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Author Topic: TAKING CARE OF YOU (kaiAcchan - S1 COMPLETED) + S2 Chap9 (10/19/2014)  (Read 89157 times)

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aww cutie chibi atsumina :B... i love long chapter thanx :B ohh maeda papa is awesome

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Taking Care of You

Hi!!! Chemicalstar-san

Another good works of yours!!! (Very Happy)

I like this story!!!

It's just a unique plot...

And Acchan here is very cute!!

Please Update Soon!!!

I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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 A big sorry to update it so long. I've been in a busy week. But, thanks for the comments and looking forward this story. So, here's the new chapter.


A loud voice of a crying little girl can be heard from a class in an elite kindergarten. The little girl crying out loud and cover her eyes with her hands.

Then the teacher walk approaching her. “Hikari, why are you crying?” said the teacher softly .

The girl move her hands as she heard her teacher speaking. “He broke my crayon!” The girl pointed at a little boy who sits near her innocently.

The teacher look over the boy and give him a ‘why?’ face. The boy just lift his shoulders pretending that he doesn’t know anything. Looking at the boy’s reaction, the girl cries again.

“Sshh… don’t cry..” the teacher pats her shoulder, then she glares again at the boys. “Takahashi-kun, is that right?”

“I didn’t mean to” he finally says and pouts.

The teacher sighs. “Yes, I understand. But you can apologize to Hikari.”

“Why should I? I told her that I will pay for it. I can buy her a new one.” The boy said, trying to ignore what the teacher asked.

“Yes you can buy her a new one. But at least you apologize to her. Come on..”

“I won’t!” he widened his eyes in angry.

“Takahashi!!”  the teacher says in harsh manner.

“I don’t care!” the boy throws the broken crayon and leaves them. He walks away and join the other children. “Geez, girls are horrible!”

That day seems like terrible for the little Takahashi Kai. His father’s office driver picks him up from school. He’s really in a bad mood. Looking at this condition, the driver asks him when they are in the car on their way home.

“Young master, why are you look so sad?”

“…………” looking at the window.

The driver smiles looking at his young master’s arrogant head. “Something bad happened at school?”

“……………” Kai still ignores him.

Looking at his behavior, he driver just sighs and smiles. It’s common to see his young master like this. Then when they reach Takahashi’s residence, the driver open the car door. Kai get out from the car and walks towards the main door where a maid is standing waiting for him.

“Okaeri..” greets the maid to Kai, but he ignores her. He just give his bag to the maid and walking straight inside the house. The maid follows Kai who walks towards the dining room.

Kai sits down on the chair of the dining room. “Where’s my lunch?”

“Ah, young master. It’s better if you change your clothes first” said the maid.

“But I’m hungry” said Kai harshly.

The maid sighs. “Okay, but wash your hands first. Come here...” the maid leads Kai to the sink.

While washing his hands, Kai can see through the window. There is a pick-up truck that contains a lot of goods. Some people are working on it by pick up the goods inside MG’s flat. But he can’t se MG there.

“Who are they?” ask Kai to the maid.

“Ah, MG takes his family to move here.” Said the maid. “Now he will work here full time, young master. His wife will help me to handle this house too.”

The little Takahashi doesn’t comment, he sits down again and starts to eat his lunch whle the maid prepares his orange juice.

“Here’s your juice…” the maid offer him a glass of orange juice.

Kai takes it and drink the juice. “Add some ice!” he frowns.

“Ah, o-okay!” the maid takes the glass back worriedly.

“Don’t too much!” he said.

The maid just can sighs. Sometimes, this job is so tiring for her. To handle the house is not easy. She has to wash the clothes, the dishes, clean and make up the house, cooking, and the hardest thing is to take care of her stubborn young master. It’s relieving that MG brings his wife to live there. At least, there’s another person to help her handle the house. Besides, she heard that MG’s wife is good at cooking, they also have a child. She thinks that maybe MG’s wife can handle the young master too. Yes, she hopes so.


Acchan has her own room in the second floor of the flat while her parents living in the bigger room on the first floor. Her father prepared it for her. Acchan really happy to have her own room. It’s a quite  little simple room with a little bathroom inside. But the best part of the room is a windows facing the main house which Acchan think that the house is more looks like a castle.

