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Author Topic: Rine's OS Area. (Will Be Back Soon!)  (Read 60298 times)

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) TAMR: Meeting Her [12/05/14]
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Rine-sama, FuruYanagi or ChuriYuki onegai! :bow:

*Inserts FuruYanagi pic attachment*

The other oneshots were nice dough~

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) TAMR: Meeting Her [12/05/14]
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Its so good and cute :inlove:
Excited for more of your OS's  :heart::thumbsup :twothumbs

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❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) TAMR: The Witness [12/07/14]
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PS: This is different from the poll, this is just an update for The Adventures of Matsui Rena :mon sweat:

Just keep on voting! :mon thumb:

Thank you for voting! :mon determined:

Crack Ship for the Week goes to, ChuriYuki~! :mon XD:

PS: Will write it later because we don't have classes tomorrow. :hehehe:

The Adventures of Matsui Rena: The Witness

As the school's official photographer I excused myself from P.E class. I suck at sports alright. I brought my camera bag with me, of course in case of emergency something interesting might happen. Wearing a short that's color blue and a sports shirts that's match with the color of my short, I observed that my skin is too white. Maybe I should get a tan or something. I'm contented with my skin though so, no. I decided to go to the Girls Locker Room because I will change my clothes.

"MATSUI!" Itano-sensei called me. I shifted my glance. She took the P.E department she's the greatest person alive when it comes to sports. But Oshima Yuko beaten her perfect score alright.

"Hai?" I asked her, she's a fierce teacher alright. But I heard that she's dating our Music teacher, Kasai Tomomi-sensei. Kasai-sensei is an idiot when it comes to Sports. But she admitted that she's the dumbest of the dumb.

Itano-sensei handed me a broom, "Please return this to the locker room. Thank you." She said with a smile.

I smiled at her and excused myself. As I carried the broom and my camera bag with me, I saw the dodgeball team. I saw Jurina, smiling like a little kid. Will she remember the way she fed me her pancakes? Not to mention, kissing my cheeks. Of course she will remember it because it happened this morning. I avoided the dodgeball team but then I heard Jurina, she gasped.

"That's my girlfriend!" She said, I got jealous seriously..... So I turned around to face her GIRLFRIEND. But Jurina was gone, I sighed and I turned around to go to the locker room. And to my surprise, I saw Jurina and her friends standing in front of me. She pounced on me and she kissed my cheeks, I can feel the heat on my face. I patted her back and I kissed her cheeks. Call me weird but I felt like a billionaire after feeling her warm soft puckering lips on my cheeks.

"You don't even know my name. Jerk. I'm not even your girlfriend, baka." I whispered and Jurina touched my waist.

She smirked along with a light chuckle, "I know who you are~" Jurina teased me and she let our foreheads touch.

"Prove it to me then." I mumbled and I can feel my heart it's beating too fast. We broke off from the hug and Jurina was showing off her dimpled smile, she winked and she bitted her lips. I rolled my eyes and let out a hearty laugh.

I saw Jurina's friends and the one on her left side smirked. "So your the girlfriend eh?" I saw her dodgeball uniform, she numbered herself as #13. "The name is Furukawa Airi. You can call me Airin though." She said and she offered me her hand, I accepted her hand. But then, she kneeled down and kissed my hand. Seriously? Dodgeball players are really clingy alright. She stood up and she caressed my hand. "And you're Matsui Rena, the school's photographer. You're carrying a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III SLR Digital Camera, I will not say the price because your girlfriend Matsui Jurina will freak out." She added and she winked at me.

I stared at her and gave her a what-the-fucking-hell-do-you-want-dude? Seriously, she's annoying me right now. Jurina lightly pulled me back, I saw her face and she smirked again. I rolled my eyes and she laughed. "So you're Matsui Rena eh?" She whispered. "So does that mean you will not change your surname if we're going to get married?" She asked me and BOOM! My heart is dancing right now, my mind is spinning, my feet wants to run the whole Japan, kill me right now! She kissed my forehead, I feel ashamed though because she kissed my wide forehead.

But then, I felt Jurina's body pulling away from me. "Ju-kun~" Someone called her, Jurina rolled her eyes and she sighed. "Ah! So you're her girlfriend? I will try my best to get her away from you!" The girl said and she pointed at me. She numbered herself as #29 "My name is Takayanagi Akane, your nightmare. You can call me Churi." But I can feel the jealousy here inside my heart, I mean come on. Jurina is just kidding around right? Maybe she just wants me to be her lifesaver or something. "So you're that girl who took the shots during our dodgeball game! Nice shots of Jurina though." She said as she pouted.

Jurina escaped from Churi and she rested her left hand on my left shoulder, she pulled me and the side of our bodies met. "Honey, let me help you with your things." She said and she grabbed my camera bag and the broom. "Are you still full?"


"Yeah, we ate pancakes earlier right? On our way to school." She flickered my forehead. "D-uh." She laughed.

"Too much PDA guys. It's burning my eyes." A tall quiet girl said.

"Shut up, Annin. Just because Ricchan is not around that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to express my love here." Jurina said which left Iriyama Anna or known as Annin very pissed off.

"She's spending her time with Yokoyama. I've moved on, Jurina."

"You don't know her side, Annin. Let her explain the things that happened."

"Pssh, yeah right." Annin mumbled.

Oh yeah, Ricchan. A.K.A Kawaei Rina, rumors says that she cheated Iriyama Anna. They said that Annin caught Ricchan kissing a girl, I think that's Yokoyama Yui. Then Paruru A.K.A Shimazaki Haruka got mad, she's not attending to her class while Annin concentrated with her studies and sports. Kawaei decided to rest from the dodgeball team, while Yokoyama she's somewhere nowhere.

"HONEY!" Jurina shouted and she snapped her fingers in front of my face.

The got me back to the real world. "I'm sorry honey, but I need to go now. It's only your practice right?" I asked her and she nodded. "What time your game will start?" I asked her.

"2:30 PM~"

"See you later then~"

I was about to grab my camera bag and broom from Jurina but I heard Itano-sensei cursing.

