically coughing my lungs out and drifting in and out of sleep recently due to the medicine I'm taking. In the meantime, I thank you in advance for waiting! :bow:
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I would love to read more of this story...
I know, sometimes it's better to leave things this way that you wrote, but this was so amazing, that I want more adventures of this couple... I want double Matsui, and perverted ballerina... :wub:

Oh.... I'll be waiting for your MaYuki update!!!  :bow:
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Nice story  :twothumbs , but it's a bit scary though.  XD

Thank you seigus-san  :bow: .. you're the best!  :thumbsup
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on October 23, 2012, 06:39:49 PM
Thank you seigus-san  :bow: .. you're the best!  :thumbsup

Yes, I agree with this statement... Now seigus-san is on my list of most favorite writers ;) I might even call him TGoF-san, like I call Sieka-sama and Divine Vengeance-san and karomuwi-chama. But Sieka-sama prefers being called 'Sieka'...

Back to the topic, I think seigus-san writes one of the best MaYuki stories I've ever read.  :bow: :bow:

And sorry for the double post.

So, is there even a slightest possibility that you might continue this amazing UZA inspired story of yours?  :inlove:
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It's awesome! The idea, the story, and the pairs! A little bizarre, but beautiful! Perfect! Thank you for this fic!
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it's awesome :twothumbs! The story is just woowww! In the end, Yukirin is dressed in the costume of UZA?? :?

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This story was really different. In a good way though.

The dark undertones of Yuki's past and how Mayu's parents were killed - I don't usually like these morbid storylines but you somehow made it good. I thought it was even cute. :lol:

In the end, Yuki saying she wanted to stay with Mayu after protecting her really made the story for me. :wub:

Anyway, thanks again for an amazing piece of work. You never disappoint seigus-san!
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I feel like I'm reading a novel lol @.@
awesome dark plot line and will be looking forward in your new fics update :thumbsup
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Really great Mayuki story  :twothumbs :twothumbs
is there going to be a wmatsui continuation?
thankyou for the update  :bow: :bow:
Title: Re: [MaYuki in UZA] The Tale of a Girl and Her Toy (23 Oct)
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sakura_drop_: Thank you for having me as one of your favourite authors! :bow: But please just call me seigus as I'm far from being TGoF. I take pride in my MaYuki works but when it comes to other pairings, I'm pretty much stuck unlike Divine Vengeance-san who can manage a large cast and multiple pairings and still capture their essence so well. As to whether there'll be a continuation to this UZA-inspired story, I can't say for sure now. I didn't plan for one but if inspiration hits, there'll be no escaping it. That was exactly what I said after posting the first Dr. Watanabe story and look at how far it has come :nervous So there's still hope but I can't guarantee anything :deco:

rhin_rhin: I didn't plan for the story to be scary but you aren't the only person who has told me it is. My friend said the same thing to me today :nervous Nevertheless, I'm glad that you still like it and thank you for your wonderful support all this while!

Kiri-el: To be honest, I was afraid it'd be a bit too bizarre to stomach but I'm relieved that it's quite well-received. Phew. Thank you for reading!

Chanaline: I was waiting for someone to pick out on Yuki's costume change and you did! XD Yup, aside from the functioning feet, Mayuyu has also made some modifications to Yuki's appearance. Can't have a freaky jester roaming the town with her, can we? (Though it will be quite an adorable sight :P) Once again, thank you for your constant support!

alpacas: I'm glad you enjoyed the story despite the morbidity. I wasn't very confident about posting it as it is in a very different writing style from my usual. Aside from writing in first person which I haven't experimented much in, I had to refrain from adding in comedic moments which are a standard feature in my fics :sweatdrop:

CrimsonGrxy: Thank you for your comment! I was, in fact, going for the novel feel! I'm happy that it came across as such to you :)

yuuzu05: Thank you for your compliment! As mentioned above to sakura_drop_, I can't guarantee a continuation but if inspiration hits, I'll be sure to write one although it'll most likely be MaYuki-centric again with some focus on WMatsui. I can't write something without my precious MaYuki babies :inlove:
Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 4.3] Beach, Balls and Confusion (4 Nov)
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A/N: Hi everyone! It's been a while since the last Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi update. Aside from going off track to write that UZA oneshot (it took a while for my mind to get back in Dr. Watanabe mode :sweatdrop:), I've been in very poor health and my brain just wasn't functioning properly. Furthermore, crazy shit at work and impending Japanese exams didn't help the situation. Well, I'm still nowhere near recovery but inspiration struck these couple of days and I managed to complete this new update which is a little longer than usual. Hope you enjoy it and thank you very much for waiting! :deco:

anzai-san: Thank you for your comment! It really warms my heart when I'm told that my stories have such a lasting impact. I've been spazzing over the UZA PV countless of times too! :D

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Beach, Balls and Confusion

“What were you thinking?” Yuki hissed at Mayu in the smallest voice possible so that Jun would not hear her. “Why did you invite him to play with us?”

Her boyfriend sent Jun a sideways glance and found the playful young man preoccupied with spinning the volleyball on his index finger. Leaning close to the frowning nurse, he whispered, “Do you think Ren-san is handsome?”

Alarm bells rang in Yuki’s head the moment the words left his mouth.

“Did he infect you already?!” she screamed for the third time that day, causing Mayu to falter in his steps and Jun to drop the ball.

Poking his pinkie into his ear, Jun grimaced, “Gee, your girlfriend is such a screamer. Do the neighbours complain?”

Mayu who had just regained his footing almost lost his balance again. Clearing his throat as though tripping on sand was the most common occurrence in the world, he set the record straight, “We are not at that stage yet.”

“You aren’t?” Jun regarded the couple with doubtful eyes. Mayu’s statement did not make sense to him. There standing before him were the embodiments of sex and good looks in their purest forms. “You mean the two of you can resist each other when others would jump you at the first given chance?”

“Why not?” Yuki retorted, not liking the hankering look in Jun’s eyes. “Our relationship is built on love, not lust.”

“Alright, whatever you say,” Jun raised his hands in an act of surrender. He had a gnawing bad feeling that Yuki would rip him to shreds like a possessive lioness if he were to probe further. “Anyway, what infection were you talking about?” he asked, trying to sound as casual as possible while tossing the ball from hand to hand.

“It’s nothing,” Mayu replied swiftly and made a sniffing sound. “She was referring to the flu bug that one of our colleagues has.”

“Ah, I see,” although not quite believing his words, Jun decided to just go with the flow out of fear for his life. He could fight against a thug or two and win without breaking a sweat but not a raging mad girlfriend.

Yuki took the chance to pull Mayu aside. “What did you mean by if Ren-kun was handsome? Don’t tell me you are starting to look at men that way too?”

The doctor stared at her with his most intense gaze, nodded, and watched as her eyes grew as wide as saucers.

“N-No way…” her hand on his arm loosened and fell but he grabbed it and held it close to his chest. Looking up, he bore an enamouring smile on his face.

“Of course not. Have a little more faith in me.”

No matter how charmingly handsome he looked at that point, she still thwacked him on the shoulder - hard.

“It’s precisely because I have too much faith in you that I believed you in the first place!” she huffed, not bothering to soothe the obvious pain her boyfriend was in from her mammoth strike.

Off to the side, Jun could not help but be drawn in by the lovers’ banter. There was a radiant five-finger mark burnt on Mayu’s pale shoulder. “Are you two, perhaps, like in an S&M relationship or something?” he queried despite his better judgement.

“No!” Yuki snapped and stormed ahead of the two dumbfounded men.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Jun turned to Mayu and kindly offered, “PMS?”

The doctor’s slight frame drooped as he sighed, mentally beating himself over and over for taking his joke too far. He, of all people, should have known that his girlfriend had endured more than enough surprises for a day and was exceptionally highstrung as a result.

With a forced smile, he uttered, “No. My fault.”

His response prompted Jun to let out a low whistle in surprise and true appreciation. This guy… It takes a real man to admit his mistakes. Patting the shorter man’s back, he told him, “Bro, I salute you.”


At the sand court, Yuko had her hands positioned inches before her face, fingers twiddling while her lips were pressed tightly in concentration.

“What are you doing?” Mario’s voice barged through her thoughts like a bulldozer smashing into a concrete wall and she would have wrung that skinny neck and squeezed all air out of his lungs if not for her self-restraint.

“You idiot! You just made me lose count!”

His proud visage cracked into a gloating grin. “Lost count of what?”

“The score, damn it!” Yuko tugged at her hair in frustration. “Now I’ve got to start all over again.”

“It’s ten to nine in my favour,” he declared offhandedly. A distrustful frown buried deep in Yuko’s brow.

“How can you be so sure?”

“I was keeping count unlike a certain single-track fool,” Mario folded his arms, shooting the tiny woman a belittling look. “Our team is leading by eight points. The other team is as good as gone at the rate we are going.”

“Shut it with the insults,” Yuko griped, crossing her arms as well. “I hate to admit this but you are not bad for a stick. We have to keep striving to make sure Miyazawa’s team doesn’t catch up. Nyannyan did say that our team winning this match is a prerequisite before the top scorer can get that ice cream treat.”

“There’s no way the losers can turn this game around. Look,” he gestured towards the other side of the net with a slight tilt of his chin, “even Sae is drained from trying to make up for his hopeless teammates.”

The vivacious Dr. Miyazawa who was always brimming with seemingly boundless energy was currently sprawled out on the sand like a beached starfish while Mocchi willingly massaged his aching muscles with a face that looked too gleeful for comfort. Ren, faring not much better, was taking a swig from his bottle of isotonic drink as beads of perspiration rolled down his finely sculpted temples and cheekbones.

“You know, it’s kind of nice that the two of you are working together for once,” Rie chipped in thoughtfully from behind Yuko and Mario.

There was a pregnant pause as the two senior doctors turned to each other, stared…

And made the grandest gagging sounds ever.

“Me working with this annoying stick? That’s crazy!” Yuko flailed her arms in horror.

Mario took one giant step away from her and admonished the unsuspecting Rie, “I forbid you to suggest something as ridiculous ever again, do you hear?”

Rie shrank back from the highly volatile aura that was emitted by the scandalised pair and hastily slinked away to the protective arms of Haruna who was drawing little kittens in the sand.

“Hey, you two don’t bully Rie-chan!” Haruna chided as she wrapped a comforting arm around the younger woman.

“What?” Yuko pointed disbelievingly at herself. “Now it’s my fault?”

Mario nodded. “Yes, yours. You called her crazy.”

“I didn’t! Stop putting words in my mouth!” Yuko growled. “You were the one who threatened Rie-chan!”

“That was called giving advice.”

“Why you-”

“Oh my God!” a sudden loud cry interrupted the rivals’ heated squabble and all eyes turned to the source.

“Who the heck?” the question slipped past Yuko’s lips as she took in the appearance of an ecstatic man beside Mayu.

“He looks like a walking lime popsicle,” Mario crinkled his nose in disdain, referring to the gaudy green Hawaiian shirt that Jun was wearing.

“O.M.G,” Jun repeated, “what in heaven’s name– Wait! I think I’m in heaven!” His jaw dropped as his eyes feasted on the mouth-watering sight before him. “If I’m not in heaven, then I must be in paradise on earth!” He bounded over to Mario like an excited lost puppy reunited with its owner and latched onto his arm as though they had been master and pet for years. “This dude, you’re so cool! I want you as my brother!”

“Hah?” Mario shook off the delirious newcomer. “Take your paws off me.”

His warning was sorely ignored because Jun had already zipped off towards Sae who had just sprung up from the commotion. The neurosurgeon took a startled step back as Jun’s hungry eyes gobbled up his well-defined muscular body from his firm pectorals to his rock-hard abs.

“You are a living Greek God! Please teach me how to be as charming as you!”

Feeling many pairs of questioning eyes boring holes in his body, Mayu decided that he had better put a stop to Jun’s overflowing torrent of excitement. Placing a firm hand on his shoulder, Mayu said, “Matsui-san, I think you should stop for a while.”

“Mayu-san, you and your friends should be starring in an idol drama or something!” Jun gushed.

Yuki’s mouth twitched in irritation. Mayu-san? On first name basis already?

“Matsui?” Yuko’s sharp ears picked up on the familiar surname. She studied the almost hyperventilating Jun from head to toe. “Are you and Ren related?”

“Ren?” Jun’s eyebrows rose. “You mean there’s one more hunk I’ve missed?”

“Yes, behind you,” Mayu answered flatly.

Yuki’s mouth twitched again. Mayu agrees that Ren is a hunk! Didn’t he say he was joking just now?

Ren who had just set his drink bottle down, spun around at the mention of his name. Looking up, he noticed a frozen man gaping with his mouth opening and closing like a goldfish at him. He peeked past the stranger and sent a puzzled look in Mayu’s direction, hoping that the younger doctor would shed some light on the situation. However, the bespectacled man only returned a useless shrug.

“Excuse me, are you alright?” Ren waved his hand before Jun’s unblinking eyes.

“Mayu-san,” Jun called, his sight not leaving Ren, “you just lost your spot as the perfect eye candy. This guy here is the real perfection.”

To say he was disturbed would be an understatement. In fact, Ren felt his insides being churned upside down and inside out by the very man before him. Jun’s infatuated stare was making his skin crawl in a way that he had never experienced before.

“Would you happen to be single?”

Ren’s throat constricted as though an invisible force was strangling him till he began to suspect he needed an oxygen mask to breathe. If it was even possible, his already pale face had turned whiter than a sheet of paper.

What is wrong with this man? My relationship status is none of his business. Why is he looking at me like that? Wait, no, stop! Why are you coming towards me?

A warm hand attached itself to Ren’s slick forehead which had broken out in an extreme case of cold sweat.

“Are you alright?” Jun returned Ren’s question to him as he felt the abnormally cool skin. “You look like you are about to faint.”

Why is his face so close to me? Step back. It’s too close. Get away from me! In his mind, Ren was shouting out all forms of protests but for some reason, he could not move in reality. His skin looks so smooth… and his eyes… they are so dark and- Wait! Why am I looking at his face?!

With a sudden grunt and an enormous strength he had never exhibited before, Ren shoved the frightening newcomer away, shocking everyone.

“G-Get away!” he gasped, heaving hard. “What is wrong with you?” He then staggered backwards as he shook his head to clear his darkening vision.

“Chill, dude!” Jun reached forward, afraid that Ren would lose his balance but the taller man jerked and slapped his hand away. Ren’s face was looking a little green at this point and his left hand gripped his stomach as he adopted a hunching position. Mayu and Yuko recognised the telltale signs of a panic attack and they traded knowing looks. However, before they could make a move, Yuki jostled Jun aside, lifted her hand high in the air and brought it down on Ren’s cheek with the strength of her entire arm. The rest of the group winced at the sharp, resounding smack.

“Snap out of it!” Yuki gripped Ren’s shoulders and shook him while Yuko nudged Mayu and whispered, “I’m asking you again. You sure you want to marry this scary woman?”

“Don’t make fun of Yuki,” Mayu warned, narrowing his eyes.

Yuko clicked her tongue, “Tch, you are no fun. But don’t you think we should stop her before Ren’s brain gets rattled to mush?”

“There’s no need. He’s fine already,” Mayu pointed out nonchalantly. His mentor snapped her head to the childhood friends and found Ren back to his normal self. Their fellow emergency doctor was seen scratching his head with a sheepish face as he spoke to Yuki.

“Thanks for that, Yuki-chan.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s a lucky thing that slapping still works after so many years,” Yuki said, rubbing her palms together to ease the sting from hitting him too hardly. “I thought your panic attacks had stopped after high school.”

“I thought so too but…” he glanced at Jun who was staring back with worry and felt another chill shoot down his spine.

“Ren-kun is a little homophobic towards gay men so you better keep your distance from him,” Yuki told Jun who appeared crestfallen at the news.

“Why?” the man was close to tears. The perfect man was right before his eyes and he was forbidden to make a move on him!

He looks like a disappointed puppy. I feel kind of bad.
Ren shook his head to clear any funny and unwanted thoughts. This man is confusing the life out of me! I should be glad that Yuki-chan is trying to make him give up hope on me.

“Sorry, just bad experiences,” Ren stated simply.

“Hey Watanabe, care to explain what’s going on?” Mario raised his voice above the chatter. The said doctor had his mind somewhere else as his gaze was focused on his girlfriend, Ren and Jun. A whack to the back of his head brought him back to earth.

“Stop undressing Yuki-chan with your eyes!” Yuko quipped unabashedly with full intention of embarrassing him. She smirked in satisfaction when he coughed and sputtered.

“I-I’m not! And don’t give other men ideas!” Mayu rebuked and moved to stand before Yuki, shielding her body from the prying eyes of others. Despite having lost her temper at him earlier, Yuki could not help but feel familiar warmth seeping into her chest as she admired his slender but dependable back. Mayu cleared his throat and gestured towards Jun, “Anyway, this is Matsui Jun who Yuki and I met a while ago. He’ll be playing in my place for the rest of the game.”

“What?” Yuko objected. “That’s unfair! We didn’t say we can have substitutes!”

“Nor did we say we can’t,” Mayu reminded coolly. “Besides, I’m not feeling too well to continue.”

Yuko looked ready to argue but Mario stepped in and spoke first.

“Are you afraid of a little challenge, Oshima?”

Not one to back down from a taunt, especially one from her nemesis, Yuko brushed her nose with her thumb like the late action star Bruce Lee, “Me, the great Oshima Yuko afraid? You must have a screw loose to even think that. Bring it on!”

In the midst of the rivals’ usual “discussions”, Mayu felt a small tug on his left hand. Turning around, he was surprised to see his girlfriend with her head hanging low.

“What’s wrong, Yuki?” concern laced his gentle voice as he returned a squeeze on her hand. She was nibbling her bottom lip and her eyes were downcast.

“Are you not feeling well because of me?”

Mayu felt a pinch in his guts when he saw the remorseful look on her face. “Of course not,” he answered. Whispering into her ear, he added, “I’m actually fine. It’s just part of my plan. I will explain to you later.”

“What plan?” she frowned.

“It’s not convenient to speak now. I promise I will tell you everything later, alright?”

She gave a meek nod even as she sighed inwardly. It had been a nerve-racking day for her ever since the appearance of Jun and endless doubts had been attacking her self-esteem as a woman and the girlfriend of a man who was highly sought after by members of both sexes.

“Mayu…” she started in a soft voice, dragging out the last syllable of his name like a timid child who wanted to ask for something but was too shy to go on.

“Yes?” he encouraged patiently. Deep down, he was already over the moon that she was not giving him the cold shoulder anymore, hence he was more than willing to wait till she was ready to speak her mind.


He smiled at the very adorable way her eyes were darting around as a pretty pink hue spread across her round cheeks.



“I… I want you to kiss me.”

And he complied without a second thought. Lifting her chin with the gentlest of touches, he leant forward and captured the saccharine lips which he so adored. It started out not unlike his usual kisses in public – short and chaste like an angel – but something different happened just before he drew back. His teeth gave a teasing nip on her lower lip that was so swift she might have imagined it but the lingering prick told her otherwise. Her fingers traced her reddening lip as her wide eyes searched his. He was never this bold outside of the house.

“Because I love you.”

It was an answer to her unasked question and the discreetly possessive action was enough to quell the insecurity that had been plaguing her.

“And I’m sorry for the joke earlier. It was in bad taste. Forgive me, please?”

The blushing woman was having butterflies in her stomach under his earnest gaze. Nodding her head, she replied with a pout, “But don’t you scare me like that again.”

Holding up three fingers, he vowed, “Scout’s promise.”

“Since when were you a scout?”

“Since two seconds ago.”

“Hmph, cheeky boy!” she slapped his chest, a reflex action that she had developed in response to his teasing. Hearing the hiss of pain, she apologised hastily and rubbed the scarred spot. “I’m sorry! I forgot again!”

“It’s okay,” he assured despite the discomfort. “It shows that you care.”

“If the others hear that, they are really going to think that we are in that kind of relationship,” she mumbled.

“You mean the S&M kind?”

Eyes almost popping out of their sockets, she hushed, “Shh! Not so loud!”

As her beloved laughed at her reaction, her chest warmed upon noticing how carefree he seemed. Guilt had been eating away at her for getting mad at him when he was simply enjoying himself after being cooped up at home for so long.

“We’re starting!” Yuko blared from the other side of the net. Sometime during their little make up session, the rest had got into positions and were ready to continue the game.

“Guess it’s time for me to go. I’ll be watching from the side,” Mayu said and was about to leave the court when Yuki held him back. Tipping forward, she planted a quick peck on his cheek and whispered, “I love you too.”

His loving gaze lingered on her for a moment before he turned and jogged to the side.

On the court, Sae’s team had changed their main players to the captain and the newcomer since Jun boasted that he was often crowned the Most Valuable Player in the official matches he had taken part in. Their team had only scored eleven points before the timeout and Jun promised Sae he would turn the tables around. At the blow of the whistle courtesy of Mayu, Mario served the first ball, firing it straight at Mocchi, the other team’s weakest link. As expected, the frantic nurse screamed and cowered in fear but before the ball struck her, a nimble Jun swung around and punched the ball back up. Sae raced forward and spiked it over the net with tremendous force. It sailed past Yuko’s outstretched hands and hit the sand with a plop.

“Score!” Sae pumped his fist in the air and gave his new teammate a tight high ten. “You weren’t just bragging when you said you were good, kid! Let’s trash them!”

Jun’s chest swelled with pride and he flashed a toothy grin, feeling a growing sense of acceptance in the group of good-looking lads and ladies. He cast a sidelong glance at Ren and his heart fell a bit when the man averted his eyes.

“Damn, they are serious!” Yuko cursed.

“It’s your fault for being short and missing the ball,” Mario groused.

“Oh shut up. Your serve sucked in the first place.”

They did not have time to argue as the game promptly resumed with a power serve from Jun and Mario made a heroic dive for it. Although he managed to make contact with the ball, it bounced off his fist at an odd angle and flew out of the court, resulting in an error.

“So what good does your height do now, stick?” Yuko taunted, rubbing salt into his wounded ego.

With the rapidly rising tension in their team, whatever little chemistry they shared earlier had dipped to minus levels. It did not take long for Sae’s rejuvenated team to level the score and now both teams were tied at twenty-three points. The first team to score twenty-five or more with a two-point margin would win the set.

The panting Yuko and Mario had their fierce gazes locked on Jun as he prepared to serve the next ball. The next point was crucial and Yuko swore on her collection of Nyannyan photos that she would not concede it to the other team. In her mind, it was just her and the ball. There was no way she could trust the stick after his screw-ups. Unbeknownst to her, Mario had the exact same thoughts about her. The second the ball soared past the net, both of them sprinted in the direction it was flying in like race horses with blinkers on. By the time they realised they were just inches away from each other, it was too late. There was a loud smacking of limbs and a sharp cry of pain as the two speeding bodies collided in a tangled heap.

“Fuck! That hurts!” Yuko yelled. She was lying on her back and clutching her throbbing head as flashing stars danced around her. Opening her eyes, she came face-to-face with Mario who was mere centimetres above her and his hot breath was breathing down her face. Their eyes bulged when they realised the precarious position they were in. Letting out an ear-splitting screech, Yuko pushed Mario away only to make him lose his balance and crash down on her. Her scream was instantly muffled by a pair of warm lips.

“Oh my God…” Rie gasped.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” Sae’s jaw dropped.

It was as if someone had shot a bullet through his head. Mario could only stare blankly at Yuko’s petrified brown eyes as their faces were squashed together. His quick-witted brain had failed him and stopped functioning totally. On the other hand, Yuko was squirming uncomfortably under Mario’s sweat-slicked half-naked body. She was acutely aware of his bare chest pressing against her thinly clothed breasts. In all her life, she had never been this close to a man before. The sheer thought of it disgusted her to no end. She loved women and their soft feminine curves, bouncy boobs and perky asses, not tough muscles and the repulsive third leg of men. Speaking of which, fear gripped her heart as she felt something hard pressing against her crotch.

There was a muffled scream and everyone watched in stunned silence as Yuko thrashed wildly and shoved Mario off her. Standing over him, she delivered a kick to the vulnerable spot in between his legs, causing all men present to grab their prized jewels instinctively and cringe in true empathy.

“Oww!” the once-proud Mario howled in extreme pain and rolled around the sand, losing all his dignity in a split second. The corners of his tightly squeezed eyes glistened with unshed tears. “What the hell did you do that for?” he lashed out at the equally furious Yuko.

“Y-You were getting hard on me, you freak!” Yuko blasted.

“That’s nonsense!” Mario shot back. “Why would I get hard on someone like you?”

“It was pressing against me! Your disgusting man-”

“That was my leg, damn it!” Mario cut her off and attempted to sit up but only succeeded in curling up in a foetal position as another wave of pain rocked his nerves.

“Huh, what? Your leg?”

“Yes, you imbecile! You are going to pay for this,” growled Mario as he slowly stood up.

“You could be lying for all I know,” Yuko retaliated. “Anyway, you still deserved the kick for kissing me.”

“Senseless reasoning from the idiot,” Mario grumbled as he hobbled to the side where Mayu was resting. He could not be bothered to carry on the debate. All he wanted now was a strong dose of general anaesthetic to knock him out and take away the pain completely.

“So are we still playing?” Jun asked cautiously.

“No,” Yuko snapped. “I’m going back to take a nice, long bath to wash off all traces of man juice.”

Jun turned to Sae and asked, “What’s with her?”

“Oh, she’s a lesbian.”

No other explanation was needed as Jun nodded in understanding. As the group packed up and was about to head back to the hotel, they heard a familiar voice call for Jun.

“Jun-kun, where are you?”

“Crap! I forgot all about the time!” Jun checked his watch before waving at the woman in the distance. “Atsuko-san! I’m here!”

“Officer Maeda?” Mayu recognised the silky brown bobbed hair of the police officer whom they had worked with on several occasions. As Atsuko made her way over, another familiar short figure behind her came into view. “And Takahashi-san?”

“Acchan, Takamina!” Yuko bounded over, feeling a lift in her spirits at the unexpected appearance of her long-time pals.

“Yuko!” Takahashi Minami stumbled back as Yuko pounced onto her, enveloping her in a bone-crushing hug while Mayu greeted the duo in his normal calm voice.

Confusion was etched all over Jun’s face. “Atsuko-san, you know them?”

“They are doctors and nurses at Akiba Hospital. We’ve worked together a few times.”

“What are you doing here?” Yuko chirped.

“I’m here with my team to investigate a series of rape cases in Okinawa recently,” Atsuko explained. “Takamina is worried about me so she came along,” she added the next sentence with a faint blush on her tanned cheeks.

Listening to Atsuko’s words, Mayu was quick to put two and two together. That explains why Matsui-san can fight so well.

“So that means Matsui-san is your colleague,” the doctor deduced and received a nod in response.

“Jun-kun just joined the force three weeks ago,” Atsuko informed.

As if on cue, Jun stepped forward and performed a sharp salute.

“Officer Matsui from the Criminal Investigation Bureau at your service. Nice to meet you!”


To be continued…

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:
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i hope jun is a ren will not not be traumatized to jun!!

and their special appearance of atsumina!!
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i really really love ur fic!!
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Wtf I never really expected that Jun was some sort of police xD

Whaaaat?? So, Ren is homophobic OTL I wonder how Jun will snatch his heart.. Leave it all to the jail bait :3

Raaapeee! Mayu must need new eyes to keep a better look out for Yuki Lol.

Update soon, Seigus-san! .. And you know well that were grateful for this update~
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Hohohoho!! :w00t:

Jun do your best with Ren!!! XD WMatsui come here YAY!!!

Wow Takamina and Acchan are here! Interesting! :thumbsup

Jun is in police!!

Mayuki are always cute!!! :wub: They kissed? They kissed!!! :w00t: Kawaii!! :wub: What Mayu planned?... He want to convert Ren in homosexual guy even if he know that Ren is homophobic! You are evil :twisted:

Mayu stay with Yuki, it's dangerous

Thank you I love it :thumbsup
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First off before anything, I hope you get better soon seigus-san. You can put this on hiatus if you need to and write when you're completely better and don't have much on your plate. No need to push yourself if you're unwell.

Now on to the update - it was well worth the wait as always. And it was long too! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

Mario vs Yuko got me laughing. Those idiots could be a comedy duo with their quarrels... and oh my god the kiss. :lol:

Also I can't believe Ren is disgusted at Jun and is homophobic. Oh the WMatsui angst OTL

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First...thank for the update seigus-san

Eh ren have a panic attack...toward a wmatsui will develope their relationship then?
But its cool jun is on the police departement!! I can imagine a dangerous mission...gun shoot ect..LOL since he's on the police so i'm expecting a lot of action...

Mayu..aww and yuki kissed!! What mayu planning?
And when he was about to  proposed yuki?(Well i guess i will waiting...until that great scene)

Yuko and mario...ah just kick the man asset LOL

Thank for the update seigus-san...take your time to write it dont push yourself if you're not feeling well..
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Seigus-san, is this chapter supposed to be funny? Because I just laughed too much while reading it.  :rofl:

This update is very long, but I enjoyed every piece of it. No dull moment.  :twothumbs

Thank you Seigus-san!!! All hail Seigus-san!!!  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:
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this has got to be the best/funniest gender bender fic i have ever read. no seriously i dont usually read gender bender but yours is to good to be missed.
Jun won the spot as my favorite character even though he only appeared in like 2 chapters. I can totally imagine jurina being a gay guy lol
can't wait for the next chapter!

btw when are you gonna plan on making MayuKi do the nasty nasty?
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 4.3] Beach, Balls and Confusion (4 Nov)
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Chichay12: Yes, I'm back and I will disappear again soon to train in the mountains regain my health and meet deadlines at work :( AtsuMina made a brief appearance in Part 3 of the story and now they have returned with more lines (just a few actually)! Thank you for letting me know that the update made you smile! It may be something simple but it makes me very happy :grin:

ChuuuPuffss: Did your eyes need rest because the update was too long? :nervous It was longer than usual as I wanted to wrap up the volleyball match and clear the path for the upcoming developments. More surprises await our dear doctors and friends :twisted: I was actually expecting someone to suspect that Jun is either a police or a gangster with the things he told Mayu in the previous update :lol: While you are grateful for the update, I really appreciate you and everyone else here for sticking with this story. Thank you! :deco:

Chanaline: Yes, Jun please go all out and capture Ren's lonely heart and make him forget about his Yuki-chan! I realised I can't write an update without at least one MaYuki moment. WHY THEY SO AFGFDSDFSH CUTE?! Mayu is evil. He wants to get rid of Ren. No, I'm just kidding. Mayu is a helpful boy scout at heart and hopes that Ren won't die a lonely old man :lol: Thank you for loving the update!

alpacas: I KNOW RIGHT? Those two walking sugar cubes should just get married and make little Mayuyu and Yukirin babies! :inlove: I agree with you calling Yuko and Mario idiots. I'm having too much fun messing around with them while Haruna continues to make love to her PSP :rofl: On a serious note, thank you very much for your concern. I really appreciate it :deco: I get frustrated when I can't write due to poor health. On really bad days, I was averaging two sentences per day because I was too drowsy and that really upset me. It was a case of "BODY, WHY YOU DON'T LET ME WRITE?" :nervous I don't plan on putting this story on hiatus because that will give me an excuse to slack and disappear for a longer period than I should. But don't worry, I won't push myself too much and will take my time to write. I don't want to rush and affect the quality of the writing too.

kurogumi: I wonder how Jun and Ren will develop their relationship too :lol: Gun shoot-outs on Okinawa? :shocked: That's a bit too exciting for this holiday island :nervous But if the rapist dares to rape Yuki, I will approve of his execution :rofl: You know, I can't wait for Mayu to finally propose too. Stupid boy is taking his own sweet time! And yes, poor Mario. If he can't celebrate Father's Day in the future, it'd all be Yuko's fault :lol: Thank you very much for your concern! As mentioned above to alpacas, I will take my time and hope to recover soon :)

rhin_rhin: Yes, it is and I'm glad it appeared that way to you! This arc is turning out into a comedy arc when I had originally planned for it to be a simple romantic getaway. I can't resist extending the focus to Mario and Yuko's rivalry! This Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series is like a science lab where I experiment with different genres from pure romance to medical drama to comedy while making sure everything still flows smoothly. Thank you so much for your support!! :heart:

dirtydeeds: I must really say thank you for giving this genderbend story a chance! I'm glad that you enjoy it. It's always great to know when readers like this story despite their preference for non-genderbend stories. Like Yuko, I seriously wish Mayu and Yuki would stop being so pure and wishy-washy and do "it" soon! Someone please lock them in a closet! :lol:
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Thank you for this KSHIESLRTHSOERGJ;EG and  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: update!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

When I sort my thoughts out someday, I'll definitely comment properly on this!

Okay, first things first.


Since the very beginning I was captivated by the story that flows so nicely you feel like watching a movie. No, more like some Mini Series, that you have to wait a whole week for it... And it's not enough to wait to watch it, so you re-watch it many times until you nearly know it by heart (Sieka-sama also writes in such a way  :wub: :wub: ) The way how things happen is really easy to follow, it's not too complicated, has humor scenes, sad scenes, romantic scenes, diabetes-bringing scenes, tummy-ache-bringing scenes. It has everything, but at the same time it's not over-packed with it. Everything has its own place and time. The scenes have a natural order and I really enjoy watchingreading it.


I bow myself fully to you, because I am really impressed by your vocabulary. I could never write in such a way, and it really is a wonder how people can write so beautifully. (Divine Vengeance-san and Sieka-sama  :wub: :wub: now also you  :wub: and some others  XD ) I really feel a bit curious... Were are you from, if it's not a secret?.. Your English is just... *bows until her head reaches the ground*


She's not a main character in this story, but you probably already know my biased level on her (highest possible *is being proud* ) so that's why she goes first. She's lovable in every story she's in, be it a villain, a hero, a dead person, anything you want. Shes just brilliant and perfect. Be it her perverted side or be it her serious side. Here it's her perverted funny side, and I love it so much I end up spazzing in my mind about an hour after reading the update. Seriously, she's amazing. You portray her perfectly, that pervy funny side of hers.  :bow:

I think it's also no surprise he is second in my list  XD He is so handsome and gorgeous in this... (Rena-sama is always beautiful and perfect, btw  :wub: ) The way you wrote about him... I can see and imagine every little detail, and I feel like nosebleeding, fangirling and crying out of huge love  :wub: :wub:

Mayu and Yuki
He's so sweet and caring and loving, but for Yuki he can be very protective and OWSUM!!! And she is well... A goddess and reaction queen  XD Her hitting Mayu and Mayu kissing her is just  :wub: I'm so waiting for their 'you know what' time *wiggles eyebrows* Yap, I guess Yuko-sama influenced me  XD

You portray her exactly te way I see her  XD Ah, making love to her PSP it's so hilarious  :rofl: :rofl:

 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Once a troll, always a troll  :rofl: he's amazing, especially that scene with Yuko-sama on the beach. when I read about their kiss I just literally did this:  :shock: :mon spit: :mon huh: :mon lmao: I cried and laughed at the same time, it was so funny  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Dem AtsuMina are of course amazing, the nurses are lol worthy  :D and Sae-kun  :rofl: Also, I like Jun, but I'm still secretly hoping it's Jurina undercover  :rofl:

Um, so here's my little updated rant, and I'll be waiting for anoter chapter.

BTW, I'm still waiting for WMatsui UZA version (as I already read your MaYuki UZA  :wub: :wub: )
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sakura_drop_: My gosh, that's a really long review! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to update your comment :bow: I'm very touched, really :deco:

Show vs Tell
I guess you feel like you are watching a movie when you read the story because that was how I imagined the scenes as I wrote. I was a film student and did scriptwriting (although I'm no longer working in the production field now). In scriptwriting, we have to show through actions to convey how a character feels instead of just telling the readers "she is sad" for example. Hence, you can find quite a bit of descriptions in my stories to allow for easier visualisations. Of course, I still throw in some telling in my stories because they are fanfictions and not scripts. I prefer more show to tell but it's still good to have a mix of both to make the story easier to digest.

With regards to vocabulary, my best friends are and when I write. My vocabulary is actually not very extensive so I have to put in extra effort to vary the words I use. As I write, I always re-read what I have written to make sure there are no words that have been used too frequently.

I'm from Singapore. No worries, it's not a secret as I actually reveal it in my profile :D

I'm truly glad that you enjoy the characters in the Dr. Watanabe series. Yuko is an amazing person in real life so she deserves to be both the joker and the lifesaver-cum-matchmaker in the story. As for Ren, I feel bad towards his non-existent love life so I decided to postpone Mayu's proposal and came up with this current vacation arc to give Ren some spotlight. He's a kind soul who deserves more than being a tool to highlight MaYuki's relationship.

Before I end this reply, just want to share my motto when I write - "I am my own reader." I've mentioned to others before that I spazz over my own fics and characters. It's a little embarrassing to admit it but I use my own spazz level to do a quality check. If even I don't feel much for my stories and characters, it just goes to show that they haven't reached the desired quality level.

Once again, thank you for your detailed comment! :) I still haven't thought of anything for the UZA story so no guarantees there :nervous
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Post by: chocopuddi on November 09, 2012, 08:03:16 PM
Hello! I've been interested in your story for a long while now and I must say, I'm captivated by it!

Who are your favorite fanfiction writers around here if I may ask? xD I would love to read the ones you yourself read, Seigus-san!
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 4.3] Beach, Balls and Confusion (4 Nov)
Post by: Seigus on November 10, 2012, 02:21:49 AM
chocopuddi: Hi chocopuddi-san! Thank you for supporting my story! :deco: My ultimate favourite writer here is Divine Vengeance-san. I was first captivated by her awesome RIVER story ( more than a year ago. I was in awe of how she managed a freaking large cast (all 16 senbatsu members of RIVER + more) with such ease. The characters' interactions are hilarious and the characterisations are so spot-on that I can imagine the real members acting in the way she wrote them. The story also flows really well and her writing is to-the-point yet detailed at all the right places, hence no draggy moments. Aside from the humour and action in RIVER, Divine Vengeance-san also writes intense and serious stuff (even angst) very well as seen in some of her Irrelevant Stories ( (Lips of an Angel killed me) and Love Stoned ( (currently on hiatus). I would really suggest you give her works a read. They are inimitable masterpieces that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who has read them :heart:
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Err... I just want this thread on the first page,so i can read this easyly,so im comment again

Seigus-san Sorry for this weird comment LOL

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My heart skip a beat when I saw this thread on the first page!  :bleed eyes:
I thought there's an update already.  :lol:
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 4.3] Beach, Balls and Confusion (4 Nov)
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kurogumi: It was such a pleasant surprise to see your comment! I mean, it's been almost a month since the last update and with so many other fanfics around here (which I haven't had time to catch, sadly), I wasn't expecting anyone to still be re-reading this story. Thank you so much for your never-dying support! :deco:

rhin_rhin: My heart skipped a beat too :lol:

To readers who are waiting for an update: First off, thank you very much for your patience :bow: I've taken some time off to recuperate and am currently about 85% recovered. Feeling much better, I resumed writing a few days ago and the next update is about one-third done. Unfortunately, work hasn't been very kind and keeps getting in the way. And getting an average of 2 hours of sleep per night doesn't help. I ask for your patience again and I hope that I'll be able to make good progress this weekend. In the meantime, take care everyone! :deco:
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i just finished reading everything ;~; its soo awesome  :inlove:  i cant wait for more updates!!!!  :heart:  :deco:
Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 4.4] When Paranoia Strikes (11 Dec)
Post by: Seigus on December 11, 2012, 09:39:49 AM
A/N: Hello everyone! It's been a long while, more than a month to be exact, since the last update. I hope you haven't lost interest in the story due to the wait. Once again, thank you very very much for your patience :bow: I had been really sick and busy with work, making it impossible to write anything coherent. Spent a bomb on visits to different doctors and even a chest x-ray :bleed eyes: Glad that everything is fine now. Wouldn't want to be sick when the new year rolls around.

Here's a shout-out to rhin-san for checking on me practically every day when I was sick to make sure I didn't die or something :lol: and also to a certain divine person for being a fantastic pal. Thank you! :deco:

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy the update. Things are going to get heated in more ways than one!

Note: This is a genderbend story.


When Paranoia Strikes

Sitting on the edge of the bed with his body hunched over his knees, Watanabe Mayu plucked his titanium-framed glasses off and rubbed his thin nose bridge. The soft sigh that escaped his lips was unsurprisingly loud in the still hotel room.

“Why are you sighing?” a voice he couldn’t be more familiar with asked as he felt its owner shift her body closer to his.

Exhaling deeply again before regarding the woman beside him, he replied with a question of his own, “Aren’t you being a little paranoid, Yuki?”

Kashiwagi Yuki tilted her head with a confused pout, “What do you mean?”

On other days, Mayu would have been tempted to claim those very kissable and supple pink lips but not today, at least not now. Raising his left hand, a light clinking of metal against metal sounded as Yuki’s right hand rose with his action.


Her round eyes fell on the chrome-plated contraption normally seen on arrested criminals linking their wrists together.

“And you were afraid of the others misunderstanding that we have an S&M relationship,” Mayu deadpanned. “Where did you get this anyway?”

“Yuko-san passed it to me while you were taking a shower just now,” his girlfriend answered matter-of-factly.

Massaging his tense furrowed brow, he mumbled, “I don’t even want to know why she brought handcuffs along.”

“Whatever it is, they will make sure you don’t escape my sight,” Yuki beamed with a smile so bright that one would have thought she had just discovered the cure for AIDS. Wrapping her free arm around the doctor’s lean torso, she took comfort in his assuring warmth. “This way, I’ll know that you are safe with me.”

Too befuddled to even fake a smile, Mayu simply rested his chin on her shoulder and sighed for the third time in the span of five minutes. As she nuzzled his neck, his mind drifted to the conversation they had with Officer Maeda at the beach earlier…

“So Takaman took leave from work ‘cause she’s worried about you?” Yuko asked the officer, smirking when the rosy hue on Atsuko’s cheeks darkened.

“Oi! What Takaman?” Takahashi Minami protested, waving a balled fist at her comrade-in-height. Wiggling her eyebrows in response, Yuko quipped, “Oh, you know what I mean, Miss Macho.”

“I can understand why Takahashi-san is worried though. Maede-san is dealing with a rapist this time,” Mayu interrupted before the two midget pals could start a dwarf brawl.

“Actually, Takamina has nothing to worry about,” Atsuko revealed. Her statement raised a few perplexed eyebrows. Tightening his grip on Yuki’s hand, Mayu was certain he would be worried too if he was in Takamina’s shoes. Heck, his stomach was already in knots now, knowing that a rapist could be lurking in the shadows and waiting for the opportunity to pounce on his pretty and defenceless nurse.

“The victims so far are male.”

There was a pregnant pause as the seagulls squawked nosily above their heads.

“Y-You are joking, right, Maeda-san?” Sae blurted with a hopeful note in his voice, breaking out of the initial shock. The hunky man scratched the back of his head, messing up and getting sand into his hair. “I mean, which dude would want to rape other men?”

At Sae’s question, Ren’s eyes darted to Jun in reflex. The young officer’s well-honed senses sent an alert to his brain and he whipped his head around, catching the distrustful gaze.

“Oi, oi, you can’t be suspecting me, right?”

Ren merely looked the other way and his eyes stumbled upon his one-sided love interest hugging her boyfriend tightly, locking his arms against his body.

“Yuki, we haven’t even understood the details. You can let go first. It’s hard to move like this,” Mayu squirmed, feeling as though he had been strapped in a straight jacket.

Reluctantly, the slender arms relaxed and opted to wrap around his arm in a vice-like grip. The doctor sighed in relief and squeezed Yuki’s hand gently.

“Atsuko-san is telling the truth,” Jun voiced, stepping forward. “The culprit’s targets are all pretty boys. I’m acting as the bait for this operation. On top of that, we’ve been trawling the beach this afternoon for possible suspects and targets and I chanced upon you guys. Mayu-san and Ren-san fit his taste perfectly.”

The others gasped while Yuko burst out laughing. But Mayu only heard one dreaded sound, or rather the lack of it.

The steady breathing beside his ear halted.

“Yuki,” he called his girlfriend who was frozen to the spot. The grip around his left arm tightened tremendously and a sharp pain shot through his body. “Yuki, relax. You are going to break my arm,” the urgency in his voice was evident.

His teeth clamped down on his lower lip as her nails dug crescents into his skin which was rapidly turning white from the lack of blood flow. Glancing up, he discovered she was in a trance-like state and his words never stood a chance to enter her stalled mind. Fearing for his arm and his future which depended on it, he attempted to pry off her hand but the hold was simply too strong and he did not wish to risk breaking her fingers with brute force. Out of the corner of his eye, he spied Ren striding purposefully towards them with a grim look and before he could say a word to the older man, Ren slapped Yuki hard across the face.

Yuko’s guffaws died instantaneously while the rest gaped at the trio.

“Holy fuckin’ rainbows… What’s wrong with people from Nagoya?”

Ignoring Yuko’s potty mouth, Ren stared at his childhood friend who had collapsed into Mayu’s arms from the impact of the slap.

The bright red mark swelled on Yuki’s tender cheek, shooting a deep pang of pain to Mayu’s heart. Looking past his stunned beloved, Mayu glared at Ren only to be met with a challenging gaze.

“Was that necessary?” Mayu seethed, remotely aware of the cracks threatening to shatter his levelheaded image.

“If you still wanted your arm in one piece, yes,” Ren answered none-too-friendlily. “This has always been how we do it.”

The spitefulness in his voice was hard to miss and Mayu briefly wondered what had gotten into the normally mild man. However, before he could rebuke Ren’s claim, Mayu felt movement against his chest and he looked down to find Yuki snapping out of her daze and massaging her throbbing cheek.

“Ren-kun is right. This is our way of keeping each other in check. Don’t be mad at him, alright?” she peered pleadingly at the rarely ruffled man. “And he meant well. I’d broken a broomstick in high school when a classmate scared me with a fake mouse during cleaning duty.”

Processing the little bit of history, Mayu swallowed the anger bubbling in his throat and nodded stiffly. Turning to Ren, he warned in a grave tone, “Thanks for your help but next time, I will manage Yuki myself. I won’t allow you or anyone else to hit her.”

“And how are you going to do that?” Ren folded his arms and angled his head, producing a menacing crack with his neck. This time, even Yuki was taken aback by Ren’s oddly provocative behaviour.

“Without violence,” Mayu stated, narrowing his eyes at the taller man. “I’d rather have a broken arm than to hit Yuki.”

“You are not answering the question.”

“I have no obligation to answer you.”

“Break it up, you two,” Yuko boldly stepped in between both agitated men. “What’s wrong with you, Ren? This isn’t like you.”

Her words seemed to have an effect on Ren and he froze. He blinked and looked around, scanning the flabbergasted faces of his colleagues, Mayu’s deep scowl and finally, Yuki’s concerned brown orbs. Lips pressing into a thin line, he bowed slightly and walked away from the group, heading in the direction of the hotel.

“Ren-kun…” Yuki murmured, about to give chase but was stopped by Mayu.

“I think it’s better that he doesn’t see you or me for the time being,” he advised her before calling Jun who was staring worriedly at Ren’s retreating back. The officer tore his eyes away from Ren and turned to Mayu.

“Matsui-san, can you pass me your mobile for a while?”

“Why?” Despite feeling puzzled over the sudden request, Jun still fished out his black smartphone from his pants’ pocket and handed it to the shorter man.

As Mayu typed something on the phone, he told Jun, “You’ll see,” without looking up from the screen. When he was done, he returned the device to him. “Check your draft folder later.”



The doors of the hotel elevator slid open and Mayu led Yuki into the empty lift with luxurious black marble flooring. After pressing the button for the third level, he leant back against the polished glass wall, pulling Yuki towards him and leaving zero space between their hips. It was going to be a long ride down since their room was on the twenty-fifth floor.

“You are going to develop wrinkles if you keep frowning,” he chided good-naturedly as his hands rested on her svelte waist.

With a soft hmph, she turned to look out the clear glass wall, staring at the cloudless night sky illuminated by twinkling speckles in the distance.

“You removed the handcuffs,” she mumbled almost inaudibly, still not looking at him, “and threw them away.”

“I promise I won’t leave your side tonight, alright?” he nudged her gently, hoping to regain her attention. The little action worked and she spared his handsome visage another glance. “Surely you can trust my words more than a pair of handcuffs?”

“Then are you going to follow me to the ladies?”

“If you don’t mind the police taking me away, I will.”

“It’s not funny!”

“And I’m serious here, Yuki!” he cupped her cheeks with both hands, forcing her to face him. “I know you’ve been on the edge ever since what happened to me during the earthquake but you need to relax and get a grip on yourself. I hate seeing you cry for me, that was what I realised when I was pinned under the rubble.”

He paused when he detected the glistening sheen in her eyes. Softening his tone, he continued, “You are my priority now, Yuki. I’m not going to let anything happen to you or me. Trust me, okay?”

All was quiet except for the soothing strings of violin playing in the elevator as Yuki crumbled under Mayu’s intense gaze.

“I’m sorry…” she finally whispered, placing her hand over his. “I just don’t want to lose you again. I’m so scared I can’t stop myself from doing all these silly things. Maybe I’m losing my mind.”

“No, you are not,” he broke into a small grin. “You just love me too much and I appreciate that.”

Studying his dashing smile, she popped a random question, “How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Be so charming. You said I’m your first and only girlfriend. Were you lying?”

He gulped at the suspicious glint in her eyes and refuted her accusation hastily, “Oh no, you just make me a natural.” Glimpsing at the level indicator above the doors, he did a quick mental calculation. Two more floors.

Yuki’s brows knitted together when she observed his widening grin but before she could ponder over his intentions, his left hand had slipped down to her back while his right shifted behind her head, pushing her forward and bringing their lips together to enjoy a brief kiss. Her stomach leapt at the contact and she tugged his shirt collar, wanting more. Tempted by her strawberry flavoured lip gloss, he licked her honey-sweet lips before smoothly pulling back as the elevator came to a stop. They were greeted by the loud thumping beats of dance music as the doors opened. Grabbing her hand, he flashed an assuring smile, “Let’s see what Yuko-san has planned for us,” and guided her towards the entrance of the hotel’s popular club Play by Mee.

Outside the club’s door, there was a long line of patrons waiting to get in. The crowd was mainly made up of men and women in their late twenties to thirties, much like Mayu’s group. The doctor noted the mix of nationalities among the people, spotting quite a few towering Caucasians. His boyfriend instincts swiftly identified a few men leering at Yuki and he wrapped his arm around her waist, drawing her closer. Surprised by the sudden display of possessiveness, she peered questioningly at him only to receive a peck on her nose. Casting her confusion aside, she snuggled up to her reliable doctor, basking in his protective embrace.

“You two are early for once!”

Yuko, Haruna and the gossiping trio emerged from another lift and joined up with the couple. Mocchi’s jaw went slack as soon as she saw Mayu. Cupping her hands over her mouth, she let her roaming eyes devour every visible inch of the younger man dressed in a crisp black shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and fitting khaki denim pants. “Dr. Watanabe, you should wear black more often. It makes your skin glow!” she squealed.

“Mayu looks good in anything he wears,” Yuki boasted with a proud beam.

“Or nothing at all,” Yuko ribbed wryly, setting the ladies’ imagination aflame and making Mayu uneasy from the extremely keen looks he was getting from the nurses.

“Yuko-san!” Yuki hissed at the older woman who had a devious grin plastered on her dimpled face.

Mayu cleared his throat and cast stern eyes on his mentor. “For your information, I’ve thrown away your handcuffs.”

“What?!” the smirk on Yuko’s face was instantly wiped off. “How could you? They are mine!”

“That will teach you to give Yuki funny ideas,” Mayu replied coldly, folding his arms.

“Tch, you should’ve kept them for future bedroom use. I’m sure your abusive Yuki-chan would enjoy them. What a waste of fine resources!” Yuko wailed, mourning over the loss of a well functioning tool that she had not had the chance to use yet.

“Watanabe, next time you should burn those useless things in front of her.”

Yuko did not even need to turn around to know who that sickening voice belonged to. “I’m teaching Mayu boy here how to spice up his love life so that he doesn’t end up an old fuddy-duddy like you,” she snapped.

Raising both eyebrows, Shinoda Mario drew in a deep breath. “Who are you calling old, midget?”

“Whoever is the oldest among us. Or has your brain already turned senile from years of inactivity?” the female doctor taunted. Then she pounded her fist against her palm in mock enlightenment. “Ah! Maybe I should give you one of those tags meant for dementia patients that state your name and address in case you forget your way home.”

“You two are noisy,” a quiet voice sliced through the loud music. The hair on Yuko’s arms stood on their ends from the icy tone and she took a small step closer to Haruna who was distracted by the flashing blue laser lights from the club.

“Ren-kun…” Yuki felt her heart crashing to the pits of her stomach. Ren-kun is still upset. She noticed how he was deliberately avoiding eye contact with her or Mayu.

Sae laughed awkwardly in an attempt to break the rising tension. “Since everyone is here, let’s go in and party!”

“Right, right. Let’s go!” Yuko hurriedly led the way to the reception where she whispered something to the bouncer and the beefy man ushered them in ahead of the other queuing patrons. As the group weaved through the crowd of dancing bodies, Rie yelled above the loud music, “Yuko-san, how did you get us in without queuing?”

A smug smirk spread across the older woman’s face as she led the way. “I know the owner of this club. She’s reserved the VIP area for us tonight.”

“Wow, that’s amazing, Yuko-san! I didn’t know you have such connections,” Sae marvelled while he ogled at the grooving ladies around him. The frivolous man sent a playful wink to a scantily clad Brazilian who happened to catch his eye.

“I have a lot of connections. You just have no idea,” Yuko bragged. Coming to a stop before a silver door, she knocked twice on it and waited. The door swung open, revealing a skinny Japanese woman with untamed wavy hair.

“Yuuchan!” the evidently older woman enveloped Yuko in a crushing hug. “You came!”

Yuko flashed a broad grin, “Of course.” Pulling back, she noted the heavy makeup and thick fake lashes on the face before her and remarked, “Still the same as ever, huh? Caught any prey recently?”

“Sadly, no. But,” the woman’s eyes darted to Yuko’s good-looking posse and her lips stretched to form a sultry smile, “I do spot some delicious fresh meat here.”

