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Author Topic: Look at Me, My Love (Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Mayuki, WMatsui etc)-Ch.34 (13/02/2017)  (Read 81485 times)

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aaaahhhhhh :angry: :angry: :ptam-cry:

what'd you do to kojiyuu :angry: :angry: :angry1:

mariko go away from haruna!!!!!!!!!! :angry1: and go to your miichan :scolding:
milky go away from yuko :angry1: and go to your sayanee :scolding:

my kojiyuu heart :fainted: :err: :badluck: :OMG: :gyaaah:

update it please :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :bow: :bow:

i love this story :wub: :inlove: :nya:

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Waiting for the update Author-san :twothumbs
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Waiting for update author-san  :panic:

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Same here. Hoping and still waiting for an update.
please author san.  :bow:
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Chapter 33

Three days have passed since that day. But to me like it's been years. I have the days like this again. Waiting for Yuuchan. Just like the first time when we separated. This time, do I had to go back to wait Yuuchan again? More longer maybe?
Every day I pray that someday I can be reunited with Yuuchan in whatever circumstances. And the day finally arrived. When I was walking not far from the boarding school, I saw her. We are already growing. Physically we are no longer same when we were little. But I can recognize her easily, I could feel her presence. I can only see her from a distance, as it is today. When she walked, dragging her big bag along the way to boarding school. I continued to follow her like a stalker. I chuckled at that time. She, Yuuchan, not much grows. I wonder if she's eating well? I was surprised when suddenly she climbed a tree. When I looked up, there was a cat stuck in a tree and could not get down. Yuuchan helped its to get down.
When Yuuchan had gone down, she looked surprised when I suddenly appeared in front of her. She smiled at me. Nothing has changed from her smile. Dimple was always on her face.


I took the cat off her hand and slapped her. She looked confused. Sorry Yuuchan, it is for you because you never came in the spring we have promised. I wear a mask at the time, so she did not recognize my face.
The next day something that made between happy and sad happen. I'm so lazy to follow the lesson today. I just sit and stare out the window thinking about yesterday when I was meet with Yuuchan. If we meet again, I still do not know from where I must to start a talks with her. Does she still remember me?
I do not know what was said by the teacher in front of class. My mind was to that day. Repeatedly, I took a deep breath and hope today is fleeting. But the daydream ends when I felt people around me watching me. I was confused and shocked at the same time when I saw Yuuchan was standing in front of the class and smiled at me. Then Yuki told me that Yuuchan love me. At that time, I wanted to scream as loud as possible to tell everyone how happy I am.
"I LOVE MY NYANNYAN!" Yuko shouting and pointing at me. Nyannyan? Who? Me?
When Yuuchan walked over to me, it felt like my heart was going to jump out. Yuuchan? Do you really still love me?
She sat in front of me and her smile never left her face. But my hope was shattered when I realized the way Yuuchan look at me. She really sees me as a stranger. Yes, a stranger for the first time she's encountered. I wanted to hate her, but I can not. I can not replace her to others, including Marichan. Although she was very kind to me, but still, this is difficult.
And now, everything is more difficult. What should I do? I want Yuuchan to come back to me and Marichan remain a friend of mine.

"Uwaaaaahhh ... The airhead queen enjoying the beautiful view from a distance." Miichan suddenly sat beside me and interrupted my thoughts.
"What do you want?" I said coldly to her.
"Hey, do not get too cold to me." Miichan follow my gaze to the direction. "Umm ..." She nodded. "Beautiful view, right?" She smiled at me.
Yes. I'm looking towards the basketball court where Yuuchan practice. And Sashi, she incessantly teased Yuuchan. She pinched Yuuchan's arm with spoiled, she wiped Yuuchan's sweat, she gave a drink and aaarrrggghhh!!! If only this time it was different. I already skinning Sashi!!
I stood up from my seat and was about to leave, but Miichan clutching my wrist. "Until when are you going to run away from this problem?"
"I did not run away from problems." I let go of Miichan's hand.
"Really? So what have you done? You do not dare to face Yuko and Mariko, right?"
"I'm just giving time to Yuko! And Marichan ... Marichan ... she ... "
"You do not dare to speak with Mariko?" She stood in front of me as being interrogate.
"Of course not. She was sick, I do not want to add to her pain. Only that."
"If you continue to not be able to take decisions and stalling the time, do not blame Yuko if she back to Milky." Miichan pointed toward the field with her head. I saw Milky approached Yuko and then ... then ... hug her? What? Milky embraced Yuko? Shit! "Milky has a major influence on Yuko. You have to remember that."
I covered my face with my palm. "I'm tired, Miichan. Very tired. I wanted to die."
"Hey, do not talk like that!"
"I lost everything." I felt tears in my palm.
Miichan forced to get rid of my hands from my face. "Haruna, listen to me! This is not because I want to take a chance or whatever it is, but you need to speak with Mariko, said all that is in your heart. She should know that you really can not accept her until whenever." Miichan wiped my tears. "She gave you a difficult choice, right?" I nodded. "It is painful, but you have to choose."
"I do not want Marichan suicide because of me."
"And how about Yuko?"
"I do not want Yuuchan suicide because of me, too."
"I want to die."
"Haruna! Once again I remind you, do not say that. Everything will be resolved if you want to speak with Mariko more honestly. If she deserves to be your best friend, she will accept it. If she still refuses, think it again, during this time, do you really establish a friendship? Or she's kind and caring to you just because she wants something from you?"
I could only nod. My head hurts. "Where do you want to go?"
"I want to be alone." I walked away leaving Miichan. "And think of all your words. Thanks. Thank you for everything."