"WHERE THE HELL IS OSHIMA?!" She asked the dodgeball team. No one answered her, which made her very mad. "CALL YOUR CAPTAIN, IDIOTS!" Jurina's wearing a green scarf and she placed it on her left arms, it represents that she's the vice-president. While Yuko, she's wearing the black scarf, it represents that she's the president of the club. Jurina grabbed her phone and started to type on her touch screen smartphone.

"I know where is she." Jurina told Itano-sensei with a smirk on her face. "Ne, Honey." Jurina called me, yeah, I'm claiming myself as her honey. "You're going to the locker room right?" She asked me and I nodded. Jurina held my right hand and pulled me on our way to the locker room.

If this is a dream please don't wake me up right now. Panting because of the running we did, I was about to open the door but Jurina stopped me. She looked at me and I think she's serious. "Are you ready to witness something?"

"Witness what?"

"Witness the world of yuri?"

"Yu....ri....?" Jurina nodded and I just sighed, "Whatever's your business just go, I'm here because I will change my school uniform.

"Okay then." She said and she smirked.

I tried to open the door but it's locked. "It's locked." I mumbled.

She grabbed something from her pocket and it's a key, Jurina silently inserted the key. "Of course I have a key because I'm the vice-president, honey~"

She opened the door and I could hear someone moaning. Jurina covered her mouth, trying her best not to laugh. While me, I find this very weird. Why? 'Cause you're with your crush then it's like you're watching porn with her. It's all foggy here alright, I can hear the shower, it's open. And the temperature is hot, so that's the reason why there's some fog here.

"Yuu-chan~ ahn~" Someone moaned. "Dame yo~" I got shocked alright.....that voice. It's familiar....

Jurina and I hid behind the locker and I saw two girls, kissing not wearing their clothes. I saw the dodgeball uniform and our school's uniform, what's interesting is that I saw the black scarf. Wow, looks like Oshima Yuko is doing something that's related to Sexual Harassment.

The small girl kept groping the tall girl's oppai, while the tall girl is just moaning, enjoying the pleasure that her lover is doing right now. "You know that I hate it when I'm jealous." Oshima Yuko said, I can't see their faces though.

The tall girl moaned, and I could hear all the squeaking sounds. Looks like Yuko's sucking the tall girl's breast.

"I promise that you will not get jealous to Mari-chan! I promise!" Uh-oh. It's my friend, Kojima Haruna who's moaning earlier. I heard someone bumped to the wall and I couldn't help but to giggle. Haruna pinned Yuko to the wall. "But promise me that I will never be jealous to Miichan."

"Of course. Hi. Me. Sa. Ma~ ahhnn~ Nyah~ Nyannyan~" Yuko moaned.

Of course, it's getting worst. "I think we should get out of here, Baby Juju." Wait what the heck? Did I just called her Baby Juju. Great, now I'm embarrassed.

"Baby Juju?" Jurina asked me and I refused it. "That cute~ Baby Renren~" Jurina said and she pinched my cheeks.

I just smiled at her and we stood up carefully from the sexual scenes that's happening to Yuko and Haruna, so I went to my locker and Jurina was there standing, she turned around to show her respect to me. I took of my shirt and shorts, and I wore my school uniform, after grabbing my bag I saw Jurina, staring at me. "PERVERT!" I shouted, luckily the shower room is kinda far from the locker room.

"HAHAHA! YOU'RE SO SEXY! OH MY GOD! I THINK I LOVE YOU BETTER NOW!" Jurina shouted and she ran away from me, she left my camera bag on my locker and I just smiled.

Wow, I'm getting really close to my crush.

Part 2 End

@Kairi65: Hahaha! Thank you for reading my fics! :mon inluv:

@MaYukiIsLife: Heyya Michael-kun! Thank you for reading my fics and thank you for voting! :hehehe: I will post the ChuriYuki sooner or later. :mon determined:

@River1721: Hehe! Thank you! But I'm only an amatuer, not to mention, I suck. But thank you for supporting me. :mon sweat:

And for the silent readers and the voters, thank you! :mon bye:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) TAMR: The Witness [12/07/14]
« Reply #63 on: December 07, 2014, 10:38:01 AM »
more please! :bow:

cant wait to read the next chapter! :deco:

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) TAMR: The Witness [12/07/14]
« Reply #64 on: December 07, 2014, 01:11:07 PM »
Uwaaa!!! Kojiyuu really can't handle their 'hotness' right?!

And wow, Jurina stared at her honey when she was changing! Lucky!!! LOL that Baby Juju and Baby Renren XD

Update soon!!! I love it!

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) TAMR: The Witness [12/07/14]
« Reply #65 on: December 07, 2014, 07:48:51 PM »
I'm here as I promised~ :D

Dunno, but I laughed a lot when reading this XD you did well on writing this Rena's adventure! Rena's POV is just too funny nyahahahahahaha

And WTH?! You inserted little KojiYuu hot scene omfg :w00t:

About the request.... Can I ask for a super-innocent-pure-sweet-fluff of MakoNaanya? Or a daring YukoMilky.. Fufufufufufu

Thanks Rine-chan~! :twothumbs

Okay. I dunno who I should vote for. Besides the two pairs I mentioned before, I love SayaMilky and YuiParu. AtsuYuu too.
But HELL I really adore KojiYuu!!!! I dunno anymore (●̮̮﹏●̮̮)
Just keep writing, Rine-chan!
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❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) Rest Day [12/08/14]
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Takahashi Minami just announced her graduation. She's not joking this time.

Sorry for ruining your day, I hurts to see another legend, graduating. :depressed:

I'm too lazy to check my mistakes, I didn't bother someone to proofread this. So yeah, enjoy this. :mon cry:

Rest Day

After the sweaty performance of AKB48, Matsui Jurina decided to spend this year's Christmas with her comrade, not to mention her girlfriend, Matsui Rena. It's been months since they were seen together.

"Tadaima~" The pale skinned girl said and she took off her shoes, she rested hanged her coat to the hanger and she rested her bag at the top of the counter. "Come in~" Rena said with a smile on her face.

It's been a while since Jurina saw that smiling face of Rena. "Sorry for intruding." Jurina mumbled and gently took off her shoes, she hanged her coat and her bag on the hanger.

