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Author Topic: Ninja Trouble (WMatsui + Multiple Pairings) - The Questionnaire (lol)  (Read 47893 times)

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 8 (WMatsui) [140411]
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Atsumina yei!!!, good luck in your work trip...see you and update asap...

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 8 (WMatsui) [140411]
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Yes she is awesome, but not as much as Rena.  :gmon butt: Jurina should be happy. ( I would be.......... :grin:)
That cat reminds me Yuko :gmon nya:

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 8 (WMatsui) [140411]
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Hahha i wonder who is the lady and the cat

And i think boy-girl-like is Sae

Update soon

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 8 (WMatsui) [140411]
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Oh no! SuperNinjaCat's cover got blown!! :shocked

MEOOOW?!!  :catglare:
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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 8 (WMatsui) [140411]
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Whoaa SexyRena is dangerous ! She can knock Yuki out without fighting  !
Pervy ninja is pervy~ :D

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 8 (WMatsui) [140411]
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I have never read a fic written in such a crazy style like this, but I love it so much!

Chapters best moments (for me):

Scroll 7 - Yuki goes to the wrong place.
“We’re on the east building right now…?”
“… we are?”

- Of course Rena, always Rena :) “Jurina said if you have matters with me, then you’ll have to go through her first.”

Scroll 8 - Of course that scene when Yuki forgotten in an instant her revenge for Rena because she was too busy with that faint. It's more funny because Rena her "enemy" and she supposedly hates her.

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 9 (WMatsui) [140421]
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Scroll 9 - NINJA IS STILL A NINJA what? lol






After the whistle is blown, the whole place is filled with cheers, shouts and clapping sounds. Today is the Sports Festival Day and our main characters are also included… only that they are standing by the side watching with their jaw dropped and pale faces from the abnormality that is called the “friendly games”.

“What in the name of hell do these guys come from…”

“It happened since the vice-president took charge of the student council with her military partner.”

“But it’s not that bad, honestly… I mean, they are playing with full spirits of sportsmanship… I suppose.”

“Hell yeah… this looks like fun!”

Three heads turn to the tallest girl amongst them with a brow raised on each face. Yuki is watching the game with excitement written all over her face with a glint of killing intent on her twinkling eyes.  Sensing eyes on her, Yuki look at the three of them before she clears her throat…

“Don’t worry… Yukirin is just being her usual dark self.”

The other two that shares the same surname nod their head simultaneously…

“I don’t think I’ll ever join this…”

“Me neither… Let’s just go back-“


The four of them turn their head at the source of the scream. Their eyes widen as they see the duo that they are dreading to meet at the moment walk in their direction.

“I didn’t hear any sort of withdrawing from the games from you guys, do I?”

The bunch gulp as Atsuko points her huge white paper fan on one of them with her short partner standing straight beside her…

“N-no… Jurina here is having a headache so we were thinking of taking her to the infirmary… right, guys?”

Mayu said with a forced smile as she nudges the person standing beside her.

“A-ah… yeah! I mean… Oww my head! I can’t see that well… It’s getting blurry… *pssst! Stand over me, Yukirin! Hurry!* Ooooh no! I think I’m about to faint-“


The sound of gun being loaded made all of them halt their acting and drama.

“A-are you trying to k-k-kill us?!”

“Of course not. I’ve swapped the real bullet with a dummy. This dummy bullet contains the perfect antidote for your headache. I just need you to bend on your knees and stuck out your butt for this suppository to go through-“

“AAACK!!! I think they are calling my name for the next game! GOTTA GO!”

Jurina and Mayu runs ahead with sweat on their faces as they drag their respective partners together. Atsuko lets out a satisfied grin as she pats Minami’s back.

“That’s a great way to scare them, Takamina!”

“But it is unfortunate that I’ve missed the chance to test this bullet on her…”

Atsuko turns to the military freak with a scared face…

“Don’t tell me… THAT IS REAL?!”

“Well, yeah… I bought it before at the-“


The paper fan met contact with Minami’s small head. A bump appears slowly from the strong blow as she wears a distressed face.




Everyone is participating in the games in a fair-played game. Everything is safe and harmless at the moment as some of the more responsible seniors stepped up to tried to keep the games as human as possible. Being the sportsman she is, Jurina's team had actually put her name in almost every game available. But of course she had to make some excuses to let others participate too… it’s not that she didn't want to play the game but there’s something that has been preventing her to take part with all her might… something that involves a ninja.

Jurina noticed that in every game where she and Rena join, the competitiveness between their teams gets all high and tense. She could make out that Rena’s energy and skill is on par with her. Well, of course Rena had many other things hidden inside her that is just waiting to be revealed when the right time comes. But there’s one thing Rena always did that annoys the hell out of Jurina… the ninja always found some ways to be the second runner in the last minute.

For example, during sack race, both Matsui were head to head to the finish line but just a step away from the ribbon of glory, Rena just had to fall down from her act of deliberate clumsiness…

“Ah! I think I’ve miscalculated my steps… How careless of me, Jurina-sama!”

Not enough of that, she just had to drop her egg during egg and spoon race. She even had the nerve to act all dumb and laugh it out at the end.

