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AH! I'm here again. Supposed to be studying. :err:
So, I'm opening another topic for OS.  :hee:
Anyways, I know Kojiyuu Week is ending today and I kinda got sidetracked (Thank you studies.  :tantrum: ) but here I am! With the first one.
Hope you enjoy.

Yuko pov
"Nyan nyan~ I'm back." I said as I shut the door softly. Thankfully, the shooting for Yamegoku ended early as the Director was happy with the amount of recording we managed to do. I removed my shoes and walked in still hearing no reply. "Nyan nyan?" We are suppose to go out for dinner together.. Where is she?

'There she is.' I quietly crept over to where she was and kneeled down to get a better look at her. 'So cute. Can't waste this opportunity!' I silently took out my phone and snapped a few photos of her. After satisfied with what I had, I decided to prepare dinner as I doubt that Nyan nyan would want to go out.

Haruna pov
I was waken by the sound of sizzling and the aroma of food. I slowly sat up and stretch my muscles and headed over to the kitchen. "Oh Nyan nyan, you're awake. Dinner will be done in a little while more."

I nodded my head and sat myself down at the counter, laying my head on the counter facing sideways. "When did you come back?" She thought for a while before answering. "30 minutes ago I think.." She said unsure. "Why didn't you wake me up?" I pouted. "You look tired. Plus you looked so cute." She said as she walked over and pinched my cheeks. "I wanted to spend more time together." I pout again. "Hmm? Aren't we doing that now?" She tilted her head to a side.

"We've both been busy and we haven't seen each other for a few days. You're busy with drama shooting while I'm busy with AKB activities. We didn't even have a photo of us together for nearly a month on Instagram or even Twitter." I sighed.

"Why don't we change that?" She closed the stove and walked back over behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. "My phone is right in front of you. Let's take a selfie together now." She said giving me a quick peck on the cheek. I blushed at her actions. I opened the camera app and soon we snapped a few photos of us together. "The pictures turn out well." Yuko said as she head back to the stove. "Mmn." I was browsing through the gallery until I stopped.

"Yuuchan.. What's the meaning of this?" I asked, showing the photo of me sleeping. "Hmm? That's a photo of my beloved Nyan nyan sleeping. Isn't she cute?" My blush intensified hearing her say that. Without wasting a second, Yuko grabbed the phone from me as I was distracted. "Yuko.." My voice started to turn threatening. "Nyan nyan. I know you take pictures of me sleeping as well." I blushed. "F-Fine. You can keep the photos." I mumbled. "Yatta! Thank you Nyan nyan. I'll send you the selfies when we're done with dinner." She said walking past me holding two plates.

Nevertheless, dinner went well. Yuko gets to keep the photos of her beloved Nyan nyan while Haruna gets to take some selfies with her beloved Yuuchan.

And done! First time writing an OS.  :sweat:
The following one, Oppai will be update tomorrow. Hopefully. :on woohoo:
Thank you for reading and off I go!  :on gay:
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this is so cute
i like it  :heart: :heart: :heart:
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good job JoeYee-san!!  :mon star:
i love it!!  :mon lovelaff:
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CUTE~ :heart:

But it's too short for me.. :on polter:
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jhom_09 = I'm glad you liked it.  :)
Korisu29 = Thank you!!  XD
yuuchans = They're cute alright. XD I'm sorry, I'll try to write longer next time. Hope you won't be disappointed with the length of this OS as well, as it is quite short.  :cry:

Sorry guys for the late update. The next OS might take some time and so I sincerely apologize for that.  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
Well, I hope you guys enjoy this One Shot - Oppai

Yuko has been thinking of ways to do skinship with Nyan nyan without getting her beloved mad. She had tried to ambush her in the dressing room, toilet and even once when they went to Guam for PV shooting. But unfortunately for our perverted squirrel, she hasn't been successful at all. So she decided to do the unthinkable, that is to grope the other members oppai.

Yuko was walking along the hallway when she spotted Yukirin. She silently walked over and started her quest, reaching out her hands and she gropped Yukirin. "It's big but not as nice as Nyan nyan's." She mumbled while squeezing it. "Kyaa! What are you doing Yuko-san?!" Yukirin shouted with her typical over reaction expression. "Yuko!! What are you doing?! Hands of my girl!" Mayu pulled her away and wrapped her self around Yukirin like a koala bear.

"Only I am allowed to touch her assets." Mayu declared aloud causing a certain someone to blush. "Good for you Shiriri-chan. Her oppai's are just nice for you I think." Yuko said nonchalantly. All of a sudden, the room temperature dropped and before you know it, Yuko is already on the floor.

Thirty minutes later, Yuko woke up, feeling a hand combing through her hair. "Yuuchan? Are you awake?" A groaned was heard. "You shouldn't have done that. Mayu told me to warn you never to touch Yukirin inappropriately ever again." She said. "I didn't mean to. I just really really really missed my Nyan nyan's oppai." Yuko pouted.

Her hands were starting to wander again but Haruna caught her just before she could do anything weird. "Hands to yourself Yuuchan." Haruna warned her. "But I really really really missed you and your oppai.." Yuko pouted as she retreated her wandering hands. "I think you miss my oppai more than me.." Haruna let out another sigh. "Eh.. Nyan nyan. Even if I love your oppais, you're still very important." Yuko said sincerely.

"Hmm? Sweet talker. Ma.. I'll let you rest your head on it for now. Do anything strange and that's it." Haruna said in a stern voice. "Okay okay. I won't do anything weird." Yuko said as she rested her head on Nyan nyan's oppai while Nyan nyan snaked her arms around Yuko's waist. "Ah.. Nyan nyan's oppai is the best." She said blissfully. "What about Yukirin's?" Haruna asked out of curiosity? "They're big but it doesn't feel right. Only Nyan nyan's oppai can satisfy me." Yuko said, still in lala land. "Pervert." Haruna stated aloud.

Not long after, Yuko had fallen asleep. A whisper was heard. "You could've just asked me directly and not harassed other people nor myself. Hentai."

And that's it, it's short but I guess it's better than nothing?  :fainted:
I guess I'll see you when I see you.  :on gay:
Oh and, thank you to the silent readers as well to those who took their time to comment on this OS.
Really appreciate it.  :on GJ:
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it's cute
 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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Finally Yuko have oppai action here....

I really like this........  :whistle:
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So cute <3

Please write more!!
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 Hahaha it's not like im disappointed, i am already pleased that there's Kojiyuu's fic around here  :oops:  :wub:
But yeah, being me i'm just to lazy & not motivated enough to write something..  XD

Overall thanks for updating :thumbup  :deco:
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I love Yuko being pervert, hehe but of course only for Haruna

Thank you for this lovely fic Author-san :heart: :heart: :heart:
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l3utt0sai = Kojiyuu FTW!
arawche079 = I'm glad you liked this!   :twothumbs
Kirozoro = Ahaha. Here's the next one~
yuuchans = Glad to know! Do your best author-san!  :twothumbs
jhom_09 = Yup. Perverted Yuko only for Haruna.  :inlove:

And I'm back with the third one.
The title this time is Princess/Hime-sama. I struggled a little but I managed to came out with something.
Hope you like it!  :hee:

In the 19th century.
The King and Queen of Akihabara Kingdom was greeted with good news. The Queen was to give birth to a baby girl, a Hime-sama. They decided to name the baby Kojima Haruna. Kojima Haruna was loved and cared for as a child.

When Haruna was 10, her parents decided that she has to have a personal knight for safety purposes. And so they invited the Oshima family to discuss to reach an agreement.

The Oshima family are well known to be a very strong clan. They were supposed to only choose a child but they were two children who were really good and therefore leading them to a duel.

Oshima Mariko and Oshima Yuko. Oshima Mariko is 14 while Oshima Yuko is 10. The age difference doesn't matter to them. The both of them trained hard ever since they were kids. The both fought hard and our Hime-sama was there to watch as well. Haruna-hime was feeling a little worried for the squirrel looking girl as she looked her age. 'To be that skill at such a young age.' That thought ran through our Hime-sama's mind.

In the end, Oshima Yuko managed to win the duel. Oshima Mariko wasn't upset at her loss, on the other hand, she was really proud of Yuko. Both of the duelist were invited to the dining hall and soon they were conversing. "Yuko, you'll be the personal knight for Kojima Haruna-hime." Her father gestured to the girl spacing out at certain times. 'Cute.'

She shook her head to clear her head and started. "I'll do my best." Her father also gestured for her to introduce herself to the Hime-sama and so she did so. "Good day. I'm Oshima Yuko. I'll be turning 10 in this October. I'll be in your care." Yuko bowed a full 90 degrees and came back up with a wide grin plastered on her face.

Our Hime-sama snapped out of her daydreaming and looked at said girl giving her a wide grin. 'She really is the same age as me.' "Kojima Haruna. You can call me Haruna. I've turned 10 during April. I'll be in your care."

Yuko frantically waved her hands. "To call you by your name would be disrespect. I'll call you Hime-sama." Yuko smiled as she put her hands down. "Suit yourself."

As time goes by, the two got closer and closer. Haruna went on calling Yuko to Yuuchan but Yuko was still a little reluctant on calling Haruna by her name. Yuko had already fallen in love with Haruna when they first met but our beloved knight knew not to abandon her duty, that is to protect Kojima Haruna, her Hime-sama. Haruna on the other hand was starting to fall for her knight. Yes, Yuko is always somewhat busy with her training but most of the time she'll be standing on guard beside Haruna.

Five years have passed. An incident that nearly took both the Hime-sama and the Knight's life has reminded the Knight that she wasn't very strong. She nearly lost her Hime-sama and that guilt had haunt her since forever. Her Hime-sama had told her not to blame herself but our Knight knew, she was at fault. She decided to leave, to train, to become a person who is able to protect her love ones.

Yuko slid the letter underneath her Hime-sama's room door and with that she dissappeared. Haruna was devastated when she red the letter but it was already too late, her squirrel knight has already left her.

Contents of the letter.
Dear Hime-sama.
I'm sorry it has come to this. After that accident, I found out that I am not good enough to be your knight. I'll be away to train to become someone who is able to protect you. I don't know when will I be back so for now Oshima Mariko will be taking my place in taking care of you. Please take care of your self.
Oshima Yuko.

Four years later
Our Hime-sama is already 19 and Yuko hasn't appeared at all during this four years period. She had realized that she has fallen for the squirrel. She tried to forget about her but it was no use. She asked Mariko but she wouldn't budge. All she ever said was that Yuko will come back when she is ready.

Mariko and Haruna were walking around the market when suddenly Mariko said she had forgotten something. She left to retrieve it back while our Hime-sama was just wandering around, lost in thoughts. 'It's already been four years. Yuuchan, please come back.. I already told you it wasn't your fault. Why did you blame your-..'

Her thoughts were interrupted by a stranger as he stopped in front of her. He took out a dagger, ready to attack. Mariko came back but she won't be able to make it in time. Haruna closed her eyes as a thought went through her brain. 'Yuuchan. You'll protect me right?' She closed her eyes and braced herself to feel the pain but after a while, there was nothing. She slowly opened her eyes and to her surprise, Yuko was really standing there.

"Ah.. Mariko, why did you leave Hime alone? That was dangerous. Hime, are you okay?" "That was the only way to lure you out." Mariko shrugged. Haruna was still zoning out and this was scaring the squirrel even more. "Did he managed to do anything bad to you? Why that idiot.." Yuko was about the pick up said fainted man but was stop short by Haruna who extended her hand and pulled her in for a hug. "Yuuchan.." She mumbled as she nuzzled at her neck, taking in the scent that she missed so much. "H-Hime??"

"Call me by my name." Haruna said in a demanding tone. "But-" "No buts." Yuko sighed and looked into Haruna's eyes. "Haruna. I'm sorry for running away. I love you." Tears soon fell from Haruna's eyes. "I love you too and thank you Mariko." Haruna smiled a smiled that hasn't been seen for years. Mariko waved her hand and left.

With that, our couple was able to spent some quality time alone and they managed to catch up on how the other was doing. "Ne Haruna." Yuko started. A blush was starting to form on our Hime's face as she wasn't use to Yuko calling her like that. "Why did you zoned out when the stranger held the dagger pointing at you?" She asked, confusion written all over her face. "I was thinking about you." With that the squirrel jumped on her Hime and hugged her tightly. "Thank goodness I was able to make it in time." Yuko mumbled. The both of them distanced themselves, staring into one another's eyes. "I had a feeling that you'll come and protect me." Haruna said with a smile. "Of course I will. After all, you're my Hime." Yuko grinned. Soon, no distance was left as their lips connected.

That's it for now..
I hope you like this OS the next one will be updated on a random day. (I have no idea when.)
I'm halfway through my exams and I think I kinda screwed a few papers. Oh well, I'll do my best.  :sweat:
Thank you to those who commented and of course the silent readers as well. :kneelbow:
See you again~ :on gay:
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I like it!!
Moooreee pliiis.. :-D
And success for your exam!!
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Take your time~
And I hope the best for your exams~ Good luck!
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Yay,. :inlove:
that was so sweet,.
i like it,.

and good luck in your exam, :twothumbs
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Korisu29 = Hai hai~ The next one is here! :ding: And thank you~
Claito = I'm back with the 4th one and thank you!  :hee:
jhom_09 = Glad you did. :glasses: Thank you!

Fourth one, titled Night Long. And nope, still not done with my exams but it's Friday so an update is possible.  :farofflook:
Hope you like this one!

Night Long
Oshima Yuko and Kojima Haruna were neighbours ever since they were young. When they were kids, they used to stay up all night long, talking and playing with one another. They were inseparable. If you see Yuko, you will see Haruna following not far behind and it goes the same for Haruna. The fact that their parents are close to one another is also one of the main reasons as to why they were so close.

But everything changed after they reached their last year of high school. Yuko and Haruna are well known at their school. Yuko, being the Student Council President, the ace at both academics and sports, and her friendly nature has led to many people liking her. As for Haruna, she is the star of the school due to her good looks, though an air head, she is also a part of the Student Council Body, being the Secretary, people still like her a lot. Now, you might be wondering why it all changed. It all started when Haruna started avoiding the poor squirrel.

"Nyan nyan, can we talk? Just like the old times?" Yuko said trying to convince Haruna. "I have to meet with the teacher. Sorry." Haruna said and left quickly. Every other single time Yuko tried to talk to her, she failed. Not one to give up but believing she had done something wrong, Yuko stopped bothering Haruna and tried to remember everything she had done for the past year that might have offended Haruna.

Getting lesser sleep every night, the whole school was worried seeing how the usually cheerful squirrel was getting darker eye bags and her tiredness was really starting to show as her performance in her sports have dropped. During the weekly Student Council Body Meeting, Yuko barely made eye contact with Haruna and this has caused our cat to worry a lot. 'She must've got tired of me but why does she looked so out of it..'

Meanwhile on Yuko's side. 'I don't remember doing anything against her will. I'm pretty sure my feelings were in check. What the heck happened..' Fatigue was slowly catching up to her with the exams being a few weeks away.

A week before the exams, Yuko collapsed in the Student Council Room during their weekly meeting. Haruna and the rest of the Student Council Body brought Yuko to the infirmary. "I'll take care of her and the meeting will be continued tomorrow." The rest left with a nod while some were also worried for Haruna, asking her to take care of herself.

"Please don't push yourself too hard as well. We can't have both of the President and Secretary of the Student Council Body absent." Mari-chan, the Vice President said. "Oh and please sort out your problem with your squirrel. She talked to me about it and told me not to tell anyone, especially you but I guess I don't have much of a choice now." Haruna said nothing and so, Mari-chan took this as a sign to continue. "Yuko has been deep in thoughts, wondering why you started avoiding her. Not to forget the exams being a week from now, and the lack of sleep she has been getting. She has been feeling pretty depressed and stressed."

Haruna looked away guiltily. "Nyaro, I know you have feelings for her but avoiding her wasn't really a wise decision. Confess your feelings to her. Who knows? Maybe Yuko likes you too." 'She doesn't just likes you, she loves you till the end of world.' Mari-chan rubbed her temples. With that she left and Haruna got lost in her thoughts.

Not long after Mari-chan left, Yuko woke up. "N-Nyan nyan? Where am I? Weren't we having a meeting? Did I fell asleep?" Yuko rambled on. "Yuuchan.. I'm sorry." Haruna interrupted her, tears started to fall from her eyes. "E-Eh?? Nyan nyan why are you crying? Calm down." Yuko wiped the tears away and pulled her in for a hug. The sobbing increased but Yuko continued on holding on to Haruna.

As the sobbing ceased, Yuko released her hold on Haruna and looked into her eyes, wiping the tears that had stained her beautiful face. "Are you feeling better?" Yuko asked as she caressed her face. Haruna shook her head. "I'm the one who should be asking you."

"But I'm fine?" Yuko said in confusion. "You fainted in the meeting, you're eye bags are getting so much deeper, your performance in sports have dropped, you're not as cheerful as you were and you tell me that you're fine?"

She let out a nervous chuckle. "How did you know? I thought you hated me." She said with a sad smile. "Why would you think that I would hate you?" Haruna asked in confusion. "You ignored me and every single time I want to talk to you, you come up with some excuses." Yuko pouted. "I thought I did something against your liking. So these past few weeks, I've been thinking 'What did I do wrong?'. I never came to a conclusion though." Yuko ended rubbing her temples.

