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Author Topic: TAKING CARE OF YOU (kaiAcchan - S1 COMPLETED) + S2 Chap9 (10/19/2014)  (Read 86837 times)

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 18 ~ 17/06/13 NEW UPDATE!! <<
« Reply #240 on: June 18, 2013, 03:08:28 PM »
Ouch... Yuu's parents told everyone about engagement... Acchan is hurt to hear that  :( But Kai is there to comfort her!  :cool1:
Yes! Acchan and Kai loves each other!  :w00t:
I LOL at Sae in the last part  :bigdeal: But I can't blame him thinking like this way...  :wahaha:
Please update soon!  :mon bye:
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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 18 ~ 17/06/13 NEW UPDATE!! <<
« Reply #241 on: June 22, 2013, 06:28:42 AM »
OMGIRLLL!! it so ... but so ... WAO .. man i love your fanfic ... keepgoing!! ATSUMINA!!!! :D  :thumbup :cathappy: :heart: :deco:
I love Takamina!! and Mariko-sama!!! but MORE ATSUMINA!!!

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 18 ~ 17/06/13 NEW UPDATE!! <<
« Reply #242 on: July 15, 2013, 08:07:01 AM »
woaahh i love atsumina moment..  :wub:
waiting for your update hehe

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« Reply #243 on: July 19, 2013, 08:01:09 AM »
Good Morning Everyone!!!!

it's been so long that I nev er update this fic. Sorry :(

BUT. I have a big announcement for you.

1. I will update it this evening, it means... about 10 hours by now.
2. The story is actually soon to be ended.

So, just in case if you all forget about the story, I suggest you to re-read it so that you won't read the new chapter in confuse.

Thank you for everyone that kept send me messages to update this fic. i love you all
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« Reply #244 on: July 19, 2013, 08:12:29 AM »
End ? But why ??? :'( it's too early to end up the story  :banghead:

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« Reply #245 on: July 19, 2013, 12:51:35 PM »
Eh... it's finishing soon...

Though Minami would be going to US then Atsuko going to actress school?

What's going to happen to them...?

Ah... I hope you would make it longer a bit... like few more chapters...

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the announcement

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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« Reply #246 on: July 19, 2013, 03:14:10 PM »
oh my God :(
i hope there will be sesion 2 www

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 19 - UPDATED 19/07/2013 <<
« Reply #247 on: July 19, 2013, 07:56:10 PM »
Hi!! Oh, it’s been so loooooong!!!! I’m so sorry guys that I haven’t updated my fic because I’ve been super busy this month. I went to some places and had no time to write or else. I even decided to make a Twitter account so that (at least) I can still update some news from this idoling fandom. So if you don’t mind, please follow me @atsumina_100. By the way, that’s an awesome account name, huh?

Well, now I’m going to continue the story of Kai x Acchan. Where did I pause it? Oh, the car scene, right?? Okay, since I’ve forgotten about the story I was about to write, so maybe I will skip that scene int the other scene two days later.


After the ‘birthday party incident’, Acchan act normally. She act like there’s nothing happened. Of course it made Kai felt confused of Acchan’s feeling actually. But since he didn’t see any sadness in Acchan’s eyes, he felt relieved and decided not to ask or talking about ‘that incident’ anymore.

Kai goes to school today, it’s the big day for the senior class as the result of their final test will be announced today. While most of the students feel so nervous about the result, Kai doesn’t feel the same. He’s quite confident with the result. As he arrives at school, the first person he meets is Yuu. Kai can see a bruise near his lips and he notices that it’s because of his punch 2 days ago. It seems like Kai is about to avoid him, but then Yuu grabs his shoulder.

“Kai!” Yuu calls him. “I know you’re mad. But can we talk for a while?”

Kai doesn’t answer anything but still in his cold face.

“I beg you, dude” Yuu begs him with a serious expression.

Kai just nods and then the two climb up the stairs to the rooftop. Kai walks ahead while Yuu walks behind him.

“I’m sorry…” Kai heard Yuu said something. He turns around and sees Yuu is bowing so deep at him. Seeing his bestfriend acts like that, Kai is a bit surprised. He takes a deep sigh and turns around again.

“You’re so rude, Yuu” Kai simply said, facing his back to Yuu.

