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Re: [OS] Siblings [Gekikara x Miso]
« Reply #20 on: August 23, 2013, 12:15:33 AM »
I'll be blunt.

I think this many mistakes that exist in this OS should be avoided at any cost but...

I loved the story itself and I want more Geki gics from you~
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Re: [OS] Special Class [WMatsui xtra MariHaru]
« Reply #21 on: May 21, 2014, 07:03:53 AM »
New reader!~

HKT48 is so.....


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Date..[GekiBlack, Sado x Torigoya, Shaku x Gakuran][OS]
« Reply #22 on: June 20, 2014, 08:45:19 AM »
It's been a while I post fic at jphip..LOL...maybe cause I too lazy o my mood not good.... :nervous


Actually I wrote this as a gift to myself...birthday gift...last year...bfr the end of November...n I post it on my wordpress as usual... :wub:


Visit ma tumblr n wordpress for more up to date fanfic~ :3

 :peace: :peace: :peace: :peace:


At rappapa room..

“Sado…why??” torigoya ask Sado that kept her eyes on a certain couple near them.

“I just love those girls..” Sado stop playing with her fav things n grin by herself.

“LOVE!! Are u serious??” torigoya say as if she shouting but with a very low voice.

“Yeah…BUT u my only girl..” sado look at torigoya n give a sweet eye smile n a wink to her.


“LOL..u worried for no reason my dear Torigoya…” sado caress Torigoya hair n continue watching an intense couple near them.

“I should read yours..” torigoya suddenly voice out her inner thought that’s she’s hide for long.

“Nope…no way..” Sado shook her head n give a ‘NO’ sign to torigoya n ignore her.

“I dun care…” Torigoya put her hand on Sado head for a few second.

“THAT!!!” Torigoya absolutely fall into Sado trick. She’s totally in a shock state after seeing what Sado think every day.

“I already warn u..ah..i did tell u last night..” a smirk can be seen clearly on Sado face. She just look intently at the already blushing torigoya.

(////,////) torigoya face redden like a color of ripe tomato.


At the corner of that one school building…there is gakuran n shaku…

“I can sense the awkwardness that arise between those two…our queens..” Shaku said while mumbling by herself as if she’s memorizing something.

“Dun bother about them please…” Gakuran said while doing her homework. Most of the girls there stared at her intently. Thus, she can’t really focus n automatically make herself controlling her own action.

“BUT it’s worth to talk about…n…” Shaku said shortly while wearing a bored face. She look around only to found lot of eyes glaring at her.

Kowaiii.. Shaku thought quietly inside her mind n let out an inaudible sigh.

“U only care about it… about me??” there is a disappointment inside Gakuran voice.

“I take care of u…” Shaku say while staring straight at Gakuran n then, take out her lunch box.

“Huh..yeah..I guess..” Gakuran smiling as she see her favorite dish inside Shaku bento box. Shaku just grin by herself as she realized Gakuran blushing.



-Inside Rappapa room-


“Gekikara..” Sado call the 2 girl that become her favorite eye candy on that day.

“YEAH!!” both Black n Gekikara shout in unison n look at each other awkwardly after that.

“Both of u too tense..” Sado tease Black n Gekikara that act in a very unusual way all this time.

“…” Both become very quiet as they can’t deny that one statement that truly reflect themselves.

“Relax a bit..” Torigoya say shortly as she try to calm the tension and awkwardness that built up between those two. She also can’t stand that one situation that attracting Sado attention all this time.

“Un..we will..” again, both black n gekikara answering as one.

“WE..” that word totally caught Sado interest.

“What?? What’s with that smirk Sado-san??” Black ask while wearing uneasy face.

“Nothing…I just want to know how ur date last night..” Sado ask without hiding her so called curiosity with an evil smile on her face showing her true intention.

“Date..” Gekikara look at Sado with disbelief face.

“DATE!! Are u kidding me?? U’re the one that invite us BUT how come u’re not coming!!” Gekikara look very frustrated n disturb by Sado reaction. She start to bit her nails n grin by herself.

“Me…I’m coming…BUT I didn’t know that u’re too into each other that make me doesn’t want to disturb ur precious time together..” Sado answered spontaneously and then holding tightly torigoya hand n kiss it.

“What do u mean?..” Gekikara bit her lips n stared blankly at Sado.

“We caught u on action Gekikara…” Sado said shortly n turn her sight to Black that seems too quiet.

“N u too Black..” Sado tap lightly Black shoulder n then hug Torigoya that just stand still by her side.

“Maa…it doesn’t matter…lol..I have more important date with my girl..” Sado wink at Torigoya that shyly hide her face by cupping it.

