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Title: [Perfume] Perfume Expo
Post by: Shipyon on December 29, 2010, 05:22:02 AM
In the 2010. Perfume finally have their Expo. They are so happy. The go into the building. As the walk in the fans is screaming so loud.

"I am so happy to see them really love us"

"I know We are like those really famous star walking on the red carpet"

"My heart is pumping so hard"

Suddenly 2 fans of A~Chan asking for autograph. A~Chan signed for them

"Thx you for the autography"

"you are welcome"

"A~Chan you know you getting prettier lately. Do your best"

"I will. Thanks you"

We walked into the bulding and walked in the backstage. We prepare our outfit. A hour later. The expo have started. We go up to the stage.

"Welcome to Perfume expo"

"Thx you for supporting us"

"This is the day of the expo and it is the 10th anniversary. Let start the show"

After this they start singing. They first song is Nee~. The fan scream so hard and have so much fun. Then. They sing 8 song

01. Nee
02. Polyrhythm
03. Chocolate Disco
Mc 1
04. Dream Fighter
05. Negai
06. Fushizen na Girl
Mc 2
08. Computer City

After the concert.

"Thx you for coming. Hope you guys have fun tonight"

"See you outside at the autograph"

At the autograph event. They use a hour to finish the whole signing. So much fans get their poster and let the member sign it. After the expo. They get so much popular.

Story: DJ HADE