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Author Topic: Jabronisaur's Story  (Read 31646 times)

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Jabronisaur's Story
« on: July 19, 2009, 12:38:21 AM »

Here is the long, untitled story that Jabronisaur wrote and originally posted at 4th Station on JPM.  His first chapter was posted on April 8th, 2005, and the last chapter (#14) was posted on May 12, 2005.  Very fast work.  The response to the story was great (we all read it and commented!).  It was suggested we read them late at night, which definitely helped keep the mood since it's a scary story.  In his descriptions of the girls' thoughts and actions, you can see the thoughtful, gentle man he is, for only someone so kind could share feelings like that.  And in the plot, you can see how he loves action/adventure games and freaky things that make your heart pound, the air dripping with tension. =)  Though I believe no spellchecker was involved (too impatiently excited to post? ;P), it never detracted from the enjoyment of the story.  The guy knew how to create suspense...

Re-reading these chapters today has been such a pleasure (a scary one), and after the first chapter, such memories of those times flooded me that it was almost like everything was normal again and we were dreaming and imagining up stories in our little corner of the internet.  Special thanks to resop and Zaxx, who both provided me with download links for the 4th Station archive.

 Everything under this solid line, including the 13 posts after this one, was written by Jab.

I was really enjoying those stories on the Gotouki site. Please keep the stories of the GoMakiMythos comming. I especially liked how the attempt to make them read like typical myths and legends. Well done.
As for me I opted for something with a more contemporary feel. I, of course, had take some liscence with the personality traits, but I hope you like it.

Please enjoy...

Drip...drip...drip. Annoying droplets of rain pelted against the face of Fujimoto Miki, and after a few blinks she came into conciousness. She attempted to sit up, but her body struggled against her will and at last all she could manage was a sort of sideways lean. She scanned the area around her. Through the dark foggy haze she could see lumpy object scattered about. She could tell it was raining and it was dark, "Probably night.", and that she was suddenly in great pain. Her mind fought out of a swirly haze and she began to focus on her situation. Miki's vision cleared and she could see that she was sitting in pile of mud in the rain and that surrounding her where, not the lumpy objects of before, but the "Bodies!" of her friends and fellow members of the popular singing group Morning Musume. Ignoring the stabbing pains in her limbs, she rushed to the other girls to help them. She worked to lift the girls out of the thick, moist mud and try to revive them. In time, the remaining members of the group were either sitting up and confused, or lying face-up with another girl watching over her. Yoshizawa Hitomi, one of the first of the other members to awaken, was standing up and looking around. She saw something a few yards away from them and strolled off.
"Where ya going, Yossi?" cried Ogawa Makoto, after her. She too had just risen and her nervousness could be heard in gravely voice. Yossi turned slowly.
"I see something over there. I'll be right back. I just wanna check it out." and with that, Hitomi, one of the senior members, began walking away. The rest of the girls had huddled together to keep warm in the now chilling rain. Apart from what Hitomi had seen, they couldn't make anything else out of their surroundings.
"What happened?" Tanaka Reina, one the newer additions to the group asked timidly. This question of course had been on everyone's mind since they woke up. They all thought back to moments before they lost conciousness.
"The accident!" It was Takahashi Ai, who answered suddenly. "I remember the bus and the horn blarring and then everything got crazy..." she trailed off. The others nodded, they too now remembering the last minutes before the crash that landed them here.

Yossi had reached what was the remains of the bus on which they had traveled. She peered back over her shoulder and could barely make out in the darkness the shapes of the others. Returning her attention to the bus, she could see it was laying on its side. A huge gaping whole had been torn along the middle of the side to the rear.
"This must be where we were thrown out..." she thought grimly to herself. She like the others was remebering the accident. On their way to a special taping in the country, the bus had crashed. "But why?" she wondered. Hitomi couldn't remeber what had caused the bus to spill over, so determined to find out, she climbed up the wheel base and pulled herself up to stand on the upturned side of the vehicle. It was a particurly grizzy sight. All the paint had been scraped off the side of the bus. All the windows were smashed in and even traces of blood where evident. Steeling up her courage, the sporty Yossi began to lower herself in the dark hole ripped in the side of the bus.

"We shouldn't just sit out here." Konno Asami began. She was a younger, member of the group but had been with them now for some time, along with Takahashi Ai, Ogawa Makoto and Niigaki Risa. They had joined Morning Musume at the same time, as was typical.They were the 5th Generation. Hitomi had come in earlier with three other girls, who where no longer in the group, and Miki had come in with the 6th Generation along with Reina Tanaka, Kamei Eri and Michishigi Sayumi. "We're going to get sick. And Yaguchi-san still hasn't woken up." she motioned down and they all looked at the small blond with her head nestled in Konno's lap. She was Yaguchi Mari, now oldest member and leader of the group. She was very short, but very sprited and generally well recieved by the other girls. But as Konno stated, she was still unconcious. Miki looked up into the night sky and peered at the remarkably bright full moon. Despite its glow, it was still hard to see around them. "Perhaps..." she thought. "Maybe its the rain." She walked away from where the others were resting and looked out into the shadowy evening. She was looking for anything to help them. If they came by bus, she reasoned, then there must be a road, roads have emergency telephones on them and houses along them and other people traveling on them. It was then that she got a frightful ache in her stomache. Not a pain from the accident, but a creepy feeling as though something was very wrong. After a short pause she continued her search.

Yaguchi Mari sat back into the cushy red bus seat. She glanced idly out the window, watching gloomy gray clouds pass over the afternoon sun. She usually enjoyed these bus trips to the country. It gave the group a chance get out of that building for a while, even if she did get a little car-sick. This trip however had left her somewhat moody. She had caught herself looking around the bus for certain members to talk to and joke with, but then quickly remebered they had already left Morning Musume, "graduated" as they called it. There was no Nacci or Kaorin or even Maki left now, all the girls she had joined with and who were there before her and helped her were all gone. Now she was the leader, the last of the old members left to guide the new ones. It left her feeling very depressed. In a this group of some ten girls, she never felt more alone. "When would I graduate?" Mari wondered to herself. Maki who had joined after her had even manage to graduate before her. She was left behind, like so much old baggage. She looked over at Yossi who was fooling around and making jokes with Makoto and trying to make Miki laugh. "Would she take over after I finally graduate." Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted.
"Hi! Here I brought you one." the kind, soothing soft voice of Konno called out to Mari, distracting her from her Self absorbed musings. She looked up into the warm beaming face of the 5th gen member. Konno or "Konkon" as everyone liked to call her, sat down next to her leader and handed her a bento box, before tearing into her own. "These trips to the country are pretty crazy." she started. " Should be a lot of fun. But I hear were going way out there this time. Some really remote place." finished Kono as he began picking at her food. Mari smiled and opened her lunch. Konkon was young, but in many ways very wise. She also had a lot of empathy for the other girls and could always tell when someone was down and needed a friend. Mari thought she must have looked absolutely misearable. She felt bad about that. She was the new leader and had to set an example for the others. It was up to her to stop feeling sorry for herself and help bring this group together. Smiling back at her friend she finally spoke.
"Yea. I remember this one time we did the Hello Project News from this cow pasture. Hehe. Poor Rika..." Just then the loud blaring horn from the bus ended Mari's sentence. The driver let out a curse and the bus swerved sharply. The girls were flung across the bus, screeming as it eventually spun out of control. Mari was launched against the opposite side. She heard a sickening crack and then everything went dark.

The first thing Yaguchi saw upon waking up was Konno's warm beaming face smiling conceredly down on her.
"Oh! At last! We were so worried." the young member spoke softly. Mari tried to sit up, but a hammer like throbing in her head dropped her back in to Konkon's soft lap. The leader was aware that is was raining and that she was no longer on the bus. Deeply worried, Kono looked up at the others. "This is serious, she may have a concusion or something! We need to find a doctor!" she stated firmly.
"We need to find a phone." Sayumi replied. Michishigi Sayumi was one of the younger and more shy members, but now she was figiting in place and at times rambling on about their situation.
"We need to find anything." added Nigaki Risa. "We can't just sit out here all night." Risa like Sayumi was overly nervous. Konno brushed gently at Mari's hair. The elder Musume tried to talk but felt to weak to say anything and she just lay there suffering through the pounding ache in her skull. Makoto stared off in the direction Yossi went and stepped a few paces in that direction before speaking.
"I'm going to check on Yossi." she stated flatly and walked off before anyone could voice anything. But they, like her, were become concered. She had be gone several minutes and no one objected to someone checking up on her. Everyone liked Yossi. She was fun and friendly and very easy going. You never had a bad time being with Hitomi.

Leting her eyes adjust to the darkness, Yossi prowled along the inside of the bus. The soft glow of the full moon illiuminated some of the area, but left much of it covered in long, impenetrable shadows. Broken glass crackled under each of her slow cautious steps. Although she always presented herself as a tough, boyish figure this time she felt very uneasy and skittish. Using the seat backs for support, she edged her way forward, towards the front of the bus. She glanced sideways investigating the seats on both sides. They were ripped off the floor and thrown about the bus, those closest to the hole where crushed into the seats on the other side. Looking at the state of things, Yossi determined that nothing short of a miracle could have helped them survive this. She eventually reached the driver's seat. She covered her mouth as she gasped at the sight. The dashboard the smashed in and covered in blood, not a single dial or indicator was unbroken. The steering wheel was bent back and resembles a warped pretzel. Yossi tried not to scream when she saw the driver. He was twisted up worse than the steering wheel. His body bent in several different directions at once. He was soaked with blood and his gaunt terror filled face shone white in the moon. His eyes where stuck open in abject horror. Using all her courage, Hitomi bent down to close his eyes. A hand reached up and gripped tightly on her wrist. She would have yelled if she could but her voice was lost. The broken face of the driver turned to her and a deep strained voice called out from his mouth.
"The girl....could....nt.....stop.....she" the voice trailed off. His hand release the relieved singer, and his body collapsed with a heap into the corner. Finding her strength at last, Hitomi jumped up and ran towards the hole. Stepping on some broken seats, she climbed back out on the side of the bus before jumping down and running back to the others. Her run was cut short, however, as she hurtled into something and fell the ground. Sweating and freaked, Yossi looked up to see what she ran into, determined to run the opposite direction if she didn't like what she saw. But to her surrprise, curled up on the ground was Makoto. The wind knocked clean out of her lungs, she lay motionless in the rain and mud. Her friend picked her up and hugged her close, swaying and calling her name. To her relief, Ogawa came around quickly and hugged her back.
"I was getting worried so I came to look for you." the fifth gen member spoke, between breaths. After a brief moment she continued. "Did you find anything?" she asked trying finally to get to her feet. Yossi didn't say anything, but got up holding tightly to her friend's hand, as they walked back to the others. Makoto, while surprised by the affection, notheless, enjoyed every moment of the walk back.

Miki made her way from the muddy grass where everyone was resting, to step down onto a thicker muddier patch which she determined was the road. In the moonlight she could see vaugely, wide tire tracks. "Probably from the bus." she deduced to herself. Walking across, she quickly found the other side: a step up into muddy grass like she just left. Fujimoto felt it was best to follow the road for a bit. She had walked a while trying to follow the tire tracks in the mud and rain. She also looked across the road on either side for any sign of help: a telephone, a gas station, anything. But she spotted nothing in the inky blackness. She half joked with herself about being hit by car while walking in the middle of the road. "I survive a bus crash only to be killed by car while looking for help." She stopped dead in her tracks. She peered keenly down each end of the road and waited. The soft "plaping" of the rain was all she heard. A chilling fear swept over her. It had been nearly twenty minutes since she could rember waking up. And the sun was hardly past noon when the bus crashed. They had been uncouncious for hours, and not one person has come to check on them. Not a single car or bike or cop or even a jogger had come this way. "Where the hell are we? Why are there no people around?" Panic started casting over her. She glanced over the road one more time and determinined ther was nothing on it. No buildings, no phones, no people, nothing. They were miles from civilazation and completely alone. She ran back to the others as quickly as she could.
As she got nearer to the others, she could hear them talking, their voices sounded like angry birds. By the time she rejoined them, Hitomi and Makoto had returned.
"The bus is totalled. I don't think we could get it running...even if we could get back in its tires." Yossi explaned. They all turned towards Miki as they heard her sloshing back. They looked at her expectantly. She shrugged and sat down close to Eri.
"There's nothing along this road. I mean nothing." Fujimoto spoke, feeling better now that she was back with the group again.
"Well if we stay by the bus, someone will see it and help us." Saymi put somewhat desperately. Miki turned away.
"We might have to take shelter in the bus." Reina added. She felt anything was better than sitting out in the pouring rain. Hitomi shook her head and Makoto noticed her face had gone pale. Risa jumped up, much to everyone's surprise. She stormed around in a circle.
"This is so totally crazy." They all watched her, stunned. "I did we even crash. What hit us anyways." she continued while circling around frantically. Yossi though about what the driver said and got to her feet.
"The driver said something about a girl." she began. "I think she walked out in the road and he..." she stopped talking and ran back towards the bus. "Oh my god....I hope..." was all they heard. Makoto quickly followed along with Reina. The three girls reached the bus and followed Yossi as she traced the bus to the road and looked around for any sign of a girl.
Niigaki Risa had done one too many revolutions for Miki's liking and she told her so.
"Would you sit down already! Sheesh." the ex-soloist wasn't sure why, but watching the young singer pace around had really gotten on her last nerve. Risa had had enough of this situation and let Fujimoto know it.
"Screw you!" she declared and ran into the darkness. Horrified, Konno called after her.
"Wait! Don't go out ther alone!" She called. She wanted to get up and go after her, but she had Mari still in her lap, who had lapsed into unconciousness again. "Don't get lost!" she finished. Miki pouted next to Eri who seemed unsure what was going on. "Ai. Would you..." Konkon had bearly finished her sentence when Takhashi Ai nodded and followed after the younger memeber.
Hitomi and the others had searched around for a while and found nothing, no girl, no body, no blood, not a thing.
"Maybe he was drunk." Makoto spoke, breaking the silence with a feeble attempt at humor. No one laughed. They continued looking in earnest when Reina shouted.
"Hey! Whats that." The other two quickly joined her and peered out into the black night. Off in the far distance, was a faint shimering light. They watched it intently, nervously, fearfully; their hearts pounding in their ears. It moved gracfully through the pitch black darkness. The more they stared at it the more it seemed to walk. It almost looked like a person moving about and not so much a light. After a few moments it vanished. The three girls remained rooted in that spot for sometime before the feeling came back in their joints and limbs. They walked slowly and quietly back to the others, not daring to speak. By the time they reached the little camp, Takahashi had come running back, face flushed and full of panic.
"You guys....had better see this..."was all she managed to say before turning back to face where she had come from.
"Where's Risa?" Konno asked with a slight creak to her voice. Ai said nothing and continued to stare into the night.
"I guess we should check this out." Eri spoke. She knew Ai wasn't the panicky type, and felt it must be pretty serious for her to act this way.
"I can't go. I can't move Mari." Konno stated.
It was agreed that Miki and Sayumi would wait with Konno and Mari. Meanwhile, Yossi would follow Takashi along with Makoto, Reina, and Eri. Ai had led the group in the direction Risa ran. They trudged through the muddy grass for sometime before passing into woods. Thin spindly trees stuck up in their way as they marched together. No birds or rustling gave hint of any animals living in these woods. They passed through thickets and brambles and such before the woods gave way to a huge clearing. Takahashi had stopped while the others inspected their legs for thorns and bugs. When they returned their attention to her they saw that she was staring blanking onward. Following her view their eyes rested on a shocking scene. Sitting before them was and old style mansion, much like those seen on their samurai dramas. This building had a high almost six foot tall wall, and just beyond could be seen the sweeping tile roof typical of mideval japanese archatechture. They had arrived just few yards away from the large wooden gate built into the wall. The gate was slightly ajar. Eri swallowed hard.
"You don't mean she's gone in there do you." Kamei asked reluctantly. Takahashi nodded slowly, almost mechanicaly. She seemed kind of distant.
"We're goin' in after 'er?" Reina dared asked. Yossi gripped her shoulder.
"We gotta." As bravely as she could, she approached the gate. Eri and Reina were millimeters behind her followed by a spaced out Takahashi. Hitomi peeked through the gate.
Sweet dreams, Jab.  Love you forever.

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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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Just beyond the gate, Hitomi scanned what seemed like a courtyard. It was wild and overgrown with shrubs and brush, and dotted through out were gnarled, twisted trees, their roots tearing up through the unkempt soil. She made out tiny dots of orange light which flickered from squat, stone lanterns nestled among the foliage. It was far from a stately, dignified coutyard that was common to mansions like this. Streaching out before her was a path of broken cobblestone, bearly visible among the large tufts of weeds. It spanned from the gate, in a straight line, to a short wooden deck. Broken steps lead to a large door on the tall building they saw from the other side of the wall. Yossi glanced back at the others to see fear and aprehension on their faces. Determined to be the strong one and to find Risa, she readied herself and widened the gate to pass through. With the moonlight and lanterns the path was easy to follow, but the added light didn't seem to improve their mood any. Looking down, the fourth gen member could just make out the crushed remains of tall weeds.
"She must have come this way." Reina spoke in soft wisper. Obviously she like Hitomi had notice the trail of squashed grass. Huddled very closely together, they stepped slowly along the rocky path, glancing nervously around them half expecting something to jump out from shadowy courtyard. They arrived at the deck. The wood was rotted and broken in places. Yossi timidy stepped over the fallen steps hoping the deck would support her weight. It bowed and creaked slighty under her foot, but remained firm. Convinced it would hold, she made her way up onto the deck and approached the door. The others followed slowly and joined the braver member. The door they had stopped at was a thick oaken slab. Rusted, but stout iron bands crossed the top and bottom, the ornate carvings and handle were now lumps of weathered wood, it was impossible to tell what they had been carved to resemble. Eri held on to Reina and looked around at the building. Long thin ivy covered the walls and clung to them in a death grip. The ceiling was crumbling above them and it seemed at any moment the structure would completly collapse.
"How old it this place?" she wondered aloud. No one answered for a while, but likewise examined the delapitated building.
"I dunno. Must be hundreds of years though." Makoto answered. Fighting against every instinct to the opposite, Hitomi reached out for the door handle. She hadn't realized how heavy she was breathing or how quickly her heart was pounding. With every ounce of courage she pulled at the door. The others waited behind her, breathless and wordless, not knowing what to expect. It took more effort than she would have liked, but with a heavy groan from the door, she managed to swing it open. A foul smelling wind, something like rotten vegtables, mold and mildew poured out from the portal. The girls covered their face and held their breath. Just a quickly as it blew out it dissapated. The boyish member turned to others, the worry carved on their young attractive faces. She smiled.
"Sorry, that was me." she chuckled, trying to improve their spirits. The others gigled and for a moment they were not completely terrified. After a brief pause, Yossi pulled the door wider and peered inside.A warm orange glow fell apon her. She could see a square multi-level chamber with large wooden beams. Small lanterns on the floor, in their orange flickering light, revealed rubble and debris strewn about. Seeing nothing dangerous, she walked inside; the others trailing after her. As she took in the room, she saw that it was totally covered in a thick layer of dust...except for small foot prints which shuffled off towards a door on the far wall, one of two they now noticed. Yossi stopped in the middle of the room and took notice of what resembled a cart stored away in one of the corners. Makoto noticed it too and walked over to inspect it. Although parts of it seemed warped and rotted it looked in fair shape. Eri glanced at Hitomi and Reina who nodded, they were all thinking the same thing.
"We can carry Yaguchi-san in on this." she stated. Ogawa tugged at the old cart, but it was reluctant to move.
"It's pretty heavy. I'm not sure we can move it." she reported still pulling at the wheels. The other three joined her, while Takahashi on the other hand had paused and remained motionless near one of the lamps. After moving aside several barrels, boxes and bags of rotten rice, they finally got a good look at the cart. What had once been and elegant carrige was not a tattered wooden panel with wheels attached. Just behind it, Reina spotted a wide sliding door which hung from ceiling to floor. It was warped and bent and she doubted very much that it could be opened. Together the three girls yanked the cart free and wheeled it over to the door they had entered. .
"What about Risa?" Eri asked huffing to turn the cart to fit through the door. "We can't just leave her alone, she's been by herself for a while now." Yossi nodded and took command. It was obvious, by the size and wieght of the cart that three people would be necissary to move it back to Yaguchi and the others.
"Ok." she started. "Eri. You, Reina and Mako-chan get the cart back to Mari. Takitty and I will try and find Risa." Ai stood up and walked towards the others.
"Um...I'm pretty strong." she stammered. "I think I should help get the cart back."she finished. Hitomi looked her over and saw the fear etched on her colorless face and noticed a slight shudder to her normaly graceful stance. She nodded.
"Alright. Mako-chan, come with me." she ordered, somewhat reluctanly. Ogawa nodded quickly and rushed to join her friend. She wondered why Yossi hadn't asked her to go in the first place.

