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Author Topic: Mafia Princesses [6] - Monster and Sinner.  (Read 28900 times)

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Mafia Princesses [6] - Monster and Sinner.
« on: July 09, 2011, 10:45:43 PM »
 A's Note: Ok, Ok. I know I still have two on-going fanfic - Kojiyuu fic and Future Love. But I can't help it my hands are so itchy that's why I posted it. Though, I was thinking to post this fic when Future Love finishes.  O0 Since I'm too kind to create a different fic then why not? xD Anyway, I will still update the other two no matter what. And, if there is any story related to AKB with a same concept on this one, tell me okay? So i'm aware.  O0 HUHU I TALK TOO MUCH.  :thumbdown: Hey, I'm just sayin.

Mafia Princesses

It started again. The rattle of the guns and weapons are back from their graves. Noise and explosions coming from each weapons are blasting inside the Akiba residence. Another Mafia Family War had started. Akiba against Nanahara family. Mixed of bloods are stained on the floor, corpse of Mafiosa’s are loitered around the residence, screams are played repeatedly on each Mafiosa’s ears and bullets of different weapons are scattered around the floor. Everyone is fighting for their family, staying strong and fierce until they kill all the members of the other family. A game; on how many member you can kill in the opposer family.

“EAT THIS!” The badass looking girl barked and fired her PPS 41 gun to the enemy. 10 shots went directly to the person’s face.

The badass girl scoffed and went to the dead body. She dipped her index finger to the person’s blood and drew it with ‘M’ on its forehead.

“Remember the name Matsui Jurina when you arrived in hell.” Jurina said to the lifeless body.

Matsui Jurina run along the hallway, discharging her black shiny MP5K gun crazily to each Nanahara member blocking her way.

A girl wearing a pajama was firing her gun angrily. She detest all the people who ruins her reading time by making an amateur move. Of all Mafia family, why do they have to attack Akiba family now? And to herself…

“WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ATTACK NOW WHEN I AM READING MY FREAKIN’ MANGA???!!!” The fierce yet innocent looking girl barked out loud along with the firing sound of one of her signature gun MP44 Rifle.

The fierce innocent girl end the life of 14 Nanahara soldiers mixed with capos in less than 4 minutes. She is one of the Mafia Princess who can kill 30 person straight 11 minutes. Worst, she can kill more than 30 if a certain person ruined her reading, watching and playing time.

She dipped her palm on the large pool of blood and marked the floor with a big ‘W’ and trace the outline of the letter by firing her gun.

Who said innocent people always stay quiet?

“You worthless Mafiosa’s! You will never get any respect from Watanabe Mayu!” Mayu shouted, giving one bullet each on the forehead of every Nanahara member appear in her way.

A girl with a gentle and sweet face slide her butt on the stair rails. The gun in her hand is still unused. For being the gentle type, she target her darts directly in the enemies chest. However, the 37 darts in her hands are already empty. Killing 37 Mafiosa using darts nearly beat her top record – 43. Being empty handed, a nerve inside her pop up to her annoyance.

“Maeda Atsuko cannot be gentle on murdering you daughters of Satan!” Atsuko warned the Nanahara members by giving them each shot on the chest using her Remington 870 gun.

“Oops. The gentle girl over did it.” Atsuko teased. Her serene face faded, she smiled wickedly and wrote a letter ‘M’ on the freshly killed Nanahara member on its forehead.

The tall goddess girl strut her way on the entrance of the house as she is wearing a mini fitted black bandeau dress and a black Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud heels with so much confidence. She hasn’t kill anyone at the moment. The goddess girl just came back from a party. The noise of the rattling guns made her stomach growl due to hunger.

“Ah. I’m hungry.” The tall goddess girl squeeze her stomach as it is screaming for food.

Killing each of Nanahara members by breaking sharp things to pieces and throwing it at their throat like a shuriken, she finally reached the kitchen. After making a veggie sandwich she sensed that someone is trying to open the kitchen door. The goddess girl took a big bite on her sandwich.

“That bite isn’t a goddess move.” Her lips formed into a pout.

Click’ The door clicked open… Nanahara capo.

The girl quickly grabbed the two kitchen knife near her. Without looking, she darted the knives on the person’s chest. And there’s the capo, lying on the floor... Dead.

