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Author Topic: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story  (Read 106765 times)

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 10 added
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Chapter 11

*Rappapa`s Room, 3 days after last chapter.

I sat in my chair in Rappapa`s room all alone. The other Queens hasn’t come yet, so does our underling. While Dance was at the class, study. Tch…, why the hell does she come to Majijo after all? Now Torigoya has been beaten too. Thankfully she’s alright. At least her condition was better than the rest of us after the fight. Well, actually I was alright too, but the damn doctor locked me up in the hospital for a week. Now all of the Shitennou has been taken down.

“Argh…. Dammit!!” I kicked the empty chair in frustration.

I checked at my watch. Eleven AM. When I called her ealier, Torigoya said she’ll be late because she has to tend her injuries first, while Black… Heh, I don’t even know where she is. All I know, she was at school too right now. While Sado-san… I heard from Torigoya that she’s at ‘that’ place. So… it’s seems like Sado-san`s match versus Maeda will happen soon.

The only good thing that happened today was only when I met the Kabuki Sisters in Majijo`s rooftop by coincidence earlier this morning.


“Move out of here!” I shouted at them, more likely at Kokabuki, like I used to whenever someone blocked my ways or in the same place with me whenever I wanted to be alone.

 “Are… are… Queen Shibuya. In a foul mood already?” Ookabuki glared at me. “Kokabuki, anyone around?” she whispered to her sister while still in a glaring contest with me.

“No, we’re alone here. The school’s still barren around this time.”

“Good. Can you watch out for our back? Make sure no one will come here and see us.” She walked to me as soon as Kokabuki headed for the stairs to guard it. She sat next to me on top of the barrel and linked our hand.

“What’s happened? Why are you in a foul mood early in the morning like this? You seemed in a good mood when you’re with me last night.”

“Of course I do.” I said in a sarcastic tone. “Maeda defeated Torigoya last night.”

She grimaced. “Is she alright?”

“How the hell could I know? I haven’t been able to contact her all night.”

She pinched my cheek, “language,” earned a growl from me.  “Try to contact her again, perhaps she turned her phone off last night.”

I sighed. “Yeah, I will.” I turned to looked at her. “Are you sure you’re fine enough for school now?”

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry too much.” She smiled at me. “And beside, things are… getting worse, isn’t it?”

“Heh… tell me about it.”

“That’s why I have to be in school. Though I can’t do much.”

“You do realize with you in school now, means we probably have to fight, right? Since you’re one of the so-called Maeda`s Shitennou.”

“I know. But, perhaps, we won’t.”

“Just hope so.” ‘I don’t want to hurt you.’

“We better go. More students have come to school now.”


*Flashback end.


The sound of footsteps pulled me out of my thought. I looked at the entrance waiting for the newcomer. ‘It sounds like Torigoya.’ And in just a few second, the owner of the footsteps came inside. Torigoya it is. There are some bandages in her face, and some bruised are visible.

“Shibuyaaaaa….” She rushing towards me and hugged me. “Ma… maeda was scary. How could you guys still want to fight her.”

“Argh… get off.” Thankfully our underlings weren’t around. If they saw this, it’ll spread to the whole school in less than an hour. They gossiped around too much. If Yuko-san knows… and worst… if that certain Kabuki knows about this… I’ll be dead. She’s even got jealous to Dance, for God’s sake. If she knows about Torigoya clinging to me like this, she’ll get even more jealous. Why? First, Torigoya is prettier than Dance. Second, she’s my fellow Queen so even if, IF, I date her it won’t cause much trouble for both of us. Beside for me to die in Yuko-san`s hand of course. It has become a common knowledge that Yuko-san likes Torigoya. What people don’t know yet is that Torigoya also feels the same.

She finally let me go. “Maeda was really scary. And… and… those memories of her…” She’s shuddered.

“Oy, get a grip, will you?” I put my arm around her shoulder. “We are Rappapa, are you forget about that? We are the top of Majijo.” Grrrr…. That Maeda, what did she had done to Torigoya anyway? I’ve never seen Torigoya like this. And how could she defeated Torigoya. She’s hella scary when she was awaken.

“How could we face Yuko-san now?” She said after a while. “There’s only Sado left. And Maeda is really strong.”

“Argh… shut up. You’re annoying.” What is that Maeda made of anyway? Why is she so strong? Dammit.

Torigoya pouted at me, though she can understand that I didn’t mean it. That my anger was not directed to her.


*Late afternoon.

“When will Sado come back?” Torigoya asked, destroying the silence that has engulf the Rappapa`s room for about half an hour. I was re-applying my make up while Black was reading some book. Our underling wasn’t around. Black had sent them out because they had been too noisy, disturbing her reading time, while I had ordered Dance to come home because I want to spend more time with my fellow Queens. It has been a while for Rappapa`s Shitennou to be together like this. Too bad Geki’s still in the hospital. But, she’ll get out tomorrow.

“Huh? Didn’t you say she’ll be back after she visits Yuko-san?” I asked her, amazed by her airhead-ness.

“I mean, what time will she come?” She’s pouting at me. “I’m getting sleepy.”

I rolled my eyes at her and continuing what I’ve been doing before, not even bother to answer.

“She’ll come… you can sleep now if you want.” Black said in her usual tone of voice.

After a few more minutes, my phone buzzed, so does Black`s and Torigoya. We shared a confused look. I snatched my phone open, and saw a new email from Sado-san.

“It’s from Sado.” I heard Torigoya said.

“You too?” I asked her and threw Black an asking glance.

“…This might not be good.” Black said after a while.

I read the email and frowned.

From       : Sado
To          : Torigoya, Black, Shibuya
Subject   : This is an order.

Head to the unused warehouse near in the riverbank between Majijo and Yabakune. I heard Maeda is being beaten by Yabakune`s gang.  Meet me there soon.

“Why the hell we should help her?” I asked, not really understand what Sado-san wants from us.

Black sighed. “She’s Majijo`s student. We can’t let Yabakune harms Majijo`s students.” She stood up from her seat. “Come on let’s get going.”

“Tch…fine.” I stood up too. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want too.” I said to Torigoya, she’s still injured after all.

“No, I’m going with you. It’s been a while since we fight together.”

I smirked at her. “Too bad Geki can’t join ‘the fun’.”

And with that we’re leaving our room.


*Near the warehouse.

Black was standing in the middle of the road. Seeing her standing there, I halted my run near her and soon Torigoya came.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Black while trying to catch my breath. It’s been quite a long run.

“There’s about thirty Yabakune outside the warehouse. I don’t know how many inside it.”

