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Author Topic: [KARA] Honey I Love You, but I'm Not Gonna Smile [CHAPTER 2 UP]  (Read 7301 times)

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Well, I got bored doing my English homework so I thought I'd try writing some fiction. When I realised that I wanted to write a fanfic, I decided upon KARA because there don't seem to be any on JPHiP yet :O That, and I'm more confident in my knowledge about KARA than other groups, so I figured that this would make my writing more believable. I know there'll be some historical errors and the like all over the place, but I don't really intend to stay strictly accurate. Please give me some feedback because this is my first time ever writing a fanfic, so it would be much appreciated :D I plan to keep this going, but first I want to know what people think.

Oh right, I should probably add, this fanfic is based around Gyuri & Jiyoung, or as I call them - mama & bubz. Not to worry, it's clean :grin:

Chapter 1

You are the diamond of my sky,
I will treasure you forever more.

A half-empty, half-full bottle of Bud (“It’ll make your flower bloom!”) was surprisingly soothing for the steady ebb of pain that throbbed in some once far off place. Greasy, fried chicken drumsticks seemed to take out vengeance for the loss of a body by going straight into another pair of legs. However, thunder thighs could be accepted, even welcomed, if the dull ache in the heart faded away. Kwon Yuri had a pair herself and she seemed perfectly content, strutting around like she owned the town. The trade-off? Good-bye, luscious, porcelain skin.

Park Gyuri licked her arm. It tasted of sweat, making the lone wolf cringe. Goddesses don’t sweat, she mused to herself. Despite the light-headedness brought on by the alcohol, a heavy heart kept Gyuri grounded below sea level. She was too depressed to consider common logic and reason; she just needed to disappear for at least a little while, but it seemed that no matter how fair the mirror on her bedroom wall told her she was, this goddess could not be made invisible. So while she remained planted firmly in the one place, where was everyone else?

Being in the entertainment industry from an early time in her childhood, Gyuri was given no choice but to either adapt to the gruelling demands made on her or to just quit right then and there. To be like ‘all the other kids’ was not an ideal held close to her young heart. No, standing out and being appreciated for her talents had always been the priority. She remembered that no one her age ever willingly approached her back then, before her appearance suddenly became described as ‘majestically European’ and ‘like that of a Greek goddess’. Acting took out all the wonderment and intrigue surrounding the concept of boys, while all the other doll-like munchkins thought such a thing to be taboo. Quite clear was the memory of a lunchbreak one nippy, winter afternoon, when all the prissy, bundles of joy that were her classmates were excitedly discussing in turn the most fabled romance associated with Spring Fever. One girl mentioned a famous actor of the time, Sung Jin, who happened to be well quoted for his revered words of wisdom in a little corner called Love, “The beauty of the feminine grace makes me weep.” Everyone but Gyuri giggled at the thought of Jin (that was one word in the Korean dictionary that could make a girl pull on her own hair) picking each of them as his chosen one. Not quite on the same wavelength, Gyuri joined in on the high pitched laughter and exclaimed with practised enthusiasm, “I bet for me Jin would grovel on his knees and beg to have my babies! Imagine a pregnant Jin!!!” Gyuri grinned from ear to ear. The other girls didn’t. She was 8 years old.

Times had felt so much simpler back then even with all the training and filming that filled her schedule. Now the goddess had lost her heavenly glow and the bite of humanity was starting to hurt on the inside. Nothing would be the same again after so much change. Unexpected events arose, giving way to new emotions that hadn’t been felt before. Right now, spicy sauce chicken drumsticks and booze were the closest things to a shoulder to lean on.

Park Gyuri groaned as her plain, but reliable mobile chimed a generic tune, telling her, “Hohoho~ I have you now,” which could be translated to, “You have 1 new message.” Gyuri never translated. Reluctantly, she lethargically slid the makeshift coaster from under her bottle of unfinished beer, wiped the water droplets off it on her highly absorbent cardigan and checked the message.

