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Author Topic: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story  (Read 106764 times)

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 16 added
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MASOOQ, SHIBUYA DRUGGED?  :on blackhole:
FUCK SEX FUCK SEX FUCK TONIGHT  :ondick:  :shy2: :ondick:



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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 16 added
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OMG!!!! Tomotomo!!! They did it!!!
You did it!!!! You are my hero!!!

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 16 added
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 :farofflook: :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :shy1: :shy2: :wriggly: :nya: :on woohoo: :on slopkiss: :on bleed: :on GJ: :k-great: :k-inlove: :tama-laff: :tama-yeeaah: :tama-heart: :tama-apeshit: :mon inluv: :mon blood: :mon star: :mon thumb: :mon lovelaff: :mon bleed2: :mon crazyinlove: :gmon heartu: :gmon love2: :gmon love:

i've listed all i could to express my feelings. it's just indescribable..  :mon surr:

TomoTomo are just soooo hot! and both the songs you said, they are my favs too!

next mission for shibuya : tell tomo~mi the three words! i know you can do it!!  :mon yeah:
I love FTM. Nuff said.

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 16 added
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First yuuchan is alive :D second you did it a smexy time :D.. third... updated :D

jeje but i want a kojiyuu moment :D.. and love when kojiharu teased tomochin with her lover :D

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 16 added
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FINALLY...TomoTomo's SMEXY HOT TIME :on bleed:


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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 16 added
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Chapter 17

*Late morning, Shibuya`s apartment.
I walked out of the shower only with my bathrobe on. And… she was still sleeping. I knew I made a right decision to use the hair-dryer in the bathroom. I’ll disturb her sleep if I use it in my room like I usually do. I sat on the bed beside her and rearrange her hair that has covered her face. She looked so cute when she sleeps. As usual whenever we sleep on the same bed, I couldn’t sleep last night, at all. The reason was different from before though. I just kept staring at her for the whole night and remembering our ‘escapade’ earlier.
I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you’re far away dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
And just stay right here in this moment, forever
Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure


“Ah…,” I heard her moaned when I licked her. Since she seemed to like it I kissed her inner thighs, marked her as mine, and gave her a long, slow, lick near her core, made her gasped in response.

“S… stop… teasing me….”

I crawled up to face her with a smirk on my face. “As you wish, milady.” I kissed her hard while slipping my fingers inside her, slowly. Her soft moan and ragged breathing can be heard. And after a few minutes of kissing, thrusting and rubbing, she let out a scream though it came out a bit muffled because I was kissing her.

*Flashback end

‘Damn… she’s hot. And her voice… I want to make her scream my name… again…’ She turned on the bed, now laying on her side facing me with hand covering her face from the light. The same hand that had touched me last night.

She smirked evilly to me and whispered, “now, it’s my turn,” in my ear and bite it lightly. And then all I could felt was a combination of pleasure and pain at the same time.

“Damn, that’s hurt,” I grunted. ‘Strange, it’s not supposed to be hurt like this. I’ve done this before.’

She stopped and pecked my lips, “sorry, is it too much?”

I gritted my teeth. “How many fingers that you put in actually?”

“Three.” She smirked.

“What?!” I snapped at her. ‘So that’s why it’s hurt.’ She looked at me apologetically. I smiled to her, letting her know that it’s okay. ‘But, I definitely won’t go alone.’ I slipped my fingers inside her again. Not three though. I was afraid would only hurt her if I put in three.

*Flashback end

I lay on the bed beside her and kissed her forehead lovingly.  She smiled in her dreams and I smiled in response.
Lying close to you, feeling your heart beating
And I’m wondering what you’re dreaming
Wondering if it’s me you’re seeing

She’s just too cute, sleeping with her body tangled on the sheet like that.

And then I kissed your eyes and thank God we’re together
I just wanna stay with you in this moment forever, forever and ever

I kissed her forehead and exposed shoulder, and nibbled the nape of her neck, marked her as mine and licking the spot afterwards. She squirmed and swatted me with her hands.
“Mhmm… it’s ticklish.” She said, eyes still closed.
“It’s morning already.” I whispered. “Wake up.”
“Still… sleepy…” she said, and within seconds, off she went, to the dreamland again.
I sighed. ‘Well, perhaps it was my fault. Three rounds on the same night… perhaps it was too exhausting for someone without experience. I’m not an expert too but at least I’ve got a few experiences’ I looked at the crumpled pile of sheets on the floor and sighed again. Well, perhaps it’ll be better for me to started washing and cleaning my apartment. Last night, before we slept, we managed to take a quick shower and had our third round there and changed the bed sheets, since it was stained with sweats and… err…other… fluids. To my surprise, there was also a blood stain on it.

I turned my head to look at her. “This… is… er…” I pointed at the small blood stain on the sheet. She blushed and turns her head to another direction, refusing to look at me.
“Why you didn’t tell me?” I asked her, a bit guilty to not knowing, not recognizing, to thinking that because of her mastery level of seducing art she must also experienced in ‘that’. “If you told me I would be gentler…”

She put her finger on my lips, silencing me. “You are gentle,” she smiled softly, her cheeks were still a little pinkish, “now, let’s hurry up and change the sheet, I’m tired.” She narrowed her eyes at me. “You tired me out.”
“… Sorry?” I smiled sheepishly at her.
“Don’t be,” she kissed me lightly, “now hurry up, I want to sleep,” she added playfully.
*Flashback end.


*Afternoon, at the hospital.
Here I am… walking towards Yuko-san`s room, again. She was emailed me earlier, saying we will have a meeting soon in her hospital room. Damn that email, don’t get me wrong, I like Yuko-san, she’s strong and a good leader, but her email came at a truly, perfectly wrong time!! I was about to get another round! Dammit!

After she woke up, we had out breakfast together. And she woke up really late, I mean, reeeaaaallllyyy… late. Rather than breakfast, it was more like an early lunch. I had even finished with house chores. And we’re lazing around on the couch, watching some variety show on tv, afterwards. But, when she snuggled closer to me, the scent of her reached my nostril, I didn’t care anymore about what’s on tv, even when she laughed her heart out. The sweet scent of her, the warmth from her body, the steady beats of her hearts next to mine, her laugh… captivated me.
I just wanna be with you, right here with you
Just like this.
I just wanna hold you close, feel your heart so close to mine
And just staying in this moment
For all the rest of time

She turned her head to me, asking. “Did you see th…,” and her voice dies out when she saw my expression.
I knew fully that I let out my feeling out on my face at that time. And then she just smiled and leaned closer to me, her hands sneaked behind my neck. And she kissed me, softly, slowly. Then our kiss turned into passionate, aggressive kiss, tongues fighting for dominance. It was the kind of kiss that would definitely lead us to bed, if only the damn email didn’t interrupted us.
*Flashback end.

‘Grrr…., dammit…’ I walked inside the elevator, and punched the button in irritancies. And to add my sour mood even more, she said she had to go as well. First to go home and grab some clothes. And, second, which I don’t like, because she had promised to meet up with her sister.

“You what?” I asked her in disbelieve.
“What?” she asked with confusion on her face. “I’ve to go home to grab some of my clothes…”
“No… after that.”
“I have to meet…” she paused and grinned, “what? Are you jealous?”
I scoffed at the question. “Well… after last night, now you want to meet up with other girl.” I crossed my arm in front of my body in irritancies. “Should I be worried?”
She giggled at my childish behavior. “Baka. Should I be worried too whenever Dance following you around? Or when you’re with your fellow Rappapa?” She raised her eyebrows in an asking manner.
“What?!” I rolled my eyes in exasperation. “They’re my…”
“Same with me.” She said, cut me out and came closer towards me. “So there’s no need to be jealous, right?” She embraced me and kissed my forehead.
*Flashback end.

