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Author Topic: Ando's OS Collection  (Read 20140 times)

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Ando's OS Collection
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:08:54 AM »
My first post of my complete fanfic in here.. :D

this is the few guide..

*  = a few minute later..

*** = a few days later…



Love test [Rabumyao xtra Sasshi, Yuki]

This is unacceptable...miho felt a bit down after doesn't received a call or message from ai-chan for a few days.huh.. i knew that she’s busy but... miho stared at her phone. Her pride doesn't allowed her to telling ai-chan that she love n missing her first..

"myao??..what are u thinking???"  Yuki ask after realize myao doesn't give her 100% like her usual self. They currently practicing acting in their drama club.

"nothing..just too sleepy.." Miho sit with a tired expression and kept sighed.

"lol..i taught that words doesn't exist for u.." Yuki wearing a smirk on her face while saying it.

"u're clearly shown ur uninterested side after lovetan transferred to hkt48..." Yuki added and grin by herself.

"nope..not at's really just myself..only u doesn't see it cause u're too busy with mayuyu n others." Miho lazily answered.

"lol..u talk like i'm a player..." Yuki giggled after hearing Miho answer. It’s the truth after all.

"anyway..did u see hakate hyakkaten?" Yuki ask as she curious.

"hmm..just telling u that asuka just done it.." Yuki said bluntly without trying to hide it. She did knew Lovetan recording that show.

"..." Miho doesn’t look really interested with the topic that Yuki bring in. Only silent as her answer to Yuki question.

"Lovetan is 4 star...remember??" Yuki give a hint as she realized Miho doesn’t really catch the meaning behind her words.

"AHH!!!!" Miho snap from her blankness and become anxious at that sudden fact.



“I hate it..” Aika said while stared sadly to the floor.

“What is it??” Miho ask as she’s worried watching Lovetan act like that.

“Still..” Aika acted as if she just going through something creepy. She still felt goosebumps because of what happened.

“ it about ‘that’ sensei..” Miho guessing cause the recording that involve that ‘ sensei is just finish.

“Un..” Aika nod weakly still doesn’t facing Miho that sit beside her.

“Don’t worry I protect u if she’s trying to do it again..” Miho said with playful tone. She’s acting out the things that she will done if it’s happened again in front of Aika.

“Arigatou…” Aika laugh a bit as she felt amuse watching cheerful Miho that trying to cheer her.

“Iie..u are mine..” Miho sit back and hug Aika from the side.

“Mou…Myao..” Aika trying to push Miho that kept clinging on her and try to hug her. She’s blushing hard as her face and Miho face is quite near with each other.

“Everything is mine..” Miho grin while watching Aika reaction that very amusing for her.



Myao felt her heartbeat fast as if it will explode thinking about what Aika might think about her.

Sure..sure..she’s mad at me.. Myao look lifeless as she kept losing her confidence. Every time she make a mistake, it’s the same thing happened. Aika will avoiding her, not calling her nor message her. I can be this careless.. Myao  knock her head a few times on the walls while kept blaming herself.


A few days later, when team K are not busy and miho have 2 day off, she make a trip to the HKT48 current recording show take place.

“Ano..can I know where is HKT48 room..” Miho ask to a staff that she found while she’s trying to search by herself.

“Owh..turn right at the front..”that stuff pointing out the way while she said it.

“Thanks..” Miho bow a bit and leaving towards her destination.,


“MYAO!!!” a familiar voice shout her name as she welcoming Miho coming there.

“Ah..Sasshi…” Miho awkwardly said as she’s been caught coming there by Sashihara.

“What are u doing here?? How come..a sudden visit..” Sashihara look a Miho suspiciously.

“Just..” Miho bluntly answer while avoiding an eye contact with Sashihara.

“hmm..surprise visit for Lovetan??” Sashihara guess while acting like she thinking.

“Huh..” a sigh automatically came out from Miho.

“As expected..” Sashihara nod and put a face of satisfaction.

“What do u mean??” Miho felt uneasy with Sashihara reaction.

“Nothing..” Sashihara shook her head with an innocent face. She wave her hand while she walk away leaving Miho alone again.


Myao walk with caution as she doesn’t want to be caught by anyone again. She entered HKT48 room that currently empty as everyone are recording another program that involve HKT48.

Is Sasshi gonna kept my arrival as a secret??.. Myao become nervous as she knew well sasshi personality that always like to giving a hint o whatever that might ruin her plan.

Miho looking at the gift that she buy before she coming. Is she gonna forgive me?? Miho walked around searching for Aika bag while her mind quite busy finding and arranging a right words to talk with Aika.


“Ai-chan!!!” Sasshi shout Aika name as soon as she find her sitting with the other member. She’s running towards Aika that look confused with a sudden loud call from Sasshi. Sasshi came close and pulled Aika to a certain corner where there is no one.

“As I taught!!” Sasshi excitedly said while holding Aika.

“what is it sasshi??” Aika blankly look at Sashihara that act differ than usual.

“She’s here!!!” Sashihara point out their dressing room that just nearby from there.

“Who??” Aika raise her eyebrows with confusion clearly written all over her face.

“Her!!” Sashihara take out Aika phone from her pocket and show her phone wallpaper.

“AH!!! Really!!” Aika quite surprise that she forget that people is still around them. She shout excitedly and at then end she cup her face hiding her blushing face as she realize there are people stared at them.

“How?? U need to treat me later..” Sashihara whispered to Aika ears and go back to the other HKT48 member.

“Yeah2…I knew..” Aika said alone as she remembered her deal with Sashihara.



 -After a small concert of HKT48 at their theatre-

Aika sit alone and sighing as she think about her love one. Suddenly, Sashihara come n sit beside her.

“Hmm..I miss her..” Aika suddenly said to put out the silent between them.

“Who?? Myao??” Sashihara ask curiously as she want to confirming her guess.

“U want to meet her??” Sashihara added after Aika kept silent and not answering her guessing.

“Un..” Aika nod weakly.

“Then, give me ur phone..” Sashihara said bluntly. Her eyes is sparkling as her mind are full of idea to bring back the smile on Aika gloomy face.

“Why?” Aika felt strange with Sashihara reaction.

“Just give me..” Sashihara said while make a hand sign of ‘giving me that’. Aika take out her phone from her back and give it to Sashihara.

“Wait..wait..what are u doing??” Aika said confusedly after seeing Sashihara take her phone and straightly put it in her own bag.

“I’m confiscated it..” Sashihara wearing a smirk while saying it.

“Trust me..” Sashihara added while smiling widely to reassured Aika that everything gonna be fine.



After the recording is finish, every member came back to the dressing room and packing their bags BUT the only member that doesn’t came back is Oota Aika that Miho patiently waiting while hiding at the corner where no one came to check out.

Where is she?? Is Sasshi tell her..huh..Sasshi!! Miho shouting out loud in her mind blaming Sasshi for everything that might happen that might be effect the situation and make it worse if she’s failed here.

Ah..Ai-chan.. Myao awake from her uncertainty as the person that she waiting at last came back and currently packing her bag.

So..she’s here..huh…this… Aika whispering in her mind and pretending to packing her things.

Hope that she see it…please…Myao put her hands together to form a tight fist and put it near her chest. Close her eyes and sometimes glancing at Aika.

Wait…stick to the plan.. Aika is shaken as she found Myao gift. It’s pretty.. Aika praise Myao as she opening the gift inside her back slowly and quietly.

Is it really gonna work??? Aika done packing and walk slowly towards the exit. As she walk more and more further, she felt very uneasy as there is no sign that Miho following her.   

Huh..she just go?? Miho quite shock after she just realize that Aika already leave her.


“Sasshi..why u still here??” one of the worker ask Sashihara that still there and not leaving even though everything already finish.

“I’m waiting for lovetan” Sashihara bluntly answered while her eyes still fixing on Aika.

“Owh..ok..” the worker bow a bit and leave with confusion after seeing Sashihara act suspiciously.

I need to know what happen till the end.. Sashihara grin by herself.



Aika leave with a heavy step as what she really want to do right now is meeting directly Miho that came specially just to meet her. She’s doesn’t really want to do this from the start BUT Sashihara kept pushing her idea towards herself resulting quite a pain in her heart.

Why I following Sasshi plan.. a long sigh came automatically from her mouth. She did remembered how Sasshi confiscate her phone for a few days BUT at the same time she also disappointed as there is no calls or message came from Miho along that time.

Huh..she’s doesn’t look fine..hmm, my fault… Myao felt guilty as she see Aika that look differ than what she imagine she would be.

When will Myao grab me?? Is she’s not going to do it.. Aika mind struggling to find out if Myao would appeared or not.

“Ai-chan..” a familiar voice call Aika from behind her. At the time she want to turn towards that voice, an unexpected hug coming from her back. A hug that make  her heartbeat beating fast than normal. The sensation that she doesn’t felt for quite a long time.  She can heard a sobbing from the person that hug her.

“Myao??”Aika confuse with unexpected action from Miho.

“Please..please forgive me…” Miho said with pleading voice.

“Myao..what happened?? Why u crying??” Aika ask with a concern voice while trying to turn and look at the face of her love one.

“Forgive me first..” the hug become tight and the sobbing also continue without have a sign that it gonna stop at nearer time.

“Hai..I forgive u..” Miho slowly release Aika from her hug while her tears still resist on going out. She can’t stop crying as she felt very guilty.