In the evening, MG is asked to meet his master’s family to introduce them his wife and daughter. They meet them near the swimming pool where Takahashi family are having a relax time and drinking some tea.  There, Acchan can see a boy sitting on the floor near the pool, playing with his robots. But she can’t see him clearly cause his back is facing her.

“Good evening, Mr.Takahashi” MG bows to his master.

“Ah, MG come here. Join with us” said Mr.Takahashi.

“Here it is, our new neighbour” said Mrs.Takahashi jokingly.

“This is my wife” MG introduce his wife.  “and this is my daughter.”

Mrs. Takahashi smiles widely by seeing Acchan. Having a daughter is her dream all this time, since they had Kai, they always want another child, a little girl as Kai’s sister. “Who is your name?”

“My name is Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you” Acchan smiles bows to them. Hearing Acchan’s voice, the little Kai turn around take a look at them. There he saw a little girl standing between MG and a woman who is in his thought,maybe she’s MG’s wife.

“Ahh, so cute!” said Mrs.Takahashi as she saw Acchan’s cute smile.

“Kai, come here. Greet MG’s family” Kai’s dad asks him. But it seems like Kai ignores what his daddy said. He turn around again and continue to play with his robots.

“How old are you?” Kai’s dad asks Acchan.

“I’m 5 years old.” Acchan answers.

“Ah, so you’re in kindergarten now, right?”

Acchan nods.

“It must be hard for her moving to a new school, right?” Mr.Takahashii said to MG.

“It’s no problem, Sir. Acchan just started her school for 2 weeks. I think she can adjust herself in the new school. I will send her to the nearest kindergarten, Sir.”
“Hmm.. okay. That’s good.” Mr.Takahashi said, then he look at his son. “Kai, you can play together with her. Atsuko is the same age as you. ”

Kai turn around with the cool face. He lift his shoulders. “I don’t play with girl!” the Kai turn around again and continue playing. “Girls are horrible” he mumbles.

Acchan look at Kai. She never thought that Takahashi is that cold. She thought that Takahashi is nice and kind. But it’s out of what she imagined before.

“Ahahaha… Kids. Always acts strangely” Mrs. Takahashi laughs awkwardly.

“Young master is in the kindergarten too?” MG’s wife asks.

“Yes, he just starts the school three weeks ago.” Mrs. Takahashi said.

That evening, both families have a nice chatting near the swimming pool during the tea. Except Kai, who is busy with his toys and doesn’t care of the meeting. There, Acchan only sits down and look at Kai strangely. She never thought that she will live in this Takahashi residence, and she never thought that Takahashi has a boy who is same age as her but ignored to play or even introduce each other with her. Acchan has no friend at school since she only spent 2 weeks at school then leave it. She thought that little Takahashi could be her first friend but she wrong.

The next day, MG’s wife help the maid to work and handle the house. As what the maid expected, MG’s wife agree to handle theyoung master and cooking. Fortunately, Acchan is so kind to let her mom leaving her sometimes, just to handle the stubborn young master.

“Kai, go to bed. It’s late of night” Kai’s mom said fron the doorway of Kai’s room. Kai is busy playing his video game.

“Tomorrow is Sunday” he said shortly.

“But still, you have to go to sleep. It’s not good to stay until midnight playing game.”

“I’m not sleepy, mom. I’ll never go to sleep.” Kai answers his mother, not looking at her at all.

Then MG’s wife coming and asking “Can I help you, Mam?”

“He don’t want to go sleep. I don’t know how to handle him anymore…”

“Oh… Let me try, Mam”

“Sure, good luck. If he ignores you, just leave him. He will get sleepy too, but I don’t know when..” Kai’s mom is already hopeless to handle him. So she back to her room and sleep. Besides, that day Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi has a tiring day of working.

MG’s wife come inside Kai’s room and sits by Kai’s side. “Hey, what are you playing? Looks like very fun…” she peek of what on the screen.

“Oh, Kamen Rider. You like it, huh?” she asks. Kai doesn’t respond.

“I like Kamen Rider too. He’s my favorite superhero.” MG’s wife continues.

Kai’s take a look at her. “Really?”