"So, let's start? It's only 6:30 PM, we will be finished around 8:00 PM or something." Rena asked and Jurina just nodded, "The ingredients are ready, I'm just going to my room to change my clothes."

Rena took off her dress which left her undergarments, the young girl couldn't help but to blush because Rena took off her dress and she couldn't stop imagining herself to feel Rena's body again.

"Stop it Jurina." The young girl mumbled to herself, she went to the kitchen to start baking without Rena.

Jurina ponytailed herself and started to set up the ingredients and the baking tools. She cracked 4 eggs and added the flour to the bowl. While she's busy beating the eggs, she heard the microwave beeping, she grabbed a roll of tissue and wiped her hands.

"Let me do it." Rena said, Jurina can smell the strawberry scented lotion.

"Un." Jurina went back to the counter and continued to beat the eggs.

Rena saw the chocolate cookies that Jurina made, she wants to get one but she want to eat it with Jurina.

"Wow, it's only 7:50. Am I really that slow?" Rena asked.

The young girl let out a hearty laugh, "It's okay. We're almost done, you can just prepare the foods and I will clean this for you."

But Rena insisted, "No. You need to rest, you baked these for the two of us. Let me clean this for you, just watch a movie." Rena said but the old girl snapped her fingers, "You should pick a movie, A Walk to Remember! That's a goooooood movie~"

"Okay then." Jurina obeyed Rena.

The tall girl didn't followed Rena though, she watched some random Japanese TV Shows.

While Rena, she threw the trashes and she cleaned the counter.

The tall figured girl was seen seating on a smooth black leathered couch, while the pale skinned girl is carrying a freshly baked warm hot fudge brownie, warm chocolate chip cookies and, a warm chocolate croissant. You may ask why bake these diabetic and fattening foods? Isn't it bad for idols to eat these kind of foods. Ah yes, today is their rest day. After that tiring Christmas performance, they decided to rest and call it a day. The tall girl stood up and helped the pale skinned girl to carry the pastries. Rena decided to go back to the kitchen, she took 2 sachets of a chocolate mixed drink. She prepared two mugs with a hot water, she even laughed because the left mug was named as 'Sweet' while the right mug was named as 'Spicy'. She opened the two sachets and poured the mixed chocolate powder in it. Rena was about to carry it, but she felt a warm hands on her waist. She felt a chin on her right shoulders. She felt a hot breath on her neck. She felt a soft muscle on her neck, cheeks, ears, and forehead.

"You really missed me that much?" Rena asked and she felt a nod on her shoulder, the older girl chuckled. "It's getting cold here, Jurina. We should go to the living room~" But Jurina didn't moved. Not even a muscle. She just stayed there. "Jurina~ I want to watch a movie~" Rena said, then Jurina forced Rena's body to face her, the pale skinned girl got shocked because of the young girl's action.

Jurina rested her head on Rena's chest, while the older girl can feel her face flustering because of the sudden movement of Jurina. It's very rare to see calm Jurina, even her girlfriend is worried about her. She's putting too much effort, she deserves a rest. The older girl rested her hands on the young girl's back, she patted it and Rena can feel the hot breath on her chest.

"I missed you....." The young girl mumbled, Rena just sighed. This was supposed to be their rest day, but Rena will just spoiled her this day.

Rena patted the young girl's head, "There, there. I'm here, don't worry." Rena said and she caressed the young girl's hair and she kissed the tall girl's head.

Jurina tilted her head up and she smiled, she approached Rena's lips and their lips met. The pure bliss and gentleness of Jurina's soft lips, it's been a while since their lips met. Rena clung her arms on Jurina's neck. While Jurina rested her left hands on Rena's waist, while her right hand is busy caressing the older girl's cheeks. Rena gently sucked the younger girl's lower lips, asking for an entrance, Jurina welcomed her whole heartedly. Their tongues fought for the dominance, they can feel each others breath, Jurina traced the older girl's gifted body.

They didn't care about the cold atmosphere at all.

Maybe it's because of their bodies that are shifting, making the two of them very busy.

"Nnggh~" The older girl moaned. Jurina broke the kiss and played with Rena's neck, sucking every sides and lines of it. The young girl can taste the strawberry flavored lotion that the older girl used earlier after taking a bath. But the lotion didn't stopped Jurina making love. Rena's head got out of control, she kept spinning her head, allowing the young girl to lead. Jurina is now busy sucking Rena's collarbone, the young girl kissed the perfect jawline of Rena. The older girl is panting, hungry, wanting for more. "Ju-Juri-Jurina~ ahngh~" Rena moaned, Jurina's hands are now groping the older girl's breast. Jurina carried Rena's body, the older girl trapped Jurina's body using her legs.

While Jurina was walking like a boss, she still pleasuring Rena, the young girl opened the curtains. Jurina knows Rena's house all too well, they managed land on the couch. Rena's now on the top Jurina, the old girl sucked the young girl's neck. But the young girl's too strong, so she managed to get on the top. She kissed Rena's lips so tenderly, her lips brushed so gently, her hands found Rena's ticklish spots. Jurina couldn't be happier.

Which made Rena feeling the cloud nine, Jurina was about to remove Rena's dress....until,

Even a left handed kiss
Close your eyes and I'll notice
You, a little from the left above
Hey, our lips overlap

But Jurina didn't bother herself to check the phone, but then it got worse. "For the love of Matsui Rena's babies. Argh." Jurina said and she grabbed the phone from her pockets.

Rena was panting, trying to catch her breath, but there's a pinkish hue crossing down on her face.

The young girl picked up her phone. "I'm staying with Rena-chan." The young girl said while looking at the panting girl. "Yup. She will take good care of me." Jurina brushed Rena's thighs using her soft hands, "Of course, Rena-chan will take good care of me because I love her~" The older girl grabbed a pillow and she started to hit Jurina's head and body. "HAHAHA! I'm going now~ she's getting mad at me~ bye bye~" Jurina grabbed the pillow and she tackled Rena, the young girl started to tickle the older girl.

