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Title: Rine's OS Area. (Will Be Back Soon!)
Post by: ChibiRine on October 05, 2014, 03:34:39 AM
I present to you, my OS area~ YEEEEEEY~!  :glasses: Since we can't stop our minds from imagining our ships, this is where I'm going to drop my ideas.  :mon geek:


(A/N: The colored links are filled with disturbing scenes. So please, if you're not feeling comfortable reading these kind of fics, kindly close this tab, get out and read Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs or The Little Red Riding Hood)

One Shot Index  :mon innocent:

Weekly/Daily OS
Yuuwaku no Haruna. (KojiYuu) (
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 It Cannot Wait (KojiYuu) (
Work Issues (KojiYuu) (

Wait for Me
Wait For Me. (Haruna Version) (KojiYuu) (
Wait For Me. (Yuko Version) (KojiYuu) (

Part 1 (

The Adventures of Matsui Rena
Meeting Her (
The Witness (

Yuko's Story
The Past (

Rest Day (WMatsui) (

Crack Pairs

Adult-based OS
Decision: Haruna and Yuu's One Night....FOREVER?! (
 Yuuwaku no Haruna (
 Feel The Love (
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Forever (RikuYuko) (

Christmas Fic (2014)
My Dear Yuuchan (KojiYuu)
My Shining Star (SayaMilky) (
All I Want For Christmas (AtsuMina) (
Sick Day (MaYuki) (
Rest Day (WMatsui) (

So, this OS was inspired by this short movie that my brother made for his thesis. I hope all of you will enjoy it. :mon determined:

Wait For Me

I was once a flirt. Yup, a flirt. I could flirt with anybody. I want some thrill, so my baits, they already have a girlfriend/boyfriend. And in the end? I get F's, catfights with those bitches because I stole their girlfriends.

I drink a lot of alcoholic beverages if I want too. Party animal? Bitch? You name it. I'm that kind of girl, well, USED TO. But then, I met this girl, named Oshima Yuko. Heart throb, I must say. Well, she's really beautiful, she's not that tall, vocalist of this band called Not Yet, and of course, an A straight student.

Every time that I'm going to the bar, I always see her. But she's not drinking. NEVER and I thought, Get ahead of yourself Haruna. She's not the perfect girl for you.

I listed her, the list is all about the girls that I'm going to flirt with. Until I realized, she's a flirty one too. I don't really want to hurt her feelings, because I thought she's boring, because she's an honor student. 5 months, I tried to flirt with her. And the whole 5 months, I kissed her, but where?! On her cheeks.

She's really fun, she knows how to make me smile, unlike the other girls who I flirted with. But, like I said, I want some thrill, so I left her and started to flirt with the other girls.

But I never thought that she will cry in front of me, pleasing. I wasn't feeling guilty that time. But my heart, it's aching. It's aching because, seeing her crying in front of me makes my heart crash. Why did I left this kind of girl? She doesn't deserve a jerk like me. Oh yeah, I flirted with her. Her pride is really something, saying that I should choose her or something.

But still, I didn't choose her. I flirted with other girls, kissed them, but one time, something happened. If the pass months, I was one who have a courage to leave her, this time, only 1 day. And for fuck sakes, they left me, first. Many girls did that to me. Until, Oshima Yuko, she's the reason behind this one.

I didn't get mad at her, because the second around, she cried in front of me. Telling me that I should flirt with her, even sex with her, and what's the payment? To love her. She was really funny that time, she's too stupid. She's wasting her time.

That time, I know that I'm not in love with her, but I know that I want her. In fact, 5 months? That's not even enough. She told me that she will court me. Finally, I approved her. I used that time to get to know her, deeper.

After one year with the cliché courtship of Yuko, I finally answered her. From party animal to innocent girl. She brainwashed my mind, because of her, I've changed. She's known as the Dean's Lister. That's why I determined myself to change, so that they won't judge us.

I love her. So much. Maybe if I didn't meet her, I'm still the old Haruna who's a bitch. She's my angel, my lucky charm, my everything, my forever. I love her to the moon and back.

The day after we graduated, she proposed to me, and I said yes.

I was the happiest person alive that time, that's what I thought.

Yuuchan died. She protected me from the car accident. I saw a body at the morgue, and it's her body. Her face, her arms, her lips. She was smiling.

A nurse approached me and handed me paper. When I opened the paper, it was a letter. From Yuko.

Dear Nyannyan,

I hope you're going to forgive me, if my time has come. Just promise me one thing, go find the perfect person for you. Be happy for me. Please? Thank you for the 6 years Haruna. I love you. God knows how much I love you. I'd rather die, I'd rather protect you, I'm really glad that all those sacrifices, all those tears, it was all worth it. It's because of you, Haruna.

PS: I'll be waiting for you. And I can't wait to tell Kami-sama our story. I love you Haruna, so much.

Yours truly, Yuuchan.

I know that I used to be a bad person. Now here I am wondering why God gave me that perfect woman. I feel so lucky, no not really lucky. I feel like I won billions of cash.

Those years with her were enough for me. That's why here I am, following her. I have a leukemia. Stage 4. I don't have any plans to medicate myself. I'm tired anyway. Maybe this is the right time to die and go to heaven, to continue our love for each other and tell kami-sama about our relationship. Yuko, please be patient. I'm sure that we're going to be happy. I love you so much Yuuchan.

Wait for me, Yuuchan.

I thought as I closed my eyes......


Bye guys! :mon bye:

Title: Re: (Rine/Rain's OS area) (KojiYuu) Wait For Me 10/05/14 (Haruna version)
Post by: Haruko on October 05, 2014, 04:45:56 AM
OMG!! BOTH DIED!!! I don´t know if been happy or sad...
Title: Re: (Rine/Rain's OS area) (KojiYuu) Wait For Me 10/05/14 (Haruna version)
Post by: Kairi65 on October 05, 2014, 06:08:42 AM
Sobs..too sad!!!

both died...yuuchan letter, haruna thoughts... :cry:

Then, you said this is your last fic..

You said you're going on hiatus, dont say as though you're leaving forever~!!! :cry:
Title: Re: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Haruna Version [10/05/14]
Post by: tanoislyf on October 05, 2014, 07:58:43 AM
What do you mean last post?  :cry:

Please add Yuko version if ever your going to make one.

Onegai, chosha-sama. :cry:
Title: Re: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Haruna Version [10/05/14]
Post by: Eclis on October 05, 2014, 07:59:11 AM
Yes, I'm modifying this. (was saving spot D: )

Rine is going hiatussssss *wails in a corner*

I still can't get over the 'hiatus' word....

GAH!!! *cries and clings to Rine* :pleeease:

.... .... *sobs*

I'll be waiting for you...

come back soon, okay?
Title: Re: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Haruna Version [10/05/14]
Post by: atsukojiyuu_C on October 05, 2014, 08:17:13 AM
I'm crying because of two things... This OS and your announcement T~T

First, I like the plot of this story.. KojiYuu so sweet T___T too bad it's short, this deserves the long fic XD

Second, I'm quite sad after saw your mention to me earlier :( I really hope you could finished all your stories, especially the first one, CBKHBF.. But it can't be helped ne, since you gonna focus on study :yep: ganbatte ne my dear daughter!

I'm gonna wait for the day you'll be back :D
And GekikaraRena-san, yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(_ _)m I'm counting on you... :D
Title: Re: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Haruna Version [10/05/14]
Post by: chrunoi on October 06, 2014, 01:50:50 PM

Good luck for school Waifuuuuu~  :mon firecrack:

And waaahh the story  :mon scare:

So sad why do you do this to me  :mon runcry:

I'll wait for your uploads, GekikaraRena and Waifu~  :mon bye:
Title: Re: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Haruna Version [10/05/14]
Post by: lambie96 on October 09, 2014, 07:47:10 AM
Oh I love it when my otp dies!
.... Why would you do that to them. T.T really good though on the other hand
Title: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Yuko Version [10/12/14]
Post by: ChibiRine on October 12, 2014, 03:58:52 PM
Hehehehe, hiiiiiiiii~! :on gay:

@Haruko: Here's the second part. Hope you'll enjoy it. :)
@Kairi65: I'm baaaack~ :)
@tanoislyf: Here's the Yuko part. :)
@Eclis: HIATUS.
@atsukojiyuu_C: Okaa-saaaaan~ hehehe, don't worry. I'll try my best to update for you. :)
@tano.pois: Longer? Ha! Yeah right.
@Jekowlate: Yeah yeah. -.-
@chrunoi: WAIFUUUUUUUU~! :mon inluv: Gomen for making you sad. :mon sweat:
@lambie96: Heheheeh, sorry. :on gay: Thank you! :)

Wait For Me

She's the girl who's good for nothing.

That's what they told me about her, when we were in college. The girl who's good for nothing, changed my life. I won't brag but, I'm the smartest girl. Until one day, she came in to my life.

I was an honor student. I get straight A's, I didn't attempted myself to break the rules, and I believe that love doesn't exists. That's what I thought. The girl, that made me crazy, she was talking to me, it was like my dream finally came true! The great Kojima Haruna, finally noticed me.

She's a tall girl, she can be a bitch sometimes, but from what I heard, she's a good girl. But one night, I saw her in the bar and I thought, 'Good girls gone bad eh?' She didn't even remembered me, I was the one who bought her a drink, and she kissed me. Yup, she took my first kiss. Her lips tastes like strawberry shortcake.

So we flirted to each other, like 5 months. There are times that we almost had sex, at first I refused it. Then one time, she stripped in front of me, I had no choice but to kiss her, on her cheeks.

I wanted to kiss her that time, but I can't. I just can't. I don't want her to see my body. I'm a sensitive person. So I kissed her cheeks, she stopped and we just talked about various things that day.

After that day, she started to avoid me. So I returned the favor, like I said, I'm a sensitive person.

Then one day, I saw her. Flirting with another girl, my heart got shattered. So I tried to approach Haruna, but she told me that I was only wasting my time. But no. I'm not wasting my time, this is the first time and the last time that I'm feeling this thing called love. Sounds cheesy and shitty, but yes. I'm in love.

I cried in front of her Haruna. That's the day I said good bye to my dignity. I don't care about what people say about me chasing a bitch like her, but for me, Haruna is not a bitch. There is something inside her, she's a kind girl, and I know it.

But persuading her to choose me, it was hard. Then, I talked all of the girls that she's flirting with. I told them that, Haruna is mine. Back off. Just like that, and just like that, they started to avoid Haruna.

So, I tried to approach her again. I thought she was going to slap mme. But no, she didn't. I told her that she can use me for sex, but no. I dropped down on my knees and cried a lot. She helped me to stood up and she kissed my cheeks. Finally, she talked to me. She agreed that I'm going to court her.

I know that she doesn't love me, but I tried my best to know her, deeper. I was the happiest person alive, we talked about some random things.

After one year, she finally answered my love for her. Oh boy, if only the whole world knows about my feelings, they will cry. But then, Haruna changed. I don't know what to do without her. Ever since we became a thing, she started to scribble down on her notes, she was studying with all her might. I'm proud of her, because she was listed on the Dean's list too. We we're known as the Smart Couple.

If I didn't chose Haruna, it'll never be the same without her. There's no place I'd rather be, because she completes me. She's my angel. She's my tsundere cat, most of all, she's my life.

After our graduation, I've made the biggest decision of my entire life. I proposed to her, and she said yes. That's the day that I realized that I gave my whole heart to her, I love her. At the same time, I'm not scared about people, criticizing us. Love will keep us alive, Nyannyan.

After my marriage proposal, we decided to go home and tell it to her foster mom, who happens to be a yuri, like us. She accepted our relationship, which made me Haruna and I happy. But our car stopped, so Haruna and I went out of my car. Haruna didn't noticed the truck, I was looking for a house that time, to let us stay for a while. NYANNYAN My heart screamed, I looked at her location and ran towards her, the truck was getting closer. Haruna couldn't notice the truck because it's not creating a noise. Fuck. I thought that time, I knew it. My time has come. Kami-sama, please take care of Haruna, for me. I pushed Haruna with all my might, I felt my body flying.

"Love will keep us alive, Nyannyan. I love you." That was the last time when I told her that I love her.

Oshima Yuko, dead. March 23, 2014. 10:48 PM

Alive. I guess the alive part wasn't true. But I didn't regret it, Nyannyan. Dying for someone who you love is okay, and I love you, Haruna. I really do. When Haruna came to the morgue to see my body, I customized my lips, and curved it into a smile. Since I was wearing a dress that time, I forgot to give Haruna my letter. Luckily the nurse noticed it from my pocket, and she gave it to my dearest Nyannyan.

She was crying, she went to the hospital bed where my body was laying. She cried and cried and cried, she finally fell asleep. As my soul went closer to her, I tried to touch her face, but I didn't succeed.

Years later, she was doing okay. I was talking with Kami-sama about our love story. Haruna was a model, Japan's successful woman, until her doctor called her and told her about having a leukemia, stage 4. I asked Kami-sama if that's the right time for her.

He told me, "My dear Yuko, your stories enlightened me. I planned your love story and I'm allowing you to love Haruna, because right from the start, you're meant for each other. You were her angel, Yuko. It's time two of you to be the angel. You've been protecting her since day 1, and I admired how you express your love to Haruna. I'm sorry if you came first, I was planning to get the two of you like at the age of 70 or something. But, I want you to be happy, my child. Forgive me if I'm going to be cruel, no. I'm not being cruel, I'm supporting the two of you."

After talking with Kami-sama, I saw Haruna, thinking about something.

Wait for me, Yuuchan. That's what she thought.

"The wait is over, my child." Kami-sama said as he opened the gates.

"Long time no see, Yuuchan." Haruna said as she smiled.

"Nyannyan....." I said as I ran towards her. I hugged her, so tight. I don't even want to let go.

"Let's continue or love story here Yuuchan. Shall we?" Haruna asked me and I nodded. She kissed my forehead, and I was the happiest angel.

Thank you, Kami-sama. I thought and he just nodded.

"Nee, Nyannyan...." I called her and she looked at me. "I love you."

"I know, and I love you too. By the way, thank you for protecting me." She said as she caressed my cheeks.

"Anything for my angel...." I said as I landed a peck on her lips.



So, how was it? :)
:mon inluv:

- ChibiRine :mon sweat:
Title: Re: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Yuko Version [10/12/14]
Post by: atsukojiyuu_C on October 12, 2014, 09:27:14 PM
Crap, I can't stop my tears (╥﹏╥)

So touching!!! This is deep!!
Yuko-sama deserved a noble (۳º̩̩́___º̩̩̀)۳

Thankyou Rine-chan for keep writing great stories, I really appriciate your efforts and hardwork to write something between your time to study m(_ _)m
At the same time, I'm sorry.....but, can I expect more updates later?
No need to rush! Just....keep support KojiYuu ne~ ^///^)

Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu! :yep:
Title: Re: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Yuko Version [10/12/14]
Post by: Mirukii's on October 13, 2014, 12:12:38 AM
Woah, I thought you're studying for your examination? :glasses:

I'm just kidding~ :on gay:

By the way, your OS reminds me of :tantrum:

Haruna and Yuko are too adorable here, can I expect a sexy and long KojiYuu update/one shot from you? :mon sweat:

I didn't know that my perverted cousin can write a fic that can make me sad. :luvluv2:
Title: Re: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Yuko Version [10/12/14]
Post by: Kairi65 on October 13, 2014, 05:39:48 AM
an update~~??!!

is it okay? since i thought you were studying for exam? :on study:

gotta love this one! its short but too... :nya:

as expected of ChibiRine-san! :hee:
Title: Re: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Yuko Version [10/12/14]
Post by: Haruko on October 13, 2014, 06:33:06 AM
aww cute final
Title: Re: [Rain/Rine's OS area] (KojiYuu) Wait For Me - Yuko Version [10/12/14]
Post by: MYJR on October 13, 2014, 08:34:06 AM
Yabai, I didn't know that a 14 year old can make me cry. ;A ;
Same thought here :cry:
you not fake your age right Rine-chan? :roll:

btw~ this fic sad but happy ending
Nice :cathappy:
Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Yuuwaku no Haruna [10/17/14]
Post by: ChibiRine on October 17, 2014, 04:12:58 PM
Happy birthday Oshima Yuko~ yes today is our squirrel's special day. :mon inluv:

Plus, the title is kinda something lol. OTL :mon sweat: Please forgive me.

No sad fics for this day, because today is October 17~ :on gay:

Yuuwaku no Haruna

Where the hell is she? I've been waiting here like 2 fucking hours. I told Miichan that I won't join for tonights dinner, because I'm going to spend this night with Yuko. But, she's not yet here. She told me that we will meet outside the café, must be her new drama. Or, she's out of country. Again. Yuko knows that I hate it when she's late when it comes to our dates, because I'm the only one who is allowed to be late. Not her. Plus, carrying this basket is really heavy.

I planned this night to be simple. Just the two of us, spending our time under the stars. Plus, this embarrassing garter that I brought. I have to sneak this garter out of our dressing room because I want Yuko to have the best birthday, ever.

I can feel that my patience is running low. I need to see, no. I want to see Yuko. What the hell? My head is getting itchy, so I scratched it until I realized I was wearing my danso costume. Miichan told me to tease Yuko using my 'Kojima Riku' powers. At first, I thought she was only joking but fuck. No, she wasn't kidding. A big ball of air escaped from my mouth, I grabbed my phone from pocket. It's getting dark and I can feel that I'm going to shiver because I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to dark. Plus the lights around Akihabara are not yet turned on.

I was about to call Yuko until, I felt a small arm on my tummy. She giggled, and I knew it. The body and the voice, I saw her hand, she was wearing our matching rings. Sounds cheesy but, I smiled, and I can tell that she's smiling too. "I'm sorry if I'm late, Rikunyan." Ahhh yes. Rikunyan. Yuuchan will always call me that kind of nickname every time I cross dress as a guy.

I giggled and turned around to face her body. Her dress, she did well. Her red beautiful dress that turned me on, not to mention my birthday gift for her, she's finally wearing it. I embraced her so tight, and she returned the favor. I went closer to her ears and breathed, she groaned and I smirked. "Why don't we go to our date and we'll continue our discussion there. Shall we?" I asked her and she nodded. But I don't want to let go, and she did the same thing. After the 5 minutes hug, we broke the hug and she smiled at me. She treats me as her princess. But I treat her as my queen. I may be a tsundere, but between Yuko and I, I act normal. Her smile that can melt my heart, her smile that can soothe the tiredness out of my body.

She snapped her fingers right into my face and she laughed, "Waaaah, Nyannyan is spacing out again, kawaii~" She said as she pinched my cheeks. I missed this Yuko. The girl who's always there for me. Ever since she graduated, she was the only one who I can contact. She would secretly visit me while I was practicing, and I caught her putting a love letter on my bag every time she will go to the theater, thank you CCTV camera.

I gently removed her hands from my face and I held it gently. "By the way, happy birthday, Yuuchan." I said as I lightly carried her body.

"Wah, Nyannyan~ Bring me down this instant." She commanded me and I obeyed her. She was panting and I laughed. Yuko lightly punched my arms and I pulled her arms, as our lips bumped in to each other. Her hands are traveling every strands of my wig, as my lips traveled around Yuko's mouth, I can taste apple flavored candy, I stole the candy from her mouth and smirked at the same time. We broke off the kiss, and we panted. "B-ba-baka! Why are you acting like this Nyannyan?" She asked me, I can see her face that's blushing.

"Hehehe." I giggled. "Yuuchan, it's revenge, ah I mean, it's your birthday, so that's why I'm like this." I said as I carried our basket and smiled at her. "Delicious candy, by the way." I smirked and she blushed again.

"Hidoiiiiiiiiiii!" She shouted and I laughed.

"I'm not a cruel person, Yuuchan~" I grabbed her hand as we walked on our way to the park. "Why are you late?" I asked her and she gave me the 'hehehehe' lame excuse laugh.

"Busy schedules..." She said as she pouted.

"Laaaaaaameeeeeeee." I said and she rolled her eyes. "Why are you even acting like a tsundere? Aren't you a dere dere?" I asked her and she stopped.

"It's because, you're acting differently." She said as she smiles with her trademark smile, again. "And, I love it."

I've got an idea, instead spending this night at the Park, why don't we spend it at Yuko's rooftop? BINGO! That'll make things MORE SPECIAL!!!!! I smiled and she looked at me.

"Doushita, Nyannyan?" Yuko called me and I looked at her.

"You know Yuuchan, maybe we should go to your house. Since it's getting late." She looked at me with her disappointed-but-it's-okay look. I sighed and she pouted. "We can continue or date there, you know." I added and she gasped.

"Nyannyan~ that's great!" She shouted and I pinched her cheeks. "By the way, why are you being hyper active?" She added and I scratched my wig and grinned.

"Anoooou, there are lots of schedule. So that's why I'm getting physically fit...I guess?" I said as I brushed my wig and she grabbed my hands.

She gasped and she grabbed my arms and she pinched it. "Wait Nyannyan, are you on drugs or something?" She asked me and I gasped. Control your feminine side Haruna. Just for Yuko's birthday. I thought and she just pouted. "Why don't we continue our conversation to my house...." She lip bite again. Stop turning me on Yuko. "...and discuss a lot of things there." But then, she's the usual Yuko who will ask me questions. She's still curious, I really missed her. "By the way, why did you decide to danso?" She asked me and I chuckled. "You don't want a KojiYuu date?" She asked me and I lightly putted my index finger on her forehead and I gently pushed my it. As I laughed and ran 2 feet away from her. As she pouted and I noticed, I'm acting like Yuko, and Yuko's acting like me. Heh, maybe Yuuchan's role wasn't that bad either. As I waited for her and I held her hands while walking.

"I just want to experience Shukan Bunshun...hehehehe." I said as she gasped and we both laughed at the same time. "But hey, why don't we give it a try?" I asked my dear Yuuchan as she smiled.

"Scandalous ni Ikou." She said as she pulled me and we started to run around Akihabara.

We started to sing and dance as lots of Yuko fans started to pull Yuuchan away from, luckily they weren't able to notice me, until....

"RIKU!" A girl shouted while Yuuchan and I tried our best to get that girl out of our sight.

Like I said before, I want to try Shukan Bunshun. So while on our way to Yuko's apartment, I kissed her passionately. Some even tried to picture us, until some guards stopped them and we just smiled at them.

"HALT" Two guards said as they covered us and they started to shout around. Those guards are actually Miichan and Mariko. They helped me to relax this day for Yuuchan's birthday. As I sighed, I saw Yuko still in the 'awe' moment.

While I pulled her and we continued to walk on our way to the train station.

Seriously, the two of us are just laughing. Not caring about the people that are surrounding us. They have nothing to do anyway. 'Cause Yuuchan and I are the ruler of the world.

(бвб)♡(-∀-`) - (бвб)♡(-∀-`)

As I laid the blanket beside Yuko's plants, she seated somewhere else and I called her. I laid my legs on the blanket while I used my arms for support. Yuko did the same thing but she half-laid her body beside mine. As I sighed and closed me eyes for a while. The shooting star will arrive any minutes from now.

"Nyannyan~ this is amazing~" She said as we observed the stars.

"Of course Yuuchan." I smirked.

We're here at the top of Yuko's apartment, she's like a little kid every time a star will shine, her eyes will shine as well. Our legs are laying on our blanket. She held my hand and she caressed it. Be a man Haruna. Just for this night. I thought as I kissed Yuko's cheeks.

"Nyannyan......" She called me and I looked at her while wearing my simple but meaningful smile. "I will just get something from my room and kitchen." She said and she smiled at me.

"Do you want me to help you?"

She refused. "Stay for a while and relax. I'll be back in a jiffy." She replied me with her sexy voice.

While waiting, I realized that I brought the embarrassing garter. What am I going to do with it? That is just a bull crap. Yuuchan and I don't need that garter. All we need is our hands and tongues. Wait, am I pervert too? Gah. Yuko's role is kinda gross but, I like it. Maybe I should do this oftenly.

As I threw the garter away, "Nyannyan~" Yuko called me and I saw her carrying a tray. The tray was contained with a whole cake, softdrinks, chips, and some pizza to make us full. I stood up and helped her with the tray. "By the way, the favor of the cake is mango~" She said as she took some icing using her index finger and she inserted it inside my mouth.

"Ohhhh, oishiiiiiiiii~" I said as I thumbs up. I heard a giggle and she helped me with the tray, as we gently dropped the tray we started to eat.

"This is the best birthday ever, Nyannyan." She said as I noticed a tear coming out from her eyes. I wiped her tears using my fingers and I caressed her cheeks.

"Baka." I said as I smiled at her. "You don't need to cry, Yuuchan." I added and she started to eat again.

She stopped for a while and she looked up and I saw her heart warming smile. She pointed the sky and I looked up too. "Nyannyan~ look, shooting star!" Oh yeah, the shooting star. "Make a wish Nyannyan!" She shouted and I nodded.

I wouldn't ask for more but, I wish Yuko and I will be together, forever

I saw Yuko, holding her hands, her eyes are still closed. I finished my cake and she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

"Haruna." She called me, I looked at her straight into the eye, and I can feel that her eyes are mixed with seriousness. "I love you." She said as she went closer to me and I looked at her. Yuko's face is getting near to my face, as our foreheads bumped, our noses bumped, only our lips are left. I can feel her breath and I gulped. As I closed my eyes, I did the first move.

(A/N: Calm down lol. :mon sweat: Don't click this link) :mon innocent: (

Her body was trembling as I went upwards and kissed her forehead.

"Nyannyan..." She called me as I looked at her.

"Yes, Yuuchan?"

"Thank you." She said as she hugged my body. "For giving me the best birthday."

"Of course." I said as I held her hands and observed the stars again. Yuko's body was shivering. So I grabbed another blanket from the basket and covered her with it. "I'm glad that you trusted me, Yuuchan." I said as I blushed.

"No Nyannyan, thank you. For making me the happiest person alive."

"Let's stay here for a while?" I asked her an she nodded.

As I gently pulled her body and we laid down on the blanket and we continued to observe the stars, I felt her head on my shoulders as I smiled.

"Happy birthday Yuuchan." I whispered as I kissed her forehead and hugged her with all my might.

"I love you Nyannyan." She mumbled as she nuzzled on my neck and I chuckled.

I love you too Yuuchan.




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an update~ :yossi:

great os, and miichan and mariko are there for support~!! :D

ps: haha, their position switched. wonder if yuko now understand what haruna felt :grin: :rofl:
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Yuko being the tsundere and Haruna being the dere dere.

 :grin: :rofl: This OS is rare! Hard to find indeed.  :twothumbs

Probably one of the best Yuko birthday OS  :deco:
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THANX FOR THIS AMAZING FIC!! I miss rikunyan too
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Link not found.... I got trolled :tama-piss:

I managed to find it ;)

Haruna being the sadistic one for once, Rine-sama 8) (

Good BDay OS :) (Now I wonder if she'd be able to read it XD)
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Oooooo so a fluff-smexy for Yuko-sama's birthday?? Great gift! (>̯┌┐<)

Switching chara eh~ deredere Haruna XD XD

Thankyou Rine-chan!! Never failed to makes me glad :D
So when is the next update? LOL jk, keep your good time for study :P
But I don't mind if you're gonna update some of your ongoing fic, tehee~
Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Missing Piece of Your Puzzle [10/25/14]
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So, I guess this is a happy fic? Sorry, I had no plans to do a sad fic for this day. :mon cry: Please enjoy it~ This is a new achievement because I only wrote this OS while examination is on going. :on gay:

Missing Piece of Your Puzzle

Have you ever met someone who made your life complete? Someone who is like the missing piece to your puzzle? Someone whose fingers are meant to fill the gaps between yours?

Staring at our first picture together, a smile can be seen on my face. But my eyes couldn't help but to release massive of tears. It's been years Yuko. You told me that we're going to meet again. I want to forget you, but at the same time I don't want too. You were always there, for me. You helped me, a lot. Yuuchan, when am I going to see you again? I promised you that I'm going to be a successful person. I did my promise Yuko, where's your promise?


Getting off the airplane makes me comfortable. At the same time miserable. I feel so terrible for leaving my friends. 16 hours of flight. Narita to New Jersey. 16 hours of sleep, 16 hours from home to America. Gahd, take me home. Now here I am waiting for my tour guide to arrive. After searching for him or her, I saw a placard searching for 小嶋陽菜, that's my name. I waved my hands to get the attention of the person that's holding the placard. I can't see him/her. Domo, my name is Kojima Haruna, I'm staying here at America for months or years because I need to learn how to be a successful person. At first I don't mind about it, but I guess, a trial wouldn't hurt. Before I could move my feet, a small girl with the placard walked towards me.

"Good afternoon my name is Oshima Yuko. Are you Kojima Haruna-san?" I nodded and she smiled. I got to admit it, I started to get bothered by her smile because I'm starting to wonder if she's living with someone. Not to mention that cute dimples of hers. She grabbed my luggage putted the banner inside her bag. "Let's go?" She asked me and I nodded she started to pull my luggage. "Oh, I'm sorry if I can't speak in full Japanese because I grew up here in America. So please, take it easy with me." We stopped and she bowed.

I smiled at her and I tried my best to reply using English. "It's okay." I said as I smiled at her. "Please don't bow, it's embarrassing." I said and she looked at me. Her big brown eyes soothes the tiredness out of my body.

"Ah, you're going to stay at my house. Is it okay?" She asked me alongside with her right thumb. and I nodded. There are some words that I can't understand because most of the time she will use some English words. "Are you hungry?" I declined her offer, I don't know the word but I guess it's related about eating. Okay, I admit it, I'm hungry. I was totally keeping my composure, until my stomach growled. "Ahhh, you're hungry!" She teased me and I mentally facepalmed myself. "What kind of food do you want? There are lots of choices here." She said as she took a paper out from her bag. I guess this is the list of restaurants here in New Jersey.

Earlier while I was observing the clouds I saw a round cloud, and I imagined it as a pizza. "Pizza." I mumbled. She quickly dragged me out of the airport. The moment we got out of the airport, I couldn't help but to shiver. It took me one minute to shiver, but I felt a thick jacket on my back.

"Wear it."

"Demo...." I looked at her and she held my hands, her hands helped me to decrease the cold temperature that's making my body shake.

"It's cold here in New Jersey. I should've given it you while we're inside." I just nodded. I don't really know what she's talking about, but I think I know what it means. "Ah! We should head to my car now Kojima-san!" She said as she held left hands, pulling my luggage using her left hands. I'm starting to wonder, is she really kind or, she's just clingy?

As we both got in to the car she told her driver that we will go to this place called Pizza Hut, when I was in Japan I never got the chance to eat there. While on our way to Pizza Hut, our atmosphere is kinda awkward so I tried to open up a conversation. ""

"I'm only 15, turning 16 years old this October 17. You?"

"I turned 16 last April 19. Why did you move here in America?"

"I don't know. At first it's kinda hard to fit in. But, you'll get used to it." She said as she rested her head on my thighs. "How about you Kojima-san? Why'd you move here?"

"My parents wanted me to become a successful person." I replied to her, I couldn't help but to play with her hair. "Plus they told me that you're the only one who can help me." I added, I can feel the heat on my face. I'm an introvert person, that's why I get shy so easily.

"Really?" She asked me back. I observed her face, and she's blushing too. Kawaii~ The car stopped and she smiled. "We're here Kojima-san!" She shouted and she opened the car door. "Please, call me Kojiharu." I said and she looked at me, at first she find it weird, she snapped her fingers and she smiled widely. Her smile made my heart beat so fast.

"I will call you Nyannyan, because your ears are pointy and you look like a cat, well literally." She said as we went out the car, we went inside the restaurant and the smell of the pizza made my tummy growl. "You're really hungry aren't you Nyannyan?" I nodded and she chuckled.

"Baka Yuuchan." I mumbled as we sat down on our chairs and grabbed the menu.

"Yuuchan?" She asked me and I can feel the heat on my cheeks again. "Waaaah! Nyannyan just made a nickname for me~" I tapped the menu and she called the waiter. "One hawaiian pizza, make it family size and add lots of cheese please. 2 chocolate milkshakes, 2 spaghettis, 2 caesar salad..." She was observing me, I was shivering and she smiled. "And two mushroom soups." I looked at her and just smiled at me, again. The waiter went to the counter to tell the chefs about Yuuchan's order. "So, Kojima Haruna. Tell me lots of facts about you."

"What do you mean?" I asked her and she chuckled. The soup arrived, and I got shocked because we just ordered couple minutes ago and it was like Flash the super hero from DC Comics was the one who cooks and serve our foods. I tried the soup, and to be honest, it was good.

"You know, get to know each other." She said as the waiters served the foods that Yuko ordered. She handed me salad, spaghetti, and milkshake. While slurping the spaghetti she looked at me. But, why am I getting comfortable with her? When my friends are always staring or looking at me whenever I'm eating I get annoyed so easily. Instead being pissed off because of Yuko staring at me, my heart is starting to beat, so fast. She started to eat her food as well. I'm trying my best not to laugh but I laughed so hard and she looked at me. "Why are you laughing?"

I grabbed a tissue and wiped off the spaghetti sauce from her lips and chin. "That's the reason why I'm laughing."

"Psssh, that's embarrassing you know." I observed her and her face is blushing again. I pinched her cheeks and she did the same thing with my cheeks. Not caring about what other people saying or thinking about us.

Maybe this wasn't bad at all.

(бвб)♡(-∀-`) - (бвб)♡(-∀-`)

After eating, we decided to go to Yuko's house, we had some leftovers from the restaurant because all we ever did was to talk about ourselves. Like getting to know each other stage, Question and Answer portion, things like that. When we arrived at Yuko's house, it was big. Well don't get me wrong, our house is big too, except for this one, it's triple bigger than our house. My jaw dropped and she looked at me.

"Nyannyan, aren't you comfortable with my house?" She asked me and I shake my head and smiled at her.

"It's big you know." I mumbled and she laughed. She opened the door and my jaw dropped again. I saw an 85-inched television, her couch is big, the living room is big, and I saw a Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and lots of CDs. Maybe Yuko is a gamer? Well Yuko and I will get along just right.

I followed her on her way to her room. Takada-san brought my luggage to Yuko's room. Looks like Yuko and I will share the same room. When we went in to her room, I'm not surprised, because her room is big. I saw two King-sized bed. The other bed was covered with a red bed sheet, while the other one was covered with pink bed sheet.

"Anooou, Nyannyan. If you're not comfortable with the pink bed sheet I can change it." I sat down on the pink bed and just laughed.

"No, actually it's my favorite color."

She sighed, "You know, you should rest first. Your body is tired, plus we're going somewhere tomorrow." She went out, I sighed and pouted.

Why is my heart beating like this?

(End of Flashback)

I was surprised that time. I know that falling inlove to a girl is bad, but maybe a crush isn't bad. I know, first impression never lasts but, my first impression about you it, was all true.


It's been a year since I stayed here, Yuko is always trying to kiss me. Luckily, I always push her away. Speaking of Yuko, where's that little devil? I looked around the house and I saw her, cleaning the house. She was wearing a skinny jean and a white crop top. I ran towards her and pounced at her.

"Yuuchan~" I said as I pinched her cheeks.

She looked at me straight into the eye. "Nyannyan~" She shouted until she kissed my cheeks. I can feel the heat crossing on my face.

I lightly shook her head. "What was that for?" I asked her and she just smiled. She went inside to her room and started to change her clothes. "Where are you going?" I asked her and she just smiled.

She walked towards me, causing me to land on the wall. She trapped me, she smiled again and she chuckled. "We're going to New York~" She said as she kissed my cheeks.

"That's the second time this day, Oshima Yuko!" I said while my voice is getting shaky. Will you please just kiss me? I thought as I can feel Yuko's breath on my face. Her hands are now on my waist. "Yu-Yuuchan...what are you doing?"

She sighed and she chuckled. "I just want you to know, ever since I saw you, I think I'm inlove with you." She whispered on my lips. "You know Haruna, I know this is wrong. But please, forgive me if I'm going to do something that's going to break our friendship." She whispered on my ears, making my body tremble and hot at the same time.

She landed her lips on mine. As she pulled back, she smiled at me. Yuko left me speechless, wanting for more.

Cruel and a teaser. That's you, Yuko.

(End of Flashback)

I'm glad that you stopped yourself that time Yuko. I was scared. My fear, being or falling in love, with someone who I just met after a year me just met.

You're a lesson that time Yuko.


I've been having second thought with Yuko. After 3 years, we're a lot closer. No not closer, we're attached to each other.

She taught me so many things. How am I going to repay all of the damages that I owe her? She's, special. She's something. I can't control myself anymore. I've been daydreaming about her 24/7. I've been thinking about her while reading some notes from our school.

