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Author Topic: Rine's OS Area. (Will Be Back Soon!)  (Read 55700 times)

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Yuuwaku no Haruna [10/17/14]
« Reply #20 on: October 18, 2014, 11:06:50 AM »
^Thanks.... :sweatdrop:

Tch.... :doh: just link error should just delete "[/url"

:wub: :heart: :wub: :heart: :wub:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Yuuwaku no Haruna [10/17/14]
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Oooooo so a fluff-smexy for Yuko-sama's birthday?? Great gift! (>̯┌┐<)

Switching chara eh~ deredere Haruna XD XD

Thankyou Rine-chan!! Never failed to makes me glad :D
So when is the next update? LOL jk, keep your good time for study :P
But I don't mind if you're gonna update some of your ongoing fic, tehee~

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❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Missing Piece of Your Puzzle [10/25/14]
« Reply #22 on: October 25, 2014, 03:48:03 PM »
So, I guess this is a happy fic? Sorry, I had no plans to do a sad fic for this day. :mon cry: Please enjoy it~ This is a new achievement because I only wrote this OS while examination is on going. :on gay:

Missing Piece of Your Puzzle

Have you ever met someone who made your life complete? Someone who is like the missing piece to your puzzle? Someone whose fingers are meant to fill the gaps between yours?

Staring at our first picture together, a smile can be seen on my face. But my eyes couldn't help but to release massive of tears. It's been years Yuko. You told me that we're going to meet again. I want to forget you, but at the same time I don't want too. You were always there, for me. You helped me, a lot. Yuuchan, when am I going to see you again? I promised you that I'm going to be a successful person. I did my promise Yuko, where's your promise?


Getting off the airplane makes me comfortable. At the same time miserable. I feel so terrible for leaving my friends. 16 hours of flight. Narita to New Jersey. 16 hours of sleep, 16 hours from home to America. Gahd, take me home. Now here I am waiting for my tour guide to arrive. After searching for him or her, I saw a placard searching for 小嶋陽菜, that's my name. I waved my hands to get the attention of the person that's holding the placard. I can't see him/her. Domo, my name is Kojima Haruna, I'm staying here at America for months or years because I need to learn how to be a successful person. At first I don't mind about it, but I guess, a trial wouldn't hurt. Before I could move my feet, a small girl with the placard walked towards me.

"Good afternoon my name is Oshima Yuko. Are you Kojima Haruna-san?" I nodded and she smiled. I got to admit it, I started to get bothered by her smile because I'm starting to wonder if she's living with someone. Not to mention that cute dimples of hers. She grabbed my luggage putted the banner inside her bag. "Let's go?" She asked me and I nodded she started to pull my luggage. "Oh, I'm sorry if I can't speak in full Japanese because I grew up here in America. So please, take it easy with me." We stopped and she bowed.

I smiled at her and I tried my best to reply using English. "It's okay." I said as I smiled at her. "Please don't bow, it's embarrassing." I said and she looked at me. Her big brown eyes soothes the tiredness out of my body.

"Ah, you're going to stay at my house. Is it okay?" She asked me alongside with her right thumb. and I nodded. There are some words that I can't understand because most of the time she will use some English words. "Are you hungry?" I declined her offer, I don't know the word but I guess it's related about eating. Okay, I admit it, I'm hungry. I was totally keeping my composure, until my stomach growled. "Ahhh, you're hungry!" She teased me and I mentally facepalmed myself. "What kind of food do you want? There are lots of choices here." She said as she took a paper out from her bag. I guess this is the list of restaurants here in New Jersey.

Earlier while I was observing the clouds I saw a round cloud, and I imagined it as a pizza. "Pizza." I mumbled. She quickly dragged me out of the airport. The moment we got out of the airport, I couldn't help but to shiver. It took me one minute to shiver, but I felt a thick jacket on my back.

"Wear it."

"Demo...." I looked at her and she held my hands, her hands helped me to decrease the cold temperature that's making my body shake.

"It's cold here in New Jersey. I should've given it you while we're inside." I just nodded. I don't really know what she's talking about, but I think I know what it means. "Ah! We should head to my car now Kojima-san!" She said as she held left hands, pulling my luggage using her left hands. I'm starting to wonder, is she really kind or, she's just clingy?

As we both got in to the car she told her driver that we will go to this place called Pizza Hut, when I was in Japan I never got the chance to eat there. While on our way to Pizza Hut, our atmosphere is kinda awkward so I tried to open up a conversation. ""

"I'm only 15, turning 16 years old this October 17. You?"

"I turned 16 last April 19. Why did you move here in America?"

"I don't know. At first it's kinda hard to fit in. But, you'll get used to it." She said as she rested her head on my thighs. "How about you Kojima-san? Why'd you move here?"

"My parents wanted me to become a successful person." I replied to her, I couldn't help but to play with her hair. "Plus they told me that you're the only one who can help me." I added, I can feel the heat on my face. I'm an introvert person, that's why I get shy so easily.

"Really?" She asked me back. I observed her face, and she's blushing too. Kawaii~ The car stopped and she smiled. "We're here Kojima-san!" She shouted and she opened the car door. "Please, call me Kojiharu." I said and she looked at me, at first she find it weird, she snapped her fingers and she smiled widely. Her smile made my heart beat so fast.