‘Right… she said that and yet she doesn’t like it whenever I was with Dance. Thank God, Dance was off for a vacation with her family.’ I walked to Yuko-san`s room and opened the door. My eyes widen at the sight that welcomed me. Torigoya was sitting on Yuko-san`s lap, and they were kissing, no, more like making out. What’s with Yuko-san`s hands roaming around like that, groping Torigoya.
“God dammit, get a room will you.” I shouted in response and covered my eyes instantly.
“Er… technically we are in a room.” I heard Yuko-san calmly said. “And YOU should’ve KNOCKED first.”
‘True.’ I opened my eyes, and saw Yuko-san grinned, her dimples showing, while Torigoya now sat on the bed, her eyes casted on the floor with her face red from embarrassment, not even looked at me, at all.
“Well, you should’ve locked.” I retorted back. When Yuko-san was on playful mode like this, of course I won’t miss the chance to retort back, but when she was on her leader mode… that’s another story. I rather shut my mouth and do as she said than to get killed by her.
Yuko-san rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on… Why don’t you look at yourself?” She said with an evil smirk. “What’s happened last night?”
‘What?! Relax, Shibuya. She wouldn’t have known…. Or would she?’ I tried my best to put on a straight expression. “What are you talking about?”
“Oh, come on… you have a hickey on your neck. Anyone with eyes can see that.” She rolled her eyes and smirked at me again. “So… I take it you finally act on it and do as I advised you to do.”
“What?!” I took my mirror out of my handbag. And true enough. There’s a hickey on the side of my neck. ‘Gah… dammit. How could I didn’t see that before. And how could she notice it instantly when I don’t?’ Thank God I wore a high collared sweater, so it was partly hidden. I just need to make sure my hair covering the side of my neck to hide it.
“And you have the after-sex-glow,” she added in a sing-song tone, “and I’ve never, ever see you glowing like that.” And then she asked me with a serious expression but I can see her eyes gleaming with mischief. “Unlike your other escapades, she must’ve been really good to make you glowing like that. So… tell me how good it was if you compare it to your past experiences?”
I just rolled my eyes at her. ‘Dear, God, I could not believe this hentai and our fearsome leader is the same person.’
“Eh…. Really…?” Torigoya added. Finished already with her own embarrassment. “Yuu-chan, you know who the person is?”
Yuko-san nodded and smirked smugly. “And you better answer me, before I tell the others about your ‘secret lover’.”
I narrowed my eyes at her. “You tell that and I tell the others about you and Torigoya.”
“Ah, well, you don’t have to tell them. We’ve already decide to stop hiding. They’ll know it sooner or later.” She shrugged and Torigoya nodded in response. “While you on the other hand….” She smirked to me.
“Argh…. Alright… fine…,” I grumbled. “It was good okay. And don’t compare heaven and hell together.” I said in exasperation.
Yuko-san whistled. “Wow… it must’ve been really good if you compare it to heaven.” She paused for a seconds, “or more like your experiences before must’ve sucked badly.” She pointed her thumb down.
I rolled my eyes, “as I told you before, him, and everything associated with him, was the biggest mistake in my whole life.”
“I thought the biggest mistake in your life was the drug addiction.” Torigoya added in an asking pout.
“Yeah… that too.” I added
“By the way, where are the others?” I asked, desperate to change the topic away from me. “Didn’t you said we’ll have a meeting?” A thought ran into my mind. “Don’t tell me, you’re just bluffing to make me come here.” I narrowed my eyes.
“Actually, we will have a meeting.” She said seriously, and within second, she grinned mischievously. “But I told you to come earlier than the others.”
“What?! Why?!” I asked hotly. Torigoya just giggled.
“Because, yesterday Sado and Nyan-Nyan told me some news that I’ve missed when I was ‘asleep’, and that news including YOUR now-existing-LOVE-life.” She said while grinning cheekily. “And I wanna know too.”
I glared at Torigoya in response whose only smiled innocently at me. ‘Grrrh… I was about to have another round, dammit.’
“Why? Did I interrupt something?” she asked after a short pause.
I just crossed my arms in front of my chest and staring at her, not saying a single word, which she took as a ‘yes’ and Torigoya said a small “eeeehhh…? Really?”
“Whoa… don’t tell me she stayed over at your place last night.” I still keep my mouth shut, and she took it as a ‘yes’ again. “Whoa… that was fast… We had our talk about four months ago, right?”
“… It’s not that fast.” I said, deciding to speak up, at least let others know a little about how long I’ve been waiting for it, how long I’ve been waiting for her. They looked at me inquiringly, signaling me to continue with my words. “Sigh… I’ve known her since childhood.”
“But you said you used to live in Yokohama?” Torigoya asked.
“I live in Tokyo before that… And at that time… we were friend.” I took a deep breath. “I knew all along where she live and stuff like that, but I never find the way to approach her, so I don’t. And during these past two years…”
“During these two years… she started her years in Majijo. And you started to saw her differently, more than just a friend from your childhood.” Yuko-san said. “I know about it. She already told me that before.” She added after she saw the questioned look Torigoya gave her.
“Or more like, you shot me down with questions all of a sudden.” I added, made her glaring at me.
“I knew I should’ve told you to act on it earlier. During the time when I first noticed how different your expression were when you looked at her.” She said morosely. “Or how you followed her around with your eyes.”
“So, she’s our kouhai?” Torigoya asked, and I nodded. “Then... then… if you’ve waited for her for so long why did you… dated him?” She asked in disbelieve.
“As I said it was a mistake.” I said hotly, my temper flaring to life. “And beside, at that time I hadn’t met her again, and how could I know thing would turned out to be this way between me and her?!”
“Shibuya.” Yuko-san reprimanded me. “Stop that. You’re with her now, while the other things were…. All the things in the past, stays in the past.”
I sighed again and sat on the couch in the corner across the bed, with my mind going rampage because of my guilt, sorrow, and most of all disappointment to my own self, at my past.
“And, you don’t need to hide anymore. You’re not Majijo`s student anymore.” Yuko-san added.
I shrugged, “No, I’m not. But, I still have to maintain my reputation.” I said stubbornly. “And beside… we can’t let our emotion shows, right? We have to put on a mask. If our opponents know our emotion, they can use it to their advantages. Love included.”
I heard Yuko-san sighed. “Bakayaro! To love is not a weakness.” Yuko-san said to me with an angry tone, made me jumped a bit in surprise. “You go and tell her that, and she’ll think you’re ashamed with your relationship with her.”
“No but.” She cut me. “Yes, you should put on a mask in front of your opponent, but when it comes to shows your emotion in front of us, in front of your family… Just throw your mask off and stop hiding!” She glared at me.
I gulped, ‘damn, she’s on her leader mode now.’
“Just stop hiding, you don’t have to declare your undying love to her with a megaphone in the front ground of Majijo, just… you know, let others know that there are something between the two of you with your action. I think she’ll appreciate that.”
“Yeah, that’s what we’ll do too.” Torigoya added. “Just act like we usually are when there’s just the two of us, right, Yuu-chan?” she asked to Yuko-san and Yuko-san nodded in response. “There’s no need to act and pretending like there’s nothing going on.”
I sighed again…. There’s nothing I could do but to obey Yuko-san when she was in her leader mode like this. “Fine… I’ll think about it.” And I smirked to them, “But, please don’t act like you usually do when you’re alone. I don’t want other people get a heart attack from seeing your… impropriate behavior and constant PDA. Like what I just saw earlier.”
“What? You already get some last night, why can’t I?” Yuko-san glaring at me.
“What?! Yuu-chan, hentai!” Torigoya slaped the back of Yuko-san`s head.
“Ouch… Nyan-Nyan, I’m still not well enough for tough love, you know.”
I laughed at their bickering… Torigoya was the only person who can hit Yuko-san without getting hit back. They made me remembered at my own playful bantering with Tomo. And after a few minutes, Black and Geki came. And to my surprise Yuko-san and Torigoya did kept on with their playfull, lovey-dovey, bantering with Black and Geki watching them with confusion written all over their face.

*About the same time when Shibuya was at the hospital, at the riverbank, Ookabuki POV.
I walked into the riverbank where I supposed to meet Kokabuki after I went home to pack some of my clothes. This was the place where we used to hang out to just chat or train our self. She was already sat at her usual place, on top of the concrete pipes. I came closer to sat beside her and she turned to looked at me when she heard my footsteps.
“Aneki, it’s unusual for you to be late.”
I dropped my body to sit on the pipe. “I had to go home to pack.” I said while pointed at my backpack and I opened my scarf, well it’s not mine actually, I borrowed it from her. It’s not chilly anymore, but the wind was quite strong today, that’s why I borrowed it.
Kokabuki looked at the scarf questioningly. “Pink… It’s Shibuya-san`s. Isn’t it.”
I just smiled, and noticing the ‘-san’ she put. It was perhaps the first time I heard her use the ‘-san’ for the Rappapa`s Shitennou. “Since when you use ‘-san’ on her name?” I teased her. But, I didn’t get any response from her. Frowning in confusion, I turned to look at her. She stared at me with mouth open painfully wide. “Kokabuki? What is it?”
She looked like someone who had seen a ghost, and then she closed her mouth and her gaze met mine. “You… you’ve got… bite-marks on your neck.”
My hand instantly flew to my neck to cover the spot that Tomo had bitten this morning. ‘Shit. I forgot about that.’ That’s the other reason why I wore a scarf today. I immediately put on the scarf again.
“You… had to go home… to pack…” She was staring at me with eyes wide open. “Don’t tell me you move in with her.”
“What?! No… I just… stay over at her place during… school vacation.”
“… oh…” she looked away from me and locked her gave to the river in front of us. And awkward silence surrounding us for a while. “But, you do want it.” She said after a while.
“I want what?”
“Move in with her.”
I blushed at her words. “It’s too soon for that.”
“But, you want to.”
“When the time is right... of course I want to.”
“… Have she said anything about that?”
I smiled grimly. “Not yet.” I reached to my jeans pocket and showed her the key. “She gave me this though.”
“Her apartment`s key?” she asked, shocked.
“Yes. Why are you so surprised anyway?”
“Well… how long have you started dating? That was pretty fast. And now you’ve done ‘that’. I think she hasn’t even said the ‘three little words’ yet.”
I kept my silence, since she was right. Our progress was indeed fast. “… How could you know that she hasn’t said that?”
“What? So it’s true.” She said, half-yelled, and stared ghastly at me. “Aneki, what if she’s only playing around with you. It’s Shibuya that we’re talking about here.”
“She won’t. If she was just playing around with me she won’t give me her key.” ‘She just need more time,’ I added in my mind, reassuring myself, ‘she’s a proud person and she wasn’t used to let her feelings out in the open. I just need to wait for her.’
“And I haven’t said that too.” I said after a short moment of silence.
‘Because I was afraid that you’re right.’ I said in my mind, ‘I’m afraid that if I said it, she won’t answer me with the same words.’
After a moment of waiting for my answer, which I didn’t give, I heard her sighed and then she stood up. “Well… still up for a training session? Or are you still sore from your ‘private session which-I-don’t-wanna-know-the-details’ with her?”
I narrowed my eyes at her and stood up too. “Sore or not, I’ll show you why I’m your aneki.” I smirked at her. “Come on let’s start our training.”
She rolled her eyes at me. “You just wanna go back to your Shibuya-san as fast as possible.”

 @korisunyan: she was a drug addict before. more details about this later... or maybe not
              I hope this chapter won't be move to the perv section :nervous

@kahem: i hope you'll like this chapter as well. XD

@lollita90: glad you like it XD
                  let's wait for that, since Shibuya is stubborn sometime

@haruko: there... some Kojiyuu :luvluv2:

@bunny_rabbit: more details... done XD

Thanks for reading, guys. Sorry if I made the characters a bit OOC here. And sorry for the bad-grammar and miss-spelling.

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 17 added
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the kojiyuu moments  :luvluv1:

i love yuuchan when she's on the leader mode. what she said was right. she's a good leader (in this case).

come on, i can't wait for shibuya to say the 3 words. after what yuu-chan has said, she must say those words sooner or later right  :mon geek:

thx for the update! can't wait for more  :luvluv2: :mon cute:
I love FTM. Nuff said.

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 17 added
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WOW!!! Shibuya is so agressiv!!! I like it!!!
Well said Yuko!!!

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 17 added
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OMG! I LOVE YOU!!! jajaj this chapter was perfect..vwe have lovey dovey kojiyuu moment... with sexual jokes :D and YUUCHAN is alive!! OMGG:...

and the final with kabuki`s talk was funny :D

thanx :D

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 17 added
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 to much TOMOTOMO for me!!
 :ptam-glow: :ptam-psst: :ptam-shy:  :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :wriggly:
when i read this i cant stop smilling!!

and to much  :on bleed: :on bleed: :on bleed:
i need more tissue!!

thank you for the update!! :thumbsup

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 18 added
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Chapter 18

*Flashback, at the meeting in Yuko-san`s hospital room during school vacation.