“Yes, I like superhero stories… I have a lot of stories about superheroes. You wanna hear it?”

Kai nods. “Yeah, tell me.”

“Hmm.. but before that, do you wanna wear your pajama first? You have some pajamas with Kamen Rider pictures, right?”

Kai nods. “Yes, I have 2 pajamas with Kamen Rider pictures on it. White and blue.”

“Ah, so you want to wear the white one or the blue one?”

“The blue one!”

“Great! That’s my favorite color!” MG’s wife said cheerfully. She takes Kai’s pajamas and help him to change his clothes. Kai follows her order insensibly. Wearing his pajama, brush his teeth, wash his hands and feet, and go to bed.

“So, Maeda-san, what’s the story?” Kai said, sitting on the bed.

“Well, I have a lo of story but maybe Hercules is going to be cool.”

MG’s wife tells him the story, and she finds that Kai has already fall asleep before the story is ended. Then she covers Kai’s body with the blanket and turn the lights off. She quickly go back to her flat. She go upstairs to check out if Acchan has already sleeping or not.

“Mom?” Acchan said while her mom open her door.

“Acchan, you haven’t sleeping yet?” she walk approach her daughter.

Acchan wakes up and sits. “I can’t sleep, so I’m waiting for you… Where have you been?”

“Young master didn’t want to go to bed. He was busy with his video game. I have to handle him first.” She sits on the bed and get Acchan on her embrace. She slowly strokes Acchan’s hair.

“Mom…” Acchan speaks softly.

“That young Takahashi is not so friendly. He event looks like an arrogant.”

Her mom chuckles. “Acchan, young master is kind too. He just haven’t show it yet. It may caused by the social life, or maybe by his habit. But remember, everyone has their good side.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Deep inside their heart, everyone is a kind person. So is young master. Maybe one day he will show his kindness” her mom said. Acchan just nods and finally fall asleep.
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Ah... Kai is so horrible...

Breaking people things... just buying new one... without apologize...

Like he has no manner whatsoever

Ah... Atsuko is so cute... and kind

Mrs Maeda is so good at handling Kai...

What's going to happen next

I can't wait to find out

Thank you for the lovely update

 :heart: :love: :inlove: :wub:

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  • But I think TakaHarem is not too bad either ^~^
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« Reply #24 on: March 24, 2013, 01:29:38 AM »
Wow! Kai's attitude is more horrible!
I wonder how Kai fall in love with Acchan?
Update soon!
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« Reply #25 on: March 24, 2013, 05:23:40 AM »
Wow! Kai's attitude is more horrible!
I wonder how Kai fall in love with Acchan?
Update soon!
Agree ^
This is the first time i hate kai in a fic..XD
I hope acchan can change her attitude...

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« Reply #26 on: March 24, 2013, 09:56:25 AM »
ahh..Kai is so cold and I dont like it
I wonder how Acchan make him change his terrible attitude
waiting for you and thanks for nice update :welcome
\\(''^0^)// Sou-chan  \\(^0^)//

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Young Kai is such a tyrant in his house lol. Hope he'll learn and grow up as a well-mannered guy.
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Wow.. sounds like everyone is starting to hate Kai. LOL

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hey all thanks for reading the previous chapters. here's the update!!


~ 2 Years later ~

Acchan go to the nearest school from the house so she can walk to school. It’s different with Kai who study in the elite school and go there by car. But in some other case, now MG work as Mr.Takahashi’s private driver. MG recommend his younger brother, Kine, who just has his driving license to work for family’s driver. Now Kine who drives Kai to school. Acchan grows as a shy girl, while Kai—still a stuborn boy. But in some reason, Kai can be obedient to MG’s wife.

“Done!” Takahashi puts his luggages on the floor.

“Done? Ah, good! Let’s go to sleep then. We have to wake up early tomorrow” his wife said while slowly get on the bed and lay herself there. They just pack up their goods and clothes to get a business trip tomorrow. It’s kind of an important business thing to do and they will spend about four days out of town. Takahashi has a chatting with his wife on bed before they sleep when suddenly there’s a knocking sound from the door.

“Mom..” a voice heard from the door.

“Is that Kai?” Takahashi said in confuse. “It’s 11 pm, what is he doing? He hasn’t sleep yet?”

