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Title: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Five 9/26
Post by: Altrox on September 06, 2011, 02:11:10 PM
Man I want to have some fun with this one. It's been a while. >:)

Chapter One

I love this coffee shop.

Every single day I find myself ordering the same cup of coffee, sitting in the same seat, in front of the same potted plant and
looking out the same old window with the same old view.

The funny thing is, the coffee doesn’t even taste that good. But who cares about that anyway right?

I’m here for the girl.

She’s probably been working here for the past month or so, around about the same time I started coming to this shop. I’d like to
believe it was fate that brought us here together… maybe it was… or maybe I’m full of it.

I suppose I should just admit it to my own monologue... Ok so I followed her in. But who could blame me?

She’s gorgeous and she doesn’t even know it.

I’d tell her if I could but we never seem to have any contact at all. She never takes orders at the register and she never ends up
being the one who serves me at my seat. I should have just changed seats. Damn myself for being such a creature of habit.

I check my phone for the fifth time in the last minute feeling the fleeting seconds tick by.

“Minami, we need to go.”

And just like that, my time is up.

I nod and smile at my forever dependable cousin as he frowns at me from the café’s doorway.

Needless to say, we’re incredibly close just like our fathers are.

 And by that I mean that we’re often at each other’s throats but no matter what… I know we’re always on the same side. Literally
just like our fathers are. Miichan and I were born in the same year and ended up with the same name because neither of them
would back down when grandma asked one of them to name their eldest after grandpa.

I don’t really mind because I know I’m better looking. My father told me so.

Suddenly I feel my arm almost separated from my body. Geez it’s like he doesn’t remember I’m a girl.

“I really don’t know why you insist on coming here,” he tells me with a frustrated tone as he practically grabs me and throws me
out as soon as I’m within reach. “The coffee sucks.”


“I know, I know, you’re here for the girl,” he replies as she falls into step beside me.

“Believe me we all know,” another voice adds as its owner flanks my other side.

“Oh nononono you don’t get to take that tone Yuko,” I chastise her with a friendly grin. “I don’t need to ask where you’ve been.
But since today is today and I feel like swearing a bit… where the hell have you been?!”

“Nice delivery Takamina,” Yuko says as she flashes a thumbs up at me. “I felt the drama.”

“You smell like five bottles of perfume,” Miichan says as he rolls her eyes at both of us. “You should tell that department store girl
to stop pouring that cheap stuff on everybody just for walking past her section.”

“Hey watch it! That ‘department store girl’ is my girlfriend,” Yuko says seriously before her dimpled smirk once again sneaks onto
her face. “She just doesn’t know yet.”

I sling my arm around her shoulders and smile back at her while Miichan massages his temples. I definitely understand where Yuko
is coming from. We’re comrades after all. Well… not quite in the same way of course.

 Some of us are freer than others.

“For god’s sake can’t we just tell her?,” Miichan continues. “The smell is giving me a headache.”

“Of course we can tell her! After Takamina confesses to the coffee girl.”

“Yuko that’s not funny,” Miichan says as he shoots me a look.

“Relax Miichan,” I tell him as we reach our destination.

I’d give a more comforting speech as he’s uncharacteristically morphed his face into much too much of a worried look. Even Yuko
seems slightly apologetic.

But what can I say… time never seems to be on my side.

“Are you ready?,” Yuko asks.

“And if I say no?,” I ask back with a quirked eyebrow.

“You could always make a run for it. Even with those short legs of yours I’m sure you’d manage to do ok with a little bit of a head

I scoff a little and turn to Miichan ready for another admonishing frown but for some reason all I got was sigh and a shrug.

“If that’s what you really want Takamina… I’d even offer to carry you.”

“He would,” Yuko added with a nod. “He’s freakishly strong.”

“Thank you guys. Personally I appreciate the sentiment but you know… as you two are half the wedding party I don’t think anyone
else would.”

“So you’re really gonna do this?”

“I really am.”

“Get married? To a person other than coffee girl?,” Yuko asks me once more.

“I really really am.”

The three of us exchange meaningful glances and I do my best to tell my cousin and my best friend without words that what was
about to take place was unavoidable, necessary and just something that needed to be done without question.

Yuko shifts uncomfortably as her features twitch. I can tell she’s about to launch into a heartfelt denial of the facts but she’s
beaten to it.

“Screw it, can’t let you,” Miichan suddenly states as I feel him grab me by hooking her arms under both of mine. “Yuko grab her
legs… let’s get this midget out of here.”

“What? What?!,” I ask as I flail around in their arms while they try to rush me out the door.

We almost make it out when it suddenly the door opens and smacks Yuko clear in the back of her head.

“What is with my luck today?!,” she asks as she staggers back, immediately releasing her hold on my legs.

“What’s going on?,” I hear my father ask in an even tone. Crap. Nothing but calm in that… he’s probably pretty pissed. “Minami…
why are you dressed like a common person? Shouldn’t you at least be getting ready by now?”

What did I tell you about luck and timing? Say it with me… Never. On. My. Side.

Micchan steps forward bravely as Yuko and I wonder if we should just feed him to my father and run away.

“Uncle,” Miichan states seriously, his tone mirroring my father’s.

“Nephew,” my father replies. “What… exactly … is going on?”

“It’s the Takahashi even tone Takamina! We should run!,” Yuko stage whispers into my ear as I stand frozen at the scene.

“Well uncle, the thing that is going on…,” Miichan states slowly. “Is that Yuko and I…”

“Spit it out nephew, you’re like a son to me but I believe you’re aware that we are on a bit of tight schedule today.”

“As you wish uncle. The thing is… is… Yuko, legs, grab them!”

In all of half a second I find myself once again lifted off the ground and rushed past my gaping father as Miichan threw the rest of
his reply over his shoulder.

“That we’re stealing you’re daughter from her wedding, gotta go bye!”

In the midst of my returned flailing I watch my father massage his temples like Miichan so often does in Yuko’s company.

“Just like his father,” I hear him say about my dear dependable… and apparently unpredictable cousin. “I’m going to punch my
brother in the face the next time I see him.”

Even in the ridiculous position that I'm in... being carried by the two most hilariously important people to me... I can't help but wonder... even if it's not time... something on my side is at work after all.

=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

I hate this coffee shop.

I’m hanging out back leaning on the same old wall in the same old back alley with the same old crummy view.

Oh well, at least the cigarette hanging out of my mouth is new.

I can’t believe I’ve been stuck working here for a month now. God damn community service. Community disservice more like. The
coffee here really sucks!

Luckily I’ve been able to get out of actually serving customers since no one actually trusts me not to hit some jerk in the face just
in case he decides to get too close. Ugh, just like that one guy that ended up causing me to be here in the first place.

Did I ask him to bother me? Did I ask him to follow me continuously? Did I ask him to shove his face into my fist?

Alright that last one probably had a little something to do with me… but you know, I’m a badass and I don’t care.

Anyway all I need to do is hold on for one more day and I’m finally out of here.

I put my cig out and prepare to walk back into the café with a sigh. That’s another thing I’ve hated about this past month. The

Make me work… ok. Make me apologise to jerk with bruised face… annoying but ok. Take my bike away? Not ok people! Not ok!

“Atsuko what are you mumbling about now? Hurry up and at least pretend to get back to work ok?”

As soon as step through the door my frilly apron is handed (thrown) to me (at my face).

 “It was hard enough to get you a job here and not in some actual approved community service place like I don’t know, the side of
the road picking trash up off the street,” my fantastic cousin slash coworker says with an annoyed hair flick over her shoulder.
“You are soooo lucky your sister is some big shot lawyer.”

She has a bit of a tone, a bit of an attitude and a bit of a mean streak. Probably stems from the fact that she’s pretty good looking.
We can’t help it, it runs in the family.