“Ehh… thirty??” Torigoya asked.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “So what? Yuko-san had defeated thirty Yabakune on her own. Thirty Yabakune against the three of us shouldn’t be hard. Even though the two of you aren’t in your best condition.” I looked around us. “Where’s Sado-san?”

“Here.” Her voice came from behind me. Making me jumped a bit.

 “Glad you all came.” She said while looking at us one by one, she’s looking at me longer than the other though. “I’ll go inside the warehouse, but I need a distraction. So you three will be that distraction. When the Yabakune outside the warehouse came rushing at you, I’ll go inside.”

I put on my gloves and cracked my knuckles. “Fine…, piece of cake.”

Sado-san smiled smugly at me, “don’t get too cocky,” she then looked at Torigoya and Black, “Black, be careful of your little one, and Torigoya, mindful of your injuries.” She looked at us one by one again. “Alright girls, let’s go. Time to show them why they should be afraid of Rappapa!”
She then marched towards the warehouse with us following behind her. Some of the Yabakune spotted us. They started to yell to each other, “Majijo, Majijo`s Rappapa!” and rushed towards us. Just like Sado-san had said, they did come rushing towards us and neglecting the warehouse, which make it easier for Sado-san to slip inside the warehouse. While Black started to recite bibles.

As I said before it was a piece of cake. Those Yabakune started dropped to the ground one by one. Some jerk trying to punch me in the face, I dodge down and give her an upper-cut. “Ah… this feels good,” I shouted to my fellow Queen while punching some Yabakune, “how long has it been since the last time we’re fighting together like this?” 

Torigoya dodged someone’s kick, “yes, it is.” and catches her leg and used her as a shield from a sudden incoming attack, “isn’t it five months ago?”

“Six,” Black said while she gave a body jab, and disappeared again. “Too bad Geki’s not here.” She said while kicking someone, a few meters away from where she stood before.

“Ha! She’ll be mad if she knows.” Someone finally managed to hit my face with a stick, made me dizzy for a few seconds. “Dammit, how dare you??!!” I yelled to her while I rushed towards her, delivering some brutal blow, though not as brutal as Geki, to her face.

I can feel Black presence near me punching someone behind me, “as Sado-san had said, don’t get to cocky.”

“Argh… shut up!” I vent my anger on more Yabakune students. ‘Damn, it must’ve left some bruise.’

When we’re finished, the three of us stood close to each other, smiling, or more like Torigoya’s smiling, I was grinning, while Black only has this slight curve on her lips. While the Yabakune were on the ground, some writhing in pain, some already fainted. And… Maeda`s follower came.

She stopped in her track when she saw us. “Huh?? Rappapa`s Shitennou?” She looked at the warehouse and started running towards the warehouse. “Atsu-nee… I’m coming…”

“Tch… she was already too late.” I said while shaking my head at her action.

Torigoya tilted her head to the side. “How could she know about this?”

“Well, if she truly is Maeda`s follower she should’ve known.” I took my phone from my pocket and opened it. I felt it buzzed during the fight. Yep, there’s a new email from Dance, asking if I’m okay after the fight. “Even Dance knows about this.” I texted her back, saying I’m okay.

Black kept her silence, the only movement she had made was only touching her rosary. Torigoya looked at me, or more like studying me. She opened her mouth to say something, but it was halted because Sado-san came out of the warehouse.

“That Yabakune, ganging up against one person…,” she shook her head and look at us and the Yabakunes surrounding us, “great job as usual, girls.” She then walked towards us, taking extra notice to stomp over the bodies scattered on the ground. “After this, Maeda will have to face me. I won’t let her get to the top of Majijo easily.” She said seriously. Then she walked away and leaves us.

“We better leave too, before the cops came.” Torigoya said. Heh, sometimes I doubt whether her airhead character is real or she’s just fooling us around. “I have to go visit Yuko-san.”

“Of course…” I smirked at her made her pouting at me.

And with that we went our separate ways.


I walked to the direction to my apartment. The sun’s already gone now. The sky started to fill out with little stars. ‘Our graduation’s in next week, huh? Time sure flies fast. And next Monday it’s time for Sado-san and Maeda`s match.’ I walked again aimlessly, kicking some little pebbles that I found on the way. And when I look around… I found myself in the front of Ookabuki’s house.

‘Why am I here? Why did my legs brought me here?’ The last time my legs brought me here was the day when Sado-san told us that Yuko-san is ill. And that was four months ago. ‘Well, since I was here perhaps I should just meet her.’ She’s now my girlfriend after all. Not in the mood to meet her parents, I texted her, asking her to come out of the house. I leaned on her wall fences near the gate while waiting for her. After a few minutes I heard the sound of the door opened and closed again, and there she was, smiling at me.

“Hey.” She walked closer to me and frowned. “What’s happened?” She touched my left cheekbone carefully.

I felt a little pain when she touched me so I move away from her touch a little bit. ‘That damn Yabakune, how dare she marring my face.’

She then touched my cheek again, caressing my cheek. “Is it hurt?”

“A little.” I leaned my face towards her hand. Her touch calming me.

“Who did you fight with?”


 “What? Yabakune? Why? It has been a while for Rappapa to fight some Yabakune.” She then narrowed her eyes at me.  “Don’t tell me you looking for them to vent up your anger.”

“Heh… I’m not interested in small fries.”

She pinched my healthy cheek. “So arrogant.” I grinned smugly at her. “Why don’t you walk with me? I said to my parents I’ll go to the mini-market. So I have to buy something for proof.” She held my hand and started walking with me. “And I have to buy you some ice pack for your bruise. With what the Yabakune hit you actually?”

“Some wooden stick. Is it that bad?” ‘I know I should’ve killed that damn Yabakune.’

“No, it won’t if you compress it immediately. You don’t want to show up with a bruise on your cheek during your graduation, right?”



I narrowed my eyes at her. “What do you expect? I’m a yankee. I can speak whatever I want to.”

“Well, when we’re alone you’re not.” I glared at her, while she’s just smiling and pulled me for a kiss. “Why did you fight Yabakune before?” And we continued our walk.

 “Well, I’m not the one who’s looking for trouble here.” I said to her during our walk. Already calm down again because of the kiss. ‘Damn she has too much power over me.’

“Oh, really? So you didn’t looking for a fight to vent up your anger?”

“I’m not Geki.” I said sarcastically.

“Well then, can you tell me why? But if it against our ground rules you don’t have to.”

I grinned at that, and decided to let her know, though I’ll edit some, she’ll know it sooner or later after all. “They ganging up on Majijo`s student.” She just stared at me, dumb-founded. “And you know we won’t let anyone harm Majijo.”

“We? So you were not fighting alone?”

“Hm…, we as in the Shitennou minus Geki plus Sado-san.”

“So, in other words all available Rappapa.”


We then continued our walk in silence while I looked around us, cautiously, it’ll be bad if someone sees us together like this. After a while walk past the park where we used to play during our childhood. I stopped walking and then she turned around and gave me an asking glance.

“I’ll wait by the swing.” I pointed at the swing hidden behind the big maple tree. “It’ll be bad if someone from school see us together.” I answered her unspoken question.

“Alright. You shouldn’t worry too much though. This place is quite far from school. I never even seen some Majijo`s student in this area.” She then proceeds to walk again.


“Ouch!! Be careful, will you?!” I snapped at her.

She glared at me and keep pressing the icepack to my cheek, albeit carefully. “I’m not the one who hit you, so don’t snap at me.”

I grumbled a “sorry”, earned a smile from her. She kept tending my bruise while I drank the strawberry milk tea that she bought for me.

“By the way, I haven’t asked you yet, what did you said to Kokabuki about us?”

“I told her exactly what I told you I would tell her.”


“And what?”

“How did she react? I don’t think she’ll be happy about this. Us. You and me.”

“She… hates you. I think you already know that, right?”

“Yeah, well, I hate her too.”

She slapped my shoulder. “Behave.”

“Suuuureeee…” ‘But, only when you’re around.’ I added in my mind.

“She’s not okay with this, but if this what I want she can at least accept my decision.” She paused for a bit. “Though she said you’ll hurt me sooner or later.”

“Well… it’s normal in a relationship, right? Anyone in a relationship had been had a fight or two with their partner.”

“That’s not what she meant.”

“… I’ll try my best... to not hurt you.”

“I know.”

Then her phone buzzed. She gave me the ice pack and took her phone, flipped it open, read it and sighed.

“I have to get back.”

“I’ll walk you home.” I was about to stand up but her hand on my shoulder stop me.

“No, it’s late. You have to walk farther if you walk me home first.”

“It’s because it’s late I have to walk you home.” I protested.

“Do you forget who am I? You might be Queen Shibuya of Rappapa, while I’m just a lone-wolf yankee. But that doesn’t mean I’m weak.” She said as a matter of fact.

“Hhh… alright then. See you later.” I was about to stand up, but she stopped me, again.

She leaned towards me, “before we go…,” she kissed me, slowly. And I kissed her back. But, it was ended too soon, much too soon for me. When I opened my eyes, she was already standing.

“Hey, I ain’t done kissing you.” I said to her.

She picked up her stuff and smiled at me. “Then wait for tomorrow. I’ll come to your apartment.” She has begun to walk out of the park. “And don’t forget to keep compressing your cheek.”


So... that's chapter 11. Thanks for reading,guys,  :byebye: hope you like it.

@lollita90: thanks for reading  :)
                :lol: nice guess. But holiday's over now :cry:
@haruko: it's kinda unexpected isn't it.  :nervous
               but then again MJGK didn't dig deep into the characters, so I made my own interpretation of her.
               as for Shibuya and Dance  :lol:
@kahem: Shibuya is stubborn... so it'll take some time :smhid
@korisunyan: thank you :shy1:
                    i hope you like this chapter too
@sakura_drop_: glad you like it.  XD
                         i'll try to put some kojiyuu here and there  :nervous
@bochang: more like she copied what Yuko-san had said. (still remembering her pep-talk to Maeda) :cool2:
                 hahaha, i'll try to make some of you commit oshihen  :on hypto:

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 11 added
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Wow, what an awesome update!!! I'll be waiting for some KojiYuu!!!  :bow:
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 11 added
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OMG! I living again this dorama with your fic amazing :D love it..

But anytime that you talk anout yuko a piece in my heart have a little pain... aww and now that i know that torigoya loves yuko awww..

but well.. we need a jelousy scene :D why not..

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 11 added
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wow, this is long!  :shocked  but i love it!  :thumbsup

good thinking, sado! doesn't want maeda to get hurt, so that she can fight her fair and square.  :onionwhip:

yeah, i also felt that the kissing was so short. it ended too soon  :depressed:

thanks for the update! will wait for next one soon!  :kneelbow:
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 11 added
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Oh~ Tomotomo!!! So cute!!!!!

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 11 added
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Chapter 12

*Saturday afternoon, Shibuya`s apartment.

I was laying on my two-seat couch, compressing my cheek with ice-pack while waiting for that certain Kabuki to come. And I already told Dance to not come over today. Said I’ll be going somewhere. Now, where is that girl? She said she’ll come at one o’clock. It was already half past one. Gah…. I hate waiting. And I have finished all of the house-chores too. Bored as hell, I turned the TV on, only to give me something to do while waiting for her, though I only stared at it without even care what’s on the screen. I was just about to fall asleep when the bell rang. I glanced at the clock on the wall, just a few minutes to two o’clock. She’s truly late.

I opened the door and let her in. “You’re late.”

“Sorry, my mom won’t let me go easily.”


“She thinks I was going for a date. And she kept on rambling about how I should be careful and always use ‘safety guards’. As if I want to date a guy…” She said exasperatedly while rolling her eyes.

I was laughing out at her annoyance and sat back on the couch, “well, she’s right about something….” I motioned to her to sit next to me. “We don’t need those ‘safety guards’, though.” I added smartly, and she slapped my arm because of my smart mouth while I kept laughing.

“Shut up.”

She moved my hand that holding the ice pack to compressing my cheek. “How is it looks like now?”

“What do you think?” I asked sarcastically. “I know I should’ve killed that bitch from ruining my face.”

“Language.” I just rolled my eyes. She took a look at my bruised cheek and said, “It’s not that bad. I think you can cover it up with make-up for school next Monday.”

“… Next Monday, huh?”

“Is there something wrong?”

Instead of answering, I just pulled her in my arms, nuzzling her hair. Let the scent of her hair calming me.

“What’s wrong?” She hugged me back.

“… Can you skip school at Monday?”



She moved away from me and stared at me. “Is this related to Maeda and Rappapa?


“… I can’t.” She held my hand, “I have to be there.”

“…I hate this situation.”

She hugged me again, “me too.”

After a while, she looked at the TV, “what were you watching before?”

“Nothing. I just turned it on so I won’t get bored.” I narrowed my eyes at her. “And it was failed. I was just about to have a nap when you came.”

She smiled apologetically. “Sorry.” She pulled me gently, and positioned my head on her lap. “Can I change the channel?”

“Hmm…, do what you want.” She started to caress my hair. ‘Hmmm… it feels good.’

“By the way, Kokabuki called me to told me about yesterday`s event.” She said after a while. “Or more like she was replaying what Daruma told her.” She added amusedly.

Sigh… I knew she’ll know soon. But, I didn’t expect it to be this soon. “What did she said?”

“She said in Daruma`s voice ‘When I came I saw Rappapa`s Shitennou, yes, Shitennou, standing near the door to the warehouse with about twenty five to thirty five Yabakune on the ground,’” She then tapped my nose. “That much?? Seriously?”

“Thirty two actually. Black counted them afterwards.” I grinned smugly. “So… what did she said next.”

“She then said ‘When I came inside the warehouse the fight were already over. Turns out that Sado helped Atsu-nee. I was about to change my mind about her, but then she said Atsu-nee will have to face her next.’” she was in deep thought for a while, “Is that’s the reason why you asked me to skip school on Monday?”


“You know I have to be there, right? Just like you have to be there.”

“I know.” I sighed, and then my stomach grumbled. “Argh… I’m hungry.”

“You haven’t eaten yet?”

I shook my head

“I’ll cook for you. You do have some food here, right?”

I stood up and started to walk to the kitchen. “Of course. I’ll help you out.”

She stared at me, “You can cook?”

“Is that an insult? Of course I can. I have been living on my own for two and a half years.”

She giggled, “sorry,” and hugged me tight for a few seconds.

(Author’s note: since the situation in here is basically sweet and cheesy couply-thingie, I just skip it to the night. I don’t want to have cavities. XD)

I looked at the clock, ’20:45’, it’s quite late. “Why don’t you stay for the night?” I asked her, and then took a spoonful of ice-cream that we shared as our snack while watching a DVD.

“You do know that right now my mom thinks I’m on a date with a guy, right?”


“So? If I said I’m not coming home tonight, what do you think she’ll think?”

“That you’re staying in a love hotel with some guy.”

“Precisely.” She looked at the watch. “Sigh… I have to go.”

“Don’t. Stay here. It’s late.”

“I told you…”

“Give me your phone, I’ll call your mom.” I cut her, “and besides, if I’m the one who tell her she wouldn’t think that you have a sleep-over with a guy, right?”

She gave me her phone reluctantly. I called her mom, and as we had predicted, she truly think her daughter was on a date. She didn’t trust me at first, but then again considering I called her with her daughter`s phone, and I’m her ‘friend’, she finally gave her permission.

I gave her phone back. “Sigh… your mom truly think you are on a date with a guy. She’s partially right about the date part, though she’s wrong about the ‘guy’ part. Perhaps you should tell her that you’re a yankee, so she won’t worrying your safety too much.”

“I tell her that, and she’ll send me to an asylum.” She said sarcastically.

“My apartment will always open for you if that ever happen.”

She smiled sweetly at me. “Thanks, but I hope it won’t happen.”


*At the same time in the hospital. Third person POV

A short girl stood facing the window with a serene look in her face. A knocked on the door disturbed her. “Come in,” she said. And she turned to face the door.

A rather tall girl came inside the room. She looked tense. “Yuu-chan. How are you today?”

The shorter girl smiled, showed her dimples. “Nyan-nyan, why do you visit me this late?”

“I was worried.” The taller girl said. She walked inside the room and stood next to the other girl. “Sado and Maeda will have a match on Monday.”

The shorter girl held her hand and walked with her to sit on the bed. “I know …. There’s nothing to worry about, Nyan-Nyan. Things will turn out for the better.”

“But, what about you?”

“What about me?”

“… Will you get better, Yuu-chan?”

“… I’m sorry… Nyan-Nyan… Looks like I can’t fulfill my promise to you.”

The taller girl eyes` filled with tears. “No… don’t say that…”

“I’m sorry. Perhaps it’ll be better for you if you don’t come here again.”

The taller girl shook her head. “No, I’ll come here every day. I want to spend as many times as possible with you.”

The shorter girl enveloped her with a hug. “I’m sorry.”

They just sat there, hugged each other, relishing each other company, they only have a little time left to be together. They immediately let go of each other when they heard a knock on the door. The taller girl wiped the tears out of her eyes while the shorter girl opened the door.

“Eh, Sado? What’s with you two? Visit me this late.” Said the short girl to another tall girl with short hair while they walked inside the room.

“Torigoya, why are you here?” The short haired girl asked to the tall girl from before. “Am I interfering something here?” she asked to the short girl.

“I was just about to leave.” The said girl rushed towards the door, left the short haired girl with the short girl alone.

“Yuko-san?” the short haired girl asked the shorter girl.

The short girl sighed and said, “Sado, please look after Torigoya after I…”


“Please… I can’t ask the other Queen to do this. They already have another problem on their own.”

“… Alright, I’ll look after her for you.”

“… Thanks… So, why do you come here?”

“To make sure you’re not run away from the hospital. Again.” The short haired girl said.

“Ah… you truly are a sadist.” The short girl said while pouting playfully.

The short haired girl smirked and turned to leave. “Well since you’re still here, I’ll go back home.”

“Sado…” the short girl called her, made her stop. “I have a weird feeling than keeps on bothering me for a while…. Geki might be a little insane, but I’m not worrying much over Geki, because you know, she has Black to help her. But, Shibuya… I’m afraid when she doesn’t have us near her she might get controlled by her temper, by her rage, and take a wrong path.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I’m not certain myself. But I have a weird feeling about her….” The short girl said. She looked confused for a moment, as if trying to find the right words. “If she truly takes a wrong path later, help her to see the errors in her ways and kick her ass back to the right path. No matter what, she’s one of my Queens.”

“I don’t think that will happen.”

“I said ‘if’. If that ever happen, no matter what, she’s one of us, she’s our friend, our family. Promise me, Sado.”

“… Fine… I don’t understand what you’re saying, but I promise.”


*Back to the hot-blooded Queen.

After we got the ‘okay’ from her mom for her to stay her for the night, we took a bath, ALONE, not together, and she said she want to watch some vampire movie. Because I didn’t have any other suggestion, then we played it on my DVD player. And now we were watching the middle part of the movie.

‘God… this movie is sooo… boring. Where’s the fight, the killing, the blood? Okay, wait, not the blood, I’m not Geki. Holy shit, how could a vamps glittering in sunlight? He should’ve turned into ashes already.’

