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Title: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [12.12.15]
Post by: black_maa on November 21, 2014, 05:51:46 PM
Hi, every one..  :roll: This my first fanfic. well, ut list I try something to write.. Maybe you already had read something like this.. what is big possibility, because I had read so much of them, that I  don't know, what was written and what hasn't.. So.. at first, there will be Prologue.. I if some of you like it, then I will post the chapter one also..
Enjoy reading! And I am sorry about my bad english, because it's not my current language. :roll:  and please don't judge me too much about what I write there.

                                                                                             "PAINFUL MISTAKE"


Hi, my name is Takahashi Minami, but they call me Takamina. I am 20 years old girl and very short. I am student. In school everybody hate me, even the teachers and also my friends, you ask me why, well.. after that incident..I don’t blame them, because I did the biggest mistake in my life.
 But before that incident I was very popular and everybody loves me. I had date-up some girls and boys from my school. But this relationships never went long, because I like try something new and usually, persons who I was date-up, use me to get popularity. After dating one of our prettiest schoolgirl, who used me to much, but I was to blind to see that, even my friends told me that, but I don’t listen them, I think I was in love. Until I saw her kissing with some men from our school. After that, I promise to myself, that, I will nevar fell in love again.. but maybe use them just for some fun..
  Unfortunately, you can’t tell your hurt what to do.. until the new transfer student come in our school, in my class.. my heart start beating fast, but I try to ignor it..because I made a promise to myself. When our eyes meet each other, she smile to me.. DEG..DEG..DEG..
            „Miss, can you please introduce yourself to your new class?” teacher ask her.
 „Yes, ofcourse, my names is … …”
  …DEG, DEG, DEG… no, stopit, I can’t do the same mistake, I can’t.. why now? It’s painfull.. please!

I hope some of you want to read the rest of the story..First chapter is almost writted..  :roll:
Post by: jumpcx on November 22, 2014, 12:32:04 AM
Awwww, u didn't tell me what the pair is..... :cool2:
i hope it's atsumina, :kekeke:
but if it has takamina in it then i'm all for it!  :ding:
so update soon  :wriggly:
Post by: black_maa on November 22, 2014, 10:44:46 AM

Thank you, who readed the prologue and there it is, the first chapter and of course - the pair..  :)


  „Hey, you.. Takahashi.. what the hell are you doing?” ask girl, who are only a bit taller than her.
 „What you want Oshima? Can’t you seen, that I am busy” Takamina answered a little bit angry
  „Yes I see, but what are you doing, Takamina?”
 Oshima Yuko is very good friend with Takamina a very long time. They are partners in crime, but no one before had catch them about what they are doing, for example, like now.
  „Hey, I am talking with you.” Yuko come closer to look carefully what she is doing.
 „Oh, crap, where it go?” ignoring the little taller girl, she start searching something.
  „Is it what I am thinking? You will do it again.. ah, Takamina”..
 „What? Do you want to tell about this to our teacher?” Takamina stopped what she is doing and looked at Yuko.
  „Hmm.. let me think.. Of course, I will.. not to tell.. Can I join you?”
 Takamina looking at here and start lough.
  „So.. How I can help you?” she start to look at Takamina masterpeace.
About what they are doing, well, Takamina found old girls clothes and skeleton, what was one of drama club properties. They put old clothes to this skeleton, put a mask to his eyes and hat to his head. Only from skeleton what you can see was his hands and half face. While in school were lectures, they both put this skeleton to the girls restroom one of the cab, with sitting position and with toilet paper in hand. They letting bit open the cab door.
  You ask why they are doing this, well, because in school has a rumor about girl who disappeared in restroom. And once in 5 years she appeared there.
 When lectures ended, usually many girls go to the restroom..
  „3..2..1.. and ..”
 „Kyaaa…” in all school you can hear big screams and some of the girls even faint.
 Two short people hide them self not very fare from there and start lough. Schools teachers and director was running there. When they found what is happening, they were in shock. All blame was put to the boys, who always scare girls with that rumor.
 In next day in school every start talking about new transfer student. That she is more prettiest among all girls in school.
  „Pff.. she is not even here and already so popular” … „I don’t believe that she is so pretty” the shorter person talking while sleeping on the table.
 „What’s wrong Takamina. You afraid that you can in love again”
  „Shut up Yuko. I will nevar fall in love again”.. „ But.. maybe just little bit use her to make some fun”
 „Oh, Takamina, get up.. teacher is coming” Takamina with yawning wake up and start to look out said to the window. What was easy for here, because she is sitting near one of them.
  While Yuko and Takamina talking to each other, there was a person, who listening everything. In her face you see the anger..
 „Well, well.. we will see, who is the prettiest in this school.. and Takamina.. I will get you back.. You will see, cause no one can comper with me andthan make you suffer more” with devilish smile this girl thought in her mind.
  „Okay class, please sit on your places, and I something to tell you. We have new student in this class” Everyone already was so excited. „Miss, please come in”
 In class come a girl, her black hair was a bit longer than shoulders. She has a very prety smile with those pink lips and I think everyone in class already were in love with her. Exept few persons.
  I still looking outside to the window, until some one call me
 „Hey, Takamina, look, it’s her” in low voice Yuko tell me, she is sitting behind me. Because sets was individual to each student.
  When I look at her, I admit that, yes, she is very pretty. While I looking at her, she look at me too and smile. „This smile..” DEG, DEG, DEG.. „..What was that?”
„Miss, can you please introduce yourself to your new class?” teacher ask her.
 „Yes, of course, my names is Maeda Atsuko, but you can call me Acchan. Nice to meet you and take care about me” that smile never live her.
I sill can’t get away my eyes from here. „What is this filling? I need to remember my promise to myself. I won’t fall in love again” my mind was confused.
  „Miss, you can sit there, near to Takahashi” teacher tell her and show the table
 My eyes still can’t live her and when she is coming closer, she smile to me and greeted
  „Hi, Takahashi-san..” that smile.. those eyes… DEG, DEG, DEG
 „H..hai Ma..Maeda-san..” what the heck, it’s first time that I can’t to reply properly to someone.
  „You stupid mind, stop thinking  and stupid heart, stop beating like that” I pulling my hairs, I think I look very fanny, because, when Yuko tap me to the shoulders, I look around and everybody was looking at me.
 „Takahashi, are you okey?” the teacher ask me, but I only smile and nodded, not looking around, but I can fill that, she is looking at me..
  „Okay class, we will continue…”
  When class ended Yuko come to me
 „Takamina, are you okay? Back than you look very silly, and I don’t know way, but what you did, it's looks like you like that Maeda girl.” With big grin she ask me
  „What the heck, of course no.. Do you forget about my promise to myself.” I was pissed off.
 „Well, well.. Takamina.. you can’t tell to your heart what to do”
  „Shut up Yuko. Live me alone, I want to sleep” After she live, I lay down to my table, until some voice disturbed me.
 „Hi, Takahashi-san, can I talk with you?” that voice.. DEG, DEG, DEG..
  When I look up, it’s her.. I only can nod and with awkward smile in to my face.
„W..well what is it? „ I ask her again, cause she doesnt’s spoke
  „T…Takahashi.. c…can you be friend?” she is blushing.. I don’t know what to answer..
 „W..well. first of all, could you please stop calling me Takahashi..” she just look at me with painfull eyes. I can’t refuse those eyes..
  „..cause I prefare better if you call me Takamina and yes, we can be friends.”.. When I said that, she smiled. That smile, my heart is beating so fast.. „Stop it my heart, we can only be friends” I can’t stop thinking and looking at her. Until she get up and make my heart rice more faster.. She is huging me..
 „Thank you Takamina and please call me Acchan too”..
  I just stay froze and let her to hug me more tighter.

Post by: black_maa on November 23, 2014, 09:25:03 AM
I will post the second chapter too, becouse the next won't be so fast, however it's already in midle, but I am student too, so I need to study ..

  It’s is already a one week, since this new transfer student is here. She is so friendly to everyone, because, that smile, what she is showing to other can melt every heart. And somehow that smile always appear in my mind..
 „Damn, that girl, why is she so friendly to everyone? Doesn’t she said, that she want to be my friend.. from this point it’s look like she asked this question to everyone.” This question don’t want to live my mind, when I look at her..
  „Hey, Takamina, whats up? What are you looking at..” behind me came Yuko and sit in her spot..
 I don’t bother to even answer to her, because, she already understand it.
  „..Oh..You still thinking about her.. And it’s look like some one is jealous.” After that sentence I turn around with big open eyes and look at Yuko..
„What are you talking about? You need to cool your head, Yuko.” Well maybe little bit I admit, that I am jealous, but I can’t be like that.. we are only friends.. but that doesn’t meant, that I can’t get some fun..  and I can’t forget my promise to myself.. just can’t.
 „Takamina, why are you smiling like that?” that smile in Yuko face.. yes, she know me too well.
  „Oh, hi, Takamina.. Yuko.. Why you both smiling like that? Do I missed something?” there she is, Acchan with her beautiful smile.. She is sitting in her sit, what is near to us.
 „Hihi, hey Acchan.. No.. everything is okey, Takamina just tell some of her fail jokes”, Yuko still smiling while answeroing to her.
  „Oh, okay, I hope you later tell me too, Takamina.” Acchan smiled to me, until teacher came in to our class.
  „Okay class, don’t forget about you homework in holiday.. You can go now.” With this sentence from teacher, everyone quickly take their belongings and went out from class.
 „Oh, not again, I hate this kind of homework, they are too hard for me.” I said it in low voice to myself.
„Whats wrong Takamina?” .. „Why I think, that you are not very happy about homework.”..
„Yes, Acchan, that is true!!” I screamed in my head. After few minutes, that I still haven’t answered to her, she star speaking again.
  „Don’t worry Takamina. I will help you with this homework.”
 „What? Are you sure? To make me understand something that, I don’t know, it’s hopples.” When I look at her, she is still smiling.
  „It’s okay. I will make you to understand, with my method.”
„Acchan.. What do you mean, with your method?” Why is she smiling like that.. Damn, and why my heart start beating like that..
 „Hihi, can’t tell, than you will see. Just come  me my house tomorrow. Faster we will star, than more time we can spend to do something else.” She just smile to me and went out form the class.
After that, I just stay there like frozen, and my head start spinning..
  „Oy, Takamina, why are you standing there?”.. „Hey, I am talking with you.”
 „Eh?.. Oh.. Yuko.. Amm.. Yeah..” I still can’t get out of my head Acchan last sentence.
  „Okey Takamina, stop dreaming and come back to the earth. We have to go.. I want to eat  something.”
After school, I and Yuko went to the cafe to eat something, and what was quit far from our school.
„Yuko, why we always come here to eat?” .. „I like the food here, but there are cafe, that are closer to our school, even to our houses.” It’s look like Yuko did not listening what I am saying, she just looking around, like trying to search something.
  „Yuko, what are you looking for?” I still trying to talk with her.
 „Oh, she is here, yee..” Yuko start smiling from ear to ear.
  „Yuko, you look weird”, Now I know, how I look, when I am not listening to other and I am on my own world..
„Hello, I would take yours orders, so..are you already choose what you want to eat?” tall girl, with long hair and voice in some words sounds like cat, came to our table and asking to our orders.
  When I look at Yuko, she still starring at girl with big grin on her face..
 „Nyan.. nyan…”
  „Umm.. excuse me, but there isn’t food like that with this kind of name.” The waitress looking at Yuko with little confused glance.
 „Yukoo.. wake up, and order something.” It’s look like she is still in her trance.
  „Well, for me, like always, katsudon.. and for that squirrel, pizza with cheese and bacon.” Take that you, Yuko..
After some while waitress came with our orders..
  „Yuko, who is Nyan Nyan?” I ask her, while eating my katsudon.
 „What? Nyan Nyan… she is a goddess. The beautiful person what I had ever seen.” And again that smile from ear to ear. .
  „Yuko, you are drooling.” I keep teasing her while we are eating. Even while we are going home, she still keeping talking about her goddess. „Ah, poor girl”, I am thinking in my mind, while listening what Yuko is telling to me.
 But one thing I can’t get out from my mind when I left school, „What Acchan meant.. with her method?” „Ah, stop thinking unnessesary things, tomorrow you will find out.”
  „Okay, bye Takamina, seen you after holidays, and I can’t await the time, when I will go to sleep and of course holidays.” With big grin said Yuko.
 „What do you meant, you can’t await, and why you are saying like we won’t meet each other in next few days?” with question mark in my face I asked to Yuko.
  „Hihi.. cause, I can’t await the time, when I can dream about my Nyan Nyan and try to ask her out, in some how” ..
 „What? Yuko.. I think you are hit your head to some where and prety hard” It’s so funny.
  „Hey, don’t say that.. And by the way, you are busy in holidays too.. with Acchan..” Ah, that grin..
 „What do you meant.. busy?”
  „Don’t deny Takamina, I heard your conversation in school with her.”
 „Pff.. it’s just a stupid homework and nothing more.” I was pissed off.
  „Yeah, right.. From Acchan view it doesn’t look like that.” Yuko is smiling like old pervert.
 She continue „I didn’t know that you call it like that.. But be prepare for tomorrow.”
  „Shut up, Yuko, before I kill you.” That squirrel will make me insane.
 „Okay, okay, Takamina, relax.” She star running away, when she was bit further away, she turn around and say something „Oh, by the way, Takamina, nice and hot dream tonight, with Acchan in there.”
  „What the.. you squirrel!!”
 „Bye-bye.. blee.” While running, Yuko showed me her  tongue..
  „Ah, has someone so young can be so pervert..” After Yuko live me, I star to go my home too.
 „Well, tomorrow will be interesting day.. Ah.. that Yuko and her pervert mind!!” I start screaming in my mind.. I even don’t bother the thing like some of the people looking at me like weirdo..
  „Acchan, what is.. in your mind?” …

Next day…
   „Takamina, where were you.. why it’s take you so long to come to my house?”
 „Acchan, ah.. I am so sorry, I wake up late.” I try to smile to her. But in the true.. I don’t even want to come..
  „Well,  I thought that we would start these homework fast and finish them in short time, and after that, we can do something else.”.. „But..okay, I forgive you, this time, but at first with one condition..” Acchan was smiling, and this smile was very creepy.
 „O..Okay.. What is it, what I have to do first?” I asked with trembled voice
  „Kiss me..”
 o_o  …..  0_0  …  O_O  …

Enyoy the reading..  :roll:

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„O..Okey.. What is it, what I have to do first?” I asked with trembled voice
  „Kiss me..”

EH~?!! :w00t: :drool:

cant wait, update soon!! :bow:
Title: Painful Mistake, Chapter 3
Post by: black_maa on November 25, 2014, 05:13:45 PM
I know, that I am very bad with grammar, but if you understand the story, then it's okay! So enjoy the reading!


  „Takamina, where were you.. why it’s take you so long to come to my house?”
 „Acchan, ah.. I am sorry, I wake up late.” I try to smile to her. But in the true.. I don’t even want to come.. While she let me in the house, she start speaking again.
  „Well,  I thought that we would start these homework fast and finish them in short time, and after that, we can do something else.”.. „But..okay, I forgive you, this time, but at first with one condition..” Acchan was smiling, and this smile was very creepy.
 „O..Okay.. What is it, what I have to do first?” I asked with trembled voice
  „Kiss me..”
 ‘What!? K..Kiss you!? W..Why? M…Maybe something e…else?” My heart start beating very fast.
  „What..? Don’t you love me, like I do?” with seducing voice she is looking deep in to my eyes and start coming closer to me.
 „Acchan, wait!” She continue coming closer to me, while I was trying going backwards, until behind me was wall. „Oooh, craaap..” My mind was in chaos..
  I was in trap, behind me, was wall, but in front of me was Acchan.. My hands just staying each side of my body like frozen.. She put her hands to each said of my head..
…Leaning closer to my ear and whispering something, and the same time blowing in it, „Don’t tell me, that.. you never wanted to do this too.” When she start to pull back her head from me, I thought that she is teasing me, until she stop in middle way and looking at my lips.. She slide down her right hand to the wall, until its stop to my waist. Pulling me closer to her.. until her right hand slide already behind my back.. her knee between my legs and still trying to get our bodies closer, until there no space.. Her left hand was on my cheek..
..She start to leaning closer to my lips.. Her eyes were almost closed.. ‘I can’t believe what is happening.. should I do this..’ I was thinking in my mind. Our lips were so close.. I can feel her breath to my lips.. I slowly start closing my eyes too.. Her nose touches mine..

  „I… can…. almost… feel it..”

 Brrr…Brrr… Brrr…. „WHAT THE HECK!!!” It’s my alarm clock.. That thing was only a dream. „Damn Yuko!!! Why you tell me to dream about her.. Aaahhh!!!”
  I can still feel my heart.. it’s beating very fast..
 „Ah, it’ is only eight o’clock in the morning. I need  ti take a shower. Maybe this will help me to forget that dream.”
  After shower I eated breakfast. It was almost twelve o’clock and the time, when I must to be already in Acchan house. I couldn’t still forget that dream. In me was big doubt if I should go there. Unfurtuanly, I doesn’t have a chance.
I was ready to go, and when I think about that dream, my heart start beat fast again. „Stop it you heart, its was only a dream. Something like this nevar will happen.” At least, I thought so.

  „Well, there goes nothing..” I already was front of Acchan door. I ring the door bell and waiting. After few seconds she open. When she saw me, she start smiling with here beautiful smile. „Ah, that smile, and… aahhh.. why that dream come back in to my mind.” .. „I want to kiss her, for real”… „What? No.. what the hell I am thinking”.. „Stop thinking these thinks and greet her, before she think you are some weirdo!” While I was argue in my mind, Acchan start speaking with me.
„Takamina, where were you.. why it’s take you so long to came to my house?” She is looking at me while leting me in in the house.
 „Amm.. I…” oh no.. that sentence.. the same like in my dream.. just say something you stupid mouth.
  „Ah, w..well.. I owerslept, sorry.” Yeah, right.. and you want to think that she will believe you..
„Oh, okay.” .. „Well,  I wanted that we would start thouse homework fast and finish them in short time, and after that, we can do something else.” .
What the heck.. please tell me that I am still dreaming, this can’t be happening..
„..and okey, I forgive you, this time, but at first with one condition..” Acchan is smiling at Takamina, while said that.
 „W..What!? What I ..  have to do?” My heart is beating very fast.
„Kiss me..”
  I think, I just had a heart attack..
„C..Can you re..repeat it?” I was staying there like frozen. She is staring at me with her brown eyes, that she really mean it. Until…
  „Pfff… ha, ha, ha.. You should see your face, when I told you that.” While Acchan laughed very hard, I was just staying there like I was shooted three times in head.
„She was joking… she was just.. joking.. hihi.. I need to sit down, before I collapse to the ground.” I was in shock in my head..
 While Acchan still laugh with tears in her eyes, I went to the couch and sit..
  „Takamina, are you okey? Don’t tell me that you take it seriously?” She asked me, still wiping her tears from eyes and geting back her normal breathing.
 „What if I take it?” - awkward silence – after few minutes they bouth start blushing –
  „Amm.. hihi.. I was just joking like you.” I try to take lower this very awkward situation and start to laughing, she was looking at me and after little while she start lough too.
 „I..I think we should need to start that homework.” I try to speak normal again, before its not went to far.
  „Okay.. I agree.. after that we can do something else.”
 „Amm.. Acchan, what do you meant with.. ‘something else’?” I start to feel nervous, again.
„Hihi.. Don’t wory Takamina.. and we need to do homerwork first.” She start searching our homework task.
  „Oh..! There it is..! So, Takamina, what part you really don’t understand here?”
 „Everything!” In my mind I’m already crying.

  They homework task is  - Some company boss has found, that his secretary is not enough qualified to do the job, also with inappropriate clothing in the workplace and fired her. For this reason, you need to recruit new. Describe the situations, how you doing the interview, about clothes, how need to look and what questions you will ask.
  So, Takamina, imagine, that I am here to the interview. What will you ask me?”
 „Well.. do you have a boyfriend?” I think I said it loud..
  „What? Takamina, questions about personal life you can’t ask..”
„Oh.. sorry.” I smiled to her and put my hand awkwardly behind my neck.
„..and no, I don’t.”
 „How so beautiful girl can’t have a boyfriend?” and this question I think I said loud.. again, crap..
  „Takamina, you would be worst boss.. but.. thank you.” Wow.. she is blushing, lovely.
 „Okay, we will try another question. So, what I have to wear, if I get a job here?”
  „Amm.. I would prefer you without clo…I meant, blouse, skirts.. it would be fine.. hihi.” Ah..  again I’m thinking and speaking the same time..
 „Takamina, you wouldn’t only be a worst boss, but also pervert boss.”
  „Hihi.. Thats way, I am not suitable for this kind of job.” I think she is mad at me..
  This homework take from as about four hours and now I am hungry.. I need get away from here.
 „Acchan, I think I will go home.”
  „What? Who said, that I let you  go?” She just looking to me with strange smile in her face.
 „Amm.. me.” I just get up from couch and start walk away.. but she stoped me..
  „Wait.. Than..Before you go home.. Can we.. go somewhere to eat?” ..And I thought that I am already in safe.. guess.. I’m not.
 „Are you sure?” .. „because I don’t like to eat outside.” To the true, right now, I really don’t want to eat somewhere outside, especially with you, because there is Yuko.. she is somewhere out there too with Nyan Nyan and I don’t want them to see me with you. Yuko will tease me rest of my life, after that..
  „You are bad liar.. I have seen you with Yuko one of the cafe and so.. we are going there.”
 „WHAT!? NO!” .. „I..I don’t really like there..” I need to find refuse.
  „Than we can go somewhere else and I know very good place.. We can go there and you don’t have choise.”  Why she is smiling all the time..
 „Well.. okay.. we can go.” At least I hope there won’t be Yuko.
  But luck wasn’t in my side..
  „Hey, Takamina.. Acchan.!” .. „You too are on date, like me and Nyan Nyan?” There it goes..
 „Hey, Yuko and.. Nyan Nyan?” Acchan was first who greeting her.
  „Yeah,.. hey.” I wasn’t really happy about this..
 „Oh, Acchan, I would introduce you both, but she is speaking to phone.. again..
  „So, what you two are doing?” Yuko ask to us
 „We just came to eat something and Acchan wanted to show me a good place.” I try to speak peaceful..
  „That’s mean.. you really are on date..  It was already in time.” Yuko was shouting with pervert smile in face. While we both were blushing.
 „Yuko, shut up!” Before it’s goes too far.. I just turn around and walked away with Acchan folowing me.
  We found that places, what Acchan mentioned before and while we are eating, no one of as try to speak.. until..
 „Amm.. Takamina, can we after this go to some shops, maybe buy some clothe?”
  „NO!”.. „I hate to go and doing something like that, it’s is annoying. So never try to ask me that again.” I think I answer her to sharply.. But it was true.. I never liked to do things like that.. because I need to wear many clothes and than I need to change them again and again.. exhausting..
 „Oh.. Okay!” When I said it we continue eat our meals in silence..
 After that, I walk her to her home.. and I was ready do go, until she called me.
  „Hey, Takamina..wait.. I forgot something.” I just stopped in my walk and turned around, when.. Chuu.. 
 „She ki..kiss me! Why?!”  I was speaking in my mind.. however it was only on cheek, but enough to me to start blush..
„Bye, Takamina, and see you tomorrow, good night.” After that she went in her house, while I still standing there like frozen.
  „I.. I.. yeah.. g..good night you… too.”

...TBC... :roll:
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KISSSSSSS!!!!! :ding:
lol been away for a while and 3 chapter :dizzy:
so it is atsumina  :luvluv1:
i'm happyyy  :on lol:
but who was that person that was saying she will get takamina back??  :shock:
becareful takaminaaaaa  :pleeease:
if something happens to my otp I will make u suffer  :scolding:
JKJK, thx for the updateSSSSSS  :on GJ: :stuffed:
Post by: Kairi65 on November 26, 2014, 01:18:41 AM
Lols takamina need to stop thinking out loud :lol:

Cant wait for the next one! :cathappy:
Post by: black_maa on November 29, 2014, 11:17:19 AM
@jumpcx: Thank you for reading and for leaving comment. Well, yes, it's Atsumina and about that person - you need to wait chapter 5, sorry. First three chapters was so soon, because, back than I had time to write.
@Kairi65: Thank you too, for reading and comment. About Takamina, this will be bad habit for her.

Okay, there is next chapter. So enjoy the reading and I hope you will like it..and of coures, sorry about my bad english. :)


  After that kiss, what was only on cheek, was enough to me to sleep only few hours, because I just can’t forget it.  However, I also try think about my promise to myself, I just can’t.. Sorry Acchan..
  It was already new week and time when I have to go school, and the place, where I will see her.. „Ah.. I just need to pretend like I didn’t feel anything.”
 When I entered in the class, she was already sitting there and talking with Yuko. I hoped that squirrel, won’t tell her something unnecessary. With smile I went closer to them, when they saw me, Yuko was smiling creepy like always, but Acchan.. she were blushing.. „Eh..?”
  „Hey, Takamina, where you take so long?” Yuko was looking to me, with big grin.
 „Yeah.. Hey.. I just overslept, like usually, sorry.” I was sitting in my place and try not to make eye contact with Acchan.
  „Oh, by the way, how was you date back than?” And I just hoped that she won’t ask.. again I was wrong..
 „Yuko, It’s not your business. So, just shut up, and it wasn’t date.” When I look at Acchan, she just looking to the floor and I think I can see that, she is.. blusing..
  We were disturbed by teacher who just came in.. At least I was in save.. for a while.
  After class, there was break and I went to the restroom to wash my face, because I think I will may sleep in next classes. While I wash my face, I heard that someone also came in. When I look back in mirror I saw her.
 „Oh, Acchan, you okay? I just asking you, because your face look little red, do you have a fever?” I try to teasing her.
  „Eh?.. Oh.. everything is okay, don’t worry..” In mirror, I can see blush in her face, cute.
 „By the way, Acchan, Do you know that, in here is ghost.. in this restroom?”
  „What are you talking about? What ghost?” she was looking to me, and her blush turn in to pale. Hihi.. that’s funny.
 „Well, there is story, that one girl, died her, because of hurtful love. She is appearing here once in five years and this year it will happen. When people see her, they can’t move.. they are like paralyse.. And this ghost will take you with her. So, Acchan, be careful.”
  „EEEH?! TAKAMINA, STOP TELLING ME THINGS LIKE THAT, THEY ARE SCARY!” she was shouting at me.. it’s look, that someone is afraid from this.
 „Don’t worry Acchan, this ghost take only those, who are in love, so you don’t need to be worry about that.” It’s so funny, I hope after this story, she will leave me alone.
  „Mou, Takamina, you doing this with purpose.” She little  bit hit to my arm
 „Hey, It’s not a joke.. it’s true.”
  „Yeah, right.. I have feeling, that incident, what happen before, with that skeleton, it was your idea.”
 „What, no! Why would I do that?” Oh, crap, I think I said to much.
  „Takamina, you are hopeless. Okay, before you start tell me other ghost story, we need to go back to our class.” She was smiling and after that we went out from restroom, but we didn’t know, that we weren’t alone. When they leave, some girl just came out one of cab.
 „Hmm.. looks like both of you already so close to each other.. that was fast, but also perfect for me.. To get you Takamina, and than take away from you everything what you have.. So be careful.. But you, Acchan, I will make you suffer more.” With big, evil smile she went out from restroom and went back to class.
  When classes ended..
„Aaah.. this day was so long and boring, however, teacher let as go little sooner.” I start to slowly packing my things, until Yuko tap to my shoulder.
 „Hey, Takamina, can we talk?” Yuko asked me
  „Yes, of course.” After that we went to school rooftop.
 „Takamina, you know what.. we haven’t done some ‘good’ things and I have idea.”
  „Oh, Yuko, you are perfect in time. So, what are we doing?” I already can imagine in my mind other students reaction after that.
 We have some balloons and make them full with water, after that we waited, when most of students will come out from school and than we will throw to them.
Classes ended and many students try to get faster away from school. In front of school doors gathered many students and it was our chance to do it.. we just throw balloons and..
„KYAAA.. WHO DID IT?” Many girls screaming and try to look up to see, who did it..
 „Okey, Yuko, we need to get out from here, before they found us.” We just take our things and ready to run, when..
  „BUSTED!” In front of rooftop doors was standing Acchan, with angry look in face.
 „Amm.. Acchan, What are you doing here?” I try to get out from this situation.
 „I can ask the same question.?” Damn, we need to get out from here, I need to think something.
  „Well, Acchan, we would love to talk with you, but we are in rush, right, Takamina?” at least Yuko start to speak.
 „Yeah, so.. bye..” when we start to walk  and already passing Acchan, she grab each of our ear and went away. While we both cried, because of pain what Acchan is doing to us. She found empty class and let us in there. I and Yuko was sitting in chairs with red ears, while Acchan was standing in front of us.
  „So.. you two are in big trouble. Especially, all this time, it was you two, who was doing all this things.” She was still angry and the same time scary.
 „Sorry, Acchan, we just wanted some fun. We promise, we won’t do it again.” I and Yuko were bowing to her with puppy eyes.
  „Things like that, won’t do it. I have to tell the director about this.” Oh no, we need to think some thing, what will make change her mind.
 „What? Please don’t do it. We will do anything what you want, well, I meant, Takamina will do it.” What the hell Yuko, and you call yourself a good friend.
 „Yeah, Takamina will do, because I have a date with my Nyan Nyan very soon.”
„Hey, I am here too and I won’t agree to this.” Now I was angry
 „Sorry, Takamina, we don’t have chance, and only you can change Acchan mind.” You stupid squirrel, why you smiling like that..
„Okay, you can go Yuko, but you Takamina..” I don’t like things like this.
  „Bye, bye Takamina and you too, Acchan.. be gentle to each other.” Yuko just run out from class. When she was out, Acchan start to speak.
 „Well, well Takamina..” She was smiling, and I somehow don’t like this smile.
  „W..What?” Right now I feel nervous.
 „You will come with me and help me with shopping and you don’t have choise.”
 I am died.
 „Acchan, please stop, I can’t anymore, my legs are in hurt, I feel tired and I want home.” I was crying, while walking behind to Acchan.
   „Stop complaining Takamina.. Oh, we will go there.” She just rushed in the dress store, were was very beautiful dresses.
 „Hey, Takamina, I will try on this.”
  „Eh? Yeah..” I just went to sit of the couch what was there. Right now I feel like her boyfriend. While I was in my fantasy world, Acchan came out with dress on her.
„Takamina, what you think?”. Acchan was standing in front of me, with blush on cheeks.
„Eh? Wha… OMG!„ My jaw just dropped. She wear white dress with big decollete and when she turn around, her back was naked till waist.. only thing what make dress stay up to her body was strap, what went behid her neck and back to front..  dress looks perfect for her body.
 „Takamina, you are drooling.” She start laughing. I couldn’t speak. When she went back to change again, I start feel, that something is dripping from my nose.. blood..
  „Stop, stop you stupid mind, don’t think things like that.. AAAh..” I was screaming in my mind.
 When she came out, we start to go home. When I walk her home, we both blushing, after what happened in store.
  „Well.. it’s look like we are already arrived, sooo… bye..” I was ready to go away, when she grab my hand and turn around..
  „Thank you for the day Takamina.” She let go my hand and went inside the house.
 „She.. She.. just kiss me.. on the.. lips.” With red blush in my face and right hand to my lips I standing like frozen.. again.. until something disturb me.. bzzz…bzzz..
With left hand I try to find my phone.. While still standing in front of Acchan house, I try to answer.
 „Takamina.. hic… where are you.. hic..?!” Someone screaming in my phone.
  „Eh? Yuko.. Why you talk so strange? Are you drunk?” After this I came back to earth from my thoughs.
 „Well.. yeah.. hic.. So.. hic.. where are you? ..Hic.. Can you come? .Hic..I am in bar.. Hic…what is near from that cafe..hic..”
 „Oh.. okay.. I am coming. Wait for me.” I went to the bar..
 „So, Yuko, why are you drunk and.. still drinking?” I try to ask her.
  „Takamina.. hic.. Nyan, nyan.. hic.. she.. hic.. have a boyfriend.. hic.” After that she start drinking again.
 „Oh.!” It was only thing I can answer to her. In this time I also remeber about Acchan kiss.
 „Wait, Yuko.. stop drinking.. Give me too.” I just take away from her bottle with vodka and start drink too..
  „Wow.. Hic… Takamina.. you and drinking alcohol.. hic.. That’s new.. What happen to you.. hic..?” Yuko tried to ask me.
 „Don’t ask.. Just let me drink.” I was already drinking fourth glass with vodka.
  We were there very long time, because it was already dark outside.. Yuko couldn’t even walk, so I call some taxi, what would ride her home. For me.. well.. I could still walk, somehow.. In my walk, I thought, that I need to sit on near bench.. While sitting there I was thinking about Acchan.
 „Aaah.. Acchan.. why you doing this to me!?” I was screaming in my mind.. until I feel, that someone is behind me..
  „Who is there.?” I try to turn around and look behind.. but something stopped me and was already holding my head.
 „Shhh.. Takamina..” It was girl.. she try to speak something in to my ear with low voice.
  „Wha…” I wasn’t so good position to try fight..
 „Do you like Acchan?” this voice asking me
  „Why you ask me this? Waith.. I know you.. you are…” But her hand cover my lips from speaking.
 „Do you like Acchan?” She try to ask me again, this time I just answer wath my  mind wanted.
  „I think.. I do..” I was just looking straight and answering her questions.
 „Do you.. want to kiss her again?”
  „What? How you..”
 „Shhh.. Do you want?”
  „I … I do.” Now  my mind was controlled by alcohol.
 „Then why you sitting here and don’t go to take what you want?”
  „I .. can’t do that. I made a promise to myself.”
 „Didn’t you tell, that you will use her for some fun?”
  „Yeah, but still.. she is my friend.”
 „Forget this thing about friendship. She is beautiful girl, with nice body and many fans, who wants her.. and won’t waste a chance to get her. Do you want this to happen?”
  „What.? No.. I.. don’t know.”
 „Just imagine her body.. without nothing.. lying on bed.” After this I remembered the dress, what she was trying. „She wants you too. Doesn’t you see how she act towards you.”
  „I.. I..don’t know what to do.”
 „Just go now to her house and take what you want.. her body.” I was still sitting there, after awhile I turn around, but there was no one. I get up and start to walk.. I just didn’t know where.
  Next thing what I remember, I was standing in front of Acchan door.. It was already midnight. I can’t get out from my head all this. I rang the bell about fourth time, when she open them.
 „Minami, what are you doing here?” She was standing in doors with question mark. She was wearing jeans and pink t-shirt.
  „Amm.. I came to visit you.” Without her permission I already went in to her house.
 „Yeah, I can see it, but why so late?” She close the door and came after me, while I was searching for her room.
  „Takamina, why do you smell like alcohol.?” I found her room and start to look around.. there were some pictures, with some young mens.
 „Yeah, I know..” I don’t like those mens. She was already sitting in her bed.
  „Why you drunk?” She was looking to me.
 „Well.. I have my reasons. Amm.. Acchan.. who are those mens in pictures?” I still standing while asking to her.
  „They are friends from my previous schooll. I had fun time with them and..”
 „Oh.. do you slept with them too?” I just straight ask her
  „What? No.. Why you asking something like this?” I can see a blush in her face
 „Than why are you blushing? Does it mean, that you had slept with them?” I slowly walk close to her.
  „Takamina, please stop it.”
 „Why? I just asking you.. Can’t you answer?” I was already standing in front of her.
  „I.. I.. never slept with them.. I had never slept with.. someone..” She just looking to the floor.
 „Oh..” I was leaning closer to her and put both of my hand to each side of her shoulder and whisper in her ear.
„Do you want to know how it feels.. To feel pleasure in side of your body, right.. now.!?”
 „What are you talking about..?” she get up from her bed.. „Minami, you need to go home, you are to drunk and don’t know what are you saying.” She try to get out from her room, but I stop her, with grapping her hand and push her back in bed.
  „What are you..” I stop her words with my mouth.. I start to kissing her, while holding her hand to above her head. She try to resist, but I lay my whole body on top of her.
 At first I kiss her slowly… than, possionate.. I can feel that she is trembling, but after while she didn’t resist anymore, but answer to my kisses. I let go her hands and start travel my hands to her body. Between kisses she try to speak..
  „Minami, please, stop it, you are drunk..” 
 „I can’t.. I want you.. You driving me insane. When you call me by my name, I can’t stop. ” We continue kissing. She wrap her hands around my neck, to try get me closer.
  I start travel my hand under her t-shirt.. to her stomach… she is moaning.. With each  of her moan I want her more and more. While we kissing I put my left knee between her legs and try to push it closer between them. She start to breath harder. My left hand never left her smooth skin, what was under her t-shirt. I travel it all possible places. Moans.. more moans.. I start to kiss her neck.. while my hand travel lover, to her belt.. her hand stopped me.
„Minami, please.. I am not ready.”
 „Sshh.. just feel the pleasure.. I will be gentle, I promise.  I start to kiss her lips more roughly, she take away her hand and put it back to my neck. My hand slowly try to open hers belt.. zipper.. and while we are kissing,  I slide my hand in  her pants.


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you need to stop this minami!!! dont do this
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I like it so much! please update
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you need to stop this minami!!! dont do this

thats right, you're gonna regret this! please be sober! :angry: :cry:
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Would that be classify as rape?

What's going to happen to Atsumina next?

Would Atsuko forgive Minami for this?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the updates

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Would that be classify as rape?
It’s not like that, please don’t misunderstand, in next chapter I will inlcude Acchan Pov, than you will understand the real reason. But you need to wait..

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There is next chapter. Sorry about my bad english and of course enjoy the reading.


 It was already morning, when I open little bit my eyes, I can see the sun through the window. My head was little bit in hurt from yesterday drinking. When I try to move, I felt that my left side is very warm. I open my eyes more and start to understand, that it’s not my room.
  I start to think in my mind „Where am I? ” I was afraide to look to the person, who is sleeping beside to me. I slowly move my head to look, when I saw who is this person, I start remember everything about what happened yesterday.
 My mind was in panic, „What I had done?” After I realize, what is happening, I need to think something, that she won’t hate me. I start to feel, that she is waking up, so I try to pretend that I am still sleeping, I hope it work.

  When I wake-up, I saw, that Minami is still sleeping. I try not to move, but instead I try to feel her body heat little bit more, because we both were still naked, well.. she was half naked, not like me. It was time to wake up and make some breakfast for us. Before I get up, I leaned closer to Minamis face and kiss her on the lips.
 I get up from bed, found new clothes and walk to the kitchen. While I was cooking I try to remember  what happened yesterday. I admit, that I really wanted to do it with her and I love her from first time when I saw her in class. It’s feel like I just yesterday met her and I couldn’t take my eyes from her. First time I felt nervous when I try to speak with her, but when she agreed to by my friend, I felt so happy, my heart was beating very fast. And now, she is sleeping half naked in my bed, it’s like a dream.
  But now to think about that, I am afraid, that she won’t remember anything, because she was drunk. That was also the reason, this is why in first place I didn’t want to do it, because alcohol was controlling hers mind and..
 …maybe, she didn’t even want to do it with me.. and…
… maybe, I am only one who is in love…
 …maybe, she just using me, for fun..