The others already went to sleep, but I wanted to stay up to see you...
I’ll wait for you in your bed and keep it warm for you ^^
You’d better hurry or there’s no telling what might become of it... keke...
I’ll be waiting~ ”

Gyuri didn’t need to check the caller ID to know who the bed-napper was, but she looked anyway, knowing that it would comfort her. “Bubz,” she mouthed as the corners of her lips turned upwards into a gentle smile. Downing the rest of her beer and throwing away the remains of her midnight feast, Gyuri replied to the text message as she left the building:

“If I find so much as a drop of chilli sauce or a chocolate stain
Don’t blame me when your bum is bruised blacker than Sooyoung unnie~

By the way...

...thanks, I love you~”

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Re: [KARA] Honey I Love You, but I'm Not Gonna Smile
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Well, I did it. Just finished writing and proof reading Chapter 2. I forgot to mention in the first post that this is indeed meant to be quite a cute fanfic. When I started writing this, I had in mind a slice of life manga I've read called 'Flat; You Asked For It'. The simplicity of it is just so ingenious and it works brilliantly. I kept this in mind, trying to make the events in this story more believable. This chapter turned out to be longer than I planned it to be, but hey, it's short compared to some other writers' fanfic chapters, I'm sure :P I started writing this chapter last night, only got about a paragraph done before going to sleep. My sequence of action for this chapter changed from what I was originally planning and as a result I ended up staying up again. I personally prefer the way that this chapter turned out as opposed to how I had originally planned.

Well, I'm tired, so I'll stop typing words and publish this post already.

Chapter 2

I don’t need a teddy bear
When I have your love as a blanket.

Kang Jiyoung slept unperturbed early into the crisp, Friday morning, which marked the beginning of the third and final month of autumn. Despite the best efforts of the air conditioner, the biting cold seeped in through the glass of the room window, making heavy-duty dressing gowns the latest fashion statement. Chilly though it was, the baby of the apartment felt nothing but warmth snuggled up against the soft skin of Park Gyuri.

The goddess woke up gently and went to reach for her phone on the bedside table, only her arm wouldn’t move. She craned her neck slightly to lay her eyes upon a slumbering Jiyoung who had meshed their arms and legs in an effective lock. Gyuri sighed, knowing full well from experience that to move would mean either being suffocated or having her bones broken - both top of the range choices. She spoke in a soft, tender voice, “Jiyoung, time to get ready for school~”

The small net-like heap groaned and withdrew its arms and legs, curling up further under the bed covers on the other side, releasing the quick thinking leader into a world of physical freedom. Indeed, it was a school day, but the clock on her phone told her it was only 5AM. She’d let the growing child sleep for at least another hour. Her lips then broke into a tired grin. Works every time.

Easing into her slippers at her bedside, Gyuri looked to find that Seungyeon was not in her bed. Probably off doing God-knows-what on her laptop again, she thought to herself. Getting up, she peered into the mirror and almost laughed out loud, So this is what a goddess looks like after a beer, fried chicken and 4 hours of sleep. She knew it wouldn’t be well-received, but Gyuri set the alarm on her phone to go off at 6AM to wake up the still-sleeping Jiyoung. As she placed the mobile back on the bedside table, she noticed that the room’s dirty clothes basket at the foot of the hamster’s bed was tipped over on the floor. Goddess or not, she wouldn’t expect anyone else to clean up the mess, so she stood the basket upright and threw in the escaped clothes, before making her way out of the room to make breakfast.


Baby Jiyoung woke up to the sound of So Nyeo Shi Dae’ early days song, ‘Kissing You’, which was less than appreciated at six in the morning. Turning off the alarm after what felt like an eternity of infernal sound pollution, the youngest of the house family got up and shuffled over to the room she shared with Goo Hara and Jung Nicole, rubbing her eyes and not bothering to care that her feet were becoming icicles without her novelty rice cake slippers – a welcoming gift from the goddess herself when she newly joined the group along with Hara.

As the high school student got changed into her visually unappealing uniform, Nicole hovered around the room, looking quite pleased with herself. “Why are you so perky at this time? Did someone tweet you something ‘so sweet’ or ‘hilarious beyond compare’?” Jiyoung inquired derisively. Despite seizing the opportunity to sleep with Gyuri in her bed without any major complaints, the baby’s mood was heavier than her schoolbag.

“Now, now, don’t go twisting your love heart panties in a knot,” Nicole jested, “Or do,” she smirked with her eyes threatening to becoming hidden behind twin moons. It was not often that anyone in KARA had ever gotten the upper hand over the youngest, except for the leader, of course. The Yank knew she had stumbled upon something golden and she would not pass it up.

Earlier that morning, Nicole had gotten up to get a glass of water and noticed that Jiyoung wasn’t in her bed. At great risk to herself (as past experience had taught her), she crept into her unnies’ bedroom to find the ‘mother’ and her ‘child’ cuddled up in bed, more tightly than they’d ever dare to admit. Moving closer to Han Seungyeon’s bed to get a better view of the adorable pair, Nicole carefully drew out her mobile and became the paparazzi for a few moments before hurrying back to her room to sleep.

Now was the right time to coerce the little bread bun into loyal servitude and Nicole wasted no time hesitating. She whipped her phone in front of her fellow member’s face, revealing the scandalous material that she’d gone to great lengths to get her hands on. Just thinking about her achievement, her smile and eyes were soon on high beam. Jiyoung’s face was not too different. This wasn’t following the script.

“Oh, you’re right, that is funny! But you know what’s even better?” the school kid’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she pulled out her own phone. “This video of your first filmed kiss - oh, how romantic!!! And you kept running around in circles just because of a few boy germs. Smooth – I bet all my followers on Twitter will think so too~”

At that moment, everything that meant anything in Jung Nicole’s life vanished into thin air. She had been so close – close enough that she could almost taste the victory! She took her phone back from Jiyoung’s bouncing hands and deleted the photo, before falling back onto her bed. She sighed, Living with her is more gruelling than my schedule. Feeling quite proud of herself, the baby member of KARA walked out of her room to breakfast, with her roommate trailing a few metres behind her.

Goddess in public, goddess in the kitchen. Park Gyuri had been cooking the large majority of the girls’ meals in the apartment for some years now and had an alter ego behind the stove who was known as Master Om. Quite fittingly, she could cook up a mean omelette, which was made kind with a cheerful, smiling face of tomato sauce. She slid a full plate over to the uniform-clad minor, knowing that she had to leave for school in a few minutes. The omelette was ungraciously shovelled into the mouth of what must have seemed a demon to its helplessly, chirpy face.

By the time the little monster had cleaned her plate, Gyuri was holding a box containing a homemade lunch in front of her. Jiyoung rushed to hold the naturally radiant chef in a tight hug and then took her lunch, walking out of the apartment. As the door closed shut behind her, the painful cries of her Nicole unnie could be heard.
During breakfast, she had spied Master Om spooning copious amounts of ground chilli into her unnie’s omelette. She grinned as she walked to the bus stop, realising that the sharp leader must have caught on to Nicole’s secret operations in her own manner. This was a bright start to the last day of the school week, but it only served as another distraction from what was eating away at Kang Jiyoung inside.
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Re: [KARA] Honey I Love You, but I'm Not Gonna Smile [CHAPTER 2 UP]
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2010, 02:07:01 AM »
Excellent writing! First time reading KARA fanfic and a great choice on my part.

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Re: [KARA] Honey I Love You, but I'm Not Gonna Smile [CHAPTER 2 UP]
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Thanks, that means a lot to me :D

Since before even finishing chapter two, I've had ideas of what I want to do for the next two chapters, but I just haven't had the time to start writing them. I'm ecstatic to finally get some feedback, but I won't be able to start writing again until I finish school in early November. It's a shame, but for now I'll have to put school first.

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Re: [KARA] Honey I Love You, but I'm Not Gonna Smile [CHAPTER 2 UP]
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dude you should have told me you were going into fic writing XD

the chapters are awesome mang :thumbup
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Re: [KARA] Honey I Love You, but I'm Not Gonna Smile [CHAPTER 2 UP]
« Reply #5 on: October 22, 2010, 11:40:01 AM »
nice  :)
would lke for more.. it's addicting  :inlove:
아직도 열심히 =)

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