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Author Topic: mo-chan's OS Collection (WMatsui & MaYuki)  (Read 16868 times)

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mo-chan's OS Collection (WMatsui & MaYuki)
« on: June 28, 2013, 12:59:02 AM »
~One-Shot List~

Kinjirareta Futari (below) -WMatsui
Forgiving The Painful Past (below) -Mayuki
A Kid's First Love (below) -WMatsui

~Kinjirareta Futari~

I don’t know how much hours I was sitting here on this chair watching nothing out the window enough to make it become misty with my breath. The weather outside was miserable like me. The sky was gray and it was raining hardly. I didn’t go out from this empty house. I don’t know if this is a nightmare or not if it I want to wake up from it. But it’s not one. I know that I’m the only one who caused this. I know this what I wanted. It was my plans. But I didn’t know that it will be so hard for me. I didn’t know that I’ll suffer this much when Jurina won’t be next to me every day. Even she is my little sister I loved her. I miss her smiles. I miss her stories. I miss her waking me up from sleeping. I miss the days we have fun. I miss her coming to watch me swimming in the pool. I miss the time when I hear her cheering for me on every competition I do. Now is already a week since her leaving? I really can’t remember. All what we did wasn’t right she is my little sister and it has to end someday. We were happy by ourselves not until that man fall in love with you and enter in our life.

This is what happened several months ago.

It was a day like others I was taking ready to swim.  Jurina put the stand of camera near the pool she wanted to take a picture of the two of us before we begin swimming.

“Parents this side” as the coach said it Jurina rushed in hurry by my side and she put her hand on my shoulder and smiled to me and I smiled back to her. Her smile kind of makes me relaxed before starting swimming.

The swim race begins and I did all my best to arrive the first. Jurina kept only cheering me and jumping here and there and taking pictures of me. After finishing my race I got out of the water. There I saw Jurina talking to young man. He is a tall and skinny one. She was really enjoying herself talking with him. It’s like she knew him from long time ago. Seeing him say we believe he looks like a model output from a magazine.  While walking towards the two of them, I felt my feet heavy and another feeling that I did not understood. When Jurina realized my presence she hurried and she hugged me “Rena-chan is the best!!” She is always acting like child.

“Stop hugging me you’ll get wet” I pushed her shoulder softly and laughing.

“ noo I don’t care we are in summer it doesn’t matter” Jurina kept nagging.

Our funny moment was interrupted by the laugh of that man in front of us. I looked at him a bite confused.

“Aah! I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Masaki Yamato I’m in the same club of taking picture like Jurina nice to meet you Matsui-san” The man named Yamato bowed to me and he extended his hand to shake mine.  I was really confused my mind was full of questions. Who is him? Why he is around my sister? What does he want to do with her? And why he is trying to touch my hand now? And more importantly why he is calling Jurina by her name. My face turned pale I was scared of him and I didn’t know what to do. Until Jurina broke this long silence between us.

“I’m sorry Yamato but Rena-chan has a fear of men” Jurina she made an apology smile to him. I really hate when she become like this do things or apologies for my faults.

“It’s ok.  It’s ok it’s my fault I’m sorry Matsui-san Jurina told me about your accident and that caused to you deafness I’m sorry for what happened to you”

“Yes Rena-chan can read what you’re saying by watching your lip isn’t amazing!!”

“Yes she is she is!!”I was really surprised by knowing that they were this close for Jurina to talk to him about our family’s problem. That what made me think that many things happened and I didn’t know about it.  Jurina was really enjoying talking to him she was really happy.. click here
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Re: [mo-chan's One Shots] -Kinjirareta Futari- (wMatsui)
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2013, 03:31:40 AM »

I'm glad you write new fanfic. It's make my day.

I love all your story. I love wmatsui so much.

So,in this story,rena is deaf. It is interesting to know what happen with rena condition with her life.

I'll be waiting for your next update :-)

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Re: [mo-chan's One Shots] -Kinjirareta Futari- (wMatsui)
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2013, 08:13:02 AM »
Another new WMatsui OS? THANKS!

Like the guy above, I'm also waiting for yer next up~

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Re: [mo-chan's One Shots] -Forgiving the painful past- (Mayuki)
« Reply #3 on: December 12, 2013, 09:17:29 PM »
@gekiragakuen : iya~ it's really makes me happy seeing readers liking my ideas  :roll:
@Ashura : oh ashu where are you??   :?