I took a glance at her, she was getting sleepy. Maybe we should go to bed, but we would not sleeping together. At least not now. I won’t be able to get any sleep if we’re sleeping in the same bed. Thank God I have two bedrooms. She can sleep in mine and I can sleep in the guest room.

“Should we go to bed?” I asked her after seeing her rubbed her eyes for the sixth time.

“Mhmm… I’m sleepy.”

“Told you to not watch that cheesy vampire romance movie.”

She pushed me playfully. “Shut up.”

I stood up and walked towards the bedrooms. I opened my bedroom`s door, “you can sleep on mine,” and move towards the guest room, “I’ll just sleep here.”

“We’re not sleeping together?” She pouted at me.

“No.” I gave her a flat stare. ‘I won’t be able to get any sleep if we do.’

“Alright. Fine…” with that she walked stomped to my bedroom and closing the door.

“Are you a kid or what?” I shook my head at her immature act.


*Morning, Shibuya`s apartment.

The first things that I registered in my mind are the comforting warmth and a nice scent surrounding me. With mind still hazy with slumber, I came closer to the warmth and the scent automatically. A soft sigh came to my ears. Surprised, I opened my eyes instantly. And came face to face, wait it’s more like face to chest with her. ‘What the….’ I immediately moved away, only to fall on the floor.

“Argh… My ass…” I rubbed my behind. ‘Damn, that was hurt.’

My shout earlier seemed to disturb her, I could heard her grumbled about “sleep” and “early”. ‘Why does she’s here anyway??’ I looked at the watch. ‘10:30’. What? It seemed like I always overslept when she’s around. Even though we’re only slept together twice, though I just known that she’s here.

“Oy, wake up. Why are you here?” I shook her body a little. And the only response I got from her is just a soft groan. I sighed and tried to waken her up again. “Tomo, wake up. It’s already noon.”

“Mm… time…s it?”

“Huh?” ‘What did she said?’

 “What time is it?” She asked though her voice came out muffled by the blanket.

“Ten thirty.”

“…” She looked like she’s back to dream land. I was about to shake her more, but then she opened her eyes and sat up on the bed and looked at me. “Why don’t you wake me up sooner?”

I rolled my eyes, “I was just awake too.” I stood up and walked to the bathroom to refresh myself. When I walked out of the bathroom, she was already stood outside, half sleeping, and seeing me out she walked inside the bathroom. ‘Is she sleep-walking?’ I shook my head at her and walked to the kitchen to started making pancakes for our breakfast.

I heard her walking towards me. “Have you awake now?” I asked while pouring some the pancake mix to the frying pan. It made a nice ‘sizhcls…’ sound.

“You’re mean.” Her remarks made me smile. She then hugged me from behind and put her chin on my shoulder. Peeking. “Smells good. Pancakes?”

“Yep. You can eat first if you want.” I said while pointing at the plate of pancake stack on the top of the counter beside the fridge with my spatula. “I’m almost done.” I flipped the pancake.

“I’ll set the table.” She took the plate to the table.

“I’ve got some jams and honey in the fridge, pick whatever you like.”


After the all the pancake mix has been cooked, we started our breakfast.

“Er, why did you slept in the guest bedroom?” I asked, breaking the silence that had engulfed the room after we started to eat.

She just looked at me for a while, and then she blushed. ‘What? Why did she blush like that?’

“Don’t tell me you sexually harassed me while I was asleep.” I couldn’t help but to teased her. And… her blush intensified. Make me raised both of my eyebrows in surprise. ‘What?! Did she really harass me while I’m asleep?’

She then kicked my feet under the table. “Of course not! I’m not a perverted old-man. I was only kissed you while you asleep.

“Huh? Sorry I didn’t hear what you were just saying before.”

“I were not harassing you, okay?” she said in exasperation, still blushing heavily though.

 “Pfrt…. Hahaha…”Oh, God, she’s just too cute. Why have she had to take it seriously like this? I was just teasing her, it’s not like I’m mind if it was true after all. And Rappapa`s members said it was fun to tease me, well they don’t know something, she’s definitely more fun to tease.
After a while my laughter dies out while she’s given me a death glare all the time. “But, seriously though, why were you come to the guest room? Something wrong with mine?”

“No, it’s fine actually. I was just… can’t sleep…. And then I remembered the last time when we’re in my room, it felt… nice… sleeping beside you.”

‘Huh? She’s right it did felt nice. Was that the reason why I was overslept whenever she’s beside me?’ I said in my mind. I won’t tell it to her though.

“Are you mad?” she said after a while.

“Huh? No, just surprised that’s all.”

We continued to eat our breakfast and then she suddenly asked, “What time Dance usually comes?”

‘Huh? Dance? Why she suddenly asked about Dance.’ I frowned. “She hasn’t told me yet. Why?”

“Nothing. I just hope that we won’t get another ‘accident’ like with Kokabuki.”

‘Ah, that does explain it. She’s right.’ “Well, she usually would tell me first before she came, so…”

“Well, on second thought, perhaps it’ll be better if she knows about us.” She added with a dark expression.

‘What??’ “Don’t tell me you really are jealous to her.”

“Am not.”

“Sigh… yeah… riiiiggght…”


*Sunday afternoon, in front of Shibuya`s apartment room.

“You sure you don’t want me to walk you to the station?” I asked her again, still unsure about all of this relationship thingie.

“I think you better not.” She readjusted her bag position. “You basically live close with the other Queen, right? What if we meet them on the street?”

“Sigh… you’re right. Torigoya is in the next block. And Black’s apartment is also nearby.”

 “Yeah… what can we do if they see us?” She grimaced. “Alright then, see you at school, even though I’ll act that there’s nothing between us.”

I smiled and pulled her. Planting a kiss on her lips, then she deepened with sneaking her tongue into my mouth. Not that I’m complaining here. And then the sound of the footsteps somewhere made us let each other go.

 “See you later.” I said, slightly out of breath.



So... chapter 12 it is... Thanks for reading. Hope you like the fic. And sorry for misspelling and bad grammar.

@sakura_drop_: here's some kojiyuu... i'm sorry cause it's a sad one :cry:
                         but I can't change the story line too much from the original

@haruko: yeah... i felt a little pain too because their sad ending here

@lollita90: she is a sadist, and beside Maeda is Majijo`s student.
                there's no hot scene in this chapter as well, sorry  :nervous
                this chapter's basically a sappy, heart-warming tomotomo scene (i hope)

@kahem: hope you'll like this chapter too.

PS: hoping no more surprise on Tokyo Dome 2nd and 3rd day, though knowing Aki-P it'll be pretty much impossible. Just hoping no more graduation of the 1st and 2nd gen soon  :prayers:

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Of course I like it!!!!
I wanted Ookabuki to be right though except about the 'guy' part hehe
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Chapter 13

*After Maeda entered the Rappapa's room.

I took a glance at my fellow Queens, heh, seemed like I'm not the only one who’s feeling awful now. Geki was biting at her nails nervously, Black continuously touching her rosary unconsciously, while Torigoya, well you can say that she was just like usual, though the intense looks in her eyes told otherwise. Our underling was guarding the stairs towards our room at the moment. It has been fifteen minutes since the fight started. I thought the fight would be held on Monday, but Maeda didn’t climb up the stairs yesterday. So it was today. So much for being tense all day yesterday. If I knew that she would show up today, I would have skipped school all day yesterday. And maybe I could persuade Tomo to skip too and meet up in my apartment or something.

God... I was so tense... I hope Sado-san could give Maeda a nice beating. I heard several of Maeda's friends came here with her. I knew they'll come, but that doesn't mean I'm not worried whether the fight between us and then will happen or not, because I do know that the Kabuki Sisters also downstairs, waiting with the rest of Maeda's friends.

I released a sigh for the, I don't even know how many times anymore, and send an email to Dance, whose guarding the stairs with the rest of our underling. Asking her about who came with Maeda and what they were doing at the moment. I already had a nice assumption about who'll coming with her. I just want to know it for sure. And speaking of Dance, she weren’t coming to my apartment yesterday and last Sunday, and she didn’t even called or sends me an email or anything. Hmm… weird. And for some reasons, she seemed scared for some reason, and she’s been trying to avoid eye contact with me since yesterday. Strange, really strange… I’ve known her for four years and she never acted like this before. I wonder what had happened. If it was because Geki was around, she wouldn’t be avoiding me like this. So, I think it was because of another reasons.

I felt my phone buzzed and flipped it open, gaining attention from the other Queens because of it. It was a reply from Dance. As I predicted, the Kabuki Sisters, Gakuran, Daruma, and Team Hormone was there, waiting in silence. What I didn’t predict was that Choukoku was there as well and an unknown student.

“What is it?” Torigoya asked me.

“Just asked Dance who’s waiting for Maeda downstairs.” I said to her.

“And?” Black asked.

“Maeda`s Shitennou and Team Hormone are there.” I said.

“Ah… as predicted.” Black said while touching her rosary.

“And Choukoku also there as well and also some small flies.” I added.

“Choukoku?” Torigoya asked.

Suddenly Geki giggled.”Ne, if they are downstairs, why don’t we beat them up?” She said while walking to the door.

Black came and stopped her and shook her head. “Remember Sado-san`s order.”

“You just wanna have some ‘fun’, aren’t you?” I asked Geki while smirking. Torigoya was smiling as well. While Black has a slight curve on her lips, and Geki, she was pouting.

“Not fair.” Geki stomped on the floor. “Me want to fight too.”

I was about to counter her with another playful banter about our fight with Yabakunes` last week but the loud scream from below interrupted me. It was Maeda`s underling, calling, no, more like she was screaming her name. The scream basically ended our not-yet-started playful banter. We started to tense up again. Our eyes locked to the door of our fighting room. Waiting.


*After the fight between Maeda and Sado, Rappapa`s Room.

We, Torigoya, Black and I, still holding Sado-san, preventing her from collapsing on the floor after the fight. We were staying in that position in silence, supporting Sado-san until she can get up again. ‘Damn that Maeda. What is she made of, anyway? How could she even defeat Sado-san? All that’s left was Yuko-san. But, Yuko-san… she is…. Argh… I hate it!!! I hate this situation! I hate my useless self!’ My body started to tremble because of my suppressed emotion. I knew fully well that Black and Torigoya staring at me now, reprimanded me to control myself with their stare.

Our underling came rushing to the room and shouting Sado-san`s name in the same time and started to rambling about the fight and Maeda. ‘Dammit, they’re so loud….’ I could heard Dance softly called me, knowing I was about to snap thanks-to-her-always-following-me-around-for-four-years experience. She knows it was never a good omen when my rage went up so bad that I was trembling like this. While our underling kept on talking, asking for Yuko-san, made us, the Shitennou and Sado-san stiffened. Unable to control myself anymore, I stood up and shouted, “Shut up, you guys. You’re all annoying.”

“Shibuya.” Sado-san called me, looking at me in the eyes, not ordering, but asking for me to control myself while she’s still trying to control her breathing.

I grumbled and crouching down again, supporting Sado-san again, and trying to push my temper down. The room was now in complete silence because of my outburst, aside from Sado-san ragged breathing. So when Sado-san`s phone ringed, we all did a little jump. Sado-san snatched her phone and answering the call. With us watching her the entire time. She seemed so tense and scared and sad at the same time that it was weird. And she didn’t said anything either.

After she ended the call, Sado-san looked at us at the same time and shakily said, “Yuko-san is in coma…”


“No… you lie…” Black ghastly said.

“Yuu-chan…” Torigoya started to cry.

In my mind, I remembered what Yuko-san had said when she was still healthy, “Girls, we’re going to be graduate together, right? After our graduation let’s have a party!!”But, now….

“Are you mad?” Geki said in an unusual soft voice.

‘No… Yuko-san… I haven’t done anything to pay you back…’

“I’ll go to the hospital now.” Sado-san said.

“We’ll come with you.” I said instantly.

Sado-san stared at me, “No, stay here. Some of our kohais might climb up here after the fights earlier.”

“But…,” Black tapped my shoulder, “She is right. We have to stay.” She looked at Sado-san, “Go… Let us know if there’s some news… anything.”


*Rappapa`s room, afternoon.

Just like what Sado-san had said, there truly are some stupid jerks climbed up the stairs. Trying to take advantage after the fight. First was some ugly haired gang of juniors, which were so weak that it was felt like I was wasting my time by fighting them. So I just sat in my chair watching Gekikara beat them up. And the second time was a senior. When she saw us, the Shitennou, she practically ran away as fast as she could. But unlucky for her Black has caught her and dragged her back to our room and we let our underling did the job. After the Team Under beat her up, Dance came along, drew some doodles on her face with a permanent marker.  Afterwards, they kicked her out of the room.

All this waiting, worrying, and those stupid yankees made me tense. I really felt like punching someone. I would really, REALLY, happy if there’s more stupid jerks climb up the stairs. I’ve even put on my gloves already. I cracked my knuckles when I heard some footsteps walking up the stairs. And there they were, all six of them. Some juniors whom I don’t even know what their name is. They looked pretty confident so maybe they were stronger than the ones before. They stared at us, one by one. Perhaps wondering which one of us who’ll fight them. Answering the unasked question, I stood up, gave them a sign of ‘come and get me’ with my hand.