The men shuddered involuntarily when her eyes paused to scrutinise each and every one of them. A pencil-drawn eyebrow arched in surprise when she noticed the shortest man in the group. Licking her lips, she cooed, “Ooh… he’s really fresh.”

“You better not touch him or else his girlfriend will chop you into pieces,” Yuko advised in a hushed tone. “He is the one we are throwing the party for. The rest are available though. Feel free to take your pick.”

After her friend nodded in understanding, Yuko finally introduced her to the group, “Guys, this is Ohori Megumi. She’s the owner of this club.”

“Hello handsomes and pretties,” Megumi waved, deliberately batting her eyelids at Mayu. “You can call me Meetan.” Immediately, she felt a piercing glare pricking at her skin. Shifting her sight to the woman who wore a very intimidating scowl next to Mayu, she snickered inwardly. That must be his girlfriend.

“I’ve reserved the VIP corner for you darlings. Follow me,” Meetan led the group to a private area that was away from the crowd yet still allowed them full view of the dance floor. “If you need any drinks, just order through this device,” she held up a tablet that had the club’s menu splashed across the screen. “Drinks are on the house.”

Sae’s eyes widened at the generous offer. “Wow thanks, Meetan!”

“You are welcome, dearie,” the mature lady in a figure-hugging black dress lightly ran a finger along his chiselled jaw. “Enjoy the drinks and good luck to picking up a girl, handsome.”

“I will. You are a wonderful lady, Meetan,” Sae flashed his pearly whites as the woman left the group to themselves. Yuki groaned while Ren rolled his eyes. “What?” Sae was perplexed by their reactions.

“You flirt with anything that has boobs. That’s what,” Mario crinkled his nose. “Can’t believe you flirted with that old woman.”

“For your info, Uncle Stick, she’s only a few years older than you,” Yuko defended her friend.

“She looks like an old witch,” Mario insisted.

“At least she’s a generous witch,” Sae interrupted before the argument turned heated. He was looking forward to a night of drinks and ladies and had no interest in getting caught up in their squabble. Without further ado, the group ordered their drinks.

“Here’s to Mayu boy for finally getting his mojo back!” Yuko stood, raising her bottle of vodka and prompting everyone to do the same.


Mayu’s protest was ignored as the group clinked their bottles and glasses with his bottle of Corona Light. Without waiting for him, the guys and Yuko chugged their vodkas while the ladies sipped on their fruity margaritas. Shaking his head with a resigned smile, he took a swig of his amber drink, squeezing his eyes as the beer left a burning trail down his throat. It had been a long time since he drank anything alcoholic.

“Not too much, okay?” Yuki reminded with a soft smile.

“Don’t worry, I know my limits. Just one bottle tonight,” Mayu assured. Having injured his liver in the earthquake, he was fully aware that he should not agitate it.

Picking up two dice resting in the middle of the round table, Yuko chirped, “Let’s play ‘boxing’. Two players go head to head at a time. Whoever rolls the smaller number on the dice will have to down a shot.” As if on cue, a wait staff appeared and set down a tray of thirty clear tequila shots on the table.

“That’s a lot!” Akicha exclaimed.

“Won’t we get drunk?” Rie asked, concerned.

“That’s the whole point, isn’t it?” Yuko answered as if getting wasted was not a big deal.

“I second that. We are here to party. Don’t think too much!” Sae patted Rie on the back. “I’ll look after you if you get drunk so no worries.”

Rie shook her head, “I’ll just watch.”

“Me too,” Akicha agreed, popping a potato chip into her mouth. “Oh, this is nice!” Her eyes lit up in delight and she took another handful of chips and shared them with Rie. The two nurses were swiftly absorbed in their own munching world as they placed orders for more snacks on the tablet.

“Hungry ghosts?” Yuko stared at them incredulously.

“Don’t mind them. They are always like that when we go to clubs or parties,” Mocchi replied.

“Alright, whatever,” Yuko shrugged. “The rest of us shall play then.”

As the game progressed, Mayu and Yuki realised that not only were they hopeless at janken, they had horrible luck with the dice too. After a debate with Yuko, Yuki managed to convince her to go easy on Mayu and let him skip the shots and drink his beer instead. Haruna, on the other hand, was breezing through the game unscathed, avoiding the drinks totally. By the tenth round, it was down to just Ren, Sae, Yuko, Mario and Haruna. Mocchi had left halfway to chat up a French man she spotted sitting at the bar while Mayu forced Yuki to drop out of the game with him as she had taken the shots in his place after he had finished his beer.

“Let’s dance, Mayu~” Yuki’s speech was slightly slurred. She pulled Mayu up only to lose her balance and fall against him.

“You are drunk,” Mayu stated, noting her flushed cheeks. Dismissing his claim with a haphazard wave, she dragged him towards the middle of the dance floor. The moment they left the VIP area, an ominous feeling overtook his senses. It was as though he was being watched. Glancing around surreptitiously, he caught a glimpse of a hooded figure near the bar staring in their direction. Before he could take a second look to confirm his suspicions, a dancing couple bopped into view and bumped him aside. By the time he regained his footing, the figure was gone.

Could it be my imagination? Mayu craned his neck, checking the dim surroundings as flashing purple beams flitted about.

“What are you looking at?” Yuki’s melodious voice brought his attention back to her.

“Nothing,” he lied, not wanting to worry her unnecessarily. The next thing he knew, she was fiddling with the buttons on his shirt. “W-What are you doing?”

“Don’t you feel warm?” she asked, her voice turning out huskier than she expected. Nonetheless, her hands continued their ministrations and successfully undid the top three buttons of his black shirt, exposing the long scar across his chest. Soft fingertips traced the outline of the protruding flesh before she leant down to plant a lingering kiss. Blood rushed to his cheeks as her hot breath tickled his highly sensitive skin.

“I wasn’t… but now I am,” he lifted her head by the chin and crushed his mouth against hers, tasting the sharp bitterness of tequila lacing her lips. “You’ve got to stop being so tempting, Yuki. I won’t be able to restrain myself,” he warned against her velvety warm lips, breathing hard. However, his words fell on deaf ears for she pressed herself against him, whispering into his ear.

“I. Want. You. To. Lose. Control.”

Her teeth grazed his reddening earlobe, nibbling and sucking on the tender piece of flesh.


She gripped his hand and shoved it up against her right breast, inviting him to caress the soft yet firm mound through her smooth satin dress. His senses went into overdrive when a deep-throated moan vibrated into his ear. Right as he was about to yank her obstructive dress down to reach his destination, something clicked in his mind.

Stop! How can you make her lose her modesty in such a place? You’re sober. She’s not. Control yourself!

He retracted his wandering hand immediately, aghast at the outrageous crime he had nearly committed. Watching as a disappointed pout graced Yuki’s features, he embraced her unsteady body gently as he forced all impure thoughts to the back of his mind.

“Yuki, let’s return to our room. You need to rest,” he tucked her slightly dishevelled hair behind her ear, revealing more of her rosy intoxicated face.

“Mmm… I need the toilet,” she mumbled, glassy chocolate eyes glazing over him. He chuckled at the randomness of her statement. His amused smile dropped when he escorted her to the back of the club where the washrooms were located. Once again, he felt the same watchful gaze burning holes into him every step he took. Sweeping his eyes across the dance floor, a figure in a grey hooded sweater flashed past his vision but disappeared just as quickly as before. Oddly though, shortly after Yuki entered the ladies, the oppressive feeling vanished.

I could use a cold drink now. Actually no, a cold shower would be better. He corrected himself when he remembered the nagging tension below his belt. He patted his cheeks, hoping to clear his overly stimulated head. Looking across the club, he spotted Ren staggering towards the exit, obviously drunk from the way he held onto every single thing to support himself. As Mayu moved forward to offer his help, he detected a shady-looking man following closely behind his tipsy colleague. The suspicious character was wearing huge opaque sunglasses and dressed in a navy blue shirt. He was taller and bulkier than the hooded figure Mayu saw earlier. Mayu halted in his tracks as a thought struck him.

Could he be the rapist the police are looking for? Wait, what about the hooded person? Confusion rose in the usually composed doctor as he glanced around frantically. He was currently halfway between the washrooms and the club’s exit. A nervous feeling settled in his stomach as he recalled the incidences when he felt he was being watched. Those eyes, they were always on me when I was with Yuki but after she went into the ladies, I stopped feeling them. Don’t tell me… whoever the person was, he was not after me but…

His eyes widened in realisation.


Throwing one last look over his shoulder at Ren and the man who was still stalking him, Mayu muttered an apology and raced back to the washrooms. Sorry Ren-san, but Yuki could be in danger too. Your only hope is Matsui-san.

As he tore through the crowd, he replayed the words he had typed in Jun’s mobile phone at the beach earlier.

‘We will be at Play by Mee tonight.’

He prayed in his heart that Jun had understood his hint and was keeping a lookout somewhere in the club. After what seemed like an eternity to his rapidly pounding heart, he skidded to a stop outside the ladies. His anxiety increased tenfold when Yuki was nowhere to be found. A scraping sound alerted him to something hard beneath his shoe. Crouching down, his heart lurched when he picked up a white rose necklace that he could not be more familiar with. It was the very same one that he had given to Yuki on her birthday two years ago. She was always careful with it and wore it every day without fail because it was his first gift to her. Clenching it tightly in his fist, he burst into the ladies, earning screams from the female patrons inside.

“Yuki! Where are you?” he shouted, panicking when none of the faces was familiar to him. “Yuki!”

He banged on all the closed stalls. “Yuki, Yuki, Yuki! Answer me if you are inside!”

When he received no response, he dashed out of the ladies and grabbed the person nearest to him.

“Did you see a woman around my height wearing a white dress?”

The startled clubgoer pondered for a few painful seconds before replying, “Y-Yes. She left with a man.”

“How did he look like?”

“He was wearing a grey hoodie.”

Mayu’s grasp on the young man’s shoulders went lax.

No… Yuki…


To be continued…

I hope your eyes didn't bleed from that long update :nervous Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:
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A/N: Hi everyone! So I've decided to release this update before the fanfic board gets swarmed with Christmas fics :nervous As what ChuuuPuffss-san suggested, please treat this as my Christmas present to you! It has absolutely nothing to do with the festive season though. I've gone back to my usual length for this update. Hope you'll enjoy it! :deco:

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Painful Regrets

Ren cursed under his breath when his right knee rammed against the hard edge of a couch. Losing even more of his balance, he stumbled back into a wait staff holding a tray of empty glasses. There was an earth-shattering smash as the glasses broke into pieces. Ignoring the anguished cry of the unfortunate staff, he shoved the teenage boy aside as his black sneakers crunched on tiny glass bits.

Stupid things and people getting in the way.

The normally benign man was in a very foul mood after witnessing his best friend canoodling with her boyfriend on the dance floor. In fact, he had been withholding his emotions ever since the start of the trip. Thinking that he could drown his frustrations in alcohol, he had hoped to lose as many rounds as possible during the drinking game. Alas, not only did that not help, he found his blood boiling at every little thing from the way Yuko’s rambunctious sloshed laughter hurt his ears to Rie and Akicha’s constant noisy munching to the furtive glances that Yuki and Mayu shared.

Those beautiful shy eyes… Why don’t they look at me that way?

Ren clenched his teeth at the mental image of Yuki’s fingers lacing with Mayu’s as she leant against him on the sofa earlier. Releasing a low growl, he pushed past the last throng of people in between him and the club’s exit, not noticing the silent figure who was trailing his every drunken step.


Matsui Jun spun his sleek black phone in between his thumb and middle finger as he leant against a wall outside Play by Mee. He thanked his lucky stars that the club’s entrance and exit were not too far from each other, allowing him to watch both areas from one spot. The only downside was not being able to see the backdoor. There was a thoughtful frown on the young officer’s face as he contemplated Mayu’s text in his phone.

‘We will be at Play by Mee tonight. Ren-san is not his usual self.’

His dark brows knitted closer together when he recalled the next line.

‘If you are what I think you are, you will have no problem dealing with the homosexual rapist if he shows up.’

Jun chewed carefully on his lower lip. Mayu-san is scary. Has he already seen through me? Adjusting his washed out denim shirt’s collar self-consciously, he shifted his focus to the club’s exit. His eyes lit up when a familiar attractive face emerged from the purple flashing interior of the club. Ren-san! Wait… he doesn’t look right. Jun winced when Ren crashed into a lady and was roughly shoved to the ground by her boyfriend. Knowing that Ren was wary of him, Jun fought back the urge to reveal his presence. To his surprise, a rather large man came forth from behind Ren and stopped the woman’s agitated boyfriend from throwing a punch in Ren’s face.

Who the hell wears shades in such a dark place?

Alarm bells rang in Jun’s head when the unknown man slung Ren’s arm around his shoulders and helped him up. From his point of view, Jun detected mild surprise on Ren’s flushed face but after the stranger said something to him, Ren appeared to relax and allowed the man to guide him to the elevator that led up to the hotel rooms.

Damn it, I couldn’t hear what he said!
Jun hurriedly weaved his way through the crowd, deathly afraid to lose sight of the duo. His eyes narrowed with growing suspicion when the man’s hand inched down from Ren’s arm to his waist to his hip. Crap, they are going into the lift. Can’t lose them! As the pair entered the elevator, Jun snatched the hat off a dude beside him and tugged it low over his own head to conceal his eyes before making a mad dash towards the lift, pulling a Jackie Chan by barely slipping through the gap between the closing doors. There was an embarrassing thud when he smacked face-first into the glass wall in his haste. Feeling his ears grow hot, he shunned the man’s questioning stare and ducked towards the back corner of the lift.

Great… at least Ren-san seems too drunk to notice me.

“Which floor are you staying at?” Jun heard the man ask Ren. His voice was low and smooth with a slight Okinawan accent.


Jun frowned. This guy is definitely not one of Ren’s friends.

After the man pressed for the twenty-fifth floor, he glanced expectantly at Jun whose frown deepened as he wondered what he wanted. Suddenly, his eyes bulged when he realised the situation and quickly jabbed a random button above ‘25’.

Phew. Almost blew my cover. Itano-senpai would surely give me the evil eye if he was here.

As he regulated his breathing, Jun peeked at Ren under the lid of his ‘borrowed’ hat. The doctor appeared to be staring listlessly at the ground except for the occasional grimace when his knees wobbled. Jun placed a hand on his chest, feeling an unknown tightness gripping him.

The smell of alcohol was overwhelming in the small confined space as Ren breathed heavily in his half-conscious state, prompting Jun to wonder just how much alcohol he had consumed and what drove him to get himself wasted. With a soft ding, the elevator doors slid open and the man dragged Ren out. Jun waited till the doors nearly closed before he opened them again, sneaking behind the duo with the stealth of a prowling cat.


Mayu’s heart pounded against his chest as he raced back to the VIP area. God knew where his beloved had been taken to and he needed as much help as he could gather.

“Yuko-san!” his strained voice nearly broke. To his dismay, his mentor paid him no heed as she was giggling like a little schoolgirl and snuggling up to Mario of all people. The senior neurosurgeon was equally tanked, slumping against the back of the couch and stroking the petite woman’s soft brown hair with his eyes closed and a woozy smile on his face. “Yuko-san!” Mayu shook her shoulder and reeled in guilt when she ceased giggling and passed out suddenly, face slamming into Mario’s crotch. If the situation wasn’t so dire, Mayu would have facepalmed himself.

“Kojima-san,” he called in desperation.

The gynaecologist looked up at him although her eyes paused for a split second on the odd pair beside her.

“Do you have Atsuko-san’s number?” he was trying very hard to keep his panic in check. His heart fell when she shook her head.

“Why?” she asked.

Tightening his grip on Yuki’s necklace, he admitted, “Yuki’s been taken away by a stranger.”

Eyes widening, Haruna was stunned for a moment before she murmured, “Yuuchan has though,” and rummaged through Yuko’s handbag and dug out a phone almost entirely covered with shiny diamantes. Typing in the password with the familiarity of the phone’s owner, she made a call to Officer Maeda.

After ending the call, she told the younger doctor, “I’m coming with you.”

“No, it’s dangerous. You better stay here,” Mayu rejected her flatly, not wanting to implicate another woman into the risky situation.

“Kashiwagi-chan wouldn’t want you to get hurt,” Haruna’s normally relaxed eyes turned resolute as she stood despite the younger man’s protests. “I won’t get in your way, Watanabe-kun.”

Suppressing a sigh, Mayu realised he could not convince her otherwise and they made their way to the backdoor of the club where Mayu suspected the hooded man had taken Yuki to. The moment he slammed the heavy wooden door open, his breathing hitched when he found a familiar black strappy heel on the landing of the stairs. A lump formed in his throat as he bolted down the stairs to the first floor.

So much for staying by her side the whole night. I broke my promise. Stupid, stupid! I should’ve let her keep the handcuffs on!

The scent of her hair still lingered on his shirt, bringing unshed tears to his eyes.

I should’ve kept her close.

Her shy and beautiful smile that always warmed his heart surfaced in his mind.

I shouldn’t have let her drink so much.

Her sobs when he was crushed in the earthquake racked his nerves.

What if she’s in pain now?

He felt empty without her hand in his.

I miss you already, Yuki. Please be safe…

Upon reaching the first floor, he barged through the emergency exit and was instantly swallowed by the darkness of a back alley. Haruna was by his side in a second as he contemplated which direction to take. In his mind, he was secretly surprised that she was able to keep up with him in her three-inch heels.

“Watanabe-kun,” Haruna pointed towards a trail of dark wet spots on the gritty ground lit only by one pathetic streetlamp.

Mayu crouched down with bated breath and dabbed his finger on a spot. Bringing it close to his face, his heart skipped a beat as he saw it was stained with crimson liquid.

“Kojima-san,” his voice was quiet.

“Stay here and inform Maeda-san about our location. I’m going to look for Yuki. Do not follow me until help has arrived.”


“Stay here.”

His voice was cold and hard as steel, leaving no room for negotiations.

“I will bring Yuki back whether she’s alive,” he tightened his fist, “or not.”

Without another word, he bolted into the darkness, following the dreaded trail of blood.

“Don’t do anything stupid!” Haruna shouted after the disappearing man but all that answered her was silence.

Loud footsteps echoed in the deserted alley as Mayu ran. His chest felt like it could burst any moment at the speed he was going. Perhaps his wounds would reopen but that was the last thing he could care about as images of a frightened and hurt Yuki flooded his mind. Blackness engulfed him momentarily as he passed through a portion where the light did not reach.

A shriek pierced through the cool air.

“Yuki!” he pumped his legs to go faster. The next streetlamp in the distance showed him that he was nearing a dead end. Muffled screams and cries filled his ears. When he heard a familiar voice choke out his name, he felt his heart die a little. What he saw sent his anger shooting through the roof. There at the dingy corner of the dead end was the hooded figure forcing himself onto Yuki who was pressed down on a heap of black trash bags. Her dress was in disarray and hiked up to her waist, exposing bright bruises on her trashing thighs. Streaks of blood ran down from a cut on her right arm and stained her previously white dress. With a low growl, Mayu hurtled towards the man’s mid-section and sent both of them crashing into a pile of empty cardboard boxes. As the boxes tumbled over their heads, Mayu wrestled him to the gravel ground and threw a punch at his nose, feeling the crunch of bones against his fist. Something glinted in the man’s left hand and Mayu quickly fell back.

“Mayu!” Yuki’s petrified voice called out.

Mayu rolled to a stop and stumbled to his feet, staring intently at the hooded figure who brandished a pointed knife.

“How dare you lay a hand on her!” growled Mayu. To his shock, the mysterious person laughed and the gruff voice sounded vaguely familiar. “Who… are you?”

The man simply laughed again and charged forward, aiming for Mayu’s chest as the doctor dodged backwards with small but quick steps.

“Ugh!” Mayu slipped on a discarded beer bottle and landed hard on his back. The perpetrator was on him in a second, knife raised precariously above his face. It was a battle of strength as Mayu gripped the man’s wrist and pushed it back with all his might.


“G-Go… Yuki…” Mayu ordered through clenched teeth. He had a bad feeling that the fight was not going to end well on his end as the knife was almost poking the tip of his nose.

“After I kill you, I’m going to continue my fun with your girl,” the man’s sinister smirk was the only thing visible under the shadows of his hood. “Her screams are music to my ears and she tastes oh-so-sweet.”

“What have you done to her?” Mayu hissed, narrowing his eyes.

“Nothing much,” the smirk grew into a grin. “I merely made her wet.”

Something snapped in Mayu and he released a furious roar as newfound strength burst forth. He swung the man’s hands to the side and flipped their positions. “How dare you!” Raging anger flashed behind his glasses as he wrapped his hands around the man’s neck and squeezed the delicate area. The hood fell back during the intense struggle, revealing the face of the man who harassed Yuki at the beach earlier.

“You!” Mayu recognised the young punk.

Feeling Mayu’s grip loosen in shock, Hiroki seized the chance to headbutt him, propelling Mayu to the ground and taking a slash at his shoulder.

“Argh!” A searing pain tore through Mayu’s body.

“Not so hot now, huh?” Hiroki bore a manic grin as he circled the bleeding shorter man. “I’ve been observing you. You are just a pansy. A gang’s boss, my foot! Where’s your lackey now, huh?”

“You aren’t so great yourself,” Mayu retorted, referring to Hiroki’s bloody nose while sneaking a peek at Yuki who was cowering in the corner with her arms wrapped around her ripped dress. The tear streaks on her flushed cheeks made it a heart-wrenching sight to behold.

“Still trying to act tough? I’ll make you pay for humiliating me!” Hiroki spat. Lunging forward, he smashed his iron-hard fist into Mayu’s jaw, throwing him off balance as flashing lights invaded his vision. Mayu landed next to Yuki on the trash bags. Blinking and shaking his head to clear the dizziness attacking him, he grabbed a small wooden crate and flung it at Hiroki’s face, earning precious seconds to pull Yuki to her feet.

“Let’s go, Yuki!”

Before they could get far, an incensed Hiroki yanked Mayu back by the collar of his shirt and hurled him against the wall, causing the disoriented Mayu to grunt in pain when his forehead collided with the rough concrete. With his back turned to Hiroki, he did not notice the knife plunging down towards him.

“No!” Yuki screamed and threw herself over her boyfriend. Squeezing her eyes shut, she braced herself for the pain and hugged his battered frame in both fear and defensiveness.

I don’t want to die yet but if I could protect you, it’s not such a bad way to go, right?

That was the last thought on her mind as the knife struck her exposed back.


Everything seemed to happen in slow motion as the knife was suddenly strewn into the air when something shot through Hiroki’s left wrist. The young ruffian howled and staggered away from the couple. Someone with short blonde hair rushed forward and bulldozed him to the ground, swiftly pulling both of his arms behind his back and strapping on a pair of handcuffs even as blood poured from the gaping hole in his wrist.

“Got him, Atsuko!” the blonde man yelled to Maeda Atsuko who had her pistol trained on the struggling Hiroki. The female officer nodded in acknowledgement and hurried over to Mayu and Yuki.

Mayu found it hard to breathe as he observed his pale girlfriend who was slumped against him, not moving a single muscle. “Yuki, are you alright?” he asked, fear gripping his rapidly thumping heart. Receiving no response, he leant forward and inspected her back and found a shallow nick in between her shoulder blades. Relief washed over his nerves and he returned his concerned gaze to her stunned face. Without warning, she lunged forward and enveloped him in a crushing embrace.

“M-Mayu… Mayu… Mayu…” she sobbed. Violent trembling rocked her body as hot tears spilled from her eyes to his neck. Ignoring the pain coursing through his system, he wrapped his sore arms around her, trying to allay her fears. Patting the back of her head, he whispered, “Everything’s fine now. I’m here.”

He glanced at Atsuko who was standing by them and sent an appreciative nod in her direction. She simply returned a small smile and informed him that an ambulance was on its way and the group should be making their way out to the main road.

“Move!” the blonde male officer with Atsuko roughly pushed the reluctant Hiroki forward.

“Why aren’t you arresting him?” Hiroki protested. “He tried to strangle me! I was only scaring them! I didn’t do anything!”

Mayu tightened his hold on Yuki protectively as Hiroki was ushered past them. At this moment, Haruna came up to them, holding Yuki’s strappy heel that had dropped at the stairs of the hotel’s back exit.

“Thank you for your help, Kojima-san,” Mayu said sincerely as he took the black footwear from her.

“I didn’t do much,” she smiled. “I’m just glad you two are safe now.”

Crouching down, Mayu helped Yuki put on her heel while Haruna held the shaken nurse steady. As they were about to leave the scene, Mayu stopped Yuki and began unbuttoning his shirt. Slipping it off his shoulders, he wrapped it around her securely.

“Mayu…” she admired his gently smiling face as a familiar sting nagged at the back of her eyes. She noticed the deep gash on his right shoulder was still dripping with fresh blood.

“Don’t worry, my injuries are all superficial. No nerves have been damaged,” he assured and held her hand, relishing the comfort of having her by his side again.

Later, as they sat side by side in the ambulance, Yuki called his name softly.

“Hmm?” he turned to her.

She reached forward and cupped his bruised jaw. A trickle of blood oozed out from the corner of his lips. After requesting for a stack of gauze from the paramedic, she asked her boyfriend to open his mouth. The moment he did so, she stuffed the gauze in to soak up the warm metallic-tasting liquid that had built up from the cut inside.

“This reminds me of the day I confessed to you,” Mayu jested after she removed the bloodied gauze, earning a smile on his angel’s face.

“Thank you for finding me just now,” she began meekly, wringing her hands together. “I thought I was going to… to…”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say it,” Mayu soothed her suddenly trembling hands in his. “But for a while, I really thought he had done that to you from what he said.”

Yuki shook her head, “He didn’t get a chance to because my knight appeared in time.”

He raised an eyebrow at the unheard of description of himself. “The knight who is horrible at fighting, you mean,” he quipped wryly.

“Doesn’t matter,” she brushed aside his fringe that was obstructing his right eye from her view, “because he still saved the princess in the end.”

“So you are calling yourself a princess now?”

“Am I not your princess?”

“Of course you are,” a doting grin stretched across his cut lip. The two lovers then sat in comfortable silence with Yuki leaning her head on his uninjured left shoulder.

“Hey Princess Yuki…”

She peeked at him quizzically.

“I know I have blood in my mouth now but can I kiss you?” he asked, scratching his cheek. She giggled at his adorable random request.

“Anytime, as long as it’s you.”

As the pair shared a loving kiss in the moving vehicle, the paramedics onboard shifted their sights to their supplies and equipment, giving the couple some long overdue privacy. When the ambulance pulled up at the hospital, a thought struck Mayu as he disembarked from the vehicle and he slapped his forehead.

“What’s wrong?” Yuki asked, taken aback by his sudden action.

“You remember the homosexual rapist that Maeda-san told us about?”

She nodded slowly as an ominous feeling loomed over her.

“I think I saw him following Ren-san when you were in the ladies.”

Yuki’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.



To be continued…

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:

And of course, Merry Christmas to all my dear readers and everyone else at jphip!! Enjoy the turkey! :cheers
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I'm totally at a loss for words! The way you write is just.. Ermergherdd!! I absolutely love your vocabulary *^*

Lol, Kojiharu was the only one sober XD

Hope Ren is fine~ Well, he might be coz' Jun was there being Batman and all lolol

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas present! :3
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Mediacorp should make this into a drama but sadly there's nobody good enough in their stable to portray them =(
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Its getting more and more exciting!!! What will happen to Ren??  XD
I can really feel that Officer Jun is a girl.  :yep:

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Now, Ren, on the other hand.... please save him, Jun!

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Yes safe!

Thank to kojima who the only one sober!LOL

B-but my ren-san is not,hope jun do something...

If jun really a girl (maybe),isnt it more dangerous? I mean even she an officer,she still a girl.but if he a guy its fine or maybe is more safe if she's a girl?beside that man is a gay right...

Ren! Please be safe!! LOL

And a new actor! It's itano-san!

Thank for the update seigus-san
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What a refreshing scene to read... Mayu saving Yuki and then a short fluff until revealing that Ren was being by the actual rapist.
I'm still wondering who's the rapist.
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Just short this time... MaYuki yokatta~ :D

And be careful in the next chapter, Jun.
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Glad that Mayu & Yuki are fine... :twothumbs The 2 should just quickly get married!!!

Praying hard that Jun (i also think he's a "SHE") will rescue Ren (and can they just get together after that? :D)

Also wondering will Yuko & Mario do "silly things" since they were left alone, deadly drunk? lol  :P2
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nice update..  :inlove: :inlove:
wanna to know what happen to ren..
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A/N: So I lied about yesterday's Dr. Watanabe update being a Christmas present :nervous although technically, I wasn't lying as I didn't plan for this Christmas one-shot. The idea struck me while I was sharing a log cake with my mum this afternoon. And in case you are wondering, yes, the title is misspelled on purpose O0 Please enjoy this simple Christmas Special involving our favourite cyborg and her indulgent parent. Merry Christmas, everyone! :deco:

Just Desserts

“Mayu-chan, I can’t get anything done if you don’t come down.”

“I’m supervising you to make sure you don’t mistake salt for sugar,” came the cheeky voice from beside the older girl’s ear.

Kashiwagi Yuki sighed as she hunched over the kitchen counter with a certain cyborg clinging onto her back. Flour, eggs, sugar, chocolate and all sorts of cake-making tools were laid out on the narrow workspace.

“If you are so knowledgeable about this, why don’t you do it yourself?” Yuki asked, frowning a bit when she felt the smooth legs wrapped around her waist slipping down slightly. Instinctively, she grabbed the well-rounded butt behind her and pushed the smaller girl back up. Her frown deepened when she heard a familiar giggle.

“Because you are my mother.”

“So? That doesn’t make any sense,” Yuki retorted even as she pored over the cake recipe that already had some white flour spilled over it.

“And it doesn’t make sense if my mother can’t bake a simple cake.”

Yuki sighed again and gave a resigned smile, not caring if her ‘daughter’ noticed it.

“I just can’t win against you, can I?”

“Nope, you can’t,” Mayu chirped and finally let herself down but not before squeezing the impressive melons on the taller girl’s chest. A devious smirk spread across her lips when Yuki yelped in response.

“Mayuyu!” Yuki shot a glare at the girl who pretended to be inspecting the eggs. “You really need to stop hanging out with Yuko.”

Mayu stuck out her tongue playfully, “You know you like it.” Picking up an egg, she shoved it into Yuki’s hands.

“Break it.”

“Huh?” Yuki stared dumbly at her.

“I’ll stop disturbing you if you can break it properly,” Mayu folded her arms in a challenging pose with a smug little smirk on her face.

“Fine,” Yuki accepted the dare with an indignant huff and naturally reached for a chopstick on her right. However, she froze mid-action when she heard a loud ‘pfft’. Cursing herself, she retracted her hand as her face heated up in embarrassment. Raising the egg, she inhaled deeply, muttered a prayer to the higher powers and smashed it against the mixing bowl filled with flour. With an unsettling crack, the eggshell shattered into a million pieces.

Peals of unforgiving guffaws erupted from the cyborg beside her and Yuki felt a vein burst in her head.

“Just go!” she pushed the laughing girl out of the kitchen. “I’ll be done in an hour!”

“… or two…” she added uncertainly when she was finally alone although she could still hear the irritating laughter coming from the living room.

That little imp… She obviously knows I can’t cook or bake to save my life yet she still wants me to bake her a cake for Christmas.

With those infuriating thoughts bombarding her mind, Yuki proceeded to work on her cyborg’s Christmas wish. Three hours later, the oven dinged. The ex-Team B Captain whose face bore smudges of flour and chocolate opened the oven door with bated breath. She groaned loudly when she laid eyes on a mountain of black – she didn’t even know what to call it - something in the cake pan and a burnt smell wafted up her nostrils. Scraping the dry and crisp contents with a wooden spoon, she set the pieces of ‘cake’ on a large white plate.

Yuki walked out to the living room to call for the person who started it all and found Watanabe Mayu curled up on the couch, snoozing like a baby. She gazed out the window and was surprised to see the sky already dark. I must have spent hours in there. No wonder she’s tired from waiting.

“Yukirin?” a small, cute voice snapped Yuki out of her thoughts and she looked down to see Mayu rubbing her eyes.

“Did I wake you up?” Yuki smoothed the girl’s bangs gently. Shaking her head, Mayu grabbed Yuki’s hand, tucked it under her chin and closed her eyes again.

“Hey, don’t go back to sleep! It’s almost time for dinner.”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang.

“Hear that? The food’s here,” Yuki withdrew her hand and promptly earned a little grunt of protest from the still sleepy ace.

“Come on, I’ll carry you to the door,” she turned her back to Mayu who suddenly perked up and jumped onto her.

“Yukirin’s the best!”

“You aren’t sleepy at all!” Yuki accused, mentally smacking her own forehead. “I can’t believe I fell for that trick again.”

Left with no choice, she piggybacked the mischievous mouse to the door and collected their order of a Christmas Chicken Dinner from the deliveryman. Ignoring the weird look she received from the young man, Yuki closed the door and set the food on the dining table.

“Ne, ne, Yukirin. I want to eat the cake first,” Mayu nudged her shoulder.

“No, main course first. And would you mind coming down?”

“Not until you let me see the cake,” came the persistent reply.

Yuki sighed. In all honesty, she was trying to delay showing the disaster of a culinary experiment to Mayu.

“Fine,” she agreed reluctantly and headed towards the kitchen. Halting before the ‘cake’, she waited for the laughter that was bound to ensue.

“Er… where is it?” Mayu asked innocently.

“It’s right in front of you,” the suddenly self-conscious girl mumbled.

“Oops… I thought those were cookies.”


Mayu leant forward and planted a kiss on the dirty puffed up cheek of her girlfriend.

“Sorry, it was an honest mistake,” she admitted.

“You can don’t eat it, you know.”

“Feed me.”

Yuki’s eyes bulged, almost dropping the girl on her back. “Are you sure? You may get a stomachache.”

“I don’t care,” Mayu insisted.

After much struggling in her brain of whether she should poison her girlfriend, Yuki gave in to her demand and popped a tiny piece of her creation into the cyborg’s mouth. Laborious crunching sounded next to her ear.

“It’s… bitter… and has eggshells,” Mayu commented thoughtfully after swallowing the charred bit.

“Then why did you still eat it?!” Yuki nearly screamed at her senseless act. She did not want to be charged with murder if Mayu dropped dead from eating that… that… thing.

“Because Yukirin made it for me.”

“I think you are a masochist, Mayuyu.”

She felt Mayu shaking her head against her neck.

“I just like it when Yukirin spoils me.”

For the first time that day, Yuki let out a hearty chuckle as she thought of how this pampered child had her wrapped around her little finger. Who’s the real masochist now, huh?

“Come on, dinner’s getting cold. I’ll treat you to a proper cake later.”

There was a delighted cheer and Yuki could not help but smile at her girlfriend’s child-like antics.

“I love you, Yukirin!”

“I love you too, Mayuyu, but can you come down? My back is going to break.”

To her surprise, Mayu obediently slid down without objection. “I want a strawberry cake.”

“Strawberry?” Yuki raised an eyebrow. “I thought you wanted chocolate cake.”

Mayu tipped her toes and licked off a smudge of chocolate on Yuki’s left cheek. “This is all the chocolate I need,” she quipped.

Before Mayu could slink away, Yuki swiftly pulled her into her arms and captured her soft, moist lips, tasting the sweet treat in her mouth.

“You need to learn to share, Mayu-chan,” the older girl chided, grinning against the blushing cyborg’s lips before closing the distance between them again.

Hmm.. Maybe baking isn’t so bad after all.


The end.

Hope that brought a smile to your face, dearest readers :deco: Once again, happy holidays!! :cheers
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Great Story Seigus san!
So sweet and cute indeed like the title desserts  :heart:
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Thanks a lot for this awesome one shot..  :bow:  :bow:  :bow: Waiting for more XD
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Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 4.5] Painful Regrets (24 Dec)
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Hi everyone! It's been a while. I hope everybody is doing fine. I've been busy falling sick (what else is new? :sweatdrop:) and more importantly, as some of you may already know from following the recent posts in The General AKB48 Fanfic Discussion Thread (, I'm currently working with Hitobo and nori on a proposal to the forum mods for an AKB48 Fanfic Community Advice Thread to help writers who want to improve their writing. In our proposal, readers and writers alike will get to play their part in offering advice. We've already come up with the first draft and are in the process of making some adjustments. More details will be posted in the Discussion Thread once we have finalised the draft so please keep a lookout for it if you are interested! :deco:

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff! I'm here to reply to comments given to the last Dr. Watanabe update and you know what that means (or maybe not :nervous): the next update is coming soon! XD

ChuuuPuffss: Yes, Yuki is saved and nothing too bad happened to her! I think I would get slaughtered by a lot of you if something did although that would not stop me from giving her a tragic outcome if I really wanted to. Perhaps I can save it for my future MaYuki fic :twisted: Thank you for liking the way I write :deco: but really, vocabulary isn't one of my strong points. I always seek the help of the online dictionary and thesaurus when I write. I like to think of them as my trusty best friends :D Yup, who else but Kojiharu to be the one who stays sober? Just like in real life, she surprises everyone with her random sparks of brilliance :lol: I LOLed at the Jun being Batman part. He's quite the clumsy Batman though :rofl: I'm glad you love the Christmas present and once again, thank you for supporting this story!

Prataz: OMG Prataz-san! I thought you had stopped following this fic long ago and I'm really happy to see you here again! Thank you for your compliment but oh no, I cannot imagine anyone from MediaCorp playing any of these characters. It is quite a scary thought. Qi Yuwu? Jeanette Aw? Nooo! :panic: We should just continue to imagine our gorgeous AKB idols in their respective roles :nervous

Chichay12: More is coming soon, I promise! And thank you for the Christmas wish too! XD

rhin_rhin: Yes, good thing Mayu came in the nick of time but poor doctor got another scar :( Stupid boy should stop going to the hospital for all the wrong reasons! I hope he doesn't forget that he's supposed to be a doctor and not a patient :lol: But then again, he gets to cozy up to his dearest nurse in the ambulance so all's good :twothumbs What will happen to Ren? Since Yuki didn't get raped, Ren will. He will be raped by Jun and the serial rapist :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: And even though I haven't been contacting you recently, I still love you rhin-san! :heart: :P

jell_o_jello: You are welcome and thank you very much for your Christmas wish too! Yes, MaYuki is saved! Those two still need to get married XD They need a token of immunity so that disasters will stop getting in the way of them making babies their love. As for Jun saving Ren, please refer to my reply to rhin_rhin above :halo:

kurogumi: We all need a friend like Haruna, don't we? :D I give you permission to kill me if Ren doesn't get saved (I dare to say that because you aren't ever going to crawl out of my laptop screen like Sadako :pimp:). So is Jun a dude or a girl or *gasp* neither?! :shocked: Sorry, I'm amusing myself here :P Oh yes, you noticed Itano-san! And I like how you call Itano-san a new actor. Makes me feel like this is a TV drama :twothumbs I'm glad you love the chapter and I hope you will enjoy the next one too!

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sorry for being so late and commenting only now  :bow: :bow: :bow:

You know I am a huge fan of yours and it will never change  ;)

God, I just really love the way you write and I'm so happy Yuki's saved!!!

And OMG, Yuko-sama falling face down on Mario's crotch :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I wonder what happens when she wakes up  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I also think that Jun could be a girl and... I hope he/she saves Ren and later they just get together!!

And Itano appeared!!! Yay!!!

The MaYuki should just go and get married, really~!!!

And I loved the cute OS, thank you~!!!

I'll be waiting for more~!!! :bow:
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I will never stop following your fic unless you are a habitual fan-fic write half-way give up kind of idiot like me =P
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Oh thank you!! Yukirin is so cute when she pouting like this.

And yes! I thought when I saw the first episode that was kinda weird. But She shone and shone a lot.
I loved when the old man asked her if she will close he eyes when she kiss someone and then she said "HA!" It was so... so Cute(?) cool (?) I don't what I really thought at this moment... Oh! you are the first one whom I speak about it. ( I'm a little exciting :nervous)

I want him (Mayu) too!!! :wub: But I think, no, I know that I can't win against Yuki... She is so beautiful... (you can see the Yukirin's fan XD)

Ren will be raped by Jun... :rofl:

So you are going to update soon :theking
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medical drama,

What next? Of course medical drama again! Yeah! I Love medical drama
But dont hurt my yuki or ren!,if its mayu or jun its fine LOL
Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 4.6] To Mend a Broken Soul (20 Jan)
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A/N: Hi everyone! As mentioned, here's Part 4.6 of my Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series! We are finally going to find out what happens to Ren and Jun! I hope you will enjoy this update! :deco:

sakura_drop_: There's no need to apologise. No one is obliged to comment in the first place :nervous Anyway, thank you for still keeping up with this story! I had a huge laugh when I wrote the face-in-the-crotch moment because I was imagining poor Mayu's guilty face :rofl: What if I told you Itano is Jun's boyfriend? :shocked: Hahaha I really need to get out of my trolling mode :twisted:

Note: This is a genderbend story.


To Mend a Broken Soul

Matsui Jun kept his dark eyes trained on the slow-moving pair in the distance. From the way the rubber soles of Ren’s sneakers jerked along the royal blue carpet, it was plain to see that his legs had already given way and the drunken man was practically being dragged by the stranger. The pair stopped before a door after brushing past a chambermaid who did not even bat an eyelid at what was probably a common sight in the hotel. Squinting his eyes from behind a wall, Jun managed to make out the number ‘2513’ on the well-polished door plate.

“Where’s your key?” the smooth voice asked.

Ren swayed a little as he dug his hand into his pants’ left pocket, fumbling around futilely.

“Let me help you,” the man’s hand delved into Ren’s pocket and Jun detected the doctor flinching in shock when the intruding hand went a wee too deep.

“W-What are you doing?” Ren sputtered and staggered away only to have his knees buckle from the sudden loss of support. The tall stranger quickly reached out a muscular arm to steady him before his rump could hit the floor.

“Sorry, you were moving and my hand slipped.”

Ren glared suspiciously at the man but in his inebriated state, his mind was simply too hazy to protest. He desperately yearned to crash the bed so that his world would stop spinning. Leaning against the wall next to the wooden door, he waited impatiently as the man unlocked and pushed the door open. Grunting a word of thanks, he received his hotel key and slid himself along the wall to enter the room.

“I can handle myself from here,” Ren insisted when he sensed the man was following him into the room. However, the man did not budge and slammed the door behind him instead. Ren froze.

“What are you-”

Before he could complete his question, he was swung over the man’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes and then dumped onto the bed. Suddenly, Ren felt more awake than ever as alarm bells rattled his brain to life. The man loomed over him, licking his lips.

Damn it! I can’t move!

The heavy intruder had Ren pinned under his burly frame as he straddled him. Large hands tore at his brown leather belt, almost ripping the buckle off. Burdened with an alcohol-infused system that had rendered his limbs useless, he found it impossible to muster any strength to fight back. His mind flashed back to Officer Maeda’s warning about a male rapist on the loose.

This can’t be happening to me!

Just like back at the beach when Jun approached him, Ren’s throat tightened and his breathing became ragged to the point where his face turned blue. His vision doubled, spiking the oppressive feeling in his gut as it now appeared to be two voracious men riding on him. Unwelcome body heat was pooling at where their bodies met. As Ren’s heartbeats thumped loudly in his ears, cold sweat poured down from his forehead and his hands trembled as though struck by Parkinson’s disease.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

The aggressor ceased wrestling with Ren’s stubborn belt and spun towards the incessant rapping on the door, frowning deeply.

“Anybody inside? There’s a fire down the corridor! Escape now!” a frantic voice called out from the other side.

“Of all times…” the man growled in frustration. Casting a longing glance at the gasping and pale-faced man under him, he clicked his tongue and clambered off the bed, scrambling towards the room’s exit. The moment he swung open the door, a fist flew into his nose, snapping his head back.

“Ugh!” the man stumbled and before he could regain his bearings, he fell back from a sharp kick to his chest. The new arrival pounced onto him like a wild panther and sat on his stomach.

“Police!” Jun proudly shoved his police badge in the man’s face. The young officer grinned inwardly when the man’s features froze in shock. However, his joy was short-lived when the stocky man broke into a ravenous grin.

“You don’t look half bad, Officer Boy,” he stroked Jun’s smooth face, making the younger man blanch from the intimate action. “Since I’m going to get arrested anyway, I should add a police officer to my list of victims. That way I’ll go down in history, right, boy?”

With a sudden burst of hidden strength, the man flipped their positions, causing Jun to smack the back of his head against the ground. Although the floor was carpeted, the huge impact still knocked the wind out of him, making him see dancing stars.

On the bed, Ren groaned as he forced his uncooperative body up. His jet-black hair stuck to his sweat-drenched forehead in dripping clumps. Shaking his head, he was painfully aware of the racket in the room that was making his head throb even more. With the man off him and his personal bubble back, he was able to slowly stabilise his senses.

That voice sounds familiar…

Looking up, he did a double take when he spotted Jun struggling with his attacker on the floor. The officer appeared to be fighting a losing battle. Whenever Jun was about to get up, the man would shove him back down. An unexpected wave of dread struck Ren.

“No, don’t hit him…” Ren whispered subconsciously. Realising what he had just said, he almost bit his tongue.

Wasn’t I afraid of him earlier? Why do I…? No, it’s just because he’s a good person. That’s all.

There was a sharp yell of pain from Jun and Ren cursed himself for getting so pissed drunk.

I need to help him.

Jun tasted blood on his lips after being delivered a vigorous wallop to his jaw. As he blocked off more punches aimed at his face, he regretted not informing his colleagues of his whereabouts. Itano-senpai is so gonna scold me after this. If I make it out alive, that is.

A fraction of a second’s distraction was all it took for the man to sneak a punch through Jun’s defense. Immense pain exploded in his left eye and the officer was out cold from the impact, his arms dropping to his sides limply. Smirking, the man gripped Jun’s shirt collar.

“Time for my prize,” his eyes gleamed in anticipation.

Ren clumsily rolled off the bed when he noticed the danger Jun was in.

“Don’t touch him!” he shouted, or attempted to with his hoarse voice.

Fingers tightening on the denim shirt, the man ripped it apart as though it was paper. The buttons popped audibly and scattered all over the carpet.

“What the hell is this!” the man cried out in confusion as he recoiled from the sight presented before him. Covering Jun’s chest was none other than a woman’s black chest binder.

While the predator was still in a state of shock, Jun’s eyes shot open and she whispered, “Gotcha.”

The officer sat up and headbutted him, breaking the hindering sunglasses with a satisfying crack. With a gleeful kung fu shout, she kneed him in a man’s most vulnerable region. His voice went from deep and manly to shrill and girly in a split second.

Ren’s jaw dropped at the sight. He blinked multiple times to make sure his eyes were not playing tricks on him. Nope, the binder was still there.

Jun is a woman.

Relief washed over him.

Wait, why am I feeling glad?

He watched in dumb admiration as Jun expertly whipped out a pair of handcuffs from her pocket and locked the weakened man’s wrists behind his back. She stomped on his struggling back, pressing her foot down hard as she called someone on her mobile phone.

“Itano-senpai, I’ve just subdued Homo Rapist in Room 2513. Can you and Atsuko-san come over to help me bring him to the station?” There was a pause before she continued, “You are on the way to catch another offender? Alright, alright. I’ll wait for you here. No, no, I won’t let him escape. Please trust my abilities, senpai.”

Ending the call, she scowled dramatically at her phone as if it was her disbelieving senior. Drawn by the comical action, Ren accidentally let out a soft chuckle, instantly earning her attention.

“Ren-san…” Jun stared at the handsome man, suddenly feeling extremely self-conscious like a starstruck teenage girl. Slapping her flaming cheeks, she muttered something audible only to herself before she focused on him again. “Are you alright?”

Ren ruffled his hair sheepishly. “Yeah, thanks to you.”

An awkward silence fell over them.

“What is this? An idol drama?” the man jeered from the floor and was promptly delivered another kick to his nuts.

“Shut up!” Jun snapped. “Do you want me to gag you?”

“If you are capable of it, girlie,” came the strained yet taunting reply.

Jun clenched her fists. “You asked for it.”

The next thing Ren knew, the young female officer had singlehandedly bundled the man up in a thick blanket and stuffed a face towel in his blabbering mouth. She patted her hands with a satisfied huff while Ren observed her high nose bridge and the feminine curve of her rosy lips, wondering how he could have missed the signs that she was a woman.

“Erm… Ren-san…”

Ren jolted at being called. “Y-Yes?”

“Do you have a shirt that I can borrow? Mine is kind of ruined,” Jun flapped her open blue shirt carelessly. Feeling a surge of heat to his face, Ren averted his eyes from her flat bound chest and slim stomach, clearing his throat as he walked to his luggage and rummaged through its contents to dig out a plain black T-shirt.

“Thanks,” Jun removed her shirt and tossed it aside casually before pulling Ren’s tee over her head, taking a brisk whiff of the fresh scent unconsciously. After adjusting her short black wig, she stepped up to him and stuck her hand out with a megawatt smile.

Ren frowned questioningly at the abrupt action.

“Matsui Jurina. That’s my real name,” she said. “Nice to meet you.”

Ren blinked.

Jurina nudged her hand forward, still beaming.

A small but heartfelt smile finally graced Ren’s dry lips and he grasped the proffered hand. The moment their hands made contact, he was overwhelmed by how ladylike hers was. It was a little rough, probably a result of her police training, but it was certainly smoother and smaller than an average man’s hand.

“Matsui Ren. Nice to meet you too.”

As they waited for the other officers to arrive, Jurina took his statement as she sat unceremoniously on the restrained rapist while Ren rested on the edge of his bed. When that was done, they moved on to idle talk and Ren found out an astonishing fact about Jurina: the young lady had barely turned twenty, making her seven years his junior.

“That’s really young,” Ren remarked, not quite knowing what else to say.

“I joined the academy once I graduated high school because I wanted to be like my dad. He was always so cool when fighting the bad guys! But now he’s an instructor for the new cadets. He really gave me hell when I was under him,” Jurina pouted at the memory.

Ren laughed softly at how excited she sounded when she talked about her dream job. “It’s for your own good that he was tough on you.”

Jurina nodded, pressing her lips together, “Hmm… That’s right. He always says the criminals won’t go easy on me.”

The doctor could not help but chuckle again. This girl is really quite innocent in her thinking.

“What about you, Ren-san? Why did you become a doctor?” With the tables suddenly turned on him, Ren was at a loss for words. He had made it a point not to rake up the past which never failed to make his heart ache but when he saw the large doe-like eyes staring expectantly at him, his resolve crumbled.

Closing his fists over his knees, he slowly revealed, “My childhood friend and I always played doctor and nurse when we were young. As we grew older, she realised she truly wanted to become a nurse while I, being a prideful teenage boy, boasted that I’d be a doctor so that we could work together. And we studied really hard in high school but…”

He sighed.

“But?” Jurina peered inquisitively at the hesitant doctor.

“She left our hometown to further her studies in a university in Tokyo. My family didn’t have the money to send me to the big city so I was left to work hard on my own in Nagoya.”

“Is your friend Mayu-san’s girlfriend?”

Ren nearly choked on his saliva when she posed that question. I was wrong. She is definitely not naïve at all!

Biting his lip, he nodded solemnly.

“And you like her, don’t you?” Jurina probed again, giving him another shock to the heart.

I may be a heart specialist but at this rate, even I can’t save myself.

With a wry smile, he responded, “You are quite sharp.”

To his surprise, the officer burst into peals of sheepish laughter. Scratching the back of her head in a rather boyish manner, she dismissed his claim, “No, no. You’ve just been very obvious, Ren-san!” Somehow, she liked the way his name rolled off her tongue.

Before they could continue the conversation, there were three firm knocks on the door.

“Ah, that must be Itano-senpai and Atsuko-san!” Jumping up, Jurina bounced over to the door. Ren was a little startled that he was disappointed at the interruption. What is this feeling?

He did not have time to wallow in self-pity because in walked Atsuko with a rather tall and fashionable man with short slicked-back blonde hair and multiple ear piercings. Trailing behind the no-nonsense-looking man whom Ren deduced was probably ‘Itano-senpai’ was his colleague Kojima Haruna.

“Kojima-san, why are you with them?” Ren asked.

“It’s a long story…” Haruna trailed off, tapping her chin as she pondered over her reply. “Let’s just say Kashiwagi-chan got kidnapped-”

“What?!” If not for the fact that Haruna was a woman, Ren would have grabbed her shoulders and shaken her like a rag doll.

“Calm down. As I was saying, Kashiwagi-chan was kidnapped but Watanabe-kun and the two officers here saved her. They are on their way to the hospital as we speak.”

“Yuki-chan is hurt?”

Haruna nodded absentmindedly. “Not as bad as Watanabe-kun though. She only suffered a cut on her arm and some bruises.”

Ren exhaled in relief upon hearing that Yuki was not in critical condition. Without realising it, he sighed a second time at how useless he had been.

I hate to admit this but you made the right choice, Yuki-chan. Mayu-san is the one who can protect you with his life. He is always there whenever you need help while I just know how to get drunk and get into trouble myself. I guess I’m just not… not good enough.

“Ren-san, are you okay?” Jurina waved her hand before his unblinking eyes, looking very concerned. Snapping out of his thoughts, he gave a forced smile and nodded a bit too quickly.

“I’ll be going now. See you around?” Jurina said with a hopeful tone in her voice.

“Ah, hang on,” Ren stopped her. She watched him curiously as he took some ice cubes from the mini fridge and wrapped them with a small towel.

“Use this on your eye. It’s looking pretty bad,” he advised. “This is the least I can do in return for your help.”

Her chest warmed at his thoughtfulness and she gladly received the impromptu ice pack.

“Thank you, Ren-san,” with a sincere smile and butterflies in her stomach, she left.

When it was just Ren and Haruna alone in the room, the gynaecologist made an unexpected request.

“Can I sleep in your room tonight?”

“Eh?” Ren gaped at her. “Aren’t you sharing a room with Yuko-san?”

“I don’t know where she is and I left my room key with her. She and Mario-kun were already gone from the club when I went back just now. So were the others and I don’t want to disturb them,” Haruna answered matter-of-factly.