Forgiving The Painful Past

She remained three months in her room, became so weak and pale that it was thought she was lost. 
She had never asked for details on the death of Yuki. what did it matter? Did not she know enough?
Everyone believes in an accident,but she was not mistaken and she kept this secret in her heart which torturing her.
 The knowledge of adultery,and the vision of this sudden and terrible visit of Police, the day of the disaster.
Behold now her soul was penetrated by tender remembrances,sweet and melancholy, the short love joy Yuki had once given her.
Mayu, invaded by a kind of vague posthumous gratitude for her woman who had held in her arms, forgiving the painful past
 to think only of happy moments.

I know that is really short but I felt like I want to kill Yuki this time and I'll let your imagination to think about it :nervous I wonder if someone will understand from the first  :roll:

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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: [mo-chan's One Shots] -A Kid's First Love- (WMatsui)
« Reply #4 on: December 19, 2013, 08:36:33 PM »
A Kid's First Love

I had already eleven years when I fell in love for the first time. I was entirely drawn by a total and violent passion.  She was seventeen and her name was Rena. Matsui Rena. I could describe its beauty . She has a smooth milky pale skin, long black silky hair and a beautiful angelic face.

 I still remember the first time when we met. It was last year, I was lost and I couldn't find my mother in the shopping center. You were really kind to me and we searched for my mother. Although, we didn't find her you stayed with me till my mother showed up. After that I couldn't find you. I even went to the shopping center but I failed I couldn't find you.

However, after a year I could find her. In my way to home after school. I saw her in a park. She was with a little girl. I guess she is her sister or something like that. She pass by the park let the little girl play and she keeps typing on her phone. When I saw her, I can not describe the emotion that came over me. All I know is that my legs become soft and my heart began to stir fry with such violence that my eyesight is disturbed.

Absolutely determined to seduce her immediately and forever, so that she 'll never make a room for another in her life. But Rena was not a woman to be impressed. I stood there in front of her until my face was streaming with tears. But all the time I try to get noticed, she was looking to her phone without seeming the least bit interested world. Rena did not even gave me a look. I wiped my tears and I was about to speak.

"Onee-chan!!" The little girl rushed to Rena and hugged her.

"Ohh! Sakura-chan you're done playing?" Rena kneeled to the girl named Sakura and she patted her head.

"Un! I wanna continue playing but I feel hungry..."

"Hehe! It's getting late anyway let's go home!" Rena took Sakura's hand she procced to walk but she suddenly stopped. She was looking at me. Finaly,
she noticed me! I'm really happy. I can thank her again about last time. 


"You are Sakura-chan's friend? It's getting late we're going to home because it's getting late. You should go home too. Sakura say bye bye to your friend"

"Bye Bye"

S-she forget about me. She didn't recognise. After the two left I sat on the floor. I don't know but it hurts so much. I feel like there is a hole in my heart...

iyah  I just find this OS :roll:  I wrote this a long time ago  XD yea It's really short again I wonder why my stories are short lately  :catglare:
I hope you'll like it  :P
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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: [mo-chan's One Shots] -A Kid's First Love- (WMatsui)
« Reply #5 on: December 20, 2013, 09:02:25 PM »
jurina remind rena who you are! mou!  :(
thanx for this mo-chan~ :cow: :bow:
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Re: [mo-chan's One Shots]-Her Dance- (Mayuki)
« Reply #6 on: December 25, 2013, 05:09:34 PM »
jurina remind rena who you are! mou!  :(
thanx for this mo-chan~ :cow: :bow:

iiya I'm happy a comment after my failing updates  :cry:
Well, I wanted to make a part 2 when I can lit up the wmatsui problem but it seems it's a failure again this update  :sweatdrop:

well yea I'm back here again I hope that this update will be better than others I know it's short again :sweatdrop:

Her Dance

I used to wander every night through the aisles of our park. I did not like to be locked in my room. so I go for a walk from time to time. I'm Watanabe Mayu, I'm 18 years old, I'm preparing without excessive devotion to my university entrance examinations in the property of my  parents. I'm not that zealous because I really don't have something I really want to do. I was studying because my parents asked me to do so.