“I don’t know. But I checked his room an hour ago and he already slept” his wife answers.

“Let me check it” Takahashi said as he move himself down from the bed and walk to the door.
“Kai?! What are you doing?” he said when he open the door and found his only son standing there.

“Dad, can I sleep with you?” Kai said innocently.

“Of course, come here…”Takahashi lift Kai up on his arm and take him on the bed.

“Mommy!!” Kai hugs his mom and lay down on her embrace.

“Oh my dear… Hey, why suddenly you want to sleep with us? Did you watch horror movie?” his mom asking.

“No, I just can’t sleep. I think I want to sleep with you” Kai answered.

Takahashi get on the bed and join them. “Ah, mollycoddle. Okay, Dad will tell you a bed story.”

“Your stories are lame, Dad. I rather hear Mrs. Maeda’s story. She has a lot of great stories.” Kai said ignoring his dad.

“Oh, okay. Fine. So, what if you tell us your story?”

“I don’t have any story..”

“It’s okay, you can tell us about your dreams, what do you aspire of for your future.. anything.”

“Yes, Dad is right. Tell me about your dreams for your future, baby..” Kai’s mom saying and smiles.

“My dreams? For future?” Kai said. The he stares the ceiling and spacing out. Meanwhile, his parents stares at him, waiting for him to answer the questions. For them, Kai is commonly stubborn kid, but it never bothers them because Takahashi knows exactly who is Kai. He was a stubborn kid too when he was child. Like what people said, he owns his father’s head. Even though, Kai is smart and grows handsome. He owns his mother’s dimple and cuteness. They realize maybe Kai being a stubborn kid because of their business. Both of them are the main persons of a big company which is their family’s inheritance.

“I don’t know what’s my dream for my future.” Kai suddenly said.

“Eh? How come? Don’t you wanna be something like maybe an astronaut, president, actor, businessman, doctor, musician, or anything?” Kai’s mom said.

Kai shakes his head and pouts. “I don’t know.”

Takahashi chuckles, he pats his son’s head. “It’s okay, son. You can be like Dad. You know, to hold the company and make it bigger and bigger. Since your uncle hasn’t married and has a child yet, you’re the only heir of the company. I count on you, Kai”

“Yeah, maybe. I don’t have any idea. I’m sleepy…” Kai suddenly hug his mom and close his eyes.

“Ah, this boy..  Hey but promise me you'll be a good man okay?” Takahashi said.

"Promise!" Kai said with eyes closed.

He put his arm around his son and wife and they sleep together.
"We love you son..." Takahashi said while strokes Kai's hair then kiss him on his cheek. Kai still can hear what his Daddy said but he's too weak and sleepy to reply.


The next day, Kai  wake up. When he open his eyes, he look around and remember that last night he move to his parents’ room and sleep there. But he lays on the bed by himself. Her parents are gone. He look up at the clock, maybe he wakes up late and his parents are downstairs having their breakfast. But then he’s confused, the clock shows that it’s only 5.30 am.

Kai wake up and walk out of the room and go downstair. There, he see Mrs.Maeda and Acchan who is preparing something in the kitchen.

“Where’s mom and dad?” Kai asks.

Mrs.Maeda and Acchan turn around and see Kai still on his pajama standing near the dining table. “Ah, young master. Good morning…” Mrs.Maeda greets him.

“Where’s mom and dad?” Kai repeat what he said.

“Oh, your parents had gone. They have a business trip out of town. That’s why they went early. You were still sleeping when they went out.”

Acchan can see the sadness in Kai’s face. But she really hates Kai. Who likes the stubborn kid? They live in the same residence for three years but they haven’t talk each other. Sometimes it made Acchan angry when Kai acts egoistic. All she want to do is punch him at his nose. But she can’t do anything. Their parents work for him and his family. So Acchan keep doing right and respectful with him.

“I cooked your favorite meals. Let’s get ready for breakfast, young master.” Mrs. Maeda smiles at him.

“I’ll take a bath first” Kai said hopelessly. He walks away from the dining room and go upstairs.

Sometimes, behind his arrogance, Acchan can see the loneliness of being a child of busy parents. Fortunately, Acchan’s mom really understands him and can handle him better than anyone  including Kai’s mom.


