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Author Topic: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 12 Finally UPDATED!  (Read 23436 times)

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The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 12 Finally UPDATED!
« on: October 09, 2013, 01:11:45 PM »
I am a new writer. So if my work is not good enough, I am sorry. Anyway enjoy my new and first fanfic. And pls sorry if my grammar is not good enough

It was just like always an ordinary day. The sky was blue. The bird was chirping. The wind was blowing gently. And I was in the school to study. I was studying in a private high school as I didn't really like government school. So I asked my mum to enroll me to a private school. It was quite big for an ordinary school. Sometimes I would get lost in the school. It was quite frustrated for me because I was a genius after all. Nah... Just kidding. I hoped I can be one too but i wasn't.

'Watanabe-san, are you listening to me?' A girl was asking me. Not an ordinary girl, my class rep. She was quite annoying sometimes.

'Yes.... Yes.... I am listening, Kashiwagi-san. What are u talking about again?' Yes, her name is Kashiwagi Yuki, a super annoying class rep. To my unfortunate, my presentation partner was her.

'Mou.... You didn't listen to me at all. How am I suppose to catch your attention?'
'Don't know.... The thing that I only know is the school is over now. Do u know about it?'

'That is why we are using this time to do our presentation. We are going to present it on this Thursday but we haven't done anything yet. How are we going to present it?'

'First of all, it is just Monday. We have much time to do it. And second, my friend is waiting for me. So, bye. I am going to back now. Just message me what I have to do.'

'Wait!!!! Watanabe-san!!!!! Jeezzzzz......Then he goes again. The teacher is going to kill me if I haven't finish it again.'

I just walked away from her. Finally, my freedom had came. I walked to my locker and took the book that I need to study on that day. After finish packing, I walked to the school gate and I saw two of my friends was there. I bet that they were complaining as I promised them to go to the game center.

'Watanabe Mayu!!!!!!!! Do u know what time is now? We wait for an hour already!!!!' One of my friend, Sasshihara Rino was shouting at me. I think my face had all his saliva already. I had to wipe my face again.

'Mayu, where the hell did you go? Did u lost again? If u lost again, I am quite disappointed because u have studied here for a year and u got lost every time.' Another friend of mine, Matsui Jun was quite angry now. Maybe he forgot to take his happy pill because he was quite easy going. He didn't care anything except for his mark.

'Okay.... Okay...... Easy tiger.... My class rep caught me to have a discussion. I thought two of you saw it. My treat later, okay? And where is Yuko?' Well I supposed to meet three of them but now i could see two of them only. And for your information, Jun, Rino and I are in the same class. As for Yuko, he was senior. Sometimes he would hang out with us.

'Hahahahahahahaha.... Hahahahahahaha....' Rino was laughing until his tears were flowing out. I was quite confused for his sudden laugh.

'Well.... I didn't know we can trick Mayu that easy. By the way, thanks for your treatment. As for your information, I bet Yuko went to do something as he is boring.' What? I didn't know that they were tricking me.

'You two dead meat..... How dare you---'

'Hey! Mayu you are here. What take you so long? And why Sasshi is laughing so hard?' I wasn't able finish my sentence because of Oshima Yuko, my own only oshiri brother turned out of sudden with a ice cream. He must went to the near-by convenient store.

'Yo! Yuko! I was caught by my class rep for a discussion. Guys let's go if u want to go to the center. If not my mum won't let me out again.'

'Eh? The class rep caught u again? I think she has a crush on you. If not why would she always catch you?' Yuko asked me out of sudden when we were going to.... Actually I didn't really know where were we going now because we were not using the same route but I just ignored it. I don't think that they would bring me to an unknown place.

'Crush huh? I hope it is not because she is super annoying. I bet if I ask Jun and Rino, they will not choose her to be their girlfriend.'

'No thanks. I would like to have Lovetan to be my girlfriend. I won't choose her.' As always loyal to his girlfriend. Rino had her girl, Ota Aika. Quite a nice girl actually.

'No thanks I would rather to choose Rena' Jun also had her girl already. Her girlfriend is Matsui Rena. They are not siblings. So don't worry. Rena is also Yuki' best friend. So I think Jun will always hear about her. I think I am the only one don't have girlfriend. Maybe not because Yuko had his crush only. His crush is Kojima Haruna.

'Mayu, you actually asking for hit. Don't you already know they have their girl already. So don't ask them. They will only remind us that they have their girlfriend already. But I heard the Kashiwagi girl is quite popular in your grade. I though you will have a crush on her.' The two of them just ignored him as Yuko always jealous of them because he is a coward.

