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Author Topic: [Haruto's OS] Unexpected Events  (Read 11594 times)

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[Haruto's OS] Unexpected Events
« on: October 20, 2013, 06:45:48 PM »
This is my first one shot. I think this story ending is weird but I still hope you like it. Anyway just enjoy it.

This is all your fault

Hi! I am Kashiwagi Yuki. This year, I was 17 years old and studied in a all girl high school. I was quite popular but not because of my result because of my beauty. I didn't really have real friends except Aki and Asuka. The others just wanted the fame or should I say they just want to know how to get a boy heart. Actually I had absolutely no idea but I had read in books so I could tell them that what I had read not the real experience.

'Kashiwagi-san..... We would like to know about your boyfriend. Can you tell us about him?' One of the 'fake friends' said. They liked to surround me to ask me about random question. But this question, I could just say that I just stunned.

'Kashiwagi-san????' Another of the girls said.

'Ah.... Ano..... Can you repeat your question?' I asked. I hoped that I just mistaken.

'We would like to meet your boyfriend. We didn't meet your boyfriend at all but you did meet our boyfriends. It is quite unfair. So could we meet him?' The same girl who asked the same question. They started to get annoyed because of my hesitation. How could I bring a boyfriend out of sudden? I didn't want to disappoint them but how. Suddenly, the bell rang and the girls went back to their classroom. I felt relieved.

'Yuki! You know.... You should tell them now or else you will get into trouble.' Asuka said. I looked up and saw Aki and Asuka had a worried face. I knew that I should told them but how again.

'Thanks..... But I still don't want to disappoint them.' I said.

'Be careful.' Aki said. 'Still I agreed with Asuka.' After saying that, they went back to their places. The class started but i didn't listen to the teacher at all.

'How am I going to tell them? What if I tell them and they angry?' I asked myself. I am standing at the school gate. Aki and Asuka went back as I told them that I had something to do. The fake friends were still in their angry mode but I told them that I would bring my boyfriend. They seemed a little happier but I......

'Who will angry at you?' Suddenly someone said. I looked up and saw her, my best friend but studied in another school. We didn't meet after she transferred to another school. She looked prettier than before. 'So who dare to angry at you?'

'No one in particular. So you really came, Mayu.' I said. I did call her as I wanted help from her but I didn't expected her to came after the incident.

'Aren't you the one who call me? So what do you want?' She asked. I expected her to be rude like this but still pained me.

'Can we change location? Here is not so suitable.' I said as I don't want anyone to see us especially the fake friends.

'Sure.... Why not?' She said.

In a cafe
'So what do you want?' She asked again while drinking her favorite drink. She really looked prettier. I bet she had a boyfriend or girlfriend now so how could I asked her to help.

'Can you help me? It is not must. You can choose.'

'You didn't say anything so how could I help you? I can't read your heart.

'Okay..... Can you be my boyfriend?' I said. After saying, I saw her spilled out her drink.

'What? How can I be your boyfriend? I am a girl. Do you forget about it.' She shouted. I saw the other customer's eye was looking at us. It was quite embarrassed.

'I know... I didn't forget that you are a guy no..... A girl. But can you disguise as a guy for me?' I said. She seemed calm down now but the customer eye still on us.

'No... I refuse to do this kind of job....' She said.

'It is not like you have a girlfriend or boyfriend now. Why you cannot?' As soon as I finished my sentence, I realized that I shouldn't remind her about the incident. She looked at me with the painful eye but soon back to normal.

'Still I refuse. You can ask Sae to help you.' She said looking at the other way.

'Sae had a girlfriend now. So I can't ask her. The only one is you. You know how to disguise as a guy. So it would be easier. So pls.....' I said with my pleading eyes as I knew she couldn't refuse if she saw it. After a while, she nodded and agreed to help me. I felt relieved as I knew I was saved.

On Saturday night in a restaurant
'So this is Watanabe Mayu. My current boyfriend.' I introduced Mayu as a guy to my fake friends. They didn't know Mayu so it was easier for me to hide through. They seemed really satisfied with the answer too. I felt relieved. We had a dinner together. We also had a lot of fun together. Everything was alright but the only thing was not. They started to cling on Mayu or kissed her when I was out. Mayu seemed a little pissed off because she didn't really like that. It couldn't help right? She was too handsome after all.

Day by day, the girls started to cling more on Mayu. Of course, Mayu was quite pissed off but they didn't care about it. As for me, I felt a little jealous. Until one day, one of the fake friends suddenly ran to me and pushed me to an empty room.

'You liar!!!!!!' She shouted while crying. I was confused. 'Your so called boyfriend is a girl!!!!' I was stunned. How did she know? Mayu disguised as a guy was perfect. So how? The only way was took off her shirt. Don't tell me this girl......

'I even showed her my body!!!!!' The girl said. I was stunned. I couldn't process everything. Mayu wouldn't touch a girl easily except the girl who was loved by her. She said before but why now? When I was thinking, her friends showed up. It seemed the girl told her friends. They seemed very angry about this.

'I didn't know that you would lie to us.' Said one of the girls. She even kicked me on my stomach. I tried to stand up but they suddenly came to me and punched or kicked me. After a long time, they stopped hitting me and I fainted.

After a long time, I gained back my consciousness. I found out myself still lying on the floor motionless. It was night now and it was raining heavily. I stood up and I felt all the pain on every part of me especially my heart. My heart was screaming. I couldn't believe that Mayu touched a girl. She was the real liar. When I was in my own thoughts, I didn't realize that I ran out of the school. I kept running and running. After a long time, I stopped and cried out loud. I cried and cried until I blacked out again.

When I woke up, I realized that I was sleeping in a room. The room was familiar to me but I couldn't recognize it. The bed scent was so familiar to me. The neat cupboard which was full of manga was very neat. I tried to think but I couldn't. So I gave up. I sat at there, starring at the ceiling blankly.

'So you finally woke up.' Suddenly someone came in. I looked at the person. I was surprised when I saw her face. 'You fainted in front of my house, Yuki.' I didn't said anything. I just looked at her blankly. My tears suddenly rushed down.

'What happened? Did I say anything wrong? Or the wound is pain?' She asked worried. She walked and sat beside me. My tears didn't stop but just flowed down. She saw this then she hugged me. I tried to push her away but she didn't let me. At last, I pushed her away.

'Go away... I didn't want to see you again, Mayu.'  I said and tried to stop crying.

'Funny... How can I go away? This is my room.' She said and laughed hard.

'Sorry then. I will go away.' When I was about to walked out of the room, she grabbed my hand.

'What happen, Yuki? You won't act like this if nothing is wrong. And you are hurt. Did someone do something to you?' She asked. I tried to break the grip but it was useless. 'Tell me Yuki!' She faced me with her angry look.

'Shouldn't I am the one who make the face? You touched a girl beside me! Mayu! How am I suppose to calm down?' I said angrily. I couldn't control my emotions anymore.

'What are you talking about? Can you explain well before yelling?' She asked, still confused.

'Don't you dare to tell me you didn't touch my so called friend?' Finally she realized what am I saying. 

'I didn't touch her. She was the one asked me out. She was the one who was naked when I woke up. I don't even know what happened.' She said calmly. How could she be calm like this? It made me quite pissed off.

'You don't know? You should be careful with them. You knew what they are!' I yelled at her.

'I did know! But what am I suppose to do when she made me drunk. Beside you are not my girlfriend why should you angry?' She yelled back as she couldn't stand my yelling anymore. I realized that I was the one over reacted. So I tried to cool down.

'I am sorry......' I said. She was still quite angry. She just walked away. Maybe she need to chill.

'Lets go down. Have a dinner. My parents were out. So don't worry.' She said before she went out of her room.

I was eating but she wasn't in the dining room with me. She was in the living room, watching her favorite show. After I finished, I walked towards her but she walked away, using 'wash the plate' as a excuse to avoid me. Having no choice. I sat on the couch and waited for her. After a while, she finally came out from the kitchen.

'I thought you went back.' She said and sat beside me.

'Do you really hope that I went back?'

'No it is not. I just thought. That is all.' She said. Silence suddenly kicked in. We just sat them, didn't say anything.

'Mayu...... Do you still love me?' I sudden asked her. I was curious about the answer. I did see her flinched a bit when I asked.

'Yes... Always and only you...' She said but looked down. I know that I shouldn't bring this title but my heart told me to. So I just followed my heart.

'What do you think if I accepted your confess last time?'

'Yuki.... It is impossible to turn back the time. I asked you once but you refused. I was still hurt about that. So pls don't ask again.....' She said. She was about to cry.

'I said what if.....'

'Stop.... Yuki! Stop! Stop playing with my feelings.....' She said while looking at me. Her tears was at her corner of her eyes. Although ahead told me to stop, I didn't want to stop. I still wanted to know.

'What if I said I accept your feelings now?' I asked her. She didn't say anything and kissed me on my lips. I pushed her away and she fell down on the floor.

'See.... You can't accept me. It is better you stop seeing me....' She said and walked  away. She tried to wipe away her tears but her tears just flowed out.

'Mayu.... I love you. So pls go out with me?' I stopped her and said it out. She didn't face me. She just smirked and looking down. It looked like the floor was more interesting.

'Still playing? I am tired of your love game. Stop fooling me. I am not the Mayu that you knew already. I had changed. Can't you see?' She asked. Still keeping her smirk. I knew that I played her feelings and refused her before but after that I realized my feelings for her. It was too late. I knew that it was useless if I tell her now. But I wanted to try. So I kissed her since it is useless to talk. She was quite surprised. I was waiting for her to kiss me back. After a few seconds, she finally kissed me back. I was so happy. We kissed passionately. After a few mins, I pulled out as I had to catch my breath.

'See.... You just have to do it properly. Then i will only accept you.' I said while hugging her.

'You should just accept me. Then I don't have to suffer.'

'Blame yourself. This is all your fault.' After saying this, we laughed while connecting our forehead. Then kissed again
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Re: This is all your fault (Mayuki OS)
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Yuki what take you so long...


it was cute....

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Re: This is all your fault (Mayuki OS)
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It's so cute!
But I wanna hit Yuki's fake friends!!!

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Re: This is all your fault (Mayuki OS)
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Yuki why did you reject Mayu before.

I guess I have to thank Yuki's fake friend to make Yuki find a "boyfriend" but I'm still mad to the one who tried to sleep with Mayu  :on voodoo: 

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[Haruto's OS] Lucky that I had found you
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@ Konoe/ Kahem/ Archer1992: I just found out that Konoe and Kahem said the same things and Konoe and Archer1992 asked the same question. To make things easier for me, I just wrote this once. As for why Yuki rejected Mayu before is Mayu and Yuki was best friend. Mayu sudden confession made Yuki stunned and rejected before thinking. After that, Yuki only realized her feeling but too late Mayu was gone. As for the girl, I accidentally killed her in a car crash. So no worry about her.

Sorry for taking so long to update. And now Enjoy the story!!! Before I forget it is mayuki one shot again. And sorry again that I didn't check the grammar's error

Lucky that I had found you

It was a really silence night as it was midnight already. A woman was standing on the balcony, staring at the night sky. The woman was me, Kashiwagi Yuki. I was a famous writer but I didn't like to live in a city as my mind couldn't concentrate on my work. Even though, I was living in a such peaceful place but I couldn't get any idea and I was here taking a break from my writing. It was a very beautiful night indeed.

'Ring... Ring.....' My phone sudden broke the silence night. I went into my working place or bedroom as they are combined together. I picked up the phone and went to the balcony again.

'Moshi... Moshi..... Kashiwagi Yuki desu.' I answered. While I was waiting for the person answered back, I heard a loud bang noise at the other side. It made my ear in pain.

'Sorry... Yuki-chan. Haruna desu.'

'Haruna-san, are you okay? What happened?' I said in a worried tone as Haruna was always clumsy.

'Nothing. Just getting off Yuko. She had been clinging on me the whole day. Oh how are you? You had moved out since last month. Is it everything okay?' I lived in her house before but because of the noise they made, I couldn't concentrate.

'Yup! It is fine! And thx for asking. Just lack of idea. And you just called me for asking that in the middle of night?'I said while I was starring at the night city. I lived in a quite high place so I could see the view of the city.

'No... No.... It is just.... Boring....' She said while her voice was trailing off. I just silenced as I knew she wouldn't call me just for that. She took a deep breath and started to complain about Yuko, her girlfriend. I just kept listening until I saw someone standing in front of my house. It was a girl. She just wore a plain white dress in this cold weather. At first, I thought that she was taking a walk but she didn't move at all. She just stood at my front door. I continued watching her until she fell down. I just yelped when I saw her fell down out of sudden. Because of the sudden shout, Haruna asked worriedly about me.

'What happened, Yuki?' I barely heard what Haruna was saying as I was rushing out to see what happen.

'Nothing.... Haruna, I will call back. Okay bye.' I hanged and tugged my phone into my pocket. I reached there and checked the girl. The girl was fainted and she didn't have any phone or anything that could bring me to her family. Having no idea. I carried her in my arms. I was surprised by her weight. She was so light that I didn't have any problem to carry her. I placed her to my bed. Then I saw some wound around her. So I decided to help her clean. After that, I went to sleep on the couch that was near the bed.


I felt someone was poking my face. I pushed the hand away and continued my sleep but the person didn't stop and started to laugh. I was surprised by the laugh and woke up, sat on the couch. I saw the girl that I picked up last night was standing in front of me, laughing at me.

'You are funny when you are asleep.' She said while trying to control her laugh.

'You are the girl from last night. Are you okay? You suddenly fainted in front of my house.'

'I fainted? Why did I faint in front of your house. And do you know where is my parents?' She asked innocently.

'Wait.... What? Who is your parents? How did I know?' I was surprised by her answer.

