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Author Topic: Troubles of Love  (Read 2210 times)

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Troubles of Love
« on: May 19, 2015, 11:27:11 PM »
Prologue 1

Watanabe Mayu is part of an all famous group called AKB48, part of 3rd generation and is known for her cute looks and for being a CG idol (for her perfectness), she receives lots of LOVE from her many fans but yet again she wonders what it's like to have 'True Love'? she always kept it to herself since the group is on a Love ban rule, where they weren't suppose to date anybody( she wonders if they're allowed to date girls though). One day while hanging out with her best friend, Kashiwagi Yuki, she asked what was true love?

"Well i don't know but true love is like a feeling that you get while with somebody you love the most and you probably get this feeling every time just by hearing, seeing, or even remembering that special someone"

"~hehhh~ i wish i had a special some one so that i can feel that way... oh well maybe one day when i graduate from AKB and find myself a nice guy..."

"maybe"Yukirin got up from the bed(they were having a sleep over) and made her way towards the TV and turned it on, their performance  from last night was playing, Yukirin fell against the bed after she got back from turning on the TV


"what is it Mayuyu~"

"You look so pretty in that outfit and you dance really good too~" Yukirin took that as a compliment

"so did you~plus you were center so everybody got to see you the most~" Mayuyu smiled at this comment and they continued to watch themselves on TV, soon enough it was the end of the performance and Mayu was out like a light. All Mayu saw were darkness and she felt something touch her, she didn't know what it was but she felt warm and snugged and this made her go into a deeper sleep.
It was already morning when Mayu woke up,she had gotten out of bed and headed straight towards the bathroom to do her thing, after going out of the bathroom she went towards the kitchen and saw Yukirin,

"~OHAYO~" Yukirin patted Mayuyu's head and brought her a cup of orange juice         
YAWWN~Mayu stretched her arms up to sky like if she was doing banzai then put her arms down

"Nehh, Yukirin?"

"what is it?"

"you remember our conversation about true love?"

"yeah, what about it?"

"well, i want to find true love...and i mean not by the whole 'when i graduate AKB' thing, i mean right now, when im still young" Yukirin set down a plate filled with toast and butter in front of Mayu

"you can if you want to, but just be careful, well anyways hurry up and eat we have a schedule to do after this!" Mayuyu nodded her head and began to eat the toast after Yukirin walked away.[ALRITE i'm going to find True Love no matter what!] Mayu thought this to herself as she was heading towards the bedroom closet to change.
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Re: Troubles of Love ch 1
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By the time Mayu and Yuki got to rehearsals, everybody was there and all they need was their instructor.

"Ah Mayuyu-san, Yukirin-san you guys are here~!" Rena came running down the stage to greet them

"ah Rena~" Yukirin held out one arm and Rena went under her arm and snuggled

"Ohayo Rena~" Mayuyu said as she walked past by them. Mayuyu went up the stairs to the stage and walked towards Milky and Aika, who were talking in excitement.

"Milky~Lovetan~ I'm here~" Mayuyu said in a cutesy tone

"oh Mayuyu-san!" Milky came to greet Mayuyu while trying to drag along Aika, who did not want to come along, but just wanted to stay in one place

"Mayuyu-san! Tell Milky to stop dragging me around everywhere!" Mayuyu didn't listen to Aika and focused on Milky who was speaking

" was your sleepover with Yukirin-san?"

"ehh? oh um it was fine..." Mayuyu said

"why are you being like that?" Aika questioned as she held Mayuyu from behind(it took Aika a long time to escape from Milky's grasp)

"what do you mean im fine!" Mayuyu said

"eh~" Milky said while trying to hold Mayuyu from the side, but Aika kept on pushing Milky off.

"anyways..."Mayuyu kept on talking until their instructor came in and told everyone to get into position, Mayuyu was being pushed by Aika and Milky. They were practicing "Beginner" which everyone says it's a tough dance. After about 2-3 hours of practice they took a short break. Yukirin came up to Mayuyu and gave her a bottle of Pocari Sweat

"Here you go!"

"Huh? oh thanks Yukirin" Mayuyu opened the bottle of Pocari sweat and gulped down almost half of the bottle

"wow never knew you were that thirsty.."