~ someone's POV ~

l wear my clothes in hurry. I don't know how to express my feeling but I'm frightened, sad, and lost. I pack up my bags, I don't even care which clothes that I put in the luggage. Just some clothes and documents. After pack up my bags, I drive to the airport and checking in quickly. Almost my every move is by running.

It's like just now that I got a call from my brother. He ask me if I'm fine and then we talked a lot about the business we hold togeher. Well I'm living by myself since our parents are died long time ago. I continued my study abroad. I'm proud of my brother. He almost like myown parents. He teach me everything so when I finished my study last year, I hold his business in New York while he hold his bigger company in Japan. I help him to make his company getting bigger and powerful.

It's like two hours ago I feel like I am the luckiest brother in the world. But the call from the office in Japan 15 minutes ago was make me feels like I wanna die.

..:: 15 minutes ago ::..

I was in Busan for a business trip. This morning my brother called me and asking about our new company that will be built in South Korea. My brother trust this projwct to me. I went to Busan a week ago from New York, my current residence. It was just early morning. After the call, I took a bath and get my breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Then someone from the office in Japan called me.

"Sir, I'm the chief's assistant. There's a bad news sir. I'm sorry ro tell you this way but we need you immadiately to come back to Japan."

"Wait? What do you mean?"

"Sir, there's an accidents in the highway. Seven cars crushes and 11 peoples are died. We're sorry that our head chief is one of the victim."

I drop my phone in disbelief. I feel like I'm dreaming. I quickly turn on the TV in my hotel room but it seems like the news haven't record it yet.


"Okay, time's up! Collect your essay to the front desk."  the teacher shouts to the class.

Some student walk to the front desk and put their essay there. But then the teacher can see some students arw still doing their task. The teacher walk to one of them.

"Takahashi, still not finish it yet?"

"Hmm.. No." he answered shortly focusing on his essay..

"What do you draw?" the teacher ask when she saw that he add a drawing on his essay.

"My family. Mom dad, and me." still not looking at the teacher.

"Okay, I'll give you 5 minutes more." The teacher smiles at him. She knowa exactly who this boy is. She knows how pity this boy of being a son of busy parents.

Four minutea later, Kai shouts as his drawing is already finished. "yoshh!! Done!!" he looks at his drawing im satisfy.

'Knock knock'

There's a sound of knocing on the door. The teacher walk to the door and find the school principal standing there.

"Miss, this is Mr. Takahashi Sae. He's about to pick up Takahashi Kai home."

The teacher bows at him. "But the school time is over 2 hours later, Sir."

"Urmm.. We have an urgent situation, Miss. Please let me take Kai first, then maybe the principal will tell you our condition."

"Well, okay. I will call him." the teacher said. Takahashi-kun. Someone's here to meet you!" she call Kai.

The little Kai running towarda her while bringing his drawing. "Mam I finish my drawing. Look!" Kai said, showing his drawing to the teacher. He doesn't notice that two men are looking at him.

"Kai!!" Sae calls him as Kai look at him in surprised expression.

"Uncle Sae!!" Kai running and hug him tight.

"Hey it's been a long time. You grown up so fast!" Sae hugs Kai tight.

Then Kai releases the hug. "Uncle Sae, look at my drawing! Great, huh?"

Sae takes the essay and see it. He can see there is a drawing of 3 persons there and Kai wrote "my parents and I" above the essay. Sae keep his heart strong so he won't cry righy now.

"Yes it's great. The greatest ever!" Sae smiles at him. "Oy, Kai. I wanna take you somewhere, let skip the school!!" Sae whisper in Kai's ears. Pretending that no one including the teacher will know their plan.

Kai grins at him and nods. "okay!!"


I take Kai from school. We go to a resaurant near the beach. I buy him a bowl of ice cream and he likes it. He tells me everything about his new toys games, and about how annoying girl in the school. I like this little boy very much. He really close to me because I alwaus give him toys and gift even though I know that he's a little stubborn. Looking at him laughing happily makes me sad and hurt. How do I tell him that his parents has died this morning??