“I guess that should be fine then. Knowing Miyazawa, he is probably not coming back tonight. You can take Mario-san’s clothes to change and take his bed. I believe he wouldn’t mind,” Ren suggested and proceeded to get ready for bed. Before he succumbed to exhaustion, his thoughts drifted to the new friend he had made and he fell asleep a little more easily for the first time in years.


It was already four in the morning when Yuki and Mayu returned to the holiday resort. On the way back to the hotel, Mayu had received a message from Haruna saying that Ren was fine and the rapist had been arrested. With their minds finally at ease, the doctor had insisted that he did not need to stay for observation in the hospital as he trusted Yuki to nurse his wounds properly. There was another reason which he kept to himself: he did not want to leave Yuki alone after all that had happened.

“So much for a holiday trip,” huffed Yuki as she helped Mayu into their hotel room. “You sustained new injuries instead of recovering from your old ones.”

Forgetting the large wound on his shoulder, Mayu shrugged and hissed loudly in pain. His anxious companion was on him in a second, ushering him to the edge of their bed.

“It’s time to change the dressing. It’s all soaked,” Yuki diverted his attention to the piece of dressing on his right shoulder that was wet with semi-dried blood. With the skilful hands of an experienced nurse, she removed the dressing carefully and dabbed at the sticky stitched up wound with a moist cloth. Mayu found himself enthralled by the way long locks of her soft raven hair fell over the right side of her face as she tilted her head in deep concentration. Her angelic features, though marred by traces of dirt, were still as alluring as ever. He smiled to himself, feeling like the most fortunate man in the world to have protected the purity of this wonderful woman before him.

“Is it very painful?” Yuki asked when her boyfriend winced.

“A little,” he flashed a feeble and somewhat forced smile. Noticing the worried crease on her brow, he quickly added in a joking manner, “Doesn’t it look like my body has become a living canvas?”

She smiled girlishly at his attempt to cheer her up. “Whoever the artist is, I would love to take away his license for drawing scars all over my boyfriend. But…” her voice trailed off as she leant back and admired his lean physique basking in the warm glow of the room.

“But?” he returned a puzzled look.

“… I must admit you look sexy with them,” she continued softly as a bright blush conquered her visage. A light chortle sounded from the amused man before her.

“Did I not look sexy previously?” he teased, enjoying the way her cheeks bloomed like cherry blossoms in spring.

Eyelids fluttering downwards, she shyly placed a hand on his bare chest and drew small circles at where his heart emitted steady beats. “You were more… boyish.”

She felt a rumble under her palm as he let out a low chuckle. Lightly callused fingers tipped her chin up and she found herself staring into the mesmerizing windows to his soul.

“I have to match up to my very sexy girlfriend, right?”

The unabashed compliment raised the corners of her mouth even as she tried to bite back a smile. “Hmph… sweet talker,” she smacked him lightly. “You were already very manly when I started working with you.”

“Really? That’s new.”

She giggled at the genuine surprise he was displaying. “Yes,” she resumed drawing random shapes on his uneven scars. “It was the way you carried yourself. Ever heard of ‘a serious man is a sexy man’?”

He shook his head and she could not help but pinch his nose playfully.

“You might have been the medical prodigy and Dr. Cool to everyone but I felt your kindness during our very first meeting,” she caressed his swollen left cheek gingerly. “And I’m glad my instincts were right.”

Turning his head, he kissed her palm. “I’m thankful that you were so patient. I mean, it took me almost three years to tell you how I felt.”

“Good that you know,” she poked the raw bruise on his jaw, effectively making him reel in pain.


Her melodious laughter rang in the quiet room. “That’s punishment for making me wait so long.” However, her heart melted upon seeing the pitiful puppy-like drooping brows on his injured face and she pulled him in for a soothing peck on the lips.

“Mayu… I’m tired. Can you hug me to sleep?”

He raised an eyebrow at her unusual request. “You don’t even need to ask. Don’t I do that every night?”

Gripping the crumpled fabric of her dress, she bit her lower lip nervously. That was when Mayu detected fear in her fidgety brown eyes. Laying his hands over hers, he spoke in the gentlest tone he could muster, afraid to shatter her delicate soul. “Sure, would you like to change out of your dress first?”

“Can you take it off for me?”

It was another odd request but he complied without a second word. Lifting her dress that was stained with blood and grime, he was careful not to agitate the bandaged wound on her right arm. He silently thanked the heavens that her cut did not require stitches like his. When he laid eyes on the deep red bruises on her thighs, he mentally stabbed himself for allowing another man the chance to touch his beloved inappropriately.

“I’ll get your sleepwear,” he stood up but was instantly held back by a shaky hand.

“Don’t leave me,” her voice came out as a desperate plea. The frightened gaze in her glistening eyes as she peered up at him dressed only in her lacy white lingerie made her look extremely vulnerable. Mayu suddenly found his throat very dry. Sucking in a deep breath, he counted to six in his head before plopping back down. He set his glasses on the bedside table and drew her into his arms, allowing her weight to rest upon him as he lay on the fluffy pillow. With her head tucked under his chin, he felt her burying her face in his chest as feathery strands of her hair tickled his unclothed skin.

“Thank you, Mayu,” she murmured, finding solace in the comforting warmth of his embrace. He pulled the covers over their bodies and pressed his lips against the top of her head.

“Sleep your worries away, my dear. I will always be here.”

Soon, he sensed the tension seeping away from her as quiet, steady breathing drifted into his ears. If he could see her face, he would have noticed her peaceful smile as she slept soundly in his arms…

The next morning, he was awakened by the pleasant feeling of familiar fingers playing with his fringe. Blinking his bleary eyes open, he was greeted by the beautiful serene face of his angel. The sight warmed his heart and he returned a lazy smile.

“Had a good sleep?” he asked, voice somewhat husky.

She nodded and replied, “Thanks to you.”

“Anything for you,” he rubbed his eye and pouted at the thought of leaving the indulging arms of sleep. The adorable unguarded action brought a loving grin to Yuki’s face. It never failed to amaze her how mature he can be yet in their private moments together, he would sometimes let his child-like side slip through.

“You are so cute,” she poked his nose.

“No one is looking,” he drawled, allowing his heavy eyelids to fall again.

“I am.”

“Not counted,” he pulled her closer, savouring the warmth of her body.

“Shouldn’t we be getting up for breakfast?”

“I’m tired.”

“Sleepyhead.” Despite her remark, she made no move to ease out of his hug. Instead, she gazed dotingly at his resting face.

You’ve been through a lot too last night. I’ll let you sleep in today.

Inching forward, she planted a tender kiss on his swollen cheek before closing her eyes and joining her favourite doctor in his dreamland.

Meanwhile, things were not so peaceful in Room 2515. A distinct high-pitched shriek pierced through all the walls despite how soundproof they were advertised to be and it was soon joined by a lower but equally anguished male scream. All occupants in nearby rooms save for a certain snoozing doctor and nurse, were jolted wide awake.


To be continued...

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:

I had wanted to wrap up this vacation arc in this update but there are still some loose ends to be tied up and dun-dun-dun, Mayu still hasn't proposed to Yuki! :banghead:
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 :otomerika: Yeah! Long awaited update! Thanks!!!  :hee:

So the truth on Jun is out! Glad that she managed to protect Ren's chastity (LOL!) And I bet it will take another "decades" (Mayu is not better, took him 3 years to confess) more for the super dense ren to realize his growing feeling towards Jun. Maybe "Jun" can take the initiative! Go Go! Jurina!!! :on woohoo:

Expected ... something "BAD"  :JD:  :deco: had happened between Mario and Yuko!

Update please!!! (and quickly)  :mon pray2: Can't wait to read the next chapter!
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OMG the last sentences of this update were just  :mon lmao: :mon lmao: :mon lmao: :mon lmao: :mon lmao:

anyway, Yuko-sama and Mario aside  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


What a sweet couple MaYuki is... Thanks t you I ship them harder than SaeYuki  ;) They're just so sweet and cute... I think I got cavities from their scene~

And Jun is Jurina oc, how we suspected. The way she handled that rapist  :mon beam: :mon determined:

Ren should just stop being so dense... He likes Jurina oredi nee~?  :mon star: :mon XD: :mon misch:

God, I still can't get over MariYuu  :mon lmao: :mon lmao: :mon lmao: :mon lmao: my poor imagination is running wild  :mon XD: :mon lmao:

I'll be waiting for your other update  :mon yeah:

btw, Itano is so cool~  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:
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jun was jurina yesssss

ren stop and forget your love for yuki but love jurina right now

do you UNDERSTAND ME ?! :angry:
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Post by: jell_o_jello on January 19, 2013, 11:43:31 PM
So Jun is actually Jurina :w00t:
No problem for Ren there :twothumbs

Ahhh now I wanna know what happened between Mario and Yuko :lol:

Thanks for another awesome update!
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damn rapist don't hurt my junjun :angry: and go ren fall hard for jurina! xD
on top of that am getting diabetes early in the morning just by reading MaYuki sweet scenes lolol  XD
am looking forward to mario and yuko scene, seem like it's going to be epic moment there  :banana:
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Thank seigus-san,for making ren safe...LOL

Seems like ren already fall for jurina,but he's so dense like mayu,maybe he need a time to figure out that he love jurina,but hopefully not that long,i kind like he figure out in short time,maybe 3 day?or after vacation? LOL

And i loved the intense scene between mayu and yuki,they sure need to marry~

As for mario and yuko,i dont want imagine what happen,these people...

This fic actually really like a tv drama LOL

Thank for the update seigus-san
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And so it happened! The long awaited update =)

As Ren is so bloody dense like a rock, he will definitely need someone as hot blooded as Jurina to melt away the layers to his heart.

Go On and fight for your love Jurina! Go and conquer this silly doctor!

And woah... Mario and Yuuko... If they did it... Then how about poor Haruna? Who can claim one of the sexiest woman in AKB48 then?
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Post by: Amakuchi on January 20, 2013, 06:28:30 AM
Mario x Yuuko? :3


Thanks for the wonderful update. m(_ _)m
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Wow.. So Jurina is a woman.. XD
Thanks, God it was not a homo scene.. XD

And, Seigus-san.. You are very very good in writing.. Your explanation is clear and it make me love Mayuki pair more.. X)  :wub: :wub: :wub:

The character of Mayu.. Arghhh.. It's melting me..  :wub:
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It is just so wonderful!!! I love iiiiiiiiitttt!!! :inlove:

Ren is safe!! Youhou!! :twothumbs And Jun is Jurina!! Yatta! :twothumbs

Ren! Jurina is just here!! Look at her!! ;)

Mayuki are so sweeeet!! :wub: why are they sweet like that?? :) Yuki you were so kawaii!!! :wub:

And the end.. :rofl:

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Cliffhanger! Again!! DX
Ooooh~ i bet it was Yuko and Mario or Sae who shriek/scream in the end.
The update will be fun!! :D
And oh... More JurinaRen scene! *although i'm still looking forward the other doctors' squabble for Haruna and Ren*
Hope to read the next update... Soon... XD
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Hi everyone! It's been a while. I hope everybody is doing fine. I've been busy falling sick (what else is new? :sweatdrop:) and more importantly, as some of you may already know from following the recent posts in The General AKB48 Fanfic Discussion Thread (, I'm currently working with Hitobo and nori on a proposal to the forum mods for an AKB48 Fanfic Community Advice Thread to help writers who want to improve their writing. In our proposal, readers and writers alike will get to play their part in offering advice. We've already come up with the first draft and are in the process of making some adjustments. More details will be posted in the Discussion Thread once we have finalised the draft so please keep a lookout for it if you are interested! :deco:

aruka: aruka-san! I had thought that you had stopped following this story long ago too! It's really great to see you back again! :deco: I hope you will like the future updates :D
Not commenting doesn't always mean not following the story, seigus-san. :D
Maybe my comment wouldn't even be necessary as people before me have sucked empty all my intended words and left me nothing to say. :lol: #kidding

Currently I'm enjoying myself as a mostly silent reader in the Fanfic thread, and yet just reading only could still render my brain tired sometimes, especially during that 'heated war of words' in the discussion thread a while ago. :lol: However, let me say thanks to you, Hitobo, and nori for the proposal work. I didn't comment or anything for that idea (my bad), but it's a yes from the silent me.

Regarding the story, I'll be frank... my excitement for this series did lower down at the beginning of their vacation. That time I wasn't quite moving on from the 'intensity' of the previous city-rescue chapter. In later chapters, including this latest, the excitement rose though, but still far from the exact high level I've been on.

Perhaps upcoming chapters would help rise it more, that's why I would wait. But don't worry... just keep writing the usual way, seigus-san. :D

And Jun is a she! :w00t: Lovely! :love: Thank you for meeting my expectation on Jurina's gender. :D
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Hi everyone! It's been a while. I hope everybody is doing fine. I've been busy falling sick (what else is new? :sweatdrop:) and more importantly, as some of you may already know from following the recent posts in The General AKB48 Fanfic Discussion Thread (, I'm currently working with Hitobo and nori on a proposal to the forum mods for an AKB48 Fanfic Community Advice Thread to help writers who want to improve their writing. In our proposal, readers and writers alike will get to play their part in offering advice. We've already come up with the first draft and are in the process of making some adjustments. More details will be posted in the Discussion Thread once we have finalised the draft so please keep a lookout for it if you are interested! :deco:

aruka: aruka-san! I had thought that you had stopped following this story long ago too! It's really great to see you back again! :deco: I hope you will like the future updates :D
Not commenting doesn't always mean not following the story, seigus-san. :D
Maybe my comment wouldn't even be necessary, as people before me have sucked empty all my intended words and left me nothing to say. :lol: #kidding

Currently I'm enjoying myself as a mostly silent reader in the Fanfic thread, and yet just reading only could still render my brain tired sometimes, especially during that 'heated war of words' in the discussion thread a while ago. :lol: However, let me say thanks to you, Hitobo, and nori for the proposal work. I didn't comment or anything for that idea (my bad), but it's a yes from the silent me.

Regarding the story, I'll be frank... my excitement for this series did lower down at the beginning of their vacation. That time I wasn't quite moving on from the 'intensity' of the previous city-rescue chapter. In later chapters, including this latest, the excitement rose though, but still far from the exact high level I've been on.

Perhaps upcoming chapters would help rise it more, that's why I would wait. But don't worry... just keep writing the usual way, seigus-san. :D

And Jun is a she! :w00t: Lovely! :love: Thank you for meeting my expectation of Jurina's gender. :D

Sorry for double posting, but this perked my interest.

Mainly because I always had a deep 'connection' with this story as I never lost interest in it and it always kept me entertained.

But it is really wonderful to find out more different opinions.

I think seigus-san is lucky to have this feedback from people.

I want to get this various comments too as all I always get is just good opinions, like my haters are too afraid to face me or something.

Anyway, just to mention it again, I love your story, seigus-san, and I'll be waiting for the next update~!

Till next time, seigus-san!  :mon bye:
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I'm a new reader on your fic
I really like it, especially dr watanabe x nurse kashiwagi

Mayuki in here are so perfect for each other  :wub:
Poor ren but I hope with jurina, he will find new love  :D

Thanx for the fic ^^
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Hooaaaaa Jun-channnnn (LOL)

for me Jun it's a girl for the first time (LOL) ma... That because when I was in primary school,, I have an underclassmate named Jun-chan LOL
she is so kawaii XDDD

oh and anyway,,, when I was at school, I tried to draw dr watanabe in my desk. I'm so bored hearing the theacher's "SPEECH".

I really wanted to post it in here,,, but I dunno how  :depressed:

could you tell me how to do it? 39--  :kneelbow:
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First, I'm sorry for being late. T___T


Hooray!! Jun is actually Jurina!  :cow: I knew it! I knew it!  :cow:  :cow:

To Ren-san,

Pedobear! Come on and get your loli-Juju now!!!  :lol:

To Mario and Yuko,

Wahahahahaha..ahahaha..ahahaha..  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


MaYuki is sweet as ever!!! I just can't get enough of their sweetness. Please update this everyday. (joke) xDD
And I'm really curious if Mario and Yuko did a file transfer.   XD

Thanks for this update seigus-san! I really enjoy it!  :heart:
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Post by: Wmatsui22 on February 01, 2013, 11:26:54 AM

I read this all chapters in only 1 day! :D

It's really amazing!!!

Many handsomes!!! hehe...

Please Update!!!

I love WMatsui...

Chapter 06, it's very funny that Jun likes Mayu,Mariko,Sae and Ren!!!

It's very funny :D

It's MariHaru? kojiYuu? or MariYuko?
Title: [MaYuki Request Hour Special] The Reason Behind Sexy Shortcake's Smile (2 Feb)
Post by: Seigus on February 02, 2013, 07:45:45 AM
Hi everyone! This was supposed to be up last weekend but I was so busy flooding the MaYuki ( and Kashiwagi Yuki ( threads with pics and stuff from Request Hour 2013 and whatnot that I was too tired to complete this one-shot earlier :nervous In order to fully enjoy this update, you will first need to know what happened over the Request Hour weekend by checking out the aforementioned links and my post in the Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2013 thread (

This update is dedicated to rhin-san for tolerating my crazy bouts of MaYuki spazzes during RH13 :lol:

Hope everyone enjoys this one-shot! The MaYuki love shall live on! :heart:


The Reason Behind Sexy Shortcake’s Smile

There’s no way I can mess up the center position.

That was what had been weighing on Watanabe Mayu’s mind since the start of Request Hour 2013 Day 3. She had been unforgiving to herself, never once taking a break from practising dance sequences to even grab a drink. After performing Iiwake Maybe, the pigtailed girl finally made a mad dash to the water station. Her throat was scratchy and she was painfully aware of the dryness lacing her lips.

As she and some other members swarmed to quench their thirst, she blinked in confusion when she saw her cup all scrunched up at the edge of the table. Next to her, Sashihara Rino was heard grumbling something about “stupid Miichan” and “my poor cup” under her breath.

“Oh Mayuyu, I’d advise you against using that cup,” Sasshi told the perplexed girl.

“You know what happened to it?” Mayu asked as she inspected the paper cup, frowning slightly when she noticed faint teeth marks on it.

“Didn’t you watch our MC just now?” Sasshi raised a surprised eyebrow. “The one with me, Miichan and Yukirin.”

Mayu shook her head, “I was busy.”

“Ah,” the HKT48 member nodded in understanding. “Then you might want to put that cup down. Miichan chewed on it during the MC.”

Eyes widening in horror, Mayu released a squeak, chucking the defiled cup to the ground like it was a lethal virus. As she stared at the discarded item, her dry throat beckoned for some much needed relief and she swiftly turned her attention to the new disposable cups. However, Sasshi blocked her outstretched hand.

“What are you doing?” she questioned.

Brows furrowing again, Mayu replied plainly, “Taking a new cup.”

Sasshi laughed and pointed at an unused cup on the table, “That’s your new one!”

“Eh? Who wrote…” Mayu’s voice trailed off as she recognised the handwriting scrawled across the smooth white surface. The characters were somewhat messy, as though the person had written them in a hurry.

“Damn that Kashiwagi. She quickly wrote you a new one but she ignored mine.”

Mayu barely had time to step aside when Sasshi dropped to her knees and picked up a cup lying under the table. She raised it with both hands, treating it like Simba of Lion King fame and proclaimed in a dramatic voice complete with sobbing sounds, “My poor baby! Even if you are down and dirty, I still want you!”

Mayu cringed when Sasshi cradled the cup which bore smudges of grime to her cheek. Unable to stand the seemingly unhygienic scene, Mayu poured herself a cup of water. She smiled as the refreshing liquid glided down her throat, running her thumbs over the black ink on the cup. At this moment, the familiar sounds of someone’s footsteps approached them.

“I’m so thirsty!” Kashiwagi Yuki lamented to no one in particular. “Ah, Mayuyu!” The Team B member’s face lit up like a light bulb and she quickened her steps. In her haste, she missed Sasshi entirely and tripped over the Hetare Idol, slamming her foot into her back. The victim of accidental abuse smacked face first against the floor with a startled ‘oof’.

“My baby!” Sasshi cried out.

Yuki steadied herself and gaped in true Reaction Queen fashion. “Sasshi! What are you doing down there?”

Ignoring the question, Sasshi lifted her cup which had been crushed under her body when she fell and sniffed loudly. Suddenly, she whipped her head around, lips quivering as she glared daggers at Yuki.

“You ruined my cup!” she wailed.

Yuki resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “You can always get a new one. There are so many of them.”

“I want you to get me a new one… and write my name on it!”

“You have hands, don’t you?” Yuki folded her arms across her chest, unwilling to accede to the demand. “You can do it yourself.”

“Not fair! Mayuyu has hands too but you got her a new cup right after Miichan raped hers!” Sasshi whined, pointing at Mayu who was watching the heated exchange with quiet interest.

“Eh?” Yuki’s cheeks pinked upon Sasshi’s words. She fell silent as she racked her brain for a suitable comeback. “W-Well, you… aren’t as cute as Mayuyu!” she blurted.

Now, it was Mayu’s turn to blush. The youngest girl among the trio tightened her grip on her cup.

Sasshi smirked inwardly and did a discreet fist pump when she detected the bright red hue conquering their faces.

Yes! Unresolved sexual tension!

In a sudden 180 degree turn of attitude, Sasshi stood up, tossed her cup into the bin, and sauntered off with an air of nonchalance that would make Shinoda Mariko proud. After she made her exit, the two former teammates were left facing each other in awkward silence. Mayu played nervously with the frills on her skirt as memories of Yuki’s abnormally dominating actions the previous night flooded her mind. She could clearly remember Yuki forcefully pulling her into her blazer shortly after Day 2’s encore performances...

Mayu lost her footing from the sudden pull and crashed against Yuki’s body. Two strong hands shoved her closer from the back till Mayu could feel every single voluptuous curve of the enticing woman before her.

“Yu-Yukirin?” the young girl was acutely conscious of the fact that Yuki was just wearing the tantalising tube dress for her Shortcake performance under the white jacket. She sucked in a deep breath when Yuki’s face leant in so close that their noses were touching. “W-What is it?”

“You’ve been a cheeky girl.”

Mayu recognised the dangerous smile that did not quite reach Yuki’s brown eyes.

“You were having fun teasing me non-stop with Sasshi on stage just now, right?”

Biting her lower lip, Mayu realised she was in trouble. “But Yukirin is really sexy!” she defended herself hastily.

The smile widened. “I’m glad you think that way. But… you still need to be punished. Now, hold me.”

The bloodthirsty glint in her burning gaze told Mayu that there was no escaping her command. Meekly, she wound her arms around Yuki’s waist under the blazer.

“Good girl,” Yuki muttered and dipped her head low towards Mayu’s lips but before she could reach her goal, Takahashi Minami’s voice boomed.

“Debriefing time! Everyone gather in a circle now! Be fast!”

“Tch,” Yuki cursed. Thanking Takamina in her head, Mayu seized this chance to slink out of the slackened grasp and took Yuki’s hand, dragging the frustrated woman towards the gathering group.


“I miss your trademark pigtails,” Yuki spoke, breaking the ice that had settled between them. The Team A ace visibly jerked. She looked up and immediately regretted her action when she caught Yuki’s eyes. They bore the same piercing intensity as the night before.


Some girls passing by stopped to wonder what was up with the two top members of AKB48 but were quickly ushered off by their more discerning friends. A certain oblivious Matsui Jurina chose this moment to sneak up to Mayu and plant a wet kiss on her cheek.


Mayu yelped and attempted to jump away but was restrained by Jurina.

“Mayu-chan is so cute!” the SKE48 ace nuzzled her face against Mayu’s. The older yet physically weaker girl squirmed at the close contact for she had always been averse to sudden intimate ambushes by other members.

“Let go of her.”

The voice was quiet but it sliced through the noisy backstage chatter like a hot knife going through butter.

“Hm?” Jurina looked up and saw a very, very black-faced Kashiwagi Yuki staring at her with dark eyes that could kill. The playful puppy gulped.

Yuki took slow, measured steps towards the younger pair, causing Jurina to inch back in fear.

“Mayu, help me!” she pleaded in panic but Mayu only shrugged and muttered an apology.

“I wish I could but-”

Before she could complete her words, she was yanked out of Jurina’s arms and into the familiar embrace of the idol who was also known as the Black Queen.

“Do you have a death wish?” Yuki continued in her icy tone, emitting an oppressive aura that screamed danger to all present.

Jurina’s knees started to shake badly from the intimidating scowl that Yuki was directing at her. Out of the corner of her eye, she spied Oshima Yuko walking past and she scurried behind the older girl.

“Yuko-san, help!”

Yuko stumbled from the surprise addition latching onto her back. Glancing at where Jurina was pointing a trembling finger at, she grinned knowingly.

“Possessive as usual huh, Black-chan?”

Yuki narrowed her eyes. “Don’t get involved, Yuko. It’s not the first time Jurina has pulled a kissing stunt on Mayu. She needs to be taught a lesson.”

Yuko heard a sharp intake of breath behind her. Sighing, she tapped her temple thoughtfully. A few seconds later, her face brightened and she flashed the infamous oshiri sign.


Unfortunately, Mayu appeared to miss her hint to play along and remained unmoving in Yuki’s strong hug. Her cyborg mind was frozen by the way Yuki’s arms snaked around her slim waist, occasionally squeezing her stomach whenever her anger spiked. That, and her hot breath against her ear was not helping the situation.

“Not funny, Yuko,” Yuki glared down at the shorter woman.

Alright, this is bad. I sense Yukirage. Where’s Nyannyan? I want to hide in her boobs!

Before Yuko could utter a word, a staff member called out, “Kashiwagi-san and Watanabe-san! You two need to get ready for your duet!”

The tension in the air shattered in a split second when Yuki broke the staring contest and gasped loudly.

“Oh shoot! I had forgotten about that!” Yuki released Mayu immediately. Snatching the startled girl’s hand, she sprinted towards the changing area, leaving a couple of Team K mates who sank to the floor in relief.

“That was…”

“… scary.”

“I never knew Yukirin-san could be so-”

“Possessive,” Yuko completed the terrified puppy’s sentence. Trading glances, they shuddered.

In the changing area, two figures were busy getting into similar sparkly dresses for their next performance. Yuki detected Mayu struggling with the zip on the back and hurriedly moved behind the younger girl, pulling the zip up.

“Thanks,” Mayu beamed at her dependable ex-captain. Instead of receiving a response, she felt smooth fingertips running down the length of her bare arms ever so slowly. “Y-Yukirin?”

It was that hungry gleam in her eyes again. The group’s next ace candidate shivered involuntarily.

“What’s wrong, Yukirin? You’ve been acting strange since last night.”

The question seemed to have hit a nerve and Yuki opened and closed her mouth soundlessly like a goldfish. When she finally found her voice, her predatory aura had been replaced by a guilty bow of her head.

“I… I just… miss my adorable Mayuyu.”

Although surprised by the confession, Mayu giggled. “That’s it?”

Yuki nodded wordlessly. This time, it was Mayu who took the initiative to close the gap between them. The move only served to make the taller girl groan from the throbbing sensation in the pit of her abdomen.

“Don’t do this to me, Mayu,” Yuki shifted her thighs uncomfortably.

Mayu felt pity for the yearning gaze and wrapped her arms around Yuki, laying her head against her ample bosom and listening to the quickening heartbeats.

“It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?”

Yuki groaned a second time, resisting the urge to squeeze that perfectly-shaped derriere or to ravage those tempting pink lips.

“I want yo-”

Yuki was silenced by a slender finger pressing against her lips. Looking down, she found her beloved’s face rosier than before and she had not even touched up her makeup yet.

“I understand,” Mayu’s eyes darted around shyly. “I miss Yukirin too.”

The corners of Yuki’s mouth curved upwards. “Does that mean we can…”

A tiny nod.


Not giving a reply, Mayu buried her now beetroot face in Yuki’s chest. Bursting into joyous laughter, Yuki finally returned the hug and stroked Mayu’s silky black hair.

“Thank you, Mayu. I love you.”

Leaning down, she planted a brief kiss on Mayu’s lips, sealing their promise of a long night of love and passion.

Later, during the performance of Temo Demo no Namida, the other members could not help but gawk at the unusually happy smile on Kashiwagi Yuki’s face.

“Why is Yukirin smiling so much?” Miichan wondered aloud. “She always had this someone-owes-her-ten-million-yen face whenever she did TemoDemo.”

Next to her, Sasshi suppressed a knowing guffaw and nudged Yuko in the ribs, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Nodding with a wry smirk, Yuko cheered, “Sexual frustration found a release!”

“Wait, wait, am I missing something?” Miichan probed anxiously.

Yuko wiggled her eyebrows.

Sasshi flashed the whites of her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

Ignoring the bewildered Gachapin, the two clowns high-fived each other and erupted into boisterous laughter.


The end.

After writing this one-shot, I can't watch MaYuki's TemoDemo performance the same way again :bleed eyes: My heart keeps exploding into colourful gay rainbows :nervous

Anyway, thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated! :deco:
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on February 02, 2013, 11:31:54 AM
I really really believe things happened like u wrote, or at least something similar to this. Thank u for adding Yuko-sama in the story :deco: I'll be waiting for the next chapter of doc mayu and nurse yuki series ;-)
Title: Re: [MaYuki Request Hour Special] The Reason Behind Sexy Shortcake's Smile (2 Feb)
Post by: mayuki_daisuki on February 02, 2013, 12:08:38 PM
I LOVE IT!! :love: :heart: :yep: :deco:
Mayuyu is so cute  :luvluv1:
fufufu...I really love the possessive Yukirin :ding: :kekeke: :hehehe:
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Post by: rhin12 on February 02, 2013, 12:22:56 PM
You killed me in one-shot! x_x  :lol:  XD

Thank you seigus-san.  :bow:

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Post by: Yuki88 on February 02, 2013, 01:35:54 PM
Omfg you just made me grinned so wide in the middle of my family  :panic:

Title: Re: [MaYuki Request Hour Special] The Reason Behind Sexy Shortcake's Smile (2 Feb)
Post by: rexywhite on February 02, 2013, 02:55:05 PM
You literally had me grinning all through out reading your latest one shot, such a fluffy piece that it just screams rainbows and butterflies. Yuki alternating between being needy and black was glorious while Mayu being all tsundere and shy here is quite a refreshing characteristic to read, since it's usually Mayu being the flirty and bold type. That Sasshi part reminds me of an old interview for their 1/148 game when Yuki wanted to get Mayu to confess to her but instead got Sasshi and she just rejected her over and over  :lol:

Now a comment for the Dr Watanabe & Nurse Kashiwagi series, I was quite surprised that Jurina is a woman, I thought her voice was manly but I maybe read it wrong (need to reread it again). Ren is quite the loyal type of guy for still harbouring those strong feelings for Yuki for years after she's taken. First love never dies I guess, well for his sake I'm happy he's taken quite a liking to Jurina. Can't wait what will happen to MariYuu once they're sober  :lol: For the lovely couple I'm glad that they're both safe though the doctor got hurt again and again. Next chapter will be about the proposal I suppose, wonder what Mayu has in hands.

Your stories as always are written nicely, thanks for writing and sharing them.  :twothumbs
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It was god as always..I want to become like you. Good writer.

I can imagine what you write, because of the pictures and all.

Perfect! Thank you for the one shot! :love:
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The Reason Behind Sexy Shortcake’s Smile

I like this OS

It's very funny :D

I like Jurina and Yuko's reaction and the sudden burst of Black

I love it..

I hope you make also WMatsui..

Thank You

--Waiting for it :D
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I have missed 2.5 days of the request hour due to work... but managed to watch Temo Demo no Namida segment...

Mayuki is cute in your story (and in real life interaction of course!)!

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Title: [MaYuki Valentine's Special] Peace in the Cold (15 Feb)
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A/N: Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments for the MaYuki Request Hour Special! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it and that it gave your imagination a good workout XD Well, it's Valentine's Day (technically speaking, it still is in some parts of the world) so that means another MaYuki Special! To be honest, I had actually forgotten about this special occasion because it was overshadowed by Chinese New Year preparations on my side. It was all thanks to a reader who reminded me on tumblr about a week ago. So if you enjoyed this MaYuki one-shot, please thank that kind soul in your heart! :nervous

*Note: This is an AU setting, meaning Mayuyu and Yukirin aren't idols but just common folks like you and me.


Peace in the Cold

“That’ll be 470 yen, please,” a staff behind the wooden counter spoke with a cheery smile.

Opposite the beaming employee, Kashiwagi Yuki dug into her purse and fished out a thousand-yen bill which she handed over to the patiently waiting woman. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted up her nostrils and it comforted her frayed nerves a little. However, when she glanced around the coffee joint that was bustling with lovey-dovey couples, her irritation grew again. She clicked her tongue when she caught sight of a pair of high school students taking turns to feed each other a piece of strawberry shortcake.

“Here’s your change of 530 yen. Please proceed to your right to wait for your drink.”

Receiving the coins and receipt, Yuki frowned when she noticed a narrow slip of pale pink paper among them.

“What’s this?” she asked.

The staff’s face brightened at the question, hurting Yuki’s eyes with her gleaming pearly whites which reminded her of a squirrel. “It’s a love prediction slip!”

“A- what?” Yuki tugged her earlobe in reflex, wondering if she had misheard the jovial worker’s words.

“A love prediction slip,” the brown-haired woman repeated. “It’s our Valentine’s Day Special! With every beverage purchased, you will receive one slip. No two slips are the same so they are all unique!”

Yuki resisted the urge to make a not-so-appreciative remark about the marketing gimmick and chose to give a polite nod to the enthusiastic employee before shuffling to the side. Her hand flipped the pink slip over. Printed in cursive black ink, it read, “You will find true love today.” Rolling her eyes, the sullen woman crushed it and stuffed the ridiculous note into her long coat’s pocket.

Only a fool will believe that. And thanks for reminding me that I’m single.

Drumming her fingers on the countertop, she surveyed her surroundings again and sighed. Every seat in the café was spoken for.

So much for wanting to laze my evening away with a good book and a hot coffee.

“Here’s your medium coffee to go, miss.”

Snapping out of her thoughts, Yuki muttered her thanks and held the white paper cup by its cardboard sleeve. She took a deep whiff of the rich contents, allowing the invigorating scent of pure black coffee to course through her senses. With a soft recharged smile, she stepped out of the warm café only to be slapped in the face by a gust of chilly wind as light snow whipped around her. She cursed loudly, too disgruntled to care that passers-by would hear her. All around her were signs of the dreaded celebration of Saint Valentine: huddling couples in matching outfits, heart-shaped balloons, bouquets of expensive roses, and an overwhelming amount of pink and red all around that she felt like gagging.

“I hate you, V-Day!”

Her sudden outburst drew weird stares from the other pedestrians.

“What? Never seen a single person before?” she lashed out at the nearest couple, causing the man to shield his girlfriend from the seemingly rabid woman. Before she could take a sip of her coffee to calm herself, a startled yelp was heard. Snapping her head in the direction of the high-pitched voice, she witnessed a pigtailed girl slipping on some ice on the sidewalk and crashing onto the hard ground. The basket that she was holding sailed through the air, scattering the flowers it used to contain all over the concrete pavement.

“Oh no!” Even as she cringed from the pain in her knees, the teenage girl hurriedly crawled over to the fallen flowers, gathering them into her skinny arms. An oblivious man dressed in a crisp business suit crushed the delicate beings under his well-polished leather shoes as he walked past briskly. “No! Please be careful!” the girl scrambled to the flattened flowers and picked them up gingerly. Her eyes misted upon seeing the ruined state they were in. At this moment, a pair of legs clad in knee-high black boots and navy denim stopped before her.

“You should care about the flowers that can still be salvaged.”

Rapidly blinking back tears, the girl turned her gaze up, locking eyes with a relatively tall woman with flowing raven hair that rested on a dark winter trench coat. She was a rare sight to behold when most girls and young women would be dressed in romantic pastel colours on such a special day. There was nary a smile on her face as she held out a bunch of flowers in her right hand while her left clutched a coffee cup. The young girl broke the eye contact and scanned around her, noticing that all the other flowers on the ground were gone. Turning back to the stranger, she accepted her help.

“T-Thank you.”

Yuki watched silently as the girl pattered to the basket and placed the flowers in, arranging them as neatly as she could.

“It’s not enough…” It was soft but Yuki heard the dismay in the girl’s voice.

“What’s not enough?”

The girl flinched, not expecting Yuki to still be behind her.

“N-Nothing!” When Yuki’s questioning gaze continue to bore holes in her, the brave front she had been putting up crumbled and she shifted her sights to the basket of flowers. “The remaining flowers are not enough to make up for the loss.”

“You can always mark up the price,” Yuki suggested, her voice laced with sarcasm, before adding, “That’s what you money-making people do to exploit the commercialism of Valentine’s Day anyway.”

“Eh?” the girl stared wide-eyed at her in shock.

Realising what she had just blurted must have sounded extremely rude, Yuki cleared her throat and angled her face away, “Ah, sorry.”

There was an awkward pause as both parties fell silent. Seconds later, shuffling sounds were heard as the girl stood, grasping the basket with both hands.

“Thank you for your help. I’ll get back to work,” she finished with a polite bow and crossed the road to station herself outside a shopping mall. Lips pressed tightly together, Yuki grimly noted how the girl nearly slipped again but managed to steady herself against a lamppost. By this time, the sun had set and her surroundings were lit by streetlamps and lights from various shops and malls. Temperatures had dipped even lower, prompting Yuki to take a sip of her coffee. Her nose scrunched slightly when she discovered it had turned a little cold. Tossing the cup into a nearby trash can, she shambled along, disappearing into the sea of couples.

Fifteen minutes later, Yuki found herself back at the edge of the traffic junction where she parted ways with the girl from earlier.

What am I doing? Am I that bored?

Shaking her head, she focused her attention on the petite girl who was still hawking her wares at the same spot Yuki had last seen her. Out of the ten people who passed by her, none spared her a glance despite her hopeful pleas. One surly ruffian who had his arm around his girlfriend even shoved the poor girl’s hand away, causing her to drop the stalk of red tulip. Once again, she dropped to her knees without thinking, picking it up and cradling it close to her small chest lest anyone stepped on it.

“Why don’t you just give up?” an apathetic voice said as familiar ebony boots came into the girl’s view.

“You again?” she gasped lightly at the sight of Yuki. Ignoring her question, Yuki took the tulip from her, rotating it by the emaciated stalk.

“Everyone wants roses on this day. Tulips aren’t going to sell… and yours don’t even look fresh nor are they packaged nicely.”

The girl’s head hung lower with each scathing word. Gripping the handle of the woven basket tightly, she mumbled, “These are all I could afford.”

“Come again?” Yuki turned her eyes to the bowed head on which soft white snow dotted silky strands of obsidian hair.

“The florist didn’t want them so I was able to get them at a low price. I thought I could make some extra money from them to buy new drawing supplies.”

Yuki raised an eyebrow. “What are you? An art student?”

The girl nodded and continued, “Someone stole my materials in school yesterday and I have an assignment due tomorrow morning. I can’t do anything without my pencils and sketchbook.”

“Can I just give you my mechanical pencil?” Yuki offered brusquely.

“That won’t work.”

Yuki sighed. Arty people are so troublesome.

“You can always ask for money from your parents.”

There it was again – the awkward silence. Even as a melodious love song blared from the shop they were standing in front of, the icy tension pricked at Yuki’s skin, slowly crawling up her arms under the warm sleeves of her coat.

“My mother passed away when I was five… and my father is in hospital for cancer treatment. The money I have now is only enough for this month’s food and transport.”

The girl’s voice was quiet and could have been easily carried away by the frosty wind but Yuki heard every single word. She observed the solemn girl’s face and something clenched in her heart when a glistening pearl rolled down a pale and smooth cheek. Releasing a low growl, Yuki snatched the basket of flowers and chucked it aside, shattering the self-pity that the girl was beginning to wallow in.

“Come on, let’s go,” she grabbed a tiny wrist and pulled the girl along. It was only then she realised the girl was not wearing gloves and her baby pink jacket was too thin for a freezing day.

“W-Wait! Where are you taking me to? And my flowers!”

“Forget the flowers,” Yuki ordered, exerting more strength to overcome her younger companion’s resistance. “Take it that I bought them. There’s an art supplies shop just round the corner. You need your pencils, don’t you?”

The girl ceased struggling. “Y-Yes but…”

Yuki ignored her and kept marching forward, carving a path through the heavy human traffic. Behind her, the corners of the girl’s lips curved upwards as she laid eyes on the slim but oddly reliable back of the eccentric stranger.

“Thank you, erm…”

“Kashiwagi Yuki,” Yuki said, eyes still fixed on the road ahead.

“Thank you, Kashiwagi-sa-”

“Just Yuki. Kashiwagi-san makes me sound old.”

A girlish giggle sounded behind her, making Yuki wonder what the warm feeling spreading through her chest was.

“Then thank you, Yuki-san. I am Watanabe Mayu. Please call me Mayu.”

The older female merely tightened her grip on Mayu’s wrist.


Yuki leant against the edge of a towering shelf with a new sketchbook in her arms, smirking ever so slightly as Mayu bounded towards the assortment of sketching pencils with gleaming eyes like a kid in a candy store.

“Ah, I want this… this... and,” Mayu gasped, “I’ve been wanting that for a long time!” She picked up a medium-sized box set excitedly. Turning it over, her face fell when she spotted the price tag. She peeked at Yuki and quickly turned back when their eyes met. With a crestfallen pout, she returned the box to the shelf.

“If that’s what you are looking for, just get it.”

Mayu stiffened at being caught. How did she know?

“No, it’s too expensive.” My flowers aren’t even worth half the price of that.

Hearing the clicking of slightly heeled boots approaching her, Mayu peered up from her squatting position on the parquet floor. She watched with a curious frown as Yuki reached past her to retrieve the item she had just placed back.

“It’s this one, right?”

Mayu nodded.

With the box gripped firmly in her hand, Yuki proceeded to the cashier, prompting Mayu to chase after her frantically.

“Wait! I said I don’t need it! I can just get the cheaper ones.”

Yuki shrugged off the hands clutching her arm and snapped, “Just accept it, alright? I have too much money to spend on myself anyway!”

Her sudden flare rendered the younger girl speechless.

“Why… why are you helping me?” Mayu asked hesitantly. Yuki was digging for her purse when she paused mid-action, blinking as she pondered over the question.

“Like I said, I don’t have anyone to splurge on so I might as well spend my money helping someone,” she finally replied although the bitterness in her voice was hard to miss.

Mayu bit her lip thoughtfully. “Do you, perhaps, hate Valentine’s Day?”

Yuki’s back went rigid the second those words reached her ears. However, before she could react, a distinctly male voice called out.


Both girls turned to the source of the voice and found a strapping young man with spiky chestnut hair and tanned skin heading towards them. Next to him, a lady with heavy makeup had her hands looped around his elbow and her head leaning against his broad shoulder. Mayu cast a sidelong glance at Yuki and was surprised by the flicker of pain flashing across her features before it was swiftly replaced by a venomous scowl.

“You…” Yuki’s right hand balled into a fist so tight that her knuckles turned white.

“L-Long time no see, huh?” the man sputtered, averting Yuki’s sharp glare. Suspicion rose within Mayu from the way he fidgeted. Looking around the store, he seemed to be searching for something.

“Erm… How have you been?” he asked with a shaky smile. “Where’s your date?”

“Shut up, Kouji,” Yuki warned through gritted teeth. “You can drop the pleasantries.”

“Kou-kun, who is this?” the woman clinging onto Kouji asked, a tinge of possessiveness in her voice.

The man called Kouji shifted his sight from his girlfriend to Yuki nervously, appearing stumped for words. “Er… ah… she is…”

“Let me help you answer that, Kou-kun.” Yuki turned to the other woman and explained, “I am his ex-girlfriend whom he dumped last Valentine’s Day for another girl and oh,” she paused to scrutinise the flabbergasted woman, “that girl wasn’t you.”

Eyes widening, Mayu snapped her head towards Yuki whose face was contorted with a mixture of humiliation and anger. So this guy is the reason Yuki-san seems to loathe Valentine’s Day. As her eyes travelled down to Yuki’s hands, her brows knitted at how violently her right fist was trembling, as though she was trying to suppress her anger with all her might. This is not good. She’ll draw blood at this rate.

As Kouji’s girlfriend interrogated him with questions about Yuki and the girl he cheated on her with, Yuki suddenly felt a cool hand enveloping her own warmer one. She looked down and found Mayu peering back with concerned brown eyes. Something clicked in her mind and she felt her fury dissipating almost immediately. Taking a closer look at the younger girl’s features for the first time, it dawned on her that Mayu owned an exceptionally cute oval face with candy-pink lips and a petite but sharp nose. For reasons unknown to her, Yuki’s heart ached upon seeing such a pretty face marred by a frown.

Ignoring the now bickering couple, she swiftly paid for the drawing materials and guided Mayu out of the store, never once letting go of the comforting hand as they traipsed along.

“Are you okay, Yuki-san?” Mayu asked cautiously, afraid to trigger more unhappy memories.

“Let’s grab a hot drink,” Yuki changed the subject without batting an eyelid. “You’re shivering.”

Without waiting for a response, the taller woman led her to the café where she bought her coffee earlier. The interior was a lot less crowded than before, allowing them to secure a table at a secluded corner.

“What would you like?” Yuki asked as she placed her coat over the back of her chair.

“Just a hot chocolate will do,” Mayu sighed, sinking into the cushy seat of the plush one-seater sofa. It had been hours since she last rested her sore feet.

When Yuki returned with Mayu’s drink and some sandwiches, she told her new acquaintance, “Just a heads-up, you will have to repay me for the pencils and food. I’m not so kind to give you everything for free.”

Mayu’s breathing hitched; the girl suddenly looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Yuki could not help but chuckle at her reaction.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to sell your kidney or anything horrible like that. Since you are an art student, I want you to draw a picture for me after you are done with your assignment.”

The girl exhaled the breath that she had been holding and agreed to Yuki’s request with a relieved nod. They stayed way past midnight at the 24-hour café with Mayu working fervently on her assignment while Yuki read a novel that she always carried around in her bag. By the time Mayu made the finishing touch on her drawing, it was already three in the morning. The exhausted girl rested her head on the table and was out cold within seconds. Smiling softly at the adorable sight, Yuki walked behind Mayu and gently placed her coat over her back. As she was about to return to her seat, she caught a glimpse of the drawing that was resting under Mayu’s arms. Slowly slipping it out, Yuki’s eyes bulged.

On the paper was a dark angel with long flowing midnight hair and magnificent wings in varying shades of grey reaching out to a human girl. What caught her attention was the girl wore her hair in pigtails while the angel held a coffee cup.

Is that supposed to be me… and her?

Looking past Mayu’s head, she spied a familiar pink slip of paper under her used ceramic mug. Out of curiosity, she picked it up and read the words printed on it.

You will meet an angel today.

Yuki’s heart skipped a beat and she hurriedly dug out her own crumpled love prediction slip, placing the two notes side by side.

If I am her angel, could it be that there’s actually some truth in the predictions? Does that mean…?

Shaking her head, she crushed the papers and returned to her seat.

I don’t know about true love but…

She gazed warmly at the snoozing girl across her and brushed her fringe aside with the gentlest of touches.

I think I’ve found someone who can bring peace to my heart.


The end.

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated! :deco:

Happy Valentine's Day (or Together Alone Day for those who are single like me :P) to everyone here! I :heart: you!
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^ Forever alone or Hopeless romantic day :lol:

I've been a closet fan of yours and when I decided to go into AKB fics I read yours first as reference

Great work!
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This was such a sweet read!!!

I loved this, like all your works actually  :nya:

oh, Mayu is always the cute one who warms up the black hearted Yuki, nee?  :shy2:

Thank you!!! Write more MaYuki!!!  :on gay: :kneelbow: :onioncheer:

oh, and Happy As-For-Now-I'm-Single Day!!!
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ahhh love it!! genius genius you hear me!! XD :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :love:
and happy valentines day!!  :cow: :deco:
i wish something would happen like that  :( :lol:
thanx for the fic :bow: :bow:  :twothumbs
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Ahhhhhhh~ I really love your fictions! (especially the Doctor Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi one~) And this new updated one-shot is just awesome.  :farofflook:

Looking forward to your future updates here~  :ding:

Happy Valentine's Day (or Together Alone Day for I too am single.  :sweatdrop:) !  :on gay:
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Woaaaah This one-shot is beautiful!  it was really cute!

Aaaah!I want to write like you... I'm your fan YAY
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Hell yea, Happy Alone day too, Seigus-san *Hell I hate V-Day!*

when I read about Mayu's family, It's kinda moves me on. you know,, err.. this is the first time I sah these things in a forum. well, I'm in the same position as her, but it's not my mom, but my father. oh and I'm the one who sick these days LOL
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Seigus-san!!  XD This is so cute! You're amazing! I'm your number one fan now! Please let me have your autograph!  XD

 :cow: <- your number two fan.  :lol:  :peace:

Mayu and Yuki are really destined for each other. Be it in reality or in a fic (MaYuki fic LOL)   :deco:

Thank you for this cute V-day one shot!  :bow: :bow:
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Hello! :D

This One-Shot of your is very good and sweet at the same time!

I love this!

Seigus-san! :D Your the BEST! :D

I hope you also update your story of MaYuki and other pairings!

Thank You :D

PS: I Hope you also make a WMatsui OS... Thanks!
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Too bad Jun is a girl in your fic because a gay Jun was funny xD
Poor Mariko and Yuko, I wonder how Kojiharu will react
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Seigus san! You're a moderator now! Omedetou!
You're most likely busy and stuff... But i do hope to see an update on your Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Yuki series.
DX I've been anticipating the proposal and wmatsui scenes. Teehee~
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Hi everyone! It's been two months since the last Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi update. I hope you are still sticking around for the wrap-up to the current vacation arc. I had been distracted by all the MaYuki during Request Hour 2013 and then there was Valentine's Day which I simply couldn't ignore :nervous Aside from that, I have been very busy lately and I've just picked up reading novels as a hobby. Before this, the last novel I read was Battle Royale by Takami Koushun about seven years ago and I had been surviving on fanfics, manga and magazines ever since. However, I had been doing some thinking recently and thought that I should be reading more widely to be exposed to more styles of writing which will be helpful when I write my own stories.

But not to worry! I've been writing the next Dr. Watanabe update religiously (just that progress had been really slow) and it's almost ready. Expect to see it up within the next two days :D Now on to the replies for the last Dr. Watanabe update!

DC2805: Thanks for waiting and I'm sorry I've made you wait so long again! Both Mayu and Ren are slow when it comes to love :smhid Let's hope the bubbly Jurina will take the initiative to heal Ren's lonely heart. As for Mario and Yuko... :rofl:

sakura_drop_: I'm really glad that I made you ship MaYuki harder than SaeYuki. Let's hope that keeps up! :P Jurina is a hot-blooded and passionate young lady. I can imagine her being the lead character in a shounen manga series like Naruto :lol: Great that you enjoy the Mario and Yuko moments. Stay tuned to find out what happened to them!

steven_0809: Someone needs to slap Ren silly and get him to start looking at other fish in the sea! 8)

jell_o_jello: Yup, no problem in terms of gender for Ren and Jurina. The only question is: can he finally let go of Yuki? :( Poor guy needs a hug.

CrimsonGrxy: I'm sure your "Junjun" enjoyed protecting her No.1 eye candy :rofl: And I hope readers don't start suing me when they get diabetes from the MaYuki scenes. I can't help it. They are so asdfdfdasj adorable and mushy! :sweatdrop:

kurogumi: You're welcome! Now that Ren is safe and MaYuki are fine (and already being sickeningly sweet), we are left with Mario and Yuko. Seriously, I don't want to imagine what will happen between them too. Those idiots :doh:

Prataz: Let's see... I think the winner of Haruna's heart will be her PSP :rofl: Yes, Jurina needs to actively pursue Ren to melt his heart. The hospital is full of silly doctors :panic: but luckily for the patients, they are only dense when it comes to love.

Amakuchi: Did Yuko and Mario have a good time last night? O0 Or was it Yuko and Sae? :twisted: Keep your eyes peeled for the next update to find out!

Jessye: Actually, a gay scene would be fun :D Thank you for your compliment on my writing. I'm glad it works for you and that you love MaYuki even more now! Dr. Watanabe melts my heart all the time too :inlove:

Chanaline: Everyone is safe! I couldn't bear to let any of them get raped but perhaps I will subject them to a worse fate in the future :twisted: MaYuki is sweet because they secretly want to make the whole world suffer from tooth decay and diabetes :pimp:

kiruchi: I apologise for the cliffhanger and that the update didn't come as soon as you wished :nervous I had fun writing the next update so I hope you will enjoy it too! There will be lots of things happening! XD

aruka: To be honest, I was painfully aware of the fact that some readers were losing interest in the story ever since the vacation arc started. It was moving in a very different direction and away from the intense medical drama but there was only so much I could do with the medical side of things as this series is not about handling different emergency cases in every update. I have plans to explore the other characters like Ren, Yuko and Mario and to mainly give neglected Ren a closure; hence the vacation arc. However, my plans require lots of setup before we see the payoff. It was discouraging when some readers seemed to have stopped following the story but I was determined to see through what I had set out to accomplish even if I am the only reader left at the end. And it appears that my perseverance has paid off (or at least it seems that way to me :nervous) and people are getting interested in the series again. Anyway, I really thank you for your honest feedback and for not giving up on this series. It's always nice to hear what readers really think about my stories/writing. I hope I don't disappoint you with my future updates :)

sakura_drop_ (again): Let me thank you again for your constant support for this story :deco: I agree that it is always wonderful to receive constructive feedback - be it positive or not-so-positive. However, I hope you don't mind me saying this. Real haters won't give you the useful feedback you are seeking for. Haters dish out personal attacks that don't serve to improve your writing while people who are concerned about writing tell you what they think is good writing. Sometimes constructive not-so-positive feedback may seem like personal attacks if not worded tactfully so we have to consider all feedback carefully :)

takamae: Hi there! Thank you for reading my stories! I'm glad you like them and I hope you will continue to enjoy my future updates!