"HAHAHA! JU-JURINA! STOP! HAHAHAHA! OH GOD, PLEASE STOP!" Rena begged and the young girl stopped. Jurina kissed Rena's forehead. "I love you." Rena said and Jurina's tongue got tied, she doesn't know what to do. While Rena's face is flustering because flashbacks of their kissing session early was too hot for her, and she couldn't forget that kind of kiss, after 4 months of sleepless nights, 4 months of not resting, and 4 months not seeing with Jurina hurts her. Yeah, they will hang out, they will meet because of the practice but they want to meet, just the two of them. Alone.

"Today is Christmas right?" Jurina asked Rena, the older girl nodded and the young girl smirked. "Merry Christmas." She said and she left a peck on Rena's lips. "Oh, the chocolate drink!" The young girl added, she went to the kitchen to get the chocolate drink. "I LOVE YOU TOO, MATSUI RENA!" Jurina screamed.

Rena just chuckled and she grabbed the remote control, luckily her TV is brand new. She set up the HDMI and chose a movie. She grabbed a piece of a cold chocolate croissant, she bit it and there's a smile on her face. She didn't know that Jurina can cook this kind of food.  Rena saw Jurina standing in front of her, carrying two mugs of hot chocolate.

"Sorry if it took me for a while, I need to heat this because it's too cold for the two of us." Jurina said and it got followed by a light chuckle, the young girl rested the mugs on the top of the table.

Rena was about to drink the chocolate drink, but she saw Jurina's lips, the chocolate drink traced the young girl's lips. Call me crazy but I'm going to do it. Rena snuggled closer to the young girl, Jurina was confused though.

"Jurina." The older girl called the young girl. Jurina looked at Rena with a smile on her face. "Look, it's snowing." She pointed the window.

Jurina couldn't helped but to squeal like a little kid, she was about to ask Rena's permission that she's excited to go out and play outside. Instead getting Rena's permission, she got Rena's lips, meeting with her lips.

Rena kissed the young girl's lower lips, the old girl let her tongue out to taste the chocolate that traced down Jurina's. The young girl can feel the tongue on her upper lips, it's tickling her.

But the old girl did the wrong move, her tongue was sucked by the tall girl. Jurina ruffled Rena's hair, the old girl was blushing. She caressed Jurina's thighs, but she felt something under Jurina's pocket. So she grabbed it, the tall girl didn't stopped her. They broke off from the kiss and Rena gasped when she saw the necklace with a matching rings.

"Merry Christmas, Rena-chan." Jurina said and she kissed Rena's forehead, she grabbed the ring and necklace from Rena. Jurina inserted the ring on Rena's right ring finger. "Turn around." The young girl commanded Rena, the old girl obeyed Jurina.

Rena heard the click sound of the necklace, she couldn't help but to cry. "Thank you, Jurina."

"You're welcome, my dear."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"Turn around." This time it was Rena who commanded the young girl.


Jurina obeyed Rena's orders. While Rena started to take all of her clothes, except for the Santa undergarments. Rena didn't mind about the cold wind, she just wanted to spend this time with Jurina.

"Okay. You can peek now."

The young girl turned around to face Rena, she wasn't expecting to see Rena wearing this kind of undergarments.

"Merry Christmas~" The older girl said and she tackled Jurina.

Kami-sama, yoroshiku onegaishimasu. The young girl thought.


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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) Rest Day [12/08/14]
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Thanks for this wmatsui OS. It was really cute  :)
I really needed that after the news of Minami's graduation...
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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) Rest Day [12/08/14]
« Reply #68 on: December 09, 2014, 05:24:23 AM »
Thanks for this wmatsui OS. It was really cute  :)
I really needed that after the news of Minami's graduation...

You and me ditto...

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (WMatsui) Rest Day [12/08/14]
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Thanks for the OS ChibiRine-san :D It was really cute and sweet :wub:
I really needed that after the news of Minami's graduation...
Same here, it was all a big shock to us all.

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❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Do It For The Love [12/11/14]
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Took me a while to post it. :depressed:

Yes it's Sathday (Thursday) so it's AtsuMina day! :mon inluv:

Credits to: The translators for the speeches. :mon sweat:

Do It For The Love.

I've been having second thoughts about it, not sure if this is the right time. I have no choice, there's no backing out. Maybe it's time, to follow her. To follow my dear, Atsuko. If I'm going to announce it today, maybe I can fly like a bird who's spreading my own wings.

There are only 2 hours left for the stage performance. Should I practice for speech? But I need an inspiration, should I call Atsuko? I might bother her so, no. I sighed and I clicked an application on my phone. I searched for the videos and tapped this video called,

"Maeda Atsuko, graduation announcement."

I mumbled, I have no choice but to watch it all over agaaaaain.

Trying not to remember the memories.


"Minami." She called me. I'm trying my best to avoid her that time though. Trying my best to stop her. "Minami." She called me again, still not noticing her. "Minami." Atsuko called me, for the third time. I looked at her, "I think I'm going to announce it." She said and I couldn't stop her.

She stepped forward and she entertained the audience. After a minute or two she sighed and she held her chest.

"When I was 14 years old, I passed the AKB audition. I then became one of the original members. Passing that audition was for me, the first big decision I took in my life. And today, here and now… let me take my second big decision."

At that point Atsuko paused, choked up by emotion. Fans cheer wildly, encouraging Atsuko. I putted my hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her. But I myself got taken over by emotions and started to cry too.

"I, Maeda Atsuko, will graduate from AKB48." The crowds got shocked because of the sudden announcement. Lots of members were crying, but if only they can see my heart. Breaking. Trembling.

"For a long time, my emotions have always had extreme ups and downs and I have caused a lot of trouble to the members. And for all you fans too, I have often caused you to worry. Even so, I’ve done my best during these six and a half years."

I'm the mastermind when it comes to worrying, specially if it's about you I'm worried about.

"During the first day of this concert, there was the announcement about Tokyo Dome. The dream that I had since I was 14 years old and that we all shared is finally going to come true. I am really touched. And at the same time, I once again realize that I have to move forward to face the dreams that I have as a 20 year old."

Ah yes, our dearest dream. But why do you have to announce it? I don't understand. No matter how many times you will explain it to me, I will never understand it.

"To be honest, I’m filled with anxiety. I don’t know how this will turn out. But doing this now, and for the sake of many of my juniors too, I have to graduate, I have to walk. But, the details haven’t been decided yet. It also means I’m not stopping today right away. That’s why when they will have been decided, I would like to once again convey them to you. Sorry for taking up time like this. Thank you very much."