Asami was becoming frantic with worry. Yaguchi had continued to slip in and out conciousness and if that wasn't enough, half the members had trotted off in the picth-black night and were gone now for what seemed like hours. Trying to figure the time, she instinctivly reached for her cell phone, but remebered that hers. like everyone else's here, had gone dead. In fact they thrown them all into a pile nearby. The fact that the cell phone batteries were drained had really struck a frightful cord in Fujimoto. She knew they had been out for hours after the crash, but it takes nearly a full day to empty a cell battery. "Have we really been out for that long?" she mused to herself. There was no way to tell. They're only hope now, she figured, was daylight. "Maybe with the sun out, we can find our way to help." he hoped. Sayumi had remained silent, lost in thought as she sat, knees to her chest, huddled alone in the mud and rain. Michishigi was new to Morning Musume, about as new as you could be. She still hadn't found her place in the group, and doubted that she would ever fit in. Everyone else, she thought, had fun distinct personalities. She hadn't found a niche' yet. A role she could play with the group. In fact it had been a concern of some of the older members, that she needed to find a character for herself and soon. Each day she was living her dream, it seemed to be slipping farther and farther away. "How long", she wondered, "before they just fire me". She lowered her head to her knees and cried in silence. At first, Konno thought the situation had become unbearable for the younger member, but as she watched her shudder to herself, she felt as if something more was tearing at her heart. She was about to say something to comfort Sayumi, when Miki jumped up.
"You hear that?" she wispered. Konkon stared out into the night, ears straining for any sound. Michishigi raised her head and looked around through tear stain eyes. After a momemnt of dead silence, a low rustling issued from the darkness. It sounded as though a small animal was moving through the brush, which at first thought was something of a relief, which showed on the girls faces. But then thoughts of hungry wolves or even a bear turned their pretty faces back to worried glances. They heard it again. This time a bit louder and longer. Miki and Sayumi knelt close to Konno. They were prepared to carry Yaguchi away if something bad did come for them. The rustling got louder and low tones were added as it grew nearer. The noise came closer and closer, sounding more like a steady, chanting procession moving towards them than a wild animal. Glaring in the direction of the sounds, the girls tried vainly to catch a glimpse of what was moving towards them. They were ready to break into a run, as it closed in on them. The "chanting" grew louder, but was no less intelligible. For a breif moment, Konno thought she smelled Jasmin, maybe incense. The noise filled the area around the now terrified girls. It seemed to come from every direction at once. The girls swirled their heads around, looking fearfully into the dark. The sound rose to unberable levels just in front of them and it appeared as though whatever it was would come bursting out on top of them. Just then the loud crashing of branches and crunching of brush shocked them and they whirled around looking over there shoulders for the source. Almost ninty degrees from where they had been watching in fear, came Reina and Ai huffing and panting, bounding out of the darkness pulling what looked like an old cart, with Eri pushing from behind. Surprised, Miki and the others turned back the patch of shadow they had been earnestly scanning moments ago. They heard nothing but the strained breathing of the cart bearers. Whatever had been there, seemed gone now. Eyes wide with shock they looked back towards the cart. After a moment to catch her breath, Fujimoto began to stand, and suddenly realised the powerful grip she had had on Sayumi. She quickly released her and joined the others by the cart. Once released, Michishigi began to breath again and stood up to stand next to Miki.
"We found this inside an old building not far in the woods." Reina stated, between breaths.
"It's a little creepy." Begain Eri, looking at Takahashi briefly. She had noticed Ai's reactions in the building. "But its warm and you can get out of the rain." she finished. The last comment was something of a relief for the others. Althought the rain had slowed some, they had been out in it for nearly an hour. And they were totaly soaked to their bones. Miki, Reina and Ai carefully loaded Mari onto the cart. Eri was helping Konno to her feet. Having sat for so long, carefuly cradleing the short blond in her lap, had left her with no feeling in her legs. The painful twitching and shocking rippled through her limbs as she tried to walk, leaning heavily on the sixth gen. member. They followed the cart back towards the mansion, but not before Asami cast one more desperate look to where that awful sound had come from earlier. Whatever had been making it, she thought, she was glad they hadn't discovered what it was.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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Here's the next Piece. I wonder: would you prefer I made a link off site for this or is it ok to keep posting here?

Note: For best results read by yourself in a darkend room... :roll:

Once Takahashi and the others had left with the cart, Yoshizawa focused her attention on the door that Niigaki had supposedly gone through earlier. She knelt down to inspect the footprints etched in the dusty floor. Makoto was standing by the door in the far left corner of the room and noticed the handprint left in the dust on the handle. She glance across the room at the door on the opposite side.
"I wonder where that one goes."she spoke, more to herself than her friend. Yossi joined her and checked the door, also spotting the handprint. She pulled at the door, and to her surprise, it open fairly easily, much easier than the door leading outside. Grabbing Makoto's hand, she spoke.
"Come on. The longer we wait the further away she'll get."and with that, she half pulled her friend along side her beyond the door. The orange glow of the entrance hall was replaced with a dim, drafty passage way which turned sharply to the right and lead off into impossible blackness. The old wooden floor creaked beneath them as if to voice an objection to their presence here. Turning to walk down the hallway they saw to their right the plaster wall was cracking and peeling; chunks of broken plaster lay scattered about the floor. To the left was the traditonal rice paper wall indicitive of these old style buildings. Looking down, Hitomi spotted the tell-tale footprints in the dirty floor. Gripping, Mako-chan's hand tightly, she pressed on, Ogawa in tow; their footsteps echoed around them. The bright moonlight shone dimly throught tearing rice paper walls casting a milky grey illumination along the hallway. Each step forward was testament to their bravery and how they manage to make it down the long creepy passage was anyone's guess. A wall came into view across from them, several yards away, indicating they had made it about half way along the passage. Makoto had suddenly stopped and remained perfectly still. Yossi turned to her, about pose an obvious question, when she felt it. A bitting, stinging cold tore through her whole body. She shuddered and noticed her breath was smoking from her lips in labored puffs. Looking at her friend she saw that she too was breathing out clouds. Then they heard it. A high, shrill wail. A voice in pain cried out, it seemed distant, but there was no mistaking its message.
"Why?' it called. "Why did you do this?" the voice asked. The two girls peered about the hallway, hoping to see nothing, but they where also worried their fellow member was calling to them. The voice cried out again, this time louder and stronger. "Why?" it paused. "Why did you do this." Hitomi glanced around and then watched as Ogawa's eyes widened in shock. Looking in the same direction as her friend, she saw a swirly formless mass of grayish white passing through the wall directly across from them. It hovered for a moment and then as if a camera coming into focus, it took shape. It appeared to be a woman dressed in a torn kimono which ended in rags below her waist, no legs or anything could be seen below that. She seemed to take notice of the two girls now and floated meanacingly towards them asking them in her strained, shrieking voice: "Why?...Why have you done this to me?" She streached out her arms revealing thick, knotted ropes tied to her gnarled broken wrists. The two singers reamained motionless, their legs like leaden weights, as the gastly figure closed the gap. Her face could be seen now, a grim mask of sheer pain. Her eys were sunken black pits and her mouth stuck open in a perminent scream. She screached out again, this time her voice pierceing to their souls, hammering a spike of sorrow and loss deep into their hearts. "Why?' she begged. "Why have you done this to me?" She was almost on top of them; arms outstreatched, her hands scratching and clawing at the air. Hitomi turned to run, yanking on Mako-chan's arm. But the young fifth gen. member refused to budge. She stood frozen in terror as the hideous thing closed in on her. Yossi whirled around and cast her body over her friend's, standing between them, her back to the horrible figure. She closed her eyes tightly waiting for the end.
But it never came. Instead a warm, friendly feeling washed over her and Ogawa. It swept away the numbing cold and burned away the dreadful feelings that had overcome them. Daring to take a look. The fourth gen. singer saw that between them and the frightful woman was a cirlce of yellow light, its glow breaking through the dark, looming shadows of the drafty hallway. It bobbed in front of the spirit causing it to shrieked in agony. Clawing vainly at the light in anger, it was obvious the creature could not stand its warm and pleasant glow. The spectral woman backed away cursing and shrieking. At last it could no longer bear the presense of the light, and spun around moving quickly, to finally pass through the wall it had come out of moments ago. Her dreadful wail echoed in the distance before fading away entirely. The yellow light too began to fade, much to the disapointment of the two girls. Its comforting, familiar feeling evenutally ebbed as it went out. In the now gloomy, darkened passageway Hitomi and Makoto remained still, like stautes carved from polished marble. They were still trying to rationalize what they had just witnessed, when a faint sobbing broke the silence. At first any sound at this moment was starteling and frightful, but then they remebered why they were in this hallway to begin with.
"Risa." Yossie breathed at last. She softly spoke the young member's name. The gripping terror they felt moments ago was slowly being replaced by concern. Neither girl felt anyone should be left alone in this place. Feeling returned to Hitomi's legs and she started to walk down the hallway once more. Ogawa slowly followed her, her legs regaining their strength. At the end of the hallway, just to their right was a simple wooden door. Hitomi stared at the wall across from them, where the ghostly woman had passe through. She almost reached out to touch its wooden panel but thought better of it and returned her attention to the door. She could make out the sobbing and crying on the other side. Nervously, she pulled the door open and with her friend right behind her, stepped in side. They stood in a sort of narrow anti-chamber. On either side, the room exteneded for some ten or so feet. Directly across from them, was a high, thin partion made of rattan and rice paper, which blocked their view of the rest of the room. To their left a few steps away was a break in the partition allowing entrance into what appeared to be a much larger chamber. Yossi motioned for her friend to wait by the door and stepped up to the gap leading inward. She found herself looking into a large greeting room. Remincent of the "Samurai era", this room would have been use to greet guest into the mansion. The room streached out before her for nearly thrity feet square, with low flickering orange lanterns. Opposite from her was a low pedestal set against the far wall. Some ten feet square and ringed by four posts and flanked by four worn wooden panels hanging a short way from the ceiling, it had a torn, ragged curtain that waved absently in the wind. For the first time, she became aware of a cool breez that flowed through gaps in the paper walls. On her left side against the wall was a similar diaz, though smaller. This one however, had its curtains intact and nothing could be seen inside. The terror from their earlier encounter drove away curiousity and she had no desire, what so ever, to see what was on the other side of those curtains. On the right side was large sliding door which at the moment was closed. The sobbing, louder now, eminated from a nearby corner. In the corner near the large platform, huddled in tight ball, shrunk against the walls and shadows was a quivering, sobbing Risa. Yossi moved towards her. Makoto, who had had enough of being left by herself, quickly joined her friend. Together they approached the girl. Finally having reached her, Yossi put her hand on Niigaki's shoulder, sat down beside her and presented the best warming, comforting smile she could. Niigaki glanced up and returned Hitomi's smile. Tears welled up in her already reddened eyes and she flung her arms around the older member and cried into her shoulder.
"I don't know why I..." she sobbed. "What's happening? What is this place? I want to go home!" she cried. Makoto teary eyed joined them. Yossi found she felt her eyes tearing up as well. The traumatics feelings and emotions of the last few minutes gushed out and for short while the three girls sat, huddled together just crying.
Making their way back down the passageway to the entrance hall, everyone was relived the journey back was less eventful than journey to find Risa. They seemed in a slightly better mood, but the creepy feeling of this place wormed the tension and fear back into them shortly. Quickening their pace, the trio returned to the first chamber. The others had not arrived back with Mari, so the three girls took up seats on the floor. Hitomi noticed the other two shivering and realized how cold she was. They had been wondering around in the rain for some time and their clothes were completely soaked through. She stood up and walked to the corner opposite of where they found the cart and rumaged through the refuse. She seemed satisfied with her inspections and began moving things away from the floor. The wood had rotted away so bad that a large hole had worn through revealing the dirt underneath. Despite the glowing lanterns and familartity of the room, something nagged at Yossi. It wasn't unitl she started to make a fire in the dirt out of the debri strewn around and used a wick from one of the lanterns, that it struck her. She turned to Niigaki and asked:
"How did you light these lanterns?" She new the young member didn't smoke, so Hitomi figured she did not have any matches or a lighter. And why would she light the lanterns in the courtyard, she wondered. Risa, not overly concerned, simply shrugged.
"They were already lit when I got here." she stated flatly. This really disturbed the older singer.
"If she didn't light them..." she thought to herself, igniting the kindiling to get the fire going. "Then who did?" She mused about it quietly wile she watched the fire grow steadily bigger. "Maybe..." she started again. "Maybe someone had pulled us out of that bus." She twitched, remembering the grizzly scene inside their vehicle. "I doubt we could have survived it without help." she finished. The fire had really started to grow and caught the attention of the other two who quickly sat down next to her, broad smiles across their faces. Just then a loud thump startled them. It came again, from the direction of the door to the courtyard. The trio stood up and huddled close together staring at the door as it began to slowly open.
"Jeeze! Will you guys give us a hand here!" Miki bellowed. She had stuck her head in to see the three girls just standing there giving her blank looks.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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Anyone witnessing the scene playing out in the entrance hall, would have thought some bizzare slumber party was taking place. Nine half-naked or completely naked teenage girls were either sitting, standing or milling about the large chamber. A make-shift clothesline was set up near the fire and the girls waited impatiantly for their wardrobe to dry out. They had taken turns warming up by the fire, and had been conversing quietly. It was agreed, with Makoto's and Hitomi's strong insistance, that they did not wander around the mansion, but instead remain in this room until sunrise. Neither girl mentioned their encounter with the ghostly woman. They felt it best not add to the uneasyness of the others, and Yossie wasn't convinced that they might not think it one of her jokes, even if it would have been in very poor taste. In the morning they would follow the road and try to find help. Their main concern was wheeling their poor leader down the muddy road, it could prove a difficult trip. But they felt it was better to move her with them than split up and wait in this place. Mari lay restlessly on the wooden cart. They hadn't dared to move her off the broken carrige, especially after she woke up screaming on their way to the mansion from the accident site. She had fallen back asleep as quickly as she awakened. Konno and some of the others had torn apart strips from their shirts to make crude bandages, which she carefully wrapped around her head. She was almost glad the short singer was asleep. "I doubt she could handle this scary place." Asami thought. Even a newer member like herself was aware of Yaguchi's weakness. It was no secret the elder Musume hated anything even remotely scarry.
Meanwhile. Some of the Morning Musume members drew noticible stares from the others while prancing about without any attire.
"What the hell you lookin' at?!" an angered Miki shouted.
"Is that a tattoo?" one of the younger members asked.
"You got a hicky!" a girl snickered at Hitomi, who could only blush. A low grumbling noise turned everyone's attention to Reina. She smiled weakly. It was then that they all realized they had not eaten for hours and now felt utterly famished. They continued to chatter amongst themselves in an effort to put the thought of food out of their minds. Idle banter, minor arguments and teasing laughter echoed through the room, pushing way, for while at least, the gloomy and fearful presense of the mansion.
Much later, the girls lay close together on the floor, thankful that their clothes had finally dryed enough to wear. They each took turns, one girl watching over the others and the fire. They were eager to keep the fire going, its warmth and light chased away the frightful darkness of this place. It was Kamei Eri's turn now to tend to the fire. She poked absently at the amber embers with a knotted stick, glancing perodically over at the others before focusing on the fire once more. The sixth gen. thought of how glad she was that she had finally been able to fit in better with the group. It had been a long, tearful journey for her. The dancing was hard enough, but finding her voice had proven a real challenge. Long hours in the studio and the dissapointed looks of her seinors had taken their toll on her. She had wanted to quit several times, but remembered the sacrifices her family had made for her and all the time her manager and boss Tsunuku had spent to train her and all the late nights the other members gave up to help her learn the dances and the confusing arrangement of song lyrics. She felt a deep sense of responsibity towards them, and every time she felt like leaving, a deep guilt prevented her from making that mistake. But it had finally paid off. She was a real member now, with a photobook and fans and a bubly, sweet character to portray along with everone elses' personalities. Dispite her enviroment now, she felt warm and comfortable among her fellow members. Tossing a few more chunks of wood on the ebbing fire, she watched as they caught ablaze. Her eyes were slowly growing heavy and soon each moment was a struggle for conciousness. She could not understand how tired she had become all the sudden, but her eyes closed several times, before shutting completely.
A piercing, high pitched screech woke Eri suddenly. She jerked about, before rising entirely and was shocked to learn that she had fallen asleep. Emberassed, she glanced quickly over at the others to see if anyone had witnessed her slumber. It seemed darker in the room now, but she could see the remaining members of Morning Musume laying close together, resting peacfully. With a sigh of relief, she turned to inspect the fire. It had nearly gone out. "How long did I sleep?" she wondered quietly, while gently placing more wood on the coals before poking the embers to restart the fire. As it crackeled back to life, she stared blanking at the flickering flames. The room brightened up and she shook herself in an effort to shrug off her sleepiness. One of the girls moaned softly, and Kamei turned to watch her turn over on her other side. Eri smiled. It was nice to see the others were getting some well needed rest, and hoped soon she would get some herself. With a yawn, she glanced around the rest of the chamber. Her eyes stopped at the door in the far right corner and grew wide. It was open. She suddenly rembered what had awoken her. "A cry..." she thought. "or something I heard...". She found it difficult to recall what the noise had been. The harder she tried to think, the hazier it became, until she wasn't sure she heard it all, but might have dreamt it. But the door she was staring at was not a dream and it was open. "Maybe the wind pushed it open." she tried to rationalize. But looking at its heavy wooden frame quickly put that idea out of her mind. She glanced down at the others. Observing more keenly now she noticed a gap between the girls. They were nestled so close together, it was now obvious to see a space where one of them had been. After taking a note of who all was still there, she discovered that Michishigi Sayumi was gone. Eri panicked. Wild thoughts flashed in her mind. "Should I wake the others? Should I tell someone? But what if they ask me where she went? Why didn't I stop her at least go with her? How could I haven fallen asleep?!" Eri began to cry. They had trusted her to keep watch and now she had failed them. How could she face them again, she wondered. If anything happened to Sayumi it was her fault. "That noise! What if it had been her..." Kamei's thoughts trailed off to dark, gruesome imagery. She stood up, tears pouring down her cheeks. "They'll hate me. They'll never speak to me again. They'll blame for anything that happens to her." The fear of what her co-members might say or do to her pushed aside any rational thoughts. Taking a flaming stick from the fire, she walked slowly towards the open door; being careful not to wake her fellow singers. "I have to find her and bring her back before the others wake up...before anything happens to her." she stated to her self, determined. Mustering all her courage she passed through the door, but not before casting an apologetic glance at the sleeping girls.
Sayumi, oblivious to the panic she had caused her co-member, pulled hard at the large door to the entrance hall. It had become quite cold outside in the courtyard and she was anxious to get back in near the fire. But as she tugged at the door she grew more angry. She had left the door open when she went outside and figured Kamei must have woken up and closed it on her. "Why would she do that?" she asked herself bitterly before heaving the door open with a loud creak. She entered the room to find several of the other members sitting up and rubbing their eyes, mouths wide with yawns. Her attempt to open the door had been more noisy than she realized and she had managed to wake up about half of the group. Yossie looked around and then stared at the fire she built. With a puzzeld look she turned to the young sixth gen. who was now closing the outside door.

"Where's Eri?" she questioned, still yawning. Michishi looked around suprised and answered by asking:

"She isn't here?" This question caused everyone to take harsh glances about the room, scanning for the missing girl. Convinced she was gone, the others focused their glares on the stunned Sayumi.

"She wasn't outside with you?" Konno querried, becoming more awake now. Michishigi just shook her head. Makoto stepped down near the fire, which was slowing dying away.

"What did you go outside for?" she asked. Sayumi stood in place and studdered.

"I...I had to take..." her head lowered sheepishly. "I had to pee." she mumbled.

"And you didn't notice she was gone?" Reina asked, fuming. She seemed very angry about Eri's absence. The conversation had now woken the others who tried to catch up on what was happing as they stretched and yawned.

"She wasn't gone when I left." the young girl replied, now becoming irritated with the questioning. Yossi approached her.

"You shouldn't have gone outside alone, even to to take a leak. You should have asked her to go with you." stated Hitomi, her short, auburn hair glinting off the firelight.

"I didn't want to wake her." Sayumi's response brought Risa to her feet. A picture of disgust and fear on her face, the girl stamped in place.

"She was ASLEEP?!" Niigaki yelled, obviously outraged. Sayumi swiftly brought her hands up to cover her mouth. She hadn't intended to tell on Eri. In fact she had hoped to get in and out without disturbing anyone, which was why she had left the door open in the first place and why she cursed the fact it had been shut. "Anything could have happened to us, anyone could have..." Risa continued, but her rant was cut short.

"Oh pipe down!" Miki ordered. "Freaking out isn't gonna change nuthin'." she put firmly.

"So if she wasn't with you..." Konno started. She was now standing by the cart, inspecting Mari's bandages then touching the unconcious leader's forhead trying to feel a temperature. With a sad, worried look, she brushed gently at Yaguchi's bangs as she continued. "then where did she go?" Instantly the others whirled their heads around, observing the room. With all the doors shut and all the dust having been kicked up with their activity, it seemed impossible to tell where the girl went. In desperation, Yossi walked to the far left door. It was as she had feared: the dust on the handle and wood had been wipped away after she and Mako-chan had gone through it to retrieve Risa. She walked steadily to the other door as the remaining members stood and watched anxiously. Hitomi's heart sank as she inspected the door. To her suprise no dust was present at all on the wooden structure, no way to tell if she had touched it. She stretched out her arm and leaned against the door. Her head lowered in dispair. She knew what was lurking around the corridors of this mansion. At least she had Mako-chan with her when she encountered that woman. But Eri was alone. She could be anywhere, Yossi started thinking, and no one has any idea of how big this place might be, she finished. She fought back the tears welling up in her eyes and shut them tightly. Hitomi wanted nothing more than to sit down and cry. It had all been too much: the accident, Mari, this creepy mansion and that ghost. She wasn't sure she could take much more. Finding Eri was important, but taking a chance on encountering that thing again sent shivers through her spine. But with Yaguchi-san out, the fourth gen. member felt she would have to be leader...she would have to be the strong one.

"Yossi?" Takahashi called softly. Her voice startled the others. Ai had been quiet and solmen since she returned here after following Risa. No one was sure why, but they had agrreed not to press the issue and just let her be. "Did you find something?" she asked stepping towards her. Hitomi opened then blinked her eyes in an attempt to remove the unwanted tears. It was then that she noticed the dust on the ground next to the door. It was swept away in a wide arc from the door frame to the right, where it opens, to her left. Lifting her head up, she faced the others and spoke at last.

"I think she went through here."
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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Here is the next piece:
Eri tried to decide which she feared more: the hatred the other members would feel towards her for falling asleep when she was supposed to be watching over them or being alone in this dark and spooky place. She glanced nervously about, frightfully aware of every shadow, every sound, and every undicernanable shape the light from her flickering torch revealed. Kamei stood in a large room some fourty feet square; her back to the door from the entrance hall. The walls directly to her right and across her on the far side were flat, grey plaster like ones on the outside. Ripped, faded cloth hung low from above and waved eerily in the breeze. Stout wooden beams reached to the ceiling hidden in the darkness. In the middle of the chamber the floor sunk down in two square levels ringed by broad, wide steps. Shuffling reluctantly, the singer made her way towards the lowered floor. It was littered with broken pottery and mangled dusty objects which she could not identify. A glance to her left revealed a separate room taking up part of the larger chamber. Its rice paper sides extended probably ten feet from the wall opposite her and the wall to her left. She made her way to the little room; her feet softly thunking on the plank floor. Eri peeked through the empty squares that made up the two sides of the smaller chamber. Normally the grid-like squares would be covered over by rice paper, but the paper for these walls was torn and shredded allowing an easy view of the interior behind them. In the yellow glow from the flaming stick she held, Kamei could see the small room was filled with kimonos. They hung from the walls and ceilings, placed acrossed boxes, and even laid out neatly on the floor. Even in the dark and covered with dust, she could see the ornate patterns covering each one. Unconciously, she went inside to inspect the robes more closely. She dusted them off and held her make-shift torch closer. Kamei was stunned to find the patterns and images on these kimonos were the most intricate and beautiful she had ever seen. Whole scenes were played out across the garments, each one as unique and elegant as the last. They were covered with dragonflies, butterflies, birds and fish, every type of flower and tree imaginable, waves so detailed she could almost hear them, and even a dragon, so life-like the light glinted off its scales. She desperately wanted to take them with her, but the practicality of that was obvious to her. She thought about coming back here after they were rescued...if they were rescued. The fearful gloom of this place clouded over her again, reminding her of her mission: to find Michishigi Sayumi, hopefully before the others discovered they were gone. Returning to the larger room, she turned her attention to a door set in the left wall at the end of a short hallway made between the kimono room and wall with the door leading back to the entrance hall. Eri gave the room one final look over, she vainly hoped that Sayumi would pop up out a corner or somewhere, so she wouldn't have to go any further into this horrible mansion. Dissapointed, Eri tugged at the door, opening it with a soft creak. She stuck her torch inside the area beyond the door and looked around carefully before moving onward.