"i wasn't that thirsty, just needed something to cool down my body~" Mayuyu was sweating like crazy, Yukirin saw this and grabbed her towel, she wiped off the sweat from Mayuyu's forehead  and put the towel around her neck. Mayuyu was surprised about this


"no problem..umm i going to..." Yukirin was cut off by Mayuyu who grabbed her hand, but as soon as she did that break was already over and they had to get back to practicing. 1 hour has passed and it was still morning, they were done with practice and everybody was packing up their stuff. Mayuyu had to quickly leave since she had a tight schedule, she said goodbye to everyone and left. As she was going out the door she remembered that she still had Yukirin's towel, she immediately went back in and tried to look for Yukirin, but her manager came in and said it was time to go, so she decided to keep it and give back to her later.

Yukirin was in the car with her manager she had a photo shoot to go to then, she had to do a magazine interview, she grabbed her small pillow out from her bag, the one she carries around whenever their's a long trip, and she put it against her neck to rest. She checked her phone for any messages, she saw a message from Mayuyu, when she opened up the message, it said that she will give back her towel later, remembering that she gave Mayuyu her towel, she sent back an okay message. Yukirin closed her phone and closed her eyes. Instead of napping like she wanted to, she fell asleep
Yukrin woke up and found herself lying on a bed, when she shifted her body she found Mayuyu sleeping next to her
[Is this a dream? it has to be...i was in the car, here?!] Yukirin thought to herself, Mayuyu shifted her body towards Yukirin, still being asleep, when suddenly....Yukirin woke up, she looked around and saw that she was still in the car.

[Crap i was dreaming...] Yukirin noticed that they were stuck in traffic

"hey how long were we in traffic?" Yukirin asked while wiping her eyes

"uhm about an hour or 2"

"seriously that long, why don't we cancel today's schedule?"

"i don't know, you have another schedule to go through tomorrow..." her manager got out a planner and looked through it

"just move everything, look it's almost evening and we haven't moved an inch yet..."

"well okay i'll call them and tell them that everything has been moved" Yukirin laid back and checked her phone again, she got another message from Mayuyu, she opened up the mail and it said if she can meet her by AKB Cafe' around 9 or so. Yukirin checked the time and saw that it was 5 and that she had only 3 hours.

"hey can you take me back to Akihabara?"

"yeah sure, why?"

"need to meet a friend there"

"m'kay it'll take an hour" Yukirin rested back once more, the driver was being careful not to run into the car behind and went through the diamond lane

[Why did i dream about Mayuyu...stupid of me...] Yukirin thought. Then she caught notice of something

"why didn't you take the diamond lane before? Yukirin asked in confusion

"well i was in a bad position and by that i mean i couldn't turn to the diamond lane"

"oh" Yukirin sat back once more and there was an awkward silence and it stayed like that for the rest of the ride.
It was already past an hour and Yukirin was at the AKB Cafe'

"Thanks for dropping me off!" the car drove away and Yukrin checked the time it was 8 and immediately she saw Mayuyu

[hmm thats weird she got here early...oh well] Yukrin thought as she waved at Mayuyu, Mayuyu noticed this and waved back. Yukrin came over and greeted Mayuyu

"So why did you call me here?"

"eh oh i just needed to tell you that im going busy for a while..."

"oh that's a shame then, well im going to be busy all week too so i can't see you as often" Yukirin was kind of sad about this but she was glad that she got to at least see Mayuyu before she got busy

"Ah~i forgot here's your towel!" Mayuyu reached in her bag and took out the towel

"Huh? oh its okay you don't need to give it back to me you can keep it if you like"

"Okay, thanks" Mayuyu put the towel back in her bag and the 2 went on a walk around Akihabara, Mayuyu ,being a huge otaku, couldn't help but go through many arcades and anime stores. Yukirin, the lesser known otaku, was being dragged around up to the point where she actually didn't want to see Mayuyu in this place ever again, but yet again she was glad to see Mayuyu's smile.

"Mayuyu I thought you had a tight schedule"

"huh" Mayuyu looked up, " oh i did, but they cancelled since there was a big traffic they...." Remembering the conversation from earlier she didn't say anything else

"they what?" Yukirin said as she tried to looked at Mayuyu's face

"hm? oh they said i the rest of the day off today..." Mayuyu half lied and half told the truth, actually she didn't get much work only about 3 things to do on her schedule and this was for everyday not including day offs.