“I thought the egg was a hard-boiled one… Oh well. Not my luck, I guess!”

It made Jurina’s blood boils in high pressure, she could feel the liquid trying to blow out of her head.

Is she trying to degrade me or something? Trying to make fun of my klutziness are you, Rena… I’ve had enough already!

Jurina took booming heavy steps towards Rena’s direction before dragging the dumbfounded ninja to a secluded area with gloomy face.

“Rena, can I speak with you for a moment?”

“Of course, Jurina-sama! You can speak to me whenever you want.”

“Well… Rena, I want you to stop doing this.”


“I want you to stop thinking about me all the time. I know you’re losing the game on purpose, Rena… I don’t want that… it makes me feel like I’m holding you up from your freedom…”

“But Jurina-sama… I never felt like that-“

“No! I’m not hearing anything from you, Rena! I only want you to enjoy like everyone else…”

Rena could not muster any words as she stared at the dejected face of her master. Jurina on the other hand, inhales a deep breath with what she is about to say…

“As your master, I want you to have all the fun and stop thinking about me today…Please?”

Seeing the solemn face of her master, Rena quickly responds.

“Very well… I will listen to your orders, Jurina-sama!”

“W-wait… I-I’m not saying this as an order or s-something… Arrgh! Whatever! Just play like others. You hear me, Rena?”

“Loud and clear, Jurina-sama!”

Jurina gives a smile at her ninja but somehow, somewhere deep at the back of her head there’s something that has been telling her to take back her words. But being the usual stubborn Jurina, she shrugs her shoulder as she stare at Rena’s back running away from her back to her team.

There’s nothing to regret about this… right?


Jurina sits under a tree as she watches Rena’s team compete with the others. She smiled with the way Rena dorkily jumps around after winning another match. This is what she had been wanting to see from her ninja… Doing whatever she wants freely without any restriction. But deep down inside, Jurina could feel something missing. She could feel that her smile wasn’t the same as she always wears…

Aaaah… I think the heat is getting to me…

Jurina cracks her stiff neck a little while wiping some sweat forming on her face when a shadow looms over her…

“Looks like we found a lazybum under this tree…”

“Hey to you too, Mayu…”

The cyborg girl lets out a chuckle as she sits beside Jurina.

“Ah! This is one good spot to cool down… and to stalk someone.”

Mayu whispers the last sentence with a wiggle of her eyebrows. Jurina pushed the girl jokingly as they laugh together.

“I don’t have anyone to stalk for, okay?”

“Well… how about that tall, pale girl that is tied up with the dark creature of doom?”

Jurina lets out a loud laugh at the way Mayu described Yuki. But it suits her well, being the dark character with black aura all over her and all... Jurina keep her gaze at both tall girls at they are tied up on the ankle for a three-legged race.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about, Mayu…”

She stifles a giggle as she watches the enemies being tied together interacting with each other. She could make out Yuki threatening Rena with her dark air enclosing both of them but Rena is being the usual Rena. Although she’s a bit scared, but she still tries her best to teach Yuki how to play the game…

“Oh, you know it well, Jurina… it’s shown all over your face right now.”


Having enough of messing with Jurina’s oblivious feeling, Mayu shakes her head with a sly smile.

“Nothing~ Let’s just enjoy this game for now…”

They both look at the pair that is readying themselves in the starting line. Mayu lets out a cute giggle at the way Yuki had a determined with full of will to win on her face.

“How can they play this game with all those grudges and revenge in Yuki’s head for Rena?”

“Let’s just say… Rena has all the charms to even tame a wild beast.”

Jurina said without averting her eyes from the duo. Mayu look at Jurina’s side profile as she analyzes the girl inside out with her strong intuition of a magnificent and brilliant cyborg brain. A knowing look appear on Mayu’s face as she understands what’s going on with Jurina right now. She wants to help the oblivious girl but for now, she will let fate play with Jurina for a little more…

As the gun shot sounded, everyone turns hyper as they cheered for their respective team on the race. Jurina too cheered for Rena even though they are in different team. But she is Rena’s master… she could root for her ninja anytime she wants.



They stand under the tree while rooting and cheering for the tall girls as they reached the finish line first. Out of reflex, Jurina hug Mayu tightly to celebrate her ninja’s winning. They were jumping around like little kid when something made Jurina halt her action. She sees Rena and Yuki doing what she and Mayu did just now. Yes, it’s not a normal everyday thing to see the dark Yuki jumping around while hugging her enemy with a beautiful smile on her face… but what made Jurina stunned is the way her heart clenching inside her chest with the view.

Wha… what is this feeling…? Why am I feeling like this? I should be happy with them… right?

Jurina clutched a hand on her chest as she gulps the spit forming in her mouth. She could feel the coarse felling as her saliva runs along her dry throat. Her mind is full of whys with everything that is happening as her view turns into a vertigo-like state. She can’t feel anything as her body suddenly turns numb and her sight turns blurry… she could only hear the scream of her name by a familiar voice before everything turns black.


W-where am I…? Everything is white… Is this heaven?