 That evening, going down into the garden, I just go through all the alleys. I was really bored. Guided by chance, I walked out of our park. I walked eyes looking at the sky. I thought I heard voices. I threw a glance and a large strange spectacle presented itself to my eyes. A few steps ahead of me, stood a young woman, tall and slender, dressed in a pink dress. People formed a circle around her. She was dancing. She had such an elegance in her movements. I would have given anything for her cute fingers touch my face. I had forgotten everything and devouring my eyes this slender form, these pretty hands and this raven hair.

"Say, little girl, do you think that it is allowed to enter here?" A young man with brown hair cut very short was staring me in an ironical air.
At the same moment the girl turned, she let a soft giggle and smiled to me.

"It's ok Sae-chan let hher be"

"But Yuki"

"Naaah! It's ok"

I flushed piteously and fled at full speed sued by the laughter. Arriving at my room, I threw myself on the bed and hid my face in my hands. My heart was beating like crazy. I felt confused and happy. I was a prey to disorder such as I had never yet experienced. After resting, I wore my pijama and went down have tea. The image of the young girl named Yuki floated in front of me.My heart was sobered but would exquisitely.

"What wrong? You're spacing out." my mother asked me sharply.

I had wanted to tell her everything, but I restrain myself and I just smiled. when I go to bed, I slept like a log.

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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Her Dance (Mayuki)
« Reply #7 on: December 25, 2013, 06:20:48 PM »
pls continue this :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Her Dance (Mayuki)
« Reply #8 on: December 25, 2013, 08:15:27 PM »
mayuyu dreaming about yuki awesome!!  :twothumbs :inlove:
thank you mo-chan~ :cow: :bow:
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Re: Her Dance (Mayuki)
« Reply #9 on: December 26, 2013, 12:08:21 AM »
Momo~~ How cute :3

Mayu should dream about Yuki ~~

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Re: Her Dance (Mayuki)
« Reply #10 on: December 26, 2013, 01:52:10 AM »

Omg the last part is so funny 'i slep like a log'

Please continue update

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I'm not gonna fall in love with a straight girl - part 1 -
« Reply #11 on: January 28, 2016, 07:13:03 PM »
Hiiii!!! mo-chan deeeesuu  :on woohoo:
Long time I didn't come back here since I was too lazy to finish my fanfics  :sweat: Even though I'm still acting lazy as always I have only the first part  I dedicate this fanfic to my girlfriend who is an awesome fanfic author in this community whom you guys may know as Zhen  for her birthday which is 5 months ago..... :on cloudeye:  Better late than never right? :sweat:  so happy belated birthday honey~  :hee:
For whoever is reading this fanfic, thank you very much  :hee:

I'm not gonna fall in love with a straight girl

I closed my eyes and I heaved a huge sigh. I rubbed my aching eyes with the palm of my hand. I looked down at my watch and sighed again. It was 9 pm and I just finished studying. I was supposed to be on holidays but my mother was complaining about how I should study more, how I'm not kid anymore and how I need to act my age. I wasn't really good at studying nor a hard worker. I just study because my parents told me so.

Right…I still didn’t have lunch. I spent the entire day….maybe I’m exaggerating…I mean I spent the entire evening in my room without eating. Another sigh escaped my lips when I thought about the cooking part.

‘Agh…I’m too lazy. No dinner again…. ‘

I stood up from my desk and I walked to open my window as I was stretching. I was looking to the sky and I saw a shooting star. For people living in towns with crisp air and actual dark nights, shooting stars are not uncommon. Unfortunately, Kawagoe City of Saitama prefecture, where I lived fifteen years of my life has neither of those qualities. I moved here with my family when I was 5 years old. I'm originally from Toyohashi of Aichi prefecture and I study abroad. On that night without many stars, the city lights formed a whitish canopy covering the sky. After a few seconds I realized that I saw a shooting star and I childishly thought.

‘Ah ! I must make a wish... '

The wish that appeared in my mind was: ‘I wish I can live my life like I wanted it to be’.

I walked to my room. I reached my desk and I sat on my chair. I turned on the computer.

"Humm ? Agh. A new member ?"

I didn’t want to, but I had to log in the game because I had to interview this new member. I slid my left hand to the corner of my desk to reach my Nerve Gear and I wore it. I moved to my bed and lied down on my bed and I activated the device.