"Well we have to after her." Reina insisted. "She's all alone in this freaky place." That statment struck a frightful cord with Risa. The young fifth gen. singer had been alone herself for sometime befor Makoto and Hitomi found her. And she had never been more scared in her life. She was sure Eri would be feeling the same way, and Niigaki didn't want anyone else to go through that.

"Let's go find her." she interjected suddenly and more loudly than she intended. The other members nodded.

"Who should go?" asked Ogawa. She like the others had turned expentant looks towards Yossi.

"I think we should all go." Sayumi answered. Fearing she would be blamed for Eri's wandering off, she thought they might make her go look for her alone as a sort of punishment. Hitomi really like the idea of everyone going. After what she an Mako-chan witnessed earlier, she felt she could be stronger with the group behind her. Asami shook her head.

"We can't leave Yaguchi-san alone." she stated. Just then the leader began to stir, moaning softly . It appeared she might be having a bad dream. To everyone's surprise, Reina walked to door and stood by the fourth gen. member.

"I'll go." she announced standing firm and resolute. Tanaka was seriously concerned about Eri. As part of the sixth generation of Morning Musume, the two had become very close. They often joked and cried and comforted each other through the trials and tribulations associated with being a member of the famous pop group. When it seemed they couldn't fit in with the rest, or had difficulties with their performance, they always had each other. It was easier facing all the challenges, together. Though she seemed a tough, lone wolf on the outside, she doubted she could have made this far without Eri, though she would probably never admit it. For Reina, just the thought of her fellow member all alone and scared was breaking her heart, and she fought hard not to cry in front of the others.
Even more shocking than Reina's discision, was Takahashi's.

"I'll go too." Ai delcared. Her voice sounded weak, but determined. Picking up one of the sqaure paper lanterns off the floor, she joined Hitomi and Reina. No one said anything for a while. Yossi nodded and pulled at the wooden door that, it was assumed, Kamei had gone through earlier. Makoto called out suddenly.

"I wanna go too!" But her friend shook her head.

"I think you should stay here." Hitomi spoke. Ogawa stood, stunned. She seemed genuinely hurt. Yossi,of course, never ment to hurt her feelings. In fact she was trying to protect her friend. She truely did not want Makoto to have to face that thing again if it appeared, and who knew what was else was lurking around in this awful place. Mako-chan started to object, but just lowered her head instead. There had been a unanimous, unspoken agreement among everyone that Hitomi was the leader. With Mari unconcious, she was the next senior member. But not only that, she was well liked and kept a cool head, which everyone depended on now more than ever. Makoto didn't want to challenge her, she felt it might weaken her position among the others, and she couln't bear that thought. But none of that made her feel any better about being left behind.
Once again, the group split up. Yossi took Reina and Takahashi through the door to find Eri, while the rest remained in the entrance hall. It was reluctantly agreed that if Hitomi's search party did not return by daybreak, the others would take Mari and go find help and come back for them once they found it. The others watched them go, wishing them luck and mouthing silent prayers for them. Mari continued to figit and groan while Konkon continued to look worried.

"I think she's got a fever." she said while touching gently at the leader's forehead. Asami ripped at her already torn shirt. Having made a few more "bandages" and her shirt about half its length she went to the outside door.

"Where are you going?" Makoto questioned, still stinging from Yossi's apperent snubbing. Konno held up the strips of cloth.

"I going to put some water on these. I have to try and keep her fever down." was her reply. Uncertain as to why, but she had taken it as her personal responsibilty to look after Mari. Perhaps because Yaguchi was the last remaining "true" member of Morning Musume. With all the original members gone and most of the senior members with them, Mari was all that was left to stand as an example of what a Morning Musume member was. She was funny and smart, multi-talented, dedicated and deadly serious about her responsibilities to the others. She was helpful, but very strict when it came time to learn new dances and songs. If anyone had any doubts about what it meant to be a member of this group, all they had to do was watch Yaguchi-san in action. And Asami was going to do everything she could to protect her.

"Not by yourself your not!" Miki barked. She had had enough of people wandering off all the time. Asami turned and offered a slight smile before responding.

"Then come and help me." Miki shrugged and helped the chubby cheeked fifth gen. push the door open. Konkon seemed a bit surprised when she looked outside. It was still drizzling and still pitch black. "I wonder what time it is." she started. "How long did we sleep?" With that, Fujimoto became curious too. She, like the others probably, had hoped that by the time they woke up, a bright sunny day would be out here to greet them. Instead a dark, wet night remained firmly in place. Konno held the rags up and let the dripping rain soak them. Miki tore off some of her shirt and did likewise, while trying hard to look as bored and disintrested as possible.This was her poker face. Whenever she was tired or hungry, worried, depressed or scared, she would present this look. It kept people from asking those annoying: "Are you okay?" questions every five minutes. But more importantly, it never let anyone think that she might be weak or not in total control. Anyone that is except one special person, a person that she deperately wished was here with her now. Following Asami's example, she fliped the rags over, making sure they were well soaked through. She watched the gentle Konno with reserved amazment. This girl was a marvel; a warm, selfless, and caring human being, and Miki found it really hard not to like her. Fujimoto had, however, mixed feeling about being in Morning Musume. She had tried some time ago to join the group during one of their auditions for new members. Although she wasn't chosen to join, their manager/producer Tsunuku offered her a solo career in Hello Project, the stable of singers and groups that included Morning Musume. Seveal hit singles and a photobook later, she was fast becoming the pop idol she had always wanted to be. But just when her career was peaking, Tsunuku, for reasons which still remain a mystery, placed her in Morning Musume as part of the sixth generation. Her original goal in joining the group was to develop herself, then graduate and become a succeful solo performer. She had bypassed all that and was close to achieving her dreams when she had the rug pulled out from under her. Now it seemed she was stepping backwards, away from her ambition. Not only that, but she was stuck with all these "kids", now that almost all the older members had left. She was having a tough time coming to terms with the arrangement.
Convinced that the rags were good and wet, Asami interupted Miki's thoughts by motioning for her to open the door. Yanking it open, they returned to join the others inside.

Yoshizawa picked up the end from one of the hanging kimonos to inspect it closer. She marveled at its wonderous desgins and images. Beside her Takahashi and Reina were doing likewise.

"They're so beautiful." Hitomi commented. The other two nodded. Ai was reminded of the costume she wore for one the group's music videos. She stared at it feeling terribly guilty. When she first saw the mansion after chasing Risa through the woods, a sense of dread had came over her. A dread so overwhelming that it clouded her reason to the point where all she could do was just stand dumbly by. But she was becoming painfully aware of everything the others were doing to keep everybody safe, and it made her guilt more powerful than the sickining dread. She cleared her throat and spoke softly.

"I'm...I'm sorry." Both Yossi and Tananka looked up to give her puzzled glances. Takahashi kept her eyes on the piece of kimono in her hand and didn't face the other two as she continued. "I don't know what came over me...I. I should have been stronger. I should have helped more. I..." Her voice cracked a bit as she fought against the urge to weep. Hitomi let go of the kimono she held and walked slowly to the wimpering Ai. Putting her arm around the girl's shoulder, she spoke gently into her ear.

"Its ok. No one blames you for anything." she started, trying to reassure the fifth gen. member. "Especially for being scared in a place like this. Please don't worry about it."she finished. Yossi's voice was remarkably soothing and had an instantly calming effect. Takitty look up and smiled weakly. Somehow, in the arm of the older member, she felt safe and wanted. Reina, however, although inwardly touched by the scene, was still anxious to find her friend. She dropped the kimono she held and stepped back into the larger room they had entered since leaving the entrance hall. She paused to look at the debris scattered about the sunken floor before turning her eyes to the door at the end of a short hallway on the outside of the kimono room. She could hear Yossi deducing in the smaller chamber. "I'm sure she's been here. The dust on these has been brushed away." she remarked about the kimonos. Ai agreed and they joined Tanaka outside in front of the little hallway.
With the kimono room behind them, the three singers stood on the other side of its door staring down a long narrow hallway extending to into blackness in front of them. There was short passage just to their left, about ten feet or so, and ended with a sliding rice paper door. Yossi figured it would come to this sooner or later. They would have to decide which way to go to find Eri, and hoped they picked the right one. She was about to make her decision when they heard a high pitch scream call out from the darkness ahead.

"Eri!" Reina cried and took off in a run into the shadowy corridor.

"Reina! Wait!" Yossi called after her. But Tanaka kept running, her foosteps echoing down the hall as she dissapeared beyond their site. "Come on!" Hitomi ordered, running swiftly to catch up to the now nearly invisible Reina. Ai followed after them, hoping Eri was alright. A short sprint later and Yoshizawa and Takahashi were brought to swift halt by the sight up ahead. The sixth gen. member was standing as still as a statue, staring up at the ceiling ahead of her. Hitomi moved closer, and that was when she felt it. The cold, bitting chill that tore through her flesh. It numbed her muscles and every bone ached as if to shatter at any second. She knew what was happening. Despite the freezing feeling, she began to sweat, every hair on her neck prickled and she could feel the unbridled hysteria building inside her. Ai had reached her and was begining to feel the same wicked cold. She wanted to ask what was happening to her, but she lost control of her body. Her mind screamed for action, but no part of her would respond, and she dropped the small paper lantern on the floor. Like Yossi and Reina, she was petrified with fear. That was when they heard it. That voice. The same sorrowful, pitiful voice Makoto and Hitomi heard before. Their elected leader tried with all her strenght to close her eyes. She didn't want to see it again. She didn't want to witness it all over again.

"Why?" she heard. Her heart practically stopped. It was comming. Comming again. All she wanted to do was run, run as fast and as far away as she could. "Why did you do this?" the voice wailed. Reina's concern for Eri was suddenly overshadowed by the panic rising inside her. The unnatural chill had left her frozen in place, and now this dreadful voice had pierced her heart tearing away all light and hope from her soul. Her first thought was to run, but when she realized she couldn't move she wanted to just curl up and wait to die. She never felt more pitiful or weak in her whole life. "Why?" it asked. The fact that it was louder now did not escape them. They all knew it was getting closer. If the others only knew what they where about to see, Yossie thought miserably, but before she could finish that thought, the voice called again. "Why have you done this to me?" It was close now. Close enough in fact, that Hitomi thought she would have seen it by now. Kamei Eri's peircing high pitch scream echoed through the hallway. She had seen it, Yossi assumed. Her frightful screams strengthened the three girls. They had come here to find her and bring her back to safety, and right now she needed them. Fighting against the numbness in their limbs they struggled to regain control of their bodies. Moments passes as they slowly overcame the cold. Within seconds after, they rushed to down the hall to find a door set in the left wall. Eri's screams were becoming quieter and the woman's voice was becoming louder. "Why?" the voice asked. Yossi grabbed the door handle. Her hand stuck to it and she cried out in pain. It was freezing cold. She was about to let go. "Why have you done this to me?" But instead she endured the painful frostbite and began pulling with all her might. The door wouldn't budge. She kept tugging but nothing was happening. Ai and Reina exchanged glances then grabbed on to the handle too. After a brief yelp, they yanked along with Hitomi. They could hear something clawing and scratching. Panicked and worried they continued to pull at the door, all the while calling out to Eri to stay strong, they were coming to save her, and to be brave. Tears rained down their faces as they tried in vain to open the stubborn door. They pounded on it and cursed it. Soon their arms begain to ache, their strength was fading, their attempts less formidable, unitl they all collapsed against the door and wept. They kept crying to Kamei, but by now they're voices were weak. Reina pounded against the wooden obstical and shouted her friend's name. And then, as Yossi had hoped, a warm breeze swept through them. She looked around and could just make out a bright yellow glow peeking from under the door. She sighed with relief, much to the surprise of the other two, and stood up. On the other side, they heard screathing and hissing, clawing and flailing, before a terrible angry shreek, which quickly faided away. Somewhat rejuvinated, Yossi grabbed hold of the door's handle. As she had figured, it was no longer freezing, and she pulled the door aside. Ai and Reina scrambled to their feet in shock as they watched their senior open the the door. The hallway was immedeatly bathed in the calming yellow light. Hitomi looking at light and smiled. A familiar almost motherly feeling fell over her as she steped into the room. All too soon the light faded, leaving behind the chilly darkness.
They found Eri slumped against the wall. With her head down and skin so pale, they feared the worst. Tanaka burst in and fell kneeling next to her friend.

"Oh, Eri. Eri. What happend to you?" she asked, gushing with worry. She reached out to hug her friend close. Kamei's girl's head jerked up suddenly. Ai let out a yell and Hitomi stepped back. The young face of the sixth gen. member was replaced with a ghastly, stark white expression twisted in abject horror. Her eyes were lifeless black coals and her lips moved but no discernable sound came out. For long agonizing moments the three girls just stared, scared beyond reason. Then they heard what the girl had been trying to say:

"Why?" she croaked. "Why have you done this to me?" she asked. Her voice was cackled and broken like the sound of a rusty door opening. For a while, neither girl moved. Slowly, air returned to their lungs and they looked at each other, eyes wide with shock. Ai had had more than she could take and ran out the room, back into the hallway. Yossi quickly followed, but stopped just oustide the door, staring after her in to the pitch-black corridor. Daring a peek, Reina glanced down at the slumped body of her friend. Her face was no longer a horrifying visage of death, but the soft tender look of one so young. Hitomi returned to see that Tanaka was now cradling the girl in her arms. She was very glad to see that Eri's face was once more the adorable sweet one that everyone in the group was begining to like. It was then that she noticed a rectangular object lying near the fallen girl's hand.

"What's that?" she asked. Tanaka saw it now too, and since she was closest, picked it up.

"Some kind of book."she replied. Turning it over, the two of them could tell that was indeed a book. Bound in faded brown leather with delicate silken strands. She opened it. Brittle, yellowing pages where covered in delicate japanese writing characters. Maybe it was the lack of lighting, but neither girl was sure she could read what was written.
With Kamei between them, Reina and Yossi walked down the hallway and stopped at the door to the kimono room. The light from lantern Takahashi had dropped revealed footprints leading off to the sliding door in the passage off to the side.

"She went in there. I'm gonna go get her." Hitomi declared. But Tanaka was having no part of it.

"Like hell you are!" she put, angrily. "I don't think I can carry her by myself, and I know you shouldn't be wandering around alone."she finished. Yoshizawa looked at her, concern deeply etched in her face.

"I know all that. But she's out there alone. Someone needs to help her." she argued. But Reina shook her head.

"Help me get her back to the others and we'll get some of them to help us look for her." the girl reasoned. Yossi was not convinced. She couldn't stand the thought of someone facing that thing alone. Especially after what happened to Eri. There was a long pause while she decided what was best.
For a twist I thought I'd include some audience participation. Tell me what you think:
Should Yossi go after Ai and leave Reina to get Eri back alone?
Or should she help Tanaka and come back for Takahashi later with help, trusting she'll be ok by herself?
You make the call!
Sweet dreams, Jab.  Love you forever.

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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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Ok here's my next installment. It only gets worse and more often from this point. I just hope I made it scary enough. Please enjoy:
Hitomi Yoshizawa watched Reina struggling with the unconcious Eri. For a breif moment she pondered a course of action then decided to help the girl carry her friend back to the others. Once there, they would recruit some help to find Ai Takahashi who had gone running off deeper into the mansion. Tanaka put much of Kamei's weight onto Yossi, while she went to opened the door back to the kimono room.
Something pushed her back. She jumped away stunned and Eri was almost dumped on the floor. Confused, Hitomi looked over at the ruffled Reina.

"What it is?" she asked, trying to keep Kamei from falling. The sixth gen. paused and then stared dumbly at her senior.

"I...I don't know something...touched me." the girl stammered. Bravely, she held out her hand to reach for the door again. Very slowly she edged it closer and closer. A few inches away from the wooden handle, her hand was repelled back. She yanked her appendage quickly, more from fear than the power of the force that blocked her way. Yossi stood glancing about nervously, waiting for something to come screaming out of the shadows. When nothing did, she shuffled Kamei onto Reina and reached for the door herself. Just like Tanaka, however, she couldn't get close to open the door. Turning to the young girl, blinking, she spoke.

"This explains why she Ai-chan didn't go through here." Now she and Reina stared at the sliding door set in the short hallway now on their right. With a slight shrug, they hoisted Eri up and started towards it.

"Cla-chink." a sound echoed through the corridor. The two girls froze in place. "Cla-chink."It came again. A familiar noise, something deep within their memories. But it seemed distant and muffled. "Cla-chink."Their eyes darted frantically around them, scanning the hallway for anything and everything. But a wispy, fog covered the far end of the passage. Then, Reina gasped. She had seen it for only a split second but something appeared from the other side of the corridor, between them and the door to the room where they had found Kamei.

"What!" Yossi cried. "What is it!" she asked again searching in the direction the singer was looking. She saw nothing and started to move. But Tanaka held firm.

"I saw...something...there." she spoke, motioning down the corridor. Hitomi kept looking and kept seeing nothing. She was now getting very worried about Ai and pulled Eri along to move Reina with her.

"Cla-chink." This time the sound was very definiate, very clear. The girls peered anxiously into the darkness. Suddenly it was there. A figure, stood stiffly near the hallway end, and looked at them, then vanished. The singers blinked repetedly and kept looking. "Cla-chink". It appeared again. More visible now, they could see that it looked, very much, like a priest of the shinto temples. He was dressed in the traditional clothes. Those parts of his attaire that were black, were nearly invisible and the rest, including his skin, were a shinny pearl white. He carried a tall staff. At the tip were two hooks holding large rings. He stood there for time, not moving. Then slowly, he stepped forward. The two girls where stuck in place, more from surprise than fear. Unlike the wailing woman, this monk did not give off that horrible feeling of loss and dread. Instead as he neared, they could see a young man's face, etched with sadness and concern. He said nothing. Hitomi and reina watched as he stopped some distance from them then paused, and finally struck the metal bottom of his staff against the plank flooring. "Cla-chink!" the staff sounded, its rings shaking. Out of the corner of their eyes, the girls saw the door move. Wheeling around, they stared at it in shock. It warped and waved as though they were looking at it through water. The sound from the priest's staff sent ripples through the watery obstruction. It swished and whirled and even splashed as he continued to strike the stick against the floor. Uncertain what to make of the scene playing out before them, Yossi and Tanaka turned to watch the monk. They shrieked when they saw that he has no longer down the hallway, but right next to them. They just simply watched him...petrified. He pulled a small sliver of paper from inside his robe and placed it on the force covering the door. The singers' eyes followed his actions. Sticking to the door, the delicatly scrawled writing on the paper glowed. It grew brighter and brighter until the paper itself burst into flames. The "water" blocking the door swirled and hissed before ebbing away completely. They looked back at the monk and saw that once again she standing at the end of the hallway. The fog grew thicker as he grew dimmer, and then in an instant he was no longer there. The girls waited a moment then the weight of the unconcious Eri became prominent. Yossi reached for the door, and as she figured, was now able to pull it open. Shaking their heads, the two carried their co-member back to the others.

Ai Takashi was sitting down, seething and cursing. Panicked beyond reason, she had been blindly running in the dark. Running that is, until she smacked her shin against the corner of a low, rectangluar, box. She sat kicking at it with her good leg and calling it all sorts of dirogitary names. The box was in fact an old kotastu, its embers long burned into a sooty ash. She had no idea where in the manison she was now. It was almost impossible to see much in the scatterings of moonlight breaking through the tears in the rice paper walls. She knew she was in a large room and could just make out a stairway going up, the kotastu now, and an open doorway. Takahashi surmised the she must have ran in here through that. Ai tried to stand, but the sharp pain in her leg made it difficult.

