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Author Topic: The Reason I Became Crazy(Kojiyuu,Atsumina,Marimii, and others)-Ch. 3 (12/1/16)  (Read 11040 times)

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hahaha! Maeda-san beig a shy girl here is really interesting  :shy1: :shy2:
can you make a scene for Marimii couple i miss their franking to each other  :on cny1: pweasee. :bow:
Kojima-san Jaw dropped Because of Yuko nice Body hehe  :ptam-shy: :on bleed:
 :on gay: :on gay: Waiting for the next chapter  :whistle: :whistle:

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KojiYuu moment is So sexy  :w00t:  :w00t:

Wow MaYuki is takamina childhood friend  :shocked

MaYuki moment is so funny  :cathappy:

Jurina is a sweet talker hahaha   :lol:

Update soon  :cow:

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Yuko's natural pervy XD come on haruna! You've to get your yuko-senpai heart!
I really love atsumina and kojiyuu, but takayuu moments jast toooo cute!:3
Next chappy author-san!
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Ah.. Yuko is unconsciously becoming a perv. Or she is one in the inside

And Minami with Atsuko....

Why did Atsuko faint?

Wmatsui and Mayuki moments are cute...

Same with Marimii

What's that feeling Yuko has for Minami?

Just best friend or something more

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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will you ever continue this? I really love reserve roless

will wait for an update

or annoucement

or something

either way! I really loved this!

 :on hobo: :on GJ:

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Helloooo Korisu29 desu~  :gmon bye:
Because in a hurry, I hit a car that was parked on the roadside. (hihi … how stupid I am) And I felt my back and my hand so damn hurt.
That's why I have not updated for some time. I need a break ... hehe ... but now I am feeling better and I will update my others fic as well ... sorry to make you wait too long ...

ChibiRine: here my update senpaiiiii ... though it may be too long ... hihi
arawche079: hehe ... thanks for reading my fic
JoeYee: yeah, she could not deny her pervert side ...
Kirozoro: here my update ~ sorry to make you wait too long
Haruko: you like smexy time? me too ... hehe
crosteks: Marimii? okaaayyy ...
vivinardisa: hope you like it ...
deguchi: here my update~
cisda83: thank you for always give nice comment~
sasshirie: haha ... Thank you for reminding me!! I had almost forgotten about this fic ... here my update for you~
Thanks for silent reader ~
and sorry if my english still bad ... hihi

Chapter 3

I can not stop smiling every time I see the phone strap belonging Atsuko. I do not know why, but I was  so excited to meet again with Atsuko. I directly put the phone strap into my pocket when someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind.
"Yo, Takamina! Something good happens? You smile like an idiot."
"Ah, no. It's nothing." I lied, but whenever I lied this squirrel girl will know it. She narrowed her eyes and then smiled strangely.
"What is in your pocket?"
"I see you walking and looking at something. Tell me!"
"This is ... this is ..."
I pulled the phone strap out of my pocket. "Maeda-san dropped this yesterday." Yuko nodded. "Wait." I looked at my watch. "You came earlier than usual. Is there a rehearsal in the morning?" Yuko shook her head. "Ah, I know! You want to avoid Kojima-san, right?"
"Ssssttt!" Yuko put her finger to her lips. "Don't mention that name."
"It was like a forbidden word that if you mention it she can appear from anywhere."
I chuckled to see Yuko’s fear expression. "She's not a ghost, you know."
"Come on, we do not need to discuss about that girl. Mmm .... Then what would you do with it?" Yuko asked in front of me, but her eyes looking in all directions to ensure that Kojima-san will not attack her suddenly.
"I'll give it back." Yuko nodded.
"Okay. I go to class first. Bye."
"Wait!" I grabbed her arm and Yuko turned.
"Please accompany me to give back this thing to Maeda-san. Please." I made puppy eyes that usually Yuko hard to resist.
"What? No way!" She let go of my hand.
"Takamina! Maeda-san is a classmate of Kojima-san! If I accompany you there, it means I will meet with Kojima-san! And it also means I get up early and go to school in the morning to avoid the Kojima-san was useless!"
"You say to me to not mention Kojima-san name but you mention her name three times."
"Eh? Really?" Yuko cling to me and looking around.
"Geez, Yuko. Please, accompany me. I'm ashamed."
"Shame?" She looked at me with disbelief eyes. "Takahashi Minami, a president of student council, who used to communicate with many students and teachers, whose height is only 148cm, now afraid to meet with one student?"
"Oi, you don't need to mention about my height!" I hit softly Yuko's arm. "This is different, Yuko."
"What's the difference?" Yuko crossed her arms over her chest.
"Pleaseeee ...."
"Do not want!"
"Yuko ..." Maybe I should be a little acting. "You are the only one close friend who I have in my life ..." I held my chest. "I don't know with who else I will ask for help except you ... I ..."
"Ok, fine!"
"Thank you, Yuko. You're the best!" I jumped up and hugged her.