"ah, same here..!!" Mayuyu grabbed Yukirin by the arm and they went out of the store and quickly into a maid cafe'

"Mayuyu why did you grabbed me?!"

"I don't know, maybe cause i have a hunch that you don't want to be here with me" Mayuyu pouted, the way Mayuyu pouted made Yukirin want to cuddle her but she knew that they were in public and Mayuyu would hate it

Their food came in and the maids did their cute Moe spell then left, Mayuyu was eating a parfait, while Yukrin was eating Omurice

"Oshii~" Mayuyu took a spoonful of her parfait and turn it towards Yukirin, who was busy eating

"AHH~" Yukirin heard this she turned around and saw Mayuyu trying to feed her

"ahh~" Yukrin opened her mouth and Mayuyu fed her the parfait.

"nehh how is it?"

"oshii..." Mayuyu found this adorable and lightly pinched Yukirin's cheek, Yukirin blushed and turned to finish her food. After they both finished their food and they payed the bill and went out and walked around some more. Mayuyu checked the time and it was already 11

"Ahh~aah, its 11 already, should we go home, i mean you are kind of busy tomorrow" Yukrin checked her schedule it was at all packed but she was indeed busy. They both decided to call it a day and they went their separate ways. Mayuyu got home and settled in her room, she checked her schedule and noticed that she had dance practice

[I doubt Yukrin is going to be there] Mayuyu thought quietly to her self, Mayuyu changed and went to sleep
~The end of Chapter 1~
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Re: Troubles of Love ch 2
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 It was morning and Mayu was awoken by her alarm clock. Still being tired, and facing face down on her pillow, she tried to turn off her alarm clock. After several tries later. she finally found her alarm clock and shut it off.

Mayu got up and rubbed her palm, she was pounding her hand against the table alot. She went towards her closet to pick out an outfit for today, after that she went towards the bathroom. Mayu started to brush her teeth, while doing this, she got the bath ready. Upon doing this she got a text message from Rena saying if they can hang out today, in reply Mayu said yes and continued with her morning routine.

[mmm...really hoping to go to the new anime store today....oh well i could with Lovetan, i mean she is a huge otaku like me] Mayu thought as she got into the bath. After getting out from the bath, she got dressed and went in front of the mirror. The first thing she got out was her hair dryer, she dryed her hair making sure every part of her hair was dryed and not wet. Next, she grabbed out her hairbrush and brushed her hair to make it all nice and neat. Then, she fixed her hair and put it up into 2 pig tails. Finally, she grabbed her hairspray and comb and fixed her bangs to match her cuteness and perfectness, on top of that she put on her makeup and went out.

Mayu was out of her house and was already in a taxi. Aika texted her to meet her by AKB Cafe'. By the time she got there it was around 8:00AM, Aika spotted Mayu and waved at her, Mayu waved back and she went towards where Rena was.

"Ohayo Mayuyu-san!" Aika blurted out

"Ohayo Lovetan!" once the two met face to face, Mayu and Rena found a place to sit in the cafe'

"So Lovetan why did you text me to meet you here?"

"Well i just wanted to hang out with you, that's all" the waitress came in and took their order

"uhm can i have a milk crepe' and a strawberry smoothie" Mayu gave the waitress the menu and relaxed against the chair

"can i have a strawberry parfait' along with a glass of water" Aika gave the menu to the waitress and the waitress left. Mayu was on her phone while Aika was looking outside the window, Aika looked at the sky, while doing this Mayu took a picture of Aika. she heard the snapping noise and turned around

"Heyyy why did you take a picture of me....hmmmmh" Aika pouted, Mayu found this really adorable and took another picture of Aika, she heard the snapping noise again

"why did you take another picture of me, mwuhh~ DELETE THE PICTURES OF ME MAYUYU-SAN!"

"nope~" Aika tried to grab Mayu's phone and delete the picture herself but failed to do so and sat back in her chair. Aika folded her arms and pouted once again.