  „Aaah.. what the hell I am thinking.. she never using me for fun, she just can’t be so cruel, she is just so nice person.”.. I was argue in my mind, I didn’t even notice when Minami came in, until she greeted me..
  When Acchan wake up and kissed me on the lips, I was in shock.. Maybe, she like it what happened and she don’t hate me. No, I still can’t do that, I promised myself. When she went out from room, I stayed in bed little bit more.
 It’s was time to me wake up. I found my clothes and went to find her. I heard, that someone is in kitchen, when I walk in, I saw, that she is thinking and very hard, because from my spot it looks very funny. I try to greeting her.. and it’s look like I scare her..
  „Good morning, Acchan.” I went to sit near to her.
„Oh.. Minami.. you are wake up, good morning you too.” She was smiling. Cute.
„I want to see that smile every morning.. What?!.. No!.. I can’t.” I was observing things in my mind.
 „Amm.. Acchan.?
  „Hm, yes, Minami?” She is calling me by my name, my heart start beating little faster.
 „How..” I have no choice, but to tell it like that.. „, I ended up here?” I can sworn, that she just froze in spot and I try to continue. „..And, what happened yesterday, because, when I wake up, I was almost naked?” I just waiting her answer.
  „….Well…” she try to think, but I can see, it’s very hard for her. „…Yesterday you were very drunk and…” I can her, that her voice is changing.. she is… crying… „…and when you came in, you just go to my bedroom.. start to take off your clothes and went in to my bed. Yeah.. something like that.” She wasn’t looking at me, but I can see, that she try to clean her eyes from tears.
 „Oh.. I see.. Well, I am really sorry about that and if I done something to you, than my apologies, because I really didn’t meant to do it to you.”
  „It’s okay, you didn’t do anything.”  Sorry, Acchan, it will be better for both of us.
  After breakfast I went to my house.. School will be only tomorrow, so it’s better if I stay away from her. She need time to think and I hope she will understand it. In that night, what happened, will stay in that night, we need to accept it.
 I was lying in my bed and still couldn’t forget about that. Did I really wanted it? Did I made a mistake when I lied to her? Every time when I close my eyes.. I see her.. how she is lying in bed.. I even can hear the sounds what she made. Why deep inside it feels so wrong? 
  „Aaaah… stop… please stop it.. it was just a mistake!!! If I weren’t  drunk, than it never couldn’t happened.. At least not like that!”
In that day I stayed home, I even didn’t made phone call to Yuko, ask her about how she is feeling. But I think she is okay.. she always can get through to everything. She is strong, not like me.
  It was already school. While going in, I try to think, what Acchan will do…. What I will do? I am not sure how to react to her, maybe, I just need to pretend like nothing had happened and I believed what she say.
 When I walk in class, she wasn’t there, but at least Yuko was. I went to my place and sit. I turn around to see Yuko.
  „Hey, Yuko, you okay?”
 „Hi you too. Well, sort of. If not include things like Nyan Nyan boyfriend, my broken heart, still my big headache and thing like I don’t remember how I got to my house.”.. „But I will leave.”
  „Yeah, I can see that.”
 „What about you, where did you went after our little party? If there is possibilities that you went to Acchans house and by the way, where is she?” How you can still think about something like that..
  „Well, I think I am in similar position, because I didn’t really remember what happened after that, and about Acchan, well..” I try to lie, when Acchan came in.
 „Oh, hi, Acchan. Where you was? I just asked about you to Takamina.”
  „Hi, you two. Sorry, I just overslept.” Acchan try to answer with smile, but I can see, that smile is not the same like before.
 „Oh, I see. But.. Acchan, it’s look like something is bothering you. Are you okay?” Yuko was asking to Acchan
  „Yes, I am okay, don’t worry. I still try to get my breath from running.” I can see, that she is laying. Does she still thinking about what happen back then.
 „Well, for me, it doesn’t look like. If something bothering you, just tell me. And if there is person, who try to hurt you, just tell me and I will make that person suffer, because it take away your smile.” Yuko, if you know.. will you say the same?
„Don’t worry, Yuko, everything is okay.” She try to smile. It was little better, but still, not that what we know.
  It was break between classes and I was reading some school news, what was written one of the corridors wall. While I was reading someone approached me.
 „Hello, Takamina.”
  „Oh, hi.” I still try to read news
 „Takamina, can I talk with you?” I turn my head and nod.
  We went to the place, where usually wasn’t so many students.
 „So, what you want Ray?” I try to speak like little bit angry.
  „Takamina, do I have a chance to get you back?” Ray was asking with sad eyes.
 „What!? Of course no! You had a chance and you waste it. You already broke my heart and because of you, I made a promise, that I will nevar fall in love again.”
„Please, Takamina, I promise, something like that never will happen again.”
  „Ray, stop it. I won’t give you a chance.”
 „Then it’s true. You really use other girls only for fun.” She was look at to with strange smile.
  „What? What are you talking about?” Does there is possibility, that she know about me and Acchan.
 „I know about you and Acchan. How you use her. Don’t deny.” How can she know.
  „It’s not your business what I am doing.” I was angry, but the same time I was scear.
 „Hmm.. than it’s true.”.. „Than, I have no choice.” After what she say, I turn my look to her. She just kiss me on the lips.  I push her away.
„What are you doing?” I was standing there untill someone from behinde spoke my name.
„M-Minami….” When I turn around, I saw Acchan standing there. In her eyes I saw tears.
  „A-Acchan..” When I turn my look back to Ray, she was smiling. She kissed me with purpose, because she know.. Acchan was standing there.
 „Minami, is it true? That you just using me for fun.?”.. „Minami, please, say it’s not true, PLEASE!” She came closer to me, grab me by shoulders and squeezing them. I never thought, that she will found it like that.
  „I..” I don’t know what to answer her.
  -Promise, Takamina. Just remember your promise. It’s already to late, to change something. You need to stop it. You need to stop things with Acchan. You will just make yourself suffer more. You will make the same mistake.-
„Yes, its’ true!” She let go my shoulders and make some steps back. Tears was dripping from her eyes even more.
  „Why?” in low voice. „Why you did that.? In that night you take something from me.. something very important..”
 „I know. I remember everything.” She just looking to me with big eyes.. she was in shock.
  „What!? But you said..” I disturbe her
 „I know what I said! I just pretend like I don’t remember. I had no choise.” I answer her with no feelings.
  „What choice? What is so important to you, that you did something like that!?”
 „I just don’t need broken heart anymore and I made a promise, that I will never fell again in love. Besides it was you, who start all this, you made me do that. It won’t be miracle, if you do this kind of things with others too.  So what you want from me?!”
 After what I said, she slapped me very hard on left cheek.
  „Minami.. I.. I really thought you are good person and not like others, who only use others body. And you know that, you was my first. I really, really fall in love in you from the first time, when I saw you… When you came to me drunk and after what happen back than..after that night, I really hoped, that you will remember it, if not, I would confess to you and wished that you answer me with the same…”I was still standing there like frozen. „..but I never thought, that you are such a moron.” With tears in eyes she try to speak.
 „Pff! Just look at you. You can get everyone under your spell! And back than, I some how don’t remember that you would resist, it’s more like, you wanted it.”
  In low voice. „Yes, I admit, I wanted, but only with you..” 
 „So, now you get what you wanted, and it seems for me, that you use me too.” After that I turn my head to left and saw that, there was standing many students, teachers and Yuko. All of face I can saw shock and anger, especially, I saw it in Yuko face.
  „I have nothing more to talk with you. So.. bye.” I turn to the right and went away. I can hear, that she fell on her knees while still crying. Others students approach her.
I went to the rooftop to be alone, but Yuko came in with very pissed look.
  „What the hell, Takamina!? Why are you doing this!? Are you out of your mind!?” Yuko just yelling at me.
 „What you want from me?! I just don’t want make the same mistake, like I did with Ray. Also do you forget about my promise!?” I try to speak little bit anger too.
  „You still think about that stupid promise!? Who are you.!? Acchan is not Ray.!”
 „Pff.. all of them are the same, just want my popularity.”
  „What the heck, Takamina!? How she can do that, if she didn’t even know who are you back than.?! She was already popular from first day, with out your help. Do you even listen what she just said to you?!”In lower voice „Takamina, she’s Acchan. You break Acchans heart.”.. „ Also, after this, I don’t think you are still popular.”
 „Yeah, sure.. But don’t worry about her. After few days, she will smile again.”
  „About that, I don’t think so. If she smile again, than it won’t be the same, like before. There still be seen a pain.” .. „You just made mistake again, Takamina.”
 „Well.. I don’t think so!”
  „Yes you do. You just show everyone, that you are wors than Ray. Person, who break others hearts, just by using them. I hope you will understand your mistake? When you do, it will be already too late, Acchan will be gone.”
 „Yeah.” After that Yuko went away and I stayed there. I wasn’t in mood to go back.

  Did I really made a mistake?

.TBC..  :kneelbow:
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OMG... Minami is such a moron...

That's very cold of her... Atsuko just confessed that Minami was her 1st...

Would you give your 1st just for anyone...?

Crazy... somemore... Minami was the one that forced herself to Atsuko

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the update

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Ah.. Lately I was little busy with my studies and I didn't had a time to write.. But in the end, I found the time.. So there is next chapter and enjoy the reading!  :)

When was the quarel between Atsuko and Minami, everyone who saw it and hear it, were thinking, how that possible, they look so good together. No one think that something like that will happen, so.. why? But there was one person who like it the most.
 „Well, well.. It’s look like everything is much better than I wanted.”.. „With one shoot, two rabbits. Ha, ha!” .. „This is what you get, Takamina, for not accepting me back.. but you, Acchan, finally I get away your beautiful, everyone loving smile. Acchan, you have no idea how much time it takes to me, to make you suffer, to make you feel the pain.” Ray was standing near from them. However, she looks like, she is in shock, but in reality, she just enjoy the scene.
     When class ended, Minami went away. I stayed little bit longer and talked with Yuko. After that, I went to the restroom. I saw Minami, standing and reading something, until someone approach her. They both went somewhere. I follow them.
I was standing not very far from them, I just wanted to hear what they are talking about. I know it’s rude to do that, but I want to hear only little bit. This won’t hurt anyone.
They are talking about relationship what was between them before.
  „Takamina, do I have a chance to get you back?” I heard that girl to say to Minami.
 Please, Minami, say no. I try to hear more.
„What!? Of course no! You had a chance and you waste it. You already broke my heart and because of you, I made a promise, that I’ll never fall in love again.”
At least she not accepting her back. But what did she meant with not fall in love again? I want to hear more.
„Please, Takamina, I promise, something like that never will happen again.”
  „Ray, stop it. I won’t give you a chance.”
 „Then it’s true. You really use other girls only for fun.”
  What she meant with it? Why in some way those words hurt?
„What? What are you talking about?”
 „I know about you and Acchan. How you use her. Don’t deny.”
  How can she know something about me and Minami, how can she say like that?
 „It’s not your business what I am doing.”
„Hmm.. than it’s true.”.. „Than, I have no choice.”
  What? Why she look at me? I don’t like it.
 She.. She just kiss Minami, on the lips. What’s happening? Why she kissing her and does it mean that is true, she just using me.? I can feel tears in my eyes.
  „M-Minami….” I just call her name. I want to know the true.
 I fell on my knees.
  After when I know the true, I thought, the world just stopped and its show me, how cruel it can be.  I felt.. that my heart… just… break into million pieces. First time I fall in love and already my heart is in hurt.
„How can she do that to me? How can she say something like that? I just gave her everything. What did I do wrong?” My tears just dripping like a river. „Why its hurt? Why its hurt so much?! Please! Someone, tell me, WHY?!” tears.. more tears.. „MINAMI, WHY!?”
After some while, one of teachers ride me home. I just don’t know what to do any more.
„Maybe.. maybe I should leave this school?” I just ask myself, because I know, it will be more painful, when I see her.
 „Maybe.. maybe this is only a bad dream and I need to wake up?”.. „Yes.. it’s only a  bad dream. I need to go sleep and when I wake up, nothing like that never happened.” I walk to my room and lay on bed. I try to sleep, but when I close my eyes.. I see her.
 „Please.. be just a dream.”
 After that incident, I went to my house. Lay in bed and looking in to space. In some way it’s felt right to do this, but from other side.. I am not so sure anymore. Did I really made a mistake, like Yuko told me? Did Acchan really fall in love with me?
No.. she can’t be in love with me. It’s not feels right. She even don’t know me. If she loved me, than she should just told me. But.. would I accepted her? Then it won’t be so painful for her. But.. what I would feel than?
   Even if I apologise to her, it won’t be the same like before.
„What the heck I am thinking…aaah?!”
She will smile again and probably, very soon, like nothing has happen. She is just too friendly to everyone. She will get thru it very soon and forget about me.
When I close my eyes.. I can see her.. Her beautiful smile.. loughts.. eyes.. sence..
..DEG, DEG..
  What was that? Why it feel so strange inside? What is this feeling inside?
„Aaaah.. stop it.. I will going insane with this!” I need to rest. But I am not sure, if going to school tomorrow is good idea. I think I will just stay home.
  After two days when I went to school, everyone just ignored me, also said some bad words. Yuko sometime said something, but also not very much. But she said, that Acchan yesterday hasn’t came to school too. Teachers all the time ask me hard questions and make me resolve very hard tasks. At first  I though I will die, but than I understand, it’s my punishment for what I had done to Acchan.
 About Acchan smile, Yuko was right. It was already two weeks, when that happened, but no one still couldn’t make Acchan smile again. I admit, that I miss that part about her.
I saw her, sitting one of the bench, what was outside. When someone try to speak with her, she just looking to the book, what was in her hands. I went out too. When I try to approach her, to say my apologies, other students stop me.
  „What the hell, Takamina? Where are you going?” Someone of student said to me.
 „It’s not your business.” I try to walk past. But they stop me by grabbing my hand.
  „Don’t even try to speak with her. You are asshole. Never thought that you can do something so horrible and especially to Acchan.”.. they let my arm go and said something very hurtful. „And one more think.. Because of you, Acchan want to transfer again. I hope you are happy about that?” I just stay there and couldn’t believe what I heard.
 „She… She will changing schools?” I really am bad person. I just went back to class.
 In class I din’t pay much attention to teacher. In my mind all the time was running those words about Acchan leaving. When I try to turn my head to look at her, but I couldn’t see her, because teacher let her change the spot.
  „TAKAHASHI! Pay attention to class!” Teacher saw me, that I am looking around.
 „Yes, sorry.” I try to apologies
  „I had enough yours apologizes. After classes you will clean the class. But now pay attention.” Teacher was angry and of course mad, because everyone know about that incident.
  When class ended, I start to clean. While cleaning, what I do very slow, I all the time thinking about her.   
 „Sorry, Acchan.. I am really sorry.” I speak with myself, because I am only one in there. While cleaning, someone came in class. It was Ray.
  „Oh, Takamina, good luck in cleaning. Maybe in this kind of thing you are good.” In Rays face I can see the smile. Its look like, she is happy about what happened. If Ray hasn’t kissed me back than… Than something like that never had happened..
 „Ray, why you kissed me back than?” I ask her.
  „Why you ask? Can’t I kiss you? Before that, we had done that.”
 „I don’t mean that.. You saw, that Acchan was standing behind to me.”
  „Probably. Why do you care?”
 „I do care, because… if you hasn’t kissed me, then probably… probably, she won’t hate me now.” I can feel tears on my eyes.
  „Pff.. said someone, who wanted her only for fun. Takamina, you are pathetic.” She take her bag and try to leave.
 „It was you.” I just remember something.
  „What?” She turn around and look at me.
 „Back than.. When I was drunk.. It was you.. who told me to go to Acchan house and because of you.. I hurt her.”
  „So what? It’s already past and you shouldn’t listen to me.. so don’t blame me now.”
 „You just manipulate with my mind. Because of you I had done something horrible. IT WAS YOU! Why you doing this?” I was angry.
  „Why? You ask me, why? Hi.. because I wanted you feel the pain, when someone hurt you.”
 „Than why you hurt Acchan too?”
  „With Acchan I have my one plans and it’s not your business. I hate her from the first time, when she came to our school. She is just to perfect.” Ray was little angry.
 „What plans, why you are so cruel? Because of this, I hurt someone, who is very special to me.”
  „Takamina, you sound like someone who is in love. I want to lough. Ha, Ha.” She just laughing.
 „Maybe I am. Maybe I do love her.” Tears came back to my eyes.
  I continue „Yuko was right. And now it’s too late, Acchan is leaving.” Tears start dripping more. „I was such a fool to make this stupid promise. Because of you I made this STUPID THING…. Back than, I though I know, what is love, but I was wrong. You just show me how cruel people can be and you just use me.”
 „Stop kidding yourself, Takamina. You can’t do anything. You are someone, who let to use yourself.”
  „I know, but when I met Acchan, everything changed.”… „From first time, when I saw her, my heart was beating like crazy, but I try to ignore it. When she first time kiss me, however, it was only on cheek, it was enough to my heart to start beating more faster. From that time, when I saw her, hers beautiful eyes.. that loving smile.. it just make my heart to melt.” … „But still, I try to ignore it. Now, when I hurt her, I understand what is love.”  .. „Because of my stupid mistake, I hurt not only Acchan, but myself too and now… I can’t do nothing.” .. „I loved her from the start and I still love her, but now it’s hurt.. it hurt so much. Every  time when I close my eyes, I see her.” Tears dripping from my eyes like river.
 „If you love her back then, than why didn’t you try to confess to her?” Ray was asking to me. 
  „Because… Back than, I was afraid to admit something like that. I wanted to run away from love.” I was looking at her.
 „Pff.. such a fool.” Ray was laughing about what I said.
  „I want to apologies to her, but… unfortunately… she will never accept someone, who hurt her so much, to the person, who just played with hers heart.” … „But the worst thing, was that, I made her to believe me. That’s why.. I hate myself more than anything.” I fall to my knees while crying. Ray was looking at me little bit more and went out from class.
 „WHAT I HAD DONE, ACCHAN, WHAT I HAD DONE TO YOU.!? I AM SO SORRY.. ACCHAN, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVERYTHING, ACCHAN!!! I am so sorry!” I was screaming in class, because I know I am only one in this place and no one can hear me.. utlest I thought so.. But when Ray went out, she didn’t saw, that someone was there too and had heard everything.
  „Acchan… I want to turn back the time and change part, where I made the biggest mistake – to hurt you.” 

Next chapter will be probably the last one.. if my imagination won't think something..  :roll:
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Oh... Takamina is in such a pity state... even if she was the one that put herself there...

I can see that she would want to avoid love... avoid getting hurt because of that

Who is the one that was listening on Takamina confession?

Is is going to be Atsuko or others?

Would Takamina be able to be brave enough to confess her feeling and her deep apologize to Atsuko?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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 XD Thank you for the update.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
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This is last chapter for my first story.  I know this story isn't long, however,  I never thought, it would be that long neither. Enjoy reading.


  When I really realized what I felt towards Acchan, it was already to late. She  next week will change the school and I will never see her again. I think, even if we both will accidentally meet, I don’t think  she will try to even recognize me, just go past and will ignore me. But me, will just go straight and curse myself about what I had done and never forgive to myself.
It was monday morning, I was so lazy to even wake up, because I know, she won’t be there. I thought, maybe it would be better if I won’t go to school, because there is big chance that the other students just kill me only by look, however, it would be best way for me to die.
  I don’t know how I get out from my bed and even out from my house, but I went to school, very.. very slowly and I was late, about… 20 minutes. 
 „Eh.. who even care anymore if I am late or not?” I speak with myself.
  I heard that my phone was vibrating, for little while, but I keep ignore it, because only one who can call me is Yuko. When I went past school gates, Yuko was running to me and very fast.
 „TAKAMINA! Where the hell you have been!? I calling you so many times.” Yuko was shouting at me.
  „Yeah, I know. So, why you aren’t in class?” I ask her.
 „About that. Come.. We need to go  quickly. You have to see it.” She pushing me to school.
  „Why? I don’t want it.” I try to resist.
 „It’s about Acchan.”
  „What!? What with her!? Didn’t she transfer from here?” What is going on?
 „Just come, and then you understand.”
  When we enter in school, I heard very loud sound from one of the classes, it’s sound like there is a quarrel. When we reach our class, I saw many student there and that sound was coming from our class. Yuko try to get thru and dragging me along with her. When we get thru, I saw Acchan and Ray, they are… fighting? 
 „Yuko, what’s going on here? Why they are fighting?” I ask to Yuko, but she just said to be quite.
  Some of guys from other classes try to separate them, holding them by waist. Ray looks very angry and with bleeding lips. Acchan was not better.. angry.. with bit bleeding lip and scary.. very… very scary.
„RAY! WHY YOU DOING THIS? I THOUGH WE ARE FRIENDS!” Acchan was shouting to Ray.
  „WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY PRETEND!? I treat you like a very close friend!”
 „HA, HA.! You even think I like that? Such a idiot. I HATE THAT, AND I HATE YOU EVEN MORE.” Ray was shouting at Acchan.
  „I had never done to you something bad!” Acchan was confuse
 „Your presence was enough for me. Back then, in elementary school, at first I was happy to be your friend, but then, I had enough! You spent time with me less, when you got your popularity. Everyone saw only you, you were to kind and friendly to everyone. Everyone try to got your attention and you gave them. You participate in many school clubs, even in karate club and surprisingly, you were very good in it.”
When Ray said about Acchan participate in karate club, guy who was holding Acchan, was already pale and looks like he just start to worry about his life. Who won’t? Even I start to think it’s miracle, that I am still a live.
  „What? Friends usually are happy about others friends. If you wanted my attention so much, then why you didn’t participate with me some of the school clubs?” Acchan was asking to Ray.
 „Pff.. Even if would do that.. I won’t be so good like you, In eveyone eyes you were just to perfect in everything, that they won’t even see me.” When Ray said last sentence, she look at me, smirking and said „..I bet, even in bed you are good.” Why the hell she said something like this? I am died.
  „What? What are you talking about? You have no rights about my private life.” I think I can see a blush in Acchans cheeks. „If you hate me so much, then why you let Minami do something like that. You hate me, not her.!” Acchan star to get angry again.
 „Ha, ha..! When we graduated from that school, we went different way. This was chance to me get my popularity, by my own ways and without you to disturbing me. With Takamina’s help, I made it.”
  „You use her! How could you do that!?” Acchan was pissed off and guy who was holding her, were on panic.
 „That was easy. I admit, I liked the time with her, but only little bit. But problem was that, she also was popular and I needed get away her from my way. But then you transfer to this school. From all people who I know, it had to be YOU! At first, I was really angry, but then, I saw how you two look at each other and I heard talk between her and her stupid friend. This was my chance to take away Takamina’s popularity and revenge to you. Make you feel, how it is, when someone you trust, betray you and live you, even hurt you! So, how it feels?” Ray was smirking by saying that.
  „You have no idea how it feels. Yes, it hurts and very much. I hated Minami after that, from bottom of my heart, but on the same time, deep inside, I still love her. I admit that I wanted her suffer, but I am not a monster. It’s only made me understand how cruel and painful things can be. I try to just forget it and  wanted continue to live somewhere else. But it was only before I heard talk between you and Minami..” … „At first, I am sorry, but  I couldn’t recognize you, until I start to search old pictures from school times and then I saw you. I never though, you can be so evil, because you only wanted so much that popularity. You never be popular by doing this, hurting others, its not just right.” Acchan was speaking from her heart.
„Ha! I want to puke after what I heard. Acchan, you are  such a player, by talking like this. Thats why, I hate you even more! JUST DISAPPEAR FROM HERE!” Ray start to shouting again.
 „Don’t worry. I will. After when I finish MY THINGS WITH YOU!” Acchan in some way get away from guy, who was holding her and try to punch straight to Rays face. When guy who was holding Ray saw that Acchan already get away from other guy, he immediately let her go. Ray somehow avoided Acchan’s punch. They both start to fight in close distance.
  „What the heck, Takamina, do something!” Yuko was shouting at me, but I instead, was in shock, about what I just heard from those two.
 Many guys try those separate them and somehow they did it, but now Acchan was holded by three guys and its looks very hard for them. But Ray was holded by still one guy. When teachers came in, everyone separate and dismiss to there classes. No one wanted to get into more troubles.
  Ray went to restroom to clean herself, but Acchan just went out from school. I try to follow her and I need to speak with her.. I want to apologise.
 „Acchan!” I call her. She heard me and stop by turning to me.
  „Acchan I.. I am sorry about everything what I had done to you.” I bow in front of her. „I know you still hate me, but I really want to go to past and change everything. Also I didn’t know that, you back then where friends with Ray. I am really.. really sorry and..” 
 „Sshh, Minami. You don’t need to say anything more to me. I already heard what you feel and think about me, when you and Ray were talking back then.”
  „Acchan.. I..” She cover my lips with her finger.
 „I understand everything, but… I need to go, because there is no place for me anymore, I already made a choice and things never be the same like before..” With smile she just turn around and walk away. I look at her back, when she walk away. I couldn’t do anything.
  „Acchan.. I am so sorry.” I said it in very low voice. I understand that I will never see her again, but deep inside I just hoping to see at least that smile. Even if this smile  is not for me.
  I couldn’t believe about reason why Ray hate me so much. Maybe I wasn’t good friend for her, but I tried.. I really tried. But now, there is no place for me in this school, there are so many painful memories. I need to go and try to get thru all of this. After fight with her, I went out from class, even from school, until someone call me.
 „Acchan!” It was Minami. Every time when I heard her voice and felt her presence, my heart start beating faster. I still love her.
  With smile I turn to face her, but deep inside, I already crying. She try to speak.
„Acchan I.. I am sorry about everything what I had done to you.” She bow to me. Ah, Minami, you have no idean how much I want to hug you right now, but I can’, I need to hold myself.  „I know you still hate me, but I really want to go to past and change everything. Also I didn’t know, that you back then where friends with Ray. I really.. really sorry and..”  I can’t take it anymore, I want to stop her, or I will start to cry in front of her.
 „Sshh, Minami. You don’t need to say anything more to me. I already heard what you feel and think about me, when you and Ray were talking back then.” I happy that you love me, and never meant anything from those bad words what you said, because in your heart you are good person.
  „Acchan.. I..” I covered her lips with my finger.. It’s start to hurt again.
 „I understand everything, but… I need to go, because there is no place for me anymore, I already made a choice and things never be the same like before.” I am sorry, Minami. I really want to stay with you and pretend like nothing had happened. But I need to be strong. With smile, what was hard for me, I turn around and walk away. I can feel, that she still watching me, but I need to go. I felt tears in my eyes.
  „I will miss you, Minami. I already miss you. I hope we will see each other again. I really hope.” I speak with myself in low voice and disappear from Minamis eyes.
After 2 years.
  It was already graduation day. Me and Yuko somehow ended school too. We couldn’t believe that everything already is over and have to start to think about what we will do next.
 „So, Takamina, what are your plans?” Yuko asking to me
  „Who knows. At first, need to relax  from school things and maybe start to search for job, but that would be latter...much latter.” 
 „Hi, hi.. I agree with you. By the way.. don’t forget about tomorrow, we are going to make some fun.” Yuko was smiling.
  „I know, I know, how I can forget.” After that, we went back to other students to celebrate our graduation.
  Next day.
  „Where the hell is Yuko. She is so damn late. I need to call her. Ah, where is my phone?” I calling her.
 „Moshi, Moshi, Takamina. What’s up?”
  „What do you mean by ‘what’s up?’, Where are you? Do you forget about our plans?”
 „Oh, I am so sorry Takamina. But yesterday I forgot to tell you, that I can’t go with you.”
  „WHAT!? I hope you have a very good explanation?”
„Ammm.. actually yes.. I am on a date with Nyan Nyan.”
„I can’t believed.” That squirrel, how could she do that?
 „Sorry, Takamina, but I need to go now, Nyan Nyan is waiting for me. So, bye.”
  „Yeah, yeah.. enjoy your date, traitor.” After that Yuko put down her phone.
 „I can’t believe what she just did. Ah.. What I am supposed to do now... I know.. I want to eat, maybe food will calm me down.” I went to search some cafe and I stop in front one of them.
  „I remember this place. This is where me and Acchan first time went to eat.” I went in there and try to find some free space, but everywhere someone already was sitting.
 „Ah.. this isn’t my lucky day.” I speak with myself
  „Hello Miss. We have full here, but we can offer you to sit with some other clients, who are sitting alone.” One of the waitress came to me and offered.
 „Well… I am really hungry by now, so.. I think I will accept that.” We went one of the table where was sitting someone. I think it’s a girl, however, she have a hat on her head and black sunglasses, also she was reading some kind of book.
  „Excuse me Miss. Can I sit with you? Because others places are full and..” That girl just nod with her head, showing that she agree. When I sit, I try to see her face, but book and that hat was in way. I try to speak with her.
 „Amm.. Can I know what book you are reading?” When I said that, she just let higher her book, while showing the name of it.
  „Oh! It’s good book.” She just nod. After some silence I try to speak again.
 „Amm… by the way. My name is Takahashi Minami. Can I know your name?” She put the book on the table and take off her sunglasses.. I can’t believe what I am seeing..
  „Hello! I am Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you too.. Minami!” By saying it, she smiling to me.
            „Acchan…” How I miss that smile.
  After eating and little bit of talk, we went to walk in the park. We didn’t speak very much, but when we did that, then we only try to speak about good things, because we just don’t want to bring back our painful memories.
 We went to sit one of the bench what was in park. We just sitting there and enjoy the view what we have around and of course each other presence. While sitting there, Acchan lay down her head to my left shoulder. She take my left hand and holding with her hands. Touching gently each part of my fingers..  that full hand. This feeling bring me back good memories what we had before. While she doing this, I just watching every move of hers.
  „Minami?” Acchan start to speak in low voice.
  „Can we… Can we be friends again?” She just asking me that. Then I understand, that we still have feeling to each other. We couldn’t forget each other all this time.
 „I would be happy about that.” I can’t say nothing more, because I know she won’t accept something more.
  „Thank you, Minami.” She got up from my shoulder. When I turn to my head to look at her, our faces was very close to each other. We gaze deeply into each other eyes. Sometimes I can see, that she is looking to my lips. When she do that, I want kiss her, right here and I don’t care if someone complain about as. We start to leaning closer to each other. Our eyes slowly start to close.. I can feel her breath to my face…
 „KISSU, KISSU!” Ah... I should know that.. that something like this will happen.
  „WHY YOU ARE HERE, YUKO?” I just screaming to her, while Acchan was laughing and the same time blushing, like me.
 „What do you mean, why  I am here? I am on a date and looks like..”.. she was smirking „I am in right time and  in right place.” She and Nyan Nyan was coming closer to us. „..And by the way, hello, Acchan.” Acchan just nod to her with smile.
  „It looks like, it was good choice to cancel our plans, Takamina.” 
 „Yeah. What you cancel not even saying to me.” That squirrel, I want to kick her, for canceling our plans and now for disturbing me and Acchan in good moment.
  „So, do you have plans now?” Yuko was asking to us.
 „No. We don’t have.” Acchan answered her.
  „That’s great. You two can join to us to amusement park.” We just nod to her. While Yuko and Nyan Nyan turn around to walk away, we start to get up from bench, when suddenly Acchan squezee my hand. I try to look at her, but my look was blocked with Acchan lips to my left cheek.
 „Acchan..” She take me by surprise. Never thought she would doing something like that. I can see a blush in her face and she just smiling to me. While we walk to amusement park, Acchan never let go my hand.
In the end.. I never thought I would see her again..and looks like, this day can’t be more perfect.

Thank you everyone, who leave comments, or just push "Thanks" button. Also thank you those, who only reading it. I thought already about new story, but that more be like OS.. and not so sad. But that OS I will post not here, but where I posted before Dialogue between Atsuko and Minami.
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Heheh, it's nice story and very cute ending. I'll be waitin' for ur next story. Thx Author San XD
Post by: Haruko on December 13, 2014, 05:41:45 PM
I demand a real kiss!!
Post by: cisda83 on December 13, 2014, 10:54:52 PM
Lovely ending...

Should make it a blast one... by making them kiss...

Though... it would make the situation awarkard afterward....

Yeah... they should start from friends 1st then develop into something more...

Building up their trusts towards each other...

Very logical and realistic story

Thank you for finishing up the story

Can't wait to see other story... or even a sequel...

PS: Poor Ray... I would say she was lonely because Atsuko started to ignore her... and she got angry and jealous since no one notices her..
       I think Atsuko is Ray's only friend, her 1st friend... someone that she trusted to never ignore her and should care about her forever...
       For Minami, she was falling for Atsuko while she was still going out with Ray, then I guess Ray thought it would not be long until Minami dumped her for Atsuko... 
       Again Atsuko ruined her life unintentionally... But I guess Ray and Atsuko are never going to mix, they are like oil and water
       Thus, I can understand her action toward Minami and Atsuko...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Heheh, it's nice story and very cute ending. I'll be waitin' for ur next story. Thx Author San XD

Thank you for comment. I am happy to hear, that you like it. Next story I will update next week. But I not sure, what will be first - OS or story (only Epilogue)..  :)

I demand a real kiss!!

Sorry, but you need to wait next week. in next story or OS it will be that..  :wink: 

Lovely ending...

Should make it a blast one... by making them kiss...

Though... it would make the situation awarkard afterward....

Yeah... they should start from friends 1st then develop into something more...

Building up their trusts towards each other...

Very logical and realistic story

Thank you for finishing up the story

Can't wait to see other story... or even a sequel...

PS: Poor Ray... I would say she was lonely because Atsuko started to ignore her... and she got angry and jealous since no one notices her..
       I think Atsuko is Ray's only friend, her 1st friend... someone that she trusted to never ignore her and should care about her forever...
       For Minami, she was falling for Atsuko while she was still going out with Ray, then I guess Ray thought it would not be long until Minami dumped her for Atsuko... 
       Again Atsuko ruined her life unintentionally... But I guess Ray and Atsuko are never going to mix, they are like oil and water
       Thus, I can understand her action toward Minami and Atsuko...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Oh, Thank you for your long comment.  :wink:
Well... I also thought about real kiss in the end.. but yeah.. 1st they need to be friends again.  :)

About Ray and Minami, when Acchan transfer there, they both already were break up.. but you are right.. for Ray it was hard..

What can I say.. world is cruel..

Post by: black_maa on December 15, 2014, 11:10:37 AM
Omg the dream on chapter 3! My poor heart! are really good at making people exited and then bam!! Sorry is a dream!! You're a teaser! And in all the other chaps you played with my emotions! Good work! I loved your story!!  I read it in one go, so I'm happy that I didn't have to wait so much.
About the ending! Great one, after all that happened its a very good way to start to heal each other and star a new. Thank you!! Ah yeah you really made me want to punch Takamina on one chap. Good job!
Thank you for your comment. I happy to hear, that my readers like it.  :)
He, he.. About teasing - it won't be last time, when I am planning to do that, so be prepare.  :lol:
I think you are not only one, who wanted to punch Takamina.
Thank you again!

Post by: black_maa on December 16, 2014, 07:16:18 PM

In the end.. I post this OS in here.. Hehe..  :D  Sometime I don't think what I am writting.. Well.. this OS is little bit funny, at least, I try to write like that. So.. I hope you like it. Enjoy reading. Ah.. and of course, it's AtsuMina.

                                                                                              BAD PATIENT  „MELTING DIAMOND”
I am Takahashi Minami and I am 25 years old. Psychologist. I know, I know, I am too young to do something like this, but I like to listen other people stories and try to help them. Every client like my way, how I help them and recommend me to their friends.

 People stories are different. Some of them only need one times to come to me, but others, little bit more, but never more like 4 times. There are always some hard case, like this one, what this story will be about. Before I continue my story, I can tell that, she was very bad patient. Never thought, people like her exist, that Maeda girl. At first, it was hard for me to understand what she really thinking. I already giving up for her, because I thought, I will going insane with her, until when something happen, she fell in love.

The story.

First of all, I will tell you, how she got here. Well, outside was sunny day, there was already patient. I was listening very carefully, until I got a phone call from unknown number.
 „Moshi, moshi, Takahashi listening.”
 „Hello. Are you that new and good psychologist?” Someone asked me thru the phone
 „Well, yes, it would be me. How I can help you?”
 „It’s not for me, but for other person sake.” he sounded really nervous.
 „Okay, just send tomorrow this person to me.”
 „Thank you very much.” Before I ended phone call, I heard something, in other side of phone.
 „With who you talked?! I don’t need some kind of psychologist help! They suck and I don’t like how they look! They are ugly, old and nerds!” It was a girl „Please, Miss! It’s only be good for you!” And then I heard, that something was broken, something like glass. „Go to hell, I won’t do that!” After that phone call ended. 
 „Oh.. this will be interesting case.” I said to myself.
  Day one.
 I already were sitting in my office and waiting that ‘interesting’ person. I look at my watch and that person was late.
 „It’s look like that person won’t come..” at that moment doors opened and came in young girl. She has a long and black hairs. Brown eyes. Pinky lips. She wear blue jeans and white blouse. I could say she look very cute, if she won’t look like someone, who can kill everyone, only because she is here. She layed down in special chair or more like bed. This bed is in front of me and I am on left side of her.

 „Hello, Ms. My name is Takahashi Minami and nice to see you here. You would be. ?” I tried to know her name.
 „Maeda Atsuko, and I am not happy to be here.” She is cold.
 „Okay. We won’t be here formal, so I will call you now Atsuko. In that way you can be more open.”
 „For you, I am Maeda, Ms Maeda. Do you get it?” Looks like she won’t open so easily.
 „O-Okay, Ms Maeda. So, can you tell me what is bothering you?” I started to seance
 „What is bothering me, hmmm.. let me think.. O, I know – You.” Wow, she is thought.
 „Except me. There should be a reason why you are here.?”
 „You are here psychologist, not me, so figure out yourself.” She put her hand on her chest by crossing them. That’s mean, she won’t open to me and she just locked herself inside.
 „Okay, I will tell you.”
 „Go ahead.” She didn’t even looked at me
 „You are here, because every hate your attitude and you are like spoiled brat, who don’t know what it want.”
 „How you dare to say something like that to a lady.?” She look at me with big eyes.
 „I am not finished. You are person, who won’t open to others and for that should be a reason. I could say, that reason is something with your past. Someone done to you something bad. It’s more with relationship. Someone use you or ignore you..”
 „What the hell you think you are? You have no right about my past. I am leaving.” She stand up and walked to the doors.
 „See you tomorrow.” 
 „No way. I won’t come here.” After that she slammed the door.
 „Yeah, I don’t think so.” It will be hard to break her.
Day two.