Is she’s done anything wrong..Aika look intently at the person that stand still in front of her. She caressed Myao cheek and wipe out the tears that keep flowing non-stop.

She’s done it..isn’t it?? Aika heart pain as she think every possible think that Myao might done that need her forgiveness this much. This cry..hmm..why should I… Aika stop doing whatever things that she done to calm Myao before and her expression suddenly change from a worried and concern one to a serious one.

“What is this about??” Myao ask firmly while locking her eyes on Myao eyes.

“Hmm…” Myao became speechless as she see Aika eyes.

“Tell me the truth..” Aika bit her lips as she said it. She’s trying her best to confine her sadness inside her heart.

“I..I..” Myao at last avoiding Aika eyes and stared at the floor as she afraid to see directy toward Aika eyes.

“Myao..” Aika said weakly as she look at Myao that still not answering anything at all. It make herself suffocating as she can’t stand to wait more.

“GOMEN!!! I don’t know Asuka did that again to u..” a sudden bow by Myao really startled Aika.

“Asuka..” Myao try to explain every little thing that she want to said.

Aika suddenly remembered what Asuka did to her in the latest episode. Her memory about the promise that Miho made before also came possessing her mind.

“Myao..daijoubu..” Aika smile widely as she felt amuse with Myao reaction that she felt quite uncool unlike her usual self.

“BUT..” Myao clinging on Aika that look quite frightening in her eyes right now cause of a sudden change of expression again that she’s rarely see before. With a pleading eyes, she’s hoping that Aika did understand and accept her sincerity.

“U..u’re sure are Myao that I treasured..” Aika pat Miho head while wearing a grin on her face. Miho cheek become redden as Aika kept teasing her.


No doubt..i’m an expert after all.. Sasshi grin and giggle by herself. She excitedly walk away from her hiding place leaving both Myao and Lovetan alone without being watch by anyone anymore.


A few minutes later..

Both Myao and Lovetan move to the other place. They walk together side by side, holding hand to the near park and sit at the nearer bench.

“Ai-chan...” Myao playing with Aika hand and finger while thinking hard of what she should done.

“Myao..” Aika other hand caress Myao cheek and hair. She smile widely to reassured Myao that look nervous as she still struggling to make a right words.

“Gomen..but can I??” Myao look anxious as she asking. She asking because she really want to do it. It’s been a while she meet with Aika.

“Of course..” Aika nod while wearing a grin on her face. She just agreed even though she doesn’t exactly know what Myao thinking. Myao lips that press again her lips that confirming everything that she felt. Her heartbeat absolutely proved her unlimited feeling and love for Myao.

“Now..hmm, my turn..” Aika said with a smirk on her face after Myao kissing her lightly. Myao a bit more nervous than usual as she knew what Aika gonna done to her.

-of course..a passionate kiss-


A phone conversation between Sashihara and Yuki...

"How?? success??" Yuki ask as soon as she heard Sashihara grin from her side. she can guess the answer.

"Thanks to u.." Sashihara still grin and giggling as she felt very satisfied with the things that she achieved.

"It's nothing.." Yuki answered bluntly.

"Just wonderin why u put them with ur idea of this testing love.." Yuki ask the reason as she's too curion why Aika and Miho are the person that been chosen.

"LOL..just they are there when I think about it.." Sashihara laugh as she remembered what taught when Aika complaining about her love. All the idea came at once and she's too excited  to start it at that time.

A small sign came from Yuki as she heard Sashihara answer. She did knew Sashihara love this kind of things. So is she...

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Re: [OS] Love test [Rabumyao xtra Sasshi, Yuki]
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2013, 09:23:01 AM »
RabuMyao is such a refreshing couple.

I like it
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[OS] Siblings [Gekikara x Miso]
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2013, 09:46:54 AM »
As the background of this story is the 2nd season Majisuka Gakuen...I hope u knew who is who..  XD

Anyway…Dun be confuse with the guidance..hihi..

YOSH!!! this is some guide….hope u’re not confuse…

………… = at the same time…

*** = next day..

* = a few minute later…same day…



Siblings [Gekikara x Miso]

2 girls are hanging out together despite all the chaos that happened at their school and outside of their school. 1 girl are the loyal follower of shibuya that doesn’t even bother to run away or leaving the group that quite powerful at that school even though she’s repeatedly being beaten without a good reason and been looking down by other follower. The other girl is just a girl that doesn’t really interested with a new powerful group that are far from that school goals and mission.

Who are them???

It’s Dance and Miso that love each other but doesn’t showing off their love in front of others. They currently hanging out at the roof of their school that is Yabakune Gakuen.

“I’m just wonderin why u always accepting and not giving back..I really dun like it..” Miso quite worried with what happened to Dance. It’s been a while.

“It’s alright..I’d rather been hurt than make others hurt..” Dance holding Miso hand reassuring her that she’s fine.

“Are u really ok with that?? U strong enough to beat them all..i’m sure about it..” Miso added as she doesn’t knew why Dance act weak in front of others.

“Yup..absolutely long as I’m still been accepting in this group..”

“What do u mean??” Miso confused as Dance playing with her words. She’s not that good with words.

“Well..I wanna see u..but u always missing..” Danc giving out hint as she can’t stand how Miso still confused.

“It’s bored..” Miso directly answered what she think at that time.

“Ano..that necklace..why…” Dance realize about the necklace that Miso always wear everytime.

“Owh..this..It’s quite same as yours..u and music can’t be separated right??” Miso explaining roughly as  a precious item for her.

“Yeah..but why handcuffs??”

“Jails and me..can’t be separated..LOL..I always been caught..” Miso smiling while thinking about her past.

“Ur family doesn’t mad at u??”

“I don’t have anyone..except my older sister..hmm, I don’t know her whereabouts” Miso heart hurt very much. She miss her older sister very much. The gloomy face slowly taken away Miso cheerful expression before. Dance just sit still and be there when Miso need her.


Meeting time..

Incident of Gakuran came instead of Gekikara to the battle place really make Shibuya mad. Some of the followers are badly hurt because of Gekikara that come quite late to rescue Gakuran. The one that should sending a challenge letter directly to Gekikara is Dance but she mess up and end up being hit a few times by Shibuya.

After the meeting…

Dance going to a quiet place where she’s always spent her time alone to release her stress. She’s dancing for about 40 minutes and rest for a while. There is someone that waiting her all that time and actually came near her from her back.

“Nee….do u want to eat this??” a frightening voice asking from her back.

“Hmm, I can’t eat spicy things..but..” Dance turn to face that person and answered it reluctantly.

“Here..some more…” that person took out another spicy cookies from her pocket.

“Neee..can I..” she take the Dance handphone and calling Shibuya.

Gekikara grin and giggling while talking to Shibuya. She’s very mad and determined to have a 1 on 1 battle with her. This time, she have a reason to fight.


About 30 minute after the unexpected meeting between Dance and Gekikara. Dance came back to the hostel where everyone in Yabakune group live. There, Miso is waiting for her.

“I HATE HER!!” Dance shout as soon as she arrived at her hostel.

“Who?? And what happened?? Ur nose..” Miso felt confuse at the sudden shouting from Dance. It's rare to see Dance act like this.

“Is the student of Majisuka Gakuen done it??” Miso ask with a concern voice.

“No…but..yeah…” Dance try to denied at first BUT she knew that Miso gonna knew it after all. 

“What..huh..what’s really happened??” Miso asking while playing with her necklace.

“She ask me to eat a very spicy things…not one..but 2..” Dance pouting cutely to get attention from Miso that doesn’t seem to interested with what happened.

“Owh…wait a minute, u can’t eat spicy food right??”


“LOL..u really opposite of me in many matter..” Miso grin by herself as she felt amuse with that one fact.

“Mou..miso-chan..u are are me..” Dance turn to look at the other place.

“Yeah2..u want me to do something about it??” Miso give up of teasing Dance as she look dance surely felt down.

Dance hesitantly nodding and shook her head at the end. “U doesn’t knew her..she’s a monster..” Dance feel down when she remembered how Gekikara act. It’s totally terrifying.

“Monster!!! More than me??” Miso start laughing out loud. she’s become excited as she finally knew there is someone like her. A monster.

“Is she the one that make Shibuya mad last time??” Miso continue asking as she want to meet that one person sooner.

Dance nodded weakly agreeing that one fact. Miso just grin and giggling by herself. She felt satisfied as she can do what she like at last.


At hospital..Gekikara just done visiting gakuran and on her way out from hospital, an unexpected incident happened as ‘one’ of the patient accidently fall down into her. As that patient leaving her alone. Gekikara laughing by herself. Her laughing are quite loud enough to make her friend, Shaku came and realize that she badly injured.


The news about Gekikara been stab by someone is spreading quite fast. The truth about that incident make Shibuya mad towards Miso that she doesn’t really knew her existence before. Dance trying to defending Miso action BUT Miso doesn’t really care and just grin and giggling by herself as she are happy with the result that she have at the end. She’s gonna surrender herself after all. The one and only thing that she love and treasured very much.

After that meeting..

“Ano..Miso-chan..are u always laughing like that?? I doesn’t knew before..” Dance ask as she curious. She doesn't heard Miso laugh like 'that' before.

“It’s natural…huhu..when I too excited..” Miso bit her lips and grin by herself. The feeling of success still not disappeared from her body.

