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Author Topic: Just A Bit [TanoTomu OS] - COMPLETED  (Read 2945 times)

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Just A Bit [TanoTomu OS] - COMPLETED
« on: March 25, 2013, 03:51:31 AM »
A/N : umm, this is my first fanfic ever, I hope this won't turn out to be so bad. The universe is like a combination between Show Fight PV and Majisuka Gakuen. Enjoy  :)

Just A Bit

My vision became blurry and I could feel pain all over my body, even breathing was painful. I looked ahead, seeing my opponents, their conditions weren't any better, Ishida's bleeding looks bad, and Kikuchi had an ugly swell on her left eye, thanks to my hook to her before. With that, I was certain she wasn't able to see with that eye anymore. Good, exactly as planned. I eyed Ishida, she was clinging to the rope, struggling to stand, three scars planted on her cheek, fresh blood running on her face. With that injured body I knew she wouldn’t move like usual soon, amd she wouldn't disturb me with my plan like before.

I started to breath, collecting oxygen through my body, preparing myself for an attack, I only had one chance, that’s the best I can do with this body of  mine, a failure would mean the end for me. Steadying my stance, I eyed my target, Kikuchi, she seemed like knowing I'm targetting her already and had prepared her guard. I concentrated my energy to both of my feet and dashed to her. Just a feet in front of her, I side stepped to the right, successfully entering her blind spot. She reacted by giving a jab to her left.

Just as expected.

Her fist met air since I had ducked just after I sidestepped.  If she still had both of her eyes functioning, she wouldn’t commit this bundler. Realizing her mistake, she looked below, just to see my uppercut connected with her jaw. It' so strong that she was sent backwards a few steps before falling down, kissing the canvas like a doll whose strings were cut. Knocked out cold for sure. Without me realizing, I let out a sigh of relief and let my guard down a bit... which was way too soon.. Cause just a while after that, Ishida sent me a strong straight which I barely dodge. A little bit late to see that attack, and I would be down that time. Ishida continued to attack me with her barrage of attacks. I didn’t expect she would recover this fast, all of her attacks were wide and deadly, it's obvious she used her remaining energy to bet her chance to knock me out with a single blow. That's not a bad bet, tiredness had taken a toll on my body, I needed to use all of my might to block and dodge her attacks. She has much more energy since she used a metal stick to beat Ichikawa, competiting in stamina would not be beneficial for me.

So I decided to make her energy run out faster. With all my might I grabbed her head, and pressed my fingers on her cheeks where her scars were. With this rule violation, I’ll get my fight money decreased, but it’s needed. She screamed in agony, and pushed me off her. Now her attacks were full of rage, it’s faster, but becoming predictable and monotonous. She tried to lunge and grab my body, but I didn’t let her do that. Just right when her combos of attacks stopped and she's running out of energy, I sent a liver blow which made her body bent in agony. Followed with a left hook and a short right jab, and ended with a right straight. She was sent to a corner and just right when I proceeded to attack her more, I heard the bell rang.

"Enough! The winner of this match is Mutou Tomu!" Nito Moeno's voice thundered the whole area, and loud cheer was heard. The ' ring mistress' , a nickname we fighters gave to Moeno, had decided that Ishida couldn't continue the fight anymore. I raised my arms up high in the air and letting out a roar, proclaiming my victory. My body felt so heavy then, luckily someone grab my shoulder, supporting me to stand. The one who did that is my mentor, Oshima Yuko.

"Congratulations, Tomu, you've done great" she said smiling, showing her dimples, "Now let's take care of your wounds and get back to the gym, shall we?"

"Yes.. Can't wait to finally lay down this body" I replied with a weak voice.

Oshima Yuko, like what I have said before, was my mentor. She's the owner of the gym I currently stayed in, "K". She's also an active fighter, but she fought in freestyle combat leugue, she’s also the champion on that, too. Her leugue was different than mine, boxing, but in this gym I learned so much from her about stuffs in and outside the ring, Yuka-san wa definitely someone I really respect. Well, what I was doing was not exactly boxing though, people there used metal stick and head to fight, yeah literally a head. In a normal fight, that'd result in disqualification, but this was illegal fighting ground. Fouls like those resulted in cut of your fight money, for example, Ishida who won with a metal pole lost entirely all of her fight money, but still declared as a winner of the match. Stupid? Well, this is illegal fight.

After getting medic taking care of my injury, Yuko-san drove me to "K", beside being a gym where I trained, I also lived there. Some fighters did as well, it's quite spacious and have many rooms. The name was kind of weird, wasn't it? I heard the gym was so run down the moment Yuko-san decided to buy it that the only letter left on the billboard was 'K', God knows what the name of this gym before. Yuko-san decided to just leave it be and said it sounded cool though.