~Welcome To Akiba Online Role-Playing Game~

Akiba Online Role-Playing Game is a VRMMORPG. I have to use the Nerve Gear which is a reality helmet. It stimulates our five senses through our brains so we players can control our characters with our minds.

Akiba is a floating island that has a huge building consisting of 48 floors.Inside there are numerous cities, small towns, forests and lakes. Other than the building, the rest of the island is a dangerous place. Only players of Yankee level can handle it while relying on weapons. But I wasn't like those players. I wasn't aiming for the top as the other players. However, I chose to join a simple club. Or maybe I didn't like fighting. I'm a Yankee level too but i'm not interested like I was before. Aside from battling, there are many scopes of play like cuisine, dancing, writing and singing.
I teleported to the club meeting room. The new member was waiting for me.

‘Another kid.’

New members are always surprised when I mail them saying that I need to interview them first before joining the club. In this world we can be attacked by outsiders so we have to be careful.

" So your name is Matsui Jurina."

" YES~"

‘What was that...’

"I'm the Vice-President, I want to ask you a fe-"

"You're Gekikara?"

‘She's already checking my profile...’


"Wow! Cool"

" are?"

"Center! I'm Center!"

I stopped typing and fixed her. So this is Center. I didn't know she would be this....hyper? I'm just trying not to be rude...not saying that she's a kid and is not acting her age. Wait...what are you talking about Matsui Rena..? I shouldn't judge her by her appearance; maybe this dorky smile is hiding something I can never predict. Oh! I almost forgot she's still here.

I looked to her again and her eyes were wide open, mouth agape.

 ‘Now she thinks I'm crazy...’

"Okay... I paused a while.. when I saw that you and I are of the same age..." She said

‘She's stalking my profile again....'

" Really? I didn't know."

I already know everything about Center about her age and she prefer. She's pretty famous lately in battling.

"Waaah! I never knew too!"

" were thinking I was older!?"

‘God! I said what I was thinking aloud....’

She let out a giggle and her lips curved into a cat smile.

"Maybe~" She stuck her tongue out.


"Or it's just me!."

She said as she kept giggling. She tried to suppress her giggling, but ended up bursting into a loud laughter.


"Sorry I can't HAHA stop HAHA laughing"

I closed my laptop as I thought it wasn't needed.

"I'm going to skip the interview part. Since I already know you. "



‘Are you ok...?’

"What do u want to ask?"


"Am I a girl? Well...the last time I checked... yes. HAHA"


"Sorry. I'm a bit hyper.... HAHA"

"Yeah....I can see that..."

‘She's really weird. I think she's trying to be funny?’

She suddenly stopped laughing and said "Okay...I have to stop with my hyperactivity. Sorry I was annoying...somehow I feel like a kid.. hehe"

"No. It's fine"

‘You're not annoying compared to Yuuko-san...’

I told myself as I mentally facepalmed.

"I'm sure everyone will love you. "

‘Since you are the great center.’

"Especially Yūko-san."

"Yuuko...mhum..I heard this name before."

"She's t-"

"I know her!"

‘I was cut again...’

"I didn’t see her battling in a long time!!"

"Yes..she's busy with her life. Real life."

Tears run from her eyes and she knelt on the floor.


‘She was just laughing so she's crying....she's really weird.’

"It's common nowadays that people are in the guild. I quit battling too."

"Ehhhhh!! You tooo!? Whyy"

"Don't know. Maybe I'm lazy"

"Being lazy is not an excuse to stop battling." She pouted.

"Errr....I do sometimes. Occasionally with everyone. "

"I can gets busy sometimes. You don't feel like doing things you used to do."


‘Finally. She can talk normally.’

"Why are you laughing?"

"'s called smiling..."

"It's the same! "

"....if you say so. Anyway, don't forget to put on your uniform and welcome to our Team"

And that was the first time we met.

As I predicted, in the club everyone liked Center. She was really good at making friends. She had many fans in our group. Many members wanted to be friends with her too. They were surprised by her childish personality. She was always fooling around, making jokes and praising herself all the time. When members went outside for battling, she would stay and chat with me. Usually, Paru would be staying in the corner and checking her equipment. When she saw that Center comes everyday to talk to me, she stopped coming to her corner. I didn't really care about that. Center was keeping me company and it was fun talking to someone instead of sitting alone, checking members’ documents and making events to entertain the everyone in the club. She was not really a talkative person.  I'd rather say that she's a clingy kid who enjoys hugging so much. I knew many things about her. Her family, what she likes, what she hates or what annoys her. Even things like her rarely getting mad or sad and the fact that she's the person who makes jokes in order to avoid problems or simply ignores them.