I'm stupid. Stupid. I'm just an average girl, who couldn't keep up.

That's what I thought

It was already 2:00 PM. My flight is scheduled on 5:00 PM. Yabai, I didn't remind Yuko about my flight.

I saw her changing her clothes, after getting out from the shower room. "Yuko." I called her.

"Yes Nyannyan?" She asked as she looked at me. She looked at me alright, head to toe.

"I'm going back to Japan." I mumbled.

She looked at me. She was very shocked. "Really? When? That's fast." I can see the disappointment on her eyes. "So...." She gulped. "....when's your flight?"

I sighed. "Later." I murmured.

"So I guess that's your luggages, right?" I nodded and she pulled me. I can feel her arms protecting my body.

I can feel her breath on my face, "I'm going to miss you." She whispered on my lips. She planted a peck on my lips.

"Strawberry flavored." I mumbled. That's the flavor of her lipstick. Strawberry. She bitted her mouth, and I smiled at her. I pulled her neck gently caressed her cheeks and I kissed her lips. Our tongues danced with the harmony of our hearts. She gently pulled back and I just smiled at her. "I'm going to miss you."

"I love you, Haruna." That word. That word caught me.

"I love you too, Yuko." I gulped and the look on her eyes, she was already satisfied.

I heard a loud beep outside Yuko's house.

"I'm going now Yuko." I breathed out.

"Are we going to meet again?"

I grabbed my luggage and opened the door. "I'm going to wait for you."

"We're going to meet again, Nyannyan. I promise you." She said as she looked down on her feet.

"Then.....if you found me....." I breathed out. "...greet me like you finally found the missing piece of your puzzle, after so many years, you finally found it." I said as I opened the door and walked out from her house.

(End of Flashback)

I've got to admit it Yuko. I should've stopped myself. I should've come back to your doorstep. I'm too dumb. Too stupid.

Now, here I am. Sitting on my comfortable chair, and it was all because of you, Yuko. Seeing the low and high buildings here in Tokyo is fascinating. But I want to see this scenery with you.

I don't know Yuko. But I always ended up a day imagining the two of us, doing all these kinds of things. If only, I didn't left you. If only I stopped, and kissed you more. I miss your presence, I miss your hugs, I miss your lips, and specially I miss your voice.

As I saw the pedestrians crossing the streets, I saw a little girl, dropped down on her knees. I don't know what to do, I don't know this girl, but she is very helpless.

So, I left my office and came downstairs to help that girl. I got out from my company and went to the pedestrian crossing. How come these people are not helping her? I got frustrated because people only cares about the appearance. As I went closer to the little girl's location, I saw a woman? I'm not sure. 'Cause her body is small, her height uhm, little-ish? But her clothes are too damn beautiful. Office clothes? I guess? As I tapped the little girl, the woman looked at me, and I did the favor.

We both gasped at the same time....



We both blushed and helped the little girl to stand up. Call me weird but, Yuko and this little girl looks alike. So I guess she's already married.

"Onee-chan. I'm sorry for letting go of your hand. It's just that, I saw this cat, and it reminds me of this girl that we used to talk about. Not to mention, that beautiful picture.." The little girl said. As Yuko pulled her handkerchief and wiped the little girl's nose and face. "Hontou ni, gomenasai."

"It's okay, Ryoochan." The dimpled girl said as she kissed the small girl's cheeks. "The girl that we used to talk about?" She asked. "Well, she's standing, right before your very own eyes."

Ryoochan gasped and pulled something from her bag. It was an illustration board, not noticing the tears that are running on my face.


My heart, it's beating again. So crazily.

"After so many years, I have finally found, the missing piece of my puzzle." Yuko caressed my cheeks and kissed my lips, as I did the favor, I tightly hugged her body and Ryoochan was there, watching us.

As we both stopped, the little girl giggled and I blushed.

"Let's continue our adventure, Yuuchan."

"Of course Nyannyan."

As we held our hands, not to mention, Ryoochan's hands, we decided to hangout for a while.

"What a happy family!" The little girl shouted and I smiled.

Indeed Ryoochan, what a happy family.




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yaay~~!! :cow:

its a happy ending~! :nya:

at first i thought the kid was yuko but i was wrong~! :cool1:

you wrote this during exam? i'm not really sure to be surprised, or what... :tama-groan: :tama-piss:

but one things for sure, i'm happy~!! :on GJ:

cant wait to read another~  :nya:
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So, who's your missing puzzle?  :roll:

Just kidding.

Yuko and Haruna met again. And Ryoochan is Yuko's little sister. Right?  :wub:

I didn't know that you can create this kind of fic.  :w00t:

You should make more happy fics~  :deco:
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AWWWW RYOOOOOOOCHAN!!!! cutie! it was wonderful love it! thank you!
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Cuteness overload!!!!! (>̯┌┐<)
You just made a sweet KojiYuu OS..... :D

The way they interract with each other.... Omg I just can't. So sweet that makes my cry a bit T~T nyahahahahaha

Thankyou as always, Rine-chan!
Next please~ hehehe
Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
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This OS is dedicated to the following awesome humans who ships AtsuMina.  :luvuluvu: noah minami, thelonewolf48, chiqinna, Kanata48, and chrunoi~  :mon inluv: Well, if this OS sucks, please slap me using your AtsuMina powers. :mon XD:

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PS: The title of this OS is from chiqinna. Thank you, Chiqinnie!  :onioncheer:

Kanata-senpai. Senpai, I know that you're busy, but I hope you will enjoy this.  :mon squee:

Hehehe, I told you I was busy with a new OS. I hope you will enjoy it, waifu~ :mon inluv:

I'm not sure with my title though. OTL

Subete No Anata No Tame Ni (All For You)

I always needed time on my own, how I could let myself let you go? Am I that dumb? I think I've gone crazy, have I no pride? I can't fight it anymore. I really can't. I don’t know if I’ve been deep inside your heart or not. For a while, I felt like I was filled with you, I remember those happy memories. Darn it, why am I like this? No matter what I do, no matter how I tease Yuko about me owning Kojipa, it's only you Atsuko. Only you, nobody else. Why am I such a chicken when it comes to you? Atsuko, help me. Please, let me love you. No, let me love you and let me stay beside you, forever. I need you Atsuko, I need you now. I'm ready to give up everything. Wanna know why? 'Cause all my hard works, I dedicate it to you. I can't believe that I'm still into you. A year ago, you revealed that you're dating your scumbag, dumb ass, and ruthless boyfriend, wait, what's the name of that shit tard? Oh yeah, Onoe Matsuya. Everything happens for a reason, right? Why did I even wasted my time? Kami-sama gave me lots of years, lots of times to confess to you. I really want to tell you how much I miss you, but I know I am no longer in your thoughts so I will just look depend on my future and my career.

Am I too late?

My body is too damn tired because of that long dance. Maybe I misjudged our choreography about that.

As I saw a 150-ish centimeters, small body, I believe that it's my comrade. "Nee~ Takamina~" Yuko called me.

I looked at her, while grabbing a cold bottled of water on the cooler. She grabbed the bottle from me. "Nani?! Yuko?! I'm thirsty. GIVE ME THAT!" I shouted in front of her face and she just smiled, with her trademark smile. This baka. "Besides, what are you doing here? I'm having fun with Nyannyan, you know~" I teased her and her aura changed.

"AHOKA?!" She shouted and I gulped. "I know what you did to my Nyannyan!" She shouted again as she pinched my nose. "Nobody plays with my Nyannyan. Nobody hugs to my Nyannyan. Nobody owns Haruna, except for me, Oshima Yuko. 'Cause Kojima Haruna is mi-" Kojipa covered Yuko's mouth while I saw the brunette girl, blushing because of her girlfriend's speech a while ago.

"Shut up Yuko." Haruna mumbled clearly as she let go of Yuko's mouth and wiped the saliva off her hands. "Sorry for intruding you, Yuuchan just missed you. Am I right? Honey?" Kojipa asked Yuko as she bumped her arms on the other girls arm.

"Why'd you bump me?" Yuko asked as she frowned at Kojipa. But when the squirrel like girl saw the aura that's surrounding her girlfriend, she sighed. "I missed you Takamina~"

Yuko pounced on me as I patted her back. I silently said "Thank you." To Kojipa and she just nodded and smiled. Yuko was getting out of hand, she kept playing with my hair while Kojipa is just there, playing with PSP. No wonder why they're fitted to each other.

Reminds me of you, Atsuko.

"Minami~ I miss you~ I hope we can hangout as soon as possible nee? Daisukiiiiiii~! ^^"

That her message, her first message after revealing her love life. I didn't even bother to reply. I didn't even bother to say I love you too.

Enjoying because of Yuko's hug, I felt something dark in this room. "STAY AWAY FROM MY MINAMI!" Yuko and I gasped at the same time, while Kojipa dropped her PSP. Yuko pulled away from me and walked out of the room, Kojipa followed Yuko. Leaving me and 'her' alone in this room.

Not talking to her, I just sighed and fixed my hair.


Not again. No, not this time.

"Mi~Na~Mi~" She called me out, I looked at her, straight into the eyes. With a mix of seriousness.

"Hey." I greeted her. "You look like the usual." I added and smiled at her. "What are you doing here?" I asked her, she pulled my arms and our lips nearly touched, luckily, I managed to miss it.

Not this time, Atsuko. Not this time.

"I'm here because of my cameo for Kibouteki Refrain, remember?" She smirked and I was just there, dropping sweats like there's no tomorrow. Funny, this is not the usual routine every time that we will meet.

"So, how are you and Onoe-san?" I asked her and she bit her lip. "What happened? Did that sucker broke your heart AGAIN?!" I added her, emphasizing the AGAIN part.

"Geez, you're being overprotective again, Minami." She mumbled as she rolled her eyes.

It's because I love you, Atsuko.

"You can't blame me if I'm being like this, Atsuko." I mumbled back and she looked at me with a questionable look. I sighed and removed her arms from my body. As I sat down on the couch where Kojipa was resting, she sat down as well.

This isn't the right time for the slap-me-because-I'm-with-my-crush awkward situation. I was about to talk until,


"Are you sure~?!"



"Feed you? I think you're the one who's going to feed me?"






"Sayanee~ please be the father of my babies~"

"Wait, since when I am NOT the father of OUR babies~?"


"Snowman? No Mayu, I don't want a snowman. I want a baby~"


Idiots, thank you for ruining our awkward moments guys. I appreciated it. I thought as Atsuko rested her head on my lap. She nuzzling on my legs as I gulped. Why am I nervous when it comes to you, Atsuko?

"I'm breaking up with him." She mumbled loud and clear. My heart was dancing so crazily along with the beat of my heart.

"W-why?" Damn. This is not the right time to stutter, Takahashi Minami. "Did he played with you heart again?!" I added, while I gripped my fist.

She noticed my fist and she lightly stopped the grip from my fist, Atsuko sighed. "I was the one who's playing with my own heart." She said as she touched my cheeks and she pouted.

Could it No way Takamina, there's no way that Atsuko will fall in love with you. You can't even release your one-sided love.

My thoughts are killing me, Atsuko's killing. This day is killing me. I sighed and rested my back on the couch. While Atsuko kept nuzzling on my legs. I gotta admit it, it's tickling. But I'd rather get tickled than to get killed. Right?

I sighed again, geez I should stop sighing. "What do you mean you were the one who's playing with your own heart?" I asked her and finally, she showed off her cheeky smile.

"It's because, I'm in love with another person." She said as she got up from my lap. She looked at the ceiling while smiling. I observed that it's been months since we talked, she's not like this every time we will reunite.

"Who's the lucky person?" I asked her, it's not bad to ask her that question right? I'm too nervous. I can't handle the pressure.

She didn't answer my question. Instead answering my question she just stared and I pouted. "Oh well." I said as I stood up from the couch. "I think I need to go Atsu-" I didn't managed to finish my sentence, my body landed on Atsuko's body.

"Minami." I looked at her and she was crying.

I removed the tears from her face. "Nani, Atsuko? Doushite?" Not removing my hands from her face.

"Will you kiss me?" She asked me and I got shocked. I was in the awe moment and she smiled. Not answering her question, our face is getting near to each other. I felt her lips brushing down on my lips. Just spoil yourself Minami. Just this day. Our lips touched and I wasn't expecting this.

Her hands was caressing my back as I caressed her hair and cheeks. Enjoying our gentle kiss, she bit my lip forming a face on my face, asking for an entrance. At first I didn't accepted it, but after the tongue wrestle with her, she won and I gave her the access to play with me.

Atsuko's not happy with our position, she rested my body on the couch, not letting go of my lips, she kept teasing me. But my body fought with her body too, so I'm on the top of Atsuko. As my lips trailed down on her neck she kept moaning. Bitting and nibbling at her sensitive neck and collarbone, Atsuko in front of me was breathing rapidly.

"Mi~ Na~ Mi~" She called me and I stopped. I saw her smiling, that smile. That smile is my pain killer. I gently kissed her lips again.

"I think I need a tissue, Yuuchan." Atsuko and I stopped from our kiss as we saw our friends.

"Same here, Nyannyan." Yuko said as she smiled at me and wiggling her eyebrows.

"SHUT UP!" I cursed them and Atsuko gently hit my head.

Atsuko stood up from the couch and pushed all of them out of the room. "Ehhhh, ACCHAN! I TRUSTED YOU!" Haruna shouted and I laughed. Atsuko successfully pushed them out of the room and locked the door.

"Next time, don't forget to lock the door, okay~?" I nodded and smiled at her.

She seated again on the couch and she hugged, I did the favor too. She keeps playing with my hair and I'm just smiling like a child who's happy because she received a candy.

"Minami." She called me again, I hummed. "I love you."

"But what about Onoe-san?" I asked her and she just sighed.

"I don't care about him, Minami. All I care is you, because I love you."

"I love you too, Atsuko. Always. And I'm willing to give up everything, all for you, because you make me strong and you're the key to my success."

I said it, I finally told her how much I love her!

"All for you huh?" She smirked and I kept gulping. "All for me?" She added with that seductive voice of hers.

"Show me the true meaning of love." I winked at her and she bit her lips.

We kissed again in a torrid way, while my hands are dying to touch Atsuko, my tongue travelled again around her mouth while she was just moaning. She couldn't return the answer of my kiss because she kept moaning. As my lips went down to her collarbone, my hands touched her bosoms, we were enjoying alright. The cheeky girl kept moaning and I'm there giving her the satisfaction until, we heard a loud knock from the door.


Way to go. Thank you for ruining our moment.

Atsuko fixed her hair and dress and I fixed myself too.

We opened the door and the members were there. Smiling,
giggling, whispering, and smirking.

"Good morning Takamina and Acchan~" Marichan greeted us. I raised my right eyebrow and Atsuko just giggled.

"Oi Takamina!" Yuko called me and I looked at her. "CATCH!" She shouted and threw a red velvet box in the air.

I caught the box and opened it. It's the box that I was supposed to give to Atsuko after the day she graduated.

But I didn't encourage myself to give it to her so I threw it.

I kneeled down and Atsuko didn't noticed what Yuko and I did. "Atsuko." I called her. She looked at me and I can see tears are running down on her face again. "Will you let me love you until the end? Will you allow me to give my heart to you?" I asked her and the members are just busy squealing from my sudden action.

"Yes." She said as I gave her the ring, she putted the ring on her ring finger and she pounced on me. "All for me?" She whispered and I nodded.

"Yes my dear. All for you." I whispered back and kissed her cheeks.

"I love you." We both said at the same time and we laughed.

Before, I didn't even get a chance to show how much I love you, my affection is in vain. But now, I finally released my one-sided love. And it's not one-sided. We're just equal. Thank you, Atsuko. Thank you for accepting me.




@Kairi65: Heheh, it's very rare for me to write these kinds of fics though. :mon sweat: Surprised? Whyyuyy? :depressed:

@kimikimi: It depends with my day and attitude for the upcoming days. :mon zoom:

@GekikaraRena48: And who are you? :gmon bang:

@Haruko: Thank you for reading it, sorry if this OS is not KojiYuu~ :hehehe:

@atsukojiyuu_C: You should stop crying you know~ I will update as soon as possible, so don't worry~ :mon innocent:

And for the silent readers, thank you for reading it~ :mon thumb:

Sorry if it was too short. I accidentally deleted the original one. :depressed: I hope all of you enjoyed it~ So see you for the next updates byeeeee~ :mon bye:
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We need AtsuMina and KojiYuu....

Thank you for keeping these ships alive!  :w00t:
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an update~! :onioncheer:

this fic is so sweet!  :luvluv2:

although the beginning is a bit painful.. :pleeease:

i'm surprised because you wrote the previous fic while exams..

great story! cant wait for the next one! :farofflook:

ps: lol at the other pairings, especailly mayuki :hiakhiakhiak:
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Eh.... first I am no human  :on redcard:

Second.... I don't know why you call me with my username but it's okay!

And.... KojiYuu? ..... Mango suddenly have amnesia.... xD I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!! IT'S NOT LIKE I'M LAZY OR ANYTHING!  :err:


I will try to post the KojiYuu one soon don't worry!  :sweat:

It was great actually! I love it!  :on GJ:
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Are you kidding me?! of course I love it ITS MY ATSUMINA!! *O*.. and you add my other favorite pairing except yuiparu but its ok.. awww smexy time!! all in one! love it
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Waifuuuu~~~ You did Atsumina ~  :ptam-shy:

This is amazing omg, so cute  :nya:

The other pairings cameo though  :mon fyeah:

I enjoyed very much ~ Can't wait for your next KojiYuu one too~  :mon beam:
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Wow.  I never expected a gift from you, rine chan XD.  Thanks.  Really appreciate it.  Of coz I notice you haha. Who doesn't notice hyper and kawaii rine chan! haha always hyper whenever I'm around lol. I love the story flow.  New mv  acchan,  tomochin , mariko sama,  yuko there too xD . I like kojiyuu reaction lol.  XD. Today seminar days was satisfying anf tomorrow we will see what will happen^^'. I received three short story in total as gift for now xD
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aaahmmm I honestly.. don't know what to comment lol
this is're great.. I'm awesome  8)2 
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the previous Kojiyuu fic is awesome too!!  :farofflook:
but still, I want to give this atsumina slap
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Lol Yuko! :mon lmao: overall, it is great! Aww.... Atsumina kiss...   :mon inluv:  please write more Atsumina instead of KojiYuu.... Lolol jkjk xD

Ps. Oi oi count me in :O i am also Atsumina shipper and from Adorks :O *sigh* I guess you dont know much about me....  :err:
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Minna-san! Thank you for the 1000 thanks~! :mon thumb:


I would like to thank slasher20-neechan for reminding me to write a KojiYuu Halloween fic. :gmon bang:

Sadly, this is not an angst fic because I got tired with angst and shits. :on gay:

Another lame OS by yours truly.

The Hidden Memory

It's not a bad thing to fall in love. Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind. Love shouldn't be about superficialities. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

While the kids are having fun, you can see a 9-year old little girl she's pouting and tears are slowly forming in to her eyes. Her pink dress that is fresh from the sewing shoppe, it's almost wet. As a boy threw a candy on her face, she accidentally landed on the wet grass. Causing her dress to be full time wet.

"I didn't realize that a pig can be a princess!" A boy who's dressed up as a pirate said as he started to throw little rocks to the little girl.

She was defenseless, she couldn't handle the atmosphere that's been surrounding her. For God sakes, it's Halloween, little Kojima Haruna should have fun. She doesn't deserve to get bullied, because it's Halloween, not to mention, after Halloween, All Souls Day. She's planning to tell Papa Kojima about her Halloween experience. But, she's in bad luck. As much as she wants to run away, she couldn't. She's not good in sports, she's too fat, well that's how they view about her alright. But what if there's something special inside little Haruna? The world is too cruel, as much as we want to curse this useless boy, we can't.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! Little Haruna heard the voice, but she couldn't look at the person's face because she's afraid that the person who shouted will scream at her.

"Anata wa, dare?!" The bully shouted as he threw a rock, luckily, the kid who appeared was dressed up as a knight in shining armor. The kid used his or her armor, but she looks like a girl, so let's use she. The boy stopped bullying little Haruna as he went to the knight in shining armor.

Little Haruna's knight punched the face of the bully. "BULLYING IS NOT ALLOWED! PLUS, SHE'S A GIRL! DON'T YOU DARE TO BULLY HER AGAIN, OR ELSE, I WILL GET MY FATHER'S KATANA AND I WILL USE IT TO SLAP YOUR OSHIRI, GOT IT?!" The knight shouted and the bully nodded and he ran away from Little Haruna and her knight. The knight looked at little Haruna.

While little Haruna was about to get up, until she felt a hand on her back. It was her knight, supporting her to stand up. Little Haruna blushed, the knight removed the helmet, and little Haruna gasped. She didn't expect that a girl will dress up as a knight in shining armor.

"I know, I know. I'm a girl, and you're wondering why I'm dressed up as a knight. Let me explain it to you, nee?" The knight asked and little Haruna just nodded.

"Anooou, I haven't seen you before but, who are you? And what's your name?" Little Haruna asked, while a pinkish hue cross down on her face.

The knight giggled and she pinched little Haruna's cheeks, which made the princess blush even more. The knight grabbed the princess' hands and they walked. "I'm Oshima Yuko~" The knight said as she smiled, Haruna find the smile very cute, plus the dimples that can melt the princess because her knight is too cute. "I'm from Tochigi Prefecture. My father just wanted to come here in Saitama because he wants to see his friends. Just call me Korin~" She added, her eyes are shining. The flawless aura that surrounded this little kid is perfect. They ended up walking to the park, they decided to rest there and little Yuko ate some candy. Little Haruna didn't eat her candy. "Etooou, why are you not eating your candy?" Little Yuko asked the little princess.

".....because I'm fat....." The princess sighed and the little knight couldn't allow her princess to suffer because of that boy.

Little Haruna stood up and fixed her dress, while the knight kneeled down. Little Yuko grabbed the little princess' hand and the princess were shocked. "No matter how fat you are, you will always be my hime-sama~" The knight said as she kissed her princess' right hand.

Both of them were blushing, but they heard a cellphone ringing. Little Yuko felt something on her pocket, it's vibrating, it was her phone.

"Moshi~ moshi~" Little Yuko greeted the caller. "Otou-san~ haiiii~ I'm with my hime-sama~" The little knight said while her princess took a bar of chocolate, causing her to smile even more. "Anooou, hime-sama~ what's your name?"

"K-Ko-Kojima Ha-Haru-Haruna." The princess said nervously, the knight and the princess sat down and observed the stars.

"Kojima Haruna is the name of my hime-sama~" Little Yuko said which caused little Haruna to blush again. "Haiiiiii~ Otou-san~ where are you right now~?" Little Yuko asked and she smiled even more. "You're at hime-sama's house? YOOOSHAAAAAAAA~!" Yuko shouted and little Haruna just smiled.

The knight ended the phone call and pulled something out from her pocket. She pulled out a candy that's with a ring. Little Yuko gave it to little Haruna, as the knight putted it to the hime-sama's ring finger, little Haruna blushed, little Yuko as well.

"Hime-sama, I love you."

─=≡Σ((( つ-∀-`)つ─=≡Σ((( つбвб)つ

"Nee~ Nyannyan~" A bubbly small squirrel like woman called Kojima Haruna. "Yes, Yuuchan?" The little Haruna years ago is now a woman, who's strong, who's sexy; who's now a model and of course, a member of the Japanese girl group called AKB48.

"I missed you." The woman beside her said as she started to undress the Halloween costume that they wore on Kayo's Halloween Party. "I missed you too, Yuuchan~" Haruna said as she pinched her girlfriend's cheeks.

"It's been a while since we talked like this." Haruna rested her body next to Yuko, she was only wearing her undergarments, same with Yuko. The small girl got on top of the tall girl, but Haruna stopped the squirrel girl.

"I'm your princess right~? I should be the one who's on top, not my knight in shining armor~"

"You still remember that?" Yuko asked and the tall girl nodded and she's proud of it.

"I may be an air-headed girl, Yuuchan...." Haruna got on top of the small girl as she pecked the small girl's cheeks. "...but that's the first time when me met..." The princess pecked her knight's forehead. ", I will not even dare myself to forget that day. That's why I told them that I want someone special to call me hime-sama, because you were that person. Yuu. Chan." She said as she forced her lips to kiss Yuko.

The knight was speechless, but her princess removed the clip of her bra, she can feel the legs of Haruna beneath her thighs.

The tall girl got tired with the knight's lips so she brushed her lips to the small girl's collarbone, the knight was just moaning, begging for more. But Haruna is too possessive when it comes to these things. So the princess stopped and the knight sighed because of the atmosphere that is spread with lust.

"Stop teasing me, Nyannyan." Yuko said as she hugged the tall girl's body. "By the way, thank you for remembering our hidden memory." The knight said as she pecked the princess' lips.

"Of course baby~" The princess said and the knight giggled.

"Happy Halloween~" The two women said.

They kissed passionately, moans were heard from their room, and indeed, another treat for our royal couples.

Love doesn't matter when it comes to gender, that's what Kojima Haruna and Oshima Yuko will always say every time the society will judge them, they're proud of their relationship.

The hidden memories that they hid from their friends, they wanted to be mysterious.

When Yuko joined AKB, it only took 5 minutes for Yuko to talk to her Kojima-senpai, until the knight will always call Haruna her 'Hime-sama'.

Sounds accurate right?

"I love you Nyannyan, I love you my hime-sama." The squirrel knight said and kissed her princess' forehead.

The princess' was panting because of their midnight exercise. "I love you too, my knight in shining armor."

If you love someone, you shouldn't care about appearances at all. When you already love someone you don't just love them because of how they look like, especially after you get to know them. It's because you don't just see them in the same way anymore. You see who they are inside. Now that's real love.




@GekikaraRena48: AHOKA~?! \ :v /

@Kairi65: It took me sometime to do it though. Got caught by the teacher though. :depressed: Thank you for reading my works~ :mon XD:

@thelonewolf48: BAKA! Haha! Mango, thank you for the KojiYuu OS! Still fangirling on your OS Thank you for reading it dude~ :mon thumb:

@Haruko: Sorry for not putting YuiParu, it's a rush OS. Thank you for reading it. :mon determined:

@chrunoi: It sucks but thank you waifuuuuu~! :mon sweat:

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@korin48: Hi Korin! More AtsuMina? I can try you know~ :on gay: I will try to write some new AtsuMina then I will put your name there. Don't worry~ :mon zoom:

And for the silent readers, thank you very much! :mon bye:
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I felt relieved~ :D
And I'm supposed to be a mother LOL

I have to say it; awesome OS again from you!! Though it's an AtsuMina, but still, you did a great job again!
Omg all the cameo pairs, hilarious! Most LOL-ed at SayaMilky part XD XD XD (I didn't have to mention my ultimate pair *cough* KojiYuu *cough* rite? :P )

Kibouteki Refrain sure made all of us happy~ :farofflook:

Thankyou Rine-chan, you're the best daughter! :twothumbs
Till the next~~


You post the KojiYuu OS right when I'm typing my comment for the AtsuMina one :lol:

Okay Rine-chan. You makes my diabet get worse. TOO SWEET!! TOO SWEET!! Oh I said that twice. Who cares lol
But seriously, omg pure innocent little love story (let's put aside the moaning and all :P )
Cute! Too cute!

Hell that little bully, no one call our princess Haruna a 'pig' !!! ┻━┻ԅ(╰ д╯)-σ
Thankgod her knight is around~~

Gotta say thankyou all over again to you, my dear daughter :D
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don´t worry .. its KOJIYUU!! MY FAV COUPLE EVER! so its ok :P
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glad its a happy update~ :lol:


lols, i doubt her father would let his katana be used for that kind of reason! :rofl:

ps: not really sure to be sympathize or laugh that you got caught by teacher.... :nervous

waiting for the next one! :fap
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But wait, does that mean KojiYuu started earlier? :roll:

Ara~ :)
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Little KojiYuu so sweet~ :heart: :heart:

slap is not enough... how about slay :twisted:
and become Oshiri-Slayer
Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina and KojiYuu) Sukisugite [11/17/14]
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I'm sorry if I suck. I'm not really that good when it comes to Third Person or whatsoever POV, so, gomen if you're expecting or what.

PS: The colored parts are their thoughts, so don't worry if you're confused or what.

PSS: Some parts are from my useless brain and some parts are from my cousin. :mon XD: (Like the poem, for example. :mon sweat: )


Takahashi Minami - A 16 year old girl who's not ready to say something about her feelings because she's too scared, people around her are judgmental. But Takamima believes that she will find a way to confess. She loves this girl, a girl who believes that her life is a wreck. A girl who thinks that she's not special or something. But the midget didn't know, that the girl she loves is not only special, but Takamina calls her as the Goddess of her life.

Maeda Atsuko - 16 years old. One of the best students. She's a smart kid, but at the same time, she's broken and fragile. Atsuko is a type of girl who's always there to stay out from trouble. She believed that there's nothing special inside her, but she was wrong. She didn't dare to know herself more deeper. Atsuko is the girl who's the problematic one, she will always tell the people around her that the world hates her, until something miracle happened.

Oshima Yuko - 22 years old. After the struggles with her brother, she decided to take care of her niece, Takamina. Yuko loves Takamina when her niece was a baby, when the midget girl grew up, Yuko knew that her niece is experiencing this thing called love. Yuko is currently experiencing this thing too. She was just too dumb, she noticed that her unrequited love is not one sided. Instead talking to Maeda Atsuko's aunt, Kojima Haruna, Yuko didn't have the guts to ask her out.

Kojima Haruna - 23 years old She decided to take care of her niece when she found out that Atsuko wants to be a nurse. Haruna is a careless girl, but she knows her limitations, not to mention, she can't stop her eyes. Every time Takamina's aunt, Oshima Yuko, will go to their school for the issuance of their report card, Yuko will always be there to pick-up Takamina's card. Kojima Haruna didn't encouraged herself to talk to Oshima Yuko 'cause she's too scared to get rejected.


Once upon a time, this author will not begin with that line....

Okay, okay. Once, there's a girl named Takahashi Minami, she's now living with her aunt named, Oshima Yuko. Well, Takahashi Minami calls Oshima Yuko Yuko, Korin, Korisu, Baba, and other disturbing nicknames. On the other hand, Oshima Yuko calls Takahashi Minami Takamina, Bakamina, Midget, Baka, 148cm and other insulting nicknames They understand each other very well. Yuko's only 22, while Takamina is only 16. All things are good, they help each other and they share their deepest secrets. But Yuko didn't know this thing about Takamina. Takamima likes girls, the midget girl didn't know that her aunt likes girls too.

The faint rain that started to fall,
Just like
A silver curtain coming down,
Wrapped around me
That was my first brush with love

While the 22 year old girl is cleaning their house along with the earphone plugged in her ears, she's singing a song. Yuko didn't bother about the vacuum creating a noise. It's Saturday morning and the Midget girl stayed up all night, fighting with her mind. She doesn't know what to do. Well, why? She's a wimp! Ha! Wimp! Inside the 16 year old girl's room, she was laying down on her bed, while her laptop is beside her.

I waited patiently
In the second hallway
While unable to speak
If I looked down,
The hydrangea were crying as well

On the other hand, Takamina's aunt is getting out of control. She kept singing Temodemo no Namida, without any valid reason. She's now dancing while the vacuum is sucking the dust around the second floor of their house.

Even though I wanted to meet you like this,
Even if I like you like this,
You pass by before my eyes
Even so, like this,
I'm looking at you
From this place
Even though I wanted to meet you like this,
Even if I like you like this,
You won't even look back to me
Even though I'm raising my umbrella
My cheeks get wet
I can't do anything
About these careless tears

"ARGH!" The midget girl groaned. She opened her eyes and heard her aunt singing, along with the noise of the vacuum. What a great morning to start with. Takamina got up from her bed and threw a pillow on her aunt. The pillow targeted Yuko's head, when Yuko turned around..."Bullseye!" The midget girl shouted, while the 22 year old girl picked up the pillow and looked at Takamina. The teenager was dancing while her eyes are closed. Bakamina.... Takamina completely forgot about her aunt being number one when it comes to sports. Yuko took off the earphones from her ears and threw the pillow straight into Takamina's face. The aunt just left her niece laying down on the shiny clean floor. The 152 cm girl plugged out the plug of the vacuum and told the 148 cm girl to go donwstairs. Her aunt maybe a person who's full of pranks, but Takamina knows that her aunt is a kind person.

When Takamina arrived the dining area, she saw Yuko drinking a white coffee and reading today's newspaper. The midget girl sat beside her aunt and started to eat the ham, eggs, bacon, and rice, she also noticed the freshly brewed hot cocoa that her aunt made. Yuko's a rich person, but she wants to be simple as long as she wants too.

"Hey kid, I see that your eyes are tired." Yuko said as Takamina smiled at her aunt. "What are you doing these couple of days?" The 22 year old girl asked and the midget just kept eating the food. Before Yuko could blink she saw the food, vanished.

Takamina burped and her aunt smacked her head using the newspaper. "Ittai!" The midget touched her head and pouted. "Why? Nande?" Takamina kept blabbering and Yuko covered the midget girl's mouth for her to shut up. The girl who can't breath licked her aunt's hand, which left the aunt very disgusted by her niece's action. Yuko wiped off the saliva, a big ball of air escaped from her mouth and then she smiled. "That does it, I'm going to talk that woman." The 16 year old girl said as she walked out from the table and lifted her feet on her way to her room.

Takamina left Yuko very speechless. Talk?! Who?! Woman?! Ehh?! The aunt want to shout at Takamina and asked her niece about what the midget just said. But Yuko didn't bother Takamina.

Yuko started to grab the plates and she was about to get the rag but their maid stopped her."Anou, Yuko-sama, let me clean it." Their maid said and Yuko nodded and bowed to show her respect to the maid.

The 16 year old girl opened the door to her room, as she got in, she gently closed the door and grabbed her laptop. Sighing in defeat, she doesn't know what to do. What should I do now? I really need Yuko-bachan, but what if the way she looks at me, it will never be the same? The midget thought as she started to type. She sat down on her bed and grabbed her laptop.

Here goes nothing... Takamina thought, but she did something really stupid. She forgot to lock her door.

Her aunt opened the door, Takamina was panicking. "What are you doing?" Her aunt asked her.

"Watching porn." Takamina said, her heart was pounding because she doesn't what to do if her aunt will buy her lie or not.

"Oh. Okay." The 22 year old girl said as she closed the door. While smiling, she was thinking about something. It's a good thing that she's watching porn. But the smile on her face became a face that's full of question. But wait, she's not watching a porn! She told me once that porn is something that the society should remove. Yuko gasped. Don't tell me, Takamina is... Yuko didn't finish her thoughts about her niece and she started to open the door of her niece's room. "LIAR!" Yuko shouted as she grabbed Takamina's laptop from her.

"IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, OBACHAN!" Takamina shouted, she kept fighting with her aunt until the 22 year old girl  started to tickle her niece's, Takamina stopped, Yuko as well.

"Explain." Takamina's aunt said as a big ball of air escaped from the midget's mouth.

"You see..." Shit, what am I going to do? Tell the truth or what?! "..there's this girl on my class."

I knew it. Maybe she's talking about Kojima Haruna's niece. Maeda Atsuko is the name of her niece. Yuko thought as she patted her niece's head. "You know, Takamina. Why don't you ask her out?" Yuko asked Takamina, but the midget girl refused because she's afraid.

Ask her out? Maybe that's the right choice. "But, what am I going to say?!" Takamina panicked and her aunt chuckled.

"Give me that." The aunt grabbed Takamina's laptop from her lap. Yuko grabbed a pillow and landed the pillow on her lap while the laptop is laid down on the pillow. "I'm good at this, child. Now sit back and learn." Yuko smirked, while Takamina's sweat are rolling down on her face.

(A/N: Yuko's pretending that she's Takamina, she's using the midget's account :stoned:)

Takahashi Minami:
She's beautiful, like a flower that's planted along the sidewalk.
But people don't take their time to get to know her, and see the beauty that she has within.
If someone took their time to get to know her, they'll be mesmerized by her existence.

I really want to tell you how much I love you, but I know you don't have enough time to notice me.

You're beautiful, yet you're sad.
Always saying no one will ever love you.

But let me tell you something, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Reminds me of my high school days. Yuko thought as Takamina started to panic because of Yuko's message.

"WHAT THE HELL?! Takamina shouted as she looked at her aunt's message. "ARGH! How am I going to face her?