Jurina blinks her eyes a few times to adjust her sight with the light and whiteness of the place. She groans as her head starts to become heavy and pulsating like crazy…

“No, this is not heaven… it’s the infirmary. You fainted just now due to heatstroke.”

“H-how… how did you know I was thinking this is heaven?”

“I even know you’d be asking this question… it happens all the time when a student woke up in here. Seriously, don’t you guys have any grave matter to ask than this trivial thing? Urrgh…”

The girl grumbles as she walk forth and back doing her things.

“Ummm… excuse me-“

“It’s Haruka but you can call me Paruru. I’m in charge of the student’s medical team for the sports festival. By the way, there’s someone here who’s been waiting for you outside…”

Paruru opens the door to let whoever is outside to get in. Jurina wears a smile on her face as she awaits the only person she’s been wanting to see. However, her smile loses all life as Mayu appears in front of her.

“Not expecting me, huh?”

“W-what? Nooo… I didn’t-“

“It’s okay. She’s waiting outside… she said something about not wanting to break your orders. Geez…What are you guys playing at, anyway?”

Jurina stayed still as she remembered their ordeal… or better yet, her request of not wanting Rena to think about her at all today. She never thought Rena could take it this seriously. Even to wait outside just because of Jurina’s order… she lets out a chuckle.

“Tell Rena I ordered her to come in.”

“Hey, I’m not your messenger! But since you’re sick, I might as well be kind today... You owe me crepes!”

They shared a laugh before Mayu steps out of the infirmary.

“Hey, Mayu!”


“To answer your question earlier…”

Mayu look at Jurina as the latter send a smirk directly to her…

“It’s a matter of a ninja and her master, of course!”

Mayu just shrug her shoulders with a weird face before stepping out of the door for good. Jurina could feel the muscle on her cheeks rising up to form a bright smile on her face. But she act indifferently without any emotion as she heard Rena’s footsteps entering.

“Jurina-sama…? You call for me?”


Rena immediately sits on the chair provided beside Jurina’s bed. The ninja is staring at her master with eyes full of worries but the latter puts on a straight face.

“Why didn’t you come in?”

“W-well… I thought you didn’t want me-“

A small frown formed on Jurina’s face. Again, the clenching feeling in her chest appeared.

“No… it’s okay. I understand… But I’m sorry you had to miss the game.”

Jurina turns her head away from Rena’s concerned eyes. She shouldn’t be thinking about herself. She shouldn’t feel bad when Rena is having fun. She shouldn’t drag Rena with her when she’s feeling down or sick. She shouldn’t attach Rena with her… This is unfair for Rena. Jurina could feel her eyes brimming with tears as she feels the frustration of her thoughts building up inside. Suddenly, warmth envelops her hand as Rena’s dainty fingers wrap around hers…

“Jurina-sama, you have nothing to feel sorry about. I don’t know what I was feeling when you gave that order to me. It does felt like a burden had been lifted up from me but there is a sense of loneliness lingering inside my heart knowing you don’t want me by your side, Jurina-sama…”

Jurina turns her head to face her ninja. She could see the sadness shown in Rena’s eyes as she said those words…

“I know you were thinking of me as a nuisance with the way I’m protecting you but I can’t help to feel happy when you’re happy, Jurina-sama. It’s fine if I don’t have the liberty to have fun like everyone else but the liberty to be by your side, to protect you, to see you smile in happiness… that is more than enough for me, Jurina-sama.”

Rena ended her speech with a serious, determined face. Meanwhile, Jurina couldn’t help the tears about to fall down from her eyes. Jurina pulled Rena by her shirt as she buried her face on Rena’s chest. The ninja was startled but feeling her shirt wet from her master’s crying, she pulls the girl into her embrace as she pat her back in a motherly way…

“Somehow, I could feel some sense of danger from this Rena girl…”

Paruru whispered to Mayu as they peek from the small slit of the infirmary door.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s like she purposely said everything so the girl would hug her.”

“Well, she is indeed a loli who likes small, cute girls…”

They both shared knowing looks as they nod in understanding…


“Damn it… why do I have to join them clean up the mess…”

Yuki is outside in the open field as she picks up the remains of water bottles and all sorts of thrash left behind by some of the irresponsible students. The scorching sun just adds up the fuel to her resentment and bitterness of her own unfortunate fate.

“Finally! Now I need a drink…”

Yuki walk towards her bag to fetch for her water bottle when suddenly, a small creature jumps out of her bag.

“What the…!”

MEOWW~  :cat:

The small creature is a black cat with a bell tied on its neck. The ringing sound of the bell just irate Yuki more as the cat played around with her water bottle…

“Grrr… Give me that!”

Yuki reaches for the bottle but the cat was faster than her. It runs away from Yuki with her bottle on its mouth.

“Curse you! Come back here!”

Yuki quickly ran after the sleazy little cat as it dash into a small corner. Coming to a dead end, the cat walks around the place before stopping in the center. Knowing the cat got nowhere to go, Yuki lets out a sneering laugh as she looms over the expressionless cat.

“Hehehehe… little kitty got nowhere to go? Awww how pity of you~”

Yuki was about to pounce on the small innocent cat when a sudden blow of the wind caught her long her in a tangled mess on her face. Not enough with that, a paper suddenly smacked itself directly on top of Yuki’s face.