--- ## ---

"Korisu ..." Milky hugged Yuko tightly in front Sashi. It's seen so clearly how uncomfortable Sashi's face.
"Uhm!" Milky still embraced Yuko in front Sashi who stood between them. "Ehm! Ehm!"
"Are you okay?" Asked Milky after releasing her arms from Yuko.
"My throat was a little sore." Sashi pretending holding her throat. "Umm ... Yuko-san, I think the break is over. Please continued your training."
"Eeeeehhh ..." Milky holding Yuko's hand is about to run onto the field. "I still want to be with Korisuuuu ..." She acted like a spoiled kid.
"But I have to practice." Yuko try to release Milky's hand. "Look, they've been waiting for me."
"I do not care!"
"Oi, Watanabe-san! Let go of Yuko's hand or you will be our ball!" Shouted Sayaka to Milky. Milky pouted and let go of Yuko's hand.

--- ## ---

"Ough, my poor heart!" Keichi clutching her chest and pretended in pain. "I can not accept all this. The girl I loved turned out to love others. God, why are you so cruel to me!" And now she's holding her head.
"What the drama are you playing?” Sayanee looks irritation by Keichi's acting  who suddenly stood beside her. "And, hey, since when are you here?"
Keichi holding Sayanee's shoulder. "I never thought that you are a coward. All you do is just looking at her from a distance and dreaming to have her. Tsk."
Sayanee release Keichi's hand that was on her shoulders. "I'm not a coward, I just appreciate Yuko! That is all!"
"Really?" Keichi standing in front Sayanee. "Despite the fact that you know that Yuko-san does not like Milky, and the only one who loved Yuko-san is Haruna-san!"
"I ... I …"
"I do not need your explanations." Keichi pulled something out of the plastic bag she was carrying. "This. Give this to Milky and invite her to talk." Keichi give a bottle to Sayanee. "I will wait for the result tonight." Keichi walked away, Sayanee still standing awkwardly under a tree. "Oh, one more." Sayanee turned. "I sell that drink, so give the money as well tonight. Bye."
"Tsk. That girl."

--- ## ---

"Yukiriiiinnnn .... Forgive me. That was just for ... umm ... "Mayu trying to catch Yuki who walking faster.
"Just for what?!" Yuki suddenly stopped.
"Ough, my nose!" Mayu clutching her nose that crashed into Yuki's back.
"Umm ... it's ... it's ... how do I explain it ... it's just misunderstood you know."
"If this is all a misunderstanding, now tell me!"
"I was just playing around with Sakuratan. Only that."
"Just play? Do you realize, she is your ex-girlfriend!"
"Yeah, but the only person I love now is you. Only you! Okay?" Mayu hold Yuki's arm to try to convince her.
Yuki rid Mayu's hand with rough. "Ah, you still remember that I was your girlfriend, huh? Then what are you doing with Sakura? You hugging, holding hands, even you kiss her! Gahd! You really outrageous, Mayuyu!"
"We're just playing around, really, we do not put the slightest feeling. It was just ... umm ... skinship. Yeah, skinship."
"Skinship?!" Yuki holding her head. "You're too much playing with Yuko! If only it was not because she was heartbroken by Haruna, I will come to her and hit right in the face because she teaches you things like this!"
"Ah, oshiriko-chan ... I feel sorry for her."
"Do not divert our conversation, Mayuyu!"
"O-okay." Mayu raised her hands.
"Yesterday you flirted with Jurina, now with Sakura, and tomorrow who else?!"
"Hey, you're wrong, yesterday I flirted with Ikoma-chan." Suddenly Mayu shut her own mouth with her palm. 'Owh, my stupid mouth' Mayu shook her head and stepped back.
"A ... anooo ... waaaaa ... it just skinship Yukiriiiiinnn, I will not repeat it again!" Mayu ran from Yuki who look so angry.
"Watanabe! Come back here!"