"Since we're here finally alone, will you tell me what I did wrong?" Yuko asked gently. "Can I stay over at your place? Juat like old times?" Haruna asked timidly, changing the topic. "Err, sure?" Yuko nodded and gave Haruna a wide smile.

The both of them left the school infirmary and headed back to Yuko's house. "I'm home." Silence greeted Yuko. "Right, my parents aren't home. Do you still want to stay over? I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or anything." "I'm fine." "Alright. I'll cook dinner."

Yuko was about to walk but she staggered backwards, thankfully Haruna wasn't in her day dream mode and quickly held on to Yuko. "You should sit down and rest a little." Haruna brought Yuko into the living room and sat her on the couch and later bringing a glass of water.

"I'll go cook dinner.." Haruna was about to leave but Yuko held her back. "Nyan nyan, can we talk about it now?" Yuko pleaded. Haruna sighed but agreed to start the conversation. The both of them settled down and sat facing each other.

"So Haruna." She started. Haruna knows that Yuko is serious whenever she uses her given name. "Why did you avoided me?" Yuko asked, getting straight to the point. "I'm afraid.." "Afraid of what?" Yuko asked gently. "I'm afraid of my own feelings." Haruna said as she made eye contact with her. "Yuko, I'm in love with you. I don't know when it all started or why but I fell for you." Yuko's eyes soften. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"I was afraid that you'll reject me. Or maybe even worse, you might find me disgusting and stop talking to me." Haruna said. "Haruna, am I really that type of person in your eyes?" Yuko said with a pout. "I don't mean it that way but there's a part of me who got really insecure."

"I know. I was just teasing you." Yuko giggled and took Haruna's hands into hers. "Haruna, I've loved you ever since we were kids. The times we spent talking and playing with one another all night long is something I really cherished. Though we started to grow apart, I never stopped thinking about you. Kojima Haruna, will you be my girlfriend? " Yuko asked without a hint of fear.

"H-Hai." Haruna stuttered as tears once again started to fall. Yuko pulled her in for a hug and nuzzled at her neck, taking in the scent of her beloved. "Ah.. I miss this feeling." Yuko mumbled giving a light peck on her cheek. Haruna giggled and soon the both of them separated themselves.

"Ne Yuuchan, can we talk all night long just like the old times?" Haruna asked. "Of course we can. All night long, just like old times." Yuko repeated with a smile and slowly leaned in to kiss Haruna on the lips.

Yay! I love fluff. I can't seem to have the guts to write any heart-breaking Kojiyuu fic.  :bigdeal:
Oh well. I still have a full four days till I'm done with Mid-Terms but I'll try. No, I promise to finish the prompts for KOJIYUU WEEK before June.
Well, that's all for now. See ya~  :on gay:
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I was very disapointed earlier because nobody update their fanfic untill i saw your thread in the first spot  XD
Well done joeyee san,
Maybe you cant make your fanfic little longer because your writing skill is amazing  :twothumbs
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OMG they are so lovely :D
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an update from you  :heart: :heart: :heart:

you made my day,. hehe :thumbup
i really love it, kojiyuu is so sweet,

thank you for this lovely story,.  :hip smile:
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Yes finally kojiyuu fic..

Thank you joeyee-san......


but finish your exams first
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Yeah,an update!!
I love kojiyu fluff!!
More pliiiis ...
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shanju = Ahahaha. Thank you~  :shy1:
Haruko = I know.. :luvluv2:
jhom_09 = I'm glad you enjoyed it! :glasses:
arawche079 = Here is the next one!  :ding:
Korisu29 = Here you go~  :luvluv1:

The fifth one, Center!
Without further ado, let the show story begin!

Being the center means that you'll be in the middle of everyone. Being the center also means that you'll get more attention and screen time than anyone else.

When Kojima Haruna was chosen for the 33rd single, titled Heart Ereki, Oshima Yuko was delighted and pleased. Yuko was really glad that Haruna was given the chance to stand at the center position. Not only that, the fact that she was chosen as one of the Senbatsu Members to perform said title with Kojima Haruna as center was something that she has been waiting for.

Yuko pov
"Nyan nyan~~ Congratulations!" I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist. We were at the dressing room and no one was here yet. "Yuuchan.. Thank you." Haruna was blushing a little.

"Do your best and don't push yourself too hard." I said seriously as I caressed her face. "Mmn. I'm not like you." Haruna pouted. "Eh?? What does that mean?" I said feigning innocence.

"When you have the center position you always push yourself. Even if you're not the center, you still continue to push yourself." Haruna sighed. "I know you're setting a good example for the kouhais to follow but you shouldn't tire yourself so much."

"Heh.. But I have to. Especially for this single." I said with determination.

"Ehhh... Nande?"

"Isn't it obvious? Because you're the center! I have to do my best so that you will shine brightly." I grinned. "Baka Yuuchan." She said as she hit me on the head. "Nyan nyan.." I whined. "It's the truth. I'll make sure everyone does their very best so that this 33rd single that Kojima Haruna, who is holding the center position, will be able to shine brightly."

"Hai hai.. Thank you, Yuuchan." Haruna said as she gave a quick peck to me on my lips. I smiled widely. Most of the members for the 33rd single were already present. As I spotted Takamina walking in, I called out to her.

"Takamina! Let's start our practices now." I shouted. "Ehhh? I just arrived? W-Wait. Am I late?" She said as she quickly checked the time with her watch. " There's still 20 minutes to practice Yuko." Takamina said with a relieve sigh.

"Ah.. Takamina. Yuko's just very excited and can't wait to practice." Haruna said with a sigh. Takamina laughed and waved it off. "It's understandable."

"Takamina and everyone else! Do your best later when we're practicing!" I shouted as I raised my fist into the air. "Hai!" The younger members replied with enthusiasm while the elder ones just laughed and continued on their routine, used to the random outbursts.

Haruna pov
Being the center won't be easy but with Yuuchan cheering for me, I think I'll do fine.

Short but sweet?  :err:
AH!! Three more days and I'm going to be officially done with the exams!  :farofflook:
Anyways, thank you for those who commented and the silent readers as well! :kneelbow:
Will be updating the next one soon!
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Yayyyy an update :D
Iam so jealous with haruna who have yuko for always cheering and support her  XD
Iam waiting for your next os joeyee san  :thumbsup
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Yuuchan so sweet,.
Haruna so lucky to have Yuko,.

Thank you for this update :heart:
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shanju = Yea. Their always supporting one another.  :luvluv2: Here's the next one.
jhom_09 = Oh she definitely is. :glasses:

I'm back! Tomorrow's my last paper!  :kekeke:
I'll be ending the KOJIYUU WEEK and I will update HAR by this week as well.
Hope you enjoy the 6th prompt, Monopolize.

Yuko has always monopolize Haruna. Especially the days back then, before Yuko graduated. Yuko would cling to Haruna like a koala bear, talk to her in the dressing room and sometimes they even play their DS together. Haruna might have felt a little annoyed with how Yuko acted but she misses it.

As you all know. Yuko has graduated nearly a year ago. Ever since then, Haruna felt as though she has lost something. There was no one to initiate skinship with her. Nor was there anyone being as understanding as Yuko. It's not that Takamina and Mii-chan isn't enough but because Takamina is the General Manager and Mii-chan being the Captain of Team K the both of them were busy with the responsibilities given to them.

Today was the same as well. Today was Team A's turn to do the theatre performance but Haruna was totally out of it. She hasn't seen Yuko for about a  month and the last time they met was when it was Haruna's birthday. Haruna misses her squirrel too much. Although knowing well that Yuko might be busy with her filming for Yamegoku, Haruna still tried her luck. She sent a text to Yuko.

To: Yuuchan
Subject: I miss you
Yuuchan, can you come to the theatre?

15 minutes have passed and there was still no reply. Haruna let out a sigh and reprimanded herself for being so clingy. 'That was selfish of me. I think I need to get some air.' Just as she was about to go out of the dressing room, the door opened. Showing a disheveled squirrel, panting and bending down.

"Nyan nyan." She said after catching her breath. "Yuuchan. You came.." Haruna said in disbelief. "Of course I did. Is everything alright?" Haruna only nodded her head. "Did you left work without permission?" Yuko raised her hands up, waving it. "We finished shooting early. I was about to leave but then I got the text from you, so I came straight away."

Haruna let out a nervous chuckle. "I'm sorry. That was selfish of me acting like that."  Yuko waved it off. "It's alright. Besides, we haven't meet up anyways." Yuko took a chair and sat beside Haruna. "How are you doing?"

"Mmn. The usual. Feeling a little tired with the traveling and the new single release. What about you?" Haruna asked. "Hmm. Pretty well except.." Yuko stopped. "Except?"

"Except that we haven't meet up with one another." Yuko pouted. Haruna giggled. "But you met up with Sae-chan." This time it was Haruna's turn to pout. "You met with Sato Kayo." Yuko replied. "Eh.. How did you know? You didn't even follow me on Twitter or Instagram." Haruna asked surprised. "I know because I stalk my Nyan nyan." Yuko said with a grin while Haruna blushed.

"Speaking about that, where is Takamina?" Yuko questioned. "She should be here soon.." Haruna said as she checked her watch. "Why are you looking for her?" Haruna asked curiously. "Oh I have my reasons." Yuko stated.

"Speak of the devil, there's Takamina." Haruna said, pointing towards Takamina. "Takamina!" Yuko shouted over. "Ehhh? Yuko. What are you doing here?" Takamina asked surprised. "Nothing much, just here to remind someone that I requested them to keep an eye on my beloved and not stick to her like some sort of glue." Yuko said in annoyance.

"Ahahaha.." Takamina let out a nervous chuckle. "I'm pretty sure that person understands your point." Takamina said. "Yuuchan, who is that person?" Haruna asked innocently. "Hmm.. You don't have to know." Yuko said turning to give a quick peck to Haruna on the lips. "Y-Yuuchan." Haruna stuttered, surprised.

"I really hope that, that person will keep an eye on my beloved and not her hands. If it ever happens again, I'll tell it to Acchan." Yuko said nonchalantly while Takamina's face paled. "Ahahha. You don't have to." Takamina waved her hands. "Eh?? So that person knows Acchan too?" Haruna said surprised.

"Takamina-san, can you help us with the dance step?" A kouhai called over. "Sure, I'll be there. Yuko, it's nice to see you and I'm sure that the incident won't happened again. Hope to see you around soon." With that Takamina left. Yuko let out a sigh. "That person is Takamina right?" Haruna asked. All Yuko could do was nod.

"She was hugging you right at the performance! How could she.." Yuko pouted. "And you even let her hugged you." Yuko looked at Haruna, a frowned forming on her face and tears starting to form. "Eh.. Don't cry. It's different." Haruna said as she quickly wiped the fallen tear.

"What's different?" Yuko asked. "With Takamina, it's just a friendly gesture but with Yuuchan. I really love to be held by you." Haruna said sincerely. "I feel safe in your arms." Haruna added while Yuko laughed. "Nyan nyan.. When did you become so cheesy.." Yuko teased as she wiped her tears and beamed a bright smile. "But I like this side of you." Yuko said moving in for a quick peck.

"Go and get ready for the theatre performance. I'll be there to watch." Yuko said, smiling widely. "Mmn. Can we go for dinner together afterwards?" Haruna asked. "Yes we can. Do you want to stay over at my place?" Haruna's eyes widen. "You're not planning anything are you?" Haruna accused. "Eh? No I'm not. I just thought of spending time together with you." Yuko said honestly. "Heh.. Okay. Wait for me." Haruna said with a sweet smile. "Mmn. Do your best." Yuko said leaning in for a kiss on the forehead.

As Haruna was heading to change, a smile was plastered on her face. Haruna's mood has improved drastically and now she felt better than ever. Even though Yuko has graduated and her time has not been fully monopolize by Yuko, she still felt happy that Yuko still prioritize her in life. 'Maybe one day I'll try to monopolize her instead.' Haruna said with a grin on her face.

That's it for now. Thank you for your kind comments and the silent readers as well. :kneelbow:
See you again soon~  :on gay:
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I love you joeyee sann >,<
Iam not in the good mood today but after read your os iam feeling better  :lol:
Maybe i just need a little kojiyuu moment, i like your fast update  :twothumbs
But wait, are you really serious this is will be ending for your kojiyuu week? :(  i'll miss kojiyuu sweet moment again.

Please update human and robots soon  XD
I'll be waiting
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i love it :heart: :heart: :heart:

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shanju= Aww.. I'm glad my OS can brighten up someone's day and here is the next one. Unfortunately, yes. This is the last prompt for the KOJIYUU WEEK. But worry not, I have an idea on a new OS. I'm not sure when I'll be able to post it but I'll definitely post it. :on GJ: Humans and Robots MIGHT be updated tomorrow but I'm not sure. :err:
jhom_09 = Waiting's over. :glasses:

Yay~ My exams are finally over and I can finally relax.  :bath:
But KOJIYUU WEEK is coming to an end. This will be the last one but worry not. I'll try my best to write more OS and also update HAR.
Anyways, this the 7th and last prompt, Wedding/Married.

"Oshima-san. You're already 27 years old. Any thoughts on getting married?" Yuko mentally sighed as she heard the question. The interviewer was prying into her private life and it annoyed her. Nowadays, this is the most common question asked to Yuko. Every single time Yuko gets question about her thoughts on marriage, Yuko would just answer "I haven't found the right person yet."

Usually during the interview only Yuko would be present as she is flying solo. But there was a slight difference today. Haruna was present at said interview as well because she was promoting her photo book. Knowing that Haruna is still a member of the AKB Group which has the love ban rule, the interviewer focused all her attention on Yuko, trying to get some juicy information. Haruna wasn't pleased, I mean. Who would be? They have been secretly dating even before Yuko left the group.

The statement, although false has hurt Haruna deeply. Yuko knew that Haruna feels hurt every single time this statement was made. Not to forget, this time Haruna herself is present to hear the words come out from Yuko's mouth. Yuko knows that something has to be done. Any further delay, their relationship will be at stake.

Yuko let out a sigh of relief as the interview was finally over. She looked over to Nyan nyan, gesturing her to head back into the dressing room. As Nyan nyan entered last, she closed and locked the door for some privacy before walking over to Yuko who was already sitting on the couch.

"I'm sorry you had to listen to that." Yuko said as she caressed Haruna's face. Haruna shook her head and sighed. "You are at the age where one would want to have a family and settle down. You did say in a past interview that you would want to get married at this age." Haruna shrugged. "But Nyan nyan.." Yuko retorted but stopped. "I know." Yuko said with a smile.

"What?" Haruna asked as she raised her eyebrow. "Let's get married." Yuko said with a bright smile. "Ehhh??" Haruna was surprised, surprised but delighted. She was about to ask her why so sudden but Yuko cut her to it.

"I'm serious Haruna. I know this is sudden and all. But we've been together for a long time now. We've been through thick and thin together and I'm really glad you never once left my side. I love you, Haruna. Will you marry me?" Yuko said as she kneel on her knee and took out a velvet box. "I've actually been planning on it for a while now but I didn't have the courage to ask. I finally made up my mind because I don't want you to get hurt every single time when they asked me about my thoughts on marriage." Yuko said as she caressed her face. "You don't say it but I know it hurts you. I'm sorry." Yuko said giving a quick peck to her Nyan nyan.

Haruna on the other hand was crying. She pulled Yuko in to her embrace and held her tight. "S-So you want to marry me so I won't feel hurt?" Haruna asked as she sobbed. "Not only that, of course I wouldn't want you to feel hurt but I won't propose to you only for such reason. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you give me the chance?" Yuko smiled gently as she looked fondly at Haruna. Haruna sobbed harder hearing said words and pulled Yuko in to hug. "M-Mmn. I want to spend the rest of my life with you too. I love you Yuko and I will be really glad to be able to be your wife." Haruna said as she was still hugging Yuko. "I'm glad." Yuko held Haruna and rocked her gently until her sobbing ceased.

Yuko pulled away and wiped the tears from Haruna's face. "So, may I have your hand?" Yuko said offering her hand for Haruna to place hers. Haruna giggled and slowly placed her left hand on Yuko's. Yuko slowly slid the silver band on to Haruna's ring finger. "Now you're officially mine." Yuko said with a grin on her face. She leaned in and gave Haruna a tender kiss which was responded with the same amount of passion.

They separated themselves as the need to breathe arise. "You're mine and only mine." Haruna said as she looked into Yuko's eyes, conveying what she was feeling. "Mmn. Nyan nyan, you didn't have to say it twice." Yuko giggled. "Eh, but I want to." Haruna said with a pout. Yuko laughed at her expression and gently pinched her cheeks. "Hai hai. You're mine and I am yours and only yours."

"Mmn. So when will the wedding be?" Haruna asked out of curiosity. "Tomorrow." Yuko said with a grin. "I've already told everyone about it in advance so no worries." Haruna jaw-dropped. "EHHH? What happens if I say no?" Haruna asked, surprised that Yuko planned the wedding so soon. "Hmm, good question. I never thought of that." Yuko said nonchalantly. Haruna stared at her. "What about my parents? And what am I going to wear?" Haruna's mind was starting to go on overdrive.

"Haruna. Everything has been planned out. Your parents have been informed and they approved of me already. Your dress is the one you have been wanting to wear on your wedding day." Yuko smiled. "How do you know which dress I want to wear?" Haruna asked. "Mari-chan."