"I wacked it pretty good." she mumbled to herself. In and effort to calm her fears, she often spoke aloud to herself (when no one else was around, of course). "I never do anything half-assed. Even self injury." Musing, between the wincing pains, she hobbled around the room. The guilt she felt before was crashing in on her ten-fold now. As her thinking cleared, with the panic gone, she became miserably aware of what she had done. "I can't belive I just left them like that." Takahashi began. "What the hell is wrong with me?!" She surprised herself at how loud she got with that last question and decieded against talking out loud anymore. Ai had never felt more ashamed in her life. She sat on the edge of the kotastu and cried. In her mind there was no forgiving her having abandoned the other members. She could see their accusing stares and disgusted frowns. It had even crossed her mind to just stay here. Find a hideaway where they'll never find her, and hope she's forgotten. It was then she thought of Eri. They had risked a lot to find the girl. Would the others take the same risks to find her, she wondered. That thought sunk deeply in her heart. Ai was determined to face the wrath of her fellow members. She did not want the others to suffer because they came looking for her. That was too shameful for her to think of any more. Standing up, she grimaced at the stinging pain in her shin. It was less severe than before, but still hurt quite a bit. She walked back through the open door way to another smaller room that resembled a kitchen. It was only about twenty feet square and had one small door to the left, the opening she had come through and a sliding, rice-paper door on the right. With an uncertain look, she tried remember which way she had come through. Since both the other doors where shut, it seemed she might not have come this way at all. A chilling breeze suddenly flowed through her. Shivering she looked around for a window to close or maybe crawl out of, but there was nothing. Nothing in this room would have caused or allowed a breeze. It grew steadily colder. It wasn't the same bitter cold she had felt when they had tried to rescue Eri, but it was still very unnerving. Fighting against the fear clouding over her, Ai thought to rush out of here and get back somehow. Before something appeared. But it was too late. Her heart had stopped. Then slowly, beat by beat it started again, very slowy, as she saw the shimmering white form of a young woman move about the kitchen in front of her. In short ragged breaths, Takahashi watched. She thought of trying to slip by her and make an escape, but somehow the singer was entranced by the vision's activities. The woman was stunningly beautiful. She had soft delicate features and a natural grace and appealing presence. She seemed to take no notice of the Morning Musume member, but instead moved about the room as if prepairing a meal. In fact, Ai now noticed she was prepairing a large tray with several cups. The woman took a large pot of Sake' off an unlit oven, and placed it delicately on the tray. Her motions were smooth and delicate, well practiced and she appeared as one of signifigant breeding. The woman looked around cautiously, then open the top of the sake' bottle. Pulling a tiny vial from her sleeve, she quickly glanced around the room before emptying its contents in the sake'. Then brushing her hair aside, and straiting her kimono, she slowly walked to the sliding door. Setting the tray on the floor, she knelt down, then slowly slid the door to one side. The fifth gen member, gasped. On the other side of the door in huge meeting room sat several men, dressed in robes from noble houses they sat in a square, facing each other and seemed to be speaking. She couldn't make out any dicernable words, but instead low growls and grunts issued out, as though the scene was dubbed by a pack of hungry wolves. The young woman picked up her tray and shuffled in. Setting the tray down again in front large man, she took a seat behind the men directly across from where Takahashi stood frozen. For sometime the men sat and grunted and drank. After a while it became clear the sake' was effecting them and they sloshed and laughed openly. Some took notice of the woman and pulled her into the center of the room. They pointed at her and shoved her around as though they were bartering over a horse or something. One of the drunken men grabbed her kimono and pulled it aside exposing her breast. She cried and tried to cover up, when he slapped her. Falling backwards she hit the floor hard and the drunk clambered on top of her. The other men moved in closer as if to get a better view. Suddenly, her attacker siezed up and fell to one side, apparently passed out. The remaining men laughed at him and moved in on the woman. But steadily, one by one they fell over, unconcious. Apparently satisfied she straightened her kimono, moved over to the large man, and pulled a small sword from his belt. With a wicked grin she began stabbing at him. Blood spray out over her and poored on to the floor. She moved to another man and began slicing the weapon into his sleeping body. With each splatter of blood her face twisted from the pretty young woman to a deranged psycotic. As she went from man to man, her swings became more and more fierce and frantic. Her hair became an unkempt wild tangle and her smile broadened sickeningly. Then Ai heard the laughter. A high insane laugh that sent ice through her blood and bones. She quickly covered her ears but the laughter came all the same. They woman continued to hack and chop at the bodies. Blood covered every wall and flooded the floor. In fact it began to seep into the kicthen now. As the woman's demented laughter echoed through the rooms, the life fluid covered the floor of the kitchen and pooled around Ai's feet. She cried out and climbed onto the stove. Glancing back at the woman, she tried to scream. The killer was now staring right at Takahashi, her head tipped down, her eyes looking up at her and an unnatural broad, tooth filled grin that frightened the girl more than her actions or the blood. The liquid continued to fill the room and quickly rose higher and higer. She tucked her feet under her, but it had already filled half the kitchen and was steadily rising. With nowhere to go, she sat horrified as the blood covered her feet, then legs and then waist. It felt cold against her skin and tingly, and oozy like syrup and not at all like blood. On the threashold of hysteria, she did the only thing she felt she could do. The only thing that made her feel better, made her feel alive. Soon however, she was drowning the thick chilly fluid.

Reina and Yossie made it back the others without incident, but where surprised to see everyone huddled worridly around Mari. When they took notice of the three girls, they helped them in and set Eri gently near the fire.

"What happened?" Sayumi asked, now feeling more guilty than ever before. Reina sat down next to Kamei and craddled her head in her lap. Hitomi moved over the cart and looked over Yaguchi with concern.

"I'm not sure." she answered. She debated about telling them of the appartions haunting this mansion.

"Well where the hell is Takitty?" questioned Miki. Yoshizawa sighed.

"She panicked and ran off. I was going to go after her." she added quickly. "But we needed to get Kamei-chan back here first." Fujimoto was beside herself with rage.

"Oh thats just friggin' great! We get one back another one dissapears. What the hell is up with you people?"

"SHUT UP!" Tanaka shouted by the fire. Everyone watched her gently stroke at her friend's hair, she was still crying. Miki stormed to a corner of the room and other stood with uncomfortable looks.

"We have to go find her...and quickly." Yossi spoke. She desperately wished that Yaguchi was awake and ready to lead them. Her guidance was sorely missed right now and the fourth gen. member wasn't sure how much longer she could keep up her courage. She had to keep a calm front with the others, she had to seem in control to keep everyone from panicking. It was becoming harder and harder with each of the spectral encounters. Gently touching at her leader's forehead, she turned to Asami. "How is she?" she asked softly. The gentle Konno shook her head.

"She had a fit a moment ago. Sat up and screamed. Then she fell back out again." She placed a cool, wet rag on Yaguchi's brow and continued. "It could be a fever." she finished meekly. But in truth she had no real idea of their senior's condition. All she could do was guess and hope for the best. Hitomi moved back to the kimono room door. Before gathering a new party, she felt it best to prepare them as best she could for what they might face.

"I need a couple of you to come with me to find Takitty." she began, uncertain. "I feel its only fair to warn that there's....something in this place." Yossi paused to guage a reaction from the others. They cast concerned glances at her, but did not seem overly surprised.

"What kind of something?" Michishigi asked, not at all certain that she really wanted to know. Yoshizawa shook her head.

"I'm not sure. Some kind of evil force is at work here. But there's something else too." She struggled to make sense. "There's a kind of benevolent force as well. It saved me and Mako-chan and I belived it kept Eri alive too." The others just stared blankly at her, not sure what to think. At any other time, they would have assumed it was a joke. But the eerie feeling of this place and the seriousness of their quietly appointed leader, lead them to believe everything she said. Hitomi looked at them expectantly. Sayumi wanted to join them, to help, and make up for Eri having gone off in search of her. But despite her intentions, she seemed unable to make a move. Her spirit was unwilling; overshadowed by the fear of this place. Yossi noticed her reservation, and passed her over to look at the others.

"Alright. Let's do this. I'm sick of everyone running off. " Miki growled and stood next to Yossi. "If any one takes off on me, I'm gonna run you down beat the crap outta ya. You got me." The fourth gen. smiled. Fujimoto's outburst seemed an obvious attempt to hide her fears, but she said nothing about it. Makoto ran up and joined the other two.

"I'm going!" she declared forcefully. Yossi realized she wasn't going to be leaving her behind this time. Looking around the room, she saw Reina was more concerned with Eri than anything else, and Konno was occupied with Mari. Which left ony Risa who seemed reluctant to leave. Not wanting to force her, the stand-in leader nodded and opened the door.

"No one...and I mean NO ONE, is to leave this room for any reason." she began sternly. "No matter what you hear or how long we're gone...DO NOT leave here." she finished and the remaining members nodded.

"Good luck. Be careful." Konno added. Yossi waved and her party slipped into the other room, closing the door tightly as they left.
Sayumi watched Reina for a while, then slowly approached her, she was very aprehensive. Leaning over her to inspect Eri she softly spoke.

"How is she?" Reina ignored her and her question. She wanted to yell at her, to slap her. It was Michishigi's fault that her friend was like this and she wanted to physically remind her of that fact. Sayumi lowered her head to cry and saw the book the other three had found along with Eri. "What's that?" she asked. But again Tanaka gave her no reply. She picked it up carefully and moved away to another part of the room. Opening it delicately, she could see the ornate caligraphy, but could not make much sense of the writing. Risa watched her, fascinated. "They must have found it while looking for her." Michshigi spoke, giving a sad glance at Reina and Eri. She walked it over to Asami. "Here. What'a ya think?" Konno seemed glad to to have anything take her mind off Mari for a moment and took the old book from the sixth gen. member. She glanced through the brittle pages one by one. Like the others who had seen it, she had some difficulty reading it. Looking up she watched Sayumi sit alone by the kimono room door and cry to herself. Risa joined Asami and peered over her shoulder at the book.

"These characters are very old." Konno stated, trying to break the uneasy silence in the entrance hall. "A lot of these, I don't recognize." She flipped through the volume carefully.

"Can you make any sense of it." Niigaki asked eagerly. She was very anxious to learn about it. She thought it might tell something about the mansion. After several moments and page turning. Asami spoke.

"Its a ledger I think or a contract. It looks like a statement of transaction between two houses, I think. I can't read those characters, but they look like proper names. Looks like it involves horses, gold, livestock.....and a girl." she finished hesitantly. Runing her finger over the written symbols she shook her head. "It says: Hinata. A girls name." She looked up at the others. "That's really odd, no family name just Hinata." With that name all the lights in the room went out, and the girls screamed with surprise.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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I wish I had a sense of humor, because I thought of doing a comedy where the MM girls all play crazy tenents in this all girls boarding house. Each girl would be an off the wall character like: Mako is a mad scientist whose always setting her room on fire, and Miki keeps trying to sneak different men into her room (but always gets caught) and Reina is in a biker gang and Taki is a cosplay model and is always wearing some outragous goofy costume. Anyways just an idea, but I can't think of any plots so it'll probly go nowheres.

Ok so I'm trying to keep a pace here and each night add a new part of my story (of course night here is 8:00 pmEST). So those in and around that time zone can read them in the dark....ok its corny but everyone's gotta have a hook. Anyways....her ya go....please enjoy!

Hitomi, with Miki and Makoto stepped once again into the large chamber with the kimono room. She tried to rush through here as quickly as possible. This place was wearing thin on her nerves and she was fed up with running around this god-awful mansion. Miki as usual was had taken no intrest in things and simply followed Yossizawa's lead. Ogawa followed as well, but kept less than a foot away from her friend. They reached the door leading to the long hallway and were about to go through when Yossi paused. She leaned in and listened at the door. The others watched her curiously.

"What is it? What do ya here?" Mako-chan asked her in a low wisper. Fujimoto leaned in on a section of the door as as well. Hitomi said nothing for a time then she heard it again. It was a very soft murmur, barely audible. The other two heard it now too.

"What is that?" Mikity wanted to know. But she doubted any one else knew what is was either. It was too faint, too far away to make any guesses as o what it might be, so Yossi steped back. Makoto and Miki did likewise and their leader opend the door and walked into the hallway beyond. Once on the other side of the door, they looked around the dark, drafty corridor. Miki had not seen any part of the mansion as yet, and now wished she had kept it that way. Her bored, detached expression gave-way to a sort of nervous frown. Fortunately, for her reputation, the other two had not noticed the change. The sound was louder now and steady. But still low and distant. Hitomi shook her head and focused on finding Takahashi.

"Come on. I'm sure she went this way." she pointed and guided them to a door set in a short hallway on their left. Upon reaching the door, the sound was much louder. Low and high tones were dicernable and there seemed something vaugely familiar about it. After a brief moment of hesitation, Hitomi opened the door. It was difficult because the door was heavy oak and it took a little assistance from Miki to get it all the way open. Making their way pass the door, they found themselves in what appeared to be a kitchen. A burned out stove, along with all the untensils, and dishware and such seemed to have confirmed it. Their mysterious sound was much louder now.

"That's...a song?" Miki noted. It became clearer to the other two as well and they both nodded while glancing expectanly about the room. It was small in here, with an open doorway to the right and a closed sliding rice-paper door opposite them. Makoto moved to the center of the kitchen and listened.

"Hey, your right." she spoke, tilting her head and positioning her ear as if to get better reception. Yossi and Miki just stared at her, not sure what to make of her actions. She raised her hand to stop them as the moved to look in the open doorway. "I...I know that song." she stated and began to hum. Her humming matched the murmur they had been hearing and they soon realized she was being truthful. "Thats...the biscut song...from the Mini-moni movie." Makoto declared loudly. Her fellow members pricked their ears then nodded uncertainly.

"Ai-chan!" Hitomi shouted. She had made her way to the open doorway, when Miki had decided to take a peek through the sliding door and screamed. Yossi rushed next to her and threw the door open all the way. Her hand went over her mouth as she gasped. Ogawa came up behind them and shouted.

"Oh my god! Ai-chan!" She grabbed onto Yossi's arm tightly as they viewed the shocking scene laid out before them. In the meeting room, hung from the wall opposite them was Takahashi. Some six feet off the ground she was positioned as in a crusifiction and she continued to sing the same song over and over; her eyes glazed over and wide with horror. Miki rushed in while Makoto and her friend glanced about expectantly, before following her inside the chamber. Hitomi recognized this as the audience hall where she and Mako-chan had found Risa. Fujimoto made a grab for Ai and tried to pull her down. But as hard as she tried, their fellow member remained in place. Yoshizawa and Ogawa joined in her efforts but after several attempts it seemed impossible to remove her from the wall.

"What'll we do?" the fifth gen. cried, panic rising in her voice.Takitty continued to sing. "We have to get her down we have to something!" she finished, her face a mask of despair. The three hunted around the room looking for something that might help them get her down. Takahashi was still singing. They found nothing to aid them and returned the hanging girl and tried with all their strength to bring her down.

"Damn it!" Miki pounded into the wall behind Ai. "Damn it! Damn it!" She yelled, the anger swelling up inside her. She felt so helpless. She looked up at the singer and cried.

"Ai-chan. Ai-chan! Can you hear me?" Yossi called to her. She was trying a different approach. She felt if they could make her aware of them, it might help somehow. "Ai-chan it's me, Yossi." tears started down the reluctant leader's face.

"I'm here too, Takitty. Mako-chan. We came to find you." Makoto joined in. "Come back to us. We're here to bring you back." she called out. Ai took no notice of their presense and kept singing.

"We came to get you! Stop being stupid and get down from there!" Miki ordered. She tried to muster an angry voice, but she was more concerned than mad and her words came out sort of weak. In desperation Hitomi walked to the center of the room and called out in the darkness.

"Help us. Please. Help us save her." her voice echoed through the hall. The other two just watched her confused. Ogawa figured she may be trying to summon the glowing sprit they encountered before and she glanced about the chamber hopefully. There was along pause and except for Ai's singing, nothing seemed to respond to Yossi's pleas. She was about to cry out again, when she heard it.

"Cla-chink" a familiar noise sounded. Hitomi sighed in relief. She waited expectantly. "Cla-chink". Makoto and Miki were not sure what was happening .

"Yossi. What is that?" Mako-chan asked nervously. Her friend didn't respond right away, but instead moved next to Takahashi and waited.

"Cla-chink" came the noise again. This time louder. The room went cool and the girls hugged themselves shivering. Makoto brushed closely to Hitomi.

"What the hell is going on?" Fujimoto roared, more out of fear then anger. Makoto let out a yell and the other two glanced in the direction she was pointing. On the far side of the meeting room, near the partitions the shimmering form of the monk appeared. Miki took a step back. "What is that?" she asked. Yossi moved closer to the priest, although still fearful, she believed he could help them.

"Please. Help our friend. You have to help us get her down." she begged. The young man stared at her; his shining eyes betraying his concern. He slowly shook his head.

"It would make no difference now." he started. His voice was mellow and soft and full of sadness. The others glared at him, lost for words. "Your time is almost up." he added cryptically. The three singers looked at each other then back at him.

" you mean?" Makoto dared to ask. The monk remained motionless, but continued to speak.

"She knows you are here. She is gathering her strength. If you cannot find a way to escape before that..." he left the rest unsaid. Hitomi moved a bit closer.

"I don't understand. What are trying to say?" she asked. The monk made no reply. Yossi turned the focus back to Ai. "Please. Just help us get her down." she pleaded. He nodded and floated gently closer to the hanging girl. Miki moved away from him quickly as did Makoto. They were not sure what was happening, but they trusted in the fourth gen. leader and remained quiet. He struck the staff several times against the floor causing the rings attached to make their familiar noise. The priest began to chant. Fujimoto shook her head in bewilderment and Ogawa just shook in place. Shortly, they could see that Takahashi was slowly begining to lower, as if gravity was working for her again. The three rushed to Ai and held out their arms to guide her down gently. As the monk recited, so did Takitty drop down. Until at last he stoped and she reached the floor and fell into their awaiting arms.

"Thank you." Hitomi spoke, but was shocked to find the monk was no longer visible. "Thank you." she added again. His soft voice responded.

"In the guest chamber, among the kimono's...look for the white book." he said as his voice trailed off to silence. Silence, except that Ai was continuing to sing the same song over and over, and her eyes were still wide open as if she was still seeing something terrible beyond comprehension. Picking her up gently, the three walked the girl back through the kitchen and out into the hallway. As they walked, Miki turned over the events in her mind. It all seemed so unreal to her. She couldn't understand what was happeing, and that was making her more upset than anything else. She wanted know who the monk was, and why Takahashi was hanging from the wall, and why they ended up in this place for so long and no one has come looking for them. It was all too much for her contemplate quietly. On their was to the Kimono room, she had to say something.

"Are you gonna tell us what that was all about?" she asked enraged. Yossi shook her head and moved on.

"I'm not sure myself. He helped us once." she mentioned. "I was just hoping he would help again." Fujimoto wasn't the least bit satisified with that answer.

"You mean to tell me you weren't even sure he would do anything?" she fumed and Hitomi nodded. "And what was all that "she knows your here" crap. What's up with that?" But Yossi had no answers for her. She just shrugged and kept walking. Fortunately Takahashi wasn't very heavy and her singing was much quieter. Once past the kimono room door and back into that large chamber, Makoto stopped, causing the other two to halt as well since the three of them were carrying Ai together. Annoyed, Miki yelled at her.

"!" she asked, seething with hostility. But Ogawa was unphased by her manner and let go of Takitty and moved towards the small room filled with kimonos. Yossi, hoisting more of Ai-chan's weight now, called after her.

"Mako-chan?" Her friend paused just before the little area and faced her.

"The book." she started. "The white book he mentioned. Did he mean it was in here." Hitomi had been in the tiny chamber before, admiring the kimonos, but admitted to herself that she hadn't really searched it. It seemed a logical place to look, but at the moment she was more concerned with getting Ai back to the entrance hall. Makoto by now was already in the room rummuging through it.

"Come on, Mako-chan! We'll come back and look after we get Ai-chan settled." Yossi stated, trying to recall her friend to her side. But the sounds of searching continued.

"Just give me a sec." she called out and kept looking. Hitomi glanced at a very disgruntled Miki and shrugged, then made her way to the door leading back to the others. She opened it, figuring on keeping it open as she and Miki would take their fellow member inside. She hoped to rejoin her friend and help her search. Opening the door, she and Fujimoto stepped inside the entrance hall.

"Hey I found it!" Mako-chan shouted and rushed to rejoin the other two. Yossi looked back to see something gray and ragged fly in front of her friend. Before she could scream, the door slammed shut between them.

Reina would have hardly known the lights had gone out, if the others hadn't screamed. Risa and Sayumi remained were they were, two fightened to move. Fumbling in the pitch blackness, Konkon reached her Mari's hand and held it tightly for courage. Without the fire going, it was getting cold in the room. Maybe too cold, Konno thought. The temperature dropped steadily and every moment it was getting colder and colder. None of them could see anything it was so dark. Neither of them dared to move, but as it became close to freezing in there, they would rather not move and remained where they were, shivering.

"Kon-chan. What's happening?" Risa asked, more hoping to be sure she was still there, then wanting an answer.

"I...don't know." Asami replied. It was so cold by now that she was stuttering. She could feel the bitter chill rip right through her. It felt as if her blood was freezing in her veins. Her muscels ached and she fell to the floor. Her body was begining to numb. She could no longer feel her legs and arms as she truggled to remain concious. "Sayu...Ris...Rei..." she called weakly. Her voice was gone and she doubt they could hear her. It was more and more difficult now for her to remain awake. The thought of giving up and surrendering to sleep became more and more appealing. A feeling of hopelessness fell over her. She wanted to give up, to die right there. Despair had filled her heart and she felt she didn't want to go on living anymore. Her stomach knotted up and it was harder to breath. Her lungs felt as though they were filled with ice cubes. She swirled in and out of conciousness, trying not give in to these feelings. "Is this it?" she asked herself. "Am I going to die..." her thoughts trailed off. Then something pricked at her hand. It was becoming more and more annoying and then she felt a warm sensation flowing into it. She tried to blink her eyes open, but it was all too hard for her. The warmth flowed into her arm now and she felt a twinge of strength return to her. With all her might she managed to at last open her eyes. But the horror she was now witnessing had made her wish she had kept them closed. Hovering over them, glowing grey in the darkness, was an apparition so hideous, that Konno feared for her sanity. It was shaped something like a woman, wrapped in a shredded kimono. Its arms reached out menacingly and hanging from its wrists were torn knotted ropes. Its head was looking down on them as if choosing a victim. When it turned to glare at Asami, she nearly fainted. It had no eyes, just empty charred sockets and its mouth was stuck open as if to scream. It glided towards her. Slowly, purpousfully, it came closer and closer. Konno tried desperately to flee, but her legs were still frozen. All she could feel of her body was her harsh, rapid and ragged breathing and her hand. She squeezed onto Mari's hand tightly and lowered her head, shut her eyes and prayed. Everything that had happened to her since she joined the group: the highs and lows, the work and fun, the friends and the not so friendly, all came back to her in a rush. She wanted to go out being thankful for it all. She heard a horrific screech. It was so loud and shrill and close that it hurt. The warmth in her arm increased and now started to flow into the rest of her body. It drove away the stinging chill and washed away the hopless feelings. She thought of opening her eyes again, but even closed shec ould picture the terrible thing all too vividly in her mind. The screeching continued and this time the sound of flailing limbs was added. A moment later something beyond freezing pierced through her flesh and grabbed at her heart. Konno Asami was certain, in that instant, that she had died.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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Sorry I'm a little if you didn't have enough to read...please enjoy...


Asami found herself standing at one end of a long oval shaped corridor. Multi-colored clouds moved slowly along the transparent walls. Beyond them a beautiful starry night. Across from her, very far away at the other end was a dim light. She was pulled towards it and slowy step by step she made her way forward. As she walked down the seemingly endless passageway, small spheres of colored lights whized by her then disappeared. She continued to walk, for what seemed to her like forever, not knowing why or where she was going. Suddenly up ahead, a figure stood. Bathed in shadow from the light behind it, Konno couldn't tell who it was. Compelled to move on by some unknown force, she neared the figure. Once a bit closer, she saw something familar about it. The shape suggested a woman, but she was rather short. Golden light reflected from her hair and Konkon gasped.

