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Japanese / Re: Minami Hamabe / 浜辺美波
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Minami san in a funny clip below - very burikko

浜辺美波 ぶりっこ
H!P Crapola / Re: The Hello! Project Postwhoring Thread
« Last post by muppet on January 15, 2019, 11:50:44 PM »
Yuko Araki adds another Hello Project
Member to her photo op trophy collection

Airi Suzuki X Yuko Araki
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Sakura Gakuin
« Last post by vlinorman on January 15, 2019, 05:54:54 PM »
Hinata is adult

The Official NGT48 Girls Forum / Re: [NGT48] RITTAN ~ The Suguhara Riko Thread
« Last post by vlinorman on January 15, 2019, 05:36:07 PM »
Mahohon and Riko chan

Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
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« Last post by wantutri46 on January 15, 2019, 01:23:26 PM »

"But someone taught me that no matter how complicated it is, no matter how hard to understand it, if you really sincerely love someone then you will do everything to tell her how much she mean to you."

Rain pouring so hard, she didn't expect it to be like this and so unlucky of her to forget her own umbrella. She doesn't have a friends to ask to stay under the umbrella together, everyone thought she's weird. She admit it that's why she's always alone with her stuff toys.

She sighed, hoping the rain will stop and gets home before it get dark. Feeling cold and alone in the classroom is worse, she thought.

Until her peaceful afternoon interrupt by a first year high school girl who stormed inside their classroom, looked nervous and flustered. She then heard a group of laughter outside.

"Do your best Hirate-chan!"

She notice the red shades cover the girl face as she cursed under her breath.

Questions filled her mind but she chose not to speak, until both of them stare at each other eyes. The girl face turn more red.

The other day, a question stick to her mind from the book she's reading. A question of how does it feel when someone confess to you. She have no idea, she never imagine it. It never cross to her mind but it make her think, what does it really feel?

And it seems today, her question got an answer.

"W-Watanabe Rika-san, I like you. Please go out on a date with me?"

And at the situation like this, she could only mutter a small, "Eh?"

She experienced it for the first time and she doesn't know what to do or to say. It caught her off guard that's why she rejected her, if you could count that she bow her head to her and run away without saying a word. She didn't mind the rain that drenched her, she just wanted to go home. She have no idea why she's so scare.

She went home drenched, her mother asked her what happened and she didn't answer her. Her mother scolded her after that but the words didn't pierce her because her mind is occupied by what happened earlier. After she changed to dry clothes, her mother prepared her a hot chocolate.

"Mom, I think I'm going to die." She said then she received a smack in the head from her mother.

"What are you saying Rika?"

She tightly grip to her left chest. "My.." She looked down and feel her cheeks heat. "My heart is beating fast."

What happened result her to a fever. Nights didn't came easy for her, she kept thinking of the girl and why she's feeling this way. It scares her. She rested and took a two days absent.

Hirate Yurina first saw her in the school garden, eating alone with a cat. Her smile is beautiful, her eyes twinkling to everything she see and sincerity is visible to her face. That's what made her interest to her. She always see her wearing that pretty smile though she's always alone and seem outcast by her own classmates. Nothing really particular happen between them but she's really attractive to her eyes.

And what made her more interested to her is when she saw her kindness. She's going home that time when she saw her giving food to the beggar kids and playing one of them. She think, she's childish but she's cute.

Since then, she didn't realizes that she's falling to her. She secretly took all the information about her. Her name, likes and dislikes, her grade and section, she also didnt mind their age gap. She love when she saw her, her eyes always spotted her even though in the crowd. She wants to walk in the college building though it's the opposite way of their own building. Well, she wants to see her always. She can't help but to babble her to her friends everytime she see her.

And it's too late for her to realizes that a mere crush turn into deep. She wants more, she want to talk to her and to know her better. She wants Rika to know her.

That's why when she confessed and got no answer, her world shattered into pieces. She cried and cried but in the end, she realizes that she's wrong. Her confession is wrong, maybe it scares the girl and she can't accept the rejection when she haven't show any to prove herself that she likes her. Mustering her broken courage, she told to herself that she's going to do her best from now on.

She learned from her friends that Rika got sick and she felt bad for that, mustering again her courage she wait for Rika class to finish. She want to introduce herself properly and give the chicken soup she cooked with her mother.