 Like usually I was sitting in my place and this time I was waiting her.
 While I writing some papers, I heard that someone came in. When  I turned to look at this person, I saw her. She just came and layed down in chair. With pissed look, she just laying there.
 „Look what we have here.” I tried to little bit tease her.
 „Shut up and start that stupid procedure or how it call, I don’t care.” She need to change her attitude.
 „If you wish, then okay. I hope this time you won’t run away in middle?”
 „Pff…” she crossed her arms in front of her chest.
 „Feel free… Relax… Close your eyes… Breath” I started the session.
 „That’s stupid.” I can see, that she don’t want to do it, but something made her.
 „What you see, when your eyes are close?”
 „Nothing. Everything is black.” She need to relax more
 „Look closely.” I spoke in low voice.
 „I.. I see me.”
 „Tell more. Describe the place.”
 „I am standing in room. There are only mirror on the wall.”
 „Go to the mirror. What you see there?” I said to her.
 „I see.. a small girl, she is.. she is.. ahhh.. I can’t take it any more.” She quickly standed up.  I can see, that she want to run away, again. 
 „Please sit, Ms.”
 „This is stupid. I don’t need to be here.”
 „But you are and should be reason why. No one come here, because they have nothing to do. They come, because something is bothering them. They need to someone with who to talk. That’s why I am here, and you too. So please, let me help you. I really want to know about your personality, what is hiding inside of you, and I want to know what it feels and wants. Maybe there is something, that can make you smile again.” With serious voice I said to her.
 „Do you even understand what you just said.?”
 „Yes, of course.” I smiled to her.
 „Ye~ah. Is there way how get away from you.? Something like.. the way how you can lose your job? Then, after that, I don’t need to come here.”
 „Sorry, but no.”
 „Hmm.. we will see that.” With creepy smile she went out.
 I need to be ceraful.
  Day three.

 ”So, Ms Maeda. First of all. Why you are dressed like that?” She wears black dress, what is perfect for her body. Dress is not long, above knee, but on left side it has slit. Shoulders was little bit naked, and in front of dress was big decolte.
 „What? Can’t I wear what I like and feel comfortable?” I think she try to seduce me. Okay girl. I will play your game. I want to know, how far you will go.
 „No, it’s okay. If you feel comfortable in it, then everything is good.”
 „Good to hear it.” I could see, that she is playing with me.
 „So, how you feel today?”
 „Hmm.. pretty good.” She looked at me with seductive look.
 „Good to hear. So tell me. Do you have relationship with someone.?”
 „Hmm.. No. I am free.” At that moment her left leg wasn’t anymore straight, but bend it in knee. When she did that, her dress looks more shorter. „…and if you don’t believe me, you can check it.” She really like to tease me.
 „No thanks. I don’t do that sort of things.” I tried to avoid her gaze.
 „Why not? Isn’t what psychologist do to there clients?”
 „I am not like that.” She smiled at me, then she stand up from hers place and started come to me. Slowly.
 „Are you sure?.” At that moment she sat on my lap, with open legs. She put her arms around my neck and with seductive voice spoke into my ear. „I don’t mind if you check me.” Her right hand started to slowly touch to my neck.. collarbone.. until it slided down to my chest.
 „Ms, I think I came to conclusion about what is wrong with you.”
 „Hm..And it would be.?” She blow into my ear.
 „You are without of luck with sex, that’s mean, no one satisfy you and you should not complain about that, because no one want girl, who is spoiled brat. Also your trying to seduce me, won’t work to me, coz you are very bad with it.” She stopped touching me and looked into my eyes with shocked look. „…and it’s look like I am right.” She stand up from my lap and went back to hers sit.
 „Asshol.” She didn’t look at me and her hands was crossed in front of her chest. She looks angry.
 „Oh, thank you. Also looks like I win.”
 „Only in your dreams.” Now she was also pissed off.
 „So, can we continue to speak normal?”
 „Go to hell. I am leaving.” She stand up and went out with slamming doors behind.
 „Hi.. yeah.”
 Day four.

 „It’s look like you change you style.. back to normal again..” I try to tease her.
 „Shut up.”
 „Hihi.. So...” She disturbed me
 „How much?”
 „What?” I was confused.
 „How much money do you want, that I don’t need to come?” Why I think she try to buy me.
 „Sorry, Ms. But things won’t work like that.” What she is thinking?
 „How much did they paid to you? I will double price.”
 „Information like that, I won’t tell you. So, don’t even try.” Pff.. serious?
 „Did they paid you already?”
 „I won’t tell you. We need to start seance.” .. „So..”
 „10’000 $”
 „What?” I looked at her with confused look.
 „I will pay that.”
 „No! So, about seance..”
 „20’000 $. Everyone want money and I don’t believe, if you don’t need it.” Grr..
 „Sorry, Ms. But I am not doing this because of money. I do this, because I like to listen people stories.” Can we start it, please?
 „30’000 $.” What the heck she think she are?
 „Stop it! I won’t accept your money. We will start seance, or get out from here.”
 „Thank you! Bye-bye!”
 „What the..?!” She just stand up and went out. Damn, she did that with purpose. Ah.. that women.
 Day five.

 That spoiled brat. I will go insane with her. Doors opening.
 „Oh, hello, M-s. Are you drunk?” She even couldn’t walk straight.
 „Maybe. ..hic..” She layed down with her back on the bad.
 „Why you are drunk?”
 „Why you care.. hic..?” And at that moment she just, I don’t know from where, but in her hands was bottle with alcohol and very strong alcohol. She opened it and start to drink it like it was a water.
 „Ms, you shouldn’t do that in here.” She is crazy.
 „Sorry.. hic.. but my drinking time.. hic.. was at the same time.. hic.. when your seance, so.. hic.. don’t complain.. hic..” she put down that bottle. I can’t believe it.
 „Ms, are you will able to continue our seance?”
 „Hmm.. Then we will see…hic..” I don’t like how she smile. „..Come closer, I wan’t to tell you something in ear…hic.”
 „You can tell it loud it too.”
 „No.. come here..hic.. or I will not listening you.” You already don’t do that, and I don’t think you ever planing to do it too.
 „I hope, it’s something good.” I start to get closer to her.
 „Don’t worry, You will like it.” Again that smile. I have bad feeling about this. When I was almost to her, she grabed me by my collar and taked me closer to her.
 „What are you.. mhhmm.” She kissed me roughly. I could feel her tongue to my lips, she tried to get acces to my mouth. I couldn’t let her to do that. When I didn’t give her permission to get in to my mouth, she pushed me away and I fall on the floor.
 „O~h That was just what I needed. Thank you…hic..” What the hell. She just stollen my first kiss.
 „You just..”
 „..Stoll your first kiss?” How could she know.
 „How you..”
 „..Know? Hihi.. coz you were.. hic.. bad at this.” .. „But don’t worry.. hic.. I won’t tell that to no one. Hihi… hic..!” She is devil. I went back to my sit. 
 „Ah, what I will do with you now? .. What that sound.?” I heard strange sound, like sobs. When I look at her, she was crying.
 „W-Why are you crying?”
 „I-I don’t know…sob.. I just wanted…sob.. I hate myself…sob…” How people can change like that so fast.
 „Ms, I think you should stop drinking.. Ms..? Ms?” there wasn’t no response from her. I went closer to her and I saw, that she is..
 „She is sleeping. Hii.. I can’t believe it.” What now I will do with her. I need to call her driver, to take her home. But in one thing she is progressing – first time she is here until seance end, however, she fall a sleep.
 „I hope she won’t remember tomorrow anything, about what happen little while ago.”
 Day six.

 „Hello, Ms. How we are feeling today?”
 „Oh, just shut up.. Ah.. my head.” Hihi.. looks someone have hangover.
 „Do you remember about what happen yesterday?” I hope she wasn’t
 „What? No. What’s happen back then? Did I was even here?” Drinking water, and pretty much.
 „Yes, you was. You even cried and even fall a sleep.”
 „Oh! Did I do something else?” It will be better if I won’ tell about that kiss.
 „No, nothing.”
 „That’s good. Ah.. Why even I am here.? I should be at home and sleep in my soft and large bad.”
 „Sorry, but you can do that only after seance.” I won’t let you go so easily this time.
 „Yeah, yeah. Just start that seance, before I fall a sleep here again.” Don’t even dare to do it.
 „O~kay! Feel free… relax… Close your eyes.” I said in low voice. 
 „How you feel?”
 „Ms.?” Don’t tell me, that she really fall a sleep?
 „MS MAEDA!?” I said in louder voice
 „Ah..there is no use from her.”
 „Minami, can you please get me blanket, there is bit cold?” She spoke in her sleep.
 „She.. she just.. AAh!” (facepalm) and why she calls me by my name? I need to call her driver to take her home. I think I will get insane with her.
 Day seven.

 „I hope today she won’t fall a sleep.” I stil remember what happened last time. Doors open and she came in. She layed down on her place and.. why she is smiling like that? I don’t like it.
 „Looks someone is in good mood today.” I said to her
 „Perhaps..” Why she is still smiling? I need to be careful.
 „So, How you feel today?”
 „How you feel today?”
 „I asked you first.”
 „I asked you first.” What the heck.. does she repeating me.. that girl..
 „Ms, please stop playing around. I am serious.”
 „I am serious.” Aaahh…. Okay, I will play with you.
 „Iamspoiledbartwhodon’tknowwhatitwants.” Repeat this..
 „I……bla, bla, bla…. wants.” She just.. aah.. okay..
 „I am biggest idiot on the world.”
 „I am biggest id… What? No, I am not!” Hi hi..
 „Ha, you lost.” Takes this. I hope now she will stop playing this.
 „So, can we continue?”
 „Can we continue?” Damn, she won’t stop it so easily.
 „I love you.” Can you repeat this?
 „I love.. Heck no!” She was pouting. Cute. Did I just saw a blush in her cheeks? Damn, what I am thinking?
 „Can we continue now?”
 „No, I lost my mood. Thanks to you!” She again stand up and like usually, she went out.
 „Ah.. Unbelievable!”
Day eight.

 I need to breath. Soon. Very soon she will be here. I need to be calm. Minami, don’t forget who you are. You can do it. Breath.. and there she comes.
 „Hello, Ms, Maeda.” She came in, while speaking to the phone.
 „Ah, sorry, Takahashi. Can you wait little bit? I have very important talk.” What the heck? Okay, I will little wait, but if she still talking after 5 minutes, I will take away that phone.
 „What.? Ye~s, I know.. Ha, ha… I kno~w.. Really? Haha.! No way!?.. Haha!” And that should be very important talk.? Okay, I have enough.
 „Ms, Maeda. It’s time.”
 „Please wait little bit more.” She just said to me like this.. aah..
 „Oh, sorry, there just some girl disturb me. Can you say it again? ..What? Really? Ha, ha.. What a jerk. Haha.. I know! I know! Ha, Ha!” I think I will explode right now.
 „Ms, please give me your phone!” She turned away from me. If she don’t give easily, then I take it with force. I started to take away her phone.
 „Hey, what are you doing!?”
 „I am taking your phone!” I tried to get it
 „I have very important talk!”
 „You are kidding, right!?” I successfully got the phone
 „Give me back!” she tied to get back
 „NO!” We was fighting because of phone
 „YOU..!” Bams.. phone fell to the ground and now it was on two pieces
 „You.. YOU just broke my phone!” she looks angry
 „Sorry, but it’s not my fault. I already said to stop talking and look what’s happened.”
 „Aah.. I hate you!”
 „Hihi.. Thank you. I love you too!”
 „YOU! AAH..!” She taked her phone, what was broken and went out. If I am not wrong, then I saw again, that blush in her cheeks. It’s strange.
 „At least, I am not only one, who is pissed off.”
Day nine.

 I can’t believe. It’s already nine days. I still can’t break her thru. If she continue like this, then no one can help her. I start to pity her. Such a beauty, but with very bad and awful attitude. What? Beauty? What hell I am thinking.? Stop it, you stupid mind. Oh, she is coming. Ahh.. If she continue like this, I really going insane. Damn, I am already going insane.
 „Excuse me, but are you okay?”
 „Eh?” Did she just asked me if I am okay?
 „Oh, sorry, you just while ago look strange.” Is she smiling at me? I don’t like it. She is playing with me again.
 „No, no.. I am all right.” I smiled to her.
 „Good to hear.” Now, I really don’t like this atmosphere
 „So, shall we start?”
 „Okay.” What? Thats all? No bad words or something else? Did she drunk some medicine?
 „Close you eyes and tell me, what you see.” But still, I need to be ceraful
 „I see a girl. She is in front of mirror.”
 „Tell me more.” Well? Why I can’t hear some yelling from her?
 „She is scare.” Her voice changed. I saw a tear, what dripped from her eye.
 „Why she is scared?”
 „I.. I don’t know. … Maybe… maybe, because she is alone.” Wow.. she is crying.
 „Tell me, why she is alone?” I start to feel pity for her.
 „Because… because, she don’t want to someone come closer. She don’t need anyone. She don’t want broken heart.”
 „Why? If you never let someone come closer to you, then you also never know, how it is.. to fell in love and be happy. To feel this feeling, that someone really cares about you and ready to do anything, only to see you beautiful smile. The smile, what can melt every heart.” Hers eyes were still closed.
 „Hmm.. you sound someone who is in love.” I am not sure myself, maybe I am.
 „Don’t think about me, but think about yourself.”
 „Is there someone, who you want to see besides to you. Person, who you want, because you know, this person can make you happy and bring back that smile?”
 „I-I don’t know.. I am not sure.” She opened her eyes and looks at me.
 „Don’t worry. You just need to think about it. Maybe there is already someone who care about you and are always around you, but you just don’t see it.” Damn.. I just sound like one of them.
 „Thank you.” She smiled at me, with her beautiful smile. I think.. I already will start to miss it.
 „If you want to come tomorrow, then felel free to do it, but if you don’t want, then wish you luck to find that person.”
 „Thank you again.” She stand up and start to go to the doors. But then she turned back to face me and gave me again that beautiful smile. I smiled to her back. After that, she went out.
 „Ah.. it was hard, but looks like I did it. At least, I hope so.”
 Day ten.

 Next day she didn’t came. But I get phone call from person, who send her to me.
 „Moshi, moshi, Takahashi listening.”
 „Oh, Takahashi. Thank you very much. I don’t know what you did, but she really are changed. She don’t jell at ass and accept every advice,  what we say to her. Thank you very much again to you. I know it that, sending her to you, was the good idea. Thank you and good luck.”
 „Oh, happy to hear it. And thank you too. Bye.” Phone call ended.
 „Looks like I did it. I really did it. But somehow, I will miss that fighting with her. Hi. Yeah.”
  It was already week, when I last time saw her. I hope she is okay.
 Tuck, tuck.. someone was knocking other side of doors.
 „Eh? Who is it, come in.” I was writing some papers and didn’t really look, who came in.
 „Hello, Minami.” That voice
 „M-Ms Maeda? What are you doing here.?” My heart, why it so fast..?
 „Just call me, Atsuko.” She smiled to me. How I miss that.
 „A-Atsuko. What’s bring you here?” she came closer to me.
 „You.” Eh?
 „W-What do yo mean, ‘me’?” I was little bit confused.
 „After all those seance, I understand something.”
 „What?” my eyes was still on her.
 „Hm. That I have someone,  who I want to be besides to me.” When I looked into her eyes, they tried to tell me something, but what?
 „Oh! That’s great to hear it.” However, it’s little hurt to know it.
 „Yes, it is.” Why she is smiling at me like this? Please, don’t.
 „So, did you tell that person about that, already?” I tried to sound calm, however, I wasn’t.
 „I am planning to do it.” Please, don’t.
 „And how it goes?” Please say not good.
 „Well.. not really good.” Yeees!
 „Hmm. Because, that person is blind to see herself.” What?
 „What do you mean with that.?”
 „Well..” she came more closer to me and sat on my lap. But this time, her legs was in one side of me. She put her hands around my neck.
 „W-What are you doing?” Why my heart start to beat so fast?
 „I try to help that person to understand about what I am talking.” Did she mean… no.. It can’t be.. She is just teasing me.
 „I am not sure about what are you talking.” She smiled to me and leaned closer to my face.
 „I am talking about this.” She captured my lips with hers. We start to kiss slowly.  Then it turns into passionate. She start to move her body and now her legs are each side of my body. I can feel her tongue to my lips.. asking for permission to get into my mouth. What I gave her. She try to get our bodies more closer. I hug her too and pressing closer to me. In our mouth were battle between our tongues. I won.
 „For someone, who are kissing only second time, you are really good with it.” I think she start to teas me again.
 „W-What do you mean – only second time?” Don’t tell me, that she back then..
 „You think I won’t remember how I stoll your first kiss, when I was drunk?”
 „Eh!? But – But you side, that you don’t remember anything.”
 „Hihi.. and you believe it?”
 „Well, yeah!”
 „Hmm.. then let me compensate my fault.” She again captured my lips and gave passionate kiss. After kiss, our foreheads were still together.
 „Minami, I forgot to tell you something.”
 „Hm.. what is it?”
 „I love you.” Those words made my heart melt.
 „I am happy to hear it. And guess what… You made me fell in love with you too. So, I love you too.”… „However.. It really was hard to deal with you. I though I will go insane with you.”
 „Hihi.. don’t worry. It won’t happen like that again.”
 „That’s good to hear.”
 „But, that doesn’t mean, that I won’t do other ‘naughty’ things.”
 „Eh?” and then she again captured my lips.
-Looks like diamonds also can be melt-
The end! :mon exhaust:
Title: Re: Painful mistake [END] + New OS [16.12.14]
Post by: ubulubulbilu on December 17, 2014, 02:05:28 AM
I smiled when I read all the end parts. It's so sweet. Maybe next time u should make a story not os, so i'll be waiting for this and my otp ATSUMINA !

Umm maybe, how about this one to be a story? it'll be so much interesting, because I love the progress of their relationship. Lol
Title: Re: Painful mistake [END] + New OS [16.12.14]
Post by: Kairi65 on December 17, 2014, 06:09:20 AM
Just read the last chapter of painful mistake..glad they're back together but I really wanna know what happen to atsuko after she went away... :yep:

And the os, it was great!! Got no better explanation for it! :thumbsup
Title: Re: Painful mistake [END] + New OS [16.12.14]
Post by: black_maa on December 17, 2014, 01:46:19 PM
I smiled when I read all the end parts. It's so sweet. Maybe next time u should make a story not os, so i'll be waiting for this and my otp ATSUMINA !
Umm maybe, how about this one to be a story? it'll be so much interesting, because I love the progress of their relationship. Lol

Oh.. I will think about that. Thank you.  :)  However, writing this OS was little hard, and right now, I am working to other AtsuMina story, also.. my writing time won't be so much enymore.  :(

Atsumina!!! Black_maa nice work! \(^o^)/ Drunk Maeda super funny! Poor Takamina her first kiss tasted of alcohol (ーー;)
I like your atsumina stories a lot!!
I am glad to hear. Thank you very  much. HeHe... I agree, poor Takamina..  :lol:

Just read the last chapter of painful mistake..glad they're back together but I really wanna know what happen to atsuko after she went away... :yep:
And the os, it was great!! Got no better explanation for it! :thumbsup
Well.. I already thinking about that, if I should write something like "Painful Mistake: After story" and include there what happen with Acchan those two years. But I can't promise that will be soon. First I need finish my other story..
Thank you very much.!  :)
Title: Re: Painful mistake [END] + New OS [16.12.14]
Post by: cisda83 on December 23, 2014, 04:15:51 AM
Oh... Atsuko is so great in driving people crazy with her attitude

Well at least she changed herself and fall for her Psychologist.

But are they allowed to fall for their own doctor?

Thank you for the fun insane OS

Can't wait to see more

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Title: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 1
Post by: black_maa on December 27, 2014, 01:43:43 PM

After request and also I thought about that too, I write more like continue, to this story. There will be few parts. In those parts, I hope you understand, about what happened with Acchan in those two years. I also thought about that OS, where was request to turn it into story, but I don't know how to do it. I am not sure, if it will be interesting, because everyone already know, what happens in each day. Enjoy reading!

                                                              "PAINFUL MISTAKE: AFTER STORY"
                                                                                    PART 1 

                                                                     FROM ACCHANS VIEW

     Back then, when I again changed school, but that time with broken heart, I promise myself, that I will nevar fall again, except her. My new school was in other city. I tried to start new life and maybe forget about what happened. In this new school I had new friends, new interests, but no one of them was special for me. Each day, each night, when I close my eyes, she is there. So many things remind me about her. In those times I ask myself – „Why? Why I can’t forget her?”
 It was already two years, when I last time saw her. After graduation I went back to this city. When I planned to return to this place, deep inside in my heart I want – I want to see her!
  Day, when I returned to this city I went to cafe, where we both first time eat together. However, back then, we didn’t spoke very much, because of awkward atmosphere, what before create Yuko, but for me, it’s meant very much. I was happy. It was also first time, when I gave her first kiss, what was on cheek. At first, I wanted to give this kiss on the lips, but I don’t wanted to scare her. I was afraid, that she would run away. After while, when I gave her second kiss, but this time on the lips, I felt thousands butterflies in my stomach. Ah, those memories, those feelings. How I want them again. But do I have a chance? If I have, how I explane about things.. things what happened when I leave? Things, what happened in last two years. But the most important, how I tell her things about…
 „Excuse me Miss. Can I sit with you? Because others places are full and..” That voice. I know this voice. But I am afraid to look. I am afraid … that she don’t remember me. I am afraid.. if it’s not her, but only my imagination. My mind is playing trick with me, cuz it’s can’t be her.. just can’t…
  „Amm… by the way. My name is Takahashi Minami. Can I know your name?” It’s.. it’s her. Minami. If this is a dream, please, don’t wake me up.
   After lunch we went to the park. It was like a dream. When I ask her to be friends again and she agreed, I was happiest person on the world. At first, I even was afraid to ask her that, because past between us, are painful memories.. painful mistakes.. But I had to risk and I am glad, that I did it. When we are so close to each other.. our faces were so close.. I want to kiss her… I want again feel that feelings. If Yuko wasn’t disturb us, I think, we would do that and I didn’t care, if someone would complain about that. 
 Before we went to amusement park, I kiss her on cheek. I saw a shock her eyes, but also I saw the feelings. While we went, I take her hand into mine. I didn’t want to let her go, because I was afraid, that she would disappear and in the end, it’s only a dream. I want her beside me and only me. I don’t want to see her besides someone other, but how I will tell her about my past, about those two years, about something, what can hurt her. I am afraid, if I tell her, she will leave me. She will leave and don’t want to see me again. Even our friendship can disappear. She will never forgive me. That’s why, I won’t tell her, at least, not now, but when will be the time. I hope, this won’t be soon. I want to spend time with her as much as possible and don’t think about anything else, only about us.. about her. Minami, you still belong my heart.
„Hey, you two! Come here!” Yuko was shouting from afar.
  „Yes, yes, we are coming!” Minami answer to her and then look at me with smile.
 „Acchan, we need to hurry, before Yuko don’t do or say some weird things.” We start to walk faster… but still hand in hand.
  „So… Yuko, what is your plan?” Minami ask her.
 „Well, I want to ride this, this and this.” While Yuko told this, she pointed to different rides, what was in this amusement park.
  „Oh, they are high, scary and no.. they are not for me.” I can see, that Minami is afraid most of them. I admit, that I want ride some of them, but if Minami is scare, then I will pass and stay with her. I don’t need anything more.
 „Okay, then I and Nyan Nyan will going alone, but you two, just enjoy other things, what you can find here. But don’t disappear, because after that, we will go eat. So, see you later.” Yuko and Nyan Nyan went to ride some of carousel. I and Minami just walk around and try to find some interesting things.
  We didn’t talk to much, just enjoy each other presence.
 „Oh, Acchan, look.” Minami pointed at big bear, what was a prize one of the attractions, where need to shoot balloons „I want to get it.” She paid this person and try to shoot. But after all shoot, luck wasn’t on her side.
  „Don’t worry, Minami. I will get it for you.”
 „Are you sure? Its harder then it’s looks.”
  „Just watch.” After all shoot, what was succeeded, I got the bear. Minami looks so cute, when this man gave her it.
 „Oh, Acchan, I didn’t know that you can shoot so good.”
  „For you, Minami, I can do anything.” When I said that, I saw a blush on her cheeks. Cute.
 „Tha – Thank you, Acchan.” After that I take her hand into mine and continue to look other attractions.
  While we walked around in amusement park, we heard scream. 
 „Acchan, I don’t know why, but this scream sounds familiar.” When we search the place, from where was coming this sound, we found Yuko and Nyan Nyan. In very awkward situation.
  „Looks like Yuko is harassmet Nyan Nyan.. again. Poor girl. I hope she is alright?” Minami looks worried about her.
 „Hehe.. don’t worry, Minami. Yuko just show her, how much she love her.”
  „Hmm.. maybe you right. But still, Yuko shouldn’t forget about where are we.” Minami, is there a way, how to show you, that I still love you?
 „Minami, I think they will be okay… Can we go to buy some ice cream?”
  „Yes, sure.” Still hand in hand, we went to buy some of them. After that, we sit one of the bench, what was empty and around wasn’t much people.
 „How is you ice cream?” Minami asked me
  „Delicias. Do you want to try it?”
 „Well, okay.. but then you need to taste mine, too.”
  „Deal.” We give each other to taste it. From afar I bet it’s look like we are feeding each other.
 „Hehe..” Minami was laughing
  „What? Why you are laughing?” I was little confuse
 „Indirect kiss.”
  „Eh? What are you talking about?” While I eat my ice cream I looking at her.
 „I mean, about ice cream.”
  „Ice cream?...Oh.. yeah… sort of.” Indirect kiss.. hmm.. I wish for real.
 „Yeah.. sorry.” 
  „Why you are apologising?”
 „Well.. I think I said something I shouldn’t. I mean, about kiss.” I can see a blush on her cheeks.
 „Yeah.” Atmosphere between us getting little bit awkward. I need to say something.
  „Minami. About that.. well.. you don’t need to apologise. I understand.”
 „But still,  I am sorry, if I remind you some memories about past. Sorry.”
  „Minami?” I need to try.
  „Do we.. Do we have a chance?”
 „What do you mean.?”
  „I mean.. about us.” When I look at her, she looks confused and little bit.. sad.
 „About us? Hmm.. I don’t know.”
  „I know that, in past happened many bad and painful things.. but still, it’s all in past and we need to continue to live.”
 „I know..”
  „I want to try again. Again with you.”
 „Acchan.. I… I don’t know what to answer to you.” She is looking at the ground.
  „Minami.. I really want to stay besides of you. Just please say, that we still have a chance. A chance, where we have our happy ending.” I felt that something is dripping from my eye. It’s tear.
 „I am afraid… if things like what happened in past, won’t be again. I don’t want to hurt you. I still can’t forgive myself about what I did to you..”
  „Minami..” I put my hands on her cheeks and turn her face to me. I want to see her eyes, where I can see a tears.. „It was past. But we need to be strong.” I put my forehead to hers and we both close our eyes „Minami. You are still in my heart.”
 „Acchan.. I..”
  „Minami, I still love you. It dosn’t matter what happened back then. My feelings toward you.. each day they are stronger.”
 „Hehe..” I open my eyes and we separate our foreheads
  „Why are you laughing? I just confess you, that I still love you, but you…”
 „I am laughing, because we look like old couple. And also, because I feel the same.”
 „Hmm.. I still love you, too. I can’t forget you. There is no day, where I don’t think about you.”
  „Thats mean.. we have a chance?”
 „Yes. We have.” When she said that, I hug her very tight. I still couldn’t believe.
  „Acchan! I can’t to breath!” I let her go, but still my hands was around her neck.
 „Sorry, Minami. I am just happy.” But how long, when she know about one thing, whats happen in those two years. Will she still love me?
  „I know. Me too.” How I like this smile, what she is giving to me. „ But there is one ‘but’.”
 „What is it?”
  „This time, can we start all this slowly? I don’t want to rush things. Just start from the beginning, like usually it should be.”
 „Hmm.. let me think.” It would be perfect. „For you, Minami, I will do everything.”
  „Glad to hear.”
 „So, where you will take me to the first date?”
  „A date? Let me think…. Hmm.. sorry, but it’s a secret.”
 „Ah.. Minami.. I want to know!” I pretend to be mad
  „Hehe.. you look so cute, when you are mad.. especially, when you pouts.”
 „Mou.. Minami.” I playfully hit her on her arm.
  „Oh! Acchan! My hand! Its hurt!” But maybe I hit to hard.
 „I am so sorry, Minami! I didn’t want to hit you that hard.” I try to massage the place, where I hit her. I was in panic.
  „Hehe.. I was just joking, Acchan.”
 „Eh? Joking? You.. need to punish!” I try to tickle her. She was laughing very hard. 
„Stop! Stop! I don’t do this again! Just stop! Please!” Hehe.. take that, for joking.
„If you kiss me, then I will stop.” I said it in low voice, but enough to hear for her. We bouth blush. My hands was still on her body.
  „Amm.. well.. I think, we can do that.” However she said that also in low voice, but I hear it. We look at each other eyes and start to leaning closer. She put one of her hand on my cheek, but other was on my shoulder. My hands already wrap around of her. I want to kiss her so much. My heart was beating like crazy. Our noses are touching. Eyes were close. I felt gentle breath on my lips. Our lips little bit were touching each other. I wrap my hand more tighter around her. I want more. I want to feel her. I want her.. to be mine. We even forget where we are.. cuz it’s only me and her and no one around, but time belong to us. She put her hands around my neck. I want to feel this lips again. Just little touch of her lips, isn’t enough for me.
 „Minami, I want you.” Before we continue our kiss, I said to her on very low voice. I even can feel her heart beats. They are going crazy, like mine.
  „Acchan.. I..”
„HEY, YOU TWO! THERE ARE CHILDREN!” And of course, there is Yuko. Who again disturb us. But maybe, it’s okay, that she did this. I think, I would go to far with Minami.
 „DAMN, YUKO! Why you always interrupted us!?” Its look like Minami is mad. I don’t blame her, because, who wouldn’t.
  „Hehe.. Because, don’t forget where are you. And I am happy to see, that you two again got along.”
 „Yeah..” We both blush like crazy
  „So, can we go eat now.? Because, after watching you two, I want my skinship with Nyan Nyan, too. But she don’t let me. So.. I want to get my thoughts away from this.”
 „You saw.? How much did you saw?” Minami was asking her
  „Well.. I would say.. more then enough.. Hehe..”
 „WHAT?!” Minami looks so embarrassed.. hehe.
  „Okay, you two, stop it. We need to go.. I am hungry, too.” Nyan Nyan try to change the atmosphere, before those two start to fight.
 Nyan Nyan and Yuko went faster, but we were behinde of them.
  „Minami, thank you.” I hold her hand.
 „For what?”
  „For being here, with me.”
 „Oh.. then thank you, too.” I smile to her and leaned closer to kiss her on cheek.
  „HEY, YOU TWO! Stop your lovey dovey and come faster.
 „YEAH, YEAH! WE ARE COMING!” Minami shout back at Yuko. „I think, things like this, can be done only when no one is around, about 100%.”
„Hehe.. you right.” We catch up those two and went to find some cafe. Minami, I don’t want to let you go.

..TBC.. part 2.. someday.
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 1 [12.27.14]
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that was perfect
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 1 [12.27.14]
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What happened in two years??? I want to know, I want more chap! XD
I want that OS too ! Lol
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 1 [12.27.14]
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Yeah... happy ending for Minami and Atsuko huh???

They confessed and wanting to be together... OFFICIALLY girlfriends

But Yuko really really has bad timing always disturbing them....

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 1 [12.27.14]
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whats the secret that Atsuko's keeping?! :shocked:

cant wait~!! :panic: :cathappy:
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 1 [12.27.14]
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Please update soon! And thanks for the update! :thumbsup
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 2 [12.29.14]
Post by: black_maa on December 29, 2014, 09:48:23 PM
Hmm.. at first I though, maybe I shouldn't update next part..But oh well.. If I already write it, then, why not.. hihi..  :lol:  But before part 2.. Thank you everyone who read it.
By - Haruko: Thank you.. I really tried..
By - ubulubulbilu: About that, you will know it in part 3. I am sorry about that OS.. my mind don't want to think about it more.
By - cisda 83 - I think I even forget to answer you about that OS, so, I will do it now. In real life, I think it's not allowed to get in love to your doctor, but with this couple.. rules don't exist.. hihi.. But about this story - I never said, there will be happy ending.. and Yuko is just Yuko.
By - NightSky: Hmm.. well. Yeah.. hihi..
By - Kairi65: You will know that soon, but not yet..
By - KojiMa MaYuki: This time I realy did this.. for me. its count soon.

PART 2   
 When four of us finally found a place, where we could eat, I and Yuko went to restroom. While I wash my hands, she start to speak.
 „Hm? What is it, Yuko?”
  „I am glad to see, that you are back to here. But what did you do this past two years.?”
 „Well, I studied in other city. There I got new friends. I had fun. But the most, I miss her.” Do I need tell her the true, about those two years?
„Good to hear. By the way, it’s look like you two are getting back.”
  „Sort of. At first it was hard and I was afraid, if she still loves me. But I happy, that she is.”
 „You know, Acchan, those two years for her was hard. She still can’t forgive herself about what happened between you two.”
  „I know, she told me. But I want to leave this in past and try again. How it had to be from the beginning.”
 „Hmm… you can only learn from past and those mistakes what you creat back then.”..
  „Yes, you are right.”
 „Okay, I am ready. We can go.”
  „Yes, me too.” We start to go out, when she speak again.
 „Oh, one more thing, Acchan.”
  „What is it?”
„Please, don’t hurt Takamina. If something like that happening again, she can do something horrible to herself and I don’t want this.”
 „I know.” This was only words, what I can answer to her. When she said this to me, in some way, in my heart, it’s hurt and start to feel like I had done something I shouldn’t. Why in my heart is this feeling, like something will happen and it won’t be something good? I am scare, Minami.
I and Yuko were back to our partners, what we love so much, from bottom of our hearts.
  „What take you so long?” Minami asking to us. In these eyes I can see so much feeling, so much love.
„Sorry, Takamina, it was my bad. I am just glad to see you both here.” Yuko answer to her. While I just looking at Minami and could only admire her.
 „Oh, I see. Well, I am happy, too, that she is here, with me.” She look at me with smile. I take her hand and squeeze it between mine.
  „I am glad, too, Minami.”
 „Okay, I have seen enough beautiful moments, but now, I want to eat. Can we?” 
  „Yes, of course, Nyan Nyan.” Yuko answered her with big smile.
After cafe, I and Minami separate from those two. They went to watch movie, while us went to somewhere just walk and then slowly to my apartment, because it’s getting dark.
 „How do you feel, Acchan?” Minami asked me, while our hands were still hand in hand.
  „Hmm.. I don’t know. But I feel happy. I am glad, that I came back to this city. I am glad, that I went to cafe, where we first time eat together. I am glad, that you were there too. But most of, I am happy, that you are here, with me.”
 „Well, about that cafe. I think, I need to say thanks to Yuko, that she canceled our plans in last minute. But I am happy, too, that you are here, with me.” We look at each other with smile. In this world, I don’t need anything more, only her, beside me.
  We already have near to my apartment. I don’t want to let her go. I want her to stay with me. I am afraid, when I wake up in next morning, I will find out, this was only a dream. I don’t want this.
 „Hmm.. looks we are already here.” I can hear in Minami voice a sadness.
„Yes, we are… we are.”
„Minami?” we are staying in front of each other. I want to kiss her.
  „Can – Can I kiss you?” If you even say no, I will still kiss you.
 „Oh…Well.” She is blushing.
  „Please, just one kiss. And there isn’t Yuko, who can disturb us.”
 „Yeah, about Yuko, you are right. Hehe.”
  „So, can I?” Please, Minami. I can’t hold it, how much I want to kiss you. Right here. Right now.
 „You can’t...... Because I will do it.” I almost got heart attack. She start to leaning closer to my face. Our lips are touching. I want more. It’s already minute, but we still kissing… kisses were gently, but passionate. Her hands was around my waist, but mine, around her neck. I want to get her closer to me. There is no one, who can disturb us. Even rain, what little bit start to raining. Bzzz…Bzzz… What that sound? It’s Minami mobile phone? No! Not now! Why?!
  „Khmm.. sorry, Acchan. I need to answer. Maybe it’s my mother. Sorry.” No, Minami! Don’t answer!
 „Okay.” Aaah!!! Why now?
  „I can’t believe it.. It’s Yuko.” What? You are kidding, right? Does she have some magical power to see, what we are doing?
 „Oh..” I start to hate you, Yuko.
  „Yeah.. YUKO!” Minami answer to her.
 „Hey, Takamina! Did I tell you, that I am happy about you two?”
  „Yes! YOU DID!” Minami was mad
 „Oh.. Then okay! Bye.. HeHe.”
  „Aah.. I still can’t believe it.”
 „Yeah. Me too.” Yuko, if you disturb us again.. Start to worry about your life.
  „So. I think I should go.” What? No! You can’t.
„Amm.. Minami… Do you want come in? I mean to drink some tea or coffee?” Please, Minami, say yes.
 „A-are you sure? It’s getting late. I don’t want to disturb you.”
  „Minami, there is no way, how you can to disturb me. I will be more happier, if you stay.. with me..”  and also, if you stay with me all night and not only this night, but forever.
 „Well, if you say so, then some tea will be good right now.” Thank you, Minami.
  We went into my apartment. Minami sit on the sofa, while I went to my kitchen to make some tea for us. She was sitting there. In my apartment. In my sofa. Right now, I couldn’t wish something more.
 „Acchan, you have nice apartment.” She start to speak, while I was still in kitchen.
  „Thank you, Minami.”
„Can I look around?”
„Yes, sure.” She stand up from sofa and start to walk around to my apartment. She stop to see some pictures. Then went to my bedroom. There were pictures, where I was young in elementary classes.
 „Acchan, you even look cute, when you were still kid.” She speak louder from my bedroom. I approached her there with tea in my hands.
  „Do you think so? Back then, I didn’t know anything from life.” I gave her a tea.
 „Thank you.” .. „And looks like outside rain is getting more stronger.”
  „Yes, you are right. But we still haven’t changed our clothe. They are little bit wet.”
 „Oh, yeah… Well.. I think I will going back to living room. Then you can change them.” When she start to go out, I grab her by her hand.
  „Stay. Please. You already had saw me.. without clothe.” At this moment we both were blushing.
 „I.. I..” While she searching for right words, I start to strip myself in front of her. My heart were beating more faster.
  „Minami? You won’t take off your clothe.?” I already standing there only in my underwear, bra and panties… „Or, you need a help?”
„I.. I…” I went closer to her and start unbutton her blouse. She just standing there like frozen. .. „..Acchan.. I..” When blouse was opened, I slide it off from her shoulders. I can see her bra.. it’s pink.
 „This color suits you.” I leaned my head closer to her and whispered this into her ear. My hands traveling down to her belt.
  „Atsuko..” She gave me kiss on the lips one time.. second.. third.. and then kiss turn into more longer and more passionate. I opened her belt and slide her pants down. She was standing there in her underwear, like me. She pushed me down to my bed. I am under her. There was kisses. More kisses. More passionate. More hungry after them. My hands were around to her neck. I want them more deeper. Her tongue were traveling into my mouth, mine.. in hers. Why she isn’t touching me? I want to feel her touches.
 „Minami. Please. Touch me. I want to feel you.” I said it between kisses.
  „We can’t do it.”
 „What are you saying? We already do this.” Minami, I want you.
  „Not yet.” She stop kissing me and look deep into my eyes.
 „Minami, what are you doing? Why are you stop?” Please, Minami, don’t do this. My mind already is going crazy because of you.
  „We are rushing things.. again.”
 „Minami.. Please..”
  „I am sorry,Atsuko.”
 „Then just kiss me. Kiss me more. Kiss me everywhere where you want. Minami, I want to be sure, it’s not a dream.”
  „Atsuko, I..” I didn’t let her finish her sentence, when I captured her lips. These tasty lips, who just screaming for kisses. For my kisses and only mine. I want to remember those lips, the taste of them, rest of my life. I want to remeber those lips, even if I can’t see her.. and I could recognize them only by touch.. by her gentle touch.
 After some while for passionate and hungry kisses, she start to kiss my neck. She made gentle blew there. Kiss again.. blew.. Kisses to my collarbone. She didn’t use her hands.. only lips.. and her breath. Her breath was like a wind, wich touching my skin with gentle and warm touches.
  „Ah! Minami!” My hands were still around to her neck. I made mess with her hair. She was half on top of me. Gentle kissing my body lower. Kisses to my chest.. gentle blew. These lips just little bit touching my skin, but was enough to me, to make my heart beating  more faster. She didn’t kiss me on places, where I want the most, she just traveling lower. My and hers underwear was still on us. I want them take off, but I can’t. I must to be patient. Kisses all around to my stomach. Every time, when she gently blew to my skin, my mind is going crazy. It’s asking for more.. for more touches.
 „Minami, my mind is going insane, when you are doing like this.” She start to kiss me more lower. Between kisses she speak.
  „I know.. but I also know, that you like it.” Ah! When she speak so close to my sensitive spot, I can feel her breath.. My heart, it’s beating more faster. Its feels like, it will just jump out from my chest.
She make kisses inside of each of my leg.. those kisses are so close to there, but the same time, so far. She blew to my sensitive spot. My mind.. is going crazy. My view, it’s start to getting misty.I searching for something where I can hold. It’s  getting hard to breath.
 After kisses, she came back to my lips and we kissing again. She move one of her leg between mine. While we kissing, she move her leg more deeper. It’s touching my sensitive spot. She moving it.
  „Minami! Ah!” There was hot, passionate and gentle kisses. When her leg is so close to the place, I can feel it my heart beat there, too. I can’t anymore. This sensation is too high. At this moment, everything went black.
Next thing, what I remember, she was lying beside of me. She looking into my eyes with smile. I never though, only with kisses and gentle blew, my mind can going insane. This girl, this women.. I don’t need anything more. Only her.
 „How do you feel?” She stroke off my hair of my face.
  „Hmm.. Minami.” I move closer to her and gave a gentle kiss on her lips. „I am fine. Thank you.” My left hand was around to her neck, but hers right.. to my waist. Our legs was still intertwined. I don’t want let her go.
 „Good to hear.”
  „Hmm.. and you said, you won’t do it. hihi..”
 „I didn’t. Because you said to kiss you.. everywhere. And I did this..”
  „Hi.. yes, you did. But your kisses are enough to make me understand, that I want you more and more. You really can make me going crazy.”
 „It’s only because I love you.”
  „Hmm.. I love you, too. Every day more stronger and more deeper.” I again gave her quick kiss on the lips.
 „Oh! By the way. Looks like stop raining. Maybe I should go?”
  „What?! No! Don’t even think about that.” I push her down to her back and put my arm around of her. My head was on top of her shoulder and I move it, to make blew to her neck.
 „Hey, Atsuko. It’s tickling. Stop that.”
  „If you stay with me.. in this bed, Then I will stop it. And by the way.. you also did to me this. So.. „
 „Okay, okay. I get it. I will stay.”
  „HiHi… good girl.” I hug her more tighter.I want stay like this forever.
  „Hm..?” In sleepy voice I answered her.
 „Do we really have a chance to get our happy ending?” She ask me with serious tone
  „Hmm.. I hope so. There isn’t no one, who can separate us. We love each other too much.”
 „Yes, you are right. But still..”
  „Minami, please don’t think about something bad. We are here. In each other hands. This is the most important thing. This is what we wish for it.”
 „Yeah.. you are right. Okay. Sleep dream, my love.”
„Good night you, too. My only one.” After this, we fall a sleep. Things what will happen next.. no one knows. Only time will show us. But we must to be ready for that.