"Oh look! She replied!" Yuko said while smiling at her niece. "I told you, I'm good at this~"

Maeda Atsuko:

In the crook of my heart
Is a flower
A tiny flower has blossomed
On that day I wished
For it to blossom in the sun
Little by little

A flower cannot blossom
With only the power of one person
Because you
Stayed by my side
My wish came true

The most beautiful
Of all flowers
Is the one that has grown
In the sunshine of your smile
As for this this flower
It's made entirely of love...

Let me tell you something too, I love you too.
But I don't know if it will work between the two of us.
You're a good girl and I'm a girl who's good for nothing.

I didn't know that my niece likes a girl who's self-esteem are low. Yuko thought as she saw Takamina, shocked and smiling at the same time.

Wow. I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. That message left Takamina feeling something inside her heart.

Takahashi Minami:

Maeda, Maeda, Maeda. I'm only asking one thing from you.

When we first met,
even our eyes didn't meet
I kept misunderstanding you
till I realized your shyness
This was a love starting from minus

You're me
I know you're by my side
Like everyone else,
we're unable to live skillfully
You're me
Looking like a strange place
Truth is, I like the way
you keep smiling without change,
even if you're worried,
and even if you lose awkwardly

I'm asking you out. Will you go on a date with me?

"You'll thank me later Takamina! You will!" Yuko said while Takamina was just their, observing the chat conversation Mehehehe, this is interesting~

This is getting out of hand.... The 16-year old girl thought as she kept gulping.

"LOOK TAKAMINA!" Yuko shouted and Takamina was just there, left in an awe moment.

Part 1 End

To Be Continued

I was about to add this last week, but I got lazy, please forgive me! :depressed: I know it's too short but I just got excited to see your reactions about this MS. :mon bye: Please comment and suggest me what's going to happen for the next shot. Thank you~ :nya:


I like Yuko and Haruna! :mon XD:
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Please tell me Atsuko gonna say yes~! XD XD

Woah Yuko-sama you really good at this... Using song lyrics to confess fufufufufu

Great as always ne~ my dear daughter :D
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This is realy interestingggggg please update :*
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Part 2 waifu ! Part 2 !  :mon XD:
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I know I should update Sukisugite, but I was lurking around Tumblr and I saw this picture and translation of Yuko's Diary. :mon determined:

Special thanks to, ulectrifymylife-san for the English translation and the update. :mon innocent:

Good Couple Day

From: My Princess

Date: 11/22/14

Yuuchan~ I know it's been a while since we've been together. I was just wondering if you can date me. I know I'm being spoiled again, but please, I miss you. I need an Oshima Yuko right here, hugging me and kissing me, I miss you Yuuchan. I hope we will see each other when we're not busy with our schedule. Today is my day off though. ._.

I love you Yuuchan.

Your Haruna.

It's been a while Nyannyan. How I wish we can see each other right here, right now. I will try my best and finish all my works just for you, my dear princess.

To: My Princess

Date: 11/22/14

I will date you my dear Nyannyan. Don't worry, I will try my best just for you. I will always dedicate my actress life for you.  \ (* u *\)

I love you too.

Your Yuko.

Well yeah, Haruna and I will always say I love you. But it's rare for me to see her saying that she loves me. It's Haruna that we're talking and always talking about. She's been like this ever since I graduated from the group. If only I could reset 2014, if only I didn't announced it, maybe I'm with her right now.

As I felt my hand vibrating, I unlocked my phone and I couldn't help but to smile.

Today is Good Couples Day, I hope I can take her there.

From: My Princess

Date: 11/22/14

You'll date me?! Maji de?! OuO Yuuchan, I already called your manager. I told him to cancel all your schedules because today is our day, right? I'm sorry if I didn't informed you about it, I got excited because of your message. >////>

To: My Princess

Date: 11/22/14

That's good hime-sama! Meet me at the venue of the Rooster Festival. I'll be looking forward to hug you and kiss you again! Or do you want me to call somebody to pick you up? I sound excited right now Nyannyan! I kept jumping here because of you! You really know how to calm me when it comes to work. I don't even know what I'm saying right now. Hahaha! I love you Haruna! \(//∇//)\

From: My Princess

Date: 11/22/14

Baka, you don't need somebody to pick me up. Besides, I'm already here.

As I shifted my glances, I saw my dear Nyannyan, sitting on the chair, reading my latest Photo Book, Nugiyagare! I carried my feet to hug her and I'm really embarrassed because she's reading my PB. As I seated next to her, I gently kissed her cheeks and she just smiled at me. She continued to read my photo book and I swear I can feel the heat crossing down on my face.

"Meh." She said and she rested the photo book on the coffee table. "So does that mean I'm special because I'm the only one who's allowed to see your whole body...naked?" She asked me with her innocent facial expression.

My mouth slightly opened and I just nodded. I got shocked about her question. She seated on my lap, she rested her head on my chest and I just smiled while caressing her hair and head. I kissed her head and she titled her head to face me, showing off that cheeky smile of hers. "I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too~" She whispered back, as I kissed her forehead, she kissed my nose. "Yuuchan, I missed you. You should know that." She whispered on my ears, with that sexy tone voice of hers.

As I held her face and caressed it, my lips and her lips met. I missed her, so much. She hugged my body as I started to brush her hair. We just stayed like this for a while, it's been a while since the last time we did this, as we broke off from our kiss, I pinched her cheeks and we both smiled.

"I texted you because it's Good Couples Day. I want to spend and celebrate this day with you." She said as she titled her head down, but I saw her adorable pout. "I'm being spoiled again, Yuuchan. Gomen ne."

I started to chuckle and I kept caressing her back, "Daijobou, Nyannyan. It's been a long time since we went out, remember?" I said and she tilted her face and she gave me that sweetest smile of hers.

As I kissed her again, she keeps answering back, as I accidentally removed her dress, well intentionally, she lightly slapped my hand. Wanting for my revenge, I squeezed her bosoms and she moaned, oh the joy~

As we stopped wanting for some air, we both smiled and we fixed ourselves.

As she stood up from my lap, she grabbed my left hands and she held it like she never want to let it go. "Let's go?" I asked her and she nodded. As I grabbed my bag from my manager, Nyannyan and I decided to go to the Roosters Festival.

"Yuuchan~" Haruna called me.

"Hmmm~?" I hummed and I looked at her. I swing our hands back and forth as we're acting like little kids who are looking forward to go to the park.

"I'm hungry..." She said and I let out a hearty laugh.

"I will buy you a food then~" I said and she smiled.

"You really love me that much don't you, Yuko?"

"Of course Haruna, I really love you."

We arrived to this restaurant, and what a surprise, we saw Miichan.

"Nyannyan~ Yuuchan~ konbanwa~" Miichan said and we greeted her.

"Miichan, belated happy birthday!" I greeted her and I bowed at her.

"Thank you Yuuchan~ Nyannyan gave me that cute t-shirt you bought for me, Mariko told me that I should wear it occasionally because I look cute." The Gachapin girl said as I patted her head, Miichan went straight into her table.

I reached for Nyannyan's ears. "Thank you for giving that shirt Nyannyan." I said and she smiled at me.

"Of course. Your gift matters right? I would do anything for the sake of my dear Yuuchan." She said as she kissed my forehead.

As we walked on our way to Miichan's table, I couldn't help but to thank Kami-sama for giving me the most wonderful gift to me. Without Haruna, I wouldn't be happy anyway.

"I'm so glad you guys stopped over here, Mariko told me that she's on her way." Miichan said while Haruna and I just nodded. "You guys order, it's my treat anyway." Miichan added and Haruna and I, we're both sure that we're hungry.

"We'll take the Good Couples meal." Haruna and I said at the same time, boy if you Haruna could just see the smile on Miichan's face.

As the waiter arrived with our foods, Haruna and I secretly ordered a cake for Miichan. So yeah, we took some pictures and we ate our foods. We're still here to accompany Miichan.

I saw Mariko carrying a box of cake. "Heyya Gaychapin~ happy birthday." Mariko said as she winked at the birthday girl. Well finally, she's here.

"BAKA!" The Gachapin girl said as Mariko gently dropped down the cake on the table she covered Miichan's ears. The tall girl whispered something on the cheeky girls ears which made her blush.

"What are you doing here?" Mariko asked me and Nyannyan.

"We decided to eat here and Miichan saw us." Haruna answered as I sipped on my mango shake.

"This is our date." Mariko said as she smirked.

"Mou Marichan~ they accompanied me when you were not here."

As Haruna and I sneakily grabbed our bags, we slowly went out to the restaurant and he laughed as hell. Looking back to our memories, we did the same thing while we're staying at New York, it was Acchan's birthday that time and we fooled Takamina about Acchan telling us that her little girlfriend will treat us.

Haruna and I finally arrived to the Roosters festival.

"Wow, there are lots of stalls here~ Uwaaaaa~" Nyannyan said as she saw the colorful booths. "Yuuchan, I want to buy an apricot candy." As Nyannyan pulled me to a stalls where they sell all kinds of foods, Nyannyan couldn't control her inner child personality. "Apricot candy please." Nyannyan said to the obachan.

"Gomen ne, but the number of candies is decided through a game."

"Ehhhh?!" I asked and I looked at Nyannyan who's listening to the obachan.

The obachan explained and Nyannyan pouted and she just nodded.

"Let me do it for you." I butted in and Nyannyan smiled like her parents will give her a new box of shoes.

I kept attempting to win this game, every time I will lose, I will just imagine Nyannyan's smiling face.

The obachan from the food stall was engaged in a talk with us. She told us about her marriage life and other good things.

So in the end, I was only able to get one piece of candy.

"Sorry Nyannyan." I said and I pouted, we walked away from the stall. As Haruna dragged me to a dark place, I felt a muscle on my lips. I felt the stickiness because of the lollipop that she just ate, she slowly removed her lips on my lips and she hugged me tightly.

We stayed like this for at least 10 minutes.

"Let's have wonderful things to happen next year too, Yuuchan. You may not win the candies that I'm expecting but at least you won my heart. Always remember that." She whispered on my ears and she kept kissing my forehead and head.

I nodded and  we broke off from our hug. I grabbed her hand and I kissed her on her lips, "Your place or mine?" I asked her and she smirked.

"I thought you will never ask me that question."

"Of course, I want to spend this night....." I paused. "...with my wife." I added and she pulled my hands and she quickly called a taxi driver.


This is a trash! I know! :mon cry:


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Actually I was waiting for a fic with idea of Yuko's Diary..

Thankyou Rine-chan~!
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Everyone knows I am not a KojiYuu fan, but I was one in the past. I couldn't resist reading this after I read Yuuko-sama's blog post... GAH, I wanted to write something like this and this bitch  XD I mean this lady Rine (who happens to be my friend in Adorks place in Facebook :D ) just managed to do this faster than me... Well then...

I read this three times...and...

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I grabbed my notes and putted it inside my bag, today is going to be my biggest day. Well, maybe? But Tohto TV just called me and their going to let me audition for their new drama. Ah I need to memorize some lines though.

When I saw Riku going out from our room I quickly held the door knob. "Where are you going, Yuuchan?" He asked me, I turned around to give him a you-don't-care-about-it look. But, I was the one who got surprised. He was shirtless, he was only wearing his boxer. He smirked and I dragged my feet to walk towards him. He seated on the couch and he smiled at me. "Yuuchan?" He called my old nickname. "Yuko."

"Of course I'm going to school. What else?" I said as I looked down at his abs. I gulped and I don't know what to say. I guess he got me twisted again. "So, you're talking to me now. Who's the new girl?" I asked him and he smirked again. He patted his legs telling me to sit there. "No way Josè."

He scoffed and he laughed. "Who's José?" He asked me and I punched his left arm, after hitting his muscular arm, he held right arm and he pulled me. I landed on his body, he rested his chin on my shoulder.

I sighed. "Riku, I need to go to my class." I excused myself and he laughed.

"Lame excuses Yuuchan." He said as he sniffed my neck. "You know, I'm really glad that you're cute." He added and I couldn't help but to blush. Beads of sweat have formed on my face as I pace my breath. "You're my roommate for almost 4 years. We're going to graduate, when are you going to answer me?" He asked me and I gulped. "I love you Yuko."

But you played with my feelings.

"I answered you, once. But you were only persuaded because you lose to a fucking bet." Tears are starting to form on my eyes. Yuko, you can't cry. Not here, not now. "You only played with my feelings Riku. You told me that you will take care of me but, for fucksakes after saying yes, you told me, "I'm sorry but, it was just a bet. I started to hit his arms and I felt his arms on my waist. "LET ME GO RIKU! LET ME GO HOW YOU HURTED ME SO BAD! DO YOU EVEN THINK THAT IT'S EASY LIVING WITH SOMEONE WHO BROKE YOUR HEART BECAUSE HE LOST TO A FREAKING BET?!" I finally said it, my heart is pumping. I can feel my heart shouting for more.

"But why didn't you moved out?" He asked me, his voice is getting weak. I gritted my teeth because the anger that's been buried here in my heart is still here. But at the same time, I still love him. "I was just being honest that time Yuuchan!" Yuuchan, my old nickname. "Please Yuko, don't make this hard for the both us." I felt a tear on my shoulders, his breath that's making my back sweaty.

"Why didn't I moved out, you wanna know the answer?" I asked him as I rotated my body to face him. I saw his eyes, that's mixed with loneliness, emptiness, sadness, and anger. "After weeks of that incident, I couldn't move on. But seeing you not focused with your class, I couldn't leave you, because I still love you." I said as I can feel his breath on my face, it only took me a second or two, and I claimed his lips. He caressed my face as I rested my arms on his neck. He pulled me closer, he bitted my lips asking for an entrance and I welcomed his tongue, our tongues fought and danced at the same time, I'm losing to Riku. I gently pushed him and I blushed. We both needed for air, but I pulled him again, this time I gently kissed him. He answered my kiss in a torrid way, we just proceeded with the flow. We both stopped and panted as well. I rested my head on his chest, realizing that this was our first real kiss. Well the first time we kissed he's drunk and we accidentally kissed.

"Yuko, can you hear my heart? It's screaming your name." He said as he kissed my forehead. "But this time, please trust me, that the heaviness in my heart from when I say those words to you, is an indication that loving you will never be something I take lightly." He touched my butt and he smiled. He kissed me again, I felt his hands travelling around my waist, he licked my neck he and he sucked it. I moaned his name out loud, I gently held his face and pinched his cheeks. "How about skipping class and let's just go to the mall. Just the two of us." I refused his offer and he smirked. He held my back and my legs, he carried my body on our way to our room. "Or we can just do something." He added afterwards and he winked at me. I lightly slapped his face.

"Mouuu~ Riku. Just because I kissed you, that doesn't mean that you own me again."

"I'm willing to do anything Oshima Yuko." He said as he landed me on our bed. He rested his body beside me. "We could just rest you know." He sighed with a disappointed look on his face.

"Ne, Rikunyan." I got shocked when I called him that nickname again. "Gomen ne, I will never ca-"

"It's fine. In fact, I already missed your voice that's been calling me that kind of nickname since forever."

"I'm still into you." I mumbled and he sighed. Luckily he didn't heard me saying that. He started brushing my hair and hummed a song, from what I've remembered this used to be our song. "3 seconds." I looked at him and he smiled at me. "Can you sing that song for me?"

"I look at you for just 3 seconds,
And I seem to fall for you
You're love
Is my pleasure." Our favorite line.

"But Riku, I was the one who seem to fall for you."

"I can wait forever Yuko, I can make you say yes."



"Yuko, will you be my girlfriend?" I asked her, my heart is pounding out so loud, I don't know what to. Should I come clean to Yuko? What happens if I will tell her about the betting incident? Is she going to hate me? Thoughts are starting to drive on my mind, the splashes of the water returned me from my airheaded world.

"Yes Rikunyan." She answered while tears are starting to drop on her face. She smiled and she pounced at me, I took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry Yuko but, it was just a bet." I said and I looked at her straight into the eyes. I my heart started to fall into pieces. She slapped me and she ran away. Mario and Kai saw the whole thing. "There, are you happy now?!" I asked them, they dumbly looked down on their own feet. I stormed off and went to my car, I searched, called, reported the police about Yuko. But, no sign of her. I'm such an asshole!

Weeks later, I saw Yuko arranging her things. She went back to her home after breaking her heart. "Yuuchan." I called her. She bumped my arm and pretended that I don't exist. I have no choice but to let her cool down her mind.

Weeks later after avoiding Yuko, I went home to our dorm, drunk. I grabbed my keys from my pockets, but Yuko got home as well. She was carrying a paperbag. "Acchan called me, she told me that you're drunk." I saw a paper bag maybe she will eat with somebody. I clenched my fist and she sighed. "Here." She handed me the paper bag. She grabbed her keys from her bag and opened our dorm. "You go first." She mumbled and I obeyed her command. I went inside to our dorm and rested on a chair. Yuko closed the door and grabbed the paper bag from my hands. She went to the kitchen and I can smell something, I stood up and peeked at her. She was cooking, I can smell the beautiful aroma of the ramen. She looked at me and I looked at her, straight into the eye. She smirked, she handed me a cup of coffee. "It'll make you lose your hangover. Trust me." I grabbed the mug from her and took a light sip of it.

"Arigatou." I mumbled she just nodded.

"Go to the living room. I'm going to serve this." She commanded me again, I don't know why my heart is pounding. Does this mean I'm inlove with Yuko? But, I thought I my job is to play with her feelings? I shook my head lightly and made myself comfortable. Yuko served the ramen and she handed me the chopsticks. "What? You want me to feed you like a little baby?" She asked me, I was about to answer her question but I sneezed. "Fine, just for tonight. You're drunk and I haven't moved on but I will do anything because I love you Riku." She mumbled, I'm not sure about what she said. I opened my mouth and slurped the noodles. I looked at Yuko with my cheeky smile.

"I will take care of myself. Thanks, Yuuchan." I said as I kissed her forehead. Ever since I met this girl I can't get her out of my head. Maybe because I couldn't release my one-sided love, well I released it alright. But I told her about the betting incident. If only I can take back the time. Yuko turned on the television and she turned on my PS4.

"I will play Just Dance." She mumbled and I just nodded, I bitted my lips and smirked. I finished my ramen and putted the bowl in the sink. I went in to our room to change my clothes, I saw Yuko sweating because of the dance choreography. I hope she will forgive if I'm going to do this but, I will just pretend that I'm still drunk. I rested my body on our bed. After 20 minutes, the music is finally gone. I saw Yuko coming in our room panting because of the game.

"Yuko." I called her name and she looked at me. I patted the other side of the bed. Before going to the bed she rolled her eyes. I rolled my eyes as well.

"What do you want Kojima?" She asked me.

"You." I said as I kissed her lips as gently as I can, at first she was resisting my kiss, not until I found the hidden spots of her body. She rested her arms around my neck, I caressed her face and I removed the ponytail from her hair. My body is now on the top of Yuko's body, I kissed her cheeks as I started to kiss her neck. The way she moans, the way my satisfaction needs more. I stopped and I just sighed. I pretended that I was sleeping.

"Good thing you stopped Riku." She sighed. "You look so handsome while sleeping." She mumbled, Yuko kissed my head, my cheeks and my lips. She hugged my body like she's claiming that I'm only for her. My lips curved into a smile. She went downhill, she arranged my position, she gently pushed me and stood up from the bed. Yuko pulled the blanket from the bed to cover me. She went outside from our room and mumbled. "Good night Rikunyan. Sweet dreams, I love you. So much." She closed the door and I opened my eyes. YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE RIKU! My egoistic side screamed at me. No Riku, you love Yuko! My conscious told me.

I love Yuko.

End of Flashback


When I woke up, I saw Riku's sleeping face, again. I was about to go to the bathroom because I need to practice for my audition, but I felt Riku's arms on my body. "Riku, I need to fix myself." I said as I pinched his cheeks to wake him up.

"Where are you going?" The tall guy asked me as he nuzzled on my neck.

"I'm going to Tohto TV." I said as I forced myself to get out from his arm.

"Now?" His arms loosened up a little bit causing me to escape from his arms.

I arranged my hair and pinched my cheeks with a little force. "Yup, I'm going to audition." I said with a smile on my face. "You idiot, I am not able to memorize my lines because of you. Baka." I said and he just smiled.

He opened his eyes and he bitted his lips. Which is really sexy. "Want me to drive you there?" He asked me and I refused it. 'Cause I don't want people to know this thing between me and Riku.

"I'm really sorry if I cursed you earlier." I said then I tilted my head down. He got up from the bed and he looks like a total idiot and he chuckled.

I felt his lips on my head, I felt his arms on my waist. "It's okay. I'm a jerk. I should've told you my real feelings. That's a lesson for me, Yuko."

He called me using my name, he's always serious every time he will call me using my name. "Then you're my inspiration right now, Kojima Riku. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be the happiest person alive." I said and I reached for his face. "I love you." I whispered and I saw the way his face blushed.

"I know." He sighed and I pouted. "I love you too, I love you very much." He said as I smiled again, he pulled my right hands and he kissed it. "Let me take it to top, ne?" He said, but I'm confused though.

"...okay..." I mumbled.

"Oshima Yuko, I know that I'm a jerk for playing with your feelings..." He coughed. "But I would like to ask you.....will you be my girlfriend? 'Cause I love you very much. This is not a bet, this is not dare. This is a pure confession coming out from my mouth that's inspired by my heart because of y-mmmphht"

He wasn't able to finish his declare because I kissed his lips, it was full of passion with a mix of love and tenderness. As he answered my kiss, our bodies gently rested on the bed as I felt his masculine body on the top of my poor innocent small body. I can feel that my heart is flustering. I folded my arms on his neck, his hands started to find my hidden spots as I accidentally moaned, he smirked. He inserted his hands inside my loose shirt, and his hands roamed around to tease me. Our tongues danced with the beat of our heart. We broke off from our kiss and we panted, trying to catch our breath he smiled at me. "I have to go, Rikunyan." I said as I gently stood up from the bed, but his long arms caught my waist. So I ended up laying on the top of him, I felt his six pack abs close to my tummy. As our foreheads and nose touched, I observed his innocent eyes.

"You're going to be a great actress, Yuuchan. I'm going to call Tohto TV just for you."

"Shut up." I said as my cheeks fluttered because of his heartwarming words.

"Are you blushing?"

"I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"I'm not."

"Yes~ are~ you~"

"If you're not going to stop I'm going to do something that you'll regret."

He smirked. "Try me then." He said as he bitted his lips and followed with a wink.

I rolled my eyes and I just pouted, as I saw him smiling I left a peck on his lips.

"Mmmhm~ Yuuchan's lips are so adorable and so soft~"


"Love youuuuuu~"

You may be the most annoying guy, you broke my heart, but yet I still love you.

"I know and I love you too." I said as I nuzzled on his neck.

I intentionally forgot the audition, but I felt his gentle arms on my back. I feel safe every time I'm with him, I feel so easy every time he's there right by my side. I'm trying so hard not to let it show that he got me feeling like I'm the happiest person alive, but I can't stop myself. He's serious about our relationship.

Riku is not that kind of guy, he will do anything even if it will risk something that's valuable for him.

"You build me up, Yuko."

"You make me strong, Riku."

"I love you." The two of us said at the same time. We laughed and we always stole a peck from each other.

I wish this will last forever.

'Cause I believe that my dearest Kojima Riku will be my forever and ever. People told me that forever doesn't exist, but Riku and I will try to prove those people that forever does exist.


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The Adventures of Matsui Rena: Meeting Her

As I opened my eyes, I can't stop myself thinking about that beautiful face of hers, I've been trying not to think about it because I've been daydreaming about her. I got up from my bed and looked at myself in the morning. "This is good, Rena." Luckily the window is near from the mirror, I checked the window and it's still dark. My phone alarmed and I sighed. "Waking up 5:30 in the morning is really good." I added as I sat on a chair and checked my laptop.

My name is Matsui Rena, 16 years old. I'm an introvert person, not gonna lie. I have one brother who's currently somewhere. I live in Nagoya. I'm different from other girls, their heart will beat because of a boy. But my heart will beat because of a girl. Yeah, it's weird right? Falling in love who's someone has the same gender with you. It's weird but I will always keep this as my secret. I don't want people to judge me, specially her. Matsui Jurina.

I'm scared, I don't want them to know that I'm a girl who likes my fellow girl.

I opened my Google + account, I saw Jurina's post from a party. Matsui Jurina, 15 years old. An extrovert person, indeed. She likes to hug and kiss girls. I heard some girls are whispering about her kissing them. The girls will just squeal and hit each other using their hands because they couldn't control theirselves when it comes to Jurina.

Ever since I heard them talking about her soft lips and her warm hugs, I ended up staring all day, wondering if Matsui Jurina will do the same thing with me.

How to love Matsui Jurina?

That's weird, I know that I love her. But, the feelings? Are they mutual or not? It's just a stupid thing for me to do these things. Stalking her using my Google +, thinking about her kissing me, daydreaming about her hugging my body, and what's worst, the way Jurina and I will end up laying on the bed....naked.

I swear, I have to slap myself every time I will view that shit.

It took me 10 minutes to stalk Jurina, I sighed and as usual....I will just sleep again, since our classes will start around 8:30 AM. The school bus will arrive here around 7:50-ish. I stood up from the chair and rested my laptop on the top of my study table. I grabbed my phone and set my alarm clock around 7:30 AM. It's only 5:40 in the morning, I will have enough sleep.

As I saw her wearing a bathrobe, her soft skin touched my pale skin. Her hair touching my face, it hides the flustering blush of my face. I felt her right hand, searching for my ticklish spots. Her left hands fixed her hair away from my face, as I felt her left hand, touching my face. She caressed my face as I felt her breathe on my face. Our foreheads and nose touched, she breath on my face, teasing me to want for more. I closed my eyes.

She chuckled, "Wake up, Rena."

Well, my life is totally fucked up because of her. I opened my eyes and I saw my clock, it's already 7:10. I lazily carried my feet on my way to the bathroom.

30 minutes later....

I got out from the bathroom and wore my seifuku. I also wore my glasses, I don't have contact lens or something because I'm scared and I would end up being blind or something.

"RENA! COME DOWN! IT'S ALREADY 7:40!" My brother shouted, I just sighed. I pulled the charger from the socket and putted it inside my bag, grabbed my school bag. I grabbed the doorknob OH SHOOT, I almost forgot my camera bag. I'm also the school's photographer, talk about multi-tasking though.

As I bid good bye to my brother, I went to the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive. I pulled my headphones from my bag and grabbed my phone. I'm a music lover too, so I wore my headphones and started to shuffle the songs.

On the school bus
It was kinda miraculous
You're cool until you
Live normally

The school bus finally arrived.

I thought the beginning created an illusion

As I stepped inside the bus, it's not crowded. Looks like I'm the first one who gets the ride for this day.....

My constant misunderstandings
Ah, even so...

I found a comfortable seat, as I seated there I decided to increase the volume of the music. I scooted a little to see the nice view here. But my eyes are getting tired.

Maybe a little nap won't hurt.

5 minutes later....

I woke up and I felt a warm but soft muscle on my cheeks, it's a lips. I can feel my face, flustering because of my current situation. A stranger kissed my cheeks, this is just so fucking weird. I felt the lips off from my face and I sighed because of the relief. I wore off my headphones and putted it inside my bag.

As I saw the person who kissed me, I got speechless. Seriously.

"Hi! I'm sorry if I startled you earlier." She said then she lightly scratched her head. I just nodded and I smiled at her. "May I sit next to you? It's very rare to see this school bus with one student in it." I nodded again and she smiled at me. She seated next to me and I prayed to Kami-sama that this moment will not stop, forever. "My name is Matsui Jurina." She added and she offered me her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Jurina."

"May I know your name?" She asked me and I smiled at her.

"If I will tell you, but then I have to kill you."

She smirked, "Wow. You're too different from those girls. I like you." She said as she grabbed her blue bag, she grabbed this big box of Macadamia chocolates and she grabbed my bag and she putted the whole box inside of my bag.

"Pfft." I rolled my eyes.

"No seriously! You're different and you're interesting! I like you, who knows maybe I LOVE YOU!" She said as she showed off her big smile. Jurina grabbed a small canister from her bag and she started to rip off this little plastic. "Itadakkimasu~" She opened the canister and it's a freshly made pancakes, it's already added with syrup and butter. I felt my stomach growl. She offered me her fork, I refused her though. "Open your mouth." She commanded me. I opened my mouth and she gave me a big portion of pancakes, she even assisted me to drink a water. "It's our dodgeball game later you should come and it's support me~"

Well she's a smooth and sweet talker, at the same time a fast talker.

"I don't know." I said as I turned my head to face the window and watch the scenery again.

"May I at least know your section?"

"Hmmeh~" I said and I chuckled. She pouted and I swear to God, that's the most adorable pout I've ever seen. "Fine, it's section 3-A." I said and she smiled.

I felt her lips on my cheeks again.

For the love of Krustry Krabs, she's a clingy one alright. No wonder why those girls like her.

When we reached the school, she told me that she will follow me after lunch. That's really weird.

Your crush following you.....


I calmly went to my class and sighed.

This is going to be a long day....

Part 1 End

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The Adventures of Matsui Rena: The Witness

As the school's official photographer I excused myself from P.E class. I suck at sports alright. I brought my camera bag with me, of course in case of emergency something interesting might happen. Wearing a short that's color blue and a sports shirts that's match with the color of my short, I observed that my skin is too white. Maybe I should get a tan or something. I'm contented with my skin though so, no. I decided to go to the Girls Locker Room because I will change my clothes.

"MATSUI!" Itano-sensei called me. I shifted my glance. She took the P.E department she's the greatest person alive when it comes to sports. But Oshima Yuko beaten her perfect score alright.

"Hai?" I asked her, she's a fierce teacher alright. But I heard that she's dating our Music teacher, Kasai Tomomi-sensei. Kasai-sensei is an idiot when it comes to Sports. But she admitted that she's the dumbest of the dumb.

Itano-sensei handed me a broom, "Please return this to the locker room. Thank you." She said with a smile.

I smiled at her and excused myself. As I carried the broom and my camera bag with me, I saw the dodgeball team. I saw Jurina, smiling like a little kid. Will she remember the way she fed me her pancakes? Not to mention, kissing my cheeks. Of course she will remember it because it happened this morning. I avoided the dodgeball team but then I heard Jurina, she gasped.

"That's my girlfriend!" She said, I got jealous seriously..... So I turned around to face her GIRLFRIEND. But Jurina was gone, I sighed and I turned around to go to the locker room. And to my surprise, I saw Jurina and her friends standing in front of me. She pounced on me and she kissed my cheeks, I can feel the heat on my face. I patted her back and I kissed her cheeks. Call me weird but I felt like a billionaire after feeling her warm soft puckering lips on my cheeks.

"You don't even know my name. Jerk. I'm not even your girlfriend, baka." I whispered and Jurina touched my waist.

She smirked along with a light chuckle, "I know who you are~" Jurina teased me and she let our foreheads touch.

"Prove it to me then." I mumbled and I can feel my heart it's beating too fast. We broke off from the hug and Jurina was showing off her dimpled smile, she winked and she bitted her lips. I rolled my eyes and let out a hearty laugh.

I saw Jurina's friends and the one on her left side smirked. "So your the girlfriend eh?" I saw her dodgeball uniform, she numbered herself as #13. "The name is Furukawa Airi. You can call me Airin though." She said and she offered me her hand, I accepted her hand. But then, she kneeled down and kissed my hand. Seriously? Dodgeball players are really clingy alright. She stood up and she caressed my hand. "And you're Matsui Rena, the school's photographer. You're carrying a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III SLR Digital Camera, I will not say the price because your girlfriend Matsui Jurina will freak out." She added and she winked at me.

I stared at her and gave her a what-the-fucking-hell-do-you-want-dude? Seriously, she's annoying me right now. Jurina lightly pulled me back, I saw her face and she smirked again. I rolled my eyes and she laughed. "So you're Matsui Rena eh?" She whispered. "So does that mean you will not change your surname if we're going to get married?" She asked me and BOOM! My heart is dancing right now, my mind is spinning, my feet wants to run the whole Japan, kill me right now! She kissed my forehead, I feel ashamed though because she kissed my wide forehead.

But then, I felt Jurina's body pulling away from me. "Ju-kun~" Someone called her, Jurina rolled her eyes and she sighed. "Ah! So you're her girlfriend? I will try my best to get her away from you!" The girl said and she pointed at me. She numbered herself as #29 "My name is Takayanagi Akane, your nightmare. You can call me Churi." But I can feel the jealousy here inside my heart, I mean come on. Jurina is just kidding around right? Maybe she just wants me to be her lifesaver or something. "So you're that girl who took the shots during our dodgeball game! Nice shots of Jurina though." She said as she pouted.

Jurina escaped from Churi and she rested her left hand on my left shoulder, she pulled me and the side of our bodies met. "Honey, let me help you with your things." She said and she grabbed my camera bag and the broom. "Are you still full?"


"Yeah, we ate pancakes earlier right? On our way to school." She flickered my forehead. "D-uh." She laughed.

"Too much PDA guys. It's burning my eyes." A tall quiet girl said.

"Shut up, Annin. Just because Ricchan is not around that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to express my love here." Jurina said which left Iriyama Anna or known as Annin very pissed off.

"She's spending her time with Yokoyama. I've moved on, Jurina."

"You don't know her side, Annin. Let her explain the things that happened."

"Pssh, yeah right." Annin mumbled.

Oh yeah, Ricchan. A.K.A Kawaei Rina, rumors says that she cheated Iriyama Anna. They said that Annin caught Ricchan kissing a girl, I think that's Yokoyama Yui. Then Paruru A.K.A Shimazaki Haruka got mad, she's not attending to her class while Annin concentrated with her studies and sports. Kawaei decided to rest from the dodgeball team, while Yokoyama she's somewhere nowhere.

"HONEY!" Jurina shouted and she snapped her fingers in front of my face.

The got me back to the real world. "I'm sorry honey, but I need to go now. It's only your practice right?" I asked her and she nodded. "What time your game will start?" I asked her.

"2:30 PM~"

"See you later then~"

I was about to grab my camera bag and broom from Jurina but I heard Itano-sensei cursing.

"WHERE THE HELL IS OSHIMA?!" She asked the dodgeball team. No one answered her, which made her very mad. "CALL YOUR CAPTAIN, IDIOTS!" Jurina's wearing a green scarf and she placed it on her left arms, it represents that she's the vice-president. While Yuko, she's wearing the black scarf, it represents that she's the president of the club. Jurina grabbed her phone and started to type on her touch screen smartphone.

"I know where is she." Jurina told Itano-sensei with a smirk on her face. "Ne, Honey." Jurina called me, yeah, I'm claiming myself as her honey. "You're going to the locker room right?" She asked me and I nodded. Jurina held my right hand and pulled me on our way to the locker room.

If this is a dream please don't wake me up right now. Panting because of the running we did, I was about to open the door but Jurina stopped me. She looked at me and I think she's serious. "Are you ready to witness something?"

"Witness what?"

"Witness the world of yuri?"

"Yu....ri....?" Jurina nodded and I just sighed, "Whatever's your business just go, I'm here because I will change my school uniform.

"Okay then." She said and she smirked.

I tried to open the door but it's locked. "It's locked." I mumbled.

She grabbed something from her pocket and it's a key, Jurina silently inserted the key. "Of course I have a key because I'm the vice-president, honey~"

She opened the door and I could hear someone moaning. Jurina covered her mouth, trying her best not to laugh. While me, I find this very weird. Why? 'Cause you're with your crush then it's like you're watching porn with her. It's all foggy here alright, I can hear the shower, it's open. And the temperature is hot, so that's the reason why there's some fog here.

"Yuu-chan~ ahn~" Someone moaned. "Dame yo~" I got shocked alright.....that voice. It's familiar....

Jurina and I hid behind the locker and I saw two girls, kissing not wearing their clothes. I saw the dodgeball uniform and our school's uniform, what's interesting is that I saw the black scarf. Wow, looks like Oshima Yuko is doing something that's related to Sexual Harassment.

The small girl kept groping the tall girl's oppai, while the tall girl is just moaning, enjoying the pleasure that her lover is doing right now. "You know that I hate it when I'm jealous." Oshima Yuko said, I can't see their faces though.

The tall girl moaned, and I could hear all the squeaking sounds. Looks like Yuko's sucking the tall girl's breast.

"I promise that you will not get jealous to Mari-chan! I promise!" Uh-oh. It's my friend, Kojima Haruna who's moaning earlier. I heard someone bumped to the wall and I couldn't help but to giggle. Haruna pinned Yuko to the wall. "But promise me that I will never be jealous to Miichan."