I merely smile back at her, ruffling her hair as I walk past. She hates that.

“I know,” I tell her. “Just like you are soooo lucky that your cousin is some big shot lawyer since my fist isn’t the only one that’s
been cracking noses.”

“That guy was a jerk. He was hounding me and standing way too close and you were late picking me up that day because you
were too busy trying to pick up some rich girl with your bike!”

“I don’t try Tomo. I just do. There’s no try.”

“Whatever Yoda, don’t get all antsy on me just because some guy and some squirrel interrupted you. I know the story. Besides she
comes here ONLY every single day, you don’t actually think it’s for the coffee do you?”

“No. Everyone knows the coffee sucks. It freaking sucks.”

We both nod even as we hear an exasperated sigh beside us.

“It’s not my fault! They buy crap beans, I’ve only been working here for a month the same as you two, who never help me, just by
the way and no one even taught me how to use this stupid coffee machine!”

Tomo and I shoot somewhat apologetic looks at the only girl actually working. I kind of like Yuki. She’s nice but definitely not the
fake plastic type… you should hear some of the things that come out of her mouth. Plus the rumour is that she’s dating a Student
Council President… in High School.

So I give her props for that. That is quite badass.

I should know.

I look at the clock and watch the seconds tick slowly by. I definitely haven't been thinking this way for the last four weeks but hey... since today is today maybe I could risk it.

Maybe things are gonna start swinging their way back to my side.


Shane, Japanime if you guys are reading this I'm sorry for the disappearing act I so often end up pulling every once in a... always. Very sorry. Forgive me? Forgive me!  :heart:


Also... I want to write sexy badass Acchan. Just in case anyone was wondering what was up... that's what's up. Lol.


Atsumina readers, I love you.

Atsumina writers, I love you!
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter One 9/6
Post by: Haruko on September 06, 2011, 02:31:15 PM
Sexadicchan going to appear? jajaja I hope so.. good beginning
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter One 9/6
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Sexy badass Acchan!!!!  :ding:  i can't wait for the next update~~  :on lol:
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter One 9/6
Post by: arisa03 on September 06, 2011, 06:30:10 PM
Doing this on ipod so... Typos might ensue x.x

In any case... Badass Takamina.. Stalker Yuko... Danso Miichan... Sexy Badass Acchan, Bad Girl Chiyuu (Since you said tomo =O) and Yukirin dating Student Council Pres AKA Mayuyu. Loving this like yeah. Update soon! XDD
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter One 9/6
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Oh the characters of Acchan and Chiyuu are interesting
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter One 9/6
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OF COURSE I READ IT! It's a certain, ya know?  XD  XD  XD And you're forgiven, as long as I have another 2 or 3 more chapters (before you disappear again  XD)

And you know what? I don't mind having a BADASS Acchan here, at all. It actually cool. New thing, especially when it come to Atsumina, I just freaking love it.  :heart:  :heart: Plus I will never know what's gonna happen in your mind and your fic  :lol:  :lol: so this is like, double excitement.  :cow:  :cow: 

 :deco:  :deco:  :deco:  :deco: (kinda like this icon  XD  XD remind me of Taka's old blog entries  XD)

Thank you, as always. And waiting, as always.  :bow:  :bow:
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter One 9/6
Post by: Kid_Alpha on September 06, 2011, 10:27:41 PM
Ah I wanna know what's gonna happen~?

I'm not really sure what to point out since I like a lot of things but badass Acchan definitely tops haha

Waiting for any future updates.  o/
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter One 9/6
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I can't wait to for the next chapter!!!

I want to see more sexy badass of Acchan and Takamina

update soon
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Two 9/8
Post by: Altrox on September 07, 2011, 05:43:32 PM
Woohoo! Thanks for reading guys. Muuuuch   :heart: s to you all!

I've chosen to start the story slow but I'm hoping to get regular updates out to make up for it.

Chapter Two

A few days later when the commotion about my non-marriage was finally dying down… is not how this is going to start out.

To be honest, even though it is a few days later the commotion was now turning up into a roaring full blast and I’m starting to
expect private investigators to come after me armed with guns, ropes, nets, fishing rods and whatever other capturing equipment
might possibly be necessary to get past a protective cousin and a squirrel best friend.

Luckily the private investigators Miichan has hired are supposed to be working against the private investigators I’m expecting so
we’re still probably going to be ok. Yeah, we’re kind of a messed up family, believe me I realize this.

Although we are quite a bit more normal than my would-be in-laws… more on that later. Hopefully much, much later.

After my felt like forever absence from the coffee shop, I’m once again back to sitting in my beloved seat, staring out at the same
view with the leaves of the potted plant poking into the back of my neck. I think it’s grown.

The problem is not that the coffee still sucks, because I’m used to that by now, but that my love from afar coffee shop girl with the
frilly apron is nowhere to be seen.  I’ve spent the last ten minutes sitting here, waiting and trying to not to sigh.

“Minami stop sighing,” Miichan said with, you guessed it, a sigh of his own.

Yep. I am failing that much today.

“I can’t help it!,” I tell him. “Where is she? I’m gone like… four days and she quits or something? Do I have Yuko’s luck now?
Maybe I should try to offset that with some perfume.”

“You guys I think there’s something seriously wrong with this coffee,” the squirrel to my left muses with displeasure written all
over her features. “And also you can take some of my perfume. I have plenty, probably wouldn’t even notice if you stole some

“Yeah I’ve been pouring it out by the bottle Yuko because I honestly think the smell is starting to kill my brain cells. You really
wouldn’t notice.”

“Oh,” she replies simply prompting me to sigh a bazillion sighs again.

“Sorry Yuko, I didn’t mean to be moody. It’s just that my coffee shop girl isn’t here and I AM moody. Even though I don’t mean to

“It’s fine. About the perfume too. I buy that stuff by the barrel.”

“Ok I’m still sorry and everything but you should probably stop or she’s going to think you’re drinking the stuff.”

“Ok let’s not all have good ideas all at once,” Miichan said as he tapped his chin with his finger. “Let me use some of my charm to

find out where that girl is ok? I don’t want to be hanging around here too long. The enemy private investigators may have already
clued in on the fact that Takamina stalks around here.”

“I don’t stalk,” I try to defend myself innocently.

“You stalk,” they both replied before Yuko used Miichan’s rising shoulder to push herself up.

“Miichan you should stay sitting down since you don’t actually have charm. I’ll go and use some of mine to find out where the girl

I tried to stifle my laugh at Yuko’s joke but failed to start with so just carried on with it. At Miichan’s look however I at least had
the decency to shrug at him sheepishly.

“Come on dude, that was funny.”

“Yeah. I’m here because of you by the way midget. And also, who got you out of your arranged marriage? Also me. You’re

“You didn’t get me out of anything except the actual wedding which you literally stole me away from. And you had help from Yuko.
All you get is a begrudging thank you.”

“That is true. I will accept your begrudging thank you.”

“And what am I gonna do? I can’t just stay stolen forever. And I definitely can’t stay living with Yuko forever. The perfume smell is
driving me insane. She may actually buy the stuff by the barrel. Her house is full of expensive bottles and it’s like a war of scents
taking place in a really, really, ok not really small mansion! Why would she put herself through that?”

“I don’t know. Same reason you drink this coffee?,” Miichan asked as he pushed his cup towards me hopefully.

“Ugh. My reason isn’t even here,” I reply even though I end up drinking the cup anyway.

Miichan had taken to staring out my view and I didn’t want to disturb while he was doing that… he’d probably call me a copy-cat

and start poking his tongue out at me. Childhood cousin rivalry died hard.
At least the coffee will help me stay awake through… Oh I forgot Yuko was about to use “charm” I really should have chosen to

sleep through this one. It’s generally safer that way since it’d let me pull the ‘I didn’t know she was about to resort to sexual
harassment and it really wasn’t my fault’ card later.