One of them rushed towards me, trying to punch my face. I dodged it to the side and elbowing the back of her head, gripped her hair and pulled her towards me, and punched her face, hard, made her KO-ed instantly because of the two powerful blows to her head, blood oozing from her nose. One of them came again, one tried to give a kick to the body this time. I blocked the kick, and gave a body jab, so hard that she spit out some blood to my jacket.

“Why… you dumb a**!!” I grabbed her and punched her face several times. “How dare you ruining my jacket!!”

The other three juniors watched in horror, and move back from me little by little. So does our underling. Dance was the only one who’s not moved away. Perhaps it’s because she was used being punched by me.

Geki suddenly giggled, “Ne, Shibuya…, mad?”

While Black and Torigoya frowning seeing me became this… brutal.

I let go of the girl whose face unrecognized anymore and walked towards the other four. One of the came forwards with a fist flying to my face. I caught her hand and twist it with a painful crack, breaking her bone, then I pulled her towards me sent my knee to her body and elbowed the back of her head. When I released my grip on her, she instantly fell to the floor. I walked towards the rest but in seconds they already on the ground writhing with pain. Then Black stood in front of me. I was about to snap at her for disturbing my fight when I felt someone hugged me from the back, clinging to me. Torigoya.

“Enough.” Black calmly said. “This isn’t like you.”

“Shibuya is scary.” Torigoya added, whining. “Don’t act all Geki.”

“Me scarier.” Geki said from her place near the cabinet. “But, Shibuya is also scary when mad.”

Our underling hurriedly pushed the challengers out of the room, and doesn’t seemed to coming back soon. Torigoya released me, but still stood close to me, watching over me, her hand patting my shoulder for a while. Dance walked slowly towards me with a pack of tissues in her hand. I snatched the tissues and started cleaning away the blood stains on my gloves and on my jacket. Dance immediately ran away afterwards. Got too scared from being in the same room with Geki for too long.

“Damn, stupid jerk… destroying my jacket.” Grumbling and frowning all the while. “Arghhh… I have to wash it soon!”

Black sighed and said, “Yuko-san has already thought you how to control your temper, right? Use it now.” Torigoya`s ‘yeah’ interrupted her. “And use some ammonia when you wash it. It’ll make it easier to remove the stains.” Black said.

I stared at her. “And how come you know that?”

“Geki often get covered up in blood.” She said as a matter of fact. Which was true.

Geki giggled, “Yeah… And my jacket is still free from blood stains.”

“For now.” Torigoya cut in, made Geki stopped giggling and stared at her.

Torigoya made a little “eeep..” sound and ran to hide behind Black.

I sighed and walked out of the room. “I’m going home.” I said to my fellow Queens. “Let me know if anything important happens.”

“Shibuya-san… Shibuya-san…” Dance calling me while she was rushing towards me after she saw me left the room.

I kept on walking. “I’m going home. Don’t following me!”

That made her stop. “Okay, Shibuya-san. See you later.”


*Shibuya`s apartment.

When I get back, I immediately change my clothes and put my used clothes in a bucket along with my gloves to rinse it. Deciding maybe it’ll be better if I followed Black`s suggestion, I put some ammonia in the bucket as well and put my clothes in the washer after a few minutes. And… my phone buzzed. I flipped it open and read the new email.

   From : K.T.
   To     : I.T.

Where are you? I heard that you had beaten up some juniors pretty badly. What’s happened?

Damn, the news’re already spread, huh? For yankees level, Majijo`s students gossiping around too much. I hope the news about Torigoya hugged me didn’t spread out. I wrote the reply to her.

   From : I.T.
   To     : K.T.

I’m home. Nothing happened, just in a bad mood because of Maeda. And how in hell you already know that? In was happened less than an hour ago.

   From : K.T.
   To     : I.T.

Language. They’re my classmates, of course I know. And don’t lie to me. You won’t be ‘as brutal as Gekikara-san’ if it was only because of Maeda. I’m coming over.

‘What the hell? I should control my language in email too??! This relationship-thingie’s too confusing. Oh, they’re her classmates, huh? No wonder she knows it very fast. And she knows me to well too. Wait, she’s coming over?’

   From : I.T.
   To     : K.T.

What?? Don’t. What if you meet my friends during your way here?

   From : K.T.
   To     : I.T.

I’m not stupid. I’ll go home first and change. And by the way, I’m already on my way home. Want me to bring you something?

   From : I.T.
   To     : K.T.

Fine. I’ll wait here. You don’t have to bring anything.

I started to clean up my apartment, and considering taking a shower afterwards. But, it was still too early. Only half past three.  And besides, she may come when I was in the shower. And there’s still no news from the other. Arghh… I truly hate this… this… everything!!

After a few minutes the bell rang. I opened the door, and there she was, dressed in… undercover, complete with a hat and sunglasses with a coat.

“What the… I know it’s still quite chilly outside. But why a coat???” I said while we walk inside.

She hung her coat in the hanger near my front door. “It’s only for precautions if I meet another Rappapa on the way. And beside it’s still cold in the night.”

“Huh…” I said. My emotion was still raw because of everything that has happened today. ‘Damn, why there wasn’t any news about Yuko-san`s condition yet.’ And she seemed to know it since she held my hand, pulled me to my living room, and pushed me to sit on the couch without one single word. And… she sat… on my lap…, took me out of my mind and made me speechless. She circling her hands around my neck and pulled me close.

“What’s happened?” she said in her sweet, soft voice.

I closed my eyes. ‘Should I tell her? Sado-san did only order our underlings to not spill the information about Yuko-san. But…’ I opened my eyes and gave her a pained smile. “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. You’ll know it later.”

She frowned. “Okay.” She then hugged me and put her head on my shoulder. For a while, we just sat there, hugging each other, and let her warmth, her scent, her presence calmed me down.

“So…, what made you, as people said, ‘got into bloodlust mode’?” She asked after a while. “Aside from the things that you can’t tell me.”

“Bloodlust? What am I? Geki?” I asked in exasperation, made her giggled at me. “Sigh… I just hate Maeda, I hate waiting and doing nothing, and add those idiotic Yankees into the situation and…, yeah. I hate it.”

She giggled again. “You know, because Maeda, a junior, able to defeated the Rappapa, they started to think that Rappapa is not as strong as it seems.”

