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Author Topic: TAKING CARE OF YOU (kaiAcchan - S1 COMPLETED) + S2 Chap9 (10/19/2014)  (Read 86838 times)

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> SEASON 2 Chapter 1 061013 <<
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 :on woohoo: :on woohoo: :on woohoo:
finally!season 2 :D

kaiacchan FTW.. XD
update soon chem :on gay:

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> SEASON 2 Chapter 1 061013 <<
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Gosh. Your fiction is good. Its too good. It made my day.
Thanks  :heart: :heart:
48G FTW. Yoroshiku.

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> SEASON 2 Chapter 1 061013 <<
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damn love it.  :luvluv1:
Waiting for the next update.  :on roll:
You make me fall in love with you author san  :luvluv1:
Haha.. I'm joking... good job!!  :on GJ:

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> SEASON 2 Chapter 1 061013 <<
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good evening everyone!!

gomen nee...
I'll inform you that actually I never lied about the season 2. Of course I will update it.

But layely I've been way too busy to write. though, I always give my time for writing at least 10 minutes. so apologize  me if it takes too long.

please be patient...
danke schon

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> SEASON 2 Chapter 1 061013 <<
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Can't waitttttt....  XD

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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> SEASON 2 Chapter 1 061013 <<
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Just read the first part and suddenly realizes that Kai may be playing it too close although the best thing was to shut up about it and just kill himself in spirit although for him, probably can't wait for more stuff...

Although it seems my perv sensors are tingling....

General idea for me lawl
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Re: TAKING CARE OF YOU -kaiAcchan- >> SEASON 2 Chapter 1 061013 <<
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glad you decided to post the 2 season

Please continue

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Welcome Saturday!!!
 It’s been a long time since the last time I’ve updated this story. Now just like this bright sunny Saturday I have here, I wanna give you the same one too: AN UPDATE!!!!

I’m so sorry that it took so long. I’ve been super super super busy. And I also inform you all, I will be busy from now on. I hope you understand if I update the next chapter slowly.

By the way… about the deal I’ve made with Ruka-san. Well… he’s gone, right?! But however I’m sure he’s still stalking this forum. So, wherever you are, Ruka-san… Don’t break the deal. You still have to update “MESSY MAN”, “AIESU”, and “REVENGE”. Wherever you will update it, in your blog or in other forum, or even you mail us the story, just inform us okay!!

So please enjoy this chapter. There will be some dramas next, be careful ;)

Season 2 – CHAPTER 2

Being an actress and a college student is not easy to do. Some people who have the same problem, usually leave one of them. They have to choose between entertainment career and college. But Acchan chooses to take both of them. She studies acting major in the art college. So she thinks that her study will support her acting career. She takes two days in a week for college, and the others for shooting and entertainment activities such as attending a talk show, press conference, interview, photo shoot, and so on.

This morning, the girl who is becoming more beautiful each and every day, has a free week end. She waves her hand to her friends at college.

“See you next week, Acchan!! Have a nice week end ” her friend said as they separate their way.

Acchan stops a taxi and rides to her apartment. The sun starts to set and the sky is getting dark when she arrives at her apartment. It’s the same apartment that Uncle Sae gave when Acchan started the college. Being an actress makes a lot of money for her, but she doesn’t want to move from that place. It’s a nice apartment she has, big enough for a person living there. Of course, Sae is a success businessman, he has a good taste of choosing an apartment for Acchan.

The time she gets in her room, she takes her phone and dials a number.
“Moshi moshi. Good evening, it’s Takahashi residence.”

“Ah, good evening. It’s Acchan..”

“Acchan!! How are you?” a woman who is a maid in the house greets her. There are a lot of maids living in that house now. Every of them know Acchan and they treat her like she’s the owner of the house. Well, they know about who Acchan is, Uncle Sae who told them about that. He asked everyone to treat her well as Uncle Sae treas her like his own daughter. But it doesn’t make Acchan changes at all. Acchan is Acchan. She used to be a maid in the past. That’s why she’s so nice and being a friendly one towards every maid who works there. And that’s why they likes Acchan a lot.

“I’m good. How about you all?”

“We’re good too. We miss you, you know… When will you come back?”