..TBC.. part 3.. maybe in the end of this week..

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CLIFFHANGER~??!! :bleed eyes:

want the next one already~

update soon!!! :twothumbs
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The smexy atsumina time was amazing.. but about Atsuko´s worries... Im worried too.
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Yuko really liked to disturb them

Eh... they are a bit fast there... already 3rd base after only few hours being official...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Title: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 3 [05.01.15]
Post by: black_maa on January 05, 2015, 04:35:48 PM
Now I admit fact about mood.. if it's down, you can't write anything.. :(  But still I somehow write it in many days. So, there will be a reason, why Acchan is worry so much. But somehow, I think, I write it little bit too harsh, about this reason.. sorry..
Also, thank you for your comments and everyone else, who read it.
Enjoy reading!


  In next morning, I wake up with strange feeling inside in me. I am not sure, if this feeling are happiness, because Minami is here with me, in bed, or… feeling, like something will happen. Something like… I don’t know.. but my heart doesn’t want stay calm. This feeling start to scare me more and more.
 „Good morning, Atsuko.” I was so busy with my thought, that I didn’t saw when Minamis open her eyes, and already watching me.
  „Oh, Minami, good morning you, too.” Hmm.. maybe this strange feeling is happiness? Yes, it’s happiness.
 „About what you thinking so much?” She hug me more tighter.
  „Hmm.. about us. I want you stay here with me. I want you to live with me.”
 „O… are you sure about this? Well.. maybe we first need to go some… a date?”
  „About that. You still didn’t told me, where you will take me.”
 „Sorry, but I won’t tell. I want to make you a surprise.” She kissed me on the forehead.
  „Mou, Minami.”
 „Hihi..” She leaned closer to me my face and gave me a gentle kiss on my lips. „I love you, Atsuko.”
  „Hmm.. I love you more.” I don’t want to wake up.
 „By the way.. What we have in breakfast?” Oh, yeah. I forgot about this kind of thing.
  „Amm.. not sure.”
 „Oh, then I will go to make something. I will call you, when they are ready. Okay?”
  „Minami, don’t go. You are so warm, come back.” She got up from my bed, put her clothes on and went out from bedroom. Ah, Minami! I don’t need real food, I don’t mind to eat you.
While Minami was in kitchen, I lazy get out of my bed. I put some clothes on me and went to the kitchen. When I enter there, she was very busy with cooking things. I approach her from behind, putting my hands around of her waist.
 „Oh, Atsuko, in the end you got up.” She was till cooking something and it smell very nice.
  „Hmm.. Minami. I am so happy to be here with you, in my arms.” My head was on her right shoulder and I hug her more tighter.
 „Me, too, Atsuko.” I turned her around and gave her gentle kiss on the lips. She taste so good. „Atsuko, breakfast will be soon. Go take a shower and then everything will be done. Okay?”
  „Okay.” Before leaving I again gave her quick kiss on lips.
 After peacful shower and tasty breakfast, with perfect person beside to me, no one can take away my smile from my face. Probably I look like an idiot, who all the time is smiling with no reason, but for me, I have a reason. This reason is Minami.
  Finally, Minami take me on our first date. I was so happy, that I could scream from happiness, what she is giving to me. She still didn’t tell me where we are going, until I understand to myself. We are at the..
 „ZOO..? Minami? How did you know, that I wanted come to here?” I look at her and she just smiling at me.
  „Oh!. You- You like it? I didn’t know. I just want to take you somewhere, where we can see something interesting.”
 „Yes, I like it. It’s very long time ago, when I last time was there. I glad, that we came here. Thank you Minami.” I gave her quick kiss on left cheek.
  She paid for our tickets and we went in. Every where I look, I saw different kind of animals. There was small ones, little bit bigger and big, like that elephant.. Oh, there was also little tiger baby. He looks so cute, I want to hug him.
 Luckily for us, there wasn’t many people. I feel like little kid, who is first time in here. The sounds here was so many, I even couldn’t recognize all of them. There isn’t only different kind of animals, but also plants. I saw one high plant with strange look. I went closer.
  „Oh, Atsuko, don’t go there. This plants eat meat.” Minami said it to me.
 „EH?!” I quickly grab again Minami hand and went away from there. I don’t want to be eaten .
  „HAHA..!” Minami was laughing
 „What? Don’t tell me you were joking?” I hit her on arm. I was mad at her. But I still didn’t let go her hand and drag her with me.. somewhere.. I don’t know where.. I just going.
  „Atsuko, wait! Where we are going?” I didn’t look at her or answer hers question, just going.
  Walking hand in hand with Minami, we spent there about 3 hours. The time is going so fast, because our stomach asked for food. We went out from there. Bought some food, more like junk food and start to walk to near park, while we are eating. Weather is so good and looks like sun were shining only for us.
 „The day really is nice.” I said it after I finish my food.
  „Yeah, it is. And looks like all day it will be like this. But usually when get darker, then there are clouds with rain.”
 „I hope, it won’t be like that.”
We both sit in the park, one of the bench, what was there. Our hands were interwined. My head on her right shoulder. I want to stay like this for ever. Until that strange feeling came back to me, like something will happen. I try to ignore it. If I am with Minami, then nothing bad can happen. But why I have this feeling, like we need to go away from here and right now. No! I want to stay like this little bit longer. But I shouldn’t ignore it this strange feeling, and run.. run far away.  To the place, where no one can find us.
Stay there was big mistake for me, because someone approach us. I should listen to my strange feeling. 
 „Acchan?” It was a man. When I look at him, I know who is he.
  „Takeru? What are you doing here?” What’s going on?
 „I am looking for you.”
  „Atsuko, who is he?” Minami with confused look asked to me.
 „He – He is..” He didn’t let me finish my sentence, and said most hurtful words ever for Minami ears.
  „I am Takeru Sato, Acchans boyfriend.”
 „WHAT!? NO!” Why the heck he told something like this.
  „A – A boyfriend?” When I look at Minami, her eyes was lost, with pain in there. „Atsuko? What did he mean with this? You said you don’t have no one. You lied to me?”
 „Minami, I don’t have. I would never lied to you.” She try tp separate our hands. I didn’t let her. She stand up and I also with her.
  „Acchan, please let me go.” She looks hurtful.
 „Acchan, can I talk to you.” He interrupted us.
  „What you want?!” he take my other hand. What he think he is doing?
 „Acchan, I want to talk about us, about baby what you are carry.” What the…?
  „Baby? Acchan, you are pregnant?” Minami got our hands separate.
 „What!? No!?” My  heart, why it’s beating like crazy?
  „Then why he is….. He won’t tell something like this, if it won’t be true. Please tell me, if this is true?”
„Minami, I… I…” At that moment he grab me closer to him and kiss me in front of her. I was in shock.
 „Acchan, can we please talk somewhere alone.?” What have you done? When I look at Minami she was in frozen shock. She start to speak, with trembling voice.
  „You.. you should talk to.. him. I-I need to go. B- Bye.” She turn around and start to walk away. She looked broken… Inside and outside.
 „Minami! Wait!” I try to run after her, be he stop me, grabbing me again by my hand.
 „Why you did this?! Why are you even here.?! What have you done?!” I felt tears in my eyes. I need to chase her, but he don’t let me.
 „Acchan, please! About baby!”
  „What baby?!! There is no baby!! Yes, there was, but I lost it, because of you.!!” I rise more higher my voice.
 „What do you mean, you lost it because of me?”
  „Ha..!! You even don’t remember!! Well, It don’t suprise me, you were too drunk.!!”
 „Acchan.. then at least please give me another chance. Didn’t you love me back then.?”
  „Love you? HAHA!! I never loved you. Back then, I was drunk. I just wanted forget my pain, what was in my heart. I pretend to be happy. I never had feelings toward you. Because in my heart is only one person very long time and it’s not you. Leave me!!.. And things what happen back then, while I was drunk, never should happen, if some of my ‘friends’ wouldn’t betray me, for letting me there.. alone.. with you.” More tears from my eyes.
 „Acchan, please.. I..”
  „Stay away from me.!! You just made everything  more painful for me.”
 „Acchan.. I still love you.” He still hold my hand more tighter. He try to kiss me again.
  „Let me go!! You are hurting me.!”
 „Acchan, please, let me prove it to you!” SLAP! When he raised his voice, at that moment I slap him very hard.
  „DON’T DARE TO TOUCH ME AGAIN OR SPEAK WITH ME! I HATE YOU!” I run away from him and tried to look after Minami.
I run.. and run.. but there is no sign from her.
„Minami.. where are you? Please.. let me explain. Minami, I love you.” I talk with myself, while I was searching for her. I look all possible place, where I know. But no sign from her. I called to her phone too, but it was off.. When I think there is no tears what can come out from my eyes, then they start to fall again.
While searching for her, it’s start to getting dark and cold. I don’t know, where to look or who to ask help..
 „Yuko..” This word came in my mind. „Maybe she will know something?” I search for my phone. I called her number.
  „Moshi, moshi.”
 „Yuko! It’s me, Acchan.”
  „Oh! Hi Acchan.. Acchan, why you sound so strange, like were you crying?”
 „Yuko, do you know where is Minami?”
  „Minami? Hmm.. If she isn’t with you, then probably at her home. Why you ask? Did something happen between you two?’
 „Yuko.. I.. I am sorry” I start to cry again.
  „Acchan, what happened?”
 „I am sorry, Yuko, but I hurt her. I am so sorry.” I start to cry more louder.
  „Acchan.. You shouldn’t apologise to me, But to her. I don’t know what happen between you two, but you need to do something and fast!” She raised her voice to me.
 „I know. But I don’t know where she is. I search every where I know. Yuko, please help me to find her.”
  „I will try. I hope we will find her soon. I hope she won’t do something bad to herself.”
 „Yuko, please don’t say like this. I am scare to losing her. I don’t want that.”
  „I know. But.. do you really love her?”
 „Yes, of course. More then everything in this world. I don’t need anything, only her, beside of me. Yuko, please, help me to find her.”
  „I will call everyone, what I and her knows. But you should go home. It’s getting dark and cold. You don’t need to catch a cold right now. Go home. In the morning I will call you.”
 „How I can go home, if I don’t know where is she.?”
  „Acchan, listen to me. If you continue to searching for her in this kind of weather, you can wake up in hospital. You need to get back your strength. Go home! NOW!”
 „Yuko.. I..”
 „O-Okay, but I don’t think I could sleep.”
  „You have to try it. After while I will call you back. If you won’t be home, I will start to searching for you and then things will be more painful not only in your heart. You don’t want to know how angry and scary I can be.. especially, if someone hurt my good friend.”
 „I.. I understand. I am going. Bye.” I put down my phone and start to go to my home. My footsteps was very heavy and slow. My look was at the ground. Something was dripping from the sky. It was rain. I look at the sky and let the rain to fall on my face.
  „Minami, where are you. I need you.” I said in low voice. I hug myself. After some and long while, I was in my home.
 I still can feel Minamis presence here. Like she would be here. But she is not. And that hurts even more. I fall on my knees in the middle of my living room and start to cry again. There was tears, but no sounds.. I open my mouth and wanted to scream, but still, there was no sounds..
  „MINAMI!! Come back!! please..” I yell to no one, at least I try to do it. It hurt.. it hurt so much. Why? Why it’s happening again, like two years ago. Why? Why again its hurt so much.? But this time.. it’s my fault. I should tell her everything about those two years. Then maybe she would understand. Then maybe she would be here.. in my arms.
 „Minami…” If I hadn’t run away before two years, then nothing like this never would happened. Why there is this mistake again and again? Does it mean, that my and Minamis happy ending its not possible.? I don’t understand…

  <<°-° When you think, that no one can change your love towards person, who you love and ready to give your life, then remember, world isn’t easy. It will give you many hurtful and painful reasons to think again. Because it want to know, how much you are ready to sacrifice. °-°>>

..TBC? maybe I should just end here..
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...what..??!!! :angry:

No!  :cry:

Please update soon ~!!! :cry:
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c'mon dude, cheer up!!
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 3 [05.01.15]
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Eh... so you are putting the scandal that Atsuko was Takeru as Takeru took advantage of Atsuko, had s** with her and pregnant her.

Very realistic, and so Atsuko left Minami because she was pregnant then?

What, Why and How??????

Who left her with Takeru?

Did she get drunk after she was hurt by Minami confession of playing with Atsuko?

If it was, then more or less Minami was the cause?

Minami would not have any right to fault Atsuko's state now and in the past then?

Did Atsuko have abortion or She lost them because of accident?

Wah... I could say Takeru was a jerk and selfish.... He ruined the happiest day of Atsuko and Minami.

Where did Minami go?

Would Minami accept Atsuko?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Yuo must be kidding you can't leave us like this

And baby please make flashbacks

Please make atsumina come back together

Although i would like a little of drama maybe minami should be a little difficult to atsuko

Good luck
Please continue

Thnks for the update
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da hell no... MY ATSUMINA T_T
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 3 [05.01.15]
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Oh my.! Okay, okay.. I will write part 4, this time it will be last (well. it think so).. But still, you guys need to be ready for more heart breaking episodes.. I am not sure, if I will write flashback part, but I will let Atsuko tell herself, when she find her.. if she find..  8)  But I am not sure about really happy ending..  if after this.. it's even possible..
Title: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 4 [09.01.15]
Post by: black_maa on January 09, 2015, 01:51:00 PM
However lately I am busy with my exams, but somehow I found the time to write. When I was already in midlde with next part, I remember reason, why I even start to write 'After story' parts. Well, more it was thanks to you guys with yours questions. That's why I put a side last part and start to write 'Flashback' part. It's not very long and I didn't discribe each moment, but at least I tried to write moments about what really happened between her and him. So, I hope you will understand what I mean with this part.
Also, thank you about your comments and enjoy reading.!


  It’s already more then year, that I am in this city, in this school. It’s so far away from her. I miss her so much. I want to hold her in my arms. But I can’t. I need to hold myself.
 I was still in my room, what I shared with my first friend in here – Miichan. Oh, yeah, students also can live in school dorms, so that’s why I have roomate. But about Miichan. Well, she is interesting person. Always says what she think. Because of her, we had been in lot of troubles. Most of them was unbelievable ideas to try something new. But she never left friend in danger. This part in her I appreciate the most. And who even could predict, that she is secretly dating school council president – Shinoda Mariko.
  About this secret we know very long ago, more like accidently, while we teased them bouth. They looked so cute, when they blushed.
 Miichan little bit known about my past, but I never mentioned Minamis name to her. She always told me to forget her and continue to live. But it was hard. How I can forget someone, who I am ready to give my life and love more then everything in this world. I just can’t.
  There was some party at one of the school popular guy house – Takeru Sato. My friends always tease me about him. That I should go to him and try create new relationships. But I always refused it. His looks more like playboy, but in my heart is still her. However I heard from others, that he always asking about me.
 I finally went to this party with some of my friends, because I wanted at least one day don’t think about her, but just try to live.

  Party time.
„Acchan, try this. Its taste is good.” Miichan offering me some weird drink.
 „I am not sure..”
  „Just take it and drink. You said, that you want some fun, so.. start to do it.” Well… yeah. She is right. But still, I am not sure.
 „Okay, I will take it. But only one.” I take glass to my lips and little bit tasted. „Taste is weird, but it’s also good.”
  „I told you.” I and Miicha went to others and feel the music. After some while of dancing, someone put arms around my waist from behind. When I turn to look, who is this person, I was confuse.
  „Hi, Acchan. And please call me Takeru.” He smiling at me with strange look. I don’t like this.
 „Oh, okay, T-Takare.”
  „Can we dance?” He asked to me and push our bodies more closer to each other.
 „Amm.. Sorry, but no. I already have my friends. Also looks like there are girls who want to dance with you.” I pointed at some girls, who are looking at us with smile.
  „I don’t want with them. I want with you.”
 „Sorry, but no.” I pushed him away. Grabbing Miichan by hand, I went away from him and look for some more drinks for us.
  „Acchan, why you did that? He is interested in you.” Miichan looked at me with big grin in her face.
 „I don’t care. I don’t like him.” I found some more drinks and start to drink like it would be a water.
  „Amm, Acchan? You said, you won’t drink.”
 „I changed my mind.” I took more drinks. „And if I will drink too much, you must to carry me away from this place. Also, don’t let me do some stupid things.”
  „Oh.. Okay.”After more drinks, we went back to others and continue to dance.
 Some while of nonstop dancing and more stronger drinks, my view start to get little bit unclear. I felt, that someone again approach me from behind, putting arms around my waist. When I turn around, again it was him, Takeru.
  „Shall we dance?” he asked to me. With high level of alcohol in my blood I agreed to him. While dancing, our bodies were very close. With sexy moves and looks, I dance. His hands traveled to my body all around. Few times he try to kiss me, but at that moment I turned around and pressed my back closer to him, while move it.. up and down. He kiss my neck. While his hand traveled higher to my chest. At that moment I push my body away from him. When I turn my view back at him, he looks disappointed and.. mad. Taking my hands in his, he pressed our bodies very close. He let my arms to be around of his neck. His hands around my waist. He again try to kiss me, but I turned my head away. When my view was to different away, I saw Miichan and others. They are smirking at us. What they are doing?
 My mind wanted to get away from him, but my body didn’t listen to me. It’s only moving in his arms.  I need to get away, before I do something stupid.
  Next thing what I remember, he tried to take me somewhere. At first I tried to resist, but in the end, I gave up. He take me by hand and lead me somewhere. Party was ended, almost everyone one was gone. While we went, I try to search my friends, but I dind’t saw them. Where are they?
 He takes me to some room, we were alone there. This room wasn’t very big, what I couldn’t say about bed. I don’t like this.
  „Amm..  I think should go. I think my friends already looking for me.”
 „Don’t worry. And you friends already are gone, about hour ago. While you enjoy music… with me.” What?! Gone?!
  „Oh..” He came closer to me. He put his arms around me and start to leaning closer to my face. I couldn’t move. My body didn’t listen to me. He kissed me. At first slowly, then roughly. I only answered him. What I am doing? Why I am answer him?
 He slowly pushed me to the bed. Now top of me, he start to kiss my neck, sucking, biting there. I close my eyes and tried imagine.. it’s not him, but Minami. He is heavy, Minami wasn’t. And his kisses ins’t gently, they are rough. His hands traveled around my body.. even under my blouse. It isn’t soft.. Minamis was more gentle.. Even Minamis kisses was more softer. I want Minami, not him. His hands was on my belt… after opening it, he slide his hand inside in my pants. His touches there isn’t gentle, they are too fast and painful. Does he even know how to be gentle? Even Minami know this.
  Next morning when I open my eyes, I didn’t understand where am I. Then I felt arm around my body. When I turned to look, who belong this arm, I was in shock. Whay I am here? In this bed? Naked? And why he is there? What I had done? I need to get away from here, before he wakes up. I get all my belongings and with no sounds I went out.
  „Minami, I am sorry. How I could let happen something like this.? I am so sorry.”
With little bit tears in my eyes, I went back to dorms. When I enter in my room, there was no one. Miichan, why you let me be there alone? Where were you, when I needed you the most?
 I laid to my bed and tried to sleep. But when I close my eyes, I see him and his touches. They felt so disgusting for myself. I got up from bed and went to shower. I want to wash away his touches, his kisses. About hour in shower, I again try to sleep. I close my eyes and tried to think about Minami. About her smile.. kisses.. touches.. her warm body. I miss her. While hugging myself under blanket I fall asleep.. with her name on my lips „..Minami…”
  While I was in my dreamland, with Minami there and doing some naughty things, someone came in and very loud. It was Miichan. I were still sleepy, when she approached me in  my bed.
 „Acchan! Wake up! How was you last night?!!” I still tried to pretend like I still sleeping. But ofcourse she is Miichan, who won’t let me and start to shake me.
 „I am wake, I am wake! Stop shaking me!”
 „So.. What?”
  „How was things with you and.. well.. you know with who?”
 „About that!” I hit her very hard to the head.
  „AUCH! Why you hit me?!”
 „Why you left me?”
  „Oh!. I just want to help you two.”
 „Yeah, right! You just made all things more complicated.” I was mad at her.
  „What do you mean? Didn’t you two spent night together and learn some things about each other?”
 „Miichan, shut up! Nothing happened. I fell asleep.” I can’t tell her what really happened. Then she will rest of my life teas me about this.
  „I don’t believe you.”
 „I don’t care. Let me sleep.”
  „How you wish. But sooner or later I will know the truth from others. Things like this, you can’t hide.” From this I am scared the most. I don’t want to someone to know about what happened.
 After two weeks, there still wasn’t no sign from others about things what happened between me and him. On lunch breaks he sometime approached me, by hugging. At this time I try to push him away, like nothing had happened. I can see, that he try get closer to me. And maybe he don’t remember himself, what really happened? I hope so. However Miichan still tried to get out from me information about that night. And I still didn’t told her anything. I really hope, that no one will never know about what really happened, because I am afraid, that somehow Minami will find out this, too.
  Lately I felt very strange inside. Very often my head was spinning. Two times I collapse, but luckily I was in my room. Miichan start to worry about me, that I should go to doctor, but I all the time said, that I am okay and maybe I ate something bad.
 After two more weeks still there was no sign about information what happened back then. With upcoming holidays, Miichan went to visit hers parents. I was only one in my room and some other student in all dorms. I didn’t want to go nowhere.
  I was reading book, while sitting in my bed, until someone knocked to my doors. I got up and open them. With suprise look in my face I saw him. He looks strange. When he came in, I smell a alcohol. He was drunk. My heart start to beating faster, because I was scared from him, from what could happen.
 „Acchan? Why you pushing me away? Why you ignoring me?” He was standing in the middle of the room. I went closer the table, what was near to window. „Acchan. Don’t you love me, like I love you?”
  „I don’t. And please go away. You are drunk.” He came closer to me.
 „That night didn’t meant you anything?”
  „That night was mistake.”
 „How much you want?”
 „How much money you want!” He yelled at me.
  „I don’t need you money.”
 „Don’t lie to me! You all bitches want money from me.!” He went more closer to me. I made few steps back.
  „Please leave! And I don’t like you! What part didn’t you understand!” I was angry, but at the same time more scared.
  He slap me very hard on the face. At that moment I fell with my right side to the table, while hard hitting my stomach part to corner of table. I fell on the ground with bleeding lip and with big pain in my stomach. I couldn’t stand up. I even didn’t know if he still standing there. Someone came in my room. It was some girl from other room. When  I look around to my room, he was gone. Girl try to help me to stand up. But when I tried move, there was more pain, like someone stab a knife there. Calling taxi and helping me got to there, she hardly got me to the hospital.
 After some medicine and check up, doctor came in.
  „So, Miss Maeda. How you feel?” I try to stand up from bed, but still I felt a pain there,
 „Now little bit better.”
  „That’s good. But I have bad news for you.” What did he mean? Is something wrong with me?
 „What is it?”
  „You lost it.”
 „Lost it what?”
  „Your baby.” What? Baby? What baby? What he is talking about?
 „I.. I was pregnant?”
  „Yes you was. In your first month.” I was in shock. That mean.. in that night… Omg.. I felt  a tears in my eyes. I was pregnant from that jerk. Now.. I hate him more. He almost destroyed my life.
 „I… I didn’t know.” That why my head was spinning lately..
  „Okay, I need to go now. I will check you later. Tomorrow you can go home.” I only nod to him. I can’t tell that to no one. Also, I hope no one will find out. While I was in my shock, in room came in girl, who found me, more like saved my life.
 „Maeda-san? How you feel? What happened in dorms?” I look at her
  „Can – Can you promise to me, that you won’t tell this to no one, about what happened or what you saw there, and also that I was in hospital.? Please?”
  „Thank you. I want to be alone right now. You can go back to dorms. Also, only tomorrow they will let me out.” Girl went out from hospital room and I laid back in bed.
 „Omg.. I was pregnant from him.” Tears fall from my eyes.
  In next day, they let me out. I went back to the dorms. Miichan still wasn’t back from parents, at least she won’t asking me, where I was or what happened.
Rest of the school time I didn’t went to parties or somewhere with my friends. I only stayed in my room and studied. I was afraid, if something like this can happen again. However my friends little bit noticed my strange behavior, but they also tried to ignore it. They understand, if I want to tell them something, then I will do this. But I couldn’t do that. It was just something what I can’t tell to no one.

..TBC.. I hope you guys aren't disappointed in this part?
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 4 [09.01.15]
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Omg! it's too much painful. Acchan, keep strong!
And that Jerk :mon mad: I wanna :knee: him!
Don't let it hanging there Author san. And good luck on ur exams :thumbsup
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 4 [09.01.15]
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Ugh, I really wanna burn that guy... :angry:
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 4 [09.01.15]
Post by: cisda83 on January 09, 2015, 09:21:03 PM
Ah... Takeru is a jerk. He basically took advantage of Atsuko 1stly. He's thicker skin too, if Atsuko wanted his money, she would accept him but she rejected him. Thirdly, he hit Atsuko when he said he loved her, he's abusive.

Poor Atsuko, for getting pregnant, but at least he did good by destroying his own creation.

And Miichan is not a good friend, making things harder and ruining Atsuko's life.

What's going to happen to Atsumina?

Would Minami listen to Atsuko explanation?

Would this trouble going on lots longer?

Would Takeru get hurt or jail time from causing this trouble for Atsumina?

Can't wait to find out

Thank for the update

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Title: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 5 [11.01.15]
Post by: black_maa on January 11, 2015, 09:52:53 AM
So, readers, are you ready for next part? Well, I hope so. The best way how to write heartbroking parts - listen sad music.
 Enjoy reading!

PART 5   
  Everything was so great and perfect, at least from the start. I was so happy, that we are together like a couple. However in the end we rush things with real couple.. well.. things. But it’s still reminds me our first night, however.. I was drunk, but I remember everything. All her moans, what was is like a music to my ears and what can never be enough. Her white and soft skin, her gentle touches… and her… AAH!! I can’t take it anymore! Why I even remember those things? With them also came bad and painful memories and now… now there are back. More worse.. more painful… more… unbelievable hurtful.. It felt like someone stabbed knife in my heart.. again and again.. and don’t even plan to stop it.
 Why she didn’t tell me about him and even about.. baby.. I can’t believe it, she was pregnant.. And I.. ah! I don’t know what to do. How to live with this feeling? Ah.. I am such a idiot. It’s also my fault. Why I didn’t ask her about those two years, when she was gone. Why.. I even let her go? But I had to predict that.. She is a girl and very beautiful. I should to know this, that after her will be many others.. especially men… She is just too good for me.. and I.. I am only a girl, who even can’t protect her. Only hurt her.. again. I am too worse for her.
  When I take her to the ZOO, she looked so happy, like a kid. A kid, who is there only first time. At that moment I thought, I could watch her all day and just thinking how cute she is. With only her changing mood, what I find to me interesting to watch.. From happy to sad.. from lovly to mad.. and those pouts.. they are melting my heart. But now.. it’s all gone.
 „Acchan… Atsuko.. Why all of this is happening.. again?” this question don’t want to leave my head. With her view, what appears in front of me, appears also this question.
  I just don’t know what to do. Can someone tell me this? I am confused with my thoughts, with my own feelings towards her. Do I love her so much? If I really love her so much, then this should be a price, what I have to pay… for getting those feeling, for rushing things. But why this price is so high? Did other couples paid so high price, too? Or in this world are only us, who need to pay for everyone… with pain… with tears… sacrificing something precious – our own hearts.
 When we both were sitting on the beanch in near park from Zoo, I felt so happy. But then came this man, her bo… boyfriend. This word hurt and will hurt for me. I couldn’t take it any longer there. I wanted to run. Run far and far away. I just didn’t want stay there. When I said her to stay with him and talk, it was stupid from me. I should just stay there and make him leave us.. leave her. But I was so scared from the true, that I turn around and run away. I heard her, when she called me, but I didn’t stop to look back. Instead I run.. more faster and faster. I didn’t know where, but I just run. I just run to the place, where my legs take me. While I run, I didn’t see where I run, whom to I bump.. my view was unclear from tears.. I just run.
  If I stay there, I would just break and collapse on the ground from pain in my heart. I hadn’t no choice, but disappear from there. And what I am to you, to tell you what to do or not? I am no one, just a coward.
 Next two days, I didn’t went to my apartment. I was walking somewhere on the streets. I was to deep in my thoughts, that I didn’t even care when people look at me like some weirdo.. I just went, to nowhere..

I couldn’t sleep all night. And how I even could do that, if she was somewhere there.. outside.. on the streets… with broken heart, because of me. It was already next day, but still no sign from her. Even Yuko can’t find her. She called so many peoples, even she asked Minamis neighbors, if they had seen her. But still, no signs from her. If with Minami will happen something, I will never forgive myself. I can’t live without her. I need her, right now, right here, more then ever.
 In second days morning I got a phone call from Yuko. She said, that neighbors had seen her came little while ago. I know that Minami won’t let me in, so Yuko came with me. We were in front of Minamis doors. Inside were silence.
  „Yuko, how we get in?” I felt that I trembling
 „Hmm.. let me think. Windows are too high, doors are closed. Oh, I know!” Yuko start to searching something.
  „What are you looking for?” we speak in low voices, because we didn’t want to Minami to hear us.
 „A key. Long time ago, she hide somewhere a key in corridor.” Oh, I forgot to mention, that Minami is living in more like a hotel.
  „Why she would do that?”
 „Well, if something would happen. More like in emergency case.”
  „Oh!” I start help her to look this key.
 „Yes, I found it.” Yuko found it between flowers, what was in corridor. I could say, it’s not very good place where to hide it.
  „So, are you ready, Acchan?” She asked me and I only nod to her. While she try to unlock the doors with no sounds, my heart start to beat more faster. I am scared from what I will see and what could happen. Slowly entering in Minamis apartment, we saw someone sitting in couch, little bit faced with back. It’s her, with closed eyes. I can see, that she was past two days cried. She looks so pale. My heart is breaking from what I see.
 „Takamina..” Yuko start to speak. From surprise, she stand up from couch and look at us like she had seen a ghosts.
  „W- What you are doing her?”
 „Where were you, Minami?” I try to speak.
  „Why do you care?” At that moment I wanted to cry
 „Takamina, please, listen to us. We are worried about you. You can’t go somewhere and disappear two days like that. You had to told us.”
  „Yeah, right. Now you know that I am still ALIVE, so you two can go.” She sit back in couch.
 „Takamina, stop that!” Yuko rise her voice „Grow up!” Yuko looks mad. I only standing there. I didn’t know what to do. I am scare.
  „What you want from me!? Leave me alone! I am good with out you, too!” When we went in front of her, I saw a tears in her eyes. I want to hug her and cry with her.
 „Damn, Takamina. I don’t know what really happen between you two, because she don’t want to tell me. But at least let her explain.”
  „Pff.. explain what? I heard enough and saw enough, there is nothing what to explain.” I can see, that Yuko is holding herself from not to punch her.
 „Just listen to her. And then you can do what you want. You just hurting yourself more.” Yuko look at me. „Now I will leave you two alone. Just please, try to find best conclusion, what won’t hurt so much both of you.”.. „And I don’t want to loose good friends of me.” When Yuko went out, I was still standing there. Minami didn’t even look at me.
  „Minami..” At that moment she stand up and start to walk away. „Minami! Wait!” I hug her from behind. I want to explain her everything. But how, if she don’t let me.
 „Let me go!” She rised her voice towards me.
  „Let me explain, Minami. Please.” I start to cry. She, too.
 „Please, Acchan, let me go.”
  „No.! Until you listen to me!” We both fell on our knees, until we sit at our own legs, but I didn’t let her go.
 „Acchan.. please… It’s hurt.” I can feel, that she is trembling.
  „Just listen…” I start to tell her everything what happened between me and him. [flashback part 4]. While explaining everything, I felt that, in some moments she was in shock, mad and hurt. „… Minami, it was all what happened between me and him. I know its hurt you, but it’s also hurts me too. I even hate myself about what I did.. what I did to you. But I want you to know, than I never had stop to loving you.”
 „Why? Why didn’t you tell me this from the start?”
  „I was afraid and scared. I didn’t want to remember it. It was just mistake. Stupid mistake, what I never forgive myself.” She turned to me and looked in my eyes.
 „Acchan.. It’s.. I don’t know. It’s just too much.” When she is looking at me like that, I want to kiss her. I leaned my face closer to her and gave gentle kiss on her lips.
  „Minami, I love you more then everything..” I gave her one more kiss on lips. We were still crying.
 „Acchan, we can’t.” We both stand up from the floor and I put my hands on her cheeks. I kiss her again.
  „I want you back, Minami.”
 „We can’t. There is no guarantee, that something like this won’t happen again. It’s just too much. Its hurt too much. I love you too much. But we can’t.”
  „Please, Minami, don’t do this.”
 „I am sorry. But we need continue to live.. separate.” We looked deep into each others eyes.
  „I can’t live with out you, Minami.” I put our foreheads together
 „We have to.”
  „No.. No! I love you. Don’t do it.”
„We have no choice. All this what had happen, I can’t take it. I need time to think. But you should just forget me. You need to go.”
„Please, don’t ask me this.”  Right now, I want to scream.
„Acchan… If you love me that much, then let me go. Like I let you.”
 „What…?” let you go? How I can let go someone, what I love more then everything? I couldn’t breathe.. I closed my eyes and I wanted to pretend that I didn’t hear those words.
  „Atsuko, please..” I let go her cheeks and put my hands down to my sides.
 „I.. okay. I will let you go. But I will find the way, how at least to be near to you. And then, you can’t tell me to leave you. Just wait.” I turn around and went away from her room, from her, but not from her life. I will come back and it will be soon. So.. don’t go nowhere.
  With tears in my eyes, with pain in my heart, I will still come back.. Come back after you.
 After month.
 „Oi, Takamina, how is your things with… well.. you know with who?” Yuko was in my apartment, while sitting in my couch and eating my snacks.
  „Well, no signs from her. I think it also better for both of us…. And, by the way. Why are you here and eat my snacks.?!” I look at her with angry look.
 „What? Do you wanted eat them, too?” She stare at me with question mark in her face.
  „No! Only watching at them. Of course I want to eat them! But looks like you already had done this!”
 „Hehe.. sorry. Oh! Why didn’t you told me, that you will have new neighbors?”
  „New? Why you think like that?”
 „Well.. When I came to you, I saw trucks outside and they carry all things beside to your apartment.”
  „Oh! I didn’t know. Do you know, who is it?”
 „Not really. They only said that she is a girl.”
 „Takamina, you should go to introduce with her. Maybe she is good looking and hot. Also, you need someone.”
  „Yuko, I don’t think I can do it. In my mind still is her.”
 „But still. You need to try. But okay.. I will leave you now. I need to see my Nyan Nyan. Bye.” Yuko went away. I still sitting in my couch.
 After few days, I understand that my new neighbor is very loud.. more then too loud. However music taste she have good, but still, it’s too loud. I went out from my apartment and knock to hers doors. Knock, knock.
  My look was at the ground. I heard when she unlock doors and when they are already little bit open, I start to speak. But before that I saw her legs and she wear shorts.. very short shorts.. and I admit, that her legs looks… smooth.. and.. yeah..
 „Exuse me Miss, but you are…..” Slowly making my look higher to her face „…too.. loud.” I couldn’t finish my sentence in normal way, because I was in shock about what I see..
  „Why you take so long to come, Minami?” she take me in her embrace. How I miss this feeling.
 „Atsuko..?” I couldn’t move. I slowly hug her back. I think I am dreaming. Until I felt something strange in my pocket. Bzzz…Bzzz.. it was my phone. She still didn’t let me go. Slowly I try to reach my phone and answer it.
  „Takamina! You won’t believe it, who is leaving in your neighbor’s!” It was Yuko, who shouting thru the phone.
 „Oh. Who?” I answered with not very surprised voice
  „It’s Acchan! You need to go there right now!”
 „Oh. I can’t.” I were still in my trance.
  „What do you mean you can’t? Get your ass up from couch and go to her!”
 „I can’t do it physically.”
„Because, right now.. she is hugging me.”
  „Eh? When did you…” Yuko sounded little bit surprised
 „Sorry, Yuko. But I need to end the call. Bye.” We both still standing there. No one of us wanted to separate.
  It felt so good and right, in her arms.
 „Atsuko.. ” She hugged me more tighter.
At this moment, time stop for us.. Only sound - our own heart beats.
What will happen next, no one knows. But we know one thing - There is future what is waiting for us. It will give us smiles, happiness, fun, laughs.. tears, jealousy, madness, pain and if we want to survive, then we need to be strong in our hearts and believe in what we love.  But most important – we have to learn from our mistakes.
  Almost forgot –
  About things where was Acchan in last month. Well.. she try to get out some of Minami’s neighbours, and move herself in there. In the end she change her apartment with some old man, who at first didn’t want to do it. But Acchan with her acting skill managed to do it. Poor old man and his heart. XD
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Ah... Yeah... They are together again... Right?