“What?!” we asked the Headmistress in unison after she said Yuko-san has to re-take her senior year.

The Headmistress sighed. “As I said before, Oshima-san has to re-take her senior year, because she has been absent almost every day in the second semester. We’ve only gave you your diploma because that was your last wish. But, since you’re fine enough to school now, you have to re-take.” And she turned towards Geki. “And Matsui-san, you have to re-take your senior year as well.”

Yuko-san only stared dumbfounded at her, while Geki giggled softly, “ahahaha…another year with Yuko-san~~.”

“I thought attendance is not mandatory in Majijo.” I butted in, still somewhat in a daze. Black and Torigoya also seemed in a daze too. Sado-san was shaking her head and mumbled to herself. And Maeda (yes, she were there as well) were in her usual expressionless face.

“It usually not mandatory,” the Headmistress said while walking around inside the room. “But when you absent for most of the semester, it became mandatory.”

“What about us?” Torigoya asked.

“Yes, what about us?” I added, “Can we re-take our senior year as well?” I hoped that we can join in, eager to stay in Majijo again and not have to work in IT like my mom wanted me too.

“Sorry, Kojima-san, Itano-san but you already graduate from Majijo. So along with Kashiwagi-san and Shinoda-san, you have to prepare yourselves for further education or entering the society.” She continued to walk in circle. “And I can see that Kashiwagi-san will be a mother soon.” She patted Black`s shoulder, “all the best for you.”

 And then the Headmistress walked towards Maeda and put her hands on Maeda`s shoulder, pushed her to the middle of the room.

“So, since Oshima-san still have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks more, and considering Shinoda-san already graduates, I had talked about this before with Oshima-san,” the Headmistress then looked at us one-by-one, “Maeda-san, you will be the new Vice President of Rappapa, and you acted as the top of Rappapa when Oshima-san still in the hospital.”

“WHAT?!” we asked in unison again, this time we were yelled though.

Yuko-san chuckled. “Heh… it’s fine, guys. We can’t be in Majijo forever, and beside she’s strong enough for that.” We stared at Yuko-san with eyes and mouth opened wide, yes, even Black. “Oy, Maeda, what if we have our match later after I’m out of here?”

Maeda only stared at her and casted her eyes down, not saying anything. While the Headmistress excusing herself to leave. But, to our surprise, Torigoya moved to smacked Yuko-san’s head down.

Yuko-san instantly rubbed her head, “Argh… Ittai…. Nyan-Nyan, why did you hit me?”

“The doctor said ‘no exercise for at least half a year’!! Do you want to be hospitalized again? You haven’t healed completely yet.” Torigoya scolded her while pouted angrily.

“You don’t have to hit me that hard…” Yuko-san said, “Don’t turned into Sado.”

“Oy, Yuko-san what do you mean by that?” Sado-san butted in.

“I’ll hit you again if you act recklessly.” Torigoya said, ignoring Sado-san. “Don’t forget your promise.” She added.

I glanced at the other, aside from Sado-san, they all looked pretty confused about the sudden change in how Torigoya and Yuko-san interact. But, when I think of it again, they were usually this way whenever we, the Rappapa, were alone, without our underlings around. The ‘Yuu-chan’ and ‘Nyan-nyan’ was a new addition though, and Torigoya`s ‘physical abuse’. Er… they have skin-ship a little more too.

“Of course, I won’t forget it.” Yuko-san said, eyes gleaming like a puppy, “don’t you believe me?”

Seeing this, I tried my best not to burst out laughing. I mean, come on… She’s Yuko-san… It’s just too… weird… seeing her all lovey-dovey like this. And Sado-san seemed to share my thought too, since she was smirking all along. Torigoya patted Yuko-san`s head on the same place where she had hit her before, made Yuko-san smiled happily.

“Eh… I don’t mean to… interrupted,” Black said, “but, if we’re not in Majijo anymore, who’ll be the next Shitennou?” She put her hand on Geki`s arm. “Geki won’t be the only one, right?”

“Hum… she’s right.” Yuko-san said. “Maeda, what about your Shitennou? Do you think they can fill the position?” She was in her leader mode now, all playfulness gone.

“It’s up to them,” Maeda answered, “I don’t have control over them.”

“Hm… so, your Shitennou is Gakuran, the ‘Kabuki Sisters’,” Yuko-san said the last two words with extra pressure directed especially to me, and I pretend not to noticed, “and Daruma, right?”

“Daruma wasn’t in school anymore, she said she was off to train herself.” Maeda said.

Yuko-san frowned in deep though. “Well, we still have Geki, so it was enough. But we need to train them more so that they can be, at least near the same league as my Queens.”

We kept our silence, not daring to interrupt her when she was like this. Inside I was on turmoil though. ‘She’ll be the next Queen? But… being a Queen means more challenge and… more fights… But, it was the greatest honor for Majijo`s student, and she’s not weak, so… But, what if…’

“Ah, well, there’s no use to over-think it. We can train them later on. So… Maeda, take care of Majijo in my place for a while, will you? I still have to stay here for a few weeks more.” Yuko-san said, grinned again. “And when I got the okay from the doctor we’ll have our match.”

Maeda smiled slightly and nodded.

“Em… by the way, I don’t want anyone knows about what we’re talking about just now. I want to surprise everybody. Especially the new Shitennou.” She stared at me exclusively, “Do not, DO NOT let anything slipped out. This order is especially for you, Shibuya.”

I nodded in response, the other looked at me inquiringly, even Maeda.

“And… how many people know that I’m getting better?” she then asked us.

“I haven’t told others.” Black said.

“Same here.” Geki said.

Maeda and Sado-san just shook their heads.

“I’ve told my dad.” Torigoya said.

“Er…” I said, not knowing what to say. “I’ve told her… kind of…”

Yuko-san sighed and looked at me. “Fine, if she already knows about me, it’s alright, but don’t slip out about what we’re talking about earlier.”

“Of course.” I said.

“Er… who’s ‘she’?” Geki asked.

“Shibuya’s lover.” Sado-san said, smirking at me.

“What?” Geki said.

“Ehh… I have no idea….” Black said.

“She’s our kouhai,” Torigoya added, “but Shibuya and Yuu-chan won’t tell me who.”

I could only glare at Torigoya and Sado-san for set me up like this. Now all of their attentions were on me. I was about to snap, but Yuko-san cut me out even before I open my mouth.

“Alright. Meeting’s over then, you all can go if you want.” Yuko-san said.

“Alright, I go now.” I already walked to the door when I said that, even without Yuko-san`s permission. If I stay longer I could’ve explode.

“Fiiiinneee…. Just continue what you’ve been doing before my email interrupted you earlier today.” I heard Yuko-san said before I walk out the door.

I turned and glared at her in disbelieve, and I decided to tease back. “At least I’ve get some, unlike other people I know.”

“Hey, I can get some too.” Yuko-san retorted back. “Nyan-Nyan, stay over here tonight.”

Torigoya slapped Yuko-san`s arm, “Hentai. You won’t get ‘some’. We’re in a hospital.”

“What some? What did you get?” Geki innocently asked. But, her question was ignored because I was already walked out of the room. And the last thing I saw before I closed the door was Torigoya who was pouting angrily and Yuko-san was busy to make her Nyan-Nyan forgive her. Black and Maeda were rendered speechless. While Sado-san was trying to mask her laugh as a fake cough.


*Last day of the vacation, Shibuya’s apartment

“I’ve to go back home.” She said, but she wasn’t seemed to move soon from our comfortable position on the couch.

“Hm…” I said while pulled her closer to me. “It’s still noon.”

She scoffed, “you just wanna do ‘that’ again, don’t you?”

“What? No, I just want to spend more time with you.” I tried my best to put out an innocent expression. “We can’t see each other as often as we do now after school started again.”

“I’m not stupid, you know.” She retorted back.

I grinned at her. “Why? You don’t like it?” I nibbled her neck softly.

She gasped and pushed me away. “Don’t bite me! Do you know how much marks you’ve made on my body?”

“Like you haven’t done the same?” I raised my eyebrow at her. “And I don’t hear you complaining whenever we’re at it.”

She blushed cutely in response. “Don’t talk about things like ‘that’ casually.”

‘Heh… cute… we had done ‘that’ so often during this vacation, I’ve even stopped counting after three days, and yet she’s still blush.’

“By the way, what did your mom said during your dinner with her last night?” she asked after a while of silence. “You were so mad last night when you came back.”

I sighed. “I haven’t told you yet?”

She narrowed her eyes at me. “You immediately attacked me down when you walked in.” She flicked my forehead. “I think you’ve made sex as another way to vent now.”

“You would prefer me go out to find some punching bags??”

She slapped my arms, “don’t change the subject.”

“… She ordered me to work as an OL in her friend’s company.”

“I thought you said you’ve made up your mind to take a prep-school?”

I sighed. “She told me to at least try. If I refuse she’ll cut my monthly allowance, even though in the agreement she had made with my dad when they were divorced was stated that both of them have to support me until I reach twenty one.”

“Well…” she held me close, and put her chin on top of my head. “Then you don’t have other choice but to try it, right? Just do it, if you don’t like it you can quit. She said ‘try’, right? Afterwards you can enter the prep school for your exam later.”


“When will you start to work?”

I sighed, “next week.”

 “Wow… I’ve got to come here afterwards then.” She giggled softly.

“Please do… or I’ll find some punching bag to vent my anger.”

“Of course, I want to see the OL version of Shibuya after all.” She laughed at me when she said that. I grunted and leaned closer to her, nibbled her neck again.

“Hey! I told you, don’t plant more marks at me.” She pushed me off.

“Don’t laugh at me.” I said while grabbing her hands and pushed her so that she was laying on the couch. I put her hands on top of her head with my hand, successfully pined her. I grazed my nose to the side of her face and going down. “Should I write my name on your body?” I opened the buttons of her shirt with my free hand, “just so that you and other people who say it knows that you’re mine,” and licked her skin from her throat and going down, her breathing started to going faster. “Perhaps I should.” I sucked her sensitive spot and made her screamed my name.

 “Hhh… T-Tomo… don’t tease me, dammit! J-just… hhh… do me… NOW!”
I smirked. She probably the affectionate one between us, the one who initiate the kisses and hugs, but when it came to this… Heh… I licked her once more and went up to face her.