En of the chapter. Sorry if it's too short. Hope you like it. Thank you!!
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« Reply #30 on: March 27, 2013, 08:08:52 AM »
 :mon scare: Noooo!! :mon cry:
poor kai~
but i love your fic,chemicalstar....
please update~ :mon baby:

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« Reply #31 on: March 27, 2013, 10:17:35 AM »
Ah... Kai's parents are dead....

What's going to happen to Kai? Poor Poor Kai....

Sae is going to live with Kai in Japan and be the head of the company until Kai's old enough?!

How is the interaction between Kai and the rest of the people in his life after he heard the news of his parents sudden passed away?!

Is he going to be even a cold and stubborn person?

Ah... so sad Kai is actually very lonely and because he has no one with him all the time except servants

So he always causing troubles to seek some attentions both from his parents or some others.

How about MG...? He was supposed to drive them to airport... right?!

Eh... Kai has never talked to Atsuko...

Atsuko wants to hit Kai....

How are they going to be together?!

I can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the great update

 :love: :inlove: :wub:

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« Reply #32 on: March 27, 2013, 11:00:57 AM »
so sad  :cry: poor Kai
his parent die when he just a little boy
I guess he will be more stubborn after his parent' death
thank for update
\\(''^0^)// Sou-chan  \\(^0^)//

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« Reply #33 on: March 27, 2013, 01:42:55 PM »
this is so.....  :gyaaah: :pleeease: :fainted:
poor kai!!
 :on speedy: :on speedy: :on speedy:

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Kaiiiii  :on speedy: 

Nooooo!!! why kai?!  :on blackhole:   :frustrated:

I bet that Kai would lock his heart when he knows.But what will happen to Acchan?

Acchan!! MAKE KAI HAPPY!!!

Sae~  :luvluv1:

Nice update as always!  :on GJ: 

Update soon I want to know what's gonna happen  :mon cry: :mon trudge:

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« Reply #35 on: March 27, 2013, 04:56:36 PM »
that was some bad news  :( i hope kai would be :cry: alright. yeah acchan can mend his broken heart hahah 8)

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« Reply #36 on: March 28, 2013, 04:51:38 AM »
Aww kai-kun T:T

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« Reply #37 on: March 28, 2013, 11:02:44 AM »
Noooooooooo :depressed: :imdead: :temper: poor little kai  :fainted: why you must killed his parents ..  :on speedy:

Please update this fict as fast as you can  :on freeze:

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Little Kai will be taken care of by Maeda family and uncle Sae. Hope he will not become more stubborn and ignorant but turn into a gentler person.
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@no-chan: thank you. So glad
@cisda83 @DC2805: thank you too.. well, let’s find out what happen ;)
@Hii_chan: hmm yes, probably..
@Chichay12 @Haruko @tiptip: calm down, calm down.. sorry to make you sad
@K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS @den_takacchan : Acchan makes him happy? Hmm.. I doubt that. LOL

Thanks for all your comments. Here I made the next chapter, I made it a little faster because to tell the truth, I can’t wait for them to grow up and there will be another things happen in the next chapters. LOL


~ Kai ~

Being with Uncle Sae is always great. Today he asked me to skit the school and took me out. We had the best ice cream in the cafe near the beach. I bet he will buy me some toys after this.

“I’ll take another topping!” I said as I get off my seat and walk to the a side of the cafe where the topping machine is. I’m about to take another topping for my ice cream but there I see two persons are standing in line. Hmm.. a lot of people like this kind of topping too. While I’m on the line, I see the TV on the wall, there I watch a news while waiting for my turn.

“The 11 victims of the accidents this morning has already evacuated, two of them are kids. It’s surprising that one of the cars that crashed car is Takahashi’s car, Takahashi is the owner of a big telecommunication company in our country. The young businessman was in the car with his wife. Both of them were passed away this morning…”

I’m standing there and there’s no words I can say. The TV shows the situation of the place where the accidents happened. There’s a car that I know exactly that it’s my dad’s car. But I still can’t believe and keep telling myself that it’s just other’s car which has the same type as my dad’s car. But then after the reporter saying my dad’s name, the TV shows his picture on the edge of the screen. That time, I believe that the news is true. All I can feel is just a confused self in disbelieve, I don’t notice that my ice cream bowl has dropped to the floor and it’s broken. The sound of the broken bowl heard all over the cafe.