"I will call you Nyannyan, because your ears are pointy and you look like a cat, well literally." She said as we went out the car, we went inside the restaurant and the smell of the pizza made my tummy growl. "You're really hungry aren't you Nyannyan?" I nodded and she chuckled.

"Baka Yuuchan." I mumbled as we sat down on our chairs and grabbed the menu.

"Yuuchan?" She asked me and I can feel the heat on my cheeks again. "Waaaah! Nyannyan just made a nickname for me~" I tapped the menu and she called the waiter. "One hawaiian pizza, make it family size and add lots of cheese please. 2 chocolate milkshakes, 2 spaghettis, 2 caesar salad..." She was observing me, I was shivering and she smiled. "And two mushroom soups." I looked at her and just smiled at me, again. The waiter went to the counter to tell the chefs about Yuuchan's order. "So, Kojima Haruna. Tell me lots of facts about you."

"What do you mean?" I asked her and she chuckled. The soup arrived, and I got shocked because we just ordered couple minutes ago and it was like Flash the super hero from DC Comics was the one who cooks and serve our foods. I tried the soup, and to be honest, it was good.

"You know, get to know each other." She said as the waiters served the foods that Yuko ordered. She handed me salad, spaghetti, and milkshake. While slurping the spaghetti she looked at me. But, why am I getting comfortable with her? When my friends are always staring or looking at me whenever I'm eating I get annoyed so easily. Instead being pissed off because of Yuko staring at me, my heart is starting to beat, so fast. She started to eat her food as well. I'm trying my best not to laugh but I laughed so hard and she looked at me. "Why are you laughing?"

I grabbed a tissue and wiped off the spaghetti sauce from her lips and chin. "That's the reason why I'm laughing."

"Psssh, that's embarrassing you know." I observed her and her face is blushing again. I pinched her cheeks and she did the same thing with my cheeks. Not caring about what other people saying or thinking about us.

Maybe this wasn't bad at all.

(бвб)♡(-∀-`) - (бвб)♡(-∀-`)

After eating, we decided to go to Yuko's house, we had some leftovers from the restaurant because all we ever did was to talk about ourselves. Like getting to know each other stage, Question and Answer portion, things like that. When we arrived at Yuko's house, it was big. Well don't get me wrong, our house is big too, except for this one, it's triple bigger than our house. My jaw dropped and she looked at me.

"Nyannyan, aren't you comfortable with my house?" She asked me and I shake my head and smiled at her.

"It's big you know." I mumbled and she laughed. She opened the door and my jaw dropped again. I saw an 85-inched television, her couch is big, the living room is big, and I saw a Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and lots of CDs. Maybe Yuko is a gamer? Well Yuko and I will get along just right.

I followed her on her way to her room. Takada-san brought my luggage to Yuko's room. Looks like Yuko and I will share the same room. When we went in to her room, I'm not surprised, because her room is big. I saw two King-sized bed. The other bed was covered with a red bed sheet, while the other one was covered with pink bed sheet.

"Anooou, Nyannyan. If you're not comfortable with the pink bed sheet I can change it." I sat down on the pink bed and just laughed.

"No, actually it's my favorite color."

She sighed, "You know, you should rest first. Your body is tired, plus we're going somewhere tomorrow." She went out, I sighed and pouted.

Why is my heart beating like this?

(End of Flashback)

I was surprised that time. I know that falling inlove to a girl is bad, but maybe a crush isn't bad. I know, first impression never lasts but, my first impression about you it, was all true.


It's been a year since I stayed here, Yuko is always trying to kiss me. Luckily, I always push her away. Speaking of Yuko, where's that little devil? I looked around the house and I saw her, cleaning the house. She was wearing a skinny jean and a white crop top. I ran towards her and pounced at her.

"Yuuchan~" I said as I pinched her cheeks.

She looked at me straight into the eye. "Nyannyan~" She shouted until she kissed my cheeks. I can feel the heat crossing on my face.

I lightly shook her head. "What was that for?" I asked her and she just smiled. She went inside to her room and started to change her clothes. "Where are you going?" I asked her and she just smiled.

She walked towards me, causing me to land on the wall. She trapped me, she smiled again and she chuckled. "We're going to New York~" She said as she kissed my cheeks.

"That's the second time this day, Oshima Yuko!" I said while my voice is getting shaky. Will you please just kiss me? I thought as I can feel Yuko's breath on my face. Her hands are now on my waist. "Yu-Yuuchan...what are you doing?"

She sighed and she chuckled. "I just want you to know, ever since I saw you, I think I'm inlove with you." She whispered on my lips. "You know Haruna, I know this is wrong. But please, forgive me if I'm going to do something that's going to break our friendship." She whispered on my ears, making my body tremble and hot at the same time.

She landed her lips on mine. As she pulled back, she smiled at me. Yuko left me speechless, wanting for more.

Cruel and a teaser. That's you, Yuko.

(End of Flashback)

I'm glad that you stopped yourself that time Yuko. I was scared. My fear, being or falling in love, with someone who I just met after a year me just met.

You're a lesson that time Yuko.


I've been having second thought with Yuko. After 3 years, we're a lot closer. No not closer, we're attached to each other.