On the Wedding Day.

"I can't believe you told Yuuchan about the wedding dress." Haruna said with a pout. "But at the same time I'm glad that you did." Haruna said as she twirled around in her wedding dress while Mari-chan just laughed. The door opened, startling the both of them. "Nyan nyan, you look so beautiful.." Acchan gushed over as she walked in. "Didn't it occur to you to knock the door?" Mari-chan asked with a sigh. "I was just too excited." Acchan giggled. "Oh, it's time."

Haruna walked down the aisle with her father beside her. She made eye contact with Yuko who was also in a dress but the design was much more simpler compared to hers. As she reached the end of the aisle, Haruna's father passed her daughter's hand into Yuko's. "Take good care of her." Yuko nodded her head and flashed a sincere smile. As her father went to the side, Yuko turned and look at Haruna and whispered. "You look very beautiful." Yuko complimented. "I could say the same thing to you as well." Haruna smiled back.

Somehow, Takamina was the one conducting their wedding. "Friends, we have gathered here today to share with Yuko and Haruna an important moment in their lives. Their time together, they have seen their love and understanding of each other grow and blossom and now they have decided to live out the rest of their lives as one." Takamina gestured to Yuko and Haruna. "Please read your vows."

"I Oshima Yuko, take you Kojima Haruna to be my wife, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live." Yuko ended with a gentle smile on her face. Haruna's eyes were starting to water but she held it in, knowing that it was her turn to read her vow. Yuko gently stroked Haruna's hand, encouraging her.

"I Kojima Haruna, take you Oshima Yuko to be my wife, my friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of our families and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful parter in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and to cry with you, and to cherish you as long as we both shall live." Haruna ended it with a smile plastered on her face.

"And now we move on to the exchange of rings." Takamina gestured to Mayuyu who is holding the tray with both rings. Mayuyu walked over to the couple and gave them a wide smile. Yuko started. "I Oshima Yuko give you Kojima Haruna this ring as an eternal symbol of my love and commitment to you." Yuko once again slid the silver band on to her ring finger.

"I Kojima Haruna give you Oshima Yuko this ring as an eternal symbol of my love and commitment to you." Haruna for the first time slid the ring on to Yuko's ring finger. "By the power vested in me by.. Uh never mind that...By the power invested in me, I pronounce you wife and wife. Yuko, you may now kiss the bride." Yuko smiled widely and leaned in to kiss Haruna on the lips. It wasn't an aggressive one but rather a short and simple one.

"I present to you the newly married couple, Yuko and Haruna." The guests stood and applauded for them as the couple and recessional lead out. While they were walking down the aisle, hand in hand, Haruna whispered. "Yuko, I love you." Haruna said with a smile on her face. "I love you too." Yuko smiled her signature squirrel smile. The both headed out with a fresh new start, not living as two different individuals but one.

And I'm done, pretty long if I have to say. I'll edit it if there are any errors ASAP. I was rushing this. :err: Edited
I hope you enjoyed the KOJIYUU WEEK OS and you'll see my soon but for now..
Thank you to those who commented and of course the silent readers as well. :kneelbow:
Off I go~ :on gay:
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OMG! the wedding was so beautiful.. but I request a honeymoon extra episode :P. Thank you for do this! maybe you should put this stories in tumblr :D
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Yeah honeymoon part.....

Wait human and robots will be updated?


Dang this fic is too good...
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Kojiyuu is married :heart: :heart: :heart:

waiting for the HaR :)
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Well, it looks like you caught my attention, once again! Thank you for writing all the KojiYuu Week OS! I was even starting to think that FanFics are too boring, but thanks to you! I came back here and I decided to leave a comment. MANY THANKS TO YOU FOR CREATING SUCH WONDERFUL FICTS! Looking forward for some more~ :on gay:

And I hope the honeymoon part will be posted. :hehehe:

ChibiRine, out. :mon bye:
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Aw! You just broke my kokoro!
I hope an happy ending for this~  :deco: :shakeit:
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OMG! dont you dare to do that!!! MY KOJIYUUUU T_T... I hope Yuuchan be happy in the future -_-
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My kojiyuu  :pleeease:

why? why? why?

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I'll be waiting for  the next part..
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Honestly speaking though, your ficts are too great! :mon XD:

Hmm, I'll wait for the next part. Orz

Since you're currently my favorite author. :on gay:

Please be KojiYuu! I could not afford to see another MariHaru/TakaHaru/TakaYuu/AtsuYuu this week. :glasses:

I'm pretty sure that you will write more, ne? :mon XD:

Thank you for the wonderful OS! :mon bye:
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How could you break my heart over and over again?!!! XD XD XD
I was like tempted not to read the next lines when I read Haruna agreeing to get married with Mariko!  :panic:
I'm glad I continued.  :nervous
So... No honey moon? LOL :cow:
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Hmm, can you write the Honeymoon part? :mon XD:

I thought I was going to skip some lines because it'll only break my heart. :frustrated:

Good thing that I tried ti be brave and read that part 3 times. :depressed:

More ficts from you please! :on gay:

Okay, I'm gonna go now. :hehehe:

Byyeeeeee~ :mon bye:
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WoW !!!!!!

Nice fight Yuuboy!!


Wehehe, am I asking too much joeyee-san?
Thats because your fics are great...

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YES!! kojiyuu! but I feel bad for Mariko in my head something different happen... like..

- Finally -said Mariko
- EH?! What do you mean, Mariko? -
- I just pretend to married Haruna because this lovebird dont say nothing about her love.. I just want to help them but I think everything just become wild - explains Mariko
- WDF, are you kidding me? - says an angry Yuko
-Calm down, squirrel... In the end this help both of you realized their love or not? -
- Well yeah but that was just too crazy Marichan...-

Hahah something like that :D

Well Now I want two honeymoon part for each one :D
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So the wedding is finish,.

Were's the honeymoon  joeyee-san?

still waiting,

i love this  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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xixixixi ... how about honeymoon part?
thank you for your update ...
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You know, after i read your last update Iam googling just to find the tittle of the song that yuko sang at kojiharu wedding party.
And i became love that song, in english version. Lol
Great job joeyee san, waiting your next os ^^
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Claito = I'm sorry~ Not. :P Ahaha. I'm glad you did! Yes there's Honeymoon~
ChibiRine = Ahahah. Glad you liked it and yes, Honeymoon is here! Sorry for the long wait though!
arawche079 = Honeymoon is here~
Haruko = Well, that would've been another way to end it without Mariko being the bad guy..  :ding:
jhom_09 = Honeymoon is here~!
Azusa = It's here! :D
shanju = It is a nice song. :luvluv2: Here is the next OS.

Okay, I'm back for an update! This is the long awaited Honeymoon fic, a continuation from the Kojiyuu Week, Wedding/Married (NOT WEDDING DRESS).
As for an author's request on writing two honeymoon, one based on the one I stated above and the other, Wedding Dress, it is kinda impossible as I'm afraid that it will be very similar in some ways. So, that I won't be able to do. :kneelbow:
Moving on, this Honeymoon fic took me so long to finish writing it. And I have a surprise for you guys~
Without further ado, let's start!

"Nyan nyan.. Wake up.. We're going to be late." Yuko urged Haruna as she gently shook her. "..But Yuuchan.. It's so early." Haruna mumbled sleepily as she took the pillow and covered her eyes. "Nyan nyan, if you don't wake up now I won't let you sleep on our honeymoon." Yuko grinned perversely as she took the pillow from Haruna.

Haruna opened her eye lids and stared at Yuko. "..Fine, I'll get up." Haruna said with a small blush. "Good. I'll go make breakfast." Yuko was about to leave but was stop short by Haruna who held her wrist. "Nyan nyan?" Yuko titled her head in confusion.

Haruna brought a finger to her lips and closed her eyes. Yuko giggled at the way her cat acted. She leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips. "Okay now, go and get ready while I make breakfast." Yuko gave Haruna one last kiss on the forehead and she left to prepare for breakfast. "Hai hai.." Haruna said with a smile as she got up.

Thankfully Haruna was quick in getting herself ready. They quickly ate their breakfast and called for a cab and headed to the airport. They arrived at the airport just in time and so they checked in and they head to the waiting area to wait for their plane to board .

Much to their dismay there were a bunch of paparazzi at the waiting area. But thankfully, the both of them were in their disguise and and so the paparazzis didn't notice them as they swiftly passed by.

"Oshiriko-chan~" A familiar voice was heard. Yuko looked over worriedly to see Mayu and Yukirin also in disguise walking towards them, carrying their own luggage. "Shiriri-chan? What are you doing here? Lower down your voices, we don't want any paparazzi to notice us." Yuko said in a hush tone. "Right. We're going on our honeymoon as well.." Mayu said quietly with a grin.

The Mayuki pair were also heading towards the same destination. And so they boarded their plane together as they head for Hawaii. The plane ride was long but nonetheless it was enjoyable for both couples. Haruna kept dozing in and out of her sleep as she tried to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Wanting her cat to sleep peacefully, Yuko rested Haruna's head on her shoulder. She wrapped her arms around Haruna and hummed a lullaby. Haruna mumbled a thank you and soon she drifted to wonderland.

Meanwhile the Mayuki pair was having a pretty fun time, well at least for Mayu. They were watching a horror movie,  much to Yukirin's dismay. Why did she complied to the request if she hated horror movies you ask? Well you see,  Mayu is a very cunning and convincing person. Even if the reasons weren't reasonable, you would give in as soon as you see her puppy eyes.

Mayu on the other hand actually wasn't paying much attention to the movie. She was watching how Yukirin was overreacting every time a scary scene appeared and trust me when I say she was enjoying every second of it.

As soon as their plane arrived at their destination, the Kojiyuu and Mayuki pair both got down from the plane and quickly retrieved their luggage to avoid getting any attention. They called for a cab and headed straight to the resort without being caught by paparazzis.

"What suite did you get?" Mayu asked Yuko. "The ocean front suite." Yuko said with a smile on her face. "Same here! Oh, do you want to meet up for dinner?" Mayu asked as she looked at the Kojiyuu pair. "Sure. 7pm at the lobby." Yuko agreed, much to Haruna's and Yukirin's dismay but it went unnoticed by the Oshiri Sisters. With that the both headed to their own respective suites.

"Ne Yuuchan.. Can we don't meet up with them?" Haruna pouted as she sat herself down on the couch. "Eh? But why?" Yuko asked as she pulled both their luggage in and opened it, sorting out the items. "It's our honeymoon. I want to spend my time with you alone." Haruna walked over to Yuko and bended down a little with her puppy eyes set, making Yuko gulped as she looked up to make eye contact with Haruna. "I-I guess I'll tell Mayuyu that the plan is cancelled." Yuko said as she rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, blushing a little. "Yatta! Thank you Yuuchan." Haruna declared happily and leaned in for a peck on her lips making Yuko smile a wide smile.

Yuko dialled Mayu's number and told her the plan was cancelled. "Yukirin didn't want the plan to be on either." Mayu told Yuko. "I guess they want to spend their time with us alone." Yuko said nonchalantly.

As soon as the call was over, Yuko felt arms snaking around her waist. "Yuuchan, are they okay with the plan being cancelled?" Haruna said. Her voice muffled as she rested her head on Yuko's shoulder. "Yea, they're fine with it." Yuko said as she gently held Haruna's wrist and brought it to her lips, giving it a loving kiss. "So.. What do you want to do?" Yuko asked as she turned around, placing Haruna's hands back at her waist while she wrapped her arms around her neck. Haruna was lost in her thoughts as Yuko continued to stare and admire her facial expressions.

"You're so cute when you're deep in thoughts." Yuko grinned as she pinch Haruna's cheek. "Ittai.." Haruna pouted. "Are you saying that I'm not cute every other time?" Haruna stared at Yuko. "Of course not. You'll always be my cutest cat." Yuko grinned. "Flirt.." Haruna looked away, blushing.

"Oh. I think we should just stay here today. We can call for room service and have our dinner here." Haruna suggested. "Hmm? You don't want to walk around?" Yuko asked surprised. "Not today. I'm feeling tired." Haruna said with a sigh. "But Nyan nyan, you slept the whole trip on the plane." Yuko said amused. "But alright. We'll stay in for dinner. I'm feeling lazy to dress up anyway." Yuko shrugged.

After eating their dinner, they both snuggle up against each other on the couch with Yuko watching television. "I thought you wanted to sleep?" Yuko asked as she stroked Haruna's hair. "Mmn. Can I sleep on your lap?"

"Is my lap that comfortable?" Yuko asked amused. Haruna nodded her head. "Yuuchan, please?" Haruna pleaded with her puppy eyes. "Alright alright. Here." Yuko laughed as she pat her lap, gesturing for Haruna to rest her head there.

Haruna happily rested her head on Yuko's lap while she played with Yuko's fingers. Yuko who was watching the television, let Haruna did as she wished. Haruna let out a happy sigh as she closed her eyes. "Goodnight Yuuchan." Haruna said as she closed her eyes. Soon she felt a warm sensation covering her lips. "Goodnight Nyan nyan. Rest well." Yuko continued to stroke Haruna's hair, making said girl sleepy.

An hour after Haruna fell asleep, Yuko who was watching the television, decided to turn in to sleep as well. She turned off the TV and placed the remote on to the coffee table. She gently carried Haruna in her arms and brought her to their bed. After tucking her in, she went to brush her teeth and etc.

When Yuko was done, she head back to their bed. Yuko turned off the lights and slowly got herself into the covers. No more than 5 seconds, Yuko found herself being pulled into Haruna's embrace. Yuko smiled as she rested her head at the crook of Haruna's neck, taking in her beloveds scent. "Goodnight, Nyan nyan."

The next day
Haruna woke up to the sunlight hitting her face. Wondering as to why it felt so warm and cozy, considering the fact that she fell asleep on the couch or more specifically on Yuko's lap, she opened her eyes. She found herself on the bed with Yuko tightly hugging her. Yuko's head was resting at the crook of her neck.

Haruna smiled at the position they were in and she slowly untangled herself from Yuko as she stretched her body, careful not to wake her squirrel up, as she guess that her beloved squirrel slept pretty late. She head to the toilet to freshen up.

Returning to their room, she climbed onto the bed and observed the sleeping figure. 'Yuuchan has been controlling herself lately. Her hands don't roam around my body as often as it did ever since she proposed to me. I wonder why..' Haruna sigh as she poked Yuko's cheek.

Haruna carresed Yuko's cheek and arranged her bangs that were slightly disarray. Haruna traced her finger on Yuko's face, trying to memorize all her features. Haruna slowly leaned in and rested her head at the crook of Yuko's neck. She breath in, taking in the scent of her beloved. Haruna stared at the skin in front of her and gently peck on Yuko's neck. 'Yabai... I'm turned on.'

Haruna repeated her action but this time she went for it. Haruna waited until she heard Yuko breath in before she opened her mouth and bite down on her neck, like a vampire would do. To her surprise, she heard a moan and it was clearly turning her on even more. Encouraged by this, Haruna sucked the skin. Yuko's hand was raised and now it was placed on Haruna's neck, pushing her in. Not letting up yet, Haruna nipped at Yuko's skin twice before pulling back to ease the mark by gently licking it.

"Nyan nyan.. W-What's gotten into you?" Yuko asked as she took a deep breath. Haruna pulled back to look into Yuko's brown orbs and she pouted. "Yuuchan.. I want you." Haruna said honestly. "E-Eh? W-What does that mean?" Yuko asked surprised. "I want you to touch me." Haruna said with lust in her eyes.

Yuko flipped Haruna on to the bed, straddling her, pinning both Haruna's arms above her head. "Ne Nyan nyan.. Are you sure? We can wait until we're both ready." Yuko asked with sincerity in her tone. "Mmn. I'm sure. I want Yuuchan to make love to me." Haruna looked lovingly at Yuko. "Alright. Tell me if I hurt you okay?" Yuko asked as she leaned down to kiss Haruna on the forehead. Haruna nodded her head in agreement. (

Haruna panted harshly while Yuko wrapped her arms around her. "Y-Yuuchan.. I" Haruna said in between her breaths.

"I know.. I love you too Haruna.." Yuko said as she gently connected both their lips for a short kiss. "Did I hurt you?" Yuko asked concerned in her eyes. Haruna shook her head, as her breathing has finally steadied. Haruna smiled lovingly at Yuko. "No, you didn't. Yuuchan was very gentle." Haruna complimented? as Yuko blushed, eliciting laughter from the other girl. "I love you Oshima Yuko." Kojima Haruna said as she stared into Oshima Yuko's eyes. "I love you too, Kojima Haruna. Let's make more new memories on this trip and after that." Yuko said as she kissed Haruna on the forehead. "Mmn!" Haruna nodded her head enthusiastically. Yuko wrapped her arms around her cat as they slowly lose their conciousness, succumbing to sleep after their tiring yet pleasuring activity.

Well, that's it. I had no idea how to end it, so the ending might be a little abrupt.  :err:
And yes! The surprise was a smut scene!  :shy2:
That's why it took so long!  :farofflook:
Oh well, I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Thank you to the readers and also not to forget the silent readers! :kneelbow:
Off I go~ :on gay:
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And I'm back with another OS, titled Finals.
Of course the pairing will be our beloved Kojiyuu.  :luvluv2:
Oh and if some of you are wondering, I've updated HAR last week so please do check it out~
Without further ado, shall we?