“Mou..sado-san..” Torigoya hit lightly Sado body n replying sado hug with a hug too.

“Huhu…u there with me too when they kiss right..” Sado sweetly pinch Torigoya cheek n caress it afterwards.

“U’re cute..” Sado whispered beside torigoya ears n make torigoya blushing so hard. She then held torigoya hand n bring torigoya to their own secret room at that school.


“They see..” Black wearing disbelief face while looking at Gekikara.

“Un..they did..” Gekikara calmly answer it with a smile on her face.

“U know..” Black ask as Gekikara smile make her suspecting n thought something.

“Yeah..I know..” Gekikara nod weakly n grin excitedly by herself.

“U..” black glared at Gekikara.

“What??” Gekikara make an innocent face n act like it’s nothing.

“U want more than that time right?..” Gekikara suddenly ask as Black kept staring at her intently.

“Un..” Black unconsciously nod without think for a second. BUT she then shook her head to deny it.

“No way… Gekikara shook her head too as if she’s also agree with Black n make a thumbs up sign n ‘OK’ sign to Black.

“I take revenge later..” Black grit her teeth n trying to suppress her dark aura from emitting more than it needed. She totally dumbfounded by Gekikara n really meant about that one revenge.

“When that’s later…I can’t wait..” Gekikara grin n giggle by herself as she felt excited at the thought of doing it with Black again. She laugh out loud BUT…

“NOW!!” Black suddenly hug her n…

“OWH…” Gekikara quite surprise by that sudden action BUT she enjoying it A LOT.

*Black n gekikara do their things..* up to ur imagination reader..”


“What are u doing there again..” Gakuran ask as Shaku kept glancing towards that one SPECIAL room where the strongest group own.


“U want too..” Gakuran say in a very low tone.

“What??” Shaku ask repeatedly as she curious about the things that Gakuran gonna say.

“The things that they done now..” Gakuran leaned towards Shaku n whispered it right beside Shaku ears.

(/////./////) *shaku blushing as she know what currently happened in that one room*

LOL…I forgot!!! Haha…let’s see the things that happened beforehand!!! Lol..a flashback…for sure..for that one incident.. :3



At the meeting place… a very romantic garden near a certain restaurant. There are no one there as night come n the light there are so dim as it’s not being repaired yet.

BUT there is a person that waiting patiently while reading her fav ‘book’ in the dark.

“Black??” a familiar voice calling from Black front. Black know exactly who the owner of that voice as her heart beating so fast than usual everytime she hear that one voice.


“Why u’re here??…” Gekikara ask while looking at unusual appearance of Black that she never see before.

*the dress that Black wear* *opposite from her usual dress*

All white dress… Gekikara seems awe by Black appearance as she kept looking at Black from head to toe. Her eyes can see that one person clearly even in the dark. The darkness make Black more angelic with that one dress.

“Ignore me..I dunno u..” Black trying to avoid Gekikara that have been caught staring at her as her heart might explode if this kept going on.

“But u just call my name before..” Gekikara let out a small laugh as she found it amuse to see Black ‘lying’ face that doesn’t seem work out n absolutely awkward.

Lol..she’s can’t lie.. there is a joy inside Gekikara heart as she thought about it.

“Huh…” Black sigh n continue reading her book.

“U look…” Gekikara reluctantly say it. She really one to say what’s in her mind at that time as her heart seems urge her to do it.

*waiting* Black pretend to read even deep in her heart she really want to know what Gekikara gonna say.

“..HOT..” Gekikara said shortly n staring at certain part of Black that caught her attention the most.

“Where did u stare geki..” Black cheek redden when she realize what Gekikara stared at. Her black aura start to emit by times as she felt more embarrass n ‘mad’ at Gekikara.

“LOL..that…*grin* Black..okotteru??” a smirk can be seen on Gekikara face while she grin n giggle as she felt excited by Black reaction.

“Iie…huh..” Black try to calm herself as she doesn’t one to ruin her dress with her madness.

“Black..” Gekikara call Black with a very romantic way as she staring straight at Black. Black just kept trying to avoid that strong gaze.

“What??” Black stuttered as she say it.

“U look beautiful when u wear white..” Gekikara seems enjoying the reaction that Black give when she say it.

(///,///) * Black blushing hard** her body become hot*

“Waa…it’s effective…that’s interesting…” Gekikara mumble by herself.

“What are u talking about..” Black ask as she doesn’t understand what Gekikara say.

“You’re innocent..” Gekikara kept teasing Black. She felt this is the moment that she felt very happy in her life. She really meant it.