She taught me so many things. How am I going to repay all of the damages that I owe her? She's, special. She's something. I can't control myself anymore. I've been daydreaming about her 24/7. I've been thinking about her while reading some notes from our school.

I'm stupid. Stupid. I'm just an average girl, who couldn't keep up.

That's what I thought

It was already 2:00 PM. My flight is scheduled on 5:00 PM. Yabai, I didn't remind Yuko about my flight.

I saw her changing her clothes, after getting out from the shower room. "Yuko." I called her.

"Yes Nyannyan?" She asked as she looked at me. She looked at me alright, head to toe.

"I'm going back to Japan." I mumbled.

She looked at me. She was very shocked. "Really? When? That's fast." I can see the disappointment on her eyes. "So...." She gulped. "....when's your flight?"

I sighed. "Later." I murmured.

"So I guess that's your luggages, right?" I nodded and she pulled me. I can feel her arms protecting my body.

I can feel her breath on my face, "I'm going to miss you." She whispered on my lips. She planted a peck on my lips.

"Strawberry flavored." I mumbled. That's the flavor of her lipstick. Strawberry. She bitted her mouth, and I smiled at her. I pulled her neck gently caressed her cheeks and I kissed her lips. Our tongues danced with the harmony of our hearts. She gently pulled back and I just smiled at her. "I'm going to miss you."

"I love you, Haruna." That word. That word caught me.

"I love you too, Yuko." I gulped and the look on her eyes, she was already satisfied.

I heard a loud beep outside Yuko's house.

"I'm going now Yuko." I breathed out.

"Are we going to meet again?"

I grabbed my luggage and opened the door. "I'm going to wait for you."

"We're going to meet again, Nyannyan. I promise you." She said as she looked down on her feet.

"Then.....if you found me....." I breathed out. "...greet me like you finally found the missing piece of your puzzle, after so many years, you finally found it." I said as I opened the door and walked out from her house.

(End of Flashback)

I've got to admit it Yuko. I should've stopped myself. I should've come back to your doorstep. I'm too dumb. Too stupid.

Now, here I am. Sitting on my comfortable chair, and it was all because of you, Yuko. Seeing the low and high buildings here in Tokyo is fascinating. But I want to see this scenery with you.

I don't know Yuko. But I always ended up a day imagining the two of us, doing all these kinds of things. If only, I didn't left you. If only I stopped, and kissed you more. I miss your presence, I miss your hugs, I miss your lips, and specially I miss your voice.

As I saw the pedestrians crossing the streets, I saw a little girl, dropped down on her knees. I don't know what to do, I don't know this girl, but she is very helpless.

So, I left my office and came downstairs to help that girl. I got out from my company and went to the pedestrian crossing. How come these people are not helping her? I got frustrated because people only cares about the appearance. As I went closer to the little girl's location, I saw a woman? I'm not sure. 'Cause her body is small, her height uhm, little-ish? But her clothes are too damn beautiful. Office clothes? I guess? As I tapped the little girl, the woman looked at me, and I did the favor.

We both gasped at the same time....



We both blushed and helped the little girl to stand up. Call me weird but, Yuko and this little girl looks alike. So I guess she's already married.

"Onee-chan. I'm sorry for letting go of your hand. It's just that, I saw this cat, and it reminds me of this girl that we used to talk about. Not to mention, that beautiful picture.." The little girl said. As Yuko pulled her handkerchief and wiped the little girl's nose and face. "Hontou ni, gomenasai."

"It's okay, Ryoochan." The dimpled girl said as she kissed the small girl's cheeks. "The girl that we used to talk about?" She asked. "Well, she's standing, right before your very own eyes."

Ryoochan gasped and pulled something from her bag. It was an illustration board, not noticing the tears that are running on my face.


My heart, it's beating again. So crazily.

"After so many years, I have finally found, the missing piece of my puzzle." Yuko caressed my cheeks and kissed my lips, as I did the favor, I tightly hugged her body and Ryoochan was there, watching us.

As we both stopped, the little girl giggled and I blushed.

"Let's continue our adventure, Yuuchan."

"Of course Nyannyan."

As we held our hands, not to mention, Ryoochan's hands, we decided to hangout for a while.

"What a happy family!" The little girl shouted and I smiled.

Indeed Ryoochan, what a happy family.



@Kairi65: Of course~ Hope you liked it~ :mon sweat:
@GekikaraRena48; Actually, Haruna being the possesive one is exciting. :mon inluv:
@Haruko: I'm glad that you liked it. :mon thumb:
@MYJR: Yukooooooooo~! :mon inluv:
@MaYukiIsLife: I love it when Haruna is the sadistic one~ :on gay:
@atsukojiyuu_c: Update? I'm not sure about it~ :mon innocent:

And for the silent readers, thank youuuuuuu~ :mon bye:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Missing Piece of Your Puzzle [10/25/14]
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yaay~~!! :cow:

its a happy ending~! :nya:

at first i thought the kid was yuko but i was wrong~! :cool1:

you wrote this during exam? i'm not really sure to be surprised, or what... :tama-groan: :tama-piss:

but one things for sure, i'm happy~!! :on GJ:

cant wait to read another~  :nya:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Missing Piece of Your Puzzle [10/25/14]
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So, who's your missing puzzle?  :roll:

Just kidding.