"Nyan nyan, please start studying. Finals are around the corner." Yuko said as she gently tapped Haruna on the shoulder. Haruna was in a sprawled out position as she rested her head on the table and pouted. "I'm tired.. We've been doing this for an hour." Haruna complained as Yuko sighed.

"Nyan nyan, do you want to repeat another year?" Yuko asked, desperation in her tone. "I don't want to, but I can't seem to find anything to motivate me." Haruna sighed. Yuko stood up from her sit and gently wrapped her arms around Haruna's neck from the back.

"Is there anything you've been wanting?" Yuko questioned as she rested her head the crook of Haruna's neck. "Define wanting." Haruna turned around and looked at Yuko confused. "Like any food you've been craving for? Chocolates? Ice creams?" Yuko asked as she now wrapped her hands around Haruna's waist.

"Not particularly..." Haruna said as she started to drift off. Yuko seeing this smiled but pouted. "Hey now, don't ignore me." She said as she gently pinched Haruna on the bridge of her nose.

"I'm not... I was just thinking.." Haruna said and after that a broad smile was plastered on her face. "Oh? Looks like you've figured out something." Yuko said amused. "Mmn." Haruna nodded her head and wrapped her arms around Yuko's neck. Haruna leaned in and whispered into Yuko's ear. "I want us to go further than hugging and cuddling."

Haruna pulled back to see a small tint of blush of Yuko's face. She giggled at the sight. "Define going further than hugging and cuddling." Yuko said as she got serious. "I want us to kiss. We've been dating for nearly three years now and we still have not gone further than hugging. " Haruna pouted.

"We did! I kissed you on your forehead all the time." Yuko said not understanding what Haruna wants. "I want us to kiss, lips to lips." Haruna said seriously. Yuko's eyes widen in surprise.

You may think that Oshima Yuko is a pervert who won't waste any chances if she has the opportunity to kiss her cat on the lips but truth to be told, Yuko didn't want to go any further than cuddling as she respected Haruna. Yuko wants the both of them to be ready before doing any thing that may cause them to regret in the future. But I guess three years is too long to wait for a kiss on the lips.

"Well, alright but on one condition." Yuko said after some thought as she sticked out a finger while Haruna tilted her head to the side in confusion. "You have to get into the Top 10 for the finals." Yuko said with a grin. "But Yuuchan, you know that whatever I do I'm always in the bottom half of the results." Haruna said with a pout.

"Don't worry. I'll be here to guide you." Yuko encouraged. "Will you be able to concentrate on your studies as well?" Haruna asked concerned as she caressed Yuko's face. "Yes, I'll be fine. After all, when I'm teaching you, I'll be able to revise for myself as well. Moreover, you're talking to the school's Number 2 in academics." Yuko said with a grinned.

"Hai hai.. You're a smart squirrel." Haruna waved it off. "No I'm not. I'm your smart squirrel." Yuko said as she moved her eyebrows in suggestive manner. "Cheesy.. But yes, you're mine." Haruna said, possessiveness evident in her tone. Yuko smiled fondly at Haruna. "Alright. Let's get started. But first.." Yuko said with a grin. Yuko leaned in for a quick peck on Haruna's lips.

Haruna melted at the sensation of Yuko's soft lips against hers. "Yuuchan.." Haruna whined. "That was a free trial." Yuko said with a wink. "You'll have to work hard if you want to kiss me." Yuko said deviously. "Fine. You'll be surprise Oshima Yuko." Haruna said with determination while Yuko laughed. "Well  then, surprise me Kojima Haruna." Yuko smirked.

Haruna and Yuko had been busy revising and Yuko was honestly surprised to see Haruna putting so much effort into it. They have been going at it for two weeks and today is a Saturday night. Finals are starting right after this weekend.

Haruna who was trying to answer the history questions, kept swaying as she fall in and out of sleep. Yuko looked worriedly at her cat. "Nyan nyan, how about we stop for the night?" Yuko asked as she gently carresed Haruna's hand. Haruna shook her head and stretched a little before continuing with her studying but not for long as she once again fall in and out of sleep.

Yuko sighed. 'And now you're pushing yourself too hard.' Yuko kept her pens and arranged her books neatly on the table. She stood up and reached for her cellphone as she exited the room quietly. She dialed Haruna's house number and thankfully her mother answered. "Hello, Yuko speaking. Is it okay for Haruna to stay over? It is late already and it's dangerous for two girls to walk alone at night although our houses aren't very far from one another." Yuko convinced.

Her mother gave the okay sign and so she walked back into her room to see Haruna sprawled out on the table. Yuko giggled as she walked over to where Haruna was. She slipped her arms under Haruna's knees and the other behind Haruna's neck. She lifted her up, startling said girl who was asleep.

"Yuuchan! What are you doing?" Haruna said as she quickly wrapped her arms around Yuko's neck to prevent her from falling. "Well, we're done for the night. We'll continue tomorrow. And you'll be staying over tonight. I've already called your mother. I'll walk you back to your house tomorrow when we're done with our studies." Yuko said in a firm tone, not giving Haruna a chance to retort.

Haruna reluctantly nodded her head as she rested her head at the crook of Yuko's neck. Yuko swiftly carried Haruna to her bed as she moved the covers before gently placing her down on her bed. "I'll go get the futon, you can sleep here." "Why don't we sleep together?" Haruna said with a pout. "Eh? I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. Moreover it is a single sized bed." Yuko retorted. "Are you saying that I'm fat?" Haruna widen her eyes, feigning hurt. "No, I'm saying that I'm fat!" Yuko said. There was a silence for about 5 seconds before both girls broke out laughing.

Haruna scooted over as she held the covers for Yuko. "Yuuchan.. You're the one who said I should rest. If you're not coming to sleep with me, I'm not going to rest." Haruna whined with her puppy eyes. Yuko sighed and hang her head in defeat. "Alright alright. Excuse me.." Yuko slid herself in and soon Haruna cuddled against her.

"You've been working very hard." Yuko said as she stroked Haruna's hair. "Mmn. That's because I want us to move further than cuddling and also.." Haruna dragged making Yuko looked at her confused. "And I also want to make Yuuchan proud." She said smiling sweetly making Yuko soften her gaze on her.

"You are making me proud." Yuko smiled softly as she leaned in to kiss Haruna at the bridge of her nose. "Well then, get some sleep now. We'll work harder tomorrow." Yuko carresed Haruna's face. "Mmn." Haruna agreed as she rested her head at the crook of Yuko's neck, breathing in her beloveds scent. Soon the both drifted to wonderland.

The next morning
The Kojiyuu pairing continued on their final efforts on studying for their finals. Haruna was really determined to get a better ranking for this finals and of course if she did get a better ranking she won't have to repeat the year plus she'll be able to advance on with Yuko. Moreover, this time Yuko has been spending so much time studying with her.

Every single time Haruna didn't know how to answer a question she would ask Yuko. Yuko would look at her and smile gently before moving over to help her. There were times when Yuko had taught Haruna about said question before but Haruna couldn't answer it when a similar one appeared, so she turned to Yuko for help. Never did once Yuko complained. Yuko always continued on to help and guide her. Not minding the fact that she had to repeat the same explanation all over again.

The day passed by and soon it was 6 in the evening. The both decided that it was enough and so they stopped. "Nyan nyan, do you want to go for dinner before I walk you home?" Yuko asked as she packed her books. Haruna nodded her head. Haruna had been awfully quiet ever since the day started. This has been causing Yuko to be worried and so Yuko thought of bringing Haruna to dinner and she was hoping that Haruna will be able to cheer up. Yuko who was feeling worried about her cat, she secretly packed a bag with her clothes and her school uniform just incase.

The two walked in silence as they arrived at their favourite cafe. Yuko managed to spot a seat and so she quickly dragged Haruna along as Haruna seemed to be deep in thoughts. They sat across one another. "Nyan nyan, what do you want to eat?" Yuko asked as she flipped through the menu. "Hmm? Anything will do.." Haruna said nonchalantly.

Yuko sighed as she put down the menu and she reached her hands over the table, gently intertwining their fingers. "Haruna, what's bothering you?" Yuko looked worriedly at Haruna. Haruna who was spacing out snapped back to reality when she felt warm hands getting a hold of hers and the her beloveds worried voice.

As Haruna was about to voice out her thoughts the waiter came asking for their order. "We'll have one set A and another set B." Yuko said never once breaking eye contact with Haruna. The waiter ignored the rudeness and jotted down their orders before retrieving the menus and left to get their orders.

Haruna sighed before she started. "I'm worried Yuuchan.. What happens if I couldn't answer the questions? What happens if I fail my finals? What happens if you finish high school before me? What happens if you're disappointed in me and you want to break with me because I'm an idiot?" Haruna said as tears were gathered in her eyes. Yuko quickly removed the intertwined hands and moved over to sit beside Haruna. Haruna had her head down as she shivered.

"Haruna. Look at me." Yuko said sternly but still gentle. Haruna timidly looked up into Yuko's eyes. "I don't know who planted the thought of me leaving you just because you're not good in your studies but listen to me, I will never leave you no matter what happens. You're going to be fine for this finals." Yuko encouraged as she pulled Haruna into her embrace.

"I know because I've been teaching you and I've seen you progressed. I'm not joking nor am I saying this just to make you happy. You've really improved a lot." She pat Haruna lovingly on her head.

"Your mind is playing tricks on you. Forget about those what ifs. I know my Nyan nyan can do it. You just have to have more confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself Nyan nyan." Yuko pulled apart and looked lovingly into Haruna's eyes as she wiped the tears that fell. Yuko kissed Haruna lovingly on her forehead as Haruna nodded her head and pulled Yuko in again as she continued to embrace Yuko.

"One set A and one set B." Yuko smiled at the waiter and muttered a thank you as Haruna was still wrapped in her embrace. "Nyan nyan, the food has arrived. Which set do you want to eat?" Yuko asked as she looked at both sets and nodded her head in satisfaction. Haruna took a peek and widen her eyes in surprise.

"Yuuchan.. How did you know that I wanted to eat both of this?" Haruna said as her eyes started to shine. "We've come here so often, of course I would know what you love. So, which one do you want to eat?" "I want both." Haruna said like a spoiled kid who wants sweets and chocolates at the same time.

"Are you sure? You're going to get fat if you eat that much." Yuko teased as she got a glare from Haruna. "Alright alright. We'll share okay?" Haruna nodded her head and so, Yuko passes her the utensils as she herself took a pair of spoon and fork for herself.

Yuko got a spoonful of rice and as she was about to eat it, she felt a light tug at her sleeve. Yuko looked questiongly at Haruna who left her utensils on the table while Haruna just stared at the spoon that was filled with food. Yuko slowly brought the spoon nearer to Haruna's mouth and the reaction was instant as Haruna opened her mouth. Yuko retreated the spoon and soon a pout was plastered on her face.

"You want me to feed you too eh?" Yuko said with a grin. Haruna said nothing as she continued to pout causing Yuko to laugh. She brought the spoon to her lips and she could feel a chill running down her spine. "Hey now, don't glare at me." Yuko said as she gently blew the food to cool it down before bringing to Haruna's lips, allowing Haruna to eat the food without burning her tongue.

Haruna blushed but her eyes sparkled as soon as she felt the flavors melting into her mouth. "Thank you Yuuchan." Haruna said with a silly smile that causes Yuko to smile too. She took a spoonful of rice and this time she fed herself. The process was repeated throughout the night and Haruna enjoyed getting herself spoiled by Yuko.

But good times do come to an end. Yuko walked Haruna back to her house and soon silence engulfed them as the both of them were standing at the front door,  in front of one another. "Well, go on in. Sleep well and don't worry too much okay?" Yuko said as she gently carresed Haruna's face. Haruna leaned into the hand as she held it in hers. "..Yuuchan.." Haruna started making Yuko looked at her in confusion.

"What is it?" Yuko asked. "Can I be even more spoiled than I already am? Just for today?" Haruna asked as she held both of Yuko's hands in hers. "Hmm.." Yuko said pretending to think, somehow knowing what Haruna would ask. "Yuuchan~~ Please?" She said with her puppy eyes in place again making Yuko laughed aloud. "You're so cute Nyan nyan." Yuko pinched Haruna on her cheeks. "But alright, I'll spoil you a little more for today." Yuko agreed making Haruna brighten up.

"Can you stay over? I want to sleep in Yuuchan's embrace." Haruna said as she blushed. "Okay." Yuko answered immediately causing Haruna to smile broadly. "Yatta~ I love you Yuuchan." Haruna said as she wrapped her arms around Yuko's neck and leaned in for a quick peck, surprising the both of them and of course causing the both of them to blush.

"E-Eto.." Haruna said sheepishly. 'She kissed me and now she's being shy. So cute.' Yuko smiled and reached for Haruna's hand. "C'mon now. Let's get in and rest. Oh I have to say hello to your mother." Yuko said as she gently pulled Haruna to the door. "O-Okay." Haruna looked for her keys and soon the door was opened as the both of them stepped into her.

"Tadaima.." Haruna said as the both of them removed their shoes and soon footsteps were heard. "Okaeri Haruna-chan... Oh Yuko-chan, you're here too." Her mother greeted Yuko. "Hai. How are you doing?" Yuko asked politely. "Ah, I'm doing fine. Oh and Yuko-chan, thank you for taking care of my daughter yesterday and also thank you for teaching her for her finals. You must be tired, ne.." Haruna's mother bowed a little in gratitude. "Okasan.." Haruna whined. Yuko quickly waved her hands. "It's alright. It is my responsibility to make sure she is safe." Yuko said with a grin causing Haruna to blush and Haruna's mother to laugh.

"Okasan, Yuuchan will be staying over tonight." Haruna said with a smile. "Oh? That's good, I've boiled some soup to replenish your energy as I heard from Haruna that the both of you are studying hard for finals and I am surprised Haruna, this is the first time I've seen you studying." Haruna's mother said in amusement.

Haruna whined again which cause the other two to giggled. "Well, I'll take the soup out now, the two of you can watch the television while you're waiting for it to cool down." She said as she walked back into the kitchen. Haruna and Yuko both removed their shoes and arranged it neatly before heading over to the living room.

They both settled down on the sofa as Haruna snuggled closely to Yuko. Yuko took the remote control and turned on the television, randomly switching channels. Yes, Haruna's mother is aware that the two are dating and she once said. "Well, at least I don't have to worry about my daughter getting pregnant with some boy." Which caused all of them to laugh, well, except Haruna who pouted.

Yuko gently stroked Haruna's hair in a comforting manner as they continued to watch the television. "So, how is her studies doing Yuko-chan?" Haruna's mother asked as she settled down the tray with a big bowl of soup and only a spoon, making Yuko grinned at her mother. Haruna's mother grinned back at her before the both laughed causing Haruna to be confused.

"What are you two laughing at?" Haruna pouted. Yuko gestured her head towards the bowl of soup, catching Haruna's attention as she slowly looked over to see only a big bowl of soup and only a spoon. After a few seconds, Haruna finally understood  what was going on and blushed a little.

"She's doing very good. I believe she'll be able to do well for this term." Yuko said with confidence as she winked at Haruna. "That's good to hear. Well, the both of you should drink up and head to bed." Haruna's mother said. The Kojiyuu paired nodded their head as the both moved from the couch to the floor.

Yuko took a spoonful of soup and blew it to cool it down before bringing over to Haruna's mouth. "Ah.." Yuko said as she carefully maneuvered the spoon. "Ah.." Haruna followed. "Nyan nyan, Is it too hot?" Yuko asked concerned. Haruna shook her head and smiled warmly at Yuko. Haruna's mother looked at them, amused at how these two acted like a married couple.

The both continued on and after when they were done, they both headed to the kitchen to wash the bowl. Haruna insisted that she wash it as Yuko had fed her. Yuko complied and stood beside Haruna as she watched her wash. Finishing, they both headed back out and bid Haruna's mother goodnight as they head upstairs to Haruna's room.

As they arrived, Yuko put her bag down and took out her uniform and hanged in up. "Eh? Why is your uniform here?" Haruna asked when she came out from the toilet. "Hmm, you could say that I expected you to ask me to stayover." Yuko smiled her signature squirrel smile at Haruna making her blushed.

When they both were done, they both settled down in Haruna's bed, cuddling against the other. "Yuuchan.. I'm worried.." Haruna said as she tighten her grip around Yuko. "Nyan nyan, you'll be fine."  Yuko reassured.

Sensing that Haruna is still worried, Yuko pulled apart and looked into her brown orbs. Yuko pushed herself forward and soon their lips connected. Haruna closed her eyes at the feeling and smiled. Her feelings of nervousness all vanished at once. They both pulled apart and smiled lovingly at one another. "I'll do my best Yuuchan." Haruna said with a determined look and a smile. "Mmn. I know you will. Lets get some sleep?" Yuko asked softly. Haruna nodded her head and snuggled against the crook of Yuko's neck. "I love you Yuuchan." Haruna mumbled. "I love you too, Nyan nyan." Yuko said.

The exam weeks past by like the wind. Soon, they were all done with the papers and their results were out. Haruna was agitated as she fidgeted nervously. "I believe you'll do pretty well.." Yuki assured. "I don't know about that." Haruna let out a nervous laugh. Yuko appeared with Mayu and soon the results was plastered on the wall.