"Heres is your strawberry parfait', glass of water, milk crepe', and strawberry smoothie!" The waitress puts the food down on the table

"enjoy~!" The waitress left once again

"AHHHH~!" Aika, who was just angry at the moment, was mesmerized by the food and was also drooling a bit. Mayu saw her drooling and giggled a bit, then she took her napkin, leaned closed towards Aika and wiped her drool. This surprised Aika. Mayu sat back in her chair and looked at Aika or a moment then she put her hands together

"ITADAKIMASU~!" Mayu grabbed her milk crepe' and began to eat it

"aren't you going to eat your food?" Mayu said as she pointed out at Aika, who was just sitting there looking at Mayu

"huh? oh yeah....itadakimasu" Aika picked up her spoon and began to eat her parfait'.

"OSHIII" Aika was enjoying her parfait. Mayu looked up at Aika and held out her crepe' in front of her

"ahh~" Rena opened up her mouth and took a bite out of the crepe'

"Oshii~" Aika quickly grabbed a spoonful of her parfait and fed Mayu, Mayu was enjoying this and started to giggle a little. Aika smiled at this and they both continued to eat. Mayu sipped some of her smoothie and gave some to Aika, without knowing Rena put her lips on the straw, same place as where Mayu put her lips on, and took a sip
[wait a minute...didn't Mayuyu-san take a sip of this already?! EEEP! ISN'T THIS AN....INDIRECT KISS?!] Aika quickly sets down the smoothie

"well, isn't it good?" Mayu was looking at Aika, who was looking away and blushing in embarrassment

"what's the matter Lovetan?"

"Huh oh it's nothing i guess..." Mayu got up and went towards Aika

"Lovetan nothing means something~ now tell me whats the matter" Mayu turned Aika around

"tell me Lovetan, whats the matter?" Aika looked up at Mayu and was all red, Mayu saw this and knew what had happen

[ah~ an indirect kiss] Mayu thought as she remembered that she drank some of the smoothie first before she gave some to Aika. Aika was still quiet and Mayu went back to her seat and took another sip of her smoothie, this made Aika even more red. Mayu giggled at this.

"if this is about the smoothie then just say it~"

"uhmm...." Aika was still flustered and could barely speak at all, Mayu called for the bill and looked back at Aika

"mwuhh~ alrite alrite you don't have to talk then-" Mayu was interrupted by the waitress who had the bill

"here's the bill" the waitress left the bill on the table and left, Mayu got out her wallet from her bag and payed the bill.

"come on let's leave~" Mayu grabbed Aika's hand and they both left. Aika was still flustered from the whole smoothie thing Mayu noticed this and decided to take action

"mwauhh~ Lovetan when will get over the whole smoothie thing, i know that it was an indirect kiss~!" Aika was surprised at this

"Really?!" Mayu nodded her head at this

"ah, i thought you never knew..." Mayu smiled at this and grabbed Aika's hand once more and they both left to go to the new anime store

"WAHH~ IT'S SO BIG!" Aika wrapped her arms around Mayu's arm

"wah~" the two walked into the store and they were amazed at the selections the store had, Mayu went up and down the aisles and went through many shelves of figurines and mangas, same thing with Aika. At last they both went out of the store together and smiled and kept on talking a lot about what was inside the anime store.

Next the two went on a little sight seeing trip, they saw many beautiful things like a waterfall, the forests and some other things too. After they hitchhiked in the forest they went to a nearby bench and sat down

"wahhh~ i'm so tired now~!" Aika grabbed out a bottle of water and drank some of it then she gave the bottle to Mayu

"wait isn't this going to be another indirect kiss?" Mayuyu asked in a sly way

"well i guess so, but you know....i got used to the whole idea now~" this made Mayu smile and blush a little and then she took the bottle and drank out of it,Aika smiled and looked at the view, they were at a viewing site of the city

"ahh~ pretty~" Aika pointed out at the city and how pretty it was, Mayu looked up at the city and stared in awe. Aika rested her head against Mayu's shoulder and stared at the city as well.

"it's really pretty though...we should be going back now, we have dance practice" Mayu checked her schedule and got up, she pulled Aika up and they both walked back to the city and catches a taxi ride back to the stage where they practiced last time, it wasn't a long ride but Aika and Mayu was already asleep

"OI, miss, miss!" the taxi driver kept on poking at Mayu's leg, Mayu woke up to the sound of the noisy taxi driver

"hm?" Mayu rubbed her eyes

"you're at your stop" Mayu blinked twice or so and looked around her surroundings, it took Mayu a long time to realize that they had dance practice

"oh...Lovetan wake up, it's time to leave now" Aika kept on groaning, this made Mayu pinch her cheeks, not from the groaning thing or the way how Aika slept but rather to wake her up

"OWW~!" Aika woke up and was rubbing her cheek

"why did you do that?!" Mayu got out her purse and payed the taxi driver and was pushing Aika outside

"why are you pushing me?!"