“What?!” I know that we’re lost to her, but hearing that thing made my blood boils. Grrr… that Maeda…

She knocked our forehead softly. “Don’t get angry yet. I haven’t finished speaking.” She locked her gaze to mine and smiled. “But, after today, after what Gekikara-san and you had done, they seemed to be afraid of Rappapa again.”

“Heh… They better be.”

“I was surprised though. I never heard you lost control like that.”

“I was surprised too. I don’t know… After seeing that damn b*tch`s blood on my jacket, I was… furious?”

“So… it was because you saw the blood?” She asked, disbelieved written all over her face.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m not Geki. More like I’m furious because she ruined my jacket.” I grumbled. “Hopefully I can remove the stains from my jacket.”

She giggled for a while, and then she suddenly became serious. “So… was it also true that you were able to stop your ‘bloodlust mode’ because of Torigoya-san`s hug?”

‘What the?? She knows that too?’

“They said, ‘the next thing I know was a pain in my body and I was on the ground and I saw Torigoya-san hugged Shibuya-san from the back, trying to comfort her. If she didn’t do that, we’re practically dead now’.” She narrowed her eyes at me.

“Well…, they will be dead tomorrow…” ‘Dammit, that jerks gossiping around too much.’ “I have to… give them a lesson or two about when and what they can talk about. And how many people heard that? Because the ‘lessons’ depend on that.”

“Well, you’ll be death before tomorrow if you can’t give me a nice explanation.” She glared at me. “And FYI, they talked about it in my class, so just think about it. How many people heard that?”

“What the…?! She’s not hugging me per se. She was trying to stop me to kill those bi- classmates of yours.” I stopped myself from cursing in front of her, knowing it’ll agitate her more. “And, besides, I could stop not only because of Torigoya but also because of the other Queens. They all managed to calm me down. And beside if I kept on going, I’d be dead by now.”

“True. Not dead though, cause I know they won’t kill you. Just beat you to a pulp if you, blinded by your rage, tried to attack them too.”

I rolled my eyes as a response and patted her head and pulled her for a hug again. “Don’t get jealous too easily. They’re my friends, of course we’re close.”

She smiled and put her head on my shoulder again. “Perhaps I’m just afraid I might lose you again.”

I frowned in response. “… You said you’ll always be with me, right?”

“I do,” she whispered, “but, if later on you change yo…”

“I won’t,” I cut her, not liking the path this conversation going, at all.

‘God, this is depressing. How come we talked about this? And why there hasn’t anyone tell me what’s happen to Yuko-san? Hrhh… I need to have some fun before I go crazy.’

“Wanna skip school tomorrow?”

She looked at me questioningly. “Your graduation is on Friday.”

“So?” I frowned at her, not really understand what she mean by that.

“’So?’ Rappapa still have Yuko-san, right? The last match will be before your graduation, right? Is it really okay for you to skip?”

“…” I forgot she still doesn’t know what happen to Yuko-san. Actually only Rappapa knows that, and our underling.

She stared at me, I know she can see the agony in my face. “Did something happen to Yuko-san?” She asked, her hands caressing my face. “It has been a few months passed since the last time I saw her.”

She came a few weeks ago, but it seems not many people knew about that. I forced myself to smile, “she’s alright.” Or at least, she will be. I mean, she’s Yuko-san, of course she’ll be alright. “So, why don’t we skip school tomorrow?” I asked her again. “We can go… for… a date… or something? And I can put on a disguise so people won’t recognize me.”

“… Sure… If you really want that…”

‘Huh? Why does she blushing like that? Because I asked her out on a date? After all the things we’ve done, she blushed because of that?’ I face-palmed myself inside my mind. ‘She’s just too cute…’


So... the next chapter will be about the date. XD

Thanks for reading, commenting and the 'Thank you's, everyone. Hope you'll like this chapter.

@kahem: glad you like it XD
              the shuffle shocked me too, even though nothing really change much for my oshi. I was just scared that there'll be another graduation soon :badluck:
@haruko: yeah, she did.  :banghead:
@korisunyan & @lollita90 : here's the update :)
@XxRoByNxX78 : well, actually I'm wondering myself, whether to still continue the MJGK 2 storyline and twist it a little bit like what I had been doing now,
                          or just change it all  or just finished it after the Rappapa graduates. I don''t know myself :cool2:
                          ah, well, let's just see where the stories goes  :nervous

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
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Yuko-sama!!!! *hopes for the writer to twist the story, so Yuko-sama stays alive*

Ah, that TomoTomo is really cute  :deco: :deco:

And I loved Shibuya's berserk mode  :grin:

And Gekikara pouting...  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Update soon
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
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Yuuchaaaaaan  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
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Yay!!!! Next is date!!!!
I'm looking fowards!!!!

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
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Yuuuuko  :ptam-cry:
waaa a date, waiting for the date *o*  :ptam-shy:

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
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Yuko-sama!!!! *hopes for the writer to twist the story, so Yuko-sama stays alive*

Ah, that TomoTomo is really cute  :deco: :deco:

And I loved Shibuya's berserk mode  :grin:

And Gekikara pouting...  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Update soon
I second want a twist want to see my little sister yuko fight maeda...

it's sad to see MJGK1 ended like a twist would be nice and great...

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
« Reply #77 on: August 29, 2012, 05:59:20 PM »
Yuko-sama!!!! *hopes for the writer to twist the story, so Yuko-sama stays alive*

Ah, that TomoTomo is really cute  :deco: :deco:

And I loved Shibuya's berserk mode  :grin:

And Gekikara pouting...  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Update soon
I second want a twist want to see my little sister yuko fight maeda...

it's sad to see MJGK1 ended like a twist would be nice and great...

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
« Reply #78 on: August 29, 2012, 05:59:58 PM »
Yuko-sama!!!! *hopes for the writer to twist the story, so Yuko-sama stays alive*

Ah, that TomoTomo is really cute  :deco: :deco:

And I loved Shibuya's berserk mode  :grin:

And Gekikara pouting...  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Update soon
I second want a twist want to see my little sister yuko fight maeda...

it's sad to see MJGK1 ended like a twist would be nice and great...

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
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Yuko-sama!!!! *hopes for the writer to twist the story, so Yuko-sama stays alive*

Ah, that TomoTomo is really cute  :deco: :deco:

And I loved Shibuya's berserk mode  :grin:

And Gekikara pouting...  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Update soon
I second want a twist want to see my little sister yuko fight maeda...

it's sad to see MJGK1 ended like a twist would be nice and great...

yeah maybe.. maybe aww i want both final.. when yuko is alive and whe she die.. but i prefer she is alive aww my kojiyuu

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