"Ehhhhhhhhhhh?!?!" Mayu and Yuko shouted. Stopping their search, Yuki and Haruna wondered what was wrong with their other half and so they both asked. "What's wrong?" "...Oshiriko-chan beat me." Mayu hung her head in defeat. Haruna was happy that her squirrel managed to raised her rank but she was conflicted as she couldn't see her name in the Top 10. On the other hand, Yuko was glad that she beat her Oshiri Sister but she was anxious as she couldn't see Haruna's name. She continued moving down and soon she found Haruna's name.

"Nyan nyan!!" Yuko shouted as she started jumping happily. "Yuuchan I didn't made it into the Top 10.. I'm sorry.." Haruna hang her head in defeat.

Finals Exam Top 10
6) Kashiwagi Yuki
7) Miyazawa Sae 
8 ) Takahashi Minami
9) Matsui Jurina
10) Maeda Atsuko

"Nono!! Haruna, look!" Yuko pointed over to the number 5. Haruna ignored what Yuko was saying and sighed to herself as she felt tears threatening to fall. 'I'm so stupid. I wasted Yuuchan's time for nothing.'

Yuko who was aware that Haruna is going to burst out crying anytime soon quickly lifted Haruna's head up with her hands. "Haruna! Look!!" Yuko urged. Haruna sighed as she opened her eyes to look at the name list.

Finals Exam Top 5
1) Oshima Yuko
2) Watanabe Mayu
3) Matsui Rena
4) Akimoto Sayaka
5) Kojima Haruna

Haruna's eyes widen in surprised. "Nyan nyan, you did it!!!" Yuko cheered as she wrapped her arms around Haruna. Haruna was shocked. She did it. She did not only make it into the Top 10 but in to Top 5 as well.

"Wow, Kojima-san! You even beat me. Congratulations!" Yukirin said with her usual over reaction. "Oh and Yuko-san, congratulations on beating my cyborg." Yukirin said with a genuine smile which causes Mayu to pout. "Yea, congratulations Kojima-san!" Mayu wished. "Oshiriko-chan. Congratulations.  I'll catch up to you for the next exam." Mayu said with a grin. "Thank you Yuki-chan." Yuko smiled at her. "I'll be waiting Shiriri-chan." Yuko grinned back at her.

Haruna was still in a daze as more people gathered around the board to see their names. "Haruna! Congrats!" Acchan said happily as she wrapped her arms around her. "Oh, Yuko! You did a great job on tutoring Haruna! Right, and congratulations on getting first place!" Acchan smiled at the both of them

"Thank you. It wasn't only because of me. Nyan nyan worked very hard herself." Yuko praised as she smiled lovingly at Haruna who snapped out of her trance. Haruna muttered a quick thank you to Acchan and released herself from Acchan's embrace and then she pulled Yuko into her embrace.

"Yuuchan!!! I did it!! I got into the Top 10!" Haruna shouted as she wrapped her arms around Yuko's neck. Yuko giggled. "No Nyan nyan, you made it into the Top 5!" Yuko smiled widely. "I couldn't have do it without you!" Haruna said leaning in for a kiss on the lips, everyone around them cheered for them while some wolf whistled.

The both separated and the both was blushing a little as Haruna pulled Yuko in, resting her head on Yuko's shoulder.

"Nyan nyan! Congratulations! You've improved a whole lot!" Takamina said as she gently tapped Haruna on her shoulder. Haruna turned around and thanked Takamina. "Mmn! Yuuchan helped me a lot." Haruna said as she smiled at Yuko.

The congratulating went on for the day for both Yuko and Haruna. The both were tired as they head home after school. They walked in silence, fingers intertwining against the other.

"So.. Do you want to go home now? Or do you want to go to my place to hang out a while?" Yuko asked, breaking the silence between them. "Hmm? I want to go to Yuuchan's place." Haruna said as she lightly squeezed Yuko's hand. Yuko nodded and smiled her signature squirrel smile and the both started heading off to Yuko's house.

Yuko's home
"Tadaima.." Yuko said as she removed her shoes and stepped in the house, waiting for Haruna. Haruna quickly followed and soon the two ventured in to the living room to see Yuko's father sitting on the couch, reading the newspaper. "Okaeri.. Oh, Haruna-chan! You're here." He said with a smile as he folded the newspaper and left it on the table.

Haruna nodded her head and bowed politely. "Your mother went out to buy the groceries and she reminded me to ask you how you did for this finals, not that I'm worried." He laughed. "So.. Did Mayu-chan get number 1 again?" Yuko shook her head. "I got number 1 for the finals." Yuko grinned even more.

"That's good!! You did a great job!" Her father praised. "What about you Haruna-chan? Did you managed to get a better ranking?" Yuko's father asked, concerned in his voice. "Mmn! I got number 5!" Haruna beamed brightly. "Wow!! That's even better. We'll have to celebrate this when your mother comes back." He said enthusiastically causing both Yuko and Haruna to laugh.

"Otou-san, we'll be up in my room to rest a while." Yuko said as she politely excused themselves. "Alright, I'll pass the good news to your mother!" He said. The both went into the room and settled down on the bed.

"Today was tiring.." Yuuchan muttered as she stretched herself on the bed. "Mmn.." Haruna said as she watched Yuko stretched. After she was done, she too head in and straddled Yuko. "Yuuchan. You owe me something." Haruna said with a pout.

"No I don't." Yuko said feigning innocence. "Yuuchan.." Haruna whined. "Nyan nyan.." Yuko followed and soon she burst on into laughter. After calming down, she looked over to Haruna who was facing her back towards her. "Nyan nyan."  Yuko said and she got no response. Yuko flipped Haruna over and straddled said girl who was pouting.

"I'll give you your reward." Yuko said as she leaned in. Haruna's eyelids fluttered and closed. Yuko too closed her eyes and smiled widely before connecting their lips.

The warmth of Yuko's lips makes Haruna smile. Haruna wrapped her arms around Yuko's neck and pulled her in to deepen the kiss.

The two pulled apart, panting. "Yuuchan.  I love you." Haruna said leaning in for another peck making Yuko grinned. "I love you too Nyan nyan."

That's it~~
Hope you guys liked it and to be honest I am contemplating whether or not should I write another smexy scene..
Oh well, we'll see how it goes.
A big thank you to all those who commented and of course my fellow silent readers as well!
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That was sweet,

i love it,

You made my day JoeYee-san

your the best, hehe

Waiting for your next update  :on woohoo:
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Yeah I like this another great os from joeyee-san


I will be waiting gor more!!!
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OMG!!!! OHMYGOSH!!!! OHMYFREAKING GAWD!!!! :mon inluv:

I LOVE IT! :depressed:

You really know gow to inspire someone, huh? :dunno:

Well said then, I love how you displayed the pairs. :gmon bang:

Nonetheless, I love your plot! :luvluv1:

I'm expecting lots of OS from you, ne? :on gay:

Please write more amazing KojiYuu ficts~ :mon bye:
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"Eh? Why is your uniform here?" Haruna asked when she came out from the toilet. "Hmm, you could say that I expected you to ask me to stayover." Yuko smiled her signature squirrel smile at Haruna making her blushed.

Eheh, well thought Yuko!!! I liked it very much  :wub: Keep writting!!!
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jhom_09 = Glad you liked it! :glasses:
arawche079 = Here is the next one!
ChibiRine = Glad you do! I'm waiting for your updates as well!  :farofflook:
Claito = Glad you enjoyed it!
takagil = I'm not 100% sure but I think this is the first time you're commenting here right?  :ding: Glad you liked it!

And hello!
Back with another OS, titled Under the Rain!
I actually wanted to do a romantic scene with Kojiyuu under the rain (AS USUAL) and as I write it suddenly somewhat became like a synopsis of the Kojiyuu pairing when they were both still in AKB. Well, I hope you like it!
Right! Do check out HAR as it was updated last week.
Without further ado, let's begin.

Under the Rain
AKB48 a.k.a Akihabara48. Back then before AKB48 became famous, there was only a Team which is known as Team A as they were just getting started. Team A's theatre stage had just ended and as Haruna was about to leave, it started to rain. She searched for her umbrella in her bag and unfortunately it wasn't in there. She groaned as she mentally reprimanded herself for being so forgetful.

She sighed as she watched the rain. 'The rain won't be stopping any time soon.' Haruna sighed as she felt the raindrops with her fingers. "Erm, excuse me." An unknown voice was heard. Haruna ignored it, thinking that the stranger was calling someone else but soon a tap was felt on her shoulder. She turned around to face said unknown person.

"Erm.. Kojima-san, do you need an umbrella?" The girl asked as she smiled shyly, showing her dimples and squirrel teeth making Haruna blushed. "..Don't you need it?" Haruna asked as she snapped out of her daydream. "Well, I'm fine with running under the rain. Plus, I think a person like you needs it more than me." Yuko smiled sincerely at Haruna.

"..You know who I am?" Haruna said surprised. Yuko smiled widely and nodded her head. "You're Kojima Haruna a.k.a airhead from Team A." Haruna giggled at the comment and soon she felt her hand being touched and her face heated up. "Anyway, here. You can use it. I got to go. See you when I see you." Yuko grinned as she dashed off into the rain.

"W-Wait!!" Haruna shouted but it was no use as said unknown person has already run off. 'I don't even know her name.. And you had to get drenched because of me. But she's an interesting person.' Haruna giggled a little. 'That person is too kind..' Haruna thought as she opened the umbrella and headed over to the train station.


The following time they met was after the audition for the second generation was done. The first generation was supposed to meet up with the second generation. Haruna was talking to Mariko when the second generation walked in. Haruna gave a polite smile at the girls as they came in one by one. Not long after, she noticed a girl with squirrel teeth and dimples.

'She looks familiar..' Haruna thought as she wondered who was she. Realization hit her not long later, her eyes widen and she shouted in surprised. "You're that girl!" Everyone was startled by the sudden outburst and so all looked towards Haruna, making her blushed. Yuko smiled sheepishly at Haruna and bowed a little. "Hello Kojima-san." Yuko beamed.

"Alright, gather up in a line." Togasaki-san said. Haruna gathered with Team A while Yuko stood with Team K. "Heh.. Already head over heels for the girl?" Mariko teased Haruna, making Haruna blushed even harder. "Shut up, Mari-chan." The introductions for Team A were done and Haruna was really curious in knowing the stranger who helped her.

"I'm Oshima Yuko, 18 years old this year. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." Yuko bowed a 90 degrees and as she stood straight up, she made eye contact with Haruna who smiled at her resulting in Yuko to blush a little.

'Oshima Yuko.. What a kind person. Oh and she's the same age as me.' Haruna smiled at that thought. 'Maybe we can be good friends.'


Time passed, and soon AKB48 was starting to be nationally recognized. Concerts were held from time to time and Haruna's and Yuko's relationship were getting better. They were getting closer to one another and Haruna enjoyed Yuko's presence. Well, except the times where Yuko would act like a pervert old man.

Their relationship deepen even further in one of the event back in 2010. They were supposed to sing Melodies by GAM and WOW.. The dance routine was just seductive. Yuko was doing it whole heartedly while Haruna was a little shy on this matter.

Haruna's heart was beating fast as their routine started. The way Yuko looked at her, it made her melt but she had to keep her act together. At the end of the performance, Yuko leaned in for a kiss, Haruna was tempted. Tempted to kiss those soft looking lips. But she stopped. Her tsundere side coming out as she blocked Yuko from coming closer.

The rating they got from the Mayuki pair was very different. Mayu enjoyed the PDA (Public Display Affection) displayed by the Kojiyuu pair. Yukirin on the other hand said that Yuko was really into it while Haruna looks a little uncomfortable. 'Of course I don't look comfortable. The way she looked at me was just too...seductive.'

After they went backstage, Yuko smiled at Haruna. "It was nice to have a chance to perform a duet with you." Yuko said. "Mmn." Haruna nodded her head as they both headed to the changing room together.

There were cameras set up backstage and so, the Kojiyuu pair stopped by said camera with Yuko holding a turtle. Yuko leaned in for a kiss and Haruna avoided it, resulting in Yuko kissing Haruna on the cheek. Yuko pouted while Haruna blushed, feeling those soft lips.


Time goes by, and Haruna took Yuko's presence for granted. In 2012, AKB48's face announced her graduation. Maeda Atsuko was to graduate and Yuko was pressured. Knowing the fact that they have to continue on without Acchan was hard. Haruna knew. The times where Yuko would seclude herself from the rest and cry due to the stress.

Haruna made sure during those times, she would be there to comfort her squirrel. It was hard for the first gen, especially Takamina but for Yuko it's a different story. Yuko and Acchan were somewhat rivals and also the aces of the group. Without Acchan, all the pressure was on Yuko.

Yuko was grateful for Haruna's presence. Without her she might've been in the pits of darkness. And with the 4th General Election going on without Acchan participating, a lot of fans stated that, Yuko appearing as number 1 is a free opening and if she couldn't even achieve it then it would be embarrassing.

When the second place was announced with Watanabe Mayu her junior getting number 2, Yuko heaved a relieve sigh. She did it but she knew she wouldn't have done it without Haruna. After everything was done, Yuko went to look for her cat.

"Nyan nyan~" Yuko said as she wrapped her arms around Haruna. "Yuuchan! You did it!" Haruna said as she too wrapped her arms around Yuko. "Couldn't have done it without your support." Yuko said as she breathed in Haruna's scent.


Moving on. In 2013, many girls announced their graduation. Shinoda Mariko, Haruna's best friend graduated. Akimoto Sayaka, an important presence to AKB48 and the older generation. Itano Tomomi, first generation a.k.a founding member of AKB48.

Both Haruna and Yuko were sad with the graduation of their closed friends. Yuko was there to comfort Haruna when Mariko-sama graduated. Yuko never left Haruna's side until she was sure that her cat was in a better condition. After Sayaka's graduating, Yuko was a sobbing mess. Sayaka didn't know what to do as her friend would just keep crying. She called for Haruna and thankfully the cat managed to stop Yuko from tearing up even more.


Haruna was sure that Yuko wouldn't graduate before her but unfortunately things didn't go her way. During the 64th Kouhaku Uta Gassen, Oshima Yuko announced it. "I, Oshima Yuko, will graduate from AKB48." Her announcement surprised the whole nation of Japan and of course most of the international fans.

Haruna felt as though her world was crumbling down into pieces. 'Yuuchan will be graduating?' That question was stuck in her head as they continued to perform their last song for the night, Heavy Rotation. Haruna was glad in some ways. She was glad to see Yuko smiling even after she announced her graduation.

After the performance, they headed back stage. "Gomen ne.. You were shocked, right?" Yuko apologized to Haruna and some of the others. Yuko kept apologizing to the others as she felt guilty for not telling them about her graduation plans. "I'm so sorry to have done this over here, rather than at a concert. I'm sorry." She said as smiled a little as they continued moving on to a bigger area.

Everyone back stage was crying. Sasshi was sobbing hard and Yuko was trying to calm her down. "I'm still here you know." Yuko said with a smile. Getting no response as Sasshi only continued to sob harder, Yuko continued. "You must have predicted this at least, didn't you?" She received a nod. "Then what?" Yuko asked as she giggled. "But I don't want this to happen! I don't want this." Sasshi said as she sobbed harder. "It's okay.. Everything will be alright!" She said with a smile as she pat her head.

After somewhat calming Sasshi down, our squirrel headed over to Kitarie. Kitarie wasn't sobbing as hard as Sasshi but she was undeniably sad. Not knowing what to say, Yuko decided to enlighten the mood with a joke. "You want to become the Captain?" This made Kitarie laughed as she shook her head. "No, I don't!" Yuko laughed at the response she got.

Moving on, Yuko headed to her teammates. "No! No! This is not fair!" Matsui Sakiko complained as she laughed a little. "How cruel!" Maeda Ami said as she laughed as well. Yuko muttered another apology. "Why are you apologizing, Yuko-chan?" Sakiko asked as she wiped her tears.

Takamina on the other hand was trying her best to calm the Juniors down. After making sure Sayanee is fine, she headed over to the Mayuki pairing who were still in a state of shock. "Mayu will be alright, won't you?" Takamina asked. "I'm not alright at all." Mayu said as she let out a nervous laughter. "Well, you know what you have to do..." Takamina said. Getting no response, she continued. "Or should I put it another way, you should think more carefully.. About yourself.." Mayu nodded her head in reply.

It started to rain as they headed back home. Haruna's manager drove her home and as soon as she reached her house, she bowed and muttered a thank you and dashed in to her house. 'I hope she'll be fine. Maybe I should give Yuko-chan a call to ask her to check up on Haruna.' The manager sighed.

Yuko who was heading back home received said call after she was done talking to her father on the phone. "Yuko-chan, if it's possible, can you please check on Haruna?" Yuko felt a cold sweat running down her back. 'She disappeared when we headed to the open area..' "Is there anything wrong with Haruna?" Yuko asked as she turned serious. "N-No but she seem really sad. So I was thinking that maybe you can talk to her or something.." Haruna's manager said. Yuko let out a sigh of relieve as she looked over to her manager silently asking him for permission. Her manager agreed and Yuko muttered a thank you.