Seconds after the squirrel finally ended up with the barista’s attention however, shock graced my usually apologetic (after failing)

Yuko was smiling. The barista was smiling. Yuko was pointing at me.

Oh God.

Yuko wasn’t going to use sexual harassment at all was she? She was going to use honesty.

I so hate my life!

=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

I love my life!

There’s nothing like the feel of strong winds rushing past my body as I ride up familiar stretches of road.

I’ve missed you bike! I’ve missed you open road! I’ve missed you tight leather biker suit and the way you cling to my curves just
the way I like it. I bet you’ve missed me too.

I feel a tap on my shoulder which soon turns into several hard smacks.

Ah Tomo… you I could have possibly done without on this ride.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my beautiful cousin with her flowing hair and her perfectly cute smile and her impossibly adorable eyes
but the whole speeding down highways thing is up pretty high on her things to avoid.

I take her smacks as a sign that she’s wanting me to slow down which possibly has something to do with the fact that I was riding
like a ride crazed maniac and she was fearing for her life but come on it wasn’t my fault!

I’ve been away from this for the past month and baby I live for this. Plus it’s not like I threw her onto the back of my bike… I only
do that to hot girls… that aren’t related to me. Squick isn’t my thing. To be fair it’s not like she threw herself on either but there
are higher powers at work here… not even our good looks can protect against the will of my sister.

I pull over since judging by Tomo’s hella uncomfortable riding position, she’s actually thinking of jumping off.

“What?,” I asked her as I dismounted, took off my helmet and shook my dark hair back into perfect form.

“What? What, what?!,” she replied as she pulled her helmet off and shook her hair the same way. Too bad for her it just ended up
making her look like an angry lion.

I laughed a bit which of course ended in her shoving the helmet into my stomach.

“Forgive me for not having the genes to let me encase my hair in that uncomfortable thing to ride that uncomfortable thing on this
uncomfortable thing,” she said and finished her wild gesturing with pointing angrily towards my beloved open stretch of road.

“You do have genes Tomo,” I told her with a nonchalant smile. “What you lack, cousin of mine, is the ability to pull it off.”

“Shut up Acchan! I’m not finished. I also want to say that I also don’t have the ABILITY to enjoy riding towards THAT
uncomfortable thing,” she said as she looked at me knowingly, slightly pleased that smile was displaced almost immediately even if
that meant she was screwed too since we’re riding towards the same thing and all.

“She’s probably gonna kill us isn’t she?,” I wondered aloud as I stretched my limber body up against my bike.

“Stop posing. I’m more afraid that she won’t. We owe her for that coffee shop thing and she WILL collect. That is for damn sure.
Why is your sister such a tight ass?”

“Because she has both the genes and the ability to pull it off. Just like me.”

“Can you not make comments like that about relatives? You are so squick Atsuko.”

“I appreciate good looks.”

“Could you not appreciate good looks belonging to your relatives?”

“My relatives are amongst the best looking people I know! After all, you people are related to ME.”

“So squick. And so…”


“Do I sound like you when I speak? Because if I do I think I just found out why less good looking people always end up hating on

“I think that’s about enough progress for today Tomo,” I replied with a laugh and tossed a helmet back at my thoughtful looking
cousin. “Back on the bike. We have a sexy older woman to appease.”

“She’s your sister! There is something so wrong with you.”

“There’s lots of things wrong with me Tomo. But nobody ever cares cause everything else is just so perfectly right.”
“If that rich girl ever, ever got a whiff of your true character, you’d totally lose her. Oh wait… you already did.”

The last thing I saw before Tomo pulled her helmet on was her plastered smirk.

Damn this girl. I’m so telling Mariko-neechan Tomo disagreed with me calling her sexy. Ass kicking is sure to ensue.

Right, gotta fire up the bike, get back on the road, feel that wind… Ah where were we?

Oh that’s right.

I love my life!


Thanks again, catch you next time!!


 :deco:  ;D
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Two 9/8
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Acchan and Chiyuu on a bike so cool!
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Two 9/8
Post by: Japanime1 on September 07, 2011, 07:15:01 PM
Squeeeee~ will read and edit this comment laterz after my classes today! :bow:

YES! I've been wanting to read Atsuko in this type of character!!! Finally some role-reversal or...yeah, whatever! lolol!

OKAY, so what I know/guess from the story SO FAR...

Coffee Shop: Atsuko (and Tomochin?) are forced to work here to compensate some violent acts.

*ALL have been working at this shop for about a month's time (the same time Takamina first started following a certain coffee girl).

A Runaway Marriage: Yuko and Miichan steal Takamina away from an arranged marriage.

*After the marriage mishap, Minami is currently living/hiding out with Yuko.

Other mentions:

From Ch.2, I think the barrista Yuko approaches and brings back to Minami is Yukirin, who will tell her about Atsuko, since she's clearly not there and is reunited with her bike and off with Tomochin to see Mariko.

WELL, in due time, all will be explained. I like putting thought into this. Good plot and characters.

There's still the mystery of WHO Taka was supposed to marry too.
There are other family members/ "would-be-in-laws" to introduce, and all these relationships to build. Etc.
And what exactly does TakaMii's families do if they have enough money for private investigators and such?? The mob? Company owners?? Or are they just plain rich 'nough said? Oh the possibilities~ XD

LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE. You entertain me so much, as always. :twothumbs

PS: The image of Atsuko in a tight, leather biker suit all sexy on a motorbike, flipping her hair when she takes off her helmet...RAWR. APPROVED. :heart::yep:

/...and then I wrote a lot. :nervous
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Two 9/8
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Ugh Acchan and that bike, why can't this become reality? /)_(\
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Two 9/8
Post by: blughise on September 07, 2011, 09:33:39 PM
So hilarious

Acchan and Tomo hilarious

update soon
Title: Re: [Atsumina] Red String - Chapter Three 9/8
Post by: Altrox on September 08, 2011, 12:58:45 PM

Chapter Three

One thing right, one thing wrong. Is this what they call the balance of nature?

I mean… Yuko is walking back smiling like she was successful so that must mean one thing went right. On the other hand… she
seems to be carrying another cup of coffee and that definitely means one thing has gone very wrong.

I watched Miichan’s face pale as soon as he saw what she was carrying. Apparently he agreed with me.

“Very wrong Yuko, bad squirrel! Go and bring that cup back!,” he said as he watched the happy squirrel wander back to us, poison
in cup and all, obviously uncaring.

I give Miichan a comforting cousin smack on the back as he regresses back into his temple massaging form. Poor guy, and he’s just
managed to offload his other cup.

“No! That girl is really nice,” Yuko replies as she plomps down into a seat and pushes number two cup towards him. “She totally
complimented me on the perfume I was wearing today.”

“It doesn’t smell good,” Miichan says.

I wonder for a second since I’m not sure if he’s talking about the coffee or the perfume but I’m gonna go with both since they both
smell equal amounts of not good.

“In fact it smells very terrible,” Miichan continues as I nod along causing Yuko to turn her attention to me.

“That is obviously because you don’t have a sense of smell Takamina!”

Whoops. Bad call head. Should have held off on the nodding. Ok self, no katsudon in sight so… I shall defend you with truth!
 “If I don’t it’s because of the houseful of poisonous gasses you have me living in at the moment!”

“You’re staying with me because we helped you run away from your unwanted wedding,” Yuko replied, her well placed scoff daring
me to counter her.

Rats they have logical ammunition, I don’t think my truth will work so I settle for a sheepish smile and mock bow.

“Thank you,” I tell her to prevent being out on my lonesome, or worse… living with Miichan at his place.

“You’re welcome. Thank me twice by the way I got you this,” Yuko replies and I find a business card being swung haplessly in front
of my face.