Yuu get up and walks towards him. “Yeah, I know. I don’t know how to apologize to you or Acchan, but I hope you can forgive me.”

“I don’t have any right to forgive you, it’s her” Kai said while he sits down. “You have to apologize to Acchan.”

Yuu sits down next to Kai. “I did. I met her this morning. I went to her school and met her.”

There’s a silence for a while. “You love her, don’t you?” Yuu finally breaks the ice. “She loves you too. What else? You should get her, Kai… I can see the love between you two.”

“I don’t think so. Maybe you’ve mistaken about her feelings towards me.”

Yuu frowns. “Eh? What do you mean? She cares about you a lot!”

“Of course, because she’s my private maid. She always there since we were kids, so it’s kind of… ordinary.”

“NO. She loves you.” Yuu quickly ignores it. “Maybe she just has to realize it.”

Kai doesn’t answer.

“Promise me, Kai… You will love her and make her happy.”


“*sigh… Fine.” Yuu stands up. “Kai, you are my bestfriend. ” Yuu take a deep breath. “If one day you find that she doesn’t love you, you can forget me as your friend. You can hate me as long as you want.”

Kai looks up at Yuu’s serious face.

“But if you find that she loves you, please forgive me.” Yuu said. “Tough, I guarantee that she loves you.” Yuu smiles at his bestfriend. “She loves you…”

Kai and Yuu stares each other without words, while suddenly…

“GUYYSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jurina  runs towards them. “WE ALL PASSED THE EXAM!! LOOK!!”
Jurina shows some paper to Kai and Yuu. It’s the result.

“WOOOW!! KAI!! You’re my man!!” Yuu shouts cheerfully, just like there’s nothing happen. It seems like he acts normally again now. “LOOK!! You’re in the first place!!”

“Hey hey thanks to me!! I’m his lecture, you know!“ Jurina said.

“Boo!! What kind of lecture if your own grade in on……” Yuu looking for Jurina’s name on the list. “Ahh.. here! The 17th place?! Oh, okay. Not bad, dude!”

The happiness covers all the bad things that happened lately. Seems like everyone wants to forget those badthings and start a new day with smiles.


~ At  other high school in the same town ~

“Ah, here is the 4th place princess..” two girls walking inside the class, cheering at their friend inside, who is totally ignoring them.

”“Nee Acchan.. Why do you look unhappy? Cheers up! We all have passed the exam and you even got good grades!” a friend of Acchan pats her shoulder while she’s inside the class, looking out the window and spacing out.

Acchan back to reality. She quickly shows her beautiful smile. “I’m all okay. Look, I’m.. happy!” she finally cheers up. It’s not that she’s sad when today is the big day. The result of the final exam was being announced this morning. The surprising thing was Acchan’s grade is in the 4th place. It’s kind of unbelievable considering the first three persons are quite genius in her school. So, being the number 4 above these 3 smart students is a big pride for Acchan.

What makes Acchan spacing out that day is about Yuu. Her ex-boyfriend came to her school this morning just when Acchan was about to enter the school gate. Yuu apologized to Acchan. He seems very guilty of everything happened. The end of their meeting this morning, Yuu (once again) told Acchan about Kai. He really meant it. He really meant that Kai loves her too. So this was what makes Acchan spacing out today, thinking about the probability of what Yuu said this morning. .

“Hey, by the way, I met the principal. She wanted you to come to her office.”

“The principal?” Acchan is a bit surprised. It’s the first time she’s being asked to come to the principal’s office. Without waiting any longer, Acchan go there by herself. Students all around the school, cheering their success of passing the exam well.

“Excuse me,” Acchan knocking on the door. It’s opened actually, Acchan can see the principal is sitting behind her desk.

“Ah, Maeda-san!” the principle said. “Come in.. Take a seat.”

“Haik, thank you..” Acchan sits on a chair on front of the principal’s desk, while the number.1 person in the school is taking something from the filing cabinet.

“Here it is…” she sits back on her chair, facing Acchan who is still confused of what’s the purpose of calling her here.

“First, I congratulate you for the very great progress of your academic record. I’m glad you got the 4th place of this final exam.”

Acchan smiles. “Thank you..”

“I never see you get any courses or extra hours after class, but this progress is impressing. Do you have any other course outside the school?”