“No… starting tomorrow, we won’t be able to do this as often as we did now.” I kissed her lips, and then went to her neck, licking, sucking and nibbling at the sensitive skin there, my hand went to groping her, made her moaned again. “I want to go slow for now.” Have I said that I love her voice? Especially when she was like this. “I want to cherish this moment.”


*About three weeks later. On the busy road in the business district.

I walked in irritancies. Damn… Stupid boss! Stupid co-workers! I’ve had enough!! Well… my mom said I should’ve just tried, right?! I’ve tried to work there and it was completely… suck!!! If only I can go back to Majijo like Yuko-san and Geki, I could spend more time with her, even though we have to sneak out like before. Grrr… stupid graduation!

And to make it worse, I haven’t seen her for almost two weeks. She was busy as one of the new Queens, and I was busy with work, and sometimes after work I had to visit Yuko-san. And whenever I had the time, she has some errands as Rappapa`s member, or like last weekend, off to go on a vacation with her family. And to top it up as the worst weeks of my life, last week was Golden Week, dammit!

I heard my phone rang. I flipped it open and answering it, not even bother to looked at the caller`s id.

“What?!” I snapped at the person who called me.

“Don’t snap at me.” The person at the line said.

Dammit. “Yuko-san….Er… I have a bad day, sorry.’

“Go to the hospital now. I’ve called the other. We’ll have another meeting.”

“What about Black?” I asked her, since Black had just given birth to her son a few days ago. It was a little too fast, but like mother like son, he just wanted to come to the world sooner.

“Geki will tell her the result.”

“Fine. I’m on my way.”


*On the road near the hospital.

I was walking towards the hospital from the station when I saw eight Yabakune`s students on the road ahead, blocking my way.

“Well, well… Queen Shibuya, isn’t it? Or should I say EX-Queen?” One of them said, recognizing me, even without my jacket. She gave me the elevator look. “Nice outfit…” She said mockingly, her friends were laughing because of that.

I smirked at them. “You’ve coming at the perfectly right time.” I cracked my knuckles. “I need some punching bags.” I have a bad day, and my usually-sated-sex-drive, or at least hasn’t awaken yet before she came back into my life, was now on rampage after not seeing her for almost two weeks. I need to vent my anger.

They kept on laughing and I didn’t wait any longer and started punched the one in front of me. She staggered for a while. I was about to punch her again when I realize that one of her friends was trying to hit me. So I grabbed the girl`s collar and use her as a shield. And then threw her towards the other girl, made both of them fall to the ground. The other girl rushed towards me, I was about to give her a high-kick, but then I realized that I wore a tight skirt. I tried to dodge the punch but I was too late. I was getting hit on the side of my lips. And then a familiar giggle interrupted my fight.

“Ne… can I join?”

Gekikara… no, she’s Amakuchi now. But of course the Yabakune didn’t know it. They immediately ran after they saw her. Saying that there’s no way they can win against two Queens. She stepped closer to me.

“Shibuya…,” she tapped the side of her lips, “you’re bleeding.”

I touched the place where I was getting hit before. And true enough… I was bleeding. “Gah! Dammit!!”

“Ne, are you mad?”

“Of course I do!!” I yelled at her.

Geki looked at me questioningly, “Shibuya seems different.”

And… my phone rang. I looked at the caller`s ID this time. Yuko-san. Again. I sighed and answering the phone.


“I could see you two from my window. Get your asses over here, now. We have to finish our meeting fast because Sado has to get back to work.”

“Fine.” I said.

“Geki, let’s go, Yuko-san’s waiting.”


*Yuko`s room.

When I walked in with Geki, the others has scattered inside. Maeda was also there. She has been around with us more often now, though I really want to have a rematch with her, but Yuko-san said we’re fellow Rappapa now, so I have no other choice but to be civil with her.  We’re exchanged greeting with each other which I only answered with a grumble.

“What’s with the sour look?” Yuko-san asked me. “Haven’t get some lately?” She smirked.

I scoffed. “My job was suck! And I haven’t seen her in almost two weeks!” I turned to looked at Maeda. “Why did you made her so busy, anyway?!”

“Who?” Maeda asked me.

“So you do haven’t get some lately.” Yuko-san said, still smirking. “Ahh… scary isn’t? After you get the taste of it, you’ll always want for more. And you’ll drowning in despair when you can’t get some.” She said the last sentence while pouting to Torigoya, which unlucky for her, Torigoya wasn’t even noticed it because she was off in her own world.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I have to get back to work.” Sado-san said. “Can we please start now?”

“Oh, yeah.” Yuko-san said. “So, our informant said that the students of Majijo has started saying something about reformation. Especially the lower ranks.”

Informant? She must’ve meant Dance. So… this meeting was about that matter after all. When Dance told me this I was shocked and I immediately told Yuko-san about this.

“They want to take over Rappapa.” Yuko-san said.

“Why? This has never happened before.” Sado-san said.

“Should I go and see?” Torigoya added.

“They think that the current Rappapa are too weak.” I said. “And they seemed to think that the current Rappapa are too… individual… unlike us. They have only being in the same gang recently, while for us it was much longer. So, people think it was easier to break them.... and… be the top of Majijo.”

“Yes… unlike them, we have been together since our first year. Even though at first we were trying to kill each other to death, right, Sado?” Yuko-san said.

“Yes, but people don’t know that.” Sado-san said, smirking. “And by the way, Shibuya, how could you know this?”

“Dance told me.” And I also heard that from Tomo, but there’s no need to tell the others that.

“So… what should we do?” Sado-san asked, “we’re not Majijo`s student anymore. I would like to say that it’s not our problem, but we can’t just turn our back on this.”

“Yeah… so I was thinking, perhaps we should show people that we’re back them up. Not to mention that we need to train them as well.” Yuko-san said. “I think there are some people who would like that.” She smirked to me when she said it, thank God no one noticed.

“Yes… the fights with Yabakune also becoming more often now,” Maeda said, “We’ve been trying to make a truce with them, but…” She shook her head.

“You can’t talk things down with shit…” I said bitterly.

“Ne… why can I punch them instead?” Geki said, giggled softly.

“Geki.” Yuko-san reprimanded her.

“… Sorry… I won’t get mad…” Aaaand… she turned back into Amakuchi again. I shook my head in amusement.

“So, what’s the plan, Sachou?” Sado-san asked.

“Well… I can go home today, and…”

“What? Really?”




Yuko-san smiled at our happiness, and then she motioning us to come closer to her, which we did, and said in a low-hushed tone, “I want every one of you to come to Majijo early in the morning. Go straight to our Fighting Room, and make sure that nobody sees you.” She threatened us, and we immediately nodded. “And here’s the plan….”


@lollita90: let's wait for it then... :lol:

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Thanks for reading, commenting and the 'thank you's, guys. I hope you like this chapter.

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I like when they tease Shibuya. It's so cute~
I wonder how the other will know about the Tomotomo

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This is better that the real majisuka :D love it!! :D Im waiting for the next episode :D

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Chapter 19

*Early morning, Rappapa’s Fighting Room (currently Meeting Room).

When I walked in there was only Yuko-san, Torigoya, Maeda and Sado-san. Black and Geki haven’t come yet. I sat on the floor in the corner near the window, and dozing slightly after a few minutes. It was still early and I slept late yesterday because I chatted with Tomo on the phone until pass midnight. She was anxious and worried and… mad, because the rumor of reformation and the clash with Yabakune increased. I can’t tell that everything will be alright, because I’m not so sure too. All I could do just tried to took her mind off of it for a while by told her how I kicked asses when I quitted my job, which made her laughed for a full five minutes. This things reminded me to the time when the first day of school. It was only one in the afternoon and yet she has shown up in my apartment. When I saw her face, I instantly knew why she came hurriedly to me during school time. She looked extremely pissed off.


“What is it?” I asked her, and she answered my question by slapped my arm. “Hey!? Why did you hit me?”

“You… you… jerk!!” she sat on the couch beside me and grabbed the TV`s remote from my hand and turned the TV off.

“Hey, I’m watching that.”

“Shut up!!” She snapped at me.

‘Strange… did we have a personality exchange here??’ I was face-palmed myself inside my mind. ‘But, she looks… hot… when angry like this.’

“Why didn’t you told me?! You must’ve known this!!” she hissed.

“Know what?”

“That I am one of the new Shitennou!!”

“Oh… that…,” and she slapped my arm again, “hey!! Stop hitting me.” I grabbed her hands and pulled her closer to me. “Why are you so angry like this? You should’ve known that you’ll be the next Queen since you are Maeda`s Shitennou.”

“Because I know you’ve known this and yet you didn’t tell me anything!”

“I’m not allowed to tell you, okay?” I said in exasperation, “and beside aren’t you happy that you’re a Rappapa now?”

“I do happy that people think I’m good enough for that.” She leaned towards me and dropped her head on my shoulder. “I just don’t like the obligation and prejudice that comes with it.”

“Heh… relax… it’s only means more fighting.” I ruffled her hair and she smiled at me, at last…

“Seeing Gekikara was more surprising though.”

I snorted. “I though she is Amakuchi now?”

“You know that too?” she narrowed her eyes at me.

“Torigoya emailed me about it.” I said. “It was Yuko-san`s order, right?”

She huffed, “I hate it when you’re keeping secret like this.”

“As I said before, I’m not allowed to tell you.” I grabbed the remote and turned the TV on again, only for her to turn it off again. “Sigh… what is it now?”

“I’m still mad at you, you know.” She put the remote on the coffee table, and sat on my lap.

“Oh… so… what do you want?” I grinned mischievously, put my hands on her waist, and bring her closer to me.

“Hm… I wonder,” she whispered in my ear, and nibbled my ear. “Perhaps I should punish you…”

 *Flashback end.

I was about to sleep when I noticed someone came closer to me and flung her arm around my shoulder. Yuko-san.

“So… what’ll you do next?” she asked silently, so that the others wouldn’t know what we’re talking about.


“You know what I mean.” She rolled her eyes. “Will you keep on act and pretending or you will throw your mask off?”

“I don’t know… old habits die hard, you know.” I sighed, “I’m starting to think that you assigned her to me on purpose.”

“Of course I do.” I glared at her, which she ignored. “And by the way, it’s not only her, but her sister also. They are in one package after all.”