Pulling the piece of paper away, Yuki lets out a groan. She turns her head to the cat but she could only see her water bottle standing alone on the ground. Yuki takes a look around the dark corner but there wasn’t a soul of an annoying little furball there. She heaves a relieved sigh before grabbing her bottle… but then her eyes caught sight of the paper still stuck on her hand.

“The hell is this?!”

Yuki reads the piece of paper which is actually a flyer. It was a fighting competition of some sort but what had caught her in shocked is the prize. Yuki carefully folds the flyer before tucking it in her pocket.

“I gotta tell Mayu about this! There’s no way we’re letting the prize falls into the wrong hand!”

Yuki quickly dashes away from the dark corner. Behind one of the wall, the same cat appeared once again with a figure by its side… the figure combs her Elvis-like hair before flicking the comb back into its place.

“Nice job, Korisu… Now, we just wait.”

The cat nods as it understand what the tall figure is saying...

"Meanwhile... who wants an ice cream??"

MEEEEW~ :cathappy:

"Hey! Cat don't eat ice cream..."

MEEW... :catglare:

"Tch... Fine, Fine! Let's go!"

Both of them disappear to their destination as smoke engulf their whole body...

A/N: I'm sorry for missing for the WHOLE WEEK!!! I just got back on Saturday and it was hella tiring trip! :yawn: Welp, back to normal hectic life for me then~

The upcoming chapters will introduce a lot more characters and perhaps a lot more interaction between the ninja and her master...?  :? Hmmm~ I think they need more fluff... Do you guys think so too? :roll: Let's see what my dull and lazy brain could think of :sweatdrop:

OH! Do give a read on another collab work of me and another DON'T-WANT-TO-BE-KNOWN writer~ It's called Zombie Apocalypse?... Lame, i know~ :doh:

See you guys later~ :cow:


@DC2805: LOL It's the forbidden secret ultimate killing technique XD MEOOW~!! :cathappy:

@River1721: Ahaha lots of emoticons is fun to read~ Waiting for more of ur comments XD :P

@Archer1992: Thank you~ :grin: Glad you like AtsuMina in here~ Here's an update for ya~

@Zita: LOL Jurina is still denying her feelings. RENA FTW!!! :cow:  MEOWW~!! :cathappy:

@Kirozoro: Ah you got that right lol :grin: Here you goo~ :D

@embee5442:  :panic: WOOF!!! :P

@yabamoe: She's dangerous to every human being alive... including animals too lol~ XD :P

@Kiri-el: Awwww THANKS A LOT~!!! :cathappy: LOL I dont know how can I write these things :sweatdrop: I'm surprised with MYSELF!  :shocked :grin:

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 9 (WMatsui) [140421]
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I burst into laugh when read the part Paru commenting Rena's act "It’s like she purposely said everything.." go to pedojail you lolicon ! Lol

Yes ! We want more fluff ! xD

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 9 (WMatsui) [140421]
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Heh I want to know what are they planning. :sweatdrop:

And yes normal cats doesn't eat an ice cream but this cat is not normal :P

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 9 (WMatsui) [140421]
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MORE FLUFFYYYY~  :deco: :deco: :deco:

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 9 (WMatsui) [140421]
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Hoho fight competition is coming up!!

Look forward to the next ch

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 9 (WMatsui) [140421]
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More Fluff please~ :mon pray2: :mon inluv: :mon innocent: :mon cute:

Rena is a sneaky ninja isn't she!! Rena is truly a Loli!! She calculated her words just to be able to hug Jurina! :mon geek:

Jurina is in LOVE~ :mon blblbl: :mon lovelaff: Jurina you were definitely jealous when Yuki and Rena were hugging each other!   :mon exhaust:

Paruru! You sure have some keen eyes to be able to see what Rena was planning! :mon determined: :mon lol:

Wonder what the prize for the fighting competition is? :pig huh: It must be important that Yuki doesn't want to get into the wrong hands! :dunno:

Korisu..... Everyone knows who that is!! :hiakhiakhiak:

Elvis like hair.... Possibly Gakuran/ Sae?! :shock:

Wah~ Takamina kowai!!  :mon freeze: :mon wtf: :on freeze: Definitely a military freak / otaku!! :stoned:

Looking forward to the next chapter ~ :stuffed: :whistle: :onioncheer:
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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 9 (WMatsui) [140421]
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omg. where were me all this time? why i couldn't see this abnormal fic here???
Love the way u uses the characters *0* Shinnyu trio <3

and Rena's Sexy jutsu was like WAAAAAAAAAAAA *explodes*

Please keep the hard work, sensei!

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 9 (WMatsui) [140421]
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Finally.. Found time to drop a comment.. Sigh.. Anyway, its getting MORE interesting and great, and yes author WE NEED MORE FLUFF!!!! Lol

Rena and Jurina is just soooo cuteee!! Huh ><

Cant wait for the next update~~

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Re: Ninja Trouble - Scroll 10 (WMatsui) [140424]
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“I guess this is the one…”

Two girls stood outside a house as they exchange view between the address scribbled on a torn piece of paper and the big house. They exchange a look with each other before both stare at the door bell just waiting for either of the girls to press itself for some soft, human touch.