"Mari! Your ok!" she cried and ran to her leader. The figure very much resembled Yaguchi Mari and even wore the same clothes, but not the bandages the Asami had placed to careingly on her head. The short singer seemed wispy and faint as if not entirely there. She looked at the young fifth gen. member and smiled warmly. Konkon finally reached her and held out her arms to hug her senior. Disapointingly, her arms went through Mari, as if she missed. Confused, Konno looked around then back at the leader. "Oh Yaguchi-san. What's going on? Where are we? Are you alright?" The young girl's genuine concern brought a gentle smile to Mari.

"Konkon..." she started, her voice soft but it echoed. "You have to get back to the others, you cannot leave them." Yaguchi pointed behind the girl. Konno looked back in that direction then returned to Mari. "She's comming for all of you. I've seen her, here, between worlds. You have to find a way to stop her." Asami didn't understand. She shook her head and tried to ask questions, but Yaguchi cut her off. "In life she knew no love or compassion, now she is the embodiment of hate and loathing. Find a way to stop her. If you can't..." she paused looking around at the tunnel and beyond then back to Konno. "We will never leave this place."Asami stood listening, hoping at some point it would make some sense. She wasn't sure what to say, so she dumbly nodded. At that moment all the clouds on the walls turned black and the night sky was red like blood. Then a hidious scream echoed behind Mari. In an instant, it was there. The horrible ghastly woman. It screamed again and flew towards the startled Konno. Something about it seemed more real now and less like a ghost or spirit. Yaguchi jumped between them and shouted.

"No! You can't have her! I wont let you!" she declared bravely. The ghostly hag screetched and clawed at Mari, tearing at her clothes and flesh. Instead of blood, tiny specks of white light sprayed out from her wounds. Asami ran to her leader to help, but was stopped by Yaguchi's words.

"No!" she told her. "Run, Konkon! Run. Get back and help the others. RUN!" Reluctanly, with tear filled eyes, Konno turned and took off, back to the end of corridor where she started. She tried to cover her ears, tried not listen to the terrible howling and clawing and Mari's cries of pain. Her vision was blured by all the tears and her face was streaked with them. Using her arm to wipe them away, she kept running. Uncertain as to what was happening or about their leader's mysterious message, she felt it best to just do as Mari wanted and keep running. The sounds of fighting between Yaguchi and that thing, had not diminished, no matter how far she ran. Up ahead, however, a yellow glow, small at first, became larger and brighter as she ran towards it. Her body started to feel heavy, and she became aware of her breathing. It was slow and weak, but gradualy became stronger. A warm, friendly feeling washed over her, but she still felt an icy pain in her chest. Everything around her became more and more faint, except the light, which was so bright by now she was forced to close her eyes. She let out a gasp for air and opened her eyes again to get her bearings. Instead of the corridor, she was back in the entrance hall. Asaimi found herself laying on the floor, clutching her chest. A bright yellow light had filled the room and just above her she could see that awful creature angrily attacking the air. It screeched and wailed and finally gave up , flying away through the wall between the entrance hall and the kimono room. The lighted faded softly away and its warmth was replaced with a biter chill.
A moment later, the door to the kimono room opened and Konno was suprised and relieved to see Miki and Yossi come through carrying Takahashi. The second they entered the room, however, she heard Ogawa's voice and then the door slammed shut behind them. Hitomi quickly set Ai down and then pulled at the door. When it wouldn't open, she began pounding on it and crying out to Mako-chan.

"What the hell happened in here? Where are all the lights?" Miki asked setting her share of Takahashi gently on the floor. No one answered her and she rejoined Yossi by the door. The fifth gen. was frantic and tearful.

"We have to go after her. I have to help her." she cried. Miki pulled at the door and was shocked to find it opened as easily as before. Hitomi looked at her, bewildered, then ran into the Kimono room. Fujimoto was right behind her. But she stopped when she saw something on the floor. Picking it up, she could see it was a dusty old book, with a tattered white cover.

"The white book." she said. She was going to show it Yossi, but the senior was already opening the door to the long hallway. "Yossi wait!" Miki called after her. But Hitomi ignored her and entered the hall shouting Makoto's name. Shaking her head Fujimoto returned to the entrance hall. With the exception of Konno, everyone was now huddled next to the fire, which Reina had coaxed out of the embers with a stick. Takahashi, who Risa and Sayumi had moved, was laying next to the low flames. Asami was standing next to Mari as usual, checking her forehead. As she had feared, fresh wounds had appeared on Yaguchi's arms and shoulder, which a crying Konkon quickly bandaged. Miki tossed the book near the fire, which startled everyone into paying attention to her. With a stern commanding look she spoke to them. "Yossi's gone off to find Makoto. I'm going after her." she stated, looking at the others. "Risa, Sayumi, your with me." Niigaki and Michishigi looked at each other confused. Although hesitant to join fujimoto's mission, the ex-soloist's seriousness had convinced the two girls that it was better to follow along than voice any objections. They stood up and followed Miki into the kimono room. While walking Miki asked them again about what had happened to them.

Konno was still trying to sort out what had transpired in the tunnel with Mari. At first it was easy to dismiss it as a dream. But when she saw the wounds on her leader, she felt part of it must be real, somehow. None of it made any sense, however she was convinced the "she" that Yaguchi had mentioned was that awful specter. "Find a way to stop her." Mari had said. But how, Asami asked herself. How do you stop a thing like that. She had seen it fly and pass through walls and was certain no trap or cage would capture or hold her.

"So how do I stop it?" she asked quietly. A headache was starting to develope, so she decided to think on something else. Glancing around the room, she spotted the three girls resting quietly by the fire. Slowly Konkon made her way to Reina. Placing her hand gently on the girl's shoulder she asked. "How is Eri?" Tanka looked up with a meager smile and shook her head. Asami knew the answer, of course, but wanted to show her concern and support. Like the others, Reina found it easy to like Konno. She was a genuinely sweet and caring person, someone you could trust and always count on. Tanaka was looking forward to getting better aquainted now that she too was a member of Morning Musume. Asami turned her attention to Ai. She just lay there, eyes wide open in shock and mumbling the biscut song over and over. It was a very disquieting sight. Kneeling over her she checked her injury, but found none. Whatever happened to her had only effected her mind. Konno dusted off a streach of cloth and draped it over the girl. She really didn't know what else to do for her. The thought of closing her eyes had come up, but she was afraid to touch Takahashi in fear it may set her off. So she left her alone, and prayed that she would come back to them soon. Konno had always looked up to Ai since they joined as the fifth generation. It seemed there was nothing the girl could not do well. Takitty could sing and dance and act and do everything better than her, she thought sadly. When comaparing herself to Takahashi, Asami often wonderded how she got picked in the first place. She felt bad that she never really told the girl how much she admired her, but wondered if that was actually for the best. For being so talented, Ai was remarkably humble. If Konno had thrown praises her way, would she have gotten a swelled head, she wondered. She had decided she would keep her feeling about her fellow fifth gen. to herself for now.
Standing up, Asami noticed the white book lying on the floor and immedeately picked it up. She flipped through some of the worn, yellow pages. The writing style and delicately drawn characters revealed to her that a woman may have written this book. The layout suggested a diary, but there where no dates or even a name. Walking back to Yaguchi, she began to read it in earnest.

Yossi scanned the darkness ahead, looking for anything that might lead her to her friend. With nothing to guide her, she decided to check the room where they had found Ai hanging from the wall. All the fear that had been building insider her was now replaced with concern and a determination to find Mako-chan. She didn't care who or what tryed to stop her. She didn't care about this house anymore or anything in it. All she cared about was geting to her friend before anything happened to her. The thought of finding Ogawa like Ai or Eri was just to awful for Hitomi. And she tried hard to push those images out of her mind. Shortly, she was standing just past the kitchen, looking into the meeting room. She called out to Mako-chan several times, but recieved no reply. Stepping in she began to examing the wall to which Ai was hung. Except for the lack of dust, nothing was there. Desperate, Hitomi moved back the kitchen and through the open doorway. She found herself in a large chamber with a low kotatsu and stairs going up to the right. Calling out again to her friend, she still got no response. Not certain if it was right course of action, Yossi none-the-less, made her way up the stairs.
Now on the second floor, she peered about anxiously for any sign of Ogawa. A short hallway streached out before her with door on both sides of her and heavy, ornate door at the end. Perhaps because she was unfamilliar with this area, she was reluctant to shout out for Makoto. Instead she moved quietly to a simple wooden door on the right. She tugged at it, but would not open. On the other side the sound of wood striking wood, told her that this door was barred from the other side. Moving on to the tall wooden door on the left side of the hallway, she pulled it open after a brief struggle. The sound of rain and a strong breeze made it clear this room was open to the outside. Quickly stepping in, Yossi surveyed the chamber. It looked pretty much like a bedroom. Two moldy tatami's littered the floor along with a broken kotatsu. A beautiful, if dusty dresser was set against the right wall and a tattered curtain waved in the wind revealing a balcony on the other side across from the door. Yossi had hoped that by now it would be closer to morning, but as she approached the balcony, she could clearly tell it was still a black, cloudy night. Stepping up to the ricketly wood railing, she looked out over the grounds. Having seen none of it before, Hitomi assumed it must be in back of the mansion. What was once probably a beautiful rock garden, was now an ominous collection of jagged stones and eerie shadows. Dead, scruffy plants overgrew whole section of the yard. Tiny stone lanterns, glowing orange from the fires lit inside them, dotted the grounds. A rough stone path streatch from the mansion, to a stout iron gate set in a tall stone wall some distance away. Hitomi gasped. Appearing suddenly on the pathway walking away from the mansion, was what looked like Makoto. The tell-tail streak of white reflected brightly in the moonlight against the rest of her dark hair. Hitomi leaned against the frail railing, reached out her arm and cried to her friend.

"Mako-chan! MAKO-CHAN! It's me Yossi. Come back!" Ogawa stopped, turned her head to look at Yossi. An unaturaly broad smile crossed her face. Hitomi, unnerved by the smile, didn't notice the cracks forming in the railing. Makoto turned away slowly and started walking again towards the gate. The fourth gen, was about to call out to her again when...

"Crack!" the rail snaped. It broke away from the balcony sending Yossi careening over the side.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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Here's the next little bit please enjoy...

With some difficulty, Konno Assami was able to read most of white book. As she had figured, it was indeed a diary and related the feelings and thoughts of very depressed young woman. Certain passages were nothing but the day to day routine of a house servant. It was a regular account of chores along with and the coming and goings of the guests and occupants of the mansion and a daily dose physical, mental and sexual abuse. At one one point it went on for several pages about a handsome young priest who had come to open a shrine near the house. It seemed he was very kind and was the only person who treated her with any compassion or warmth. She had really enjoyed serving him and wished he would stay forever. Later on in the book the writer had mentioned having overheard a conversation stating that the lady of the manor was in fact her mother. It was assumed she was the love child of a secret affair. Up until she heard this, the writer had been raised in the house as an orphan. She had taken her brutal treatment quietly, only because she felt grateful to have a place to live and work. But after hearing of her true past she was outraged to find she had been so awfully used. She had kept a very close watch on her mother after that, and was determined to discover who her father was. Later she wrote about an incident at the shrine. She had snuck her way there to see the young monk and bring him a lunch she had lovingly prepaired. When she had arrived she noted that much of the temple was incomplete. Finally she located the priest near the inner shrine. He was arguing with the master of the mansion. The monk was telling him that the lands here were unclean. They were unfit for a holy temple. Evil spirits would cling to this place, he told him, and he could not bless the shrine or even condone the building of it. The master was furious. He was building the temple in honor to the Daimyo, who was a devout shinto, and would not have embarassing rumors going around that his lands were spiritually "dirty". The priest refused and the mannor lord stormed off. The next day, she writes, that while she was cleaning the balcony, she watched as the body of monk was being carried away. It was said he died in a construction accident, but after witnessing what had transpired the day before, she didn't belive it at all. Her later entries became sadder and evenutally more erratic. The entire writing style had changed and it was filled with harsh words against everyone in the mansion, especially her mother and the master. In the last few pages she had made refrence to something she was planning to do, a course of action that she was going to take. But the book was blank after that, and left no indication of what it was.
Konno closed the book and clutched it to her heart. With her head down she said a quite pray for the spirit of the author. In all her life she never felt someone's pain or anguish more deeply or had more pity for anyone. When she raised her head and opened her eyes she saw standing in front of her, the shimmering form of a young shinto priest, complete with the trademark staff and robes. She let out a weak yelp and stepped back. Glancing over at Reina and the others, she was surprised to see that Tanaka was completely unaware of the monk's presence and continued to watch over Eri. Konno turned to face the young man. He had a sad, smile and she felt a aura of regret and sadness.

"I heard your prayer." he spoke softly. "And I could feel the sympathy in your heart." Dispite his ghostly visage, Asami no longer felt scared as she listened to his soothing voice. "You can feel her pain, can you not?" he asked at last. She nodded in agreement. "It's too late now to escape." he continued. "To save must now save her." Konno just stared at him confused.

"But how?" she questioned. The spirit floated closer and reach out his hand to touch her forhead. She pulled away, but he smiled and she allowed the contact. At first it felt as though an icicle had been thrust into her skull and winced against the pain. It passed just as quickly as it started and then images flashed into her mind. Suddenly she was walking into the entrance hall, but she didn't feel like it was her at all, as if she was looking through someone else's eyes. Everything looked kind of hazy and abstract. Although it looked like the room she was in now, it was newer and clean, with long hanging tapistries bearing the family crest (she assumed but did not actually recognize). In a flash she was now sitting a meeting room with several men. She watched as a young woman brought in some food and drinks. She was very attractive, but kept her head down, as was the custom. The woman went to leave, but dared a glance in Asami's direction. Konkon's heart skipped a beat. The servant was beautiful. In the instant she had looked into the woman's eyes, Konno wanted to know everything about her, her name, her joys, her sorrows, everything. She wanted ask her to stay, but knew it was improper. In fact a large man in a fine clothes chastised the woman, who quickly lowered her head and left. Asami felt truely sad to see her leave. In the next second, she was standing in a room watching the pretty young servant fold away a tatami. Konno would have given anything to be able to say something to her, to think of something clever to speak of, but nothing came to mind. It wasn't until the woman finished that she finally had the courage to thank her for cleaning her room. The woman turned and offered the sweetest smile Asami had ever seen. The servant replyed that it was her honor to serve and bowed low. When she rose she gave him a innocent smile and quickly left. Konno watched her leave and desperately wanted to spend more time with her and couldn't wait to see her again. Images of the girl in different places flashed through the singer's eyes. It seemed like weeks were going by in a matter of seconds. She had learned that the woman's name was Hinata and that even though she was always friendly and smiling around her, that something sad and painful was pulling at the the young servant's heart. The more Konno saw of Hinata the more enfatuated with her she had become. She wanted to be with her, to talk with her, to hold her close, to.... A second later, she found her self standing at the construction site of a temple. Looking over the half-built shrine, something seemed wrong. She could sense an evil aura, and knew this was not a good site for the holy building. The large man from the meeting room approached her. They talked, but she couldn't hear what was being said. Soon the man was yelling at her. Although he was much bigger then her and frighting, she remained resolute and determined not to be intimidated. He continued to holler at her until at last, thankfully he left. Much to her happiness, the pretty servant arrived with a lovely lunch for her. The woman watched Konno eat, and smiled. For a while it seemed as though the two were having a wonderful conversation, but Asami couldn't hear any words being said from either the servant or herself. All too soon, the woman was called away and Konkon sadly watched her leave. A second later it was near nightfall. Konno was looking at the partial shrine, when she turned to see the large man coming up to her. The first thing she noticed about him where the two swords he carried. He starting yelling at her all over again, but she stayed calm and firm. The man grew more and more angry until at last he drew the larger sword and came at her. She raised a wooden staff in front of her but the blade cut right through it and into her chest. Asami felt the screams coming from her throat and a horrible pain rip through her body. She never felt anything as brutal as this and she collapsed to the ground. Looking up she could see dark clouds forming and it slowly started to rain. The large man stood over her, he didn't seemed pleased with his handywork. Konno felt every breath escape her lungs. One by one, second by second they came, each one slower and farther from the last one until she felt all the weight lift from her body. In a flash she was in the air, looking down at the bloody body of the young monk. She watched as the large man walked to a huge wooden pillar and carefully slice through part of the ropes that held it up. He then tore at them with big hands until they snaped and sent the colomn crashing onto the priest's corpse. Unable to witness any more of the tragedy, Asami close her eyes and cried.
When she opend them again, she found herself kneeling in front of the Monk. Her tears flowed deeply and shook her head.

"I'm so sorry..." she spoke gently. He nodded at her and gave a sad smile. She stood up looking sympathetically at him. "You loved her didn't you?" she added. Again the shinto nodded.

"Our time was not right in this world." he told her. "And unless you help her, it will never be right...even in the next." the priest continued. Konno shook her head. She really didn't understand what he meant.

"How? How can I help her?" the singer asked. The monk smiled again and took a step back.

"I couldn't tell her then..." he started. "And now she is too consumed with hatred that my feeling are not enough to reach her." Konkon could sense the loneliness and despair within him and she wanted to help. Recent event played back in her mind and she put them together to form a lose theory as to what was happening here.

"What can I do?" she questioned, determined to find a solution. The monk floated away a few paces before speaking again.

"When the time is must cross from this world." he paused and Asami looked confused. "Then you can call to me. I will come. Hopefully together....we are enough to reach her." he finished. This of course made no more sense than anything else he said and she was about to ask more questions, but he slowly faded away and vanished.

On the wet and slippery rooftop, Hitomi held on for dear life. She was hanging on a broken bit shingle, desperately trying to find a painless way off the roof. The rain wasn't helping and she was slowly losing her grip. Looking down past her feet she saw that the roof angled steeply before reaching a lip at the edge, which swerved upwards. She thought that if she could grab onto that lip, she might be able to lower herself down more safely. The shingle broke away in the next moment and she was forced to try out her plan. She slid down hard; her backside tearing up the shingles underneath her sending them flying and shattering into the rock garden below. She spilled off the roof, but by some miracle, managed to grab the ledge and was now hanging by one hand about fifteen feet from the harsh gravel covered ground. In the next second, however, she lost her grip in the rain and felt with a heavy "thunk" onto the rocky earth.
It took some time before she could muster the strength to stand. She was covered with scratches and blood and her clothes were torn. It was hard for her to stand as her ankle felt sprained (or at least she hoped it was just a sprain). With a great deal of effort Yossi followed after Makoto again. She had seen the fifth gen walking on the path to the iron gate and she tried not to picture the hidious grin her friend gave her. From the balcony, the rock garden had looked frightful enough, but from the ground it was terrifying. Giant, jagged stones jutted out of the earth casting long bent shadows over the yard. The ground was covered in white, roundish rocks that crunched as she walked over them. Dead, gnarled shrubs twisted in the wind and rain as if in the throws of death. Partly from fear and partly from her ankle, Hitomi crept slowly towards the flagstone path. At its end she could see the tall stone wall and the heavy iron doors that made up the gate. But there was no sign of Ogawa. Although the pathway was a short distance from the gate, for Yossi it seemed to take forever. As she hobbled, her thought drifted to Makoto. She had liked the girl from the first time they met. Unlike the other fifth gen. members, Mako-chan was more vocal and tried hard to be funny. She wasn't afraid to embarass herself in trying to make a joke. Often she would go mess it up or tell it wrong and everyone would laugh anyways. In a lot of ways Hitomi saw some herself in Ogawa. Maybe that's why they had become so close. In fact Yossi had gotten a little jelous of the chemistry developing between her friend and Nakazawa Yuko on the Hello Morning News. Of course she didn't have the same kind of feeling for Makoto like she did for Goto Maki or especially Ishikawa Rika, but she was very fond of the girl none-the-less. And she wanted to find her safe and sound. If she eneded up like Eri or Ai-chan...Hitomi was certain she would lose her mind.
Perhaps if Yoshizawa had not been so deep in thought or fighting the pain in her ankle, she might have noticed that something was following her. It was quiet, and slow and stayed close to the ground as it stalked. Step by step it moved in closer. The rocks barely sounded beneath it as it moved in on her. Hitomi had almost reached the gate and it was almost on top of her when she heard someone shout. She wheeled around and a look of horror crossed her face as she saw what was behind her.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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Thanks to all the well wishers...and the kiss from Sayu...hehe. I'm feeling much better now. So here's my next offering...please enjoy

Miki Fujimoto lead Sayumi and Risa quickly through the open door at the far end of the kimono room and into the long hallway on the other side. She searched for some clue as to which way Hitomi had gone, but it was hopeless. Spotting the open door to the kitchen, she motioned for the other two to follow. Mikitty was hesatant about coming back to this room, after what she witnessed with Takahashi, but she knew it was important to get Yossi back before something similar happend to the fourth gen. member. Michishigi and Niigaki were walking close together as they entered the dark kitchen. The sliding door was still open across from them and they could see into the meeting room beyond. Not anxiuos to go into the large chamber, Miki moved towards the open doorway on the right and pointed the others to the meeting room.

"You two go check that out. I'll go this way." she ordered and dissapeared into the next room. With an awkward glance to each other, the two young singers stepped cautiously into the large room. The small paper lanterns helped them to see somewhat, but much of the chamber was still very dim. Sayumi moved to examine the large raised platform at the right end of the room and while Risa walked to the smaller dias set someways down from the entrance and against the opposite wall. Like the larger one, this platform had four posts in each corner and curtains hanging from the cieling on all four sides. Unlike the other one, however, the drapes on this one where intact and closed. Fighting between her curiosity and fear, she reached her hand out slowly to pull the curtains aside.
Fujimoto took a brief glance through the small room, except for the kotastu there wasn't much else here besides the stairs. She walked over to them and peered up to the second level. It was hard to see much in the gloom. Deciding it was better to stay on this floor for the time being she made her way back to the other two. She hadn't taken more than one step, when she heard a muffled cry whiched seemed to come from upstairs. It was shortly followed by a low rumbling sound and other noises. Worried about Yossi, she started to rush upstairs to check, but was stopped by a piercing scream from Niigaki. Seconds later Miki was in the meeting room looking at the two girls. They were hugging each other and looking down at the floor. Fujimoto joined them and followed their gaze. Lying in a heap on the floor was a body wrapped in a long flowing kimono. Risa pointed a few feet away from them to a roundish object resting near the wall. Miki could see the girls were terrified beyond speech and she went over to the object. She didn't like the possiblity of what it was most likely to be, but she had to keep showing her tough side to the others. She couldn't let them see she might be scared herself. Whatever happens, she felt she had act like it didn't phase her at all. As she approached it, something about it seemed off. It didn't look like what she was expecting at all. When she reached it she sighed to herself in relief and kicked it around back to the other two. They screamed but stopped suddenly when they saw it clearly. Instead of a decapitated human head, they stared at a decapitated dummy head. With an audible sigh, Risa and Sayumi let go of each other looked sheepishly at Miki. She gave them a harsh glare, then walked to the door set into the wall behind two rice paper partitions. Risa spotted something on the platform where the manaquin had sat and moved onto the dias to examine it closer. Michishigi had turned her attenion to Fujimoto.