Ricchan_Sawa: Thank you for your drawing! As I said in our conversations, I like the way you draw so please continue to share with me your works! :bow: XD

rhin_rhin: I wish I could update every day too! Maybe that will be possible if your cow makes me coffee every day :lol: And "file transfer"... HAHAHA! Good one there! You and your programmer mind! :rofl:

Wmatsui22: Oh wow! You read everything in one day? That's quite a feat :shocked: Thank you very much for reading and please look forward to the next update!

rexywhite: Finally someone who is surprised that Jurina is a woman! XD You are right. First love is always the hardest to get over (for me, at least :nervous). It will definitely take a while for Ren to finally accept another woman. Mayu is pretty tough, isn't he? He is proof that love gives you strength :lol: Thank you for your comment and I hope you will like the next update! Mayu is finally going to make his move!

Before the next update, allow me to pimp my 1000th post on Jphip ( which is a self-written poem dedicated to my oshimen, Mayuyu! I'm not much of a poet so pardon me if it makes your skin crawl :nervous


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aruka: To be honest, I was painfully aware of the fact that some readers were losing interest in the story ever since the vacation arc started. It was moving in a very different direction and away from the intense medical drama but there was only so much I could do with the medical side of things as this series is not about handling different emergency cases in every update. I have plans to explore the other characters like Ren, Yuko and Mario and to mainly give neglected Ren a closure; hence the vacation arc. However, my plans require lots of setup before we see the payoff. It was discouraging when some readers seemed to have stopped following the story but I was determined to see through what I had set out to accomplish even if I am the only reader left at the end. And it appears that my perseverance has paid off (or at least it seems that way to me :nervous) and people are getting interested in the series again. Anyway, I really thank you for your honest feedback and for not giving up on this series. It's always nice to hear what readers really think about my stories/writing. I hope I don't disappoint you with my future updates :)
Ah, yes. You remind me again of this series' nature when I forgot.
It's just that the medical drama portion was very strong that it left such an impression in me. (I think I've said this more than once?) and that alone hasn't changed till now.

Well, I should thank you back for the perserverance and confidence :)
I'm not really sure if 'I am the only reader left at the end' would happen though, as I would still want to see how the story turns out later... while hoping your current job as the moderator won't take your 'writing time' out of you completely. :lol:
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Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 4.7] Sparkle Under the Orange Sky (17 Mar)
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A/N: And I ended up posting this two days late :sweatdrop: Work just had to rear its ugly head when I wanted to update :bleed eyes: Anyway, here's the final part to the vacation arc. Prepare yourself for a very long read ahead. Please make sure you aren't rushing off to school or work when you start reading because I don't want you to be late. Once again, thank you very much for sticking around even though it took me so long to update :bow: I really appreciate your support. I hope you will enjoy this update! :deco:

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Sparkle Under the Orange Sky

Oshima Yuko hummed contently into the fluffy pillow, eyes still closed. Her bare legs shifted under the covers, brushing ever so deliberately over another pair of legs.

“Hmm… Nyannyan, did you forget to shave?” she continued to run her leg over the other occupant’s on the bed, feeling the hairy sensation in her half-awake state.

Only the sounds of breathing answered her.

“Nyannyan, don’t ignore me.” A lecherous grin crawled itself onto the petite woman’s face. “I’m going to grope you if you do~”

Receiving no reply, Yuko giggled triumphantly and wormed her hand over to the other person, running it over what she expected to be soft, bouncy breasts. However, instead of the squishiness she desired, her hand smacked against a rock-hard and terribly flat chest.

“Nyannyan… did your boobs shrink overnight? Nyannyan?” Realising that something wasn’t quite right, Yuko popped open her eyes and found herself staring into the snoozing profile of a very familiar yet at the same time, extremely vile male creature.


Her piercing shriek sent all objects in the room shaking as though an earthquake had struck. Being right in the line of ear-splitting and glass-shattering fire, Shinoda Mario shot upright, slapping his hands over his ears. Snapping to the source of his discomfort, he came face-to-face with a very naked Oshima Yuko. Eyes bulging and veins popping, he lifted the covers and discovered that he was equally bare like a newborn. He turned back to her and did the first thing that came to his shell-shocked mind - he screamed.


In Room 2514

Mocchi shrieked, jolting the other two members of the gossiping trio awake if they weren’t already roused by the racket sounding from the adjacent room.

“Shut up, Mocchi!” Covering her ears, Rie shouted at her friend who looked thoroughly shaken by the original screams that were still ringing down the corridor.

“Yes, shut up! It’s noisy enough!” Akicha agreed, chucking her pillow at Mocchi. “Why are you even screaming?”

“I don’t know!” Mocchi yelled and threw the pillow back in Akicha’s face, still unable to calm herself. “I was having an awesome dream that I was making out with last night’s French guy then the perfect image was shattered by the screams!”

Rie rolled her eyes. Listening carefully to the distressed cries which sounded familiar, she noted, “Doesn’t that sound like Yuko-san?”

The other two fell silent and perked their ears. Exchanging startled looks, they gasped.


In Room 2513

“What the…” Ren bolted up and glanced around frantically. “What is that?”

Ruffling his sexy bed hair that would easily turn nurses’ legs into jelly, he cast a questioning stare at Haruna who was pushing herself up slowly. The oversized shirt slid down one shoulder, exposing creamy smooth skin.

“Mou… It’s so noisy,” Haruna whined, groggily placing a hand on her head and flipping her luscious brown locks over her bare shoulder.

“Kojima-san, doesn’t that sound like…”

The gynaecologist gave an uncharacteristic snort, appearing markedly awake when she registered the two voices.

“Yuuchan… and Mario-kun…”


In Room 2516

Having just fallen asleep, Mayu grunted in annoyance at being disturbed.

“It’s okay, Mayu. Go back to sleep,” Yuki placed a protective hand over his ear. Soothed by his girlfriend’s comforting touch, Mayu did the same for her and the two lovers returned to their shared dreamland, ignoring the commotion that was going on just next door.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fu-”

“Shut up!” Cymbals were crashing in Mario’s head as his mind reeled back to last night’s events. “No… no… How could this be possible?”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck-”

“I said shut up! I can’t think straight when you sound like a broken record!”

Glaring at the man who had the audacity to tell her off, Yuko was about to retort but her words died in her throat the second she laid eyes on his male anatomy in all its naked glory. Squeezing her eyes shut, she blasted, “God! Can you cover your damn bits?”

With a sharp intake of breath, Mario seized the covers that lay at Yuko’s hips and wrapped it around his waist. Feeling the sudden blast of cold air, Yuko yanked the blanket back up to her chin but it was swiftly snatched away again.

“Cover yourself with something else!” both of them yelled. As they engaged in a fierce tug-of-war with the white blanket, the effects of the previous night’s alcohol binging caught up with them almost simultaneously and they keeled over. Mario gripped his temples, feeling as though a hammer had smashed his skull while double vision invaded Yuko, followed by the sensation of someone putting her brain through a meat grinder. A sour burning tingle surged up from her stomach to the top of her throat, leaving a putrid bitter taste on her tongue as she slapped her hands over her mouth, almost gagging.

“Don’t you dare throw up here!” Although he had been in the medical field for years, Mario was deathly afraid of the rancid smell of the human stomach’s regurgitated contents. When Yuko looked about to hurl, he flung the nearest pillow at her face, making her fall back and gulp down the acidic substance.

“Urk!” Yuko stuck her tongue out and rolled over, clutching her stomach. “You… you pig!”

“Don’t dirty the sheets,” Mario warned, shooting her a disgusted glare even as a marching band played in his head.

“What? The bed has already been tainted by your man juice!” she jumped down from the bed at the thought, not bothering to cover herself anymore. Spotting his chance, Mario reclaimed the now horribly crumpled blanket.

Pacing around the room, Yuko ran frustrated hands through her wild, untamed hair. “How did we end up like this? You made me drunk and raped me, didn’t you?” she pointed an accusing finger the tall neurosurgeon.

Looking absolutely aghast at the idea, Mario retorted, “Hell, no! You’d be the last person I want to… to- Argh, I don’t even want to say it!”

“You think I wanted it?” Yuko’s voice went up an octave. “My pure virginal body has been violated by a man! And it’s you of all people! How did this happen? Nyannyan is going to be so disappointed with me,” she massaged her temples vigorously. “I need to call her!”

She was brimming on the edge of hysteria as she rummaged through her articles of clothing that were strewn all over the carpeted floor.

“What do you mean Haruna-chan is going to be disappointed with you?”

Yuko rolled her eyes. “I’ve cheated on her. What else?”

“You two were never together in the first place.”

There was a split second pause in Yuko’s actions but she carried on searching for her phone as if she didn’t hear him. Mario clicked his tongue.

“Not here,” she lifted her sapphire one-piece dress.

Next was her racy black thong. “Not here too.”

And then her strapless black brassiere. “Not here… Where is it?” her throat constricted as her search efforts turned up nothing. Turning to Mario, she snapped, “Don’t just sit there! Help me find it!”

Her nemesis scowled at being ordered around. “Try looking under my clothes. They are right at your feet.”

“I do not want to touch anything that belongs to you, don’t you get it? You are a man. M-A-N. Man. Adam. Jerk. Pig. Alien. Hot dog-”

“Alright, alright!” he cut her off.

“Cherry popper. Horny three-legs. Deflowerer-”

“I said alright!” Mario shut her up for the second time since they woke up to this nightmare of their lives. “Get a grip on yourself, woman.”

Yuko shot him a dirty look. “How do you expect me to calm down? I’ve sworn off men since I was a kid. My life revolves around women, boobs, Nyannyan, and more boobs.”

“I get it,” Mario quickly said before she could ramble on. Slipping down from the bed while dragging the blanket with him, he shuffled towards his clothes, mentally noting how Yuko shirked away once he got within an arm’s length distance from her. “I can’t find yours but mine is here,” he raised his black smartphone which he had dug out from his pants’ pocket.

“Call my phone!” urged Yuko.

As he punched in her number, little did they know that a small crowd had gathered outside the room.

“What do you hear?” Mocchi pestered Haruna who had her ear pressed against the door. Every now and then the man-crazy nurse would sneak furtive glances at the very eligible and enticing Dr. Matsui who was standing behind them in a simple V-neck black tee that contrasted beautifully with his fair skin. How do he and Dr. Watanabe maintain such perfection? When Ren caught her staring at him, she swooned at the sight of his electrifying onyx peepers.

“Are you alright, Kuramochi-san?” Ren gripped her shoulders when her knees buckled, steadying her. The unsuspecting doctor was ignorant of the train of impure thoughts running through the giddy woman’s mind.

Having known Mocchi since she embarked on her nursing career at Akiba Hospital, Rie facepalmed at the familiar occurrence and dragged her friend out of Ren’s grasp. “She’s alright. You just need to keep your distance from her.”


Rie flashed an apologetic smile but otherwise ignored Ren’s quizzical expression. Flicking Mocchi’s forehead, she snapped the lovestruck woman back to earth. “Stop getting your knickers in a bunch.”

Ren’s face went aflame at the implication of her statement and awkwardly turned his attention to the door.

“S-So what’s the situation inside?” he mentally berated himself for stammering.

With her ear still attached firmly to the thick wooden surface, Haruna whispered, “The voices definitely belong to Yuuchan and Mario-kun and they sound like they are arguing over something but I can’t really make out the words.”

“Why would Shinoda-san be in Yuko-san’s room?” Akicha mused. “And wait a minute, Haruna-san, didn’t you come out from the guys’ room just now? Why were you-”

“It’s a long story,” Ren promptly interrupted, “but I can assure you we didn’t do anything.”

“Really?” Akicha eyed them with an arched brow. Before Ren could answer, the cellphone in Haruna’s left hand came to life, startling the group. The catchy tune of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” blared in the quiet hotel corridor.

“Isn’t that Yuko-san’s ringtone?” the gossiping trio gawked at the blinged out phone. The words on the screen showed “Mario Stick”.

At this moment, there was a sudden uproar sounding from the other side of the door.

“No! Don’t go there! Stop, you idiot!”

In the room, Mario’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets when Yuko sped towards the door like a headless chicken upon hearing her phone ringing from outside. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Yuko whipped around, stripped the blanket from his waist, wrapped it around herself and charged towards her destination. Now naked as a Greek statue, Mario’s heart leapt to his throat when Yuko turned the doorknob and swung open the last line of defense for his dignity.

There was a collective gasp.

Then silence.

“Nyannyan!” Yuko cried in delight. However, the object of her affection stood rooted to the ground with a slacked jaw like the rest of the gang. Faced with an obviously nude-under-the-covers Oshima, Ren cleared his throat and snapped his burning face to the side while his colleagues of the fairer sex peeked past Yuko just in time to see Mario covering his prized jewels with a lampshade. The lamp on the bedside table was still wobbling on its base.

For the first time in his life, Mario wanted to cry.

Before anyone could utter a word, Haruna grabbed the brass handle and slammed the door shut.

“L-Let’s not disturb them.”

There was total silence in the room for a full minute until Mario spoke.

“You fucking idiot.” His tone was icier than the glaciers in Antarctica. Gathering his clothes, the once proud man stalked towards the bathroom and closed the door with a bang.

“You fucking idiot,” Yuko mimicked his tone and stuck out her tongue. “Don’t go all prissy on me. I’m the one who suffered more!”

With an exasperated sigh, she threw on a baggy T-shirt and a pair of shorts from the wardrobe before rushing out of the room.

“Nyannyan, I can explain!” she burst through the door and yelled, not expecting Haruna to be still standing in her original spot. Her dazed friend flinched from the sudden loudness. “Oops, sorry. I thought you had left,” Yuko apologised sheepishly.

In fact, it wasn’t just Haruna, the others were still hanging around too.

“Yuko-san, why were you and Mario-san…” Ren’s voice trailed off as the heat returned full blast to his winter-white cheeks.

“I wish I knew too. Nyannyan, wasn’t I with you last night? What happened?” Yuko clutched Haruna’s arms with a vice-like grip, eyes wide and searching. When Haruna looked at her, Yuko was expecting to see hurt in Haruna’s precious brown orbs but no, all she found was plain shock like the rest. A steel-cold bullet shot through her heart and Yuko had a vague idea what the pain meant.

“Nyannyan, I’m sorry.” The usually bubbly woman’s throat had gone dry like a parched pavement.

“Why are you apologising to me, Yuuchan?”


Yuko’s world came crashing down with that one simple question. Haruna might be an airhead but even airheads had feelings. For her to show such a reaction - or the lack of it, Yuko knew the answer she had been chasing for years. Her face fell and she bit down hard on her lip, nearly drawing blood. Hands trembling, she let her arms fall limply to her sides.


The rest shifted uneasily on the balls of their feet.

Yuko’s head shot up without warning. An exceptionally broad grin was plastered on her face. Anyone could tell that it was only held up by stiff facial muscles stretched to their limits unlike her usual dimpled smiles that were powered by true joy or cheekiness.

“Nothing. I just apologised because I probably made you worry last night. Anyway, what happened? Wasn’t I with you at the club last night? How did I end up with that stick? And what about you? Where were you the whole night if you were not in our room?”

Faced with a gazillion questions, Haruna retold the previous night’s events from the moment Mayu approached her to get Maeda’s number and how Yuko fell towards Mario’s crotch when Mayu tried to wake her up.

“That stupid boy!” Yuko clenched her fists and cursed as anger shot through her veins. “I’m going to kill him!”

Despite the others’ attempts to stop her, she marched down the corridor to the room that Mayu and Yuki shared and banged relentlessly on the door.

“Open up, Mayu! I know you are in there! I have something to settle with you! Open the damn door now!”

“Yuuchan, don’t disturb them. They had a tough night,” Haruna tried to restrain the infuriated woman but Yuko was adamant to give her former mentee a piece of her raging mind.

Under the warm covers, something ticked in Mayu’s head. I just can’t get a proper rest, can I? Yuki stirred in his arms and hummed softly before opening her eyes.

“That sounds like Yuko-san,” she murmured, slowly sitting up, causing the fluffy quilt to slip to her bare waist. “She sounds agitated.”

A gentle but firm hand pushed her back down and she found the handsome but annoyed face of her boyfriend hovering over her. There were many things that she had learned about the doctor in their years of courtship and one of them was that he abhorred having his sleep interrupted. She was an exception, of course.

“I’ll get it,” he insisted as he pulled the blanket up to her neck. “Keep yourself covered. I don’t plan on letting anyone see you in your current state.”

“Aren’t you possessive,” she teased. A ghost of a smile graced his lips and he pinched her nose lightly.

“Well, you aren’t fully dressed.”

“You are half-naked.”

“I’m a man.”

“Fine,” she pursed her lips in defeat.

“I love you.”

And her pout transformed into a grin. She gave his uninjured arm a slight tug, prompting him to lean down to capture her lips in a chaste kiss.

“Damn boy, come out now! There’s no use hiding! I’m gonna get you sooner or later!” Yuko’s impatient voice boomed.

“You know, I’m suddenly feeling very lazy,” Mayu smirked against Yuki’s lips before they broke apart.

She caught the hint in his statement and hooked her hands behind his neck. “And I don’t really like the others seeing you half-naked too - even if you are a man. I think I hear Mocchi’s voice outside.”

“Seems like we are both possessive.”

“Of course.” Her eyes twinkled coyly as she drew him down to lie next to her again. Mayu lifted the covers over their heads, chuckling.

“Let’s go back to sleep. Yuko-san will run out of energy soon. Even if she doesn’t, the security will get her.”

Sharing a blissful laugh, the two lovebirds snuggled up to each other and blocked out the rest of the world.

“Let’s go, Yuko-san,” Ren tapped the panting senior doctor’s left shoulder. It had been a little more than ten minutes and it was clear as day that neither Mayu nor Yuki showed interest in entertaining the one-woman army that was Yuko. Yuko let out a long wheeze as her small frame sagged.

“I need breakfast,” she finally said. The random confession caught them off guard and the group exchanged amused glances.

Rie put a friendly arm around Yuko’s shoulders. “The café downstairs serves some really good cream cakes during breakfast hours.”

“Really?” Yuko’s face lit up at the mention of her comfort food.

Nodding in agreement, Akicha added, “Yup. Let’s meet back here in half an hour. I’m starving too.”

When Yuko and Haruna returned to their room, Mario had just emerged from the bathroom dressed in his crumpled shirt and pants from the previous night. His damp hair was slicked back to reveal his piercing gaze.

“Haruna-chan… I…” His stern features softened.

“Good morning, Mario-kun,” Haruna greeted with a smile not unlike her usual ones. The older man swallowed before his eyes fell on the pensive expression of the shorter woman next to Haruna. Her mouth was locked in a tight grim line and her large eyes lacked their regular sparkle. As he brushed past Yuko on his way out, a wave of guilt washed over him.


“The number you have dialed is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

Mocchi groaned and pouted at her phone while her friends returned their bicycles at the bicycle rental kiosk. It was the group’s fifth attempt to contact Yuki and Mayu since morning. When they returned to their rooms after a hearty breakfast at around 11AM, they found the “Please make up room” tag hanging outside the couple’s room, meaning they had left some time ago.

Sighing, Ren stared wistfully at the orange-tinged sky as he stepped out of the shop. I haven’t seen Yuki-chan the whole day.

Something wet and cold touched his cheek, causing him to wince.

“Thinking about Yuki-chan?” Yuko asked, holding up an icy can of isotonic drink.

“H-How did you know?” Ren sputtered at having his mind read so easily.

Yuko gazed into the far distance, watching the sparse clouds drift along slowly. With a solemn smile, she spoke, “We are members of the Lonely Hearts Club after all.”

“Yuko-san, you-”

“You had better graduate from the club soon though,” she cut him off. “There’s no way Yuki-chan will fall for you. She only sees you as a brother.”

It was Ren’s turn to smile bitterly. “I know.”

Yuko snorted and smacked his head. “Then get out there and look for other girls!”

“Ouch!” Ren massaged his stinging scalp. “It’s easier said than done. Why don’t you do what you preach then?”

Taking a swig of her fizzy drink, Yuko smirked. “Like you said, it’s easier said than done.”

A frown settled on Ren’s brow. “Then you have no right to hit me!”

“Well…” Yuko drawled deliberately, “I didn’t get to hit Mayu.”

“I’m not his substitute!” Ren protested. Suddenly, his own words struck a chord within him and he caught Yuko’s knowing eyes. The two lovelorn singletons stared at each other for a brief moment - and broke into light chortles.

“I guess that puts things into perspective,” Ren mused with a more relaxed smile this time. “I wonder what they are doing.”

“Yeah, me too,” Yuko grinned, flashing her famous squirrel-like teeth. Somehow, she had an inkling that the young doctor whom she treated as a little brother was doing something right at the moment.


Soft gentle waves splashed against their legs as a comely pair of lovers strolled barefoot along the shoreline. Fine sand tickled their toes while the cool sea breeze ruffled their hair. The light-skinned and slim young man who looked not a day over twenty two clasped his fair maiden’s hand as his other hand was stuffed deep in his black pants’ pocket, gripping onto a tiny velvet box. He was clad in a crisp white shirt not unlike the one he wore on the day the devastating earthquake struck Tokyo.

Yuki’s free hand held up the hem of her flowing white tube dress, careful not to let it dip into the clear water. Swinging her boyfriend’s hand merrily as the setting sun hung on the horizon, she reveled in the feeling of being free from real-life worries. There were no picky patients to tend to or haughty doctors to order her around. All communications were cut off too, courtesy of Mayu who switched off their phones the moment they left the hotel room. Although sporting a few bruises, the love of her life was next to her. That was all that mattered. Suddenly feeling playful, she let go of his hand and skipped a few steps ahead of him.

“Yuki?” The surprise written on his face only made her grin. Swinging her right leg back, she kicked at the water with all her might, splashing cool droplets all over Mayu’s front.

“Hey!” he took a quick glance at the wet splotches on his shirt before zeroing his eyes on the gloating woman before him. A devious smile tugged the corners of his lips. “You are going to regret this.” Bending down, he scooped up some water with both hands and sent it flying towards Yuki whose eyes went wide with fear.

She screamed. Spinning around clumsily, she made a break for it, occasionally halting to deliver half-hearted sprays towards her pursuer. However, her long dress hindered her movements and Mayu caught up to her easily. A warm and wet body pressed against her back as lean arms snaked around her waist.

“Gotcha.” A hot breath tickled her ear while water dripped onto her shoulder. Looking back, she swelled with pride upon finding little glistening beads rolling off strands of Mayu’s black fringe. Looks like I did more damage than I thought. A wry smile stretched across her slightly parted lips.

“Not so fast.” She whipped around and shoved him back. Not expecting the sudden attack, Mayu lost his balance and fell backwards, making a small splash in the ankle-deep water. He cried out in pain and grabbed his injured right shoulder.

“Mayu!” Her victorious smile was wiped off her face and replaced with worry in an instant. Dropping to her knees, she gently pulled him to a sitting position. “I’m so sorry! Does it still hurt?” When he remained silent and hung his head low, anxiety gripped her heart. “Mayu?”

Finally, he raised his head and instead of pain or anger, he wore an unreadable expression.

“Got you for real this time,” he whispered. Before she could register the meaning of his words, he lunged towards her and brought the both of them down, rolling till the water came up to a little above their waists when they sat up. His triumphant laughter rang loudly in her ears.

“You tricked me!” she beat his chest that was still vibrating with unrestrained guffaws. Now she was soaked to the skin too. The only response she got was the shine of pearl-like teeth set between thin yet very kissable lips. “Hmph!” she gave a final hard smack on his chest and pouted.

To say that he wasn’t enjoying the chafed expression on Yuki’s face would be a lie. The gentle warm rays of the sun cast an ethereal glow over the entire secluded beach, making her look even more beautiful than ever. Strands of wet hair plastered to her flushed face.

“Do you know you look like a mermaid straight out of a fairy tale?” he asked, tracing her arms.

She closed her fist over the damp fabric of his shirt as she admired his amused features. Frowning when she noticed something off, she reached forward and lifted his glasses before folding and hanging them on his shirt’s V-shaped collar.

“There are water droplets all over your lenses. I couldn’t see your eyes,” she explained. Raising her head, her breath was caught in her throat when she met his eyes, drowning in the deep pools of rich sable. There was something different in his gaze today but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

Frolicking at the beach during sunset had been something that only happened in the movies, or so she thought before she started dating Mayu. The seemingly cool doctor had surprised her time and again with the most thoughtful and romantic gestures over the years that she felt that nothing was impossible now. Who would’ve thought that the boyish man would be willing to sacrifice precious sleep on his off days just to prepare breakfast for her and drive her to work? And while other men would jump at the opportunity to claim her body as theirs, he respected her wish of doing it only after marriage even though temptation presented itself every day. He was such a rare gentleman in an attractive package that other women flocked to him, making their move when they thought she wasn’t looking.

However, he chose only her.

The gentle current caressed her body as she basked in his full unyielding attention. He appeared content to simply watch her in peaceful silence for the past few minutes.

“How long do you plan on staring at me like that? It’s embarrassing,” she mumbled, cheeks pinking.


“Eh?” She was expecting yet another one of his tongue-in-cheek replies or teasing snickers but the seriousness in his voice made her heart skip a beat.

“I said I want to be by your side forever. From now till we grow old, till our skin is wrinkled and our hair is white as snow, till our grandchildren can’t stand us being so naggy and slow, till death and if there’s a next life, till the next incarnations of Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki,” he held her soul hostage as he spoke with all his heart. The speech was mushy and would send goosebumps down anyone’s arms but she felt herself on the verge of tears. In a fluid motion, he stood and she briefly panicked, wondering where he was going. Then his next action broke the dam in her eyes.

He got down on one knee.

She cupped her trembling mouth, too overwhelmed to even make a sound as her tears flowed freely.

Taking his hand out from his pocket, he presented a thoroughly drenched royal blue box. With his other hand, he opened it.

“Kashiwagi Yuki, will you marry me?”

She should have seen this coming ever since Ren found the ring on Mayu after he was hurt in the earthquake. She had even put it on herself because she was so afraid that he wouldn’t survive the ordeal, yet she wanted to bear his surname and fulfill what almost became his dying wish. However, nothing could prepare her for the flood of emotions when he actually popped the question.

Mayu tightened his grip on the box. His heart was thumping loudly against his chest. He was certain that Yuki wouldn’t reject him but he could not help feeling anxious as the seconds ticked by. Could she be having second thoughts?

Right as his self-confidence was about to take a dive, she gave a small nod, followed by a stronger one, and another and another. She had stopped trying to control her cries and kept nodding as sobs racked her body. His tense face broke into a relieved grin and he drew her in, stroking her head as she buried her face in his shoulder. It felt almost surreal to finally bring their relationship to the next level.

“M-Mayu…” she choked. With a tender smile that sweetened the very air in her lungs, he cupped her left cheek, making her face him. He brushed a tear as it rolled past his thumb.

“Hush… You should be happy.”

She slapped his arm. “These are tears of joy, silly!”

“Then let’s not waste them.” Leaning forward, he planted butterfly kisses over every single teardrop. When he was done, her face was as red as a tomato. “May I put the ring on for you?”

Shyly, she nodded and held out her left hand. The ring was a perfect fit, melding smoothly with her porcelain finger.

“I’m very happy, Mayu,” Yuki admitted. It wasn’t a lavish proposal that required lots of fanfare but she preferred it this way. It was, after all, supposed to be a private moment between two people who were deeply in love with each other.

“So am I.” Mayu closed the gap and captured her inviting lips with a long, loving kiss to seal their promise of eternal love.

While the pair appeared as a conjoined silhouette from a distance, the sun slowly disappeared below the horizon.


“Everybody look!” Akicha jumped up from her seat in the restaurant where the group was having dinner, holding her cellphone up for all to see. “Yukirin just posted a new photo on Facebook!”

“So she finally decided to get in touch with the world again?” Yuko scoffed, popping a piece of steak into her mouth.

“It’s not just any photo! Look! It’s a two-shot with Dr. Watanabe!” Akicha pushed the phone in the uninterested woman’s face.

“That’s rare. He usually doesn’t like to take photos,” Yuko noted casually, chewing the medium rare piece of meat.

“And I’ve never seen such a brilliant smile on him before,” Ren added thoughtfully.

Rie frowned when she noticed Mayu and Yuki’s dripping hair and clothes in the picture. “Why are they so wet?”

“That’s not the point! Look at Yukirin’s left hand!” Akicha urged.

Mocchi peered closely at the couple’s linked hands.

“Isn’t that… Oh my God! The diamond ring! That means Dr. Watanabe finally proposed to her!” she screamed in delight.

“WHAT?” Yuko, Ren and Sae dropped whatever they were doing and scrambled towards Akicha. Yuko snatched the phone.

“That sneaky rascal! He didn’t tell me he was going to propose!” she huffed.

“Noooo…” Sae slumped his head against the table. “My Yuki-chan… no more…”

Mario thwacked the back of the delusional Sae’s head. “She was never yours to begin with.”

Yuko turned to the quiet Ren beside her, concerned about how he was taking the news. To her surprise, a small smile had found its way to his face. She nudged him and he merely shrugged in response.

“I don’t know why but I feel relieved,” he answered her unasked question while staring at the blissful couple in the photo. He clenched and unclenched his fist. “Maybe it’s finally time I let go.”

Yuko raised both eyebrows before cracking into a genuine beam and giving the younger man a comforting pat on his back. At that moment, Ren’s phone vibrated in his pocket. Fishing it out, he read the new mail and couldn’t contain his astonishment when he saw who it was from.

‘Hi, Ren-san! It’s Jurina here. Don’t worry, I didn’t hack our database for your number =P I got it from Mayu-san. Do you want to hang out with me when you return to Tokyo?’

Staring dumbly at his screen, Ren pondered for a while before typing a reply and returning his phone to his pocket. The joyful faces belonging to his childhood friend and her fiancé replayed in his mind.

“Hey, I recognise this part of the beach!” Yuko quipped with a burst of excitement, breaking his train of thoughts. He shook his head to regain his bearings before placing a firm hand on Yuko’s shoulder.

“Let’s go and congratulate them,” he suggested with a hint of a smile.

“Ooh, I like that idea! I still need to grill that boy for getting me into a big mess.” Yuko turned to the rest and goaded, “Hurry up and eat! We’ve got two fugitives to catch!”


“Ouch! Nyannyan, why?”

Haruna tilted her head innocently at the grimacing Yuko. “Why what?”

“Why did you hit me?” Yuko flashed large watery puppy eyes at her. Before Haruna could answer, Mario interrupted.

“It was me,” he crossed his arms. “Don’t disturb Watanabe and Yuki-san.”

“But it’s Ren’s idea!” wailed Yuko. “And wait a minute. Who are you to hit me?”

“Someone needs to keep you in check,” the tall doctor turned his nose up in his usual haughty manner. “Haruna-chan can’t always be the one keeping you in line.”

“What are you sayin-”

“Stop troubling Haruna-chan with your childish antics. That’s what I’m saying,” Mario chided, shooting a warning glare. “But since it is Matsui’s idea, it’s fine then.”

“No fair! And I don’t need you to be poking your nose into my business. What are you? A mother hen?”

As the two veterans threw heated words at each other, Ren glanced between them, realising the subtle disguised concern that Mario held for his rival whom he usually couldn’t be bothered with.

The winds of change… looks like they have finally blown in our direction.


The end.

And that ends the vacation arc - finally! Phew. Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I had fun writing it. Once again, thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated! :deco:
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“Isn’t that… Oh my God! The diamond ring! That means Dr. Watanabe finally proposed to her!” she screamed in delight.

“WHAT?” Yuko, Ren and Sae dropped whatever they were doing and scrambled towards Akicha. Yuko snatched the phone.
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Title: [MaYuki Oneshot - Mayu's Belated Birthday Special] Gone Too Soon (12 May)
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A/N: Hi everyone! If you think I had forgotten about writing a Mayuyu birthday fic then you are wrong! Then again, it's not surprising if you think that way because it's been more than a month since her birthday. This story is waaaaaay overdue and I sincerely apologise for that :bow: A lot of things had been getting in the way of writing but I'm glad it's finally done. There's no way I can miss out on dedicating a birthday fic for my beloved oshimen. Anyway, this is a long short story (if that even makes sense :sweatdrop:) so please be prepared for a long read. I had contemplated splitting it into two parts but decided against it as I envision the story to play out like a short film. I hope you'll enjoy it and of course, happy 19th birthday again, Mayuyu! \(^o^)/


Gone Too Soon

A chill ran down Kashiwagi Yuki’s spine as she exited the polished glass doors of an office building in downtown Tokyo. The sky peeking out in between the towering skyscrapers around her was tinged in a hazy hue that resembled the baggy luminous orange polo shirt that clad her svelte frame. Whipping around, she found the leaves on the nearby tree rustling

But there was no wind.

She clicked her tongue. Scanning the weary and grim faces of the office workers jostling past her with quick strides towards the subway station, she discovered none of them had noticed the strange phenomenon. It didn’t surprise her though. Everyone was too preoccupied with their own dreary lives after all. She looked ahead, remembering that the bicycle she used for work was parked somewhere nearby but she observed the tree again. This time, even its thin branches were swaying. Without a second’s thought, she spun around, almost bumping into a balding salaryman, and dashed in the direction of the nearest alley. Feet wrapped in holey and frayed black sneakers carried her deep in till the sounds of traffic were nothing but a distant murmur and more importantly, there was no one around. The sun was setting and darkness was gradually enveloping the narrow space.

She leant her heavily panting self against the gritty concrete wall. An empty drink can on the ground rolled towards her even though no one kicked it.

She clenched her fists.

Just a few steps away from her, Watanabe Mayu grinned, baring a row of perfect white teeth, amusement evident on her face – that was, if Yuki could see her. Her body was one with the still air – untouchable and invisible. She could pass through walls, objects, humans, yet she could also touch them if she wanted to for she had been living long enough in this world to know her abilities inside-out. Her abilities as a wandering spirit.

She giggled silently and glided towards Yuki. Clear onyx eyes twinkling with mischievous glee, she blew a puff in the scowling young lady’s face.

Yuki squeezed her eyes shut as a gust of icy wind invaded her senses.

“Hey, don’t do that!” she complained loudly, nearly shouting. Then her eyes widened and she slapped her hands over her mouth. “Crap.”

“Are you afraid that people will hear?” a girlish voice asked teasingly.

“Of course! They’ll think that I’m nuts for talking to myself,” Yuki retorted in a hushed tone. “Even though there’s no one around now, I can never be too sure. Now show yourself. I’m already feeling stupid from talking to air.”

An amused chortle sounded before a figure that was shorter than the human materialized and Yuki snapped her head back instinctively when she realised Mayu was just inches away from her face.


“Ouch!” Yuki stooped down, clutching her head in pain. She had forgotten the wall was just behind her. Amused chortles reached her ears.

“You are clumsy as ever.”

“S-Shut up! It’s your fault for coming s-so close!”

“Aren’t you jumpy tonight? Could it be that you thought I was going to kiss you?” Mayu’s upside down grinning face popped into view again, this time, right at Yuki’s feet. She had bent over backwards at an inhuman angle to reach Yuki who was crouching on the floor. Drawing a sharp breath, the annoyed woman smacked at Mayu’s face in reflex only to have it pass through the spirit.

“Don’t do that. You look freaky,” she chastised.

“I am supposed to be freaky,” quipped Mayu as she retracted her body and returned to a standing position. “I am a ghost after all.”

Yuki removed the red cap sitting on her head and used it to fan herself. Beads of perspiration had formed on her forehead from the short sprint. A logo with the words “Flash Pizza” was embroidered on the front of the cap.

“Your birthday is in a week, isn’t it?” she asked in between deep breaths. She reached behind her head to re-tie her low ponytail that had come loose. “What do you want me to burn for you this time?”

The impish smile on the spirit’s face disappeared as she floated above a huge wooden crate and settled herself on it.

“I haven’t received the headphones and MP3 player you burnt last year,” Mayu deadpanned, swinging her legs like a little kid.

“Hmm… Maybe burning paper offerings only works for the Chinese,” Yuki muttered in response. She gritted her teeth, feeling a familiar dull ache building up in her chest.

“Or maybe it was because you didn’t buy those that were made by professionals. I can’t believe you tried to pass off a cheap hairband with cotton balls stuck on its ends as a pair of headphones. Insincere brat,” scoffed the pouting spirit who was dressed in a white blouse and a grey pinafore that went past her knees. The top was buttoned up all the way to her alabaster throat, making the black-haired beauty look very much like a demure convent girl. When she received no reply from her human companion, she peeked at Yuki and immediately frowned at what she saw.

Yuki had shoved both hands into her tattered waist pouch and was rummaging through its contents. A few seconds later, her hands emerged with a tiny bottle of white pills. She unscrewed the cap and shakily popped a few – she didn’t count - past her dry lips, swallowing them without water.

Mayu bit her inner cheek.

Yuki relaxed her legs and allowed her rump to hit the floor as she slumped against the wall which sported black spray spots left by street vandals. The pain in her chest soon subsided and her laborious breathing eased significantly. She let out a long wheeze before focusing her attention on the waiting Mayu again.

“Sorry. What were we talking about?” Yuki pondered aloud before answering her own question. “Oh right. What do you want for your birthday this year?”

Mayu cast her eyes at her black shoes, not answering.


The spirit mumbled after a long pause, “Nothing.”

I’m lying.

Mayu watched solemnly as Yuki kept the pills, pulled her cap over her crown and slowly pushed herself off the ground.

“Well, I’ve got to get back to work. There’s still another delivery to be made. When you think of what you want, let me know,” Yuki informed casually and proceeded to jog out of the alley.

“It’s not a pizza delivery, right?” The quiet voice halted Yuki in her tracks. The young woman looked back and their eyes met. Neither of them said anything. Turning on her heel, Yuki continued on her way.


It was almost midnight when Yuki dragged her worn-out self to her home which was a rented room in a seedy part of town. She shared the dingy apartment with three other occupants – one of them was currently passed out on the living room couch with an empty beer bottle in hand. When Yuki closed the main door, the petite brown-haired woman jolted at the sudden sound and the bottle dropped to the floor with a heavy thud. Yuki froze, holding her breath. Seconds later, uncouth snores filled the room again. Yuki exhaled in relief and tiptoed past her sleeping housemate to her own room, locking the door like a stealthy burglar.

Her room was bare, cramped and devoid of colours. The only pieces of furniture were a single bed, a narrow plywood study desk and a stiff plastic chair. Her bedsheet was a dull grey while the walls were painted a boring white. Parts of the paint had peeled and turned yellow with age.

Plopping down on the creaky chair, Yuki opened the drawer of her desk and took out a syringe and a small packet filled with a powdery white substance. She poured a minuscule amount of water into a clear plastic cup, mixed in the powder and filled the syringe with the fluid.


Her nose was beginning to drip and shivers gradually seized control of her body. She knew she had to do it fast. Sniveling, she rolled up her left sleeve, revealing many purplish bruises around her inner elbow. Next, she unbuckled her belt and expertly wound it around her left upper arm as tightly as possible till it hurt to move. She flexed her arm muscles. Previously invisible veins popped up all over. Steadying the syringe in her right hand, she poked the needle into one of the greenish vessels and pushed the plunger.

“Ah…” She closed her eyes and reclined in the chair, leaving the needle in her arm for a while.

In a corner of the room, on Yuki’s bed, Mayu watched the familiar scene unfold in silence. It was a nightly ritual. Yanking her eyes away from the heart-wrenching sight, she distracted herself with a faded and crumpled photograph pasted on the wall next to the bed. In the picture was a family of three. Everyone was all smiles with a cherubic girl sandwiched between two adults. Mayu chuckled lightly at how both the father and daughter owned what she called potato noses.

“What are you laughing about?”

Yuki’s weak voice broke the spirit’s train of thoughts. Under the fluorescent light, ugly dark eye rings stood out against Yuki’s pasty skin like glaring coffee stains on a splendid wedding dress. Mayu was instantly brought back to reality, noting how the gaunt woman before her looked nothing like the vivacious six-year-old in the photo. The Yuki she knew was a beautiful child with the roundest sparkling eyes ever and had the potential to grow into a confident and gorgeous woman who could charm the socks off any hot-blooded young man.

If only that incident didn’t happen.


Eyes still closed, Yuki relished the surge of euphoria that was quickly washing over her senses. Her head felt light and all traces of discomfort were swept away. Her vision swayed, as though her body was floating carelessly in a vast ocean. With a satisfied sigh, she extracted the needle and rubbed vigorously at the spot before removing the belt around her arm.

“Is that the word of the day?” she remarked sarcastically as she busied herself with disinfecting the syringe for her next use which would be in another seven hours’ time. Stripping off her uniform which smelled strongly of cheese and bell pepper, she haphazardly chucked the articles of clothing over the back of the chair before dressing herself in an oversized T-shirt. As she lay down on her rock-hard bed, she asked again, “So what do you want for your birthday?”

“Why do you care so much?” came the curious response. “I’ve been through so many birthdays that they really don’t mean a thing to me now.”

Yuki looked up at the spirit sitting next to her.

“You are the only person who has stuck with me for so long… even though you are a ghost.”

Their eyes met again.

“And you saved my life.”

Yuki’s chapped lips curved into a soft smile before her eyelids drooped as she succumbed to fatigue and the tempting lull of sleep. With a soundless snap of her fingers, Mayu switched off the light in the room, leaving only the pale moonlight to illuminate the room.

“I lied,” Mayu said in a low whisper, gazing fondly at Yuki’s snoozing profile. “I do have a birthday wish.” Reaching forward, she caressed the haggard face tenderly. Pain tore through her non-beating heart as moisture welled up in her eyes.

“I wish that your illness will be cured… and that you will break free of your addiction.”

The memories of how she met a young Yuki were still fresh in her mind as if they had only happened yesterday…

“Neko-chan! Don’t run away!”

Mayu was lazing on a bench in a small park and making a leaf dance in the air when a high-pitched yell jolted her out of her afternoon reverie. The next thing she knew, a furry grey kitten zipped past her towards the main road while a little girl with braided black hair was hot on its heels. Mayu had seen her fair share of road accidents in the years she had been roaming the earth and she knew what was going to happen next.

Frantic car honks and an ear-splitting screech of rubber burning against tarmac shattered the tranquility that Mayu had been enjoying.


There was a terrified shriek. And then all went silent.

Five-year-old Kashiwagi Yuki peeked through half-shut eyelids warily. “I’m… not dead?” Taking in her surroundings, she gaped in surprise that she was lying on the sidewalk. Her mouth hung open so widely that Mayu thought a fly might make it its home. Yuki attempted to sit up only to have a sharp pain shoot up her arms and legs. “Ah, blood!” her round eyes popped at the raw and torn skin adorning her limbs.

‘What’s with her exaggerated reactions?’ Mayu’s brows knitted at the weird girl. ‘Shouldn’t she be crying from the pain?’

“Oh no, neko-chan! Where are you, neko-chan?” Yuki scrambled to her feet and started mewing like a cat in hopes of attracting the kitty’s attention. Looking at the ridiculous scene, Mayu slapped her forehead.

“Oi! You almost died!” she snapped.

Yuki froze. Stiffly, she turned her head and gasped. Mayu seriously wondered why her eyes had not dropped out of their sockets yet.

“So pretty…” Yuki’s large brown eyes sparkled in awe.

Mayu wished she hadn’t wasted her effort to push the girl out of death’s way.

“Are you an idol?”

No, wait. She should have let the car run over her – multiple times.

Mayu shot an unfriendly glare at Yuki and blurted a question of her own, “Are you an idiot?”

“Eh?” the girl took a startled step back, light pink lips quivering. “Idols don’t speak like that.” She seemed ready to burst into tears any second.

“I’m not an idol, stupid. I’m a ghost.”

“A-A g-ghost?”

“Yes, a ghost.”

Detecting how dumbfounded the girl looked, Mayu succumbed to the urge to elicit a petrified reaction from her. Smirking deviously, she performed a 360-degree rotation of her head while rolling her eyes to the back of her head, flaunting the whites of her eyes. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth and stretched towards Yuki like a slippery eel and licked the stunned child’s cheek…


Mayu snickered at the memory of the naïve girl screaming and fainting on the spot from the supernatural encounter. Although thoroughly amused, she felt uneasy about leaving an unconscious kid sprawled by the road, thus she hung around and waited till Yuki’s anxious parents found her. As expected, Yuki got an earful from them for running off on her own and getting herself all scratched up.

“You were such a handful back then, do you know that?” Mayu poked Yuki’s lightly freckled cheek as a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. For a brief moment, she was transported back in time at the sight of Yuki sleeping like a baby.

This child-like innocence… can we ever get it back?

One year after their first meeting, Yuki lost her doting parents in a railway accident while they were on their way back to Tokyo from a short work trip in Osaka. The train had derailed and the front carriage that they were in crashed head-first into a nearby apartment building, killing everyone onboard. It was a stomach-churning scene. The first carriage was compacted beyond recognition by the second and third cars and all the bodies were crushed to a grisly pulp with snapped bones sticking out between blood-spattered seats. Little unsuspecting Yuki who was at a daycare centre in Tokyo when the accident happened was whisked away by the welfare organization after the deaths of her parents were confirmed. As her parents did not have any close relatives, Yuki was sent to an orphanage where she grew up in a world of bullying and loneliness – a far cry from the warm and loving family that she was used to.


“Give it back to me!” Yuki cried, struggling to escape from the iron grasps of two girls who appeared a few years older than her. A third girl stood a distance away from them in the secluded backyard of the orphanage. Her right hand was raised high above her head, tightly gripping onto a photograph which was already crumpled by her rough handling. She cackled, showing off two rows of crooked and yellowish teeth.

“Did you hear what the weirdo said? She wants the photo back!”

The two girls holding onto Yuki howled in response, sounding very much like Cinderella’s evil stepsisters.

“Well, you know what?” the leader of the trio pinched the photo with both hands. “You will get it after I do this…”

Tugging each hand in a different direction, the conceited bully began to make a tear in the photograph.

“No!” Heart leaping to her mouth, Yuki trashed ferociously but was swiftly punched in the stomach by one of the lackeys and she keeled over, gagging.

“Weakling,” scoffed the ponytailed leader. As she was about to fully rip the photo, a sudden strong gust of wind blew it out of her hands. It danced and flitted among the trees as though it was mocking Yuki. The higher and further it flew, the harder Yuki’s heart pounded.

“No… come back! Please!”

Her knees buckled and she sank to the ground in defeat when her dearest possession was caught among the straggly top branches of a looming Japanese maple tree. Hot tears sprang to her eyes, gliding down her cheeks. Through blurred vision, she made out the outline of the irksome smirk on the leader’s face.

“Looks like even Mother Nature thinks you are weird. Have fun trying to get the picture back. And oh, try not to break an arm.”

The derisive laughter echoed in Yuki’s ears as the trio made their exit, having enjoyed their daily dose of picking on the newcomer. Once it was just Yuki left in the backyard, she let out an anguished wail, slamming her small fist against the dirt.

“Okaasan… Otousan… why did you leave me… Why didn’t you take me with you? It’s so painful without you. No one loves me anymore…”

Another blast of wind swished through the chilly backyard, swirling up fallen reddish-brown leaves and loose soil. The violent gush sent Yuki’s hair fluttering wildly and she hissed when a speck of dirt pricked her right eye. When the biting autumn wind ceased its beating on her skinny body, she squinted at the ground before her and fell back in shock.

There among the messy array of leaves was the object that held precious memories of her late parents.


A pair of feet clad in shiny black shoes and lacy white socks entered her vision.


Snapping up at a vaguely familiar voice that she hadn’t heard in over a year, Yuki gasped.


Mayu stood before her, looking as divine as the first time they met.

“Keep it safe. Don’t let them get their hands on it so easily,” the spirit crouched down, stuffing the dusty photo in Yuki’s hand.

“H-How did… y-you know?” stammered Yuki.

Mayu flashed a self-assured grin and winked. “I’ve been stalking you.”

To be honest, Mayu couldn’t quite figure out her attraction to the human girl. Perhaps she had found her over-the-top reactions interesting. Perhaps she was simply tired of wandering aimlessly for more than half a century.

Or perhaps Yuki filled a bit of that empty void within her.

Ever since their meeting at the orphanage, Mayu would make herself visible to Yuki whenever the girl was alone. The playful ghost would do things to annoy her frequently and cause her to almost get caught talking to thin air as other humans couldn’t see Mayu. Yuki had lost count of the number of times she had almost snapped from the disturbances but Mayu didn’t mind the scolding and persisted. In fact, she was secretly glad that her presence was drawing Yuki’s mind away from the grief of losing her parents. Things seemed to be looking up for Yuki gradually as she was able to move on with her life and stand up to the constant bullying. Unfortunately, heaven had not toyed enough with her and tossed another rock in her path. When she was fifteen, she experienced sporadic occurrences of chest pains and breathlessness. They got so bad that she fainted from the lack of oxygen during Physical Education class one scorching summer morning. Hospital tests revealed devastating news to the teenager: she suffered from a rare congenital heart defect that would weaken her heart over time and lead to heart failure in her twenties.

Her only hope of surviving?

A heart transplant.

“How can I ever afford a transplant?” Yuki asked in between sobs as she lay curled up on the hospital bed. The pillow was damp with warm tears. It was late into the night and she was the only one awake while the other patients in the same ward were all sound asleep. “It’s impossible.”

Mayu could only sit in silence behind the broken-again girl who had been struggling so hard to fight the trials and tribulations of life. Placing a gentle hand on Yuki’s back, she offered comforting pats, hoping to soothe the turmoil running through her mind.


The alarm buzzed from its resting place next to Yuki’s head, jolting her awake instantly. The sudden motion of sitting upright caused her brains to rattle against the inner walls of her skull and she gripped her head in pain.

“When will you ever learn to wake up in a less destructive manner?” Mayu’s unimpressed voice drifted into Yuki’s ears.

The woman snorted in response. “I’m sorry I don’t have an army of maids to wake me gently… unlike a certain someone.”

Mayu flinched and gnawed on her lower lip. “You don’t know what you are saying.”

Sensing the acridity in Mayu’s quiet voice, Yuki knew she should have kept her mouth shut.

“At least you had a mother’s warmth,” Mayu muttered. “Even if it was only for a few years.”

Ignoring the throbbing ache in her head, Yuki slipped out of her bed and walked towards Mayu, reaching out towards the still figure sitting on the chair. A smile cracked across her face when her arms successfully wrapped around Mayu’s cold body. It wasn’t every day that Mayu allowed Yuki to make physical contact with her. Sometimes Yuki’s hands would just pass through her if she made her herself untouchable.

“I’m sorry, alright? I shouldn’t have brought up your past.”

Yuki stroke Mayu’s glossy hair. Even though Mayu was technically much older than her – more than three times her age – Yuki couldn’t resist treating her like a child, especially when Mayu was huddled into a tiny ball of insecurity.

“But Mayu, do you miss them?”

She felt Mayu tighten her fist on her shirt.

“No. I wish they never gave birth to me.”

Yuki drew her deeper into the hug as sympathy shone in her still bleary eyes. She knew little about Mayu’s past aside from the fact that she was born into a wealthy family and she hated her parents. Anything else, including the details about her death, was a mystery.

“Hey, erm… so have you thought of what you want for your birthday? I need time to prepare,” Yuki asked, hoping to change the subject.

There was a bitter laugh.

“You know something, Yuki?”


“I died on my birthday.”

It was as if a cymbal had crashed in her head. Yuki’s breathing hitched as her heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, a wave of guilt washed over her.

“I…” Yuki began, not quite knowing what to say. “I… am so sorry.”

All these years she had been unknowingly reminding Mayu of her death whenever she probed for her birthday wish.

Mayu forced a meek smile. “It’s alright. I just thought you should know.”

Yuki lowered her head, her eyes searching Mayu’s. “Why?”

“I’ve been thinking the whole night. It’s kind of unfair if I know everything about you yet you know nothing about me, right?”

Yuki pondered for a bit, tapping her chin. “I guess that’s true. You’ve been watching me since I was five, you stalker.”

“What stalker? I’m your guardian, you ingrate.”

Yuki giggled at the childish pout on Mayu’s face, feeling rather lighthearted for once. To be able to share a playful moment with her faithful companion was a nice start to the day.

“And the next thing you are going to say is that you are my guardian angel,” she jested.

Mayu dismissed the notion with a casual wave. “Angels don’t exist.”

Yuki raised an eyebrow. “They don’t?”

Mayu shook her head. “Only portal guards do.” Detecting the confused tilt of Yuki’s head, she explained, “Someone has to guide all those lost souls in the right direction to the reincarnation portal. If not, there’d be an overpopulation of spirits.”

“Then why are you still here?”

Once the words left her mouth, Yuki mentally cursed herself for uttering something so insensitive again.

“Because I’m not eligible for reincarnation,” Mayu’s voice turned solemn. “It is only for people who died of natural causes or in accidents, not for people who were murdered.”

“Eh? You were murdered… and on your birthday?!”

Eyes cast to the side, Mayu continued, “I’m doomed to roam the earth forever.”

“So I only have limited time left with you since my heart can stop beating anytime. I’ll be reincarnated if I die of heart failure, right?”

As Mayu nodded stiffly, Yuki noticed the trepidation behind those glassy black orbs that she was trying so hard to hide. Throwing on a large fake grin, she slapped Mayu’s shoulder hardly. “We’ll talk about this again. I’ve got to wash up and get ready for work.”

After taking a quick cold shower and a breakfast of stale white bread, Yuki locked her room, careful not to let any of her housemates walk into what she was about to do next. She plopped down before her desk and retrieved the syringe and powder.

“It’s running out…” she mumbled to herself, frowning. “I’ll need to hurry up with the deliveries before Shinoda will give me my next supply.”

As she prepared to shoot up with the last remaining bit of powder, Mayu grabbed the hand that was about to inject the vile solution. Yuki scowled, not liking to be disturbed during her fix.

“Yuki, I’ve thought of my birthday wish.”

Those unexpected words softened Yuki’s glare. “What is it?”

“I want you to break your addiction.”

Breaking their eye contact, Yuki shook off Mayu’s grasp and jabbed the needle into the most prominent vein on her arm. She watched intently as the hazy solution disappeared into her bloodstream.

“Impossible. You know that.”

“Please Yuki, all these drugs are killing you.”

Yuki sighed. “We’ve been through this many times before, Mayu. I will die sooner or later because of my heart defect. Kicking the addiction won’t help me live any longer.”

“But they may make you die earlier than you should.”