You idiot! YOU IDIOT! ATSUKO NO BAKA! I want to punch someone, I want to kill someone. This is why I don't want to stand here, in front of her. I want to die.

But the crowd goes wild and they applauded for Atsuko. They then start chanting “Acchan, Acchan.” After this, I took a deep breath.

"Since it’s a sudden announcement, I’m sure that you must all be surprised. Members were also in the dark about this. I’ve always been watching by her side. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen her carry heavy burden, I’ve seen her cry, I’ve seen her smile, I’ve seen all of it."

That's because she's a special person, she's more valuable than a gem, ruby, diamond, and gold. My Atsuko, my dear Atsuko, I've seen a lot, I've seen you cry. I've seen you smile. I've seen you, practicing your drama lines. I've seen you, trying to catch up the dance steps and the songs. I've seen you, trying your best. I've seen you, trying your best to love me back.

"Last year, when I went to eat with Atsuko…she frankly told me that she was thinking about what she announced today. That’s why I’d truly like you to understand that this is not something Atsuko decided at the spur of the moment. She thought about it a lot on her own. This is the decision she has taken after all of her reflections."

After winning the 2011 General Election, Atsuko and I decided to eat. She startled me saying those four horrible words. "I want to graduate. I was shocked that time and she added, "Nante ne~" I sighed because I thought she's going to do it for real.

Looks like she's not kidding, at all.

"Even if being in AKB48 is a dream, it is not the end goal. This is the same for all members. Atsuko carried a heavy, heavy burden on her back. Even though the details haven’t decided yet, let’s all send her off. Everyone’s warm voices will surely be able to help send her off. Your warm feelings will become something she’ll cherish in her life. With all our might. That’s right, since everyone is here, it will be fine."

Well, it will be fine? Am I sure what I'm saying right now? Should I tell the whole Japan that I love her?

I sighed. "I really really don’t want her to graduate! But, we have no right to stop her… So, let’s all send her off together. Everyone, please help send her off!"

Please don't help her, help me to stop her. I may sound like an ass right here in my mind, but I couldn't control myself. Maybe it's because I'm madly, deeply, in love at this girl. Standing, right in front of my eyes.

End of Flashback

I really miss Atsuko, it's been a while since I saw her. Luckily, her fake boyfriend Onoe-san will always cover the two of us. The fact that he told us that he's gay, priceless right?

I haven't noticed that there are only 30 minutes left, I couldn't help it though. Thinking about Maeda Atsuko will be the best thought for my entire life.

The door opened and I saw my comrades from the 1st gen. "Takamina~" Kojipa and Miichan called me.

I looked at them and I smiled, "So, 9 years huh? Time really flies ne?" I asked them and they nodded.

"So, Acchan is  going to attend or not?" Miichan asked me and I just pouted. "Don't tell me she's not there to support you? You know Takamina, you were there. You were there to support her." The Gachapin girl said and I just chuckled.

That's true though, but nah. I know that Atsuko will support me, deep inside.

"I heard Yuko will attend. Is that true?" I asked Kojipa.

"Un." She nodded, the tall girl couldn't hide the her blushing face from us.

We're no3b. We know each other, all too well.

"How about Mariko?" I asked Miichan and she just sighed.

"She's too busy. But she sent me a message. So I guess it's okay." Miichan said and she smiled.

"That's good then." I said and they just sighed.

"Are you really sure about it?" Kojipa asked me.

"I mean, are you really going to graduate?" Miichan added.

"Let me graduate first, Takamina." Kojipa butted in.

"I'm sorry Kojipa, but I'm just going to announce it. I'm going to graduate, at exactly December 8, 2015. Our 10th anniversary. I hope the legends will comeback." I said and I sighed, I smiled at them and I saw the two of them. Wiping their tears.

"But all I need is to announce my graduation, Takamina. My dress is ready, my song is ready. All I need is to announce it." Kojipa said and Miichan looked at the two of us.

"Miichan, are you willing to carry the burden for us?" I asked her and she tucked in her upper and lower lip.

"It depends." She mumbled. "But for my comrades, sure. I will work harder to reach the hardest difficulty of this challenge I'm about to face these next few months." She added, she tackled me and Kojipa. Causing the three of us to fall. She laughed and the three of us remained the same position.

The door opened and we saw a tall woman and a short girl.

"Oh my god." The short girl said.

"The fucking hell is going on?" The tall girl asked.

We were about to stand up but, "Threesome, Mari-chan. That's what is going on." She short girl said and the tall girl  just smirked.

"I knew it. We should really trust your instincts, Yuko." The tall girl replied and the two of them lightly chuckled.

"Of course~" The two of them laughed.

"AHEM" Kojipa and Miichan coughed.

"Heyya Takabear~" Mari-chan greeted me and she patted my head.

"Bakamina~" Yuko tackled me and Mari-chan, the two girls trapped me. I saw Miichan and Kojipa chuckling. Yuko pulled the both of them and they decided to join with us.

Yuko escaped from the group hug and she seated on the couch, Kojipa seated next to Yuko. Mari-chan is holding Miichan's hands.

I was jealous though, I wish Atsuko's here. Clinging to me, holding me with her warm hands, kissing me with her soft lips. Oh the joy to feel those feelings again. I wonder, who's going to be the dominant one if we're going to do it, again?

"I'm sorry if I can't watch the whole show, but Yuko will video it for me. Gomen ne?" Mari-chan asked Miichan, the Gachapin look-alike girl just nodded and planted a peck on the tall girl's cheeks.

Yuko just rested her body on the couch while Kojipa was just pouting. The small girl sighed and she rested her head on the tall girl's shoulders. "Feeling better?" Yuko asked Kojipa and the tall girl nodded with a small on her face. To our surprise, Kojipa kissed Yuko's lips. Wow.

"2 MINUTES" The staff reminded us, the two graduated members bid us their good bye and good luck.

I was about to charge my phone but I received a message, from Atsuko.

From: Atsuko

Subject: Good luck!

Date: 12/08/14

Minami~ ganbatte ne? Don't you dare to dance too much okay? We both know that I don't like it when you're tired. If you're going to cry, as usual....just imagine me, standing right next to you. Like you did, 2 years ago. I love you, Minami!