"Tadaima~", Yuko-san said as she entered her gym.

"Oh Yuko, you've come back. How's Tomu's match?" said Akimoto Sayaka. Sayaka was ex-proffesional fighter who had won 100 matches in her career. But unfortunately,  injury forced her to retire in her young age, and now she became a trainer in ‘K’. She was wearing a mitt and currently trained Matsui Jurina, a fighter in freestyle combat in this gym. A bright one if I might add.

"She nailed it down! The match was awesome, and Tomu really kicked asses!!" Yuko replied triumphantly, I was really tired so I just offer a smile to Sayaka.

"Oh really? You've gotta tell me in details then! But I think you should rest for now, you're really a mess, Tomu" said Sayaka.

"I'm sorry, because of me, you couldn't see Tomu's match, Sayaka. Tomu, I'm sorry as well to keep your trainer here" Jurina said apologetically.

"It's fine, I know how important your match is, and Sayaka being there wouldn't do much either" I didn't just speaking out of modesty, in my three-in-one match, there are no breaks or rounds. It’s just three fighters put in a ring until there's only one standing. I was more than enough to take care of myself. And also,  Jurina's match was an important one, she'll fight with one of her biggest rival, Matsui Rena aka Gekikara. Actually, Rena was also Jurina's love interest. I wonder how she could be so fired up on beating up her crush?

"Thanks for your understanding, Tomu" smirking a little, she then continued "Your injury looks really bad though, Yuka-chan must be freaking out when she see you in class tomorrow."

I groaned when she mentioned that name, "Whatever, I'm going to bed now" I walked to my room little bit upset since Jurina reminded me of her. Yuka, her complete name was Tano Yuka, she was a classmate of mine in an evening class I attended to obtain my highschool graduate sertificate. It's not like I hate her or something, in fact, we're really close, but sometimes she could be a bit annoying. For example, everytime I came to class with my injury, she would make a commotion by yelling and crying, it's really embarassing. That's also one reason why I never told her whenever I had a match. You could say she's overly attached to me or something. Well, she actually didn't mean any harm from it, and it's her way to show her she cared.Thinking about it,  I also just realized, we have not been hanging out lately because I was busy with my match preparation. After thinking for a while, I decided to take my phone and dialed her number.


"Tomu!! Is it still hurt? You've got a proper medication right? Have you checked yourself to a doctor? You don't get concussion, do you??" Those were words she said just right when she met me, no 'hello' or 'how are you?', or those 'I missed you so much' she always said everyday whenever she met me. And to make it worse, she said it while touching all over my bruised face.

As expected, she overreacted again, this one was better though bacause I had told her last night about my injury. Last night I decided to call her, telling her about my injury and arrange a meet up.  She was really excited, like a little girl in her first time to Disneyland. What a silly girl.

"Alright, I have said already I'm fine! Geez, of course I have had my injury taken care of, I'm a professional fighter you know" I said while pushing herself away from me "I have been in this condition many times before, stop freaking out!"

"But every injury can get serious! Even those which look small!" she continued "And you're fighting in illegal arena! How can you be sure the medics there are decent enough?? You are shortening your life by continuing this career!"

"Well, I don’t have any death wish when I go to the ring. I go there to fight, because fighting is my passion in life, okay? Stop expecting the worst!" I said a little bit mad, I guess her comment for my job offended me. With a pout she turn her sight downcast, and now I feel bad for yelling at her. Gahh, she’s such a problematic child.
"Look, let's just not talk about it, okay?" She finally lift her face up, but she still jotted out her bottom lips, I couldn't help but smile at the sight, she was.. kind of cute. "C'mon, let's grab some ice cream or something, my treat! We finally can hang out after a long time and we used it for arguing instead, that's stupid"

 Beaming with smile, she jumped and latched on my hand "Kyaa~ So cute! Tomu actually missed me so much right? I miss you a lot as well, Tomu!!"

"Oi oi, no one's saying that!!" I could feel heat rising up to my cheeks. How dare she twisting my words like that!!

"It's okay Tomu, I really look forward to this day as well, you know. I even can't sleep last night waiting for today to come" she said gleeflully, tightening her grip. Sighing, I decided to just walk to the direction where the ice cream parlor is. And, it might be true, I might be waiting for this day as well.. a bit. Yeah, a bit, just a bit.