One day I was sitting on one of the chairs in the meeting room and reading a book so I can add more levels in cuisine. It was a quiet day. Center didn't show up for two days. I was really bored. I started to get used to her presence with me. I was a bit worried too. But I didn't wanna think too much about it and I focused on the book. I suddenly heard someone calling me.


"!?'s you surprised me." I sighed.

"Center desu~~" she said as she hugged me tightly. "I miss you~ so much~"


‘It's been only 2 days...’ I told myself as I rolled my eyes.

"Hey! I saw what you did ! Center was really sick. You don't even miss me!?"

She said as she started crying dramatically like a kid.

"Errr....I did miss you. "

" Really?!" She jumped as her eyes were shining as if she wasn't crying a second ago.

"Yeah rea-"

"Then give me a kiss Rena-chan~" She placed her arms around my neck and leaned closer to me.

"In your dreams! " I answered while blocking her lips by pushing my hand on her face.

"Hidoi~ I'm sick and you weren't gentle with me~ Rena-chan doesn't like me. She doesn't miss me..."

" Errr..."

" She doesn't wanna give me a kiss...Even though she was the one who kissed me without me asking her..."

No! It's not what it looks like. I mean it's not what you are thinking about right now. I was just teasing her because she was really cute when all shy and blushing. It makes me wanna kiss her again....what am I talking about....Ugh no. Never. You hear me Matsui Rena! Yeah..don't ever think about it.

"She doesn't like me and she's ignoring me."

"Err I like you. You already know that. "

"It's too late."

"Okay. "I shrugged and went back to my book.



"Rena-chan~I miss you~~"

‘So fast...’

Center was as clingy as always back hugging me and bored.



"Can I invite someone here?"

"Of course. New members are always welcomed. "



" I don't want to add more work for you..."

"Hum? What do you mean? "

"Last week you were interviewing many members. That's why....let me interview my friend! "

‘Huh? She's worried about me?’

I closed the book while laughing and turned to look at her.

"What's so funny! " She pouted.

"If you want so I'll be happy if you interview your friend~"

"Stop laughing~"

‘I'm just happy, idiot.’
  "Hai~ Hai~"

Days passed and my holidays were over. I had to go back to France to finish my semester. I started getting busy again with classes and assignments. I could only play the game only on weekends. It didn't make me stop texting Jurina. Well that's the only thing I could do. Only texting. Even though we didn't have much time, since the difference between France and Japan was 8 hours. But Jurina kept waking up in the middle of a night just to text me...well not only to text me. She would say that she's working on her assignments and she can only work at that time. I warned her many times about it and that it's not good for her health, but she wouldn't listen to me and keep waking up at 2 or 4 am to text me.

It was Saturday so I connected via my helmet and was teleported to the ground where our members can have a Training. I usually stay here to watch members because they can.....start fighting...Yeah I know it's tiring... I walked in and I saw that Jurina was training with Airin.

"Rena-chan!" Jurina run and hug me as usual.

"Can't you call me Gekikara like everyone? "

" But I prefer calling you Rena-chan~"

"Hai..hai.." as I heaved a sigh while patting her head.

"What were you doing?" She asked.

"I just finished eating lunch. "

"Ah I see. "

"Un. Are you ok?"

" Hum?"

"You're still coughing?"

" Mmm..I think I'm ok....but I'm not."

".....Decide between if you're okay or not." I told her as I facepalm.


".....I'm still here...."

" Oh! Sorry.  Hey Airin."

" Tsk. Why don't you date already."


" I wonder too~" Jurina smiled widely.

Why don't they stop talking about nonsense...

"You're so in love both of you~" she said while nodding.

"Rena-chan ~  Stop falling for me will ya~"


‘When was that...’

" Don't be shy Gekikara~"

" I have to go to my office...."

"Rena-chan ~ wait for me~"

I walked inside my office running away from those kind of conversations. When people talk like this, there's really no point in denying anything; it will only make them talk more. I watched members training through the windows from the building and she kept calling my name. I didn't answer her because I was...