'You don't know. I thought you will know that. I didn't have any memory. I only remember that my name and age. That's all I know.' She said and sat beside me. I looked at her with my surprised look. 'Mou... Why are you looking at me like that?' She said and looked the other way.

'Nothing. I was surprised. Now what am I going to do with you? Send you to police station?' I asked. She suddenly panicked and begged me not to send her to police station. I was confused at first but seeing her like this. I ignored the idea and asked her again. 'Okay stop.... Stop... Then what am I going to do?'

'You can let me stay at here before I recover. And I will try to remember anything about my memories.' She suggested and gave me the puppy eyes. I couldn't refuse her and let her stay. 'Okay I will stay here from today onwards.' She said happily.

'Wait.... What is your name?' I asked her as I still didn't know her name.

'Watanabe Mayu! Mayu desu! Just call me Mayu!' She said and still jumping around happily.

'Okay Mayu-chan. Pls sit down. I am Kashiwagi Yuki. Just call me Yuki.'

'Okay Yuki-chan.' 


It had been a week that she stayed in my house. I started to regret that I let her stay. She was freaking annoying. I couldn't even do my work for half an hour. She would ask about anything. Or jumping here and there. When I went out to the market, she would want to go there with me too. And when we arrived, she would walk around and ignored what I said. How rude was she? If this continued, my life would start to corrupt faster!

'Yuki-chan!! What are you doing? Don't you feel bored when you are just sitting there?' She asked again when I was doing my work. I ignored her and continued my work. 'Yuki-chan! Do you see the manga that I bought yesterday? I remembered I put it here. But now I lost it. Do you see it?' She asked again. I ignored her again. Not long after, she found her manga and started to read it. I thought that I could do my work now but.... 'Yuki-chan! What do you want to eat tonight? I had some idea in my mind. But I can't cook. Can you teach me how to cook one day?' She asked again.

'Can you stop asking? It is really annoying! ANNOying!' I couldn't hold my anger and shouted at her but my voice suddenly trailed off as I saw her crying in front of me. 'Sorry I didn't mean it. It is just..... Okay don't cry. What do you want to eat tonight?' I panicked and asked her. As soon as I finished my words. She smiled happily and talked about the food that we were going to have. This kid tricked me again.

When we were going to the restaurant that she mentioned, my phone suddenly rang. I picked up. It was my publisher. It was rare that they called me in this time. They told me that I was going to have a fan meeting tomorrow. It used to have no problem but now that was. How was I able to leave Mayu in my house when I was out to have the meeting. It was impossible. Mayu would get hurt but I couldn't cancel it as they already told the public. After the call ended, Mayu asked what happened as she could see the worried face. I told her nothing and we went to the restaurant. She didn't trust me and asked again and again.

After the meal, I was still thinking the problem. Suddenly, I though about Haruna. They could help me to take care Mayu as tomorrow was Sunday. So I called her and asked her permission. She agreed and suggested that we could live in her house for tonight. I agreed and brought Mayu to their house.


'Mayu-chan! Do you want milk?' Yuko asked happily. She was so happy when she saw Mayu. I didn't know why but they could go along well just in an hour.

'Yup! Thanks! Oshiriko-chan!' Mayu said and went into the kitchen. Maybe because of oshiri, they could only be so friendly with each other within an hour. After drinking the milk, they started singing a song. A weird one. Just had the oshiri word.

'Oshiri~~~ oshiri~~~~' 'but when come to Nyannyan..... I want her oppai~~~~' Yuko suddenly sang. I wanted to hold my laugh but I couldn't and laughed at their song. 'When come to Yuki-chan, of course it would be oppai! Yeah!' Mayu sang along. When I heard that, I stopped laughing and started to blush. As for Haruna, she started laughing at how cute Mayu was and my weird reaction.

'Stop the weird song now!' I shouted at them and threw the pillow to them. They ignored me and continued their song. After a long time, they finally stopped singing and went to sleep. I was quite surprised as they could just laid down and slept. So, Haruna and I had to carried them to the room. Then, we went to clean the mess. After a long time, we finished the cleaning and it was late midnight.

'Yuki-chan.... I have always wanted to ask. How do you meet Mayu?' Haruna suddenly asked as we sat on the sofa to take a rest.

'She suddenly fainted in front of my house. Then, I went to pick her up.' I answered.

'Oh.... Is that so?' I just nodded. After a long time, we started to fall asleep on the sofa.


I yawned as I was sitting at there and signed the book for four hours already. They called me to the bookshop that would have the fan meeting in the early morning. I left Mayu in Haruna's house. I hoped that Mayu wouldn't make any funny things out. I sat there, tried to get some sleep but I couldn't. I would just wake up as I was feeling anxious. It was not the first time that I met my fans but it had been a long time and I didn't publish any book for a long time. I was kind of afraid that my fans would forget about me.

When I was in my world, suddenly someone came out and startled me. It was Mayu. She was standing in front of me.

'Hi Yuki-chan! Surprise!' She said and laughed at my shocked reaction. I want to say something but no voice came out. I stared at her. 'Why are you looking with that stare? I came to give you a surprise.... You didn't like it?'

'Why are you here? Where is Haruna-san? You came out alone? Do you know how dangerous is it? You can get lo----'

'Calm down Yuki-chan... Haruna-san was there... I came out with her permission.' She said while pointed at Haruna's position. Haruna waved her hand at me. 'Now can you trust me? I know you are busy today but I am boring in her house. Can I stay here with you? Pls.......' She asked with her pleading eyes. She really knew how to get permission. Who could refuse this pleading eyes? I agreed and she gave a signal to Haruna. Yuko came with ice cream and walked away with an angry Haruna. I just chuckled at the sight.

The fan meeting started. As the fan meeting was going on, I didn't know why that I didn't feel anxious as before. I was calmed and talked to my fans nicely. Maybe because I knew that my fans were still waiting for my new book or because of Mayu was here with me. When I was tired, her smile sure could make me felt better. After the meeting were over, we went back to our house. I dropped her off and went to the market to buy our dinner. She did beg me to bring her along but I just ignored her.

After buying, I went back to our house. I put the dish in the kitchen and went to my room. I saw Mayu was reading her manga, rolling on my bed.

'I am back!' I said. She stopped reading and walked towards me. Then I only realized that she was wearing my white shirt. It was obvious that the shirt didn't fit her as I was taller than her a lot. It was oversized for her. And because of the shirt, she looked sexy. I blushed at the sight.

'Yuki! Did you hear me?' Mayu asked in a loud tone.

'Sorry.... Sorry.... Mayu why are you wearing that?'

'I thought you said that I can wear any clothes that I want.'

'But it was oversized. And you didn't wear any pants. You got to change if not you will get cold.' I said and tried to let her wear any other clothes but she refused.

'I don't want. It was cold but I felt warm with this clothes. And I did wear pants. It is just too short that you can't see. I want to hug you when I was cold but you pushed me away. I don't want to feel the coldness again. Beside, what's wrong with this clothes? Yuko taught me to wear like this to felt warmer.' She said loudly and her tears were dropping. This was the first time, she was crying for real. I felt guilty. And hugged her to calm her down.

'Sorry... I didn't know that you feel cold. I thought you were playing. So I refused the hug.' I said. After a while, she stopped crying and pushed me away. She chuckled when she saw my shirt was wear because of her tears. I laughed along with her. It was the first time that I felt so relaxed. After that, I went to bath.

When I came out from the bath, I saw her sleeping at the dining table. She must be tired for waiting for me. So I decided to carry her to our room. When I was piggybacked her, I realized that her face was very near mine. I was surprised by the closeness. I could feel her breath on my lips. My heart started to thump faster and faster. This couldn't be right? This couldn't be love right? I didn't care and quickly placed her to our bed. When I laid her down, I could see her cleavage as one or two of the button was unbuttoned. My heart was pumping even faster and louder. I quickly buttoned them back and went to sleep.


As day went by, I realized my feelings towards her. I loved her. I would feel uneasy when she was too close. She also realized that I blushed more often now. She asked why but I just ignored her. I thought that I could hide my feelings but I couldn't. The more I wanted to hide from her, the more I fell for her. It drove me crazy. So, I decided that I should confess to her. And today is the day.

'Yuki-chan.... Why are you packing up? Are we going out today?' Mayu asked while watching me, packing the telescope into the bag.

'Yup we are going out. Any problem?' I said, still busy with the packing.

'We? Really? I can go out? Where are we going?' Mayu asked with excitement.

'Just hop into the car! You will know it later.' Mayu was disappointed with the answer but she still obeyed my instruction. Before she went out, I told her that we were going to the near by park. After knowing it, she quickly hopped into the car. As for me, I went to the car after packing. I drove to the park. After arriving there, I started to set up the telescope.

'Yuki? Why are you setting the old telescope up? And why are we here?' Mayu asked while looking at the secluded park. It was true that the park was very secluded at night but I wanted to show her something.

'Hey! This telescope is not old. I just bought it last year. I didn't use it much. So it became like this.' I argued back. Mayu didn't bother me and laid down on the grass.

'Sometimes I can't understand. Where do you get the money from? The telescope is quite expensive. And the house that you lived is expensive too.' She blurted out and stared at the sky.

'How did you know?' I asked her and stopped my work.

'The design of your house is very unite. And the materials that you use for your house is quite expensive and special. And I haven't mention that you are living in a semi-detached house on a hill. Of course, it was expensive for a writer like you.' She said. I just shrugged. 'I know how much you can earn per month. So I couldn't understand where your money came from.'

'I am impressed that you knew my house better than I do. But sometimes you shouldn't ask the other's privacy.' I said and continued my work. She didn't argue back or anything.

After finish setting up, I only realized that it was night already. I didn't know where was Mayu as when I was setting up, she went away.

'Oh... Looks like you finish setting it up.' She walked towards the telescope and started using it.

'You know how to use?' She just nodded. 'I am impressed with your intelligent.' After hearing what I was saying, she turned to look at me.

'I thought that I should act more mature and not childish like before.' She said and I nodded. And I started to use it and searched for the horoscope that I wanted. Mayu just moved away. 'And I thought that if I act more mature, you will like me.' She mumbled.

'Sorry.... Did you say anything?' I asked her. She just shrugged and took out a camera and took pictures. 'I didn't know that you have a camera.'

'I found it in my pocket on that day.' She said but she sounded panic. I though that I heard it wrong. So I just ignored it. 'Ah found it..... Mayu came here.' She came and looked at the horoscope. 'Do you know what horoscope is this?' I asked with excitement. I even bent down and asked her. When she turned to me, I was surprised.

Her lips was on mine. She wanted to break it but I quickly grabbed her head and I pushed my tongue into her mouth and exploded her mouth. She moaned. After a while, I broke the kiss and apologized to her. I was so scared that she would be mad. So, I ran off and left her behind.   


It had been two weeks that the incident happened. I thought I would confess to her but I ended up running back home on that night. And because of the incident, I always made an excuse to go to the city and left her in the house alone. I just.... I just couldn't face her again. She tried to call me when I was at home but I ignored her.

Today, I was here again in the city. I didn't know what to do. I just went anywhere. I tried to work in a random cafe but my mind wouldn't cooperate with me. My mind would call me to go back home. And I wouldn't cooperate with my mind. Until dawn, I went back home.

It was quite unusual as the lights were still off. Normally when I was back, Mayu would turn the lights on already but today was off. I went into the house and none of the lights were on. I tried to call Mayu but she wouldn't answer me back. I started to panic and I went to all the room to find her. I called her cellphone but it would just go to the voicemail. When I went to my bedroom, I couldn't see anyone but a paper laid on my table. I went to read it. Hope that it was Mayu and luckily it was Mayu written it down but.......

To Yuki,
Hi Yuki! When you read this paper, I was sure that I wasn't around anymore. Today is the last day that I could spend on your house. And thanks for taking care of me. I am sorry that I am so annoying and I am sorry that I lied to you that I lost all my memories. I had all my memories but I chose to not tell you. I hoped you can understand it. But I will tell you who am I.

Okay, let me introduce myself again. I am Watanabe Mayu. I am the second daughter of Watanabe group. Are you surprised? Hahaha. I think so. That's the reason that I am intelligent. I forced to be one. You must be asking why I ran out of my house, right? I ran out because my dad wanted me to marry to my childhood friend, Matsui Jun. I didn't want to marry him. I just thought him as my best friend not lover. So I ran out of my house until I came to your house.

When I came to your house, I was starved and thirsty. At last I fainted in front of your house. When I woke up, I found out that I was sleeping on your bed and my wound had been threaten. I woke you up. I found out that you didn't know who I am. So I decided to lie to you. And for your information, you are my first friend that I had made by myself as I couldn't have a friend except for someone that my father introduce. You brought me to meet your friends and because of that, I had two more friends.

Day by day, I was very happy and I didn't feel this happiness before until I realized my feelings to you. I think you also share the same feelings as I am,right? Yuki....... I love you. You didn't confess to me on that night but you kissed me. Because of the kiss. I fall even more but you refused to face me again. You always would go to the town but I know that you have nothing to do there. When you were out, I found a photo album.

It was about a guy and you. I found out that I was crying when I saw the picture. Yuki-chan.... Am I his replacement in your heart? You still love him right? Miyazawa Sae. Is his name right? You don't need to answer me as you couldn't now.

After seeing the pic, I decided that I should go and he should return to your heart. Yuki-chan.. We shouldn't fall in love with each other. I am sorry that I fall in love with you. Okay I think I should go now. Take care of yourself......

Love Mayu-chan

When I finished reading it. I just dropped the paper down and tears started to drop down. I couldn't stop myself rom crying. I just sat at there, crying, feeling helpless until there was no tears left. I stood up and I realized that it was morning now. I cried the whole night.

I went to the bathroom and I washed myself. After finished bathing, I went to the living room and turned on the television. The first news was 'Watanabe Mayu return to home.' Even the newspaper's headline also ' The second daughter of Watanabe return to home.' After seeing this, I realized that I was crying again. I didn't care anymore. I ran to Watanabe's mansion. I tried to get in but there were two bodyguard guarding their gate. They would push me away when I tried to get near the gate.