“Ew. I can’t eat my veggie sandwich. I don’t stand seeing blood while I’m eating.” She murmured.

She dipped her index finger on the blood and marked a ‘K’ on the person’s forehead.

“Let the studded heel of Kojima Haruna kiss you sins!” Haruna stomp her six inches heel on the capo’s stomach.

The strong sexy tall girl effortlessly kicked the door open using her foot, she don’t give a damn if she is being greeted by the Nanahara capo’s as they are waiting for her entrance. She riled up her M16 gun with a mixture of Famae Saf on the other hand. Brutally placing all the bullets in their weakling bodies. Bloods splattering on her face. The strong sexy tall girl become more fearsome, her eyes are also set to kill.

Within a long seconds, the little room she entered are pooled with blood and dead bodies. She’s not satisfied yet. The tall girl launched her M203 Granade Launcher that stucked in her M16 and blasted the room with so much gruesome attitude.

“If Akimoto Sayaka is your fearsome enemy, you will be the strongest person in the world.” Sayaka held her chin up high. She saw herself on the broken mirror. Sayaka wiped the blood dripping on her face and splat it on the floor.

Sayaka drag each one of the exploded bodies as she created a little masterpiece with a letter 'A' using the dead bodies she dragged.

“They say; Forgive your enemies, but never, never forget their faces. Hell, I see blasted faces everywhere!” Sayaka scoffed.

“Looks of a model do kill!” A fearsome chic wooshes her long hair and warned the Nanahara members around the room.

The tall sophisticated chic strapped the bullets of her two studded M60 around her body as it clings around her. She spreads her arms wide and blazes her gun around the room where most of the Nanahara members gathered. The sophisticated girl roared with cackles. Seeing the bullets pierced into each person’s body made her feel like she’s only exterminating pests.

“Die tight unwanted freaks. Shinoda Mariko, the model fairy is going to paint a magic bullets in your body.” Mariko scoffed. Tracing the wall covered with blood from her M60 bullets with a sophisticated ‘S’.

The six girls gathered around at the bottom of the stairs and nodded to each other. They run their way at the top of the stair, blocking the top so no enemy will reach it. Of course, for a final slaughter to end the war. The five girls unloaded their gun and explode their bullets at the bottom of the stairs where all Nanahara army congregates. The residence become quiet – Nanahara Family had been erased on the Mafia Family list.

“Six Mafia Princesses mixed together is a recipe for slaughter.” The six Mafia Princesses notify with so much proud in unison.

A's Note:
- Don't like it?  :( I know Yakuza is like the Mafia in Japan, but I've grown more to know a lot about Mafia so I picked it instead of Yakuza and since Yakuza is sort of complicated to me.
-Oh Oh! I have this habit of making a Promotional Poster whenever I create a story. So I did one for this fic too. I'm going to show it to you guys when Chapter 1 is posted because...  O0
- Don’t worry, this story won’t be focusing on actions cause I'm weak to do those scenes.
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Re: Mafia Princesses
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2011, 12:15:38 AM »

wow THEY so in it   XD

Remington FTW!!!

the 5 princesses are so bloodthirsty  :shocked
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

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Re: Mafia Princesses
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Euh... I think it kinda hot lol and I always wanted to see Takamina, Sayaka and Sae on yakuza mode. Will they appear?

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Re: Mafia Princesses
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I added one Mafia Sexy Princess! You get to see her after Haruna's scene. :]

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Re: Mafia Princesses
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THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!  :mon woo:

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Re: Mafia Princesses
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ARE YOU GOING TO KILL ME WITH BADASS SEXY GIRLS AND MY OTPS?!!!!!  :dizzy: :luvluv2: :luvluv1: :shy2: :on bleed:

(badass is already enough to kill me... add my OTPs and you watch me go crazy on everything I do...)

please continue....  :kneelbow:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [1] - One Year.
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The morning of the six girls are a blur. Smoke from the guns lastnight surrounded the whole Akiba residence, the smell of guns and strong odor are mixed together, all the red body fluid is dried up and stained on the floor(thankfully cleaners are taking care of the mess), and the whole Akiba mansion is wrecked – walls, floors, furnitures. Hell, it’s worst than in the battle field.

The bloody gang wars had ended.

Wonder what happened to the bodies? They crimated it. Though it is a bull to crimate an already dead person. But hey, that’s what being a Mafia is.

Did the curiosity hit you on what it is like being a Mafia?

Well. You have to deal with any businesses that your Family is holding. Negotiating, or should we say Extorting the business who crosses your line. Before, there’s one owner who spreaded their bad breathe together with the bad rumor about us. The next day? His building become a Casino and we took all the possessions the owner has. Of course, crime is also a number one in Mafia life. Family Loyalty; if you betrayed us, you’re dead. Lastly, it takes more than just an oath and a drop of blood to get into the Mafia. Yet, having a blood of Mafioso is an exception.

Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu, Maeda Atsuko, Kojima Haruna, Akimoto Sayaka and Shinoda Mariko are the notorious Mafia Princesses ever born in this society. Their Grandfather is the one and only Akimoto. Thus, he died in the Mafia war with the fathers of the six Mafia Princesses. Therefore, they are left with their Mothers who is now the Boss of the Akiba family. Their mothers are all the offspring of Akimoto. The moment they leveled-up as a Boss, all the rules had changed. The most unique rule that has been declared in Mafia world.


The Five Mafia Princesses grew up having designer clothes, eating delicious foods, getting things they want, and having a buckets of money from extorting the other people’s money. Which in short, they all grew up in bad deeds. That’s why they called as Mafia Princess right? The Princesses say it is worth living to have a life like this. Screw normal life! Mafia life is more adventurous, actions everywhere, death threats flying over, shining bullets, buckets of money, big family names. Being a Mafia is hotter than your mother would ever be.

Enough on this already. The six girls are itching to go out to celebrate their fierce success. They were about to go out to the house when someone called them.

“What?!” Jurina hissed, turning her body around to the person.

Haruna rolled her eyes. “Don’t you know you just ruined my strutting moment?” She placed her hand on the hips and pouted. Giving the person an attitude. Mariko and Mayu glared at the person.

“Consigliere Kuramochi Asuka-san.” Sayaka greeted Kuramochi politely by lowering her head.

Consigliere Kuramochi Asuka the far most important person in Akiba Family. She is the most trusted person of the family. By far most the right hand of Akiba by making a strategies on different vendattas, representing the Boss in every meetings with different families. Overall, Consigliere is the adviser of the family.

“Sorry. It is not the time to celebrate today.” Kuramochi Asuka apologized. She then gestured the girls to follow her in the ruined living room.

The girls walk behind Kuramochi. Mayu sat on the couch with lots of holes while playing her DS. Haruna sat next to Mayu, legs crossed while watching Mayu killing the enemies in the game she is playing. Shinoda Mariko sat next to them too, legs crossed and the right arm resting on the arm supporter of the couch waiting for Kuramochi to blurt the news why they had been drag in here. Atsuko stand at the back of the couch behind Mayu, watching Mayu play. Jurina rested her bottom at the arm supporter of the couch while Sayaka was standing arms crossed patiently waiting.

Kuramochi Asuka cleared her throat. She can’t help on how cool these girls are. She just wanted to hug them and cry with happy tears.

“Lately, the death threats you girls receiving are increasing. The Madam’s decided to hire six personal bodyguards for each one of you.” Kuramochi set her eyes to the shocked girls.

Mayu was killed in her game the moment she heard it. Haruna shrieked. Mariko is still in her position but with irrated facial expression. Atsuko’s hand reacted for some reason and accidentally smacked the shoulder of Mayu. Jurina quickly went to Kuramochi. Sayaka scoffed thinking it is a joke. However, after 10 seconds had passed, the news that Kuramochi said went through their brain.

“WHAT?!” They all said in unison.


Four Hours Ago. In a secret place where all the Mafia Families are individually placed on their respective cases, pictures of each members are lined in the long table while the information of the members are at the bottom of the pictures.

“Akiba Family.” The middle-age woman said to the six girls who are looking in the interactive board.

“I know you guys are aware that they are the most notorious and powerful family. The family that has the six Mafia Princesses in hands.” The woman continued and pointed on the next slide she shown to the six girls.