"Rena-chan ~"


"Rena-chan ~"


Jurina grabbed my arm and made me turn to face her.

"Why you're ig-....."

She didn't finish her words as her eyes were wide open. Yet soon her lips parted, showing white teeth and even wrinkles appeared around her eyes. She was grinning.

"Rena-chan...don't tell me you're shy~" She giggled."So are we dating ~ ?" I rolled my eyes "Yes, we are dating Jurina, for two years."

"HAHA. I thought we met 2 months ago. "


"You're blushing! HAHA."

"Just..shut up"

"Awwh you're so cute Rena-chan ~"

I was in the training ground again. I was bored. Jurina had a family dinner so I was alone. I was feeling a bit sad. At first I didn't know why. But then I knew what is it: I miss her. I miss that koala. Yes I do call her koala because she's too clingy.  Only two members were in training. I couldn't tell if Paru was training or she was not. Her back was facing me, I wasn't sure. 

"What the hell is this shit!"

'What was that.....'

I looked at Peace who was walking in circles.

'Maybe she was talking to herself.'

" I wanted to say that Yuria!!!!"

"!?" I nearly fall when I jumped from my place as I heard someone yelling next to me.

"Bad luck...."

" You scared me Nezumi...At least say something when you show up..."

" What happened Mayu?" Paru asked her as she walked towards us.

"A drunk man hit my motorbike with his car.... No bike for 3 weeks"

" Break his arm, Nezu!!" Peace was yelling away a few meters from us.


" I would do that for real, if this man didn't settle this for me."

" Even after fixing it, it won't be the same as before." I said.

"My baby...." Mayu looked quite depressed so I patted her shoulder and I told her that it will be fixed soon.

"I need comfort from Jurina...."

'What was I doing then...'

"Jurina is napping at this time."

I wasn't lying...technically she would always take a nap at this time. But she has a family dinner today. I just wanted to keep it to myself....

"Yeah, I know everything about Jurina~"


"JuriMayu~" Paruru said

"CenNezu~" I added as I rolled my eyes.

"I take Jurina drugs~"

"Jurina's drugs are everywhere..." I sighed.

"Is it yours too?" Mayu looked at me but then I ignored her question.

" Rena?"


'Paruuuu you're my savior'

" I heard Jurina is buying you some skilled weapons."

"Yeah...but I already told her that she doesn't have to.."

"Who? Who? Jurina is bullying whoo~?"

"Buying not bullying Mayu..." Paru said and I facepalmed.

" Oh buying" Mayu reacted as her lips drew an 'o' and she added "Blind~ My baby blind me~"

'You mean deaf...'

" Look how important Rena is to Jurina.... She's ready to sacrifice her money!!"

'Why make it look so dramatic when it's not...And I'm not the first friend Jurina would sacrifice her money to.'

" Agh! I'm so jealous! "

".....Okay...let's stop talking about that Koala."

" We're talking about her because she's awesome! " Mayu smiled.

" Okay...."

" She might be your Koala.....but she's my angel. " Said Mayu lovingly.

'This...remind me of something....'


Jurina heaved a sigh. She wasn't herself that day. Looked like something is wrong with her. But I didn't really ask her about anything. I don't like forcing people to tell about their problems or things.

"I really really really hope..."


' I wonder what happened? She even repeat really three times.'

" I really hope that Mayu is not in love with me."

"What happened? " I asked calmly.

'Whaaaaaat like really!? MAYU? The picky Mayu...nah dun believe.'

"I don't know....she told me about things that are stressing her."

"Well...that doesn't make her in love with you." I said as I rolled my eyes.

"I don't know. "

~End of Flashback~

"Rena likes it."


" I said...Rena likes it when people talk about Jurina."

"Eh? What!? What!!? No! I don't know what are you talking about Paruru."

"Time to go sleep~"

"But it's still early Mayu."

"I have work tomorrow Haruka~"

"Oh work."

"Un. If Jurina comes, tell her that Mayu misses her. If she doesn't belie-"

"I already recorded!" Paru flashed a smirk.

'She can be scary sometimes....'

" TADAIMAA!" The person shouted happily while opening her arms. It didn't last for too long as she crossed her arms around her stomach. "I'm so hungry" She

'She will never change....'

I looked at the new figure as she called my name and Paruru's.

"I miss you guys so much~" she hugged both us.