“I am innocent..” Black did aware n know her innocent self well.

“Yeah..very innocent…like an angel..” Gekikara added with a wide smile on her face.

(///.///) *both blushing more as time goes by*

“U look beautiful too..” Black say as if she’s whispering to her ownself.

“I know..” *gekikara grin*

“Huh..where’s sado n etc..” Black try to change the topic of their conversation as she felt she can’t control her emotions more if it’s continue.

“I dunno..can I kiss u?” Gekikara answered shortly n hold Black shoulder.

“EEHHH!!!” Black try to release herself BUT..

*Kiss* Gekikara doesn’t let that chance pass just like that and kiss Black.


“LoL..I want more..” Gekikara stop n stare Black that quietly waiting. She never waste the chance that she have for sure.


“St..stop it!!…people will see us..” Black tryingher best to separate herself from Gekikara. She felt uneasy as they’re at a public place.

“ one see us..*grin n giggle*..ah..maybe they see our clothes only cause it’s’s night already..” Gekikara smile n continue what she’s thought for a long time as her feeling can’t be hide anymore.


“U..”  Black quite surprise but then..she gave up as her heart felt very comfortable when Gekikara do herself.



At the same time..

At a restaurant near from the meeting place of gekikara n black.

“Waa..that’s hot..Gekikara sure know..” Sado nod repeatedly n praising Gekikara for her effort n way of doing things.

“U..” Torigaya watch her love one with disbelief face.

“Let’s eat while watching this beautiful scenery…” Sado smile at Torigoya n turn back to look the progress between those 2 girls.

“Huh..” Torigoya let out s long sigh.

“A rare n beautiful scene..” Sado smile excitedly as she enjoying what she see.

“Sado..” Torigoya call Sado with a pair of teary eyes.

“What??” Sado ask worriedly as she see the tears inside that pair of beautiful eyes.

“Dun always look at them..” a loneliness surely exist in Torigoya voice when she say it.

“Why??” Sado ask as I she doesn’t know what Torigoya mean by it.

“I want u to look at me too..” Torigoya holding Sado hands tightly n kiss it.

“I already look at u..” Sado make a bored face.

“Hmm..”  Torigoya absolutely felt hurt with Sado expression.

“I memorize every inch of yours torigoya..” Sado said while pat Torigoya head n pinch her cheek before kiss Torigoya lips.

(////,////) – torigoya face flushing red.

A smirk can be seen clearly on Sado face. She grin by herself n have a happy date with her love one Torigoya without care about GekiBlack anymore.


Ano..haha..the truth is Gekikara ask Sado to plan that meeting.. :3 …but she doesn’t know it gonna become very successful n turn to be a first date between her n Black..






Thanks for reading it!!!
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Re: Date..[GekiBlack, Sado x Torigoya, Shaku x Gakuran][OS]
« Reply #23 on: June 20, 2014, 09:02:19 AM »
I'm wondering why you posted in the library XD

This is quite an interesting OS for all the pairings and the shock of the dress was a great hook :)
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Re: Date..[GekiBlack, Sado x Torigoya, Shaku x Gakuran][OS]
« Reply #24 on: June 20, 2014, 09:36:25 AM »
I'm wondering why you posted in the library XD

This is quite an interesting OS for all the pairings and the shock of the dress was a great hook :)

LOL..I thought that Library is for finish fanfic n OS...  :nervous
 :peace: :peace: :peace:

Thanks for reading it~ :3

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Re: Date..[GekiBlack, Sado x Torigoya, Shaku x Gakuran][OS]
« Reply #25 on: June 20, 2014, 09:52:15 AM »
well yes unless you have an active OS thread which means you can leave it in the fanfics section :nervous
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« Reply #26 on: February 25, 2015, 08:12:31 AM »
Alright...I just realize that I dun update this here again...  :nervous :nervous

There is a few pairing with the same title 'NO END'...n ALL is OS...

BUT first...let's start with RabuMyao...

 :deco: :deco:

Wait...before that..let me tell u...the other 2 pairing are...MariHaru n SayaneexRena ~  :cathappy: :cathappy:



-At an empty room near rehearsal room-

Myao currently watch Lovetan that on her way there with her bag that have bento in it. While waiting…Myao’s mind…full of Lovetan that already break up with her for a few months cause of someone else. That someone is currently Lovetan lover at this time around.