“Coffee girl’s phone number?!,” Miichan asks, honest surprise dripping from his voice.

Yuko was a lovely girl, hilarious at times and one hell of a best friend but if dependability was ever a topic taught in class I’d have
to guiltily admit that she probably hasn’t ever attended.

“Close. Coffee girl’s sister. Only contact this place has of her unfortunately.”

Miichan took the card and studied it intently.

Judging by the way his features contorted in many unexplainable ways I had a bit of a feeling he’s either had an unfortunate  run-in with the owner of the card or he accidentally got a paper cut when he snatched it away from Yuko.

The squirrel and I stared as he brought the card within centimeters of his face.

“Oh no,” he said simply seconds before hurling it away from him with as much force as he could muster only to watch Yuko grab
handfuls of air in an attempt to catch it.

It didn’t go far of course… it was a business card after all. Duh Miichan.

 Too bad he didn’t really think that one through since now he’s rubbing his shoulder like he’s injured.

“Do you… not like the card?,” I ask him carefully.

“Stupid lawyers and stupid firm! Hate!,” he replied.

Hmm. That’s our Miichan, emotionally outspoken? Absolutely! Eloquent… not so much.

“Hate!,” he repeated again for good measure.
“Miichan seems to feel strongly about this,” Yuko offered as she nudged me with her elbow.

I gulped and shot her a look of agreement. Yeah there’s no way this is gonna be good for me either.

“Is it because they’re bad lawyers?,” Yuko asked as she surveyed the card.

“No she’s amazing.”

“She?,” Yuko and I asked together with raised eyebrows only to have Miichan look at us like we were crazy.

“I said they! I hate them because they KNOW it.”

“Wait, that’s it?,” I wonder aloud just to have an apparently superior argument directed at me.


I balk at him. What the heck isn’t this guy telling me? Fine Miichan, fine you can just plaster that petulant attitude over your face.

Once again turning to Yuko, the worried feeling coming from the pits of my stomach continued to grow at a rapid rate. It could also
be hunger but… Yuko looked thoughtful. So based on the current situation I’m gonna go with worry at this point.

“Your coffee girl is actually related to this family?,” she asked me.

“According to you.”

“Ok then! Miichan since you happen to know coffee girl’s sister… which I’ve gathered due to the angry aura all around you, maybe you can tell Takamina a few things about coffee girl’s family. Go Miichan! Go and be helpful!”

“Well, what kind of person do you think she is?”

“This person is a monster.”

“Monster. Write that down Takamina, related to a … hold on that doesn’t sound good at all.”

"No it doesn't does it?," I agree.

Yep, totally confirmed now. This feeling is definitely worry.

Miichan is still down for the count - since the guy is actually drinking his much unloved coffee just to calm himself down from whatever depths of feeling he's just been accosted by so I'm back to looking to Yuko for outside opinions.

"Well Takamina, you know there's only one thing we can actually do now right?"

I blink a shrug at her as she grabs both me and Miichan and waves a goodbye at the recently occupied barrista. Isn't that girl a little young... could have possibly been a question worth asking but once again since Yuko with her perfume poisoned brain was in the lead I had bigger fish to fry.

"It's time to turn the heat up on this baby!"

Either get with it... or wait for someone to start frying me.

=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

“This is not good at all!,” Tomo says from behind me as I pull up to the race track. “What are we doing here?”

Ok so we made a little detour. It’s gonna take us a little longer to get to the office but I have to admit I love how Tomo’s suddenly
all tense and panicky. I could say it didn’t amuse me but plainly that would be all lies.

“Every time we come here I get accosted by a bunch of hollering, unattractive lunatics with small minds and huge egos. Plus
they’re all short!”

I watch with a smirk as she paces in front of me, just waiting for the first ‘lunatic’ to come across her.

“I told you about coming here earlier you just don’t remember,” I tell her calmly while taking my much loved position against my

“No you didn’t. And stop doing that! Why must you pose everywhere?!”

“Heh ok so I didn’t tell you but I meant to, does that count?”

“No, it doesn’t!”

“You should try to calm down Tomo, the stress makes your hair frizzy.”

She spun on her heel to face me, eyes narrowed and the tiniest hint of a snarl forming on her upper lip.

“Did you… did you just mention my HAIR?!”

God this girl is funny. Personally I wouldn’t have minded just watching the freak out from my tiny little comment but I’m happy to
report something even more interesting came along soon after…

“Pretty girls shouldn’t make such upset faces.”

Tomo and I turned to look up at the smug sounding new comer who was nonchalantly looking down at us from the bleachers,

Tomo with annoyance written all over her face and me with a sincere smile plastered on mine.

As if I could greet my best friend with anything else.

“I knew it!,” I heard Tomo whisper at me as I took a step forward to stand beside her. “You know I hate being around her. Why do
you always create situations in which I have to be around her?! No being around her Acchan, dammit!”

I shrugged.

“She’s my best friend. You’re my cousin. It can’t be helped.”

“That’s not a thing! You can keep us separate but you choose not to!”

“You’re right, that does sound more like the truth. Would it make more sense if I admitted that I want you two to hook up?”

Oops I’ve gone and done it now, I see the slightest hint of fang. She’s pretty scandalized about that little self planned slip up. I
should probably take a few steps back.

Just as I was contemplating dragging Tomo up to the bleachers, I hear the slight thud of boots hitting the ground.

“She’s not normal!,” Tomo continues to hiss into my ear.

To be honest I pretty much agree wholeheartedly. Pulling off flips from bleachers was a pretty weak display of her abilities if you
cared to call them that. Didn’t I say? She’s MY best friend. Normal isn’t gonna cut it.

“And she poses everywhere just like you do!”

Gentle laugher rises out of the equally tight leather clad figure leaning purposelessly on a nearby wall.

“It’s been a while,” she says to me before turning her smile to my frowning cousin.

“It has,” I agree even though I already know her attention had very much shifted from me… Tomo had her arms folded across her
chest in annoyance which did rather a lot to accentuate her… assets.

“Wouldn’t you agree, Tomochin?”

I watched as the familiar flare rose in Tomo’s eyes as she let out a frustrated growl.

“It’s not my fault we have the same name and I refuse to change what I’m called. YOU change yours!”

I choose my next words carefully as she seems to be in a fragile state.

“Tomo. Hair. Frizzy.”

Ok maybe ‘carefully’ wasn’t the best way to put it I find myself thinking as I feel a hand smack my head.

“This wouldn’t even be an issue if YOU’D stop putting us together!”


Waaaaah!   More meetings to come verryyyy soon! The usual suspects will earn their right to be in this story. It's a web I want to weave!

My sincere thanks again to each and every reader  :heart:

Japanime - Brilliant deductions as I would have expected from my comrade in arms ;D There are plans for this one, strange coming from me I know usually it's just hit the letter keys until I feel enough amusing things have come through hahaha. I worry about running towards the far away but Shane's around  :deco: I feel I'll be whipped and reeled back if I try it  :lol:

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Well  I'm not that...aggressive, ya know.  :lol:  :lol: just not so patient in waiting for your fic  XD  XD Just kidding.

Since our birdy Japanime said it all, I think there nothing more to add (in guessing LOL) but yeah, lots of curious' around  O0 andddd from what I sense in chap 3, well, let's just say we might have MariMii here?  :P  :P since Miichan's react is so...negative?  :lol:  :lol:

And you updated so QUICK this time. I'm in heaven  :deco: :deco: (at the moment, for sure  XD).

Thank youuuuu... as always  :bow:  :bow:
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SAVE SPOT :grin:

WOOT! CHAPTER 3!! Quick update is quick update. :heart:


Not much Yukirin dialogue as I expected there would be leaving off from last chapter BUT what happened, happened and it got the job done, lol.