PS: I'm so sorry if I can't attend, I guess being an actress will stress the hell out of me.

Ganbatte and I love you! ( ^ω^ )

I smiled like an idiot, Kojipa and Miichan told me that they're going to the backstage. I just nodded at them, my thumb couldn't wait but to reply.

To: Atsuko

Subject: Arigatou!

Date: 12/08/14

Ne Atsuko, thank you. But I've been thinking about to announce it, I think it's time. I love you too, Atsuko.

10 seconds passed and she replied, my eyes couldn't help it but to drop a few tears.

From: Atsuko

Subject: Are you sure?

Date: 12/08/14

Minami, I don't know but it's your decision. You didn't stopped me when I announced it, so it depends to you. But to tell you the truth, I want to spend my time with you!

PS: Don't reply to this message because the show is going to start.


Baka. I chuckled. I charged my phone and a big ball of air escaped from my mouth.

I guess it's now or never.

Few hours later.

I sighed and I looked at the stage that I'm standing right now. It's my youth, it's our youth. Me, Atsuko, Kojiharu, Miichan, and Mariko. Our youth. I can't believe it, 9 years. I's time.

"Today is AKB48 Theater’s 9th Birthday. This year, 2014, is a year filled with various happenings for AKB. Among them are farewells with fellow comrades, which as a group, is a crisis as well."

Referring to Yuko who's standing in front of us, with the audience.

"Overcoming all of that and being able to welcome this wonderful 10 year on the theater stage like this, it is all thanks to everyone."

All our hard works, it was all worth it.

"Looking back at December 8th 2005, it was the day we first stood on this stage."

We thought we will fail that time.

"Honestly, when we first started, we were called AKIBA YONJYU HACHI continuously during outside jobs. Our degree of familiarity among the masses did not increase and we had some really hard times."

All our hard times, we almost died alright. But standing here, and remembering the memories, it was all worth it.

"But, even through those times, this theater continues to exist."

Scandals, graduations, rumors, we remained to stay strong.

"No matter how painful or how difficult it was, even at times when we could not bear to stand up, just by returning to this theater, everyone is here to greet us with warm smiles & cheers. This place, to us, is our home. And in our home, this theater, there are two pillars. Honestly, they are a great hindrance."

I laughed and the other laughed as well.

"But there is an established practice here. Once per year, on this December 8th, the theater’s birthday, a pink tape is pasted on them. ‘Someday, it would be nice if they can be filled with pink tapes until we can no longer see the pillar’, these are the hopes entrusted while we continued this practice since the first year of our formation. In the beginning, it may not have such a meaning like that But, with all the wonderful people here, and being able to paste the tape with so many comrades here today, I’m happy. And next year, on these pillars, the 10th tape will be pasted. AKB48, 10th Anniversary. Looking back at it, it really feels like a blink of an eye. But at the same time, it feels like it has taken us a long journey to reach where we are now. 10th Anniversary, I think it is an important turning point."

"Allow me to make an announcement here."

I sighed, I saw Yuko pointing at a person who's wearing a black coat, black scarf and a black cap. The person removed her scarf and her cap, it was Atsuko. Standing in front o my two eyes.

I tried my best to smile. "I, Takahashi Minami, on December 8th 2015, will graduate from AKB48. It is something that would only happen in a year’s time. But, I am AKB48 Group’s General Manager. In order to allow some hand over time for members, I have announced it at this timing. For me, I am really glad I joined AKB48. There have been many farewells with fellow comrades. And there are only three people left in the same gen. When I realized it, the scenery around me has changed as well. Even singing the same songs, around me are position of members who have long gone. “Why am I here?” it would be a lie if I said that this thought have not crossed my mind. Even so, ‘it is great to be here’. I am able to feel this way thanks to Akimoto-sensei, all the staff members, wonderful members here and above all, the fans. Being able to meet everyone is the most valuable treasure in my life There might be not much time left for me to repay this AKB48. Even so, in some way, I would like to leave something behind for members who will shoulder AKB48’s future. I think that is one of the shape of the repayment that I am able to afford."

I sighed again and Acchan whispered, 'Good luck, Minami.' She showed off that cheeky smile of hers and I tried to hide my smile.

"After I am gone, I would like to name Yui Yokoyama as the person who would lead AKB48 Group as next General Manager. Frankly, General Manager is a bothersome position. It is hard. I think members close to me might have felt it too. That is why I really hate that I have to pass the name of General Manager to my good friend, Yokoyama Yui. I had wanted to end with me. But, with a big group of girls like this, being distracted with lively conversations, not able to concentrate, unable to stay collected, there are many times like that. At those times, I think there is still a need for someone in the group to speak out words like, “Let’s go, let’s do this. Can Yokoyama come here?" Yuihan walked on her way to the stage. "To me, she is a wonderful junior. She is really someone who is earnest but awkward at times, she works really hard with utmost effort Her dream is the same as mine too, solo debut By handing her this General Manager post, it may keep this dream of hers at a further distance than it is now so I felt really troubled over it, but I think she needs an impetus. Soukantouku is agonizing. But at the same time, there will be an increase in the amount of exposure to society’s eyes and simultaneously chances will increase. With this, I want Yokoyama to think of it as a chance and do her best. I want her to do her best. For that purpose, the next 1 year, I will be transferring my baton to her. There are still many things I wish to leave to her, to all the juniors. Honestly, there are so many that I am not sure I can teach all of it in this 1 year. Even so, with the remaining time, I will do my best to proceed together with everyone. I have not properly decided the exact outlook or details of my graduation yet. I hope I can notify everyone in some way or another when I can. The only thing I can say is,

This is not a sad thing.

Next year, it will be AKB’s 10th Anniversary. An important year. I am very happy that I can stay in this group for 10 years and I don’t think this is a group that will end in 10 years. I want to be passed on to the 11th year. I think it would be alright. And so, in my own way, I will do my best to pass on the baton to Yui Yokoyama and the remaining members. Even from now onwards, please continue your support for AKB48 Group."

I said and I bowed. The crowd was cheering for me and they applauded for me. So this is what it feels like to announce your graduation huh?