--- ## ---

"Ah, Rena-chan, you finally came. I've been waiting." Jurina stood up off the bed and hugged Rena who had just come into her room. "There are things I want to say to, too." Jurina lead Rena to sit on the edge of her bed.
Jurina's hold Rena's hand gently. "Rena ..."
"Jurina, let me speak first." Rena still with her flat faces. She did not look toward Jurina since she came into the room.
"OK. Feel free. Tell all of what you want to say. I will listen to it well." Jurina tightened her grip on Rena's hand.
"I love you, Jurina." Rena closed her eyes, tears slowly fall past her cheek. "I really love you." She lowered her head and began to sob. Jurina embrace Rena's shoulder and brought her into her arms. Rena cry in Jurina's chest. "I know I've hurt you. You may hit me, mad at me, or whatever it was to avenge all the pain your heart. But please ... do not leave me." Rena clutching Jurina's sleeve. "I'm not as strong as you." Jurina only silent, but she was crying too. Occasionally she nodded her head. "I can love you more than Churi. I'll try to be better for you, for us." Rena lifted her head. She holds Jurina's face with both hands. "I love you, Jurina."

Jurina silent for a moment. She did not know that it will go like this. Jurina knelt in front of Rena who sitting on the edge of the bed. Jurina clutching her hands and crying on her lap. "Hey, why are you sitting on the floor?" Rena asked in a hoarse voice because she was still crying. "Jurina? Stop crying."
"I'm just too happy, Rena-chan." Jurina raised her head. "I think you're going to yell at me or even break up with me."
"I'm sorry, I should tell it all to you from the beginning. You saw me in the Churi's room, right?" Rena nodded. "I'm sorry, but really, I did not feel anything to Churi. Churi kissed me. I just reject her love, she said it was a goodbye kiss. I swear! I just love you, Rena. Only you."
"Thank you." Rena leaned over and kissed Jurina's eyes.
"What about my lips? My lips miss you so much, you know. "Jurina winked to Rena.
Rena pinched Jurina's nose slowly. "Is that only your lips miss me?"
"Owh, please, do not tease me Rena or you'll be regret it." Jurina smiled mischievously.
Rena stroke Jurina’s cheek softly and slowly she leaned her face into Jurina.


"Jurinaaaaaa .... Save me!!!" Mayu entered Jurina's room with haste.
"Damn! Just a few inches again!" Jurina holding her head and Rena still looked puzzled look at Mayu who ran terrified in one after another by Yuki who entered with angry faces.
"Come here, Watanabe!" Mayu hiding behind Jurina.
"You've just ruined my sweet moments with Rena!" Jurina looks so frustrating.
"You can still continue later, save me first. I still want to see the sun tomorrow. "Mayu still hiding behind Jurina's body.
"Okay, tell me, what happened?" Asked Jurina with some annoyance.
"I was just playing around with Sakuratan, and Yukirin angry with me."
"Come on, Yuki-san, Mayu only friends with Sakura. Even I and Sakura also friends. We're all friends. Nothing more than that."
"Ah, so you also do what Mayuyu do?"
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"Skinship." Mayu whispered to Jurina.
"Huh? What do you say?"
"Skinship, Jurina, skinshiiiip."
"Ah, about that." Jurina scratching the back of her head.
"Yuki ... you should believe Mayu, she just tried to be friends with anyone." Rena trying to mediate them.
"You can say that because you do not know what they're doing, right?"
"They flirted with Sakura! Hugging, holding hands, even kissing! Are you still able to be calm after knowing your girlfriend do something like that? They cheated behind us!"
"I do not like it, Yukirin! Really! It was just skinship! No more than that!"
"Jurina? Can you explain that to me?" Rena crossed her arms on her chest.
"Damn! Mayu, you dragged me into trouble!"
"Jurina? I am asking you."
"It's ... it's ... just fanservice. Yeah, fanservice. Hihi."
"Stupid, it was called skinship. Oshiriko-chan said it to me." Mayu whispered to Jurina who was now standing next to her.
"But Sae-senpai say that this is called fanservise."
"Mayu, come with me." Yuki draw Mayu's hand. "I will make sure that you do not exit the room today." Yuki pull Mayu out of the room.

And now Jurina trying to hold her breath. And slowly turned around facing Rena are now standing in front of her.
"I am sorry. I promise not to repeat it again!" Jurina bow.
Rena sighed. "I forgive you."
Jurina hugged Rena tightly. "I love you, Rena!"
"Keep your promise, Jurina."
Jurina clutching's Rena hands, she slowly leaned her face. "I love you, Rena."
"Sorry, did you see Haruna?" A girl like a Gachapin peek into the room.
"Damn! Not you too, Minegishi-senpai!!!"