“Kai, are you okay?” Uncle Sae is coming as he heard the sound of the broken ice cream bowl. Then he slowly realize that I’m watching the news on TV. He doesn’t say anything but shows his sad expression. I can see his lips gesturing like saying “I’m sorry..”. I feel that my tears start to falling down on my cheek. Uncle Sae slowly walking over me and hug me tight. I hug him and bury my face on his shoulder. I’m crying so hard.

I see a lot of people come to the burial service for my parents. I can’t think of anything but my parents. It’s like, just last night that I slept with them, but today I’m being an orphan. Orphan? Yes, I don’t have parents anymore. But in the other side, I’m glad that uncle Sae is always by my side.

Uncle Sae and I go back to my house. This is the first time that I don’t see any happiness in the house. I see no one but maid and some staff from the office. I don’t even see Maeda family. I feel something wrong. Is MG died too? I have to ask Uncle Sae.

When I’m about to get into my room, I ask him who accompanying me there. “Uncle Sae, how about MG?” I ask him. This is the first time I’m speaking after the news from the TV I the café. The whole time all I can do was crying and crying.

“MG? The driver?” he said.

I nod, then he finally tell me that MG passed away too. Perfect, I thought. Than night Uncle Sae sleep with me. The house seems so quiet, I won’t be lonely too. Before I close my eyes, Uncle Sae who sleeps next to me, tell me that he will never leave me. He will take care of me and being my parent. I do want to be with him. The closest relation of my parents is Uncle Sae, and I don’t want to live with others. He said he will stay here at my house as he has to handle the company since my dad has passed away. So it meant that he has to stay in Japan. That relieved me.

But then, he said that if I’m ready enough to move, he will take me to New York. Of course one day I have to take the company and I need a proper education for myself. Uncle Sae recommends me to study there just like him when he was young. For this thing, I don’t really care or think about it. I just said that he has to promise me not to leave.


~ Sae ~

It’s been a week that I stay in Japan. It’s absolutely a busy week. I have to handle a lot of things, especially the company and my little nephew. Now I’m on my way to a town about 2 or three hours driving. I’m going to Mrs. Maeda’s house. After that tragic day, Mrs. Maeda, her daughter, and MG’s brother, Kine get back to their hometown. Now I’m going to their house to ask for their help. I do want to take care of Kai, but with this kind of business, it’s impossible to handle everything by myself. The maid at house told me that Mrs. Maeda can handle Kai well. So today, I hope they will come back to our house.

“Please come in” Mrs. Maeda greets me when I arrived at her house.

“Thank you…” I get into the house and she pleases me to sit down.  Then, I tell her my condition.

“Mrs. Maeda, I ask your help to handle the household and take care of Kai. I think that it’s only you that can understand him.” I beg her. There, I can see a little girl is peeking our conversation from another room. “I will pay for your daughter’s school too.”

It needs several minutes for her to think, but finally she agree. They back to our house and everything seems like usual again. I trust Kine to drive for Kai, he lives in the flat when I ask Mrs. Maeda and her daughter to stay inside the house so that she can control Kai every time .


~ Acchan ~

It’s been a week that I skipped school, but then we back to Takahashi’s residence and I continue to go to school. All I knew is mom told me that she will work for Takahashi family again and we will stay there longer. Or maybe for the rest of our life. Now we live inside the house, we used to have a meal together with Uncle Sae and mom. We do that to cheer up and make the young master doesn’t feel lonely.

As usual, he doesn’t change yet and we never talk each other too, even if we live in the same house, we eat at the same table, but that’s how he is. Cold and stubborn. But I don’t take it too much, I don’t really care of what he do, but I do have to take care of him too. Mom told me that we have to take care of him. Yes, sometimes Mom was right. Although it was hurt that I lost my dad, that stubborn boy was the most hurt one. He lost his parents while I’m still have my mom.