“Matsui Jurina. Entitled as the Badass Mafia Princess. One of the most rebel princess and the youngest in Akiba family. With or without reason, this girl creates ruckus.” The woman then went to the next slide.

“Watanabe Mayu. People see her as the Innocent Mafia Princess in the family. The girl really doesn’t care about the society, yet if you interupt her whenever she is reading manga, watching anime and playing her gadgets, you must prepare to die or kill yourself first before she murder you brutally. Watanabe Mayu is like an exploding bomb. Once exploded, everyone dies.” She warned the girls and mostly to the person who is assigned to be with her.

“Maeda Atsuko. The Gentle Mafia Princess. She’s far most the perfect lady that every guy wanted. Yet her gentle personality is also fearsome.” The woman the turn her gaze to the person who will be assigned to Atsuko.

Before the woman open her mouth, one of the girl was making a groping movement as she is imagining her groping the next Mafia Princess asset.

“Ehem!” The woman faked cough and continue. “Kojima Haruna. The Goddess Mafia Princess. Haruna is probably the most airheaded Princess in Akiba Family. But when it comes on fighting, she is a know-it-all. Just like you.” The woman pointed to the girl earlier. The girl then become serious and nodded her head to the woman.

“Next. Akimoto Sayaka. The Sexy Beast Mafia Princess. Her skills is unreal. A mixture of a two country war and mafia war. Akimoto Sayaka is the number one when it comes to war. She brutally slaughter all the enemies. Yet, it would be a double slaughter if you destroy her trust.” The woman look at the girl who will be assigned to Akimoto Sayaka.

“Moving on to the last. Shinoda Mariko. The Sophisticated Model Mafia Princess. She goes second to Akimoto Sayaka’s war skill. The oldest among the six. She is very a matured person which it made her despise immature people.” The girl who is eating a marshmallows stopped chewing as she is sensing the woman is glaring at her.

“Here you go.” The woman tossed the folders to the six girls that contains lots of information about the Mafia Princesses.

“Your assignment in Akiba Family is easy. Be the girls bodyguard.” The woman flashes the six girls a playful smile.

“EH?! Are you serious?! Is that it?!” The tall girl with short hair exclaimed.

“In fact, you six are already hired.” The woman continued, earning a double ‘EH?!’ from the girls.

“Minegishi Minami, you will be Shinoda Mariko’s bodyguard.”

“Miyazawa Sae, you will be Akimoto Sayaka’s bodyguard.”

“Oshima Yuko, you will be Kojima Haruna’s bodyguard.”

“Takahashi Minami, you will be Maeda Atsuko’s bodyguard.”

“Kashiwagi Yuki, you will be Watanabe Mayu’s bodyguard.”

“Lastly, Matsui Rena, you will be Matsui Jurina’s bodyguard.”

The girls seriously nodded. The woman then give the character and personality that the six girls will show in their mission.

“Oh by the way, the team already packed all your stuffs. And...” The woman looked on her watch and smile. “You have two hours left to get into Akiba residence.”

“WHAT?!” The girls said in unison.


Somewhere along in the silent highway. Three cars are crazily competing along the road. The drivers can even beat the top notchers street racers.

“WOO!!!” Minegishi Minami flail her arms in the open air, screaming at the top of her lungs with lots of enthusiasm.

Riding in a white BMW S1000RR. Oshima Yuko clutched the bike backwards. Finishing her little weak trick, the girl clutched the handle again to speed the bike so she can overtake in front of the sports car beside them. Busting a little smoke on the exhaust made the sports car behind them block with fumes.

“I WILL KILL YUKO AFTER THIS!!! I WANT TO DRIVE MY OWN MASTERPIECE TOO!!!” Kashiwagi Yuki whined. The girl is stuck inside the car along with Matsui Rena who is also having fun driving the smoking hot Bugatti Veyron. Rena was roaring in laughter along with the loud music blasting in the stereo.

“I WILL KILL THEM NOW!!!” Rena pressed her foot hard on the accelerate, bringing a cloudy smoke at the back of the exhaust. Matsui Rena laughed crazily the moment she looked at the rearview mirror, seeing the car behind them covered with dirty smoke.

“KYA~!!!” Yuki shrieked. The feeling she is having now is like riding in the fastest roller coaster.