"Did you find anything over there?" she asked, but Miki shook her head.

"There's some stairs going up." the ex-soloist started. "But I want to finish looking down here fir...." her sentence was cut short by yet another scream from Niigaki. Agry, Miki whirled around to where the girl had been standing. "What is it now!" she barked, but was stunned to see that Risa was gone. Running up to the platform, she could see a large, black whole in the rotted floor boards. Peering down, she looked for any signs of the girl. At the bottom there was a dim, flickering blue light that just barely illuminated Risa's huddled body. "Risa! You okay?" Miki called to her. Risa wasn't responding. "Oh my god..." Fujimoto cried. Then she began giving orders to Sayumi. "Tear down these curtains!" with that she and Michishigi were ripping the cloth down as hard and as fast as they could. Tears were forming in the young sixth gen.'s eyes.

"She'll be okay, right?" the young singer asked between sniffles. Miki nodded while tieing the dusty drapes together into a make-shift rope. Sayumi had wanted more reassurance than that, but didn't want to argue the point. Instead she did like Fujimoto and tied up her sections of cloth and then put it with Miki's. The party leader called down again to Risa, but she only moaned. Fujimoto looked calmly at Michishigi.

"You're gonna have to go down there and help her." she told her companion slowly. "Tie her to the curtains and I'll pull her up, then you." Sayumi reluctantly nodded. Although she was scared witless, she really wanted to help her co-member and to make up for what happed with Eri. Grabbing the end of the "rope", Michishigi lowered herself into the hole. Miki held on to the remainder of the cloth with all her strength and eased the girl down. Fortunately for the older singer, her fellow sixth gen. wasn't very heavy and getting her down to Risa was much easier than she anticipated. Once at the bottom, Sayumi let go of the drapes and scanned the area nervously. She was standing at the end of a long tunnel. Niigaki was slumped against the wall her leg twisted all wrong. Small torches set into niches in the cavern walls glowed a funny blue color. Hanging ironically from the hole leading down was a metal rung ladder attached to the wall. With the wood planks of floor in place it wasn't visible from above. Looking up, she could see the handle of a broken trap door. Michishigi shook her head and knelt down beside her co-member. Risa moaned painfully as Sayumi tried to bring her around. Niigaki awoke and immedeatly cried out in agony.

"Ahhh! My leg! It's broken!" she cried between breaths. Miki heard her cries and was having second thoughts about her plan. If the girl's leg was really broken, she felt it was probably best not to move her. But then again, she knew she couldn't just leave her down there either. She searched her mind for a solution, but was coming up with none. Then she yelled down to Michishigi.

"Is there anything else down there?" she asked, not sure what difference it would make. Sayumi's voice trailed up from the hole.

"There's a trap door where the hole is." she answered. "It looks like this is a tunnel, maybe it leads out of here." she spoke hopefully. Miki pulled at the floor planks to reveal a round opening leading down to the other two. Grabbing some broken wood, she climbed down the ladder to join them. Taking a quick look of the area, Fujimoto saw that the tunnel exented way out of sight, but she could just make out the tiny blue lights of the small torches. She had her mind on making a splint for Risa's leg. Although she had seen it done on several tv dramas, she really wasn't sure how it was actually suppose to be performed. She was about to give up on the idea, but when saw the young girl seething in pain, she felt she had to do something. Miki wasn't all that familiar with Niigaki as she had made it a point to distance herself from the rest of Morning Musume. Trying to adopt a reassuring smile, Fujimoto tore off bits from their "rope" and then carefully placed the piece of wood she brought with her against the girls' twisted leg. Risa howled in pain. Sayumi took her hand and held it tightly. The leg had already started to swell and it was difficult for Miki to get the brace flush with it. After some coaxing and poor sayumi's shrieks, the older singer managed to get the brace on and was tieing tightly as Niigaki gripped hard on to the Michishigi's hand. It was all over in a few moments, but it seemed like an eternity for the wounded Risa. She fell against the tunnel wall and closed her eyes. "So what'll we do now?" Sayumi asked softly. Miki stared down the tunnel.

"You stay here. I'll go see if there's another exit." she stated and was about to take a step when the young sixth gen stoped her.

"No I better go." she stated flatly. Fujimoto was little surprised, but shook her head. Sayumi was prepared for her objections, and continued. "If for some reason we need to get her out of here in hurry...who do you think is gonna be able to carry her up that ladder?" she finished with a stern, adamant look on her face. Mikitty was completely stunned. What she has thought of as a whiny brat, was turning into a rational woman. She still didn't think the girl could really handle herself down in a dark tunnel alone, but had to admit she was right about getting Risa out to safety. Against her better judgement, Miki nodded approval. Michishigi placed a hand on Fujimoto's shoulder. "I'll be careful...I can run pretty fast." she smiled and winked. The ex-soloist watched her leave and caught her self smiling. She quickly adopted her dissinterested glare and looked down at the sleeping Risa.

With cautious, fearful steps, Sayumi carefully made her way down the long dim passageway. The flickering blue torches were some help, but it gave the tunnel a gloomy, mysterious glow that didn't sit well with her at all. She had only travled a short distance from Miki and Risa when an opening appeared on the right wall of the cave. The main tunnel continued a ways from the opening. With some hesitation, Michishigi poked her head around the corner and looked through the opening into the passage beyond. To her surprise there was a heavy wood door with metal studded bands blocking the way down. A small grated slot was set at eye level in the door. Sayumi's first thought was, this was a prison door. Her second thought was that maybe Yossi or Makoto was behind there, trapped. Reaching for the bar that covered the eye slot, she pulled hard to opend it. But it failed to move. Knocking a few times on the door, she called out to Hitomi and Ogawa, but recieved no response. Scared, but worried, she tugged at the door. Shockingly, it opened easily. But what waited for her on the other side was not so easy to take. At first the young singer wanted to scream, but quickly covered her mouth with her hand. Hanging from the wall across from her was the bony corpse of a woman, bound at the wrists with heavy knotted rope. Wild tangles of hair stuck out from the skull in thick patches. Her eyes were gone and her jaw, held together by thin strips of dead flesh, drooped down in a cry of aguish. A torn kimono which was completely shredded below the knees, hung loosely about what remained of her body. Ribs and other bones could be seen between broken sections of skin and torn kimono. Sayumi fought to remain calm. She was terrified at the horrible sight, but was struggling to keep it together, to keep rational. Too many times she had been too scared to be of any good, but this time was going to be different. This time she wanted to be brave, this time she wanted to be strong and above all she didn't want anyone thinking she was a useless crybaby any more. Beating back the rising panic, she stepped into the dungeon for a better look around. It was tiny, barely ten square feet. It didn't appear as if there was anything else in here, but the poor tortured body. As Michishigi turned to leave, she caught sight of something red lying in the dust in the corner behind the door. It was small and rectangular. Bending down, she saw that it was a book, which she eagerly picked up. Perhaps it would tell something about what happened to this woman, she thought. Glancing through it, she quickly realized that she was not going to be able to read it entirely. Holding on to it tightly, she decide to get the book back to Konno as soon as possible. Back out into the tunnel, she looked behind her to make sure the door had stayed shut after she had closed it. She started down the passage again, when it abruptly ended. No more than twenty feet from the cell, the tunnel stopped at another metal ladder leading up. Glancing skyward, Sayumi saw a slab of stone blocking the round exit. She paused to peek down the passagway towards Miki and Risa, then quickly climbed up the ladder. The slab was proving difficult to move, but with a few moments of heaving and huffing, the young singer managed to slide enough to one side to allow her to climb outside. She was crawling out of the hole right next to a squat stone lantern. The orange fire inside along with the bright moonlight made it easy for Michishigi to tell that she was in a rock garden somewhere. The ground was covered in round white stones and huge sharp boulders rested here and there about the yard. A quick check behind her revealed the mansion and some broken refuse gathered along the nearest wall. Hauling herself all the way out, she stood up and examined the yard more closely. Some distance away, she could make out a rough stone path that lead to a high wall with an iron gate. Stopping quickly, she peered keenly into the rainy night. She wasn't sure, but she thought she may have seen movement along the path. She waited, looking. Then she saw it again. It looked like a girl, tall with short hair. Hoping it was Yossi, she rushed out to greet her. What she saw next brough her to sudden hault. It was indeed Hitomi walking along the trail to the gate, but creeping up behind her where long tendrils reaching out from huge mangle of foliage directly behind Yoshizawa. Sayumi cried out to her and the fourth gen. turned around in time to see the vines coming at her.
For a moment Hitomi just stared at the hulking, vegitaion. It was a mass of twisted, gnarled branches and limbs that stuck out in all directions. Vines wriggled and snapped at the singer. Wipping across her already bruised and battered body, they slashed her face and legs, drawing blood. Yossi tried to run, but the whip like vines cracked and grabbed at her feet and arms. Struggling, she managed to break free of their thorny grip only to be tripped up by an outstreached root. Tumbling into a pile, Yoshizawa fought to stand up. Every bone, every muscle in her body ached as she tried to get to her feet. It moved in on her, its vines snaping around her and its hand-like branches reached out to grab the sub-leader. Finally, Hitomi was able to get to one knee, but by now it was already on top of her. Vines and branches had gotten hold of her, pulling at different angles, trying to rip her body apart.
Michishigi looked around for some way to help her co-member. The mishapen heap of broken brush and trees was geting closer to Yossi. She had tripped fell to the hard rocky ground as a result. As it closed in on the downed singer, Sayumi spotted the stone lantern beside her. Somehow in all this rain, the fire inside had remained lit. She figured it must be some otherworldly phenomina, like everything else in this place. Seeing poor Yossi struggle against the creeping foliage, she formulated a deperate plan. Rushing to the mansion wall, she took some broken wood and hurried to a nearby lantern. Tearing off her shirt, she wrapped it around the wood and thrust into the fire of the stone lantern. Even wet, the shirt ignited quickly, and she pulled the stick out. Despite the rain, the firey torch continued to burn, and the young sixth gen, ran to the help her senior. Yoshizawa couldn't even be seen beneath the giant mass of vegitation, but still, Sayumi jammed the flaming wood into the bulk of the plant creature. Although it was soaking wet and rain continued to fall, the bramble beast burst into flames. Much to Michishigi's relief, it caught fire easily and it's limbs and vines and branches all glowed bright orange. It writhed and shaked, its roots and ends jutted out trying to flee the burning bulk. Within moments it was thrashing around the yard smoldering into a smokey heap. Yossi lay on the ground, her body a collections of scrapes and blood. Sayumi ran to her side. Helping her senior up, Hitomi grimiced in pain. She looked surprised to see it was the young sixth gen. who came to her rescue.

"Thanks." she said weakly, then stumbled into the other girl's arms. Michishigi brushed gently at Hitomi's hair; listening to her breath softly. Suddenly, Yoshizawa jerked awake. "Oh no! Makoto!" she cried. Pulling free of Sayumi, she ran down the path to the iron gate. Tugging frantically, she soon discovered it was securely locked. She pounded on it and called out, but she was so weak and hoarse, that she quickly collapsed in front of the barrier. Joined by Sayumi, she sat with her back to the gate, her eyes closed. "I'm so tired." she said to herself. "I tried so hard to lead, to keep everyone together, to keep everyone safe. But no matter how hard I tried I failed every time." Yossi pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her head down and cried. "Everything is falling apart:" her thoughts began. "Eri's in a coma, Takahashi is wacked out. Makoto is lost somewhere where I can't reach her. And Mari..." She had so wanted Mari to wake up by now and take charge. "I can't do this anymore. I can't be leader. I screw everything up."
Michishigi sat down next to her fellow member and put her arm around her. Hitomi plunged her head in her shoulder and cried.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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ok here's my next installent...please enjoy...

Miki Fujimoto was sitting down at the end of a long tunnel. Next to her, Risa Niigaki sat unconcious, having passed out from the intense pain of her broken leg. Miki wrapped her long arm around the girl's shoulder and watched her rest. She wished there was more she could do for her and sat in the dark and silence waiting for Sayumi to return. It had been quite a while since she left, and Fujimoto was getting more worried by the minute. Eventually, her short supply of patience was depleted, and she stood up, looking down the passage where the sixth gen. had gone. Glancing down at Risa, she felt that it might be safe to leave her rest there for a little while, while she went down the corridor a ways. Miki began thinking to herself, as she walked down the tunnel, that it didn't matter if she was there with Risa or not. She doubted very much that she really do anything to stop a ghost or whatever it was that was haunting this place. Shaking her head, she tried to fathom the group's situation, but none of it made any sense to her, of course. That creepy feeling she had before, back at the roadside, was coming back to her. "No one is coming for us." she thought miserably. They had been out here for hours, maybe even a whole day. "If no one's found us by now..." she lowered her head, thinking hopelessly. "They aren't gonna." Miki finished, swallowing hard and fightning back the dread clouding over her spirit. Lost in her depressing musings, it didn't take her long to reach the branching passageway. Peeking down it, uneasily, she saw a thick wooden door with metal bands standing open. She gasped and quickly covered her mouth when she saw the corpse hanging from the wall just behind the prison door. She was about to quickly close the door, when she heard something down in the tunnel. She froze. Her body tingled and her skin rippeled with goose bumbs. Straining her ears, she caught a low mumble echoing down the passage. Worried about Niigaki, she ran down the short passage back the main tunnel. The low tones were much louder now and a scaping sound accompanied the noise. Rooted in fear, Miki stared down the passage towards Risa, then in the other direction, where Sayumi had gone. Her heart pounded in her ears and she struggled to take every stepp back to the wounded Michishigi. But it was too late, the sounds were nearly on top of her, and in the next second white faces appeared in the dark corridor. A familiar voice called out to her from the gloom.

"Oh Miki. You okay? How's Risa?" Fujmoto recognized it as Sayumi's high voice. She and Hitomi stepped out of the darkness. In the blue light of the torches their skin had looked pale and ghostly. Miki shook her head, her anger rising swiftly.

"Where the hell have you been?!" she barked. Surprised by her outburst, Yossi and Michishigi just looked at each other then back at Fujimoto. Mikitty was more embarassed about having been frightened so easily, then really angry with the two. In truth, she was delighted to see them. She was not enjoying the thought of being alone in this place.

"Sorry I took so long. I had to help Yoshizawa-san." Sayumi answered at last. Helping Hitomi against the plant spirit hadn't taken all that long. What had really been time consuming, was convincing Yoshizawa to give up on Makoto for the time being and come back with her to help Risa. The fourth gen. had refused to leave her friend behind, but it became painfully evident, that she wasn't go to get past the locked iron gate. Of course Michishigi's insistance that Niigaki needed help had prompted the substitute leader to give in. Looking over Hitomi, Miki had suddenly realized she was covered in bruises, scratches and blood. Mikitty's features softened and her eyes showed concern.

"What happed to you? Are you alright?" she asked, the angry tone in her voice completely gone. Yossi just nodded. She was too tired and distracted to go into details, and so offered a meek smile. Somehow, Miki sensed this and didn't press her for information, instead she started to lead them back to Risa. They had taken maybe two steps, when they felt it. A bitter, piercing chill seeped into their bones. Small puffs of white fog whisped along floor. Sayumi noted that it was coming from the side passage where the prison cell was. Staring expectantly in that direction, the other two noticed and followed her gaze. The blue flames from the small torches sputtered, but thankfully remained lit, though less bright than before. Hitomi stood in place shaking her head vigerously. She knew what was coming, new what they were going to see. Her blood iced up and her wounds stung violently in the cold. Her heart pounded and her eyes glazed open. She didn't want to see it again, didn't want to hear that voice. Sayumi and Fujimoto weren't sure what was happening. They continued to watch the side passage, anxiuously. Uncertain as to what to expect, they glanced at their substitute leader. The look of shock and horror on her face gave rise to the panic already building within them. The intense cold was numbing their limbs and making it harder to breath, while the fog collected more thickly and rose higher above the floor. Then they heard it.

"Why?" a scratchy, howling voice hissed from the darkness. Neither Miki nor Sayumi had ever heard anything so sorrowful. It was already close-by. Every instinct the girls' had shouted at them to run, to flee and escape, to get as far away that spot as fast as they possibly could. But their bodies refused to move. Something kept them stuck in that spot, unable to do much but shiver in the cold and await the nightmare that was coming for them. If Miki had been frightened before, she was beyond terrified now. She would have never belived herself capable of feeling so helpless and scared. More than the coming horror, it was this new feeling of her lack of control the she was afraid of. "Why have you done this to me?" the voice crackled. The wailing cry drove away all hope and light from their souls. Yossi closed her eyes and winced them shut as tight as she could. She had had enough. Tired of fighting, tired of trying to maintain control and composure in this awful mansion, Hitomi felt herself letting go of it all. Everythig swirled around and her before she knew it the floor had rushed up to meet her and then it all went blissfully dark. Miki and Michishigi watched, stunned, as their senior dropped to the floor. Fujimoto wanted to scream at her, she wanted to scream period, but couldn't manage to do anything. That's when it appeared. Floating slowly, eeriely and purposely from the prison cell, the ghastly form of a woman approached them. Shimmering gray, it reached out to Sayumi with long gnarled arms which were bound at the wrists in knotted ropes. "Why?" it hissed at her. The young sixth gen noticed it's ripped kimono and tuffts of wild hair sticking out of its head. She tried not to look at the empty sockets it had for eyes or the jaw, hung open in a tortured scream. As hideous and terrifying as this creature was, somehow, something about it had made sense to Michishigi. In the back of her mind she could her Yaguchi-san's voice calling out to her, telling her to be brave and remain strong. Suddenly the numbing cold around her faded and she could feel her limbs again. Reaching behind her, she pulled out the red book and threw it next to Miki. Mikitty watched her, confused. Sayumi had managed dodge the clawed grasp of the spectral woman and ran around behind it. Fujimoto couldn't believe what she was seeing. The young sixth gen. was actually taunting the thing. Hissing and howling, it turned on the girl. Miki wanted to help her and tried desperately to move her legs, but it was no use. As it closed in on Sayumi, she called out to Fujimoto.

"Go! Get them out of her! Run!" Having said that, she charged into the prison cell, the ghostly hag right behind her. A moment later, Miki heard a thick door shut, followed by a high, shrieking cry from Michishigi. Then gradually, feeling retuned to her legs and arms. Slowly at first, then more swiftly as the feeling came back to her limbs, Mikitty rushed down the short hallway to find, as she suspected, the prison door was closed, the fog seep out from under it in thick streams. Hammering at the ice cold door, she cried out for Sayumi. Begging and pleading for her to answer, she continued to pound away. The noise of her efforts had woken up Yossi. Disoriented, Hitomi glanced about the chamber and then heard Fujimoto's cries and knocking. Although very shakey, she got to her feet and followed the sounds and finally joined Miki in front of the prison door. Yoshizawa wasn't sure what had transpired since her black-out, but judging by Mikitty's frantic calls for Sayumi and her striking and pulling on the door, she figured the young sixth gen. was trapped on the other side. Yossi knew all too well what Fujimoto was feeling. Hitomi put her hand on the anguished singer. Startled, Miki shouted and turned around. Relieved that it was only the fourth gen. behind her and not another specter, she shook her head, sighing. She was about to say something mean to Hitomi, when the bar covering the eye slot on the door, jerked opened. The ex-soloist returned her attention to the door to see a small barred opening at eye level in the prison door. Hoping to see that Michishigi was okay, she peered through the slot. Her eyes went wide and she screamed.

"Sayu!" Her cry brought Yossi to stand next to her, trying to share the eye hole to see what horror had befallen the young singer. On the opposite wall, hanging where the corpse had been, was Michishigi. Her wrists were bound to the wall by knotted rope and her head was down. Everything below her thighs were covered in an icy, white fog. Horrified at the scene, Hitomi too cried out to the captive.

"Sayumi! Sayumi answer me. It's Yossi. SAYUMI!" she called to her. Slowly, the girl raised her head. Her usually cute face was replaced by a ghastly, gaunt expression of terror. Her eyes were dark and her jaw hung open unnatrurally low as if in mid scream. Glaring at the two singers, she spoke, though her mouth didn't move.

"Why?" she rasped. It sounded like Michishigi, but it was screechy and harsh. "Why have you done this to me?" Scared out their minds, Yossi and Miki started slamming there fists against the door and trying to pull it open. Nothing they did made the door move. Then Miktty heard the girl's voice again. This time it was softer, calmer and it seemed to come from nowhere. "Run..." she whispered. Fujimoto wasn't sure at first if she had really heard her or not, but then she spoke again. "Get away..." The ex-soloist could feel the girl's presense around her and knew that what she heard had been real. She was about to do as Sayumi suggested, when she saw the nightmarish woman again. It had suddenly appeared, transposed over top of poor Michishigi. It leaped out at the other two, trying to grab them. They jumped back screaming. Standing some feet away from the cell, clutched together in fear, they awaiting the creature to come wailing at them through the door. But it never flollowed them. Instead they could her it hissing and flailing behind the door. Frightened, but curious, they dared a peek through the eye slot. The thing was clawing and scratching at the air. It was trying to reach them, but seemed tethered to Sayumi's captive body. It kept trying to move farther away from her, but somehow, it remained connected to the girl. Miki realized now, why Michishigi had sacrificed herself. Unaware of the torrent of tears streaming down her face, she turned and walked back to tunnel. Hitomi stared after her in disbelief. Following her, she was about to say something, but then stopped herself. She had seen Mikitty's tears. As distant and as uncaring as Fujimoto presented herself to the others, Yossi knew she was not heartless. For whatever reason, she didn't want to show any other side of herself and Yoshizawa understood that. She also understood that leaving Sayumi now could not have been easy for her to do. Hitmoi wanted to say something to her, to make her feel better, to let her know that she understood. But knowing what she did about Miki, she felt it best to just stay quiet and leave her alone for now. Spotting a red book laying on the tunnel floor, she stopped to pick it up before continuing with Fujimoto down the passage back to Risa.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Konno checked the splint Fujimoto had made for Risa. Hitomi and Miki had made it back to the entrance hall safely. But for Niigaki the trip had been brutal. The throbbing pains in her broken leg had made the climb up the ladder out of tunnel an excerise in excrutiating torment. Yossi and Miki had to push and pull her most of the way. The walk back had been almost as unbareable. When at last they had made it back to the others, and set the fifth gen. down, Risa had fallen unconcious again. Asami had a hard time dealing with Sayumi's fate, her sacrifice had struck a cord with Konkon. As for Makoto, she really didn't know what to think. When Hitomi and Miki had related their stories to her, she just shook her head, gasped and tried to think of something relevant to say. But it had been too much for her and her mind went blank. Convinced that she had done all she could for Niigaki, Asami turned her attention to Yossi. The substitute leader was a collection of scrapes, scratches, cuts, bruises and dried blood. In truth, Konno was suprised she was still standing, even though the fourth gen. was looking pale and weary. It was Yoshizawa's determination to find and help Ogawa, that was keeping her going. She had so wanted to just curl up to the fire and fall asleep. She had never felt so tired before in her entire life. There wasn't a whole lot that Konkon could do for Hitomi. They had no anticeptic or anything similar, and they could never make enough bandages for all the wounds she had. In the end, Asami settled for just cleaning all the blood that had caked on to Yossi's skin. Later, while Hitomi and Miki argued over what to do next, Konno started reading the red book that Yoshizawa had given her. Like the others, it was written with very old characters that made it difficult to read. However, with some effort, she saw that this was a formal journal, written by the lady of the mansion. Konkon tried to remember the names of the emperors so she could tell by the written dates how old the book was. From her guess it was some four or five hundred years old. Carefully turning through the fragile pages, Asami read through journal. Much of it didn't have anything important to offer, but about mid way through, it took an interesting turn. She read the nerrative to herself.