"Of course. Hi. Me. Sa. Ma~ ahhnn~ Nyah~ Nyannyan~" Yuko moaned.

Of course, it's getting worst. "I think we should get out of here, Baby Juju." Wait what the heck? Did I just called her Baby Juju. Great, now I'm embarrassed.

"Baby Juju?" Jurina asked me and I refused it. "That cute~ Baby Renren~" Jurina said and she pinched my cheeks.

I just smiled at her and we stood up carefully from the sexual scenes that's happening to Yuko and Haruna, so I went to my locker and Jurina was there standing, she turned around to show her respect to me. I took of my shirt and shorts, and I wore my school uniform, after grabbing my bag I saw Jurina, staring at me. "PERVERT!" I shouted, luckily the shower room is kinda far from the locker room.

"HAHAHA! YOU'RE SO SEXY! OH MY GOD! I THINK I LOVE YOU BETTER NOW!" Jurina shouted and she ran away from me, she left my camera bag on my locker and I just smiled.

Wow, I'm getting really close to my crush.

Part 2 End

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Rest Day

After the sweaty performance of AKB48, Matsui Jurina decided to spend this year's Christmas with her comrade, not to mention her girlfriend, Matsui Rena. It's been months since they were seen together.

"Tadaima~" The pale skinned girl said and she took off her shoes, she rested hanged her coat to the hanger and she rested her bag at the top of the counter. "Come in~" Rena said with a smile on her face.

It's been a while since Jurina saw that smiling face of Rena. "Sorry for intruding." Jurina mumbled and gently took off her shoes, she hanged her coat and her bag on the hanger.

"So, let's start? It's only 6:30 PM, we will be finished around 8:00 PM or something." Rena asked and Jurina just nodded, "The ingredients are ready, I'm just going to my room to change my clothes."

Rena took off her dress which left her undergarments, the young girl couldn't help but to blush because Rena took off her dress and she couldn't stop imagining herself to feel Rena's body again.

"Stop it Jurina." The young girl mumbled to herself, she went to the kitchen to start baking without Rena.

Jurina ponytailed herself and started to set up the ingredients and the baking tools. She cracked 4 eggs and added the flour to the bowl. While she's busy beating the eggs, she heard the microwave beeping, she grabbed a roll of tissue and wiped her hands.

"Let me do it." Rena said, Jurina can smell the strawberry scented lotion.

"Un." Jurina went back to the counter and continued to beat the eggs.

Rena saw the chocolate cookies that Jurina made, she wants to get one but she want to eat it with Jurina.

"Wow, it's only 7:50. Am I really that slow?" Rena asked.

The young girl let out a hearty laugh, "It's okay. We're almost done, you can just prepare the foods and I will clean this for you."

But Rena insisted, "No. You need to rest, you baked these for the two of us. Let me clean this for you, just watch a movie." Rena said but the old girl snapped her fingers, "You should pick a movie, A Walk to Remember! That's a goooooood movie~"

"Okay then." Jurina obeyed Rena.

The tall girl didn't followed Rena though, she watched some random Japanese TV Shows.

While Rena, she threw the trashes and she cleaned the counter.

The tall figured girl was seen seating on a smooth black leathered couch, while the pale skinned girl is carrying a freshly baked warm hot fudge brownie, warm chocolate chip cookies and, a warm chocolate croissant. You may ask why bake these diabetic and fattening foods? Isn't it bad for idols to eat these kind of foods. Ah yes, today is their rest day. After that tiring Christmas performance, they decided to rest and call it a day. The tall girl stood up and helped the pale skinned girl to carry the pastries. Rena decided to go back to the kitchen, she took 2 sachets of a chocolate mixed drink. She prepared two mugs with a hot water, she even laughed because the left mug was named as 'Sweet' while the right mug was named as 'Spicy'. She opened the two sachets and poured the mixed chocolate powder in it. Rena was about to carry it, but she felt a warm hands on her waist. She felt a chin on her right shoulders. She felt a hot breath on her neck. She felt a soft muscle on her neck, cheeks, ears, and forehead.

"You really missed me that much?" Rena asked and she felt a nod on her shoulder, the older girl chuckled. "It's getting cold here, Jurina. We should go to the living room~" But Jurina didn't moved. Not even a muscle. She just stayed there. "Jurina~ I want to watch a movie~" Rena said, then Jurina forced Rena's body to face her, the pale skinned girl got shocked because of the young girl's action.

Jurina rested her head on Rena's chest, while the older girl can feel her face flustering because of the sudden movement of Jurina. It's very rare to see calm Jurina, even her girlfriend is worried about her. She's putting too much effort, she deserves a rest. The older girl rested her hands on the young girl's back, she patted it and Rena can feel the hot breath on her chest.

"I missed you....." The young girl mumbled, Rena just sighed. This was supposed to be their rest day, but Rena will just spoiled her this day.

Rena patted the young girl's head, "There, there. I'm here, don't worry." Rena said and she caressed the young girl's hair and she kissed the tall girl's head.

Jurina tilted her head up and she smiled, she approached Rena's lips and their lips met. The pure bliss and gentleness of Jurina's soft lips, it's been a while since their lips met. Rena clung her arms on Jurina's neck. While Jurina rested her left hands on Rena's waist, while her right hand is busy caressing the older girl's cheeks. Rena gently sucked the younger girl's lower lips, asking for an entrance, Jurina welcomed her whole heartedly. Their tongues fought for the dominance, they can feel each others breath, Jurina traced the older girl's gifted body.

They didn't care about the cold atmosphere at all.

Maybe it's because of their bodies that are shifting, making the two of them very busy.

"Nnggh~" The older girl moaned. Jurina broke the kiss and played with Rena's neck, sucking every sides and lines of it. The young girl can taste the strawberry flavored lotion that the older girl used earlier after taking a bath. But the lotion didn't stopped Jurina making love. Rena's head got out of control, she kept spinning her head, allowing the young girl to lead. Jurina is now busy sucking Rena's collarbone, the young girl kissed the perfect jawline of Rena. The older girl is panting, hungry, wanting for more. "Ju-Juri-Jurina~ ahngh~" Rena moaned, Jurina's hands are now groping the older girl's breast. Jurina carried Rena's body, the older girl trapped Jurina's body using her legs.

While Jurina was walking like a boss, she still pleasuring Rena, the young girl opened the curtains. Jurina knows Rena's house all too well, they managed land on the couch. Rena's now on the top Jurina, the old girl sucked the young girl's neck. But the young girl's too strong, so she managed to get on the top. She kissed Rena's lips so tenderly, her lips brushed so gently, her hands found Rena's ticklish spots. Jurina couldn't be happier.

Which made Rena feeling the cloud nine, Jurina was about to remove Rena's dress....until,

Even a left handed kiss
Close your eyes and I'll notice
You, a little from the left above
Hey, our lips overlap

But Jurina didn't bother herself to check the phone, but then it got worse. "For the love of Matsui Rena's babies. Argh." Jurina said and she grabbed the phone from her pockets.

Rena was panting, trying to catch her breath, but there's a pinkish hue crossing down on her face.

The young girl picked up her phone. "I'm staying with Rena-chan." The young girl said while looking at the panting girl. "Yup. She will take good care of me." Jurina brushed Rena's thighs using her soft hands, "Of course, Rena-chan will take good care of me because I love her~" The older girl grabbed a pillow and she started to hit Jurina's head and body. "HAHAHA! I'm going now~ she's getting mad at me~ bye bye~" Jurina grabbed the pillow and she tackled Rena, the young girl started to tickle the older girl.

"HAHAHA! JU-JURINA! STOP! HAHAHAHA! OH GOD, PLEASE STOP!" Rena begged and the young girl stopped. Jurina kissed Rena's forehead. "I love you." Rena said and Jurina's tongue got tied, she doesn't know what to do. While Rena's face is flustering because flashbacks of their kissing session early was too hot for her, and she couldn't forget that kind of kiss, after 4 months of sleepless nights, 4 months of not resting, and 4 months not seeing with Jurina hurts her. Yeah, they will hang out, they will meet because of the practice but they want to meet, just the two of them. Alone.

"Today is Christmas right?" Jurina asked Rena, the older girl nodded and the young girl smirked. "Merry Christmas." She said and she left a peck on Rena's lips. "Oh, the chocolate drink!" The young girl added, she went to the kitchen to get the chocolate drink. "I LOVE YOU TOO, MATSUI RENA!" Jurina screamed.

Rena just chuckled and she grabbed the remote control, luckily her TV is brand new. She set up the HDMI and chose a movie. She grabbed a piece of a cold chocolate croissant, she bit it and there's a smile on her face. She didn't know that Jurina can cook this kind of food.  Rena saw Jurina standing in front of her, carrying two mugs of hot chocolate.

"Sorry if it took me for a while, I need to heat this because it's too cold for the two of us." Jurina said and it got followed by a light chuckle, the young girl rested the mugs on the top of the table.

Rena was about to drink the chocolate drink, but she saw Jurina's lips, the chocolate drink traced the young girl's lips. Call me crazy but I'm going to do it. Rena snuggled closer to the young girl, Jurina was confused though.

"Jurina." The older girl called the young girl. Jurina looked at Rena with a smile on her face. "Look, it's snowing." She pointed the window.

Jurina couldn't helped but to squeal like a little kid, she was about to ask Rena's permission that she's excited to go out and play outside. Instead getting Rena's permission, she got Rena's lips, meeting with her lips.

Rena kissed the young girl's lower lips, the old girl let her tongue out to taste the chocolate that traced down Jurina's. The young girl can feel the tongue on her upper lips, it's tickling her.

But the old girl did the wrong move, her tongue was sucked by the tall girl. Jurina ruffled Rena's hair, the old girl was blushing. She caressed Jurina's thighs, but she felt something under Jurina's pocket. So she grabbed it, the tall girl didn't stopped her. They broke off from the kiss and Rena gasped when she saw the necklace with a matching rings.

"Merry Christmas, Rena-chan." Jurina said and she kissed Rena's forehead, she grabbed the ring and necklace from Rena. Jurina inserted the ring on Rena's right ring finger. "Turn around." The young girl commanded Rena, the old girl obeyed Jurina.

Rena heard the click sound of the necklace, she couldn't help but to cry. "Thank you, Jurina."

"You're welcome, my dear."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"Turn around." This time it was Rena who commanded the young girl.


Jurina obeyed Rena's orders. While Rena started to take all of her clothes, except for the Santa undergarments. Rena didn't mind about the cold wind, she just wanted to spend this time with Jurina.

"Okay. You can peek now."

The young girl turned around to face Rena, she wasn't expecting to see Rena wearing this kind of undergarments.

"Merry Christmas~" The older girl said and she tackled Jurina.

Kami-sama, yoroshiku onegaishimasu. The young girl thought.


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Thanks for this wmatsui OS. It was really cute  :)
I really needed that after the news of Minami's graduation...
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Thanks for this wmatsui OS. It was really cute  :)
I really needed that after the news of Minami's graduation...

You and me ditto...
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Thanks for the OS ChibiRine-san :D It was really cute and sweet :wub:
I really needed that after the news of Minami's graduation...
Same here, it was all a big shock to us all.
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Took me a while to post it. :depressed:

Yes it's Sathday (Thursday) so it's AtsuMina day! :mon inluv:

Credits to: The translators for the speeches. :mon sweat:

Do It For The Love.

I've been having second thoughts about it, not sure if this is the right time. I have no choice, there's no backing out. Maybe it's time, to follow her. To follow my dear, Atsuko. If I'm going to announce it today, maybe I can fly like a bird who's spreading my own wings.

There are only 2 hours left for the stage performance. Should I practice for speech? But I need an inspiration, should I call Atsuko? I might bother her so, no. I sighed and I clicked an application on my phone. I searched for the videos and tapped this video called,

"Maeda Atsuko, graduation announcement."

I mumbled, I have no choice but to watch it all over agaaaaain.

Trying not to remember the memories.


"Minami." She called me. I'm trying my best to avoid her that time though. Trying my best to stop her. "Minami." She called me again, still not noticing her. "Minami." Atsuko called me, for the third time. I looked at her, "I think I'm going to announce it." She said and I couldn't stop her.

She stepped forward and she entertained the audience. After a minute or two she sighed and she held her chest.

"When I was 14 years old, I passed the AKB audition. I then became one of the original members. Passing that audition was for me, the first big decision I took in my life. And today, here and now… let me take my second big decision."

At that point Atsuko paused, choked up by emotion. Fans cheer wildly, encouraging Atsuko. I putted my hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her. But I myself got taken over by emotions and started to cry too.

"I, Maeda Atsuko, will graduate from AKB48." The crowds got shocked because of the sudden announcement. Lots of members were crying, but if only they can see my heart. Breaking. Trembling.

"For a long time, my emotions have always had extreme ups and downs and I have caused a lot of trouble to the members. And for all you fans too, I have often caused you to worry. Even so, I’ve done my best during these six and a half years."

I'm the mastermind when it comes to worrying, specially if it's about you I'm worried about.

"During the first day of this concert, there was the announcement about Tokyo Dome. The dream that I had since I was 14 years old and that we all shared is finally going to come true. I am really touched. And at the same time, I once again realize that I have to move forward to face the dreams that I have as a 20 year old."

Ah yes, our dearest dream. But why do you have to announce it? I don't understand. No matter how many times you will explain it to me, I will never understand it.

"To be honest, I’m filled with anxiety. I don’t know how this will turn out. But doing this now, and for the sake of many of my juniors too, I have to graduate, I have to walk. But, the details haven’t been decided yet. It also means I’m not stopping today right away. That’s why when they will have been decided, I would like to once again convey them to you. Sorry for taking up time like this. Thank you very much."

You idiot! YOU IDIOT! ATSUKO NO BAKA! I want to punch someone, I want to kill someone. This is why I don't want to stand here, in front of her. I want to die.

But the crowd goes wild and they applauded for Atsuko. They then start chanting “Acchan, Acchan.” After this, I took a deep breath.

"Since it’s a sudden announcement, I’m sure that you must all be surprised. Members were also in the dark about this. I’ve always been watching by her side. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen her carry heavy burden, I’ve seen her cry, I’ve seen her smile, I’ve seen all of it."

That's because she's a special person, she's more valuable than a gem, ruby, diamond, and gold. My Atsuko, my dear Atsuko, I've seen a lot, I've seen you cry. I've seen you smile. I've seen you, practicing your drama lines. I've seen you, trying to catch up the dance steps and the songs. I've seen you, trying your best. I've seen you, trying your best to love me back.

"Last year, when I went to eat with Atsuko…she frankly told me that she was thinking about what she announced today. That’s why I’d truly like you to understand that this is not something Atsuko decided at the spur of the moment. She thought about it a lot on her own. This is the decision she has taken after all of her reflections."

After winning the 2011 General Election, Atsuko and I decided to eat. She startled me saying those four horrible words. "I want to graduate. I was shocked that time and she added, "Nante ne~" I sighed because I thought she's going to do it for real.

Looks like she's not kidding, at all.

"Even if being in AKB48 is a dream, it is not the end goal. This is the same for all members. Atsuko carried a heavy, heavy burden on her back. Even though the details haven’t decided yet, let’s all send her off. Everyone’s warm voices will surely be able to help send her off. Your warm feelings will become something she’ll cherish in her life. With all our might. That’s right, since everyone is here, it will be fine."

Well, it will be fine? Am I sure what I'm saying right now? Should I tell the whole Japan that I love her?

I sighed. "I really really don’t want her to graduate! But, we have no right to stop her… So, let’s all send her off together. Everyone, please help send her off!"

Please don't help her, help me to stop her. I may sound like an ass right here in my mind, but I couldn't control myself. Maybe it's because I'm madly, deeply, in love at this girl. Standing, right in front of my eyes.

End of Flashback

I really miss Atsuko, it's been a while since I saw her. Luckily, her fake boyfriend Onoe-san will always cover the two of us. The fact that he told us that he's gay, priceless right?

I haven't noticed that there are only 30 minutes left, I couldn't help it though. Thinking about Maeda Atsuko will be the best thought for my entire life.

The door opened and I saw my comrades from the 1st gen. "Takamina~" Kojipa and Miichan called me.

I looked at them and I smiled, "So, 9 years huh? Time really flies ne?" I asked them and they nodded.

"So, Acchan is  going to attend or not?" Miichan asked me and I just pouted. "Don't tell me she's not there to support you? You know Takamina, you were there. You were there to support her." The Gachapin girl said and I just chuckled.

That's true though, but nah. I know that Atsuko will support me, deep inside.

"I heard Yuko will attend. Is that true?" I asked Kojipa.

"Un." She nodded, the tall girl couldn't hide the her blushing face from us.

We're no3b. We know each other, all too well.

"How about Mariko?" I asked Miichan and she just sighed.

"She's too busy. But she sent me a message. So I guess it's okay." Miichan said and she smiled.

"That's good then." I said and they just sighed.

"Are you really sure about it?" Kojipa asked me.

"I mean, are you really going to graduate?" Miichan added.

"Let me graduate first, Takamina." Kojipa butted in.

"I'm sorry Kojipa, but I'm just going to announce it. I'm going to graduate, at exactly December 8, 2015. Our 10th anniversary. I hope the legends will comeback." I said and I sighed, I smiled at them and I saw the two of them. Wiping their tears.

"But all I need is to announce my graduation, Takamina. My dress is ready, my song is ready. All I need is to announce it." Kojipa said and Miichan looked at the two of us.

"Miichan, are you willing to carry the burden for us?" I asked her and she tucked in her upper and lower lip.

"It depends." She mumbled. "But for my comrades, sure. I will work harder to reach the hardest difficulty of this challenge I'm about to face these next few months." She added, she tackled me and Kojipa. Causing the three of us to fall. She laughed and the three of us remained the same position.

The door opened and we saw a tall woman and a short girl.

"Oh my god." The short girl said.

"The fucking hell is going on?" The tall girl asked.

We were about to stand up but, "Threesome, Mari-chan. That's what is going on." She short girl said and the tall girl  just smirked.

"I knew it. We should really trust your instincts, Yuko." The tall girl replied and the two of them lightly chuckled.

"Of course~" The two of them laughed.

"AHEM" Kojipa and Miichan coughed.

"Heyya Takabear~" Mari-chan greeted me and she patted my head.

"Bakamina~" Yuko tackled me and Mari-chan, the two girls trapped me. I saw Miichan and Kojipa chuckling. Yuko pulled the both of them and they decided to join with us.

Yuko escaped from the group hug and she seated on the couch, Kojipa seated next to Yuko. Mari-chan is holding Miichan's hands.

I was jealous though, I wish Atsuko's here. Clinging to me, holding me with her warm hands, kissing me with her soft lips. Oh the joy to feel those feelings again. I wonder, who's going to be the dominant one if we're going to do it, again?

"I'm sorry if I can't watch the whole show, but Yuko will video it for me. Gomen ne?" Mari-chan asked Miichan, the Gachapin look-alike girl just nodded and planted a peck on the tall girl's cheeks.

Yuko just rested her body on the couch while Kojipa was just pouting. The small girl sighed and she rested her head on the tall girl's shoulders. "Feeling better?" Yuko asked Kojipa and the tall girl nodded with a small on her face. To our surprise, Kojipa kissed Yuko's lips. Wow.

"2 MINUTES" The staff reminded us, the two graduated members bid us their good bye and good luck.

I was about to charge my phone but I received a message, from Atsuko.

From: Atsuko

Subject: Good luck!

Date: 12/08/14

Minami~ ganbatte ne? Don't you dare to dance too much okay? We both know that I don't like it when you're tired. If you're going to cry, as usual....just imagine me, standing right next to you. Like you did, 2 years ago. I love you, Minami!

PS: I'm so sorry if I can't attend, I guess being an actress will stress the hell out of me.

Ganbatte and I love you! ( ^ω^ )

I smiled like an idiot, Kojipa and Miichan told me that they're going to the backstage. I just nodded at them, my thumb couldn't wait but to reply.

To: Atsuko

Subject: Arigatou!

Date: 12/08/14

Ne Atsuko, thank you. But I've been thinking about to announce it, I think it's time. I love you too, Atsuko.

10 seconds passed and she replied, my eyes couldn't help it but to drop a few tears.

From: Atsuko

Subject: Are you sure?

Date: 12/08/14

Minami, I don't know but it's your decision. You didn't stopped me when I announced it, so it depends to you. But to tell you the truth, I want to spend my time with you!

PS: Don't reply to this message because the show is going to start.


Baka. I chuckled. I charged my phone and a big ball of air escaped from my mouth.

I guess it's now or never.

Few hours later.

I sighed and I looked at the stage that I'm standing right now. It's my youth, it's our youth. Me, Atsuko, Kojiharu, Miichan, and Mariko. Our youth. I can't believe it, 9 years. I's time.

"Today is AKB48 Theater’s 9th Birthday. This year, 2014, is a year filled with various happenings for AKB. Among them are farewells with fellow comrades, which as a group, is a crisis as well."

Referring to Yuko who's standing in front of us, with the audience.

"Overcoming all of that and being able to welcome this wonderful 10 year on the theater stage like this, it is all thanks to everyone."

All our hard works, it was all worth it.

"Looking back at December 8th 2005, it was the day we first stood on this stage."

We thought we will fail that time.

"Honestly, when we first started, we were called AKIBA YONJYU HACHI continuously during outside jobs. Our degree of familiarity among the masses did not increase and we had some really hard times."

All our hard times, we almost died alright. But standing here, and remembering the memories, it was all worth it.

"But, even through those times, this theater continues to exist."

Scandals, graduations, rumors, we remained to stay strong.

"No matter how painful or how difficult it was, even at times when we could not bear to stand up, just by returning to this theater, everyone is here to greet us with warm smiles & cheers. This place, to us, is our home. And in our home, this theater, there are two pillars. Honestly, they are a great hindrance."

I laughed and the other laughed as well.

"But there is an established practice here. Once per year, on this December 8th, the theater’s birthday, a pink tape is pasted on them. ‘Someday, it would be nice if they can be filled with pink tapes until we can no longer see the pillar’, these are the hopes entrusted while we continued this practice since the first year of our formation. In the beginning, it may not have such a meaning like that But, with all the wonderful people here, and being able to paste the tape with so many comrades here today, I’m happy. And next year, on these pillars, the 10th tape will be pasted. AKB48, 10th Anniversary. Looking back at it, it really feels like a blink of an eye. But at the same time, it feels like it has taken us a long journey to reach where we are now. 10th Anniversary, I think it is an important turning point."

"Allow me to make an announcement here."

I sighed, I saw Yuko pointing at a person who's wearing a black coat, black scarf and a black cap. The person removed her scarf and her cap, it was Atsuko. Standing in front o my two eyes.

I tried my best to smile. "I, Takahashi Minami, on December 8th 2015, will graduate from AKB48. It is something that would only happen in a year’s time. But, I am AKB48 Group’s General Manager. In order to allow some hand over time for members, I have announced it at this timing. For me, I am really glad I joined AKB48. There have been many farewells with fellow comrades. And there are only three people left in the same gen. When I realized it, the scenery around me has changed as well. Even singing the same songs, around me are position of members who have long gone. “Why am I here?” it would be a lie if I said that this thought have not crossed my mind. Even so, ‘it is great to be here’. I am able to feel this way thanks to Akimoto-sensei, all the staff members, wonderful members here and above all, the fans. Being able to meet everyone is the most valuable treasure in my life There might be not much time left for me to repay this AKB48. Even so, in some way, I would like to leave something behind for members who will shoulder AKB48’s future. I think that is one of the shape of the repayment that I am able to afford."

I sighed again and Acchan whispered, 'Good luck, Minami.' She showed off that cheeky smile of hers and I tried to hide my smile.

"After I am gone, I would like to name Yui Yokoyama as the person who would lead AKB48 Group as next General Manager. Frankly, General Manager is a bothersome position. It is hard. I think members close to me might have felt it too. That is why I really hate that I have to pass the name of General Manager to my good friend, Yokoyama Yui. I had wanted to end with me. But, with a big group of girls like this, being distracted with lively conversations, not able to concentrate, unable to stay collected, there are many times like that. At those times, I think there is still a need for someone in the group to speak out words like, “Let’s go, let’s do this. Can Yokoyama come here?" Yuihan walked on her way to the stage. "To me, she is a wonderful junior. She is really someone who is earnest but awkward at times, she works really hard with utmost effort Her dream is the same as mine too, solo debut By handing her this General Manager post, it may keep this dream of hers at a further distance than it is now so I felt really troubled over it, but I think she needs an impetus. Soukantouku is agonizing. But at the same time, there will be an increase in the amount of exposure to society’s eyes and simultaneously chances will increase. With this, I want Yokoyama to think of it as a chance and do her best. I want her to do her best. For that purpose, the next 1 year, I will be transferring my baton to her. There are still many things I wish to leave to her, to all the juniors. Honestly, there are so many that I am not sure I can teach all of it in this 1 year. Even so, with the remaining time, I will do my best to proceed together with everyone. I have not properly decided the exact outlook or details of my graduation yet. I hope I can notify everyone in some way or another when I can. The only thing I can say is,

This is not a sad thing.

Next year, it will be AKB’s 10th Anniversary. An important year. I am very happy that I can stay in this group for 10 years and I don’t think this is a group that will end in 10 years. I want to be passed on to the 11th year. I think it would be alright. And so, in my own way, I will do my best to pass on the baton to Yui Yokoyama and the remaining members. Even from now onwards, please continue your support for AKB48 Group."

I said and I bowed. The crowd was cheering for me and they applauded for me. So this is what it feels like to announce your graduation huh?

Hours later....

I felt a hand on my arms, it was the warm hands of Atsuko. I sighed and she hugged me. "Sotsugyou, omedetou." Atsuko said and she laughed. I lightly used my bag to hit her arms.

"Next year, Atsuko." I said and I pinched her nose. "I thought you're not going to watch, why the sudden visit though?" I asked her.

She lightly scratched her head, "Hehehe." She chuckled. "You know, when I saw your reply I had to cancel all my schedules just to witness your announcement." She said and she rested her arms on my shoulders.

I missed Atsuko's lips though.

So I pulled her somewhere in a dark place where no one will see us.

She pinned me on the wall, "Minami~ we shouldn't do this but your mind is connected to my mind, remember? I missed your lips too." She said and she breathed on my lips, teasing me, just a little bit.

She kissed my forehead, she breathed on my ears and she whispered, "I know that you want me right now, but you're tired so maybe next time ne~?" She asked me and I just gulped.

Her lips gently touched my lower lips, my upper lips sucked her lips, resting my arms on her neck. I bitted her lips asking for an entrance, at first she was fighting with me, but in the end I won.

I gently pulled her body close to mine, we were so close. So close doing it there, we both pulled back to catch our breath.

"Why don't we continue this...." She stopped and I just gulped. " a place I call...." She kissed my lips. "...Yuko and Haruna's secret house..." She said and I just smiled at her.

Since all my stuff are here with me, we called a taxi and we didn't let go of each others hand.

I felt her hands tickling my legs, I caressed her cheeks and she just chuckled at me.

"I missed you." I said and I nuzzled on her legs.

"I missed you too." She said and she brushed my hair using her hands.

"Remember what you told me when we experienced our first time?" I asked her and she laughed.

"Of course. How could I forget that? That night was incredible, giving my special gift to you was the most wonderful thing that happened to me."

"Really?" I asked her and she nodded.

"Yup. Even though it hurts, I'm still happy."

"Will you please take the role this time?" I asked her and I laughed afterwards.

She planted a kiss on my neck, feeling her hot breath on my neck helps me to relax. I gently pulled her face and I kissed her.

Feeling each others lips, feeling each others breath, is just me or am I feeling hot? Luckily the taxi driver was too busy to notice the two of us, not to mention his radio is too loud. Atsuko removed her coat earlier, she's just wearing a plain dress, still turning me on.

My hand did the work, I hovered my hands on her bosoms and she moaned while our tongues our battling. I left her lips and I kissed her collarbone, slurping every nibble of it. She was moaning and she started to ruffle my hair, I brushed her thighs using my hands she kept moaning. But then I realized that the taxi stopped and we reached our destination.

"We're here." The taxi driver said and he smiled at me and Atsuko. I went out of the taxi and paid the driver.

Atsuko grabbed the keys from her bag and she opened the door. As usual, pictures of Yuko and Haruna are surrounded here. They bought this house in case for mini reunions or what.

I seated on the couch and I sighed. "Yuko told me that we can stay here, because she told me that she's going to hangout with Harunyan's family." Atsuko said and she seated on the couch.

"Ohhh~ Yuko is so smooth wow."

"As expected from Yuko, being a loyal lover of Kojima Haruna."

"She's a hard headed kid, what do you expect?" I said and we both laughed.

"By the way, I called your mom and dad."

"You wh-what?" I asked her and she nodded.

Atsuko lightly chuckled, "After the performance, I called them about your announcement." I sighed, "I also told them about our relationship~!"

"Oh really? What did they told you about it then?" I asked her and she just chuckled.


She wrapped her legs all over my legs. Our arms rested on each others back. Our heads rested on each others heads.

Our stomach grumbled at the same time. We both laughed and I saw that cute eyes of hers.

"Minami." She called me and I looked at her. "I'm hungry." She added.

"Want me to cook something for you?" She asked me and she refused it.

"I want to eat something..."

"We can call for a delivery if you want?" I asked her and she refused again.

"I want to eat a, Takahashi Minami." She said and I felt her hands, roaming around my thighs.

Random ending is random. :glasses:

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@atsukojiyuu_C: I will post the KojiYuu I promised you as soon as possible! :mon determined:

@Kairi65: I think I should write more innocent love story then? :mon inluv:

@sakura_drop: Heyya Saku! Wasn't expecting you to read Good Couple Day though. Thank you for reading it! :gmon bang:

And for the silent readers, thank you! :mon bye:
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Thanks for the OS ChibiRine-san :D It was really cute and sweet :wub:
I really needed that after the news of Minami's graduation...
Same here, it was all a big shock to us all.

Can't disagree with this post.
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Dat AtsuMina fic~. Naisu~~~ you rekindled my lost love for AtsuMina  :thumbsup *SHOT* XD

Though there were~ a lil' typos here and there but all's good~~~  :twothumbs

Looking forwards to more Rine-chan~!  :D
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Takamina.... My kami-oshi... *sniff*  :cry:
Thanks for Atsumina oneshot....  :cry:
Looking forward for more Atsumina   :roll:
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Takamina is a strong person..  :cool1:
I like your OS.. and I am glad, that Acchan was there for her..  :on woohoo:
Waiting for more AtsuMina OS..  :hee:
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atsumina ~
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kawaii~  :inlove:

atsumina is so sweet~ kyaah >w<

i'm sad about TakaMina's graduation but... tehehehe. Atsuko and her may have more time together~  XD
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Ah... another Minami graduation OS...

Very interesting and realistic

Enjoy reading this lovely no3b and lovers interactions

Thank you for the OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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i wonder what takamina's parent told atsuko.. :roll:

atsumina... :inlove:
Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Never Let You Go[12/14/14]
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This fanfic is really out of my league. :dunno:

Don't know why I wrote this but meh. :depressed:

Please forgive me! :mon cry:

Please enjoy it~ :mon determined:

Never Let You Go

A tall girl was walking along the corridor of their house, she accidentally dropped her books. She just sighed, the tall girl couldn't bend properly because she's too tired. She didn't noticed that her glasses got out from her pocket, she picked up her books and she heard something, something that's very disturbing for her poor innocent ears.

The girl sighed, "Oshima...." She mumbled. The tall girl opened the door, and she saw a short girl at the other side of their room. Kojima Haruna couldn't believe it, she's living with a perverted girl who dislikes, nothing.

Oh wait, the two girls have some things in common, their age, taste of shoes, they play with their DS and PSPs, and lastly, they hate yuri. Or that's what Yuko thought about Haruna, the tall girl kept this secret from Yuko. She doesn't hate yuri, in fact she's one of them, and she loves Oshima Yuko.

The tall girl sighed, she entered the room and she saw Oshima, laying on the bed. She can still hear the erotic sounds beside of Oshima's room. Oshima Yuko wasn't able to notice the tall girl nor the erotic weird sounds, because her earphones are plugged in her ears and she was singing some random Japanese song. The tall girl rolled her eyes, "Oshima." She called the short girl.

My held back tears are hotly falling and I bite down on my lips
Without a sound, the cold moonlight shines on me from far away

After hearing Yuko's lovely singing voice, Haruna felt something. Her heart, it's beating too fast. Yuko's voice just gave her some goose bumps, she held her chest and she gulped.







You're pretending that you hate yuri right, Haruna? You love Yuko and you know that. The tall girl thought, she dropped her books on the top of their study table. "Yuuchan." She tapped the short girl's shoulders, the singing girl removed her earphones and she looked at Haruna.

"Hmmm? What do you want, Nyanny- nya?" Yuko's tongue got tied, she got mesmerized by Haruna's bare face. For the first time in forever, Yuko saw her, #1 FRENEMY, Kojima Haruna. not wearing her glasses. Sure, Yuko saw Haruna's face without the glasses before. And the tall girl was sleeping that time, but this time, in front of her two brown eyes, Kojima Haruna standing in front of her without the geeky glasses.








The tall girl scoffed, "Don't tell me you're jealous because I'm too beautiful." Haruna said, Yuko rolled her eyes.

The short girl arranged her position, patting the big space of the bed beside her, inviting Kojima to seat beside her.

Yuko, forgot to pull the blanket with her. She realized that her breast was exposed, the tall girl blushed. While the short girl's heart is flustering. Haruna just sighed and she took off her shirt, Haruna was about to give Yuko her shirt but instead giving it to Yuko, she accidentally touched the small girl's breast. Haruna squeezed it just to revenge Yuko's action. "Na-nan-nani?! W-wha-what a-ar-are y-you do-doing?!"

Haruna sat beside Yuko and she just sighed like nothing happened. "Here." She gave her shirt to the short girl. "The aircon is on and you're exposing your brea-body." Haruna couldn't look at Yuko because she's avoiding the short girl's cleavage.

Blushing because of this statement the two girls are facing right now.

"Ne?" The tall girl called Yuko who's wearing her shirt, "Go get me a new set of clothes from my closet, you baka." Haruna said and she sticked her tongue out.

Yuko rolled her eyes, "What the hell? You gave me your shirt and now your bla-" The short girl was about to complain but then, the two girls heard familiar voices from the other room. Two girl was moaning, Haruna and Yuko looked at each other and they gulped. "What the heck was that?!" Yuko asked Haruna.

"That's what I'm about to discuss with you, I thought you were watching porn earlier so I interrupted you and your music session. And I didn't know that you're naked, gomen." The tall brunette girl said and the dimpled girl just laughed.

Yuko smiled, showing off her squirrel-like teeth along with her cheeks with dimples buried down on her cheeks. "Ne Nyannyan, you and I uhm, we both hate yuri right?" The tall girl nodded. "You see, remember when I touched your oppai and your osh-"

The tall girl laughed, "Yeah, Yuuchan! You're funny that time, why ask me this question? Do you like me?" Haruna asked Yuko, she didn't saw Yuko nodding to her question. "Hmm?"

"Haruna no baka. I don't like you, but I love you. I know, I sound like something. But the truth is, ever since I saw you, my heart skipped. I told myself that I'm straight but, you kept coming to me, y'know? Maybe you cursed me~"

"There are some times where we hate each other call me crazy but, the main reason why I hate yuri, it was all because of you. I was just following some of your lifest-"

The tall girl felt a muscle on her lips, she felt her heart beating so fast. The small girl pulled back, with a smile on her face. "I just want you to know that, even you're going to hate me, I still love you." The short girl mumbled.

The tall girl chuckled, "I hate you but, I love you. I hate you because you're so cold to me and every time I will tell you how good you are, you will always avoid it."

"I didn't know that you're a dere-dere."

"Shut up." The tall girl said and a pinkish hue crossed down on her face.

The short girl winked at Haruna, "But you love me~"






"I love you."

"I love you too."

The tall girl pulled Yuko's neck, aiming for the lips. As their lips touched, the tall girl entered her hands to the loose shirt, Haruna touched Yuko's breast for the 2nd time, hovering it. The short girl moaned and the tall girl smirked, touching each others body, Haruna got on the top. The tall girl's right leg got in between the short girl's legs, moving it higher, Yuko kept moaning.

Battling for their dominance, the tall girl felt their tongues licking each other, after their tongue wrestling, their lips were now apart from each other, but pleasuring each other, it's not yet done.

Since the shirt is too big for Yuko, Haruna's face got inside the shirt, she was pleasuring the short girl, sucking every nibble of Yuko's collarbone, Haruna's massaging Yuko's breast in a circular motion. The tall girl wasn't expecting that this day will come, she thought her love for Yuko will always be one-sided.