'No, I am not asking for hit. You are the one asking for hit....'

'Yuko don't you know already the three of us are popular in our grade but we are not playboy. You also know that Mayu will not easily have crush on someone. He likes 2-D girl than 3-D girl.' Yeah Jun is right. I am an otaku after all. But I denied the part that I was popular.

'Anyway, why are we at my house now? Aren't we going to the game center?' As I just realized that I was standing in front of my house.

'Yup!!! We are going after we have our dinner in your house.' The three of them said in the same time. I just thought that they tricked me again as we were not going to any where if I am in my house.

We entered my house and I greeted my mum as she was in the kitchen preparing for the dinner. The three of them were quite happy when they see the dinner was ready. When my mum saw them, she was quite happy. She even prepared more food for them. I thought the ordinary one will be angry if she see that many guest in the house. I just went back my room. It was quite ordinary but a lot of manga and action figures. I even had a specific shelf just for them. As usual, I went to have a nice and warm bath. After bathing, I went to the kitchen to have dinner. I saw my mum was still preparing food. So I thought she would not know that I am going out to have fun. When I was thinking, she suddenly came out from the kitchen. When she saw my clothes, she asked where I am going. I just told her and she just let it go this time because the boys were here. So I was save but I was sure I would be dead when I am back. After having our dinner, we went to the game center and had some fun. Around 9, we decided that we have to go back home. So I just bid my goodbye. When I was going home, I heard some loud argument. So I decided to check it out.

'Go out now!!!! You haven't pay the rent for four months. How am I suppose to help you?' The woman was scolding the young teen girl. I think the girl is around my age. So I decided to ignore but the girl is catching my attention. She looked familiar to me. So I just continued watching the scene.

'Pls aunt..... My mum is going to pay you. She just forget to pay for me. Pls let me stay here. You can't kick me out.' The young teen girl is begging the woman. I think the woman is the girl's aunt as she was calling her aunt.

'Stop begging me, Kashiwagi Yuki!!!! Your mum didn't even want you to live or study in Tokyo. Why would she pay for you?' What the girl is my class rep? That was why the girl looked familiar to me. I didn't know she is living by herself. By the way, where did she come from?

When I was in my own thought, a sudden loud thud took me back to the scene. I saw the woman just closed her door and left Yuki outside. Yuki just stood up and wiped her face as she was crying for a while. As a gentleman, I can't ignore her. So I just went to her and help her to keep her things back to the luggage. She didn't even bother to look who am I. After keeping all the things, she just said thanks and went away.

'Kashiwagi-san....' I called her out of sudden. I didn't really know why I did. She just turned to me with an emotionless face. It is unusual to see her like that. I just went to her and embraced her. She just let me hug but she didn't do anything.

'It is okay to cry.' As soon as I finished my sentence, I felt warm liquid on my chest as my shirt was covered with her tears. She just cried silently on my chest.
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Re: The feeling (Mayuki)
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2013, 02:51:09 PM »
errrr is there's chapter 2 then~

sweet mayu is a gentleman...just how far he will help yuki... will he let yuki live with him together? sweet

please update soon

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki)
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next update please!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki)
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2013, 05:42:40 PM »
that stupid aunt! who in their right minds kicks a child out onto the street and is their niece! :angry:
mayuyu such a sweet guy :cathappy:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
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The feeling (Mayuki) Chapter 2 & 3
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2013, 11:54:17 AM »
Thanks for your all comment.

Chapter 2
After a while, she stopped crying and I brought her to a nearby park to have some rest as we were standing for..... I didn't really knew how many hours we were standing. The only things that I knew is my shirt was wet now and a girl who didn't have a place to stay was sitting beside me. After a while, I decided to break the silence.

'Kashiwagi-san, are u okay now?' She just nodded. 'What are u going to do after this?' This time was worse. She didn't even answer just like a statue sitting beside me.

Then, I only realized that she was only wearing a thin shirt and a blue jean. It is quite cold now. So, I just lent her my jacket but she didn't take it. I didn't have many choice. I just insist her to wear it. After wearing, I just realized how late was it but I couldn't let a girl sitting in a park. I couldn't guarantee her safety.

'You can go home if you want. I am okay now.' She realized that I keep watching the time.

'Sorry. For your information, you are a girl and I can't let you stay at here. I can't guarantee you are safe in here.'

'Don't worry I will find some place to sleep. Now you go home.'