"I'll check on her. Is she home already?" Yuko asked as she check her watch. 'Nearly 2 in the morning..' "Yes, we just send her home. Thank you, Yuko-chan." Haruna's manager said and the call ended. They headed towards Haruna's house and about 400 meters before they reached Haruna's house, the car broke down.

Yuko asked her manager to allow her to run to Haruna's house. Her manager was reluctant but soon he agreed. With that Yuko grabbed her things that she needed and kept it in a plastic bag and placed it in her bag. Yuko dashed all the way to Haruna's house as many thoughts were running through her head. 'Deja vu.' Yuko laughed a little as she continued on her run.

Not long after a knock was heard on the door. 'Who could it be? It's so late already.' Haruna thought as she took a deep breath to control her breathing before she dragged herself to the door. Making sure that she looked decent, she peeked through the door hole and to her surprise it was Yuko.

"Yuuchan.." Haruna mumbled. 'It hurts.. I don't want to see her. She announced her her graduation without informing me beforehand. I can't accept the fact that she had announced her graduation...' Haruna gripped her hands into a fist, SHe took a deep breath and let out a sighed as she opened the door, looking coldly at her late night visitor.

"Hey there Nyan nyan." Yuko smiled gently at her. They stood there staring at one another as Yuko noticed something. "Nyan nyan, were you crying?" Yuko asked, a pang of guilty inside her.

Haruna shook her head and widen her eyes in realization. "What are you doing here?" Haruna said, trying to sound annoyed. "I just wanted to check on you. Your manger called me. He was worried about you." Yuko said as she reached out to Haruna.

Haruna froze. As Yuko was about to touch her, she slapped Yuko's hand away from her. "Don't touch me!" Haruna shouted surprising Yuko. "Leave me alone!" Haruna shouted as she slammed the door.

"Nyan nyan, what's wrong?" Yuko asked as she knocked on the door. Haruna had it. She opened the door, once again surprising Yuko. Haruna raised her hand and soon a slapped was heard. "What's wrong?!" Haruna asked as she raised her voice.

"You should know what's wrong!" Haruna shouted before she ran off in to the rain. Yuko held her left cheek as tears start to sting her eyes. Yuko looked at Haruna who was running away from her and mentally slapped herself. 'Why is she running away from her home?' Yuko groaned. She shut the door before chasing after her cat who wasn't that far away from her.

"Nyan nyan!!" Yuko shouted as she ran at full speed to chase Haruna. Haruna ignored and continued running, due to rain and the foggy weather she couldn't see a hole on the ground. Haruna tripped and was about to fall but suddenly a pair of arms wrapped themselves around Haruna.

"That was dangerous! Why were you running away?" Yuko asked as she pulled herself away from Haruna. Haruna remained silent as tears started falling. Yuko gently lift Haruna's head up and she gently wiped the tears that were mixed with raindrops.

"Haruna. I know why you're mad. I'm sorry for not telling you about my plans on graduating to you." Haruna looked into Yuko's eyes that were filled with sincerity. "I'm really sorry.." Yuko said as she pulled Haruna into her embrace.

Haruna pushed Yuko away and stared coldly at her as thunders were heard. "Why didn't you tell me about it?" Haruna asked. "I was afraid Haruna. I didn't want to hurt you." Yuko said as she held Haruna's hands in hers. "But you did! It hurt me very badly!" Haruna shouted as she removed her hands from Yuko's grasped.

Yuko wrapped her arms around Haruna, seeing no other choice. "I'm really sorry." Yuko said as Haruna started hitting Yuko on the shoulder as she sobbed. "Stupid Yuuchan.." Haruna sobbed at Yuko's shoulder. "I don't want you to graduate.." Haruna said as she looked into Yuko's eyes. "I don't want to be separated from you even more than we already are." Haruna continued as tears streamed down her face with the occasional thunders.

Yuko looked sadly at Haruna. Not knowing what she should say to calm her cat down. "Yuuchan, kiss me?" Haruna said out of the blue surprising Yuko. Haruna closed her eyes and Yuko complied. She gently carresed Haruna's face before leaning in for a kiss on the lips.

The both separated and looked fondly at  one another. "I love you Yuuchan.." Haruna said. "I know.. I'm glad you have the courage to admit it after all this time." Yuko smiled fondly at Haruna. "But wasn't it a little too late?" Haruna questioned. "Not really.. Even if I'm graduating, we can still hang out and go on dates if you want." Yuko grinned.

"..Mmn." Haruna nodded her head solemnly. Yuko sighed seeing her cat so disheartened before a thought occurred to her. "Ne Nyan nyan.. Remember how we first met?" Yuko asked as Haruna looked confusedly at her.

Haruna nodded her head after she managed to recall back. "We met when it was raining.." Haruna said as she looked at Yuko who nodded her head in agreement. "Back then, you just finished your stage and you wanted to take the train to go home but it was raining heavily. So you waited.." Yuko said.

"And then suddenly, you appeared offering me an umbrella before running off to the train station yourself." Haruna giggled as she recalled back. "Mmhmm. To be honest, back then I didn't like Idols." Yuko said as rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly. "I know.. You mention it once before on a television program." Haruna nodded her head in understanding. "But you didn't know why I joined didn't you?" Yuko asked as Haruna shook her head in reply.

"I took the audition as a last chance to become someone who works in the entertainment industry." Yuko stated. "You've also mention about-" Yuko put her finger on Haruna's lips silencing her. "Not only that. I also wanted to meet the girl who gave me hope to continue on to chased my dreams. It was you Haruna. Without you, I would have given up. And somewhere along the way, I fell for you not long after I was officially in Team K. Haruna, I love you. Do you think there's a chance for us to be together even if I'm graduating?" Yuko asked as she looked sincerely at Haruna. The thunderstorm that was going on, calmed a little.

Haruna smiled sheepishly at Yuko and nodded her head. "I would love to." Haruna said as Yuko pulled her in for hug. "C'mon.. Let's head back to your house. We're all drenched.." Yuko said as she wrapped her arm around Haruna's waist and they started walking back. "It's your fault." Haruna pouted. "Hai hai.. But I don't think I deserved that slap." Yuko said, feigning hurt.

"I'm sorry.. I wasn't thinking clearly when I slapped you." Haruna said as she stopped to carresed Yuko's check. "Gomen.." Haruna apologized as she leaned in to kiss the swollen cheek. Yuko grinned widely feeling her cat taking the initiative to further deepen their bond.

"But why did you run away from your house? It's raining you know.." Yuko asked as she tilted her head to the side in confusion. "I don't know. I guess I got a little irrational." Haruna sighed. "Yuuchan~" She whined. "What is it?" Yuko asked, amused. "I love you." Haruna said as she looked fondly at Yuko. "I love you too. Now let's go back faster, I don't want my cat to get sick." Yuko said concerned as she pinched Haruna on the nose. "Hai.." Haruna agreed and so the both headed home


"Yes, Yuko will be graduating but we'll still be together no matter what happens right?" Haruna smiled at Yuko. "Hai, she'll be stuck with me for the rest of her life." Yuko grinned.

And that's a wrap! :glasses:
I hope you guys liked it. Oh and credits to AIDOL (THE GROUP WHO SUB MOST OF THE AKB VIDEOS) as I used some reference about when Yuko announced her graduation. :pleeease:
Ah.. It does bring back some memories.. :farofflook:
Well then, a big thank you to those who commented and of course the silent readers as well!
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YOU'RE A LEGEND! :mon inluv:

I love it! :farofflook:

And that Melodies duet is so...ugh~ :on gay:

I can't get out of my writer's block, huhuhu. Gomen~ :depressed:

(not to mention, studies) :frustrated:

Love at first sight, indeed. That's the best way to describe your story here. :hehehe:

Waiting for more KojiYuu OS from you~ :mon bye:
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JUst another lovely kojiyuu, really really thank you :D, but then again Mi mind is traveling about the next scene.. you know.. kojiyuu.. in haruna´s apartment..
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Great !!!nice update !!!

Grrrrrrr...I want more
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ChibiRine = Ahahah. I'm not, you're the legend here, ChibiRine-san!  :ding: Don't give up!!
Haruko = You're welcome! Hmm..  :nya: I'll see if I am able to fulfil your request.  :on GJ:
arawche079 = Well, here is the next one!

Hey guys, I'm back with another OS.
It's a song-fic ft Photograph by Ed Sheeran and to be honest, I think I didn't do that well..  :err:
Right, I recommend you to listen to the song while reading this fic or you may also listen to it first before reading this fic.

Loving can hurt
Yuko and Haruna had started dating about a year ago but Haruna was having a problem. She didn't liked how Yuko was always looking at other girls even though they were together. Haruna sighed as she looked at the photograph that she and Yuko took together back then, when they started dating.

Loving can hurt sometimes

Haruna bought coffee for the both of them.  'I hope she'll like it.' Haruna giggled a little as she walked into the practice room. Yuko who was having fun, didn't noticed Haruna's presence. Yuko who saw Acchan, ran over to her and kissed her on the cheeks. Haruna felt her heart shattered into pieces watching Yuko doing so. The cup of coffees that she was holding dropped onto the floor, startling the other two in the room.

But it's the only thing that I know

"Nyan nyan! Are you okay?" Yuko asked worriedly as she ran over to her. Yuko seem to not notice how odd or should I say jealous Haruna was behaving. Haruna had her head down as she felt tears threatening to fall. She gripped her fist tightly when Yuko touched her.

When it gets hard

"Yuuchan, let's break up." Yuko was in a state of shock. "N-Nyan nyan? Y-You're joking right?" Yuko stuttered as she tried to reach out for Haruna. "I'm not. Let's break up."

You know it can get hard sometimes

Haruna ran out of the practice room leaving a devastated Yuko inside. "You've done it now.." Mariko said. "What do you mean? I did nothing wrong!" Yuko shouted. "That's where you're wrong." Mariko said as she eyed Yuko. "You should stop going around kissing other people when you are already officially dating." Acchan stated bluntly. Yuko's eyes widen in surprised.

It is the only thing that makes us feel alive

'How could I have never noticed. Every time I flirted with someone, she would give me a bitter smile. Stupid Yuko.' Yuko mentally reprimanded herself. "Oshiriko-chan!! What are you doing here?" Mayu shouted at her Oshiri Sister. "Go and chase her!" Yukirin shouted. Yuko who was lost in her thoughts, quickly snapped out of it, running out after Haruna.

We keep this love in a photograph

Haruna who ran and ran, stopped at the park, panting as she felt her tears fell. She reached into her pocket taking the photograph out, staring at it.

We made these memories for ourselves

'It's over now..' Haruna shut her eyes as more tears started to fall. She crumpled the photograph. As she was about to throw the photograph away, a voice called out to her.

Where our eyes are never closing

She opened her eyes and turned around to see her squirrel. 'Yuuchan..' She dropped the photograph on to the floor.

Hearts are never broken

Yuko panted as she lightly grabbed Haruna by her hand.

Times forever frozen still

"Nyan nyan.." Yuko started slowly. "What is it, Oshima?" Haruna said coldly. Yuko's eyes widen in surprised. ".. I'm sorry." Yuko said sincerely as she bowed a 90 degrees.

So you can keep me

"I know you want to break up with me, but Haruna. Is it possible to give me another chance?" Yuko said with her head still bowing low.

Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans

"I promise you I'll make it up to you. Meet me at the cafe we usually go to at 8pm?" Yuko asked as she lightly squeezed her hands.

Holdin' me closer 'til our eyes meet

Yuko slowly looked up at Haruna and raised her hand and wiped the tears. "..Fine." Haruna sniffed. Yuko beamed a smile. "Great! Thank you Nyan nyan. I'll walk you home?"

You won't ever be alone

"It's alright. I need some time alone. I'll see you tonight." Haruna said as she walked away from Yuko. "Take care Nyan nyan." Yuko said as she looked fondly at Haruna's retreating figure.

Wait for me to come home

'I'll have to make this right.' Yuko thought as she picked up the crumpled photograph and smiled sadly. "I'm really sorry Nyan nyan.." Yuko took her phone out and dialed some numbers. 'I'll need everyone's help if I want this to succeed.'

Loving can heal

"What can we help with?" Acchan asked as she looked around the cafe with Takamina beside her. "I need the both of you to help me to play the guitar." Yuko said after explaining her plan.

Loving can mend your soul

The Mayuki appeared not long after the Atsumina pair who went to prepare. "Shiriri-chan, can you help me play the piano?" Yuko questioned Mayu who looked confused at first but nodded her head.

And it's the only thing that I know (know)

As the three went to practice, Mariko appeared looking a little annoyed. "Mariko. I'm sorry but please give me a chance to make this right with Haruna." Yuko asked as she bowed.

I swear it will get easier

Mariko's facial expression soften. "This is your last chance." Mariko sighed. "Anything you need me to help with?" Mariko asked as she ruffled the squirrels hair.

Remember that with every piece of ya

"Mmn! I need you and Yukirin to go to the florist and get some roses." Yuko said as she beamed. "Oh, buy a fake one as well." Yuko requested as the other two looked knowingly at her.

And it's the only thing we take with us when we die

Time flies, the Atsumina pair and Mayu managed to master the playing of the song as they headed back to change. Yuko looked at the venue and smiled. 'I'll prove to you Haruna.'

We keep this love in a photograph

Haruna on the other hand was alone in her room sleeping. Her alarmed rang, signalling for her to get up. She checked the time and sighed. "This is your last chance Oshima Yuko." She said to herself as she stood up and headed to the toilet to freshen herself up.

We made these memories for ourselves

Yuko smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. She decided on wearing a black dress.


Spraying a little perfume, Yuko headed back over to the cafe.

Where our eyes are never closing

Everyone already gathered themselves at the cafe. Atsumina already on stage, strumming a few times while Mayu ran her fingers alone the keyboard. Yuiparu and Sayamilky were there as well to give moral support.

Our hearts were never broken

Yuko smiled at them with her signature squirrel smile and looked over to Mariko who gave her a little tap on the shoulder. "We've already bought the roses." Mariko said as she gestured over to the back. "Right, Yukirin and I will be in charge of the sound system and the lightings. We've practiced through already." Mariko grinned while Yuko widen her eyes in realization. "Yeap. I knew you would've forgotten such detail." Mariko teased while Yuko blushed. Yuko bowed a 90 degrees and thanked Mariko.

Times forever frozen still

"Y-You guys ready?" Yuko asked as she looked nervously around the others. "Yes! Calm down Oshiriko-chan." Mayu said as she rubbed Yuko on the back of her shoulder. "Yuko-san! We'll guide Kojima-san in." Milky and Paru said. Yuko nodded her head and muttered a thank you. Yuko took a deep breath and started. "Okay, just as we rehearsed." Yuko said as all of them got into position. Yuko gave Mariko the okay sign and so they turned of all the lights.

So you can keep me

"Come on in Kojima-san!" Milky said as she latched onto Haruna. "You look pretty." Paru said as she too gestured for Haruna to head in."Why are all of you here?" Haruna asked surprised. "Hmm.. I wonder." Milky said feigning innocence. "Ma, our presence doesn't matter much here." Paru said as they arrived in front of the stage. "You shall sit here." Paru said as Milky lightly pushed her on to the chair.

Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans

The two left Haruna who was in confusion. 'What is going on?' Haruna wondered. All of a sudden the strumming of guitar was heard. Not long after a spotlight was on, shining on the right side of the stage, blinding Haruna for a moment. '..A-Acchan?' Haruna's eyes widen in surprise. Acchan winked at her as she continued to concentrate on playing the guitar.

Holdin' me closer 'til our eyes meet

After playing the intro, another guitar strumming was heard. Another spotlight was on, shining on to another figure. 'Even Takamina?' Takamina smiled encouragingly at a figure who was still cloak in darkness. Next, the sound of the piano keys playing could be heard. The spotlight shone down on Mayu who was gracefully running her fingers up and down the keyboard. 'Eh? Mayu-chan too? What's going on?' Haruna was getting more confused but her confusion was stop short thanks to another spotlight that was turned on, shining brightly at the center of the stage with Yuko standing there.

You won't ever be alone

Yuko took a deep breath and made eye contact with Haruna, giving her a small smile before she started singing.

Loving can hurt
Loving can hurt sometimes
But it's the only thing that I know
When it gets hard
You know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive

Yuko looked lovingly at Haruna who was in a state of shock and surprised.

We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
Times forever frozen still

Haruna who had recovered from her initial shock, now listens to the lyrics intently.

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket
Of your ripped jeans
Holdin' me closer
'Til our eyes meet
You won't ever be alone
Wait for me to come home

Yuko poured her heart out as she sang finish the chorus.

Loving can heal
Loving can mend your soul
And it's the only thing that I know (know)
I swear it will get easier
Remember that with every piece of ya
And it's the only thing we take with us when we die

Haruna felt herself starting to tear a little as she could feel the sincerity from Yuko.

We keep this love in this photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Our hearts were never broken
Times forever frozen still

Haruna thought back on what happened earlier that day and she felt like killing herself for being so... irrational. Haruna knew that if they talked things out, things wouldn't have turned out this way.

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket
Of your ripped jeans
Holdin' me closer
'Til our eyes meet
You won't ever be alone

But in some ways, Haruna was glad. She was glad to see Yuko fighting for the both of them. Haruna smiled at Yuko who sang the pop song even more powerful than before, after seeing her cat smile.