--- ### ---

Haruna POV

My hands trembled as I held the door handles that are in front of me. I know, when I pass through this door, I'm going to face a big thing. Whether it's good or bad thing, for sure I was terrified today.
If this makes the problem more complicated, what should I do? Where would I go? I've lost my family, if I had to lose Yuko and Marichan ... whether it's better if I go away. Away from them ... forever ...
I cried at the front door of this room. But Yuko's shadow managed to make me feel stronger. Because Yuko's smile, I can endure all the troubles in the past. Makes me never tired of waiting for her at every spring just to see her smile again. Makes me never get tired of waiting for her near her room after she practice basketball only to hear her call me 'hime' again. Because of Yuko's promise I can survive until today, yeah, even though she was saying it when she was little.
"Whatever happens, I have to deal with it. It's for the good of us all." I said that to myself. "Haruna, do this for Yuko, Mariko, and yourself." I took a deep breath and then opened the door.
"Haruna ..." Mariko smiled to me.
"Hey, what happened? You've been crying? Who dares to make you cry? Tell me! Do Yuko who hurt you?" Mariko touch my face and looked at me with concern.
"I am fine."
"How can you say okay while you crying?"
"Marichan ..."
"Yes, tell me what you want to say, Haruna." She was stroking my face.
"I'm sorry." I held Mariko's hand who is in my cheek and put it on the bed, but I was still holding it. "I'm really sorry." I could not hold back my tears again. I'm afraid. Really scared. Yuuchan ... hug me and tell me that I could do it ...
"Haruna? What are you talking about? I do not understand. Why do you have to apologize to me?" Mariko looked confused.
I gathered all my courage and took a deep breath. "I can not."
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"I ... I love Yuko. Forgive me."

Mariko was silent, she removed her hand from my grasp. "I like you, feel comfortable with you, but it was only a friend. I appreciate all of your kindness, and I'm very grateful. But I can not change my feelings to Yuko. She meant to me. You also meant something to me, but in a different way. Try to open your heart, out there, there may be people who can love sincerely, is able to make you feel happier, much better than me."
Mariko was still silent. "Marichan?"
With a very fast movement Mariko took the knife up over the fruits that were at her bedside.
"Marichan!" I tried to grab the knife from Mariko's hand.
"Get off me, Haruna!"
"No! You should not do this!"
"I give you everything! But you ... you're just love someone who have been long forgotten about you! Someone who often make you get hurt and cry!"
"Please! Help!" I screamed as loud as possible to ask for help from the outside. My hand holding Mariko's hand, I could not press the call button near Mariko's bed.
"Get off me!"
Instantly the noisy atmosphere in the room became quiet. Mariko was silent.
Eh? What happened? Why all of a sudden she stopped?
I saw her hands shaking and then she screamed hysterically. I felt something wet on my shirt. I looked at my stomach. Red. Blood? It does not hurt, but it made my eyes become a little blurred and my body felt weak.
I felt someone sustains my body began to fall. Someone shouting my name repeatedly. Yuuchan? Do Yuuchan follow me here?
"Yuuchan ..."
"Haruna, hold on!"

--- ## ---

Thank you and sorry for my bad english ...
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Chapter 34 pleaseee~
Thanks for updating :hee:

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Can you please update chapter 34 first :hee: :hee:

You left me hanging :farofflook:

What will happen to haruna?? :dunno:

Thanks for updating  :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :mon thumb: :mon thumb:
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I will read

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Chapter 34 :pleeease: :prayers: :pleeease:

About tb aheeem... give me kojiyuu on chap 34 then i will update tb... hehe bargain lol
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What the  :OMG:

what happen to my Haruna????  :angry1: :angry1: :angry1:

come on dont break my heart  :gyaaah:

please update the chapter 34.. i want to know what happen next  :pleeease:

thank you for this chapter   :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
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Update Chapter 34 pleasee ~

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Oh god dammit~ i crying a lot but the scene of Mayuki and WMatsui is so funny...

Blood? who's blood is that?

Thanks author~ Please Update Chapter 34... i want see what happen

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It's haruna blood right?
Anoo.. where atsumina?

Take your time author san... but don't ever you hiatur anymore

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Ah~ thank you for adding some mayuki moment~ it's very cute and... please add they're moment more! (o^^o)♪

Thanks for your update by the way~

Update soon!! Ass soon as possible!
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Finally, Kojima decides to act on it.
I do hope she's gonna be fine though.
I pity Sayanee here.
Thank you for the update!
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Oh My!!!  :shocked
Haruna finally said to Mariko what she thinks and feel, but... khmm... it didn't end so well..  :huhuh
No Atsumina? Where is my Atsumina?!!!  :?
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 :mon ghost: :mon ghost: :mon ghost:  H-haruna....


I'm glad that Haruna finally told her about her feelings towards Yuko but....

That's one sad cliffhanger right there.
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