---- ## ---

Takamina looks so happy when we walked to Maeda-san's class. I never saw Takamina like this before. And when she mention her name, she looked so excited. Why ... why does my heart feel hurt?
"Nee ... Takamina ..."
"Hm?" I encouraged myself to ask her if she likes Maeda-san.
"Mmm ... ah, forget it! Your stupid smile makes me forget!" I undo my intention and then quickened my pace.
"Yuko, wait for me!"

I was hiding behind Takamina's body when we got in front of Maeda-san's class. When I looked into the classroom, I don't see Kojima-san. I think today I survived.
A girl calling Maeda-san, who was sitting alone at her desk. When looking at Takamina standing in the doorway, her face a little surprised. Then she walked up to us.
"Minami-senpai ... Oshima-senpai ..." She said sheepishly as she bowed her head, but I could still see her face reddened. Likewise with Takamina. Her face was also red, and she smiled shyly. Wait? Minami? Maeda-san call Minami? What is this?!
"Mmm ... Atsuko-san ..."
ATSUKO??? How close are they?
Takamina pulled out the phone strap from her pocket. "Yesterday you dropped it."
"Thank you." Maeda-san take it and then put on her chest. "I'm looking for it yesterday." Takamina smiling like a fool looking Maeda-san.
I feel my breath faster, my heart was beating so fast, and my eyes a little watery. It's very hurt. I want to get away from this place and left them alone.
"Yuuchan~!" I felt someone put her arm around my waist. "I'm waiting at the gate, it turns out you're here." I could feel her breast on my back, if I may be honest, it feels so soft and comfortable, she smell good, and her skin was so soft as marshmallow. Huh? Yuko, you pervert!!
"Ko-Kojima-san! Let go of me!" I'm trying to let go of her hand, but she held me so tightly. "Hey, watch your hands!" I shouted as I felt her hand was on my chest.
"I miss my Yuuchan ..."
"Takamina, help me!"
"Haruna, let go of Oshima-senpai!" Maeda-san looked at Kojima-san with dark eyes. Her face changed drastically. Thank you Maeda-san, she was let go of me now.
I see Kojima-san pouted like a child. Why is this cute girl can suddenly turn into a crazy monsters? Did she behave like this to everyone? Or just me?
"Yuuchan? Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Uh, no! I don't look at you! Mmpht!!"
“Yuuchan kawaii~ …”
"Shut up!"
"Mmm ... that's all. I had to get back to class." Ah, finally Takamina say good bye to return to class.
"Un." Maeda-san replied shyly.
"Takamina-senpai, I borrow Yuuchan for a minute!"
"Calm down Acchan, I'm not going to do something weird to Yuuchan~." Takamina nodded and smiled.
"Takamina, you traitor!"

Kojima-san pulled me away from the classroom and took me to a corner. "I have something to Yuuchan~" She was looking for something out of her bag. "Jan jan!" She pulled out a squirrel-shaped key chain. Wait! Green??
“Why this squirrel colored green?”
"Eh? Is not there a squirrel green?"
"I don't want to take it."
"Heeehhh ... but I bought this for Yuuchan ..." She pouted.
"I don't want it!"
"Then, Yuuchan may take my heart and keep it forever."
"Tsk!" I walked away but Kojima-san blocked my way.
"Yuuchaaaan~" She whining like a child.
"Please. Just accept this, then you should do anything at this thing."
"Really?" She smiled and nodded. I took it and see it again. "Green squirrel, huh?" I took the key chain, then throw it away and get into the pond behind the school. "Well, I'm great! See that Kojima-san, I could put it right into the pond!" I clap my hand right in front of her face.
"Yuuchan ..." I heard she whispered my name when I go away.

--- ## ---

"I know, Takahashi-san. But they lack the members, the interest of the students towards that club was very little. And one more thing, since their seniors graduated, they did not produce any achievements. Schools will only be spent money for clubs who do not have the potential. Is not better to dissolve it and provide the funds to the potential club? The school has given many concessions to them. Maybe I should call Oshima-san to discuss about this issue again."
"Actually, they simply lack members only. They have the potential, because the school gives a warning that will dissolve the club, they are getting down mentally."
"Do you blame the school?"
"Of course not. Forgive me. I mean they need motivation and encouragement."
"They should be able to motivate and encourage themselves. They have a leader, right? They had Oshima-san! And Oshima-san should be more motivating and encouraging her members. I'll call her after school."
"All right, but please don't be too hard on her."