She heard the bell ring, quickly picking her bag and told her friends that she's going first. She's nervous and she never heard her heart beat louder just thinking that she's going to see her senpai again but mostly she's excited and happy at the same time.

As she arrived in front of Rika classroom, she saw her first. A smile showed to Hirate face. She practices mentally all the things she's going to say again and when Rika walk to the door, she bravely block her and put her smile.

"Senpai, good afternoon." She try her best to remove the trembling from her voice. Rika eyes turn wide as she saw the other girl again, she feel her cheeks turning hot.

But before Hirate can follow her sentence, Rika nervously lower her head and run away from her. "I'm sorry."

Again, it broke Hirate heart. Rika must already had a bad impression to her and she think, it's all her fault.

Her friends teases her, saying that she have no chance with her. Taking it all from her heart, she really think so but still a part of her saying that she shouldn't give up when she haven't show anything. So she didn't.

She start by slipping a love letter to Rika locker and when she secretly waited for the girl to open her locker, she notices how Rika face turn red after she read the letter she slipped in. Seeing that, it give her motivation.

It rains again, she saw Rika standing in the porch, watching the rain fall down. She maybe forgot her own umbrella, Hirate thought.

Taking a deep breathe and mentally practicing the words she's going to say before she decide to walk towards her.


Rika turn her head to her and turn red again. Hirate knew what's going to happen so she stop her before she run away again.

"Please don't run, I just wanted to give you this." Hirate lend her umbrella, Rika look at it then to her face. "It's getting late, you should go home."

Rika shook her head, lower her head as she pressed her lips. "N-No, i-its yours."

Hirate feel her heart skip a beat, Rika finally speak and her voice is so soft.

She's so cute. Rika thought.

"No, I'm fine. My brother will fetch me with a car." She replied but Rika stayed her eyes down, really embarrassed so Hirate decide to pull her hand and put the umbrella which surprise the other girl.

"Please take care on your way home." Hirate softly smile. "Senpai, I really like you and I mean no harm."

She didn't know what courage she have at that moment to let out those words. But she's happy, leaving the clueless Rika and running away in the middle with a big smile and feeling giddy.

But what happened didn't really progress their relationship as Rika avoid her more and turn nervous whenever they bump to each other or see. And it's getting Hirate frustrated, she really doesn't know what to do anymore.

"I don't really know what to do anymore." She suddenly mumble but enough for her friend to heard. She mindlessly dribbling the ball while looking at the floor. Miho sit beside her, tapping her shoulder.

"Love is really complicated, isn't it?" Miho chuckle as she play the ball to her hands, they are both sitting in the bench, resting after their practice in the basketball club.

"Yeah, you're right."

"But someone taught me that no matter how complicated it is, no matter how hard to understand it, if you really sincerely love someone then you will do everything to tell her how much she mean to you."

Hirate look at Miho like her another head grow from her then realizing what Miho said, they both end up laughing and only stop when their captain told them to shut up and go home.

Bidding goodbye to her friend Miho, she take the another hallway. Walking and still thinking what Miho said, somehow it went smoothly to her mind. She guess, she really didn't do everything for Rika to realizes that she likes her. She think.

As she walks and pass by to the garden where she first saw Rika, a unexpected person caught her eyes.


Rika standing in front of the tree, tilting her head up and her face seem worried. Hirate wonder why, so she narrowed her eyes to the thing Rika's looking at and find out that there's a cat up in the tree.

Worried and not thinking twice, Hirate move towards her. And when she arrived near Rika, her heart clench a little when she saw Rika sad and worried face.

"Senpai, what's wrong?"

Rika pressed her lips again, looking down and up again. "Pe-chan.."

Hirate arched her eyebrow. "Pe-chan?"

"Pe-chan is stuck up in the tree, I'm scare to climb. I'm worried to Pe-chan."

Slowly sinking what she's pertaining, Hirate nodded her head and look up to see the cat, crying and tightly holding to the branch of the tree. She look at Rika again and seeing her not wearing her peaceful smile is hurting her, she don't want to see like this.

"W-what are you doing?" Rika asks when she saw Hirate removing her shoes. The short haired girl just smile at her and wink.

"I'm going to get Pe-chan."

Rika widened her eyes a little. "Eh? W-why? I-its dangerous."