" Yuuko-san! "

" I can't breathe...."

"As always you don't like anything that comes from me, your best friend. I know that you don't like hugs. I don't really care! Once we meet I'm going to bear hug you."

"Who said I'll let you hug me in reality!"

'Yeah....I know it's unbelievable....Yes, it's our president.'

"You're so cute! Tsundere as always~"

She kept talking about how much I'm cute and how she wants to hug me for 24 hours. I know. It's annoying.

"Nee~? I got a double portion of pasta, burger patty meat and extra spicy tomato sauce~ My stomach was longing for this~~"

'Nobody really asked you....'

" I should go now~ My homeworks are waiting for me~ Of course food comes first~ Ja nee~"

'So fast as always...'

" Bye bye~" Paruru waves to Yuuko.

I let a sigh as I looked around.

"Where's everyone? "

"Only the two of us are left."

"Yeah. Where's Peace?"

"I don't know. She just disappeared as always." Paru answered.

"Oh....I'm bored. "

"Go talk with Jurina."

" Hum?"

" I'm a boring person anyway. "


"Jurina is busy anyway, I can't talk with her."

" So you're only talking to me when Jurina is sleeping....?"


"You know that both of us know that you are not boring. And I never said that. "

" I said that."

'I don't know where this conversation is going to lead us...'

" But I only have Paru here."

"Liar. You have Airin."

'I think she's getting me wrong....and why she's talking about Airin...?'

~Flashback ~

I was sitting on a chair close to the window and I was typing informations about new members.

" Rena-san! "

" Yes?"

" Would you become my girlfriend? "



 Another day I was in my office. I don't remember what I was doing but it was related to the club activities.

"Rena-san! Would you go out with me? "

" No."
I was in the training ground having a discussion with President about the team things. Airin popped up.

"Rena-san! Would yo-"


"Can yo-"


"Aghhh. At least I want a kiss!!"

"No! Don't want to!"

I was trying to escape from her and a flying kick hit Airin sending her to the sky.

"That will give you a lesson for making people do what you want against their will."


~End of Flashback ~


" I was just a replacement. "


'I was a replacement too? When Otabe is not around.' I thought as I rolled my eyes.



"I'm sorry. I know it's not going to be seen by others. "


"Don't mind me."

" Okay....If you want to talk about something, then let it out."

" No. It's not good to be seen by others."

"Others? You mean the club members? "

' But nobody's here...'

" Un. They will stay away from me. So it's not good. I have nothing more to say....for now. "

"Okay..but I wanna tell you something that everyone loves you here Haruka. And nobody will judge you."

Paru smiled. It's pretty rare to see her smile but she did.This was a good sign.

"I think...that's why Yuuko-san says you are lovable. "

"I guess yeah..hehe"

‘Sometimes...I can't catch up with Paruru…’

It was getting a bit dark in Akiba, so members went back to do their things. I was about to go to my office someone grab my arm and prevented from walking. It was Yuuko. Paruru was standing behind her. It looked like she is trouble.


“Huh?” I was confused. “I’ll leave Paruru in your care!”


“Onegai~ I don’t really have time right now~ I have to go now! Bye Bye~” Yuuko clapped her hands.

“wai-!” I sighed as Yuuko log out. I looked Paru, she was looking down and tearing silently. I didn’t know what to do. So I proceeded to scratch my head.

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! What’s wrong Paruru!?”

“Not so loud Jurina….” Jurina Hugged Paru as soon as she saw her crying.

“What’s wrong Haruka?”

“Kev-kun…” Paru mumbled.


“I lost Kev-kun”
Kev is Paruru’s pet. Each player can have their own pet in the game. Sometimes in some battles your pet can run away if they get scared.

“There there dun cry we’re gonna look for Kev-kun! Right Rena-chan~? ~” She patted her head.

“Errr…Why I have to go? You can both of you look for it. And I guess you have an idea where is he in the map.”

“Because Yuuko-senpai said so!” She smiled as I let a heavy sigh. “You were here from the beginning….”


“It’s in  Kuro’s Jungle”

“Ehhhhhh!! Why there!?” Jurina said as she facepalm.