'Miss.... I would advise you that you should go away before the butler came out.' One of the bodyguard told me while I was trying to break into.

'No..... I don't want to! I would like to see Mayu-chan!' I shouted furiously.

'You want to?' Someone said. I looked at the voice owner. It was the butler that they talked about. I just nodded and looked at him. 'Our master would like to give you a word.....' He said while grinning evilly. He took out a laptop and I could saw a figure on the screen. I couldn't see his face as his room was too dark.

'I am Watanabe Mayu's father. And you are Kashiwagi Yuki. If I am not mistaken right?' I just nodded and he continued. 'Who are you? How do you know my daughter?'

'Huh? Didn't you know? My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, your daughter's friend. Didn't you just mention? And I met her in front of my house.' I said.

'I know your name. Okay why do you came here?'

'I want to see Mayu....'

'Why?' He asked confusedly.

'Because I want to.... I.... I love her. I want to confess to her.' I could see the others' shocked face except the butler. He smirked. I glared at him as I hate the smirk.

'I am sorry then. She is going to marry her fiancé tonight.' After that, the screen turned to black. I was shocked at the announcement.

'How dare are you? To confess your love in front of master. You are brave. But you are too stupid.' He said and smirked evilly. Before he went away, he left the laptop to the guard. 'I have some prizes for you.' With that, he went away.

I looked back at the screen. I saw Mayu. I was so happy but in a matter of second, my expression turned to horror. I saw Mayu taking out her shirt. I asked the guard what happened. The guard told me that Mayu's father gave an order to Mayu to have intercourse with Jun. I was shocked and started to lose my temper. I pushed the guard away but they blocked me again. Even though, I didn't look at the screen. I could hear Mayu's moan. I looked back and saw Jun was on top of Mayu.

I couldn't stand anymore. I started to punch the person who blocked my way to get into the house. At last I made it to the mansion's door but more people came and blocked me. The more I thought about the scene, the more I lost my temper.  I punched all the people that blocked my way and I would make sure that they were badly-beaten. My hand was covered by my blood.

Not long after, I made it to Mayu's room. Why did I know which room was it? Because I could hear Mayu's moan came out from that room. I tried to open it but it was locked. Having no choice. I broke into the room. The moment I broke into, I saw Mayu was in nothing and Jun was only have his shirt on. I was so angry and lost my temper. I let my anger and jealousy to take over me. I dragged Jun away from Mayu. I pinned him on the floor and started to punch him.

'Yuki-chan? Ouch.......' Mayu said while trying to get up but it was too painful for her as her groin was too painful. When I saw Mayu's situation, I punched Jun harder.

'Who..... Who are.... You?' Jun said in pain. I didn't even bother to answer and continued punching Jun. We heard the crack sound but not from Jun. It was from me. I broke my fingers but I didn't feel any pain. The only thing I could thought was I wouldn't forgive him. I wouldn't forgive him for dirtying Mayu.

'Yuki... Stop.... Yuki... Stop punching.... Pls.... Yuki....' Mayu sobbed and hugged me from behind. I stopped the punching but I slowly blacked out. The last thing that I could hear was Mayu screaming my name.


I heard the bird chirping sound. It was morning. I slowly opened my eyes. I found out that I was in my room and I was sleeping on my bed. I remembered that I fainted in Mayu's room but why was I here now? When I tried to get up, I felt heaviness on my chest and someone was hugging me.

'Mayu-chan?' I said when I realized that she was the one who hugging me and slept beside me.

'Looks like you woke up......' Someone said. The voice was very familiar but I couldn't figured it out. 'You fainted in Mayu's room. For a day.'

'Who are you?' I said as I couldn't see his face as Mayu was hugging me and I couldn't get up.

'Mayu's father.....'

'Oh... The black figure.....'

'I am not black okay? I just like to stay in dark room.' He said angrily.

'Okay... Okay.... You don't have to be angry. Why is Mayu-chan here? Shouldn't she hug her husband instead of me?' I said as my tear already filled around my eyes.

'Kashiwagi-san..... Do you love my daughter? Do you really do?' He said instead of answering.

'Yes, I do. But I can't have her when she has a husband now. Matsui Mayu....' I chuckled at the name but tears started rolling down. 'Quite a nice surname huh?' I asked, knowing Mayu was not mine anymore.

'How about Miyazawa Mayu? Does that sound nicer?' I shocked when I heard that surname.

'How do you know? I am Miyazawa not Kashiwagi. How do you know?' I asked him confusedly. I didn't tell Mayu. So how did he know about it?

'Daughter of Miyazawa group. A famous writer who using her mother surname to cover her identity. Miyazawa Yuki. And how did I know? I did check about your family background. So I know about it.' He said. I was shocked at the answer. I couldn't believe it that he was the first one who knew about it. 'Don't worry! Mayu didn't know about it. But pls tell her later. I am going to leave her to you. Take care of her.' With that, he went away. I wanted to ask him more but I couldn't.

'Nnngh......' Mayu sounded. I just chuckled at the sound. She woke up and looked at me. 'You finally woke up?' I just nodded. She just hugged me again. I patted her head playfully. Of course, it was painful as my hand was really badly hurt.

'Looks like I couldn't write anything this few days.' I said and smiled. After that, I broke the hug and pushed her away from me. 'Hey..... You have husband now. Go to your husband now.....' She just looked at me confusedly.

'I didn't marry.... Do you know? We cancelled the marriage.' She said. I was shocked at the reply. Now, I knew what Mayu's father was talking about 'Miyazawa Mayu'. She laughed at my reaction but not long after it turned to sad. 'Although I didn't marry, you still love someone. I am just the replacement.' She said and smile wryly at me. I stood up and took out the photo album. She was confused at my reaction.

'He is not my boyfriend. He is my brother.' I said and pointed at the picture. She looked surprise.

'But.... But... Your surname is Kashiwagi and his surname is Miyazawa.' She asked confusedly.

'True that his surname is Miyazawa.' I stopped as I didn't know how to continue. When I looked back at her, she was still waiting for the continuation. I signed and continued. 'My real name is Miyazawa Yuki, the elder daughter of Miyazawa group but I lived on my own as my father set me free after my brother's marriage. I am using my mother's surname to cover my identity. I am sorry if I didn't tell you. And he is Miyazawa Sae, my only brother.' She looked at me, surprised.

'So.... So.... I am jealous of your brother?' She asked for confirmation. I just nodded and she just bursted into laugh. 'I am jealous of your brother. I can't believe it.' Seeing her reaction, I also laughed.

After a long time, we stopped and sat down on my bed. She leaned her back on mine and I leaned my back on the bed frame. I hugged her tightly from behind and inhaled her sweet scent.

'So what are we now?' She blurted out. Then I realized that I haven't asked her out yet. 'You haven't ask me out.....'

'Mayu..... When I first saw you, you are freaking annoying for me. You couldn't sit down and stopped asking question. But after days, I found out that I am in love with you. So..... I love you. Could you be my girlfriend?' I said and blushed. After hearing my confession, she laughed out and made me confused.

'You are like a high schooler trying to ask a girl out.' She said while laughing. I just hit her head. 'Sorry but couldn't help right? But I still accepted it even though it was funny.' She said and laughed again. Because of embarrassment, I tickled her and she couldn't stop laughing. When I was tickling, I saw hickeys on her collarbone and neck. I tried to ignore but I couldn't. When she realized, she just hugged me.

'I am sorry. I tried to hide it but I couldn't. I heard it from my dad that it wouldn't disappear for few days. Sorry.' She said and tried to apologize to me.

I grabbed her and kissed her deeply. She was confused but still returned the kiss. After that, I broke the kiss as we were lack of air. I went to her ears and nibbled it. Trying to put a new mark for her. Then, I kissed her neck and started to make some new marks for her. She moaned for my action. Because of the moan, it turned me on.

'Yuki stop.... Yuki stop!' She said and pushed me away. I was surprised by her action. 'Yuki. You are still a patient. Your wounds haven't recovered yet. We can do it anytime when we are fully recovered.' She said and patted my head.

'Really?' I asked in surprise.

'Yes....' She smiled at me. She leaned back to me again and whispered. 'Yuki.... I am lucky that you had found me.' She said happily. I just chuckled at the action and hugged her from behind.

'Yes... We are lucky that we found each other.' I said happily and smiled at her.

The end.

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Re: [Haruto's OS] Lucky that I had found you
« Reply #5 on: December 02, 2013, 10:23:20 PM »
good story :D
but Jun!!! T^T

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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[Haruto's OS] You belong with me
« Reply #6 on: January 02, 2014, 07:36:55 AM »
@ mo-chan: thx for commending and reading!!!  :) and sorry for Jun. I didn't mean him to be the villain in the story

Okay this another one-shot for new year! For not confusing, this one shot is according to their real age! And last, Enjoy!

You belong with me

"Hey! Where are you going!? I haven't finished ye----"


"Hey open the door!"Yuki's mom shouted and knocked on the door furiously but Yuki didn't bother to open the door for her. She went to her drum set and started hitting violently. After some time, her mother stopped and went away but Yuki didn't stop and gained her neighbor's attention.

Her neighbor with her big geeky eyeglasses on was sitting in her room, watching Yuki hitting the drum with the large window which only separates them. She didn't bother to call Yuki or stop her, she just let her. Watching Yuki hitting the drum was the best view for her but not when Yuki was hitting it angrily but she made no move to stop Yuki. She knew that Yuki would stop eventually after some refreshing.

Afterwards, Yuki stopped hitting and realized that she distracted her neighbor's revision session. She quickly apologized to her. The kind neighbor just forgave her and wrote down something on her sketchbook. Yuki saw that and waited for her. It was some kind of communication for them and they had been doing it for years. After writing down what she wanted, she showed to Yuki.

Stress again?

Yuki just smiled gloomily at her and took her exercise book and wrote down something.

Mayu..... wasting your paper again?

Looked like her neighbor was called as Mayu. Mayu only smiled at Yuki and wrote down something on her sketchbook again but this time, Yuki didn't wait for her. She closed the window with the curtain. When Mayu finished writing, she only realized that she got ignored again. She just flashed a forceful smile on what she wrote.

I love you

Seemed like this word wouldn't reach her childhood love again. Mayu have always loved Yuki since they were young but she always loses her opportunity and now Yuki had Sae by her side. She's only a childhood friend for Yuki. Every time she thinks about it, she would stress up and starts to play the keyboard which was in front of her to release her stress.

Unknown to Mayu, Yuki would always peek at her and smiles widely when she plays her keyboard. For Yuki, seeing Mayu playing her keyboard was the best thing ever.


'Finally!!!! I got to go out with you for once in a while!'

Mayu thought happily while waiting for Yuki on the bus stop station. Mayu could have waited for Yuki at their house since their houses were next to each other but Yuki insisted Mayu to go without her first. So Mayu walked away without her.

When Mayu was thinking what she should do with Yuki, suddenly someone tapped her from behind. She turned around but saw no one and when turned back, she saw Yuki in front of her, staring at her in a really close distance. She shouted at the sight and blushed heavily. It startled Yuki as well when Mayu shouted out of sudden so Yuki shouted along with her. After they had calmed down, Yuki started to laugh. When Mayu saw Yuki laugh instead of pouting like normal, she just laughed along.

"Quite a scaredy-cat, huh?" Yuki said after recovering from her laughter. Mayu just nodded in an agreement.

"Such a long time that I didn't see your smile......" Mayu muttered but Yuki still could hear it clearly.

"I could be myself when you are around though." Yuki said absentmindedly, staring at the cloudy sky but those words sent Mayu a heart attack. "Let's go..... We don'tt want to miss anything right?" Yuki grabbed Mayu's hand and pulled her with her.

With that, they went shopping the whole day but sometimes they would just sit in a cafe, drin coffee and just relax. Mayu thought that she would have Yuki the whole day but she was wrong. When night came, they went to a cafe and had their dinner there but they coincidentally met Sae there. Yuki invited Sae to have a dinner with them and Sae accepted it without any hesitation. Because of that, Mayu started to feel awkward between them, just like a big light bulb there. After having dinner, Mayu went back without Yuki.

'I shouldn't think that I will have her! It will never happen!'

Mayu thought while walking back to her house. Tears were streaming down on her cheeks. She tried to wipe away but the more she wipe, the more tears were coming out. Eventually some time later, she stopped wiping and let her tears flowed down.


It was the day that baby blossom would have their concert. Every student in Mayu and Yuki's university were very excited about it since baby blossom was quite famous in their university. And Mayu and Yuki were a part of the band.

"Okay let's do this!' Takamina, the leader shouted at her members who were busy setting up their instrument.

"Yup let's do our best! Even though we just have two songs to perform...." Yuko said energetically but her voice trailed way at the last part.

"And whose fault is this? We are supposed to perform more!" Acchan said sadly and angrily at the same time. Yuko just stuck out her tongue at Acchan but received a glare from Acchan.

"Sorry.... This time is my fault...." Yuki apologized while still setting up her instrument.

"It is okay, Yuki-chan!" Mayu said, trying to change the heavy atmosphere away.

"Maybe you shouldn't stick with the tomboy and our group wouldn't be like this....." Acchan said in a pissed tone. Actually they could perform more songs if Yuki went to the practice like usual but most of the time, Yuki would skip the practice and they couldn't practice without a drummer.

"Acchan, it is okay. Our fans aren't angry at all." Haruna said while trying to play her keys.

"Okay guys! Stop arguing! Let's just do our best. Just for now! Okay?" Takamina shouted at her members. The members just nodded. When the curtain was out of the way, they started the performance. Their fans were very happy. They had their fun there even though they only played two songs. If you are wondering what songs that performed, They were 'Heart Ereki' and 'Give me five'.


"Hey Mayu! Are you going to the new year party?" Yuko asked while putting her bass guitar back to her case. The concert had ended one hour ago. Most of the fans were not there anymore but still have some of them in the hall, trying to get pictures or signatures.

"No." Mayu answered shortly, ready to go back but she still had to wait for her neighbor who vanished from her sight a few minutes ago.

"Eh? Such a waste.... You will have a new girlfriend if you wear the suit. And I thought that I would lend you one but I don't think anymore now."

"The butler suit?" Mayu asked and sat on the edge of the stage.

"It is not butler suit!" Yuko shouted back.

"Eh? Mayu you didn't go? I thought she would go this year. You had fun right?" Takamina asked and intertwined her finger with Kojiharu.

"Not when Yuki knew the tomboy from the party.... And no lovey-dovey here." Yuko said and stuck out her tongue to Takamina.

"Said the one who's trying to kiss her girlfriend." Takamina said and stuck her tongue back at Yuko. Mayu smiled at the comedic scene.

"Maybe you should get her now. Anyway, you can have her." Acchan said and yanked Yuko off from her and sat down beside Mayu.

"Yup! I agree with Acchan. You should just get her already! And get rid of your big spectacles! No one would like a nerd." Kojiharu said and sat beside Mayu, watching Takamina chasing Yuko in the hall.

"I still have fans although I am nerd." Mayu simply said and shrugged. Acchan and Kojiharu shook their head in defeat. They had tried many times to change Mayu's mind but still Mayu was stubborn enough, not listening to her friend's advice.

"Stop changing her mind! She won't change at all. Jurina had tried many times than you but still she didn't change." Yuko said breathlessly after all the running. "Now she is completely dried without any woman. Let's go, Acchan!" Yuko shouted and took her case with her and walked away. The others were laughing but Mayu rolled her eyes irritably.

"Wait Yuko! How is Mayu? We can't leave her here!" Acchan shouted but got ignored. Having no choice left. She bid her farewell and ran to find Yuko. Not long after, Takamina and Kojiharu also bid their farewells. Sitting alone, Mayu tried hard not to cry, no one else was there to comfort her.

'Another day of alone! maybe I was born for loner!'

She thought and walked away. Before she walked away, Yuki suddenly rushed in and banged onto her. They growled in pain but in a short time, their growling faded and they found their position was awkward. Yuki was on top of Mayu and their faces just a few inch away. They stared at each other for a while. Before Yuki pushed herself up, she saw Mayu's tears at her corner of her eyes.

"Eh? Why are you crying?" Yuki asked and stood up. She gave a hand to Mayu and helped her to stand back up.

"Nothing.... I thought you went home already."

"No I haven't..... I went to find Sae. But.... Nothing let's go home." Yuki suddenly stomped off. Mayu didn't ask Yuki further more. She knew that Sae was flirting with another girls again. It wasn't the first time that Mayu saw this. Sometimes she would find herself boiled in anger, wanted to kill Sae but still she tried to calm herself before raging.

Unknown to Mayu and Yuki, there were two people watching them from far away. Before seeing Mayu get lost in the dark, one of them murmured stupid before walking away. The another one smiled at her girlfriend. She knew that she won't be that heartless to ignore her friend's safety.


Time flew fast. The new year party would be held tonight. Like she said, Mayu didn't bother to join the party. She stayed at home, studying. Even though she wanted to have fun with her friends, she didn't want to face the relationship between Sae and Yuki. They would be kissing each other tonight. Maybe.

On the other side, Yuki wore her black dress, prepared everything for the party but she still lying on her bed motionless. She didn't really want to go to the party as she was fighting with Sae a few days ago because of Sae's flirting.

She saw Mayu wearing her casual clothes by her window. Curiosity overflowed. She wrote down something on her notepad and tore it down and folded into an airplane. She threw to the paper and it succeed landed on Mayu's room. Mayu saw the paper. She picked up and unfolded it.

Not going?

She turned to Yuki and saw Yuki still waiting for her answer. She only shook her head as a reply. Yuki smiled sadly and wrote down something again on her notepad but this time, she didn't fold it into an airplane. She showed Mayu before going out to the party.

Wish you would be there.

After some times, Mayu shook her head and went back to study but no matter how hard she tries to focus, she would lose it. Her mind only replayed the sad smile on Yuki. At last, she couldn't stand it. She quickly went to her clothes cabinet and took out the suit that she bought few days ago. She quickly changed into it and wore a wig. Before she went out, she saw herself in front of the mirror. She was still wearing a big spectacle.

"Get rid of your specs! No one would like a nerd!"

Suddenly, she remembered Kojiharu's complaint. She took out her eyeglasses and wore her contact lens. Before going out, she looked her reflect once again.

'Now will Yukirin try to get a score from me?'

She smiled at the though before went out.


When Mayu arrived the party, the party already started half an hour ago. It was very crowded and noisy. Some of them were dancing with their partners. Some of them were drinking and chatting with each other. Mayu had a hard time to find Yuki as some of the girls would surround her, trying to invite her for a dance. Suddenly someone dragged her out from the girls.

"I thought you wouldn't come." Yuko said and smirked at her. Acchan was surprised by Mayu's appearance.

"Wow. Mayu now I also want to try to get some score from you. You look amazing!" Acchan said excitedly and amazed. Mayu laughed awkwardly as she sensed some dark aura from Yuko.

"Told you to get rid of your spec. As I expected, you would be stunning. Mind to have a dance with me?" Kojiharu suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Takamina just forced a smile on her while having out some dark aura.

"Senpai.... Must be kidding.... So the the two of you don't have to be that angry." Mayu said nervously.

"Ya.... We're just kidding but it is real that can we have a dance?" Acchan said while patting Yuko's head, tried to calm her down. Haruna also did the same to Takamina. Eventually both of them were calm down and said something.

"If you want to have a dance with her. Then you would like to ask her girlfriend's permission." Takamina and Yuko said at the same time. Mayu was confused by what they were trying to refer.

Suddenly the classical music at the background was changed to pop music. A lot of the guests stopped dancing. Most of them were confused by the sudden change of music. Mayu was surprised too but not Takamina and Yuko. They were smirking.

"Everyone! Do you want to see something cheesy before new year?" Jurina shouted through the microphone. Everyone were following the flow of change and most of them wanted to see a cheesy scene

"Okay let's invite Kashiwagi Yuki to the stage!" When Mayu heard that, her eyes shot open and choked on her drink. She looked at Yuko but Yuko just shrugged it off. Before she could ask what happened, Takamina just pointed at the stage and grinned. She looked back and saw Rena forcing Yuki up to the stage.

"While waiting for the princess up to the stage, I would like to ask something. Who do you think the prince is?" Now Mayu felt that she shouldn't have gone to the party. The answer was obvious. The answer would be Sae. While Mayu was in her train of thought Yuko suddenly pushed her.

"What are you still waiting for? Waiting the others to take her away again? Go and get her!" She said and amplified her voice on the last sentence. At first, the crowd were gossiping but slowly they were all agreed that she was the prince for the gorgeous princess. They shouted Mayu's name out but Mayu was still standing there, didn't move at all. For Mayu, this was completely a dream. She tried to pinch herself for many times but still she felt the pain.

Slowly she walked up to the stage. She saw Yuki was standing, amazed and surprised by her appearance. She was totally cool in the suit and no one could reject this cool guy. Yuki blushed heavily at the sight of Mayu.

"Okay now this couple is up to stage. Shouldn't Mayu confess now?" Jurina said and the crowd agreed. Mayu still made no move. She didn't dare to look at Yuki, didn't dare to look at the crowd. Her hand just tugged in her pocket tightly. When she was about to take out something in her pocket, Sae shouted.

"Are you kidding me? I am Yuki's girlfriend! Shouldn't I am the one standing on the stage? Why the nerd?" By listening the nerd's word, Yuki boiled in anger. She took the microphone from Jurina's hand and wanted to say something to Sae but Mayu grabbed the microphone instead and intertwined her hand with Yuki's.

"I am a nerd maybe but I didn't hurt anyone's feeling. Not like you player!" Mayu said calmly and smirked at Sae. Before Sae could say anything, Yuki took the mic and said something to her.

"And we are over, Sae!" With that, Sae shut her mouth and trying to get out from there as soon as possible. Mayu chuckled at the sight and turned to Yuki. This time with confidence, she took out the paper that she always wanted to send to her.

I love you

Yuki smiled and took out a paper which had the same words. Mayu and her laughed with amusement that they could write the same word without each other notice. After some time, slowly Mayu walked towards Yuki and cupped her cheeks softly. She connected their foreheads. Before she leaned in to kiss her, she said "I love you, Yuki." And they kissed passionately.


Looked like 2013 ended and 2014 came. The crowd went out and watched the fireworks. Both of them didn't go out ,still at the hall. They looked into each other eyes passionately.

"You belong with me. And happy new year!" Mayu uttered before she leaned in and kissed Yuki once again.

New year had came. And their romance was born at the same time.

The end.

I hope it is not confusing! And I want to thx TD-san once again for helping me! Thx TD-san! And sorry for always bothering you! :bow: and everyone happy new year. And thx for reading. Oh yeah! Before I forget, this one shot is according to Taylor Swift's music video, you belong with me. So you can view it but not everything is the same. Most of scene, I changed!

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Re: [Haruto's OS] You belong with me
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Ooh, they are in a band. :w00t:

Did Yuki had always loved Mayu too? She already prepared the paper and also :inlove: loves watching Mayu playing the piano.

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Re: [Haruto's OS] You belong with me
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In your fic I always wanna kill someone lol
I like the cheesy mayuki^^

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Re: [Haruto's OS] Misunderstanding
« Reply #9 on: July 15, 2014, 06:13:34 PM »
@ Kahem:  :lol: :lol: really? Do you need a gun? Cause I also feel like killing some.  :lol: But I still hope you can enjoy the story. And I hope that you won't feel killing anyone in this story. Thx for commending and reading.

@Konoe: haha yup they are in a band and it is famous. Well at least in the university.  :lol: :lol: I also wonder.... I will let you imagine Yuki's view. Thx for enjoying and commending.

Isn't it be a while since I updated anything? Well, I am sorry for not updating.  :bow: something happens and I can't really update but I will still try. A part of the reason is I felt lazy. anyway, let enjoy the next story. And it is MaYuki pairing too. Oh ya. Lastly sorry for grammar mistake and some error if there is

"Jun... What are you doing there?"

"Friend's birthday... Deciding present for him."

A young florist asked his only son when he saw him looking at the flowers with an intense stare. After the young boy answered his father, his father only laughed at him and wished his son good luck as he himself knew that his son wouldn't able to do.

Couldn't bear with such an attitude from his own father, he hissed at his father and told him that he surely would find a wonderful present for his friend. But then, he received louder laugh from his father. This made him really irritated but more determined. And at the same time, he wouldn't let his father look down on him anymore. With his little knowledge on flowers, he went for a search for flowers in the store, just for the present or to impress his father. The young florist only chucked at the young boy's attitude.

"That kid."


"You know... Sometimes I wished that I have a okaa-san to help me deal with my childish otou-san." The young kid said in frustrated tone.

Just as the brown-haired florist expected, his son would come back with bare hand. Seeing her son returning with swear and a sign of frustration made him laughed out loud.

"Just tell me you need help. No interfere with my love life. I am happy with my own life now."

"What do you expect a six year old do?"

"Playing with their toys? But absolutely not searching for flower to impress his father." 

"Yes! Exactly! Spot-"

"I didn't know there is a flower shop around here."

Before his son could finish his words, a feminine voice said at the entrance of the shop. It caught both the florist and the young boy attention. Indeed this was a shop that the young florist opened recently with his son helped to choose the location. There was a disadvantage of this shop of his. It was that the shop wasn't having much customer as they expected but looking at the bright side, they did enjoy their life there as their neighbors were friendly.

"Welcome. What can I help you?"

The florist went to greet his first customer for the day right after he asked his child to be quiet just for that moment. The playful boy could only obey his father's words and went to play with his father's phone.

"Oh. J-just wandering around-eh? M-Mayu-chan?"

The florist was surprised when his customer called his name. Not his surname but his given name. He remembered that he hadn't tell anyone his name yet except for the neighbors since he had to. He looked carefully at the young raven-haired woman in front of him once again. It didn't take long. The young florist remembered who exactly this young woman was even though there was a lot of difference from the last time and now. For the brown-haired florist, it was too hard to forget this woman for some reason. In that instant, the florist's face reddened up as if someone had colored his face with red paint.


"Mayu-chan. It is you. It has been awhile."


Damn!!! Why do they have to put the book so high up when they don't have a ladder for us? Are they trying to make fun of us? The short people. Yup, I am saying that I am short now and I am going to kill whoever have to put the book there. Ah!!!! Yabai!!! Even I jumped, I still can't reach it. I need to think something else. What can I do? Oh yeah!!! I can climb up to get my book- Wait... I did that before and ended up in the hospital for two weeks.  I don't want that to happen to me again. It is too painful to lie on the bed for the two whole weeks with pain all over my body. Is there any other solution? I can't ask my senior to help me. It is embarrassing!!! Instead they will laugh at me. I don't want that to happen either.

"Ah! You can't reach it?"

A soothing voice said beside me and it startled me badly. I remembered that no one is beside me. So, who is it? When I looked up, a young raven-haired girl-wait she is from the high school not middle school. Anyway she is still a senior. If you ask me what I am blabbering about, it is just that this school of mine has this escalator system and usually the middle schooler and high schooler have to share this enormous library. Okay, back to topic, this senior is beautiful. She has fair skin and maybe she is kind as she helped me to take the book that I want without laugh at me for being short. A gorgeous and kind senpai... I am sure that she is popular. She is so beautiful that no words can describe. The raven-haired is really suitable for her. It is rare to find someone is that beautiful with raven hair.

"This school library is totally making fun of us. They should give us some ladders. Don't you think?-eh? Are you okay? You look red... Are you having fever?"

Eh? What!? Did I look red? Oh my god! I am totally look like a fool now. It is embarrassing. What should I do? What should I do? Should I say something back? She looks worry now. Oh my god!  God just wish me luck!

"Eh? I am red- no thanks for Mayu- eh? No I mean thanks for helping, senpai."

Ah!!! She is laughing now!!! I am totally look like a freak now! Ah!!! God why? Why do you make me look like an idiot? Especially in front of this goddess. I just hope there is a hole now and I will hide there forever. I don't mind not to see anyone if I am being this embarrassed.

"You don't need to be nervous. By the way, I am Kashiwagi Yuki. Not Mayu."

"Haha..? I am the one who is Watanabe Mayu. Thanks for helping me to take the book, Kashiwagi-senpai. Sorry..."

"Why do you even need to apologize?"

She keeps on laughing... I am totally look like an idiot now. God just take me with you. It is totally embarrassing. But it is rare to see someone is laughing beside me. Somehow I like this feelings and especially her smile. Her smile is beautiful. I really like it. I hope that I can always see this kind of smile on her everyday. I won't be tired of it.

"Yukirin! Let's go!"

Ah. Looks like her friend is calling her already. She need to go now. So Yukirin is her nickname. It is so cute and it is just like her. I hope that I can call her with that nickname. But who am I for her. Just a junior who is too short to take his own book. But I still want to meet her again.

"Sorry. I need to go now, Mayu-chan."

"Wait!.. Senpai, can I see you again?"

Eh? What am I saying? Why did I even say that? Now I look more idiotic. No, more like a freak. Ah!!! What did you do to me, god? Look like a total idiotic pervert in front of a senior, especially in front of her.

"Don't worry. We can always meet in this library again. Bye Mayu-chan!"

We can meet again? We can meet again!!! I am really happy. I don't know why but to feel happiness and contented in my heart. It has been awhile that my heart being in this state. When did I feel this happy before? But it is good to know I can meet her again and I will make sure to make it happen again.


"I didn't expect you to become a... florist."

"Haha. I get that a lot. I myself also didn't expect too."

The brown-haired Watanabe and the raven-haired Kashiwagi were now talking in the store. Even though they didn't meet each other for... like years, they still talked like they never have been separated before. No awkwardness or tension between them. Just some catching up here and there.

"You colored you hair. It is such a waste though... But I like this hair color. It look more suitable..?"

"Haha. Really? Why don't you color your hair too? But you and your raven hair are perfect match. I always like them."

Such words bluntly came out from the florist made Yuki blushed madly. Mayu rarely would say such things since everyone known him as the cyborg. The cold-hearted cyborg to be exact. Mayu didn't even realize what he uttered. Maybe he just too concentrated with his works?

"Onee-chan, you look beautiful! But you rather look pink-no red now."

"Eh? W-who are you?"

Startled by the presence of a certain young boy, Yuki didn't know the boy was there all the time. The boy in front of her was covered with mud and soil. Looked like he went to play with the soil in the store instead of playing with his father's phone. His appearance made Yuki startled even more and couldn't help to show her famous reaction queen.

"I am Matsui Jun! Or... Watanabe Jun. The son of this childish, stupid father!"

"Jun, didn't I tell you not to come out until the customer is gone? And look at you! What did you play with again this time? You always didn't listen to me."

"But... But it is too boring to be inside then! Bad daddy! I hate you! Anyway, Onee-chan, do you want to be my mum? I would love to call you as my mum! And my dad doesn't look like he mind too."


"Jun!!!! Go to take bath now!"

"Okay~~ Onee-chan think of it, okay?"

That little Matsui kid just made both adults flushed madly at themselves. Not to mention, he made the atmosphere from relaxing to awkward. Mayu and Yuki were glad that the little kid wasn't here or else they would receive even more blunt comments from the naive kid. After the playful kid interrupted their moment, they couldn't say anything to each other and made the atmosphere even worse. They tried to make some jokes but the word will stuck in their throats or they couldn't laugh at it. But for reason, Yuki was slightly upset that Mayu had a son already and that meant he had a family already. She shouldn't step into Mayu's life. If she stepped in, Mayu's life would be in mess. But... She still confused that why Jun was asking her to be her mum when he already had one. The confusion in her eyes didn't let Mayu go unnoticed.

"Jun is not my biological son. I adopted him. That's why he had different surname... As he introduced just now."

"Huh? Oh. That's why. So you still don't have a wife until now?"

"I am 20 this year, Yuki Onee-chan. What do you expect? Of course no. Same as you, don't you have a boyfriend already?"

"Haha but no. Did anyone tell you? You have changed. Not the cold hearted cyborg anymore. You smiled more often. More like to be warm one."

The comment made Mayu smiled out from the bottom of his heart. He felt good  to know that Yuki still haven't change much. Still the kind-hearted and gorgeous senior. As for Yuki, she felt that her heart was finally beating hard again when she saw the smile from Mayu. When did she felt this way? Maybe before Mayu suddenly transferred school without telling her anything. But she felt relieved that Mayu still haven't have anyone to hold dearly aside from his son. Their moment was interrupted by Yuki's phone call. It signaled that Yuki was about time to return to her workplace. She bid her farewell and left the place. Before she could do so, Mayu grabbed her hand and halted her from moving further.

"Wait. Yukirin, can I see you again?"

This scene look familiar. It looks exactly like their first meeting... When Yuki had to go, Mayu also asked the same question. The only difference was from senpai to her nickname. The scene only made Yuki smiled out which made Mayu confused why did Yuki smile out of the sudden. Maybe Mayu just forgot he did the same thing before.

"I worked at the cafe which two street away from here. You can find me there. And here is my name card. You can call me if you want."

With that, Yuki rushed out as she already late for her work but she still didn't miss the smile on Mayu. Indeed it was a rare sight to see Mayu to smile that often. Somehow the smile made her heart beating faster as if it wanted to jump out and she knew exactly why was her heart was being in this state. As for Mayu, he felt utterly happy and couldn't wait to see Yuki again.

After Jun took his quick bath, he ran out to see whether Yuki was there or not. He was eager to persuade Yuki to be his mom as he couldn't stand any longer his father's attitude. But instead of seeing what he want, he saw his own dad smiling at Yuki's card without any reason. It just crept him out and made him to shout at his father to stop doing it.

"Creepy! You look creepy dad. Why did you even smile at the card?"

"Oh? Finish taking your bath?"

Mayu knew that his son was over exaggerating things again and didn't care what he said. Only sighed at his son with his dirty clothes again. At least, the playful kid still cleaned the mud away. He didn't scold him any further but just told him that he wouldn't piggyback him that day.

"Yup but don't have any spare clothes here so have to wear this clothes again. Anyway where is Yukirin Onee-chan? I haven't finish my persuasion yet."

"You still dare to do such crazy things?"

"Why not? If I have someone to control you from being childish-!!!!! What are you doing?"

Without Jun noticing, Mayu walked slowly and quietly to his son and carried him up. It startled Jun badly. But what he didn't expect was his father's next movement. His father tickled him on his waist. Because of the sudden attack, Jun couldn't stop laughing. He tried to begged his father to stop the assault but his father ignored him and continued tickling him. It made him shouted out for help even though he was laughing out loud.

'Jun. It is not easy as what thought. Yuki... She... She doesn't like orphans.'


There is no way that Miyazawa senpai is dating with my Yukirin! Miyazawa-senpai is a flirter and... And what? Ah!!! Never mind that! Anyway, Yukirin won't go out with him. I mean such a goddess like her won't date with someone like Miyazawa-senpai, right? Wait... If Yukirin didn't date him, why should she go out with me when I am the school nerd. Ah!!! What the hell am I thinking? I am in love with senpai. Why did I even give a thought that I am not suite for her? But it is still the truth that I am the school geek and Yukirin is the school princess. How can someone like me date with her? On the other hand, Miyazawa-senpai is the school prince. He is handsome not like me, a nerd. They really suite for each other. Wait... What the hell I am thinking again? Love don't involve with our appearance! That's it! I am going to ask Yukirin whether is it true about the rumor. I don't care whatever it takes. I need an answer!

I finally arrive at the library. Now, I only need to find her. Yukirin said that before, if I ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask her. So I am here to ask her the truth! But the problem is where she is. Usually she would be here. And today she is on duty as a librarian. So she should be here. I walked everywhere in the library already but still haven't found her. Why is it so hard to find her today? Usually I would find her within a minute. But today I already take 10 minutes but I still couldn't find her.

"Haha. Yup how they always want our attention. Yuck! Is totally a disgust."

Eh? Kuramochi-san? She is here? Kuramochi-senpai is one of Yuki's best friends. So if she is here. That means Yukirin would be here too. There she is. Kuramochi-senpai is sitting on one of the table. Takajo-senpai is also here. Yukirin must be here too. But they look like they were in serious talk though. Should I go and ask now? Maybe next time. Wait... Why am I running away again? I should go and ask my Yukirin! Yes I should! Now, let go and ask her!

"That's why I hated orphan the most."

The words are coming from Yuki's mouth like nothing but they are killing me inside. The words immediately stop my movement and look at her disbelief even though she didn't see me. What did she say? Did she say that she hate orphans? Did I hear anything wrong? No this is not an imagination. Yup they are talking about their hatred towards orphans. Why? Why out of so many people you have to hate orphans? It is not like it is their fault to be orphan. It is not like my fault to be an orphan. It is not my fault that my parents died in a car crash. Now... I understand why I can't even compare to Miyazawa-senpai. Miyazawa-senpai has all. His parents. His family. His richness. His handsomeness. His... happiness with you. I can't have it just because I am an orphan who lived with his grandparents without knowing parent's love. Now I know... It is not because of my grades. It is not because of my appearance. It is not because I am the school nerd. I am struggling so much just to be suitable for you only. For you only, Yukirin... but it all ended up because of my life. Why do I even ache my heart that much for you? Without even realizing, I already run out from the library and hide at my usual place. Hide my sorrow away from everyone.

After a year, I transfer to another school since the rumor is true that Miyazawa-senpai is going out with Yukirin. It is killing me inside whenever she seeks for comfort from me. I can't stand it it anymore. Seeing her cry is not something I want. I want her to be happy. But... All her smile has given to Sae-senpai. And that's not only the reason why I transfer. My grandparents were moving back to Osaka. They wanted me to go along with them. I also can continue further my studies there. So without any choice, I followed them back to Osaka. Haha... To think back, I was struggling to tell myself not to trust the rumor. And now, I have accept it with pain. But... They are really quite suitable for each other. No wonder they are the school prince and princess and I hope Sae-senpai can make her smile more often.


"Daddy, I am hungry..."

Jun kept on telling his dad this for... Almost the whole afternoon as he didn't have his lunch yet. On the other hand, Mayu kept on preparing the flowers as there was a sudden order that he took on that afternoon. This made him having headaches to figure out how to finish them all and sent to his customer by the due date which was today. Jun's grumbling didn't help him at all. He wanted nothing but to get mad but... he was the one who forgot to pack Jun's lunchbox. Moreover, he couldn't scold at his only six-years-old son. It will make him felt bad if he did.

"Jun... Pls quiet down. I will bring you to eat something later, okay? I promise... Let me finish this first."

Jun pouted at his father but still obeyed his father words by sitting next to him. He looked at his father's works with interest and hoped that one day his dad would tell him more about flowers. It would be cool to know how to prepare them and surprised his future girlfriend. Without even realizing, he slept soundly and wandered to his dreamland. By the time, Mayu finished his work. He only realized that his son dozed off to his dreamland. He chuckled at the sight and ruffled his son's hair. Looking back at the flowers, he sighed with a hint of tiredness.

"Now... Now... How should I sent this bunch of flowers to her?"

It was not like he couldn't ask a courier to help him to send them to his customer. But the problem was with this huge amount of flowers, it will be too expensive to hire a courier. And it was about evening, he doubted that the courier could send his flowers to his customer on time. Therefore, he rather to do all the works by himself and... There was no problem before but now Jun was sleeping and he couldn't leave the sleeping boy alone in the shop. It would be too dangerous for Jun to be alone. At last, he made his own decision. He took out his hand trolley and placed all the flowers onto it. After placing, he carried Jun on his back and closed the store. Then made his way to his customer's house. Apparently this customer was the florist's own friend. So, he only accepted the crazy request to help his friend out. Or else... He didn't even bother to listen.

"F-Finally here."

Mayu said out exhaustedly and breathlessly. Who wouldn't, right? Carrying a young kid who weighed around 15 kg and need to push a hand trolley over a small hill then only reached the house. It made him tired and sweated terribly. Ignore the tiredness that he had built up, he knocked on the door and waited for the owner to open the door. He could hear some shouting noise which couldn't be heard properly and thumping voice behind the door before it was opened.

"Thank god. It is finally here. Really thanks Mayu-san." A girl with twin-pigtail rushed out and said. She even hugged Mayu instantly when she saw the flowers.

She felt so relieved to see the flower arrived before the event will start or else she would get scolded for forgetting ordering flowers for her elder brother's wedding anniversary. Well, when she remembered about the flowers, it was already noon. No flower shop would take her order as it was too large amount of flowers. And luckily, Mayu took the crazy order from the younger girl as she request for 99 bouquets of different flowers.

"Uhm... Juri-chan? Can you let go now?"

Mayu said out as it was really kind of awkward when a girl was hugging her out of sudden and he could hear some whispering and weird stares from the passengers too. It made him look like a pedophile as the girl in front of him was under-aged. Not to mention, the younger girl's hold was too tight. It was making him hard to breath and making him to feel uncomfortable. Moreover, it had been awhile that he hugged a girl aside from his best friend.

"Huh? Sorry, Mayu-san. Didn't realize my strength. Haha. Ah... Thanks a lot. You really helped me a lot."