“I know that.”

“Ah….” She stretched. “I pity Kokabuki… she’ll doomed to be the third-wheel.” She chuckled.

I smirked at that.

“I know you don’t like Kokabuki, but… don’t be too hard on her.” And then she smirked. “Or more like you’re jealous at her.”

I scoffed. “Am not,” I smirked smugly, “Why should I? I’m the one who ‘get’ her sister after all.”

“You looked happy.” I said, noticing the happiness radiated from her and Torigoya.

Yuko-san smirked, “of course.”

“Finally had a release?”

She just smirked at me. “What about you?”

I frowned. “I’ve told you I haven’t seen her in two weeks.”

“Yeah, well… you’ll see her later today.” She patted my shoulder. “Just don’t jump at her when you see her.” She smirked. “I know she’s sexy and all…”

“I’m not you…” I said while rolling my eyes, and I glanced towards Torigoya who’s watching us inquiringly from the beginning of our chat. “Should I tell Torigoya that you had checked my girl out?”

“Oh, please… I didn’t check her out. I had seen her once when she was out of gym class.” She shrugged. “Nice body, by the way…, even though my Nyan-Nyan is sexier.”
“What?!” I incidentally yelled, the others turned their attention towards us at my outburst.

Yuko-san waved her hand and said to the other, “Ahahaha… nothing’s here… just continue what you’ve been doing before.” And she whispered to me, “she does… just look at her boobs. Nyan-Nyan`s boobs are the best.”

I shut my eyes closed and said in horror, “I don’t wanna know that…”

She laughed at me. ‘Grrr… hentai-sachou…’

“Why don’t you tell your girl to wear a mini-skirt uniform like yours?”

“No way. She’s for my eyes only.” I smirked at her. “And speaking of uniform…. It feels really weird to be here without wearing uniform.”

“You still wear your jacket.” She said as a matter of fact.

“Yeah, but I have to give it away later, right?”

“Lend it, actually. Just for a few days, but if you want to give it away then…,” she shrugged, “fine by me.”


At that time, the door opened and Black and Geki stepped inside.

“Sorry for being late,” Black said.

“Nah, it’s okay.” Yuko-san said. “The school is still pretty much empty. Anyway, how’s your son?”

“I ask my neighbor to look after him for a while.” Black said and wet to sit on the floor, with her back on the wall and closed her eyes. “Sorry, I want to take a nap for a moment. I’ve only slept for two hours last night. My son was crying almost all night.”

“Same here…” Geki was already curled up on the floor like a cat, trying to find the comfortable spot.

“Sure.” Yuko-san said. And we’re back to what’s we’ve been doing before they came. Torigoya chatted with Sado-san, and Maeda was reading her book.

“Hey… don’t you think that there’s something with them?” Yuko-san whispered to me.


“Black and Geki.”

‘Hmm… there might be something but… I’m not sure… it was more like a sister relation… but…’

“Well?” Yuko-san asked again.

“I don’t know, perhaps there is, perhaps there isn’t.” I said, it was true after all. “Why do you ask me anyway?”

“Then who can I talked with?” she rolled her eyes. “You know Sado isn’t into personal talk, and Nyan-Nyan is an airhead, even though that one of the reason why I love her so much. But! She’s even hardly notice anything that’s right in front of her eyes when her airheadness came in full force.”

‘Sado-san isn’t into personal talk… sure… she’s just doing it when she wants to troll someone. And her latest victim was me.’ I sighed. “So? What will you do, Yuko-san? Gives them pep-talk to ‘open up and act on it’ like the one you had given me?”

“Hum… no… they aren’t as hard to handle as you…,”she said in a mock seriousness, “and less stubborn too.”

“Hey!!” I yelled… my temper rising.

“It’s just a joke… sheesh…,” she said while she patted my shoulder. “Seriously… you and your temper… I feel sorry for Ookabuki.”

“Hsssttt……” I hissed to her while putting my index finger in the front of my lips, motioning her to shut up. “Don’t say her name like that! What if the others heard that?” I whispered to her, and took a glance at the others. Thankfully the others were still busy with themselves, but… why does Torigoya glaring at me?

“Bakayaro… Until when do you want to hide, huh?”Yuko-san pulled me towards her and since she still has her arm around my shoulder she can do it easily. I glanced at Torigoya again. ‘Sigh… if looks could kill….’ I pried Yuko-san`s hand off my shoulder which made her looked at me questioningly.

“Yuko-san… I don’t want Torigoya to go berserk on me.” I said while rolled my eyes. “She has been glaring at me for a while now.”

“Oh…,” she said, and she turned to look at Torigoya who’s sitting across the room with Sado-san, and she smiled and waved her hand energetically to her. “Well, sorry then, Shibuya. I have a cat to groom.” She said while grinning to me.

I sighed, “Off you go… I want to take a nap before they came after all.”


“Shibuya… wake up. There are people outside, already.”

I opened my eyes and saw Sado-san crouched down in front of me. I looked round the room. “Where’s Geki?”

“Yuko-san told her to look out the situation outside, she’s the only one who can do it without being suspicious.” Sado-san said.

“I see.” I said while rubbed my eyes, then I smelled something in the air. “What this smell? Meat?”

“Team Hormone are outside.” Sado-san said grimly.

“They grilled hormone in Rappapa Room?!” I yelled automatically.

“Shibuya! Lower your voice!” Yuko-san whispered loudly enough for me to hear.


And then there was some sound of body dropped on the floor and some chair being forcefully pushed. Then we heard some loud yelling voice. Looks like someone has climbed up the stairs. Torigoya walked to took a peek outside.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, “a junior, I guess, she wears a yellow cardigan.”

And then we heard someone voice that truly sounded like… “Isn’t it Gakuran`s voice?” Black asked.

And the same voice from before said, “Oy, oy, oy… look closely… I’m not Gakuran anymore… call me… Youran.” I shared a look that clearly said ‘WTF?!’ with the other.

And then, we could heard the Kabuki, no, they said they are the Noh-Kyougen Sister now. We shared another ‘WTF!?’ look, but my ‘WTF!?’ looks was more like ‘what the hell is she thinking!!?’. At this Yuko-san came closer to me and whispered in my ear.

“Did your girlfriend got a hit in the head?!”

“I don’t know, too.” I hissed to her. “She never told me about this… What the hell was that!?”

“It seemed like Geki came back.” Sado-san said.

True enough, because Geki’s trade-mark giggles could be heard after she said that. And then there’s some unknown voice, at least to me, because Black and Torigoya seemed to know her. And said girl claimed that she is also a Shitennou and said her name was Shaku.

I turned to Maeda and asked, “Who in the hell is that?”

I heard Sado-san sighed and said, “Dear God, this year`s Shitennou is like a..”

“Joke.” Black finished her sentence.

“I was about to say crap, but, yeah, that too.” Sado-san said.

“It’s a good thing that Geki is still here then, right?” Torigoya asked.

I just face-palmed myself, ‘they truly are like crap.’ And then the sound of fighting can be heard again, along with Geki`s giggled that was getting louder with each passing second.

“Maeda you better come out before Geki and our challenger here destroy our room more.”Yuko-san said to Maeda. “We’ll come out in a few minutes.”

Maeda nodded and walked out of the room. Yuko-san signaled us to come closer to her.

“Alright, we’ll come out after this.” Yuko-san said after we made some small circle in the middle of ther room.

“Shall we kick her ass?” I asked. “I need some punching bag to vent.”

“No. Girls, you’re not Majijo`s student anymore. Don’t interfere with the Majijo`s fight if it’s not really necessary. We have to let them improve themselves.” Yuko-san said.

“But, if she’s trying to attack you we’ll fight her in your place.” Sado-san said.

“Yes, you can’t fight yet Yuu-chan.” Torigoya said. “Remember your heart?”

“Of course, how can I’m not when I see you all the time.” Yuko-san said to Torigoya, “or whenever you’re not around, I just need to close my eyes and all I see was you.”

“That was too… cheesy.” Black said.

“I feel like I want to puke.” I said while pretending to retch.

Sado-san pinched the bridge of her nose. “Girls, remember our situation here?”

“Shut up, Shibuya… I bet you also turned dere-dere whenever you’re alone with your lover.” Yuko-san said.

“I’m not.” I retorted back. “I just behave like I usually do.”

“Hard to believe, because you’re a true tsundere.” Sado-san said. “And REMEMBER our SITUATION here. Yuko-san, what now?” Sado-san quickly added when she saw me opened my mouth to retort back.

Not long after Sado-san closed her mouth, we could hear the challenger asking for the leader of Rappapa. Yuko-san smirked. “Alright, girls, it’s time for our ‘Grand Entrance’ in Majijo once more.”


“I’m the leader of Rappapa.” With those words, Yuko-san walked out of the Fighting Room with us following closely behind. The people outside, beside Maeda and Geki, were gaping at us in surprise. I took a quick look at them, the Team Hormone, Gakuran Youran, and I don’t know the others but I think the one wearing the yellow cardigan with a smug look on her face must be the challenger, while the one wearing red coat must be Shaku, the other Queen, since she had a highlight on her hair. And lastly, I saw Tomo and her sister. Unlike others, Tomo had her eyes locked on me from the time I walked out, staring at me with her mouth slightly opened. And when our eyes met, she frowned and glaring at me. ‘Oh, God… she must’ve angry at me again because I’m keeping secrets from her… again. Even though we have our rule of don’t-ask-don’t-tell.’

“Hey, hey… Shibuya,” Torigoya who’s standing behind me poked my shoulder and whispered near my ear, “I think you’ll have a hard time later with the Kabuki Sisters. She’s glaring at you now.”

I only stood there in silence, didn’t give her any answer. ‘I am in trouble. But, not for the reason you’re thinking about.’ I said in my mind.

“I wonder why Yuu-chan assigned you with them?” she whispered again.

A tense and long silence filled the room. The current Rappapa, beside Geki and Ookabuki, and also the challenger were staring at us all the while. After a while the challenger opened her mouth.

“So… the old Rappapa are still here it seems. But, no matters, I won’t lose to someone who had to sit on a wheel chair during graduation.” She smirked smugly.

“How dare you!” I yelled and move forwards, ready to charge her, but Yuko-san`s arm blocking my way and Torigoya who’s stood behind me grabbed my shoulder while my other shoulder was held by Sado-san who was glared at that damn junior with a promise to kill.

