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Author Topic: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story  (Read 106757 times)

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
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@sakura_drop, @bunny_rabbit, @haruko: well, i'll try my best to twist it... but, i hope it won't get boring.
@kahem, @korisunyan: hehehe... i'm working on it
@haruhi16: i hate the ending... because yuko died on it :cry:

The next chapter is still in progress, because, well, life have taken me away from writing.  :cool2:
I'll try to finish it by the end of this week though. Thanks for reading and commenting guys :byebye:

Teaser of the date:

And… there she was… walked out of the station towards me. And… she… walked past me… even after I waved my hand at her.‘So… it seems like she doesn’t recognize me, huh? Time to pull a prank.’ I stood up and walked to her, those high school girls still watching me, and sighing in disappointment when they saw me walking towards another girl. She was facing another direction with her back facing me. ‘Perfect.’

I sneak out behind her, put my hand on her waist and whispered in her ear, in the deepest tone of voice I could get, “hey, pretty girl, waiting for someone?” all in the same time.

She gasped, step back, turned to face me with her opened palm heading towards my torso, using her trade-mark Ookabuki style of fighting. Since I know she would react like this I already step back too and blocking her hand, and held her hand afterwards.


 “Well…,” she steps closer to me, whispering, “I rather spend the night doing ‘that’ in your apartment than in a love hotel. It’s more… private…”

Oh and, if you haven't watch the Tomochin Danso episode in Akbingo, you better watch it for better... imagination.
Too bad her partner wasn't Tomo~mi. But since it was Acchan, well, it's still good too.

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
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 “Well…,” she steps closer to me, whispering, “I rather spend the night doing ‘that’ in your apartment than in a love hotel. It’s more… private…”

oh my god :on bleed:

smexy TomoTomo alert...prepare blood bag for massive blood-loss from :on bleed:

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 13 added
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ahh your teaser seems awsome also i think you shoyld continue this through MG2 lol but i defo think you should make a twist nso yuko can be alive coz every time i read an MG fic she always seems to die =( anyway nice update and i cant wait till chap 14 keep up the good work

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 14 added
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Chapter 14

*In the front of Shibuya Station.

Here I was, sat down on the benches near the Hachiko Statue in front of Shibuya Station. Yesterday, after a few moment of brainstorming, we decided to meet up here. Since, well, it’s Shibuya, and there’s a lot of youngsters here, so we can easily blend in. Hopefully we won’t meet any Majijo`s student here. And, speaking about Majijo, according to Sado-san, Yuko-san was still in a coma, and the doctor didn’t know when she’ll wake up of if she’ll even wake up. Tch… stupid doctor. I already called Dance and Torigoya to inform them that I won’t come to school today. I need a break to rest my poor mind and heart before I’m going mental. And where could I get my rest better than here?

But, there’s something bothering me. Before, when I was on the train, and now, people kept on looking at me here and there. ‘Is there something wrong with me?’ I rechecked my clothes that I wear today. For the disguising matter I decided to dress up as a boy. People wouldn’t even think about me dressing up as boy, right? So it must be the best choice. I wear a white shirt and a navy hoodie, a hat to cover my long hair, and dark jeans. I even cut my nails and remove my nail polish and accessories. ‘No, there’s nothing wrong with my clothes, so why people kept on looking at me?’

I was getting annoyed with all of the stares I got. Especially from the group of high school girls, that kept staring at me and giggling at the same time. And I could even hear their not so hushed whispered about how kakkoi I looked. I scowled in response. If that was their ways to flirt with a guy they seriously need to change it. Because wasn’t working. It was actually pissed me off. But, of course I’m not a guy. ‘Grr… if I was in my usual attire, I would surely kick their a** off.’ No one in their right mind would laugh at a Rappapa`s Shitennou, though.

And… there she was… walked out of the station towards me. And… she… walked past me… even after I waved my hand at her. Okay, it was more like I raised my hand a bit. I’m not one who wave at people to make them notice me. I usually used my fist and glare for that. ‘So… it seems like she doesn’t recognize me, huh? Time to pull a prank.’ I stood up and walked to her, those high school girls still watching me, and sighing in disappointment when they saw me walking towards another girl. She was facing another direction with her back facing me. ‘Perfect.’

I sneak out behind her, put my hand on her waist and whispered in her ear, in the deepest tone of voice I could get, “hey, pretty girl, waiting for someone?” all in the same time.

She gasped in surprise, move away, turned to face me with her opened palm heading towards my torso, using her trade-mark Ookabuki style of fighting. Since I know she would react like this I already step back too and blocking her hand, and held her hand afterwards.

“You’re not seriously wanted to hit me, right?” I said with a grin plastered on my face.

“Wha? You…” Her mouth opened from the surprise and wonder when she looked at me. “I know you said ‘disguise’, but I never imagine….” She looked at me from head to toe. Made me fidgeting a bit from the scrutinizing stare she gave me. “That you would turn up as an ikemen when you dressing up as a boy.”

I just rolled my eyes at her and readjusting my cap. Not sure whether she was complimenting me or insulting me.

She looked at my hands. “You even remove your nail arts.”

“Yeah, well… I have to,” I shrugged, “and besides I can do some manicure again later.”

“If you’re not it’ll blow your cover up, huh?”

“Yep… So… where do you wanna go? 109 (*author`s note: famous as gals` shopping center) or Center Gai (author`s note: pedestrian zone with lots of stores, boutiques and game centers)? ” I asked her. “I like 109 better, but Center Gai is closer.”

She seemed in a thinking mode for a moment. “Center Gai’s good for a warming up, we can go to 109 afterwards.” She already was pulling me to the busy crossroad. “And you could help me shopping. Since you’re Queen Shibuya of Rappapa.”

I sighed at that. “Yeah… you can do some shopping, nice for you. And I can’t shop for myself since it’ll be weird if I do that with this attire.”

“Well, we can go here again later after your graduation.” She smiled at me.

And so, our shopping journey date started.  I was surprised when I know how good her fashion sense is. Lately I’ve seen her more in casual clothes rather than Majisuka Jyo`s uniforms, and I always thought that she always dress up pretty nicely. And was more surprised when she told me she rarely read fashion magazines and only relied on her instinct when she picked her clothes. Amazing. She truly is the ‘one’ for me. I smirked at my own thought.

So, we spent our day looking for clothes. We’ve been in and out of several stores when I got tired from all the stares I was received from the stores` employees and customers as well. This was the seventh store and I still got a lot of stares and whisperers. ‘Sigh… did I overdo myself here? I want to have a peaceful day, that’s why I put on a disguise. But, it’s seems like this put more attention on me more than my Majijo`s jacket.’ And she seemed to notice that I was becoming tenser with each store we visited.

She squeezed my hand a bit, “you okay?”

I smiled at her. “Yeah… just not liking all the attention.”

She giggled and leaned towards me, whispering in my ear. “As I said, you look so kakkoi, so it’s not a wonder this is happening.”

“Yeah, but don’t they see that I’m with you?” I rolled my eyes.

“I know how to stop them from staring at you.”

I saw her smirk and there’s this strange light in her eyes. ‘Gulp, this is… not good.’ And she grabbed my collar and kissed me, deeply. And of course, I had no other option than just kissed her back. And after a while my senses kicked in, reminded me that we’re in a VERY public place. So I stopped our PDA moment and step back a bit. She smirked evilly and walked past me towards the fitting room, pulled me with her. Before I closed the door, I noticed that the peoples outside still looked at us, but in disappointment.

“Heh… it’s truly worked.” I said, amused with the whole things. “But, should you pull me here too, what would people think?” I turned to looked at her, but immediately turned back again. She was already half naked, in the process to trying the shirt I picked for her. ‘Dear God, she’s hot.’

I heard her giggled and she wrapped her arms around my torso, linked her hand in my stomach. I looked down on her arms and realized she hasn’t put the shirt on.

“Well,” she put her head on my shoulder, “with this they’ll surely know that you’re mine now.”

I could only grumbled a “hrmh…” as a response. I could feel her breath on my neck with each word she had said, and with each seconds passed, it felt like the skin on my back get more and more sensitive. I could easily feel, enjoying, the constant and stabile beats of her heart, it was a little fast though. But, what’s made me unable to speak was the feel of her breasts pressing on my back.

After a while I could heard her giggled again and, to my disappointment, she released me and put on the shirt. She turned to looked at me and put on a ‘is this look good’ on her face. Seeing her in the navy colored shirt, tight, shirt made my mind goes blank for the second time today. I could only gulp and gave her a nod. She frowned at my response.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Errr… nothing… just need some fresh air… it’s cramped here. Heheheh…” I laughed nervously and quickly left the fitting room. After I closed the door, I squatted down on the side of the fitting room and sighed. ‘Damn, she’s hot. I want to touch her, I wanted to caress her, I want to kiss her, I want to make her scre…’

“What are you doing there?” Her voice interrupted my though. Surprised from the interruption from my dirty thought, I could only stared at her. “Tomo? You’re okay?”

After a while my mind started working again. I coughed a little and stood up. I could feel myself blushing. “Er… yes, I’m okay.” I straightened my clothes and readjusted my cap. “Have you finished? Let’s go to 109, I want to do some window-shopping.”

She narrowed her eyes at me. “Hm… Oh, okay then. I’ll pay these first.” 

She walked to the cashier with me following behind her. I still could hear some of the store employees not-so-silent-whispered about how it’s a shame that a cute boy like me already has a girlfriend. I glared at them in response, made them shut their mouth instantly when they saw me glaring at them. ‘Hah… if only they know I’m not a boy.’ 


*About 6 PM. In the front of 109.

“So, while we’re here, wanna go to Dogen-zaka (*author`s note: a name of a place in Shibuya which has lots, and I mean LOTS of love hotels and of course some restaurants and other buildings as well) as well?” I asked her with a grin on my face. “Your mom thinks you now have a ‘boyfriend’, right? Why don’t we make it real?” I winked playfully at her. She is the only one who can pullout this playful character from deep inside me.

“Dogen-zaka?” She seemed surprised by my question and yet in a flash she already plastering a seductive expression on her face. “Well…,” she steps closer to me, whispering, “I rather spend the night doing ‘that’ in your apartment than in a love hotel. It’s more… private…”

I try to put my best innocent expression. “What do you mean by that? I want to take you to have dinner with me. I know a good izakaya there.”

She’s openly glaring at me now. “You know full well that’s not what you’ve been talking about before.”

“Heh… you’ve got me.” I grinned at her. “I’m just joking. Who knows how many germs and bacteria in the bed sheet there? Even if you want to, I rather drag you to my apartment”

She leaned towards me. “Oh. So you want to drag me to your apartment? We’ve been dating in less than a month and you already this… aggressive?” She raised her eyebrow at me. “Should I be worried?”

Her question made me blushed, though I tried to hide it by looking at another direction. “Geez… I was just joking around.” And something clicked on my mind. “Maybe I’m the one who should be worried, considering… how often you’re trying to… seduce me.” I grinned at her. This time it was her who trying to hide her blush.

I shrugged. “But, seriously though the food there’s good. So…”

“Hhh… fine let’s go.” She said while holding my hand and dragged me to cross the road towards the Dogen-zaka area. “But, control your temper there. You almost had a fight in 109 before.”

“What? I am in control. And beside that guy was checking you out. I can’t let him do that!”
She sighed at my response. “I know, and I’m glad you’re being protective over me. But do NOT be over-protective, okay. I can protect myself, I am a yankee, for God’s sake” she said that quite loudly, which made people turned to look at us and I glared at them, she didn’t even seemed to notice about all of this.  “And beside he was just looking and your glare and death-threat nearly give him a heart attack.”

“Tch…” I kicked a small pebble on the road in exasperation. ‘Damn that guy. I should’ve punched him when she wasn’t looking back then. Just because he’s a guy and bigger than me doesn’t mean I can’t handle him.’ I smirked. ‘I know full well I can send him to the hospital with broken bones and face bruised up so bad his parents won’t be able to recognize him.’

And so, we walked towards the izakaya, with a few guy gave her a cat-calls when we’re passing the love hotels near the izakaya. ‘Great, just great. It’s still six in the evening and these guys already lurking in here.’ I glared at them, made them stop the cat-calls and gave me a challenging glare instead. She noticed this and pulled me to walk faster.

“Don’t. They’re not worth it.” She said with a straight but deathly expression.

“But…” I tried to object but she cut me.

“Don’t. I don’t want them to disturb my date.”

“Sigh… fine.” I relented, ‘but, if they do it again I’ll kick some ass.’ I added in my mind.

After a few meters we reached the izakaya, found ourselves a table near the window and ordered our food. While waiting for our food she asked me, “what’ll you do after you graduate?”

I looked at the road outside the window, somehow I couldn’t look at her face. “My mom told me to work in her friend’s IT Company. But, I don’t want to.”

“You don’t want to go to college?”

I just gaped at her as a response. “… You seriously asking me that? I don’t even care about exam in Majijo.”

She seemed offended by my question. “I’m just asking. And beside, if you don’t want to work there you have to find something else to do with your time after graduation.”

“Oh… I can find something…” I smirked. She raised her eyebrows in askance.

“I can… fight some Yabakune… or… I can… do… you.” I said the last word while leaning across the table towards her. She blushed and glaring at me at the same time, and she kicked my leg in the bone. Made me yelped a little in surprise.

“I’m serious here, don’t joke around.” She rolled her eyes.

“Pfft… you can tease me, but I can’t tease you back, huh?” I retorted. I sighed and somehow my future seemed to be so… bleak. She’s right, I can’t be Queen Shibuya of Majijo`s Rappapa forever. My graduation will be held in a few days. She held my hand, took me out of my mind. She smiled softly when I looked at her.

“You’re kind of good when you help me shopping. Why don’t you take a fashion course in a vocational school?”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Isn’t it already too late for that? I think most of the vocational school has already finished with the entrance exam. And beside I won’t pass the exam even if I was able to apply.”

“Well… you can take prep-schools for the exam.” She said while grinned at me. “And to occupy your time as well.”

I glared at her and about to retort back, but the waitress has come to give us our food. And she has started eating. ‘Hhh… well… lucky for me I don’t have to think about it anymore. At least for a few days more.’


*At Shibuya Station, about 8 PM.

“So… Wanna go to my place?” I asked her when we’re waiting for the train. “You said you rather doing ‘that’ in my apartment, right?” I wiggled my eyebrow playfully at her.

She slapped my arms and sighed. “As much as I want to…. No. We still have to go to school tomorrow.”

“So what? We skipped today.”

She fidgeted nervously. “Er… actually, my parents don’t know about this. If they do, they won’t allow it. I’ll change into my uniform in the toilet after we arrive at the station.”

I stared at her with my eyes open wide. “Do they even know that attendance is not mandatory in Majijo but violence is?”

She sighed again. “No.”


*The road between Ookabuki`s home and station.

I walked with her from the station to her home, much to her dismay. Since our homes are located on the different ways from the station, she said it’ll make me have to walk longer and there’s a possibility that her parents will see me. But, she obliged to let me walk her home when I said I’ll only walk with her to the crossroad near her home, so her parents won’t see me. We chatted and holding hands all the time. After a few minutes she started to lean closer towards me and I noticed she was shivering a bit. Not a surprise here, since she was only wearing her uniform and it’s still quite cold during the night. Since I have no jacket to give, I let go of her hand and wrapped my arm around her shoulder instead. Hoping that my body heat was enough to keep her warm. My action made her smiled and she leaned closer.

When we’re near her home, we saw about six Majijo`s students walking out of a house. Looks like someone from Majijo live nearby.

“Strange, I’ve never seen Majijo`s students around here before.” She whispered to me so that they won’t recognize us there.

“Who are they? I’ve never seen them around.”

“You’ll know if you didn’t spent your time Rappapa`s room and your class most of the time.” I glared at her in response, made her smiled at me. “They’re Kokabuki`s classmates.”

“Want to take a different route?” I asked her. If I was alone, I’ll take them head on.

She seemed thinking it a bit, and, “no, it’s okay. I don’t think they’ll dare to do something. Kokabuki and I had already defeated them on our first year.”

So, we kept walking. When we walked past them, they seemed to not even notice us. But, then…

“Wait…” I heard someone said, looked like it was one of the girls. I was already stopped walking, but she gave a soft tug to my hand, signaling me to keep on walking. So I did. But in a few seconds, three of the girls were blocking our way, smirking mockingly all the while.

“So…,” one of them with horrendous hair-cut said while slowly walking towards Tomo, “Ookabuki isn’t it?” She glanced towards me. “I didn’t know you already have a boyfriend.” She spat out the last word venomously.

“I don’t even know she interested in men.” Her friend added.

Her friends were laughing at her words. I wanted to spat back, ordered them to shut the hell up, or just punch them out, but I don’t think it’ll be wise. What if they recognize me? Luckily, the light was quite dim here. What`s more surprising to me was how calm Tomo is. If it was in an anime movie, perhaps my aura would looked like a fire surrounding me at the moment… er… most of the time actually. While for her right now, there’s seemed to be an ice of calmness surrounding her.

“Can you move out of the way? I want to go home.” She said calmly.

The gang of girls laughed. One with the ugliest make up, who’s seemed to be the leader move towards us. “Why? Afraid that we’ll harm your boy toy?” She gave me the elevator look. “He looked weak. Like those ikemen in the idol boy groups.”

I glared at her and I definitely want to punch her out, when I felt a soft tug in my hand, signaling me to calm down.  I took a deep breath and started counting inside my mind, just like what Yuko-san has taught me.

“I would have run away if I were you.” She said. “And beside, have you ever heard of ‘don’t judge a book by its` cover’?”

They seemed offended by that. The girl beside the leader came rushing towards her. And in the same time two girls behind us rushing towards me. We let go of each other, and she kicked the girl in the body even before the said girl able to attack her. While I squatted down to dodge the punch directed to my face and kick the ankle of my attacker, hard, made her fall. I avoided another punch from the other girl and planted a right hook on her cheek followed by a jab which made her fly backwards for a meter or two.

After seeing three of her friend twitching on the ground, the leader seemed to think it over again. And she came towards me. But before she was able to punch me, Tomo had already planted her palm on the leader`s ribs. The other two seemed in the state of shock after they saw their leader and friends beaten up. I stepped closer to her and wrapped my arm around her waist, and started walking her home again.

“Huh… you should just let me do it.” I said during our walk.

She frowned at me, “let you do what?”

“Punch the leader out. I should’ve giving her a lesson or two for calling me weak.”

She giggled at that. “Well, she didn’t know who you are.” She stopped walking and turned to face me. “My home is just a few houses more. So…”

“Ah… yeah…” I looked around to everything and anything but her, suddenly became nervous. “So… er…,” I scratched the back of my head, “I’ll see you again tomorrow?”

She just stared at me, not saying anything, for a while, making me more nervous. Then she sighed and put both of her hands on the side of my head, forcing me to look at her. “Isn’t this is the perfect time for you to give me a kiss?”

“EH?” ‘Why did she say that? Kiss? Eh?’ I could only blink at her in surprise.

She sighed again. “You are so dense sometimes.” She leaned towards me with her eyes closed, automatically I leaned forward too. Our lips met halfway. I was intended for a peck, but when she put her hands on the base of my head and move closer to me, kissing me passionately, I can’t even stop anymore. All though gone from my head whenever she kissed me like this. I don’t even care anymore that we were standing in the middle of the road near her home. Then, I could feel her tongue licking my lip, asking for entrance, and I opened my mouth, let her in.  I put my hand on her waist, pulled her closer to me. After a while I let go of her mouth and move downwards, kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling her neck, my hand slipped inside her shirt, caressing the nice curve of her waist. I can’t help it. I really wanted to touch her because of that ‘incident’ in the fitting room earlier.

“Hhh… wait… stop.” I heard her said breathlessly.

I stop nibbled her neck and step back a bit, my hand still inside her shirt though. “What? You don’t like it?” I asked innocently even though I know full well why she wanted me to stop.

“It’s not that. We’re in the middle of the road.” She hissed. “And you’re biting me, what if it left a mark?” Her hand move to cover the area of her neck which I have been explore earlier.

“You’re the one who started it.” I retorted.

She narrowed her eyes at me. She opened her mouth to say something but the sound of her phone beats her to it. She flipped it open and checked it, she furrowed her eyebrows more with each seconds passed. “My mom. I’ve to go. Bye.” She pecked my cheek and left me standing there. After a few steps she turned back and waved her hand at me.


So, this is Chapter 14. Sorry if I made a mistake about the place in Shibuya, and as always the bad grammar and miss-spelling. Thank you for reading.  :byebye:

@bunny_rabbit: sorry... the smexy time is in the next chapter (I hope)  :nervous

@XxRoByNxX78: hope you like this chapter.
                         Yeah... I was confused about the MJGK 2 story line. I want to keep Yuko alive and yet it'll be hard to still follow the MJGK 2 storyline if she's alive.
                         Since IMO, Yuko`s death is what leads Shibuya to lost her mind, literally.
                         Err.... we'll see how the story evolve later then :cool2:

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 14 added
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tomochin in danso!!hohoho
i really really love ur fic!! :luvluv1:
keep it up!!hehe
 :on GJ:
Thank you for the update!!

waiting to ur next chapter!!

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 14 added
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OMg the ikemen part its so amazing love it!! anda that final scene its amazing.. :D

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 14 added
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Wouhou!!!! And ikemen Tomo is so kakkoi!!!!
OMG the changing room scene!!!! More scenes like that please!!!!!

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 1 added
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This chapter is longer than i thought, so... I have to cut it out in two parts. Here's part one.

Chapter 15

*Late mid-night, graduation day, in the hallway outside the ICU.

Last night Sado-san emailed all of the Queen to inform us about Yuko-san`s condition. She was in critical condition now. When I received the email, I was about to go to bed. But, after I read the email, I instantly changed my clothes, grabbed my jacket, wallet, and phone, and ran to the hospital, literally. When I arrived at the hospital the damn security guards tried to stop me. Saying it was past visiting time. They even pulled out their guns and pointed it at me. Stupid guards, Yuko-san`s dying and that what they said? Hah… As if I would let menial things like visiting time to stop me. And I don’t even care they have guns.

I was about to knocked them out when Torigoya came. She asked for me to calm down and let her talked to the security guards. And since I was about to just punch them out, of course I didn’t listen to her. But, then she said something about what Yuko-san would do if she saw me like this. I had no other choice but to do as she said, right? So I let her talked to the security. And to my surprise and amusement she turned into ‘her’.   

Hah, talked to the security guards my ass, she just let ‘her’ to deal with them. After all that things she had whispered to the guards, and I don’t wanna know what she saw, the guards just let us in with a dazed expression on their faces. And, again, I was surprised when she turned back into her usual self. As far as I know she hadn’t been able to control ‘her’, that’s why she become so dangerous when she turned, because there’s no way for us to stop her, beside Yuko-san of course. When I asked her about this, she just smiled and said her ability came to control ‘her’ came after the fight with Maeda and after Yuko-san`s condition started to go downhill.

When we arrived in the front of the ICU, Black, Geki and Sado-san was already there. No surprise here, you can say that Sado-san was practically living her ever since Yuko-san fall into coma. Well, for Black she was really fast, so… And Geki also came together with Black, since Geki often stayed at her place. Last night was no difference. After Sado-san told us about what the doctor said about Yuko-san we just lingered around the ICU`s door. Sometimes we just stood there, or sat on the floor.

And about half an hour later, Maeda came, much to our surprise and chagrin. We, Black, Geki and I, already stood up and prepare ourselves for a fight at the sight of her. But then Sado-san stopped us, she said that she was the one who told Maeda to come. That Maeda, during her time working here, has befriended our leader. So, she had the right to be here. Much to our surprise, because during this past days, we’ve taken our turn to came and stay here, until another Rappapa came to take her turn to stay here and watch after Yuko-san, and we’ve never saw Maeda came. Or perhaps she only came to visit Yuko-san whenever Sado-san was around? She must’ve known if she met one of the Shitennou, there’s no way we can act civil. And since it was Sado-san`s order, there’s nothing we could do but to be civil with her. At least let her stay here and waiting with us.

So, yeah, we’re just waiting there in the hallway since last night with a tense silence surrounding us, which was only broken sometimes by a sigh or heavy release of breath by one of us. After a few hours of waiting and watching the nurses and doctors walked inside and out the ICU without gave us any good news about Yuko-san, Torigoya started to sob silently. Damn, this situation must’ve been harder for her than for us. I wonder how much the other knows about her and Yuko-san? I sighed and moved closer to her. I patted her shoulder just to let her know that we’re also here. Sado-san also moved to the other side of Torigoya and patted her head.

“I know how you feel.” She said softly to Torigoya. “We can feel it too, even though it’s slightly different.”

“She’s right.” I added. “You’re not alone here.”

Seeing Torigoya like this, Geki started to sob softly too. Well, she’s actually pretty sensitive when it came to things like this. Black only looked at us with her expressionless face, though her eyes told that she was in pain too. She touched her rosary and linked her hands together in front of her stomach, as if protecting it. While Maeda frowned and move to stood in front of the window. And then one of the nurse came out of the ICU, we instantly turned her head to face her. She just looked at us and shook her head, and disappointment washed over us again.


*Almost dawn, graduation day, in the hallway outside the ICU.

After stay here all night, fatigue started to crept in our body. I tried my best to stay awake, three empty cups of coffee were on my side. While Geki kept rubbing her eyes. Torigoya`s eyes were closed, I would’ve thought she was sleeping if she wasn’t opened her eyes immediately at the slightest sound. Black and Sado-san wasn’t any better. As for Maeda, she’s still the usual.

“You better go home.” Sado-san told Black. “You’ve got to take care of your own body.”

All of us turned our heads towards Black, she only shook her head, signaling that she’d rather stay. And then Geki sighed. She stood up, scretched her body out like a cat, then offering Black her hand to help her stand up. “I’ll take you home.” She said. She turned towards Sado-san and said, “I’ll be right back afterwards.”

Sado-san nodded. “Go. I’ll let you know if there’s some news.”

Black sighed and held Geki`s hand, let her to pulled her up. And then they walked together towards the lift. After they left, Sado-san told Maeda to come home, since school will be started in a few hours. Maeda left reluctantly, like Black, Sado-san also would inform her if there’s any news about Yuko-san.


*Early morning, graduation day, in the hallway outside the ICU.

We’re still scattered in the hallway near the ICU room. And now, I had five empty coffee cups near me. Sigh… I could get a heart attack because of the amount of caffeine running in my blood. Torigoya sat beside me, already sleeping with her head on my shoulder, unable to fight the sleepiness anymore. Geki had come back after about half an hour and now she was sitting on the floor across me, slightly dozing. Sado-san stood facing the window.

“The sun has rise.” She said with a melancholy look on her face.

Geki only grumbled a “huh?”, while I sighed. True enough, The hallway slowly filled with an orange hue. I looked at my watch. “Twenty past five. Less than five hours to graduation ceremony.” I said.

Sado-san looked at me and nodded, and she turned to look outside the window again.


*About eight AM, graduation day, in the hallway outside the ICU.

After I refreshed myself on Yuko-san`s bathroom, I walked back to the hallway and sat on the same position as before. Coffee cups already gone. Perhaps the cleaning staff dumped it. Black already came back and stood near Sado-san. Torigoya already awake now, though her eyes were still red from lack of sleep. Geki was still sitting on the same place. As before, we’re just wait there in silence.

After a few minutes, the nurses came rushing to the ICU room, and shortly Yuko-san`s doctor   ran inside, while we could only stared at the ICU door dumb-founded. Thought racing around in my head, made me slightly light-headed. In my nearly insane state, I looked around and saw Sado-san started to walked in circle on the hallway, Geki held Black`s hand, both have a forlorn look on their faces, Torigoya eyes started to filled with tears again. Somehow, all of these made me angry. Angry at the situation, angry at Yuko-san`s illness and the most was I’m angry at myself, my useless self. My hands balled to a fist on my lap. I was about to hit the floor in frustration when the one of the nurse came out.

“Which one of you called… Rappapa?” she said uncertainly.

“We are.” All of us answered in the same time.

The nurse looked at us questioningly one by one, and then she said, “can one of you follow me, please? The patient has awake.”

When I heard this, I released the breath that I had been holding when I saw the nurse came out. I took a quick look to my fellow Rappapa and saw the relief and happiness evident in their faces. Yes, even Black has this wide smile and a soft look on her eyes. Sado-san immediately walked inside the ICU room after shared a look with us.

After waiting for a few minutes, Sado-san walked out of the room, and she said to us to come inside, that Yuko-san wanted to see us. Torigoya practically ran to the room, left us outside. When I was inside, I saw Yuko-san laying on the bed with small rubber pipe still attached to her nose, and another rubber pipe injected to her arm. Some cables sneak out from under her clothes to a machine. She looked so small in that bed and… and… weak. But nevertheless, she has this wide smile on her face with Torigoya glued to her side. She was half standing, half laying on top of Yuko-san`s bed, sobbing quietly in the crook of Yuko-san`s shoulder.

“Yuu-chan… Yuu-chan…” she said between her sobs, “don’t scare me like that again…”

I glanced at the other for a sec. Geki tilted her head to the side with a questioning look in her face, and Black mumbled questioningly about something that truly sounded like “Yuu-chan?”. While Sado-san has a straight expression on her face. So, it seemed like the other Queens didn’t know yet about the nature of Torigoya and Yuko-san relationship.

Yuko-san smiled wider, if that’s even possible, perhaps it has something to do with Torigoya being so openly affectionate with her in front of others, which was never happened before. She patted Torigoya’s head lovingly while saying sweet nothing in Torigoya`s ear to comfort her. Seeing these two love-birds made me smile, and also made me miss my girlfriend even more, I’ve seen her yesterday, but I couldn’t sneak out and talked to her in school with Dance followed me around like that. And since I hang out with the other Queens till evening to discuss about Yuko-san and our up-coming graduation yesterday, I couldn’t visit her. We had a date two days ago, which was good, really good. But then our conversation by the phone yesterday morning, ended up in a complete disaster. Which is the reason why I want to see her even more.

I automatically frowned when I remember about our chat on the phone yesterday. She called me early in the morning, and the first thing she said to me when I was just pick up the phone was to yelled a “you jerk!!!” to me. I hadn’t even said a single word yet.


I immediately move my head away from my phone and yelled back to her, “What the hell??! It’s still early and you just call me to yelled at me??!”

“Shut up! I’m so mad at you right now…” she said. And at that time all I could think of is just ‘what the hell??’

“What? Why?” I asked her.

“You wanna know why?” she asked me in a really fake sweet voice. “Earlier I had a breakfast with my family. And you know what? My mom asked me about some marks on my neck. The fu**ing hickeys and bite marks on my neck that you planted on me last night!!”

“…” I truly didn’t know how to respond on that. ‘Hey, wait a minute, she’s just used swear word… and she always chided me when I use it... payback time.’ I smirked slowly at my thought. “Language” I told her.


“You just used swear words.” I tease her. Too bad we’re just chatted on the phone, I would love to see her at that time. Not my fault that she just looked to sexy when she was angry like that.

“Shut up!! I’m angry at you!”

“Brft…. Heheheh… I’m sorry, okay. I didn’t know it would leave marks. Heheh…”

“Don’t laugh! Now they truly think I’m dating a guy now. This is all your fault!”

I didn’t know why, but I could imagine her stomping on the floor in my head. “Well the dating part is true, after all.”

“You do know that it’ll be harder for me to sneak out after this, right?”

“Well, then, I can come to you place instead.”

“Heh… after your mask almost crack during my family dinner few days ago? No, thanks. It’ll leads to more disaster.”


“If you can control your temper without me helping you out, I might, MIGHT, consider it. But for now… No, thanks. I can’t hug you or kiss you just to calm you down in front of my parents. I’m not crazy.”

“Nice faith you’ve got for me. Nice, really nice.”

“Well, it’s your fault anyway.”

“Fine! Just put the blame on me.” I snapped my phone shut, and went to take a shower before I go to the school, punched the wall in exasperation during my way to the shower.


“…ya… Shibuya!”

“Huh?” I heard someone called me, took me out of my memory, and I looked at the person who called me. Yuko-san.

“What’s with the long face? Don’t you’re happy that I’m awake now?” She said with a weak grin, with Torigoya still attached to her.

“Perhaps the lack of sleep finally hit her, like the rest of us.” Sado-san said. “And it’s all you fault, because you made us worried so much.” She narrowed her eyes to Yuko-san.

Yuko-san smiled softly. “I’m sorry, girls. But, I think I’ll be okay now.”

Torigoya pouted at her. “I take your word on this. I’ll be sooo… mad if you can’t keep your promise.”

“Of course, Nyan-Nyan.” Yuko-san said.

“Nyan-Nyan?” Black said. Looks like she can’t stop herself from questioning this any longer.

Yuko-san just smiled at her, not saying anything. She looked around the room and then asked, “by the way, what time is it? What day?”

I looked at my watch and said, “almost nine.”

“Friday.” Sado-san added.

“Friday?” Yuko-san asked. “As in Friday, our graduation day?” She said the question slowly.

We were just looking at each other with an ‘oh, sh*t’ expression on our face.

“What?! Girls, what are you waiting for? Help me here. We have graduation to attend.” Yuko-san said, back to her genki self already.

Sado-san shook her head, “and whose fault is it that we’re here?”


*Majisuka Jo Gakuen`s Hall, during Graduation Ceremony.

The first thing that I did when I walked into the hall was to scan the room, to see who’s attended the Graduation Ceremony. My eyes met her for a few seconds and then she immediately looked away, still angry at me. And then when we, the Rappapa, walked towards the podium together, I can’t stop myself to not to glanced at her. Her eyes widen at the sight of Yuko-san on a wheel chair, because she, as the rest of the students, didn’t know anything about Yuko-san`s illness.


*Majisuka Jo Gakuen`s Hall, after Graduation Ceremony.

“YUKO-SAN!!” I heard someone screamed. I didn’t know who, it could be Sado-san, it could be Black, it could be the other Rappapa, or it could be me. All I know was, when Maeda turned to looked at us from her position near the Hall`s entrance with Yuko-san, we’re practically ran towards them. Towards Yuko-san.

“Hurry, the ambulance is still waiting outside.” Sado-san said, gesturing us to rush back to the hospital. Maeda pushed Yuko-san`s wheelchair as fast and as careful as she could. The paramedics immediately came to help when they saw us. After Yuko-san has been lifted inside, the paramedics, drove the ambulance away to the hospital, with us following behind with the car that I borrowed from my mom.


Sorry for the cliffhanger :bow:

Thanks for reading, commenting and the 'thank you's, guys. Hope you like this chapter. As always sorry for the bad grammar and miss-spelling.

@chichay12: she's surprisingly kakkoi isn't she :nervous
                   hehehe... thank you for liking my fics. hope you'll like this chapter as well

@haruko: hehehe... glad i'm not made a mistake on the Danso thing.
               hm? the final scene  XD

@kahem: hahaha... we're all love hot scene, aren't we :D

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 1 added
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Awww you breack my heart once again... but now this hurt the most because there are kojiyuu!!! in this fic.. aww yuuchan T_T..

Right now i have two feelings.. I want the story continue like the dorama.. its gonna be interesting BUT you are the author of this fic you have the power to make the things for better.. BUT i know that in fact you have plans in your head about how to continue this fic.. -_____-- I want than yuko its a live.. but maybe you need that yuko die again -__- for continue the story. right?

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 1 added
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Yuko T_T this scene always makes me sad
lol Ookabuki being mad at Shibuya is so cute and funny

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 1 added
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Thanks for reading and the 'thank you's, guys

Well, to tell you the truth i was kinda stuck with this fic. I have two options in my mind, to let Yuko die and continue the story similar to MJGK 2 or to heal her. The first option was easier to make because i already got the basic story line to follow, but the story will be darker and angsty.While at the same time, i want to keep Yuko alive because Kojiyuu is my other OTP, but i don't know how to cure her from her illnes without miracle.   :on chew:
And to make it hard for me to decide, I already write the basic flow for both case :badluck: Perhaps i'll post both option. But I'll let you all to decide which path I should write and post first.

@haruko: i'm sorry bout that :banghead:
@kahem: me too :cry:
              hehehe, glad you find it funny. Though Shibuya didn't think it's funny :bigdeal:
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 1 added + poll
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I like your second idea to keep Yuko alive. It will give a different spin in the story. Like you don't have "cure" her but,make her stable or her illness any worse.

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 1 added + poll
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Jeje dont worry so much.. if you need to kill yukos for the sake´s story its ok...

but if you want keep her alive that gonna be awesome for me :D

but yeah its gonna e difficult because maeda going to fight with yuko and that sound good for me.. about the cure well you are a writer you can make a cure.. i think a operation or alternative medicine..

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 1 added + poll
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The continuation of the last update, Chapter 15 part 2

*After graduation, hallway in the front of ICU.

When we, the Shitennou, arrived in the hospital, we were informed by the Receptionist that Yuko-san was back in ICU. We hurriedly ran there, earned us looks of dissatisfaction from the hospital`s staff. When I was arrived in the hallway leading to the ICU Room, I saw Sado-san stood, leaned against the wall, with Maeda beside her. They turned towards us, with a forlorn looks on their faces. After a brief look, Maeda looked away from us and cast her eyes down, frowning all the while.

“The doctor said Yuko-san has a relapse.” Maeda said slowly. “They connect her to the ‘life-supporter’ machine. She’s safe… for now.”

“No…” I heard Geki softly said.

I punched the wall in frustration. “Dammit!” And I punched the wall, again, and again, and again. ‘Dammit! She was getting better before. Why a relapse now? Weren’t the doctors said that the treatment and medicine working fine earlier?’

I was about to punch the wall again, but Sado-san caught my wrist, stopping it. “Stop. You’ll destroy the wall.” She said. I look at her bloodshot eyes and somehow I felt my anger slipping away. “And it won’t do you any good if you destroy your fist.” And now, instead of anger, I felt pain and despair. She sighed and took my hand in her, inspecting it. “Damn, it’ll take a few days to heal. You better go and see the doctor.”

“I’m fine.” I said.

Sado-san pressed my knuckle, my bruised and slightly bleeding knuckles, with her thumb, made me yelp in surprise.

“Argh… what the hell?”

Sado-san smirked at me. “I said, go see the doctor.” I could hear the other resisting a laugh from coming out of their mouth behind me.

“There’s no need for that. I can deal with it later.” I retorted stubbornly.

Sado-san sighed and said, “Fine. If you don’t want to go to the doctor, I had no choice but to kick you out then.”


Sado-san turned to look at Geki. “You too, Geki. Go home and rest. And come back here later at night. We’ll take our turn to stay here to watch after Yuko-san like before.”

“Hhh… fine.” I said. “I’ll come back after dinner.”

I started to walk to the elevator with Geki tailing behind me. “Give me a call if there’s some news.” I said to no one in particular.

“Will do.” I heard Sado-san said.


*Afternoon, Shibuya`s apartment

I drove Geki to her place and then drove to my mom’s apartment to drop the car, then walked back to my apartment, thankfully it’s only took me fifteen minutes walk from my mom to here, because I’m drop dead tired. I had taken a shower, and ate a little, and about to sleep, when I remembered I haven’t checked my phone all day.
I grabbed my phone from my bedside table and saw there’s ‘9 new emails’ written on my phone`s screen. I immediately opened my mail-box, and…. All of the emails were from my ‘cute yet sometimes feisty, and currently very angry at me’ girlfriend. All of it consisted of ‘where are you?’, ‘how’s Yuko-san?’, ‘have you eaten yet?’ and the last one only has ‘reply my emails, dammit!’ written on it. I face-palmed myself, the need of sleep disappeared instantly. The last email sent only minutes ago. I decided to call her before she explodes on me again. It only took two ‘beep’ sounds on the phone, and she already picked up the phone.

“Where are you?” I heard her asking, no, demanding an answer.

Not in the mood for another fight, I answered her, “Bed.”

“Huh?” she said.

“I’m on my bed, at home.” I said, since she didn’t seem to understand what I meant before.

“… I’m coming soon.”

Huh? “Wait… I was…” and she already hang up on me.

I lazed around on my bed again… waiting… and it was true when she said soon, because in less than twenty minutes I heard my bell door rang. I slowly walked to open the front door. When I saw her outside, I immediately pulled her towards me for a hug. I put my head on her shoulder.

“Sleepy…” I said slowly, though my voice came out muffled by her clothes.

I felt her patted my head. “Come on then, let’s go inside.”

I moved away and let her in, closing the door afterwards. “What do you want to drink?” I asked her, she’s my guess after all.

But she’s just shook her head and held my hand. “You’re tired, right?” She pulled me to my room. “Just rest for now.” She sat on my bed shortly after we’re on my room. “Come here.” She said, signaling me to lay on the bed.

I slowly made my way to the bed, the fatigue truly got me now. I lay on my bed with my head on her lap.

“Why are you so tired like this?” she asked me, her hand caressing my hair.

I turned to lay on my side, “I was stay up all night,” I said, and then I nuzzled my face to her tummy. I didn’t know if it was her scent or the scent of her clothes, but it’s smelled so good. “Sado-san emailed us last night, to inform us that Yuko-san was in a critical condition last night. So I went to the hospital and stayed there with the others all night.”

“… I see.”

“Hmm… you smell so good.” I snuggled closer to her.

She pinched my cheek playfully, “hey, I’m still mad at you.”

“I know.” I smiled lazily, my eyes fluttered closed.

“Sigh… go to sleep,” she said and kissed my forehead, “we can talk later.”

“Hm… wake me up at six. I’ve to go back to the hospital.” I mumbled sleepily.

I heard her said, “okay.” And I let the dreamland to come and get me.


*Ookabuki`s POV, afternoon, Shibuya`s apartment.

Within a few seconds I could felt her breathing went slower, and I knew she has fallen asleep. My poor Tomo, she seemed so tired. I was angry at her before, at her carelessness that made my parents suspecting me even more, even though some of their suspicions are true. But, now, after seeing her like this, I’m not sure whether I’m still angry or not.

Sigh… I knew there’s something wrong with Yuko-san. She was always had these forlorn look in her eyes whenever we incidentally talked about Rappapa. I know I’d promised not to ask anything, but I’m curious. I wonder what kind of disease Yuko-san got that made her went in a critical condition like this. I hope it’s not an incurable disease, the Rappapa will be devastated if Yuko-san die because of it. My Tomo will be devastated. She had said once that she owed Yuko-san her life. I wonder what’s happened that made her said that.

My legs was started to getting cramp so gently lifted her head, and put a pillow below her head. After I was free I layed on the bed beside her, facing her. I rearrange the hair that has fallen and covered her face, and caressing her face. She looked so calm when she sleeps, so… cute. I wonder how many people have seen her like this. I frowned at the though. She’s pretty and has a nice slim figure, even though she’s a little hard to handle, she can have anyone she want. She must’ve been with another person before me. I bit my lip, sorrow and disappointment filled me.

“Hm…” she mumbled in her sleep, she grabbed my hand which was still on her face, and held my hand tightly. I smiled at her action. I wonder what she is dreamed about. Then, I saw it. Her right hand, bruised and slightly red. I frowned. She must’ve had a fight before or she punched something hard. ‘Sigh… hot blooded as usual.’ I pulled my hand from her grip and stood up, off to find where she kept her ice-pack.


*Back to Shibuya`s POV, evening.

Some delicious smell came to me, pulled me away from the dream land. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was my hand, covered with ice-pack. She saw it, huh? I sat up on my bed and looked around. ‘Hmm… where is she? Kitchen?’  I looked at the clock on the wall, ’05:48 PM’. I stood up and went to the bathroom adjacent to my bedroom, to refresh myself. Then, I walked to the kitchen. The closer I got to the kitchen the more alluring the smell was. And there she was, in front of the stove.

“I was about to wake you up after this.” She said without looking at me.

I opened the fridge to find some milk, juice, tea or whatever. “You’ve woke me up already with the food.” I grabbed a can of melon-flavored milk. “What do you make anyway? It smells like egg and chicken. Omelet rice?”

“No. Oyakodon. And by the way, you seriously need to do some groceries shopping. Your fridge is almost barren. And when you do, don’t buy canned drinks again, when I looked at your fridge it was like a vending machine.” She turned the stove off. “Get me some bowls.”

“I haven’t got a time for that lately.” I opened the counter where I keep my plates, bowls, and glasses. “And of course it looks like vending machine, I bought it mostly from the vending machine on the ground floor.” I picked two bowls and gave it to her. “I’m going to change my clothes.” I said to her while walked back to my bedroom to change.

 When I came out of my room, she had already set the table and sat there, waiting for me. And so, we’re started our dinner. And the oyakodon was delicious, no surprise here, really. She’s a good cook. I wasn’t joking when I said I’ll be happy if she cooks for me every day. Well, perhaps it’s still too early to tell her that.

“What happen to your hand?" she asked.

“Oh…, this?” I raised my right hand and she nodded in response. “I punched the hospital wall.”

She sighed, “figures.”

“I was… mad at the situation.” I said, somehow felt the need to explain why I did what I did.

“What happened… after your graduation?”

“…Yuko-san has a relapse.” She just looked at me, but I can’t bring myself to look at her, afraid that if I do, she’ll see the pain and despair in my eyes. “The only thing that makes her still alive for now is the life-support machine.”

She moved to sit beside me, and pulled me for a hug, positioning my head on her shoulder. “What kind of illness that Yuko-san has actually? You do allow to tell me that now, right?”

“She has this small hole in her heart. I don’t really know the details but…,” I sighed, “it was never became a hindrance to her before. But about six months ago, she started to get fatigued easily. And she went to the doctor to check it and… well… our energetic leader has been ordered to stay in the hospital ever since. We’re late for our graduation because her doctors insisted to check her up before we go. And all the test results were good, they said the treatment and medication was working. That’s why she allowed to go. But… she got a relapse.”

I felt her took a deep breath. “So, that’s why I rarely seen her in school lately.”

I mumbled a “hrmmh…” as a response. “Actually when you saw her in school, at that time she was practically ran away from the hospital. Sado-san just told us that last night.”

“Your leader really is… daring…?”

“Or stupid, as Sado-san would’ve said.”

She giggled. “Well, she is the leader of the top yankees gang in Majijo, what would you expect?”

“Heh… true. We think with our fist, not our mind.” I added.

She tapped my fist, “yeah, I can see that,” and slowly stroke my fist with her thumb. “Is that also the reason why your temper worsening during these past six months? Because Yuko-san’s ill?”

“… Have I change?”

“These past months, yes.” She sighed. “You are an irritable person, you always are, even during our childhood. But you’re never this… explosive before… and lately, brutal… remember the bloody jacket?”

I opened my mouth to retort back, but she cut me, “and don’t say that it wasn’t true, because it’s the truth. I have been watching you for almost two years now.”

“Hhhhh…, well then let’s eat again, I have to go back to the hospital for my ‘night shift’, there’s no way we’ll let Black take a night shift.”

She looked at me questioningly. ‘Damn, I’ve said too much.’

“What do you mean you won’t let her?”

“Er… nothing. You better ask her if you want to know.” I said nervously.

She narrowed her eyes at me. “There’s no way I’ll go and ask her myself.”

“Sigh… It’s not my story to tell, so don’t ask me anymore, okay? Let’s just eat.”


*Late at night, in the ICU waiting room

After dinner, I immediately went back to the hospital. When I arrived, Sado-san was off to have some dinner, Black and Torigoya was sitting in the waiting room. They left after Geki came. And a few minutes later, Sado-san came back. So, like before, we’re practically ‘camped’ on the hospital, sometimes we filled our time with short conversation. Sometimes it was about Yuko-san, sometimes we took the trip down the memory-lane, sometimes it was just a meaningless chat. Sometimes, we’re just stay there in silence like right now, with our mind wandering off to somewhere else, or just dozing slightly like Geki.

As for me, my mind went back to the time before I went to the hospital. Before we walked out of my apartment, she embraced me tightly.


“Huh?” I said, confused by her action. “What is it?”

She moved back a bit to looked me in the eyes, and since we’re practically on the same height, it was easy. “Nothing, just that… you look like you need a hug right now.”

I smiled at her and rested my forehead against her. “Mmm… I want to give you something.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while. And actually, I think it’ll be better if I give it to you later, but… perhaps I should give it to you now.”

She frowned even more and said, “what is it actually?”

I let go of her and went inside to take that ‘thing’. She was still frowned when I came back. I took her hand and put that thing in her palm. Her eyes widen in surprise when she saw it.“This… is this…” 

I kissed her forehead lightly, “my apartment`s key, the spare one actually. Come here whenever you like.” I patted her head. “And when you’ve had enough with your parents, you can stay here, as long as you like.”

She beamed at me, and jumped into me, kissing me passionately, made me stumble a bit, my back hit the wall.

“Whoa…wait…wait…” I said in between kisses. Eventually she stopped. “Dammit… I’ve to go to the hospital. How can I go when you’re like this?”

She blushed a bit, and yet she still smiled so radiantly. “Why? Is it a hassle for you?”

Inside my mind I was saying, ‘because you made me want to ‘eat’ you all night!!’, but outside I was scowling, “You made my head hit the wall.” Well, there’s no way I said what I’ve been thinking inside. She’ll tease me forever if I do.

She giggled and hugged me again. “What you said earlier, is that a proposal?”

“Huh?” I said, I can felt my face warmed up because of what she said. Thank God she couldn’t see it. ‘Huh? Wait, it does sound like a proposal… Grhhh… Stupid!!’ “I… I mean…”

She put her finger on my lips, stoping my jumbled words. “I know.” She smiled radiantly at me, made me dazzled a bit.


*Midnight, at the hospital.


I heard someone called me, I turned my head towards the sound. Sado-san. “Yes?” I asked her.

She sighed. “What will you do after high school? The IT thing?”

I scoffed at that question. “That’s what my mom wants. Not me.”

I wonder why she asked me that. I looked at her, trying to read her, but besides knowing that she was deep in thought, I can’t see anything else. I frowned. Why does people wanted to know what will I do afterwards. Why the sudden interest? I could understand if it was Tomo, I mean we’re dating, of course she wants to know, but Sado-san? I knew that we’re Rappapa, but… why she asked me that? I mean, it’s personal and Sado-san never ever asked or talked about anything personal with us. It’s… Yuko-san`s job.

“… Yuko-san asked me to look after you guys, if she… if she…” Sado-san took a deep breath. “Well, I just want to say that, whatever happens we are family. Never forget that.” She looked at me straight in the eyes when she said the last sentence.

She made me feels nervous all of a sudden, I gulped and manage to let out a “yes” with what I hope was a firm tone of voice.


Thanks for reading, guys. Sorry for the bad grammar and miss-spelling. And sorry if I made the character a bit OOC.  :nervous

A1: Thank you for commenting.  :D
      Hm... make her condition stable huh? Did you mean let Yuko alive but she's still in the hospital?

@haruko: yeah... but the two story practically running at the same time in my head. Made me go  :frustrated:

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 2 added + poll
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Yuko T_T I don't want her to die so I vote for a different ending lol
Shibuya eating Ookabuki? Oh~

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 2 added + poll
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Hm... make her condition stable huh? Did you mean let Yuko alive but she's still in the hospital

Yes. :nervous

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 2 added + poll
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you can write both .. if you want jejej Im kidding :D Im support you whatever you chose :D

cof cof yuko alive cof cof kojiyuu babies cof cof etto.. yeah :D make better in yuko yeah shibuya with perv minds :D i dont blame she have this sexy girlfriend..

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 2 added + poll
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OH MY GOD!  :mon scare:

I'm so in love with this fic! THIS IS PERFECT!  :wriggly: I was really disappointed at the 1st season of Majisuka Gakeun because The President of the Rappappa, the coolest and the very charming leader- Oshima Yuko has to die in the end. I was like Ehhh?  :shock: why does one of coolest characters in MJG must die on this bad ass drama?! I was really pulling my hair in frustration and was crying at the same time! It was like i was mourning with them after Yuko died. It took me almost 2 weeks to forget and help myself move on from the frustration that this drama gave me.  :on cloudeye:

Now that an awesome author like you made it different this time, i was really happy and smiled like an idiot reading all these chapters!  :grin:
Hopefully, Yuko will get better soon and ruled the Rapappa school once again with her Queens  :onionwhip:

....and also, i'm loving all these TomoTomo moments, it's really sweet and adorable to me, i just can't help but smile to this story every time.  :shy2:
And to Yuko and Torigoya, i hope these two will be together again, forever. About their relationship, some of the queens didn't know about their love at all, so i think they should tell them when Yuko wakes up, so there will be no secrets or hiding something from all the rappappa queens. AND OMG THESE TWO WOULD MAKE PRETTY/CUTE BABIES BTW  :luvluv2:


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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 15 part 2 added + poll
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 16 added
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Chapter 16

* Three days after graduation, afternoon, near the ICU room.

It has been three days since graduation, since Yuko-san has a relapse. The doctors said that Yuko-san`s condition was actually starting to get better, but unfortunately she still hasn’t awake yet. She was practically healed, even though she couldn’t be as active as she was before. We’re just waiting for her to wake up now. It’s all depend on Yuko-san, when she’ll wake up or… not. She only has two days more to wake up. If she doesn’t wake up, the doctor will turn the ‘life machine’ off, because they assume it was practically impossible for someone who’s in a coma for a week to wake up, and it was her second time to fall in coma. And her health insurance was running off too.

“Damn, this is depressing!” I mumbled to myself.

“Hm? What is it?” Torigoya asked me. It’s our turn to stay in the hospital to watch over Yuko-san.

“When will your ‘Yuu-chan’ wake up?” I asked her, half teasing. “She’s practically fine now, right?”

Sado-san raised her eyebrows at me, while Torigoya pouted at me. “She has promised she’ll be fine. And she will be.” Torigoya said. “I trust her.”

“I know that!” My hands balled to a fist in irritancies.

I heard Sado-san sighed and then she called my name, reprimanded me. I turned to look at her, Sado-san has changed a lot during these three days, she was less intimidating and less sadistic, and somehow she looked more mature. Or maybe it was just because she was tired from stayed here all the time. While the Shitennou have our ‘shift’, she was practically live here since the first time Yuko-san fall into coma.

I was about to punch the wall in frustration, but Sado-san`s voice stopped me, “Don’t break your fist again,” she said calmly, “it hasn’t fully healed yet.” I sighed, and sat down on the floor again.

“Oh, by the way, Torigoya…” Sado-san said.

Torigoya responded with a “hm?” and a cute asking look on her face.

“She knows about you and Yuko-san?” Sado-san pointed me with the movement of her head.

Torigoya was about to answer her, but I cut her, “of course I do,” while rolled my eyes, “she wasn’t good at hiding things.”

“You don’t have to say it like that.” Torigoya pouted at me. “And how did you know too, Sado?”

Sado-san and I smirked at her question. “That’s a dumb question.” I said, made Torigoya pouted at me even more.

“Heh… exactly as she has said,” Sado-san said, “the two of you are not good at hiding things.” She grinned. “Though I don’t understand how Black and Geki can be so dense about you two. I had my suspicion before, but I wasn’t sure yet. But, after the way you glued yourself to Yuko-san three days ago… Heh….”

“Same here,” I said, “I know it not because of that though.” Torigoya looked at me questioningly. “Remember your note-book?” I raised my eyebrow at her, and slowly understanding dawn at her. ‘Tch… airhead as ever.’

“Ah… I remembered.” Torigoya said. “So… how’s Dance?” She smiled smugly at me.

“What?! I told you it’s not her!” I said, half-yelled. ‘Jeez… she still thinks that there’s something between Dance and me after all this time?! What the hell?’

Sado-san raised her eyebrow at me, “what’s with you and Dance?”

“Nothing!!” I shouted and sent a glare to Torigoya. “Don’t spreading bullshit, will ya?”

“Well, you never tell who.” Torigoya pouted, “And I’ve never seen you really talking to anyone beside us and… Dance…”

“So… you have someone too…” Sado-san said, eyebrow still raised. “So that’s why you’ve been texting a lot lately.”

Torigoya moved to sat beside me. “So… so… who is it?” she asked while poking my shoulder. “Is it someone from Majijo?”

I scowled while keeping my mouth shut. Refusing to answer. Torigoya kept on poking me, while Sado-san only looked at us, smiling all the while. After a while Torigoya stopped poking me, glaring at me instead, and then she turned into her other self. My eyes bulged when I saw ‘her’, and I stood up and moved away from ‘her’ in reflect.

“Whoa…. There’s no need for that.” I hurriedly said, then Torigoya came closer at me, hands up towards me. I instantly stepped back in reflect. “What the hell!!? Stop that!”

I heard Sado-san snorted. “Perhaps it’ll be better if you just answer her.” I glanced at her for a while and saw her smirked at me. “Before she sees everything inside your head.”

“Tch… fine then. What do you want to know? But, I won’t tell you everything, you know.” I said in irritancies. I didn’t have other choice but to relent now. Torigoya walked towards me, hand still in the air, only inches away from my head. I slapped her hand in reflect. “Dammit, stop that! Jeezz…”

And then Torigoya turned back into her usual self, smiling victoriously at me, and started to bombard me with questions.

“So, first… is it a guy or a girl?”

“What kind of question is that?” I asked, offended.

“Well… you had experience with a guy before, so…”

I snorted. “And it was a complete disaster, he’s a pure wimp. Do you think I would be with a guy again after that?”

“Okay, so it was a girl.” She chirped happily, I just rolled my eyes at her.

“I don’t even know you’re leaning ‘that’ way.” Sado-san added. “But, yeah after that guy I think every girl would’ve turned gay.” She shook her head. “He’s a truly good-for-nothing kind of guy.”

I just rolled my eyes again. “And I don’t even know why did I willing to date him.”

“That was during the time your mom decided to marry your step-father, right? During the end of our freshman year?” Torigoya asked me. I nodded in response. She winced, “God, you’re a mess back then.”

I just shrugged, “well, my step-father doesn’t like me, and I don’t like him, and apparently my mom desperately in love with him. It’s better this way now, right? For me to live on my own? At least I still got my monthly allowance from both of my parents.”

“You’re good now, but back then, it was pure luck that you didn’t end up dead from over-dose,” Sado-san said, “or in jail.”

“I’m not that stupid,” I said in exasperation, “well, perhaps the reason why I dated ‘that wimp’ because I was on drug.”
“If you’re not stupid you wouldn’t even tried the drugs.” Sado-san said. “Thankfully Yuko-san was able to helped you to stop your addiction before it was getting worse.”

I shivered automatically when she said that. Flashback ran into my mind. To stop my growing addiction to drugs, Yuko-san moved to live with me in my apartment. And whenever I felt the need, she would tied me up on my bed, so that I won’t go and search for some, and to prevent me from hurting myself when the side-effect of the drug came. And there was one time when I wanted the drug so bad that I kept on yelling and trashing and tried to release myself. At that time Dance were crying on the corner of my apartment, begging to Yuko-san to let me have some, but Yuko-san just kept staring at me with a cold, indignant look. And she grabbed my shoulder, forcing me to look at her, and said, “If you really want to die, I better kill you with my own hands rather than let you killing yourself slowly like that. You’re one of my Queens. Come back to me. Come back to you old self, Shibuya!!”

“So, next question.” Torigoya`s voice cut me out of my memory, I turned my head to looked at her again. “Is she on Majijo?”

I gulped, considering whether to answer her or… , ah, well she wouldn’t able to connect the dots after all. And then I slowly nodded.

“Ehh…. Really??” Torigoya asked me and I nodded again in response. “Okay, next do I know her?” she asked again.

“Well…, yeah… I guess so.” I said. ‘She’s Maeda`s Shitennou, almost every students in Majijo knows her now.’

“Are you sure it’s not Dance?” Torigoya asked me.

I stared at her, shocked. “How many times I should tell you it’s not her!!”

“But… she has been following you through hell and back.” Torigoya said. “ I though…”

“I told you it’s not her!” I cut her. “She’s a good underling and yes, she’s been there with me ‘trough hell and back’. But, I don’t see her in ‘that’ way.” I said. ‘She’s more than just an underling, I admit it. But, not ‘that’ way.’ I added in my mind.

“Fine, then.” Torigoya pouted.

And then Black and Geki came. Black were off for a regular check up before, with Geki escort her there. Because they came, the topic of our conversation moved from me to Black`s condition, thank God.  Black told us that she’s good, the baby was also healthy and if nothing goes wrong, she’ll be in labor in two months. Our nephew will be born in two months. The first of the little Rappapa. And so, our usually silent moment of waiting for Yuko-san had become livelier because of the news of Black’s up-coming baby. And suddenly, just like before, we saw the nurses came rushing towards the ICU room. Yuko-san. All of us half-ran to the ICU room door. Waited there. Praying, hoping for our leader to wake up. The doctors always said all she has to do was to wake up, and then they can continue the treatment. Even though she can’t be as active as she was before, if she was able to wake up from the coma, she’ll be okay.

After about half an hour, which was felt like an eternity long, one doctor came out of the ICU. His face was unreadable.


*Late afternoon, Shibuya`s apartment building.

After made sure that’s everything will be alright, Sado-san ordered me and Torigoya to go home. But, Torigoya refused to be separate from her Yuu-chan, so I went home together with Black and Geki. Heh, Geki has been staying over in Black`s place for quite a while now. Seems like we have another couple in hiding. Too bad I couldn’t dig anything out from them like I did to Torigoya. Well, they’ll tell us when the time is right.

And here I am now, on the ground floor of my apartment building, half walking half jumping in excitement because of the good news. I saw the vending machine during my way to the lift and I was about to buy some more canned drinks when I remembered the words that certain someone had said. And that certain someone can come to my apartment unnoticed because she has the key now. And that certain someone also has a habit to making me some food, which means she would open my fridge, and she certainly will know if I buy more canned drinks. With a sigh I walked past the vending machine. I still have some in my fridge after all.

During the way up in the lift, I remembered the sight, or more likely the food that welcomed me when I came home this past two days. She was already gone whenever I came home, but she had prepared the dinner for me with a note laying on the table beside it. So, I wonder what my dinner would be today.

I opened my apartment door and unlike before, there someone answering me when I said “tadaima” out of habit. I walked inside and saw her on the kitchen, preparing my dinner. I smiled to her and walked towards her, hugged her from the back.

“You’re still here,” I kissed her exposed shoulder and nuzzled her hair, “I thought I won’t see you today too.”

“It’s still early,” she leaned back to me, “I still have a few hours before my curfew.”

“Hm… good to know.” I said. “Oh, by the way, I know I had said it on the phone before, but thanks for the food. I truly appreciate it.”

“No big deal,” she said, and then she giggled.

I frowned in response. “What is it?”

“We’re probably looks like a newly-wed right now.” And she giggled again.

I blushed because of what she had said, thank God she was back-facing me. I could only hugged her tighter, don’t know what to say. ‘Well, there’s one thing we need to do to be like a newly-wed though, and since now Yuko-san is alright…’

“Why do you come home early? I thought you said in your email earlier that you’ll have a ‘night shift’?” She asked after she stopped giggling.

I smiled and took a deep breath. The scent of her hair and the warmth from her body intoxicating my senses. “Yuko-san told us to go home. So Black, Geki and me went home first. Sado-san will go home after dinner. She still wants to make sure of some stuffs. While Torigoya insist to stay.”

“Oh.” She said. “… wait… Yuko-san told you?” She asked after a while, she turned off the stove and turned to face me when she asked. “So, she has woken up from her coma?”

Instead of giving her a straight answer, I only smiled wider.

“Really?” she asked, still skeptical.

I gave her a nod, and she smiled so brilliantly. “So, she’ll be okay from now on, right?”

“She will, but she’ll have to listen to the doctor for that.” They said she had a relapse because she overdid herself during our graduation. She shouldn’t have walked. But, it was all in the past now. She was awake now, and as Torigoya said Yuko-san will always keep her promise.


*After dinner. Shibuya’s apartement. Okabuki’s POV.

I glanced at the wall, it was nearly eight PM. I don’t want to spoil her happiness but I have to go. So I walked to the coffee table in her living room to grab my bag and go home, but she already beats me for it. She opened my bag, snatched my phone and used it to call someone. I could only stare at her, speechless.

“Oh, moshi-moshi, Kasai Oba-san.” I stared at her, mouth opened wide. ‘She calls my mom with my phone?’ And then I heard, watched her talked with my mom. “Uh… yes… actually Tomomi-chan is here with me…. Yes… It’s late so I think it’ll be better if she stay…”

“What?!” I asked her.

She winked at me and kept on talking on the phone, eyes burning brightly towards me. Undressing me with her eyes. I knew fully why she wanted me to stay. ‘So, it’s tonight, huh?’ My heart beats faster inside my ribcage at the thought of what will happen later tonight.

“Yeah… it’s late… I agree, what if she meets bad guys on the road.” She said to my mom. I just rolled my eyes. She said that and yet she was undressing me on her head right now. I know that look.

“Yes, Oba-san I agree…” she snickered, “Ah, yes… I think it’ll be better if she stays with me during school vacation.”

“What are you talking about?!” I asked her.

She put her index finger in front of her lips, telling me to shut up. “Yes, Oba-san. I know how busy you are. It was lonely to stay alone in a house that big.” She said to my mom. “Yes… I understand… Good night.” She clasped my phone shut, put it back in my bag, and drop it on the sofa. And in an instant she was already stood in front of me.

“What? How could you walked so fast? You’re not Black-san.” I said in surprise.

She moved closer to me, her left hand on my waist, pulled me closed, while her other hand caressing my face, eyes burning with desire all the while.


(Author`s note: listen A4`s song Faint and K5`s song Dakishimeraretara while read this for more… imagination, since I listened the two songs when I wrote this. And those songs are my two top oshi`s unit songs, do I need to say more? :D)

*Shibuya`s POV normal font, Ookabuki`s POV italic.

“I’m not Black, but I’ve learned a thing or two from her to boost my speed.” I whispered to her. I could hear her sharp intake of breath. I don’t know why, but when I saw her on my kitchen earlier… I want her. I want her so bad, that I had to put on my ‘mask’ and tried my best to act to be like my usual self when I was with her so that she won’t see the difference in me. But, now, I can’t control myself anymore. I want her. And I want her… NOW.

I kissed her roughly, my hand caressing her back up and down. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth, demanding, dominating. While my other hand caressing her cheek and slowly went down, to her neck, to her shoulder… and down to cupped her breast. Massaging it slowly, tenderly trough her shirt. I could feel and hear her moaned on my mouth, her arms moved to circling my neck. My heart beats like crazy inside my rib, and I could felt her heart beats the same rhyme.

My hands slipped inside her shirt, making my way slowly to her bra strap, unhooked it. My hand went back to caressing her back, while the other one went back to her breast, slowly. I rubbed the tip of her mound with my thumb. She moaned and moved back a bit, breaking the kiss, and looked at me with eyes darkening with of passion and lust. “Bed.” She whispered throathly. I kissed her again and pushed her to the direction of my bedroom without breaking the kisses.

It’s kinda surprising for me to see her became this… aggressive. Usually I’m the one who’s initiating the hugs and kisses, so seeing her dominating me like this… and in our first time too… was a major turn-on. I felt the back of my legs made contact with her bed, and she pushed me to the lay on the bed, since my arms were still hugging her, I made her falling on the bed with me. She pulled back, both of her arms on the bed, supporting her. Her eyes gleaming when she gazed at me. I could identify the lust and passion on her eyes, but there’s something more… something that I hope was love… I knew she needs me, she wants me, but she never said that three little words. Well, I haven’t said that too. It’s not because I don’t, but because I was afraid that she doesn’t feel the same.

She’s so… what? Beautiful? Cute? Sexy? Hot? I don’t exactly know the right words. But I do know that I want her. I have had enough with just looking, hugging and kissing. I want more. I need more. I want to touch her. I want to taste her. I want to make her feel loved. I’m not good with words, so I hope, I can show her how much I love her with my action.

I went down to kiss her again. My hand was struggling with the buttons of her shirt. And then my mouth went down to her now exposed skin. Licking, kissing, sucking, and softly biting. I could heard her breathing started to become faster.

“Hh… don’t… don’t leave any marks…hh…” she said in between moans and gasps.

I moved up to peck her lips and smiled at her. “Don’t worry…,” I said, “just enjoy it.” I kissed her once more and went back down to her body. ‘Just let me love you’ I said in my mind.


*Author passed out  :imdead:

@kahem: she did eat her in this chapter.  :shy1: maybe i'll put more details later on as a flashback... I'm already at my limit now.  :on bleed:

@haruko: done. XD
               Tomo~mi is indeed sexy  :luvluv1:

@haruhi16: I hate the ending too. Why did they had to made Yuko die??!  :tantrum:
                 I'm glad you like my fics... hehe... Basically i don't like drama so... When I write it was usually just some sweet and quite sappy one-shot.
                 This is actually my first continuing fic.
                 Hope you like this chapter as well.  :byebye:

@korisunyan: here you go :hee:

Thanks for reading, commenting and the 'thank you's, guys. Sorry for the grammatical errors and miss-spelling.

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