Yuko kept moaning like there's no tomorrow, the tall girl stopped and she escaped from Yuko's shirt. Haruna smirked at the short girl's face that's now crossed with a pink hue and the panting wouldn't stop.

Haruna pulled the blanket and she hugged Yuko's small body. "I will never let you go." The tall girl mumbled and she kissed the short girl's head.

"I know, and I will love you forever."

"So does that mean that we're official?" Haruna asked Yuko.

"Yeah." The short girl whispered.

The new couple can still hear the erotic sounds from the other room, they laughed like there's no tomorrow.

"Maybe this is not bad at all." Yuko said and she left a peck on Haruna's lips.



I know right?! The hell was that?! Hahaha! I'm sorry if it's not really that good because I'm using my phone for this day. :mon sweat:

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@MisakiShishido: Thank you Micchan! I will write more AtsuMina ASAP! :mon thumb:

@Korin48: Lol, we'll see about that. :dunno:

@black_maa: I will try my best to write more AtsuMina! :mon XD:

@Haruko: Long time no see! :depressed:

@ametakarano: Hmmm~ :hehehe:

@cisda83: I'm really glad that you noticed it! :mon inluv:

@Kairi65: Part 2? :hehehe:

And for the silent readers, thank you! :mon bye:
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Aaaaaaahhhh .... kojiyuu ....  :mon inluv:
Good job senpai ...  :mon lovelaff:
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I don't know why, but lately I start to like  more KojiYuu OS too..  :shy1:
But still.. I am  little bit curious about who made those sounds in other room..  :hehehe:
Waiting other OS..  :hee:
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Im back.. you know kojiyuu :D

OMG that was a smexy time!! but.. who are the other couple? atsumina? wmatsui? sayamilky couple?
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whose making those weird sounds on the other room? hahaha. XD

i fancy MariMii  :drool:

kyaah rine-sama! sugoi desu~  :twothumbs

 :heart: :heart: :heart:

i hope you'll write a SaeYaka fic too... or UmeMii. XD
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So, in the end, none of them actually hate yuri...?

Lol at Yuko's comment on the next door sound.. :sweatdrop: :grin:
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KojiYuu~  :heart:

Lovely stuff, Rine-chan! *w*
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Am I too late for a comment? :(
Businessess keeping me away from idol world...

Just wanna say this, thankyou for the OS!!! :twothumbs

KojiYuu feels :farofflook: interesting character twist lol XD

In the end, they are together. Cheers!!
Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KY) My Dear Yuuchan & (SM) My Shining Star [12/25/14]
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A/N: Heyya guys! ChibiRine here! So yeah, this is the 2/5 Christmas OS that I made. I will post the remaining THREE tomorrow because I restarted the AtsuMina and I think I'm going to use Third Person POV for WMatsui and MaYuki. Just maybe~ I am so sorry if it's going to be delayed or something~ :on gay:

That's all, hope y'all enjoy this! :gmon bang:

P.S: It's rushed and I didn't bother to edit it, hahaha! Sorry!

P.S.S: MERRY CHRISTMAS! :farofflook:

KojiYuu: My Dear Yuuchan

I leaned my body on the cold wall and I looked at my favorite person, but I guess she's really mad at me. "Hey, notice me." I said and she just rolled her eyes. "Yuuchan, forgive me. Please?" I said and she tilted her side to side. I sighed, "Ne, Yuuchan." I called her but still, no response from her.

My heart started to beat so crazily. But I promised Yuko that I will stay with her forever. Maybe it's the members who doesn't trust me, Yuko knows me all to well, that's why I love her. I may be a tsundere sometimes, but God knows how I love her with my whole heart.

I saw her stood up from the bed, not noticing the tear streaming down on my cheeks. She grabbed her hoodie and she sighed, "I'm going out for a while, make sure you'll lock the door." She said and she left me, crying, hearing my own heart...breaking.

"YUUCHAN! COME BACK!" I shouted. I slowly sat down on the cold floor, waiting something miracle to happen. I folded my legs and I rested my head.

I heard footsteps, every's getting louder. I tilted my head up and I saw my favorite person again. "Hey, don't cry." I saw her eyes, it was red...but the brown orbs are still there.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spend my whole day with Takamina." She helped me to stand up, as I rested myself on our bed, she sat down on the floor while looking at me.

"It's okay, Nyannyan. You were lonely, you needed someone to take care of you, I know that. I'm very cautious and anxious about our relationship. I get jealous so easily, I'm very sorry my dear Princess...I don't want to be the reason why you're crying." I saw some tears, from her eyes and streaming down on her cheeks.

I stood up, and I grabbed her hand. She looked at me with that wonderful eyes of her, gahd. That smile, that smile can complete the missing parts of me.

I sat next to her and I hugged her, I gently pulled her and she rested on my lap. I felt her breath on my chest as I caressed her hair, "I'm very sorry Yuuchan. It will not happen again." I said and Yuko looked at me.

"Don't be sorry, Hime. It's my fault for not taking care of you." Yuko said as she nuzzled on my chest, causing my heart to beat faster and my cheeks is getting hot.

An idea popped out of my head and I couldn't help but to smile like I won the lottery. "Yuuchan, Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." She whispered on my chest, as I felt her touch on my thigh, I couldn't help but to moan. "I know your smile Nyannyan, and I am not going to fall for it ag- ahhnn~ Nya~"

I touched her chest and she was moaning because of the pleasure, "Merry Christmas Yuuchan~" I said and I stopped touching her breast. I kissed her lips, I know it's kinda forced, but seeing her being like this is a privilege for me. As my hand landed on her wrist, I started to caress it, feeling her wonderful skin.

My hand tightened the grip on her wrists. My magical hands that can make Yuko squeal like a cat can handle it. Our tongues fought, but after the tongue wrestle with Yuko, I won. My hand did the work, since she's only wearing a sleeveless dress, I teased her collarbone. I sucked her neck, to make her feel satisfied. My leg moved higher in between her legs. I smirked, seeing Yuko panting so crazily makes my night satisfied.

"Why don't we just rest for a while." I paused and she nodded. "....and continue our session later." She nodded again. Instead getting off my lap, she rested her head on my arm. "Yuko." I called her.

"Yes?" She asked me, while panting.

"I love you." I said as and she smiled.

"I know Haruna. I love you too, so much." She said as she smiled. That squirrel like smile of hers, I've missed her. Ever since she graduated from the group she became a free person. I wonder how it feels like.

"How much do you love me?" I asked Yuko and I saw that biggest smile of hers.

"THIS MUCH!" She said as she extended her arms, "If only I can extend my short arms, I will. To prove how much I love you, Haruna."

I sighed and I smiled at her, I kissed her forehead and she nuzzled on my neck. "The world and time stops when I put my arms around you." I said and she looked at me, "Allow me to put my arms around you to stop the world and time. Just to celebrate Christmas with you."

"Hime~~~~" Yuko said and she clung her arms on my neck, letting our nose touch, "You're a teaser you know?" She whispered on my lips, feeling her hot breath on my lips.

"That's because Yuuchan's the best teacher." I replied to her and I hugged her so tight.

She planted a kiss on my neck, feeling her hot breath on my neck helps me to relax. I pulled her face and I kissed her.

Feeling each others lips, feeling each others breath, is just me or am I feeling hot? Yuko looked at me, still she doesn't fail to turn me on

My hand did the work, I hovered my hands on her chest and she moaned while our tongues our battling. I left her lips and I kissed her collarbone, slurping every nibble of it. She was moaning and she started to ruffle my hair, I brushed her thighs using my hands she kept moaning.

I found the hidden spots of her body. She rested her arms around my neck, I caressed her face and I removed the ponytail from her hair. My body is now on the top of Yuko's body, I kissed her cheeks as I started to kiss her neck. The way she moans, the way my satisfaction needs more. I stopped just to tease her.

"Nya-Nyannyan...." She called me and I looked at her. "I love you."

"I know, and I love you too, so much." I added and I saw Yuko's cheeks it was blushing, so I kissed her cheeks and I pinched her cheeks. "So does that mean you forgive me?" I asked her and she touched her chin.

"Hmmm, let me think about it." She looked at me straight into the eye, with that feisty smile of her.

I carried her, doing the bridal style and I was laughing while she was covering her face using her palms.

I landed her body on the bed, as I got on the top of her, she pulled me for a kiss. I circled my arms on her neck while she her arms are on my waist. I laid on top of her, not yet letting go of each others lips. As I ran my hands on her sides, stopping every smooth spots of her, her skin is so smooth, I can die right now. As Yuko pulled back, panting for more kiss. My lips planted little kisses on her collarbone as my hands kept stroking her sides.

I pulled her again, I am so hungry. So hungry to kiss Yuko. Her presence is enough, she may not have a gift for me or what, but I will try my best to make her happy this Christmas.

Kissing her hungrily and demanding an entrance right away, which she gave immediately. Our tongues danced with the beat of our hearts and I ran my hands up and down her sides, only to be replied by her soft moans into my mouth.

We both pulled back again, I smirked and Yuko was panting for more air.

"What happened to you, Nyannyan? This is not the usual you." She said and I blushed.

"It's just that....I want to give Yuuchan the best Christmas." Ahhh, I can feel my cheeks blushing because of this sudden confession. "You know, it's because I love you so much. Yuko, I know that I'm still a member of AKB. I don't have friends right by my side, only Miichan and Takamina are there when I miss you the most. Some view the two of us as best friends. But the world, the society, the fans, and our comrades, they don't need to know our relationship." I said and I sighed, I looked at Yuko and she was biting her lips. I laid down on the bed and Yuko did the same, I felt her head on my chest and I sighed. "But let me tell you this, let me guarantee you, when we're both ready, let's be proud of our relationship ne?" I felt her nodding and I sighed with a smile on my face.

As I felt my shirt getting wet, I didn't realized that she was crying.

"Hey, don't cry."

"I'm just happy you know." She said while tears started to race down on her face. I used my thumb to remove the tears away from Yuko's face.

"I don't want to see you cry, because...I don't want to see an angel crying. A beautiful angel, just like you, Yuuchan." I said and she removed her head from my chest.

She rested her head on my arm and she whispered, "I wonder what will our fans tell us, I mean sure KojiYuu is real in front of our fans. But I wonder, what are they going to say about us?"

"I bet they're going to celebrate about it." I said and the two of us laughed.

"Ne, Nyannyan. She called me and I looked at her, I saw her eyes again, staring at my eyes. "I'm very happy, because this is the wonderful Christmas. And this year is very special because you expressed your feelings for me. Arigatou, Haruna. Aishiteru."

I sighed and a pout came along, "Yuko, you know that it's VERY rare for me to express my feelings towards you. I know I always act like a tsundere in front of our fans, comrades, and the society. You know how much I love you, right?" I asked her and I felt her head nodding, she held my hands and she caressed it. "Yuko, I know I always ended up making you jealous with the other members, but please next time don't be jealous okay? It's only you and it will always be you. I love you so much my dear, Yuuchan."

"Nya-" I cut her sentence off.

"I couldn't bear a day without you, your picture, your messages, it's enough...just to feel your presence. I guess only death can do us apart."

"That's true..."

Yuko kissed my forehead and my nose. She smiled at me, leaving my mouth craving for her lips. "Mouu~ stop teasing me! I just confessed to you a while ago and now you're teasing me?! Unbelievable."

"Hehehe~ you know sometimes, we're very confused about our relationship. Earlier, I was the angry one and now you're mad at me because I was teasing ya~"

"Shut up."

"I love you."


"Say the magic word~"

"Kuso gaki." I said and we laughed. "Let's go to sleep Yuko." Actually, I don't like to sleep, it's just that I want to tease her.

"Yeah, actually it's a tiring day. Let's just call it for the night. Tomorro- no I mean later, we're going to buy our gifts for each other, okay? Good night and I love you~"

She said and I just smiled at her, she closed her eyed and I tried my best to remain quiet so that I can take off my shirt and pajamas easily. "Yuuchan, open your eyes." Okay, so I'm wearing this sexy Santa Claus costume...I hope she'll like it.

"Nyannyan~ I'm trying to get some sleep~" She said while groaning.

I smirked and I whispered, "Too bad, I already have my gift here." I said and Yuko opened her eyes, I stood up from the bet and she gasped, I saw her eyes sparkling because of her view. "Merry Christmas my dear Yuuchan."


SayaMilky: My Shining Star

Enjoying because of the quiet and cold air here at the rooftop, I can feel the cold air passing by skin. As I opened a big bag of vegetable chips and gulped down some soda, I couldn't help but to smile, "It's just you and me, my dear guitar~" I said and I started to ruffle my hair. "But I don't have an inspiration here, how I wish Miyuki's here to accompany me." I mumbled and and I sighed, I started to hum Heart Gata Virus but then, something is not really right.

It's creeping the hell out of me, I saw a shadow and I knew it, argh. "And I thought I will be alone here!" I shouted, the shadow appeared again and a girl giggled.

I groaned, "Miyuki, show yourself." I commanded her, but no, she didn't revealed herself. I groaned again, "Milky, show your cuteness to me."

A girl revealed herself wearing a trench coat and a leather shoes, she removed her coat and she was wearing a red dress, covering her legs with a black leggings, she removed her scarf and I got to admit it, I was caught in an awe moment.

"SAYANEEEEEEEEEE~!" I knew it, she's doing it intentionally, I rolled my eyes and she ran with an open arms, she's planning to capture me, luckily there's a bed here hehe, and I'm seated there, I rolled my body and she hugged the air. "Mou~ Sayanee~ let me hug you~!" She commanded me. I scooted a little to let her hug me, I felt her arms resting on my waist, feeling her body helps me to forget about the cold air. "Now, kiss me~"
I escaped from her hug and I shook my head, "No." I answered her coldly. "How's your sold debut though?" I asked her and she looked enthusiastic about it

"It was super!" She said with that cheeky smile of hers, "Ne Sayanee, kiss me~"


"At least my chin is not THAT long." Milky said and she rolled her eyes.

I laughed out loud, "At least I'm not GOOD at fishing."

"You're such a tsundere!" She shouted at me and I chuckled. "The only thing that you're not acting like a total tsun is your guitar!" She added.

"Fine. You see, I'm writing a new song here. But it looks like I'm confused and I don't have an inspiration." I told her and I scratched my head. "Will you be my inspiration?" I asked her and she nodded, with that wonderful smile of hers, making my night so warm.

She rested her head on my lap and I started to play my guitar, and I looked up the sky, praying to Kami-sama to give me a memorable Christmas.

My love, why are you so down?
Care to explain it to me how?
I've been wondering why you are so sad.
It's, that time of the year, I want to see you smile, like you used to smile.

"So, how was it?" I asked her and I saw her cheeks, I caressed it and it was wet. "Are you crying?" I asked her and she shook her head, I grabbed my handkerchief from my pocket and I wiped her tears.

"I'm not crying! My eyes are just sweating." She said with a pout on her face, I titled down my head and I smirked. "Don't tilt your head down, you're going to kill yourself!" She shouted and she laughed.

Still holding my guitar, I started to play some random songs.

"Anou, Sayanee." She called me with a broken voice, I offered her a can of soda and she refused it. "That's a great song." She said and smiled at me, she held my chin just to let me face her, I saw her eyes...and it's beautiful.

"Arigatou." I said and I laid down my guitar on the other side of the bed and I tackled Milky. My mouth searched for her ears and I whispered, "I love you." I confessed to her and I can that she's blushing. "What's wrong Milky?" I asked her, "Cat got your tongue?" I added and she lightly slapped my right arm.

"No. It's's very rare for me to hear you, saying that you love me. I'm always the clingy one but Sayak-" Snowflakes started show up, some snowflakes fell on Milky's forehead. I blew it away just to protect her from the cold air.

I smiled at her, seeing her being innocent and cute, it turns me on. "Let me hug you." I said and she was shocked about it, my arms searched for her waist. "Let me protect you." She rested her head on my chest. "Lastly, let me kiss you." I said and she covered her face using her both hands.

"Mou~ stop embarrassing me!" She said and I let out a loud chuckle, I felt her arms crawling down on my waist and I smiled at her.

Watching the snowflakes falling, cuddling with your favorite lover, what a wonderful Christmas. The trees are already covered because of the snow, and I swear, Milky and I will wake up, with cough and colds.

"Ne, Milky." I called her and she looked at me with a questionable face. "Can you...uhm...hug me a little tight?"

She smiled with that wonderful cheeks again, "Of course Sayanee."

I felt her arms, tighten to my waist. I sighed and I looked up at the sky, I saw the biggest star, and it's shining. "Ne, Milky." I called her again, with my full determination, I pointed the shining star, "You see that star? That's going to be you. The shining star of all stars."

She was sniffling and I looked at her, straight into the eye, tears are starting to roll down on her cheeks. I kissed her forehead and I hugged her. "Sayaka, without you...I will never be the star." She said and I lightly ruffled her hair.

"There, there. I'm always here for you, through hard times or good times, I will always be there. To support you, and to show you, that you're the brightest star." I said and I pecked on her cheeks. "By the way..." I added and I grabbed something from my bag, it's a necklace with a picture of me and Milky, our first picture together. "Merry Christmas, my dear Miyuki."

She wore the necklace with my assistance, after observing the necklace, she faced me again and she pounced at me. I felt her arm clinging on my neck, she gently pulled my head for a kiss and I smirked, "Thank you for the wonderful gift, Sayaka. But my gift I left it downstairs, is it okay for us to get it there?" She said and I lightly laughed.

"Of cours-" I wasn't able to finish it though, I felt her soft puckering lips on mine.

My world stopped, I was so lost. She pulled back and she giggled at me, I was very stunned about her movement. She pulled my arms and we left our stuff there, "Let's just get our stuff tomorrow, Sa-Ya-Ka~" She said with that teasing tone of hers.

As we arrived downstairs, I plopped myself on the couch. I closed my eyes and I just sighed. "What a tiring night."

"Make sure you'll restore your energy, Sa~ya~nee~"

I opened my eyes and I saw her, wearing a red bra and a green underwear. My jaw dropped and she giggled.

"Merry Christmas~"


So how was it? I hope all of you enjoyed it! :gmon bang:


Please leave a comment while you can, just to give me some inspiration *slapped* :mon XD:
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ 2 CHRISTMAS OS (KojiYuu and SayaMilky) 2/5 [12/25/14]
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Kyaaa ... Kojiyuu ...
Mmm ... I think i got an idea for my fic after reading your fic senpai ... Yosh!!
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ 2 CHRISTMAS OS (KojiYuu and SayaMilky) 2/5 [12/25/14]
Post by: arawche079 on December 25, 2014, 04:36:43 PM
Finaly kojiyuu fic!!!!! :deco:

 i like kojiyuu‘s lovey dovey scene

and haruna pleading for yuko‘s forgiveness is new for me..

thank you!!!
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ 2 CHRISTMAS OS (KojiYuu and SayaMilky) 2/5 [12/25/14]
Post by: MisakiShishido on December 25, 2014, 04:52:11 PM
Both are crazy good as always.  :O2

Hawt KojiYuu & adorable SayaMilky ahhhhh~~~  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Pure brilliance! Maybe I should return to the writing board too!  :cathappy:
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Where's the ChuriYuki OS you promised?

JK.jk take your time Rine-sama~

:heart: both are really good btw
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Post by: Kairi65 on December 27, 2014, 06:35:30 AM
Can't wait for the next one!

3 more~
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ 2 CHRISTMAS OS (KojiYuu and SayaMilky) 2/5 [12/25/14]
Post by: ametakarano on December 28, 2014, 08:10:20 AM
kyaah~ Rine-sama!!! sugoi desu~

can't wait for the next three.

Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Apology OS LOL) (Imagine your OTP) Regrets 12/28/14
Post by: ametakarano on December 28, 2014, 08:57:03 AM
 :on blackhole:


i don't know why... i imagined it was Umechan's POV...

and then she sees Yuko with Nyan Nyan.

 :on cloudeye:
Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (AtsuMina) All I Want For Christmas 12/29/14
Post by: ChibiRine on December 29, 2014, 06:21:01 PM
I was lurking around Tumblr just to read some fics earlier. Then I saw this picture of Takamina wearing a deer costume? Then I read this fic where Acchan got mad because Takamina's phone was dead. (I think there's a KojiYuu, MaYuki, and WMatsui version of it.)

Yeah, to make the long story very short, shorter than Takamina's height, I ended up doing this.

So yeah, this is an old OS from my drafts. I shouldn't be posting this because this is a reserved idea. But what the hell? It's Christmas New Year anyway. So I guess this is 3/5, right? Gah, I should stop procrastinate. This is supposed to be MaYuki/WMatsui But yeah, this idea was originally for AtsuMina so yeah.

To: Chiqa-san,

Here, I think you need a part two for your gift. Just kidding. Thank you for everything.

Your Bra,


Daily trash from me. LIKE THE FREAKING USUAL.

Plus, I received a lot of hugs last Christmas

*cough*Momo*cough*Chiqa*cough*Eclis*cough*And others*cough*

Too much information like the usual.

AtsuMina: All I Want For Christmas

After the filming of Fujifilm TV ads, AKB48's two old aces, yeah me and Yuko, we call ourselves as the OLD ACES of AKB48, oh yeah back to reality, Yuko, HKT48's Top Manager, I decided to rest for a while. The squirrel like girl just sighed, playing with her phone. It's not like its awkward or what, but yeah, it's awkward. Yuko yawned and she looked at Sashihara, who's sweating...I think?  I looked around my surrounding and I sighed.

“That’s the 10th time this day, Acchan. What’s wrong?” Yuko asked me and I just looked at her, on the other hand, Sashihara’s just playing with her phone. I shook my head and Yuko just pouted, “So, Sasshi. How’s Nyannyan? Is she eating properly? Is she sleeping with someone?” The squirrel like girl asked the HKT’s Top Manager.

“She’s doing okay, Yuko-chan. Yes, she’s eating properly. Nope she’s not sleeping with someone….she’s lonely and she needs someone to talk to." I saw Yuko’s eyes, filled with guilt. “Except for the fact she’ll spend this day with Takamina-san. Miichan will not be around because she’s on her way to Hokkaido with Mariko-sama.” My eyes met with Yuko’s, now we're just sad because Sasshi; making two of us are feeling guilty.

“YOOOOOOOOOOSH.” I breathed out, “So, Yuko and Sasshi. Want to spend Christmas with me?” I asked the two of them and they both nodded at the same time. “It’s going to be a cold Christmas. “ I said and the two of them laugh.

“Why don’t we just buy some gifts?” Sasshi suggested and Yuko just nodded in agreement. The Top Manager noticed Yuko’s atmosphere, I saw the sadness on Yuko’s eyes. It was pure. Tears are starting to form on her eyes. Sasshi grabbed a tissue and she wiped the short girl’s tear.

Yuko just smiled and she said, “I’m practicing for my new show!” The squirrel like girl laughed, Sasshi and I just laughed along. “Acchan, what do you want for Christmas?” Yuko asked me.

I pouted, “I want a teddy bear. THE FLUFFY ONE!” I said, Sasshi grabbed her phone and she was typing with a light of speed. I looked at her with a questionable look while Yuko stood up from her seat and she stretched her arms.

“Let’s go change our clothes.”

“Yeah! I want to shop and rest though~” Yuko said and she took off the ponytail from her hair, she ruffled her hair and I sighed again. “Acchan, 11th time.” Yuko reminded me and I just looked at her.

“I know. Sorry.” I answered shortly and I stood up from my chair and went to the dressing room.

As I arrived to the dressing room, I searched for my bag just to text Minami. As I grabbed my phone from my bag, I started to type some random messages to Minami.

Screw this, I'm not going to send it.

I plopped my phone back to my bag and I changed my clothes. I am now wearing a white dress and this red dress, not too revealing, not too cliché. I am still waiting for my phone to alert me.

Maybe 2nd attempt is not wrong, right? I grabbed my phone again and I sighed.

To: Minami
Subject: Hey
Date: 12/25/14

Minami, Merry Christmas. Can we meet after your meeting with Haruna?

I didn't send the message because I'm sure that she's just busy.

“Acchan, let’s go~!” I heard Yuko screamed, I just sighed and threw my phone back to my bag.

What a lonely Christmas.

I got out from the dressing room, I saw Yuko poking Sasshi’s cheeks.

“Yuko……what are you doing?” I asked Yuko and she just giggled. “Stop harassing Sasshi.” I said and the victim just pouted because of Yuko’s sudden action.

“Why? ‘Cause she’s the new center?” Yuko asked me and I nodded in response. “Meh. You’re boring Sasshi, you don’t have the boooooooooooooooooobs and the buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutt.” Yuko added and grabbed her bag.

I grabbed my phone again, but no messages from Minami.

“I’m heading first to the car.” Sasshi said and Yuko and I gave her thumbs up in response.

While Sasshi was walking away from Yuko and I, “Have you talked to Takamina?” Yuko asked me and I shook my head.

“Have you talked to Kojipa?” I asked Yuko and she shook her head. “Looks like were dateless huh?” She asked me and I just smiled at her.

“I wonder, what’s the perfect gift for Nyannyan? Yuko asked me.

"You can bake for her. Just to avoid the material things."

"But she's with Takamina, remember?"

"Don't worry, we'll get our revenge later."

Yuko and I winked at the same time, laughing because of our crazy scheme

"Let's go." I said, "Sasshi, might think that we're doing something that shouldn't do."

Yuko scoffed, "Like that'll happen." She said and she sticked her tongue out.

3 hours later

No response from Minami, where the hell is that midget? No call, no text, from her. What's happening to the whole wide freaking depressing world?!

I grabbed my phone again and I started to type that the zombie's going to eat my adorable body.

But still, I didn't gather my strength.

That does it, I'm going to eat my heart out.

Few hours later

I got home carrying 20...scratch that. I got home carrying 20 plus shopping bags. Still sad because Minami is still not here.

No fucking text.

I'm sad about it, should I text Yuko and ask her to spend Christmas with me?

Screw this. Screw Christmas. Screw my life. Screw Minami. I'm texting Yuko alright.

To: Yuko
Subject: Mind Spending Christmas With Me?
Date: 12/15/14

Ne, Yuko. I was thinking about to get wasted, you in for it?

I sighed and I looked at the shopping bags, I realized that I bought more food than clothes. My phone alarmed me and I saw Yuko's reply.

From: Yuko
Subject: I Can't.
Date: 12/25/14

I can't, Acchan. Gomen ne? I'm with Haruna right now. Actually I left her at our bedroom, crying. Now here I am, feeling the guilt, now I'm being an ass. I should climb upstairs, wish me luck.

Plus, Minami? Not with you?

And I think this is the first time Haruna cried because of Yuko, usually, it'll be Yuko who will cry because of Haruna's interaction with some certain members.

To: Yuko
Subject: Well Shit. Good Luck.
Date: 12/25/14

Wish you good luck. No Minami.

I mean, aren't they lucky to have each other? Yuko's too caring and Haruna's too spoiled. It's like Yuko's the older one.

I realized something, I'm acting like a total brat.

Earlier, Sasshi asked me what I wamt for Christmas.

And I answered her I want a teddy bear, a big one to be exact.

If I am going to be honest, all I want for Christmas is to spend my time with Minami.

But I guess her schedules are being an asshole.

So yeah, no Minami for this year.

I sighed and I looked at the bags again, I brought a bag of microwavable popcorn out of the bag. While walking on my way to the kitchen, I heard the doorbell.


Could it be her?

I sighed and I walked on my way to the door, I saw a man who's wearing a blue uniform. Must be those shipping guys.

"Package for Maeda Atsuko?"


"Just sign this." He said and he handed me this piece of paper and I signed it.

"So, where's the package?" I asked.

I saw 5 men, carrying this big box, and it's wrapped with pink wrapper, not to mention the adorable ribbon at the of it.







The whole box got into my house and the men, well they left while smiling.

And I think I just saw, Mayu, Yuki, Rena, Jurina, Yui, and Paruru.

I must be freaking out right now.

I saw a note from the box, I pulled the paper and the next thing I knew, I was crying.

Dear, Atsuko

Merry Christmas, my dear. I know that you and I, we're both busy because of our sucky schedules, right? You may thought that I lost my feelings for you because of my fanservice. Buuuuuut, you're totally wrong, my princess. I was just teasing you, y'know? I really love to see those lovely eyes of your's that's full of jealousy. I'm just kidding.

I really love you. Always remember that, okay? I may be not on your side day by day, night by night. But let me tell you this, no matter what happens, I'm here for you. To support you, and to tell you everyday that I love you.

Hope you will enjoy the teddy bear.

I'm sorry for not texting you earlier.



I opened the box, and the letter was right.

"A...teddy....bear?" I said with a questionable tone.

I hugged the teddy bear and I felt a bone inside.


I was about to panic, but the stuffed toy pounced at me. "Atsuko~ Merry Christmas~"


The stuffed toy, or should I say mascot removed the head and it was Minami.

"Yuko and Sasshi told me that you want a teddy bear so, ta-da~!"

I laughed and I glomped (A/N: For Adorks, this is a real word. LOL WHAT?!) at Minami who's chuckling right now.

"Sorry if I wasn't able to reply, you know, schedule and other bullshits."

"Ne, teddy-chan~"


"Daisuki~~~~~!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"Hahaha! I know, and I love you more."


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I can just imagine the epic plot there...

A giant teddy bear for Atsuko to play when Minami is not around with her...

Though this time there is Minami in it

Very cute Christmas...

Thank you for the lovely OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (AtsuMina) All I Want For Christmas 12/29/14
Post by: Kairi65 on December 30, 2014, 12:31:46 PM
Nice os! :twothumbs

And I guess the people who brought in the package is MaYuki, WMatsui, and YuiParu?  :roll:

Best teddy bear for Acchan! :cathappy:
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (AtsuMina) All I Want For Christmas 12/29/14
Post by: chiqinna on December 30, 2014, 02:28:53 PM
Dear Bra,
    Halu  :hee:, thanks for the part two..!!  :luvluv1: :luvluv2:
           I really love it okay~  :nya: hmmm.. me wanna hug teddymina too~  :on gay: *slapped by Acchan*  :on chew:
     Maybe not +-+ okay.. a little Kojiyuu in there is just so sweet~ LEL
     (Sorry for the messed up reply  :on lol: )
                          but really... I want to hug teddymina .__. *stabbed by Acchan*  :on beatup
        nah...I'll hug ChibiFluffyTallyReanieRine instead~ come at meh bra~~~  :on hypto:

Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (MaYuki) Sick Day 12/31/14
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This is my first MaYuki OS, I hope y'all enjoy it! :mon sweat:

Hey guys! Looks like this is going to be my year-end OS? Maybe~? :dunno: :

For the WMatsui, I really want to procrastinate for it, but the plot that I created for that OS is too sweet. It'll be waste if I will procrastinate. Maybe next Christmas? :mon XD:

I will just update TAMR for all WMatsui fans. :depressed:

WMatsui Christmas Themed OS (

(You can just check Rest Day if you want to.)

Last Christmas OS, douzo~! :gmon bang:

MaYuki: Sick Day

I entered Yuki's apartment, as expected from an ojou-sama like her, her apartment is clean, her kitchen is not sloppy, I reached for her bedroom. I opened the door and it's too clean, maybe she likes to clean every rest day? Or Kashiwagi-mama will always drop by here? As I saw her sleeping face, I couldn't help but to squeal inside because, she's too damn cute.

I plopped down my bag on the other side of Yuki's bedroom, but then I realized she'll smell the food and she will not be able to rest.

So, I picked up my bag again and went outside my Princess' bedroom. I rested my bag at the counter and I opened the bag. As my hand went inside the bag full of foods, I sighed, hoping that the food will not be sloppy.

After putting the containers inside the refrigerator, I went inside Yuki's room, just to observe her.

"Tsk." My tongue clicked, at least she's cute while smiling.

As my hands hovered down on Yuki's forehead, I felt the hotness. "Tsk tsk." I've been worried about her, she's putting too much effort. I should've told her to rest for a while. Its been the same happenings though.

Yuki will always get sick, twice a month. But this month, December, thrice this month. I couldn't help but to get mad to myself. I should've warn her about the snow.

I felt her body moving, I got off from the bed and I observed her. She sighed and she opened her eyes.

"Morning." I greeted her, she looked so shocked, at the same time, she was smiling,

"Mayu! Morning!" She replied, she was about to stand up but I told her just to lay down. "What are you doing here?" She asked me and I just sighed.

"I decided to visit you because I'm worried for you."

"Baka, there's no need to worry about. Plus, Jurina and Rena told me that they will drop by."

Ah biscuits, I forgot about the WMatsui! "Yeah, Jurina told me about it. Plus, Yui and Paruru told me that they will visit Paruru's favorite senpai." I said with a smirk on my face.

"Ah, did Takamina-san told you about her plan?" I have no idea about this plan thingy because all I care about is you.


"Un. Yuko-san asked Maeda-san about her ideal gift for this Christmas. Maeda-san told Sasshi and Yuko-san, that she wants a teddy bear. BIG ONE. Then yeah, Sasshi texted me, Yui, Paruru, Rena, Jurina, Haruna-san, and Takamina-san about it. The truth is, Takamina-san and Haruna-san didn't hangout. Haruna-san went to the mall with Milky, to buy this sexy Santa outfit. While Milky bought a red underwear with a green bra to pair with it. Too cool for a Christmas, ne?"

I nodded, "Well, I was planning that you will rest for a while. Then we will hangout with WMatsui and YuiParu. Sounds good?" I asked her and she nodded while smiling. "Happy?" I asked again and she raised her thumb and gave me a thumbs up.

"Un. Happy Yukirin is happy!" And I thought you were sick. I smiled at her, as my hand rested on her head, she pulled my arm, which left me no choice but to land on her bed. "Back to the story." She said and I just nodded. "Then yeah, Haruna-san and Milky saw Takamina-san buying this Bear costume, but they told me that it's fluffy so no harm for Maeda-san. So now, they're preparing for their gifts and waiting for their prey. But Takamina-san will drop by as well. 'Cause you know, she needs our help." Eh? Chotto.

"Chotto, matte. Yukirin, can you see the snow?" I pointed the window and I felt her head nodding in agreement. "That means you can't go outside."

"Eeeeehhhhhhhhhh?! Why?! Just because I'm sick that doesn't mean I will not go out with you guys later."

"Maybe?" I asked her and I laughed just to tease her.

As I felt her body moving so crazily, I looked at her. But oh boy, wrong move, Watanabe. Wrong move, as I felt her body at the top of my body, I could see her face, crossed down by a pinkish hue. "You know that I hate it when you're teasing me, specially when I'm sick!" She said, she caressed my cheeks and I swear, I can feel the heat creeping up my cheeks. As she pinched my cheeks and my nose, she kissed my forehead, my nose, and my cheeks. "I really want to kiss your lips, but I guess I will infect you so no." She said and she winked at me.

"I'm not scared." I answered as I bitted my lip.

"I mean, you know, I'm scared to infect you." She said as she kissed my forehead and brushed me hair.

I looked at her straight in to the eye, "Go ahead. Infect me."

As I felt her soft puckering lips on mine, I clung my arms on her neck, as her hand started to search for my hidden spots, my body fought back, as our tongues are fighting for dominance, I managed to get on top of her, as my tongue pulled back and started to slurp down for her neck. "Nngh~ Mayu~" She's moaning and groaning, its getting louder.

Now I'm getting bored with her neck, it's time for some action, I was about to pull her pajamas down, she groaned. As I smirked just to tease her for a while, I kissed her lips again, this time its full of passion, pure, and bliss. As my right hand massaged her breast in a circular motion, I felt a vibrate while we're kissing.


I groaned and I rolled my eyes. "Let me just get the door for you". I said as fixed my dress, Yuki was panting and I smirked at her.

She rolled her eyes and then she smiled, as I gave her lips a quick peck. "Mayu." She called me and I looked at her, she was panting but she was smiling. "I love you." She said.

"I love you too." I mouthed and I gave her a flying kiss.

I ran downstairs to see who are the intruders.

Way to go to ruin our moment, guys.


Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (MaYuki) Sick Day 12/31/14
Post by: Kairi65 on December 31, 2014, 10:22:23 AM
Mayu is such a tease, and Yukirin's reaction when she saw Mayu is just like a kid that is shown candy...  :lol:

And Mayu's last sentence XD

Wanting to read more! :twothumbs
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (MaYuki) Sick Day 12/31/14
Post by: yurin23mayuki on December 31, 2014, 11:19:33 AM
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ <3
MaYuki!!!!!!!  :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:
 :twothumbs i love it! hihi 
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (Christmas OS) (MaYuki) Sick Day 12/31/14
Post by: fath107 on December 31, 2014, 05:32:28 PM
hahahaha mayu~ you're such a teaser.. it's not good you know  :lol:

yuki... she has a fever right? hmm if mayu start to do ... yuki body will be more hot~ *you know what i mean*  :w00t: :D

i like this os... no... i love it! hahahaha  XD MaYuki was so cute!

hmm~ i hope you can make another MaYuki OS~  :bow:

Thank you so much ChibiRine-san!   :D
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Post by: MYJR on January 01, 2015, 06:25:35 AM
MaYuki :luvluv1:

to bad their moment was ruin but I like it :heart: :heart:

the tease... I love it :deco: :deco: :deco:

Thanks~ :cathappy:
Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Truth 1/1/15
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HAPPY NEW YEAR~! :on gay:

Hey guys! I was about to post this yesterday but internet was being a crap. (Will date this as 1/1/15 mehehehe :hehehe: )

Yeah, belated Happy Anniversary to all Yuko oshis out there! :mon thumb:

Sorry if this OS is a little bit trashy because I didn't edit it and so-so. :mon sweat:

YES! 1st KojiYuu OS for this year~! :on gay:

Too much information again, urgh. :mon zoom:

The Truth

December 31, 2013

She's been having second thoughts if she's going to do it, or not. She realized that her love isn't a fanservice anymore. It's pure and true, this is the only chance to prove herself that she's Oshima Yuko. Resting half of her body on the wall, closed her eyes and held the red velvet box. She turned off the lights and opened her eyes. No matter what's going to happen, you'll still love her, but not the same anymore. She thought as she bit her lips. As her vision got clear, she saw a tall brunette girl, who happens to be her partner when it comes to fanservice.

She started to stare at the chandelier that's shining before her very own eyes.

She sighed.

This is it. No backing out. Time to face reality and accept the result. She thought as she took a deep breathe and smiled. "Ne Nyannyan~" She called the tall girl.

Yuko can see that Haruna was busy putting on a light powder on her face and a light dark red lipstick on her lips. "Yes, Yuuchan?" Haruna answered as she faced Yuko. The small dimpled girl can feel her heart beating, she thought that her heart was racing with a car that's over the speed limit.

"Can I talk to you?" The ponytailed girl asked the long haired girl. " private?" Yuko added which made Haruna stood up from her chair, as Yuko pulled Haruna's hand gently, they decided to go somewhere, where someone will not see them.

As Yuko realized that they're too far, they stopped. "Yuko, what do you want to talk about?" Kojima asked with a cold yet sexy husky voice.

"Can I...hug you?" The short girl asked the taller girl.

Haruna gasped, she didn't know what to answer. Usually, Yuko will just pounce at her. The taller girl wants to confess her feelings, her one-sided feelings for the short girl. But looks like these two girls were both wrong.

Confused because of the question, the tall girl gently pulled the short girl, which left their body bumping each other. Haruna rested her arms on Yuko's back. The short girl was silently crying, confused if she's going to confess it.

"Why ask me to hug you?" Haruna asked Yuko, Yuko, didn't bother to answer Haruna's question.

Instead answering the question, the tall girl felt Yuko's arms on her waist, tightening it's grip, Haruna wished, "I wish we will last like this, forever." The tall girl whispered, Yuko didn't heard it.

"Why the sudden, Yuuchan?" Haruna asked Yuko, the short girl and the tall girl got apart from the hug.

The dimpled girl looked at the air-headed girl straight into the eye.

Haruna is now worried because of Yuko's eyes.

"Are you cryin-" The short girl putted her index finger on Haruna's lips which caused the tall girl to stop asking her questions.

Yuko can feel her hands are shaking, she gulped and took a deep breathe. "Haruna, it's been the same routine ever since I joined AKB. I've met so many girls, but you, you're the type of girl who's hard to get. I don't understand what's between you and your girly thoughts and features. But let me tell you something, my feelings for you, aren't somewhere between fanservice and force. I love you Kojima Haruna......" Yuko kneeled as she grabbed Haruna's right hand. She took the red velvet out from her dress pocket and she opened it. "...will you be my girlfriend?" Yuko asked as Haruna just looked at Yuko.

The tall girl sighed. "I'm sorry but, I don't want the same situation with Acchan and Takamina. I love you too Yuko, as my comrade." Haruna said as Yuko stood up and let go of Haruna's hand. I'm an idiot Yuuchan, please forgive me. I love you, not as my comrade....I love you with my whole heart. But I don't want to struggle like how Takamina's facing right now. I'm sorry Yuuchan, I love you, I love you, I love you. Please forgive me, I'm just afraid to lose you. I don't want to lose you, I love you, forever and ever. But, I'm sorry. The tall girl thought, tears are starting to form on her eyes.

Yuko was frustrated, she doesn't know what to do. No matter what's going to happen, you'll still love her, but not the same anymore. Remember?! Yuko thought as she smiled. "Thank you." She mumbled as she left Haruna, standing somewhere in a dark place. Yuko wiped her tears, but the tears kept flowing down on her cheek. What a good fucking way to start my New Year's Eve. Just great. Yuko thought as she sat on the floor, she grabbed the headphone on a chair, she pulled her bag on the table and grabbed her phone. She was so frustrated alright, she couldn't think, she couldn't speak, she couldn't remember the dance steps, she couldn't remember the song lyrics. Is this the right time? Yuko asked herself as she played a song on her phone.

Baby! Baby!
Are you ready?
We're crazy

Yuko couldn't control the tears that are streaming down on her cheeks. Her head keeps hitting the wall, how could Haruna not return the favor to Yuko? The hugs? The kisses? The holding hands? The sweet talks? That was all nothing for Haruna? How could that happen?

Yuko didn't noticed that it's time for their performance. She sighed and she looked up, "Gomen ne, Acchan. But I guess I have to pass Takamina, Miichan, Mayu, Sasshi, and Nya- Haruna the burden." The short girl mumbled to herself, she stood up and she fixed her hair.

"Ah Yuko~ our time is about to start. Ikou yo?" AKB48's General Manager asked AKB48's New Ace.

The New Ace nodded, "Hai."

Yuko sighed, Takamina noticed that Yuko's being out of her game these days. The General Manager putted her hands on the New Ace's shoulder. "Something bothering you?" Takamina asked Yuko.

"I'm going to announce it..." Yuko mumbled, Takamina however, she dropped her mic. "Please tell them to prepare Heavy Rotation."

"Demo Yuko, what ab-"

"Minami...onegai?" Another round of tears are streaming down on her face.

Takamina wiped Yuko's tears with the use of her thumbs.

Somewhere part of the room, where Yuko and Takamina didn't noticed about some members gathering around. The air-headed girl was there too.

"Is it true?" Kashiwagi Yuki asked and the others nodded.

"But...does that mean AKB48 will never be the same without the great Oshima Yuko?" Watanabe Mayu asked and the girls nodded again.

"Kojima-san...." Matsui Rena called Kojiharu. Haruna hummed and Rena just sighed. "Wish you the luck." She mumbled and Haruna just bitted her lips.

No Haruna, you will not cry. But she was too late, beads of tears are now formed. She wanted to wipe down her tears, but immediately, every wipe, there will always be a replacement for her tears.

"48G MEMBERS! PLEASE PROCEED TO THE STAGE NOW!" The stage manager shouted, the girls professionally formed their position. Haruna saw the two midget girl, Takamina was comforting Yuko. While Yuko, she just keep on crying.

Yuko wiped the tears away and she smiled, she saw Haruna staring at her. Their eyes met, they wanted to tell each other their feelings but, no use.

Moments later after Koisuru Fortune Cookie

Finally, they finished their song. Yuko sighed and she smiled.

"There is one thing that I really want to tell everyone here..."

She looked up and she smiled along with a sigh.

The crowd goes wild because they're predicting it, predicting that she will announce it.

"I, Oshima Yuko," She paused for a while, and praying to Kami-sama that this is only a dream. "Will graduate from AKB48...."

Takamina can be seen, crying because another Ace will leave the group.

Haruna and Mayu looked at each other, as they glanced at Yuko, the present Ace is trying her best not to cry. Trying her best that she's strong, she's not weak.

This is all my fault. Haruna thought as tears started to stream down again.

"...and this is going to be my last stage at Kouhaku. I'll sing with gratitude for all the supports I've received."

Then yeah, Heavy Rotation played.

Yuko shined like a star.

Brightest star that no one has ever seen.

 (бвб)♡(-∀-`) - (бвб)♡(-∀-`)

─=≡Σ((( つбвб)つ─=≡Σ((( つ-∀-`)つ

─=≡Σ((( つ-∀-`)つ─=≡Σ((( つбвб)つ

"Otsukaresama deshita~!" The present Ace shouted as the staffs and some members clapped for her.

"Yuko, we are so proud of you!" The staffs shouted and Yuko just bowed at them.

Yuko walked on her way to the dressing room, just to find some time alone for herself. That's what she thought. She caught Haruna, resting her body on the couch, her palms are covering her face. The newly-announced member wanted to approach Haruna, but her own pride swallowed her.

Haruna was crying, trying to catch her breath. Yuko wanted to approach the the tall girl but, pride...doesn't want to let her go.

Yuko was about to go outside of their room, until the tall girl was acting like a spoiled brat. She's throwing all the things that she can see. "I should've told Yuuchan, the way I feel about her..." The tall girl said. "I should've kissed her! I should've told her that I love her! Why?! Why?! Why?!"

Yuko gasped, she was really confused about Haruna. But at the same time, she's crying. Crying because she's regretting it.

"Did she announce her graduation because of me?! Why am I so dumb not to notice it?!" The taller girl asked herself.

The short girl wasn't moving, she's just there, watching her beloved Haruna, crying and shouting.

The tall girl stopped but tears won't stop, Haruna sighed and whispered, "I love you, Yuuchan. Why am I so dumb not to tell you the way I feel? Maybe because of insecurity?" Haruna sighed. "I love you too, Oshima Yuko. And I will be glad to label myself as your girlfriend."

Yuko heard it, she heard it, all of it. She gently walked on her way to the couch and she saw Haruna's eyes. The younger girl sighed, she pounced at the crying girl. Which caused Haruna to get shocked. "Stop crying." The younger girl said. "Did I make you cry?" She asked the older girl. And a nod answered her. "I'm sorry." Yuko mumbled.

"No. Don't be." Haruna answered, she felt that every beat of her heart started to sound so loud.

"I can hear your heart." Yuko said, she looked at Haruna straight into the eye.

"Is my heartbeat really that loud?" The tall girl lifted her arms, fingers slid down on Yuko's head, combing every strands of her hair.

"Yup, it's stopping me to graduate." Yuko joked which made the older girl pushed Yuko away from her and the couch. To Yuko's surprise, she fell from the couch, what's more surprising Haruna's push wasn't a joke. "Okay. Okay~ I'm just joking." Yuko said, while the older girl arranged her position, folded her legs and she rested her head there.

"I hate you..." The tall girl mumbled. Yuko just sighed, she looked at Haruna again. The tall girl was trying to hide her tears away from Yuko.

"Show me your tears." Yuko commanded Haruna, but no. Haruna didn't obey Yuko's command. The younger girl sighed, "You broke my heart earlier...." Yuko whispered, but Haruna heard it, Haruna looked at Yuko straight in to the eye, wanting to say something.

The two girls heard the booming and loud sounds of fireworks. They glanced at the clock and it's exactly 12:00 AM. January 1, 2014.

"Happy New Year, Yuuchan." Haruna greeted Yuko, she gently held the younger girl's hand and she gently squeezed it.

"Happy New Year, Nyannyan." Yuko replied back, she stole a kiss from Haruna's cheeks.

The taller girl grinned, "You don't greet someone you love like that." Haruna mumbled which left the short girl smile.

"Does that mean we're offi-mmph" Yuko wasn't able to finish because Haruna pulled her face which led them to kiss. Feeling each others breath, the tall girl bitted the younger girl's lips, Yuko accepted it, their tongues fought, their heartbeat is getting out of control.

Haruna pulled back, "Why don't we continue this to our hotel room later, roommate?" The tall girl asked and a wink came along

Yuko totally forgot about it, she's roommate with Haruna. "H-hai." Yuko smiled like she won a prize. "Does that mean we're official?!" Oshima asked and Kojima just sighed.

"Yes, Yuko. We're offcial." Yuko know that Haruna's serious when it comes to calling the squirrel type girl 'Yuko.'

"YES!" Yuko shouted and she hugged Haruna, the taller girl chuckled and she patted Yuko's head. "I swear, you'll never get hurt and I will love you until the world ends. Only death can do us apart." Yuko proudly said.

January 1, 2014

News about Yuko's Announcement went viral, it was a shock to the whole Japan. Knowing that the Present Ace will graduate sooner or later, though the Cat-like girl, or should we say, Yuko's girlfriend, Kojima Haruna, wants to spend all her time with the remaining days of Yuko as an AKB48 member.

"Morning, Princess." The younger girl greeted Haruna, both of them were naked. Feeling the cold air passing by, Haruna squinted and rubbed her eyes. While Yuko massaged her forehead.

"Remind me not to drink with Takamima and others during New Years Eve." The tall girl said.

"Yeah..." Yuko replied back, still massaging her temples.

"Ne." Haruna called Yuko with her cute but sexy voice. "Arigatou, for trusting me." Haruna said with a smile on her face.

"No, Nyannyan. I know that it's only 10 hours since we committed about our relationship but, thank you. Thank you for trusting me." Yuko said and Haruna just sighed and smiled at Yuko.

"Promise me that you'll always be here, right by my side...after graduation?"

"Yes, I will. Forever." Yuko said and Haruna sighed again.

Haruna hugged at Yuko, they pulled the blanket so that the cold air will not bother them. They have work but they don't care about it.

The two of them wants to rest from work and of course their midnight exercise earlier.

"I love you, Yuko."

The tall girl tightened her hugged and Yuko just smiled, showing off her squirrel-like smile with that adorable dimples of hers. She rested her head on Haruna's chest and she rubbed her head. "I love you too, Haruna." Yuko replied.

And of course, because of Oshima Yuko's perverted moves, they continued the part 2 of their exercise.

It was an accomplish for the two of them, they finally released their one-sided love. Haruna may broke her heart hours ago, but finally, she encouraged herself to kiss Yuko. Yuko may announce her graduation, at least, she won Haruna's heart.



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This is how Haruna pulled Yuko. :hee:
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Was worried that it would be a sad New Year for Yuko but I guess she just got a big surprise...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to read more

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I was nervous when Yuko wanted to propose, happy when Haruna was actually in love with Yuko as well, cried when Haruna rejects and also her reason for it, cried again when reading Yuko announced her graduation and Haruna's regret, hope when Yuko heard it, happy when they became official, laughed when they agreed not to drink again, fluffy at their lovey dovey...

Too much teaser to the heart!!!  :inlove:
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You I must be very lucky!!! I have little work today soI decided to read what I wanted to fora long time already. Aside from Divine-san's fic, or a few of newbies works, I was mostly interested in reading ur wMatsui OSs. I endedup reading ALL of ur OSs, not only wMatsui ones tho. I have a few things to say and sorry if I forget smth and make another comment later. It cuz I am on my phone, so can't really go back to each of OSs without losing this wall of text... oTL

KojiYuu ones... I am not a KojiYuu fan but they were really good, especially the one based on Yuuko-sama's post that I already commented on.

AtsuMina ones... lemme slowly die... they are my guilty pleasure so... HFZVJFAQTOPKVDEYJCSFJJRSCJKGEHVDROPMVDWAVGUKGJOK

*huff huff*

wMatsui, or to put it here properly, TAMR, is fkn adorable and Rena-sama's POV is just.... LOLOL

MaYuki OS was so sweet...I think I got cavities... that last sentence of Mayu tho xDDDD

Can I request YuukoRena?.. I know ur ships,'s better than asking for an AtsuYuu, right? xDD you can make it angsty, if you want to make mecry, like Imade you with that certain KojiYuukoRena ^~^

Other than some typos due to rushing, your writing style is easy to read so :thumbsup
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Oh well, I will give you some heads up before reading this OS. This OS is based from Densen Uta, yeah the horror movie that's filled with AKB48 members.  :mon speechless:

Anzu - Yuko
Kiriko - Haruna
Kana - Acchan
Riku - Japanese Actor and he's not Riku from Mendol

Speaking of Mendol... :twisted: BWAHAHAHA, for all those readers who will get why I'm being paranoid will get an OS request from me.  :mon huh2: I hope all of you will enjoy this crappy OS from yours truly.  :mon waterworks: Oh wait, before reading this OS, please make sure that you will vote what fic that I should always update.  :mon heh: And give me a reason why I should update this fic.  I'm being random these days and I don't know why.  :mon surr: I have my own reasons why I don't update though. Maybe because my eyes will always burn every time I will see th-*stops* Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I'm giving too much information again.  :mon slapself:

There are some lines and scenes that I added, and some of it is not part of the movie XD Sorry if the flashbacks are too short.  :roll:

The Wanted Kiss

 Your name was Wakamatsu Kiriko. You are the best of my friends; well you are my only friend though. You died because of the curse that hit everyone that time. You died because I didn’t give you the wanted kiss. Yes, we both know that we really wanted that kiss so badly. I know, call me everything that is related to cursing. It was all my fault, if only I kissed you, I bet you will be here right by my side.

Winds blows gently beneath my body, sighing because of the wonderful stars and lights here. I remember you, walking along with me, dragging your bicycle while I'm just walking and talking about life with you. I mean sure, that’s what best friends will just talk about right? Of course, you're perfect. I mean, who wouldn't be speechless because of your beauty, fashion sense, and of course, you're such tease. But I wasn't able to notice it. You asked me if you can kiss you. At first I thought you were just joking or something, but boy I was wrong. You were seriously asking me if you can kiss me, am I really that dumb not to notice that you need that kiss. My heart skipped a lot because of you, but we just laughed it out.

Your hair will always swing slowly. I was too selfish not to notice it. Behind that lovely smile of yours, there's a secret that I discovered. But I was too late; I guess only our memories will always remind me of you. I called you my best friend but, you died because of me. If only I gave you that kiss...will you be here, right by my side? Working with me? Laughing our ass off because we will just judge those funny looking guys? I was so scared that time. I mean, we're both girls, right? I wasn't expecting from a pretty girl like you to ask my permission to kiss me.

Usually, we will just hug and hold each other’s hand. But asking a kiss from me? Really different, I remembered your touch when I was crying every night. You know when I'm sad and when I'm not. You know me all too well, Kiriko. I'm still hoping that you will always remember me even though you're already with Kami-sama up there. It was my entire fault, I was too selfish. I only cared about myself, my mother’s death, my questions, and I cared about you. But I was too late. I saw you and our homeroom teacher wet because of the gas. He lighted up his lighter and you asked him the same question you asked me the night before that incident.

"Can I kiss you?"

Funny isn't it? I mean, I can still remember your face, your lovely voice and your appearance when you pounced at me. I was texting that time. I was so frustrated that time because the Police are being shit. They kept telling me that they will help me but no, Police are useless and bullshits. But I felt you hand on my waist, as I felt your breathe on my ears, I felt heart skipping a lot. What has gotten to you that time? I was so confused with your sudden movements that time. But what if’s and why not’s are starting to hit my mind again. We were so miserable for Kana’s death, but that doesn’t mean you will follow her right? If I was able to kiss you that night, will you be here?
I was so frustrated not giving you my lips that night. Am I that stupid not to notice it? Will you give me a sign? A sign of forgiveness; please? I think I’m that kind of person who’s desperate because I’m still looking for some signs. Signs and presence of you, Kiriko. That night, the last time we talked about our feelings for someone. The same night you also asked me if you can kiss me. I really want your lips that time, I was so curious to know what it feels like. But after we solved the mystery of the song, your death is still a question for me. I was so confused.

Thoughts and memories of you; will always be here, inside my heart and my mind. I didn't even get the chance to say that I love you. Am I that dumb for not noticing that you have feelings for me? I can still remember the way you asked me that time, you were hesitating. I thought you were just joking, you were serious that time! But, I wasn’t able to notice it. To notice everything, your one-sided love, your gestures, and you were asking me if I like someone.

Truth is I’m not really interested when it comes to love, because all I want is vengeance for my mother. You know the reason why I hate men. It was all because of my father who killed my mother because we were so poor that time. I hated the Police for not taking some action. I mean they should’ve arrested my father. But I was wrong. The ghost rescued me; she saved me from my father who was holding a gun, searching for me because he will kill me like he did to my mom few years ago.

After your death, we started to search for some signs.

But no sign of your death.

Times passed and I got the chance to see that ghost, at first I thought it was you. Maybe I thought it was you because same height, same hair, and same style. I sang with her that time, when I heard her singing with me, I thought I heard your voice.

Truly, oh truly this design has become regrettable Truly, oh truly it resembles somebody Why am I living In this corner?

I can still remember your voice, singing that song. I should've stopped you and the weird war freak guy....but I was too late. Your scent, your presence, your face, your body, your lovely voice, and, your angelic soft skin…. I can still remember it. I'm too late, years late. I hope you can see me up there....regretting because of everything I've done. I'm an idiot; I'm an idiot for not taking your question seriously. At least give me some signs, Kiriko. I tried everything to forget about your question, our conversation, and mostly...your death.

"I can't imagine life without Kiriko...I'm alone again...At least...I could have let her kiss me."

Why Kiriko? Will you be here if my lips touched your lips? Will you be still the same clingy best friend that I have? Or, we will always be forever. Forever best friends, forever lovers and we will always cherish moments that we have, thanks to that stupid forever.
I sighed and I felt the wind, I felt my poor small body, shivering. It’s been years, I mean I should move on right? But I can’t, I just can’t. You’re like a curse and a drug. A curse because I can’t stop thinking about you and your presence is still here. A drug, because you’re getting me too addicted to you. Addicting me and I can’t stop thinking about you.

Memories of us are still playing here, inside my heart and my mind. What should I do, Kiriko? You’re always there to distract me, how dare you do that to me?

But I’m always guilty, guilt will always creep up. Yes. I’m guilty for everything. I want to scream and shout and let my feelings. I want the whole universe to know, that I Anzu, regrets about everything! But Kiriko, I guess you're waiting for me up there, ne? As I sat down on a bench, I sighed and I smiled. "This is our old spot, Kiriko. Can you still remember it?" I mumbled to myself as I felt the cold air again. "I thought so." I smirked to myself. I don't care if people will look at me with their weird looking face with their eyebrows that are currently reached their forehead because they might think I'm crazy. Well, crazy or not, at least Kiriko will catch me every time I feel humiliated about myself.

I looked up to see the stars and I saw this big star and it was too bright. It was shimmering, I smiled to myself and I closed my eyes. Luckily there's no one who's walking around to this corner because it's too dark, I'm also waiting for my oba-san who's currently at work, she told me that I should wait for her and we will grab something to eat. "Kiriko..." I mumbled.


While Kana is too busy showing off her boyfriend Koji, I got annoyed that time. Seriously? Talking about a guy will not help you with your studies and our team. I was flipping some pages of Kana's mini notebook. I just sighed I handed Kiriko the mini notebook and I left the table along with my book. I sat on the other side and I started to read the book. But then, I heard a noise from my left side, I saw Kiriko looking at me and my book and she smiled and I awkwardly smiled back.

"Anzu, I guess you're not interested in boys." She said and I just sighed, I saw her eyes and as usual with my drama life with my best friend, her eyes are full of questions and I guess she's pretty worried about me. "Is that about your dad?" She asked me.

My guard got down, she knows my biggest weakness. She doesn't know the whole story but she knows that I hate my dad. "No!" I said, I can still feel her that she's still staring at me.

She sighed. "Speaking of that, you never talk about your parents. What do they do?" She asked me and I can feel my heart, breaking because of her question.

I gulped and I smiled at her, "Weren't we talking about boys?" I changed the topic so that I could forget my miserable past. "Kiriko, do you have someone?" I added. Kiriko looked down and she smiled.

"I have someone I like now." Kiriko said and she looked at me again. I was about to add something, but I saw Kana. Leaving the cafeteria, and that's how the crazy mayhem started.


I'm too dumb, Kiriko. If only you told me your real feelings, maybe we can hang out here. But Kiriko, you left the world. You left me. Kiriko, will you give me the light? Remember when we observed the school's lake? The sun was too bright and hot. I opened my eyes and I saw a light. I smiled to myself. "You never fail to impress me, Kiriko." I mumbled and I checked my watch. It's already 8:20 PM. My aunt will be finished around 9 or 10. I better order something or I should just wait for her. "Kiriko, I will just wait for my aunt so that I can spend more time with you." I said and I felt the cold wind again. I giggled and I observed the light. "The only thing that's missing are the ducks and the water, Kiriko."


Kiriko and I was sitting down on the bleachers, the sun was too hot. But we have no choice but to sit there because it's our class break or should I saw our class extended break. Kiriko and I will usually cut the boring classes, well yeah. Kiriko and I will always do this, so I guess we're pretty used to it. Not to mention, our noisy classmates that will annoy the two of us.

"There're no ducks today." Kiriko mumbled and I looked at the water.

"Were there some the other day?" I asked Kiriko but still, her eyes are still locked to that water.

"Un." She nodded and I just sighed. But I got curious because of this person that she likes; maybe I should ask her about it. "Somebody touched my boobs while somebody was glaring at them." She said and then sighed afterwards.

"What?" I asked Kiriko and she sighed again.

 "Are they really that big, Anzu?" She asked me and I stared at her boobs. And if I'm going to be honest, yes. It’s big.

"Well yeah, Kiriko. But that's a gift so don't disgrace it." I said and then she laughed. "Why? I'm telling you the truth~"

"That's why I like you..." She said, I don't know if this is a confession or what, she looked at me and she smiled. " my best friend." She said and I sighed and I giggled.

"I thought you like me because of my sexy body~" I joked and she playfully slapped my arms. "All right, all right. I will stop~ let's go?" I asked and she nodded. "We have team meeting." I added and we both stood up from the bench. I saw her sighing again; I'm really worried for Kiriko. Maybe the person that she likes rejected her. "Ne, Kiriko." I called her while walking. She hummed at me and I sighed. "Why were you sighing? It's been hours you know? Did the person you like rejected you?" I asked her and pouted and shook her head.

"I'm just feeling the clouds with Kana~" She teased me, I gasped and she giggled. "What? I'm just kidding you~" I sighed because of her jokes.

“Mou~ stop saying such things!” We both stopped from walking and we looked at each other. She laughed and smiled at me, I felt Kiriko’s hand on my cheeks and she pinched it. “You know the secret about me, and my parents’ right?” I asked her and she nodded. “You’re the only one that I have now. So please, if you’re going to commit suicide, don’t.”

She nodded her head and we continued to walk. “I will not die, remember why I told you? I will never leave you.” Kiriko said and I looked up to the sky.

“I’m thankful to have you, Kiriko.” I mumbled and I can feel my heart, beating every second. It’s getting loud, my heartbeat is getting loud ad it’s getting fast. What the hell is happening to me?

“Me too, Anzu. I’m thankful to have you here, right by my side.”


That was the last time when we cut classes; I can still remember it crystal and clear. Why am I so obsessed to you, Kiriko? Is it because your boobs are too big or what? I mean, it’s normal for gifted girls to have that kind of chest, right? Call me a pervert right now but, it’s the truth, Kiriko. I can imagine you flicking my head and screaming that I’m an idiot and pervert for telling you those kinds of words. I’m saying these words to you because I never lie, Kiriko. Well…maybe a little but, lying to you? Never in my life have I lied to you. I felt my phone vibrating from my pockets, as I grabbed the phone from my hand; I saw our picture. I smiled for a while but I saw my aunt, calling me. I answered the phone and she told me that she will be here around 30 minutes later. I nodded and I ended the call, but something is different. Not really different, more like déjà vu. 8 years ago after my phone call with aunt, I can still remember the way you held my waist; I can still remember the way you called my name after that phone call. Your body was on my back and I felt your warm hug that night. But I guess, that’s the last time we talked to each other. Not to mention, the night you asked me if you can kiss me, the night that I will always cherish.


“You know that I’m waiting for my aunt, right?” I asked Kiriko and she nodded. “Then, what are you doing here?” I asked again and she just pouted.

“Coz’ I know that Anzu needs someone to accompany her~” She said with a sing-song tone.

“But you pounced at me earlier, I almost dropped my phone, you know?” I asked again and she just chuckled.

“Gomen~ gomen~” She said and I just nodded to show that I forgive. Kiriko and I were seated down on the bench and we started to talk about lot of things, her phone received a message and she looked at the message. “So far no one has committed suicide.” Kiriko said and she started to type a message on her phone, I looked down on my feet. “We decided to exchange emails every hour.” Kiriko added and I looked at her. “Even if we do something like it most likely won’t be any good.”

“Kiriko, did something happen at home?” I asked Kiriko and she just looked down on her feet and she was pouting. She looked up and a big ball of air escaped from her mouth, literally.

“Why was a person like me born into family of doctors?” Kiriko asked.

“Another relatives meeting?” I asked back and I looked down on my feet again. The truth is I was switching some glances just to make myself comfortable.

“They all pull up in their Mercedes and ask me if I was part of the bullying.” She looked down again, “It makes me want to sing that song.” Kiriko said, my heart is beating too fast, I don’t know what to say. She sound so depressed. A curve of smile came out from my mouth, and I chuckled just to cheer her up. It’s too depressing to see my best friend being depressed.

“Don’t die!” I half-shouted and the pout is still there. “You promised that you would become a designer and give me clothes as gifts.” She shifted her glances to me and she smiled.

“That’s right.” Kiriko said, why is my heart beating like this? Is this love of just tease? Ah, whatever. She tilted her head again. “You have someone you like too.” I said, not letting go the smile off my face. I looked at her and she’s just sighing. “Don’t you have a lot of things you want to do?”

She slowly looked at me, her face it looks like that she’s too serious. “Can I kiss you?” Kiriko asked me and she smiled. I was speechless, I can’t say, utter, blabber a word. I was frozen, my heart keeps beating like there’s no tomorrow. What the heck is wrong with me? My body wants to do something, like it’s pushing me to get nearer to Kiriko’s body. “I’m just kidding!” Kiriko said and she laughed out really loud.

“What are you saying?!” I asked her, and I laughed along with her. “What the hell?!” I added and I smiled even more. But, I was really confused though. I should’ve given it to her.

“Yeah, what the hell?!” She said, trying to catch her breath because of too much laughing. The two of us caught our breaths back and we looked at each other. Kiriko stood up from the bench and she played with her arms. “I’m going home.” She said, and then she posed like Conan, “Once I get home, I’ll face my family. Sorry to keep you this late.” Kiriko added and she walked on her way to the other side of the bench to get her bicycle. She smiled at me and I smiled at her back. “Bye bye!”

I smiled back, “Bye bye.”

I don’t know what’s happening right now, my heart is dancing so crazily. But one this is for sure, I think I love her.


That was the last time the two of us talked. Yes, the last time we laughed together. I have lots of regrets that night, I should’ve kissed you that night, Kiriko. I was so afraid that night. I didn’t mean to do such things. If only, if only I could take back the time. If only, I saved you from that horrible curse. If only, I listened to my heart. Well, I’m too late, right? Too late for everything? I sighed and I saw the star, it was so bright. It reminds me of Kiriko’s eyes. I sighed and I grabbed my phone. I really want to feel Kiriko’s presence right now, I should go to the cemetery and clean her grave. I wasn’t able to visit her yesterday because I was too busy with work and studies. Plus, I’m studying again. I’m studying as a designer because I know that Kiriko wants to be a designer. And I will continue her dreams. Coz’ I’m a good best friend; and a good lover of her. I know, I may be too late for expressing my love for her right now. But persuading myself to continue her dreams? Why not? I’m the reason of her death anyway, so I must continue what’s right and just. I will do anything, just for Kiriko. Only Kiriko.

I guess I have no choice but to message my aunt that I will go at Kiriko’s grave to clean her grave and just to spend some time with her, watching the bright stars. I sighed and I grabbed my bag, my feet helped me to stand up and I sighed again. I grabbed my phone from my bag and I started to search for my aunt’s number.

To: Baba

Subject: Will Visit Kiriko

Date: 1/17/15

I will visit Kiriko. It’s been a day since the last time I cleaned her grave and she needs someone to clean it up for her. I will just wait you at the cemetary.

From: Baba

Subject: Will Visit Kiriko
Date: 1/17/15
Okay. Just remember to be safe.

I started to walk on my way to the cemetery. Luckily the cemetery is just few minutes away from my aunt’s office. While walking, I saw some teenagers playing with fire. I shrugged, I remember the way you died that day. You were soaking wet because of the gasoline. Fire will always freak me out, luckily the psychiatrist will always remind me that it’s all over. But still, your death will always be here in my head. Call me being a delusional lover, Kiriko. But I don’t care. I’m too late, I know. But I know that you know that I still care for you, so much.


As I saw the window along with the principal, I saw Kiriko; soaking wet because of the gasoline. Why are doing such things, Kiriko? Why is she doing this? Last night we talked about that she will not die, but....what is she doing?! I thought she will not die because of our future together? Is it because of the kiss that we talked about last night?! Before commiting suicide, the two of them took a picture, after taking some pictures. I saw the him, lighting up his lighter, I observed the two of them, my feet got stuck. I don’t know what should do, fuck. He was smiling and Kiriko’s lips, it was pouting. But I saw Kiriko mouthed him the same question she asked me last night. ’Can I kiss you?’ After asking him that question the two of them were on fire already.

I ran outside the office, carrying my feet to save Kiriko from the fire. Why didn’t I do this in the first place?! Am I really that stupid or what?!

KIRIKO!” I screamed while running, the principal caught me, trying his best to stop me. “KIRIKO!” I’m trying my best to fight with his force, but he’s too goddamn strong.

One of the teachers came, “Bring a fire extinguisher and a blanket!” I got off from his force and I tried to run again but he caught me again.

“What the hell?! Why are you stopping me?! I’m her best friend! She needs me there!” I said, tears started to form in my eyes again. Damn you, Kiriko. Damn you.

“Anzu!” Someone called me, the principal is still busy, pulling me away from the incident.

“Stay here!” The principal shouted at me.

I’m being a stubborn hard headed student, I kept fighting. “Kiriko!”

Riku touched my arms and he pulled me away from the principal. “Do you know her?” The principal asked Riku, the tall guy nodded. “Please keep her here!”

“Kiriko!” I shouted once again. Tears couldn’t stop falling from my eyes. I’m acting like a kid right now.

“Taichi-san died.” Riku said and she sighed.

“So did Kiriko! WHY?!” I saw Kiriko’s body, it was toasted from the fire. I can’t breath, I can’t do this.

Riku hugged my body and his voice is also broken. “At any rate, let’s gather those that are still alive!” He said and I nodded.

If I didn’t have the chance to save Kiriko, I must save my kouhais, so that I can break the curse. That’s what Riku told me earlier, I went to the location where Kiriko’s body got burned out, tears are rolling down on my face again. I sighed and I felt the cold wind. I looked up to the sky.

“Kiriko...I love you. But I was too late to save you. I’m so sorry.” I mumbled, and everything went black.


Damn, I didn’t realized that I already reached the cemetery, to be honest, I’m the only one who will visit Kiriko almost every day. Her families too busy with hospitals and stuffs, her family knows that I’m Kiriko’s best friend. They were sorry for me because I lost my best friend. I feel sorry for them because they lost their precious princess. I reached Kiriko’s tombstone, it was so cold. I grabbed a roll of tissue and bottle of alcohol to clean her tombstone. “The must air must’ve left you very dusty eh?” I mumbled. After wiping off the dust from her cold tombstone, I sat down for a while and I observed the starry night. It reminds me of your shining eyes. Your beautiful eyes, I sighed and I closed my eyes. I felt the cold wind again. “Mou~ Kiriko. Stop teasing me.” I mumbled and the wind stopped. “Thank you Kami-sama and Kiriko.” I said and I opened my eyes along with a curve on my face.


After running from the tunnel I was panting. I tried to catch my breath and keep my composure, I tantrum like a little kid who lost her candy. I saw Riku, panting and walking weakly because of the running that we did.

“I should have let her kiss me.” I said and I took a deep breath. I lightly hit my upper leg and I arranged my jacket from its arrangement earlier. “When I was told to become the team captain, I was crying saying that it was all impossible.” Tears are falling down again. “She said she would be behind me. I can’t imagine life without Kiriko.” I faced Riku and he was just frowning. “I’m alone again.” I looked down. “At least...I could have let her kiss me.

“What kiss?” Riku asked me and I looked at him.