“Ha, I’m just about to tell you a good news. I will go home tonight. I have a free week end, so I think I want to spend the days at home.”

“Ah, that’s a good thing. We will prepare everything for you..”

“I will go there in an hour. Jaa nee…”

She hangs up the phone, puts it on her bed then leaves to the bathroom. After packed such things she needs, she leaves her apartment. She walks to the nearest train station from her apartment with a masker on. Of course, she doesn’t want everyone know that she is Maeda Atsuko the actress. Gets on a train in about two hours, Acchan finally arrives at town.

A Takahashi’s private driver told her that he’s waiting at rain station to pick her up. He bows at Acchan when she’s arrived. He’s not her uncle Kine. It’s a new driver. Her uncle Kine now works in suit and ties as the chief of security unit at Takahashi’s office.

She smiles just when she arrives at the house. The house where she and Kai were raised together. The house where all the things begin. She meets everyone in that house, the maids, the driver, and also Honey, her dog. Yes, the puppy that Kai gave to her in her birthday, now is a big dog. Acchan couldn’t take Honey with her in apartment as she’s very busy. Honey is better stay at home so everyone can take care of it.

“Ah, time flies.. We’ve talked too much, I think you have to take a rest, Acchan..” said a maid when Acchan has a chit chat with them. Talking about a lot of things.

“Okay, I’ll go to bed, then… Oyasumi..” Acchan bows and leaves them.

She walks in to her room. Looking around at her room. She smiles when she looks at a barbie house which is still on the table. Reminds her of her childhood time, of Mr.Takahashi’s kindness, her parents, everything about her past.  She takes the female barbie. She has a long brown hair, with a red lipstick, wearing a beautiful dress and shoes. Acchan looks at the back of her doll. There’s a kid’s writing. There, written : Acchan. She chuckles at herself.  She remembers how she wanted to be looks like that barbie doll when she was a kid. Now she’s an actress, she dresses more beautiful like that barbie. Then she puts the barbie doll again and takes the other one. The male one.

She remembers, the time when her dad brought her this barbie house when she was 5. Her dad told her that it was a gift from his master, Mr.Takahashi. Yes, she named the doll Takahashi. Then, Acchan turns the doll around to see her writing there.


It’s surprising. She used to see “Takahashi” written there. But this time what she saw is different. There’s another writing with different color. She reads it: “Takahashi Kai”.

“EEHH?? When did he write his name on it??!!” Acchan seems surprised. She chuckles and a bit laughs at the dolls. “Stupid Kai!” she laughs again.

Remembering about Kai, it’s been more than two days that she haven’t talked to him. They only texted to each other. Being in a long distance relationship is not easy. But the thing that they know is they love each other. They trust each other. Even only a message, a call, a voice, a video call, that can keep them together until now.

Acchan puts the doll and gets up. She walks out of her room and walks to the upstairs. She opens the door. It’s the same room where she used to wake her master every morning. The room is so neat. Those maids take care of it even if the owner is out of country. But now it seems like a new habit for Acchan since Kai has been in New York. The time she miss him so much, she always takes her time to come back home, spending the night at Kai’s room, sleeping on his bed.

She crawls on his bed. Her hand feels the softness of the bedsheet. Slowly she lays her head on a pillow, one of her hands grabs another pillow and she hugs it tight while she slowly closes her eyes.

*an hour later, away in NYC*

Knock!!  Knock !!

“Young master!!” a voice of a man heard.

Knock!!  Knock !!

“Young master, have you woken up?” the man said again.

There, a young man is laid on his bed with eyes closed.

“Young master??” he heard the man keeps calling him.

“Arrgghh… “ he groans while stretching his body. “So noisy! What time is it now?” he removes his blanket and try himself to see the clock clearly.

“WHAT??!!” he seems surprised when he sees what time s it now.

“Young master, it’s 10 AM now” the man outside said.

“YES, I’m up!!” Kai shouts at him and quickly gets in his bathroom.


Ding dong….

Someone’s ringing the bell.

A man opens the door after seeing who’s outside from the screen of CCTV. It’s his master, Takahashi Sae.

“Good morning, master!” he greets Sae and pleases him to get in.

“Good morning, how are you?” Sae asks.

“Very good, master. Thank you..”
“Ano… what makes you come this morning, it’s so rare that you came this early.”

“Oh? Kai didn’t tell you?”

The man looked confused. “Umm.. no. He didn’t say anything.”

“I’m picking him up, we’re going to have a business trip in Europe. It may takes one week or more,” Sae explained. “By the way, where is he?”


“He just woken up?”

“Yes, sir. He didn’t say anything about business trip. That’s why I didn’t wake him up early.”

“Ahh, that boy!!” Sae sighs.

“Umm, I will prepare your breakfast” the man said. “Please take your time..”

“Okay, thanks..” Sae sits on a couch and turns the TV on.

*inside Kai’s bedroom*

“Geez, how could I forget about it. Sighs… Thank’s God the flight is in 2 hours. I still can prepare everything” he thought while drying his hair using the towel.

He takes his phone, the brightest smile in the world appears when he unlocks the screen. He quickly press Acchan’s name to call her.

Beep… beep…

“Why doesn’t she answer the call?” he thought. He takes a look at the clock. “Maybe she’s already sleeping…” 
Kai types a message:

"Europe for a business trip with uncle Sae. We’ll have our flight today. I miss you so much…”


The next morning, Acchan wakes up and check her phone. She sees four missed calls and a new message. All of them are from Kai. She quickly replies the message.

“It’s okay. Have a nice trip Kai.. I love you.”

Acchan has planned to spend the day at home. This morning she cooks some food with some maids at home. She always like to cook, moreover, to eat.  When all the food already served. She sits on the mini bar chair and enjoys the food. Acchan turns the TV on.

“Young actress Hanako Takigawa caught hanging out with a guy who is not her husband.” A news reporter said on the TV.

“Eh? What is this?” Acchan stops chewing. She continues to watch the news.

“As this news published, her rich husband divorced their only 4 months marriage. Takigawa got millions of dollars because of the divorce from his husband who is a success businessman. It makes a big question from the people, did she married that man for money??”

“Ahh, media is so cruel..”

“If it’s so, this case is not the first time that a famous actress or female singer married a rich man for money. Last year, a famous singer ..”


Acchan changes the TV channel. “It’s annoying. How can media blow the things like that? It’s so cruel…” she thought. Acchan takes a sip of her tea and watch the TV again, this time she watches an interview of a swimming athlete.

“Tell us how can you get your success in this sport?”

“Ah, it’s nothing but a strict training. My coach has a great managing skill. We have a strict schedule and I have to keep my body healthy.”

“Wow, that’s impressive. By the way, beside a good swimmer, you have a good looking face, right? I know there are a lot of girls being your fans.”

“Really” the athlete laughs.

“How about your private life? Are you currently dating someone?”

“Ah, that thing… ” he smiles and stops a while. “No, I’m not dating anyone currently.”

“Really?” then the reporter face the camere. “Girls, he’s single. Go ahead!”

The athlete laughs again. “No, it’s not like that. I just have no time for a special relationship. I think this time I have to focus for my career in swimming.”

“Souka… you must don’t want to ruin anything of your bright career right now for such little things like ’being a boyfriend’, right?” the reporter said jokingly.

“Hahaha, yes, kind of…”

Acchan chuckles. “Even an athlete has the same lifestyle like an actor, eh?”
Suddenly, she thinks about something. She grabs her phone and texts something.

“I’m home. How are you? Can I visit your place today?”

She sends the message. A while after that, the phone shows a notification : Rena, sent.


“Rena-chan!!” Acchan hugs her friend.  “It’s been so long!!”

“I’m so happy that a famous actress visits my café!” release the hug.

Acchan looks around the cafe, “It’s getting bigger now..”

“Yeah, and I have to hire more workers. Come here, I’ll show you something” Rena takes Acchan to the upstairs.

Acchan looks very stunned as she sees a rooftop style café right there. “It’s beautiful, Rena-chan!”

“Of course, I built this two months ago. Nice, huh?”

Acchan nods. She walks around. She can feel the fresh air from where she stands now.

“Let’s sit here, Acchan..” Rena ask Acchan to join.

“So, how’s your day?” Rena said.

“Hmm… it’s going great all the time. I’m happy of everything I do. Even it makes me super busy.”