“Hmm, it’s similar..” Dance look serious while she said it.

“Similar?? With what??” Miso doesn't really get what Dance meant by that.

“The girls that u stab..Gekikara…” Dance answered with a honest tone.

“That girl..GEKIKARA!!” Miso quite surprise with Dance answer. In her mind, it's rare, not rare, just impossible to find someone that act similar like her.

“Why..why u look surprise??”

“She…” tears suddenly rolling down non-stop from Miso eyes. She suddenly felt like her heart crash and broken. Regret start to crawling into her heart. She realize that Gekikara is her one an only relative that she had. The laughing things is genetic in their family. Only herself and her older sister can laugh like that.


After a few weeks…At hospital, Gekikara already awake and healing very well. Shibuya came to visit her as friend and not Yabakune student. They chat for a while, talking about their other friends, school and about the person that stab Gekikara.

At the end of the conversation…while talking about that person.

“U I realize why I very mad at her BUT at the same time very fond with her…” Shibuya said with a playful tone.

“Who?? That person??” Gekikara felt it strange that Shibuya suddenly saying about the person that stab her in that way.

“Yeah..she’s Miso..hmm, her real name..Kanon..if I’m not mistaken..” Shibuya explain it after thinking for a few second. The things that she taught.

“Kanon..” Gekikara repeating after Shibuya. She feel that she heard and knew the girl with that name personally.

“Yeah..familiar?? I heard she’s ur younger sister..” Shibuya said bluntly as she remembered in detail what she heard.

“My younger sister!!” Gekikara can't hide her shock as she shouting it while wearing a very surprise face.

“U don’t have one??” Shibuya ask as she doesn't expect Gekikara action that look like she just knew that she have a younger sister.

“I have..but..our age gap..and I also doesn’t meet her for a long time…I don’t believe that she a high school student now..”

“She’s a genius…BUT a bit crazy..iie..crazy like u..” Shibuya amused at that one fact as she knew gekikara very well.

“Why u look at me like that??”

“Yeah2..she’s totally opposite of me in that thing..” Gekikara nod her head as she also aware of it. Shibuya laughing as she see Gekikara reaction that quite rare to see.

“hmm..who tell u all this??” Gekikara ask as she curious how Shibuya getting all this information.

“Dance…my loyal follower all the time..aka Miso close friend..tabun..”

“Owh..hmm..about the rumour..” Gekikara felt reluctant to ask what she taught deep in her mind.

“What u heard is true..she stab u for fun..n she knew u are u after that incident..” Shibuya explain it so that Gekikara doesn;t misunderstand her little sister.

“She’s regret it very much…” Shibuya add.

“I guess I’m fine..I’ve met Yuko and that really make me happy..” Gekikara grin as she remembered Yuko.

“U proved urself crazy with that statement..”Shibuya teased Gekikara that still putting a satisfied face.

“At least I met Yuko..thanks to her action..” Gekikara grin by herself. The fact that she meet Yuko really make herself satisfied. It’s all because of Kanon it happened.


Gekikara get a permission to check out after her body almost fully healed. The first destination that she must go is Yabakune hostel where she can meet Kanon. She get the exact address from Dance, Miso ‘close’ friend.

+ Kanon is released early because Gekikara doesn’t charging her for her action.

“Miso…open the door..” Gekikara calmly knock the door and calling Kanon with her nickname. There is no answer from inside, just a silent and awkward moment for Gekikara.

“Then..let me..” Gekikara using her hand to break the window and then, open the door from outside. She bit her lips and coming in. Gekikara start grin and giggling by herself.

“Nee-chan??” Kanon that just awake from sleeping after hearing something broken quite surprise as she’s not ready yet to meet that one person.

“NON-CHaN!!” gekikara sound desperate as she’s calling Kanon name. She’s afraid that Kanon might disappeared again from her side.

I’m not ready.. Kanon hide herself very well at a certain corner in her room.

“Nee…Non-chan…where are u?? Okotteru??” Gekikara asking. Her voice clearly showing that she’s desperate to met her little sister.

No..i’m not at all..I miss u..

“Non-chan..plz..plz answer me..” Gekikara voice shaking. She tried her best to hold her tears as she said it. She really doesn’t want to look weak in front of Kanon. Blood flowing out non-stop from Gekikara new wound.

“NEE-CHAN!!! BLOOD!!” Kanon going out from her hiding place and pull Gekikara to her bed. She searching for the small kit that she have. After finfing it, without asking anything to Gekikara, she treating the wound on Gekikara hand. Gekikara that quite surprise with a sudden appearance of Kanon just following what her sister want.


“I’m sorry..”

“U’re not mad??” Kanon shook her head. She staring at the wounded hand of gekikara.

“I give u to someone else..” Gekikara added.

“NOPE!!” Kanon shook her head and look at Gekikara face. She caress it slowly. It’s been a long time she touch her older sister. Gekikara elt relieved as Kanon doesn’t mad at her. She decide to give Kanon away for her own goods.

“Are u fully healed??”Kanon look at the place where she stab last time. Her eyes full of worried.

“Not really..” Gekikara answered shortly. She doesn’t really felt hurt at all.

“Hmm..why u change ur name?? Rena is more suitable for u..” Kanon suddenly asking about the name Gekikara that she felt not really suitable for her older sister.

“It’s not fit my craziness..BUT yeah..i’m still Rena ur older sister..” Gekikara caress Kanon hair while saying it.

“Huh,my little sister…” a sigh of relieved came out from her mouth.


“U really have a kind girlfriend..” Gekikara teased Kanon after she remembering about a girl that she disturb and helping her.

“WHO??” Kanon shock with Gekikara statement. She really don’t have any idea of what Gekikara said.


“She’s not..” Kanon shook her head. She’s playing with Gekikara long hair.

“I think I’m great in knowing that things..” Gekikara just laughing out loud while Kanon look confuse and still can’t getting the hint that Gekikara clearly give. Hint that she actually love Dance.

Kanon-chan…u really an amateur in this field…huhu, the fact that u only telling ur secret to someone that u like and love already proved it..and..that’s people..are..our late mother, me..n ur ‘friend’ Dance..


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[OS] Still the same [KumiNon]
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2013, 10:03:47 AM »
Alrite, another one-shot..huh...still thinking should I post the fanfic that by chapter that is already take too much time to edit.. :P I need to re-read all over again and actually modify it.. XD

Anyway..I will think it..hihi..

A few guideline..hoping that u're not confuse..  XD

* – a few minute later…

***- few days later..

…………… – at the same time…



Still the same [KumiNon]

It’s only been a few months that Kumi graduating from SKE48. Her life become something that she might love to have when she’s still in SKE48 that is freedom BUT only one thing that make herself frustrated as someone that she recalled as someone that she treasured and love are actually leaving her without any notice and all.

“Am I the only one that feel like that??”

“Am I the one that change??”

“Is she forgetting me just like that…”

“Is this just another misunderstand…”

“What is this??” Kumi shouting a lot of things in her mind as she find it ridiculous to not know anything about it.

Kumi look at her phone looking at a picture that she take while she’s still happily be with that one girl. Everything started after they’re together working on Kataomoi finally video. The kiss that they think forbidden and just an act turn to something that precious for both of them.

“I seriously miss her..”

“BUT..” Kumi said as if she whispered to her own self.

“Kuumin?? Why u day dreaming??” Yuria said while take a seat beside Kumi while giving a bottle of drink to Kumi.

“Yuria..hmm..nothing..” Kumi shook her head weakly denying that she’s over thinking of something.

Yuria still treat her like before. Same goes to the other member BUT not that one girl that she yearn for. She treat her coldly. Give a sign of disappointed and unforgiveness. Someone that she doesn’t expect to act like that when she made that decision. The decision of graduating that she made after have a long conflict of feeling inside her before she decide it.

“U know..we gonna have another single..” Yuria said after taking a few sip of a bottle of fruit juice that she just buy.

“Owh…really..” Kumi look surprise as she said it.

“U doesn’t knew??” Yuria also felt difficult to believe that Kumi doesn’t knew about that fact.

“Hmm..kind of..I have lot of test coming soon…I need to study hard..” Kumi explain her reason.

“Waa..doesn’t like urself..” Yuria said as she felt Kumi change.

Doesn’t like my self?? Am I really changing…Is this the reason why she’s avoiding me.. Kumi mind shouting as Yuria words might related to her troubling matter.

“Kuu-chan..u really have a mixed feeling before right?? How ur life right now??” Yuria asking as Kumi kept quiet unlike her usual self.

“I do..n my I imagine..” Kumi bluntly said.

“ turn out as ur it’s a good thing right??” Yuria wearing a smile while saying it. She’s happy for Kumi that found what she want to be in her life.

“No..not really..” Kumi shook her head. She doesn’t felt it’s a good thing for now as she lost what she love.

“Kuu-chan??” Yuria confuse with Kumi reaction.

“Nope..nothing..” Kumi wearing an awkward smile while saying it.


After SKE48 usual training..Rena came to Kanon that sit alone. As a leader of team E, she felt more and more responsible towards Kanon than before. She’s worried as she see this kind of Kanon.

“Non-chan…are u OK??” Rena ask with concern.

“Hmm..” Kanon kept quiet and doesn’t give an answer.

“If something bothering u..tell me..” Rena added again with hope that Kanon telling her something.