“SON OF A-“ Miyazawa Sae cursed inside the Koenigsegg CCX. The BMW S1000RR and the Bugatti Veyron are already ahead of them now. Sae cursed more when the Bugatti Veyron in front of them let out a cloudy smoke.

“SHOW THEM WHO IS THE REAL MAN MIYAZAWA SAE!” Takamina roared as she punch the bicep of Sae. She is getting hyped on on this little play they are doing. Although, she envy the three drivers who got to drive the cars. Takamina already hated the character she is assigned to act on this mission.

“Now for the nitro.” Sae smirked and ignited the nitro of her car.


After playing along in the silent highway. The six girls successfully arrived in the Akiba turf. The mansion is wrecked due to the current gang war happened last night. Associates, soldiers and capo’s are scattered in the domain as they are being alert on their respective jobs and different types of guns are seen in their arms. The six girls felt this assignment they are currently holding now is different from the other mission in the past. A weird unsure feeling is raging up inside them.

Miyazawa Sae breathed out, “We now set our foot on this ground. No more turning back.” The girl informed to the girls who nodded in agreement.

“One year.” Takamina examined the Akiba residence one more time.

“To kill.” Yuko added on to Takamina’s words. Yuko pointed her arms to the house and made a motion as if she shooted the house using a gun. “Bang!”

“The Mafia Princesses.” The six girls stated together in unison. Remembering the short order given by their secret society.

Work as their bodyguard in one year. By the end of the time… Assassinate the Mafia Princesses.

A's Note: Ok, about the habit that I am saying on my last post. Click these two > Mafia Princesses and Bodyguards :pimp: Yeah!! That's my habit every time I create a story. :]]
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Re: Mafia Princesses [1] - One Year.
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YAY the "boys" are going to be the BODYGUARDS!!!! XD

man how i like the settings  :lol:

One year to kill?! then after that kill the princesses O_O nuuuuu

pls update sooon
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

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Re: Mafia Princesses [1] - One Year.
« Reply #8 on: July 10, 2011, 05:37:59 PM »
‘Work as their bodyguard in one year. By the end of the time… Assassinate the Mafia Princesses.’

WOWWWWW~~~  :shock:

this fic gonna be one of my fav... yeah~~~  :ding:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [1] - One Year.
« Reply #9 on: July 10, 2011, 05:52:10 PM »
 :shocked :shocked :shocked 1 year in disguise then  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

i wonder would be any romance here....  XD XD XD XD

I like it  :thumbsup :thumbsup

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Re: Mafia Princesses [1] - One Year.
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ohh!! why they should assassinate the princesses after one year??!  :mon hanky: :mon hanky:

btw i love the pairings!  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:

i want romance too!  :mon whine:

(nice fic! please continue! update! :mon fyeah: :mon fyeah: :mon fyeah:)

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Re: Mafia Princesses [1] - One Year.
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These pairing....  :on gay: :on GJ: :on bleed:

LOL please continue~!!! ROMANCE  :on drink:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [1] - One Year.
« Reply #12 on: July 11, 2011, 12:25:34 AM »
Did you add Saeyaka for me?
I like this fic mafia + love + akb = win yeah!!!!

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Re: Mafia Princesses [2-1] - Their Bodyguards.
« Reply #13 on: July 11, 2011, 10:37:39 PM »
Pairings? :]] NO! Jk.

Kahem - Technically yeah you can say that. Although, in my original plot I set her as one of the close friends. xD But... Sayaka fit perfectly to have a role of Beast Mafia Princess.  :pimp:

2 - 1

“Ah, the new hired bodyguards eh?” The Consigliere Kuramochi Asuka greeted the six girls who are waiting outside the house.

“I’m the Consigliere in Akiba Family. Kuramochi Asuka.” She bowed her head politely.

“Osu.” Miyazawa Sae did a little chin up and a two finger salute. Miichan and Yuko only glared at Kuramochi. Takamina tilted her head on the side and raised an eyebrow. Yuki was giving Kuramochi a blank, dark expression. Rena has her calm impression.

Kuramochi Asuka sighed. ‘They’re so cool! They also looked scary. Their aura is just…’ Kuramochi realizes that the six girls are waiting for her to invite them inside the house. Kuramochi coughed fakely.

