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Author Topic: X Japan rocks Seattle  (Read 13799 times)

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X Japan rocks Seattle
« on: October 04, 2010, 05:13:58 AM »
My first attempt at an offical report, please bear with me.

     First off thanks to Daigong for getting me the press pass that got me to the stage for the first three songs.

  Amazing would be a bit short when descibing the X Japan concert.
  Although they are known to me, I am not a dedicated fan and as such don't have a detailed list of songs(Check photos, did get a couple of pics of setlist).

I got there a couple of hours early because I was unsure of what the press pass would entail. I also brought along a couple of mini cd singles of their'se I got back in '96 while in Japan in the Navy hoping to get them signed.(no such luck)
 Waiting with the croud the energy started to build, and where we were in line you could hear them practicing pretty clearly.

Finally 630 came and it was time to get the press pass. It came with a ticket and a patch/sticker that maked me as a photogrpher for the show.
700pm and the doors opened up. Pretty orderly and straight forward untill you get to the merch table.  Took a bit but got to the seller and picked up a X Japan Tee w/ a dragon in the X.
Had to wait almost a half hour for more doors to open into the actuall theatre, I spent the time finding out if the ticket I previously purchased or the press ticket would be better seating.
My ticket was quite a bit closer if not abit to the right of center(press was center but near back of theatre)

  The opening act was Vampires Everywhere, and well they didn't totally suck. They're on the heavy metal side that involves lots of screaming and thats just not for me. The Guitarists and the drummer were very good. Not much to talk about, I spent most of my time thinking about getting up front and getting my camera set to go.

   After their set and it looked like the roadies were almost done setting up for X, I headed to the stage and found my way to the photo pit.
I talked with a security guy for a bit and he gave me some earplugs(thanks man you saved my ears).

I got situated near the center and all of a sudden there goes from 3 to about 15 people in the pit taking pics of the stage.
Once the lights went down the crowd went nuts, and the music started. The rest was a blurr, I'm all over,  the musics amazing, trying to stay out of others shots, trying to get shots without getting other photogs, and all around mayhem.
That was pretty much my summary for the first three songs.

After the three songs, we were sent back to our seats and from then on was able to relax and enjoy the amazing show.
Afterwards a lot of us went to the side of the theatre and were fenced off aways from the back doors and the tour busses waiting for them to leave in order to get their attention and maybe get something signed.  It took hours and they were letting the members out one at a time, they were getting into a rented van and sent off somewhere.
The van had to stop at a red light while still on our block and I thought the screaming fangirls might topple the van while Yoshiki was inside trying to get away.

And that was my night, sorry for the lack  of details, I'm not much for words Don't use them much. All I can say is that if they come anwhere near where you are,  GO SEE THEM!
below is a link to the photos taken.













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Re: X Japan rocks Seattle
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2010, 07:18:06 AM »
So damn jealous. X-Japan is my favorite J-rock/Visual Kei band of all time.

Good review, and props to daigong, for helping you out with that press pass.

Oh, Photobucket albums needs a password. :P Think you could give us a hand. 

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Re: X Japan rocks Seattle
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2010, 05:29:02 PM »
Sorry set to private after having to sign forms to  get the pass. Unlocked now
Life is one time.

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Re: X Japan rocks Seattle
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2010, 03:59:50 PM »
Ohh, nice report and setlist, though, I am sad that Orgasm wasnt listed, /cry.

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