Yuko and Haruna met again. And Ryoochan is Yuko's little sister. Right?  :wub:

I didn't know that you can create this kind of fic.  :w00t:

You should make more happy fics~  :deco:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Missing Piece of Your Puzzle [10/25/14]
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AWWWW RYOOOOOOOCHAN!!!! cutie! it was wonderful love it! thank you!

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Missing Piece of Your Puzzle [10/25/14]
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Cuteness overload!!!!! (>̯┌┐<)
You just made a sweet KojiYuu OS..... :D

The way they interract with each other.... Omg I just can't. So sweet that makes my cry a bit T~T nyahahahahaha

Thankyou as always, Rine-chan!
Next please~ hehehe

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❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
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This OS is dedicated to the following awesome humans who ships AtsuMina.  :luvuluvu: noah minami, thelonewolf48, chiqinna, Kanata48, and chrunoi~  :mon inluv: Well, if this OS sucks, please slap me using your AtsuMina powers. :mon XD:

Actually, this OS is dedicated to all AtsuMina shippers out there~ :mon determined: No KojiYuu for this week, well maybe tomorrow, or who knows right? So AtsuMina for this week~ I blame a certain someone for infecting me the gay feels. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :mon XD:

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NOAH MINAMI!  I know you're busy because of your report, please notice me Noah~ /slapped Anyways, good luck for your seminar Noah~ :farofflook:

Hey thelonewolf48, (why am I even calling you thelonewolf48?) I'm still waiting for that KojiYuu :v /  But I understand you, procrastinating and stuffs, we're on the same boat, bro. :v :tama-groan:

PS: The title of this OS is from chiqinna. Thank you, Chiqinnie!  :onioncheer:

Kanata-senpai. Senpai, I know that you're busy, but I hope you will enjoy this.  :mon squee:

Hehehe, I told you I was busy with a new OS. I hope you will enjoy it, waifu~ :mon inluv:

I'm not sure with my title though. OTL

Subete No Anata No Tame Ni (All For You)

I always needed time on my own, how I could let myself let you go? Am I that dumb? I think I've gone crazy, have I no pride? I can't fight it anymore. I really can't. I don’t know if I’ve been deep inside your heart or not. For a while, I felt like I was filled with you, I remember those happy memories. Darn it, why am I like this? No matter what I do, no matter how I tease Yuko about me owning Kojipa, it's only you Atsuko. Only you, nobody else. Why am I such a chicken when it comes to you? Atsuko, help me. Please, let me love you. No, let me love you and let me stay beside you, forever. I need you Atsuko, I need you now. I'm ready to give up everything. Wanna know why? 'Cause all my hard works, I dedicate it to you. I can't believe that I'm still into you. A year ago, you revealed that you're dating your scumbag, dumb ass, and ruthless boyfriend, wait, what's the name of that shit tard? Oh yeah, Onoe Matsuya. Everything happens for a reason, right? Why did I even wasted my time? Kami-sama gave me lots of years, lots of times to confess to you. I really want to tell you how much I miss you, but I know I am no longer in your thoughts so I will just look depend on my future and my career.

Am I too late?

My body is too damn tired because of that long dance. Maybe I misjudged our choreography about that.

As I saw a 150-ish centimeters, small body, I believe that it's my comrade. "Nee~ Takamina~" Yuko called me.

I looked at her, while grabbing a cold bottled of water on the cooler. She grabbed the bottle from me. "Nani?! Yuko?! I'm thirsty. GIVE ME THAT!" I shouted in front of her face and she just smiled, with her trademark smile. This baka. "Besides, what are you doing here? I'm having fun with Nyannyan, you know~" I teased her and her aura changed.

"AHOKA?!" She shouted and I gulped. "I know what you did to my Nyannyan!" She shouted again as she pinched my nose. "Nobody plays with my Nyannyan. Nobody hugs to my Nyannyan. Nobody owns Haruna, except for me, Oshima Yuko. 'Cause Kojima Haruna is mi-" Kojipa covered Yuko's mouth while I saw the brunette girl, blushing because of her girlfriend's speech a while ago.

"Shut up Yuko." Haruna mumbled clearly as she let go of Yuko's mouth and wiped the saliva off her hands. "Sorry for intruding you, Yuuchan just missed you. Am I right? Honey?" Kojipa asked Yuko as she bumped her arms on the other girls arm.

"Why'd you bump me?" Yuko asked as she frowned at Kojipa. But when the squirrel like girl saw the aura that's surrounding her girlfriend, she sighed. "I missed you Takamina~"

Yuko pounced on me as I patted her back. I silently said "Thank you." To Kojipa and she just nodded and smiled. Yuko was getting out of hand, she kept playing with my hair while Kojipa is just there, playing with PSP. No wonder why they're fitted to each other.

Reminds me of you, Atsuko.

"Minami~ I miss you~ I hope we can hangout as soon as possible nee? Daisukiiiiiii~! ^^"

That her message, her first message after revealing her love life. I didn't even bother to reply. I didn't even bother to say I love you too.

Enjoying because of Yuko's hug, I felt something dark in this room. "STAY AWAY FROM MY MINAMI!" Yuko and I gasped at the same time, while Kojipa dropped her PSP. Yuko pulled away from me and walked out of the room, Kojipa followed Yuko. Leaving me and 'her' alone in this room.