Hirate took a deep breathe after she removed her shoes and place it properly in the side. "It doesnt matter, what important is to save Pe-chan right, Senpai?"

Rika stare at her, didn't know what to say but before she compose her words, Hirate already walk towards the tree and climb.

Rika watches her with hands clamped together while Hirate climb the tree carefully. The truth is Hirate is also scare to climb a tree, the last time did is she fell and received a broken arm. It still scares her and told to herself that she's not going to climb a tree no matter what.

But why she's doing it now? Hiding the nervous and doing her best to remove the sadness in Rika face? Is this what love really can do?

Carefully placing her feet and holding, she finally on the branch where the cat is. She look down and drowned in fear from the high, she tightly grip to the branch and she can feel her hands getting sweaty.

"Pe-chan," She called the cat which look at her mutely. "Pe-chan," she extend her hand to the cat. "Pe-chan, come near me, Senpai is worried to you."

But to her surprise, the cat jumped down to Rika leaving her in the tree. She mentally cursed but it change when she saw Rika become happy and relieved, hugging the traitor cat. Somehow, she can't help but to smile too.

"G-get down, it's dangerous." She woke up from reality, remembering she's still up in the tree. And it starts for her heart to beat louder, her hands tremble and her mind get hazy.

"Please be careful." She heard Rika sweet voice and somehow it made her brave, fighting the fear and doing her best to climb down.

But still, she can't still do it.

Hirate hear Rika voice before she passes out.

"You should be grateful that you only have a scratch in your leg and arm, Hirate. Thank God you didn't broke your arms again."

Hirate could only shyly scratch her head as she bowed down to the doctor before the school doctor left her alone in the clinic room, sitting in the bed.

She's really grateful that she only had this and not the worse. She really don't know what happened after she passed out, she just woke up in the bed and her wounds already cleaned. Her eyes search for the certain girl but its nowhere to be found.

She looked outside the window and found herself smiling, just thinking of Rika smiling face made her smile too. She must be idiot for smiling like this despite the wounds she received.


A familiar voice called her that made her jumped a little, widened her eyes.


Rika look at her with innocent eyes as she lower her head again and pressed her lips, her habit that Hirate noticed. Hirate is confuses and surprise when the elder girl walk towards her and stand beside the bed, carrying the cat in her arms.

Seeing the cat again, Hirate remember how the cat betrayed her but mostly her attention caught by the girl.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault." Rika said as she bowed, Hirate quickly shake her hands.

"No, it's not your fault Senpai."

Rika looked up and Hirate saw the tears forming in her eyes. "It's my fault why it happened to you. I'm really sorry, Hirate-chan."

Staring at her face, Hirate unconsciously lift her hand and gently wipe the tears from Rika cheeks using her thumb.

She smiled softly to her, feeling the butterflies roaming inside her stomach. "It's not really your fault Senpai, please don't cry."

She's about to pull her hand when Rika hold it and nervously squeezes her hand, surprising the younger girl. 

"A-also," she avert her gazes, she think she's going to faint because of embarrassment but muster her courage to return the gaze. "Also, I'm sorry for avoiding you. It's just that I'm really shy a-and.."

She stop her. "It's okay Senpai, it's really alright."

Silence filled them, only their own hearts beating nervously.


Hirate look at her, eyes curious and starting to love the way she called her name. Rika pressed her lips as she took a deep breath.

"Are you busy this coming Sunday?" Rika asks, Hirate tilt her head at her sudden question but she answer back.

"Yes, I think so."

It caught her off guard when Rika gently smile at her, it's the first she smile at her and Hirate think her world stop spinning for a moment.

"If you're not busy then I would like you  to invite to my house, Mom going to cook a lot of food." Rika fish a piece of paper from her pocket and give it to Hirate. "Email me so I can tell you my address."

The cat meow and Watanabe Rika left her dumbfounded. Slowly letting the words Rika said and the paper that has Rika email address to her mind.

Hirate felt her cheeks heat and can't stop herself from smiling widely, smacking her forehead and silly for too late to realized it.

A date.

Hirate couldn't blame the cat anymore because if not for Pe-chan, Rika wouldn't ask her for a date. Hirate could only worship Pe-chan at this moment and thinking the pain from her wounds are really worth it.


A innocent and fluff TECHIPE 💚

The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The BEYOOOOONDS Thread
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