“Seriously, I don’t care. At least they ease the pain and make life more bearable. Do you know how horrible is it to feel like someone is squeezing your heart every day? It hurts – a lot – till I can’t breathe.”


“No buts. I can do anything for you. Just not this,” Yuki cut Mayu off before she could try to persuade her. “Case closed, Mayu.”

With an indignant huff, Yuki kept the tools in the drawer, locking it with a key that she always wore around her neck with a black cord.

“If you can’t stand seeing me this way, you can always stop following me.”

Those were Yuki’s last words before she opened the door and left.

She didn’t even spare Mayu a glance.


I must have hurt her deeply with my words. Stupid me. Stupid, stupid!

Yuki slapped her head with both hands repeatedly, drawing curious stares from passers-by. It had been more than twelve hours since she left Mayu alone in her room. Normally, the spirit would show up when Yuki was doing her deliveries at night but today, her presence was sorely missing.

What if she really leaves me for good? I don’t want that. I don’t want to be alone again.

And I don’t want her to be alone too.

Yuki recalled the fear in Mayu’s eyes that morning when they were on the topic of reincarnation. She has done so much for me after my parents died. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t even be half the person I am now – not like I am anyone great though. She chuckled softly in an act of self-mockery. What have I achieved after twenty-one years in this world? I’m just a good-for-nothing druggie. But Mayu… she makes me feel that there is someone who appreciates a hopeless bum like me. She has been alone for so long before we met. This could very well be the last chance I have to celebrate her birthday with her, so maybe I should fulfill her wish, or at least try to.

Patting her cheeks, Yuki made up her mind. She checked her watch. 11.18PM. She had one final delivery before she could call it a night and meet up with her supplier. Opening the heat retaining pack that sat on the back of her bicycle, she peeked into the pizza box, making sure that the packet of white powder was hidden among the little bags of powdered parmesan cheese and chili.

Once I’m done, I’ll go back and apologise to Mayu.

Hopping onto the bicycle, she pedaled quickly to her next destination, ignoring the fatigue that was setting in.

Fifteen minutes later, she arrived at the apartment of one of Shinoda’s regular clients. She rapped twice on the splintered surface of the door and waited, tapping her feet rather impatiently. Shuffling sounded from the other side of the door before it was swung open by a heavily tattooed man in his mid-thirties. The rotund paunch that spilled over his belt stretched uncomfortably against his grease-stained white singlet.

“You are early today, girl,” he remarked, leering at the slightly panting Yuki with beady black eyes.

“Here’s your pizza,” said Yuki matter-of-factly, careful not to appear too friendly. She held back a cringe when his sour breath invaded her nostrils. The stench was a mix of tobacco and rotting week-old food scraps. As he took the flat cardboard box from her, his sticky hands brushed hers, lingering longer than necessary.

“Won’t you join me for a beer?”

“You know Shinoda will stop dealing with you if you lay a hand on me. Don’t push your luck. Now, pay up,” Yuki answered coolly. At the back of her mind, she missed Mayu’s sweet jasmine scent and soft hands.

“Tch, spoilsport,” the man grumbled and stuffed a wad of crumpled notes in her palm begrudgingly.

Yuki counted the cash. After making sure that not a single yen was missing, she pulled down the bill of her cap, shielding her eyes from his hungry gaze. “Enjoy your pizza.”

“Kashiwagi, you are early today,” a smooth feminine voice spoke in the dim alley. Shadows overlapped and fell about the two figures conversing in the narrow lane.

Yuki crinkled her nose. “That’s what the slimy Ogawa said too.” She dug into her waist pouch and handed a thick stack of notes to the other woman. From the sliver of light that spilled into the alley from the main street, it was noted that the mysterious lady wore a sleek short hairdo and was a few centimeters taller than Yuki.

“He wasn’t wrong.” Well-manicured fingers flipped through the money casually before slipping them into a black leather handbag. From the same bag, the woman produced a packet of white powder that was about the size of her palm.

“Sorry, Shinoda-san,” Yuki began apologetically. “I would like just the painkillers this time.”

“Oh?” Surprise was evident in Shinoda’s voice. “If my calculation isn’t wrong, you should be running out of it now.”

“I am,” admitted Yuki, “but I want to try being less dependent on it.”

“Are you going to betray me?” Shinoda’s voice dropped to a sinister level.

Yuki’s eyes widened at the accusation and her hands shot out in defense. “No, no. Of course not!” She had heard rumours of what Shinoda was capable of when it came to traitors and she certainly didn’t want to be on her bad side.

“Then why?”

“I… want to… It is… I… ah…”

Unexpectedly, Shinoda threw her head back and let out a hearty laughter. “Look at you! Stammering like a school girl!”

“Mou, don’t laugh at me!”

“So who is it? Is he handsome?” Even in the shadows, Yuki could make out the curve of gleaming white teeth between glossy lips.

“She’s someone important to me…”

“She? I didn’t know you swing that way, Kashiwagi!”

Yuki’s face burned a deep shade of beetroot at the teasing chortles. “N-No! She’s a friend... a very precious one.”

Suddenly, Shinoda wrapped a lean arm around her shoulders and jerked her close.

“S-Shinoda-san?” Yuki peered cautiously at the smirking face.

“It’s alright. I won’t judge,” Shinoda said in a husky whisper before blowing into the tense woman’s ear, causing a shiver to shoot down her spine. Yelping, Yuki leapt away.

“W-Wha-What are you doing?”

Rolling her eyes, her supplier smacked her cap until it covered her eyes completely. “You are such a reaction queen.”

Yuki struggled from the sudden loss of sight and fumbled like a blind bat with her cap. When she yanked it off, she saw three bottles of painkillers before her.

“Be careful not to overdose on them just because they have less of an effect than heroin.” The smile was gone from Shinoda’s face as she jammed the bottles into Yuki’s pouch. “I don’t want my most hardworking delivery girl to die.”

A grateful smile spread across Yuki’s face as she nodded like an obedient puppy. “Thank you, Shinoda-san!”

As she cycled back to her apartment, she wondered why her legs felt like lead and every push of the pedal required a bit more effort than usual.


“Mayu!” Yuki called out in a hushed whisper the moment she closed her room’s door. “Mayu, I’m home. Are you here?” With anxious steps, she hurried towards her bed which the spirit liked to laze on. She couldn’t wait to break the good news to Mayu. “Mayu, I have something to tell you. You’d want to hear this so come on ou-”

Two loud thuds sounded in lightning-quick succession.

“Ugh!” Pain exploded in her knees as they buckled and slammed to the floor. If her hands hadn’t shot out in time, she would have kissed the cracked concrete. She tried standing up but her legs refused to cooperate and were wobbly like jelly. Grinding her elbows against the ground, she managed to drag herself to the foot of her bed, grasping weakly onto the bed post. The little distance rendered her breathless. Her chest felt ready to burst at the seams while the veins along her neck were screaming to break out with each shallow gasp she took.

“W-What’s… w- wrong?”

She shook her head only to feel dizzier than before. “Can’t… focus...” Placing a trembling hand on her chest, she sensed the faint and painfully slow beating underneath her ribs. Hot tears stung the back of her eyes as her eyelids drooped heavily. No… I can’t go to sleep now. I still need to find her… Where are… you…

“Mayu… yu…”

And she fell forward like a rag doll.


There was nary a soul on the streets at 3AM aside from the random vagrant. With a hard kick, Mayu sent a discarded metal can across the road, spraying beer over the deserted tarmac. The homeless man sprawled on the sidewalk jolted up in shock and gaped wide-eyed at the can that had just shot past him. It rebounded off the shop window with a loud clank, leaving a nasty scratch on the pristine glass surface.

Normally, Mayu would have felt bad for accidentally damaging others’ property but tonight, it was the last thing on her mind. Nothing that a little polishing wouldn’t fix, she noted grimly. She couldn’t even muster the funny bone in her to mock the man whose face was looking a little green. I wonder why humans are so scared of me. I used to be alive like them too.

She recalled her numerous failed attempts at making friends with the living after her death. No one wanted me. Everyone was scared… everyone but her.

Yuki… rin.

It was a secret only to the spirit that she liked to call the young lady by her nickname whenever she thought about her.

She probably hates me for pestering her about quitting. I guess I should just leave her alone for now.

Mayu gazed forlornly at the empty road as she wandered off the curb. A bright flash of illegally modified car headlights blinded her vision and a red Lamborghini raced out of nowhere with a deafening rumble, zooming past her. The side mirror cut through her right arm at breakneck speed. Glancing down, she gritted her teeth at the still intact limb.

I can’t even feel pain.

She fought the hateful lump in her throat and glided further and further away from the street that Yuki stayed on.


Yuki awoke to an incessant ringing of the apartment’s only land line. Her head was as heavy as a ton of bricks and instead of lifting it up, she nudged it along the floor.

“Stop it… Can’t… someone answer the damned phone?” she choked out with the immense effort. Rolling onto her back, she turned her stiff neck to check the time on her watch. Her eyes shot open when she saw the hour hand pointing at eleven.

I’m so dead! That must be my boss calling me!

With renewed vigor, she forced herself up and stumbled towards the door, not caring about the pain exploding through every organ in her body. A wet transparent trickle streamed down her nose and her hand trembled fiercely as she grabbed the door knob. The old and rusty handle rattled nosily from her futile attempts to turn it.

Come on, open! I can’t lose my job!

After a click that sounded like heaven to her ears, she crashed through the door. Her legs gave way in her haste, throwing her to the floor mercilessly. Scrambling to her feet, she half-ran to the phone on the coffee table next to the couch. A smile broke through the frustration on her face when she laid her hand on the receiver.

The ringing stopped.

Hoping against hope, she smashed the black receiver against her ear. “H-Hello, Yuki here!”

Her voice was met with a lifeless disconnect tone. Not giving up, she began jamming her finger on the number pad but three digits in, she froze.

What’s the next digit?

She stared dumbly at the buttons.

“Why can’t I remember?”

The number of the pizza store that she always had at her fingertips evaded her abruptly blank mind.

“Eight? No, six? Or is it five?” She sniffed hardly. She wasn’t sure if her watery eyes and runny nose were a result of her fear of losing her job or heroin withdrawal. All she knew was that the sharp ache in her head and chest was returning ten-fold after the earlier adrenaline rush had died down. Her hairs were standing on their ends and she sank to the cold floor, feeling as though a thousand needles were pricking her skin. She cupped her mouth when a wave of nausea struck her. With a harsh cough, she spewed a glop of acidic fluid that left a burning trail in her throat and made a sticky mess of her hand. The putrid taste swirled in her mouth, prompting her to spit out any remaining liquid. The yearning for the cursed powder was strong.

Remembering the painkillers in her waist pouch, she dug them out but the violent shaking of her hands caused her to spill everything onto the floor. She swiped at the nearest pills desperately and gobbled up whatever she could seize. Just as she was about to toss the third handful into her mouth, Shinoda’s words flashed in her mind.

“Be careful not to overdose on them just because they have less of an effect than heroin.”

“Screw that.” She slammed her palm against her open mouth, feeling the little round pills fill up her oral cavity. The pain was too great and she wanted it gone as soon as possible.

Then she thought of Mayu.

Tears leaked from her bloodshot eyes as she recalled what she wanted to do for the spirit. Releasing an embittered growl, she spat out everything.

I can do this. Mayu’s wish.

At the rate her body was burning one second and freezing the next, she wondered if that was how hell felt like. Curling into a fetal position, she wrapped her arms around herself and prayed for the pain to subside.


It had been six days since Mayu left. Yuki sat up in her bed as the morning sun beamed down on her. Stretching her arms, she peeked out her room’s window at the cloudless blue sky and inhaled deeply. As she passed by the desk, she allowed a proud smile to grace her features when she sighted the unopened bottle of painkillers.

Today’s the day. Mayuyu, where are you? I want to show you what I’ve achieved.

On her way out, she bumped into her housemate who was about to leave for work.

“You shouldn’t be going out in your condition,” Oshima Yuko said, surprised that Yuki was up and about.

Yuki shook her head. “I’ll be fine. Anyway, thanks for your help.”

Though still unconvinced, Yuko gave a wry grin. “I couldn’t have someone dying in my pad, right?”

“If I die, I’d make sure I die outside so that I don’t affect the value of this apartment,” Yuki returned her own lopsided smile.

“Don’t say that. I’m still human. I wouldn’t want the street rats to feed on your corpse too.”

Wrinkling her nose at the morbid image, Yuki changed the subject. “I’ve got to go now. See you at night.”

“Did you bring your medicine?” Yuko’s concerned voice stopped her. “In case your illness acts up while you are out.”


Right before she stepped through the door, Yuki discreetly grabbed a pocket knife that she had left on the shoe rack and stuffed it into her jean’s pocket.

I’m sorry, Oshima-san. I lied. My illness can’t be controlled by any medicine.

As she went down the building’s stairs, taking two steps at a time, she wondered if Yuko would have still helped her if she knew the real reason behind the shivers and vomiting. Drug addicts were considered the scum of society and fearing that her housemate would discriminate against her, she lied that she was simply feeling unwell because of a disease when Yuko found her squirming on the living room floor on the first night she had decided to go cold turkey.

The only person she was sure wouldn’t look down on her was Mayu.

When Yuki passed by her workplace, she made it a point to go in to apologise personally to her boss for her absence. She was lucky that Yuko had helped her make a trip down to explain things to her boss, thus keeping her job.

“Yes, I’ll be back to work tomorrow. Sorry for causing so much trouble.” Yuki finished her visit with a deep bow before leaving the shop. Now that that was out of the way, she needed to find Mayu.

As she prowled from street to street, she felt her energy seeping away. That was what had been happening for the past week. It didn’t take much to make her feel lethargic all over. Checking her watch, she bit her inner cheek. It was only slightly after ten and she was already sleepy. She stared up at the clear sky, wondering why heaven didn’t exist.

Let me see your smile again before I die.


Mayu sat on the ledge of an overhead bridge that overlooked a busy road. Swinging her legs back and forth, she thought about a certain raven-haired woman.

Did she get into trouble when making deliveries for Shinoda? Did her addiction get worse? Is she in pain? Is she sleeping well? Is she still angry with me?

Images of Yuki struggling with the effects of her illness flooded her mind and suddenly, Mayu regretted her decision to leave.

What if her heart is failing as I sit here? I should have just stuck around her while staying invisible. At least, I would be able to know how she is. Damn it!

A growing fear gripped the spirit and she deftly kicked herself off the ledge, disappearing into the sea of vehicles below. Her first stop – Flash Pizza. She strode into the tiny pizza place and searched every nook and cranny but Yuki was nowhere in sight. Just as she was about to leave…

“Yo, Boss!” a tall and boyish-looking woman entered the shop and called out to a stout man poring over the morning papers at the counter. The man with a thick moustache looked up at the source of the chirpy voice.

“You’re back, Miyazawa. Within the time limit as usual,” the boss flashed a thumbs up at the short-haired woman who had just removed her helmet and was wiping the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand.

“Of course! I bring the flash to Flash Pizza,” Miyazawa Sae winked, thumping her chest smugly. “Anyway, I heard from Jun that Yuki popped by a while ago. How is she?”

The boss sighed. “She looked pale and sounded breathless when she was talking to me and almost fell on her way out. She said she’d be back tomorrow but I wonder about that. Her performance hasn’t been up to standard lately too…”

“You can’t be thinking of sacking her!” Sae interrupted, slamming her hands on the countertop.

“I didn’t say that but…”

At that point, Mayu decided that she had heard enough. Yuki had been missing work and sounded unwell. The drugs made her high and light-headed but not breathless.

Her condition is getting worse.

Panic filled her heart and she tore out into the streets. She had a very bad feeling and it scared her because her instincts were always right. Speeding back to Yuki’s apartment, she was dismayed to find it empty. Everything was still and quiet. However, despite the lack of cozy furnishings, she realised how much it felt like home; all because Yuki lived there. She took the familiar oversized T-shirt draped over the chair and brought it close to her face, inhlaing Yuki’s unique scent. Then something caught her eye. She peered at the tiny scrawl next to 26 March on the desk calendar.

Mayuyu’s birthday! ♥ I did it!

Raising an eyebrow, Mayu chuckled. Mayuyu? Is that her nickname for me?

Out of curiosity, her hand passed through the locked drawer to feel its contents. The syringe was still there but it was dry, as if it hadn’t been used for days and there were no traces of the powder that caused their last argument. Mayu frowned.

Don’t tell me she…

As she connected the words on the calendar to the missing heroin, a soundless sob escaped her throat.

If only she could stab her heartless self.

Blinking away the tears, she set Yuki’s shirt down. It wasn’t too late. She could still feel Yuki’s presence somewhere in the town.

Wait for me, Yukirin! I’m coming to find you.


The noon sun was blazing down on the pedestrians who were dumb enough to leave their air-conditioned offices for lunch. Yuki flapped her black cotton shirt that kept sticking to her sweat-drenched body. She was breaking out in cold sweat despite the heat and she had already lost count of the number of times she had stopped to catch her breath.

My time’s almost up, huh?

She wondered if she would end up like what Yuko said and become food for the street rats.

I don’t want it to end like this. I still want to see Mayu for one last time. No, that’s wrong. I want to continue living with her by my side. I don’t want her to think that I’m still angry with her. Why did I have to break her heart?  Why was I so stubborn?

She could feel it. Her life was slipping through her fingers like the sands of time. Her body could no longer keep up with her desire to keep moving.

I’m sorry, Boss. I don’t think I can go to work tomorrow.

She sank to her knees, feeling the hot concrete through her faded jeans.

I’m sorry, Shinoda-san. I can’t help you with your deliveries anymore.

Through her hazy vision, she saw a stranger running towards her.

I’m sorry, Oshima-san. I’ll need to trouble you to clear my belongings.

She gripped the pocket knife in her pocket.

“Miss, miss! Are you alright?”

I’m sorry, whoever you are. I’m going to be selfish.

“H-Hey! What are you-”

The wildest screams which had ever been heard in that part of Tokyo broke out.


Mayu froze in her tracks.

Yuki’s presence…. is gone.

Terrified shrieks erupted in the adjacent street and a gnawing feeling in the pit of her stomach urged her to check out what was happening. Turning the corner, all she saw was a very familiar figure lying face-down on the concrete sidewalk. She cursed at the people who were crowding around the lifeless body and obstructing her view.

Her spirit must still be around nearby! She just died. The portal guards couldn’t have got to her so fast!

“YUKIRIN!” she cried, her voice strained with desperation. “I’m here! Don’t leave me! I’m here! I’m here!”

Her pleas were drowned out by frenzied murmurs and screams of terror as passers-by swarmed towards the scene. None of the faces belonged to the one she longed for. The usually composed spirit was reduced to a blubbering mess as she slumped to the ground. The portal guards in the area were known to be very efficient and would whisk away the freshly departed to the reincarnation portal within minutes.

I’m too late. She’s gone. She’s really gone…

“Yuki… Yuki… Yuki…”

Why didn’t you wait for me?

Soon, the police and ambulance staff arrived at the scene and took Yuki’s body away but Mayu was too numb to pay attention to her surroundings. She had lost the person dearest to her; that was all she cared about. Hours later – long after the sun had set, she was still sitting on the sidewalk with her tear-streaked face buried in her knees.
“They didn’t do a very clean job.”

Mayu sniffed. I must be missing her so much that I’m hallucinating her voice.


“Shut up, mind. It’s not funny.”

“I’m not your mind, idiot.”

The voice sounded too real to be her imagination. And since when did my mind talk back to me?

Mayu raised her head hesitantly and gasped. The person she had been grieving over was now standing in front of her with a smirk on her bloodless face.

“It’s a minute to midnight so I’m still in time. Happy birthday, Mayu.”


Yuki scratched her cheek. “I’m not too sure too. I took a gamble back there.”

“What do you mean?” Mayu asked, still not quite believing her eyes. In response, Yuki grabbed her hand and pulled her up, guiding her towards the spot where she breathed her last breath. As they walked, Mayu noticed that Yuki’s hand was as cold as hers.

“Look at this,” Yuki pointed at a spot of dark dried up blood on the pavement. “That’s my blood.”

“Blood? Why was there blood if you died of heart failure?”

“Didn’t you see it when the paramedics moved my body?”

“I… I was too distraught to look at what they were doing,” admitted Mayu. Yuki smiled at the sheepish-looking girl and squeezed her hand lightly. “A-Anyway, you haven’t answered my question,” Mayu blurted.

A guilty look crept onto Yuki’s features. “I made a man stab my heart before it stopped beating on its own. I wasn’t sure if it would be considered murder but I had to try.” She lifted her shirt, showing a deep hole in her chest. A small hand reached forward and felt the wound gingerly. Mayu scowled when she caught a glimpse of the punctured heart deep within Yuki.

“You’ve become just like me. Only wandering spirits bear the wound that killed them.”

That said, Mayu tugged down the high collar that always covered her throat, revealing a gaping slash across porcelain skin. Yuki's stomach lurched. In the years they had known each other, she had never known the cause of Mayu’s death.

“Why did you do it, Yuki? You could’ve had another chance at life by reincarnating. Maybe your next life would be a happy one. Why did you give that up? It’s awful to watch the people around you grow old while you stay the sa- Oof!”

Mayu nearly bit her tongue when she was abruptly squashed against Yuki’s chest as the taller woman drew her into a tight embrace.

“This is why.”

Yuki lowered her head and pressed her lips against Mayu’s forehead with the gentlest touch she had ever offered someone. An overwhelming amount of adoration surged through her when she felt the shorter girl relax in her arms.

“I want to spend forever with you.”

It was a declaration that Mayu had never expected to hear from anyone. Her wide eyes searched Yuki’s for a sign of a cruel joke but the other woman’s intense gaze was hard as steel.

“I realised how important you were to me when you left.”


Yuki’s mouth quivered at the nostalgic nickname. The only people who had ever called her so intimately were her parents and now, Mayu. Bringing a slim hand up, she caressed Mayu’s supple cheek as she admired the flawless doll-like visage before her.

“Let us not be alone anymore, Mayuyu.”

A glistening drop wobbled at the edge of Mayu’s eye before sliding down her face. She smacked Yuki’s arm. “Why did you take such a long time to find me then?”

“I got lost.”

“Huh?” Mayu stared at Yuki incredulously.

“Hey, can’t blame me for being disoriented! It’s my first time being a spirit.”

“Lousy,” Mayu rolled her eyes, prompting Yuki to pout at being shot down so mercilessly. She bit back a snicker at her new spirit partner’s crestfallen puppy eyes. She missed this face so much - this lovely face that she had been watching since sixteen years ago. Now, it exuded an air of freedom that had eluded its owner for so long. Tipping her toes, Mayu planted a chaste kiss on Yuki’s cheek.

“You have the whole of forever to learn the tricks of being a spirit from me, silly.”

Feeling the arms circling her waist tighten, warmth bloomed in Mayu’s chest for the first time in decades.

Thank you, Yukirin. I couldn’t have asked for a better present.


The End.

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot - Mayu's Belated Birthday Special] Gone Too Soon (12 May)
Post by: DC2805 on May 12, 2013, 03:36:17 AM
Was quite surprised to see a Mayu's birthday FF which seems to be too much overdue hehe...but then, good story is never too late to be shared, right? :heart: Thanks for the post!  :)
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot - Mayu's Belated Birthday Special] Gone Too Soon (12 May)
Post by: Shinoki on May 12, 2013, 03:43:14 AM so good.........
(note that I only read the mayu b-day fanfic)
it's really long compared to the one shots that I write, you rock!
together forever, Mayuki~
interesting to see that Mayuyu is technically older than Yuki
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot - Mayu's Belated Birthday Special] Gone Too Soon (12 May)
Post by: cisda83 on May 12, 2013, 06:24:16 AM

Just come across your OS...

I have just been reading them....

I enjoyed reading all of them...

They are all very interesting stories

Thank you

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot - Mayu's Belated Birthday Special] Gone Too Soon (12 May)
Post by: clubhappy on May 12, 2013, 07:43:47 AM
I cried :P Really good story!!!
Just when I was wandering and reading back the old fics because there hasn't been any Mayuki fics updated. Thank you seigus-san!!  XD
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Post by: Chanaline on May 12, 2013, 04:40:42 PM
Me too I cried when Yuki stabbed herself... I was really sad at this time!! :(

It is a really good one-shot!! I love all you write!! It was really poignant for me!! :D
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Post by: mayuki_daisuki on May 12, 2013, 06:19:55 PM
omg seigus-san this os is so sweet :heart: :yep:
yet so sorrowful and moving, i cried when yuki stopped taking the pills for mayu and when she died :cry: :cry:
poor mayuyu was murdered :(
at least mayuki will be together forever :deco:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
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~Gone Too Soon~

~Hi Seigus-san!  :deco:

~Ah! Another wonderful MaYuki One-shots of yours!

~It’s long but worth to read it..Life is so cruel...The plot of the story is a realistic one..

~When I read the part where Mayu and Yuki have an argument about the drugs Yuki that have been using...It’s so sad...

~I also thought that this One-shot is not a happy ending but gladly after I finished reading it..I am so happy...In the end, Mayu and Yuki stay at each other forever..

~Thanks for making it!!!! You’re so good at writing :D..I hope you also update you’re On-Going MaYuki fan fiction..Please...

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I finally found some time at my hands to read this piece in a quiet and serene place where no one disturbed me~

I always said that the way you write is amazing and I really appreciate the work you put into this all  :bow:

Maybe some of us don't appreciate it but I, being a writer myself, really do and thank you from the bottom of my heart  :bow:

MaYuki - thanks to you - became one of my favorite pairings and now, whenever I see SaeYuki, even though I wrote about them in one of my stories, or SaeMayu...I clench my fist and go like this: 'You damned rascals, it has always been MaYuki!!!'

Haha, even though I ship YukiRena, wWatanabe or Oshiri it's not fair of me to blame writers, who write about SaeYuki or SaeMayu,  of separating MaYuki... But because Sae is a more realistic threat than others to this pairing...I can't help it  :nervous

Yuki's past was so sad...losing parents, being bullied by Tomochin and her crew - I could easily tell it was her even if you didn't mention her name even once  XD - and then getting that heart illness...

Drugs might have been an escape route from pain but it also brought her life closer to its end, nee?

Mayu staying by her sweet of her. The teasing, the caring, the saving...everything was just right, in the right places and at the right time. More than a guardian angel. A true friend who was always there when Yuki needed her.

Even though Yuki kind of raised her hand to kill herself - she made another man kill her, so I call it as 'she took her own life' - I understand her intentions and her pains (even though I never went through such).

Yuko-sama might have appeared not much in this but...let me squeal for a bit *squeals*  :wub: she was so cool for me for helping Yuki out - though the scene with the bottle in her hands made me chuckle  :D - and I felt like if she appeared more than she did she might have out-shadowed the MaYuki pair  :nervous :inlove:

Shinoda-sama was brilliant in this story and I somehow didn't hate her - but you usually do hate these kinds of characters, nee? I think I didn't hate her because she was in a way good and understanding towards Yuki...? :nervous

The ending was very sweet and cute and fluffy.. XD Can I ask for more MaYuki?  XD :cathappy:

This was a perfect read. Thank you!! And sorry for being so late in commenting!!  :bow:

P.S. I would talk about the latest chapter of Doctor Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi series but... My feels were too great to write them in words... I just wonder how things are going to evolve now between Yuko-sama and Mario?  :rofl:
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Post by: Kiri-el on May 15, 2013, 11:17:35 PM
This is not a usual MaYuki fic. Yuki is not a perfect princess and Mayu is not an emotionless cyborg.
I love the atmosphere of the story, Yuki's character and the relationship between the two girls.
Plus, I read this on a rainy day, which is perfect for me when I'm reading. ^^
This story really touched me, thank you for this!
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot - Mayu's Belated Birthday Special] Gone Too Soon (12 May)
Post by: LoyalFlutist on May 16, 2013, 06:04:57 AM
Now I can finally comment! :panic:

Honestly, when I first read through it, this was one of the many rare fictions that brought me to tears. (And when I say tears, this is coming from a person that keeps a brick face for the most part :panic:) My heart was just going haywire while reading this one-shot! It not only left me breathless but left me feeling so... Hm, emotional? Something like that. :sweatdrop:

Anyway! I love it! I really do love it! No other words came popping to mind other than "OMG, this fiction is just heart-wrenching and well-driven plot that's going to make me die on the inside." Which I did with tears internally. :lol:

Looking forward to more of your future works! :deco:
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot - Mayu's Belated Birthday Special] Gone Too Soon (12 May)
Post by: mo-chan on May 19, 2013, 04:00:48 PM
touching story~  (;_;)/
 it is so.perfect  (;_;)
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Post by: rhin12 on May 22, 2013, 07:37:20 AM
Finally got the time to read your OS!  :deco:

Love the part where Yuki hugged Mayuyu  :wub: I can totally imagine it!  :heart: and I really find it adorable when Yuki shows affection to her baby Mayuyu  :wub: Though technically Mayu's way older than her in this os!  :yep:

I like the whole story!  :twothumbs Exactly the kind of story I want for them. Cute and fluffy(In a MaYuki die hard shipper's POV lol) MaYuki but a little dark because of Yuki's past and the drugs thingy  icantstandmybabyYukitakingthosestuffs  :bleed eyes: But I really love the overall! Hope there's a sequel!  XD Two wandering spirits fooling around  :rofl:

Thanks for spoiling us with lots of MaYuki goodness, seigus-san!  :bow: Looking forward for more MaYuki fics and the continuation of your highly anticipated Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series!  :cow:
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seigus-san pls update dr. watanabe x nurse kashiwagi soon
i really love that fic
and i'm waiting for the wmatsui moment
as always nice fic :thumbsup
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Post by: cisda83 on June 09, 2013, 09:01:05 AM
Update please...

the story with dr. watanabe x nurse kashiwagi is one of my fav

and some of your other Os are good too...

Can't wait to see more

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Post by: affiber on June 23, 2013, 04:51:01 PM
Please i want more series of Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi. please make the season 2! :P
Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Interlude 2] This Flower Lasts Forever (16 Jul)
Post by: Seigus on July 16, 2013, 06:28:24 PM
A/N: Hi everyone! It's been four months since the last Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi update. I hope you haven't forgotten about our disgustingly sweet couple :nervous Anyway, this Interlude 2 is actually a birthday fanfic for our beloved Yukirin! Happy Birthday, Yukirin! And guess what! It's been exactly a year and a day since I started this fanfic thread and posted the first Dr. Watanabe story. It was originally meant to be a one-shot but due to the encouraging responses from my dearest readers, it somehow became a long-running multi-chapter story. (So much for wanting to stop at Part 3.) It wouldn't have been possible without everyone's kind support so thank you very much to all who have been following my stories! :bow: I sincerely apologise for being unable to reply to each comment recently as work had kept me very busy but the hectic period is over for now so I should be able to get back on track with writing and replying new comments. Once again, thank you for staying with me despite my lack of response. I really, really feel your love :deco: Without further ado, I hope you'll enjoy this update! By the way, if you think that the title sounds familiar, it's because it is making a reference to Part 1 of the series :D

Note: This is a genderbend story.


This Flower Lasts Forever

A delicate white rose pendant gleamed between slender fingers as its designer leaned against the window, basking in the warm morning rays. The glazed ceramic surface sported dark scratches that marred its otherwise perfect beauty. A sigh escaped the young man’s lips.

“A penny for your thoughts?” A male voice broke the silence in the room.

Watanabe Mayu snapped upright, shoving his hand behind his back as he whipped around to face the intruder.

“Oh, it’s you.” He visibly relaxed, his hand returning to his side.

The taller – but equally fair-skinned – man raised an eyebrow, dark eyes spotting a string of fine silver dangling from Mayu’s hand. “That’s rare.”

Mayu frowned. “What’s rare?”

“You being caught off guard,” answered Matsui Ren, his thin lips quirking ever so slightly at the corners.

The younger doctor returned a small smirk of his own as he tightened his fist around the tiny accessory. “I thought you were Yuki.”

“I don’t think I’m a woman,” came the amused reply.

“You aren’t but…” Mayu squinted his eyes as the gears in his mind formed a mental picture, “close enough. You are just missing a wig and a dress.”

“Very funny, Watanabe,” Ren folded his arms across his chest, shifting his weight onto his left leg as he narrowed his eyes at the shorter man. “I could say the same for you, pretty boy.”

There was a pregnant pause as the two men stared at each other…

… until Mayu chortled and shook his head, causing Ren to break out in soft snickers.

“That was kind of…” Ren drawled, scratching a spot beneath his right ear and trying to figure out the adjective he was looking for.

“Gay,” Mayu offered. “In Yuko-san’s words.”

Ren broke into a rare grin, jesting, “You’ve been hanging around Yuko-san too much. But yeah, it did feel like a pickup scene out of a gay movie.”

An icy shudder shot down Mayu’s spine. “Better not say that in front of Yuki. She’s still quite ruffled by the whole Jun incident in Okinawa,” he said, grimacing at the memory of being smacked mercilessly by a near hysterical girlfriend.

“You mean Jurina-san?”

Mayu nodded. “Anyway, how are you two getting along? She’s been asking you out, hasn’t she?”

“Where did you hear that from?”

“Through the grapevine,” Mayu responded coyly.

Ren turned and fumbled with a patient’s file lying on the desk beside him, pretending to be looking for something. He clicked the ballpoint pen under his thumb. “You are chatty today,” he noted in a clipped tone.

“I’m just concerned.”

Ren paused in his actions and glanced over at Mayu, scrutinizing for signs of a big fat joke. However, all he found was an earnest stare typical of the man famously known as Dr. Cool. “You are surprising me an awful lot today,” he punctuated his comment with another raised eyebrow.  “It’s the first time you are showing concern to someone other than Yuki-chan.”

If Mayu was offended by the remark, he didn’t let it show. Instead, he just shrugged. “Maybe I’m really gay for you.”

“It’s scary when you say that with a straight face. Are you sure you didn’t suffer a head injury when you fought with the ruffian in Okinawa? Maybe I should ask Mario-san to do a scan of your brain.”

“Not necessary,” Mayu brushed off the suggestion. “Yuki always tells me to lighten up because I scare off people with my attitude. Guess I’m not cut out for jokes.”

Nodding a bit too eagerly, Ren said, “I’d rather you stay your usual self. Anyway, speaking of Yuki-chan, her birthday’s tomorrow.” He watched with interest as Mayu’s eyes flickered towards his own closed fist. As someone who had been holding a torch for the woman in question, Ren had a faint idea of what the object in Mayu’s hand was.

Mayu remained silent as he stuffed his hand into his pants’ pocket. “Yeah, and I’m having a headache over it.”

Before Ren could probe for more details, the intercom crackled to life.

There is a shooting incident happening outside Shinjuku Financial Center. Three casualties with gunshot wounds. The police are requesting for medical assistance.

Springing into action, Mayu pressed the red button on the receiver. “Watanabe and Matsui here. We’ll head out in the ambulance.”

The two doctors slung their medical kits over their shoulders and bolted out of the office. As they raced down the corridor leading to the porch of the Emergency Department, they sighted two familiar figures running in front of them.


The women turned back at the sound of Mayu’s voice.

“Mayu!” Yuki’s eyes lit up in joy as she slowed her steps.

“Are you two responding to the Shinjuku call too?” Ren asked.

“Yeah, we were in the Staff Lounge when the call was made. I checked with Communications and it seems like the suspect hasn’t been subdued so there could be more casualties as we speak. It’s better that we send more help over,” Oshima Yuko, the most senior doctor within the group spoke.

“Good move,” Ren gave a nod of approval.

“Anyway,” Yuko nudged Mayu in the ribs as she ran alongside him, “it’s Mayu boy’s first day back at work. Are you excited?”

“It’s just work,” Mayu deadpanned.

“Tch. Touchy,” grumbled Yuko.

The bespectacled man felt a familiar grasp on his right forearm and he turned his attention to the nurse on his other side.

“Welcome back, Dr. Watanabe,” Yuki whispered, the apples of her cheeks growing pink from addressing him so formally. His heart skipped a beat under her alluring bashful gaze. Lacing his fingers with hers, he graced his favourite nurse with a loving smile reserved only for her.

“It’s good to be back.”

Yuko snorted and rolled her eyes. “Not excited, yeah, sure. You lovebirds are acting like you haven’t been spending lots of alone time at home during the past weeks,” she muttered under her breath, groaning at their goose bumps-inducing display of affection.

“It’s different,” Yuki retorted. “This is work.”

The older woman flashed a wry grin. “Given his luck, Mayu would probably get shot by the suspect later.”

“Yuko-san!” If Mayu hadn’t been in between them, Yuki would have clobbered her for her foul mouth.

Behind the trio, Ren smiled at the nostalgic bickering scene even as a pang of loneliness gripped his heart.


In a little over ten minutes, the group was greeted by the loud blares of police sirens as the ambulance swerved into the street where the shootout was taking place.

“Whoa!” The driver exclaimed and slammed on the brakes without warning, hurtling the medical staff at the back into each other.

“Oof!” Yuko felt her brain rattling like a ping pong ball in her skull when she crashed against the inner wall of the vehicle with a painful thud. “What the hell?” she yelled. “And get off me, Ren!”

“I’m trying!” Ren shot back, his voice strained as he struggled to pick himself up.

“Sorry guys, I didn’t notice the roadblock,” the driver shouted over the commotion.

“Damn it, Kizaki! You better get your eyes checked after this!” Yuko blasted, squirming uncomfortably under Ren’s body, painfully aware of his hot breath on her neck. Suddenly, the image of a certain neurosurgeon in his full naked glory flashed in her mind and her stomach lurched like a tidal wave. Eyes bulging, she let out an anguished roar and shoved Ren with inhuman strength only witnessed in fictional superheroes.

“Watch it!” Ren flailed his arms blindly as he tumbled onto his rear, smashing the back of his head against the stretcher’s metal legs. Squeezing his eyes shut in pain, he registered the hushed whispers of concern belonging to his childhood friend and her fiancé on the other side of the stretcher.

“Are you alright?”

“Un… Does anywhere hurt?”

“Just knocked my elbow. Don’t worry about it.”

Rubbing the sore spot which was sure to develop into a massive bump later, Ren sighed over how pathetic he must have looked. The moment he sat up, he was immediately run over by a speeding bundle that had jumped over him and kicked his shoulder in the process. Hissing, he twisted around to see Yuko shoving open the back door and stumbling out onto the rough gravel beneath. The next thing he heard was the sound of someone regurgitating all the contents of her stomach.


Both Mayu and Yuki hopped out, zipping to the hunched over woman in an instant. A palm shot out, stopping them before they could utter a word.

“I’m… fine,” Yuko asserted through gritted teeth. She made a slurring noise before spitting out the remaining sour goo in her mouth. “Urk.”

“Are you sure you are alright?” Yuki patted the veteran doctor’s back. “You already looked a little off when we were in the Staff Lounge just now.” Her words made Mayu shoot suspicious eyes at his former mentor.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head,” Yuko insisted, waving off the tightly knitted brows targeted at her. “Let’s get going. We’ve got lives to save.” She glanced over her shoulder and called rather impatiently, “Get your slow ass down here, Ren!”

Ren groaned inwardly as he stood, working out the kinks in his body. Easy for you to say. Snatching Yuko’s medical kit from the bench, he tossed it to her before hoisting his own over his back. The group approached the nearest police officer and was promptly directed to a cordoned-off area behind a police van. Yuki gasped audibly at the scene. Four injured members of the public were writhing and moaning on the tarmac that had been scorched by the blazing sun but they weren’t the ones who caused her hairs to stand on their ends; it was the fifth victim – a heavily pregnant lady who had a gunshot wound in her bulging belly. Her maternity wear was drenched in fresh blood and a frightening amount of the crimson liquid was pooling under her legs.

“Crap, the situation is worse than what was reported!” Yuko cursed. “Ren and Mayu, you tend to the others, I’ll handle the pregnant woman with Yuki-chan.”

Mayu took a quick scan of the wounded, assessing the situation. Two men bore chest wounds while another woman appeared to suffer shots to her arm and shoulder. The last victim was an elderly man with a gaping hole through his throat – and he was still as a rock. Lips pressing into a thin line, Mayu whipped out his cellphone and speed-dialed the Emergency Department’s number to request for additional transport.

“S-Save my… my… b-baby… please…” the pregnant lady begged in between shallow gasps, gripping Yuko’s gloved hand and smearing it with her blood.

“We will,” Yuko gave an assuring squeeze in return before letting go of her hand. “What’s your name?”


“Alright, Minako-san, when are you due?”

“Next week.”

“Fetal heart rate 120,” Yuki informed.

“Looks like the baby hasn’t been hit,” Yuko stated, checking the gunshot wound at the side of the stretched tummy. “But the mother’s losing too much blood.” Biting her inner cheek, she considered her options. Her water has broken. If we don’t deliver the baby now, infection will set in. At the rate she’s losing blood, we can’t guarantee that we can stabilize her condition in time. It’s either we save one or lose both.

“Minako-san, we will prioritize saving your child…”

Minako managed a weak smile even as waves of excruciating pain rocked her body.

“… and I will need you to cooperate with us. However,” Yuko paused, sucking in a deep breath, “your chances of survival are low. Very low.”

Minako’s eyes widened, unblinking as they searched Yuko’s unwavering ones but the doctor remained silent.

“Does t-that mean I will… d-die?”

A nod.

Realizing that Yuko was not going to give her false hope, she let out a harrowing howl and thrashed her head from side to side, causing more blood to gush from her wound.

“No! No… I can’t die! Impossible!”

“Ma’am! Stop! You will hurt yourself and your baby!” Yuko lunged forward and pinned down Minako’s shaking shoulders. 

Her cry was soon reduced to sobs that racked her battered body. At that second, Yuki felt something shatter into pieces in her chest. She glimpsed at Yuko’s solemn expression and then at her tightly clenched fists. It was a heartbreaking moment for even the most experienced medical professional. Blinking back the tears that were threatening to spill, Yuki laid a comforting hand on Minako’s arm.

“You’ve carried your child for nine months, Minako-san. You’ve been doing a great job up till now. Let’s do our best for this final hurdle. You’d want your child to see this world, right?”

Her gentle words seemed to have a magical effect on the devastated woman as her tense facial features slowly eased into one of acceptance. With a sob, Minako said, “P-Please tell… m-my husband… I love h-him.”

“We will,” Yuki promised. When she straightened her back, she found Yuko staring intently at her.

“No wonder Mayu says you have the persuasiveness of Mother Teresa.”

Feeling a giddy flutter in her stomach, she cast a quick glance at her husband-to-be who was hard at work. Only his profile was visible from where she knelt but she could still see it – the unyielding seriousness behind his glasses. Most people might not notice it but his eyes were kind and his devotion to saving lives was something that she loved and hated. Love because he was like an angel sent from heaven when she was on the brink of death years ago. Hate because that very dedication almost got him killed. Subconsciously, she raised her hand to her collar but when her fingers felt nothing except the fabric of her lavender top, she mentally berated her laughable wishful thinking.

No matter how many times I touch my collar, it’d never appear.

Her hand dropped to her side as she tried to resist the twinge of regret creeping up on her. Ever since she lost the necklace in Okinawa, her neck had been feeling utterly bare. It was Mayu’s first present to her and she had never taken it off after he put it on for her. She had slept with it, showered with it, and even swam with it. It was her most treasured possession. The tingling sensation when his hesitant fingers brushed her skin was still fresh in her mind.

It’s gone… forever.

Shaking her head, she returned her focus to the situation in hand. This wasn’t the time to be musing over her own problems. Mayu wouldn’t approve of that, she was sure.


Mayu pulled the white sheet over the old man’s face. It was already too late by the time they reached the scene. The bullet had gouged a hole in the frail man’s windpipe, rendering breathing impossible. Mayu performed a deep bow to the deceased. I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything for you. He and Ren had already patched up the two men with chest wounds and got the newly arrived paramedics to send them to the hospital. With Ren currently tending to the woman with less life-threatening injuries, Mayu rushed over to where Yuko and Yuki were with an infant transport incubator in hand.

“Minako-san, hang in there! Breathe slowly!” Mayu heard Yuki exclaim. However, her hopefulness was short-lived when the struggling Minako suddenly fell silent. Her raspy gasps that previously filled the air were gone. “Minako-san?”

“She has gone into shock.” Yuko’s affirmation drained the blood from everyone’s faces. “We have to perform emergency C-section. Scalpel!” She stretched out her palm to Yuki.

“But she’ll die!” Yuki protested, hoping that Yuko would come up with a less risky solution.

“She was already going to die.” Yuko’s statement stunned the agitated nurse into silence. “She agreed to the delivery knowing that she wouldn’t make it. Remember her wish - save her child.”

Mayu stepped in, cutting off their exchange. He had already got a grasp of the woman’s condition. Holding Yuki’s shoulder, he gave her a firm knowing nod. “Give Yuko-san the scalpel.”

When even Mayu said that, she knew it was the only choice they had. Once again, her emotions got the better of her and she was forced to recall her uselessness when Mayu was struck by the giant boulder during the earthquake. Vowing to never let history repeat itself, she tore the scalpel out of its sterile packaging and handed it to Yuko, muttering an apology.

With experienced ease, Yuko made a clean horizontal incision across the woman’s lower abdomen. She pushed her hands in and pulled apart the layers of slimy membrane wrapped around the fetus. Faint but steady heartbeats answered her probing fingers. Motivated by the small sign of life, Yuko worked more fervently and within minutes, the cries of a newborn rang loud and clear, bringing relieved smiles to all present.

“Minako-san, you did it!” Yuki cheered in joy but the woman remained unresponsive. Minako's face was white as a sheet and cold to the touch. “Please wake up and see your child. She’s beautiful.”

“I’ll take over,” Mayu told Yuko who was cradling the infant in her arms. She nodded in response and gingerly placed the baby in the incubator before checking for signs of abnormality.

A long beep from the ECG monitor pierced through the air. The flatline on the screen confirmed their worst fears.

“Damn!” Mayu swore uncharacteristically as he leant over the woman and began pumping her chest, hoping to restart her heart but to no avail. “Give me the scalpel, Yuki.”

He sliced open the left side of Minako’s chest and slid his hands in, pushing past stiff ribs to get to her heart. Come on, Minako-san. You’ve got to survive. Don’t leave your child behind and…

He stole a peek at Yuki whose lips were quivering uncontrollably with anxiety. He knew she was pinning all her hopes on him.

… I don’t want to let Yuki down.

Everything was a horrifying scene of déjà vu to Yuki as she watched Mayu perform an internal cardiac massage on Minako; just that this time, Mayu wasn’t the one lying there with his life slipping away. However, that didn’t make things any easier to accept. The birth of the baby should be a joyous occasion, not one that coincides with the death of the mother.

Several minutes passed and Mayu’s hands were sore from the non-stop squeezing motion but he didn't give up. He didn't want to.

“Mayu, that’s enough,” said Yuko.

The male doctor ignored the advice and continued compressing Minako’s heart manually until a strong hand stopped his actions.

“She has lost too much blood. Even if you restart her heart, she won’t make it.” Yuko gripped his arm. “Stop,” she reiterated.

Gnashing his teeth behind closed lips, Mayu finally relented, his hands slowly slipping out from Minako’s warm insides with a sick squelch. He forced himself to look at Yuki. Instantly, he was hit by a wave of guilt upon the sight of her crestfallen face.

“Yuki, pass me the needle and thread.”

She blinked in surprise.

“I’m going to close her wounds. It’s the least I can do for her.”

Her throat constricted, almost choking her.


The hot piercing sting invaded her eyes again and finally, the long suppressed tears cascaded down her cheeks.


“How’s Yuki-chan?”

Mayu swirled the lukewarm caffeinated contents of his black mug. After the liquid settled, he stared at his pensive reflection rippling on the dark surface. “Not too good.”

“So how are you going to cheer her up?” Yuko prodded as she ran her fingers through unkempt brown hair. The mood in the Staff Lounge was somber even though it was hours after the morning shootout. The two doctors had just ended their shift and were taking a well-deserved rest while Yuki headed to the locker room to change out of her uniform. Yuko’s question jolted something in Mayu’s memory and he jerked upright.

“Yuko-san, please tell Yuki that I have something to do and won’t be able to wait for her.” Mayu slammed his mug down on the counter and sped towards the exit.

“What? You are leaving her when she’s feeling like crap?” Yuko shot up from her comfy spot on the couch. “And her birthday is in two hours. Are you out of your mind?”

“I’m not,” said Mayu. “Please keep her company if you can.”

With that, he disappeared out the door.

“What the hell? Stupid boy. What is he up to?” Yuko plopped her head back down on the sofa’s armrest, lifting a hand to shield her eyes from the bright fluorescent light. The usual carefreeness was wiped off her face as her other hand rested upon her abdomen, rubbing it lightly.

“Yuki-chan is not the only one who’s affected by Minako’s death,” she mumbled to no one in particular.

“Who’s affected by what?”

Yuko almost fell off the couch due to the sudden intrusion and she cussed like a seasoned soldier when she saw who it was.

“Can’t you knock before you come in?” she snapped.

Shinoda Mario scowled at the hostile welcome before sauntering in like he owned the place. “This is the Staff Lounge, a shared area. There’s no need to knock before entering.”

“Oh fuck it. I don’t need you to ruin my mood further. I’m out of here.” As soon as she sat up, Yuko felt the troubling surge of nausea that had been plaguing her since the previous week and she slapped a hand over her mouth.

“Oi, what’s wrong with you?” Mario took a step back in reflex.

“Nothing,” replied Yuko curtly. As she jostled past the tall neurosurgeon, she remembered Mayu’s request. “Do me a favour. Tell Yuki-chan to go home herself. Mayu has something to tend to and has left first.”

Without waiting for his reply, Yuko marched out, leaving Mario to stare blankly at the door.

“PMS?” Making an unimpressed face, he proceeded to get his drink and left the lounge, not bothering to wait for Yuki.  By the time the nurse returned to the Staff Lounge, she was – needless to say – stunned at the empty room.

“Where’s everybody?”


The number you have dialed is currently unavailable.

Yuki growled in frustration as her sixth attempt at contacting Mayu failed. She had spent the last hour searching the whole hospital hoping to locate the bespectacled doctor. When she passed by the porch earlier, she caught a glimpse of Officer Matsui getting into Ren’s car. Apparently, the young policewoman was involved in the morning’s operation at Shinjuku and got quite a few scrapes when she tackled the gun-wielding maniac out of pure bravado. She had received immediate first aid to her superficial wounds from the other paramedics on the site but still dropped by the hospital after Ren’s shift ended to demand for a checkup by the Nagoya-born doctor. Yuki remembered the amused faces of the other staff who witnessed the tips of his ears growing red and his flustered reaction when the aggressive lady got too close for comfort.

Looks like everyone is occupied.

Before she knew it, she found herself standing outside the Infant Care Ward with her palms pressed against the transparent window. Sorrowful eyes roamed the sea of pink-skinned babies and it wasn’t long before she spotted Minako’s daughter. The little one was in sweet slumber with the other newborns. Although it was a premature birth, she was healthy beyond expectations. Leaning her forehead against the clear glass, Yuki gazed at the peacefully sleeping child with a melancholy curve stretching the corners of her mouth.

Hey, Minako-san, are you watching over your daughter now? Your husband has named her Keiko because she is blessed to have had such a courageous and selfless mother.

The image of the grown man breaking down upon receiving news of his wife’s death yanked at Yuki’s heartstrings. She felt the dampness welling up in her puffy eyes yet again and she rebuked herself for being so weak-willed.

Life is so fragile… so unpredictable. They were married for less than a year and death had to take Minako-san away. So what if they truly love each other? ‘Till death do us apart.’ That’s always stated in marriage vows. Nothing lasts forever. Not love…

She touched the bare spot around her collar.

… not even the flower that I thought would last for eternity.

She turned around and slid down with her back against the wall, burying her weary face in her knees. Everything seemed to have gone downhill since their first emergency call of the day and Mayu was not even around to provide the comfort that she desperately needed.

Light footsteps sounded from somewhere down the corridor. Yuki wiped her tears hastily, not wanting to be seen crying by someone she knew. As the footsteps grew louder, she angled her face to the opposite direction. She winced and curled herself into a smaller figure when they stopped right at her feet. To her surprise, a pair of lean arms gathered her into the soothing embrace she had been yearning for.

“I thought I’d find you here.”

“Ma… yu?”

“I didn’t see you when I got home so I guessed you were still at the hospital. I’m glad I was right.” Mayu spoke into her hair in a hushed tone, his gentle voice caressing her shaken soul like a summer night breeze.

“Where did you go? Why didn’t you say anything? Why couldn’t I reach you on your mobile?” She bombarded him with questions.

“Eh?” Mayu pulled back and stared at her with a bewildered frown. “I told Yuko-san to tell you not to wait for me.”

“She wasn’t there when I returned to the Staff Lounge. N-Nobody was.”

Guilt crawled its way across Mayu’s face when he heard her choking on her words. At the same time, he made a mental note to confront Yuko about the matter another day. “I’m so sorry.” He drew her into another hug. “My cellphone’s battery was dead. And I should’ve told you personally instead of asking Yuko-san to pass the message. Forgive me?”

Yuki sniffed. “So where did you go?”

Mayu rummaged through his pocket for the object that was the cause of so much distress and presented it to Yuki. The white rose necklace dangled before her large brown orbs while her mouth opened and closed like a goldfish out of water.

“I picked it up in the club where you were kidnapped. Its surface was scratched badly so I wanted to fix it before I give it back to you but,” he scratched his cheek sheepishly as he rambled on, “the sculptor who created it was out of the country until this evening and I had to rush down to his place right after work to catch hi- Mmph!”

A pair of moist velvet lips pressed against his, cutting him off. Then she threw her arms around his slim frame.

“I thought I would never see it again,” she confessed into the crook of his neck, inhaling his unique citrus scent. The steady beats of his pulse brought a surreal sense of calm to her wandering mind.

Here is the man who defied death. The man who gave me a reason to live. The man who makes the impossible possible.

A soft beep from Mayu’s digital watch snapped the couple out of their reverie. He arched an eyebrow, slight glee showing on his face.

“Just in time,” he noted. “Happy birthday, Yuki.”

Yuki brought her hands up to trace his sharp cheekbones as their eyes met – glistening brown boring into intense obsidian. “How is it that you always manage to find me?”