“I see.. why don’t you just off your college stuff for a while and focus with your career?”

“Naah, I can’t do that. I have to finish my study first, that’s the main mission from where I start everything now.”

“You’re a hard worker!” Rena smiles. “and how about Kai? It’s been a  long time that Jurina never told me about Kai.”

“Of course, Kai is very busy too. He has to study for his college while taking his family business with Uncle Sae too. But our relationship is going well, though..”

Rena chuckles. “Ahh, sometimes I wonder how could you two keep your relationship without meet each other in a very long time.”

“Easy!” Acchan said. “We’re not living in 80’s, Miss Matsui. Now we can use internet to do everything” Acchan laughs a little.

“But no touching!” Rena quickly replies and smirks.

Acchan changes her expression. She looks down and laughs herself a little. “Yeah, you’re right… ”

“Oopps.. Sorry,I didn’t mean that, Acchan…”

“No, it’s fine.. ” Acchan laughs to make the situation easy again. “So how about Mr. Matsui, eh? Does he kiss you often like usual?”

“Ahh, Acchan! You always have something to change the topic..” Rena is blushing now. “Well, Jurina often visits me. So everything is alright. But sometimes I feel jealous as now he has a lot of fangirls in his college.”

“Boo… look what we have here, a jealous woman, eh?”

They laughs and having a long talk while enjoying fruit juices.
Suddenly, Acchan’s phone rings.

It’s her manager calling.


“Acchan, I’m so sorry to interrupt your weekend, but I have something important to tell you.”

“Oh, what is it?”

“Umm, I can’t tell you by phone, it will be a long talk, we have to discuss it. Can you meet me now?”


“Yes, come on, it’s ‘now or never’ project. We have to move fast.”

Acchan sighs deeply. “Alright, where are you now?”


Acchan feels uneasy that she has to go in the middle of a nice conversation with Rena. But it seems like her manager has something important to tell. The, Acchan go to a restaurant where her manager is waiting for her.

“It’s a job offer” her manager said.

“Job offer? Why it’s so sudden?” Acchan takes some papers that the manager showed her.

“It’s a new movie, will be released in the end of the year.”

“We have only three months filming?”


“Why it’s so sudden?” Acchan frowns.

“Didn’t you know the news?”

“What news?”

“Hanako Takigawa, she was the actress choosed to play this role. But because of her scandal, the producer suddenly canceled the contract with her. Yesterday, I was called by the production house that they offer you the role. They want you to take Takigawa’s role in this movie.”

“Souka…” Acchan read the documents.

“I tell you, this will be a great movie. It will gain your career and popularity. If I were you, I will take this chance. But, it’s not my career, it’s yours… even I’m the manager, I will ask your first if you want to take this offer or not. It’s all your decision…”

“Hmm…. ” Acchan thinks for a while. “Let’s do it!” she smiles.

The manager smirks at her. “That’s my girl!! Let’s do a hard work, then!!”

“By the way… is the news really true?” Acchan ask her manager.

“I don’t know, but I’m sure she married that man just for money…” the manager answers.

“Why did she do such a stupid thing that can ruin her career?” Acchan grumbled.

“That’s why I warned you in the very first time you start your career, don’t date anyone. Even if you think that it’s okay to have a boyfriend, but it will always be a danger for your career.”

That time, Acchan realizes something. Something, that she hid all this time from everyone.



*end of Season 2 – Chapter 2*

Thanks for reading, please leave some comments so I know what’s your opinion about this. Thank you.

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wow what gonna happen next?
i see... big problems for acchan o.0

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Its getting better every episode! I love it!

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Hope Acchan not disturbed by the takigawa news. She truly love Kai and same as Kai.

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I do hope Atsuko would choose Kai....

Though she did want to be an actress... but I do hope she would put Kai 1st than anything else...

She did come across lots of obstacles to be with Kai so Yeah....

Would Atsuko tell her manager of Kai?

Would Atsuko also get into that kind of scandal?

What's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

Can't wait to see the next

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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kayaa kyaa kyaa....

finnaly..... update.....  :onioncheer:

it's nice...  :thumbup

so acchan is hid her relationship with kai huh?

it's going to be drama....

i hope Acchan won't make Kai disappointed...