Hours later....

I felt a hand on my arms, it was the warm hands of Atsuko. I sighed and she hugged me. "Sotsugyou, omedetou." Atsuko said and she laughed. I lightly used my bag to hit her arms.

"Next year, Atsuko." I said and I pinched her nose. "I thought you're not going to watch, why the sudden visit though?" I asked her.

She lightly scratched her head, "Hehehe." She chuckled. "You know, when I saw your reply I had to cancel all my schedules just to witness your announcement." She said and she rested her arms on my shoulders.

I missed Atsuko's lips though.

So I pulled her somewhere in a dark place where no one will see us.

She pinned me on the wall, "Minami~ we shouldn't do this but your mind is connected to my mind, remember? I missed your lips too." She said and she breathed on my lips, teasing me, just a little bit.

She kissed my forehead, she breathed on my ears and she whispered, "I know that you want me right now, but you're tired so maybe next time ne~?" She asked me and I just gulped.

Her lips gently touched my lower lips, my upper lips sucked her lips, resting my arms on her neck. I bitted her lips asking for an entrance, at first she was fighting with me, but in the end I won.

I gently pulled her body close to mine, we were so close. So close doing it there, we both pulled back to catch our breath.

"Why don't we continue this...." She stopped and I just gulped. " a place I call...." She kissed my lips. "...Yuko and Haruna's secret house..." She said and I just smiled at her.

Since all my stuff are here with me, we called a taxi and we didn't let go of each others hand.

I felt her hands tickling my legs, I caressed her cheeks and she just chuckled at me.

"I missed you." I said and I nuzzled on her legs.

"I missed you too." She said and she brushed my hair using her hands.

"Remember what you told me when we experienced our first time?" I asked her and she laughed.

"Of course. How could I forget that? That night was incredible, giving my special gift to you was the most wonderful thing that happened to me."

"Really?" I asked her and she nodded.

"Yup. Even though it hurts, I'm still happy."

"Will you please take the role this time?" I asked her and I laughed afterwards.

She planted a kiss on my neck, feeling her hot breath on my neck helps me to relax. I gently pulled her face and I kissed her.

Feeling each others lips, feeling each others breath, is just me or am I feeling hot? Luckily the taxi driver was too busy to notice the two of us, not to mention his radio is too loud. Atsuko removed her coat earlier, she's just wearing a plain dress, still turning me on.

My hand did the work, I hovered my hands on her bosoms and she moaned while our tongues our battling. I left her lips and I kissed her collarbone, slurping every nibble of it. She was moaning and she started to ruffle my hair, I brushed her thighs using my hands she kept moaning. But then I realized that the taxi stopped and we reached our destination.

"We're here." The taxi driver said and he smiled at me and Atsuko. I went out of the taxi and paid the driver.

Atsuko grabbed the keys from her bag and she opened the door. As usual, pictures of Yuko and Haruna are surrounded here. They bought this house in case for mini reunions or what.

I seated on the couch and I sighed. "Yuko told me that we can stay here, because she told me that she's going to hangout with Harunyan's family." Atsuko said and she seated on the couch.

"Ohhh~ Yuko is so smooth wow."

"As expected from Yuko, being a loyal lover of Kojima Haruna."

"She's a hard headed kid, what do you expect?" I said and we both laughed.

"By the way, I called your mom and dad."

"You wh-what?" I asked her and she nodded.

Atsuko lightly chuckled, "After the performance, I called them about your announcement." I sighed, "I also told them about our relationship~!"

"Oh really? What did they told you about it then?" I asked her and she just chuckled.


She wrapped her legs all over my legs. Our arms rested on each others back. Our heads rested on each others heads.

Our stomach grumbled at the same time. We both laughed and I saw that cute eyes of hers.

"Minami." She called me and I looked at her. "I'm hungry." She added.

"Want me to cook something for you?" She asked me and she refused it.

"I want to eat something..."

"We can call for a delivery if you want?" I asked her and she refused again.

"I want to eat a, Takahashi Minami." She said and I felt her hands, roaming around my thighs.

Random ending is random. :glasses:

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@atsukojiyuu_C: I will post the KojiYuu I promised you as soon as possible! :mon determined:

@Kairi65: I think I should write more innocent love story then? :mon inluv:

@sakura_drop: Heyya Saku! Wasn't expecting you to read Good Couple Day though. Thank you for reading it! :gmon bang:

And for the silent readers, thank you! :mon bye:
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Thanks for the OS ChibiRine-san :D It was really cute and sweet :wub:
I really needed that after the news of Minami's graduation...
Same here, it was all a big shock to us all.

Can't disagree with this post.
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Dat AtsuMina fic~. Naisu~~~ you rekindled my lost love for AtsuMina  :thumbsup *SHOT* XD

Though there were~ a lil' typos here and there but all's good~~~  :twothumbs

Looking forwards to more Rine-chan~!  :D

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Takamina.... My kami-oshi... *sniff*  :cry:
Thanks for Atsumina oneshot....  :cry:
Looking forward for more Atsumina   :roll:
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Takamina is a strong person..  :cool1:
I like your OS.. and I am glad, that Acchan was there for her..  :on woohoo:
Waiting for more AtsuMina OS..  :hee:
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atsumina ~

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kawaii~  :inlove:

atsumina is so sweet~ kyaah >w<

i'm sad about TakaMina's graduation but... tehehehe. Atsuko and her may have more time together~  XD

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Re: ❤Rine's OS area❤ (AtsuMina) Do It For The Love [12/11/14]
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Ah... another Minami graduation OS...

Very interesting and realistic

Enjoy reading this lovely no3b and lovers interactions

Thank you for the OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs


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i wonder what takamina's parent told atsuko.. :roll:

atsumina... :inlove:

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❤Rine's OS area❤ (KojiYuu) Never Let You Go[12/14/14]
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This fanfic is really out of my league. :dunno:

Don't know why I wrote this but meh. :depressed:

Please forgive me! :mon cry:

Please enjoy it~ :mon determined:

Never Let You Go

A tall girl was walking along the corridor of their house, she accidentally dropped her books. She just sighed, the tall girl couldn't bend properly because she's too tired. She didn't noticed that her glasses got out from her pocket, she picked up her books and she heard something, something that's very disturbing for her poor innocent ears.