“I don’t know. I just do.” He chewed his bottom lip thoughtfully. “Maybe I’ve got a built-in Yuki radar.”

The corny joke earned him a smack on his chest which he simply laughed off before shifting the necklace in his hands.

“Can I put this on for you?”

This time, he was the one who asked.

Yuki lifted the long tresses around her neck as a silent invitation. As his cool fingertips brushed her sensitive nape, the same tingling sensation overtook her senses.

“You hungry?” Mayu asked, threading his fingers through silky tendrils of her hair.

“Why? You want to bring me to the nearby 24-hour café?”

“How did you know?” he responded with mock shock.

“I suspected that you were running out of birthday ideas.” She poked his nose.

“That’s not true!” he defended, looking alarmed. “I just felt like bringing you there for old times' sake. You know, to relive our first unofficial date and-”

She shut him up by kissing him fully on the mouth.

“I know. I was just kidding.” She grinned playfully against his parted lips. “You talk too much when you are nervous.”

As they strolled hand-in-hand towards the carpark, Yuki twiddled with the pendant that had finally found its way back to its owner. “Thank you, Mayu,” she whispered out of the blue, prompting him to cast a quizzical smile in her direction. She simply shook her head. Pursing his lips in amusement, he continued leading her towards his car.

As the lustrous flower pendant sparkled under the moonlight, she gazed up at the serene night sky.

Hey, Minako-san, I think I was wrong. Even in death, this man will not leave me alone.

Please… give us your blessing in heaven.


The End.

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:
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Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for this Yuki birthday special.
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Aw... I guess they remembered how Mayu was in the same situation as the mother (almost) when they're near death. Except it was heartbreaking when Minako didn't make it. But at least her son did and the father is most likely going to take good care of the baby child. It's still very sad though... :cry: And just when Yuki thought that Mayu isn't going to come, her boyfriend comes swiftly just at the right timing, LOL. He also brought the necklace that Yuki thought she lost! :wub: The Mayuki moment between the two are very cute, sweet and adorable! :yep:

And Yuko? Is she truly pregnant...? I wonder about her reaction with the sudden nausea scenarios coming up... :?

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It's been a month since Yuki's birthday and I'm back with replies to your comments! I'm sure you know what that means... The next update is just around the corner! XD

rhin: Thanks! Can't believe time flew by so quickly. Actually, Mayu and Ren having an affair behind Yuki's back is a neat idea. Brokeback Hospital, anyone? :twisted: You will find out Mario's reaction soon. I'm glad the medical drama part was intense for you. Wanted to revisit the genre after being away from the hospital for one whole arc. You are letting your inner perv out, rhin! :lol:

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A/N: Hi everyone! As promised, here's the update for my Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series. The previous interlude was partly a setup to this new arc. Read on to find out if your questions will be answered. Once again, thank you for following this story and I hope you will enjoy this update! :deco:

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Too Close

Mayu shivered involuntarily when a tickle of hot breath invaded the sensitive hollow of his right ear. Slim arms snaked around his chest from behind and he wondered if their owner could feel the hammering of his heart against his ribs. He straightened a little in the black office chair.

“I’ll see you at home later,” a husky voice muttered while a playful finger traced his well-defined jaw, guiding his face to look into a pair of familiar chocolate pools.

“Yuki…” The doctor’s voice came out a tad strained for his liking and he cleared his throat in reflex… only to discover how dry it was. “It’s only eight in the morning. Don’t do this to me.”

The beautiful visage broke into a coquettish grin that seized his already tense breathing. “I’ve been up the whole night though.” Her wispy words vibrated through the tingling skin around his reddened ear.

“I still have a whole day ahead,” Mayu retorted goodnaturedly, pushing up his glasses that had slid down from the beads of sweat forming on his temples.

“I know.”

“So you are doing this on purpose?”

A melodic giggle answered his question before the woman nestled her chin on his shoulder, heavy eyelids fluttering closed as fatigue finally set in. The narrow space was slightly bony as he wasn’t exactly buff but it was a spot that belonged only to her and she took pride in that knowledge. The tension which had been gripping Mayu’s muscles dissipated almost immediately at the sight of the gently resting face. He chuckled, shaking his head. Leaning towards the tired nurse, he planted a doting kiss on her nose.

Click. The door to the office swung open.

“Er… Am I interrupting something?” Ren’s hand froze on the brass doorknob as he took in the intimate scene.

“Nothing except her sleep,” Mayu informed the newcomer with a wry smile before poking Yuki on the cheek. “Hey, Ren-san is here to take you home.” The nurse made a disgruntled sound, the skin between her eyes scrunching. Mayu resisted the urge to pinch her puffed up cheeks.

“Come on, Yuki. I don’t think my shoulder is that comfortable to sleep on while standing up. There’s a nice bed waiting for you at home.”

Finally, she huffed and stood upright, a pout adorning her pink lips. Mayu rose to his feet as well, facing her. From the entrance, Ren watched in contemplative silence as Mayu whispered something to Yuki, causing the corners of her mouth to rise before the couple shared a short kiss.

“Sorry for the wait, Ren-kun.” Yuki jogged up to Ren, seemingly recharged by the little exchange with Mayu.

“No problem,” Ren flashed a soft smile as he reached out a hand to ruffle Yuki’s hair. It was a habit he had since they were children. “Just don’t fall asleep while walking.”

“I won’t. What do you take me for?”

“A pig.”

“Hey!” She whacked his arm with a resounding smack, prompting both men in the room to wince; one from actual pain, the other from imagining the sharp sting from his own experience.

“Seriously,” Ren pulled up the sleeve of his denim shirt, inspecting the throbbing spot on his arm that was beginning to glow like a freshly picked tomato, “I don’t understand how Mayu-san can stand your violent behaviour.”

“Mayu doesn’t complain like you,” Yuki defended.

“Jurina-san mentioned something about you two engaging in S&M acts…”

Mayu banged his knee against the desk.

Yuki’s jaw dropped.

Ren raised an eyebrow at the pair’s reactions. “Don’t worry, I have no interest in what you two do in your private time so your secret’s safe with-”

“Don’t listen to her.” Mayu’s face suddenly loomed before him. Coal-black eyes narrowed behind his glasses and a dangerous gleam flashed across the well-polished lens. A spike of unprecedented fear shot through Ren’s heart.

“And please remind her not to say irresponsible things that will tarnish Yuki’s name.” The shorter man’s voice was steady but cold and hard as the icebergs in Antarctica.

Nodding stiffly, Ren took a step back.

“Good.” Mayu smiled, as if he wasn’t just emitting the vibes of a coldblooded killer a second before. “Thank you for offering to send Yuki home.”

Gosh. He may be small but he’s scarily protective when it comes to Yuki.

“Don’t need to thank me. I want to make sure she reaches home safely too,” Ren said, scratching the scruff of his neck before he turned to Yuki. “Let’s go if not I’d doze off at the wheel later. I’m beat from the pub brawl case last night.”

“Okay.” Yuki tugged Mayu’s hand, earning herself a goodbye kiss from the obliging man. “See you at night, my handsome doctor.”

The hospital corridors were bustling with activity that Thursday morning. Nurses shuffled in and out of the wards while patients milled around the corridors. A doctor could be heard barking orders at a novice nurse outside the operating theater.

“I’m glad the emergency doctors aren’t like that,” mumbled Yuki as her features formed a disapproving scowl at the haughty tone of the doctor they had just passed by.

“Yeah,” Ren agreed, sneaking a peek at Yuki’s displeased face, “some people think that they could boss others around just because they are doctors.” Right as Ren voiced out his thoughts, he spied a familiar petite brown-haired doctor slipping into one of the rooms ahead.

“Isn’t that Yuko-san?”

“Where?” Yuki scanned the area animatedly, craning her neck.

“She just went in there.” Ren pointed at a sliding door ahead. As he got closer, he read the dull silver plaque on it, “Gynaecology Department. What is she doing inside?”

“Probably to look for Haruna-san,” replied Yuki offhandedly. “She does that a lot when she’s on breaks.”

“But now isn’t her break time.” Ren stroked his chin as various thoughts whirled in his mind. “She’s a responsible doctor and doesn’t leave her station when she’s on duty. What could be so urgent?”

Yuki hummed in response, digesting her friend’s words. “That’s true…”

“Move it, woman!”

A rough force shoved Yuki aside, making her collide into Ren who wrapped a protective arm around her shoulders instinctively.

“Hey, you!” Ren shouted at the grumpy-faced patient on crutches who was limping down the corridor but the burly man paid him no heed.

“Forget it, Ren-kun.” The off-duty nurse placed two hands on his shoulders, attempting to push herself off. “I was blocking his way.”

“He should have said excuse me,” Ren seethed, still glaring daggers at the man’s back.

“Um… Ren…”

A whiff of light floral fragrance wafted up his nostrils, seducing his senses with images of the gorgeous woman in his arms. He could feel the soft curves of her body molding perfectly against his and their hearts beating together in synchrony. Peering down, he found himself face to face with her innocent expression, looking extremely vulnerable before him. He gulped and released her in a flash.

“S-Sorry about that!” he stuttered. “L-Let’s go.” He hurried ahead of her, tugging at his shirt collar that felt too tight all of a sudden.

Yuki stared at his back quietly, nibbling on her bottom lip. Unconsciously, her hand fisted the fabric of her sleeve where his touch still lingered.


Mario was walking towards the cafeteria when an arm slung around his shoulders out of nowhere, the overenthusiastic fist pressing against his Adam’s apple. Feeling the protruding lump shift painfully under his skin, he did the first thing that came to his mind – jab his elbow into the offender’s ribs.

“Ouch!” A male voice cried out. “Mario bro! That’s a bit overboard!” Miyazawa Sae doubled over, clutching his throbbing ribs.

Mario dusted imaginary grime off his well-pressed light blue shirt and straightened his black tie. “I believe that’s a perfectly reasonable reaction to someone who doesn’t respect another’s personal space.”

Sae hobbled over to the taller neurosurgeon and wrapped his arm around his shoulders again much to Mario’s chagrin. “That’s no way to treat a buddy who’s here to congratulate you.”

Mario’s brows knitted together in a deep frown. “Congratulate me on what?”

“On being a father, of course!”

“Wha- What did you say?” Mario halted his long strides immediately, almost throwing his grinning colleague off balance.

“Quit playing coy.” Sae slapped his back hard as he chortled heartily. “The whole hospital already knows about it!”

Mario raised a hand to massage his temple, feeling a migraine coming on. “Wait a minute. If there’s anyone who is going to be a father, it’s you. You are the one who sleeps around with countless women whose names you don’t even remember.”

“I use protection,” Sae quipped rather smugly. “Come on, you know what I’m talking about. You can’t be so heartless to hide such a joyous piece of news from your good friend, can you?”

“I have not slept with any-” The words died in Mario’s throat when the memories of a night of drunken foolishness in Okinawa tumbled back into his mind in crashing waves. He swallowed a thick lump that had formed in his throat. “It can’t be…”

Normally sharp eyes glazed over. Grabbing Sae’s hand, he chucked it away before trudging ahead with footsteps that weighed a ton each, the wrinkles on his sleeve forgotten.

Sae folded his arms as if he had just done humanity a great deed. “Still trying to deny it, that guy,” he said, shaking his head until a jolt of pain reminded him of the merciless jab he had received earlier. “I should get Yuki-chan to ice it for me,” he thought out loud, glee evident on his tanned face as he imagined the nurse’s skilful hands caressing his body with soothing, tender touches. Seconds later, he slapped his forehead.

“Damn, I forgot she was on night duty!”


“We are here,” Ren announced as he pulled the brake, stopping the black Honda sedan outside Mayu’s two-storey house.

Yuki rubbed her bleary eyes, waking up from the sudden lack of motion. Stifling a yawn, she asked, “Want to come in for a cup of coffee?”

“As long as it doesn’t give me the runs, why not?”

“Hey! I’m not that hopeless, alright?” She swung her handbag at him, effectively wiping the annoying smirk off his face. Upon detecting his pained expression, she smiled in satisfaction. “Anyway, not to worry. I’ll be using the coffee machine.”

“And you say that you aren’t hopeless,” Ren grumbled under his breath as he nursed the second aching spot on his arm. “The coffee better be worth the pain.”

It was Ren’s first time entering the house that the lovebirds shared and he couldn’t help but let out an impressed whistle. The place wasn’t extravagantly huge but it was considered spacious for two busy professionals who spent most of their time at the hospital. The modern and minimalist décor reminded Ren of the houses often featured in property advertisements. The walls were mainly white with the occasional block of slate grey to break the monotony.

“I’m envious,” said Ren while he ran a curious hand over the smooth black leather sofa in the living room.

“Of?” Yuki asked, not bothering to look up as she popped a cappuccino capsule into the sleek titanium coffee machine on the kitchen counter.

Ren chose to settle himself down on the three-seater, bouncing a bit to test its springiness before answering, “Of Mayu-san.” Deciding that he was comfortable, he allowed his tired body to sink into the plush sofa and shut his eyes.

“Why would you be envious of Mayu?”

The doctor heard a soft thunk of fine porcelain against solid wood, signaling that his beverage was ready on the coffee table. He inhaled deeply the rich aroma of the fresh brew and breathed out in contentment. He peeked open an eye, curious when he sensed Yuki walking away. “Aren’t you drinking too?”

“Just give me a few minutes.”

He watched as his friend took a small dusting brush from one of the drawers of the TV stand and started dusting the row of Super Sentai figurines next to the flat-screen television. He blinked, mentally noting that he must have been too tired to notice them when he sat down.

“I didn’t know Mayu-san was a Super Sentai fan,” Ren remarked, sitting up. His eyes were drawn to the woman who was kneeling on the marble-tiled floor and cleaning the figurines with meticulous care. Her hair was still secured in a loose bun, exposing the milky skin of her nape that disappeared into the collar of her white blouse.

“There are a lot of things people don’t know about Mayu,” Yuki said. Picking up a black-suited ranger, she ran the soft goat bristles over its surface. “This Mammoth Ranger from the Kyoryu Sentai Zyurangers series is his favourite partly because they share a similar past.”

“A similar past?”

“Yes,” her tone dipped. “Both of them lost their parents when they were young.”

Ren’s eyebrows rose at the new information but he remained quiet, opting to just watch Yuki work in silence. The woman twisted the poseable figure’s arms and legs to make it seem like a smug bodybuilder flexing his biceps before placing it back down. She giggled to herself, imagining Mayu’s reaction when he returned home to see his childhood hero in such a comical pose.

“You look ready to be a housewife even before marriage.”

A touch of pink coloured her cheeks as she paused mid-giggle. “Don’t tease me,” she glanced over her shoulder, pouting.

“I’m not. You’ve grown up so much in the years we’ve been apart,” Ren said in all seriousness. There was a brief pause before he continued, “You’ve become even more beautiful.”

“E-Eh?” Taken aback by the sudden compliment, Yuki stood up.

Ren pushed himself off the couch, moving towards Yuki with measured strides. The intensity of his gaze was unnerving. Her breath caught in her throat when his nose almost brushed against hers. “There’s something that I’ve been wanting to ask you.”

“W-What is it?” Yuki asked, unaware that she had been inching backwards until her back hit the wall.

“I…” Ren rested his hands on the wall, trapping her in between his arms. “I…” His voice trailed off again and his heartbeats drummed loudly in his ears. It was now or never. There wouldn’t be another chance like this.

“If you didn’t meet Mayu-san, would I stand a chance?”

There. He said it. The question that had been plaguing him ever since Yuki got together with the younger doctor.

“If I had come over to Tokyo with you earlier, would I have stood a chance?” he pressed on, feeling his heart race wildly in his chest. He caught the confusion in her eyes before they darted around nervously and he felt bad for putting her in a spot.

But he had to know.

“Ren-kun… things didn’t happen that wa-”

“Answer the question!” he demanded and regretted his tone immediately when she flinched. He swallowed thickly. “P-Please.” His voice was low and trembling. Their faces were close – so close that he could see her lips quivering, her wide eyes brimming with fear, and feel her shaky hot breaths on his skin.

“I… I’m sorry,” she finally uttered, voice cracking. “I don’t know.”

His hands balled into tight fists against the wall as his fingernails dug tiny crescents into his palms.

“Then forgive me for doing this.”

The last thing he saw was a teardrop rolling down her cheek as he crushed his lips against hers.

The dusting brush fell to the ground with a sharp clack.


Mayu tapped his pen against the patient’s file that he was studying. Groaning, he dropped the pen and massaged his temples, resting his elbows on the desk. He peeked through half-closed eyelids at the black photo frame before him.

Why does my heart feel so heavy?

His gaze settled on the smiling face of the woman he loved so dearly as he reached out to touch the smooth glass surface. A sigh escaped his mouth.

“Miss Yuki-chan already?” a teasing voice probed from across him. Yuko had been observing the young man ever since he returned from the washroom five minutes ago and his actions had been rather peculiar to say the least. “She has only been gone for an hour. Oh, oh!” She slammed her hands on her desk and leant forward with a huge grin as an idea popped into her head. “Did you perhaps go to the toilet to relieve some of that lovesickness?”

He shot her a dirty look…

“Your little buddy down there longs for her tou-”

… and chucked the patient’s file in her face.

“Hey, there’s no need to get so violent just because I said your buddy is little!” Yuko retorted, rubbing her reddening nose.

“It’s not that-”

“So you admit that it’s small!”

“N-No!” sputtered Mayu. “I don’t mean that!”

“So it’s a jumbo?”

“What? N-No, it’s-”

“Maybe I should ask Yuki-chan. I’m sure she knows.” Yuko gave him no chance to talk, thoroughly enjoying the way his face was turning into different shades of red.

“She doesn’t! She…”

Yuko gaped with raised eyebrows as the flustered man’s voice suddenly faded off. “Eh? What’s this?” Her eyes glinted with excitement as though she had just discovered a treasure trove of hot lesbian porn. “Are you telling me that you two have finally made some progress?” She sprang up from her seat and rounded over to his. Slapping his back, she beamed like a proud mother. “My boy! You have finally grown up!”

Mayu grunted as his eyebrow twitched in annoyance. “Let me finish!” he yelled.

“You mean you didn’t finish in the toilet just now?” As innocent as her tone sounded, her expression was anything but.

Oh, how he wished to wipe that shit eating grin off her face.

Yuko realised that she might have taken her jokes too far when he stopped rebutting and refused to look at her.

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry.” She patted his head as if he was a kid who just got denied a double-scoop ice cream. “You are still my pure, virginal, stuck-in-the-ancient-times Mayu boy, okay?”

He spared her an unconvinced scowl. Ignoring the fuming look directed her way, Yuko planted her rear on his desk, facing him.

“So what’s up? You’ve been acting rather strangely,” she asked, genuine concern lacing her voice.

He half-glared at her for a few seconds before deciding that she was serious this time. “I’ve been feeling uneasy and I can’t stop thinking about Yuki,” he admitted, clutching his chest. “And no, I’m not lovesick,” he added quickly before Yuko could suggest that again.

The senior doctor swung her legs as she considered what he had just said. “Why don’t you give Yuki-chan a call?”

“I don’t want to disturb her rest. She should be sleeping now.”

“But don’t you want to make sure she’s alright? I’m sure she can go back to sleep fast enough if she’s really tired. A quick check wouldn’t hurt,” reasoned Yuko.

“I guess you are right.” Mayu exhaled a deep breath and reached for his phone in his pocket. However, before he could even unlock the screen, a familiar voice spoke through the intercom.

A lady in her sixties fell down the stairs outside Tsukiji Subway Station. According to eyewitnesses, she hit her head and is currently unconscious. Requesting for urgent medical assistance.

Mayu sighed and stuffed the phone back in his pants.

“Watanabe and Oshima responding to the call. We’ll head out in the ambulance.”

The duo grabbed their medical kits and raced out of the room. Lightning-quick footsteps thudded through the corridors as they avoided all living and non-living obstacles with practised ease.

Mario happened to step out of his office when the two emergency doctors whizzed past him. He nearly did a flip at their – no, Yuko’s reckless behaviour. “What the… Stop running!”

“Huh?” Yuko glanced back, still running. As a result, she didn’t notice the two nurses who were wheeling an empty bed round the corner ahead. Mario’s eyes bulged at the impending disaster.

“Watch out!”

It was too late. Yuko crashed straight into the side of the bed and rebounded from the impact, landing on her bum with a sharp yelp.

“Yuko!” Mario skidded to her side, his forehead creased with worry. “Are you alright?” He helped her into a sitting position as gently as he could. Turning to the two nurses, he snapped, “You idiots! I’m going to file a complaint to your head!”

“Whoa, chill, man. It’s not their fault. I wasn’t watching where I was going,” Yuko said in between grimaces. With a wave of her hand, she shooed the two shaken nurses away before Mario could make good on his word. “And wait a minute,” she turned to him with an accusing glower, “you were the one who distracted me. What the hell were you thinking? Can’t you see that we are in the middle of serious business here? And get your filthy paws off me!” She thwacked his large hands that were wrapped around her arms and stood up abruptly.

“Watch it!” His hands shot out again to grab her shoulders when she wobbled unsteadily. “You should be more careful now. Does anywhere hurt?”

Both Yuko and Mayu blinked at the haughty neurosurgeon’s 180-degree change in demeanor.

“O-Of course it hurts, dumb stick,” admonished Yuko, feeling shivers running down her spine at his gentle tone. “Try running into a bed yourself. Now release me before I report you for sexual harassment.” She shot him another death glare only to realize how her body was resting against his sturdy and slightly heaving chest. Shrugging off his hands fiercely, she bounded towards the nearest dustbin before a familiar wave in her stomach churned all its bitter burning contents up her throat. “Fuck, not again,” she spat, gripping her tummy. The putrid taste swirling in her mouth caused her to retch a second time, making witnesses cringe at the coarse hacking sounds. “Don’t you dare come a step closer!” she stopped the concerned Mario before he could reach her. “I don’t want to have anything to do with you, fucking three-legs.”

Mario watched in stunned silence as Yuko yanked Mayu along and half-ran and half-limped down the corridor.

Isn’t Watanabe a “fucking three-legs” too?

He ran a hand through his neatly combed brown hair, sighing loudly.

That stupid reckless woman is going to kill our child one day.

“Are you okay?” Mayu asked the moment they boarded the ambulance. It was worrying when his senior still appeared a little green in the face. Leaning back as she wiped off some sweat on her brow, Yuko merely waved him off. “You’ve been throwing up quite a lot recently,” he continued.

“And like what I’ve been telling you, it’s nothing.”

“It has something to do with Mario-san, right?”

Yuko snorted and cast a long look at him. “When did you become so nosy?” The younger doctor simply shrugged, meeting her questioning gaze with one of his own. She caught the look in his knowing eyes and realized that he already had an answer to his question. Suddenly laughing, she broke off their tense stare-off which prompted Mayu to frown at her odd behaviour. She punched his shoulder, noting how he hardly flinched.

“Yuki-chan has trained you well.”


With a dimpled grin, she shook her head and muttered, “Nothing. Just lend me your shoulder for a bit.” Shifting her body, she rested her head against the top of his left arm. She wondered silently after a few bumps on the road what Yuki loved about his hard and bony frame.

“It’s weird how you don’t have an adverse reaction towards me,” Mayu mused, eyes tracking the scenery outside the vehicle. They were about to reach their destination. He felt a low chuckle.

“Maybe you are secretly a woman.”

“Shut up.”


It was already nine at night when Mayu slammed his locker shut with a bang, having just changed out of his work attire. The entire day had been hectic, leaving him with no chance to check on Yuki other than sending a brief text message which had been ignored since seven hours ago. He hadn’t had lunch and dinner but the worry building in his gut squashed all traces of hunger in his stomach. Getting into his convertible, he raced back to his home, just short of breaking the speed limit.

The lights in the house were off, shrouding it in total darkness. Mayu fumbled with the house keys as panic rendered his hands a trembling mess.

She should be home at this time.

“Yuki!” he called out, his voice reverberating in the deathly still interior. Only his own heavy breathing answered him. He marched up the stairs to the master bedroom and slammed on the light switch, flooding the room with sudden brightness that hurt his eyes. The bed was untouched; the pillows were fluffy and the sheets were crisp and unrumpled. Jaw clenched, he bolted to every room in the house but there was no sign of life in any one of them. When his legs brought him to the living room, he whipped out his phone, ready to give Yuki a call when he spied a head of hair peeking out from the sofa’s armrest. He approached the sofa with movements as quiet as a prowling cat’s and exhaled a sigh of relief when he spotted Yuki’s snoozing figure curled up on the soft leather seat.

“You gave me such a scare,” he chided the sleeping woman gently as he crouched down to meet her at face level. Gingerly, he tucked a few strands of stray hair behind her ear but the action stirred her awake.

“Mayu?” her sleep-laden voice came out like a purr, bringing an amused smile to his face.

“Why are you sleeping here?”

He was unprepared for her next action. She gripped the front of his shirt and drew him towards her. As he was squatting on tiptoe, he fell forward easily, trapping her under his upper body. His wide eyes stared at her in shock. With the moonlight illuminating her face, he noticed the dried tear streaks on her cheeks.

“Yuki… what happened?” His heart ached with a painful squeeze as he took in her troubled features.

“I… ” Her eyes darted around before settling on him again. “I kissed Ren-kun.”

Mayu’s mind went blank and he blinked. Once. Twice. He waited with bated breath for her to tell him it was a joke and to assure him with her tinkling laughter. However, all he saw were fresh tears brimming in her puffy eyes.

“Yuki, it’s not funny.”

“I’m not joking.”

“… Why?” His question was a raspy whisper as he fought hard to suppress the wild thoughts whirring in his mind.

“He wanted to know if it was possible between him and me if I didn’t meet you.”

“And then?”

“I didn’t know what to tell him… then he kissed me.”


The dusting brush fell to the ground with a sharp clack.

Ren slammed his lips against Yuki’s, feeling her body stiffen at the close contact. Slowly, he moved his lips, capturing every bit of her strawberry-flavoured essence. It was just as he imagined – she tasted as sweet as she was alluring. He opened his mouth and slid his tongue across her trembling and tightly pressed lips.

She never responded.

Opening his eyes, he found hers squeezed shut with wobbly droplets glistening at the corners. Wordlessly, he pulled back. When she finally dared to look at him, his face was one that spelled defeat. Eyes downcast, shoulders sagging. A bitter smile stretched across his lips.

“I’ve got my answer. Sorry for putting you through this, Yuki-chan.”

“Where are you going?” she blurted when he turned away and trudged towards the door.

With his back facing her, he said, “I don’t know. But don’t worry. The next time we meet, I can treat you like the little sister you should be.” He opened the door, paused and added as an afterthought, “I’m willing to bear the consequences of what I did so… don’t hide it from Mayu-san.”

The door closed with a soft click and Yuki stood frozen to the spot as hot tears spilled forth and blurred her vision.


“… That was what happened.”

Mayu’s expression was unreadable as he bit his inner cheek. Silence prevailed between them.

“I’m angry.”

His icy words cut into her soul like a flaming knife and Yuki visibly winced under his emotionless gaze. “I’m sorry, Mayu…”

“I’m angry,” he repeated a little more softly. “But not at you. Technically speaking, you didn’t kiss him. He kissed you.”

Mayu sighed and repositioned himself to sit on the couch, running a rigid hand through his hair. Guilt brewed in her stomach as a host of different emotions played across his face. He was at a loss of what to do, what to say. She sat up and grasped his hand but his eyes were looking at everywhere except her.

“Mayu… I’m so sorry. I should’ve pushed him away. I shouldn’t have let him kiss me. I have no excuse.”

Something wet splattered onto his knuckles.

“S-Say something… or scold me. Don’t ignore me, Mayu…” she pleaded, tightening her grip on his hand. “P-Please…”

She barely had time to gasp when the pensive man suddenly shoved her back down and loomed over her. The dark shadows flitting over his features made him seem like an entirely different person.

“I’m sorry. I don’t quite know how to react to all this but,” he bent down and planted a butterfly kiss on a stray teardrop, “I’m not angry with you. That’s what I want you to know.”

He trailed the tear to her jaw, then her frail and slender neck where he sucked gently on the throbbing pulse. She hissed from the searing contact which lit her senses on fire. One moment it was hot, the next it was cold when he slipped away, allowing the cool night air to seep in and flirt with the moist tingling spot. She wanted to call his name but he moved up to claim her fully on the lips before she could utter a single sound. Instinctively, she wound her hands behind his head, tangling her fingers with his short strands of black hair as she pulled him closer so that she could kiss him deeply. A raw, guttural groan rumbled in his throat when he tugged at her lower lip with his teeth, biting and chewing and not letting go. Her lips parted automatically as a sharp gasp escaped, and he gladly accepted her invitation, meeting her tongue with his. The room was filled with her short, shallow pants and his deep moans as they explored each other with a hunger never experienced before. Her stomach coiled with a dangerous sensation. Her thighs rubbed against each other. She clawed at the back of his shirt while he wrenched her hair tie, freeing her wavy hair as it splayed out messily on the black leather surface.

“Ma-Mayu…” She writhed underneath him, toes curling and hands settling on his arms and feeling his modest but hard biceps through the thin fabric of his sleeves.

“Yuki…” His voice was gruff as he tore himself away from her tempting lips which he noticed were swollen from their sloppy kiss. Their eyes met and a lump immediately formed in her throat from the look of reverence he was giving her. He brushed aside her fringe that was matted on her forehead and kissed the damp skin gently. His breathing was heavy as his sight settled on her flushed face.

This is a kiss between lovers. What you had with Ren-san doesn’t count.” His hand glided down to caress her supple cheek, running his thumb in slow circles on the lightly freckled surface. “You don’t have to feel bad. You helped him find his closure, didn’t you?” The corners of his mouth curled to form a small loving smile. “With that, he could finally move on without regrets.”

She bit her lip, trying hard not to cry. “Why are you so nice? How can you be so forgiving?”

“Because I trust you.” His onyx gaze pierced into the deepest depths of her soul, making her shudder from the grave intensity. “But,” he paused for good measure, “I’m not that generous. He still needs to pay for taking advantage of you.”

Yuki’s eyes went wide, mild panic filling her. “What do you plan to do?”

He hummed. “I don’t know yet.”

Her brow furrowed at his reply. “Don’t do anything that will get yourself into trouble.”

“I won’t,” he promised and proceeded to let his exhausted body collapse upon her.

“Mayu, you are heavy!” she protested and squirmed under his weight only to hear a familiar chuckle. Pouting, she smacked his shoulder but he refused to budge.

“Let me rest. I’m tired,” he drawled into her ear.

“Mayu, I’m going to let the both of us fall off the couch if you don’t get up,” warned Yuki.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Hmph, but I dare to do this…” She closed the gap and bit his neck, nibbling the sensitive spot while lightly sucking on tender skin. She cheered mentally when she heard a sharp intake of breath as he shot up. His hand slapped over the stinging spot.

“Ah… Guess that’s going to leave a mark.”

“It’s only fair since you’ve already marked me,” she reminded with a tantalizing blush.

His eyes fell upon the cherry red love bite glowing on her pale neck. A wave of possessiveness surged through him and he cracked into a smirk. “Well, you are mine and…” He leant down to let Yuki continue where she left off, shivering when her warm and slick tongue lapped at his perspiring skin. Biting back a hiss, he reveled in the prickling sensation as her teeth made intimate contact with his pulsing jugular vein.

“I’m yours,” he completed his sentence before capturing her lips once again.


To be continued...

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Okay, ignore my statement up above there, I see that Ren has finally confessed to Yuki his true feeling towards the girl. But with a kiss?! I'm not surprised that Mayu here is pretty pissed off at Ren for such action! If everyone knew that I have loved someone and there's a certain rival landing any sort of romantic moves on that individual, I will probably be as angry (or probably even more angrier, LOL) like Mayu here. Oi Ren! You got Juju! Keep it together, man! You gotta know that you're hopeless with Yukirin at this point... :sweatdrop:


Yuko really is pregnant. The only thing that came to my mind while I read it was: "Oh my Holy Agito Lord. o__________o" Anyway, I'm sure that Mario here will be a good daddy for their baby. Even though Yuko here doesn't want to admit and keeps on shoving Mario away... At least Mario quickly changed his attitude so he could focus on their baby. If Yuko goes around recklessly like this... Without Mario... A result that isn't pretty might occur... And I think not just us readers/fans but the characters themselves want that to happen. :nervous Be careful you squirrel! You got a living child inside of you! :doh:

Now returning my attention back to Mayu, I wonder what he's going to do in regards to Ren? Maybe send Ren out on a forced date with Jurina? XD I don't think that's really a punishment though... But whatsoever, I sense that after the little revenge (or probably big on certain scales), Ren won't be going after Yuki anymore for sure with 100% confidence. :nervous

I'm so glad you updated this and thank you so much for it! It was a great read and as always, I look forward to your future works and updates! :deco:
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omg thank you so much for the update :cow: :bow:
it was filled with sweet and hot moments :inlove:
and oh my oshiriko-chan is going to have a baby :cathappy: an oshiri loving baby hehe :P
but when yuko teases mayu that always cracks me up :lol:
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An update finally!!!!!!
The Mayuki moment is sweet!!
But wait, is Yuko really pregnant or not? D:
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I read your update last night, but decided to give it a little more thought before I wrote any sort of feedback. Now, I can see some reasons as to why I am drawn to your writing.

“Maybe you are secretly a woman.”
“Shut up.”
These 2 lines probably made me laugh the hardest. Your lighthearted humour is probably the main reason I am so fascinated by your work. The witty exchanges between the characters really crack me up.

Dialogue is something that does not come naturally to me at all. I would do everything in narrative format if it were possible, but somehow I don't think I can completely avoid dialogue… :( Thus will give it my best shot!
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Hi Seigus-san!  :hip smile:

You finally update!  :cow:

It's so worth to read it!  :ptam-shy:

I like the MaYuki moments  :ptam-glow:

But when it comes Ren kissing Yuki......  :cry:

Honestly. I hate that part...  :banghead:

Why Ren do that to Yuki? I thought he's already move on... :banghead:

Anyway, Mario is going to be a Father! :bingo: I also laughed to your reply that Haruna will marry her PSP  :hiakhiakhiak:

Yuko and Mario moments is so funny!  :ptam-glow:

I hope Jurina help Ren.....

Please update again!

It's so nice!

Thanks  :bow:
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Yeaaaay finally an update!!!  :deco:
Gaaah... Mayu... you just soooooo nice! It will make Yuki love you more and more... :deco:
I wonder where is Jurina and Haruna?  :?
Is Yuko really pregnant? Is the Baby really Mario's child? I mean...REALLY!!?? XD
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YAY another update on one of the Fanfics I am reading.  :)

I can't read fanfics everyday now. :( School started and homework is too damn much  :depressed:

This update makes my day even better :D, My Koi suru Fortune Cookie came in the mail today too!  :hee:

Ren needs to stay with Juju and get his hands off Yuki.. She's only for Mayu!!!

I really think Yuko is pregnant now!!! OMG!!! Mario! Yuko! Congrats!! haha.  XD what happens to Haruna though  :?

Anyways, thanks for updating!!  :bow: Looking forward to the next update!  :thumbup  :)
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i like the story mayuki ,
this fanfics is the best so far for me , please update.
thank you

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Better late than never  :pimp:  XD

Okay, that first and last scenes nearly killed me XD Why u no continue? *insert Y U NO meme here* XD

I kinda like Mario's change of attitude towards Yuko :wub: IthikImshippingthemnow XD

“He still needs to pay for taking advantage of you.”

^ I dont know why Im thinking of BDSM MayuRen XD yeah!! Ren should pay for kissing Yukirin! :v rawr!

I can't wait for the wedding part, but I'm wondering about Mayu's past too or his life before meeting Yuki.  :grin:

Thanks for the update, seigus-san~  :bow:  :bow:  :bow: hope you update again soon~  :P

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Aw man! Though it was an update duh.

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Aw man! Though it was an update duh.

I'm sorry, man!  :sweatdrop:  XD
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Hahaha dont worry it so good to see that im actually so into this fic hahaha yeah!
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Dear seigus,


oh no pressure.... :doh: (LOL)

imteedee  :deco:

oh, I think this should be a pm, nah it's posted already  :P

dying for an update~  :cry:

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Please be God and grant me all the time in the world. And make my body such that it doesn't need rest to function. I would really love that XD

On a serious note, I'm one-third through the next update. Progress has, unfortunately, been slow because real-life work is piling up. I've been squeezing in bits of writing here and there but don't really have the luxury of time (and energy) to sit down for long periods to write. I'm dying for an update too :lol:

Thank you for your support, imteedee (and everyone else who is waiting for an update)! I will try my best :deco:
Title: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
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A/N: Hi everyone! It's been five months since my last MaYuki one-shot so, you've guessed it, it's about time I release a new one. I have always been fascinated by Japan’s Aokigahara Forest (aka Suicide Forest) since I read about it years ago. Recently, I watched a documentary about it on YouTube and it intrigued me so much that I wanted to write a story based on this hauntingly beautiful sea of trees. I’ve made references to the video so you may want to check it out here ( before reading the one-shot.

This story is also a shout-out to my wonderful buddy at this forum who is my inspiration. You may think that you haven’t done much but really, I wouldn’t have embarked on this AKB48 fanfic writing journey if not for you. Thank you for everything! :deco: Of course, I hope that everyone else enjoys this story too :D

Warning: Contains suicide, character death. If you are not comfortable with the aforementioned subjects, I suggest that you turn away from this page now. For the rest, please proceed at your own risk.


Abyss of Memories

Beeps emitted by a fax machine in a corner. Furious typing on a keyboard. Restless taps against a wooden desk. Shuffling of shoes pacing around the room. Underneath the hustle and bustle that seemed typical of a day at the Tokyo Police Headquarters, there was an unmistakable sense of dread that hung in the air.

The phone rang.

A hand shot out, snatching the receiver. And the room went deathly still.

“Criminal Investigation Bureau, Takashashi speaking,” a lady of short stature spoke evenly into the phone. The deepening crease etched into her brow, however, betrayed the worry building in her gut. The corners of her mouth were downturned. She replaced the receiver after a quick exchange with the caller and turned to meet the pairs of expectant eyes boring into her.

“Did they find out where she went?”

Calloused fingers tightened their grip on the phone; their owner’s lips pressed firmly into a thin line.


Eyes widened and loud gasps left their mouths.

“Isn’t that where-”

“Come on,” Takahashi Minami cut off her subordinate’s question, “we don’t have time to waste. Let’s go.”

Akimoto Sayaka, the second-in-command after Minami, nudged her stunned teammate. “We’ll find her and get her back, Sae. She’s never been the reckless kind anyway.”

The short-haired woman who shared the same towering height as Sayaka rose to her feet and squeezed the hand on her shoulder – but the slight tremble that shook her skin was nowhere near reassuring.


How long have I been driving? The trees seem to be getting denser and taller. The sun doesn’t blind me as much anymore.

Good. It means I’m almost there.

A black sedan swerved into the deserted parking lot, worn-out tyres crunching over parched twigs and leaves that had seen better days on the impressive trees looming over the only moving object in the vicinity. The car slowed to a stop beside a white hatchback and a lady in her early twenties stepped out. A scrawny twig easily snapped into two under her black sneaker. She removed her shades, tossing them onto the driver’s seat haphazardly… only to be slapped in the face by a gust of biting wind. Something sharp nicked her cheek. Then, just as suddenly as the wind came, it stopped. She touched her right cheek.

Red stained her fingertips.

When the leaves and dust ceased swirling at her feet, she scanned her surroundings. There was not a single person in sight but the deafening screeches of crickets were enough company for the living, and perhaps the dead too. It was as though they were screaming for attention on behalf of the lost souls who had ventured into the forest and never emerged. An eerie cold crept upon her skin, making the hairs on her arms stand underneath the sleeves of her black jacket.

It’s just the autumn air.

She reached over to the back passenger seat and heaved out a black rucksack. A roll of thick brown rope fell out with a heavy thud. Suppressing a grunt, she picked it up and stuffed it into the bag.

“Now… where do I start?” She gazed into the dense foliage, fingers tightening their grip on the bag strap.

Where are you, Mayuyu?

Yuki took a few tentative steps away from her car, not bothering to close the door. As she walked past the white hatchback, she brushed her fingertips against its hood, leaving a smooth swipe on its dirt-covered cool surface. Dead leaves had piled up at the bottom of the windshield. She estimated that the owner must have abandoned the car months ago.

“Hey, if you see a pretty girl with straight black hair, please give me a sign.” The words ghosted past her lips in a soft whisper as she clasped her palms together and closed her eyes for a few seconds. A deep bow later, she continued on her way. The temperature dipped a degree or two as she followed the path into The Sea of Trees.

She remembered all the popular tourist trails. Every year, the police received tip-offs about rotting corpses discovered by the unfortunate forest workers or the local volunteers who conducted annual body hunts. The Criminal Investigation Department had to prowl the crime scenes sometimes lest the dead were victims of murder or kidnap cases that they were working on. Their efforts were, regrettably, often for naught for the deceased turned out to be individuals who chose to end their lives by their own hands in the place widely known as Suicide Forest, the most popular suicide spot in Japan and second only to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in the world. Yuki couldn’t help but be reminded of the last time she came to this godforsaken land…

“Yukirin,” a young lady who looked like she should still be in high school instead of the elite Investigation Department of Tokyo Police Headquarters called, tugging the rolled up sleeve of Yuki’s blue flannel shirt.

“Ah!” Yuki cried out as her hand slipped just as she hit the shutter button on the DSLR camera. The policewoman had been taking pictures of the badly decomposed body sprawled over a giant protruding tree root. “Mayu! You made me miss the shot!” she said accusingly.

The shorter woman stuck out her tongue. “It’s a digital camera. You can always delete the bad shot… or are you that hopeless with technology?”

Yuki narrowed her eyes at Mayu, flashing an it’s-not-funny look. She took a quick snap of the skeletal remains at their feet before straightening her back and focusing on her trusty – but smart-alecky – partner of two years. Now, Mayu was absorbed in her own thoughts, gazing up at the straggly branches that hung over their heads. Yuki’s brow twitched.

You wanted my attention and now you are off in your own world, she grumbled inwardly.

“What is it?” she asked, stopping next to Mayu. There was a distant look in Mayu’s onyx orbs which caused Yuki to frown.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Aokigahara,” Mayu finally spoke. Her voice came out as a delicate whisper, vastly different from the smug tone that she employed earlier.

Yuki arched an eyebrow.

“The trees are magnificent and you saw the Ice and Wind caves the last time we were here. Mother Nature’s beauty is so stunning. I guess I can understand why people choose to die here. It’d be nice to become one with such a beautiful place.”

A scowl had formed deep on Yuki’s face. “I don’t like where this conversation is heading.” Her stern voice carried a warning tone. She released the camera and let it hang from her neck before she grasped Mayu’s smaller hand. “Mayu, if there’s anything bothering you, you have to tell me. Don’t you ever-”

“Wait, you can’t be thinking that I want to commit suicide, can you?” Mayu cut her off, her eyes widening with genuine shock. “Yu… ki?” she prompted only to receive an awkward silence as her answer. After realising that Yuki was dead serious, she laughed. Hard. The boisterous guffaws sent heat rushing to Yuki’s cheeks.

“H-Hey! It’s not funny. You didn’t sound like your usual self. Of course I’d be worried!” sputtered Yuki.

The laughing girl wiped a stray tear from her eye, wheezing as she tried hopelessly to suppress her amusement.


“S-Sorry… Ha ha… You just looked so… so… constipated…” Obviously, she should not have even tried to explain herself because the second the last word left her mouth, she burst into a new round of unrestrained giggles.

“I’m ignoring you,” Yuki huffed and spun around to get back to work but the hand in hers swiftly pulled her back.

“Okay, okay, I’m really sorry.” Mayu peered up at her with glistening doe eyes; her face was red from laughter. “Gee, you need to work on your sense of humour.”

“I don’t see anything funny at all.”

Mayu shifted her gloved hand a bit, interlacing their fingers. “Fine. I promise you I will never take my own life. Happy?”

Yuki gave her a long, hard stare.

“As long as Yukirin is with me, I’ll keep living.”

“Now that’s better.” A wry smile finally cracked on Yuki’s ‘constipated’ face.

“Oi! The two lovebirds over there!” A booming voice yelled from a distance. “We need to get out of here before the sun sets so get cracking! And Kashiwagi, stop flirting with Mayu-chan!”

The interrupted couple cast a brief glance in the direction of the familiar voice to see Sae with her hands cupped around her mouth.

“Yes, cuz!” Mayu shouted in response. There was a coy smirk playing on Yuki’s lips when Mayu turned back. “What?”

“I swear your dear cousin pays an unhealthy amount of attention to you.”

“Oh?” Mayu replied in mock surprise. “I thought she’s been stealing glances at you a bit too frequently.”

“Don’t change the subject. I’m a hundred percent sure it’s you,” retorted Yuki.

Mayu simply laughed off the baseless claim. “We’ll see about that. Let’s get back to work.”


Yuki halted her steps before a web of slackened ropes and a sign that said “No Entry” in bold. She recognised it as a road of no return which led into the heart of Aokigahara that had swallowed many who were once alive – including those who were naively seeking for a foolish adventure. It wasn’t uncommon to hear about curious visitors getting lost and never finding their way out.

Pushing down the weathered ropes, Yuki sucked in a shaky breath.

What happened to your promise, Mayu?

She raised her leg and crossed over into the abyss of still greenery. She trudged across the crinkly floor, cautious not to trip over the winding moss-veiled vines. Slivers of light filtered through the ceiling of countless interlaced branches. Aside from the occasional bird chirps – she didn’t even sight a single wildlife – and the snaps of twigs under her feet, the forest was as quiet as the dead. Whatever happened to the crickets? Yuki felt heady from the overwhelming smell of composting leaves.



The 24-year-old looked up from her phone, a pensive expression making her look years older than her actual age. Sayaka bit her inner cheek when she noticed the photo that Sae was staring at. The two officers were in the backseat of the car that Takamina was driving.

“Are you thinking about that again?”

Hand balled in a shaky fist, Sae nodded. “If only I had been more alert…”

“Don’t blame yourself.”

Sae sighed, turning her attention back to the picture of her with Mayu and Yuki. It was a photo taken just before the last operation that Mayu participated in… before that incident happened.

Sayaka released a sigh of her own, tearing her eyes away from her partner. She didn’t feel good. No one did.


Your life is a precious gift from your parents. Think about your parents, your siblings and your children. Don’t keep it to yourself. Talk about your troubles. Contact the Suicide Prevention Association.

Every time Yuki passed by one of the large wooden signs put up by the local authorities, she wondered how many people with suicidal thoughts actually heeded the words on them.

Mayuyu, did you think about me?

Shifting the weight on her back, she made her way around the sign, careful not to slip on the descending slope behind. Her breaths came out as white little puffs as the freezing air stung her face. She checked her watch. It had been two hours since she entered the forest.

A wooden plaque nailed on a tree trunk caught her eye. Its sharp edges and unmarred surface suggested that it was new; the nail even bore a silver shine.


I tried so hard to achieve my dreams and you ruined it. Now I’ve lost everything. Maybe my next life will be better.

- Oshima Yuko

Oshima Yuko? Isn’t she the famous actress who got into a scandal recently? She’s been reported missing for a week.

Yuki reread the note and gasped.

The date… it’s today!

She spun around immediately, certain that the fallen-from-grace celebrity must be nearby. Maybe she was still alive. Yuki slid further down the slope, balancing herself with practised ease, and came to a stop before a green tent. A few empty bottles of beer lay around its entrance. Yuki swallowed thickly.

“Oshima-san?” she called out tentatively. No response. Everything was silent save for her own rapid pants. “Pardon the intrusion,” she muttered and raised the tent flap only to be met by the lifeless body of a woman in her mid-twenties. A large pool of blood had gathered at her side from a deep cut in her left wrist. “Oshima-san!” Yuki rushed up to the pale-looking woman and lowered her head to Oshima’s nose and mouth. Weak but still warm breaths caressed Yuki’s ear. A spark of hope ignited in her chest. She ripped off her maroon muffler and wrapped it tightly around the fresh wound before elevating Oshima’s hand to stop the blood flow.

“Why…” a feeble voice asked, startling the officer.

“You are conscious!” exclaimed Yuki. Then, remembering the actress’ question, she said, “There’s no problem that can’t be solved. I’m a big fan of yours, Oshima-san, and I don’t believe in those rumours.”

“… Is… it?”

Yuki nodded ardently and flashed a smile at the half-lidded eyes. “I’m going to get help for you. Is your phone with you?” She watched as Oshima lifted a frail finger to a white object in the corner. Without wasting another second, Yuki grabbed the actress’ mobile phone and punched in a number. After a few rings, the familiar voice of an elderly man answered.

“Hello, Hayano-san. It’s Kashiwagi here. I’ve found a lady who has just attempted suicide in Aokigahara. She’s still alive but barely. Please get help for her. She’s in a green tent somewhere off the northern main trail. Thank you.” Yuki ended the call once she had conveyed her intended message. She turned to Oshima and gently placed the phone in her right hand, closing her cool fingers around it. “That was lucky. Many times, phones don’t work in here. By the way, Hayano-san is a geologist who patrols this forest frequently to help people with suicidal thoughts. He should be here with aid soon.”

Oshima showed no sign of objection. Perhaps she was too drained to protest or she had decided to give life another shot thanks to Yuki’s intervention.

“I’d love to stay and help you but I’m in a hurry to look for someone.” Yuki was about to stand when a thought struck her. She dug into one of her jacket’s pockets and fished out a photograph of Mayu. “Have you seen this person?”

It took a few seconds for Oshima’s languid eyes to focus on the youthful smiling face. When they did, they widened by a fraction.

“I guess not.” Yuki laughed stiffly, mocking her own ludicrous hopefulness. “Hang in there, Oshima-san.”

A look of concern took over Oshima’s ashen face as she watched the young officer exit the tent.


“I’m sorry, Sae.”

Sae’s head shot up to catch Takamina’s guilty expression in the rear-view mirror.

“I should have listened to you back then and come up with a less risky plan,” the Captain spoke, remorse evident in her low voice.

Sae bit back a sob at the painful memory and squeezed her eyes shut, willing herself not to cry again.

“It wasn’t your fault,” Sae managed to choke out. “Mayu… she wanted to take up the responsibility. None of us could convince her otherwise, not even Yuki.” She buried her face in her hands, hunching over as the scene flooded back to her mind.

“What?!” Both Yuki and Sae gaped at their leader in disbelief.

“That’s absurd!” Yuki pressed on, stepping up to the shorter but higher-ranked woman. “It’s too dangerous. We can’t let Mayu be the bait! Let me go. I’ve always been the one taking up such undercover jobs.”

“Our target preys on school girls. Mayu is the only one who can pass off as a student. You look too mature, Yuki,” reasoned Takamina, unfazed by the intense glare piercing into her bones. “Besides, Mayu has agreed to it.”

Yuki snapped her head towards the officer in question. “Did Takamina put you up to this?” she gripped the younger woman’s shoulders hard.

“No.” The reply was honest.

“Hold it right there,” Sae interrupted. “I’m sure we can come up with a better plan that doesn’t need Mayu-chan to be the bait.”

“We don’t have time,” Takamina said curtly. “Every week, he rapes and kills a girl. We can’t afford another victim. The public is on our case.”

“Takamina’s right. We can’t be so selfish to think of ourselves now. We need to capture this guy,” Mayu agreed.

“But Mayu-”

“Trust me, I’ll be fine,” Mayu cut Yuki short. “And I trust Yukirin to look out for me too.” She beamed up at her worried partner; the toothy smile burnt into Yuki’s mind.


A lone tear splattered onto the photograph. A hasty hand wiped the droplet lest it damaged the radiant visage of the girl in the picture.

“Don’t smile at me like that, Mayuyu. I’m so useless. I don’t deserve your trust.”

Yuki’s legs collapsed under her. She was cold, tired, hungry and desperate. It had been three hours since she left Oshima Yuko’s tent. She lay down, not caring if she was squashing her rucksack under her weight – there wasn’t anything important inside anyway. She spied something tiny and pea green dangling off her shoulder strap. Reaching up, she unhooked the plush keychain from the aluminium carabiner. A forlorn smile stretched across her dry lips as she grasped the mascot character in her hand.

It was the day before the dreaded operation. Yuki was spending some much needed quality time with Mayu on the streets of Shinjuku after work. The two lovers were holding hands with Mayu strolling with a spring in her steps.

“How can you be so carefree?” probed Yuki. Mayu paused and set her gaze upon the tightly knitted brows on Yuki’s face.

“You will age faster if you worry so much,” Mayu quipped.

“Mayu, please.” Yuki was not in the mood for jokes.

The teasing smile dropped and a sigh escaped those light pink lips.

“I’m not that weak, okay?”

“Unarmed combat has always been your weakest area. How do you expect me not to worry when you’ll be alone with that monster?” Yuki was about to throw her hands up in exasperation but she resisted.

“Sayaka-san has been giving me intense training.”

“That won’t make much of a difference,” insisted Yuki. “You are physically weaker than any of us. Your strength is your intelligence, not your fighting skills. That’s why you were partnered with me in the first place.”

“Ouch.” Mayu winced. “That was harsh.”

“It’s the truth.”

“Then does that mean you are not so good up here?” Mayu tapped Yuki’s skull, spiking the older woman’s frustration. Before Yuki could make any form of retaliation though, Mayu added softly, “I’m scared. I won’t deny that… but knowing that you will be watching me every step of the way, that gives me the courage to follow through with this.”

Those words only served to harden the lines on Yuki’s face.

“Aww… this face again.” Mayu placed a palm on Yuki’s cheek, stroking the tense muscles fondly. Suddenly remembering something, she rummaged through her small sling bag and thrust something soft into Yuki’s hand. The woman who had her hair tied in a ponytail scowled at the obscene-looking object.

“Why are you giving me this?” She eyed the green mascot character with distaste. Oh, she recognised it just fine, alright. It was Marimokkori, a character based on Hokkaido’s marimo, which was notorious for the vulgar and, in Yuki’s opinion, absolutely unnecessary bulge in its groin area.

“I saw it the other day and it reminded me of you.”

“No, it doesn’t.” Yuki crinkled her nose, feeling rather offended.

“It does. You two have the same eyes and,” Mayu flashed a sly grin, “are equally horny.”