"sorry just kind of tired that's all..." Mayu rubbed her eyes, this made Aika attack Mayu with a hug

"AHHH~ Lovetan what are you doing~!" Aika lets go of Mayu and held her hand and dragged her inside the building. Mayu kept on yelling at Aika to let go, this caused everyone to look at them walking in. Yuki spotted Mayu holding hands with Aika and had a sad look on her face. Aika finally lets go of Mayu and runs off to meet the other members, Mayu goes to greet Yuki

"Konbawa~Yukirin~!" Mayu ran up to Yuki and hugged her, Yuki got surpised by this

"ehh~ Mayuyu....konbawa..." Yukirin looked surprised at Mayuyu

"so how was work?" Mayuyu asked

"same as always busy, busy, busy! what about you?"

"uhm...tiring~" Mayu lets go of Yuki and looked up towards the ceiling

"YUKIRIN!~" Sae was running towards Yuki

"`AH~Sae-san, konbawa" Sae pounced on Yuki, this made the two stumble but luckily Yuki catches her fall

"Sae-san you got to be more careful~!"

"gomen ne Yukirin~!" Mayu looked at them and saw those two talking away and not paying any attention towards her

[Yukirin is really close to Sae-san huh~] Mayu let out a deep sigh and started walking towards Milky, who was sitting all alone

"Milky~" Milky  heard this and gave a little wave towards Mayu

"Ohayo Mayuyu-san~!" Mayu sat down next to Milky and rested her head on her shoulders

"sigh~" Mayuyu had guven a deep breathe

"What's the matter Mayuyu-san?" Mayu pointed towards Yukirin and Sae

"ah~ i get it, you're just jealous about Yukirin-san and Sae-san being together~"

"THAT' S NOT IT~ BAAKA~" Mayu lightly hits Milky on the head

"Well then i don't know, i only assumed that because you 2 are always together~ but you can always hang out with me if you want"

"meh sure..." Mayu looked down on her lap

"mwuh~ dont be down be happy!" Milky puts her hands on Mayu shoulders

"thanks for cheering me up.."

"no problem" Milky gave a cute smile

"~Ahh~" Mayuyu said

"neh~ Milky we should go out more often"

"hmm, i guess so..." The instructor came in and told everyone to get in to position, this time they were practicing many different songs for about 2 hours, after that the instructor told them to take a break, Mayu looked over towards Yuki who was still busy chatting with Sae

[...Sae-san is still chatting with Yukirin...] Mayu thought, then all of a sudden there was complete darkness

"who is~ it~!"

"ehh, uhm... Milky-chan?" she started to see a hint of light, her eyes were still a little blurry but she could see who it was

"ding, dong, ding, dong~ CORRECT~!" Mayu's eyes had fully recovered and saw Milky wearing an outfit almost like a loli

"uhm, Milky-chan why are you wearing that loli outfit?"

"b'cuz i can Mayuyu-san~ besides its not a loli outfit~!"

"you weren't wearing that earlier..." Mayu said

"who cares but as punishment you get to be attacked by Milky~" Milky pounced on to Mayu, this made them stumble and fall down on the stage

"owhh~" Mayu was laying on the ground and Milky was was sitting on her

"w-would y-y-ou get o-off, now?!"

"mmmh, noppe~" Then there was a sudden stop in Mayu's breathing, Milky felt this and immediately got off

"Mayyu-san, are you okay?" immediately after Milky got off Mayu pushed Milky flat on the ground and sat on her in between her legs

"this is payback!"

"Mayuyu-san i thought i killed you~~ MWUH~ DON'T EVER MAKE ME WORRIED EVER AGAIN~!" Milky gathered up her strength. She got up and hugged Mayu, everybody wasn't really paying any attention to them, not even Yuki

"M-Milky-c-chan..." break was over and the instructor told everyone to get back in to positions, Mayu heard this and pushed Milky off, Milky could tell that she was embarrassed, Milky got up and went into position. After about an 1 hour or so, it was time to leave everybody was packed up and ready to go. Mayu was busy talking with Milky and Rena, while Yuki was busy talking to Sae.