“Ano..Rena-san..hmm…how u…and Jurina-chan??” a sudden question came from Kanon as she kept thinking and figure out something before. It’s all about relationship that bothering her.

“Me and Jurina?? What about us??” Rena felt confuse with a sudden question and it’s involving Jurina too.

“Are u still together..” Kanon added as she curious.

“Of course..” Rena nod with confident.

“How??” Kanon ask as she doesn’t understand a certain things.

“ each other…” Rena bluntly said while watching kanon that still wondering what kind of answer that she gonna give.

“BUT I don’t see u together that much..” Kanon said weakly while thinking hard how many times that she see Rena and Jurina together.

“ is not about cuddling and kissing or be together all the’s about feeling, trust and hope..” Rena explaining as she figure out what Kanon exactly want to know.

“I always trust her…hoping that she knew my heart and I also make sure that my feeling for her doesn’t change..that is love..” Rena added with a hope that Kanon understand her view of love.


“Huh..I’m not an expert for love..I dun really know how to describe it..” Rena figure out that her words doesn’t really give a right impact as Kanon still look confuse.

“Hmm..thanks’s such a good advise..” Kanon nod weakly and start packing her things.

“Iie..” Rena stand and leaving Kanon. I guess they’re fighting… Rena laughing a bit as she realize that she face a same problem before.


Kanon left SKE48 theatre after finishing her dance practice there. She walk towards a bookstore near her house to buy some magazine.

Kanon POV as she walk slowly and see through everything in the bookstore.

I always questioning why she leave..I really disappointed and never open my heart to heard her I selfish??

So what?? She also doesn’t try to tell me anything…so my guess doesn’t wrong after all..right??

“Her..photobook..” Kanon eyes captured a big poster of ‘her’ on the wall and a few photo book under it. Without really thinking, she took one for herself and going to cashier counter to pay for it.

Why I buy this doesn’t make sense at all..

Her..why I’m crying..why it’s so hurt… Kanon can feel her tears flowing pouring down her cheek and fall on the ground. The pool of tears already in her eyes for a long time, waiting the right time to fall.

Kuu-chan….am I the only one that feel like this… Kanon put her hands on her chest. Felt the pain that she feel apparently because of that one girl.

I’m very stupid…


Kuumin visiting SKE48 theatre as she have a free time that day and Yuria did invite her before to come. As soon as she arrived, she can see Yuria and mikitty wave their hand toward her BUT Matsui Rena walk straight towards her and grab her.

“Ah..Rena-chan..”  Kumi quite surprise at Rena sudden action.

“Kuumin-chan..I need to talk with u..” Rena whispered as she pull Kumi to a certain corner.

“What’s with them??” Mikitty ask yuria as she curious.

“I dunno..”Yuria shook her hand and continue their chat.


“Are u fighting with Non-chan??” Rena ask Kumi as soon as their eyes meeting each other after they arrived at a place where there is no one.

“Hmm..” Kumi confuse as she doesn’t knew what Rena meant by that.

“So..I’m right..” Rena nod thinking that she got it right.

“Why u said like this..” Kumi ask as she curious of what really happened.

“Non-chan..she really seem depress and sad all this become worse after u graduating..” Rena explaining what she see while watching Kanon stage and practice.

“What happened??” Kumi felt guilty as she heard it. she really want to knew the detail  of everything that Rena said.

“Her’s bitter to see it like this..” Rena explain shortly.

“Ano..Rena-chan..u know I’m baka, please, tell me everything..” Kumi felt there are more that she should know. It’s been a while, not a while, long for her that she doesn’t meeting or talk with Kanon. She need to know everything.

“She smile..but not really a smile that u always see..but something that she’s done half-hearted and felt like she push it…” Rena said weakly. She felt hurt as she remembered Kanon face.

“BUT..” Kumi look gloomy.

“Please..end whatever fight or misunderstand that u have..” Rena begging as she really want Kanon back to her normal self. The one that she can actually play along happily.

“I don’t want Non-chan to act like’s a good think that I was the only want realize about it..” Rena added.

“Huh..thanks a lot Rena-chan..” Kumi bow a bit and leave Rena alone. She walk out from the theatre heavily. There is some kind of burden bothering her

Is she really hurt because of me…BUT why when I trying to talk with her before..  lot of question bothering her mind as she still can’t solve the incident that make her heart feel the coldness of love.



After the last event Kumi attend before she officially leaving SKE48. Kumi searching that one girl, hoping that they can meet before she left. Before, she’s trying to find some time to talk with Kanon BUT there are always someone else interrupting or wanna talk with her and made it impossible to her.

“Ano…I wanna talk to Kanon..” Kumi said to some member that want to take her picture and chat with her.

“Owh..go on..” one of them said with a grin on their face as they knew Kumi and Kanon relationship.

At the time they give me time, Kanon already disappeared from my sight.

“Why she didn’t pick up or replying..”  Kumi look frustrated while looking at her phone.

“Hmm..ah!! that’s her!!” Kumi shouting out loud in her mind as her eyes catch Kanon at the other corner sitting alone.

“Non-chan!!!” Kumi shout Kanon name hoping that she heard it BUT what she see as a replied to her answer is Kanon stand and leave from that place.

She ignoring me…huh..but I wanna talk to her..


“She doesn’t look like she’s hurt in here..” Kumi look at the poster of Kanon at the wall near the SKE48 theatre.

“As expected from me..” Kumi sigh and shook her head as she felt guilty and hurt.


Kumi walk aimlessly without any fixed destination in her mind. She stared at her wrist watch and kept walking as if it’s not really bothering her. Apparently, there is no limit for her to spent her time as she promise herself today is the day where she visiting SKE48 member and doing whatever she want. She make one day as a special day for her. It’s a day for her to rest.

Ah…Kanon house..

“Is she’s home…”  Kumi said while standing in front of Kanon house and look at it confusedly. Her mind doesn’t really give a reason why she stand there and tell her what she should do BUT her heart sure felt reassured and calm as she stand there.  A sudden wave of hand in front of her eyes startled herself as someone that she knew very well stand there and smiling widely as she look at her.

“Kuumin-chan..u want to meet Kanon??” that person still wearing a smile as she said it. She is Kanon mother. She’s wearing a beautiful dress as if she want to go out.


“Get in…me n Kanon father need to attend something and gonna stay a night at our cousin house…” Kanon mother kindly explain and showing a sign to come in.

“Ooo..” Kumi nod a bit.

“Thus, can I request something from u..” Kanon mother ask with her eyes full of hope.

“Owh..yea..what is it??” Kumi nod quickly as she doesn’t have anything to do.

“Can u stay here tonight…” Kumi startled at a sudden unexpected request.

“Hmm..I..I can..” Kumi answered qith unsure tone.

“Ok, then…” kanon mother give a copy of their house key to Kumi that still look blank. Kumi just stared at the keys and bow a bit towards Kanon parents that leaving with a car.


“I’M BACk!!!” Kanon shout cheerfully hoping that her mother come and hug her like usual.

Hmm..why there is no answer.. Kanon look anxious as she realize no one there.  Her heartbeat sure beating fast than usual as she’s afraid something happened. BUT unexpected guest greet her back as she walk pass the kitchen.

“Non-chan..welcome back..” a familiar voice that she miss BUT at the same time hate are answering her from her back.

Impossible..I’m dreaming right??

“U..u buy a photo book???” that voice asking her with a calm tone. did she knew?? Wait..why she’s here in the first place.. Kanon look at the photo book that she buy and hug it tightly to her chest. As she want to hide it.

“Why u’re not answering me…are u mad at me?? “ the tone of that voice become a bit weak than before. Full of sadness and disappointment.

Why I’m mad?? I’m not mad…but  yeah…I do mad..huh.. a long sigh came out unintentionally from Kanon mouth.

“Hmm..u want me to go??” Kumi felt hurt as Kanon kept ignoring her. She questioning herself as she worth to be there or not.

She’s leaving?? Really?? No..not again..BUT…is she serious about it.. kanon felt confuse.

“So..u want me to go..hmm..ur parent have something and will stay at ur cousin house..they will not coming back tonight..” Kanon explain in detail before she take a step back while her eyes still looking at Kanon back. Her heart still hoping that Kanon might turn her back and face her.

Owh..yeah..kaa-chan did say it before..BUT how she end up here in my house..  Kanon nod a bit as she remembered her mother did say it before. She heard a step back from her back.

“Then..hmm, I’m going first..” Kumi take a few steps and turn her back. She felt reluctant to leave BUT there is no reason for her to stay there as Kanon kept silent and ignoring her. A sudden grab on her wrist make her turn just to face the person that she love.

“U really..” Kanon crying hard while saying it. She can’t stand Kumi leaving her again. She hit weakly Kumi body.

“BUT..u..” Kumi felt confuse as she watching Kanon that act opposite than she expect her to be. Kanon doesn’t seem cold at all. She seems like her old self. I’ I?? Kumi stared Kanon that doesn’t calm down even it’s already a while they just stand and facing each other.

“I’m sorry..” Kumi said weakly breaking the silent between them.

“Kuu-chan…baka..” Kanon said while still sobbing and doesn’t look at Kumi.

“Yeah..I was..BUT I’m not..” Kumi answered with unsure tone.

“U are…u changing..” kanon whispered with a disappointed voice.

“I’m not Non-chan..” Kuumin shook her head while her eyes searching for Kanon eyes.