“That’s not true!”

“Don’t deny it. Last night was proof.” A faint red hue spread across Mayu’s cheeks as she spoke. The other woman fell silent.

“… Fine,” Yuki relented, feeling embarrassed at being called out so openly.

“But there’s one difference between the two of you. You don’t smile as much,” Mayu said with a pout. “Come on, give me a smile.”

Yuki’s mouth twitched horribly as she attempted what ended up more like a look that appeared when one stepped on dog poop. Mayu nearly facepalmed.

The next thing Yuki knew, merciless fingers were pinching and tugging her cheeks in opposite directions. She struggled to escape the vice-like hold only to feel the pain double.

“Smile~” The voice was sickeningly sweet but Yuki knew more than anyone else that an impish devil hid behind that innocent façade. Defeated, she surrendered and gave the brightest smile she could muster.

Mayu grinned in satisfaction and tip-toed to plant a kiss on her girlfriend’s goofy face. Strong arms wrapped around her lithe waist, closing the gap between their bodies.

“Not enough,” Yuki groused.

“Horny.” Mayu poked her nose but complied anyway, pulling Yuki down to savour those pursed lips that yearned for a deeper touch.

“I love you, Yukirin.”


“I love you too, Mayuyu.”

Yuki held the well-worn plush to her chest as tears leaked past her closed eyes, leaving hot trails on her icy skin.


The operation was a disaster.

Mayu had successfully lured their target out and allowed herself to be dragged into an empty public men’s restroom in a secluded park. Through the bug concealed under Mayu’s uniform collar, the team heard the evidence needed to nab the serial rapist and burst out of their hiding place instantly. Their blood ran cold upon finding the entrance locked. Frantic scuffling and screams sounded from behind the door.


“Stand back!” Takamina commanded and fired a few shots at the door knob before kicking the door. But it didn’t budge. Exchanging looks, Sae and Sayaka slammed their bodies against it at the count of three.

“Shit! He’s jammed the other side with stuff!” Sayaka cursed.

“Didn’t you say this park was clear of places that could be locked?” Takamina grabbed the front of Sae’s shirt, yanking the tall woman down to her level. Colour drained from Sae’s face at the question.

“I was too worried about Mayu that I… I…”

Yuki shoved her shell-shocked colleague aside and banged on the door incessantly. “Police! Open up! We know you are inside! Stop what you are doing right now!”

Her demands were ignored completely. Mayu’s screams grew louder, more strained, more desperate, and each excruciating call of Yuki’s name was equivalent to putting her heart through a grinder.


Her head was doused in cold sweat.

"Help... Yukirin!"

Fear churned her stomach in waves and she nearly puked.

“Yuki… save me!”

Flames of despair smothered her chest and she forgot how to breathe.

“No… no… Yuki… Yuki... YUKI!”

Then silence.

Yuki felt something inside her die when the cries stopped suddenly.

By the time the team broke the door down, it was too late. Yuki would never forget the image that greeted her eyes. Once a promising young lady with a positive outlook on life, Mayu sat slumped against the wall of one of the cubicles.

Bruised arms lay limply by her sides. Blood oozed from a cut on her lip. Blouse mutilated and flung to a corner.

The vacant look in her eyes was reminiscent of a broken doll’s.

Something snapped in Yuki and she hurtled towards the beast of a man with an anguished roar – cracking his skull against the sink, breaking rows of cigarette-stained teeth, shattering every finger bone under her boots, twisting his arms till the joints popped, and finally, ramming her foot into the very organ he used to sully Mayu’s purity. Every crunch and snap fuelled her thirst for blood. She would have killed him if not for Takamina’s intervention.

Sadly, no amount of blood spilled could make up for the damage done.

With spasmodic steps, she approached Mayu’s unmoving body. Words of comfort were lodged deep in her throat, choking her. Two heavy thuds sounded as she dropped to her knees and cradled Mayu in her arms and sobbed; but Mayu’s eyes could cry no more.

After Mayu’s discharge from the hospital a few days following the incident, Yuki brought her to her apartment. She didn’t dare to – and wouldn’t – leave Mayu’s side for even a minute, afraid that she would do something silly. Her girlfriend was a shadow of her former self. Not speaking, not eating, not moving. The tragic fate of the officer was reported all over the national news. Some tabloids managed to get Mayu’s photo and had it splashed across the front pages, making matters worse. After days of surviving on less than a total of four hours of sleep, Yuki’s body finally succumbed to fatigue. When she woke up with a start, Mayu was gone from the bed they shared.

A letter lay in her place.


Yuki lost her footing and stumbled down a sharp descent. Her weary body rolled to an abrupt stop after smashing into a tree. The blow knocked the wind out of her lungs. Coughing loudly, she rubbed the back of her head. She looked to the side and found herself staring into the beady black eyes of a pink alpaca soft toy.

“Ah, Mayuyu’s here.”

Slowly sitting up, she detached the Marimokkori plush from her bag strap again and set it next to the alpaca toy.


Takamina and her team bundled out of the car once it skidded to a halt at Aokigahara’s parking lot. They ran up to a scrawny old man in his sixties who was waiting by the path leading into the forest.

“Hayano-san! Where is she?”

Hayano Azusa pointed to a spot on a map where he had marked with a red ‘X’. “She was last seen here with Oshima Yuko-san yesterday afternoon. You can take-”

Takamina snatched the map and took off into the maze of trees with her team without waiting for Hayano to finish his sentence.


Yuki removed her sneakers and placed them neatly together at the foot of the tree. Raising her head, she squinted as she made out the weathered remains of a rope tied around one of the tree’s sturdy branches. She unzipped her bag and retrieved the roll of fresh rope that she had dropped at the car lot earlier.


Hurried rustling of leaves and noisy crunching of vines and fallen branches shattered the tranquillity of Aokigahara as the group of investigators barrelled their way through the thick vegetation.

“On the double! I have a bad feeling about this!” Takamina yelled, beads of perspiration trickling down her temples as her lungs burned from non-stop running.


There’s no problem that can’t be solved. Hah. I’m such a hypocrite.

Deft hands tied a rope next to the cut noose on the low branch that Yuki was perched on. She chuckled.

You’ve always been on the short side.

She took one last look at the crumpled paper in her hand before letting it drift to the forest floor.

A loud snap echoed through the trees.


“Faster, faster! We can’t afford to lose another!”

“We are near where Mayu killed herself last year!”

“Fuck, I see something hanging off the tree at two o’clock!”

“Damn it!”

The trio froze when they got closer and made out the identity of the hanged figure. The familiar black jacket. The long brown hair tied in a low ponytail. The pallid face that belonged to their teammate, Kashiwagi Yuki.

Sae sank to her knees and let out a bloodcurdling wail.

Sayaka turned away from the ghastly sight, her shoulders trembling uncontrollably.

Takamina punched the tree beside her, not flinching even though the jagged bark scrapped her knuckles.

“Again… we are too late…" Tears wobbled at the edges of her eyes. “I’ve failed again.” She closed her eyes and muttered a prayer for her capable subordinate, her loyal comrade, her precious friend. When she opened them, she spotted a piece of yellowish paper next to her feet. Picking it up, she read its contents and her hands shook so violently that she almost tore it in half.

Dearest Yukirin,

I’m sorry I’m going to break my promise to you. I don’t know how to face the world anymore. I don’t even know how to face you. Thank you for all that you’ve done. It’s been tough on you and I don’t want to burden you anymore.

I’m going to somewhere beautiful. Goodbye, Yukirin. Don’t look for me.

Love you always,



The End.

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:

I was greatly inspired by films such as “The Usual Suspects” and “The Sixth Sense” and wanted to try my hand at nonlinear narrative and to write a story with a twist at the end that makes readers go, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s the kind of story where things appear normal at the start, then they begin to leave readers with an odd feeling in the gut at around middle-to-end point, and finally the pieces fall into place only towards the end. I hope I managed to execute that with some degree of success; I aimed to create something that will give readers the urge to reread the story to pick out all the clues dropped along the way.

Questions: Who did you think Takamina and co. were looking for at the beginning? When and how did you realise Yuki wanted to commit suicide?

It’d be really helpful if you could answer these questions as your replies (the more specific, the better) will let me know how I can improve the way I plant my setups. Thank you in advance!

And erm… just to clarify, I’m not so evil to dedicate a tragic story to someone; rather I’m presenting my maiden attempt at such a writing style to my friend.

With this story, I’ve also completed another challenge to myself: to write a story with a completely sad ending. Even though I’ve killed my favourite girls in previous one-shots, I still relented and gave them a bittersweet ending. (Love them too much :sweatdrop:)

The next update for the Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series may take a while as this is a very busy period for me at work. I miss them just as much as you so don’t fret! The next update will definitely come… it’s just a matter of when :nervous

Last but not least, please allow me to leave you with this anonymous quote that I’ve kept close to my heart since my early teenage days:

"Those who commit suicide die but once. Those left behind die a thousand times, wondering why."
- Unknown

Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: imteedee on October 19, 2013, 09:51:55 PM

I'm so happy you updated after almost half a year  :)
let me have some time to come up with a better comment on heart....literally....broke  :nervous
I need air.... by the rooftop now  :bleed eyes:

Questions: Who did you think Takamina and co. were looking for at the beginning? When and how did you realize their target was Yuki?

Q1: I don't know about this, I still have no idea what they were actually doing...since it's the very first scene.... of course what I actually thought of was it must be either Yuki and Mayu (since it's a MaYuki fic) since you haven't mentioned them else~ must be some add-on character.

Q2: I realized it's Yuki as early as I hovered on the next cut... since you obviously stated right after Takamina's scene that Yuki is elsewhere....maybe somewhere suspicious. Actually I already got a hunch right then...what lies ahead....

When did you realise Yuki wanted to commit suicide?
Q2.2: I dunno if it's just me, you know everybody thinks differently... but the 'idea' of just going to that place is an obvious spoiler itself, but on the other hand, you gave the hint of this 'drama Yuki looking for Mayu' which obviously would create this idea that 'oh it's Mayu' who's going to suicide.

I just realized it when you're describing the suicide scene itself, gave too much hints on your notes, couldn't help but think outside the box, tadda~ I deciphered your plot  :P you blew the bomb at your A/N actually, can't blame you still need that warning as well meeeh~  :smhid

This fic literally broke my heart. I'm still lost for words. It's so good, I need to take a break. You got me for good. I'll come up with a better comment later on. BTW, I'm glad to know you took the next step, killing MaYuki is hard.....really hard....  :catglare: I hope my comment helped in any way.... I'll go back to my alpaca world now~  :smhid
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: mayuki_daisuki on October 19, 2013, 10:39:04 PM
Seigus-san! I really love thi OS!!  :cathappy:
it's so touching i dont no how else to describe it!! :heart: :yep:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: mo-chan on October 19, 2013, 11:28:05 PM
After Reading
 :stoned: :on blackhole:
 :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks:
my heart it can't bear this pain it's really sad  :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah:
I donnu what to say  I'm really sad right now :on cloudeye:
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: kurogumi on October 20, 2013, 02:20:07 AM
Q1 & Q2:

Questions: Who did you think Takamina and co. were looking for at the beginning? When and how did you realize their target was Yuki?

at first it still blinded who they chase,but when i read the part of where yuki's go...the aokigahara who you mention before,about best suicide place in japan.
i think maybe it's yuki that they were search,but when i read that yuki searching for mayu...then i got confused...but the part when sae mention those photo's of mayu,sae and yuki before that incident, it make me thing 'what kind of incident?',but trust me i already got a bad feeling when i read this part,somehow i realized is about mayu.well...yuki mention about mayu's broke the promised they made before,so yeah i think the worse that mayu is commite suicide...and the time mayu commite suicide unfortunally is in the past time.sooo it's answer the next question about...

When did you realise Yuki wanted to commit suicide?

actually you already give me a hint when yuki get her brown rope from her car,and she so careless about not close the cars door (who's so stupid to leave your car and not lock it?)
and your explanation about what is aokigahara forest is make me think maybe yuki gonna do it.but not clear enough to state it.

and it make me pretty sure when i realized that mayu had broke the promised to yuki that she never taken her life,i made a conclusion that yuki go there to followed mayu.

the next paragraph,i assuming will explain how takamina co know where's yuki go,how they know the information that she's in the aokigahara.and about what theincident happen in the past.

almost in the last paragraph,it just a time when tkamina co could make their time to serching yuki,but i know they will late...

Damm! why this sweet but hurt...why mayu? why? and why yuki need long time to followed mayu??? (maybe i know the answer, maybe she tried to solved it,tried through life without mayu,yuki mention that she believing everything can be solved,but she realized that she wrong about that,she fail,and she couldn't life without mayu)

I actually was not strong to comment, but if I do not do it sad, I need to express my sadness, my favorite characters end up miserable, how can I not be sad?
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: gek geki on October 20, 2013, 02:56:08 AM
I already knew from the beginning that you will make these two people dead

so whatever you're doing yuki

I knew that she would commit suicide

only a matter of time and what her motives
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: gek geki on October 20, 2013, 03:34:56 AM
actually i waiting the others comment,curious what they felt

thinking why they not fast commenting like always.especiallywhen this is seigus-san fic update

and realization hitting me

they to hurt to comment,maybe needed some time to gained strengh to wrote some...uh word
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: Terragen on October 20, 2013, 04:35:26 AM
Q1: i do not know at first, but immediately noticed when re-read many times, where the past and what is happening now  :(
Q2: when comparing the time of the incident, Yuki point of view to explain about the past and the present, and I realized, that it was not mayu are they looking for, it was yuki all the time  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Q3: when she found yuko, I immediately realized what was going to happen, suddenly became clear what yuki bought (the rope), I thought she was going to climb or what  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: well she really climbing i think but never i though that she climb and hanging herself on that rope

a little extra, it may be useful

a person who kills another person is much more fortunate than those who killed himself
someone who kills, always gets his punishment when he lived in the world, he has a chance to improve themselves and to God for mercy.
someone who committed suicide will not have time for mercy and will get eternal damnation, not in heaven but hell

sorry if my english not quite good hope you understand it was from a certain book i read
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: AT29 on October 20, 2013, 08:09:49 AM
First of all, I'm glad imteedee was the very first to comment on this fic, thanks for this! I really appreciate the thought!  :) and on top of that imteedee shares the same thoughts as me gek geki and kurogumi.

too much clues on the author's notes, also the first fic I've read this morning  :bleed eyes: you killed mayuki, I can't stand it.  :banghead:

and may I also suggest to quote the red tag as warning before you comment  :lol: :lol: :lol: really I was almost spoiling myself  :nervous
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: Pheeya_0414 on October 20, 2013, 08:57:24 AM
thank you too teedee

dunno what to say anymore, their comments speak for my thoughts as well....this thread suddenly became so depressing  :nervous
the story is really tragic. My Mayuki died not only but both of them  :shocked tell me I'm dreaming  :bleed eyes: but this is just a fic I'll let it slide.... you're a good writer you hurt your readers  :banghead:

BTW, I'm glad to know you took the next step, killing MaYuki is hard.....really hard....  :catglare:
and just when I was about to feel sad, I read this I'm really expecting someone would react violently on this fic and sure imteedee  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I had a good laugh at this one  :hiakhiakhiak:

Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: imteedee on October 20, 2013, 09:19:36 AM
you guys are welcome... I agree, put a warning at least or you'll spoil a good fic for good  :nervous

BTW, I'm glad to know you took the next step, killing MaYuki is hard.....really hard....  :catglare:
and just when I was about to feel sad, I read this I'm really expecting someone would react violently on this fic and sure imteedee  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I had a good laugh at this one  :hiakhiakhiak:

WOI WOI WOI! I'm also reading future comments! why you laughing at me? TD is so depressed now  :cry: (LOL kiddin') really? what's wrong with the society today?  XD feel free to laugh at me, just don't spill your food  :P

and so imteedee packed her bag and drove towards the mountains.... "I shall reflect on this...I'll kill MaYuki the next time I'll write...and have my revenge on you" :twisted:

to the future ones: OH SOME MORE?  :nervous I won't comment again...would be a waste of space.. I dunno what's so funny but I actually mean it  :nervous

Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: DontMindMe on October 20, 2013, 12:24:57 PM

is this a rule now? Im saved too  :dunno: I don't get everything when I read it, reading comments after made me realise the whole story what I understand is

Mayuki died.  :frustrated: it's so sad. so cruel

Killing mayuki is hard BWAHAHAHA teedee-san
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: rhin12 on October 20, 2013, 01:45:32 PM
I didn't expect this kind of plot from you.  XD You are really a serious writer that you even set aside your shipper heart and focused on your theme, I don't know if that's a bad thing or not.  :nervous

Questions: Who did you think Takamina and co. were looking for at the beginning?

I actually thought that it's Mayu that they were looking for, because of Minami's statement “We’ll find her and get her back, Sae. She’s never been the reckless kind anyway.” Because Mayu is always describe as that (Not that I think of Yuki as the opposite XD) On the second scene that's where I realized that they were looking for Yuki. Why? Because Yuki doesn't give a feeling of anxiety, she's not rushing and, she doesn't look like she's looking for someone.   :nervous

When and how did you realise Yuki wanted to commit suicide?

I didn't, until she did (or I just can't accept the thought of her committing suicide.) XD I thought she's just gonna visit Mayu and reminisce. LOL

sorry, I can't help u much ._.

Thanks for the OS, seigus-san!  :cow: Your updates/OS are always worth the wait! hihi :deco:


BTW, I'm glad to know you took the next step, killing MaYuki is hard.....really hard....  :catglare:

@imteedee-san please don't follow her step.  XD  :P

and so imteedee packed her bag and drove towards the mountains.... "I shall reflect on this...I'll kill MaYuki the next time I'll write...and have my revenge on you" :twisted:

@imteedee-san again. XD please release the bad vibes and don't think about revenge.  :yep: we had enough of tragic mayuki story for the day..please not now  XD

And erm… just to clarify, I’m not so evil to dedicate a tragic story to someone; rather I’m presenting my maiden attempt at such a writing style to my friend.

evil friend :rofl:
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: Pheeya_0414 on October 20, 2013, 02:28:10 PM
oopsie no hard feelings teedee-san it's actually cute  :oops: you so love mayuki you can't kill them  :bow: :nervous but I love seigus too.. i love you two even you kill mayuki  :P still this is depressing  :cry:
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: kiruchi on October 20, 2013, 04:41:27 PM
Honestly, I didn't expect this type of genre from you, but it's nice to see something different from time to time.

The story was well-made too... What I don't like about it is that rapist (burn him alive!!!) and the police (for the lousy preparation... they should have, at least, gave Mayu a stun gun or two... or let Takamina pose as a bait... then again that might not work as a bait. kidding~) 

For the questions:

Who did you think Takamina and co. were looking for at the beginning?
Yuki... I thought that they're worried about Yuki coming alone to follow Mayu into the Aokigahara.

When and how did you realise Yuki wanted to commit suicide?
In the end of the story... At first, I really thought that Yuki came to Aokigahara to stop Mayu from committing suicide, then I realize that she's committing suicide to follow Mayu.

I like the plot even if MaYuki was killed in it... but pls. Mayu talk to Yuki about suicide first. or at least commit double suicide (<--joke... don't do that).
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: chichay12 on October 20, 2013, 04:52:05 PM
i read it right after u post this here..
but until now i cant find the right word to describe what im feeling  :stoned:
maybe i should blabbering right now *sigh
this feels is to much for my poor heart  :(

i just want to thank u for the OS..even though.. u know, u kinda broke my heart  :frustrated:

ps..i cant wait to read ur next update in doc watanabe series :on gay:
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: LoyalFlutist on October 20, 2013, 05:20:52 PM
It has been a while since I last read your OS. I'm glad that you came back with one! And it's angsty, which makes me brace myself for the impact of sadness. :sweatdrop: Thankfully I had gotten the chance to read this amazing work of yours. :cathappy:

Guess I should comment a bit about the story and my opinions before answering your question. :)

I've actually watched a documentary on the so-called Suicide Forest within Japan a year ago or so. It might sound weird, but I find it fascinating that many would come to this one forest to do their deeds. Probably because it's isolated away from the outside society and a place where the individual can focus only on their mind and examine their situation at hand. Though not everyone commits suicide in there and thankfully some camped overnight a day or two to decide that death won't solve their problems. As a person who has been down on this road before and struggling through it, it touched me on a certain level, haha.

Now in regard to your story, the flashbacks of both Mayu and Yuki spending time together and exchanging to each other is cute! It's regretful that the mission became a disaster though... Although they finally caught the rapist, in the end Mayu was broken. Even though Yuki was by her side and trying to protect her from anymore danger, the other people posting up Mayu's photo of the ordeal just had to make things worse. And when Mayu left, I guess it's predictable to see what she was to commit based on her lack of actions and motivation to even go through a single day. Poor Yuki... She broken down in the end and decided to end her life also. I pray that those two meet each other in the afterlife and you know, if they are able to reincarnate, be together just like their former self.

I honestly felt my heart crack yet at the same time, both sympathy and empathy for the two. Though I'm still slightly puzzled with Mayu's reason to why she ended her life, doesn't everyone do when they see someone they love and care for leave the world with such sudden timing? I had a friend back a while ago who had committed such act due to bullying. Though I honestly don't know why he had done it, I can feel Yuki's and Sae's pain of being tormented of being useless at the time with Mayu. "Why can't we stop them? Isn't there anyway to persuade them? Why wasn't I there with them before they pulled the trigger to their own life?" Those kind of thoughts that rush through our head won't stop till many years pass by with the realization that they decided to take their own life. Of course, with this situation, it's different since Yuki is in love with Mayu, not just friends. So I guess Yuki can't live without her Mayu in the living world. :cry:

I find it ironic that I haven't felt my heart shatter. I think it's because it hasn't hit me yet, haha. I'll probably end up curling into a ball... in the corner of the room... feeling every piece of my heart fall apart piece by piece from every passing second. Or it might be that I'm emotionally numb after reading this, LOL. :nervous

Now for the questions:

Questions: Who did you think Takamina and co. were looking for at the beginning? When and how did you realise Yuki wanted to commit suicide?

I was unsure of who it was honestly in the very beginning. I knew that it was someone that wanted to commit suicide due to the key word 'Aokigahara.' And we know that person they were looking for was a female. So thanks to the main pairing of the one shot, I immediately locked my eyes between Mayu or Yuki. But after that beginning scene when we now flash towards Yuki, I already got the answer.

It was easy to pinpoint when and how she wanted to commit suicide in this act. Unlike Yuko who had slashed her wrist and chose the path of bleeding to death, there was a mention of a 'roll of thick brown rope.' I obviously know that she isn't planning to climb up a tree for the hell of it or playing a single person jumprope (oh the lame jokes I could make), so entering this forest + rope + mind repeating over and over about Mayu's action from the year before = mind set on ending her own life. Unless something else played into this matter, Yuki's head probably started revolving around killing herself when Mayu had committed the act.

Thank you so much for writing this OS! I do find many authors and writers write, well... on this sensitive topic. But I just came to a realization that you're the first person that I've read actually revolving it around the Suicide Forest. Definitely angsty and hits a home run on the emotional level. Sometimes killing the characters off will make the story move onward to our desired purpose of the fiction. (Can't really have a story based on death, well... have literally every single people both antagonist and protagonist/support character live! That should probably be labeled under a story based on 'life', haha) Interesting concept and that last quote you added on your author's note:

"Those who commit suicide die but once. Those left behind die a thousand times, wondering why."
- Unknown

Very good quote to keep in mind. Not to mention accurate. The aftereffect of losing someone may be tragic, but when it's from an act of suicide, it impacts us greatly since it can be avoidable. Unlike cancer and passing from old age, this can be controlled and is intended from the person themselves. It's a shame though that our human mind resort to short distant thinking and believe that ending our life will end our suffering and problems. Life truly is harsh yet if we keep on moving forward, even if only a step for the day, that's not only progressing towards the fact that you're alive but towards the change that we all wish for with effort.

I'm glad to have read this for today and I truly am looking forward to the Doctor Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series update soon! Please take your time on it as I will be waiting patiently~ Looking forward to more of your OS work too in the near future! :deco:

[And holy cow, I just noticed how long my comments are. And the lack of emoticon I wanted to use too... :sweatdrop: ]

Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: Jul3 on October 20, 2013, 06:52:16 PM
Hi seigus! (surprised to see me here?)

Wow, that was one intense story and I found it really well written. As soon as you mentioned that forest in your intro, I was like "oh no, she's killed off Mayu", but found the ending unexpected - but that somehow feels just like you, to keep those two together  :lol:

I enjoyed the whole non-linear style, it made the whole thing more interesting as you try and figure out what's going on when. When Yuko was first there, that was a curveball in that her death wasn't the sole one the story would be based around. But I did find it quite horrifying how Yuki could just leave Yuko there alone whilst she buggered off single-mindedly. But I guess for someone in that state of mind, they wouldn't hang around there, so that could have been a hint.

The scene with Yuki beating the man to (almost) death was horrific. The whole thing really is such a different setting and emotions for how I normally see these girls, and you did well for the most part to still make it feel like them, rather than just being their character names. What was also surprising, was that in such an intense piece, you had these hugely funny moments which really made me laugh out loud.

Anyway, good job  :twothumbs
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
Post by: kurumi on October 20, 2013, 07:50:32 PM
But I did find it quite horrifying how Yuki could just leave Yuko there alone whilst she buggered off single-mindedly. But I guess for someone in that state of mind, they wouldn't hang around there, so that could have been a hint.

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who thought that! (Told seigus the exact same thing yesterday via PM.)

seigus, I always enjoy reading your one-shots. Can't wait for the next one! :jphip:
Title: Re: [MaYuki Oneshot] Abyss of Memories (20 Oct)
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Hm. To be honest, it take me so much time to succes to reply. The reality is after read that OS I just broke in tear for about 25minutes without calm down. It could be weird since I'm a angst writer and it's not rare to see death people in my fic. But. Here. It's just break my heart. Remind me too many things.

Q1: I understood they were looking for Yuki just after her first POV, since, how to say, I felt that somebody bad already happened to Mayu. Even if I didn't realized that it wasn't recent but one year ago.

Q2: Hm, even if I didn't want to believe it, since I understood that they were looking for Yuki, it's like at the time where she put a feet on that damned forest there wasn't another issue.

I can't properly write a comment.
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Post by: AnneTonov on October 21, 2013, 03:08:54 AM
this OS is I can't think of any good description.
simply tragic, mayuyu got raped and traumatized
and those previous comments broke my heart even more  :shocked I can't say anything worthy, I'll sulk in the corner first but..

imteedee-san & LoyalFlutist-san I'm with you both  :banghead: I'm taking my time reading your comments too  :cry:
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Firstly...OMG! GOD DAMMMNNNNNN~~~~~!! This is amazing! Oh wow wow, my heart is beating with excitement when I'm reading this OS! :D :deco: :deco: :deco: Ahh~ The feels of despair crept into me when they failed to save Mayu from her last mission, and the pain thats constantly haunting Yukirin until now. Its making my mind awake now XD  :bow: I feel sad with Yukirin suicide...its such a tragic story :D BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!  :cathappy: I thought the whole story is Yuki going to find Mayu at the forest, and maybe found her dead...but NO! Mayu died already and Yuki went there to commit suicide. OwO wah wah wah~ the feels~ Now I'm so inspired to write a tragic Mayuki OS now OwO  :deco: :cathappy: :deco: :cathappy: Such a twist in the end~ I LOVE IT!

Question 1: Who did you think Takamina and co. were looking for at the beginning?
I had no clue, LOL! At first it would be Mayu since I thought the whole story is about finding missing Mayu (she's going to commit suicide) but when I learned that at the end that they're looking for Yuki. OH DAMN~ I was surprised! That caught me off guard~

Question 2: When and how did you realise Yuki wanted to commit suicide?
To be honest, I didn't know until the very end that Yuki wanted to commit suicide! XD When i realised at the end I was like "OH DAMNNNN~~~!" As mentioned, that moment of the whole story I thought that she was going to go find Mayu in the forest...Lol
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I feel sad with Yukirin suicide...its such a tragic story :D BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!  :cathappy: I thought the whole story is Yuki going to find Mayu at the forest, and maybe found her dead...but NO! Mayu died already and Yuki went there to commit suicide. OwO wah wah wah~ the feels~ Now I'm so inspired to write a tragic Mayuki OS now OwO  :deco: :cathappy: :deco: :cathappy: Such a twist in the end~ I LOVE IT!

OH. i think I need a break  :badluck:
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I was contemplating, to comment or not to comment... because...

on one hand I am really impressed with the whole story even if it made me slightly depressed but I love it nevertheless

on the other hand my thoughts are so mixed on this that I am afraid I won't be able to properly comment at all...

And also, sometimes I am afraid that my comments are not good enough compared to these wonderful fics of yours..

and yet I respect you too much so decided to leave this randomness here

Just know that I always support you and your fics are the ones I read despite my mood or lack of time

waiting for Doc Watanabe Nurse Kashiwagi series~  :bow:
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Seigus san! You make others author making their tragic mayuki! God! I had to prepare from now

And yeah miss our dr.watanabe,after seeing new dr.watanabe on janken,i kind of fall and fall more to this doctor
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The next update for the Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series may take a while as this is a very busy period for me at work. I miss them just as much as you so don’t fret! The next update will definitely come… it’s just a matter of when :nervous

I'm still waiting for this for like eternity now, I've seen the ghosts writers update at once today, but this... OwO
I only have a few hours before I leave... I'm betting my hours just to see an update  :nervous *waiting*

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Hi Seigus-san. I know.... this is a really-really-really late comment...
I read this OS 5 times, so I can really understand what's going on with Mayuki.  :P

Who did you think Takamina and co. were looking for at the beginning?

Honestly... I thought they were not looking for Yuki. I thought this was a story about 'Finding Mayu Mission'
Because you always wrote it in Yuki POV while she was looking for Mayu.
Where are you, Mayuyu?
I thought Takamina and the rest of her team wanna help Yuki to search Mayu.

Sae sighed, turning her attention back to the picture of her with Mayu and Yuki. It was a photo taken just before the last operation that Mayu participated in… before that incident happened.


Sae’s head shot up to catch Takamina’s guilty expression in the rear-view mirror.

“I should have listened to you back then and come up with a less risky plan,” the Captain spoke, remorse evident in her low voice.

Sae bit back a sob at the painful memory and squeezed her eyes shut, willing herself not to cry again.
Based on Sae's expression... I knew that something terrible happened to Mayu, but I didn't know what is it.
I was sure that Mayu was dead because of Sae expression. She won't that sad if everything was fine.

In the beginning of your OS, you already mentioned about "Aokigahara" and I didn't have any feeling about it.
“Did they find out where she went?”

Calloused fingers tightened their grip on the phone; their owner’s lips pressed firmly into a thin line.

But then........ I read Oshima case.
“Hello, Hayano-san. It’s Kashiwagi here. I’ve found a lady who has just attempted suicide in Aokigahara.........."
My heart melted.
At this rate, I still thought that the one who was searched by Takamina co. was Mayu.
But... after second thought, if Takamina co. already heard the news that the one who they're looking for is in Aokigahara............... *hesitant*
It can't be Mayu because on my quote above (about Sae), Mayu was dead long before Yuki went to Aokigahara.
I realized that they're looking for Yuki!!! And Yuki went there to suicide!!! :bleed eyes:


When and how did you realise Yuki wanted to commit suicide?

When I read:
How long have I been driving?
I had feeling that Yuki planned to do something, but at this rate... I wasn't realized that she committed to suicide yet.... I thought she only planned to looking for Mayu.

Your life is a precious gift from your parents. Think about your parents, your siblings and your children. Don’t keep it to yourself. Talk about your troubles. Contact the Suicide Prevention Association.

Mayuyu, did you think about me?
Oh... finally I had feeling that Mayu died because of suicide. :cry:

When I realized that Takamina co. were looking for Yuki (I already explained it above), I'm sure that Yuki planned to suicide.
Their dark emotions... the tension when Takamina co. looking for Yuki... Sae cried while she looked at the picture...... those factors made me more convinced that Yuki committed to suicide.


Ahhh... I'm not really good in english, but I hope you'll understand what I mean.  :P

This is the moment when I cried while I read your fic.
“I love you, Yukirin.”
“I love you too, Mayuyu.”
Yuki held the well-worn plush to her chest as tears leaked past her closed eyes, leaving hot trails on her icy skin.
Yukirin's memory makes my heart bleeding.
She answered her memory.  :mon cute:

I think that's all...
This fic gave me many inspirations.  :ding:
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Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.1] Too Close (18 Aug)
Post by: Seigus on December 15, 2013, 06:22:39 PM
Hi everyone! It's been a while (what else is new :nervous). The year-end is always a hectic period for me in terms of work, events, Japanese exams (I passed!), etc. so I'm very sorry for the horribly long dry spell.

First of all, thank you very much for all the reviews and comments for "Abyss of Memories". They are very helpful whenever I re-analyse the plot and delivery of the story. I wasn't expecting to break so many readers' hearts so please accept my sincerest apology :bow: I really enjoyed writing it because it was something new to me. Researching Aokigahara, death and various suicide methods was a truly interesting experience. I was so engrossed in the tidbits of information that I discovered that my colleague was worried I would lose my senses and attempt suicide one day :sweatdrop: I have ideas for more dark MaYuki one-shots due to an urge to explore raw human emotions on a deeper level but for now, let's take a break from all that angst. Wouldn't want to ruin anyone's holidays. It's time for a more light-hearted dose of Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi! The next update should be up in a couple of days so please look out for it (that is, if anyone still cares about them after such a long time :nervous).

Before that, please allow me to reply to your comments for the previous installment :)

katekyohit: I wonder about Mario and Yuko too. They are the surprise pairing (if you can even consider them one) of the series. I always crack up whenever I write about them :rofl: As for MaYuki, they give me dangerously high blood sugar levels :bleed eyes: I glad you love their moments!

Chichay12: I'm sorry you have to wait so long for the next update :bow: Yup, Yuki is for Mayu but Ren has it hard. He can't just let go after being in love with Yuki for years. Let's hope he will finally move on soon.

affiber: I call this sex with clothes on :lol: I hope Mayu doesn't do anything to Ren that would land him behind bars! :O

imteedee: Yes, good job, Mayu :thumbsup Yuko is always awesome - both in fiction and in real life. Gotta love her dirty mind XD

Rena-chan Daisuki: Thank you for reading! The next update will be up soon. Hope you'd like it :)

olive29: Writing about Mayu gives me unrealistically high expectations of the men around me :banghead: I wonder what Mayu would do to Ren too... maybe he'd proclaim his secret love for Ren and convert everyone here to MayuRen fans! :w00t:

sakura_drop_: There's something quite appealing about Mario x Yuko... Idiot couple :P What kind of parents would they be though? And what about the kid? Baby troll with a potty mouth? :shocked

kurogumi: You are right about this arc focusing on the other pairings as well :thumbup MaYuki is pretty much set in stone so it's time to develop the others. Yeah, Ren was reckless (pretty crazy to be honest) to touch someone's future wife. You will find out where he went in the next update. Thanks for picking up on that little nugget about Mayu's past! I was hoping for someone to comment on that. Seeing how the real Mayu is an anime otaku (though she is more into Takarazuka now), I figured Dr. Watanabe should have a geeky side too but if he's into anime girls, that kind of ruins his character in the story :sweatdrop: A Sentai fanboy side would suit him more. And thanks to your comment, you gave me an idea for a prequel/side story, or heck, I may just explore his past in the main story! As you said, it'd give the story more life.

Minami-chan: You will have to wait till next year for the MaYuki wedding (2014 isn't that far away :P)! Blame my snail-like updating speed, no wait, curse my work instead! I think Mario and Yuko will be at each other's throat every day over how to raise the kid (not that they aren't already bickering now) :lol:

Yuki88: Will Ren be chasing Jurina? Or will it be the other way round? :pimp: Go Jurina! Get your man! And yeah, Yuko still hating Mario :rofl:

LoyalFlutist: Don't worry, I feel you. I want a Dr. Watanabe too! :bleed eyes: Ren had to release his years of pent-up frustrations somehow... and he chose to do it in a pretty suicidal way. If I were Mayu, I doubt I'd be so calm. As for Yuko, a squirrel will always be a squirrel :lol: I think she'd still be running around even if she was seven months pregnant.

mayuki_daisuki: I just had an image of a pervy baby on the loose! It will nuzzle the chest of any woman who hugs it :shocked:

kiruchi: MaYuki - the main cause of diabetes all over the world 8)

kurumi: Thanks! I guess the humour comes from everyday exchanges with my friends. That's pretty much how most of our conversations would go (of course, I have to tweak it to suit the characters in the story). With practice, you will certainly improve at writing dialogues so never stop trying! :rock:

Wmatsui22: Ren will get his punishment in the next update so perhaps that will make you feel better :nervous Haruna x PSP = OTP of the Year :rofl:

Tupi: No, the baby is not Mario's. The real father is....... Mayu! :shocked: Hey, why doesn't anyone ship MaYuko here? They have such an inimitable chemistry XD

Yuseichaaan48: As mentioned above, Haruna will marry her PSP and have awesome pixel babies!! :w00t: It's been four months since your comment. I hope you are coping well with school :)

airajasmine: Thank you for liking this story and welcome to JPH!P! :jphip:

gek geki: At least Ren made his move before Yuki got married :V Mayu's past will definitely be revealed one day. I'm already working out a timeline for that. We all know what went through Yuki's mind before they got together; it's only fair we delve into the enigmatic doctor's mind :yep:

rhin: If this series' main couple ever turns into MayuRen, you'd be the main culprit. I didn't continue the first and last scenes because our beloved doctor is an ancient prude :lol: Seriously though, I wonder when we will ever get to the wedding :nervous
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you update twice a year *note taken ah-ha- haha--ha---ha
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Post by: Minami-chan on December 20, 2013, 01:31:04 AM
 :thumbsup :thumbsup
We can wait your next chapter!!
have a nice xmas!
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.2] Everyone's Insecurities (22 Dec)
Post by: Seigus on December 21, 2013, 07:17:30 PM
A/N: Hi everyone! This was supposed to be up few days ago if not for the fact that Yukirin no Garter during the AKB48 Kouhaku distracted me. And after missing that prime period to update, work got in the way while my modem decided to die on me :nervous So here's the latest installment of the Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi series after a four-month wait. Thank you for your patience and I hope you will enjoy this update :deco:

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Everyone's Insecurities

“Are we really going out at this time? Didn’t you say you were exhausted?” Yuki asked, propping herself up on her elbows, still somewhat trapped under Mayu’s lazing body. A fresh blush blossomed across her already pink cheeks when Mayu nuzzled her neck, a hint of light citrus hooking her senses. How she loved his scent even after a long day’s work. He always managed to smell clean – with a hint of antibacterial handwash. As she wallowed in his comforting warmth, sharp teeth picked an unmarked spot and began dragging themselves along the flushed skin.

“M-Mayu?” squeaked Yuki when she felt a familiar burn sinking into her flesh. She flinched and tossed her head back from the welcome sensation. “You are going to leave another mark.”

“That’s the idea,” came the muffled reply. His hot breaths left sizzling tingles on the moist area. He raised his head when he heard a questioning hum but gentle fingers brushed his fringe aside, distracting him before he could reply.

“You need a haircut,” she remarked out of the blue. “It’s covering your eyes.”

“Hmm…” Mayu pursed his lips in thought, an eyebrow arching. “Should I bleach and dye it blonde too?” he quipped, deciding to play along with the random change in topic.

“No!” The vehement objection erased the rising smirk on his lips. “You’d look like a playboy. Black suits you best.”

He guffawed, deeply tickled by her superficial definition of a playboy. “If you say so, my lady.”

“It’s not funny! I already have enough headaches with the number of women lusting after you.”

“Well, no one’s good enough – except you. And I have enough trouble making sure other men keep their hands off you too.” Slightly calloused palms slid under her white blouse, pressing down on her smooth belly. “You are mine, Watanabe Yuki.”

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach upon hearing his surname attached to her given name. “We’ll never get out of the house at this rate,” she protested albeit half-heartedly, making no move to stop his roaming hands which were slowly but purposefully inching higher.

Mayu made sure that his eyes never left Yuki’s as his hands explored her lithe body. He adored the way she held his gaze, trusting him with everything she got even as she bit her lip in nervousness. When his thumb ran over a long protruding lump, she visibly twitched. No doubt, it was the scar that marked their fateful encounter years ago. He gave her a look and she nodded her head in response. No words were exchanged as he hiked her blouse up, stopping right underneath the curve of her breasts. Leaning down, he pressed his lips against the length of faint brown that marred her milky skin, pouring all his feelings into the touch. A soft whimper reached his ears as her body tensed, arching into his kiss.

“Don’t leave me.”

It was barely audible but she heard it.

“Mayu?” She resisted the heat clouding her senses and focused her attention on the man hovering over her. Even though he shook his head in hopes of dismissing the words he had accidentally blurted out, she didn’t miss the whirl of emotions – was it fear – behind his glasses. He seemed almost vulnerable, in fact. Staring at his taut visage, she noticed his strained smile and the absence of the confidence he displayed a few minutes ago. He hung his head low, allowing his fringe to hide the windows to his soul. She accidentally glanced past his shoulder, the collection of Super Sentai figurines across the room catching her eyes; a sudden realisation struck her.

“Come here,” she mouthed. She sat up fully and gripped his hand, dragging him to the TV stand. Though puzzled by her actions, Mayu entertained her by sparing the figures a swift glance – and blinked.

“What…?” He gaped pointedly at the figure of Mammoth Ranger. Yuki bit back a giggle at his incredulous expression. “This,” Mayu picked up his childhood hero and scrutinised its silly macho pose, “is ridiculous.” His words might be harsh but there was no hiding the smile that was tugging the corners of his lips. He raised the figure and poked Yuki’s nose with its tiny fist.

“I thought it looked too uptight all the time,” she replied with an innocent shrug. She took the figurine from him and returned the poking gesture on his cheek. “Just like you now.”

His eyes widened by a fraction while the playful smile on her face switched to reflect motherly tenderness.

“There’s no need to put on a strong front when it’s just the two of us, Mayu.”

She watched as something changed in his eyes but he was still reluctant to let his guard down. Clenched jaw. Lidded eyes. That’s my stubborn boy, she thought, sighing in mild exasperation. Reaching forward, she held his hand and gave a firm squeeze, peering at him with an indulgent gaze.

Narrow shoulders finally sagged a little. His voice was a near whisper when he spoke. “I just… don’t want to lose anyone anymore. It’s just too close, Yuki. So many times.”

She knew he wasn’t referring to their physical proximity. The fine creases between his eyes spoke volumes of the bottomless pit of fear that he kept hidden from everyone else.

I’ve made him think of his parents… again.

Yuki cupped his cheek and he leant into the touch like a lost child seeking for refuge. This is the real Dr. Watanabe - a man who appears calm, sensible and strong-willed… but with a heart made of broken shards of glass held together by sheer tenacity. And I’m guilty of coming this close to shattering it time and time again.

“I’m sorry, Mayu. I know I’ve been causing you worry.” It was hard not to drown in the rush of sorrow swirling in his dark orbs and she had to hastily blink away the tears threatening to fill her own eyes. “I know you’ve lost a lot but I want you to know that you will always have me… just like how this guy,” she waved the figurine lightly, “has been accompanying you since your parents left.”

She didn’t miss the quivering reflection of herself staring back at her.

“Togasaki-san has approved of our leave applications for next Friday,” she continued. “We can visit your parents and tell them the good news. You haven’t told them that you have proposed to me, right?”

Shaking his head, he said wistfully, “I wish they could have met you.”

“I’m sure they are happy for us… wherever they are now.” Wrapping her arms around him, she pressed their bodies together in a tight embrace. “Do you feel it? My heart beating.”

She felt a nod against her shoulder and his arms moving up her back to return the hug. “I won’t go anywhere. Like you said, I’m Watanabe Yuki.”

A chuckle rumbled deep in his chest, sending a jolt of vibration to hers.

“I like the sound of that.”

“So do I.”

His shoulders relaxed and the couple basked in each other’s warmth, appreciating the blanket of security that had settled over them.

“So…” Yuki broke the silence after a while. “Are we still going out?”

Mayu withdrew from the hug, sliding his hands down to draw slow circles on her waist with his thumbs.

“Of course. I still need to educate Ren-san about laying hands on you.”

Yuki jerked upon a firm squeeze on her hips. Looking up, she noticed her fiancé’s usual air of cool confidence was back. It brought relief yet she couldn’t help but worry about the fate that would befall her childhood friend.

Before leaving the house, she paused before the mirror near the door to fix her appearance. Her long tresses were unruly with ends sticking out at odd angles. Remembering that it was late and she simply couldn’t be bothered to make an impression – there wasn’t a need to, seeing that her favourite man did not seem to mind one bit – she tied her hair back in a fuss-free ponytail. A familiar face slinked up to her in the reflection and placed a peck on her cheek.

“So beautiful…”

She giggled girlishly before donning a mask of mock anger. “It’s so embarrassing to go out like this,” she whined, feeling the numerous love bites on her neck.

Mayu tugged his own shirt collar to the side. “Well, you aren’t alone,” he chaffed.

She shoved his head back. “You only have one.”

The doctor popped back at her side in a split second. “Then would you like to make a few more to even our score?”

“Stop getting distracted. If not, we’d definitely not make it out of the house tonight.”

With a lopsided grin, he took her hand gamely and led her towards the wooden door. “I was just kidding. Let’s go before Ren-san decides not to wait for us.”

As they walked towards the car, she noticed his grip on her hand was a little tighter than usual.



Ren nearly smashed his face against the marble countertop when a hand slapped his back. The stinging liquid went down his throat the wrong way, leaving him sputtering like a fish out of water.

“Whoa, easy there!”

The doctor wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he frowned at the owner of the voice in between coughs.

“I could say the same to you,” he groused, face red from choking on his drink. “What was that for?”

Matsui Jurina, the occupant of the high stool next to him shrugged nonchalantly. The comely duo were currently seated at the bar of a cozy tavern in Roppongi.

“Sorry,” she said. “I was just impressed with what you did. I mean, kissing an engaged woman requires a lot of guts. I didn’t know you had it in you!”

Ren mumbled something incoherent under his breath.


“I said, don’t remind me.” Ren flicked his eyes towards his almost empty glass. He waved the bartender over. In a swift motion, the spiffy young chap dressed in a white shirt and black vest refilled Ren’s glass and handed it to him, but not before sending a coy wink his way.

Ren shuddered; Jurina laughed.

“It’s not funny.” He shot a glare at the snickering officer.

Jurina sidled up to him and whispered in his ear, “You are a walking gay magnet, Ren-san.”

He brushed her away none too gently. The alcohol in his system was making him a lot less tolerant than usual. Tipping his glass back, he swallowed a big gulp of the Russian vodka and squeezed his eyes shut as it burnt its way down and lit a fire in his chest. Exhaling loudly, he glanced to his side to find Jurina leisurely sipping her iced tea through a straw. His eyes narrowed.

“You said you’d accompany me and you are drinking tea?”

“Someone’s got to be sober to lug your drunk ass home,” she countered, the teasing twinkle in her eyes not missed by Ren. “And I’m underage.”

“Pfft. Right.”

She almost laughed at his deadpan expression. “Anyway,” she straightened herself and swivelled her stool to face him, “what are your plans?”

“What plans?” Ren tugged his shirt collar, his flushed skin a sign that he was feeling warm.

The vodka must be making his brain slow, Jurina noted wryly.

“What are you going to do after kissing Yuki-san?” she asked.

The question was like a bullet through his heart. Ren clenched his fist, recalling the fear in Yuki’s beautiful brown eyes earlier that day. I’m such a jerk.

“I will move on,” he stated quietly.

Jurina stirred her drink with the straw. The crisp clinking of ice was louder than it should have been when the bar’s music was being played just overhead.

“Does that mean I will finally get a chance?”

The air paused in his lungs and he snapped his head to the young woman. Her gaze was earnest, so much so that he found his throat constricting. From day one, it was no secret that she was attracted to him. She openly declared her affection for him on a regular basis but he never took her seriously because she always had an impish grin on her face – as though she simply enjoyed teasing him.

He studied her serious visage from the way her brows slanted downwards in a pleading fashion to how she was almost drawing blood on her lower lip. She was certainly a good-looker with her strong facial features and her vivacity made her a joy to have around. While Yuki was soft and feminine, Jurina was loud and spunky; they were worlds apart.

Ren shook his head. I shouldn’t be comparing them.

“Jurina-san… I…”

The wind chime at the pub’s entrance tinkled to life as the door swung open, revealing a slight man and a woman.

“Remember, don’t do anything rash.”

“I won’t.”

“Promise me.”

“Pinky swear.”

Ren spun around upon hearing the familiar voices but before he could utter a greeting, a powerful fist connected with his jaw. Caught unawares, he fell out of his stool and crashed into the next one. The glass in his hand plunged to the ground, shattering to pieces. Shrieks and gasps rang out in the small pub.

“Mayu! You promised me!”

Ren clutched his throbbing jaw as he inhaled sharply. Peeking open an eye, he spotted Yuki restraining a fuming Mayu from behind.

“Mayu-san! What are you doing?” Jurina bolted in between the two men, arms spread out defensively. The women’s exclamations were ignored as Ren and Mayu’s eyes met. Ren swore he had never seen the normally stoic Mayu so mad before. Suppressing a groan, he picked himself up and jostled past Jurina, earning a stupefied gape from her. He watched with an ache in his chest as Yuki tightened her arms around Mayu’s form.

“It’s okay. I deserve it,” said Ren with considerable effort. He wiped the blood on his lip with his thumb before taking another step forward. “Hit me all you want, Mayu-san.” He braced himself, truly believing that Mayu was going to grant him another punch from the way his fist tightened till his knuckles turned bone-white.

He was wrong.

All anger in the bespectacled man dissipated in the blink of an eye after Yuki whispered something into his ear. Mayu placed his hand over hers, looking positively guilty. “I’m sorry. I lost control. I’m fine now.”

“Really?” Yuki asked hesitantly. Mayu nodded and pried her hands off, moving to stand protectively beside her. That was when Ren noticed the glaring red spots on Yuki’s neck. His jaw tightened.

“Did you do that to Yuki-chan?” he questioned through gritted teeth.

Mayu followed his line of vision and answered, “Yes.”

A surge of fury bubbled within Ren at the apathy in Mayu’s voice.

“Are you even a man?”

Both Mayu and Yuki blinked.

And the tables were turned. Ren yanked Mayu by the collar till their noses almost mashed together. Though taken by surprise, Mayu curled his lips in distaste and all but spat, “You reek of alcohol.”

“Don’t change the subject,” Ren seethed. “If you are unhappy with what I did, you take it out on me, not Yuki-chan.”

Mayu frowned. “Huh?”

Afraid that fists would fly again, Yuki shoved her childhood friend away from Mayu. “Ren-kun, you are misunderstanding!”

“Don’t cover up for him, Yuki-chan,” growled the taller doctor before he turned to Mayu. “I’d expected better of you, Mayu-san. How can I trust Yuki-chan with someone like you?”

“You are drunk,” stated Mayu as he pulled Yuki behind him; he didn’t want her to be caught in the line of fire should Ren go ballistic. True enough, the other man pressed on.

“You marked her like some animal just because you were angry. What’s going to happen after she marries you? Are you going to hit her every day?”

“Ren-kun!” Yuki screamed, unable to stand all the baseless accusations he was throwing out. Her shrill outburst silenced everyone in the pub. When she realised all eyes were on her, her face burnt brightly and she shrank behind Mayu, trying to hide herself. An awkward pause later, she heard a soft snicker and promptly slapped Mayu’s arm. “It’s not funny!” she shushed her amused fiancé who wrapped an arm around her shoulders and drew her towards him.

“You do the funniest things,” he remarked, deepening her blush. Opposite them, Ren observed their interactions with a quizzical scowl. He was snapped out of his thoughts when Mayu addressed him. “Ren-san, as you can tell, there’s nothing wrong between Yuki and me. If there were to be any sort of domestic violence, the perpetrator would be Yuki.”

“Mayu!” Yuki’s eyes bulged at the accusation and she hit him again with a resounding smack.

“See?” Mayu grimaced.

On the sideline, Jurina was watching the turn of events with a large grin. And they deny being into S&M.

“And,” Mayu added, tugging his shirt collar to the side and exposing the maroon spot at the base of his neck, “you don’t think I’m capable of doing this to myself, do you?”

“Mayu, stop flaunting it. It’s embarrassing,” Yuki pleaded in a hushed tone. The thought of digging a hole and hiding herself in it suddenly seemed very tempting.

“So… you… did that, Yuki-chan?” Ren asked, his voice wavering a little as he began to feel stupid for jumping to conclusions. His only answer was Yuki burying her reddened face into Mayu’s shoulder.

“It was a mutual display of love, right Yuki?” The moment the words left his mouth, Mayu felt a sharp pinch on his forearm.

“I said stop it,” Yuki warned and pressed harder on his fair skin, rendering it red in a matter of seconds. Her fiancé merely laughed despite the pain.

Right… they are definitely in an S&M relationship,
Jurina mentally nodded.

“Yes, stop it,” Ren agreed. “You are making me jealous.”

Mayu cleared his throat. “So, now that we have cleared our misunderstandings, I would like to have a word with you. And no, I don’t plan on using my fist anymore,” he added when he spied Yuki and Jurina tensing up. His brow twitched as they exhaled in relief. Clearing his throat once again, he pointed his thumb towards the pub’s entrance. “Let’s head out for some air, Ren-san.”

Turning to Yuki, he pressed a soft kiss on her crown. “I’ll try to keep it short.”

As the two men exited the pub, Jurina found herself extremely intrigued by the way Yuki’s eyes trailed their backs.

“Who are you more concerned about?”

The question caught Yuki’s full attention. “W-What?” the nurse stuttered.

“You were staring a hole into both Ren-san and Mayu-san.” When she did not receive an answer, Jurina tried a different approach. “What is Ren-san to you?” She watched with interest as Yuki cast her eyes downwards. Deciding to give the older woman a bit of time to consider her question, Jurina ordered a lychee martini on her behalf and gestured for her to take a seat in a nearby booth. Now with both women sitting across each other, there was nowhere for Yuki to escape.