The girl sighed, "Oshima...." She mumbled. The tall girl opened the door, and she saw a short girl at the other side of their room. Kojima Haruna couldn't believe it, she's living with a perverted girl who dislikes, nothing.

Oh wait, the two girls have some things in common, their age, taste of shoes, they play with their DS and PSPs, and lastly, they hate yuri. Or that's what Yuko thought about Haruna, the tall girl kept this secret from Yuko. She doesn't hate yuri, in fact she's one of them, and she loves Oshima Yuko.

The tall girl sighed, she entered the room and she saw Oshima, laying on the bed. She can still hear the erotic sounds beside of Oshima's room. Oshima Yuko wasn't able to notice the tall girl nor the erotic weird sounds, because her earphones are plugged in her ears and she was singing some random Japanese song. The tall girl rolled her eyes, "Oshima." She called the short girl.

My held back tears are hotly falling and I bite down on my lips
Without a sound, the cold moonlight shines on me from far away

After hearing Yuko's lovely singing voice, Haruna felt something. Her heart, it's beating too fast. Yuko's voice just gave her some goose bumps, she held her chest and she gulped.







You're pretending that you hate yuri right, Haruna? You love Yuko and you know that. The tall girl thought, she dropped her books on the top of their study table. "Yuuchan." She tapped the short girl's shoulders, the singing girl removed her earphones and she looked at Haruna.

"Hmmm? What do you want, Nyanny- nya?" Yuko's tongue got tied, she got mesmerized by Haruna's bare face. For the first time in forever, Yuko saw her, #1 FRENEMY, Kojima Haruna. not wearing her glasses. Sure, Yuko saw Haruna's face without the glasses before. And the tall girl was sleeping that time, but this time, in front of her two brown eyes, Kojima Haruna standing in front of her without the geeky glasses.








The tall girl scoffed, "Don't tell me you're jealous because I'm too beautiful." Haruna said, Yuko rolled her eyes.

The short girl arranged her position, patting the big space of the bed beside her, inviting Kojima to seat beside her.

Yuko, forgot to pull the blanket with her. She realized that her breast was exposed, the tall girl blushed. While the short girl's heart is flustering. Haruna just sighed and she took off her shirt, Haruna was about to give Yuko her shirt but instead giving it to Yuko, she accidentally touched the small girl's breast. Haruna squeezed it just to revenge Yuko's action. "Na-nan-nani?! W-wha-what a-ar-are y-you do-doing?!"

Haruna sat beside Yuko and she just sighed like nothing happened. "Here." She gave her shirt to the short girl. "The aircon is on and you're exposing your brea-body." Haruna couldn't look at Yuko because she's avoiding the short girl's cleavage.

Blushing because of this statement the two girls are facing right now.

"Ne?" The tall girl called Yuko who's wearing her shirt, "Go get me a new set of clothes from my closet, you baka." Haruna said and she sticked her tongue out.

Yuko rolled her eyes, "What the hell? You gave me your shirt and now your bla-" The short girl was about to complain but then, the two girls heard familiar voices from the other room. Two girl was moaning, Haruna and Yuko looked at each other and they gulped. "What the heck was that?!" Yuko asked Haruna.

"That's what I'm about to discuss with you, I thought you were watching porn earlier so I interrupted you and your music session. And I didn't know that you're naked, gomen." The tall brunette girl said and the dimpled girl just laughed.

Yuko smiled, showing off her squirrel-like teeth along with her cheeks with dimples buried down on her cheeks. "Ne Nyannyan, you and I uhm, we both hate yuri right?" The tall girl nodded. "You see, remember when I touched your oppai and your osh-"

The tall girl laughed, "Yeah, Yuuchan! You're funny that time, why ask me this question? Do you like me?" Haruna asked Yuko, she didn't saw Yuko nodding to her question. "Hmm?"

"Haruna no baka. I don't like you, but I love you. I know, I sound like something. But the truth is, ever since I saw you, my heart skipped. I told myself that I'm straight but, you kept coming to me, y'know? Maybe you cursed me~"

"There are some times where we hate each other call me crazy but, the main reason why I hate yuri, it was all because of you. I was just following some of your lifest-"

The tall girl felt a muscle on her lips, she felt her heart beating so fast. The small girl pulled back, with a smile on her face. "I just want you to know that, even you're going to hate me, I still love you." The short girl mumbled.

The tall girl chuckled, "I hate you but, I love you. I hate you because you're so cold to me and every time I will tell you how good you are, you will always avoid it."

"I didn't know that you're a dere-dere."

"Shut up." The tall girl said and a pinkish hue crossed down on her face.

The short girl winked at Haruna, "But you love me~"






"I love you."

"I love you too."

The tall girl pulled Yuko's neck, aiming for the lips. As their lips touched, the tall girl entered her hands to the loose shirt, Haruna touched Yuko's breast for the 2nd time, hovering it. The short girl moaned and the tall girl smirked, touching each others body, Haruna got on the top. The tall girl's right leg got in between the short girl's legs, moving it higher, Yuko kept moaning.

Battling for their dominance, the tall girl felt their tongues licking each other, after their tongue wrestling, their lips were now apart from each other, but pleasuring each other, it's not yet done.

Since the shirt is too big for Yuko, Haruna's face got inside the shirt, she was pleasuring the short girl, sucking every nibble of Yuko's collarbone, Haruna's massaging Yuko's breast in a circular motion. The tall girl wasn't expecting that this day will come, she thought her love for Yuko will always be one-sided.

Yuko kept moaning like there's no tomorrow, the tall girl stopped and she escaped from Yuko's shirt. Haruna smirked at the short girl's face that's now crossed with a pink hue and the panting wouldn't stop.

Haruna pulled the blanket and she hugged Yuko's small body. "I will never let you go." The tall girl mumbled and she kissed the short girl's head.

"I know, and I will love you forever."

"So does that mean that we're official?" Haruna asked Yuko.

"Yeah." The short girl whispered.

The new couple can still hear the erotic sounds from the other room, they laughed like there's no tomorrow.

"Maybe this is not bad at all." Yuko said and she left a peck on Haruna's lips.


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