“Kiss is a kiss!” I half-shouted at him. “Don’t you know?” I asked him and I can feel that he shrugged.

“So that’s how it is.” He said and he faced his body to the right side of the view outside the tunnel. “Kiriko liked you.” Kiriko….liked….me? “She wanted to kiss you and do more, but she couldn’t. So she reluctantly got together with the homeroom teacher.” I made some face that showed him that I’m very annoyed.

I walked away from him. “Fool! You are the worst!” I shouted while walking away from him. “If I didn’t have to worry about my underclassmen, I wouldn’t…”

I’m finding the right words but Riku butted in. “Kissing doesn’t matter.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“It matters!” I screamed at him while pouting.

“That was her problem.” He said and he followed me.

Her problem?! Well that problem just caused her to commit suicide alright. Plus, it was all my fault. If only I kissed her that night, she would be here; praying for us. I felt the cold air beneath my skin, I felt a finger on my back and I gasped. I thought it was Riku, but nobody was behind my back.

“What the heck are you doing here?” Riku asked me and shrugged.

“Nothing…nothing.” I mumbled and I ran away from him.

Who the hell tapped my back? Don’t tell me it was Kiriko….?


I felt the cold air again, it looks like Kiriko really likes to tease me. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m getting crazy because of her. Maybe because I couldn’t get her out of my head? What should I do? The wind is getting powerful, maybe I should just pray to Kami-sama to make it stop. I closed my eyes and I felt the wind stopped, the noises of the people can’t be heard anymore. I felt a warm body on my back, I opened my eyes and I faced the person that suddenly hugged me.

“Impossible.” I said softly she was still the same girl. Same features, same body, and same smile.

“Hey, Anzu.” She said and she caressed my cheeks. “No time, no see.”

“Kiriko?!” I said and she nodded along with her chuckle. I was so shocked and I got speechless. I don’t know what to say right now.

“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” She asked me and I nodded.

I blinked and I rubbed my eyes.

She laughed, “No matter how many time you will blink or rub your eyes, this is all real.”

“No way…” I said and I finally smiled.

“This is all real, look at the people, they stopped. I stopped the time, and I know that it’s a forbidden rule but I tried my best to fight with the evil spirits up there just to get this prize.” Kiriko added and I felt her lips on my forehead.

“What prize?” I asked her and she smirked. “Nice wings, by the way.” I added and she laughed.

“You’re still the same Anzu.” She said and held my hands.

“Not as bad as you are, Kiriko.” I said and I held her cheeks, I felt her warm hands on my cheeks.

Slowly, our face is getting nearer. Feeling each other’s breath while smiling, our foreheads touched along with our nose that also touched, she’s the first one to move her head forward. I felt her soft, pinking, puckering lips on mine. That’s it, that’s the wanted kiss that we both want 8 years ago. 8 years of bitterness, 8 years of sufferings, 8 years of waiting, it’s finally over.

We both pulled back and I can feel that I am blushing right now, I saw cheeks and she was blushing as well. “I didn’t know that an angel can blush.” I said and Kiriko lightly slapped my arm. “Ouch!” I said and she laughed.

She gave me peck on both of cheeks, my forehead, my nose and my lips. “I have to go now.” She said and she stood up from her tombstone. “Thank you for everything. Thank you for the memories, thank you for loving me. But I think, it’s time for you to meet another person.”

“Meet another person?!” I asked and she nodded while smiling. “Can you just stay here, with me?” I asked again and she placed her index finger at my lips.

“Don’t worry..” She breathed out. “This person is amazing, and I know her since I was a kid.” She said while tears are falling down on her face, I wiped her tears and she ruffled my hair.

“When will I see you again?” I asked her and she spreaded out her wonderful wings.

“You never know.” She mumbled.

“But, will you always be there for me?” I asked her and she nodded.

She kissed my lips again, we were both crying. I wiped her tears and she did the same thing. “Always and forever.” Kiriko said and I saw the portal, it was so beautiful and bright. “After all, the two of us gave our wanted kiss anyway.” Kiriko added and fled away from me, before entering the portal, she gave me a flying, she’s so beautiful. She finally entered the portal and everything went back to normal. Everyone was moving and I saw a shining piece of metal, laid down on the grass. I picked it up and it was a pendant.

Anzu and Kiriko
will always be forever
and ever.

Someone must’ve written it eh? I cried and I realized that this was from Kiriko’s flying kiss. It was shining, just like Kiriko earlier.

I was so busy observing the pendant and someone tapped my shoulders.

“Uhm, excuse me but, who are you?” Someone asked me and I thought that voice was familiar. “And what are you doing here?” The person added, she can be a little impatient alright?

I turned around to face this person and to my surprise, she looks exactly like Kiriko. “Uhm....I’m Natsuno Anzu.” I said and I offered her my hands. “I’m the best friend of Wakamatsu Kiriko.” I said and I smiled at her.

She took my hands and she shook it. “I’m Wakamatsu Asahi, sister...well twin sister of Wakamatsu Kiriko.” Kirik- I mean Asahi said and she’s really like Kiriko.

“I didn’t know that Kiriko had a twin sister.” I said and she blushed.

“Let’s just say that, our parents separated the two of us.” Asahi said and she looked down on her sister’s tombstone and she touched it. “Its been a while, nee-chan.” Asahi said and she smiled.

I remembered what Kiriko told me. “I have to go now.” She said and she stood up from her tombstone. “Thank you for everything. Thank you for the memories, thank you for loving me. But I think, it’s time for you to meet another person.”

“Meet another person?!” I asked and she nodded while smiling. “Can you just stay here, with me?” I asked again and she placed her index finger at my lips.

Asahi stood up from the tombstone and she looked at me. “I know this is so weird to ask but may I have your number?” I asked her and she gave me her calling card.

“You know, my sister was right about you.” Asahi said and I just looked at her. “You’re very cute.”

“Really?” I asked her and she nodded. “Then I guess I will be seeing you a lot then, Wakamatsu-san.” I said and she just winked at me.

“Please, call me Asahi.”

“Okay then, Asahi. Dinner, tonight...with me...sounds good?” I asked her and she blushed. But I felt her arms clunged on my left arm.

“Okay then, as long as it’s your treat!” She said and I nodded.

I looked at the tombstone and I smiled. “See you again next time, Kiriko.” I said and I felt the wind again.

I guess this is your plan for me, Kiriko? Don’t worry, I will try my best to win your sister’s heart. And I will never do the same mistake, I promise my dear.


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Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on January 17, 2015, 10:20:54 PM
This was based on that 2007 move right? The Suicide Song?
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
Post by: Haruko on January 17, 2015, 11:33:03 PM
OMG!! My kojiyuu feeling!!... 2x1 nyanyans... love it!
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
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from densen uta, huh ...  :mon determined:
good job senpai ...  :mon thumb:
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
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I watched Densen Uta last month

There was some KojiYuu  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

There was a part when Kiriko asked a kiss from Anzu and they kept replying "EH?!?"  :lol: :lol:

 :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu/AnzuKiriko) The Wanted Kiss 1/18/19
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Haha nice one rhine....

Ah i like it!!! :deco:

You told me to watch the movie yesterday so i can catch up with the story. :lol:

i enjoy both movie and your os

Good job it seems like you take down notes while watching the film....hehe

I want to read MORE rhine-chan's  kojiyuu stories!!!haha :bow:

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This is sheer brilliance Rine-chan ;w;~~~

I really felt the KojiYuu-- err AnzuKiriko feels in this so very much ;w;

Sad stuff really does appeal to me after all :v

Asahi though :v It'd be interesting to see an AnzuAsahi fic xD

Sorry for reading your OS late ><
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Oookay~~ I'm finally here~~

OMG I had this turmoil of feelings! I liked the movie, but this, wow! Angst and very cute! I loved it!
To tell you the truth I never really noticed Kiriko and Asahi had the same surname XD

That end was genius~~  :heart: I loved it, really!

You could make a continuation, Anzu trying to win Asahi's affection :p (and Nami, Ray and Hinata could make a special appearance hahaha )

Thank you for this o/ 
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Hey guys! I'm back with another OS~ this time, some of the scenes are true. :mon sweat: Well yeah, the pictures are real, right? lol :on gay: I hope all of you will enjoy this OS~ :gmon bang:

Sorry for not posting these couple of days, I'm kinda busy with school and such things :depressed: An uh, for the grammar issues, excuse it, I will edit it tomorrow. :hehehe:

Thank you to my fadah, thelonewolf48 for helping me for some plot of CBKHBF and this OS. Thank you Fadah~! :V /

Some minor mistakes from The Wanted Kiss, I posted the OS last January 18, 2015. Not January 18, 2019. :mon XD:

Thanks to lambie-san for posting the translation of Yuko's Instavid. :farofflook:

Feel The Love

Walking alongside of the backstage, a sigh escaped from the tall girl's lips. She just couldn't hide the fact that she's missing the person who used to walk with her. Too bad for her, that person already graduated from their group. She thinks she's getting desperate and such, maybe it's not her fault if she's being too controlling or being possessive. She knows the fact she misses her dear lover, Oshima Yuko. The short girl told the tall that she will appear later on their Request Hour for this year. Yuko even told Haruna that she's glad that their song didn't ranked, Haruna is confused though. She doesn't know if she should be happy or sad because their song didn't get in. Maybe because she doesn't want to repeat the same mistake she did like last year's RH? The tall girl thought, while roaming around the backstage looking for her beloved one.

Or maybe because, she got jealous when Takamina and I performed our song? That's quite immature for Yuuchan though. Plus, Takamina and I only did that for the sake of fan service, nothing else. Yuko knows that my heart belongs to her. Another question dived into her mind, she gasped because of the idea that she thought. Maybe Yuko doesn't love me anymore? Haruna asked herself. Plus, she's busy with too much acting schedules these days, maybe she's enjoying her kissing scenes with some other guys. "Maybe that's the reason why we're being distant from each other?" Haruna mumbled and she just pouted. "Yuuchan is being an idiot."

Noticing that her aura is off, the two girls noticed their fellow 1st Generation member is out of her game. Worried because the tall girl's atmosphere is kind of gloomy, Miichan stood up from her seat and followed Haruna, Takamina did the same thing. Each glance Haruna will do, they will automatically hide. But then because of Miichan's grumbling stomach, Haruna shifted her glances again and saw the WMinamis. Afraid and shivering because of Haruna's aura and glare at them, Miichan grabbed Takamina's hand and they automatically ran as fast as they can away from Haruna. Due to Takamina's short legs, Haruna was able to catch them. Grabbing the General Managers jacket, she was able to pull her comrades. Panting because of the running exercise they did, Haruna just looked at them giving them a glare that's pretty scary than their girlfriends stare.

"What are you doing?" Haruna asked her two comrades. Miichan elbowed Takamina while chuckling. Takamina just looked at Miichan, giving her the lets-count-to-123-and-run.

"One." Miichan said and Takamina's sweat started to form on her face.

"Two." Takamina said, and Miichan just grinned

"Three!" Miichan and Takamina said at the same time, before Haruna could blink, she held Miichan's shirt and Takamina's arms.

"Useless creatures." The cat-like girl said and she let go of her comrades.

"Is there something wrong Kojipa, my loves~?" Miichan asked as she cling her arms on Haruna's left arm. Takamina just walked beside them, the little General Manger doesn't want to cling because she knows that there are two people who will punish her if she will cling to Haruna or to other girls.

Haruna shrugged and sighed. "I'm fine." The tall girl said and she looked at her comrades.

Miichan removed her arms away from Haruna while Takamina just gave Haruna an, are-you-okay look? The tall girl nodded, but the truth is, she's not. Most of the time she will just pretend that everything’s going to be alright.

"Are you really sure that you're okay? Takamina asked this time, and Haruna nodded again.

“Are you sick?” Miichan asked and Haruna shook her head.

The tall girl took a deep breath and smiled at her comrades. “Work is just stressing me, guys. You know that.” Haruna said and she weakly smiled.

Walking on their way back to Haruna's dressing room, Miichan told that she needs to go back to her dressing room because her food is there. Same thing happened with Takamina, the WMinami left Haruna alone again. For some random reason, they know that they did the right thing. They just want to surprise Haruna, Miichan knows that Haruna's been lonely these days because the tall girl's lover is not around. Usually, Haruna will just rant her situation to her comrades. But these couple of days, Takamina observed that Haruna's not focusing. It's true, that she's an air-headed girl, but seeing Kojima Haruna being not her usual self is really new. Of course, they also knew that Haruna and Yuko met last week at Sato Kayo's party along with their Peach John friends. Usually, Haruna will always be happy; bringing home that smile along on her face. But it looks like Haruna got lost or something, questions started to dive inside her comrades head. Luckily, their questions stopped when Oshima Yuko explained their argument.

Yes, it was the first time after Yuko's graduation they got into an argument. It was not their first time they got into an argument. Though, doubts and jealousy can't get out of their heads, it’s been weeks or months since the last time they got into sweet talks. They also knew that Yuko is a busy person right now because of her movie and dramas. Meanwhile, Haruna couldn't blame herself at all. She's also a busy person, just like Yuko. But Haruna's just being possessive and controlling because, flashbacks of Yuko's bed scene can't get out of the tall girl's head. It’s not her fault. Yuko also knows that Haruna will get jealous because of the kissing scenes, specially the bed scene.

Haruna just sighed, and decided to go back to her own dressing room. It was their request after all, they requested from Togasaki that 1st Gens will get their own room because it’s their 10th year anniversary. Togasaki can't blame anyone about this because usually, he will spoil them. Along with their producer, Akimoto Yasushi.

Moving on, Haruna was walking and she saw her juniors are having fun. Haruna's heart couldn't help but to break because it reminds her of Yuko, playing with their juniors. Playing around, fooling around. But Haruna knows when Yuko's serious or just being playful. As her feet dragged her to her dressing room, she opened the door and noticed that the lights are off. Haruna sighed and rolled her eyes, "Maybe the staffs are playing games with us again." She said and she opened the lights. A gasped escaped from her lips.

The tall girl was shrieking because her dressing room is empty, it was too clean. Her bag isn't there; her scattered costumes aren't there anymore. Specially, she was shrieking because she couldn't find her collections of KojiYuu's wallpaper. Not to mention, her missing phone.

The staffs came and they saw Haruna, panicking. The staffs told her to calm down and check the other dressing room, but Haruna said that the empty room is her room. "Look! Can't you see the name?! It's named as Kojima Haruna's dressing room!" She pointed to the door. The staffs nodded.

Haruna's junior suddenly came, panting. It looks like they decided to go out for a run. "Kojiharu-san!" Haruna saw Kawaei Rina, waving while wiping the sweat off from her face. "Your...things." Kawaei panted and the tall girl just nodded. "We saw some staffs placing it inside Yuko-san's dressing room."

"Yuuchan?" The tall girl asked Kawaei and the tired girl nodded. Rina pulled Haruna's hand, to Haruna's surprise it really is Yuko. 50 feet apart from Yuko, she can see the body, the appearance and all. It really is Yuko. Haruna picked up her feet and she forced Rina's hand to let go of her hands. Rina was shocked when she felt Haruna's hand was not there anymore. Rina saw the tall girl running, she was so shocked but happy because Haruna's finally happy again.

But then, Haruna was just 5 feet apart from Yuko. Chills crawled inside her body. What if she's still mad at me? Haruna asked herself, but she saw Yuko writing something. Haruna decided to walk closer and she saw Yuko writing her name.

I must write her name perfectly so that she will know that I'm still the Oshima Yuko she met. The small girl thought as she smiled while writing 小嶋陽菜 様 Yuko saw Takamina taking some pictures of her while writing Haruna's name. But Yuko didn't know that her Princess was watching her. Yuko couldn't help but to smile about it. Who wouldn't smile because you're too excited to surprise your girlfriend with such things, right?


"Yuko, I didn't know that your Kanji is still perfect." Takamina said, Yuko faced at Takamina who's taking the pictures. Yuko though, she's still not noticing the person behind her.


"Thanks Takamina!" Yuko said and she smiled at Takamina.


Haruna didn't know what to do, maybe it was just some misunderstandings between her and Yuko. It’s just that, jealous will always overcome the two of them. Now the two of them are swallowing their prides because of the jealousy issues. Haruna took a deep breath and smiled, she tapped Yuko's shoulders. Yuko faced Haruna and she dropped the marker. "N-Nyann-nya..." Yuko couldn't speak at all, she was caught up with Haruna's outfit. Black loose shirt and short shorts, revealing her smooth, white, and soft legs.

"Yuuchan~" Haruna called Yuko's nickname, and to Yuko's surprise she felt Haruna's hand on her wrist. The next thing Yuko know, she was pulled into a hug. Yuko was blushing. she was guilty for making things very complicated for the two of them. Yuko couldn't help but to hug her dear cat back. It’s been a while since Haruna will do that to Yuko, since it’s very rare for Haruna to express her feelings for Yuko.

But the question is, Yuko can see that Haruna’s eyes are filled with sadness. She doesn’t know what to do, she’s feeling the guilt even though she doesn’t know if she’s actually part of the cat like girl’s problem. “You took me by surprise!” Yuko said.

Another surprise for Yuko, Haruna kissed Yuko’s cheeks. The heat crossed down Yuko’s face, which made Haruna very happy. Haruna on the other hand, can’t help but to shower Yuko with her love this time. She just wanted Yuko to feel very loved, Haruna couldn’t help but to giggle and such stuff. The tall girl opened the dressing room door, pulling Yuko inside with her.

Takamina smirked and laughed. “This is going to be a long night.” She said as she rested her phone on her hoodie and walked away from Yuko’s no wait, scratch that. Yuko and Haruna’s dressing room.

Inside the dressing room, two girls were now having thoughts and doubts about what they’re going to, since the awkward situation rose up again, Haruna didn’t mean to cough and such things, Yuko grabbed her bag to get the bottle of mineral water. She gave the bottle to Haruna, the tall girl accepted the bottle with a smile on her face. Though the smile is kind of different than the usual smile she will give to Haruna. Haruna on the other hand, locked the door which made Yuko sweat.

"Say, Miichan told me that you're out of your game these couple of days." The short girl started the conversation and sat down on the couch. Haruna just looked at Yuko while blushing. Walking on her way to the couch while holding the bottle of water.

“Hmm? Actually I’m okay…” Haruna said with a sad expression.

Yuko on the other hand shook her head. Knowing that it’s not true, Haruna is not really okay, at all. Yuko can feel the guilt, crawling her pride right now. Haruna just looked at Yuko, with those eyes that are telling to Yuko ’I love you’

“I love you, Haruna. So much.” Yuko said and she fixed Haruna’s hair.

Kojiharu just blushed and rested her head on Yuko’s chest. It’s been a while since the two of them did this kind of scenario. “Yuuchan, I have a question before I will say that I love you too.” Haruna said and Yuko looked at Haruna straight into the eye. “If you love me, can you request the director of your movies and your dramas know…not involve your body to some bed scenes?”

“Is that the reason why you avoided me last week? Well not really avoid, you were really just down last week.” Yuko said and she felt a nod on her chest. A sigh escaped from her her lips and she smiled. "Well then, if that's what my Hime-sama wants, she will get it then." Haruna looked at Yuko with a smile on her face, she felt the short girl's hand on her head.

"But silly you." Haruna said and a fake giggle got out from her lips. "I'm not really sad." Kojiharu lied, she gulped because she's too afraid if Yuko will know that she's lying.

Yuko doubted and she looked at Haruna. "You know what's going to happen when you're lying."

Haruna just stared at Yuko while pouting. "I didn't even say that I love you too." Haruna mumbled and Yuko lighlty flicked Haruna's forehead.

"Don't you even dare to seduce me." Yuko said and Haruna just looked at her, the glance was innocent. But burning desire of lust are pretty obvious.

No please, don't view this scene~ >/////>  (

"So, are you ready?" Yuko asked and Haruna nodded.

"Yeah. Let's go?" Haruna asked and Yuko smiled at her. Grabbing the short girl's hand, Haruna opened the door and they got outside. They saw their juniors giggling and the both of them blushed.

"Uhm...Oshima-san and Kojima-san, can we take some photos of the two of you along with your sign outside your dressing room?" Oshima Ryoka asked and the two of them nodded. They also gave their phones to their juniors to take some photos for them as well.




"Yes!" One of the juniors shouted and the two girls blushed.

The juniors gave their phones back and they thanked them.

"Oh well, good luck for the two of us, Yuuchan." Haruna said as she kissed Yuko's cheeks and whispered. "I love you too."

"Hehehe, I knew it. You will not last any moment not to say that word."

"Of course, I just want you to feel the love." Haruna said and she winked at Yuko.

"Don't worry, I can feel the love."

Hours Later...

"Nyannyan~ that was great~" Yuko said and a smile replied her.

"Not as bad as your performance, Yuuchan." Haruna said and probably, she have the brightest idea she ever thought of. "Hey, Yuuchan." Haruna called Yuko, and the short girl looked at her while bouncing her shoulders.


"Can we spoil our fans?" Haruna asked then a grin suddenly appeared her on her face.

Yuko grinned as well, "I thought you'll never ask." Yuko grabbed the cat-like girl's phone and opened the Camera.

"You need someone to take pictures of the both of ya?" Takamina asked and the lovers nodded.


"Thanks, Takamina~" Yuko said and Takamina just nodded. "There, make sure that the fans will see it~" Yuko said and Haruna nodded.

Haruna took Yuko's phone and opened the Camera. They took a picture again and Haruna chuckled.


"Something happened?" Yuko asked and Haruna shooked her head.

"Yuko, make sure that you will upload this around midnight to leave our fans hanging~"

"But of course~" Yuko said and she nuzzled down on Haruna's back.

"Hey, Yuuchan." Haruna called Yuko again.

"Yes my dear?"

The juniors saw their lovey-dovey actions, some couldn't help but to squeal about it.


"About earlier..." Haruna remembered the scene earlier and a pink hue crossed down on her face. "I was just thinking about if we know..."

"Continue it?" The short girl asked and the tall girl nodded. "Maybe later, okay~?"

"Mou stop teasing me~" Haruna said and Yuko kissed her cheeks.

"But I love you~" Yuko said which made Haruna blush even harder.

"I love you too, Yuuchan. And I guess the two of us can feel the love." Haruna said and she felt Yuko's hand on her body, protecting her.



After performing Nakinagara Hohoende, she rushed on her way to their dressing room 2 days ago. She opened the door and she saw Haruna preparing for the Kokoro no Placard ranking performance. "Nyannyan~" She called Haruna, Yuko ran towards Haruna with open arms.

An arm also welcomed her and she felt Haruna's hand on her back and the tall girl patted Yuko's back.

"I missed you so much~" Yuko said as she nuzzled on Haruna breast and face.

"But its only been 16 hours since the last time we saw each other." Haruna said with a blush on her face. Miichan was there and Yuko didn't noticed that Miichan pick-pocketed Yuko's coat just to get her phone and video the two girls that are hugging each other. "Hey, Yuuchan." Haruna whispered Yuko and the short girl looked at her. "Are the love marks still there?" Haruna asked and Yuko nodded.

"Yeah." Yuko whispered and she pointed at the other side of the room while smiling. "Look at that way~" Yuko started to hum and their bodies are swinging.

Haruna did what Yuko commanded her but she saw nothing, Yuko saw Miichan with her phone. But she didn't protest. "Hey what happened?" Haruna asked and she rested her head on Yuko's head.

To Yuko's surprise, she felt the tall girl's head on her shoulder. Very rare for Yuko to see Haruna like that. "Ahh~ I can't look at your costume." Yuko said as she pulled out from the hug and took a peek of Haruna's costume. "Ah! Watch out! Watch out!" Yuko said and she started to hum again. Haruna rested her head on Yuko's shoulders again.

"Harunyan, it's time already." Miichan told Haruna and the tall girl nodded.

Haruna pulled herself out from her lovers hug and she kissed it's forehead, nose, and lips. "Wait for me, Yuuchan. Okay?" Haruna asked and Yuko nodded.

"I will watch you, Nyannyan!" Yuko said and Haruna gave her an okay aign and she opened the dressing room, giving Yuko a flying kiss and went out of the room.

Miichan and Yuko were left, Miichan didn't stop the video player and she got an idea.

"So, what will Oshima Yuko do every time Haruna will do that to her?" Miichan asked and Yuko just smiled and started to dance.

"Oshima Yuko will dance like a kid!" She said as she started to bounce.

Miichan uploaded the video without Yuko's permission, she uploaded first the video where Yuko was dancing and the second one, where Haruna and Yuko were dancing and hugging.

Yuko just smiled and went outside of their room, leaving Miichan alone in their room. She watched Haruna and Yuko was clapping, screaming "THAT'S MY NYANNYAN! MY NYANNYAN WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST OF THE BEST~!"

It may even loud outside of their backstage, but Haruna smiled and heard all of it. She secretly turned off her mic and she whispered, "Kami-sama, I don't know what to do without Yuko. Thank you, for always making her feel me the love." Haruna whispered and turned on her mic and she sang along.


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Reminder: If you're feeling depressed or something, you need Sam Smith and Taylor Swift. Trust me, they'll help you with your problems. :V /

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Okay, spread the love and joy. :wub:

Heart Only Beats For Kojima Haruna.

A tall brunette headed girl sighed in defeat. Its been weeks since the last time her dear lover touched her. Yes, and she misses the warm hand wandering around her body, the small hands groping her breast, specially the lips that will always surprise her. Wait a minute. Kojima Haruna, misses it? Yes, it’s very rare for the tall girl to express her feelings. She needs an Oshima Yuko right beside her, the energetic girl that will always make Haruna happy. But Yuko's been busy with work and such things. Haruna knows that Yuko's trying her best to support Haruna and her own needs. The tall girl didn't bother to ask Yuko why, in fact, Haruna likes surprises that are from Yuko.

She just wanted the squirrel-like girl to understand what she's feeling every night. She couldn't help but every night she's sad. Asking herself, why won't Yuko live with her? Haruna can remember how her dream was too cruel. She dreamt about Yuko, waving goodbye. Running away from Haruna with a guy. The tall girl shook her head, trying to erase the flashback. "I will never think about that dream." She sighed and pouted.

"At least Usa-chan and Mimi-chan are having fun." She said as she saw her dogs sleeping, because of too much playtime.

Folding her legs, while her body is rested on the couch, a sigh escaped from her lips again. The tall girl lazily grabbed the remote control that's rested on the coffee table that's faced in front of the television. Haruna turned on the television and she saw the promotional commercial of Yuko's drama. A smile on her face appeared, seeing Yuko acting so naturally makes her very proud. But then, a scene suddenly showed up, Haruna hates this kind of scene. What scene? Bed scene. She quickly changed the channel so that she will not see that scene again.

But the way Yuko acted was too different, she knows Yuko's face if she's enjoying it. "There's no way that Yuuchan will enjoy it, I know her face." She clenched her fist. "I'll kill that guy." Haruna added, but an idea popped out from her head. "Yuko's going to pay me, big time." The tall girl smirked, "That'll be awesome, as always." The tall girl mumbled while watching a drama.

Haruna turned off the television because the shows aren't really her type, she opened her phone. Tapped the application called Instagram; she typed Yuko's IG username. This is one of Haruna's hobbies, stalking Oshima Yuko. She saw a picture of Yuko with another girl, Haruna furiously tapped the picture and she saw the description. "Hats couple eh?" Haruna mumbled and she started to punch the pillow. "She did it again like the last time! She posted a picture of her with another girl saying that they have matching rings." Haruna sighed and she pouted. "Be ready for my wrath, Oshima Yuko."

She immediately received a text message from Yuko, she chuckled and a smile on her face suddenly appeared.

From: My Yuuchan
Subject: I'm Very Sorry TT3TT
Date: 2/14/15

Himeeeeee~ I'm very sorry for that scene, I know that you saw that kind of scene. And here I am, going to apologize. Sorry if you watched that kind of scene again, believe it or not, I showered like three times after that scene. >.> I hate that scene, I told the staffs about it, but they won’t listen! DX Being an actress is really hard~~

By the way, Happy Valentines~ I love you! ^u^ I hope you will never change, teehee. I love you the way you are, and my heart will always beat for you. Always remember that, please? I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU MY HIME-SAMA~! \(>o<\)

I’m sorry if I’m being hyper or something, I miss you…so much! OTL

PS: Don't bother to reply, I know that you're mad at me. I promise that I will make it up to you, just you and me. Nobody else.

"Pervert." Haruna mumbled but a grin showed up. The tall girl stood up and grabbed her bag. She didn't care if she looks like shit. Well, that's what we thought. She ran upstairs of her house and decided to change her clothes. She chose a pink dress, while wearing it, she's thinking about her Valentine's surprise for Yuko. It's very rare for the tall cat like girl to do such things for her dear lover.

She fixed her hair and smiled to herself, imagining things that will happen later. Haruna wants this Valentine's Day to be special, no work. No misunderstandings, no jealousy. Just love and innocence. She grabbed her phone and bag, not to mention the keys for her house. "My Yuuchan deserves a reward." Haruna said loud and clear and she looked at Yuko's picture on her phone.

She decided not to reply because she wants to leave Yuko very worried about that scene. But the truth is, she just want to tease Yuko. "And I thought Yuko will always be the sadistic one." Haruna smirked. "Oh wait, I am the sadistic one." She sheepishly grinned.

Haruna quickly ran as fast as she could, it's only 3:50 PM. Today is her rest day but, she didn't care about it because she can just rest after this special occasion. “Today, I will make sure that Yuuchan will enjoy the best Valentine’s Day.” She mumbled confidently and went out of her house. Carrying her bag, she opened it to check her phone, wallet, and keys. She sighed in relief and made sure that the door was lock. Haruna successfully locked the door and she started to drag her feet on her way to the supermarket. Probably there won’t be much a lot of people because today is Valentine’s Day.

While walking, Haruna’s browsing around her phone; searching for ingredients and recipe for her surprise. Doubts started to drive on her head; sometimes the internet will confuse the cat-like girl. She decided to just to ask the vendors; for sure the vendors will know what to do. 

But her phone vibrated and she received another message from Yuko, a smile on her face appeared again. Today is like the usual, Yuko will send a cheesy text message and Haruna will just tell Yuko to stop teasing her. But the plan is, Haruna will not reply. Leaving the squirrel-like girl hanging, wanting her princess to reply.

From: My Yuuchan
Date: 2/14/15

How am I going to apologize to you??? .-.
You want me to make it up to you?
How about we go to the carnival this day? :D
Sounds good? >.<


By the way, I love youuuuuu~~~

"Still not replying you, idiot." Haruna said and she realized that she reached the supermarket.

1 Hour later

She bought all the ingredients that she needed, she even saw the AtsuMina couple buying the foods for their family. "It looks like that they will spend Valentine's day with their parents. I hope Takamina will not embarrass Acchan. I hope Acchan will not embarrass Takamina." The tall girl mumbled to herself and she finally arrived back to their house, she dropped the plastic carefully and grabbed the keys from her bag. She inserted the key on the keyhole and carried the plastics again.

Haruna removed the key from the keyhole and went inside their house; she quickly walked on her way to the kitchen because the plastic bags are too heavy for a girl like her. The tall girl gently dropped the plastic bags on the divider and opened it; she pulled out the meats, vegetables, a brick of chocolate, flour, sugar, thick cream, eggs, and rice. Haruna smiled, she grabbed a ponytail and she started to fix her hair.

Her phone is vibrating again, this time Yuko's face appeared on the screen. It was a call from Yuko; Haruna just smiled and grabbed her phone. Haruna picked up the call and ended it. "Why am I so rude~~~?" Haruna sang and she giggled.

She opened a plastic full of beef, the vendors decided to cut the beef for an idol like her. 'Cause they don't want Haruna to do the same mistake like she did on an AKBingo episode. Haruna grabbed a bowl and putted 500ml of soy sauce there; she started to cut the calamondin and drowned the beef there. The tall girl grabbed a secret sauce that the vendor gave her. She opened the bottle and smelled the sauce; it was making the tall girl very hungry. She set up the stove and lighted the fire, poured down the oil with the secret sauce.
The tall girl grabbed the meat and putted it inside the stove. Haruna prepared the rice and the chocolate cupcake.

2 hours later...

Haruna finished everything, it's almost 7PM, and she’s just waiting for Yuko to arrive. She prepared the food on the table and opened a bottle of champagne; this may not be the ideal Valentines for the two of them. But Haruna will know that Yuko will enjoy it. She grabbed her phone, because of giving less attention to her phone.."6 missed calls, 14 messages." Haruna mumbled and she couldn't help but to smile because of Yuko's messages.

She was too busy reading her messages, she heard someone knocking on the door. "Nyannyan~! I love you! Please don't ignore me!" A familiar voice can be heard and Haruna smiled. A sweet smile that will only appear because of Oshima Yuko. "Hime~ let me in!" Yuko said while whining.

"NO!" Haruna said, making her voice deep...but the truth is, she's just pretending to be mad.

"Puuuuuhleaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeee?" Oshima Yuko shouted. Haruna covered her mouth and she giggled. "I'll do anything...just, let me in!" Yuko shouted again, she banged her head on the door. "OUCH!"

Haruna got worried, so she ran on her doorstep and opened the door. She saw an Oshima Yuko, rubbing her forehead but carrying a bouquet of red roses. "Y-you idiot..." Haruna mumbled and she opened her arms, walking towards Yuko. Yuko dropped the roses on the bench and hugged Haruna. "Don't you even dare to do that, okay?" The tall girl caressed the short girl's forehead and kissed it.

"Nyannyan is not mad at Yuuchan?" Yuko asked and Haruna nodded. "Nyannyan, I'm very sorry for accepting that kind of scene, again." Yuko said with a husky voice, making Haruna smile.

"Don't worry Yuuchan. Nyannyan is not mad at Yuuchan."

Yuko's dimples appeared along with her squirrel set of teeth. "Really?" Yuko asked as she tightened her arms around Haruna's waist.

Haruna can feel the arms of Yuko like it's making her safe, a chuckle escaped for her mouth. "Really. I won't last a day getting mad at my Yuko, because only Yuko can make me happy."

"Haruna...." Yuko mumbled as she nuzzled on Haruna's chest.

Feeling Yuko's hair tickling her chest, she laughed. "I love you; you make me happy in a way no one else can, always remember that. I will catch you if you fall, I'll be your savior. Day and night I will protect you, no matter what happens, because my heart is screaming for your name."

"Hehehehe~ Nyannyan is so cheesy~" Yuko said as she stole a peck from Haruna.

The tall girl just blushed and slapped Yuko's forehead. "The food is getting cold, let's get in." Haruna said as she dragged Yuko's hand inside the house.

"Just wait for a second; I will just grab my things." Yuko said as she picked up the rose and gave it to her princess. "Here." The short girl added.

Haruna accepted the roses and went inside of the house. The tall girl examined the table, and it was perfect. It may be simple, but perfect. She went to the living room and grabbed a vase, dragging her feet towards the kitchen. She washed the vase and filled the half of it with water. Haruna removed the plastic from the roses; the roses were placed on the vase while plastic is somewhere. The tall girl heard the door closed. "Hello Yuko."

"Hi Nyannyan~ the food smells so good~~~!" Yuko startled Haruna; the tall girl was shocked because she saw Yuko with two luggages and three shoulder bags. "Surprised? Hehehe." Yuko sheepishly grinned, leaving Haruna very pleased with her sudden moves. "Starting this night, I Oshima Yuko, will live with Kojima Haruna."

"Are you sure?" Haruna asked while walking towards the dining area.

"Of course." Yuko did the same thing. However, she's holding something; more like hiding something. "WOW! Nyannyan made these?!" Yuko asked and Haruna nodded, showing off that she's proud of herself. "Beef gyudon, rice, and chocolate cupcake~?"

"Un. I hope you will enjoy it, I followed the instructions very well this time." They both sat down on the chair, as Haruna reached out for Yuko's left hand, the short girl couldn't hide her blushing face.

"Nyannyan, I will never leave you. That dream will never happen, I promise." Yuko said which made Haruna caress Yuko's left hand even more. Yuko used her right hand to eat the foods. Surprisingly, it's not bad as Haruna's previous cooking skills. "This is good Nyannyan!" Yuko announced which made Haruna's heart fluster.

"It's just that, I'm happy." Haruna said and tears started to roll down on her cheeks. Yuko dropped her chopsticks on the bowl and used her right hand to wipe the tall girl's cheeks.

"Hey, don't cry." Yuko said and she kept caressing Haruna's cheeks. "You know, every time I will see Nyannyan crying because of me, I couldn't help but to be sad."