Oh please... Don't make Takeru win

Let them be together already...

Oh this sadness is bad for my heart.

Can't wait to know what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Yatta~!! they're finally together again! :deco:

and about your last explanations...maji de? Atsuko actually tried to make Minami's neighbours move out..?  :rofl: :rofl:

poor old man.. :lol:
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 5 [11.01.15]
Post by: Kairi65 on January 11, 2015, 12:18:45 PM
Yatta~!! they're finally together again! :deco:

and about your last explanations...maji de? Atsuko actually tried to make Minami's neighbours move out..?  :rofl: :rofl:

poor old man.. :lol:
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 5 [11.01.15]
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jajajaj I find funny the laste sentence.. how acchan rent this apartment. I just thing a lot of crazy ideas
Title: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 6 [14.01.15]
Post by: black_maa on January 14, 2015, 09:13:34 PM

@cisda83 - About Takeru - forget him. He is past. About Atsumina couple - sorry, but they are not together.. atleast not now.
@Kairi65 - Well, yeah, Atsuko tried to make Minami's neighbours move out, atleast, one of them, what was closer to Minami's apartment..   and she succed it.
@Haruko - In last sentence my imagination didn't work very good, that why I didn't right my idea, but glad to hear, that you had crazy ideas..
Thank you very much everyone who leave comment and also silence readers.
Lately in last parts was too much heart breaking things.. That is why, I try write not so sad, but more.. well.. different.. So, enjoy reading!

  ---Who would ever know, that Acchan will be my new neighbor. Especially, when all apartments was already full. I don’t know why, but I some how don’t even want to know, how she did this. But okay, I have to live with it. So, about my new neighbor.. what can I say… well… yeah.. it’s really her and she is worse neighbor what I ever had.
After one month from no signs from her, she appears in front of me. However, it doesn’t mean, if she from now one will live in neighbor, that we are back together.. like a couple. Things like this won’t work.. no and NO! After that incident, we can only be friends.. however, she and like a friend, well.. she is damn annoying. More like, well.. right now just woke up other side of her. What is not so lovely any more. Also I think she is doing it with purpose. I need to be careful, because she have something in mind and I am sure about it all full 100%.---
 After of long time of hugging in front of her doors, we separated. I love her smile so much, but we can’t do it. We need to continue live without each other and try to find someone other and she know that. I at least, I think and hope so. However, we can’t be anymore lovers, but we still can be friends. That’s why, if she need something, she can come to me and ask everything what is necessary. I at least,  want to be friendly for her. She agree with it and accepted my offer… But I never though she will take this offer so seriously.
  „Minami~… Can I borrow some milk? Shop is too far and I am too lazy to going there right now. Ple~ase!? I am hungry~!” Ah, those two brown eyes and that smile, how can I say no.
 „Yeah, sure.. kitchen is there.” I was writing some papers, because I have a job, where I don’t need to be very often, but salary is enough to survive.
  „Thank you… you are the best.” She came to me and hugged. I only gave her a smile.
 After 10 minutes.
  „Minami~! Can I borrow  eggs? Ple~ase?!”
 „You know where is a kitchen.” With not even looking at her, I answered.
  „Thank you~!” This time before she went back to her apartment, she give me a kiss on the cheek. Oka~y.. that was little bit a surprise. But I need to concentrate to my work.
 After more 10 minutes.
  „Minami~! Can I…” I didn’t even let her finish her sentence, when I pointed at kitchen. „..Thank you!” It’s start getting annoying.
 „Acchan, if you need something from my kitchen, then just go there and take it. I am working right now and you disturbing me.” I hope I wasn’t to harsh at her?
  „Oka~y!” She again start to come closer to me..
 „Acchan, go!” I put my hands in   front of me, to avoiding her.
  „Ah, you are not interesting.”She start to pouts.. it’s not good for me, more for my heart.
 „Acchan, stop that. You are disturbing me.”
  „Yeah, yeah. Don’t worry, I will come here with no sounds.”
 „I hope so.” At least she went out. While I doing my paper works, she still came to my kitchen about.. hmm.. after 6th time I lost my count. Also I won’t say, that she was very quiet. I think something was even broken in my kitchen. After that I heard her words
  „So~rry!  I will pay you back..! But not with money..” I am not sure about last part of her sentence, if I heard it right. I hope I hear it wrong..
 After fiew hours.
  „Ahh.. done! Those papers were so many.. Now I am hungry..” When  I went to my kitchen and open my fridge, it was.. .”…empty? Where is my food? Yesterday I just… Aah! Acchan!” With angry look I went to hers apartment, few times knocked to the doors before I went in. „Acchan. Where is my food?” I asked her with calm voice, but my look wasn’t so calm.
 „Amm.. I think I ate it.”
  „What?! But – But there was so many. How could you eat them all.?”
 „Sorry, I was hungry.” She again gave me that look.. damn..
  „Then what I will eat now?”
 „Amm.. I don’t know. You can go to shop.” Is she kidding right now? I hope so, because I am not in mood to do it.
  „You… You.. Aahh..!” Very angry I went out from her apartment to back mine. I was too hungry, that I didn’t even have a choice, but going to buy something.
  Next day I had a visitor. She was young girl from this house/hotel, who asked my help with her studies and I agreed. I already know her about two years. She looks very cute, but her studies isn’t going very well. Also we don’t use formal things, and we call each other in our nicknames or in our real names.
 „Takamina, it’s hard and I don’t get it.” It was math. Hers worst nightmare.
  „Don’t worry Erena. I will help you. Look.. it’s easy…” While I help her, someone came in my apartment… of course… Acchan.
 „Minami~.. Can you…” Her smile disappear from her faces, when she saw this new girl, who was very close to me, while we are sitting in couch.
  „Oh, Acchan. Nice time. I want you to meet with Ono Erena, she is leaving in this house too and I help her with studies. Erena, meat Acchan”
 „Nice to meet you, Ono Erema. I am Maeda Atsuko, her neighbor and.. ” I some how don’t like the way, how she is looking at her. „.. lov.. I mean, friend… very, very close friend.”
  „Nice to meet you, too, Maeda-san. Then I can also say, that I and Minami are close friend.” At that moment I think I saw a fire in Acchan eyes. I hope it was only my imagination.
 „So, amm… Acchan, what you wanted?” I need to change the atmospherw here.
  „Oh, yeah, I just wanted something from your kitchen.” Why she is smiling so strange?
 „Yeah, sure. You can take everything what you need. I just already told you.”
  „Thank you, Minami.. love ya~.” Yeah…
 After some while, I don’t know why, but Acchan was still in my kitchen. I went there also, to take something to eat. When I came in kitchen, I saw Acchan sitting on chair near to the table and eating apple. I take something out from fridge and put to the table to prepare it for me and Erena.
  „Acchan, are you okay?” I tried to ask her.
 „Hm? Yeah.” She continue to eat her apple, until she start to speak. „Do you like her?” Oh, what a direct question.
  „Eh? Well, yeah, she is cute. Why you ask?” I can swear, that temperature in kitchen just dropped lower about few degrees.
 „Just curious.” I think she is jealous. „Did she kiss you?” Oh, my! Hmm.. I think I will tease her little bit.
  „Well.. yeah, few times.” Now temperature is not only more lower, but in her eyes I can see a fire. „..A-Acchan.. Are you okay.? I am just joking about those kisses?”
 „I know.” She said it very calm, but about one thing I can’t say it.
  „Amm.. Acchan? Can you please put down that knife.? It’s dangerous.”  Damn.. she really is jealous.
 „Oh, you mean this.? Don’t worry, when I cut some neck… oh… I mean some snack, then I will put it down.” Now I am worried about this new girls life. She is scary. Must to remember, not to tease her like this.
  „I.. think you should go back to your apartment, Acchan.”
  „Because your scary aura is too scary and you will probably with this also disturbing us.” She just look at me with.. with strange look.. I don’t even know how to describe it.
 „Hmm.. okay.” She stand up from chair and went out. Why I have strange feeling, like something will happen.
After 10 minutes of helping to Erena, we heard loud music. This music came from Acchan apartment. Of course… From the start music was slow and only music, with out someone to sing. After more 10 minutes, there came basses, loud and very hard basses. BOOM.. BOOM… Even some pictures, what was on the wall, fell to the ground. And then came the worst, someone start to sing, well.. more like screaming..  How the heck I can help to study, if my NEIGHBOR is so loud.. damn loud..
„Okay, I have enough.” I stand up from couch I went to hers apartment. There was no meaning to knock to the doors, because I don’t think she will hear it. When I enter in hers room, there was four big loudspeakers. But still I didn’t see her. When I went to her bedroom, she was sleeping. How the heck someone can sleep with that loud music? I went closer to her and start to shaking her. She open her eyes and looking at me with question mark in her face.
  „ACCHAN! MUSIC IS TOO LOUD!” I scream at her. She only looking at me and show me some gestures. I let her go and she take out from her ears earplugs. What the…?
  „MUSIC IS TOO LOUD!” I said/scream again
 „WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU! MUSIC IS TOO LOUD!” Did she just.. I.. she.. AAH!! I went out from her bedroom and turn off music. My ears start to hurt. I take out from CD player disc, and some wires from loudspeakers. At least she won’t listen music so loud again. I hope so.
  „Hey! Why  you take them?” She came out from her bedroom and looking at me with question mark.
 „You are too loud neighbour and don’t forget, that we are not only one in this large house/hotel.”
  „Okay, okay. If you say so.. However, most of them are old and don’t even hear anything even if I scream into their ears.”
 „Yeah.. Acchan… But I can hear it. This is why, I will take those wires with me.” I was already near to her doors, when she said something again, but I didn’t hear it clear..
  „Haha.. you think they are only ones wires what I have?”
 „Eh? Did you said something?” I turn to her, but she only smiling at me.
  „Nope.. but good luck with helping her to study.”
 „Acchan, stop that. I don’t know what are you planning, but stop that.”
  „What.!? I didn’t said or do anything.”
 „.. Yeah..”
  „..At least not now.” Again that smile.. I think I can start to forget my peaceful life.
 I went back to my apartment. Erena was still sitting there. When I was near to her, she stand up.
  „Ah.. sorry, Takamina, but I need to go now. My mom was calling me. I hope we can continue this some other day. Thank you very much.” She bow to me and went out. I didn’t even have a chance to say something.
 „… Okay?..” At least.. peace and quiet.
  In next day, my peace and quiet were gone.. Yuko is here.
 „Yo, Takamina. How things with your neighbor?” She was sitting on my couch and try to looking something good in TV.
  „Don’t even ask. She is awful.” I sitt beside to her
 „What do you mean? Aren’t you two back together.?”
  „No. It’s not possible after all what had happen back then. Also, I never though she eat so much and be so scary, when some other girl is here. Except you.”
 „Haha.. first.. it’s only a food and she still is growing… and second…”
  „Yeah. Growing… that’s why I am not growing..” I mumble to myself.
 „HeHe.. and second.. she and scary? It’s not possible..” At that moment Acchan came in. When she saw Yuko, smile appear in her face and she even look so cute.
  „Hey, Yuko!” Acchan greeted her.
 „Hey, you too, Acchan.” Right now she were smiling like angel. „How are you, Acchan?” Yuko asked her.
  „Well, fine. Thank you, Yuko.” Again that angel smile.
 „HiHi.. you see, Takamina?” Yuko.. she try to gull you..
  „..Yeah.. ” She is doing it with purpose..
 „Amm.. Minami? Can I borrow something from your kitchen?” In her eyes I can see a angel… with horns… and tail… So~, since when angel had something like that?
  „Yeah.. sure..” When Acchan went to kitchen, Yuko start to speak.
 „Takamina, girl with smile like hers, can’t be annoying or awful.. she is too cute. Just look at her..” Acchan came out from kitchen and smile to us.
  „Thank you~ ,Minami. You are the best.”.. „Amm.. I don’t want to disturb you.. so.. I think I will better go. Bye Yuko.” She went out.
 „Bye, Accha. It was nice to see you..” .. „You see. I told you.” Yuko, you really don’t get it..
  „If you would live here, then you won’t say like that.”
 „HaHa.. don’t worry, Takamina. Everything be okay. And by the way, she is only using your kitchen.”
  „Yeah.. right now only kitchen.. After month my living room.. then bathroom and finally my bedroom or my bed.”
 „HaHa… I don’t think it will be that late.” What that so post to mean? I look at her with big eyes. „..Calm down.. I am only joking.”
  „I don’t like joke like this.” Damn.. I am mad.. because of Yuko.
 „Okay, I think I need to go. I have a date with Nyan Nyan.”
  „Eh? You two are together? I though you said, that she have a boyfriend.”
 „Oh, about that, well.. he was total jerk and I much better then him.. and when they broke up.. she called me.. So, right now we are together like a couple.”
  „Amm.. did she know, that you are couple?”
 „Well.. not yet.. but I am planning today to ask her.”
 „Wish me luck, Takamina.” She stand up from couch and went out from my apartment. Yeah.. Yuko..
  While sitting in couch and watching TV, my stomach start to ask something delicious.. Then I remember, that I have a ice-cream and some fruits and also chocolate cream. Ah.. I already can feel the taste in my mouth. I went to the kitchen after them.. First I search for chocolate cream, but when I look after it.. it was gone..
 „Hmm.. interesting. I can swear, that I had that.” Then I opened fridge to take fruites, but they also was gone..
  „They also is gone? Well, okay, then I will eat only ice-cream.” When I opened freezer, I saw that my ice-cream also was gone.
 „My..My ice cream.. it’s.. it’s gone.. But how.? In the morning it was still there..” and then I remembered .. „MAEDA ATSUKO!!! GIVE ME BACK MY ICE-CREAM!”
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Is Atsuko trying to win Minami over or scared and irritated her?

Poor Minami, being disturbed and unable to say anything...

She could only complain to Atsuko but do nothing about it.

Somemore, how did Atsuko able to enter Minami's apartment anytime she wanted?

Well... what other problems would Atsuko cause?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Omagawd! It's so funny, I love this chap.! I mean, after all the drama, and then.. Ah, thx Author San, u made my day.  :love:
I'll be waiting for next update.
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Lols, this chapter is just full of laughter!!! :rofl:
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So Cute!!!
Can't wait for another part :)
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 :nervous Lol I can't stop laugh when acchan like that , okey please make them happy author-san :') . And yup please update soon :3
Title: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 7 [24.01.15]
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Hi, everyone. With more less time for reading and commenting others fanfic and don't even speak about writing time, but somehow I found it. I am glad to hear, that you thought it was funny.
For me [probably for others too], next four months will be very hard, because, I have to write last reports in my studies and then.. school time will end, yee.. but still then.. hard work. 

Also, thank you everyone, who read it and leave comment, of course silent readers too, thank you!

Next part still is from Minamis view. So.. enjoy reading!  :)

                                                                                              PART 7
  With each day, she is getting more troublesome and annoying. But I need to be strong and continue to live.. my own life… with out her in there. I start to go on a dates with someone other.. and yeah, with some other girl, what is not Acchan. This new girl I meet more like accidently in the cafe. At that time, we most of the day spent together. Maybe would more, if some certain person wouldn’t have called me. At first, when I  answered her thru the phone, she was screaming like someone try to kill her -
Flashback moment (phone call):
 Atsuko: MINAMI~~!!! PLEASE, HELP ME!! (loud crying)
  Minami: Acchan!! What’s going on?! Someone is hurting you?! (panicking)
 Atsuko: I can’t.. I just can’t!!!
  Minami: What you can’t!? Where are you?! (with worrying voice)
 Atsuko: I just can’t.. Minami!!! Help me!! I am home!! (still crying)
  Minami: I am on my way!! Please hang on!!
 Atsuko: Please, faster!! I can’t take it any longer!!! (phone call ended)
When I enter in hers apartment, she was sitting on the floor and still little bit crying.
„Acchan, what’s wrong? Who is hurting you?!” She looked at me
  „Minami, where you so long?! No one is hurting me.. but I still can’t.!” She start to cry again. I approach her, by hugging.
 „Then what happened, Acchan?”
  „I .. I can’t.. I can’t open it?!” She looked deep into my eyes
 „What you can’t open?” At this moment she take from table, what was near to us, a jam.
  „Why you show this to me?” I was little bit confused
 „I can’t open my favorite strawberry jam… AND I WANT IT NOW!!”
  „… what?..” At that moment I think my soul leave my body „…a jam?..”
 „Please, Minami, open it, for me.. I am begging you! PLEASE!” She looks at me with her puppy eyes.
  „You – you just call me, because, you couldn’t open a jam?? HeHe.. A JAM!?” I was in my shock moment.
 „Well, yeah.. You said, if I need your help with something, I can ask you. So.. I call you.” I sit on the floor. She is like a kid.. a big kid. I take a jam from her hands and with little bit of my strenght, I open it.

End of flashback moment.
   Can someone believe that? She is just… just.. ah.. there is no point all the time talking about her. Sometimes I can’t understand, why I always thinking about her and always there, when she call me. My friendly side will kill me. Sooner or later.. with hers help… AAH! Again I am talking about her.. damn.. Okay, about that new girl..well.. she is pretty, but if I think little bit more, then Acchan is more prettier.. What? Why I even compare Acchan with her.? Ah.. just stop you stupid brain to think about Acchan!
 Oh.. pfew… breathes, Minami, breathes.. and stop thinking about Acchan. Right now you need to go and meet that new girl. Breathes, Minami, breathes. Everything will be okay. This time just turn off your phone. Try to think something positive… breathes… pfeeew…
  After long time of walking place to place with this new girl what I am dating, she wanted to come to my place. At first I wasn’t sure if this is a good idea, because, well.. you know why. But with her cute looking and puppy eyes, I agreed.
 „So, we are here, Tomomi.” We already standing in front of my apartment doors and inside I hoped, that Acchan won’t appear from nowhere.
  „Thank you, Minami and I am happy that you agreed to take me here.” She look at me with smile. We enter in my apartment. I felt little bit nervous.
 „Amm.. do you want something to drink?” I asked her when she went to sit on couch.
  „No, thanks, I am fine. Come here, Minami.” She showed me a place, what was very close to her. Oh my..
 „Y-yeah, sure.” I went to sit there, but not so close.. I think it would be better.
  „Minami, you have nice apartment. It’s so clean and it really feels like home.” She was looking around and sometime at me with smile. After while of looking around, she take my hand into hers. At that moment it felt very strange. They wasn’t like Acchans, but still they were gentle and soft. She start to squeezing it and my heart start to beat faster. Slowly leaning closer to each other, we got closer too. Our lips were very close.. our eyes slowly closing… BAMS..
 „MINAMI~!!” with very loud opened door, came person, from who I was scared and worried at this moment the most. It was Acchan.
  „A—Acchan? W-what you are doing h-here?” She was looking at me, then at her. Then again at me, then at her.
  „A-Acchan?” Why she is standing there and don’t say anything? „..amm.. Acchan.. please meet Itano Tomomi. She.. I mean, we are d--dating.” Why I am even stuttering? Now I am more nervous.. well.. scared from Acchan.
 „..Nice to meet you, Tomomi… just call me Acchan..” Finaly she start to speak, but the way how she speak.. was strange.
  „Nice to meet you too, Acchan.” Awkward moment. „ Amm.. how you two know each other?” Tomomi asked to us.
 „Well, we”
  „We long time ago were dating.” I didn’t finish my sentence, when Acchan start to speak. And why she did that? I never said her about my past.. oh crap..
 „Oh. But now you two..?”
  „We are friends now.” I said it fast, before Acchan say something unnecessary..
 „.. friend who is leaving near to her apartment and come here, when I want, because she let me do it and that is why she let unlocked hers doors. Because she is too lazy to get up from couch, to open doors every time, when I knock.” And of course, she had to said it.. damn, Acchan.
„Oh, I see..” Tomomi didn’t look very comfortable with Acchan answer.
  „So, Acchan, what you wanted?” I tried to change the subject.
 „Amm.. nothing much. I just have boring, so I come to you.” Acchan came closer to us and sit in chair what was left side of us.
  „Well, you see, Acchan, I am little bit beasy.. So..”
 „No, it’s okay, she can stay. Maybe she will tell me something interesting about you, Minami.” When Tomomi said it, Acchan looked at me, with killer look.
  „A-are you sure, Tomomi? Maybe she will be more boring with us?” please, Tomomi, it isn’t good idea.
 „No, I will be fine. I will tell her what she want to know.. about you.” I am dead. „So, Tomomi, what you want to know?” I don’t like how she is smiling at her.
  „Hmm.. let me think.. Oh! I know! I don’t know if it would be good to ask, but I will do, so.. how long you two were together and why you broke up?” I already don’t like first question.
 „Well, to be honest, we broke up two times. But time between them, was two years and also, not very long time we were together. But reasons why we broke up, well.. I think it will be better, if this only stay between me and Minami.” Thank you Acchan, that you didn’t tell the reason.. they are just painful memories.
  „Oh, I see, but it’s okay, if you don’t want to tell. I understand.”
 „Thank you.” When Acchan look at me, I saw a sadness in her eyes.
  „Next question.. how she was, when you were..well, dating? I mean, if she was kind person or something like that.?” If Acchan answered honest with first, then I hope with this too.
 „Hmm.. let me think…” Why she is smiling at me, I don’t like it. „..from the start, she was good and lovely person.. and was very kind to me..” oh, glad to hear Acchan.. „..but after some while, she got very.. awful.. When we slept together, then she snores very loud. Don’t care, if someone is in bed too.”
  „HEY, ACCHAN! It’s not true” What the heck.?
 „Let me finish, Minami.. So.. even in things, what do couple in bed, she is bad. Never though, that she would be so bad. Even when we kissed, she was awful. It feels like kissing stone.” My mouth opened from what I heard.
  „I am not that bad!” I start to pout.. because, it wasn’t true.
„Oh my! At least she make sure, that her apartment is clean.” Tomomi started to feel more uncomfortable.
 „About that.. she yesterday only cleaned it. The mess what was here.. oi, oi.. that was horrible.” I already though she would be honest. Wrong.
  „Acchan, in your room is more bigger mess..” I hate this person..
 „We are talking about you, not me, Minami.” This women…ah..
  „Oh, I see. Amm.. Minami, well I think”
 „By the way, Minami, did you catch that rat what was in your bedroom?”
  „R-rat.. in be-bedroom.. Mi-Minami?” Tomomi was more shocked
 „What rat? She is lying, Tomomi. Don’t listen to her, also”
  „Sorry, Minami, but I need to go. I-I forget that I have some meeting today. So.. I better going.” She stand up from couch and start to walk to the door way.
 „What? Wait? At least let me walk you.” I also stand up from couch and was ready to go, when she again start to speak.
  „No, thanks, Minami, I am okay. So.. bye.”
  „Sorry.” When she went out from my apartment, I turn around to look at that devil. Who was already sitting in couch and looking something what to watch in TV.
 „Acchan? You couldn’t think something better? Not even mentioned how bad I am with kisses and bed things, but also a rat.. A RAT?! What the hell.?!”  I was so angry at her.
„What? I just don’t share with things like this. And about that rat.. I think I watched too much horror movies yesterday.. So.. sorry about that?”
  „You are more awful then me.” I sit near to her in couch, but still angry at her.
 „Minami? Are you angry at me?” she asked me this with very soft voice.  When I look at her, she showed me her puppy eyes.
 „Please don’t. Because if you want to know the true about you in bed.. you was perfect.” At that moment  I think I blush. This woman..
  „Acchan?” with calm voice
  „Get out.”
 „What do you mean?”
  „I mean – GET OUT FROM MY APARTMENT! NOW!” I rise my voice. Right now, I want to be alone.
 „Oh.. okay.” She stand up and start to walk to the doors.
  „Amm. .Minami, I”
  „Sorry.” With that she went out and finally I was alone. When I though, I had a chance to start new life, but then.. she don’t let me..
  Next few days, Acchan didn’t come to my apartment. Maybe she is upset about what happened. I think I should go and talk with her. The best way how to make her talk with me, is get some snacks for her.. chocolate should be good. I bought the biggest and tasty chocolate.
 „Okay, I hope she will like it?” I went to hers apartment. Few times knocked to the doors. After half minute, she opened them. With no words, she only looked at me. „Amm.. Acchan, I wanted to apologise about that day and I bought you some chocolate.” When I give them to her, someone from behind of me start to talk.
  „What a nice couple.” There was some old lady. I think she is from this hotel.
 „What couple?” I asked her.
  „I mean both of you. And you even give her a chocolate. How nice.”
 „We-we are not a couple, we are just” I was blushing
  „How long you two are together?” Did she even heard what I said?
 „We are not together!”
  „Two years? How wonderful.”
 „I said, we are not. We are only friends!” I tried to say it louder. Acchan didn’t say anything. Just standing there and little bit blushing.
  „Acchan? Can you  please say her something.” Acchan looked at me with smile and then start to talk.
 „We are not a couple..” 
  „Did you hear it, old lady?”
 „..We are lovers!” she put her hand around my neck and push me closer to herself.
  „Yeah.. that’s right. WHAT!?! NO…” Why you had to told her something like this?
 „Oh.. that is still so cute. I remember my time, when I was young.. ah! Those memories.” Don’t tell me, she will start to tell us about her past.. I don’t want to hear it!
  „What’s wrong, Minami? Don’t you like this old lady? Because, I like her.” Why she is smiling like this.
 „I could watch you two all day, but I need to do some things.”
  „That’s right. You will be boring with us.” I hope she will leave us now..
 „But,. Before I go. Can you two do some favor for me?”
  „Yeah, sure.”  I will do anything, if she leave right now. Before, its go to far.
 „Can you two kiss each other?”
„Eh?! I don’t think it is”
„..It’s good idea.” Acchan intervened me. 
  „What! No!”
 „Minami, it’s just a kiss. Please?” With puppy eyes, what she is showing me.. I can’t resist.. okay, maybe on cheek I can do it. Also we already had done this and much more. I leaned her closer and gave her a kiss on the cheek, but…
  „Why on cheek? I meant on the lips.” Did this old lady asked to us kissing in front of her? Hell,NO!
 „Sorry, old lady, but it’s emberrasing to do it in front to some stranger.” I hope she will accept it.
  „Oh. How pitty, but I hope, next time you will do it? Okay girls, I need to go.”
 „Yeah, bye.” I answered her
  „I wish you two have good night.HiHi!” when this old lady was gone, we still both standing in front of Acchans apartment door.
 „Not mention, that this old lady is old, can’t hear, but also some kind of pervert.” I said to myself, but Acchan hear it.
  „Don’t worry, Minami. She is only old lady and want to hear things, what she likes. The best way how to get away from them.. just do what they like.”
 „Acchan? You are not better.”
  „HiHi.. in one thing I am.”
 „Yeah? In what?”
  „I am not old.”
 „….You are awful. So.. here your chocolate and I lost my mood to talk with you. Bye.”  She just accepted it with confused look in her face. I just turn around and went away.
I went back to my apartment. Sitting in couch, I thinking… If I, in  my old days, will be like that old lady?
 „Ah.. who knows..? But if Acchan this long will be near to me, then everything is possible.”
  ..TBC..?! probably..
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AH... so cute...

Atsuko is so good at ruining Minami's chance with others...

But minami can't really do anything to Atsuko...

I mean honestly how long does Minami want to ignore her feeling and Atsuko's...

She should just move on and accept Atsuko already...

May be make Minami's jealous of someone coming near Atsuko... might push Minami to make her moves.

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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That sure is one weird old lady...

And Acchan...I thought she would feel depressed but instead she told the old lady they're lovers, lok much
Title: Re: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 7 [24.01.15]
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Nice acchan, get back takaboy soon!! Haha^^
Title: Painful Mistake: After story, Part 8 [13.03.15]
Post by: black_maa on March 13, 2015, 07:25:28 PM
Hello, readers. After some while I am back with next part for this story. I hope you still remember what is happening here. But the most important things is - it's a last part of this story. That mean it's finished..
And sorry about my bad english and don't even speak about grammar things..
Enjoy reading!  8)

                                                                                                                         PART 8                     

Each day things with Acchan getting worse. She is more annoying and more childish. But somehow, I already used to. At least it’s not boring and there is someone who thinks about me.

After some while, when I needed to go on my work place, one of my colleage asked me to set up a meeting with Acchan. He said, that he saw her some while ago and she looked very cute and nice person. He want to go on a date with her. From the start I wasn’t very sure about this idea and didn’t agree, but thinking little bit more, maybe.. it will be good for her and I agree. But.. what about me? Do I want it.. that she will belong to someone other, what is not me? Is it right? Is it wrong? Would it hurt, again? Ahh.. there is too  much questions in my head. I just want to be happy and wish for her too. Or it’s not possible?

After my work I went back to my apartment. Prepared for myself hot tea, I went to sit on couch. With cup of tea in my hands, I just sitting there and watched how it gets cold. I need to tell Acchan this. I must to set up this meet and it’s already too late to cancel it. While I was deep in my thoughts, Acchan came in.

„Hey~, Takamina! What are you doing?” She came to sit on couch with me. And of course she has to sit very close to me, on my right side. Not sitting straight, but little bit with her left side, she with her left hand were touching my hairs. I looked at her. She have again that beautiful smile, soft lips and those brown eyes, where I could see myself. While she stroking my hair, I start to speak.
„Acchan?” I look back at my tea, what was in my hands.
„There is someone, who want to meet with you.” I have to do that.
„Okay, who is this person?” She answered so happy.
„It’s a… It’s a man. He asked me to set up  a date with you and.. I agree to do it.” When I look at her again, that smile of hers was gone. In her eyes I could see a question – „Are you lie?”
„Oh..” It was only sound, what came out from her. Its sounded so sad.
„So.. could you.. Could you tomorrow wear something more beautiful,  I mean more like some dress? Please? He will be here about on six o’clock after work.”
„I.. Are you sure about this?” Hers voice little bit changed.. more like cracked.
„Yes, I am. It would be good for you. You wished for happy life.. so.. It’s your chance.” I couldn’t look at her anymore.
„Amm.. If you say that.. then probably okay. I will do it.” She turn herself like her back was fully at couch.
„Thank you, Acchan.” I tried to smile, but its somehow was hard.
„Yeah.. Amm.. I think I have to go.. So.. maybe later.” She didn’t look at me back.
„Okay.” She stand up from couch and went out from my apartment.

I put a said my tea, which was already cold in my hands and layed down on couch. Closing my eyes I put my right hand on my chest. I could feel my heart beats…                            deg…deg..deg..                               They are slow.
What is this feeling?
My heart.. It is empty. Why there is this feeling of emptiness?
My heart feel pain.. I hurt it. Why I let it hurt again?
Why there is feeling of guilty? She could said just ‘no’.
Why I want to turn back time? I wouldn’t agree him.
Why I want to change my mistakes? They shouldn’t even be.
Why it’s happening?
Someone… Please. Take these feeling away from me. Don’t let them control my mind and feel like I had done something horrible. Just, please, lock them somewhere in. Don’t let them get out. Hide them.

I fell a sleep with dripping tear from my eye.

In next day, she not even once came in my apartment. I even understand why. But at least I hope, that she would come in time, when I asked for. Or I am hoping for not.
It was already time. Soon this man will be here and also she. I heard a knock on the other side of my doors. When I went to open them, there was standing he.
„Oh, hello, Mario, you already here… with flowers and suit… wow.” He had red roses and black suit with white shirt under it. Impressive.
„Hello you too, Takamina.” He looked so happy.
„Oh, yeah.. come in. I think she will be soon too.” I smiled at him.
„Thank you.. Ah.. I can’t wait to meet her personally.”
„I see.. well.. soon you will have a chance to do it.” We went to sit in couch. We talked different things and I notice, that Acchan is late.. about half hour. I think she is mad at me. „Amm.. sorry, but looks like Acchan had forgotten or something doing. Maybe I should call her?”
„Oh.. don’t worry. I still have time. So.. I will wait little bit more. Of course, if you don’t mind.”
„It’s okay. You can wait.” I heard that someone slowly opening my apartments doors. Before they are fully open, I already know who it is. Knowing her and her fashion, she probably wearing white dress. What is above her knees. With naked shoulders. Her hair is layed down, which are covering her shoulders. Beautiful make up… and those soft pink lips. And of course with her heart melting smile. Before doors was open and she already came in, I start to speak.
„Acch.. What a!?” My jaw dropped from what I see. „A-Acchan.? Why are you.. What are you wearing?” I was shocked.
„Oh.. hi Takamina. What do you mean with it?” Man, who was sitting on couch, stand up and was shocked too.
„M-Maeda-san?!” he start to speak.
„Eh? Who are you?” She looked at him..
„Acchan? Did you forgot what I said to you yesterday?” I was still shocked. Maybe.
„Oh. And I though it was a dream.. Hehe.. sorry, may bad.” She smiled awkwardly… I bet with purpose.
„Yeah…. that’s why you are wearing long payam, one sock, what is half on and by the way.. your payam shirt is buttoned wrong. And your hairs looks like you had got a electricity. Also.. who are sleeping at time like this!?...... It’s a toothbrush in your hand??”
„Hehe.. that’s why I came here.. My toothpaste ended and I came to borrow it from you..” I hope she is joking.
„Amm. Excuse me, but can I?” our conversation interrupted man, who was also here. Ah, yeah, I already forgot that he is still here.
„Oh, yeah.. Amm.. Acchan, please meet Mario, he is from..”
„Are they roses? I hope they are not for me, because I don’t like roses.” She didn’t even let me finish, when already start to complain about him. And since when she don’t like roses?
„Oh.. s-sorry.. I – I din’t kn -know.” Poor man start to stutter.
„Well.. before you bought them, you should ask to Takamina..” in his face was seen feeling of guilt. „..and whay you are dressed like this? If you also have a black sunglasses, you would look like those men from Men in black.. with guns.. or maybe you hiding them somewhere..?” I could see, that she is proud for what she just said… while scratching her own butt..
„Acchan!! What are you saying?” unbelievable women.
„What? But he looks like them. Look at him.” She pointed at that poor man.
„Not even close.” I crossed my arms on my chest.
„Ah.. Takamina.. you have bad imagination.” She came to me and put her arm around my neck..
„Acchan? You are horrible and your imagination more horrible.” I tried to get her hand away from my neck..
„Amm.. sorry, but I think I will better go. It’s looks like I… forgot to do something. So, Takamina, see you someday in job.” I just look at him and nod.. When he went out from my apartment, Acchan went to my bathroom.. to take my toothpaste.. And like I said.. first was kitchen, but now is bathroom.. how wonderful.. scratch that.. She is devil.
„Thank you, Takamina.. and bye.” … and now she went back to hers own apartment. Somehow I am angry at her, for what she did, but I am not really sure about that.. coz also I am somehow happy about that.

Lately this things with Acchan… they are just… ah… I can’t even know how to describe it. I admit, that I still have feelings for her, but I can’t. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know what is right and what’s not. I am confuse with my myself.
For trying to, at least little bit, forget things with Acchan, I went to some bar and little bit drink something. I didn’t drink anything strong, just cup with beer. While I was drinking, some girl approached me.
After some time of speaking with her and with high level alcohol in her body, I take her to my apartment. I know, I shouldn’t do that.. but she wanted herself. Somehow, I know what’s up in her mind, but I just ignore it.
While I tried to open my apartment doors and she was besides me, someone approach us… and no.. it wasn’t Acchan.
„How could you?!!” there was standing again that old lady, what me and Acchan meet some days ago.
„Could, what?” What she is talking about?
„You already have such a beautiful girlfriend, but you.. you try to get in bed someone other, who looks like a bitch.” What the hell.?
„Hey, old lady.. I don’t have girlfriend, you are misunderstanding something…  and don’t call this girl like that!” Girl who was standing there also, was shocked.. maybe.. I don’t know.. but then happened something worst… old lady start to hit me with her bag.
„What the hell.. Itaii!!! Stop hitting me! Did you put some rocks in there? ITAII!!!” Old lady didn’t even listened in me and continue to hit me.. and then to my surprise, she start to hit that girl too.
„You little bitch! Get out from her! She already have a girlfriend.!” Old lady screamed at her. Poor girl. She have no idea, what this old lady talking about.
„Hey! Stop hitting her!” At that moment old lady start to hit me instead.. again. At that time, poor girl use a chance to run away. „Did you just see, what you did? She run away! Itaii!! Just stop hitting me!”
„No.. until you won’t go to your girlfriend and apologies her.” …and she continue to hit me.
„I already told you, she is not my girlfriend!!” I tried to avoid that bag.
„Go to her. Now!” this old lady is insane.
„What, now?! But she probably already is sleeping.”
„Go to her.. or I won’t stop to hit you.” Damn that hag.
„Okay, okay, I will go.. Now! Just stop already.” I slowly start to go to Acchans apartment doors, but at the same time I didn’t let my eyes down from that old lady. I knocked two times on doors, when I heard answer from Acchan to come in.
„Get lost old lady.” Tomorrow there will be bruisis.
„Hmm..” and with that I closed doors and went to look Acchan. She was sitting her couch, with tea in her hands.