“Ah, that’s..umm… no, actually.” Acchan laughs a bit. Inside her heart, she thinks that: Oh, I had another extra class after school, actually. It’s the class with Takahashi Kai sensei. Yeah, he’s a great lecturer.

”Well, I received this letter from an art college last night.” The principal starts to talk seriously. “The letter said that you’ve submitted an application to this college, is that right?”


“Umm… congratulation again, Maeda-san. You’re accepted.” The principal smiles and offer her hand.

Acchan shakes her hand before she knows that THIS IS REAL. She’s accepted in the art college. “Oh my God. I can’t believe it. Thank you…”

“Don’t thank on me.” The principals said. “By the way, why do you want to study in art school? You know, with the good grade like yours now, I think you can go to another science or business academy, even go abroad.”

Fo a while, Acchan down her head, remembering about the plan Kai made for them to go to NYC. Study and…live together.

“Is it really your wish to go to art college?”

Acchan nods. “Yes, actually… I want to learn about acting.”

“Ahh… I see. You want to be an actress, huh?”

Acchan nods shyly.

“Hmm.. it’s okay, Maeda-san. Everyone has their own dream. And you know what you got to do if you have a dream?”

Acchan look at her seruoiusly.

“Go get it!” the principal said wisely. “Though, it’s not easy to reach your dream. There will always a lot of challenge and obstacles when you do it, but you have to believe yourself that everything is going to be ended well.”

“Haik. Thank you for the advice, Miss.”

“So, this is your files, the letter said that you have to manage the registration soon.”

Acchan takes the files. Then she leaves the office with such a happy expression. She comes back to her class and takes her cellphone. She dials a number. It needs time until the person she’s calling finally answer it.

“Yes, Acchan?”

“Ah, uncle Sae! Ano… I- I’m accepted in the art college”

“Wow! That’s awesome! WOW Acchan, congratulations!”

“Uhn, thank you… and, you know… I think I’m going to take it.”

“Wait, WHAT??” Now Sae feels like choked. All he knows is that Acchan and Kai, probably, in a special relationship. He feels guilty if he let them live separated to each other.

“I’m going to take it, Uncle Sae”

“No, you don’t have to if you don’t want to!”

“Eh?” Now Acchan is getting confused of what Uncle Sae is talking about.

“I mean… if you want to be with Kai, it’s all okay. You don’t have to stay in Japan. You can go to NYC too.” Sae said trembling.

“Ano… I think I’m not going with Kai. Is that okay?”

“Eh? Really? It’s your idea?”


“But what about your relationship?”

“Eh? W-what relationship?”

“Your relationship with Kai, of course.”

“Umm.. I don’t understand what you’re talking about, Uncle Sae.”

“Ahahaha, don’t lie Acchan. I know you’re Kai’s girlfriend, right?”

“What?” Acchan’s heartbeat stops for a while. “No. I’m not. No. There’s nothing between us.” Now Acchan feels uncomfort with this conversation.

“Oh…” Sae stops for a while. “Okay. I’m sorry.”


“So, you’re going to that art college?”

“Hmm….. yeah. I’m going.”

“Souka…okay if it’s your decision. Just send everything that I have to manage about your college administration.”

“Okay, thank you Uncle Sae. Bye”

Just when Acchan click the end button and close the conversation, a notification appears on her screen. It’s a message, from Kai.

From: Kai
To: Acchan
“Hey, how’s the result?”

She smiles when she knows what she has to type: a pride.

From: Acchan
To: Kai
“Amazing. I got the 4th place in school!! That’s a big thing.”

She sends it, after a while Kai replies her message.

From: Kai
To: Acchan
“Stupid. I thought you’d get the 1st place just like me.”

She pouts. But then smiles, realized that it’s great to hear Kai got the 1st place at his school.

From: Acchan
To: Kai
“Mou… it’s really a big pride for me, Kai.. ”

From: Kai
To: Acchan
“Ahahaha… Okay. I’m proud of you  So… ready for New York, Maeda Atsuko?!”

Reading the last message from Kai really hits her mind so hard. New York. New York. New York.
Now that word is haunting her. Kai seems so excited of going to New York with her.

“How do I tell him about this?” Acchan thought.


Few days later.