When I think about Kuro’s Jungle is dangerous in dark. It can be tough for a new member in Akiba to fight Childs. Childs are creatures living in Kuro’s Jungle. Their class was not versed in offensive magic from the start. Compared to other classes of the same level, the attack magic that Childs could dish out by themselves was very weak; this was a fact known to everyone. The skill that Haruka have can let her wins over Childs even in their strongest form. Because it won’t cause her much damage.

“I was looking for new ingredients to update my level in cuisine but a monster popped out from nowhere and kidnapped Kev-kun….I tried to fight but the monster was too strong for me so I went back her….”

After hearing the story, Jurina crossed her arms and started to groan. "Hmm, it is a strange case." "How so? It's just that Paruru happened to be weaker to this Child, isn't it?" Airin said who came from nowhere.

‘Great…..more fun….’

 "No, it is strange." Jurina uncrossed her arms and clapped her hands. "Lately, players have been talking about this mysterious monster. Anybody would cross the river in Kuro’s Jungle this monster will show up and beat them all. It makes me thing if is there anything suspicious inside because they never mention about it in Akiba."
 As Jurina explained a serious look, a suspicion was raised in my head. I know Satoshi can be particularly diligent in finding out such trivial knowledge, but isn't she learning a bit too much? Considering she's only been in Akiba for less than 4 months.
"How'd you know about this stuff?"

"Well, I was sneaking into some bars of Silver Army. I was too bored and I was missing Rena-chan~ I had to distract myself~” She said as she hugged me.

“Okay…..” I said.

"What~ You don’t like it when I miss you~” Jurina pouted.

“Enough you love birds! We have to find Kev-kun first”

“It’s not fair Airin~”

‘I didn’t even say anything….’

 As a result of Jurina’s interrupting, Paruru took a step backwards. Noticing this, I cleared my throat and said, "Well, it must be a new monster the server created and wanted to surprise us with. Anyway, it’s getting dark, I have to go back to my office I have work waiting for me." I stood up from the bench I was sitting on. I felt someone grab my shoulder. I turned and saw Paru, who had somehow approached me from behind without me realizing.

 "Please wait!"

 “I'm curious about it!” Upon seeing Jurina's close-up face, I winced. "What is it now?"
  “I want to see what kind of monster is it.”

"So? You and Airin are more enough to help Haruka…."

“Buuuu~ you’re no fun Rena-chan!” Jurina pouted.


"I'm really curious about it." She said as she advanced forward, forcing me to move back I now realized that I was looking at her true self. Especially her large energetic looking eyes, which are in contrast to her overall appearance. "

“Okay…. Let’s go then.” I let another sigh.


The wind blew a bitter chill past the dying trees; it moved with the leaves and dragged them away unwillingly from the ground. The floor was damp and stagnant with the odour of decomposing wood. The Jungle seemed to never end with tall silhouettes shadowing the ground, ravens circling overhead. It was really dark but we had to keep going and look for Paru’s Pet. I had invoked the spell of invisibility so we would waste more time with Childs.

“Waaah~ I’m tired ” Jurina wined as she opened wide her arms.

“Maybe we should take a break?” I suggested.


“I think w-“
As I was about to continue, Jurina and Airin glanced sideways. Following her glance, I saw Paruru. "... Ugh." With her mouth tightly shut, and her fists clutching her skirt, she glared upwards at me.
I subconsciously took a step backwards away from her. Glancing alternately between Airin and Haruka, I nodded softly towards them.

“Okay then! Let’s divide into two groups. Airin?”


“You go with Paru. I will take a break with Jurina.”

“Ehhhh! But I want to s-“ Haruka didn’t let her finish what she wanted to say as she dragged her inside the dark forest.

I opened my floating tablet to continue my reports and more exactly to distract myself from this odd feeling around me that I wouldn’t want to understand.

“Wow~ This guy is really hot~~ Look! Look! Rena-chan~ He’s host right!”

“Mmmm. I don’t know.”


“I can’t tell if he’s hot or not…if you want get an answer from me then I’d say he’s not.”

“Haa? Soo?”


“Souka. Now I remember. Rena said that she doesn’t get with guys.”

“Hehe Yeah Sometimes.”

“Maybe if you show me a girl it would be better~ I mostly like cute people hehe”

“HO! Don’t tell me you are~” Jurina said Jokily.




“It’s nothing.”

“Un…..Are you-”


“Un. I was about to ask you if you are okay so we could catch the girls though...”

“Oh. Un”

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