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Author Topic: [daph's OS Collection] #1 Sonate Pacifique (AtsuMina)  (Read 1096 times)

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[daph's OS Collection] #1 Sonate Pacifique (AtsuMina)
« on: March 07, 2020, 08:41:24 PM »
Here is my first OS on jphip. I never wrote fanfiction before and English isn't my mother tongue, so please bear with me for grammar, and especially my writing skills.
Enjoy !

Sonate Pacifique
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You were sitting there, staring at the sky. I went to sit next to you, looked at you, briefly wondered if that happy, beautiful girl was indeed you. Then laid down on the towel.
Noticing my presence, you leaned down upon my face. I felt it more than saw it, for I had my eyes closed under the scorching sun.
“Minami, where do you want to go tonight ?”
Ah, yes. The holidays.

I slowly opened my eyes to be welcomed with one of your wide, graceful, smile, so wide I worried for your face’s muscles. Your nose crinkled. Your squinted eyes seemed to glimmer, even in the noon rays of light, waiting for an answer.
“Walk around downtown ? There’s still many things we haven’t seen. Maybe we could drop by a bar if we’re feeling like eating”, I said. I smiled, but just because hers was so contagious.

You answered something that I didn’t quite caught. Maybe something along the lines of “maybe”. You see, your radiant smile was still blinding me, poor mortal graced by your presence. My arms under my head, tickled by the wind and the sand, you in the crook of my neck, I forced myself to concentrate to remember clearly, precisely, what you were at that time. The ‘you’ that I got to know before this seemingly never-ending run of happiness we were going through these days.

A few years back, you weren’t all that smiley.

Gloomy, maybe that was the best adjective to describe you.

I remember one time, we were among the last girls to leave practice. It was nearly midnight ; our dance teacher had wanted our help for something I can’t pinpoint now. The sun was already setting down, it was Mai, one month before the release of the first single that would get us on TV. The air was breezy. We hadn’t changed, too tired. T-Shirt sticking to my skin, your arm entwined with mine, the streets more or less empty, I was feeling happy I think. Kind of giddy too, not because I had already a crush on you at that time, let’s not exagerate and make it as if it was love at first sight, but because that was one of the first times I was alone with you. So different, we wouldn’t have naturally gotten to know each other like you do with someone when you feel they have common points with you in the new class you’re both in. But I have to admit I found you cute since day one, okay.
We walked around Akihabara, stopping to buy something to eat to satiate our empty stomachs, then looked at the hour, and realized we were probably going to miss the last train if we didn’t make a run for it. After a while, you said, laughing : “Hey Takamina this isn’t such a big deal ! We could just go to a cheap hotel like others do when they miss it !””Please, Acchan, just hurry” I pulled her with me, and soon I joined her giggling, still running.

Luckily, we caught it, because I wasn’t ready at that time to spend one night with you without even knowing you that well. That would have been so awkward. Not even talking about the bed.

I had been surprised to see you like this. Even though we weren’t close, I had noticed you seemed to be quite aloof to say the least. Some days, you were just talking about how much you wanted to leave that group and go back to your hometown. You were even wondering how you could get fired. I had to admit I was thinking like you sometimes. But unlike you, my dream was to sing, so I wouldn’t have left anyway, however much the number of customers was. So pessimistic, that’s what you were. Every day was the same with you, it seemed. Everyone could see the tingle of excitement in your eyes fading away a little more each day. You were trying to keep your thoughts to yourself, but sometimes had to let it out. “At this rate, I don’t even know if we’re going to sold out this hall one day” you said one day after peeking out from behind the curtains. Sarcastic but deeply anxious inside.
After that, Tomochin had a breakdown in the dressing room, raising the tension at little notch higher if it was possible.
A few months later, a newly-formed team K, a few 1st gen members graduated, and a first song with a center later, it seemed you were feeling even more depressed. I didn’t even want to go near you, because your anxiousness emanating from you was literally gnawing at me, contaminating me who was already fighting against worry. A depressed, impulsive, unconfident, pessimistic 14-year-old girl in the throes of toxic thoughts, ready to snap or to cry at every moment. I would have pitied your state, if I wasn’t on the verge of feeling and acting the same if I stopped being in denial.

I had reached my building gate, unlocked my apartment's door, showered, then slipped under the covers. Somehow, I knew we were going to grow closer - we would have to. This evening had went quite well, and anyway we had to work more together, being the centers of the new single. I had smiled, my eyes closed.

A few moment went by. Only the sound of traffic a few floors down could be heard.

“That was it. You were definitely the most beautiful when you were smiling so wide your nose crinkled”, I had thought out loud before finally falling asleep.

Yeah. That hasn’t changed since then, I thought, opening my eyes to the now starry sky. Though her smile hadn't changed, Atsuko had. Carefree was the most adequate adjective to describe her nowadays. Still impulsive, still a brat, but confident and at peace. It was cold now. I looked to my side. Atsuko was still sleeping, snuggled against me, the wind gently making her bangs move. A wave of adrenaline surged through me at that moment.

“No, not maybe.”

Atsuko and me, me and Atsuko, together. That was definitely what happiness felt like.

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