“Ring the bell, Yukirin.”

“The heck do I have to?! Why am I getting order from a small kid like you?”

“Y-yukirin… h-how could you…”

Yuki was startled with the way Mayu is cowering on the corner of the house’s gate. She could see the gloomy cloud wavering on top of the small round looking figure.

“M-Mayu…! What are you d-doing over there?”

“Yukirin doesn’t like Mayuyu… Mayuyu’s heart going crack crack because of Yukirin…”

Mayu said to herself in a small childish voice. Yuki scratch her head timidly. This was the same exact thing that happened earlier when Yuki refused to follow Mayu to pay a visit to the Matsui household. As usual, Yuki acted all grumble and dark to decline but one sentence from the girl had made Yuki’s black heart glowed a little to melt the iciness surrounding the organ…

“Mayuyu is hurt inside with Yukirin’s refusal…”

Deep in her heart, she actually has a fondness for cute small girls, especially Mayu. Unfortunately for the black person, her cheeks are blushing red with the way Mayu is acting right now…

“W-well… Ummm… Y-Yukirin is s-sorry for acting like a bitch to Mayuyu…?”


“Geez… f-fine! Yukirin will do whatever Mayuyu ask her!”

Unbeknownst to Yuki, Mayu wasn’t having any sad or gloom expression… at all. Instead, there is a devilish smirk on her face as she silently giggles by herself while Yuki tried to pacify her. She clears her throat to return back to her acting. Pulling off the most adorable big-eyed face of Puss in Boots, Mayu turns around to face the already red and anxious Yuki.




“Umm… anything…”

“Even doing AAAANYYTHIIIING Mayuyu wants just to make Mayuyu HAAAAPPPYYYY???”

“Of course…”

“Mayuyu can’t hear Yukirin…”

“Yes! Of course I will! Damn it…”

Mayu smiled widely still with a devil’s façade as Yuki averts her eyes from the cuteness. But when Yuki face her, the cyborg quickly turns her expression into this innocent and adorable brat.


“You’re such a ki-“

“Yukirin’s breaking Mayuyu-“

“Alright! Okay! Here!”

Yuki puts out her pinky finger reluctantly as Mayu happily joins their small finger together for a promise. With a satisfied grin, Mayu link their arms together as she stands by the taller girl. Yuki has never been comfortable with someone clinging tightly to her body but she can’t help to feel a slight flutter with Mayu clutching closely by her side… she rubs the heat coming up to her cheek with her free hand.

“Yukirin, the bell please?”

Yuki is definitely sure she can’t refuse the order when there is Mayu, hanging by her side like a fuzzy koala while asking politely with a bright, cute smile on her face.



“That’s one weird sound of a bell…”

Mayu commented before the door opens, revealing a middle aged woman with a warm, beautiful smile that resembles one of her friend. But something from the inside made the girls raised their eyebrow from wonder… it sounded like a war had just been ensued by the household’s occupant. However, the lady in front of them is all smiles with eyes turning into slits of crescent moon as she wasn’t even heeding with the chaos inside.

“Yes? May I help you?”

“Excuse us for intruding, ma’am… Is this the Matsui household?”

“Yes it seems so… Ah! You are the pet control people, aren’t you?”

Yuki and Mayu look at each other in confusion.

“Pet control… WHAT?!”



Three girls sit around the kotatsu of the Matsui’s living room as they awaits Jurina’s mother to serve some snacks and tea with sounds of crashes, smashes and shatters echoed on the upper floor. They could feel the entire house shaking with pieces of rumbles falling down but the occupants just feign ignorance with the riot as they sip their tea in a calm mannet. Yuki and Mayu twitch and fidget nervously with the ruckus going on top of their head…

“I don’t think this house gonna hold on for long…”

“Hush, Yukirin!” Mayu reprimanded with a glare towards her partner who just rolled her eyes.

“Oh my… I never knew the pet control people would send beautiful young girls like you to do their work.”

“Mama! They are my friends! Not some pet control people…”

Jurina grumbles the last part as Mayu stifles a laugh coming out while Yuki is being the straight face she is…

“Is that so? My, my… I am sorry for the mistake. But I do hope your friends could take care of the problem...”

Being the polite person she is, Mayu interrupts their conversation.

“Ummm… excuse me, but what do you mean by that?”

Jurina wears an annoyed face as her mom rubs her back to calm her down.

“It’s about Rena…”


“My, my… it’s a long story, pretty friends of Jurina.”

“It started when I got back this morning from buying groceries…”


I was merrily walking down the streets with bags of groceries on both hands as I sang the greatest, most popular song ever produced in the whole wide world, even kids love it like crazy.

“Mary had a little lamb… little lamb, little lamb~!”

I was singing with my beautiful voice as everyone I met on the street watched me singing with a ridiculous face. I think they were just jealous with a happy teenage girl who had a lovely voice singing a wonderful, top-of-the-pops song. Suddenly, I heard a helpless voice of a being around the corner.

“What was that?”

With a brave heart, I silently tiptoed to the source of the distressed sound.