Not talking to her, I just sighed and fixed my hair.


Not again. No, not this time.

"Mi~Na~Mi~" She called me out, I looked at her, straight into the eyes. With a mix of seriousness.

"Hey." I greeted her. "You look like the usual." I added and smiled at her. "What are you doing here?" I asked her, she pulled my arms and our lips nearly touched, luckily, I managed to miss it.

Not this time, Atsuko. Not this time.

"I'm here because of my cameo for Kibouteki Refrain, remember?" She smirked and I was just there, dropping sweats like there's no tomorrow. Funny, this is not the usual routine every time that we will meet.

"So, how are you and Onoe-san?" I asked her and she bit her lip. "What happened? Did that sucker broke your heart AGAIN?!" I added her, emphasizing the AGAIN part.

"Geez, you're being overprotective again, Minami." She mumbled as she rolled her eyes.

It's because I love you, Atsuko.

"You can't blame me if I'm being like this, Atsuko." I mumbled back and she looked at me with a questionable look. I sighed and removed her arms from my body. As I sat down on the couch where Kojipa was resting, she sat down as well.

This isn't the right time for the slap-me-because-I'm-with-my-crush awkward situation. I was about to talk until,


"Are you sure~?!"



"Feed you? I think you're the one who's going to feed me?"






"Sayanee~ please be the father of my babies~"

"Wait, since when I am NOT the father of OUR babies~?"


"Snowman? No Mayu, I don't want a snowman. I want a baby~"


Idiots, thank you for ruining our awkward moments guys. I appreciated it. I thought as Atsuko rested her head on my lap. She nuzzling on my legs as I gulped. Why am I nervous when it comes to you, Atsuko?

"I'm breaking up with him." She mumbled loud and clear. My heart was dancing so crazily along with the beat of my heart.

"W-why?" Damn. This is not the right time to stutter, Takahashi Minami. "Did he played with you heart again?!" I added, while I gripped my fist.

She noticed my fist and she lightly stopped the grip from my fist, Atsuko sighed. "I was the one who's playing with my own heart." She said as she touched my cheeks and she pouted.

Could it No way Takamina, there's no way that Atsuko will fall in love with you. You can't even release your one-sided love.

My thoughts are killing me, Atsuko's killing. This day is killing me. I sighed and rested my back on the couch. While Atsuko kept nuzzling on my legs. I gotta admit it, it's tickling. But I'd rather get tickled than to get killed. Right?

I sighed again, geez I should stop sighing. "What do you mean you were the one who's playing with your own heart?" I asked her and finally, she showed off her cheeky smile.

"It's because, I'm in love with another person." She said as she got up from my lap. She looked at the ceiling while smiling. I observed that it's been months since we talked, she's not like this every time we will reunite.

"Who's the lucky person?" I asked her, it's not bad to ask her that question right? I'm too nervous. I can't handle the pressure.

She didn't answer my question. Instead answering my question she just stared and I pouted. "Oh well." I said as I stood up from the couch. "I think I need to go Atsu-" I didn't managed to finish my sentence, my body landed on Atsuko's body.

"Minami." I looked at her and she was crying.

I removed the tears from her face. "Nani, Atsuko? Doushite?" Not removing my hands from her face.

"Will you kiss me?" She asked me and I got shocked. I was in the awe moment and she smiled. Not answering her question, our face is getting near to each other. I felt her lips brushing down on my lips. Just spoil yourself Minami. Just this day. Our lips touched and I wasn't expecting this.

Her hands was caressing my back as I caressed her hair and cheeks. Enjoying our gentle kiss, she bit my lip forming a face on my face, asking for an entrance. At first I didn't accepted it, but after the tongue wrestle with her, she won and I gave her the access to play with me.

Atsuko's not happy with our position, she rested my body on the couch, not letting go of my lips, she kept teasing me. But my body fought with her body too, so I'm on the top of Atsuko. As my lips trailed down on her neck she kept moaning. Bitting and nibbling at her sensitive neck and collarbone, Atsuko in front of me was breathing rapidly.

"Mi~ Na~ Mi~" She called me and I stopped. I saw her smiling, that smile. That smile is my pain killer. I gently kissed her lips again.

"I think I need a tissue, Yuuchan." Atsuko and I stopped from our kiss as we saw our friends.

"Same here, Nyannyan." Yuko said as she smiled at me and wiggling her eyebrows.

"SHUT UP!" I cursed them and Atsuko gently hit my head.

Atsuko stood up from the couch and pushed all of them out of the room. "Ehhhh, ACCHAN! I TRUSTED YOU!" Haruna shouted and I laughed. Atsuko successfully pushed them out of the room and locked the door.

"Next time, don't forget to lock the door, okay~?" I nodded and smiled at her.

She seated again on the couch and she hugged, I did the favor too. She keeps playing with my hair and I'm just smiling like a child who's happy because she received a candy.

"Minami." She called me again, I hummed. "I love you."

"But what about Onoe-san?" I asked her and she just sighed.

"I don't care about him, Minami. All I care is you, because I love you."

"I love you too, Atsuko. Always. And I'm willing to give up everything, all for you, because you make me strong and you're the key to my success."

I said it, I finally told her how much I love her!

"All for you huh?" She smirked and I kept gulping. "All for me?" She added with that seductive voice of hers.