Instead of arguing with her, I just dragged her with me. I also took the luggage along. She kept on shouting to let her go but after a while, she stopped shouting as she just realized we get some weird stare from the passenger. I just dragged her to my house as I remembered that my house have a spare room. My mum is going to rent to earn some money. I thought she could stay at there. As for the rent, I would try to beg my mum to decrease for her. After a long journey, I finally reached my home. I unlocked the door. And saw my brother was grinning at me. I knew what was the grin meant but I didn't bother much.

'Yuuta, is your brother come back?' My mum shouted from the living room as she was watching her favorite show that I didn't bother to know what was it about. Yuuta was my younger brother. He was 16 as he was younger than me one year. He studied in another high school as he wanted to follow his friend. It was not a problem for him at all as he was a genius after all.


'Yes, I am home' as I interrupted him from saying something nonsense.

'And he brought back a girl.' As soon as the last word finished, both of my parents came out from the living room.

'I didn't know Mayu. You have a girlfriend. And you are dare enough to bring her back.' My mum was really angry now.

'Mayu.... My son you don't have to have a girlfriend that early. And why did u bring her back?' Okay I didn't know my dad was home. He was quite busy everyday. I only saw him at home twice a day.

'Uno...... Hello uncle and aunty. Nice to meet you. I am Kashiwagi Yuki. I am not Watanabe-san's girlfriend. I am just Watanabe-san's classmate. I don't really know him and he just dragged me here out of sudden.' How could she say that I drag her here out of sudden? But thanks to her both of my parents were relieved from the tension. My brother just signed disappointedly.

'I dragged her here because she didn't have a place to stay as her aunt just kicked her out. I was thinking that she can use the room that mum want to rent. So it is okay?' As soon as I finished my sentence, I saw Yuki's expression turned into a shocked one. The ordinary and annoying class rep was back. My dad and my brother just went away after I explained the situation.

'Uhm...... Mayu, I think it is okay for her to stay but I don't think that she can pay for the rent. Except you want to help her pay.'

'No, I am not going to pay for her but mum can you decrease the rent just for her sake. If you want a reason that why should you decrease the price, I can give you one perfect reason. Because she is a student and you are kind to help her right?' After I finished, my mum was still in dilemma.

'Aunty, if u can't let me rent, I will try to sleep in other place.'

'Okay I have decided. You can stay here and the price is free but you have to do something in return.' Yuki and I were shocked. I didn't know my mum was that kind.

'What.... What was it?' She shuttered. I think she got the wrong idea. I bet she was thinking that my mum wanted her to sell some organ.

'Oh you can help my son Mayu to revise his work in return. As you know Mayu's result is not good enough. So please help him.' I stunned as I was going to have someone to interrupt my moment. And took away my precious freedom.

'Okay deal. I can help you with that.' No..... My precious freedom. I lost now. I am going to have a good time with this annoying girl. Now I started to regret to help her.

'Okay. Mayu bring her to her room. After that, u are going to get your punishment.' My mum said and left us there. My brother was grinning at me.

I just did what my mum order. After finish helping her, I went to my mum room to get my punishment and went to sleep as it was quite late already.

Chapter 3
The next day
'Mayu, let's go. Stop doing your homework.' Jun said. He wanted me to stop doing my homework. Normally we would not meet at lunch because they were having their lunch with their girlfriend. I was the lone guy. So I ate alone. It was unusual for me that Jun and Rena were hanging around with me in lunch break.

'Wait..... Just one more question. I will go. You can go to the roof top with Rena if you don't want to wait. You also can have some lone time with her. Isn't this one stone kill two bird?' I was doing my math homework as I didn't want to do it at home. I knew that I would not have enough time to do because my mum gave me a load of revision books to do for my punishment.

'I can't have my lone time with her if I didn't take u there.' He said desperately as I just finished my last question.

'Okay.... Okay.... Let's go. I just finished the question. So we can go now.' I put down my pencil and didn't bother to arrange the books.

We went to the rooftop together. I saw Rena sat there peacefully. The rooftop didn't have any bench. So we just can have our lunch by sitting on the floor. It is quite cool today. So I don't think it is a problem to have lunch here. When Jun saw his girlfriend, he just went to her and hugged her. As I told Jun, he should come here earlier to have their lone time.

'Mayu, why are you standing there? Aren't you going to have lunch with us.' He said while intertwining their fingers. I just walked to them and sat down to have my lunch.  They also sat down to have their lunch too.

'Waiting for you two done you business.' I just finished my sentence and I could see Rena blushed hardly. 'Anyway, why did two of you want to have lunch with me?'

'Mayu-kun, I am here to thanks for helping Yuki.' As expected, Rena would be the first one to know about this.

'What did you do, Mayu? Why must Rena thank you?' I was quite surprised that Rena hadn't told Jun about anything yet.