NYAAA~  :cathappy:

It was a cute little white cat with a bell hung on its neck. It was mewing like those lost cats always do, asking for any person with kind heart to help them survive from this misery of starving to death and loneliness. I mean, it just stood there with a longing face of desperation and cuteness. This fuzzy little guy is looking at me with those round, adorable eyes… wishing you could save it from the madness of the world, you know what I mean?

Well, fast-forward the scene, I arrived at the house not with just the groceries, but also a warm round furball inside my zipped up sweater.

“Mama! Rena! Look at what I found!”

“Oh my! Another limited edition action figure of Madoka you found on the street?”

“Nooo… Here!”

I exposed a little bit of my sweater to show the ball of fur inside.

“KYAAAA!!! What a cute little guy! Where did you find it?”

“Down the street… Mom, can I keep it? Please, please, puh-leaaaase???”

“Keep what?”

“Ah, Rena! Finished your morning training already? Here, here! Look at this guy!”

“Aaaah! It is so cute, Jurina-sama!”

“Isn’t it?”

I was playing with the small guy as mom gave some milk for it to savage. And yeah, mom gave me permission to keep it until we found the owner. But I don’t think I’ll be letting this guy back to its owner. I mean, how could a person left a cat wandering alone in this big, bad world? It’s inhuman, I tell ya!

I didn’t realize it was already noon as we were playing, cuddling, laying around while eating some snacks together. Suddenly, Rena called me when little guy and I were finger-wrestling as he tried to gnaw my finger with his harmless little fang.



I don’t know what Rena saw but her eyes were wide like two big saucers as she caught the little furball bit my finger in a harmless way.


With a blink of an eye, Rena flew up the air trying to get a hold on the horrifying creature trying to bit off my finger, as from her point of view. Luckily I was quick enough to pull the poor guy into my embrace.

“Hold it, Rena! Down! Just calm your ninja senses, girl…”

“But that creature is evil, Jurina-sama!“

“What? Nyaa-kun is a harmless, little cat who likes to chew on things.”

“Nyaa-kun? The evil being even has a name…?”

“It’s a cat, for Kami-sama’s sake!”

“Very well… But no harmless creature chews on things, Jurina-sama!”

“Oh gosh… it’s normal for a cat to play like that!”

“But, Jurina-sama…-“

“What is wrong with you, Rena? It’s just a small, innocent little cat… it won’t hurt you or anything. Besides, it has been long since I have a cute companion of a pet to play with…”

“You don’t know where this cat came from, Jurina-sama…“

“If there’s anything I should worry about, it would be you, Rena… No one lurks in the shadow or trees and claimed herself as a ninja sworn to protect her master like it’s a normal, everyday thing.”

After I said that, Rena just went quiet. She stood there, looking at Nyaa-kun and me with a solemn face. Sometimes, it scared me with the things going on inside Rena’s mind. This girl is too secretive and mysterious. I know I shouldn’t doubt her after all the things she had sacrificed for me but a girl gotta have one of those insecurities in life when a ninja suddenly barge inside her life like it’s nothing…

Mama came to see what’s with the yelling and shouting but Rena walked away before she could say or ask anything. We both looked at each other as Rena disappeared up the stairs but she halted before declaring something...

“Jurina-sama, I’ll protect you from anything… even if I ended up getting hurt.”

I raised a brow from Rena’s words. I looked at mama to ask her if she understand what Rena said just now but she only put a smile before she grab Nyaa-kun away from me.

“Oh my, poor Rena… I think you should sort out which pet you really want to be by your side, Jurina.”


I can’t understand the way old people are thinking. Too much riddles and confusion…

“But for now… I think Nyaa-kun has to deal with Rena for some ownership matter.”


End of flashback…

“So, that’s what happened… I want you guys to help me save Nyaa-kun from the berserk Rena.”

The duo nods their head in sync, understanding the grave situation they must handle.

“But, I don’t get one thing… what’s with the pet control?”

“Well… I can’t help to look at Rena as my daughter’s pet. You know… following and tailing Jurina around everywhere. She’s so cuuute~!!!”

“MOOOOM! Geez…”


Now they are definitely sure where Jurina got her weirdness coming from with the mother and daughter sharing the same traits with each other.


“So… where are they now?”

“Playing hide and seek, obviously…”

They carefully tread over the ground of the second floor like a spy stealthily breaking into a secret organization building. Jurina is walking ahead of them with Yuki standing all straight with a bored face in between the crouching second years. The middle parted hair girl carefully steps inside her room when suddenly her foot got caught in an invisible thread.

“Watch out!”


Jurina holds her breath as Yuki barely managed to pull the girl to her side. They can see there shurikens embed on the walls opposite of them in courtesy of Rena’s hidden trap built for the cat…

“You might lose a hand with those sharp shurikens, I tell ya…”

Jurina gulps from Yuki’s words as she holds her arms with a scared expression. Suddenly, a creepy giggling sound could be heard in Jurina’s room.

“Let’s go!”

The girls barge into the room only to be bewildered with the horrifying sight unraveling behind the door.


The ninja is holding the poor frightened cat in her hand while the other is holding a pencil right below the cat’s tail. The cat tried to claw Rena’s hand but the latter weren’t even budging as she eyed her victim with maddening eyes full of hatred.