"Show me the true meaning of love." I winked at her and she bit her lips.

We kissed again in a torrid way, while my hands are dying to touch Atsuko, my tongue travelled again around her mouth while she was just moaning. She couldn't return the answer of my kiss because she kept moaning. As my lips went down to her collarbone, my hands touched her bosoms, we were enjoying alright. The cheeky girl kept moaning and I'm there giving her the satisfaction until, we heard a loud knock from the door.


Way to go. Thank you for ruining our moment.

Atsuko fixed her hair and dress and I fixed myself too.

We opened the door and the members were there. Smiling,
giggling, whispering, and smirking.

"Good morning Takamina and Acchan~" Marichan greeted us. I raised my right eyebrow and Atsuko just giggled.

"Oi Takamina!" Yuko called me and I looked at her. "CATCH!" She shouted and threw a red velvet box in the air.

I caught the box and opened it. It's the box that I was supposed to give to Atsuko after the day she graduated.

But I didn't encourage myself to give it to her so I threw it.

I kneeled down and Atsuko didn't noticed what Yuko and I did. "Atsuko." I called her. She looked at me and I can see tears are running down on her face again. "Will you let me love you until the end? Will you allow me to give my heart to you?" I asked her and the members are just busy squealing from my sudden action.

"Yes." She said as I gave her the ring, she putted the ring on her ring finger and she pounced on me. "All for me?" She whispered and I nodded.

"Yes my dear. All for you." I whispered back and kissed her cheeks.

"I love you." We both said at the same time and we laughed.

Before, I didn't even get a chance to show how much I love you, my affection is in vain. But now, I finally released my one-sided love. And it's not one-sided. We're just equal. Thank you, Atsuko. Thank you for accepting me.



@Kairi65: Heheh, it's very rare for me to write these kinds of fics though. :mon sweat: Surprised? Whyyuyy? :depressed:

@kimikimi: It depends with my day and attitude for the upcoming days. :mon zoom:

@GekikaraRena48: And who are you? :gmon bang:

@Haruko: Thank you for reading it, sorry if this OS is not KojiYuu~ :hehehe:

@atsukojiyuu_C: You should stop crying you know~ I will update as soon as possible, so don't worry~ :mon innocent:

And for the silent readers, thank you for reading it~ :mon thumb:

Sorry if it was too short. I accidentally deleted the original one. :depressed: I hope all of you enjoyed it~ So see you for the next updates byeeeee~ :mon bye:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
« Reply #28 on: October 31, 2014, 06:40:13 AM »
We need AtsuMina and KojiYuu....

Thank you for keeping these ships alive!  :w00t:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
« Reply #29 on: October 31, 2014, 06:41:58 AM »
an update~! :onioncheer:

this fic is so sweet!  :luvluv2:

although the beginning is a bit painful.. :pleeease:

i'm surprised because you wrote the previous fic while exams..

great story! cant wait for the next one! :farofflook:

ps: lol at the other pairings, especailly mayuki :hiakhiakhiak:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
« Reply #30 on: October 31, 2014, 07:22:47 AM »
Eh.... first I am no human  :on redcard:

Second.... I don't know why you call me with my username but it's okay!

And.... KojiYuu? ..... Mango suddenly have amnesia.... xD I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!! IT'S NOT LIKE I'M LAZY OR ANYTHING!  :err:


I will try to post the KojiYuu one soon don't worry!  :sweat:

It was great actually! I love it!  :on GJ:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
« Reply #31 on: October 31, 2014, 07:34:20 AM »
Are you kidding me?! of course I love it ITS MY ATSUMINA!! *O*.. and you add my other favorite pairing except yuiparu but its ok.. awww smexy time!! all in one! love it

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
« Reply #32 on: October 31, 2014, 08:17:47 AM »

Waifuuuu~~~ You did Atsumina ~  :ptam-shy:

This is amazing omg, so cute  :nya:

The other pairings cameo though  :mon fyeah:

I enjoyed very much ~ Can't wait for your next KojiYuu one too~  :mon beam:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
« Reply #33 on: October 31, 2014, 12:06:50 PM »
Wow.  I never expected a gift from you, rine chan XD.  Thanks.  Really appreciate it.  Of coz I notice you haha. Who doesn't notice hyper and kawaii rine chan! haha always hyper whenever I'm around lol. I love the story flow.  New mv  acchan,  tomochin , mariko sama,  yuko there too xD . I like kojiyuu reaction lol.  XD. Today seminar days was satisfying anf tomorrow we will see what will happen^^'. I received three short story in total as gift for now xD

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
« Reply #34 on: October 31, 2014, 02:18:30 PM »
aaahmmm I honestly.. don't know what to comment lol
this is're great.. I'm awesome  8)2 
wait, what? 







okay ignore that  :sweatdrop: (fail as usual)
the previous Kojiyuu fic is awesome too!!  :farofflook:
but still, I want to give this atsumina slap
 :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip:
well not really a slap..  :bigdeal:
tihihihihihi~  :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:
okay I should stop here.. thanks for the great short os Rine-chan~   :mon inluv:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
« Reply #35 on: October 31, 2014, 05:31:44 PM »
Lol Yuko! :mon lmao: overall, it is great! Aww.... Atsumina kiss...   :mon inluv:  please write more Atsumina instead of KojiYuu.... Lolol jkjk xD

Ps. Oi oi count me in :O i am also Atsumina shipper and from Adorks :O *sigh* I guess you dont know much about me....  :err:
Well, i know that we dont talk much..... Because i'm a lurker XD
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❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Hidden Memory [11/1/14]
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Minna-san! Thank you for the 1000 thanks~! :mon thumb:


I would like to thank slasher20-neechan for reminding me to write a KojiYuu Halloween fic. :gmon bang:

Sadly, this is not an angst fic because I got tired with angst and shits. :on gay:

Another lame OS by yours truly.