“But u ignoring me…” Kanon still stared at the floor. Trying to hiding her crying face. A sudden touch of Kumi on her face did surprise her. Kumi lift Kanon face a bit just to make Kanon eyes meet with her.

“I’m not..I taught that u’re the one that changing and ignoring me..” Kumi explaining what she taught all this time.

“I…” Kanon did realize that is the one that ignoring Kumi message and call.

“Non-chan…we still together right??” Kumi asking as she curious. She also felt that Kanon felt the same feeling as herself.

Kanon shook her head as she doesn’t certain about that one thing. Kumi did captured Kanon confuse face while she wipe the tears that falling non-stop at Kanon face.

“I’m still myself…and u still u..” kumi said as she look directly at Kanon eyes. All her sincerity are written on her face.

“yeah..I’m still me..” Kanon just nod as she approved that one fact.

“And…nothing change…right??” Kumi ask again for confirmation.

Kanon nod weakly a she knew her feeling towards Kanon never change even for a second. Kumi felt relieved as she see Kanon small nod.

“Thus..only our way of loving will differ right now as we’re not always together like before..” Kumi said while caressed Kanon face and looking directly at her eyes to reassured Kanon that she is there for her.

“I’m lacking BUT I’m not that BAKA that u knew before..” Kumi said seriously BUT Kanon laugh a bit as she heard it. Kumi that doesn’t accepting that she is BAKA. That is so like Kumi.

“BUT I’m never change..and I will not change..” Kumi added while hug Kanon. Kanon become calm after heard that words. She felt her pain faded while hearing Kuumin heartbeat that she can clearly heard and at the same time proved that Kuumin feeling is sincere. The rhythm that only can be heard by Kanon when Kumi confessing to her and actually when they are together.


“U buy my photo book??” Kumi stared at the plastic bag that Kanon hold tightly before. Her face can be seen clearly through that plastic.

“Un..” Kanon nod as she’s blushing hard. It’s hard to admit it as she knew that Kumi might tease her for that.

“Waa…” Kumi make a surprise face. A smirk can be clearly seen on her face. She grin by herself.

“What with that face..” Kanon start to felt annoyed and disturb by Kumi mixed reaction.

“I’m touch..” Kumi said while wearing a wide smile on her face. She giggled when she see Kanon cheek is redden than before.

“Mou!!! Kuu-chan…u BAKA!!! BAKA!!!!”  Kanon shout as she felt angry when Kumi giggled.  She blushing hard, that is the only thing that she knew right now as she felt very hot and warm BUT kumi laughing at her make her more n more hot. It need to stop. She start to run after kumi that still teasing her.

They spent their precious night together by teasing each other and laughing out loud. Their missing time when they’re not together is filled with this memory as their loneliness because of each other disappearing by time. It seems their future are full of hope of their loves. It will last forever. Their love towards each other. Their everlasting love.

Every day is their lovey dovey day.

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[OS] Special Class [WMatsui xtra MariHaru]
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Alright..let me explain this one-shot..WMatsui and MariHaru are living at their own house...huhu...this is fanfic long as my imagination move one... XD

Anyway…Dun be confuse with the guidance..hihi..

YOSH!!! this is some guide….hope u’re not confuse…

………… = at the same time…

*** = next day..

* = a few minute later…same day…



Special Class [WMatsui xtra MariHaru]

“Alrite as u already know…hmmm, what I gonna announce might surprise all of u..huhu..maybe..n maybe not..or maybe someone actually too excited after they heard about this..” Minami said calmly and as loud as she can.

“What is it??” Yuki ask as she think it sounds interesting.

“Ehem..Alrite..I here announce that all…not really all..the person that listing in the list that I gonna put on the board later, will be someone that attend the special might be done again if this class is a success…” Minami said bluntly. She show a few paper in her hand.

“Huh..what’s this?? this related to our last show about Baka Centre and all??”

“No..not at all..”Minami shook her head.

“Stop whispering first girls..I’m not finish yet…” Minami try to calm everyone down before continue her words.


“Yeah..and the teacher…is made up from us too..” Minami said with a straight face.

“What’s that meant??”

“It’s mean…some of us..the more experience member teaching the person that been listed..” Minami kindly explain.

“What we gonna teach??”

“It’s up to doesn’t really long as it’s not something bad…u know what I mean right??” Minami said with a teasing tone.


In front of students aka member of the class list…

“Ah..more like a class full of jailbaits..” Mariko said bluntly.

“Jailbaits..” Asuka look excited as she heard it.

“Kawaiiii!!!” Rena grin and giggling by herself.

“Wow..most of HKT48 member is listed…” Sasshi look surprise as she scan all the name in the list.



What with their reaction.. Jurina doesn’t seem a bit interested to the list of the students and walk towards the list of teacher that been listed on the other board.

Owh..thank god.. Jurina felt relieved as her name not listed as her schedule is quite pack and there are lot of things she need to study to catch up the school lesson.

Wait..Mariko-chan and Rena-chan??? Serious??

“U talk quite loud there..” Mariko wrap her arms around Jurina shoulder and read the paper that list her name as one of the teacher. After reading it, a smirk can be seen clearly as she grin by herself amuse by Jurina uncomfortable reaction.

“Owh…my baby Jurina..u doesn’t want papa be a teacher??” Mariko patting jurina head while say it with playful tone.

“Iie…I dun really care…” jurina coldly answer.

“Then…rena-chan also??” Mariko added with a teasing voice.

“Huh..dun care..dun care…” Jurina shook her head.

“U know she love jailbaits..” Mariko whispered it so that only Jurina heard it.

“………plus most member of HKT48..” Mariko added.

“So..” Jurina start to felt uneasy.

“I guess u can forget about dating her in a nearer time..”

“Maybe…till this special class end..u can proceed what ur plan..” Mariko said in joking tone.

“I dun care!!!” Jurina release herself from Mariko hug and run away. Her heart felt uneasy with that one fact. What’s with jailbaits..


“Ah..what’s with Jurina-chan??

“I also don’t  know..”Mariko said as if she doesn’t know a single thing. The complex of Jurina that only she knew and the cause is for sure Matsui Rena.

“Owh…it’s us!!” Rena quite surprise and pointing herself and mariko repeatedly still not believing what she read.

“ us Rena-chan..u might be busy by urself then…”

“Huh..what’s with that attitude Mariko-chan..we’re together for this task..”

“I don’t know..cause I’m quite busy promoting certain brand and having lot of photo shoot for the fashion magazine…”


“Dun worry, I sending someone to help u if I can’t go..”

“It’s ok then..”


That night…

“Mari-chan…did u hurt my Jurina??” Haruna ask as she want to see Mariko reaction towards her question.

“What??? Ur Jurina?? I taught I’m yours..not Jurina..” Mariko answered playfully.

“Ma.ri-chan??” Haruna become serious all of sudden.

“Nothing much..huh..I doesn’t know she actually complain about this to u..” Mariko make a sad face.

“U knew she’s crying when she met me before..” Haruna explaining what she witness.

“’s that serious??” Mariko quite surprise with that one fact.

“…tell me everything??” Haruna wait patiently the answer from Mariko.

“Yeah..yeah..” Mariko just nod as she losing.

~silent for a few second~

“But I doesn’t meant it at all..that’s why I want she go there instead of me..u know as a replacement..” Mariko explain her side of the story.

“It might hurt her more right??” Haruna said with a concern voice.

“I don’t know..just hoping it will make her realize she’s more important than others…” Mariko hoping what she plan success.

“BUT did rena knew about her problem??” Haruna asking as she curious.

“Rena?? No way..she doesn’t have any clue at she grin and giggling after that announcement…” Mariko said bluntly.

“owh..really..I guess that’s a good reason..for everything…” Haruna can catch the reason why Jurina crying after all.

“I told u..” Mariko said while hugging Haruna.

“Yeah2..sorry..” Haruna caress Mariko face as she said it.

“Iie..I knew my Haruna will understand it..” Mariko close her eyes as she want to treasured what she currently heard that is Haruna heartbeat.

“Mou..” Haruna pout and blushing by herself.


Jurina felt tired after everything that she go through that day…

“Welcome back… –chan..” Rena look happy than usual.

“Ah..rena…” Jurina realize an over happy rena.

“Hmm, why u look…huh..where my excited little puppy…” Rena try to lifting up Jurina mood that she think quite down at that time. She patting Jurina head while smiling happily.

“I’m not ur puppy..” Jurina said weakly.

“I miss ur egao..can I see it??” Rena try the other way.

“Nope…n NO!!!” Jurina shook her head and run towards her own room.


“Alrite..did I doing something wrong..” Rena asking herself as she see how Jurina act.

“Huh..maybe she fight with Mariko-chan again..” Rena decide to put a reason that can ease her uneasy heart.

She always like that when Mariko tease her after all.. Rena said it again and turn back to do what she done before. She going through almost everyone post in the blog including all the HKT48 member that she knew.



“Ano…what should I teach them…” Rena ask Minami as she still doesn’t knew what she should teach.

“As I said before..anything..” Minami said bluntly. She quite confidence Rena can handle it.


“ just an event that we made so that the senior and junior can be more close..”

“…go on with everything..” Minami explaining things and make it short as possible.



“Ah..”  Jurina look at the message that she just got.

“Hmm..” she stared blankly at the wall on her room.