„Hi, Acchan.” I went besides her on couch.. „Amm.. I..” I need to think something about what to say, but at that moment she start to first.
„I am sorry, Minami.” She dind’t even look at me.
„For what?” I was confused.
„For everything what I did to you. I am sorry.” When she looked at me, I saw a tears in her eyes. „..It was bad idea to move here. I really wanted to be near to you. And deep inside I still hoped, that you have feeling towards me.”
„Acchan, I..”
„I think, I will move out from here. And don’t disturb you ever again.” My heart were hurting from what I just heard. I don’t want that.
„Then I am sorry too. For hurting you too and make you do things, what you didn’t want…”
„It’s okay. You have your own life and I have mine.. but unfortunately, without you in there.” She wiped her tears from eyes. I can’t take this anymore. „..Tomorrow  I won’t be here anymore. And I better start to packing my things.” When she start to get up from couch, I grab her hand and pull her in my lap. „Minami, what are you?” She looked so confused.
„I won’t let you go away third time.” I hugged her, while burying my head in her neck.
„What are you talking about?” However, she was shocked about my action, she still put one of her hand on my shoulder.
„I don’t want  you to go. I want you to stay with me.”
„I can’t, Minami. I need to move out. It hurts.” She start to cry again.
„Yes, I agree about moving out from here, because… you have to move in my apartment. I don’t want to lose you, Acchan.” I move my head to look at her eyes.. and looks like she don’t believe, what I just said.
„Minami.. are you .. sure? I mean.. after everything what had happen and..”
„Acchan.. I am seriouse. I still have feeling towards you.. I just didn’t wanted to admit that. I tried to ignore them. But that was stupid from me. I am sorry. So, do I have a chance?” she didn’t said anything, but instead she.. kissed me. How I miss these lips. How I miss this feeling. „.I will take it like a yes.” She showed me her beautiful smile and sealed our lips again. „Acchan, you have no idea, how much I miss those tasty and soft lips, what are created just for me.”
„Pervert.” I laid her in couch, while I was half on top of her. We continue our kisses. They were slow and passionate. Deep and hungry. Her hands around my neck. Mine.. of course already traveling under her shirt. This smooth skin.. this turning on moans from her. I want her to be only mine. I can’t stop myself anymore. I want to hear more and more.. And this time, there are no one who can disturb us..

Bzzz.. Bzzz… Bzzz… What the hell? Who is calling me in this time?
„Minami.. no.. Don’t answer. Let it be.”
„Atsuko, I.. mhmm.” We started out tongue batling in our mouth.. I take my phone out from pocket and shut it down. There is only me and her… and our precious time.

At the same time in other place.

„That’s strange. Why she turn off her phone?”
„Come back in bed, Yuko. And why you even wanted to call her in the middle, when we have so good time.?”
„Oh, yeah.. Sorry, Nyan Nyan. I just don’t know. I just have strange feeling, like she is doing something…. But I don’t know what.”
„Just put down that phone and come back in bed… and beside… now it’s my turn to be on top.”
„Oh my!”

In the end, in the same time, in two places.. were people, who were meant to be together. Destiny indeed made their own plan about them.. and in the end.. they get their reward..  people, what they love.


* This time there won't be a continue. I just don't know what to write in here anymore. :depressed: 
One more important thing - thank you everyone, who read it and even leave a comment, or push a "Thank" button. I really appreciate it.  Thank you!! :kneelbow:
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Atsumina together again.
Thank you old lady.
Yuko's sensor is superb!
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Yeah... Atsuko and Minami are together at last...

Yuko had a sensor for Minami's

Thank you for the update

Can't wait to see an epilogue

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YEEEEEEEEES MY ATSUMINA!!! :D and kojiyuu smexy time!
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@ NightSky; phoenix0i; cisda83; Haruko - So much thank you for reading and also leaving a comment. I am happy to hear, that you like it.  :kneelbow: About old lady, she just was in the right time and in the right place.  8)  And yeah.. Yuko was in her element..  :D
Title: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Prologue + chapter 1
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Hello, readers. I change my mind and wrote it new story. At first in my mind was three stories, but in the end I turn it in one.
Also, high probably, this time I really disapper with new updates. I have to go back to my real home, and there are a lot of works what to do...
Enjoy reading. :)


                                                                             „THE SECRET OF MY HEART”

„I am in love.” Few simple words. So easy to write, but so hard to tell it to someone.

My name is Maeda Atsuko. I am in high school. I can do everything with perfect results. I have a lot of friends. Everyone just love me and want to be my friend and lot of guys want a date with me, but I always refuse them. I am really happy about these things, but it’s not enough. Person who I love, isn’t my friend. We never had a chance to talk. Our eyes never had meet with each other… Never smiled to each other.. Never touched each other. And that hurts. A lot.

But the worst thing is… many of our classmate don’t like this person. Also I have no courage to talk with this person. I am asking for miracle. Just tiny one. Where I have a chance to talk with this person.

I am afraid I could get a refuse from this person. From not accepting me.. and my confession.

But most of all, I am afraid. Afraid from what other would say. Afraid from my parents reaction, when they found out. They said, I am too perfect even in looking, I am looking like real beauty. My smile could melt everyone heart. And with that I need to find a prince… a prince with white horse. But this isn’t a fairy tail. Everything is real.

Only thing what I can do is… holding this secret in my heart.

Also they said, if you wish for something very seriously and want it from bottom of your heart.. then your wish can happen.. miracles can happen..

But unfortunately, for every wish have a price.. high price..

[and of course first chapter, enjoy reading]

                                                                                                    CHAPTER 1

A.K.B.ara high school. Place, where study many girls and boys. Very famous in everything what they do. Many great and smart students. Just perfect school. At least it looks like from outside..


..There is one problem, bullying. Few students were bullied. No one take attention for that. No one cares. No one want to take there places and be bullied. They are afraid from that. And who wouldn’t.

Between classes you can heard someone for begging for help.. Others just laughing about it. And just enjoy this moment. Teachers know about this things, but don’t do anything.. but instead some of them.. join it.

There is this one girl. She is short. Others calling her midget. I could see, that she don’t like it, and she start to fight back.. mostly who bullying her are boys. I hate them. And in the end, she is on the floor. Groaning in pain. My heart hurt from what I see. I want to help her, but I can’t..

„…. Accha… Acchan..!”
„Ah.. what?”  I was so deep in my thoughts, that I didn’t hear when I was called by my friends.

„What’s wrong with you? Again you are daydreaming..” Kojima Haruna or Nyan Nyan. Smart.. if she want it. Beautiful.. like a model. Taller then me.  Long hairs. Make sounds like cat…. it’s a reason for her nickname. Sometime very lazy.. or total airhead. But good friend.

„Of course, no.  I just want to sleep.” … even my friends don’t know about my secret.
„Yeah, right. And you want us to believe you? So, who is he?” Minegashi Minami or Miichan. Not very smart. Little bit shorter then me. Not very long hairs. Always know everything… about what is happening around. Rumor creator. Still miracle, that she don’t know about my secret. I think.

„He?” what she is talking about.. there is no ‘he’, but there is ‘she’.
„Yeah.. so there need to be someone, why you always daydreaming. Is he cute?” Itano Tomomi. Smart. Fashion queen. Know everything about fashion. Beautiful. Always is mad about something. In the end there are a dimples in her face. Ready to kill, if someone just accidently make mess with her clothes.

„Aah.. just stop it. There is no one. If there would be someone, then Miichan already would know it and told to everyone.” If they sometime want to know, they will do everything to know it. I need to think something.. and for my lucky, everyone attention went to the end of the class.

„Ah… again. Its start to get boring.” Oshima Yuko. Looks like squirrel. Short. Flirt with everyone. Total pervert. But has her limit, how far can go with flirting things. That’s miracle. I paid my attention there too. And again… I feel pain in my heart.


„What’s wrong midget? No guts? Aahaha..” There was three boys, who usually bullying her.

„Get up, you nerd.” Second one pushed her again.

„Hey, didn’t you heard us?” third one grabbed her by her hairs. It was Takeru Sato. I hate him so much. My parents want me to date him. Because he looks like someone, who could protect me. His parents is rich too. He is just jerk and spoiled brat. But most of all, he is one of them, who hurting person, who I love.

„You three.. kiss my ass.. idiots.” Takahashi Minami or Minami. Short.. very. Smart, but no one know that. Long hairs. Always a ribbon on the head. Will fight till the end. Friendly, but no one want to be friends with her. Looks like nerd.. but not for me. But most of all.. person, who I love from first day, when I saw her.

„What did you said, you bea-?” One of the boy wanted to hit her, when suddenly..

„Okay, stop it boys. We have classes right now.” Luckily teacher came in time, but…

„Takahashi! What are you doing there? Get up! Look at your messy clothes. Shame for you. Back in your sit! After classes you will clean here everything.”.. this teacher is one of them, who bully others too. Others said, that in her study time, she was bullied too and now she want to revenge them.

„Yes, teacher. Sorry, teacher.” She cleaned her clothes and sit in her place. Every time, when I see it.. I want to punch those guys. Or just yell at them to stop it.  I want to protect her. Take her in my arms and say, that everything will be okay, I am here with you…. But I can’t. I am too afraid.


Classes were ended. I still needed to do some things in library. Everyone went already home. Except her. She slowly cleaned class. How I wish, that I would have courage and could approach her.  But first, I need to do my things. After some while…

While going out from library, something outside caught my attention. When I went closer to the window, I could see, that some guys are hitting something. But this something was already on the ground. I even could see, that they kicked this person. And then I saw a ribbon.

„Oh no..” In low voice I said to myself.. „..Minami.” Quickly running out from school, I run to her. „..Minami… please, hang on.” I run as fast as I could. When I was already there, I didn’t see boys anymore. On the ground only lying her. She didn’t move. I felt tears in my eyes. My hands were trembling. Slowly walking closer to her, I tried to wake her up, but she didn’t respond.

After some while I managed to got her in the hospital. Doctors and nurses were taking care of her. I was still sitting in hospital and patiently waiting someone, who could tell me about hers condition.

„Excuse me, Miss. Are you friend of her?” There was nurse, who were looking after her.
„Yeah, I am..” How I wish for that.. „ Is she okay?” My heart start to race faster.
„Injuries were bad, but she will be okay. Right now she is still sleeping, but if you want, you can go see her.” What nurse just told me, made my heart little bit calm.

Slowly entering in hers room, I could see her still sleeping, like nurse told me. She looks so calm. Even in her sleep, she looks so cute. I take hers hand in mine. It was so tiny and soft. I couldn’t believe it, that I am holding her hand in mine. It felt like a dream.

„Minami, if you would know, that I love you so much, what would be your answer? This question is killing me inside. You have no idea, how much I want to hold you in my arms. Sleep in your lap or lay my head on your shoulder. Just only feel yours presence. You have no idea, how much I want to kiss you and feel your body against mine. You have no idea, how much I miss you, when our classes are ended. You have no idea, how much it hurt to see you like that… That’s why I am sorry for everything. For not protecting you. For not telling how beautiful and cute you are. I am sorry for not telling you this, when you could really hear it all. Sorry for being a coward.” I wiped my tears from eyes and slowly leaned closer to her face. Our faces were so close. I can feel hers breathing. Our noses touched.. and then I kissed her on the lips. They were so soft. I could kiss her more and more.. but I have to go. Before you wake up. I don’t want you to know, that I was here.

I went out from hers room. I saw her doctor coming. He had envelope with bill in his hands about treatment what was given to her. Instead for giving her, I take it.  Looking at the price, what was four hundred dollars, I knew, that she don’t have such a money. That’s why I went to pay for her. After I paid it, in bill you could see a name of the patient and the person, who paid for it.. and it was mine. I couldn’t let her know, that was me. So, I take it with me. Instead of bill, I wrote a note her and put it back in envelope. I gave it one of hers nurse and told her to give it to Minami.

Already out from hospital and walking back in streets, I put my right hand on my chest. I could feel my heart beat. It’s still so fast. In my hands I could still feel her tiny hand and on my lips, hers soft.. and with this feeling I have to leave.


This school.. At first I love it. But now… I hate it. From the first I tried to protect those who where bullied, but in the end, I am who is bullied by others. That sound so strange. Even teachers are not better. What’s wrong with this school?

Those three guys. They always love to bully me, but I trie to resist it.. But everytime it’s more harder and painful. When they wanted to punch me in the class, at first, I was happy about teacher, who came in just in time, but then I regret it, coz I know.. after school, that will wait me. And guess what.. they really did it.

Punches on my stomach.. kicks on my legs. Its hurt. When I fall or the ground, they continue to hit me. In my mind I screamed for help. But there is no one. And if would be, they won’t do nothing, just watching. After last kick on my back, everything went black.

I felt that someone is talking with me, but I didn’t know who and what. Someone was moving me. I just didn’t care who and where.

I think I am dreaming right now.. or I am died. But who cares. But I know one thing. There is someone.. This person is talking about something. I can’t recognize if it’s her or he.. or even what this person really talking about. But this person was crying and apologies for something. I felt that something touched my left hand, coz it felt so warm.. but then I felt something soft on my lips. I think this person kissed me. Then everything was so quite again.. until I heard my name. Someone was calling it.

„..mi…..nami…..Minami…” I know this voice. It’s belong to my mother.
„…Mom.?” I slowly tried to open my eyes. Light was so bright. „I am died, mom?”
„No, honey. You are in the hospital.” She takes my hand in hers. Again there is this warm feeling. Maybe it was my mom from the start.. or  the kiss was just a dream. „How you feeling, honey?” She looked so worried.
„I am okay, mom. Well, I think. But.. How I get it in here?”
„Oh, about that.. I don’t know. When I got phone call from hospital, they said, you are already here. So, I am here right now.” When I look at her, hers smile always makes me calm.
„Thanks, mom.” While we still talking, in room came one of the nurse.

„Hello, Takahashi. Looks like you are awake. Good to see. By the way.. there is a bill for hospital.” She gave it to my mom. When she take it out from envelope, and opened the bill, she looks confused.

„What’s wrong, mom? My hospital time is so expensive?” She looked at me. „Mom?”
„Honey, I think, it’s for you.” She gave me a bill. When I look at it, I was confused. It wasn’t a bill.. It was a note. There was written one short sentence –

„You are the secret of my heart”
It wasn’t a dream. Someone really was here and … even kissed me. But who?


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Ah... Atsuko was scared to be bullied

So just secretly looking at Minami as she was bullied

Poor Minami.... She can ask for Police to take care of it...

If there was chance the fighting result in hospitalize normally police would investigate

What about in Minami's case?

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the new OS

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Damn it, i'm going to kill those damn boys!
pls update soon Author San
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great fanfiction, please update
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Wow that it's interesting
hopr update soon
Title: The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 2 [31.03.15]
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Hello, everyone! Lately is happening so much things, even sad things, that I already thought I couldn't write something. There is so much works what to do, but somehow bad weather didn't let to do them. In the end I wrote it next chapter.
So much thank you readers about comments and for liking it.
By the way.. this is my last update.... in this month.. xD
But okay.. enjoy reading.

                                                                                          CHAPTER 2

Lunch break.

Five students on the school rooftop were eating their lunch. While eating there was discussed different kind of topics about everything.

„Oh.. why spring break went so fast? That one week went too fast.” While sitting on the ground some certain student were complaining.
„Hehe.. Yuko. For you even one month is too short.” After Miichan response, everyone start to laughing.
„Hey.. it’s not like that. I just like to relax my brain.” Everyone were still laughing, except one person, who wasn’t even listening, coz her mind was somewhere else.
„Hey, Acchan?” When Acchan didn’t responsed to Miichan call, everyone attention was on her. „Acchan!”
„Hm?” with second call she responsed by slowly lifting up her head to others.
„What’s wrong with you? Lately your body is here, but your mind is somewhere else.” Everyone just looked at her with question mark in their face, while waiting her answer.
„What do you mean? With me is okay.” She showed to everyone gentle smile. But inside she little bit crying and wanted to scream.
„No.. it’s not like that. It’s more like you are thinking about something or maybe someone.”
„Miichan.. stop saying nonsense. There isn’t no one. I just feel tired. That’s all.” She stand up from her spot and start to go away. Hers heart wanted to be alone and forget about that day, when she found Minami in very bad condition.
„Where are you going?” Yuko called her back.
„To the library. I forget something to do. See you later.” With that she went away. Other were still sitting on the floor and start to get worried about her. Until Miichan was first, who start to speak again.
„I think there is something, but she don’t want to tell us.” She put hers left hand on her face, while trying to think something.
„Yeah.. I agree with you. But she is still our friend.” Yuko agreed her, but also was worried.
„I think there is someone. Some certain person.”
„Are you sure, Tomomi? But then who is he? Why she don’t tell us? Aren’t we her friend?” Yuko and Miichan start to think every possible person, who could it be. After some while, one of the members start to speak too.
„Maybe..” Everyone attention was now on Haruna. „..maybe it’s not ‘he’, but.. ‘she’?” Everyone just looking at her, with strange look..
„Nyan Nyan.. she is Acchan. That is not possible.” Yuko didn’t agree with her.
„Well.. that is the reason why she don’t tell us.” Haruna still continue.
„Yeah, right. And then you maybe tell us, that this girl is one of us… Maybe even me.” Miicha with serious look pointing finger at herself.
„You? Ahaha.. I don’t think that someone even want to a date you!” Everyone start to laugh.
„Mou, Yuko.. you don’t know anything. I am just too good for everyone.” While Miichan pouts, others start to laugh even more. „Hmm.. maybe this ‘someone’ isn’t very popular… more like nerd.” At first all laughs was quiet, until..
„Miichan, stop joking. This is a reason, why we call you a rumor creator.” Tomomi answered her with serious face.
„That is also possible.” Now everyone’s attention again was on Haruna. „She is too afraid from other student reaction, when they will found out.. and maybe even from hers mother reaction too.”
„Nyan Nyan.. no wonder you are airhead. That is just silly.” Yuko still didn’t want to believe it. Miichan start to speak.
„About Acchan mother.. Well.. she is scary. When I was there first time, what was also my last time.. I hugged Acchan very tight. When hers mother saw that.. I though I would die.. I think she don’t like that some other girl is hugging hers daughter.”
„Oh..” Everyone was shocked. With that also stopped discussion about Acchan and that ‘someone’. After that lunch went in silent atmosphere. In everyone mind was a question – „Who and why?”


Ah, finally I am back to my home and in my comfortable and big bed. No strange sounds or smells.. I mean like medicine smell. Also hospital food wasn’t very tasty. If my mother wouldn’t bring me some food, I thought I would die.  But the worst thing was, time when was one week school break, I was in hospital. I just hate my life.

Still, I don’t understand one thing. Who was this ‘person’, who left a note and even kissed me? Is it a some kind of joke or there really is someone, who is in love in me.? Is this person even from my school? I just want to know the true.
„Honey, come down! Breakfast are ready!” Someone was calling from kitchen.
„Yes, mom. I am coming!” I still have to stay one week in home, until I fully recover. „Oh, mom.. it smell so good. What is it?” I just love my mom, coz she just know how to make my stomach happy.
„Of course, your favorite.” She turned around with food in her hands and put it on the table in front of me.
„Mom, you are the best.” I gave her quick kiss on hers right cheek and start to eat my favorite katsudon.
„Slow down, honey. It won’t go nowhere.” She laughed at me. Who won’t. I just love this food. I am just too hungry and just showed her my happy smile. „By the way.. Do you know, who is this person, who wrote that note.?” She sat on the other side of the table. My mom is very kind and just want to see me happy. It doesn’t matter what kind of life I choose and with who I want it to spend.. Most of all, she want to see me smiling..
„Hmm.. I don’t know. I don’t even have a clue. Not even if this person is a boy or a girl. However.. I think, when I was still in my sleep, I heard more like girl voice, but then I got confuse, because when I opened my eyes, in there was you.” I looked at her with sad look. But somehow, deep in my heart, I am scared from true.
„Don’t worry, honey. I hope you soon find out it. And I don’t care, if this person is a girl or a boy. Until you are happy, I am too.” She showed me her gentle smile.
„Thanks, mom.” I continue to eat my food „By the way.. when father and brothers will be back?”
„Your father will be late, because he have a lot of things what to do in his work place, but about your two big brothers.. I think they have some practice in basketball.” She answered me with happy tone, while continue to cook for others.
„Oh.. I see.” This katsudon is so good.


Why I can’t forget that incident? Why I can’t forget her? Why I kissed her in hospital? Every night I am dreaming about her. How I am kissing her. How I wrap my hands around her and holding her very close to me. Right now, I want to kiss her. I want to feel those soft lips again. It’s so hard to hold myself from not finding her and make her mine.
At least, she isn’t in this week in school, however, I really want to see her. Each day everything is going to worse, because my friends start to notice something. They start to ask me those questions. I don’t like to lie them, but I have no choice. I am sorry guys. Maybe someday you will find out everything.


Maeda resident

Ah, already one week is gone. However, it went so long. But now two days in home and doing nothing. Like usually.
While lying in my bed and thinking about everything, most of all, about her, I heard that my mother called from living room. I think I forgot to mention, that my mom is professional lawyer and my father is working with building things. Their personalities are opposite. I am still wondering how come, they are married. Maybe that’s why I am their only child. But about other things… Of course we are living in big house. My room is in second floor. In here I have everything what I need for school and for other things. Also we have two maids.
„Acchan, come down!”
„Okay, mom!” very lazy I stand up from my bed and walked down to the stairs. „What is it, mom?” She was sitting in couch, while drinking something.
„Come here.” She showed me spot, what was on left side of her in couch. While sitting there, I waited for her to speak. „How are things with you and him?”
„Him?” I was little bit confused from that kind of question. But somehow, I knew, that someday, she would ask me this.
„Yes, I mean Takeru Sato.” That word.. that person.. I hate it from bottom of my heart.
„W-why you are asking it right now?” why I have strange feeling inside?
„You know why I am asking it. He is a good boy and perfect man for you. His parents are very intelligent too.” Yeah.. good boy.. so good, that even bully others, hit them and after that laughing about them. He is bastard and total jerk. Even his parents are strange.
„I know. Just please, give me time for that. I am not ready for relationship. And right now, in first place I have my studies.” I just need a time, and show her, how big jerk he is. But how?
„I understand. Of course, school things are important too, but with relationship you can go slowly too.” Mom, why you can’t understand, that I don’t want to be with him? „But okay, take your time. But I hope it would be soon. Now you can go.” She didn’t show me some emotion like smile, more like was angry at me.  I stood up from my spot and went back to my room. Dropped myself in bed with my face in pillow, I wanted to cry. But there wasn’t tears.. I don’t know what to do.

In school.

Monday. Again there is Monday. New week. New things what could happen. I hate so much Mondays, that I want to scream, however, not this time. She is in school. Minami. My heart is beating so fast everytime, when I see her. I was already sitting in my spot, when she came in. Sitting in hers place.. putting her things for class. I just watching every single move of hers. Well, from other side looks like I am reading something, but that is just a cover. My eyes was on her. While putting some things on the table, she stopped. Lifted up her head, she start to look around. Like searching for something. My attention was so deep on her, that I didn’t seen, that her view was on me. She is looking at me. Oh shoot..
„Acchan, what are you reading.?” 
„Eh!?” I think I just jumped from my spot. But luckily it was only Miichan, who right now was standing in front of me and Minami can’t see me anymore. My heart were beating so fast. I think I even blushed.
„Acchan, stop dreaming. What are you reading?” Miichan little bit laughed about my reaction. I hope she didn’t see, how I looked at Minami?
„Ah.. I-ammm.. well.. it’s just some book… about some… things.” I am died. Yeah.. I screw it up.. ah..
„Hihi.. Acchan… I think you are watching too much movies lately.” With that, she went back in her spot and in the same time came in our teacher.
„Phew… that was close… more like too close.” In very low voice I said to myself. But somehow I could feel, that hers eyes are still on me. I wanted to turn my head, but I was scared. Just don’t think about her..


All day I couldn’t concentrate for what was written on the board. I was worry, that she saw me and that’s all.. she understand everything and now she hate me. I don’t want that. Why I even watched her? What I was even thinking while doing that?

Almost everyone student was gone.. and went to their homes.. While I was still in school and standing near to my closet, and scolding myself… Until… I saw her.. Minami… She is coming to my way..

She is coming closer….         * o.o *                  …. Acchan…just pretend like you are  searching something in you closet …   * Deg *

More closer….         * 0.0 *                   … Aah.. just don’t look at her …   * DEG *

And closer…            * O.O *          …. That’s all.. now she will hear my heart beats, what right now is beating very loud…   * DEGDEG * …    „Acchan, you are total idiot.” In low voice I scolded myself, again.

„TAKAHASHI!!” Someone was calling her. She stopped her steps to my way. Thanks God.. I almost got heart attack.. But when I looked at person, who was calling her.. I wasn’t happy anymore. It was those jerks. And the way, how they look at her.. isn’t very good. They have something up in their minds. That mean I can’t go home. I need to know, what they are planning.

Minami somewhere went with them. I followed, while hiding myself. They went in on of the classroom, what was left almost empty, because in there needed some reconstruction. They pushed her in the wall, while laughing at her.
„Looks like our nerd is recovered from punches.” In Minami eyes I could see a fears.
„What you want?” She tried to be strong.
„You still asking what? Ahaha…” she looked confused. „You midget.. We heard, that you in the morning looked at Maeda.. and guess what.. when we look after you.. you were going to her.” Oh no.. that mean, that someone even saw me looking at her?
„Pff.. why I would looking at her or even went to her? I even don’t know her. I think your brains are somewhere out.” Those words… why they sounded so painful? It’s just all my fault.
„What you just said? I think you need to put some manners in your stupid head.” One of the guy went closer to her and hard punched her in the stomach.
„Ah..” She collapsed on the floor, while holding her stomach. It looked so painful. I even closed my eyes. I can’t watch it.   
„You, midget, don’t even dare to look at her or go to near her. She is mine and only mine. Do you got it, nerd?” It was Takeru, who said it. What the hell he think he is? We haven’t even meet each other in personally. That jerk. And then he hit her very hard to the head. Now she was collapsed on the floor. Those three only laughed and went away, while leaving her there.
I waited, when they were gone and run to her. She was laying on the floor.. unconscious..
„Minami…” and again I saw the moment, when they hurt her. But me.. just watched.. I am such a coward.

I carried her on the school infirmary. Putting her one of the bed. She still didn’t move. I was standing on the left side of her. I was in panic about what to do. But still I put some wet and cold towel on her head. Also I needed to know, how bad is her injury, when they punch her on the stomach. First taking away hers scarf, what was around her neck and then I needed to open her blouse. When I unbuttoning second button, my hands froze. I already could see her smooth neck and collarbone. *gulp*..
„Acchan, just don’t think something stupid. You want to help her. That’s all.” I said to myself in low voice. When I looked at her face, her eyes were still closed. She looked so cute while sleeping.

Slowly unbuttoning third button and fourth, I could see her bra. It was pink. *gulp*My heart start to beat more faster. My hands were trembling. My eyes on hers next buttons… Now her blouse was open. Somehow in this room start to get very hot.

My mind was gone. Only thing what I could see was her white and smooth skin. I want to touch it. Slowly puting my left hand on her neck, I could feel how warm she is. Touching only with my fingertips, my hand moved by herself and it went it lower.. to her collarbone.. more lower… to her chest. At first, I didn’t touch  it in that place, but put full of my hand on top of it… but still not touching by myself. She touched me by herself when she breathes.  *gulp* .. hers chest were rising up and down.. and with each rising up, I could feel hers right mound in my hand. Why in this room is so hot? With my other hand I opend my own scarf and two buttons of my blouse.

I moved my hand more lower.. on her stomach. Her skin is so soft and smooth.. barely touching  it only with my fingers. With every touch, my heart beating faster and faster. What the hell I am doing? I am looking like some kind of pervert, who using innocent girl, while she is weak....
But at least looks like there isn’t big injuries. I move my eyes on her face.. and lips. Those lips. While looking at them, I bites in mine. I want to kiss them again. Feel their softens. Leaning closer my face to hers and putting my left hand almost on her chest, but little bit higher and with right hand stroking her hairs…
I kissed her…
Slowly… and gently.
This feeling.. it feel so good. I want it more. Taking her lower lip between mine I wanted feel more the taste of it.
Slowly kissing her and now touching with my left hand to her neck, I was shocked…   *o.o*   .. If I am not wrong and felt it right, then…. She just moved her lips and answered my kisses. Fast taking few steps back, I could see, that she start to move her head. Oh no.. I need to go, before she fully open her eyes.

Going out from infirmary and standing behind of the doors, I put my right hand on my heart.  * deg deg deg *It was so fast.
„What I had done?”


Finally I am recovered and can go to school. However, there is big possibilities, that those jerks again will bully me. But most of all, I want to find out about this ‘person’, who was in the hospital.
Entering in class and sitting in my spot, while putting some books on the table, I felt something strange. More like, that someone is watching me. Lifting my head up I start to look around. Everyone were busy with their own things. I could seen, that some girl were reading something.. however hers eyes isn’t following the lines, what is written in book.. hmm.. that’s strange. But then came some of her friend and start to talk with her and I couldn’t see her anymore. Only when teacher came in, she was already sitting normally in her spot and all attention was on the front.

Classes were ended. Almost everyone already went home. Only few students where in here. While walking in the corridors, I noticed some girl near to closet and looked like, she try to find something and is in trouble with it. Maybe she need some help?  While walking closer to her, I heard that someone was calling me. When I turned around, I saw those guys, who bully me.
Not again. It’s only first day in school after my recover and I already started to feel, that something won’t be good. And guess what.. it wasn’t something good.

They punched me very hard in the stomach. And even said me things like stay away from Maeda. I don’t even know her. How they can think something like that? But at least, now I know, who was standing in corridor, while searching something.

After second punch, what was on my head, I collapsed on the floor. Next thing what I remember was that I lying on the bed. And from the smell, I think I am in the school infirmary. But I am not alone…. In here is someone too.

Pretending sleep, I felt, that my blouse is opened and this person is touching me…    * O.O  *     What the hell? .. but from the gentle and warm touches, I understand one thing… it’s a girl. Why she is touching me? But at least, she don’t do nothing horrible, but just simple touching me with her fingers. And it’s so ticklish. Ah.. I need to hold myself from not laughing.

On my forehead she were putted some towel. It little bit also covered my eyes. I couldn’t fully see her or open my eyes. When  I though, that everything is over, she leaned closer to my face and ki-kissed me..     * 0.0  *   Why she is kissing me? She even bites in my lip. But those soft and gentle lips and kisses felt somewhere familiar. Like I am already kissed her in somewhere….
It’s the same feeling, the same lips and it’s the same girl. I want to see her. I want to know, who is she.

When she put her left hand on my neck and start to kiss me more deeper.. I felt something strange… in my heart. It’s beating very fast. Somehow I like those kisses and these lips. I didn’t even recognize, that I start to answer her. And that made her stop. Looks like she was shocked about my reaction. When she pulled herself away from me, I saw something… a necklace with pendant, what was around her neck. The upper part of her blouses were unbuttoned and I could see it. This pendat was from gold and with letter:


„Who is she?”  But one thing I know, she is from my school, because she have the same uniform like mine. But why she run away?



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what the meaning of wanwan (?) umm .. i little bit not understand , BUT i really love your fanfick black maa san ! can't wait next chapter  :twothumbs

About that 'wanwan'- I noticed  too. I think it was something like first april joke.. coz I notice it in every fanfic and even in comments too. But now everything is back to normal.[I hope] If you remember where this word was, then you should reread it again.. By the way.. thank you for liking my stories!  :)

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I always wondering, how can read fanfics in class.. Doesn't teachers say anything? If I  or any of my classmates would do  something like that.. teacher probably would kick out us from class..  :lol:
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wanwan = about
meow = think
anyata/anyatar = your/yours
woof = like
Thanks = ruffles
boy = tomcat
girl = kitty
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                                                                   CHAPTER 3


„ …’A’…. ‘A’…” What this mean?  Why she have pendat with letter  ‘A’? It’s a letter from her name?  Next day sitting again in class, in my head was only this one letter. Who? Looking around on my classmates, I tried to remember everyone’s names and surnames. In this class are so many students, whose names or surnames start with letter ‘A’. Ah. It’s too complicated. I think my head start to hurt again. Isn’t already enough in the night, when I couldn’t sleep, because I couldn’t forget her touches, kisses.. and why the heck I even respond her? Oh my! I think I am going crazy. „Ah, stupid head.”


While one of the person had headaches from thinking about mysterious girl, then other one had headaches from too much worries, if she wasn’t seen by this certain person.

„I think my heart will pop out from my chest from this all. I can’t even look at her way. Why every time when I see her in unconscious, I can’t control myself.. from not touching and kissing her. I am afraid, then next time Iwouldn’t  stop it in right time. And then what?” whispering to myself, while no one of my friends weren’t around, I tried to calm my heart. 

Much later in the Maeda Resident

„Atsuko? Honey? Are you ready? Guests are here.” From living room called her father, while Atsuko were still in her room and preparing for dinner. Hers parents told her, that there will be a guests and she need to look nice. But they didn’t tell who?

„I am coming, dad!” After putting on the last make-up, she was ready for dinner. She was excited, coz she feels happy, when someone come to their house. But she didn’t know, that this happiness won’t be long and would disappear with first look at those guests. „Dad?” With smile entering in living room, she could see hers parents and guests, who were facing their backs to her.

„Oh, Atsuko, look, what we have here.” With smile, her mom made the guests turn around.
„Good ev-…evening.” Acchan’s smile disappeared with one look at their faces. They were Takeru Sato family and of course, he with them.
„Hello you too. Maeda-san, your daughter with each time, when we see her, is more beautiful.” His mother is so annoying. She always tells compliments about me. At first, I like it, but now.. I hate it.
„Yes, we know. That’s why, you are here too.” My mother answered them. And I don’t know why, but I somehow knew the reason of this dinner. „Your son looks handsome too. He would be perfect man for my daughter.” And yes.. my mind told me true. I looked to my dad, who at the same time looked at me. Only from my look, he understand, that I don’t want this. My dad cares me very much. He always said to me, that not depend from my decision, he will always support me. But my mom, she opposite. She doesn’t care about my thoughts and feelings. Why she is doing this to me?
„I know. I agree with you.” With hers annoying smile, we sit in our places at the table. He was sitting in front of me. I could feel, that he is looking at me with his stupid smile. I just only pretended, that he isn’t even here.

Dinner went peacefully. I didn’t talk too much. I just didn’t know what to say. If someone asked me something, I answered very short. I don’t want to be here. After dinner we went to sit on couches and of course, he sat besides to me. It felt so annoying.

„Maeda-san, what’s wrong with your daughter? She is very quiet today.” Everyone attention was on me. When I look at them, I didn’t know what to do. My eyes were on my dad, and asking for help. I think he understand it and start to speak, but…
„I think, she just-” ..he was interrupted by mother.
„Maybe, those two want to be alone? They are just feels uncomfortable, when we are around.” Looking on my mom, then at my dad, he looked shocked about what my mom just said.
„I think you are right. You two better go somewhere else. House is big, so just look around.” His mother agreed my mom. Please, no!
„I think it’s-”  I wanted to protest about this, but it was already too late.
„..a good idea. So, Atsuko, could you show me around.?” Atsuko? I somehow don’t remember for giving him permission to call me like that. Only very, very close people can call me like that. And he.. not even close. But I hadn’t choice and could only nod to him and stand up from couch and start to walk away.. with him. Right now.. I want to run and scream. I want to be with person, whom to belong my heart.

Walking around to the house, I didn’t talk. Until..
„So~ .. you look very beautiful in this dress.” I was wearing black dress, what was perfectly fitting on my body. It was little bit above to my knees. With the medium type of decollete and with straps, which went behind my neck and with naked shoulders.
„Thank you.” I didn’t even bother to look at him, just continue to my way around in the house.
„I am very happy, that you will be my girlfriend, Atsuko.” He looked at me with soft look, but it’s just pissed me more.
„We will see that. And please, call me Acchan, like the others.” With annoyed look I said to him.
„Eh? Why? You soon be my girlfriend, so I want to call you in your real name.” He looked pissed.
„But I am not. So, please, don’t be rude. Don’t forget, where you are.” When I start to go again, He grabbed me by my hand. „Let. Go. My. Hand.” I feel very angry. He didn’t even move it. But instead looked into my eyes.
„You will be mine. You want it or not. But you will be. Stop being arrogant and annoying girl. You are mine and I won’t let someone to take you.” He looked very angry. I start to feel very scared. When I tried to get away from his hold, he pushed me to the wall.
„What are you doing? Let me go.” I wanted to scream. His body was very close to mine. He holded my hands above my head and leaned into my neck.
„Mmm.. you smell so nice. Can’t wait it to taste it.” I could feel his breath on my neck. He kissed me there. I start to cry. When he notice it, he stopped and let go my hands and start to go away. „Just don’t forget, what I said.” With last smirk he disappeared from my view. I start to cry more. Sliding down to the wall, until I was sitting on the floor, I hugged my knees.
„Dad, help me. I don’t want this.” Outside was already dark. Only moon was seen. In this light I was crying. Looking at moon, I could see.. her. „Minami. I am scared.”

At the same time in Takahashi house.

„Mom, when food will be ready? I am hungry!!!” Four people were sitting in the living room and patiently waited for dinner.
„It’s almost ready, honey?” After long while, all family was together in one room. Minami brothers very often was out from town, because, they were playing basketball and have even their own team.

„What’s wrong chibi? This won’t help you to grow.” One of the brothers teased her.
„Shut up, Mario.” Mario was hers older brother. Much taller and little bit handsome, with short and brown hairs. He wasn’t very smart, but instead strong. However he and other his brother like to teased little sister, but they really care about her. Just put a hand on her and you will know, how taste and looks ground from very, very close distance.

„Looks like our midget isn’t in mood today.” Kuu, was midle one. He wasn’t so tall like his older brother, but not so short, like his sister. He have black hairs. He is in one basketball team with Mario.
„Ah.. just shut up you two.” She just tried to ignor hers brothers, because right now, she only wanted to eat. They parents only could laught about those three. All their kids was very precious for them and wanted them to be happy.
„Okay, okay. We just teasing you. But by the way… How is things in school?” Mario asked her with worried expression.
„Just like usually.” With sad voice, she answered him.
„I don’t get it. Why you don’t let us to help you? You know, that would be peace of cake to us to take them down.” Kuu continue.
„I don’t need it. It only make things more worse. And it won’t stop it. Even police can’t do anything. More like, it’s not allowed to them.” Laying her head on the table, she speaks.
„We will cover our faces. Then they won’t recognize us and-” Mario still tried to help to his little sister.
„I said no!” Getting up her head from table, she with angry look looked at him. „I will think something by myself, but I don’t want to use the strength.” Laying back her head on the table, she still inside was worried.
„O-Okay. Just tell then, if you need us. You know we would do anything. ” Both brothers looked at each other with sad expressions. They were very worried about her. Them don’t like it, that someone is hurting her. More even, that she is a girl and their little sister.

„Okey kids, everything are ready.” Their mother came in time in the living room, with food, what looked so tasty and made all worries gone.
But still in one persons mind was many thoughts. She didn’t know what to do. She felt scared.


School time.

   New week. Back to school. Back in own sit. With friends around. But this time, monday wasn’t very quite. They are doing it again. Those guys are bullying her. She were sitting in her spot and didn’t even move. While those three, with Takeru Sato in front, scribbling something in hers notebook. Other one taken out from bag hers lunches, opened them and turned around it, placed on her head. Closing her eyes, she waited, when all hers lunch would drip down to her face. They only laughing about it. My heart hurts from what I see. When I wil stop to be a coward?
„It’s start to get annoying. I start to get pity that girl.” Haruna with sad and low voice spoke, what only we could heard.
„Why no one doing something?” Tomomi were worried too.
„Who knows.” Miichan with hard breath just answered her. I only watching at them.
„They just can’t.”
„What do you mean, Yuko?” When Miichan asked back to Yuko, our attention was on hers too. What did she meant with it?
„If someone doing something, then everything would go more farther and worsen. And others are just afraid.”  I am one of them, who is afraid.
„I think you are right, Yuko.” Everyone just nodded with agreement to Miichan.
„Probably this won’t stop, until someone will die.” When Yuko said this, we looked at her with shocked look. But from other side, she is right. With sad look in their faces, they went back to their spots and waited when teacher will come in.
I still wondered, why Minami didn’t do anything. Usually, she fight with them back, but this time.. she just sitting there and let them hurt her. What’s going on?