"BYE-BYE~" everybody was saying bye to each other and they went off through the doors to do some other late night job or to just go home. Since it was a Sunday it was time for Yuki to go to her other job as a radio host, for you guys who don't know every Sunday from 12:00AM-12:30AM Yuki hosts a show called YUKIRIN TIME

[ahh~more late night jobs] Yuki thought as she went in to the car to go to work, as the car drove off. Mayu was saying bye to her juniors and went off to get a taxi. A taxi stopped for her and she went home.

"thanks" Mayu said as she left the taxi, she arrived at her front door and opened it all to see just pitch darkness, she turned on the light, took off her shoes and went inside
[today's a Sunday, that means Yukirin's radio show will be on] Mayu thought as she went inside her room. Mayu turned on her radio and heard Yuki's voice on the radio

"Now it is YUKRIN TIME~YAY~!" Mayu felt relaxed by her voice and started to get ready to go to bed
[mwuh~Yukirin barley was hanging out with me today during practice...oh well..but still i dont know what to do~] Mayu rested on her bed while she still listened to the sound of Yuki's voice, soon enough Mayu was accompanied by pitch black darkness and the sound of muffled voices.
~end of chapter 2~
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Re: Troubles of Love
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Author-san, there are some typos in the chapters - rena appearing out of nowhere, meant to be love tan?
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Re: Troubles of Love
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sorry this was an old fanfic that i didnt publish yet and so i wanted to post it up here but had to change lots of things so sorry for typos~

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Re: Troubles of Love
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I Like This Fic!
this is Mayuki right?
Hope you can update fast

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Re: Troubles of Love
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At first i thought it'll be renamayuki lol but you just mistaken rena's name with lovetan
Mayu i love that side on you please make mayuki author san, onegai ><

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Re: Troubles of Love
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Chapter 3

Yuki got up at her usual time, and went off towards the bathroom. She first washed her face, then brushed her teeth and took a shower. After she took a shower, she got out, she went off to change and put on her make up, it took about 2.5 hours to put on her makeup. It was finally time for her to go, she picked up her bag and went out side of her house and got inside her managers car

After about a few hours, Yuki was done with her part of her schedule

"Ah now i have to get to team b stage concert" Yuki thought. Finally she made it towards AKB theater, she hurried in and changed quickly like all the other members. Mayu spotted Yuki and went over to say hi

"Ah hi Yukirin~"

"Ah hi Mayuyu" Yuki said as she was fixing her makeup

"So..." before Mayu could say anything it was already time for them to go on stage. They performed for what feels like forever, at the end one of the members said that they had announcements

"Ah so today we have some announcements, first we like to thanks Mayuyu for being here with since she first joined" Yuki moved over towards Mayu

"What are they talking about?" Yuki whispered, before Mayu could say anything She was called up front

"So like to say anything Mayuyu?"

"Er yeah, so i will be transferring to Nogi46" After Mayu said this all the fans were screaming, and Yuki was left shocked

"So please keep supporting me even when im not in AKB and thank you for taking care of me" Mayu bowed and went back, the other members came up front and announced some other news as well. After that they headed back towards the dressing room. Yuki and Mayu were halfway until Yuki stopped Mayu

"Why didnt you tell me that you were transferring?" Mayu just ignored the sentence

"Tell me!"

"I didnt want you to freak out and go off being emotionally unstable"

"Im not emotionally unstable, besides that, why did you agree to the transaction?"

"I didnt say yes to it okay, Aki-P  and my manager said it was for the lets hurry up and change" Mayu left. All Yuki could think about was about Mayu leaving her. Throughout the whole day thats what she could only think about, no matter what. At the end of her schedule she went home and just layed down on her bed, she got a text frlm Sae saying that they should hang out tommorow, Yuki thought that it would help get things out of her mond so she said yes

After that she changed out of her clothes and went to sleep.

End of chapter 3
sorry if this is a short chapter
But in the next chapter it will have more and it will be better

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Re: Troubles of Love
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Why Mayu transferring to Nogi  :banghead:
Poor Yuki :cry:

Please hurry update author san :D

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