Mari-chan sure is cruel.. Jurina look at her phone with unsatisfied face. She taught Haruna already taught Mariko after she complained everything. Jurina really felt down that morning as she doesn’t see Rena face after she wake upthat morning and also before she sleeping.

Rena is too into blogging and neglecting her. She didn’t even try to ask the reason why Jurina mad at her.




Special class is for 2 days..means 1 day = one class


1st class..

Rena came slowly and scanning the class for a few second. She stand at the front while grin by herself. It sure a heaven for her.

“Hello everyone…” Rena greet shortly and bow a bit.

“Rena-san!! Daisuki desu!!!” Anya that sit quite far suddenly stand and shout out her feeling at that time.

“Eeee…again…” Rena still remembered the episode of Hakata Hyakkaten where she was the guest.

“I meant it…” Anya wearing a serious face with a pleading eyes.

“Yeah2…thank you Murashige..” Rena just replying with a playful tone as she love to play along with all the jailbaits that mostly she knew.

“Alrite…actually I also doesn’t know what to do…” Rena straightforwardly said her real taught.

“Rena-san..” Sakura put up her hand as she called.

“Yup..Sakura..” Rena came close to Sakura seat.

“Did our meeting this evening…ok??” Sakura asking with a low voice, hoping that others not heard her.

“Hai..for sure..” Rena nod confirming the things that sakura want to know.

“Melon-pan club??” Chori ask as she curious with the things that she heard.

“Hai..u want to join it??” Rena ask wearing a very sweet smile on her face.

“Iie…I..I like Rena-san more…” Chori wearing a super duper shy face.

“Mou…Chori-chan..” Rena said shyly  as she knew that Chori just being playful with her like usual.

“Ah..why Mio blushing more than Rena-san??” Tani pointing out Mio that sit beside Sakura.

“huh..really..” Rena shifting her eyes towards Mio that clearly blushing.

“Iie…” Mio answered shortly while shook her head. Rena just grin alone as she find it cute.

“Mio like someone else girls..” Rena suddenly said her taught of Mio.

“It’s mai-chan right??” Rena added while looking at Mio.


“!!!” Tani added as she remembered one episode of Hakate Hyakkaten.

“Minna…leave Mio alone..” Rena try hard to hide her excitement seeing all this scene in front of her.

“Waa..Mio redden more than before!!” Chori point at Mio as she realize Mio face that become more redden than before.


Outside of the front of the door… Jurina heard everything from just standing there.

“Hmm…without me..all this time…” Jurina felt a bit hurt.

Why Mariko-chan..huh… Jurina still can’t understand why Mariko ask her to do this.

“Rena-san…” a voice caliing for Rena. Jurina can’t really guess who it was.

“Hai..” Rena sweet voice answer it shortly after that.

“Who did u think the cutest person in ur heart…” that voice asking again with curiosity.

“Hmm…is it limited to the person in this class??..” Rena said with unsure tone as she take it seriously and thinking deeply.

“Nope..” that voice shortly answered it.

“hmm…manatsu-chan..SKE48 member..know her??” Rena sound so excited as she talk about Manatsu.

“Of course…” lot of voice saying a ‘YES’ for Rena question.

“Then, how about, the person that u love to tease..” the other voice asking.

“hmm, I guess…kawaiii member..” Rena suoer duper excited voice surely hurt Jurina heart.

“Waa..too general..” some voice interrupting Rena words.

So..i’m OUT… Jurina already give up and walk away from that class. A laugh can still be heard from that one class. Her heart felt more and more pain than this morning.


-END of 1st class –

Rena calling Mariko…

“Ano..Mariko-chan..u said u send someone to replace u..” Rena ask as the replacement that Mariko promise to sent not show up.

“Yeah..I one come??” Mariko replying with worried voice.

“Hai..” Rena answered shortly.

“Ah…I guess she have something..BUT I’m sure she gonna come tomorrow..” Mariko try to find a right words to find the reason for it.


“Ja ne..”



At MariHaru house…

“Rena-chan?” Haruna ask as she can heard Rena voice.

“Yeah..” Mariko answered with a bit uneasy feeling.

“Why..sounds not good” Haruna ask as she realize Mariko change of mood.

“Just..Jurina didn’t come..” Mariko said weakly as her mind kept thinking why Jurina doesn’t show up.

“I taught that she replied YES for ur message..” Haruna said it as she witnessing it by herself that one thing.

“Yeah..BUT..” Mariko quite worried about Jurina. Her eyes show it all.

“Hmm…” Haruna also start to worried as she knew Jurina quite well too.


-Jurina POV-

She currently walk out alone to a certain place where only she knew. The place for her to calmly think and cleared her thought. Making a decision or maybe crying out the pain that she felt.

Who am I to her??


Why she act like that..I never see her smile that way..happy n excited like that…

Am I no one in her life…

Not a single memory in my mind she actually telling me that she love me..

Am I the only this what they called one-sided love…



House where WMatsui live together…

Jurina-chan..where are u?? rena are totally anxious as Jurina still not coming back. It’s already quite late.

A sudden crack sound as the result of someone opening the door can be heard by Rena.

She’s back..

“Jurina-chan!!” Rena shout as soon as she see the door opening.

“Ah..Mariko-chan..” Rena quite surprise at the unexpected guest BUT more surprise as she actually bring Jurina together with her.

“Sorry..she’s asleep in our house. I decide to take her back as I know how worried u are..” Mariko explaining things. She can see clearly that Rena is worried about Jurina.

“Owh..hmm, thank u..” Rena weakly replied.

“So..I take her to her room then..” Mariko walk slowly going to the upstairs toward Jurina room.

“Ok..” Rena answered shortly.

Her eyes…is she crying before.. Rena realize Jurina face that doesn’t look well as she scan it properly to make sure Jurina still sleeping. Full of sadness …Rena taught.

“Mariko-chan..” Rena ask as soon as Mariko came down.

“Hai..” Mariko look a bit uneasy. A conflict feeling about Jurina did disturb her mind.

“Why Jurina at ur place in the first place??” Rena ask in serious tone.

“Hmm, just..huh..u want me to tell the truth??” Mariko try to calm Rena that look more confuse than she expect.

“HAI..mochirondesu..” Rena nod and waiting for Mariko truth.

“She is my replacement..same as tomorrow..” Mariko said bluntly.

“Really..but..I doesn’t see her..” Rena felt lost after she heard Mariko words.

“Maybe..she’s late..BUT what I’m sure she was there..” Mariko added.

“…” Rena kept thinking all the ‘IF’ thing that might be heard by Jurina that make her end like that.

“n…her condition is already like that before she came to my house..she just came to sleep..” Mariko said weakly. She also felt hopeless and hurt when seeing Jurina act like that.


At jurina  room..after Mariko going home..Rena sit beside Jurina. She just sit and watch her. She’s afraid to touch Jurina as she felt guilty.

Rena POV..

Jurina-chan…am I hurting u?

U..why u crying too much…I should be the one that crying here..

U and ur kiss habit…how u can be freely doing it..even in front of me..

I guess…I’m too sensitive..

All the taught kept shouting in her mind…


Next morning.. Jurina awake from her long sleep. She felt tired after what she going through yesterday.

Ah..rena-chan..again… Jurina felt quite sad as the thing from yesterday kept replaying in her mind. BUT a sudden cheerful voice greet her.

“Ohayou!! Jurina-chan..”  Rena said while wearing a wide smile.

I taught that she’s gone..

“Take ur time…I’m waiting downstairs..” Rena added as she make sure Jurina not gonna sleeping again.

“Ah..hai..” Jurina nod n still surprise with Rena act.

Hmm..why she look..differ..that’s fake..n why she wait..did she knew I’m Mariko replacement..


Out of room..downstairs..

“Huh..SAFE!!!” Rena done a relieve act as she safely done what she plan.

“Why I’m so nervous…” Rena put her hand on her chest feeling the heartbeat that quite fast than usual.

Today’s plan…hope it’s a big success…

Rena took out her games and play it while waiting for Jurina. Her mind surely are in mess state as she can’t control her reaction very well.

I’m an actress…I’m an actress… Rena try her best to manipulate her mind. Acting is her other talent. Her acting is been recognize by a lot of people BUT this matter, she can’t really put her all on it.

Calm down…please…

“Rena-chan??” Jurina called from her back.


“Let’s go..” Jurina lead the way out. So, she did knew..hmmm…Jurina can guess as Rena doesn’t ask anything. Her heart become more cold and hurt than before as she can see Rena still in her acting mode.



-2nd class-

Jurina and Rena came together into the class with Jurina leading and Rena following from behind.



“Waa..minna…sugoku genki!!” Jurina shout excitedly after receiving a warm welcome.

Everyone are over excited when Jurina appeared. It such an epic meeting is what they taught. As what they discuss in their first class are kept replaying in their mind.

“Why everyone grin and giggling like that??” Jurina asking as she can see clearly each and everyone reaction.

“I don’t know…” Rena cheek redden as she said it. She knew the truth after all as she is the person that telling everything to everyone there.

“Ano…” Jurina try to say something BUT someone suddenly interrupt it.

“Jurina-san..u’re lucky to have Rena-san..”

“Aaaa…minna??” Jurina confuse with a sudden praise involving her and Rena.

Everyone are excited while they talk to each other. They absolutely doesn’t hear any of Jurina question. It make Jurina more confuse as there are no decent reason how and why it started. She look at Rena that just stared at the floor while blushing like crazy.

“Rena-chan??” Jurina trying to get Rena attention.

“Hmm..” Rena still doesn’t look directly at Jurina.

“May u explain this to me??” Jurina stand closely beside Rena and whispered it near to Rena ears. BUT suddenly 2 duo that known as close friend stand and imitate what Rena said in the 1st class.

“She stole my first kiss…”  Tani said shyly while imitating Rena.

“She said she love me and always kiss me…” Chori cup her cheek while saying it.

“I’m in love with her..” Tani added while playing with her own finger.

“Manatsu-chan is just kawaiiiii…BUT Jurina…is my special one..I can’t said she’s more kawaiii than her as she just kawaiii…” Anya aka Murashige also join in the short performance by her fellow friend.

What..just kawaiii.. Jurina seems disturb with Anya words that imitating Rena.

“Don’t try to kiss Jurina o let Jurina kiss u…” Chori wearing a face that giving a danger vibe towards others that watching.

“I’ll watch u…” Tani added with wearing the same face.

Everyone clap their hands as the sign that they approved what Chori, Tani and Anya done and impress by it. They praising them saying it perfect and exactly the same. Jurina quite surprise as she see everyone making her and Rena as their topic to talk about.

Is that really what Rena saying in this class?? What did she teach them?? Jurina shout that question in her mind as she look at the atmosphere in the class.

“Meru-chan..can I ask something??” Jurina suddenly ask Meru that still laughing as the result of the trio action.

“Hai…” Meru take a deep breath before answering it.

“What did u learn yesterday?” Jurina repeat her question again.

“Hmm..mostly about u..” Meru bluntly answered as it’s the truth.

“Yeah…about Jurina-san…” the Captain said shortly supporting Meru words.

Jurina look at her side seeing Rena already cup her cheek hiding her blushing cheek.

“Is that true??” Jurina ask calmly  and stared at Rena as she trying to correcting her memory about yesterday. Rena nod shyly. Everyone that watch felt amuse as time goes by. It’s a rare sight for them as what they always watch are Jurina with her charismatic and kissing monster character while Rena as someone that calm and very kind.

A sudden grab at her wrist make Jurina awake from her blankly mind. Rena currently holding her hand tightly and say something that make everyone smile widely and kept praising her. They look happy for us. Jurina taught.

“Jurina??” Rena wave her other hand in front of Jurina that stared blankly to the front.

“Yeah..” Jurina shook her head to make her fully awake.

“Do u heard me??” Rena asking as she can guess that Jurina doesn’t heard her before.

“ENCORE!! ENCORE!!” Everyone shout together as it something that just ‘EPIC’ for them. The confession in front of people is too cool and it’s a beautiful dream for them.

“Huh..” Rena sigh as she see all the reaction that she got.

“I hereby declare that.. I, Matsui Rena will love Jurina with all my heart…”  Rena shout with a very sincere tone. She glance at her side. Jurina is smiling, that all she need.

Her smile..that smile..that’s all I need…



Jurina actually give a sign to Sakura to stay back as she want to ask something before the class end. Thus, they met as soon as everyone gone.

“Sakura-chan..hmm, is there anything else that Rena said about me..” Jurina ask curiously. She knew Rena doesn’t tell that lovely kind of think only. As she knew Rena is practical while teaching others.

“Huh..BUT..” sakura reluctantly answer as it’s something that they promise to Rena.

“Please..tell me…” Jurina said with pleading eyes. She really want to know everything that Rena felt for her.

“Hmm, we actually discuss about love yesterday..and Rena did say love is painful and all..” Sakura answered carefully and generally.

“Painful??” Jurina scratch her head that not itchy.

“Jurina-chan..u should knew urself well..” Sakura wearing a wide smile as she satisfied with the hint that she already give.


On the way back…

Why she’s not grin like she did before..

“Rena..” Jurina voice broke the silent that built between them in their way back.

“Sorry for everything..” Jurina added with a very sorry tone as if she made and mistake and confessing her guilty things.

“What is it Jurina??” Rena quite confuse with a sudden change of mood that Jurina create.

“I..kiss…” Jurina stuttered as her guilty feeling creep in her heart and mind.

“…u’re still a kid..u need lot of love..yeah..lot…” Rena smiling widely and patting Jurina head playfully. The rare sight that Jurina can only see once in a while.


“It’s alright..I taught this many times..” Rena said with her low tone voice.

She said many times…

“……..n I decide not to be touching every time u do’s tired..” Rena add while wearing a awkward smile.

She’s tired of me..

“I’m not tired of u Jurina..I knew u love me like I love u..” Rena said as if she can heard what Jurina thinking.

“Un..” Jurina nod as she sure about her own feeling.

“So..don’t worry..I’ll try my best..n u should do ur best too..” Rena said with a wide smile. She caress Jurina hair a few time and look nervously at Jurina. She take a deep breath while thinking what her next words.

“My best??” Jurina ask as she’s not understand it.

“Yeah…I also love kawaiiii member..u knew it well right??” Rena said calmly n her heartbeat did increase by time as she look at Jurina unsure face.

“Un..” Jurina nod weakly as she remembered how differ Rena treat the ‘kawaiii’ member that she love.

“Promise??” Rena look straight at Jurina hoping that Jurina understand what she want and hope.

“Hai..” Jurina nod properly and move closely towards Rena. Rena blushing as she knew what Jurina gonna do next.

Jurina kiss her forehead and caress her face. They stared at each other eyes, trusting themselves and move on to the next chapter of their life.



Sorry if there is error here and there..haha, I’m doing it for fun after all n because of my ability not that great…BUT yeah..I made it..proud to finish this..another akb48 fanfic done..more like my fav pairing fanfic…

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[OS] Daisuki.. [Rabumyao, MariHaru]
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YOSH!! It actually my 1st  one-shot about rabumyao…aka Oota aika and miyazaki miho…this one-shot take place at the YuruYuru Karaoke competition..huhu, of course I did not do exactly same as the real situation..BUT…it’s true there is scene where lovetan said daisuki da yo to Myao…huhu, I’m just cutting n MC part n write what I want to see and heard..

I write this before I write Love Test.. XD..



Daisuki.. [Rabumyao, MariHaru]

After Aika performing the song that she choose…

The judge – Kojima Haruna, Shinoda Mariko and Miyazaki Miho.

“Kawaiii…” lot of audience shout it. The judge also said it as they are very impressed with Aika cuteness.

"Myao...myao....tottemo daisuki!!! Daisuki..dayo.." Aika look directly towards Miho and doing a LOVE sign to Myao that watch with amusement.

"Ai-chan...atashimo...DAISUKI!!!!" Mihoreplied while grin and giggling by herself.

"Myao...myao...” Aika said with her cute face as if she want more attention from Myao.

“” Miho also playful replied and play along with Aika. Even she said with playful tone, she really meant what she said.

“Myao...” Aika keep calling Miho name.

“Wait2..what are u doing myao???”Mariko can’t stand the situation that she currently see.

“What are u doing being lovey dovey here...” Mariko add as she’s quite curious why Miho and Aika acted like that in front of lot of people there. The truth is she’s very jealous.

“I'm not...i'm only telling the truth..” Miho bluntly answered while wearing a satisfied smile on her face. Her eyes kept looking at Aika that waiting their comment and watching their small argument about what they done.

“Mari-chan...don't tease them...” Haruna tap Mariko shoulder from the side. Haruna that sit beside Mariko wearing a smile on her face as she enjoying watching lovey dovey scene between Aika and Mari.

“Mou..haru-chan....” Mariko look displeased as Haruna stop her. she’s looking at Haruna with pleading eyes asking a permission to keep teasing Aika and Miho.

“Ai-chan...u did very well..I really impress..” Haruna said to Aika while ignoring Mariko that kept mumbling by her side complaining.


“ expected from Ai-chan…kawaiii…” Miho added compliment her love one.

“A..ri…ga..tou…” Aika make a flying kiss towards Miho and Miho as if seeing it coming catch it and put it on her lips.

“Haru-chan...look at them...” Mariko pointing at the Miho and Aika while kept shake Haruna asking an attention from Haruna.

“what??” Haruna coldly answered as if she doesn’t knew what Mariko wish.

“I want it too...” Mariko looking at Haruna with a cute eyes and wearing a very needing face. Pleading a kiss from Haruna.

“hmm..lovetan...ur doing well..keep it up..” Haruna said it again while showing a way out to Aika.

“Thanks again..” Aika bow a bit and walk slowly towards the exit of the stage.

“haru-chan...” Mariko still not done with Haruna as Haruna kept pushing her face as she kept want to kiss her.

“ u later..” Miho wink as she said it. A wide smile can be seen clearly on her face.

“hai...” Aika wave her hand and going out of the stage.


After the competition…

Miho and Aika having a walk before they going back to their dome.

“ want to...” Miho said as they walk slowly without having a specific destination.

“Myao..” Aika suddenly cut Miho words.

“Ah...” Miho quite surprise as Aika suddenly kiss her on lips at the middle of the street where lot of people busily walking. After a while Aika pull back her face and stared at Miho that look quite blank and surprise.

“U don't like it?” Aika ask as she’s curious. She doesn’t really care about her surrounding as people that witnessing their action kept whispering.