And if you hurt me
That's OK, baby, only words bleed
Inside these pages you just hold me
And I won't ever let you go

Wait for me to come home [4x]

The others who were there to give moral support, smiled in relieve seeing the two somewhat reconciled.

Oh you can fit me
Inside the necklace you got when you were 16
Next to your heartbeat
Where I should be
Keep it deep within your soul

Yukirin and Mariko who were at the back, hi-5 one another and grinned as they continued watching Yuko performing.

And if you hurt me
Well, that's OK, baby, only words bleed
Inside these pages you just hold me
And I won't ever let you go

When I'm away
I will remember how you kissed me
Under the lamppost
Back on 6th street
Hearing you whisper through the phone,
"Wait for me to come home."

As the song ended, Yuko went to the backstage to retrieve the bouquet of roses before heading down to Haruna. "You look beautiful.." Yuko smiled as she she caressed Haruna's face. "Just like always." Yuko winked, making Haruna blushed. Yuko patted Haruna on the other head. "Here, these are for you. Mariko and Yukirin helped me to pick it." Yuko grinned as Haruna looked over to the said two, who gave her a thumbs up. Yuko reached down to grab Haruna's hand before turning serious.

"Haruna. I'm sorry for being such an inconsiderate brat. I'm sorry for always fooling around, even after I have you. I'm sorry for taking you for granted. I'm sorry for not noticing your feelings and being so oblivious." Yuko said as she tightly squeezed Haruna's hands. "I'm sorry for hurting you." Yuko said as she pulled Haruna into her embrace, mindful of the bouquet of roses. Haruna buried her face at the crook of Yuko's neck and shook her head.

"Will you forgive me and give me another chance?" Yuko asked as they both separated from one another. Haruna nodded her head. "Mmn. Yuu-chan, don't ever hurt me again." Haruna said as she pouted a little.

Yuko laughed seeing Haruna acting that way. "Of course. I promise you." Yuko said as she leaned in for a kiss on the lips making Haruna blushed even harder. "Yay! You did it, Oshiriko-chan!" Mayu said and soon applauses were heard, with all the lights turning on as well.

Acchan and Takamina placed their guitars and walked over to the Kojiyuu pair. "Yuko, don't mess up again. You hear me?" Takamina said as she received a nod from Yuko. "I won't." Yuko grinned as she wrapped her arms around Haruna's waist.

Yukirin and Mariko walked over to the others after turning off the sound system and also the unnecessary lightings. "Don't hurt her okay? Haruna maybe a tsundere but she has a very fragile heart." Mairko teased. "Mari-chan!!" Haruna retorted resulting in laughter.

Yukirin walked over to where Mayu was and kissed her lovingly on her forehead. "You did a great job." Yukirin grinned at Mayu before looking over to Yuko. "Take good care of Kojima-san!" Yuko nodded her head and smiled her signature squirrel smile.

"Everyone, thank you for helping me today. Without you guys, I couldn't have apologized to Nyan nyan sincerely." Yuko said as she grinned. "Thank you all for coming to give me moral support." Yuko bowed as she looked at the Yuiparu and Sayamilky pairing who gave Yuko a thumbs up.

"Takamina, Acchan, and Shiriri-chan, thank you for playing the music instruments even though it was very last minute and we didn't have much time to practice." Yuko once again bowed to them. "It's okay.. To be honest, I enjoyed myself today." Acchan smiled as she gave an encouraging pat on Yuko.

"Mmhmm. I agree." Takamina nodded her head as she looked lovingly at Acchan, stroking her imaginary beard. "I'm glad I could help out!" Mayu said as she smiled widely at Yuko.

"Yukirin, thank you for helping Mariko with the flowers and also taking the initiative to help me with the sound system and the lightings." Yuko smiled at Yukirin who gave and okay sign. "Any time."

Yuko fidget a little before thanking the last person who helped her. "Mariko. I'm sorry for being a fool. I'm sorry I hurt your best friend." Yuko said as she made eye contact with Mariko. "But I promise you, it'll never happen again. Thank you for helping me as well." Yuko bowed a straight 90 degrees as Haruna stood there surprised.

"Glad you know, squirrel." Mariko said sternly. "And you're welcome. Oh and by the way, you owe me a meal." Mariko said as she got back to her usual trolling mood. "Sure." Yuko nodded her head in agreement.

"Okay okay. you've thanked everyone already right?" Takamina asked as Yuko answered a yes. "Well then, we'll be heading out to give you two some time alone." Acchan continued Takamina's sentence as they all headed out.

"..Thank you Nyan nyan.." Yuko once again said as she pecked Haruna on the cheek, eliciting a giggle from Haruna. "Yuuchan~" Haruna said in a sing-song voice. "What is it?" Yuko asked as she looked lovingly at Haruna. "Promise me not to flirt with other girls?" Haruna said with her puppy eyes set, making Yuko blsuh. "I-I promie you. Oh, and here. You dropped this earlier on the ground."

Yuko said as she passed a photograph to Haruna. Haruna gasped in surprised. "I thought that was the only copy we had? Didn't I crumpled it?" Haruna stated as she ran her fingers on the photograph. "Mmhmm. I have my ways." Yuko grinned. "Yuuchan~ Thank you." Haruna said as she leaned in for a kiss.

The two kissed passionately and as the need to breath arise, the two separted from one another. "I love you Yuuchan." Haruna said as she rubbed her nose against Yuko's. "I love you too, Haruna. I love you until the last rose dies." Yuko said as she looked at Haruna who once again pouted. "You won't love me after that?" She said sadly as Yuko giggled a little.

"Look a little closer at the roses." Yuko urged. Haruna looked a the bouquet of roses that she was holding. After observing them for a while she noticed something. "It's fake?" Haruna said as she tilted her head in confusion. "But it can't be, it smells like roses." Haruna shook her head, trying to think of what Yuko meant. Yuko giggled seeing how Haruna was acting. "Only one of them is fake Nyan nyan.. And I meant what I said, I will love you until the last rose dies." She smiled lovingly at Haruna who gasped in surprised.

Soon tears made their way down Haruna's face. "E-Eh? Nyan nyan, what's wrong?" Yuko asked worriedly. "Happy tears Yuuchan.. Happy tears." Haruna grinned as she wrapped her arms around Yuko.

'Thank you Yuuchan, for not giving up on us..'

And that's a wrap.
I hope you liked it!
Thank you to those who took their time to comment and of course the silent readers. :kneelbow:
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THIS IS MY SPOT! :glasses:

Is it a coincidence or what? I was playing Photograph when I saw your thread. XD

And damn! I was writing an OS inspired by Photograph, JoeYee-san. :depressed:

But, one thing is for sure! We have a different plot but same title and just same song. XD

At first, I was so sad because Haruna decided to break-up with Yuko. :frustrated:

Tsk, Yuko is such a player. (As usual) XD

But we all know one thing, Yuko only loves Haruna and Haruna only loves Yuko. That's that. :luvluv1:

You know that I love it, right? You know that! :farofflook:

Thank you for creating a wonderful KojiYuu OS! :on gay:

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OMG too much sugar! I love it! but... Just an observation.. what about twin tower? Doesnt yuko call them?
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i'm always listening to this song and then i saw your update,

I love this OS so much, kojiyuu is so sweet and of course haruna always forgive our yuuchan, hehe

thank you for this,

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A fake rose means a fake love coz I'm bitter. looooooooooooooool XD
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A fake rose means a fake love coz I'm bitter. looooooooooooooool XD

Such a drama queen, OMG. XD

OMG too much sugar! I love it! but... Just an observation.. what about twin tower? Doesnt yuko call them?

Yeah, I noticed that too. :dunno:
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A fake rose means a fake love coz I'm bitter. looooooooooooooool XD

Such a drama queen, OMG. XD

OMG too much sugar! I love it! but... Just an observation.. what about twin tower? Doesnt yuko call them?

Yeah, I noticed that too. :dunno:

^^^I still think real roses are more romantic even tho they wither or die even if it did we know its genuine. Its like life, we live, we bloom, then we die. WAHAHAHAHAHA! XD Fake just rings something negative to me. #I'mStillBitter  :lol: Synthetic would be a better word for me tho. Anyway, I can make an exception looool. JoeYee-san, don't get me wrong... I hope I did not offend you in anyway. I LOVE YOUR FICS~  :hip smile:

^^It goes like this Sayaka loves Yuko. Sae loves Sayaka. But Yuko loves Haruna. Their friendship got wrecked.  :nervous THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Unless someone... love triangle between the shinyuu trio.  :bleed eyes:
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ChibiRine = Aahahha, what a coincidence.  :hee: I'll be waiting for your version then~
Haruko = Hoho!! Twin towers?  :glasses:
jhom_09 = Glad you liked this~
Claito =  Y U SO BITTER? :shock:  :mon inluv: No worries~ Not offended.

I see some of you are wondering where are the twin towers eh...
TBH, I forgot about them.  :shock:
BUT, I'll make it up to you guys!
I'll make a part two of it so do wait for the continuation of Photograph ft Saeyaka a.k.a Twin Towers~
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Late comment...late comment...late comment~
nice os as always ...
waiting for your next os.. :-D
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Korisu29 = Aahhaha.. Thank you thank you.  :D

Anyway, like I promised.
Here is the second part for Photograph.
Oh right, and I have something to tell all my fellow readers. BUT... I'll announce it later in Humans and Robots as I'll be updating it later on today as well.
Hope you enjoy this second part~

Photograph (Part 2)
After yesterday's event, Haruna decided to spend the night at Yuko's place. The two talked through the night, repairing their once broken relationship.

"Yuuchan~ There's something I want to ask you." Haruna said as she looked at Yuko. "Asked away." Yuko smiled as she pulled Haruna onto her lap. "Did you forget about something?" Haruna questioned as she wrapped her arms around Yuko's neck. Yuko looked confused by the question. "Or more specifically, two people?" Still getting no reaction from her beloved, Haruna sighed. "You didn't call Sayaka nor Sae to help you with yesterday's event. Were they aware of what was happening yesterday?" Haruna stated the obvious making the other jaw dropped.

"I see.. You forgot about them.." Haruna teased. Yuko who seems to still be in a state of shock, did not reply Haruna. "Yuuchan?" Haruna gently carresed Yuko's face, snapping her out of her reverie. "..I forgot." Yuko was devastated. In all the rush, she forgot about her two buddies. Haruna giggled seeing Yuko making weird faces.

"Ne.. Call them and buy them coffee?" Haruna suggested to Yuko who nodded her head frantically. She quickly took her cellphone and dialed the number, putting it on loudspeaker. The phone was answered soon.

"Oi. How rude of you to forget your good buddies." Sae sighed as she talked on the phone. "We've heard about it from the others." Sayaka added in. A nervous laughter was heard on the other side. "S-Sorry.. I'll make it up to the both of you. You guys free for a cup of coffee now?" Yuko asked.

"Hmm.. " Sae's thought was stop short as Haruna spoke. "Hello Sae-chan." Haruna said as Sae perked up. "Why hello there.." "Let us make up to the both of you?" Haruna said as Sae sighed. "Alright alright. Meet you in an hour's time. Same coffee shop?" Sae questioned. "Yes, the usual one." Haruna said.

Yuko on the other hand stared at Haruna with amazement. "Well then, see you later~" Haruna said as she ended the call. "Why are you staring at me like that?" Haruna asked as she flicked Yuko on the forehead lightly. "Ittai yo~" Yuko pretended as she rubbed her forehead. "Nyan nyan is a M." Yuko pouted. "M?" Haruna tilted her head in confusion. "Masochist." Yuko grinned as Haruna turned red.

Worried that her cat might get mad she quickly pull Haruna in for a hug. "I was just joking. I was thinking about how great you were in handling things. You managed to help me call the other two out." Yuko praised as Haruna's anger was put out. "I-It's nothing." "No it's not, you're a great help." Yuko smiled as she distanced themselves from one another. "And I'll reward you with a kiss~" Yuko said as she puckered her lips. "Pervert!" Haruna shouted as she hit Yuko on the head before getting off of Yuko's lap.

"Nyan nyan~" Yuko whined eliciting laughter from the other. "Come on.. We have to change now, we'll be meeting up with them in an hour right?" Haruna said as she started making her way to Yuko's their room. "No chu?" Yuko asked with her puppy eyes set. "No chu." Haruna repeated with a grin as she walked in to their room.

'This girl.. She's going to be the death of me.' Yuko smiled as she stood up and stretched a little. "Ma, guess I better go change as well." Yuko said as she headed into their room.

Haruna on the other hand, was half naked, only clothe with her bra and panties. "Ne Yuuchan, what should I wear?" Haruna asked after feeling an intense or should I say pervert glare. 'Pervert..' Haruna inwardly giggled as she looked through the clothes.

Haruna felt a pair of arms wrapping themselves around her. "Maybe you shouldn't wear anything." Haruna shivered feeling Yuko's breath on her ear. "Maybe I should.. Everyone would be able to see my nice body." Haruna said nonchalantly.

Haruna felt Yuko's arms tightening on her waist. Soon she found herself pinned against the cupboard. "No! Your body is only for me to see." Yuko said as she looked into Haruna's eyes intensely. Yuko ran her fingers on Haruna's cheek before heading down to her neck making Haruna let out a soft moan. "Cute.." Yuko smiled her signature squirrel smile.

Yuko leaned in for a quick kiss before heading towards the bathroom. "We'll continue this tonight. If we do it now, I don't think I'll be able to control myself and it might cause us to be late." Yuko grinned evilly at Haruna before going in to the toilet. Haruna groaned in annoyance. "Stupid Yuuchan.." Haruna whispered to herself as she herself got ready.

At the cafe
"Two cups of coffee, please." Sayaka said to the waiter. "Is there anything else?" The waiter asked, Sayaka shook her head and the waiter smiled. "Alright. Your drinks will be served shortly." Sayaka muttered a thanks before looking over at Sae who was looking at her watch intently. "It's still early Sae." Sayaka sighed. "Is it?" Sae asked, feigning innocence. Sayaka nodded her head while Sae sighed. The two settled into a comfortable silence.

"Here are your coffees. Enjoy~" The waiter said winking at Sayaka. Sae who noticed the gestured, angrily stated. "She's taken." Sae wrapped her arms around Sayaka protectively to prove her point. Sayaka on the other hand was blushing a little.

"S-Sorry.." The waiter quickly apologized, retreated and dissappeared. Sae sighed and looked over at Sayaka who was looking amused at her. "What?" Sae asked with a little pout. "Nothing.. Just thinking about how possessive you are." Sayaka grinned at Sae who blushed a little.

"Hey there~" A familiar voice started. The two towers looked over to said voice and smiled. "Yuko! Oh, and hi Nyan nyan." Sae smiled widely to the two. "Have a seat.." Sayaka gestured to the empty couch at the opposite of them. "Wait! Have you ordered your drinks?" Sae asked before the Kojiyuu paired could settle down. "Yes, we have." Haruna said as Yuko gently urged her to sit. There was an awkward silence filling the air as both couples kept quiet.

Haruna gently nudged Yuko, snapping Yuko out of her train of thoughts. She took a deep breath before starting."..Sorry for not informing you about the apology event yesterday?" Yuko sighed. "It just slipped my mind as I was in a panic rush." Yuko rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. The twin towers sighed. "But we're your best buds! And you forgot about us." Sae said with a pout. "I didn't it on purpose." Yuko pouted back Sae.

Haruna and Sayaka who saw how the two acted, laughed. "What?" Yuko and Sae said at the same time, both looking at their own partners. "The two of you.." Sayaka started as Haruna continued. "are so childish." The both laughed ad their partners looked at one another before cracking into laughter as well.

"H-Here are your drinks.." The waiter quickly left the drinks on the table before disappearing once again. "What's with him?" Yuko asked as she passed the drink to Haruna who accepted it with gratitude.

"Well, someone scared the poor boy off." Sayaka stated as she looked over to Sae who blushed. "H-He was flirting with you." Sae said as she drank her drink. The Kojiyuu pairing smiled devilish at Sae.

"Anyway, Kojima-san. How did Yuko apologized to you?" Sayaka started as she leaned back into her seat, wrapping her hands around Sae who smiled at the gesture. "Oh oh!" Haruna said enthusiastically. "Give me a minute." Haruna took her handbag and started searching for something.

"What are you looking for Nyan nyan?" Yuko asked curiously. "..This!" Haruna said as she took out her phone. "What about it?" Sae asked as she eyed the device curiously. "Mari-chan recorded the whole thing yesterday." Haruna beamed brightly.

All of a sudden, Yuko's phone rang signaling an incoming message.

From: Mariko
Subject: Video

Hello there! I recorded the whole process yesterday~~
I've send it to Nyaro already. No need to thank me. Hope you enjoyed it~

Yuko facepalmed reading the message. "Maritroll.." She said aloud, Haruna took a peek at the phone and smiled widely. "Here you go." Haruna said as she passed the phone over to the other occupants.


"Woah... That was very brave of you Yuko! I'm proud of you!" Sayaka said after they finished watching the video. Yuko who heard the compliment, blushed a little. ". Thanks.." Yuko muttered. "Aww man.. I wish that I was a part of it." Sae pouted. "It'd be really cool.." She added. Yuko looked apologetically at Sae who let out a sigh. "Ma.. I'm just glad you two managed to fix things up." Sae smiled genuinely at the Kojiyuu pairing.