We didn't plan this beforehand, so today, the places we were going to were all impromptu, after getting some ice cream, she said she wanted to watch movies, so we go to the cinema and ended up watching some romantic comedy movie. And then we went to Chinese town and buying some meat buns, I've been craving for these since I started dieting for the fight tournaments. After some random window shopping, we realized our class will start soon, we decided to crash at our favorite cafe near school. Our favorite cafe huh? So we've been going out much enough to call a place 'our favorite place'. It’s about a year since we knew each other.  I still remember the first time I saw her in class. Me, an underground fighter trying to get high school sertificate in evening class, and her, a teenage girl who just out from a juvenile prison. Well, I heard the prison was trying to sell her out, literally. It was all in the news "Private Juvenile Prison Becoming A Modus Operandi For Human Trafficking" and all, revealed after escaped prisoners spread the truth to the world. Matsui Jurina was actually one of the prisoners who lead the revolt. There were lots of ruckus going in the council about juvenile law, to make things short, those prisoners are then sent back to their family, if they had any. Others who didn't were being taken care of by the Government, they provided expenses for school, places to live, anything but a proper care for a growing teenager. Like Tano here, at the age of 16, she had to pretty much take care of everything, she even had to work part time before class to save money for college. At a very young age, she has to work hard like this everyday.
 Then It dawned on me, what if the revolt failed? What if that group of prisoner failed their mission? Where would Yuka be now? There are just too many horrifying possibilities when it's about human trafficking. She wouldn't be able to pursue her dream to be an artist, she wouldn't be able to go to this cafe right now, eat those cakes and crepes she liked, and I.. I woouldn't be able to meet her.. To get annoyed by her, to see her weird antics, to hang out in cafe like this..

"Tomu?" her voice brought me back from my stupor "What happened? You are sick or something? You have frowned for minutes"

"No, I just... thinking about things, and those things are kind of bothering" I replied, intently not elaborate it. Those were scary thoughts, and I didn’t really want to talk about it. Intenting to divert her attention I asked “By the way, what time is it now?”

"Uso, it’s 4.45! We should get going now if we don't want to be late!"
We hurriedly asked for tabs and pay. As we walked to our school, I still couldn't shake up this nagging feeling in my mind, about what I thought earlier. This was the first time I thought this over. Tano had been a big part in my life, she was the first true friend I had, someone I knew will never betray me, and would happily join me for a walk anytime. A life without her will be lonely, just like my past life, when she had not come.

"Yuka." Just as we entered the school,I grabbed one of her hand, stopping her in her tracks. There were no people around us, it’s 5 minutes before class, most students must had been in class already. Her face expressed confusion, she didn't have any clue what I'm going to do there. I looked at her eye, and pull her for a tight hug. This was so uncharacteristic of me, not to mention emberassing to do, but I just had to do this. I just need to feel a solid proof that she's here now and she's not going anywhere.

"T-tomu? W-why so sudden?"
I pull out after a while, her face looks flushed, and I'm sure mine is as well, "I just.. glad you're here.. that's all.. yeah.. that's all" I scratched my chin and looked away, now that I have done it, I was not sure what to do after this, it's just plain awkward. "Let's ust go to school, class will start soon". Unsure what to do, I decided to just go on ahead of her, escaping from the awkwardness.

I felt a hand grabbed mine. As I glanced at my side, I saw her smiling face, a little bit wider than usual. Our hands interwined and I could feel my heart beat faster. "I was right! Tomu missed me as well!" She said as she swang our hands back and forth.

This time, rather than retorting and denying her statement, I just held her hand tighter and replied "Yeah.. A bit" Probably a bit too much now.
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Re: [One Shot] [TanoTomu] Just A Bit
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Re: [One Shot] [TanoTomu] Just A Bit
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Keren! :D
Not only because I like TanoTomu, but also because they got placed in cool background story settings - underground fighting ring, ex-juvenile prisoners, and especially Tomu training at 'K' gym which also had the fitting secondary characters (Yuko, Sayaka, Jurina). To put it in one word, it's badass.

I also like the fight scene in the beginning since it's written properly. However, it still felt rushed when Tomu reminisced her and Yuka's past as juvenile prisoners.

I wish the fic were a bit longer. Nevertheless, it was a nice first attempt. :thumbsup Write more.
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Re: [One Shot] [TanoTomu] Just A Bit
« Reply #3 on: March 26, 2013, 05:57:17 PM »
Cute! Could've been expanded even more as Aruka said, but good work :D
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Re: [One Shot] [TanoTomu] Just A Bit
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Uwaaa! This is so nice!!! Thanks!  :cow:

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Re: [One Shot] [TanoTomu] Just A Bit
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woooww.   i've been waiting for TomuTano fanfict. you (author) just like my goddness. hehehe thanks for the story. and more TanoTomu fanfic please. !!

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