“Ahahaha…,” Geki started her trademark glare, “Ne…, if you keep bothering Yuko-san I’ll beat you… moderately.” Within second, Black who’s stood behind Yuko-san has moved to stood in front of Geki and shook her head.

Yuko-san stepped forward to the middle of the room. “Leave. Now. We’ll have a meeting. Don’t. Bother. Us.” Yuko-san said with a low threatening voice, which drowns me in excitement. It has been months since the last time Yuko-san was on her ferocious-leader-who-had-defeated-thirty-Yabakune-alone mode like this. With one short glance to my fellow Rappapa, I know they all felt the same excitement rushing in their body too.

“Then make me.” The challenger said. Heh, she’s stupid, but I like her guts.

Sado-san released me and walked to the middle of the room, stood face-to-face to the challenger. “You’re ten years too early to face Yuko-san. You have to face me first.”

The challenger raised her fists, ready for the upcoming fight, and Nezumi shows up. “Center,” she said, “change of plan. Let’s go for now.”

“Tch… fine.” The challenger, Center, said and walked away.

After she gone, Yuko-san moved to checked up the door. “Dammit!!” She cursed loudly, made Team Hormone and Shaku jumped slightly. “The door’s broken. We need someone to guard the stairs during out meeting.”

“Dance!!” I shouted, calling my most loyal follower, since I knew she was outside the room. She wasn’t a Rappapa`s underling anymore because I already graduate. But, she’s still around as an informant. She has this keen sense of sneaking around without anyone noticing and she also won’t betray me by any cost, and this is also meant she won’t betray us.

True enough, after a few second, she came with her usual puppy look. “Hai, Shibuya-san?”

“Guard the stairs, don’t let anyone pass.” I said shortly, and off she go.

“It won’t be enough if it just her.” Sado-san said. “Hey, Team Hormone, go and guard with her.”

They looked at Maeda for a while, and left the room.

“All right. As you all know, the uproar against Rappapa has been increasing in number lately.” Yuko-san said. The current Rappapa lowering their head, unable to meet her gaze. “And I bet that that you all know the reason why.” Yuko-san walked to sit in her rightful chair as our sachou.  “I won’t say that you’re weak, because I know that you’re better than the rest of the students here.”

“If you’re not, you won’t be the Shitennou now.” Sado-san added. “But, compare to us, you are. Weak.”

“Or more likely you’re not serious enough.” Yuko-san said. The current Rappapa all glanced towards Maeda, because that is a sacred word for her. “The skit earlier proved it.” She continued. “You’re the Rappapa`s Shitennou now. ACT like one!!”

After Yuko-san yelled, my eyes moved from Tomo to looked at Yuko-san. ‘Hm? She seemed to sweat a lot. Don’t tell me…’ In an instant, Torigoya has stood by Yuko-san side, and she bowed down to whisper something in Yuko-san. Because of our close proximity, I was able to hear it as well.

“Yuu-chan, don’t overdo it. Remember your heart condition.”

Yuko-san nodded at her without looking at her. She took a deep breath for a few times to control herself. “I’m not telling you to act 24 hours per day, but at least when there are others around you, act like a proper Rappapa.” She said after a while. “We did the same too. Do you think we’re this uptight all the time? When we’re alone we’re not.” She paused for a while, as if thinking, “beside Shibuya and Black of course.”

“Hey!?” I protested, while Black only raised her eyebrow in askance.

Yuko-san turned to looked at us and grinned. “Well, Black is too silent, while Shibuya is a real tsundere.”

“I’m not.” I grumbled. Black just touched her rosary, not saying anything.

And then I heard a hushed laughter. Tomo. She immediately masking it as a fake cough after I glared at her. This was only made Yuko-san`s grinned wider.

“That’s not all.” Yuko-san said after a while, being all serious again. “I’ve decided, so that you can get better, and also to show the others that you are the successor of Rappapa`s Shitennou, each of you will get a training session with one of my Queens and they’ll lend you their jackets for a while, just for a symbolical succession.”

A series of “WHAT??!” interrupted her. I glanced at Tomo again, she was looking at me too, and she has this hopeful look on her face, while in contrast Kokabuki was looking at me with dread written all over her face.

“Okay, first… Gakuran!” Yuko-san said after the interruption earlier.

“Er… I’m Youran now.” She said with uncertainty on her voice.

“Alright, fine… Whoever you are… you’re with Black.” Yuko-san said while rolled her eyes.

Black walked towards her and handed her jacket, “if you dirtied it I’ll kill you.”

Gakuran gulped loudly, “I won’t” and she took the jacket. “Thank God, I don’t get Shibuya-san`s.”

I cracked my knuckles and growled to her, “what the hell do you mean?”

“Err… it’s pink.” She said while scratching her head.

“So?!” I growled back.

“Yeah… yeah… you can thank me later to not pairing the two of you.” Yuko-san interrupted us. “Alright, next, Shaku!”

Shaku stepped forward with an energetic “hai!” and a smile on her face.

Yuko-san looked behind her to Torigoya, and with a soft smile she said, “Tori-Nyan?” and pointed at Shaku with the movement of her head.

Torigoya handed her jacket to Shaku who took it with a trembling hand and stated loudly, “I’ll guard it with my life!!”

“Too… over-dramatic…” I face-palmed myself.

Yuko-san and Sado-san chukled lightly. “They’re a bit similar, don’t you think?” Yuko-san asked us silently while the other was still watching Torigoya and Shaku.

“She’s not sure whether she was suitable as a Queen, much like Torigoya in our first year.” Sado-san said.

“Heh… Torigoya got her alter ego though.” I said.

And after Torigoya came back to stood behind Yuko-san once again, Yuko-san said, “Geki, you’re still good for now. But, if you ever lose control again, I’ll handle you myself.”

“Understood.” Geki said in a calm voice, which made the current Rappapa gaping at her in shock.

“Ah, okay then… Meeting’s over.” Yuko-san said. “You can schedule your training session on your own.”

“Uh… wait… what about us?” Kokabuki asked.

“Oh… right… I forgot.” Yuko-san said with a cheeky grin. I just rolled my eyes at that. She clearly didn’t forgot, she was just pretend that she was. “Isn’t it obvious enough? The two of you got Shibuya.”

“WHAT?!” Kokabuki shouted in shock, while Tomo was just looking at me, half-smiling half-grinning.

I walked towards them and hand her my jacket. Not even saying anything, because I was afraid that I’ll blow my mask off if I tried to talk to her. Kokabuki was chanting “no way, no way…” all the while.

“Got any problem with that, Kokabuki?!” I growled to her. And due to our close proximity I can glare at her more effectively.

Kokabuki turned to looked at her sister and sighed. “Aneki, please tell me that I won’t be the third wheel,” she whispered pleadingly to her sister.

Tomo just smiled and flung my jacket over her shoulder, wearing it, and surprised everyone in the room beside the two of us and Yuko-san, since well, the current Rappapa only held the jacket that was lend to them in their hand, hesitant to actually wear it. And then for the first time today and after two weeks, TWO, LONG, WEEKS, she truly smiled at me. She was standing so close to me, too close, that I could smelled her nice scent and after saw that smile… My hands twitched by my side, wanting, needing to touch her. I don’t know what my face looked like right now, but I do know it made her eyes widen in surprise. She immediately put her hand on my face, blocking it from the others.

“Shibuya-san, are you alright? You looked so pale.” She kept on fussing over me, and whispered silently to me, “dammit, control your lust!”, and said in her normal voice, “and you’re sweating a lot too. Perhaps you need some fresh air.” She turned her head towards Yuko-san, hands still blocking my face, and said, “I’ll take her outside.” And she pulled me to walk out of the room, fast.

“Yes… yes… just go… and please be careful…” Yuko-san said, I could easily notice the laugh in her voice and imagining her smirked to me.

Team Hormone and Dance who’s stood on the stairs looked at us questioningly when we walked down the stairs. “Ookabuki? What’s happen?” Wota asked.

She kept on walking and dragged me along with her, not even bothered to stop and answered the question. After we’re on the lower floor, she immediately pushed me inside an unused lab class.


*Back at Rappapa`s Room, Yuko`s POV.

“What the hell was that?” Sado asked with a bewildered look on her face. “Shibuya… Let other people drag her like that? Or more, let other touch her face?”

I just smirked at that.

“Yuu-c… Yuko-san, don’t you think it’ll be better if I follow them?” Nyan-Nyan asked me. “You know how Shibuya is. What if they ended up fighting to death?”

‘Heh… more like tearing each other’s clothes off and devouring each other to death. I wonder why the others didn’t realize what the look on Shibuya’s face means. I can recognize people in lust when I see one.’

“I think she’s right.” Sado said.  “Yuko-san?”

“No, let them be.” I said to them, still smirking. “This will be their first ‘training’ session. Let them bond.”

“What about Kokabuki?” Sado asked.

I looked at Kokabuki and smirked, “You can go and join them if you want.” I had my suspicion that she has known all along the relationship between her sister and Shibuya. And, the by the look of horror on her face when I said that confirmed my suspicion.

“No way!! They can have all the time they need. Sheesh…” Kokabuki said while pretending to shivered. “Can I go now? The meeting is over, right?”

“Sure.” And with that she walked out of the room.


@kahem: more teasing coming up  XD
              they'll know it sooner or later

@haruko: here's the next chap  :)

Thanks for reading, commenting, and the 'thank you's, guys. I hope this chapter won't be disappoint you much. 

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Re: my fanfics (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 19 added (+ other pairing)
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Wow,, i love this story line,, when new Queens meet Center i think it just be the same storyline from Majijo 2,, but you make it a new storyline,, and i love this new storyline,, thanks for the update,,
TomoTomo is my OTP

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 19 added
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I looked at Kokabuki and smirked, “You can go and join them if you want.” I had my suspicion that she has known all along the relationship between her sister and Shibuya. And, the by the look of horror on her face when I said that confirmed my suspicion.

“No way!! They can have all the time they need. Sheesh…” Kokabuki said while pretending to shivered.

I almost died laughing with this.