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Goeiemorgen. I watched the news this morning. There were a huge typhoon in Philliphines yesterday. and I just remembered there are a lot of user from Phillipines here.

I hope you all are okay...

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  • But I think TakaHarem is not too bad either ^~^
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Yes! Finally an update from you!!  :onioncheer:
*sigh* :( Waiting for your next update again....  :prayers:

Goeiemorgen. I watched the news this morning. There were a huge typhoon in Philliphines yesterday. and I just remembered there are a lot of user from Phillipines here.

I hope you all are okay...

Well, some provinces in Visayas (middle part of Philippines) are highly damaged... But don't worry, we are okay :) Thank you for your concern :)

PS: I'm also from Philippines...
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Good afternoon everyone! Or, good evening, good morning wherever you are. First thing first, I’m sorry for updating this story very late. I have a lot of business, college task, and everything. But don’t worry, I never forget to keep writing for this story because I always check this forum eventually and that reminds me to update mine too.
Thank you for waiting, I hope I didn’t lose my readers. My favorite readers who always give some ‘thanks and comments’. Thank you all. I separated this chapter into 2 parts, I hope I can finish the second part in no time. Enjoy!

SEASON 2 Chapter 3 Part 1

A skinny tall girl is standing beside a locker in a make-up room. Both of her hands hold her black shaped phone, her eyes are focused on its screen.

“Good morning Kai. I hope you had sweet dream last night. You know, the producer has decided the release date of my new movie. My manager came this morning with a long list of activities I have to do next. I think it will be so tiring. But I’m so happy to do it. Don’t miss your lunch again, okay! I love you.”

She presses the green button and the message is sent to her beloved one. Having three months filming is quite made her super busy. Woke up early morning, went to filming locations, ended the filming late of night, did some college tasks, and had less sleeping time. She almost had no chance to have any video call with Kai. She often slept in filming location, or sometimes she slept in hotel, in the same room with her manager. It made any conversation with Kai is almost impossible.

Though, it’s not only Acchan who is busy lately. The same situation happened far away in NY. Kai was having super busy days due to business trips to several countries in America and Europe. Takahashi Corp will spread their business to Europe so there’s no choice for Sae unless to take Kai with him doing some business trips. Being in different countries made Kai couldn’t get proper time to call Acchan due to different time zones. Once he had a time to call, he had to move and went to another country, also with different time zone. But they always send messages even if it just “I miss you” words or similar things. It helps them to smile every morning when opening the inbox message.

“Acchan! What are you doing? Come on, we have to go now!” there’s a voice of a woman calling her from outside the room.

“Haik! I’m coming…” Acchan quickly puts her phone in her bag. She walks out of the room, she’s going to the studio with her manager waiting there, doing some photo shoots for the promotional posters of her new movie.

“The photographer is already inside. Everything is set, it’s only you to be there. Ready?” her manager said, just to make sure that everything is set.

“Sure!” Acchan answer with a bright smile on her face.

“Great! Good luck, Acchan”

There she is, her manager. She’s actually her senior in the college who introduced her to the entertainment business. Nishida Saki. She’s a hard worker, has a competent in artist managing skill, and a strict one when it comes for work. But she’s a nice one. She knows that Acchan is an orphan who was living with her uncle. She met Acchan in acting class where she used to be a substitute lecturer. That time, the lecturer was sick and get in the hospital, so Nishida was asked to teach the students. There she met Acchan and saw her talent in acting is impressing.

Saki-chan, that’s how Acchan call her because she’s only 4 years older than Acchan, never got too close with Acchan’s private life. They only close each other in everything about work, not private life. It makes Acchan goes along with her and made her a manager.


Beep Beep..

A new messages appear on Kai’s phone  screen.
It’s from his uncle, Sae.

“Thanks for your time, Kai. Take some rest, okay!”

Kai takes a deep sigh as he turn off the screen. Now he’s sitting on the backseat of a luxury car on his way from the airport to his apartment in New York. He just arrived from Belgium, alone. Sae choosed to stay there while he asked Kai to go back to NY since Kai still has college things to do. He had left class for almost two weeks. Kai stares at the window, imagining how many college tasks that he left in two weeks.