"I'm sorry, I will not cry. I promise." Haruna said as her index finger landed on the icing of the chocolate cupcake, she quickly wiped the icing on Yuko's face.

Yuko just laughed, wanting her revenge, she threw the whole cupcake at Haruna. Both of them laughed, creating mess, and of course, not yet letting go of each other’s hand. But Yuko stood up, grabbing a roll of tissue and pulled some papers to wipe off the mess from her princess.

"Now you're acting like my mom~" Haruna said which made Yuko smirk.

Yuko also wiped off the icing away from her. "It's because I don't want my plan to get terminated because of this messy situation." Yuko said and a grin suddenly appeared.

"Plan?" Haruna asked bluntly, the short girl nodded.

"Stand up." Yuko said and Haruna just obeyed her lover.

Yuko bowed down which made Haruna very shocked.

"Are you willing to wear two rings at the same time?" Yuko asked and her signature smile appeared. "Kojima Haruna, you know that sometimes I'm not good with words. I maybe an extrovert person and you are an introvert person. But hey! Opposite attracts! Out of all the sweet talks with the other members, only you can make me say this." Yuko said as she coughed; she pulled of a red velvet box. As she opened it, it was a ring with a diamond on the top of it. "I may be a jerk sometimes; I may not be the best girl you will always get along with. But I swear, you're the only one who can make me smile with my fullest. You're the only one who can inspire me. My heart will always scream out for your name, it's because I love you. My heart only beats for Kojima Haruna. I know that earlier you got mad at me, so I've been having second thoughts about it. I decided to live with you to prove you that you're the only one for me. I would like you to cook these foods almost every day for our family."

Haruna couldn't help but to smile and cry at the same.

"Will you be my wife? I will never promise but I will try to be the best wife for you." As Yuko inserted the ring on Haruna's ring finger, Haruna pulled Yuko upwards and hug the short girl.

Yuko got off from the hug and wiped Haruna's tears again. "You know that sometimes I'm not good with my words. I'm a clumsy person, possessive, sadistic, you name it. But only Yuko can bring the best out of me. Only Yuko can make me happy." Haruna said.

The girl caressed Yuko's cheeks as she pulled the short girl for a long sweet kiss, as they both tasted each other’s tongue, feeling each other breath they both pulled out and smiled to each other.

"I guess you already know the answer. Yuu. Chan." Haruna said as she left Yuko alone in the kitchen.

Still in an awe moment, she just followed Haruna. Climbing on her way to her room, Haruna just giggled while Yuko was just following her.

As they arrived to the room, Haruna told Yuko to wait for a while. The short girl just nodded, doesn't know what spell Haruna casted this time. It only took Yuko two minutes to wait. "Yuuchan~" Haruna called Yuko in a seductive way. "Come in~" Haruna added.

The short girl opened the door and the light is not too bright, "Nyannyan?" Yuko called Haruna as she looked around; Yuko saw Haruna on the bed, laying down, wearing the laces Yuko gave her.

Yuko's jaw dropped which made Haruna giggle. "Why, Yuuchan? You thought that was your last surprise?" Haruna asked which made Yuko nod furiously. "Well guess what, I'm the last surprise." Haruna said Yuko ran on her way to the bed taking off her clothes.

As Haruna saw Yuko's undergarments, the short girl laughed. "Oh look, you're wearing the same with me!" Yuko grinned.

Haruna bitted her lips and kissed Yuko's forehead. "You know how much I love you, especially when you're naughty."


There ya go, ya pervs :V

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Tsundere NyanNyan, how I've missed that~   :thumbsup

As expected of the KojiYuu expert, this fic was fluffy~!  :thumbsup And you said you needed help with fluff  :lol:

Oh I can't wait for smut trololololol~

P.S. No pressure yo. I mean I've been in hiatus mode as well. Not just here but in so I completely get it. Real life does take a toll on us doesn't it? :< Take it easy, Rine-chan :)
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Re-reading this for the thousandth time to implant in my head that this is actually what happened this Valentine. Lol  :on lol: :hiakhiakhiak:
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Kojiyuu got engage.....hehe..

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Take your time....

Title: Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ The Oshima Family: Stolen Kisses (Teaser) 2/22/15
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Did you notice that kojimako looks like yuuchan with her black hair and dimples and ryoka looks like haruna because her hair and face? I love it
Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) It Cannot Wait 2/25/15
Post by: ChibiRine on February 25, 2015, 05:03:02 AM
I've been listening to Justin Bieber, One Direction, 50 Shades of Grey OST, Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato. I was really laughing to myself, I was like "Why am I listening to them?" And thus, this drabble was created.


It Cannot Wait.

The rain was too loud and hard, Kojima Haruna can't even hear her heart beating. She was sighing, having second thoughts to make things up with Yuko. They got into a fight, which is only an accident. To follow up some things, she received a message from her beloved Yuko. But she wasn't expecting she'll receive this kind of message.

I’ve been stubborn, careless, and selfish. I didn’t realize that our deep friendship, turned into love. I was shocked, didn’t know what to do. Couldn’t be this, couldn’t be that. If only, I didn’t touched nor kiss you. It was just another faint night, no matter how many times I will refuse it, reality will always hit me. This would’ve not happen. My useless jokes; funny faces; and perverted actions. You will always laugh; hit me in the face or head; you can be clingy sometimes. But I guess that’s why you always caught my poor little broken heart. You acted like my mother, my mother who will always take care of me. I’m so sorry, Nyannyan, but I want to end this something special between the both of us. Don’t worry. I will always cherish our moments together. But it’s time for us to move on and keep looking forward. No matter what happens, I will always catch you when you fall. I will not promise, but I will do it. Just for you, my dear Princess. I love you. And by midnight, I will contact you. If you feel my presence, that means I love you. If I didn’t, I’m sorry. But it’s over. I only have two hours left, Nyannyan. Wish me luck, okay? I love you, forever and ever. Try to catch me this time.

“Yuuchan…” A tall girl whispered under beneath her breath. Tears are slowly rolling down on her eyes. Didn’t know what to do, she was trying to catch her breath. “You idiot.” Kojima Haruna whispered to herself, every second, she was trying to catch her breath. 

She heard the thunder, roaring with its all might. The raindrops were too loud; she cannot believe that Oshima Yuko will do that. Probably, Yuko must be tired waiting for Haruna’s answer.

“I was about to tell you that I love you, idiot.” Haruna whispered to herself as she looked down on her nails. “I was too dumb, Yuuchan. I could’ve been a better person if I told you that I love you too.”

Haruna noticed that her phone vibrated. An application popped out and she wiped the tears off from her eyes. She slid her finger to the screen to unlock her phone; she opened the application and she saw Yuko. Online. Her hand did the work, she was about to contact Yuko’s video call. But to her surprise, it was Yuko, who’s calling her. Haruna rushed her hand to answer the calling, not waiting a second or a two.

The screen appeared Yuko’s face; Haruna was still trying to catch her breath. “Nyannyan…” A voice called her. “I..hehehehehe. I couldn’t last half an hour without you.” Yuko said as she smiled. “That message is about something that I should’ve deleted 8 years ago.”  The short girl was trying to catch her breath. Haruna couldn’t hide her tears away from Yuko. “No matter what happens, I will love you until the rest of my life.”

“I should’ve said this 8 years ago too, Yuuchan.” Haruna said; a big ball of air escaped from her lips. “I love you too. I’m sorry if I’m the one who’s always stubborn. If only I can change the world; I might’ve been the one who felt the feeling of love at first sight.”

“Open your window.” Yuko said and Haruna just did what the short girl commanded her.

A gasp escaped from her lips when she saw the short girl, standing in front of her house. "Y-Yuu-Yuuchan!"

“Sorry, but I guess I can’t wait until midnight. And by the way, I love you.” Yuko said as she smiled. "The rain nor the thunder can't stop my love for you."

Haruna saw Yuko, soaking wet. She quickly went in to her comfort room and ran downstairs, just to give Yuko a fresh new towel. "Get inside." Haruna said as she gently pulled Yuko. "And I will make you feel warm." The tall girl added, followed by a wink.

Yuko just smiled and pinched Haruna's cheeks. "I'd like that." Yuko added and they finally got inside the house.


I think I will post an update for The Oshima Family and CBKHBF~ :nya:

I know that some of you are waiting for the KojiYuu smut for Heart Only Beats for Kojima Haruna and the MariMii smut for CBKHBF.

But yeah, some things happened. Technically, school works and editing purposes for school and signature/cover/profile picture also.

Okay, so I have 1 AtsuMina request, 1 MaYuki, 1 NatsuMado (I'll kill ya, Yurin!), and update some TS here. :depressed:

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Great as always!
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Well written and oh, i will be waiting patiently (not really but will try) for your updates and all.
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Title: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Work Issues 3/4/15
Post by: ChibiRine on March 04, 2015, 12:08:16 PM
And yeah, another drabble that I made for only 10 minutes. :depressed: Thanks to my boring situation, I managed to write this one! Yay! :on gay: I would like to thank yurin23mayuki for giving me such tips to avoid stress and for my upcoming fic. This is somehow a comfort fic for me, and yeah, ChibiRine is a ninja. *^*

Oh yeah, and that smut? Not gonna happen. I mean, I'm not very satisfied with it. Just wait for a while. :glasses: And yeah, this fic is somehow kinda not-so-cheesy-but-meh kind lol OTL

Oh well, too much information can kill a curious cat. :V /

Work Issues.

"Is there something I need to know?" Oshima Yuko's partner, Kojima Haruna asked her as she looked at Yuko. The short girl just sighed and looked back. "Hmm? Yuuchan?" Haruna was kind of pissed off because she was too busy and Yuko suddenly called her. "You're not going to say something?" Haruna asked and Yuko didn't answer her. The tall girl scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Are you wasting my time or something?"

"Is it bad to spend my time with you?" Yuko asked coldly as she looked down on her feet. Somehow, she was just too tired with Haruna's cold replies and such. "You've been acting so cold these past few days. And I'm just pissed off because you didn't bother to tell me what's going on." Yuko said which made Haruna guilty. "Do you know how it feels like to be worried?" The older girl was about to speak, but Yuko suddenly talked again. "I've been worried and sick because of remembering you have packs of schedule. And yet, you won't tell me what it going on."

Haruna sighed as she pulled Yuko's arm, which made Yuko landed on the taller girl's lap. "Look, I'm busy with work and such. You know how it feels like to be center, right?" Haruna asked which made Yuko pout and nodded. "Now, are you still mad at me?" Haruna asked again and Yuko shook her head. But still the pout was still there, which made the taller girl chuckle. "What's with the pout?"

"Nothing." Yuko mumbled as she nuzzled down on Haruna's neck. "Nyannyan, you smell so great~" Yuko said as a tint of pinkish hue can be seen on the taller girl's cheeks.

"Shut up." Haruna whispered as she pulled Yuko's head near to her. The shorter girl gulped as she felt Haruna's lips on her. It was just a peck, but it lasted too long for Yuko. "I can't believe you liked that picture of my butt." Haruna said and a chuckle replied her. Their face was still near but they were just laughing.

"Eh, you posted it! Plus, Haruna's butt is fluffy~" Yuko said as Haruna felt the small hands of Yuko molesting her butt.

The taller girl lightly slapped Yuko's hand away from her butt. "No touchy until I told you so." Haruna said which made the squirrel-like girl groan.

"But Nyannyan! The last time we did that you were so sadistic!" Yuko said as flashback started to play inside her mind, which made her shiver.

"The goosebumps are still there eh?" Haruna asked which made Yuko roll her eyes and kissed Kojiharu's neck. She pulled back and she saw a frown from her lover's face. "You stopped, Ihetchu."

"Just because you were sooooooooo sadistic that time, that doesn't mean I will also play the role being a sadistic person." Yuko mumbled which made Haruna blush. "I wonder what will people say about you and your sadistic personality."

Haruna just sighed and she saw Yuko's eyes, slowly closing and she giggled. "Go to sleep, Yuuchan. You deserve to sleep now." Haruna whispered to Yuko's ears and she closed her eyes as well.

"Nyannyan....I love you." The short girl whispered as she nuzzled sown on Haruna's chest.

The tall girl chuckled and smiled. "I know, and I love you too."


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Ulalala.. Ahahha. The part where Yuko liked Haruna's picture was just so kawaii. :shy2: :shy2:
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A drabble leaves me hanging~ But your's didn't.  :on GJ:
I love it all!!!  :luvluv1:
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come on! we nned more kojiyuu smexy time
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come on! we nned more kojiyuu smexy time
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waiting for your next OS ...
Title: ❤️Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Yuko's Story: The Past 3/15/15
Post by: ChibiRine on March 15, 2015, 09:50:19 AM
Yo guys~ I'm back~! :on gay: This is going to be a two-shot because the story was too long and it might be boring. :depressed: I would like to thank yurin23mayuki and Ryo-san for the iced tea they gave me from yesterday's meet-up! ^u^ Thank you also to my dear Fafah thelonewolf48 for the wonderful KojiYuu fic for me! :farofflook:

Sorry for no replies with the PMs, Tumblr PMs, and FB PMs, been very busy with school. :depressed:

But~ SCHOOL WILL BE OVER~! :farofflook: Two more weeks! Two more weeks and I'm finally free~ \ :V /

I would also like to apologize gor all the commotion I created on FB. :V And sorry for not updating my ficts. Orz

BEWARE for this upcoming Summer: I will give you all something that will make y'all scream at the top of your lungs. *winks* Well, I'm not sure but, oh well. :mon zoom:

Anyways, wish me luck with my exams! :depressed:

Heart Only Beats For Kojima Haruna COMPLETE version :mon surr: (

"Hey, it's all right. Trust me, okay?" A tall girl said as she caressed a small hands holding hers tightly. "Hey, I'm here. Don't worry." The hands were trembling, making her worried. At the same time, amused by her girlfriend. "I didn't know you're a chicken when it comes to these kinds of things." Haruna teased her girlfriend and a giggle came out from her lips. "Yuuchan, you can do it." A whisper on her ear can be heard as the short girl can feel her heart beating too fast.

"And what if if I can't do it?" A trembling voice was heard by Haruna and a chuckle was heard from the tall girl. "I'm serious here, Haruna." Haruna also knows that Yuko is serious, the tall girl had no choice but to hug her dear squirrel. Realizing the warmth on her body, that sent shivers but happiness was also found, Yuko didn't want to let go. "I-I'm ready for it." Yuko said as tears started to form on her eyes, she quickly wiped the tears away from her eyes and smiled.

"Don't worry, once you're done, you can finally see the perfection of the world, again." Haruna said as she kissed Yuko's forehead.

"Does that mean I can finally see your beautiful face?" Yuko asked and she felt a shake.

"But Yuuchan, what if I'm not beautiful? What if you're just expecting? Will you still love me?" That question froze Yuko for a while. Yuko doesn't really care about Haruna's looks. She knows that this girl beside her is beautiful, because her personality is also beautiful.

"Don't worry, Haruna. I know that you are beautiful. I may be blind now, but I know. I know that you're beautiful." The short girl said as tears started to form on Haruna's eyes. The older girl sniffed which made Yuko worry. "Are you crying?" Yuko asked.

"Nope." Haruna lied. "Dust and allergy issues." Haruna knows Yuko all too well, the short girl doesn't like Haruna to cry because of her.

"But hey, Nyannyan." Yuko called Haruna. "Can you tell me a story before I go to this surgery?" The short girl asked and the tall girl chuckled.

Removing the tears away from her, "Of course." Haruna whispered. "The usual?" The tall girl asked and Yuko just nodded like a kid. Haruna chuckled and sighed. "Okay then."

"But, can you add the present one?" Yuko requested and the tall girl was touched with Yuko's words. Yuko is laying down on the hospital bed, while the air from the air-condition was being cold, Haruna was there; hugging Yuko. "Make sure that I'm going to enjoy it!" Yuko demanded and Haruna let out a hearty laugh.

"Of course. Of course." Haruna said and Yuko just smiled. Seeing Yuko smiling like that will always make Haruna's heart fluster. "Let me begin the story now." The tall girl announced, Yuko sheepishly grinned which made Haruna chuckle.

Yuko's Story

The Past
There was a girl named Oshima Yuko, she was the most bubbly and happiest girl the world has ever seen. She made a lot of friend, she's the most popular girl on school. Every guy or girl liked her. Yuko's dimples plus her squirrel-type set of teeth of hers will always make you smile as well. But, Yuko didn't know something. Something that will ruin her life. Yuko was also the greatest varsity player, she may be short but she's the greatest of the great. She was all pumped up with her dodgeball competition with her rival. Of course, rivals will always try their best to ruin your pace or concentration.

"Jurina!" The short girl called for her teammate, Matsui Jurina. "Remember your target, Nito Moeno." Yuko told Jurina and a nod was followed up. "Sayaka!" She called her best friend this time. "You know your target." Yuko told Sayaka and gave her a wink. Which made Sayaka giggle at the same time giving their rival a fierce look. "Yosh!" Yuko shouted which made her rivals very angry, they were very pissed off when it comes to Yuko.

Yuko's rival, Kobayashi Kana whispered something. "Do everything what it takes." Kana mumbled. "Crush her. Break her. Do everything, that will ruin her life with dodgeball." Kana said which made her teammate, Tanabe Miku drop the ball.

"Isn't that too much?!" Miku asked. Kana stared at Miku, which made the short-haired girl gulped and look down on her feet.

"I don't care! Just break her dreams that is related to dodgeball!" Kana shouted.

The crowd was too loud, Kana thought no one will hear her shouting things about Oshima Yuko. But she was wrong. Oshima Yuko is the popular girl, of course, she will always have her connections. Ohori Megumi and Noro Kayo, Yuko's friends and slave(?) overheard Kana saying stupid things about Yuko. They ran as fast as they could to tell Yuko about Kana's plan.

But they were too late, the referee blew it's whistle. "Fuck." Megumi mumbled and Kayo just looked at Yuko. "What is she going to do now?!" Megumi asked while looking at Kayo.

The chubby girl sighed and looked at the slim girl. "I don't know, Meetan." Kayo whispered. "I don't know."

Back to the court, the light was shining on Yuko. She's the star player, of course. Which made Kana furious, she passed the ball to Miku. Miku tried to hit Sayaka, but the tall girl caught the ball and tried to hit Masuda Yuka. Yuka caught the ball but she dropped it. "One point to Team K!" The referee shouted and the linesmen showed a thumbs up for approval.

"Nice one team!" Yuko shouted, she was panting yet, smiling. It was the half-time already and Yuko decided to drink a bottle of water. She realized that her bottle is already drained, Yuko decided not to drink. The short girl was preparing to go back to the court, but she felt a finger tapping her right shoulder. Yuko turned around and the first thing she saw is a tall girl looking down on her feet, holding a cold bottle of water.

"Oshima-san, I know that you're thirsty. Please take this water!" The girl said as she handed Yuko the bottle, the short girl just looked at the tall girl and accepted the water bottle.

"Thanks." Yuko said and she smiled at the tall girl. The tall girl looked at Yuko's face and tint of pinkish hue can be seen on her face. But then, Yuko saw a towel on the tall girl's hands. The tall girl slowly handed Yuko the towel, the short girl accepted the towel as well and wiped herself with it.

Opening the cold bottle of water, Yuko quickly drank the water and left a little amount of water and showered herself with it. Drying herself with the towel, Yuko observed the tall girl. 160cm, beautiful face, nice skin tone, kissable lips, and big breast. Yuko returned the towel and the bottle of water. The tall girl accepted the bottle and towel, she was bitting her lips, which made Yuko very worried.

"Don't bite your lips. It'll ruin your beauty." Yuko complimented, which made the tall girl blush even more. Yuko just giggled and sighed. "Thanks for the water and towel, mi-" Before Yuko could finish, she felt a soft muscle on her cheeks. It was the tall girl's lips that met with Yuko's cheeks. The short girl was dumbfounded, ecstatic even. After kissing Yuko's cheeks, the tall girl runaway from Yuko. "And thus, Cinderella is gone." Yuko mumbled as she walked back to the court.

"OSHIMA-SENPAI! CRUSH THEM!" Yuko heard her fans and screaming and she gave them an okay sign. Which made her rivals, specially their leader very angry

As Yuko got inside the court, she saw the burning eyes of her opponents. She just smiled at them, which made them reach their limits.

The referee blew it's whistle, as Kana's team received the ball, she threw it to Sayaka. But Sayaka was able to avoid it, Jurina caught the ball and threw it back to the other side. Miku caught the ball, she remembered Kana's words. She can't do something that will ruin someone's life, so she threw the ball to Reina. The slim girl caught the ball, and she threw it to Kana. Kana was able to caught the ball, she was aiming for Yuko's face. As she threw the ball with all her power, Yuko was able to caught the ball. The short girl smirked which made the short-headed girl very angry. As Yuko threw the ball to Kana, Kana caught the ball. The referee decided to time out both teams. Without Yuko paying any attention, Kana threw the ball directly to Yuko's face. Yuko's face caught the ball, the short girl squinted.

Yuko's vision is getting blurry. Sayaka saw the ball rolling away from Yuko and she looked at Kana. "HEY! YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT!" The tall girl shouted with her husky voice, Sayaka saw her friend holding it's head an massaging it's temples. As Sayaka approached Yuko, that small girl was trying to catch her breath. "Yuko, are you okay?" Sayaka asked an Yuko shook her head.

"S-Sa-Sayaka..." Yuko mumbled as she was trying to catch her vision, but slowly, it was disappearing. "I c-can't see!"

"Wh-what do you mean you can't see?!" Sayaka asked as she shouted, "Team! Huddle up!" Sayaka called her teammates, as their teammates saw their Captain and Vice Captain they quickly ran as fast as they could. Their whole teammates arrived and they saw their Captain, trying to catch it's breath and trying to squint and open her eyes. "Yuko." Sayaka called the Captain. "I repeat, are you okay?"

Yuko was about to answer, but she fainted. All her teammates looked at Kana, except for Sayaka who carried her friend. The referee saw the whole thing, he had no choice but to blow his whistle and announce the winner. "Due to the default, violence, and incidents for today's battle, I've decided who's team will be the winner." As the referee saw Sayaka calling for help, he And the winner is, Team K!"

Instead of celebrating, all Team K members ran on their way to Kana's team. They punched and kicked their opponents, a lot of people was trying to stop them. "You fucktards!" Jurina shouted. "Yuko-san is unconscious, thanks to you!" She added as she punched Kana's face.

The tall girl saw the whole thing as well, she bitted her lips and looked down on her feet. Praying for Yuko to be okay.

The tall girl stopped and Yuko tilted her head. "You stopped the story! Why?!" Yuko asked and Haruna chuckled.

"Wait a second, Yuuchan." Haruna said which made Yuko pout. "I'm going to pee." Haruna added which made Yuko laugh. The tall girl stood up and left the short girl on the hospital bed; on her way to the bathroom, Yuko hummed and smiled to herself.

"I wonder if my present story will be great just like Haruna's story? Hmm. But I actually want to listen to the version where Haruna and I met." Yuko mumbled to herself and she closed her eyes, waiting for her Princess to come out from the bathroom.


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that's awsome author-san :ding:
i will w8 for ur nxt update... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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As always awesome story and lovely Kojiyuu~ :tama-heart:  :shy2:

but you leaves us hanging there :pleeease: :tantrum:

Anyway looking forward for the next update!   :mon star:
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 :on gay: i'll be waiting for the next update~ i'm really excited to know the whole story  :shocked  hehe and you are welcome hope to see you again~  :on ksweat:
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Hai, senpai!!! I'm currently writing it. XD  :on cny1: :on cny1: :on cny1:
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Poor Yuko. You'll get your vision back soon! I hope so. You'll definitely enjoy the view~ lol
Deym Kana! Deym you!!!  :nervous :nervous :nervous
Can't wait for the next part <3 <3 <3 :shakeit:
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Mou..senpaaiii.. you cruel ~ *kidding
ai'll update after the rainbow appear in my heart..hihi
waiting for the next~
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Dayem Kana.  :smhid Y u go making poor Yuu-chan blind?  :angry:

That being said, I can't wait to 'listen' to more of Haruna's story to Yuko~  :thumbsup

Awesome comeback as always, Rine-chan!  :grin:

P.S. Gosh I thought I replied for 'Work Issues'!!!  :shocked I guess I thought I posted and closed the tab  :banghead: I think I said something along the lines of "it was short but sweet~ I don't think I could've made such a drabble within a 10-minute timeframe  :lol: "

P.S.S. And~ of course, the complete smutty Heart Only Beats for Kojima Haruna. Yes yes, that was hawt brilliant~  :twothumbs
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gosh.. yukooooooooo u_u
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Yay! This time Yuko is blind eh? But its nice to say a caring Kojima Haruna instead of a tsundere.
I'll keep the comment short, hope to see another update soon, keep up the good work and continue writing as holidays are coming soon for you. :glasses:
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Dang kana, :on redcard:

how dare you hurt my yuko!!!!! :mon zoom:

I will wait for next chapter......

Nice fic rine-chan

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Since I have decided to come out from being a silent reader, I think I should leave a reply and say my thanks.  :)
Rine-san, you are one of my favourite authors here.  :thumbsup
I love all your fanfics and hope to see more from you  :twothumbs hopefully soon  :lol:
Thank you for all your kojiyuu fanfics  :bow:
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 :cow: Yo! I'm back! :glasses: my writing skills are getting rusty, what should I do?! :frustrated: Oh well, I was really going to post this yesterday. But I was waiting for Yuko and Haruna to spoil some KojiYuu fans but, nothing happened. :depressed: Oh and, congratulations to Claito, because Kojima Haruna just liked her IG post! Congratulations, Claito! :mon inluv: As you can see, I have two stories here. I've been writing some chapters lately, and I forgot about the Multiple Shots and some stories. Sarreh. :ding:

Belated Happy 27th Birthday to our dearest Kojima Haruna-sama~ :mon inluv:

Oh and, please participate to our dear KojiYuu week! Please join us! We'll have tons of fun. XD :mon XD:

KojiYuu Week Informations ( and for the rules, informations, and guidelines; please refer HERE!! (

Oh right, the short one shots. :on gay:

I Wish I Have A Frien- I Meant...I Wish I Can See/Meet Her.

"No! Please! Don't leave me!" A chubby girl said as she held a little girl's hand.

"I will come back for you, I promise." The short girl replied as she kissed the chubby girl's cheeks.

The chubby girl nodded, and as a reward of the short girl; the chubby girl kissed the lips of the short girl. It was surely pure of innocence because they were both kids. They were just a little girl, who would mind about it? Of course, no one. 'Cause they're too young and there's nothing wrong with it.

It was just an innocent peck, they both pulled out and they saw each other how their cheeks lighten up after that innocent peck. "I'll be back, Hime-sama." The short girl said as she handed down a bracelet. She walked away slowly, leaving a big scar to the chubby girl's heart.

"I will always wait for you....." The chubby girl mumbled to herself, "Yuuchan...."

"Happy birthday to me~ Happy birthday to me~ Happy birthday to me~ Happy birthday Haruna~" A tall girl whispered to herself as she closed her eyes. A sigh escaped from her lips as she wished for something. Something that a girl will always appreciate. I wish I have a friend. Or maybe, I wish I can see or meet her this time. Haruna thought to herself as she blew the candle. The birthday girl opened her eyes and she saw a girl, staring at her. Haruna gulped to herself as beads of sweat started to form on her forehead. "Excuse me, why are you looking at me?" Haruna asked to a short girl that's been staring at her.

The short girl lifted her right eyebrow and smiled at the birthday girl; a chuckle replied Haruna's question. Not answering the tall girl's question, the dimpled girl just smiled and seated at the chair that's facing Haruna. A blush and flustering heart can be found at Haruna at this moment. The birthday girl gulped and, as she looked at the short girl, their eyes met. "It's your birthday today, why are you all alone?" The short girl finally asked, Haruna didn't have doubts about the short girl in front of her. Maybe she's friendly? Maybe she's not a biter?

"I don't have any friends to accompany me." Haruna mumbled as she saw the short girl pouted. A nod was followed by her-so-called-friend, until Haruna sliced a piece of cake. Slicing a freshly baked mocha cake, Haruna rested the slice caked on a saucer and offered it to the short girl. The short girl was stunned by the birthday girl's sudden movement. The girl in front of Haruna nervously chuckled and pulled out her wallet. "Why are you giving me a slice of your cake, Haruna-san?" The short girl asked as Haruna looked at her, it was kind off weird for Haruna if she was going to be honest.

"I don't know? Maybe I trust you? Or I don't know? I just felt something when I saw you." Haruna replied as she smiled at the short girl. The dimpled girl was shocked; at the same time she was happy. The short girl pulled out a picture and she gave it to Haruna; the tall girl saw a picture on the short girl's hand. The birthday girl took the picture; a gasp escaped from her lips as she widen up her eyes. It was a picture of Haruna when she was 7 years old, and it happens to be, the 7-years old Haruna was beside a short girl.

"It has been 20 years, Haruna. Long time no see." The short girl uttered as Haruna stood up from her chair and walked towards the short girl in front of her.

"Y-Y-Yuko?!" Haruna half-shouted as she inspected the girl named Yuko. The short girl stood up from her chair; as a smiled showed up, Haruna recognized the dimples, brown eyes, and the squirrel set of teeth in front of her. "It really is you!" The tall girl said as she opened her arms and hugged the girl in front of her.

Yuko blushed as she felt Haruna's hug, it was the first time after 20 years when they hugged. They were kids back then, Haruna didn't have that kind of boobs. It was awkward for Yuko, at first. But the body, the presence, and same scenario, they were all familiar to Yuko. "It is me." Yuko whispered to Haruna as she kissed the birthday girl's cheeks. "Happy birthday, Nyannyan."

Haruna's heart flustered, her heart was beating too fast, she was frozen when Yuko kissed her cheeks. Her heart was beating too fast when she heard that strange nickname again. "Y-Yuuchan." It was a sweet tone, a tone that changed. They grew up, they're an adults now. But the problem is, both of them are adults now. They both have their own business, jobs, house, life, and who knows, a family.

"I've been away for awhile, but I'm here now. I'm back. I promised that to you, am I right? I promised that I will be back here, during your birthday. At the same exact spot, here at my grandmother's café, I'm here now, Nyannyan. I will never leave you again." Yuko mumbled as she felt Haruna's arms are getting tighter on her waist. It didn't bother Yuko, it felt like the tall girl was protecting her. "Nyannyan..."

"I-I waited for you. Yuuchan, you will never leave me? Promise?" Haruna asked as she pulled back from the hug, a smile and a nod that's true answered her question. Ot left the cat-like girl very relieved; she felt a soft muscle on her cheeks. Haruna's heart was beating crazily again, Yuko wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. Yuko wants to dance and tumbling at the same time. She finally did it, she finally felt that soft muscle on her cheeks again. After so many years, Haruna felt that feeling again. It was weird for her, at the same time it was the moment she will always cherish.

Haruna on the other hand, she pulled Yuko's body near to her. They didn't bother if there are some people staring at them. As they felt both of their heartbeats, they k ew that they were meant for each other. Yuko cannot wait for it anymore, so she gave Haruna a light kiss. The tall girl pulled out and lightly smacked the short girl's head. "Hey! What was that for?!" The short girl asked and a pout followed up. "You're still the same tsundere girl that I've met. Tch." Yuko added which made the birthday girl chuckle.

"Shut up and kiss me." Haruna said, she wasn't aware of the words that just came out from her lips. Yuko blushed; 5 seconds later, Haruna realized what she just said. The tall girl mentally and physically facepalmed herself. That statement just made Yuko smile and laugh.

"Mah, if that's what you want, I can do that later. But you know there are some customers." Yuko said which made Haruna giggle and nod.

"Maybe later then, Yuu~ Chan~" Haruna teasingly said and a wink was revealed by her.

"Happy birthday, Nyannyan. I am your gift by the way." Yuko nervously said which made Haruna laugh.

"And I like my gift. I hope she's not tired, because we have lot of things to do." Haruna said which made Yuko gulp.


Lonely Birthday

"Ah shit, I'm late." The short girl mumbled as she saw a tall girl staring at her. "Nyannyan, I didn't mean to be late. You know that I'm a busy per-"

"It's okay, I'm used to it anyway." Haruna mumbled as she picked up some rubbish that are getting on her way. "I mean, waiting for you every 1 am is not bad at all, Yuuchan. You missed our monthsarry, the party for me because I got the center postion, you were also late during Valentine's day. Yeah, Yuuchan. I'm used to it."

"Hey, I was just really busy, Nyannyan." Yuko tried to explain, but some words can't get out of her lips. She was out of explanation, which made Haruna smirk.

"You were out of explanation, it's okay. I'm not mad, Yuuchan. Really. Atsuko was also here as well, even though she have lots of projects. Funny, isn't it?"

"You're making me guilty, and I'm feeling it. Big. Time." Yuko mumbled as she looked down on her feet. Haruna stopped picking up the rubbish as she went closer to Yuko.

A hug surprised Yuko, the short girl was shocked. "I'm just stating the fact, Yuuchan."

"I'm sorry for being late..." Yuko apologized as she rested her head on Haruna's chest.

"I just...." Haruna wanted to stop her tears, she bit her lips and smiled. "I just missed you, Yuuchan. We're both busy, and that's life. It's just that...I'm lonely." Haruna mumbled to herself.

Hearing what Haruna said just made Yuko worried, the short girl looked at Haruna and caressed the cat-like girl's cheeks. "Lonely birthday?" The short girl asked and a nod answered her question. "I'm sorry, Nyannyan."

"You know I hate it every time you're apologizing." Haruna mumbled, "It's okay, Yuuchan."

"Does that mean I can kiss you?" Yuko asked as a grin showed up from her face.

"Like that'll happen." Haruna said as she removed Yuko's arms and head away from her body.

"But Nyannyan!"


See you all at the KojiYuu World and at my updates! :mon bye:
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Finally some KOJIYUU update~!!  :mon angel:  :farofflook:

Seriously we need more of KojiYuu nowadays..  :fainted: :err:

And yesh,  :heart: as expected Haruna's still a Tsundere cat~ :mon inluv:
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My plan to write about nyannyan birthday failed because I am very busy.  :err:
But, I'm glad senpai make it. By the way, it was sooooo cuuutteeee, I love it.  :mon lovelaff:
Thanks for your update~  :kneelbow:
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UNA SANA AKO EH. LOL  :shakeit:
UWAAA~ KOJIYUU~   :pen_drunk:
ANG CUTE TALAGA~!  :pig cute:
TSK. YOU'RE SUCH A TEASER  :mon loveflower:

MAY ESPESYAL BANG NANGYARI? WEEK NG KASAL? LOL  (Gomen~ Newbie here. Hahahaha)  :bow:
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Nice os rine-chan

Lupet :mon blowhorn:

Update pa more :mon prayer:
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I was also waiting for some Kojiyuu on the 19th but nothing happened. ̄へ ̄
Anyways, good job on the OS~~~
Update your stories soon and keep up the good work! ≧∇≦
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finally you make an OS again   :wub:
i love your imagination, really  :twothumbs
iam kojiyuu shipper but if you want to make a fanfic based on mariharu moment recently (haruna birthday) i will really love it  XD
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Awesome fanfic as always  :catglare:
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Ahhhhh  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

SO FLUFFY AND SWEET~  :farofflook:
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aww ... so cute!! i love it!!!  :mon inluv:
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yay Rine's back   :on gay:

i really miss ur fic,
and kojiyuu moment is so sweet,  :luvluv1:
i'll w8 for ur next update
and thank you for the wonderful fic
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SELFIE :mon cam:


Nice os rine-chan
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Ah. ChibiRine-san! You're finally back!!
Thank you for the Kojiyuu fic! :kneelbow:
So Haruna's a smoker eh? Well at least she'll be trying to stop. And our squirrel, please be patient with Haruna~~
Hope to see you update soon and keep up the good work!
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"Wait For Me"
yes yes yes, its probably the 1st time that I got happy for life after death  :)
nice story!  :oops:
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Ah, senpai~ I love it <3

I think I've read a doujinshi that's similar to this though... Well, I think.

Anyway, I love it X3
Looking forward to its continuation ~~ :nya:
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Di ko pa nababasa. :'(
Be back!
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Nice  rine-chan yeah yuko is haruna's savior..

hmmmm..expecting for next update...
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I just finished reading it all  :wub:

Will you continue the Yuko's Past story?!  :oops: Hope so eheh
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I looove Atsumina and Atsuyuu  :twothumbs :twothumbs thank you for writing about them  :lol:
(also loved the way Acchan was behaving with Takamina omg i literally live for this ship)
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the wmatsui was super cute!!  :wub: :wub: