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Title: White Lies ( GB Kojiyuu, Atsuyuu, Atsumina) Chapter 40Update/ May 27, 2018
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White Lies

Chapter 1

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my story does not meet your standards then just ignore it.

She needs me but I don’t love her. Why am I in this position? Despite being one of the richest bachelors in the country I can’t do anything to protect the girl that I love. I want to live with her but I’m sleeping with other girl’s house. I want to tell the world how much I love her but I kept my mouth shut or my family will take her away. I want to take care of her but I’m holding my childhood friends hand instead of hers.

It all started seven months ago when my childhood friend got post traumatic disorder after an accident. Accident that changed our lives. She was driving her car with her sister heading to shopping center owned by their family. When a drunk  truck driver lost control on his wheels and crushed it to their car. She saw her sister past away in her own eyes .The accident left her body injured badly. But injuries she received in that accident was nothing, compared to the pain of losing her sister. She shut herself to other people including her family, never talk or move, unless she needs to use the restroom and its hard make her eat. Atsuko stayed in hospital for two months. Even though her injuries healed, she still have to stay in the hospital because of post traumatic disorder. I wish I could do something to help her. But I remember a saying, be careful what you wish for cause you might just get it.
It’s been two weeks since I last visited her. I hope she is getting well I entered her room seeing her sit while staring at the window,seeing some improvement on her condition makes me happy.

“Acchan” I called her name in sweet tone. She looked at my direction while walking towards her. I saw tears running down from eyes. As I last asked her condition to my best friend she was still not giving any emotion after the accident, then why is she crying now? Maybe I just miss something, maybe she got well this morning. I smile and showing my dimples on her but she cried harder. Oh god! What did I do? I just call her name did she hate it? Do I have to apologies?

“Acchan?” I worriedly called her name I went closer to her bed. But she grabbed my right hand and pulled my body for a hug. I smile and caress her back she just tightens her hug as her sobs getting louder.

“Let it out Acchan!!! Just cry ok…Ami might be in heaven now. But she’s watching you. You don’t want your baby sister getting worried in heaven, right?“I felt a quick nod on my right shoulder. She is responding to me, Thanks god. I caress her arms that were wrapped tightly around my neck.“Just cry until you feel better.” I rest my head on her shoulder and I feel that she buried her face in my neck.

“Don’t be ashamed Acchan. It’s me Yuu-kun. I will always understand you and always be by your side… Remember?” Reminding her that I never leave her whenever she needs me. She nodded again this is good sign. It’s almost 5 minutes since I entered Acchan’s room but we remained on the same position though she still crying but her voice weakens. Suddenly a loud bang from the door made me turned around as I got startled but I cupped Acchan right cheek for support.

“A-Acchan!?” her mom shouted in surprise who's with her dad with the same expression. What’s wrong? Did I do some wrong again? Maybe their thinking I made their daughter cry. Her mom started crying. Atsuko just buried her face on my back while hugging my waist. I continued to caress her arms. I bowed my head to her parents. Her mom started to walk closer, but as her mom getting closer and closer, Acchan’s grip on my waist tightens I look again to her parents. Seeing her daughter’s reaction, her dad stopped her mom from going further, He shook his head and then they both went out.
When her parents left us I help her lay down on her bed and sat beside her. Caressing her head for some time she fell asleep crying. I wiped the tears in her cheeks, she held my hand and I rub her knuckles and rest it on her stomach. When I felt like she sleeping deeply I went out of her room and saw her mom was still crying I told them what happened. What makes me surprised was when they told me that this is the first time Acchan cried after the accident. I’m happy about Acchan’ s progress but the more her parent’s explain her situation the more confusion strikes in my mind.

After an hour……

I just arrived from Japan from business trip from New York. But I’m here in hospital waiting my childhood friend that I treated like real sister. I can’t go home because I’m so worried and being near her does not lessen it. “Acchan?” I release a heavy sigh. Then another loud bang came from the door. Seriously, this people do not know how to open the door carefully? It’s my best friend Kai his panting while his holding the  knob.

“Acchan!!!!!” He shouted.I took the pillow on my back and throw it to him.

“You will wake her up, baka!” I half shouted.

“I’m sorry” he bowed his head.I calm myself and return to my sit.

“Her mom told me that she cried on you?”I answer him with a nod.

“Did she tell you something? Did she feel something hurting? Did she look for me? No…No her name? Is she still remembering who is she?”  He continuously bombarded me with question.

I raised my hand to make him stop. He picked up the pillow on the floor and put it on Acchan’s bed.

“She’s improving, that’s all I can say.”

“What improving? Can you be more specific?”

“She is responding to me but not with her parents and doctor. She still cannot talk.“I look again on my childhood friend.

Kai started to cry. “What are you doing?” now he makes me more confuse. “He kneels down in front of me and bows his head and continued crying.

"Please help her.”  He said it with pleading face.

“Of course I will help she like sister to me, baka.” I tried to make him stand but he refused it and bows his head.“ You don’t understand.”

“What?” I ask him because his making me more confuse.

He took my hand and dragged me to hospital’s rooftop. We were panting with the distance we run from Acchan’s room to the rooftop is tiring because my stupid friend seemed to forget that hospital’s elevator is available. After sometime of resting, he kneel back and bowed his head.

“Dude what’s the meaning of this? I’m tired you know. Stop playing, I’m going home.” I snapped at him. I ‘am completely agitated on everything that happened this day. I started walking back to the door.

“Please take care of Acchan."Kai shouted on my back while crying. I know that his really serious as this is the first time that my best friend acts like this. I stop from walking.

"Acchan.. Acchan only will let you enter her world because… Because Atsuko loves you, she loves you Oshima Yuu. You are the only person who can help her. I’ m begging you. Please help her. Please take care of her”

I faced him. I tried to utter a word but nothing comes out of my mouth. I cannot breath. It feels like all the air was suck out of my lungs. I know that Acchan likes me but I did not entertain it because she never confessed to me. No she did it once but retracted it and said that she was just joking, I’m confused. How about my girlfriend? I can’t break up with her. No I cannot leave without her.

“Nyan nyan” I mumbled..[/size]


Hi, I have posted this somewhere and some of my readers ask me to post it here.... I'm really hesitating if I will continue it...

Title: Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina)
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Title: Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina)
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Eh.... Now Yuu is needed to accept Atsuko

Would Yuu entertain the idea?

What about Haruna?

How the story is going to progress?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the new story

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I will be waiting the next chapter, hehe
Iam curious, will yuu breaking up with haruna? >,<
Thanks ache san  :on GJ:
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nice one dude, hehe

hindi ko alam ang sasabihin ko, alam mo na, haha

waiting for the next chapter.... :thumbup

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I've read it somewhere, but I forget where it was, hehe ... it turns out you are the author of this fic ...  :mon closeup:
I will wait for the next chap ...  :mon determined:
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Wow, I find one more interesting fic here :grin:
Please continue author,,,
Ganbatte ne!!!
Title: Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. Sorry for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story does not meet your standard then just ignore it….

It’s not normal relationship as any people have; I’m in a relationship with the new Japanese top model but we have to hide it and I have to act like I’m not dating anyone. It’s complicated isn’t I’m madly in love with this girl but I don’t have the guts to say it to the world. It is the condition of dating a woman who doesn’t belong to your social status.

“I love you” I don’t know how many times I said that phrase to her and don’t how she still believes in me saying that even though I cannot fight for her. It’s enough for her that I’m saying that three words. But I know that it is not enough for us to make our relationship work. I want walk beside her and tell everybody how lucky Oshima Yuu dating Japan top model Kojima Haruna but if I do my family will do everything to separate us. They did it three years ago When I Introduce Nyan nyan to them in my college graduation. My parents acted like they were fine with it but three months later my mom told Nyan nyan her first condition. She asked my girlfriend to flew to New York and finish her studies there.I was shock on how my mom wanted to end our relationship.  Nyan nyan could not even speak English. Though my girlfriend and I are in the same age she dropped out in college wanting to pursue her dream of being a model. I supported her I know that fashion is her passion so who am I to stop her and I love seeing her living her dream.

Nyan nyan accepted my mom’s condition at first I was against it and tried to convince my mom that I can’t live without my girlfriend. I’m so worried If she can survive life in New York. But they only answered me “You are Oshima Yuu the future of Oshima group how can you manage a company if you cannot even manage your girl.” My mom said in disappointment. My father pat my shoulder and said” Good leader should establish their strength on his own emotion, everything starts fall with one whose lacking it.“

I understand what their trying to tell me, but Why do they have part us? I ask them many times howerver none of my questions are answered. How can I have emotional strength if they would they take away the source of it? I don’t know what to do on that time I asked Nyan nyan to run away but she told me running will never answer anything, If this is the only way that my parents would want to accept her then she will gladly take it.I admired her more as she has this courage to fighting for our love. After I heard her side, who am I to stop her? If she is willing to fight for our relationship, then I will do everything to fight with her.

After her visa was released and finish crush course in English, We both flew to New York. Yes I accompany her for three months and I pleaded to my parents just to let me come with her. She entered to Parson Institute of design taking up Fashion Marketing Program . I helped her pass on the evaluations, especially exam; I invested too much patience on tutoring her it’s like I will also enter fashion industry in the future on the stuff that I learned. She also entered modeling as source of her income. Though her parents send her some money it’s not enough for her living expenses. My parent tried to gave her money but she did not accept it as she does not want my parents to use it to separate us. She really tried her best for our relationship. When I have to come back to Japan and took over as General Manager of our company. I gave her passbook with her name; it was my savings when I’m in college and working in Maeda Corp, she refused it at first  but I told her that It was the only way I can leave her without worrying too much. She still refuses, What’s with this girl’s pride? I tried to persuade her again and tell her that I’m not giving it to her, It is my investment, she have to pay it to me with interest and she needs to be successful to do that then she agreed after endless arguments.

We maintain our long distance relationship with constant emails, calls and video chat. Thanks God for providing technology in our generation or I cannot leave with this set up. I always flew on New York to spent our special days together and I’m glad that I always have business trips in New York, thanks to our business partners. After four years of being apart now she finished her studies in a America, but she cannot come home because of modeling stints, I understand her but I later found out that my parents are not allowing her to come home still part of their stupid condition. She’s became a top model in New York , after years of hard work she now living her dream to be the brand ambassador of famous fashion lines in New York.

Despite of our distance and being busy with our career we managed to keep our relationship strong but one favor change everything. Favor from my best friend Kai that I have to take care of my childhood friend Acchan , she has PTMD or Post Traumatic Mental Disorder after she had an accident with her little sister Ami. She happened to have minor injuries but Ami died on the accident. After the accident she never responded, she just stare on the ceiling of her hospital room all day long and never talked to anybody.

I always visit her in the hospital after work. It became me and my best friend’s routine everyday checking her condition. For two months and ten days we visit and hangout on her room on our spare time, But I left her for my business trip in New York well it also a time for me and Nyan nyan to do some skin ship. Two weeks in New York ended so fast I have to go back to Japan. I arrived in the airport a little early as my supposed arrival time. So before I go home I dropped by in the hospital. What happened that day changed my life?
Acchan never know my eight year relationship with her friend because I and Nyan nyan agreed not let her know our relationship because she can’t hide anything from my mom. Second my parents reprimand us to let anybody about our relationship including Acchan. My best buddies and Nyan nyan’s family were the people who only knew about it. I still don’t know the reason behind it. But if my parent’s conditions are not followed she told Nyan nyan, that she will never accept Nyan nyan to be her future daughter in law.

Back to the situation that stormed my life. I ask Kai to give time to think about, me taking care of Acchan. He agreed on it and gave me three days to discuss this to my girlfriend. I think I’m the luckiest person as Acchan parents had the same idea. They asked the same favor my best friend asked me and live in there mansion until my sick friend gets well, my parents agreed on it. My family and Maeda family had been good friends since college and business partners for long. I can’t think straight knowing that I don’t have choice but to abide by my parents another unconditional favor.
Before I discuss it on my girlfriend my mom already did it for me. I don’t know. What my mom talked about and how she explained things to Nyan nyan. After they talked about it Haruna never responds to my mails and not answering my calls. I’m worried that something bad happened or they reprimands her seeing me. I tried to talk to my parents but she said nothing. In frustration, I call my girlfriend’s agent and asked him about Nyan nyan situation. She told me that Nyan nyan cancelled all her modeling job and she just locks herself in her room. Hearing that news worries me more, I don’t know what to do. I asked my executive assistant to booked me the soonest flight that she can get. I flew to New York not caring about the unfinished works I left in Japan. All I think was what happened to my girlfriend, why is she not answering my calls. When I arrived at New York I rushed to Haruna’s apartment.


I entered her flat repeatedly shouting “Nyan nyan!!” . I opened her room door and found her sitting on the corner of bedside table. She folded her knees and burying her head on her arms.

“Nyan nyan?”  I call her while trying to fight the tears wanted to escape in my eyes, now blaming myself for seeing her in pity situation.

“Yuuchan? Yuuchan? “Lifting her sobbing face with eyes so swelled.

"Yes, I'm here baby.”

I run to her place, hugged,and caress her back while kissing her lips hoping that my gestures would make her calm. She wraps her arm around my neck and rested her forehead on mine.

“I thought I’m just hallucinating that I’m hearing your voice.”

“No baby I’m your Yuuchan."I held her hands and cupped it on my face."See baby I’m real."She wiped the tears that escaped on my eyes.

"I love you Yuuchan” she kissed my lips with hunger I can’t help not to moan as she bite and nibbled my lower lips. I answered it licking hers. I pulled her chin with my thumb a little and started my tongue do its job on her mouth tracing every inches of it. She did the same in mine until our lungs demands for air. I rested my temple on her head.

“I love you more baby.” I kissed her swollen eyes. She started to cry again. I see the fear and anxiety in her eyes.  I felt guilt knowing the fact that I’m the reason of her emotional breakdown. I carried her in bridal style and put her on bed. She buried her face on my neck. Her sobs became louder as I tried to pull my body to fix our position. I let her sit on the edge of the bed I kneeled in front her, she pulled my neck and nuzzled her face on neck again I caressed her head with my right hand while my other hand pulled her thigh so I position myself  in between. I hummed the song rivers flows into you to make her calm.

“Yuuchan, what do I have to do? Even though I already did what they want  they still treat me that I’m not worthy to be part of your life.” she continued to cry.
“What did my mom told you?”

“She explained me the same thing Kai asked you and the only thing I can do was to agree or break up with you. What If they asked you to marry Acchan? What if you fall in love with her ? What if she tries to seduce her? I can’t live without you Yuuchan."I pulled my head so I can see her face and shook my head.
"That will never happened Nyan nyan I will never fall to anybody. I only love you. Even if they force me I will never ever leave you. You still trust me, right?” She nodded while playing with my collar.

“Remember the documents that I gave you on your birthday? I transferred my assets in your name as backup plan, right?  I love you Nyan nyan and I’m willing to leave everything for you, even if I disown by my family. That’s how much I love you."Nyan nyan smiled and kissed my lips.

"But I don’t want that to happened Yuuchan, we worked for 8 years will be nothing."I understand her. She strives just to get my parents approval.

"Do you want me to accept their favor?”

“I don’t know. Now that I know Acchan have feelings for you."She then started to scratch my shoulder with her index fingers. Oh my god Nyan nyan you’re making me crazy with your simple gesture. I cupped her cheeks.

"It’s the only way to make her well?  I don’t know what to do too baby. I can’t make my own decision too.”

“Your mom told me that I can return to Japan.“

What? Are they torturing my girlfriend? They asked me to live with other girl and now they ask my girlfriend to watch how I’m taking care of other girl.

"I want to go home Yuuchan I missed my family though you brought them here on my graduation.”

“I know nyan nyan. I’m just thinking if you can handle seeing me taking care of other girl.”

“ Yuuchan I trust your love for me. Acchan is just like your little sister, right?"She cried again.

"shhh!!! Yes baby she was just a little sister to me. I will never ever break your trust.”

“Then accept it.”

“What are you trying to say?"She sighs and move her fingers on my chest.

"Do it for me Yuuchan, this will hurt but if this is the only way your family will changed their view on me. I will- I will let you take care of her.”

“Wait Nyan nyan are you sure you want me to?”

She shook her head and nod “What do you mean by that?” I copied her. “You’re confusing me”

“I don’t know what I’m thinking too this is not easy for me you know. ” we both giggled.

“Are you sure?”

“I have to set rules.”

“I nodded”

“If you failed to comply, you know what I’m going to do.”

“Peel my skin out of my body.”

“Ok. Oshima Yuu lets fight”

“If that’s what my Nyan nyan wants I will do it for her.”

“I love you Yuuchan.”

“I love you more Nyan nyan” I kissed nyan nyan but when I hugged her I notice that she become thinner.

“God Nyan nyan!! What did you to your body?” I caressed her waist up and felt the bone in her ribs. “Baby when did the last time you eat?” She shook her head. I pity seeing my girl who was always conscious on her looks. I stared on her eyes and saw bumps on her swollen eyes. “Baby you look like alien.“ I chuckled.

"Yuuchan so cruel, you did this to me. You baka.” Wiping her own tear I release a heavy sighs, Nyan nyan is  so cute whenever pouts her lips.

“I love you still Nyan nyan and your beauty is out of this world."She smacks my shoulder and I  can't control myself having the urge of kissing her passionately. Then I remember that she is still do not eat since I don’t know.

"Baby, do you want to eat something?”

“You” She answered shyly

“Nyan nyan I know how tasteful I am. But seriously you need to eat something. Let’s go out and eat something”

“Just order some pizza I do not want to go out.”

“ You don’t want people to see you like that.” I tease her.

“No.. Because also want to eat you and I cannot do that outside."She winked.

"Ok, I get it.” I brush her nose with mine but she pulled my collar for another round of smooches. How can I order pizza? I told myself as she does not want let my lips go.


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Even i already read this, i will re-read again hehee..

Good job  :mon geek:

Ahahaaa, i hope you post your update everyday.
So we will know what happen next,
Will yuu break up with haruna or not, heheee
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Chapter 2 agad   :glasses:

Hehe so what next? hmm actually i love this part because of Kojiyuu kiligmuch i love the sweet moment,

thank you for this, alam mo na

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O M G ! ! ! :drool:

this story is filled with so much love and sad at the same time!
Haaahh,, I love this fic,,,,

I'll wait for your update! :deco:
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Ah... Yuu's parents really really want him to break up with Haruna...

Or do they already have a plan of engaging him to Atsuko?

What's going to happen with their relationship?

Would Yuu and Haruna prevail under all those extreme condition and situation?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Title: Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

This scene happened five months after the first chapter situation will be explained as the story goes….

Kai’s POV

If I tell you” I love you” will you stay with me?

Or if I don’t was the distance between us change?

Why are you waiting for unrequited love?

I can return the same love but will you accept it?

“HAAA! ! ! What the heck are you thinking Kai?” Aloud frustrated shout from the Hospital rooftop. Staring from the stars questioning myself of question that he can’t answer alone..

“Why Acchan, why did you love him? Of all the people in the world, why did you fall with Yuu? He can never love you back. Why didn’t you notice that he likes your friend? No he doesn’t like her, He loves her so much that he is willing to leave everything for her. Stop daydreaming about him. If only I can do something to help you.. Acchan..”

BAAAM! ! ! !

snapped out from my thought hearing the door behind open with a figure same height, panting while holding his knees supporting his own weight..


“ Oi, sh-she wakes up ..” The boy still catches his breath while walking towards me..

“If she is awake you should stay by her side and not leave her… You baka! !”                     

“You really love her, don’t you?”Asked the guy with squirrel teeth, grinning…

His question made me step aback, I look on the floor avoiding the gazed of my best friend…

“You already know the answer w-why are you asking me the same question over and over its annoying..”

“Cause your too obvious.. baka..  I wonder, why did Acchan never notice your feelings..”

“Well I give you an obvious answer too, Acchan loves you and she will never notice my feelings for her as long as you’re here.. ”This jerk I don’t know if his insensitive or just annoying me..

“Ah I see..”

He watched his squirrel friend stretching his right hand up to the sky with one closed eye and the other is squinting like a sniper eyeing its target..

“ hey Kai?”


“Do you remember doing this stuff back when we are kids?”

“ Uhn” I nod my head..

Those days that I’m can be by her side not aware what the meaning of love. Free from expectations, from judgment and not aware if you’re a boy or girl as long as we are having fun, smiling, never ending chasing. But as the time goes by the distance between us grow far from each other. Frustrating is in it? Because the longer I know you, my feelings for you became clearer and deeper. Frustrating, because our feelings is not mutual, though we happened to be in the same situation but you fall for different person..


“Kai! !”

“Kai! ! !” I hear her shouting my name and I’m not responding on it, I just want her to call it over and over. That voice that was calling me

“Yuuchan” The girl approach our other playmate…

“Why Acchan, do you want me to get you something?The girl shook her head..

“Oi?  Why are you calling me?”  I’m mad at her because she suddenly calls Yuu in the end..

“ I just want you to” The girl stop her sentence  and stretch her hand in the sky with her right hand close and the other squinting.

“What are you doing?”I ask her. She did not respond and left us confused on her action..

“ I’m wishing on my own because there is no shooting star..”

Three of us are playing in the terrace of Atsuko’s mansion; where her parents are the hosts of a business party of elite business people in Japan. Yes, our families are the top economic player in Japan. Oshima Yuu the Prince of Realties his family owns from big buildings to small one, hotels, resorts, condominiums not only in Japan but also abroad, he was the successor and future of Oshima Group. Maeda Atsuko she is from Maeda Corporation who dominates Malls and Fashion Industries. Well me I’m Takahashi Kai not to brag things but my family business Takahashi Constructions was The most trusted Building Contractor in the country thanks to those two Company..We are connected by our parents business and that’s how our friendship starts. 

“Kawaii  Acchan! ! !   So it is Acchan’s way of wishing to the stars..” Yuu giggles..

I know that his not really praising Acchan, He just making fun of her..

“Uhn..” Acchan nods her head..

“What did you wish Acchan..”

“ I wish that Yuuchan  and Kai will be right by my side forever”

“Eh? ! !” Yuu shout with disappointed expression.. “You should not tell us your wish or else it will never happen.” Yuu copied Acchan posture..

“What are you doing yuu?”

“Saving Acchans wish.. hehehe..”Baka he also blurted out his wish… I giggled watching my best friend’s stupid actions..

“Thank you! ! !  Yuuchan for saving my wish! ! !

“Anything for Acchan..” he proudly answered Acchan..

“ Hey ! ! bakamidget do this thing too save Acchan’s  wish…”Yuu commanded me

“ Why would I do that? And stop calling me midget you’re small too.” This baka just want to pissed me, he is not really concern about Acchan wish…

“Kai you’re so mean.” I see Atsuko pout her lips and was about to cry..

“Ok! ! ! I will do it..” I shook my hands as I tried to stop her from crying… I sigh, accepting that I’m defeated whenever I see tears on the corner of her eyes and I know my best friend was enjoying the scene..I’m copying them raising my right hand in the air .I see Yuuchan controlling himself from outburst. Shit you stupid squirrel really know how to make me do silly stuff..

“Kai you should wish too..”  Atsuko commanded me..


End of flashback

“Gen. Manager Takahashi” That was Yuu’s voice, I snap out of reverie and found myself doing the way Acchan wishes to the stars.

“What are you doing? Wishing?  It doesn’t suit you baka…”I saw him put his cellphone on his pocket.  Oh Crap! ! Did he take pictures of me while I’m in this position? He took advantage of me while I’m spacing out.

“ What did you do?”  I run in front of him as trying take his cell phone off on his pocket..

“Hey? What are you doing? This is not skin ship, your harassing me dude?” He complained. He holds my wrist and struggled to take of my hands on the pocket of slacks.“Nyan nyan emailed me ok. She is asking me why am I taking too long on fetching you, are we going now or do you want me to answer her that I’m waiting General Manager Kai to finish his wishing routine? Let’s go before Acchan whined my name again I don’t want Nyan nyan gets mad at me…”

I move back and remove my wrist on his hands. I can breathe now that I know he didn’t get anything to use against me..”Ok I get it. I’m sorry bro.”  I nudge his Shoulder…And we both head back to Acchan hospital room..

Atsuko’s POV

I found myself in hospital room when I wake up. I last remembered that I was watching Yuu- kun playing piano. He looks so cool playing was almost finishing the song kiss in the rain when I felt my body losing it strength. What’s happening to me I suddenly feel the terror runs on my body.


“Acchan are you alright?”

I heard him but I can’t do anything .As I want to call for his name no voice comes out in my mouth..

End of Flashback

I tried to sit properly on my bed but someone help me.


“Good evening Acchan”

“Where Is Yuu-kun?”

She just shrugged her shoulder.

“How long did I slept?”

“You are sleeping for one and a half day.”

“ I see, I’m sorry to make you guys worry.”

few minutes past my room door opened and I smile seeing my knight walk in with my childhood friend Kai.

“How are you feeling Acchan? Did doctor check you? Are you hungry?” Kai asked me worriedly. My knight pulled his shoulder.

“Takaboy, Stop interrogating her you’re making her dizzy..” he smiled showing his cute dimples and sit on my bed “ Acchan I bought you something”  He raise a paper bag in his right hand.

“But I’m the one who paid for it.”

“But I’m the one who ordered and carried it “I’m staring at my knight sheepishly.

“What’s wrong is there a dirt on my face” I shook my head and looked and lowered my face I feel my cheeks are hot.

“Haruna-san thanks you for taking care of Acchan when we are away.“Kai gives her thumbs up.

Haru just smiled on him. I wonder if these two guys have something between them.Yuu bowed his head to Haru, I really liked him being old fashion.

“I held my knights hands and he look at me. “Ne Yuu-kun, what did you brought ?” He slowly removes my hands and takes out the content of paper bag. “It’s some porridge to help you regain your strength.“I smiled at him.

He arranged the retractable table on my bed, open the plastic container and he reach his hand to give me the spoon.

” Yuu-kun feed me.“I teased him.

” Fe-feed you Aa-cchan?“ I think I made him shy because my friends are here but I want to be spoiled by him. Kai kicked his feet.

"Ouch!!! Man what’s wrong with you?”

Then they started a gazing contest.“Kai you should have not kick Yuu-kun, you’re rude." I see from the corner my eyes that my knight stuck out his tongue to mock our friend. Kai just rolled his tongue. Now they’re acting like kids. "It’s ok Yuu-kun if you don’t want to feed me, I will do it by myself."I don’t face him.


“Whats wrong?” I thought he was looking on Haru who has a disappointed face. But Yuu pointed his left index finger on the air conditioner.

“It’s cold.” Kai took the remote control of the air condition and adjust the temperature. “It’s better now, thanks bro.” Yuu raise his and folds his left leg on my bed and took the spoon on my hand. He moves closer to scoop some porridge.

“Acchan ahh."I smiled shyly open my mouth.

"How is it”

“Oishii"I anwsered him

"here, have some more. ”

He feed me until I finish eating.

“Acchan how many times did I tell you too take care of yourself when I’m not around.”

“Why are you worried about me?” I teased him.

“Of course you baka.“ he smack my forehead.

"Promise me Acchan that you will always take care of yourself.”

I lean my face closer and do not care with the two other people in my room. I felt that I’m alone with Yuu-kun.“He smiled brightly and patted my head.

"I promise”

Yuuchan POV

I entered Nyan nyan’s apartment I know that she still mad at me after feeding Acchan and almost hearing acchan’s love confession..I’m smiling like a fool knowing that if I use my tricks this night she will be under my spell  and forgive me.. Come on Yuuchan do It, just be carefully or you will not end up driving your car back home..

I saw her entered her room. Her apartment is big for a woman whose living alone though I’m always here since she went back from New York two months ago. She became different from the tsun tsun girl that I meet and love way back in high school, now she was always dere dere when we are alone. I think that’s was the effect of her jealousy to Acchan. Though she understands and controls herself whenever she sees me taking care of Acchan but I can’t hide the fact that she’s is still hurt. I have the best girlfriend ever..I love her rested my head on the couch and close my eyes.. Do I still have to do this? I didn’t notice that while I’m thinking about our relationship I put my laptop on her coffee table and some documents that I just finish reviewing when I’m in the hospital. I re-arrange the document to put it in my laptop bag. I did not notice Nyan nyan standing beside me with her arms folded on her chest..

“Yuuchan?”She call my name in serious  tone..

“Oh dog! ! What are you doing there Nyan nyan? You startled me”I look at her from legs to head…wow Kojima Haruna you are gorgeous. I want to hug  and kiss her but with the expression from her face I know somebody has to pick me up somewhere if I do that..This is bad.

“Why Nyan Nyan is there something wrong?” I ask her..Maybe she is still mad for what I did in the hospital..

“Why are you like that Yuuchan? Why did you come here?”

“Eh?” now I’m confused “Why is it? You’re the one who ask me to drive you home and sleep here?” I stood up tilted my head still confused… damn what is it? Why is she like this again? She biting her lower lips and tear are running down on her cheeks. This is bad I think I need to go home or else her apartment will be a mess like the other day and I’m too tired to clean..

“Why did you come here if you are just working? Why don’t you just go back to your office and continue working? “She snapped to me..

I see but I’m just arranging my things.”Why are you so emotional these past days Haruna? Can you please..Please just one day could you understand?”I tried to talk to her in calm voice cause I don’t want her angers her more.. I tried to hold her hand but she shoved it and cry louder..

“ Me? Who does not understand you Yuuchan? I, who always sit aside while watching you concern face waiting for other girl to wake up. Me? Who was not saying a word watching my boyfriend feeding another woman who obviously loves him? I never say a word to you because I don’t want to spoil only few minutes we can spend before we sleep. Now I will saw you with your laptop and document working. “She sat on the couch covering her face in her palms while crying hard..” Why am I felling that I’m not part of your life? I understand that you need to work hard because you want to prove something in your family. I don’t feel like I’m part of your priorities? Where am I in your life Yuuchan? Where am I going to put myself with your family, work, and Acchan? Now you’re calling me Haruna? Do you even know that I’m hurting? Where is Yuuchan who always puts her Nyan nyan before everything..”

She's really mad at me that was long but now I fully understand her.. I sit beside her and scooted myself caressing her left shoulder with my hand while removing her hand that was hiding her face. At first she was resisting but I kissed her hand and caress it more, When she removes her hand I cupped her face and look straight to her eyes letting her see with my eyes that I understand her feelings I smile softly showing the dimples that she love the most, I remove the tears on her cheeks and kiss both her eyes as my thumb continue caressing her cheeks. Now I can feel she calms down..” Did I really make you feel that bad?” She nodded” I’m sorry Nyan nyan ..I know half of it but I never thought that I really make you feel that bad.” I rested her head on my left shoulders, hug her waist caressing it and rested my temple on her forehead..”First I very thankful with your patience with me I know I’m stupid boyfriend, I’m thankful that despite the complicated setting of our relationship you never leave me and break up with me…”

“Yuuchan” I hear that she’s worried when look on my eyes, but I avoided it.

“Nyan nyan let me continue or else I can never answer your questions”. Crap I forget.. After some time I remember.. “You know that I’m working hard not just because I want to prove myself on the company  I also want to give back to my family because they allowed our relationship and I know the pressure on your part because my mom always have conditions. I’m really grateful that you are my girlfriend and Nyan nyan you are always in my priorities, no you are my priority, you know how I wanted to run away with you and forget this stupid situation but you said that running away will never solve anything. I know how hurt you are..Do you think I’m having fun taking care of other girl? While all I’m thinking was doing skin ship with you. But I can’t do that in front of Acchan or Takaboy will kill me..Nyan nyan  I know this crazy situation hurts both of us but believe me I love you.. I love you and you are everything to me…” I finish explaining, I got carried away and cry Nyan nyan did the same thing that I do to her she kissed my eyes and cup my faced.

“Yuuchan I love you”

“I love you too Nyan nyan”

She moves her lips on mine and kiss me passionately all the frustration, anger, and exhaustion on my work and with our relationship was erased with her  lips..I hear her moans with my touches, I roamed my hand on her body tracing every inch of it..She drags my body to be on top of her when she is trying lay down on the couch with both her arms on hooked on my neck.. Oh I wanted more baby.. If you only know how much I want to do this all day long.. Wait I think I forget something? She noticed that I’m not engaging on our session as I let her win the dominance of our tongues..

“Yuuchan, What?”She asks with the same expression before our argument. No not again but I have to tell her before I completely forget and mess all of my plan..

“Nyan nyan, I have something to tell you?” I return on my sitting position..

Again I see her disappointed look.”What is It Yuuchan?”

“The thing is I’m not really working here when you saw me flipping pages of my documents. Can you give me a minute?”I lowered my head time to time and show her some puppy eyes for her not to be mad at me because I interrupted our make out .

“mou Yuuchan, ok just make it fast..”

“Promise” I continued flipping the pages..Where did I put it, damn I should have put it in the place where I can see it easily.. “Yatta ! ! ! I found it” I raise it so she can see the two plane tickets in my left hand..

“Nyan nyan will go you out of the country with me next week.”

“But Yuuchan I have Photo shoot in Hawaii next week I don’t think I can come, though I really wanna come with you. You should have told me earlier so I can arranged my schedule..”

“I know Nyan nyan I talked to you manager and she told me that you will be having photo shoot in Hawaii and I also have business trip in Hawaii that’s why I book your trip two days earlier than your schedule because I want us to arrive there together and I ask your manager that you will stay in my hotel room and she agreed on it. I hope that you’re not mad at me If I did not tell you my plans..”

“Yuuchan”.. He calls my name with love..”Yuuchan kiss me”

“Are you mad at me Nyan nyan?”

“Kissed me or I will get mad you”

“But I’m not satisfied with kiss” I whispered seductively with grin plastered on my face..

“Then let me satisfy you” She grabbed my neck tie and head to her room. I’m just watching her sexy way of walking bouncing her hips left to right, She stop and grab my neck tie closer to her, making my face rest on her shoulder and she whisper “Be ready Yuuchan I don’t think you will have energy on your work tomorrow, we will play all night long baby..”  I feel like hypnotize and gulp. Oh holy muffin, I won….


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Ahhh really they will break up?
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Well... so lucky to be Yuu...

Surrounded by two gorgeous girls, Haruna and Atsuko

Poor Haruna and Kai... to keep seeing Atsuko and Yuu close with each other

I think Yuu should just give the credit to Kai... instead of joking around all the time like buying porridge, etc.

Because if Yuu somewhat admit he did something indirectly... Atsuko would just think Yuu was the one that do it... not with Kai

Poor Kai... for having one sided love all these time for Atsuko without being noticed.

Yuu should just be honest all these time about his feeling and his stand with Atsuko.

Oh... would Yuu and Haruna able to go for their trip to Hawaii... without Atsuko interfering.... or his mother?

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Chapter 4

Haruna POV

He's gone.  Running my fingers, tracing the sheet of my bed where he always sleeps. His scent still remains on the pillow that he used I grab and hugged it while sniffing his scent.

“Yuuchan I love you.”

I hate him before being a playboy he always walked in our school corridor with different girls clinging on him every day. I cannot blame them he is the ace player of our school's basketball team, top student, best friend of student council president, and surrounded by coolest students in our school. I admit that I have crush on him since first year of junior high. He is the coolest boy in our school and me Kojima Haruna I’m a no body, though a lot of my friends told me to try modeling, I never have the courage.  As having the last year in high school I decided not to do anything about my feelings towards him but one accident changed it all.


Our class music teacher asked me to return the music sheets in the music room. It has folding screen dividing the music instruments and shelves of music sheets the other part was practice area for school choir with baby piano. Dusting off my hands after I returned the music sheets, when I was about to leave I heard the piano being played.
I don’t know song name as do not have much interest in classical music. But this song is playing my emotion, I close my eyes, feel the music and started to humming then it suddenly stopped I panicky run towards the door but I cannot rotate the knob.

“Acchan stop hiding. Why don’t you come here? “I heard him call other girls name. Acchan? That was our school goddess nick name. “Acchan?“Then he stopped calling her name when he noticed that I’m not the girl his expecting.“Who are you? Where is Acchan?”  I turn and face the boy talking behind . Oh my God. O-oshima Yuu? Am I dreaming?

“My name is Kojima Haruna” I bowed my head. “Noro-sensei asked me to return the music sheets she used in our class. But I can’t open the door when I’m about to leave.
He walked on my direction It feels liked I’m hypnotize as I can’t move my body. He is too close his just inches away from me. Then he grabbed the door knob, my heart starts beating faster. I can’t help looking in his serious eyes, his smell so good and though his not smiling I can see his dimples. I can’t help being nervous as I bit my lower lip, I closed my eyes to avoid eye contact then I'm feeling the heat on my cheeks. I felt something soft push on my lips when I open my eyes and saw him ki- kissing me? I do not know but my body react faster than I think I slapped him hard made him step aback..

“Hentai! ! !”

“Are?!!” he screamed but what makes me shock more was the door knob is already in his right hand.

“Oh my god!!!” As he glare at his hand.

“No!!!” What did you do?“ I yell at him and run to the corner of the shelf, crying.

“You told me the knob was broken. I was just trying to help you!“He a panicky answered me, He keep on fixing the door, putting the knob back on its place..

“Then, why did you kiss me? You pervert!!!”

“No I’m not a pervert I don’t even know why I did that.” He gave up fixing the door, he approach to calm me down.

“Don’t come closer or I will kill you.” I warned him and cried louder

“Ok. I’m not. I’m sorry. I- I will not do that again promise.“  I see him raise his right hand, kneel and bowed his head. "Please don’t cry. I’m sorry.” Even though I hear sincerity on his apologies I can’t stop crying thinking that I ’m stuck with the person who took my first kiss…He remained in that position until I stopped crying I sat on the floor folding my knees and cover my face with my hands. He sat about six feet away from me and lean his back on folding screen.

“Did I scare you?” He asked. You stupid you stole a kiss from me do you want me to be happy I did not answer him.

“I’m sorry, I should not do that.” he rubbed the back of his head and comb his hair his fingers.

“I know we are both stuck in here and my action worsen our situation. I’m seriously, seriously sorry for being a jerk."He stopped saying anything for minutes. His still comb his hair, He seem thinking how he can communicate with me.

“Kojima-san, Am I right? Do you have your cell phone with you?” Shit I forget my phone in my bag. I shook my head to answer him. My face was still buried in my arms. But I look at him from time to time as I need to know what his doing and not putting my guard down.

“I see cause mine was useless, its dead batt.” he took his phone from his pocket and raise it. Returning it in his pocket and took out something he crawls to my place.

“I told you too stay away from me.“ I shouted.

"I’m not thinking of doing badly on you, I just want to hand this.”  He reaches his right hand with handkerchief. I took it in his hand so he can comeback in his place.

“I’ m the one who makes you cry so please let my hankies wipe your tears.“

I used it to wipe my tears and blow my nose and hear him chuckle,that makes me glare at him and he bow his head.

“I’m sorry”

Awkward silence fills the room.“ Acchan were are you?” He called the name of the most famous girl in our school. I’m curious about, what are they going to do in music room? He obviously bored as he tried to change his sitting position from time to time. He started to hum the piano piece that he played before.

“Ara!!!” I got startled when he shouts. He stood up and run to the chair used by school choir for practice and took one of it place it about 5 five feet away the piano.

“Kojima-san sit here I want to play something for peace offering.“ he taps the chair as he commands me to sit.

“What peace offering?” I sat on the chair he provided. He started to play the same piano piece few minutes ago. He played it well that you will be move with the emotion of the music. “This piece called as rivers flows into you; do you feel why this one was name by the composer?” He explains while continued playing the song. The music is the peaceful like the rivers flow you can feel harmony between the nature and the emotion of the song. I just nod in response to his question.

“I hear you hummed when I played this awhile ago. You like this, don’t you?”I nod again.

“ My friend likes this piece too she always ask me to teach her this piece but I always end up playing alone while she remains listening.” Maybe that’s Acchan. I know that his doing this to reduce the tension between us and I appreciate it.

“ Kojima- san that was your first kiss, right?” and one wrong question ruin everything I scowl my face showing that I don’t like bringing up the topic.

“I’m sorry. I should have thought before I acted. First kiss is very important for girls and should be done in romantic way like all the girls dream but I did it in asshole way. I’m sorry.” I do not know how to respond on his sincere apology. He stops playing, face me and bow his head.

“Please forget it as your first kiss you deserve having it with the person you love.“

“Why are you apologizing? I never had a kiss with anybody, stop bowing and play the piano.” I half shouted.

He chuckled” You forget things so fast Kojima-san.“ he return playing the piano from the start. Now I know why Acchan just watch him playing piano. He seem like a different person from the energetic boy walking around with girls clinging on him or you usually see him flirting or the aggressive point guard in court. I see him know as calm, gentle and cool I want to add respectful but he kiss me before so I have to think about it.

” Oshima- san will your girlfriend, I mean Maeda-san get mad at you because you suppose to play that song for her. What if she gets jealous?“

” Eh, you know my name?  But I still have to introduce myself properly. I’m Oshima Yuu nice meeting you Kojima-san” The squirrel looking boy bows his head.

“Nice meeting you Oshima- san” He answer me with a sweet smile showing his signature dimples again.

“What is your question again? Ah!  I remember. Girlfriend, do you mean Atsuko? Acchan is not my girlfriend, she is my childhood friend I treat her as little sister that’s all. She never gets mad at me and always helps me whenever I’m in trouble.“

“With girls?“I added

He giggled “Does everyone here knows that Oshima Yuu’s only problem are girls. But yes sometimes she helps me whenever I’m troubled with girls.”

“I’m sorry I don’t mean that.”

“No, you do not have to say sorry. I think it goes with my reputation to, being playboy, right? I do not blame you. Now I’m thinking that you only know my bad side. This is new.” He chuckled while continued playing the piano. I do not answer him because I felt bad about what I said now he thinks that I judged him too fast.

“Those girls knows nothing about me, they just clings and flirts with me because I’m popular. But who cares who Oshima Yuu is? Will they stay if they know the real me or just stay with me because I’m an Oshima."Even though he still plays the song well I can feel that it became sad, despite the smiling face he showing to everybody his really sad. I never see him like this before and even though I can only see his right eye it also reflect the same sadness the song was being played.

” Yuu-kun, Yuu-kun, are you still there?“A voice of a girl with aloud knock can be heard from thru door.

” Acchan. Yes I’m still here”

Maeda-san helped us get out from the music room. Oshima- san told her what really happened. Like we both agreed the kissing incident was never brought up.
We became good friends, as time goes by my feelings for Yuu deepen. I know it because it is not the same as I feel whenever I’ m with my other friends. I’ m really happy when he is around and something feels missing if his not, I do not know. Why am I feeling this?

Time goes by as we became closer; girls that he always flirts became distant to him. Then the day that I’m dreaming comes in reality he confessed his feeling to me but in my stupidity I turn him down. I think I’m not yet ready though I really love him there are still a lot of what ifs.

What if he was just playing and not really serious? What if he hurts me?  What if.. What if. I can’t forget his face with disappointment on that time, clutching the cat stuff toy on his right hand with head down searching answers. But he told me that he will not stop pursuing me, he will do everything for me to love him and he is willing to wait. I’m happy to hear him say that but his wrong I already love him but I’m just scared. 6 months passed by but he still continues to pursue me only 3 weeks left before graduation. But still he always tries to ask if my feeling changes will it does because the more he confessed the thoughtful and romantic way he do makes me love him more.

One time Acchan ask me to have our lunch in cafeteria. Yuu suddenly appeared from nowhere and join us.My friends does not know about Yuu's feelings about me because first I ask him not to as they do not like him being playboy, his happy go lucky attitude and it will be good to as I don’t want to look like fool if he is just playing with my feelings, second his family do not allow him to date someone who does not belong in their social class, the same thing happened with his first love. The main reason I’m hesitating to accept his love. There are only few people who know that he asking me to date him, his best buddies that can hide it. But Acchan is not a person who can hide things on Yuu’s mom. She is the one who slip tongue on Yuu’s his first serious girl. Though we still not in relationship we still can say anything on her.

“Haruchan what are you thinking.” I snap out of my thought hearing Acchan question.

“Are you not feeling well?” Yuu asked me worriedly.

“Nope, I’m fine” I continue eating.

“Yuu-kun” Atsuko nudged Yuu’s arms. He is sat right next to Atsuko.

“What?"He stops eating and look at Acchan.

“Did you know that Haru likes Kai?”

I got shock on the short haired girl's revelation, who’s sitting in front of me. Yuu glares at me but Acchan did not notice his reaction and continued talking.

“So, Kojima-san has interest on my best friend. Need some advice?“ he joke.

"Uhn” Acchan nodded..

What’s wrong with him? Is he not affected by it?

“No!!! Acchan is just kidding. Right, Acchan?"I glared on my friend. Now I can see that Yuu gets confused.

"No, remember Haru-chan yesterday. When we meet at the school gate to go for shopping I was a little late because I have to finish something in our club room. I saw Kai- kun gave you flowers and your face is blushing hard. You also said you like him because his respectful and responsible. ”

“Oh complete opposite of me?” Yuu said sarcastically however Atsuko did not notice his behavior.

No the flowers are really for you stupid, but Kai cannot gave you because he does not have enough courage confessed and he told me to think the flower are from Yuu. Yes I told you I like his traits but I'm never attracted to Kai because that guy obviously loves you. But I cannot open my mouth, come on Haruna say something or Yuu will misunderstand you.

Yuu flipped his phone.

“Sorry girls but I don’t think I can play with you anymore. I have to go to our club meeting.“

Wait Yuu I still have to explain. He stands up and leaves without letting me explain.

I explain to Acchan what happened yesterday without telling the flowers are meant for her and Kai was teasing me on Yuu. Acchan apologies and tell she will clear everything to Yuu. But I’m so disturb, I do not know, why I am feeling that if I do not explain to him. He will change and avoid me.

I went to basketball club's meeting room but he was not there his club manager told me that Yuu is in the gym..

I saw him shooting the ball in free throw range. He still wears his uniform I approach him to explain but before I can utter I word. He seems to notice that I’m standing on the courtside.

"You should have just told me if you like him.” He jumps and shoots the ball, it missed.

“It’s not, what you’re thinking Yuu” I shouted.

“You do not have to think about Me.” he smiled and run to pick up the ball and dribbled it back to free throw spot.“ Is it the reason why you don’t want me to be your boyfriend? Because you like my best friend then go after him.” dribbling the ball for many times then he tried shoot it again, but not successful..

“I told you, your misunderstanding things "I shout again while clutching my chest and bite my lower lips trying not to cry.

He faced me and put his hands on his pocket. "Then what is it?” I’m still collecting all my words. Why am I so bad at talking I can’t say a word even thought if I don’t do somethings everything will end here

” Kojima-san. I promise this will not change our friendship. I will always be here.“ He smiled bitterly and gets the ball under the ring and tries to lay up.

"Yuu-Yuuchan ” I’m asking for his attention. I can stop my tears running down my eyes but his back is facing me.

“Yuu are you there bro?”  A loud voice from the main door of the gym caught our attention.

“Yes” he answered. I run out of the gym from the door I used before. I cover my face with my hands and start crying.

“Even though I do not seeI can hear the two boy’s conversation clearly.

"I knew it, your here. You are always here.Whenever that Kojima girl turns you down.”

“What do you want?" Yuu answers him with annoyed tone.

"Hey I’m here to help you. I will be hosting party this night and all of the boys will be present including Takaboy. And you my friend should be their too. The girls are
missing you Yuuboy I notice that some girls doesn’t come to my party because their squirrel is not around.”

“I’m not in the mood Sai. I don’t think I can come.”

“Come on Yuuboy. Remember Minami?”     

“Why? wh-what’s with Miichan?”

“So you never forget the girl who gives you her first?”

“Shut up!!”

“She’s in Japan and this is her welcome back party .I want this to be surprise. But I have to use my card to convince you. So soldier are you in? Maybe the reason why Kojima- san and you can never be together is because you are meant for other girl.” No that’s not true I love Yuuchan, please don’t say yes, please.

“Ok I’m in”

“9 pm in my place. Everyone will be happy to see you there most especially Miichan. I have to go now dude, I have to meet Jurio. Bye!!!” My fear of losing Yuuchan meets its reality he is moving on, He is not into me. Maybe he still loves Miichan his first love. I sat down folded my knees and buried my face in my arms. I never even tell my true feelings for him.

“Haruna” I hear him call me bu-but I never notice him opens the door.

“Why are you here? Why are you crying” Stupid squirrel. I move my head up a little his face is just few inch away from me he stares worriedly, squatting in front of me.

“Take this if I’m the one who makes you cry but if not I will never bother you again. I promise.” He is handing his hankies again just like when we first met. Without thinking I snatch it out of his hands but I did not use it I just clenching it with my two hands.  He goes nearer and wipes my tears in my cheeks with his thumb.
He grabs my wrist and helps me to get up.

“Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” I ask him

“Are you coming with me or I will go to Sai party” I just nod and followed him. We entered the music room. He sat on the chair of piano and taps the remaining space.

He started playing the same song when we both got trapped here months ago, After a minute of playing.

“Speak I’m listening.”

He continued playing “You told me I’m misunderstanding something right? What is it? Tell me.”

“I don’t like Kai, Yuuchan.”


“Are you asking more explanation?”

“No that’s enough I believe in you” He chuckled “ Why do I have to ask for more If just saying you don’t like him takes a lot of time.”

I lowered my head.“The flowers are meant for Acchan and Kai told me he was just delivering it from you.“He chuckled again.

"So Haruna that makes you blush?” I don’t answer him and avoid his eyes staring at me.

“Forget it”

“Yuuchan?” He answers me with hum.

“Are you going with Sai party?”

“Nope I’m busy. Why do you want me to go?”

“No” I raise my voice

“Haruna-san you can just tell me without raising your voice.”

“How about Mii-Miichan? You will miss to reunite with your first love? “

He stops playing” Do you want me to go after her?“  I shook my head. He held my hand and caresses my knuckles.

"I won’t blame you for accepting an asshole like me easily, being a player makes you doubt my intentions. Having a relationship with an Oshima makes you insecure about our social status, and after you know what my family did to Miichan worsen it right?” I saw sadness in his eyes. He held my hands “Haruna-san maybe this is the last time I’m going to say this to you but if you still reject my feelings I promise not to bother you again. I love you. Kojima Haruna. I really love you will you be my girl friend?” I cried maybe because I thought I will never hear him say that three words again.

“Yes I want to be Oshima Yuu’s girlfriend and I love you so much.”

His face lightens up and hugs me. “Thank you my Nyan nyan . Thank You.. I love you.. I promise I will do everything you want.”

“Nyan nyan?” Who is it?

“ A-About that I really want to give you that nick name, I-I thought it suits you because you look like cat but decided that I will only call you Nyan nyan, when you become my girl but if you don’t like it I will never call you that.”

I shook my head and cup his face “I don’t like it Yuuchan, I love it.”

“Really? ” I nodded. He smiled from ear to ear showing the dimples that I love. “You call me Yuuchan?”

“You don’t like it” He thinks for awhile

“I love you too."We both giggled.

"Yuuchan I’m sorry if I became coward. You are right I’m too scared of accepting because I know how complicated our relationship would be, but” I paused and I now his listening to me.“ but as long as you want me by your side I will stay with you just promise me that I’m the only girl that you love and no flirting with other girl or else I will peel of your skin out of your body."

I saw him gulp and his face turned pale "I think I’m in trouble, but as I said before I will do whatever my Nyan nyan wants.” He held and kisses my hands his different person now he always treated me with respect.

“Ne, Yuuchan can you play that song again.” I spoiled.

“Whatever my Nyan nyan wants, Yuuchan will comply.” we both giggle. He started playing the song again. I really love seeing play the piano. I rest my head on his shoulder I see him smile on the corner of my eyes his so handsome.“I love you ” I whisper on his ear.”I love you more” he mouthed.

He lean his face, try to move back my head a little because I know how this boy thinks. “Nyan nyan close your eyes if you want me to continue this.” I do not know why I do what he said though I tried to avoid it at first my heart goes faster and faster as I feel his breath going closer to me. Then I feel his soft lips pursed on mine. It was quick but sweet ” You can open your eyes now. I love you Nyan nyan.“  I see him smile and cupped my right cheeks with his hand he caress while I remain resting my head on his right shoulder.

“I love you too Yuuchan. Please take good care of me.” I whisper on his ear.

“I will Nyan nyan. I will”


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“I’ m the one who makes you cry so please let my hankies wipe your tears.“

Kahit ilang beses ko na na basa. Gustong gusto ko talaga linya na 'to.  :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Ehhh? No, kojiyuu its ok, i love kojiyuu too.
In the end, acchan will be happy right.
So i will accept that, ahaha..  :on gay:
Update soon, ahh and your second fic too  :on comhere:
Thanks dudee
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AH... so that's the story as to how Yuu and Haruna got together

Poor Kai... to not be noticed all these time.... by Atsuko

If only Yuu and Haruna said anything about their relationship with Atsuko

May be the outcome would be different

And Yuu's family did something to Miichan....

Poor Miichan... I think Yuu was a playboy and may be still is.

He should have been responsible towards Miichan...

Well I guess, Atsuko is partly responsible... and I think somehow she might want to disturb Yuu and Miichan relationship

May be that's why Yuu and Haruna didn't want to tell Atsuko about thier new status.

But then, they confess their relationship to Yuu's parents... so there was no reason for them to keep quiet about their relationship from Atsuko.

Erm... curious... unless one of the condition was not to tell their relationship to Atsuko and others, to allow their relationship to continue somewhat.

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Heeh, already chapter 4??  :mon rush:
mmm ... poor haruna ...  :mon cry:
thanks for your update ...  :mon inluv:
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Nice One, tulad dati huh?, alam mo na, hahaha

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Chapter 5

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. Sorry for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it….

Kai’s POV

It’s four in the morning and I can’t still sleep. Why did I ask that favor to my best friend? Now guilt was hunting me as I saw my best buddies’ girl hurting. Why did I do that just to make the girl that I love happy? Now her health is improving after  months of therapy she’s finally coping from the pain that accident brought her. Thanks to Yuu, Acchan was slowly accepting Ami’s death. My happiness for the girl that I love is the sadness that my best friend’s girl suffers. I’m glad that despite of hurting, Yuu and Haruna were doing their best to help my Acchan to recover. While the worthless me just waiting for some miracle to happen. If only I can help them too If only I can do something to finished this stupidity. If only…


I went out of my work early to fetch Acchan from the hospital even though I know that her family will be there I still can’t stop the urge of going, maybe because Yuuboy cannot go because of important business meeting. No even if Yuuboy is there I will still come just too check her condition.
I love her secretly but I cannot utter a word whenever I try to confess. I have been hiding this feeling in my chest since we were kids. Now I’m turning twenty seven and still cannot confess because doing it is an obvious rejection. She asked me in junior high if Yuu was dating someone seriously because she loves my best friend. Like me, she was afraid that her confession will ruin her friendship with him. In all the people I’m the luckiest person to be asked with that question. It hurts you know?


Aloud horn wakes me from my reverie, I think this is the longest time of me to park my car as I’m causing traffic in the parking area.

Takaboy Focus…I slapped my cheeks lightly to wake myself.

After I parking my car, I walk on Acchan hospital room. Whoa, I almost missed her as I saw her with her mom bidding farewell to her nurse.

“Acchan” I run to her.

“Kai-kun, you’re late.”  She said with a pout on her lips. Atsuko is so cute if I can only kiss those pink lips.

“I’m sorry; it took me years on parking.”

“I thought you’re not coming.“I was jumping on my mind hearing her being disappointed for not fetching her.

“What if, I treat you dinner to reconcile. How is that?” I patted her shoulder. She looked at her mom’s approval.

“Please Maeda san. You know her she will never forgive me for being late.“

“Ok, I and her dad will not be able to come home for dinner, we have to attend some social gathering just promise to take care of her.”

“I promise ma'am” Whoa thank you God for giving me this chance to go out with her..

I brought her in one of the finest restaurant in Tokyo. We are having some random chat while waiting for our order.

“Is he that busy?“ She asked me with a sad face. I know who she was referring to even though she did not say Yuu’s name.


“I expected him to fetch me.”

“But you will see him home, right?” She shook her head and look outside the window. He made her this sad just for not doing his promise.

“He mailed me that he will be not home this evening because he has some work to finish.“ I felt bad for Acchan. She was like a wife waiting for her husband who is having an affair. I can’t blame my best friend. I know that he needs to work out his relationship with Haru after their fight yesterday.

"Because of building acquisition in Osaka, He needs to settle it before we can move renovate the building. It’s been his problem for a month."I explained to her.

"I see” she return staring on the view outside. Seeing her eyes with sadness makes me go crazy. I want to hug her, comfort her and say don’t be sad Acchan I’m here, silly me.

“He will be moving back to their mansion in two weeks.”

What? Why Yuuboy did not tell me about this I just saw him this morning. But this news made me happy. I’m sorry Acchan.

“Oh .I see.. I think that is because of your improvement."I said with empathy

"Yes. I don’t want to be burden too him and pity me. I want him to love me because he feels it not because of my condition."I suddenly feel pain drilling inside my heart. But I have to swallow everything.

"You know him he will never thought you as a burden. You will never be. We know Yuuboy his most understanding person in the world."I held her hand and gently squeezed it. I tried to smile, comforting your love with other person in her heart, sucks. I sigh

” This is hard but Acchan. .A- Acchan….I think I “What am I doing?

"What is it Kai?” She lean her face closer, holy muffin. I feel my heart raging out of my chest. I tried to calm myself and fill my lungs with air as I can’t breathe easily.
“I…I… ”

“I?"She copied.

"I…I think I need to go to restroom, can you excuse Me.” she giggled and allowed me. What is that? I almost spit it out. I just want to comfort her but I can help seeing her lovely face.

What are you thinking Kai? It’s too obvious that she will reject you. Atsuko is madly in love with your best friend. Stupid. Stupid..

“Whaaaa" I ruffled my hair and punched the wall of the restroom.

End of Kai’s POV

Yuu’s POV

Its past twelve but I’m still here in sofa working, Overlooking planning department presentation for building acquisition in Osaka. I should be sleeping by now but after the chief of planning department retired a month ago, I have to check the presentation that the department prepared for board meeting tomorrow.
I’ve been reading the documents and the presentation for about thirty minutes now and I’m half way of my review. Then I feel someone’s gazing at me.

"Nyan nyan Why are you still awake?” I asked my girlfriend after I feel her presence standing near the four seated sofa. She sat beside me, put her legs on my lap leaning her head on my shoulder and wrapping her arm on waist.

“I can’t sleep because Yuuchan is not hugging Me.” she spoiled to me.

“I’m sorry Nyan nyan but I still have to finish my work."I said  not looking on her face.

"Hmm” She whined” Yuuchan, cheater. You just made me fell asleep so you can return working.“

“Nyan nyan stop it, I can’t concentrate you are just delaying me.”

She nuzzled her face on my neck making me feel her breath on my skin.“Because my presence distracts you.” she whispered seductively that makes me chuckle.
“Hey baby stop copying my antics.

“But I’m a lot better than you.”

“Stop it, don’t try me.“I warned her.

"Then try Me.” she peck my lips. I moved my head awkwardly as I’m confused of my girlfriend’s actions. What’s with her she’s not like this? Why she’s acting like this? Why is she doing all things seductively? I’m weak with this and she knows it. Before she used to avoid my advancements toward our skin ship but now she is the one initiating it. And I’m still tired from last night restless exercise I ended up sleeping in my office couch during lunch break. “Nyan nyan please not know. I really need to finish this. Promise I will make it up to you tomorrow.” I pleaded her, kissed her in forehead that still resting on my left shoulder. I returned working pressing the space bar to change to next slide of presentation.

“You told me yesterday that I’m your priority right? Now prove it?“ She closed my laptop and pulled the collar of my pj, I’m wearing baby blue while she wears the pink one. She rest my body the in the couch, She nuzzled her nose on my dimples, I can’t stop myself grinning.

"Hey Nyan nyan, what’s with all this? And stop doing that it tickles.” She cupped my face forcing my head to look on her.

“Stop doing what?"She kissed my lips quickly making my lips follow it but she’s too fast moving her body backwards. My heart was jumping up and down racing faster and faster, I can’t breathe normally because of the stocked air on my throat. She was starting to have a staring contest on me. I need to do something or I will end up not prepared for tomorrow. "I told you to stop seducing me Haruna, I’m serious.” She kissed me again but now it’s a little longer than before making me chase her lips again but she avoided it moving her head back too fast..

“Stop doing what?"She said.

This is not good she trying to make made fall on her bait.

Stop it; stop using my tricks on me."I complained.

She used the same trick again and of course I do the same response. The hell she’s doing this to me.

"Now you know what I’m feeling whenever you doing this to me?”

“Haruna please, If you really want to do this. Please, just give me time to finish my work. "I pleaded.

"I think you are the one who can’t wait my Yuuboy because I’m feeling it baby."Oh crap she noticed the bulge on my crotch. She runs her fingers on my left chest while her right hand pulled my hair a little making me flinch and started licking my jaw line. I don’t know how many times I gulped. She really not making me won but I can’t surrender or planning team will be presenting crappy presentation to the board.

"Baby just made me finish reading the presentation then I’m ready to go."She stood up in front of me with serious look. Oh shit, I think I make her mad, I think I’m destined to sleep in the couch tonight. But I am surprised on her next move. She stripped leaving only her undergarments. My jaw drop on my girlfriend action she really want this bad now acting like a cat in heat.

She sat on my lap making me in between her thigh with her hands on my neck and leaning toward my face making our foreheads rest from each other. My hands are caressing the skin on her waist.

"How about checking my presentation? Do you want to see my next slide?" She whispered seductively to my ear. "Oh god!! "I groan..Game over.

I hugged her tightly so I can kiss her lips and punish her for teasing me. But she put her index fingers on my lips stopping my action while her other hand index caressing my chest.

"What, are you just making fun of me?” She shook her head in sexy way.

“Baby we need to move to my room because half court is not enough for our game." I get it. Haruna was referring doing this in her couch would restrain our live action.

"Ok baby let’s do this in full court.” I carried her in bridal style and went to her room.

End of Yuu’s POV


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Lagi ko kayang hinihintay yung update mo. OTL

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Ahahaaaa, well i hope soo  :kneelbow:
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Lagi ko kayang hinihintay yung update mo. OTL

Hindi lang ako nagpaparamdam kasi madalas di ako naka-log in pero pag naka log in ako. Nagiiwan ako ng comment o nagtatanong sabay like~

I'm sure may nagbabasa din na iba. Hindi lang ako~


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Poor kai ... :cry:
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nalulugaw talaga? ang saya kaya dun, hahaha

Kita na lang uli tayo

pero dude good job  :thumbup, alam mo na

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Woah... Haruna is so seductress....

Yuu could not do anything but obey Haruna...

Poor Kai... for always be there to comfort Atsuko when she was sad over Yuu...

Poor Atsuko for always being lied too.... if only someone would just tell her the truth...

Then may be Atsuko would be able to move on along time ago...

Now Atsuko already fell even deeper... I mean it's been more than 20 years worth of feeling...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Chapter 6

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. Sorry for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard the just ignore it....

Atsuko’s Pov

"Yuu kun"

 I'm checking my phone for his mail for hours as he has not send me message since yesterday before I got discharged from hospital. It’s just a day of not seeing his smile makes me go insane from missing him. He did not come home last night because he’s too busy working. Did he even change his suit? It's bad for his to image if he did not change, even his undies? I felt my face getting hot. Acchan stop thinking like a pervert. I slapped my cheek lightly. Did he even have breakfast? If he only reply on my mails maybe I'm not worrying this much.

I feel the heat of the sun on my shoulder as I was sitting on our glass garden. But I can't enjoy the view of the flowers around me because I'm too busy thinking about him.” Ahhh!” I grumble. What If I bring him cloths and bento in his office? I am not going to disturb him if I come at his lunch break. Yes that’s good, he will think I am caring for him if I do that. Yes!! I can finally see and gain some points on bringing him lunch.


I am now walking on Oshima group’s head office lobby. I can't stop squealing from excitement, having the thought of him being thankful on my initiative of bringing him some changing suit and bento. I also ask our maid to prepare him boxer brief so he can change his undies. Oh here I go again, Acchan stop your perverted thoughts. I entered the elevator when it finally opens after a minute of waiting; I notice a familiar figure standing on my side.

"Haruchan? What are you doing here? “I think I just made her stop from spacing out when I call her name.

"Oh Acchan, what are you doing here?"She got surprised on my presence on Oshima group's head office.

"I was about to ask you the same question. I cooked Yuu-kun's lunch and brought him some changing suit   "I said proudly, I lift my right hand to make her see the paper bags. I noticed that she reacts a little odd, she move her head backward and raise her eyebrow a little. Maybe she was thinking of me bring Yuu- kun changing cloths.

"I will be having a meeting here as I’ll be the new endorser of their hotel brand. Why are you bringing those to Yuuchan?"Ah I get it she's really looked confused..

"Sugoi Haruchan!! Ah about this Yuu-kun did not come home yesterday because of work so I was thinking that he might be wearing same suit like yesterday so I brought changing clothes for him and he was too busy working and I'm worried that he might skipped his meal so I cooked for him." I answer her shyly..

"I get it" She answered I can sense Haru's emitting different aura, she usually in her pace but for some reason I heard annoyance in her voice maybe she having her monthly period. Our conversation was cut by the sound giving a sign that the door was about to open.

"Oh I have to go, and Oh send my regards to Oshima Yuu-sama. Bye Acchan."

She left the elevator and with that strict tone, what’s with formality. "Haru is such a weird girl" I mumbled.


Haruna's POV


My hands are sweating hard after I stepped out of the elevator. I can't move my feet on the meeting room of marketing department. I clench my chest as I feel the jealousy running in my veins. Should I stay in the elevator and accompany Atsuko in Yuuchan's office. What if Acchan would try to seduce him? Yuuchan is mine. Haruna think- think..I did not notice that I'm biting my thumb of my left hand. My hobbit whenever I'm frustrated as I am walking back and forth on the department's corridor, not minding eye of the employee's that was staring on me. I stopped inhaled deeply to fill my lungs. "Trust him Haruna but let him know what will be the consequence if he crosses the line."


End Haruna's POV


Acchan POV

I was leaning my back outside of Yuu-kun's office. I remained standing even if his secretary offered me to sit on his office waiting area. I thank her, but I choose to stand here because it will be easier for me to see him if his coming. His secretary told me that Yuu-kun has a meeting with the board members. I hummed the kissed in the rain song just to make me entertained, playing my left feet by throwing it back and forth.

"A-achan is that you?" I hear that familiar voice that seemed to be surprised of my sudden visit.

"Yuu-kun "I run towards him and cling on his arm.

"Hey? What brings you here?"

"Yuu-kun so cruel, you did not come home yesterday then you are asking me what I was doing here? Of course I missed you and worried that your missed eating because you’re too busy so I cooked lunch for you I also brought you suit so you can change." I answered him like a spoiled child tugging his sleeves.

He held my shoulders and pushed me back a little his touched send chills to body enough to satisfy me for missing him but wait I think I’m talking too much, Oh I sounded like a girlfriend demanding for attention. But we are not on that stage yet, but soon I hope we will.

"A-acchan that was kind of you but can we continue talking in my office."He stutteredly said to me. I heard his executive assistant and secretary trying to stop from giggling when Yuu-kun sent them a serious glare.

"Oh Yuu-kun was so cute when his shy" I teased him I saw his cheeks was blushing hard. His staff giggled more on my teasing. He just raised his both hands in defeat and gesture me to enter his office.

End of Acchan POV


I entered my office with Atsuko following behind. I ask her to sit down on the couch provided for meetings. This girl really loved to tease me but at least she is recovering by letting her to bully me I sat beside her.


"Oh Yuu-kun it’s not the suit that you wear yesterday." Damn she noticed I can't tell her that Nyan nyan bought me suit and undies so I have something to change whenever I sleep over on her place.

"This? My executive assistant brought this to me I asked him to drive on our mansion and get some for me."I lied if every lie could give you a stab I might be dead by now after hundreds of lies and excuses I told her.

"Oh I see. So you sleep here?" I nodded another lie.

"You are overworking Yuu-kun? You should take things slow? I do not want you getting sick."

I saw worried expression on her face. I forcedly smile to her fighting the guilt that I'm feeling. Worrying her on my lies was eating my conscience. What made it worst that she's thinking that I'm here spending the night in my office working but the truth was I'm enjoying the night on Nyan nyan’s  place.

"If only we have suitable person to take over the head position of planning department it will lessen my burden."Finally I can tell her something true.

"You told me that the former head of that department had been diagnosed with stage three colon cancer forcing him to retire early from the company."

I nodded again whoa, I guess there are still some truth that I told her.

"Yes I have to looked over for that department until I can have someone who can take over and it’s hard for me to promote somebody for that position because I do not see someone who was capable enough to take over."

"You’re really engrossed when it comes to business" she said it with amazement on her eyes.

"Well I guess I just do not want another head ache if that person cannot handle his job properly. Maybe I'm just looking for the same qualities that the former head of that department had."

I sigh, clasped the fingers of my hand and leaned my head to it while my elbows were resting on my legs. I'm relieved that I can talk about my work problems with Acchan because she can understand it, maybe because we both living in the same world. I and Nyan nyan never had this type of conversation because she hates listening how complicated business world is.

It felt like talking to Acchan with issues regarding work help me to release my stress. I flinched when I felt Acchan tight embrace she was resting her head on my left shoulder.

"I'm so happy that Yuu- kun can tell me his worries, If only I can help you. For a moment let me just make you know that I'm always here if you need someone to talk too even If I cannot help you with work but at least I can still make you feel that you have a friend you can lean on."

I smiled."You are really such a nice girl Acchan, whoever guy to have a girlfriend like you will be luckiest man in world." I remove myself from her embrace. Shit!!!! Stupid Yuu, you know that she loves you. Why did ask her that question? What if she suddenly confessed to you? You know you cannot turn her down, or she will be back on being emotionally numb again. Fuck!!!!


"Yuu-kun I actually wanted to tell you something"


claito-san: sana wala akong pananagutan ngayon....

Shanju-san: of course I will not hurt Atsuko..hehehe..

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@AI712: Hehehe... Me too....Thank you

@cisda83: all of you're past comment's are right..

                I admire Kai's kindness in this fic...
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               Chap 5.5 updated

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this chapter is the best dude atsuyuu pa more
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I'm late again ... already chap 6 huh ...  :mon suspect:
Must be very hard to be in Haruna's position ...  :mon cigar:
ah, about 'look at me, my love', it's still in proses ... hihi ...
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Yo author -san, im just done read ur story just now and guess what?
But ur story kinda make my heart breaking cause u know,im atsumina shipper here  :cry:
Will atsuko end up notice kai feeling? Or she will keep madly in love to yuu? Please let me know soon author-san  :thumbsup
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Chapter 7

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. Sorry for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it….

Yuu’s POV

“Yuu-kun I want to tell you something”

I kept silent. Please do not confess.. Please don’t… please don’t…. please kami-sama please send someone to help me get out of this situation. I feel my heart race on nervousness. But then I suddenly felt a vibration on my pocket..

“Yuu-kun I-I think I—” she stopped saying anything when hearing my phone rings.

“Oh I’m sorry.” I excuse myself. Thanks god for saving me. I took out my phone of my pocket to see whose calling. I saw the caller address.


Short for My Nyan nyan as I do not want Acchan to suspect me if ever Nyan nyan calls in situation like this. Nyan nyan really is heaven sent for me… I’m grinning…

“Yuu-kun you should answer it”

“Ah I’m sorry. Acchan can I go out for a minute this call is important.”

“Ok don’t mind me” I bow and leave my office.

After asking for Acchan permission I went out of my office to for some place to answer my girlfriend’s call.

Haruna POV

It was the third time I called his phone but still he is not answering. I am now inside my car in parking area. I tried reaching my boyfriend’s phone after two hours of meeting in marketing department’s staff. I and my manager parted our ways after the meeting as she still has to do something in her office leaving me free as well as my schedule.

Ok this is my fourth time calling him if he still do not answered this I am really going to punish him. He just text-ed a while ago that his finished with his meeting and I am free to contact him but why is he not answering. I was now formulating some answer on my questions, suddenly.

“Hello Nyan nyan, Baby?”He answered in low voice he seemed whispering on phone.

“Yuuchan what took you so long to answer my calls?”

“I’m sorry Nyan nyan, but~ but Acchan is in my office. I have to excuse myself out and find some place to answer your call.”

“What she was still in your office? It’s been two hours since I saw her in elevator. So it seems like your enjoying her company Yuu?” I am now raging with jealousy and Yuuchan knows the price for it.

“Babe, calm down ok I know that you understand our situation right, don’t get jealous you know that Acchan was like my little sister. Please do not think things that would make you paranoid.”

“Me? Paranoid? Yuuchan I’m not.”

“Ok you’re not but please understand I am not doing anything. Nyan nyan we’ve been thru harder than this when you are in New York, what more that your here in Tokyo? Baby, I love you so much.”

I am glad that even though he was a playboy before. He did not do anything to make me break my trust on him. He just focused on his work.But its different there is a girl who was madly in love in my boyfriend’s office. How can I make myself calm? But I need to trust him or else he will end up mad at me and results into a fight.
“Ok, I trusts you now but you know what will happen when you break my trust right?” I warned him.

“I know you will going peel my skin out of my body and you will make me sleep in a room filled balloons.”

“I am just making myself clear.”

“I love you Yuuchan” I change my tone from mad to sweet one. I heard him chuckled on the other line.

“I love you too”

“Can you come to my” but before I can finish on what saying

“Baby I really need to go I have a meeting after lunch I will call you back later. Bye” He ended the call..

Baka Yuuchan I will not make you touch me for the whole week, I mean three days, No, just for tonight. He dared to hang up his phone while she let Acchan stay in his office….

Yuu’ POV

I am now in Jurio’s bar waiting on my best friend. He told me that he will treat me a drink well it’s funny because he choose the bar that I half owned. What is he thinking? I am resting my head on the bar’s counter, trying to makes some dream after very stressful day. First was the presentation for our company’s new project. Well it runs smoothly though I haven’t finish reviewing the files last night. Second was Acchan almost confess her feelings that really scared me I always tried to bailed myself out whenever I feel that she will confess on me. Third was my jealous girlfriend, these past few days I noticed her being too possessive and it always turns out to sleepless night that’s why I’m really tired. And the last was my mom she asked me to go home at Acchan’s place. She always worried on Acchan’s health as she treated my friend as her own because she did not have a daughter. I wish she will also do that to Nyan nyan, I will really be happy if she does. I’m really tired. I sigh the stress that I’m getting from the important girls in my life is worse than the stress I’m getting from the company. I sigh and tried not to think anything so I can at least be free stress.


It’s already past nine. I am rushing on Jurio’s bar entrance, to meet my best friend. It’s been a month since we chill out and drink. I found a familiar figure resting his head on the counter. He seemed wasted. I approached him.

“Yuuboy it’s too early to be drunk.”He shifted his face to my direction.

“You’re late again General Manager Takahashi. I am not yet drunk, I am just tired ok.“He straightens his position and I sat on the stool beside him.

“What’s wrong dude you look so drained?”

“Its Nyan nyan bro, she been acting weird this past days, she too possessive and emotional.”

“Oh possessive cat makes my squirrel friend restless. Huh?"I chuckled and nudge his shoulder.

"You know how I dream of her not rejecting my skin ship but this is too much dude, I always slept on the couch of my office during lunch breaks.”

“You’re lucky man at least you having that kind have action with your love unlike me waiting for some miracle to happen. You told me that Acchan visited you this morning."He nodded and sighed.

"She brought me changing suits and bento.”

“Whoa! How I dream that she will do the same to me."I sigh.

"Atsuko almost confessed on me.”

“What did you say?”

“I think she was going to say I love you but luckily it was cut by Nyan nyan’s call.”

We both release a big ball of air and chuckled when we realize on what we did.

“I don’t know its lucky receiving my girlfriends call and saving me from Acchan because when she found out that Acchan was in my office and she became jealous.”

“Ah I thought you’re used to it, you have lots of experienced in high school, right?"I poured our shot glass with whisky.

"Come on dude I am serious now and you known I can’t play with these girls heart. They are important to me.”

“I know, I know that you loved Acchan as your own sister and Nyan nyan, she is the only girl that made the player squirrel turned into serious one."He had drunk the liquor on his glass.

"How I wish I can help you, at east with Acchan.” I drink in my glass to. But I notice the serious glared in his eyes and I know if this stupid squirrel is up to something.
“You really can help me dude.” and he poured whisky on my empty glass.

“What are you thinking? Yuuboy if this thing would hurt Acchan then stop it! You know me, when her feelings are involved."He is now grinning like stupid.

” No, no…I will not hurt her Takaboy. You know that I can never do that to Acchan.“ He patted my shoulders.

"Spit it."I drink my shot..

"Make her fall in love with you.” I literally spat my drink on his face.

“Geez man what’s this?” He complained after wiping his face he jumped on my back headlock and smack my head hard.

“Ittai…Ittai…"I protested” Stop it dude. I’m sorry.’ I surrender raising both of my hand in the air but he did not stop hitting me. “Dude seriously we are creating scene in your bar."I saw the people around us laughing. The bartender was trying to hold his laughter when he recognized us.

"Ok I’ll forgive you now, not because I pity you it’s because I don’t want my business be affected.” He smack my head for the last time move his body out of me and fix his suit.

"Dude you know you’re idea is impossible.”

“Geez Kai, have some confidence.”

I lean closer to him “How can I have confidence? You know I am in love with her since we are kids and she was in love with you since birth see the difference.”

“Whoa?!! Stop being Ironic men”

“What I say is true man. But you did not notice it because you only see her as a sister.”

“That’s the reason why you have to move. I’m not saying that you went straight on her and confess that was  like having suicide."He hooked his right arm on my shoulder.

"What I’m saying is you-make-her-fall-for-you. That’s the only way she will not end up hurting if she knows my relationship with Nyan nyan.”

He poured me another shot of whiskey.

“Dude you brought me in this situation so you have to take me out of this. Please I want freedom Kai.”

“Ok, I’ll try”

“No don’t just try it, do it!” he squeezed my arm.

“Ok! ! I will do it.”

“There goes my soldier.” We tossed and drink.

Then I hear his phone ringing but it seems like he did not hear it.

“Dude your phone” I nudge him. He took the phone out of his pocket.

“Oh it’s Nyan nyan."He tapped the screen of hi phone "Hello Nyan nyan”

“Yuuchan, where are you?”

“I’m at Jurio’s bar, why baby?”

“Who are you with?”

“I’m with Kai”

“You’re not with Miyazawa-kun?” Yuu nudge my arm and turn the loud speaker on and ask me to say something.

“Hi Haruna-san, Sai is not with us.”

“Ok believe you”

“Hey Nyan nyan, why are you like that? You trusted my best friend more than me?”

“No Yuuchan, I just don’t trust you whenever you’re with Miyazawa-kun.” I chuckled and Yuu had an ex-aspirated look on his girlfriend point.

“Yuuchan are you still there?"From strict tone she suddenly changed to sweet one.

"Why baby?”

“I cooked dinner can you come over and eat with me."Yuu widen his eyes in surprise hearing her girlfriend’s request. Though Haruna hates house chores she really loves cooking food that taste horrible. The last time I ate her cooking I have to eat a tablespoon of sugar just remove the taste from my taste buds. I pity my friend for always suffering such traumatic dishes.

"Baby i love you but~but I already have my dinner and its quarter to ten."I tried to controled myself from bursting my laugh on his excuses just to escape his destiny.
"You ate Acchan’s bento but you don’t want to eat the dinner I cooked  for you. Ok forget it! I will never cook for you again.” I let out my laugh but my best friend covered my mouth.

“I get it. I’m coming ok wait for me. I love you Nyan nyan.”

“Ok I love you too Yuuchan, make it fast before it gets cold, ok."How could she change her mood so fast?

"I will be there in an hour, I love you too baby.bye” Yuu hangs up his phone and put it back to his pocket.

“I told you not to laugh when she’s talking about her cooking, she might think that we’re making fun of her. I don’t want her to be in tsun tsun mode again.”

“Yuu your pathetic men, you can even say no to her.” He kicked my legs.

"ittai!! That hurts men..”

“You are the pathetic one you can’t even make your girl fall for you.”

We stop…

“We’re both pathetic!!!” We said in unison and laugh…

“I have to go Takaboy or Nyan nyan will not stop whining for not coming early.” Stand up and patted my shoulder

“Good luck on your second dinner. Haruna’s cooking is the worst I ever tried in my life.”

“Stop it bro, it’s improving.”

“Really, she is improving?”

“From worst it’s just bad now..” We laugh again “I must go now. Bye Takaboy” He started walking.

“Just mail me if you need some medicine for stomach ache ok. Bye Yuuboy!!!“I saw him raise his right hand in the air as he disappeared in the exit of the bar.


I am watching television in my girlfriend’s apartment. I changed the channel from lifestyle to soccer game finally I am in control. My cat girl sat beside with the water that I requested. She put the glass on the center table. I hooked my right hand on her shoulder she intertwined her fingers, kissed and rested on my chest. I smiled to her and stole a peck on her cheeks. She cupped my left cheeks and draws her lips closer to my ears.

"Ne Yuuchan”


“Who cooks better Acchan or me?”  Oh there goes the killer question. I do not know how to answer her. How can I answer without making her mad?

“Yuuchan did you hear me?”

“What is it baby?”

“I’m just an inch away but you still do not hear me?”

“Nyan nyan I’m sorry but I’m thinking of something.” Please get over it . Don’t ask that question please.

“I’ am asking you, who cooks better Acchan or me?”

Damn, I really have to answer that. She pouted her lips.

“Baby you know I can’t lie to you” How can I say answer her? I feel that my sweat is dripping down my forehead.“ You know Acchan cooked like a chief of five star hotels” Oh I can’t tell her that her cooking sucks. She frowned and glared at me.

“And how was my cooking?”

“You know she might cook best dishes in the world but I still choose Nyan nyan’s cooking because it~~~~its healthy~ yes healthy."I gulped as I tried to control my heart from racing on nervousness."Nyan nyan thinks more about Yuuchans health, She putted a lot of vegetable on it.. he he.. i drink a lot of water and I appreciate you’re being concern about my health so I love Nyan nyan dish more.”

“Really, you love it more than Atsuko’s cooking” She seem buying my explanation.

“Of course my baby’s effort of making me healthy is better than the food which will bring high blood and other deceases.”

“ I love you Yuuchan."So she was thinking the same as my hypothesis. I get it that’s why she puts a lot of bitter melon on it.

"See baby I know you’re intentions even if you are not explaining it. And I love you more Nyan nyan.”

She pulled my head for around of smooches. So I got a credit from guessing upon my observations on her dish. She let go of my lips.

“I know that I can never win on the taste of Acchan food so I need to think of other way to win you."I kissed her lips. Thanks god that I get it right if I lied and choose her with wrong explanation she will surely get mad and if I choose Acchan because she cooked like a pro she will also get mad.

"You know baby stop competing with Acchan and this is not the right category for you to compete.”

“Yuuchan, do you want to claim the reward for saying the right answer."I nodded.

"Then stay with me tonight so you can have it.” She started playing on my necktie while resting her chin in my shoulders. Here she goes again.

“Nyan nyan you now that mom mailed me already to stay on Acchan mansion for this night."She nodded and placed her forehead on my chin.

"So you have to sleep on her house again.”

“I have to, I’m sorry."She shook her head and stared on my eyes.. All I can see is sadness and worries in her orbs….

"I understand but please.”

“I will never forget your rules”

"Ok I trust you” We kissed passionately but she pulled of herself.

“You must go now before I change my mind."I nodded and walk to the door.

I look back on the couch where she was sitting. She’s not looking at me. I know this is her way to hide her sadness knowing that I will be staying over for the other girl’s place who loves me.

"Nyan nyan” I called her attention, when I see her looking at me “I will claim my reward in Hawaii so you have to get ready. You will have me for the whole week in Hawaii without sharing with Acchan, Promise.” I wink, though she smiled but her eyes remained sad.

“Baby I only love you.. Kojima Haruna I love you. ”

She smiled “I love you too and go now before I change my mind.“ I smiled and left her apartment. Still feeling bad knowing that, my girlfriend will be crying again before she sleeps. I will call her when I arrived on Acchan’s mansion.


Shanju: I hope you read it

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Ofcourse i read it dude  :on study:
I love reading kojiyuu and atsuyuu even i have read the fics, hehee
Hope you will update fast and dont forget the other fic too  :farofflook: :mon yeah:
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OH Oh....

Atsuko nearly confessed

Haruna already getting more more possessive

Would Kai be able to get Atsuko to fall for him?

Would Yuu cross the line?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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I like possessive Haruna ...
I mean, I'm still in the process of writing it ... about the story, of course it's a secret!! hehe ... wait and see what will happen, it will be many surprises in Look at Me, My Love ... hihi ...
thanks for your update ...
i will waiting for the next chap ...
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Chapter 8

To my readers: Thank you

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                  here is my next chap...

(Atsuyuu/ Atsumina / Kojiyuu)

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it.

Atuko’s POV

I’m happy..

I’m not bothered waiting for a week as long as his with me for the entire day though he had to excuse himself  receiving calls from his work from time to time even its weekend but at least his with me now..We shared chair while he is playing piano in our mansion’s living area. I enjoyed watching him on his piano skills..

“Acchan ….Acchan” He called my name sweetly.

“Yes Yuu-kun?” I answer him in half daze..

“Are you tired already? Do you want me to walk you in room?” I shook my head.

“I told you, not to wait for me every day to coming home. It is bad for you health, Now you look so pale. Are you sick?"He put his hand on my forehead I shove it of before he noticed my entire face was turning red.

"No, I am not sick I’m just happy that you spend your weekend with me and I’m fine waiting until midnight. I’m really worried that something might happen to you.”

“Stop thinking like that Acchan, nothing bad will happen to me.” He sighed and smiled. “You are really sweet girl.” If you only know that I love you.

"But-but I can’t help it Yuu-kun, you know Am~."He caressed my back making me stop to utter my little sister’s name that I can’t do since the accident.

"I get Acchan don’t force yourself.” He gave me reassuring smile.

“I promise I will mail you if I’m going to be late or not so you will not worry too much and wait for me."I nodded.

"Thank you Yuu-kun.” he smiled again and wiped the tears in my eyes.

“So Acchan what song do you want me to play.”

“Rivers flows into you my favorite."He got startled when I answer him while sobbing.

"I’m sorry but you know I can’t play that song.” his voice sounds broken.

“You never played that song to me since high school."I forget when he started to refuse playing that piece even though hr knows that I really love to see him played it.

"How about this you like this too, right?” Then started playing Birthday song. I giggled as he sung it too.

“Yuu-kun it’s not my birthday.”

“But I am practicing so it will perfect when I play it two months from now.”

“Try different song."I requested.

"Ok this one.” He played twinkle-twinkle little star. 

“Stop teasing me I’m not a kid anymore.“I pouted my lips.

"Ok, you love this song too, right."He shifted the musical sheet on its stand and started playing.

"I like playing this one” Its john cage ‘in the landscape’.

“I like that one too."I closed my eyes and rest my chin on his shoulder. The sound of his music and his scent makes my heart go crazy.

"Acchan tired?” He asked I shook my head in response.

“Acchan.."I love him calling my name in sweet tone…"I will be having business trip in Hawaii next week.”

I open my eyes and stared at him asking for further explanations. I know that I don’t have the right to do that’s why I can’t utter a word. I just make a facial expression hoping he could notice it.

“I have to visit our hotel their and talk to the investors. I hope Acchan will understand.” He smile he knows that I can never refuse to that face..

“Will it be too much if I accompany you? It’s been three years since I haven’t visit Hawaii”

“No” he answered in half shouted.

“I mean no, Acchan I will be very busy working. I don’t want you to be bored there and I can’t focus on my work worrying about you.“

"I see, maybe next time.”

“Yes next time I promise.” I gave a reassuring smile at him and he continued playing. 'Yuu-kun’ he knows how to make me laugh. I remembered when we were kids, whenever cold Kai makes me cry he always make face to make me laugh. 'I love you Yuu-kun please hear me.’

Kai’s POV


Was the word I murmured trying to calm myself from nervousness. This is the first time I visit Acchan with bouquet of roses and big teddy bear. I am now executing my mission to make the love of my life fall for me. But I can’t stop my left feet from stamping while I am sitting on the sofa of Maeda’s huge living area. It has a classical design with big Chinese ceramic vases and Ionic column. I see Atsuko’s figure coming down from huge spiral stair case.

Oh my god. She was so perfect with that lacy white dress. I jaw dropped, gulped as I can’t feel that I ‘am breathing irregularly as my lung and heart are fighting for space in my chest, she is like an angel walking towards me.

I stand up and bow my head lightly. My body was shaking with her smile.

“Good evening Kai-kun”

“Good evening A-acchan.” I am stuttering.

“What brings you here?"He offered me to sit down as she sat in front of me.

"I am just visiting my friend. I know you are bored because Yuuchan was out of the country.”

“Yes I am kind of bored because I can go out. His absence makes me lonely.” Oh shit Kai you just make her sad. You cannot do right when it comes to her

“Tha-that’s why I a-am here t-to accompany you while Yuu is away. He asked me to do that.” I said with my head down.

She smiled and clapped her hands.

“I ‘am happy to hear that.”

“Really..I am really touched Kai-kun.” Did she just say that I made her happy? I cannot stop myself giggling.

“Did he really say that because he was worried for me?”

Damn I did the same mistake. Kai why did you say that? I just nodded.

“I think his really busy because he have not mailed me since morning.”

“I don’t know, Maybe I can ask him to mail you."She is really sad, but I really ask Yuuboy not too mail her so she will at least see me. I am guilty for making her sad. How can make her happy again I don’t want her to be hospitalized again. I forget the teddy bear and roses. I got an Idea to make her happy.

"Hey Acchan, Yuu ask me to bring you this.”

Her eyes widen seeing the roses and teddy bear.

“Really, Yuu asked you to give me that?”

“He sent me as messenger.” I remove the note and put it in my pocket.

“I’m Takahashi Kai was sent by Oshima Yuu to make Atsuko Maeda happy when his not present. I am working as his messenger."I was about to give my gift for her.

"Oshima Yuu-sama told me not to give this to a crying lady.” I went back to my seat. The short hair girl wiped the tears on her cheeks.

“Ok I will not cry."I gave it to her.

"Hey Acchan you like animals right?”

“Yes I love them”

“How about we go to zoo tomorrow after lunch?”

“But you have worked right?”

“I have site visit at our project in the morning but after that I am free.”

“Really, Ok I will go with you. I’m excited.”

I think I have to leave it like this for now I will just make it up tomorrow.

Haruna’s POV


I ‘am resting my head on my boyfriends arm, He may not have muscular body but I still love his lean and manly arm. We are walking in the beachfront of the resort owned by his family, waiting for sunset, leaving trails of our footsteps in the sand. I wish we could always be like this I’ve been enjoying this trip for three days. Our works ended early so we decided to have some romantic walk. I feel the love in his hand intertwined with mine while i am caressing the same arm.

“Yuuchan thank you” He got startled when I broke the silence between us.

“What for Nyan nyan?“ He smiled endearingly, cupped my right cheeks with his free hand and kissed my temple.

"For calling me every night until I fall asleep whenever you’re in Acchan place."I know his doing it to reassure me that he was just staying there and not doing something to make me over think.

"It’s the least thing I can do. I’m not doing something that will break your trust.”

I smiled at him “I know". I turn my eyes to the sea that turning orange.“Do you think Kai could make Acchan fall?”

"We should hope for the best baby this is the only way, I can detach myself without hurting her.”

“You’re such a good person Yuu chan” He puts his right hand on my waist and pulled me closer.

“I am not. I always have to lie to her and I always make my girlfriend cry.” I saw his eyes become watery.

“But it’s necessary to keep our relationship. I know that you’re hurting too. Please don’t give up on us."I pleaded.

"Baby I should be the one saying that. Please don’t give up on me."I kissed his soft lips and turn into smooches. I feel his right hand trailing upwards. I know if this little squirrel  was up to something. His hand is cupping the side of my right bosom. I held his hand with my right hand and clench my nails on his skin.

"Ittai !!” He yelped in pain.

“Goccha!!!"But he still manages to squeeze a little while I’m trying to remove it away."Yuu-ahh” I moaned.

“I goccha too, Nyan nyan."He grinned evilly.

I smack his arms as many times as I can” You pervert squirrel, why do you always ruin our romantic moments with your perverted action.“I shouted at him.

"Shhh!!!! Nyan nyan your creating a scene someone might hear you…”

I smacked his head

“Ittai !! Nyan nyan your smacks are getting harder.”

“You’re concerned if someone will hear me but you did not care if they see you in your perverted action."He pounced on me and kissed my cheeks.

"I will not do that again promise. Please don’t be mad."He pouted with puppy eyes. He knows that I can’t resist that face.

"You often say that after harassing me.”

“Nyan nyan, how many times do I have to tell you it’s not harassment it skin ship, skin ship."I rolled my eyes on him. He cupped my face to make turn on his face. He rested his forehead in mine and caressed my cheeks. He really knows how to make me calm and closed his eyes. I feel his breath on my cheeks. My heart was now beating thousand times faster on its normal rate. I initiate the first action, I lean closer to him but before I can kiss him.

"Nyan nyan can I claim my reward."I smack his shoulder again. "Ittai!!”

“You’re starting again Oshima” I gritted my teeth and give him exasperated look.

“Baby we’ve been three days here but your still not giving my reward the other day you told me your tired with our travel, Yesterday you said you have too reserve your energy for today’s photo shoot. Baby you don’t have work tomorrow and I can control myself seeing you in your bikini."Oh my god why did I fall in love with an Idiot. He is pleading like a kid asking to buy him candies.

"It’s not my problem? You are the one who always refuse to come to my apartment.” I turn around and walk back to the hotel that we’re staying.

“Nyan nyan you know, how I really wanted to claim my reward as soon as possible but I’ am reserving it in Hawaii, Nyan nyan?”

“I will think about it Oshima, it’s not my problem that you always choose to be with Acchan rather claiming your reward."He is following me.

"That’s not true Nyan nyan I never choose Acchan. You know that.

"Whatever, I can’t hear you squirrel“I turned around stuck my tongue out and run back to our hotel room.

"So you’re calling me squirrel now? Don’t let me catch you my kitten I will make you pay the price for calling me squirrel.”

I giggled. He is really pissed whenever I call him squirrel.

“Catch me if you can” I teasingly shouted at him.

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Yo.. Ayos ah? kojiyuu pa.........

dude maya hintayin mo lang, hahahaha :shakeit:
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Oh... it's still very very long time for Kai to get atsuko...

When would they cut the tie between Atsuko and Yuu?

When they would be honest about Yuu status to Atsuko?

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the update

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Chapter 9

(Kojiyuu/ Atsuyuu/ Atsumina)

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it.

Kai’s POV

The day that I’ve been waiting finally arrived. Zoo date with Atsuko though this is just two friends going to a zoo. But my heart can’t stop jumping in anticipation, going out with her alone without Yuuboy is very rare to happen firstly because I don’t have guts of asking her out without as my best friend doing it. Secondly she always turns  down my invitations if she knew that Yuu was not coming so this will be my chance. Driving my car I always took quick glance on the girl sitting on passenger sit using back seat mirror. Though I wanted her to sit by my side that will be hard after the trauma she had on the accident. For four months it was hard for her to ride a car until Yuuboy assured her that nothing bad will happen.

“Acchan are you ok there?”

“Un” she nodded” Kai can you turn your radio on"

“Ok I will” I turned the radio on and find for some love song. I took a glance on her again then saw her lip syncing along the song. She was so cute no I mean lovely I can’t find a words enough to describe her.’ If I can only say how much I love you and express my feeling on you.’

Atsuko POV

I want to initiate a conversation with Kai but I don’t know what will be the right topic to talk to. I only have one thing I can find myself comfortable to open up with him and that was my feelings towards Yuu-kun. It’s started when Yuu-kun avoided and hated me when I slip my mouth with his serious relationship with Miichan in dinner at his family’s mansion being the reason of their break up I don't have guts to apologize as I don't really feel sorry on what I did. After that incident Miichan’s family filed bankruptcy and forced to live in London. We all know that it his family's doing, which serves as a warning for him not to date anyone without his parent’s permission.


I’m not attending the class for a week after I noticed that he was avoiding me not knowing how to show myself and say sorry. The guilt of being the reason of person you love heartbroken eats me but being happy for their break up made me confuse too, do I still have conscience. I just made the person I love got separated from his lover. What are you thinking Atsuko?

“Acchan!? Acchan!?" A shout from the door be heard twenty meters from my glass garden that I was sitting since morning. I saw my childhood friend Kai hurriedly walk towards me.

"Acchan I been looking for you. Why are you not attending school?” He brought me some of notes of classmates and placed it in the table.

“Your classmates visited you yesterday but your maid doesn’t let their in. What’s wrong with you? You don’t seem sick just like what Yuu said?”

“Kai-kun I will attends school on Monday, thanks for your concern but I want to be alone." I hate his strict attitude and being insensitive. Did he even care that his best friend was pissed of me and hates seeing me. He pulled one chair and sat beside me, this guy he always acts like a yankee. I don’t know how Yuu likes too hangs out with him cause there personalities are opposite. I just let him do whatever he wants he is still my childhood friend.

"Is this all about Yuuboy?”I got startled on what he said, well he knows what happened on that night too so maybe he just said it as his hypothesis.

"What are you talking about?  thank you for the notes but if you have nothing to say just live me alone.”

“You like him? No you love him, right?!That sentence kept me speechless am I that too obvious or is he thinking that I talked about Yuu-kun’s girlfriend because I want them to separate

"About it, don’t think that his blaming you about what happened between him and Miichan. We never know that his parents will do it on her family business  and forcefully separate them." Now tears are running down my eyes remorse caused by feeling responsible for what happened to my friends.Kai is glaring at me like stop being a bitch.

"You never know what I ‘am feeling so ple-please leave me alone.”I said half shouted and cover my face.

“I know what you feel because I- I-….I care about you, cause you’re my friend Acchan."He lowered his head."I know you love him since we were kids. I know that you always admired him not like a brother but differently.”

“Did Yuu-kun notice this too?"He shook his head.

"I don’t think he knows because if he did then I will surely talked it with me because you know his always concerned about you and why did he fall for Miichan.”

“Then why did you notice and he did not?”

“I-I just know it because I…. I … am with you guys since we are five … You treat him different as you treat me and I feel that you acted differently when you are around him.”

“If only I have the courage to confess maybe I will be in Miichan’s place instead but I can’t do that now.”

“Just give him sometime or just wait until he noticed your feelings and he will be the one to confess.”

“Yes maybe your right.”

“Yuu-boy was worried to your sudden absence in our school he already asked your parents and they told him that you’re not feeling well. He was the one who informs our teachers that you’re sick.”

“So I made him worried?”

“We are always worried about you. I talked to him well actually he's distancing him self to everybody. He needs time to reflect on what he do wrong and you know feeling his bad for everything, his blaming himself for everything that happens most specially on her family. I know your feeling bad because your involve to but your school responsibilities are affected now.  ”

“What did he tell you?”

“Of course his heartbroken so it’s just normal for him to do that. He told me the he never blame you, you never know that it will turn out to this and you don't have a choice but to answer her moms question if his dating someone. He is blaming him self instead because he cannot even do something for Miichan family. His guilt was eating him, just give him some time. OK?”

End of flashback

We’ve had our tour in the zoo. I am really about Kai intention to entertain me while Yuu was away. I’ve been so bored staying in our mansion doing nothing. Kai was really kind to spare sometime to ask me out. Even though we grew up together It’s rare for us to get along he is very cold and straight forward so I’m little scared to approach him unlike Yuu-kun who is gentleman and sweet.

“Do you want to eat before I send you home?"I nodded.

We find nearest restaurant, After Ten minutes of walking we found one.

"Acchan do you have fun?”

“Yes, thank you Kai. Pandas are really cute, right?”

“Yes they are. I want to take them home.”

“I pity them if you become their owner.”


“It’s because Kai-kun is busy with his work.”

“But you can take care of them too.”

“No I want some squirrel to pet. Panda’s should stay on the zoo for other.” We remained silent for few minutes. Our orders has arrived, it was two order of pasta.

“So you still choose the clever squirrel than the panda.”

“I like panda but I love squirrel."He sighed and smiled.

"I see “We start to eat our pasta.

"Kai do you think Yuu-kun still love miichan." Kai stopped eating then shifted his head seems like his thinking how he will respond on my question.

"Why did you ask?”

“I never see him date seriously after Minami and him broke up."He frowned,then  after a while he started  twirling his pasta on his spoon.

"I don’t think he still in love with Minigeshi.”

“Do you think he was dating someone?"He coughs while patting his chest.


“You are the closest person to him I mean you guys are like brothers, so you will know if he is dating someone, If he is not in love with Minegeshi and not dating someone. Why did still not notice me?”

“We both are focusing ourselves on  business. It’s hard to be successor of huge company that- that's why dating would be hard for us. After Miichan and Yuu broke up he understands that it will not be easy for him to fall in love. He did not want to be a failure and hurt other girls feeling because of his impulsiveness..

“ Yuu-kun” I mumbled..


That's the word I can describe the girl who was resting her head on my chest while sniffing the scent of her hair, we both just lock ourselves in hotel room since morning .We both sitting on our bed while reading the book  that she brought. I was leaning on the bed’s headrest while she was hugging and looking on my face from time to time.

“Nyan nyan” I called her attention she just hummed at me.

“Why do you always ask me to read books for you?” I’m curious about her hobbit of buying romantic novel books but I always end up reading it for her, It’s like father telling a story for his daughter to fall asleep.

“ I hate reading books, Yuuchan."She tightens her hug and rubbed her feet in mine.

"But why do you keep on buying them if you don’t like reading?"I caressed her hair.

"Because I’m curious about the story and Yuuchan loves reading books."I sigh as I get her point.

"I get it baby."I kissed her cheeks.

"Why, don’t you like reading the book for me?"I sigh and put down the book then I rested my head to the pillow that supports my back to my head and looked up to the ceiling keeping my hand do its work on her head.

"Yuuchan, what wrong are you sick?”

“I’m just tired Nyan nyan” I released a big ball of air in my mouth, she lift her head and cupped my cheeks.

“Do you want me to give you massage baby.” I look at her she seemed very worried to me shaking my head while I lean forward to her .She just blink her eyes, her lips are pouting.

“You look so cute Nyan nyan."I pinch her cheeks lightly.

” Yuuchan stop teasing me.“

I pulled her waist closer and started our staring contest.

"Nyan nyan, do you know what could energize me.”

“What is it Yuuchan?“

"That is if you give me my reward.”

“But you loss yesterday, you failed to catch me.”

“You cheated and hide from me and return when I’m asleep, you are avoiding it. Don’t you? She shook her head.

"I did not cheat."She pinched my arm lightly."My manager saw me in the lobby and dragged me to have dinner meeting for my next projects.”

“But you’re not answering my call.”

“Because I’m busy Yuuchan. ”

“Ok.. Forget it I don’t want to claim it."I laid down on the bed on cover my face with pillow.

"Yuuchan don’t get mad. I’m sorry."She is caressing my chest. I’m not actually mad at her I just want her to surrender it to me, sometimes you don’t have to plan things you just have to go with the flow. When Nyan nyan is trying to remove the pillow covering my face my phone rang. I took it in the bedside table, as my girlfriend watched me rushing over to get it.

"Acchan” I mumbled. I saw my girlfriend eye turned into cut shape.

I tried to get out from my bed but Nyan nyan pulled my hand, so I can sit in front of her, she snatched the phone out of my hand.

“Do you really have to get out answering her call? You can answer her here."I just shook my head.

"Ok,  I will talk to her here.” I tried to reach my phone on her hand but she shoved it. Tapped my phone to answer my friends call and put it in loudspeaker. I smirk as I see her face burns in jealousy.

“Hello Yuu-kun."I can hear Acchan voice on the line but I know don’t how to answer her, just one mistake would turn out as arguments between me and Nyan nyan again.
"Yuu-kun?.” I looked at my girlfriend who was not pleased on my friends call, arching her brows. Nyan nyan mouthed the word ‘say something on her lips’.

“Hai Acchan, I’m here why did you call?”

“I’m sorry to disturb you Yuu-kun, are you busy?”

“No I’m not that busy."Nyan nyan gritted her teeth when she heard my answer. Well I’m not really busy, I was about to sleep when Atsuko called.

"Have you eaten lunch? Are you sleeping well? Sorry I’m just really worried because you never reply to my mails since morning."I giggled and blush a little Acchan is such a sweet girl. But Nyan nyan kicked my legs making me stop. She mouthed 'What’s funny?’ I answer her in the same way’ nothing’ shaking my head. She is really pissed of Acchan sweet talking. It’s her fault she’s been cold to me since we arrived.

"Yes I ate lunch Acchan and I did not sleep well last night maybe because I’m not use to my bed."Nyan nyan pinched my arm.’
"Ittai” I shouted

Now she is really hurting me.

“What happened, Yuu-kun?”

“No I just missed my step Acchan, Don’t be worry."I look at the girl in front me who was with arm crossed with cursing glare.

"Ok, take a good care of yourself Yuu-kun I don’t want something bad happen to you.”

“Remember I promise you that I will take care of myself."I looked again at Nyan nyan who was turning red in jealousy.

"Ah, Yuu-kun I almost forgot. Thank you for the roses and teddy bear that you gave me I really love it.”What? I never bought her anything. I see my girlfriend clutching the cell phone on her hands almost crushing it.

“What roses and teddy bear?"I look at Nyan nyan, mouthing 'I never do that’ and held her hands. This is bad, as I saw her eyes are starting to be teary.

"Stop teasing me Yuu-kun, I know you just want me to be happy. Kai gave it to me yesterday. He told me that you asked him to bring me roses an teddy bear."Boom I’m so dead right now.

"Ok. Acchan you’re always welcome but I have to go now. I have to do something important, Bye.”

“Ok, Bye Yuu-kun.”

Nyan nyan end the call and throw the cell phone at my direction I successfully dodge it. Thanks to my fast reflexes. But to bad for my cell phone as saw it crushed to the floor with pieces shuttered in our room.

She stood up wipe her tears and smacked my shoulder really hard.

“Itai!!!"I protested. I quickly hugged her waist tightly halting her from leaving.

"Baby I really don’t bought her anything.” She’s trying to remove my arms on her waist.

“Shut up Yuuchan! Your liar, you bought her roses and teddy bear but you haven’t given me one since my birthday.”

“Ok baby I will buy you but I don’t really bought anything for her. I promise."Kai what did you do. I will surely kill you when I return to Japan.

"You seemed to like her sweet talking more than my company but why didn’t you ask her to accompany you instead. I hate you…I hate you… I will never believe in you."She cried harder. I release my hug and sat back to bed.

"I’m sorry, but believe me Nyan nyan please I don’t” Before I can finish my sentence she got out of our room and slammed the door very hard.

I docked my head feeling guilt for making her cry again. It’s not what I want I just want her to be little jealous but making her cry like that. Do I have to let her go? It’s been running to my mind for past few days making, hard for me to sleep. I ruffled my hair picking the parts of phone in the floor after assembling it I try to turn the power. I’m glad it was still working but I think I have to buy new phone because the screen are now broken. I type something I held my cheeks I didn’t notice that I am  crying I wiped tears, slump down the bed and covered my face with pillow..

“Arrrgh” Damn you Kai. What did you do?


I feel bad for cutting atsumina date but I've already written one I just don't know what chap will it be..........

Jhom-san: Bhooo.... :P :P :P :P....... :shakeit: :shakeit:
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Ehhh part 9? Its soo fastt, or i didnt notice? Heheee
Ahh the war has begun..
Haruna so jealousy personnn.. hmm
Atsuyuu moreee >,<
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Hey i read your fic, hindi nga lang dito  :on_pick:

pero dude..... Atsuyuu pa more  :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

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I do not know that you've updated your fic ... muehehe ... I'm late again
they fight again, huh ... hmm ...
thanks for your nice update
moreee pliiisss ....
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Oh.. Kai made problem for Yuu

But it was Yuu's fault to try to make Haruna's jealous when she already felt insecure

Poor Kai for always just be there for Atsuko...

Everything good that he did, he would just say it was Yuu's

Well... yeah... as I thought Atsuko did not feel bad about telling Yuu's secret

Even the damage that she unintended cause for Minegishi's family

She was just sad and scared when she might have made Yuu's sad or angry at her.

I think Atsuko is just a selfish and spoil girl...

I can understand that Yuu would never like her...

Yuu just thought of her as his sister

Well I think there is no reason for them to keep Haruna as a secret...

Yuu's parents knew about it already...

The only one that did not know would be Atsuko

Now that she is getting better...

Would they start telling the truth to Atsuko about Yuu?

Would Yuu and Haruna get back together?

Would Yuu tell the truth about Haruna to Atsuko?

Would Yuu start to put himself 1st from others?

Would Yuu start to put Haruna 1st from Atsuko?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Chapter 10

(Kojiyuu/ Atsuyuu/ Atsumina)

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it.

My eyes are blinking many times   trying to return on my dreamland when I felt a soft hand brushing my hair. This familiar feeling.. There is only one person who I let my hair be touched I don’t know how long I've been sleeping but I think it does not took an hour. I felt like I sleep too deep not noticing her to enter our room. Shifting  my position to her while hugging the pillow that I used to cover my head.

“Yuuchan are you awake?” She whispered sweetly to my ear, her hand traveled from my hair to  cupped my cheeks and lay on the bed with face  few inch apart she start staring at me but I averted it, noticing how I reacted.

“Yuuchan I’m sorry, Kai called me and explained everything.”

I still did not answer then I shifted my position and stare on the ceiling with my arms folded on the back of my head.

“Yuuchan, Please say something. I know that you’re mad at me."Her hands are trailing on my cheeks. She tried to kiss my lips but I avoided it and smack my arm in disappointment. "Yuu please I promise I will let you explain first before getting mad. I’m really jealous with Acchan sweet talking."She rested her temple in my forehead.

I sigh

"So you trusted Kai more than me?"I closed my eyes. She now hugging me tightly

"No, it’s just his one involved.’

"Whatever” she lifts her head about to give a kiss to my cheeks again but I pushed her body

“I’m really sorry I will just replace your phone just forgive me please..” Pouting her lip with puppy eyes that I usually surrender but not in this case. If it’s the issue about Acchan and Kai I can easily forgive her but this is different we have issue deeper than that, however we never talk about it. But this keeps us in pain every time. I turned my back on her to avoid seeing her as she was starting to cry and I can never think straight whenever I feel pity for her.

“Yuuchan If this is about your reward then I will double it."Tagging my shirt and asking me to turn around.

"I told you forget about to it, I don’t like it anymore."She sobbing harder and put her body above mine, she rested her chin on my shoulder.  "Stop this Yuuchan, this really hurts. Please forgive me.”

“Get off me Haruna, I’m trying to sleep."She knows that I am serious calling her in given name.

"Yuuchan….Stop this….. please……please…..I’m begging you."She tighten her hugged and buried her face on my arm.

But I felt numb on her pleadings though I hate seeing her like this but I cannot say anything my confusion, guilt, and anger on myself mixing my emotion.

"Haruna sit down I have to tell you something.”

“Stop calling me Haruna, I’m your Nyan nyan remember? Your Nyan nyan, Please stop playing this is not funny.”

I pushed her body up however she keep fighting and dragging me back to the bed.

“We need to talk this is important.” I don’t call her anymore and replied shaking her head.”Can you please listen to me, Kojima?“ I said half shouted."Please …” I pleaded.

Haruna sat in front of me glaring I just turn my head down. I think she still don’t have any idea of what I’m going to say. She tried to hold my hand but I pulled it. Tears still running down her cheeks pouting her lips to stop the sobs come out from her mouth.

I let out big ball of air out in my mouth.

“I’m setting you free Kojima Haruna. You deserve someone better than me” She t got startled on what I said. “We need to bre-” but before I can finish.


Aloud sound surrounds our room, when her right hand landed on my face. I touched my cheeks I feeling the heat that her hand left.

“Yes I deserve that Haruna.” She lifted her left hand and about to slap my face again. I closed my eyes tight, anticipating the landing of her hand on my cheek. But I feel her arms around my neck hugging me tightly. She kissed my swollen cheeks and pressed her nose on it. She released aloud cry to my ears.

“Setting me free? Who told you to do that? Deserve someone better?"She cried harder and harder I this is the second time I heard her cry like this."You told me before starting this relationship that breaking up will never be an option. You promise me that we are going to fight for this…I believe in you…..I believe in you for eight fucking years then now you’re telling me that your setting me free and I don’t deserve you…Yes you are and I know It before everything…Where is the person who was always making me laugh when I’m sad? Where is the person that always believes in an airhead like me? Where is the person who thinks that giving up is never an option? Where is the Yuuchan who willing to do everything for me, tell me Yuuchan.”

“But Haruna you’re hurting too much, I can’t stand always seeing you cry.”

She cupped my cheeks.

“Every time it hurts me I cry but you leaving me will kill me Yuuchan."I kissed her lips.

"Please just hugged me or kissed me every time I cry, knowing that you still love me will take away all my doubt in this relationship. There only two things that will truly hurt me Yuuchan it’s leaving me and saying that you don’t love anymore.”


“Please stop it… call me Nyan nyan."She pleaded, clutching her fingernails on my shoulders.

“Why do you love me this much? Haruna?”

"Because I know you love me more Yuuchan. You made me realize my dreams and believe in me. Even my own family and I myself doubt that I can attain my dreams but you never do that. Now I’m living on it.”

“Yuuchan stop this….You told me you will do whatever I want right?”

I nodded.

“I want you to stay by me forever and never leave me. Please” I did not answer her.“Yuuchan you still love me right?”

“I love you Nyan nyan…I really.. really love you” She kissed my lip passionately.

“That was enough for me to fight. Please never let me go…. Yuuchan I cannot live without you and I know you cannot live without me too. Please never say this again. Even if I cry at every night.."She buried her face on my neck

"I’m sorry Nyan nyan..”

“Let just say that this thing doesn’t happened”

I nodded she rest her forehead on mine. Pushing my body a little so she can sit on my lap, My torso are in between her legs that was crossed on my back..It’s very unusual for her to act like this. She look like a koala hanging in eucalyptus tree I rest my hands on her legs.

“Ne nyan nyan, what is the meaning of this?”

“I will never move out of this position until you promise me that you won’t be breaking up with me and forgive me.”

“This is absurd. Even if I go out and let people see us?”

“I don’t care. I will stick to you like this."She shouted.

"What if your manager asked you too?”

“Even if she revokes my contract I will never move."We giggled.

"Even if my mom tells you that if you don’t go out of my body she will not acknowledge your relationship with me?” She cried harder and moved her head a little.

“Do you want me to slap you again Yuuchan?"Then she cried harder.

"Shhhh…Nyan nyan… I’m just kidding baby stop crying please.."I pleaded while wiping tears on her cheek with my thumb.

"Baka Yuuchan you’re the one making me cry then you just asking me to stop like that."She continued crying like a kid.

"Ok I promise I will never break up on you.”

“Promise?” She said in between hiccups..

“I promise. I will never do that.”

“I love Yuuchan.”

“I love you more Nyan nyan. Even if takes hurting me just to give your happiness.”

“You’re my happiness.”

“You forgive me on throwing your phone?”

“About that I have to think about proper punishment for you.”

“What if I just triple your reward?”

“A bargain ha? You’re doing business deal with Oshima Yuu. Nah, I think a have to think about the profits I’m going to earn.”

“How about I until we go back to Japan or I can extend the contract well it is up to your cooperation baby.”

“I think that’s not bad. Can we start now?”

“Anytime baby."She kissed my lips. Scratching the skin of my back, I groaned, my cat starts her scratching fetish again.

 Haruna’s POV

Watching him sleeping peacefully that’s what I’ve doing for few minutes. He is really cute sleeping with his dimples on. I poked it for about five times since I started watching him, his front body was facing the bed with right cheek on his pillows. His face was in my direction so i can see his handsome face. Our eyes are in the same level my hands started to brush his black hair. His manly scent that always turns me on was so strong  I smell it and kissed his shoulder.

After our fight yesterday we had to make up things with how he call it skin ship plus. I missed doing it with him because we are both busy. I remembered our fight yesterday that was the third time I felt do scared losing him first was when he introduce me with his family second was his parent asked him to move on Acchan’s place and take care of her. Third was yesterday when he tries to break up with me.

That was the first time he told me that he will set me free.I always felt like crying Whenever I remember him saying it. He never do that to me.Though we fight and had arguments before he always submit on my demands or keep things cool before reconciling. Of course that’s was not the first time that we almost split,Way back in our college days we always fight and I always be the one who initiate break up.But he will do everything to work things in our relationship even swallowing his own pride just to keep our relationship.Things differ, when I moved to New York we become more mature. yes we still had arguments and fight but it never went to the point like yesterday.

We manage to keep our relationship hidden from everybody even with my girlfriends so we can still be together. Thats what matter to us , even though it was also the caused of our fights. I'am glad that even if he act  like a fool sometime he was really mature in keeping our relationship.Eight years together will never happend if it’s not because of him.

Begging him to hold on was nothing with his hardwork just to make this relationship work.

"Nyan nyan” He mumbles. His eyes half awake.

“Why Yuuchan, do you need something?"I lean my face closer. He puckered his lips, knowing what he means that I comply with peck.

"There I gave Yuuchan his morning kiss."He kissed me back. Put his hand on my waist and pulled my body closer to him he nuzzled his face to my neck.

"I gave Nyan nyan her morning kiss too.” We both chuckled as he hugged me tightly. “Nyan nyan made me so tired last night.” He mumbled.

“That was my punishment for not claiming your reward early.”

“Hai, whatever my Nyan nyan wants his Yuuchan will comply.” I fixed the blanket that covers our naked bodies.

“Yuuchan do you really mean it?.” He nodded his eyes still looked sleepy.

I pulled his head backward so I can see his face, cupping his left cheek and caress it he does the same on my back. He smiled.

“If my Nyan nyan want his Yuuchan to run then his Yuuchan will run until she ask him to stop .If my Nyan nyan want her Yuuchan to leave Yuuchan will leave until his Nyan nyan wants to see him again. If my Nyan nyan wants to go because she was hurting, Yuuchan will closed his eyes and set her Nyan nyan free."My tears started to fall.

"But what if Yuuchan’s Nyan nyan want his Yuuchan to be his knight and fight for him."He sighed. He pulled my head closer and rested his forehead on mine.

"If my Princess Nyan nyan cast her order to his Knight then he needs to abide by her order with full pleasure. I smiled and pulled him for a passionate kiss.

"Yuuchan only thinks the best for his Nyan nyan. He thought that his Nyan nyan was hurting too much so he will set Nyan nyan free even if it hurts him."I cried.

"But Nyan nyan does not want his Yuuchan to set her free.”

“Then Yuuchan will have to be selfish and do what will make her princess happy.”

“Yuuchan was Nyan nyan’s happiness.”

“Yuuchan was too happy to hear that.


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This is seriously one of the best stories ever  :heart: :heart:

I mean... IT'S ATSUYUU AND KOJIYUU! and Atsumina eheh  :twothumbs :P :D

Put those two pairings together and what do you get?  :? :?

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To be honest... Yuu is already mature man...

He should just marry Haruna...

Haruna already waited for Yuu for 8 years...

Getting abuse and looked down by his parents...for 8 long years

What would his parents do.... kill Haruna career?

Then he should quit his job in his family company... make his own company

He has the ability

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Chapter 11

(Kojiyuu/ Atsuyuu/ Atsumina)

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it.

Yuu’s POV

After a week of  business trip in Hawaii I went to the office an hour early than the usual office hours. Being away for too long means my work is piling up.  A call from my secretary made me paused for reviewing files.

“President Oshima, Chairman has arrived for visit.”

“Let him in.” It’s obvious that I don’t have the right to refuse for my fathers sudden visit. He always do this at least twice a week but as early as this was his first. The door  opened with a figure of a man on his early sixties, Thin and short well where my genes are from.

“My son your business trip had a good impact on our new investors.”

“Well I guess it run smoothly as I expected.”

“Well congratulations my son, I ’m always proud of you.”

“Thanks dad.”

“So I heard that you are with her in Hawaii?”

“Yes she also have a work there.."

“I’m just reminding you son not to forget the deal. You're relationship should not be exposed.”

“I know and we never forget about it .”

“You know, family is business too, you have to control it to make it prosper.”

“I know dad, you’ve said it about a million times.”

“Ah by the way I already assign someone to take over the vacant position as a head of planning department.”

“You haven’t talk to me about this?”

“Well I already made a decision for the company. She will arrive soon.”

“She? A girl, then who is she?”

“I ask her to report to your office so she will be here in a minute.”

Few minutes past my office phone rang I knew that was from my secretary.

“President Oshima the new Planning Department head had just arrived to report.

"Send her in” I commanded my secretary.

The door open I saw my secretary who opened the she ask her to come in.

Oh my God !!

“I  glared at my father who was sitting on the couch sipping a cup coffee he requested to my secretary.

"Good Morning, I am Maeda Atsuko the new Chief Planning Department, Please take good care of me."Atsuko bowed and smiled politely. I don’t how to react on this. I loosen up my neck tie so I can breathe easily. I look at Atsuko then return my glare to my father .What was he up to? Did they really eager to make me and Nyan nyan suffer or are they thinking something more?We almost break up in Hawaii and now. This is not just coincident I know my parents are up to something. My father offered Atsuko to sit beside him and asked me to sit in front of them.

"So Atsuko-san how are you on your new working environment?”

“Hai, Mr. Chairman Oshima I’m starting to get used to the office stuff.”

“ Atsuko just call me Kenji-ojiisan. You don’t have to be formal it’s just three of us."My father smiled at her.

"Hai ,Kenji Ojii-san.” she bowed her head.

“So Acchan is this your first day of work?”

“ Yes Yuu-kun it’s my first day.”

“Well if that’s the case Yuu will tour you around  the building so you can get to know more about the company.” My father winked at me. What seriously this old man is thinking something more. Did he ever know that I have a lot of   pending work after my absence in the company for a week. No it’s just my excuse because I have a little hint if his plans.

“Yes chairman I mean Kenji- Ojisan” Acchan answered him” I’m sorry Kenji Ojiisan I have to go back to my office.“

“Ok you may go, and Atsuko don’t stress yourself to much if you need something you can ask for Yuu’s help. I don’t want your father yell at me for stressing her baby girl too much.”

He chuckled, I just mentally faced palm on my father’s actions. I look at Acchan who seem to be waiting for something.

“Maeda- san.” my father glared at me and he cough I get what his trying to do “Acchan, I’m looking forward of working with you and lets work hard .“I smiled, I think she blushed on what I did say and she is  kind a cute when smiling . But I prefer my Nyan nyan blushing face more I cannot help to smile  my cute cat girl face. I offered my hand for a shake our hand.

After that she left my office. I sat again on in front of my father who was acting like an Innocent child whistling an old love song."What is this all about?” I ask him in strict voice.

“Hey my boy, you know I’m just thinking what’s good for our company.”

“Yes always for our company’s welfare, ne?”

“You know Acchan had good credentials and experience she was suited for that position I mean she’s over qualified for that.”
“But Acchan is sick dad.”

“No, I mean yes but son her therapist agreed to this and said that making her does again her normal stuff gradually was good for her condition.”

“But that dad making her head of Planning Department will be too much for her to handle.”

“It’s not too much son well you are here to help her and it will only be too much If I give her the position of the President of the company."I just give him exasperated look.

"Come on don’t you believe in her? You know more than anyone that she can handle this perfectly.” I raise both of my hand in surrender knowing that this conversation with my father will not go anywhere.

He laugh, stood up and walk to the door. I remained on my position. His back was facing me.

“Take a good care of her. I’m counting on you Oshima Yuu.” I did not answer him. He opened the door and about to go when he stopped and looked back “And I know why you are holding back Mr. President. Don’t worry I have plans for your other girl."He left me thinking on what he said before leaving. And what’s with that serious tone? Why am I in this fucking situation? Damn!!!!


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but dude.. thanks for the update we need more kojiyuu :cow: :cow: :cow:

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heeehhh ... it's increasingly difficult for them...  :mon scare:
thanks for your nice update ...  :gmon sing:
waiting for the next ...  :gmon hi:
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Oh... I think the Yuu's parents want Yuu to be with someone that par with their family

And Atsuko is the one they chose to be the future partner for Yuu

What about Kai when he heard about this new position of Atsuko in Yuu's company?

What's Oshima chairman's plan for Haruna?

Will this new development bring about bad impact on Yuu and Haruna relationship?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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Author-san,update quickly please...i want to read that chapter,if u know what i mean  :roll:
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Chapter 12

(Kojiyuu/ Atsuyuu/ Atsumina)

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it.

Atsuko’s Pov

First day of my work as Head of Planning Department, I’m really anxious about his reaction when he knew that I’m already working in his families company. A month ago Yuu’s mom first offered me this position but I decline the offer knowing that I’m not yet ready to return on work. But seeing the person you love has been suffering on workloads made me restless too at least I can help him in this way, carrying some part of his  burden will be enough for  me thinking that he always took over time and sleeping on his office just to finish his work bothers me. I felt the urge of taking the offer when I visit him in his office two weeks ago he looks so tired and restless. I want to help him but that I asked myself over and over.

I know that my credential was enough but experience and being emotionally prepared will be hindrance for me to deal with the position. I have to consult  my therapist on my plan of going back to work . My therapist got surprised on my decision and has to undertake couple of test to ensure my preparedness .I asked my doctor not to tell my parents because I don’t want to disappoint and worries them if I failed the test. But luckily I manage to pass.

I did asked Yuu’s parents that I have plans of taking the position but his father seem to know it when he saw me at the lobby, well. Why would Maeda Atsuko have to visit Oshima groups head office knowing that his son is out of the country. Chairman Oshima Kenji asked me to have some chat with him in the cafeteria located on the seventh floor of the building
At first we talked about random topics few minutes past when I become comfortable on our conversation he opened up about giving me the position of Planning Department’s Head. I felt like I’m talking   to a person with telepathy he can read my mind, he knows my plans and why am I hesitating. What could you expect on the Head of Oshima group? Talking to him was like talking to Yuu-kun, he knows how to use the right words, He used my doubts to take the offer. After the conversation I felt like hypnotized accepting the position my plan of  having the it properly without my parents or Yuu-kun parents help was ruin.

Now I was sitting in the office that Chairman gave me I’m so ashamed walking with the highest person in the company sending me in my office. I heard some employee’s buzzing around while walking with Chairman  it was big deal but I shouldn’t be bother I will show them that I deserve being in this position. Now watching was sun setting in my office glass curtain. What a tiring first day for I don’t know How Yuu can manage too split his time on being the president and looked after this department. I had to be in meeting room for the whole day discussing the ongoing and future projects that my department shall carry.

Knock… knock ..

I look at the door of my office and saw the person that I have been waiting for the whole day to pay me a visit.

“Yuu~kun” I called him pouting my lips.

“I’m sorry Acchan my works are piled up so I can’t tour you around the building.“He said with puppy eyes that I can’t resist.

"Ok, but you need to tour me tomorrow and treat me dinner."I crossed my arms and turn my back in him.

"Ok I will."He smiled and walked closer to me, stood beside me just few inches away .

"Wow nice view” He said with bright smile.“Acchan what if we exchange our office.”

“Hey I just knew from being Head of Planning Department, now you’re offering me the presidency?"He got startled on what I said and flicks my forehead with his index finger.

"Who told you that I’m giving you my position? I just want this spot of your office."He stuck his tongue out. Now I don’t see him as my superior after what he has done.

"The view of sun setting after long day of work is calming, Right?"I look at his face staring at the sunset with a little tilt on his head. His hands are in his pocket. He breathes deeply on closed his eyes it’s seemed his recharging from a tiring day.

"Well I guess I like this.” I feel like my cheeks heats up  hearing him.

“You have to visit me often so you can enjoy the view."He looked at me but I immediately turn around to grab my bag on my desk and tried some breathing exercise to calm my heart that was beating crazy on him. When my heart beat was settled its pace I turn back on him and grab his arm.

"A-achan?” He stuttering and look surprised on my action.

“You will go pay for my dinner, right?” He nodded.

“I know a restaurant nearby. You’re going to love food there."I pulled him before he can utter a word.

We walked for about fifteen minutes and arrived at my favorite restaurant well because I always end eating here after visiting Yuu in his office.

"Wow!! This is cozy place Acchan."He utter while inspecting the place.

"Un ..”I reply. The restaurant has an old cabin interior with big fire place. It is past six known and in few minutes classical music will be played by musician in the piano near the bar. We both love classical music, how I wish that I can force him to play some piece in the baby piano of the restaurant. The food arrived he ordered medium done steak while I ordered grilled salmon.

"How was your first day of work Acchan?”

“Well it’s harder than I expected."He giggled.

"So you have underestimated your job, ne?”

“It’s not like that “I protested with pout on my lips. It’s just I look forward on seeing you more than working."It’s not yet sinking in to me I have been unemployed for about a year you know."I said with frown on my face.. He laughs after seeing me kind a pissed of his teasing.

"Ok, I’m sorry. I know Acchan can handle it properly. I believe in you. I’m hoping that you can help me handle this company.”

“Hai!!I will never disappoint you Yuu-kun.”

“I know that. So cheers to my new ally."He raised his wine glass and offered me a tossed.

"For Oshima group’s future.” we said in unison and tossed for a drink..

“But Acchan, Why didn’t you tell me that you will take the position?"He chomps  the steak on his forked.

"Well your parents offered me before but I don’t have plans on going back to work."I answered his query while wiping my lips with table napkin.

"So what makes you change your mind?"He asked me. Because I’m bothered that you will have over fatigue for working so hard without taking care of yourself.

"I-I.” I was thinking of proper words to explain things to him.

“I mean your father persuades me. He thinks that I’m the best person to handle the position.”

“WooooooW?!” He said in slow motion.“What did you do to make my dad praised you like that? Tell me Acchan did you bribe him?”

“Mou, Yuuchan stop teasing.” I smacked his shoulder that makes him chuckled.

“Ok I just loosening things for you,” He teasingly said but his facial expression changed into worried one.“You know that you can’t still handle stress and talking about it I’m worried that it will be bad for you handling that position. It’s not that I don’t believe you it’s just."I held his hand I felt touched on how he was  worried of me. But this has to stopped I don’t want to burden to him anymore.

"Yuu-kun I know that you are worried it’s going to be year since Ami's death and I know I can’t hold back thinking about the accident over and over. I think taking this new challenge would help me to. Your dad told me there is no bad for trying if I can’t handle the pressure I can turn down the position. Just let me try it.”

He looked surprised on my answer both of his brows raised with cheeky grin on his lips. He is really damn cute. "I’m happy that you can open up about Ami, your really are improving Acchan. "He said with amazed expression."But I’m bothered”


“Because I think I still have to look for the permanent one who can handle your position."He cupped his chin.


“ I’m afraid that our new Planning Department Head will be leaving us soon because she cannot handle the pressure.”

"Hey are you challenging me Oshima Yuu?.”

“What if you don’t last for a month? then you have to pay my next dinner here.”

“Ok but if I manage to stay, ”

“Then of course I will be the one paying.”

“Ok ready your pocket Oshima because I will bring my whole team if I win.”

“Acchan, that’s too much."We both giggled.

He offered another tossed "Lets both worked hard.” he said and we tossed our wine glasses.


I never thought attending two girls’ needs would be this hard. I used  to be player back in junior high kept me thinking, How can I manage dating my ex girlfriends before? Maybe because of aging, No I can still rock hard, Uhmm…or maybe because work was draining my energy..Yes it is now I’m walking lazily to Haruna’s apartment after having dinner with Acchan. Now that I’m trying to be one lady’s man temptation  has arrived.

Oh god, help me!!

I buzzed the door of Haruna’s even though I know the code of her door I still want to surprise her. The funny thing was she’s was expecting me to come ,what can I do? She summoned me when she found out that I’m having dinner with Acchan. After minutes of waiting the door opens. I saw the sexy figure of my girl with towel covering her body. Control Yuuchan or tomorrow you will be working like zombie.

“What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you so we can have showered together. Now I’m already done."She said pouting her lips, grabbing my sleeve inside her apartment.

"I’m sorry, is this because of Acchan again?"It’s an obvious answer but I know she will not say she’s affected.

"No.” She answered me with her brows curving but  I can read you Nyan nyan. I kissed her cheeks. Changing my shoes to slippers then slump my body to the couch open her television change the channel to soccer she sat beside me.

“Nyan nyan you should put your clothes on, It’s cold.”

“Why, you don’t like what you seeing?” I move my eyes back to the television not answering her. She got disappointed on my weird behavior, Haruna went to her room to wear some clothes. Well I usually take any chance to see her body or do skin ship with her. But my mind was responding differently because of Acchan is working in my company and I need to discuss this to her or she will never forgive for hiding this. I sigh and closed my eyes suddenly I feel a soft hands caressing cheeks.

“Yuuchan are you tired? Because you’ve been acting weird, what is it? You promise me that we will always talk about our problems right?"She rested her head in my chest.

"I’m sorry baby, but I have to tell you something.”


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Well... Well... Yuu is a player alright...

Yuu is going to drop the bomb about Atsuko's new position or his argument with his father?

Can't wait to see the next one

Thank you for the update

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No matter how long u take to finish this fic,its fine with me as long as u dont stop updating.
I will wait,so take ur time, author-san  :)
And about the extra chapter, i really want it.
But can u make it after kai and atsuko really are together in this fic? Pretty please....... :mon roll:

Last,thank for updating here author-san
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wow dude your update so fast, hmm busy with something? ohhh?  :err: :grr: speechless

what will happen next? ahh atsuyuu pa more  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:
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Chapter 12.5

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it.


I never thought attending two girls’ needs would be this hard. I used to be player back in junior high kept me thinking, How can I manage dating my ex girlfriends before? Maybe because of aging, No I can still rock hard, Uhmm…or maybe because work was draining my energy..Yes it is now I’m walking lazily to Haruna’s apartment after having dinner with Acchan. Now that I’m trying to be one lady’s man temptation has arrived.

Oh god, help me!!

I buzzed Haruna’s door even though I know the code for her door I still want to surprise and get some credit from coming despite of tiring day. The funny thing was she’s was expecting me to come, what can I do? She summoned me when she found out that I’m having dinner with Acchan..

After minutes of waiting the door opens. I saw the sexy figure of my girl with towel covering her body. Control Yuuchan or tomorrow you will be working like zombie.

“What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you so we can have showered together? Now I’m already done.“She said pouting her lips, grabbing my sleeve inside her apartment.

“I’m sorry, is this because of Acchan again?“It’s an obvious answer but I know she will deny it

“No.” She answered me with her brows curving but I can read you Nyan nyan. I kissed her cheeks. I change my shoes to slipper, then slump my body to the couch open her television change the channel to soccer game she sat beside me.

“Nyan nyan you should put your clothes on. It’s cold.”

“Why, you don’t like what you seeing?” I move my eyes back to the television not answering her. She got disappointed on my weird behavior; Haruna went to her room to wear some cloths. Well I usually take any chance to see her body or do skin ship with her. But my mind was responding differently it’s because of Acchan was working in the company and I need to discuss this to her or she will never forgive for hiding this. I released a ball of air in my mouth and closed my eyes suddenly I feel a soft hands caressing cheeks.

“Yuuchan are you tired? Because you’ve been acting weird, what is it? You promise me that we will always talk about our problems right?“She rested her head in my chest.

“I’m sorry baby, but I have to tell you something.”

“Hey! don’t tell me you’re breaking up with me again. I will really going to slap you hard if you do that.“She tearing up her eyes and will start to cry. I caressed her shoulder and kissed her cheeks.

"I’m not going to break up on you. I promise not to do that, right?” I pulled her for a hug and kissed her temple.

“Then what is it?”

“Atsuko” She looked at me like Acchan again.“She’s our new Head of Planning Department.” she put her right hand fingers to her mouth. I avoided her gaze I don’t want to see her cry again.

“First they asked you to take care of her, then to live in their house, now she is working with you. Tell me Yuuchan, what’s next? They will ask you to marry her?"I rub my temple her as question makes me dizzy because I don’t I have a hint that my parent’s are you using my telationship with Nyan nyan so I will not furthur protest on Atsuko’s being part of Oshima group.

"I don’t know Nyan nyan. But I will surely not marry her. I will never do that.”

“So who are you going to marry?"She whispered to my ear seductively.

"I don’t know.."I answered her without thinking.

She smacked my chest…I chuckled and brushed her nose with mine."Do you really have to ask that? Of course it will be you Kojima Haruna .” I said proudly.



I kissed her lips passionately.

“Baby we have one more serious problem.”

“What is it now?”

“Do you have extra space on your closet.”

“Yes, why?”

“Do you think my stuff is enough for that space?"I lean closer to her embracing her waist tightly.

"What do  you mean?”

“What if I live here?"I looked at her face are mixed confusion and surprise expression."Will it be ok?”

“It seems like you don't  like the idea?”

“Yuuchan I don’t get it, you? It’s not that I don’t like to live with you, well I love it. I've been wanting it since I arrived from New York but~ but."She is stuttering while looking at my chest."How about your parent’s they will be mad if you stay here. But I really want you to get out of Atsuko’s place I hate thinking that your sleeping in the house of somebody who had feelings for you.”

Yes! She finally said the words that I wanted to hear I think that will be enough. Sorry baby to make you feel bad but sometimes I have to confuse you so you can show and say you’re feelings towards me because if I don’t do this you will never let me hear whats on your mind.

I shook my head, cupped her cheeks so that I can stare on her beautiful eyes. She’s biting her lower lips trying to stop her tears.

“Nyan nyan"I called her name in sweet tone to get her attention. She’s now playing with my neck tie rolling in her fingers. What a cute cat I have."You shouldn’t be afraid of my parent’s, because my dad actually suggested that I can live with you.”

“Really, Yuuchan ? Your dad allowed you?” She clapped her hands in happiness, I nodded.

“I know this is just too made me stop on disagreeing on Acchan’s working with the company he knows why I’m hesitating even though I know that she can handle the position.”

“Oh, Yuuchan?"She looks owing me for something. I like the fact that she sees me like some kind of superhero..She pulled my neck tie to give quick peck on my lips.

"But at least I won’t be hearing your hiccups whenever I call you at night."She hit my shoulder.

"I never  do that, maybe there is a problem on the line.” This tsundere girl is trying to mask her feelings again. Ok just do it but I really know you are crying if you’re not crying, why I hear sobs s in between your sentence. I grinned.

“What’s with that face? Don’t me tell your thinking some pervert stuff again?”

“Why Nyan nyan do you think I only think of stuffs like that.”

“Yes.” Now she’s pissing me” Even you’re sleeping you always mumbling about oshirii and oppai.“I got surprised on her revelation.“Now that makes me think if you’re ogling on other girl’s body in your dreams."Oh my, she forgets so fast that I’m her superhero and smacking my chest. "Tell me Oshima, Who are those girls?”

“What the hell. How would I know?”

“Is it Atsuko or Minegeshi? Who is it?”

Now she’s naming them . I have to stop this."Nyan nyan stop teasing me ok” I said in mad tone. I hope she buys it.“How could you say that I’m into other girl’s body? "I looked at her again. "You know that I worship your body. Of course if I’m going to dream about girl’s body, no doubt that was yours.”

“Yuuchan!"Back being superhero, you’re really good on this Oshima Yuu. At least I can use some of the things I learned from theater club in Junior high."So when will you move here?"She is playing with my tie again.

"On weekend I’m still busy to pack my things, I only have time on weekend.”

“Can you make it faster?” She pulled my tie a little stronger.“You know I don’t want you to stay on here place longer.” she seductively whispered to my ear biting her lower lips, she really knows how to use my weakness. But I’m stronger than that I will never give in unless I can gain something. I’m a business man you know. I hummed while thinking.

“So what will I get from doing it?”

“You know me when I’m pleased Oshima Yuu.”

“Hmm.. What about I will move faster if you promise me that you will never make me sleep on any part of your apartment when you get mad at me, it means I can only sleep in your bed.”

“Is that all you want? Ok…."She nuzzled her face on my neck made me chuckled "So you will move your stuff tomorrow?”

“I can’t do that, Maybe three to four days.” she pulled head with displeased expression.

“What? I thought you will move tomorrow?”

“I never say that."I lean my face for a kissed but she evades it.

"What do I have to do to make you move tomorrow?"Wow I can’t promise that.

"I still have to properly talk to Acchan’s parents and Acchan  I can’t walk out on her place without doing that.”

“Ok so you will move the day after tomorrow."She pulled my head on her neck .A bargain again?

"What will I get if I do that?”

“I till dawn, How about that?” She said seductively pushing her body in me..

“Deal!!!” I shouted in excitement.

I started by kissing her neck Haruna combed my hair upward with her fingers it felt like she’s going to pull out my hair out of my scalp as my lips are traveling from her jaw line and claiming hers. We kissed passionately then the tip of my tongue tracing the outline of her lips, she grasped giving my chance to enter and swirl around her mouth. Only parting when our lungs demands for air with our heads pressing together. Bending over while laying her down to the couch but she clutched the sleeves of my coat..

“Yuuchan lets moved to our room.”


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Oh they are moving together

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Chapter 13

(Kojiyuu/ Atsuyuu/ Atsumina)

A/N: Please do not hate me if my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my story does not meet your standards then just ignore it.

I was waiting for my boyfriend for ten minutes in a restaurant twenty minutes of driving away from his office. Away from people who can recognize us, we still have to conceal our relationship to public, not be discovered by our friends, workmates and other people who can recognize us even the setting of the restaurant is different as it gives privacy to the costumers with the four feet partitions in every oriental style table. Yuuchan arranged this date but he is the late one. I sipped on the glass of water that the waiter gave me. I looked at my phone expecting there will be some messages from him but none arrived.

I sigh, waiting for him really kills me. We should have just seen each other in my apartment after work. What if I cooked for him? But I have work so I think I will not have enough time to prepare. It’s our first day living together I should at least do something to welcome him. I felt my face heats up thinking about my lover will always go home in my apartment after work, we are like married couple. His family gives him permission to live with me if he let Acchan work on their company. They used me for him to be oblige and follow them, though I dislike the idea being bait but I will not protest thinking it will be a way to make him leave Atsuko’s place. Even though Yuu keeps on telling me stop over thinking that something might happen between them but knowing Yuu, it’s hard for him to sexy stuff, what if Maeda seduced him and something happened to them .What If ~I stop from my day dreaming. When I felt arms crossed my neck and put a gentle kissed on my head. I got startled and look up to see the person who did that.

“I’m sorry baby I got stacked on meeting.“I saw the person that I have been waiting for ages. My smile suddenly fades away remembering something. I removed his hands on my neck.

"Yuuchan stop it,” I roam my eyes around searching if somebody recognizes us. Releasing a ball of air in my lips, in relief as no one does.“What if somebody recognizes us and your parents knows it. Do you want to pay the consequence?” I snapped he sat in front of me.

“Sorry Nyan nyan, I just want to do something because you’re upset."He said pouting like cute child.

"Ok ….Can we just forget it but be careful next time.”

“Un "he answered with a nod. I know that I made him feel bad, but if he would not be careful and relationship got exposed it will be headline in every news paper of the city. I’m actually not afraid of having my job affected I’m actually willing to give up my career just to be with him but his family will not spare us.

"So you’re moving in my apartment later?”

“Un” He nodded  again while sipping the straw of his apple juice that I ordered before.“Half of my stuffs are in my car now but I still have to get the other half on weekends.”
“So what did Acchan say about you moving?”

“Actually she seemed to know that I’m leaving, I think her parents already explain it to her."He was playing the straw on his juice. I cannot help not to smile knowing that my boyfriend will not only be staying with me he was also getting free of his responsibilities with Atsuko.

"Ne Nyan nyan, can I have skin ship with you after work?”

He put his hand on my right thigh squeezed it lightly.

“Yuu-uhgn” I stop any sound to come out on my mouth biting my lower lips. He smirked with satisfaction in his eyes. This perverted squirrel really doesn’t know how to control his self in public. I hit his hand and shove it.

“I told you awhile ago to control yourself in public. Stop grabbing me."I hissed.

"Then give me something to hold.” He spoiled like a kid.

“How about this." I held his right hand under the table.

"I think this will do for now but I expect more latter."He mumbled with a cheeky grin.
I don’t answer it depends on my mood.

"Nee Nyan nyan we used to do this in high school right so no one will know our relationship.”

“Un” I blushed remembering our memories, those times that we used to hang out in music room together while watching him play the piano or asking me to sing for him, times that he always bring bento for us to share in rooftop, hid our holding hands underneath the table of the library while acting that we are studying hard for exams. Thanks to Kai and his friends that we can conceal our relationship up until now.

“I can’t believe that we had hid our relationship for eight years with our families, my manager and his friends only know.”

“Well I think we used go out of town if we have spare time back in college and me living in New York wouldn’t even make my close friends suspect.”

He curves his brows and squealed. "Because your friends know that I’m not the type of guy you want to go out with. Acchan told me your ideal type and I guess it’s much closer to Kai than me.”

“We’ve already discussed this before?” I said with tired out tone as he always bring this topic that I already discussed about hundred times.

“Yes, I understand Nyan nyan.”

“Yuuchan, you just don’t see it at first but you two have something in common.“

He chuckled bitterly. "Now you’re comparing me with that guy.”

“Yuuchan his your best friend stop treating him like that. I think being passionate makes you two similar.”

“Is that so?"He took another sipped on his juice and smirked I still know the reason why he is acting like that.

We continued chatting about random things as we start eating when our orders arrived. Five minutes had past; When Kai appeared on the side of our table and sat beside me. Yuu glared at him, his annoyed on his best friend crashing our date.

"What’s the meaning of this Kai?"He took my boyfriends drink, making me and Yuu look at each other, speechless on his action. Kai was breathing heavily, looks like he ran far just to be on our table.

"Yuu told me that you guys will have your date here. I had meeting at the cafe across this restaurant but I saw A-ach."Kai can’t finish his words.

"Kai do you want me to ki~” before Yuuchan could finish on what he was about to say.

“Kai~kun? Yuu~kun?” I heard from a familiar voice. Yes I know who own that voice. The voice that every time he call Yuu’s name sounded very different. From a girls point of view that tone means you want to gain attention from that person. I took my gaze at Atsuko who was walking near our table. Who I think doesn’t recognize that I am also sitting with two boys. I tried to tighten my grip on Yuuchan’s hand but before I can do that, he already pulled his in mine and wave too Acchan.

“Oh Haruchan you’re here too?” she seemed surprise that I’m with the two guys.

“Hi, Acchan”

“Hi Acchan” Kai greeted her.

“Acchan you told me you will be having lunch with Yuki?“ My stupid boyfriend asked.

"Un” She asked me to come to this restaurant but she mailed me that Sai’s parent asked her for lunch date. I saw Kai at the entrance and heard Yuu~kun.”

“Ah yes we supposed to have lunch."She looked at Kai who took another sipped on Yuu’s juice. Yuu read what’s on Atsuko’s mind.


"Ah, he said his not hungry so he did not order.”

“I was about to ask that.”

As I gaze back to my boyfriend, smiling on Atsuko’s cute way of talking to him. My gazed turned into sharp glare wanting to pull my squirrel out of his chair. Yuu noticed my sour expression and remove the smile on his lips.

Atsuko order a meal same as Yuuchan and said that she finds my squirrels food appetizing so she wants to have one too. I always tried to understand that this girl doesn’t know about my relationship with Yuu, he told me to have sympathy on Atsuko’s situation but sometimes her flirting with my Yuuchan is getting onto my nerves that I want to yell at her and say that she’s flirting with my man. Knowing that my relationship with my boyfriend will be at risk I tried to control myself clutching my fist tightly on my lap.

“Yuu~kun will you come again to my office to watch sunset after work?”

I glared at Yuu with my face questionable look on what was the other girl’s bubbling about. Yuu just fidgeted on Acchan request.

“What’s that? Are you guys having secrets?"Kai asked reading the atmosphere between me and Yuuchan.

"I-It’s because the view of sunset is beautiful in her office."Yuu explained

"Is that so?” I asked my eyes are burning with jealousy making him drink his water..

“Yes, Yuu~kun told me that he likes the view of the sunset at my office.”

“Or maybe Yuu don’t just like the sunset but actually likes who his seeing in your office.” Yuu disappointedly looked at me. I realized that I don’t just make my boyfriend feel bad about my teasing that I intend to, but it also turn the girl beside him blushed that made me madder. I saw Yuu shook his head lightly.

Shifting my view to Kai I notice a boy with big balloon passing our table, walking carefully not to trip. Knowing that my boyfriend will be terrified I tagged his pants so he will know that my hands are under the table for him to hold .But Atsuko held it tightly before the message could reach through him. I saw Acchan with comforting smile on her face while Yuu almost clutching her hand.
“Yuu~kun don’t be afraid it will not pop.”

I should be the one comforting and saying that to him..

“I know but I can’t help myself not to shiver.”

Atsuko caress his back.

“It’s ok I’m here.”

No!!You bitch I’m his girl friend.’ I shouted on my mind. I looked down. I secretly wiped my tears forming on the corner of my eyes. Yuu noticed it and pulled his hand out off Acchans. I feel my heart was breaking into pieces.

“Thank you Acchan.” my boyfriend said.

“Haruna-san, are you crying?"Kai asked.

"No something just irritates my eyes.” It’s the two people in front of me.

“Do you want me to blow it for you?"Yuu offered.

"No I’m fine."I hissed. I want to blow you away from that bitch.

"Haru it seems like you’re not in the mood?"Of course you’re seducing my boyfriend. How could I be cool about it?

"I want to go home.”

“Do you want me to drive you home?"My boyfriend offered again


“Ok..If that’s what you want.” Shit! Are you numb Yuuchan? Why? Why? Whatever I took my bag and stand up.

“Yuu~kun will it be ok if I ride on your car back to office.”

“Oh sure.” I sharply glared on my boyfriend. Noticing my reaction he shifted his view to Kai.

“How about you Kai do you want to tag along?”But Kai has a car,stupid squirrel.

“No, I’m fine dude I have site visit today in this area.”

“Oh, I see.”

“So let’s go Acchan."Yuu paid our bill.

"I forgot I have meeting with my manager near your office. If it’s okay, can I you give me a ride with you two?"I lie I just doesn’t like the idea of them being lovey dovey on their way back to their office. Thank you Atsuko for ruining my date and Yuuchan you know what will happen.

"It’s ok Haruna~san” My boyfriend answered, wait did he just called me Haruna the looked at Atsuko.

“Of course it’s ok” So I’m the third wheel now?


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Chapter 14

(Kojiyuu/ Atsuyuu/ Atsumina)

Yuu Pov

I excitedly buzzed Nyan nyan’s apartment, this will be our first day living together. I can’t stop myself from grinning, having the idea of skin ship everyday with my cat girl. But it seems like she’s not yet home, I have been waiting her for quite long but she’s not opening the door. I’m little disappointed expecting that she will open the door excitedly giving me tight hug and kiss. Maybe she’s still working but it’s already nine. Leaving with no choice but to open the door by myself I put the password on her automatic door lock with our anniversary dates. Then I pulled the knob the clicked sound means that I successfully entered the code.

“I’m home!!”I shouted even though I know she not yet home.

I changed my shoes with slippers and step in dragging my suit case. I looked around but in my surprised I saw a familiar figure sitting on the couch watching television. I walk towards her with disappointed expression and I sat on the couch looking at her but she’s like playing that I’m invisible.

“Nyan nyan I’ve been buzzing your door for fifteen minutes.”

“You know the password so, why did you just come in?“ Is she still mad because Acchan and Kai crushed our date?

"Hey baby, are you still mad because of our lunch date?”

“No.” She said calmly but you can notice her being irritated with my question

“Forget it Nyan nyan. We will just have another tomorrow. How about we have dinner together? I will look for a place for us to be alone.”I scooted closer, holding her chin making face me.

"How can I forget, you enjoying her treatment? Tell me Oshima? Is this the reason why you’re breaking up with me, because you want to be with her?" I put both of my hands on my head being shock with her accusation.

"What are you saying? You’re over thinking again Haruna?”

“Over thinking you’re holding her hands tightly like you really want her to comfort you.” she half shouted.

“Hey, you’re the one who started teasing me and when you realize that you just make her blush, now you’re throwing the blame on me?”

“Yes…I mean no." She started crying again for god sake. I tried to wipe her tears but she shoved my hand.

"I’m sorry; I don’t mean to talk to you like that.” I tried to calm her but she stand up and walk.

"I’m going to sleep, I’m tired of this.”

“Yes me too.”

Following her to her room I tried to pull her waist closer to me. I nuzzled my head on her neck.

“Baby stopped this please I’m all yours now."But she forcedly removed my arm around her waist.

"Let me go…I do not believe you after what I saw, what more if you guys are alone? When you’re in a meeting with her? When your room is just few steps away from her? Tell me Yuuchan?”

“You told me that you trust me, now you’re accusing me?"She took the pillows on her bed.

"Nyan nyan I’m talking with you on the phone until your fell asleep.”

“Then what happened after I fell asleep?”

“Of course I will go to sleep to.”


She walks out of her room.

“Where are you going Nyan nyan? You promise me you will always sleep with me even if we fight.”

“I just promised that you can sleep in my bed even if we have a fight, now enjoy your sleep Oshima."Oh god!!! I’m wrong..

I went to the other room where she decided to spend the night and knock on the door.

"Nyan nyan Open this.” knocking again I tried to control my emotion. I don’t get this.. I thought she understand everything and know that I’m finally living with her.“Could you at least let me

explain?" She did not open the door."Ok… I’m sorry if I do something that doesn’t please you. Open this door please." I wait for her to open the door but she never did."Ok I’ll be staying for tonight, but if you don’t sleep with me you really going to regret it."I nudge the door and went back to her room.

Haruna’s Pov

For hundred times I checked my phone waiting for Yuu’s message and call. After we fought a week ago I never have news from him. Kai told me that his fine but he said he did not know where Yuu was staying. Maybe he was staying on some hotel in the city or maybe he returned his things on Acchan’s place. That stupid squirrel was going to have some punishment for making me worry and miss him. Why he didn’t answer my calls and emails if I can just visit him in his office I will do that. How could I reach him? What if he was with Atsuko and, his feelings for me really change?

"No way” The thought of him being with Atsuko kills me, he often told me not to over think things between him and Atsuko but I can’t control my jealousy. The more I saw Atsuko’s action towards him the greater the insecurity hits me. I can’t live like this I think I’m going crazy. Please Yuuchan come home with me. I promise I will sleep with you now..

Yuu’s POV

My best friend opens the door of his unit for me. This was my third day of staying in his house.

“Thanks bro sorry for the intrusion.”

“I already gave you the key then, why do you still have to doorbell?”

“I kind used to it, I always do it in Nyan nyan’s place even though I know the password of her flat.”

“So you’re expecting some kiss and hugs from me? Come here I will give you some.”

“Shut it dude…Nyan nyan can only kiss and hug me…How I miss doing skin ship with her” I puckered my lips in the air..

“If you’re missing her that bad then, why don’t you go back to her?” He sat on his couch changing the channel of his television to basket ball game.

“You did not tell me its rockets and heats."He hand me a cold beer.

"Dude stopped changing the topic. Haruna~san obviously missed you and already said sorry on what happened then, why are you still here? Making your girl go crazy looking around her perverted squirrel.”

“Hey you monkey stop saying that. Did you just want me to leave your place?”

“Dude stopped hurting each other your girl learned her lesson.”

“Nah, I just need some time to think. You know I’m tired of work and arguments with her. I need some refresher like this going home without any cold treatments, this is what I dream of sipping cold beer while watching sports channel.”

“With Nyan nyan sitting on your side, sucking your neck. Yuu I heard that for a million times.”

“Bro listen, Nyan nyan constantly calls me and asked if you’re staying with me or if you return on Acchan place. Is there something bad happened to you because you never answer her mails and calls .She even asked me once to accompany her to your office and knowing Haruna for a decade she is not that type, who will not asked that favor. Didn’t you get it she loves you stupid squirrel.”
“I already knew it monkey, I just don’t get her…She told me that she is understands the situation between me and Acchan. I really don’t get it.”

“Dude I saw it too and I can’t hide the fact that you two look like in a relationship. If you’re not with Haruna I might think that there is something between you and Acchan.”

“For god sake Kai, You knew everything, how could you think like that. Come on.”

“You know I think you’re spoiling Acchan too much that’s why Nyan nyan is hurting. Even people around us are thinking that you guys are in relationship but just hiding things between you. ”

“So you think I have to distant myself from Atsuko?”

“I think you have to do that so I can you know."He winked at me.

"Maybe your right, I’m too much into Acchan’s recovery making my girlfriend think that I’m falling for Acchan.”

“Wooow!!!! I know I’m the only person who can wake you up.”

“Because your my only comrade..” we chuckled.

“Ya, right. I thought I’m your prince charming?"He laugh..

"Why your jokes do always bothers me?” I laugh along with him. Then I suddenly felt my phone vibrating on my pocket I pulled it out my pocket it’s Kayo-san Nyan nyan manager I tap the screen and answer the call.

“Hello Kayo-san?”

"Yuu did you had a fight Haruna?.”

“Why?” I asked worriedly.

“Because I’m with her in the club but she is drinking too much. We know that she have high alcohol tolerance but she’s really out of control.”

“Tell me Kayo-san, where are you?”

She told me the name of the bar. I bid my farewell to my best friend and hurriedly drove my car to the club where my princess was. I entered the club and started searching for my girlfriend. I saw Kayo-san on the VIP lounge. I approached her asked, where my Nyan nyan is. Answering me that Haruna is dancing. Roaming around the dance floor as I’m looking for my girl and not minding of getting bump by the people so hype of dancing. Some women asked me to dance with them and there are some who just grab my body, dancing in front of me but I ignore the entire disturbance. I’m too focused of searching for my lost cat. Then I saw a familiar body in red dress dancing sexy with a foreigner man. She is too drunk to stay on her balance making the other guy hold her waist for support. My jealousy strikes looking at my girlfriend being touched by other unknown guy is making my mind rage. I stood five feet away from them. Waiting for my girlfriend to notice me and leave the guy she’s dancing with. I got bump a lot of time on where I’m standing, not minding if it hurts or make my suit got dragged. Yes I don’t have a chance on changing it because it’s rare for me to receive a call from her manager. And doing it means Nyan nyan is really out of control.
After minutes of waiting, she finally noticed my presence.

“Yuu chan” I read her lips I can’t hear her because the music was too loud. I walk towards her expressionless I still can’t find the right reaction for what I have been watching since I found her. As I saw tears forming on her eyes, I scooted her body for support and wrapped my arms around her waist. But the foreigner guy in mid thirties was pulling Haruna’s wrist halting her from hugging me.
“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?" He protested.

"No, what do you think you’re doing to my girlfriend?" I half shouted. Trying to suppress my jealousy over this foreigner who thinks he have my girl. Haruna got surprise on being too vulgar about our relationship not minding about the consequences that we might faced if our relationship got exposed to the media or around the society of elites. All I wanted is to claim my girl.

"Haruna try to deny me or you will never see me again."I whispered to her ear. I looked intensely to her eyes making her know that I’m serious.

"I’m sorry Daniel but his my boyfriend.”

“Do you hear that DANIEL?"I remove Daniel’s hand forcedly out Nyan nyan’s wrist while glaring at him I drag Nyan nyan out of the dance floor. She was too drunk making her tripped many times. We went the VIP lounge where her manager was seated I grab her bag and bid goodbye to Kayo-san. I heard Nyan nyan protests on my back. I got irritated on her complains that pinned her to my cars door. I looked at with her with bulging eyes and gritting my teeth.

"Yuuchan, Why- Why did you do that?” I look at her crying face; she is biting her lips I see loneliness and fear in her eyes. My mind was running wild with my anger, jealousy, and frustration that all mixed up but my emotion of missing her badly wins over the others. I kissed her lips roughly tasting the alcohol in her tongue and clicking our teeth, I can say that this is the worst kissed I ever done in my life as feel that our lips are not in sync. Roaming my hand around her body, pausing when lips are barely touching and breathing each other’s air, not minding if there are people would see us. She wrapped her arm around my neck that made me calm and my kisses became more passionate rather than when I started. I rested my forehead in her, cupping her cheeks and wiping the tears with my thumb.

“I only love you Kojima Haruna” Her tears did not stop from streaming down her eyes.

“Then Why? Why?"She’s punching my chest over and over but before she can finish saying anything I crushed my lips again on hers. I open the passenger sit and guided her to sit properly. Buckling her seatbelt, she pulled my head for another round of smooches.

"I missed you so much Yuu. You know how much I love you.”  She whispered to my ear. I nodded and smile brightly showing my dimples. “Even though it’s rare for you to say it I know you do Nyan nyan." I teased her while reading all the emotions in her eyes.

"Mou, Yuuchan.”

I remove her arms around my neck and sat on the driver sit and started the engine.

“Yuuchan, I’m so.."I put my index finger on her lips that turns out to pouting hers.

"Shh…Stop it there is a proper place to talk”..

She removed my hand, biting her lower lips seductively.

“I know what you want Nyan nyan, stop seducing me while driving or we might end up on real heaven.”

She shifted her head while sulking on window pane minutes have past I heard her breathing regularly.

“She fell asleep."I mumbled.

To be updated


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What will Yuu do to distance himself from Atsuko?

What will be Atsuko's reaction to this sudden attitude changes?

What will Yuu's parents do about that?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Chapter 15

With deep slumber on my arms as I am carrying her in bridal style. I gently laid her on her bed.“How can she stay being beautiful in her state?"I took off her high heels, fixed her sleeping position.
"Do I need to remove her clothes?” Slapping my face lightly trying removing all the dirty thoughts in my mind.“Stop it Yuu, that’s too dangerous “I mumbled I know that if I start doing provoke able things I could not stopped my hands from groping or worst I will end up raping her .This Is really bad, I cover her whole body with blanket only reveling her head.

"Yuuchan” She mumbled.

“What is it Nyan nyan?”  I thought she’s already awake I lean closer.

“Please don’t leave me. Don’t marry Atsuko please."Tears started to roll down on her cheeks.

I peck on her forehead, with a smirk on my face. Keeping all her feelings in her heart makes her suffer. She can only open it when she’s jealous or afraid of parting with me .I pinned some strand of hair putting it in her ears

"I will never do that Nyan nyan."I rested my temple on her head.

"I’m sorry for making you feel bad. I think I could not hurt you but I can only guarantee you that I will never leave you."I rested her head on my right arm.

My consciousness slowly return from my deep slumber..

I feel something heavy on my top with fluffy object resting on my chest. I did not stop my hands traveling on that pillow, squeezing a little.

“Yuuchan stop doing that.”

“Nyan nyan?” I slowly open my eyes. I feel her legs spread in between my torso.

“Get off me Nyan nyan, it’s too early to do it.”

“Hey you’re the pervert one."She kissed my lips that made me chuckled.

"But you want it too, don’t you?” I teased her, raising my head a little making my face closer to her, showing my signature smile. I felt that she’s waiting my for my lips, closing her eyes and puckering her lips a little. It’s really cute for her to give in too fast I giggled and return my head on the pillow.

“Ehhh?  Mou Yuuchan.” She said in disappointment while hitting my chest lightly..

“Why? What did I do?” Acting innocent with my own game, She is biting her lower lips while my eyes I staring at hers. I know now how to make you go crazy. We did not say a word with our staring contest. She’s really tough on this one, well it’s already her nature. She’s biting her lower lips after licking it seductively while drawing circles on my chest without taking out her eyes on mine.

I answer it with sticking my tongue out. Hehe… you will never win me with that trick. I chuckled making her smack my chest.

“Ittai!"I protested.”

“Yuuchan was changing."She pouted.

"Stopped bringing other girls name or you will end up losing.” I warned her.

“This is the reason why I always over thinking because your now always keep me hanging.”

“I don’t remember doing that."I raise my head again but now she pulled my head for deep kiss. She’s caressing my cheeks. I tried pulling my lips. It’s not that I don’t want it but I know doing that
would make her lock my lips more. Gasping some air to fill our lungs with after we parted, she pulled my head again and intertwined my fingers with her. Moans can be heard on our room. Aloud tone of my phone made us stop.

"It’s a call from Acchan. I was about to answer the call when Nyan nyan took it of my hand and read Atsuko’s name on the caller I.D”

“Give it back to me Nyan nyan or else."I tried to win back the possession of my phone but.

"Or else what, you’re breaking up again on me?  It’s our day Yuu'chan.” She acting like a child wanted to be spoiled.

“I know so give it back to me; I think I need to turn it off."We need some catch up.. hmmmm."I raise my brows

"No I’m not giving it back Yuuchan.”

“Ok then turn it off.” She complied on my command.

“Can we resume now” Seeing her nod, I scooted my body on her resuming my business on her neck, sniffing and leaving trails of kisses on her jaw line.

“Yuuchan can I do something to you? My mind was running with naughty ideas….

"Do everything you want Nyan nyan.” she crawled out of my body, sitting on my side she pulled body up making me sit too.

“What are going to do with me? I grinned…

"Shhh."She put her index finger in my lips.

"I really wanted to do this since you’ve gone.”

“ok do it” She covered my eyes with her left hand.“No peeking”. Then she giggled. My heart can’t control beating fast in anticipation. I feel her hand rubbing my left thigh…Oh my god! what does this cat girl running in her mind?

She started counting..

She pinched my right thigh so hard that feels like she wanted to peel my skin out of my body…

"Ittai!!!!!!!”  I shoved her hands on my face with exasperated look on my face. She burst out laughing, while I’m rubbing my thigh ease the pain ..

“What the heck Nyan nyan? That really hurts.”

“I should have done it when you got frighten on balloon and held Atsuko’s hand instead of mine.”

“Ehhhh??? But I can’t do that in front of her, are we starting to fight again?”

“So you held her hand instead of mine because you can’t hold mine? I’m tugging your pants back then for you to know that my hands are under the table but you grab hers instead. I hate that she was comforting you, I should be the one doing that.” Then she rested her head on my shoulders while acting like a child sulking.

I released a ball of air out of my lips. She has a point this is what my best friend explained to me. I kissed her cheeks and hugged her tightly.

“If we happened to be in the same situation again, I promise to look for your hand .I’m sorry Nyan nyan I always telling you not to over think but I’m the one who does not understanding your feeling.”
Taken her head aback, she looked at me confusedly.

“Yuuchan” She pouted her lips..

“I admit that I’m too focused on Acchan recovery, making you doubt my feelings and it’s hard for you, Isn’t it?"She nodded.

"I’m sorry I don’t intend to hurt you, I always think, how can I make Acchan feel better? How can I help her recover? How to make her happy? But I forgot that I should be doing that to you. Now you feel that I’m into her."I cupped her cheek and kissed her red eyes "I should have invested more time to you.”

“Yuuchan please stop, it’s enough for me that you understand my feelings. I’m not used of seeing you sad.”

“But I got used of seeing you like that. I’m a bad boyfriend Nyan nyan.”

“Stop saying that. I know what will be the next line. Yuuchan stop please your making me cry. I’m a bad girlfriend too I can’t help my anger every time Acchan was flirting you…Yuuchan stop please…”

“Don’t worry. I already made a promise that I will never look to other girl’s oppai and oshiri. I promise not break up on you, never hang out with Sai if you’re not with me. Never do something that will risk our relationship and hundred more."She giggled.

"You should memorize everything.”  She kissed my lips gently" It’s enough as long as we are together.“ back to our cuddling.

"I will try detached myself with Atsuko little by little. So I can give Kai way to Atsuko’s heart..”

“I really hope she falls for Kai because I can’t stand seeing her looking at you lovingly.”

“Why? You can’t stand your hot boyfriend was getting a lot attention from other girls?”

“No” She hissed!“Because I know my squirrel was enjoying it too."He cupped my dimples with one hand and shook my head left to right…

"All I need is Nyan nyan’s attention but you’re always cold to me.”

She just shrugs and giggled.

“I’m hopeless.” I look down on our bed sheet.

“Yuuchan loves me being cold.”

I also shrug.

“Mou, Yuuchan can’t be cold too.”

“Why I can also do that.”

“Because I love my naughty squirrel” She kissed me passionately.

“That’s the reason I’m crazy of you."

To be Updated..

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Ah... poor Haruna... kept having nightmares about Yuu leaving her or marrying Atsuko

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

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Chapter 16

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my story does not meet your standards then just ignore it.

Kai’s POV

I accompanied Acchan on her therapist. Looking at her at my rear view mirror.She seem in her castle in the air once again. There are only two reasons to make her like this Firstly the memories from her sister’s death, secondly missing the squirrel boy.

“What’s wrong Acchan, did Yuuboy did something?”Asking the question that I don’t want hear the answer but its better rather asking her to remember the accident.

“No actually his not doing anything.“ She look down “Kai-kun do you think I’m depending too much on him?”

I got startled on her question. How can I answer her?“Why did you ask?"

“I just feel his distancing himself this past days. I think I’m over thinking about us.“This conversation hurts me. I stop looking at her on rear view mirror.

“Ma- maybe he was thinking of business you know how pressured he was."I try to control myself from being annoyed with this conversation.

’‘I tried to call him before we went to my therapist but he turn off his phone.”

“Maybe he got his battery drain."I snapped.

"Kai-kun are-are you mad? If- If I’m disturbing you maybe next time you should not accompany me.”

“No Atsuko, It just- It’s just guys, you know guys hates when girls depending on us too much, I’m sorry but I really do not know how answer your question.”

“So I’ am, you can just say it straight.”

“Atsuko have you ever think of falling to someone other than Yuu?”

“Why did you asked?”

“Because you've enclosed yourself in Yuu since we were kids.”

“I don’t know I just love him since then. I don’t think I will fall for other.”

“Don’t think this seriously Acchan but what if Yuu falls to another girl, what will you do?”

“I don’t know, you know that I’m impulsive when it comes to him. I did it with Miichan . I don’t know if I can do the same thing again. But thinking he was in love with other really hurts me.”

“Is that so?”

“What if there is other guy who told you he loves you?”

“I will surely reject him I know my heart belongs to Yuu – kun and no one else. But I’m afraid to tell him unless I got a hint that he feels the same way too.”

“That’s what I’ m thinking too” I mumbled.

“Just give him space and don’t rush things, Why won’t you wait for him to confess.“I’m sorry but it will never happen.

"Wait for him?”

“Yes maybe” Use your brain Kai.“Maybe his just too focus on his work. You know being C.E.O group is not easy.”

“So you’re telling me he likes me but can’t confess.”

“No it’s not like that even I as his best friend doesn’t know why his not dating anyone. But I know him he likes the hard to get type of girls. ”

“Is that so?”

“Remember though Miichan really likes him he let Yuu persuade her. See he really likes that type. So let him go get you.”

“Yes I remember .I thought Miichan was just playing Yuu's feelings. Because Miichan always rejected him even though he  does everything to show that he was serious. And I'm  really hurt seeing the together when they started dating.”

“But his family sends Miichan's family to London.”

“Yes and I’m the reason for that.” She breath heavily and diverted her vision outside. I hate seeing her like this and the worst is I’m also involve lying that she can still wait for my best friend.I return my eyes on the road " I will think about your suggestion thank you Kai -kun.“I heard her voice become louder, It seems like she is just talking near my ear when I move my head wanting to look on the passenger sit on the back, I moved aback seeing she is just near my face and pecked on my cheeks. I pulled my card  over in shock. I calm my heart that beating so fast.
I looked at Acchan she was sweating with pale face.

"Never do that again Acchan!! We almost had an accident!!"I yell at her.

"I’m sorry….I m so sorry."She covered her faced with her hands. I went on the passenger sit to hug her.

"It’s ok just don’t surprise me like that…ok.."She was sobbing and her body is shaking in fear.How can I calm her down?

"I’m sorry Kai -kun she seemed shock…"I caress her back..

She remained crying and not answering my questions.






Waiting outside her room, I walked back and forth on the corridor worried on Atsuko's situation she's did not stop crying for two hours now and I'm the reason of it.Then I saw a familiar figure walking fast towards me. He grabbed the collar of my polo…

"What did you do to her?"He angrily asked me..

"I-I told you everything on the phone.”

“Yeah, you’re right?“He pulled me closer"How can I hand her to you if you can’t take good care of her?”

“I’m so-sorry.”

“Be more careful next time.“He took his hand off my collar. Atsuko’s mom went out of her room and called Yuu to come in, he complied dragging my wrist to come with him.

"How do you feel Acchan?"Atsuko got startled when Yuu asked her. He sat on Acchan’s bed while I remained standing averting Atsuko’s gaze. She returns her gaze to my best friend. Seeing her now seem like there is huge stone  dropped on my chest..

"I’m fine I think I just got shocked earlier.”

“Tell me are you hurt?” She blushed when you put his right hand on her head, ruffling her hair a little. She Remove it and held Yuu’s hand tightly I’m used of seeing this scene but I can’t help to feel pain in my chest every time I’m watching them at side. I know Yuu is just trying to relax Atsuko but if Haruna see this, it will bad.

“If you don’t feel good you can have a rest tomorrow."Acchan shook her head.

"I’m fine Yuu-kun, I will work tomorrow I still have a lot of things to do.”

“Are you sure?"She nodded. Few minutes past Yuu made Acchan sleep. His presence is enough to make Atsuko relax from anxiety. We both headed where our cars are parked…

Yuu bowed his head on ninety degrees. I stepped back on his sudden action.

"I apologize on my rude behavior before. I should not act that way.”

“It’s fine dude."I smack his head hard.

"Ittai” He protested but chuckled afterwards.

“I got scared, Now that Nyan nyan and I was getting better, I don’t want to stake our relationship again.”

“Is that all?” I scowl my face.

“What do you mean by that?"He held my shoulder firmly halting me to walk.

"I saw it dude, your doing it again.”

“I’m doing it again? What do you mean?"He looked confused.

"You’re lucky that your girlfriend didn’t saw it. For once Yuuboy I will ask you this, are you feeling something for Atsuko?"He is glaring at me.

"What are you saying? Maybe you’re just jealous?”

“Jealous? Whatever you call it. But I won’t be feeling this if you’re not playing. Dude you know I can always set my feelings aside if you would go for Acchan. Please ….please make up your mind."I run into my car not looking back to the person calling my name.

Yuu’s POV

Three in the morning, Even if I close my eyes my mind can’t stop from thinking. What my best friend told me. I ruffled my head with my right hand.
"Fucked you Kai!”

This can’t be true, am I really? No! There is a war inside my mind….Your silly Kai. How could you say that I’m in love with Atsuko…I wake on my daze as I feel a tight embraced from the girl sleeping peacefully on my chest. I kissed her hair. She nuzzled her face on my chest. I giggled being tickled by her nose. How? I released l a big ball of air. Nyan nyan looked at me rubbing her eyes. I think I wake her up.

“Yuuchan can’t sleep?” She asked worriedly… I answered her with hum.

“Did I wake you up?”

“Yes, I feel that your still awake, is there something bothering you?"I smiled forcedly. She can sense if I lie to her..

"Is it about your argument with Kai-kun? You’re still not telling me everything Yuuchan. But it’s up to you as long as you’re not cheating on me."She is trying to make me talk about what happened? She knows that telling her everything would relieve me from this burden. I sigh.

"Ok…But I really need your understanding Nyan nyan.”

“Fine just make it fast I’m really sleepy."We both sat on our bed and rest our back to the head board.

"I’m going to start now."I wrap my arms around her waist she did the same with my chest, resting her sleepy head on my shoulder.

"I’m ready."She said to me.

"Ok…Nyan nyan, Kai told me that he thinks I’m in love with Atsuko."She moved her head aback and glared to me like a policewomen interrogating a suspect. She did not utter a word so I continue.

"He told me that he is willing to let go of Atsuko for Me.” Haruna removed her body in me and folded her legs resting her arms in it while her face was buried.

“So he also sees the your looking at Atsuko.”

“Shhh…..It’s not like that.”

“I told you it’s obvious Yuuchan. But I’m happy that you did not hide this from me."She looked at me crying I see she was really hurt."Are you confused that’s why you can’t sleep, right?"Yuuchan this really hurts.” she biting her lower lips…

“Yes I will not deny that made me think, But I know my answer.”

“Yuuuuuchaaaaaaan!!!!” She trying to fight the tears from her eyes…I feel the guilt of making her feel insecure not just about our relationship but it’s my feeling at stake.

I scooted my body closer her while leaning my head on her shoulder.

“Yes maybe I love her.”

I can hear her sob as her whole body was shaking I straighten her body making it face me..

“I never know my answer not until you talked to me Nyan nyan, I’m sorry.”

“Please…stop….stop!!! Saying anything that’s enough!!!!."She was about to crawl out of our bed but I forced her to remain on her place. Holding her shoulders tightly..

"You know that I can’t lie to you."She’s avoiding my gazed while struggling to release from my hold.

"You know whenever I hear the name Kojima Haruna this started to go crazy” I put her hand on my chest where my heart is located.

“I never remember that I can breathe regularly whenever I go closer like this to you."I lean closer making the tip of my nose rest on her cheeks, sniffing all his scent inside my lungs. I raise right
hand in my lips making her feel the air escaped on my nose.

"Do you know that there is always a ball of air choking my throat whenever I kissed you like this?"I kissed her lips passionately I feel that her responding my kisses and wanting to lock my lips on her. But I have to pull out or else I will not finish.

"I can’t help my guilt eating my flesh whenever I see you cry, jealous, insecure, hurt, and the worst making you feel alone in this."I return her hand on my chest that beating crazy.

"I don’t know why? But my body shivers whenever I sniffed the scent on your neck “I leave trails kisses on her neck I control myself not to leave love marks. I wrap her arms around me making her feel my body shivering, whenever I repeat sniffing and kissing.

I stopped and stared on her eyes as my arm enveloped her. I stared at her eyes.. "My mind was so confused thinking, What if you guys are telling the truth that I ‘am really falling for Atsuko but my body knows the answer. Nyan nyan do you ever see me like this whenever I ‘am with Acchan?” She shook her head biting her lower lips.

“I know that this is not just lust, I admit I’m pervert but this is way different."She caresses my face with her fingers.

"Maybe I love her, but I’m not this madly in love with her. I love Kojima Haruna this much that my body reacts differently.  ”

“Yuuchan I love you”

“You know that I love you more baby” We shared our lips and I carefully laid her body in our bed.

Yuuchan!!!!! Faster or you will not have enough time to eat breakfast….

I heard my girlfriend called my name..

"I’m coming!!!”

I walk out of her room fixing my neck tie. I got surprised that Nyan nyan is wearing lacy pink apron, looks like a wife patiently waiting for his husband. She asked me to come over. I smiled walking towards her.

“What’s this baby?"I peck on her lips.

"I made sandwich and coffee for you?” She said shyly. I did not say anything as I’m dumbfounded..

“Why, you don’t like it?”

“No, I love it. But why this is not like you? I’m sorry baby but because this is something new?"She took the necktie from my hand and started to tie it, resting my hands on her waist.

"I  just want to do something for Yuu-chan I know I can’t cooked for your everyday and my cooking doesn’t taste better than Acchan’s but."I crushed my lips on hers making it lingers for a while…

"Shhh…Your effort is enough Mrs. Oshima?”


“Wha-What you didn’t like it” I sat on the chair and pulled her  on my lap..

"I wished were always  like this Yuu-chan.” she rested her chin on my shoulder. I sipped on the cupped of coffee that she prepared..

“Well we can always be like this as long as your dere dere mode is on rather than tsun tsun.."She pinched my shoulder that made me cringe..

"What do you think of me some kind of robot? And it’s your fault why I’m always acting cold towards you..”

“Ok..ok it always Yuu-chan faults always, nee?” munching the sandwich on my mouth . Haruna gives me cold glare….

“I know it’s because Yuu-chan always ruins our sweet moment” I peck on her cheeks.

“Because your pervert.”

“Baby that can’t be help because my of  Nyan nyan’s perfect body..”

“And Yuu-chan always wanted to take advantage of it..”

“No baby you’re wrong it’s just how your husband show his love thru skin ship..”

“Mou, Yuu-chan stop saying that..”

“Why? We are like married couple right?"Her face turns to bright pink..

"Kawaii, My waifu..”  I pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Stop teasing me and finished your breakfast or you will be late.."She hissed..

"Too bad I really want to see you more wearing this cute apron..” I gently tugged her apron and peck on her lips.

“Come home early so you can play with it later."She whispered and bits her lower lips..


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ah ~ KojiYuu moment ... so sweet as always ...  :mon lovelaff:
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Oh... is what Yuu felt for Haruna is true love or just lust...?

How about his feeling for Atsuko?

Honestly, Yuu is very selfish... he should just say something to Atsuko.

Even if he doesn't say the name of the girl, just says that he is currently in a relationship; it will be more than enough to get Atsuko to let go of her feeling for Yuu...

To be honest, Kai should also confess his feeling, get his rejection and move on...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Chapter 17

Yuu’s Pov


I yawned as stretching my hands in the air. It’s almost lunch but I still have bunch of document to review. The phone on my desk rang. I answer it in speaker mode, the call was from my secretary.

“Mr. President, General Manager Takahashi of Takahashi Construction was here, will I let him in?”

“Ok send him in.“I stand up in my chair. My secretary open the door and ask him to come..I saw my midget best friend walk in.

“Sit down” I point to the couch and sat in front of him."Do you want some coffee, water, what?

"No I’m fine."He said while shaking his hands looks like he still bothered on what happened last night.

"You look restless dude. If you’re bothered about last night forget it.” I shrug.

“We’re still cool right?” This is why Kai become my best friend though we have some misunderstanding it’s easy for us to fix things and move on.

“Nah, you know I always understand you and I can’t hide the fact that you have point too. ”

“You look restless too? Did you have some action last night?”

“Almost, she fell asleep…its funny right?”

We laugh harmoniously.

“Tsun tsun cat really knows how to make my squirrel friend suffer.”

“Yes perfectly. Have you had lunch?"I asked him.


“Ok let’s go, pay for my meal."I guided him out of my office.

"Ehhhh, I don’t know if you’re the real president of a company?

“Hey, you should pay for my meal after worrying me last night.”

“ You are bully Yuuboy.”  I nudge both of his shoulder to stop complaining, He do not have a choice as he made my kitten cry last night.

We both headed to elevator. I reprimand him whenever he tried to talk about business. The elevator door opened at twenty fourth floors. My jaw dropped with the familiar cat girl stepped in as the elevator door closed I pounced on her..

“Nyan nyan I missed you?"I rubbed my face on her asset.

"Yuuchan stop it Kai-kun is here and what if your someone sees us."She removed me from her body then smacked my head hard.

"Ittai!!!"I protested.

"Kai-kun, I apologized for my squirrel stupidity.” she bowed her head lightly.

“Nah… I’m used to it. Being the only person who can  see my best friend and her girlfriend skin ship was not new to me."He said it without facing Nyan nyan.

"See I told you we can do it here. Come on Nyan nyan let me kissed you."I puckered my lips leaning closer to her but she stopped it with her index finger.

"I’m warning you Yuuchan if something bad happens I will never let you touched me forever.”

“Nyan nyan, you’re so cruel."I stomp my feet like a kid. Kai chuckled seeing how I got rejected by my girlfriend.

"I never saw you acted like that for long my friend.”

“Fine, fine no skin ship in public… "I raise my hands in surrender.

"I’ll be waiting you home let’s see what we can do?"She whispered in my ear while fixing my necktie.

"I will expect skin ship Nyan nyan."I winked that made her look at me seductively and started rolling my necktie in her fingers.

"Whatever you want me to, baby.”

“Hey, what’s with the whispering? If I can still hear you guys now this makes me feel.. Argh..I should get out here and used the stairs instead.” Kai protested. I and my girlfriend laugh looking at my disturbed best friend brushing his ears.

“We’re sorry” Haruna apologized..

“Kai, my answer to your question yesterday never change."He looked at me in strange way.

"I know Yuuchan’s answer too."Haruna looked me like our minds are unified. "She loves Atsuko as her little sister because my Yuuchan only loves me, his body attested his love for me..She smile shyly her face was so red up to her ears…I held her hand and hid it on my back, I can’t stop myself from grinning.

"Holy crap stop saying that Haru, saying that Yuuboy loves you was enough; you don’t have to explain further. I think your boyfriend perverseness was rubbing on you."Kai explained with flushed face. What is this guy saying? I smack his shoulder to calm him down.

"Ittai” He protested while rubbing his shoulder.

“Oi you are the pervert one….What are you thinking?”

“Haruna said that you-your body you know…Shit why do I have to explain it in detail.” he complained He seemed disturb being embarrassed on his wrong idea..

Aha!!!So you’re thinking my body only does those kinds of things? STOP BEING CREATIVE DUDE !!”

“So, what does Haruna-san was trying to say?”

“Kai it’s how your body react when you’re with somebody you love that doesn’t happened to anyone.”

“React? body?”

“Huh? You don’t know? Let me just take this simple, it’s the same thing your body responds whenever Acchan was calling your name, touching you, when you see her. How our girl makes us insane that nobody does.”

“Whoa I get it know."I mentally faced palm, is he just ignorant or extremely stupid.

“Yes that’s right and I only see Yuuchan body’s respond like that to me and not with Atsuko."She kissed my cheeks…Nyan nyan kissed me in front of Kai this is first time she show he affection towards me in public. I chuckled and rest my forehead in her while ignoring my envious friend on my side.

"Tsk…No skin ship in public, huh?‘’ I hear him quetch.

The elevator stopped on the ground floor. Nyan nyan agreed to join us. While I and Kai are setting the schedule on weekend to watch soccer match. Both of us stepped out the elevator, but we got surprised when Atsuko appeared from the elevator next to ours but it’s too late to hide ourselves as Atsuko already saw us..

"Oh Yuu-kun and Kai-kun are you guys having lunch outside too?”

“Ye-yes” Kai answered stuttering.

“Can I come with you?”

“Su-sure." Saying no to Atsuko was hard for me and Kai knowing that rejecting her will be bad for her condition.

"Haruna, you’re coming too?" She did not saw Haruna being the last person that comes out.

"Yes, I had a meeting marketing department it happens that I get into the same elevator with these two guys.”

“I-I asked her to have lunch with us” Kai explained.

“Ah, I see!”

“Let’s go. I’m hungry."

Haruna POV

We are eating our lunch at the restaurant near Yuuchans office. Contented with our seating arrangement, Kai was sat beside Acchan who was in front of me and. He tries to hold my hand under the table but I always shove it, though I want to do it in front of her I could not take the risk being caught or this girl will put an end to our relationship. I look at the other girl, who often sneaks a gaze to my boyfriend that really boils my temper. He’s mine bitch. I can sense my boy friend stiff actions being more cautious, or he will be dead meat if he does something that could ruin my mood.

"Yuu-kun?” Acchan seeks my boyfriend attention.

“Yes Acchan?"My boyfriend answers her without lookin that makes my lips curve upward.

"Where are you staying now? Can I come to your place and have some house warming party?” Yuu coughed being choked with his food after he heard the other girls question..I patted his back helping him ease his air ways …Raising his hand letting me know that he feels better.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No a-acchan Yuuboy was staying.” Kai gaze at me I release dark aura. I saw him gulped and look back to Acchan.

“Kai-kun did you know where Yuu-kun lives?”

“Yes He lives- He lives at my place of course."Then Kai let out a force laugh that Acchan looked at him with suspicion.

."Yes I’m living at Kai’s place at the moment, you know how meticulous I am, looking for the right place is little hard for me."Wow Yuuchan is good on lying, now I wonder If his doing this to me.. He is more relaxed than Kai but I look at his hand that was resting on his lap… Gotcha!!!!! His mannerism whenever he lies, Nobody knows it but me.. His tapping his index finger, like doing some mores code releasing his tension in his index finger tips while his facial expression and gestures are natural, good actor, nee but not with me..

"Ah I see but why don’t you stay in my place if it’s hard for you to look for another."She smiled at him. I read what’s running through her mind. What wrong with Atsuko? I closed my eyes trying to control my temper..I feel a hand held in mine that I’ve been rejecting since we started eating. This time I let him intertwined his fingers that makes me calm. Hoping that the bitch in front of me will not notice..

"Thanks, but Acchan you know I’m just thinking about you, other people would think bad if a man is living in single woman’s house with no relationship. It doesn’t look good and we are working in the same company. I don’t want a buzz around.”

“Yes that’s true bro… Acchan don’t worry I will not do anything bad with my best friend."He winks at my boyfriend. Yuu stop chewing and looked at his friend in disgust..Kawaii!!I really like seeing my squirrel pissed with his best friend."Actually I’m taking good care of him.” he added, making Yuu more stop eating gave a warning glare.

“Shut up Kai we’re eating. I’m losing my appetite with your jokes.."He said coldly. We laugh in unison. Seeing Yuuchan pissed face was really funny..

"Hey! But if you really want to give him a house warming party it’s fine with me."Kai said.

"Well I think it’s not bad. What do you think Haruna-san?” I reacts a little delay not being used of boyfriend  calling me in my given name and not the nickname he gave me. He squeezed my left hand lightly.

“Oh-I think that’s great idea, will it be ok if I come?” riding along with two boys lies.

“Of course Haruna…"Atsuko delightfully exclaimed."What if we invite Rena, Yuki, Haruka and their boyfriends?”

“Oooooooooooookeeeeeey. If-If that’s what you want."Kai answered in awe, surprised on Atsuko’s enthusiasm.

"The - the more the merrier."I know that my Yuuchan was faking his excited remarks. I know him enough I look at him sipping his apple juice.

"How about our foods and drinks I mean, don’t know how to cook?”

“I can cook."Atsuko offered..

"Acchan, what if we move this on weekend so you will not be tired from work?”

“Fine it will be hard to pull others too if we would do it after work.”

“I can help too.” I volunteered as I don’t have schedule this weekends. I saw Yuuchan smile that made my heart skip a bit.

"Ok then I and Yuuboy will be in charge of drinks.” Kai added and Yuu nodded.


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@Korisu29: yes thanks...waiting for your update too,,

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@cisda83:hmm... even the writer is having hard time figuring out...
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Next chap pleaseeee ! !
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Chapter 18

Yuu’s POV

Everything is set for my house warming party or should I say fake house warming party as I’m not really living in my best friend’s apartment well I stayed here for three days. But after Nyan nyan and I settled our issues I started living with her. As a matter of fact I already own one unit in this building but I hate living alone. I don’t want to stay at a place without anyone. Only Kai knows about my unit here and I named it under Haruna’s  I have to do it. If ever my family freezes my assets.

“"Yuu-kun can you tastes this."Atsuko ask me to taste her cooking, savoring the flavors on all of her dishes make me want to eat dinner whether my friends and my brother Mayu haven’t arrive yet.
Unlike my situation Mayu and his girlfriend Haruka was already acknowledge by my family that was easy for them having a daughter in law with a surname Shimazaki from a family who was a major stock holder Shimazaki Holdings. Even though they acknowledge my relationship with Haruna, dating with conditions and always bargaining like I can date her if she flew out of the country, she can come back if I take care of Acchan, last was I can live with her if I let Acchan work on our company this situation is a complete torture but we have to endure everything or my parents would win. Everybody knows my brother’s to Paru’s relationship when I and my girlfriend still hiding ours for eight years.

This is really frustrating, my best buddies knows that me and Nyan nyan had relationship while their girlfriends tries to hitch me with Acchan they having no idea that I’m actually going out with their other friend.

"Yuu-kun? Yuu-kun” Atsuko waves her hand in my face making me snap out of my dazed.

“How was it?”

“Delicious as always Atsuko…”

“Really?” she clapped her hands in happiness

I nodded in the corner of my eye, I saw my Nyan nyan glaring at us emitting dark aura. I have to do something before she erupts.

“Atsuko.. I think Kojima-san needs help in the dining area she answered me with a nod.

I go to the dining area where Nyan nyan was fixing the table settings I asked if she need some help. She just asks me to grab her drink and went out in the balcony. I signaled Kai to take care of Acchan and cover us up as she was still busy in the kitchen. I followed her, I really want to do some skin ship but I held back, Nyan nyan will be mad if I do something and Atsuko just meter away from us. I closed the door and gave her the glass of water.

"Yuuchan” She said with weak voice.

“What’s wrong baby did I do something wrong again?.”

“No,I can control my jealousy now."She sipped on the glass of water.

"Then what’s bothering my Nyan nyan now?"I rest my chin on my arm putting half of my body weight on metal handrail, staring at the lights from the cars and smaller building below.

"You know that I been avoiding my friends since I came back knowing that they will not stop questioning me  if I am dating somebody and now we will meet again I know they will do something for me to make me speak.”

“Then let’s break up for now."I utter from nowhere, she smack my head.

"Ittai,Nyan nyan!!"Rubbing my head, easing the pain caused by her palm.

"Do you even have any Idea how upset I am right now and you just throwing your jokes not even caring, what I’m feeling?"She said it in louder voice. I know she’s been avoiding her friends and making excuses for them not to have reunion. But I can’t do anything; I’m feeling more useless whenever this topic was brought up.

"I’m sorry but can we try to be more discreet you know Acchan can come here any minute…I’m sorry If I can’t help you in this matter, I feel sorry every time you have to lie with your friends. I know how much you want to open up about our relationship, and tell them how stupid your boyfriend is, whenever I’m upseting you. I always know that you feel alone and don’t have someone to talk to whenever we had fight. I think saying sorry is not enough to make it up to you. I don’t even know how many times I said it to you or even if it still affects you. "But I’m really sorry Nyan nyan” I walk towards her.“If you happen slip your tongue about our relationship in here. There is only one thing I will assure you. I will never move an inch Nyan nyan. I will always be here for you as long as you want me to… I don’t care if my parent’s would try separate us I will fight for you, If Acchan and Kai will hate us, I don’t mind even if the whole world turn against us. Nyan nyan I know we can do this together."I said in teary eyes and releasing I big ball of air in my lips."I’m holding myself not to hug you and kissed you baby stop biting your lower lips my brain is going crazy right now."I said in husky voice.

She punch my shoulder lighty . "This is the reason why I can’t leave a stupid squirrel like you, such a sweet talker."She giggled.

"Well it makes you feel better, aren’t you?” I took her hand hid it on my back as I caress her knuckles. “I will not protest if you hurt me like that I know that it makes you feel better. But I think Milky’s presence would make you feel little well.” Nyan nyan sister, she’s like a best friend for her. I tuck some of her hair strands on her ear, I really fighting my urge of kissing her.

“But Milky is busy in Osaka”
“No, she will surely adjust her schedule as I’m offering a shopping free for her and you?” I flick her nose lightly “You can enjoy yourselves in penthouse of our hotel. You know arrange your schedule cause this offer is just once in a lifetime."I wink.

"How would you know that she will go to Tokyo?”

“Well I know because she’s your sister."She punched my shoulder again, we giggled harmoniously.

But a knocked from the glass door covered by a roll up curtain, stop our lovey dovey. I saw Kai open the door and slipped his head in the small opening.."Dude can you continue that later Acchan is looking for you. I think our friends have arrived."He whispered with panicking tone, I asked Kai to come over in balcony with us, we talk for minutes to avoid Atsuko suspicion if Nyan nyan and I pop from nowhere, until Acchan found us chatting about the view at the balcony.

"Guys I’ve been looking for you. Sai, Yuki, Mayu and Paru have arrived.”

“Yes were coming we’re just enjoying the view here."I answered, I see Acchan left to attend our guests that I should be doing."I smiled at Nyan nyan and mouthed "Everything’s going to be alright."I followed Atsuko, and then Kai and Nyan nyan come after.

"Hey there’s our boy?"Sai greeted me with nudging on my shoulder.

"Anikii! It’s been long time."Mayu and I bump our fist.

"Bro it’s been month since we didn’t see each other. How’s pops and mom?”

“Busy as usual, university kills me bro."Mayu complained.

"Oh I thought our parents are. But I think my future sister in law taking good care on you.”

“Yuu-niichan” Paru’s face turns red.

“I think Acchan was taking good care of you too Yuu-kun?” Yuki teased Acchan while pointing all of the foods that she prepared for us. I rubbed the back of my neck. I saw Mayu and Sai exchanged glimpses and shrug. As Yuki don’t have any idea about my relationship with Haruna, I saw Atsuko’s cheeks are turns pinkish.

“Let’s all sit down” Kai offers us to sit on here long dining table that ten people can fit in. But before that Yuki notice Haruna, who remained silent in the corner knowing she was still anxious I gave her assuring smile.

“Hey Haruchan you’re here too. "Yuki hugged and tickled Nyan nyan waist."You brat, you always turn down I and Rena’s invitation to hang out?”

“Stop it, stop it yuki…I’m sorry ok our schedules just didn’t match.” I saw my girlfriend’s with her head down avoiding Yuki’s scanning eyes. I gesture Sai to make her girl stop, I feel useless watching my girlfriend lying I avoided her gaze to me.

“Yes, I know it’s really hard to have appointments with Japan’s top model Kojima Haruna, she can’t even find time with her friends.” Yuki teased I feel bad that Nyan nyan friends think badly of her because she was avoiding their meet ups.

“No, it’s not what you’re thinking I’m really busy. I’m still new in Japanese Fashion Industry that is why I can’t find time seeing you.”

“Ok I forgive you now but never ever do that again, Promise me?"I saw Sai and Mayu gulped, well Mayu and Yuki had past but because she can’t handle dating an Oshima she quit.  Sai, she loves
her since Junior High. He become playboy when Yuki rejected him and choose my brother but I guess fate has better plans for them. Now Sai and Yuki are engaged while Mayu and Haruka are exclusively dating for three years.

Atsuko went out from the kitchen with cake on her hand.

"Acchan, What’s with the cake? ”

“I just baked one for Yuu-niichan Mayu told me that you love chocolate cakes.”

“I’m really lucky to have such cute and caring sister in law."I teased. I stick my tongue mocking Yuki. This is for making my cat feel bad. Yuki raised her brows and show me her engagement ring."I can buy bigger than that.” I hissed.

“For who?!! ” She asked and looks at the girl with a cake standing beside me I smiled wryly.

I was about to say something, but Nyan nyan tugging the back of my shirt seeing me and Yuki pissing each other. I think my cat was jealous with the attention that I’m giving to black…Sai just chuckled on her girlfriend action enjoying tight hugged that black was giving him.

“Blow the cake Yuu-kun” Atsuko requested, I hear everyone laugh with my flushed expression.

“Acchan, what’s with the blowing? I still have four months before my birthday.”

“Just do it.” She spoiled I pulled Kai neck closer locking it with my arm.

“Ok, but I will do it with Kai.”

“ Ehhh???” He protested

“Oh, Acchan I think Kai hates your Idea.”

“Kai-kun..,"She mumbles with sad expression while lowering her head.

"Ok I will do it."He locked my neck with his arms too."I will kill you for making her sad."He whispered in devilish tone.

"So the new housemates will blow the cake.” Yuki cheered. This girl is really getting onto my nerves we are about to blow the candle but a loud buzz from the door stopped us.

"Sorry where late!! Jurio’s loud voice comes from intercom.”

“Shut up Jurio you’re disturbing the Kai’-niichan’s neighbors.”

“It doesn’t matter Kai-senpai owns quarter of this floor.”

“But it doesn’t give you the right to scandalize.”

“Ittai!! ”

Kai opened the door, Jurio come first rubbing his waist with bottle of wine in his other hand. Rena followed him with arm crossed.

“Sorry for intrusion."Rena said while removing her shoes, changing it with slippers from Kai’s shoe rock. She took a pair and give it to Jurio changed his shoes to. Kai and Rena is cousin and she ‘s my ex-girlfriend that now dating youngest men in our brotherhood.

"Rena-chan you can just say stop, pinching me like that was too much for punishment.” Rena’s punishment reminds me of. I looked at Nyan nyan in my side, noticing it and she give me a seductive smirk.

“I already warned you but you still keep your voice loud so I have no choice but to punish you."This couple made us speechless fighting in front of us was nothing new but we can’t help to be stunned with this mother and child relationship.

"Aniki help me!!!!!"Jurio run towards me. He slipped pushing the cake from Acchan’s hand directly to my face I’m lucky that the light of the candle was gone. But I can’t be thankful feeling the chocolate syrup dripping from my face to my shirt.

"Jurio!!!! I scream sending him shiver down to his spine. Everybody laugh seeing my face covered with chocolate syrup. But they stop noticing one person with unhappy expression.
"Paru, baby? Whats wrong?"Mayu asked worriedly to his girlfriend.

"My cake Mayu-chan I worked hours just to make it perfect for Yuu-niichan."Haruka started crying..

"Jurio!!!!!” Mayu shouts angrily for making his girl cry..   Rena Karate chopped his boyfriend’s head.

“Ittai!!!"Jurio exclaimed in pain rubbing his head..
"I just had revenge for you Paru, Mayu and Yuu-kun."But Haruka did not stop from crying. I taste some chocolate covering my finger.

"Oishii!!!” I shouted.“You really improve your baking my sister in law."I scooped some cake from Atsukos hand and feed my brother.

"Sugoi!!! baby you really did this? It really melts on my mouth."Mayu open his mouth without trace of cake that makes Haruka giggled.

"You’ re making fun of me?”

“No baby.. Look I will ask Jurio too.” Mayu scooped some cake on his hand and about too feed the boy who started the mess. Jurio was about to run but, I, Sai and Kai grab his body.

“Stop this dude, Haruka I’m sorry for ruining your cake just don’t do this to me."I shove some chocolate on my face and cupped to his mouth. Girls can’t stop was laughing on punishment we gave to Jurio.

"Shut up Juuboy, This is for putting a mess on my face.”

“Yes and this is making my baby cry.”

Jurio struggled made us all fell on the floor…Now Kai’s dining area was covered with chocolates syrup.

“Dude I’m sorry ok I’m just excited.”

He feed Jurio chocolate cake messily..

“What can you say?”

“Hmmmm ….Oishii…. "He said happily…  "So this is the taste of well done cake. Wow I love this.”

“Jurio you told me that my caked is the best even it’s a little burned."Rena hissed on his boyfriend.

"Rena-chan I really love your caked, I just amused how Paru’s cakes melt on my mouth."He winked at Rena.

"Ok I will let this pass for know..” she acted sobbing. Ah such an actress I mumble.

“So Jurio and Mayu are the squirrel’s apprentice after all."Yuki mocked again. Mayu, Jurio and I scooped another cake. Sai tried to block us hiding Yuki on his back but I felt someone tugging my shirt on the back that made me stopped. But Jurio and Mayu feed Sai with chocolate cake making his face covered with chocolate syrups.

"Rin-chan?"He turns to his fiancée acting like a bullied child pouting his lips tagging his messy polo shirt.

"I’m really sorry Sai-chan."She pecked on his cheeks.

"So we only have one person left not being feed with chocolate cake.”

Everyone shifted their gaze to Kai, making him hide on Atsuko’s back but Sai was too quick to position himself on the back of my midget friend .What can you expect from the former vice captain of basket ball team…Atsuko tried to pull my best friend on my Ikemen friend’s action. But Sai already put the cake on his face.

“I’m sorry bro, but this is the only way to make me sleep."He said in blank expression. Atsuko pulled Kai harder makes them fall. Making him on top of Acchan their faces are just inch apart the tips of their noses are barely touching.

‘'A-acchan” He passed out.

Jurio was punished by cleaning all the mess in the dining hall and washing all the dishes well Kai have dish washing machine so it’s not a choir for him .Kai wakes up after few minutes. I guess my best friend almost had heart attack after he almos
t kissed Acchan. After having our dinner boys went to the Kai game room while girls choose to have some tea party on living area.


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Chapter 19

Haruna POV


Girls stayed at living area catching up with the lives of each other, while the boys went to the game room. Kai’s living area has contemporary design with cozy atmosphere fit for a one of the richest bachelor of the country. He has ten sitters L shaped couch made us all fit in his living area. His unit was painted all white, with black and white theme of furniture’s in minimalist design. Atsuko was busy preparing our tea in the center table pouring everyone teacups with tea. She sat at the end of the couch, followed by Yuki, Rena, Haruka and me. Well being the farthest would give me advantage not to be the center of attention.

"This smells good!!" Yuki muttered while smelling the tea.

"Yes it also tastes good." Paruru commented after sipping the cup.

"So Atsuko how is it?" Now the question and answer portion started the part that I hated.

"How is it?"Atsuko repeated confuse with Yuki's question.

"Between you and Yuu-kun, we all know that he live in your house, after you got dismissed at the hospital."Yuki added. Haruka gaze at me, the only girl here that has knowledge of my secret relationship with Yuuchan.

“I’m thankful that he helped me to recover emotionally after the accident." Atsuko answered.

"Emotionally, Acchan stop it, we all know that you love Yuu-kun so much, Stop acting like high school girl anymore." Rena said.

"Can you keep your voice down Yuu-kun was just in the other room."

"Don't worry Acchan, game room was sound proof so the squirrel will not hear our voice." Yuki answered.

"Nothing happened. You know Yuu-kun was gentleman. "Acchan nervously answered.

"Yuu-kun did not do pervert things on you? Wow it sounds like miracle?"Yuki exclaimed in shocked expression.

"But Yuu's family was just waiting for you guys to be official."

"Please don't say like that. Yuu-kun never do perverted stuff, he always respects me. You know it's hard for me to confess I still feel guilty on what happened between  Yuu and Miichan. Kai-kun also told me that Yuu-kun likes hard to get type of girl."My lips curve upward hearing that my boyfriend only do skin ship with me, Kai was helping us halting Atsuko from her confession and lastly my Yuu-chan only loves me.

"That’s the reason why I can't confess."The Atsuko feel depressed for hiding her true feelings. I felt warm hand held on mine."Haruka" I whispered. She answered me with comforting smile. Now I found new ally in her.

"I get it Acchan, Soyou think Yuu-kun still love Manami  after nine years?"

"I don't know but he haven't date anyone seriously since then."

"Or it may be his hiding a girlfriend."Yuki utter and looked at me "What do you think Haru?"I tighten my gripped on Haruka after hearing Yuki's question. She smiled and caressed my hand made my whole body calm.

"What?"I asked.

"I'm sorry to intrude but Mayu never said anything about Yuu-niichan dating someone, Onii-chan was too busy being new president of Oshima group I think he’s working so hard to met his parent expectation."Haruka said. I whispered thank you on her ears. She mouthed the word 'we are family now.' I’m touched on young girl’s words.

"Whoa I never taught Yuu is that serious?"Yuki was surprised hearing the fact from Mayu's new girl.

"Yuu-kun was really engrossed with work he often takes over time or sometimes he went home late." Acchan stated.

"Yuu was always passionate about something he wanted but that changes after was forced  Miichan went to London. I'm happy that he finally returned from his old self."Rena said while smelling her tea.

"You seem a little disappointed for letting the big fish escaped my friend. "Yuki teased Rena.

"Stop it Yuki I only love Jurio."Rena hissed.

"Yah, right."

"How about you Haru, How was your love life? Are you dating someone now?"The question that I expect to ask has finally arrived.

"I'm too busy with my career I don't think I have time to date anyone right now."

"You’re such a career woman?"Rena said in sarcastic way.

"But you haven't been dating since high school, or you’re the one who’s hiding boyfriend? Tell us Haru?" Yuki look at me with suspecting eyes.

"No way, You all know that I'm hard to please, do you think I would agree hiding my relationship. " I hissed

"No need to be in a temper. Haru I'm just asking."Yuki said.

"I'm sorry. I just don't like being interrogated."I answered

"Ok then just tell us what happened in New York for eight years."

Hearing that from Rena makes me breathe easier. Finally I don't have to lie. Editing out Yuuchan in my life in New York was easier rather than talking about hiding him as boyfriend. I'm happy that Haru was beside me, she helped me get thru this conversation without my friend noticing that I'm actually lying about not dating anybody. I really happy to find someone who I can rely on times like this, Even though she was also lying covering Yuu from my girl friends.

Game room


Achooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!I sneezed..

"I think someone was talking behind Me." wiping my nose with tissue.

"What do you expect? This is a reunion party for the girls in the life of Oshima boy's." while Kai giving the first break on the pool.

"Shut up midget" We said in unison. Sai smack his head.

"You will be dating one of those girls in the near future."

"Thanks God this game room was sound proof." Mayu exclaimed.

"Yes I can't still help myself not to be amazed on this room. Kai-senpai this is heaven, a bar, arcade games, x-box and billiard table. In one room this is genius.."He embraced Kai who was putting chalk in his cue stick. " I and Rena often visit your house but you never tell me that you have something like this."

Kai put his hand on Jurio's face" Get off me kid I will not hit the next ball if you keep attaching yourself." My midget best friend position his self to hit the next ball leaning closer to the table.

"If I tell you that I have something like this in my house you will always bother me in every weekend."

"I will never do that but I will think twice a month was cool." He pushed Kai making him missed to hit the ball.

"What the, Jurio?"

My midget friend grabs the youngest guy on his collar.

"That’s enough."  I said while rubbing the billiard chalk on my cue stick. “Kaiboy I don’t think you’re having some progress with Acchan."

"What is it Yuuboy? Are you guy's hiding things from us?" Sai curiously asked.

"No, We are not, it’s just we don't meet like this for a month."

"So tell us Anikii?"

"It's Yuuboy’s idea to make Atsuko fall in love with me.."

"What? make Acchan fall for you?"The three laugh in unison.

"Guys thanks for being supportive with this mission." Yuu said dismissively.

"But Yuuboy we all know how was Acchan is blindly in love with Yuu.," Sai blurted out

"I'm sorry guys, You know if god only make me taller then I'm closed to perfection."

"Geez bro, Try to brag in front of Haruna-san then let’s see if you could still say that."

"You know I can only say this when she's not around."He everyone on the room laugh.

"But seriously you should do something to make her yours."I lean closer on the billiard table finding the right angle, where my cue ball could hit the next ball.

"I'm trying, but our conversations always end up on you. Do you know if Yuu-kun still loves Miichan? Is he dating someone? am I being too dependent to him? I want him to stop seeing me as his little sister I want him to be my future husband."

My jaws dropped when I heard How Acchan can say her feelings  with my bestfriend."I-I never know about it."I stuttered.

"You never know because you’re not giving her chance to but I understand why. But I'm thankful every time she talked to me about her feelings for you, because that made us closer but this is torture."He sipped the bear on his hand.

I averted my gaze to my best friend, As I saw my other buddies felt pity about our friends experience trying to get Atsuko's attention.

"I apologize dude, I never know, At least now I understand why your taking things slow but you have to move man. Time is running." I clutched his shoulder.

"But at least you've already leave your mark Kai."Sai said.

"You know I felt that way too with this younger Oshima who made me like living saint."Sai pointed Mayu using his beer.

"What do you mean living saint? You’re enjoying other girl’s every night when Yuki and i are still together, scumbag."

"What do you mean Saiboy?"

"Hey stop saying that you’re disrespecting your brother too." Sai released a big ball off air in his lips sitting on the stool on the bar."You know Yuki and I started as enemies too, she hates me being jerk. While the younger Oshima over there was perfect boyfriend material but I'm really onto her I tried to draw closer to her until we become friends. She's already dating Mayu on that time I hate that feeling too, until she finally quit the pressure of going out with this Oshima boy."He drinks the beer in his hand."I was there when she was screaming for Mayu name. Seeing her heart shattered onto pieces I just took everything I see and swallow my pride, being the only person that she relies on was more important than my pain. Mayu was lucky to have Yuuboy as his brother if guys are not blood related I might hunt you down.


"Forget about it, we are ENGAGE now, she loves me now. Living with her was all that matter."Sai explained

"In two months she will be Mrs. Miyazawa Yuki.."

"Congratulations dude!" I know that even though he already moved on Yuki always had special place in my brother’s heart. My ikemen friend and offered a tossed to my brother.

"You just have to carry on what you’re doing, Put all your cards in the line."

"Yes I felt the same way too. You know how Rena-chan was really in love with Yuu-aniki. Even though I always try to confess my love for her she never accepts it. Rena confessed her feelings for Yuu-senpai but he never felt the same way, you know how many times I cursed you from not returning her feelings. I almost want to crush your face after you break with her."

"Juuboy I can still remember your punch. I tried to I thought that accepting her feeling will not hurt her. She's my best friend’s cousin that’s why I can't reject her feelings but I'm so lost with Miichan’s fate. I turn out that I hurt her more. I'm stupid that time."I still regret of hurting my best friends cousin. I thought accepting some ones love will make me move on but I made wrong decision. That almost cost my friendship with Kai.

"I don't want to remember it; we didn't talk for two months when you hurt Rena-chan."Kai annoyed said

"I'm sorry; See I have my karma now."


"See Kai, Love is not easy. It's easy to fall in love with someone but commitment takes everything in you. Do something dude. Don't be afraid to being hurt because not doing anything will hurt you more."Sai said to Kai in comforting tone.

"I guess boys of Oshima family made our love life complicated."Jurio complained.

"It's really hard to be irresistible." Mayu said proudly.

"I think being little naughty made us invincible."I brag.

"Shut up squirrel!!!!, Invisible in girls locker rooms."Kai hissed.

Mayu and I do our Oshrii signiture post and we all laugh harmoniously..


"Ok, Now I will do everything to make my princess mine."Kai exclaimed while throwing his right fist in the air.

"That's our soldier."Sai added.

We continue our billiard match .Kai seemed to be too determined to win Acchan's heart that shown, as he won the game. After two hours everybody went home. Mayu send Haruka in her house, Jurio did the same with Rena. Sai and Yukirin were living together in their own house. While Atsuko and Nyan nyan both take cab.

I mailed Nyan nyan that I will not be coming home since my best friend needs help to clean his apartment. I put empty beer bottle in the trash can, arranged the billiard cue stick in the rack. As Kai clean the bar, he seemed day dreaming about Acchan doing things over and over. Sai really helped him not to lose hope and fight for Acchan's love. I'm glad that this fake housewarming party did something good to my best friend.

It seemed like my girlfriend doesn’t like the idea of me sleeping here. An hour past but she didn’t reply to my message. 'That cat girl I mumbled. Tsun tsun as always she can just mail me to come home after I help Kai cleaning. She’s mad I know it as this is her hobbit.

I took my stuff in the guest room that I have not had a chance to get it since me and Nyan nyan fight. I bid my farewell to my best friend and leave. He still dreamy when I left and little concerned about his mental stability that makes me chuckle.


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Chapter 20

Haruna’s POV

My body was all soaked in bathtub, relaxing after stressful night chatting with my friends. Even if I’m happy seeing them and having some catch up talk, lying really freaks me. Back in our college days Atsuko was sent to France to finish her degree in business, Rena and Yuki entered University in Tokyo and I do not go to college to pursue modeling..Good girl isn’t? But because Yuu’s parents ask me to finish fashion marketing in Parson’s in New York I can say that I’m not a complete airhead, thanks to my genius squirrel who have patience tutoring me.   I always felt this anxious whenever I go out with them. Of course they can openly talk about their men and they have hobbit of interrogating me if I already have boyfriend or going out with someone. It annoys me that I can’t talk about Yuu. But now I met Haruka for the first time, she asked me if I can be her older sister, now I have new ally who I can tell stories knowing this for her is fine as she’s also part of Oshima family that I always dream of.

Then I remembered something speaking of my boy friend that squirrel never fails to piss me. First he acted that I never exist in front of our friends and now he mailed me that he will be sleeping with his best friend. He knew that I’m really upset lying with my friends but his never even talk to me about  what happened, he doesn’t even call me and checked if I got home safe that squirrel really has to learn his lesson.

As I finish to drying my hair I heard a sound of my doorbell. Who pays visit at eleven in the evening? I walk lazily opening the door finding a familiar figure of the man I’ve been missing for two hours.

“Nyan nyan” He screams and pounces to me.

“Yuuchan?" I said surprised.

"I thought you will be sleeping at Kai-kun’s place."I pulled his hand inside my apartment noticing that he brought his stuff along with him. He faced me with puckered lips I comply with a kiss.

"I’d rather be with my sexy girlfriend than spending the night with my hallucinating best friend."He pecked on my cheeks and drags his big suit case in my room. I helped him, it appears like he will never be going back to their house with the stuff he had.

"It’s just half of your stuff? Did you just bring everything in your closet, when you move to Acchan’s place?”

“Hehe, Kind a."His rubbing the back of his neck with cheeky grin plastered in his face that pisses me more..

"Tell me Yuuchan are you thinking of staying there for good?" He took back his gaze at me while processing what I mean. He did not answer me he just shook his head and put his luggage in the corner of my room.

"Why are you not answering me?" I snapped.

"I did not come here to fight Nyan nyan." He said disappointedly.

"I’m sorry."I looked down flopped my body to the bed.

"Baka Yuuchan.” He didn’t utter a word after that and directly went to the bathroom, I hear water streaming he might be taking a shower. I mumbled. Thirty minutes past until he finish I shifted my body making him face my back.  He took his pajama off the closet and went out of our room. I waited for him to comeback but he never did.”That squirrel, what’s wrong with him? He told me that he wants to spend the night with me but he was acting like this. Why was he not persuading me? He should be forcing to touch my body right now? He should be sweet talking to me? He acted like I don’t exist in the party and now his acting cold towards me.” I went to the door peeking what my squirrel was doing. But I don’t see any trace of him I went to the kitchen and living area, only to find him sleeping in my couch. My tears rolled down on my cheeks. He might be getting tired of me. I walk towards my couch near his feet. As I walked towards him I notice that his eyes are open staring at the stars from the window that my body was blocking now. He closed his eyes and folded his arms to cover it like he is avoiding me.

“Yuu-chan” I called him like a daughter seeking for his dad’s attention. He did not answer.

“Yuu-chaaaaan” I called him again now I kneel and rest my chin in his chest. I try to remove his arm that covering his eyes but I can’t.

“Yuu-chaaaan I’m sorry, please sleep with me."I sobbed in his chest."Please don’t get mad. I don’t want you to hide from me again…"I nuzzled my face in his chest. I felt his hand caressing my head. I look at him I crawled on his top, I spread my legs in his torso wrap my arm in his neck and rest my head in his chin.

"If you don’t want to sleep in my room then I will sleep here like this.”

“So this is it?" He said with mad tone again.

"I’m sorry.. Please don’t act like this." I have taken aback with his actions.

"So this how it feels, I’m kind of enjoying acting cold. I wonder what if I do this whenever we fight."I pouted my lips with my tears started to fall. I smack his chest over and over again.

"Baka Yuu-chan!!!.Baka!!! Baka!!! You scared me.. You perverted squirrel."He chuckled. "Did you enjoy scaring me?” I smack his chest hard.

“Ittai !! Nyan nyan!!!You’re making me mad again."He warned me. Yuu pulled my head with his right hand and sealed my lips for a kiss while the other held my hand from hitting and placed it his right chest. I feel his heart beat screaming inside. He began to nibble my lower lips.

"I love you."I mumble in his lips. He stopped and brushed my hair with his fingers upward.

"You already know my answer baby."I cupped his face and dive for his lips. We shared our lips passionately feeling our heart beating in sync only escaping from each other when our lungs need to fill some air. He started unbuttoning my top but I halt his hand on going further.

"Yuu-chaaaaa” I moaned as his lips were sucking my neck. I pulled his hair to stop him.

“Why baby?”

“I have!!!!!!He already knows what it means. His face was flushed when I said the bad news.

"I just notice it after taking bath." He gulped and averted his gaze to me.

"Yuu-chaaaaaaan says something?”

“What should I have to say?”

“You’re still disappointed about your stuff and then I keep you hanging.” I said while hugging his neck tightly. He chuckled and kiss my lips..

“Do you think I can’t handle myself, I used of this feeling Nyan nyan."He brushed my nose in him."And about my stuff yes I got mad but after taking shower its gone.”

“But why didn’t lain beside me?”

Yuu released big ball of air in his lips” I’ m just avoiding another argument Nyan nyan.“ He hugged me tightly.

"You scared me baby."I said to him while my index finger was poking his dimples.

"Can I sleep in your chest in my room Yuu-chan?”

He hummed.“ That’s if you let me touch you.”

“You will still do it even if I disagree.”

. “Let’s go?” We giggled harmoniously.

“Ok."I pulled him up and went back to our room…..

 Kai’s POV

A week after the fake house warming party, I continue being Acchan’s ally and someone she can share her thought about my best friend Yuu. It sucks being in this position, but as Saiboy said that I have to swallow everything for the person I love. That’s the reason why I continued being masochist. As I talked recently to Acchan she started to distance and plays hard to get to Yuuboy. It’s her way to win the squirrel heart. Me ah, shit I still don’t have solid plan. This should be perfect timing to make my move too while Yuuboy was distancing himself to Acchan. I think I need some squirrel’s advice to formulate a plan to win Acchan. Yes I will ask him to hang out in my place after work..


No fight…No argument…..This week was running smoothly with my relationship. I’ve become more productive to work as my stress to my cat girl lessen, well she return to her usual tsun tsun character, who always shove, smack, and runs whenever I try to touched her body. Even though I missed the possessive Nyan nyan, but being with the tsun tsun cat is better, now I’m experiencing world piece…This past days she often hang out with my future sister in law .It’s a good thing she found new friend with her…Haruna told me that she’s happy that beside her sister she can open up about our relationship, I’m glad that slowly our relationship was turning to be normal..But I’m little worried about my childhood friend. I notice that Atsuko was acting strange lately, she never stayed in my office longer than she used to. I think she was up to something as I still feel that she is not giving up her feelings. How I wish she could let it go…I don’t want complication again, Nyan nyan cried too much and I’m hurting to see my girlfriend insecure about Atsuko.

I release a heavy sigh, Finally my work hour was over having two hours of overtime drained my body.. I flopped my body on the couch of my office. Which I usually do whenever I’m in a break or I’m getting tired off work..Resting before going home become my hobbit, Little rest will be my reward, I heard a loud knock from my door.. My secretary and executive assistant went home already….I open the door to find out who was paying a visit to my office after work hours..

“A-atsuko!!!” I mumbled her name in surprise..Her eye turns onto sharp glare maybe because I didn’t call her on her nick name I ask her to go inside my office and sit in front of me…
“Your executive assistant told me that you’re still working so I try to pass by." Wait this is strange, there something strange in the way she talk. Where is the sweet Acchan that I used to know?

"What’s with the mood, Acchan? Work hours are over you can talk normally.

"Why Yuu-kun is something wrong in the way I speak?.”

“Oh no, no It’s just, forget about it…." I wave my hand.

"What’s with the visit?”

“Now your acting like you forgot about our bet.”

“ Bet?” I scratch the back of my head trying to remember what Acchan was talking about. She rolled her tongue and shook her head.

“Now that you’re paying for my meal you act like you forget the bet.”

“Oh I remember.” I snapped my fingers as I recalling our bet \  that if she manage to stay in one month I will treat her..

“Now Yuu-kun?” She smiles with me and put her palm in front of me…

“Do I really have to do it now?" I beg her with puppy eyes.

"Yes.."She said in serious tone.. What’s wrong with her she suddenly reminds me of Nyan nyan…

"Ok…. I will pay for your meal but you should buy me parfait."I show my best smile.

I saw her face turn red…. Shit I’m doing this again stop with your players antics Yuuboy..But I really am craving for Ice cream…Ha forget about I will be more careful next time…

We went to Acchan’s favorite restaurant, It’s seems like I’m enjoying the atmosphere in this restaurant. Nyan nyan mailed me that she’s going out shopping with Haruka… I answered her mail that I will be having dinner with Acchan..She agreed on it, Wow. My future sister in law has a good effect with my girlfriend. It’s the first time that Haruna didn’t bombard my phone with death threats..Atsuko went to the powder room, As I remain waiting for our order…But I notice two familiar figure talking to the waiter for available table….I averted my gaze to them…I may not receive any death threat but my death sentence arrived..

"Yuu-niichan is that you?” I was still processing how to react on my future sister in-law.

“Yuuchan” My girlfriend called me with strict tone.

“Hey!! Haruna-san and Paruru why are you here?  wha- what a coincidence. ” I ask them to join me on the table..Haruna sat beside me while Paruru sat on the empty chair beside Acchan. Is this coincidence or Nyan nyan was stalking me.

"I never thought you like this place too? Paruru asked.

"Atsuko love this place.”

“I look at the cat girl beside me” and It surprised me that she’s calm and doesn’t have any trace of jealousy..She smiled at me and I answer with a nod.. The cute girl in front of us was looking at us with envy look.

“Yuu-niichan you two look lovely."Haruka teased, Nyan nyan blushed with the younger girls cute antics.

"Stop it Paruru, Acchan is just in the powder room.” Nyan nyan pinch my waist.

I shove her hand “It’s not funny Nyan nyan…How about we invite Mayu and Paru on our place this weekend.”

“Can I cook for us..”

“Well thank you Paruru…"Knowing my girl friends cooking sucks..

” I love Haruka’s company..“Haruna talked sweetly but before I can answer her Acchan went back from powder room..

Acchan got surprised of the two girls sudden appearance in our dinner, disappointment is really obvious on her face as she rarely join the two girls who’s having fun of talking about girly stuff. After our main course the desserts arrive, finally I can have strawberry parfait.  I’ve been craving for this for the whole day. Atsuko smiled at me I answer her with a quick smile too. Haruna noticed it and pinch my thigh..My lips curve upwards trying to shut my mouth on letting any sound. I look at Haruna with pissed expression then she stop and bows her head.

"It’s strange that no one plays piano for today.” Haruka eyeing the empty Baby piano not far from our table.

“So you love classical music too Shimazaki-san?"Atsuko asked the girl beside her.

"Yes I love listening to classical music.”

“Mayu was a great pianist too."I added.

"Yes Mayu was good."Atsuko said and look at the piano that was 5 feet away.

"Yuu-kun always loves to play river that flows into you…”

Haruna held my hand under the table and took her gaze onto me.

"You want me to play it Acchan?”

“Really?!!! "

It’s been long time since you haven’t play that piece.." She clapped her hand in excitement.I wipe my lips with napkin, stood up and ask managers permission to play the piano…

I look at the table were my Nyan nyan was seated she smile. The last time I performed this piece was on Nyan nyan birthday. I played this in hotel lounge in New York. When I am about to shift my body to the piano I saw Atsuko with happy face. It’s been eight years since I vowed to Nyan nyan that I will only play this piece for her, that’s why, whenever Acchan asked me to play this piece I always tried excuse or play much difficult song for her..

Acchan POV

Every time he plays a piano on social gatherings and privately I always asked him to play this piece for me but He always playing harder piece. However I love seeing Yuu-kun playing this, its feels that the emotion whenever of the music is dedicated for me.
And after eight years of not hearing him play, He finally did. How I wish I was seated beside him, so I can see his face nearer while playing .But for now I’ll be happy hearing this piece played again by Yuu-kun, the feelings in every note of the song.

Haruna POV

I’ve never felt this happiness after hanging out with Yuuchan and Atsuko. It’s whether having a quarrel with my boyfriend or cursing the other girl, who’s obviously flirting with my squirrel.

Yuuchan played two more song after river flow into you.. Everybody applaud his skills in every piece he played. I can’t help not to blush, being so proud of him. I also saw Acchan amused face watching Yuuchan play. But my attention always returns on my handsome boyfriend. When the third song ended, He stood up and bowed his head…Cheers and claps are given by the other costumers in exchange on his performance.

We all decide to head home after his performance. Yuuchan drove Atsuko home while I send Paruru home.

Now were both resting in our bed..His reading the book then I rested my head in his shoulder. I looked at his face from time to time… Handsome as ever, the image of him playing was still in my mind, I giggled.

"What is it Nyan nyan, Do I have dirt in my face?” I shook my head and peck on his cheeks.“ Woah?!Tell me Nyan nyan, what did I do to make you act like this?" I shook my head again. He put the book on the bedside table and sigh..

"Ok if you don’t want to answer me I think I have to get it by force."Yuuchan started to poke my waist giving me tickles.

"Stop it…" I hold both of his hands But this stupid squirrel. Acted like he doesn’t know the meaning of stop…

I peck on his lips that made him pause from torturing me with his finger, we both trying to catch our breath after laughing on our silly game..He return on his sleeping position and fixed his pillow..

"Tired already?" I teased seductively. He looked at me with confused expression his reaction whenever I caught him off guard." I think my pervert squirrel was aging now?" He return his gaze back in me..

"Nah, I’m just reserving my energy tomorrow.." He answered

I pouted.

"Yuuchan didn’t want to play?" I whined, startled by my action he move his head aback.” You are always preoccupied by work and only give me little time.“

"He pulled my arm making me closer to him."Are you getting tired of me?”.I ask he just chuckled.

“You’re silly, Nyan nyan." He flicked my forehead

"Ittai” I protested and he kissed the spot where his fingers landed.

“You’ve really change a lot Yuuchan.” A huge grin was plastered in his face.

“What’s wrong baby don’t you like tamed squirrel?”

“I like it but I love the playful squirrel more.“

“So I’m right. You’re missing the pervert side of me. Don’t you?”

He teased and trying to reach for my asset.

“Baka, I said playful not pervert."He paused for awhile but continued reaching my asset.

"Oh, come on Nyan nyan you’re enjoying it too, don’t you?" I slapped his head.

"Ittai..” He kissed my lips and lay on the bed.

“We should sleep early because we need to work tomorrow Nyan nyan."I rested my head in his arm..

"Yuuchan” He hummed “I heard Atsuko said that you haven’t play river flows into you whenever she requests it?

"Because that piece is for my Nyan nyan ears only.” his other hand embraced my waist.

“You really kept your promise."He smile..

“I can only play it right whenever you’re around.”

“ Sweet talker.”

“No baby I’m romantic."

He kissed my lips and rested his chin on my forehead then leaves a peck on my hair. I answered it kissing his neck..I don’t hear him responding with my kisses. No moan or groans. When I lifted my eye in his face I heard a low snore from his lips. What the heck was this one of his games again? I suck his neck leaving some mark but his still not responding, his really tired. Now I know how it feels whenever I acted asleep just to avoid doing it with him…


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Still Atsuko did not find out about Yuu and Haruna real status

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

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And finally you finish this chapter and same as in your tumblr. Im wait the real drama, hehe
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Chapter 21

Kai's POV

Walking inside Oshima groups building with courage to ask Atsuko for a date I mean lunch date... All I need is to make her fall for me despite the fact that she is madly in love with my best friend I'm still here trying to put everything in line...It's easy for me to ask her out, all I need  is to use Yuu's name..

"Oh Kai-kun why are you here?" She noticed me standing outside her office.


"Ah Acchan, I was about to knock on your door.."

"Why are you here?"

"I'm from Yuu's office for meeting I ask him out but he said he have other schedule so I went here.. Can we you know?" Atsuko seems confused on what I’m saying, fuck Kai say something…


“I’m starving.  Do you want to eat with me?”

I replied with a quick nod. Oh god.. Thank you for answering my prayers.

"Re- really!" Atsuko smiled brightly... Then we headed to the elevator..When the elevator door opens we saw Yuu talking on the phone..From the aura that surrounds him, he must be talking to Kojima-san noticing us walking in. Yuu responsively said goodbye to the line and put his phone back to his pocket…

"Are you guys having lunch together?"Yuu said with his brows curve upward.. This guy never fails to ruin my day if he wanted…


"Yes, Yuukun want to join?"


He paused and eyed me tilting his head waiting for me to say no..This stupid squirrel is doing it again I shook my head and give him a warning glare earning a wryly smiled from him..When Atsuko was about to turn his head on me Yuu cleared his throat.


"No.. Sorry but I have a meeting, maybe next time."


I know who is he meeting with. We parted our ways when the lift reached the ground floor…


Yuu’s Pov


I finished all my work for today as I want to spend the night with Nyan nyan. I entered our flat not buzzing on her door as I want my surprise be different this time. I walk silently as she was busy fixing the dining table... I carefully snake my hands on her waist holding a bouquet of pink roses on my hand..


"Happy Anniversary, baby"

" Yuuchan!!!!!?"She pushed my body lightly and glared at me..

"Why, did I do something wrong?"

"It's just July Yuuchan our anniversary is in February do you think your mistaking it from other girl's anniversary?!"She rolled her eyes while gritting her teeth..


"You're the one wrong baby remember the day I claimed your lips in music room? And that was the day I fell for you." I scooted to her body leaving a kiss on her shoulder..She smiled while sniffing the roses.."Do you remember it now?"She nodded...


"My whole world revolves around you since that day.."I kissed her lips but she pushed my body a little.


"You should taste my cooking before eating me..."


How I wish your cooking is as tasteful as you're body..I gulped not knowing if I will be happy about what I've heard so this her surprised.. I sat on the chair and she served the food on my table..


"Does it look good?"Do I really have to answer her sometimes I wanted to be deaf so I have a reason not to respond..


"Yuuchan!!!!" Stomping her feet while pouting cutely..


"Yes baby, I was just analyzing your dish can I have some rice."


"Ah yes I forget it.. Wait here don't eat yet wait for me.." I nodded.Oh my god she's so enthusiastic ending my life..


What if I leave now and said I have emergency on my work cause basing from the appearance of her dish I might head to emergency room.


"Yuuchan here is your rice.." Holy muffin she's really eager to end my life..I drink a lot of water like I usually do to made my stomach full so I can burp faster and just put an act later...


"Oh!" God please save me... Haruna scoop a spoonful of rice with the dish that she cooks...Holy cobra. How I wished she scooped more rice than her dish but I don't think my prayers are heard..


"Ah”, She said while putting the spoon on my mouth.. I comply opening my mouth wide but my mind is really cursing the food. Though it’s already inside I'm still hesitant to close and savor the dish...




"How is it?”She playfully asked me..


"Oishii "I raised my two thumbs up.... “its curry " I never knew what it is until I taste it though I have a hint with a smell but....but… It’s totally unexplainable.


"Really you like it.?" I nodded my head fast..I've finish everything so fast and ask for another bowl of rice..


"Nyan nyan, why is this dish taste so good?"


"Paru taught me how to cook" She grab the flowers on the table and sniffed..


"So you're having some cooking lesson for me?"


"No.. It’s just.."I know she is denying it again.


"Ok fine, I won't be asking much. Thank you for the food.."


"Yuuchan, are you mad?"I did not answer her and go directly to the kitchen washing the bowl and utensil I used.


"Baby, Of course I'm learning to cook because I want you to be proud of me.."


"Oh I thought you're just doing this because you don't want to lose to Acchan.


"Yuuchan?" She started tugging my polo..


"You said no, I'm just assuming it you're competing with her again."


"Why, because you think that I will not win against her? "I wiped my hands with towel while looking at her..


"Seriously Nyan nyan I'm getting tired of this."


My hands cupped her shoulders and left a kiss on her forehead.

“I know your insecure but I love you and everything about you.. Your tsundere character, you always made me feel that you didn’t care but in fact you really are..." I tucked some of her hair strand on her ear.


"Stop competing cause you already win me... I'm just with Acchan like his elder brother nothing more... My future wife who’s cooking really improves thank you for feeding me a dish full of hard work. I know it’s not easy for you." Lifting her hand and stared on her index finger with band aid."I love everything about you.." I made her turn around and smooch on my lips but stops and covered my mouth with her fingers..


"You're lips taste like curry rice..."


I brushed my nose on hers "It should taste a good?" She shook her head and left me on the kitchen. Sometimes the way her way of avoiding things like this really turns me on but ah buzz from my pocket halt me from following my cat in our room..It's Kai with SOS message on my phone..


Kai’s POV


Ok, It's me and Atsuko this will be my time.. I’ve take her on one of the nicest restaurant in Tokyo…She should see me now..I fixed my sit and collect all the courage to start a conversation... Why am I having a hard time talking to her now? Think Kai… and never forget being confident but not flashy..


"A-ano, Atsuko?" She looked at me while waiting what am I going to say..


" How's the food, did you like it?


"Un.." She nodded...


"How the places do you like it here?"


"Hmm??? Why keep on asking Kai-kun do you have plans of acquiring this restaurant?"Oh men Ho-how can I answer?


" No - no, I'm just concern if -if this restaurant is making you comfortable...


"Yes, I like it…..But don’t you think we enjoy this if Yuu-kun joined us…." I was speechless on what she just said… Like breaking all my courage… It’s Yuu again….Atsuko could you even stop thinking about him for a second.. I want to rage but thinking about her situation I close my eyes, suffocated by the pain…We finished our meal with just random conversation...Totally nothing..I lost it a gain...Her chauffer fetched her that makes me standing outside in frustration.


"What a waste!!" I ruffled my hair ...I invited my best friend Yuuboy to drink with me.. His refusing at first as he want to spend the night with his girlfriend but this is emergency and they can have all the time they want if their problem with Atsuko is resolved..


"Oi, what happened on your date Kaiboy?" Yuu patted my shoulder..


“Two whisky.. ." I said to the bartender...When the bartender handed our drinks Yuu shook his hands.


"No, I'm not going to drink. Nyan nyan will not allow me to kiss her if my breath smells alcohol.."


"Then you will never had a chance to kiss her if you will not help me.."


" Oi-Oi ... Why you’re raising your voice at me, Kai? Now it’s obvious that your date didn’t turn out well?”


"Yes another dinner with her childhood FRIEND.. I can't even say something that will not ends our conversation to you.."

"Ah, Is that so? Calm down bro.....I know this is hard for as you've wanted to reach out your feelings to her. But ok what do you want to know about Atsuko?"


"How can I make her fall for me?"


"That is simple you should know how to be like me.."


"No way.." I muttered without second thought.."I don't want to be as pervert like you.." Yuu stood up and is about to leave...


"Do you need help or you just need someone to make fun of?"


"Ok…. ok...Explain it thoroughly."He returned to his sit and drinks the glass of whisky in one gulped..


"You should know how to treat her the way I do.." He said while holding the glass while pointing his index fingers..


“I don't get you?"


"You know my friend you two are perfect match in terms of being clueless.." He chuckled.


"Not like the pervert couple.." He stop and laugh harder.."Tsk.. if you're girl only hears what you're saying..."When he manage to catch his breath. "You know girls are simple Kai you just have to appreciate them .."


"Appreciate them?"

“My clueless brother, you should start by saying good things about like their appearance, how does her shoes, bag, or clothes suits her, most specially that special trait that If she’s cute, lovely, do you find her gorgeous… Compliment... girls love being appreciated.."


I nodded on every advice that he gave, apprehending all the things that I have to learn so I will not returned being shut in front of Atsuko.. Yuu and I continued drinking until we both decided to go home..



Yuu's POV



I've promise Haruna that I'll be quick but it’s seem like my body's missing alcohol too. I knew when it sooths on my throat its making me feel that we’ve missing each other.. I want to drink more..I look at the time on my wristwatch.. "Why does the time run so fast when I'm enjoying and so slow when I'm working?" I chuckled realizing how stupid my conclusion is..I silently sneak inside her flat not wanting to disturb my girlfriend on her slumber... I didn’t turn the lights on and tip toed while entering her flat...Then suddenly her lights from living area to the main door turns on one by one...


"Sugoi" I was amaze like a kid following the lights at the ceiling with my mouth agape. I straighten my body in act of not being drunk, seeing Haruna standing about five feet away with her arms crossed and remote tapping on her arms.......


"You promise me that this will be my night, tell me Oshima did you enjoy your date with Kai?"


"No baby you know how much I want spending my free time with you.."


"Then what happened?" She walk to her room stomping her feet...I grinned it's seems like my kitten wants to be pampered again.. I followed her while removing my tie and my coat.. I  saw  her sitting on the edge of bed..I put both of my hands in my pocket..


"Kai needs advise baby it's hard for him to persuade Atsuko..He needs our support.."I kneel in front of her and kiss her hands...


"I thought I'll be quick but..."


"But?"  Fuck I'm running out reasons I think alcohol accumulated my brain…


"But it's hard baby you know how Kai gets timid when it front of Atsuko. He can't even think straight so I just give him encouragement.."  If you don’t know how to reason out then be honest about it..


"Yes I know we also had misunderstanding before because of that and I admire Kai-kun's patience and dedication with Atsuko."Why am I not happy hearing that..


"But baby I'm like that to right?"I said while reaching for her lips but Haruna evades it by covering my mouth..


"No, you stink Yuuchan.."


"Baby I'm testing your love for me.." Then continued reaching on her lips..


"No, Yuuchan !!" I return sitting on the edge of the bed..


"Ok if you won't allow me to kiss you then let me just have skin ship..." I squeeze her thigh earning a yelp from her..




I grinned being satisfied with her response..


"You want it too, don't you?” Then my sneaky hand trailed upward to her bosom..




"Your only determine on harassing me Yuuchan!!!” Her voice surrounds our flat that made me cringed.


"Ittai!!! Your cruel Nyan nyan..." Complaining while cupping my swollen cheeks.Her slap is getting stronger as time pass...


I tuck my lips acting like a kid deprived with candies..


"Stop acting like that Oshima your annoying.. " I burried my face on our bed sheet continued acted like crying while swinging my legs.. "Ok if you’re not going to clean your self then I will sleep in the other room.." I stop and shifted my gaze on her, she seemed serious this time..


"Nee, Nyan nyan what if I slowly reveal our relationship to Atsuko..." Haruna face turns pale head turning down slowly while tightening the grip on sleeve of my coat.


"Stop joking Yuuchan you now that your parent would rage if you do that and don't use it to get what you want"


I return on my sitting position and held her hand this time I'm no longer looking at her...


" I'm serious now Nyan nyan. If I see Atsuko starts to fall on Kai then I will slowly reveal it." I rubbed her knuckles.. Haruna burried her face on my shoulder and her other hand is hagging my back.

"Haruna..." I called her but her response is just tigthening the grip on my back...

"My parents will never be satisfied about our hardship and the only way to solve it..." Haruna covered my mouth with her fingers and shook her head. Her eyes are starting to be teary..I kiss her forehead now she let me do it like forgetting about my smell..I cupped her face ...


"I want Nyan nyan to be free  ..."She shook my body and hugged my neck.. "You've promised me that you're not breaking up.."


"No Nyan nyan, what I'm telling you is even if my family disowns me... I don't mind because we've already put up a fight .. And your so good baby..I know that you've dream of being accepted fully but eight years is enough..."I hugged her tight.. Haruna does not speak I know she's understanding this...""




President Oshima Yuu’s Office





“Come In”… Yuu said it with a little loud voice..” What brings you here Kai? I thought you will be having a closed door meeting with planning department head.” He returns reading the document on his hand after a glimpse from the door.


“I’m sorry dude I know your busy but” He cut his sentence thinking the right words to explain to his best friend what happened with him and Acchan in elevator.. He wanted to know what Acchan meant to him before the woman goes out in the elevator.


“Continue I’m listening.”


“Remember last night, you told me to compliment Acchan so she will get a hint that I’m interested on her.”


“Yes did you do it?” The president continues reading his document while having conversation with his friend.”


“I complimented the necklace that she wears and tell her that she should always wear because it suits her. Then she answered me. Yuu told me the same thing when he gave this to me on my birthday.”


“Ah I remember, now the one with ruby it is her birthstone. She told me she really likes it and will wear it often. But that was bad she didn’t notice your compliment but remembered mine.”


“Then I tried after few minutes I tried to compliment her purse and I told her she really knows how to match it with her dress and the color combinations are good…”


“What? The color combinations are good? Where did you get that bro? You really are from a Construction firm General Manager Takahashi..” Yuu stop from reading documents stand up from his chair and started to walk in front of his best friend.


“But I can’t tell her that dress suits her and she looks sexy on it. She will think I’m pervert.”


“You should have told her that her purse compliments her dress and she looks elegant. Learn some adjective bro..”


“I’ m- I can’t think right in front of her and I also compliment her shoes.” Kai continued speaking with his head down..


“You compliment her three times in few seconds inside the elevator. It’s so trying hard you know let me guess, You compliment her shoes you told her that the design looks good, She answered  you, I don’t know your really in to girl stuff Kai. Do you want to know brand of my shoes?” He mimics the voice of Acchan while telling Kai the same lines that the latter told her best friend.”


“Eh? How did you know?”


Yuu stared at his best friend with the disbelief, sat on the couch in front of his desk.  When everything sinks in he started to laugh leaving his best friend with flushed face.” Now she thinks you are gay and want to ask her some girly stuff.” And Yuu continued laughing…


“What seriously Yuu , did I leave her with that impression?” Yuu just nod his head because he can’t stop himself from laughing..


“Yuu you should help me. Please dude! That was the last thing I want her to think of me..”  Kai kneeled in front of Yuu pleading for his best friend’s advice..


“Forget it you’re the worst.”


“But she is thinking that I’m gay. How can I make her fall in love with me?” The other midget sighs in frustration.


“Just act that the elevator situation never happened ok..” Yuu patted his best friend shoulder.




“No more but just act like nothing happened your clueless or let me just say be yourself..” The president help his best friend stand up from kneeling and nudge his right shoulder..”I think we need back up for this. I never thought my best friend is this bad with girls.”


“What did you say?”


“Go to your meeting with Acchan, remember don’t act strange stop complimenting for now..After work go to our hide out ok, I will send Jurio a message to close the bar for tonight because you really need some enlightenment.  If you don’t come you will never change Acchan’ s impression on you. Get it. Yuu nudge his best friend’s shoulder for the second time.. He answered him with a nod a walk out of the door office..


“Seriously Kai, How did you continue leaving this world not knowing basic knowledge with the women?” President  goes back to his and continue his work.


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AH... Kai is so suck at complementing Atsuko

What's going to happen in the next meeting between Atsuko and Yuu?

Can't wait to find out

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Chapter 22


I’m waiting for Kai in meeting room thinking Kai’s behavior in the elevator to change my thoughts I open my phone and to browse old pictures him reminiscing the memories of my childhood with the guy never leave my side, the man that never stops giving warm smile in cold times, who will always understand and will always reach for my hands. Closing my eyes I felt like traveling from the past playing piano with Yuu and accompanying it with hum on their mansion’s living area. The guy gave me reassuring smile sending a message that everything will be fine.  The scent from his shoulder those eyes that talking to me. Satisfied with the attention and the moment that makes her still feel alive. But hearing kiss in the rain piece stormed my emotions.

“Atsuko if you felt like crying just let it out keeping all in your heart is hard for me too…” Avoiding a contact in his eyes I covered my face with my hand. He seem cast a spell on me as let out the sadness awakened by the melody..

“Promise me that if your chest is screaming the pain let it out and not locked it inside… Because in my ears your cries have no difference with this song, it’s sad but calming….“



I wake up on my castle in the air as the man I’ve been waiting. Kai entered door which is half open.. I wiped the tear in the corner of my eyes then smiled brightly on him even though I still feel weird with the way he acted on the elevator…. Kai did'nt smile back neither greeted he just directly sat right opposite of me… I tilted my head observing how he is acting…. Seriously Kai is acting weird since this morning…. Arranging the files and the picture documentation on the table… I held his hand trying to figure out what he thinking..Kai got startled on my grip causing the papers fell from his hand…

“A-aatsuko?” then fleeing his hand from mine..

“Is there something wrong?”

“No-no Ii-ts just…”

“Why are you stuttering?”

“Ah-I’m ” Kai averted his eyes not answering my question..I excuse my self walking out of the door for awhile asking my staff to bring us water…I returned to my sit handling it to him it’s seem like my sudden absence makes him calm as he finished organizing the file… I handed the glass of water to him that he finished in one gulp…I smiled seeing him back to his self…

“Tha-thank you Atsuko…”

“Are you feeling better now?” He nodded and started discussing coming projects of the company…


After work the three boys who have a playboy reputation gather on Jurio’s bar. It already 7:30 pm Sai, Jurio, and Yuu were waiting for their friend with love problem. Jurio is running out of patience with their late friend..All of their friends know that this kid has short temper with people who did not value time and he is showing it with his face.

“Where is Kai?” Jurio ask his older friend, Yuu answered him by pointing the guy who is walking to their sit.

“I’m sorry we finish our meeting late.”He pat Jurio’s shoulder knowing the youngest  temper when it comes to late comers.”

“How is it spending the day with your princess Kai?”

“Stop it Yuu, You know I can’t talk that much to her. Just pure business and work matters.” It obvious on the midget voices his disappointment.

“Atleast she can see your adorable face for the whole day. You know my friend sometimes love takes time. Remember I spend my high school days just to make Nyan nyan love me. “The small guy sat on the stool in between Jurio and Sae. He pours his glass with scotch and drinks almost half of it.”Ok let start this. The ikemen guy pours his glass with scotch stir his glass a little and smells it.

“Yuu already explained everything. So Kai needs our advice to get Acchan. I thought you are as good as Yuu when it comes to girls but I guess after that elevator thing you really need some lecture.” Then he drinks his scotch.

“Sai- sensei is the best when it comes to girls, He taught me everything.”Jurio pours Kai glass with the same liquor emptying the bottle on his friend. He stands up and walks behind the bar to get another..

“But I have conditions Kai I mean everything you will learn from us should never be reviled to others without our permission most importantly to our girls.” Sai said pointing his index finger with glass to his midget friend.

“Why?” Kai answer with confusion. Three guys mentally faced palm on their midget friends query.

“Are you serious Kai? Oh my god you’re hopeless. I’m in junior high when he told me that and I completely understand everything.” Jurio answered Kai with disbelief.
“But I really don’t get it.”  Kai stands up and draw his face closer to the youngest.

“Hey stop it. We are not here to fight ok.” The other midget cuts the arguments between his friend pulled Kai back on his sit and push his right hand to Jurio’s shoulder parting the two from each other. “Can you guys calm down and you Jurio respect him his still older than you.” The youngest bow his head and tell his apologies to the man he just raise his voice. Yuu sat beside his best friend and pours liquor on his glass and the other guy’s glass.” Kai listen” calling for his best friend attention who is obviously annoyed.  “Because if you tell to anyone most especially our girls what you’re going to learn from us then the trick is over.  It’s like a magic if you know the trick, who will believe on you if it is already exposed the same thing goes with this. Get it?”

“ I understand. I will not tell to anyone.” zipping his mouth with his fingers..

“Good then let’s start this.”Sai finished his drink and walk in front Kai.”You will not understand if I just tell how to do it so I better show it. This is one of the best moves to leave impression to girl without telling anything. Stand up Kai.” The midget man does what his teacher instructed. Then the ikemen guy started to walk closer to the guy and grab the glass resting on the counter

“Sai you’re too close, this is uncomfortable.”

“kai, what is the distance of the tip of my nose to yours?” He asked his student with serious tone like his not aware of his position.

“8 inches .Hey can you move back a little.”

“ This is what we call safe zone from  12 to inches from your face to girls face but I recommend to 10 to 8 this will give you enough distance to make your  girl see your whole face.. Get it”
Kai nodded in response. “Then what’s with the voice?”

“Normally you don’t have to talk when you’re in this position you just let her look at your face, but there are times that you have to answer if she ask you questions take note of this or depends on situation” Kai nodded for the second time”  Ok observe my distance and my posture. See though my body is too close to you I’m not making any contacts and my voice this is my natural voice same tone but I sounds serious right? Because I don’t want to feel that you’re just making fun of her” The teacher stares on his student’s eye” Third let her observes and appreciate the moment and your facial feature. Glare on her eyes like it’s the first time you see her, make it looks like your searching for her answer. This would make girl anxious, you are now letting her question your movement. Bite your lower lip a little the open it slowly then get your props behind her and act like nothing happened. “Then the teacher lean on his student’s ear “Tell me Kai, How do you feel?  You’re attracted on me now don’t you? I can see it in your gesture?  Am I successful seducing you?”  He giggles as his sense the midget tension. Kai instinctively push Sai backwards as he was feeling that his teacher is making fun of him..The two guys laugh hard as they see their midget friend pissed face..

“So now you know the consequence if you did not execute the second part right? ” Sai nudge the shoulder of his student. 

“So that’s it?” The teacher nods on his student question, then Kai dock in to the counter and roam his hands like he’is was searching for something

“What are you doing?” The two audiences say in unison.

“Looking for paper and pen I have take down notes.”

“No baka take it on your mind.” Yuu drag his friend back on his position.

“You really are hopeless Kai- senpai.” The youngest guy shook his head in disappointment.

“That’s the reason why I show it to you baka..” Sai pats his student arms” Now you know what you should do and I’m giving you the pointers for the thing you shouldn’t. Ok?”He rested his back on the counter and put his left arm on the midget shoulder while his right hand cups his chin. “ Are you ready soldier?”

“Sir, yes sir! !”Then Kai saluted his Instructor.

“Ok. . First you should execute this in 25 seconds because it was just enough time before a girl could react after she comprehends your gesture. If you fail it’s not my problem anymore.
“How will I know it already 25 seconds do I have to count on my mind?”

“Never do that you will be disconnected on your interaction because you will focus on the counting.” Jurio explained to the midget in front of him while pouring on Yuu’s empty glass..
“Just practice t or calculate the time if it’s enough.” Yuu added as he raise his glass and gulp the liquor on it.

“Second remember the safe zone?”

“Hai! ! 12 to 8 inches inches”

“Yes it is if you draw closer to that distance… She I mean Atusko will feel uncomfortable she feel harassed so you know what will happen.” All of them look at their squirrel friend.
“What?” The squirrel guy exclaimed as he know the meaning of his friend’s reaction.

“Third never ever try to any of your body parts have a contact on her. As I said before you’re just making an impression doing it will ruin everything. Then the girl will react according to her instinct, it might be a slap, punch or worst she will kick your crouch. ”

“Ouch! ! !” Everyone say in unison.

“I remember doing that on Nyan nyan. I can’t help because whenever she becomes nervous, she bites her lower lip, she was so cute that time and I can’t help myself not to kiss her.”
“You kiss her?” Kai ask his best friend. And the squirrel guy answers him with nod.”Her slap was so strong, that’s the reason why I fall in love with her.” The squirrel guy traces his right cheeks as he remembering the slap of his girlfriend, his looks like day dreaming with fool grin on his face showing his dimples.

“Masochist” The ikemen guy muttered.

“You really leave her and impression of you being Hentai Yuu-Anikii.” Youngest of them added while shaking his head.

“I get it know! ! ! !” Kai shouts and his friend return his attention to him.

“Soldier, do you copy?” The Ikemen  guy ask his student with Upper rank soldier

“Sir, yes sir.” His student salutes.

“At ease”

“So Jurio how can you help our hopeless friend.” Yuu asked the youngest who was putting some ice on his glass.

“I just tell her I like her.”

“Dude if Takaboy can do that, There is no need for us to gather. I know you’re that fast but you should share some secret.”

“You now I’m more of a talker than a mover.. Oh I see this might be too high school thingy but this could work. “

Three older guys nodded pay their attention to Jurio.

If a girl give you simple compliment then return it with teasing compliment.. For example Kai that’s great how can you that all of that. Then answer maybe because I have to do something great to impress you, something like that…

“But I guess Kai senpai is not that type person but I wished it could help you…

"I guess it’s good to apply Saiboy’s first trick leaving an impression is very important..”

“What if it doesn’t work?“Kai asked.

"Then we have to go to second level.” Sai patted Kai shoulder in assurance..

“It’s now or never Kai. You should make her fall for you..”

Kai’s POV

Yuu set another meeting with me, him, Head of legal department, Atsuko and other design consultant in regards to the new building in Osaka… Purely business related but we will also using this chance to execute the plan…Yuu also set the props needed… This might be the start ..

Everyone gathered on the board room starting with a quick presentation regarding the updates on the renovation of the building..Being the general management of project management team contracted by Oshima group gives me advantage to meet her but still I need to do something to make her fall for me….I’m relieve that this meeting was staged by my best friend. But my mind is restless to anxious if I can execute do it smoothly..

“Ittai” Yuu stepped on my right foot..

“Stop stomping your foot you’re distracting everyone…"He muttered..

"I-I’m sorry ” When the presentation ended..

“Ok ..Can we resume the meeting after thirty minutes..” I’m glad that Yuu’s supporting me and called for a break I really feel that I’m going to pass out…Yuu and I headed to his office so I can relax..

“Kai are you ok?."I shook my head that answered with a sigh..

"Hey, don’t think that you will mess up…”

“But what if i do.."I’m walking back and forth on his office…

"Oi calm down or I will punch you..” He handed me a glass of water…

“Can you give me alcohol instead.."That earns a smack on my head..

“Ittai” I whimpered..

"Dude, remember that were doing this to leave her a good impression what would she think if you smell alcohol in 10 in the morning…”

“Ba-bad, she will think that I’m alcoholic irresponsible and the worst guy ever..” Yuu look at me with ex-asperation…

“You thinking toooo much Kaiboy..Remember what happened last yesterday..” I nodded fast..

“That’s why I can’t relax now be-because..”

“She thinks you’re gay, right?”

“Fuck !!! Do you really have to say it..”

Yuu went to my back  to massaging my shoulders..

“This is your payback time make her change her perception on you… copy that soldier?”

“This is my time I won’t let you think that I’m gay Atsuko…”


Yuu slap my cheeks hard..

“Fuck !!! What was that for?.”

“You will not execute it right being dreamy my friend …” I nodded and draw my other cheeks closer.

“I need to be awake..”


“Fuck!!!! That feels like a punch…” Yuu puffed his cheeks..

“I think I over did it…”



Yuu executive assistant asked me to stay after the meeting as I have to sign some documents and another meeting with his staff… I’am patiently waiting while fixing files on my desk. Preoccupied reviewing and sorting document when I heard my pen fell on the floor.. I sigh, put my document down….And searched the pen under the table but I can’t find it..

I stand up was about to search for it…When Kai suddenly pops out on the door way…

“Oh. your still here Acchan?”

“General Manager Takahashi…“I bowed my head to him..

"You’re too formal Director Maeda…” I bowed my head to him and continued searching for my pen around the table..

“Congratulation Acchan..”

“Ah that was nothing. I was address differently but I’m still head of planning department..”

“Ah. I see at least you’ve been acknowledged by the Oshima group’s board members.”

“ Un…”

“Are you looking for something?” His scratching his cheeks while walking closer to me..“

"Yes finally found it….” The pen is under the table but stuck on the small space on its feet.. I     docked down to reach it but my arm is too short…  I adjusted my position and draw closer.. Bu-but..

“Ka- Kai?” His too close….I feel strange being too close to him…

“You need help right?”

“Un…"I nodded…There something wrong the way he asked me I tilted my head still confused with his action.. His squatting in front of me while searching for my pen…” Then shifted his view on me…
“Is that yours?” I can’t move as his face is too close to mine…I gulped and nodded.. Kai smile that reveals his deep dimples…I never knew his this cute up-close…my breathing become short and fast….Then he move close that makes me move aback a little…

“Ka-Kai…"He kneel with his left hand supporting his own weight to the ground…His eyes are not moving which seems  a staring contest in me…..



Then he move to get my pen He seems struggling on pulling it so I put my hand on his shoulders helping him to keep his balance.. Kai return his position with pen in his hand…

“I got it "He said gleefully…

"Thank you-u..”,I’m a bit shy as the distance of our face are too close…Kai eyes are beautiful and his nose to and his cheeks…His cheeks? I chuckled as I see his cheek…

“ Why do I have dirt in my face?” I shook my head…..

“Your cheeks"Then continued giggling as his face became pale with swollen right cheek…..

His blinking fast seem thinking what I am going to say… "You’re cheek is swollen…What happened to you?”

“Eh???? I-I bu-bumped the door on the men’s to-toilet, Yes I bump…”

“Does it hurt?”

“He nodded.."I-I’m feeling a little numb..” I pu-put my fingers on his cheeks and turn it a little so I can inspect it more…“

"Wait here…”

I went to the women’s toilet and damp my hankies with water… Then return to the meeting room.. Kai was standing patiently waiting for me…

“Does it hurt?”

“I-I feel a little stingy..”

“It seems worst than that..”

“Does it look bad?”

“No… Come closer..” I pulled his hand and start to mend his swollen cheeks..

“I put the wet hankies in his cheeks that made him move back…He seems uncomfortable the way I’m wiping his cheeks…

"Kai-kun relax it’s just a damp handkerchief..” Kai nodded but his still stiff..Then I feel his hand was holding mine guiding it …

I move back so I can have better view on his cheeks… But Kai’s whole face turns red….

“Kai does the pain spreads??” Kai nodded and shook his head that confused me more.. I spread the handkies wide and cover his face …Suddenly I feel a heavy weight on both of my hands..

“Kai-kun?” Now his not responding….

“Kai-kun !!Kai kun?!!! “I’m trying to support his whole body that seem unconscious

"Kai-kun!!!???” We both fell on the ground as I can not support his weight anymore..

In bliss Yuu-kun appeared on the door…

“Yuu-kun??? call an ambulance Kai-kun pass out.."I panicky said

"Eh he fainted??"Yuu lift Kai-body and put him in his back.

Can you help me to take him in my office…


"A-atsuko not there I’m not yet ready…”


I wake up with my deep slumber.. Feeling the sting on my other cheeks I hold it and realize that came from the squirrel sitting on the arm rest of the couch near my head…

“Does it feel good?” Copying Atsuko’s voice…

Speaking of Atsuko I suddenly recalls what happened a while a go and grab my best friend collar… “What did you to my face, you bastard!!!!!"I shouted at him while gritting my teeth..Yuu seemed not affected by it and yawn in my face without covering his mouth…

"You’re too loud…Your Atsuko might here you…”

I remove my hands on his collar and look around for Atsuko…

“Where id she, did hear me?”

“Nah, I ask her return to her office and rest…She seem stress out seeing you passed out again..”I fix my sitting position.

"It’s you’re fault…"Then I pointed my cheeks…

"Oi monkey you should be thankful to me because.."He draw himself closer to me..

"Without that swollen cheek Atsuko might not be worried and touch your handsome face…”

“Tsk..” Then I realize that I look stupid in front of Atsuko again…

“You did great men” I look at Yuu with query..

“She seem affected and worried about you that’s why she’s asking me on your condition..”

He put the screen of his cell phone in front of my face…

“That was cool man..”

"What cool on fainting because she-she’s touched my face..”

“Oh, she didn’t just touch your face Atsuko also hugged you tightly… Damn your sleeping while she doing that to you… But I’ll send you a copy if you want… "My stupid smile and return to his desk..
"Fuck you squirrel how you could film me without my permission…”

I approach his desk..Yuu turn the his laptop making me see what just happen.. I was stoned to my place not believing how worried she was when I passed out..


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Accidental probe

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Chapter 23

Jurio’s Pov

I'm really getting tired of Kaiboy’s being slow when it comes of making Atsuko-san falls for him so now it’s the juniors turn to deal with this maters. I contacted my best buddy Mayu to see me on the lobby of Oshima group head office as his surname will be my pass in every corners of this building..

“Jurio!!! " His shout on my ear that made me jump on where I'm standing..

"You little brat.." I hooked my arm in his neck and ruffled his hair.

“Dude, we are at my family’s building, my brother would kill me if this commotion reached his office." I stop and dragged him to the fire exit.

"Why did you ask me to come here?"

"We need to help Kai -boy" He turn around and reach the knob it seems like his about to leave.." Oi , where are you going?"

"I thought this is emergency?"

"This is a real emergency, do you know that if this become successful then your brother could finally date Kojima-san freely."

"What's the plan?"

I know that when it comes to his brother his disposition  changes easily.. I told Mayu about my plan and I got a mail from Kai-senpai about his dinner date with Atsuko-san this will be the right timing for my plan..We headed to the security monitoring room.. Mayu asked the two security personnel’s to have a break and leave the two of us."Are you sure about this?" He asked anxiously.

”Of course my superhero technique never fails men.” I dragged him down to the chair and sit next to him…  I asked Mayu’s helped to be familiarize on the elevator operating system, knowing my best friend’s capacity when it comes to computers..

"Watched and learn my friend..."


Kai’s Pov

It's my time I asked Atsuko again to have lunch with me if course with the help of my frien Yuu. He asked Acchan to have dinner with us. As I did my task yesterday I guess I did well of making impression on her. That's it Kai take things nice and slow..I fetched Atsuko in her office after that I mailed Yuu that I'm already with her... When Atsuko and I reached her favorite restaurant then I will send another message to my best friend so he can mail and excuse himself for fake urgent meeting…I know doing this is playing her feelings but I should do something and fight for her . I looked at her and she's smiling genuinely. She must be really exited. We both entered the lift. Like before I'm still weary of proper topic to start with..

"How’s your face Kai-kun? Does it still hurt?” She come closer to see my cheeks..

"N-o no I'm fine now... I apologize for worrying you yesterday."I bowed my head... She smiled..

"I'm glad you’re better now.."Atsuko stare at her hands and knowing her this might lead to another conversation regarding the pervert squirrel again..

"Hmmm... Kai-kun do you know how to play piano?"

I'm confused on her question.

"No, why?"

"Ah I thought you also know how to play because Yuu-kun is a good pianist and his your best friend" Even though Yuu and I are best of friends but I’m not interested in some of his hobbies…

"I thought you will be saying that his a good player.."

She pouted her lips shows annoyed expression...Kawaii… I said to myself.. But it’s true. My god Kai stop being stupid you should make her fall for you not to annoy her..

"I'm just kidding." and let out a forced laugh..

But she never said a word...You just made her mad..BAKA

"I-I'm not as good as him but I know some piece."

"Like what?" Now she’s paying attention to me again..

"I-It's just some Mozart piece.."

"Really you can play Mozart piece?"

"Un.. "I nodded..

"Like piano sonata No. 11 in  A major K331 and allegro in G minor k-312, what piece?"

I don't really have any idea about what she’s saying...But I see sparks in her eyes..

"Twikle- twikle little star...he arranged that,right?.."

She looks at me sternly and burst into laughs... "I can even play that piece even if my two eyes are close..."

Atsuko is holding my arms while laughing, bending her body to catch some air.. How could she laugh like that when I'm not even saying a joke...Now I'm getting irritated..But I look at her smiling and laughing like she doesn’t have any problem like what happened these past months and even if all of us are lying to her.. … How could I let this things happened. ..I can finally make you smile marks as one of the happiest day in my life...When she finally stops but her cheeks puffed trying to suppress bursting again.. I can’t help not to smile seeing how adorable she is…
This is what I love about Atsuko she knows how to appreciate small things she do not care about riches and money..It’s so simple to make her happy, contented on seeing beautiful scenery and being surrounded by people she loved. But how can you notice me in the sea of people.. I’m  wishing that she can finally notice that just like Yuu,  I'm here for her and I willing to give everything that will make her happy..

"Are you serious Kai-kun?. What is the other song you can play birthday song?"

"Oh how did you know? I can play that on your birthday...."

"Thank you Kai-kun.. "

"I can only play those 2 song because you know.."

I look at my fingers unlike Yuu's who has long and slender one enough to play the piano well mine are short and fit for the construction. She held my wrist that startled me..

"Kawaii!!! Your fingers are cute Kai-kun.." Atsuko is smiling amused with my fingers..

I pulled and hid it on my back I shifted my face so that she will not see my blushing face..

"Can I see it again.. Please!!!"  Oh my... How can I not say yes on her pleading now which I’ve been dreaming to happen for years… even if I'm quiet embarrassed on my fingers I just reached it to her..

"It's so small.." I looked at the exasperatedly. She’s holding it while inspecting every inch of it… Oh god my heart is going crazy again with the distance of our body and her lovely face.. But thinking her worried face I should be strong and not to faint again… The elevator just jerked, stuck and the lights are flickering Atsuko grab my arms and hid her face on my shoulder...

"Are you ok Acchan ?" She is not replying..

"Aa-acchan, answer me please you’re making me worry.”  I turn my back to see her.. Atsuko’s breathing irregularly gasping for air and her tears are running down her face terrified on our situation..

"Atsuko please... just hold on... "I tried to run to the elevator to touching the emergency button and calling for personnel.. But no one answer I run back to Atsuko who was now curled on the floor....

“Be strong Acchan..”

"Somebody help us!!!” I screamed please Acchan be strong doing be like this please..." I panicky hugged her and keep on telling not to be scared but I admit that in her mind she's screaming Yuu's name...





Yuu's Pov


I think they are already on the restaurant I should mail Atsuko that I have some dinner meeting but the truth is I'm just heading home as my girlfriend cooks dinner... I think our kitchen is in war state again.I having to go home early so I can finish cleaning early too. Heading to the elevator door of fifteenth floor as I saw our employees are mobbing at the elevator entrance they all bowed when they saw me

"Why are you guys still here?"

"President I think the third elevator had a problem.. "Then other elevator door open. When I was about to take the lift my phone rang..

"Dude he-help us? A-atsuko…" My best friend shouted on the other line..

"Where are you? What happened to Acchan?"

He told me that they elevator got stuck so I called the security monitoring dept... After few minutes they found out what floor Kai and Atsuko got stuck. I waited outside worrying at Acchan condition.

The elevator mechanic opens the door revealing half of the lift..

I saw Atsuko curled down on the floor gasping for air with pale face.

"A-Acchan?" Then my eyes searched for my friend who was seated next to her trying to calm the girl with his hand on her shoulder..Using the strength that left her body Acchan crawled to me..Crying hard and panicky tone I feeling sad seeing and hearing her pleads not to leave her as she hugging me tightly I snake my arms onto her legs and back to carry her.. But I saw Kai clutching his fist pain can be read on his face..Atsuko hugged my neck still sobbing with her face on my neck. I shook my head to Kai I know that What he feels useless for not making Atsuko calm..

“Ple-ase don’t leave me Yuu-kun..” She’s trembling..

“You’re safe now, Acchan..”



Haruna's Pov

I've been waiting for Yuuchan I cooked dinner wanting to celebrate my new modeling contract.. I want him to be part of my success as he is a big part of it.. It’s already past eight but why is he taking too long? he mailed me two hours that his already going home.....I tap my phone and call .Why is he not answering my call? I asked myself as he usually answered it right away. I tried again for the second time I was about to cancel it realizing that another call will not be answer.. When I hear a whispering voice on the other line..

"Yuuchan!!! where are you?" I impatiently asked? Few moments past but he still not answering my question...

"Oshima Yuu!!! answers me? Don't you hear how worried I'm?" my voicing is raising as he still not talking to me properly..

"Nyan nyan I'm sorry but I don't think I can't go home right away.. "


"I'm sorry Nyan nyan I know that you're expecting me to come home early but I'm not sure if I can.."He paused for a moment..

"Atsuko was trapped in the elevator.”I release a ball of air in defeat of my boyfriend has just said....Now I'm the one not responding to him..

"I and Kai rushed her to hospital. I’m sorry baby but I have to go now" before I can utter a word he already cut the line, leaving me in pain but I'm also worried they Yuuchan will have to return to her place if she her post traumatic disorder return. I'm clutching my phone hard while slowly removing it on my ears... It's always like this. Acchan is my friend too and I understand that she needs Yuu to recover but it really hurts me every time I always have to step aside and watch my boyfriend cares for her...Looking at the screen of my phone waiting for him to call me back., expecting that he might excuse himself for a while and search for a place to call me back that never happen. Now all of my preparation turns into waste no more romantic dinner I stand up and to arrange the all foods on the refrigerator losing my appetite being dismayed on what happen.



Yuu's Pov

After I received a call from Nyan nyan I returned on Atsuko's room after the elevator incident she just cry and held my hands tightly not wanting to leave her. I know how scared she was... She's been crying for hours and only answering some of my question I'm  quite relieved that she haven’t return on shutting herself  again..After hours of sobbing she finally fell asleep as the doctor gave her shot to her calm... I saw Kai sitting on the chair watching Atsuko sleep peacefully... I patted his shoulder… After he explained what happened he never said a word but worry and pain is still evident on his face..

"She's fine know everything will be back to" I stop thinking if "normal is the proper word to use in this situation. Kai released a heavy sigh..

"I'm useless" I know my best friend mumbling that is hard for him..

"No, never say that.." I sat on the chair beside him..

"You did well, she needs you and I know you do everything to help her.. I know how much you care for her that can do... Stay strong my friend you should always be there for her as I can't" Then he chuckled bitterly...And bit his lower lips while staring at his hands. Not responding on me. I ruffled Kai’s hair..I know that he feels so defeated right now..

"I 've been thru that before remember? How many times not knowing what can I get but things happened the least you expects it...I’m not saying this because I need you but dude don't give up on her."

I head home past three after Atsuko wake up and fully assured me that she's already fine.. Kai drove me home because  I left my car on the office..  Heading on our room I turn the lights. I got surprise seeing Haruna sitting with her legs folded and staring on her phone...

"Yuuchan?" She said, blinking her eyes adjusting her vision with the light..

" Tadaima!!" "Exhaustion is evident on my voice..

“Okaeri !!" She said while smiling sweetly. I walked towards her and claim her lips while sitting on the edge of her bed..

"I love you." She said..

I nodded and fix her bangs.." I love you more Nyan nyan.."It's already three o’clock but she is still awake? She just hugged me tightly and lean for another kiss. I complied then pushed her as I know that I do not smell good.

"Is she ok?" I nodded and fixing her hair strand...

"Did I worry you?"

"Uhn .. “ answering me with a quick nod..I never saw anyone this cute while worrying... Nyan nyans pouting lips reduces my tiredness...

"I'm sorry..." I stood up to take a bath myself before going to bed but she's holding my hand tightly..


"Baby, I need to take a bath I don't like how I smell right now.." She giggles and let go of my hand.


After ten minutes I head back to her room sliding myself carefully as I don't want to wake her up....Our backs are facing each other I fixed my pillow and trying  to travel on my dreamland..After a while I feel arms snaking on my torso I intertwined mine with hers then I felt something soft with moist touched my nape trailing to my jaw line.. Ah here she goes again... she's always like this whenever she's jealous with Atsuko..  She crawled on top of me while searching for my lips but I hid my face on the pillow knowing that it will disappoint her...I feel that she's distancing her face on mine with the same reaction as I expected...

"I'm really tired Nyan nyan it’s almost four and I still have work tomorrow. “I whined. Without saying a word she crawled out of my top and return to her place. My eyes followed her movements making me realize how she's feeling and being hours with Atsuko making it worst. Silence filled the atmosphere. Staring at her back thinking of a proper way to reconcile..

"Nyan nyan? " I mumble she didn’t answer I scooted my body onto her, hugging her waist and leaving a kiss on her shoulder.. “Baby, I'm sorry" she hid her face on the pillow... "I love you Nyan nyan , I'm only yours."Not having any reply from her I think I have to submit. I will just go to work after lunch but my eyes are closing in its own I'm just fighting it as I don't want to sleep while my girl is hurting. I unbutton my shirt slowly revealing my chest.. I pulled my girl making her back rest on the be fully and positioning myself in between her legs...I kissed her forehead trailing down to her lips not having rhythm as she replies mine.. Then she cupped my lips and shifted her head to the side..

"Don't start anything if you can't finish it."She hissed I nodded peck on her lips...

" I flopped my body beside her and making head rest on my left arm .."

"I understand Yuuchan sleep now. I love you too Yuuchan." she smiled sweetly and kiss me.

I nodded and close my eyes within minutes I reached my dreamland...


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Ahh, why kojiyuu writer always busy and hiatus hehe
But ok, finish your project and back with alot of kojiyuu and atsuyuu story
Hmm why i feel yuu making a distance with haruna or its just my asumption? Hehe
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when you will continue this? ahh yes you already made this but i hope there's a little bit changed more Kojiyuu pa  :wriggly:

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What's he going to do next?

Will Kai admit defeat?

Poor kai, unable to attend to Atsuko's need

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Kai acchan moment!
Finally! Im really happy now  XD
But i think acchan still doesnt look kai.
She still searching yuu  :cry:
Ganbatte kai-kun,you kan do it!

And.....thank for the chapter author -san,u really do ur promise to me.
Thank a lot author-san.
Its so difficult to find atsumina story now that why im happy u still put my favorite pair in ur story.
Keep going author-san,i will always wait ur update ^^
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White Lies

Chapter 24

Even though I’m living with him or just few floors away from him I feel the distance between me and Yuuchan…I’m not sure when it started but his so preoccupied with work… He rarely contact me on work hours and even we are sleeping on the same bed it seems like I’m not there or he didn’t notice me… Missing him so much makes me initiate the romance but its either cut by a phone call or he needs to attend an urgent meeting…What’s happening between us Yuu? Sometimes I asked my self if you still love me or am I not doing enough… Can’t help my tears escaped from my eyes questioning myself about us…

“Yuuchan” his name escaped from my lips… I’m waiting for the elevator door to open on his companies main building ….I breath deeply trying to stop the tears and removing other thoughts that kept on coming in my mind…I fixed myself using the reflection on my cellphone but clumsiness makes me drop my phone..

“Shit!!” I uttered thinking the damage it cause…I folded my skirt on the back so I can sit properly and reached my phone…


I hurriedly took my phone on the floor  and decided to inspect it inside the lift.. I slowly move my head up as I’m going to walk inside the lift waiting for it to open…Slowly the door opens revealing my boyfriend kissing a girl hungrily… The girl is pinning him on the wall with her arms on my boyfriend’s neck… Yuu is exchanging kisses while holding her back and caressing the latter’s legs..I was horrified on what I’m seeing that I can’t even call their attention I remained on my place watching him fighting dominance with the girl..My mouth becomes dried and air seems harder to catch with the phase of my breathing and my heart can’t take the pain caused by the view. Losing the strength on my knees I dropped myself on floor crying that makes the two finally noticed me..

“Nyan nyan!!! ” Yuu said terror was evident on his voice…His facial color  become pale and his eyes can’t meet mine…

“Why did you do this to me?”

The other girl tighten her grip on my boyfriends neck and searched for another kiss…  Now Yuu is totally immovable… “I’m sorry..” He mumbled… Not having the attention she seeks the girl stops while cupping the cheeks of my boyfriend and rubbing her nose to his cheek…Some what I can see half of her face recognizing her..

“A-Atsuko…” She giggles satisfied on how I utter her name.. Gritting my teeth and clutching my phone  then elevator door closed…

“Yuu-Yuuchan…"I cried harder….


“Haruna!? Baby wake up…”

Yuu’s POV

It’s past two when I finally finished reviewing documents for tomorrow’s presentation… Expanding our business also means expanding works… I stretching my arms before slipping my self into our shared blanket… For a while I’m staring on my girlfriends face my hobbit before falling to sleep… Glad that I’m with someone that could make me realize that work is not my only world… I miss dating her it’s been a month already since we last eat in a resto not to mention Atsuko and Haruka was there too… I also forgot  the last time we watch movie together or never even have a trip outside the city after she returns…I was caressing her cheeks feeling the softness of her skin… I’m lucky that her body was facing my direction as she always not.. Slowly scooting my body closer to her.. And kissing the tip of her nose..

“I’m sorry for not giving you attention…I keep on working hard so I can at least have a trip with you outside the city like you always wanted..”Kissing her lips… I guessed I’m taking advantage on her doing this… But this makes me calm… Haruna is my happiness…. My neutralizer with heavy days of work… I hugged and kiss her forehead….

“Why did you do this to me?” Her words caught my attention…Releasing her from my embrace…

“I-I’m sorry Nyan nyan I-I just miss you so I tried stealing some kisses…"I said with a guilt…

I waited for her answer then I see tears running down to her cheeks…I wiped it but it keeps on dripping… Guilt eats me more as I hear her hiccups… Even in your dreams I’m making you cry…

"I’m sorry..” Apologizing for not making up with her..

.."I said… I’m staring on her face searching for my answer I rubbed her back to lighten her feelings..

"Yuuchan!!!"Now her voice are louder she seemed shouting my name in her dreams though it is not as loud as a shout but the way she said it seems she’s pleading not to leave her… She sobbed more and she seem having trouble with breathing…Worrying that she is having a nightmare I’m shake her body lightly…

"Haruna!?” But she’s still not waking neither answering me…

“Haruna!? Baby wake up…” Finally her eyes was blinking adjusting her vision from the ample light that the lamp on the bed side table..

“Yuu-Yuuchan? "Her voice are weak and broken..

"What happened Nyan nyan are you having a nightmare?"She nodded her head fast and hugged my neck…

"I love you..” Knowing it is the best phrase to soothed her… I thought waking her will stop her from crying but she wept more on my neck….

“I’m sorry… Did I do something stupid again?"She shook her head..

"I miss you Nyan nyan….I know that you’re feeling sad because I’m  too busy with work just bear with it a little I will try to find time to go somewhere for a day…"She finally escaped the her hugged and pouted cutely….I answered with a smile a rubbed her cheeks…

"You’re not believing?” She look down and shook her head…

I hugged her again tightly…“I won’t promise I will just do it . Feeling a light nod from my shoulder… I buried my face on her ears kissing down to her cheeks until my lips reaches hers..We shared couple of smooches until we both fell asleep.

Haruna’s POV


I feel everything happens in my dream… I release along sigh waiting in front same lift … Why am I feeling restless? After last night though Yuu said that his doing his best so he can have a day off and spend it with me…Why thoughts are kept on running on my mind… Why despite his kisses and hugs I still worry? I don’t have to think much knowing the answer is also right inside this building.. Maeda Atsuko…. I won’t be worrying too much if she’s not always with Yuu… They are together talking for the whole day…. After her elevator incident my insecurity once again hits me…unintentionally I try to look on my reflection on my phone…. Thinking I did the same on my dream I clumsily dropped my phone on the ground… I folded my skirt.. Wait?  This is the same dress I’m wearing on my dream… No, Haruna this is just coincident…Calming myself with my own words…


I hurriedly took my phone on the floor and stand up slowly… When the elevator door opens I see two persons Inside the lift.. I bowed my head recognizing it Yuu’s executive assistant and his office staff… I bowed my head to them knowing that his executive assistant has a hint about my relationship with the president…I relieved that it resulted differently with my dream.

“Fixed everything so when we returned tomorrow we can relay the right documents to President…” The mid age man said with strict tone..

“ Yes, sir… But are you sure President will be fine being alone?” The younger girl in early twenties said..

“ He is totally fine, that guy can handle it alone…”

“ All the calls will be directed to his office that will be troublesome for him..”

“ I told you not to worry….”

Hearing it ideas kept running on my mind…


My attention was caught by the sound of elevator indicating we already reached the building lobby….

Yuu’s POV

It’s been two hours of meeting between me and planning department head. Discussing about the company’s plans of expanding our brand in South East Asia before presenting it to board members of the company…

"Do you want to have a break? I think you haven’t sleep well for preparing for these materials?”

“I’m fine my team help me producing to this presentation.”

“There are still a lot of changes most special in terms of financial capacity… The company can’t afford this investment. I suggest that we do it slowly South East Asian where some of the countries vary economic strength on their allied countries and finding the right country to put this Investment will be a great risk. I mean we should choose a country will take our brand in new world.”

“I get it President Oshima.”

“ I told you to stop addressing me like that if it’s  just two us. It makes me uncomfortable. Can’t we stop for a while?” I rest my back on the couch…

“Why Yuu-kun is there something wrong?”

I answer her with nod. Atsuko noticed that I’m not feeling well.. I rubbed my temple to ease the pain head. Without my consent Acchan touch my temple and starts to massage I got startled with his childhood friend sudden action she walks behind the couch and continue.

“Oh Acchan” I halted Atsuko’s hands. “I feel better now”

“I’m just helping you to feel better.” She puts her right hand in my forehead.“Yuu-kun you should rest your have fever” I shook my head not listening to her advice..

"No, I still I have a lot of things to finish.."But she continued massaging my forehead and run her fingers in my scalp….I tried to stop her but I feel that my head ache eases with her fingers.

"A-acchan I think I’m feeling better now.”

“No, I will not stop this until you agree on going home and have a rest."Her fingers run down on my nape, My weak point and Acchan knows it..

"A-acchan It tickles “I can stop giggling I held her hands.

But I notice my door was open with Nyan nyan shocked face…

"Ko-Kojima-san!!"I mumbled

She just bow and slammed the door.

"Why is she here? And where is your secretary?”

“Maybe she got lost in our building I stand up "I told you to stop..I think Acchan your right I need to go home and rest.”

I left Atsuko and look for my cat. I know this will be bad…

I spent three hours of driving searching where my girlfriend ….Not minding about the head ache and the fever that I have.I went our apartment I saw her shoes in the door not properly place..

“Nyan nyan” I called her name..I don’t hear any answer…I roam around the flat searching for her. I open our room but I don’t see any trace. I heard water streaming from the bathroom I open the door luckily it wasn’t locked…

“Nyan nyan” I call her in sweet tone.

She was crying in the floor with both of her hands cupping her face..

“It’s not what you’re thinking, “I walk towards her and sat on front of her. I tried to remove her hands. But I felt a hand landed on my cheeks causing me to be out of balance and causing my butt to drop on the floor.

"So that how you guys are working?"She looked at me with full of pain in her eyes.

"No you’re just misunderstanding things Nyan nyan…Please don’t over react.”
“I saw you holding her hands and her face was just few inches away and your giggling and happy about it. Tell me Yuuchan, did you like what that girls doing in you? How could you say that I’m just over acting?”

“No!!"I raise my voice putting emphasis on my rejection.

"I told you it’s not, what you thinking?"I hold her hands..

"Are you two like this in your meetings, No are you guys doing this in her house too when you still living in her place?”

I know that she was mad but her accusations really piss me but I hold my temper I should make her stop thinking this.

“Nyan-"But before I can utter her other hand left mark on my face. I know I deserve that slap but it just worsen my dizziness…My sight was blurry now and having trouble as my lungs is demanding for air… All that giving me strength now was my eagerness to make Haruna stop.. I move my feet  torn if I’m going to rest or reconcile with Haruna.. I still hear her cries and her hands are gripped in my arms..

"Le-lets break up… We are over..” She finally let out the bomb..I loosen up my tie…

And did not utter a word as her hands are slowly losing its grip I tried to hold it but I’m to weak to win..I close my eyes…

“It’s over” She repeated.. “I never cheated…take care Nyan nyan.."I stood up and walk out of her comfort room. Pain is running in my body..I manage to return to my car and cry inside banging my head on the stirring wheel cursing myself for being stupid.. I mailed my brother to fetch me knowing there something worst than a fever.


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I just wonder will this fanfic end with atsumina pairing or atsu yuu?

I have seen all the chapters, but their relationahip never get any better. It even worse.

Will it be a happy ending? :?

no offense, I like atsumina though. :cathappy:

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Wow haruna and yuu broke up?
Hmmm, ahahaa

And i dont know whos fault is this. Maybe they just need a time
Nice update before new year ache
Merry christmas and happy new year
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well i think in the end its still kojiyuu i know  :onionshower: so Kojiyuu pa more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i glad to see ur update
i wonder that kojipa is the one who break up
yuu try to get ur girl back
wait for next chapter

hope to see u soon  :cow: :cow:
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I finally caught up to this fanfic and where does it take me?   :mon huh:


Ugh, I'm dying on the inside......  :mon cry:
I just cant figure out if this is going to be Kojiyuu or Atsuyuu   :frustrated:


Thanks for the update  :mon thumb:
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when was the last time I comment here? mmm ... it seems long time ago ... hihi
already chapter 24!!! OHMYGOAT!!!
mmmm .... why Yuu and Haruna always fighting? geez ...
by the way I read your "BOND" hehe ...
next please ...
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Well... Yuu... fight to get Haruna to listen to you...

If you really love her... you should fight for her... to be with her...

What's going to happen next?

What will Kai reaction when he heard of this incident?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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what happened with kojiyuu?  :bleed eyes:
i'm waiting for u'r update author-san. soon please!!   :D
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Chapter 25

When I open my eyes I found myself laying on hospital bed.  I looked at my brother who is sleeping on the chair beside me....Then nurse walk in my room..
"Yu-yukirin"I mumbled...

"How are you feeling Oshima-kun?"

"I'm dizzy..."I held my head and sat up ...."and thirsty.."

Yukirin gave me a glass of water. Check my temperature and IV...

"You're fever is gone but you're body is still vulnerable with bacteria.." She said while I'm drinking ...

"You should see a doctor if you’re not feeling well. You had a viral infection that’s why you have high fever and you have weak metabolism.  I'm glad that you're fever is gone and you're body is recovering... She helped me lay back down on bed..

I nodded.. When Mayu wakes up, Yukirin bowed her head and leave..

" Anikii?"He seemed to know that I'm looking for Nyan nyan..

"I'm sorry, we can't contact her."I did not answer him. I just closed my eyes act like I'm sleeping again but the truth is I'm hiding that pain not seeing my girl around...I could help myself from thinking if she still concerned about my condition or is she worried about me..I think this is the best for the both of us..Then I hear the door open..

"What happened Mayu-kun?"Its Atsuko voice... I'm disappointed expecting it is Haruna..

"He wake up already but return sleeping before you come."

I felt warmth in my hand as she caressing it..

"What did the doctor said?"

"He is fine now nothing to worried about and his fever is gone.."I felt something soft touched my hand. I think it is Atsuko's lips..

"Stop worrying Atsuko- neechan. He is fine and you should go home early, I'm worried that you will get sick to because you are always staying late here and goes everyday to your work.."

"I'm fine. I cannot rest because I'm worried about him."

"His going to be fine Atsuko -neechan I know my brother..

"Will it be alright if I leave you here I'm sorry Atsuko-san I still have a class."

"It's ok I will take care of him I promise.."

"I know you will “I heard the door closed..

I remained pretending that I'm sleeping still feeling disappointed that the girl taking care of me is not the girl that I'm expecting. She was griping my right hand tightly then I feel something wet  dripping in my hands..

"Yuu-kun please.... get well I don't want to see you like this please..."I hear her sobbing...I felt bad that I'm making her worried again because I'm pretending that I'm still unconscious....I slowly open my eyes and patted her hair..

"Hey stop crying..."I said in a weak voice.

"Yuu-kun.."As she cried harder..
"I will not allow you to visit me if are just going to cry because you're sobs is stressing me more.." trying to stop her voice to come out Atsuko pouted like a child

"There, there….."I petting her head."Did I worry you?"She nodded.

"Thank you for thanking care of me Acchan" Even thought I wished for someone to do it for me.

Minutes past Acchan fell asleep I carried and laid on my bed.. Roaming inside the hospital as I'm looking for a place where I can think, I went up to the rooftop and watch the stars above..How I wish Nyan nyan was here too. But it’s over she had given up... I shifted my view as I fell that my heart becomes heavy... For four days she have not even visit me...I always say that I will not do everything to break her trust but now It’s broken...Everything we've worked for eight years just to be able to date freely is gone... I return on looking up in the stars.. I will let you go if that’s what you wish, Nyan nyan.."

I felt some one was shaking me from my slumber and found myself sleeping on the hospital bed of Yuu-kun.

"Yuu-kun, Where is Yuu-kun?"I asked Yuki. Who’s not in her nurse uniform .

"I was about to asked you the same question.."

"We should look for him. He is still not in the right condition to walk around.."I hurriedly crawled out of bed, feeling someone light grip on my arms...

"Calm down Acchan..I think Yuuboy need some fresh air he must be tired of breathing the air from the tank.."He smiled holding the Yuu's oxygen tube..

"But Saichan, Yuu-kun should not walk around his body is not yet fully recovered from viral infection. He will accumulate more bacteria if he roams around.."Sai-kun caressed Yuki back and smile..

"I know my friend he must be stubborn but not an idiot... He is still inside the hospital, He is getting bored easily that's the reason why he goes out for a while but I assure you girls he is still in the hospital."

"I should have not sleep."I said worriedly..

"Don't worry too much your knight will be back soon."I blushed on Yuki teasing...

"We will accompany you here until Yuuboy comeback.."Sai took two chair and put it about four feet away from the bed and they both sat on it ..

"Atsuko can you tell me the story, how you fall for Yuu-kun."I got startled on her request.

"You told something that he saved you but never tell the whole story."

"Ah, it happened when were kids."It's actually not like I fell in love on that way... I always admire Yuu-,kun personality and talent but that incident makes me realize that his the person I want to be with when I grow up.

"This sound interesting. Honey."Sai said while moving his chair closer..

"It happened when we were kids at Yuu-kuns sixth birthday party."

"Wait I remember that, Is it the party on their mansion?" I nodded and sit on the edge of the bed properly..


"Yuu-kun, don't leave me."I tighten gripped on his hand..He turn his back at me with a smile.. All our friends in the same social class gathered on their house for his birthday...Even though most of them are my close friends but a little frighten of his cousin Mocchi. I know that she's envy of me being close to Yuu-kun and Kai-kun...
"Yuu-kun can you come here, dear” Yuu's mom called him..

"Wait here Acchan I will just talk to mom, promised I will be quick."He left right before I can answer him..I know any moment Mocchi would come and do something...
"Oh, Atsuko." Mocchi grabbed my gift for Yuu-kun hidden on my back..

"Oh Atsuko is this gift is for Yuu-nii chan? I don't think he will like it "she throw the box to the fountain and run..I step on the edge of the fountain and tried to reach the gift but my arms were too short .I started crying in frustration then the girl on my back pushed me to the pool..

 I struggled on the water because I do not know how to swim..I know that the water is not to deep but not feeling the bottom of the water on my feet...I started panicking.I shouted for help over and over. But because  all the guest are inside Oshima's Mansion no one seem to hear my screams...Then I feel some one trying to reach my hand but it's too short to be reached all I see was his hands was rubbing agains the edge of the fountain causing the water tainted with blood...I heard him cry and asked for helped .. When my body is losing it strength and started to shrink, someone jumped to the fountain saved my life...

"Atsuko, Please breath..I'm sorry for leaving I promise I will not leave you alone just open your eyes please..."I heard him cried for my name over and over, pleading me to open my eyes.. Opening my eyes weakly not having enough energy to open it fully my vision is blurry only seeing a silhouette of a boy near my face.  I saw him drench in water bawling to open up my eyes...

"Yuu- Yuu-kun"I said weakly..He stops and hugged me.

"Please Atsuko do not leave me again..."He sobbing..

"Please, I'm sorry  just open your eyes and I promised not to leave you again.

End of flashback

"Oh my god!"Yuki have her mouth agaped her fiancee closed it by moving his chin upward..

"I remembered it now.." Sai said

"Yuuboy did not stop crying until your father told him that you are fine.."

"And what is your gift to Yuu-kun?"

"You can still see it in his office..It's a framed picture of Acchan, Kai, and Yuu when they are kids with infinity design.."

"Yes it is in his office and I'm happy that he treasured it over the years."

 "Sai-chan that’s so sweet."

"I know honey.."

And the door open slowly..

"Hi guys.." I can't stop the tear rolled down on my cheeks seeing him back from nowhere...

Yuu-kun POV

Ever since I've wake up I'm have been waiting for her to come. But every time someone would come in my room the more disappointment I feel..The feeling of our break up sinks in slowly and now I'm facing the reality. Sometimes I'm still holding on the thought that maybe she is just waiting because she cannot visit me here but come at least or she's busy with workas a friend .Silly me. I'm still holding on the fact that she still has feeling for me or still cares for me but for a  days...Fuck stop it Yuuboy...It's over I should start accepting the fact that she doesn't loves you..She got tired of everything..Yes she is famous now and can. Find someone better than an asshole like you. Someone that can be   proud of her and has a family that can accept her..

 I laid my back again to the staring at the ceiling..

If only you can be a right person for her... I closed my eyes wanting some alcohol .I'm pretending that I'm sleeping again..Few minutes past I heard Yukirin and Atsuko chatting voice entering my room.. I slowly open my I eyes with a blank expression on my face..Mayu and Paruru entered my room too...
"Yuu-kun? Are you not feeling well again.."

I closed my eyes and smirk..

"I'm feeling good Acchan."

"You should be Yuu-kun because your personal nurse have been taking a good care of you.."I chuckled seeing everyone with different expression Yukirin who is teasing the girl standing beside her with pinkish hue on her cheeks. And the couple who seemed not to know how to react..

I smiled and looked out the window...

"Yuu-niichan?" I smiled bitterly to Paru..

"I'm bored and missed Kai, Why is he not visiting me?" Yukirin cleared her throat and nudge Atsuko shoulder..

"He is still busy in the renovation project in Osaka.."

"Just wait alittle Yuu-kun the doctor will come here for your final check up.”

"Thanks Yukirin for taking care of me.."

"No, you should give the credit to Acchan, I'm  just her to assist her.."Atsuko pouted cutely that made me smile..

"Thank you Atsuko.."

Atsuko's POV

"Atsuko, would it be too much if I asked you to come with me somewhere.."His request still ringing in my head... After being dismissed to the hospital..Yuu-kun asked me to accompany him.. I don't know why but I noticed Yuu-kun that he seemed gloomy this past days I thought it's because he is not feeling well but later I feel that there is a deeper reason...

"I love the sunset when it reflects to the water.."He said in a gloomy tone..I just continued observing him. He breathe deeply and exhales..Yuu-kun smiling differently the way I always used to see him.. Sadness is all over him..His eyes are sad even he is trying to smile .

"Are you thinking of something?" I really wanted to say someone but I don't want to hear it if he does..

"Work..I'm thinking how many document are piled on my table.."He chuckled..

"Do not worry chairman already had assigned OIC for your position so do not worry about it.."I know there is a deeper reasons behind his actions..

"I'm kind a relieve hearing that" He fixed eyes on the view of the bank that reflecting the color of the sky..

"That made me worried while having my vacation n hospital for a week I felt bad for the departments that I made their work  pending because of un signed documents..I'm grateful that Atsuko was there to helped.."

"How did you know that I'm the OIC?"

"Because the you are the only person in the company that i trusted the most.." My heart skip a beat hearing those word from him..I looked down trying to control my feeling to let out.. I want to tell him everything.. Yes I will do it now and not wait anymore. But my confession was cut with the sound of the growl on his stomach...


"Opps.."He laughs shyly on what happened. I think it’s not yet the right time...


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Hmm, really nyan not come to see yuu? Maybe she go to hospital when yuu and acchan lovey dovey ahaha
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I think acchan start to realized that yuu thinking someone else
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Part 1

Haruna's POV

I'm rushing to the hospital..My God Haruna, What did you do? I'm in the verge of crying  looking for his room..After our fight I go home to Saitama so I can think and reflect. I turn off my phone forcing him to follow me I asked my manager for a of week vacation after loads of schedule last month... I went to Saitama thinking that my boyfriend will follow  as I always do that way back in his college days but this the first time he did not visit me to mend our relationship I only open my phone  reading Paruru's messages asking where I am  and answer her calls..Scanning my inbox I got shock reading that Yuuchan was hospitalized...I'm so wrong for not trusting him again and did not believe on him that day. ..I'm wrong I should have not accused him of flirting with Atsuko....It is true that his sick and slapping him hard worsen his situation. How could I do that to him?

Walking towards the nurse station..


I heard a familiar person calling my name.. It's Yukirin

"Haruna?" She walk fast towards me..

"Yu-Yuki, Where is Yuu-chan? "I asked..

"Oh you are late his already discharged this morning"

"So I'm late?How is he feeling now?"

"Of course he recovers fast because of his personal nurse taking good care of him..."

"Pe-personal nurse?" Yuki nodded and giggled.

"You should see how Atsuko take good care of Yuu-kun she's really different when it comes to Yuu-kun...That stupid squirrel should not let go of Acchan..."

"Atsuko take care of Yuu while he is confined here?"It felt like knife was stub on my heart.

Yuki nodded.. She's always here and wait patiently until Yuu-kun got his conciousness, Attending all his needs, She even bring her work here. Oh love.. Ah Haruna I'm sorry but I have work to do.. bye..” Yukirin squeezed my shoulder “Do not worry about him his fine and will regain his strength fast."She walks towards the elevator but I can't move my feet. I think I lose strength in my feet.

 "I should be the one taking care of him.." I'm fighting the tears that wanted to escape on my eyes. I walk out of the hospital slowly..Yuki's story is killing me. Why am I that cruel to him Firstly I did not notice that his not feeling well. Secondly I said bad things and slapped his face. Thirdly I wanted to spoiled by him again that’s why I hide in Saitama..I realize that I'm such a kid for acting like that..

I went out until I reach the park near the hospital I notice that only few peoples are around..I hold on the tree as I need something to support my body..I lean and started crying.. "Yuuchan I'm sorry please forgive me.." I screamed not minding if the people around would think that I'm losing my mind..

After minutes of crying I sat on the bench mad at myself for what I have done then I felt someone gave light pat on my shoulder..

"Here" he said offering a can of juice in his hand..

"I guessed I'm not the only late comer here.."He sat beside me..

"Tha-thank you" I bowed my head as I enveloped the can of juice with my fingers feeling the coldness which is the same inside my heart.

"How is Yuu's condition?"

"He is still unconscious on my last visit but I guessed his feeling better now."Kai rest his head in his arm folded back in his head and looked to the sky..

" I'm sorry" He looked at me confusedly.

"You should tell him that...I never thought you will end your relationship with him for eight years."

"What are you saying Kai-kun? We never break up!!"

He jumped on his sit with surprise face..

" Mayu said,  that you told Yuu that you guys are over."

“.. No, I mean yes I said that but it’s not what I mean.I used to say those things to him whenever he really pissed me" He went sat back on the bench with an awe.

" Now he totally thinks you guys are over and the fact that you did not visit him made it worse.."

"No!!!" I started crying again..Your stupid Nyan nyan now Atsuko will have a chance to steal him..

"Sto-stop crying Haruna-san"

"It's not what I wanted to happen I just want him to realize how I hated Atsuko seducing him all I wanted is to stop her from aiming for Yuuchan  I hate her, I really hate how she acted in him.."

" I thought you understanding everything? Atsuko is sick Kojima-san, you should not allow his parents condition if you were just going to act like that."

"Then tell me Kai will I let them separate us or just let his family disown him? Tell me?"He averted to my gaze and not answer my question..

"I'm trying to act like its nothing and trusted Yuuchan but every time I saw her my insecurities is crawling inside me, she is rich, came from a well known family, smart not like me an airhead.."I chuckled bitterly and the worst" His family wanted her to be their daughter in law.."I shifted my head on the other side while wiping my own tears..
“But Yuu only loves you and worth everything to him.."

"I know, I'm so selfish always wanting to be pampered. Atsuko was beside him when he needs me the most, she was there taking care of him, she was the first one who noticed that Yuuchan was not feeling well and what did I do accused him of having an affair with Atsuko.."

"You should tell him everything Kojima-san. I know Yuuboy is waiting for you."

"Yes I will, I will not let him think that I already gave up..So please Kai-kun help me see him.."Kai started to call Atsuko but he cannot reach her phone then he call Mayu.

"Yo Mayu, Where is Yuuboy now?" His expression change and seemed that his hands become heavier as the phone slides down from his ear..

"Where is he Kai-kun?" He ended the call and looked at me in sternly.

"He is already boarded a plane to South East Asia with Atsuko."

"What? He just got dismissed from the hospital what are you saying? And where in South East Asia did they go?"

" I do not know..."I covered my face with my palms and cried not caring if I got everybody passing by eyes..

"Yuuchan, I'm sorry" wishing the man I hurt could hear me..

Atsuko's POV

 Since the day we left Japan Yuu-kun has been acting differently he is not the same Yuu-kun I know..He is working hard on work hours and I always saw him drinking at the hotel bar at night. He is acting so gloomy since the day he got discharged... We are staying in a Hotel in Singapore where Yuu-kun is one of the investors and I'm helping him in studying the countries in South East Asia Market... But even though I'm always with him, His soul seemed floating somewhere.. He is so near yet so far... I'm so curious on the burden his carrying alone. But I'm too afraid if  Minigeshi is still the reason his acting like this..

 I'm looking at my hotel room’s window staring the view outside. When I heard a sound coming from Yuu-kun’s room...I went out my room seeing him in a drunk state, Kneeling in front of his room door trying to slide the hotel room card key.. But he is too drunk to do it properly I approach him, He seemed to be so dreamy..

"Ah thank you for helping me.. "Bowing his head I think he did not recognize me. He stood up supporting his whole body with his hand in his knees..I took his arm and hooked in my neck helping him to walk properly then open his room. I laid him in his bed, remove his coat and loosen up his neck tie, I never see him this drunk before..

"Whats wrong Yuu-kun? Why are you acting like this?"

 Observing him while his trying to find comfort in his bed, his too cute acting like a kid,  I bend over and stare at his face my finger trailed down from his brows, eyelid. I smiled playing with his long eyelids..Then I continued running my finger in the bridge of his his lips..This is bad I want to.. No Acchan control yourself.. I shouted in my mind.. However before I can remove my finger in his lips his already holding my hand tightly...

"I'm sorry" He mumbled I got startled..

"I cannot fight for you, I'm a coward, I' m sorry"  I got startled on what I heard my suspicion become true his not yet over her, He is still suffering because of Miichan. From mumbles it became louder...he pulled me into a hugged. I was struggling to escape from his tight embrace but as I tried to remove myself it became tighter and tighter..

"Please, do not leave me..." burying his face on my neck..

"Please, I'm begging you..."I stop and his cries became louder.. I cupped his face searching for answers. But I cannot  hide my guilt being the reason of the my love's suffering ..If I can only do something to heal your heart.. I cannot control myself anymore diving for his lips savoring the taste of the alcohol in his tongue...   We parted to fill our lungs with air and locked my lips again with him..His hands are roaming under my pajama.. I unbutton his long sleeves and started nibbling his collar bone .. He groaned and kiss my forehead.. I laid him back on the bed sitting in his crouch..I know his turned on... letting him remove my pajamas.

"I will never leave you Yuu-kun."But before I can claim his lips again I saw his face in stern look...Yuu look like he wakes up from his nightmare as we both breathing heavily, when everything sinks in me. I crawled out of his bed, grabbed my pajama's on the floor and run out of his room.


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Wow atsuyuu,
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Kaya pala? nagulat ako sau tapos ito huh?    :wigglypanda: :on ksweat:

you know already i wont take this long but dude cge lang landi pa hahaha :ding:

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sht sht sht that last scene
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Chapter 26
Part 2


Since the day I and Acchan arrived in Singapore...I tried to focus on my work just to avoid her as I do not want her to be a rebound she is different from other girls. Even though Kai told me before that he is willing to let go of his feelings for Atsuko if I accept hers... I really want to hurt myself now thinking it as an option. My life in Singapore turns as work on working hour and drinking If I have no more works to do. Things turns to be in different course the more I tried to deflect myself on Acchan the more chances that I become closer to her..  It all started the night I got drunk


I'm trying to open up my hotel room.. When my cellphone fell on the floor..I do not know why did Kai is not answering my call.. Stupid best friend where is he when I needed him..He rarely visited me when I'm sick then now his not returning my calls...Bending down reaching my phone my whole body lost its balance making my head bang on the door..Fuck I now I'm done I cannot even see where to slide in my hotel key.  My head really spinning I think I might be sleeping outside .When I felt some one helped me..Oh an angel she helped me walk inside my room, Flopped me down to my bed making her lost her balance too...She remove my coat and loosen up my tie..I'm trying to recognize her but my vision was affected by alcohol..But I know someone who did this to me it's Nyan nyan she always do this whenever I'm wasted...She is playing my eyelids the I felt her touching my lips you can claim it whenever you want.. I held her hand tightly then pulled her onto tight hugged..She kissed my lips hungrily.. I think there is something wrong with here kissed as crushes her teeth to mine many times I did not say anything just continue dancing her tongue in mine.. I suck her lower lips, not feeling the right sensation there is something wrong with her lips. I roam around my hand on her body..She remove my shirt and pushed me down to the bed.. My nyan nyan wanted to be on top now.I said to my mind.. Please do not leave me I enveloped her in my arms nuzzling my head in her..
"I promise I won't leave you Yuu-kun"

Yuu-kun? I stare at her trying to figure out who is the girl that I'm doing it right now...
Because Haruna always calls me Yuu-chan..

A-atsuko….Before I can say her named she grabbed her clothes to the floor and leave..


Shit Yuuboy? What did you do?  Your best friend loves her, how can I face Kai after this? And she is like your little sister!!!

" Arrhggg" I screamed in frustration.

Even tapping my finger nails on the table is not helping me to remove my guilt… Fuck what am I doing? How can I face Atsuko? Being to occupied with my own thought I did not realize that she was already seating across me with like nothing happened last night I was observing her movements…

“ Yuu-kun I think there is something wrong with the document you handed me yesterday..”

“ I will send it on your e- mail..”

“ Fine. Atsuko started opening her laptop but I close it back in her front..

“ Is there a problem?”

“ You know there is?”

“ Is it about the renovation project in Osaka or ?

“Or last night..” I tried playing along and act like nothing happened Atsuko shifted her head on the side making me gaze more on her eyes…
“I know I should not asking you about this but..”

Atsuko breathe heavily and smile forcedly..

"It is my fault I-I'm too drunk last..I took advantage on you I hope you don’t feel harassed…"

"No, It’s my fault to I'm the one who is on the right mind but...I apologize for not acting properly.."

"Stop it Atsuko..Do not apologize... geez" I fixed my sitting position..

"Ca-can we fo-forget what happened last night. It’s just an accident.” Do I have to get along with it but if I talk further I feel that I’m going to regret it…

"If that is what you want.."

 "Yuu-kun?" answered her with a hum..I sipped on my cup of coffee..

"Are you still in love with Miichan?" I almost spit my coffee hearing her question... I tried to remember what I did last night..Shit what if I slipped and call for Nyan nyan's name but it doesn’t matter we are over know..

"Why Atsuko did I said something weird last night?"Her looked down on her plate..Shit I ask her a wrong question Yuuboy you make out with her last night and now you're asking her that question.

"Forget it! It's your life and I think I'm intruding too much." I chuckled If I said something weird last night She will not mention Miichan's name..

"I think I said things that made you intrigue but do not mind it..Atsuko will it be alright with you, if I asked you to accompany me around I mean we've been here for two weeks but we do not even have time to explore Singapore.."

Together we tour around the city’s famous destination. But we enjoyed more in universal studio Singapore we reminisce the movie of our childhood. I saw Atsuko's smile, I know how many boy in our High School days gone crazy just to see her and I'm the privilege one to see it up-close.. For the whole day I forgot the pain of breaking up with Nyan nyan.. I should start accepting that she not part of me anymore..

"Thank you, Yuu-kun for touring me to best attractions here in Singapore.."

"No I should be the one thanking you, at least for a day I enjoyed my stay here in Singapore.."

"But tomorrow we have to work.. A lot of work" I smiled and my eyes was captivated by it..

"How about trying the Singapore flyer before we go back to our hotel.."

Atsuko pouted and about to cry when she heard my request..

"You are not afraid of height right?"

"Before “I got it maybe the trauma from the accident made her scared like this..

"It's ok let’s just try it when you are ready.." I walk a head However I can't move further as I felt some one tugging my sleeves halting me..


"I-I'm going as long as I'm with Yuu-kun I will be fine”

Atsuko Pov

"He smiled and held my hands tightly.

"I can assure you that.."

"Please hold my hand and never let go of it."He gave me a reassuring smile.

"I will.."He said..

"We both enter the gondola it.. I intertwined my fingers in him while hugging his arm firmly..

"It's beautiful.." He said.. Watching the scenery of the whole Singapore in our eyes..Feasting how man made structure harmonize with the environment..

"Yes it is.." staring at his left eye that sparkling over the view pg the whole city..

"Yuu-kun likes beuatiful places.."

"Un.."He nodded like a kid that made me giggle.

"I think it goes with our company's vision too, Building and developing for the welfare of the whole community."

"Yes it is, together we will create better community for future generation.."

"She smiled brightly hearing me..Oh my god He is too cute my I felt the heat on my cheeks as my heart is beating crazy.

I lean my head on his shoulder..

"Are you ok Atsuko?"

"I'm fine... I just.."

"You should not force yourself, Acchan please just bear a little more we are going down now.."He is hugged me while caressing my back..Though I want to say something to make him stop from worrying but I can’t. I really wanted to stay more in this gondola so I can be spoiled and feel his arms more wrapped onto me.. Actually I thought that Yuu-kun will avoid me but he did not instead his the one who apologize even though I'm the one who initiate making out with him...Last night...Realizing what I've done with him I return to my room crying expecting that our friendship will be over. I tried to convince myself that he is the type who forgets everything when he is drunk but again He remembered not everything but he still knows that something happened between us...I tried to deceive him asking him the question to redirect the our conversation but he did the same thing asking me out on our rest day....This guy really knows how to handle a conversation and turn things in favor of him..And that one of the traits I admired about him...I enjoyed going to the places alone with him after eight years this is we finally had a chance to go out together...I know this will be my chance to made him forget about Miichan.. I will do everything to make him mine and go crazy over me....


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Atsuyuu? Nyanmina? hmm
But i prefer to kojiyuu hehehe :D
I'm waiting for more kojiyuu.. I miss them :'(
btw author-san....

Nice Story  :twothumbs
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Atsuyuu? Nyanmina? hmm
But i prefer to kojiyuu hehehe :D
I'm waiting for more kojiyuu.. I miss them :'(
btw author-san....

Nice Story  :twothumbs

Yeh,  I agree with you!  :mon star:

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message kita may bago kong tsismis

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Er... I still don't get my answer...

It is atsuyuu?

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Chapter 27

Haruna's POV

I tried everything to reach him but I guess he block my phone number my emails and personal messages from social media are not replied or his totally ignoring me.. I cried every night, praying that he will give a chance on our relationship.. When were together I always think that he might cheat on me for Atsuko but after he left for business summit in south east Asia,  I'm fighting the thought that he will do something with Atsuko.. No!!  I screamed in my head. Yuuchan only loves me Atsuko is just a sister for him.

But as the days past my fear of losing him increased no matter how I tried thinking that Yuuchan only loves me. The fact that this might be a reason for him to realize Atsuko's love is greater than mine, that girl could give her more than what I can.  This thought is killing me knowing that it will be real anytime. I want to go and find him  in Singapore but Paru said they are no longer in there as they have been going on the other countries for Business meetings. I'm walking now at the restaurant where I have to meet the designer, asking me to be exclusive model of his brand his name is Shinoda Mario, Everybody knew his name in fashion industry as his brand is getting a lot of attention internationally and being  supermodel helped him gain his connections. I arrived at the restaurant where Yuuchan played piano. I still remember how he dedicates the song for me that give happiness and memories sends pain in my heart. I asked the waiter where is Shinoda Mario' table but in my surprise. I saw two familiar figure having there dinner on the table where I used to see them..

"Mr. Shinoda is here.”. He accompanies me on the table not far away from the two. Seeing the back of my ex-boyfriend and having the full view Atsuko who gleefully eating her meal.. I saw her genuinely smiling on my boyfriend I really want to see Yuuchan badly..but not in this situation...

"Kojima-san?" A deep voice of a man wake me on my daze..

"Oh I'm sorry.. Kojima Haruna-desu.."I bowed my head..

"I'm Shinoda Mario from the house of Shinoda."He bowed his head but my attention is glued to the other people on the table..

"You're manager called me and said that there is emergency they she has to attend.."

"Yes, she just called me either."

"But I guess it’s too late to cancel the meeting so what if we just have dinner and talked about the contract next time."

"It's alright with me.." As I wanted to know more about Yuuchan and Atsuko..

“I'm sorry but can you excuse myself I need to go the rest room..”

 I saw him walk near Atsuko and Yuuchan's table.. But I'm speechless when he walk towards the two people that I've been eyeing from the start.. He hugged Atsuko and gave a handshake to my Yuu.. Finally I can see him, I think he lost so much weight.. He must have suffered a lot because of my childish behavior. In a bliss it turned out were sharing tables with the two..I was seated beside Atsuko and Mario beside Yuuchan.. I want to talked to Yuuchan badly and explain things to him, how I wished he’s not giving up yet.

Yuu's Pov

One month One week six days nineteen hours thirty seven minutes and twelve seconds that's how long I’ve missed you since the day that you ended everything between us. I smiled bitterly whenever I remember those words feeling guilty of letting Acchan act like that. I know you just misinterpret everything but I cannot explain things as I will be throwing blame onto others. It’s my fault too then now you’re sitting across me with the same goddess aura..You looked lost so much weight I imagine I may feel your ribs when I hugged you, Your cheeks become thin too as I see your cheek bones, I can't see your eyes as you always looking down and I know you’re not comfortable in where you are sitting as Atsuko is beside you while looking at me sheepishly.. Now I saw you after a long time with a new man I should be happy seeing Mario returned from Paris but I can't...I don't know what I'm feeling right now but acting like I'm just cool about this hiding something that boils inside me..
"You never tell me that you two are already official."

Atsuko got choked on Mario teasing I run to her back and caress her..

"We are not, what you’re thinking." We said in harmoniously.

I saw Nyan nyan, sharply glaring on me and I know that expression. So she still affected by this?

"I'm fine Yuu-kun.." I handed the glass of water to her and return to my seat.

"I apologize for making you uncomfortable with my query.''

"No, its fine we are used of being asked like that.."

"I did not react and returned chomping my well done steak...I'm looking at her direction from time, observing..

"How about you Mario-kun I never thought?" Then Atsuko looked at Haruna she did not bother on reacting on Atsuko's teasing.

"No, This is pure business she will be our new model.."

"That’s great..Congratulations Haru-chan."

"Congratulations Kojima-san." Then I felt a warm hand squeezing mine lightly..I looked at Acchan who smiling cutely..

"Yuu-kun your mom mailed me she asked me to come to your mansion.." I nodded.

Haruna's Pov

 I don't want to be rude to Shinoda-kun but I bid farewell after Yuu and Atsuko said their goodbyes I followed them to the parking area waiting a chance to speak with my squirrel. But I shouldn't have done that after what I see..

Yuu-kun opened the passenger sit at the back for me...But I cannot go in..

"Acchan? Why are you still afraid? I know that there is a near Subway station."

"No, Yuu-kun can - can I sit beside you?"

"Are you sure?"I nodded without thinking again..

"He released a ball of air.. "Fine if that's what you want." He opened the front door of his car..

"Yuu-kun is there something bothering you because you changed your mood?." I' m caressing his arms..

"No I'm just tired with our travel."

Without asking his permission I hugged him tightly, He tried to escape by moving his body back but too late as I've already enveloped my arms on his torso.

"Yuu-kun?" Forget her, forget Miichan its already eight years...

"A-atsuko?" He patted my head lightly..

I kissed his cheeks and hold his arms tightly..

"Yuu-kun" He replied with a hum.."I love you."

Yuu Pov

My body responds fast hearing her confession as I release myself from her hugged. I'm sweating it feels like she just drop a heavy stone on my chest..

"I-I" can't respond on what she just said.. I try to pull myself together, knowing that she will do this anytime but still I-I can't do any response it feels like I'm completely unaware of her feelings.. It's obvious that she's been observing since she confessed...I bit my lips and avoiding her gaze then my mind seems floating... I open my mouth and tried to collect the proper word's to answer but she put her index finger in my lips and shook her head..

"I know Miichan is still in your heart and I know I can't replace her but I will wait until you can return my feelings but if you can't.."She stop and shifted her head on her right I feel how hard is this for her.."I'm not going to asked your answer now or right away but please.."She's clutching my sleeves.."Can you think about it."Her eyes are pleading that sends another bomb explodes in my heart.. "Please I will wait until you can answer me.."I nodded and close my eyes from her words I know that she will not accept no for an answer... then I feel something soft pursed on my lips. I open my eyes and saw her sits on the car.. I'm little happy seeing another progress on her as she have strength to sit on the front seat of my car after months.. But I’m still stunned and wasn’t able move my body from where I'm standing..

"Yu-Yuu-kun your mom is waiting us.."Her voice wakes me on my reverie...Slowly I tried to move my feet and went inside my car...
Atsuko’s POV

Finally I had the courage to confess my feeling to him I even steal a kiss from him.. I closed my eyes while tracing my lips... My heart was beating fast but my mind has knew his answer I knew it the way he reacted on my confession.. I knew it since I was in Singapore since that ....



Is he that busy I've asking him to for a meal but his always refusing me and saying his busy..I want to share to him all the things happened in Singapore and that I finally have courage to confess my feeling to Yuu-kun but it's already a week but still he hasn’t showed up... Stupid monkey... I mumbled..Then I remembered the souvenir I bought for him in Singapore a Merlion keychain that completely reminds me of him.. His strict and seems too hard to approach but Kai kun is also like a mermaid.. Then I giggled imagining him with mermaid tail, what a silly imagination Atsuko .. I've known him since childhood but I just saw his soft side like his nonsense joke, his flushed face whenever his caught off guard.. Then I remember times when his there for me whenever I need someone.. I smile I should be grateful that Kai-kun is there for I should be kinder towards him..The the elevator door opens revealing a friend that I've been missing...

"Ohayo " I said with a big smile..

"A-atsuko Ohayo.." He bowed his head that makes me giggle..His clueless expression never fails to amaze me his just turning his head left to right trying to figure out what I've been giggling of..

"Ne Acchan, are you making fun of me?"I shook my head...

"Are you from Yuu-kun's office?" Then his facial expression changes..

"Wha - why did you ask?" there something weird in his voice..

"Yuu-kun will be busy because of piled works... "

"Ah yes he said that too.."

"Kai-kun will it be ok with you if we have lunch together I have a lot of things to share.."I held his hand but pulled it fast and rubbed the back of his nape no his facial color become pale.

“You don't look fine Kai-kun.."Then I walk closer to him..

"No-no Acchan It’s just..."


The door open..

"Ne, Kai-kun can we have lunch together?"


Walking for about fifteen minutes as we are both looking for a place to eat I got disappointed when my favorite restaurant is closed for renovation..

"Why does it have to be renovated? After coming back to Japan.." I stomp my feet tired of looking for a place to eat..Kai-kun who is walking beside me stop with worried face..

"Are you tired? I told you that we should just use a car going that resto.." He said like a father scolding his child.

"But I want to walk and it's not that far but because it's close now we've been searching for a place to eat and knowing you who’s very picky when it comes to food.."

"Are you putting the blame on me  ?"

"No.."I pouted and looking down.."I'm just frustrated..."

He chuckled and mess my hair a little..

"I'm not a kid anymore Kai-kun.." I know he wanted to console me but It's not helping my frustration..

"There is a gyoza house nearby that Yuuboy likes.."He nudge his head to the shops direction..and put both of his hand on his pocket...

"Uhn, my mood is getting better hearing Yuu's name.."

Then he started walking leading the way...

"Ittai" I said softly .Kai runs fast into my place being worried..

"What happened, Atsuko?"

"I'm having blisters" Then he lifted my feet showing my bleeding ankles...

"Why didn’t you tell me?" I know that his worried but I'm quite shock seeing and hearing his reaction..Then he bends over to see the back of my feet...

" You've been bearing the pain all this time?. "He said in very strict tone ...

"It's just a small cut and Kai-kun.. People around are watching us.. "He stand up and not listening to what I said…

"Hop on my back we are looking for a place to ease you're feet..."He squatted in front of me. "Kai kun are you sure my feet is just going to touch the grou-nd if I le-let you carry me" my voice getting weaker as I don't want him to be insulted but then I was replied with a serious glare ."And I'm wearing a skirt.." He took of his coat then wrapped it on my waist without asking permission he lifted me in a bridal style..

"If you complain again then I will never talk you ever.."

"I nodded feeling the heat on my cheeks seeing people around us are watching I hide my face on his shoulder...

After minutes he stops from walking...

"I think this is would be it" he. When I look on what has been…”      It a famous sandal and slipper brand.. I move my head to see his expression it's and it's still seriouse face from the boulevard..Then we entered the store..

"Good Mo-morning si-sir "said the sales personnel...Kai put me down on the couch used for shoe fitting then without a word he took of my high heels of while kneel on my front I was pushing him away as I'm quite embarrass on this situation..

"Wait me here...."  He bowed to the attendant and leave. About ten minutes Kai came back with paper bag on his hands..

"Where are you from? I told you that I'm hungry.."I said stomping my feet again and sulk..

"I'm sorry he kneeled in front of me and took the huge paper bag that it happens to be a medical kit.. He clean my wound with cotton and medicine..
"Ittait!!!!" I squealed while pulling my feet and covering it with my hand.

" It should be cleaned Acchan or it will get infected.."He said in a very serious tone I fix his coat covering my legs and hesitantly move my feet to him..

"He gave me a reassuring smile..

"I'll be gentle I promise.."I nodded and smile too. When I look around I see the store attendants squealing and whispering on what Kai has been doing to me..

"There it's done.." Then he lifts my feet and blew my wound that’s really embarrassing...That again made my cheeks heats up.. Oh my god what is I feeling now...

"Then Kai started walking around the store I just quietly observes him as I do not want to be reprimanded again..

The he came back "Kai-kun I'm starving..."I said while pulling his sleeves.. He patted my back..

 "Wait for a while.."Then two sales personnel came to us with different sandals and slippers on their hand I look at Kai questioning why are they holding tones of sandals..." Try those and choose what you like.." I remained speechless.."I guessed your too hungry so you can't say a word...
"Then he took one of the sandals that I've been eyeing from the start.."

Then slipped into my feet without moving on my side.. "Yes its suits your dress to madam,.." I bowed an thank her for the compliment..When I look at the shelf where the sandals from it turn out that there is a same design for guys.. I tugged his sleeves again "Nee Kai-kun that one look good on you" He returned his view on me... I ask the sales person to get the pair of sandals in his size..

"Try this.."

"But it doesn’t suit my suit. “he pushed the sandals on my hand.."I sulk and played sad..

"Ok, Ok but don't think that I'm wearing those now..

I nodded fast then he tried to fit the sandals on his feet.. "How does it look?"

"It fits perfectly..." Then Kai handed his card to purchase the sandals then the sales personnel leave..

"Ne, Kai-kun"

Kai look at me..Then bend my body to see his feet at close..

"It doesn’t have smell Atsuko.."

"No..I shook my head.."

"You're feet looks like a tree with a lot of roots.."

"Eh!! “ he said with a flush face.. I pointed the nerves on his feet.. Then he hide his feet on my high heels that makes me laugh I smack his shoulder on his funny expression..

"Stop it Atsuko.." He wears his shoes again and went to the counter. The sales personnel returned to my place giving me the paper bag that I've requested for my shoes..
"You must be very lucky to have such a kind boyfriend like him ma’am.."She bow.."No where just frie-friends.."I retorted shyly..

"Let's go Acchan."

We headed to the gyoza shop that he mentioned before..As we are waiting for our order.. Kai has been silent since we arrive.. Even though I ask him some question it's obvious that his not listening as I always repeat my question then our conversation dies....Then he took his phone and started tapping the screen... why am I feeling weird being neglected by him...

"Kai-kun" Trying to get his attention once again that has been occupied by his mobile...

"Kai-kun!!?" Now my voice is little bit irritated...I held his arms and shook it distracting him from what his doing...

"Ah, Acchan what is it..."

"Ei ,Kai you’re not listening to me...Why is it that you're paying more attention on your phone.."Kai raise his brows he seem shock on what I've said...When I realize the meaning of what I've said.. When I realized that I sounded a girlfriend wanting his attention..

"I-I'm sorry" I said while removing my hand in his arm.

"I-I'm sorry...It's just -It's just I have important thing to tell you.."

"Oh, is it about your trip with Yuu in Singapore?" Why is he acting like his not interested while he always the first one who ask things about Yuu and I...

"I want to give you this..."I took his hand and put the merlion keychain in his hand.. My annoyance is still obvious on how I give him his souvenir...

"What's this?" Kai hang the key chain in his index finger while inspecting it...

"It's you... totally you...."

"Ehhhh? My mouth is not as big as this creature."

"Seriously Kai, don't you know that it's a merlion?."

"I know..."He’s clueless but still arguing to me... Why do I have such ignorant friend geez..."but still I didn’t look like this...."

"You're facial expression are just the same.." I copied the merlion face...Then he laughs... Why is he like this??.Now I see the bully and irritating Kai that I know since childhood he still hasn’t change at all.
"You're funny Acchan..."He laughs continuously while tapping his legs.. Why is so....Arghh... I let him laugh until he notices that I'm irritated...

"I'm not making you laugh.."

He strengthens his sitting position and tucks his lips to control his laughter that escapes...

" It's more like you, not me... Maybe you bought this because you imagine yourself.." Then laugh again..

"Stop arguing!!! I said it's you!!!!!."I said half shouted and smack my hand on the table which made him jump in his chair.. I feel the heat is all over my face... This is the first time that someone makes me this angry.. I'm breathing irregularly trying to suppress my annoyance then tears escaped from my eyes...Kai look around as we caught the attention of the whole shop..

"You're so mean Kai-kun.... How could you make fun of me?!!!"!"I said while catching my breath and wiping my tears with fingers...

"Sto-stop crying A-Acchan promise I won't laugh again...."Kai bow his head to the other costumers...

"Why are you not listening to me.?"

"O-ok I will listen to you..."He kneels down and held my hand

"Please stop crying A-Acchan...Ok I-I Ay....Fuck... Ok I-Im a mer-mer...".

"Yes merlion... Your right...please doesn’t cry..."I tuck my lips to stop myself from crying...

Kai kun look at my stomach and look at my face...


He looks at my stomach again and returns to my face then his cheeks puffs suppressing another burst of laughter...

"I'm dizzy...."I said in between hiccups...He stared at me..

"Ok-ok" Kai stand up and about to run to the counter and return in panicky..As he see the waiter is already bringing our order

After finishing two platter of gyoza.... Kai was looking at me in surprise... His staring on the other plate on my side...

"I told you're the one with merlion and its hiding in your stomach.." I scowl as his starting to be mean again...Why is he like this?

"I'm just kidding ok..."

"You’re not funny at all don't you now that?."His true personality finally comes out..."If only I'm not dizzy then I will totally going to leave you..".Kai smiled that irritates me again.

"Sorry....I'm just..."He stops and lowers his head..."O-ok did something happen in Singapore, do I have to expect baby squirrel now?"He said without any emotion..

"We did not do thi-"I stop remembering the night that Yuu-kun and I make out...

"Ow...seems like I-m going to be an uncle now..."congratulation Acchan..."

"No it's not what you’re thinking..."I sigh shifting my view then the play back of his expression after I've confessed was playing in my mind... "I've confessed my feeling to Yuu-kun" Kai look at me with his mouth slightly open he seem shock...

He smirk then fixed her sitting position... "How is it?"

"I don't know."Silence filled the air...

"Wha-why does you re-, You know.."

"I just said, what I feel but I told him not to answer it for now..."

He remained silent..

"Hmm... congrats Atsuko...You've finally had courage... "

"Un..I wish Yuu-kun will accept my feelings.." Kai then smile and nodded..
" I hope that he does.."


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Wow  :shocked oo nagulat ako, san kaba pupunta at lahat ng bala mo nilabas mo na? SAMA!!!!!!  :on bleed:

mabalik tayo sa fic mo, so now i'm confused  :on_pick:

hmm but still Kojiyuu at Atsuyuu pa more!!!!!! alam mo na di ko na uulitin  :on speedy:

sige lang pagpatuloy mo lang yan

Nice job dude  :on gay:


So ano yun magswimming tayo sa baha?

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Wow  :shocked oo nagulat ako, san kaba pupunta at lahat ng bala mo nilabas mo na? SAMA!!!!!!  :on bleed:

mabalik tayo sa fic mo, so now i'm confused  :on_pick:

hmm but still Kojiyuu at Atsuyuu pa more!!!!!! alam mo na di ko na uulitin  :on speedy:

sige lang pagpatuloy mo lang yan

Nice job dude  :on gay:



ATSUYUU O KOJIYUU??????  I won't spoil you...... you already know how will this fic end so it's

nice job dude...

dude dito etneb lang all day na... lol

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Wow  :shocked oo nagulat ako, san kaba pupunta at lahat ng bala mo nilabas mo na? SAMA!!!!!!  :on bleed:

mabalik tayo sa fic mo, so now i'm confused  :on_pick:

hmm but still Kojiyuu at Atsuyuu pa more!!!!!! alam mo na di ko na uulitin  :on speedy:

sige lang pagpatuloy mo lang yan

Nice job dude  :on gay:



ATSUYUU O KOJIYUU??????  I won't spoil you...... you already know how will this fic end so it's

nice job dude...

dude dito etneb lang all day na... lol

Acceptance? Baha paba pinaguusapan natin o may pinatatamaan ka?  :twisted:
i think you mean bitch not beach? hahaha you know me....

ahh you have your bullet and i have the gun, so were partner in crime right? so ano to?  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

am i the only person know the ending here? LOL what if you changed it? i'm still waiting dude  :bleed eyes:

wow talaga all day? ahh cge punta ako jan (bat parang iba iniisip ko -_-

Hoy!!! yung Kojiyuu ko!!!!!!!  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:
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Ache, i think i ever read before that acchan was sit next to yuu when they have lunch with haruna and kai, maybe its just my delusion hehee but i think acchan get her trauma back because of she going with kai with car before?

Nice update, i like it :D thankyou
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Wow  :shocked oo nagulat ako, san kaba pupunta at lahat ng bala mo nilabas mo na? SAMA!!!!!!  :on bleed:

mabalik tayo sa fic mo, so now i'm confused  :on_pick:

hmm but still Kojiyuu at Atsuyuu pa more!!!!!! alam mo na di ko na uulitin  :on speedy:

sige lang pagpatuloy mo lang yan

Nice job dude  :on gay:



ATSUYUU O KOJIYUU??????  I won't spoil you...... you already know how will this fic end so it's

nice job dude...

dude dito etneb lang all day na... lol

Acceptance? Baha paba pinaguusapan natin o may pinatatamaan ka?  :twisted:
i think you mean bitch not beach? hahaha you know me....

ahh you have your bullet and i have the gun, so were partner in crime right? so ano to?  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

am i the only person know the ending here? LOL what if you changed it? i'm still waiting dude  :bleed eyes:

wow talaga all day? ahh cge punta ako jan (bat parang iba iniisip ko -_-

Hoy!!! yung Kojiyuu ko!!!!!!!  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

ahaha...kung gusto mo nang acceptance bigyan kita tol...

ah gulo natin pm nalang kita pag may time...

Ah partner in crime... With you? no way... lol... I thought I have the gun... and what am I going to do with the bullet?  make it a talisman close my eyes and pray.... mahuli pa ako sa airport nyan...


Kojiyuu wait until summer comes....

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HOY YUU! WAG KA NGA! KAY HARUNA KA!!!!!!!  :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Anywhoooooooooo, bakit ganun? Bakit ang complicated?  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Will wait for your update, Kuya!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Wow  :shocked oo nagulat ako, san kaba pupunta at lahat ng bala mo nilabas mo na? SAMA!!!!!!  :on bleed:

mabalik tayo sa fic mo, so now i'm confused  :on_pick:

hmm but still Kojiyuu at Atsuyuu pa more!!!!!! alam mo na di ko na uulitin  :on speedy:

sige lang pagpatuloy mo lang yan

Nice job dude  :on gay:



ATSUYUU O KOJIYUU??????  I won't spoil you...... you already know how will this fic end so it's

nice job dude...

dude dito etneb lang all day na... lol

Acceptance? Baha paba pinaguusapan natin o may pinatatamaan ka?  :twisted:
i think you mean bitch not beach? hahaha you know me....

ahh you have your bullet and i have the gun, so were partner in crime right? so ano to?  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

am i the only person know the ending here? LOL what if you changed it? i'm still waiting dude  :bleed eyes:

wow talaga all day? ahh cge punta ako jan (bat parang iba iniisip ko -_-

Hoy!!! yung Kojiyuu ko!!!!!!!  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

ahaha...kung gusto mo nang acceptance bigyan kita tol...

ah gulo natin pm nalang kita pag may time...

Ah partner in crime... With you? no way... lol... I thought I have the gun... and what am I going to do with the bullet?  make it a talisman close my eyes and pray.... mahuli pa ako sa airport nyan...


Kojiyuu wait until summer comes....


Meron na ko nun Tol bigyan pa kita -_-
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yes me? who else dude? i'm the one have the gun here so you only have the bullet, dont worry hindi ka mahuhuli, di ka naman napunta sa airport, Lol

wahhhh  :panic: :panic: :panic: summer? tagal pa nun dude!!!!

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Oo nga. Ang tagal na T_T

...Kuya, yung The Bond? XD
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Hahah, it may or not be a bait  :hee:

But I wonder why Kai was acting like that?  :dunno:

Talaga, hindi ko alam kung anong nasa utak ni Kai, ay naku...  :tantrum:

Si Haruna naman pag nakita magharutan si Yuu at Acchan galit na kagad, pero obvious naman kasi mahal ni Haruna si Yuu diba?  :luvluv2:
Well hinda naman harutan kasi hindi naman ginagawa ni Yuu, pero yeah, naghaharutan parin xD  :wriggly:

Thanks for the update!  XD
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Chapter 28

I turn around and grab his arm. Yuu hooked his arm on my neck and peck on my forehead...I smiled and cupped his cheeks feeling his grown facial hair...Nuzzling my nose in his dimples that makes me giggle Yuu pulled me closer that makes me feel his manly arms... I feel protected and love...  "I miss you!!" Not hearing any response on the man I love I open my eyes....I sat up not seeing any trace of him... My tears rolled down on my eyes... "Yuuchan please come back..."Realizing that all I'm feeling is just a dream...I cupped my lips and hugged my legs while tracing his pillows...I look at the screen of my phone seeing our pictures together then the scene where Atsuko peck  his lips flashback on my mind... She seemed taking the advantage of our break up... ‘Yuu...”I whispered in the air...

Yuu’s POV

“Ne, Nyan nyan what should I do?” I was standing outside the boutique that you always go... I don't know if you’re coming but I'm just taking the chance if I can see you even just minute... no even five seconds... I move my legs as I feel cramps on my legs... When I move my head up I see her face... She seemed thinner the last time I see her.. I hid myself to the bushes not wanting to be seen... She was smiling to the boutique attendant and seems like having a good conversation with her... "So I guessed that you finally moved on..." I feel vibration in my pocket...

"Hello, Yuu-kun can fetch me from the clinic?"

"Yes Atsuko…I will be there in fifteen minutes."I took a final glance to Haruna and leave....

Haruna’s POV

Ah ... Haruna, Why are you always out of your mind? Now I need to return to my favorite boutique as I forgot my purse yesterday... I walk and greeted by the attendant... She already knows my intention for coming as she’s already waving my purse....


"I reminded you yesterday that you might going to forget this..."I let out a curt giggle as I see Tomomi shook her head and pushed the purse to my direction..

"It's because I'm in a hurry yesterday..."

"You always are and I notice that you are becoming more absent minded lately.Is it because of a boy?"

"No... "I retorted.

"Harunyan I should not be bothered by this rumors but last reunion party of middle school ..."She paused collecting proper words to tell me... “They say that you are being sponsored by a rich married man that you’re going out with...I know as your friend I should not listen to them.."I smiled and held her hands...

"Don't be bothered I'm not dating a man like that..." And smiled re-assuring my friend that what she said was just a rumor..From the time I entered this shop I feeling that I'm being watched I look outside the glass wall and see a back of a man with the same silhouette as Yuu...

"Yuu-Yuu chan!" I cupped my lips and draw closer to the glass wall...

"Haru? Who is Yuuchan? "My body was trembling as the guy shifted her view and smiled but his facial expression was still sad...

"Yuuchan!!!" I run outside but Yuu just went so fast...

"What happened Haruna? " Tomochin asked.

"Did I saw Oshima-kun just now..."Here eyes become wide as I held hand and started crying...

"Why? Did you guys? No why him? He is a player Harunyan..."

"No.... I love him.... "

She drags me inside her shop and gives me a cup of tea..."There, there stop crying Haru..."

"How could you agree to that setup? Haru, I thought your smart when it comes to boys, why did you fell in love with him?"

"He is not what you’re thinking... This will be a perfect relationship if only he is not.."

"An Oshima"

"Those rich kids only think about themselves...That they can get whatever they wanted... Oshima Yuu is the same he put you into thus situation... You’re lying to yourself Harunyan and going back to him in the same situation will only make things the same..."

"What are you saying? Give up on us?"Tomochinshook her head...

" If he really loves you, he will fight so everybody will acknowledge you as his lover.."

"But what if he did not and date Atsuko.."

"This will hurt but Harunyan but eight years of hiding is enough you don't need another year to wait for him to fix your situation..."My tears can't stop falling from my eyes hearing Tomochin’s reaction with my relationship with Yuu…

"If you love then you should  trust Oshima-kun that he will fight for your love but if your doubting you should let him go...One day will come Oshima kun will knock on your door and he already settled  his family issue...if he can't it means you should let him go.."

"I shook my head and cry I can't...I can't live without him...."

"He should feel the same way and fight for you. Harunyan listen, if he did not settle his personal issues it will only hurt both of you.You should believe in him.. Maybe there is a reason why his not responding to your messages and I guessed if he still looking after you then.. Oshima- kun still loves you...He went here and waited for you it only means that he is still loves you..."


"I don't know what you see on Oshima kun but if you're that crazy over him it only means that he is a good person..."Tomomi smiled and hugged me.

"I will wait and trust him...."

"Oshima-kun should do the right thing...or he might not know what he is going too missed...


Days passed like year..Not like before that I cry every time I miss him... I love him...So I should learn to trust him more.... I should still believe in little hope...I know that if I talk to him things will be fine.. Tomochin is right I need to wait for him to settle his problems...

Kojima-san please on standby area in five minutes...

I heard the staff calling my name..


Atsuko's POV

Yuu's mother invited us on the OHotel.. This past days his parent's always invites me on their family affairs and now fashion week is going to held on their Hotel.. I waved my hand seeing the guy that I've been waiting for hour, he look to his side and walk towards me... I blushed seeing how elegant he walks towards me... He really looks good in his dark blue coat and black tie...I clung my arm in him.

"You’re so handsome" I whispered to his ear....He chuckled and blushed with my teasing... I used my hand as a fan feeling the heat on my cheeks...

"You look good too.."

“Maji!!!” I bit my lower lips Yuu nodded but I still feel his mood which is so gloomy....But a thud sound from the runway caught our attention....


"Nyan nyan.."

My face shifted to him hearing how he addressed Kojima-san...

She took off my hand in his arm and started walking forward...I am concern with Haruna-san but also bothered with Yuu's reaction... His brows are almost touching and worry is evident in his eyes... Haruna stood up breath and continued walking the runway like nothing happened...The audience clapped their hands, applauding how the famous model in Japan handled the situation professionally...

Yuu let out a big ball of air in his lips and walk back to my side but his mood changes this time...

"I rubbed his arm" You must be worried about her?"

"She is a friend..."He said in a sad tone.

"But Haruna -san she’s professional model and knows how to handle herself..."

Yuu gulped and took a glass of wine on the server...He seems not caring about the event as he is facing me and not looking on the runway...

He drinks champagne in one gulped....

"I know... She can handle herself..."

"Acchan..." Yuu's mom walked closer to us and peck on my cheeks and Yuu...

"Kyoko Obasan?

“You look stunning.." She covers her lips and giggles.Yuu didn’t change his mood and look on her mom.

"You such a teaser Atsuko..." Kyoko Obasan giggles again and hugged me on my back and put her chin on my shoulder.

"I really miss you Atsuko... You know how I wanted you to be my daughter..."

"Kyoko Obasan  .."I held Yuu's arms noticing his holding his forth champagne glass.Yuu looks at me tucking both his lips.

Kyoko Obasan continued hugging my back not minding other VIP guests...

"You two are adorable as ever..."

"Okasaan, Atsuko's not comfortable in your action were getting other guests attention..." Hearing that Aunt Kyoko release her hug.

Yuu shifted her head down and his mood is obviously getting worst...

"Yuu-kun, stop drinking..please.."I plead and took the glass out of his hand...

"I think I need to go now enjoy love birds..." His moms peck on my cheeks and walk to her friends.


"I'm sorry Atsuko but I need to go..." I held his hand that halted him from walking away...

"Why are you still mad at your mom? It's been eight years..."Yuu closed his eyes and started composing himself...

"Are you hiding something from me?"Yuu turned his head fast to me know our face are closer...

"What are you trying to say?" Agitation is evident on his voice...

"Forget it.." I glimpse on him...

"I'm sorry... I'm just not in the mood..."

"You've only witness Haruna-san stumble on the runway and you completely change all of a sudden..." … I’m trying to read what is on his mind but his glares become frightening that I cannot look on it for long…

"I told you she's a friend..."He breathes heavily... "And I hate how people are making her as a laughing stock..."

Actually, It seems like people here don't mind you are just making it as a big deal."

"No!!!"I was shocked how he raise his voice with me this is the first time I see Yuu gets mad like this..."I-I'm sorry.I think I need some air..."He walks away and this time my hand can't stop him....

"Yuu-kun!!" I mumbled...

Haruna's POV

"It's okay Kojima-san even if you fell you still rock my masterpiece and I think what happened has a good outcome... "

Shinoda-kun said to me lifting my spirit after I messed on the stage...It's because again I saw Atsuko was flirting with my boyfriend and Yuu was smiling too... I saw the girl grab my man's shoulder and act cute in front of him..Seeing them in front giggling and the girl was exchanging cute glimpse on him makes me out of balance causing me to stumble on the floor. Actually, I did not mind looking like a fool on the runway but I'm really hurt seeing Yuu in this situation after long...

Shinoda-kun guided me and let me watched the fashion show on the side... But my attention was caught by Yuu's mom hugging and talking normally to Atsuko and Yuu... The later seems enjoying the attention she's getting from Yuu's and his mom as smiling wide... That I never experienced actually I only met her mom Thrice.First was when Yuu introduce me to her parent's, Secondly when she asked me to fly to New York and third was when she asked me to let my boyfriend took care of Atsuko when I went back to Japan... And guessing on her treatment to Atsuko and her facial expression whenever we met is different.My tear drops envying the girl, She is with Yuuchan now and his mom obviously adores him... I was trying to look on Yuu’s expression but his talking to Atsuko and his mom...


"I'm sorry, Don't worry I still have my second day tomorrow Just put a lot of effort next time..." I nodded.

"Kojima-san, do you have a problem?"

"I shook my head I just feel bad about the incident.."

Shinoda-kun pats my arm "I’m model too so I know how hard it is..."

"Thank you.."

"Stop crying your beautiful face doesn’t suit your tears."..I chuckled sarcastically hearing Shinoda-Kun's teasing. He took something in his suites and reaching his a with cloth to me.

But I remember Yuuchan and I first encounter...

"I'm the one who makes you cry so let my hankies wipe your tears..."

I look at Mario's face, who’s trying to reach his hankies nearer...

"I'm sorry I' can't take that..." and bowed my head ninety degrees...

Yuu's POV

I did not finish the event and returned to my office... Maybe this is better... I rested my back on my chair... And sigh for hundred times....I closed my eyes...I wished Atsuko wouldn’t take my behavior seriously as this is the first time I acted like that towards her.. Knowing that I'm the reason why Haruna stumbled on the runway, she might witness Atsuko and I talking too close to the sound from the event making us hard to communicate...

"Stupid squirrel!!!!" I shouted...."How could I always act recklessly in front of her ..This is the reason why she doesn’t deserve a stupid person like me..."I punched my table hard and pushed all the documents...

"Fuck you!!Yuu-boy you disserve to be alone... A coward like you deserved living alone...." I punched my table and cry.... "I missed you so bad baby... But my presence only makes you suffer...”My mom seems to know that Haruna will be on the event, Inviting me and Atsuko were obviously planned.She really knows how to torture someone discreetly...

I lowered my head and rest it on my arm which is on the table curling half of my body..."What should I do? How can I return to you if going back will only make suffer more..”Nyan nyan!!! Nyan nyan!!” Mumbling her name wishing the girl I’m calling will be in front of me.

Atsuko’s POV

I walked out of the hotel trying to find Yuu-kun... Maybe I really pissed him asking him too many questions... I was turning my head left to right accidentally bumping into someone feeling something hard hit my cheeks.

"Ittai!!!" I squirmed the guy cover his forehead...

"Ittai!! Wha-why are you not looking on your way!!" The guy yells at me.

"You are the one who's not paying attention to you step cause if you do you...We might not bump each other.."

"What?!!” I moved my head in his direction recognizing the guy’s voice...

"How could you!!!" Eh!!!"The guy paused "Acchan!!"

"Kai kun?"

I helped him stand up and sat on the lobbies waiting area...Kai left to buy us drink... I smiled seeing him with two can drink in his hand... "Here, He puts the cold canned beverage in my cheeks....

"It’s cold..."I squirm closing one if my eye Kai-kun chuckled and lower his head...

"Nee Kai kun now I know how tall are you even if I don't measure your height..."Kai scowl and put another can on my other cheek...And I laugh seeing his winning facial expression once again..



"Stop it Kai-kun!!" I smack his shoulder as I feel his pushing the can deeper in my face...


"Tsk... You really love teasing me like that don't you?"


I shook my head and nodded... Kai chuckled once again and copied me... I laugh seeing him acting stupid once again..."I never taught you could act like that..." Kai opens my drink and rests his arm on his legs acting so manly...


"What this?" He shook his head and nodded.I giggled as he continue doing it... "Stop it Kai-kun you look stupid... "I laugh seeing his facial expression he closed his eyes with his brows twitching...He’s obviously trying to suppress being annoyed on my teasing…

"Stupid? Me stupid..."I nodded in agreement...

Kai stand-up making me look up to him... "Nice meeting you Maeda-san I'm having my leave now..."And bows his heads

"Eh!?" Kai was moving his head closer...


" now you became tall!!"

Kai tucks his lips in exasperation...I really like seeing him in this reaction...I laugh hard and smack his shoulder...

"This is the last time I'm letting you make fun on my height..."

"Gomen…gomen..."I clap my hand and cover my face laughing hard as his reactions are priceless...

Kai turns around but I held his hand..''I'm sorry....please don't get mad at me.." Kai turns him around without releasing mine...."Not you and Yuu-kun...please .. I'm sorry for making fun if your height..."

“You seemed searching for something or someone?"

"Oh, I forgot... I' m looking for Yuu-kun..."

"Yuu-boy went back to his office he might be finishing some documents..."

"Is that so?" I lowered my voice...

"You’re his secretary why did you not know your bosses schedules?"

"I'm not his secretary.Correction..."

"Oh, I forgot that I'm talking to Director Maeda of Oshima group. "

I curtly smiled to him... "Oh I'm hungry have you had dinner I shook my hand forgetting that he still holding my hand ...When I was about to remove it Kai pulled me making me stand on my sit... Our face is inch apart... This... I remembered the incident when Kai helped me get my pen under the table... His eyes seemed reading my thought I pulled my hand and walk backward, forgetting that there is couch on my back I started to lose my balance I wave my hand in the air but in my surprise, I feel his hands on my waist securing me for not falling and pulled closer to him...Kai stares still doesn’t change...I did not notice that my arms are around his neck... Kai might be short but his strength is amazing.... Realizing that we are having staring contest ... I pushed him back and composed myself.

"I-I'm going home it's already la-late..."

"Hey, Atsuko ....Atsuko!!?" I hear his steps are getting closer it means his following me....

"Acchan !!! "Kai run in front of me spreading his arms sideward... "Why?!!" I averted his gaze shifting my head to the right...And seeing my shoes on his hand....I pointed my shoe slowly.

"Ah yes, It was removed on your feet..."

Kai kneeled and put the shoe on my right feet... He patted my feet and stand up... “take care Acchan....” I bowed my head and continued walking...without thinking or replying to him....


Yuu’s POV

It's past ten but I'm still on my working desk reviewing the documents from legal department. I thought I’m the only person who's in this building other than the guards and maintenance personnel but I heard a knock at my door then it opens with my father behind the door...

"Why are you still here?" I asked knowing my dad has a dinner meeting with other business friends.

"I saw Atsuko and his father on a dinner meeting she said that you're still in your office then you're executive assistant confirms it.."

"I'm still busy reviewing the files from Maeda Corp. and I didn’t expect this to happen."He nodded and sat in the middle of the couch. I sat beside him holding the document that has been pre-occupying my mind for the whole day..."

"Things can't be done by that...we really have to buy the majority of stocks of Maeda Corp. for it to survive.."

"Did Atsuko know this?."My dad shook his head."Only a few people know their company got affected by the crisis and when media gets involved this will surely be hard for Maeda's and most specially her.."I agreed to what my dad. He just sighs heavily knowing that his best friend gets affected by economic crisis...

"Atsuko needs you.." "  I know ."I sigh knowing how this thing will surely affect her...."This will not be easy...

"I'm actually thinking of holding the South East Asian project and use the funds on Maeda Corp but I know this will be hard as I'm going to ask for the board’s permission."

" I know how to make them agree if you will going to present your plans.."I tucked my lips figuring what is on my father's mind...

"I need their permission so that we can work out on planning.. So if you can help me.. please.."

My father smile...

"Marry her and no one will disapprove your plans."

I moved back disbelieving what my father’s suggestion... I feel the same uneasiness on my position just like when Kai asked me to take care of Atsuko.

"Wha-what?.." my head become airy and knowing where this conversation will be heading.

"You’re not with your model girl anymore so I don't know why you are hesitating my son?"I look straight in his eyes asking myself. How did he know the status of my relationship because I've tried my best to hide our break-up...

"You can never hide things from us, my boy... You know the board will measure your eagerness how you wanted to re-establish Atsuko's company and marrying her will seize their doubt.Despite knowing your capability that you've proved to this company many times. And  you are because she's your best friend or because.."He tilted her head sideways.

I gritted my teeth as I hate this conversation I know my father..But I have firm answer to him.

"I will not marry her because of business and knowing Acchan she will disapprove of this plan too and the worst I will end up hurting her.." I raising my voice being completely agitated on my father’s suggestion...

"So tell me your plans Yuu? Expecting your model ex-girlfriend to come back?"

"Stop bringing her into this, she's not involved in this.."

"But she's still there, right? "My father pointed my chest where my heart is.

"How many times I told you not to get your feelings involve in business." My father closed his eyes.."Oshima group will take over Maeda Corp no matter what ... Yuuboy be firm on your decision or it will all fall down..."

I bowed my head being slapped by his word his really this strict when it comes to me bring his successor... I'm clenching my fist...

" Yes, you're right I should be firm on my decisions."  I close my eyes in defeat...My body is shaking feeling suffocated by his words, why do I have to marry Atsuko...And how about Kai? This shouldn’t be happening... My father stood up and fix his suit.

"I'm giving you a week to decide I need your final draft by Friday..."Then he left me dismayed having no more words to say.


Boring Sunday

@shanju: Chapter 18 they had their lunch on the Oshima group's cafeteria.... Yes she has a trauma...thanks

@chibirine: ate rine-chan, what did you do to your fics? you're scolding Yuuboy.... thanks....

@jhom: ah let's stop that or duterte might hunt you... Last Christmas mo na tol... as you said it's boring.

@claito: yes ate it's been a long time..... I've already updated the bond....

@rindg: read next chaps to answer your questions ... You've noticed his behavior? Yes, Haru loves Yuu so much... Ah about Yuu I guess a lot of boys were like that most especially when they are too comfortable to the person but though you know your limitations girls always misunderstand that.huh... a headache.. hmmm....  I need to hide now.....

@jhom: paulit ulit....

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wow haba -_-

basahin ko muna bago comment

ok nabasa ko na


 i feel you really motivate doing this chapter, thank you so much  :scolding: may naalala ako tungkol dito  :on shady:

well what i can say to Yuu? hmm he should fight for her Nyan-nyan, you know KOJIYUU, love is complicated  for them, he need to be a man for Haruna and about Acchan she have Kai.  :on thumbb:

galing galingan mo dude, kung hindi, naku!!!!  :on voodoo:

don't hurt my heart, i want my Kojiyuu back  :on speedy:


So? duterte pala gusto mo? parehas tayo

may nakalimutan ako, sabi ni riha*** hi daw... :3

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Uhoh, Yuu has to decide between Haruna and Acchan now or it will be all too late!!

I seriously can't wait to know what happens next so better write that next chapter soon! Haha
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Hey, I've been marathon reading all these chapter (FYI it's my first time reading KojiYuu)
Hmm.. I hate that the situation between Yuu and Kojiharu

i mean it's too real  :on speedy: :on speedy:
I totally imagine if your lover being seduced by someone not to mention they had to hide it from world  :err: :err:

its torture for kojiharu..  :depressed: :depressed:

for outcome i'll follow your decision. i'm fine either way : :stuffed: :stuffed:

thanks for great fic , totally enjoy it  :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
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Chapter 29

“Ne Nyan nyan I can’t sleep..”

I said pulling my girl closer to my body… I hear her moan and hugged me… Sleeping becomes my problem whenever I over exhaust myself ..Haruna peck my lips and nuzzled her face on my neck… “I told you to stop working till three am so you won’t be having a hard time sleeping…"I did not answer her but instead Nyan nyan hugged me tighter and rested her forehead on my chin..

"That can’t be helped, you know my position…”

“I thought when you own a company you just give your orders to your employees.”

I chuckled hearing my girlfriend perception on my work…

“I was thinking the same when I’m younger but it’s not the way it is…”

Nyan nyan pouted and put his finger below her lips..

“Do you want me to punch so you can fall asleep?”

“WoW, you’re really great for making me suffer…”

“You are doing that to me now…”

My girlfriend tightens her hugged making me feel her bossom…“Nyan nyan you’re making me wake up more on your action it’s not helping” My girlfriend pinched my waist “You squirrel should  know your lesson…”

“Your provoking me…I said I want to sleep but you seem like wanting to have some late team building activity? Please not now…"I laid back on the bed and put my left arms on my forehead….Haruna giggles and runs her fingers on my chest… "You don’t have any reserved energy?” I glimpse on the girl beside me trailing her finger from my chest up…I’m breathing heavily fighting the temptation..

“You can sleep after we do it .."I chuckled and continued watching Haruna seduces me…She clasped her hand in mine and put it on my above my head… Haruna moved on my top making my left legs in between hers  I heard moan in her lips… "I said I want to sleep…” and trail her finger on my cheeks..I feel relax on what’s she’s doing… I rolled my body making me on top of her… Haruna giggles being satisfied with my move… Her finger continued its job on my back and scratching it.. I groaned feeling relax on her doing.. So relax that I started to fall asleep…  I kissed her lips and flop my body on our bed… Nyan nyan sit on my torso…But now I can no longer fight the heaviness of my eyes from blinking it closes …Haruna’s scratching my chest feels like a lullaby….


I moan….

“Yuu-uuchan!!!!” she yelled in disappointment


“I’m dreaming again.."I rubbed my eyes so I can face the reality..  Waking without her by my side…. Sleeping without her goodnight kisses… Eating breakfast without her in front while her hands on her chin, happy just watching me eat the breakfast she prepares, Going to work without her fixing my necktie while I’m trying to steal kisses on her lips that was replied with light smack on my shoulder and giggles that invites me of doing it more, Having my break time with her messages not to skip my meal and not to over exhaust that always left a mark on my lips… Going home seeing her in the kitchen busy preparing our dinner with her messy tied hair wearing sexy pink apron…. I going to her back helping her to stir and kissing her shoulder that turns into sexy dancing and hearing her complains not to disturb her but just answering some dirty jokes…that pisses her more…  I missed everything Haruna. I miss you. I really miss you. I spread my arms on my bed realizing how to sleep in a queen size bed alone..I closed my eyes being broken in all the memories that we shared, promises that I failed, sentiments that I missed hearing, and your tantrums that shows how much you love me..How I wish that this is the dream and when I wake up I’ll be by your side and give you morning kisses… But now I’m living in hell and dreams becomes nightmare as the day’s passes without you… I sat up lazily and check my mails on my phone…. everything was about my work, having a new phone doesn’t mean you moved on…. I chuckled bitterly and land my feet on the floor then remember what happened last night… "Nyan nyan…” I clenched my fist while gritting my teeth now I know how Kai feels whenever he wanted to help Atsuko I’m just few feet away but I I can’t coward of running to you.I smile not knowing why I closed my eyes again being guilty for what I’ve done to you..I sigh and walk to the bathroom I wash my face after shaving my facial hair… I’m staring on my self on the mirror seems like I lost so much weight too..Trailing my fingers on my cheeks feeling my cheek bone.. Then I remember my argument between my father…

“Oshima group will take over Maeda Corporation no matter what…. Yuuboy be firm on your decision or it will all fall down…”

“In a week… what will you do Oshima Yuu?”

 I swiped the mist on the glass asking myself what to do…. “Nyan nyan? Should I take it and let you go…” Feeling my heart becomes heavy and something struggling on my neck..

Atsuko’s POV

I’m calling him since last night but Yuu’s not answering…. I want to apologize not thinking about my questions but his presence now is important having a meeting with the board even I as a director did not now the agenda of this meeting is… All of his staff doesn’t now where find him as they are trying too reach him since morning… Why is he late? Yuu was always minutes early on work hours I’m a bit worried on him but fighting myself no to think that something bad happened..

“Atsuko…"Yuu’s father walked towards me smiling…

"Good morning Kenji Ojii- I mean… Chairman.."His father patted on my shoulder..

” Where is the president?”

“I- I’m sorry chairman but Yuu is…”

“I’m here…. Why did the board of directors urgently set a meeting?” Yuu said strictly as he popped from nowhere.

“You already know the reason Yuuchan…”

“Yuu-Yuuchan?"I said questioning why did the chairman address his son for the first time…Yuu is intensely glaring at him I can no longer see respect in his eyes…

"I still have a week right? ”

“ Time is ticking my son… "Chairman look at me and shifted his stare to Yuukun…

"I will be giving you a week but I can’t promise any pressure as time passes…Yuuchan…”

“Stop calling me that…And what does Atsuko doing in here?”

“She’s the director of planning department she needs to know this…"I look the man in front of me clueless what is their arguments all about…Yuu becomes silent but his clenching his fist…

"Director Maeda lets go inside the conference room..” I bowed my head and followed the chairmans order but I can’t remove Yuukun on my sight who become  frozen on his place..Why am I seeing him so broken ?And why does his father addressing him as Yuuchan? I have alot of questions and I know this board meeting might answer some…. I sat beside Yuu and the chairman’s executive assisstant walk in front to announce the agenda… All the other board of directors are already sitted on their place. Yuu silence from the beggining is making deaf… I held his hand that was replied with a sad smile and remained silent..His eyes is piercing my heart as saddness reflects on it…. I look at the speaker hearing my surename but not sure about what he was saying..

“This meeting was about the acquisition of Maeda’s corporation…Ilook at the speaker and look and the man beside me who release a big ball of air…
"What’s the meaning of this? ”,I asked the person sitting beside me…

“Listen to the presentation carefully Acchan.."I was about to remove my hand on him but Yuu held it tightly …And mouthed the words "Be strong…”
I was so shock seeing the figures of our company…

“This is not true right? ” Yuu rested his back on the chair but did not answer my query…

“A-acqusition? Where are we going to take the fund for buying the company..”  the director raised the question…

“And why do we have to buy a company which is in the verge of bankruptcy? What are you thinking president?.”

“This is crazy seeing the facts from Maeda corp. it’s totally going to fall apart…"I don’t know how to react on what I’m hearing things the  more  Yuu tightening his grip on me…

"The presentation is over for know…The company was just in the planning process for the acquisition we still don’t have any concrete idea for how to work things…

One of the director let out an insulting laugh and pointed his fingers to me…"So this will be under director Maeda’s  project maybe she’s doing this to save her father’s company…"Other director laugh in agreement…

"Have you forgotten the word respect director Tanagawa?”

The planning was not under Director Maeda’s care to be honest she only know Maeda’s corporations now…“ Yuu defends me

"And who’s in charge of the business plan…”

“Me… President Oshima Yuu…”

“Will you be taking the whole responsibility if this plan didn’t work out?"Direct Tangawa questions…

"Stop this, as the presentation says that this is under planning…We don’t have concrete decision about Maeda’s corporation and I actually asked the president to handled this project ” the Chaiman halts the argument between Yuu and Director Tanagawa…


Kai’s POV


I was having my dinner on my dad’s place …He was cooking katsudon we only spend a little time together as we both busy working… We’ve been like this since mom died… I’m fixing the table setting then my father put two bowls on the table my smile wider seeing my favorite meal…

“Itadaikimasu” We said harmoniously and started feasting our meal…

“By the way Kai, how was the Ohotel in Osaka?” I finish chewing the pork cutlet on my mouth…

“It will surely be finish aweek before opening ceremony and by the way have you forgot our rule not to talk work while eating…

"Fine, fine you’re really good at managing things Kaiboy…”

“ I don’t have any choice because I want to inherit your money…"I cover my head expecting my father to hit my head…

"You little brat!!”

“How could you say I’m little when I just I get my genes from you…"He hit my head again.

"Ittai!!"I squirmed..

"You’re forgetting to respect your father…”

“But I was just telling the truth.."He raised his hand again was about to smack my head for the third time..

"Okasan is watching above and she will visit you because you’re hurting her child…”

“Damn you … She will be disappointed of me because I did not raise you well..”

“Yes you didn’t raise me well that’s why I did not grow up…Why does our conversation always ends up with my height..” I said with irritation..My father laugh hard seeing me pissed…

“By the way I’ve talk to Akihiro and Kenji yesterday…"Akihiro Maeda atsuko’s Dad and Oshima Kenji Yuu’s father…

” And talked about Maeda corporation bankruptcy…“I choked hearing the  news on my father… He gave me the glass of water..

"Ba- bankruptcy?”

“Kenji and I knows the reason about the financial crisis that Maeda’s corporation was facing…But I did not know that it will be as big like this”

“Is that so? Did Atsuko know this?” my father shrugged his shoulder…

“Maybe in few days Maeda corporation will release a public statement about this… Atsuko should know this before her parent’s release their statement…”I stand up and bowed my head…

"I’m taking my leave…”

“Oi!! Kai you’re not yet done with you food…” I continued walking to the door..

“Where are you going? I thought you’ll be sleeping here?”

“I’m sorry I forget some papers in my office…”My father waved my hands giving me permission to leave..

I run fast to my car and started the engine…. But I can’t stepped on the gas clenching my hand on the steering wheel.. "Fuck it!! You should not be doing this!!!” You already made up your mind Kai!!!“ And hit my head on the steering wheel… Now the guilt was hunting me… You already promise that you will do everything to make Yuu be with Atsuko… I rest my back on the sit and punch the steering wheel…. Atsuko is only for Yuu and I will do everything for them to be together… You’ve even hired someone to hack Yuu’s email and to erase all Kojima Haruna’s messages… You’ve also broken his cell phone in the hospital and put spyware in his new phone…Kai!!!Kai!!!Stop this please you are only making things hard for you…. so hard Kai-kun stop breaking your heart!!! I ’ mgritting my teeth not lettiing help not to let go of my grip…You even break Kojima-san heart on the Hospital lying that Yuu already left to South East Asia even though his flight schedule is still a week after his discharge… Kai made up your mind… But all I see was Atsuko crying face in the elevator, calling Yuu’s name over and over even though I’m the one on her side… But even if I set her free and knowing she already confessed her feelings to Yuu…Without thinking I pressed Yuu’s number on my phone….After few rings he finally answered his phone..

"Hello Yuu…”

“Yes Kai….”

“Are you with Atsuko?”

"Before but I’m going back to my office…” He seemed not in right mood of talking… Knowing him for years he must still dealing with his break-up..

“Why did you leave her alone?”

“She’s not a five years old Kai… Atsuko can handle herself…”

“You know her condition.."Yuu did not answer me…"Hello squirrel, are you still there?”

“If you’re worried about her then why would you go after her?…”

“Yuu…"Asking the guy on to talk to me properly..

"Stop passing things on me Kai…If you are worried to her she’s at the events Hall of O hotel… ”

“What the fuck Yuu!!!!” Then I heard a beep on the other line did he just cut the line?Fuck you!!! I’m going to kill that squirell…  I drive my car reaching O hotel…Now I’m running fast looking for Atsuko…

I don’t know how you can call this  but I once heard it to Atsuko way back in our high school days..

“Ne Kai-kun ?” I open my eyes sleeping peacefully on the school ground.Hearing a tender voice seeking for my attenttion knowing the owner of the voice I blink few times…And open it for minute being too shock with the distance our face  I closed my and played sleeping… Atsuko pinch my cheeks knowing that I’m faking being sleepy…

“Stop acting asleep Takahashi kun…”

“Ittai…Ittai!!!Atsuko…you’re going to ripped my face…” She scowl and let out a weird smile…I laugh finding how cute the girl was acting…we are both sitting under an maple three… I sigh…watching the shadows of the leaves play with the wind that was both shedding the both of us from the sun…
“It’s beautiful…"She said looking up and breathing deeply…

You seemed absorbing the beauty of the scenery…I’m watching her upclose with my hands on my back supporting my weight … Atsuko stayed  close wrapping her own legs with her arms and she’ humming the song Sakura no Hanabiratachi that harmonizes with the wind… Why are you doing this to me? I’m asking the girl beside me…

"Why you are not singing it?” watching some orange leaves falling…

“It’s a sad song now its fall and then winter and on sooner we will be parting our ways… ‘’

"I hate thinking about the future I will enjoy autumn until the last leaves fall and first snow land in my hand…”

Atsuko nodded and smile…“By the way, what are doing here? haven’t you find the squirrel around?”

"He said he is going to be busy for winter cup…”

“Ah yes winter cup or he mus be busy with the his girls cup..”

Atsuko intensely glaring at me I raised both of my hand in surrender..

“I’m just kidding okey…"She contiued watching the leaves and her mood become gloomy…

"Ne Atsuko.. Why can’t you detach your self to him knowing korisu loves playing? You know…"I shrugged and giving a suggestive smirk..

"I don’t know…”

“Are you not hurt of seeing Yuuboy with different girls around him?”

“I'am…I always am … Maybe this is the payment of loving him and hurting him… He was lost because of pain not wanting to trust his feelings to anyone and it’s because of me. But no matter what, Yuu-kun will end up with me in the end..”

I slumped my body on the grass sucking all the air that can fill in my lungs…

“I believe that there is a string connecting our hearts … Yuu-kun and I ”

Why do I feel that I’m connected to you?
I laugh gaining the attention of the girl whose romantically dreaming on my side..

“But if you are talking about connection Yuuboy has a wifi router that every girls can connect with…” I tuck my lips earning a glare on her..

“ I’m just kidding…”

“Your annoying Takashi-kun..”

“Fine I know that your are just sticking to me because you only have few friends and everybody was busy on there own clubs…"Atsuko rolled her eyes… She was about to leave when I held her hand for the first time I have the guts of touching her… 


I smile not looking to her… I hummed the song that she’s singing …

“The leaves are dancing with it…"Atsuko pouted and sat back her place…Our eyes connected…

Why am I feeling your heartbeat by simply touching you?

"Your humming it wrong…”

“Then make those leaves dance it right tune…” I pointed my index finger on the leaves…

Atsuko hums and was later joined by birds…

Its beautiful while looking at her playing with tunes…

Ne Atsuko, does my heart have connection on you?

I’m roaming around the building looking Atsuko, my heart can’t ease as a lot of thing are now rung on my mind..Which I only know that is on the same building but not having the complete location where she’s at…

“Where are you?”

After asking on the information desk about the way thru the event hall I’m a bit disoriented looking left and right until I feel I bumped myself to something…

“Ittai!!!” I exclaimed then rubbed my head…

I look up seeing the girl that I’ve been looking in front of me


I think I hurt her seeing Atsuko rubs her cheeks.
Now I’m relieved seeing her……

Ne Atsuko am I connected to you? was my heart has a string connected in your hear too?

“Stay…"please stay… This is the only simple wish of mine…

“Nee Kai-kun…”

Can you call my name that tender again…

can you smile like that with me again…

Why can’t I stop myself wishing things?
Why is it so hard letting you go?
Before it is enough for me to be with you but as your trying to show your feelings to Yuu the more I’ m wishing that should be me and not contented with just  being by her side if Yuu is not with you… So now I'm totally decided of letting everything go…
“Nee Atsuko…Is it all worth it? Does all this pain and guilt is worth all the lies? Please answer me with your eyes…
Was my decisions  right?
Why am I feeling that she’s still lonely?


Yuu’ POV

I lie down on my couch and cover my eyes with my arms..Being tired with my argument with Director Tanagawa, knowing that man desires my position….

Seven days but time is ticking anytime the bankruptcy issue will be publicized and would hurt Maeda Corporation more… After the board meeting I asked Atsuko to rest as she was completely shock about the news…

"What should you do Oshima Yuu?” Asking myself how decide properly having the most draining and the hardest decision I will ever do in my life..
Then I heard a beep on my phone I pressed the phone which is in a loud speaker…

“President General Manager Takahashi Kai of Takahashi group was here…”

“Send him in…"In few moments Kai entered my office…

"Come in and lock the door… ”

Kai look at me in strange way I headed to my couch" come and  sit" pointing to the couch across mine…He complied on what I said … I took a pillow inside one if my file drawer and laid on the couch…

“It’s my nap time and What brings your here General Manager…”

“Did you know about Maeda corporation?…”

“Yes…Are you looking for Atsuko? ”

“No..I heard about board meeting..” I look at him..

“She’s already home….Did you know that she already conffesed to me” I fix my self and acted not hearing him..

“Can you tell me what happened on the meeting…” I looked at him as he is not responding properly on what I said…

“The company was studying to acquire Maeda Corporation…”

“I’m glad…Oshima group will be the one to take over Maeda corporation..”

“Though my plan was to acquire the company some board of directors are against it..!

"Then what are you going to do…"I shrugged my shoulder.

"Yuu I know how bad you want to help Atsuko…”

“My father offered his help, actually  he is demanding this project to succeed but also giving me a condition for his help..”

“That’s a good now if Kenji-ojiisan will help you then it will be easier.. wait? Did you just say one condition?”

“If I proposed to Atsuko.. ” He looks down


and offered me his hand..But I didn't do what I supposed to.

“I still don’t have decisions…"I shove his hand…

"I will be happy if you guys get married…”
“But I cannot be happy about it …My mind is complete blank right now …”

“In all the men in the world Yuuboy you’re the only person I want Atsuko to be with…I chuckled..

"Is that true?” I said sarcastically that made Kai chocked by his own word as Yuu continued arguing.

“Even if Haruna and I break up I still can’t fall for her…”

“If it is because of me I will go away…”

“You really love her..Don’t you? How I wish Atsuko is hearing you Kai…”

“Yuu…” I know my friend words are contradictory to what he feels…He can act tough but Kai can never hide the truth in his eyes…

I’m driving my car heading to Maeda’s Mansion. I received a message from Atsuko’s mom that she lock herself in her room….Kai texted me that his also on his way…

I’m afraid that she become emotionally numb again It’s the main reason why her parents did not talk about the problems that their company has been confronting..Stay strong Acchan that’s the only word I can say to her..I don’t want her blame everything to herself again… Maeda’s corporation had a financial problem before she and her sister got into an accident… Wait for me Atsuko…

I was walking inside their mansion I saw her mom standing outside her room with a worriedly.

“Kyoko-obasan, How is Acchan?” I bowed..

“She is still not opening her door since yesterday…”

“Do you mean she is still not eating anything since then?”

“I’m so worried Yuu-kun. Please help Acchan..” Her mom cried in my shoulder..

“I will try to talk to her..Can I have the key of her room?”

Shaking her head, her mom let go of her hug in me “She doubled lock it inside so using the keys is useless..”

"Acchan this is Yuu open the door please, I’m worried.”

I tried few more knocks and asking for permission.

I don’t have any other way but do what I usually do whenever Atsuko get mad to Kai and lock herself inside her room..

I ask her mom’s permission to use the other room balcony so I can jump on at Atsuko’s balcony and knock on the glass window from there.. It becomes easier for me as my legs got a little longer…

I peck on the glass door of her balcony..I saw her sitting in curled position on the floor…I squat to observe her more I knock on the glass door hoping that this time she will not ignore me while feeling the heat of the sun on my back…“Atsuko? It’s me Yuu-kun open the door please.” My knock turned into a loud bang as I’m sweating hard with the heat from the sun..“Acchan got surprised on what’ve been doing in her balcony..

She hurriedly open the door…"Thank goodness for opening the door..”

“What are you doing there Yuu-kun?”

“You’ve locked yourself since yesterday and not eating anything since then and now you’re asking me why am I here?”

“I sat on the bed and the pat the space beside me she complied and sit” You seemed crying so much look at your face don’t tell me you’re going to our office with that face?”

“Yuu-kun stop scolding me I’m not a child anymore..”

“Then you should act like one… Atsuko…” I said her name in worried tone..She hugged me as her tears are starting to form in the corner of her eyes..
“ I’ m the reason why our business turn into this .."She cried harder” In verge of bankruptcy..“

"I think I have to demote you.”

She got surprised.."Because of what you said just know I’m thinking that you know how to plan our company future but not looking at the past..Atsuko your parents company got financial crisis since last year’s first quarter. It’s because of European crisis and having European investors greatly affect Maeda corp.” I sigh" It’s not because of you please stop blaming yourself..“

"Why didn’t I know this?”

“Because of your health condition if you know earlier then…"I stop as she got what I mean…

"Then my health condition will be affected..”

“Now that you’re fine I think we can fight to make your company survive.”

“But how, do you have any other plans?  It will be hard to gain new investors trust in our company’s condition?”

“Merger…” I said and held her hand tightly…
Kai’s POV

Heading to Atsuko’s I’m praying that nothing bad happened to her…I can’t contact my best  friend I saw his car parked outside it means his already talking to Acchan…

Atsuko’s mom is standing outside her room walking back an fort..

“Kyoko- obasan.. how is Acchan?”

“She smiled at me "She is fine now, already eaten her dinner with Yuu-kun and now his making her sleep.”

I forced a smile. You’re late again Kai-kun. I said to myself.

“I’m glad that she always listens to Yuu-kun. I will be happy and will not worry if Yuu-kun be his husband.”

I looked at Atsuko’s mom with pain.“Yes, he is the right person for her..” Yuu open the door with a smile..

“Is she sleeping now?”  My best friend nodded.  Kyoko obasan entered the room to secure Atsuko’s condition..

“Thank you bro…”

“What for Kaiboy?”

I did not answer him..“ Do you have time?”

“On Jurio’s place again?


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Chapter 30 part 1

We’ve been drinking at Jurio’s bar for two hours emptying our vodka glasses and taking turns of sighing…. I’m happy hearing that Atsuko’s wishes will be granted..No I’m not, fake happiness? What do you call this? Hypocrite…  I think that was the right description with the stupid person like me…   Chairman Oshima Kenji offer is quite tempting, that old man thinks his family is a also part of their business forcing his two son to take business related program for college and marrying their preferred future daughter in law to expand their business.. They did that with Mayu before, I thought Yuu’s fate will be different as they allowed him to date Kojima-san for eight years but the truth is they are just waiting for this thing to happen a win- win situation.. Yuu’s break up will lead the way for them to acquire Maeda’s Corporation such a great businessman…But knowing my squirrel friend was also good in terms of dedication… I can read it in Yuu’s eyes his still not giving up that’s making him suffer…  His arms arm leaning on the grey granite counter top staring the content his glass waiting the ice cubes melt.. I heard him sigh for a hundred times this night….

“What’s your plan now?” Breaking the silence between us…

"Maeda Corporation shouldn’t end like that…”

“So are you going to accept your fathers offer? Yuu know Oshima Kenji when it comes to business” Yuu chuckled bitterly.

“My parents really know how to use situation against me without making them look like a villain…

“Then maybe he's right, You are meant for Atsuko and choosing her will be the best option…"Yuu look at me and tilted his head alcohol was obviously affects in his expressions…He smirks and pointed his finger in me still holding the glass of vodka..

"In all the people in the world you Takahashi Kai were thinking Atsuko as an option…"Yuu slapped his hands on the counter and laugh hysterically I was caught with my own word and lowered my head feeling so bad on what I said..

Yuu pulled my polo shirt closer to him I remained calm knowing that my best friend was already drunk…

” You know that I can’t make her happy…“

"Your presence is enough for Atsuko…” Yuu release his grip then took another glass of liquor…

“Then I’ll send her a wax figure that looks like me or do you want to have cosmetic surgery and pretend that you’re Oshima Yuu?"I grit my teeth insulted on what he said..I pulled his sleeve closer making his liquor spill.

"Are you insulting me Oshima?”  Fuming from his words, Yuu glared at me with unreadable facial expression…

“You started it thinking Atsuko as an option…She will never be an option… Atsuko disserves more than that and you of all people thinking her like that..She doesn’t deserve you Takahashi Kai.."Yuu insultingly smirks and pushed me back on my stool, again I can’t utter a word with his judgement…

"Your worst than me Kai…”

“Because I can’t tell her that I love her because I’m too scared of losing her…”

“But you did not have her either to lose…"He gulps his own drink without looking at me…

"So what’s the difference of leaving your girl miserable here while you’re enjoying Atsuko’s body in Singapore…” I’m eyeing him without any respect. But before I can continue my ragged his fist already lands on my cheek making me fall on where I’m sitting.. I bit my lower lips feeling a sting..I look at my finger that was touching it seeing a stain of blood.. Bouncers of the bar surround the two of us but don’t know how to stop the commotion between their bosses …

Yuu  stood in front of me and I remained sitting on the ground averting his humiliating gaze…Yuu turns around scrathing his chin then comb the back of his hair ..

“Atsuko did not say anything but I know something happened…”

“It was a mistake…. ”

“A mistake? So you have no any difference in me…”

“No, because I’m always firm with my feelings…”

"Your feelings will only hurt them…” I stand up and grab Yuu’s collar…

“Yuu gulped and looked at me furiously…

"If your punch will make you a man then do it..”

I smirk release my grip in his collar and turns around… Yuu fixes his suit not aware with the punch that I’m going to throw on him.  He stumbles to the stools but his eyes are still furiously glaring at me.

“So do you think you’re a man now?” She sarcastically asked I answered him by kicking hi jaw… My ragged stops realizing the meaning of his idioms. The bouncers started pulling me to kicked Yuu again…

“Takahashi-sama please stops other costumers are being disturbed…”

“Do you want me to close the bar for you finish your business?..” Yuu asked.

I pulled myself to two bouncers and fix my suit…“Stop instigating a fight squirrel..’ Yuu let out another insulting laugh…

"Did you forget that you started this all asking me to take care of her. But fine because you’re too perfect I did it and everything is my mistake…. Thank you
friend… by the way, I never think the girl I love so lowly and to clear things out, nothing happened between me and Atsuko in Singapore if that what you’re ragging at… I know how to control myself … ” Yuu walked towards the sea of people living me look like stupid…Being so mad thinking that he already did it with Atsuko… I know him when his lying and looking how he gazes at me. I kneel and started laughing in melancholy I don’t know what to feel because inside a great liar hides…Pushing my best friend to marry the girl that I love but the truth is I’m hurting myself whenever I’m saying that…Then I was hunted seeing Kojima-san suffers I once saw her at the Oshima groups lobby she was there waiting for my friend and witnessing how to hurt she was when Yuu walks in from talking with Atsuko I could not even hide being envious of how the girl was looking at him..I feel it Kojima-san and from the time they left abroad all I can do was to close my eyes and shut ears not wanting to  know what happened in Singapore but hearing that my assumptions are wrong …I grit my lips and hold my heart laughing and crying at the same time…

“What are you doing Kai?”

“What are you doing?”

Yuu’s POV

I left my car in the bar and take a cab going to my place which my brother was boarding to… Opening my door I see my brother in the living area with his laptop playing online game using my flat screen television as his monitor… He looks at me and paused on what’s making him busy…
“Oh, Aniki? It’s late… Have you had your dinner?” I answer him with a light nod.Even though I did not eat anything..Noticing how I walk Mayu helped me to sit on the couch…

“Good boy "Rubbing his hair that he really hates…

"I told you to stop messing my hair..I’m not a boy anymore…”… Mayu tilted his head and pointed my lips…

“You have a cut in your lips Aniki? Did you cause trouble again?” I narrow my left eye feeling a sting on my brow…

“And you have a cut on your brows too.."Mayu shook his head and went to the kitchen to get the first aid kit.

"Mayu bring some beer to…"I look on his laptop and try to press the keys I pulled back seeing his game resumes and I look on my 41inch tv screen his game seeing Paru’s message on the side… Come on their game buddies too? Mayu returns with first aid kit in his hand and beer in his armpit…

"Why did you press the space bar? He replied to Paru and pause his game again…

"Tsk. So that keeps you busy…”

“Paru was asking me to train her pets…”

“So your training you girlfriends pets?..” I rolled my eye that made me chuckle and continued watching him talking to his girlfriend first before treating my wound.Mayu was smiling cheekily seeing his girlfriend face on the chat box which occupies 1/ 8 of the screen… Being bored I look on the camera and pushed my brother back occupying the whole view while making funny faces… Paruru laughs cutely while I’m doing some weird poses… Mayu was pulling me back halting me from making his girls die of laughing…

“Oh stop being jealous Mayu …” Mayu put a cotton on my wound.

“Ittai!!"I whimpered feeling Mayu-kun put a pressure on the cotton.

” How could you stole your brother’s girlfriend?“

I fix the camera to us letting Paruru witness how his boyfriend is torturing his own brother..”

“Paruru you should stop going out with this weirdo see how he treats his own brother…” Paruru only shows salty expression…

"Kawaii.."My brother smile like stupid.I turn the microphone off and ask my brother…

"Nee Mayu, How is it?”

Mayu looks at me clueless and returned chatting with his girlfriend…

“What it is?”

“How is it letting go of Yukirin?” He moves aback eyeing me with my sudden query.

Mayu messaged the girl on the screen and logged off…

“It’s Because of Haru-nessan, right?”

“I didn’t answer open the can of beer and chunk, Mayu did the same…Mayu squints his eyes recollecting how painful letting go of Yukirin…

"Hell.."I smile knowing how my brother cherishes the girl.

"I know… ”

“Mayu put patches on my wound…"Fighting for Yukirin was the fight that I can never win… She is not as tough as Haru-neesan…"I smile knowing my cat girls determination with our relationship..My eyes narrowed trying to fight the tears that wanted to escape…

"Yes, Haruna is a fighter…”

“But if only I can see Yukirin as tough as Haru-neesan I will sure do everything to save our relationship…”

“Aniki, Haru-neesan is only waiting for you…”

“And what about Atsuko?”

“Atsuko-neesan… ”

“What is it?"Let me borrow you Austin Martin car first then I will answer you…"I smack his head and put the keys on his palm.” I left it on Jurio’s bar..”

Mayu rubbed his head ” Paru and I are going to theme park next week…“He added with a smile.

"You will answer or you will be commuting?”

"Atsuko-neesan” Mayu sigh…” I can only say good things about her but you can’t force yourself Aniki… Why are you asking too much? You’re the love expert here…” Mayu whined looking at the tv screen missing talking to his girlfriend.

“I will sell that…”

“Aniki!!!” He whined like a kid deprived with candies.

“I stand up and stretched my arms…"I will take a bath to relax…” leaving my brother on the couch…

“Don’t give up on Haru-neesan..I shifted looking to my brother who’s resting his chin on the backrest of the sofa… "Haru-neesan doesn’t deserve anikii but——–but she deserves happiness that you can only give… I know anikii always has his way to get things he wanted so don’t give up… "My lips curved upward walk back to the couch and I took his head on my left arm and started messing his hair this time he did not complain..


For long, this is the first time I able to enter Atsuko’s office … Her secretary asked me to wait for her and talking about the progress on O hotel in Osaka… Viewing the scenery outside makes feel relaxed so this what Yuu was talking about… Atsuko enters her office talking to someone on the phone I remained standing appreciating the scenery outside…I look at Atsuko as she ended her call and stand beside me…

"I’m sorry to keep you waiting….”

“Nee Atsuko want to exchange your office with me?"I said not looking at her…Atsuko giggles

"Yuu asked the same question but to be honest I don’t want to be a General Manager of Takahashi construction..”

“Eh, I was just asking for this view and not my  position…"Atsuko stop squinted her eyes like recalling something

” Ne Kai-kun was Yuu-kun is inside your body?“

The hell thinking that the guy is taller than me to fit in my body…

I look at the girl beside "your starting it again Director Maeda…”

Atsuko smile .

“Eh..” She screams" I look on my left and right thinking what could have caused her to react like that…

“You have cut on your lips…” Atsuko put her both of her hands on her waist making me step aback..“Tell me General Manager Takahashi did you involve in a fight again?” I shifted my face to my side and pouted….“So I’m right you fought again, what were you thinking you still in high school?”

“Stop acting like my mom…"I shifted my face on her..But Atsuko puts a light pressure on my lips making me step again backward”… Wha-what are you doing?
“I’m checking how deep is your cut…”

“That’s the song of bee gees right?"Trying to tell a joke as I feel that Atsuko is not in her mood…The girl seemed not affected by it and started to sat on the couch used for meetings…

” Wait for me here…“She commanded and walked back to her desk…I can’t stop my right foot on tapping being nervous on what will going to happen next….Acchan walked back with first aid kit on her hand…She started treating my wound…

"Ittai!!!Ittai Atsuko could you be little gentle, it hurts you know moving my head back as I’m trying to avoid the cotton with antiseptic..The girl stop and nodded…I moved back my head closer…But girl seemed not to understand my request…

"You fought brave enough you don't even care if it will hurt you…tell me Kai-kun do you think you’ re cool for fighting…”

“Ittai Atsuko :otomerika: :otomerika: promise I won’t be doing that again."I whimpered feeling the pressure she putting on the cotton.

"Atsuko pulled a pinkish band aid that makes me curve my brows upward  .." A-Atsuko do you have a less colorful band-aid ?”

“Then choose one…"She let pick band aid with cartoon character on it…

"I think I’m fine you should not bother me…”

“She pulled  my sleeve and put band aid on my wound…

"There it’s over now…"She put her hand on my lower lips and her eyes are not disconnecting with mine . "Never remove that band-aid for the whole day of meeting or else I’m not going talk to you ever…” I gulped seeing how serious she was…My heart races being too close to her thinking that I might explode if this situation continues…

“A-Atsuko I-I …”

“she tilted her head not removing her hand from my lips…”


but the phone in her desk ring waking us …

“Ah wait for  a little Kai kun…"I nodded and hid my face on the folder not wanting her to see how red my face is…

Ne Atsuko can you asked me to stay…. please make me stop before I loose my mind.

Yuu’s Pov

I invited Paruru in our place but instead she asked Haruna I and Mayu to spend weekend on her Mansion… Mayu planned to have some barbecue party.I and Haruna were assigned to arrange the table while the other couple task was to prepare the food… Actually, I volunteered on doing that so my girlfriend will keep her involvement away from the kitchen or it will ruin the party…

I finished setting the table then Haruna helped Mayu on making the dressing of the salad… I really can’t stop that cat wanting to improve her cooking skills. Paruru was silent turning the pork and seafood on the grill pan… Seeing her alone and busy will give me opportunity prepare the snack that I’ve been craving…
I grab the marshmallow that I’ve been planning to melt and fill my cookies… Paruru smiled widely watching me act like a kid piercing the mallows with metallic stick…

"Shh.."I put my fingers on my lips and hush making the girl at my front laugh.

"Ne Yuu-niichan you’re like a kid….”

“Hehe.."I smiled cheekily showing my deep dimples. When the mallows melted I sandwich it in cookies and bite…I’ m blowing while chewing reducing the heat on my tongue…

"Yuu kun you need water?"I waved my hand dismissing the later on going inside.Paruru laughs seeing me stamping my feet while chewing the cookies…
"Don’t eat too much or else you will not have an appetite for dinner..”

“Hai!!!puff!!!!!hai!!!Ne Paru you want some? it's good” she smiles and nodded lightly

.“I asked her to come closer…Paru nudges her head pointing thong and plate in her hand. Making me feed the later with my cookies sandwich with melted mallows… Then I was surprised with a pair of arms enveloped me from my back…

"Nyan nyan!!” Knowing my girlfriend can only do that.   I looked back seeing my pouting girlfriend and making a sad face…

“Ittai!!!"She whimpered as her left arm touched the grilling pan…

"Tsk!!You’re  so reckless..” I scolded.

“Haru-neesan you should put that to running water…”

I grabbed Haruna’s hand and bring her to Haruka’s kitchen and put her arms in the running water.

“I could not believe you… You're jealous with paru?..”

I shook my head and look on her arm with burn which is as big as a penny…

“It’s because you’re playing with her and not to me…"Haruna stamps her feet and crosses her arms…

"She’s my brother’s girlfriend for pit sake…"I literally face palmed on my girlfriend's reason. I brought Haruna to the living area making us alone for a while until my brother handed an ointment to prevent her burn to be a scar…

"It really hurts Yuuchan…”  I’m starring on her burned arm.

“I’m not yet putting an ointment.," I said strictly being irritated by her behavior…

"Haruna sulks and hugged me..” don’t put that please Yuuchan…I love you!!!You love me right?“ my lips curved upward as she’s saying sweet words for me not to treat her burn… I took her hand and pulled it closer and shifted my gaze on her face…

"Please baby… It hurts….”

“I’ll be gentle I promise..” saying it in husky voice halting her from talking…She was squirming and pulling her arms while I’m treating her arms.

"I-Ittai…"I blow her burned arms so the pain will subside.

” Now it’s done I said to her. “

"Not yet!!”

“But I already put an ointment…I thought-"I paused seeing Haruna points her puckered lips…I smile and put my right hand on her waist…Haruna looks at me with puppy eyes and shaking my arms as she hates being deprived with kisses…

"You said not to ask skinship and kisses before going here?

"Fine if you don-"I move slowly closing the distance between our face. I look on her lips that draw a smile…. she is moving closer and closed her eyes…
When our lips are barely touching, I started blowing her lips ..Haruna opens her eyes and stamps her feet that I found adorable…"She smacks my shoulder that was replied with a chuckled …

"Not funny…I hate you …Yuuchan "and rest her head on my shoulder…

"You said that we can’t be shown to anyone right….”

Her sad face being deprived with kiss I feel happy on the inside…

“But Mayu and Paru is different they know our relationship…”

“So what should I do?"Asking Haruna while intensely glaring at her, she puckered and pointed her lips…her hands are in my neck guiding me to her lips.

"I love you,” Haruna said and close her eyes I move closer r….But I see Paru giggling on the back that halts me…I remove her hands making her punch my arms lightly…..

“Ano Yuu niichan Haruneesan food is already cooked…

"Five minutes Paru” and shooed my future sister in law… I bulged my eyes and slowly tilted my head. Haruna put her hands back on my neck to resume our business..

“She’s still watching!!”

“So let her be she’s not underage anymore…”

“You’re not my girlfriend…”

“You want me to sit on your lap?”

Haruna was about to sit on my lap…

“Aniki…"Mayu popped out from kitchen…”

“Yes,” I stand up “Making the girl sulk and pulled me back on my sit.


“Let’s eat…”

“Just go ahead and eat if you guys can’t wait for us…"I cupped my girlfriends face and making turn to me halting her to  further scold my brother…"Yes, we are coming…”

Seeing my brother leave I hugged my girlfriend…

“I love you…"I said she rest her head on my shoulder…I kiss her temple.

“Nee, nyan nyan… “

The girl looks at me and I claim her lips…..

"How’s is that?”

Nyan nyan was smiling and nodding putting an index finger between our faces.

“One more?”

I was closing the distance to her face and she’s closing her eyes.

“Ano-Aniikii , where did you put the wine?”

“Mayu!!!!” Haruna screamed my brother’s name that surrounds the whole mansion…

I open my eyes another dream again.   These past days dreaming and walking feels different I want to close my eyes and live the moment…I checked my phone seeing some messages regarding my work… I grab my laptop and open the file fuck I said seeing my laptop in black screen and with numbers and unknown letters popping… I went to my brother’s room

“ oi Mayu wakes up I need you to check my laptop…"But no one answers…Not having any answer from his room I walked to the kitchen planning to look for food… But I noticed a foot that was stretching on the couch I walk overseeing my brother sleeping …

"Oi Mayu wake up…”

“Hmmm..I love you Paru."Removing my hand out of his shoulder…I slapped his ass hard making him jump on the couch…
"Oshima Mayu !!”

“I was knocking on your door…It seems like you sleep late again..”

“I’m sorry anikii…”

“Come on let's have breakfast and check my computer after..”

“ can I come back to bed?”

“You are not sleeping in bed so come on move your ass out of the sofa it’s your fault for sleeping late…"I slapped his ass for the second time…

After Mayu and I had our breakfast my younger brother started checking my laptop and borrowed his own to check my email…

"You know Mayu I think there is something weird on my email…” My look shifted his face to me eyeing me with a query. “There are files that already open even if I’m not opening it…”

Mayu grabs the computer and look at me..“Are you serious Aniikii?”

“Do you think I will waste time asking you that questions?.”

“Have anyone had an access with your laptop before?.”

I looked at him…“No!!”

“Then he checks my his laptop and mine…”

“If my guess is right. I think someone put spyware on your laptop…”

“spy what? Someone was spying me?”

“He might be accessing your emails to check your business transactions…"I put my hand in my head.

"Fuck!! Then that person might get information on my account..” Mayu nodded…

“I will try to locate that person and fix your email..”


Atsuko’s POV

I was standing outside my favorite restaurant waiting for Yuu-kun… He asked me out to have dinner to talk about what should be done in Maeda Corporation…. I see him step out of his car my heart skips a bit as he smiles to me…


He is walking fast and not looking on the road and a fast car going in his direction caught my attention…


“Yuu-chan!!!!!No!!!” I shifted my eyes looking to the other voice few feet beside me…. “Yuu- chan?  I’ve heard nickname before. Yuu-chan?” I did not bother thinking about it and return my attention to my date…


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Chapter 30 part 2

I was standing outside my favorite restaurant waiting for Yuu-kun… He asked me out to have dinner to talk about what should be done in Maeda Corporation…. I see him step out of his car my heart skips a bit as he smile to me…


He is walking fast and not looking on the road and a fast car caught my attention…

“Yuu-kun!!!! Stop!!!!”


I shifted my eyes searching to the voice few feet beside me…. “Yuu- chan?  I’ve heard nickname before, Yuu chan?” I did not bother thinking about it and return my attention to my date…time slows down… But I release a big ball of air seeing him steps back while rubbing his nape… I pouted and eyed him  with disappointed being so reckless.. Yuu run to me and bows his head…His devious smile irritates me more..

“You worry me to death, Baka!!!” Hitting his shoulder over and over and rested my head on it then he started messing my hair….

“I already said sorry can you stop hurting me…There, There..”

“That was close Yuu…"We shifted on our side noticing Mario-kun and Haru-chan walking towards our direction…

"Oh, You guys having dinner together?” The guy asked then Haruna clings on Shinoda-kuns arms…

“Ah..We actually have business meeting but Kayo-san bailed herself again…”

“Ah I see… "Yuu said with obvious irritation in his tone…

"I’ve heard that this restaurant has a new owner…"Haru-chan added…

"Yes my cousin Jurio acquired the restaurant…”

“OH!!  Jurio kun is the owner?”I was surprise hearing that the my friend is the new owner of the place…

"I’m his financer to acquire this place."With that Yuu-kun entered the restaurant leaving the three of us in the entrance door.. Why is he acting so flashy this time?

 I never see Yuu-kun like this? With that we follow the guy inside who was already talking to the waiter…

"I never knew you’re going to buy this restaurant Yuu-kun you know how I love this place…”

“It’s Jurio’s idea to expand his business in restaurant chains I just know that his eyeing for this place too..”

“So you finances Jurio’s business? ” The tall guy asked gaining my dates attention , who seem not wanting to hear anything from Mario-kun.. Now I'm feeling the tension between two men... It seems like the two guys are fighting for something with their staring contest. Which stops as Haruna tighten the grip on her dates arms...

“Yuu -Senpai!!! "Jurio and Rena walk in our direction maybe Yuu asked the waiter for the general manger appearance… I was a bit surprise see Saeyuki and Payuyu couples who are also present in the event..I tugged Yuu’s shoulder and whisper..

“ You didn’t tell me that his is opening ceremony of the restaurant?” The guy on my side chuckled and rub the back of his head..

“ I forgot” Then I hit his shoulder again for hundred time this night..As Yuu’s head move to the side I notice Haruna who’s furiously glaring at me. What’s wrong with her? Why is she looking at me like that? Her glare is really intimidating that sends goose bumps in my body… I never expected that the date that I’ve expecting would turn out to be a group date, that makes me disappointed but Yuu sitting on my side wearing the neck tie with royal and small fleur de lis design that I gave on his birthday makes my heart flatter …

"Congratulations Jurio for your new business venture!!!!” Mayu said to his best friend raising his champagne glass for a tossed.

“This may not be possible without Yuu-Senpai, I ’m mean Aniiki…” Jurio rubbed his cheeks to Yuu that made everyone in the table laugh with the youngest’s silly action but again I notice the girl sitting across mine with a serious glare on our direction  which is really intimidating…

“Oi!! Oi Jurio stop rubbing your face to him or you might end up changing your faces…” Sai reprimanding Jurio on harassing his mentor…

“And now Rena might be ending with Oshima Yuu…."His partner added, Jurio released his hugged from my date then envelop Rena on the other side while trying to steal a kiss on the girl lips... That was helariose as the girl has been dodging the kiss that frustrates his boyfriend more… Now Jurio is the clown of this group which used to be the guy on my side who is now in his castle in the air..

“ Hey are you ok?” I nudge his shoulder the guy just answer me with a smile..

"That will never happen, right Rena-chan?"Jurio asked his girlfriend  with puppy eyes which made the girl smile in embarrassment...

“I will think about it and Jurio can you stop being too clingy!!”  the girl protested trying to release herself to his boyfriends arms…

“Let him be Rena-chan or he might fall in love with me…"Yuu said after drinking his wine…

"By the way speaking of being in love we have our new pair here..” Yuki said with suggestive wink.Every one  shift our view onto Haruna and Mario…

“It seem like Mario kun was enjoying his return from New York…"I added..

"Ne Mario-kun, are you going to stay here for good?"Rena asked while nudging her head into Haruna’s direction…

"No this is just a business guys …"Mario-kun waved his hand retorting...

"Oh, don’t be shy Mario kun…”I  teasingly added ...

“It’s not what you’re thinking…” Mario waved his hand Haru-chan was blushing with our teasing...

“No, It’s not what you guys are thinking…please stop this it’s embarrassing…"Haruna-san waves her hand…

"No!!!"the man on my side roared getting the attention of the whole place…

I shifted my view on my side seeing Yuu drenched with white wine, tucking his lips with both of his hand are in the air…Yuu close his eyes suppressing his temper..

"I’m sorry Yuu-Anikii…"Jurio took a table napkin and started wiping Yuu’s Suit…

"Stop it!!!” Yuu raised his voice…

“Yuu-kun?…It’s an accident Jurio doesn’t meant to do that…"trying to calm the guy beside me..

"I know, I’m sorry for acting like that, will you guys excuse me…"Yuu stood up and leave us …

Yuu’s POV

I can’t take this… I wash my face and stare myself to the mirror…

"Are you crazy you…Yuu!!”

The door of the comfort room opens reveiling my brother standing behind holding a spare clothes…

“I see this in your car….”

“Thank you!!”


“I’m fine” patting my brother’s shoulder…

“Aniiki, don’t be confused….”

“I know….”

I change my suit and walk back to our table seeing Haruna laughing with Mario-kun whispering on her ears..Rena and Yukirin exchanging glimpses and both where tapping on their phone , basing from their actions two might be talking about Haruna and Mario…I sat beside Atsuko and Jurio asked forgiveness being reckless…

“Are you sure you're fine?” Atsuko asked I replied with a hum..

“I need to change my suit…”

“You still look handsome…” Atsuko remove the white threads on my shoulder… I smile satisfied with the girl’s reaction across mine that I’ve been looking in the corner of my eyes…

“Are you waiting for me to slice you stake?.” Atsuko nodded shyly, I change my plate with hers and started slicing the meat…

“Yuu-kun that’s enough.."Atsuko giggles while I’m continually slicing the beef…

"I actually want to make it a ground beef so you can chew it easily…” Atsuko giggles and smack my arm…

“Stop it Yuu-kun…” I look again at Haruna who became silent and with her head down..I return Atsuko’s plate and started eating my own stake…I was ragging in jealousy seeing Mario assisting her to stand-up..She left to the restroom my eyes are following her silhouette and returns in a while… I actually wanted to follow and talk to her as my jealousy over this tall guy is really pissing me..But I also realize that now I’m using Atsuko to retaliate with the two who has been acting really sweet in front of me.. I closed my eyes conceiving that what I’m doing to Atsuko was wrong too..

“Jurio what is with two grand pianos doing in the center…” Yuki asking the General Manager of the place..

Nothing much change in the restaurant still have the American cottage accent  but with a bigger  dining area and has to grand piano on the center  back to back facing each other one which is color black and white colored one near  the fire place…

“I remember how you guys always have piano battle way back in middle high school…"Jurio look at her girlfriend in sad expression as her girlfriend is reminiscing my glory days in middle high which Jurio did not witnessed being a primary student back then."It actually reminds me of that so I suggested placing two grand pianos…"Rena explains with a smile..

“ When Rena-chan saw this place she remember all the memories in high school and hearing that the owner is  selling this place I know that my love will totally be happy if he we have this..” I never thought that my apprentice would learn so much from me even being too bold with his feelings..

“ Then why didn’t you buy our school instead?”.. Everybody laugh with Jurio flustered face on his best friend teasing..

“ Then that will be me remembering all the nightmare with him..”

“Rena-chan, How could say that,Its not I nightmare its oir destiny, I love you..” then I pulled Jurio’s collar as he was aiming for his girlfriend lips again..  Then I feel being nostalgic with this scene.. And while everyone was laughing with Jurio’s act of trying to release himself on my grip.. I glimpse on the girl on the other table who happened to be looking at me.. In seconds of connecting my eyes on her I understand all her feelings.. her insecurities, sadness, and worries that I cannot answer..  Then a light grip of my hand travels me back to reality..


“Can you play"

 that piano for me Yuu-kun..” An unexpected request from the source her heartache..

"I didn’t play for a long time…” I said…

“ I always been waiting for this moment again..” The guy sitting across mine who seem challenging me for a piano battle..

“Ne, Yuu-niichan can you please play…” Paruru begged..

“Why won’t you play Mayu  Asking my brother to take the challenge in my behalf knowing that he has a better piano skills..

“No, this is your fight Aniiki..” pointing his head to the guy who sits Haruna’s side…

“I miss doing this too…"Mario said with a smirk and. started stretching his fingers…

"Yuu-kun please plauy"Atsuko pleaded cutely that makes me nod…

Sai stand to be the mc of the battle…

"Ladies and gentleman I know you’ve been enjoying the night savoring  the restaurants delicious food but let me add it with two piano performance …Oh I apologize this is not just any other piano performance but a piano battle between the two former students of XX middle high school student…” I was standing on the piano using the black grand piano while Mario is going to play the white one…

I bowed hearing Sai introductions…Mario did the same put his hand above the piano and taping his finger each that is totally distracting…But my eyes are attached with the girl who’s been biting her finger nails. But I closed my eyes as it was clear that she is was starring with my opponent not me ..Sai taps my shoulder and whisper that I should calm down… I exhaled releasing all the thought out of my head but I can’t take this anymore.

“Mario, are you interested with Kojima-san?”

“Why are you asking me?” the guy looks on my girl’s direction that totally pisses me..” I can’t tell you my answer ….” he said while insulted grinning at me..

“How about you Oshima- Yuu ? Why are constantly looking on my date when you already have a girl ? Don’t tell me you’re also interested with Nyaro? “

“ Nyaro?” Are they that close to even call my Nyan nyan? Nyaro? Again Sai whispers me to calm down..Only Sai was using a microphone for the audience hear his introduction and rules that my conversation with Mario can’t be heard on our table..

” I can’t answer that too..“

"If I win this match will you answer my question?” He said demanding way..

“And if I win you should answer mine too…” He answered me with okey sign and sit in his chair..

Sai sat in between two grand pianos and raise his hand to Mario's direction… Mario play varies of canon to start the match his piano style is clean as ever….In one minute he captivated the audience heart blending the symphony with fast and mellow rhythm…

"I will not let you win this time Mario.."Mario let out an insulting smirk..

"You should be because I’m not giving what you wanting squirrel…”

When Sai gave me the signal to begin..I played the introduction of the battle which is one the challenging piece I’ve ever played in my life Godowsky’s Etudes no. 36 which is based on Chopin’s Op. 25 no6 or the in famous third” Thirds” etude..Mario bulge is eyes as my fingers playing the key’ssmootly.  Audience started applauding on the way I’m playing the tempo… I look at Mario finishing the first round which is obviously sided on me….

Playing a Chopin’s piece also means that this battle would turn out to be a  Chopin’s theme piano battle as it is Mario’ s favorite pianist… Then he started playing Chopin: black key etude op. 10 no. 5 in g major.. It a very good piece and it was obvious that Mario it. Even playing it with his eyes close, with that this guys capture every girls heart as they were started screaming my opponent’s.. My turn like Mario I like this piece too..  I started playing the song in all black keys as good as my opponent then I look at Haruna who with a very sad face I stop seeing tears dripping on her face, not again… Sai pat my shoulder and ask me if I’m okey.. I did not answer him but my eyes are fixated with the girl I love. “Haruna”

“do you already admit your defeat Korisu? “ I cursedly glare on my opponent who’s obviously mocking me…I turn my head to my beloved cat on our table once again talking to my future sister in law … I started stretching until I hear cracking sound and do some stretching..

“ You can never win on me”

Losing second round Mario lift his finger and stared playing Chopin: waltz in c# minor op 64 no. 2. Again playing the notes swiftly with two hands… Now girls are screaming for him as he playing the some effortlessly… Now I’m a little frustrated thinking of what piece should I play to win this battle… Should I win this battle? For what to get my opponents answer and tell him not to go out with Haruna? And who am I to say that.. I’m already his ex- boyfriend? I’ am in no position to do it..Fuck? What song you? Do I really have to win this? Meeting her eyes I instinctively get the answer on what piece should I play…


I’ve rented a wine villa in California to spend her birthday… She was sitting on the top of the piano watching me play the rivers into you… Haruna was lovely resting her chin in her shoulder while her toes are swaying in the air…

“I love you…"She said holding my chin guiding my face to get near to her as I’m slowly standing up on my sit… I was top less as she is wearing my polo shirt… I captured her lips and intensely glaring at her eyes ..

"I want to have this piano in my flat…"I chuckled hearing her request…

"Where do you want to place this? "She bit her lips playfully while her hands are resting on her shoulder I part her legs and enveloped my waist with her legs…

"In my living room…”

“But you have to move out all your furniture for this piano to fit in..” Haruna tilted acting she’s thinking which is obviously not..

“Don’t force yourself to think…”

“I’m imagining how troublesome to fit this piano on the door…”

I chuckled as she was already planning to brought a piano inside her flat without thinking the space to place it..

“Then I will find a bigger space.."Haruna shook her head…

"I want to go home I want this piano in Japan.."I breath heavily knowing how hard to fulfill her request…

"When we get married I want to have a piano on the living area and want to hear you play this song everyday.”

“Nyan nyan, did I hear it right you want to marry me?"Haruna nodded..

"Really?"Tapping her lips thinking that gives me time to steal a kiss…Haruna shove my face that made me chuckle..

"Or maybe not… I really have to think about it…”  Eyeing me with disappointment..

“Its fine with me as long as you wanted me to be your husband…"I tiptoed trying to kiss her "baby can you go down you’re too tall… I can’t kiss you.. ”

I tried to reach her lips..Nyan nyan clips some strand of her hair in her ears and lowered her head giving me smooches while her hands are resting in my cheek…

“Promise me that you will only play that song for me…”

“I move closer to her ear saying my vow…”

’‘Haruna crossed her feet in my back… "I love you…” she said with full of love..

End of Flashback

I looked her while playing the song…She’s not looking but I know how she’s fighting hard not to cry being surrounded with her friend that now she’s treating as her enemies as they would not stop interrogating her if they notice that she was crying..I connected in her eyes playing her beloved piano piece…

I closed my eyes and played rivers into you with all my heart dedicating my soul to the girl who is making me understand what jealousy means.. she actually win me as I’m really eager to win this battle not with the crowd but to you… For one last time please look at me let me see that loving eyes… Let me feel how you needed me the way I do ..

“Haruna….    .    .   .    .  “

On the final keys I look back on her sit but I can no longer see Haruna on her sit… Where is she?

“I won…."I look at Mario….

"I love her and I won’t let anyone to take haruna away from me…”

Mario smile contumely…“Then you should tell her that now, Oh can you still say that?…”

“She already knows it…” Playing the last keys of the song with my fingers…

“Don’t be selfish korisu…Don’t make her like your mistress I know what’s going between you two Jurio already talk to me about that…You cannot even make your voice loud enough for the so our friends could hear you.. Tell me Korisu because love Atsuko- san to and you will not let anyone take her away from you..”
Sai was still busy covering our arguments with his mcing skill and lift Mario hands in the air.. We shook each other’s hand and bowed our head i respect I put both of my hands in my pocket…

"Never pick a flower if you just making it wither in your hands…”I intensely glaring at him…

"Words can never explain what’s in your heart…”

"and desire only aims one sided…”

I’m clenching my fist as I can retort with his words.. He shook his head and put her hand on top of the piano that later turn into fist wanting to land on my face..

I closed my eyes as Mario defeated me twice this night…

Kai’s POV

Yuu’s seventh birthday I Atsuko as well as his cousin Mochi are invited for celebration.. I am following them as they both running around the garden and picking flowers.. Even though I really want to play with Acchan and Yuu but whenever I tried joining them, the girl always pouts and show sad expression that making me play with own..Though Yuu was persuading Acchan she always answer my best friend with no..Yuu’s mom called him inside then maybe his is time to ask Atsuko forgiveness for teasing her.. I want to talk to her but Mochi sudden pops from nowhere I hid on one of the column as the girl will play with my ear none stop…I run and hid with the bushes but not far away.. I return watching what the two girls might be doing but all I see was Mochi walking back to the mansion.. I run fast searching Atsuko in my surprise she’s already fighting for her life on the fountain..I climb on the marble block and tried reach her hand but my body was too small to lift her up. I call for help but no one seems to hear me then I’m terrified seeing her body swallowed by water.. 

“Kai where is Atsuko?” Even if I’m not seeing his face I know its Yuu’s voice then he jumps to water…He has small body like me he managed to save Atsuko’s life…

If I only know how to swim…I’m staring the mark of my failure on my wrist, scars from deep wounds scratching my wrist on the edge of the fountain while trying to save her life..Feeling so useless I took swimming lesson and later become the captain of our school swimming team… But still I can’t save her, still Yuu is the only person who can help her, still I’m a sole loser…

Now all I’m thinking was her my happiness I’ve been leaving like this since childhood…I won’t mind being bad person just to give her happiness.. When she told me that she already confessed to Yuu feels like a bomb was dropped inside my chest but  for her I’m willing to do anything and if she wishes Yuu’s love I will do everything to give to her even if it kills me..

I tightening my grip on my wristwatch covering the scars.. Then my then a loud buzzed caught my attention I check my intercom, who pay visit at ten pm? “Yuu”

“I know your there monkey..”

I pushed the button that automatically opens the door then my best friend entered…

“What bring my squirrel friend here?”

“He nudge his shoulder then continued walking inside my flat it seemed his first time entering here as his eyes roams around my place..

” I just missed you..“

"Puffs "then I laugh bitterly…

” I’m sorry for throwing my fist on you…“He shook his hand…

"I must say” something weird for you to do that you now me when I’m sober..“

"Is that so?” i went to my kitchen to get two can beer..

"hey, sit down it’s not like you are new to this place ”

“Ah..Yes I’m your BESTFRIEND I forgot no we are grow up like REAL BROTHER, right..” Emphasizing our relationship.

Yuu unbutton his suite and sits down on my couch then I handed him a cold beer.

” I’m not taking long..“ He opens and chunk on the can of beer like his going to finish it in one go..

"Is this too important for you to come this late to my place”

"Not really..” Then he lifts his phone he seems checking something inside it..

“How I mean, why?”

I Gulped on my on beer I’m puzzled on what his talking about then he shook his head lightly..

“You know I’ve been having problems with my phone should change it what do you think?”

“I’m sorry I broke yours when you’re still on unconscious..”

“Yes I’ve sleeping for days my medication was that strong that always making me sleep.."Then he look at me furiously..I sipped on my cold beer again..

"How many days does I have to sleep deeply for that medication..Four five days.. I was to drugged that every time you visit me I’m sleeping..” Then he put a red velvet box on my center table …I smiled bitterly

“So you’ve finally decided marrying Atsuko?” Yuu smirked and closed his eyes it’s obvious that his suppressing his emotion…

"I was planning to propose to her if she returns from New York. I work my ass on Oshima Group that my family will allow me."Yuu rested his head on the backrest and stare on my ceiling. "I’m actually working on her flight back to Tokyo when Atsuko got into an accident then everything remain as a plan.."His breathing heavily while gritting his teeth…


“Now tell me Kai? Why did you do that?"I remained silent knowing what my best friend was referring to.. Yuu really knows how to use your conscience….

"Atsuko needs you…"He laugh bitterly and snatch the cold beer in my hand and chunk on it..

"You’re not answering my question my friend? Oh, do you even as your acknowledge me as friend? ”

“A-Atsuko needs you, Marry her..Your the only who is capable of taking care of her” Yuu grab my collar tightly with his face inch away from me…

“How could you say that to me… You want me to give that box to Atsuko… Can you handle it..”

“I told you that I can set my feeling aside for her happiness..”

“For her happiness or you running away like coward!!!! So you hired someone to delete Haruna’s emails and block her on my phone.” His furiously glaring at me.. I shifted my face being guilty with his accusation …“You can never lie to me Takahashi…"He lightly shoves my face and return to his sit opening another bottle of beer…  "Now that I’m in this position how can I turn back “ Yuus was gasping for air while crying clutching the box in his fist…I feel the weight in every word he said…

“ I am in no position to love Atsuko she’s not not my responsibility..”

“ So do I “ His glaring at me madly..

"Are you thinking straight Yuu?!!"Now I’m the one raising my voice.."You saw her at the elevator that day she only needs you..”

“I don’t mind…"I punched Yuu’s face..

"Is that all you got .."Yuu jump to me and grab my shirts collar…

"Do you even think Atsuko will let our lies pass by just asking her to marry me? If she knows that I hid my relationship with Haruna do you think she will still love me? Now tell me Takahashi?”

“Think about the real happiness that you’re being proud off.”

Yuu pushed me again to my couch and stand up…He took the box and headed to my door..

“How did you find out?”

You forgot that I have computer geek brother…



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Chapter 31

Yuu’s POV

I’m so selfish all these things are happening because of my selfishness, hiding my relationship with Nyan nyan and agreeing in all of my parent’s condition…. I finished a glass of vodka in one gulped mocking myself on my decisions. Now I’m homeless, broken and empty.Fuck, I’ve even play Atsuko’s feelings to concede my selfishness. I refill my glass in my hand seeing the liquor spill as if it would fill the emptiness that I’m feeling. Now Kai betrayed me and my parents are forcing me to marry the girl that I’ve never dream of having any romantic relationship. Fuck… You’re the luckiest guy in the world Oshima  Yuu then gulps on my glass again not being satisfied with a glass of alcohol I directly drink to the bottle drowning myself with liquor….

“You are invisible Oshima Yuu…. You’ve protected your girlfriend well enough that she’s not suffering  ….Kai your ever loyal friend was there for you at the times you needed him the most and of course Atsuko yes you’ve done a great Job on playing with her feelings now she’s not into you anymore….."I bitterly chuckled while slumping on my apartment’s wooden floor…."LIE!!!!LIE!!!!!!!! You are freaking liar now karma is getting you…"I laugh bitterly and pour the alcohol into my mouth… "You’re happy now, right?  Because you’re freaking genius!!! So brave, that you can’t even fight for your girl… Genius trusting your best friend who put some on your hired someone to intercept Haruna’s messages.Bullshit…

"All this time I’m neglecting things as long as it’s not getting in my way. I started my relationship with Haruna not having any idea how my family will accept her, all I’m thinking was how I can hide my relationship and be happy dating her. I don’t have balls at all just getting in the flow knowing that it will hard for my family too totally accept her.. Stupid, coward, selfish and in everything else I’m a freaking genius manipulator. Yes, I am all that I’ve even use my best friend to hide from my responsibility all this time. I took the bottle of liquor and gulped. I can’t go back to Haruna anymore because she doesn’t deserve a douche bag like me. Walking back to my bedroom I can now feel the effect the alcohol as my body was not functioning as it supposedly. I will only cause pain to everyone as long as I’m like this intelligent…I deserve being alone not Haruna, Atsuko nor any other girl doesn’t deserve a stupid and perverted person like me….I’m clenching the bottle of alcohol in my hand and not having enough strength to stand I just laid on the corridor… Still blaming everything on my self.

"What's  wrong with you, Yuuboy?” I look above seeing my Ikemen friend bending down looking at me like some kind of disappointed father to his son.

“Oh, my the vampire is here.Dude can find me a girl for tonight I want to celebrate!!”

“Geez Yuu, this is not you? You look horrible man..” He helped me to stand up but I can’t even stand on my own feet making stumble the floor…"See even my own feet were protesting on me.."I chuckled bitterly then kiss Sai boy's cheeks… He hooks his arm on his neck and helped me again to stand up… "You’re just making things hard for yourself…” I jump on his back but I ended up sliding down I did again and he catches my leg.

“Dude you're heavy…”

“Don’t forget my vodka..”

“Fuck why didn’t you get it before jumping…”

“Because I’m Spiderman…”

“Geez, you’re the worst Yuu…"Then Sai bend to get my vodka kissing his cheeks again and thank him for getting my drink. Sai put me on my bed then sat on the floor with his back resting on the edge.

"Give me that…” I pulled the vodka in his hands

“No, you are wasted that's enough Yuu…”

“Mayu told me what Kai did to your phone and email…”

“Ah, that’s nothing actually he did a great job now my father is asking me to marry Atsuko at least I will not hurt her anymore.."I crawled then grab the bottle of vodka in his hand but Sai’s gripped is amazing not letting me take it out his hand.."Let it go… men….”

“No, you had enough…”

“Yuki said that you’re not attending your checkups that’s why I’m here my fiancée is worried that your viral infection might get into you again you almost die last time dude.."I laugh and crawled and peck on Sai’s cheeks

"Thanks, bro…"As Sai is not losing his grip on the liquor I just made tilt so it will drip on my tongue.

"You’re really stubborn Yuu this is the reason why your life is a mess. I told you many times that you and Haruna are not meant for each other but you still continue now look at yourself..”

“Ah yes, you’ve been hitching me to other girls… Ne, tell me Sai what if I listen to you that time should I be happier now?”

“I don’t know”

“But that time I’m hundred percent sure that she’s my happiness..” Tears escaped my eyes while staring at the ceiling…
“All I care was if she let me enter her life I will be the luckiest man in the world it’s not because she’s sexy but she’s amazing, she not that vocal but I know that she understands me her love was so great that even if I don’t say a word she can sense what I feel… She not that smart but she works hard…. She loves to throw a fit with funny reasons that I can retort…Her eyes, luscious lip and rabbit like ear I can still see it clearly even if I close my eyes.  Haruna finish her studies to able to date me she also hates it whenever I open up about marriage but I know she really dreams of it, later on, I realize that I’m cruel…Cruel because I’m not really sure if I can give it to her…”

“Your father knew your assets under Haruna’s name right?”

“I know that old man will found out but it I didn’t realize this soon…”

“I know my firm has been checking if you’ve transferring Oshima groups money to buy your assets…”

“All of that is from my hard work… ”

“Yes, we’ve countered check it but knowing your father…”

“I don’t know what they are thinking but I…”


“Do you think they will use that to make Haruna leave you?”

“I’ve to think about that but I know my baby she will not be blackmailed easily..”

“Your dad seems not use it either… ”

“Three days dude only I only have three days.

Then what’s your decision….

“I have already decided to end all of this…”

“Such a best actor how could you do this act? Was losing with Mario is also part of your act?”

“No, I did not lose because I won her..” 

“But what’s the point of winning her feelings that in end ,you're just torturing her…”

“ Ne, Saiboy if you’re in my position, what will you do?”

Sai turns his head to face me still my arms stretch sidewards looking at the ceiling.

“ Loving two girls at the same time will become a burden if you don’t how to weigh circumstances. Your love for Haruna is everything for you but Oshima Yuu is everything for Oshima group the father of fifteen thousand employees and that guy is everything for Atsuko she’s living normally because of that squirrel… Will you be happy if you become selfish and choose your happiness or will you suffer again and choose the happiness of thousand people…I don’t have to put things in between but back in high school, I remembered your fans cheers whenever you successful stealing a ball in our opponent… "What Oshima Yuu wants Oshima Yuu gets…”

“My father said that I should be firm on your decision or everything will fall apart…”

“It only means that you have to be realistic Yuuboy but one thing is for sure if you’re going to choose, you should choose the one which you will not regret in the end. Once the scar has been done it will heal but the mark will be left on the girl’s heart forever, everything will fall apart if you’re not determined in your decision my friend.I' m worried that your decision will destroy you...what is your decision?”

Kais POV

After sudden visit I decided to drink in my playroom thinking this is the safest place for me… No one will see me suffering alone …No one will punch me or nag me saying why I’m waiting, waiting for Atsuko to love me but the truth is I’m running with my guilt and my fear of losing her.


I shifted my view from the man who’s clearing his throat on the door while leaning on the door jamb.

“Sa-Sai how did you get in?”

He shrugged pulled a backrest of the stool beside me took an empty glass and put in front of me asking to fill it with liqueur. This guy seems using some magic trick as I can’t manage to complain…

“I was buzzing on the door but no one is opening so I guess that you might be here…"He points his fingers up pointing the whole room. "You feel safe here, right?”

“Sai you're still not answering my question. how did you get in and how did you know my password?”

“You really have a nice place, my friend..” Sai pat my back while roaming his eyes around the room.

“You’re still not answering me properly dog…”

“222426” My mouth hung open hearing my door lock code from him…Sai put Ice cubes in his drink. ” I also tried 287856 “

“Did Rena-chan tell you?"The guy shook his head.

"My door pin is 9854, my man…” My brows meet confused on his conclusion.

“ It means Yuki I think we are in the same boat Kaiboy…” Sai gulps his drink…

“I know what you did with Yuuboy…”

“If you’re going to scold me…” But before I can’t finish my sentence the ikemen guy already hit my head and smile.

“Ittai !!! Fuck !!! what is that for?”

“You crossed the line making Yuu’s business jeopardize by your stupidity if I’m in this position you might be in the prison right now..” I stop as I can’t retort…

“But that guy thinks you're not his friend but his own brother halting me to file legal charges against you.."I gulped my drinks as my visitor’s word is draining me. Silence filled the air why we are exchanging turns to fill our glass with liquor.

"I  feel you dude so I won’t say anything about it… Now Even Yuki and I are going to tie the knot I can’t stop doubting her real feelings but I’m still holding on even if it’s one percent … Though she said that she loves me you will still feel it.."Sae straightens his sitting and fixes his suit and just like me, you can still see the pain in his eyes even if his getting married to the girl he loves.


“This is the karma when you break the man’s code…Never fuck your friend's ex-girlfriend but I love her… Rin-chan is everything to me. She’s my life … Fuck… I’m always asking my self .. Why am I in this position? I know how Rin-chan loves me. But I’ve witnessing her previous relationship with Mayu and I can’t help comparing it to mine….She’s there when I wake up, waits for me when I finish my work late, Actually, she’s perfect in wife material..but why? Why does the great Miyazawa Sai feel like this? Dude’s because I love Rin-chan and If she said and ask me to let her go without a blink of an eye I will let her go… "Sai wipe the tears in his eyes and drink another glass of scotch.

” It’s the same that I’m feeling for Atsuko…“

"Yes, and Yuuboy is like that too that’s why when Haruna ask for break up he gave it to her…”

“I love Atsuko so I think if she could marry the man that she loves she will be happy..”

“I’ve tried pushing Yuu to Atsuko too, way back in high school but that guy knows what he wants and will get it no matter what.”

“Ne, Kai kun do you wished to be in Yuu’s position..”

“So Atsuko would love me? What the fuck…”

“No being in between Atsuko and Haruna’s situation too…"I lowered my head as I can’t answer..

"If you love Atsuko then don’t give up on her, not until the last blood drop. Hoping is not a crime and I know as long as you love her you will hope to be with her…”

“But you said what you feel with Yukirin..”

“It can’t help but you know I never felt insecure in my life until I meet Yukirin ..” the guy on my side refill his glass with liquor… “Man only feels weak when there is a woman involved… We always think that we did not suit best on our girls but what matter is knowing yourself that you can move mountains just to protect her… Kai, fight for her… I know that she doesn’t love you but it doesn’t mean she does not have any feelings for you..”

“What do you mean?.”

“Why won’t we use business so you can gain her?”

“No, I will not use my father's company to have her…”

Sai chuckled and gulps on his drink…“ I forgot that you're an engineer and not a business man… ”

“But you're a lawyer…”

“Ah but I’m a businessman too.."Sai winks suggestively.

"Fuck" I chuckled as my friend was acting strange like this…

"Ne Kaiboy want to give it a shot?”

Haruna’s POV

I excuse myself to everyone saying that I’m not feeling well…

Why is he torturing me like this I was in the cub crying and not minding what the does the taxi driver would think…

“I close my eyes seeing my boyfriend happily waving to Atsuko I thought I can let it pass but seeing almost have a car accident blew it all screaming his nickname across the road warning him about the fast car that going on his way… My mind went blank and totally forgets Mario on my side… After that I can no longer hide it I went blank and can’t even move an inch Mario-kun held me and asked if I’m ok…There are questions in his eyes but I did not bother talking about. He told me to hold on his arm for support, first I was hesitant but seeing my boyfriend with Atsuko indulging his hug ..I cling to Mario I see Yuu intensely glaring at me, his eyes can’t lie that his jealous over the guy who is just concerned with me. And When Yuu said that he is Jurio’s financier I actually want to smack him acting cooler than Mario… "I’m his financier…"His childish traits are really cute…Stupid me for not thinking that the re-opening of Jurio’s restaurant I will also meet my friends Yuki and Rena as the two walk towards our direction I feel tensed knowing that they will tease me with Mario…But Paruru presence calms me as the girl has been holding my hand the whole time knowing the pain with the pair in front was causing me.The question and answer portion started and Mario’s return from New York become hot topic…I want to hide my self-being so embarrassed with Yuki and Rena’s teasing I’m glad that Shinoda kun… That guy is amazing is such a gentleman guiding me to my chair and he is really funny too. Being a model and basing in New York we have many similarities to shared but even if he can make me laugh I can’t really be happy seeing my guy talking seriously to Atsuko.Then Yuu voiced echoed inside the restaurant drenched in wine but I was caught his eyes intensely glaring at me that reminds me of him on the bar when he saw me dancing with my gay model friend Daniel. And then Atsuko was enjoying the moment. He left that Mayu followed him to the restroom. He returns with new suit my lips curve upward remembering that I bought that suit so he has changed clothes whenever he sleeps on my unit… my boyfriend flirting with Atsuko cutting her stake and saying words that make the later her blushed I really want to pull him out of his sit..But I know him so much I can read that his jealousy that his doing it to make feel the same…But I won’t be fighting to you know that if I react you erupt    …..Yuu I love you…. For minutes my heart become peaceful seeing your eye focusing on me with love and sadness… I see myself in you, miserable, how I want to reach your hand, talk to you, to be pampered in your arms and laugh with your silly jokes…

"Ne Yuukun say something…"But You turn to your side as our friend were asking you to have piano duel with the guy sitting beside me… Yuu was hesitant at first and asked his brother to take the match as he was a better pianist. But you accepted the challenge knowing what Mayu was trying to imply… Mario is tall good looking kid and gentleman. Opposite to you, you’re short, good looking too, your kind, but a total pervert but why do my eyes was totally on you, I love you so much that I’m blinded of your flaws and actually I like it too..I see that you're having some argument with the man you are talking with your opponent basing from facial expression… Just like Mario, your techniques are good and everybody applause when he played Chopin waltz in one hand but I was struck by your last piece my song… the song that you dedicated to me… I closed my eyes remembering my last birthday in America…Your vows…

With our foreheads attached"Every key and every note is my heartbeat and you are the only person who can hear it this song is my heart beating for you. Haruna no one can hear it and understand river into your song but you… “Playing that song means defeat to Mario but you won me Yuu because without saying a word I know that you still love me. Hearing how sad you played you’re my favorite piano piece and how you’ve laid your heart in every note is enough for me to still hold on not with promises but with your heart Yuu…I will be waiting for you….I love Yuu..”

Yuu’s POV

Parking my car on the ground of the Hospital where Dr. Akimoto was working. She knows everything about Atsuko and with her parent's consent I can now talk to her doctor and find a way to help Atsuko and at the same time help myself..I headed to her office knocking few times when a voice of woman answered me I entered the door…

"Good Morning Akimoto Sensei..”

“You are Oshima -kun, right? “I was a bit surprising as this is my first time meeting her…

"How did you know my name?” She smiles and asks me to sat on the chair for visitors.

“Maeda-san called me and asks me to help you…”

I look around her office familiarizing myself in the place.

“Do you want us to talk in other places?”

I accepted her offer fast not being comfortable at her office. Walking in the park of the hospital as she asks me to wait for her …

“ Oshima-kun..” Offering me a cup of coffee.

“You might not use of drinking coffee from Vendo machine..”

“Thank you. And I actually prefer this one.."I sip the coffee while she’s rubbing her intertwined fingers into it… I smile seeing her enjoy the warmth that the beverage has been giving her body.

"Atsuko was confined here but I’ve never seen you..”

“Because of her case was just handed over by her past doctor..”

“So you are here to know about the progress of Atsuko?”

I answer with a light nod. We continued walking until we reach a bench we can sat.

“Actually she’s doing good..”

“I’m glad she is..”

“And you’ve played a big part, no I mean a major part of it…"I gaze at her not knowing how to react properly to what she said.

I still have patient to doctor confidentiality but because her parents agreed on it I will let you read this…

"What is this?”

“One of the methods I use was asking her to write on this note book like a diary of her emotions, her thoughts, dream or anything that happen on a day..”

“So you mean every day? Have I to read this? ” Akimoto sensei smiles that answer my question. I took my gaze on the note book and return to her doctor who’s
enjoying her coffee.

“I know you can finish it but this will help you understand. I know how hard it is to be part of her support group so I will let you understand Atsuko’s feeling…”

Read the first page of the note book.

I open my eyes I know I’m awake and breathing but why am I feeling emptiness… For the whole day, I’m looking at the ceiling thinking why am I seems to forget something.. I sat up and look outside the window with two birds chirping.Two with company… Two together…. I just feel there something in a box in locked inside my head.. Two birds….The door opens seeing a familiar figure inside…

“A-Acchan” That guy… That voice.....

Then I heard another voice “Atsuko-nee-chan.” Together on a car everything flashbacks on the accident seeing her bleeding body reaching for my hand I held her.. I asked her if she’s ok but she just said I love you and slowly closes her eye…

“I love you” The word that caged me to different dimension and the word that brought me back my love for that person… The man who enveloped me and promised not to leave…

My body started shivering reading the half page of her diary it’s like every blows my conscience out of my body…

I look at her therapist and asked me to continue reading her diary always talks about me and how she admires me….

Yuu-kun … Seeing him made me feel what I lost and what am I afraid of losing, the person who I wish to be with, the person that I’m always looking up too, the person who always stole my attention and the person who made me feel the meaning of losing and gaining…

I closed the diary as every word that I'm reading is like a rope struggling my neck and a huge stone that was dropped in my chest…

“I did not continue reading but her doctor asked me to take it home and return it when I'm finished. But before return to my office, her doctor asked me to accompany her somewhere we went back to the hospital until we reached the end room on the left wing corridor on the second floor… I stare on Akimoto Sensei back with a query…She seems to understand and open the room.

"This room contains her recollection still in associate with her feelings…”

The doctor opens the room and asked me to enter I walk inside…

“I-it’s me…”

“The room was surrounded by scenes drawn with of my faces and scenery which I shared with Atsuko .. I play the piano… sleeping in my office.I was feeding her on the hospital… I eating parfait when he treats me…

"Is she obsessed with me?"I mumbled…

"No, It’s just your part of her happiness and her sadness.The purpose of this therapy is just like what is written in her diary to be able for her to show her feelings on the box that she had stored her emotion after the accident…Atsuko-san has good drawing skills and the best way to open up about her feeling in the 2-dimensional form of media. This is the reason why I recognized you right away…"Then I remember one of her drawings was I with on the gondola of Singapore flyer…She was with me watching the sunset view outside…

I can’t help the tears escaped on my eyes, guilt is now running in my veins.Now every scene is like a flashback bringing me to the time we spent together…I’m so-sorry Atsuko…


I never felt claustrophobic in a 3m by 3 m room but now I’m afraid how Atsuko genuinely love me… How could you do this to her? She loves me this much.Why am I so reluctant with her feelings? Now I know why Kai surrenders and decided to concede his feelings…I walk back to the door as I can’t take another minute of staying as I feel that every paper is like a slapped hit on my face…But a paper crumpled on the floor got my attention when I kicked it making it bounce on the wall… I squat a flatten the paper my jaw dropped seeing the content of the paper..” is this true? ..”

I lost my balance making me sit on the floor…

"Acchan, I’m sorry…”

Still holding the notebook in my hand tapping on my lap… You should think Oshima… think… “Atsuko.” I let out a deep breath and hold my head then my father’s word rung in my head…

“Be firm on your decision or it will all fall down…”

Two more days….

“Oshima sama, are you not feeling well?"I squinted as my vision become blurry…

"I’m fine Kudo-san…”

“You’re sweating?”

“Just focus on your driving…”

I hear my phone ring …

“Hello…"It is my father asking for report and of course my answer…

"I have my decision now and I’m certain about it …"Then he asked it specifically…

"I will meet you at board meeting on Friday…Yes… "Then I tap my phone ending the call I loosen up my necktie as my breathing becomes shallow and fast…

"Oshima-sama? Oshima-sama?"I want to talk but I don’t even have a strength to move my lips.

When I open my eyes I see myself surrounded with a white cloth. Am I in heaven now? When I see a girl in white uniform.  I narrowed my eyes trying to recognize the girl…

"Oh, I think I’m in hell right now..”

“Excuse me, Oshima-kun did you say something?”

“Yukirin does he gain consciousness?"I heard another voice calls her.

"Yes, I think he is hallucinating…"I tried to sit and I feel a hand guiding me…

“Thank you…”

The girl cupped my cheeks…

“A-Atsuko…"She smiles beautifully and sat beside me…

"Don’t force yourself Yuu-kun.."I comb her hair and answer her showing my signature smile.

"I think the medicine has bad side effects on him…"Yukirin said with a teasing gaze on the girl sitting on my bed.

"Yukirin!!"Atsuko hissed….

"I will call the doctor for you to dismiss…” Atsuko got surprised when I held her hand..“Thank you” I said weakly.

Atsuko shook her head … “Regain your strength Yuu-kun because of we still in the middle of war…"I closed my eyes again while she’s combing my hair.

"Thank you Acchan…”

I took her hand and held it tightly…

"I will never leave you…”

“I know…” I smile then return to my dreamland once again..

Haruna’s POV

Walking inside Oshima groups building means being near you I never been enthusiastic about company meeting not unless it will be held here… I’ve learned a lot about the company just by working with Oshima group’s marketing department in some way I understand why you are working so hard in this company it’s not because he is the successor of the Empire but because of the employees.   Yuu is the father of fifteen thousand people working on it not just in Japan but across the world… I smile being proud of him I never thought the man who always tries to steal kisses and harasses me was the person which this person relying on…I enter the elevator with other employees inside… I sigh..noticing almost everyone exit at twenty-fourth floor Oshima… I and two other employees left inside…I took my phone and started massaging my manager that I will be waiting on her car…

“Have you heard about the acquisition of Oshima group with Maeda’s corporation…"The girl in front standing on the left side said ..I paused and continued over hearing the conversation knowing they are talking about Atsuko’s parent's company…

"Right… Actually, Director Maeda was not part of the planning which president you headed and actually not even part of the team which is I’m part of.."The girl signed the other to come closer…

"I know that Maeda Corporation will be merged on 3FFactory  you know the fashion brand that Oshima group Acquired last year…

"Really,So president is thinking of rebranding Maeda’s Corporation Malls …"The other girl nodded.

"You should see how cool our President being hands on with this project…”

“Yes, He is still single, right? I wish my boyfriend is as rich and cool like him…"The other girl shook his head” I look at the girl and put my phone on my heart thinking that the other girl might know about Yuu’s secret relationship.

"Do you know that his going out with Director Maeda?”

“Really I thought it is just a rumor…" my heart was beating fast hearing the girl's conversation…

” No its not I have a friend which is Chairman staff  he told me that the Chairman already asked the President to proposed to Director Maeda…“I bulged my eye hearing what other girls say my breathing become shallow and my head started to become blurry.

"Are you sure about it but why are they hiding their relationship now rumors keep on spreading first Director Maeda always visits President office and I witnessed the elevator incident were in president was carrying director when she got stuck on the elevator…”

“They also went to the Singapore together, right?”

“They are really a good match director Maeda is beautiful and rich, the President, the fuck his so hot and good looking…”

“My friend also tells me that he once see the president holding a red velvet box while walking inside the elevator…You know what that means…”


Reaching the ground level two ladies left the lift still talking about my boyfriend… I open my mouth gasping for air as tears started running from my cheeks. Did I hear it right? Yuu already has engagement ring for Atsuko…No!!!What about last night his song…. His father was asking him to propose to Atsuko…No, I was gripping on the railing supporting my body…When a man who enters on the lift asked me.

“Excuse me miss are feeling fine?”

I did not answer him and just run out the corridor not minding the people I bumped.Then I bumped some his holding my shoulder “Yuu-Yuu-chan?“

"Kojima-san are you alright!!!”

I shook my head and cried….I hugged him and continued crying on his shoulder.

“Kojima-san please don’t cry we are getting other employees attention…"The guy dragged me to the fire exit…

"Haruna-san, why are you crying like that?”

“Are really asking me that question?"He was standing in front of me.

"Is this because of Yuuboy?"I did not answer and cried harder…

"Tell me Kai was Yuu really going to marry Atsuko?” Kai looks down and not answer…

“Tell me is he really going to marry her for business.”

“ It’s the only way for him to get the boards of directors permission you know how powerful Oshima Kenji is.."He looks shifted her view to the side.

"How about me, did he even think about me?”

“I don’t know…”

I continued bawling on the floor thinking my relationship with Yuu was over…Kai squats and hugs me trying to calm me…

“I’m sorry Kojima san..”

“No don’t say sorry!!You shouldn’t say sorry…I will not let this happen… I want to talk to him…”

“Kojima-san” Kai breath heavily I see how he feel about the situation Kai hugs me and trying make me stop.

“No!!Please, Kai … I’m going to die if Yuu marries her.." I push him..I’m breathing hard and can’t even see the guy in front with my hand clutching his shoulder… "You love Atsuko to right… and inhaled"You know that Yuuboy will never love her even if he marries… Kai will you be happy if you know that the person you love will only be bonded by contract? Will you satisfy knowing that the girl you love was being lied? Are you satisfied with all this bullshits..” I cover my face with my shaking hand…You witness our hardship and our happiness but in the end, money will separate us… “ Kai is looking on the floor… "I know Yuu still loves me and his heart still only beat for me…I know that…” Please let me see him… “

"You know that you can never be seen by others going to his office…”

“That girl will only cry like me every night or more than this… you know Yuu-kuns temper you know him when was being pushed with something he doesn't like. You’ve seen all the girls who cried for him when Miichan was exiled in London do you want Atsuko to experience that? Do you want her to cry every night because Yuu can’t give the love that she needs…You know how cold he is when being pushed to something he doesn’t want…  Kai if you really love her you should not let this happen…”

“What should I do Kojima-san?”

“Let me see him…”

“If this will be the last time, I don’t mind but I will never give up with him just like that..”

Kai was looking on the floor thinking about my suggestion.

Atsuko’s POV

I’m tapping my ball pen on my table as I can’t focus on my work disturb with what I witnessed…

“Haru-chan and Kai-kun has relationship??…” I put the pen below my lips thinking about circumstances. “But why they seem to hide it? And the last time I see Haruchan she was enjoying Shinoda-kuns company? ” I sigh heavily wanting to erase what I saw this morning…


I’m walking inside crossing the lobby of Oshima groups Office building to the lift … I smile recognizing the short guy walking in front of me and ready walk fast so I can reach him and see his pissed expression once again but I stop seeing a girl walk thru him and cry on his shoulder… Kai pulled the girl and look around seeing other employees watching them like some kind of drama in television. Even if I want to step my feet there is something halting me to go further…I tried shoving the thoughts away from my head but seeing Kojima Haruna on Jurio’s restaurant opening my brows curve upward then my curiosity grew thinking why did she suddenly bid her farewell in the midst of piano duel… And I saw her sad …Is she playing with Kai kun and now she’s crying in the guy's arms… “What is your secret Kojima Haruna?"I was standing on the lift when I decided to exit in the fourth floor and walk to the fire exit reaching the ground level … I silently step down from the landing and watched Kai brushing the girl back trying to calm her I can’t hear their conversation as the girl was still controlling her voice while bawling… Then my brows twitch upward seeing Kai hugged Haru-chan… She’s still crying and clutching Kai sleeves…Walking in my daze I walk out the fire exit thinking what are they fighting off and if there is really something going between them. Why are they hiding?"Is it because Haruna is a famous model and publicizing their relationship would affect her career. There is hundred question running in my mind…. But they should at least let us know about it…"Kai-kun, Why are you hiding something in me?”

I feel disappointing towards the man whom I trusted the most… Why am I feel scared of losing him? Haruna just doesn't play with my best friend’s feelings or I will not let it slip..I will not sit around while you're playing his heart… Kai-kun is not like the other guys, never exploit his kindness or else you're going to know my bitch side… He's been thru a lot of hardship as his mom die when he is six years old. Like Yuu-kun I will not any girls hurt him even if you’re also my friend…


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I dont know which one will suffer the most.
But i know its will be happy ending!
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Update soon!
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Chapter 32 part 1

Kai agreed to accompany me on Yuu’s office. Hearing the news about Oshima-group acquiring Maeda corp made me think of things that I regret. I just gave Atsuko a chance to steal my squirrel away from me but despite having negative thoughts in my mind my memories with Yuuchan kept me positive. Yuuchan promised me that he will do everything for me so I guess even if I asked him to run away with he will still do it. I will not let Atsuko ruin eight years of handwork just prove our love with Yuuchan… I’m determined to get my squirrel back…. It doesn’t matter even if it means putting my pride down and beg on his best friend for this favor and by using his feelings for Acchan…. I need to fight even if I have a little chance.

We stepped out of the elevator and went to Yuuchan’s office. Kai properly greeted Yuu’s secretary and I did the same. I was following Kai behind just a few steps away from him. When his secretary was about to ask Yuuchan’s permission on the line she was halted by Yuu’s executive assistant, who just went out from my boyfriend’s office….

“I’ve got this.."He said and opens the door for us…

I was stuck. I can’t even move my feet to step forward. Noticing this Kai looked at me with a worried face.

"Haruna-san, do you still want to go?”

“Of course!!” I answered without thinking..

“General Manager Takahashi, can you tell to President Oshima that we are leaving and will back tomorrow.”

“Ok. I will and thank you Kudo- san.”

I bowed my head and followed Kai. He closed the door and locked it…

“Do you have a minute my friend?” Kai asked but My ex boyfriend, who is so busy reading some documents on his table is not even looking on our direction.

“Just let me finish this one..” He answered without looking.

Before Kai could reply I pulled his shoulder backwards as I cannot miss any second to confront Yuu.

“Yuuchan?” I mumbled, gaining the attention of the man still on his desk and returned his gaze to his friend and looked at me again, confusion is painted all over his face. He stood up with a confused expression on his best friend silently having staring contest with him.

“I’m sorry Yuuchan but this the only way I can talk to you"

“I’ve volunteered to accompany her.” Kai defended..My ex boyfriend scowled keeping both of his hands in his pocket and returned looking at the paper on his table…

“Dude, I’m sorry for what I’ve done and I think bringing Kojima-san to you will clear our misunderstandings.” Before Kai could continue explaining a knock from the door halted him from doing so. Yuuchan opened the door wide unveiling the girl that causes all my insecurities…

"Yuu-kun I’m sorry but you need to sign some important documents."She said walking inside Yuu’s office. The moment the girl passes us, she notices our presence causing the latter to tilt her head, she seem intrigued with reasons of why me and Kai-kun are in the president’s office.

"Kai-kun? Haruchan? What are you doing here?”

“We were just visiting Yuu."Kai answered.. I averted my gaze to Acchan whose eyes are into cutting shape, she seem giving me warning and questioning my presence on the room.

"Kai, Haruna can you wait for me for a while?"Yuuchan asked us to sit on the couch, Acchan followed him to his working table..

"You look pale Yuu-kun? Are you still sick?"  The man started reading at the paper, flipping the pages fast..

"No, I’m fine…”

“Yuu kun, you just got hospitalize again yesterday, You should take a break..”

“Yuuboy you should rest because it will be harder for everybody if you got hospitalized again. You’ve been using the hospital as your place for vacation.”

I worriedly look at Yuuchan  clueless on what the two people were talking about…He become to engrossed with work that it affected his health, now I’m becoming more worried if he is eating well…I think I should be the one taking care of him.. That should be me instead.

Atsuko placed his hand on Yuuchan’s forehead that made him look at me and removed it…

Kai held my hand causing me to shift my head to face him and gave me a reassuring smile…

“He still loves you.."He whispered

” I know…“

"Don’t worry about me much Atsuko.. I will take a good care of myself..” Yuu said not looking directly at the girl on her side. I’m flattered on how you act coldly to Atsuko.

“Kai-kun, can I come over to your place after work I want to cook something for Yuu-kun.” Acchan said who seems to not notice that she is hurting everybody in the room with her words.

“I’m sorry Atsuko but I will not be going home at Kai’s place as I promised Mayu to helped him on his feasibility study..” Yuu gave the documents back to Atsuko.

“Okay, bu-but Yuu-kun you should take care of yourself.” Yuu remained silent on his chair on the edge of his desk with his arm crossed in his chest. I see how Atsuko was glaring at me. What did I do to her? I should be the one doing that or more than that. Without any reply on the man.

“ I have to go now..”

“You should ask your secretary to sign the documents next time..” Said the man who is still not looking at her.

“No, I need to check if you’re not overworking yourself.” Atsuko protested.

“Bye Kai-kun and Haruchan I still have a lot of things to do.” Then she left the room still releasing the same aura when she entered.

“I think I also need to leave you guys.” Kai stood up…

He nudge my ex boyfriend’s shoulder. “I know this will give you a peace of mind and this will be my peace offering..” As my boyfriend approach us.

Then he walks out the door.“I just want to remind you that this office is sound proof.” Kai winked, locked the door and left the room..

“Oi, midget !!!"I held Yuuchan who is standing in front of me with his back facing me.

"I’m sorry ..” I hugged his back. “I still love you…. Yuu-chan.”

-Yuu’s Pov-

I got surprised that Haruna asked Kaiboy for help to see me.. After we broke up I focused on my work but my body is reaching its limits and I got hospitalize again. The girl was locking my body with her arms and her face buried on the crook of my neck… I' am frozen at the moment as I missed this feeling for so long but I can’t utter any word or my plan will meet its end “Yuu I still love you. I’m wrong I should have listened to you…I should have trusted you more..”

“What are you doing here?” I said harshly.

Haruna cried on my back hugging my waist tightly.

“I saw it now and its clear to me that it’s only Atsuko’s doing..I’m sorry please come back to me I can’t live without you.”

“Why??? Haruna not now…” I was searching for answers while looking on the floor.

“Yuuchan don’t marry Atsuko, remember you told me that you will everything for me… and I want you to return to me…” I got surprised on what she said..
“I will marry Atsuko?” Did Kai say it to her? My engagement? But.. why? Not now that I’ve already made up my mind.

“Please don’t, Yuuchan we can run.Yes.. I still have your assets right? Let’s live abroad and start a new life.”

Now I’m confused and she is crying hard in front of me.. That midget might reveal my father’s plan.. I left because I don’t want to cause her anymore pain but I guess she is just like me.. she is also suffering. She looked the same when I saw her in New York few months ago.

“What are you saying?”

“Yuu- Yuuchan, please don’t leave me..” She started crying and slowly she sat down on the floor with her hands that is shaking while covering her eyes.

 I helped her sit on the couch properly and I kneeled in front of her so I can have her face to face, I closed my eyes as this scene reminded me of the day our relationship became official. I bit my lower lip feeling the guilt of making her suffer. She is still covering her face with her palm while my eyes are feasting on the view. I can’t explain what I’m feeling right now..Am I going to be happy or sad with our situation..

“Yuuchan I can’t live without you I’m so stupid…. please..doooooon't…marry Atsuko… Stay with me Yuu-chan..” She said in a firm voice and cursing my childhood friend’s name…

Haruna POV

I don’t mind acting stupid in front of him because all I need is Yuuchan… My Yuuchan…Yuu is kneeling in front of me but he is still avoiding my gaze.

“Stop doing this Kojima-san..Have respect on yourself..” I intensely glared at him with my hands clenching his suit making me feel his heartbeat. I move closer, still searching for his eyes…“ I will not stop until I got a honest answer from your lips..” I moved closer that made him cringe. “You can lie to me but not your body cannot.” he is breathing irregularly this is not the pervert Yuuchan..  This is how his heart is responding to his lover… he can lie with his words but his body can’t… He tried to pull his self back but it only resulted having opportunity to lock his neck on my embrace.. I move my face closer feeling his warm breathe on my cheeks.. I know he can fight this but I don’t have any choice..Yuu’s body is shaking responding to me… I kissed and suck his neck earning a moan from him…

“Please, I can leave everything here in Japan even my family but not you Yuuchan…. please, please..” I burst into  tears, still clenching his suit with my hands and resting my face in his neck…Yuu remained immovable but his body was twitching while clearing his throat…I can feel it in my cheeks that he is gulping many times…

"How could you make me suffer like this, you’ve promised me everything for eight years but you’re marrying that bitch in just two months… Fuck you Yuuchan…” I tighten my grip on his collar…Please stop making me suffer…Stop breaking me into pieces… Please Yuu….“ I’m feeling nauseous.. I think I’m going to pass out with too much crying but he remained mute in our place… Please.. then I cover my face with my palm once again…

"Can I see your face?” His statement didn’t get thru me until Yuu held my hands with love and rubded my knuckles…  I slowly revealed my crying face… Yuu smiled and wiped my tear with his right thumb and his other hand was holding both of my hands…. “ If I’m the one who is making you cry let my thumb wipe your tears..” I can now see love in his eyes..

“Don’t stare at me like that when my makeup is a mess “
“Beautiful” his eyes are wondering until it finally got connected in mine. And having some staring contest with me..  I can’t help not to pout with his gestures of calming me. My love cupped my face and caressed my cheeks with his thumb… “You’re still beautiful Kojima Haruna”

“If it’s not you Kojima Haruna then I won’t have any plan of marrying.. How can you ruin my plans of coming back to you after settling everything.. How can you make me feel this bad with your tears..”

I pulled my head back trying to catch my breath…He is now rubbing his hands on my back to calm me down… Finally our eyes meet and now just like me, tears are running from your cheeks…

"Let me hear it Yuuchan…I love you…” My other hand cupped his cheeks and that was responded with a kiss and a nodded.. “What the fuck are you doing answer me please…”

“I love you Nyan nyan…” Without letting him say more I crushed my lips in him and lock my arm around his neck…“ I want you Yuuchan…” I’m so aroused thinking that he will fuck me with the other girl’s office is just one floor away… I pulled his body placing him on top of me. I let him hear my moans to show him how I’m excited doing it again with him.

I kissed him from his ears trailing down to his cheeks while rubbing him… "Yes baby let me hear your love….”

“Ah Nyan nyan…Ouh…."I let him continued playing inside my mouth with his tongue exchanging the air from each other’s lungs…

"Yuuchan make me yours.. please” not letting go of his head that was licking and sucking my neck…Yuu loves being on top of me and being in control. I enjoyed the rough side of him so I often do it after some of our fights… He has been enjoying my mounds and how I moan in every squeezing he does on…I started unzipping his pants.. I bit my lower lips knowing what will happen next… But he held my hand halting me from going further. I scowled from his action. He might be acting tough again wanting to make me plead again.

“We can’t do this here..”

“Do you miss my place?” he nodded and was replied with another round of smooches.. oh how I love chewing his lips…I  pulled away and started fixing myself. “I will be waiting for you in the parking lot..”

“No.. It’s ok lets both head there..”

“Together?” Without giving me chance to retort, Yuu pulled me up and quickly dragged me out of his office..

 Thinking how dangerous for us to be seen by anyone in his office together but I can see not a trace of doubt in his eyes. I agreed..  That later mark a pinkish hue in my cheeks. Me and Yuu went to the elevator together. I’m beside him but I can’t hold his hand.. feeling still insecure about our relationship though he reaches my hand many times I played not noticing it.. still scared that his parents will catch us and take him away from me… Be strong Haruna.. have faith in him… I glanced at him once again noticing that he’s been staring at me for a long time, but his small gestures results making me form a curve my lips.

“I love you..” I signaled with my mouth… He nodded but before he can answer the elevator door opened up and other employees got in while bowing their head to greet him. I walked ahead of him crossing the distance from the elevator up to the exit door of the building.. I turn around as I’ve reached the exit but my eyes are fixated on the view half the lobby, Yuu was there talking to someone… I walk closer to the revolving glass door remembering the owner of that office attire from Yuu’s office. She’s holding his hand while the other employees was feasting on the side…Yuu pulled his hand and bowed to Atsuko that answered with a nod… I closed my eyes and go to my car… Have faith in him Haruna….

-Yuu’s Pov-

I can never win if she’s crying what more with her pleading my plan of going back after settling my situation was over. You lost again with her tears Oshima. I know that she loves me but after what she saw on my office I don’t know how to face her anymore… I tapped the code on her door but she opens it before I can finish… She pulled my neck tie inside and closed the door. I was changing my shoes when she pulled my suit and kiss my lips roughly while removing my coat and tie…. I hugged her body and squeezed her bum…

“Ahh…"A mewl escaped from her mouth…

 [not for kids chap 32.5] (

-Atsuko’s Pov-

Walking back from Yuu-kun’s office.. I throw the file folder in my desk causing all the documents to be scattered everywhere. I slumped to my chair recalling Kai face close to Haruna.

I actually want to ask confirmation about the two but who am I to do that. I rest my back on my chair. I can’t be wrong with reading his lips, Kai said I love you to Haruchan that was replied with I know… What are they doing at Yuu-kun’s office? Did he knew about the two’s relationship? but..But what about Mario kun though he keeps on denying it he seems interested with Haru-chan that night at Jurios restaurant. I slapped my face with my both hands lightly. But if Yuu…No… Maybe.. Yuu knows about their relationship that’s why he seem irritated with the pair the last time we had dinner…

Ne Haruchan, are you playing my friends heart…damn I can’t focus on my work, hunted by it. Then Kai saying I love you to Haruchan flash backs in my mind again .Then maybe I’m just over thinking.. No..

“ Why am I acting like this?”

Yuu’ POV

Haruna seems so fond of me… She keep showering me with kisses now I’m quite hesitant of believing if I’m really with my girlfriend. It just doesn’t sink in my mind.. We decided to shower together after our tiring making-love session. She wanted to use the tub and she also volunteered to scrub my back… for the whole time I remained silent…. She kissed on my neck and sniffing my scent that make me chuckle…

"I love you Yuu-chan..”

“I love you too.. "She rested her chin on my shoulder..


“ you always answered me I love you more..”

I shook my head and pinch her cheeks to make her stop pouting while tightly hugging my neck..“I love you more Nyan nyan..”

“Then why do you seem gloomy.. aren’t you happy?” I smirked then rub my cheeks in her.. “Does my body tell you that?”

“I don’t know  …” I took one of her hand and placed it on my chest… “Now tell me, what is he saying now..” Haruna giggled and pulled my head for another round of smooches… Her legs are crossed in my torso still naked and soak on the bath tub…

“But your voice just seemed sad…”

I tilted my head and turn my body so I can see her more she lower her head with worried look…
I smiled and kiss her cheeks..

“What do you think will happen tomorrow Haruna?..”

She lifted my head slowly still carrying worries….

“I don’t know..”

“Me either, baby…I’m thinking if being with you again will bring pain too much pain..Will I be able to handle it… ”

“Yuu… What are your plans tomorrow? Can you eat breakfast and dinner with me?” I chuckled and nod thinking that she did not understand what I meant.

“Yay!!” She hugged me tightly. “Then Yuuchan will be with me tomorrow..and the day after tomorrow.. till the future become our present and turns to be our past..” I chuckled as I am the one who really doesn’t understand the situation. I fix her hair… Her words became my motivation…

“Stupid Yuuchan…” she mumbled and I pull her head for a kiss.

“Hai !!!!!” our eyes are connected reading each other’s feelings.

-Kai’s POV-

After helping  Haruna-san to see my squirrel friend I met Sai on the Oshima building cafeteria… He taught me how can I make Atsuko fall for me. That turns out completely forgetting my corporate meeting with Director Maeda…

Knocking on her office with a half opened door.

"Director Maeda?”

I knock again hearing no reply from the inside.

I slipped my head inside to see if she’s inside… seeing Acchan staring on nowhere, She seemed to be disturbed by something. I worriedly stepped inside then knock again on her door.

She got startled as she notices my presence as I walk into her desk.

“Is there something bothering you?…” I looked at her hand that is gripping the other.. “What’s wrong Atsuko? ” I cannot understand her right now. She’s looking at me but her expression was bothering me. Did she caught Yuu and Haruna? Shit I should be careful. I should not let them see each other.

“Kai are you hiding something from me?” I’m sweating hard with heavy feeling knowing that if Atsuko learned about their relationship will end.


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Chapter 32 part 2

Kai’s POV
After helping  Haruna-san to see my squirrel friend I met Sai on the Oshima building cafeteria… He taught me how can I make Atsuko fall for me. That turns out completely forgetting my corporate meeting with Director Maeda…

Knocking on her office with a half opened the door.

“Director Maeda?”

I knock again hearing no reply from the inside.

I slipped my head inside to see if she’s inside… seeing Acchan staring on nowhere, She seemed to be disturbed by something. I worriedly stepped inside then knock again on her door.

She got startled as she notices my presence as I walk into her desk.

“Is there something bothering you?…” I looked at her hand that is gripping the other. “What’s wrong Atsuko? ” I cannot understand her right now. She’s looking at me but her expression was bothering me. Did she catch Yuu and Haruna? Shit, I should be careful. I should not let them see each other.

“Kai, are you hiding something from me?” I’m sweating hard with heavy feeling knowing that if Atsuko learned about their relationship will end.

"Kawaii” I shouted in my head….Remember Kai if she doesn’t seem like she believes you just say you’re just joking and stupidly laugh or just act naturally. I frown as I finally understood the last three words so Sai was just implying that I’ m naturally stupid… Damn… Awkward silence covers the atmosphere but it seems that her mood became lighter as I tried complimenting her. Ok, Kai, that’s good for now…I took some document from my bag and started discussing the project but the whole time I was discussing, Atsuko’s mood didn’t change.

Yuu’s POV

“We’ll be together forever. I promise. I will stop everything tomorrow but not My Nyan nyan..” she gave a peck on my cheeks and hugged my neck…
“I believe in you I promise to trust you more Yuuchan….” she suddenly whispered in my ear.

After eating dinner and again making love for the third time. My body was tired but I’m feeling strong deep down in my chest I feel like I can do anything with her by my side… I’m watching my girl fondly trailing kisses on my arms until it reaches my lips… She was looking at me like a child still worried about my reaction.

“Ne Yuuchan…What’s your decision?” I shrugged that caused me to earn a smack from my girl. I chuckled and that made her rest her cheeks on my chest while staring at me.

“Yuuchan….?” She said like a kid wanting attention from her parent. I pinched her nose lightly which made me giggled and I tightly hugged her.

“I thought I needed to decide but I never noticed that all this time I already have my answer to my question..” Haruna crawled up making our face an inch closer while her arms are folded to support her own weight. Haruna kissed my lips for a few seconds and cutely smiled at me. After a few seconds she kissed me again but this time a little longer than the first one, she closed her eyes and mouthed the word I love. “Are you bribing me for my decision…” She shook her head then cupped my face and kissed for the third time. This time I hugged her and give gentle smooches while staring lovingly into her eyes while her hands are still resting on my chest.

“You will be lying to yourself if you choose her over me…”

“How can you do this to me?” I rested my forehead in her making her feel my love in her arms…

“And you will suffer a million times if you accepted your father’s proposal…”
I smile and brush her cheek not removing the connection of our eyes.

“I never have to decide because I will always choose my Nyan-Nyan and no can make me change my mind. As I said I don’t have any plan of marrying if it’s not Nyan nyan… ” She smiled sweetly with tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Haruna mouthed the word Thank you.

I shook my head and kiss her arm.

“I’m no one if Kojima Haruna is not by my side. I remember myself back in high school lost and unable to put my own decision. Without you, I won’t be here. Oshima Yuu might be a piece of trash spending his fortune every night in the club. "Thank you for saving me Nyan nyan…” I buried my face in her neck.

“Yuu-chan.. ” She cupped my face and now I can see her tears falling from her eyes as she giggles while I brush away the tears falling from her eyes. I cupped her hand leaving kisses on it. Without me k owing tears was also falling from my own eyes. And Haruna brushed those tears away. “I’m so happy. I wish that this moment will just continue on forever….”

“You know I love your idea.” She hit my arm and giggles “Hentai!!!” and continued giggling

“I missed you saying that to me” And again I kissed her shoulder. Haruna rested her head in my chest hearing my heartbeat.

Then I started humming a song river flows into you and  I stopped making her lift her head in my chest…

“Why does it sound like give me five by AKB48” Haruna laughed and cover her face…

“Yuuchan no baka…” I nodded my head… “I agree with you baby. ”
She returns resting her head on my chest…

“I will not let anyone take you away not even a chance…Your only mine…”

“But.. still I can see you’re going out with Mario-kun..”

“He is my employer Yuuchan but if you hate that I’m working with him I will just pay our contract…”

I kissed her hair and smile

"I never asked that.."I trailed my finger in her nose until it reaches the tip and put a little pressure on the tip. I sigh. "I trust you and I know that my Nyan nyan loves me…” I lay her down examining her naked body… “I’m sorry..” Trailing the bone on her ribs… I bit my lips seeing how our breakup greatly affected her body…

Haruna cupped my face again… “Yuuchan stop blaming yourself…” I coughed removing the thing that was straining my neck. She is trailing her fingers on my cheekbones… “ I guess we can’t live without each other. We might die young if that thing happens…” I shook my head that was answered with by brows tuning to a curve pointing upwards.

“I don’t want to die…”

“So you want me to die first?” I hugged her resting my lips on her cheeks ..“That’s why I don’t want to live without you..” Nyan nyan pinched my waist.

“Sweet talker…”

“But still… you believe to every word I say…”

“I’m getting tired of it” I nodded

“So am I…” and chuckled. Haruna laughed and hid her face in my arms.
I spread my arms and Haruna use my shoulder as her pillow.  “I know I may not help you but I want to know your plans.”

“I have only one concrete plan and that was to fight for you… ”

“If Maeda Corporation will not be under your father’s company anymore… does that mean you’re going with me to New York Yuuchan?”

I stared at her and smirked.

“If they can’t acknowledge me or if our friends would hate our decision. I don’t mind. I’m still holding on your words from your fake house warming party..”

“I will not think about it until I’ve got the board of director’s permission and save Maeda Corporation. I will do everything for you to be acknowledged, you deserve that baby”

“I want to help, Yuuchan. how can I help you? I pursed my lips making her doubt my move.

“You’re not taking it seriously…” Haruna was looking at me with her eyes filled with doubt…

“I need you to recharge me…” is pulling her body closer to me…

“Aren’t you tired?”

“I miss your lips baby…“ Haruna complied then we cuddled for the whole night.

I was staring at the curtain wall of my office with my hands inside my pocket… This day I asked my executive assistant to permit anyone to enter my office. My father visited this morning asking for my answer.

"Be firm with your decision Yuu…”

I put my phone up reading the messages, I smile seeing the messages from my girl giving me encouragement in the presentation.
The phone on my table rung and I turned around to answer it. Kudo-san said that all the board of directors is waiting… Here is it Yuuboy…


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arawche079 ecchi: what then happen to kojiyuu??? I am just reading until chapter 14... I really like this fic,, and I wonder what n how the end is??
and you know? I like Yuu's mother. she is like evil at the first,,but when I get deep into her and compare to the reality, I think what she does is just to make Haruna the best for her lovely son's also for haruna herself. you know, entering a very high class family, you should at least have a high academy basic too. and it's good for haruna, so she wouldn't be shy to be Yuu's situation. aahhh I dunno worematolkinebout kekekekekekkekekkk  I appreciate how detail you are author san,, kojiyuu is inspiring so much. for friendship, for love, and for skinship right.. kekekekekekk I love kojiyuu. keep it up
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ne,author san.. for the first ever time, sorry to say.. I upset with Acchan.. :bleed eyes:
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 :smh: why did she kiss Nyan Nyan's Yuuchan in singapore???!  :frustrated:
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sorry.. I want yuuchan's love and skinship only for his lovely nyan nyan forever.
Kaiboy.. I hate his stupidity.. his weakness.. his aarrrggghhhh  why did he hack Yuuchan's computer?? he supposed to be alone for a long time.. even acchan doesn't deserve him.. if only he could be true to himself n acchan.. Iam sure acchan would be touched,but he just give acchan away to yuuchan.. he die before war.. kekekekkekkkk 
and jurio only makes yuuchan another and anytime superhero for acchan..
please complete and finish this story ASAP ne
but I think about acchan too.. how could she handle herself knowing the fact that kojiyuu has been dating for 8 yeas? beside her but without she's knowing? such an ironic..such a huge pain in her heart knowing kojiyuu's secret lies beside her daily loving Yuuchan one sideline.. she will smile with tears flowing.. and feeling how silly and ridicules she was all this time.. she would feel so much embarrassing.. I would got heart attack if I were acchan hahahahaaa
and yuuchan..don't be a good son too much, betray your parents for your nyan nyan is not a mistake kkekekekeeee 
at the end, I wish yuuchan marry nyan nyan with a huge wedding party, and the guests are business partners of Oshima Group's.
proudly give wedding kiss to his nyan nyan in front of them.
and they live happily ever after,fin.


thank you but it is not complete yet so I wait for the big big end.  :hip drool2:
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White Lies

Chapter 33

“ Oshima Yuu!!!” My father’s voice roared across the room but I only replied him with a look of determination… In this case, I know he will not be favorable to my business plan but to gain other board of director’s permission to finance and acquire Maeda’ Corp. I have to bargain my position as president… And will be a chance for director Tanagawa who is really interested in getting my position.. Whispers and small debates started … I breathe heavily knowing that I’m luring my enemies to get what they want and would end our family’s reign in the company… After some time of discussion, I got their permission my father allies vote against me and Director Tanagawa’s allies voted on my side then. But an in dependent board of directors like my proposal giving me permission to stop the South East Asian project and use the fund to Maeda corps.

“The war has begun… “ As I am heading back to my office.

I mumbled while walking back to my office… My father’s executive assistant stops me and asks my presence in the chairman’s office. I was quite hesitant to enter feeling that my father will scold me with my decision. I put my right hand on my left chest and smile.  Why am I feeling this happiness inside? Now I can say that I did the right thing.

I walk in but  I stop on where I’ am standing, surprised seeing my girlfriend waiting on the couch.She smiles nervously and lowers her head… I roam my eyes around searching for my father’s presence then walk towards my girlfriend who is nervously waiting on the couch… I squat in front of her and her hand she was shaking and basing from her breathing I know there’s something wrong...

“Nyan nyan, baby?” She looked at me with sadness…

“Why are you here?"She tucked her lips and shook her head…"I don’t know your father just called me and demands my presence on his office…"I hugged Haruna to calm her and look into her eyes lovingly…

"If this will not turn to be what we wanted just hold on my hands tightly, okay…"Haruna nodded.

"Let’s go to New York…..” she said and hug me I nodded brushing some strand of her hair on her shoulder.

“I won’t let anyone take your happiness..” I feel a nod on my shoulder…

“I know" She replied

"It’s only You…” Her words become source of my strength, however, our conversation was halted with the sound of opening door..I stand up beside my girlfriend not letting go of her hand… My father was silent and walk to the couch across us he bowed his head and we do the same…His eyes are piercing to me if only you can kill a person just by simply looking at them I should be dead by now…My father gestures us to sit that we complied.Nyan nyan tightens her grip that caught my attention and smiles to me…

"So that was your answer Oshima Yuu…"I remained silent not wanting to clash my father wrath… "Using your position as a bargain to other board of director’s agreement…"My father looks to Haruna… "For year only part of Oshima family inherits the presidency and now you’ve used it as a bargain to gain board if directors permission…"His calmness is killing my consciences and the more he talks this way the more terrifying it became.

"I apologize for doing so.But this is the only way to have the majorities’ votes and gain their permission of using the budget allocated it of rebuilding Maeda Corp project…”

“Smart is in it? Totally rebellious tactic Yuuchan.."I gulped hearing my father sarcastic comment…

"Maeda Corporation will be under Oshima group who has not successor…”

“I’m sorry…”

“Kojima-san tell me did Yuu…I mean Yuuchan did a great decision?."Haruna almost jumps on her sit as my father cold voice seeks her attention…

"He did not…"I look at Haruna with a query…"But he..” She paused collecting her own words. Haruna put my left hand in her lap and started rubbing my knuckles.


“It’s fine,” I whisper. She looks at me and breathes deeply…

"But my Yuuchan is a smart and very dedicated person if you are going to ask me if he did a right decision I’ am totally disagreeing with it. But I think he did was a clever decision and not accepting your proposal and choose the other way around … He did not believe in using anyone’s help rather Yuuchan believes in his self and his business plan … I believe in him. "She tucks her lips… With both his brows curved upward my father tapping his fingers on the armrest of his couch… his mannerism whenever his controlling his temper.

"You still believe in him even if he's not the president of Oshima group? ”

“Haruna smiles and shook his head… "The person who is seating on the thirtieth floor of this building is  a totally different person with my Yuuchan.."I smiled hearing it from my girl… "The person on this building is smart, rich, responsible, mature and elegant… But Yuuchan is pervert, stupid, lazy, stingy and always act like five years old kid but I trust my Yuuchan…"I mentally facepalm hearing my girlfriend answer…My father my speechless and my hand are getting numb and pale with her grip.

"Yuuchan is not the person who will choose to marry  a girl  to make his life easier but he will put hard work on top of hard work that’s why his business plan will be successful…"You can hear conviction in her voice … I admire Haruna’s strength… I’ve never heard anyone talk like this to my father.

My father’s executive assistant entered and said my father’s next appointment with that he let us leave his office… I dragged Haruna on the highest floor if our building until we arrived at our helipad… I face her lovingly…She held my arms breathing hard and was about to lost her balance.

"Baby, are you okay?” She shook her head fast and looks at me…

“What did I just do?”

“You talk to my father…”

“Eh, Nani? No way… O my god what did you just do Haruna? “She held her head with a confused face. I chuckled seeing how adorable her reaction is… Haruna started walking back to the door… I held her shoulder as I want to know what is on her mind…

"Where are you going?”

“I need to go back and say sorry…”

“Eh, seriously baby?”

“Yuuchan I think I disrespect your father…"I envelop my girl and rest my chin on her shoulder…

"You just answer my father with your heart and you did great baby…"I cupped Haruna’s face eyeing her with admiration. "You’re the best @girlfriend baby you’re so strong…" and returned hugging her.

"Really ?” She said with disbelief…

I held her hand and make her turn around watching the sun setting in its place.I envelop her waist from the back living kisses on her temple then I rested my chin on her shoulder…

“Nyan nyan , do you even know my business plan?”

“No.." I chuckled while intertwining my hands with hers.

"Then why are you so sure that I will succeed?”

“I don’t have to know everything to trust my Yuuchan…”

“Thank you.But I need to go to New York as I need Mario to be Maeda’s corporation new fashion consultant…”

“But we just get back together and now you’re leaving?”

“I have to..”

“But before that, I need to talk to Atsuko..” Haruna turns around and looks at me worriedly.

“Are you daring a total war with your family?”

“Nyan nyan should stop suffering,” I said while fixing some strand of hair in her shoulder.

“You should talk to Kai-kun first..I know what Kai did but without his help, I should be crying alone and broken…Baby forgive that monkey already ..please…"Nyan nyan hugs me tightly here she goes again with her pleadings.

"Haruna?” I call her name objecting her plead she rolleedd her tongue to hiss me.

“Nyan nyan."She said disappointedly as I call her with her first name.. then leave some kisses on my neck. “ Nyan Nyan” then answer me with a sweet hum.  “ How can I ever retort with this,” I said in surrender that was the answer with giggles.

Atsuko’s POV

The main reason why I returned working is that I want to help him… But I guess it’s the other way around still Yuu-kun is helping me and I remained useless and just waiting for the acquisitions progress..  I was blinded by love that all I see hear, think is my love for him, and how can he notice my love… Now, look what happened Atsuko..I wasn’t really regretting taking the position of Head of planning departments but I feel bad as I do nothing to help my father on saving Maeda Corp. with bankruptcy. I’m his only child now but I choose to love and never have the interest to enter Maeda Corp… I chuckled as now it completely turns to reality, Are you kidding me? I bit my lips as I remembered my father’s comment about the acquisition when I tell him the news…

“It’s been a long time since I see Maeda Corp be under Oshima group now I will retire putting all my trust to you and Yuu-kun…”


I’m relieve that he believes in me and Yuu … Atsuko what will you do? This too much. this is the reason why  I’m not reminding him about his answer to my confession…and also Maybe the reason why his agitation and being short tempered is because I’m not helping him with work and because of his feeling indebted in my confession… In my mind, I was expecting an answer but in my heart, I know he can’t do it now it’s because he still doesn't how and what to answer … Ah, wait for no It's in my mind that I know that in my I know that he didn’t know how and what to answer but in my heart, I was expecting…

"Ahh!!!” I exclaimed as I’m holding my head…  confused… Atsuko!!!You know the reason why….That the more you get closer to him the more you're complicating it for Yuu.. That’s the reason , Why I’m always looking for Kai-kun company just like in high school he is the only person I run to whenever  Yuu-kun is not around well both of them are my best friend but the way I like Yuu-kun, no I love him… So what the difference is between too I love Yuu-kun and I like Kai-kun… These past days I always want to talk to him he might not have Yuu-kun’s sense of humor but I find Kai-kun as sensible person… Maybe that’s the reason I’m comfortable talking to him but that guy keeps on excusing that his always busy even if I offer that I will pay for our meals…My lips curved upward that even if we grow up together there are still a million things that I don’t know.I think each day I’m learning something new about him.. I bit my lips thinking about our shared memories the time he almost kisses me and passed out on Yuu’s home warming party. Then he passed again bumping his face on the door never thought that he is that clumsy…Then being helpful as he tried to me when I got stuck on the elevator… Then his douche bag attitude when I gave him my souvenir and keeps on complaining how cheap it was…… I snap out of my thought hearing voices outside… Oh shit, I stuck myself in side this cubicle for long but I halted my plan of going back to my office hearing my name involved with two girls conversation…I stayed inside and listen to their conversation…

“It’s really true our company will be taking over Maeda Corporation…”

“I told you so…Do you think marriage between Director Maeda and President is true you know?..”

“I’m not really sure but I know that Chairman will be helping President if he proposes to Director…”

“I see that might be true then..,”

“I told you they are perfect match…”

I cupped mouth hearing the rumors spreading in our company and I’m not happy hearing it. I want him to be with me but I know Yuu-kun he doesn’t like to be commanded in his personal life…. Then why did the chairman do this? I’m searching for answer…

Blag!!!! a loud thud from other cubicle startled me.

“What is your problems miss?” The other girl said with shaking voice…

“I see you in the magazine…” I hear another employee in shock.

“Hey don’t you know that rumors like that are prohibited in this company..”

“How could say tha-that but I- I know you yes… You are Kojima Haruna Japans top model…”

“Le-lets go.”

“Haruchan ?” I whisper..

“I’m relieved that Kojima defended plan of exiting the restrooms cubicle as I hear Haruchan phone and mumbles Takahashi-kun outside…

"Yes, Kai-kun I’m at Oshima group office building…No really? Thank you for everything… Yes, I’m a lot better now… "Then later giggles.."Stop saying that!!! Are you here too? Okey, I should buy you dinner then….Ok, let’s see.."So Kai-kun must be really going out with Haru-chan…Then I recall how Haruna on that night again talking to Mario-kun”

Her voice is getting weaker

“I love that…thanks a lot…"Stop it .. !!” as I can’t hear her voice anymore…

Going back to my office I keep on sighing as I trying to figure everything out…

I should be doing something productive and should not be affected by Kai-kun and Haru-chan’s relationship… Maybe that’s the reason why Kai-kun acts little different these past days… And since when they started dating? ..  Then I remember Haruna’s conversation to other lines…. Now I have no choice but to wait for him and with this unknown mood…. resulting canceling my meeting on him as I’m not the mood of seeing him…I pushed my door seeing him standing in front of the curtain glass watching the sun rest on his place the guy was resting his butt on the couch backrest… Why is he here? ..I walk carefully behind him so I will not disturb him from watching the sun…

“It’s beautiful…”

Shifting my head fast “ Eh!!!Yuu-Yuu Kun?”

“Oh, Atsuko you’re here…"I cupped my lips in disbelief as I can’t hide the resemblance…Yuu’s hair color change because of the sunlight…

"Why, Atsuko? Do I have dirt on my face?"I shook my head fast… I was looking at him in disbelieve … "I thought you are Kai-kun… Yuu smile but I notice his worried eyes… I walk beside him and watch the sun melts in the sky…

"Lovely…” I said that was replied with a nod… time passes but none of us are breaking the ice…

“Atsuko…."My body jolted hearing his voice.

"Do you really have to bargain your position for that…”

“That’s the only way….”

“Thank you "His gaze shifted to me but I remained looking at the sky as looking at him and asking that we be harder for me.

"For what?”

“For always saving me my life…"The guy chuckled while rubbing his chin then his eyes become sadder… "Yuu-kun is like a wall that I can always lean on… "I bit my lips collecting all the things I want to say…

"Bargaining your position to gain directors vote  instead of forcing yourself to accept the engagement."Yuu mouth hanging open and return his eyes return mesmerizing the sky while letting out a deep sigh.

. "You- You know?”


“Yes I know that even if I’m part of board of directors Yuu still need half of their votes for the budget…And bargaining your position? I’m glad that you did not force yourself accepting your dads offer..but"I can no longer utter as I can’t hide the fact that as I will be laying because deep in my heart I expected that somewhat if he chooses to engage with me I can finally expect love from him.. i also like the idea of my parents company will be under the Oshima group it hurts a little but this company is the best place to sold Maeda corp.. the other is even if I love this guy beside me I now Yuu so well that If he got forced into something that he really didn’t like doing he will be completely out of control… And I hate seeing that person again…Yuu’s eyes are fixated in the sky and hid his hand in his pocket.

"So you also know about the marriage thing?” I look down and nod my head.

“I overhear it to some of our employees…"As our conversation become deeper my heart is quenching too, making me want to burst.His lips curve upward but I cannot count it as a smile.

"A-atsuko” His voice becomes shaky… I did not look up as I don’t have any guts of seeing his eyes…

“Yuu-kun I’m sorry”

“Shhh…Let me talk before I can no longer have the courage to do this…” hearing that my eyes connected to him… what is it? Does Yuu-kun going to confess… but why is his facial impression says differently.

“I’m sorry…"I held his shoulder for support as I can’t understand what he saying…

"So-sorry for what?”

“I- I cannot take your love because I’m in love with someone…”

“I step aback filling all the air in my lungs as his words suck all the air in my lungs…


"Who-who?"My brows are twitching and I can no longer fight the pain that escapes on eyes…Yuu was standing in front of me. I barely lose my balance but he held my arms for support…


“Yuuboy!!!!” Our attention was caught with the guy catching his breath while holding his knees for support on the doorway…

“Yuu”, He shook his head but my eyes are blurry with crying…

“Am I a bad person Yuu-kun? Do you hate me because of what I do with your relationship with Miichan?? I’m sorry for always giving you problems but this… ”

“Aatsuko no!! A-actually-”

“Yuu!!!” Kai cut for explaining himself further.

“Yuu your dad was looking for you. He said that he needs you in his office immediately…”

Yuu was holding me tightly and closes his eyes… “Atsuko be strong, please… I hope you’ll find happiness…I’m sorry I can’t return your love but it’s completely unfair for you to hope for me…Atsuko promise me you’ll be fine”


“How could you ask for that? I’ve waited for you for long and every day it was Yuu…”

“Yuuboy!!! I said stop it!!!” Kai punch Yuu in front of me I can’t understand why Kai had to punch you but all I can do was to stare blankly and cry “Your dad was looking for you…"He said in a cold tone…

Yuu was frozen bit his lips crying in front of me… "Promise me that you’ll find your real happiness and not to stack yourself in a box again…"He closes his eyes and exited my room leaving me kneeling on the floor crying in pain…


Yuu’s POV

Part of my business plan is to hire a fashion consultant who will be helping me to manage the Maeda Corporation malls …Until we found the suitable person to take over the company… I still feel bad about confessing the truth with Atsuko but Kai totally ruins my plan… Now I can’t see her as she has to visit the completion if the project in Osaka as my representative… I know that this will have a bad impact on her..She locks herself after knowing Maeda’s Corporation Bankruptcy what more on rejecting her but I need to do something… I will be leaving my executive assistant and my team the documentation and legality of the acquisition but for now, I have to find someone to help me to the Maeda mall…Though I work for the company back in college and helping my girlfriend to study that made me learn how fashion industry is working but I still need a lot of things to learn… 

"I   was checking on my files in the living area. Then Nyan nyan sat beside and open the television …She pulled my arms asking for my attention… I did not bother and continued reading my emails…

"Yuuchan can I ask you a question?”

“You already are baby…”

“You’ll be living the day after tomorrow to New York…” Still not looking to her…

“Ne, Baby what is the time of your flight…”

“3:15 pm….” Haruna stands up leaving me clueless on my sit while my sight is following her trails to our room. Yes, I returned living in her flat since last night…

“Haruna I’m going to turn off the television not hearing any response from the room I decided to turn off the television as the sound is making me distracted almost an hour past Haruna sat beside me and open the television again…

"Turn off the television before leaving…"Still not looking at the girl beside me.

"Ne Yuuchan how many days are you going to stay?”

“I still don’t know but I won’t be staying there for week…”

“Yuuchan, do you already have room to stay in?”

“My executive assistant already settled it… ” I look at the girl beside me holding a paper on her hand…

“I’ve already book a flight to New York same as yours…"She happily said to me I took the paper out her hand then return my gaze on her…

"I still have a visa to go back to America so it will not be a problem all I need is a place to stay…”

“I’m not going there for a vacation Haruna I will be there for business…”

“I will help you and besides you have a misunderstanding with Mario-kun, right? ”

“So If I let you stay in my hotel room you will help me talk to Mario…"Haruna enthusiastically nods her head…




"No…”  Her smile fades rejecting her idea.

“But Yuuchan…”

“You’ve already ruined my plan of going back to you when I settled everything…”

“How could you say that? All your employees are talking about your marriage with Atsuko and you just want me to relax and do nothing!!” I close my eyes she explains her side half shouted…

“It's just rumored Nyan nyan….”

“Rumors or whatever I will not let you fly alone in New York… We just spend a little time together aren’t you feeling sad leaving me here.."Completely stop my work as Haruna rest her legs in mine and burying her face in my shoulder…

"If your thinking that I will be bored in New York I promise you I won’t…”

“I know ..”

“I won’t be bothering you when you’re busy..”

“You’re doing it now…”

“Ok fine I will let you stay in my place but remember your promises..”

Nyan nyan nod like a five years old kid I lean over for a kiss that she complied… Haruna grab my arms and rest her nose on my cheeks…

“I’m busy…”

“I know…I just want to snuggle with you…”

“Kawaii nyan nyan …!” kissing her temple.

I remained on my place letting her sleep on my shoulder while I’m reading my document…

Kai’s POV

Do you know how it feels likes sitting on the floor with the girl you love but definitely cursing you for what you’ve done with the man she cherishes… From the time Yuu walk out of the door, Atsuko remained sobbing on the floor… I close the door then sat few feet beside her… Now the sun already rests on its place but both of us are restless.I  worried about her and Atsuko who was broken… I did not talk just watch the lights of the other buildings and the sky who seem also going to burst like the girl I'm with… I look to her for hundred times…

"Why do you have to hurt him?” She finally speaks..

“Because Yuu hurts you-you were crying…”

“You know nothing…”

“Yes and even you do not know everything…"Atsuko laughs bitterly. "You might know who Yuu’s love.

“ Is it Miichan…”

“I’m sorry I cannot say her name… Let Yuu tell it to you…”

“Why because I might do again what I did with Miichan…  Am I that bad person in your eyes…”

“Could you!!!"My voice raises as that making her flinch…"Could you stop blaming your self about everything…”

“Now you’re the one who is mad at me…”

“We need to protect the girl… Atsuko for years my friend has been suffering ….”

“You mean he was going out with someone for years? And protect the girl … of course with me, right…”

“No!! You know What happened to Miichan and Yuki.Yuu was protecting the girl, your not the villain here It's his parents..”

Atsuko seems not processing what I said…

“If you really love Yuu then set him free”

“Do you think is easy you know my feelings for him…”

“Of course I know..” I was now the one looking at her in pain… “This bullshit but I know what, and the same pain that you’ve been into…


“Because just like the time you’ve been yearning for him I was loving you Atsuko…"Atsuko glared at me…

"I love you Atsuko…"Then she laughs sarcastically.

"Stop saying that!!!"I bit my lips as she is now insulting my feeling…

"How could you say you love me? When?…  No…No… So what do you want me to answer you? Is it because I got rejected by the man I like your thinking I will accept you…”

“I’m not expecting anything I just want to say how I feel…”

“Kai kun please… ”

“I love you Atsuko for long just like how you loved Yuu.."She puts both of her hand in her ears and shaking her head not wanting to hear my confession..

"Stop!!! Please…What do you want, so- some kind of merit that you’ve finally confessed to me? Please..”

“No, I actually not expecting anything this is just too heavy for me to carry… But I can’t help it wanted to explode but I-I can’t take this anymore  …”

Atsuko stands up…“I’m done I still have a lot of things to do… Goodbye Kai -kun…”

“Goodbye, Atsuko because Now that I told you about my feelings then there is no more chance for us to be friends..” Atsuko head fasts to the door not looking back, however, she suddenly stops hearing what I said.

“What are you saying?”

"I wish that this will be the last time I’m going to see you Atsuko…”

I walk passing her.

“Now I can say that I’m free…” I mumbled loud enough to hear me…

Just like I expected she didn’t even want to listen…

“Goodbye, Atsuko…”

I bit my lips ....fuck.


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so everything is come to the truth now?
atsuko must be really shock to accept yuu's rejection and kai's confession in the same time  :(
but from acchan reaction to kai's farewell,i smell atsumina moment is around  :on woohoo:
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thx for updating.
thx for setting kaikun free from all his suffer loving one sideline acchan. no more abundance in his heart,good. you seems to be the most painful person but if you only knew each of day behind your happiness being with yuuchan, there's nyan nyan with all her suffer,struggle for her yuuchan. wish you find real happiness,but not yuuchan.
kojiyuu..sometime, yuuchan is the tsundere one, esp.when he was busy with his papers.
author san.. can you promise us to save our kojiyuu??  :deco: and also save yuuchan from his disease ne.
thx again.
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poor Kai  :(  I feel you Kai.. brokenheart is really hurt..

but dont worry.. there are many pretty girls out there.. you can easily get their heart more than goose-flirt-kun (  :lol: )

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I hope my kojiyuu will marry soon and have babies then the babies will have girlfriend/boyfriend when they were 10 years old..

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Grabe bat ngayon ko lang binasa to?! :dunno:
I almost missed a great fic.
Kai why not fight for your love?  :err:
Btw, can I have the password sa Chap 32.5 meheheheh  :wahaha:  :hehehe: 
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Chapter 34

Have you tried watching television but your mind is traveling somewhere that you only do was change the program. In the end it landed on the program which my girlfriend loves of course it’s all about fashion.. Nyan nyan won over the remote control without throwing a fit.. I shifted my view of the girl who finds comfort on my left arm while resting her head on my chest. I rested my neck on the headrest adjusting my body low... Haruna lift her head and kiss my jaw line...I replied with a smile and rubbing her head to return to its resting place  but she lift her head upward to claim my wounded lips.....

"Does it hurt?" She asked worriedly as she brushes my bruised cheeks lightly...

"No "Our eyes are talking more than words...

"It's my fault I should not tell Kai-kun about your plan of turning Atsuko’s love confession down...I'm sorry baby..." I smirk thinking that she's feeling this bad that's she's not protesting about my control over the television..." If only I did not tell Kai-kun it about then..." I kissed her lips to stop her.... She lovingly smiles cupping my cheeks as I’m rubbing her back... Now our heartbeat is louder than our voice. Nyan nyan kiss my lips I whimpered feeling the sting as she sucks my wound then give few more kisses on my lips. I move aback and remove my arms that envelop her I stand up but Haruna stop me by holding my hand...

"Where are you going? "

"I'm thirsty. I will drink water." Haruna still holding my hands firmly but I let it go... And went to the kitchen, hovering the refrigerator. I sigh seeing her almost empty fridge, lifting bottles of pickles that she doesn’t like... Why does she have something like this? Then other bottles of unknown food. Then finally I see four cans bear that I've been thirsty of...

"I missed you!!!" I was caught with a pair of arms hugging me from my back. 

"I'm not even gone for a minute..."

But she rested her chin on my shoulder then started swaying our hips together.. I bit my lips remembering that used to do this every morning... I open the bear and turn my body around but before I can chunk on it Haruna pulled it and sip sexily.

"Why are you running from our conversation squirrel?" Then again my girl caught me...She continued moving her hips and moving her right hand to my butt... "You can't hide things from me, baby!!!" She really knows how to make me smile as she is imitating me on seducing her that completely turns like some comedic scene on a variety show.  She puts the bear in her chest raised her brows lightly... I was caught in the moment of watching her that I pulled the bear on her hand after taking her second gulp and unexpectedly stealing a kiss on her lips savoring the bittersweet taste on her tongue... Haruna was pushing my head to take it deeper but I move aback and drink on the same bottle earning a giggle from my girl... I carry her and make her sit on the counter top then finish the bottle of liquor... I put it on her side... I was about to claim her lips but she maneuvered and give a gentle peck on my cheeks then hugged my head...

"Yuu say it?"

"I kiss Atsuko in Singapore and we -"

Haruna release from her hug and bulged her eyes.I averted from her gaze as I don't have guts of looking it..."I thought it was you I miss you so bad and I was drunk I kissed her and almost do it but she called me Yuu-kun... Then I know I'm doing it with a wrong person..."I rested my nose on her cheeks while Haruna is not saying a word...

"Yuuchan.... I only can sleep with a girl who can call me Yuuchan... And baby I know you will not believe in or this would totally ruin everything but I can't continue hiding this... I cried hard in her cheeks for the first time I show my pain to the girl I love... "Doing that I said to myself that we are over..." I'm gasping for air... "I can go now if you want me to but I can't continue to hide this on you...I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I can only stand with my parents now... I'm sorry that I can that I'm glad that Kai-kun was there to stop me from saying that you are my girlfriend because baby I'm so scared of losing you again... I was so scared of everything but in the end, I'm more scared of losing you again..."Haruna with her head down then I punch the counter top so mad at myself... Haruna flinched hearing it.

"Are you stupid hurting yourself?"

"I need to tell you everything because keeping it inside is hurtful... This will heal with days but you not in my life... I can't. I will fight for you... I don't mind if my parents will hunt me but I will not be going anywhere without you.."

"You almost fuck Atsuko?"

I nodded and now my to turn my head down...
"We just kiss..."

"Yuu?"She rested her head and lean her face on my shoulder...

 "If you’re saying sorry for telling Kai about turning down Atsuko's confession then how can you forgive a stupid person like me..."

Haruna hugged me tighter..."I' m so-so-sorry Haruna.."Then her hand landed on my cheeks... Now Haruna was intensely glaring at me eating my conscience...

"Kissing her, I thought of things more than that.I was thinking, will I be able to take it when you've totally had sex with her... I cursed you for making me love you so much that I'm still willing to accept you just don't leave me... I hate myself for loving you this much... But I was relieved that nothing happened and your love for me snap you out of that. I'm not happy about it but is it grateful be a right word that you cannot lie to me... I worst every day is torture for me every time I see you with her... "
I hugged her tight and rub her back while she sobbing on my neck Nyan nyan was so broken that she even finish what she wants to say but us clear we are both miserable without each other...

I slip my hand on her legs and back carrying my girlfriend to our room Haruna is hugging my head tightly still sobbing I laid her down on the bed and slip myself to the other side... I rested my arms on my head but Haruna hugged my chest and continued crying...

." Nyan nyan, stops crying baby your eyes will be swollen on our flight tomorrow.."

"I will wear glasses..."

"I will miss your eyes!!"

"It’s your punishment for making me cry..." she moves up and rests the tip of her nose on my cheeks...

"I'm sorry " I moved aback and held her cheeks...She's pouting adorably while crying...

"Don't leave me, please.... Don't marry Atsuko..."She said and hugged me tightly

"Baby I just turn her feeling down remember.."Now I was like asking some five-year-old child to stop from crying...

"I'm scared because I think I disrespect your father..."

"I already said that I will leave everything but not my Nyan nyan..."She nodded.

"No breaking up again ok? You will never say that you will break up with me..."

"But you’re the one who said it..."

"Shut up, You don’t even argue and accept it like that you know me when I know I cannot say it again..."

"Ok, then I should listen to your heart and not with your words next time..."

"I told you that there are two things that can completely hurt me it is you saying you do not love and leaving me Yuuchan...And you making out with Atsuko..."

"There is a proper punishment for that right?" She shook her head "I will let it slip for now but never do that again and you should not drink when she's around or if I’m not around...

" New rule...” I sigh

"Fine whatever my hime wants..." Then rested her nose on my cheeks again...

"Ne Yuu-chan I still have your assets right?" I answer with a hum...

"Then if you hurt me again I will hide and spend everything.."

"It's fine baby because I'm still rich..." She pushed my body and slap my shoulder.

“How can you not even feel bad about it" She pouting again and cry.Hitting my chest nonstop..Geez, I won't be getting any sleep for this.

"I'm just kidding right I told you that I will not leave you again and I won’t marry anyone.."

"And who are you going to marry?"I shrugged

"I probably am a bachelor forever.."Another smack landed on my chest...

"That’s better than other girls could have you. "Haruna hugged me tightly a peck on my lips.

Atsuko’s POV

My feet were forcing me to come in the same place where Yuu rejected my love. I was hesitant about coming to work but then Is remember how Yuu bargain his position just to help my family in rebuilding our company. I can' t be selfish at this rate. All I can do was to walk inside the same spot where the boy I love for so long breaks my heart. But I can’t hate him for doing so my tears automatically fall on my cheeks whenever I remember him.. ", Yuu-kun, why" I mumbled.

I closed my eyes with a heavy feeling of entering the same room.  I' m still too broken can’t help to stop bursting into tears again.. I open my eyes and all I can remember was Yuu standing where he was and holding my arm.  Can I run from this? Please for at least one day I don’t want to be in this place.I held the couch backrest for support, making me remember the person I hurt.... Kai... I mumbled his name with pain.  Why? Why?  How could you say you love me when there is also Haruna in your life. Now losing Kai slowly sink in now Yuu is no longer on my side then Kai... Kaaai ..   Wha-What did I do?

Knock... knock...

The sound from the door caught my attention.

"Is this Director Maeda Atsuko's office" I hurriedly wipe my tears of but doesn’t have guts of looking g on the manly voice seeking for my attention.
"Ye-Yes" I answer hoarsely.

“I’m Furukawa Seiji will be the new Project Manager for O Hotel Osaka renovation project. " I look fast on the guy who introduces himself to me...

" Whe-Where is General Manager Takahashi?"

" General Manager Takahashi will no longer be part of Osaka project.."

" I apologize but I don’t know why general manager quit his account. "

I flopped on my chair as his word is floating in my head.

“ Kai- kun”

Haruna’s POV

Again his twenty-five minutes late with the time we agreed meeting at the. I think there are things I can't change but I'm glad knowing that he doesn’t really have a plan of marrying Atsuko instead using this situation to have his freedom that I guessed I'm was ruined with my impulsiveness... But I cannot handle it. No, he could just let me go too, I smile stupidly while staring on my blankly on my inbox, thinking my squirrel really loves me that he cannot handle whenever I'm crying... He loves me that’s all I know even if Atsuko is in his side his eyes are looking at me with love... I remember Jurio’s new restaurant grand opening his cool jealous expression that I like and the moment he played the winning piece of my heart. I've been watching his video that was uploaded with Mayu... Mario might win the battle but you win me... I never understand everything but analyzing the whole battle Yuu was actually trying to send me a message that even if he can actually win the fight with Mario he submits and choose to play river into you that totally means that he is going to sacrifice his position just to win me...So stupid that my boyfriend has to explain it to me before putting everything together... I'm putting my irritation tapping my phone over and for it not to lock...geez that squirrel... Did he forget the flight? I've been so excited about this travel that I only slept for three hours and now he is ruining my mood...

"Excuse me miss waiting for someone?." I never bother answering the guy who sits beside me, I ‘am in no time of flirting... He cleared his throat that pisses me more.
“Are you flying somewhere? Vacation"

"No...Honeymoon...."I bit my lips as but I do not want to turn my anger with a stranger...He cleared his throat for the second time but I remained to tap my phone...

"Oh, my bad but I guessed you are not yet eloped with anyone I don't see any prong on your finger..."Haruna calm down you are a public figure and creating a scene will bad for your image...

"I'm sorry mister but as I said I'm already married..."I lift my head noticing my boyfriend with his brows twitching and grinning being pissed with my answer... "Eh!!!Yuuchan!!!"

"Honeymoon? Waiting for someone other than me?"I look around finding the owner of the voice but I guess it is the man who was not in a good mood now...

"O-of course not ..." Yuu stretched her arm on the backrest of my chair and lean his head asking for more explanation...

"How could you change your tone and flirt with me... Do you know that you are late..."The guy rests his back on the chair and glance at his watch

" I still have two hours..."

I stamp my feet and folded my arms over my chest looking on the other side..."You are not even answering my messages and call.."

Then I feel a pair of arms snaking around my waist... "Ne, it’s my fault. ne, gomen Nyan nyan..."I pushed him and remove his arms on my body...

"Yuu..."But before that, the boy already pushed his finger on my waist making my body jolt and giggles... The boy grinned satisfied with my reaction... I slap his arm pushing him back to his chair... "Yuu-chan I already told you not to be too clingy in public what if we got caught?"

"What's the matter? I'm no longer scared Haruna" His orbs meet mine and I can no longer see fear but the more his determination is making me more scared of the possibilities of what his parents will do.

"But still.."I bit my lips and looking on the floor "Yuuchan!!"

"I love you miss who is waiting for his husband on their honeymoon..."He teasingly said I eyed him with disappointment I never could understand why I fell in love with a person who couldn’t even stand a serious conversation... He chuckled and steals a kiss on my lips that pisses me more... " You really can't understand that we cannot do it in public...What if someone from your family knows about it and I got called up with your parents again..."

"I freeing you Haruna..."Now, this conversation is not getting anywhere. I bit my lips suppressing my pain...

"Are you using my love to get what you want and now you're breaking up again with me?"Yuu scooted his body...

"No, that is not what I meant..Nyan nyan you are my girlfriend and people that surround me should acknowledge that.."Yuu tucks some hair strand on my ears...

"But I'm still scared I don't want to lose you again..."

"So do I, baby...."

"Can we be more like this until I'm ready..."

"Whatever my Nyan nyan wants.  "

I mouthed the word thank you and I love you... That I replied with quick nod.

Kai's  POV

I need to do this that’s all I'm thinking... Now that I had confessed my feeling to Atsuko I'm feeling lighter now...  But before anything else I have to find my best friend before he boards to New York... "Now I'm seeing him with his girlfriend dragging his suitcase and holding the girl's hand with the other.
"Yuu!!" I call his attention...

"Kai-kun..."His girlfriend noticed me first, walking towards me the guy scowl his face not pleased with my appearance...

"I put my hand and my knees supporting my own weight while catching my breath...

"Why are you here monkey ?"

"I know this all sudden but please, forgive me..."

"Tell me Kai, how many time do I have to forgive you so I can advise on it?"

"I'm sorry about everything...What I've done with your relationship with Haruna, for punching you... And for not letting you tell Atsuko who is girlfriend.." Yuu looks at the girl that replies with a reassuring smile to him...

"No, I can't do that..."

"Dude see I know I started it all the truth was I'm the one who suggested to Atsuko's parents that you should live and their house to take care of her..I'm sorry."Yuu eyes bulged with my confession...

"How could you?"He lets go of his girlfriend's hand and cupped his mouth anger is now evident in his face.

"How could you lie to me?"I can hear pain with his words...

"It’s because that’s the only thing I can do for her.." Yuu breathes heavily...

"Now I understand... "She looks to her girlfriend apologetically... Haruna rubbed Yuu back calming the squirrel boy.

"I also know.. I'm sorry Yuuchan... Kai was actually the one who explains the whole plan then your moms threaten me not to tell you about it and I should only say that she was the one who explains to me... "Yuu steps aback dismayed on his girlfriend, brows are almost touching...

"So do you have more, tell me now? Haruna!!"He raised his voice making the girl fidgeted on her place...

"Yuu it’s my fault I'm sorry ok...." I say

"If I do not only have important things to do right now I will go to Atsuko and tell her everything..."I walk closer to him but my friend steps a back and eyed me not to cross the line...

Then without a word, he drags his suitcase to the gate leaving his girlfriend..." Give him time...."

"  I know and can you tell him give me a little time... I should be the one who needs to tell Atsuko... "

"Don't bare everything Kai we all lied to Atsuko.."

"I'm sorry..."

"Wait for us...for now we need to find Shinoda-kun..."

"Take care. "

"You too... So it's goodbye for now...

Haruna’s POV

It's been five hours since our plane takes off from Tokyo airport but my boyfriend still not talking to me... Only a few people are in the business class but my boyfriend was still acting that I'm not with him.

"Yuuchan.." Nuzzling my face his neck... "Forgive me..."

"Not now Haruna..."I was hurt every time his calling me on my first name...

"I'm sorry..."He did not answer...

"Can we stop this?" I beg.

"You are always getting what you want because I love you but do you think you're being inconsiderate."

"Inconsiderate?  Me ? Have you asked that to yourself before asking me? Do you even hearing yourself?" Yuu glared at me that is like more eating me...

I seated back to my chair... "Is it the reason why you tolerate the engagement thing with Atsuko?.."

"Damn... Atsuko again..."He closed his eyes.

"You're getting impatient these past few days... You know it feels like it’s not you anymore... I want my Yuuchan back..."

"That person has to change Haruna..."

"You’re not even calling me Nyan nyan..."

"Stop this let's just talk in New York..."I compiled his demands...I sleep but then I feel his manly arms hooked on the back of my neck...Then I burst my tears in his neck...

 "Why I can't say no to your mom..."

"It's my fault too baby..."

"And, why do I feel like I'm alone..."

"You’re not that’s the reason why I have to be successful with this one..."

"If I did not lie do you even think I'm with you now.."

"That's why I'm madder “

"I want my Yuuchan back..."

"I'm here ..."

I hit his chest...

"I love you Haruna but I need to be serious..."

"Haruna? "

"Please, Nyan nyan just bare a little. "He kissed my temple...

"I love you Yuu.."

Yuu cupped my eyes and started our staring contest...

"I want my stupid and perverted squirrel back..."I sob in his chest...

"You missed him?"

"I 'am hating that serious side of you..."

Yuu hugged me tighter and bit my ears .. Earning a moan "Then wait to meet him in New York.."

"You really fast..."Yuu grinned perversely...

Kai's POV

I'm visiting the construction site in Osaka my team is checking the final stage of renovation of the new hotel for Oshima Groups.My job as the head of the team mediating between the Oshima groups and the contractors expectation of overall project and pushing the contractor to hit the expected deadline is not easy..This is the reason why I have short patience being the person finding the problems of delay... I roaming around the site with my team and documenting the updates regarding the project... I'm walking around the hallway noticing the scaffolding which is of not properly installed I asked the contractor to fixed right away as it will be very harmful to someone to walk in and got accident... after the inspection with my team, we part ways as I want to go back to Tokyo right away....My staff already go and have a drink. Ah shit, I forgot something I walk back to my office to get the documents I needed.... I see all the worker was heading home too.... I put the documents in my bag and exited my office. But I was surprised seeing Atsuko standing outside with serious expression.

"What are you doing here? It's dangerous being here and not wearing hardhat.."I said coldly...

"Take it back. "

"What are you saying?"

I returned to my office getting spare hardhat..But when I open the door to hand it to Atsuko she is not longer there.

"Atsuko!!"I shouted.We should get out of here...

I'm searching her...I need to find Atsuko fast as this is not the right place to talk...

I saw her staring at the painting that was about to be installed it's a sunset painting Yuu's request to be installed. I put the hard hat on her head and grabbed her hands wanting to drag her out of the site...

"We should go out now this is not the proper place to talk..."

"I won't go until you take it back..."

"How could you ask me to take back my confession?"

"Please, Kai... I am begging you... "

"I know you can't accept it but could you at least not do this to me.."She held my hand tightly...

"I don't want you to go so please take it back..."

"We can never be friends after that. I'm sorry.."

"How could you do this to me?"Atsuko started to tear up.."You promise not to leave me and now you're leaving me?"

"It's the best way for both of us...It will be harder for me to let you go if I did not confess."

"Please, Kai can we just be friends like before.."

"I can't because I love you. And I need to let it go..."

"No stay Kai...Take it back.."

"Could you stop being inconsiderate!!"I yelled. I shifted my view suppressing my emotion... “Give me time Atsuko.."

"I only have Yuu-kun and you. Yuu has been distancing himself and now your leaving me?"She pleads.

“We should go out of here I think we are the only people left here... “

“No, I will not.. Until you take it back and become my friend only...”

“Can't you see how dangerous is this place for us.... This is a construction site Atsuko even it's almost over uninstalling types of equipment is dangerous..”

‘’Then if you still care about me how you could not just be my friend”... Atsuko started moving backward...

“Atsuko lets go out and continue this outside...  “

“No!! “Acchan wave her hands on the side making the scaffolding shake.

“ Oh My”

The metallic tubes started to disassemble and fall one by one. I hurriedly pushed Atsuko on the side making her safe....

“ Kai No!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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"Ne Yuu-chan I still have your assets right?" I answer with a hum...

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Chapter 35

Kai's POV

I'm visiting the construction site in Osaka my team is checking the final stage of renovation of the new hotel for Oshima Groups My job as the head of the team mediating between the Oshima groups and the contractor. The expectation of overall project and pushing the contractor to hit the expected deadline is not easy..This is the reason why I have short patience being the person finding the problems of delay.... When I'm walking around the hallway noticing the scaffolding which is of not properly installed I asked the contractor to fixed right away as it will be very harmful, after the inspection with my team we part ways ...My staffs decided to drink while I bailed as I still have lots of work to finish when returning to Tokyo. "Ah shit, I forgot something " I exclaimed as I walk back to my office to get the documents I needed.... I see all the worker was heading home too.... I put the documents on my bag and exited my office. But in my surprise to see  The girl who broke my heart standing outside with serious expression.

"What are you doing here? It's dangerous being here and not wearing hardhat.."I said coldly...

"Take it back. "

"What are you saying?"

I returned to my office getting spare hard-hat..But when I open the door to hand it to Atsuko she went missing.

"Atsuko!!" I shouted.."We should get out from here..."

I shout while searching her...I need to find Atsuko fast as this is not the right place to talk...

I saw her starting on the painting that was resting on the wall on the way out of the building.It is a sunset painting Yuu's requested. I put the hard hat on her head and grabbed her hands wanting to drag her out of the site...

"We should go out now this is not the proper place to talk..."

"I won't go until you take it back..."

"How could you ask me to take back my confession?"

"Please, Kai... I am begging you... "

"I know you can't accept it but could you at least not do this to me.."She held my hand tightly...

"I don't want you to go so please take it back..."

"We can never be friends after that. I'm sorry.."

"How could you do this to me?"Atsuko started to tear up.."You promise not to leave me and now you're leaving me?"

"It's the best way for both of us...It will be harder for me to let you go if I did not confess."

"Please, Kai can we just be friends like before.."

"I can't because I love you and I need to let it go..."

"No stay Kai...Take it back.."
"Could you stop being inconsiderate!!"I yelled. I shifted my view suppressing my emotion... 

" Give me time Atsuko.."

"I only have Yuu-kun and you. Yuu has been distancing himself from me and now you are leaving me?"She pleads.

"We should go out of here, I think we are the only people left here... "

"No, I will not.. Until you take it back and become my friend only..."

"Can't you see how dangerous is this place for us.... This is a construction site Atsuko even it's almost over uninstalling equipment is still dangerous.."

"Then if you still care about how could you be friends with me..." Atsuko started moving backward...

"Atsuko lets go out let’s continue this outside... 

"No!!! Acchan wave her hands on the side making the scaffolding shake.."

"Oh my".The metallic tubes started to disassembled and fall one by one. I hurriedly pushed Atsuko on the side making her safe....

Atsuko's POV

Kai-kun I'm shaking his body after being unconscious as the metallic tube of the scaffolding fell on him.. I'm starting to panic as I'm seeing him laying down covered with his own blood. I look at his feet and see a tube pierced on his flesh...

"Ah!!!!!"I screamed seeing flashbacks of my accident with my sister...

"No!!!!!" I crawled away... Then I looked at him again... And see my sister bloody face... My body was shaking and sweating coldly I tried shouting his name but not even a letter come out... I covered my face and feel the heaviness on my chest... I breathe deeply and tried shouting still none come out.Then all the memories with him flushed in my head... The flower he gave when you were in Hawaii, The time he helped me to get my pen under the table, The time when we both got stuck inside the elevator. No... I breathe deeply.

"Kai!! wake up... I shouted..."I was panicky not knowing if I will stay by his side or run outside and ask for help...

"Help please.!!"I shouted...But no one was coming  I shouted for help.... Whenever my gaze returned to Kai the flashback of my dying sister returns in my head...
"Noticing Kai's face is turning colorless I run beside him... His left feet stub with the metallic tube was drying out his blood... I remove the other debris covering his body... tough the tubes are like two inches in diameter but the metallic platform hit Kai's back...

"Kai!!wake up.." I'm bawling as I might cause another life of someone important to me...

"Kai I'm begging you!!! open your eyes.."

"A-Atsuko!!?" He said weekly while opening his eyes slowly.

"Kai!!!!! Don't die"I let him lay on my legs and hug his body

 "Please don't leave me. I begging you.!!"


"Goooooo and find help.."

"No, I'm not leaving you to die here..."

"Who told you that I'm dying? I'm just injured..."Kai pushed my body but I shook my head...

"I will never leave you like this

so asked for help..."

"Promise me that you'll not leave.."

"Are we not done with this? Can't you see I'm injured..." Kai smiled reassuringly. "Go I promise I won't move an inch..."

I nodded and started walking fast searching for help until I reached the security guard who calls for an ambulance and does first aid to Kai...

Kai's left feet and right arm are castes and his head is banned too. The tube was removed and wounds are stitched. I was there not leaving him until his treat. His father rushed to the hospital after calling him about the accident...

"Go home Acchan... Kai might wake up in awhile doctor said there is nothing to worry.".. I shook my head with my head that enclosing his hands with mine.Again this is my fault... I will not go until his he treated...

"I'm sorry, Ojiichan but can I stay here..."His dad nodded and pat my shoulder...

"He is a tough boy... This is nothing on him.."His father seemed to believe on Kai's too much...His dad was staring at him sleeping

"You know he's tougher than me. When her mom died he was only six years old I never see him shattered tears... I'm always busy with our business so I can't his grows but despite he becomes little rebellious and involves in school fight I never am worried about him Kai can always get through everything by himself... He's so tough handling himself until he becomes who is now... I'm only worried that because of his too good with career his forgetting that he also needs someone to be beside him and take care of him.. Kai is the only family I have I wished that he can find a person and give cute little grandchildren..."


"They said when your young dreams are ambitious but when you aged it become shallow... Sooner Kai will be the president of Takahashi Corp but I won't retire until he already settled with the family.It will be troublesome If I handed it to him..."Ojiichan Laugh...Somewhat I see Kai in him... This is the first time talking to his that this serious... He said he is not worried... He actually does but he trusted Kai enough ... and still Kai becomes a good person even if his alone all this time somewhat I kind of understanding him now...

Kai's POV

The sun was blinding my eyes as I wake up lying on the hospital bed with my right arms and feet cast. I smile sat and grabbed my phone seeing a message from Yuu that he will fly to New York with Haruna...I answered emailing him to return safe and reminding him to work and not going there for honeymoon. Haruna might explain it to him. I chuckled imagining his grinning face while reading my mail..

My room doors open so I expected that it is a doctor or a nurse visiting me but in my surprise again it was Atsuko... She was wearing black pants with white long sleeve she might head here first before going to work.She entered the room with her head down she walks straight to getting the vase on my side and walking to the bathroom... I don't see flowers on her hand when she walked in so she might be here earlier than I wake up... I look out the window still the ray from the sun is blinding me I crawled out of my bed and tried to reach the curtain but doing it was harder than I expected as my right foot is little numb... Atsuko runs and helped me sat on my bed. Still not saying anything... My mind is still blank and can't comprehend what is she up to...Covering the window with curtain and returned helping me to return to my bed.

"Go home. "I said she played like not hearing me and sit on the chair near my bed.

"I don't need you here..." I said again....Atsuko remained sited and started tapping on her phone. I did not talk and closed my eyes...

"Though  I hear her sobbing I remained acting sleeping.

"I'm glad that you are awake now.."I open my eyes and shifted my view on her...Atsuko removes the tears on her eyes and look at me.."

"Now that my right arm and feet are impaired  I don't know how can I do my work.."

"I'm taking full responsibility for the accident..."

"Then go to your work... Don't ever come back to my room again..."I said coldly...

" Does reject you means I also have to cut our friendship.."

"Who said I got rejected? I'm not expecting for your acceptance anyway I said it clear I'm confessing because I wanted to get rid of this feeling...It's not because I want you to return my feeling... "

Atsuko remained silent...

I want you to go and leave me alone...

Thinking about Yuu and Haruna become together again I look at Atsuko.

I'm so sorry Kai...I can't return your feelings because I want to be friends with you.

"Can't you understand that I'm feeling another way around I don't want you to accept my feeling neither be friends with you...So get out"

"I will wait until you forgive me.."

"There is nothing to be forgiven because all I want is to get you out of my life.."

"Atsuko took her bag and left me inside my room.

I smiled thinking that this will be the last time seeing her...

After that Atsuko never return to the hospital... Now I should move on but I'm thinking of my promise to Yuu..I should have to tell Yuu that I've already given up Atsuko so he can tell her about Haruna and his relationship..What's the point of hiding anyways if he is already determined by turning over his position and living in New York... I feel sad that this has to end like this and the only person who is with me when I'm alone has to migrate.Yuu is old now and should be thinking of having a family.
Me too but the girl I like is still in love with Yuu... I got discharge at the afternoon clearing all the test results. my father suggested that I should stay in the mansion but I asked him to send me to my unit... I feel more alone now as I can't work.  Its dinner time but I can't decide what to eat.. Using my crutches   I walked alone to reach the kitchen searching for food  I sigh realizing that I don't have stacks on my fridge.Having no choice but to order easy to eat food as I can't use chopsticks.
After some time intercom buzzed a pizza delivery on that store should be this fast.. I walk and open my door without checking my visitor but in my surprise.

"A-Atsuko?"I dropped my clutch making her run inside my flat without my consent.

"What are you doing here?"

"I went to the grocery and buy something to cook for you.."

"You did not understand what I told you.."

"I do... I clearly do. But the words in your mouth is different with your feelings.."

"So what do you care about my feelings? And it doesn't mean you are   guilty with my accident to do whatever you want..."

"Who told you that I'm guilty?"I looked at her not knowing what to utter after that.

"Do whatever you want.."

I returned sitting on my couch then I see my phone vibrating on the couch..."

"Moshi Moshi!!"

"Dude I heard from my executive assistant that you had an accident? Did something bad happened how about Atsuko...Do Haruna and I had to come back.."

"Ok... Ok  take it easy squirrel I'm fine I just had my right hand and left feet caste, a little stitch on my feet and a headbanded but I'm still breathing.."

"How could I not be worried?  You've been in that industry for years how could you get an accident like that..."

"I'm fine and she’s fine too..."

"I will book a flight back to Japan tomorrow I'm not believing you.."

"Stop it!! you I said I'm fine.Actually, I got discharge and home bow"

"Then send me a picture... I hate when you’re saying you are ok but totally not..."

"Ok...I will.Just focused on getting Mario's approval ok?"

"Yes, I will we need him.."

Atsuko appeared in front of me with a tray of food but suddenly my intercom ring finally the pizza I arrived.

"Ok, I have to go..."

"Who is it Yuu.."I nodded and took my clutch...

"No, I will get it..."

Atsuko returned with pizza on her hand.

"Seriously you just dismissed from the hospital you should eat healthier food..." She paused and looked at me" Do you live like this surviving on fast food deliveries?."

"No, I'm not I always go home late so I always have meals outside.."

Atsuko then arranges the food in front of me.

"She lifted a chopstick with tonkatsu.

"I can eat alone.."

"And how?"Glaring my right hand...

"I open my mouth letting Atsuko feed me after that she cleaned utensil...

"No need to come tomorrow I will hire someone to help me.."

She did not utter a word ....I was silent while she's feeding me... I always look down whenever Atsuko was feeding me hiding my blushing face... I feel awkward as she
know that I'm in love with her...

Atsuko put her palm in front of me.

"What is the meaning of this I asked?"

"Then pay me I will be your personal nurse.."

"Are you crazy? You're working at Oshima group..How could you attend my needs?"

"Then I will be filling a leave.."

"You are really stubborn..How could you file a leave? When Yuu is in New York finding a new design consultant for Maeda Corp."

"Then How about you?"

" I told you I will look for someone and besides  I don't want to involve you in this matter this is my problem..."

"No I'm the reason of your accident and I'm really sorry Kai..."

"I'm fine now.."

After feeding and cleaning my stuff...

"Kai I've already cooked your food for tomorrow I put it in the fridge just reheat it in the microwave.. ok. I look at her back while she leaves... It feels like she's my wife now...I smile while resting my arms on the couch....

A day for me become hard only having one foot and arms functioning i troublesome. Rena pays a visit and helps for on my lunch time but she has to return to her flower shop as her staff had a problem with delivery...

 "Haaaaa" I yawned for thousand times on this day... I never feel a day become so slow..I rarely receive calls for this day mandated by my father....Yuu also called checking if I'm doing good. Yah that his doing this to me I feel guiltier...

I grab my crutch and was about to head to my bedroom to sleep and not have dinner. But before I went to the intercom I received a mail stating my personal nurse is arriving... I told my father that I need it only on regular working hours....For the second time this day my intercom ring.  Using my crutches I slowly went to the door.
My mouth hung open after opening the door.

 My crutch fell on the floor seeing Atsuko with a beautiful long floral dress with suitcase ...

"Wha-what are you doing here?"

Yuu' s POV

I asked Haruna to help get Shinoda Mario as Maeda corp's new fashion consultant his expertise in this industry was well respected by Japanese though he is my friend way
back in middle high school it seems like he been playing hard to get as we need to fly way back here  just to have a meeting with him... I and Haruna went to his boutique in New York and arrive ten minutes earlier...

I am tapping my legs with my fingers, ah my hobbit being inpatient .. Haruna held my hand and smile.." Everything is going to be alright..." I reply with a nod...

"I 'm sorry Mario has an emergency he has to board to France... "I shifted my view on the owner of the voice recognizing a Japanese woman in pixie hair.

"Mii-Miichan?" I said in surprise.

"Yuu-kun!!?"Miichan hugs me tightly and pecks on my cheeks earning a deadly glare on my girlfriend when she parted her hug.

"I never thought we will meet again..."

"Ah. I-I" Miichan finally noticed the cat who I know that can handle her jealousy in public but not when we are alone this will surely be trouble..."

"You look familiar ... Oh yes, we are schoolmates but you seemed to be on the next class.."

"Oh Kojima Haruna desu"

"So why are you?" Miichan looks at Haruna then returns to me then looks back to my girlfriend intriguingly.

"She is my-g" But before I can finish..

"I’m his secretary. "Haruna bowed her head..Miichan rubbed the back of her nape realizing she guessed it wrong". Oh, I forgot to introduce myself..I'm Minegeshi Minami desu the Business Manager in the house of S.."

"WoW, you look great with short hair...Miichan"

"Does it suit me?" She said while clipping some strands of hair on her ears.

I  answer her with a quick nod then received a death glare from my girlfriend...

Miichan dragged us on the nearest cafeteria.

"So you need troll king's advice for Maeda's corp?"

"No, I needed him..."

"You never changed Yuu-kun still helpful as ever..."I blushed hearing her compliment..Miichan held my hand and stare in my eyes.I quickly remove my hands knowing that this will be trouble.

"How I wish I can change everything.." and smile sweetly.

"We can never do that now..."

"Are you in a relationship now?.."

I look at Haruna and answer "No-No.."

" I'm glad to hear that you know.. What happened years ago..." I look at Haruna who seemed to be really pissed hearing Miichan again...

"I'm sorry for everything that my family caused you.."

Miichan shook her head and held my hand once again...

"I'm sorry for interrupting but President Yuu still has an appointment.."

Knowing I don't have any appointment as my only reason for going here is Mario.

"Yes, we have to go.."

"Yuu-kun can we talk us two ... We really need to talk..."

Miichan hand me her card

"Yes, I will contact you..."

"Promise ?"

I nodded fast.

We bowed our head and exited the cafeteria...

Haruna POV
Why is that girl too clingy with Yuuchan I can't believe it... She's already his past. I tried talking to Yuuchan but he I never get any good answer with him...Why is he acting like this does he still have a feeling for that girl...

We entered our hotel room but he's still not talking properly to me that pisses me... In annoyance, I throw my bag to the sofa that finally caught his attention...

" Why is that bitch acting unprofessionally why is she suddenly bringing up your past on a business meeting..."

Yuu hid his hands in his pocket observing me without uttering a word... "Are you still affected by her?"

"I'm tired I want to take a bath."Yuu went to the bathroom..Why is he acting like this. Does Miichan still love Yuu...

"I went to the shower opening the glass door without my boyfriend consent his all way naked.

"Geez Nyan nyan what are you doing?"

"We need to talk..."

"Yes, we will talk but could you at least let me finish taking a bath.."

"You know what I'm feeling right now Oshima..."He shifted his view avoiding my gaze...

"Let me finish then let’s talk..."He said calmly that makes me hysterical why is he acting like this I waited patiently on the bed while watching foreign my favorite series. Yuu slide into the bed hugging my waist..I'm waiting for him to say something.

"Do you still love her?"

"Seeing her again makes me feel guilty... Her whole family had a hard time because of me... My parents are the reason why they have to leave Japan... Seeing her again all my selfishness resulted into this.."

"It's not your fault Yuu...Is this the reason, why you are being distant?"

"Haruna I only love you... " Yuu sat up and caress my cheek. I held his hand and kiss it...

"I know..."I said while staring at his eyes...

"Miichan's fate become like that because of me I don't want same thing happened on you..."

I hugged him...

"I'm sorry for being jealous and not understanding you..."

"Calm down...I'm glad that your opening up about your feelings..I love you Yuu.." Yuu kissed my lips...

"Talk to her and settle what you have if it's the only thing that could ease you.."

"I nodded.."

"Haruna I love you..."

"I love you too.."


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Wow, Acchan as a caretaker for you? Who wouldn't want that?  XD

Well if Acchan wasn't so stubborn, Kai wouldn't be in that accident. But if that didn't happen, then maybe Acchan wouldn't have realized just how much she needs Kai in her life. She knows that she needs Kai, but she doesn't know that she'll be broken without Kai.

I'm guessing she definitely has feelings for Kai but she can't admit it because part of her heart still belongs to Yuu.. Yeah, that would be how I see things  :lol:

Acchan and Kai's relationship will definitely grow if they keep up the pretense, ultimately they won't be able to keep it in anymore and then...! They let out their feelings  :wub:

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Chapter 36

Yuu’s POV

I ask Miichan for lunch out I want to talk to her and to know what happened with her family … After my family forced hers to migrate to London after their business got bankrupt. I cannot deny that she is my first love. My youth revolves around her, she's a very energetic girl and our character really match. We are always together going to parties and drinking even if we are still underage not noticing my grades drop slowly but the happiness and freedom being with her brought me to the fullest or to my fool… On that time I thought she will be the girl that I will be spending my life with until my parents changed it… Her family business turns into a mess forcing them to leave Japan because of dept…. News from Sai that she has to work two jobs in London to support her schooling… I tried to reach and offer my help but Miichan did not answer. She suffered that's all I know.   Our reunion yesterday pulls me back from the past, pity, guilt, sadness makes me shiver way to my spine.  Miichan!!! In surprise that all I can say.Stuttering and quivering my heart, how can she still smile at me like that? After causing her pain. After being useless. After all...  ..... ...

I texted her last night to meet at the same cafe, she did not answer but  I know she will come for thirty minutes I’m standing  near the entrance watching  customer come in and out of the cafe .waitress ask me couple of times to enter but  my only answer is too shook my head.. Its cold ...  My hand is in my pocket my breath is short but not because of weather its because I don't know where this conversation leads to. They say the strongest man can deal with his past without affecting his present. Am I strong enough? Can I handle this?

Then I saw her crossing the pedestrian lane waving her hand while brightly smiling...

“ Yuu-kun !!!” her cut voice calls me after long ...All I can do now is to bow and forced a smile.

Wearing dark blue trench coat, dark pants and a simple white shirt that matches her short hair cut. I walk closer and bowed my head she smiles as she rubs my arms ...

“My treat… “She offers…

We walk 20 minutes on the busy streets until we found her another coffee shop.

I help her to sit properly…

"Gentleman as ever Yuu-kun…”

“I’m not…"I said coldly.

"Are you not feeling good? You want to sleep with me?” She tried reaching my forehead.

“Huh? Ah, no-no!!!! Geez, Miichan!!!! "I blushed hard hearing her offer.

"I’m just kidding I hate being a messenger but Mario will be back on Friday will it be okay for you to wait for him? ”

“Yes, I will be waiting…I think this will be a good time unwind too..”

“Want to do it with me?”

“Come on Miichan…” Hearing it I feel an invincible claw of a cat scratch my back...

“It's the only thing I can do to thank the people who help my family on time my dad’s business went bankrupt…”

“What are you talking about? It's my mom who caused your family sent to London…”

Miichan held my hand and breathe deeply…“Yes they were, actually my dad’s business is not really in good situation that time that’s why I hate staying in our house… He had death threats as he had borrowed huge amount of money to Yakuza… We have nothing in Japan but your mom offers him to settle our depth and we have to go to London but in exchange, I will never be involved with you…

"Is it because you’re poor that she did that? I’m sorry but mom never answered questions.. All this time I’m clueless,  that why I don’t have right to face you” I averted her eyes and look on my side Minami lift my head back to her gaze, where she smiling assuringly.
“No, it’s because you are Oshima Yuu the future of Oshima group and I’m a total distraction. Your grades are failing and not on the right track. I’m a bad influence on you…”

“No it's me and the way I live..”

“Well If I’m going to be in the same situation again I will still grab your moms offer…I’ m sorry but because I use our relationship for my family’s safety..”
“How is London did you live well."Miichan shook her head.

"They said you will appreciate things when they're gone. But the truth is I gain more when I have nothing”  in Japan I never have dreams cause all I do was have a good time but in London, I gain dreaming and earn things on myself now look where I am.”

“That relieves me…” I said it sarcastically

“Does our relationship become a hindrance for you to find another?”

“Yes, it  is…” Miichan honesty puts my ego to its proper place.

“I’m  t that bad to makes my girl's life miserable.."Miichan shook her head…

"If your mom is not there my dad should be dead now..Maybe I did not love you that much resulting for that decision…So you are the president now?” Miichan sips on her coffee and returned looking at me.

“It should be cool dating a president but I’m married now..”

“Geez Miichan you are married and you’re asking me to sleep with you…"She laughs hysterically...

"I was just checking if you are still the pervert squirrel that I know and I guessed you are not..”

“Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Mario.."I held my hands on my head earning a giggles from her  “ we already have two kids..”

"How could you do this to me?…"Miichan laugh more as she sees my reaction being tricked.

“I’m just checking if you’re going to take the bait.."Miichan pressed my biceps using her index finger.

"Stop doing that!!!! Are you like this with other guys too?”

“No, never I’m satisfied with my man…By the way the girl… I mean Ko-Kojima-san is she your girlfriend? you can’t lie to me Yuu…”

oh, my god, we got busted… This girl is killing me now

“How did you know?”

“ Her face burning in jealousy yesterday…She’s way too obvious and she’s really cute…She is Japanese model of our line how could she disguise as your secretary.."I puff my cheeks hearing Minami’ s point.

"You guys seem’s hiding it so I guessed I should shut my mouth.Now I’m kind of intrigued by your relationship with that her.." I told Haruna and me relationship… We parted our ways and  I returned to the hotel room seeing my with girlfriend pouting lips lain on the backrest of couch while staring at me…

"I smiled and scooted my body next to her..”

“How is it?  Have  you settled it?"I nodded while caressing her arms…

"Thank you ..”

“For what?”

“For being understanding..”

“I trust you..”

“But the way you are saying it seems like you’re not…”

“Don’t you want me too.."I chuckled knowing that Haruna is just forcing not to be mad..Watching with her

"Marry me,” I said from nowhere. .Haruna’s head turns slowly to me… Silence fills the air until her voice breaks it.

“Wha- what are you saying?” Her eyes are filled with surprise and can barely continue to talk.

“I know this is not a romantic way of asking a girl for marriage but Haruna..I want to be with you forever… ” I took out the red velvet box out of my pocket.

Haruna cupped her mouth in shock…

“Yuu-Yuu-chan.."Her tears running down from her eyes…

"I know you did not deserve me but I told you even if my family would hate me I will only see myself with you forever I slowly open the box revealing the diamond ring inside…”

“Nyan nyan…”

“I can’t” Her answer pulls me back to reality.

Hearing it from her I closed the box right away…


“I’m sorry Yuuchan…. ”

“No it’s fine maybe I just rush things and there are still a lot of stuff to se-settle…"I stand up but Haruna grabs my arms.

"I-I will take a shower..” I went straight to the room. Tsk. stupid squirrel…

Haruna followed me to our room… But I did not utter a word I took my clothes on my luggage…

“Yuuchan…I love you…Bu-but”

“No need to explain…"I hugged her lightly…

"Forget about it… ”  She hugged me tightly. I forced a smile…

“I’m scared…It’s not because I don’t want to be with you, it's just.." I caressed her arms…

"It’s also my fault… "I was about to let go but she hugged become tighter… She looks at me with her signature pout that if I did not submit this will be my fault again.

"Please don’t be mad at me..” her pleadib is not enough to ease my pain.

“I’m not.."I distance self and cupped her cheeks.

"I love you and maybe this is not the right time…”

Can we stay like this for awhile Yuuchan…

I did not answer and just let my disappointment removed by her hug…

Haruna’s POV

I got scared hearing Yuuçhan sudden marriage proposal. I know he is the man I want to spend my life with but our situation is not yet settled I still dream of being accepted by his family even if he is not the president of Oshima group anymore actually I prefer him to be a simple employee. All I want is to be accepted maybe it’s my pride to and my insecurity with Atsuko. I want people would acknowledge the right like they do with Atsuko or more… Now Yuu needs to get Mario’s line inside MC Mall rebuilding the company and the only help I can do is stay by his side to have Mario’s approval…
  After rejecting him, Yuu becomes distant he just sits on the desk working whole day not even paying attention to me… Do I need to model in front of him just to get his attention? How could I not make him mad anymore… I sat on his lap making bit surprise.

I hugged his neck and left a kiss mark on his cheeks. He was about to reach his mouse again…

“Nee Yuu-kun wants to play?”  but he seemed not seeing me…

“I’m busy sorry…”

“Fine…"I rest my chin on his shoulder and stare on his face.Yuu blinks his eyes many times and shifted his eyes on me…

"Can you stop playing Haruna I need to focus..,” I didn’t move and pout.. he is eyes move away in cutting shape.

“You know why I said no, right? Stop being mad Yuuchan… You know I can’t lie to you..”

“I know and I will work harder to get your yes…”

“We need to work hard … We will do it together okay… I kiss his lips and hugged him tightly.."I want to sleep on Yuuchan arms…"I spoiled I spread my legs on his torso… ”

“Nyan nyan I told Yuu I’m working “I captured his lips and sucked his neck.."I placed his hand on my legs…

"I love you Yuu…” And bite seductively staring inthis eyes. I see him gulped then returned her eyes to his laptop but I cupped it closing my face with him.
Yuu looks at me with suspicion and poke my nose…

"Stop using my weakness against me….”I punch his shoulder not getting the right reaction on him and sulk in his shoulders again.."You don’t love me anymore..”

“We're doing you get that?”

“Yuuchan…"I hugged him tightly asking him to spoil me.

"Nee Nyan nyan wants to have a job I will pay you nicely..” I nodded thinking that his pervert side will wake..Yuu reaches the lower desk then handled me some documents…I look at him clueless…

“Can you re-type this contract for me.."I frowned then smack the envelope on his shoulder…

"Ittai… !!” he protested

“I thought you want to have a job and you are my secretary here right?”

“Shut up…You know I hate office works…”

“Please baby I need someone to type it for me…”

“Then if I finish this will you play with me?”

“hmmm…” playing with his lips while looking in my eyes, I answered pouting my lips and started playing his collar …

“ Fine let's go to central park…”


“Then let’s have a coffee and pretzels, I want to visit my friend's photo gallery too..”

“Fine let's go to the places you want… ”

“YaY… I said in excitement…”  Yuu pinched the bridge of my nose

I kissed his cheeks…Then hurriedly took my laptop and finished typing the contract that he needs…

Kai’s POV

Sitting in the living area with the most hardheaded girl that I know… I ‘ am looking at her in disbelief then I grab the paper signed by my father.
“What are you thinking Atsuko-san? Why did you have this deal with my father? Is this about taking back my confession again..”
“I told you that I will take the responsibility of taking care of you…So I talk to your father about it and made a contract so you cannot turn it down” I read the paper again stating that if I don’t let her live with me until my cast removes for three months Takahashi Kai will be disowned by his own father…I slammed the paper hard on the table…And closed my eyes suppressing my temper with the girl sitting in front  …

"Are you playing with me Atsuko-san?”

“I told you a thousand time that I am not..”

“Take your things and go home.Now !!!”

“ I will not….”

I door of my apartment open revealing the face of my father Takahashi Tatsuya…

“What’s the matter, Takahashi Kai?” His strict voice sends cringe way down to my spine.

“Da-dad!!"I look at Atsuko who is just silently watching us.

"How could you raise your voice with Atsuko-san..” My father walks fast and hit my head…

“I’m sorry… I just had an accident and you are hi-hitting me…” My voice becomes weak, seeing who is intensely glaring at me…

“You should be grateful that Atsuko volunteered to be your nurse and that how you treat her..” Atsuko pouted and acting crying. I never thought I feel like a girl like this…

“ I don’t think my opinion will be heard so I can only do was to follow. I flop my body to the couch…

"Atsuko-san has you brought  entire thing you needed…”

“Yes, Takahashi Ojiichan.."She said cutely.

"If you need something don’t hesitate to contact me okay…”

“And you little brat fixed yourself and treats Acchan nicely or I will end your life…”

“Hai” Not having enough choice but to abide…

Atsuko made our dinner and talk to my father the whole day. How could I move on in this situation… Sooner she will learn about Kojiyuu’s relationship as Yuu already decided to let leave his wealth for Kojima-san..And I-I can’t do anything right on Atsuko… How could she decide to live with me…I don’t want to be a burden… I don’t like relying on anyone… I’m like this for years… But Atsuko.

My father left after having meal he praise Atsuko’s skills on cooking…I lift my plate and walk to the sink…

“Leave it there I will wash it..”

“I can manage…"I pour the dishwashing liquid on the sponge and wear gloves.Atsuko is watching me on the side.

"By the way did your parent’s know about this? What if Yuu  finds out..”

“Yes they know and agreed on this and Yuu will understand..”

“What if he did not understand?”

“He will and will understand I believe in him…”

“Don’t you know how inconsiderate you are Atsuko?”

“I’ m sorry for forcing you to just remain as a friend but Kai I realize what I asked you was wrong and cruel. But I can't lose you I'm so-sorry"

Can we set our feeling aside…I know I’m stubborn but this is the only way I can lessen my guilt..Seeing you like that on the floor with blood all I can imagine is Ami that for the second time an important person will perish because of me…"Atsuko cry.

"I don’t know what to do… I told you that you’re important to me Kai-kun and I will not let you go.."I breathe deeply…

"It must be hard on you seeing me in that situation but thinking about it I must be on worst situation if you are not there Atsuko…"I stop cleaning the dishes and hugged her.

"Thank you..”

Atsuko cried in my arms… “But if Yuu not understand…”

“I don’t mind… I know Yuu-kun can repay my feelings but I will never give up on him I know him, he will not think badly about this…”

“He will I know…"Hearing her say that the painful…"Don’t leave me Kai-kun.. "I’m sorry but I can’t…”

“I returned to my room and never walk out…”


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Yuhuuu update update  :cow:
I'm waiting for this :shakeit:
Uwaaaaahhh finally yuu propose haruna  :fap but she refuse it  :cry:
Kai and atsuko live together? For taking care of kai   :w00t:
Ah i'm waiting again again again for the next chap  :P
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wow ... an update ... I'm late again, right? hihihi
i really like KojiYuu sweet moment ... but, uhm .. only up there? I need more!!! ... hahaha ... ah, forget it!
thanks for update bruh ...
waiting for the next chap ...
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nice update dude  :twothumbs :twothumbs

So when will Kojiyuu get married??? and when will you kill yuu's dad and mom??? :prayers: :prayers: you know I hate yuu's mom and dad right??  :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: kill them kill them kill them kill them :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:

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Ma ma ma I tho u already forget ur wl.. I tho u will make MNN suffer wif reunion of Yuu n Mii. Thx for the happy life of Marimii. Dont kill Yuu's parents. But kill Acchan. No! Kill MNN n Yuu and then they live happily ever after in paradise  :bleed eyes:
Thx for update.
You are my fav author rank 1,5  :jphip:
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Tulad ng ipinangako ko magiiwan ako ng makapag damdaming kumento

Good Job Dude  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
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So intense!

It took me two days to read all the fanfiction.
I hope Atsuko and Kai to be together, although it seems completely impossible.
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Hi guy sorry for updating so slow since may.... Im terribly busy with my life..some readers thought I dump this fic already but that will not happened... WL and TB will be resume on april or may as I m going to be really busy... For those who want to ask question and send me pm i will still be  answering it... See you.....Ache
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and to author-san. when you will upload the next chapter.!! i always waiting this fic like i'm waiting my princess come from heaven with hourse*-_-#
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hello everyone.! i'm new in here. but i already read many fic on this blog*i think*. and sorry if my english so bad cause i'm from indonesia but live in canada when i was 6 th then come back again to indonesia.!!*just forget what i say*

and to author-san. when you will upload the next chapter.!! i always waiting this fic like i'm waiting my princess come from heaven with hourse*-_-#

This is so cute  XD

i agree with this dude.. haba ng bakasyon mo oh..
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hello everyone.! i'm new in here. but i already read many fic on this blog*i think*. and sorry if my english so bad cause i'm from indonesia but live in canada when i was 6 th then come back again to indonesia.!!*just forget what i say*

and to author-san. when you will upload the next chapter.!! i always waiting this fic like i'm waiting my princess come from heaven with hourse*-_-#

This is so cute  XD

i agree with this dude.. haba ng bakasyon mo oh..

seriously dude??  anyways hi @buttsove48 im glad you left a message about any updates be honest I run out of stocks so I can't post any ......But      I will come back..
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Poor Kai...

Still can't get rid of Atsuko...

Will Yuu confess that his lover is Haruna?

What will Atsuko do when she finds out?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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Chapter 37

Kai's POV

It's almost lunch time but I'm still on my bed, my stomach has been protesting since I wake up ...But I don't want to go. out and face Atsuko again, Damn it's  weekend it means she will be staying for the whole day. Head hangs down the edge while my arm is spread across my bed. Acchan knocks on my door many times since she asked me to eat breakfast. Why can't she just leave me alone...

"Kai-kun it's lunch now!!!! Wake up !!!"

I ignored her again. Atsuko's knocks do not give me any motivation to leave my bed. Forty-five minutes past as she last calls me... hmmmm? did she leave my house? I stand up then slowly opens the door and surveillance using little opening that I created on my door, I saw Atsuko' s slippers. In my surprise, I quickly close the door using my own weight.... My heart was about to jump out of my heart hearing my her voice....Did she see me? Damn !!!! I should have waited a little more. Then bangs my head on the door... I close my eyes blaming myself...

"Kai-kun Ojiichan is waiting on the dining table.." My eyes almost pop out on its place hearing her ... I hurriedly grab my crutch on my bedside then open the door ...

"You finally open your door..." She said with grinding teeth and cross arms in her chest. I smile forcefully then peek on the direction of the dining area, searching for old man's trace.."Stop acting sleepy fix yourself and let us have lunch.." She said half shouted then return to the kitchen .. I can't believe she uses my dad for me to come out of my paradise.I rolled my eyes in annoyance...KROOOOOOKKKK!!!!! I exasperatedly surrender as my stomach wants to stand a Kuh Det a with my own stubbornness.

“Where is my dad?"

"He left already.."

"Liar..."I turn around and about to leave Atsuko...

"If you return to your room Ojiichan may come back.."

"Stop using my father against me.." I said pointing myself.

"Wanna bet?" I close my eyes to control myself as really she is really getting on my nerves....I silently followed her to the dining area and sat on the chair...

"Witched..."I utter... I never thought Atsuko is this wicked, did Yuu know about this?.. I'm losing patience on her..

"Did you said something?" looking me with suspicion...

"Did you hear something?" I said while fixing my crutches...

"Have you even washed your face?" Her brows are twitching showing me that it will be bad for me if I don't follow her.

" I will... I will.."

"Don't you try locking yourself in the bathroom or I will be calling your dad to open it for you..."

After few minutes I returned to the dining table... With mouth half open as my eyes wonders on all the dishes she cooks.

"You cook all of this?"

Atsuko sat on my side and pulled her chair closer...

Again she's going to feed me...

"I can eat by myself..."Atsuko arranges the chops sticks and hands it on my left hand.Which is covered with cast..I lower my head feeling defeated without throwing a fit.

Seeing the tonkatsu on the chopsticks I smile gleefully anticipating the pork cutlet would enter my mouth... I close my eyes as but unexpectedly Atsuko put the salad in my mouth... Even though I don't like it, not having a choice I chew the salad on my mouth.

"Vegetable is good for your body..."She smiles...I swallowed the salad fast.

"I told you I don't like eating a vegetable..."

"Are you saying you don't like the food I prepared?.I never thought that you’re this rude Kai-kun..."Atsuko face become sad and eating on her own silently...

I took other dishes with vegetable and scope some on my bowl using the spoon with my right hand. "Oishii.. "Glancing at Atsuko looking on her expression while eating my food...Still, I cannot see her sad even with the pity reason... My heart cannot be tamed seeing her like this... I'm sorry...

"A-ano.... Atsuko-san I've eaten enough vegetable can I have tonkatsu too?"

Her eyes shifted on me... I looked down seeing how I made her mad with my comment.She did not utter a word and continued eating... What's with this silent treatment? Tsk ...why should I care.Atsuko went to the couch turning the television on...

"Now she's completely mad...I've got an Idea I should always make her upset for her to leave me...My father’s angry face flashed in my head...That old man will surely drag me to the construction site and poured me concrete mix on the building foundation...I got goosebumps imagining my dad's mad face....If dad will visit with this atmosphere between Atsuko and I , he will not spare my life. I close my eyes... Kai-boy thinks..... Think... Opening it with eyes in disappointment only seeing my squirrel friend as my only answer...

Yuu-boy doesn't have any idea that Atsuko is living with me so I tried giving him a call and ask how to make pamper Atsuko..


"Yes, dude?"

"Ah, I'm glad that you've answer right away..."But I'm also hearing Haruna's giggles too... "I forget that it's evening in New York now...

"Am I disturbing you?"

"Ittai!! Nyan nyan no-not there..."I bulge my eyes hearing that from the other line..."Du-duuuuuuude?" I bit my lips feeling awkward thingKing that I called my best buddy in the time I shouldn't.

"Wait fordude... Baby, I'm taking too Kai can you wait for a little.." he said whispering.

"I'm sorry dude...Am I disturbing you?"In unknown reason, I answered him while whispering too?

"It's fine actually you save me...Nyan nyan's trying to put some false nails and eyelashes on me...I don't know but suddenly she's asking me to cross-dress."I puffed my cheeks hearing my friends situation on the other line it seems like he needs more help than I..

"Ah..hmmm.."I become lost trying to figure out how to explain everything to my best friend....after some time I explained to Yuu my situation with Atsuko as expected he is more excited than me and seems to not understand the whole situation...

"Acchan love romantic movies try Twilight saga she loves watching that over and over again.." His answers when I ask for his advice...

"Ah, I have that!!!!!!! I exclaimed in excitement....." oh shit wait Jurio borrowed seemed to borrow the DVD" after thinking for some time" I recall that he already returned it.Ah yes, thanks, dude..."

"Ok... but dude can you call me again after thirty minutes Haruna's games are killing me... please...just act like I'm asking for some important document act busy so she will stop..." he whispered....I sigh not having any choice but to help him with a girl again....

"Ok .....But  make sure it's really Haruna..."

"Ehhh.... Baka!!!! "He raises his voice"You know I'm only for my Nyan nyan..."I rolled my eyes hearing this for million times...

"Ah ... dude..." moving away from my phone from my ears...."I can't hear you.... duuuude.."Then cut off the line gracefully....

"After the call, I went to the living area...seeing Atsuko starting to change the channel of television... "Atsuko want to watch breaking dawn I haven’t watched that..." Damn, actually I did not watch that movie...

"You like romantic movies too Kai- kun?"Finally, she responded to me...I smile on my mind being successful.

"Ah not really ..." No never the last time a watch that movie is when Yuu boy watch in my living area with his short stay.

I put the disk in my player the play...

"I sat down beside Atsuko..."

"Not having that interest in the movie I didn’t pay much attention to the screen But after few seconds I'm quite bothered seeing Japanese actor on the screen and neither. Edward nor even seeing Bella... As the film progress, I saw a man holding roses in his hands and reaching the hospital room of her wife not having a life anymore... The nurse was carrying a baby in her arm seeing his her daughter and his cold wife the guy was clutching the rose in his hand.The story was almost the same where with the movie was about to start all I know was Bella was fighting for her life to have her baby but the main actor really doesn’t look like Robert Pattison..Which is strange and I though Bella have her baby on her house... why is she in the hospital and the nurse look like Japanese? .S-t-ra-n-g-e...The story progresses how the man was taking care of her daughter alone working jobs after jobs just to provide something for his daughter...Now I'm sure this is not breaking dawn... I check the other disk confirming my suspicion Bara no Hana...I'm really going to kill Jurio for not returning my things properly... Then my attention was caught with a girl who's sniffing on my side... I look at Atsuko's crying just five minutes of watching I don't know if it's a film... I puffed my cheeks holding a burst of laughter realizing she cried with the scene... I tried to control but I can't stop laughing...
"You cried in a just short time of watching...."

After wiping her tears she turns to me with cursing glare that made me gulp... Atsuko smacks the throw pillow to my stomach that made me flinch...
"You said...You"re going to play Breaking Dawn but you played this film to make fun of me crying... You're so rude Kai-kun..." I covered myself-using my as it did not stop her from hitting me with throw pillow over and over again...

"Ittai...Ittai Atsuko... Not in my head, I have stitches there.."

"I never thought you're this mean Kai kun" She said as she throws it to my chest...I'm so shock that I can only blink my eyes and my mouth hung open I'm living with a monster...

"Serve you right..."

She goes to her room and slammed the door hard...

Oh, this girl... She doesn’t even let me explain...I thought you want me to get well but it seems like your mission is to secure my death...I go to my room and slammed the door like how she did...

Morning comes... Sunday I usually wakes up early in the morning with jogging and little morning exercise but with my injury, I think it will be long for me to do that...I left the house at 5 am too early and stroll on the nearest park... First time walking with crutches which is I'm not quite used too. After minutes and realizing how hard to walk around alone I returned to my unit at 6:30...
"Okaeri..."Atsuko is smiling showing her cat teeth...She seemed to forget about yesterday…


"Where are you from you should have knocked on my room and wake me up if you want to go somewhere it's dangerous..."

"As if I'm safe when you're around..." I whispered which Atsuko seemed to hear.

"Ah...Wow, pancakes for breakfast... I haven't had one since..."My mom died...I stop reminiscing how gleefully I was whenever I see pancakes..."Suddenly I feel happy inside...Making me curve my lips upward... I'm so happy....


"Ah...Let’s eat..."

Holding a fork in my right hand I stop...Suddenly I realize I'm having my first breakfast on this dining area... Then like watching a 3d movie... My childhood memories in our dining table played it slow motion.... My mom was pouring a coffee to my dad's cup, while my dad is busy reading a news article....


"Ka-kai do you want me to feed you?"

"No....I-I just remember something..."

"Here you love coffee right?"

"Thanks Acchan..."Acchan smiles widely that made me feel strange...

"You haven't call me on my nickname for long.."

"Is there something wrong? " she asked...

"No, i just remember my mom...I haven't had a breakfast like this since she died. I always buy my food at the convenient store or a cafeteria since we do not have maids. My dad was so sad that he won't want to hire some as he said my mom is irreplaceable. Sometimes Yuuboy will bring me some Bento ..."

"It must be hard...." I smile thinking how sad life since my mom died. Not just me but I saw my dad was completely heartbroken..

"Yuu is like a brother to you..." I tuck my lips and nodded

"He is a really good person that why he had a lot of friends not like me..."

"You're quite popular with girls..." I smirk thinking I never notice those girls as I'm only admiring one and she's in front of me...

"Yah right..."

"Kai you're a good person too that’s why Yuu, Sai, Jurio and Mayu is always been there for you.."

"Ah maybe yes.Is that's so.... I must be a really bad person being friends with them" I sarcastically answer that makes her laugh.

I wash after eating breakfast with Atsuko..I sigh thinking how I missed talking and making her smile... I can't shower so I can only wash some parts of my body...

I walk out of my room having a hard time slipping my right hand on the shirt that I'm wearing...

Struggling to fit it on my body I did not realize that I'm already out of my room... I just notice it hearing girl giggles...

"A-atsuko.." Stuttering with flushed face seeing the girl watching me put my shirt on...

"You look like a kid Kai-kun..."I am trying to cover my exposed body with half wear shirt ...

"You-you...Ho-how long have you been there?"Pointing my finger at her .

"Since you came out of your room..."

"Need some help?.."

"No-I-I can manage.." I quickly turn back and about to return to my room...

"Ok.."Atsuko the turn her body around...But still laughing on how I look.

"Wa-wait...Okay-Okay... "Atsuko turned ...

"What?"She put her right hand in her ears...

"I need your help..."


"Ah okay if you don't want to help me could you at least stop making fun of me..."

"Do you even know how to ask help properly?"

I turned around and tried slipping my right hand to a narrow whole... I should but shirt with bigger helm...Suddenly I was surprised finding another hand helping me to fit my arms on the shirt armhole.

"It’s just easy to say. Atsuko could you please help me wear my shirt..."She said it with her face about few inches apart from me... her smell is intoxicating... This is the reason why I don't want her living with me... I was staring in her eyes...

Dug dug dug...

This is bad I want to kiss her...

"She smiled cutely that I always mesmerize..."Atsuko seems to notice the atmosphere... "I-I thi-think I need to cook for our lunch...Atsuko was turning left and right seemed lost which direction would take her to my kitchen...She started walking away but I grabbed her wrist...



I don't really know what I'm doing right now if this is right or wrong.

"Do-Do you need some he-help?"

I didn’t answer...

Dug dug Dug...


"Ka-Kai-kun I need to "

Dug dug..

Ding dong... Ding dong

 The door bell rung wakes both of us.

"I-I need to open the door ..."

"Yes I- I'm going to cook for our lunch too..."

When I was back. I release a ball of air in my lips when I realize what I almost kiss Atsuko... I don't know what's running through my mind or is it running properly... I mentally facepalm as my actions a while ago hunts me... Geez, Kai... With my deep thought, I did not even check the intercom who is buzzing my door I just open it that I regret not doing so seeing the person who pays me a visit...

Kai-kun diving to me with a hug.

"Oh holy....What are you doing here? And how did you know my place?"

I will reply to your comments later

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AUTHOR-SAN, YOU ARE BACK!!!!!  :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook:
u know,i really miss u.
i thought u will never come back and continue this story  :fainted: :fainted: :fainted:
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i really miss to have some talk with u  :mon dance:

By the way, thank for come back with my atsumina couple  :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :mon inluv:
it's really hard for me to find their story now  :on polter:
but i think i need to re-read your story from beginning cause i dont really remember how the plot going.

however,thank for come back here and i really glad to see u here once again.
Okaeri, Arawche-san  :hee: :hee: :hee:

:mon squee: WELCOME BACK :mon squee:
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hahaha di ko alam nag update ka pala  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: babasahin ko muna, later dude

and by the way what do you mean with this?? stop behaving like real life Yuko   :? :? :?
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Chapter 38

Acchan’ s POV

My body jolted hearing the door rung not because of electrifying buzz it created. It’s because my heart seems hypnotized by the moment. I close my eyes squeezing out all the memory of his voice out… I grab the granite kitchen counter for support… “I’m sorry Kai-kun, but I can’t…” I grip my chest with my right hand… “I’m sorry…“ his face is all over my head… I’m so anxious as the last time I saw him that close was he resting on my lap while I’m begging for his life….

Kai ’ s POV

"Oh…. my… so it’s true that you had an accident…” Because I’m injured the girl strength wins over me without permission she makes her way inside my unit even if I keep on stopping her…

“Ray answer me…How did you know my place?”

“I went to Jurio’s bar last night and I heard his conversation with Mayu-kun…”

“Oh, my poor future husband… So it true that you had an accident.."She continuously walking her way to my living area without even caring of my warnings …"I bit my lips realizing the girl who is living with me was in the Kitchen .

As my unit has to pass Kitchen first before the living area. I close my eyes in frustration on how to stop this girl from going further.

"Kai-kun is it ok if I prepare curry rice? I did not notice that we are running out of stocks…Maybe I should go shop for…su-supply…"Atsuko voice stutters noticing the visitor who barged her way into my room.

"Kai who is she?” Ray pointed Atsuko…

“She is Acchan my…"Even if I have hard time reaching Atsuko’s side… I walk fast beside her.

"Maeda Atsuko desu…”

“You are?” The visitor tilts her head.

“I’m her personal..” I clawed Acchan’s shoulder with my free hand the sending amount of pressure to stop her.

“Yes, she’s my personal girlfriend…"Atsuko’s glared me while tucking her lips, annoyance was painted all over her face

"Personal girlfriend?????” Atsuko retorted, having no choice but to squeeze her shoulder to mine while shaking my head…Begging her to trust me…

“Personal Girlfriend????” Ray clarifies..

“No..” Atsuko pushing me with her elbow…

“What is this all? About?” The girl beside whispered.

“No, of course, my mistake.She’s my girlfriend…."I shook my head again and whisper…"Just get along I will explain it later…please, Atsuko save my life…”

“What did you say?” The girl beside me who plays deaf in hearing my request…

“I’ve already say please…. what do you want me to say?”

“Kai-kun I thought you're still single? Jurio even confirms it last night…"As Ray further interrogates me.

"No, of course, I’m in a relationship…. ”

“For about…”

“A – a week and we are living together…Now we decide to live together because of my Honey.."Saying that Atsuko started stepping on my not casted feet making me groan in pain…

” she’s so sweet she decided to live with me so she can take care of me…“

"Acchan please help me get rid of this witch out of my life please…"I beg to Acchan that she answered by rolling her eyes.Our visitor's eyes scanned my self-proclaimed girlfriend from head to toe…

Atsuko pulled my collar and whispered, "Okey just for now Kai-kun..” I froze hearing Atsuko answer…

“Tha-thank you…”

“Oh, miss. ”

“I’m Ray..”

“Oh… You’re the idol right?"Atsuko said amusedly.

"You want to have lunch with us I’ll be cooking curry.."I hung my head down hearing Atsuko invitation.

"Will I not bother..”

“No!!! I never knew my personal boyfriend  …"Atsuko glared at me… "has a cute idol friend..”

“Ok I brought Kai some fresh fruits too..”

“Oh How sweet of you…"Atsuko took the basket of fruits then slammed it on my stomach…"Get rid of your hands out of my shoulder or you will be having two injured arms… I slowly remove my hands then put it in my pocket.

"No, ask her out” I plead…

I was sitting on the dining table with Ray across mine she seems so down after hearing that I’m already not available….Atsuko started setting the table…

“Ah, Atsuko I can help I stand up..”

“Just sit down and entertain our guest…"I pout hearing from her. It seems like she’s using the situation as payback time…

"Ah Ray I’ve heard that you’re Album  is doing well in sales..”

“It’s always like that so it really did not bother me at all… ” nice attitude ?

“So Jurio told you about my accident?”

“I just overhear it between him and Mayu-kun then I blackmailed Jurio that if he did not tell me your address then I won’t be going to his club…”

“That brat really want to die early…”

Atsuko returns and started eating, basing just by looking  Ray still not believing my relationship with Atsuko I should do something to convince her..

I look at Atsuko who started eating and then took a glimpse to Ray who was about to start eating..“"I lift my casted right hand..”

“Acchan I can’t eat..”

“You said that you can eat alone and you still have other hands…”

“Acchan can you please feed me..”

“Atsuko stop shifted her view to me and inspect me…I look down and playing the chopstick in my left hand…

"Ah…"I open my mouth widely so Atsuko can feed me… Not paying much attention to the food the chicken slipped too my cheeks making my face covered with the stew…

"I’m sorry Kai-kun.."Atsuko wipes my face with table napkin and started giggling with the way I look…

"I just finish taking a bath..”

“I said I’m sorry…"Then she pinched my cheeks making my blood traveled to my whole face.

"There there… ”

“Stop making fun of me I’m hungry…”

“You look so cute Kai kun your dimples has curry..”

“Feed me properly…”

“Yes, young master. "I scowl my face then she started giggling again..

"Now I’m having my ulcer..”

“Stop exaggerating…You don’t even eat properly last time complaining that I feed you salad and you are not a goat..”

“That’s why I’m still hungry…”

“Fine fine….”

“I will accompany you to the grocery I want meat…”

“No, you should eat vegetables too… That’s the reason why you didn't. grow.You and Yuu-kun”


“Ah gomen I  never taught you’re still sensitive about your height…"We laugh together not noticing the other girl across our sit.

"So when did you now each other..” Ray but in..

“Since we are kids…”

“childhood friends?"Ray clarified.

"Yes, I just confess to her last week after years of admiring her…”

Atsuko face turns to me with a brow twitching.

“So Kai-kun she’s the girl you said that you’ve like…”

“Yes, i-it’s complicated…How’s the food? Did you like it? You know Atsuko is the greatest cook that I’ve known in my life..”

“You really seemed in love with her Kai -kun I never saw you act like that since I know you.."I stop and smile.

"Kai-kun finish your food here…Atsuko feed me with potatoes…” I close my eyes as Atsuko is using the situation to feed me with veggies.

“I thought that was meat..”

“Stop complaining just eat properly…"Atsuko hissed…Why do girls change their mood in just split of s second…

"After eating Ray bid her farewell living me and Atsuko on my unit… She never talks after Ray left about our relationship… She silently getting the plates bringing it to the kitchen..I followed her bringing glasses.

"By the way thank you for saving me with Ray…”

“She seems interested in you… I put the glass on the counter and resting my back on the nook…

"She confessed to me a lot but she’s not my type…”

“I’m sorry dragging you into this…”

“No, I’m fine… I’m always doing it with Yuu-kun back in high school..”

“I promise that will be the last..”

“Kai-kun? You love me since a long time right?”

“I’m sorry …” I said and nodded.

“I’m sorry I don’t know about until now. I’m not taking it seriously…”

“I’m sorry.Because I confessed to you …You must feel really bad.But in the first place, it not your fault if I like you..”

“Now I’m realizing maybe Yuu-kun was feeling the same as I’m feeling now…”

“I know… let’s just finish the contract so you will stop being sorry and worrying…"I tried to approach her but the pain stops

"I already take it.Atsuko… I’ve already made up mind and that is to be assigned in Hokkaido…”


“We have a big project there I have to be in charge for a year.”

“Kai, do you really have to go? It’s already decided that is too old to handle the climate there…”

“I see…"And if Yuu and Haruna’s plan of living to New York Atsuko will be completely alone…I said in my head…

"So you really are leaving?”

"I wish the best for you Atsuko."Lying to myself…I was about to leave when…

"Yuu-kun knows your feeling to me all along right?"I just nod in guilt.

"That’s what I’m thinking when you confessed to me that why I acted harshly to you….”

“I’m sorry..”

“I blame you for loving me that’s why Yuu rejected me… I blame you ….Thinking he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings…. Yuu will never take anything you like……” Atsuko sighs and wipes her tears..“I’m so stupid of thinking like that …..I’m so stupid wishing it was like that… But it's not it's not like that. Now because of me, you got injured… I’m so sorry, for being selfish all along…”

“Shhhh…. I’m sorry Atsuko..”

“Kai-kun do you really have to go far?”

“I have to…”

“Are you doing this because of me?”

“Atsuko living together with me what does it like..”

“My parents agreed to me living here because you are respectable person…Living with you for a while so I can repay my gratitude for saving my life and causing trouble..”

“It’s not what I mean… Atsuko have you ever see me as a man?”

“Of course.You are Kai-kun…But you are li-like my older brother that always looking for me and you going to Hokkaido makes me sad…”

“I feel the same too when you left for France and when you are hospitalized for months… But it's different I was thinking will you still know me? All I’m thinking back then was are you going ti return… You now my feelings so there is nothing I to hide…”


“In all the people in the world, you are the one who can understand my feeling… But I'm grateful that at least at least you did not push me away …"Atsuko shook her head…

"I know how it feels being the person you like… being near to that person without asking for anything I understand that…I tried holding on you but I will be more selfish if I ask you to stay and hurt so leave Kai if that’s what will make you happy.."She stands up and entered her room…

I was standing outside her room…

"Thank you, Atsuko I love you…”         

Acchan ’ s POV

After lunch Kai did not dare to go out from his room. I knock many times from his door but not even his shadow shows…

“Kai- kun I will return to my room now… Just eat and leave your plates in the kitchen OK….”

Not even hum answered me.. He must be shy after what happens this afternoon… But it's his fault…“Tsk” I clench my fist and throw it in the air wanting to hit him so hard… Kai -kun is like a girl PMSing ...

Always have moods swings. “Don’t worry I will buy you some pads next time….”

“Cling cling…. ” A cool breeze hit my back … My eyes followed where the sudden cold air is from. I stop seeing the balcony’s sliding glass door slightly open… Closing the door I notice a small figure sitting on the floor while drinking alcohol….


The man leaned back, eyes are full of terror as I stood in his side arms crossed…

“Wha-what the heck.!! ” Kai screamed out of surprise.

“What the heck??."Copying him with full emphasis.

He quickly hid the can behind his back while averting my gaze.

I put my palm in front of him, confiscating the beverage.

"What do you think you’re doing Mr. Takahashi…”

“ I-I can’t sleep…”

My brows curves hearing his answer.

“So you think you will be healed easily with that? Give it to me come on..Of course, it will hard for you to sleep it's just eight pm”

“Just leave me alone Atsuko….”

“ Not without that can…” I flipped my hand half way…“ Come on..”

“Atsuko!"He said a bit annoyed. Without further warning, I tried grabbing the can on his back…

"Atsuko!!!"He begged for me to stopped.

Finally, I get the can in his back but it was too late for me to withdraw… One of his hand was gripping my right shoulder as our face is just half a foot apart… My eyes were captured by him…

” A-atsuko….“ Then both of his hands are raised in surrender.

"It’s because of your stubbornness” I slap his shoulders.. ( Damn it’s so hard)

I averted his eyes and sit on the inclined doors step. I drink on the can not know how to explain…

“ I - I’m sorry but not really sorry…” Kai scoffed hearing me apologize.

“It’s because this is bad for you…” I shook the canister. He just nods in reply…

Kai rests his head on the glass door…“ I never felt this helpless and useless…”

I smirked hearing him" You should learn from the expert then…“I pointed myself using my right thumb.

Kai shifted his head on me… ” All my life I’m helpless and useless..“

"Acchaaan…"Kai retorted.

I smile to him “I’m sorry Kai-kun…  "I bit my lips then bows down… ” You wouldn’t be in that situation without my stubbornness… “It’s my fault…All my life I rely it on Yuu-kun and on you. Now that Yuu-gun asks me to stop hoping I also lost you…“ I gulp on the can again… "All my life I been grateful to Yuu-kun I-I just realize you are also always there for me…And for all the years I did not say enough thank you. But please for this last time I’m asking you another favor… Be healthy and get well soon… It's the only way I can thank ou….”

“I did not ask anything Atsuko really… And about the accident, it is not your fault I’ve already asked my staff to remove the scaffolding bit none abide me..”

“But still…”

“But still you are stubborn…"Kai chuckles…

"I’m sorry for treating you badly these past days it is just…”

“I - I understand…”

“ Acchan… Thank you for everything….”

“I smiled hearing it from the guy who has been acting nice these past days…”

“ I’m sleepy…."I yawned Kai laugh…

Kai's POV


It’s been three days of living with Atsuko and I guessed it's not that bad living now we fight lesser about things we always argued from which is food and medicine… Oh, how I hate taking a pill…. Ding dong ding dong… She must be home but I already give her the password… Ah without piping out I just open the door making me drop my clutches…

"Wha-what are you doing here Ray?”

“To take care of you…”

She jumped into me making us fall to the ground.

“Ah'Ittai!!!”. She started crawling on my top and I tried hard pushing her away but having one hand can never win with her…

“I like you Kai-kun…I really like you…I promise to give you everything…”

“Ray get of me ….Please…Ittai!!!"I held my head… This is why I hate dealing with girls…”

“Ray grab my two wrists and put it on the side…"I will show you that I’m greater than that bitch you have ..”

“Ray stops this and this will be the last time you can call Atsuko a bitch!!!No one can call her that…"I used all of my strength to push ray on my side …

"What do you see in her? I’m rich, Popular and beautiful why can’t you see I


"I’m looking at her madly I’m so pissed that I biting my lips to supress my temper …

"Do you want to hear it? I love Atsuko….I really love her…That I hate people bad mouthing her… You did not know her for you to look down on her…”


“I love her that I’m willing to be hurt just to be on her side…I love her that I’ve asked my best friend to take good care of her even if it’s killing me inside… I love her that even if I saw flaws but I’m loving her more..”

Then I saw the doors open I moving my head slowly seeing Atsuko enter my flat…Her face changes and inspecting the whole situation… Ray's face shifted on the side with her head down….I quickly remove rays legs out of mine…

“A-Atsuko it's not what you’re thinking…"Our clothes are all mess up…

"Get out from this place Ray.."Atsuko said coldly…"GET OUT !!!! Don’t wait from my temper to hit you bitch…."Ray took her heals then dashed out of my unit.

"Acchan let me explain…” Acchan silently walks and kneel beside me…“I can explain.."She was all silent and not answering me…Atsuko helped me sit on the couch and took the first kit on the kitchen…My eyes can’t help to follow her… Why am I feeling bad that Atsuko see me with another girl in that situation?

"I need to see if the the wound was open..”

I nodded making her remove the band on my head.

“Ittai!!!"I flinch feeling the gauze stick on my wound…

” I’m sorry"

“ No, it’s fine just be more careful…”

“Ah… Thank god it just bleeds or we need to go to the hospital to re-stitched it again…”

“I see…Atsuko about what you’ve seen…”

“No it's fine I know what she did…”

“I’ve done that too with Yuu in Singapore…But When I return to my consciousness I stop…I feel bad saying that to Ray when I also did that too..”

“You’re different you are the type that will stop when you know there is something wrong but Ray would still force herself…"Atsuko starts cleaning my wound with cotton and antiseptic. Awkward silence feels the air when Atsuko finally break it.

"Thanks, I know we are in a relationship for you to protect me like that..”

“It’s nothing, of course, your still my friend after all..”

Atsuko smile and lowered her head staring my eyes my hand is both in my legs rubbing my hand on my legs feeling so tense…She moves closer to my face making me move back a little and blew my wound…

Dugdug dug…

Oh my god this feeling again

Dug dug dug dug…

My breaths become short and fast……

dug dug…

Ding dong…

Atsuko stands up and went to the intercom seeing her leave I flopped my whole body down to my couch…

“What was that  I whispered to myself…Calm down monkey… calm down…. My god, I’m having a heart attack!!!


I saw Rena and Jurio walking on the hallway Rena …

New York

“I’m sorry but I don’t think your offer will be the best way for my company now… Sooner my shop in Japan will be close, even though I want to return to my homeland but with my problems shops in France and with my problems with business partners I don’t think I can…"Mario said pushing the documents on the table after four days of waiting for him this the only answer I can get…I bit my lips thinking proper way to reconcile…I took a deep breath and rested my back on my sit…

"I understand…"I said with my voice in defeat…

"Can you still reconsider…"Haruna spoke gaining my attention…

"Being fashion consultant for a big company like Maeda corp.. is great opportunity for my business but expanding with my business like this I can’t I’m sorry but I will still help as much as I can…”,Looking at the guy on my front with sincerity I held Haruna’s hand mounting the word It's ok.

“Yuu don’t think I’m taking things personally as you have passed with my wife..”

“I understand …"I stand on my chair and bow my head…After few more chats and bidding our goodbye, I and my girlfriend went back to our hotel room.

"You can find the best person to be fashion consultant of Maeda Corp…”

For week but I do nothing time is ticking or this project will be a total failure..I’m tapping my phone on my lap waiting for my girlfriend to finish taking shower… I close my eye thinking other plans of where to get the fashion consultant… I asked my executive assistant to check suitable person which suits the position…


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Chapter 39

Standing in the middle of the board room with eyes piercing on me...My heart is beating fast with all the air escaping my lips. For the final time, I closed my eyes. I need to do this as instructed, there is no place for mistakes Oshima Yuu... I bit my lips.And started the presentation of our next spring line...

“President, are you mocking the members of the board with your presentation...    Director Tanagawa utter... I intensely glaring at him. His words are all criticizing my presentation like a dog barking on his owner.

"What a nice presentation isn't  you going to tell the board that your trip to New York to get Shinoda Mario as our fashion consultant was not successful ....."

"Oshima Yuu, What is the meaning of this?" my father's voice roared across the room...

I bow 90 degrees then stand straight " I do apologize for not having House of S as our in-house label and make him as fashion consultant..."

"But where did you get that amazing presentation?"
Director Yamashita asked

"I guess all the concepts are  good  having design competition for new fashion designer at the same time fashion shows and making our department stores sales personnel trained about  styling be a good concept"

I grinned seeing the approval of almost most of the board...Hearing how impressed the board members are director Tanagawa did not dare to talk more.
"Tell me, how did you come up with those concepts?" my father asked.

"Aren't we putting the Maeda's corporation standards down?"

"This presentation will not be possible without this person ladies and gentleman the new Maeda's Corporations fashion consultant...

"What ?????"Director Tanagawa utters the door opens with my secret girlfriend walking inside with all her grace.Her red formal coat and pencil cut skirt... 

"so hot" I whisper.

I look to my father's expression his gaze fixed at me while gripping his pen so tight..

Haruna received clap on her idea then the boards' members started asking her questions that she answers naturally... I never thought my girlfriend is intelligent like this.

"President Yuu are you serious? You hire a model to be the fashion consultant. "Director Tanagawa

"I think Ms. Kojima Haruna popularity with the both ladies and men will give the advantage to our company at the same time her education and experience abroad .. My eyes shifted to Acchan but her eyes diverted fast to avoid mine.

Without a sweat, Haruna gets the majority of the votes... 
Walking back to my office with my girlfriend overly excited talking to me... My father walks out from the elevator....I and my Gf stop l, Haruna stayed silent then look at me with fear....
"This time I no longer can protect the both of you, most especially you Oshima Yuu I cannot protect your position in this company...Wolves are lurking around waiting the right time to get your chair ... "My father walk pass as making my girl gripped tightly on my arms... 

" Otoosan."


"I'm sorry but I don't think your offer will be the best way for my company now...

 Sooner my shop in Japan will be close, even though I want to  return to  my homeland but with my  shops problems in France and with my problems with business partner I don't think I can..."Mario said pushing the documents on the table after a week of waiting for him this the only answer I can get...I bit my lips thinking the proper way to reconcile...I took a deep breath and rested my back on my chair...

"I understand..."I said with my voice in defeat...

"Can you still reconsider..."Haruna spoke up gaining my attention...

"Being fashion consultant for a big company like Maeda Corp. is a great opportunity for my business but expanding in with an internal crisis like this I can't I'm sorry but I will still help as much as I can..."Looking at the guy on my front with sincerity I hold Haruna hand mounting the word It's ok.

"Yuu don't think I'm taking things personally as you have passed with my wife.."

".I understand...."I stand on my chair and bow my head...After few more chats and bidding our goodbye, I and my girlfriend went back to our hotel room.

"You can find the best person to be fashion consultant of Maeda's Corp..."

I have one week but I  have nothing, time is ticking on this project will be a total failure..I'm tapping my phone on my lap waiting for my girlfriend to finish taking shower... I close my eye thinking other plans of where to get the fashion consultant... I asked my executive assistant to check suitable person which suits the position... 

Now Haruna and I are back in our Hotel room... I took a break working on my laptop and watch the view of central park from my window... My hands are in my pocket.

"Everything will be alright Yuuchan" Haruna peck on cheek hugging me from my back tightly....

"I don't want to give up because I'm doing this for you baby..."I shifted looking my girl who is starting playing with my dimples with her finger....

"I know..."She said with a sad tone ..My girlfriend released her hug and walking back to our bed with her hands pulling my wrist. I sigh and follow her knowing what is she trying to imply ...She sat on the edge of the bed and I kneel in the front meeting her eyes with mine.  "Haruna..."I said softly...

"Don't give up please Yuuchan "She cupping my face....

"You don't need to ask me that baby.."Haruna holds my neck...

"I don't want to go back to Tokyo not having concrete plan.." Haruna enveloped my neck with her arms and my torso with her legs...

"I don't want to go back to Tokyo with this feeling..."Resting her forehead on mine... The way Haruna was breathing was enough for me to understand her feelings.Pulling my neck to rest her face on my shoulder moment past I feel something wet on my shirt and I feel her body started trembling...

"Haruna.." my voice are broken being with my girl emotional breakdown...

"Please don't..."

"I never said I will.."

"I'm sorry because I'm not good enough to help you.."I remained silent listening to her...My shirt becomes tighter fitting my body as her hands and clenching it tighter...

"Maybe I'm a bad luck  because..."I shut her sentence with my lips not liking what was Haruna pointing at.I push mine with her forcibly then suck her lower lips with love her eyes shut feeling every step that my lips were doing with hers... She parted her lips gasping for air..I stop and put my index fingers on it...

"Never said a bad word about yourself if you do not want me to get mad at you again..."Haruna nods like a kid and bit her lower lips...

"Haruna if you only know as I become stronger whenever you're near..."I pull her head back to my shoulder. "I owe you my success... " We become like that for minutes not saying words but feeling the heartbeat of each other is enough to understand our feelings... Haruna's phone rung stopping us on our lovey Dovey session...She took it on the bedside table then ask my permission her to answer away from me...Nodding my head giving Haruna permission for her to leave me... watching her back moving the distance...I sat on the edge of the bed where my girlfriend sat before... I sigh and slump my body down as I stretched sidewards.Then I feel something hits my elbow. I notice a notebook that draws my attention ...

"Nyan Nyan..."My lips curve upward realizing that I sounded a grade schooler reading the cover... I remove the belt of the notebook I sigh as the pictures fall directly on my face I sat up and put the pictures back to the notebook. "I wonder how many magazine pages she cut out with this pile of pictures. Not being aware I happened to take a look at each picture ... My brows met as her notebook with fashion design picture and some have call outs from which body type, season, and girl interests her notes are a rich of information from the designer of the and brands..."I never thought she's this way versed with fashion..."

"Ahem...."I expectably I did not notice my girlfriends sudden returned... Her left brows curved upward with her arms crossing her chest asking for an explanation...I look down being guilty of invading her privacy... Crawling back to the edge of the bed I pulled her to my lap... "I'm still waiting for an explanation...

"She said coldly...I kissed her arms and rubbing her marshmallow skin to subside her disappointment...

"Who called you?"

"My manager ask me to report on Monday..."I nod..."I'm waiting, Yuu..."Her voice becomes stricter that made me more tensed up..."Nyan nyan what is this for?"

"I'm the one who asked you first..."

"I'm just curious so I open this up I'm so sorry for invading your privacy baby.But I become more curious as I flip pages more...."

"It's my prediction for coming fashion for upcoming season not just in Japan but I also have pictures..blah blah...."For the whole time that she's talking impress on how she loves fashion industry...

"I forgot that you've graduated fashion merchandise..."

"hmmm.... "Ideas run to my mind while grinning...


a light slap wakes me from revere...
"You’re thinking perverted things again..."

"How could say that? I'm working baby.."

"I do not believe you."She holding my dimples with his right hand and shook my head left to right.

"You should be, Where do you want to go?"


"Because I want to spend my last day in New York before going home ..."


Present time

Haruna was staring at her hands after walking inside our office, She was like that for few minutes.I tilted my head and come closer to her while waving my hand distracting her from her starring her hand...

"Is there something wrong my Nyan nyan?"

"I did it Yuuchan.."   

I nodded in confusion "yes you did it."Nyan smile at me cheekily... "I did it Yuuchan..."

"Yes, baby you just repeat it what you've said before..."

"I did it Yuuchan..."

"Hai baby.... "I smile lovingly and confused on her  "You did it smoothly"Nyan nyan biting her lips will grinning. "Board of directors approved me being
Fashion Consultant...." Haruna biting then started to cry...I hug her tightly... "You're so lovely, baby...."I kissed Haruna's eyes the hug her tight...

"It's our position now and no one can take it away from you... I hug Haruna tightly.... "I still don't have a contract...." I pull my body away then tilted my face... "What do you think I will work free because you are my boyfriend?." I close my eyes and smile in exasperation.... "Hai.Hai..." I raised both of my hands in the air "Was my body enough to pay your services?"Haruna crossed her arms over her chest then put her fingers on her chin.... "Hmmmmm...  I should be the one charging you for that...But let me think of it" She pulled my tie and give a peck on my lips...."

"You know that should not be doing that to me..."

"You know I can do what I want with you" I smirked and shaking my head in disbelief.  Haruna pulled my chin using her right index finger...

"You need to meet my manager first." Her free hand is roaming over my shoulder... "But before that let me hear your offers..."I'm breathing fast and shallow as my girl was doing tricks that she knows I love...

"How could you initiate thing with Oshima groups C.E.O.?Haruna keeps kissing me hungrily... "Haruna Baby we can't do this here...

"I know..."She pulled away then walk sexily to my desk ... She reaches my family picture then touch it with her fingers....

"How I wish I'm included in this too..."
I walk towards her then grab the picture frame to her..She sigh... Pain... can be heard from it.

"I'm sorry...."

"I will work hard for it Yuuchan I will not give up..."

"No, We baby" I cupped her face then kissed her forehead...

"We will make it happen.."

"After what your dad said in the elevator..I realize that I need to work hard for this....I'm scared with your parents but want them to acknowledge my existence..."

I only answer her with a deep sigh and rest my lips on her forehead while my thumb keeps on caressing her cheeks...

"I will make your dreams come, true baby, I will make it happens."Haruna nod ...I hug her then brush her back...

Atsuko's POV

He is back...

Yuu-kun, Thinking about it his absence makes me reflect on my feelings for him. Since the day he rejected my feelings I always cry. I love him so much and hearing his love will not go beyond friendship my world collides.... But then I inflicted the pain on Kai that caused an accident... Should I be thanking KaI because after his injury my heart broke somewhat subside....

I'm sitting in the board room with other board of directors.... Since Yuu started the presentation I also started spacing out... But my eyes were fixated on the lady wearing hot red formal clothing.... She was sexy and elegant the exact description of fierce...

 "Ha-Haruna-chan...." I gulp...

" Meet our new fashion consultant Kojima Haruna..."

Whispers like bees started....Since Kojima Haruna enters the room critics started debating about her credibility.... But her name in the fashion scene was so big that everybody looking at her as a money-making-machine. Was here experienced enough to handle the position of course not there is more experience fashion icon which is good in the marketing world. But her name is a hot item...And having an internationally famous designer par with the local supermodel and an effective brand ambassador you will pick the one whose named concreted her existence ... All girls want to be like her... Her fashion statement was a big talked I'm social media... But the word is being a consultant... Can she be capable of Rebirth of Maeda Corp... Then I stare on Yuu maybe she's not but the guy standing will use her for that to make it happens...

It's a landslide decision she got chosen as her ideas are fresh at the same time will only spend less... She must be the goddess of fashion and social media...

I'm walking back to my office... "Acchan."I close my eyes damn how I wish ground will eat me right now... Fuck ... Now I regret choosing a position who will be working closely with him... Just act like you did not hear him Atsuko... I started passing again.."Director Maeda..." I breathe deeply and my claws are buried on my notebook... But I need to be professional... I turn my back ...

" We will be having a meeting regarding O hotel in Sapporo ..."

"Hai... President.."

" And How was Kai?."

"Fuck.... I want to melt on my own feet right now.....

" He is good.." Yuu smiled bitterly and nod.

" 3 pm..."

Then he bows and walks back to the elevator... I held the railing of the corridor... Why am I in this position?

Haruna's POV   

For many times I rolled over on our bed as I'm trying to catch a dream but I am far of sleeping....The meeting with the board had ended but I'm still anxious about my new position in Oshima group... This is such a big responsibility and failing would put my relationship with Yuuchan... Tiredness is evident on my squirrels face...Using my elbow I supported my own weight resting it on my bed... My neck is all stretch watching Yuu's sleeping face..... I poke his dimples and kiss.

"Charming as ever .." I puckered my lips as I'm slowly bending closer to his cheeks... But in a second my lips were already captive by him and my waist is already in prison on his arm...I was caught at the moment but was awaken noticing his other hand traveling into my bum... My right-hand traces his muscular arm then pinch it before it reaches its destination...

"I- Ittai nyan nyan!!!!"Yuu begs....

"How could you trick me again?"Yuu chuckled and try for another round of smooch but I already stopped them.... 

"How could you lust over my body?"He countered me with another question...

"I'm the one who asks first?"

"Tsk!!! Nyan Nyan  I'm just initiating it so you wouldn't be shy"

"Shy your face Yuuchan..."I Rest my head I his chest then slap his stomach..."

"I'm sorry asking you this much to save me... "

" I'm scared Yuuchan.."

"What if I failed?"

"It means I fail too..."

"Don't worry Nyan nyan we will both work hard..."Yuu rubs my back and kisses my forehead... 
"I don't think I'm good enough for the position.."

"The fact that the board agreed is enough to say  you are a qualified baby."

" I want to be in that picture frame too."

Yuu keeps on caressing my cheeks while our eyes are connected... But I flinch feeling the muscle on my cheeks being pulled by my asshole boyfriend "Ittai-Ittai Yuu-chan..."Yuu chuckled then stop when I pulled her hands away with my cheeks...

"Baka!!!!!"Yuu chuckle more like a child ... Then he pulled my skin again then squeezed it together..."Yuuchan!!!!!" I scream by being pissed....He laughs then composed himself. I just realize baby your cheeks is like mochi... soft and flexible...
I smack his head hearing him.. "You really not listening to me..."How could you make fun of me you are not taking me seriously...."Before I can more he already captured my lips...  We stop when we can barely breathe... you caressed my cheeks again... "Now that you are pissed but still love me are you still thinking about What if?"

"Haruna, All I do was to introduce you and your ideas on the board. What happened next is beyond my knowledge.It is you..."

I tuck my lips and look at his eyes again Yuu smile while combing my hair with his fingers...

"The board's acceptance of you was far more than I expected and far more than I expect they will accept Shinoda... "

"But I do not have experience..."

Yuu hugged me tightly and he rested his chin on my head.

"Hmmmmm..... When they give me this position I don't have experience too When they ask me to take over Maeda Corp I don't have experience on Managing Department stores......"

"Yuu hold my hand locking his fingers with each finger of mine...

"Never think that you will fail.Remember I'm you, partner...Yuu kissed my forehead... All you need to do is to work on your ideas and my work is to market it...

" Yuu winks and kisses my forehead..."Sleep now my mochi, We still have a lot of work to do Tom...."

"I love you Yuu..."

"I love you more baby..."

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  Chapter 40    


“That’s all the documents you need to  sign  President “My secretary Kuramochi slightly bow and place the files on my table.. “Ok thank you” Asuka slithly bow her head and go towards the door  “Wait” She shifted here face back to my direction..

 “Remind Kojima san that we will have a meeting by eleven.. “

“President,  Kojima-san is still not in her office since morning…’’

“What?” But  she said she will just be an hour late when after I drove  her off to Tomochin's boutique.

 “Ah, I see, when she arrives tell her that I need a quick meeting with her with her team.. “

“Yes , President..” She slightly bowed her head then leave my room.

“Where is she then? “ I tried calling her number but no one is answering. Being so worried I tried calling her few more times, but still no one is answering my call…Fuck !!! baby what are you doing to me?…. My mouth is drying up as this is the first time I’m completely lost track of my gf… Then finally the ring stops from another line..

“Moshi mosh? “

“ Baby??? Where are you?”

“ Ahh.. Oshima- kun”

“Oo- shima -kun?????,” This is not her, then where is she????? I asked myself..

“Who is this?”

“ This is To-to-mochin…..” My heart beat raise faster as this is again first time that some one answers with her phone and panic is evident with her tone.. 

“Where is Haruna? Did she left her phone in your boutique?”

“ No-No!!! I- I cannot explain “ My eyebrows aligned in confusion as terror starts to crawl up my body…

”Excuse me miss the doctor needs to check her” Another familiar voice was heard coming from behind the Tomochin..

“To-Tomochin, What doctor ? WHERE ARE YOU?!!!!!!!”

“O-Oshima kun…….” Tut tooooooooot … I stand on where I’am sitting with worry and confusion with all everything I heard from one simple call.. I’ m breathing short and fast and my head was full of air” Nyan nyan???”

My feet is struggling to make steps as I’ve been running for I don’t know how long…

“Where is she?”

I went to information desk and ask where was my girlfriend 
Tomochin texted me that Nyan nyan past out on her shop and she hurriedly bring my girlfriend to the nearest hospital.. This is all my fault I’ m sorry Nyan nyan.. The nurse on the information desk  said room 416 … I run thru the hallway not caring what people think of me..  Nyan nyan her name was a chant in my head … I ended up on the end of the corridor on left side door 416… My heart started beating fast… slowly I reach the door knob and slide the door. There I see my girlfriend laying on the bed sounding silently… She is so pale… I walk slowly without even looking around her room my eyes is fixated with my girl friend state…

I held her cold hand then kiss her forehead “I’m so sorry, this is all my fault…” then seal my lips in her forehead…

“Yes this is all your fault, How? How could you lie all this years? How could you make me believe?”

I shifted my view on the voice in my back bit before I could see her..”

“ PLAK!!!!!!! The sound of her slap echoed on the whole room…

“Yukirin stop….” Saikun straggle to hold her wife… “Honey stop this.” Yukirin shove her husband hand “And you how could you hide this from me all this years..” Yukirin glare could kill anyone who defies it.. this is the first time I saw her lost her  composure…. I held Haruna’s hand tighter…

“I’m sorry….”

“Sorry? Can you call your self a man?!!!” Yukirin held my collar….” All this time Haruna is alone, all this time you making her lie to the world with what?” I receive few more slap from Yukirin that I did not stop..

“I know, How cruel your family to anyone who dates their son…. And you let my friend goes thru it and hide it!! Oshima Yuuuuuuuuu!!!”

“ I know “ I kneel in front of Yukirin and bow my head… “ I will take all the responsibility…”

“ How do you even know the word responsible.? Look at my friend, she is suffering alone for all eight year being with you…” Yukirin face is so red in madness and Sai cannot stop her wife from blaming me.

“Yuu- Yukirin , Don’t be mad …Its my request…. I ask them not to tell you and others…” Haruna said while trying to get up but I stop her…


“Its because you are close with Atsuko and I know you guys will never let me date Yuuchan..” My girl friend tried to sit..

“No baby stay still… I’m sorry for all the things my selfishness cause you…”

“ No Yuuchan..”

“ Please understand my decision, I know we lie but its his parents rule so we should not tell you or can date….” Yukirin glared back to me…

“Oshima….and How about Atsuko you know she like you? No… She love you for long… What do you think she can handle this? Do you want her to be sick again?”

“All this time I want to tell her, Do you think I don’t have  conscience .. Atsuko is like a sister to me and I make it clear to her.. I love Haruna…”

“ You love for the cost that you guys lie to the world…’’

“Yes I love her that even my family will disowned me to be their son I don’t mind…For long I’M working my ass and abide all their rule for them to let me date Haruna .. They use my love for Haruna to be their robot.. But If its Haruna I will do everything… “

“ For Yuuchan I will do everything even study hard to be on his side…”

“Yuu guys…’’

“All I want is his family to acknowledge me… All- I want is to be enough for there son.”

“You two…”Haruna gripping my hands tightly… “I will do everything to be successful no matter what…”

Yukirin step back and turn around… “ So what? And When both of you will  suffer? How about the baby?”


“I roamed my head around questioning everyone.. Haruna takes my hand and put it on her tummy.. “She started crying in my arms while hugging it..”

“I'm 6 weeks pregnant…”

“Why? Who is the father? ” Haruna smack my tummy and scowl..

‘’ Its not your child…” she said in pissed tone..

I lower my face near her showing my dimples while crying… “I'm going to be a dad now?” I feel the air is choking me as I don’t know how to breath slowly… I kiss Haruna's lips “ Its my baby? I’M going to be a dad now ….”I’m grinning like stupid ..Haruna nod her head cutely … “I love you baby”

“Tsk it is your fault Saichan you are always busy now Haruna whom I know sine for eight year is now preggy..” Yukirin started smacking her husband chest..

“Please take care of us.. “ Haruna said..

“ You two are my priority from now on…” I hugged and kiss Haruna..

Atsuko’s POV


I cringe hearing the car screaming on my face… Oh my…. I bow and run to the end of pedestrian lane..

“Stroll on the park not on the road!!” the mad driver shouted.  I face palm as I started to space out again… What wrong with you Atsuko?… I slightly slap my face with both of my hands… Am I really looking for an accident.. tsk … I walk swinging my bag down back in forth in the air. For the whole day all I do was to hide inside my office… If I can only file sick leave for the whole year…


Croooooooo  I forget , I still haven’t eat lunch… Croooooooooo” “Shut up” I hissed on my stomach…

Until I stop on my favorite restaurant… I walk slowly until I see the piano from the glass… I smile as I remember Yuu playing rivers flow into you…

” Ma’am why wont you wait you’re  boyfriend inside?” The waiter  pointed the door with his hand…”

I waive my hand…”No… Nooo… Im not hungry…” Crooooooooooooooooo geeez…. The waiter chuckled hearing my stomach and I close my eyes in bow my head in shame…

All the memories filled as I enter the door.. The waiter guided me to the sit near the piano…

“ Can you have other available tables?..”

“ I’m sorry ma’am here I will lead you…”

Sitting on the chair I can finally relax my self… “This is the last place that I want to go but look where I am…”

 I look at my phone tsk its already ten…Hmmmm Kai call me?

“ Thank you Ma’am comeback again..’’

I bow my head to the waiter…

“Ouch!!!!’’ I did not notice I small guy in front of me…

Kai’ s POV

The girl I been looking for finally bumps me Iam relieve just by simply looking at her… Atsuko takes the crunches that Fell on the ground…

“I’m sorry…” I’m relieve that finally you are in front of me…

“Tsk , Clumsy as ever…”

“Its an accident…And Why are you here?..”

“Looking for lost person…”

“ Me? You are looking for me?.”

“I think you are only person fits for that…”

“So rude….” I walk ahead then shifted back to her “You……….. come here, I pointed my finger on her..” She stomping her feet while heading forward to me…I flick her forehead…

“Ittai!!!!” Why did you do that?”

“Because , “ You make worried to death “Because you bumped me..”
‘’ You are the worst”

I smug…” Why?”

“You know better than I ,who is the worst one…” Atsuko glared at me intensely..

“Come to me” I nudge my head to the road.. Atsuko look at me with suspicion..

“You told me you will be taking care of me…..” I returned the favor by saying how bad she is as my nurse..

Unwillingly Atsuko followed me to the subway station…
“Where are we going?”

“I' m tired Kai kun …”

“Go home then I can go by myself…” Atsuko pulled my wrist..

“Aren’t you tired using the crunches?” I smile seeing her worried face I pat her head.. “I want to go…”

“Then I will come with you?” When we reach the foot of the sky tree… Atsuko look at me bewildered with my idea.. I smile…

“Can you please help me with the stairs..”

Atsuko nodded held my arms and support my back climbing to the stair.. “
 When we both reach the observatory Atsuko face widen in amusement..

‘’ Sugoi Kai it pretty..” I nodded then Asuko grabs my arms .. I cant control not to smile as I feel this is a real date. She grabs my arms tighter…

“So pretty…” Finally her face lightens up…

While she’s so happy staring and pointing her fingers to the stars and naming each building like abc, I remember the Atsuko I like since kinder..

“Its pretty….” I said while staring on her face.

“Yes soo pretty…”  She slightly jumps in her excitement and liglty taps my shoulder while pointing down the road..

 I put my crunches on the steel handrail and started reach for the star I make sure that the brightest star is in between my thumb and  finger..

“You still remember that? “ I nodded .

“ I look stupid by now , right? “Atsuko giggles and nod…

“ I know….” Sudden  silence feel the air… “Stars are so pretty…”

“ Its because you so fond staring at the sun you forget how many stars are looking down upon you….”

Atsuko’s face look puzzled with my words…She look down when she realize what I mean..

Her grip on my arms suddenly loosen..

“ I’m sorry..”

I chuckled… “ Because you cant love me…”

“Kai?????” she said softly.

“ Why? I told I will not do anything about my feelings… “
“ Don’t go…”

I return my vision back to the busy roads of Tokyo…

“ I need to punish you…”

“Pu- Punish me?” I nodded in affirmation…

“Yes, punish you in the name of moon…” Atsuko rolled her eyes the started giggling “What the heck is that!” She wipe the side of her eyes while laughing… “Stop it sailor moon… Its sad that I can never get mad with my rival nor being pissed by breaking the girl that I loves heart.

When Atsuko gain her composure. “I will not go and be your only to be your best friend if you promise me two things..”

“Atsuko nodded that makes me flick her head once more”Ittai Kai- kun…”
“One never think of him while you are with me . Two never go home late because I’m in a very vulnerable state right now I will have 9 pm curfew on my house if you are late sleep on the streets.” Atsuko rolled her eyes… I nudge my head sideways…

“ I’m sorry…” She said… As if I will let you see me be you best friend only I’ m sorry Atsuko… I'm sorry I m a coward its my fault why you are in that position… hurting…But I will promise you I will make you fall for me… not now but I will make you pain go away…

“Stop saying sorry…” she looked at my eyes” The more you say that the more you will be indebted to me… “ I put my finger in her forehead and pointed it up and my last rule never look down…” I will be brave so you will not be alone and hurting ..  So you can rely on me from now on.. I may not be as talented like Yuuboy but I promised my heart for you is bigger than him… I will not let you cry.. let you shuttered into pieces…

Looked at them there are so sweet... Teenage girls on my backs started  whispering Atsuko started to let go of her grip but I held her hand.. “I will fall if you release me..” Atsuko’s cheeks blushed then waited me to get my clutches back to its place…

“Look Acchan its your cat” I pointed to the street . She started laughing again then return mesmerizing the view. She looked at me in dis belief then smack my shoulder…

“Ahhhhh “High school student started screaming…. I shifted to them then flash a smile…. Girls started screaming and stomping…

“Hmmm…Flirting with high school girls??” Atsuko frowned….
From now on I will not be step back and waited for your love… Acchan , I will not let you leave my house without you leaving your heart to me.. No more turning back…

Atsuko look up in the stars mesmerizing the constellation above “ Its orion” she mumbles and smile…”

“The immortal son of Zeus…Being so boastful Gaea  sent the great monster Scorpio to fight him.. Orion died then his father Zeus sent him to the sky… And placing scorpion on the opposite side ..” I pointed the location of the constellation Orion.

“I-I never knew you are so good with astronomy Kai.. I used to join astronomy club in Middle High School…”

“Kakoiiii.. So cool..” I smile not able to contain my happiness I thought this day will never happened…

“Why did you join? I love stars so much….”

“Its because I feel I am close with someone when I am staring at the stars…”


“ They say if someone dies they will become stars that saying was so stuck in my head .. I always look at the sky thinking where is my mom .I may not know where or who she is in that stars but I want my mom to know that if she is looking down upon I am staring up above and not forgetting her .. “

“I hope Ami is in the sky too… ‘’ I nodded..

“She does… And she’s proud of you…”

“Do-do you think she have forgiven me.. “Atsuko started crying…

“Don’t cry Ami will be sad seeing you sad, I know Ami is glad you are alive and still with your family ..We both know how good girl she is… She will never get mad at her Oneechan… “Atsuko started wiping her eyes…

“Kai- kun why are you so rude to me most of the time but also you are so good to me. “

“Do I really have to answer that…” I chuckled and mess her hair…

“ Look Amichan  your Oneechan is like a broom….”I blast in laughing then Atsuko’s eye started glaring at me… I fixed it again..

“Ami  look its fixed now…Im just making you baby sis happy.. “

“tsk..  Atsuko kick on my casted feet…

“ Ittaiiii!!! She complained

“ Served you right..”

“Baka!!!’” I continued laughing .. 

“You can be always mad at me but I never wanted you to frown when you are with me… “

“Who are you to tell what should I feel..”

“Ahhhh!!! Ittaiii my casted… Ahhhhh ittaii my head I think… Im dizzy…”

“Ok… I get it I get it… Atsuko so pissed she started walking fast..

“Oi Wait for me….”

“ You got to be faster or no one will assist you on the stairs…”

“Acchan…”I stop and smile really like bullying me. ..

To be Continued….

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