--- ## ---

"In the last exam I get almost perfect score!" Yuki stands proudly in front of us.
"Heeehhh ... look who is talking." Rena glanced at Yuki. "Who the one called me in tears to ask my help?"
We all laughed. "Geez, Rena. You don't need to open my card." Yuki sat back on her chair.
"Acchan, what's wrong with Haruna? Does her spirit were wandering?" Asked Rena to me.
"Or she's just getting a slap from Yuko-senpai?" Yuki added.
"Yuuchan not that cruel!" Finally Haruna raised her head which had been put on the table.
"Owh, her spirit is back." Rena teasing Haruna.
"And my spirit does not go anywhere!"
"Calm down, Haruna." I stroked her head. "What happened, baby cat?"
"Yuuchan not accept the key chain from me." She said as she pouted.
"Key chain?"
Haruna nodded. "I gave her a green squirrel key chain."
"Green squirrel?" I raised my eyebrows.
"Are you sure it was green squirrel? Not chameleon?" Rena trying to contain her laughter.
"Or maybe the coconut?"
"Geez, stop teasing me!" Haruna put her head on the table again. "I was hurt and you laughed at me. What kind of friend you are!"
"Ooooowwwhhh ... poor cat. Come here and hug mama, dear." Yuki approached Haruna and hugged her.
"Wow ... wow ... wow ... what happened? Looks like I missed something." Jurina suddenly came in and stood in front of Haruna’s table. "Oneechan, in the morning you already get a service."
"Jurina!" Snapped Rena to Jurina.
"Oops." Jurina covering her mouth with her hand. "Rena-chaaaaannn~" Jurina ran and sat on Rena lap. "Good morning. You look very cute today, as usual." Jurina said to Rena after kiss her cheek.
"Hey, kiddo. Stop lovey dovey in this class." I'm trying to tease Jurina and Rena.
"This is better than someone who collapsed only because nervous being around people she likes." Jurina stuck out her tongue at me.
"What?" I wonder where this kid know about the embarrassing incident yesterday. "I-I'm not feeling well, that's why I fainted."
"Really? But yesterday you look fine." She stood up and approached me as interrogation.
"How do you know that?"
"That is a secret. Nee, oneechan~." Jurina looked at Haruna still drown her head on Yuki's chest. "Oops! Sorry oneechan!"
"Ha-ru-na!" I hissed.
"Acchan, don't scold me today. I'm heartbroken. Okay?" She looked like crying. I could only sigh.
"What are you doing?!" Suddenly Mayu into the classroom and pulled away Yuki from Haruna. "Get away from Yukirin!"
"Mayuyu, Haruna was sad. I'm just trying to calm her. Don't be jealous."
"I-I'm not jealous! How could I be jealous of someone like her!" Mayu pointed towards Haruna's face.
"Don't be too cruel to Haruna-senpai, Mayu." Jurina patted Mayu's shoulder. "Oneechan, come here. Let me give you a hug." Jurina hug Haruna and rubbed her head. From the other side I could see Rena's expressions changed. "Don't worry, oneechan. There are a thousand ways to get Yuko-senpai. I will teach you another way. Don't be sad."
"It useless. I've been seduced Yuuchan with romantic words like 'you may take my heart and keep it forever' but Yuuchan mad and throw away the key chain. I'm sad, Jurina."
"I know how you feel, oneechan. Let's practice the other way again."
"Thanks Jurina, you're the best." Haruna kiss Jurina's cheek. Haruna, you stupid! You kiss Jurina in front of Rena, don't you realize that the aura in this class gets dark?
"You're welcome, oneechan. I love you."
Rena stood up from her chair and pulled Jurina's collar shirt out of class. "Let's talk."
"Geez, Rena-chan. You don't need to be jealous of Haruna-senpai. I just love you. Swear~."
"You look so enjoyed hugs with Haruna!"
"Aww ... you want me to hug you too? Here ... here ... I will hug you~"

I can only smile when I saw Rena managed to pull Jurina out of the classroom. Rena so possessive to Jurina, as well as Mayu to Yuki. Haruna too, she publicly expressed her feelings to Oshima-senpai. While I ... I still like this. Instead of expressing my feelings, to be near Minami-senpai just made me very tense.
Maybe I should like to thank to Haruna because she has taken me to Minami-senpai yesterday. It seems she knows that I like Minami-senpai even though I never told her. Since the first time I walked into this school, my eyes never escape from Minami-senpai. But I could only see her from my hiding place. What a coward I am. And yesterday I was so nervous sitting next to her. She spoke so friendly to me. I can't control my heartbeat growing uncontrollably. When Minami-senpai touched my forehead, I fainted.
It was very embarrassing, but also fun. When I woke up from fainted, Minami-senpai was beside my bed. She waiting me who unconscious. I think yesterday I'm really lucky. But when Minami-senpai know that I was up, she leaned her face and touched my forehead again, and it made me pass out again.