“Nee… okotteru?”

“Hell, I don’t think I wanna know where that pencil is going…”

“Come on, Yukirin! Distract Rena!”

“Heh… my pleasure!”

Yuki cracks her knuckles as she pounced on Rena to release the cat from her hold.

“Let go of the creature, you freak!”


The tall girls were rolling on the ground with the cat squished in between them as they scuffle on the floor. They wrestle for the fuzzy creature when the cat was suddenly thrown to the other side of the room. Trying to save Nyaa-kun, Jurina leaps in the air with both hands reaching for the cat. Seeing the sharp edge of a broken table just below Jurina resulted from the ordeal of a ninja and the cat from earlier, Rena snapped out of her crazy state and quickly laid herself on top of the sharp edge to cushion Jurina from the fall and from getting stab.


Jurina was actually preparing herself for the hard surface but she isn’t feeling any. Instead, she found out that she was directly on top of her ninja who had just saved her master from the fall. A blush creep on both Matsui faces as they look deeply into each other’s eyes. Jurina could be feel the fluttering in her stomach as Rena’s warm breath tickles her nose with the close proximity of their faces. Her heart is thumping loudly and for a long time, she once again have that feeling of having a heart attack.

I didn’t know Rena was this… pretty.

Jurina-sama has a very beautiful face...

The thought naturally came as they stare at each other, not realizing the distance is starting to become shorter as their head unconsciously draw themselves towards one another like a magnet… However, a cyborg decided to cockblock their moment with a cough.


“Ugh! Sorry… Oh, don’t mind me! I’m looking forward for the next scene~ Please, continue!”

Yuki smacked Mayu’s head lightly as the duo lying on top of each other finally realized the embarrassing situation they just got into with the sudden interruption…

“Y-you’re heavy, Jurina-sama…”


Yuki decided the duo need some time alone so she grabs Nyaa-kun from Jurina and drags the unwilling Mayu out of the room for some privacy. They both sit in silence before a groan sounded from Rena as she tried to change her position to a comfortable one with her painful back.

“Rena? Are you okay?”

“It’s nothing, Jurina-sama…”

But the scowl on Rena’s face showed otherwise. Jurina actually saw the broken table on the floor as Rena got up from their embarrassing position earlier. There’s no way Rena would be fine when landing on that sharp wood.

“Come here, Rena. Sit beside me.”


“No more objection!”

With a sigh, Rena followed her master’s order. Pulling Rena’s back to her front, Jurina carefully touch and caress Rena’s back to find the wounded spot. A hiss from the ninja halted Jurina. Slowly, Jurina lifts the older girl’s shirt, exposing a rather deep, red scrapes with bluish bruise forming around it and traces of blood about to come out from the fresh injury. A blush appears on her face from seeing Rena’s bare skin. She could make out the fine line of Rena’s waist. Her heart is beating in a frenzy but Jurina shakes her head to come back to her senses. Fetching for the first aid she always kept in her room, Jurina starts her work of treating the wound.

“Jurina-sama… I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For trying to hurt… Nyaa-kun.”

A smile formed on Jurina’s face as she heard Rena said the cat’s name in a reluctant voice. 

"You're forgiven... but those shurikens are waay too dangerous, Rena. I should put a restrain order of sharp weapons on you..."

Rena grew silent at the revelation... Shurikens? But I never use them inside the house...

“Actually, I’m at fault too…”

Rena hissed as Jurina dabs some alcohol on her wound.

“I shouldn’t have said those words to you… I never meant to-“

“It’s fine, Jurina-sama… I understand how troublesome it is to have a stranger suddenly barging into your normal life.”

Jurina could feel the sadness inside Rena’s voice as she said those words.

“You’re not a stranger, Rena. You’re my ninja… my awesome, one heck of a loyal ninja.”

Rena smiles happily from Jurina’s confession. She never knew a small, simple flattery like that could drown out all the hurt she felt from seeing her master with the cat. Then, her thoughts drift back to the cause of why she suddenly turned berserk from the scene. Rena could feel her chest tightens with the way Jurina happily cuddles and rolling around with Nyaa-kun. She wished Jurina could smile as happy as she was with Nyaa-kun whenever Rena is by her side. But that is impossible… Rena is just a nobody who appeared on Jurina’s life without any consent from the young girl. She just decided to barge into Jurina’s life without asking for the girl’s permission. Not enough with that, Jurina just added more fuel to her uneasiness…

“If there’s anything I should worry about, it would be you, Rena…”

Those words had deeply cut a wound in her heart and there’s no way she could mend the wound. Rena had them engraved in her mind and heart to let her know that one day, some day, she would leave Jurina to let her master have her normal, happy teenage life back… for good.

“What are you thinking about, Rena?”

The question snapped Rena from her reveries. She could feel tears brimming but she quickly wipes them before Jurina could see and interrogate her to no end.

“I’m thinking of what’s happening downstairs with Mayuyu and Yukirin…”

“Just a bit more… and it’s all good. There!”

“Thank you, Jurina-sama.”