The Takahashi girl instantly released the florist when she saw he was turning to purple. She couldn't help but to giggle at Mayu. She also saw the sleeping young boy sleeping and stroke him softly. The young boy only pushed the hand away in order not to disturb his sleep. The cute sleeping face and action of the younger boy made the Takahashi girl squealed innerly but still did her best to calm down.

"Juri-chan. Your strength is getting stronger. I was going to die there. You need to have some self-control, just like your brother said; and about the flower, no problem. You are my friend. Of course. I will. The flowers is for your brother's anniversary, right?" 

The twin pigtailed girl only nodded and sighed that she need to do the works as quick as possible or else her mum would be on rage again that she didn't finish her job...again. She bid her farewell to Mayu and quickly pushed the hand trolley into the house. Mayu could only shout to her that remember help him to congrats his brother before the young girl closed the door. Seeing the door is closed made Mayu sighed and hoped the younger girl would help him to do his flavor.

Walking back to the street, the brown-haired florist wondered what should he have for dinner and where he should have. He wanted to eat at home but it would be too late to cook. He wandered around the town and finally something caught his attention. It was a cafe. Normal looking one and nothing special about the cafe but what caught his attention was how quiet the cafe was. It was about dinner hour by that time but not a single individual was seen in the cafe except for the workers themselves. Without a second thought, he walked into the cafe since he was in a state that he really need food for his and his son's growling stomach.

"Welcome to this cafe. What can I help-"


The familiar tone of the voice caught Mayu's attention and quickly looked at the direction where the voice came from. It didn't surprise him very much when he saw it was her. Since the tone was quite familiar and it was a unique one... at least for him. He couldn't help to laugh out loud at the woman's expression as it was one of the reaction queen. He didn't know at all that he came across with the cafe which the raven-haired woman worked in. Such a coincidence that they met each other in a week without really made up which everyone would think that it was impossible to happen again.

"Kashiwagi-san. You know this guy?"

"Uhm... You can say so. My high school buddy."

"Oh... The guy that made you can't kiss anyone?"


The raven-haired waitress and the brown-haired florist replied at the same time. Such a synchronism again they were wearing the expression and looked at the waiter that who greeted the customer.  The waiter giggled and went to sit on one of the chair without doing what he supposed to do. Being ignored by the waiter, Yuki herself too didn't care that much and invited Mayu to sit at the bar table. Before Mayu could sit down, the naughty young boy woke up from his sleep without letting anyone knew. Due to the different environment, he was quite confused but that didn't bother him much as soon as he saw Yuki.

"Yukirin Onee-chan!"

The young boy shouted out loud and jumped out from his father's hug. It startled the adults especially Yuki. Unknown to Mayu and Jun, there was a young girl who was also sleeping in the cafe but she woke up due to Jun's loudness. The little noise made by the young sleeping beauty caught the both customers' attention. The moment that Jun laid his eye on the girl, Jun was surprised. The beauty that the girl had made Jun gasped as no other girls that he saw was such a... goddess. Her face was so pale and fair that no one had. She also had a long raven hair just like Yuki. It just like everything was too perfect.

"You... You are beautiful."

"Uhm? Oh. Thank you?"

"I am Matsui Jun or Watanabe Jun. How about you?"

"Huh?... Matsui Rena."

Looked like Jun completely forgot about his mission... about getting a new mother for his father. All of his attention was given to the young princess and he couldn't divide his attention to anything else but only her. Her beauty completely amazed Jun. Due to the intense stare from Jun, the Matsui girl started to feel uncomfortable. She wanted to run away and hide from the playful young boy but it would be rude to do so. Therefore, she stayed there and looked back at the boy who had two different surnames which made her confused.

"Why don't Rena, you play with Jun-kun?" 

Yuki asked as she could see that the young boy wanted to know more about her cousin. Yup, Rena was Yuki's cousin. That was the reason why they both had raven hair which made a lot of guys gasped with their beauty. Okay, back to topic, Jun looked very excited about the suggestion and waited patiently for Rena's answer. Since her cousin still couldn't leave her work and she had nothing else to do, she agreed and went to play with Jun.

"Wait! Jun. Don't you want to eat dinner?"

"Just help me to order. I will eat it later."

With that, Jun went on playing with Yuki's cousin and completely forgot about his hunger. Mayu could only sigh and shook his head at the same time at his son's stubbornness or stupidness but... seeing his son happy with his new friend was something made him stop complaining and let his son do whatever he wanted. As for the dinner, he could only hope that he wouldn't complain about the food that he ordered for him was no good again.

"That kid..."

"What a father you are."

"Am I that bad for being a father?"

"No... Not at all. Just that both of you don't look like father and son."

"Oh... I get that a lot as well."

They continued chatting and completely forgot about the time and the other things. Surprisingly, their conversation wouldn't end that easily as if they had a lot of things to talk about but in fact, it was a random topic that they picked up like the cafe was a break up cafe and everyone would go there and request for some help to break up with their partner? It surprised Mayu that the cafe was something like that but he didn't really want to pay attention on it. Of course, Mayu did has his meal but his son completely forgot everything like his meal.  He would keep on talking to pale girl as if it was not boring at all whether it was a one-sided talk. Basically, the MaYuki and Wmatsui were completely in their world and didn't really notice anything.

"Hello. Kashiwagi."

"Oh. Hi. Sano-san. You are here all the time?"

It surprised the young florist as he didn't realize that was a guy beside him all the time. Even he just arrived, when the heck that he got into the cafe? He didn't make any sound when he walk. It scared Mayu as he was thinking that the Sano man is some kind of supernatural creatures. As Mayu kept thinking, Sano asked for a cup of coffee. Yuki could only went away and hope that it wouldn't be too awkward between the two guys.

"Uhmm... The name Sano. Sano Shiro. This cafe's manager. How about you? I could tell that you are quite good with girls."

"Huh? Oh. Watanabe Mayu desu. About the good with girls, I am sorry. I don't really get it."

"Kashiwagi is a girl who quite hard to talk. I am surprised that she talked with you that... Freely?"

"Oh.. About that I think you get it wrong. I am her friend. That's all."

The cafe manager could only gasp in surprise from what he learnt. He thought the young florist was some random guy who was trying to hit on Yuki when he was walking into the cafe. But it turned out the young man was the waitress's friend. It made him relieved that he didn't warn the young florist to give up on Yuki as he know that his colleague wouldn't go out with some random guy. Moreover, he didn't want to see a heart-broken scene from his colleague's fans.

"Oh... The guy who made Kashiwagi can't kiss anyone any more."


"Oh nothing. Nothing. Just ignore me."

"Oh. Okay.?"

Not sure what to reply, Mayu could only said that. And it just made him regret to say out as it made the hell out of an awkward moment between them. The young florist couldn't help but to quietly beg Yuki's come back as soon as possible. He couldn't stand any awkward moment with anyone especially after such a long time that he didn't experience that feeling.

"Say want to join a birthday party?"


"Kashiwagi's birthday is coming soon and we are planning to have a surprise birthday party for her. So... Do you want to join us?"

"I am on with it."

Such a fast reply from the young florist that the cafe manager never expected. He thought the florist would take some times to reply but instead he replied in a second as if he don't need to think about much. This little action of the florist made the cafe manager started to wonder whether this young man in front of him have any interest on his workers. Before he could ask to answer his curiosity, Yuki came back and brought the coffee that the manager wanted.

"Both of you look like having fun here. What did you both talk about?"

"About Jun. How did I adopt him? Want to know about it? We were about to start."

"Oh that. I really wanted to know what make you to adopt him. I mean if the old you won't do something like this. You know... You are cyborg. Void of any emotion."

Then again, the cafe manager was surprised as how could the young florist manage to change the topic without even his employee know about it. Well, it supposed to be a secret as the party was the surprise one. That meant they didn't want the waitress to know about it. It wouldn't be a surprise if she knew about it, right?

"Actually it is quite a long story. Are you really sure that you want to listen?"

"Give me the short one then."

"Okay. Okay.. Since you insist me to tell you and you wanted to know badly. I will tell you about it. It was all because I felt like adopting a son. And Jun seem quite a nice choice."

"That's all?"



It was not surprising to Mayu that Yuki saw through his lie like a paper since it always happened in their school life. Yuki would know what was Mayu thinking and Mayu didn't have any idea how could she do that. Mind-reading? Since it had been awhile that someone see through him, he was taken back a bit when Yuki shouted at him with the word 'liar'. He thought that after all these years went through, his poker face became even perfect and no one could see through his lie anymore. It seems that he was wrong. Yuki still could see through him like always.

"Same as always. You can know whether I am lying or not."

"It is quite easy actually. You always look at something intensely when you are lying. And well... you were looking at me just now. That makes things more easier." 


"So tell me the truth now."

"Sorry. I promise Jun not to tell anyone."


The Kashiwagi waitress was a bit upset that she couldn't learn the truth due to their promise. She just pouted at the florist and really wanted Mayu to forget whatever promise he made. She really wanted to know what had happened that badly. But... breaking promise was quite bad and she didn't want the florist to break the promise for her only. Therefore, she couldn't do anything but to wait for that one day, the florist would tell her everything.

"Ah. It is getting late already. I think it's time for me and Jun to go now."

"Eh? That early?"

"It's already nine, you know?"

The Kashiwagi waitress then only realized that it was very late already. She could even see the street was almost empty. She didn't notice the time until the young florist told her. As well as she really wanted to spend more time with the young florist, but it was already quite late and she didn't want to disturb Mayu's planned schedule for the following day. But before Mayu could go out from the cafe, she called out.

"Mayu-chan! Wait. Give me your hand."

"Huh? Why?"

"Just give."

Before the young florist could even ask any further, the waitress already got a hold of his hand forcefully. He didn't understand why his friend wants his hand for. But as the time passed, Yuki's expression became shocked and sad. He was confused by the reaction. And then again, before he could ask anything, Yuki let go his hand. He could ask her even after the raven-haired waitress let go but Jun was getting tired and he didn't want to be late for his work for the next day. So he bid his farewell and have the thought that he could always ask anytime.

Even after the young florist and his son long gone, the waitress still had the sad and tingling feelings inside her. Like something was burning inside her. She wanted the pain inside her stop as soon as possible. But even she thinks about something happy, the feelings just wouldn't leave her alone, and without even realizing, she cried silently.

"Kashiwagi, what do you see?"

The waiter asked out of his curiosity. He knew well the reason that the waitress was crying but he couldn't bother that much and wanted to know something else. As for Kashiwagi, she didn't move neither talk. She could only cry silently and beared with the pain in heart alone.

"Leave her alone Kano."

Luckily, the cafe manager was still there and helped the waitress to stop the waiter from further asking. She quietly thanked her employer even though she knew that he wouldn't hear it.



The Watanabe florist sighed out loud in his store. He has been sighing for hours already but he still felt hopeless as he couldn't find his recent met back friend. Apparently, after the night that they met in the cafe, he didn't see his friend again. He did go to the cafe and asked for his friend's whereabouts but they ended up telling him that she had something else to do. He shouldn't feel frustrated or anything of her friend had her job but it seems that every times he went over, the young raven-haired waitress had job. It made him wondered whether his friend was avoiding him. If so, why did she do that?

'Where did she go? What is happening? Why did she look so sad on that night?'

Lots of worry thoughts were running in the florist's mind. Well, he had been thinking about the waitress whole day. Not even a single second that he wouldn't think of her. He just that hopelessly worrying about his friend.

"Excuse me. I need a bouquet of flowers for my friend in hospital."


A customer went into the store and asked. He didn't even care to look at his customer or even greet his customer. He walked around the flower shop and took the flowers that he needed for his customer. He worked like a cyborg. Did whatever his customer wanted and without any expression as if he didn't like his job. Well, it couldn't be help, right? His mind was occupied by the waitress, and only her not even his job that he liked.

"Are you really going to make it, Mayu-chan?"

With a lightly confusion, he looked up and saw a woman with her hair tied in a ponytail was standing in front of him. He immediately recognize the woman and hugged her tightly with a smile a crossed his face. She was his best friend. He missed her so much as it had been awhile since they last met. It was sure that the flower shop was cursed with something but it was good as he met back his friend again and again. The first one was Yuki, then Juri and the his best friend. He wondered that would he met with someone again. Maybe it would happen again.


"Wow!!! Wow!!! Mayu-chan, be careful. Where is Jun?"

"He went to his friend's birthday party already. So, how are you?"

"Perfectly fine and the good news is I am going to marry."

"Wow! Congratulations. The Rino finally wanted to marry you?"

"What does that mean? Don't talk about me. Now, how about you? Still don't have any girlfriend?"

The question made the florist to shut his mouth up and turned away with embarrassment. He didn't expect this question from anyone, not even his best friend. The way the florist acted made his best friend laughed out loud. It showed her that the florist still hadn't have a girlfriend but she couldn't understand what make the florist not to concentrate on his favorable work. It didn't make any sense to her. Before she could ask anything further, a loud voice took their attention away.

"Yuki Onee-chan. Why are you standing here? Come in."

"Wait... Jun!"

The younger kid didn't listen anything and pushed the adult into the store. Obviously, the florist was surprised to see the person that he had been finding for days was standing in front of him. But... what made him wondered was why was she standing outside rather come into the store if she came that far. Did she avoid him on purpose?

"Uhm... I am sorry for interrupting. Got to go now. Bye!"

The waitress didn't explain anything further and ran out of the flower shop as if the shop itself was hell. She didn't even care whether the young kid or the florist was calling her. She just wanted to run away from the father and son. As for Mayu, he was confused by the way that the waitress acted. He did see the smile that Yuki was having. It was full of sadness and regret. But... Why did she smile in that way?

"Wow! Isn't that Kashiwagi?"

"H-huh? Yup."

"You still contact her? Not bad Mayu-chan. A good start. W-wait not start. It is a good way to go to the next level."