Now enters MariMii hints. Did the almighty Mariko-sama make Miichan feel any less of a man? Exes or just wrong encounters?
What I do read is the usual love/hate coming. XD

...And they're off to go see the hawt lawyer!

Race Track/New Character:

A-HA! I KNEW! I SO KNEW IT!! <- I was literally shouting this as I kept reading more and more into her introduction scene and narrowing it down to the only girl who hadn't been used yet but fit the part. SMOOTH. lol! GO, ATSUKO! Set up TomoTomo! I approve again!! :yep:

PS: AtsuChiyuu's posing habit...awh lordy! My imagination is on helium. :rofl: :rofl:

Loved it. Next time, Chapter 4: "It's time to turn the heat up on this baby!" <- 'Nough said. :grin:
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“Very wrong Yuko, bad squirrel! Go and bring that cup back!,”

I loled so hard at this part
And Tomotomo!!!!!!
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Another hilarious chapter  :lol:

I can't wait for MariMii to appear
update soon
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Ah I'm so curious of what's gonna happen next? D:

lol at Acchan posing habit, why can I actually imagine this happening?...
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Chapter Four


A few days ago I, Takahashi Minami (the girl version in case anyone was wondering) sincerely decided that I would accept the
unavoidable loveless marriage that was arranged for me. A few minutes after that point, I was whisked away from said
wedding, in the arms of my same named cousin and our squirrel – Oshima Yuko.

Even more interesting is on that very same day, all my attention was focused not on my impending wedding of doom… but on
a girl.

If I could guess I’d say that she was the sweet, shy type that had a little trouble communicating with people she didn’t know
very well. She was probably working at this café part time and I could also guess that it’s only while studying for her degree
in veterinary science – because she looks like she likes animals. Why do I think I know all this? I’d say it was because I’m
sincere in my interest.

Although I suppose other people would just call it stalking.

The most interesting fact of all however, is that out of the three sitting in the vicinity… I’m the normal one.

 In front of me is the not unusual scene of Yuko and Miichan sprinkling lots of strangeness in the form of what they think is
suitable conversation.

“Ok! Ready to meet your match?,” Yuko asks, her eyes shining with interesting (worrying) excitement (mischief).
I paused for a minute unsure of how to reply but apparently even that was an unnecessary thing to do.

“What the hell are you talking about Yuko?!,” Miichan asked incredulously, standing up from his seat and trying very hard not
to jump up and down.

Bad tasting as the coffee was it was still armed with glorious amounts of caffeine and Miichan… with glorious amounts of ego.

“THAT woman is certainly… certainly not my match! How dare you say that Yuko?!,” he asked her complete with an accusingly
pointed finger before he rounded on me. “And YOU, how dare you let her say that Minami?!”

The squirrel in question looked on in amusement as I tried not laugh out loud.

“Umm… that wasn’t directed at you,” Yuko said.

Miichan stopped his pointing immediately and sat down, trying to pretend nothing happened while Yuko and I grinned at him.


Well there he goes into embarrassed yelling… probably figured out there were two too many witnesses to his outbursts.

“I suppose,” I answer.

“Why aren’t you excited?!,” Yuko asked before dear Miichan, still without control of his voice followed her.


“In case you two haven’t figured this out, I’ve ‘met’ coffee shop girl pretty regularly.”

“We know. During your bouts of stalking when you should have been planning a wedding. But you’re a chicken.”

“BUT I was tied up in the usual amounts of FAMILY ridiculousness so I couldn’t do anything about it.”

“And even now you’re still a chicken.”

“As much as I’d like to see her now, not much of the above has changed.”

“No kidding,” Yuko agreed easily as she watched some new customers enter the store and head straight towards us.

“Takahashi-san… please come with us.”

Miichan’s eyes narrowed immediately and I saw him search for his cell phone. Probably to yell ‘How did you let this happen?!’
at some unsuspecting minion of his.

Too bad for everyone that the reason he couldn’t find the thing was that he accidentally threw it at Yuko during his tirade.

At Yuko… who probably deserved to have something else thrown at her as far as he was concered.

“Shouldn’t you guys be in Sherlock coats?,” she asked the sharp suited men towering over us. “At least dress the part.”

Thank you Yuko’s brain. Helpful as always with all the clever things you make her say.

“Please refrain from making any aggressive moves, we do have orders to use force if necessary.”

“Miichan don’t do anything retarded. Please…”

“I’m the man here Minami, let me handle this. Hey punk, do you really think threatening me is going to…”

“We will taser if forced.”

Miichan paled at the threat and looked sheepish as I stabbed him with mock disappointed eyes.

“So… Takamina… any ideas?,” he asked me.

Before we could turn to Yuko however, both Miichan and I heard the squirrel voice… suspiciously further away than we both
expected it to be.

“Sorry guys I need to buy perfume or my girlfriend will miss me,” Yuko said as she waved at us from the café door.

“You’re just gonna leave?!,” Miichan asked while I stood silently by with a dropped jaw. “She’s not even your girlfriend.”

“She just doesn’t know it yet!”

I really can’t help but direct even more sighs into the atmosphere. What the heck are these guys thinking? Here I am in the
middle of one of the most exciting times of my romantic life and here they are being huge pains!

Well if there was ever a time to stand my ground, it’s here and now. In addition to a few days ago where I failed to do so and
had to be carried instead of running away but once again… back to now.
Pulling my shoulders back and with my head held high, I stare at the most leader looking guy’s eyes and let loose.


Moments later when I found myself sitting in the back seat of a large black vehicle along with my frustrated looking cousin, it has become very clear to me that I need to find a much better way to stand my ground. One that actually works.

Damn you Miichan, I knew I shouldn’t have left hiring counter private detectives to you. It’s YUKO that should be in charge of
ridiculous things.

“Where exactly are you taking us?,” useless cousin demanded before adding more uselessness. “I demand to know!”

“We’ve actually arrived at our destination Takahashi-san, we tried to tell you earlier but you were ranting quite loudly.”

“Where exactly have you taken us?,” I ask as I pull on Miichan’s shirt to make him stop trying to half stand in the car.

“As soon as you step out, the first building you’ll see is the main branch office of the Maeda law firm. Please make your way
to the top floor, you are expected.”

“Well of course we’re expected, you people dragged us here! So stupid!”

“Wait… the Maeda law firm? God damn that squirrel!”

“You think this could this be Yuko’s fault? But she was with us at the café.”

“I’ve learned not to put anything past that girl so I’m going to ask you again; could this be Yuko’s work?”

“Not sure, we have to wait a little while to figure out how ridiculous things will become. If the scale is off the charts then yes…
it might be. If things just start to suck… let’s attribute the whole thing to life and the universe not liking us.”

=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

At the Race Track

It seems no matter how long you know a person, there are still so many things you have yet to find out about them.

For example, Tomo and I grew up together, practically in the same household as she was over all the time but even I’m still
learning stuff about her.

Specifically… about her ability to glare without blinking for prolonged periods of time.

Judging by the defiant smile Chiyuu is posing with however, she not only knew about it previously… but she’s immune.

Tomo sighed and dropped her glare, which is about the normal human equivalent of throwing her hands above her head in

“I don’t suppose you two are going to explain why I was dragged here?,” she said as she fixed her hair and turned her gaze
towards me.

“I just told you! I want you two to-“

“If you’re planning on saying the words ‘hook’ and ‘up’ right next to each other, I’m going to have to plan to kill the both of

“What do you want me to tell you Tomo? There is no reason,” I replied with a smirk.

“Actually… there is.

I blinked for a moment before throwing questioning raised eyebrows at Chiyuu who I’ve known almost as long as my cousin.

“Do you remember that girl you tried to pick up?”

“I’m gonna need you to be more specific,” I told her jokingly.