The Hidden Memory

It's not a bad thing to fall in love. Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind. Love shouldn't be about superficialities. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

While the kids are having fun, you can see a 9-year old little girl she's pouting and tears are slowly forming in to her eyes. Her pink dress that is fresh from the sewing shoppe, it's almost wet. As a boy threw a candy on her face, she accidentally landed on the wet grass. Causing her dress to be full time wet.

"I didn't realize that a pig can be a princess!" A boy who's dressed up as a pirate said as he started to throw little rocks to the little girl.

She was defenseless, she couldn't handle the atmosphere that's been surrounding her. For God sakes, it's Halloween, little Kojima Haruna should have fun. She doesn't deserve to get bullied, because it's Halloween, not to mention, after Halloween, All Souls Day. She's planning to tell Papa Kojima about her Halloween experience. But, she's in bad luck. As much as she wants to run away, she couldn't. She's not good in sports, she's too fat, well that's how they view about her alright. But what if there's something special inside little Haruna? The world is too cruel, as much as we want to curse this useless boy, we can't.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! Little Haruna heard the voice, but she couldn't look at the person's face because she's afraid that the person who shouted will scream at her.

"Anata wa, dare?!" The bully shouted as he threw a rock, luckily, the kid who appeared was dressed up as a knight in shining armor. The kid used his or her armor, but she looks like a girl, so let's use she. The boy stopped bullying little Haruna as he went to the knight in shining armor.

Little Haruna's knight punched the face of the bully. "BULLYING IS NOT ALLOWED! PLUS, SHE'S A GIRL! DON'T YOU DARE TO BULLY HER AGAIN, OR ELSE, I WILL GET MY FATHER'S KATANA AND I WILL USE IT TO SLAP YOUR OSHIRI, GOT IT?!" The knight shouted and the bully nodded and he ran away from Little Haruna and her knight. The knight looked at little Haruna.

While little Haruna was about to get up, until she felt a hand on her back. It was her knight, supporting her to stand up. Little Haruna blushed, the knight removed the helmet, and little Haruna gasped. She didn't expect that a girl will dress up as a knight in shining armor.

"I know, I know. I'm a girl, and you're wondering why I'm dressed up as a knight. Let me explain it to you, nee?" The knight asked and little Haruna just nodded.

"Anooou, I haven't seen you before but, who are you? And what's your name?" Little Haruna asked, while a pinkish hue cross down on her face.

The knight giggled and she pinched little Haruna's cheeks, which made the princess blush even more. The knight grabbed the princess' hands and they walked. "I'm Oshima Yuko~" The knight said as she smiled, Haruna find the smile very cute, plus the dimples that can melt the princess because her knight is too cute. "I'm from Tochigi Prefecture. My father just wanted to come here in Saitama because he wants to see his friends. Just call me Korin~" She added, her eyes are shining. The flawless aura that surrounded this little kid is perfect. They ended up walking to the park, they decided to rest there and little Yuko ate some candy. Little Haruna didn't eat her candy. "Etooou, why are you not eating your candy?" Little Yuko asked the little princess.

".....because I'm fat....." The princess sighed and the little knight couldn't allow her princess to suffer because of that boy.

Little Haruna stood up and fixed her dress, while the knight kneeled down. Little Yuko grabbed the little princess' hand and the princess were shocked. "No matter how fat you are, you will always be my hime-sama~" The knight said as she kissed her princess' right hand.

Both of them were blushing, but they heard a cellphone ringing. Little Yuko felt something on her pocket, it's vibrating, it was her phone.

"Moshi~ moshi~" Little Yuko greeted the caller. "Otou-san~ haiiii~ I'm with my hime-sama~" The little knight said while her princess took a bar of chocolate, causing her to smile even more. "Anooou, hime-sama~ what's your name?"

"K-Ko-Kojima Ha-Haru-Haruna." The princess said nervously, the knight and the princess sat down and observed the stars.

"Kojima Haruna is the name of my hime-sama~" Little Yuko said which caused little Haruna to blush again. "Haiiiiii~ Otou-san~ where are you right now~?" Little Yuko asked and she smiled even more. "You're at hime-sama's house? YOOOSHAAAAAAAA~!" Yuko shouted and little Haruna just smiled.

The knight ended the phone call and pulled something out from her pocket. She pulled out a candy that's with a ring. Little Yuko gave it to little Haruna, as the knight putted it to the hime-sama's ring finger, little Haruna blushed, little Yuko as well.

"Hime-sama, I love you."

─=≡Σ((( つ-∀-`)つ─=≡Σ((( つбвб)つ

"Nee~ Nyannyan~" A bubbly small squirrel like woman called Kojima Haruna. "Yes, Yuuchan?" The little Haruna years ago is now a woman, who's strong, who's sexy; who's now a model and of course, a member of the Japanese girl group called AKB48.