~ Kai’s POV ~

It’s Sunday morning. I heard some noise when I’m sleeping. I slowly open my eyes and I can see someone is inside my room. It’s Atsuko, of course, the only one who has privilege to enter my room in the morning to wake me up. I move a little as I can feel the sunlight shine through the window.

“Oops, sorry for waking you up.” Atsuko said while she makes up my table. There are a lot of snack plastics on the table, I played online game last night while eating some snacks.

“No, you didn’t” I said.

“Ohayou...” she said smiling while walking towards me. “I can’t believe you eat them all.” She shows all the plastic.

I chuckled. Then she sits on the edge of my bed. “What do you want for breakfast? Pancakes, sandwich, or what?”

Somehow, I always think about what Yuu said few days ago. Does she really love me “not in motherly way”? Because sometimes, look at her! She’s just like a mother to me. Wakes me up in the morning, asks me what I want to eat for breakfast, and prepares my clothes. I think I should stop regard her as a private maid. She shouldn’t do it. She has to be one of the family in this house. Maybe just like my sister, cousin, or… wife? Wait. No. That’s too far. I ain’t make sure yet if she really likes me or not. But yeah, I think she should stop it all.

“You know, you shouldn’t have to do it.” I said to her.

She frowns. “Eh, why?”

“I’m not a kid anymore. I can do everything by myself. Besides, there are other maids who can do everything.”

“*sigh.. You don’t need me anymore?”

“No, I didn’t mean so.” I get up and sit, still on the bed. I can see Atsuko look at my chest when she notices me not wearing clothes.
“Look, I think you should stop of being like that to me. We’re friends, you know.” I said. It’s hard to say that we’re friends. I like her actually. “Let’s say, you’re one of the owner of this house. You don’t have to act like a maid.”

“I understand.” She said in lower tone.
She look up at me. “It’s okay if you said so.” She smiles at me.

“Well, thanks for understanding. This house is yours too.”

She smiles, somehow it’s killing me. So beautiful, smiling like an angel. Ah, I want to kiss that smile.

“Now get up!” she stands up and suddenly pulls the blanket that covers my lower body so fast.

We both noticing something. I can see her cheek is getting red. She quickly turns around while…

“OH MY GOD!!” I quickly grab a pillow and cover it.

I don’t even remember that last night, I was sleeping only wearing my boxer pants. This is really embarrassing when Atsuko pull the blanket and see me like that with… okay, it’s normal that sometimes the boy’s manhood ‘gets up’ in the morning, right? So, that’s what happened when she suddenly pull my blanket. She saw it. I’m dead.

~ end of Kai’s POV ~

This Sunday they don’t have any plans to do. Kai wants to spend the day at home, he has a lot of manga to read. He spent this morning swimming while Acchan, secretly watching him swimming from her room. Did I tell you that Acchan likes to see her young master swimming? Yes, it’s been her habit to sneak behind her curtain watching him swimming secretly. In the afternoon, Acchan feels so bored. Today Kai always avoid her. She soesn’t know what’s the reason, but somehow she thinks that Kai probably shy of what just happened this morning. Acchan decided to look for someone around the house.

“Honey!!” Acchan calls him. She looks for him the whole house but he’s not there. “Honey, where are you?”

“We’re here!!” a guy answering from the backyard.

“Hey.. there you are!!” Acchan walks approach a blonde guy who is kneeling on the grass, still showing his shy face to her. He doesn’t want to look at her in the eye. The blond guy stands up as Acchan walks closer.

“What are you doing, Honey??” Acchan takes a dog from Kai’s embrace. “I’m looking for you around the house, you know” she talks to her dog. Kai just standing there smiling looking at them.

“He just learned how to jump and catch a thing.” Kai said, trying to make another topic. Hoping that Acchan will forget about the accident this morning.


“Yeah, you want to see it?” Kai offer her. Seeing Acchan nods and agrees, he takes a small ball and walk in front of them while Acchan puts the dog on the ground.

“Buddy, catch this ball okay!” Kai show the ball to the dog. “Here. One, two, three, go!”

The dog runs and jumps to catch the ball by its mouth. This little show really impresses Acchan.

“Wow! You’re great!!” Acchan takes her dog again and caress its forehead. She looks at Kai “Thank you, Kai…”

“Just thank you?” Kai pouts.

Acchan chuckled. “Eeh… so what do you want?”

“Kiss?” Kai teases her by directs his cheek to her.