Man what is with this mood? Chiyuu has something so serious to tell me that she’s not even ogling Tomochin who’s standing
right next to her at the same time? What is the world coming to?

“Atsuko I was at a wedding a few days ago.”

“Probably accidentally got some girl pregnant,” Tomo said making me smirk.

“Actually it was work related.”


I was getting a little impatient, it wasn’t normally like Chiyuu to drag things out. Even Tomo was frowning. Hold on, she was
probably doing that already.

“You got a coworker pregnant?,” my cousin asked almost as if she believed it was actually possible. “What? Some other

“No!,” Chiyuu replied with frustration. “I mean yes it was the wedding of another actress but it wasn’t me she was getting
married to.”

“Then who?”

“Atsuko… that girl… I think SHE was the bride.”

 Huh. I guess I was right. There’s always something else left to find out.

“I don’t suppose there’s anything else I should know?”

Chiyuu hesitated for a moment before shrugging the dampened mood altogether and switching almost back to normal. Was
that a dare I now saw in her eyes?

“There is in fact,” she told me. “Your sister was there too.”

I shared a quick look with Tomo as I hopped on my bike as fast as possible.

“I don’t suppose you’re expecting me to hop on with you when you’ve got dangerous aura coming out of that leather suit of
yours right?”

“I’m not actually,” I replied with an apologetic smile. “Gotta get there as fast as possible and I don’t want you passing out in
the middle of the ride.”

I pulled the visor down on my helmet just slow enough to get a clear view of Chiyuu wrapping an arm around my stunned
cousin’s shoulders and felt the slight guilt disappear.

Now I know I have nothing to worry about… Tomo was in good hands and I had rubber to burn.

=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Maeda Law Firm – Main Branch Office

Takamina stood uncomfortably next to her glaring cousin. In front of them was a beautiful slightly older woman with a slight smile gently gracing her lips.

She leaned against her huge and expensive looking exotic desk with her arms folded delicately in front of her.

Takamina was about to offer her official greetings when Miichan beat her to it.

"I hope you slip your ass off that desk," he said seriously. "Poser."

The lawyer replied with a very sharp narrowing of her eyes though she chose to say nothing.

Usually Takamina would smack... or at least nudge the young man for being so ungentlemanly with his 'greeting' and glowering in general but even she had to admit that the tall female standing before them with an air of command and some amazing model good looks deserved a strong reaction.

What she didn't know was why Miichan's was particularly geared towards... annoyance.

“So… Mariko-san,” she began before being immediately corrected.

"Sama," the girl said, confident smile still plastered on her face even though Miichan had responded with a barely hidden scoff before rudely going through the items in the room.

Takamina looked between the two before deciding that whatever tempest was brewing between them was something she definitely wanted to avoid.

In response she merely bowed respectfully.

"Mariko-sama, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Takahashi Mi…."

"I know who you are. You happen to have the same name as one of my more… disliked acquaintances. Speaking of, could you please assist in refraining him from eating everything in the room?"

"You’re the one that didn’t offer snacks when we came in so I’m just going to eat them," Miichan retorted unaware that his cousin was unsure of weather or not to regard him with daggers or sweatdrops.

"What is wrong with you Miichan?," Takamina hissed at him as he opened another packet of whatever it was he fancied snacking on and pointed at the room's only other occupant with his head.

"That woman. And also our kidnapped situation. But mostly that woman."

"I happen to be your lawyer."

"Yes she’s that too."

"You didn’t think it would be a good idea to mention this to us earlier?"

"Sorry, it slipped my mind."

"How? What could you possibly have been thinking about?"

"Unhealthy snacks perhaps?," the lawyer asked with a bored sigh.

"These snacks were found in your office, don’t judge me!"

"Why would I, I’m a lawyer, my job is to have you convicted."

"I’m not on trial and the evidence is against you!"

Takamina watched silently as she wondered what she should do. Determining that she may not actually be needed for the... exchange... she bowed once more before attempting to wander out the door.

Just as she was about to execute her official escape plans however, a cold voice cut through the atmosphere.

"Takahashi-san. I’m afraid I can’t allow that… there are things we need to discuss," the lawyer commented.

"Regarding what?"

"Regarding your marriage…"

"There will be no marriage," Miichan stated, standing close to his cousin in full support of her.

"The lawyer finally unfolded her arms and easily removed herself from her position against the desk only to round it and seat herself on the comfortable black leather seat situated behind it.

"Oh really?," she questioned with a quirked eyebrow.

"Yes. Really," Miichan replied.

"Then there will be no inheritance. For either of you."

=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Department Store – Perfume Section

A dark haired beauty walked through the section the only way she knew how; with style and confidence radiating from her in

She paused and slid off her designer sunglasses slowly as if willingly allowing those who were lucky enough to witness the
sight time to take magazine worthy shots.

Flicking her hair gently over her shoulders, her eyes roamed the various counters and smiled as they finally met with a
complimentary sight.

“It’s been a while,” the girl said, mirroring her friend’s delicate hair toss with one of her own as she adjusted her long, dark
red hair over her shoulder.

“It has. So how’s life treating you?”

“Great actually. I think I’m finally starting to get a feel for the character. I mean I’m really living and breathing…”

“Poisonous gasses in the form of cheap perfume?”

“It’s not the perfume’s fault that you think anything less than ridiculously expensive is cheap.”


“Listen, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your non-wedding.”

“Uh huh. Everyone knows you made that call under protest.”

“You agreed to get married for a lot… possibly ALL of the wrong reasons there could possibly be. As your friend…”

“As my friend you could at least admit that I’m doing this for some of the right reasons too, give me some credit.”

“Sometimes I think it’s just better to face our realities. What’s done is done and it’s me who should make amends, not you.”

“I’m not doing this just for you… as for amends, some things are easier said than done.”

“I know but I’m working on… ohmygodohmygodohmygod…”

 “What is it? Your panic is starting to freak me out.”

“Ok I need you to step away and pretend you don’t know me. Right now. Please, you’ll know why in a minute.”

“What? First I’m left at the altar and now my best work friend abandons me? What a week!”

“Just do it!”

Moments after that, realization came in the form of a cheerful looking squirrel. As soon as Yuko saw the dark haired girl’s
gaping look out, her dimpled smile faltered slightly before she reeled it back in.

“It’s been a while,” the squirrel greeted with a nod, not noticing the object of her visit slip back behind the counter.

“Oh God,” the dark girl replied, still staring at Yuko, her wide eyes and gaping look still in full force.

“Oshima is fine, you don’t need to be so formal about it.”

“Oshima… what are you doing here? You actually buy perfume from this store?”

“Wait a minute, I helped stop your wedding a mere few days ago and you ask me about my shopping habits?”

“There are people working on the wedding situation. It doesn’t worry me.”

“You’re obviously very cut up at the bad end of your touching love story,” Yuko continued, her brow arching at the apparent lack of care in the other’s reply.

“There’s no need to be bitter about it, my fiancée is the one that ran away, not me. I’ll have you know that I was waiting
patiently at the door ready to wake up the aisle.”

“Oh everyone made Takamina the man… I guess I kind of get that.”

“Is she well?”

“Please, enough with the pretending to care about my friend. Our rivalry… the working relationship we used to have or
whatever it is you want to call it is long over. Let’s just pretend this little meeting never happened. So please excuse me, I
have some perfume to purchase.”

“Perfume (!) … wait!”

The squirrel sighed and half turned in exasperation.


“There’s… umm… You want to buy it from here?”

“Same place I always buy it.”

“Then you’ve… met?”

“Met who? What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Alright you seem to be suffering from some possibly related wedding trauma that I feel a little responsible for. So just for
that and maybe for old time’s sake let me clue you in. You see that girl?,” Yuko said as she pointed out the redhead who
currently looked like a deer about to be squished by a large vehicle.