But this morning, she returned my phone strap which yesterday fell. She looks so cute as usual. Her face blushed when calling me Atsuko, ah so sweet~. I feel really happy.
"Acchan? Ooooiii ... Acchan? Do you hear me?" Haruna waved her hand in front of my face.
"Eh? Hm? What?"
"Hhh ... I know you're thinking about Takamina-senpai, but that does not mean you should ignore the teacher."
"Eh?" When I turned to the front, I saw a teacher was standing in front of the class and all the friends in the class look at me. "Haruna, what happened?" I whispered to Haruna who was sitting next to me.
"The teacher asks you to express your feelings to Takamina-senpai." Haruna whispered in my ear.
"Eh? Impossible! It is impossible, sensei! I do not want!"
"Heh? I ask you to share this test paper, why do not you want?"
"Eh?" I looked at Haruna who was trying to contain her laughter. "I'll kill you later."
Haruna suddenly stood up from her chair. "Wait, sensei! Test? But yesterday sensei do not talk about it!"
"It replicates impromptu, ready or not ready, you should do it!"
Haruna sat back in her chair with a limp. "Acchaaaannn ... help meeee ..."
"Not for a bad girl."

--- ## ---

"Nee ... Mariko-sama ..."
"Is it true that this club will be dissolved?"
"Oaaammm." Mariko yawn and put the magazine on the table. "Maybe." She drank beverages that were in front of her.
"How can you say so casually?" Miichan crossed her arms and leaned back in the chair.
"We have Takamina and Yuko. Everything will be alright."
"But that does not mean we just stay quiet here."
"All right, then get me another drink." Mariko pushed her empty glass in front of Miichan.
"Mariko-sama, I'm talking serious!"
"Yesterday I was trying to persuade the junior to join our club, but none of them wants to join. I've even made a new brochure and I stick it in the school bulletin board, but there is no progress."
"I don't think that you are already doing so far." Miichan smiling.
"I know that you are indeed rare to think."
"Can not you say nice to me just once?"
Mariko sighed. "Hey, don't put on a sad face like that. I don't like seeing your sad face." Mariko speaking softly.
Miichan face instantly blushed. "W-why?"
"You more similar to Gachapin and makes me want to punch you in the face."
"Did you say 'Can not you say nice to me just once', right? And I've said it. If you had said twice, maybe I would say that your face is like cute Gachapin." Mariko up and out of the club room.
Mariko back into the club room and hit Miichan's head. "Don't yell like I'm a thief."
"Ough!" Miichan rubbed her head. "But you already stole something from me!"
"What is that?"
"My heart."
Awkward atmosphere happens. Suddenly Mariko feel that her tongue-tied, she could not utter a single word, and she felt the heat radiating from her cheeks, which makes her blush.
"Hahaha ... I got you!" Miichan stuck out her tongue and ran out the club room.
"Idiot Gachapin, you're the only one who has stolen my heart." She whispered softly when Miichan is completely gone.

--- ## ---

thanks for reading, see you in the next chapter ...  :gmon hi:
My fic:
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The Reason I Became Crazy (Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Marimii, and others)
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Oh My Ghost!! (KojiYuu, Atsumina)

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  • I'm watching Yuu!!! Hiatus!!!!

Yuko so tsundere...

Yes finally you're back...

I'm waiting for you other fics too...

Thanks for Updating
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touch down

Ouch the kojiyuu moment was  :luvluv1:
Hahaha i love the Haruna so aggressive to her squirrel,
im still confused with that green squirrel but never mind it's cute actually  :ding:
Welcome back Korisu-san  :cool1:

and thank you for this lovely update  :onioncheer:

update your other fic too, i will wait  :kneelbow:
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Finally you update your fic >,<
Ahhh yuko is jealous with acchan?
But yuuchan, you have haruna is more than enoughhhhh
And why the squirel is green? -_-
Update the other fic too :)

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you continuing

ME SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

 :mon squee: :gmon twirl: :pen_whirl:

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Is the color of the squirel is green because it is the color of team K?
Yuko, don't hurt nyannyan's heart please
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Ah... Haruna still unsucess with her attack to get yuko

Well atsumina are cute...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

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I like your story....
tsundere yuko n pervert haruna.... :thumbup :thumbup

hope you will update soon :peace:...matteruyo.... :peace:
*hope atsumina will be couple soon too...hehe.. :peace:

sorry for my bad english.. :nervous

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