“You wish!” Acchan pushes away his cheek and they laughs. She knows Kai was just kidding.

“Uhm.. Atsuko.” Kai looks at her seriously when they stop laughing. “What about dinner?”


“Y-yes... a dinner, with me… umm… in a restaurant, eh? How?” Kai said nervously.

“Okay” Acchan smiles looking directly to his eyes.

Suddenly the dog barks. Woof woof!!

“Oh, no, little boy!” Kai takes the dog from Acchan. ”It’s adult business. You won’t go. Sorry…“ he pats his hand on the dog’s head. Acchan laughs again looking at what Kai doing to the dog.

“Young master!” a maid comes approach. “There’s a call for you from the office.” The maid gives the telephone to Kai.

“Yes?” Kai answers it.

“Mr. Takahashi, your uncle asked me to show you something about the preparation for your study in New York. Can you please come to the office now?”

“Now? It’s Sunday!”

“I know, Mr. But we need to talk about it immediately.”

“But why it should be in the office?”

“Because I have a lot of things to do in this glorious Sunday. I’m so glad if you don’t mind to meet me in the office.”

“Alright. I’ll go there in an hour.” Kai gives the telephone to the maid.
“sigh.. I have to go. The vice manager need to meet me.”

“Oh… ”

“Umm.. I’ll call you back if it’s still possible to have our dinner”



“I never doubted Takahashi’s brain!!” the vice manager said with a big smile on his face while seeing the result of Kai’s exam.

“You can count on me” Kai said calmly then drink his tea. The vice manager asked him to come to the office since he had to tell Kai about his preparation for college.

“So, now it’s time for me to show you the big point of our meeting…” the man takes a remote and pushes the red button and direct it to a wide enough LCD on the wall.

The LCD turned on, showing a logo of the university where Kai will study later. “So this is your campus, the classroom, library, park, football yard, gymnasium, dining hall, and….. lxCr23dbcat6fdp^R#@*EYh(#@$@”. Kai isn’t really interested with those places but the swimming pool and basketball hall.

“And… here are some places that I want you to choose one of them: the apartments” the man shows him some videos of some apartments, there are some options but Kai just have to choose one of them.

“So, which one, Takahashi-san?” there’s a gap to wait for Kai to answer it.

“Which one allows me to pet a dog?” Kai suddenly asks.

“Eh? You pet a dog? Since when?”

“Oh, umm… it’s not me, actually.” Kai said awkwardly. “It’s… Maeda-san’s dog.”

“Maeda-san??” the man seems like confused and doesn’t really understand of what his young master is talking about. Maeda-san. Maeda-san. Sounds familiar. He tries to remember who is Maeda-san.
“AH!! I remember!! But… wait. You mean, MG’s daughter that living with you now, is going to live with you in New York?”

“Yes.” Kai said innocently.


“Uncle Sae didn’t tell you?”

“No. He didn’t.” The man still can’t believe of this. His young master will live together with a girl in the same apartment. What his future will be?

“It means you haven’t managed anything for her college?”

“Not yet. Sorry…”

“Sigh. It’s okay. Can I take the brochures?”

“Oh, yeah. Of course.” The man takes some papers and brochures of some colleges in NY. “Here..” he gives it to Kai.

“Well, I choose the apartment which allows us to pet a dog, okay.” Kai stands up and get his bag. “I’ll go home now.”


Kai walks towards the door then the vice manager calls him again. “Takahashi-san, are you sure about it?”

“About what? The dog?” Kai turns back. The man nods. “Yeah, of course. It has to be with Maeda-san. So, the dog is going too.” Kai smiles and leaves.

The vice manager of Takahashi Corp. who has been working with this Corp since 20 years ago, stands still in his place right now hearing his 17 years old young master, who is soon going to be the chairman of Takahashi Corp, will stay in New York with a girl in the same apartment. He imagines what kind of business will Takahashi Corp hold in the future, if its future chairman is living with a girl in the same apartment since he’s 17. What kind of manager will he get in the future? Pervert manager?


Coming back from the office, Kai quickly look for Acchan in the house.

“She’s in her room.” A maid said when Kai is looking for her.

Kai walks to her room and finds the door is opened. He knocks the door. “Atsuko??”

There’s no answer. He takes a look at the room but Acchan is not there.
“Atsuko?” he tries to call her again.