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Re: my fanfics (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 19 added (+ other pairing)
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gahh...I just realized,if yuko still alive it means otabe a.k.a yui wont have a chance to show...

aaa...I want my princess yui here...

if somehow you can bring yui in,I'll be reallly happy...but if not,it's fine with me to have yuko alive on this alternate version of MG 2...

beside,we can't always get all what we want don't we?

anyway...keep up the good work :on GJ:

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Re: my fanfics (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 19 added (+ other pairing)
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Hahahahah!!!! Yuko is machiavelous!
oh~ doing it in a lab~
Poor Kokabuki, being the 3rd wheel is hard xD
Lol how could the other don't realize after that? hahahah!

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Re: my fanfics (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 19 added (+ other pairing)
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Nice twist in the story :D...

Jaja love how tomo try to hide their lust and love for tomo :D.. and the last comment about be the third wheel jaja i laugh a lot.. my mom is thinking that im going to go mad for laugh alone...

THAT WHY YUKO NEED TO BE ALIVE!!! jajaj love it :D

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Re: my fanfics (MASK - Tomotomo / MJGK world) Chapter 19 added (+ other pairing)
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Chapter 20

*At the unused lab class.

She released her hold on my hand after she locked the door and facing me. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

I just stared her, my mind went blank. I just want to touch her, kiss her, taste her.

“I thought you want to keep us as a secret for a little longer. How could we mphmm…”

I cut her rambling by kissing her forcefully. She linked her hands behind my neck and kissed me back. I nipped her lower lip and licked it afterwards. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth. Teasing. Tasting. My hands sneaked inside her shirt, caressing the skin on her waist, then to her flat stomach, and then I pushed her bra upwards and rubbed her mound.

She moaned on my mouth and then I felt her pushed me away. “Hmm… wait… stop…” I ignored her and kept on kissing and groping her. “I said… stop!!” She managed to push me away at arm’s length.

I growled in irritancies. “What!? Why?!”

“Just… stop…” she said breathlessly.

I tried to kiss her again, but she stopped me with her hand. “What now?! I want you! It’s been two weeks.” I hissed.

She fixed her clothes and hair and looked straightly at me. “First of all, we ARE in SCHOOL!”

“So?” I gritted my teeth in annoyance. ‘Grr… why won’t she let me touch her?!’

She crossed her arms in the front of her chest and glared at me. “Second… I’m on my period.”

I blinked and blinked again. “Oh…,” I said, not knowing what to say.

I heard her sighed and said, “sorry,” and she hugged me. My body instantly tensed due to her close proximity.

“Er… perhaps it’ll be best if you keep your distance from me.” I said nervously. And she looked at me with a hurt expression on her face.

“Err… I mean… so that I won’t lose control.”

She cracked a smile at this. “Sorry. Just wait for a few days… let’s say… emm…” she said while counting with her fingers, “five?”

“What? Five?” I asked her, and sighed. ‘Dear God, I know I had done lots of errors and sins, but why must You torment me so? Hhhh… Almost a month it is.’ I grumbled to myself and said, “Make it twelve then.”

“Why twelve?” she asked. I just stared at her and watched as understanding dawned on her face. “Ah… your turn’s next week?”

I nodded.

“Damn… that is quite long.” She said and then she cupped my face with her hands, “I miss you, too, you know.”

I closed my eyes and moved away from her. Desperately keeping my lust at bay. And I let out a breath that I’ve been holding shakily. “I think I need a cold shower. Or a bucket full of ice.”

She giggled at me and held my hand. “Well, since you can’t do your now-favorite-way-to-vent, wanna do your second-favorite?”

“Huh?” I just stared at her dumbly.

“Wanna ‘clean up the school’ with me? The reason for the jacket thingie was to show people that we are the successor of the ex-Queen, right? I think it’ll be more effective if we go together.”

And just after she said that, we could hear Shaku and Torigoya walked past the hallway.

“Torigoya-san, what kinds of training will you gives me?” 

“Hm… Yuu-c-, I mean Yuko-san told me the first thing we should do is to…”

And their voices were gradually disappeared. ‘Heh… it’s the second time today that Torigoya almost slipped to say Yuu-chan. Act like they usually do   , my ass, they still wear a mask in front of others whose not our Rappapa.’

I sighed. “I think it’ll be best if Kokabuki with us.” She raised her eyebrow in askance. “The two of you are in one package, if it was only us, people will get suspicious.”

“You’re right. Let’g go back to Rappapa`s Room. Perhaps she’s still there.”
And we walked out of the lab and went straight to Rappapa`s Room. And when we walked up the stairs, it was empty. Team Hormone and Dance must’ve left already. And when we walked inside there was only Yuko-san and Sado-san, both were smirking with evil intention towards me.

“Wow… that was fast.” Yuko-san said, still smirking. “Finished already?”

“I don’t understand what you mean.” I said while trying not to blush and dig my own grave. Tomo just looked at them with eyes wide open.

“Wow… I don’t know that you can be that… wild… I mean, doing ‘that’ in school?!” Sado-san added and whistled to mock me more, “nice, Shibuya. Really nice.” She chuckled.

I just stared aghast at them, my mind went blank after I heard what Sado-san had said. I heard Tomo gasped and I glanced at her. Her she had her hand covering her mouth and her face was beet red.

“Wha… what!?” I bursted out after my mind finished with rebooting the program. “What are you talking about!?”

“We’re not a kid anymore now.” Sado-san said with an even tone while raising her eyebrow at me, Yuko-san just laughing her heart out. “I could see the ‘I’m-in-lust-expression’ on your face earlier, even though I’m not so sure if it was indeed lust. But, I do know now that it was lust.”

“Yuko-san… you… told her?” I asked with disbelieve written all over my face.

“She doesn’t have too.” Sado-san answered for her. “You seemed to forget that I already know that your mysterious lover is our kohai. And before Yuko-san ordered us to not tell anyone especially the new Shitennou about all of this, and that order was especially for you. That’s means your mysterious lover is not only our kohai, but also the current Shitennou. The only question left was… who? And I got my answer now.”

I could only stare in silence.

“Don’t worry, I think the others don’t know,” she chukled, “yet.”

“Ah….” Yuko-san said while rubbing her eyes. “It’s been a while since I had a good laugh like that.” I growled at her. I don’t like getting laugh at.

“Seriously, Shibuya… if you still want to keep your relationship a secret, you need to try harder than that.” Yuko-san said with a cheeky grin. “So… how is it?”

“What!? We didn’t do anything okay. She’s on mpph..” my words was halted because Tomo had covered my mouth with her hand, and glaring menacingly to me.

“They don’t need to know about that.” She hissed in my ear and let go of me.

I gulped and cracked a smile. “Err… right… sorry…”

“See! I told you she’ll turn dere-dere.” Yuko-san said, interrupted us.

Sado-san sighed, “yeah, she’s all tsun-tsun whenever she’s with us.”

I turned my head to look at them, and shouted, “I am not!!!”

I heard a hushed laughs from my side, and I immediately snapped at her. “Don’t laugh!”

She covered her mouth with her hand. “Sorry. Heheheh… But you all are truly good at act. I never even imagine before that Rappapa`s members can be this playful.”

“Nah… we’re not. We just love to tease Shibuya.” Yuko-san said which I interrupted with a “Hey!!”

 “She gets riled up so easily that it was amuse us to no end.” Sado-san said, smirking to me.

I growled at them, kicked an empty chair near me and walked out of the room without saying a word. The bad thing was, I can’t punch them out. Not only because they’re our leader, but also because I’m not that stupid enough to actually try to fight with someone who’s stronger than me.

I was wandering around in Majijo aimlessly. People, students and teachers alike, were staring at me as I walked past the hallway. When I turned to glare at them, they all immediately disappeared. Too bad, I would love to fight someone, right now. Before I know it, my feet brought me to the hallway leads to the basketball stadium. And I saw someone being brutally beaten by a group of junior. Well, they’re senior now. Usually I wouldn’t even care, but something familiar caught my attention. Headphones. Dammit, Dance. I stepped closer to them, wearing my gloves on when I walked.

“What the hell are you doing?” I growled to them.

They all jumped slightly and turned to look at me. Dance was looking on the ground, therefore, I can’t see her face nor how bad her injuries are. “Shi-shibuya-senpai…”

I punched the one closer to me and pulled her head to meet my knee before she fall on the ground. “I asked again, what the hell are you doing to my follower?” I growled again.

“Er… nothing… we’re just talking.”

I sent a high kick to the one who talking and punched her. “By ganging up on her!? Give me a good reason to not crush you out for ganging up on my follower!!”


I gave a right hook to the one who said it. “Sorry’s not enough.” I looked at the two girls who is still standing, and punched them out. Cracking a few of their bones as a revenge for what they had done to my follower. After they’re all writhing in pain on the ground, I walked to stand right in front of Dance who was still crouching on the ground. “Stand up.” I said, and I walked away to the stadium. I sat on one of the benches inside.

After a while, Dance came and stood in front of me. “Thank you, Itano-senpai.”

I scoffed and looked at her. She doesn’t look too bad, she only got minor bruises in her face. “Why do you call me Itano-senpai again? How many years has it been since the last time you called me senpai?”

She smiled shyly, “three.” My eyes widen in surprise. “I’ve never called you that again after you graduated from our junior high. I thought it’ll be weird if I keep called you like that while the other girls in your gals gang called you ‘Shibuya-san’.”

I shook my head and grumbled, “How many times that I’ve whirled you out of being beaten now?”

“One hundred and twenty one times.” She said.

I instantly whipped my head to look at her, but she was looking to other direction. “What? You counted that?”

“…Yes. The first time was when I was in my sixth year in elementary, while you’re in your second year in middle high. At that time you’re just coming back to Tokyo and you saw me bullied by some high school students. And you saved me.”

“You still remembered that?” I shook my head in amusement

“If it was about you, Shibuya-san, of course I remember.” She said slowly.

I raised my eyebrow questioningly. “What happened earlier? I’ve told you to learn how to fight.”

“Nothing. Just the usual.”

I frowned at her. “You do know that you won’t be under my wings forever you, right? Learn to fight!”

“But… I want to be with you forever… Is that wrong?” She whispered slowly, still not looking at me.

‘What?!’ After heard that, Tomo’s voice came into my mind.

‘There’s no need for you to be jealous to Kokabuki. We’re just like a real sister. While you and Dance on the other hand… I think she loves you.’

At that time, I was denied it instantly, but… now… it can’t be true… right?