Yuki took a sip of her drink, believing that a little alcohol would ease the queasiness in her stomach.

“Ren-kun is like a brother to me. A kind and caring older brother figure,” she said quietly, feeling the fragile stem of the martini glass between her thumb and index finger. “But… I don’t know about now. Things feel… different.”


“I’ve never looked at him as a man before-”

“So he’s a woman to you?”

“No, no, no!” Yuki waved her hands dramatically, aghast at the wild guess. “I mean I treat him so much like a brother that I have never considered any sort of romantic feelings between us and that, well… I feel bad. It’s like I’ve neglected his feelings.”

Jurina hummed lowly in understanding.

“Then are you going to make it up to him?”


“You said you feel bad so doesn’t that mean you should reciprocate his feelings?” Jurina asked crisply, not bothering to sugarcoat her words. Chewing her lower lip, Yuki twiddled her fingers. Guilt seemed to be eating her up from the inside.


Though soft, her voice carried a staunch resolution and it was reflected in her eyes when their gazes met.

“I love Mayu.”

Jurina threw her head back in laughter. “What is it about him that he’s The One for you?”

A dreamy look took over Yuki’s features as she recalled everything she loved about Mayu. Jurina tried a series of methods – waving her hands, snapping her fingers, clapping – before the woman snapped out of her daze with a start.

“Sorry,” she mumbled sheepishly. A scarlet hue warmed the softness of her cheeks, making her look like a lovestruck teenager.

Jurina flashed a knowing grin and waved off her apology. “Don’t worry about it. Let me guess, he’s cool, handsome, and gentlemanly. In other words, the perfect man. And despite his thin frame and lack of height, he has a nicely sculpted body that is not overly muscular. I still remember wanting to touch his yummy toned stomach and sexy sca-”

The words died in her throat when an icy chill shot down her spine. The temperature seemed to have dipped by a good ten degrees or so. Is it the iced tea? The fine hairs on her nape stood on alert as though someone had aimed a gun at her head. She shifted her gaze ahead, one fearful inch at a time, and came face-to-face with the scariest smile she had ever seen in her life. Something about the way that the smile was not reaching Yuki’s eyes spelt danger.


The nurse’s smile grew wider; her eyes narrowed into menacing slits.

“You aren’t really happy… right?” Jurina gulped, suddenly feeling a very strong impulse to run out of the pub, but before she could make a move, a hand shot out and grabbed her wrist in a death-like grip.

“I haven’t talked to you about flirting with Mayu in Okinawa,” Yuki said, still smiling sweetly.

What is this? I can’t budge my hand! Does she have a superhuman alter ego? Where does her strength come from?

“You can’t still be angry about that. It was all an act. Remember I was doing undercover?” Jurina rambled on, trying desperately to defuse the ticking bomb before her.

“Yes, you were on undercover duty but,” Yuki tightened her grip on Jurina, “the flirting was real. I could tell.”

The young officer screamed for help in her head. All the training she went through in the police academy did not prepare her this. Her ex-cadet mate had mentioned a word of advice while they were shooting targets at the firing range: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. He had cheated on his girlfriend then and paid the price for it when she showed up at his door with her bodybuilder brother. The heartbreaker’s black eye and busted lip lasted more than a week.

Jurina braved a peep at Yuki’s face and regretted it immediately. The glacial stare that pierced her very bones made her want to drop to her knees and beg for forgiveness. But if she pleaded, it was equivalent to admitting that she had had designs on Mayu and the possible consequences of that froze the blood in her body. Someone save me please!

“Hi there, beautiful,” a low and raspy voice interrupted, breaking the tension.

Oh yes, my prayers have been answered!

However, when Jurina saw a well-dressed man whom she had never met before – and it seemed like Yuki did not know him either, her joy withered.

“It sounds like the pub is playing a song just for you,” the man said to Yuki. Sporting a steep undercut with the rest of his hair slicked back and a well-shaven goatee, his appearance matched that of a self-assured playboy. Both women perked their ears and paid attention to the music playing through the speakers; they had been too engrossed in their face-off to notice the surroundings.

“Anta nya mottainai, atasha hontou nice body body body~”

They recognised the song as Morning Musume’s hit single “Love Machine”. The man reached for Yuki’s hand and brought it to his lips like a suave gentleman. “I’ll show you a good time if you’d show me your nice body,” he whispered huskily, dark eyes gleaming as he flashed his most charming smile at the lady who was holding back a cringe out of sheer politeness. Sure, he didn’t look half-bad; she would even say he was handsome with his evenly tanned skin, chiselled jaw and deep-set eyes but he wasn’t Mayu. Only Mayu could touch her like that.

A firm hand planted itself on the man’s shoulder, stopping him just as his mouth brushed Yuki’s delicate skin.

“You are right. She does have a nice body but it’s not for you to see,” Mayu’s phlegmatic voice sounded from behind the man. Swiftly, he reclaimed Yuki’s hand and stood in between them, advertently forcing the stranger back. “Sorry I took so long.” He smiled apologetically at Yuki, his presence calming her previously racing heart. She shook her head and leant against his dependable form.

“My apologies. I didn’t know she was taken.” The man changed his tactic in a heartbeat like a seasoned player. “Do excuse me. I was simply drawn to her beauty. Being a man too, I’m sure you know what I mean.”

Mayu merely stared at him, unblinking.

The man cleared his throat and turned to the silent Jurina. “How about I buy you a drink instead, pretty miss? You are single, I believe.”

Fingers curling, Jurina snarled inwardly. Am I some kind of substitute? Ah, I’m so jealous of Yuki-san. I want a protective boyfriend too.

Another hand landed on the man’s shoulder – the same one that Mayu grasped earlier.

“She’s with me.”

Jurina and Yuki’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when Ren stepped into view. Yuki cast a questioning look at Mayu only to receive a wry hushing gesture. Jurina’s heart rate increased ten-fold when Ren put his arm around her shoulders. It was a casual wrap, unlike the loving hold that Mayu had on Yuki, but it was enough to burn the skin where his hand rested.

A click of the tongue was heard before the intruding man murmured, “This must be my unlucky night,” and left the group without another word. Once he was out of sight, Ren retracted his hand much to Jurina’s disappointment.

“Sorry about that, Jurina-san,” he said, scratching the back of his head rather gawkishly.

You should be sorry that you took your hand away,
she thought with a soft sigh. Throwing on a perky smile, she inquired, “So are you two guys done talking?”

The men exchanged glances before nodding. The astute curve of Mayu’s mouth was not missed by Yuki.

“Good. Let’s go then,” Jurina suggested, albeit a bit hastily. Her eyes darted to Yuki who was currently whispering something into Mayu’s ear. “I still have work in the morning,” she continued as an afterthought.

Ren raised his brows in surprise. “Didn’t you say you were off-”

“There’s been a change of plans,” Jurina cut him off and shook her head discreetly, hoping that he would get her hint to shut up. Thankfully, he caught on and agreed with her suggestion.

After the group left the pub, Mayu and Yuki watched Jurina toss a helmet towards Ren who strapped it on his head and then settled onto the pillion of her yellow and black motorcycle. The sequence of actions flowed with practised ease as if they had done it many times. Soon, the engine roared to life and they bade farewell to the doctor and nurse couple.

“It looks like Ren-kun is more comfortable with Jurina-san than I thought,” Yuki mused as the motorcycle disappeared down the street.

Humming in agreement, Mayu added, “I believe he is just in denial.” He turned to Yuki when he found her oddly silent and was surprised to catch her nibbling her bottom lip – a sure sign that she was bothered by something. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Do you think Ren-kun and I will ever return to how we were in the past?”

Mayu made slow circles on her palm as he pondered over the question. “You will.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“My instincts.”

“Are you humouring me?”



“You can’t rush it. If things still haven’t gone back to normal after a long while, I’ll make sure they do.”

“No more beating,” Yuki quickly reminded. “You broke your promise just now,” she mumbled with a pout.

“Sorry. Forgive me?” He leaned closer to peer at her with a winsome smile for good effect.

“Hmph… fine. Only because you did it for me but,” she wagged a finger at his nose, “no more.”

Hand snapping up, he performed a mock salute. “Yes, my lady.”

“Anyway, what did you say to Ren-kun?”

At that, her fiancé broke into a crafty half-smirk. “I told him that if he doesn’t give Jurina-san a chance, I would ask Yuko-san to introduce her gay friends to him.”

“You said that?” Yuki’s jaw dropped. “No wonder he took the initiative to protect Jurina-san from that man just now. You are evil, Mayu. You got him right at his weak spot.”

“You aren’t any more of an angel. I noticed Jurina-san’s fear-stricken face. You said something to her while I was gone, didn’t you?”

“I simply warned her about laying her hands on you.”

“Possessive.” He pinched her nose.

“You too.” She poked his cheek.

“Now… ” He drawled deliberately, taking one step towards her. “About your nice body body body…”

Her cheeks took on a rosy tint when his arms encircled her waist and his warm breath tickled her skin. “Are you worried?” she whispered, eyes twinkling playfully as she cupped his baby smooth face.

“I wonder about that…”

“Worrywart, it’s only for your eyes,” she assured, tracing the outline of his bottom lip with her thumb.

“Good,” he breathed, “because I can be a jealous man.”

“I know… and I like that.” She grinned and closed the distance between their lips.


The Honda motorbike slowed to a stop at the well-lit porch of an apartment building. Its pillion rider got off and removed his helmet, tucking it under his arm.

“Thanks for the ride, Jurina-san.”

The owner of the vehicle flipped up her visor. “Save the thanks. It’s not the first time I’m giving you a ride.”

“That makes me sound like an alcoholic,” Ren deduced abashedly.

“You will be one soon if you keep drinking because of Yuki-san,” her voice took on a warning tone despite sounding muffled behind her helmet.

“I won’t.” Ren sucked in a deep breath before releasing another shakily. He steeled himself for what he was about to say next. “Regarding your question back at the pub…”

Confused eyes stared back at him as Jurina tried to recall their earlier conversation.

“I… I told myself that I would give up if Yuki-chan rejected me after the kiss – which she did. After what happened just now, I am convinced that Mayu-san is the one for her. He will surely give Yuki-chan a good life… better than what I’d ever be able to offer her.”

“Ren-san…” Pain etched itself on Jurina’s face. “Don’t say that. You are so much better than you give yourself credit for.”

Ren laughed dryly. “Perhaps. I feel inferior to Mayu-san on so many levels.”

“Just because he’s got Yuki-san’s heart doesn’t mean you are not as good as him. He is an admirable man but so are you. You are giving up your own happiness in exchange for Yuki-san’s. That’s very noble of you.” Jurina turned her head to the side and mumbled, “I envy her so much.”

A heavy sigh escaped her lips.

“Jurina-san.” The way her name rolled off his tongue made her heart skip a beat. “Please take off your helmet and look at me.” Though utterly perplexed, she did as told, running her hand through flattened locks to smooth them out. He moved closer and she shivered when she felt his sombre eyes scrutinising every inch of her being. “I need some time to get over Yuki-chan completely and I’m not sure how long it’d take. It’s selfish of me to ask this, but… would you help me move on?”

Deafening heartbeats pounded in her ears as Jurina gawked dumbly at Ren.

“Ju… rina-san?”

“Call me Jurina,” she croaked, and mentally cursed her suddenly dry throat.

“Huh?” The blank expression on his face made her want to hit him for being so hopelessly dense. “Idiot.” She slammed her helmet into his gut. “Of course I would help you!” When she noticed that he was still doubled over in pain after a few seconds, she felt a tinge of guilt creeping up on her. “Gosh, how weak can you be?” She hopped off her bike and gave him a hand, yanking him to his feet.

“That was low. You hit an intoxicated man,” he protested, wincing from the throbbing ache in his stomach.

“Excuses. You are still weak,” she scoffed, rolling her eyes.

Ren chuckled, enjoying their lighthearted banter and feeling a tremendous weight off his shoulders. The forthright young lady never failed to make him feel better – even when she was putting him down.

“Then this poor excuse of a weak man shall be in your care.”

“Of course, weakling.” She punched his shoulder, her merry laughter joining his.

“Since we are both off tomorrow, do you want to catch a movie or something?” asked Ren softly, diffidence almost swallowing his words.

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“If you want to see it that way then I guess...” his voice trailed off as heat rushed to his face, prompting her to kick his shin good-naturedly. “Ouch! You are as abusive as Yuki-chan.” At that, she kicked him again – harder than the first.

“Don’t compare us,” she chided. “That’s the first step to moving on. And be more confident when you are asking a girl out.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” He raised both arms in defeat. “Sorry about that.”

She burst into another round of snickers at his guilt-ridden face. “Loosen up. I was just kidding.”

“No, no, you are right. I shouldn’t have done that. Let me try again.” He stood upright and inhaled deeply. “Would you like to catch a movie with me tomorrow, Jurina?”

Shaking her head at his stubbornness, she replied, “You are so rigid but… I’d love to.”

A refreshing night breeze blew past, tousling their inky hair. The doctor gazed in fascination as Jurina tucked a few fluttering strands behind her left ear, the demure action highlighting her rarely displayed feminine charms. Her eyes were closed and for the first time, he noticed how feathery long her lashes were. After the wind died down, she opened her eyes and he faked a cough in reflex, embarrassed at being caught staring. She giggled at his dorky action while he rubbed the back of his neck with a nervous smile.

“So… I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“I already gave you my answer just now,” she teased.

“A-ah, that’s right. I guess it’s goodnight then.”

As he turned to leave, she pulled him back and planted a peck on his cheek. Startled, he gaped dumbly at her.

“Jurina… that’s… I…”

“Don’t worry. I’m not expecting anything in return… yet.” She winked and put her helmet back on. “Goodnight, Ren. I’ll be looking forward to your mail!” With that, she revved the engine and sped off into the night.

Hand touching the spot she had kissed, Ren allowed a small smile to lift the corners of his lips.


Two days later, Ren returned to work and was bombarded with questions about the awful bruise on his jaw. It was impossible to hide, considering how large it was although he was simply thankful that Mayu did not aim anywhere higher for it would be harder to explain a black eye. As he made his morning rounds, he massaged the deep purple area absentmindedly, hissing loudly when he pressed a particularly tender spot.

Mayu-san is a beast when it comes to Yuki-chan. Where does he pack all his strength? Or maybe I’m just weak. Even Jurina insists on hauling me to the gym on our next date.

“Fell down the stairs, Matsui?”

Ren snapped out of his thoughts and saw the towering Shinoda Mario walking down the corridor with his usual all-knowing smirk. As he struggled to come up with a reply, Mario beat him to it.

“Isn’t that what you’ve been telling everyone?” Mario halted before the emergency doctor with a click of his well-polished leather shoes. Leaning towards Ren’s ear, he lowered his voice, “That must have been some magical stairs. Only your face is hurt.”

Ren’s eyes widened. “You…”

The neurosurgeon grinned and straightened his back – at this point, Ren felt infinitely dwarfed. The close proximity magnified their height difference which, though wasn’t much, made Mario a lot more intimidating than usual. In the years he had worked at Akiba Hospital, Ren had never carried a one-on-one conversation with Mario; this was a first. He briefly wondered how Mayu could hold his own against the resident king of trolls. Then again, the vertically-challenged doctor’s nerves of steel more than made up for his stature.

“We are certified medical personnel. You aren’t fooling anyone.” The omniscient gaze cleaved through all of Ren’s defences.

“S-So?” Ren willed himself not to buckle under Mario’s imposing presence. “What does it matter to you anyway?”

An eyebrow arched in amusement. “Nothing. But maybe it does to the next person you see.” Without another word, the man sauntered off, leaving a baffled Ren to his own.

“What next person I see?” muttered Ren as he watched Mario leave. Does he derive some kind of sick pleasure from others’ discomfort? Scratching the back of his ear, he turned back to continue on his way only to lock gazes with none other than Yuki. The nurse looked equally stunned to bump into him. He gulped, totally unprepared for this and judging from her expression, so was she.



“Does it still hurt?”

The concern in her voice sent a wave of warmth spreading through his chest. “I’m glad,” he spoke after a while.


“I thought you wouldn’t care about me anymore,” he replied, eyes a little downcast.


A few seconds passed in awkward silence. Yuki began fiddling with her hands.

“I’m sorry about Mayu. He promised me he wouldn’t do anything rash but-”

“No, I should be the one apologising instead,” Ren stopped her before she could ramble. “I put our friendship on the line just to satisfy my own curiosity and I showed disrespect to both you and Mayu-san. Even a hundred punches are considered too light a punishment for me. I’m a terrible person.”

“Ren-kun…” Pain flashed in her eyes at the way he was admonishing himself.

“I should’ve been someone you could trust, yet I hurt you. I’m so sorry, Yuki-chan.” His clenched fist shook as his head hung low. Watery heat scorched the back of his eyes as he contemplated his next words. “If you don’t forgive me, I don’t blame you. I… I won’t get in your way anymore.”

“What are you saying? Are you going back on your word now?” The sharp retort caused Ren to snap his head up. Angry tears filled Yuki’s large eyes even as she bit down hard on her lip, trying her hardest to force her sobs back. “Didn’t you say… t-that you would treat me like… like in the past the next time we met? Why does it sound like y-you are leaving me now?”

“I…” Ren’s voice trailed off; he was too shocked for words. All along he had convinced himself that Yuki would never forgive him for the hurt he had caused her and she would be better off without him. But now, her tears were akin to a wake-up slap, telling him that he was hurting her even more by volunteering to step out of her life. Words failed him. He just wanted her to stop crying. Succumbing to instincts, he rushed forward and enveloped her in his arms, drawing her quivering body close to his.

“Sorry… sorry… sorry…” he repeated over and over like a mantra to salvage whatever he could of their relationship. The embrace brought back memories of their childhood when she would bury herself in his arms whenever she was frightened. It had been years since they shared a hug and he was grateful he still had a chance to hold her like this. She was soft, warm and sweet-smelling – just as how he remembered. After he came to Tokyo, she was already enamoured with Mayu and she relied even less on him after she got together with the younger doctor.

“You are like a brother to me. How can I not forgive you?” Yuki’s voice was muffled as she wept into his shoulder. “D-Don’t you ever say that again…”

“I’m sorry.” He tightened his grip around her trembling back. “I was stupid. I didn’t think of your feelings. I was so afraid that you wouldn’t want me in your life anymore that I wasn’t thinking straight.” Pushing her back gently, he felt a twist in his stomach upon the sight of her wet and flushed cheeks.

“You will always be my precious sister. I won’t ever leave you.”

Through the fresh cascade of tears that spilled down her face, he detected a faint smile and pulled her into another hug.

We’ll go back to how we were in the past. I won’t worry you again, Yuki-chan. I will move on; I promise you.


“I’m amazed you can watch another man hug your woman and not flip a nut.”

A certain pair of emergency doctors stood behind a wall as they watched the exchange between Ren and Yuki.

“It’s closure for the two of them,” Mayu answered matter-of-factly. He leant back against the wall, exhaling softly before opening his right hand and inspecting it. Tiny crescents dug deep into his bloodless-looking palm.

Yuko scoffed, “Stop pretending to be cool. You were nervous, weren’t you?”

Mayu paid no heed to the question and took another peep at the longtime friends. When he saw the genuine beam on Yuki’s face, he too, smiled.

“How I feel doesn’t matter… as long as she is happy.”

His companion groaned loudly. “You are disgusting.”

He pushed himself off the wall. “I’m heading back to check the wards. By the way, Shinoda-san dropped by the office just now. He put a chicken breast salad on your desk and threw away all your cakes.”

Yuko stared blankly at him before the words registered in her head.


“See you later.”

“Wait, come back here! Explain yourself!”

But Mayu simply waved a hand, his stolid façade settling over him like a second skin.


To be continued…

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But I am 200% sure Yuko-sama's gonna snap at him  :rofl: (or maybe not?  :lol: ) I kinda imagine her going to him and yelling and he silences with a simple kiss and then says that a mother to be should take better care of herself, if not for her, then for the child. Or something of the sort  :nervous

Anyways, my MariYuu shipper heart (thanks to you, I ship them really hard  XD :wub: ) aside, I am so waiting for more wMatsui moments~!!  :wub: :wub:

I'll be patiently waiting for your next update, and CONGRATULATIONS ON PASSING JAPANESE EXAM!!! (I think I passed mine too, but I still am waiting for the results  :nervous )
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oooooo.. my God  :drool: :drool: i don't know what to say, seriously.
When i saw your update i was soooo excited. Like, really really excited  XD :P
Dat MaYuki moment was so sweeet, it feels like i'm getting diabetes :nervous I'm glad that Ren has move on from Yuki, yeah he should be with Jurina  :twothumbs
I can't wait for your next update,especially MaYuki sweet moment of course!! :thumbsup :drool:  :love:
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that lovely mayuki  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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mayu so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

look forward to your updates :D :D :D :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :twothumbs :twothumbs
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The only thing bad about this fic is the super long wait for the next update.

But that is also why it's so captivating.
Title: Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.2] Everyone's Insecurities (22 Dec)
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The only thing bad about this fic is the super long wait for the next update.

But that is also why it's so captivating.

Then let's wait six months for the next update :P
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Hehehe~ I've been a silent reader~   :( But it was hilarious though.... That reference from Yukirin's drama made me laugh. :cow: :hip smile: This is why your my favourite writer here XD   
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The only thing bad about this fic is the super long wait for the next update.

But that is also why it's so captivating.

Then let's wait six months for the next update :P

They say, jokes are half-meant  O0 God bless us, readers....  ;)
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The only thing bad about this fic is the super long wait for the next update.

But that is also why it's so captivating.

Then let's wait six months for the next update :P

I'm sure we can find ways to motivate you =)

A Ramly to make you happy?

Title: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Christmas Special] Under the Mistletoe (29 Dec)
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A/N: Hi everyone! Looks like you don't have to wait half a year after all! Maybe Prataz's Ramly really worked :lol: Anyway, here's the Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Christmas Special! (Yes, Christmas is technically over but hey, at least it's not the new year yet.) Thank you to everyone who commented on the previous update! :bow: As I am trying to get this special out before the night is over, I will reply to your comments before the next update (God knows when that will be :nervous).

A belated Merry Christmas to all my dear readers! Hope you had lots of turkey and got high on eggnog! :cheers

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Under the Mistletoe

“M-Mocchi! Hold it properly!” Akicha screamed as she held onto the step ladder for dear life. Said flimsy ladder was swaying precariously with the nurse perched at the very top.

“Oops!” Mocchi grabbed the metal contraption hastily and steadied it as she tore her eyes away from a strapping young man who just walked past.

“Don’t ‘oops’ me!” Akicha snapped. “You were the one who suggested this so you better make sure you pay attention and not make me fall. And stop checking out guys!”

“But you got to admit he’s hot. Look at those rippling muscles under his tee! He came out from Ward 57 where old Igarashi-san is staying. Maybe he is his son. I should ask Igarashi-san to introduce us!” Mocchi retorted with as much zeal as a kid on sugar high.

Akicha rolled her eyes. “Oh please, he looks too young for you. Quit being a cougar.”

“Hey, cougar is the in thing now! Guys these days like to be taken care of while women get the chance to work their motherly instincts.”

“It sounds like you ladies are talking about Yuki-chan and Mayu,” a familiar male voice interrupted.

“Dr. Miyazawa!” Both nurses all but squealed at the appearance of the hunky doctor.

“What are two pretty ladies like you doing with a dusty old ladder?” Sae asked, not forgetting to flash his irresistible pearly whites at them. “You should leave such unglamorous chores to the men.”

“You are so sweet as always,” Mocchi gushed, hands leaving the ladder again.

“Since you are here, can you help me hold the ladder while I hang this? Because if I count on Mocchi, I’m going to fall sooner or later,” Akicha complained, waving a small bunch of something that was green and red.

“Mistletoe?” Sae looked around briefly. “Here?”

“Yup, right in the middle of this hallway. I’ve done a survey over the past two weeks. This spot has the highest amount of human traffic and it is right smack in front of our Nurses’ Counter. This gives us a prime view of all the handsome men heading our way,” Mocchi explained, her eyes twinkling with excitement.

“Basically, she just wants to hook up with someone,” Akicha summed up Mocchi’s intentions in a single sentence.

“I’m doing this for you too!” Her man-crazy colleague shot back. “Do you want to stay single for the rest of your life?”

“Well, no but…”

“Then stop acting like a saint and hang it up now.”

“… Fine.”

With Sae and Mocchi providing support for the creaky ladder, Akicha finally hung up the mistletoe. No words could describe her relief when her feet touched the floor. We really need to get a new ladder.

Sae rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he admired their handiwork. “Why don’t we bless this mistletoe with its first kiss of the year?”

Mocchi gasped, hands flying to her mouth. “You don’t mean…”

“Yeah, you know it.” A smirk stretched across Sae’s tanned mug. Without a second’s delay, he pulled her close and tipped her body back with the confidence of a seasoned dancer. “Merry Christmas,” he whispered and planted a wet one on her lips. The nurse’s vision blacked out and she went limp in his arms. “Oops, I think that was too much for her,” Sae said sheepishly and handed the unconscious woman to her friend, dropping her in Akicha’s hands like a hot potato. In a flash, he zipped away before Akicha could utter a word.

“How am I going to carry her and the ladder by myself?” she cried. “Now I know why Yukirin never fell for his advances. Irresponsible cad!”


“No way is that stick going to take these away from me.”

“Who?” Mayu looked up from the patient file that he was poring over. It was midday and he was feeling a little drowsy after just a light lunch. He blamed the bad case of insomnia he suffered the previous night. His former mentor huffed as she settled a large pastel pink paper bag on her desk.

“Who else is a stick here?” she answered none too kindly. Mayu’s mouth formed a small ‘O’ in realisation and he went back to scribbling something on his document. From the corner of his eye, he watched as Yuko took out a dark brown paper box with exquisite gold trimmings from the bag. Her face lit up with gluttonous glee the moment she lifted the top flap. Yuki, who was tidying up some stationery behind Yuko, paused in her actions when she caught a peek of the box’s contents.

“Isn’t that a bit too much, Yuko-san?”

“Too much? This is nothing compared to the amount that idiot has thrown away.” Yuko’s face contorted with suppressed rage when she mentioned “that idiot”.

“But still, it’s a lot for one person.”

“Oh?” A smirk found its way onto Yuko’s dimpled face. “Are you afraid that I won’t share these treats with you?”

“No!” retorted Yuki without a moment’s hesitation.

“To be a good wife you first have to be able to make good food. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The doctor entirely ignored Yuki’s exclamation and entered her preaching mode, bestowing pearls of wisdom upon the unamused younger woman. Glancing at Mayu who was trying hard to focus on his paperwork, she pointed an accusing finger at Yuki. “And it seems like you aren’t doing enough. Look at how skinny Mayu is. You’ve got to fatten him up!”


“But since it’s Christmas today and we should all partake in the spirit of giving, I did buy a heavenly dark chocolate log cake for everyone. Count yourself lucky that you don’t have to burn your kitchen to bake a cake for Mayu this year.”

A loud clack sounded as Mayu slammed his pen down. “Yuko-san!”


All Yuko received was a death glare from Mayu before she felt an oppressively gloomy aura spreading throughout the room. To her side, Yuki’s head was bowed, her bangs falling over her eyes.

Crap, I forgot this is a sensitive topic.

“I almost poisoned Mayu last year…”

“H-Hey, it wasn’t your fault. That stupid boy just has a weak stomach,” Yuko quickly said, desperate to do some damage control before Yuki’s dark vibes killed the jolliness of Christmas.

“I almost destroyed Mayu’s house…”

“He was a cheapskate to buy such a lousy oven that spoilt easily,” blabbed Yuko. Mayu’s brow twitched.

“I can’t be a good wife…”

“Oi Mayu, say something!” Yuko hissed when she realised nothing she said was working. Lips curling in irritation, Mayu fought back the urge to dump the cakes on a certain neurosurgeon’s behalf. He stood and made his way around the desk to where Yuki was.

“Don’t listen to Yuko-san.” He took both of her hands in his. “She’s spouting nonsense. You don’t need to be a wonderful cook to have my heart. Your signature banana mayo sandwich is enough. It’s the best.”

“Really?” Yuki peered up at him with glistening doe eyes.

He nodded with a smile – that appeared somewhat strained – and added, “I can eat that every day.”

Disbelief filled Yuko’s eyes. The power of love!

“Really?” repeated Yuki.

“Cross my heart.”

“Okay, then I’ll make it every morning for your breakfast!” The nurse’s face brightened like the star atop a Christmas tree. Yuko nearly burst out laughing at the instant change in Mayu’s expression.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to make it every day. I don’t want you to tire yourself out.” Beads of perspiration formed on Mayu’s forehead and he prayed that they wouldn’t roll down his face. Yuki broke into a jubilant beam and threw her arms around Mayu who took the chance to wipe his damp forehead before she noticed his nervousness.

“You are the best, Mayu. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Mayu muttered rather absentmindedly, very distracted by the sight of Yuko slapping her thigh repeatedly in an attempt to contain her laughter. “Yuki, remind me to look for Shinoda-san later.”

Yuko froze.

“Why?” asked Yuki. If her memory didn’t fail her, the Emergency Department was not handling any cases that required neurosurgery at the moment.

“I just remembered that I have something to discuss with him,” Mayu replied wryly.

“Mayu, you traitor.”

Yuki glanced between the two doctors in confusion, sensing a growing level of animosity. She frowned from the loss of warmth when Mayu slipped out of her embrace.

“Mayu?” she called softly, detecting something off in his gaze.

He simply shook his head. “I’m heading out for a bit. Call me if there’s anything.”

And he left the office without another word.

Yuko raised a brow, bewildered by the sudden dip in mood. “What’s with him? He’s especially touchy today.”

Biting her inner cheek, Yuki checked the hands on her wristwatch. “It’s almost time.”

“Time?” Yuko frowned, having a bad feeling that there was something important which she had forgotten.

“His parents’ time of death nineteen years ago.”


A blast of freezing winter air slapped his face as Mayu swung open the heavy door that led to the hospital’s rooftop. The noon sun was shining brightly – blazing even – but it did little to thaw the pangs of loneliness in his heart. Many of the patients had gone home to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays with their families; only those who were critically ill or had no families stayed, spending the festive season within the cold walls of the hospital.

Mayu flinched when he laid a bare hand on the metal railing, having forgotten that he was not wearing gloves. In fact, he was underdressed for the near-zero temperature in only his blue cotton scrubs and grey thermal underwear. His doleful dark orbs gazed into the far distance. He spotted a blithe young child holding the hands of his parents as they crossed the road. A bitter smile tugged the corners of his lips.

Mum, Dad… I miss you.

Yuko once questioned him why he didn’t take leave on his parents’ death anniversary to pay his respects to them. His reply was simple yet so heart-wrenching.

“I don’t want my patients to spend Christmas alone like me when I was young.”

He breathed in deeply, allowing the frosty air to fill his lungs. The rush of biting chills was oddly comforting. He dared a look at his watch.

One more minute to go.

A single tear burnt a wet trail down his cool cheek. It dried almost immediately from the harsh winds. Something thick and warm fell upon his shoulders from behind.

“You’ll catch a cold like this.”

Mayu spun around to find Yuki draping his black woollen trench coat over his slightly shivering frame. He was half-expecting her to chide him for not taking care of himself but she kept quiet and just stood by his side instead. He closed his eyes, and counted down in his heart.

One minute passed.

Opening his eyes, he exhaled, watching his breath transform into a whitish puff.

“Thank you, Yuki,” he turned and said to his patiently waiting fiancée.

She merely smiled back, shaking her head lightly. “I didn’t do much.”

“You are here. That’s more than enough.”

“Let’s go back,” she took his hand, wincing slightly from the icy touch. “If you fall sick, you can’t save any lives, right?”

He returned her smile, relishing the warmth radiating from her body. “You are right. Even one life can make all the difference in someone’s world.”


Yuko mentally slapped herself for being an insensitive prick to Mayu earlier as she made her rounds.

How could I have forgotten such an important date? I’d better make it up to him later.

“That’s a pretty ugly face you are making. Need me to call up the cosmetic surgery department for you?”

Yuko stopped in her tracks. There it was – the voice that made her stomach coil in disgust. Shoulders hunching in a defensive stance, she stalked towards the proud figure round the corner.

“Is your brain malfunctioning due to old age? We don’t have a cosmetic department here.”

Mario folded his arms across his chest. “That obviously shows how lacking this place is… considering how much work your face needs.”

“How about you get some silicone muscle implants before you talk, you scrawny stick of a scarecrow?”

“At least that is all I need while Miss Shorty here still needs to go for a leg-lengthening procedure.” Mario stared down at her to emphasise his point.

Yuko snorted with as much grace as a wild boar. “At least I’m not a coward like someone.”

“Coward?” scowled Mario.

“Yes. I’ve been looking all over for you the past week but you never seemed to be around. You dared to throw away my stuff but don’t dare to face me?” She stomped closer to him and jabbed his chest with a finger, forgetting that she was supposed to steer clear of any male species, especially those of the Shinoda kind.

“Oh, you mean those cakes?” His mouth quirked upwards.

“Yes. What’s the big idea, huh?”

“I thought you looked bad enough already. If you gained weight and started looking like an overstuffed turkey, you are going to be an even bigger eyesore.”

“What kind of screwed logic is that? No one’s a bigger eyesore than you.” She shoved him back with all her might, almost stumbling herself from the sudden exertion.

“Watch it!”

Yuko picked up on the flash of anxiety in his eyes and a sense of triumph bubbled in her chest. “Oops, I forgot this old stick can’t withstand a little push.”

“It’s not that.” Mario rebutted, feeling the urge to strap her to a chair so she would stop making reckless actions.

“Don’t make excuses for yourself. Anyway, I’ve got the cakes under lock and key now. You aren’t getting to them anymore.” With a victorious huff, the emergency doctor stormed off.

Running a hand through his immaculately styled hair, Mario sighed in exasperation.

That stupid woman doesn’t know what’s good for her.


At the Nurses’ Counter, Mocchi stifled a yawn. It was a slow afternoon as majority of the wards were left with just a few patients.

“Looks like your plan isn’t working too well,” Akicha commented next to her as she sorted some files. Her longtime colleague rested her forehead on the countertop, rolling it along the surface with a despondent groan.

“Where’s my eye candy? I would even risk being skinned alive by Yukirin just to steal a peck on Dr. Watanabe’s cheek,” Mocchi quipped to Akicha’s horror. “Why hasn’t the morning team returned from the emergency call?”

“Don’t even think about it! And I am not going to drag your corpse to the morgue. You are heavier than you look!”

“Tch, you are no fun.”

Akicha chucked a random file in Mocchi’s face, laughing when the other nurse choked on her own spit. She surveyed the corridors, feeling a little bored herself. Then, a certain lean figure caught her eye. She quickly nudged Mocchi who slapped her elbow away, still upset at being hit by the file.

“You’d regret if you miss this. It’s Dr. Matsui!”

“Where?” Mocchi shot up, eyes wide and searching.

“At ten o’clock.”

“Oh, oh! He’s going to walk straight under the mistletoe. This is my chance!” Mocchi bolted from her seat and hurried round the counter. However, before she could get within a five meter radius of the unsuspecting man, a cheery voice called out.


Mocchi skidded to a halt, almost crashing into a wall. Catching her breath, she observed Ren’s interaction with the vaguely familiar young woman.

“Jurina?” Ren couldn’t help his surprise as the officer jogged over to where he was. Her face bore a large delighted grin. “Don’t you have work today too?”

At the question, she scratched her cheek sheepishly. “We were carrying out an investigation in the area so I asked Itano-senpai if I could pop by here for a while.”

Doubt brewed in his stomach from her fidgety behaviour. “You didn’t sneak off, did you?”

“No!” blurted Jurina. “Itano-senpai would make me run twenty laps round the field if I dared to pull a stunt like that!”

“That sounds like torture.” The frown on Ren’s face deepened with disapproval.

“It’s actually not that bad but,” Jurina shot him a sly look, “it’d be hell for a weakling like you.”


Silvery giggles rang in his ears, reminding him of the clear bells he often heard during Christmas and he could not bring himself to be mad at her.

“Anyway, what are you doing here?” he asked.

Her laughter hitched in her throat as her eyes darted around. Shifting her weight from her left foot to her right, she fished out a small box wrapped in navy blue paper from her sling bag and thrust it into his hands.

“Merry Christmas, Ren.”

He blinked, unable to find the words to respond to her gesture. Staring at the package, he felt an immense sense of guilt swallowing him up.

“I… I didn’t get you a gift…”

He thought he caught a flicker of disappointment in her gaze but she was quick to cover up with one of her usual impish smiles.

“You still have a long way to go, you hopeless man.” She punched his shoulder.

The gears in his head whirred to life as he tried to think of a way to save the situation. “How about supper after work tonight? My treat.”

Her sharp eyebrows rose in amazement. “Not bad. That’s quite an improvement.”

“Credit goes to you for always keeping me on my toes.”

“You are funny in a weird way.” Her words caused his cheeks to pink. “I’d better get going now. See you tonight.”

“I’ll call you when I’m done,” he said with a smile which she returned before jogging off. Suddenly, she turned around and sprinted back to him.

“Just in case you go back on your word, I’ll take this as down payment.”

She yanked him down by the collar and crushed her lips against his. Despite being a fleeting kiss, it was more than enough to crash his system. She stepped back and winked at the flabbergasted man. “Can’t deny the spirit of Christmas.” As his line of sight followed where her finger was pointing, he discovered he had been standing under a bunch of mistletoe all along.

“Goodbye for real this time!” she said and disappeared down the corridor.

Behind the wall, Mocchi wailed inwardly. First, Dr. Watanabe. Now, Dr. Matsui is taken too?!


The red light outside the operating theater dimmed. The huge doors swung open, revealing the doctor who headed the operation.

“Doctor! How is my son?” An elderly woman with greying hair rushed up to the bespectacled doctor. She was accompanied by another man who appeared equally anxious.

“He’s out of danger now,” Mayu informed after removing his surgical mask. “We managed to give him a blood transfusion in time. However, as he suffered a heavy blow to his head, he may be in coma and I can’t guarantee when he will come to.”

“W-Will he forget us when he wakes up?” The woman gripped Mayu’s hands shakily, worry adding more creases to her aged face.

“We will only know after he regains consciousness. For now, we can only wait.”

The old man peeled his wife’s hands away from Mayu’s. “Listen to the doctor, dear. We should be glad that Nobuo is alive.” Turning to Mayu, he said, “Thank you for saving our son’s life. You are a kind and capable young man. I’m sure your parents are proud of you.”

The last sentence triggered a severe ache in Mayu’s chest. Maintaining an impassive front, he performed a polite bow and excused himself, leaving the rest of his team to take over. He headed to the Staff Lounge, thankful that it was empty upon opening the door. He promptly made himself a mug of strong black coffee and slumped onto the welcoming couch. The heat from the ceramic surface travelled to his stiff hands, relaxing the previously growing tension. Bringing the mug to his dry lips, he took a small sip of the rich contents, not caring if the hot liquid stung his tongue. The sharp bitterness swirled in his mouth, seizing his senses just as he had hoped it would distract him from the agony swelling in his heart.


“It’s not good to drink coffee on an empty stomach.”

He didn’t need to turn to know who the voice belonged to. A familiar presence settled down beside him, her arm pressing lightly against his. A slender hand eased the mug out of his grip – he made no move to resist – and placed it down on the coffee table with a soft thud.

“I heard what Nobuo-san’s father said to you,” Yuki began. “He’s right. I’m sure your parents are proud of you.”

Mayu ground his hands against each other as his jaw tightened. “They died because of me, Yuki. They died because I said I wanted to see the Christmas sights. If only we had just stayed home, they wouldn’t have…”

She wrapped her hands around his and pulled them close, forcing him to look her in the eyes. That was when she realised his eyes were red with unshed tears. “It was an accident, Mayu. No one could’ve predicted that.”

“My mother used her body to shield me. I should’ve been dead with them.”

“Mayu!” The anger in Yuki’s voice shocked him. “Don’t you say that! By staying alive, you have saved hundreds of lives, including mine. Your mother saved you because she knew you would make a huge difference in others’ lives. She didn’t see you as a mere child. She saw your future.” Her hands moved to his face, smoothing the fine lines at the corners of his somber eyes. “And you proved her right by striving hard to become a respectable doctor.”


“Don’t blame yourself anymore. It hurts me to see you so depressed every year during this time. You may not have your parents with you physically but I’m certain they are watching over you somewhere up there. And you still have me, Yuko-san, and so many people who care about you.”

A melancholy smile adorned his weary features. “I will try. I’m glad you are with me.”

“You can’t chase me away even if you want to,” she joked. Turning to her other side, she presented two wrapped sandwiches from the spot on the couch. “Here, eat something. There’s still an hour to go before the Christmas caroling session.”

Mayu glanced at his watch, surprised that it was already seven in the evening. Their shift was supposed to end an hour ago but Nobuo’s surgery took longer than expected.

“What sandwich is this?”

“Smoked turkey ham. Don’t worry, it’s not banana mayo,” she assured in a teasing tone. “I know I’m the only one who likes that so I was just kidding when I said I would make it for you every morning.”

“Looks like I’ve been caught,” he muttered rather guiltily.

“But you still have to eat it when I feel like making it.”

“Yes, my lady.”

The little exchange seemed to have lightened up his mood when a heartfelt smile found its way to his lips. She leant forward and gave him a quick peck before they enjoyed their simple Christmas dinner. At about twenty minutes to eight, she left the room to prepare for the caroling session with the other nurses. Before she stepped out though, she said something which aroused the curiosity in him.

“I have a surprise for you later.” That was all she revealed; she refused to give any hints.


The melodious harmony of vocals brought Mayu to one of the larger wards which housed poorer patients with terminal illnesses, mainly cancer. The group of nurses were huddled in two rows and wearing lovely Santa dresses in the brightest shade of crimson complete with fluffy Santa hats. At the front of the pack stood Yuki whose voice took center stage while the others provided backing vocals. Her crisp and soothing singing brought a smile to Mayu’s face and as he scanned the patients in the ward, he realised they too, were mesmerised.

“She’s an angel,” an elderly man sitting up on his bed marveled in awe. His words caught Mayu’s attention. “My late wife used to sing like that too.”

At that moment, Yuki happened to look in the two men’s direction and waved at them, all the while sending her most radiant smile Mayu’s way. She sneaked in a discreet flying kiss before turning back to the front with a glowing blush spreading across her cheeks. The frail patient eyed Mayu with a knowing grin.

“You are a lucky chap,” he said. “You’ve got yourself a good catch.”

Mayu simply gave a small nod of acknowledgement before returning his focus on the dazzling nurse who had captured his heart. After the group finished their special medley of Christmas songs to rousing applause, Yuki ran over to Mayu.

“You are beautiful,” he complimented, clasping her hand.

“I’m glad you made it.” Reaching up, she removed her Santa hat and plopped it atop his head. “There, now you are all set. Did you bring the gifts?”

He raised his right hand which was holding a red sack. “Do I really have to wear the hat?” He peered upwards with a frown.

“Yes. The kids will be excited to see Santa Mayu Onii-chan. Don’t disappoint them.” She poked his nose goodnaturedly.

“Fine. Let’s go.”

The group made their way to the children’s ward and per Yuki’s prediction, the kids were over the moon to see Santa Mayu who never failed to give them presents on special occasions. The seemingly aloof doctor would remember the children’s birthdays and sneak them their gifts late at night when they were sound asleep. He kept them anonymous but Yuki, the only one who knew of his deeds, would expose what he did to the overjoyed but baffled children, and then ask them to keep it a secret from the other adults. After all, she knew all too well that Dr. Watanabe preferred to maintain a low profile.

“Mayu Onii-chan!” a chirpy voice called out as ecstatic footsteps pattered towards the doctor who had just distributed all the gifts. Mayu spun in the direction of the voice and dropped the empty sack in his hand.

“H-Hikari-chan?” Without a doubt, it was the girl he saved during the earthquake at Ginza. Ever since her discharge a few months ago, he had not seen her. The little bundle of energy pounced towards him, almost making him stumble back from the impact. “What are you doing here?”

“Yuki Onee-chan asked me to come today!”

The nurse shrugged with an innocent smile when Mayu stared at her questioningly.

“And Yuko Onee-chan drove Mummy and me here!”

Mayu lifted his gaze ahead and found the two said women trailing after Hikari.

“Hikari-chan was so excited to see you that she ran all the way here after alighting from my car,” Yuko said in between wheezes, her palms resting on her knees. She was still dressed in her medical scrubs, a sign that she had rushed off once her shift ended to pick up Hikari. “Even I couldn’t keep up with her.”

Mayu looked at all the smiling faces around him and suddenly felt that he wasn’t as alone as he had thought. The children were happy; Hikari still remembered and adored him; Yuko helped to make the surprise possible; Yuki planned this just for him.

“How are you, Hikari-chan?” asked Mayu as he studied her left arm, or what was left of it. The stump appeared to have healed nicely.

“I’m good! See my right arm?” She flexed her right arm like a bodybuilder in an attempt to flaunt the tiny bicep. “It’s so strong now because I do everything with it!”

Mayu let out an unrestrained laugh, startling the other nurses in the ward.

“Am I hearing things? Dr. Watanabe is laughing.”

“I think not because I’m hearing it too.”

Mayu ruffled Hikari’s hair. Her positive outlook on life amazed him all the time. Never once had he heard her complain about missing an arm. While they chatted, or more like Hikari talked while Mayu listened attentively, Yuko went up to get the cakes she had bought earlier and distributed a piece to all present, ending the night on sugary note that had everyone feeling warm and fuzzy from the joy of giving and sharing.

Afterwards, as Mayu and Yuki walked Hikari and her mother to the porch where a cab was waiting, the contented girl stopped in front of the Nurses’ Counter and gestured for Mayu to squat down. Though puzzled, he complied with her request and was suddenly given a kiss on his cheek.

“Mummy says we can kiss under the mistletoe. I want to marry Mayu Onii-chan when I grow up!” Hikari declared unabashedly to her mother’s mortification.

“Hikari-chan! Oh gosh, I’m so sorry!” Hikari’s mother quickly pulled the girl away and bowed deeply to both Mayu and Yuki. She was well-aware of the doctor and nurse’s relationship. “I was just explaining to her about the mistletoe the other day when she saw a couple kissing under it. I didn’t expect her to… to do this to Watanabe-san.”

The couple exchanged looks and chuckled, waving off her apology.

“It’s fine,” Mayu reassured before he crouched down in front of Hikari. “I’m sure you will find someone like Onii-chan or someone even better when you grow up. Onii-chan is already taken by someone else,” he said, glancing briefly in Yuki’s direction.

Hikari pouted, looking somewhat crestfallen at his words. “Is that person Yuki Onee-chan?”

Mayu nodded slowly, apprehensive of her reaction.

“Then it’s alright. I like Yuki Onee-chan too!” Hikari broke into a toothy beam. “I want to be pretty like Yuki Onee-chan when I grow up so I can marry someone like Mayu Onii-chan!”

The three adults erupted into hearty laughter upon her naïve declaration.


That night, as Mayu and Yuki prepared for bed, Mayu embraced her from the back, resting his chin on her shoulder. He basked in the sweet scent of the shampoo she used to wash her hair.

“Thank you, Yuki,” he whispered.

“Hmm?” She leant back into his chest as she played with his hands which were wrapped around her tummy.

“For making this Christmas so memorable. I haven’t felt so happy on this day in years. Thank you. You are truly an angel sent from heaven.”

She turned around in his arms and met his loving gaze. “Anything for you," she uttered and moved forward to capture his lips in a chaste kiss. He sighed in contentment as they parted.

“There’s no mistletoe above,” he chaffed.

“We don’t need it to kiss,” she countered before pressing her lips against his again, parting her mouth to allow him entrance. Without breaking the kiss, he gently brought them down to lie on the bed and hauled the covers over their tangled bodies.

It didn’t take long for the exhausted doctor to fall asleep. Yuki traced her fingertips along his handsome features, from his brows to his cheekbones, to his well-defined nose. The ends of his mouth curled to form a peaceful smile.

What are you dreaming about? I hope you get to meet your mother and father in your dream.

“Merry Christmas, Mayu,” she wished in a tender whisper and shifted towards him, bringing his head to rest against her bosom.


The End.

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:

I doubt I'd be able to make a New Year Special of any sort so let me wish everyone here Happy New Year in advance! Here's to a wonderful 2014! :cheers
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I don't know what to say. My heart is crying inside, Merry Christmas Mayu...

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Seigus-san!~
I LOVE THIS FIC!!~ :heart: :yep:
Yes Mayuyu don't say things like that about being dying :smhid otherwise you wouldn't be with Yuki!~ :yep:
and yes you still have many people caring about you! Yuko cannot replace her Oshiri partner in crime! :lol:
omg I love the end and the kiss!~ :inlove: Yuki so caring holding Mayu close to her like that!~
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Oh boy... I don't know exactly how I can formulate a good reply at the moment, but I'll do my best! I must apologize ahead of time though for the late comment in both the Christmas special one shot and the updated part of Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi series. But I guess it's better late than never, right? And I apologize once more if the reply is much shorter than usual (which... isn't good for me since I'm including two updates that you have done on this comment).

Anyway, I'll first comment in regard to the updated chapter. :)

I see that, well... Mayuki love is blossoming yet again. Ah, Mayu and Yuki... You both are lovely together with your romantic moments. And to give each other love bites... :inlove: But hm... It seems that Mayu really wants to face Ren. Can't blame him considering the fact that another person had just forcefully kissed Yuki despite knowing that she is already engaged with Mayu. I sense this rise of tension from the scenario. Let's just hope that Yuki knows how to take care of Mayu when he might go a little out of control.

Then it zips to Ren. At least he's with Jurina right now. I honestly couldn't help but chuckle at this scene:

“Someone’s got to be sober to lug your drunk ass home,” she countered, the teasing twinkle in her eyes not missed by Ren. “And I’m underage.”

“Pfft. Right.”

Oh you Jurina. You know how to play it well.

But on a more serious note, a drunk individual is someone that shouldn't really be messed nor met with... Especially when it's with Ren and his tumbling feelings over trying to move on. He should know that introducing alcohol into the equation is only going to make things worse... Personally I'm glad that Jurina is there. The moment Mayu and Yuki entered into the picture, yikes! Mayu did not hesitate to swing a punch right at the other man! Thankfully his fiance had calm him down before things got a lot worse. And of course, drunk Ren is blabbering his mouth about assumptions and jumping to conclusion that is just based on his paranoia and jealousy. Oh that man... Guess that alcohol really did make you tipsy and prone to anger.

The matter did end on a safe note though aside from Ren getting punched once upon the duo's arrival. And Yuki giving the scariest and her infamous 'Black' aura towards Jurina... Then dealing with a completely random male stranger that wanted to dance with both Yuki and Jurina... But saved by both Ren and Mayu... Yeah. I guess we all can be reassured that both Mayu and Yuki are tightly knitted together and won't be pulled apart easily. They have each other to run to and protect each other from any sort of danger, especially in regard to their relationship.

It looks like when Ren came back to the hospital and did his usual work, he and Yuki made up. It's so adorable! I'm glad to see that the two are still caring for each other like brother and sister. And of course, Mayu on the other hand is nervously watching them from the distant as Yuko is right beside him. Not surprised that he's keeping an eye out on his soon-to-be wife, haha.

Then... poor Yuko. Her cake is thrown out, LOL. Oi! You shouldn't be eating so much junk food when you're pregnant, you squirrel!

Alright, moving onward to the Christmas special.

It's cute to see that Mayu, Yuko and Yuki are in the same room together and conversing with each other. The moment that Yuko brought up the topic of cooking, poor Yuki! I laughed and smiled like a doofus from that scene:

“I almost poisoned Mayu last year…”

“H-Hey, it wasn’t your fault. That stupid boy just has a weak stomach,” Yuko quickly said, desperate to do some damage control before Yuki’s dark vibes killed the jolliness of Christmas.

“I almost destroyed Mayu’s house…”

“He was a cheapskate to buy such a lousy oven that spoilt easily,” blabbed Yuko. Mayu’s brow twitched.

“I can’t be a good wife…”

Wow Yuko. Just... wow. You've done it this time, LOL. Watch what you're saying next time! Words can be quite damaging and taken on a much more serious tone than you imagine dear squirrel.

And poor Mayu. That day was the very day his parents passed away. It's really affecting him... But Yuki's right. As much as he really regrets living, he still has a reason for living. I understand that feeling of losing someone dear to you (doesn't help when the deaths are in multiple successions and short time span between each one) and regretting about it. Every life does count and make a difference in this world. Like if I weren't here, I wouldn't be able to type my fictions nor enjoy the possibility of reading and meeting great writers on here for example. And here on Mayu's part, he wouldn't be able to save countless lives if he wasn't alive. Good job Yukirin on cheering up and giving Mayu a good reason to not be sad on such day.

The nurses are at it again. They really are desperate to find someone they can kiss, LOL. Well... They have Sae for a bit, but... Wow Mocchi. You just passed out upon earning a kiss. Poor Akicha, LOL. Having to drag both the unconscious girl and the ladder back to its respective place. And to see that both Mayu and Ren are taken... Too bad you both. There will be another time perhaps?

The ending is simply adorable! Hikari coming to greet Mayu and Yuki! Then confessing to him under the wrong impression and meaning of the mistletoe. Oh you're too young anyway to fall for the doctor, LOL. I'm sure you'll have another great guy in the future to meet, talk and fall in love with. And of course, to end the fiction with a Mayuki moment. So sweet~ Especially when they fall asleep. :deco:

I apologize for the lack of emoticons in this post. Probably because I actually am a little lazy to click the emoticon buttons or something... But anyway! I'm glad to be able to finally catch up reading the two updates and be able to comment them! Patiently awaiting your updates as always and hope the year of 2014 treats you well, seigus-san! I'll always follow your work as a loyal fan. :deco:

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The MaYuki pair is perfect as always.
 I'm getting really curious about Yuko and Mario's relationship. They interaction is hilarious. Also,where will Haruna enter in all of this? x3
It'd algo be interesting to see Sae more often. I wonder if he'll ever find his perfect girl *laugh*
I'll wait eagerly for your next update!

PD: the xmas special was so cute!
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at first I didn't like the Genderbend stroy much and try to ignore it
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I in love with it  XD So lovely !

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