“Kai? Is that you?” her voice can be heard. She’s in the bathroom.

“Y-yeah.. it’s me.”

“Oh, wait for me. I’m still showering, okay!”


When Kai about to leave the room, there are some papers on the table in Acchan’s room that attracts him to see it. Kai read the papers while sitting down on the edge of Acchan’s bed.


Finishing her shower, Acchan get out from the bathroom.
She feels so surprised when she sees Kai is still in her room. Fortunately she wears clothes from the bathroom.

“What is this?” Kai show Acchan some papers he holds when Acchan finish her shower.

Noticing what papers that Kai holds. Acchan can’t say anything, her heart beats fast. There’s an angry look in Kai’s eyes.

“Mrs. Maeda Atsuko, Thank you for the registration. Your student ID number is 32BSf87JT5, Class A of Acting and Filming Major. The class will be started next month and we enclosed the schedule in this letter.” Kai read the letter.
“Kai… I’m-” Acchan is about to say something, but she doesn’t even know what will she say.

“You’re going to enter this…” Kai takes a look again at the letter. “…Art College??”

Acchan nods, full of guilty.

“*sigh. You said yes, remember?” Kai puts the letter on the table. Acchan still doesn’t look at his face. She’s afraid, actually.

“Kai, it’s my dream. I want to be an actress and I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you about it earlier.”

“No, you can’t go! You promised me remember?” now Kai boosts up his tone.

“Yeah, I know. I used to think about that too. But, Kai… we have our own dream to chase. I can’t always be with you forever. I need to chase my dream too.”

“So what about me?”

“What about you? Kai, you’re grown up and you said it too, right? You can’t rely yourself on me all the time. I know it must be hard for us but… we have to. We can’t stay like this forever. We have to discover our life. ”

“No, you won’t.“ Kai just don’t want to let it happen even he doesn’t have any reason to make her stay.

“So you’re saying you would forbid me from going?” now Acchan is a bit angry about Kai’s selfishness. How can he forbid her to chase her dreams.

“Forbid? Who said forbid?” Kai is really angry now. Well, it’s going to be a fight.
“I was just reminding you that you said you’re going with me to New York and I was kind of… hoping you’d live together with me there.” He blushed as what he just said.
 “Oh, come on, Atsuko. You’ve always wanted to go abroad, right?”

“Yes, but there’s a lot of things I’ve always wanted, Kai.” Acchan answered. “And not this way.. I mean,”

“You don’t wanna live with me?” Kai cuts her words.

“No! Yes! Ah, I- I don’t know…”


“Kai, you  know it’s my dream…”

“And being with me is not your dream? Gosh, Yuu… You lied. She doesn’t love me.”

“I’m sorry, Kai. I just need to do this before settling down forever.”

Now Kai’s heart is really broken. Hearing Acchan decided to live separated from him, living overseas from him. All his hope of being together with Acchan, just like what Yuu said weeks ago, are disappeared. No hope for them to be forever.

“Fine. Go with your dream. I hate you.” Kai walks away and bang Acchan’s door so hard, leaving a BURK!! sound to the crying Acchan inside her room.



Bad  ending, sorry :(

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 19 - UPDATED 19/07/2013 <<
« Reply #248 on: July 19, 2013, 08:29:00 PM »
Well Kai needs to finally either admit his love or let her go probably forever

Nice update :)
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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 19 - UPDATED 19/07/2013 <<
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I will keep calm and wait for the next chapter, because that's how pros do it  :thumbsup
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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 19 - UPDATED 19/07/2013 <<
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Owhh. Kai should confess his feeling to Acchan instantly. Perhaps there is a turnaround between them.

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 19 - UPDATED 19/07/2013 <<
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Ah... Kai was so angry with Atsuko

What Sae scared of was right.... if ever Kai was going to live with Atsuko when he was in US

All the other people that worked for Kai would not think that Kai would be able to control his company then....

What's going to happen to them?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 19 - UPDATED 19/07/2013 <<
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~Taking Care Of  You  :heart:

Chapter 19

Hi Chemicalstar-san! :D

Thanks for update although it’s sad...  :cry:

What will happened to Kai and Acchan relationship?  :?