'Eh? Mayu didn't tell you about Yuki is living in Mayu's house now?' Jun looked like a lost puppy. It was funny to see him like that.

'It is okay. You don't have to thank me. You should thank my mum. But I have some question that I want to ask. Can I ask you?' I couldn't answer my question, I decided that I should ask Rena since she was Yuki's best friend.

 'Yes, you can.'

'Where did Yuki come from? Why is she living alone with her aunt?'

'Okay I can tell you what I know only. Yuki came from Kagoshima. She came to Tokyo to study but her mum didn't want her to come. So she decided to take the enroll exam secretly. She didn't think that she can enroll into our school by scholarship. She told her mum about this and her mum was quite angry after knowing Yuki took the enroll test secretly. Her mum didn't have any choice and let her come here. That is all I know.' After she finish explaining, I started to understand Yuki situation. I started have a pity feeling.

'Mayu, you just broke the record. This is the first time that I see Rena talk to my friend this long. Congratulation Mayu.' Suddenly, Jun talked. After he finish his sentence, he just got hit right on his face from Rena.

'Thanks for the information and the hit, Rena. I think we should go back to our class now. The bell is going to ring. Bye, I will go first!' I just left the couple because I think they should have their lone time. I also wanted to have some lone time to think something.

To be continued
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Re: The feeling (Mayuki)
« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2013, 12:17:18 PM »
kyaaa you update this
mayu mom's were so kind...letting yuki living there free paid...just need to help with mayu's study...
and maybe somday in the future,mayu;s mom want yuki paid more...maybe she want yuki to marry her son hahahahaha

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki)
« Reply #6 on: October 14, 2013, 04:36:45 AM »
nice Mayuki

please continue ASAP


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The feeling (Mayuki) Chapter 4
« Reply #7 on: October 15, 2013, 03:57:33 PM »
@Terragen: Hahaha..... Thx for the idea.

@Archer1992: thx for reading.

Okay maybe this chapter will be short......

Chapter 4
The same day
After school ended, I went back home as fast as I could because I  have a bunch of homework need to give back to my mum by tomorrow evening. After arriving, knowing that my mum would not at home. I went to my room and took a bath. Then, started to do the work. I paid all of my concentration on the work and didn't realize what time it was. Finally, I finished my burden homework or should I say punishment and I felt very tired. So, I just decided to sleep but.....

'Watanabe Mayu! Come down now. You have to eat your dinner.' My mum shouted. Seriously when did she come back if she didn't come back home, I would have some nice sleep. Having no choice. I just went down to have my dinner. When I went to the dining room. The first person I saw was my little bothersome brother. Again the irritated grinning face.

'Yo! Mayu! Where is your girlfriend?'

'She is not my girlfriend. Didn't you hear yesterday? Or are u deaf?' Feeling quite irritated with his words.

'Oh really? You took her back out of sudden. And why did you care her so much?' He was firing back. I should control my emotion better next time.

'Enough, Yuuta! Go back to your room if you have finished your dinner. You didn't improve in this semester. I hope you can improve in next term.' I smirked at him. He just went back to his room with a disapproving face.

'Mayu, Yuuta is right. Yuki didn't come back until now. Do you know where did she go?' I just realized what time is it. It was 8 at night.

'Okay. I will go and find her later. Can I have my dinner now?' After saying that, I quickly finished my dinner and went out to find her.

I went all over the place that she might be. I even called Jun to ask Rena where could she possible at as I didn't have Rena's phone number. I went all over the places but still couldn't find her. Then, I realized that I haven't go to the school to check. I went to the school. The school gate was closed. I couldn't go into the school because the guard was there and I had to know the school gate password. When I was thinking for an idea, the guard came to me and asked me why I was there. Having no choice. I told him that I just took a night walk. Then I walked away. I walked and walked. Then, I remembered there was a hole around the back of the school. So I went there and hoped that I could pass through. And finally I was in the school. I have a few wounds on my elbow which created when I was trying to crawl into the school. I didn't mind it and just walked to my classroom to check it out. Finally found her in my classroom.

'Kashi----' when I wanted to call her, I realized she was sleeping peacefully on her desk. 'How can you sleep peacefully when I was worrying about you?' I uttered out of blue but luckily she didn't wake up. I wanted to wake her up but seeing her in this  state, I just let her sleep. 'You are cute when you are sleeping, but when you are awake you are annoying. Do u know that?' I uttered as I bend forward to look carefully at her. I patted her hair smoothly as I don't want to wake her up. Then I noticed a paper underneath her. I took it out carefully and read it. 'Didn't I tell you? Just let me know what I have to do. You stupid class rep.' I just uttered out again.