Arriving at the apartment building, Kai quickly walks to the elevator. He just can’t wait to get in the shower and feel the heat of the warm water on his skin.

Just when the elevator reach 72nd floor where his apartment is, suddenly his phone is ringing.

“AH!!! You finally hang up the phone!!” it’s Jay

“I was on the plane the whole day. What’s up?”

“A party, my house, in 2 hours. You’re not going, you’re dead.”

“Wait. What party? I’m just arrived in NY, I don’t even reach my house yet.”

“Dude..” Jay is sighing. “I’m so disappointed in you.”

“….” Kai doesn’t answer anything, he arrives in front of his apartment door.

“HOW COULD YOU FORGET MY BIRTHDAY??!!!” Jay screamed through the phone and it made Kai takes away the phone from his ear.

“Oh, Jay’s birthday, how could I forget..” Kai thoughts.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” Kai puts his bag on the couch. “But, Jay.. I’m just arrived right now. I think I can’t..”


“Huh?? Really?”

“MAN, You’re cruel!”

“Ugh, fine. I’ll be there…” Kai sighs, has no choice to ignore it. “And, thank you for doing my tasks. I count on you.”

“Whatever, just be here in 2 hours or I will kill you.”



Jay invites his friends including Kai to celebrate his birthday. They went to a night club to have a party there. All guys dance with some girls, very erotic. Along the party, Jay saw Kai was sitting on a seat near the bar. He looks mot so energetic tonight. Jay come approaches and asks Kai to join.
“Dude, those girls are hot. Your just came back from business trip, I think you have to have some fun with them.”

“No, thanks Jay. I’m all okay, I’m happy and tired enough.” Kai’s slurps his drink and talks lazily.

“Oh man, I didn’t expect a lazy hippo appears in my party like this. .  Come on, it’s my party, just come along with us!”

Kai takes a deep sighs and gives a sharp stare at Jay. “NO.”

Looking at his friend’s expression, Jay sits beside him. “Don’t you have any interest to girls?”

“Of course I do, I’m not a gay” Kai said. Saying word “gay” reminds him of his uncle. Lucky his friends don’t know that his uncle is a gay, or they will suspect him as a gay too.

“Who said you are? Or.. you really are a gay?” Jay teased.

“Whatever!” Kai ignores him.

“Hey, Kai. You see that blonde girl dancing right there? I will call her to accompany you tonight. You two will be a hot blond couple”

“I can’t do that, I already have a girlfriend, Jay! Don’t force me like a stupid”

“Really? Where? I’ve never seen you with girl”

“She’s in Japan”

Jay facepalmed himself. “Do whatever you want, good luck dude” Jay pats Kai’s shoulder and leaves.

It’s been a stressful weeks for Kai. He just feels tired and empty.

“Give me wine,” Kai asked the bartender.
Two hours later…

Jay was about to give his last speech for his party that night when he saw the bar area he didn’t see Kai there. He looked around but didn’t find him.

“Man, did you see a blonde guy sat here before?” asked Louis who helped Jay to find Kai.

“He went outside. I don’t know where he’s going up to. And he’s drunk” the bartender said.

Jay and Louis quickly get out from the building and check the parking area. There’s no Kai’s car there, they quickly get in Jay’s car and look for him.

“He’s a little insane! How could he drive when he’s drunnk!” Louis keep talking on their way.

“There! You see? It’s Kai’s car!”

“Yeah, it is. Go get him”

Once Jay turns his car to catch  Kai, they saw a big high speed truck is about to crash on Kai’s car.

“No way! KAAAIIII!!!!!” Jay screams.

* * *

end of part 1

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Chem!!!!im happy that ur back!!! XD

But wth...ur back just to kill kai? :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak:

Oh god..please update soon :on gay:

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noooooo.... Kaaai....  :shocked

i hope he will be okay...  :cry:

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Well... AtsuKai are closed as always...

Ah... classic drunk drive....


What's going to happen to Kai?

Would Atsuko take sometimes off to see Kai?

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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yay update :3
welcome back chemicalstar-san :3


KAIIII  :gyaaah:


WHY I SEE "end of part 1"  :gyaaah:

pls update soon  :fainted:

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