“This way please.” She gestured the girls to follow her lead through the house.

“Ehh. The Consigliere is checking you out.” Yuko whispered, teasing the small girl beside her - Takamina. Yuko and Takamina still has their serious expression, deep inside they were giggling.

The hired personal bodyguard were guided into the wrecked living room. The Mafia Princesses was standing across them. Jurina gave them death glare, Haruna titled her head to the side and pouted her lips, Mariko and Sayaka has the same standing position, Mayu was clinging her hands onto Atsuko.

“These six girls are going to be your bodyguard.” Kuramochi alarmed.

“What the—are you sure they passed the crap?” Jurina angrily asked. The Mafia girls couldn’t believe they have a bodyguard who doesn’t look like a professional killer.

The Consigliere only nodded. She then introduced the personal bodyguard’s by reading the information of each girls.

Matsui Rena were introduced as the calm and nice girl from a yankee school. Good at kendo, therefore she can use swords. She can brutally murder each enemy or a person if there is a war or needed to protect the Mafia Princess. Her calm and nice girl image will change into a fearsome girl when in war.

Kashiwagi Yuki were introduced as a normal student with a quiet personality. Her dark side is a positive and her unique skills into sharp things. She is a number one when it comes on hiding. On the given character that the secret society given Yuki is that she must not talk that much to attain her quiet girl characteristic.

Takahashi Minami were introduced as a yankee student. Her speciality is using her fist to fight. Thus, Takamina hated her given role as she doesn’t like using her fist when fighting, and also how can she protect the Mafia Princess if she uses barefist? A single entrance in a war, she would be dead on the spot right away. The secret society given Takamina a permission to use guns if needed.

Minegishi Minami and Oshima Yuko were introduced as the two people that just came out of the jail in the morning and titled as best friends. Minegishi Minami is fierce at guns and having a distinctive strategies. Oshima Yuko is a know-it-all on using guns and her fighting strategies.

Miyazawa Sae were introduced as a self-taught fighter which she goes to the same yankee school as Rena and Takamina. Yet, she’s good at using guns. The secret society stated her that she has to continue her boyish personality. 

“I need to kill someone.” Jurina hissed and went out to the room.

“Jurina, you promised me we’ll do something later.” Acchan pouted.

“I’ll be back at night.” Jurina said without looking back.

“Tsk. These two looks like a comedy duo.” Mariko scoffed, looking up and down to Yuko and Minegishi’s outfits. Haruna giggled on Mariko’s joke.

The two girls are wearing a black and white prison clothes. As to the given characteristic they have to come out like they have been sent out to jail.

Minegishi Minami went towards Mariko and grabbed the girl’s collar. Yuko went to her ‘best friend’s’ side and grab her arm.

“Nanda tou?!” Minegishi Minami glared at Mariko. The model Mafia Princess just looked down at her with a cold facial expression.

“Miichan.” Yuko blurted even though she must use Minegishi’s real name. Yuko now wanted to shoot herself for saying Miichan’s nickname. Miichan then slapped Yuko’s hand away.

Mariko scoffed again. “The midget called you Miichan. Aww.” Mariko made fun to the two. Miichan release her grip in Mariko’s collar by shoving the girl away and walked off the room. Yuko followed her friend.

Takamina wanted to follow her two close friend but she is forcing herself not to go after Yuko and Miichan. Her nerve is getting irritated to this Mafia Princess, Shinoda Mariko. All she wanted to do now is to get her Micro Uzi SMG gun and kill the loose girl straight away therefore Miichan won’t have a problem pretending to be a bodyguard in one year.

“Miichan!” Yuko shouted the girl’s name. Miichan ignored her friend and went straight to Yuko’s BMW S1000RR.

“There is no chance to start the engine of the bike. I have the keys.” Yuko swing the keys in her hands, giving Miichan a silly face.

Miichan rested her hand on the handle. “Augh! That small-faced Mariko needs to get assassined right now. How can I protect her if she’s like that?!” Miichan lowered her voice so no Akiba member can hear what she’s saying.

“Let’s do a double kill. She called me midget y’know! Midget!” Yuko hissed.