Rena quickly pulls her shirt back but Jurina swear she could make out some traces of scars and large dark patches on Rena’s back for a second there… but she would ask for them later. Right now, she had some guests to deal with.

“Now that’s done, care to accompany me down the stairs… Rena?”


Jurina reached out a hand for Rena to grasp with a lovely smile on her face…

“I need someone… well, more of a personal ninja to watch out for the klutziness in me.”

Responding to Jurina’s smile, Rena grabbed her master’s hand as they walk down the stairs together, hand-in-hand. She knows there are many insecurities going on inside her mind about being Jurina’s ninja but for now, she will do whatever it takes to see the smile etched on her master’s beautiful face…


Hearing the scream from the living room, Rena and Jurina quickly run to the location only to find Yuki struggling to get the cute furball off of her bag. The cyborg girl is just laughing her ass off with the scene. She had never been so amused with the way Yuki is intimidated with just a cat.


“Hey! Nyaa-kun is not a rodent!”

Jurina jumps in to save her cat from getting strangled by the dark, black person. But what she found was something shocking… Nyaa-kun is holding a folded paper inside its mouth.

“What’s this?”

Jurina unfold the paper to read the content. Her eyes widen in anticipation.

“A fighting competiton?”

Jurina look at Rena as she stood by her master’s side to take a better look of the flyer. Meanwhile, Mayu and Yuki share knowing look as they nod at each other…

“Yeah, about that… we need a favor from you two.”

“Don’t tell me…”

Mayu nods her head with a dead serious face. Jurina had never seen Mayu being as serious as she is right now. The girl was always the moodmaker of the group, acting all cheery and joyful all the time…

“Yes. We are joining the competition… and we would like for you guys to join too.”

“Wait, what?! Hold on! Okay I think Rena has no problems in joining, but me? Hell no, guys… I mean it’s just a competition...”

“I wouldn’t even give a damn to enter this if it’s “just a competition”, kid…” Yuki spats with annoyance.

“She’s right, Jurina. We would not even care to enter this… but the thing is-“

“It’s the prize…”

Rena cuts in before Mayu could finish her words. Rena wears a worried face as her eyes are still focused on the flyer…

“It’s the Great Scroll of Forbidden Secret Technique. The main cause the Great War of Martial Arts erupted 50 years ago…”

NYAAAA~!!! :cokecat:

A/N: Oh my... I think I was late a day for this chapter. even if it's only two hours past midnight lol But nvm. As long as it is posted, then everyone is happy~ Right? NYAAA~ :cathappy:
The seriousness will be on next chapter so prepare for the heat about to come through!!! :panic: But it will still be weird and funny I assure you :roll:
Another note... I'm BAD with FLUFF!!! :doh: I can't do it... need to read more fluffy stories!!! Any suggestions? :grin:

THANK YOU EVERYONE~ :deco: LOTS OF LOVE FOR YOU GUYS~!!! :hip smile: :hip smile: :hip smile:


@yabamoe: Ahahaha Rena is indeed a lolicon~ XD Idk if this is fluff enough coz I can't write fluff!!! Sorry~ :cry:

@Zita: Be patient! You'll know soon~ :twisted: It's Korisu... what do u expect? She can eat piza as a squirrel if she wants :P

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Lol Rena going all Gekikara on Nyaa-kun!!! :onionwhip:

Jurina~ how could you get another pet, when you already have a cute, shy, and overprotective ninja by your side! :mon exhaust:

Ah~ when Wmatsui was so close to each other my mind just went ' KISSU! KISSU! '  :mon fu: :mon inluv: :mon lovelaff: :mon crazyinlove: :luvluv1: :luvluv2:

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Mayuyu! You sneaky girl~ :mon determined:

Yukirin's only weak point is no other than Mayuyu!! :mon beam:

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Hm~ Just guessing but I think those people that have been keeping an eye on Wmatsui and MaYuki might be in the competition :stoned: :sweat:

Wmatsui and Mayuki moments here are just CUTE!! :nya: :wriggly: :shy2: :shy1:

Ah~ Yuki was correct! The Great Scroll could get into dangerous hands!! But this competition seems dodgy to me! I mean no normal person would just give The Great Scroll of Forbidden Secret Technique to anybody! :mon geek: :mon freeze: :mon wtf:

No matter how I think this through..... But I think this might be a trap :mon huh: ( Forgive me if I am wrong~  :mon pray2: :kneelbow:)

Update soon~ :onioncheer:
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nyaa cant wait for the update~ :sashiko:
mayuki moment is cheesy

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Dont worry author-san, you are not that weird, or at least not as weird as me (?) right! I forgot to click that thank you button ><

Ohhh man, wmatsui is progressing~~  :inlove: and mayu you sneaky little girl lol and whats with those shurikens?!?! Somethings fishy...

Cant wait for the next update! Yay~ :twothumbs
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The way Rena jealous to the cat is so damn cute >.<
jurina~please realize your feelings towards rena soon

Well,do your best for the fluff author-sama :p

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Mayu is little devil here :P
I love to see how Rena is jealous because of nyaa-kun.

P.S.  :grin: I want to have Korisu like a pet. But I don't think he would survive that. :doh:

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