Please update soon.... :deco:

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I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 19 - UPDATED 19/07/2013 <<
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Oh my what's gonna happen to Kai and Acchan now??
Why can't they just admit the the love is mutual...
Thanks for the update!!

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> CHAPTER 19 - UPDATED 27/07/2013 <<
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 Yo, just finish the new update. But I think it’s too short so I make it the Part 1. I have a lot of things to do so I guess I will just update it first. Enjoy!

CHAPERT 20 Part 1

There was no dinner that evening, only tears and anger left between the two. Kai back furiously to his room, throwing the colleges brochures he brought from the office to the trash. He’s totally mad of what Acchan said.

“Dream, huh? Just tell that you don’t want to live with me! Ugh!” he thought.

Kai takes his phone and texts the vice manager, he tells him that Acchan won’t go. His every plan about living together with Acchan is canceled. The apartment, the college, the confession… Yes, Kai thought that one day he (maybe) want to confess his feeling to Acchan. Living together out of the country maybe makes them realize that they are not master-maid or just friends. They love each other. But that evening, that fight, changes everything.


Uncle Sae called home and informed that he will come back home tomorrow, bringing his ‘special friend’, Sayaka,  together. He asked Acchan to make a special dinner for tomorrow so they all can discuss and talk about everything about their college plan.

That afternoon, Acchan goes to grocery store accompanied by two other maids to buy some ingredients. While she looks for vegetables, suddenly someone covers her eyes from behind. Acchan quickly turns around.

“Acchan!!” a girl smiles widely in front of her.

“Ah!! Rena-chan!!” Acchan smiles back and hug her. “Been so long…”

“Yeah, you never visited my café, eh?”

“Umm, sorry…” Acchan pouts. “Next time I will, as often as you want!” she shows two fingers to promise her words.

“Eh, no way! I heard from Jurina that you will go to New York with Kai. It’s impossible that you will visit my café that often”

Suddenly the smile disappears from Acchan’s face. This topic again.

“Eh? What happened? You looks so sad” Rena asks and waves her hand in front of Acchan’s face as she saw Acchan spacing out.

“Oh, no. I’m all okay… it’s just..”

“Acchan, just tell me if you have any problem, especially about Kai. Even if I haven’t knew him for long, but Jun always tell me about his bestfriends. So, I’m quite know about him.”

“Hmm… what about I visit your café now?”

Hearing Acchan’s statement, Rena understands that Acchan want to talk about this with her.

“Sure, let me pay it first, okay..”

“Okay, I’ll tell them to shop without me” Acchan pointing at two maids who are walking between the racks of milk.

“I’ll wait you outside” Rena waves her hands, then they seperated.

Once Acchan and Rena arrived at the café, Rena asks her worker to serve them two cups of cappuccino. Acchan tells her that the plan to study in New York is canceled. She also tells her about everything happened between her and Kai.

“Acchan, do you really love him?”

Acchan takes a deep sigh. ”I don’t know. I-… I guess so.” She simply said without looking at Rena.

“I guess so? What kind of answer is that?” Rena chuckled. “There’s only yes or no for love, Acchan. Don’t befool yourself.”

Acchan looks at Rena, she needs about two or three seconds to finally say  “Yes, I love him” then she looks away again.

“Ahh.. you finally confess it” Rena teases her.

“But, it’s not right, Rena-chan…” Acchan said in hesitation. “Even if we’re close enough as friends, however he is my master and I’m his maid. I don’t know what people might said if I fall in love with him. It sounds so… ”

“..bitchy?” Rena added jokingly.

“Mou… that’s rude!” Acchan pouts while Rena laughs at her.

“Hahaha. Oka, okay. I’m serious again. So, you’re not going to tell him?”

“No, he hates me so much now. I’m giving up of him... there’s no chance for me to get him back.”

“I feel so sorry about the fight, but I think at least you should tell him the truth that you love him” Rena talks again.

Acchan turns her head down looking at the ground, thinks a little. “No, I guess no… It will ruin everything. It will makes another problem, I guess.”


Mario invites the boys to come to his house for a little farewell party since two days later he will go for his “world adventure” with his brother. He served a lot of food and drinks. They also had a game battle. It’s Kai’s and Jurina’s turn to play. Suddenly, Kai’s phone is ringing but he ignores it.

“Kai, your phone!” Yuu said. Kai still ignores it. He’s too excited with the game.