"June 16th. In a vain effort to increase his influence in the region and improve his standings with the Daimyo, my foolish husband had declared that a shinto shrine will be built here near the mansion. He even called for a priest to bless it and oversee the construction. Its going to cost us way too much. That money could be better spent strengthining our forces."
"July 2nd. The priest has arrived. I must say he's a handsome one. If I can manageto slip away from my husband for a while... Even my..." the writting was crossed out and then continued. "Our little tramp servant Hinata has taken a liking to him. Its the first time she hasn't pouted about having to serve a man in our house."
"July 5th. My husband made a contract with the neighboring house. He wants to keep the peace unitl the shrine is finished. He's offered them gold and cattle. As if we didn't need it either. He was looking for something else to sweeten the deal and I suggested Hinata. He actually seemed dissapointed. That's when I had told him she was his brother's child. But he had already known! It was no secret that his older brother and I had had an affair. When I thought my idiot husband had died in battle I went to his brother for comfort. And he was all too willing to show me sympathy. By the time she was born, he had returned. He had been healing in a village near the battlefield. It took nearly a year for him to get better. I'm not sure how the brainless oaf discovered she was mine. I bet his brother rubbed it in or something. When that tramp had grown up, she had become quite popular with my husband and his male guests. I really don't care, but I'm worried that he might be tending to favor her. I doubt he'd ever have the guts to replace me with her, but I've put up with too much to loose my status now. I insisted that she be removed and he finally agreed to include her in the contract. I think he belives she'll ensure the deal's success."
"July 7th. My husband just had a major temper tantrum. Apparently, the priest feels that the lands here are unsuitable for a holy shrine. I never seen my husband so angry. He went on and on about how isulting the priest's accusation was and how he was goingto explain things to the Daimyo. I tried to pretend that I cared. After nearly an hour of shouting and ranting, he picked up his swords and stormed out of mansion. I wonder what he intends to do."
"July 8th. Well I think I figured out what my husband was doing last night. They brought back the body of the priest. Apparently, he had been killed in a "construction accident". But I know better. God I hope no one finds out he murdered a priest. As if we need more bad karma. And tommorrow night is the meeting with the other house. My husband plans to present them with the gifts after a feast. I told him I didn't want to be present and just smiled. I think he plans to "show off" Hinata to the lord of the other house. Disgusted as I am, at least she'll be gone soon."
"July 9th. The guests have arrived and that slut Hinata is being prettied up down stairs. I'll just have to wait up here and try not to listen...gross.
She just brought me dinner. If I wasn't so hungry, I'd throw it in her made-up face. She seems weird though. Not that she isn't always wierd. Today she seems almost calm and composed...not her usual whiney self. I'll be glad when the little tart is gone.
Something odd just happened. I could hear the party going on, but then it got all quiet. I can just hear Hinata laughing. What the hell is going on down there. I feel funny. Kind of sick and wobbly. I want to throw up. I can hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Hina...." the writing trails in to scribbles from there.
Konno tried to fathom what she just read. When compaired to the diary and her vision with the monk, she had a vague idea what had happend here.

I would really appreciate some feed back on how I presented the journal. I'm sure its not gramatically correct, but I hope you got a sense of how it was suppose to flow. Please let me know if it read well for you. Thanks.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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The discussion between Miki and Yossi had broken down to the point where Fujimoto just stood there yelling at hitomi. The substitute leader was too tired to really argue back. But more than that, she was not all that convinced that she should be making any descions. In her mind everything had gone wrong since she took charge. It made her feel sick, as if all the terrible things that had happened to everyone, had been her fault. It left her feeling responsible and she thought it best not lead anymore. So instead of debating the issue of what to do next, she defered to Fujimoto and Asami. Although she was adamant about going after Makoto. Mikitty's first idea was to just wait in the entrance hall until help arrived, but she could tell, somehow, that help was never going to come, and they would have to rescue themselves. Konno pointed out that if the gate was locked, then maybe there was a key somewhere in the mansion. That's when Hitomi remembered the bedroom upstairs. Maybe the key was in there, she thought. Miki figured it would save time to split up and search. Even though Yossi was uncomfortable with that plan, she didn't contest it. But Asami did. She had an idea what was in this place, and knew it was better to stick together. This is where the three had stopped to argue the matter. After some heated talking, it was agreed upon that Fujimoto and Hitomi, would search, while Konno remained to "babysit" the others. Asami had really wanted to help this time and she wanted to have look around, maybe to assist her in figuring a way out of this place. But the ex-soloist was quick to point out that she was more adept to take care of the others, than either herself or Yoshizawa. And without Hitomi to back her up, or even add any input, Konkon reluctantly agreed. She watched the two leave through the kimono room door, then shut it tightly. Asami looked around the chamber and sighed, shaking her head. Reina was still sitting by the fire, craddleing Eri and stroking her hair. Takahashi remained next to them, lying on her back, eyes wide with shock, and singing to herself. Risa had been laid down to sleep, next to the cart that the unconcious Yaguchi was resting on. To Konkon the room looked more like a hosptial ward than anything else.

It took no time at all for Miki and Hitomi to reach the bedroom. By now the two were becoming uncomfortably familiar with the house. Once they had entered the bedroom on the second floor, Yoshizawa immedeately tore through the chamber. Fujimoto remained outside the doorway looking around the hallway. She left Yossi to search while she checked the door on the oposite side of the corridor. It was securely bolted from the other side, and she found it impossible to open. Turning her attention to the end of the hall, she found another door set into the far wall. It was large and at one time finely carved and crafted. But now over time, with dust and weather, it looked dingy and moldy. She could still her Yossi rampaging through the bedroom looking for the key, when she approached the large door. Apprehensively, she reached out and took hold of the crusted bronze handle. With a loud grunt and some effort, she managed to pull the heavy wooden portal open just enough to pass through. Peeking around the door she looked into the area beyond. The moonlight broke through somehow, and lit up a large room in front of her. Even with this illumination, it was difficult to make anything out. It looked like there was a large table across from her someways away, and stools set around it. She couldn't see any walls in the dim light. Smartly, she called out to her co-member.

"Hey, Yossi. I'm gonna check out this other room. Okay?" She waited for a response. Hitomi replied with a groan followed by something smashing apart. Miki was a little taken aback by that and finally decided to investigate the room. Slipping through the narrow open door, she stepped softly into the large area. It was indeed a table she thought she saw, and she quickly moved to stand over it. Laying acrossed it, brittle and faded, was a large map. A construction map by the looks of it. It appeared to be the plans for a temple. None of the arcane writings made any sense to Fujimoto, but she tell by the aged lines and drawings that it was a shinto shrine. Some parts were eaten away and others were scratched out with more writings. She thought about taking it back to Konno, but decided to search the room more first. It wasn't until a flash of lightining lit up the room, that she finally saw the walls. Once she did, she screamed. Lined against the walls were the dark shapes of several people. The were oddly formed however: with wide, barrel bodies and horns. As she took a step back, they remained motionless. She expected them to move in on her as she neared the door. But they did not. After long moments of heavy breathing and sweating, she realized they weren't coming after her. Letting her curiosity take over, she carefully walked closer to one of the people standing nearest. As she got closer, she could tell that they weren't people at all, but suits of o-yori style samurai armor. As typical, the helmates and the menpo face plates, were desigined to instill fear in the enemy. They were shaped like fearsome beasts and demons and dragons. Horns and wild manes of hair accented the head gear to complete the disturbing visage. Miki was more than a little terrified herself, even if they were just empty armor. Displayed along all the walls, the suits of armor stood in front of old maps of provinces hanging on the walls. With a flash of insperation, Miki stood in front of one of the maps in the hopes of getting an idea of where the mansion and consiquently, Morning Musume, was. Unfortunately, the map was terribly worn and the names were written in the same old language that Fujimoto couldn't read, and the shapes of the provinces and terrain made no sense to her as well. It was useless. With a heavy sigh, she took a tour of the rest of the large chamber. Part of the ceiling had collapsed allowing the moonlight to break in and cast a dull gray light over everything. Some chests were stacked in the corners, all rotten through. Swords hung from the walls by special brackets. Miki fancied these. She wanted to take one to protect her self with and maybe sell for a king's ransome once all this was over. As she reached to take one of the weapons, something in her mind shouted: no. Agreeing with her instinct, she pulled her hand away and continued to walk around. It proved a quick jaunt, as there was not much else to the room. Besides the armor, table and maps, the area was pretty much empty. She shrugged her shoulders and went back to look at the plans for the temple. With Asami in mind, she rolled up the map to take to her. Once she did however, she found that resting underneath of the parchment was a large iron key. Elated, she grabbed the key and rushed to the door, shouting:

"Hey, Yossi! I found the KEY!" she called out. But as she reached the door, it slammed shut in front of her. Startled, she dropped the plans and the key and gripped the handle with both hands and tugged. As hard ad she pulled and heaved, the door remained closed. The room filled with a mournful chant. From behind, she heard slow creaking and clanking. Her eyes went wide with shock. She had a dreadfull suspicion about what was happening behind her back. Slowly, reluctantly, she turned around and put her back to the door. To her horror she saw what she had feared. The several suits of armor had dropped from their stands and were now walking, empty and purposely towards the frightened ex-soloist. Turing to the door, she pounded and hammered her fist against it. Crying out to Hitomi, Fujimoto pleaded for help as the animated armor closed the gap. The morbid dirge grew louder and surround her almost smothering her with its sound. With steady, even steps, the armor shuffled slowly towards the trapped singer. Raising their arms, they reached out for Miki as they moved steadily closer and closer. A panicked Fujimoto continued to beat at the door and shout for her fellow member. Theempty armor was now on top of her, their gauntleted hands grabbing for her. Ducking down underneath their grasp, she kenlt down next to the door.

Hitomi had ripped the bedroom apart looking for the key to the gate outside. Her desperation to save her friend, Makoto, had turned her into a whirlwind of destruction. Nothing in that room had remained standing. Everything was turned over, dumped out, torn apart and a broken to pieces. With each passing moment, without finding the object, she was getting more and more hostile. She vaugely recalled that the Miki had said something to her, when she heard a door slam in the distance. It was then that she realized she had completely ignored the sixth gen. the entire time she had been searching. When she heard the muffled screams and pounding she quickly ran from the bedroom, down the hall, to stop at the large door at the end. In a sickening deja-vu, Hitomi found herself once again on the wrong side of a closed door. As before, she had slammed her fists against the barrier and called to her trapped co-member.

"Miki! Miki!" she called to her. While Fujimoto struggled to push the armoredd hands away, she was releived to hear Yossi's voice.

"Hurry up! Get me out of here!" she ordered. Franticaly, Hitomi struck at the door and pulled at the handle, which was very cold to the touch. Unable to open it she looked around for something to help her, after a moment found nothing. Crying, she yelled back to Miki.

"I'm sorry Miki-chan! I can't get the door open." she said as tears fountained from her eyes. "I'm so sorry..." Yoshizawa trailed off. Once again, she thought, she was worthless and incapable of helping anyone. "They'll all die because I was too useless to do anthing to stop this." she wallowed to herself. On the other side, Miki wasn't really surprised that Yossi had been unable to open the door. After witnessing all the horrid apparitions in this place, Fujimoto was convinced that were dealing with powers they were no match against. The suits of armor had crowded around her and she was no longer able to keep them off of her. One had taken hold of her left wrist and started to pull her away from the door. As another one reached for her other wrist, she reached down and slide the dropped key under the door. Knowing that Hitomi was still on the other side, she had hoped that the fourth gen. might still be able to save Ogawa.

"Here! Take this. Find Makoto and get out of here!" barked Miki. A stunned Yoshizawa reached down and took the key. Turning to the obstical between them, she cried out to Mikitty.

"Miki!! I'll find a way to help you! I promise." she weeped. By this time Fujimoto was entangle in the grasp of several suits of armor and was being hauled away from the door. Screaming and shouting, she tried to pull free but couldn't. She yelled back one more time.

"Get to Ogawa! Get out of here!" From the other side of the door, Yossi heard Fujimoto kicking and swinging and screaming. Kneeling down, Hitomi cried at her own failing. She felt so weak and incompetent. Leaning her back to the closed portal, she listened as Miki's struggles faded into silence. Wiping her tears, Yoshizawa looked down at the key in her hand. Somehow staring at it emboldened her. Standing up, she gripped it tightly, then turned to the door. Sad, but also angry, she was now determined to rescue her friend, Makoto. Once she had done that, she planned to come back for the others. For now, she would not let anything stand in her way. She was going to get her friend back, and she was not going to let anything stop her. Placing her hand gently on the door, she said a silent tear-filled prayer for Mikitty and then ran down the stairs. She wasn't sure wich way lead out, but there was only one room she knew of that they had not explored before. At the far end of the long hall outside the kimono room was door to a chamber where they had found Eri. They had been in a rush to get her back and then Takahashi had run off, so the room was never really searched. Having made her way there without incident, Hitomi threw the door open. Looking more keenly now, she found herself staring into a good sized chamber. Large wooden beams dotted the two level room. The first level was typical wood panel flooring, with various stacks of junk piled up against the walls. Small wood steps went down to the dirt and stone floor of the second level. Gardening and farm tools lined the stone walls and a small set of stables were set in the back. A large sliding wood door was shut on the far side of the second level. Calculating the layout of the mansion, she concluded that the sliding door would lead outside to the rock garden. Quickly she made her way to the tall portal and heaved it to one side. It took all her strength, but soon she had managed to push it aside enough to pass through. To her relief it did indeed open out to the stoney yard; in the gloom she could just make out the gate set into the wall a long ways away. Not wasting any more time, she marched hurridly to the gate. This time, she told herself, she would do something right. This time she would help. This time it would be different and she would make certain of it.

Worried, anxious and tired, Asami Konno sat down next the sleeping Risa and unconcious Mari. She had given up trying to rationalize and analyize the group's situation. Everything with the monk, the ghosts and her fellow members had just been so unbelievable. Whatever was going on here either defied any rational, sensible explantion, or was so completely otherworldly, that it was impossibile to fathom or explain. The whole thing had left the young singer with a headache and she thought about laying down for a quick rest. Just as she put her head down against the rolled up clothes, she heard a faint metal sound. She listened for it again, but heard nothing so she lowered her head again.

"Cla-chink!" a noise sounded. Bolting upright, she looked around the room. She yelped when she saw the shimmering grey figure of the monk. "Cla-chink!" his staff echoed. She stood up, examining the priest. Unlike before, he was semi-transparent and she could see the kimono room door through and behind him where he stood. She tried to speak, but he cut her off. "It is time. Now you must face her. Or you and the others will never be free." he told her. Taking a step closer she was about to ask him something. "Cla-chink!" went his staff and he dissapeared. Unsure as to what to do next, Asami felt something calling to her, guiding her to the spot where the monk had been. Standing before the kimono room door, he felt her hand reaching out to the handle by itself, as if someone else was controlling her, or telling her body what to do. Frightened, but curious, she let the guiding force use her to pull the door open. She stared into the chamber beyond. In the distance she could hear the priest's staff. Swallowing hard, she stepped out of the entrance hall and into uncertainty.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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Here is another part of my story...its getting near the end now!
Asami glanced around the kimono room. She wasn't sure just what she was looking for, but hoped she would know it when she saw it. Finding nothing apparent, she took notice of the open door leading into the long hallway. She stepped through cautiously. The corridor branched to a small passage leading to the kitchen, and the long hall that lead to the storage room and outside. Unsure of which route to take, she stood for a moment, thinking things through.

"Cla-chink." the familiar noise echoed distantly. Quickly looking about, Konno spotted the glowing form of the priest. He was standing far away at the end of the long hallway, barely visible in the misty gloom. Compelled to follow, she walked steadly down the corridor to the open door of the storge room. As she got nearer to the monk, he became fainter. By the time she reached the door he had dissapeared entirely. Warily, she made her way inside. The large, two level room was packed with junk; useful at one time, but now rotted and decayed to the point of being unrecognizable. A mish-mash of tools lined the stone walls of the lower level, but it was the sound of rain that moved the singer to the sunken floor. A large sliding door was ajar allowing the wind and rain and moonlight to creep inside. Shoe-prints in the thick dust revealed that someone had been through her not long ago and something about them made Konno feel uneasy and sad. It wasn't unitl she reached the door and looked outside, that she realized, there was only one set of prints. If Yossi or Miki had come this way, what had become of the other one. She didn't want to think about it, but she wanted to be prepaired for whatever awaited her in this dreaful place. Standing, shivering in the rock garden, Asami tried figure where the shoe-prints where going, but in the wet, rocky grounds, it was hopeless. She wandered around for a breif moment, befor seeing the flagstone path leading to an open iron gate set into a high stone wall.
"This must be were Mako-chan had gone to. One of them must have found the key and went after her." Konno told herself. Knowing how desperate Yossi was to find Ogawa, Asami surmised that she must have found the key and went after her. Miki, she figured, would have returned to get Konkon herself, before going after Makoto. Reaching the gate, Asami dared a peek beyond. In the dim moonlight and driving rain, all she could see was a rocky path leading away. Taking a deep breath, the fifth gen. walked through the gate.
Asami found herself on a rough cut trail wadering its way upwards around small mountainous outcropping. Making her way up the path had proven challenging. The rain had loosend the soil, making it slippery, but the roughness of the path had left small sharp rocks sticking out. A few times, Konkon had slipped on the muddy ground and cut herself on the jagged stones. Thankfully for Asami, the trail wasn't too long, and ended at a plateu and by the time she reached it, she was covered in dirt, scratches and blood. Stopping to catch her breath, she noticed a large ornate temple not far away, resting against the wall of the mountainside. It was similar to the one she had seen in the priest's vision, but this shrine was complete. Unlike the mansion, it looked new and well cared for. She stepped away from it when saw a circular swirling mass of black and purple clouds. Streaks of black lightning and flashes of pale light erupted around the structure. An overwhelming sense of dread and loss hammered down on the girl, dropping her to her knees. She wept uncontrollably. The pain and suffering in her heart ripped at her soul and all she wanted to do was curl up and die. She never felt so miserable and alone before. She cried out in silence and prayed for her death, before falling over in a sobbing heap into the muddy earth. As her mind swirled in despair, a soft caring voice called out to her mind.

"Stand up, Kon-chan. Everyone is counting on you." it beckoned to her. It seemed familiar, as if she had heard it several times before. Looking up, she saw the warm, but sad face of her leader Yaguchi Mari. She was bathed in a yellow glow and stood over her and offered her hand. Blinking and shaking her head, Konno called out to her senior.

"Yaguchi-san. Is that really you. I've been so worr.." her words were cut short when Mari raised her other hand.

"Time is running out. Take my hand. We'll do this together, Konkon." Yaguchi smiled. "You're not alone." she added comfortingly. Eagerly, Asami reached out to take Mari's hand. Gripping it tightly she was imedeately filled with warmth and hope. All at once, all the dark, forboding feelings that had tortured her spirit only moments ago, were instantly washed away. She felt needed and wanted and full of purpose. She rose to her feet and was determined to help her fellow members and friends.

"I'll find a way out." she told the short blond. "Together, we'll get everyone out of here and back home!" she finished triumphantly. Yaguchi smiled and slowly faded, the yellow glow, dimming. Concerned, Asami watched her leader slip away. "Yaguch-san! What's happening? Where are you going?" Mari shook her head and let go of Konno.

"I can't stay here long. But I'll be with you always! Be strong, Konkon! I know I can count on you to help us." Mari said finally, before dissapearing from sight and the glow winked out. The fifth gen. stood and cried, but took her leader's last words to heart. She would be someone to count on, she thought. And She would be strong. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she slowly, carefully, approached the temple.

As she got nearer, it got colder. It was as if the shrine was draining all the warmth out of the world. The temple had steps leading up to a well cut, stone platform with tall, thick red pillars in each corner. At the far end of the raised stone level were two large, elaborately decorated wooden doors. She had almost reached the steps, when the doors opened. Konno froze in anticipation. Walking briskly from out of the shrine was Hitomi. Her usual guick stride was replaced by a heavy gait, as if she were twice or more as big as she appeared. She glared at Asami and quickened her pace down the steps to close the distance between them.