After classes, when I went to the bathroom, I heard someone to talking. Trying for to heard more, I understand, that he is Takeru Sato. His voice was strange. I could hear more voices, more like laugthes. But with who are they talking?

„If you don’t come this Sunday to the party, where will be many from our school, I will find you and drag you there with force.” Takaru with pissed voice, said to someone. When I tried to look with who, at first I could only see those boys, because they were covering my view to that unknown. When one of the boy moved little bit to the other side, I saw  ribbon. Minami.
„W-why you want me to c-come?” with trembling voice, she asked them.
„Hehe.. simple. We want to see you, how much alcohol you could take it.” they start to laugh, while she didn’t understand anything.
„Why?” she looked into this eyes.
„You still ask why? Hehe.. because, we could take a pictures of you, how terrible you look and spread them all around in school.” She looked shocked and scared.
„W-what would happen, if.. I won’t go.?” They stopped to laugh and looked at her with devilish grin.
„If you won’t..? hmm.. easy, your parents can start to look other jobs.”  I couldn’t believe, what he just told her. How could he?
She didn’t say anything more, just nodded with agreement. After that, they went away, while she was still standing there, with face facing the floor. I understand one thing. I need to be in this party.


It was already Sunday. Party was one of the boy parents house. His family have big house, so there could come many students. I wear pink shirt with naked shoulder and jeans skirts, what wasn’t on of those tight ones. That night was warm, so most of all was outside of the house in the garden, where was also pool. Someone of them already were swimming and some of them looked already drunk. Going next, I could see my friends. They were drinking something, but it didn’t looked very strong and gave me too.

„So, how are things?” I asked them.
„Well, right now.. still like usually in parties. Someone is already drunk. Someone already making-out in on of the rooms and someone still kissing in some corners, while others just watching them and taking pictures and of course, house is already in mess.” Yuko with no emotion just told me. Yeah.. just like in the parties. While me and my friends talked, music suddenly stopped. At first, no one understands, what’s going on. Until Takeru climbed on the table, because he looked already drunk and tried to get everyones attentions.

„Can I paid your attentions?!” Everyone stopped talking and looked at him, waiting for reason, why he stopped the music. „Thanks! You probably wondering, what is going on? But don’t worry, no one is hurt, well.. not yet. First thing.. thank you for coming here!” No one still didn’t understand what he wants.  Until I saw her, Minami. Oh no!. „We just wanted you to meet our lovely girl, Takahashi, who accepted our invitation to come this party… and!” eveyone’s eyes was still on him and someone of them start to whispering something between each other. „..and she wanted to challenge us.. with drinking. Who could handle more.” While speaking and drinking from his glasses, he laughed. „But who we are, for not to accepting the challenge? So.. we agreed. And those who want to see this competition, are welcome to the living room. Thank you!” With that, he climbed down from table and went to the living room, where many others followed. I and my friends was one of them.
„I don’t think she challenged them. They again just want to hurt her.” Haruna with worried voice said to us. While we only nodded.

When everyone was gathered around, the competition started. There was Minami, Sato and one of is partner, who bully her. Those two  was already half drunk, so I hoped, that Minami could handle at least little bit.
„Ready, midget?” Sato challenged her. They drink something strong.. its looked like a vodka.

First round. Alcohol was strong, that’s why they also eat some lemon. Minami was holding, but looking at her face, she didn’t like the taste.
„Good, good, midget.” He only laughing.

Second round. Minami still hold. Those who were around, filmed all.
Third round. In Minamis eyes wasn’t emotions, only when she take next glass and drink it. It tastes bad.
Fourth round. Sato and other one only giggling. Minami still hold.
Fifth round. „Not bad, midget.” He looked at her with big grin in his face, while in Minami didn’t say anything.
Sixth round. In Minamis eyes still no emotions.
Seventh round. I start to worry about her. Does she even before were tasted something like that?
Eighth round. Sato and other one looked very bad. They couldn’t anymore sit normal. Minami only looked in one point.
Ninth round. One was down. Sato friend already was sleeping on the table.
Tenth round. „You are strong, midget.” Minami still didn’t answered. When he wanted to stand up, he failed. He was on the floor. Those who was around, were shocked. At that moment, she stand up from hers spot and went out from room. No one followed her. And how come, she still can go straight? Looks like alcohol didn’t do anything for her body. She looked just normal. While others were still standing around to Sato, I went after her.

Looking in every room, I couldn’t find her. Going out from house and looking all around in the garden. In the farther and darken corner of the garden,  I could see, that someone was sitting on the ground. Going closer, I saw her. Buried her head in her knees and her hands around to them.
„Mi-Minami?” I tried to call her, but there wasn’t response from her. Kneeling down in front of her, I tried to lift her chin. Her eyes were close. I could feel very strong alcohol smell, what was coming from her. „Minami?” Little bit opening hers eyes, she looked at me, but then closed them again. I knew one thing.. I need to get her on her house.. somehow. Lifted her up from the ground and putting her left hand around my neck, while my right hand was around hers waist, I tried to walk. Luckily she was small. While going away from here, I didn’t notice, that someone was watching us.


Luckily I knew, where she lived. Looking in her pockets, I tried to find a key from house. Thanks God, it was in her pocket! Walking in with her and with no sounds, I tried to look after her room. Hardest thing was to get her up to the stairs. After some while I managed to do it. Finding hers room and putting her in her bed, I looked at her. Sitting on the bed, I stroked her hairs from her face, she looked so peaceful. My eyes went to hers lips. I wanted to kiss them. Biting in mines, I leaned closer to her face. One kiss don’t do anything. Giving gentle kiss, I didn’t notice, that she still were awake. Putting her hands around my neck, she tried to get more kisses. At first I was shocked. But I couldn’t resist anymore. Room was dark, only moon showed some light.

With alcohol in our bloods, I couldn’t stop. Our kisses start to going more deeper. I moved myself, that I could be on top of her and her body between my legs. My heart was racing. My head was spinning. I wanted more. She made a mess with my hairs, while my hands start to travel around her smooth body. She let out a moan. I could feel passion.. desires. In our mouths was tongue battle. The taste of alcohol was very high, but I dind’t care. She start to moving, until she spinning me around and now were half on top of me. Her knee was already between my legs. Her hand traveled under my shirt. She leaned down to kiss my lips. With deep and hungry kiss, she stopped. She moved her head lower and start to kiss my neck. Kissing, licking and even biting.. I only could let out a moans. Her hands traveled higher and higher, until she find on of my mound. Squeezing. I should stop this, but I can’t.. not yet. Lifting higher my shirt, she start to plant a kisses on my chest.

My heart were beating very fast. I think I should stop, but then I felt, that she didn’t move anymore. When I looked at her, she were laid her head on my chest and.. fall a sleep. At first, I was shocked, but then.. It’s better like this. Sleeping there some while more and feeling her presence, I start to slowly moved her off from me. Checking my clothes and putting blanket on her, I gave her last kiss on the lips and went out from house.

Things, what happened in this night, also will stay in there. Walking away, I hoped that she won’t remember anything. Especially, about person, who was there.

Next morning. 


When I woke-up and sat in bed, I could feel very, very bad and strong headaches.
„Ah.. I will never drink again. Especially, if I have dreams, like that one. However, it felt like real.” Laying back on my stomach in my bed, I buried my head in pillow. Stretching my left hand under other pillow, I felt something.
„What’s that?” Slowly taking out, I saw something like a necklace. Looking closer, I could see, that it was from gold and....!   


                                          … O.O …

„It wasn’t dream. She really was here. Again that girl.” While looking at it, my heart felt strange. I didn’t know what was it, but I knew one thing..
„Aahhh!! I don’t remember who she was or how she looks like!!” …. „Ahhh… my head!!” Holding my head in my hands, I tried to calm the strong pain, what felt like my heart is in my brain and beating there.

Luckily next day was free and I could sleep all day. But.. if in house are two older brothers, then  - no chances for quiet and peaceful sleep.
„Ahh..” The taste in my mouth was still horrible. But I was too lazy to get up from bed and go to bathroom to wash them.

While looking at this necklace, what was in my hand, I tried to remember this person, but nothing.
„Hmm… maybe I should ask someone in school.?” I could feel, that next week will be… interesting.. in some way.


Hmm.. I think it’s already enough with those lovely moments.. Need to write something more serious.. Like, my report for school..  and deadline is coming very close.. already too close.  (crying) :depressed: :frustrated:

 [*whisper* I start to write new OS.. it called "Forbidden fruit".. it will be little.. well, not for readers with weak heart? ]
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KYAAAAAA !~ , atsuko can't hold her self to minami-kun !!  XD , who that person look at atsuko an minami? can't that person tell everyone about atsuko helping minami? uuugh ! CAN'T WAAAIT AND UPDATE SOOOON BLACK-MAA-SAMA   XD XD XD
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Please Atsuko stands up for yourself....

Make scene or something... about Sato's behavior at school and at your house...

Make scene in public, neighborhood so Sato family will be embarrass of their son behavior....

For rich people... they have one weakness.... they don't like to make a scene and don't like bad name or publicity

Then reporters and parents and teachers even police would be forced to do something about the bully that happened at school or others places

What's going to happen to Atsumina next?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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Yeii!! I hope finaly talk eachother  :roll:
grear chapater!!!  :twothumbs
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Hello! After more than half month without updates from me, I came back.. There is next chapter. And hope you would still read it.
@verlinechannn - hehe... about that mysterious person, you would only know in the end of this story.. XD and thank you!
@cisda83 - I know and I agree to you about those things.. but.. not this time. Acchan is too scare from her mother. But maybe I will try to include this things too.. but not yet.. Thank you!
@Dianalrs - Thank you for liking it and yeah.. time is come. :roll:
@NightSky - Thank you too for reading it!  :)

Also big thank you for my silent readers!  :)

Enjoy reading!

                                                                              CHAPTER 4

..Continuation of Minami POV

So, again Monday. Again in this…. school. Sometimes I were thinking ‘What I am doing in here? I don’t have friends.’ But now, standing in school corridor and with necklace in my hands, I know one thing – I need to know – Who is she? Maybe it’s only a some kind of prank? Or there is really this someone, who secretly loves me? I want to know. My hearts want to know.
Standing there, near from my closet, while many students passing me. Not paying any attention to me. I tried to search something… Someone. I saw some of my classmates. Maybe, they know who belong this necklace. But I will ask it, when no one would be around.

Classes ended. Today we weren’t all, coz some of them have a cold. Like usually, I was last one in class. Slowly packing my things and little bit cleaning the mess in class, someone came in. She was one of my classmates. If I am not wrong, then her name was Kojima Haruna. I never had spoken with her. She looks very beautiful, like a model. Kind a cute girl. I think, I could fall in love with her. Whoah! I have to try it and ask her. I felt little bit nervous.
„Anoo.. H-Hello, K-Kojima-san.” Oh my... Keep calm. Just keep calm.
„Eh?.. Oh.. hello.. Just call me Haruna.” When she looked at me and smiled, my heart felt strange, but it wasn’t the same feeling, what I felt when this mysterious girl was close to me and.. and.. yeah.
„Oh.. O-okay. H-Haruna.” Don’t forget about necklace. Just don’t forget..
„You okay?” She asked me and damn, if I just now didn’t blush..
„Hehe…” so awkward, so awkward.. „Anoo.. can I ask you something?” breathes, breathes..
„Yes, sure.” She again smiled to me. Oh my! From my pocket, I take out necklace and show to her.
„Amm.. do you know, who belong this?” She looked at it some while.
„I think, I had seen it to someone.” I don’t know why, but somehow I felt, that I am so close to know this person.
„Whom?” My heart start to beat faster.
„I think, It’s belong to…. Ac-”
„TAKAHASHI!” Haruna didn’t have a chance to tell me the full name, coz in class came those guys. Sato Takeru. They saw me and her standing very close. „What the heck, Takahashi!?” Sato came closer to me and pushed me away from her. When he pushed me, I dropped the necklace on the floor. He saw it. Taking up from floor, he looked at it. „Why the heck you have this?” It’s looks like, he know too, whom it’s belong to.
„I-I just found it, in that party on the floor. And I just wanted to know, whom it’s belong and give it back.” He looked at me with pissed look.
„Yeah, right. I will give her back.” He put it in his pocket.
„At least, can I know her name?” I asked him.
„Oh, her name is -” Haruna tried to tell me again, but Sato didn’t let her.
„You don’t need to know. So get your ass out from her you, nerd and don’t dear to speak of these girls again. Did you hear it?” Other guys only laughed about it. Haruna looked sad, while I could only bow to them and after taking my things, I run out from class.

I was so close to know her name, but again.. they had to come in. „AAAAH!!!” Looks like fate don’t want me to know the true. And ‘Ac’? I don’t know noone, who’s name start with these letters.


Friday. Finally Friday. Still some from my classmates were absent. I couldn’t wait when this week will end. Those guys all the time bullied me. Sometimes thru out my food in garbage or on my head. Everyone that times only laughed. Oh.. Sometimes I think I could kill him. Just stab a knife in his stomach. But this kind of death for him.. too good. Classes almost ended, until our teacher said something, what I hated the most – school Project. Project, what you have to do together with someone from your class. In this times, no one wants to be in a pair with me. Or just didn’t do nothing, but in the end got the highest mark than me.

„Okay, students. This time, I will choose yours partners… by accident. So, I don’t want to hear some complains about it and want you to not to tell it others, about who is your partner. When class ending, then please, each of you come to me and I will show you your partner. Do you all understand it?” Teacher explained to us. Some of them weren’t very happy about that. And me neither.

I was last one, like usually. Standing in other side of teacher table, she showed my partner..
When I readed my partner name, I was shocked…. O.O
„Takahashi, don’t scruve it. Do you get it? It’s your chance to get excelent mark.”
„Ye-yes, teacher.” I bowed my head to her and went out from class. I couldn’t belive it about who is my partner. But what to do? If someone will know, then I am… dead.! I think, It’s good time to start to dig my grave. T-T


I hate time, when I have a cold. With high temperature and running nose, I have to stay in my bed. Ah.. I hate this feeling. I want to see her. I miss her. Drinking all this medicine, soon my mind would go insane.

All week went very… very slow. Like it wanted me to suffer more. Most like from boringness. Usually, when I have boring, I eat some snacks, but now, everything what I tried to eat, was no taste and tastes like a ….well, bad. Even my lovely tomatoes taste like gum, what was chewed few times.
My cold finally was almost gone and was already Sunday. My parents, more like my mom, again invented THOSE PEOPLE on dinner to us.

Hugs, kisses, smiles. Like usually what would do my mom, when they arrived. But me – Hugs? Don’t touch me, I am ill, thanks God. Kisses? You are joking, I am very ill *cough, cough*. Smile? –I could get golden award about pretending.

Dinner went in normal way.. at least till now.
„Atsuko, I think it’s yours.” Takeru Sato, he takes out from his pocket something and gave to me. At first, I didn’t understand what was it, until..
„It’s my necklace. Where did you get it?” I looked at him with question mark in my face.
„In that party, probably when you danced, it dropped off from your neck. I found it not very long after you left.” If I remember right, then when I left, I still had it on my neck. Where he raelly get it?
„Oh, did you mean in that party, where you got very drunk and lost drinking competition to the younger girl?” His mom looked at me with disbelief look. Silince…. Until my mom start to speak.
„Acchan, darling, what are you saying? It’s so rude from you. How can you say something like that to him, so honored person?” she looked angry at me.
„B-but it’s true. All school students video typed, how he losted and collapsed on the floor and didn’t wake.” I need to change my mom mind about him, how awful he is.
„Atsuko, stop it! Your cold makes you talking nonsense.” She raised voice towards me. My dad didn’t say anything, he looked sad.
„B-but-” mom?
„Apologizing him! Now!” she stand up from hers sit and commanded me to do things, for saying true. Slowly standing up from my sit, I bowed my head to him.
„I am sorry.” I could felt, that he inside is laughing about me.
„It’s okay. Everyone sometimes mistakening someone.” He answered to me. Insinde of me, I already boiled from angriness.
„Atsuko, come, I need to talk with you.” My mom and me went in to other room. My heart was racing like crazy, I was scared and I didn’t know even why.

In lower voice „Atsuko. I don’t care, if it’s true or not, but put in in your head one thing – You and him, soon will be a couple and married. I don’t care, if you want it or not. But until you are living in this house, you will listen to my rules. Did you get it?” It was first time, when she telling me this. Hers voice sounded so angry and scary, that I was afraid to make a single move or noise.
„Y-yes.” I couldn't look at her eyes. My view was on the floor.
„Now go to your room. And think again about what you just did it.” With that she turned around and went back to others. But me, with teary eyes went to my room.
When all this will end?


Being absent for some while and still little bit shocked about my moms words to me, I was back in school. Sitting in my spot, I noticed that Minami is.. nervous? Why she is looking so nervous?
„Acchan, are you okay? You some while weren’t in school, so we start to worry about you.” Around me came my friends.
„Don’t worry, Miichan, I am okay. It was just simple cold.” With smile I answered them. And they looked satisfied with my answer.
„Ah.. Acchan, by the way. We have upcoming project, what we need to do in pairs.” Miichan said to me.
„Project? In pairs?” I was surprised about this.
„Yeah.. and this time we couldn’t choice our partner, because teacher did that, by choosing accidently. My partner is Yuko.” Miichan already complained about her. Just like her.
„Hey.! I don’t want to work with you too, but it’s very important, so, we don’t have choice.” While saying it, Yuko pouted.
„Hihi..” I could only laugh about them. „Amm.. do you know, who is my partner?” I hope this person is good.
„We don’t know. More like.. no one know others classmates partner. So, you better don’t say anything about it.” Miichan and Yuko looked at me with dangerous look.
„Don’t worry, I won’t. I am just curious about mine partner.” After one minute came our teacher.
Classes went very peaceful. What was miracle. When classes ended, teacher called me.

„Maeda-san, can you come little bit?” When everyone was already out, I went to teachers desk and waited for what she have to say. „It’s about up coming project.”
„Yes, what is it about?” I patiently waited.
„Do you know your partner?” I nodded, while rising my head from left to right side. „Well, it’s Takahashi.” At this word, I froze.
„T-Takahashi? Oh..” from this word my heart start to beat faster.
„Is this okay with you.?” If this okay? I am happy. More than everything.
„Mm.. yes.. everything is okay.” While bowing down, I went out from class. For a moment I felt so happy, but then..
„Oh no… maybe that’s why, she looked so nervous? I hope no one other know about this. And I hope she don’t remember anything from that night.” Whispering in low voice to myself I went home.

Week were ended, but no sign from hers. I start to worry, that she don’t want me to be her partner. But this is Project. A very important Project, so, I don’t have choices. I have to go to hers place. And of course pretend like I never had been there.. however, it was in night, but still..


After some while, I was in front of her house. Slowly going closer to this house, my heart beats start to beat more faster. I felt so nervous.
Standing in front of the doors, I rang the bell.
Ring~… one time.. Still no answer. I start to worry.
Ring~.. second time. After that I heard  that someone is coming.
Doors were opening. In front of me standing a man. He looked young and much taller than me.
„Amm.. H-hello. In here living Takahashi Minami?” He just looked at me.. with strange look, he comforted himself with left shoulder on the door way.
„For you honey, I could be everything.” He just looked at me. It start to feel uncomfortable.
„Amm…” I didn’t know what to do.
„Oh! what a.. girl… just.. WOW!.” Behind him came one more boy. He looked young too, but little it shorter than first one.
„Bro.. I tottaly agree with you.” They just looked at me from up till down, while I just standing there and blushing.
„I-amm.. Is this-” What to do? What to do?
„Ah, yeah.. about your question. You are in the right place, honey. Just come in. Fell free to be like home.” And who are those two.? Going in and taking off my shoes, they led me in the house.
„Thank you.” I smiled at them and I think I shouldn’t do that, because..
„Oh, my.. I think I am in love from the first look. She is so gorgeous.” Shorter pretended to faint. I need to be careful from those two, but they are so funny.
„Hihi.. you  two are funny.” While laughing about those two, I didn’t notice that Minami is coming in in this room, while drinking something.
„Hey, guys, who was –pfffff…. *cough*.. *cough*.. M-Meada-san? W-what are you doing in h-here?” When she saw me, she split her drink out from her mouth. And now she is blushing. Cute.
„Well, I heard, that we are partners in upcoming project. Also, there was no sign from you, so.. that’s why I am here.” I showed her my smile, what was from my heart.. and how I predicted it.. she is blushing…     
.. very hard… hehe.. I could kiss her right now.
„Oh.. y-yeah. I-I forgot… that.. hehe..” While with her hand scratching her head from behind, she looked so nervous.
„Hey, shorty, how you could forget something like that? Just look at her..” one of the boy pointed  his hand at me from up till down.
„Shut up!!” Looks like she feel very uncomfortable. „Ah, by the way… Those two are my stupid brothers, who don’t have a brains, but have a muscles.” With hand she pointed at them.
„But for you lady, just call me Kuu.” Shorter one start to speak first, while winking at me.
„But I am Mario.. just call me anytime and I will be there for you, my honey.” Taller one came closer to me, takes my right hand into his and kissed it. I think I am blushing, again. 
„Hey.! What the hell you are doing. Get lost. She came to me, not you to asshols.” She just sounded like jealouse boyfriend.. Hihi..
„Oh! Oh! Don’t be so jealouse. You can take her, but at least, let us enjoy her present in here. Because, this kind of beauty in this house is first time.” Oh my! I think I never stopped to blush.
„Asshols.” With that, she taked my left hand into hers. When I think, that my heart is calmed down, then now.. it is racing more faster. Luckaly she isn’t looking at me, but straight. Entering in hers room, I could see that hers room is.. well…. not very clean. O.o

„Ah.. sorry.. I didn’t know, that someone would come here. So.. my room isn’t very.. clean.” Again scratching her head from behind, she tried to calm down hers nervousness.
„That’s okay.” With gentle voice I answered her. When she tried to little bit clean the space, where to study, I looked around. There was some pictures with hers family. Some anime magazine, like One Peace and other staffs. When I make my view to hers bed, in my mind came moments from… that night… Touches… Kisses… Moans..
„You okay?” I didn’t notice, that she was standing beside to me and that make me jump from my spot.
„Eh!? Ah! yeah..” showing my smile to her, she didn’t asked anything more.
„So.. I think we can start to discuss about our project.” She showed me the place, what was beside to the table.
„Yes, sure.” Sitting in front of each other, I could feel hers eyes on me. We bouth looked so nervous and didn’t know with what to start.
„So.. amm..” she start to looking something in her notebook.
„What are you looking for?” With soft voice I asked her, while looking at her.
„Ah! Found it. the task, what we need to do.” She put in front of me hers notebook to let me know, what we have to do.

While I was carefully reading, I could feel, that she is looking at me. When I raised up my head, our eyes meet each other. We just looked into each other eyes. No words. No moves. .. Deg, Deg, Deg…  After half minute, I was first who wake up from trance.
„You okay? Or something is on my face?” My heart was racing. Please, don’t look at me like that. You have no idea, how hard is to control myself.. when I am so close to you.
„Eh? Ah..” she awkwardly continue „…It’s just a first time to see you so close and even first time when I speak with you.”
„….” Well.. not really.
„Oh! Please, don’t think about me like some kind of weirdo.. I am not like that. It’s just…” She again start to scrach her head from the back.
„Just, what?”
„Just… in school you look much different.” she looks so nervous
„Different?” I rise my right eyebrow, trying to tease her.
„No! No! Not in bad way..” putting her hands in front of herself and shaking them. So cute.
„In school and even out from school you look beautiful-” I think, she didn’t even recognize what she just said.  „AH!! I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to say something like that.” Hiding her head in her hands, she were in panic.
„Thank you.” Raising her head up and looking at me, I showed her my smile.
„ …o////o …” She just made me in love with her more deeper.
„Y-Your w-welcome.” Hiding again her face from me, I said something in my mind, well.. I at first I thought I said it only in my mind.
„Eh?” She looked at my with bright red face.
„.. o///o..” now was my time to blush.
„Hehe… I think we should better start our Project, or we couldn’t do it in time.” She tried to get out from this.. very… very awkward situation.
„Yeah.. you are right.”

After our very awkward situation, we start to do our Project. While trying to forgetting everything what was just while ago. We spent hours to trying think something. However, most of time, we just laughed. Who could knew, that she is so funny and interesting girl. I don’t even remember when last time I felt so happy. No wonder, that I fall in love with her.


Now I again will disappear about half month or more with new updates.. Sorry!
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Kuu and Mario, Minami's brothers... Interesting..

Poor Minami... she was supposed to find out the owner of the necklace...

Also Poor Atsuko, what kind of mother does she have?

Does her mother wanted Sato's family wealth or something like that?

What's going to happen to Atsumina next?

Can't wait to find out

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Hi, everyone.
First I need to apologize for not updating anything about more than one and half month..  :kneelbow:
Reason is because, at first I needed to write my last report for university, where was unsleepey nights  :dozing:  and then I had to present it.. where stress level was more than high..  :on study:  but in the end I finished it successfully and now is only left graduation ceremony  :on grad: .
But now when is summer I have a lot of works what to do, more like helping my parents.. So.. it's hard to find time, when write something.. sorry about that..  :depressed:
But it doesn't mean, that I won't continue it.. I am writing it, but very, very, very slowly..
So, I still hope my readers still waiting for my update and aren't forget it about it.. By the way.. I am so thankful about your comments about last chapter.. Thank you very much.  :kneelbow:

Hmm.. I think I will little bit tease you about what will happen in others chapters.. Oh yeah.. there still will be not less than two and not more than three chapters what I need write fully..
So -


„I CAN’T ANYMORE!!! My brain soon will blow up from thinking about this Project.!” I don’t want to think about it, cuz I want to think only about Minami…. And sleep with her.. in one bed.. *smirk*…. Maybe I can, if I pretending to fall a sleep in her bed.. hehe.. need to try.


Our teacher talked about something in front of us. My mind was in clouds nine. I just couldn’t wait, when classes would end. Ah.. everything felt so perfect and-

BAMP! *loud sound of doors opening*

„POLICE! PLEASE STAY IN YOUR PLACES!” In class came in many policemen with guns… What’s going on?


How you can read, then something will happen.. good or bad, who knows! 8)
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Hello..  :)
This time I am back with new update.. Well, this chapter is in two parts, cuz all things what I wanted in this chapter went too long and I didn't wants  to readers wait any longer..
Also, apologizes about plenty of mistakes.. mostly grammar..  :sweatdrop:

I am glad to know, that you also waited for update to this story.  :)

Enjoy reading!  8)

                                                                            CHAPTER 5.1.

It’s already two weeks, since in weekends I come here to Minami house. With each time what we spent together, it feels like I know her already so long. Already I know so much about her and she about me. I feels like we are in different world and time. Where are only me and her. Laughs and smiles. I won’t mind to spend the rest of my life like this, when she is around to me and so close. So close, that I can feel her breath on my cheek… feel her presence, her touch.. and my heart never stop racing faster and faster. She can change my world… my life.


I could watch her all day. About how funny and clumsy she is. Hers failing joks, where in the end I laughing about not the joke, but about her reaction how she is telling them.


With her I can forget about my problems. About my mom, who wants to control my life. With her I can be just different person. A happy person. I know, that she can change me.


And when she is calling me by my name, I want to jump on her.. hug her tight and give her plenty of kisses all around her face.

„Hey, Atsuko!”

Ah… even know in my mind I can hear her how she is calling my name. How can she make me so in love with her? It’s like a never ending dream..

„ATSUKO!! Are you okay?”

Her lips are so kissable.. The way how she is looking at me with those two eyes.. I think I could melt in there. They never won’t be enough for me.. and only for me.

„AAH!” Did she just hit me?
„Stop dreaming.” Why she did that?
„Eh? What are you talking about?” I looked at her while pouting.
„You were in your dream world.. again.” She looked at me with strange grin in her face.

„I don’t know what are you talking about.” When she hit on my arm… its even hurt little bit.. how could she do that? Mou..

„Don’t know? Hehe.. your hand what was on table were holding your head, while you are looking at me.. smiling and even biting in your lip. I even called your name five times.. but you were still smiling. In one moment I thought you would jump on me. So, for stopping you.. only way how to get back down to earth was to hit you.” ……O///O …. Thank God, that I didn’t jump on her.. then the explanation and denying would be… embarrassing.

„No.. I am not. It’s only your imagination.”   Ah.. my heart is racing so fast.. Please stop it.. Stupid heart.

„Hehe… you are funny.. But I think we should continue our Project.” Ah.. that was soooo close. „By the way.. can you give me your school notes? I want to check something, if I had written right in class and maybe we can found some new idea.”

„Yeah.. sure.” I gave her all my notes and books, what I had taken with me to her house just in case.

„Thank you.” At first she started to look thru to all my notes. She looks so smart, when she reading something and trying to find something, or understand my handwriting.. I could watch her all day like this.

„You start to dreaming again, while watching at me. It really start to get creepy.” Shoot..
„Oh.. hehe.. sorry..” What the heck I am doing.?!

After 5 hours…..

„I CAN’T ANYMORE!!! My brain soon will blow up from thinking about this Project.!” I don’t want to think about it, cuz I want to think only about Minami…. And sleep with her.. in one bed.. *smirk*…. Maybe I can, if I pretending to fall a sleep in her bed.. hehe.. need to try.
„Hmm.. you complaining about how hurt your brain, but your face is telling something else. Atsuko, I think something is wrong with you.” Oh, Minami, you how no idea, how much wrong with me is.. and it’s only because of you. You are driving me insane with your presence.
„I am just tired..” I stand up from my places, where we write our school Project and went to her bed. Lying down on my stomach, and my face in her pillow, I could smell and feel her presence. It’s so calming. „Oh!! It’s so good in here. I think I could sleep here too.” ..and my plan can start.
„I think, for you it won’t be a problem.” She stand up from her sit too and joined to me in her large bed. But she lay down on her back. I think I am dreaming.

After some while of silence.
„..Atsuko?” She start to speak.
„How come, in school we had never talked, but now in here… you are so talkative and it feel like we know each other so long.?” She speaking without looking at me. In her voice, I could hear, that something is bothering her.
„Hmm.. what do you mean? Also you never had came to me and talk. Even for me  looked like you only by yourself want to write it this Project.” I pretended to pout.
„Oh, yeah.. sorry about that. Well, probably, because, I can’t aprroach you in school.” Her voice sounded so sad. My heart start hurt again.
„Why not?” However I know the answer, but still, I want to hear it from her.
„Amm.. I would just say, more like you already know, that I am nerd, but you opposite to me.. So, I don’t want to ruin your popularity.” Even this unswer hurt, cuz it’s also true and why I am scared from others.
„A-and there is…. someone.” Why she looks so nervous?
„Someone?” My view was on her.
„Yeah.. more like.. there is someone, who is in love with me.. well, I think, cuz there happened some… things.” I-is she talking about me?
„What… things and who is this.. someone?” Oh my! But I want to know her feelings.
„Well, different kind of things, and about this person… I don’t know anything, cuz these some ‘things’ happened when I was injured and unconscious. I think, this someone don’t want me to know the true.” Ah, Minami.. if you would know..
„Maybe she is afraid from something?” Why she is looking  at me like that? „What?”
„I didn’t said, that this someone is  a girl… and now sounds like you know something.” Her eyes looks so suspicious.
„What? No, you said it.” Stupid head, stupid mouth.. Aaah!!!
„No, I didn’t.” Think Atsuko, think.!!
„Yes, you did.” Minami, don’t do that.!!!
„You know something?” O///O „ Yes, you do. Tell me, what you know!!” Stop asking me this!!
„I d-don’t know what are you talking a-about.” I think I just dig my grave..
„If you don’t know, then why are you blushing and stuttering?” AAAH!!! I just ruined everything!!!

„GIRLS, Come down! Dinner are ready!” OH MY GOD!!
„YES, MOM!!” It was her mother.. And she just saved my life.. In one moment I thought my heart would stop to beating.
„Okay, we better going, before my mom comes up.” She stand up from bed and started to walk away. „Atsuko, are you not coming?” She stopped in doors and looked at me.
„Eh? Yeah.. I am coming..” I need to be more careful, cuz I almost screw up everything… It was too close.. My heart still can’t to calm down. I hope she would forget it after dinner.. And this time I can’t make my plan.. mast try to next time.. after dinner I better go home, while I don’t screw up it more.

In kitchen.

I went to sit besides to Minami, who was already sitting in her places to the table and waiting her food.
„Here you go, girls.” Minami mom gave us some food. Its looksvery delicious, like always. Her mom from first day is so nice to me. Somehow I am jealouse to Minami for having such a good and caring mother. I wish mine could be the same.
„Thank you, mom.” Minami always gave her big smile, like thanking for what she gave. She looks so cute.
„Thank you, Takash-”
„Oh, just call me mom and welcome you girls. Good appetite.” Now I know from where Minami have so beautiful smile.
„T-thank you…. Mom.” For me it was little bit strange to call her like that.. but somehow, I felt happy about it. While we eat our meal she went out from kitchen.

She looks good and nice girl. Since them have this school Project, my Minami somehow start to smile more often. And she is happy, then I am too. I hope they could be good friends for long time.
When I see how Atsuko looks at her, while Minami don’t look at her back, then I can see in her eyes like a sparkle. I don’t know why, but I have feeling, that she is this mysterious girl, who sent this note to my daughter. But I am not sure about it. I better don’t say nothing to Minami.
I am little bit curious about, what my daughter think about it.. does she found something? Does she know the true?
But I am worried about one thing. Is she stronger about her mother.? Atsuko, do your heart is much more stronger, not like was your mothers? Who you will choose to follow?


After finishing our dinner, we went back to her room. Also it was already time for me to go home. However I really want to stay here, but I need to go, cuz… she can still ask me about how I know about that ‘girl’.. yeah..
„Minami, I will go home.” I start to packing my things, books and notes.
„Yeah, sure. Next week we will continue it. And don’t forget all your books, cuz you will need it.” After taking all my things I went down to stairs and put on my jacket. She followed me.
„Thank you, Minami.” I gave her my smile, but inside I felt sad, cuz I need to go.
„By the way, I can walk you home.” I really wish that, but not this time.
„No, thank you. With me will be okay.” Going out from her house, I waved my hand to her and start to my slowly walk to home.
„Just take care about yourself and bye.” She waved me back.
„Bye..” Ah, Minami. How I wish, we could be together and each other arms. But this things still stay in my thoughs and dreams. Like always they had.

Still in Takahashi house.

„Minami? Does Atsuko already went home?” Hers mom called her, while sitting in living room couch.
„Yes, she did. But next week we will continue it.” she called her back, while going up to stairs and to her room.
„Oh, okay.” She continue to sit in her place. Minami entered back in her room.
„Ah, what a mess.” After writing their Project, in all room was a lot of paper sheets and some clothes. Slowly taking one by one, she found one of Atsuko book. While in one hand she had some clothes, what need to wash, she carried book to put in on the table. But she didn’t notice, that something dropped out from it on the floor. She didn’t noticed this white paper sheet, where one of corner were wrote ‘Bill of hospital’. While looking at her book, she put down her clothes on the floor. To the place, where also dropped this bill. „At least, this book we don’t need for our classes.” Putting down it on the table, she was ready to go sleep.
In her sleep, she remembered this mysterious girl and thoughts who she really is. While in her thoughs, she didn’t know, that the answer what she is looking for is so close on the floor.


New week. In school. Lunch time.

„Oi, Acchan! How are going your school Project?” Me and my friends were siting in cafeteria. While we are eating, Miichan asked me.

„Hm? It’s good. Me and my partner already had done very much.” I answered her.
„Speaking about partner.. Who really is your partner?” She asked me again.. in  teasing mode.
„No telling it.” I can’t tell them, coz.. well, you know..
„Oh, come on! You know ours, so, tell me your.” This time it was Yuko, who asked me this.
„Sorry girls, but no chances.” I can’t let them know.
„You are mean, Acchan.” Yuko and Miichan pouted for negative answer from me.
„Hehe.. I know. Okay, girls, I will little bit go to library.. I need to take some books.” I stand up from my place and start to walk away.
„Okay, see you in class.” They answered me.

While going thru the corridors, where also has some students, I was thinking about Minami. But, speaking about Minami, where is she?

BAAM..!! *sound of steel*

„Itaiiii!!!” From nowhere in front of me was Minami.. on the floor and looked like she is in pain. After realizing what just happened, I wanted to help her, but…
„Get up, you migdet!!” It was them.. again.. Sato with his asshol friends. When I looked back at Minami, our eyes met. I didn’t know what to do or say.. I was frozen.
„Ah…” She slowly tried to get up, but her arm was injured.
„What the heck, midget? I think I already told you not to look at Maeda..” With angry voice and look he came closer to her like wanting to punch her. Looking back at Minami, she already waited for getting some punches from him.
„You are-” When he was also close to her.. I don’t know what just happened, but my mouth just talked by it self.
„Will you stop it!” He stopped his hand for grabbing her and looked at me. Confused. Like everyone, whose attentions was already to us.
„What?” It was only sound from he.
„Just stop it already. She is human to and already suffered too much from you and your so called ‘friends’. How would you feel, if everyone doing this things to you-” From no where, he grabbed my hand.
„Atsuko? I think you lately had study too much and you don’t know what are you talking about.” His hold was tight.
„Let go of me and stop calling me like that.” I tried to get free my hands, but his hold was too strong.
„Why I wouldn’t to call my girlfriend in her name?” I looked at him with shocked look. „So, everyone, I want you to know, that me and Atsuko already dating..” He told it with big smile in his face. Everyone whispered something between them self. Some of them congregated us. When I looked at Minami, she looked… shocked, too. Minami.. I… I…
At this moment I wanted to disappear from this place, from this world. But I couldn’t. I don’t want him, I don’t love him. I want Minami. I love her.


There is something wrong with Acchan. I have feeling, that she is hiding something from us. However, her smile is last few weeks are just growing, but something is still off.
When she went to the library, not long after that, was heard sounds, like someones are fitting. Everyone went to look what is going on. When I was in corridor, I saw Acchan, Takahashi and Sato with his friends. Takahashi was on the floor in pain, Acchan near to her and she looked…. sad? Why she have this strange look in her eyes.. I could see that hers and Takahashi eyes met and it was strange. This look wasn’t hate or shame, but something other.. I couldn’t really tell what.
When Sato told, that he and Acchan are dating, everyone was a shocked. Cuz even I think, he isn’t deserved her.. Acchan eyes showed pain, broken heart and sadness. When she looked at Takahashi, there was again this look.. like it have a meaning… like between those two are something. But speaking about that.. I remembered how Acchann carried Takahashi after that drinking party..
What you two really are hiding?


After what happened in school and Sato confession, nothing was anymore like the same. There was hatters and supporters for those relationship. In one heart was happiness and pride about what had done, in other heart was sadness and pain, but there was also this one heart, who felt sad and didn’t even know why?