“Oshima, do you know that girl?!”

Yuko frowned at the panicked tone.

“Do YOU know that girl?”

“I… really don’t know what’s going on.”

“Are you having that much trouble following this conversation… which you’re having?”

“My head hurts.”

“At least let me finish what I was going to say! Ok?”


“She’s my girlfriend.”

“She’s WHAT?! But that whole thing was…”

 “You said you were gonna let me finish! What’s with the overreaction? I know you’re an actress and everything but don’t you
think that was a bit much? I didn’t even get to the punch line… still gonna deliver it by the way, ready? *ahem… She just
doesn’t know it yet.”

“My head hurts.”


Sorry this one took a little longer guys! I just got back from my super awesome Tokyo trip!

Thanks as usual to the readers, the thankers and especially to those that take the time to comment!

More to come soon ;D

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Wellllll.. Now is my turn: my head hurts and I definitely have no idea what is going on!! Lol

Anyway, welcome backkkkk :deco: :deco:

Ok, guessing time: is Takamina's fiance Mocchi?? If so, I'm gonna laught myself to dead  :rofl:  :rofl:

I need to read it again and save my spot here (in advance) LMAO

It's good to have you back.  :deco:
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Thing become more and more interesting
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SAVED. Will edit later.

Damn, I would be lying if I said my head didn't hurt by the end of this. Sh*t just got confusing. XD

Back to detective work.

Coffee Shop -> Maeda law firm:
-For now, Taka sees Atsuko as the complete opposite of what she really is... :rofl:
-Those family investigators finally caught up and have kidnapped WMinami after Yuko escaped/ditched them for her make-believe-perfume-gf (aka Haruna). lol.
-They end up at Mariko's law firm w/ some explaining to do.

At the Race Track:
-Turns out that Chiyuu AND Mariko had attended the wedding that never happened.
-Takamina's fiancee is an actress. Tomochin said coworker so I assume Chiyuu's an actress too? She said it was work-related so...(or I could be interpreting Chiyuu's profession wrong, and she's just another business relation like Mariko is? lol).
-Will Atsuko finally run into Taka soon (as she's finally heading over to Mariko, right)?

Back at Maeda law firm:
-Mariko is Miichan's lawyer (maybe TakaMii's family lawyer in general...but then again this is Taka's first time meeting her).
-NO MARRIAGE = NO INHERITANCE. Let's see how important that inheritance really is though, me thinks Taka is already feeling Love>Money w/ the whole Atsuko thing.

Dept. Store/Perfume section:
-Takamina's fiancee (Name: ???) is definitely actress/celeb material from her presence.
-She goes to visit Haruna...her "best work friend" who is currently making her living as a perfume saleslady. Sounds like s/t happened in the past and Taka's fiancee is taking the place for w/e Haruna did? And by "best work friend", maybe Haruna was an actress too at some point? OR she still is and she's just playing perfume lady as real life practice for her "character" in some script... /O_O\
-Haruna spots Yuko coming so she makes distance...WHY.
-Yuko spots Taka's fiancee (to the latter's surprise that Yuko knows Haruna)--there's some ex work rivalry between them so I guess Yuko's an actress too? *(So many actresses that I'm starting to get paranoid that this is all wrong and there's only 1 actress and that is Taka's fiancee). /O____o\

I...I just don't know. I barfed up whatever my brain was coming up with. :nervous

Are you incorporating Ray (dark hair, shades) into this web? B/c I can't think of any other AKB member that fits that part yet that doesn't already have a role...

But this is getting juicy. Your web is being woven quite well so far.

There's definitely more to Haruna than meets the eye. It'd be pretty funny if it was her that was actually supposed to marry Taka at some point.

Thanks for the update. :twothumbs ...I may have confused your readers even more if they are reading this comment...
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I thought the other woman was Ray but then I thought that didn't make sense so I guessed Mocchi, now I don't know but how does Yuko play into this since she knows this mysterious woman?

Will wait for future updates~!
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Chapter Five

Maeda Law Firm

Miichan and I looked at each other, frowning slightly at the distressing yet expected threat.
There wasn’t much I could say really. Expected because it’s my father’s money and he can do with it what he damn well pleases. And distressing
because… money is money but everyone knows you’re kind of screwed without it.

That being my honest belief I think I surprised even myself with the next statement, cool as it was, to come out of my mouth.

“There’s more to life than money.”

Miichan and Mariko-sama turned their gazes towards me.

 Surprisingly it seemed that both of them had smirks on their faces as if they were both thinking they had the upper hand.

“You’d be surprised how much of it you need to hold on to love,” Mariko-sama delivered easily.

I saw as Miichan’s smirk dropped immediately while Mariko-sama’s held stable.

Oops. Sorry Miichan looks like we lost.

Before I could morph my face into an apology my cousin took the opportunity to make me wonder just why anyone would ever believe he was actually an adult.

“I think we’ve had enough of this you… you… lawyer fiend!,” he shouted while pointing at Mariko-sama accusingly. “Minami just run I’ll hold her back!
It’ll be easy, she’s old!”

Against my better (and less retarded) judgement… I did as she told me.

“I am not that old!,” I heard Mariko-sama say. “Guards! A midget is running your way stop her!”

Please don’t ask me why I ran, it’s not like I have any idea… nor did I have the brain space to think about it either. People were chasing after me and my legs are kind of short.

I did however manage to catch Miichan’s rather solid bid at helping me out over the office-wide intercom.

“Uh uh… No I’ve changed my mind, don’t stop her. Let her run free! Free as a bird!”

“Yes ma’am,” the guards radioed back before Mariko-sama could berate them.

“Can’t you tell my voice apart from this idiot’s? So stupid!,” she demanded to know as I dodged yet another pile-of-paper carrying assistant. “I’ll give you a hint, mine is the angrier one! Stop that midget!”

“Yes ma’am!,” I heard again as footsteps resumed behind me.

“No! It’s the more the charming and less crazy sounding voice! Let her run!”

“Uh… yes ma’am?”

“I’m going to fire you all!”


Thanks to all the Miichan induced confusion, I was just about to successfully outrun the strangely plentiful guards posted in the law firm when five more materialized in front of the final doorway before me.

Come on life! What was I supposed to do, jump over them?! I would probably have trouble jumping over them if they were all sitting down!

With nowhere to go since the chasers had caught up and the materialized randoms still standing in front of me, I was quite literally surrounded.

You know, I’ve got to tell you, there are moments in life when you figure out what you’re made of.

To be honest I really hope that that wasn’t one of mine because I pretty much just stood there, really stressed out and began freaking silently in my head.

But maybe… I’m not really sure but … maybe that was an important moment for someone else.

Suddenly a roaring metal beast stopped directly in front of me, tires screaming as they came to a stop.

Even as the scent of burning rubber hit my nostrils and even with the rather big group of large, armed men surrounding me all I could see was that figure draped over a jet black motorbike.

“Move!,” she growled at them with authority.

That was honestly surprising enough but what got me more was… the fact that the did.

Seeing me in the middle of the parting sea of guard guys, the rider merely cocked their head towards the back of the bike and extended a black gloved hand towards me.

 Well now, I wonder if there was a better time to arrive as a knight in shining armour.

I was pleased with the way the guards reacted to me, I wonder if they recognized who I was. No matter, that was a pretty sexy growl if I do say so myself.

But I can’t believe that sister of mine. Really? Did she really need to send out ALL the guards?

Look at my poor cutie standing there all flustered. Actually… I kind of like that look. Meh, I’ll thank Mariko-neechan later.

Time to get the girl on the bike now… and off later.

I felt her hesitate for a moment as she stared at my hand. Oho, is that you playing hard to get?

I smiled behind my darkened helmet as I leaned a little off my bike to extend my arm just that little bit further.

“It’s pretty easy actually. All you have to do is trust me,” I said to her.