The sun finally went back to sleep. The sky turned dark. All the girls also calmed down from the commosion happened earlier.
“Your height pisses me off. There is no possibility you can protect me.” Haruna complained as she is talking to Yuko in the veranda. Her personal bodyguard keep shadowing behind her back.

Haruna was about to sip the glass of vodka in her hand when Yuko snatched it. Yuko tossed the glass in the air and kicked it as if she is playing soccer. The broken pieces of the glass went to the wall in a horizontal line behind Haruna.

The tall girl snorted. “I can do that too.” Haruna proudly said.

Yuko smirked. She knew her princess didn’t recognize what she did. Yuko pointed at Haruna’s thigh, left arm and at Haruna’s neck, there is a deep cut and Haruna’s skin is already vomiting in blood. Haruna touched her neck, she felt something wet and look at her hands that has blood on it.

The tall girl shrieked from the fact her skin will get a scar later. She slap Yuko hard on the face on what she had done. Haruna then stormed off inside the house.

How? I didn’t even feel a pain.’ Haruna wonder. The experience is new to Haruna. She never encounter such skill like that.

Yuko was clutching her stomach, she let out all the laughter built inside her when she saw the tall girl’s face the moment she realizes a blood is dripping in her skin.

“Tsk. A real airhead.” Yuko breathed out, recovering herself from the laughter.


“Immature bodyguards should walk out the Akiba turf.” Mariko insulted Miichan again about the immaturity her bodyguard acted earlier.

“Go guard in a circus with that attire instead of guarding me.” Mariko looked on the other way. Seeing the outfit Miichan’s wearing she just couldn’t help but insult the girl.

Miichan pushed Mariko on the wall, pressing her hand on Mariko’s neck.

“Is that all the best you got?” Mariko smirked. She kneed Miichan on the stomach, the small girl bent down, Mariko then elbowed the back of Miichan which made the girl stumble on the floor.

Mariko set her foor in between Miichan’s body. She then grab Miichan’s colar and inch her face closer to the girl.

“Immature people is a joke.” Mariko then stare at Miichan’s hurt eyes. She shove Miichan with so much force back on the ground when she realizes she’s been staring at the girl for long.


Jurina pulled the trigger of her Nambu Type 14 gun. The girl is too furious to have a bodyguard.

“I can freakin’ protect myself. Most of the people are scared of me.” Jurina set her gaze to Rena. She wanted to get rid of the bodyguard. Matsui Jurina fired one bullet onto Rena’s thigh. Her plan for now is to make Rena resign. Not to kill. To resign.

“Don’t ever come back in here if you wish to live.” Jurina warned.

Rena’s thigh has a hole where a bullet is stuck inside, the blood is scattering in her skin, dripping on the floor. Her first day with this girl is… created a fun tingles inside Rena’s body.

Murdering Matsui Jurina demonically is ecstatic.’ Rena warned inside her. Trying her best to give a calm and hurt face as possible. Hell, why did she got the characteristic of a freakin’ calm girl if her personality is the opposite.


Atsuko couldn’t believe she got a bodyguard with a height lower than hers and uses bare fist to fight.

“So how can Takahashi Minami will protect her Mafia Princess in a war?” Atsuko is referring on Takamina’s height and skill.

Takamina only lowered her head. For some reason, she doesn’t understand Maeda Atsuko to have an attitude of a rude girl. Maeda Atsuko is the Gentle Mafia Princess right?

I couldn’t wait to assassinate you.’ Takamina warned inside her.

“I am strong enough to kill everyone.” Atsuko continued.

“Give me a gun then I’ll shoot you.” Takamina muttered under her breath.

Atsuko turned her body around and frown her eyes.

“You’ll shoot me? You don’t even know how to pull a trigger.” Atsuko snickered.

Takamina pushed Atsuko on the wall. Her eyes is raging up in anger and her blood is boiling. Atsuko could feel her body is tensing up, the girl is small yet strong enough to make her feel weird. Atsuko couldn’t help but set her eyes to Takamina’s eyes and lower her gaze on the small girl’s lips. Takamina was taken aback when Atsuko lick her lower lip and bit it afterwards. She then parted away from Atsuko. Atsuko notices the blush in Takamina’s cheeks.

“Oh my. Are you a… lesbian?” Acchan did a seductive tone on the last word. She giggled at the panicky expression Takamina is showing.