"I will be always be the boy friend, not boyfriend. Always in the friend zone."

"I don't think so. Did you know that she break up with Miyazawa because of third wheel appeared?"

Another shocking news that he received for this day. The Watanabe florist was shocked at the news. He wouldn't know the reason that the couple broke up but he didn't even think that something like this would happen. Even though Sae liked to flirt with everyone, he still took every single relationship that he had seriously especially Yuki's one. So... how did all this happen?

"Judging from your expression. You really didn't know this. She broke up with Miyazawa right after you transferred. And... That means you are highly chance to be the third wheel. Well, that's what everyone was saying."

"H-huh? Me? The nerd be the third wheel? Are you trying to make joke here?"

"Did I look like I was kidding here? And you don't look like a nerd now for your info."

"But it's impossible. I mean she doesn't like us. I meant orphan."

"That's what you think- no what you hear. Do you see her smile just now? Didn't that prove anything to you?"

After saying what she should say, she left the florist for his own good and went to see Jun who was playing alone. After all, he needed some times to think all once again.


Time sure flied fast. Without anyone really aware of the days passed, it was the day that everyone was waiting. Well for someone this day wouldn't be any other day but for someone this day was quite special and... It’s Yuki's birthday. As for Mayu, he just finished his job and now was rushing to the cafe with his son. He was so late for the waitress's birthday party because of the amount of work in his shop. He tried to go as early as possible but he just can't leave with his work undone.

"Dad, is Rena-chan there?"

His son asked out do the blue. The young florist nodded without thinking what was his son talking about. For that moment, his mind only occupied with the thoughts that how late he was and how should he give the present that he prepared. It didn't take long to arrive the cafe. The cafe was closed for the night. It wasn’t fill with a lot of people like what Mayu expected. There were only the cafe manager, the waiter and the waitress's cousin. Of course Jun was so delighted to see the younger girl. Without asking his father's permission, he already went to greet Rena and started to play with her. As for Mayu, he didn't care about his son anymore because he was confused by the presence of the birthday girl. He didn't see the waitress anyway in the cafe.

"Oh. Mayu-san. You are finally here. I thought you are not coming."

"Sorry for being late but where is Yukirin?"

After asking the question, there was a total silence. Only the two kids' laughing sound was able to hear. No one dare to tell Mayu about Yuki's whereabouts and it just made Mayu curious what was exactly happening there.

"Watanabe Mayu?"

Suddenly someone called him by his full name. Being called by his full name was rare. So, The young florist turned to his back without a second and found a familiar looking guy in front of him. He couldn't remember who was that guy. All he knows was the guy looked very familiar. Not to mention, he was extremely good-looking compared to the young florist even though he looked older than him by a few years. Seeing the younger man's expression, the good-looking guy chuckled for unknown reason.

"You really changed a lot. Just like Yuki said. From a cyborg to a reaction king."

"You are...?"

"You really forgot about me? You should be very angry at me for taking your love away and making her not to able kiss anyone except the one that she truly love." 

Don't need anymore details. The young florist knew exactly who was the man in front of him. He didn't like him at the first place due to he lost his love to him. But... for some reason, he didn't dislike him too. He was the only one that he trusted him to give Yuki happiness.

"Miyazawa Sae senpai."

"Well. Bingo! But you don't need to change your tone for me only. It is too cold."


Silence again. The florist didn't bother to say anything but to look away. He also didn't know why he was acting this way. The older man could only give up to change the younger florist attitude and tone towards him. He knew that the younger man would be in this state from the first day they had known for each other. Sometimes he wondered that if on that day he only knew that the younger guy was in love with his girl and his girl was in love with the younger guy too, what would happen to them today? Well, as you could see, he knew from the way that the waitress was looking at the younger guy but the waitress was dense enough not to know about her feelings.

"I overheard your conversation in the toilet just now. Yuki would always only attend her birthday party for awhile. Then she would go somewhere else. We thought that we could make her to stay longer on this birthday but..."

Sae suddenly stopped his sentence. He looked hesitating whether to say something or not. After sometimes of waiting for him to continue, the older man finally made up his mind and decided to tell Mayu about everything.

"But she was even sadder than her past birthday. Maybe it's because of your fortune."

"My fortune?"

"Well. You see. For some reason, Yuki could see the other's love fortune just by touching their hand."

Mayu couldn't reply anything. He was totally stunned and somehow he couldn't really understand what Sae was talking. But that seem fit the puzzle well. Yuki looked uneasy after she touched his hand and the following days, she started avoiding him. But what could the possible that the woman see in his future love life? Maybe something bad?

"She would be somewhere that was precious and important for her. She said that once." 

"Why are you telling me?"

"Of course. You would be the only one who knew about this important place. So find her. And please stop being this cold to me. You had to catch your girl if you like her! As for your son, I will help you to take care."

Mayu was shocked as this was the first time someone asked him to go for it without worries. Moreover it was from the senpai who he hated and his love's ex-boyfriend. It really made him to be surprised than ever be. He didn't know what to reply at all. His mind went blank and he could only say thanks to the older man.


With that, he walked out and started to search for Yuki. It is quite hard though. He didn't know where to start off. With the only piece of information that it was a very important place and Yuki would always go there in her birthday was not enough. Too many place would be a memory too but what is the most important to the waitress. Why would she go there?

"Where is she?"

He searched where the possibilities that she would appear but sadly it all turned out that she was not there. Walking around aimlessly was not a good idea. Moreover, he was walking in a big city, Tokyo. It was just like finding a needle in sea. He needed something solid to tell him where to find his love. He didn't want to lose his love again and he wanted a solid answer from Yuki. He was tired for waiting an answer from his love. He was tired to feel the pain again and again when he couldn't even tell the waitress how he feels for her. He was tired of running away from the hardship. He wanted to accept whatever the raven-haired woman told him. He wanted to know how the raven-haired woman feels when he was around.

"Could she be there?"

A place suddenly popped into his mind. The place was very close by where he was but it should be closed by now since it was quite late. Not to mention, it was quite dangerous to go there alone especially at night. So, Yuki shouldn't be there if she wanted to make sure her safety. However it was the only place that the young florist haven't checked yet. He could only go and check out whether the birthday girl was there or not.

It didn't take long for him to arrive the place. It was just like he thought. The street was empty. The silence made everyone to stay away from the area. The place was closed by the time. The only way was to sneak into the compound and he knew exactly where he could enter without any problem. After sometimes he finally entered the place without getting caught. The place really made him to feel nostalgic. It had been awhile since he was there and it was always a part of his memories. After all, it was his school. He wouldn't forget about it. All the memories here. He thought that he would not be coming the school anymore. It was really something that he didn't predict when he came back to Tokyo. Without further waiting, he walked into the school building and went to find the birthday girl. Of course sometimes he would walk to different route and he would get lost but it was still lucky that he found his way back. He was really in luck that he didn't meet the routine guard or else he would be in the police station instead of finding the older girl.

"Finally here."

He said out and wiped his sweat away which was dropping down from his forehead. He pushed door in front of him. It was lucky that the door didn't make any sound like what he expect. He walked into the room. He was surprised with the look of the room. Even though the school was changed a lot but the library still the same as his memories. Somehow he felt happy to see everything in the room was still the same but a part of him still worried that the birthday girl wouldn't be in this room. Such a mixed feelings. He walked deeper into the library and scanned around. He didn't see anything. When he was about to give up, he saw someone was sitting beside the bookshelf with her head down. With instinct, he walked over. The figure heard something was walking to her. She quickly looked up and found this all familiar man in front of her.

"You are really here."


The man hugged her instantly when he saw her tears. It pained him when he saw her cry. The woman only hugged even tighter and let herself cried on the man's shoulder. It had been a long time since she felt the warmth again. She wondered whether she could feel this warmth again without any worry. After some times, her cries subsided but they still haven't broke the hug yet.

"H-how do you know I am here." Yuki asked.

"You said before we can always meet in this library again."

The words are the words that she spoke to Mayu and it was exactly the same sentence. Somehow it reminded her how they both met.

"Why- why did you come back here?" Mayu asked out since he couldn't understand why Yuki would choose this place to come back.

"This is where everything started."

Even though the sentence was short Mayu got the meaning without any problem. It was true that their friendship started here but their friendship also destroyed here. It reminded Mayu that his grandpa always told him that it started from where and it would ended there. Looked like he finally able to understand fully what his grandpa meant.

"Yup it started here and it also ended here."

"Huh? What did you mean?" Yuki asked and broke the hug right after she heard what Mayu said. She looked into Mayu's eyes and could see the pain and sadness in his eyes. It made her wondered why would Mayu said something like that and his eyes filled with sorrow and pain.

"Tell me, Yuki-chan... Did you hate me, orphan?"

"W-what? I don't hate you. Why would I hate you? And who told you that I hate you because you are an orphan?"

"I heard it by my own ears, Yuki-chan. My ears won't trick me."

"E-Eh? Okay. Okay. Even though I hated orphan very much but that was before you appeared in my life. You changed my view of them."

Mayu was stunned in confusion and shock. It was true that he heard that Yuki hated orphan very much but when did he change Yuki's mind? Did he mishear something? Did he make the wrong move all the time? Well, he didn't know but judging by looking into the older woman eyes, it would be true that she didn't lie. He also trusted her fully. After all, Yuki wasn't that kind of girl like to lie.

"I-I don't know where did you hear it. B-but it is the truth that you changed me."

The florist couldn't help but to laugh out loud. He wasted his time and thought that he should give up his love for the older woman but it ended up that it was all just a misunderstanding. The older woman looked at him and thought that he didn't believe what she said.

"Why are you laughing? Anything funny?"

"Haha! All these time I was thinking to give up but instead it was a misunderstanding."

"W-well. I don't really get what you mean."

Mayu didn't reply anything and continued laughing. It even ached his stomach very much but he just couldn't stop laughing. The birthday girl could only watched him laughing and wondering the reason that the younger one laughing. After some times, his laugh finally died. Then he only realized that Yuki's birthday was about to over. He gave Yuki a bouquet of flowers that he made and wished her happy birthday. It was lucky that he did bring along with him but he didn't buy a birthday cake for her. A birthday without a birthday cake didn't seem right. However, it was still a good thing that he did bring something for Yuki. Something always better than nothing.

"Paper flower?"

"To be exact, they are paper rose."

"I don't know you know how to fold paper flower. Thanks."

"It's okay. It's your birthday. Wish anything you want."

"Then I wish that you can hold me until my birthday is over."

Mayu was shocked and surprised. He didn't think that Yuki would request something like that. He was hesitating to do it or not since it was no ordinary request. He was going to refuse it. To think of the birthday girl's birthday was about to over, it made him wanted to do something special with her before the special day would be gone.

"It is okay if you don't want to do so. After all, you have your girlfriend already. I shouldn't request-"

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Mayu interrupted her.

"I saw you were very happy that you meet her back."

"You mean Ai-chan? She is my best friend. That's all. Did we really look like a couple?"

This time, it was Yuki's turn to be shocked to learn the truth. Well the prediction for Mayu that she could only see was the scene that Mayu hugged some girl very tightly and he looked really delighted to see her. It was the exactly scenery that she saw when Aika was talking to Mayu. So, she misunderstood them as a couple. That was also the reason that she ran away after Jun brought him into the shop. Her prediction was accurate but it was just about friendship love. Nothing about that kind of love. She could only laugh out loud.


Before he could finish what he wanted to say, the birthday girl wrapped her arm around Mayu and hugged him tightly. Even though Mayu was confused, he still wrapped his arm around her, feeling the warmth again. He smiled out contentedly. He always wanted Yuki smiled again. It was so beautiful. He wanted nothing but to wish that she had that kind of smile on her everyday. Moreover, it would be bad to cry on this special day.

"What is with the number on the flowers?"

Yuki asked out of blue when she saw numbers were all over the flowers. It was like arranged accordingly. She broke the hug and took a look carefully. She worried that it was only her imagination but it wasn't. No matter how many times she rubbed her eyes the number were still there.

"Well why don't you take a look what is inside the flower accordingly?"

Even though Mayu looked sneaky, Yuki still wanted to checked out. Without a second, she unfolded the flowers just like Mayu said. Curiosity always kill the call. Even though it was quite painful for her to unfold the beautiful flowers since it was her birthday present and it was from the special person, she still continue doing what she did in order to know what was inside. She slowly unfolded one by one. The more she unfolded, the more she was surprised until the last page. It was about them. How they met for the first time? How their friendship became better? The reason why Mayu left the school. How they met again? Everything was drawn in each of the paper. Well not the last page. The most surprised page. It was written in letters. It was a sentence. She could feel her tears were running down but she ignored them and looked at Mayu happily and lovingly.

I love you. Can you be my wife?

"Do you like it? And do you accept it?"

Even though it was too fast to process their relationship, she accepted it with all her hearts. She knew the reason well that Mayu asked her to be his wife instead of his girlfriend. It was not like he wanted a wife desperately. Well, maybe it was true. It was all because of Jun, he wanted Jun to feel a family's warmth like he promised years ago. She nodded her head continuously and cried in Mayu's arms. Of course, Mayu was very happy when Yuki accepted him. Unconsciously, he caressed Yuki's head with full of love.

"You are such a crybaby today."

"Mou... In the moment like this."

Mayu could only laughed out loud when he saw the cute pout on her and her tomato face. It had been awhile that he felt this happy. He felt that as if it was the happiest moment in his life. The young florist stopped laughing and slowly caressed his soon-to-be wife's cheek. Before he leaned in, he kiss the birthday girl's forehead gently and said.

"Yuki, I love you."

"I love you too."


After Mayu left the library, the trio still continue their conversation without knowing what was happening.

"But... I changed my view for them. They are really unfortunate to not to able to understand the feelings of parent's love."