Myao seems uneasy as her feeling never change and the fact that it’s wrong to keep loving that one girl. She’s mad but not mad at Lovetan BUT her ownself for always keeping her feeling safe inside her heart cause she can’t see any sign of WHY?? WHY she should end her feeling…

U’re the one that lie to me…u’re the one that leave me…u’re the one that end our relationship….BUT why I felt like u’re still U…U still the one that love me…

“Myao??” Lovetan calling Myao that seems  in her own world by herself.

“Lovetan…” Myao smile awkwardly n look at the bento in front of her.

“I made that…eat it…” Lovetan say calmly without any sign that she make a wrong thing.

“U…” Myao let out a small sigh.

“AH…it’s not that i made this specially for u!! It’s just coincidence!!! I thought there is lot of other member…but it just u here…so…” Lovetan wave her hand trying to denied that one fact n give a reasonable reason to myao so that she’s not misunderstood her attention.

“I dun say anything…just sit down n eat..” Myao take a deep breath n give a sign to Lovetan to sit down n eat together with her.

“Huh…u’re did say something..” Lovetan say as if she’s whispering alone by herself after she sit down.

“Yeah..yeah…eat ur bento..” Myao can heard it clearly n just nod a few time to reassure Lovetan that she’s right.

“UN!! Itadakimasu!!” Lovetan say cheerfully n eat her own bento. She’s glancing at Myao to check if Myao eat it or not.

Myao eat it in slow pace while looking carefully at Lovetan reaction. She’s try to analyze it properly n figure out if she’s wrong or not. The thought of Lovetan still act like when they’re together.

After a while…

“Did u message anyone else other than me??” Myao suddenly ask as she suddenly remember about the night before where she have a long chat n message with Lovetan.

“O..of..of course!!!” Lovetan startled when she heard that one question n stuttered when she answer it.

“Who??” Myao ask shortly after eating a bit of her food. There are not much left after all.

“Of course my love one!!” Lovetan answer nervously n unexpectedly raised her voice while she’s on it.

“Owh…really..” there is a smirk appeared on Myao face. She knew it. She’s the only one.

“Yeah!!! Dun think there is only u!!” Lovetan said it before continue eating her food as if she’s in rush. Her cheek redden as time goes by.

“I dun..” Myao smile happily n drink her water while keep her eyes on Lovetan blushing face.

“hffff…” Lovetan look downwards avoiding Myao gaze.

“What are u doing tonight?” Myao randomly ask the question that suddenly cross her mind at that time.

“Why?? U want me to be with u??” there is an excitement behind Lovetan voice.

“No…I dun..” Myao shook her head purposely.

“U don’t want?? That’s cruel…” Lovetan mumble by herself.

“U want??” Myao ask while looking intently at Lovetan.

“No..i’m not!! I have a date with her…” Lovetan strongly denied it again with her hand wave from left to right.

“Owh..then..fine…” Myao cover her expression n kept her calmness. She bluntly answer it without much thought.

“Hmmm…hmmm…” Lovetan can’t sit still n humming as she try to find a right words to say to Myao.

“Want to go out with me??” Myao broke the silence n uneasiness that Lovetan felt .

“Really!!! Sure!!! I want!!!” Lovetan can’t hide her excitement as she’s felt very happy with that one mere invitation by Myao that she expect n hope all this time.

“U…” Myao bit her lips.

“Not that I thought of going a date o what….she suddenly have another plan tonight..” Lovetan awkwardly give a reason that she thought useful n good to Myao while wearing a smile on her face.

“Owh…ok…” Myao let out a small laugh as she know Lovetan well by now.

“It’s true!!!” Lovetan furiously say with a serious expression on her face.

“I believe u…” Myao nod weakly.

Just like that…it always end like this….u’re stay by my side…like u always do…should i thought that we’re already END?? When u clearly treat me like usual….like u still love me…

Should I thought the same thing…cause I still…still in love with u…

There is No END to this…

NO END at all…

When u’re act like this…



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Re: [OS]I know [Gekikara x Sado]
« Reply #27 on: February 26, 2015, 08:08:42 PM »
Wooooooh  I love it heheheheheheh

"Are you mad"  xd

Its amazing amazing fic sado geki.. Thank you author san

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Re: [OS]Love - [WMatsui]
« Reply #28 on: February 26, 2015, 08:12:26 PM »

"Are you happy " xd

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Re: [OS] I knew it...[GekiBlack]
« Reply #29 on: February 26, 2015, 08:19:34 PM »
*nosebleed * faint *


* flying in the sky*

*hug author san*  *hug tight *



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Re: [OS] I knew it...[GekiBlack]
« Reply #30 on: March 06, 2015, 09:38:01 AM »
 :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak: :on bleed: :on bleed: :nya: :nya: :luvluv2: :luvluv2:

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