In the other side of his cold head, I learn a lot of thing from him. Even though he has no parents, he can still study seriously. Yes, the only thing that changed after that tragic day is he can manage his time. He was the game and comic holic before, but now he can manage himself when is the right time to study or to play the video game. Oh, talking about video game, I bet he has no friends at all. Oh yeah, who wants to be a friend of a cold boy? So as I see him everyday, he entertains himself by playing game and swimming. I like to see him swimming, so fast and energetic. I wish I could swim too.

After these years, I learn something new. Cooking. The maid who works in the house can cook well, just like my mom. I learn how to cook from them. But since what they usually cook is the favorite food of the young master, now I know his every favorite food and how to cook it. Sometimes if my mom and the maid are busy, they used to ask me to make a hot milk for the young master. I knock his door and he please me to come in. But he looks so busy with his computer, he doesn’t even see me when I came into his room and put the milk on the table. And one thing that I hate the most about him is never say thank you. It’s okay that we’ve never talked to each other for years, but at least say thank you when we serve something for him. Urghh.. damn you, young master, if it’s not because of my mom works for you, I will punch you right on your nose until you’re bleeding.


~ Kai ~

It's my first year in high school. So exciting that I'm actually so famous at school. Do I look handsome? I don't know, but girls are around me, even my seniors too. But I'm not too good in being friends to everyone.  Believe or not, I have busy time everyday. I have to attend some courses after school. Uncle Sae give me full activity so I don't feel lonely or even think about my parents again. I understand that it's all for my gooodness.

I walk lazily out from the school gate, the school is over today. There I see Kine near my car. He quickly open the door when he sees me. I get into the backseat of my car.

"Let's go home. I skip the course today. I want to get some rest." I tell Kine.
"Is it boring?" I suddenly aks him when wenre on our way home.

"Eh? Sorry?" he said surprised, lookibg at me throu the mirror.

"Is it boring to drive me to school and pick me up everyday? You know it's been years you do this job.."

Kine chuckles. "Ne..young master, I really do this job with all of my heart. I don't count it as a job, but as my duty. All the people in the house just like my own family, including you.." he said and smiling.

Ah, family huh? Hmm.. That's good. Talking about family, for the last two years Uncle Sae often leave me home alone. He always go out if town or even go out of Japan for business. I do understand of his business, but it sometime makes me feel that I'm totally alone.

Our car stopped as the traffic light is on. I stare out of the window. I see some girls walking on the roadside, talking and laughing. I remember that I really hate that kind of girls. They're must be annoying. Then the girls walk a bit faster, approaching a girl who is walking in front of them. They quickly grab the girl's hand and pull her.

Oh, that's a bullying. Did I said that they must be some annoying girla? Yeah, look at that. They bully another girl. One of them pull the girl hair and then slaps her hard. Oh I can't believe what I'm seeing. All I think is this world is cruel. The traffic light has turned off, I feel the car slowly goes again. There, I can see the girls leave the bullied girl, and now I can see her face clearly. I think she's crying. Poor her. Hey, is that Maeda??

"Young master, you're home?" Mrs.Maeda asks me in confuse. Yes I used to be at the course place and today is my english course schedule.

"I need some rest so I skip the course.." I answer her when she take my bag.

"Are you sick?" she pins her hand on my forehead. I quickly remove it.

"No. I'm just... tired." I walk to my room and change my clothes.

When I have my lunch by myself, suddenly someone puts a glass or juice on the table.

"Mom said that you're not feeling good. The juice will make you feel better.." that Maeda girl said.


~ Acchan ~

As usual, he doesn't say thank you . Sick man. I turn around and about to leave but.. he grabs my wrist. I turn around again. He stares at me for a while. I feel so awkward.

"What happened with your lips?" he suddenly said. What? Is that the words that he say for the first time to me?? He talks to me? Oh, I don't even know that this jerk can talk!

"It's a.. It's.." I don't  know what to say and why doea he so sudden asks about my lips. Yes it was bleeding when those crazy girls slapped me after school.

He stand up and touch the scar near my lips. "I fell down at school" I quickly step backward. I really feel awkward when he touch it. I turn around but he holds my wrist so tight.

"Don't be scared of anyone! Just be brave." he take off his hand from me and sit down again. I don't know what he meant but I'm standing there wathing him drinking juice. Does he know about it? Did he saw when I was slapped??


Okay, that's all guys for this chapter... Leave some comments below :)

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