"Hitomi? Are you okay? Where's Miki?" Asami asked her. Yossi didn't reply, but instead growled and charged at the startled fifth gen. Konno looked into her fellow member's eyes, hoping to sense her feelings, but was horrifed to see that she had no eyes. Instead a thin blue vapor filled her sockets. Asami screamed. As Hitomi closed the gap between them, she raised her fists up as though she was wielding a sword and was ready to take a swing at Konno. Asami pleaded with Hitomi, but was ignored. Somehow, she had a grim suspicion that Yossi wasn't Yossi anymore.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
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Okay here we go:

"I'm Konno Asami. Nice to meet you. I will work very hard to be a good member of Morning Musume." a very timid and shy girl spoke while bowing low before her senpai. She was introducing herself to a tall, thin older girl, who had a boyish sort of charm and posture who chuckeled at the young girl's genuineness. "Nice to meet you, my name is Yoshizawa Hitomi." the older girl announced. She wasn't very comfortable with formalities, but with all the press and other members of the group watching, she felt it was necessary to keep up appearances. Of course Asami was familiar with Hitomi, as well as all the members of the large, all female singing group. But actually meeting her in person, as with the others, had been a real thrill.
Quite a while had passed since that early encounter, Konno thought, but still she and Yoshizawa, hadn't had much opportunity to become close. It was as if her senior was a penpal living in another country who stopped by to visit every once and awhile, but was always too busy to stay long. Konno now regretted having never gotten to really know her. Shaken from her memories, Asami now faced a rampaging Hitomi, charging at her with an invisible sword. Konno figured now wasn't the best time to get reaquainted. Fortunately for her, Asami had some experience in martial-arts and had studied for while before joining the group. As the enraged Yossi swung at her, the fifth gen. was surprised at how easy it was for her to dodge Hitomi's clumsy attacks. It was almost like she wasn't really trying to hit the younger singer. Winded from her treacherous climb up to the plateu, Asami was losing the energy to keep avoiding the fourth gen.'s wild strikes. At one point, Konno had slipped in the wet ground and actually got cut by her senior's imaginary weapon. It burned cold and stung all the way to the bone. After that, Konkon was determined not to get hit with that again. As was typical of her, she was analyizing everything about this fight. She figured that whatever it was that had a hold of Yossi's body, was having trouble controlling it. Her senior's movements were wide and heavy and caused her to become over-extended often during her swings. It was Asami's opinion that Hitomi was being possesed by a spirit which was much larger than her and not used to fighting in a smaller body. Knowing this, of course, didn't help Konno in her struggle. With no way to block the mysterious sword, and not wanting to do her fellow member any harm, Asami searched for a solution, while tiredly trying to dodge Yossi's attacks. Looking around for anything to help her, the young singer happend to glance at the temple doors. Standing in front of them was the priest. He struck the staff a few times. Konno turned away just in time to twist her head out of the path of a vicous blow by the possesed fourth gen. The back ends of her hair were caught in the swipe. They instantly froze solid before shattering to the ground like icy tears. Chancing a quick glance back at the monk, she noticed he had vanished again. Asami sighed. There was no way for her to win against her senior, so she planned to out manuver her. Gathering her strength, she dodged and weaved around Hitomi's strikes until she spotted the opening she had been looking for. Yossi raised her hands up for a brutal over head chop. Konno stood in position and waited. She had remarkable control and discipline when needed. As the illusory weapon came down, she spun to the side. As in Yoshizawa's earlier swings, she had reached too far out, leaving her body wide open. Seeing the exposed area, and without thinking, Asami hammered her fist down in a chop to Hitomi's ribs. More surprised than hurt, Hitomi collasped with a heavy thud in the soaking dirt. Konkon was horrified at what she had done to her senior and instinctivly went to help her. But her attacker's angry growls stopped her immedeately, and she remembered what she was doing.

"I'm so sorry, Yoshizawa-san. Please forgive me." Asami called and bowed, while Yossi struggled to her feet. Quickly, Konno ran to the shrine, before an even angrier Hitomi could get upright. She bolted inside and closed the doors behind her then dropped the heavy bar across, to secure them. Turning around, she propped her back against the doors, closed her eyes and breathed heavily. She couldn't believe what she had just done. She prayed that Yossi would find it in her heart one day to forgive her for attacking her. The awful sorrow and despair was growing in her again, she started to cry. But even so, she maintained some morale and lifted her head up. She would be strong, she told herself. Yaguchi-san was depending on her, and that meant she had to keep it together in order to save everyone. At odds with her feelings, Asami just let go to instinct and hoped her self-preservation was enough to keep her going. After a few moments, she opened her eyes and took a look around her. She gasped loudly. Unlike the new, well kept exterior, the inside of the temple was a horror she couldn't explain. The walls looked like rotted flesh and oozed with a viscous ochre fluid. The floor was littered with bones and skulls and the ceiling was obscured by a swirling mass of dark clouds. In the center of the octaganal chamber was huge statue of a beautifull woman, that looked completely out of place in this grotesque shrine. Konno recogonized the statue right away. As she stared at it, strong, longing feelings poured out of her soul. She felt connected to it, knew it and she ached to touch it. Seeing the carving of the lovely woman brought back all the emotions that had filled her during her vision with the priest. It was a statue of...

"Hinata?" she called out loud. At the mention of that name, the whole temple rumbled. The walls began to pulse, the bones rattled on the floor and the clouds thickened and floated slowly down to finally engulf the statue. Asami was too stunned to do much more than watch the unnatural event unfold before her startled eyes. Completely covered by the shifting clouds, Konno couldn't see the statue any more. Flashes of black lightning and low thunder echoed through the pulsating chamber. With each passing second, it became more and more difficult for Asami to fight back the sheer hysteria that was overtaking her. It was only the image of Yaguchi's smilng face and words of confidence that kept the young singer on her feet and not curled up into a sobbing ball. To her shock, Konno saw someone step out of the mass of clouds. It was Hinata. Just as she had seen her in the vision. She was young, but with a dark, sinister beauty, unlike what Asami had remembered. Gone were her sweet, shy, coquetish ways. Now the servant stood as triumphant princess of darkness. She was dresssed in a long flowing kimono stained with blood. Her skin was so pale that it looked as if she might still have been a statue and a dark aura glowed around her figure. Her lovely young face was molded into a reproaching sneer as if she had contempt for the entire world and everything in it. As she stepped down from the alter, all the warmth was removed from the room and Konno fell to her knees and shivered. Every bad thought, every miserable feeling, every terrible wish in her heart rose up and overwhelmed her. The faces of all the people who had hurt her in her life appeared in her mind. All her friends and family and aquaintences had suddenly become bitter enemies to her now. She wanted to see them all suffer, she wanted to see them all die. Unable to understand how she could feel this way, Asami felt a deep selfloathing and a bitter desire to end her own life. She never believed she could have such awful blackness in her own soul and she desperately wanted to die right there. Picking through the skeletal bits on the floor, she found a particularly gruesome and sharp fragment of bone. Seizing it up in her hands, she placed the jagged point against her throat. Suddenly everything that she had ever done or said in her entire life was projected into her mind. She saw her parents and her school and her friends. She relived her audition before Tsunuku and her meeting of the other members of her fifth generation. The hard work and nights she cried herself to sleep, trying to learn the dances and lyrics and become familiar and friendly with the older members of Morning Musume, all came vividly to life for her then. She could feel a sharp sting in her neck as all the faces and places she had came to know in her years with the group flashed before her moistening eyes. The images started to get darker and fuzzier while her hand gripped the shard tighter in preperation. Her mind went blank. She inhaled sharply. She raised her arms and tensed her muscles.

"Be strong, Konkon! I know I can count on you to help us." Yaguchi wispered in her head. Konno Asami opened her eyes quickly. In the next instant everything around her had suddenly become terribly clear and real. With great effort, she rose slowly to her feet, tossing away the piece of bone. Once again her leader's words had saved her. The heinous feelings she just had, ebbed slowly way as they were replaced by the confidence and trust that Mari had given to her. Now more than ever, Konno was determined to see this through. With a deep breath, she took a brief glance around the room. Displayed before her was a scene more frightening to her than anything she had witnessed so far. Splayed out against the wall, some twenty feet off the floor, was Makoto. She hung in place, held up by some unseen force. Her face twisted in terror and eyes wide with shock. She looked like she was screaming, but she made no sounds. Hovering in front of her was the gracefull shape of the specter of Hinata. She stood in midair, kimono waving and her hair wipped about her head in an unfelt wind. In her hand she raised up a small curved sword and poised to stab it into the heart of the Konno's helpless fellow fifth gen. member. Without thinking, Asami cried out.

"NO!" Hinata instantly whirled around to face the young singer. Gone was her natural beauty. She glared at Konno with expression so hideously hateful and angry that Asami was surprised she didn't die outright, from the absolute horror of it. Somehow she remained strong and faced the nightmarish figure with determination. She wasn't sure what to do and just stood there trying to think through the rising panic. Just then a familiar noise sounded in her head. "Cla-chink!" In that instant, her course of action became painfully clear. She knew what she had to do now, and somehow she had to find the courage to follow it through.

"Take me!" she called to it at last. "Leave her alone. And take me instead." offered Konno. Makoto, regained some of her senses and noticed that she had been spared by a now endangered Konkon. She watched as the Hinata spirit glided down and readied her sword to strike down her co-member. Ogawa found her voice at that moment.

"No kon-chan! Run! Get out!" Makoto yelled down with tear filled eyes. But Asami remained firm as Hinata closed in on her. Looking up at her friend, she gave the crying Ogawa one of her typical warm and reasurring smiles. The hanging singer weeped loudly and called after Konkon.

"No! Don't do this!" But it had already been done. Hinata plunged the sword deep into Asami's tender heart. Makoto screamed and saw as the girl dropped to the floor and slolwly closed her eyes.

Once again Konno found herself standing in the long tunnel. The same colorful clouds meandered across the transparent walls and the brilliant star field appeared beyond. As before, she couldn't recall how she had gotten here. She found herself being tugged towards one end of the outworld corridor. With compelled steps, she walked slowly onward. As she moved, all the weight and pressure on her soul was being gradually lifted away. People came into view as she made her way along. She recognized them as those who had passed away. They called to her to follow. Eagerly, Asami rushded after them. After a quick jaunt, however, she stopped when she spotted a lone figure sitting off to the side and crying. Instinctivly, Konno went to her to see about helping her if she could. As she got closer, she could tell it was a girl, who was sobbing loudly. Asami gently placed her hand on her shoulder. As she did the sobbing changed. The girl convulsed and an eerie laughter replaced her cries. Konno stepped back just as the girl's head spund ninety degrees to look directly at the terrified singer from her back. Although fixed in a disgusting sneer, she could tell it was Hinata. The girl stood up and kept rising and rising until she towered over Asami by nearly twenty feet. Her sickening, contemptous laughter continued as she grew and when she stopped so did it. Gazing down at the now diminuative konkon she spoke at last.

"You'll never leave here. All of you are mine now! I will torment your souls until the end of time!" she spat at the girl, her voice dripping with a venomous disdain. Too scared to think clearly, the frightened fifth gen. dropped to her knees and stared at the vile apparition. She wanted to scream as the Hinata specter twisted her body around to align frontwards with her head, but she found herself paralyzed with sheer terror. Sensing her victim was subdued, Hinata reached down to grab the frozen singer, with her huge hand. Then something sounded in Asami's ears. A faint, but familiar ringing. A jingling, she thought she had heard before was becoming louder. Finally it was a real audible noise.

"Cla-chink!" It echoed through the tunnel. Almost immedeatly, Konno regained her senses, and she noticed the fearsome image of Hinata must have heard it as well. Turning her wicked gaze down the tunned, she glared about for the source. For a moment, the young singer was forgotten. But by now Asami knew what was happening and turned around to the see the priest standing just a few stepps behind her. While the growling form of Hinata continued to search in the direction of the sound the staff had made, the monk took hold of Konno's hand. Unlike before, his touch was warm and soft as if somehow he was suddenly real. Indeed she noticed that he was no longer a shimering, pale, ghostly entitity, but now was a colorful, solid, and handsome young man. She could tell right away why Hinata had become so infatuated with him. He gave Asami and quick nod and spoke in his usual soft, soothing voice. "It's time." Konno wasn't sure what he meant by that, but trusted him anyways. Slowly the priest faded into Asami. She was filled with warm, caring feelings and a deep love for...

"Hinata.." they called to her. Instanty Hinata's eyes went wide with disbelief, as if she was hearing the impossible. Quickly, the crooked figure of the servant girl whirled around to face who she thought was her victim, but turned out instead to be her true desire. Standing in the singer's place was the priest, just as he was when she first met him. "Hinata?" the monk spoke; Asami's presence was no longer evident. "Please come with me. There's another world waiting for us. We can be together. Just as you wanted." Hinata's evil features soften and she shrunk down to her true hight. "Just as I wanted." he finished. For a brief moment she was no longer a hidous spector, but a sad and beautiful woman. She reached out her hand to take his, but then yanked it back; the sneer and contempt returning to her pretty face.

"No! You left me! I was alone! All alone. I've always been alone..." She floated back a few paces and continuted. "They're mine now! I'll have them forever and I'll never be alone again!" As she finished, she waved her hands and the tunnel was filled with the bodies of the Morning Musume members. They looked pale and dead. Konno appeared overtop of the priest.

"What have you done to them?!" she cried. At first Hinata seemed confused to see Asami. She seethed with anger and glided her way to hover over the motionless members, her arms outstreached; her face a mask of vindictive satisfaction.

"I have taken their souls. They are mine now. And soon you will be too!" she proclaimed and charged at Asami. But in the next second, the singer was replaced by the priest. He shook his head.

"Please Hinata. Don't do this. It doesn't have to be like this. We can love each other again. Not in this world but in the next. Come with me." he pleaded holding out his hand. Startled, the Hinata became the woman again and walked a step closer. Tears formed in her eyes and the monk's. "I'll never leave you if you come with me now. Let go of this world. Let us live again, to love in the next." The poor, abused servant wanted to believe every word her lost love was telling her. All at once the darkness surrounding faded and washed away from her. Gone was any hint of her evil self, all that remained was a lonely weeping woman who rushed into the waiting arms of her would-be lover. She hugged him tightly and the tunnel became radiant with a white, wonderful light. When it dimmed finally, Hinata and the priest were standing together holding hands while Konno stood next to them. Realizing she was now seperated from the monk, she ran to her co-members.

"My friends!" she cried.

"Don't fear?" Hinata told her. "I set them free. They'll be fine soon." Asami could breath a sigh of relief. The two smiled at her. Just then a larrge white portal opened up. Holding on tightly together, they looked into each other's eyes and smiled, not the sad sorrowfull smile like before, but the genuinely happy smiles of two people in love. Konno couldn't help but cry. None of them noticed, however, that the darkness from Hinata had pooled together and oozed along the floor before stopping between the couple and the portal. It then splashed up and formed itself into the large, bear-like form of the mannor lord. Holding a bloody sword he laughed.

"They may be fine, but you will not be!" he declared angrily, then ran at Hinata ready to take a swing at her. The priest's staff saved her from being cut down. He stood in front of her. "You little fool!" the lord yelled. "I killed you once, and I'll destroy you again!" he spoke, raising his arms to strike. The monk shifted his staff to block the blow from the lord. The force of the attack nearly sent him to his knees, but he managed to manuver himself next to the portal. The manor lord jumped back, took a different stance and repositioned his weapon. The priest knew he was prepairing a deadly assault. He grabbed hold of Hinata's arm.

"Go!" he shouted, looking into the portal. "Go get out. I'll hold him off." Hinata gripped him even tighter.

"NO! You promised you wouldn't leave me! You promised we would be together forever!" she cried pulling at his sleeve. Just then the lord charged. The instant he made his attack, the monk knew he couldn't avoid it. He grabbed his lover's kimono and with tears in his eyes, hurled her into the portal. As she faded away into the whiteness her last sight was that of her true love being struck down.
Konno screamed and rushed to his side. She wasn't sure how someone already dead could get hurt so badly, but for the first time in her life, didn't bother to analyze it. The manor lord stood over them, smug and laughing. She knelt down and wispered to him. He seemed barely concious, but she spoke anyways.

"I'll lead him away. You get into that portal." she ordered. The monk raised a hand in objection, but Konno grabbed it tightly. "No arguments." she told him. "I have a plan." Another first in her life...she lied. The priest pointed to his staff. It was nearly cut in two. The bear-like lord was reaching down to take hold of the monk, but Asami moved to stand between them. "Your not taking him!" she told him, trying to sound tough and determined. Again the lord broke out into laughter. Neither he nor Konno saw that the monk had crawled his was to the staff. It wasn't until he struck it against the floor and rattled it rings, that they both realized it.

"Cla-chink!" it sounded. "CLA-CHINK!" it echoed. The clouds of the tunnel turned red and the star field beyond became a raging lava pit. Startled, the lord raised his sword defensively and looked around nervously. The white portal was slowly turning red. The priest tugged at Asami's skirt. She helped him to his feet and together they edged close to the portal. "Thank you." wispered. And handed her the staff, with a wink, before slipping into the portal. The moment he dissapeared into it, it turned blood red. Now Konno was standing alone in front of the red cirlce of light holding a nearly broken old staff. The lord had had enough, and he was about to finish things with the priest when he turned and noticed that he was gone. Only the wisp of a girl remained. Enraged, he held his sword up and charged at the young singer. Konno had been watching his fight with the monk and realized his fighting style was the same as Yossi's had been, when she and Asami had fought outside the temple. She knew what to expect from him, and this time...she was armed. Assuming the proper stance, she held the staff ready and awaited the attack. As she had predicted he made a wild heavy swing that swept wide. Konno raised her staff, but it got fully cut in half. She had been anticipating this and gripped the two new pieces firmly in her hands, before ducking low. Now the lord was fully vulnerable, she struck the wooden rod right into the back of his knee. He howled and hopped a few steps before completely loosing his balance and falling. Konkon hadn't realized it, but she had managed to set him up to plumet right into the blood-red portal. As he fell in, gnarled boney hands grabbed at him and pulled him deeper within until he disappeared out of site and only his angry cries echoed and then faded away to silence. Asami stood for a long time just staring at the portal before it closed and winked out of sight. The corridor was becoming hazzy now and less real. Quickly, she ran to her fellow members. They just lay there, silent and pale. Konno fell to her knees and begged them, through her tears and sobs, to wake up. She watched horrified as one by one the started to vanish. She screamed and called out to them, but they continued to dissappear. Suddenly, a voice mumbled in her ear and as it became clearer and louder, she became weaker and heavier. Finally she fell to the floor and closed her eyes, but before lossing conciousness, she could could hear lots of people and cars and then she was out.


Tokohiro Jun stepped cautiously over the protective police tape. It surrouned several hundred feet of rural countryside. On one side, throngs of people, young and old, stood in the drizzyly gray afternoon, most with umbrellas, but many without; concern and curiosity painted on their faces. On the other side, Jun positioned herself in front of a TV camera. Around her, police vehicles and ambulances were parked, their lights flashing. Cops and paramedics milled about busily behind her, checking the nearby grounds. Jun, dressed smartly and carrying a microphone with the distinctive NHK logo on it, tidied up briefly, checking her make-up. The camera man waved her to one side she stepped a bit to the left. Addressing the camera she began to speak.
"I'm standing here in the muddy fields of the Kamagura Prefecture. Normaly a quite farming community, its now a beehive of activity as police and rescue workers struggle with recent accident. An accident involving a bus that carried none other than the popular singing group: Morning Musume. Reports are sketchy right now and its yet to be determined exactly how the vehical had crashed. A confirmed report states that the driver of the bus was killed. As for the members of the all girl group: authorities say it was touch and go there for a while. Someof the girls are in critical condition, but the rest are stable and they're all being rushed to the hospital as I speak." Behind her, two paramedics, pushed a gurney with an unconcious girl, towards an awaitng ambulance. Jun crossed to the yellow tape, and the camera fouced on her and the crowd behind her. "As you can see.." she started again. "Many of their fans and locals have turned out to check on their beloved group. Now we spoke with some locals earlier, but none of them witnessed anything that happened here this evening." Pausing briefly, she chuckled. "However we did get an unusual story from one of the residents here." She pulled an ancient looking lady out from the behind the tape and brought her to stand beside her. The old woman was nearly half the hight of Jun and the camera man had to duck down to get her in the shot. She wore an old tradiaitonal kimono, though it was well worn and faded. And she had so many wrinkles it was hard see her facial features. Jun cleared her throat then spoke to the woman. "Now would kindly repeat the tale you told us earlier?" she asked politely and lowered the microphone to her the woman's mouth.

"Certainly." the woman replied, her voice dry and brisk like sandpaper. "I had to say a special prayer for those girls ya know. You see. This used to be the provence a lowly lord. Originally, this land was only for farming, and when he came to build his home here, the village leader placed a curse on these lands, saying that evil spirits will haunt this place if its used for anything but farming. The lord ignored him of course and built a mansion on this very spot." she said tapping the ground with her foot befor continuing. "Well needless to say he came to no good. His lands didn't prosper and his soldier couldn't fight. He even tried to build a shrine here, but the monks refused to bless it. And in the end he wound up murdering his wife and killing a priest and then he killed an entire enterouge from a neighboring land before killing himself. After that the mansion was burned to the ground and the lands farmed." She then leaned into the camera and spoke. "Late at night you can hear the anquished cries of those he's murdered and the innocent travellers his ghost has caught and tortured and..." Just then Ms. Tokohiro cut her off.

"Thank you. Thank you for that lovely story." she said shuffling the old woman back behind the tape. "Well there ya have it, maybe ghosts caused the the bus to crash. But let's not make light of the poor bus driver and the serious condition these girls are in. We'll keep you up to date as reports come in. This is Tokohiro Jun reporting in Kamagura for NHK news. Good night."

Well that's it. I hoped you enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and I'll try to do better on the next one. Later.
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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
« Reply #14 on: July 19, 2009, 05:49:49 AM »
I just read this whole thing in one go, which is amazing for me considering I usually don't like the horror genre. However, the way that Jab did this, it seemed to be more like an episode of The Outer Limits than it seemed to be one of the Friday The 13th movies. While I had to pause every now and then while I was reading it, the story just drew me in the further along I went. One thing I really liked was how he gradually made Konkon the savior (which wasn't that surprising considering how much of a Konkon fanboy he was at the time this was written), but he didn't make it a "Konkon-centric" fic.  It was definitely a "Morning Musume fic." Everyone had their role to play, no one was left out. Even the ending, with it's lack of explanations and all it's loose ends, was done in a way that's satisfying and simple enough that you as the reader would not really have any desire to pursue it and try and get more details. The story's done, the girls, though injured, are all alive...and that's really all that we needed when you come right down to it.

Nicely done there Jab. Nicely done. :cheers

And thanks Commie for finding and sharing this jem. :thumbsup

JPH!P :heart:'s kuro808, Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
« Reply #15 on: July 19, 2009, 01:45:04 PM »
Thanks for posting this Commie, I started reading @midnight, and its 4:45 now. great read, now I have to goto bed. Jab, you are missed.
Life is one time.

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Re: Jabronisaur's Story
« Reply #16 on: July 20, 2009, 11:49:57 PM »
One pretty epic tale. I shall read where Jab knows I read my stories :P

Thanks again Commie, for revealing this side I never knew, then again, he knows what I like haha

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