“No...but..hmm...u rarely kiss me in public like this...” Miho said weakly as if she’s whispering to no one. She’s blushing hard after that kiss and her red become more redden when she realize that there are eyes that watching them.

“ So??” Aika ask shortly.

“I think i done something to worth this...” Miho ask unsure what she done that worth this kiss.

"hi..mitsu..."Aika grin by herself and excitedly humming the song while walking ahead. Myao scratch her head that not itchy and walk fast to catch up Aika that leaving her behind. long as i got that... Myao smile satisfied with the rewards that she got. like myao... Aika glance at Miho that grin and giggling by herself.

Daisuki!!!.. Aika shout it in her mind while watching Miho. Miho felt amuse as she kept watch Aika blushing alone.
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Re: [OS] Still the same [KumiNon]
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Kanon's innocence :lol: :lol: :lol:
Random Thought:


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Re: [OS] Daisuki.. [Rabumyao, MariHaru]
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Another RabuMyao classic :twothumbs :twothumbs
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[OS]I know [Gekikara x Sado]
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This is an old fanfic of mine... :P

Thus, yeah, my way of writing is.. :nervous



I know [Gekikara x Sado]

After have quite a big match with Maeda...gekikara rest alone in a small classroom...At that time, Sado come to see what condition that Gekikara in..

"Are u alrite??" ask Sado as soon as she see Gekikara sit at the corner. "Of course, I'm still alive" Gekikara answered but her body doesn't seem well as she say. She started to laugh and giggling n grinning by herself. Her whole body shivering like she's cold.

"BUT..u giggling n laughing" Sado become more worried when she see that kind of Gekikara appeared. "Yeah..why?? Do u expect or want me to cry instead of doing this.." Gekikara replied shortly after Sado.

"hmm..nope..I don't want.."

"Then.." Gekikara interrupt Sado that become speechless after hearing her answer.

"Let me treat u.." Sado suddenly stand and grab Gekikara and help her walk to treatment  room. There are lot of medicine there. The silent make Gekikara uncomfortable. She can't  sit still in one place.

"Please..don't move around..I'm trying to put the bandage and all, it will heal fast.." Sado voice did calm Gekikara. Her worried are shown clearly when she do her best. Gekikara smiling alone. Her eyes fixed to Sado that seriously give her all. BUT she still giggling and laughing as sign that she hurt badly.

Again...the silence resulting an awkwardness between them. Suddenly..

"Why u look like that??" ask Gekikara out of curiosity. "Like what??" Sado calmly answered as she doesn't understand the meaning behind the question.


No answered from Sado for a few minute. She just ignore that statement.

"Can't I" Sado answerd shortly but full of meaning.

" n yuko.." uncompleted words coming out from Gekikara. Suddenly, she laugh n said " Ah..don't think too much..I'm just kidding.." Gekikara smile awkwardly. Her words doesn't seem match with her action.

Sado just keep her silent and finish her work.

"Thanks a lot"

"Its alright.."

"Anyway..u can leave now..U have class rite??" Gekikara words hit Sado quite hard.

"Just asking.."


"Why u avoiding me and trying to make me leave without my consent..just like before.." Sado face are serious than before. She can't stand this kind of situation anymore.

"Just...for now, U have class rite.." Gekikara calmly answered without any hard feeling. Sado just walk away leaving gekikara alone.

Before she step out from that room...she said...

"I don't have anything special with yuko..nothing.." her voice are weak but gekikara did hear every single word.

"I knew bout it.." Gekikara just smiling alone while looking out of the window.

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[OS]Love - [WMatsui]
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Another old fanfic of mine.. :lol: , updated it here and modified it a little..yeah...

 :nervous ..sry for my bad english... XD


Love - [WMatsui]

The situation after one of AKBINGO episode where Jurina vs Rena. It end up Jurina win.

In certain corner of some place near changing room quite far from where most of the member involve with the show are rest.

"hmm, Rena..y u asking that question??" ask Jurina directly to rena that just sitting after the long day live show.

"what question are u referring to?? I did ask a lot" rena just calmly answered jurina question.

"kiss things…u know that I love to kiss cute girl…BUT.."

"BUT?" Rena cut Jurina words as if do not know anything bout jurina thought

"hmm, u know that I always treasured doing that..u make me like someone that playing around without thinking my special one" Jurina sad face clearly shown. She just want Rena know her feeling more than others

"I don’t really care bout that plus... your answer surprising me. What?? atmosphere that right for kissing.. communicate by" Rena teasing Jurina with irritated voice as if she angry with her comment.

"I’m sorry , I didn’t mean it. I’m just agreed with Sayaka-san opinion.." Jurina begging Rena to forgive her. She really didn’t mean those words at all. She start crying quietly by herself facing Rena back.

"Why she quiet all of sudden??" Rena whispered to herself. She started to felt guilty teasing her love one like that. Is she crying? or  she leave? Rena kept thinking non-stop. All thought come to her mind.

After a few minutes, Rena stand still and turn to look at her back. She found Jurina quietly crying. She started to blame herself n panic because of unexpected result that Jurina show right now. She didn’t know that Jurina will crying like that because she always teasing her bout the kiss. The result is totally different.

"hmm…Jurina…dun cry…its not like what u think.." Rena caressed Jurina back n kiss her forehead n the word sorry repeatedly come out from her mouth. She just want Jurina to stop crying. Her heart breaking to hurts watching her like that.

"I’m not even a bit mad at u jurina..I.." Rena minds blank. She doesn't knew what to said anymore.

"hihihihihihihi" Jurina grin while looking at Rena worried face. She giggling alone n laughing in front of rena.

Rena keep staring Jurina that suddenly change her mood. Crying to laughing n smiling as evil as she can while looking at Rena expression.

"U.." Rena face turn red. Her face totally look like her character Gekikara that mad n become crazy. Jurina that realized bout the situation hug rena n calming rena down with her own way, kiss n whispering some word of love that melt Rena heart.

Rena slowly push jurina away from her after she already calm. Jurina just smiling to her girl.

"I really like u..u are very cute..especially when u clueless like before.." Jurina take a deep breath n suddenly kiss Rena lips for about 5 second and run towards changing room afterward.

"Aaa..y am I the only one that being playing around.." Rena just feel reassured that it just an act from Jurina n she smiling alone when thinking back bout what Jurina said while hugging her. The words that are very meaningful..words of their love..the secrets between them that she treasured day by day.

After a few minutes, when the show is started back. Rena receive a message from Jurina. Her phone vibrate for 3 times before she realized bout it.

1st message - I’M SORRY!!! T.T

2nd message - I LOVE U..LOVE TO INFINITY.. ^^

3rd message - I MEAN ALL THOSE WORDS.. ^^ ..EVERYTHING!!!

:- everything..words that she whispered to rena while hugging..

Rena look at Jurina that sit quite far from her. She smiling at Jurina. She replied the message.

I knew that u mean it..^^

Jurina replied back..

U are an angel..always be my angel..Love u..

Rena look at Jurina n said I LOVE U TOO..


Hope u EnjoY!! 

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Re: [OS] Still the same [KumiNon]
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Ando san.. ! You are really really made my day!! :cow: my heart full of kuminon now... :heart: kuumin baka, and cute non.. Gaaaaah., i cant get enough of it Dx i :heart: this OS so much.. Thankyou very much..! :on gay:

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Re: [OS]Love - [WMatsui]
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CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banghead:

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Re: [OS]Love - [WMatsui]
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hello there!

i love it :wub: verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy cute :D

please write more about wmatsui. i love this pair so much :wub:

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Re: [OS]Love - [WMatsui]
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WMatsui always cute!!!

I like!!!


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Re: [OS] Siblings [Gekikara x Miso]
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what a beautiful and kawaii fanfic!!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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Re: [OS] Siblings [Gekikara x Miso]
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I never commented? or did I?
Well... such a great story...
it make my heart go doki doki

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Re: [OS]Love - [WMatsui]
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love it! <3 <3 <3 more wMatsui!! :D
I'm sorry. I know. I'm a silent reader.  :barf:

---kind of BUSY---

Hi, Im new here. Nice to meet you :D

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[OS] I knew it...[GekiBlack]
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Long time not updated one-shot here..LOL..actually I already post this OS in one of the topic in other title where the one of the topic is Rena xooo...thus, yeah...I updated it here again..

BUT only gonna give the my page.. :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

I in my lazy mood...

BUT yeah...


Gekikara x Black... aka RenaYuki...

 :cathappy: :deco: :deco:

if u want more attention..hmm..means..influence me to write more o else..u better post something in my page..hihi..gonna give a big impact I guess..o maybe in my fanpage.. :P

I dunno if someone actually read it..but i'm sure someone already read it in my page.. :cathappy: :deco:..

 :heart: :heart::nervous :nervous
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[OS] Mine..[RicchanxJuri]
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Yeah..again..i'm updating just by giving a link directly to my page..hmm..yeah..for full list of my visit my tumblr o my page...

This is..

~Ricchan x Juri~



too sleepy..

oyasumi minna..

=> sry to say..but quite old..not the latest..but still not the oldest.. :nervous

 :cathappy: :cathappy: :deco: :deco:

Glad that u actually click n see this..n actually read it...

Appreciate it very much..

 :peace: :peace:
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Re: [OS] Siblings [Gekikara x Miso]
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Aaah... I luv this OS!  Miso and Geki as sisters. . . XD

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