Reaching for her dart wrapped in her thigh. Atsuko aimed at the other girl’s heart. She pretended to target it on the chest, in reality she dart it at the wall behind Takamina.

“Gotcha!” Atsuko winked and went to her room, leaving the small girl paralize.


Sae glared back at Sayaka who is giving her a death glare. The energy of Sayaka are in her eyes and her eyebrows are becoming a unibrow as she has been glaring at Sae for long now.

“Akimoto Sayaka will give trust to Miyazawa Sae. Once you broke my trust. I’ll murder you and your family.” Sayaka broke off the silence by declaring her trust over Sae.

Sae suddenly remember what the secret society said to their mission…

Work as their bodyguard in one year. By the end of the time… Assassinate the Mafia Princesses.


“Why are you looking so guilty?” Sayaka sharped asked.

“You’re just having an illusion cause the energy in your eyes is so much.” Sae talked back.

Sayaka frowned her eyes and was about to speak but Mariko interrupted Sayaka.

“Sayaka. Let’s go clubbing, this bodyguard issue is getting on my nerves.”

Sayaka then set her gaze on more time to Sae and left with Mariko.

Phew. Thanks Miichan’s Princess.


Watanabe Mayu is getting bored on reading her manga, the anime she is currently watching had ended and she was too lazy to play with her gadgets. Yuki couldn’t believe that her Princess’ room is so bright and warm as if she is not a Mafia Princess. Watanabe Mayu is a human afterall.

“Entertain me.” Mayu blurt out, startling Yuki. “Or else I’ll kill you.”

The sudden order of the small girl shocked Yuki. She doesn’t have any idea how to entertain her as she haven’t reviewed Mayu’s information yet. Yuki gulped when she saw Mayu is becoming impatient and slide her arms under the pillow, revealing a Shipka SMG Marakov. Yuki didn’t have a choice but to use her embarrassing talent.

Kashiwagi Yuki imitated Marimokkori’s smile.

“…” Mayu was speechless. Mayu is not impressed at all. She gestured Yuki to leave the room.

The moment Yuki is out of her sight, Mayu covered her face on the pillow and started laughing by the silly face and yet stupid impression her personal bodyguard showed her. Funny.

I should order that often to scare Kashiwagi Yuki.’ Mayu started laughing again.

After recovering herself from laughing. Watanabe Mayu opened the drawer beside her bed and took out the sharp paring knife and aimed it on the calendar on the wall which landed on today’s date.

October 7, 2010


Haruna plastered all the cuts she received from her personal bodyguard earlier. Thinking, she underestimated the skill and power of Oshima Yuko. Yet, Haruna does not want to be stomp by a new character that entered Akiba family. Kojima Haruna soon will crush Oshima Yuko.

“You remember the plan Madams?” Haruna stopped on her track when she heard a familiar voice behind the doors. Her mother – Madam Kojima. Haruna pressed her ear against the door so she can hear them properly. She is sensing another plan coming from them.

“Make sure we’ll blow down the Wakamiya’s.” Madam Matsui responded. Jurina’s mother.

Wakamiya? They are the one who took over our turf all the way Asaka.’ Haruna pondered.

The Madam’s are deciding to pull off a revenge. Tomorrow, another family will be erased on the name of Mafia. Freshly purchased by the Akiba family. Haruna gulped as soon as six guns was triggered.

Kojima Haruna smell World War II.

Of course there is no war if the fierce Mafia Princesses is not invited...

...Along with their mysterious Bodyguards.

A's Note: As you can see, my plot for this chapter is just to introduce the Bodyguards to the Mafia Princesses so there is not much to expect from this chapter. Well, except for the last scene. And yeah, I wanted to show you guys how the pairings WORK together. :]]
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Bodyguards are shorter than the one that they have to protect.  :lol:

Oohhhh a war coming up. :O

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yeah... even its the introduction, i like this chap... :twothumbs :twothumbs

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OMG! Jurina shoot Rena?!  :shocked

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^^ Saeyaka is cute.
I like the Takacchan moment

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I can't wait to see everyone die... if it happens  XD You wouldn't dare..... O_O Omg can't wait for the next chapt!
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you want them dead?!  :shocked
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

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