When I heard, that Sato and Atsuko are dating, in me was this strange feeling. I couldn’t tell what kind of, cuz something like that I felt first time. Somehow it scared me, but in the same way, like something was missing.
At least I had a chance to see and talk with Atsuko and stay in one room all day. We have still one last weekend, when we need to finish our school Project. And somehow I hope everything would be the same, when she was in here. I like her smile, what she is giving to me.. those two brown eyes, where I can see only me.. When she is in her dreamland while watching me, I always think, what she is thinking, what is in her mind.? Sometime I have strange and stupid imagionate, like this mysterious girl is her.
„AAAH!! What the heck I am thinking?! It’s note even possible in million years. AaH! Stupid me!.” I was in kitchen, while searching for something to drink. Finnaly something getting I went back to my room. There was my mom, who, like always, were taking my unclean clothes for washing. When I entered in my room, she was holding something in her hand.
„Minami, honey? Why in your room  and more like on the floor is a hospital bill.?” She looked at me with question mark in face.
„What? How I know. It’s must dropped some of Atsuko books. Don’t tell me, that you looked in?” I went closer to her.
„Of course no.” She passed me this bill.
„Then don’t, cuz it’s not our business. When she later come here, I will give it back.” Taking it, I put it on the table. „Okay, mom. I think I will read some manga. Can you go?” I look at her, and hoped, that she would leave me alone.
„Okay, okay. You and your manga. Never to disturb.” And with that, she went out. At least, she understand, that I don’t want me to be disturbed by someone, when I am in my manga world.. yeah..” I still had time, until Atsuko comes.

„Three hours.. but she still isn’t here. That is strange. She usually texts me, if she will be late or something need to do.” While sitting in my chair and reading my manga, I found myself to watching this hospital bill. I didn’t know why, but my inside mind all the time is telling me to look in it.

There was more three hours. But no signes from her. Its start to get boring.
 „Aaah.. where is she.?” Now doing nothing, but only watching thru the window.. my inside mind start to get unpatience.. it wants to open that bill. My eyes was on it. My hand started to move by itself.
 „No one would know, that I watched in. Right?” White letter was in my hands. Somehow I still fighted with me to open it or not. In the end my inside mind and curiosity won. Opening it and slowly reading it..

„Hmm.. it’s the same hospital when I was.. Hehe.. even the same date.. So.. reason are…”
„Minami, honey!!? Can you come little bit down?! I need your help.!” It was my mom from first floor.
„OKAY!!” I called her back. Putting this bill on the table and lefting it open I run out from my room. Maybe later I will read it.. cuz my inside mind still don’t want to be calm. I could tell, that I have strange inside mind.. scary.


The same time in Maeda house.

Why I am even here? Right now I should be with Minami, not in home. But of course, there is my mom, who insisted me to stay home today, cuz there will be visitors. I don’t know why, but my inside mind telling, that these visitors aren’t not others but Sato family. Grrr.. never thought, that in this world be someone, whos I hate so much. But unfortunately, there is my mom, and I am hers daughter. With out her I am nothing, this is how she always tells me. And that’s why I am here.. in my dress and waiting them. I hope they won’t be long in here, cuz Minami is waiting me.. I even can’t send her text message, cuz I forgot my phone in my room, and my mom don’t let me to go after it. Pff..

DING DONG *the sound of door bell*

And there they are..

Dinner time went peaceful, like usually. But I could felt, that he all the time was watching me with his stupid smile. Creepy. There was moments, when I wanted stab him with fork. His parents was so loud, when they spoke with mine. I think my ears after this dinner will hurt.

Right now, I am not worried about what happens in here, but about things, what happens in Minami house. She probably will be angry or upset because I still haven’t give her a call. I hope, they won’t take it long in here.

I excused myself and went to bathroom, what was near to outside doors. After refreshing my face and checking my make up I went out. I was only takes few steps outside when I felt a hand on mine. Turning around I saw him… but he didn’t smile.
„Could you please let go my hand?” At first I asked him nicely.
„Why are you avoiding me?” He looked straight in my eyes.
„Let.Go. My.Hand.” The second time my voice wasn’t so nice anymore. Instead for letting it go.. he hold in more tighter and came closer to me. I takes few steps back, until behind me was a wall.
„I won’t. You are mine.” Somehow in his eyes I could see a anger. Its started to scary me.
„I am not yours. I never will be.” In my voice was hear a anger „And why didn’t you even told something this stupid in school about things like we are dating, if it’s not true at all?” He just laughed about it. He pressed his body against mine. He holds both my hands against the wall, what also was near to my head.
„You are mine. If you want it or not. And right now, I want what is mine.” His words made me more scared. He started to kiss my neck.
„Stop it.” I begged him. It felt so disgusting. He moved his lips to my ear.. my jaw.. cheek..
„No. You taste too good.” He whispered back in my ear. Kisses were so rough. In one moment he stopped and looked at my lips. From his look, I could tell, what he wants to do. His face start to get closer and closer to mine. I didn’t have enougth strenght to push him away. There also wasn’t no use to scream for help.

I don’t want to feel his lips against mine. I don’t want to feel his touches. I don’t want to feel his body against mine. I hate it all.



Next update - no idea! :panic:
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Minami!! Hurry up!! Your lovely need your help~ :v
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„No.. until you won’t go to your girlfriend and apologies her.” …and she continue to hit me.
„I already told you, she is not my girlfriend!!” I tried to avoid that bag.
„Go to her. Now!” this old lady is insane.
„What, now?! But she probably already is sleeping.”
„Go to her.. or I won’t stop to hit you.” Damn that hag.
„Okay, okay, I will go.. Now! Just stop already.” I slowly start to go to Acchans apartment doors, but at the same time I didn’t let my eyes down from that old lady. I knocked two times on doors, when I heard answer from Acchan to come in.
„Get lost old lady.” Tomorrow there will be bruisis.

Hehehe thank you old lady!!  :wub:
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Minami, Acchan needs you! :cry:
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Pls update soon!!!
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Really... Sato is going to rape Atsuko

would anyone stop Sato from crossing the line?

Would Atsuko be able to save herself?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Omg Takeru is such a jerk, I actually hate him :on voodoo:

I love this story so please update soon!
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Hey! Finally new update from me. Sorry for making that long to wait it (again).. but at leaste it's done. So, I hope my readers still want to read it..
 @Kakeru15 - Hehe.. Thank you for you comment and yeah.. Minami, hurry up! XD
 @takagil - At first I got confused where I had written something like that, but then.. Oh yeah! XD And TnQ about your comments.
 @AI712 - Yeah.. everyone hate him.. Acchan have hard time in there.. and it's only begining.. Ah.. Thank you for leaving comment..
 @Kairi65 - Fully agree with you.. Minami, where are you? XD TnQ
 @cisda83 - Hmm.. your questions will be somehow answered in this part.. and who knows, what happens next.. O.o TnQ..
 @Bakamina_Oshi - No one likes him.. that's for sure.. TnQ
 And big THANK YOU for my silence readers!

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                                                                              CHAPTER 5.2

Time went so slow. No one could stop him from what he wants to do. No matter how much I tried to avoid it, cuz sooner or later it could happen. My heart was in pain..

I felt his lips on mine. Rough kisses. He pressed his own body so close to mine, that I even couldn’t make a single move. He asked for deeper kiss, for permission to get into my mouth. But I don’t let it. I wanted to bite in his tongue, but I couldn’t, cuz then I have to give him this unwanted permission. Tears were dripping from my eyes..

Please. Stop it.

He let go my left arm and with his own he started to touch my body. Every single his touch made me more disccussed by him. Kisses stopped only few seconds only for getting air. With my free hand I tried to push him away.. but I was too weak for him.

Rough kisses by him continued…

Well, this is what would happen, if before his lips could even touch mine wouldn’t be this sound –

DIIING DOOONG *sound of door bell*

He stopped for trying to kiss me. Door bell made him stop, but he still hold me.  I don’t know who is other side of the doors, but I feel really thankful.

„Honey, could you please open the doors?” It was my mom.
„O-Okay!” I answered her. He looked mad, cuz was disturbed. He stepped aside of me and went to open the doors instead of me. Opening doors, my eyes widened in shock. He looked more angrier. Like ready to kill this person. Not only for disturbing, but also for who was it.

„M-” I couldn’t finish saying this person name, when he said it. Angry.
„What the hell you are lost in here?!”


My mom always doing so much for everyone in this family, that I can’t ask for more. After doing what she asked, I went back to my room and already felt so tired. After taking good and relaxing shower, I sat back in my chair.
„Ah.. shower always can help to feel so fresh. But looks like Atsuko won’t be today.” Looking in my phone, what showed zero messages and calls, but in my mind was still her. Why? It was already late and time to go sleep. Changing my clothes in to sleep ones and fixing my bed, last thing what to do was to switch off the lights. There was one left on the table, where previously I sat. Making my steps closer and reaching the buttom, my view last time was on bill. I saw there something familiar.
„T-Takahashi.? Why in this bill has my name.?” Taking it my arms and looking carefully, my eyes widen open. O.O
„Maeda Atsuko? This is mine bill, what disappeared. And… Atsuko was the payer?” Looking at her name, I still couldn’t believe it.
„All this time. Those kisses. Touches. That note. It was from hers. She was who did it all.” I didn’t know how to feel. Do I need to be angry, mad? Or I need to be happy and answer to her.? I was confused about my own feelings. Confused about things, what I myself feel about her.
„Note. Where I put that note.?” I tried to search it and found it in box, where I put all my life important things. I know only one thing  - I can’t let it be like that. I need to do something and now. Changing back my clothes and run out from house.. I tried to run as fast as I could.



„I-I am s-sorry for disturbing and-” She tried to catch her breath..
„Takahashi, you really want to die?” He went closer to her and tried to take her by clothes and was ready to punch her.
„Takeru, stop!” I tried to stop him. He looked at me with pissed look. „Just-just let her at least tell a reason, why she is here.” I don’t know why, but my heart beating so fast. I couldn’t move from my spot.
„I hope you have good reason to be in here?” He still holding her.
„I-I just bring her a book, what she forget in… in library.. and… and this is very important book what we need already in Mo-Monday.” She showed us this book. It looked  like one of those book, what I left in her home, but.. we don’t needed for our classes.
„You are be kidding?” he pushed her on the ground. Slowly standing up, she tried to give me this book. My feet moved by itself and takes me in front of her. Takeru looked so angry.
„H-here you are.” Giving this book to me, I looked in her eyes. Why do I see in there other reason why she really is here?
„T-thank you.” Taking it from her hand, our fingers touched. Again this feeling, my heart is beating so fast. Looking again at her, she gave me a smile.
„Okay, it’s enough. Now lost from my sight, Takahashi. Before I punch you. This time you were in luck, but next time.. I swear, Takahashi.. you would wish, that you never been born.”
„S-sorry. I leave now.” She bowed us and went away.

„That Takahashi.” Takeru was still angry, because she disturbed his chance to kiss me. He went back in in house to were was others. But I, with book in my hand, went to my room. Dropping it in my bed and myself laying besides on my back, I closed my eyes. I could see her.
After few minutes opening my eyes and turning my view on the book, I saw, that something was in there. Turning around on my stomach, I take it. Looking in it, I saw a white paper. Taking it out and opening, I couldn’t believe it, what I read it in there.

                                                                                         „You are the secret of my heart.”
„I am glad to know it. Thank you, Atsuko.”
In my eyes were tears. Putting my hand in front of my mouth, I tried to not make some crying sounds.
„Mi-Minami…” She knows. She knows the true. Did she rejected me or accepted? This thing for not knowing is destroying inside of me. Pressing this note closer to my heart, what was beating like crazy, I cried. Right now I wanted to run away from here. To the place, where no one could find me. And crying loud all my pains out.

Without wearing something warmer, but only my boots, I run out from home. I tried to be fast and noone noticed. I couldn’t see where I was running. I just run. My view was blurt. I could feel, that my boots starts to get wet from slow rain, what right now were falling from the sky. This rain is like my tears. What just drooping by itself.
My feet takes me to the park, where almost no one came due to mess and big trees. It was like lost park near to this city. I found one spot under tree, where rain couldn’t get thru. It was almost dark outside. Burying my face into my knees and still crying, I heard foot steps. I didn’t care who they belonged. In one moment I wanted to yell to leaving me alone, but I couldn’t. Maybe this someone will just go away. Instead of going away, the sound of steps came closer and closer. My head was still into my knees, what I hugged with both my hands.
This someone stood near to me and after some seconds, it sat beside to me and very close, that I could feel even this person warmness from shoulder. I still didn’t care. I continue to cry with silence. This warmness besides to me, still didn’t disappear. I couldn’t take it anymore and slowly lifted my head. Somehow I was afraid even look at this someone. Maybe this person is some old creep or killer, who just waited the best chance to kill me or use me. Somehow I was afraid. Slowly making my view to this person I saw a girl. This girl looked straight into skies.
„Looks like rain just stopped and soon stars will be seen.” Did my eyes showed right view or I just dreaming? I didn’t know it, but my heart started to beat faster from what was in front of my eyes.
She looked at me. „..Atsuko.” I could see a smile in her face. And at this moment I wanted cry again and more louder.
„…*sobs*.. Mi…Mina-mi…. *sobs*..?” She hugged me. „…Minami…” She hold me in her arms like never wanting to let go. „Minami!” I was holding her by her clothes.
„Shh… Just let it out. I am right here….” I cried even louder.
„Minami. I am scared.” I buried my head in her cheest.
„I won’t go no were.” In her arms I felt so safe. She stroked my hairs, what felt so good.

I don’t know how long we were like that, but I didn’t cry anymore. I just wanted to stay in her arms. Without stopping stroking my hairs, what really make me calm, it was time. Getting up my head I looked at her. She again gave me this beautiful smile.
„Minami.. How?” In my head was so much questions, but only what came out of my mouth was one word.
„How come I am here or how come that I know?” She looked at me with those beautiful eyes. But I couldn’t say anything. „I will take it like both. So.. I am here, cuz I followed you after you run out from home.. and then you probably want to know, why I was still there? Well, cuz I waited you, Atsuko. More like, hoped that you would come out…” I still couldn’t say anything, I just listened in her words.. „..and I know about it, cuz you accidentally left one book in my home and in there was my losted hospital bill.”
„I.. I..” How could I can forget something like that… in book.?
„and you know.. somehow, I even hoped, that this mysterious girl is you. So, thank you, Atsuko.” In my eyes again were tears. Happy tears.
„I.. I am sorry, Minami.” She hugged me again so tight.

I don’t know how long we were in this place, but I also didn’t care it. Holding my head on her shoulder, it felt so good. Our hands were intertwined. Rain was fully stopped. We could see a beautiful stars. It was so calm.
„Look, Atsuko, falling star. Make a wish.” She pointed to the places, where we just seen it.
„Me? Why you also don’t do that?” Squeezing our intertwined hands we made a wish.
„Hm.. Okey.”
„Falling star, I wish, that no one could take away from me Minami Takahashi.” I made a wish.
„Falling star, wettnes my love for this girl, who right now is beside to me and what I never would let go.” We looked in to each other eyes I saw there a love. True love. In my head I said the rest of my wish, cuz I didn’t wanted her to hear it - ..until death will separete us-.

„Atsuko, I think it’s time to go home.. but this time.. to my home.” She looked me with serious look.
„A-are you sure about it? Cuz you parents-” I still couldn’t believe, that this all is happening.
„Don’t worry about them, cuz I think they would be happy to see you.. However, I will be in big trouble.” She looks worried.
„W-why that?” I don’t want her to be trouble because of me.
„Well.. when we got there, you will understand.” She helped me to stand up from ground with our hands never separating.

Takahashi house.

„So, we are here. Are you ready?” She looked me and gave me her beautiful smile, but somehow she still looks worried. With nod, I agreed her.

„WHERE WERE YOU, TAKAHASHI MINAMI!?” Now I understand why she was so worried.
„Mom, I am sorry.. its just.. I-” We both looked on the floor. Even I was scared.
„Do you know how much is a clock!!?” Her mom sometimes can be scary.
„I.. I am s-sorry, mom.” Minami’s voice started to crack.
„Do you know how much I was worried!!?” Her mom really worried about her.
„I-I know, mom. It won’t happen again.” And all this is because of me.. What I had done?
„Minami… just please tell me, if you are planning to go to somewhere. I don’t want to something bad happens with you. And-” when I lifted my view on hers mom, I saw, that she were looking at our intertwinded hand. Somehow, I wanted to get our hands free, but instead, I felt, that she were holding it more tighter. „-and just don’t  make me worry so much again, okay? Now, better you both go to Minami’s room, cuz looks like you both need to change.” She gave us a smile, what made me really surprised. I couldn’t believe, that at first she was yelling at Minami, but in the end, she just let go us like that.. Ah.. I wish, that my mom would be like hers.
„Okay, mom, Goodnight. Love you.” We both bowed to her and went to Minami’s room.
„Goodnight, girls.”

That night I spent in her house, in her room. Sleeping in one bed with intertwined hands, it felt so good. We barely talked in that night, cuz from so much crying my eyelids feel so heavy and with Minami present besides to me and gentle kiss on my forehead from her made me fall a sleep very fast.
Next morning was the best feeling in all my life, waking up with Minami beside to me. It just made my day more compliter and full with energy. I didn’t wanted to go, by I had to, cuz probably my mom would be angry for running away like that and with out words to saying.


There was only one week left for school Project. However, we already managed to do it even in school time, that now, we can spend this day together and with out thinking about studying. Also this week was last, when I can make excuses to my mom for going to someone house do my school Project.

In school we both couldn’t talk to each other, cuz we don’t want to others to know it, so we better to hide our relationship as long as possible.
I was back in Minami’s house. It was dinner time, when all family gathering together. She and her mom invited me to stay longer and eat with them. Of course I agreed.

After good and delicious dinner we all, even hers two brothers sitting in living rooms couches. At first I couldn’t sit besides to Minami, cuz each side of me were sitting her brothers.

„Hey, you two, don’t plan to do something stupid or pervert to her?” Minami sounded jealous. Cute.
„Oi, oi.. don’t need to be jelouse. Let us too enjoy her presence in here.” With mischievous smile said Kuu.
„Yeah.. and all this school time Project you two were together, now are our time.” While Mario laughing continue and putting around his hand to me. I think I even little blushed from this kind of acction from him. When I made my view to Minami, she looked very angry.
„At least get off your filthy hands from her!” She is so protective person.

Minami’s  brother, her and her dad played a cards on the table while me and her mom watched them and laughed, when Minami lost almost in every party and her reactions was too funny. For making more interesting game, her brother went to bring some kind of drink. While those two went after that, Minami used a chance to sit besides to me. Finally.

This drink was a alcohol. Not very strong, but still alcohol. We both were enough old to drink it, but I refused, because it would be embarrassing to get drunk in front of her family. And I don’t want this kind of shame. I need to make good impression to them.

„So, short one. Are you ready?” Kuu and Mario smirked while showing her a bottle.
„What? Not again. I always lose, cuz you cheating all the time.And stop calling me short.” Looks like it’s not first time, when they are playing in this way a cards.
„Don’t be chicken.. only few game. Shorty.” Mario still tried to get her in to game.
„Aah! Stop that! Okay.. but if I lose three games, I will stop it.” Looks like she is very easy to get in this kind of things.
„By the way, Acchan, did you know, if she takes alcohol pretty much, then only after fifteen minutes she is log off, but till then.. no emotions.” Oh.. no wonder, when was that party she could go away so normal.
„Oh.” It was only sound what I could make, when Minami speaked.
„Hey! You don’t need to tell her this kind of things.” Did she just blushed?
„Hehe.. why not? She need to know. Oh, and one more thing. If she drink little by little, then start to be funny and too much protective person.” Mario teased her.
„It’s not fanny.. it’s embarressing.” Last few words she didn’t said loud, but was enough to me to hear it. 
„Okay, okay, shorty. Bring a cards. Let’s play.” Kuu started to mix them and give to everyone, who played.

„Haaaa!! You lost. That was fast.!” Everyone laughed, cuz Minami already lost in first game.
„Yeah.. cuz you cheat.” She takes glass with drink and drink it.

In next game, she lost, again and looks like alcohol is already taking her mind. That was pretty fast. My back was pressed at the couch and she laid her top body on my lap and with her arm touching my leg, sliding it up and down. At first it surprised me, cuz I was afraid from reaction what her family could say. My cheek felt hot.
„Haha.!! Look who now is touching her like a pervert.” Her brother Kuu instead laughed about it.
„Shut up! And I am allowed to do that.” Okaaaay.. I hope they won’t misunderstand this situation and what she just said. With out saying anything, I waited others reaction. At first it was silence, but then..
„Pff.. Ahahahaha!!! What a pervert.” Kuu and Marion started to laugh more harder. „..And you say, that we are one her who are perverts, just look at you..” Kuu pointed at her, while holding his stomach.
„Just say what you want, I won’t move, cuz it’s too comfortable and I am protecting her from yours hands.” Ah, Minami.. you really can make my heart beats.
„Okay, okay.. just do us you want, but you know… you got really good catch.” With what Mario wanted to say that? Does this mean, that everyone in her family already know about mine and Minami relationships? I feel so embarrassed.
„Hehe *weak laughs*.. Amm.. can you please stop to talk about this kind of things?” I tried to say something until it goes too fare.
„Oi, oi.. we just teasing her.” Mario between laughs tried to speak.
„I-I know, but can you just please to continue to play that game, cuz I am little tired and want to go sleep.” Right know, I really want to hide from them. But more surprised I am about their parents, cuz they didn’t said anything, but only laughed.
„You can go..” Mario said to me.
„Oh, wait.. you can’t sleep with out your pillow, right?” This really made me be more embarrassed.
„Wh-what? I-I didn’t mean it like that.” I start to worry. Minami, help me.
„……Ahahahaha..!! I think I never will be enough to tease them.” Ah, Mario.. you really are annoying with  you teasing things.
„Hey! Stop it already! Just play, cuz I also start to get sleepy.” Minami, thank you.
„Ooo… look who talks.. a knight.” After Kuu talked, Minami looked at him with deadly look.
„Okay, okay.. we better continue it, cuz shorty ones behaviors start to get creepy.” Mario finally give up and continue the game.


After losing three games of cards we went to her room. Finally two alone. She layed in her bed with her back facing bed while I laid besides, but on my stomach. Looking at each other she made a move. Turning me around on my back and putting on of her arm around my stomach and pressing her body little bit closer, she start to speak.
„Do you know what I missed all this week?” Her eyes never leave mine.
„Hmm.. my touches?” With gentle voice I tried to guess it.
„No. Your lips. Soft and tasty lips.” At this moment my heart beated even faster.
„Prove it.” With challenging voice I answered.
„Love to.” She moved her body half on top of me. Her lips touched mine. Oh.. it felt so good. Even myself missed it. Taste of alcohol was barely feel it. Our kisses become more deeper and passionate. Her hands started to own way all around my body. Every her touches was like  a fire, what burning and made it more hotter. Her hands was on my buttons of blouse. Slowly she starter to open it one by one.
Her slowly, gentle and hot touches on my skin was like electricity what was going thru all my body.

After some while of sharing passionate kisses my blouse was still open, but bra on me. We both were lying in her bed, while she was on top of me. My arms was still around her neck and my body was between her legs. I tried to keep our bodies very close and I didn’t plan to let her go.
Our eyes were watching each other. We didn’t speak. Only sound was our heart beats. She takes off my hands from her neck and put it each side of my body, while intertwiting our fingers. Giving fast kiss on my lips, she start to nuzle her nose in my cheek and giving gentle kisses. Nuzzle in my neck and make little blow in there. Kiss on my collarbone and slowly they start to get lower. My body start to get hot.. With just simple kisses, she can make me go crazy. What would happen, if we really do… that. Her kisses stopped and her eyes was on my cheest. What she is up to?
„I bet those things under this little peace of cloth are so soft.” Her smile was devilish.
„W-what a-are you s-saying?” It’s so embarrassing. I could feel, that my face start to get hot.
„Hehe.. you look so cute, when you are blushing.” She teasing me.
„Mou..” I want to hide my face right now, but I can’t cuz she still holding my arms. She came back to my face what I turned to other way. She leaned closer to my ear and whispered in it something.
„But I am more sure, that down there you are more softer.”
„O/////////O” WHAAAT!?!?
„..and with your amazing moans it’s probably make it more tastier.” I think my face just boiled.
„B-ba-aak-ka…” How could she say something like that.. she don’t have shame? Not even little bit? Cuz I have!!!!

We didn’t do nothing more in that night, but was enough to love her even more. She is a person, who is worth of my heart and worth to keep it with her.

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Maeda house

„Atsuko, darling, can you come please?” I was called by my parents in living room.
„What is it, mum?” When I went in there, they already were sitting in couch.
„Honey, we only wanted to tell you, that me and your dad will go to business trip.” I was sitting in opposite side of them in couch.
„Oh..” it was only sound what I could bring out from my mouth.
„..and it will take about one week. After that we hope your relationship with Takeru Sato will be better.” Ah.. yeah.. right. I think they would be more strained. But speaking about Minami.. hmm..
„I see… And when are you two planning to go?” I asked them. In my head I was already planning how to get Minami in here.
„After two days, honey.” My mom said to me.
„Oh.. that’s very soon. Then… nice trip.” In that day they was last words what I spoken with them.

Those two days went very fast. Their bags was already done and ready to go. They went with airplane, what was in the same time, when I had to be in school. I knew that, when I go home, there won’t be no one, cuz in next two days all house personnel was off from house too. So, my plan how to get Minami in here, can start.

After two more days in school

It was already lunch break and like usually me and my friends gathered to the one table. We talked different kind of topics, until..
„I think something is wrong with Acchan.” Yuko started to speak. I looked at her and didn’t understand what she mean it.
„What do you mean, Yuko? For me she looks fine.” It was Miichan, who didn’t understand it either.
„Just look at her. She isn’t daydreaming, like usually, when we all four gathered together.” Yuko looked at me with mischievous smile. Why she is looking at me like that?
„Hmm.. she is even smiling often. Probably it’s something to relate with their parents, who went to business trip.” Said Kojima. What? Haruna, you too?
„Oh, right. I bet something had happened, or still happening, while she is alone in her home. Or is she was even alone in there?” Miichan with her mischievous smile continued. Why I have feeling that I know what they are talking about.
„I am more curious about what ‘they’ are doing there, alone?” in Yuko face everyone could see a strange grin. Geez, Yuko, don’t look at me like that.
„Girls.?” I tried to speak too, but…
„Yuko! You and your perverted mind.” Miichan looked at her with disbelief look.
„What? I am just guessing.. who knows… maybe she just hiding that side of her too?” Yuko still continued.
„Khmm.. Girls?” .. hellooo.. I am here too…
„Hmm..” everyone looked at me „..maybe… maybe their is something more?” Kojima was in her thinking mode.
„Hey, girls! I am still here and I can hear you!” I tried to speak more louder. But still no use… ah..
„Oh, Haruna, these kind of words I could never expected from you…. But from other view.. who knows..” Miichan, seriously?
„Okay! Enough of this! Stop saying something silly… it’s not like that.. not at all.” … coz it was much better… hihi…
„So, will you tell us, what happening with you?” Yuko.. No!
„Stop fantazier.” Coz if I tell you, you could lost too much blood from your nouse..
„Mou, Acchan.. you are unfair..” Sorry Miichan.. maybe someday.. maybe not..


Week, day by day come to the end. My precious time with Minami also won’t be anymore so often.. At least, some of memories I typed in my camera. Just need to remember to hide memory card from it, coz there are moments who are… khm.. very personally. And no one.. I said NO ONE can know about them. These memories are my biggest secret of my heart. It was time when I finally felt what is true love and be loved by someone whom you means everything, like the same this person to me.
Time what I spent with her, was time, what I would never forget. But the best thing was to wake up in the morning and see besides a person, who captured my heart. To see a beautiful smile and adorable yawning.. only thing what I can do, was just look at her with smile and understand how happy I am. Those sneaky kisses what I gave her, when she was still a sleep and those moments, when she caught me what I am doing and then... mmmm..  yeah… memories..

After one week.

Someone POV

„Honey? Are you home? We are back from trip.” I opened hers rooms door, but there was no one. „Honey?” Room like usually looked nice and clean. Every were was hers pictures about her childhood. She grow up so fast and now is time her to release her wings. Looking around I saw one of hers video cam, what was put on shelves between some pictures and other little things.
„Hmm.. she usually liked to play a paparazzi…” Taking it in my hands I turn it on. „Hmm.. does in here is still those old video?” When I looked thru all videos, I could see a video, what was dated a few days ago.
„Oh.. what is that?” Pressing ‘play button, I started to watch it..

„Acchan, what are you doing?” There was seen a some kind of person… in Atsuko bed?
„Hmm.. how it looks? I just want to video type this moment.” There also was my daughter. What are they doing? Why that girl is in her bed?
„What for?” She asked her.
„Hmm.. coz who knows, what happens in future. I just want to some memories from you. And you know… It will be my best memories.” What she is talking about? Atsuko, what’s mean all of it?
„Oh.. if you promise to me, that you won’t show it to others, then I could make this moment more special and more unforgettable.” What that girl is thinking? How dare she?
„Of course, no. It will be only for me, for my eyes and my heart, what you stolen from me.” I can’t believe it what I just heard. What she had done with my daughter? She is turned her into ‘L’.. No…


My daughter isn’t like that.
„ Oh.. did I.? Then come here and put that camera to somewhere where it can do its job and I can do mine.” No.. this isn’t happening..
„Hmmm… is that so?” What are she thinking?
„Come her and let me taste it again your pinky and soft lips.” O.O
„With love to.” She putted a side it and crawled in bed. There was seen, that she was half top of that unknown girl. She gave it, that stranger some pecks on lips. I don’t even remember, when she last time smiled like that. In next moment they changed positions and now she was under her. They started to kiss each other more deeper. Atsuko putted around her arms to that girls neck..
„Minami, can you please take of your bracelet from your hand? Its ticklish, when it touches my skin.” So, that girl is some kind of ‘Minami’.. I could see  that she taken it off and put it aside.. hmm..

OH MY GOD!! What that girl is doing?! Why her hand is under my daughters shirt?


No.. NO!! I won’t let it like that..

I will do everything to stop those relationship..

I don’t care how much it will cost me..

My house! My rules!

Betrayals have to pay…..


When I returned home, my parents was already back from trip. Of course, like usually they bring me some souvenirs. From a fare they looked tired. That’s why I didn’t asked nothing much. Just let them rest.

Next few days I didn’ talked very much with them, coz I was busy with my school.. and unfortunately, I even hadn’t so much time what to spend with Minami.


After one week

Everyone was already in their classes and in their sits. Everything was peaceful. No one was yelling or doing something to other. Those boys with Takeru didn’t came in the morning, like they usually did it. No one were bullied.


I and Minami were sitting each of our sits. Sometimes exchanged with glances. I felt so happy, that finally we are together and nothing… nothing could change this fact or separate us. My heart finally can be free from this secret and be with person, who I love.

But… really?

Our teacher talked about something in front of us. My mind was in clouds nine. I just couldn’t wait, when classes would end. Ah.. everything felt so perfect and-

BAMP! *loud sound of doors opening*

„POLICE! PLEASE STAY IN YOUR SITS!” In class came in many policemen with guns… What’s going on?
„Policemen, what’s happening?” Our teacher asked them
„We have suspected, that one of your students in last night had killed Sato Takeru.” Policeman explained her. But.. Sato is dead? Who did it?
„What?! Who could do something like that?” Teacher was shocked, like everyone of us. My eyes was on Minami. She looked shocked too.
„We are looking for…….. Takahashi Minami.” O.O What!? It’s a joke? Please.. it have to be a joke. Coz I don’t like it. Minami? Everyone eyes was on her.
„Wha-at? I-I didn’t do that.” She stand up from her sit. At that moment behind of her came few man. They with force laid her on the table and put her arms behind hers back. They put handcuffs on her hands.
„Is this your?” Policeman asked her. It was her bracelet what she carrying around her arm, but why policemen have it?
„What? Yes.. it’s mine… But I lost it.” She answered to them..
„Everything what you say, you can tell it to judge.”  She looked confused..

No…. ‘DEG  *loud sound of the heart beating in my head*

They start to drag her out from class. Everyone whispered something.

No… ‘DEG

She looked at me with apologizing look.

No… ‘DEG

Everyone start to go after them.. shocked. My breathing start to get heavy.
Someone start to speak in my mind – „Atsuko, how long do you plan to be a coward? You finally got her. But now you just let them take a way her from you?” – No – „Do something.” –

No! I. Won’t. Be. A Coward. Anymore.

Next thing what I remembered was, that I tried to get thru to everyone by pushing them. In front of me was one of policemen. My hand moves by itself….

„STOOP!!!!” I screamed. In my eyes were tears. I was trembling. In my hand was… a gun. I tried to point it at everyone. No one moved. They looked shocked.

„I WON’T LET YOU TAKE A WAY HER FROM ME!” I again screamed. More tears in my eyes. My view was unclear from tears.

„GIVE HER BACK TO ME!” At that moment, policeman who holded Minami let her go and she start  to come to me, but her hands was still on her back with handcuffs on it.
She was almost near to me. I immediately put my right arm around her neck and pressed closer to me. My back was at the wall. Each of my side were policeman. 
„Minami, I won’t let you take them. I won’t be a coward anymore.” I could feel hers body temperature. She was so warm. But in the same time, she was trembling too. I had went thru too much pain and won’t give up so easily.. Not anymore. I won’t let anymore to someone to control my life.
„Atsuko, please. Put down the gun.” In calm voice she asked me to do it. Her head was buried in my neck. I was so scared. Scared from losing her. Scared from.. result.
„No! They will take you.” Around no one were speaking. They were afraid. No one could imagine something like this.
„Atsuko, please.” She still tried to calm me down... But this time, there isn’t a way to turn back. I am sorry.
„No, until you say, that it wasn’t you!” I didn’t let down my eyes from others. I could see, that some policman speaking something thru their police radio. My heart is suffered already too much and go thru too much pain.. it won’t make it one more time.
„You know, that I didn’t do it.” She raised her head up and looked in to my eyes. „Atsuko, I love you too much. I don’t want to loose you. So, please, put down the gun.” While looking into hers eyes, I didn’t notice, that gun, what I was holding in my arms, was now pointed at the floor. In my eyes was only her. I really want to stop it all, but… it’s already too late.
„Minami, I-”

BAM!!!!! *sound of gun, and follen glass shields*

Shock. No one could understand what just happened. No one was moving.

„Minami…” I felt strong pain in my  left shoulder. It’s start  to get harder to breathe.

Is this really happening?


„Atsuko..” Her eyes changed. Please don’t tell me, that… Her hold around my neck got weaken. Its start to slide down from me. Gun what she hold in her hand dropped on the floor with sound.. Her back were pressed to the wall.. I noticed the blood in her left shoulder.
„No…” she slowly start to slide down to the wall. After her I could see the dark red stripe on it.. blood.

„NOOOO!!” incredible pain in my heart…

Time stopped.

No one moved…

Shock and disbelief in everyone eyes…

What just happened?

Some moves started to go into very…
movements.. Felt like someone is trying to slow down everything and making all more painful..

Hard heart beats in my head. I wanted to scream.. I didn’t want to believe it…

I couldn’t hear not even a single sound. I dropped on my knees. Tears were dripping from my eyes like a river. I wanted to hold her in my arms, but I couldn’t, those handcuffs didn’t let me. Those stupid handcuffs didn’t let me to hold her. I tried to get rid of them, but I couldn’t, it’s just made my hands in more pain. Trying desperately to get rid of them, I could see a pain in her eyes.. they looked so lost.

„ATSUKOO!” I tried to scream and call after her. She didn’t said anything. Her mouth were open for trying to get the air..

Policeman finally was near to us. Some of them takes me a way from her with force. I tried to resist it. I somehow could get out from their hold, but then…. I felt high pain in my back and in next moment I was on the floor. They tried to hold me still, but I only screamed after her.

„Atsukoo!!”  Many others policeman was near to her. I somehow still could see her. Hers eyes was on me. Some of hers tears were still sliding down to her cheeks…

„Atsuko…..” Her eyes slowly closed.

„No…” I couldn’t do anything. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine like it was a bad dream and all of this isn’t even happening. Once again opening them, I understand that.. it was true.. It was very hurtful true.

„I am so sorry..” They take me away from her and out from school. My legs felt so heavy. Going thru the school doors, my legs went like a jelly and I fall on my knees. Some of policeman tried to get up me again.. But my legs refused listen to me.

I lost her…

Around were sirens of police cars and ambulance.. there were running doctors and nurses with medical things in school. And again, It felt like time start to get slower with each heavy step…by me.
Around were so many people and students, who wants to know, what really happened. One of policeman said something about my rights, but I couldn’t really understand it. My look was on the ground. In front of me I could see her.. Her beautiful smile. All our good memories, what we spent together. In my head I could still hear her voice and laughs.. Our time together wasn’t enough..

But now.. I am in the police car and who knows, what will happen now.. But she… got hurt because of me.. I couldn’t think anymore properly. In my mind was mess, chaos… with thousand questions in there -

For what?........
Why me?
Why her?
How much tears are still necessary?
How much blood still need to lost?
How much pain there will be?
How much need to sacrifice?
What is the true price of all of it?

I want to know…



It was late night. On streets was only few people, who in fast steps tried to walk to somewhere. Some of them to home, where their family was waiting  for them, but some of them, just somewhere. In one of the street, what was near to basketball court, was walking some stranger. Dressed in black with hat and hood on head. This person face in dark time was hard to see.

In that basketball court, where was still some light, was trained some kind of boy. Person in black clothes approached him. At first he didn’t even noticed this stranger, until the ball what he threw to the basket hit back and dropped behind him. When he turned around, he saw this someone.

„Oh, who are you? What you want?” Lifting up his ball, he asked to a stranger. But it didn’t answered, just standing in one place and with hands in pockets.
„Hey! I am talking with you!” He made few steps closer to this person.

„You are weak.” Finally stranger started to talk.
„What? Who are you?” he was confused. From voice, he couldn’t really understand who is it.
„You call yourself a men?” Stranger voice sounded angry.
„Take of your hat, that I can see you.. or I will do it myself.” He slowly approached this someone. When he was almost near to this person and ready to lift up this someone hat… in next moment he felt hard pain in his stomach.
„W-what are y-you doing?” In that moment stranger stabs a knife in him.
„You, Sato Takeru, are coward. You got beaten by a girl.” Stranger talked and stab that knife more deeper.
„AH!! Y-you… I… I kno-know… y-you… You.. are…M…” His knees get weaker and weaker. He could feel a blood, what slowly started to drip from his stomach. It was even hard to breath.
„You are not needed anymore.” Knife was stabbed third time in him. This time he couldn’t take it anymore and dropped on his knees. Ones more time looking at stranger was last thing what he saw it. And then, everything was already dark.
„Don’t worry.. soon you will have a visitors.. in that side…”

Before leaving, this stranger something dropped on the floor, near to this boy.. it was something small.. With that.. stranger also disappeared..


Lately I wrote it mostly funny stories, so I changed this chapter into ‘not so funny’, or more like opposite.. with hurtful moments and so on… cuz nothing doesn’t comes easy in life.. unfortunately..

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