Then, I decided that I should help her to finish the presentation. After finishing the presentation, I realized that it was one in the morning. I didn't expect that I would only take 3 hours to finish it. I should have help her earlier. I stretched myself and decided to go home. So I cleaned up the things and pig-backed her.After arriving home, I placed her at her own bed and covered the blanket on her. I took the presentation away because I still need to do something to the presentation. I decided to pass it up on the next day. So I stay awake whole night to do the it perfect

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The feeling (Mayuki) Chapter 5
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Since I happen to have more free time so I decided to post one more chapter.

Chapter 5
'Okay, class. I have some announcement to make.' Our class teacher sudden told us in our lunch break before the class start.

'The highest mark of the presentation in our class is not Matsui Jun and Rena already. It is Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki. I know you must--'

'Eh??? How can come we pass up? I thought that I lost all of the information. I also can't do it finish in two days. So, I just decided to tell teacher the truth later.' Kashiwagi sudden outburst in our class and showing off her reaction. I forgot to tell her that I passed it up on Thursday. That was meant yesterday. That was why she looked surprised.

'Kashiwagi-san, can you low down your voice? The project is passed up by Watanabe-kun yesterday. Didn't you know it?' The teacher was quite mad now.

'I am sorry! I didn't inform her that I will hang up to you yesterday. So she was surprised. I am really sorry, sir.' Having no other choice. I have to apologize to the teacher.

'It is okay Watanabe. Anyway the result is changed because Watanabe and Kashiwagi's project is better and more detail than anyone here. So, I decided to change the position.' After that, the teacher went out and we continued our studies.

'Ring......' The school bell finally rang. I cleaned up my notes and prepared to go home. I was thinking that maybe I should have some fun since it was Friday.

'Hey, Mayu! Are u going home now?' Jun suddenly asked me. Looked like he wanted to invite me to somewhere.

'Yup.... Do you have a problem with that?'

'No. I thought you will go somewhere with us today. So do you want to come along?'

'Mayu! Come with us. We are going to karaoke and game center. Your mum won't scold you since today is Friday.' Rino suddenly talked. It was surprised me because I didn't realize he was there. I thought he went to look for his girlfriend.

'Who do you mean by we? Two of you? I knew Yuko have something to do today. So he is not going with you two for sure.' I asked

'No, we are going to bring our girlfriends to go.' Jun exclaimed.

'What? You are going to bring your girlfriend? Then, no thanks. Have fun with your girlfriend.' With that, I went out from the classroom. It was very embarrassing when the two of them were with their girlfriends and I am alone. But suddenly, Rino grabbed my hand. I turned to him and suddenly got hit from behind.

'Ouch.... Who the hell just hit me?' I asked furiously.

'What the hell with this scene? Do you realize two of you are doing a scene like a boyfriend is leaving his girlfriend?' Lovetan shouted madly after hitting my head. Seriously did she realize where did she hit.

'Is that so? If it is. You don't have to damage my head and brain.'

'Aika, I am sorry about the scene. Jun and I just wanted to invite Mayu to go with us. And I am absolutely not gay.' He should be apologize to me not his girlfriend. I am the one didn't do anything and got hit because of her jealousy.

'Anyway, Mayu are you going with us?' Rena asked me. She didn't fail to surprise me. I just got heart attack because of her little question.

'Aren't you guys having fun with each other?' I asked.

'Yes, we are but you can come too.' Jun said

'No thanks. I am not going if you guys are going to have your double date. Okay bye. And pls don't hit my head again. I will get brain damage.' I walked away again but this time, they didn't come and chase me back. I bet Rino was doing his explanation and Jun was too lazy or flirting with Rena.

Since I didn't have anything to do and I wanted to hang out for a while. So I decided to go to the cosmic store. I didn't go there for a whole week because of non- stop punishment. After arriving, I saw a lot of new manga. I quickly got inside and read the manga. The shopkeeper and I were friends. So, the shopkeeper don't mind me to read manga at there. When I was reading and didn't bother to know anything, the shopkeeper suddenly talked.

'Hey, Mayu! When are you going back?' The manager asked.

'Later, I want to finish this chapter.' I replied. My eye still looking at the cosmic.

'Do you know what time is now? I have to go home now. My wife is waiting for me.'

I just realized that it was 9 at night. I quickly bought the manga and rushed out. I would get scolded again. When I was sprinting, I heard someone was shouting. So, I slowed down and looked around. I realized that I was in the park that near my house. I caught sight of a drunk man was attacking a girl. I walked towards them. The drunk man didn't aware of me.

'Hey! What are you doing old man?' I shouted at the drunk man

'Go away kid! None of your business!' Still doing what he was doing.

'Too bad. I am not a kid, old man....' I smirked and kicked the man away from the girl and I realized that I knew the girl.

'How dare you touch her!' I shouted madly while kept kicking the man. The girl was still shivering. So, I decided to kick one last kick on the old man to make sure he could not move. The old man groaned out loudly after I kicked him.

I took off my jacket and I wrapped around her. I hugged the girl and tried to sooth the girl. After a long time, the girl finally recovered from the fright.

'What are you doing here, Yuki? Do you know that it is night now?' She didn't reply but just kept her head down.

'I asked one more time. What are doing in this hour?' Still didn't reply.

'Answer me. Yuki.' Suddenly I saw something dropped from her face. She was crying. I think I overdid. We could not stay at there for a long time. So I brought her home.

'Mayu! You are back? Where do you go?' My mum asked me from kitchen as she was watching the plate. I didn't bother to answer her as I was helping Yuki. She was too weak to even walk.

'I told Yuki to go out and find you. Do you see her?' She continued.

'Why did u tell her to go and find me? I have my legs to come back. If you scared that I am not safe, I am a 17-year-old guy already. So don't worry.' I stopped and shouted back at my mum. I was quite upset after knowing the reason.

'I just worried about you. What is wrong with you? How dare you shout back at me?' She came out from the kitchen angrily. She prepared to punish me but she stopped as she saw Yuki's condition.

'Did something happen to Yuki?' I didn't answer her and continued to help Yuki to her room. I am quite worried about her because she didn't say a single word.

I placed her on her bed. She still have the blank facial. After that, I came out from the room. My mum still worried about her.

'Mayu, tell me what happened!' Seeing my mum in this state was the first time that I saw. So I decided to tell her about the whole accident. When I was telling her about the accident, she was quite shocked. After telling the truth, she regretted that she let Yuki went out alone. I tried to comfort her. After a long time, she decided to have some sleep. She also told me to take care her properly.

To be continued

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki)
« Reply #9 on: October 16, 2013, 05:57:20 PM »
Mayu taking care of business to save Yuki :thumbsup
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Re: The feeling (Mayuki)
« Reply #10 on: October 17, 2013, 06:19:31 AM »
aw!! hope they fall in love soon!!


update soon please!!

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki)
« Reply #11 on: October 17, 2013, 09:10:39 AM »
~Hi HarutoLee-san...

~I really like this MaYuki fan fiction of yours..

~It's so cute  :inlove:

~Please do continue  :bow:

I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki)
« Reply #12 on: October 17, 2013, 02:47:19 PM »
A very reliable Mayuboy. Always helping Yuki. Hehe Yuki will definitely fall for Mayu faster if he keeps helping her.  :ding:

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The feeling (Mayuki) Chapter 6
« Reply #13 on: October 20, 2013, 07:04:13 PM »
@Archer1992: maybe they will fall in love soon

@ Wmatsui22: thanks for reading and liking this story... I still scared that I am writing something lame.  :sweatdrop:

@konoe & kuro_808: Mayu is reliable but still need Mayu to like Yuki too. It is hard to make Mayu fall.  :sweatdrop:

Sorry to make you wait. Anyway this is the next chapter.

Chapter 6
It had been a week after the accident. Yuki didn't come out from her room at all. Sometimes, I would check on her but when I went in she still the same, cuddled up on her bed. I tried to touch her but she would get scared and started to panic. It pained my heart a lot to see her in this state although I don't know why. I just knew that the more day had been the more worried I was.

'Yuki.... It is time for eating. We had porridge for you today.' I went into the her room with a tray. She was still the same sitting like a statue. I put down the tray on her table. I picked up the another tray on the table which I placed on the morning. She didn't touch the food at all. I took the tray out and went to the kitchen to wash the plate.

'Yuki still didn't eat anything?' My mum asked as she saw the full bowl of food was threw again.

'Yup.' After saying that, I left the kitchen. My mum and I were in a cold war. I still couldn't forgive her for what she had done.  Suddenly, the door bell rang. I went to open the door and checked who were there. As expected, Rena and Jun would visit Yuki as Yuki didn't go to school for a week but they haven't known anything yet as I didn't tell them.

'Hi! Mayu! We came to visit Yuki.' Jun shouted out loud which made my mum came out from the kitchen to welcome her guest.

'Jun please don't shout too loud.' Rena felt embarrassed.

'It is okay. He always like that. By the way, Yuki is not feeling not well so can you visit her in other time?' As soon as, I finished my sentence, the two of them were not in front of me anymore.

'Yo! Yuki how are you?' I heard Jun said that. I ran as fast as I could to reach Yuki's room. When I was about to reach, Jun was about to touch her

'Don't, Ju----'

'Kyaaaa..... Pls don't.... Pls don't.... Someone pls help me..... Please help me!' Yuki was shouting like there was no tomorrow. Of course, Jun and Rena were shocked who would not shock when they saw the healthy class rep became like that.

I went up to Yuki and tried to comfort her. Fortunately, this time she let me to touch her. I was quite surprised.  After a long time, she stopped crying but she still hugging me tightly. So, I told Jun and Rena who still had shock look on their faces to wait for me at the living room. They listened to me and went away.

'Yuki.... It is okay now. No one is here.' I tried to break the hug but she was hugging me even tighter. Having no choice. I just let her hug. Because of the hug, I could smell the nice scent from Yuki. It made me bush madly. My heart was thumping loudly looks like it was going to jump out of my chest. I kept on telling myself to calm down but it was useless. After a long time, Yuki started to break the hug which made me calm down a bit.

'I.... I.... Hun.... Hungry....' She was trying to tell it out properly but her throat was too dried. I went to take the food that l left on the table and gave her. I wanted to give her and ate it by herself but she was too weak to take it properly. So I had to spoon fed her.

After finishing her meal, she slept peacefully but still grabbing my hand. I tried to free myself from her grip but it was useless. After a long time, I finally freed my hand from her grip. I went out from her room and went to the living room. I saw Jun and Rena had their concerned face.

'Mayu, why you didn't tell us about it?' Jun started to ask. It seems like my mum had told them about the accident.

'Ya.... At least, we can help a bit.' Rena said

'I know..... But do you think it is okay to spread this kind of news all around? What will they see Yuki after I telling all the truth?' I explained

'At least, you can tell us what happened to Yuki. We are friends.' Jun said.

'Whatever. I just want to help Yuki. I don't want anyone to look at her with a dirty look.' I said.

'So how is Yuki now? I heard that she didn't eat at all.' Rena stated.

'Don't worry. She just had her meal. She is sleeping now. So pls don't disturb her.' I told Rena.

'Okay, we will take our leave now but we will visit Yuki again when she is stable.' With this, they left. I signed out loud but I was quite happy that Yuki started to let me touch her again. She didn't feel me as a stranger anymore. I went back to her room as I don't want her to be scared again.

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki)
« Reply #14 on: October 20, 2013, 10:57:01 PM »
aw! they slowly fall in love


it was great

continue soon !!

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 6
« Reply #15 on: October 21, 2013, 11:29:48 AM »
It caused Yuki a trauma but I'm glad she's starting to get better. Mayu is really doing a great job taking care of her.

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 6
« Reply #16 on: October 21, 2013, 11:43:56 AM »
awesome, Mayu's finally starting to like yuki~ :heart: :heart:
thanks for updating,  it was great   XD :twothumbs
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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 6
« Reply #17 on: October 21, 2013, 12:01:34 PM »
Hi Haruto Lee!  :)
I've been reading your fics...
simple, short but it's great story!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
I see that Yuki is slowly feeling comfortable with Mayu..
hope she would be better soon!
and their love started to grow~  :wub:
nice update!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 7
« Reply #18 on: October 23, 2013, 05:04:19 PM »
@chiqinna: I am glad that you like my sorry. I am so worried about it. Anyway thanks for reading.

@chromia & archer1992: yup Mayu is falling..... Maybe he will fall even more in the future. Anyway thx for reading.

@konoe: yup it caused trauma for Yuki. Maybe because of this something bad will happen. Lol just kidding..... Maybe she will get better with the help of Mayu. Anyway thanks for reading.

In the next few chapter, maybe I will take quite long.... So I am sorry if I am taking too long to update....

Chapter 7
'Lets go, Yuki!' Yuki backed to school after Jun and Rena's visit on that day. I was quite surprised when she finally came out from her cave but still she couldn't communicate with the others properly. Because of this, the class rep job was given to Jun.

'Uh.....' She nodded. We walked to our locker as I have to take some book to revise. When we were about to go home, Jun suddenly blocked our way.

'Hey, are you two going back already?' He asked. We just nodded in agreement as we didn't plan to go anywhere.

'Eh? Mayu didn't go anywhere on Friday. It is rare.' Rino came out of sudden. Seriously, I will get heart attack if this continued. And about the statement, it was true. I didn't go anywhere after the accident as I learnt my lesson not to go out late again or else someone would get hurt because of me.

'We are going to have fun today too. So do you want to come? Of course! Yuki can come too. I bet Rena must be very happy if you come along.' Jun said.

'Double date again? If double date, we won't go.' I said. It would feel awkward when they are doing something that couple will only do as I experienced before. I am so embarrassed.

'No! Is triple date.....' Rino smirked.

'Triple? There are another couple going with you?' I was quite confused. I thought it would be Jun, Rena, Rino and Lovetan only. When did we have the third couple in our gang?

'If you two are going, then we will have the third couple.' Jun smirked and Rino laughed. The two of us just stunned as we were trying to process what they said. Seeing this, Jun and Rino laughed even louder. Then I only realized what they meant. I smacked the two head hard. Yuki just blushed hard on her spot.

'So are you two coming with us?' Jun said while trying to catch his breath after the long laugh. But Rino still laughing and rolling on the floor as the floor was very clean. Maybe he tried to help the workers to clean the floor with his uniform.

'Hey, what did you two take so long?' I was going to say something but Lovetan suddenly interrupted and Rena was walking beside her. After saying this, Lovetan went to help Rino who was still rolling on the floor to stand up and scolded him for rolling on the floor.

'Oh hi! Yuki.' Rena said as she only saw Yuki. 'Also Mayu. Did Jun do something?' She asked as she saw Yuki's tomato red face. She still blushing the statement that the two made.

'No, I didn't say anything. I just asked them to join us but Yuki just blushed when we said about couple things.' Jun said. I wondered when did he get a drama class. He could lie to his own girlfriend without blinking.

'Yuki is joining us? Yeah! Yuki is joining us.' Rena just shouted out loud. She was really happy when she heard Yuki's name. She didn't even care her surrounding as all the passerby looked at us.

When we were seeing the excited Rena, Jun just made a sudden eye contact with me as he was trying to say something with eyes but I understand what did it mean. He really wanted us to go with them. I didn't have a choice and said yes to their invitation. Yuki seemed like it was okay with the sudden event but I still worried about her as she still in unhealthy state.

After a long time, we finally decided to go to the arcade that we usually go. We went to the school gate to wait for Jun as he had to do his class rep's job. While waiting for Jun, we saw a familiar couple passed by us.

'Isn't that Yuko?' Rino asked.  We just nodded in agreement. It was rare to see Yuko in this hour. He should be gone to somewhere.

'And why is he with a girl? Doesn't Yuko like Kojima Haruna?' Lovetan asked as she saw a girl walking beside Yuko. They looked like they were having fun.

'Don't care! just call him. YUKO!' Rino shouted at Yuko. Then, Yuko and the girl turned to face us. When we saw the girl's face, we stunned except Yuki as she didn't know who is Yuko.

'Hi! Guys!' Yuko said. He intertwined her hand with the Haruna's hand but he quickly took it off. We just smirked when we realized it.

'Guys, any problem? Who is this girl standing beside Mayu and she is grabbing Mayu's arm? Is she Mayu's girlfriend?' Yuko asked us. God! Why did they like to ask the same question in a same day. I just face palmed but Yuki 's grip was getting stronger and it was hurt.

When I looked at her, she was breaking in cold sweat. Seeing this situation. I told the others that we were going to the park that near the school and dragged her with me. After arriving the park, I just let her sit down to calm down. I even hugged her to told her that everything was fine. It became normal for me to hug her as I have to cool her down. After a long time, she finally calmed down. Just when I wanted to asked what happened, the others came.

'Yo! Mayu! And Yuki!' Looked like the others has told Yuko about Yuki. Yuki seemed like having an uneasy feeling as she backed away from Yuko and started to hold my arm again. I finally understood why Yuki was breaking in cold sweat.

'Yuki, don't worry! He won't do anything. He is my best friend, Oshima Yuko. So don't worry.' I told her. After that, she relaxed. She also loosed her grip on my arm. 'Oh yeah this is Haruna. I bet you know her already as she is a class rep too.'

'Ya.... I know Haruna senpai already. It is nice to meet you, Haruna-senpai. And also Oshima-senpai.' Yuki said.

'You can call my first name. I don't mind it at all.' Yuko said and Yuki just nodded.

'So guys can we go now?' Jun asked. We just nodded. This was going to have a lot of fun. Yuki also could relax for a while

To be continued

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 7
« Reply #19 on: October 24, 2013, 12:56:59 PM »
I wonder for how long Yuki's trauma lasts. I don't really mind because it only means she can only cling to Mayu and spend more quality time with Mayu :D 

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