She did.

And we were off.


Race Track

“Could you please stop leaping off things! It doesn’t impress me!,” Tomo said as she stood in her usual pose reserved for ‘being around Tomomi’ moments.

“What makes you think I’m trying to impress you?,” the younger girl asked with a barely hidden smirk coating her words.

She stopped what she considered light exercise and sauntered slowly over to the blushing girl.

“What? I… I don’t think that!”

“Really? Then what would you say if I told you that I was?”

“Nothing! Because I don’t care what you do. Alright? Go ahead and do dangerous things for no reason. I don’t care!”

Tomochin huffed and cursed her slightly pink face for being so honest.

‘At least I can still speak,’ she thought with annoyance. ‘What good are my fangs if I can’t use them… damn this girl why does she make me so flustered?’

“I have to do something with myself you know,” Tomomi said as if in answer.

Tomochin’s eyes widened and her cheeks coloured just that little bit more.

“W-what? You heard that?”

“Heard what? I just mean that it’s been a while since our last movie ended. I have to stay skilled. It’s the only thing that keeps me safe.”

“I don’t know why you would choose to go into such a dangerous profession. Why couldn’t you just have gone into acting?,” Tomochin said, trying not to couple that statement with a sigh of relief. ‘I actually though she heard me,’ she added in her head. ‘It’s not like you’re not good looking enough.’

“You sound like you’re worried about me,” Tomomi replied with a pleased smile.

“Of course I’m not! I just – I just think you’re taking the spot of a less good looking but more capable stunt person.”

“So you think I’m good looking?”

 “You know I really don’t like how this conversation has gone at all. In fact I think I’ll leave now.”

Tomochin felt the wordplay battle slipping away from her and turned on her heel with a huff. She was about to continue huffing all the way home, and
would have if she didn’t feel that touch.

Suddenly Tomomi was upon her, hand laying gently on her arm.

“Don’t leave,” she said softly.

Tomochin looked at the other girl, eyes cast to the floor as if she was truly apologetic.

“Don’t touch me so easily…. Baka,” Tomochin said even as she stopped her walking immediately and took a seat on one of the nearby benches.

“You’re right you know. Maybe we should stop postponing the inevitable and just get into the serious things,” Tomomi said as she took a seat next to her.

“I’m still not going out with you. No matter what Acchan says, I don’t think we match that well at all,” Tomochin said noting the fact that Tomomi sat close but not too close to touch.

She frowned at herself. ‘Am I noticing that because I want her to be touching me right now? This world has gone crazy. Where’s Acchan… leaving me here with no one to blame. Such an Acchan thing to do!’

“As much as I’d love to continue arguing that point, since it does hold a place in my heart, it’s someone else’s we should be worried about right now,” Tomomi replied with a wry smile.

“You’re not talking about Acchan are you? With that rich girl? Who says they’re in love?”

“I have a feeling. Those two… will understand each other. They’re pieces of the same puzzle.”

“You’re probably wrong.”

“I might be wrong. But if I’m right, getting closer isn’t going to help them. They’ll just make each others problems worse.”

“You sound like you’ve thought about this,” Tomochin observed aloud.

“Hey I’m not just a pretty face you know.”

“Well that just isn’t fair.”

“So you do think I have a pretty face?”

“Just shut up!”

“Listen, just because Atsuko seems especially determined to win the girl this time doesn’t mean things will go smoothly for them. There are too many complications to count. It might even be better to help her give up.”

“Is that what you’re going to do? Help her give up something you think she wants so badly?”


“Even though it’s best for her?”

“That’s right.”

“Why? Because you’re an idiot?”

“Because I’m her best friend.”

“To me you’re still mostly an idiot. But to her, that's exactly what you are.”


Maeda Law Firm

It seems that due to their intercom wrestle, two very respectable young people somehow ended up tangled atop an expensive desk in one of the country’s best law firms. Regardless of whether a reason still existed or not… neither wanted to give up the win.

 “Are you planning on getting off me anytime soon?,” Mariko-sama asked with a frown.

 “You’re the one that’s on me! You get off!”

“What are you talking about? You’re obviously the one that’s on top of me! Are you really trying to argue this stupid fact with a LAWYER?”

“If you were such a good lawyer you wouldn’t need to be screaming at me right now!”

“Sometimes, there’s only one way to get through to an idiot like you!”

“You’re the idiot! The OLD idiot!”

“What are you doing still on top of me?”

“It is you who is on top of me!”

Moments later, their great intellectual battle was interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone.

Miichan frowned as his ringtone reached his ears.

“Dammit,” he sighed as picking up the phone would result on him relinquishing his reach for the intercom.

“Aren’t you gonna get that?,” Mariko-sama asked him.

“Umm maybe I could if you weren’t on top of me.”

“You’re on top of me!”

“I don’t think that’s true.”

“Your phone is still ringing.”

“I can’t get it right now alright?!”

“Alright. I’ll get it then,” Mariko replied as she reached into his pocket for the vibrating object.

“Hey… what? Don’t touch me there!”

“Hello?,” Mariko-sama said sweetly into the phone as Miichan’s cheeks turned bright.

“Miichan?,” the other line asked cheerfully. “Why do you sound like a girl? It’s Yuko! I left you earlier when you and Takamina were having weird issues
with some guys?”

Miichan sighed, annoyed that he couldn’t even break out into his ‘Oh Yuko’ pose due to certain entanglements with certain older people…

“Anyway I just wanted to call and tell you that I’m gonna go for it! In exactly one minute… give or take because I don’t know how long this phone call is
going to take… I’m going to march over to my perfume girl and officially make her my girlfriend! Well ok not officially because…”

“Does your friend ever stop talking?”

“No… she’s kind of like you in that respect.”

“Because I’m pretty sure I should date her a little bit first before I ask her to marry me. I mean date me. Wait, was I talking about her being my

“She’s messing up the order of events in her head.”

“I don’t even think she remembers that she’s still on the phone right now.”

“You want me to tell her something for you?”

“Yeah just tell her not to get arrested.”

“Miichan are you still there? Well if you are I hope you were listening because this is a very important moment in our lives ok? I’m gonna go and ask my
perfume girl if she wants to sleep with me. That’s all bye!”

“Wait wait wait!,” Miichan shouted.

“Geez Miichan, now you say something,” the squirrel huffed.

“Tell her! Tell her not to get arrested!,” Miichan continued.

“I don’t think telling her that is going to allow her to avoid the inevitable.”

“Just tell her!”

“Fine what’s her name?”

“Yuko. Oshima Yuko.”

“And this perfume girl…”

“I don’t know her. Just some girl that’s working at that famous department store.”

Suddenly Mariko-sama brought the phone deftly to her mouth before speaking some seemingly sincere words.

“Good luck, Oshima Yuko,” she said before immediately hanging up.

Miichan sighed, not even bothering to question her actions.

“Whatever. But if she gets arrested I’m totally calling your ass to defend her.”

“Speaking of my ass, you  should really get off me now it’s getting numb.”

“Tch, acting as if you didn’t like it.”

“Get out of my office.”

“Gladly! You’re the one that kidnapped me by the way.”

“I kidnapped your cousin.”

“And I helped her escape,” Miichan said proudly as he finally lifted himself off the desk and pretended to dust off.

Mariko scoffed as she hopped off and did the same.

“Did you not hear the ridiculous motorcycle noises outside earlier?”

“What about it?”

“You still think you helped your cousin escape? You did no such thing. Idiot.”

“You’re the idiot!”

“Get out of my office!”

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Plus the forever posing of Acchan, Mariko and Chiyuu!!! HAHA I can just imagine them posing whenever they stop moving.  :twothumbs

I wonder where Acchan is going to take Takamina.... and MariMii moments are always so  :heart: and funny  XD

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