“Dance! Hey! Look at me.” I ordered her, and after she did so, I asked her again. “What do you mean by that?”

“What can I do to be good enough for you Shibuya-san?” She said slowly. “I’ve been there for you all these years; I was there with you when you were fighting your growing addiction to drugs. But why can I be good enough for you?”

“What?” I stared at her, too shocked to say anything else.

She took a deep breath for a few times and said, “I love you, Shibuya-san…,” and she walked towards me and kissed my lips.

I could only sit there in shock with my eyes opened wide. I never imagined this kind of thing would happen. The sound from outside the stadium pulled me out of my stupor. I pushed her away, and glared at her angrily.

“What the hell are you doing?” I growled to her.

The harshness in my voice made her flinched a bit. “I… I’m sorry…” She turned to looked away from me again, her voices trembling. “I… I just… wanna know… what it feels like…”

Seeing her like this made me feel a bit guilty.

“I… I had seen you and Ookabuki-san kissing before so…” she continued with her rambling.

“What?!” I rushed to her and grabbed her shoulder, forced her to looked at me. “When?! Where!?”

“On Sunday before Sado-san and Maeda’s match.” Her eyes are filled with fear, so I let her go. I turned my back to her and my hand flew to rub my sore head. “In the front of your apartment`s door.”

I tried to remember to that moment. “That time we stopped because I heard footsteps (*see Chapter 12). Was it you?” I asked after a while.

She answered with a soft “…yes.”

I sighed and rubbed my forehead again. “Was that also the reason why you’ve been acting all weird and avoiding eye contact with me lately?”

Silent filled the stadium for a moment. “… Yes,” she whispered. “I… I won’t betray you or run away… I also won’t tell anybody about you and Ookabuki-san.  But… I need some time to accept this… So… please don’t looking for me for a while. I’ll come back to you after I’m ready.”

I sighed again. “Alright…, fine….” And after I said that she begun to walked out of the stadium, but before she left I called her.

She turned to looked at me with a questioning look. “Yes, Shibuya-san?”

I looked at her straightly in the eyes, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” She said with tearful smile. “I’ve seen the way you looked at her. I should’ve known I don’t have any chance. It was different than the last time, right? She’s different.” And then she left.

After she left, I slumped down on the bench again. I sighed and rubbed my forehead. ‘Damn!! Too much surprise for one day. This is truly a bad day for me.’ I glanced at the stadium door. ‘But it must’ve been worse for Dance. Why I never realized that she has feelings for me? She’s right on one thing though, she did have been there for me. But..., Dance I’m sorry, if I never met Tomo, perhaps, PERHAPS I can be with you. But, if I never met her on that fateful day, I won’t be the Shibuya you know now.’


*After Shibuya walked out, Rappapa`s Room, Ookabuki`s POV.

“What’s wrong with her?” Yuko-san asked to no one in particular and then she looked at me. “Her mood must’ve been better now after ‘that’. Why she still looked so angry like that?”

I just sighed… I never even imagine that Rappapa`s sachou is so… bold. I never imagine too that they talked about ‘it’ casually like this. I wonder how much Yuko-san knows about us. One thing that I know for sure is she knew that me and Tomo had done ’that’. Oh my God, I feel like I want to die out of embarrassment.

“I don’t know. Perhaps it’ll be better if I look for her now. I don’t want her to do something stupid because of her temper.” I said and I walked out of the room.

“Yeah, you better do. Shibuya has a knack to become reckless when she was angry.” I heard Yuko-san said.

And when I walked down the stairs I still could hear Sado-san voice that saying, “She IS reckless. Remember the times she almost broke her fist, or the dru….”
Her voice was gradually lower and after I reached the lower floor I couldn’t hear it anymore. But something that Sado-san said stayed in my mind. ‘So, she almost broke her fist for several times now. Sigh… she truly is reckless. And about what Sado-san said afterwards, the dru…. What’s that? Sigh… I should’ve stayed longer to listen.’ I walked around Majijo, trying to find her, with lots of stares following me.


I turned back and saw Kokabuki walked towards me. I smiled slightly and when she has come close enough, I asked her, “where have you been?”

“Nah, just walking around.” She said, and then she whispered to me, “where’s Shibuya-san? I thought you’re with her now.” I just sighed and walked to a more secluded area with her following me.

“God… what’s with the stares?” I asked her when we’re outside the school buildings. “It was even worse than the time we’re became a Rappapa`s member.”

“Um… Aneki, you still wearing Shibuya`s jacket.” She said as a matter of fact. “That’s probably why you get a lot of stares.”

“Oh,” I looked down and tried to tighten the jacket to my body, smelling her familiar scent as I do so. “Have you seen her?”

“No…” she said, the sound of someone cursing interrupted her, and we turned our head to the direction of the voice.

“Damn… I never thought that Shibuya would’ve seen us. She really know how to punch.” Someone said.

“You can say that. She only punched you out. I think I have cracked ribs.” Other said. “Damn that bitch.”

Hearing someone bad-mouthing her like that made my blood boil.

“Aneki, I guess they’ve seen Shibuya-san.” Kokabuki said.

“I know.” And I walked towards them. “Let’s go.”

After I got closer, I could see some girls slowly walking towards the school building, some of them were limping. And I yelled at them, “Stop!!”

They turned to us and stared at us, at me to be exact.

“Ookabuki? Isn’t that Shibuya`s jacket?” One of them asked me.

“It’s Shibuya-san for you.” I walked closer to them while glaring menacingly. “And yes, it is, because we’re her successor.” I grabbed her collar and pull her to my eye level, “bad-mouthing her once more and I’ll rip your head off. All of you. Understand?”

They nodded frantically, well some of them actually, because the other was writhing in pain. “Where is she? Have you seen her?” I added afterwards.

“I saw her walking to the basketball stadium.”

After I got the information I need, I walked with Kokabuki beside me to the basketball stadium.

“I know she’ll get into a fight.” I said during our walk.

“What’s happen?”

“Sigh… you don’t wanna know. All you need to know is that she was on a bad mood right now.”

When we’re near the stadium I could hear her yelling loudly, “Dance! Hey! Look at me.” ‘Dance’s with her?’ My curiousity got the better of me, I walked faster, almost ran to the stadium door. And then I could hear her voice again, “What do you mean by that?”

I was only a few meters away from the door when I heard Dance voice faintly, “… for you Shibuya-san?” a pause, “I’ve been there for you all these years; I was there with you when you were fighting your growing addiction to drugs….”

“What?” I said shakily. Dance was still talking, but I don’t hear any of it. ‘Drugs… she was addicted before? I don’t mishearing things, right? Why she never told me about that?’ Pain and dread started spreading in my chest.

“Aneki, what’s wrong?” Kokabuki has finaly caught up with me now. I knew she was asking because she saw the look on my face.

And then I could hear Dance voice again, “I love you, Shibuya-san….”

“What?!” Kokabuki said.

Dance`s words pulled me out of my stupor, I immediately peek inside, Kokabuki following me and… the moment I saw what’s happening inside, I wish that I never came here. I wish I didn’t look for her. My biggest fear became reality. She betrayed me. They’re kissing inside the stadium. I feel like there’s an iron arm that hold my heart and squished it. I’ve never felt so much pain like this. It was even worse than when Gekikara brutally beaten me. I feel my vision getting blurry with unshed tears.

“Dammit! What is she doing?” Kokabuki cursed silently. She grabbed my upper arm softly. “Aneki, are you alright?”

I remove her hand from me, “I’ve gotta go.” And then I started running away. I heard Kokabuki ran after me, calling me, but I didn’t stop. I just kept on running. Away from the stadium, away from Majijo, away from… HER.

I wiped the tears that was formulating in my eyes while I ran. Not letting anyone see me cry, not letting anyone know. Especially HER. No, I won’t cry in front of her. I won’t let her know how much she has hurt me.

I just kept on running. And when I looked around me, I was at the park near my house. The place where we first met. It was still school time, so the park was practically empty. I sat on the swing and there, I just let my tears out. ‘So, Kokabuki was right… she’s just playing around with me. She didn’t love me. She’s just… what Sado-san said before? Ah, in lust. She’s just in lust with me.’ My heart ached terribly when I realized that, I moved my hand to press my chest to the place where my heart located, hoping that with it, the pain will go away. ‘I thought she love me. Her eyes whenever we’re doing that… I thought what I saw in her eyes was love. The way she smiled at me… The way she touched me… Sigh… I should’ve known this sooner, before I’m deeply in love like this. I am so stupid. I should’ve known that she only wants my body. Recently, whenever we met up it always ended up in her bed. I’m so, so, stupid. Why can I see it? Even after she graduate she still want to keep our relation as a secret. She must’ve been ashamed of us, of our relation… of… me….’

“Aneki.” I heard Kokabuki`s voice coming from behind me, slightly out of breathe.

I immediately wiped my tears from my face. “What is it?” My voice surprised me. I didn’t know I still can let out an even tone right now.

“You okay?” she asked, still standing behind me.

“Heh… it seems like you’re right.” I said while chuckling bitterly.

“About what?” she asked. I could notice the concern on her voice.

“She’s only playing around with me.” My voice faltered a bit at the end of my sentence.

I heard her sighed. “There must be a mistake. I mean… I did say that, but I don’t think she’ll do something like that.”

“I never imagine it either. But it did happen, right?” I wiped the tears that filled my eyes again. And then I heard her stepped closer to me.

“Don’t come closer!” I said suddenly. “I don’t want you to see me right now.”

“Aneki… should I go to her?” she asked after a while.

I let out a breath before answered her. “For what?”

“To kick her ass because she made my Aneki cry.”

“You do that and she’ll crack your ribs again.” I laughed bitterly again. “And beside I don’t want her to know that I saw what happened earlier.”

“What? Why?”

“I just don’t want her to know. I… I want to see for how long she’ll faking it. For how long she’ll keep on lying to me.” I said softly. ‘Hah… she said she needs me, she said she wants me… all she needs and wants is just my body. I’m so stupid.’

“Aneki… why don’t you talked to her? It must be a misunderstanding.”

“Are you defending her?”

“No! It’s just…”

“When you see her, just pretend like nothing happened.” I cut her. “Just pretend like you don’t know anything.”

“Aneki…” I heard her asking, pleading. It was so weird to heard Kokabuki defending her.

“That’s an order.” I said with finality in my voice.

“Hhh… fine.”


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