"Yeap, thankfully Nyan nyan felt my sincerity. Anyway, I told you I'd made it up to you right? Go ahead and other whatever you want.." Yuko said as she beamed at the two. "You serious?" Sae asked as her eyes sparkled brightly. "Yeap.." Yuko nodded her head. Sayaka on the other hand looked worriedly. "You do remember that Sae eats a lot right?" Yuko was stunned. She totally forgot about it. As she was about to stop said girl from ordering, it was too late.

"I would like two parfaits. Three cheesecakes. One strawberry milkshake. Six cupcakes." The waiter frantically wrote the orders down. On the other hand, Yuko and Haruna's jaw dropped. "Hmm. Sayaka, is there anything you want?" Sayaka shook her head in reply while she let a sigh.

"Sae-chan.. Y-You sure eat a lot.." Haruna said as she looked at the other. Sae nodded her head and smiled like a kid who gets to eat all the sweets they had. (Well, the fact is. She really gets to eat all of it.)

Yuko once again facepalmed and sighed. "Ma.. It's alright." Yuko rubbed her temples. "So you're going to forgive me, yes?" Yuko asked. "Hmm.. I'll think about it." Sae said as her parfaits arrived. Yuko dropped her head on Haruna's shoulder who patted her head, feeling a little sorry for her squirrel.

"Woah.. Sayaka! Look at the parfait! It looks awesome!!" Sae said as her eyes sparkled. Sayaka on the other hand nodded and smiled sincerely at Sae. "Ma, iktadakimasu.."


After Sae's  fourth parfait, sixth cheesecakes and seventh cupcakes, she leaned back and let out a satisfied sigh. "Alright Yuko-chan, you're forgiven." Sae said as she rubbed her belly. "..Thank you.." Yuko smiled genuinely at her buddy.

"Sayaka, do take care of Sae-chan.. I'm worried that she might have a stomach ache due to the amount of sweets she ate.." Haruna said as she looked worriedly at Sae. "Mmhmm. Will do. We'll be heading out first. See you at tomorrow's practice." Sayaka waved as she gently tugged Sae up from her seat. "Thanks for the treat,  Yuko-chan.." Sae grinned like a kid while Yuko just nodded and smiled widely at her.

After the both left Yuko leaned back on her seat and sighed. 'I totally forgot that Sae can eat a lot..' Yuko let out a small laughter. "What's wrong Yuuchan?" Haruna asked worriedly. Yuko shook her head and smiled lovingly at Haruna. "Just grateful the Sayaka didn't order anything else.." Yuko said, resulting in Haruna to giggled.

"Ma, we shall head back too. Tomorrow's practice starts early.." Yuko drank finish her cup of coffee before she stood up from her seat, gently tugging Haruna to follow. "Give a minute. My drink isn't finished yet.." Haruna said with a pout. "Okay.. I'll pay the bill first?" Yuko asked while Haruna nodded. "I'll be right back.." She leaned in to kiss Haruna on the forehead. Haruna blushed a little from the action as she drank her chocolate.

Yuko headed over to the cashier,  asking for the bill. 'She's pretty good looking..' Yuko mentally reprimanded herself for thinking like that. Yuko stopped her pervert thinking and looked at the bill that was handed out to her. "Eh?" Yuko said as she stared at the receipt then back to the waitress. "I-Is there anything wrong?" The waitress stuttered.

"Ah.. Sorry, there's nothing." Yuko said as she fished out her purse and laid down two five thousand bills. As she passed back the bill over to her, the waitress accidentally (Oh really now?) touched Yuko's hand. Yuko jerked back from the touch, as though she had touched fire. "S-Sorry about that.." The waitress apologized as she keyed in the amount.

Haruna who was watching the whole interaction, smiled to herself. 'Good to know she's not flirting anymore..' Haruna stood up from her seat and walked over to Yuko. "Yuuchan~ I'm done.. Can we go home now? You promised me that we will be working out the whole night.. on the bed." Haruna smiled perversely at Yuko as the waitress passed back the bill over with a red face.

"H-Here's your change." Yuko who was blushing a little, took the change and smiled a little. Yuko knew that Haruna was acting that way because she was a little jealous. "Hai hai.. Get yourself ready tonight.. I won't allow you to sleep a wink." Yuko winked at Haruna who blushed, surprised that Yuko was playing along. "Mmn." Haruna nodded her head as the two headed out of the Cafe.


"You're impossible.." Yuko said as she squeezed Haruna's hand. "What? She was flirting with you." Haruna pouted as she stopped walking. "Oh? How did you know?" Yuko asked, a grin coming on to her face. "..I was watching the two of you interact.." Haruna admitted as she looked at the floor, which suddenly becomes very interesting. Yuko giggled a little causing Haruna to blushed harder.

"It's alright Nyan nyan.." Yuko said as she lifted Haruna's face to face her. "Ne.. I understand that you're going to need some time to fully trust me again but I promise you, I will not flirt with any other girls anymore. So don't worry? I'll prove myself to you." Yuko said as she leaned in for a quick peck on Haruna's lips. "Mmn.." Haruna smiled as she pulled Yuko in for a hug.

"So are we really going to be working out the whole night?" Yuko asked as she wiggled her eyebrows in a suggestive manner. "Y-Yuuchan!" Haruna shouted, her face going on full blush. "Just kidding~" Yuko grinned as she intertwined her hands with Haruna. "Stupid Yuuchan.." Haruna muttered under her breath, which didn't went unnoticed by Yuko. "Nyan nyan~ You were the one who flirted about having sex with me in public." Yuko stated as Haruna clamped Yuko's mouth shut with her hand.

"Y-Yuuchan!! Not so loud!" Haruna said as she looked at their surroundings, letting out a relieve sighed after knowing that no one heard their conversation. Yuko laughed aloud and gently patted Haruna on the head. "Hai hai.. Just teasing you~ Let's go home?" Yuko said as she smiled lovingly at Haruna. Haruna ignored her and continued to walked on, making the squirrel chase after her cat. "Wait for me Nyan nyan~" Yuko said in a sing-song voice. Haruna smiled a little as she slowed down her pace, allowing Yuko to catch up with her.

"Yuuchan's a pervert."

"And so are you."

"..But you're my Yuuchan."

"And you're my Nyan nyan."

The both smiled lovingly at one another, heading back to their house and well they might probably be working out the whole night.. on the bed.

That's a wrap.
Please do wait for me to announce something that I have to tell you, my fellow readers later on at HAR.
Thank you to the silent readers and of course, those who commented.
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I really like when they are flirting each other ...
thanks for your update ...
waiting for the next ....
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Woowww, its great joeyee san >,<
You can make the third or 4th chapter i will still love it hehee
And i love this song so much,
Thank you for your fic
Iam waiting for your next update
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As usual, thank you~~~
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Wow I forgot to post on the first part....

I like both parts ...hehe
Most especially tge scene where the waitress is flirtng with Yuuchan and Nyan nyan intrusion was epic....dang

Nice fic joeyee-san

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As usual, thank you~~~

True! It's nice that you're improving, JoeYee-san. :on gay:

So, yeah. I'm happy when the waitress was flirting with Yuko. XD

Hope I will see your updates next time! :on gay:

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Korisu29 = Ahaha.. I'm glad you liked it Korisu-san! I'm waiting for yours as well.  :mon misch:
shanju = Ah. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :DDDD
Claito = Really?  :shy1: I'm glad.. *Grins like a little kid.
arawche079 = Ahahah. So, I see I see. Jealous Haruna sure is nice to read eh..  :kekeke:
ChibiRine = I'm really glad and thank you!  :nya:

Hey guys~ I'm back with an OS, tittled assumption. It's actually not as dark as it sounds.  :sweat:
I just couldn't think of a better tittle. ><
Oh well, without further ado, let's begin!

Yuko sighed for the fifth time as she settled down on to the couch that had been her bed for the past few nights. 'She's still mad.. She's never been this mad. Well, at least not for this long..' Yuko groaned as she laid back.

What happened? You see, Yuko was offered a role in a movie which will be directed by a well-known man. This is actually a great opportunity for Yuko to gain more fame and popularity but there was a catch, there was going to be a bed scene. Yuko hadn't agreed to it as she wanted to talk to her beloved cat about it but unfortunately for our squirrel, Haruna misunderstood on what was going on and Yuko never had the chance to explain herself.


"Hey Nyan nyan.." Yuko started as Haruna hummed in reply to show that she was listening. "I've been offered a a movie directed by a well-known man." Yuko continued as Haruna's eyes widen in surprised. She smiled widely as she pulled Yuko into her embrace. "That's great! I'm so proud of you Yuuchan." Haruna said as she leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. Yuko smiled at the gesture before returning the favor, wrapping her arms around Haruna in return.

"..There's a catch though." Yuko started hesitantly. Haruna tilted her head to the side in confusion. "..There's going to be a..bed scene." Yuko said slowly as she observed Haruna's expression that changed instantly. "W-Wait, Nyan nyan-"

"You know I don't like it when you're acting this type of scenes and yet you still accepted it?" Haruna asked as her eyes widen. She released her grip around Yuko and abruptly stood up, causing Yuko to stumble forward a little. Yuko quickly gathered her composure as she shook her head and waved her hands frantically. "No Nyan nyan! Listen-" Yuko was stopped short as Haruna threw her pillow at her. "Get out. I don't want to see you." Haruna said coldly without looking at Yuko.

Yuko hanged her head in defeat. Knowing that no matter how hard she tried, whatever she was going to say, wouldn't be heard by Haruna as she was furious. She reluctantly trudged her way out and as soon as she was out of the room, the door went shut behind her.


Yuko's train of thoughts was stopped short when she received a call. "Oshima Yuko speaking." Yuko answered sadly. "Woah, Yuko. What happened? You sound dead." The voice on the other said as Yuko sighed. "Why thank you Acchan. I feel wonderful." Yuko replied sarcastically.

"Just kidding. Nyan nyan still hasn't listen to your explanation?" Acchan asked, her voice soften as concern was evident in her tone. "No. She's still ignoring me. I come back late at night nowadays because of the stage practice so I barely get to see her and believe it or not, even though we're living under the same roof, we've never crossed path for the past five days. Every time I come back, she's already in the room." Yuko whined as Acchan giggled but not for long as realization hit her.

"Yuko.. Have you tried opening the door?" Acchan asked as Yuko stared confusedly at the white wall in front of her. "Why would I? Wouldn't it be locked?" Yuko stated innocently as Acchan groaned. 'Yuko... Maji??' "Yuko.. All this while, you assumed that the door was locked?" Acchan asked as she rubbed her temples.

"...You can put it that way.. I never bothered trying to open the door. I thought she needed space and all so she would've locked the door." Acchan sighed. "You should try it now and explain yourself to her. It's been nearly five days. Nyan nyan wouldn't ignore you for that long." Acchan sighed as her doorbell rang.

"Well, I'll be hanging up. Takamina's here. Good luck." With that, she ended the call as Yuko stared dumbly at her phone. 'Impossible.. The door must be locked.' Yuko placed her phone to the side as she slowly made her way to their room. She took a deep breath as her hand landed on the door knob.

After calming herself down, she slowly turned said knob and to her surprise, it really wasn't locked. 'Usooo!!!!' Yuko groaned mentally. She slowly opened the door to see Haruna sitting on the bed who seemed to be deep in thoughts. Yuko tiptoed her way over to Haruna and took a peek to see what was making her cat so focused.

She involuntary gasped as she saw that Haruna was looking at their past photos. Haruna snapped out of her reverie as she looked at Yuko sadly. Yuko felt like killing herself for making her cat make such expression. 'This is unacceptable! I must do something!'

"Haruna, can you please listen to my explanation? Calmly?" Yuko asked as she reached out and intertwined their hands. Haruna gave Yuko a small nod as Yuko sighed in relieve, smiling warmly at Haruna.

"The job offer that I got, I did not. I repeat, did not accepted the offer at all. I told the director that I needed time to discuss this with someone important. When I came back, I had the intention of explaining everything to you but you were just so mad. I knew that no matter what I say, you wouldn't listen to me so I decided to give you some space." Yuko explained as Haruna's eyes widen in surprised before she shook it off.

"Then why didn't you come back to our room?" Haruna asked with a pout making Yuko rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "I assumed that the door would be locked and since you weren't waiting for me in the living room like usual, even if I told you not to, I really thought that you didn't want to talk to me." Yuko pouted in return as Haruna smiled a little. 'Not there yet! Just a little more Yuko!!' Yuko's inner self, mentally cheered for her.

"So you didn't accept the offer?" Haruna asked as she wrapped her arms around Yuko who shook her head furiously. "Of course I didn't. I wouldn't deny that it is a good opportunity but I wanted to talk to you about this matter before I decide on anything. I know how hurt you feel when you see me doing the bed scenes with other actors even if we're not really doing it." Yuko wrapped her arms around Haruna's waist in return as Haruna leaned into the embrace.

Haruna snuggled closely to Yuko, eliciting a laughter from her. "Nyan nyan, that tickles.." Yuko gently patted Haruna on the head with her free hand. "So am I forgiven?" Yuko asked as Haruna nodded her head in reply. "Yokatta..." Yuko muttered as she pulled away, putting some distance between the two.

"I've actually turned down the offer as soon as our argument broke out but I didn't have the opportunity to talk to you about it. It was thanks to Acchan, I honestly assumed that the door was locked but it wasn't." Haruna laughed as she gently flicked Yuko on the forehead. "Baka Yuuchan.." Yuko pouted, making Haruna beam widely in returned. "There it is."

"What is?" Haruna looked confusedly at Yuko who grinned. "Your beautiful smile." Yuko complimented as Haruna blushed. "Ma. I'm glad we managed to clear things up." Yuko said as she pulled Haruna back into her embrace.

She started sliding down until her body was rested on the bed. "Gomen ne.. I misunderstood the whole thing. It must be uncomfortable to be sleeping on the couch for the past four days." Haruna apologized as she ran her fingers through Yuko's hair.

"Hmm? It's alright. It's not your fault. If only I didn't assumed then we would've made up a long time ago." Yuko yawned a little as Haruna laughed and pinched Yuko on the nose. "Go and sleep Yuuchan." Haruna leaned in for a kiss on the lips, surprising Yuko but it was soon overtaken by joy and love. Haruna on the other hand blushed, noticing that she had unconsciously moved in to kiss her beloved on the lips.

"Mmn. I love you Nyan nyan." Yuko muttered as she tighten her grip around Haruna. "I-I know. I love you too." Haruna said as she herself started to drift to wonderland. 'I'll have to thank Acchan some other time.'

Done! That's a wrap.
On Friday, I'll most probably be updating HAR as I updated LWTC last week.
Anyway, a big thank you to those who commented and of course my beloved silent readers! :kneelbow:
I'll try to write more one shots!
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Pffftss......jealouse nyanyan again

Waiting fo your new update on your other fics .....

LoL...Yuuchan hmmmm....I mean kojiyuu :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


I like this

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Since it's only 5:43 AM here, I'll read it later! :)
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nice os as always ...
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i love the jealous Nyan-nyan here  :cow:

i love this O.S joeyee-san

im always waiting for your fic

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I spend my time to read you os collection you know  XD :lol:
I love your fanfic, I love kojiyuu..and there is so many kojiyuu fanfic.. :shakeit: :shakeit: :twothumbs :twothumbs
Looking forward for new kojiyuu fanfic, especially the smut one  :lol: :twothumbs
Title: → JoeYee's OS Corner ← Strangers (Kojiyuu) (24.1.17)
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The train was quiet and sitting across me was a young lady, tall and pale with her long slender legs crossed. It is undeniable that the woman in front of her is breathtakingly beautiful.

A blush paint across my cheeks as I realized that the woman in front of me knew that I was staring at her.


The doors to the train opened, the arrival announcement snapped me out of my daze. I avoided the woman's eyes who were still locked on my figure as I made my way out.

"Ah, gomen! Oh, obaasan!" I apologized and bowed to her before I helped her to pick up her plastic bags holding it in my hands..

"It's alright Yukochan.." The grandmother smiled warmly at the younger making the latter grinned before gesturing for Yuko to pass her the plastic bags.

Yuko shook her head at the older woman before beaming a bright smile, showing her squirrel teeth.

"Ne obaasan, where are you heading to?"



'Hmm? I believe that was her stop. Does she know obaachan too?' I tilted my head to the side in confusion.

I was pulled back to reality when someone gently taped me on my shoulder.

"Hello Haruna-chan." I had my eyes widen before I flashed a genuine smile at the obaachan, or should I say, my obaachan.

"Obaachan~ Did you went to the market without me again?" I pouted as I gave her a soft but yet scolding look but my grandmother laughed heartily making me smile a little at the sight.

"It's alright my child, after all, I have someone helping me carry my bags now." I stared blankly at my grandmother before looking over my grandmother's shoulder.

There she was. The stranger I silently observed on the train every day.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Oshima Yuko. I believe this is not the first time we've seen each other." I blushed before nodding my head.

"R-Right. I'm Kojima Haruna."

And that's how our relationship status changed from strangers to something more.

A/N: Heh. I know it's shot but I just wanted to drop this here. I have not been writing much lately so my skills might be a little rusty. Anyway Happy 2017! I hope that all of you will have good health and that everything will go smoothly for all of you! Positive thoughts! See you~
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is there continuation of this??  :( :(

but thank you for the fic, its cute  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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yes continuation please kojiyuu more