"I missed you." The woman beside her said as she started to undress the Halloween costume that they wore on Kayo's Halloween Party. "I missed you too, Yuuchan~" Haruna said as she pinched her girlfriend's cheeks.

"It's been a while since we talked like this." Haruna rested her body next to Yuko, she was only wearing her undergarments, same with Yuko. The small girl got on top of the tall girl, but Haruna stopped the squirrel girl.

"I'm your princess right~? I should be the one who's on top, not my knight in shining armor~"

"You still remember that?" Yuko asked and the tall girl nodded and she's proud of it.

"I may be an air-headed girl, Yuuchan...." Haruna got on top of the small girl as she pecked the small girl's cheeks. "...but that's the first time when me met..." The princess pecked her knight's forehead. ", I will not even dare myself to forget that day. That's why I told them that I want someone special to call me hime-sama, because you were that person. Yuu. Chan." She said as she forced her lips to kiss Yuko.

The knight was speechless, but her princess removed the clip of her bra, she can feel the legs of Haruna beneath her thighs.

The tall girl got tired with the knight's lips so she brushed her lips to the small girl's collarbone, the knight was just moaning, begging for more. But Haruna is too possessive when it comes to these things. So the princess stopped and the knight sighed because of the atmosphere that is spread with lust.

"Stop teasing me, Nyannyan." Yuko said as she hugged the tall girl's body. "By the way, thank you for remembering our hidden memory." The knight said as she pecked the princess' lips.

"Of course baby~" The princess said and the knight giggled.

"Happy Halloween~" The two women said.

They kissed passionately, moans were heard from their room, and indeed, another treat for our royal couples.

Love doesn't matter when it comes to gender, that's what Kojima Haruna and Oshima Yuko will always say every time the society will judge them, they're proud of their relationship.

The hidden memories that they hid from their friends, they wanted to be mysterious.

When Yuko joined AKB, it only took 5 minutes for Yuko to talk to her Kojima-senpai, until the knight will always call Haruna her 'Hime-sama'.

Sounds accurate right?

"I love you Nyannyan, I love you my hime-sama." The squirrel knight said and kissed her princess' forehead.

The princess' was panting because of their midnight exercise. "I love you too, my knight in shining armor."

If you love someone, you shouldn't care about appearances at all. When you already love someone you don't just love them because of how they look like, especially after you get to know them. It's because you don't just see them in the same way anymore. You see who they are inside. Now that's real love.



@GekikaraRena48: AHOKA~?! \ :v /

@Kairi65: It took me sometime to do it though. Got caught by the teacher though. :depressed: Thank you for reading my works~ :mon XD:

@thelonewolf48: BAKA! Haha! Mango, thank you for the KojiYuu OS! Still fangirling on your OS Thank you for reading it dude~ :mon thumb:

@Haruko: Sorry for not putting YuiParu, it's a rush OS. Thank you for reading it. :mon determined:

@chrunoi: It sucks but thank you waifuuuuu~! :mon sweat:

@noah minami: Noah~ I miss you~ come back soon please? :mon cry:

@chiqinna: You're awesome but I'm fabulous~ \ :v / *swings hair* Thank youuuu~ :mon thumb:

@korin48: Hi Korin! More AtsuMina? I can try you know~ :on gay: I will try to write some new AtsuMina then I will put your name there. Don't worry~ :mon zoom:

And for the silent readers, thank you very much! :mon bye:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Subete No Anata No Tame Ni [10/31/14]
« Reply #37 on: November 01, 2014, 06:18:28 AM »
I felt relieved~ :D
And I'm supposed to be a mother LOL

I have to say it; awesome OS again from you!! Though it's an AtsuMina, but still, you did a great job again!
Omg all the cameo pairs, hilarious! Most LOL-ed at SayaMilky part XD XD XD (I didn't have to mention my ultimate pair *cough* KojiYuu *cough* rite? :P )

Kibouteki Refrain sure made all of us happy~ :farofflook:

Thankyou Rine-chan, you're the best daughter! :twothumbs
Till the next~~


You post the KojiYuu OS right when I'm typing my comment for the AtsuMina one :lol:

Okay Rine-chan. You makes my diabet get worse. TOO SWEET!! TOO SWEET!! Oh I said that twice. Who cares lol
But seriously, omg pure innocent little love story (let's put aside the moaning and all :P )
Cute! Too cute!

Hell that little bully, no one call our princess Haruna a 'pig' !!! ┻━┻ԅ(╰ д╯)-σ
Thankgod her knight is around~~

Gotta say thankyou all over again to you, my dear daughter :D
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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Hidden Memory [11/1/14]
« Reply #38 on: November 01, 2014, 06:31:27 AM »
don´t worry .. its KOJIYUU!! MY FAV COUPLE EVER! so its ok :P

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) The Hidden Memory [11/1/14]
« Reply #39 on: November 01, 2014, 12:59:16 PM »
glad its a happy update~ :lol:


lols, i doubt her father would let his katana be used for that kind of reason! :rofl:

ps: not really sure to be sympathize or laugh that you got caught by teacher.... :nervous

waiting for the next one! :fap

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