“Dudes, it keeps ringing! So noisy” Mario grumbled and give the phone to him.

“Okay, let’s pause a while, maybe your Acchan’s calling” Jurina teases him.

Hearing Acchan’s name, his mood turns bad. He looks at the screen, it’s the vice manager.

“It’s her, right?” Jurina said smirking at him.

“It’s from the office”he answered.
"Yes?" Kai answers the phone.

"Sir, we're going to hire a private maid to go with you to NY. There are some candidates so I wonder if you want to choose one of-"

"Male, 40's, can cook katsudon."  Kai simpky said, cut the manager's words. He press the red button and end the conversation.

Mario looks at his friend behavior: "He's back." he thought. Kai doesn't act like usual, the cold-headed and stubborn Kai is back. Mario wonders what happened with him.

"What's that?" Jurina innocently asks. "You're going to hire another maid?"

"Uhn.." Kai said still looking at his phone screen, looks like he's texting someone.

“There are a lot of maids in your house, even you fall for one of them, eh?” Jurina said innocently.

Mario can see Kai’s mood turns bad. He pinches Jurina’s arm to give him a code: Don’t tease him!

" Don't say that Acchan will not go with you.." Mario is guessing, giving a sharp glare at Kai.

Hearing what Mario just said, Yuu 's getting chocked. "What? Whoa whoa.. What do you mean Acchan won't go, Kai?" he frowns.

"Enough, Yuu. Let's don’t talk about her. I don't want to fight with you again" Kai avoids their questions.

"But she lov.."

"Enough! Enough! Please don't talk about her again!" Kai shouts.

"But. " Yuu  tries to deny but then Mario grab his shoulder to keep him from talking more.

"It's okay, Kai.." Mario tries to calm him down. "Let's don’t talk about this. But, later if you ready and need someone to talk, we always here okay."

They agree to continue their little party although Kai has a little bad mood. When the day goes down, the boys decide to leave. Kine is ready in front of Mario’s house just when they walk out of the door. Mario hold Kai’s hand when he’s about to enter the car.

“May I ask you a favor before I go?”

Kai frowns. “What?”

“Before you go to New York, confess your feeling.”

Kai doesn’t answer, he just lift up his shoulder and enter the car.


Back from Mario’s house, Kai feels so stressed. Lucky him doesn’t meet Acchan when he arrives. He go to the swimming pool. Kai takes off his towel just when he arrives near the pool. He stretches his body and does some warming up moves. Swimming is the only thing he can do to calm down his head when the problems of life are around. See, being in a fight with Acchan is one of his problems of life. Facing the fact that three days later he will leave Japan and go to New York, and being separated thousand miles away from Acchan is one of his problems of life. Being so guilty to mad at Acchan and feels that he’s so selfish is one of his problems of life. And to realize that he’s falling in love with Acchan is one of his problems of life. Everything that related to Acchan, is the problem of his life now, and he needs to swim, a lot.

He finished about 4 rounds swimming. He takes a break for a while and sits on the edge of the pool while suddenly Honey, the dog comes approach.

“Hey, buddy!” Kai pats its head. The dog sits beside him.
“Sorry, you’re not going too.” He looks at the dog. He likes this dog although the one who bought it is not him. It’s one of the workers from the office who bought the dog. Kai just asked him to find a cute dog to pet for a girl. Fortunately the worker knew how to choose the right dog.
“Don’t forget me, okay!” Kai smiles at the dog. “Don’t make any trouble, and… please take care of her.”

“I love her…” he said, half whispering.

Kai gets in the water and swims again until he feels tired enough to forget about his problems. Meanwhile… Acchan is standing behind the window, she was about to find the dog. But the she finds the dog is with Kai near the pool. She heard everything except the last sentence.


How’s that ??

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Why it has to be the last sentence that she didn't hear?!?! :cry:  :banghead:  :bleed eyes:

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Why it has to be the last sentence that she didn't hear?!?! :cry:  :banghead:  :bleed eyes:

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I agree with the 2 people above. Kai should talk louder! Please confess soon!! :panic:

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Ah... if only Kai was saying his confession louder...

It would save lots of heartache for everyone...

What's going to happen to Atsuko and Kai next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you

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Well Kai can say his true feelings but keeps it knowing it may not change the results...
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