"You really changed. You really changed, Yukirin. The school need changed you." Aki said while shaking her head to show her disapprove.

"Hey! Mayu is not nerd. He just lost his sense of fashion. That's all."

"Isn't that nerd?" Aki asked questioningly. Yuki and Asuka could only shrug as they themselves also didn't know what to reply.

"Anyway, Yuki-chan don't you feel so wrong to be with Watanabe-san that much. I mean you even find him when you are sad. Why don't you find your boyfriend?" Asuka pointed it out as it was really wrong for Yuki to seek for comfort from Mayu, not from Sae.

"I don't know. It was different. Mayu's warmth and Sae's warmth. And I love Mayu's warmth very much."

The End.

I wonder. It is too long. I mean this is the first time I wrote a one shot this long. And I didn't realize it. Well, actually this fic is for Yuki's birthday.

Happy birthday, Yuki.

Done with my job. Go back to hibernate mode.

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Re: [Haruto's OS] You belong with me
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such a wonderful story!

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Re: [Haruto's OS] You belong with me
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It makes me go aww  :heart: :wub: :inlove:

Happy birthday YUKIRIN  :deco:

Thanks for th OS and hope to see more soon  :thumbsup :fap :twothumbs
Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: [Haruto's OS] Misunderstanding
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Wow wow wow !!! :o
Such a romantic and full of mystery ... The story is really great! Thanks a lot :bow:

Well, happy birthday Yukirin (∩_∩)

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Re: [Haruto's OS] Misunderstanding
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kyaaa!!! mayu is florist boy...
with brown hair, just like in danso. kakoi! :inlove:
it's all because missunderstand, but in the end, they happy together and i'm happy XD
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Re: [Haruto's OS and Short Stories] Unexpected Events
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@sastio13: yup, everything is just like the danso. in fact, the inspiration is from there. :lol: Mayu in danso form. Kakkoi!!! :wub: Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

@RenshuChan: Thanks for liking the story. :bow: really appreciate it. And thanks for reading and commenting  :)

@Siren: Thanks for liking it. actually i am a bit worry of the outcome. so, really appreciate it. And thanks for reading and commenting  :)

@kazutoryu: thanks for thinking the story wonderful. Really appreciate it. Thanks for reading and commenting.  :)

Well... Well... as usual one-shot. actually i am planning a short story but still haven't finish writing yet due to my laziness and my studies :banghead: anyway, hope you guys like this one-shot.  :)

Unexpected Events

A tall raven-haired girl sighed out tiredly as she was changing the channel for nth times. It wasn’t like the channel wasn’t interesting at all. It was really funny when they put the prank successfully on the model but, for some reason, her laugh couldn’t last very long as she expected. Her mind could only wonder on her originally perfect plan. She didn’t plan her day to be this boring. She was planning something wonderful but something happened and destroyed her marvelous plan.

After changing the numerous of channels, at last, she changed back to the channel that she was watching not so long ago. However, she wasn’t watching anymore. She was staring at the ceiling, like it was more interesting than the variety show that was on air, like it was more interesting than anything else in this world. In fact, it was just a while, plain and blank ceiling.

“How did it become like this?” She shouted out loud frustratingly.


It wasn’t really early in the morning. In fact, it was already around late morning. A young lady was preparing breakfast in her small kitchen peacefully. Nothing could be heard except the song that she was humming and the clashing sound of the metal spatula and the frying pan. Suddenly, a pair of hands was wrapped on her waist. Realizing who the owner of the hand was, she smiled unconsciously and leaned on the person who was on her back.

“…Morning, Mayu,” the person voiced out, sounded a bit of sleepy.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” the cooking girl said while putting the freshly cooked eggs to the plates. “How was your sleep, Yuki?”

Sniffing her favorite scent from her lovely girlfriend, the taller girl just nodded her head to indicate that she was having a very good sleep. Then again, a smile but lovely smile was drawn on the shorter girl. Slowly, she placed the freshly cooked breakfast to the kitchen bar where they were going to have their breakfast and turned around to face her still-sleepy-girlfriend.

“…My morning kiss?” The sleepy one asked, smiling mischievously.

Without further waiting, the shorter girl leaned in and captured the sleepy girl’s lip. The taller girl smiled even wider and replied the kiss on her reflex. Slowly and steadily, the kiss became bolder and more passionate with their tongues battling for dominance and hands roaming around each other. With the kiss kept on processing, the taller girl’s hands started making their way in the smaller girl’s baggy shirt which made the younger girl moaned in surprise.

Ring! Ring!

Suddenly, the smaller girl’s phone rang and interrupted their passionate session. However, the taller girl didn’t plan to back down even though she heard the phone rang loudly and clearly. She even pinned the-struggling-to-get-out girl against the kitchen counter and kissed the girl more aggressively. After a while, the phone stopped ringing which made the taller girl smiled at her victory but, to her displease, the phone sounded once again.

“Mmmnn… Y-Yuki... T-The phone,” the smaller girl said softly while trying to stiffen her moan and push her seductive girlfriend who was licking her earlobes away. “…Y-Yukirin!” With all her might, the blushing girl pushed her tempting girlfriend and quickly ran out to fetch her phone. As for the taller girl, she couldn’t do anything except wait for her girlfriend’s return. It didn’t take long that the smaller girl came back from her calling. However, the smaller girl’s expressions changed from relax to nervous.

“Are you okay?” Feeling worry about the sudden change, the taller girl asked without any hesitation. “Anything happen?”

“T-the daycare center called-“

“The daycare center again? Didn’t you take a day off for today?” The taller girl interrupted the smaller girl and asked, a bit annoyed by the fact that her girlfriend was going to work again even though the smaller girl still hadn’t said anything yet. This was because it wasn’t the first time that something like this happened.
“I-I did… b-but R-Rena-chan suddenly couldn’t show out-“

“You promised me that you will give me today.” Then again, the taller girl interrupted and raised her voice a bit louder. She was very frustrated and angry that her girlfriend needed to go back to work and break their promise once again.

Feeling guilty, the younger girl quickly apologized for the sudden change. “S-sorry, Yuki. I will-“

“Fine! Fine! Do whatever you like,” the taller girl shouted out loud and stomped into their bedroom angrily.


Thinking about what happened in that morning only made the raven-haired girl’s blood boiled in anger. Feeling tired in the house, she stood up from where she was lying and took her coat which was hanging at the hanger stand. After putting on her shoes, she stepped out her house for the first time of the day. The moment she walked down to the street, she only realized that how crowded the street was for the day. Everyone was having their activities with their family or friends. Everyone was having fun except her. Seeing this sight, she clicked her tongues and walked around the town aimlessly, hoping that something could catch her interest.

After walking for hours, her legs finally stopped and let her take a rest for a while. Looking around her surrounding, she was only aware where she was. She was standing in front of the daycare center where her girlfriend was working.

“Am I that bored?” the raven-haired girl asked herself quietly, feeling irritated. “Why did I bring myself here?”

Just when she was about to walk away, something or rather someone ran into her and fell down. She didn’t fall down because the impact on her wasn’t that much. Looking towards the source which ran into her, she found a little girl who was pouting not to cry over the tumble and the pain on her bleeding knees. The raven-haired quickly crouched down to check the little injured girl. However, the moment she tried to check the little girl, the little girl cried out loud and caught everyone’s attention.  This made the raven-haired girl surprised and anxious on what she should do.

“Nako-chan? Nako-chan?” A young lady came out from the daycare center and looked for the little girl when she heard the crying of the little girl. Seeing who was coming out, the raven-haired girl immediately asked the young lady’s help because all the passengers’ stares were on her. It was making her feeling uncomfortable.

“Help me… Mayu. Help me”

“Eh? Yuki? Why are you here?”  Surprising to see her girlfriend around, the Watanabe girl asked However, her attention instantly got distracted by the crying girl’s bleeding leg. She carried the crying girl up right away and brought her back to the daycare center to take care the wound before it was infected by bacteria. As for the raven-haired girl, she followed her girlfriend into the daycare center because she felt that she was kind of responsible for the whole incident.

“There… There… the pain will go away,” the Watanabe girl kept on repeating the words when she was putting the bandages on the injured girl’s knees. The taller girl only watched her girlfriend treating the injured girl. Somehow, she felt a bit jealous over the little girl because she could have all the attention that her girlfriend gave. After finish putting the bandages, the little girl walked to her friends and her friend surrounded her to look at the bandages.

“So… Why are you here?” The Watanabe girl asked once again but the taller girl just shrugged her shoulder and looked at the group of children. “Are you still angry?”

“Who knows?” The taller girl answered absentmindedly, still staring at the children. “…Are you guys going to somewhere?” Seeing the children’s dressings, the raven-haired girl didn’t think that the children were going to stay indoors.

“Huh? Yes… They want to go to the shrine,” the Watanabe girl answered and smiled wryly. “I don’t think we are going there anymore… since Nako-chan’s leg is injured.” 

“I can help if you want.”


“Faster! Kashiwagi-oneesan, you are so slow,” the little injured girl was whining at the moment because she was falling behind. All her friends were already running past them. As for the Kashiwagi girl, she only cursed herself for doing such job as carrying the injured and ungrateful brat on the flight of stairs which would reach the shrine. She never thought that the little girl would be this heavy and out of sudden, the children started racing among themselves. Of course, the little girl wanted to join them and asked the Kashiwagi girl to run faster.

“F-Finally…” The raven-haired girl said out breathlessly when they finally reached the shrine. The others were there already. The little girl jumped out of the piggyback and ran towards her friends without even thanking the older girl. “Ungrateful brat…”

“Here,” suddenly, a bottle of water was in front of her. After knowing who the one was giving her, she murmured her thanks and took the water and drank it. The Watanabe girl only smiled at the taller girl and wiped the taller girl’s sweat away with her towel. “Drink it slowly… or you will get choked.”

“Hey!” Without any warning, a smaller hand shoved the Kashiwagi girl away from the Watanabe girl. Surprised to find a small young boy between them, the Kashiwagi girl raised her eyebrow and wondered the reason that the little boy pushed her away. “Don’t touch Mayu oneechan! You turtle!”

“Huh?” The Kashiwagi girl raised her eyebrow even more at the little kid. “None of your business anyway whether Mayu is touching me or not.”

“No one can touch Mayu oneechan!!!” The little raised her voice at the Kashiwagi girl.
“Oh? Why?” The older girl asked sarcastically. “Mayu is my girlfriend anyway.”
“Mayu oneechan? Is it, Mayu oneechan?”

“Okay. The fight ends here. Jun-kun, your friends are waiting for you,” realizing his friends was waiting for him; the little boy instantly forgot his problem and ran towards his friends.

 “What is with him?”

“You are fighting with a kid.”

“That’s not a problem. Who ask them to destroy my plan?” The Kashiwagi girl said irritably. She was still angry about the breaking promise thingy. As for the Watanabe girl, she sighed at her girlfriend’s childish action.

“You are still angry about that?” The Watanabe girl asked and was surprised that her girlfriend was still furious about the morning incident. The raven-haired girl only stayed in silence. She didn’t feel like replying the question of her girlfriend. However, she wanted the smaller girl to understand what she was thinking but she needed to speak out if she wanted her girlfriend to grasp her thoughts.

“…Actually, today is my mother’s birthday. Originally, I wanted to bring you to meet her but the daycare called and brought you away... I have tried a lot of times to bring you to meet my mom but it’s always got interrupted. I kept on failing their hopes on meeting you… for only once. Eventually, their hopes reduced. When I called today, they already expected the result. Well, it’s not your fault anyway. I didn’t tell you earlier. I should have told you about it.”

“You… You never tell me about it,” the Watanabe girl could only whispered as she felt guilty not to notice the plan that her girlfriend prepared. She always thought that they were going for a date for her day-off. She was never aware of the preparation that her girlfriend had.

“I want to make it as a surprise to you. That’s why I didn’t tell you. You are not even free in the weekends. That’s why I was happy when you finally able to take a day-off. I thought today is the day that they finally can meet you. I didn’t expect this. I should have guessed this way.”

“I am sorry, Yuki. I am sorry. I-I…” The Watanabe girl stuttered. She didn’t know what to say. She had failed the Kashiwagi girl’s hopes more than once, more than the promises that she made with the kids. She always made sure that she fulfilled everyone’s wish but she neglected her own girlfriend’s promise. How could she? 

“I-I sometimes wondered that maybe I should have… been a kid. I mean… You paid more attention to them than me, your own girlfriend,” the taller girl said and looked at the kids who were playing around.

“It is different, you know. If you are… you are a kid, I will treat you as a child, not my lover.”

“But… But they took every single attention you have,” the Kashiwagi girl said sourly. “If-If like that, I would rather to be a kid… A kid never grows up.”

“If you are a kid, I wouldn’t act passionately and lovingly to you. You might get all the attention that you want but in an exchange, I wouldn’t kiss you and do any couple things with you,” the Watanabe girl said. “Yuki… look… I am really sorry that I ignored and broke the promises that I had been making. I-I should have spent more times with you. I should have understood more about you. I-I am really sorry for being this dense. Let me make up for you.” the Watanabe girl said while looking sincerely at her girlfriend.

“Mayu… Alright, you are forgiven. Anyway, I am also at fault for not telling you anything. I am really sorry for being stubborn and jealous over little kids.” The taller girl said and smiled widely at the promise her girlfriend made. She could only hope that she would keep every single promise that the smaller girl made. Being happy about the result, the smaller girl hugged her girlfriend tightly. “Oh? And please don’t be sorry. My parents said that they are coming over here to see you.”

“Eh?” Surprised by what she was hearing, the smaller girl didn’t know what to reply. “What?”

“Yup, what you heard and we are going to fetch her after this.”

Actually i was rushing at the back story. :doh: My thoughts were all tumbled up.  :sweatdrop: i hoped it wouldnt be too weird for the end of the story.
Anyway, everyone


i hope it wouldnt be too late...
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